The Death Of The West

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Since the French Revolution, the West has been cursed by a political framing that operates along an axis. At one end we have the Left, the people demanding radical change to liberate humanity in some way. At the other end is the Right, the people not just opposed to change, but the defenders of the natural order. Both ends see the other as the bad guy in the relationship. For over two centuries, all political movements have been forced to pick a spot on the axis.

This often leads to some ridiculous alliances. Libertarians are supposed to be the polar opposite of communists. Hitler is the polar opposite of Stalin, which then puts Hitler in the libertarian camp. This causes those sympathetic to libertarianism to claim that Hitler was actually a leftist. After all, he was a socialist! While this is idiotic, it does underscore the problem with the Right-Left political axis. It fails as a way to describe politics over a long period of time.

It also precludes right-wing radicalism. By making change a left-wing phenomenon, it means the right-wing must always be for stasis. This is popular with the Left, as it lets them pretend to be the good guys, but it also turns the other side into mindless reactionaries with no reason to oppose change. It is also wrong in that the Right, in all of its forms, does not oppose change. What the Right opposes is experimentation that treats institutions as arbitrary objects.

There is a bigger problem with the Left-Right political axis. It eliminates the possibility for right-wing radicalism. If the only people who can contemplate a radical reordering are those who embrace change, then the logic of the political scale says that it is impossible for right-wing people to imagine radical change. Yet we know that people on the Right, however defined at the time, often want radical change. It may simply be a rollback of prior change, but it is still change.

For example, most people defined as right-wing in the current year would like to see the sexual revolution rolled back at least forty years. A growing cohort thinks it is necessary to roll things back to the 1950’s. A small, but growing portion of the right wonder if we should roll it all back to the very beginning. If a right-wing Joe Biden comes to power and rolls back the sexual revolution, even if it is just to the 1980’s, most people would see that as a radical change in the culture.

In fairness, you could call these people reactionaries. Granted, their reactions are incredibly slow, taking at least a generation to form, but strictly speaking they want to return to some point in the past, not break with it. Left-wing radicals imagine themselves making a clean break with the past and creating something new. The fact that it is not new in the least is another matter. One side wants to break from the past while the other side wants to return to what it imagines is the past.

That seems to solve the problem, but what about the people who think we must make a break with liberalism in order to save Western people? These are not people seeking a return to some point in the past. Some joke about the return of monarchy and feudalism, but they are not serious about it. Instead, they see the future as a clean break with liberal political traditions. The people now calling themselves post-liberal think we must produce something new to replace liberalism.

Adrian Vermeule, the Harvard scholar, and champion of common good conservatism is not entirely clear about the details of his post-liberal order, but he is quite clear in his rejection of liberalism. Patrick Deneen, who is a Notre Dame political science professor, has a new book in which he argues for overthrowing the liberal order and replacing it with a dictatorship of working-class, by which he means the people who actually work and sustain the culture.

Read what these post-liberals have to say about what we would consider to be the status quo and they certainly sound like radicals. Unlike the standard model of radicalism, they are not challenging the human condition. There is no post-liberal man in their conception of the future, other than to argue that mankind will be free of the utopian claims that lie within the liberal order. Mankind will be liberated from the relentless coercion of its liberators.

Dissidents, of course, seek something similar. The main difference is that the Dissident Right is willing to address the demographic issue. To be on the Dissident Right is to wrestle with the question of what kind of society is possible with the demographics we will have in the not-too-distant future? More important, are the possible options tolerable and if not, what must come next? Like the post-liberals, the Dissident Right is ready to leave the old liberal order in the past.

For all the usual reasons, the dissidents and post-liberals get called fascist by the people who claim to be on the Left. It is proof that the universe has a sense of humor that the most dogmatic defenders of the status quo and the holders of power are the people who claim to be on the side of revolutionary change. In the modern age, the antifascists are sponsored by major corporations, who are in a close partnership with government and the centers of cultural production.

Putting that aside, if we broaden the definition of the term “liberalism” to include all Western thought since the late Middle Ages, then we are left with a universe that includes Marxism, libertarianism, liberal democracy, anarchism, fascism and all the combinations of these ideologies. To one degree or another, all of them imagine a world where mankind is freed from the human condition. What we now call liberalism is the final form of this long ideological struggle.

This gets to a truth about the modern world and its opponents. That political axis that has been with us since the French Revolution is increasingly incoherent because it assumes something that is not true. It assumes that ideology is a constant of the universe and therefore politics is a war between competing ideologies. In reality, ideology is a novelty. For most of human history, the moral questions were decided by religion, not by men with utopian schemes.

What the incoherence of that old political axis may be telling us is that we are reaching the end of the ideological age. What the post-liberals are doing, even if most do not realize it, is challenging the moral claims of liberalism. It is not an accident that the champions of post-liberalism are overtly religion. Both Deneen and Vermeule are traditional Catholics. Their post-liberal order assumes the moral questions have been answered by a revived traditional church.

The signs of the post-ideological age are most evident on the global stage. The last ideological state is at war with Russia because Russia rejects liberalism. The Russians are happy to borrow from the West but wish to remain Russian. The West is preparing to attack China for similar reasons. China’s capitalism with “Chinese characteristics” is unacceptable to the West. Soon, the rest of the world will join the enemies list for the crime of rejecting the liberal moral order.

For over two centuries, the West has been defined by that political axis that was born out of the French Revolution. What most people think of as the West is that long ideological struggle that has given us what we call liberal democracy. With the end of the Cold War, the struggle was over and liberal democracy won. In reality, the Cold War was the penultimate struggle of a dying age. What was born with that political axis will die with the final rejection of it.

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206 thoughts on “The Death Of The West

  1. Oh my, the vitriol being shared in the comments. I suppose that is a symptom of the general condition of our society, which is being gradually–then suddenly, as someone once said–being dismantled before our wondering eyes. How should one react to such a phenomenon? Taking up arms is pretty radical, but nothing short of that seems to be working. The left has been allowed, actually encouraged to be violent ever since it was decided (by people “in charge” of things) that the heckler’s veto was hunky-dory, as long as it was applied to those who voiced support for traditional values and normal morality, by which I mean Biblical values that had informed our society since its founding. America had pretty successfully resisted the effects of the French Revolution for nearly two centuries, but once we imported Euro-scum “intellectuals” who had been thrown out by clearer-headed European leaders, specifically but not limited to the degenerates of the soi dissant “Frankfurt School” the die was cast. Once that virus had taken hold of our social immune system and weakened it, the communists were able to implement their systematic attack on the body politic. They then organized and led the disaffected and dangerously stupid quartile of American residents into believing that it was possible to create an “equitable society” ex nihilo simply by overthrowing the social structure that had been in place. The “civil rights” movement was the first truly successful attack on America, and its pattern has been repeated with additional success by the homos, and now the truly degenerate trannies and pederasts are getting in on the action, all by claiming the mantle of “civil rights.” Unfortunately, a significant proportion of American society has been convinced that all this “equality” is a good thing, so they either support it, like the looney left-wing cohort that predominates among the “educated” female class or they have been cowed into accepting it, like most of the rest of us, who merely wish to be left alone to try to live an uneventful life with family and friends. Notwithstanding, I join with the sentiment expressed by Mark Knopfler.

    • Yeah Mark split the tree with that one.

      Also a big fan of Lady Writer and Down to the Waterline.

  2. Forgive me for posting this here, not related to the article, but I have to voice my grievance to clown world.

    Like many of you who read dissident websites, I’m a bit of a history buff and enjoy documentaries. I don’t have cable, but I get HBO Max on my phone plan.

    So I’m watching a series called “Mysteries of the Abandoned”, which appears to be a History or Discovery Channel series.

    It’s fascinating, entertaining stuff. Like right now, I’m watching an episode which is discussing the Maginot Line. But these assholes have ruined it for me. They litter every episode with this mockery:
    www dot wikicelebs dot com/lynette-nusbacher/

    Of all the legitimate historians they could have recruited for this show, they have to use a hideous male-to-female transgender with the most annoying, contrived, and prissy sounding homo voice imaginable. Imagine, someone who is supposed to be an expert on military history, as masculine a subject as anything, one best suited for good whiskey, cigars, and a leather filled room, and they have this fairy dressed as a woman giving us the lecture.

    And that’s not all. No matter how varied the topic, no matter how disparate, unrelated, and obscure each abandoned site or object, each of the commenters (the same 7-8 people, including a paki woman with a British accent who is a “structural engineer”), they all put on this act where they pretend to be expert and well versed on each and every subject. Knowing damn well that they were handed a script to memorize on subjects they have no knowledge of only a day or two before filming.

    I mean, I get it. These narrators and commenters are just paid personalities. All documentaries rely a little on fake experts to present the material. But these documentaries from the last decade or so are the fakest, gayest shit I’ve ever seen.

  3. Tribalism has always been the great reality in human affairs. In a sort of Maslow’s Hierarchy kind of way, when the issue of tribalism was settled for a time, then other concerns were pursued, like liberalism. Liberalism being sort of a game white people play when their baser needs have been satisfied. Which through its incoherency has managed to bring tribalism back to the fore. Which probably had to happen sooner or later somehow, what with tribalism being the great reality and all. And history being cyclical.

    But in clown world, where liberalism brought us, tribalism is defined less by race and more by allegiance to the Current Thing. At least among white people. While the other races are mostly just as tribal as ever. Some exception among Asian women and white aspiring Hispanics.

    We can conclude that it was liberalism which destroyed white identity. Probably not a newsflash. But notable in that it did not have a similar effect on other races.

    • “We can conclude that it was liberalism which destroyed white identity.”

      I don’t think that it was liberalism per se that led to the results that you observe. If there can be liberal programs without a pathological openness, even subservience, to minority groups, then I don’t think those programs themselves would lead to our current circumstances.

      It looks to me like it was an intentional program by the people who mostly control the media and a lot of academia.

      That’s why pride for any group except traditional whites is encouraged and celebrated, while white pride gets you cancelled. It was intentional and directed.

    • What destroyed traditional society in the US was the 19th Amendment, allowing single women to vote..Married women had always had a voice, even if they couldn’t vote individually…The emotionally unhinged singles are overwhelmingly attracted to society wrecking ideas, especially if they are childless…

      • Yes, but it took until the invention of Jewish birth control in 1959 to enable them to vote with their labia.

  4. Post-ideology will revert to its historic norm:

    Non-white and White, rather than Left and Right.

    The Whites will form a Biblical and Islamic-age pattern: white semi-rural villages (suburbs, Oranias) ringing urban cores.  The urban cores, built by whites, will be taken and ruled by non-whites, with eunuchs and feminine mystery cult administrators; police will be majority non-white.*

    Those suburb villages were the trailer trash of their time; it is from this that men, inured to hardship, will accept the ladder of opportunity in the trades, farming, military, and milicia (militarized policing), as do our trailer park classes today. 

