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Yesterday, Bernie Sanders, Ed Markey and some other generic senators from the Democratic Party held a presser with John Fetterman at which they demanded Joe Biden use the Fourteenth Amendment to raise the debt ceiling. Fetterman is unable to form coherent sentences and he is unable to dress like an adult, so he stood around in ratty gym shorts and a hoodie.

The reason Fetterman was invited is he is a rock star in Washington. As the first severely brain damaged man to win a senate seat, he is a trail blazer according to the carny politics of this age. Because he is mentally incapable of doing anything but utter random words, he is a unique act on the political stage. His extended time in the lunatic asylum only added to his novelty.

Politics is nothing more than a carnival act now. The game is to find some novel way to stand out from the crowd but do so in such a way that you can plausibly claim to be part of a designated victim group. For a white guy, the options are limited, as you are assumed to be part of the oppressor class. Fetterman’s crazy act lets him be a victim and lecture the rest of as a white man.

That is something we have to consider. His inability to string a sentence together could be an act. Aphasia is a real thing with stroke victims, but sociopathy is far more common with politicians than aphasia with stroke victims. It is possible Fetterman is overdoing the Sling Blade act as a way to boost his standing. His extended time in the asylum could simply have been rehearsal time.

That is where we are now with our democracy. We have a guy like John Fetterman who could be a brain damaged hobo with no business in the senate. He could also be a faker, pretending to be a brain damaged hobo. Either way, the carny freaks that dominate politics think it is a great act. No one dares say that he is an embarrassment to the system because none of them are embarrassed by him.

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  2. Listening to Fetterman talked reminds me of school. I’m not sure when they started this, but I’m a millennial and when I was in school they’d put the retarded kids mixed into normal classes. So you’d have all the normal kids give normal book reports and then the retarded kid would get in front of the class and give a totally ridiculous one. No matter how much drool or crazy arm movements or incoherent language, everybody had to pretend it was totally normal.

    • It reminds me of Charlie’s campaign speech in It’s Always Sunny:

      Hello fellow American. This you should vote me. I leave power good. Thank you. Thank you. If you vote me I’m hot. What? Taxes they’ll be lower son. The democratic vote for me is right thing to do Philadelphia. So do.

    • Some race realists say that blacks, although generally dumb, can tell when liberals are condescending to them and they resent it.

      I’m sure that it varies on a case-by-case basis, but do you think the slow* kids detected the patronizing treatment? Did they really feel like they were “totally normal?” Were any of them embarrassed?

      * I first wrote “retards,” because I really like using that word on my political opponents. But when faced with a real retard, my soft heart asks, “Why do have to use *that* word when it surely hurts the real retards, who are innocent?”

  3. There are clipping services that track all your mentions. These have been around since at least the 1960s, when high school kids were hired to scour newspapers for any mention of whoever hired them.

    Of course now it can all be automated, and sent to the subscriber as a daily digest. So these people don’t need to spend their own time trawling Twitter for mentions by their detractors. In fact the clipping service may be part of their terms of media employment (since the media will be doing it anyway).

    Apparently we have similar tastes in entertainment… I too watch a lot of rescue-restorations (trucks, appliances, tools, watches…) — far preferable to TV, which I haven’t really seen in 25 years.

    • I enjoy watching engine teardowns while I’m on the exercise bike.

      Makes the training session fly by.

      Plenty of good channels out there.

      • Anyone interested in automotive history should check out THE SQUIDD on YouTube.

        His Nissan GT-R documentary was unbelievable, and I’m looking forward to his cuts on the Dodge Viper and McLaren F1.

  4. As painful as it is to listen to Fetterman, he made a very good point. That was no matter how badly the bankers behave, there are never any consequences for that bad behavior. Our prisons should be bursting at the seams with new banker prisoners. After 2008, like a few literal people, none of whom had any power were sent to prison despite all the massive amount of fraud. Had all the fraudsters been sent to prison in the wake of the 2008 banking crisis instead of getting huge bonuses, we would not be back in the same place today, only much, much larger.

    Why were SVB executives running to Hawaii as their bank was collapsing?

    Great show.

    • Well, whoever put the words in front of him to read was trying to make a good point.

    • So he’s as useless as his congressional peers. Truth is, he’s not unqualifed, they are overqualified.

    • What kind of fraud from the bankers in power took place during 2008? From my understanding, the stocks crashed as investors realized their portfolios were filled with real estate debt that was being foreclosed upon. That happened because lenders were accused of being racist for not loaning to more POCs with bad credit, and so they lowered the credit expectations. The banks were told to do so and theyd be bailed out if anything went wrong.

      • They engaged in fraud to enrich themselves. The government told them to steal $2, and they went along with that which is bad enough, but then took the opportunity to steal $3 for themselves (but the government ignored it because 10% probably went to the “Big Guy”)..

      • Fraud was widespread in loan origination, underwriting, securitization and auditing / rating services.

        The hubris of the industry also led to sloppy paperwork – such as titles being improperly recorded. Which is a type of fraud too.

    • There’s a grim pattern to everything in the GAE. A sequence of events that never seems to vary. First some problem or crisis is manufactured and sold to a gullible and credulous public. Then some utterly insane plan is hatched to address it and put in motion. After a period of several years, the truth is (only partially and grudgingly) acknowledged, first in “pariah media” and then closer and closer to the core of the establishment media. Finally, a dramatic and thunderous… nothing, absolutely nothing… is done to address the enormous crime and punish the guilty. This is perhaps the most baffling part of the whole process. It’s not that the system finds justifications for letting the perps off or tries to convince us that they themselves were just mislead. The whole matter is just ignored and not spoken of again.

      To illustrate, let’s do the Bushwars:
      1. Terrorism is a thing, therefore we need to invade a bunch of places you’ve never heard of to punish some vague “them” who wear funny hats (not those hats though).
      2. (20+ years, trillions in waste, and millions of corpses later) Well that Middle East stuff wasn’t exactly correct. Saddam didn’t really have anything to do with the Twin Towers and the Taliban was not really a problem the US needed to deal with.
      3. So should George Bush and the neocons be executed and their ill-gotten gains confiscated and given back to the American people and distributed as reparations to the people of the Middle East?

      No of course not. George Bush needs to fund his presidential library and people of the Middle East? What people, I looked at a satellite picture and all I could see there was sand. Are you sure these “people” are even a thing?

      So you can easily do the Coof this way too:
      1. There’s a new respiratory virus that kills a lot of the type of people the flu does too. Therefore we need to lock everyone in their homes for months, outlaw small business, and force everybody to inject this stuff we cooked up in our cousin’s designer drug lab.
      2. Well, the virus isn’t really that much worse than the flu and that secret sauce we made everyone take probably isn’t good for you.
      3. So should Pfizer be made to give back the 100 quadrillion dollars they made from the vaccine mandates? Should Fauci et al be prosecuted and should all those small business people who were run out of business be recompensed?

      No, we just won’t ask if you’ve had the jab and you don’t have to wear a face diaper if you don’t want to.

      The pattern does seem to be evolving too. The suffering inflicted on the victims seems to be moving closer to the core of the empire and to more directly harm those who could usually have expected to see a net benefit from the actions of the GAE. Iraq and Afghanistan were and are far removed from the reality of American life for everyone outside the military. The Coof panic turned ordinary life to shit for Americans themselves and inflicted real hardship on businesses and people thrown out of work by jab mandates.

      I would also say that without doing too much research you can see a core network of people at the center of ALL these things and that they are not always people who are “well known” in the usual ways at least. As a case in point, Bill Gates – most of us somewhat older people just thought of him as sleazy software gangster who made a lot of money selling one of the worst operating systems ever written to a public that had no experience with computers and thus didn’t know that things didn’t have to be that bad. He seems to have turned out to be much closer to the core of the Coof scam than anyone would have expected a *software* billionaire to be. Fauci himself is another mystery man who turns out to have been near the center of the AIDS panic in the 80s, an odd “coincidence” that is still not talked about much.

