It’s Trump Town

Like many on this side of the great divide, I am not looking forward to the Republican primary, especially the war between Trump and DeSantis. There is a chance that it fizzles before it gets going, as DeSantis is way back in the polls. Ron DeSantis is more of a concept at this point. He is an alternative to Trump, but not the rejection of Trump, so people are free to imagine him as they please.

His first big hurdle will be his lack of personality. Those people who like him because he is Trumpism without Trump will be surprised to learn that the concept made flesh looks and sounds a lot like Michael Dukakis. It is entirely possible that once those voters get a look at him on the stump, they lose interest. This is what happened to Scott Walker in the 2016 primary. His first impression was his last impression.

Given the longshot odds for any Republican in the current year, I wonder if the action does not end up on the other side of the race. Biden has been stuck at 40% in the approval polls for a long time. Most Democrat primary voters, according to polls, would prefer another option. His declining health is one part, but he was never genuinely popular in his own party. He is the result of shenanigans.

At this point, Robert Kennedy is at 15% in the polls. Without anyone knowing anything about him, that is a good starting spot. There is a substantial antiwar vote on the Democrat side that has to be unhappy with what they are seeing. All of those Bernie Bros are still there in the shadows. The regime is trying to close off the Kennedy run before it gets momentum, but that may not be possible.

Joe Biden falling over on stage the other day brought back memories of Jimmy Carter facing another Kennedy in the 1980 primary. Carter won mostly because people still remembered that Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne by leaving her to drown in the backseat of his Oldsmobile. For his part, Carter was one mishap after another throughout the process, constantly reminding people that he was a loser.

We may be seeing this with Biden. It was not just that he toppled over on the stage, but that he could not get up without help. He looked like the old people they use in those commercials for LifeCall. We will see more of these incidents, as Biden is a frail old man struggling to get through each day. It is possible that this summer, Robert Kennedy catches fire as a way for Democratic voters to voice their unrest.

You also have to wonder if Gavin Newsome is not having second thoughts. He was sniffing around last year looking for support to run a primary challenge. Maybe the oligarchs who actually run things will take a look at him as a way to drain support from Kennedy, but also as an alternative to Biden. The next month or two could turn out to be the more interesting story to watch in this election.

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176 thoughts on “It’s Trump Town

  1. A reminder that the elites are stupid is Gavin Newsom. He pushed hard, during George Floyd Summer of Love, for Reparations. Which was stupid as the Republican Party is non existent in California, he faced no threat, and his natural constituency is the same as that of Lizzie Warren — box wine aunts.

    Now the bill has come due, and he will have to bid up the 1.2 million per Bill Cosby to match San Francisco’s $5 million per OJ. Wealthy Asians and masses of poor Latinos are not going to pay the White tax, which means he will have to impose it on only Straight White guys which is going to make him as popular nationally (including with other Dems) as Dylan Mulvanney at a Bud Light Distributor convention. He won’t get the OJ vote — he’s not OJ. [Or Chris Rock, now outed as a “friend” of the late Jeffrey Epstein who did not kill himself].

    Or, the pains of Wall Street listed at “People Magazine for Davos” aka the FT. The big shots there like Bill Ackman want Jaime Dimon to run for President, and they are belatedly running rehashes at a third grade level of Peter Turchin’s over production of elites. There is real fear that their Chinese investments will be zero over the inevitable war with China over Taiwan, and that they should have stuck with the devil they knew (Trump) over the senile Biden run by neo cons. Or that given inevitable NATO entry into the Ukraine War, our nukes probably don’t work while Russia’s do. [Lithuiania, Estonia, Latvia are filled with US Army and Marines, as is Eastern Poland.] Those F-16s can only be flown by US pilots as the Ukrainians don’t have the men or time to train them. When lots of leaders are trying to wind down the Ukraine affair, Blinken comes out saying the US will fight Russia to the end. You have Senator Light in Loafers saying killing Russians is awesome. Various provocations run by the US to see how the Russian defense system activates and responds.

    That was always the danger of a regency run by neo-cons; total global nuclear war. And still they went ahead and did it. [Youtube btw is no longer censoring 2020 election claims — why?] I do sense buyer’s remorse on Biden among Elites. And an Elite war between Wall Street and neo cons/the CIA/FBI etc.

    • hows exactly does newsom tax only white males? this is the kind of stupid shit you are always spouting, but never explain.

      • The same way they legalized gay marriage. Or are legalizing p3d0s. Or legalized trannies in women’s sports. Or legalized Drag Queen Story Hour at your local preschool. Or made you take a vaxx or get fired. Or put on lockdown entire states for years. The way Michigan forbid people from buying seeds or using motorboats on waterways. Or California arrested lone surfers in the water. The same way Biden got 81 million votes. Or the same way California pays all medical care for illegals, but not citizens. The same way SF has a UBI, no Whites allowed. The same way California pays unemployment benefits to illegals. The same way California pays tuition for illegals. The same way CDBC will limit your purchases based on your “carbon expenditures” and social credit score. The same way the UN will outlaw alcohol (because Muslim and global warming). The same way the UN’s World Health Organization now has authority over the Constitution based on agreements the Biden Admin signed. The same way people were locked in their homes for two years. The same way higher education has a Straight White male ceiling (max number allowed).

        That way.

        Your problem is grillin and chillin. You seem to believe we live in 1983 or something, Reagan is President, you have the protection of law. As a Straight White male you are the defacto enemy of the state and the regime, and you should observe reality — there are NO limits to regime action other than blowback to stupidity and internal rivals. A regime that can steal two successive elections and lock you in your home over the flu for two years can do anything it wants.

        • a complete non-answer. let’s make an agreement; if cali enacts whites-only reparations, i stop commenting here. otherwise you stop commenting here. since cali presently does not have whites-only reparations, you should stop commenting until they do.

          • Just exactly WHO do you think is paying the taxes NOW Karl? WYTES already pay the vast majority of both state and federal tax reciepts. Sure the top 10% of other groups pay some, You Gotta turn that hannity shit off !

