Radicalizing Ron

Memorial Day is a little more than a week away and it is both the unofficial start of summer and the start of the presidential campaign season. Look for Mike Pence and Ron DeSantis to make it official with a kick-off event over the long weekend. Tim Scott may also jump into the race, as he set up an exploratory committee in April, which usually precedes an official announcement. That will bring the field to nine on the Republican side and two on the Democratic side.

In theory, when you run for office, you are running on a platform that you think makes you the best man for the job. In reality, the first step is to run for the nomination, which revolves around being the best chance to win the general election. You may have a great plan for the office, but if you have no chance to win the general election, the voters are not going to support you in the primary. This is why Vivek Ramaswamy will be this cycle’s Andrew Yang.

Normally, the out of office party has a scramble in their primary, where the candidates make their case for being the nominee. It is one part personality contest and one part argument for beating the incumbent. In the case of the Republicans, this would normally mean who offers the best shot to beat Biden. If it is an open seat where both parties are seeking a fresh face, then the primaries tend to devolve into who has the most institutional support in their respective party.

This is what made the 2016 presidential election so rare. Both parties should have had a scramble, but the Democrats rigged their primary in favor of Clinton. The Republicans were ready to rig their primary for Jeb Bush. That way the party insiders could relive the 1990’s with a Bush – Clinton rubber match. Trump wrecked that for the Republicans by changing the calculus of the primary. He made the race into a no confidence vote for the party and the political establishment.

Fast forward to the upcoming Republican primary and the party has the same problem plus additional problems. The base of the party is still very salty with regards to the party leadership and the political establishment. That turned up in the midterm where turnout was tepid in many races. Last week the Republicans lost a sure thing election in Colorado to a random African. They just lost the Jacksonville Florida mayor’s race, despite having huge advantage in money.

Of course, Trump is even more of a middle-finger to the system now than he was in 2016, which strengthens his appeal to disaffected primary voters. The people the voters hate have been waging jihad against Trump since he left office. No one talks about what he did or did not do in office, because the media is full of threats and warnings about Trump and the people who support him. When Biden warned about white supremacy the other day, every Trump voter got the message.

That is the new element to this cycle. Donald Trump is a rich man who could retire from politics and enjoy himself. He could spend his time doing what he truly loves, which is real estate schemes. Whatever you think about the man, he is really good at real estate schemes, and he has a passion for it. Instead, he chooses to be a martyr in a political fight against the full force of the regime. The sorts of people who keep the country going are naturally sympathetic to what Trump is doing.

This is why none of the other options in the Republican primary have a chance to win the nomination, barring extraordinary events. Dreary dullards like Asa Hutchinson, Nikki Haley and Mike Pence can operate only as avatars for what Trump the political symbol represents, which is a rejection of the establishment. The party would be better served by putting cardboard cutouts of various party hacks on stage. Trump making fun of a silhouette of Mitch McConnell would make good television.

Interestingly, the one candidate who seems to understand what is going to happen is Vivek Ramaswamy, who avoids talking about Trump. He has a lot of money which is how he buys his way onto Fox News interviews. In those appearances, he is careful to avoid the Trump issue. Instead, he repeats Trump issues and makes an entertaining complaint against the system. Again, he has no chance, but he seems to get the problem the GOP field is facing.

This is the problem DeSantis faces. He is the only plausible alternative to Trump, but if he attacks Trump, he will sound like the establishment sissies and media rage heads who have been attacking Trump for close to a decade. On the other hand, his path to victory is to argue that he has a better chance of winning the general election than Trump and that is going to require a direct comparison between himself as a candidate and Trump as the well-known public figure.

One clue as to how Team DeSantis is going to try and square that circle is by staking out positions to the right of Trump on things like immigration. He just signed a bill enforcing the states labor laws with regards to migrant workers. The new law requires employers to use E-Verify when hiring. This is something that sets DeSantis apart from the party establishment, but it also puts him to the right of Trump, who keeps doing the legal versus illegal immigration thing.

This is just one issue. DeSantis has already made himself a champion of children with his tough stance on the groomer issue. He has come under fire from the degenerate community over this stuff, with the libertarians leading the charge against his policies toward the Disney corporation. As a political matter, if you have the rainbow warriors and the libertarians attacking you, then you will get a fair hearing from the sorts of people who vote in Republican primaries.

This may be why the regime is worried about DeSantis. His only path to victory is to move the Overton window away from where the regime wants it. Inevitably, Trump will seek to outflank DeSantis on these issues. Imagine Trump taking on the trannies and you can see why Washington is worried. Throw in the opportunistic and entertaining Ramaswamy and the gap between the Cloud People and the Dirt People could become an impossible to ignore chasm by 2024.

That may be the ironic twist to the effort to stop Trump. Ron DeSantis is supposed to be Trumpism without Trump, but in the end, he may be a radicalizing agent that shifts the party base further toward a revolt against the regime. In order to avoid being called Neocon Ron, DeSantis will have to be Radical Ron and in so doing he will help legitimize a radical rejection of regime morality. Opposing the regime moves from instinctive reaction to a radical imperative.

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183 thoughts on “Radicalizing Ron

  1. The more they “radicalize Ron” the more voters (if there is such a thing any more) will see that he’s the latest incarnation of Promises, Promises, Republicans.

    The more he poses and preens the more you realize we’ve heard this baloney from the Bush wing of the party for decades. They don’t mean a word of it.

    We have actual data now to show how much better things were under Trump. His CNN interview should scare the hell out of the grifters in the political class. They are all unnecessary. Nonessential. Useless. They already poured millions into DeSantis to see him limp along like a fatter version of Jeb Bush.

    Burn it all down.

  2. Interesting and insightful essay. Greetings from Florence, Italy, where the status quo of grindingly incompetent socialist bureaucracy may be ever so slightly displaced by the emergence of that unexpected variant, Giorgia Meloni….

  3. None of this matters until mail in ballots are addressed. My entire county had private trump parades with people in costume and trucks flying banners, some houses covered in expensive billboards and flags, but thanks to record “turn out” from the third world Barbarian part of town where someone is killed every week, we apparently voted for Biden.

  4. The system expires with Biden’s last breath. No bench, no election puts Humpty Dumpty back together.

    At the price of geriatrics getting rid of an obnoxious party crasher they burnt down their own house.

    Just to Fed Poast, Biden’s expiration will you’ll see be M day. It will just happen, and the roads from DC will be jammed before he’s in the ground.

  5. If you read the FT, People Magazine for Davos, you can see interesting signals. The Hindu version of Al Sharpton, Janan Ganesh, wrote a piece basically saying the peasants are revolting and its time to krush the kulaks. He went full Pol Pot and you never go full Pol Pot. He can taste blood so bad he is beside himself. I’ve seen other things in the media like that. And Biden gave another “dirt people = yatzees” speech.

    My guess is that the Elites really feel the need to crush and humiliate the dirts. Who got just too uppity. Neither Trump nor DeSantis are going to survive that, and neither will RFK Jr. The Elites will crush all three for the feelz and to make a point to the Dirts. Sadism is a big part of what makes an Elite, and they really enjoy other people’s suffering. It makes them hard to understand for us not having that in our people, but once you pencil them into the role Tommy Lee Jones played in “Under Siege” (or Gary Busey) you have a mental model of how they operate. They really are that deranged.

    The politics of someone like DeSantis (or Trump for that matter) are entirely the result of the Elites going full Pol Pot. Tucker Carlson should be the most ardent defender of the Elites, as he is one, as are Trump and DeSantis (Wharton and Yale respectively), but he does not want to commit Revolutionary Suicide and drink the Kool-Aide. Neither does Musk*, nor I think Bezos, and both are beginning to see they bought a one-way ticket to Jonestown.

    There is that, and balanced against it is that even H&K goes full feminist in their Twitter account (feminist marketing shrew defends Miller Beer), and Ford is pushing their Raptor trucks as Rainbow Gay Pride.

    *If you are wondering about Musk, he backed Biden, voted for him, and donated money to Biden. In turn, he got a bunch of subsidies. Which Biden has since yanked and sicced the Labor Department on Musk as the UAW demands that Tesla be either Unionized completely or destroyed. As they are the only US Manufacturer that can make money on electric vehicles, and electric vehicles take FAR less workers to assemble. Biden typically reneged on the deal and is trying to crush Tesla. Hence Twitter, the Twitter Files, and other things. Musk is NOT untouchable, but he’s the only thing we have in the US that can launch lots of satellites at a sustainable pace. Not the Air Force, not NASA, not Blue Origin, etc. can do that. Six front wars can get complicated: 1. Against Dirts/White people, 2. Against the Industrial/Energy system, 3. Against Russia, 4. Against China, 5. Against dissenting oligarchs like Musk, 6. Against various Third World nations friendly to Russia like South Africa or Brazil or Turkey.