      This is the main lesson of the last 30 years for me. Yes, there’s “a conspiracy” going on – but it’s usually a somewhat different set of conspirators than one would think of from watching TV or other mainstream media. The Kagan cult as described by Z is a good example of this. Who would really have thought that that *particular* gang of wretchedly wicked people would have been at the center of something like 5 wars depending on how you count it? And they still may get a chance to blow up the entire world too.

    • Kaor my green Barsoomian friend;
      It would be a better point were it not coming from a member of the ultimate class of grifters, who not only, no matter how bad they behave, never suffer any consequences, but are also the class of grifters who make sure crooked bankers, who bankroll them, never suffer any consequences either.
      Every once in a while the crooks roll out a gaggle of spavined, wild eyed and coifed imbeciles to play a little kabuki for the prog slobs. Then they all stroll back to their offices laughing at the rubes [yes even a lurching homunculus like Fetterman and a certifiable complete and profound idiot like Ed Markey are laughing at the rubes] as the pelf keeps on rolling in.

    • Because it started with US.GOV. telling them to lend money to people who could ,would ,not pay back. The powers that be didn’t want to see fingers pointed at them. Goverment banks–Fannie Mae, was buying bunch of those loans. And that while the the term –LIAR LOANS was known to millions . http://www.investopidia.com : Liar loan—The type of mortgage loan that requires little or no documentation to proove the income of the borrower:

      • And then, writing regulations that pushed banks/insurance companies/pension funds into buying tons of the resulting Fredie/Fannie bonds.

        The same game blew up Europe, where the Euro regulators declared Greek bonds to be “just as safe” as German bonds.

  5. Question for the older guys on here – did you ever encounter someone like this back in the day? I feel in the 60s you had a kind of person who fit this description:

    Early silent generation (born mid 1920s to early 1930s) white male who lives in a mid century modern. Likes to listen to easy listening stuff (think Tijuana brass) and often has that hip turtleneck look. The kind of person you would see in air travel commercials (for some reason I think pan am) or on futuristic shows like star trek TOS. I would describe these people as “hip by square standards and square by hip standards”

    So for people here who were alive then – did you encounter guys like this?

      • My Father, too, although we were urbanites: upper-lower-middle class (Brooklyn), and my dad had a streak o’ hard thrown into the mix as well (Brooklyn, USMC WWII, et.al.) Great guy – I do miss him. Six kids – he kept affability in fashion at home and abroad.

    • Related, but I was traveling recently and while at a restaurant in the “deep blue” someone ordered a “Bud Light” and I looked over and I could feel the tenure coming off of this guy, his thoughts radiating :”those red staters won’t keep me from drinking crap beer, humph humph humph!”

      • DangerHaired lez-beens making a point of BudLite here in upstate NY – just yesterday.
        (What twats!)

    • I don’t know about the Tijuana Brass bit – I’d say 75% Dixieland and 25% Big Band, but yeah I knew someone who fit this description. Born in 1903 though. He dabbled as an artist in his retirement. He and his wife both smoked like chimneys and we had to air the house out after my parents’ parties. He often wore a black turtleneck, and occasionally a cravat. Both were literary sorts and the life of the party, even though they had rather staid careers before retirement – engineer and secretary. Even back then I knew they were unusual birds. (They were too old for the annoying swinging 60s antics, but he wasn’t a beat Kerouac 50s type either.) What made you think of this?

      • What made me think of it? I was thinking the other day about how a lot of what I assume the 60s were like was not like that for most people. The movie “catch me if you can” I think describes what I imagine the 60s to have been like for most people. The movie came out twenty years ago and had DiCaprio and Tom hanks

        Like I find it interesting how the fashions of Bobby (Goldsboro) and glen in the below pictures are totally unlike how the Beatles dressed. I was always a Beatles fan and I realized at some point that they were unrepresentative of what else was on the radio or in pop culture.




        • My mom lived in Atlanta (close to downtown) in the 60s and she never once saw any kind of civil rights protest. I figure that would be surprising to a lot of people

        • I think that up through about 1967, where I was in rural / small town PA, most people still dressed as they had from the 1950s, with a few style modifications — collar and belt width etc. But most men I saw not engaged in farming still wore suits to work, and hats were everyday wear. We had seen the pictures of The Beatles et al, but no one I saw aped their clothing / appearance as it evolved from that first album (Meet the Beatles, circa 1963?).

          By mid-67 we were in California’s Central Valley, suburbs of Sacramento. Total fashion change there, but still not what was seen in all the hip mags. Dedoras were no where in sight. Kids tended to wear Levis 501 jeans, a white pocket tee, and either a jean jacket or, if you were fronting for real coolness, an Army field jacket. But it all seemed pretty much of a kind with what went on 1956 and before. Kind of suburbanized ranch or working man’s wear.

          I felt like 1968 was a pivotal year. The counterculture started to make a strong impact on the outlook, behavior and fashions of the herd, and its impact was visible on the street and in the schools. Bell-bottoms began to predominate, and wild colors. There were the Nehru jackets, chains with big medallions, and the field jackets now had huge peace signs on the back. Elephant bells became a thing, and girls skirts (much to our delight), got VERY short.

          The pressure to conform and “look like them” was enormous. And the language changed: “groovy”, “cool-man”, etc began their horrible route of our language.

          It was not a good time; even then, I did not like where my generation was going. It only got worse.

          • Dedoras (not) …. “Fedoras”

            As to behavioral style: I think the tenor of my cohort began to change noticeably then, too, between ’67 and ’68, as it seemed to in the larger society. The views, language, caustic edge and critical tone, along with faux sophisticate, hipster shtick of the urban radicals finally seemed be to gaining traction.

            I recall my dad and I were driving way over to Alameda NAS in his ’64 1/2 Mustang (white with red interior) the day of the Peoples Park protest. Had to detour around that expression of cultural angst.

          • Bu to answer your question directly, KK — I saw them in California, probably more from ’68 on. I never saw them in the small town / rural east between my earliest recollections about ’61 up through ’67, but that was likely due to location and social environment. But in Cal, we lived in an area of vast suburban growth, starting mainly late 50s and accelerating into the mid ’60s. All the upper middle class neighborhoods along the American River were lined with mid-century modern developments.

            Hell, even my dad — a 20 yr Navy vet and WWII combat veteran, wore turtle necks and weird colored pants.

        • Bobby Gentry Ode to Billy Joe

          There was a virus going ’round; papa caught it, and he died last spring
          And now mama doesn’t seem to want to do much of anything.

          Even back then people were catching the coof.

        • Interesting Krusty – flying was a “big deal” that people dressed up for, hard to believe today. You’re right – a lot of people sat out the wild stuff. It’s often said the sixties didn’t really get going until the seventies, and there’s some truth in that.

          Looking back, the Righteous Brothers, the Searchers, the Association, etc, were still in suits and ties in ’64 and even ’65. But men’s hair started being swept forward (like Beatles). ’66-’67 was the big transition between suits and shaggy hair and bell bottoms showing up – vests, denim and loud patterns were becoming pretty common. ’68 is the year everything went nuts – it was like a national nervous breakdown.

          ’68 in particular was a great year to be alive but also very violent – people stared at the TV in horror as city after city burned all summer after MLK. There had been a big riot in ’67 but it was the mostly the war that really split the country more than civil rights before MLK’s assassination (contrary to the gospel according to “Mad Men” and “The Help”).