    • What does reparations, or most any other regime expenditure, have to do with taxes? Nowadays, taxation exists mainly to support the value of the currency, not so much to fund the government. California receives billions and billions straight from the fed printer. Which is where reparations money would come from.

      • California has a balanced budget “sort of” that can have a deficit under emergency measures, but it has to be paid back. Not even the Feds can cover the amount required by the current modest reparations and thus there will have to be punitive taxes on Straight White males for “fairness” etc.

        This is like the stupidity of legalizing all / most black crime. It turns US cities from budget plus creators with all sorts of corporate and income tax surpluses for the political class to grift off, to a sink. It does prevent good government people from emerging in cities, there is that, but the effect of black crime is turning every US city into Detroit.

        With Ukraine a black hole for US funds, there is not any appetite to send more money to California, for reparations, particularly as a lot of Republicans run for President and both Trump and DeSantis will savage them for it, which is the good thing about DeSantis running. DeSantis forces Trump to de-cuck a bit, particularly on black crime / reparations. Otherwise he’s vulnerable on policy. Ivanka not withstanding.

        • The one word missing that would make your piece easier for all but the terminally stupid to accept is “Net”.

          Given the endless layers of grift in the US it is hard to find a net taxpayer who isn’t a White Man.

  2. I enjoy politics, but I’m quickly losing interest in it, because I’m coming to accept something I’ve thought for a long time. Example: I talk to people around here, and they complain about the burbs; the retirement communities; the trendy, touristy crap; the Long Island boomer retirees and (even though they dance around it) the diversity that apparently comes with them; the loss of farmland and the traditional way of life. I tell them, Well, plant a garden, raise chickens, buy a chest freezer and a side of beef, save money, be a producer instead of a consumer. Because if you want to get educated, be a professional, manage your stock portfolio, and be entertained— guess what, you’re a suburbanite, and you shouldn’t be surprised that your community is becoming suburbanized.

    Fact is, modernity is antithetical to all things right wing. The right will always be the submissive, losing party. It’s baked into the cake. The masculine’s role is to be a whiny ATM, not a miniature king, as in the distant past. That was conservatism: standing athwart history yelling Stop, while counting the beans.

    Lefty will never reject modernity, because she gets to be a dominant, vindictive bitch, and she loves that. The silver lining, if there is one, is that the man is now completely superfluous, because magicians can now conjure money. Things are so out of whack, that either men disappear, or the arrangement breaks down and collapses, and I think the latter scenario is almost certain.

    Now, collapse could be avoided if people would change how they live, but post-covid, I realize that’s impossible. Most people will allow themselves to be herded any way, even if it destroys them. So the thing will simply have to burn itself out, or some disaster from without will have to do the job.

    I was talking about the Black Death the other day, as the genesis of modernity. I believe that, because the church’s inability to solve the problem did grievous injury to religion’s role as the source of morality and stability in society. The forces of globalization— i.e., reason and commerce— had been unchecked.

    So basically, something will have to happen to re-check those forces, whether it’s some disaster or their exhaustion. Then things will change. Until then, well, what’s the point of talking about it, except that it’s still (but not for long) kind of fun?

    • The masculine role these days is simply larping. Even those Christian families where the wife prattles about how “her man is the king” are larps. Because everyone knows that if your wife burns a roast or gives you any lip, you are only allowed to turn her over and give her bottom a paddling if she has a sexual fetish for it. Any actual discipline she call the cops and you go to prison while she takes your kids and all your money. All of the moral panic over wife beating was always just an excuse to neuter the productive men into obedient oxen, since once you get down to the irrelevant proles suddenly no one cares about domestic abuse.

      I used to constantly look at young millennial and gen-z men with disdain due to their effeminate clothing, lisping speech, childish interests, pear-shaped bodies, crying, and confused sexual orientations. But they’re really the more authentic modern male in an environment where the State is a daddy that doesn’t allow his sons any independence, compared to say a guy who spends hours bulking in the gym but knows he can’t throw one punch without getting arrested.

      • ‘All of the moral panic over wife beating was always just an excuse to neuter the productive men into obedient oxen’

        I’m sorry to say you are correct. The evidence is all around us.

        The first thing that intel/feminism did was to hystericize and demonize male authority in the household, such that even raising his voice = ‘I’m frightened’ = mandatory arrest and incarceration.

        From there, it was simple incrementally to dismantle masculine authority in the household, and then masculinity in general, everywhere. What is the individual man going to do about it?

        U.S. men, in particular, absolutely refuse to face the fact that females rule over them, have for decades, and that their society is dying because of it.

        ‘Conservative’ and ‘Christian’ men are among the worst so those are the ones I usually fry.

        • Just look at poor Captain Jack Sparrow. Everyone believed that Hunter S. Thompson was the bad guy by default until Edward Scissorhands was able to produce recording showing that it was whats-her-face shitting on Gilbert Grape’s bed.

    • i’ve lost interest in politics because it’s all a charade; there is no actual point or need for it any longer. just another bogus “reality” show.

    • “So basically, something will have to happen to re-check those forces, whether it’s some disaster or their exhaustion.” Then things will change.”

      The notion of FUBAR is growing stronger every minute, that’s pretty easy to see, but how those things will change is a million dollar question.

      DRers usually assume that this coming crisis will wash the filth, corruption and degeneracy off the face of the Earth, and bring about the new, inherently good beginning.

      Has any crisis done that? Ever?

      It will take much more than hope.

      • Nothing’s ever perfect, but my suspicion— which I can’t be sure of because of my limited perspective— is that we’re in the crisis at the end of an age. Rome collapsed, and antiquity gave way to the middle ages and western civ. Some perfunctory wiki research brings up a crisis of the late middle ages. Black Death, colder climate, etc., ending the middle ages and bringing on modernity.

        Like I say, my suspicion is we’re in a crisis that ends modernity. What comes next, I can’t say, but modernity has obviously been hostile to the traditional masculine virtues, like strength, order, and hierarchy. I imagine it’s a good bet they make a comeback of some sort. Otherwise, there will be a revolution of human nature, which is obviously goal of the technocrats and the woke, but I rather doubt they have what it takes to make that happen. Does western civ survive, or is a new civ born? Idk.