    • They’re going to have to nationalize the auto industry to make electric cars as widespread as they claim to want. No biggie, they’ve already done that a couple of times before.

    • The Regime is at war with anyone who disagrees with it, and “it” changes hourly. Most of what the Regime does is ad hoc, and we need to avoid the trap of thinking it is rational and the result of some master plan.

      Long term the Regime fails. The problem is it may attempt some retarded outright genocide or get everyone nuked. It is simultaneously stupid and insane, which is a very deadly combination.

      And, yes, it is very feminine, which makes it all the more psychotic.

      Focus on food , water and shelter because the immediate concern is short-term survival, which will be the hardest part.

  6. my view on politics is sort of personal. Like I like the guys of NJP because I find them much more easy to get along with even if they are more “extreme” than DeSantis and his brand of conservatism.

    But I feel that politics is sort of a two axis thing. It’s not economic on one hand and cultural on the other but between how liberal or conservative you are and how seriously you take yourself. Like one extreme of the far right would be Ted Cruz and on one end would be Alex Jones or Dave Smith. On on end of the far left would be Elizabeth Warren and on the other end would be the Jill Stein/Jimmy Dore types.

    DeSantis to me is just the latest in a long line of truecons that goes back to at least the goldwater era if not earlier. The YAF, Goldwater types became the Heritage Foundation and the 76 Reagan campaign in the 70s which became the Council for National Policy when Reagan became president which became the Cruz campaign in 2016 in addition to this network of people: https://www.exposetheenemy.com/networks#McMasterPurgeNetwork

  7. There are three Democrats running, not two: Grandpa Perv, RFK Jr, and Marianne Williamson. Only RFK Jr has a chance to inflict some pain on Biden though.

    I don’t for the life of me understand why Trump doesn’t cut a deal with DeSantis, anointing him as VP. Trump serves out his final four, DeSantis moves in for a possible eight.

    • The answer might be that DeSantis won’t accept such a deal. Politically he has the wind at his back; he doesn’t need Trump as much as Trump needs him; he’s not an old man in a hurry. To go down in flames in November 2024 as “Trump’s lackey” would doom any prospect for DeSantis in 2028 (as dim as that prospect is, for any GOP candidate).

      • After Trump wins the nomination, which he will. Then you’ll see Trump offering DeSantis the VP slot.
        Trump / DeSantis is the only way the Republicans party can beat the democrats.
        Trump brings all things Trump, DeSantis brings the typical Republican milquetoast persona with legitimate policy wins in Florida.
        Trumps the salesman, DeSantis is the hard policy wonk.

  8. Enough with the GOP already! they will be crushed by the dominion voting machines in 2024. Support RFK jr, they will rig it against him bit hopefully with enough support we could keep him in front of the cameras talking about things NEITHER party wants to see the light of day!

    • The voting machines only logged erratic data because of the mail in ballot effect. Even cnn reported on mail in ballot scams in 2012. It may not even be illegal to blanket your stronghold with them, but such a high percentage are meddled with, fraud is inevitable. Unless we hear that Elon musk and Peter thiel go head to head with zuckerberg and Bloomberg in the battle of direct mail, we can expect the the Bergs to spend close to a billion on mail in ballots in blak communities in swing states. Even left wing cesspool Reddit was gushing over the amazing turnout rate of blaks in swing states for Joe Biden. These brothers don’t even turn out for their children’s birth. “90% turn out rate guys! Way to go black people!”

  9. I wouldn’t make too much of the Colorado Springs race for two reasons. First, most mayoral elections in Colorado are non-partisan and they take place in odd election cycles, so turnout is abysmal.

    Second, the Colorado election system has been completely compromised since they went to 100% mail-in voting, coupled with automatic registration and motor voter registration. Every applicant for a Colorado Drivers License (or Identification Card) is automatically registered to vote at the DMV, unless they affirmatively opt out of registration. Once registered, a ballot is automatically printed and sent to the address given the DMV. The Democratic party has a massive ballot harvesting program in place in the front range area, which is part of why Colorado has gone from deep read to hard blue in 30 years time. Also, Colorado never cleans its voter roles. I left in 2017 and informed Colorado that I was no longer a resident. I still get a ballot every election cycle, as do my grown children who have not lived in Colorado for years.

    I recently received an online mailing for candidates for a local water board election in Colorado. If you want to see how easy it is to vote illegally in Colorado, just click on the following link, fill out the form, self-attest to residency, and mail it in. They will mail a ballot to you, even if you’re out of state. What a joke.


    • I agree with everything you said except for your first sentence. The issue is that this chicanery abounds everywhere; therefore, we should recognize it is a big deal – as it clearly illustrates what will continue to occur in the US.

      • 89% turnout in this week’s Turkish election and nobody said a word about it. Perhaps some of the wages of 2020 is that the GAE can no longer throw shade at suspicious looking elections around the world. You know they’d like to. They are not fans of Erdogan

    • I think the points you make are precisely the reason to think it is a big deal. The other problem is that these politicians can parlay this local success to success at the next level and so on.

  10. Ron wasn’t and isn’t a champion of children. That’s very low-info normie propaganda. Just go read the damn bills or watch the debates they have.

    Ron’s cool with trannies as long as it’s 4 grade and above. The bill also explicitly carved out an exception for trannies to talk to Kindergarten kids about tranny shit as long as they don’t teach it.

    We call him Deep State Desantis in Florida for a reason. He wasn’t serving lunch at Guantanamo after all.

    • If you wont settle for incremental progress you had best learn to be happy with none at all. The left knocked the country to bits one little chip at a time and here go otherwise smart people on the right that demand the whole thing be put completely back together tomorrow or to hell with it.

      • It’s because the clock is running out (in truth, has run out) due to demographics

        • Whole lotta brand new Normie Cons showing up chez Z.


          What the hell kinda odious turdish toady personality would you have to possess to agree to sock puppet on behalf of establishmentarian republicuckism?

          Does the establishment even pay minimum wage for trolling websites?

          Or do you get paid in “favors” [courtesy of Comet Ping Pong Pizza]?


          On the optimistic side of things, I just saw my first ever “AZ Quotes” poasted at Free Republic:



          Is the Saxon beginning to hate?

        • You’re right to some degree but there’s something to be said for taking action to “spoil” the Left’s otherwise total victories. Among other things it may be profitable to hand the Left a crippled or paralyzed state that can later be broken up with some part or parts becoming the kernel of a new heritage nation.

          The clock has indeed already run out if the goal is some kind of normie-con 50 state Reagantopia. Then again, the Left, both nationally and globally, is trying to assemble a preposterous Frankenstein monster out of the rotting carcass of the US and a dozen low-IQ brown nationalities. The thing they’re trying to build looks strong because the “rotting carcass” part inherited many strengths from its victory in the Cold War. The overall structure though, is not a real nation in any sense and will require increasing amounts of force to keep together. Anything that preserves local autonomy pushes out the day the Left can declare their Grand Project complete. That may prove to be enough to push that day all the way out to “never”.

      • The problem with this approach is that for every piece that MAYBE gets put back temporarily and half-heartedly, ten new other ones are taken. One has to wonder if the approach of just letting it all burn down isn’t better.

    • Our elites *really* want trannies getting together with kids, just like they really wanted homo marriage 10-15 years ago.

      For those right wingers who want to call whatever they dislike “communism” or “fascism,” this drive towards the normalization of perversity is neither. Just stop trying to apply those terms to our current situation.

      Why do the elites want this so badly? I’m curious to hear explanations.

      I have two guesses.

      First, a significant proportion of our elite hate traditional whites and this is an excellent tool for further suppressing white birth rates and for demoralization and humiliation.

      Second, a significant proportion of our elite are more sexually perverse than traditional whites, possibly for genetic reasons, and want to make our country more accommodating of their inclinations.

      • Once you accept that Michelle is a man, a whole lot of things start making sense

      • I have a guess. As postmodern relativists bent on the destruction of Western civilization, they seek to eradicate distinctions between normal and abnormal, and a key salient for that objective is sexuality. Thus we see the normalization of every manner of depravity and perversity. Once trannyism and child molestation have been normalized, they’ll move on to bestiality, if they haven’t already.

        This behavior is Satanic, even if the majority of its practitioners are not formally Satanists.

        • Ostei Kozelskii: “As postmodern relativists bent on the destruction of Western civilization, they seek to eradicate distinctions between normal and abnormal, and a key salient for that objective is sexuality.”