    Thus the productive race will be controlled; unions will become a
    sullen maze of feminine policy and bureaucratic red tape, as opposed
    to democratic representation by male violence, to keep that control.

    These lower castes will receive a steady diet of religious cultivation oriented to their traditions; the Bible, itself controlled opposition, will give them a sense of separateness yet subservience.  (As Painter said, religious nationalism.)

    The Woke state religion, in return, will be more fiercely adhered to by the increasingly nonwhite and feminized urban classes, both clear markers of caste difference.

    As the coming Cull decimates the softer males, it is from the outlier
    that will come the hard men that Tom A speaks to.

    Per nature’s design, the future will be male.

    But…it will not be White.


    We are the fair, colorful flowers meant to be spread.

    Our proficiency leads to sizeable expansion phases.  For instance, by 1940, we had grown in 500 years to nearly a third of total global population, a repeat of previous eras.

    Unlike the beaten-down females of the nonwhites, our intelligent women also bear the independence of our kind.  Many revolt.  Why?

    Feminine Mystery cults attaining broad power is unknown outside the White world’s history.

    Because of our racial and spiritual role.  We are the Uplift.

    The lusty duskies, drawn irresistably to the siren call of our expanded White female population, will come.  Half of our own females, breeder-brained and thus susceptible to the bestial God within the greenhouse** (as are the nonwhites), signal their openness
    with Yin toxicity: an overabundance of empathic “compassion”, combined with their typical tyranny; they will not tolerate intolerance. 

    And, that half will be taken, absorbed into the darker masses.

    Thus, with glacial slowness, the genetic Uplift.  Our archaic footprint has uplifted large portions of the earth.

    Slow step by slow step, more and more populations express a minority
    capable of joining the whites in ascent.

    **(Please note, I’ve deleted a lot, as it is unintelligible to our Christian friends. 

    Theirs is an utterly necessary function; our people re-turn even revised controlled opposition to higher purpose, to their great credit.

    It works as it works, and I don’t wish my quibbles to offend, or confuse. 
    I repent of my impatience.)

  5. There is a persistent belief that the only political axis of import is the Left-Right or Liberal/Conservative. Today’s essay fully buys into this popular concept. The axis is useful for certain analyses, but perhaps isn’t the most relevant.

    It overlooks a crucial issue: there’s another axis, perhaps even more important. One measuring the power of a government. At one end is, I suppose utter lack of government (anarchy.) Since almost no one wants that, how about a laissez-faire or libertarian government, perhaps like many idealize the Founders’ early American experiment, before things got out of hand? At the other extreme would be totalitarian dictactorships. And let’s pause here and look at the Authoritarianism exhibit a bit more closely. There are a few salient features I would like direct your attention to.

    In WW II, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were bitter enemies. Each of these nations had no problems sending millions of its own citizens (or of conquered areas) into labor camps or outright extermination. While not in that conflict, Mao’s China and a host of smaller nations could vie for the title, too. Although some of these are flavors of Communism, I would argue that National Socialism is quite different. A few centuries earlier Spain wielded a lot of power and did much damage. What form of government? Absolute monarchy? A Theocracy? Mercantilism? A mix?

    I’d argue that it’s the power of a government over its citizens, not the policies, that are the best predictor of good or evil the government will cause.

    [These ideas are not my own; credit is due to some author from decades ago whose name escapes me.]

    • “I’d argue that it’s the power of a government over its citizens, not the policies, that are the best predictor of good or evil the government will cause.”

      What’s the best example of a government that didn’t have power over its citizens?

      You may want small government, but very few of the others on the planet do. Ironically, it would probably take an authoritarian government to enforce small government on the unwilling population.

    • I’ve always preferred to use a scaling based on authoritarianism that I first recall being exposed to reading Hannah Arendt. Much neater since it accommodates Hitler and Stalin on the proper points of the scale and everyone in between. As for ideologies, they are merely a means to an end. The important question is what limiting factors are contained within those ideologies? One that accommodates religion or some system of human centric ethics is going to have some natural boundaries on its behavior. Those that don’t and simply view humans as endlessly malleable bits of organized organic matter won’t. For example even a purely “blood” and soil” regime might get out on the spectrum, but will be limited by the fact you need a “volk” and a “country”. A Trotskyite Marxism seems to view all as amorphous and malleable so what matters if you simply exterminate them?

  6. If you ask a thousand historians what ended the French Revolution you will receive around 950 canned responses that the Thermidorian reaction was what put an end to the Revolution, as if the reaction was some sort of pre-destined, permanent wave in the fluid power structure of revolutionary France. This is poppycock.

    The Thermidorian reaction succeeded only because its leaders immediately executed Robespierre and the roughly 100 leaders of the Robespierriests, who led the Reign of Terror through their control of the Committee of Safety. They literally cut the heads off from the hydra. The elimination of the Robespierrists is what brought an end to the leftward lurch of the (utterly illegitimate) French ruling class and their drive for ever-increasing radicalism.

    There’s a lesson in this history. Radical movements aren’t living organisms in and of themselves. They are driven by real people, and as long as the people exist the movement exists.

    • I’ve long had the notion that a lot of what ails AINO could be arrested with the elimination of just a few hundred people

      • Agree with both, but today’s inscrutable problem is agencies, corporations, and the multitudinous nonprofits they employ to step outside the rules.

        The system, in other words. It is a hydra, but it is headless. Cut heads for sure, but will it simply replace them with a hundred clones?

        Other than collapse of the BIS banks, I’m stymied as to how to fight something with no center that crosses borders.

        And the BIS? China is an adept copycat; I’m afraid any of the nonwhites will quickly grow as cruel as the Bolshies.

        I’d think they’d calm down, preferring their own lands, but their colonies are entrenched in ours. They’ll fight us rather than leave, as the Bolshies did and do.

    • If I recall correctly, Pinochet was globally reviled for “helicoptering” about 3,000 Marxists total. Given the (largely unreported) direction the country was headed, strikes me as a bargain.

      • Judging from Chile’s continent leading prosperity in the half century since, he got the right 3,000

      • Agree. I wrote a modestly long comment about this a few months ago. The gist of my comment was that the Marxists in Weimar Germany effectively eliminated the center-right in the country, and the feckless, centrist industrial class was cowered into submission to the Marxists, hoping to be eaten last by the alligator. This left the “hard-right” Nazi party as the only effective opposition which, in turn, led the Nazi party to absolute power.

        It’s astounding to me that nobody in the chattering classes is noticing the obvious parallel to the US today. Our feckless industrial class is now entirely beholden to the Marxist left, obediently implemting practices that would have been considered insane a decade ago. Any center-right organization is being eliminated under the guise of anit-racism or some other ESG priniciple. The only thing strong enough to oppose these Marxists is going to be violent right-wing authoritarianism, and it will arise here.

        These Marxists are wholly committed to the cause. There is no use in negotation or compromise with them, as they will not do either in good faith. Pinochet’s actions probably saved hundreds of thousands of lives by preventing Chile from descending into open civil war. He should be revered in history as a hero.

      • allende and his group had a list of people they were going to murder, that was considerably longer than 3000. pinochet headed off a blood bath.

    • Pretty true..Pinochet’s only mistake was to let some of the communists go into exile instead of killing them…And they immediately started stirring up trouble, which ultimately came back to Chile..

    • There’s a good 1989 film on the subject, called (natch!) “La Revolution francaise” made to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the revolution. Watch the clip on the fall of Robespierre to see just how fast everything happened. There was a lot of simmering resentment among the Committee members, as well as the public, but no one planned any coup in advance. It was that Robespierre betrayed a moment of weakness before the Convention, and then his enemies pounced.

      The English subtitles are pretty good, but they miss a few things, like Robespierre’s opponents saying “This is it!” while he’s speaking. And they knew that once they made their move, they HAD to follow through with complete ruthlessness, or it would be their heads on the guillotine. Also, the translation of the decision to crush Robespierre and his faction is translated as “Then these men are to be declared outlaws! Taken dead or alive!” whereas the French is much more direct and brutal: “They must be executed, without trial!” It’s amazing to think that a few hours before, they were all in their committee room, shuffling papers and voting, and desperation turned them into single-minded killers.

  7. ” It is proof that the universe has a sense of humor that the most dogmatic defenders of the status quo and the holders of power are the people who claim to be on the side of revolutionary change.”

    Not really. It is like what Erdogan said about democracy:

    “Democracy is like a tram. You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off.”

    Yes, some demand permanent revolution, but for the most part Leftists demand absolute power. The Left has attained it in the GAE for the moment and wishes to sit on the ball. The fringes want trannies and assorted madness, but those who call the shots will tolerate that until it threatens their hold on power. Think Stalin vs. Mao, the latter of whom used the Cultural Revolution to maintain power through the illusion of permanent revolution. Stalin simply got to his destination and got off the train. If Mao had avoided hell for another decade or so he would have been the one having the PLA fire on the females deadenders of the Cultural Revolution.

    The question is whether the fringes can be brought to heel. I tend to think so, but here’s to hoping. Chaos is our friend.

    I do agree the age is post-ideological and pits the “Establishment” for want of a better term again those who want to dislodge them. The edge goes to the latter because nothing lasts forever.

  8. So, uh, am I the only person to smell a rat with this NRA plane “crash?”

    I can also mention that DeSantis is the CIA’s pet rodent.

    • I wondered the same thing but unless it can be shown that the husband, Trump or some other important figure was supposed to be abord, in my opinion it’d be a rather weak case the CIA (or whomever) wanted to assassinate someone’s daughter, grand-daughter, a nany and the pilot.

      I do find it very odd, however, that a plane apparently bound from Tennessee to New York made a U-turn presumably near its destination and would fly directly over Washington DC restricted airspace hundreds of miles away. This is especially so, if the plane’s final destination had NOT been DC. I don’t know much about air planes, but I would assume such a course would have had to be pre-programmed into the auto pilot.

      Sadly, loss of pressurization, unconsciousness and death happens with private craft. I recall reading of some of these over the years. There was a case years ago where a jet was flying westward over the Pacific, unresponsive and went down.

      • Golfer Payne Stewart’s plane. Flight path also yo-yo’d which is apparently a charterstic of unattended auto pilot flight.

      • The AP/GPS upon reaching its planned destination waypoint would simply revert to its previous waypoint if left unattended is my guess.

  9. “It is proof that the universe has a sense of humor ….. In the modern age, the antifascists are sponsored by major corporations, who are in a close partnership with government and the centers of cultural production.”

