We Deserve Better

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The ancient Greeks had a rule at one time where anyone proposing a change in the current laws did so with a rope around his neck. He stood in front of the people with the noose around his neck and made his appeal. If the people adopted his idea, then he removed the rope and went on his way. If his idea was rejected, he was hanged using the noose that was around his neck. Needless to say, this reduced the demand for change to that which was obvious to the vast majority.

From time to time, as in a crisis, they would pass a rule with regards to whatever course of action they agreed upon to address the crisis. Anyone who questioned the agreed upon approach or offered up a change to it, was killed or banished. The point of these extraordinary measures in times of crisis was to prevent the minority from undermining the will of the majority and thus the agreed upon policy. Once the majority agreed upon a course of action, the time for debate ended.

While the idea of our current legislators offering amendments while wearing a noose is amusing, we should be able to see why the Greeks did this. In this age, all everyone talks about is change. The way to show your virtue to the rest of those desperate for acclaim and affirmation is to demand change. The managerial elite and their flunkies in the managerial class spend so much time producing new changes, none of the basic things are getting done.

This is because the spring of democracy is morality. In a democratic society, even if it is not actually democratic, the thing that motivates people is the desire to be seen as moral, which means on the side of the people. When moderns say they are on the right side of history, what they mean is they are on that leading edge of change that is carrying the people toward the goal of the general will. They are turning the wheel of progress toward the promised land.

We have no information to suggest the Greeks viewed it this way, but they clearly understood that those always demanding change were a menace. Even in a genuine democracy, someone has to be in charge so that things get done. That person or group of people could not function if they were constantly fielding criticism or adapting to new policies pushed through by the change artists. The noose was the way to limit this impulse and prevent the chaos we are experiencing today.

In this age, this would start with the Federal bench. The executive branch of government is now hobbled by judicial fiat. Trump could get nothing done because crazy judges kept inventing novel reasons to block him. Some of his stuff eventually made it through, but the courts ran out the clock on most of it. The same thing happens with governors. They are constantly blocked by judges who just make up reasons to block their policies.

A simple way to stop this is to institute a three strikes rule. A judge who is overturned three times is removed from the bench. In a short time, this would clear the court of most left-wing judges, who are overturned on a regular basis. What would remain is judges who adhere to the point of their role. Further, judges who are removed from the bench are barred from practicing or teaching law. While banishment would be the best option, removing them from the law is good enough.

A similar problem is in the legislatures. All across the country, deranged state legislators have crafted new gun laws. These laws will be struck down by the courts but create mayhem for years. These legislators cook up these laws knowing they will not pass muster with the courts. This is performative legislation. The point of it is to show the intended audience that the legislator is on the right side of history, mostly by tormenting the normal people who are the victims of these laws.

While hanging is the right course here, a less entertaining option is to impoverish the people who vote for laws that are overturned by the courts. For example, when the courts overturn the latest gun grabbing from the New York legislature, the people who voted for it have all of their assets confiscated. They are immediately barred from politics and practicing law. Instantly, the legislative calendars will be free to work on the practical things that are currently neglected.

These small, common-sense changes are not a panacea, but what they would do is reintroduce the idea of a limiting principle. The current civic religion starts with the assumption that anything is possible. If anything is possible, then your version of Utopia is possible, which means it should happen right now. After all, what could be the argument against having paradise right now? There has to be a way to anathematize that impulse and thus curtail this behavior.

Of course, this would require a ruling class that sees the danger. The Greeks were often blessed with an elite that knew society could tolerate only so much debate and so much criticism, so they found ways to limit it. Instead, the current ruling class celebrates the resulting chaos that comes from a culture of critique. They somehow think that paradise is a world where nothing is beyond the destructive forces that lie at the heart of this endless demand for change that animates our age.

Joseph de Maistre famously said, “Every country has the government it deserves”, but this is always misinterpreted to blame the people for bad government. This is the thinking of the mind poisoned by democracy. Joseph de Maistre was not a democrat, so it is incorrect to think he was blaming the people. Instead, he was laying the blame at the feet of the ruling class. The elite get the government they deserve and they take the people with them, even if the people deserve better.

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174 thoughts on “We Deserve Better

  1. No, we deserve exactly what we get for 2 reasons;

    1. We voted for it until the consequences arrived.

    2. We take it. You take it, you deserve it for being weak.

    Of Course, this means I’m a Fed 🤣

    Lmao eat it cowards.

    • As the people over at Patriotic Alternative say, ‘We were never asked!’ There is simply no correlation between what the voters in the global West want and the government policies they get. Your supposition that we are voting for something based, I don’t know, on a social contract theory from the 18th Century that now exists mainly in the minds of people like you is simply risible.

      • @Gideon – exactly right. Not to mention, the “American People” have been getting fucked for a long, long time. They never got what they wanted from their government going back to pre-civil war. Just look at the WW2 surveys. Nearly the entire country wanted to stay out of it – look how that turned out.

          • Which was why Pearl Harbor attack was provoked. Oil embargo threatened the Japanese war effort (in the East Asian sphere) so the West had to be attacked to restore/obtain continued supply. Even then, there was little concern for the Japanese military and priority made to take on Germany first to keep Britain from falling.

      • About three weeks ago, we were having a little disagreement about Tucker getting the axe at Fox News.

        The New Iron Curtain
        Posted on April 25, 2023

        Z was positing that cutting Tucker off at the news was a requirement of the Dominion settlement.

        Tonight, the break news, courtesy of James O’Keefe [himself fired by his own company] is that Tucker was indeed fired precisely so as to please Dominion.

        Twitter video

        Twitter commentary

        It’s just another little data point which tends to reinforce muh suspicion that Dominion is precisely the Canucks’ contribution to the Five Eyes.

        The CIA is forbidden by law to create a Dominion Voting Systems to control election results within the United States, so, instead, they outsource the Op to the Canucks.

        [Presumably that would mean the CIA is controlling Canadian elections, which would be why we get Justin Castro as our adversary. Heck, for all I know, the M0ssad/CIA/WEF/Oligarchs-Moguls are now creating fake digital elections for all of the White nations of the West, installing the likes of Emmanuel Macron & Sanna Marin in order to neuter the native populations.

    • When the Bolshies were consolidating their control over a very large country, a fictional Dr Zhivago flees the unstable situation in Moscow to his family’s former estate beyond the Urals. In reply to the question of what he plans to do there, Zhivago replies, ‘Just live!’ For most dissidents that makes a lot more sense than a lot of the alternatives you imply.

      • But you don’t deserve to live, you’re weak.

        And most of Dr Zhivago dies if you recall.

        BTW I don’t care about voting, or the 18th century, or the Civil War, or WW2; the weakness is NOW.

        “Just Live”? As they bugger and castrate your kids? There’s no escape from America in America, probably the world.

        And we are certainly not facing the Bolsheviks 🤣 or their army with the Germans behind them or any of that…

        We’re facing Antifa, a few fat evil government women, and some tired Feds- and all these you will see together are very few.

        Cowards first
        Then traitors
        Then enemies

        🤮 “Just Live.”

        GOD. Please don’t breed.

        • ‘We’re facing Antifa, a few fat evil government women, and some tired Feds—and all these you will see together are very few.’

          So how bothered do you think our rulers would be if you filled these bodies with, say, all the lead that you and your ‘friends’ have stockpiled in your ammo cabinets, leaving you defenseless to take a couple rounds in the head?

          ‘I don’t care about voting, or the 18th century, or the Civil War, or WW2; the weakness is NOW.’

          Well, if that isn’t discouraging! Because if you’re planning the next Civil War, you’d want to put a little more study into how the last ones went down.

          ‘And we are certainly not facing the Bolsheviks or their army with the Germans behind them or any of that.’

          Since you dismiss the possibility of enemies, have you considered the potential for allies (or lack thereof)? But I guess if you’re all hat and no cattle, there’s no need to worry.

    • having a large family, raising them with faith,strength, and intellegence(homeschool) is the best long term plan. I have grandkids beint raised that way. We are being destroyed by porn, sports, drug use , Pick up culture , as well as the economic and censorship stuff. go to Rooshv’s site to get some perspective .

      • I also have grandchildren being raised the same. My concern is the poison our government is hiding in our food sources.

        • me too , garden if possible , buy farmers market stuff if available . and bay the extra $ for organic if you can

  2. Woops! I forgot to thank le Z for these most excellent recommendations to re-introduce real risk into the system.

    That’s another benefit of historical literacy, I doff my hat.
    It’s this level of seriousness that needs to go into the new constitution of Whitekanda or Whisrael.

    A system that promotes oafish dumbsh*ts like Jay-Z and Beyoncé into billionaire status is ripe for conquest!