          I would strongly strongly strongly urge you to invert your sense of causality here.

          Rather than the intellect informing the licentious & lascivious predilections of the hominid, I would contend that you are duty-bound to force yourself to at least consider the likelihood that the licentious & lascivious predilections are informing the conscious intellect.

          I don’t think this stuff emanates from the forebrain; my guess is that it’s very mid-brain to reptilian hind-brain in nature.

          The j00ess feminist pornographress cum evangelical Christian, Naomi Wolf, just wrote an essay about the resurgence of the ancient gods.

          And I tend to suspect that the ancient gods engage their followers via the reptilian hindbrain.

          Have you ever watched a feline rip apart a mouse or a small snake, but then afterwards refuse to eat its prey?

          As though the feline had engaged in an act of purposeless murder?

          As though the feline derived pleasure from inflicting and observing the suffering of its prey?

          • Bourbon suggests that Ostei “consider the likelihood that the licentious & lascivious predilections are informing the conscious intellect.”

            This is why I suspect that there is a genetic component. Many of the people forcing trannies on us are part of the same group that pioneered tranny surgery in the 1920s in Germany.

            I understand that people who see the world through religion will explain this as people succumbing to sin as opposed to acting on genetic predilections. I’m not sure how to decide between those worldviews.

          • The two are not mutually exclusive. A genetic predilection may exist, and the sin is in not overcoming it. No one said it was easy.

      • The second. Have you ever spent time looking at the artwork in their homes? Their activities are clearly the Dutreux affair times 1000. Their worship of baphomet is also a key component: baphomet is a hermaphroditic figure. Observe how often you see then give the hand signal and the one eyed sign.
        For those who think this is cuckoo, you should check out Vigilantcitizen.com for a visual primer. When you see how deeply all of the images they flash to us are steeped in occultism, you can begin to speculate how deeply they practice these activities behind closed doors. Until you do this step, you cannot claim to have considered the matter any more deeply than the politician’s slavish adherence to the narrative.

        • Yes, good catch there.

          The drive towards hermaphrodism by the elites is standard amongst their cults, modern and ancient. The Templar Baphomet is a good example.

          Another example are the fests of U.S. ‘elite’ in the bohemian goddess-groves of Monte Rio. The entire Monte Rio/Guerneville area is a notorious stronghold of homosexuals. Why are the elites of a ‘Christian’ nation celebrating goddesses, androgyny and homos?

          Yep Jezebel’s court was full of eunuchs too.

          If you study goddess-iconography in the District of Goddess Columbia and other East Coast centers of old money and old power (e.g., N.Y. and its androgynous Goddess Libertas) you will find this androgyny and ambi-sexuality ubiquitous.

          Many of these elements follow Hermetic magick, Trismegistus, so forth. Thus Hermes/Hermeticism/hermaphrodite

          Androgyny has a long and sordid tradition in human religions and organization. I guess Lucy-Fer’s been at it for so long that he/she/zir doesn’t quite know what him/her/it is anymore.

        • There are entire TV shows devoted to the occultism of the Nazis, and how this only goes to confirm their evil. But somehow or other, this same treatment is never dished on the occultism visible in our Western elites’ inner sanctums. Hmm.

    • Reddit is saying he banned all trans surgery in Florida at any age. is that true? I would just perform the surgery on their brains personally, but baby steps.

      • I haven’t read that bill yet but 99% of what comes from the DeSantis’ camp is either designed to be toothless or does the opposite of what they claim.

        The news on both sides then mischaracterize it as either a huge victory or devastating genocide, depending on their preferred narrative, with no relation to the facts.

  11. Ron’s quick back stepping on the Ukraine issue was a big signal to the MIC and neocons that he wouldn’t try too hard getting in the way of their warmongering. Trump defiantly gave the correct answer on the issue in on the CNN town hall, much to the chagrin of the harpy hosting the event, which shows he doesn’t GAF what the establishment wants. He may move to the right on some issues, but nothing that really matters to the DC insiders.

    • It seems obvious at this point the primary goal of those putting up the money for DeSantis is to keep the Ukraine gravy train going or at least to downplay any debate over it. I have no opinion whatsoever about what DeSantis thinks or says. Trump likely will be taken down before he gets a chance to amplify his anti-war message. The election is an empty and pointless pageant.

      • eta:

        I don’t even think those putting up the money for DeSantis think he has a shot in hell. They just don’t want the war or any of their other lucrative projects scrutinized. Frankly, even if it were demographically and numerically possible to elect a Republican in 2024, the backing of that party’s Establishment is so toxic it is the kiss of death. The GOP is a zombie and has been since W, who more or less finished it off, and Trump drawing an inside straight in 2016 doesn’t change that fact.

        • Interesting that even though neo-Ron is a fake, he wasn’t allowed to say anything reasonable about Ukraine—though his initial message improved his camouflage.

          He’s run by such *absolute psychos* they won’t even let even their sheep-dipped wolf pretend to be sane.

          • Yeah, that’s wild as hell. Unless DeSantis has a messiah complex or is straight up on the take, this is inexplicable.

      • I’ve always wondering how much a candidate rakes in for a run for President that’s strictly performative. Nimrata must be making a few good bucks. As for DeSantis, I’ve wondered why he didn’t just wait for 28. They must have offered him a heck of a deal. The view from the mountaintop they took him to must have been pretty nice, and all he has to do is what they tell him.

        • Major Hoople:

          I LOVE that you use Nimrata Randhawa’s actual name.

          I don’t actually care about her, but I think it’s hilarious and plan to use her proper name with any Normie Cons or other “R”s… just to confuse them, remind them indirectly about Magic Dirt, and get a chuckle.

  12. Orange Man will always be a symbol for white middle America given they elected him as a protest candidate, as Zman states.

    However he immediately cucked out after winning (see here for a play-by-play for the first couple months of his administration: https://i.ibb.co/JFhVwNj/a127.png ), he let Jared Kushner run his presidency, hell, he didn’t even pardon Assange on the way out. The NAFTA reorganization turned out to have almost no effect, the trade deficit with China grew despite his attempts at implementing protectionist measures, and the deficit grew to $1.5-2 trillion dollars a year. To say nothing for his COVID shutdown or heart attack response, which was astonishingly bad. And now he and Don Jr. are publicly embracing trannies and calling for the end of the Bud Light boycott.

    Basically the only thing Orange Man did intentionally good as president was to keep us out of a Syrian war and to try to wind down Afghanistan; the most important thing he did, though, was entirely unintentional; to sit there as a bumbling orange doofus, with petty feuds with Morning Joe, watching TV for 8 hours a day and eating McDonalds, whining impotently and endlessly on Twitter, while globohomo weaponized every avenue of government against this bozo as they tried to paint him as Orange Hitler. This revealed the existence of the deep state for all to see, something that can’t be put back in its box.

    That isn’t to say Meatball is better (“DeSanctimonious” is a really bad term; Orange Man can do better. I also like “Ron DeShabbos”, although Orange Man can’t run with that). The anti-child grooming bill in Florida is only up through 2nd grade; the first day of third grade in Florida teachers can start going buckwild with grooming. Meatball only banned vaccine mandates for public employees, not for other employees. Florida just passed a law banning free speech regarding criticism of Jews. Meatball is quite poor and therefore extremely reliant on mega-donors; here billionaire Ken Griffin explains he purchased Meatball explicitly to crack down on populism: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/11/06/desantis-megadonor-billionaire-head-of-citadel-investments-ken-griffin-explains-why-he-purchased-ron-desantis-for-2024-and-what-he-expects-from-his-investment/

    And here Meatball signals his support for basically global nuclear war with Russia:

    Ultimately physiognomy is destiny and DeSantis looks like a squinting meatball, not a winner.

    Anyway I guess I would vote for either of these extremely flawed individuals over Dementia Joe, Bombay Shanequa, Michael Obama, or Newsom (Newsom needs a nickname) instead of sit out, maybe, but regardless, just like 2020 and 2022 the 2024 elections will be rigged to favor a globohomo outcome. I think we will have rigged elections for the rest of our lives.

    • Interesting that you “forgot” Trump’s closure of the border, while emphasizing relatively minor failures of administration, i.e., the Assange non-issue.

      Today’s stampede across the Southern border illustrates just how well his policies in that matter worked and yet, there are still detractors who call him a failure in that regard.

      • The southern border was never closed, see migrants detained on the U.S. border per year: https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/2048/cpsprodpb/13603/production/_119136397_immigration-image.png

        Deportations basically stayed flat under Orange Man compared to Obama. Now, I do give him credit for trying to build the Wall, but it failed both due to pussyhat-wearing court order and because Orange Man was not able to figure out how to get globohomo-controlled Republican Congress to play ball – he gave in and passed tax cuts for the ultra rich when his political capital was at its highest in 2017, and the Wall was never completed, which is why it wasn’t really worth mentioning except perhaps as a throwaway line.