          Like you said, there were also people who didn’t go that route (maybe even the majority) like you point out with Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, etc. There was a kind of “I Spy” or “Man from UNCLE” look that many men (say 30 and older) kept – it was mostly young people, entertainers, and women who adopted the trends. Teachers, for example, wore sport jackets and the women dressed in variations of shifts, heels, and hose through most of the 70s. Our school didn’t allow jeans until ’71 and even then it was only on Fridays for the first year. Women didn’t wear slacks to work with any regularity until maybe the mid ’70s, even early ’80s.

          Unfortunately for young men, the 70s pastel polyester phase took a while to shake, as prom photos prove.

          • I just realized I might be talking about James Bond. Someone who would be hip by square standards – but if he went to Laurel Canyon – guys like Jim Morrison or Arthur Lee (leader of the forgotten group love), probably would have called him a poser/square.

            DiCaprio’s character in “once upon a time in hollywood” might fit that description but he might be more purely a square, despite being an actor.

  6. Fetterman: “Is is true, that if your bank has too many deposits, the weight may cause it to capsize?”

    • Assuming I interpreted his ramblings correctly, I agree with him Why were SVB’s executives going to Hawaii as their bank was collapsing? Why are bankers never punished for their fraud and crimes? Is it a running joke among bankers that they can do anything they want without consequences? (the question answers itself).

      • The trips to Hawaii are only symbolic though. It’s not even rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, it’s shifting an ashtray on a coffee table on the Titanic.

        Sure, the bankers should be punished, but the fact that the man Pennsylvania elected to lead the charge has to have his “ramblings” “interpreted” means that’s not going to happen.

        Bankers elected Congress.

        The system won’t be fixed from within the system.

      • For the same reason that none of the rogue elements at the three-letter agencies are ever held accountable?

      • Also, the corporate depositors ($ >> FDIC limit), who always seem to recover 100% on the dollar.

  7. as the dog and pony show distracts everyone , they are moving forward their agenda. https://www.reuters.com/article/usa-climate-agriculture/slashing-farm-emissions-critical-to-fighting-climate-change-john-kerry-says-idINL1N3771SC they have quit reporting ti food processing plant mystreious fires . that or the burned all the stuff down they don’t control . they are banning gas stoves, gas furnaces are pretty much impossible to get after the latest regulations make them impossible to make. dishwashers are next. This sort of agenda 2030 stuff is going on in europe too, and in other parts of the world. I just cannot see any reason at all who is the face of the clown show . Their only value is some like RFK jr are talking about things normise should hear, if only because a very few migh take some action to protect themselves during the comong great DE-pop/enslavement .
    have a nice weekend

    • I gotta say he perfectly fits the mental picture I have long had of the kind of president we would have at The End

  8. Zman nailed it. The Fetterman line of questioning with the failed bank execs will be the “Rosebud” sequence that captures our age perfectly.

    If we put it in a Time Capsule, the aliens will find out exactly what happened to our civilization.

  9. Have to admit, a part of me enjoys the bad publicity PA is getting these days. I see far fewer out of state plates than I did, say, 5-10 years ago, and I don’t shudder every time a farm goes up for auction. Of course, there are other problems that go with being a supposed blue shithole, but as someone who isn’t inclined to think happiness is something you can chase and buy, it’s a tentative relief.

    • It is odd that Z Man who is so knowledgeable about so many subjects, so engaging and witty, has such a blockage when it comes to name pronunciation. It makes him sound like a complete dolt and it makes my brain hurt. “Gramzee” (Gramsci) anyone? You’d think he’d make some effort to learn correct pronunciation as he has with gaining so many areas of knowledge. In the case of Ms. Laura I suppose he’s read her name but never heard it spoken.

      • Why would anyone care a wit about such trivialities? Small minds obsess over such small things.

        • It’s a matter of quality. Like dressing well instead of like a slob and keeping your surroundings clean instead of like a pigsty.

          • Or put another way, if you’re going to spend your time learning about Antonio Gramsci and his influence on current-day insanity and be able to speak intelligently about him on your podcast, as part of the deal would it be so difficult to learn how to pronounce his surname correctly?

          • If you acquire most of your knowledge from reading , pronunciation can be a problem. How do you pronounce Anna Karenina?

          • Can’t say I do. But I am deficient in many areas. So I come here to educate myself. 😉

  10. @Winter 11:01 AM,

    Never allow, you, yours, or anything you care about to become politicized, f you can help it. You will end up the subject of some modern-day Dreyfus Affair where your fate is controlled by people who don’t understand you and don’t care, and are just trying to use you to make a completely unrelated point.

    That’s what’s truly scary about cancel culture, the completely unbounded, unofficial power. It turns their targets into little Kafkas who are helpless to do anything or even understand what’s happening to them.

  11. I was taught values that said, yes, it is unkind and cruel to make fun of the less fortunate, the disabled, and so forth. But should not exceptions be made when such people are in positions of great power? A once-able person who loses their edge, for whatever reason, is worthy of pity and should be removed — gently if possible — when no longer fit for a duty. But to elect or appoint to a position of great power a person who was known to be incapable of holding that office? That is a clear and present danger.

    • Yeah, there’s a big difference between not making fun of Grandpa when he gets a little loopy and a guy why theoretically has the nuclear codes. Sons take Grandma’s car keys when they get dangerous, so no reason people in power should e any different. No one likes it, but that’s life. It’s the responsibility of loved ones to make sure they sink into the sunset peacefully and not pretend they still live in their glory days.

  12. Is that Florida immigration bill essentially a modern day Prop 187?

    If so, it shows that some people in the Florida government have an understanding of demographics and how immigration is related.

  13. I never understood the cable TV racket. To order the 4 or 5 channels you will actually watch is more expensive than the bundle which includes the 4 or 5 channels you will actually watch. They usually structure these packages in such a way that the 4 or 5 channels you want are in different tiers and so you have to order an expensive tier to get them all. On top of that, you have to pay to get the channels but you are still bombarded with commercials, more commercials than on free over the air TV.

    • Actually, I think you have a very good understanding of rhe cable TV racket. But being potentially a very selective viewer was the thing that made you notice just how much of a ripoff the cable TV racket really is.

      This is a generalizable skill set across many areas of contemporary human culture; but sadly, its exercise almost invariably culminates in a recognition of how inescapable such racketeering has become.

      • An incredible amount of people subscribe to things like cable and never use it, but never bother to cancel. It’s why gym memberships can be so cheap also.

    • and that’s why people are cutting the cord, and cable is shrinking in market share.

    • Offering the 4 or 5 unbundled channels at a higher price is a clumsy way of Price Anchoring.

      I remember a long time ago considering subscribing to a financial newspaper and when I was looking at the prices on their website I couldn’t help but think there must have been some algorithm gone wrong. They had three main options: the rubbish option (paper only)*, the standard (paper + unlimited online articles) and the Executive Red Carpet option ( etc. + the kitchen sink). The idea is that the first option is just a mirage to make the truly standard option look good in comparison.
      However the first option was say $110/month, second $34.99/month and third $52.99/month. It completely broke the fourth wall.

      I actually only wanted the paper so didn’t end up subscribing at all.

    • I came to the same realization a few years ago and got a Roku instead. Saved over $100 a month.

    • Correct. Even if they wanted to stop Deep State corruption, they could not. This isn’t a matter of “won’t.” It is a matter of “can’t.” The Durham kabuki has made this abundantly clear.

  14. If you want to be a real rebel, shave, eschew tattoos, wear a fedora and gray flannel suit, and smoke a pipe. Hell, you could get tossed into an imperial dungeon based solely upon looking like the classic civilized white man.

    • I wear slacks, blazer, dress pants and shoes to work every day, even though it is not required – and I am the only one who does (except upper levels). I often wear a tie, too. No fedora, though.

      • Looking good is a thumb in the Eye of Sauros. And I mean that. Beauty is a truth that cannot be refuted for it is self-evident. The archons of the Power Structure, who subvert truth, perforce crave and cultivate ugliness.

