The Modern Mirsky

In 1904, Prince Pyotr Mirsky was appointed Minister of the Interior by Tsar Nicholas II, after the previous Minister of the Interior, Vyacheslav von Plehve, had been assassinated by Jewish revolutionaries. This was a volatile time in Tsarist Russia, as trust in the system was at a low. Liberal reformers wanted what they thought the West had in terms of political freedom. Revolutionaries were conducting terror campaigns in order to undermine the tsarist system.

For his part, Mirsky was both a reformer and loyal to the Tsarist system. In his role as Governor-General of Vilna, which is modern day Lithuania and Belarus, Mirsky implemented liberal reforms like granting political rights, ending the pogroms against the Jews, and allowing a degree of autonomy to ethnic minorities. In his role as Minister of the Interior, he granted freedom of the press, freedom of religion and increased the power and authority of local self-government.

Mirsky was not a reformer because he had dreams of creating a liberal paradise to replace tsarist Russia. He was a reformer because he worried that the lack of reform would result in more radicalism, like the sort that had claimed the life of his predecessor and the life of the Tsar’s grandfather. For Mirsky and his supporters within the system, liberal reform was a way to address some of the issues of the people, while also maintaining the legitimacy of the tsarist system.

Uncertain times always product men like Mirsky. He was not the only reformer around Tsar Nicholas before the revolution. There were others but all of them failed to arrest the process that eventually led to revolution. Reformers were around the King Louis XVI and among the aristocracy prior to the French Revolution. They failed for the same reason Mirsky failed. There were men who feared reform would go too far and there were those who feared reform would not go far enough.

This is what should come to mind while watching Elon Musk try to navigate his way through the current crisis. Musk is a reformer at heart. He bought Twitter because he thought it was drifting away from its essential purpose which is to allow for free and open debate about the issues of the day. His inhospitable takeover of the company was driven by a genuine concern for what is happening in the West. Like all reformers, Musk fears what could happen if current trends continue.

It may seem a bit odd to compare Musk to Mirsky or any of the other reformers who existed in revolutionary times. After all, Musk is the world’s richest man. In the managerial age, however, that only buys a seat at the table. The nine other men in the top-10 richest list are worth five times Musk combined. Apple has a hedge fund that is ten times the wealth of Musk. Blackrock controls trillions in assets and has unlimited access to the highest reaches of government.

While Musk may be the world’s richest man and the most famous of the plutocracy, he is just one voice among many. The managerial elite is thousands, and the managerial class is millions of people. This new class is analogous to the aristocratic classes that existed in 18th century France and 19th century Russia. The best Musk or any liberal reformer can do is influence the people in the system. This is what Musk is attempting with his mild reforms of Twitter.

In this illiberal age, Elon Musk has appointed himself to be the minister of speech on-line and is attempting to roll back the reactionary controls that were put in place by the ruling class over the last decade. While Twitter is not the internet of old, Musk has rolled back much of the censorship. He still bans certain accounts, mostly as a way to tell the reactionaries that his reforms will not go too far. Otherwise, he has had a light hand on the censorship of his platform.

This is where that old revolutionary vice shows its jaws. The side that fears the reforms will go too far has successfully organized an advertising boycott. State sanctioned pressure groups like Media Matters have organized other pressure groups to harass companies that were advertising on Twitter. Those companies dropped their ads, resulting in a fifty percent decline in ad revenue. Musk has been forced to hire a girl boss approved by the reactionaries to be his new CEO.

Meanwhile, the other jaw of the vice sees what is happening and assumes Musk will eventually be brought to heel. Open sites like Gab continue to flourish, building on the alternative platform model. Amusingly and a bit ironically, the hard-core censors are abandoning Twitter for the opposite reason. Mass media companies, no longer assured of artificial reach on Twitter, are also jumping ship. Musk is facing the same dilemma all reformers face when taking the middle position.

On January 22, 1905, soldiers of the Imperial Guard fired on demonstrators in Saint Petersburg as they marched towards the Winter Palace. Hundreds were killed and thousands were arrested in what came to be known as Bloody Sunday. Mirsky denied having any role in it, but he was blamed by his conservative opponents, as well as the radical opponents of his half-measures. Mirsky did the honorable thing and resigned from his office and retired from politics.

In the end, Mirsky was like all prior reformers in that he was both right and wrong about what was happening. He was correct that radicalism was spreading due to the inability of the system to address the issues of the times. He was wrong in thinking that the solutions to the problems of the system could be found in the system. Just as there was no saving King Louis XVI and the old order, there was no saving Tsar Nicholas II and the system that made him possible.

This is where liberal reformers like Musk find themselves. On the one hand, they are correct in fearing a rising tide of radicalism. He rightly sees that it is driven in part by the abuses of the ruling class, of which he is a part. The trouble is the system cannot withstand open debate. It cannot risk questioning the shibboleths that sustain the moral framework at the heart of the managerial system. In the end, reformers will be crushed by that old vice that has destroyed prior reformers.

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201 thoughts on “The Modern Mirsky

  1. Z, if: ‘Musk is the world’s richest man’ and then you state: ‘The nine other men in the top-10 richest list are worth five times Musk combined,’ how is Musk the richest if the others are ‘worth five times Musk combined?’ Thank you for the clarification.

    • if you add up the wealth of two through ten, it is five times that of Musk. The point is that it only takes a few other oligarchs to counter Musk, despite him being the top oligarch.

  2. Game Over. man!

    At this point, future generations will condemn veterans who fought against Nazi Germany
    After all, it wasn’t Nazi wants to steal their land and women, it was Jews and blacks
    All those innocent German soldiers who butchered by white American soldiers because they don’t want their homeland taken over by Jew

    Current incident indicates that Jew are not very good at ruling, ever since they took over the west, humanity continually declined
    Jewish supreme intellect my ass, I demand every person who gave them power rot in hell

  3. I’m reading these comments about demographics, and I’m tired, so I’ll cut to the chase.

    Whites have always been a minority globally, yet came to dominate. Quality vs. quantity.

    How did we ever get into playing the numbers game? Why would we ever buy into strict majority rule when we’ve never been in the majority in relation to the rest of the world? And have we so lost confidence in ourselves to not trust our innate quality, which has always served us well? Are there notions of magic dirt and magic ideas because we’ve gotten so down on ourselves? Seems obvious as I type that, but it’s another thing I have to keep reminding myself of.

  4. i assume you’ve heard of the actor Richard Dreyfuss. His civil/calm way of describing things sounds almost like a politician from 50 years ago. Compare that to the nastiness/cattiness of someone like Kurt Schlichter on the right and a lot of the lefties on twitter:

    • It doesn’t really matter what old geezers like him think. He’s 75, maybe he has another decade or so left with us. He will be dismissed, rightly or wrongly, as the boomer that he is. The (very near) future belongs to the millenials and gen z. And the immigrants they welcome with open arms. God help us

      But he sure is showing up a lot lately. As if somebody wants us to hear him

    • Dreyfuss was been one of the most obnoxious and outspoken Hollywood leftists of all time. So now he is unhappy with the results of the policies he’s been screaming for his entire adult life? Cry me a river.

      • i don’t think he was ever very outspoken one way or another. To the extent he is now, he doesn’t come across as a strident conservative.

      • A tiny hat that’s better than you, and knows better.

        Outdoorspro, I think the word you were looking for is “insufferable”.

  5. The Tsar was overthrown because tribal banks funded the tribal revolutionaries and other countries, such as Germany, actively helped the revolutionaries.

    No such help exists in the modern world for dissidents. We are on our own and that likely won’t end well for us just like it isn’t ending well for the Charlottesville crowd or the Jan 6th protesters. And just like it didn’t for the folks in WACO or Ruby Ridge.

    The system will mutate and change as the population and leadership changes and as the dollar loses its grip. However, the younger the person, the more likely to be woke and a single female (the craziest and most easily manipulated of all).

    The system has a lot of life still in it.

  6. There’s an intersting op-ed piece at Russia Today: Musk recently compared George Soros to Marvel Universe rogue Magneto. I’m much better acquanted with fictional Magneto (this from several of the Marvel movies); probably I only know a fraction of his “biography.” Mercurial character though he may be, to the best of my knowledge, he fights for his people (mutants) but did not actively seek to the destruction of normal humans in the bargain. I doubt the same can be said for Mr. Soros.

    The awesome power that ultra rich individuals and corporations have in world affairs must not be underestimated.

    In other news apparently Kiev had a bit of trouble with their new toy, the Patriot missile battery.

    • Magneto changes with his writers. When I was a kid he once either saw or traveled to the future. I remember how the panels looked but not how they happened. What he saw happening to the mutants there, and to America, a techno-dystopia with no dream left but mutant suppression forever, switched him from “never again” to “we have to do it to them before they do it to us.” That era of the X-Men was, as it couldn’t be now—as it can’t now be acknowledged ever to have been—a critique of the ethno-paranoiac fantasies that inspired, e.g., “The Authoritarian Personality” and “The Plot against America.”