    This is actually funny, especially with “antifa” actually named for this LARP, being sponsored by corporations in a close partnership with government. If only Benito were here to witness and experience this. He’d get the biggest laugh of all.

    • Spot on. I chalk it up as yet another validation of the Opposite Rule of Liberalism (Accuse the other side of the very behavior you yourself are guilty of.) Another recent (20th century) example of this was a Communist government, once in power, of calling any opponents a counter-revolutionary. The Communists were officially promoting permanent revolution*, when in fact they had long ago consolidated their power. The GAE is much the same, “Making the world safe for democracy” or more recently “nation building.” At best, the goal, of course, was to subdue other areas of the globe to capture them as vassals of the GAE.

      *I do concede the term is accurate in their international projection of Communist ideology, “exporting” the revolution, subverting foreign governments.

  10. Monarchy is just the rule of those born into power, not those hungry for it. Kings are more representative of the average person than politicians. Even constitutional monarchs, whose job is to make fun of the real thing, are notably exceptionally skilled at their jobs.

    Even feudalism starts looking really good when you point out that only 1% of a modern work force is needed to build homes, but half a wagie’s after-tax paycheck goes to the mortgage. He’s de facto owned by banks who steal far more of his wealth than the knights ever did.

    • don’t be foolish , because that’s historicly accurate , we do have a monarchy. it’s the banking and intrenational finance famalies. instead of their traditional cut they are going for the CCP version . you will live in a barracks where you work , and eat bugs . you will own nothing and they will be happy.

  11. Yes, it’s true. The Real Right today does not and should not want to conserve the existing institutions of society. I hope there is no need to belabor that point too much. Nobody but a very literal-minded autist should be perplexed by the problem of why the group often called “the conservatives” are now demanding change. I would think most people here are smart enough to work their way through conundrums like “The barber shaves all the men in town who do not shave themselves. Who shaves the barber?” Russell’s Paradox isn’t even really a paradox for normal people who realize that it involves two different instances of a term that means slightly different things in different places.

    But, just in case there is still any confusion, a couple of simple definitions should help to clarify things.

    Conservatives: Conservatives are people who have earthly reasons for maintaining the status quo. This does not make them necessarily good or bad, but it does mean that ideology does not really enter into it. Their personal interests happen to align with the maintenance of the existing institutional structures. It should be apparent that the Progressive Left today are arch-conservatives who would have no power at all without the help of deeply entrench public and private institutions.

    The Right: The Right are people who have a religious and spiritual commitment to the logos. They understand that there is such a thing as nature and natural laws that must be heeded. They are also non-ideological; but unlike the Left, they are on the far side of ideology while the left is on the near side. Their viewpoint is actually best described as metapolitical. Today, the Real Right is very much not conservative and correctly characterizes existing institutions as inimical to the logos.

    Ideology: Unlike the previous two groups, the ideologues are not really political at all. They have neither the cynical but solid reality of the Left nor the wisdom and sublimity of the Right, but rather expound pure thought constructions in a political garb. They are mathematicians sans number, articulating logical systems that can occasionally be made to interfere meaningfully with the real world, but at bottom are only a shadow of it. They are the irremediable dwellers in Plato’s cave.

  12. Left, right; equality, hierarchy; feminine, masculine; chaos, order. Throw in Eden if you like 😆

    Getting here has been confusing, but I think we might actually be living through a revelation of sorts. What’s what and who’s who are becoming hard to deny.

  13. “What the incoherence of that old political axis may be telling us is that we are reaching the end of the ideological age.”

    Well, I think there are two possibilities. 1) GloboElite really believe all their BS or 2) All the BS is the most logical and palatable cover story for world domination.

    If I understand recent essays, Zman thinks these folks may really believe this BS. So this would not be the end of ideology, would it?

    If possibility 2 is correct, the Rainbow/anal/capitalism stuff is just a convenient banner under which the world can be subjugated for all the usual motives – sex, money, power.

    It’s actually more comfortable to believe #2.

  14. This is not connected to any one topic here but people have to figure out the domino effects of each problem.

    In any major suburb of a lot of cities you will have an area with a lot of big box stores and fast food restaurants, typically near the freeway. Driving through such a place feels like a sensory hell. I mean didn’t people move to suburbs for less traffic?

    So the question is – why not demolish half of the establishments there to make way for green space? Wouldn’t that help get rid of traffic and make driving more pleasurable? Or would there be second order effects that might make things worse?

    • Driving, especially on the freeways is a complete horrorshow now.

      There are certain vehicle types and makes that I have come to loathe because of the way most people drive them.

      • I wonder if my observations match yours. Subaru wagon? Righteously driving slow in the left lane? Prius passing everyone at high speed while simultaneously saving the planet?

        • Tesla.

          What idiot thought giving hypercar-tier acceleration to a group of people, 99% of whom are indifferent to or actually hate the art of driving, was a good idea?

          Extended wheelbase Jeeps around here also tend to have awful drivers.

        • In the mountain red state where I live, it’s the newly arrived BMWs and Mercedes that drive like they are still on the streets of the San Fran bay area. Sociopathic driving: tailgating, sudden lane changes into spaces that are too small for their vehicle. Anything to get ahead of the person ahead of you, with little concern for safety.

      • I avoid the interstate system in my area as much as possible, mainly sticking to state highways and routes. Far more relaxing and far less nerve wracking.

        • Also fewer cops, I’ve found. They mostly stick to the interstate where the easy pickings are.

          And when traveling long distances off the interstate, I really get to see the country. From the interstate, most everywhere looks pretty much the same. In the eastern half of the country anyway.

        • uNt-

          I’ve adopted a similar approach.

          That way I need only deal with occasional idiocy rather than the constant idiocy on the expressways.

    • If you’ve noticed the condition of commercial real estate these days, especially vacant office parks, that may happen rather soon.

      Or they’ll use this extra capacity to house migrants from shithole countries

    • Krustykurmudgeon: Keeping people entertained and buying keeps them fairly quiescent – a shopper who’s ‘scored’ a bargain is like an addict who’s scored a hit. And driving will be more ‘pleasurable’ – for the cloud folks – once the rest of us are living in 15 minute cities a with few electric vehicles.

      Green space is not for plebian Whites – and the Han/pajeets/metizos would be nervous with so much space around them and would catch/kill/eat any wildlife and litter the place up with their trash. (True anecdote – my Singaporean maid’s teen daughter was afraid in my apartment when she accompanied her mom who would babysit for me. Single story 2000 sq ft, well lit – she was totally unaccustomed to having so much space around her.)

      We made a brief but necessary trip to DFW last week – Holy Moly. Never again. My husband will have to make his necessary work trips alone. It’s more of an assault on the sensibilities after 8 weeks of peace. The noise, the crowding, the traffic, the diversity. I have not left our mountain since we returned.

      And I will happily drive slowly behind an old White couple on our 2 lane roads rather than dodge diversity and everyone on a cellphone. The nearest interstates are either 100 miles north or south of here – and it was one of many reasons we chose to move here.

      • From what I know of dfw – it you want a bucolic sort of atmosphere – you need to be north of 380

        • Krustykurmudgeon: Further than that. Metroplex is growing rapidly and expanding north. And even there you then run into meat-processing facilities and enclaves that are entirely mestizo.

          Texas is done. Totally cooked demographically.

          • 3g, have the Texas conservatives begun to realize they are going to be miminized?

            As I’ve mentioned before, when I used to try to publicly rally conservatives against massive immigration 10 years ago, some of the most smug and nasty defenders of massive immigration where Texas conservatives.

      • A long-dead Uncle once opined to me of some rural place in California*. I forget the name, but his comment was something to this effect: “It’s a beautiful place and many folks retire there, at least until the age when it enters their heads that perhaps they’d prefer to live somewhere where the nearest hospital wasn’t a hundred miles away.”

        *Alas, this side of the family I barely knew (living on opposite coasts will have that effect.) Unc was an emminently practical man from a farm upbringing. He had some earthy, world-wise wisdom. I wish I’d had a greater sampling.

  15. Only right-wing radicals can solve the problem because only radicals would be willing to do what needs to be done. They would need to take control forcibly of the institutions and remove the people therein and put them in reeducation camps. The law would be next. Every law empowering the progressive left would need to be not only overturned, but new laws enforcing right wing rules implemented.

    What the “left” has been incredibly good at is turning its wins into power, punishing their enemies and rewarding their friends. They even required corporations to employ their friends and let them have enormous influence on said corporations. They channeled endless amounts of money into their buddies in the universities. They’ve loaded up the agencies with their friends and supporters. All of these parasites need to be removed from these positions and sent to reeducation camps or prison or wherever.

    The longer you allow cancer to eat away at the body the more radical treatment needs to be until the treatment is so radical that few people want to endure it or can even imagine it. We have allowed this cancer to spread unchecked to nearly every organ of the “body” and made treatment illegal.

    • Reeducation camps are costly to maintain and have a less than favorable reputation. I would prefer to exile the parasites instead. To where exactly? We’ll have to figure that out if and when we ever reach that stage.

      “We have allowed this cancer to spread unchecked to nearly every organ of the ‘body’ and made treatment illegal.” Indeed. The “body” must therefore be allowed to die, however long that may take. In the meantime, dissidents should stop engaging with the current (dying) institutions to whatever extent it is possible to disengage from them, and begin building their own parallel structures to replace what will eventually be corpses. That’s much easier said than done, of course. The difficulty facing the civilizational renovators is damn near unfathomable.

        • Ostei: Agree. Exile or execution. And laws without the power to back them up – and the will to use that power – will change nothing.

      • I think when we relocate them, we should do it in helicopters. Best transport there is for that kind of people.

    • Far easier and more likely to succeed to simply create a seperate nation. AINO is a lost cause. So are the anglosphere and most of Western Europe.

      • This would still need to be done because every US state is set up like this now. The state capitals are loaded with progressive SJWs. Every agency in the states are staffed by the same people. All the universities in each state is like this. K-12 is loaded with people like this. I forget which one it was, but one of the “red states” who managed to pass a bill protecting kids from freaks just got tossed out by some judge in the state. ALL of those judges have got to go. That is a LOT easier said than done. Every accredited law school in America is run by these people. Every single bar association in America is run by these people. The bars are overseen by the supreme court of each state, which are also loaded with these people.

        It’s not like there are any US states that aren’t progressive. The “reddest” states are only mildly less progressive than California or New York. Are you aware of a single red state that doesn’t have hate-crime statutes? I’m not. One of the main problems is even in red states, the state capitals are extremely progressive.

        • It was Tennessee. The judge who overturned the tranny law made the valid point that the problem is already addressed by existing obscenity laws. Which the pols are too gutless to enforce.