        So yeah, not perfect, but I imagine there will be some relief from the current insanity.

        • ” I imagine there will be some relief from the current insanity.”

          Small problem is that we don’t really understand what exactly and went wrong in the western societies.
          There is tendency to gloss over the details how do we get from current state of the society to this relief from insanity.

          Some time ago Z mentioned J. Tainer’s “The Collapse of Complex Societies” which reviews different approaches to explain that process, and it looks like most of the DR is into Spenglerian line of thinking, which Tainer categorizes as “mystical”.
          Mystical because it attempts to explain very real and tangible changes within society using metaphysical framework.
          For the most part we exist in a material plane, There is a real cause for every effect, and there is a lot of heavy lifting to do if we want any changes to go our way, nothing just happens, and most of what I see on our side is just wishful thinking.

          • “Small problem is that we don’t really understand what exactly and went wrong in the western societies.”

            “Mystical because it attempts to explain very real and tangible changes within society using metaphysical framework.”

            You might’ve answered your own question.

            “For the most part we exist in a material plane”

            Just because it can’t be measured doesn’t mean it’s not real. Imo it’s probably the loss of religion. We’ve got questions we’re no longer capable of answering.

    • ‘The right will always be the submissive, losing party. It’s baked into the cake. The masculine’s role is to be a whiny ATM, not a miniature king, as in the distant past.’

      ‘Lefty will never reject modernity, because she gets to be a dominant, vindictive bitch, and she loves that.’

      What a concise summation of the ideo-political Left and Right. And why things only keep getting worse. It is a tableau, not a movie.

      Eden all over again. This time writ global.

  3. Enjoyable episode, Zman. Thanks.

    I was surprised, though, that you left out one of the reasons for the whole “primaries” process—which explains why the outliers bother to join it: it’s an audition by which the “regime” identifies its front men. A plausible showing by a “nobody” or a tired establishment figure can garner elite support that will elevate that person to the nomination (see Kerry) or even the presidency (Carter, Clinton). And even the outlier candidates that don’t make the grade have a good shot at being picked for a plumb media or consultant make-work job.

    This is one reason why Trump’s candidacy in 2016 was such a danger signal to the regime: he was circumventing the audition process. The regime still felt confident enough at that point that it could permit a little democracy—as long as the regime itself selected the approved candidates from which the public could choose. Trump’s victory shattered that confidence, and as a result is probably the last time a genuine democratic result will ever be allowed to occur under the current class of elites.

  4. The first question that should be asked of any candidate — or any public figure — in debates, interviews etc. is “How many genders are there?” Their response time and their answer will tell you what you need to know about them.

  5. Jeemaneez, that song!

    If this is the way it ends,
    If this is the way my Race ends…

    I can’t bear to witness


    Going to it now, lads.
    Going full homeless, non-stop travel.
    (Gave the last house to the brother)

    Too much to do
    Too little time
    So f*** ’em, we’ll do what we can

  6. A vote for Trump in 2016 was a giant middle finger to the Vichy Right.
    A vote for Trump in 2020 was a repudiation of the insane reaction to Trump by the Regime.
    A vote for Trump in 2024 is a vote for civil war.

  7. Now lookee here. We have multiple parties, far more than just the two.

    As luber pointed out yesterday, our robust democracy has:

    The CIA Party
    The DIA Party
    The NSA Party
    The FBI Party
    The DHS Party

    And so forth. At least 17 parties, a rainbow of choices!

    The intelligence agencies represent us so thoroughly, they don’t even need to ask our opinion! They’ll give it to us, ready-made.

  8. The Treehouse is a piker at Trump fandom. There’s site that is even worse:

    It wouldn’t let me post a link.
    They are bad but probably less civ-nat than the Treehouse.

    • tbf to, that is the express stated mission of the site, a “nonstop online rally for the God Emperor” or something like that. It was great fun back in 2016 when it was a subreddit. It’s still a decent place for memes.

      More recently there has been a strange dichotomy there of black pilled “we aren’t voting our way out of this” and “Trump will save us.” I haven’t been looking at it enough lately to know which view has gained the upper hand.

    • is the outbranch of reddit conservatives cross-pollinated with 4chan. There is a sizable amount of our people there, white, anti-woke, jq pilled, and we throw our weight around.

  9. Just as it was impossible for a good emperor to take office in the collapsing Western Roman Empire, circa 450 A.D., it’s equally impossible for a good president to be elected in the collapsing United States today. The rot is simply too deep and widespread.

  10. Be interesting to see a Kennedy-Gabbard ticket, especially if Trump is in a jail cell.

    Anybody know if Biden can still get on the ballot in New Hampshire? Last I heard the DNC had moved the first primary to South Cucklina but yankeedom was having none of it.

  11. The GOP candidates – including Trump – are instructive in they so clearly show how the Republican Party simply has no need to exist anymore. What is it even for or against outside of wanting some tax cuts? I seriously don’t know.

    For that matter, the Dems don’t seem to have much of an agenda either. Sure, they hate whitey, but even there, they don’t have a plan to do much of anything to get us.

    Both sides are stuck in the past, so they have no concept of what to do today. Honestly, what are any of the GOP candidates – including Trump – wanting to do? Granted, I don’t follow this stuff, but it shouldn’t be hard me to know what the top one or two things that Trump or DeSantis want to do? But I don’t.

    • Some normie conservatives believe that Republicans are better stewards of the economy than the Democrats and that is the reason to support them. These conservatives believe that a booming economy solves or reduces our societal problems. I guess that if it’s easy for young blacks to get high paying jobs, then they won’t push old asian ladies onto subway tracks.

      • That makes tons of sense. And so I’ve changed me mind. I’ll be pulling the lever for the Rs from now till St. Swizzen’s Day.

  12. I technically worked for Doug Burgum when the company I was working for was bought out by Great Plains Software in the late 90’s. I have to say, it was a nice company. I bailed though because I new my present company was going to get phased out. Of course, he sold to MS about 16 months later.

  13. “The next month or two could turn out to be the more interesting story to watch in this election.”

    What would be REALLY interesting?

    Seeing GA/PA/WI/MI/NV/AZ ballot harvesting fixed.