        I have not defended Dementia Joe at all in this analysis; he wears an earpiece which tells him what to say and basically wanders around drugged up with dementia otherwise. He’s barely alive and a total puppet.

        Try to see things dispassionately instead of picking a side and blinding following it, brother. It is a better approach.

      • When your main hobby is sitting in a cold mud puddle and sobbing to passers-by every positive result is an annoyance.

    • “Ultimately physiognomy is destiny and DeSantis looks like a squinting meatball, not a winner.”

      He’s just wincing. Unfortunately when you get yourself circumcised all the way down to the base to show your support for Israel there’s a lot of uncomfortable chafing.

    • Newscum might work (I have already seen this in use); you don’t even have to argue against any of his specific policy disasters, as the moniker makes the overriding point every time it is invoked.

      • Many of us who reside in Cuckifornia call him Grewsom-Newsance (or can spell Gruesome-Nuisance). He is truly gruesome, awful beyond what words can properly express.

        • It makes me sad that an early Gen Xer (, Newsom was born the same year as myself) could be this bad.

  13. Some people have considered “what comes next”.

    Linda Yaccarino, the new CEO of Twitter:
    “Because change is not going to stop. In fact, it’s going to keep coming. The clock is ticking…as of September 2024 the currency we’ve all used for years is going to disappear. We can’t slow down…”

    Elon Musk:
    “Looking forward to working with Linda to transform this platform into X, the everything app.”

    • Alz-

      Sure, but where is the marketing campaign?

      Shouldn’t the narrative-makers have FedNow ads plastered everywhere?

      I say this because the regional bank I use is sending me ads about instant funds availability, which totally undermines one of FedNow’s main marketing angles.

      • Thanks, Geese, I too am heartened by the availability of balance transfers and new lines; but, I’m haunted by the memory of the Mortgage Meltdown.

        Lost half my lines and all of my buffer in less than a week. I mean, cash only operating expenses, no credit but debt, *snap!* like that.

        What kind of Suddenly are they going to pull this time?

        Side question: I’ve never asked B125 how in holy hades did he survive when the gov stole all his money. B125, how’d you do that? You are a damm champion in my book.

    • Glenn Greenwald says EM hired her to get the corporate sponsors back to Twitter. Musk is rich but not independent. He depends on government regulations and contracts and corporate money to stay rich.

  14. I haven’t voted since the 2008 Republican presidential primary. There’s no chance I relapse into that bad habit in 2024. The only election analysis I plan on reading during the campaign will be Z-man’s. Middle age is catching up with me and I’ve lost virtually any interest I may have once had in the Kabuki theater known as American politics. Big Money controls the world — always has and always will. Elections are simply a way of obscuring that fact.

    • Wkathman writes, “Big Money controls the world — always has and always will.”

      I agree, but I would say it as there will always be an elite, a group of watchers whom no one else watches, who can often avoid the rules which apply to the rest.

      Given that, do you have any hope for a better organization of society? Given this seemingly immutable fact about human societies, are them some arrangements that lessen this problem?

      • The Elites have NEVER paid any attention to the rules, although they occasionally pretend to…British nobility has been a bunch of child rapists forever, and everyone just looked the other way…and of course, central banks are only there for the ultra-rich…

        • France has no age of consent.

          Sartre talked about the frisson of being sexually attracted to your sister.

          Danniel Cohn-Bendt, THE 68er, revered in France, boasted of his actions with chidren.

          French culture has always been associated with depravity and kid lovin’. In fact the French claimed sophistication on the basis of their depravity and sneered at the boring Anglo-Saxons.

          • Danniel Cohn-Bendit–hmm…gotta be a Korean-Frenchman with a name like that.

      • Good point. A society without an elite is an egalitarian society, or, dare I say, a communist one in Marx’s true conception. I have no problem with an elite class. I have a massive problem with AINO’s elite class.

        • “I have no problem with an elite class. I have a massive problem with AINO’s elite class.”

          Spot on. A successful society needs a talented elite class. AINO has histrionic money lenders and seriously devolved Puritans.

      • Aside from the problem of elites, the system can never function with the policy of “universal suffrage”. I maintain that a well thought out plan of “earned suffrage” will serve to keep *both* the elites and the parasites in check. In short, a balancing of society around a sane middle.

        And no, I did not say this would be an easy—or even—possible change.

        • Tacitus, in “Germania”, A.D. 68:
          “They choose their kings for their noble birth, their leaders for their valour. The power even of the kings is not absolute or arbitrary. As for the leaders, it is their example rather than their authority that wins them special admiration–”

          We could make this simple: Clawback. The Japanese Emperor would simply confiscate all of the family’s assets.
          (The Chinese Emperor would behead all of the family’s line.)

          Greek Noose Nation!
          If Democracy was a good enough, I say we adopt of few more Greek ideas.

      • Monarchy. A king thinks long-term and wants to preserve the country for his son and progeny. A politician will sell out his country to win the next election. By a king, I mean a real king, not a figleaf like the British monarchs.

  15. “… DeSantis is going to try and square that circle is by staking out positions to the right of Trump on things”

    Great observation. One that I missed previously. DeSantos can’t fight Trump the symbol, survive/win the primary, then win the election as the Trump base will stay home if their “symbol” is tarnished. However, if Trump positions are mostly affirmed by DeSantis—and extended, then the Trump supporters will have the choice between Trump and Trump “on steroids” (DeSantis)!

    Never had thought of a candidate moving to the *right* of Trump, but it seems sound. Every Trump supporter I know already *is* already to the right of Trump on all issues. The problem is that not all Rep’s and Ind’s are really conservative, or right of center. The numbers of those not hard right will cause a loss of votes. Can these be made up by certain minorities who are feeling the pain of their Dem plantation masters?

    I don’t write off Blacks and Hispanics—both of whom have a soft spot for alpha males in control. Women not so much. On the other hand, demographic change and fortified elections bode ill for regime change. This election will be the last hurrah no matter what the outcome.

    • Black males are often completely subservient to their moms. Many – most – of them are raised in a gynocentric home and quite comfortable with it.

      • And yet, they form violent gangs which tend to fight among themselves. Is this gynocentric? Yeah, they like their moms but fight for status among themselves. Status coming from their identity within gangs. Of course, that’s only a percentage of the minority population, you may be correct.

        • Yes it’s gynocentric. The ghetto is a matriarchy.

          Fatherless, rootless men form gangs with father-figure leaders, instead of heading families and contributing productively to the culture or sub-culture. As was common in the Fifties in black communities, before LBJ and his cronies took control.

  16. Vivek is another one of these SV tech guys who is just sure there is a tech fix for every problem. He steps into the ring just as a hired consultant would. He probably means well, but without deep cultural roots here, he sounds oblivious to the fact that it took fifty-plus years of non-stop exposure to egalitarian philosophy to bring us to this point in time. There is no quick fix – in fact, we desperately need a rightwing philosophy to espouse after the great collapse – one that is thoroughly steeped in complete rejection of altruistic leftie “values”. That time has not yet arrived.

    • That’s a good point about focusing on what comes afterwards rather than seeking a political solution or some ill-fated revolt outside of the continuing fragmentation, which is a natural consequence of a failing state. To back track a bit, people need to be concentrating more on short-term wellness and survival, but when they have a spare moment consider what a post-GAE society should be.

      • Agreed. Specifically, our young people need us – especially boys and young men. Leaving them to the vagrancies and poison of social media and the entertainment industry is a recipe for disaster. Anything that a person can do to contribute to a young person’s development and self-esteem is a strike against the current toxic stew.

        Needless to say, planting transgender this, that and whatever’s next into public schools is a deliberate net designed to permanently psychologically maim the highest % possible of those forced to swim through it. In essence, the regime is pushing the culture war’s front line to 8 year olds.

        As bad as the situation is in the US, imagine how crippled Ukraine will be missing a generation of young men coming up. So at least we are not in that boat.

  17. The Republican field is so weak it reminds me of the Democratic primary of 1988 (Dukakis, Jesse Jackson, Al Gore, Paul Simon, Dick Gephardt.)

    Then, as now, the respective party could have just saved everyone a lot of time and grief by saying “ain’t no way we’re going to win this, so we’re going to sit this one out.”