        • The anti-drag law was tossed in Tennessee.

          You’re quite right. The whole of AINO is suffused with Leftism, so much so that there’s really nothing that can be done about it right now. What we must do, therefore, is play the long game. AINO’s Power Structure is, slowly but surely cracking. Eventually, its integrity will be so fractured and its credibility so undermined that it will be unable to enforce its own diktats. And when that point arrives, we gradually foster independent territories. It is, IMO, the only strategy with any hope of success.

          • Above, I referred to such a historical pattern; the subordin-ated Aryan tribes of the Bible ring-fenced cities they had built, ruled by Semitic kings.

            They were the front-line defense, the military troops and NCOs.

            The result, when the empire fell, was multiple migratory groups, travelling far, crisscros-sing paths, each becoming in their rebounds separate groups that often clashed.

            That is our future; small kingdoms, back and forth, each with its own identity, Scythian, Sarma-tian, Germani, until we again regroup and find ourselves as a nation.

        • Yes, the power structure is so converged and polluted that nothing is going to work except burning it down and starting over…As Arizona demonstrates, Republicrats control everything because they have the judiciary allowing unlimited vote fraud…

  16. “Hitler is the polar opposite of Stalin, which then puts Hitler in the libertarian camp.”

    This example illustrates/assumes a “one dimensional” plot of the phenomenon in question. Of course, the point being made—if I understand today’s missive—is that such a plot does not explain adequately the political phenomenon in question. Having some experience in graph use to illustrate multivariate phenomenon in research, this is always difficult as we live/experience life in 3 dimensions and a graph on a flat paper can only illustrate 2 dimensions.

    Difficult as it may be to explain to an ordinary layman, such multidimensional interpretation of where I or any other person or group stands in the political sphere does not particularly bother me. However, it does make it much harder to get ordinary people activated when you can not point to a simply defined “bad group” or create a simplistic “us and them” narrative.

    • While I wouldn’t exactly call them leftists, the NSDAP and Hitler had some pretty big left wing streaks running through them. They had all kinds of programs. They were, in some senses, obsessed with equality, at least among Germans. The HJ used uniforms to enforce this equality. They wanted the youth to be in uniforms so the son of a factory worker would look the same as the son of the factory owner.

      They had the strength through joy program mandating better working conditions, company sponsored sports, paid vacations by the state. The state backed unions. They had their 5 year plans. Even the Volkswagen was NSDAP central planning. The amusement I get from boomer hippies embracing the nazimobile as their symbol is unending.

      From what I can tell, the only people who embrace Nazi stuff today are antisemites. “Hitler hated Jews. I hate Jews. I must be a nazi”

        • Well, for one Hitler did not take over the means of production, whereas Stalin did. In this manner Stalin’s communism failed to produce the goods needed to keep up with the US in the Cold War.

          China, after Mao, modified this hard line communist diktat. The government keeps a control of sorts, but allows ample entrepreneurship to drive a vibrant economy. The epitome of this is their now popular saying, “To be rich is glorious”.

          Who’d ever nought that their could be communist billionaires?

          • Lenin already started his New Economic Program by 1921 which brought back some market reforms. Most subsequent versions of socialism adopted these reforms because Nationalization had failed so miserably. It was sufficient to dictate every aspect of the economy while keeping the factory owners running them. Then just tax away most profits and impose currency controls on what wasn’t taxed.

          • Kderosa, yes I did paint with a somewhat wide brush. Brevity requires some nuances/facts left out.

            Even the Soviets began to allow “private” farm plots for the peasants to work in their “spare time”. The embarrassing effect was that these small private farm plots soon produced more food (proportionally) than the collective plots farmed by all.

            Lenin was not a paranoid psychopath like Stalin. Too bad Lenin died so quickly, he might have seen his (Marx’s) errors and corrected them.

        • Hitler didn’t kill or imprison millions of Germans. Even if you buy the whole 6 million, it still pales in comparison to Stalin’s body count. And, more importantly, they weren’t Germans and it was in the occupied territories. The economy under the nazis was pretty good while the rest of the world had depression. This and much more separates Nazis from Commies.

          Still, I’m not a fan. They had 6 good years. You really don’t even know if the nazi boom would have ended in a massive bust without the war. Hitler walked right into a trap that brought total ruination to his country, millions and millions dead or captured, millions of German women raped, loss of a huge amount of territory and 80 plus years of occupation which has turned Germany into the European outpost of globohomo and persecution of 80 and 90 plus year old former secretaries and security guards.

      • The Nazis also had strong tendencies toward vegetarianism, animal rights, and health nuttery. Furthermore, their attitude toward Christianity was, at best, ambivalent.

        Now I’m obviously not saying Nazis were Leftists, but they were dam’ sure not rightwingers, either. They were sui generis.

      • Okay, I’ll bite. I think that, generally speaking, Hitler’s domestic policies were great. Of course, he himself emphasized that those policies were specifically crafted for the German people, and couldn’t be transferred to others.

        (Yes, the state was authoratarian over some aspects of life.
        Ideally, I’m “live and let” yet we seem to live in a world where that doesn’t scale. Someone will be in control, and it should be someone who wants our people to flourish.)

        The obsession with equality that concerns you was an attempt to address the class conflict that arises even in homogenous nations. As humans, we have a natural tendency to tribe up, and if the country is homogenous, then that tribing up tends to fall along class lines.

        While I wonder how much policy can engender brotherhood between classes, what if, in the 19th century, the New England elites had felt more good will towards the Southern people? Today, what if there was less distrust between guys who work in offices and guys who work in warehouses?

  17. I’m not going to pretend to even try and get into the details of what political order is best or mentally masturbate over any ideas on how to save any liberal orders, it’s beyond my patience and to be totally honest, probably beyond my mental horsepower.

    What I will understand is the prole class that I belong to, and I will say unequivocally that the fire and brimstone coming their way may be going to easy on them.

    My anecdote from flyover country this weekend:

    I was invited by a buddy to be the best man at his wedding. I have had my reservations about his bride (mentally unstable, pothead, hard drug user, single mother of a child (not negro) she had 14 or so years ago with a guy who was nearly 20 years her senior) and her bat shit lefty trailer park family. I was uncomfortable giving any support to this, but I am loyal and view the guy as a little brother. I try and mentor him with the wisdom and 2 parent upbringing I have been blessed to receive. He comes from completely broken lower class midwestern white folks, however he is very based and completely knowledgeable of the current political situation. We get along really well. I felt honored that he viewed me with as much esteem to go and make me the most important guy at one of his most important days. So of course I accept.

    Everything is fine and dandy until we get to the reception. These folks put a lot of effort into making the venue as best they can on a shoestring budget (although his bride paid $3500 just for her dress). The maid of honor (brides sister) did not want her husband to be part of the entourage (although him and the groom are buddies) because she wanted to have him watch their two kids and be the sober one so she could get shitfaced. Pretty lame, but whatever.

    The kicker is as I sat down next to my wife to have a drink with her, she mentions that the MOH also has brought her boyfriend over to the reception. I look over and here is some scummy looking insurance salesman dude rubbing up her back while the burly bearded cuck of a husband is chasing the scurrying kids around. I was speechless. Then they go out and start dancing and he’s all over her, spinning around, tossing her up over his shoulder. And keep in mind the bride and her whole family are just sitting at their tables totally ok with this. I told my wife I’m suddenly sick to my stomach, left my drink, told the groom I’ve got to tend to the kids at home and thank you for the honor, left and took my wife out to a country vineyard to try and process the whole thing. This was at about 7pm or so, so pretty early.

    I felt lousy bailing on my friend on such a big night, but I have never seen such blatant cuckoldry in the flesh. These are flyover white people too! As I move farther away from this degenerate society, the less I feel I have to accommodate any of it. I wasn’t going to be in the presence of degeneracy of that sort and promptly bailed. I’d like to thank the folks on this blog and Z himself, because without your insights and wisdom, I don’t know that I would have stood up for my principles in the same way.

    TLDR – Either way, until the proles start to come around, all this theoretical posturing over what comes next is like arguing over using the bucket or the hose to put out a 5 alarm fire on your house as it burns away. Why even bother?

    • WHE

      Good for you for drawing a line. The reason homosexuals and trannys are accepted and worshipped now is because no one drew a line and said enough.

      Soon it will be MAP’s that will be accepted.

      You don’t need me to tell you you did the right thing.

      It was liberating , wasn’t it?

      • I wouldn’t say I felt liberated, I felt sick to my stomach. I feel proud of walking out, although I didn’t really have a choice. There’s no way I could have partied it up with this filthy bitch and her “boyfriend” in good conscience, but I don’t feel good about it. The degenerates won in a way, they forced me to stand up for my principles and my buddy was the loser. The look of sadness in his eyes as I was bullshitting him on why I needed to leave will stick with me forever. From the covaid-hoax on I truly have come to utterly despise these degenerates.

        MAP?-Not aware of the acronym.

        • Heartbreaking. Your friend thinking, “this is my best option to even have a woman of my own.”

          He knew. You knew. But what, really, other choice does one have, these days?

          • Sorry- but, as I was telling a young one, in the 70s and 80s were awash in primo trim. It was frickin’ every-where.

    • I’ve never seen so many “red flags” described in one posting. Sigh. I can only say, I think you did right. I had one such experience and as you did, left as quickly as possible. To maintain a presence in the face of such degeneracy is in a real sense to support it. Best you can do now is to remain a friend who can be of support when this whole thing comes crashing down in the future.

    • While I’m a Christian, I also have to be a bit of a stoic these days – controlling my life and refusing to associate with the degeneracy I cannot control whenever possible.
      I left the old church because it was getting too woke to tolerate. If our new church goes that way, I’ll complain then find another church if I have to.
      Old job wanted me vaccinated, so I found a new one.
      Old state was an oppressive dictatorship, so I left.

        • Right God, wrong church. Such confuses the atheist as they conflate the two, but not all Christians do. You being one of them.

          • Heartily agree, as one who will never.

            Ya just gotta let it do what it does.

            I’m afraid explaining the what and how interferes in the process,

            (that’s why the faithful get furious, rather than seeing it as outside confirmation.)

      • Does 1 Corinthians 5:9-11 still apply? As I parse it, Paul was most concerned about the sexually immoral, but concedes it apparently is too big an order to avoid miscellaneous miscreants: “In that case you would have to leave this world,” he says (NIV.) 🙂

        • My reading is that he’s saying don’t hang with fornicators and grossly immoral people who are members of your own Church. Sorry, no PUAs allowed. ;O)

          Then he says it’s impossible to avoid the immoral generally, because the world’s full of them. Says you’d have to be in heaven to completely avoid the immoral, the liars, grubbers, and idol grovellers.