    Then we might have a real election!

    • Ballot harvesting is now the law of the land. And if you believe, or claim to believe, in “democracy,” then you’ll have a very difficult time explaining why it’s bad. For if “democracy” is good, then doesn’t it follow that making voting easier and more convenient for everyone is good? So that you don’t even have to get off your couch, because a Defender of Democracy will hand deliver the ballot to you and submit it on your behalf. That’s Real Democracy!

      • I get your snark, Jeffrey. However, we must balance “ease of voting” against “appearance/possibility of election corruption”.

        If the election does not appear on the up and up, the entire aspect of “majority rule” decision making comes into disrepute. That’s why I do not argue that the last election was stolen, only that the process was corrupt/deficient in many aspects and therefore the results are suspect.

        Most all elections determine a “winner”, but for that winner to have moral authority based on a corrupt (immoral) process is impossible. The refusal to plug/address obvious (and even demonstrated) election process deficiencies, only further affirms suspicion that the process is corrupt and folks have profited from this corruption.

        Therefore, as has been mentioned by others here, my only recourse is to refrain from affirming my belief/support in a corrupt process by not voting.

        • I don’t think I meant it as snark. Has our present state of affairs not made it clear to you that your objections to the process are irrelevant?

          • Irrelevant or nor, they are my objections. I have withdrawn from the process. If you—or really anyone—cares to have me back “in the game”, then you know what to do, fix the damn process.

            That this *ultimatum* has little to no effect is beside the point. The point is that I have presented a principled/reasoned rationale for my behavior—which is more than most do these days.

        • Voice of pessimism here. I take no position on the validity of the 2020 election(s), but I accept as a general rule that electoral fraud is an ancient problem. That doesn’t make it “OK” by any means. Perhaps the US, in the old days had (relatively) honest elections. But I fear we are already well on the road to what could be called a Potemkin Democracy, where we vote and people pretend it makes a difference.

          • Potemkin Democracy: “We pretend to vote and they pretend to represent us.”

      • **Ceteris paribus**

        The Left has cultivated a whole sanctimonious narrative for generations about how evil Southern racists used things like poll taxes and civic competency tests to pervert “democracy”. They routinely trot this shit out whenever anyone even suggests requiring that voters be required to do so much as walk across the room in order to vote.

        It’s tedious to deal with because no matter how ridiculous the hyperbole used (“making people show ID to vote is EXACTLY LIKE a $10,000 poll tax”) I ultimately have to concede the basic point. I *want* “voter suppression”. Democracy was always one of those comforting lies that sort of worked *because* of all the ways it wasn’t true.

        Mail-in voting, for instance, was ushered in using extremely dishonest tactics. In fact a lot of the absurdities of the Coof panic were due to the need to create a reason why people couldn’t just stand in line to vote at the local church or union hall line they always had. Shutting down restaurants and shops was a necessary part of the charade and since Leftists despise small business anyway it was actually a bonus for them.

        The griller-cons cried bloody murder over the results but a lot of what happened really was just the result of making the process easier for people who, in prior elections, had just been too drunk, irresponsible, stupid, or crazy to drive to the polling place on a particular day. Now, the Democrats’ armies of pious useful idiots didn’t need to get the dregs of society to physically go to a particular spot in a 12 or 16 hour time window. All they had to do was make sure they had a ballot and that gave them *weeks* of time in which to be sober and alert enough to stumble down to a mailbox.

        It’s exactly the kind of difference you can create when you suddenly start an ad campaign for a product not many people knew or cared about. It’s almost guaranteed that the product will sell at least a bit better with the ads than it did without. It’s why missionaries were so excited when the Iron Curtain fell. They knew that, ceteris paribus, without the Communists getting in the way anymore, their churches in Eastern Europe would grow and all they really had to do was go there and hand out some pamphlets.

        Biden, Fetterman, and all the rest of the zombified weirdos who got elected in ’20 and then ’22 ARE what the “American people” want. Is it possible to salvage the system by discreetly re-disenfranchising the lazy, stupid, and unmotivated? Or are we going to be forced to come to terms with the ultimate realities of human inequality and admit that we’re all better off when some people’s voices are NOT heard?

    • I don’t think the GOP will ever get its act together and overcome the fortifications of the various states, but an interesting project would be to quietly exploit a small, hard-blue state and flip it in the next Presidential election.

      Print up enough Trump (or whomever) ballots in a state like Connecticut or Rhode Island and dump them at the very last minute to suddenly turn it red. It wouldn’t result in enough electoral votes to win an election, but it would be impossible to ignore the abnormalities surrounding it.

      Knowing that the left cannot stand to be repudiated at any level, on any issue, they wouldn’t be able to help themselves from making a big stink about it, thus putting a spotlight on the practice (their practice, that is) of just printing up enough ballots to win.

      • I have this notion that you would see election challenges in court begin to work. Perpetrators jailed. When it’s the right sort of folks bringing the charges. Suddenly signature matches will matter to the court. The msm gleefully reporting who the real election fraudsters were all along. I’m not saying this is a reason not to try. I’m just saying.

      • I see what you’re saying, but we all know that consequences vary greatly depending on your skin color and political persuasion.

        For example: BLM can riot, burn down stores, assault bystanders, block roads, and loot to their heart’s content. If the police try to stop them, they will be called racist, possibly fired, maybe jailed themselves. Meanwhile, the rioters will be given cash settlements, not jail time.

        In contrast, when everyday white American protestors “trespass” through open doors, they will be sent to the gulag (no quick trial for them), abused by hostile foreign guards, and finally sent to prison after a corrupt show-trial.

        This means that if our side ever tried even a portion of election shenanigans, we’d be sent up the river to the sounds of applause by the GOP establishment.

        No, my friend, suitcases full of ballots are for the other side, not ours.

        It’s not right. But the Left has no shame, and the establishment Right has no loyalty to their voters. The sooner the GOP goes away, the better.

    • Forget about Michigan.

      Soros’s coven of Whitmer, Nessel, and Benson are in full control, backed by a totally libbed out state legislature.