      And Soros, supposedly. But I’ve seen no evidence he’s as complexly motivated as any comic-book villain. He’s just “Hulk smash.”

  7. I like to think Tsarism could’ve been saved if Nikolai hadn’t abdicated, and the White Army won the civil war. The Tsarists should’ve purged the reformers from their ranks, and clamped down on the radicals with an iron fist. Hopefully, if the current ruling class makes the same mistake with Elon Musk, it will result in their deposition too.

  8. The problem Musk has with twatter and for that matter the entire federal governmental system is they are both hopelessly unreformable. It all just needs to be burned to the ground and rebuilt from scratch. There will also be a lot fewer folks around rebuilding the new system than are currently around F-ing up the current system – most of whom are long past their “should have been dealt with by” dates…

  9. There’s no reason to believe the system will be overthrown.

    Certainly there’s no one and no movement in their way.

    The idea that it will happen is a nice cope, a romantic trope bearing no scrutiny when you look at the history.

    Louis XVI fell because he blinked at his own ambitious aristocratic rivals who did you know make up the Third Estate. The Duc of Orleans fermented revolution to take the throne.

    Nicholas fell on his sword in 1914 to save France, who repaid him in 1917 by inciting a coup by the Kadets and Russian military, the Bolsheviks are a footnote without Ludendorff.

    None of these conditions exist in America. Nor does any actual opposition, dissidents are wankers allowed to talk just as Antifa and the noggers are allowed to riot.

    Bringing us to Musk; he and his fellow oligarchs who’ve had enough are all there is besides the talking and appropriately named Gab. It’s unwise to turn up one’s nose at them…

    • Fermented revolution, did he? Well this explains as well as anything why France produces such good wine.

    • With such bold decisive men as you atop the barricades, it’s a wonder the whole thing hasn’t been overthrown already.

      Maybe if we had enough men of inaction inspiring cadres of sadsack defeatists with constant demoralization the thing could be turned around.

    • May not be overthrown. Collapse is inevitable. Result is the same (though overthrowing allows for more control over the aftermath).

  10. We have the exact OPPOSITE of the French and Russian Revolutions. In both the prior cases, the regime composed of ever more less able aristocrats were unable to quell the rising tide of peasants wanting more and crucially, the middling classes wanting to climb into the aristocracy and being denied.

    Here, we have an ever expanding, more diverse by the second, less able aristocracy disguised as a managerial elite, trying to TAKE AWAY what the peasants (working class) and middling classes ALREADY HAVE. The pressure and desire for revolt ENTIRELY comes from the Elites determined to make their inferiors ever more poor and ever more micromanaged by the Elites. For sadistic reasons, ethnic/racial grievances, and the like. They can’t enjoy their victory and leave things along, they must be on a holy crusade to crush the Dirts as “White Supremacists” (defined as anyone even non-Whites opposed to their agenda) and an oft-stated desire for blood. Like Shrillary, Liawatha, Susan Rice, Samantha Power etc. the most bloodthirsty are the power skirts girl bosses.

    Absent their desire to make everyone beneath them Renfield to their Dracula and eat bugs (humiliation is a big part of their desire, from sterilizing Dirt kids via “transgender” to eat the bugz!) there would be no revolt at all.

    Hence the Biden Regime simply transferring and punishing the IRS Whistleblowers investigating Son of Big Guy, instead of appointing a White-washing Special Prosecutor guaranteed to drag things out and issue wrist slaps. At the end of History, they must have this fight. Emotionally they need it like a junkie needs his fix.

    • I’m picturing a gaggle of screeching harpies going door to door demanding we surrender our firearms. It’s probably the most effective and practical way to do it.

      • The “migrants” flooding into “our” country right now are being brought here to disarm the American population. They are soldiers, not immigrants or even illegal aliens, although they are that in a strict sense.

        All these military-aged young men with telephones (the portable, individual command and control structure) are soldiers.

        We saw quite clearly in January 2021 that “the most popular president ever” had to be inaugurated behind barbed wire and 25,000 armed men.

        But we know also that on “January 6th,” Nancy Pee was on the phone to the Pentagon several times demanding (but never getting) regular troops b/c she didn’t think the Guardsmen at her disposal could be counted on to obey her orders.

        I have numerous times done the simple arithmetic–as other readers of this blog also have done–showing that the numbers simply were not there for FedGov or for any other government(s) at any level to suppress the population if the population did not wish to be suppressed. They simply did not have the manpower.

        But now they do, or they very soon will.

        That manpower is being brought into the country right now. The notion (I can’t call it an idea) that they are being brought in to vote Democrat is silly. They are being stationed here to go door to door to disarm the American population.

        To do that, they will not give anybody an appointment. They will simply go through neighborhoods during the day when nobody is at home, and they will gain entry and seize anything they want. The opportunity to shoot it out with them will never even arise. In those instances where it does, they will “Waco” the place.

        Once the digital “currency” has been forced upon us, they will ration gasoline and food, likely in that order. And when they judge the right time to have come, the disarming will be launched and will succeed, by and large.

        • Since the invasion started, the long-term plan has been to enlist brown and black soldiers who will fire on whites. No more, no less. And if the crony capitalists get lower wages in the meantime, all the better.

          • You are most likely right. I don’t know about “all along,” but it is glaringly obvious what is going on now.

            But now they also have as many as 10,000 Chinese soldiers (according to the Border Patrol) and thousands of Afghans and Pakistanis.

          • As if they would have a problem getting whites to fire on whites. I encourage anyone to look for historical examples where soldiers refused orders. Few and far between. Look at what was done to civilians in the south in the Civil War. Missouri especially I bring to your attention. All those people were white.

        • use of CBDC will be to dispossess whites and redistribute their liquid assets to non-whites. Obviously some white-presenting groups will be exempt.

          I will have to mull over the suggested use of the invaders to disarm the populace. While it is certainly something this gangster regime would do, there are many flaws with it. Has there been an upsurge in military training in, say, Honduras? Because this plan would require enormous discipline on the part of the foot soldiers to pull off without sparking a Waco an hour. Another problem is population dispersal. The gibs are in the metropolises and the draw for illegals will be to them. And so on.

          Something huge is indeed underway, and that is outside of the invasion, which in and of itself is enormous. It is hard to get a feel just yet for what is planned, but we know the following:

          1. Large numbers of unknown people have entered the country;
          2. The propaganda organs are being cleansed of even potential dissident voices; and
          3. There is a laser focus on civilian firearm ownership complete with false flag operations.

          These people are evil, but they also fail routinely, are quite insane, and are impulsive and reckless. I suspect they will have a domestic Afghanistan on their hands if what you suggested is planned, and, again, it might be what they do have in mind despite all the readily apparent problems.

    • “We have the exact OPPOSITE of the French and Russian Revolutions. In both the prior cases, the regime composed of ever more less able aristocrats were unable to quell the rising tide of peasants wanting more and crucially, the middling classes wanting to climb into the aristocracy and being denied.”

      Good post overall, but may I reply briefly to the statement above?

      It is axiomatic that “the winners write the history” and, although the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939) is a noteworthy exception, it is true of the 1789 – 1799 “French Revolution.”

      But it is just not true that there was a “rising tide of peasants” demanding this and that. That is the “official” history; the history accepted and “known” by most people.

      The true origins of the 1789 revolution have been well documented in at least two books that I know of: one by Fénelon Gibon, published in 1919 under the title “Petite histoire de la révolution française” and subtitled
      “Histoire d’une conspiration contre le peuple” (“History of a Conspiracy Against the People”) and available only in French; and the other, “Organizing the Revolution” by Augustin Cochin now available in an English translation by Nancy Derr Polin, with a preface by Claude Polin.

      Gibon’s 1919 work was reissued in 2022 by La France pittoresque
      (ISBN 978-2-36722-038-3) and is available in paperback at but only in French.

      Nancy Polin’s English translation of Cochin’s work is available here in English:

      To be *very* brief, the 1789 revolution was the work of many years’ organizing and planning by Freemasons and by the so-called “philosophes,” comprising Rousseau, Voltaire, Diderot, Montesquieu, and others. It was *not* a popular uprising any more than was the Bolshevik revolution in Russia or the actions of the Khmer Rouge. It *was* a conspiracy against the French people in particular and against Christian civilization in general.

      • ‘To be *very* brief, the 1789 revolution was the work of many years’ organizing and planning by Freemasons and by the so-called “philosophes,” comprising Rousseau, Voltaire, Diderot, Montesquieu, and others.’

        Sadly, this is true. And yes, it is a very long and complex supra-history.

        The masons ran the U.S. revolution also, and currently stage-manage the Great Reset. They supervised the Sixties cultural revolution, etc.

        The various masonic lodges and allied occult entities are not the ultimate authority for decision-making. That is made at the level above them.
        Always with the revolutions, eh? It happens when Lucy Fer is your boss.