  3. If you asked 100 knowledgable people what brought an end to the Reign of Terror, and ulitmately to the French Revolution itself, around 95 of them would respond that it was the Thermidorian Reaction. This answer is not incorrect, but it is incomplete. What really brought an end to the Reign of Terror, and thereby the Revolution, was the elimination of Maximillian Robespierre and his fellow radicals, dubbed the Robespierrists. Approximately 100 people were escorted to Madamme Guillotine in the days following the arrest and execution of Robespierre and his close entourage. The elimination of these 100 radicals put a full stop to the Reign of Terror and laid the groundwork to end the Revolution.

    As the Zman often notes, there is no limiting principle to Godless radicalism. This is why the French revolution went from the relatively benign position of a call for reform to implement Constitutional Monarchy to the mass slaughter of civilians in a few short years. It’s also why American radicals have gone from the relatively benign position of “gay people deserve civil rights” to “you must allow a satanic transvestite to expose himself to your children at the library” in a few short years.

    The people driving American radicalism are committed Godless radicals implementing their own form of a Reign of Terror, in the mold of Robespierre and his followers. They cannot be reformed, and there is no negotiation or compromise to be made with them. History shows clearly that they must be eliminated from civil society, which in modern terms means defunded, deplatformed, removed from any position of authority, loss of all political rights, and possibly sent into exile.

    • I looked up images of Robespierre. Looks like a homo.

      Trying hard to think of something good that came outta France. Certainly not President Mammy MaCrone.

      • They did give us the most efficient, reliable, and humane execution method known. Bizarre that it has not been more widely adopted, not even in places which practice legal execution.

        • Thanks, I’d forgotten the guillotine. Not to fret. You will find down the road that it has been ‘more widely adopted’.

          The Frenchies also gave us that vile statue of Diversity and Rebellion that squats in N.Y. Harbor. Goddess Libertas, liberating ‘oppressed’ women and welcoming the nations — a foreshadowing of what America eventually was to become.

      • They are pretty good at baked goods. And as long as you ignore the runway outlandishness, they have pretty decent sartorial chops. Not as good as the Italians, but decent.

      • Art music; many notable composers, musical forms, and musical instruments. The Couperins (both François, and his uncle Louis), Rameau (in spades), Charpentier, all in the Baroque period. Not as much in the Classical period. But then came Hector Berlioz: grand operas; his Requiem and L’ Enfance du Christ; great art song (track down in particular Les nuits d’été, a six part song cycle in a full performance by Jesse Norman); his oratorios, Romeo et Juliet, and also his great masterwork, Le damnation du Faust; orchestral works of renown such as the Roman Carnival Overture, and the Symphonie Fantastique. In sum, a piker. Then later, Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc, Messiaen, among others.

        A great tradition of ballet, leading to the creation of great scores and choreography. My wife and I attended a performance of Coppélia just yesterday staged by the Philadelphia Ballet, for instance.

        Also some abiding literature; Molière, Racine, Balzac, Dumas, Hugo, etc.

        A few paint daubers such as David, Renoir, Manet, Monet, Cezanne and the like.

        Cuisine, of course, and the creation of outstanding wines, spirits, and liqueurs.

        Some accomplished engineers such as Eiffel, and de Lesseps, responsible for the Suez Canal.

        A smattering of scientists here and there such as Curie, and Poincaré, a polymath (mathmatician, physicist, engineer, philosopher).

        • The French had many great achievements in the early years of the development of heavier-than-air flight, possibly second only to the US.

          Even after years of cost-cutting and coof hysteria, the experience on Air France is still two tiers above any US airline.

          Finally, the early design that directly led to the Concorde was of French origin:


          Note that it’s been 20 years since the Concorde last flew and no one is even *thinking* about reviving supersonic commercial passenger flight.

  4. The reason public morality always demands change is the composition of the elites. After around 1965 or so, the Elites started to include lots and lots of Third World potentates as a way of competing against the Soviet Union. Think Barack Obama Sr. Misha Glenny wrote a book about how various Russian, Ukranian, and other oligarchs dump stolen, looted money in London (pre-invasion) and other places with the West as a giant oligarch bank. Well, this happened first with Third World oligarchs who given the choice between Soviet Communism (good for Communist leaders, bad for Oligarchs) chose the West. But this had a problem.

    The “Coalition of the Fringes” per Sailer (really the majority) could only unite internally against the WASP mainline in the elites (as rivals) and the dirt people they all mutually despised. The one thing ambitious, lesbian, man-hating feminists (repeat myself here) and Third World mini-oligarchs (Jho Lo of 1MDB and “Wolf of Wall Street”) and black nationalists (Farrakhan, Obama) and WASP adventurers inter-married with Third World elites (Mitch McConnell, JD Vance) and ambitious would-be king makers of a (((certain heritage))) [Chucky Schemer, Larry Fink ] is their shared hatred of us, our heritage, our society, our heroes, our culture.

    Thus the public morality is by composition of the elites EVER GREATER CHANGE of demanding “Cut Down the White Trees.” It IS the only way the elites who all hate each other (Ilhan Omar, Chucky Schemer) can get along. And the hate for Dirts and their nation and culture has to be dialed up ever greater to maintain ever more fragile unity as people like Zelensky, and others get jumped in to the Elite Gang.

    Thus you had Biden’s speech to Howard University, where he basically calls for cutting down White Trees. Why you have clueless Newsom in my state, who first called for Reparations and now faces angry black people feeling the payment is not enough and the unhappy task of massively punitive taxes on Whites with Gay Reparations, Hispanic Reparations, Trans Reparations etc. While meanwhile Minnesota has added back protection for p3d0s as THAT is the new frontier in hating Dirts. This can only lead to one place, and was pretty much guaranteed once the West began courting and including Third World and other elites into its WASP core in the middle/late Cold War period.

  5. Looking now at the border; the growing assault on our nation, people, culture, reality; legal and personal destruction of dissenters; etc etc …

    If one were a “Glass-Half-Full” kind of guy, he could say that they’re frantically building the iron-clad justification for doing what the legacy, non-compliant American is going to have to do to save himself, anyway …

  6. There’s a website that is nothing but rotating views, every few minutes, of the view out people’s window- in cities all over the world.

    (It might be called “Windows On The World, I think.)
    If I had a tv I’d leave it there instead of the virtual aquarium or fireplace, or the sites of paint drying (yes) and grass growing (yup, that too.)

    Instead, I got to thinking about the before-and-after pix of Libya, Syria, Lebanon; the Balkans, Iraq, and Ukraine.

    You know, thousands of hours, millions of words, and I still would not have been able to identify who’s responsible.

    In these cases, it’s a small cabal of professionals whose careers are in the “selling wars for fun and profit” business.

    Leo Strauss’s acolytes, about an hundred folks, are heirs to a tradition and have a cartel, a cult, the Kaganite cult.

    Then I then thought I’ve never thanked the Zman for his sleuthing. I certainly could’ve never descried the perps, so thank you, Mssr. Z, thank you for going to war yourself.

    • I really like those nature scene streams, if they weren’t broken up by commercials every 5 or 10 minutes

      • Nice! I think I’d to find those- let’s see some things before the Big Dark, heck yes

        • Heinlein predicted this, I think. Probably not the only one. People cut off from nature bringing nature into their homes via technology.

          Window Swap is the name of the site you were talking about

          • Heh, James Cameron actually put this concept on film in this deleted scene from Aliens (1986) where Ripley enjoys a simulated natural environment on the Gateway space station prior to learning the fate of the daughter she left behind on Earth:


  7. Zman wrote, “The elite get the government they deserve and they take the people with them, even if the people deserve better.”

    Yes, exactly. The elite decide what to do and then manipulate public opinion until they get what they want, using whatever tactics are necessary to achieve it, no matter how underhanded or criminal.

    Did you know that 93% of Americans were against intervention in World War 2 even after Germany’s invasion of France in 1940, per GPO statistics?

    FDR likely had prior knowledge of Pearl Harbor but he needed America to be attacked to shatter the powerful anti-war isolationist faction. Here’s some color to this:

    Henry Stimson, War Secretary and a patriarch of the CFR, wrote in his diary after meeting with FDR: “We face the delicate question of the diplomatic fencing to be done so as to be sure Japan is put into the wrong and makes the first bad move – overt move.” After a subsequent meeting, he recorded: “The question was how we should maneuver them [the Japanese] into the position of firing the first shot…”. The Council’s War and Peace Studies Project sent a memorandum to FDR recommending a trade embargo against Japan which he eventually enacted. In Addition, Japan’s assets in America were frozen and the Panama Canal closed to its shipping. FDR knew about the upcoming attack on Pearl Harbor (American military intelligence had cracked the radio code Tokyo used to communicate with its embassies, which suggested an assault would come on Pearl Harbor around December 7; in addition separate warnings were transmitted to high government officials) but no alert was passed on to the commanders in Hawaii. FDR removed the fleet’s Admiral after he protested that it was quite vulnerable to attack, and FDR stripped the island of most of its air defenses shortly before the raid. FDR appointed a commission to investigate what happened, headed by FDR’s friend Supreme Court justice Owen Roberts and other CFR members, absolving FDR of blame. When this whitewash was exposed, FDR suppressed the results, saying public revelation would endanger national security in wartime.