  14. RFK Jr. pleads with liberals to safeguard the First Amendment, defend civil liberties, reject cancel culture, and defeat “lockdown liberalism,” it hardly matters what he calls himself, conservative or liberal. The urgency of his message obliges all Americans of conscience—left or right—to listen.
    he is the only intresting candidate this time . Its all fixed , but he can red pill a lot of people in several issues

    • He has value in potentially moving the Overton. But that’s about it. Regime media will try, is trying, their hardest to ignore him, but if he gets sufficient votes that will be impossible. I’ll vote for him in my state primary, if he’s still on the ballot at that point. Just for this reason.

      • Suddenly the Jaime Foxx stroke poke injury story is starting to leak into the MSM.

        That alone is going to make it much more difficult for the MSM to attack him from that angle.

        These days I’ll take whatever tiny victories I can get.

        • No shit! These are from a query “Jamie Foxx” on Google News at 06-02-23 18:15 EDT:

          “WION: Shocking! Jamie Foxx was ‘paralysed, blind’ because of COVID-19 vaccine”

          “Hindustan Times: In contrast to family’s version, shocking details emerge about Jamie Foxx’s health weeks after medical emergency.”

          Apparently the source of the vax injury claim is a “Hollywood Journalist.” So who knows if there’s any substance to the report. Still, remarkable that this even appears in a Regime news feed.

  15. You missed kind of a big point on Pence, Z. His base is evangelical Christians, and the Republican desire to continue fleecing them.

    • I don’t think Pence has a base. He offers nothing to anyone as far as his politics go. Pence is one of those non-entities who have long careers in politics while never accomplishing anything or fighting for anything. He was a congressperson, not a man, and govenor. Always talked a much better game than he actually did and used his religion as a shield against criticism from those of us who expect competence and results.

      Think of all those folks who have held those jobs who had long careers in total anonimity and had no accomplshments. Congress is particular is a bunch of worthless toads who, I suppose, are there so they can’t screw up anything important.

      • The only thing I remember about Pence is that supposedly it was one of his personal security team who fatally shot the woman protester and thus caused the only legitimate death associated with J6. I’m not even sure if that’s actually true. It does seem like the kind of thing a Mitt Rommey-bot Republican would be known for. Trump and The Other Guy, go Mike!

    • Once a week a few of those Bidenmericans in orange vests spend about 30 minutes (for a 3 minute task) blowing leaves (well, mostly dust) around outside my window and blowing 2-stroke exhaust fumes into my apartment. It’s consoling to know that I’m gagging on the exhaust fumes of America’s future tax base! Thanks Joe!

  16. Doug Burgum is the current North Dakota governor. I live in a neighboring state and had never heard of him before I saw his campaign announcement in the news. He owned a tech company that was bought out by Microsoft and appears to want to blow most of it on a vanity Presidential campaign.

  17. Vivek Ramaswamy is my version of Z’s “Baton Rouge” Just fun to say. He really should be running for the president of India though. From what little I know about him, he reminds me of a brown version of Mitt Romney.

  18. “According to ABC News, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. suffers from ‘spasmodic dysphonia’, a specific form of an involuntary movement disorder called dystonia that affects only the voice box.”

    I liked what I read from RFK Jr., but was shocked when I heard him speak. Federman anomaly aside, I can’t image RFK on the stump persuading anybody to vote for him. Without the party stepping in *big time* with cover for his illness/disability, RFK’s advantage over Biden would seem neutralized—both can’t make sense when they speak. One is out to lunch, the other is intellectually sharp but can only communicate through the written word.

    • Does anyone know the real origin of his voice damage?

      I ask because I’ve heard it is the result of a jab injury, which fits his anti-jab stance.

      I wouldn’t want to be in Jaime Foxx’s shoes right now…yikes.

      • I have tendency to think it was *not* a jab issue. JFK is pretty hard nosed against the vexxine, which was what endeared him to me initially.

        • I think I remember reading that it was caused by old not covid jab. That’s when he became anti-vax..

      • no . he has had the problem for over a decade. he deserves all the help we can give him.
        others on this blog complain a lot about it like it’s important .
        those who are bothered by his voice instead of listening to what hes has to say deserve to be ruled by antifa .

        • No, my complaint is that I can’t understand him. I certainly can/have read his cogent thoughts in his book, but in interviews he comes up short. That didn’t seem to affect Fetterman’s election, but he had a machine behind him to run cover. RFK is running against his own party in the primaries.

    • Bernie Sanders would have won the nomination in 2020 if the party had not stepped into to stop him. Bernie sounds like character from an anti-Semitic novel. Protest candidates need to be weird, I think. Listen to a Trump speech. Few make any sense at all. His town hall last night was mostly zingers in a sea of non sequiturs.

      • There was a time in my life when I was repulsed by Bob Dole for his zingers and hostility. Now Trump is music to my ears and I don’t care anymore about coherence.

    • kennedy should get that thingy Hawking used to talk with, or maybe a Darth Vader thingy. personally i think he wrecked his throat doing some kind of illicit drug.

      • karl , the superficiality of your post dissapoints me imensly. you taking normie pills or what?

      • He could be Bane!

        What was that campaign motto, “the fire burns brightly,” or something?

  19. Off topic, but too funny not to post. Nancy French has a message on Twitter celebrating that her daughter (the white one) and son in law got into the University of Chicago law school. She goes on to add, “Anyone know the best/safest places to live close to campus? They are not rolling in the dough AND now have two babies – so it’s more complicated.” It always is more complicated when you have to speak in code. She thanked a person who posted a color coded map of crime by neighborhood in the area. He should have followed up with a map of racial demographics.

    • That is truly hilarious. And there are no “safest” Chicago neighborhoods any longer. only some with less violence. Vibrancy even visits the North Shore to culturally enrich the UMC from time to time.

      Someone should ask whether they prefer safety to diversity or want some mixture thereof.

    • I’d suggest they look a few blocks west to Washington Park and on over to State St & 57th area.

      • They could move to Obama’s old neighborhood.

        No, not Altgeld Gardens, I mean the tony one with Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright as neighbors.

        I heard you can get a good deal there, even if you’re an oppressed black man living in Amerikkka.