      • Huh.
        The Founders were Masons;
        DC’s architecture is of Masonic design and laid out in a cartwheel by a French road architect;
        France “owned” the center of the continent from the Yukon to New Orleans;
        The French Navy saved the American Revolution, that war effort bankrupted the Bourbons;
        Franklin and Jefferson both spent a lot of time visiting France before the French Revolution;
        America was a successful attempt to reorder society;
        The Masonic idea itself was a reordering of religion and a synthesis of knowledge bases, in response to the 30 Years religious war of Catholic branches;
        Most American secret societies are Masonic, most American religious societies are Escatological (End Times);
        The Mason creed itself is “civilization will fall be prepared to Build Back Better” [Solomon the Architect is their sigil]).

        A Masonic Empire. The Judaic version in the Orthodox sphere was its counterpoint. It rhymes with the period of Arianite Goths and Athanasian Romans in North Africa and Ravenna.

    • ‘Like Shrillary, Liawatha, Susan Rice, Samantha Power etc. the most bloodthirsty are the power skirts girl bosses.’

      Yes. They are the heart of the Woke-Fem Politburo, and of Progressivism in general.

    • Upward mobility isn’t normal. The rich normally have huge families and the poor can’t feed them, so don’t breed them. The French Revolution was probably caused by drugs, especially opium, and the vices that come with them, that devastated the aristocracy but left the middle class untouched. By the 19th century, China was dominated by drugs and similarly went through similar rebellions and revolutions.

      Modern decadence is more comparable to a court eunuch coup from the bronze age. Complete with “sea peoples” migrations.

    • I still think the closest anaglogue we have in the [former] U.S. today, is Spain in the 1920s and 1930s, in that country’s run-up to their own civil war: republicans/nationalists vs. socialists.

      It’s the closest 20th century item I can think of.

      But am happy to be proven wrong (with facts and evidence, of course…).

      • Ha ha ha … and now I’m writing like the chap above, who talks about “fermenting” revolution…. heh heh heh.

        Should of course read “analogue” (spelled the British way with the “ue” at the end, just because I think it looks better…)

  11. One quibble with “there was no saving Tsar Nicholas II and the system that made him possible”:

    There was a solution, of the final variety if you will. No man no problem, no nose no revolutionary. The problem was that failure of asabiyyah causing the nation to lose its will to do what needed to be done. Hence the liberal attempts to placate the revolutionaries instead of crushing them.

    We’ve got the same crap now with the race baiters. Our nation has given in to the framing that all of our heroes were actually villains so blacks can now parade around claiming we owe them $5 million each. And some prick like Gavin Newsom will placate them with a smaller amount as a “liberal reform” making both sides angrier and having the same result as Mirsky.

  12. Semi-OT, but one thing that gets me about that era, is that the Germans had the opportunity to march on Paris early in the war but didn’t, for whatever reason.

    It would’ve been an awful spectacle, but imagine how different the world would be today: the war would’ve been shortened considerably; Europe wouldn’t have sacrificed its manhood; America would probably still be isolationist; the ‘British’ Empire wouldn’t stagger on as zombie GAE; Germany doesn’t desperately stoke Irish nationalists and ship Bolsheviks into Russia; the USSR might never have happened and Russia might still be tsarist; National Socialism probably never happens; the German Empire is probably the undisputed alpha dog of Europe; etc.

    Crazy to think about.

    • The Belgians [of all people, who’da thunk it?] threw together an improvised resistance of ferocious intensity, which took the Kaiser by complete surprise, and gave England & France just enough time to position the forces necessary for staging a proper bloodbath.

      Wilhelm was expecting to waltz through the tulips of Belgium in what would subsequently be Der Fuhrer’s Blitzkrieg style, but Wilhelm badly misunderestimated the tenacity of the Belgians.

      In the immortal words of Mike Tyson, every fighter has the perfect game plan, right up until he gets punched in the nose.


      The larger and vastly more existential problem for the likes of Wilhelm II & Nicholas II was that they failed to properly & correctly & incontrovertibly identify the ackshual enemy whom they faced, which, of course, was the House of Rothschild.

      Lashing out at all the wrong enemies in the room, but failing to notice the 800 lb gorilla of an existential enemy sitting silently over in the far shadows of the room, is the perfect recipe for extinction.

    • Not to blame the Germans for everything, either. It amazes me, though, how something so seemingly accidental could be so potentially important. Europe might’ve sleepwalked into the war, but at that point they were wide awake, and a quick German victory might’ve been the only thing to keep the world from sliding into the abyss.

    • Or if England, which had nothing to gain and much to lose by war, had accepted the Kaiser’s offer not to go through the low countries if England stayed neutral…The war would have ended quickly…

  13. this is off topic but does anyone think it would be a smart idea for some businessman to build headquarters of a corporation in somewhere like nebraska? Steve Sailer has said somewhere that places like that have the highest numbers of people with high ACT/SAT but overlooked by prestigious schools in the country.

    So you wouldn’t have to pay them as much and the taxes in a place like that aren’t as high either. Lastly, because of the demographics of the area – you wouldn’t have to deal with ESG type quotas because the demographics of the area could be your alibi.

    A few years ago i didn’t think this – but I’d rather have Tom Dick Harry who might not have as much education to Ashish Akabuderbong with three or four degrees from prestigious schools. I feel the former would be more likely to not be arrogant or have an attitude problem.

      • Only 68% of births in Nebraska were to white women in 2021.

        18% were to Hispanics.

        To be fair, 68% is still well above the average for the United States.

      • Yep, the ability to run and hide from the brown tide are fading.

        Even states like Minnesota and Oregon are increasingly non-white, with MN white births being 68% and Oregon 65%. Imagine what another 20 years of immigration and differing birthrates will do to those states.

        This is why I laugh at all the “stolen election” talk. Who cares. The demographics will make it so the Dems never need to cheat. Here are the white births as a % of births for a couple of key states that the GOP has to win:

        Arizona – 40%
        Georgia – 43%
        North Carolina – 53%

        Btw, Texas is 33% while Florida is 42%.

        Yes, yes, babies don’t vote. But you see the trend. Couple that with immigration, and it’s over for the GOP, not that they matter, but GrillerCons will notice at some point that they will never again have a president from their party in the White House. The House will also be permanently blue.

        That’s when things get interesting. I’d suspect that GAE will go nuts for awhile before burning out into Brazil of the North.

        • And those are just births to white women. With 15-20% popping out Hispanic / Black babies, the real numbers are even more dire.

          One of the few good things about Canada – we are remarkably still 66.8% white/native for age 0-5, so roughly 61% white. And only kids with 2 white parents are counted as white.

          I suspect that fertility rate of whites (who produce other whites) in the US is lower than every other western country, simply due to losing 20% to mixed race couples.

          • Agreed. But I’ll give credit to Canadian whites, you guys were late to the suicide party, but you have made up a lot of ground in a short time.

            And your politicians seems to revel in openly calling for millions of immigrants a year. Granted, you’re not importing Hispanics, but Indians and Chinese might be even more annoying. At least, Hispanics generally stay in their own neighborhoods.

          • Yes, there are no winners here. But the USA high interracial stats are shocking to me.

            We’ve gotten slammed with random Latinos lately. Random aztecs walking around speaking in Spanish.

            The end result will probably be the same everywhere, we just got different starts.

      • Even if this is true, this is the kind of positive thinking and the type of action we have to take. The demographic situation will be worse in 20 years. That is a certainty. Do you want to do things like what krustykurmudgeon suggests and be in a much stronger position to deal with it in 20 years, or to just give up and be in the worst possible position to deal with it in 20 years?

        This is good thinking KrustyK. It makes sense not just for possible attitude, but for helping our people and giving them the ability to grow and get experience in leadership and management. Tech senior leadership seems dominated by imported people. We see they could care less about our values and our people.

        Go for it! It isn’t just youngsters you will attract and hire, but experienced people who are sick and tired of woke corps.

        • Whites will need to learn to form their own communities (business, schools, community centers, churches, banks, etc.) regardless of what state that they live in.

          Otherwise, we will truly become helots. And, yes, there is much that can be done now to move toward that future. Other whites will come later.

        • Reality is kinda right, but there is still an error in the thinking. Moving to a low-population northern clime that is 60%+ White is a fools errand. They are targeting those places specifically for demographic takeover: ie Bozeman MT. If a city only has 50,000 people in a state under 1m pop, they only need a couple dozen thousand immivaders to take over; if there is a sizeable lefty contingent (OR, MN), it will fall quickly. Where do you think those 5-7 million Nuevo Americans who Came Over this year are going to end up? Less than 1/2 will be in metropolises and mestizo-dominated locations. They are expanding out, and being directed where they will have the most negative impact.
          Safer to try community-building in higher pop states that have entrenched groups on all sides against New invaders, ie the South sans Texas.

          • Agree that moving north is a fool’s errand.