In a speech on October 30, 1940, FDR declared “I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.” But he was planning the opposite. In 1940, at the American embassy in London, a code clerk named Tyler Kent discovered secret dispatches between Churchill and FDR, revealing the latter’s intention to bring the U.S. into the war. Kent tried to alert the public but he was caught and spent the rest of the war in prison. Robert Sherbowd, the President’s friendly biographer, said “If the isolationists had known the full extent of the secret alliance between the United States and Britain, their demands for the President’s impeachment would have rumbled like thunder through the land.”

    Keep this in mind, because what our globohomo overlords want now, and what they’re busy implementing, is white genocide.

    • “…on October 30, 1940, FDR declared “I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.”

      Wilson’s re-election campaign slogan in 1916 was “He Kept Us Out of War.”

      One month after his second inauguration, he asked Congress for a declaration of war, and got it.

    • On July 26, 1941 FDR seized all Japanese assets in the US and imposed a strict oil embargo on the country. All the usual suspects followed suit. The rest is history. https://tinyurl.com/yrwftwyr Up until Pearl Harbor a super-majority of Americans opposed entry into the war.

    • In another context, FDR told reporters:
      Now go out there and make me do it.

      He has priors, a devious, scheming elitist.

      I’d like his mug off the dime, especially since his policies led to that thin dime and all other cash and currency being worth so little now.

  8. Change is a euphemism: overthrow the nations. Some scribes wrote some books proclaiming themselves as chosen to rule the world. They declared it their divine right to rule, they weren’t ruling the world, and thus change is mandated to conform to their aspirations.

    Change currently means to destroy white people and especially white men. The people of the book utilize a business model to welcome the outsider, to intermediate and arbitrate fairness on behalf of the others. Changed enlisted white women against white men. The Change battle-cry enlists an army PoXs from here, there and everywhere to come and take it from Whitey. To kill, pull down and destroy.

    Utilizing Others is not any more than just a means to an end. And that end is our end. They use the Others as camouflage and cat’s paws. They hide behind the Others like snakes in a woodpile.

    To be thwart their onslaught, their entire stack of premises must be rejected.

  9. There’s another group whose wealth should be completely confiscated, save maybe $10k per, along with a one way ticket to Israel – non-negotiable. Never to return upon pain of something, shall we say, more permanent…

  10. In the Empire of Free Money the consequences of failure are quite palatable. In this empire, political failure = become a well paid lobbyist/think tanker/MIC consultant/NGO executive. Because the free money flows freely to the friends of the regime. Even in an empire where money isn’t free, this is going to hold true to some degree, but not as great of one. Not as malignantly metastatic.

    The other day I saw some commentary saying, in these terms, that the House Republicans should quite being “childish” about the debt ceiling, and do the “adult thing,” which is going deeper into debt. And they were serious!

    The empire going broke would fix some of what ails it. It would reintroduce consequences. As long as the money is free, there are no consequences. Or none that can’t be managed with an exclusive address and a private security detail. And there’s practically nobody who can’t be bought either, as long as the money is free.

    • The GOP is being ridiculous though (“We’ll scrap SS to help with the budget, oh no takers? Well we tried!”). It’s hard to take them at all seriously when they won’t even put any of their own sacred cows on the chopping block.

      • I wasn’t meaning to come to their defense, I just thought it was striking that the notion of going deeper into debt, with no end in sight, was portrayed unironically as “adult.” Their word, not mine.

  11. Updated Greek Rule:
    Have the Everything Bagel Liberals make their proposals while having nooses around their necks.
    Bonus Round:
    Have Congress do likewise.

  12. We may “deserve” better, but this is what we get — from a campaign email just landed from some pudgy-faced pol named “Tester” — my comments appended:

    Hey {name of person},

    Comment: Yeah, okay, I gather “Hey” was tested to be used to sound more homespun. Perhaps if this was a Brooklyn race, they would use “Hey Youse Guys” to sound authentic.

    I was back on the farm this past weekend with Sharla, and we spent the days seeding peas and pulling 16-hour days in the fields.

    Comment: Sure, this fat, surely quad-jabbed turd is conducting stoop labor “in the fields” for “16-hour days,” of that I have no doubt. The guys would cease to be living, of ‘suddenly’, and I wonder if the same staffers that cooked up “Hey,” also made sure to hyphenate “16-hour,” who can know. But very impressive, and likely in equal measure: ZERO.

    I love being a farmer. I knew I wanted to take over my family’s farm since I was eight years old. It gets my hands dirty and keeps me grounded. And reminds me why I fight so hard for Montana’s families.

    Comment: Yes, this guy is a “farmer” golly, that must mean he is not a sleazy, lying, money-grubbing (note hyphenation use that did not require a committee) POLITICIAN whore. And getting his “hands dirty” is the sign of a real man. Note, his hands are not covered in blood, although he is all in for abortion, any time, just in case the “families” of his constituents want to trim down by a member or two before they draw their first breath.

    But it also means I have a lot less time to fundraise than all of my colleagues. And trust me, I hate asking for money. I know how hard you work for every dollar—plus I’d rather spend my time out on the tractor anyway.

    Comment: Another hoot, and I don’t mean from the ‘wise old owl’ that no doubt live on Pudge’s farm. With all those “16-hour days” one just can never seem to find enough time to sniff your ass crack for lucre, I mean with picking the peas and all.

    The truth is, this race will be the most expensive Senate election in Montana’s history. Outside groups will pour upwards of $100 million into our state to distort my record and mislead voters.

    Comment: Ah, the “truth.” We have the truth in the house. Thank the Lord, we have found where the “truth” resides. This good farmer. He has been a congress-hack since 2007, but remember he is a “farmer.” Not to mention he was in state government since 1999, throw in his school board time, dating back to 1983, and this sure sounds like a POLITICIAN that got left a farm.

    All this to say, we really do need money to combat attacks like that. So, here’s the part where I ask:

    Comment: This is where the farmer does what he claims to “hate”, put his fat, chubby-fingered hand out for ‘whatever you can give’ with buttons starting at $5.00. Despite what I assume are well-educated staffers, they sneak in sentence fragments, perhaps to not sound too ‘literate’, including:

    “May is off to a way slower start than we predicted, and we’re at risk of falling short of our weekly goal. Could pitch in a split donation of any amount between my campaign and BACKROADS PAC to get us back on track? It would mean a lot to me.”

    and the close:

    “Appreciate anything you can give.:

    Signed off by:

    “— Jon”

    Comment: He didn’t go with the “Your Friend,” a specialty of the former, now ousted Sean Patrick Maloney, a Manhattan slip and-fall shyster, married gay man, carpet-bagger that slid into a town to domicile his self to office, decrying the “war on women” to defeat a WOMAN named Nan Hayworth.

    • “now ousted Sean Patrick Maloney, a Manhattan slip and-fall shyster,…. decrying the “war on women” to defeat a WOMAN named Nan Hayworth.”

      This is absolutely infuriating. The mayor of Minneapolis did the same thing. Liz Cheyne is another example. It’s very common now.

      You simply should not be able to run for any public office, to include dog catcher, if you are not from the area you are running. If it is for a city, you should have to have lived your life in that city. If it’s for a state, you should have had to spent your life in that state.

      Frankly, I don’t believe you should even have the right to vote unless you have been there your whole life.

      There is currently a brewhaha in some Michigan county with the “lake people vs the farmers,” over a leftist cause. The lake people, all from somewhere else have prevented the farmers from being allowed to put windmills on their farms. They also oppose farm equipment on roads and of course, the smells of a farm.

      The farmers have been on the land for generations and are being outvoted by invading retirees in the McMansions on the lake front. It’s an abomination.

      • Absolutely agree.We had a similar situation to the one you describe when some wealthy incomers bought property adjacent to a working sawmill in MA and then tried to get them shut down by campaigning to change zoning laws and noise ordinances.

      • Tars,

        I consider it an honor for you to respond to my post, as I read yours regularly and they are up there, high on my list of must reads. So thank you.

        Another carpet bagger in my state was Killary, and she scooped up a seat as a Senator with skullduggery, including visiting the rebbe at a hassidic enclave and getting some 5,000 votes, out of IIRC 5k, what a signal of popular support. Almost bidenesque.