      • … me too, I am old (92) and oldfashioned, when I step outside the front door I wear a plain cotton dress with seemly accessories, lipstick and a dash of eyebrow pencil. I am not vain although COVID made me a Rebel, but this is the truth: invariably some nice chap says ‘I like your dress’, some black man: ‘you got style’ the Kroger cashier: ‘you so stylish’. For a moment I have turned someone’s dingy environment normal, gratifying but sad it should take so little …

        • I’m sure you’re a vision of loveliness, Ms. Thompson. Here’s to you.

        • I don’t care what you look like. The point is that *you* still care! Was thinking about that recently with my wife. She’s not 92, nor 40 something anymore and spends a *lot* more time in preparation that she used to, but damn that means more to me than when we were young. Keep it up girl….

      • I used to work in a university law library as a staffer, charged with the execution of various sorts of duties; circulation desk, stacks work, as intake clerk for US government documents. Even though these duties were largely scut work, I thought it appropriate that dressing professionally was a mark of respect not only for the institution, but also for the patrons. I always attired myself in a jacket, a tie, corresponding pants, and polished shoes.

        Not so the librarians, the “professionals”, as for the most part their attire was very informal, and sometimes rather shabby (faded shirts, disreputable khakis).

        Several times, when I was sranding next to one of these “professionals”, a parron would address a question to me, instead. Although I found this very droll, I always kept a poker face, and informed them that I was the wrong one to whom they were directing their question, and referred them to the “professional” standing next to me.

        I do possess a number of fedoras, both the broad-brimmed types favored in the 30s and 40s, as well as the narrow-brimmed types favored in the 50s and 60s. I also sometimes smoke a pipe, but I never smoked in the library, or wore a hat when on duty.

        • I wish I had kept my parents clothes after they both passed, they were cool dressers, my dad had the wide painted silk ties, wide lapels, two tone wingtips, my mom had matching knitted sweaters wearing the cone bra underneath so she looked like the taillights of an old car, wide patent leather belts, peep toe wedgie shoes and RED lipstick. They went out to “nightclubs” that featured hypnotists and cigarette girls.

          • When my father died, he had in his closet at *least* 2 dozen suits that he wore daily to work—and he was a “blue collar” worker. I remember taking the best dozen with shirts and other accoutrements and having them cleaned and pressed for when we brought him home from the hospital. Unfortunately he never left the hospital. A bitter sweet memory of the man.

      • Heh. In all fairness, that $8 Walmart trilby wouldn’t share a hook with my $180 Stetson Whippet. Now that’s a hat.

        • Correct. And here’s a couple of tips. First, if you’ve got a fat face, don’t wear a stingy brim; you need something bigger. Also, lose that scraggly-assed beard.

    • I’ve settled on looking like a guy working in the pits at a drag race in 1975. No faction of any ruling class anywhere approves of that guy.

      In 1975 I’d have been a respectable suit man, but I doubt there’s a single example of any suit man since then doing anything right, so I can’t symbolically join them.

  15. Regarding the FBI corruption, some remarkable testimony was elicited from whistleblowers at yesterday’s congressional show hearing. The long and short of it is the same techniques of deplatforming, de-banking, and so forth were used against the agent with impunity after they came forward. Most were reduced to begging.

    Imagine wanting to do the right thing and knowing you are putting your fate in the hands of conservatives and Republicans, particularly the D.C. version. Dear Lord.

    What has become apparent is the national security state is firmly in control now and the alleged elected representatives simply are their puppets. Whether that is due to financial and sexual blackmail, which does occur, or whatever else the reason, the American police state apparatus cannot be defunded or thwarted. The rest of the world probably was onto this long before we were.

    Also, I really, really hope you are wrong that TPTB truly believe the nonsense they push, or the belief is at least limited to their retarded propaganda whores. Otherwise, my already heightened concern about being nuked and/or a full-blown genocide being attempted is understated.

    • I’m with Z on this. I believe the large majority of them really do believe.

      • I really hope you both are wrong. I suspect you aren’t, unfortunately. This type of mass delusion usually results in pointless bloodshed.

    • Notice though that it appears that not too many of the elite took the vax. With an approximate 4% serious life altering condition or death associated with the vax there should be more than a few of them pushing up daisies.

      As an example the U.S. Congress. They have 535 members in the House and Senate. At a 50% vax rate there should have been about 10 of them who had/have serious problems. I have not heard of any.

      Rand Paul, possibly without thought, let it slip that Congress had access to Ivermectin. So it would seem a lot of them knew the truth about the Covid/Vax hoax but talked out the other side of their mouths when speaking about it.

  16. From your right wing perspective, Fetterman doesn’t make sense.

    From a leftist perspective, Fetterman is at the top. The more grotesque, the more incompetent, the more stupid, the higher status one has among members “the left”. The worse your behavior, the more sympathy they feel for you, and the more they like you.

    • This is true but only if the freak identifies as part of the leftwing tribe. If someone is not of the Left, their freakishness is pointed out ad nauseum. They are truly sick people and therefore perfectly capable of mass murder. It is who they are.

    • Also, just like with Biden, people who voted for Fetterman were voting for the team that was propping him up.

      I’m sure that my liberal acquaintances would agree that Biden is in decline, but they don’t care, because they trust his cabinet. Then, they would probably say, “better a cognitively challenged progressive than an evil republican!’

      • How many people do you think actually voted for Fetterman? I’d say, maybe 75% of his purported vote total…

      • Yes.

        You are my go-to guy re PoMo. If you would, or to anyone else who may know, did the Frankfurt School ever discuss an endpoint, or would the inversion be constant, a permanent revolution, for want of a better term? In other words, is this a vehicle to a certain point, when the revolution is achieved, and redefinition is no longer necessary? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that addressed, and freely admit it may be in blinking neon and I missed it.

        • The first thing to note is that the Frankfurters weren’t pomos; they were a species of Marxists called critical theorists, and their influence in America waned precisely when the pomos, led by Foucault, came onto the scene in the late 60s.

          Second, and unlike Marxists/communists, the pomos posit no telos, let alone a utopia. Ultimately, they hate the world because, they believe, it is controlled by the white race, and wish to see it burn. Beyond that, they have no goals. They are a species of nihilist. What we’re experiencing is immolation via profound alteration.

          • Thank you. If it ends it will not be because of them but despite them, then. Nihilism is the best description I have read. The destruction does seem completely pointless most of the time and my attempts sometimes to attribute the madness to certain goals is misplaced. I totally buy your explanation.

            Thanks again.

          • Nihilism is the end point of liberalism – the only question is how fast individual acolytes arrive at that end point.

            That was obvious to intelligent observers of the liberal enlightenment more than a century ago – see Dostoevsky’s works from the late 19th century – especially “The Possessed” (alternatively translated as The Devils).

          • I disagree that the end goal is nihilism. The goal is to rule over others, to exploit their resources, poach their best women, and to force you to praise them for doing so.

            Otherwise, you’re anti-s3mitic.

    • This is Dalryple territory. They don’t want to convince you–they don’t need to–they already have acheived power. They want to humiliate you. Submission will do, resignation. Chirp if you wish, they will crow.

  17. I hope we can be a little off topic on Friday, because it seems like this is as classic of an example of anarcho-tyranny as you could possibly find. Some hapless white chick tries to rent a bike in NYC, and a bunch of black dudes try to steal it:


    It seems she’s now been fired from her job. To add insult to injury, I suspect these guys actually stole the bike so she’s probably being charged to replace it.

    • I read this story and immediately thought, “yea it totally makes sense that a lone pregnant white lady in NYC with her employer identification prominently displayed is going to try to steal a CitiBike from five black teenagers.”