  18. Trump will get a wind at his back after this debt deal. The Republican base will blame the Bakersfield used car salesman for capitulating and giving in to the Democrats. They will be reminded that they’ve been once again screwed for the 10 thousandth time. When international bankers like Jamie Dimon call both parties and warn of “the national credit record” it’s that much harder for the Republicans to pick a fight like this. And, really, there is no stomach for any type of cutting in the government. Even the GOP base wants their support stocking paid for by Medicare. That’s the ultimate lie of the Republican Party. A small, efficient government is only a thought balloon that pops in reality.

    Trump will be screaming “this is the worst deal! I can’t believe this deal and I know deals!” Ironically, his four year fiscal record is as the most liberal Republican in history.

  19. Ron DeSantis is supposed to be Trumpism without Trump…

    I’m not speaking specifically about DeSantis but on that general point, the MAGA movement is much bigger than Donald Trump, and there seems to be a very obvious $100 bill on the sidewalk that doesn’t get much mention.

    I don’t know why some Republican candidate doesn’t just present himself as a savvy politician who will actually DO the things that Trump merely talked about. He can just say “I believe in MAGA, but Trump didn’t follow through. He’s not a politician, I am, I will get it done.”

    Could it be that the everyone in the establishment really is that tone deaf, or do they all truly ideologically align against MAGAism? I believe it’s the latter. The people really believe in MAGA but they can’t find anyone to represent them, not even Trump himself.

    It loos bleak, but it also opens up the field for a dark horse with a real set of brass onions.

    • “I don’t know why some Republican candidate doesn’t just present himself as a savvy politician who will actually DO the things that Trump merely talked about.”

      Because the donor class and the media are 100% opposed to such a candidate.

      Such a candidate would not be funded, would be opposed and maligned at every step, and probably much worse.

      • “Such a candidate would not be funded, would be opposed and maligned at every step, and probably much worse”.

        Watch for Newsom letting Sirhan Sirhan out of prison – just to make a point.

    • You had a bunch of MAGAists running in the last election for congress and the Turtle made sure they didn’t get any funding.

    • I know Ramaswamy is a brown guy and the longest of shots but his stated program is actually much friendlier to the USA and white people than the typical white Republican’s (the Democrats’ program is radically anti-American and anti-white). That’s how bad things have become.

  20. Although we are undeniably in a post-electoral environment, Z’s electoral analysis is about the best you can get precisely because it makes politics about ideology rather than actual elections. In other words, actual elections in AINO are meaningless to the point of being irrelevant, but to the extent that the campaigns radicalize the lumpen Grillers against their precious old American system, they serve an extremely important purpose. Namely, they move us that much closer to open conflict with the Power Structure. And that is the last thing the Power Structure wants.

    • Exactly. The last time an election mattered in as far as who won was 1932, long before the demographics changed. Each election since has been designed to keep as many Grillers in line as possible or to inadvertently drive them out of the system.

    • “And that is the last thing the Power Structure wants.”


      Along with ‘fixin’ the riggn’ in GA, PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ.

      Which is why the candidate is meaningless.

      • BTW in AZ the Lake case is being heard in court. Yesterday’s testimony is interesting. Seems in discovery of official records, about 300k mail in ballots had their signatures compared and confirmed in an average of *2 sec’s*! Handwriting experts have testified that this is humanly impossible.

        Nothing to see here, elections are fair and honest is the theme of the day. Go ahead and mail in your ballots—but early.

  21. Colorado Springs is deep red, but it includes several large military bases with a vibrant composition that vote locally. The recent election of an Independent Mayor proves that diehard conservatives are sitting out and not falling for the vote-harder canard. Only Trump can motivate these disaffected voters to return to the booth one last time, but the Deep State will do whatever it takes to keep him off the ballot. Which begs the question . . . what happens after the 2024 election is once again stolen by vote manufacturing and apathy?

    The models say that a deep depression will strike the USA in the aftermath and this will finally trigger the uprising that has been long suppressed by money-printing. This uprising will begin as street protests, then escalate to rioting, and then followed by the rise of serious militia movements across the country. The Feds will respond with new gun controls measures, militia infiltration, targeted arrests, mass detentions, and the imposition of a digital currency to gain control over the weak and dependent.

    From here, there are two main vector potentialities. The first is the classic ramrodding of tyranny via ruthless jackboot oppression and suppression. Tried & true, it’s the best shot for the GAE to establish final dominance. The second is bloody civil war on a scale that makes the 1860s version look like a Sunday picnic in comparison. The spring has been wound too tight and the reaction will likely be far worse than anyone can imagine. And many of the Fed’s most reliable jackboot candidates will desert and join the opposition as happened in the Ukrainian Donbass in 2014.

    But there is a better solution than the senseless and unnecessary slaughter of millions of innocents and common folk alphas. And that solution requires intelligence, stealth, and focus.

    • This is a compelling vision. However, I trust supermodels more than economic ones. An economic collapse may well come, but when it comes, nobody really knows. Maybe in June. Maybe in June of 2034.

    • I think the model is right about the timing of the Big Crash. Give it a little time for the markets to turn bullish again first. Whoever wins this 2024 election is going to be the fall guy.

      I’m more expectant of totalitarian tyranny than I am of a revolution/civil war/collapse. Since we are already well on course for the former, and the latter would require effort on the part of the commoners. I don’t see a lot of grit and gumption in my fellow Americans these days. I think they will take the digital tokens, live in the pods, eat the bugs. Just like they took the jab and wore the mask. I think some sudden “collapse” is a lot of times just wishful thinking on the part of dissidents. Because the alternative, the likely reality, is the regime tightening its grip.

      But it’s also plausible, even likely, that the regime’s means and methods will deteriorate as it attempts to clench its iron hand. Which could create opportunities for separatism. To end with a little optimism.

      • The Regime could crush all dissent and enjoy a completely totalitarian rule even now if it were not so incompetent and impulsive. A good bet is anarcho-tyranny leads to impotence over time. The more likely long-term problem will prove to be food, running water and the ability to heat. They will get the “anarcho” part, but the “tyranny” will prove impossible.

        • JD-

          Going forward the best bet seems to be figuring out some kind of regional arrangements for food, water, energy, and security.

          That’s about the best that can be done in a world of declining quality of life.

  22. I would sooner vote for Joe Biden than Ron DeSantis. His stunt of traveling to a foreign country to sign away Floridian’s First Amendment rights disqualifies him as being an American citizen, let alone President. Whatever he says is questionable.

    Signing these degeneracy bills is questionable in my mind. He probably signed them in the hopes the courts will strike them down. Republicans love nothing more than being the “powerless” opposition. This allows them to posture and preen when it doesn’t matter. If the Democrats in Congress want to pass some evil bill and have the votes needed to get it passed, the Republicans will make a huge deal out of opposing it. They will all get together and refuse to vote for it. They will pretend they oppose it and stand firm on their principles. Roberts has done this. Then, when it was a 4-4 vote and his vote mattered, he cucked on an issue he opposed his whole life.

    • > Signing these degeneracy bills is questionable in my mind. He probably signed them in the hopes the courts will strike them down. Republicans love nothing more than being the “powerless” opposition.

      Yup. The minute a republican governor ignores the courts we can talk about toughness. It’s too easy to find “The Honorable Rando Minority in the Boondocks” to strike down whatever they don’t like.

  23. To be honest, the election doesn’t seem that interesting. Z (and many others) have run the math, and the Republicans just don’t have a path to 270, based on demographics alone.

    In the event of an unexpected vote result, fortification will come into play. Arizona is blue forever after the 2022 election. Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are heavily fortified. Georgia is on the edge, and will be the first (of many) southern states to turn permanently blue.

    I used to think that the regime would occasionally let Republicans win to throw a bone to middle America and keep the illusion of a 2 part system, but that seems increasingly unlikely.

    But every day, thousands of new “Americans” are minted. And they range from a 65% chance of voting Dem, to an 80% chance of voting Dem (Indian & Chinese). Every day, hundreds of mostly White boomers die, with a 60-65% Republican tilt. You can’t outvote demographics.

    So whether Ron or Don wins, the outcome is meaningless. Whoever wins the D primary will be the next president.

    • > But every day, thousands of new “Americans” are minted. And they range from a 65% chance of voting Dem, to an 80% chance of voting Dem (Indian & Chinese). Every day, hundreds of mostly White boomers die, with a 60-65% Republican tilt. You can’t outvote demographics.

      This is true but it can be offset/overcome in places due to the “coalition shifts” of the electorate. Specifically, “working class” whites, hispanics, and native Americans (previously core Democrat constituencies) are all swinging hard to the Republicans. Just check out the change in party registration in Rust Belt states the past few years as an example.

      This is why “Fortification” is so critical and will only be increased for each subsequent election. I predict Biden gets 100 million votes and we see more “record breaking voter turnout” in 2024.