        I called into a Maloney ‘town hall, and was not only able to speak to the high and mighty man his self, with no delay – but as everyone else listened in. It was HILARIOUS, I had him sputtering, like a woman. Called him out on his lack of any action when the Obamacare came through and literally red lined the state, allowing insurers to keep affluent Westchester, while dropping less richie-rich northern counties. I had called and left a message at his office – crickets. My liberal friend, a donor, got a call back.

        Same result, Maloney did squat.

        So the issue was about getting coof money from Uncle Sugar and how our heroic homosexual representative was going to go to bat for us. When I mentioned his prior lack of response, he sputtered that it was ‘not true’, but my deadpan reply, ‘sorry, that is exactly what happened’ triggered him.

        I had another buddy listening in – nothing gained but hearing ‘our congressman’ squealing was at least entertaining.

  13. When you start looking, you can really see how this constant demand for change, this revolutionary spirit, is all pervasive in our media and our governance. Go on a mainstream media site and you see it in virtually every article. Nothing can simply exist, especially not the things that actually work, function, and look nice. Those are the first things that have to go actually.

    Our educational system trains people how to be revolutionaries. Starting at a young age they learn about all manner of “firsts”, like the first personto do this-or-that, which exalts the “change” people above those who just grind out work and keep the system functioning. At a young age they’re given homework about the problems in some place and told to write about how they would fix it. This turns them into narcissists who think they can solve the world’s problems if people would just listen to them. They also get told that there is a “right side of history” and their primary purpose is to be on the right side of it. They get it ingrained that they would, for example, be the one sitting next to Rosa Parks in front of the bus. They come away thinking that the things elites say are revolutionary actions are Right and Good.

    So what happens, they end up as the oligarchs’ shock troops while thinking they are the vanguards of utopia. It’s a wonderful trick, and it has led to entire generations just seeking to tear down society and hand power to a tiny small elite.

    • Yes. The U.S. is a totalitarian, global revolutionary empire dedicated to the ideology of radical egalitarianism, expressed through feminism, homosexuality, racial “equity,” transsexualism, consumerism, and Zionism.

      It is the heir to global communism.

    • The Devil’s greatest trick is to get you to believe that he is God, and God is the Devil.

      It is also ubiquitous in corporations. The mission is to change the world – to be a disruptor. It is in churches. Heck. Silly hippy commune dictums have replaced biblical quotes in some church literature and on the walls of “Christian” relatives.

      Imagine! That confession is not even given the blink of an eye. Your highest virtue is to disrupt things. Satan is having the greatest of ball tickling jags off of that one.

      Chane-Chane-Change. That and Imagine are the songs of the revolution. To think it started with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and Ray the carpet guy’s admission that his green/sustainable business is impossible and now look at corporate America. Insane how it accelerated in 2008.

    • The emphasis on so-called “critical thinking” is a big part of this, too. Of course, one is supposed to think critically only about Western civilization’s traditions, customs and core beliefs, not about whatever inanity and insanity is being put on offer by the current maniacs. About that, you will shut up and like it, or else.

      • If administered a truth serum, “critical thinking” would call itself “conformist thinking”.

      • The point of “critical thinking” is that we use reason and logic and, by doing so, we arrive at the same place, because reality has an observable and objective truth to that can be ascertained. Obviously when you start with a post-modern lens that states there is no objective truth, then critical thinking becomes an exercise to funnel people into preapproved opinions. Even that though is verboten though, as they now say that you don’t need to think, just listen and do what their “experts” say. This is the natural result of an ideology that believes truth is the opinion of the powerful.

  14. The symbol of our courts should be a kangaroo or perhaps a portrait of Stalin. Like all of our institutions, it is corrupt to the core. At the highest level, it’s a democracy of 9.

  15. I know im in the minority here but I feel the gun issue is one I can’t fully get on board with. I admit that gun control laws can’t turn DC into Switzerland but I also think lax gun laws also won’t turn DC into Switzerland.

    I feel it’s creating a apartheid system. It’s a way for states like North Dakota and Montana to force there will on the rest of the country via our electoral apartheid system. If they want lax gun laws fine but ny and ca may not.

    Please understand that I’m not a troll but this is one of the reasons I don’t call myself a conservative even if I agree on a lot.

    • Interestingly, NY and CA -already- have the strictest gun laws in the country, and also the highest crime by a very large margin. Funny that, isn’t it? Whereas armed to the teeth ND and Montana, not so much…

      Almost makes one think maybe guns aren’t the issue? Maybe we have a n-gger problem and not a gun problem? But let’s keep writing laws all around the 800lb black elephant in the room, surely, more laws will help. We had some laws that helped once, Jim Crow, been downhill ever since.

      • Have to agree with Apex, but I didn’t downvote you, Krusty – you were just suggesting your view without being a jerk. I would also suggest, in addition, one other reason besides the color of crime: handgun deaths due to suicide. This main cause of white death is counted as gun violence. Getting rid of the despair whites feel (self-inflicted and societally imposed) and deal with the elephant in the room would go a LONG way to making our stats look like Switzerland.

        • Suicide, now committed on an increasing number of occasions as suicide-by-cop. Just another bloody layer in the globohomo lasagna.

      • Believing the gun violence problem can be solved by passing a new law is just another manifestation of the vote harder mentality

      • Ive never viewed gun control laws as about getting rid of crime. It’s more akin to cats spraying on there own territory to say it’s there own.

        Like ny passing a hardcore gun law is basically saying – “west Virginia that way.”

        Likewise if Montana wanted open carry of aks – the message would be “Seattle (or Denver) is that way”

        • Flip it around the other way, though; do you really expect Seattle, Denver, New York and Chicago to be willing to keep their hands out of North Dakota, West Virginia, Oklahoma and Tennessee????

          I don’t see that happening. It’s wholly opposed to who they are and what we do.

          Thus, we must oppose them everywhere until such time as the game changes, because they’re not going to stop.

          • oops … forgot to put Washington DC in the locale of ceaseless haters and meddlers.

      • What if we just pass a law mandating that guns be manufactured to taste like artificial grape? Then they put the guns in their mouths instead of pointing them at other people.

    • As you illustrate, it’s not a law problem. Closing Pandora’s box won’t help. See Venezuela. Unless you can come up with a scheme to confiscate most every firearm in AINO. Good luck with that. Otherwise, gun laws are about as useful as declaring gun free zones.

    • The problem here is this is only 1 issue. We’re not allowed to have sensible voting laws. We’re not allowed to protect our communities by refusing to sell or rent to certain people. Our states are not allowed to pass laws prohibiting perverts from stripping in front of children. Federalism only works if everyone is tolerant of our differences.

      Furthermore, they want to set the precedent in blue districts and then impose them on the rest of us.

      • Well that’s the thing. Part of it feels like we live in a simulation to make all sides angry at once.

        So the right wants to put Franco wannabes on the court but the left also wants state mandated veganism.

        Put it another way, if Samuel alito was spending his days in Florence, Colorado – the whole agenda 2030 system would suck but I could at least be like “at least I’m not in Alcatraz”

        But if we have to put up with these people’s bench misrule and also have to live in the pod and eat the bugs, it’s like you have the worst of both worlds

        • To be fair, the Left is far more Franco than the Right. It is the Left that wants to impose its way of life on everyone down to every toilet flush. The Right just wants to be allowed to live how it sees fit around whom it sees fit for the most part.

    • NY and CA don’t have lax gun laws though. They just don’t. They have strict laws on the books and they grandstand about new ones constantly. Look at what it takes to get a handgun license in NYC. They have strict laws about transporting guns into their states as well. The fact that lots of people amongst their favored demographics choose to ignore and break those laws with impunity does not change that fact.

      The ultimate question is why should North Dakotans and Montanans not have the right to own a gun they use responsibly because NY/CA choose to not enforce their laws because of who is committing the crimes.

    • How do rural states impose their gun control laws on NY or DC?

      The Constitution (not that it matters much these days) is what limits state gun control laws, not other states. Or are you saying that rural states block the ability to amend the Constitution?

    • “I feel it’s creating a apartheid system.”

      City/rural. America was mostly rural in 1789, so we have a 2nd Amendment. The gun grabbing laws should only apply to cities, if they’re allowed at all. Country boy needs his gun like city boy needs his street smarts.

      We have an arrangement like that in PA for carry permits iirc. Philly is a ‘city of the first class’ or something like that, so you need a permit to open carry (but I hear the cops will strongly discourage you), while you have a right to it in the rest of the Commonwealth.

      • A right to open carry, I should specify. Not a constitutional carry state, but a ‘shall issue’ state iirc (not sure if that applies to Philly, too), so the next best thing.