      The immediate rush to destroy this poor woman shows just what little privilege White people actually have. I’m just glad she wasn’t hurt or worse. She also claims to be a full supporter of “social justice” in her GoFundMe, I wonder if that is still true in the private recesses of her brain.

      • What it really reminds me of is that sick story from a few years ago about some Karen and her dog in Central Park. Some “birdwatcher” of color started harassing her and she told him to leave her alone. He then threatened to poison her dog. She probably should have just run away, but instead called the police on this weirdo. But when the police arrived who do you think ended up in trouble?

        As I recall, she was not just fired from her job but the tyrants in NYC took her dog away from her.

        • Yes, that incident was one of the first sparks of the 2020 American color revolution. It led to NYS passing a law saying that if you call the cops against a black person, you can be charged with a hate crime if the system deems the call unwarranted. I really wonder if this woman thought of this law as she was being harassed by these blacks.

          Charles Blow also wrote an incredibly nasty and bigoted op-ed where he essentially called White women domestic terrorists. He rolled out a “white woman tears” frame which was used against this woman just this week. That op-ed sticks in my mind because, although I knew it before of course, because it so clearly articulated just how much the establishment hates White people. Of course, White women did not get the same lesson I did, as they were out there protesting their own people and their own civilization a few months later.

          I know this isn’t an election year like 2020 was, but the media really does seem to be stoking a lot of racial agitation right now. Things could get bumpy.

          • The stage management was breathtaking. While Z has a point about emergent behavior, there is a helluva lot of direction employed.

            It is easy to forget, but the jogger Arbery was a dry run for the Floyd riots. It fell short because it was obvious that he was a dirt bag, not that white men are not languishing in a Georgia gulag over it.

            I would not be in the least surprised to learn the so-called “bird watcher” was an op, too.

          • Jack-

            According to those familiar with that area of, Central Park the bird-watching was likely cover for meeting dudes anonymously.

      • Ah. Another pathologically altruistic white clown. To Hell with her. She’s the enemy and deserves whatever she gets from her negro pets and the system to which she undoubtedly lent aid and comfort.

        • “Ah. Another pathologically altruistic white clown. To Hell with her. She’s the enemy and deserves whatever she gets from her negro pets and the system to which she undoubtedly lent aid and comfort.”

          True. But we would be fools to not use this incident to illustrate the dangers of anti-white hatred. If nothing else, we should mock the libs for getting it so wrong. We should call them stupid and tell them they’re vile monsters for abusing a pregnant woman. We should haughtily tell them that they put that woman’s life in danger, and how dare they? Where is their humanity? We should make them feel foolish and embarrassed (assuming this is possible.)

          Regardless of her politics, if we refuse to use these incidents to promote our side and humiliate our opponents, we might as well join the GOP in refusing to press our advantage when circumstances are in our favor.

          After all, the next woman being assaulted may be one of ours.

          • Yes, I agree. Make use of these incidents to the best of our ability, but I would argue that attempting to shame Leftists is beyond hopeless. These people have no conscience, and I sometimes think they have no soul. But to the extent that the Grillers can be reached, by all means throw this stuff in their faces.

          • “Yes, I agree. Make use of these incidents to the best of our ability, but I would argue that attempting to shame Leftists is beyond hopeless.” – Ostei Kozelskii

            Agreed. And yet, for some inexplicable reason, I’ve been following this on Twitter with much interest. The patterns are fascinating. Some observations:

            Now that the truth has come out, the vast majority blacks still absolutely refuse to believe that the scholars did anything wrong. It defies logic, but alas fits established patterns. Most still believe the scholars were telling the truth and insist that the woman is lying. And even among those who DO believe the woman, they’re still saying she handled it badly and still deserves to be punished. We need to remember this if/when we gain power, and the shoe is on the other foot.

            On the other hand, some white people, particularly women, are expressing embarrassment and regret for jumping to conclusions. These are people who are more likely to see our side in the future. They’ll also be less likely to believe the media’s version of events. This is a win, even if a small one.

            On a similar note, the blacks who led the Twitter mob are receiving a delightful amount of hate and mockery. As our host says, it would take a heart of stone to not laugh at these people.

        • Her gofundme stated her progressive bonafides. At that point I wished they would have beaten her until every drop of progressivism left her system.

          • We sometimes wonder whether the Leftists actually believe their own deranged ideology. Well, here’s a strong piece of evidence that many of them do. Even when the exponents of their ideology do them grave harm and the system based upon the ideology compounds that harm, they have no second thoughts, let alone do they recant. Not only do these people believe, they are fanatics.

    • “To add insult to injury, I suspect these guys actually stole the bike so she’s probably being charged to replace it.”

      The story is maddening. After working a 12-hour shift, a pregnant white nurse paid for a Citi bike to ride home, only to be surrounded by five black men who pushed the bike back on the rack and then claimed the bike was theirs. Because she refused to simply give it up, she was berated, filmed, mocked for “fake crying,” and told that her unborn baby was going to come out retarded.

      Afterward, thanks to the phone footage posted by the black guys, the anti-white mob was whipped up into a frenzy, reporters visited her apartment complex, told her neighbors she was racist, and she was put on leave from her job. This dispute made national news, with most of the stories stressing how her fake crying and calling for help put those future rocket scientists in danger.

      It’s crazy to think that a mob of people actually believed that a pregnant white woman chose to steal a bike from five black men. But of course, the video clip doesn’t show the beginning of the altercation, as usual.

      Turns out, she has receipts proving that she rented the bike. It was hers all along. The black youth was lying. So basically, her life is being ruined because she refused to let herself get robbed and cried as she was being assaulted. (If she had given them the bike, she would’ve been responsible for it and accrued a $1,200 cost if it wasn’t returned within 24 hours.)

      Even now, after she’s produced receipts proving that she was the victim in all of this, black twitter doesn’t believe it. “She’s lying. The receipts are redacted. Maybe the black ‘youth’ rented it, too, and it’s Citi bike’s fault… etc etc etc.” Or, “Yeah, she was being stolen from, but she should’ve just politely refused to give up the bike rather than calling for help. They were both in the wrong.”


      I’d love to see a Zman post about the whole Karen thing. Personally, I consider it an anti-white slur to prevent white women from standing up for themselves.

      • As an example, here’s a current tweet about it:

        “Receipts – IMO – mean nothing. Nothing excuses the behavior of this woman – receipts or not. She does not value the lives of these men – and that very likely translates to her treatment of patients. She needs to be removed from the job permanently.”

        So, basically this twitter idiot is saying, “Even if she was robbed, she was wrong to call for help because this endangered the blacks.”

        There is no reasoning with these people.

        • Why would she care about those so-called “men”? They are animals and should be treated as such. And, in a saner era, we did treat them as such.

      • ‘I’d love to see a Zman post about the whole Karen thing. Personally, I consider it an anti-white slur to prevent white women from standing up for themselves.’

        Going back at minimum to the mid-Nineteenth century, it was white females collectively who created and ran the Race Grievance Show. Why? To seem to ride on the back of righteousness-against-oppression, as with abolitionism, when in fact it was the devil’s back they mounted.

        It is still the white female demographic driving and providing cover for the entire Identity Victim Complex — grievance ‘racism’, celebrated homosexuality and transvestitism, political prisoners, overrun borders, ad nauseum.

        White Princess Karen x 90 million are base and backbone of the nation’s destruction, and of the degradation of the white male that folks here rightly bemoan and critique. Heck I watched them do it on campuses in the Nineties.

        For every Race Grievance org in America, there are a hundred, a thousand, Women’s orgs. I grew up amid racial rioting and strife, but it’s not the black man who behaved as my enemy the past four decades.