    • until the proles start to come around

      By nature they never will and need to be dragged to where they should be. The rules against degeneracy were of a big benefit to them, even though they never knew why.

    • Well, you identified the core of the problem, thus what must be fixed first.

      American men are staggering cucks. God have mercy on them all, tho I doubt He will, seeing how they hand over to their wives the magnificent masculinity that He gifted them.

      Before I fled the United Sisterhood years ago, I could not count ONE married man of my acquaintance who was not an overt and willing tool of his wife. Eventually I started shunning them all and refused to interact, lest heaven see me sanctioning their pathetic and embarrassing behavior.

      This was in a ‘conservative’ eastern area of the PNW. But the doods weren’t any different than the Portland or Seattle burb guys. Neither were the courts, offices, or schools.

      Purposely, I relocated to a country outside the Anglosphere, where some semblance of masculinity and traditional family survive. Joke among locals is that America has four castes: children, women, animals, and men.

      Waste of time fine-tuning potential political solutions and dreaming of White Nations, when the fundament of civilization — the relationship between the man and the woman — is utterly shattered, alienated, and inverted, and the family is broken. The Left IS women.

      Folks cannot set women in power and authority over men and expect ANY political or ‘religious’ system to function long. It won’t, because you capsized both the divine and natural created order. Only chaos and disaster ensues. ‘Ain’t no boat gonna row’.

      • ray: Amen. My husband is almost the only one of his various friends and acquaintances (from childhood, college, work, etc.) who does not ask my ‘permission’ before scheduling a dinner or weekend with a buddy. He has no list of ‘honeydos’ that he has to attend to ( he works long enough hours each week as it is). He doesn’t have to cancel scheduled events because family (mine or his) is coming to visit – we are in complete agreement with his late mother that fish and visitors stink after 3 days.

        And I take every possible opportunity now to thank him for taking this leap of faith with me and escaping from the suburbs. It is his labor that is funding it all, and not only could I not do it without him; I wouldn’t want to.

        • 3g4me –

          I’m pleased to read of your gratitude towards your husband and his efforts, and also that you reject the permission-asking dorks. America is the core and dynamo of the global rebellion against God.

          My works aim toward eventual re-unification of the man and woman, under supervision and blessing of God, not the State. This is the only sane and sustainable way forward for all races.

          Eventually the male and female will reconcile, but right now I’m trying to make hard, spirited monks. Not submissive grooms for Globohomo’s Ma Sheen.

          ‘Tough guys surround Lord’ as an old buddy once communicated. Never said a word but he sure was wise!

    • As the ledgendary derb says ” what the hell is wrong with white people ?” sorry to say that I’ve seen this stuff from the pale lower class in the midwest . I think it’s legally mandated here. this and their kids are G and T. Your friend is trying to do the best and most important thing a man can do , have a family. Hopefully the bride can be reformed if he can get a little distance between her and the disfunctional fam. A few decades ago , you could have accidentily spilled a drink on the MOH’s Bf . if friction insued , well thats ok too. you can’t do that these days though .

    • Wow! I thought everyone knew that cuckoldry was fully normalized now. It is called Polyamory in Regime Speak.

      Here is the thing. That MOH is a woman, and a woman wants a man to kill for her. If the cuck guy would tell her this is over and then pummel the cucking guy, the MOH would slobber all over the cuck.

      Women get infuriated by men who won’t stand up to them, for them and for themselves. It prompts loathing and contempt for the man. I suspect what you witnessed is a micro-cosm of our larger society’s problems where the psychology goes the same in the racial arena. Weakness invites loathing, contempt and abuse.

      In the end, the cuck needs to leave to get his dignity back.

    • Dylan had a great saying about dysfunction in poor communities, a close paraphrase of which is “it’s hard to be pure and in poverty at the same time.”

      Flyover state whites have been under attack in this country for almost fifty years. Beginning in the 1980s, globalization destroyed flyover state economies, communities, and families. Kids went to college, then left for better opportunities on the coasts or at least in bigger cities in the heartland. Immigrants flooded in to take the low-wage jobs that nobody wants, bringing drugs and crime with them.

      And these people have no political representation in the system. They are viewed as enemies to be destroyed, not victims of a system that has targeted them directly for fifty years. There is no Northern Poverty Law Center, or Midwestern Poverty Law Center.

      I grew up in a similar place. I have not been back in decades, but I keep in touch with a few people and it suffers from similar dysfuntction. I try not to judge them, as I no longer walk in their shoes.

      • This is a great post and something we all need to keep in mind. The white working class was targeted for destruction. What the global capital crowd did to these people was absolutely savage.

        What is most criminal is that something enabled the remnant population to not take those jobs and something enables those jobs to exist. I assume it is the welfare checks. You give the heritage remnant population subsistence, import their replacements to work and the heritage remnant spends their checks on the basic necessities?

        I wish I had a better handle on how this dysfunction was enabled. You can only choose not to work when you are handed money to subsist.

  18. If post-liberals refuse to forthrightly address the demographic issue, they are not truly post-liberal.

  19. No regime of any kind ages well. All regimes fail on a long enough time line. As “Our democracy” continues to lose and stumble I would expect viciousness and pettiness that you would only expect among the most child like, stupid and morally undeveloped dictators. I would also expect a Taliban like zeal in censorship going forward. They’re desperately looking for ways to get around that First Amendment. The best way to do that is “our democracy is under attack…I mean literally….like this is a war….like Hitler and stuff….”

  20. The real struggle for the soul of humankind is taking place within the heart of the Catholic Church. It is the struggle between those who believe in placing Jesus Christ at the forefront, and those (example, Bergoglio) who want to place man at the center of a new religion. Either we embrace Christ or we continue to celebrate the glory of man and all his miserable failings. Pride is either a sin or it is something we proclaim as the banner of abomination.
    Church or its ape, which is the syncretist worship of man. Either we return to love of the Divine Will or we continue to repeat the error of Adam, who, fooled by the whispering of the serpent Wormtongues, believed it true that “surely you will not die.”

    • “The real struggle for the soul of humankind is taking place within the heart of the Catholic Church.”

      The outcome of that struggle is not important for humanity. The RCC is just another dying human institution.

      I’m sorry for you that you can’t accept that it isn’t supernatural just like some kids can’t accept that Santa Claus isn’t real.

  21. What Chet Rollins said. These networks and groups are going to need to embrace and master technology – particularly leveling technologies that make distributed production possible. (AI; 3D printing; Robotics/Drones … …) I would add that we need to lead the CivNat horse to a useful watering hole. The ethno state is not palatable to them, and American CivNat 2.0 is being forged over in Israel. They are useful only if they adopt a platform that when expressed as a positive good is called Meritocracy and Freedom of Association. The upshot of that vision is the ruthless use of state power to abolish the Civil Rights regime. That is imperative. Otherwise, our posterity may never even have the ability to tend the nascent forest and see it themselves.

    Looks like in London Khan is not satisfied with whites as a 35% minority in the city. He announced another Civic Internship program that explicitly excludes whites. This is on top of another such program he/London have had in place for several years. We have the same project here and we are still a majority.

    I don’t think, “conservatives”, have the courage to admit to themselves the horribly weak and indefensible position they have put us and ultimately themselves in. We need to encourage Matt Walsh and those ilk when they get the anti-white issue right. We can use shares, likes … … to piggy back. Those are also opportunities to sell them the project. Fighting CRT isn’t nearly enough. Destroying the anti-white, explicitly non-colorblind Civil Rights regime is the battle that Normie space must take up.

    Every time they quote MLK or we know someone who invokes MLK’s colorblind speech, we must engage them in a Socratic manner – “His words advocated for character judgement, but the entire legal and financial regime is distinctly non-colorblind. It explicitly excludes whites from legal and financial privileges. In substance the project is not colorblind. Will asking them to give up their legal advantages that come at our expense work? Or, do we need to enforce a colorblind regime that is based on Merit and Freedom of Association?”

    There is a huge amount of work to be done.

    • Why do we have to be colorblind? Why can’t I prefer being around White people?

      • I didn’t say you have to be colorblind. I am saying the system is not colorblind and it has white men as the sole out group. I am saying that the NatCons keep invoking MLK and begging the system to stop being colorblind. When they do that, they do what they always do. They validate a premise that was never true. In this case the premise was that the new US Order, the Civil Rights Regime in its Orwellian name, is going to be colorblind and the laws and enforcement arm would ensure it was colorblind. That is patently false.

        My point was that normies want a colorblind society. They don’t have that because they believe St. MLK to be the grand champion of a colorblind society. He was a black advocate advocating for his people and his movement instituted a color aware that is hyper aware of race/color and systematically disadvantages white/European descended Americans.

        You don’t get Normie to go from being colorblind to color aware with the snap of the finger. You use his desire for a colorblind society to start him on the path of dismantling the anti-white color aware regime. I care about winning for the sake of our people who are in a terrible position that is only getting worse. You saying you want to be color aware is only going to bolster their argument that their color aware system is needed to protect them.

        This is siege warfare and we have to wage it systematically. Storm the wall, or destroy the turrets and towers with missiles first? Storm the wall with tiny numbers, or enlist greater numbers and give them a mission they have a passion for? When the playing field is leveled then we can play from a position of greater strength. Feel free to discriminate how you see fit in your personal life. But on this battlefield, we must see the sequence of battles that must be fought and won if there is any chance to win the war.

        We have to start with the right mentality. I once overheard someone wise giving someone young and idealistic advice that made a lot of sense and is applicable here: ‘Don’t be right. Be effective.’

    • Whites in London represent 53% of the population.
      Also, Europeans define whites to not include Arabs, Indians,Afghanis etc-unlike in the US…

      Britain/Europe is not as diverse as the US no matter how much you daydream

      • White British constitute 36.8% of the population of London if Wikipedia is correct:

        Maybe take a break from your daydream and look at the facts or show that they are inaccurate.

        White British are a dwindling minority in their capital city and systematically excluded from government intern programs that raise the next generation of bureaucratic leaders, and more importantly fill law enforcement and security bureaucracies.

        Find another blog to troll you deluded kook.

        • NYC, last I read, was down to 30% or so Whites. This phenomenon is common in major cities and explains their inability to govern themselves properly.

      • It’s not a contest, every Western country is on the same path regardless of what exact point we are at.