    • Most people are not aware that when a hispanic person is arrested for a crime they are categorized as “white.” This has been the case for some time. The true race statistics for arrests can be found but it takes a lot of research and time. So mostly it is not done.

      The statistics taken this way have the effect of diluting the actual crime race statistics. If arrests for hispanics were counted as “hispanic” then anyone could quickly see that violent crime in America is a black and hispanic thing.

    • Here is the best pro-gun argument I’ve ever read: US has maybe 40,000 victims of gun violence. Every tyrannical country murdered, in one way or the other, millions of their dissident citizens.

    • Switzerland has something like mandatory gun ownership. They have mandatory conscription/national service (for men, voluntary for women) that expires when you’re in your mid 30s. Until then you’re required to keep your firearm/rifle in your home. Maybe not the analogy you were going for. How about Vermont?

    • I don’t necessarily have a problem with Krusty’s approach. If NY or Calipornia want to hamstring their citizens, so be it. As long as they don’t export their lunacy. The problem is because the 2A is federal, no doubt an enterprising vermin would use upholding a CA or NY law as a basis to restrict rights in other states. I would also prefer a voting moratorium of five years for anyone moving from one state to another, except perhaps for Presidential election. But my preference and $5 will buy you a cup of coffee (outside CA and NY).

  16. FYI

    Of the 35 folks (and people) shot this weekend in Chicago, 12 were kilt, with a kill percentage of 34%.

    I guess practice does make perfect.

  17. “A simple way to stop this is to institute a three strikes rule. A judge who is overturned three times is removed from the bench. In a short time, this would clear the court of most left-wing judges, who are overturned on a regular basis. What would remain is judges who adhere to the point of their role. Further, judges who are removed from the bench are barred from practicing or teaching law. While banishment would be the best option, removing them from the law is good enough.”

    Be careful what you wish for. A policy like that sounds quite sensible on its face, yet given the wacky ethos of our current age, it could easily backfire. Higher courts stuffed with progressives could cause more sensible judges at the lower levels to get tossed out of the profession in droves. Designing rules that have no potential for backfiring can be a challenge.

    I’m not well-versed on Joseph de Maistre, so I don’t know exactly what he meant with his famous quote. Nevertheless, in some way, shape, or form, the people really do get the government they deserve. While it’s superficially logical (and convenient) to blame the rulers, the commoners outnumber those in power by a ridiculous magnitude. Our civilization has become the farce it is today because too many regular folks tolerated all the nonsense. We the people have to start bearing the onus of responsibility for this mess if we’re ever going to carve a way out of it.

    • The old men who enjoyed the good life for sixty years are dying without having turned a tap to stop what the Deep State has been putting into place all this time. It will be their grandsons and great-grandsons who die cleaning it up if and when civil war breaks out. Of course, with all these military-age young Chinese men streaming in, that may nip any internecine conflict in the bud. And most of these young American males do not look or act capable of loading a shotgun, let alone firing one. So maybe the worst that will happen to them is a long vacation at a Chinese labor camp. The only blessed thing about it is that Lizzo will be long gone.

      • You’ve pinpointed a major problem that virtually no one of any stripe talks about: the huge decline in masculinity just over the last half century or so. Such a diminution is bound to bite us in the ass at some point. I would argue that it has already cost us a great deal and that those costs will only increase exponentially for the foreseeable future. We’re going to have to suffer tremendously to regain our balls.

        • All of our balls are displayed in at exhibit at the Smithsonian called “Toxic Masculinity in Post-war America.”

        • Read up on the food you eat, the beverages you imbibe, the medications you take.

          There are enough additives in those to reduce sperm counts dramatically, before you get to the pussification of school and what used to be called PE. Free-range kids got exercise, learned social skills and avoided much of the modern media malaise.

          Turning that around starts in the home.

  18. The typical criticism of Libertarianism is that it cannot exist in the real world because the world does not consist solely of nerdy white guys. And this same rationale applies to today’s post. Our hosts makes two simple recommendations that could significantly enhance the functioning of our society, but there is no practical way to implement them. And so it’s like staring into the candy store window without any money in your pocket. Tantalizing but unobtainable.

    The old Soviet system could not be “fixed” either by time or reform. It took a collapse and a prolonged period of hardship to enable a rebirth and recovery. But they are now back on their feet in the span of a few decades because their fall was rapid and hard.

    Conversely, the slow road into the ditch is fraught with much more danger and uncertainty because the population never experiences sufficient hardship to motivate necessary remedies. Like a high functioning alcoholic that day-drinks for decades, the body eventually wears out before he can hit bottom and join AA.

    These are the two paths before us. Wishing for a miracle (voting harder) is just easy cop out that justifies staying on the couch with the beer and Doritos.

  19. I like the direction this is headed. I think the hordes of the disenfranchised and dispossessed would grow very quickly. You would find yourself with a tinderbox of revolutionaries and each dispossession would be a potential match.

    I think you have to introduce capital punishment and penal colonies. Any judge that even takes a case whose purpose is to abridge the Bill of Rights (violate freedom of association, right to bear arms, violate freedom of speech … …), is executed. This was the first mistake of post Anglo dominated America. Those rights and laws are not up for negotiation, so any court that takes a case that would restrict or remove those rights is committing treason through subversion.

    Those cases would not be taken and eventually never taken to court. Of course, you need a second vigilante judiciary to enforce this.

    We also need a return to harsh penalties for crime. Violent crime is punished by death, appeals are limited and expedited. Perhaps parole should be replaced with forced labor. We don’t have the money and time to jail rapists, murderers and unhinged violence – car jacking; drive by shootings … … You do a drive by? It doesn’t matter if nobody was killed. That is a deranged lunatic who will be executed by the targets of the shooting in the vicinity – ten rounds each, simultaneously unloaded into the criminal.

    Public menaces won’t drain our time and money.

    The penal colony should be used judiciously. You don’t want an isle of potential revolutionaries building up.

    Another huge contributing factor is the sinecure system. Most of these jobs are useless. It is paying upper middle class children to pretend to work and give them status. College is for the exceptional. All of the NGO and foundation and clergy who import helots become the lettuce and strawberry pickers and slaughter house cleaners as the Great Reckoning moves into its reform and punishment phase.

    Mayorkas? I can’t say here. First you identify his friends in the international community whose desires supercede the sovereignty of the American people and his buddies who need the foreign remittance fees. Then they and Mayorkas face the same fate.

    • The problem is that the judiciary that takes away these rights is encouraged (if not almost forced) to do so by the legislative and executive branches. Who wrote the Civil Rights Act, and who signed it? Who was holding the bayonets in Little Rock to enforce integration?

      Good luck getting those judges executed. The judge and the executioner are part of the same system.

    • Ah shoot
      Wrong button

      We had strange white fruit hangin from the walls of every castle, from the gallows outside the gate, from the trees on the road to that castle gate, and we got the Industrial Revolution.

      Because, bad boys get harems.
      When the results of those harems grow up, they overthrow the decent joes who spent their time making nice stuff: see the Bronze Age Collapse.

  20. I have long supported a constitutional amendment that states:

    “any person who has majored in law in college, practiced law, sat for the bar, taken the LSAT, attended law school, or even so much as swept the floor in a law office is hereby fully and permanently disqualified from all elective office everywhere in the United States and all places subject to their jurisdiction.”

    This gets the most useless and yet destructive profession out of politics completely and encourages people who have some clue how the world works to seek office.

    On the lighter side, I also support requiring all public figures to conduct interviews and statements while seated in a garrotting chair, and upon the utterance of any of a long and perpetually growing list of idiocies, buzzwords, and triggers – “-ist,” “-ism,” “-phob[ia],” “fair share,” “our democracy,” “compassion,” e.g. – a servo activates, the strap tightens, the eyes bug out, the face turns blue, and these magic words vex us no more.

    • Yes. Also, with the advances in AI, the feux aristocratic accents of: every sentence is a question? ; the gargle throat; filler words and superlative abuse (repeated use of like; actually; totally/totes literally; super* (awesome; rad; amazing; baller …) would be identified. Shock therapy and a gulag where proper grammar and an aristocratic southern accent are learned to replace University-ana.

      Won’t it be nice when white women speak in a dignified manner that is becoming of their potential and harkens back to their grandmothers who were well spoken even if they were not literate?

      I totally like have always like thought this? and ackshuawlly think soh? That would like be like, super-amayzayng? if they had an accent like Jared Taylor.

      We’re cooking up some great applications of AI here now baby!

    • The Daniel Penny case is a perfect example of how lawyers have ruined everything good in this world.