            I still agree with the blogger Identity Dixie that the South should secede (did I spell that correctly?) and go “back to basics” with *aware* & *awake* huwhyte Christians as it’s primary demographic, with the goal of re-building a unique America with non-Masonic virtues.

    • “Lastly, because of the demographics of the area – you wouldn’t have to deal with ESG type quotas because the demographics of the area could be your alibi.”

      That used to be true of Minneapolis. But things change.

      • I’m thinking of moving to 90% white Maine though at my age it won’t help the demographic picture. Feels like visiting a foreign country.

        • We are coming to a time when it will be disastrous to live in a place where you are a newcomer with no roots and connections. So don’t move to Maine.

          Also, we are now well into the current cyclical Grand Solar Minimum (the “Eddy” GSM), and Maine might very well become uninhabitable in a few years.

  14. Twitter illustrates, for anyone with eyes to see, that we can’t live together anymore. Can’t talk to each other anymore. Hence, echo chambers. Anyone who, like Elon at Twitter, tries to create an environment that accomodates everyone, is doomed to fail. Accomodation is for people with common values.

    The Daily Mail was reporting on a poll that the left won’t publish, due to their disappointment that it shows a majority disapproving of the transgender madness. But the poll is just as much bad news for sanity, as it shows 40% approval of the transgender movement. 40%!!!! There’s no dealing with that. As I always say, if you find yourself in the position of having to explain why the crossdressing perv shouldn’t be going into the girls room, you’ve already lost.

    Irreconcilable differences. There’s a reason we call it AINO. What it used to represent is long gone.

    • I doubt it is actually 40%. ALL polls are lies. ALL. The have to violate the foundational random sampling assumption to make the estimates, and the replacement methodology is wide-open for fraud if the pollster is dishonest, and they all. You can be sure that even the polls that show ‘bad news’ for the corporate left have been optimized to avoid public illumination of ‘worse news’.

      • That’s probably true. But we are equally if not more damned by other percentages, the percentage who believe diversity is our strength for instance, or the percentage who believe the energy complex must be destroyed to save Gaia.

      • I’m a semi driver who goes from coast to coast.

        Last month in the heartland (Kansas) I saw a 9-10 year old white boy with pink clothing, purple nail polish, and rainbow flag earrings in both ears. He was with his parents in the convenience store section of a truckstop.

        I have been seeing this kind of thing more and more frequently and never saw it even 5 years ago.

      • “I doubt it is actually 40%. ALL polls are lies. ALL.”

        True. And many–perhaps most–will give the answer that they think will please the one asking the questions. And people have been conditioned to favor transgenderism, at least publicly. So the respondents will say what they think they are supposed to say. They don’t want to be different; they don’t want to be “bigots,” at least publicly.

      • Horace-

        I’m not so sure.

        The 40% in support of the madness in the poll JZ mentions is similar to the ratio of support votes that show up on tranny stories on the Bing homepage that loads in my browser at work where I LARP as a normie.

  15. Elon is a progressive, an atheist, and a technocrat. He got richer from schemes that aligned with the regime’s goals (electric cars).

    He’s just smart enough to see the direction we are heading, and the ruination if the far left (aka. American managerial empire) is not stopped. And he would never make it to Mars.

    I suspect he’s like Trump – Trump wanted to go back to 1980, and Elon probably wants to go back to 1990. He wants to be a tech geek and family man free of insane social agendas and threats of violence.

    • who knows how much it affects his decision making, but Elon has a troon kid.

    • Elon is a creation of the Deep State [both public sector & private sector], via Peter Thiel [who serves as the conduit for the fiat shekels].

      I would very much like to be a fly on the wall at one of their meetings, whoever they are & wherever it is that they gather [perhaps Bohemian Grove?].

      They clearly appear to be non-j00ish [unless the Frankfurt School were sufficiently prescient to have created a secret goyische society to compete with the Frankfurt School, a secret society which never realized that it was created surreptitiously for the sole purpose of castrating & annihilating itself].

      But I kinda doubt that.

      There are plenty of highly intelligent billionaire goyim in this country who know d@mned well what’s at stake here.

      And clearly they’ve got big plans for Elon & Peter.

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  17. Z Man’s elucidation of current issues with historical examples of which I was unaware is one of the reasons that I am a daily reader. And the excellent commenters as well, of course.

    Not only
    Misky : Tsarist Russia :: Elon : GAE
    Russo-Japanese war : Tsarist Russia :: Ukraine : GAE

  18. Thoughtful analysis.

    Muskrat lost any cred he was building by hiring the WEF/NBC supershrew. Git on down there and lick them boots, boy!

    During wartime when you stand in the middle, what happens is both sides shoot at you.

    • And then there’s the Miller Lite harridan who has come to – well, light. I suppose before long advertisements for bathing suits in women’s catalogs will be forbidden, lest they give some poor guy a moment of sublimity.

      All I can say is this country has become Garden of Eden 2.0: The Eve Chronicles.

      • “All I can say is this country has become Garden of Eden 2.0: The Eve Chronicles.”

        Upvote, but let’s say rather “Sodom and Gomorrah” rather than Eden.

        • Eve ruined Eden. Now she has been instrumental, in her stupidity, in ruining Western Civilization.

          Men didn’t need any help in bringing on the misdeeds at Sodom and Gomorrah.

      • Ilana Glazer, early life.
        Appearing in a black negligee on Colbert, who also, as it turns out, happens to be early life.

    • Downvoting this bc the same ilk who grab my lapels about Elon’s true agenda of bobo solar-power welfare queen schemes and crypto-Neo-Platonism (all questions of fact, therefore worth airing) then wax theatrically jilted like a tween fuming about her high school bf not taking her to prom, when he goes ahead and does obvious 2023 globo-corp things like hiring a globo-corp wench at the company on the basis of her globo-corp connections— that is the only kind of person you can hire, Alex Jones isn’t available to start Monday at 8:30. Not downvoting anything re: Z’s thoughtful analysis, which it is, of course.

  19. Zman wrote, “Just as there was no saving King Louis XVI and the old order, there was no saving Tsar Nicholas II and the system that made him possible.”

    There was actually one way to save the Tsar regime: the Stolypin land reforms and building up a large middle class. Lenin was *very* aware of this; Lenin saw the matter as a race with time between Stolypin’s reforms and the next upheaval. Should an upheaval be postponed for a couple of decades, the new land reforms would have made revolution much more difficult if not impossible. The Moscow Times has summarized his career:

    “Pyotr Stolypin’s reforms produced astounding results within a few years. Between 1906 and 1915, thanks to the efforts of Stolypin’s farmers, the productivity of crops nationwide grew by 14 percent, in Siberia by 25 percent. In 1912, Russia’s grain exports exceeded by 30 percent those of Argentina, the United States and Canada combined.”

    Stolypin was assassinated by a Jewish communist before the land reforms could truly succeed.

    Re: Musk, I can see your argument he is a man pushing for half-measures. The weirdest and craziest thing of the whole Twitter purchase saga to me is that Musk made his offer while waiving due diligence. Who does that? What insanity! He wanted to back out but the Delaware court was going to make him close on it anyway. A prime example of the Peter Principle, I suppose.

    • There are still dunderheads on the right who regurgitate communist propaganda and say the Tsar was arrogant, cruel, and out of touch.

      • given that they not only got rid of the czar but did a full on liquidation – he must have pissed someone off bigly for them to go to that extreme.

          • Neoliberal Feudalism: “There was actually one way to save the Tsar regime: the Stolypin land reforms and building up a large middle class. Lenin was *very* aware of this; Lenin saw the matter as a race with time between Stolypin’s reforms and the next upheaval.”

            And guess who just happened to assassinate Stolypin?


            ANSWER: Dmitry “Early Life” Bogrov.

            Just like Jack “Early Life” Ruby, which assassinated the key witness, Lee Harvey Oswald.

            Just like the Early-Life’d gubmint doctors which assassinated George S. Patton & James Forrestal & Joseph McCarthy in gubmint hospitals.

            Just like Carl “Early Life” Weiss, which assassinated the existential threat to FDR’s regime, Huey Long.

            Just like Early Life’d Alexander Berkman & Emma Goldman, which oversaw the assassination of William McKinley.

            Just like John Wilkes “Early Life” Booth, which assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

            A cynic might notice a pattern starting to form there.

            Which is precisely why it is of such overarching importance to Klownworld-Hellscape that pattern recognition is forbidden to be taught to American schoolchildren.

          • Just like John Wilkes “Early Life” Booth, which assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

            What are you saying? That once in a while they get it right by accident?

        • No, it was just another corollary of the Leninist “The worse, the better” doctrine. Kill the effective Stolypin to end his dynamically successful reforms, wipe out the immediate royal family to guarantee that there was no going back from the Bolshevik putsch.

          This is what we are currently seeing being put into practice under the Biden regime; creating chaos to such a degree that there is no way back to a viable society. They think that, at the end of decades of seditious preliminaries, they have judged the correct moment to “Finish the Job”. The commie stink is all over this.