        • It is disheartening to see people in countries like Germany, Britain, and Canada struggling to deal with the inevitable consequences of diversity these days. The breakdown in order, the day-to-day inconveniences, the emergence of minotorianist narratives to undermine the population, the implementation of anarcho-tyranny, the humiliation of being a second-class citizen in your own country, it’s all the same. Yet, it’s happening in those places much more rapidly than it did for the USA. The demographic transformation of, say, Canada since the 2000s has been absolutely staggering, and the way Toronto and Vancouver have turned into globohomo outposts in the past 10 years is just incredibly sad for the Canadian people and for those once-great cities. London was a British city as recently as the 1990s. I’m seeing people who used to make fun of the US for being “le 56%” nation now coming to grips with the fact that they’re not far behind, catching up very quickly, and struggling to deal with it.

          • Yes it is sad. The US has had to deal with the question of diversity from the start, and has developed better systems to cope with it over the centuries (ie. segregation and low density – the US is still heavily segregated today despite attempts to forcibly change that).

            Europe sounds like hell – imagine having no idea how to handle diversity, and being cramped with scholars in ultra dense apartments with no personal space and only public transit available. UK and Germany still around 70-75% white new births and higher including mixed. But they are rapidly changing.

            Canada is around 61% white for kids age 0-5. Still much better than the US (45%) but mainly due to Quebec & Maritime provinces bringing up the average. We are changing the fastest of anybody.

            Get ready for a tsunami of 3rd world browns flooding across your northern border as Canada degrades.

    • Stellar. The plus is, we invented the gosh-darn technology in the first place. Let us take our stolen weapons back, since we should have a natural edge in their use.

    • In 1970s or 80s, I recall specifically that one of those era’s Supreme Court decisions said basically it was all right to discriminate going forward (against Whites probably) if it was needed to do so to atone for past discrimination (against blacks probably.) I dinnae know which case, tho.

      Of course I’m just a layman, but that wording is just one of many such court decisions that makes me scratch my head.

  22. In hindsight, the end of history as Fukuyama described it, now appears to have been little more than a speedbump.

    • Fukuyama made the mistake of awarding the “winners medal” to the contestant that was in the lead after the first lap in a four lap race. Since the winner was “democracy”, he sold a lot of books to Western societies—even me. My, what a change a single generation can produce.

      • There are no laps in history because there is no circuit, only a long, winding road whose end is nebulous, if it exists at all.

    • Interesting that you need to point to his written word—whereas you were scolding us yesterday for complaining about his voice impediment. 😉

        • Who ARE these “vote hard”

          Feds? From whence, and from where – hey?

          (Kennedy…my azz! 😉

          • the elections are all fake . but he is calling out the cia, the vax, the lockdowns, and lots of other stuff that NOBODY else is talking about .
            normie needs to hear this to even start to question their world view. it is better to light one candle than do nothing about the darkness.

    • miforest: While I will give him credit for his position on the vaxx fiasco, RFK jr. is not someone any dissident ought to support. He’s a lefty nut on all sorts of issues, and his wife is worse. Single issue voting is as moronic as participating in the electoral system period. You truly think a handful of conservatards backing Kennedy will somehow upset the applecart? What planet are you living on?

      • RFK in the Dem camp has his uses. Seems the Dem’s, or rather Leftists, brook no dissent to their “righteous” views. RFK has a name that gets him noticed and some contrarian views worth stating. He’s an annoyance to people that annoy me. For that I applaud him. However, 3g4me, you are correct. One swallow does not a summer make.

      • Ok ! lets do nothing that might improve the overton window or open the tebate on the topics that normie will never hear about from anybody else . I submit to your wisdom to never try to improve the situation unless total victory is assured.
        Trump won 2016 because he was the only candidate any of us had ever heard who talked about the border. now kennedy is talking about all sorts of horrendous things that need to get air time . everyone knows it is fixed. the value is in getting him some exposure . do you really not see that ?

        • miforest: I am sorry, but you and I are operating from different assumptions and at cross purposes. I have zero faith that exposure of any ‘facts’ or ‘information’ is going to shift the mass of people. I do not seek normie’s approval or purported radicalization. Most people – yes, even most White people – are followers. Intellectually dull, preferring comforting lies to the truth, and preferring guaranteed “care” and “security” to independence and self reliance.

          They will follow the strong horse. They will follow whomever they believe will maximize their ease and comfort. Most of us are not more than 150 years removed from landless peasants. Social stratification aside, there were numerous reasons peasants remained peasants, generation upon generation. The hard truths of HBD apply within a race just as much as they do among the races.

  23. Unfortunately, religion has gone down the same road as the men with utopian schemes. And the endgame of liberal democracy is perversion and lunacy. Is enforcing race/biological reality going back to a better time, or is it an absolute necessity to right the foundering ship – or both? The wisdom of the elders used to be thought of as timeless, with perhaps a tweak here or there. Then a certain group got it’s paws and claws into the moral codes and it’s been downhill ever since. I don’t know how staggering along in this current mode will be in any way tolerable – something has got to give.

  24. “Soon, the rest of the world will join the enemies list for the crime of rejecting the liberal moral order….”

    Not disputing that one bit, Z… but the question arises… WHAT liberal moral order? I am seeing it on JewTube short vids all the time… snippets of conservatives trying to rationally debate a guy in a dress. I see some hapless BATFE bozo getting grilled in the US about gun law and he doesn’t even know what an assault rifle is. Our conservatives ask simple, clear yes-or-no questions of our turd-brained prime minister – and the faggot faced twerp responds by accusing them of racism/fascism/hateyness/bigotry etc ad nauseum. His vice prime minister is a menopausal retard that is as dumb as a post and she does an even WORSE job of trying to evade tough questions.

    I’d say unless some people get shot, or something big changes… we are definitely in the pre-collapse and prolapse of the liberal disorder. All politics are now is extremely bad kabuki theatre…

    • Chrystia Freeland is the one calling Pony Boy’s shots, just as Vicki Nuland is the one calling Bidet’s.

  25. “For most of human history, the moral questions were decided by religion, not by men with utopian schemes.”

    Yet how is liberalism/ progressivism/ the current tyranny distinguishable from a religion?

    Olympic medalist Bruce Jenner “transitioning” into a female is as much of a miracle as a consecrated host becoming the literal body of Christ.

    I’ll take my chances with the messiah and his promise of redemption. Not sure what the upside of worshipping gay sex and mutilating/ killing children is.

    • “Yet how is liberalism/ progressivism/ the current tyranny distinguishable from a religion?”

      I would think that one main difference is the lack of a moral code. The current liberal disorder is falling apart because their morals and ethics shift with the winds. 10 years ago our idiot prime minister went to a costume party dressed in black face. Today he threatens others if they do the same. What was moral yesterday is taboo today and vice versa.

      Another difference might be that the liberal disorder is not unified at all and will collapse soon. All the factions are turning on each other now with their own favourite spins on morality and values. Liberal failure is literally baked in to the ideology.

      Say what you want about Christianity – but it has survived against moslems, Romans, barbarians, Soviets and countless other adversaries. It is taking off again in post Soviet Russia.

      I personally believe that is what will save us – assuming anything can at this point.

      • I’d like to believe that Christianity will ‘save’ us, but sadly it is also the driving force in a lot of woke culture. Jesuits and the like…

        • The issue people get confused about wrt Christianity is
          from what Christianity professes to save you. Hint: Not temporal issues.

      • There is a moral code there in liberalism. What changes is how stringently the moral code is enforced. The core, unchanging moral axiom behind the blackface thing is the sanctity of blacks. I don’t see any situation where the left would chaotically shift to suddenly tolerating blackface again, the only direction they would ever move would be to find new taboos based on the core idea of blaspheming against the Holy Negro.

        In that line, the idea that Whites are devils is similarly baked into the Liberal religion as a fundamental moral belief. The only change over time is that as the left’s power increased it went from just black comedians and Bolshevik triple-bracket professors railing about Whites to all blacks and every dumb woman on tiktok.

    • It might (doubtful) IFF 15% White engineers is the “smart fraction” to maintain and develop technological progress within the company. Doubtful, I admit, but it’s known that a lot of the diversity hires (AA) are not nearly as useful as non-AA staff and are placed in positions of less critical importance. This of course is dead weight, barnacles on the ship. There is a point where the company declines—but where is it?

    • I’m curious where the 15% number came from. Is whitey now only 15% of the population?

      • My question too. It might be a worldwide number/ratio as Boeing is a worldwide company selling to many countries outside the traditional West.

        • Come to think of it, it could also be the proportion of White engineers we train and graduate. We’ve discussed for years the low rates of Whites in hard sciences.

  26. “Patrick Deneen, who is a Notre Dame political science professor, has a new book in which he argues for overthrowing the liberal order and replacing it with a dictatorship of working-class, by which he means the people who actually work and sustain the culture.”

    Limiting the voting franchise and power structures to productive people would be good. However very soon, owning to foreign control and demographic destruction, the vast majority of white males will not even be allowed in the working class. We will become the “untouchables.”

    We can already see the eventual results of that. Systems breaking down because the new preferred races and preferred gender are in charge. It turns out the “preferred” are not very competent.

    • That is a self correcting problem. In Africa where whites were literally run off their farms – the famines broke out the second they were gone. And as you note, the power and gas and utilities went out shortly after. They are now trying to entice whites back into the country to turn the power back on…

      In time, replacing Whites with famine, pestilence, war will reduce blacks to manageable numbers and race realities will reassert themselves.

      • Only if NGOs and white governments refuse to rescue the negroes from themsleves. As is, our charity in moneys, food, medicine, training, education, etc. is driving wild overpopulation in Africa. We pay the piper and the savages call the tune. If whites ever decide to leave the Africans to their own devices, the entire continent goes back to bush in half a century.

        • Heck, it’s not even half and they’re going back to eating each other, like they were when we found them.

          If I had a time machine, I’d tell Honk-Squeak the Neanderthal, “finish the job! There’s a few still hiding in the Congo!”

    • There are two major types of employment opportunities (at least): large corporations, and smaller local enterprises—small businesses, who employ the majority of the workforce. Smart White guys can still make a good living in those areas.

  27. So what makes Hitler, or anyone or group for that matter, a creature of the right?

    His racism (often confusingly termed nationalism)?
    His patriotism (often confusingly termed nationalism)?
    His favoring of group interests over individual liberty?
    His socialism (public control of property and natural resources with nominal ownership)?
    His failure to nationalize all property and resources)?
    His desire for autarky and use of expansionist policies to obtain it?
    His dislike of capitalism (especially finance capitalism)?
    His dislike of Marxism (class-based socialism)?
    His dislike for the monarchy and land-owning aristocrats?
    The grudging support he received from the monarchists/aristocrats as the lesser evil compared to the communisms (who also had handed over the reigns of government to the socialists pre WWI)
    His alliances with the communists when it was politically advantageous?
    Something I missed?