      We live in a country that continues to punish the Good Samaritan and totally disincentivize helping our neighbors. It has been this way for a long time. To be honest, this is one of the greater evils of modernity. The downhill slide is only picking up steam now, it was already on this trajectory 75 years ago.

      • Acquaintances always lament why we can’t have good public transportation in bigger US cities. The Daniel Penny case vividly illustrates the reason.

      • “…that continues to punish the Good Samaritan…”

        In spades. Corporate insurance work rules also punish experience. “No hires over 40” kind of crap. Embedded in the fabric is a constant demand for “change”.

  21. I’m considering getting a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy. They seem like my kind of dog. One thing I hear against the breed is that they become whiny and destructive if bored. They benefit from training, need vigorous physical and mental stimulation— need to be exercised and challenged, not necessarily disciplined, iow.

    Other breeds might simply be willful and aggressive, and need to be disciplined with a heavy hand, but I imagine that might break the spirit of an intelligent dog like the Pointer.

    Idk, kind of a bizarre tangent, but that’s what this essay reminds me of, lol. Thinking about dogs lately, I guess. I sort of think modernity started out as destructive boredom and turned into war. There’s a lot of willfulness and broken-spiritedness out there, whatever that might or might not have to do with it.

    I have to constantly remind myself that the war ended 30 years ago, and the fundamental problem we have today is that the dogs were set loose at home instead of being called off. No need to keep subverting and disrupting. (There, that’s a cute bow to tie it up with 😆)

  22. I vote that the flag of Whisrael incorporate the noose in its iconography. All in support, say aye. All opposed, say nay.

    • You seem remarkably calm and composed with that rope around your neck, Councilor Kozelskii.

  23. We have hundreds of federal legislators, 50 times a hundred state legislators, we have city legislators – all working full time to legislate, to write new laws. Hundreds of Bureaucrats writing regulations incessantly . Small wonder we have so many laws, yet not a single noose.

    Hope & Change. Hopeless & Change, more like it. Each new law & regulation is like a noose around our neck and less and less freedom.

  24. I’m reminded of the one-liner that circulated during the 2008 campaign about how you couldn’t even run an election these days without getting hassled by a black man asking for change.

    Anyhow, we need fewer Obamas and more of the likes of Havelock Vetinari. “Si non confectus, non reficiat” is a fine motto, and we’ve been tormented more than enough by loopy utopians. The perfect really is the worst enemy of the “good enough”, and we need leaders who are solidly on the side of the “good enough”. As H.L. Mencken once said of Calvin Coolidge: “We suffer most, not when the White House is a peaceful dormitory, but when it is a jitney Mars Hill, with a tin-pot Paul bawling from the roof. Discounting Harding as a cipher, Coolidge was preceded by one World Saver and followed by two more. What enlightened American, having to choose between any of them and another Coolidge, would hesitate for an instant?”

  25. I don’t think the people, on average, are more moral than their rulers. If anything less moral. If you randomly selected people to be in Congress for single terms by their social security numbers, the only thing that would make their governing more moral is that they wouldn’t have had the time to find all the levers and buttons in the job to get what they want. Their only limitation would be their ignorance of wielding power and lack of connections. Why do people hate the DMV? It’s not just the service, in the words of some French existentialist “hell is other people.”

    If anything, “our democracy” gives us a new elite altogether. An inverted elite that takes its cue from the alley cat like morals of the common person. I have no pity for the lowest rungs of society as a group or mass, you can only pity the individuals within that lumpen mass who try to better themselves and find a way out of it. They would be the exception to the rule.

    Maxine Waters, in her fake- ass wig, knows exactly who her constituents are. She knows what they want. She attempts to give it to them. If I had a choice, with a gun to my head, to hand Maxine Waters my wallet to have for a week, or her average constituent in Inglewood, I would still choose Maxine Waters. Although I’m sure the cash would be long gone in either case.

    • I agree. And this returns us to Maistre’s statement that nations get the government they deserve. Perhaps Z is correct that Maistre was limiting his critique to the elite class. For my money, however, I think the statement is intended universally, temporally and spatially. I believe Maistre meant that all governments, at root, are expressions of the people who are ruled by them.

      If I interpret Maistre correctly, then his statement applies perfectly to AINO. To wit, who can really say which group is more worthy of contempt, the elites or the masses? The fact of the matter is, the idiotic, immoral masses have gotten the elite and government they deserve. Timw’anika and ShaqSlay’vion deserve Maxine Waters, just as Aiden and Kaylee deserve Nikki Haley.

      • I totally agree. And the sad thing is, no one should be rooting against the masses. They are what they are. They need to be told how to live and how to behave by a responsible elite. But in the situation of democracy, I can walk around a mall, which thanks to Amazon Prime, is now close to never, and actively root against the people around me and hope bad things happen to them. It makes all of our souls darker as we attempt to live around them, which is why, I believe, the most morally developed people in the USSR moved so far into the woods that they didn’t even know what was happening. I fantasize more every day about my own compound I will one day buy, with no trespassing signs around it. It’s what keeps me going. I’ve promised myself that whatever I’m doing on my 50th birthday I will quit.

    • ‘Why do people hate the DMV? It’s not just the service, in the words of some French existentialist “hell is other people.”’

      Was thinking along these lines this morning. Based on my preceding seven decades, I would not want to spend eternity with the majority of humans living here. Or even the next ten minutes.

      I see now that a large number of folks are gonna make my life miserable or impossible no matter how ‘enlightened’ they become, so all I want is to be rid of them and not real picky how.

      Now, I am solitary by nature and so somewhat biased. But my King said not many folks will make the cut for the level-up, and having hung around this planet for a while, I see why.

  26. “These small, common-sense changes are not a panacea, but what they would do is reintroduce the idea of a limiting principle. The current civic religion starts with the assumption that anything is possible.”

    I agree with Z’s sentiment here, but his argument is faulty. We already have, and have had for 235 years, a “limiting principle” — the Constitution of the United States.

    The problem, of course, is that the Constitution reflected the “civic religion” of the white, male, English-speaking founders of the 18th century. It does not reflect the civic religion of the Jewish, queer, female, nonwhite, and white urban bugman elite of the 21st century, so they simply ignore it or come up with legal sophisms to get around it — even the plain text in black and white (i.e., “the right to the people, to Keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”)

    As Andrew Breitbart said, ” politics is downstream from culture.” If the culture regards language, tradition, ethnicity, traditional sexual values, and limited government as sacrosanct, no limiting principle is necessary.

    If the culture regards anal sex, transsexualism, abortion, immigration, feminism, and redistribution of wealth as sacrosanct, then no limiting principle is possible.

    • Breitbart was partially correct. Politics is downstream from culture. But culture is downstream from biology.

      Both the Left and the Right believe that people are malleable lumps of clay to be formed into whatever culture decides is correct. They are wrong.

      Sure, environment matters to some degree, but you can only impose a foreign culture on other peoples for so long.

    • Human being have never been constrained by words on a page or words chiseled into stone. Humans are only constrained by a moral code ruthlessly enforced. All grandeur, all power, all subordination to authority rests on the executioner: he is the horror and the bond of human association. Remove this incomprehensible agent from the world and at that very moment order gives way to chaos, thrones topple and society disappears.

      • But the executioner is still around. That Marine in NYC will go to prison for decades. Chauvin will spend the rest of his life in prison. The J6 protesters will rot in prison.

        The moral code of our rulers is being ruthlessly enforced.

        • This is exactly why I say this society is not crumbling – it is morphing. I see none of the breakdown that leads to true chaos. Those things that are labeled “chaotic” (e.g. diversity, rioting, inner-city lawlessness, migration) are exactly what our overlords want. The fact that we can articulate Jim Snow laws illustrates that there is a moral code that exists and is clearly being implemented. Was anyone surprised at the white guy being charged? Was anyone surprised by the ranch owner charged will killing a few migrants? The rule is clear and is clearly enforced – the opposite of chaos. And the executioner is only becoming more powerful.

          • There is a very plain message in the Marine’s arrest: Do not interfere with the chaos under any circumstances.

            Meanwhile, in private, the elites are asking, “How did we miss getting him zombied out on Ritalin?”

            My heart breaks for that young man and his family, who must be beside themselves.

  27. I keep coming back to the people. No matter how well designed, a system is always vulnerable to being misused. In the end, rules are just words on a piece of paper.

    A group of white, gentile men will create a system that fits them and will stick by those rules without much enforcement. But throw in the usual suspects or blacks or Mestizos and no amount of rules will save the system.

    Systems are simply a reflection of the biological nature of those in charge. It’s the biology that matters, not the rules.

  28. Joseph de Maistre famously said, “Every country has the government it deserves”,

    He also famously said that the true guarantors of public order were the pope, the king, and the hangman’s noose, with which today’s offering seems to agree.