        This individual woman may be a Leftie or not, I dunno. I will defend my brothers in this hour but I will not defend those who smugly persecuted me and mine, and still do. seeking my overthrow, humiliation, and destruction. Sow, reap.

      • “The story is maddening. After working a 12-hour shift, a pregnant white nurse paid for a Citi bike to ride home”

        No sympathy for this evil twat from me. I live around these people and I will always say that, in spite of growing up around Baltimore blacks, I’m currently far more hateful towards shitlib Whites like this that the blacks.

        I especially despise the hipster “new urbanism” on display here. Where I grew up most of the White people were liberal but had the sense to treat the city like the hostile third world shithole it was. This meant that they bought big powerful cars and drove routes that kept them out of the hood if they were forced to work in the city. No one who wasn’t literally retarded rode a f00kin BIKE unless they had lost their license. Then there’s the fact that she’s pregnant and still working and still thinks riding a bike is a good idea. You Go Xirl! Of course she put up a GoFukMe where she told us how progressive she still is. So in other words: I’m a stupid White liberal twat with no common sense who thought a bike ride through Little Rwanda was a good idea while pregnant AND I failed to learn anything from the experience – now give me money!

    • She voted for and supports social policies that have led up to her event. I support her attackers, as I support males competing in areas formerly reserved for pampered females, because it inarguably shows society that males and females are not fungible equivalents. Women are weak without men. Period. Let them defend themselves physically when assaulted, I have no problem pulling up the popcorn and watching their maiming, death and humliation. None.

      • While you’re eating popcorn, could you spare a few minutes to demoralize the other side for getting it so wrong?

        Look, I’m not suggesting we donate to this woman’s fundraiser, but lots of prominent race baiters jumped all over this story. This made national news before the facts came out. In far too many of these cases, it’s a matter of he-said/she-said. This is not one of those cases. She has proof that the future rocket scientists were lying.

        The media ran hard and heavy with this story. As usual, they got it laughably wrong. We shouldn’t let our scorn for this woman’s politics stop us from calling our enemies not only stupid, but immoral, for endangering a pregnant woman. We have the high road here. We should use it to lob stink-bombs down onto the other side.

        If we don’t take opportunities like these, we’re not much better than the GOP, at least when it comes to strategy.

        • “We should make them feel foolish and embarrassed (assuming this is possible.)”

          It’s not.
          So you are wasting your time.

        • The Other Side doesnt hate us because they have their facts wrong. They have their facts wrong, and dont care, because they hate us.

      • That’s a bit much. Yes, the woman deserves a certain level of comeuppance from the entire system she’s supported, but that doesn’t mean she should die, and it doesn’t mean we should “support her attackers.” The fact of the matter is, there are no heroes in this tableau. Only fools, beasts and monsters. A pox–a real pox, unlike Covid–on all of them.

        • I realized reading through these comments that I don’t even care, like I wouldn’t even care if she did steal the bike from them. Black yoots with a bike should give up their ride to a pregnant White woman. Why weren’t they more courteous and helped her out? What makes that bike so special that they can’t share? Sorry/not-sorry, just how I roll now….

    • You know that feeling you get when you read something like this, that, “I could shoot these black f**kers in the head and then go eat breakfast” feeling? Go with it. That’s your historical DNA kicking in, telling you it’s them or us. That’s the feeling that the Vikings, Celts, Huns and Visigoths had when they were the people that not even the Roman empire wanted to screw with. True, Caucasians have superior impulse control which helps with building civilizations and amassing wealth, but sometimes you just have to go batshit crazy to keep the rabble in line.

  18. We have a guy like John Fetterman who could be a brain damaged hobo with no business in the senate. He could also be a faker, pretending to be a brain damaged hobo. Either way, the carny freaks that dominate politics think it is a great act.

    When you’re to the point where faking brain damage is a path to political power, just call it. Game over, man.

    • Small potatoes. We are at the point where a man pretending to be a woman is both a protected class and an admiral.

  19. Imagine being a respectable professional or working class person, who holds together a job, a life, a home, a family, and then you publicly voice your support for a guy who can’t even wear a button down shirt and some slacks at a campaign rally. Then on election day, you do your duty in our sacred democracy by voting for a brain damaged hobo who cannot speak in full senteces. It’s humiliating, plain and simple. The elites put these freaks in front of you to debase you. It is telling you that you are not worthy of being represented by a respectable person like yourself. It is telling you that they aren’t even going to pretend like your voice matters because you are such a loser that you voted for a guy who cannot perform basic functions to live let alone work. Look at Dianne Feinstein. The Democrats and the media are not even pretending that she is doing her job anymore, she is just there to break some ties in the Senate.

    • A co-worker’s daughter’s Kia was just pinched on Monday in Buffalo, just a few blocks from where all the blizzard looting took place last winter. Funny, that.

  20. ‘Either way, the carny freaks that dominate politics think it is a great act.’

    New Amerika is little more than a Theater of Mockery.

    Who are they mocking? Men, and whites in particular, for white men and boys have been the focus of their envy, resentment and hatred for forty years in the institutional sense. They openly persecute and threaten us now, believing themselves invulnerable.

    Who is being paraded before the world as bumbling, brain-damaged, useless idiots, far past their tribal time? A POC female who identifies as Otherkin?

    Nupe. Two white males, Biden and Fetterman. The point is to deconstruct America and Christianity by daily illustrating the incompetence of the Evil White Male . . . such a loser he can’t even form a sentence, walk up the airplane ramp, etc.

    It’s a two-fer. The nation is further undermined and paralyzed towards Great Reset path, while masculinity and whiteness are further degraded, paraded before the world as joke, as carnival act.

    • X-cellent anal-ysis.

      “The point is to deconstruct America and Christianity”

      Psychological Warfare Campaigns funded by the Usury Industrial Complex for the sole purpose of miscegenating the White race straight into extinction.

      Our women are now being brainwashed by the Sanhedrin into believing that White seed is weak & inferior, whereas ch!mpanzee seed is strong & superior.


      John Cleese urged to scrap Life of Brian joke about man having a baby

      Actors warned John Cleese that his Life of Brian stage show should not include a scene about a man wanting to be a woman and have a baby, the comedian has said.

      The Monty Python star is working on a stage production of the troupe’s 1979 comedy film, The Life of Brian, which parodies the Messianic message of the New Testament.

      In the film version, a character named Stan explains that he wants to be a woman called Loretta and “have babies”, before being told by Cleese’s character Reg that this was impossible…


      • ‘Psychological Warfare Campaigns funded by the Usury Industrial Complex for the sole purpose of miscegenating the White race straight into extinction.’

        Most of psy-war still derives from East Coast old money families and fraternities, not Semitic but largely European, esp. Anglo Saxon. A through-line from Elizabeth I to the Templar Bankers to MI6 and the CIA. The mid-to-lower levels of the CIA and FBI increasingly are dominated by women, of various races and genetic backgrounds. The upper levels of intel are not Semitic. Bill Burns and Chris Wray are Anglo. Mayorkas is Cuban.

        Apostate Jewish influence is primarily at the bureaucratic admin level, Biden’s Cabinet is a good example. Jews aren’t prominent at the decision-making level. I have written elsewhere of the strong influence of Jewish women in 20th Century feminism.

          • ray: “Most of psy-war still derives from East Coast old money families and fraternities, not Semitic but largely European, esp. Anglo Saxon. A through-line from Elizabeth I to the Templar Bankers to MI6 and the CIA.”

            You think there’s a super secret ancient society of Druidistic Doggerlander/Jutlanders which gives marching orders to the Council of the Sanhedrin ?!?!?

  21. With incontinent coprolites* like Joe Biden or Diane Feinstein, you can almost excuse their presence in the system as being signs of an order without any fresh blood or the capability for revitalizing itself. But the presence of John Fetterman makes it clear that all of this—including probably Biden—is a flex by the real rulers, whoever they are. It’s The Emperor’s New Clothing, a loyalty test to see how willing you are to debase yourself for entry beyond the drawbridge and portcullis into the castle proper.