    • Your anecdote rings all *too true*. When I was at U Chicago, the secretary organizing my visit sent a map of the campus and surrounding residential area. The map “red lined” the university *safe* area and everything “outside” was a forbidden zone—and I mean forbidden as in “unsafe, do not venture outside of this area”. Think Chernobyl and substitute Black neighborhoods for radiation.

      Think I’m exaggerating? The university hired a private bus company to bring us back and forth to the university for our meetings and social events and such (being somewhat more sophisticated, we were actually allowed alcohol with campus events). One evening, our bus was taking us back to the hotel, but the driver got lost just after leaving campus. He pulled over at a corner to ask directions from some of Chicago’s prized diversity.

      As the door to the bus opened, there was (literally) a scream from the back of the bus. Seems our representative/guide from U Chicago who was tasked to see us safely back to the hotel had just noticed what was happening. She screamed “close the door”, “drive”, “drive”… She then approached the driver and took control of the route and the driver followed her directions.

      That was my introduction to U Chicago and their big city diversity. 😉

      • It’s quite ironic that so many universities–Yale, Columbia, Fordham, Chicago, USC, Houston, Penn, etc.–are surrounded by the horrifying evidence of the disastrousness of diversity, and yet it is precisely academia that pushed and continues to push the screaming lie that diversity is our strength. If it is true that human beings cannot stand too much truth, it is trebly true for Leftists.

        • I suspect that for many universities the reason is that they are usually a century or more old. America’s cities, on the whole, were decent functional places to be educated, to work, and if one could afford it, to live within. That all started to change post WW II for reasons we all should know. Many cities still have “better” areas typically made that way by pricing out the riffraff that in the olden times was kept out by other means. The sad result, of course is many of these venerable institutions are surrounded by downright dangerous neighborhoods. The ideological capture of faculty aside, as already noted, at least the hazards surrounding the universities present a real-life lesson to all but the most brainwashed student.

          A frequently overlooked side effect of those changes is that the lower-wage people that actually contributed are no longer on the scene. They either must be transported from far away or less reliable substitute labor is sourced locally.

  20. I wonder what Trump’s options are if and when he is indicted and a warrant is issued for his arrest. In the New York case he appeared voluntarily, which may have been a mistake since it gives a veneer of legitimacy to the process. If it’s another state case I wonder if he could simply stay in states where the governors commit not to enforce the other state’s arrest warrant; they will be willing to characterize it as purely political prosecution, with no legal merit?

    In the case of a federal arrest warrant (highly likely with Merrick Garland as AG) he has no such option. But would a public arrest serve his cause better than a voluntary surrender? The GOP establishment will have to take a position over whether a Merrick Garland-procured indictment should be regarded as legitimate, and this could tear the Republican Party apart, which might be Donald Trump’s best service to the people of the U.S.

    • States cannot refuse an extradition request from another state. The Extradition Clause of the U.S. Constitution states:

      A person charged in any State with Treason, Felony, or other Crime, who shall flee from Justice, and be found in another State, shall on Demand of the executive Authority of the State from which he fled, be delivered up, to be removed to the State having Jurisdiction of the Crime.

      The way it works is the charging state sends a request to the state where the accused is located. This is executive to executive, so one governor to the other governor. The governor receiving the request can claim the request is invalid or in error, but then it goes to Federal court. Both sides make their argument and the judge decides the issue. Since this is a well-established administrative procedure, there is no way the request will be denied by the court.

      From that point, it is a federal issue. The Marshals Service then picks up the suspect and takes him into custody.

      • The Constitution is a living document and needs to be interpreted in the light of present-day circumstances! But even if one gutsy governor decided to create a new “blatantly political prosecution” exception to the extradition clause (i.e, Donald Trump’s indictment was obtained without due process of law, or that indicting a presidential candidate denies him equal protection of the law) Trump could not leave that state. I still think a public arrest is preferable to voluntary surrender for theatrical purposes, although the process could be hard on a 77-year old.. Will he be held without bail?

        • If they were to arrest Trump, then I wouldn’t be able to finish this sentence on account of the looming shadow of Fed Poasting which is beginning to darken the room behind me.

          HOWEVER, I will say that if they’re thinking that arresting Trump is gonna be nothing but Demoralization Pr0n Adrenochrome for their side to feast upon, then the Council of the Sanhedrin will be making an yuge yuge yuge mistake.


          BREAKING NEWS:

          The Crapitol Police [whose commander is ostensibly Kevin McCarthy] just interrupted a children’s choir and ordered them to stop singing the Star Spangled Banner in the Crapitol Rotunda.

          Muh crystal ball is whispering to moi, “Wh!te B0y Sμmmer…”

        • It’d be nice if there was a GOP state governor willing to push the system to it’s limits and beyond, but one doesn’t exist.

          • Evil Sandmich: “one doesn’t exist”

            The Council of the Sanhedrin certainly knew what it was doing when it selected our politicians for us.

      • It was quite common in the days before The Fall for northern states to refuse extradition of black criminals to southern states for trial. The general excuse was that the criminals could not get a fair trial in the South. My, how the worm has turned. Nowadays a white defendant cannot get a fair trial anywhere in AINO if the plaintiff is a negro.

  21. I think the Dems and the regime want Trump as the nominee because they know they can beat him. They are not going to lock him up or do anything to keep him off the ballot.

    If they did, the GOP nominee would rally Trump supporters by promising to pardon him.

    • They aren’t going to make that mistake again. In 2015 and 2016, they were referring to promoting Trump as the “pied piper” strategy. They constantly covered Donald Trump so he could win the primary and seal the deal for the Wicked Witch of the South. That strategy didn’t work out as they had hoped. They created a monster they loathed and feared.

      • North. She is the wicked witch of the North. The South has nothing to do with her despite her carpet-bagging.

  22. The enduring question is why the Regime simply didn’t stroke Trump’s overwrought ego and co-opt him. That they didn’t indicates Regime corruption and psychosis on an unfathomable scale even beyond the glimpses we catch here and there.

    I can’t see the Regime allowing Trump even to engage in debate. He likely will be either legally or politically hobbled. Once that is done and the gloves are off, the Regime war against Heritage America will amp up as it no longer even go through the pretense of citizen participation.