    • Well that was a spectacular blog poast and a great comment too! I might disagree on the entertainment value though! I am watching the impending train wreck and I am almost out of beer and popcorn already! I may have to break into my preps sooner than I thought!

      I had the most entertaining conversation with the only two shitlibs I have for friends (I have been cancelled by all the others or I cancelled them depending on how ya look at it…)

      The chicken-headed lady was almost in tears! “The queers!!! They have gone stark, raving CRAZY!!!!” Rest assured, pandemonium is breaking out on the other side of The Great Divide too! That which can’t go on – won’t… and the road we are on will soon have pedos and groomers openly attacking children in the schools and when that happens… except for the crazies… I think it’ll be all over. Dissidents are too introverted, if I had to critique them – and spend too much time focused on their own when they should be watching the Lefties too! When wars break out… I think the Dissidents will be astonished to see how big a role women play in launching them and supporting them. When you start messing with motherhood there is still a sizeable demographic of women that will move to protect their children. If the cons had any sense and were actually out to break the libs…they’d be driving that wedge right through the leftist’s hearts like a wooden stake through a vampire as DeSantis kinda-sorta is. Chaos reigns on the left as well – when you see guys like Jordan Petersen beating them like rented mules in the mainstream… you know the show is going to get good! The race issue is coming to a head too. I roar with laughter when – on Blab – you see the memes of Scott Adams cheerfully shrugging as blacks chimp out and commit unspeakable crimes against whites! HAR HAR HAR!!!

      The media propaganda machine is now hated on both sides of the divide. The military is in shambles as is law enforcement. The jews are having a bird about rising antisemitism but won’t face the causes of it. The nutroots of the Democrat movement have run away with the party and it is spreading to the conservatives and it is now well entrenched there. The establishment is chitting bricks and they’re square.

      I have finally reached the point of spiritual perfection that our esteemed Blog Hoast has – voating harder will only increase the entertainment value of the impending election. Nowadays I find myself unmoved by liberal democracy and their outrages. When confronted by their lunacy I no longer try to change minds or debate from a position of common sense. I just amicably agree with them. “Well sure, Lefty! Maybe you SHOULD defund your police departments! Maybe you SHOULD give every single black in America a settlement of over a million dollars each for black reparations! Maybe you SHOULD go to war for the right to murder your own babies!” And – when I see blacks beating their mudshark wives senseless, I just laugh and enjoy seeing liberals paying the toll for their new morality. When the small shopkeep is culturally enriched by vibrant robbers and footpads – I smirk and encourage them to voat democrat or liberal. Unfortunately there is nothing else I can do except prep for what’s coming and laugh. I pray a lot too in serious moments… but other than that our course is now graved in stone and nothing will stop it except a catastrophic breakdown… and now… nothing is going to prevent that.

      What was it that the old Alt-righters were fond of saying? Deus Vult?

      • Just got a text that contained a video of a San Francisco luggage tester blasting another pavement ape in the chest for shoplifting. And apparently, no charges are going to be filed.

        Just avoid them if you can. They can rape, rob and murder with impunity for the foreseeable future.

      • Shitlibs distressed by the degeneracy are about as useful as grillers distressed by the degeneracy

    • The upstate NY county of Orleans has declared a preemptive state of emergency with regards to the onslaught of Mestizos that downstate would love to deposit among their ranks.

      Lynne Johnson, the chairman of the Orleans County Legislature also issued an emergency order saying that no municipality can contract anyone in Orleans County to transport migrants or asylum seekers to the county without permission from Johnson.

      In addition, the order also says that no hotel or property owners can engage with anyone other than Orleans County to provide accommodations for migrants or asylum seekers without approval.

      A fairly well-done shot across the bow. Hopefully this isn’t a unique occurrence.


  24. What a hilarious situation. The only two contenders are:
    1. Trump. A very stupid man who still embraces the vax and his role in putting it on the market. “You wouldn’t have the vax except for me.” “I saved millions of lives.”

    While he may not be a classic neocon, the neocons nearly always get their way with him. If nothing else they can always have his stupid little daughter cry for him and he will give in.

    I saw a speaking segment of his a few days ago where he said: “If elected I will declassify the JFK files.” The guy made that promise before becoming president and walked away from it. So I guess he really means it this time? Is he going to build a wall as well?

    2. DeSantis. A neocon of the first order. To stay true to form he should formally announce his candidacy from Jerusalem. DeSantis could easily destroy Trump in a debate by using the Covid policies and vax results against him. He won’t because he would have to go against his neocon paymasters. If you liked George W. Bush, you will love DeSantis.

    • Covid won’t do it. Trump was instrumental in jump starting the vaccine, but the first shots did not roll out until Dec. Trump was gone in Jan. Waaay too short a time for adverse reactions to be recorded and government mandates for vaccine to be implemented.

      Only if Trump defends the vaccine will he assume blame. If he starts out with a “who knew”, he’ll do fine—but not as well as DESantis.

      • I heard him defend the VAX about one month ago. In fact at the same time he defended Fauci. He should be aware by now what the VAX and his polices have done.

        This gets to the paradox for Trump supporters. If you say he is an honest man then you must stipulate that he is as dumb as a rock.

        • No one argued for Trump, the honest man, only explained a path to get around the vaccine fiasco. I don’t think Trump is particularly dumb, only narcissistic. That is a great failing in and of itself. He needs to admit mistakes—even when they conflict with his overwhelming ego.

  25. The Republican party elites are not anti-DeSantis, he is also closely tied to the establishment, the Bushes have been gushing over him. Here is footage of him speaking at an event hosted by Iowa Rep. Randy Feenstra in Sioux County, Iowa last weekend. Feenstra was the hand selected GOPe goon they drafted to run in a primary against Steve King. If you watch the meet and greet section, he is really wooden with people. It still seems possible he could win if the average Republican primary voter is convinced Trump can’t win in November.


    • DeSantis is a total introvert. He was known as a total cold fish on Capitol Hill among the GOP, and he made little effort to make friends with any of them. I have the feeling that he is someone who never contemplated being president — maybe senator and then a high-level cabinet position — but can’t resist the lure of Chance that has offered him this opportunity.

      In a different era DeSantis wouldn’t have to go out and make small talk like this. The neo-cons of the 1970s, for example, would have had him making dozens of (boring) foreign and defense policy speeches, and would be selling him as a serious, hard-ass-on-the-commies type. But now he has go out and smile for thousands of selfies, and it’s going to tax him tremendously.

      • WC-

        That doesn’t surprise me.

        Though DeSantis attended Yale, he claims that he didn’t really fit in there and rejected most of the anti-American attitudes he found there.

  26. “One clue as to how Team DeSantis is going to try and square that circle is by staking out positions to the right of Trump on things like immigration.”

    It goes beyond, far beyond, specific policies to the right of Trump. Trump was like that character in the 1970s film, “Network”: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” It’s that rage, attitude and worldview the voters bought rather than the specifics of any policy. Trump plugged into the collective angst of Middle America. Policy was mentioned on the campaign trail but it was detail. If DeSantis thinks he’s going to capture hearts and minds by a policy platform — if indeed he is even aiming to — then it won’t work.

    All the characters I see on the Republican side are lackluster. DeSantis is a very ersatz Trump indeed.

    • Trump is a symbol and it is very hard to beat a symbol as you first must anathematize that which is symbolizes. Realistically, DeSantis needs the party to remove Trump from the ballot. That could happen, but it will not make a difference as the math says the D-candidate wins the general.

      • All correct. The dirty little secret is a Republican cannot win except under one circumstance: the environment is so horrible Democrats simply don’t vote. That is when voter fortification kicks in unless a steam valve is required. Anyone who was politically aware before 1994 has lived under such a system. The racial component of present day America is the difference between now and then and why it is not long for it as an intact, functional polity. The same hands who operate the Jackson water system cannot operate a police state, even as foot soldiers. South Africa is unable to keep the lights on now and is meeting “emissions goals” as a result. That is the future and a bit of the present for the USA.

        There really are no primaries. Trump wins unless he is removed by force, which is possible. The same with Biden although he will not be manacled and led away in chains if he gets the hook.

        • Most of the dead don’t show up but it doesn’t stop a lot of them from voting.
          I’m afraid Z is right.

  27. DeSantis did use the word “regime” a few months back. I’m not a DeSantis backer (the hate-speech law he signed in Israel is adealbreaker) but there may be a few (just a few) Elon Musks in him. Should he decide to shift the overton window and not become a spicier Mike Pence.