    Most of these beliefs stem from his socialism (which was evolving from pure communism which failed miserably to fascism which failed more slowly). Most of the rest stem from Germany’s unique history and geography. What’s left? His nationalism/racism? Every political group in Germany was nationalist except for the communists (they all fought for Germany in WWI causing a right between the socialist factions). Even the communists stopped being internationalists once the Comintern failed.

    So what defines the right and who is part of it?

    • Context is everything. In the vacuum that was the old German political order which was destroyed in the war, flowed two competing ideological forces, Bolshevism and Fascism. Internationalism in the form of communism was the Left and nationalism in the form of fascism was the Right.

      This not only points to the incoherence of that political axis, but it shows that it is context specific. Right and Left in the Anglosphere, for example, reflect the two main currents in liberalism. It is why both Fascism and Marxism never gained much of an audience in the Anglosphere.

      • Yeah, but there are two problems. The Nazi’s, specifically Hitler, disagreed that he was doing fascism, often criticizing the Italian fascists. And, many of the communists switched over to nationalism, not just the German ones.

        Today, our ruling oligarchy is the liberal industrialists who are very much in favor of internationalism. The “liberals” are the the inner party and the “conservatives” are the outer party (to use Orwell’s terms). The left is controlled opposition. And the right appears to be defined simply as not the left with no real understanding that they’re real political overlords are the managerial elite liberals.

    • The right believes that all political truths are ultimately metapyhysical truths. In other words, the right believes that God created the natural world, and established both natural law and divine law to govern our behavior.

      The Communist left believes that there is no God, therefore there is no such thing as “metaphysics.” “Truth” is that which advances the Revolution.

      The “modified” left believes in the fake metaphysic of the “fuhrer-prinzip” (where the natural Leader will mysteriously arise from the masses), and the “true” left believes in the dictatorship of the proletariat; in other words, “truth” somehow arises from the collective consciousness of the workers. The American left simply affirms whatever overthrows the principles of Christian civilization.

      Donald Trump cannot be a member of the right because his only metaphysic is “whatever Donald Trump likes is good.” He couldn’t give one hot crap whether or not his daughter is a Christian or a Jew; she’s his blood relative and she’s nice to him, and that’s enough for him.

      The Founding Fathers were cheaters. They identified some “natural rights” that were somehow established by “Nature’s God”, and they wrote the Bill of Rights accordingly. Some of their rights are downright stupid. Absolute freedom of speech? LOL. Absolute freedom of religion? Har-dee har-har. Absolute freedom to keep and bear arms? Absolute madness. The Founding Fathers were leftists.

      “I care not whether a man worships one God or one-hundred Gods, for in so doing he neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” Thomas Jefferson, (leftist radical, and charlatan).

      • Yes, you’re hitting something here.

        Broadly speaking, there are those who perceive and believe in God and nature’s objective truth. There are others who are utterly blind to this and only believe is true what they feel.

        Struggle between truth and power. Good vs evil, in other words.

      • Good points Strike Three. Everything they said and all of those rights were always explicitly said and meant for a context where a single people of a single culture were the nation.

        Even so, said propositions were still highly likely to fail. Given the southern albatross population and then the massive immigration the system became an invitation to subversive termites to start a feast.

        Gregory Hood has some good and interesting things to say on this point. The Left is the faction that is honest about reality and the truth of the Founders. It is the “Right”, that holds delusions and has constructed a narrative that is patently false. I think Hood is onto something that it is the Right that must deconstruct its false narrative and the false reality it inhabits so they can engage the Left in reality. If that happens, the Right will become a juggernaut because it will expose the Left’s project for what it is – a subversive lie that relies a good faith non-opposition to accept its false premises and merely whine and complain when they lose because of bad faith. The Right must inhale the smelling salts, take the gloves off, and come out of the corner with a grand strategy and the intent to win.

        If we do not, all is lost.

      • Absolute freedom to bear arms made perfect sense in the context of the times. Rifling hadn’t even been invented yet.

        • Before guns, was karate. The Okinawans were denied the right to carry swords, so they developed punches and kicks, and picked up their farm tools: nunchaku (nunchuks) are rice flails.

    • Common parlance likes to use the umbrella term Fascism for the NSDAP regime in Germany, the Mussolini regime (he’s the guy who came up with the term), and the long-lasting Franco and Salazar dictatorships in Iberia.

      They were all quite different. The Iberian regimes were tied into the Catholic Church. Mussolini never had any issues with the Jews and IIRC had a good number of them in his ruling clique until he allied with Mustache Man.

  28. One of the most incisive criticisms of Libertarianism is that it cannot exist in the real world because the world does not consist solely of nerdy white guys. A similar argument could be made about those who try (endlessly) to rally a new political movement based upon historical research and thoughtful analysis of past mistakes. I call this phenomenon “Cognoscentism” and it aspires to persuade the masses that “there is a better way to organize society.” The core idea is that if you just elucidate the correct magic words, the idiot masses will flock to this new “thing” because “reasons” and all will be well with the world once again.

    Today I argue that that is egoistical vanity and will never “work” in the evolutionary sense. We have been living in a too affluent environment for too long and it has made most of us soft and stupid as a result. You can’t fix that with words, no matter how magical they are. Only a return of real hardship and existential threat can impose the realities necessary to bring about fundamental change in a mass of people. You need numerous gauntlets of extreme conditions to cull the weak and stupid and reward the strong and smart. It really is that simple. And it’s been “working” for about a billion years here on Earth.

  29. Going back to 1980 would be pointess, because we’ve already seen where it leads – which is to here. Same with 1950, same with 1920. You might get one or two generations of being able to ignore the problems but it would lead right back to 2023.

    Anyways, we can’t go back to 1980, since we have a radically different population than we did in 1980. Nobody has an answer for demographic change. Few on the right have even acknowledged it, the left has noticed it in a short term, electoral way and some in a petulant “F.U. Whitey” way. The simple answer is to just halt all immigration, but only a super meany worse than H*tler person would propose that. So, the issue goes unanswered.

    The race question is the massive taboo, and whatever takes place in the post-liberal order will answer this. The DR is ahead of the curve simply because it acknowledges demographic reality. Christians & Muslims have their answer – religious nationalism & mixing. The ANC has their answer – “kill the Boers”. The question is – who will answer the question?

    Liberals may have ushered in the demise of their own system through immigration. Yet, with change comes opportunity. We shouldn’t be afraid of the future, there are so many opportunities especially as we have a headstart on understanding the new world we find ourselves in.

    • Not to blackpill too much, but the main problem in the right is they don’t realize when they’re already licked.CBCD’s are already a foregone conclusion. Demographic collapse is already baked into the cake. Becoming a hated minority is a fiat accompli.

      While pushback is fine to slow things down, there is too much momentum to stop the train, and the right needs to think like tree planters who will never see what they planted go to full fruition, and be willing to suffer for the rest of their lives to make the next generations have a fighting chance.

      This means putting your labor not into current candidates or fixing what’s already destroyed, but alternative institutions and patronage networks. This means forgetting about your precious meritocracy and helping people who think like you. There are already underground social networks for hiring bad-thinkers that could create a quiet revolution if they get big enough.

      • This is spot on Chet Rollins. It acknowledges the grim reality, and is on to the only viable project – planting the forest with great intentionality. Excellent.

      • “precious meritocracy”

        I like this term. The griller’s precious meritocrazy so often promotes incompetent boobs, psyopaths, boot-lickers, and busy bodies. These are our betters because of the precious meritocracy.

      • . . . ‘and the right needs to think like tree planters who will never see what they planted go to full fruition’

        Assumption behind my efforts the past few decades. Never expected to change the system, heck I’m amazed at the success I’ve had, modest as it is. Grateful too.

        I’m building for the future. Just wanted to get the ball rolling, bait out the enemy, and set things in motion for the very great changes that are ahead.

        First it’s gonna be The Shit tho. My enemies are in power everywhere, have been quite a while. They’re still ascendant but it won’t last much longer.

        Zechariah is one of my favorite Biblical books, a condensed mini-bible. As instructed in Zechariah 4, I ‘do not despise the day of small things’.

        That’s a way of saying be content with the accomplishment of small things (beginnings) in a time of evil, when the Church and superior men everywhere are almost without cultural influence.

        I follow that counsel and seek to accomplish small things now, that will be vast later. I’m not here to finish the house, just to complete the foundations.

    • The 80’s was a reactionary time against the nonsense of the late 60s and 70s. It was a return to 1960 which is why it is so fondly remembered. But when the left regained control, they sped back through the radicalism and kept going at warp speed.

      • It was reactionary in the minds of the voters. In the 80s, the consumer debt driven society was cemented. Civil Rights were not repealed in order to restore a merit based order and freedom of association, speech and thought. Imperial America was celebrated and worshiped. PsyOp on patriotic America was instituted and perfected.

        In reality, it amounted to voting and listening to speeches that sounded more like 1960 while the progressive/imperial American project gained momentum. It wasn’t even an interregnum. It was an acceleration.

        I agree with your main point. The goal should not to be to go back to a point in time – a date or an era. The goal should be a clearly defined order with concrete structures and reasons for those structures. That goal should have as its ultimate goal, the realization/construction of this order by and for the people who envisioned and created it, by whatever means are needed to bring it about. Vision. Action. Unbending Resolve.

    • My son and his buddies wanted to go see the new Spiderman movie yesterday afternoon. Even though he and his friends are all 16 or 17 years old, the mall requires teenagers to be accompanied by adults (which is an obvious anti-jogger rule, so I don’t mind). I went to the movie with my kid and four of his friends.

      In the film it is assumed that there are multiple dimensions, and many different possible timelines for the future of Americans. In the present timeline Spider-girl is a little pink-haired Mary Sue/girl-boss, and she has a sign up in her bedroom championing rights for trans kids. The entire film (cartoon) is awash in rainbow colored scenes and hues. Also, the current timeline is taking place in Brooklyn. The borough is depicted as 99% Black, Puerto Rican, and sub-continental Asian. There were a few NPC whites drawn in to the background, but they were totally inconsequential.

      The current Spiderman is a Black-Puerto Rican kid named Miles Morales. I will admit that they made him a very nice kid, and his Black dad and latina Puerta Rican mother were actually likeable characters. But it was very very clear in the film that Spider-girl is only allowed to get screen time because she’s a girl and is LGBTQ friendly; not because she’s white.

      One of the future timelines for New York includes the city of “Mumbattan” (a combo of Mumbai and Manhattan; isn’t that clever?) And the Spiderman in that scenario is some sort of Hindu who hangs around with Sikhs all the time. In that future iteration of New York there are NO white people.