          • We would do well to heed the fact that the commies had no qualms about executing the Tsar’s children. Today, they are just as ruthless, if not more so.

          • The only hole in this is they’re already in charge, they couldn’t even be more in charge and have been for decades. Z’s take is probably closer, that they’re in strictly counter-revolutionary mode. They’re trying to learn from every failed regime and seal the holes in the leaking hull in the hopes of keeping it from sinking.

          • “The worse, the better” isn’t some kind of cheat code. It works on compliant populations with weak elites. People with some life in them get insulted and angry. It’s more death throes than conquest.

          • Yup. And who gave the order (besides possibly Lenin): Sverdlov. (((Early Life))) lol. Both the large-scale barbarism (willingness to make millions starve or otherwise suffer to usher in their goals) as well as the individual cruelty (the slaughter of the Romanovs – particularly the poor kids) is a reminder for all of us what these modern lunatics are capable of.

          • The Biden admin is evil but do you see them doing a family annihilation? Especially a more challenging one (a family with one child is much easier than one with five)

          • @krusty : Isn’t the importation of millions and the encouragement of black violence going to result in white families being snuffed out?

          • Think of all the murderers and rapists who have crossed the border since late last week.

          • “The commie stink is all over this.”

            Yep. “We will bury you.”

          • JerseyJeffersonian: “This is what we are currently seeing being put into practice under the Biden regime; creating chaos to such a degree that there is no way back to a viable society”

            The one big difference now, a full century later, is that the serfs in Russia lacked a S3c0nd Am3ndm3nt.


          • The Biden admin is evil but do you see them doing a family annihilation?

            Yes. But they don’t mess around with family-by-family annihilation – that’s for amateurs. They go for civilization wide annihilation and gleefully brag about it. Maybe the occasional Ruby Ridge just for sh*ts and giggles.

      • Nicholas II couldn’t control his wife and her guru. That’s all you need to know.

        • I think the fairer statement would be that Rasputin’s and Alexandra’s unlikability served as easy targets for their enemies, not the main cause. Those two seemed to provide a point of ridicule, but there were much larger, systemic issues. For example, Nicholas trying to command his army.

          • Rasputin was a supreme genius.

            He was such an existential threat to The Tribe that the House of Rothschild ordered the s0d0mites in British Intelligence to have him liquidated.

            It’s very very difficult to overemphasize what was lost to the West when the Tribe succeeded in eliminating Rasputin.

        • I follow I follow. All you need to know about a man is how he allows his wife to treat him, particularly in public.

    • That scene was depicted in the book “August 1914” by Solzhenitsyn.

      It builds up beautifully, showing the religious fervour of the assassin, and the incompetent buffoonery of the Tsarist police state. Smoothly as butter, it leads right up to him pulling the trigger at the theater (and the assassins theater ticket was paid for by the secret service!). Almost inevitable, like it was always going to happen that way.

      I read that book long ago but that passage is still one that stands out in my memory.

    • All historical indications are that Stolypin was fully aware that he was likely to be assassinated on the trip and that he went anyway, almost as a form of suicide mission to protest his poor treatment by the Tsar. Before he left he took a cache of important personal articles and documents to a trusted advisor for safekeeping and with instructions on what to do with them should he not return. He left his bodyguard at home and did not wear protective gear that he normally would wear in public. And yes, he likely was assassinated to put an end to his land reforms, which were producing results.

      Re Musk: The best way to view Elon Musk is as the Howard Huges of space. Elon Musk is a proxy for the Department of Defense. He is a wealthy man because the DoD needs an entity that can reliably put rockets into space, but NASA can no longer perform this core function, and we all know why. Musk bought Twitter on behalf of the DoD, which is why he did not bother with due diligence. Twitter was effectively controlled by the State Department, and the DoD determined that the State Department controlling the largest surveillance and propaganda network in the world presented an unacceptable risk. Remember, the DoD has to play the role of the muscle and dead bodies behind the lunatic schemes cooked up at Foggy Bottom.

  20. This is a nice bit of history and a rhyme I have not heard of. I have not thought of the pressures on Musk and how they have likely led to the girl boss appointment. That said, he has for a long time employed the girl boss of girl bosses at SpaceX for a long time. I have never heard anybody say diversity as much as she does. I wonder how the army of young white guys working 20 hours a day there feel about that. My sources say, they are just enthralled with the mission and don’t give it the first thought. In any case, my point is, Musk may just be susceptible to the girl boss, or that may be part of his regime approval schtick. Consider his wives. The West is led by weak men. I suspect that also drives the hatred of Trump. His women are real women who stand behind him, not in front.

    Musk’s status is entirely dependent upon the system’s magical money printer and Fed governor incantations to turn his loss makers into wildly valued stock. SpaceX is equally dependent upon it since the government pays him to launch rockets and satellites and they too are dependent upon the same debt to extinguish debt mechanism. Every one of the 10 men at that table have wealth that will evaporate overnight for the same reasons as Musk. They won’t be penniless. They still have assets, but the valuations will be much lower, and a population dependent upon value inflated paper won’t be buying many new cars and gadgets.

    Musk is also compromised by the premise of why Tesla needs subsidies and why the conversion to battery storage applied to electric motors is essential. That is the regime’s premise. He got in bed with it a long time ago. I suspect that he didn’t get in bed with it because he is a genius, but because he was an imbecile who believed it himself.

    I would like to understand Mayorkas. He was at Biden’s side years ago when Biden was exalting the demise of Americans in our own homeland. He runs the department that oversees the mass invasion and that also oversees declaring white people, thinly veiling their demonization by calling them white supremacists, as the primary domestic terror threat. That department has all of the means of terrorizing its prime enemies at its disposal. He has tremendous power and several huge wrecking balls to swing.

    Nobody talks about him. Yet there he is, at the center of the greatest threat to our people.

    Who is this guy? Where does he come from besides what Wiki tells me? Who pays him? How did he get into this position and why? How did he end up as the guy, at least by all appearances that I can see, who is running the most important part of the revolution that has a bullseye pointed dead center on our people – the one who seems to cackle when Biden says he wants to, “finish the job.” It is about time somebody threw some torches down the roach holes he dwells in.

    • I absolutely agree. Mayorkas is the greatest threat to our people since the Black Plague, and we know nothing about him other than some sketchy info about being a “Cuban” “refugee.” He seems like the final chapter in the Frankfurt School playbook. Also take note that Congress vowed to impeach this monster and has not done so.

      • Right on Jack Dodson. The Brandon/Eff-Joe-Biden F-tards are on the wrong case. Mayorkas is an evil monster. I think someone on the DR should do a non-AlexJones exposee on him. If only Tucker and Musk would take that one on. Maybe Ramzpaul could do a special edition on this. It must be done.

        Nothing would be better for our people than to stop the Biden criticism and make the name, Mayorkas the most talked about name in America. It should always be uttered in the context of questions about who he is, where he comes from, why the invasion sponsorship, why in charge of fighting, “white supremacy” and protecting the American homeland, where does he worship, who does he meet with, where does he travel to, who does he speak with … … Parallels with whoever his Bolshevik analogs might be should be made as well.

        He has gotten on for far too long. He is a demon who seemingly has the desire and who definitely has the means to destroy us.

      • Why impeach anyone without the votes to convict? More sound and fury signifying nothing. Have we forgotten that pompous ass, Pelosi, walking with her entourage from the House to the Senate to present her charges against Trump—twice!

        Do you want substance, or just a good show?

        • And why impeach anyone who will merely be replaced by someone else who will do the same things

          • Exactly. There are thousands of Mayorkases waiting in the wings.

            Who is he? Someone who expects to profit off the demise of the white man, financially and emotionally. Probably never had a shot at the homecoming queen. He quivers with an intoxicating combination of rage and fear when he hears Donald Trump’s growls. And he pulls for the Borg when he watches Star Trek: The Next Generation. You know, all the usual commie things.

        • Ah! I see! I am not talking about dog and pony shows in Congress. I am talking about a DR blitz on this to force a Musk or a Carlson to address it and raise awareness with their audience. The thing we can do is move the Overton window and talking points. We can make Carlson, Bonegina, Karly Kirk and Matt Walsh give this oxygen. Right now, he is completely unchecked. Some scrutiny will do us some good. I’ve seen pictures of him with his own security detail and other in security detail very unhappy with him. Getting popular anger against him may give some on our side who do loathe him some breathing room.

          Even if there are a thousand Mayorkas waiting in the wings, everyone will be aware of his replacement and see his behavior matching.

          I doubt there are a thousand of him waiting. This revolution like all Revolutions has its lynchpin players. I suspect he has been at Biden’s side for years for a reason. Alejandro is not a pawn. He is a finger upon the pieces who must also be a player on the board. He meets with the inner circle.

        • To drag them. It is more than sufficient reason. In the case of Mayorkas, also to expose them.

        • “Do you want substance, or just a good show?”