    • The regime couldn’t risk co-opting Trump because he inspired a fighting spirit in traditional whites, the only people who are a threat to the elite. The regime couldn’t take that political risk and on a personal level, they hate seeing traditional whites feel pride.

      • That last bit goes to the psychosis part. Maybe they are too crazy even to acid in their own benefit.

    • My working theory is that Trump preventing, “Her Turn,” from ever coming around in 2016 broke something in the hive mind.

      Remember, Hillary was having public health mishaps they couldn’t conceal with their media machine.

      They knew how truly poor her health was, so 2016 was now or never for Hilldawg to lead us into holy war versus Putler’s Russia.

      The 2014-2015 shenanigans in Ukraine, (“Yats is our guy, F the EU, etc.), were intended as the lead in to two terms of Hilldawg showing the world how tough she was by attempting to topple Putler.

      As a side note, if the Lightbringer had stumped more forcefully for Hillary she may have won in 2016.

      Again, just my working theory.

      • A plan was coming together for years: World War-time President-For-Life Hillary followed by the post-American dynasty of King Weiner & Queen Huma, a permanent nobility of Obamas, Clintons, Bidens, Cheneys, etc.

        That timeline was accidentally erased by the normal everyday behavior of a few great white vulgarians: Donald Trump, Andrew Breitbart, and Opie & Anthony.

        We will never be forgiven.

        • Biden would have never been in that aritocracy, he was a minor league crook who was assasination insurance for Obama. He was held in contempt by the party until he got his chance in 20. Hell, everyone in Washington knew he was an idiot and crooked.

      • Her losing caused a mass psychotic break on the “left.” This was the actualization of clown world. And they seem incapable of turning it off. It was never really about Trump.

        • It caused a break on the right too. Look at all the grifters and neos who went full on crazy after he won. There were people who had been running a long con for many years who fully exposed exactly who they were and what they stood for.

  23. We will know when they’ve decided to ditch Biden when the corrupt deals start getting serious traction in the big regime media like the Post and NYT.

    • I don’t know about that. I think too much attention would be drawn to the catastrophic levels of corruption across the board in the DC Uniparty by giving scope to exploring Biden’s criminality. Better to concentrate on humanitarian concerns about his declining cognitive abilities as the reason for a resignation, thus leaving the corruption relatively unscathed. Unsatisfying, but probably the best that we get. Realistically, ditching Pedo Joe in that fashion would change nothing about the Uniparty policies in place, and that is another reason for embracing that course of action. Continuity of “government” don’t you know.

  24. Mary Jo Kopechne likely suffocated in an air pocket in the back of Ted Kennedy’s car. His failure to alert authorities promptly eliminated any chance that she might have been saved. He used the time to create a cover story, with the connivance of the authorities

    The best argument for Trump is that he will wreck the Republican Party once and for all and permit the emergence of a de facto white identitarian party. The identification of certain candidates by the Z-man as “blue pill” candidates is spot on!

    • Regardless of how the primary plays out, the Republican Party will die this cycle–thank God. My money is the GOP will think it has to burn the party to save it and ends up with only ashes. But, yeah, that’s a good outcome.

  25. Don’t worry about Biden, or Trump. Jamie Dimon will be the next president.

  26. Zman mentioning the appearance of Larry Elder reminds me of the 1978 movie ‘The Wiz’ with Diana Ross. His make-up could have come out of central casting from that movie. A waxy, unnatural look that gives him a resemblance of an android.

  27. We’ll see with Tim Scott as he kinda blew his SOTU rebuttal (I forget which) where it was basically a story about how he was able to overcome what an awful place America is (and then sent out a Tweet where he mis-capitalized “black” and kept “white” lowercase, of course). He’s basically a pretend version of better black-grifters from the past.

    Indian dude would probably be interesting if he weren’t Indian, but Trump is weak on wokeness. It would be something DeSantis could exploit too were it not for the fact that GOPers are only allowed to reference it in the most veiled terms.

  28. Looking forward to the podcast!

    Setting all other factors aside, Robert Kennedy, Jr. suffers from a medical condition that wrecks his voice. In other words, even if America’s technocratic oligarchs were completely fine with him, he would still have no chance with the voters because he is so difficult to listen to. The presidency is primarily a ceremonial position. Public speaking is basically the number one aspect of the job. Kennedy’s goose is cooked. That’s even before we start to consider some of the badthink that he promotes.

    • you and 10 others deserve to be ruled by antifa for beeing to cleaver for your own good on RFK. He is talking about things that are critically important that nobody else is . only the CIA hates him . wait a minute …….

  29. Rasmussen, a legitimate pollster, has it 36% Biden to 35% RFK jr….Biden is massively unpopular outside DC….
    Of course, they will cheat RFK just like they cheated Bernie…

    • I don’t think the DNC really wants Biden to run again; I think their original plan was to let Biden win, serve two years or so, and then nudge / push him aside for Harris, who would then be first black woman POTUS, and coast with her to reelection.

      The plan was DOA because Harris proved herself utterly incapable of handling even the powerless office she has and even less popular than the senile grifter in the White House. That the DNC did not seem to recognize this as a possibility tells you how insular they are, like much of our ruling class.

      Alternately they chose Harris because they knew she was totally incompetent to insulate Biden from removal, since Biden is much easier to handle, being, well, senile and stupid. Biden is POTUS largely in name only; it’s his handlers aka much of the old Obama crew, that are really running the show.

      Now the DNC is stuck with an incumbent POTUS who wants to run again, and no easy way to force him out. Sit back with popcorn and enjoy the show.

      • I think your first hypothesis is what happened. Biden was supposed to serve two years and then resign for reasons of health. Harris would then be free to serve out Biden’s term and be eligible for election to two additional terms (president until 2033). She has evidently turned out to be a catastrophe. I’m rather surprised that the Biden Administration didn’t put her on the Supreme Court, but maybe she didn’t want the job–I’m sure that she sees herself as the next president. Her incompetence isn’t so evident to me, but I’m an ex-pat who doesn’t pay a great deal of attention to the ins-and-outs of American politics. But perhaps in private meetings, she’s so stupid and arrogant so as to be deemed uncontrollable.