      I, my son, and three of his four friends were the only white people in the theater (one of them is a Black kid who actually reads books. He’s nice to me.) I’ve had this melancholy feeling all day today, realizing that the West truly is dead. Ideas will not sustain us, because all that low IQ people can appreciate are the cold hard facts of race and gender. And money.

      We are essentially the people of Galadriel, who will eventually disappear into the true West. “The age of humans is over; the age of the orc has begun.” That doesn’t mean that my son shouldn’t try to stave it off for as long as possible, but I can already see the writing on the wall.

      • You described two of the future time lines. Was there a timeline presented that was as overwhelmingly white as the others were POC?

        This sounds very bleak. They are making films that erase us from our past, and now they are erasing us from the future. That is very very bleak. I hope you had some good conversations with your son and his friends that are sober and constructive.

        • Ha! Imagine Hollywood making an all-white Christian future where everything is clean and organized. Spider Man is bored and plays golf every afternoon because there isn’t much crime to fight.

      • Black pill of the day, however, I do find it amusing in such constructs where everyone and everything is still cast as “white”, i.e. ghetto Spiderman didn’t have to spring the guy who might be his dad from prison and Indian New York didn’t have corpses and feces floating down the Hudson.

        • Well, long story short is that the “alternate” current timeline has the protagonist (Miles Morales) meeting his alternate timeline self, and the “possible” Miles Morales is not Spiderman but is instead a criminal mastermind who steals stuff (his super-villain name already escapes me, though I saw the film yesterday). Your wild guess as to springing his dad from jail isn’t too far off, except it was his uncle instead of his dad…but his uncle may in fact BE his dad. So yeah.

          This steaming turd is 2 hours and 16 minutes long, by the way.

          • This ongoing replacement makes me think of the Public Enemy album Fear of a Black Planet. Damn right I fear a black planet, for reasons I need not elucidate for the readership here. And this was back in 1989.

            Which also brings to mind the hit by black lesbian singer Tracy Chapman. (I knew her college girlfriend, by then gone back to straight), “Talkin’ About A Revolution:

            “Poor people gonna rise up
            And get their share
            Poor people gonna rise up
            And take what’s theirs”

            It’s fun sometimes to throw these lyrics in the face of Boomers/Xers who were around then and thought that song was cool, when they complain about rising crime.

            Careful what you wish for…

        • That’s current orthodoxy; Black is capitalized, white is not. I follow this rule ironically, of course.

          • I find the orthodoxy confusing, if not outright contradictory.

            Black stands for a race, “black” a color. However, “white” stands for a race and a color? I’d say capitalize both Black and White where the reference is to race. Don’t let Leftist turd-worlders instruct you in English meaning of words—or worse—grammar.

      • Strike Three: A black kid who reads and is ‘nice’ to you is still . . . a black kid. Never an ally. Have you educated and raised your son to see race? Or have you outsourced your job to public school and the media? Why would he want to see a Hollywood production filled with non-Whites and propaganda promoting sexual deviancy? Did you discuss any of this with him?

        When Whites disappear it will be due to people who didn’t see race and insisted on always judging individually. It will be due to ‘nice people’ who didn’t have the fortitude to make hard choices and teach their kids harsh truths.

        • Kid’s got to learn how to navigate in this world as it is, not how we remember or want it to be.

          Dads undoubtedly had a few things to point out to the lads.

          That’s what experience is for, so they can notice things that, to them, just seem like part of the normal background.

      • That niglet may seem nice to you, but when he talks about how Mister Strike Three’s family has such nice stuff in their house, his brothers and cousins are listening carefully and making notes.

    • Yeah, going back is a useless idea. Same as having elections.

      I, we, don’t want to live with these people any more. They have proven themselves as utterly corrupt enemies. Sick of being forced to pretend otherwise and paper over all the crimes and “unite as Americans” or some lie. Let them choke on their vax for all i care and all they’ve done.

  30. Seems like my Subscribestar account has beed de-rezzed? Haven’t received any email notifications from them in weeks. Doesn’t recognize my email, even though I have many messages from them on that account? Zman was my only subscription.

    • I am not sure what is happening with them. A few people have had similar issues. The simple answer is to sign up for Substack and follow me there. Same material.

      • I switched to Substack months ago and find it to be vastly superior to Subscribestar with its clunky interface. Substack also has a nice app for my tablet as well, which makes reading Z’s and the other blogs I follow much easier.

  31. I wonder if the west will wake up in time to save its people or just surrender to the greater forces that will consume what’s left of it. Morgoth recently talked about ‘the great turning away’ in his vid, how normies are just done with the rat race and starting to build their own gardens and sort of going back to the community. Not sure Globohomos are gonna allow this on a mass scale. A storm is on the horizon, but what really matters is how we’re gonna face with it.. If there is still spirit left in our people and who will cross the rubicon and if anyone worth a dam follows. 98% of the people I know will just go with the flow, like covid stuff.. I just feel like rolling the dice and doing my own thing no matter who tells me not to, but I know it will be a lonesome road. I guess we’ll just see : ^ ))

    • The long-term goal is to force rural people to the city of a city satellite like a local suburb. This will largely be done by environmental regulation and swallowing up land and making it go fallow. Enforcing such measures through human means is going to become more difficult.
      The elite class is going all-in on technocracy, with the thought that what is lost in cohesion will be fixed by AI. In my opinion, the online world and our financial system is already working in a level of unreality that is unmooring it from normal life more and more. The constant push is going to likely create “dead internet theory” only our elites won’t get the memo.

        • The reason for the blackouts is directly related to failure to maintain the infrastructure. There have been videos made by former (White) management that relate the history of failure to maintain the infrastructure in good running order. Example, generator equipment offline (for repairs) used to be something like 10-15% and was now 40% and rising.

          The reason of course being that the new (Black) government passed laws directly apportioning positions between Blacks and Whites and allocating few to no managerial positions to Whites. Toss in the notorious aspect of Black laziness, ignorance, corruption and graft and you wind up with today’s situation.

          • Compsci: While I feel sympathy for any White still stuck in South Africa, no White should work to help a dying system. It is not in long-term White interests to prop up the anti-White regime. Let Boeing fail. Let the grid go down. Let the chaos of diversity take over. It’s happening anyhow – no need to try to delay it or cover for others’ incompetence.

            Your sole allegiance now should be to your White family and your people.

          • 3g4me, no argument here. The (higher/greater) point I make is that SA is a “good example of a bad example” wrt majority rule when the majority is *not* White, and what we can expect when/if this occurs here. (As the examples given of AA illustrate.)

            I am told von Bismarck said, “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

      • Interesting. A depopulated contryside was a backdrop in Orwell’s “1984.” I know Orwell envisioned a post-war nation (atomic bombs were mentioned). Julia coaxes Winston far out into the mostly abandoned countryside, where they make their first love nest.

        Perhaps I’m reading too much into the novel. Worldwide, the city has been “depopulating” the country for centuries, driven more by economic factors. No doubt politics has an influence too but (short of forced migrations under communism etc.) I suspect mostly incidental to economic migration. I believe the trend is still ongoing.

    • “Not sure Globohomos are gonna allow this on a mass scale.”

      That’s because people themselves won’t commit to such a thing on a mass scale; even if the necessity was to be forced. It’s hard telling who Morgoth is talking about, though. “Normie” as a blanket term is nigh useless in this context because the kind of people who could excel in self-sufficiency are almost, by definition, not whom we’d consider normies in the present time. Most people are just too accustomed to modern conveniences.

  32. A lot of people on the dissident right fall into the same trap that libertarians do, which is believing society is blank slate that can be rewritten at will. Which comes across as nutty to all but dedicated true believers.

    The left won by a series of small victories and constant agitation over a period of centuries. It will take a similar effort from the anti-liberals to win too. The idea that some apocalyptic event will wipe the slate clean of three hundred years of liberal drift is a fantasy.

    • I would disagree with the apocalyptic event not being a cleansing moment. Sure, if things putter along for another century or two, then the small victories over extended time is the only realistic way things change. But a truly catastrophic event has a way of focusing things. Doesn’t meant it will necessarily go our way, but it does in a very real sense “wipe the slate clean” for something else to emerge.

    • Careful what you wish for.
      An “apocalyptic event” can easily cut both ways. No reason to automatically assume it would go the way we want.

      • This. As the Word says, the sun and rain fall on both the good and the evil alike.

    • The French Revolution, the Bolsheviks in Russia, the Chinese Civil War followed by the Cultural Revolution all had the same things in common: the existing power structure was rotten to the core, unable to reform itself, and absolutely terrible for the common man.

      The Spanish Civil War was probably the “best” for the Everyman, but it was hell on earth before it was resolved too.

      There are no good options, only bad ones.

      So the wind, reap the whirlwind.

    • Maybe there are people who thinks this, but I cannot think of anyone off the top of my head, at least no one that can plausibly be categorized as dissident right. There may be larpers who call themselves dissidents becasue they were banned from Twitter, who no expect a meteor strike to level the system, but there are people who think they are star seeds.

  33. I went to a local airshow over the weekend.

    Based on my observations, the closing music selection for last week’s Power Hour was spot on.

  34. I like the system described in Harrison Bergeron where everyone is conscripted for a short term into political office. At one point I believe there was a plumber for president.

    I hope the future robot historians term our present decade as the year that Globo-Homo America got it’s ass handed back to it.

    One more time: All change isn’t progress and all progress isn’t forward.

    • There is something to be said for compulsory military service. I think it would reduce the taste for foreign conflicts of no value to Joe Normie if he knows his ass, or the ass of someone close to him, will be on the line. This could go a long way to correcting many present ills.

      • No rational calculation enters anywhere into anyone’s taste for war.

        When TV says it’s war time, a great majority is instantly converted—enemies unto death of whole continents of people they never thought about until just now.

        When a father’s son or soldier’s buddy is killed, he wants to see people who are *against the war* killed in revenge. If not for them, the war would have already been over.

      • How about compulsory for anyone in Congress who votes for war or “authorizes force”? Once the vote is over, those in favor get bussed over to Quantico for some training and get issued their front line infantry kit.

      • I have promoted a “solution” for many years now. I call it, “Everybody pays and and everybody plays”!

        First, all expenses for standing military and new adventures are immediately applied to one’s yearly taxes as a visible line item! There are no exceptions to payment and no borrowing funds for overseas adventures. And yes, even the poor are assessed this cost. That’s the “pay” part.

        Second, all military personnel needed are drafted from a lottery—no exceptions, no deferrals. Upper class, college bound young men—and women—have the same chance at “playing” as we all should.

        Wars cost “blood and treasure”. There has never been an exception. However, some folk have always avoided paying such costs. Eliminate that and see how much enthusiasm remains in the populace.


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