          There are no political solutions. The problem is not political, so the solution cannot be political.

    • Not to be tiresome, but Mayorkas is a member of the tribe. If you believe that many of them have immense hostility towards traditional whites, then his actions make sense.

      • Because he is a ____ isn’t what I am interested in, nor is it what will be a torch in the roach hole that will burn long enough to give a good look to the number of people who need to see it. That question is a why, that may or may not be the why.

        Concrete questions about who and what have never been asked, much less, answered. You don’t get into his position and get the unopposed sanction to a project of this magnitude without a lot of support and coordination. We need Americans to look directly at him. Forget Biden. Dismissing questions about Mayorkas because you know the answer, a lame ‘he was born and raised that way’, won’t put the gaze on him long enough to cause a lasting and absolutely essential impression by a huge number of people. It will also hand him the easiest, and most immediate escape on a silver platter. See, this is a (insert the dismissive slander you know he will utter) and pretty soon he may be able to arrest you for that.

        We have to be smarter than walking right into the traps they’ve set.

        • You make some good points. The bad thing is the mainstream media won’t cover his impeachment proceedings, so the people who need to see it, won’t.

          • Yes. I am not talking impeachment. I am talking Normie becoming aware of him. Imagine a great Carlson exposee showing the pictures of him at Biden’s side a decade ago when Biden gloats on Normie’s replacement and piecing together what we know and putting questions in his head.

            Congress’ dog and pony shows are not what I have in mind. Making a much larger population aware of him is the goal. Do not underestimate what that can do to help people with some power and knowledge of him get some breathing room.

        • Read my comment. We have Praetorian Guard that runs the show from behind the scenes. Do they meet every month and plan things out? No. They simply have a similar background and similar ideas and they find, vett and promote people like them, both ethnically, of course, and ideologically.

          So, yes, he has an enormous and very powerful organization behind him, and he uses his power to protect and promote that organization.

          (Again, by “organization,” I don’t mean one actual structure, but, instead, a confederation of many very wealthy people and organizations that have very, very similar goals run by people with the same ethnic background, which helps cohesion.)

          He’s part of the Guard, and they don’t mess around.

          • Yes. And he is public facing, and he owns the invasion. Greater public awareness and even some outrage could be a brake and could rattle the guard. He speaks with nervousness at times, so he feels heat. They are counting on us to just lay down in fear.

            Do they play for keeps? Absolutely. Would they make a play that turned someone into a martyr? They just might. Do you think we are going to get out of this without that kind of thing happening?

          • This is a Uniparty thing. Most Republicans also own this invasion, and that should be pointed out at every opportunity. For decades, except for when a few stalwarts kept George W. “See You At The Signing” Bush’s amnesty from passing, they did nothing to stop it, while at the same time normalizing it, serving their corporate masters and the Chamber of Commerce. They fought Trump on The Wall. Do you hear any of them right now really raising a ruckus about it? They are still delighted with the onslaught, and are as culpable as the Democrats.

            Heck, I don’t think Trump ever had a Department of Homeland Security boss who felt as strongly as he did about immigration. Kris Kobach was the only possible choice for that position who did, and he was ignored, probably at McConnell’s direction.

            The Uniparty is the problem, not just one Democrat.

  21. Zman has written several times about the zero-to-minimal impact public opinion has on governmental policy. With that in mind, it seems highly unlikely that the endless blathering that takes place on Twitter matters much in terms of how the world actually operates. But does Twitter have a meaningful cultural impact? Perhaps. In the larger scheme of things, however, it’s more symptom than cause and will do little to accelerate or retard the general momentum of this wayward civilization.

    Which is my verbose way of saying that I don’t give a damn about Twitter. Like so much else in this culture, its significance is greatly overblown. Nevertheless, I’m open to opposing arguments about that.

    • But Twitter is the platform SJWs use to cancel people. It’s the platform that gins up hysteria whenever an African American is harmed or even insulted somewhere in America. Don’t underestimate Twitter’s importance to the regime.

      • I suspect that if Twitter disappeared, some other platform would pop up to enable the regime and its SJW automatons to spread their poz. The regime would simply create a new one if need be. There is high demand among both elites and their minions for some tool by which they can promote their anti-civilizational degradation; that demand will be met, with or without current social media platforms.

      • Yes. And it is the platform where the ridiculously popular Musk can do the work in one day that some dissidents have been doing for decades.

        • Musk is a mixed bag at best. The appointment of this feminati apparatchik as his successor demonstrates some of the problems with him well.

          All his utopian ideas make him suspect as well. Like how we’re gonna send millions of people to live on a self-sustaining Martian colony or his solar roof tiles and underground roads will save us from the climate catastrophe and the horrors of traffic. Don’t forget the self-driving cars operating as taxis for the masses who won’t be able to afford cars.

          OTOH, I do like the idea of “walkable cities,” just not how they will be used as an excuse for making us no longer mobile by pricing cars out of the reach of ordinary people.

          You will live in ze pod, eat ze bugs and walk or take the bus.

          • If you read my commentary across time you will see I agree with you. This was a single point I was making. Namely, that Musk can do in a single tweet do what many great men haven’t been able to do in 30 years. He can expose tens of millions to stats and facts with a single tweet. There is value in that even though he is a subsidy truffle hound and speaks outright lies when they serve him.

          • “You will live in ze pod, eat ze bugs and walk or take the bus.”

            There won’t be any busses.

    • To the degree that it acknowledges public opinion, the government and its corporate outposts are run by “social media metrics.”

      “Social media metrics” are determined by state, parastate, and QUANGO censorship, bots, and ops.

      The recent wild escalation of our rulers’ insanity has been caused by this feedback mechanism they’ve built.

      You shouldn’t join it, but you should know what it’s up to.

    • Twitter, along with the likes of Facebook, NY Times, WaPo, etc., is a component of the Power Structure’s propaganda wing, and this is why there was so much alarm from on high when the suspected subversive Musk bought it. Twitter is, therefore, important to the Power Structure.

      But is it all that important culturally? Not terribly. Were Twitter to suddenly become a DR dynamo, the course of Western culture and politics would change very little for the simple reason that Twitter is just one megaphone/institution among myriad others, and every one of those others are dead set against the DR. If, however, the Muskification of Twitter produced a domino effect, this would mean something, and that is probably what the Power Structure fears most.

      • Exactly why we were shut down on Taki, Ostei. We were reaching people with the DR message, as witness how readership plummetted after the commenters were banished by Her Hineyness, who probably saw an uptick in social invitations from the Power Structure after she ended The Comments.

        • Yep. A pity ol’ man Taki didn’t step in and give her a good spanking.

    • The people who are on Twitter daily believe it is the center of the universe. It seems to have that effect on regular users.

    • Seems to me the point of Twitter is (or was, and soon will be again) to form opinions, not allow a platform to express it.

  22. The irony was that Mirsky’s departure made way for Pyotr Stolypin, an actual competent Minister who had a lot of good ideas and achieved quite a bit. Had the Czar and his wife not been so obtuse, Stolypin might have saved the regime. Does anyone here think we have even a remote chance of getting someone as capable as Stolypin to replace Biden?

    • Even if someone as capable as Stolypin were in the wings (such a person doesn’t exist), it would be far too late to make a difference. It is too deep into the show to get refunds for the circus tickets at this point.

  23. If you notice the styles that the homosexual janissaries of the system foist upon us, it’s always 1962. “To Kill a Mockingbird” is always a best seller. Those dumb, black rimmed glasses have been in styles for what, 20 years now? That era was the absolute height of the system. The more the system weakens, the more it longs for that golden era of its prime. Architecture is currently a hideous gray rehash of that era. Systems die because they’re at their prime for just a segment of time. Everything is developed to serve the system in that time. Over decades, the economy shifts and changes, the people change, what they value changes, but the system remains the same, only with new things running in the background. The U.S. government as currently structured, is a post-war neoliberal state. It’s a ghost of the mid 20th Century that lingers to this day, as the world rapidly transforms around it. You’ll know we have a new system when no one is left wearing the dumb black glasses.

  24. Musk faces the same dilemma as Fox News. Despite the popularity of the product, the cabal that controls advertising will not tolerate criticism of the cabal. You see this clearly when you consider whose accounts continue to be banned.

    Advertising is a strange business. First of all, it doesn’t work, or more accurately, the situations in which it does work are highly contingent and not replicable with much predictability. Repetition and serendipity are the only tools in the box. Those tools are not great for selling stuff, but they make for excellent propaganda. Bud Light and Miller Lite, which are truly awful products, seem to be trying to outdo each other in this respect.

    Ultimately, the only way to defeat the cabal is with subscriptions, (which Musk is trying with the new blue checks, but I don’t think you can I’ve half in half out). Tucker should proceed with caution.

    • Getting more and more convinced they know advertising doesn’t work, but still have advertising budgets to keep their ESG scores up. The modern economy is pretty much legal extortion at every level.