    There really is no need to get too philosophical about all this. The root of most of the problems faced by Western society is simply the fact that the consequences for bad behavior have been endlessly deferred by money-printing, by socializing losses, and by imposing upon the patience of the productive. Once this stops, the rest of it stops, too.

    The single largest job description in America today is “professional welfare state beneficiary.” The fact that all the grifts are still running is a testament to how much further we still have to fall before things start shaking apart, but it is also an encouraging sign that there s still a lot of health in the system that will spring back up once we free it from the parasites.

  29. Or, they could just enforce the frickin’ laws that are already on the books!

    Almost every time it’s “Jonquarius Jones, arrested 43 times and out on cashless bail for a recent assault, is the suspect in the last night’s deadly shooting at a bodega in the Bronx…..”

    So I would just add to Zman’s prescription the idea that we flog any legislator proposing a change that could be dealt with by enforcing existing laws.

    • The two are intertwined. Jonquarius Is considered a “product” of his environment. He is considered without agency and therefore guilt. We should not imprison the innocent, rather we should change the environment that produced a Jonquarius. So it goes in bizarro world.

    • The problem is that enforcing the White man’s law against Jonquarius is essentially cultural imperialism and an act of force. It forces him to comply with a culture he does not belong to, does not accept, and does not want. As long as the White man was in charge, this was acceptable because, hey, it’s his society, and keeping Jonquarius on the straight and narrow is ultimately good for everyone including Jonquarius. But we don’t live in that world anymore. This was made explicit in 2020. Jonquarius should be able to do whatever he wants and putting any bounds on his behavior is racist and unacceptable. Ultimately the White man’s job is to give him what he wants, clean up after him, and try not to get killed. Or do get killed, who cares, the system hates him and wants him dead.

      • Quite so, Jonquarious’s cousins blowing each other away in da hood are enforcing the laws, the only laws they understand and agree with; the laws of their kind.

        • A Glock held sideways is the black version of a legislator’s noose.

          See? No change in their societies: it works.

  30. I’ll stipulate that I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I read over the weekend that if the Debt Ceiling isn’t raised, SS payments would stop.

    I was under the impression that SS or FICO was still deducted from paychecks. Did I miss something?

    Also, there’s much hemming and hawing regarding giving Illegal Aliens SS benefits.
    How is that possible if they don’t have the requisite number of “quarters” paid in.

    Asking for a friend.

    • Social Security payments won’t be touched. The govt can find money in lots of places. At worse, they’ll furlough “non-essential” workers and use that money. Those workers, btw, will get paid for the days off down the road.

      As to illegal aliens getting SS, I have no idea, but it wouldn’t surprise me. The rules are whatever our rulers say they are.

      • I believe that’s correct, but also remember that past closures (and faux threats of SSI stoppage) were the result of not passing a budget rather than raising spending (debt) limits. In those cases, Congress exempted SSI and—in theory—at those times SSI was solvent.

        Today SSI cashes in Treasuries to meet a 20-25% or so shortfall. So yes, 75% of their funds renew every month, but the other 25%? That would entail the Fed’s paying off on SSI Treasury notes and then selling more notes to cover the payoff as we are as a nation, bankrupt.

        The above, plus the new political dynamics would not rule out default on SSI payments (IMHO). The old saw that SSI was the “third rail” of politics may not hold today with the crazies in Congress.

        Hell, even under Obama there was a pettiness that was notable in these debt/budget wars. Remember when the government “stopped” for 6 weeks and nothing happened that the public noticed or cared about? Obama made it a special point to fence off (deny access) to Federal parks—even though there was no reason to deny unsupervised walk through access. Some of the people denied were aging vet’s visiting the war memorials in DC on their Angel flights.

        • It’s very simple. The Fed hits “Print”, and voila!!! Social Security checks.

          We are over 30 trillion dollars in debt. The term “debt ceiling” is an insult to our intelligence. Like COVID, “debt ceiling” is used to scare the sheep (this time, into thinking a check won’t come) and the resulting political outcry provides cover for the shenanigans. Same as it ever was.

        • I fondly recall hopping a barricade with my wife at Great Smokies NP! We weren’t the only ones either.

    • If we had an opposition party the debt ceiling would only be raised when the Border was secured. Of course we have no opposition party.

      • The point however is that all these “spats” have resulted in a (faux) government shutdown and polls show the Rep’s always receive the brunt of public blame for any perceived inconvenience/hardship. Once burned….

    • Bartleby the Scrivner: Check out Supplemental Social Security. No ‘quarters” paid in, no work or prior residence in the US, no ‘murrican heritage required. Next time you’re at the bank, in the grocery store, or on the road, look over at Ling Ling and Vivek’s decrepit parents with their modern US walkers and BMWs and know who you are working for.

      Way back when I did my time in visa hell, part of the law on the books actually covered restricting issuance to the old and impoverished, if you knew how to use it. Now every diseased, ancient, third-world wreck gets a visa. Hard to tell who costs us more, them or their innumerable grandchildren.

    • Re: The debt ceiling. I notice they never threaten to stop funding the proxy war in Ukraine; or sending our tax dollars to Israel; or stop putting border jumpers up in four-star hotels. Nope. It’s always something that benefits working- and middle- class Americans. So they threaten Granny. I used to believe I could not despise these people more. Then I discover that, yes, I can!

    • How? Why, direct transfer, of course.
      Since that might causea bit of a fuss, we’ll just give them the equivalent in assets: roads, hospitals, rooms, stipends, electricity and cellular service for their free sail foams, etc. etc. etc

    • The debt ceiling trick has been going on since the 1970s. Go look it up and you’ll find the usual suspects repeating the sky is falling narrative. It’s a purposefully designed scapegoat.

  31. Sadly, the “three strikes” rule on judges would only result in no judge ever getting overturned. The traditional “professions” — Medicine, Law — are just medieval craft guilds, and as such, protecting their members is job #1. Also job #2, and job #402, and so one. “Insuring uniformly high-quality output” doesn’t even break the top 500. I’ve seen it happen — the lawyer who is a scathing critic of all those morons on the bench gets a black robe himself, and all of a sudden those useless corrupt bums are his bosom buddies.

    Aside from the “only propose changes with a noose around your neck” rule, the only other thing we need to steal from the Greeks is “public sector jobs determined by lot.” As terrifying as it is to think that your case will be decided by Sasqueetchia, newly hauled in from the nearest hair and nail salon, that’s the best way I can think of to make damn sure the law is as simple and clear as possible. (Either that, or it’s a great argument that certain folks who don’t pack the mental gear to be effective citizens shouldn’t BE citizens, but that’s a win-win).

    • Hammurabi’s chiseled law pillar was very concise. Even if no one, and certainly not the local warlord, could read the cuneiform, they could watch the scribe from the local temple moving his lips in the utterance of more or less familiar and therefore reasonable bits of speech. This procedure left everyone time to get on with other things during the day.

    • I’d like to see a “three strikes” law against cops — three arrests ending in acquittals, and you’re done. Better yet, make cops carry personal liability insurance instead of having qualified immunity. bad cop? You get your insurance canceled.

      Of course that would just result in more cops planting evidence than we already have.

      In any event it’s a pipe dream, cops are agents of the Hobbesian sovereign, they will never be heal accountable for anything the sovereign does not want to hold them accountable for.

      • The problem is that in the enforcement of law (aside from outright chicanery you note) one makes mistakes. Hence the “There go I for the Grace of God” group mentality of LEO’s. If there was a three strikes rule, there would be no cops after a couple years. 😉

        • “If there was a three strikes rule, there would be no cops after a couple years.”

          Might not be a bad thing. There weren’t any in 1789.

      • The trouble with your “three strikes” solution is that it is beyond a policeman’s control whether a not guilty verdict is rendered. Incompetent DAs get not guilty verdicts. Does the officer get fired for that? What about a cop in a Soros DA district where a prosecutor is only halfway trying to get a conviction? Does that officer get the old heave-ho after three commies get ahold of his cases and lose them? Not guilty verdicts get rendered all the time by blue juries in cities in red states. So we fire the MAGA cop?

        There are good cops and there are dirty cops, just as there are good plumbers and bad plumbers, doctors who take the Hippocratic oath seriously and those who don’t, generals who want to turn this country woke and those who don’t, and sleazy lawyers who steal from their clients and those who don’t. Generally speaking, this wholesale smearing of professions that I see so often in comment sections is not justified. Especially now, many wives of good cops spend the day wondering if their husbands will end the shift in a body bag. If nothing else, they deserve some respect, acknowledgment, and thanks for what they go through as their loved ones try to protect ordinary citizens from the thugs and insane that clutter our streets by the government’s design.