    “Look at that bald brain-damaged Uncle Fester and say that he is fighting for the rights of Pennsylvanians. Look at that senile man barely able to read the teleprompter and say that he is issuing a fierce warning to America’s foes abroad. Look at that broad-shouldered man swimming in that women’s competition and tell him he is a brave and stunning woman.” If you pass the test, abasing yourself, you can at least be allowed into the castle. You’ll probably get nothing but table scraps, but that’s more than the rebellious slaves and serfs get.

    I always think of that Vincent Price version of “Masque of the Red Death,” in which Prince Prospero lets the nobles hide from the plague in his castle. But in exchange for his protection, they have to amuse him. “Bray, you jackass,” he says to one, and the guy does it without hesitation. “Crawl on your belly, worm!” That’s basically what the late night “comedy” hosts like Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert do every night, as well as the “news” “reporters”. I wonder if during any previous revolutions, the toadying jesters lost their heads along with their rulers and patrons?

    *Coprolites are the fossilised faeces of animals that lived millions of years ago. They are trace fossils, meaning not of the animal’s actual body. A coprolite like this can give scientists clues about an animal’s diet.

    • It requires an astonishing degree of sociopathy to engage in this type of self-degradation. In the case of Biden and Fetterman, it is sociopathy-by-proxy. Even Lady MacBeth had limits. From what I gather, Soviet comedians largely avoided direct comment on politics; they didn’t have to toe the party line on ridiculous things as a result (I’m sure there were Trotsky jokes and so forth that predated television). Fallon and Colbert, whoever, humiliate themselves nightly on behalf of the State. It makes the USA even more totalitarian than the USSR in that narrow regard.

    • Keeping with the Poe theme–of which I heartily approve–we can only hope that some enraged jesters decide to pull a Hop-Frog on certain panjandrums in the Power Structure. It would be glorious and salutary.

  22. the GOP needs to use the nuclear option, and run a full on retard for president. no half measures. his signature move will be to take a dump on the stage after every speech/debate.

      • Actually, going retard is perfectly fine. In fact preferable. “The world’s greatest deliberative body” would rather have a bunch of retards than bunch of renegades like Matt Gaetz.

    • You are pleased to jest! But what you suggest is squarely within the realm of possibility. There is nothing so bizarre, so deranged, that it won’t be seriously contemplated and perhaps implemented.

    • Ladies and Gentlemen, the Presidential Short Bus is pulling up now. Um.. there seems to be a commotion of some sort, the um.. President appears to be beating his helmet against the window of the bus… The Secret Service is carrying him out the rear exit. He appears to have soiled himself… again…

    • It seems that ol’ Penn’lvanny is the epicenter of The Great Derangement. Lots of Grillers live there between Gorilladelphia and Pittsburgh, though. One wonders if they’ve paused to put down their digital meat thermometers even once.

      • Well, what can they do when PA is the Angharad of Democracy Fortification.

        • Oh, I’m not talking about voting harder. Simply finding their way over to this here blog would be quite sufficient for me.

    • Please, God, let that happen. Also, dear Lord, please have Admiral Dick give the keynote at the DNC, entering the stage to Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wildside.” My life would be complete then.

      • Nahhh. Aerosmith. Dude Looks Like A Lady. Rub it in the boomers faces, your Classic Rock is part and parcel of this.

      • Basically, any of the tunes from the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack also work as background music for our politics. Let’s do the time warp again!

  23. Fetterman is my favorite Senator and George Santos my favorite Congressman. The reason for this is Congress is a joke and a dumpster fire, filled with smooth-talking men and women who lie about everything to their constituents as they do the opposite of what they verbally espouse. Congress’s approval rating is something like 14%. I prefer my politicians to match up with the reality as much as possible, and Fetterman and Santos being in Congress expose the whole thing as a sick joke. It’s very reminiscent of Caligula appointing his favorite horse, Incitatus, to the Senate in Rome; he, too, would have been my favorite Senator.

    Democracy is a sick joke, allowing oligarchs to rape and pillage the masses who have no voice and no say.

    “Capital must protect itself in every possible way, both by combination and legislation. Debts must be collected, mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When, through process of law, the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of the government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers. These truths are well known among our principal men, who are now engaged in forming an imperialism to govern the world. By dividing the voters through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. It is thus, by discrete action, we can ensure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.” – Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England, addressing the U.S. Bankers’ Association, New York, Idaho Leader, 26 August 1924.

    • looking on the bright side, at least Fetterman doesn’t lie. he might be trying to but it all comes out scrambled.

    • “When, through process of law, the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of the government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers.”

      That reminds me – the losers of WWII, Germany and Austria, have some of the lowest home ownership rates in the developed world. Their populations are super docile and cucked too.

    • Interesting comparison between Fetterman and Santos. Santos is a high-functioning clown and may have actually hoodwinked the electorate himself, rather than letting the party do it for him. Since his party is the GOP, he’s under indictment naturally.

      Fetterman is a barely-functioning clown and was foisted upon the electorate by Team Blue. So he’s the preferred regime clown.

  24. Q said it: you’re watching a movie. Politics is very poorly-produced entertainment. Was Q a psyop, or was it some audience-participation meta-thing? Idk.

    There’s reality, and then somebody describes it and makes an -ism, and everybody watches the -isms dance on the cave wall, and the big brains discuss the -isms, thinking they’re perceiving some higher reality. It’s a big old -ism show.

    And maybe one gets disgusted and say Let it burn, but ideas don’t burn, because ideas can’t be physically destroyed, only suppressed or, lacking power, ignored. Reality can burn, but as long as the -isms dance on, most people won’t notice b

    Idk, capture the white man’s imagination, and you’ve captured him. What a mess!

    • Geeze that show was always hailed as brilliant and prophetic. But lately it is almost painful to realize how much so.

  25. Never forget that millions of Pennsylvanians voted for Fetterman.

    Yeah baby! Got to have me some more of that voting-harder in the next election. That’s the ticket. The RINOs lost the last election because of their deficit in the retard vote, so its time to grow the vibrant voting base by pandering to the catatonic vegetable cohort. And don’t forget the club-footed midget of color demographic. Together we will all join hands and vote harder harder. Bongino will have an orgasm of cosmic ecstasy if you bring 9 more deviants to voting station with you. Dead or alive, it doesn’t matter. If we just “believe” hard enough, we CAN vote our way out of the mess we’re in. It’s so obvious now. What was I thinking when I doubted the competence of the normie voter? The Fetterman is our new Lord and Savior. The Glorious Utopia awaits!

    • It was the youth whose vote put Fetterman in. It wasn’t aging boomers, it was the youth – college students and graduates of Penn, CMU, UP, Penn St., … …

      Let that sink in.

      • Most of whom wouldn’t have bothered were the ballots not hand delivered to them and then submitted on their behalf

        But if you accept that “democracy” is a good thing, then it’s hard to explain why that practice is bad

      • Lol, you think there were “votes” that had something to do with him being selected. Did the leprechaun riding a unicorn tell you that, or is your belief in fantasy limited to what you are told by people who loathe your very existance?

    • What I’ve thought is that millions of Pennsylvanians voted to be “ruled” by unknown, unseen, behind-the-curtain power. These people are of “slave mentality” and unworthy of a say in the political process. Of course, I’ve said that for some time now.

    • “millions of Pennsylvanians voted for Fetterman”

      Correction: millions of votes were counted for Fetterman.

      • I would bet that a lot of Pennsylvanians looked at a Vichy Right dual citizen Turk running against him and said “fuck this clown show, I’m staying home”.