      • That’s the best explanation for the all-black actors and actresses at this late stage of Negro fatigue.

      • “Advertising” is no longer about paying to reach potential customers in order to increase sales/revenue, but has become essentially a “palace economy” patronage system to reward/control favored elites.

        • Just so. Any business or corporation wishing to signify its fealty to the Power Structure, the better to enjoy the crumbs from its table, can do so through advertising. Mudsharking blonde sauntering with a mandrill into a bedroom–that’s Power Structure meat and mead. A group of normal whites enjoying a meal together in a beautiful house with nary a Hutu in sight–the Power Structure puts a black mark in the corporation’s zapiska.

    • Musk should proceed with caution also. Once he fell out of favor with the left by supporting free speech he put a target on his back.

      • He is probably back in favor with the appointment of the Amber Heard of the WEF.

        • It won’t last. Historically, these evil creatures have zero toleration for alternative leadership. You could ask the Mensheviks about that, if the Bolsheviks had not exterminated them several years after cutting a deal with them (Mensheviks stop contesting leadership and go back to farms, Bolsheviks leave them be). If you were ever threat in Judeo-communist eyes, you will always be a threat, until you are dead.

  25. Musk is a very good example that no matter how rich you are or what level of politics you reach, you are still beholden to our modern Praetorian Guard.

    Musk is the richest man on earth. He bought Twitter. But the minute that he started to step out of line, the Guard swooped in and told him to tone it down – and he has. The Guard told his advertisers to pull out of Twitter – and they did.

    Our guard uses money, media, the courts/law enforcement, blackmail (Epstein and others are handy for that), their Woke mob for protests and, occasionally when actual violence is needed, Antifa in public or Mossad or similar types in private. In foreign domains, CIA-led color revolutions or, if needed, the US military acts as the Guard’s hammer.

    I wonder what it’s like to be Musk and to realize that you’re in charge as much as the Guard let’s you be in charge.

    Indeed, I suspect that much of the recent BRICs pushback is related to their full understanding that the Guard views every leader in the world as under its control.

    • This is exactly why the reformer or the revolutionary needs its own Guard.

      This is also exactly why the Merchant’s Delusion that letting every merchant be free to be the best merchant is their own downfall. Rand will turn out to be one of the most laughable intellects with the most one dimensional view of society in history.

      Business is important, but left as the sole pillar for building and maintaining a great civilization, you get the Somalian town hall we just witnessed on Minnesota soil. Looking at the doughy, man-bunned white guy shouting, “Stop. This is America”, and then get dismissed and pushed off the stage by a bunch of hijab and burka wearing Somalis is a painful sight. We are going to have to get our act together to ensure that isn’t a premonition for a far bigger and more violent banishment from the stage at Town Hall.

      • Yes, the successful businessman is extremely capable, but he’s no match for the mob – especially if the mob have taken over the government.

        Libertarian twats can never answer what an individual should do against an organized crime group that demands 10% of his business profits.

        Our country has been taken over by an ethnic crime family. Simple as that. And they play hardball. Is Musk or Bezos or Buffett willing to find people who will threaten, blackmail or even kill their opponents? I doubt it. But the people in charge will do that to them.

        Therefore, they’re not really in charge. They’re just extremely well-paid help.

  26. “In the end, reformers will be crushed by that old vice that has destroyed prior reformers.”

    The French and Bolshevik revolutions are the two modern examples, most frequently, cited, of revolutionaries toppling a corrupt system that could no longer sustain itself. But the analogy may or may not apply here. Revolutions have been crushed, and dictatorships have prevailed.

    Even as I was reading this piece, an email arrived from my woke town’s D.I.E. committee. A discussion will be held, on Saturday, at the town’s community center, to take up the following questions:

    *What is the role of the white ally to Black and BIPOC communities?
    *How can you shed the cape of savior to become the warrior ally?

    The worst of progressive parasites may eventually be swept aside, but it’s too soon to predict that the beat won’t go on.

    • At least they haven’t moved on from calling you an Ally to calling an Accomplice in your home town. In Big Tech, they started saying allyship is not enough – you must be an accomplice a couple years back.

      Does your town even have any BiPOCs?

    • I assume ‘warrior ally’ were their words, not yours, because who could make that up

  27. This business with the new diversity powerskirt CEO brings to mind Musk’s recent meeting with Chuck Schumer, after which he jokingly said the reason for the meeting was to discuss AI. I wonder if that was when the deal was cemented. Who exactly does Schumer act for?

    • He’s a member of our Praetorian Guard. I’m sure that he let know that Musk is only as powerful as the Guard let’s him be.

      • Yup.

        The senator from Tel-Aviv confirmed that on national TV when he said the intel agencies had, “…six ways from Sunday, ” to get Trump.

    • Heh. Since I describe Satan (Abraham’s God, the Imposter) as being like “an A.I. that they woke up…in Hell”, maybe Chuck and Elon really were “talking about A.I.”

      I repent. “Talking about A.I.” is almost certainly Schumer telling Musk to obey the Guard’s surveillance program or face consequences. Sorry for the wild tangent.

  28. Y’know, Z… I wonder if you’re not reaching a bit on this one? Sure there’s much to be learned from history…but what’s happening in the insane unplumbed profundity of modern liberal America? I don’t see any parallels in old Czarist Russia.

    In that conflict people knew what they wanted. The players were on their teams, they knew who their teammates were, and by today’s standards they even had rules of sorts to play by. Today?

    The wahmen and queers don’t even know what they want beyond sodomizing your kids. The vibrants want free chit but will kill each other for it as readily as Whitey. As for Elon… he is No statesman, he’s not even a cloud person, nor does he seem to have any clout with the jews. In point of fact he’s really a shyster… but a very good one at that.

    Twitter will only work and pay if both sides of the Great Divide use it. There is nothing to be gained by driving the left or the right out. He needs them both. In point of fact he is no real friend of the conservative right in any sense of the word.

    I suspect the new liberal Girl Boss is the same as the old conservative Mitch McConnel type paid actors. In his boots, I’d give the Girl Boss a script and a vibrant supporting cast of suitably vibrant co-stars… and her job will basically be PR work with the growing numbers of disenchanted lefties. Elon will do the same for the users from the right, if he can’t do it himself. Regardless though…HE will be the decision maker and the last call will be his own. Elon doesn’t give a hoot about people or issues, he is about $$$$. Why – He’d dump Twitter in a heartbeat if he could get his money out of it!

    We live in wonderful times, really. The mass media is on life support. Alternatives to controlled social media are everywhere. There will be very little money to be made with them, and incredible fortunes can be lost on them.

    Things will go kinetic soon, unless something can be worked out. Men like Elon and his girl boss will have no say in that whatsoever…

    • ” Elon doesn’t give a hoot about people or issues, he is about $$$$. Why – He’d dump Twitter in a heartbeat if he could get his money out of it!”

      It is a solid be that the dude is looking for the first exit ramp. In addition to being evil, the Regime is batshit crazy. Imagine putting up with those psychopaths every day when you can afford to avoid them.

  29. I don’t think the metaphor of Musk as Mirsky holds in this case. The Z-Man has a Procrustean bed called “the system must be destroyed,” so he goal-seeks every metaphor to that end.

    I rather doubt that Musk has any set of higher ideals that he operates by. He is a government subsidies whore and, through his validation of the electrical vehicle scam with is Tesla company, a major destructive force in his own right. I don’t care for him.

    • Musk is a dreamer. Twitter detracts from his attention to his other “ideas”. Most of what he dreams about is pretty half-baked, but I assume he has fun with them and his public seems to ignore valid criticism of such fantasies in their idolization.

  30. So where are we headed?

    But first, some background. Societal models were initially developed as tools of research, then as tools of advertising/sales, then as tools of prediction, and finally as tools of mass social manipulation. The latter is now being used skillfully to both control and modify macro social behaviors. And the goals of these efforts are as diverse as the array of power-players using them. They do this because it “works” so it’s not going away any time soon.

    This phenomenon is a bit like hypnosis in that it can only take you so far before primal fail-safe mechanisms kick in. This is how revolutions occur and sustain themselves. And starvation (or abject hunger) is often the critical driver. As such, the only reliable way to postpone revolution is to keep the plates spinning as long as possible. Which gets evermore difficult as prolonged affluence eventually kills off productivity.

    The West is currently facing a key tipping point. They gambled on being able to rape Ukrainian and Russian resources as a means of keeping the plates spinning for a few more decades, but that is about to go up in smoke. And when the smoke clears, the revolution begins. It will start in Europe.

    • It will be more of a counter-revolution, but, yeah, it will start in Europe. It would be no surprise if we are treated to a new version of the failing Soviet system propping up a Jaruzelski type.

    • “And when the smoke clears, the revolution begins. It will start in Europe.”

      I’m willing to bet the rent that a digital “currency” will be forced on us before the 2024 “elections,” assuming that they are held at all, which I don’t. And even if they are, it won’t matter. The Communists will gain total control of every branch of FedGov.