  28. I don’t know if “radical Ron” is even an option for him. The big money backing him doesn’t want right wing radicalism, which would inevitably result in accusations of the dreaded White supremacy as well as upset the trough they’ve all got their dirty snouts in. I don’t think he’s enough of his own man to buck the billionaires – but if he doesn’t get at least close to trump’s populist stances, he’s probably got no chance at the nomination.

    The idea of a president Vivik Ramaswamy is laughable on its face, but then we had a gay mulatto by the name barak obama, so I guess anything is possible in the clown world empire.

    • I’m with you on this. I’ve been thinking lately about his publicity stunt of bussing illegals to Martha’s Vineyard. He got a couple of days of press from that but since then he’s done nothing. Even that clown in Texas is still trying to cause trouble by bussing illegals to D.C., but from Meatball Ron – silence.

      To your point, I don’t think his backers are going to allow him to move too far right either. The GOP is going to rig the nomination process against Trump, so their nominee is going to be some Milquetoast Romney-esque p***y. If the meatball is willing to play ball on that score, I guess he could be the nominee but only if he’s talking about “acts of love” like Jeb in 2016.

  29. First time in Denver. In some airport fiasco in Denver, took a cab to get to other arrangements. The cab stand client line looked like what I thought Denver was. The cabbies looked like Mogadishu. It was an eye opener as to what the War On Terror did to our country.

    We have to be very careful not to get dragged down into despair. TPTB have probably run the psychological experiments a long time ago. A population whose leaders willfully permit their communities to be invaded by foreigners must certainly feel the despair of abandonment, the inversion of the expectations of representative government and that the entire power structure is against you. The invaders must certainly feel the confidence that they and their mission of conquest are favored and backed by the most powerful forces – as they most certainly are.

    That random African and the comment section by the white, blue internal migrant conquerors is a very depressing read.

    It is truly difficult to fathom how much and how radical the country has changed in 20 years. Krugman must be rubbing his chubby with a vigor that is an endangerment to dermatological health.

    Here’s to the realizing of ZMan’s prognostication that the setup to things makes the illumination of the chasm and radicalism inevitable. I would think that the Adidas swimwear ads would be doing that. Maybe it is.

    • Just another thought on the Denver thing. The Nigerian guy’s statement, that his election signifies that Denver is ready to be, “diverse and inclusive”, is remarkable. He is saying that race matters, and it is another admission that, “diverse and inclusive”, means fewer whites at the table.

      Fair enough. He is taking the opening he has been given. What is truly tragic is the comments show that white liberals are still hysteric in their rage against Trump. The comments show it has morphed to not just Trump but MAGA. They are so opposed to the idea of making America great again, that they will hand it away to people who openly declare their intentions to displace them from power.

      The infantalism of these white liberals is breath taking. I wish I had not clicked on that link.

      It was a very short time ago when Colorado and Oregon were staunchly red states that had strong rejections of non-traditional degeneracy- a very short time ago. In the case of Colorado and Oregon, I don’t think it was foreign immigrants that destroyed those red strong holds. It was immigrants largely from California that did it.

      With friends like these …

      • Yes, it is odd.

        White liberals seem to hate regular (bad) white people so much that they would rather destroy their entire civilization than even consider what we have to say.

        The mass importation of foreigners who (temporarily) align with their agenda is devastatingly short sighted.. for all of us.

        I do not really understand what motivates them.

        • Spend a few years living in Marin County or Laguna Beach in California. You will come to know, and despise, White Liberals as much as I do.

          • Ditto the Imperial Capital. I haven’t lived there in almost 20 years and I hate its denizens more today than ever before.

          • The Imperial Capital is indeed not what it once was (fun for a just-outta-college kid in the early 2000s, and still sort-of run by grown-ups).
            The vibe here is stressful (for a DR, at least). Of that there is no doubt. Alas seeing clearly makes it very stressful indeed.
            I am excited to be getting the hell outta Dodge. To greener pastures. Literally.
            Better “late” than never.

        • What motivates them is simple anti-white racism. They hate the white race and therefore seek to annihilate the civilization whites built. They are, to use Noel Ignatiev’s formulation, race traitors. Uncle Calebs.

      • CountrySlicker: Not just Californians. I knew some mainstream liberal Maryland and Virginia Whites who moved out there in the mid to late 1990s, and became ever more complacent believers in the civnat narrative, last I heard from them (I think shortly after Obama’s ascension). The weather and ambiance of Colorado appealed to a lot of AWFLs on both coasts. Internal immigration has been as deadly to historic America as external. Horace’s wisdom always applies: “Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt.”

        • Clever and VERY accurate use of Horace there.

          I have long thought, and still do, the greatest threat comes from so-called “GoodWhites.” Most are not reproducing or are miscegenating and that may help out in the long run.

          • Jack – Credit where credit is due – I first saw it at the blog of the ‘world’s greatest genius’ but it immediately resonated and has stuck with me.

        • Complete upvote for the Horace sky quote. Reminds me of oh so many young NGO workers heading out to the vibrant lands to broaden their horizons while digging our grave.

      • Uh, go check out the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that is openly talking about drumming white officers out of the armed forces.

          • True. The fewer white offers, the more incompetent AINO’s military. What’s more, those furloughed white officers will presumably be much disgruntled and could prove valuable DR recruits.

    • The invaders feel confidence because our traitor rulers are supporting them. But the people they seek to conquer are the ones who keep the whole rotten system going in the first place. We’re already approaching the breaking point. When that happens the ruling trash won’t be able to run cover for and support their imported foot soldiers.

  30. nice post. seems like there is a real split in the GOP ranks, with oldies and grillers supporting the GOPe, and Trump voters reviling the latter. as this post points out, this split has already been seen in the recent mid-terms – and it is going to increase as the general election gets closer. Ron and Don are going to do a lot of damage to each other; no one gets out of the primaries unscathed. so it looks like potato head joe gets a second term for his sins…

    • Seems the Dem strategy is for Joe to lay low, let Ron and Don duke each other out, and is Don wins, rig the election or arrest him (or both), if Ron wins, well, the GOP base stays home (with a little Dem cheating for insurance).

      Not really a bad strategy. Completely corrupt of course, but very good odds of working.

  31. DeSantis’ strategy is to hang around in case the establishment succeeds in getting Trump completely eliminated via lawfare.
    If that happens, he’ll act outraged, promise pardons, and cruise to victory. If it doesn’t happen, he can play nice and hope for a VP slot.

    • The smart money would have to bet that, one way or another, Trump won’t be on the ballot

      • Absolutely. Can anyone imagine a scenario in which Trump could win in a so-called “court of law”? His odds of landing in the Big House are astronomically higher than in the White House.

  32. It is hard to picture Trump “taking on the trannies.” Not really his style. Easier to see him taking more of a “we have the best trannies” position. That’s the way he has rolled before with respect to other groups (of legal Americans). Nor has he ever, to my knowledge, bashed the voters, any (legal) voters. He saves all his insults for public figures, politicians, celebrities. Trashing the voters is a relatively recent leftist tactic, seemed to begin with The Precious, and that torch has been carried by H and Biden. So it is more than a little ironic that Trump is the one accused of being “divisive.”

    DeSantis big problem is he makes Bob Dole and Mitt Romney look charismatic. In a free election, which the Republican primary may still more or less be, charisma matters more than anything else.

  33. The GOP warmongers have the biggest problem. The hardcore base who vote in the primary are largely opposed to the Ukraine war (this increasingly is the position of most people as polls, which have become scarce as a direct result, increasingly show). Will DeSantis take the popular base GOP position on the war, which is to end it? The Regime wants to do everything possible to prevent the war from becoming a political issue. If the war cannot be brought to an end before the end of the year, look for the debates not to be televised as much and mentioned very little.

    There is no political solution. There is worth, though, in revealing how widely hated and reviled the Regime is. The primaries may accomplish that and further reveal the soft underbelly of the Banana Empire.

    Finally, the open border may result in major urban chimpouts that are not state-sanctioned this summer. That will be a win-win if it happens, which looks increasingly possible.

    • And it turns out that most of the recruitment numbers were not worse simply because the Pentagon did a pull-forward of delayed entries by promising additional bonuses. And now lowering the test score requirements or sending kids to an “academy” to get them to memorize enough of the answers to just creep over the threshold. We probably know a half dozen kids that entered as officers via ROTC or academy. All but one are actively working to get out. I would have pegged half as lifers a few years ago.

      • This is why I think the Empire will rely on “proxy wars” from now until its full-scale implosion.

          • Why, yes, it certainly does. And unfortunately, not only is it being aimed at, but is also being attained to great effect.

            One can only hope that the defenestration of competent white officers will not work so well; embittered, action oriented, and more importantly, disillusioned military men thrown into the streets in a context of growing radical leftist governance in Germany after the Great War did not redound to the benefit of the left.
            We’ll just have to see how it works out here.