        I did. Because what would have happened if The Turk had “won”? Exactly what we got with Strokey. I’d argue that Strokey is better for the dissident right, as it accelerates the inevitable.

        • Still have “Strokey and the Turk” to the tune of “Benny and the Jets” running through my head every time this comes up!

        • Fetterman’s value goes well beyond the DR. He forces even Normie to witness how repulsive the system has become. Ditto Levine. Our enemies are doing the hard lift for us. Normie is never going to become a dissident or anywhere close, ever, but he can be disgusted. We will have to rebuild after this thing goes tits up, and Normie will need to see the wisdom in not making the mistakes of the past. Fetterman, Levine, Harris, et al help in that regard.

        • lurch being elected is a big plus, because he is (and will be) absent a lot due to health problems – can’t vote.

  26. Laura Ingraham was very good on the immigration issue. She cucked on Fox though, not that I ever watch it. She had a radio show until 2018

  27. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but Zman practically had me spitting up my coffee with laughter as I read his accompanying prose. Fetterman is easily my favorite politician in America right now. If he ran for president, I’d consider breaking my non-voting streak (having sat out the most recent four presidential general elections) to cast a ballot for him. Politics is all a puppet show anyway. Might as well have the most ludicrous puppets we can get. Fetterman is a godsend!

  28. I don’t think he is faking it. I think he is the perfect stooge for the alien occupation. Fetterman and Biden are the perfect stooges in the tradition of Boris Yeltsin – the first buffoon stooge the same oligarchs stood up before Putin played his perfect poker hand to kick them out.

    This has the potential to be very damaging for young white people. It feeds into the project to degrade and debase us, and in particular our young people. We need to be strong role models for our children and keep them away from the TV and the Internet.

    • I assume his comments on Fetterman faking it are tongue in cheek, but if not, it would require way too much discipline for Fetterman to pull it off. Eventually he would get irritable and bark and someone for not getting him something fast enough or make another lucid statement of exasperation.

      I suppose the left could argue there is a precedent for Fetterman, with Woodrow Wilson continuing to serve as President in a similar capacity. As this was before the mass media era Edith Wilson and her team were able to get away with it. There was also some discussion for running him again in 1920, but back then that was never going to happen. Wilson, although evil, was an intelligent and accomplished man before his stroke. Fetterman has always been a bizarre dunce.

    • I’m inclined to believe he’s not faking it either. One thing not mentioned is that brain damage individuals are often controllable as they are suggestive. I suspect that’s one of the aspects that makes Fetterman the ideal candidate for TPTB.

  29. “No one dares say that he is an embarrassment to the system because none of them are embarrassed by him.”

    And because he is a Member of the Tribe that controls the System. You are always forbidden to criticize your masters.

    • This goes right along with pushing increasingly fat and ugly women into every space, trannies, prostitution, etc. Part of it is “dunking” (see what we think of you, your “representative” is a brain dead slob!) but part of it to is just grinding society down into a gray, satanic slime where nothing means anything.

      • Take some German- or English-sounding names to fit in. Nobody knows who’s who anymore. Lovingly add some judeo-christianity and victim cult to the mix. We’ll all be members of a pathetic, gray, mutty tribe soon enough— and they’ll probably give it the honor of naming it Jew. ‘Cause things have a way of turning around like that in spite of intentions. Gotta laugh at the absurdity!

      • Some DR people see tribespeople around every corner and under every bed.

        • Hey, Heebie, didn’t you used to hang out with Hymie Yidberg down at Katz’s Deli back in the day?

        • Yeah yeah laugh it up. Until you’re lying in bed in the middle of the night and hear the rat trap you baited with a penny go off, followed by loud Jerry Lewis-esque onomatopoeic screaming.

  30. I’ve had this thought before. The next frontier in minority-worshipping will be the mentally ill. They will start appearing on military ads, Ford commercials, Bud Light cans. There will be a flag made for them.

    This has already been tried with “Autism Speaks” but it will go 2.0 soon. Like 25% of those under 40 are gay, 25% (or more, why not?) will be mentally ill. And this won’t be run-of-the-mill-take-10mg-of-Lexapro mentally ill. This will be suicidal types. Expect lots of stories about guns to their head or chugging a bottle of pills.

    The GAE is destined to be the most feminine, the gayest, and the most mentally-ill empire in history. I’m actually kind of excited to see where this all goes.

    • You have no idea how right you are. Check out the vocal part of the disabled community. They’re pushing self-diagnosis and expanding the word disabled to cover anything you can think up.

      • It’s amazing how fast these communities change pants. “Disabled” would be considered a near slur. “I’m ‘differently-abled.'” Uh-huh. You sure you want to run with that?

      • Yep. Every other vehicle has one of those dam’ handicapped tags hanging from the interior mirror. This is what happens when disability is defined downward and is incentivized by all sorts of perquisites. I remember, not so terribly long ago when people would have fought hammer and tongs AGAINST being classified as handicapped. Nowadays people positively revel in the designation.

    • Add to this the stories where healthy people are getting surgery to be disabled in some way, deaf, blind, physically crippled.

      It’s hard to believe that all this madness is really happening.

      Although I don’t find the religious view of the world compelling, I do understand why people explain all of this as a spiritual sickness and succumbing to sin.

    • Great solution. I’d nominate someone with Down Syndrome, but it seems we’ve aborted most of them since the 70’s.

    • Years before Autism Speaks began, I already was interacting with (nonverbal i.e., actual) autistic men and boys.

      When Autism Speaks began in 2005, I publicly warned the founders and their allies against the direction they sought to take autism . . . towards politics, government and institutionalism, all directed by Autism Speaks and its activist in-group. Most of whom were women, seeking personal attention and power though autistics.

      Basically I said who the eff you clowns think you are? Nobody put you in charge of autism or autistic people. Show me where God said it.

      So I can definitely see ‘disability’ as the next revolution.

      • Sounds like that ingroup wanted them a piece of that Münchausen-by-Proxy action, them being such shining examples of saintliness and all.


    • “The GAE is destined to be the most feminine, the gayest, and the most mentally-ill empire in history. I’m actually kind of excited to see where this all goes.”

      Yes! That’s the spirit! We can at least be entertained and keep our sanity, no matter how weird this gets.

      And, disturbingly, it ifeels a lot like we are living in lab …

    • I read the following comment a few weeks ago.

      The United States defeated the Soviet Union in the Cold War only to become a fake, gay, and retarded version of it.”

  31. “Aphasia” is the complete inability to speak. “Dysphasia” is what Fetterman has – impaired ability to speak. There are two main types of dysphasia: expressive dysphasia, which affects the person’s ability to speak, and receptive dysphasia, which affects the person’s ability to understand the speech of others. Expressive dysphasia may consist mostly of mispronouncing words and slurring speech, or having difficulty with using the correct words and grammar, with mostly normal pronunciation – people who are drunk demonstrate the former.

    • Nope:

      To be diagnosed with aphasia, a person’s speech or language must be significantly impaired in one (or more) of the four aspects of communication following acquired brain injury. Alternatively, in the case of progressive aphasia, it must have significantly declined over a short period of time. The four aspects of communication are auditory comprehension, verbal expression, reading and writing, and functional communication.

      The difficulties of people with aphasia can range from occasional trouble finding words, to losing the ability to speak, read, or write; intelligence, however, is unaffected.[5] Expressive language and receptive language can both be affected as well. Aphasia also affects visual language such as sign language.[2] In contrast, the use of formulaic expressions in everyday communication is often preserved.[6] For example, while a person with aphasia, particularly expressive aphasia (Broca’s aphasia), may not be able to ask a loved one when their birthday is, they may still be able to sing “Happy Birthday”. One prevalent deficit in the aphasias is anomia, which is a difficulty in finding the correct word.[7]: 72 

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