      Once they’ve got us handcuffed with the digital “currency,” they will ration gasoline and food, probably in that order.

      When they have most of the population occupied 24/7 with trying to figure out where their next meal will come from, “they” will restrict the number of calories/day/person, and hungry people, although desperate, lack the energy and health to prosecute a revolution. Or anything else.

      Not that that matters in the Grand Scheme of Things, though, b/c “they” are at this very moment importing a cadre of soldiers to disarm the American people.

      They have it all figured out. Their plan will go well for them. The plan is not new, and it is not the result of haste and the lack of resources. The only thing “they” really lacked was *reliable* manpower to disarm the population, but they have that now, or they very soon will.

      I believe that we ARE going to live under a brutal police state for 8 or 9 years. Then there will be a real revolution. (And yes, the people will have weapons. “They” won’t be able to confiscate–or even find–most of them.)

  31. It’s amusing watching Musk cause lunatics to melt down, and I had fun watching the Trump “Town Hall,” in which the CNN female robot kept getting so angry it looked like her circuits were about to fry. But neither Musk nor Trump is a Great Man in the sense Carlyle defined it. Trump at least is a “Big Man,” in the anthropological sense, the kind who could defend a tribe or a village or a castle fiefdom pretty ably enough.

    I have trouble even comparing Musk to Carnegie or Mellon, who at least gave us some beautiful architecture. Musk meanwhile is cluttering up low earth orbit with cubesats and his b.s. cars are basically a libel against internal combustion, which is still the best method we’ve got for the personally owned auto. His restoring Andrew Anglin and getting rid of Kevin MacDonald on twitter also would suggest that, like Trump, he’s mostly an entertainer.

    I also think we’ve passed the potential of reforming the elite, even with help from sympathetic/sane elites. Greed is one thing, but if left unchecked, it descends into true degeneracy and then madness. Someone like Pelosi is in the Howard Hughes/Michael Jackson realm of unreality, or King Ludwig spending his empire’s entire fortune to create a lavish production of an opera. Soros has stated he views himself as an Old Testament God, literally quoted in the LA Times as “the creator of Everything.” We’re in the “Sun King” realm, the brains poisoned by arsenic-based makeup powder, towering wigs, orgies in halls of mirrors while the peasants starve terrain.

    If anything, a reasonable elite like Musk is just delaying the inevitable, perhaps dangerously, like telling yourself you’ll just take a quick nap after getting a concussion, after which you’ll head to the hospital. It reminds me of what Ernst Von Salomon overheard an Organisation Consul member saying after he attended a Walter Rathenau speech. “He will be killed soon, as he is too reasonable.” A month later Rathenau got chopped down by an MP-18 on his way home to the Grunewald.

    • “like Trump, he’s mostly an entertainer”

      Bored, incredibly wealthy men who pursue an expensive hobby and entertain us in the process, to be precise. The Regime, which has been revolutionary since Obama, will destroy Musk when the time comes.

    • If anything, a reasonable elite like Musk is just delaying the inevitable

      He is buying time to either

      (1) skedaddle off to Mars, or
      (2) skedaddle undesirable elites to off to Mars

      2 would be my preference.

  32. “In the end, reformers will be crushed by that old vice that has destroyed prior reformers.”

    Radicals already have crushed the system. Musk is the equivalent of Mirsky tinkering with the Russian Empire after the Czar and his family were taken to the basement. Just yesterday the “Department of Justice” declared that the coup is old news and all is well. The radicals are mopping up now, which Musk and many would-be reformers are belatedly discovering.

    There indeed may be a Thermidorian Reaction over the horizon, but Musk isn’t Napoleon and Twitter isn’t the White Terror. This thing will burn until there is nothing left to burn, which may not be all that far off.

    • Possibly. Certainly plausible… but I’m sure the Czar thought he’d mopped up a few times before he was taken to the basement.

  33. Arguably the disaster for Tsarist Russia from WW1 provided the essential catalyst for revolution. Without it the Tsarist regime could probably have hobbled on. Likewise for pre-revolutionary France: the high expense of the war with the British of 1756-1763 probably provided the catalyst for successful revolution. In both cases enfeebled regimes could have stumbled on but add a crisis and they were toast. Probably likewise for the enfeebled US regime: some crisis will be the catalyst for radical ( dare I say revolutionary?) change. Since there are several latent and incipient crises on the horizon to choose from, tis but a matter of time.

    • The Russo-Japanese war was the crucial error. That humiliation is what set the ball rolling. It is also an example of how an ossified and incompetnat regime staggers into disaster. Washington’s support of Ukraine looks similar. Like the Russian in 1904, Washington was sure this would be simple.

      • I would argue Iraq ushered in the revolution, and the accident of Trump was a glimpse of a possibly real Thermidor over the horizon that caused the Regime to go mad(der). The miscalculation over Russian sanctions may indeed be the predicate that takes down the Regime, which has been a revolutionary government much like the provisional Kerensky version since Iraq paved the way for Obama. Here’s to hoping the Whites prevail this time.

      • Pretty much every war ever fought, at least one side thought it was going to be easy. Often both sides. Otherwise it wouldn’t have happened.

      • Unrelated, perhaps, but what a pyrrhic victory for Japan. First, it was by no means easy, and in the end it led to them into believing a lot of things about themselves that just weren’t true.

      • It was also completely avoidable, if their foreign military intelligence hadn’t been so incompetent. The Japanese were competently fighting an industrial civil war at the same time our ancestors were fighting our American Civil War. They had ironclads, too. That the Japanese were not the usual Russian adversary of disorganized low-IQ central Asian rabble would have been apparent, had they but looked.

    • In the Oval Office, a geriatric geezer laughs and says, “Let them eat cack…”

      We seem to be offered our choice of catalysts if you are correct. Noise is being made about war with China now…😖

    • I like the Qing Dynasty China example. They had a very messy second half of the 19th century, which started the “century of humiliation” until Mao took power. First the Europeans came and set up shop, their activities destabilizing and humiliating the Qing regime. This let to the Taiping Rebellion, which happened about the same time as the US Civil War, and was much bloodier. South China was basically a separate state until Qing armies, hollowed out as they were, came to retake it. Europeans smelled blood and began to get more aggressive. The Boxer Rebellion was the final, impotent reaction of a dying empire.

      Dynastic China is a great example of gradually, then suddenly.

      I think we’re too big to decline as a result of a shocking loss (the Russians with Japan, the Brits with Suez). We will carry on as a bloated corpse until people start fleeing Washington. “The sick man of North America” they’ll call us.

      • Your take is as dumb as ever.

        Former leftists who kinda support some of the Right’s agenda are an aggravation.

      • I’m betting that a shocking defeat may move us to change—significant change. Whether for the better is less sure.

        • It seems like Trump *was* our Kerensky.

          Change “for the better” seems pretty iffy, but I dunno; perhaps the Griller wisdom might win out.

          That is, ignore the idiots with their sound and fury. Eventually they’ll start a fire and burn their own house down; meanwhile, the peasants will hoe their own potatoes, and just keep on keepin’ on.

          A decline in post-1940 20th C. living standards is still far and away “better off” than any other time in history.

          • ““The sick man of North America” they’ll call us.”
            That’s perfect, I must add.

            And, it rhymes! The Ottomans and the Chinese transitioned little kids, into troupes groomed to be homosexual entertainers and prostitutes for the rich.

          • (p.s.- can verify. Haven’t had running water in months- the pump to my water tank failed, so this week I’ve been diving in the irrigation ditch for my bath, using buckets of canal water for flushing, etc.)

      • Re: “fleeing Washington”: Had to drive thru CT, NYC, NJ, Del, MD, DC, N VA, this weekend on Mother’s Day. Yikes. I haven’t done this for 8 yrs. The area is impossible. Traffic beyond hope. Any normal person who has to deal with this on a daily basis is going to die young. Bloated corpse is a good description. The place is a 21st century mill town. Sending your children to an Ivy League academy will get them a “job” with the government for sure, but wouldn’t you like to have grandchildren someday?
        In the good old days, say 60 years ago, you graduated from Dartmouth, like your Dad did, your Mom from Smith, and returned home to Cleveland, Ohio, where you took a job as an executive with an iron ore shipping company. You got to live in a nice home in a nice suburb, had your choice of downtown clubs to have lunch in during the work week, and an excellent golf club for recreation and holiday parties. Your wife, who had an equally fine education and a post-graduation job with a publishing company in NYC, now was the mother of several children and volunteering with interesting organizations like the Art Museum or the Botanical Garden. Thursday evenings you enjoyed attending the Symphony Orchestra. Sundays you were in church with a top-notch minister/rector and the kids were in Sunday school with their friends. I’d better stop here so that you can get a handkerchief to wipe away your tears.

        • That is a stellar comment, spot on, absolutely nails it.

          Oh, and if you say “the I-95 and 476 junction” I am going to SCREAM

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