    • Jack Dodson: There definitely appears to be increasing friction between the blaqs and the mestizos, who see the immigrant influx as horning in on their gibs and grifts. Any open conflict between them can only be good for self-respecting Whites – more clearly delineate the tribal and racial nature of AINO turmoil and dysfunction, demonstrate the violence inherent to both groups, and potentially thin the ranks of some of the most militant. Plus the regime’s response ought to be quite interesting.

      I call that a win. If it frightens some complacent White suburbanites, all the better. Smart Whites will do their best to avoid the coming turbulence while simultaneously shining a spotlight on it.

      • Precisely, 3g. You have to play with the hand that has been dealt. Ours is as a majority minority at present. The Tribe has shown the way with playing Group A against Group B. It is the template. There never was going to be a successfully unified front directed against whites; the White Supremacist boogeyman has limited utility and will have a shorter run than the Bloody Shirt.

        Obviously, it will be (and increasingly is) horrible for our people who live where the firefights are taking place, but a lot of them brought the permanent racial struggle into being, so for those, it sucks being them.

        I will admit that the first time the feds fire on blacks, and that is coming when the numbers demand it, will be quite satisfying although it would have been far preferable to not have that in our lives. Will the conservatards see color when that happens?

          • Oh, I am quite serious. That’s not a D3 thing, either, but a simple acknowledgement that the Left is only about power and when the numbers add up and/or require it, they will fire on blacks without a second thought. Every part of the coalition is expendable as needed.

            And the NPC’s who currently worship blacks? They will demonize them when the One-Eyed Rabbi on the Wall tells them to do so. Some blacks are starting to apprehend this in their prehensile brains, too.

      • Blacks and hispanics have never gotten along, but the Biden southern border free for all has really dug into the wound. In prisons, from what I’ve read, you’re either in with the Aryans, blacks, or hispanics to survive. Is that the model of the future?

        • I was talking to an old AB graduate yesterday (Aryan Brotherhood, decades out of prison):

          When they put their boots to you,
          You can run
          Or you can fight

          If you run
          You run alone
          If you fight
          You fight with your own

          See you on the front lines, brother

    • “The hardcore base who vote in the primary are largely opposed to the Ukraine war (this increasingly is the position of most people as polls, which have become scarce as a direct result, increasingly show).”

      This article is one of first real clear admissions of defeat in Ukraine by a mainstream media source:

      Ukraine could join ranks of ‘frozen’ conflicts, U.S. officials say


      • Afghanistan provided a 20-year revenue stream, so apparently they are deluded enough to think the GAE will be around and/or able to fund such a thing over that same time span. The GAE is far more likely not to have running water and steady electricity (check out the latest from Johannesburg) in 20 years.

      • But what is the incentive for Russia to take that deal (never mind the impossibility of good faith negotations with GAE)

        • There is no incentive for Russia to accept it. After trying logic out with the (((west))), they know that that time is entirely past. Supposed future agreements mean absolutely nothing when dealing with people who have, time after time, demonstrated beyond a peradventure that they are “non-agreement capable”.
          So now, force majeure.

      • That’s wishful thinking from the Kagan Kunts.
        The Idea that Putin would allow that is a joke.

  34. We got a lot of miles to go on this. Most of the Trumps ads I’ve seen attacking DeSantis are pretty weak sauce. The talking heads that think they’ve got it all figured out are simply full of shit. Way too many uncalculated variables. Been watching the RFKJr polls and he’s basically in a statistical dead heat with Biden (which is really a vote on the entire regime since Joe is senile). I’ll just assume if he pulls too far ahead the powers-that-be will just “suicide” him. And this on name recognition and zero mention in the media. The financial dam has broken on Biden, no one will be prosecuted, but the rock is turned over and lot of squirming things under there. Kamala gives everyone the creeps and there is no “bench”, just senile senior citizens It’s going to be a long 18 months.

    • RFK Jr. has a very strong pull with the female demographic, especially the crunchy, whole-foods suburban mom types. He will have an army of online volunteers to spread his message, which 2016 showed is worth billions in itself.

      It will be hilarious when social media is flooded with angry moms posting RFK memes ranting against vaccines, frankenfoods, etc. instead of the 2016 Ricky-Vaughn era edgelords. Yin and Yang and all that I guess.

      • Chet: Even back when I voted, I was never motivated by a single issue. Kudos to RFK jr. for his efforts against the vaxx, but I otherwise neither trust nor agree with him . . . let alone his wife and extended family. But he’d be the perfect protest candidate for the crunchy Karens and their friends. If he can extend his appeal to the Bernie bros, all the better. I will enjoy seeing the electoral farce descend into open chaos.

        • His main utility is his potential to move the Overton. Regime media will fight hard to prevent that from happening, debates have already been called off so as to prevent it, but if he gets substantial votes he will be hard to ignore.

        • If a candidate ran on the promise to repeal the 19th Amendment, I’m pretty sure I’d vote for him no matter what else he stood for.

      • I know some of his old neighbors up-county. He was banging most of those Whole Foods wives. One reason his prior wife committed suicide.

        • Moths to a flame. The crunchy Karen vote will swing 98% to RFK, then. Heck, most of the Q-as-in-Questioning vote will too.

          C’mon, Li’l Robs, split the vote!

  35. In a fight between Ron and Don, the “championship rounds,” will be fought over foreign policy. Do we exist to serve other nations, or do we exist as a nation? We obviously don’t exist as a nation, as our resources go to the border war in the Crimea rather than to our own border. Both Ron and Don also put on the Yarmulke and kissed Netanyahu’s blarney stone, so we have an answer there. But Ron was going the extra mile by quoting John McCorpse’s line about Russia being a gas station, which is a harbinger of Trump getting a KO at some point. Especially considering Trump stayed on message by saying—for the first time ever—that it wasn’t about winning or losing; it was about stopping the dying and killing. Christ help us but he’s the only person with anything approaching a moral compass on the big stage at this point. He even showed the savvy to refuse to tell the CNN harpy he thought Putin was a war criminal. How could he negotiate a settlement with the man after saying such a thing?

    • The whole “war criminal” thing simply shows how unserious the whole of Washington is. The whole Nuremburg thing was kind of thrown together at the last minute. Even Himmler thought he could negotiate with the Allies. But yes, first rule of negotiating is staying firmly focused on the problem and option creation. Not negotiating yourself into a corner. Russia is not a “gas station”. It a huge place filled with shit the world needs, plus land. The last is not lost on the Chinese.

      • Russia is not a “gas station”. It is a vast nation filled with resources but not a lot of people. China is a nation filled with people but not a lot of resources. Washington, D.C. is a place filled with evil but not a lot of common sense.

        • The small Russian city of Vladimir has more history and culture than the whole of AINO. Gas station, my ass.

          • China’s been making maps including Siberia for years, including Kazakhstan, home of the Baikanoor space launch industry and the Soviet nuclear stockpiles.

            China also has an army in uniform larger than Russia’s population.

            At first, I thought they’d probably shake hands.

            On second thought, if the neocons and WEF polish off the West, China can take the East;

            (that is, West Asia, as Putin now calls the Slavic Orthodox civilization, atop the Central Asia of the Stans, Persia, and India.)

            One World under Sauron, or, as the great sage put it in 1948, Eastasia, Eurasia, and Brave New Oceania.

          • Don’t know about that, Alzaebo. I think that the Chinese understand that the Russians are dead serious in their intent to preserve Russia, both geographically, as well as civilizationally against any threat. They can trade for the natural resources under Russian control. If the Chinese were stupid enough to demonstrate imperialist expansionary impulses, many of their neighbors would close ranks against them. The hostility that this would engender against China would quickly outweigh any purported value to China it was thought to offer. Trade enhances the nation, war depletes it.

            The POV you are articulating is ultimately that of the neocons, people who constitutionally lean toward hegemonic, and conflictual national policies. Perhaps there are such types among the Chinese, but hopefully wiser heads would prevail.

        • The US is an ATM masquerading as a country.
          Fittingly and increasingly, it’s dispensing monopoly money.

          • I am undone. I offer my resignation and will return to Moscow.

            JJ is correct. China remembers Japan’s sting, I’m sure, but moreso, I had forgotten MAD.

            And, the neighbor island nations control the shipping lanes as the Pacific Shield containing China.

            Now I think I know why Hu Zhintao, Bo Xilai, and possibly Jack Ma were purged.

            They, like me, had listened a little to closely to foreign devils.
            I neglected to begin with, “The war hawks have said, that China’s making maps…”

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