      • Realistically, with a three strikes rule, what you will get is cops enforcing only against safe targets. Which, in the current climate, means White males.

        • The parolee yesterday agrees.
          He just got out, was asking for a smoke or a ride, he agreed emphatically that the cops sit their shift out and just go after the easy ones.

  32. As you pointed out on Sunday, even normie can’t help but notice, and has given up (some) stupid belief in the system. You see it in that meme: “The FBI has investigated the FBI and cleared the FBI of all wrongdoing.” I can remember in the 90s where people thought “Clarice Starling” when you said “FBI.” Those days are long gone.

    You can’t fix a broken system by recourse to a broken system. Putting non-breakers in the system might do some good, but the system selects for breakers. Ergo, the system is the problem. Trump’s obviously a much bigger fish than the subway marine who pacified Jordan Neely, but still I think this will be the case that will probably swell the Amren rolls if the breakers get their way. The breakers almost got their way with the Rittenhouse trial, but there was still a last bit of residual social capital and sanity left to be squeezed out of the system.

    Of course, from an accelerationist point of view, we need the clarifying moments. Some people are so thick-headed they need to see the breakers in the act of breaking to believe it. It’s like your neighbor saying he hates his wife. You laugh until one day you see her at the grocery store with a black eye. I’m personally happy Rittenhouse didn’t swing, but revolutions need martyrs, even seventeen year-old ones. Irish independence wasn’t seriously being considered in the 20th century until the Easter Rising hangings. Maybe if the J-6 protestors’ lifeless rotting bodies were hanging from the beams of the Douglas Memorial Bridge in D.C. normies would stop showing up for stupid performative protests and start thinking locally and seriously.

    • joey jünger: Rittenhouse may have escaped criminal penalties, but his life has been unalterably changed nonetheless. I think the naive child who went out armed to clean up graffiti has learned quite a bit about the true nature and goals of those who continue to attack him. He will never be able to attend college or get a job or live a normal life without some activist or media whore alerting the waiting mob. They will hound him until his death.

      This is why merely disbarring judges and lawyers is insufficient. Like other culture critiquers, they will never stop – they are incapable of stopping themselves, so they must be stopped – permanently – by others. Banishment or death is the only way.

      • I came to this conclusion reluctantly a few years ago. There is no political or legal solution.

        At some point it will be war or slavery.

      • I’ve always promoted the two best punishments: exile and Execution. I still do.

    • I’m personally happy Rittenhouse didn’t swing, but revolutions need martyrs, even seventeen year-old ones.

      Yes. We have a tendency to forget that the Tree of Liberty doesn’t live on tyrants’ blood alone. Rittenhouse would’ve made the ideal martyr, he was a total boy scout.

      • This is an interesting point being discussed here. This is 4G information warfare. Perhaps the martyrs won’t swing from trees this time – for now. So, his story needs to be told in short form video and passed around. The Left did this for years. Making documentaries to gin up pity or hatred of poor whites and southerners, (think Errol Morris).

        He martyrdom and his story, while real, needs to be produced. We are very practical and think in terms of the real world. The Left did propaganda to make delusions the reality in people’s minds. We need to do propaganda to insert truth that pierces the delusions and/or frustrations in the minds of dissidents.

      • There are plenty of martyrs — Chauvin, the McMichaels, just to name three in a long list. The problem is Whites don’t burn cities down over their martyrs, anymore.

        • But none of them with the same star quality as Rittenhouse. Chauvin was a cop, the McMichaels were rednecks.

          Rittenhouse even had the babyface to go with all his do-goodery.

          • Not to mention Rittenhouse’s outrageous trigger skills and fire discipline, of course.

            Fighting your way out of an Antifa-mob howling for your blood, doesn’t have quite the same optics as having a guy OD on you during an arrest, or a jogger suiciding by yanking the barrel of your shotgun.

          • I’m sure there is always some very good reason why the current martyr isn’t worth rioting over. That’s what I said.

          • Our opponents riot over violent, drug-addicted mentally deranged career criminals. But the McMichaels aren’t up-scale enough for the right.

            Just keep losing.

    • My 70 year old cousin refuses to see.He just buys more ammo and talks about Trump coming back to kick ass. What can you do?

  33. Further, judges who are removed from the bench are barred from practicing or teaching law.

    Or running for office, or holding appointed government positions.

    • Or eating in public in peace. “Get up in they faces,” as Maxine Waters so eloquently put it. “Capsize their Guam” to paraphrase the esteemed Hank Johnson.

          • “We’ve just been informed that all the Guam exiles are dead.”

            “What happened?”

            “It tipped over.”

            “But that’s imposs–”

            “It. Tipped. Over.”

            “I see.”

  34. Great reform proposals! I would support every one and so would a lot of other people. Not gonna happen though, sigh.

  35. “Four-fifths of all our troubles would disappear if we would only sit down and keep still.” — Calvin Coolidge

    The progressive zeitgeist always requires reform to be marching forward, even if doing nothing would be better for all concerned. I’d willingly pay lawmakers to do nothing instead of these “reforms.”

    I like Z’s suggestions. I’d also add that states with bicameral legislatures should have their Senate appointed by county leaders of their districts rather than popularly elected.

  36. ‘’The elite get the government they deserve and they take the people with them, even if the people deserve better‘’
    Or as Mencken said, they deserve to get it good and hard.

    The U.S. in particular has always been about change, or progressivism especially influenced by the Enlightenment ideology. War and change on all sides politically has been our history and motivation. Now it’s change for change sake.

    Why? I mean a simple question to ask putting aside all the lofty rhetoric and supposed goals. No one can really answer given the results and culture we have now. You have the liberal party with their deformed woke offspring on one side and the other is the Washington Generals and their griller followers.

    All heading into.the abyss. Let’s get this over with.

    • “Why? I mean a simple question to ask putting aside all the lofty rhetoric and supposed goals. No one can really answer given the results and culture we have now.”

      Our elites hate and fear traditional whites and they have mobilized their media to dispossess and demoralize those whites.

      There is also the possibility that the elites are genetically more sexually perverse than whites and are making our country more comfortable for themselves. I am told that there are studies that show that our elites have higher sexual perversion and lower sexual dimorphism than whites. For example, these elites pioneered transsexual surgery in Weimar Germany.

      • Tangentially, I note that Sports Illustrated’s latest swimsuit edition cover model is…………………………….Martha Stewart, aged 81. What we have here–and this is just the latest example–is the attempt to blur distinctions between normality and depravity. Prefer pulling your goalie to the image of an octagenarian business gal to that of a 20-something supermodel? Well you go, boy! Nothing is forbidden. Well, nothing but the panoply of isms (one being ageism) and phobias. Those are right out.

        • Count your blessings, Ostei. At least it wasn’t Lizzo.
          Or Dylan Mulvaney.

          I would refer everyone back to your insightful recent comment on the hierarchy of beauty, and how the cultural Marxists are attempting to obliterate it.

          • I’ll admit that ol’ Martha is a pretty well preserved bird, but c’mon! It’s not that she’s terribly hard on the eyes, but in the list of top candidates for that shoot, Martha doesn’t make the top million. Clearly, this is a case of the elite fruitcakes getting their jollies by rubbing the normal man’s face in it. Whenever they throw a fat, sassy mammy at us, it’s clearly a case of subverting the aesthetic hierarchy.

  37. I do like those common sense judicial and legislative solutions to the current insanity, though as mentioned, they’re not ideal. I think at some point the rope factories will be running 24/7/365 for a year or two…

  38. WRT gun laws, only legislators who actually own guns should be allowed to vote on laws regulating guns. Remember what feminists say about abortion, only those with a uterus should be allowed to vote on the issue.

    • I agree, but they would find ways around the gun voting laws. Diane Fienstein had a concealed weapon permit for a very long time. She got it after Harvey Milk and the mayor of SF were killed.

      • Exactly. Every Pol would have a gun—if they don’t have one already—then vote on laws which restrict such possession and use for everyone else. A small example is the somewhat recent act to allow national carry for retired LEO’s, but not for non-LEO’s. Why?

        The act requires yearly proficiency testing according to each States’ LEO training laws and then one is no longer subject to local and State regulations, but to Fed regulations for carry—which over-ride all State and local firearms laws, and of course the Fed’s carry wherever and whenever (think FBI or DEA).

        There is no reason why the American people—90% + who have clean records—should not do the same as any retired LEO.

    • Most of the feminists using that line were lesbians

      A few years back I walked past a feminist/lesbian Pro abortion protest outside the Irish Parliament, they were chanting about crisis pregnancy, they were the one group of women who never have to worry about any kind of pregnancy, or even birth control, totally unfuckable

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