        • I used to be all-in on theory 1, but it doesn’t reconcile with statements Biden has made throughout that he likes being POTUS and wants to keep being POTUS, and that his wife has also made no secret of her taste for the seat of power.

          Unless, again, the DNC thought that the Bidens would be happy with a single term (or less) and then depart quietly, but failed to realize that “The Big Guy” was never going to let go of the crown so easily.

          Whatever the plan was and is, it all leads back to the DNC being stupid about who they nominated and not thinking ahead at all.

        • Always figured Kammie was the shoo-in and Joe would go sometime after midterm, then the stunning ‘n brave Black Female would rule until ’33. All hail and rejoice, the Great Reset is here!

          So agree with D.H. and I.M. that some aspect of Kammie skeered the powers off her. Only thing I can think is she was deemed unreliable or totally ineffective as a puppet.

          I mean, Stumblin’ Joe is a fine puppet too, not selling him short, but he ain’t Our Glorious Future of the Of Color Female.

  30. The “Ted Cruz’s dad killed JFK quip” really showed the need for some things to be settled through violence, and the catastrophe that has happened as the state has monopolized its use more and more.
    If Cruz hopped on a plane, flew to where Trump was, and bashed him in the face, most of the population, even a lot of Trump supporters, would say “yeah, he kind of asked for it.” and that should be the end of it. Instead, he would rot in prison and his career would be ruined.
    While there are limits to Honor Culture and we can’t have people dueling each other all the time, it would improve our politics substantially if a person could, for example, bash a reporter’s face in when he is clearly implicitly threatening him.
    Then again, maybe Tim Scott could get away with it, as only black people are allowed to be violent without repercussions now.

    • I think dueling was a major improvement over the current system of endless lawsuits and administrative tyranny…

      • I don’t mean to be rude, but if you’re not interested in learning the God’s Honest Truth as to whether or not Ted Cruz’s father was involved with the CIA, then you don’t belong on this board.

        You need to go hang out with the likes of David French and L’il MIss Lady Bugs and the rest of the Log Cabin gals.

        I’m easily 51%/49% as to the question of PaPa Cruz having Langley roots.


        And if I were in a pissy mood, then it would be an he11uva lot higher than a mere 51%.

        • Okay, I finally got a chance to read the Ted Cruz remarks about Uganda [which had made Andrew Anglin so furious].

          And having now read the Uganda remarks, you people who are defending Ted & Papa Cruz must be JIDF or worse.

          I knew there were terrible problems in Ted’s marriage [something was driving the poor waifu suicidal], and it’s now abundantly apparent what that something was.

          Ted had a “crib death” incident in his fambly; a sibling of his had died at his mother’s hand, which is typical of the intersection of {Non-Specified Passive Aggression} and {Cluster-B Histrionics}, a psychological intersection known in the literature as “von Munchhausen’s by Proxy”.

          [Cf the streetsh!tter masterpiece, “The Sixth Sense”.]

          tl;dr == I’m now all onboard with the idea that this artificial Cruz fambly construct consists of multi-generational “Cabal” [as Anonymous Conservative would call it].

          To he11 with that 51% nonsense; I’m now at 99% for Papa Cruz being CIA.

          CIA and Cult of Moloch.

          Robert Ludlum, in “The Matarese Circle”, was the first author I ever read who posited the existence of highly-secret multi-generational hybrid private-sector/public-sector organized Evil.


          I’m reading Robert Ludlum’s Wikipedia entry now, and he died under extremely suspicious circumstances.

          As though Ludlum were imagining scenarios which were an existential threat to those whose careers mimicked and/or outright instantiated those scenarios.

  31. DeSantis leaving Florida is a huge mistake.

    I don’t agree with their platform, but I can see an RFK-Tulsi ticket gaining surprising traction.

    I don’t get out much, but I can believe 40% of the public is truly dumb enough to support, “the Biden.”

    • Yep. I agree with everything RFK-Tulsi say regarding foreign policy and ending the forever wars.

      Their domestic ideas are terrible, but I’d vote for them (if I could be bothered) long before a mainstream Republican.

        • So what, 5 of the last 6 presidents have been anti-American pigs. The only one who wasn’t is Trump and he was somewhat ineffective. Ending the forever wars is an absolute must-do for whoever gets the office next. I want disruptors in office.

          • Mike: “So what, 5 of the last 6 presidents have been anti-American pigs. The only one who wasn’t is Trump…”

            1) Biden
            2) Trump
            3) Barry & Michael
            4) GWB-43
            5) Slick & da Cμnt
            6) GHWB-41

            When I first read your proclamation, I was thinking that it included The Gipper.

            And I got to wondering whether NAFTA plus Simpson-Mazzoli was enough to classify The Gipper as an “anti-American pig”.

  32. De Santis can easily (and safely) attack Trump on his record of failure and broken promises.

    Partial List:
    1. did not build the wall
    2. did not put anyone in jail
    3. did not take control of the GOP’
    4. did not make a single decent staff pick
    5. did not pardon the J6 people when he had the chance
    6. did not recognize that Fauci was a power hungry fraud
    7. did not recognize lock downs were catastrophic
    8. did not recognize that covid was being hyped for political purposes
    9. did not realize that vaxx was rushed and dangerous

    just keep asking the voters “where does it look like Trump has learned anything, and will govern differently if given a second chance?” no nee3d to attack Trump on personality or presentation, just go after his record.

    • I agree with what you said, but DeSantis is not the man who seems willing to pull that off.

      Ron could have been the young gen x-er who finally broke the GOP free from the boomers, but it seems he would rather be nice and boring to get support from Jeb Bush wing of the party.

      Personally I would have liked him to run as a third party and watch the Trumpkins howl in rage at the prospect of splitting the vote in the general.

      “You said the the left was going to steal the vote anyway so what does it matter!”

      A boring school principle like Ron does not have the imagination for that. All we are left with is the orange clown and his circus of grifters.

        • The Meatball is a jointly owned property of the Bushes (Uniparty) and the Sanhedrin. Oh, frabjous joy!

    • I wish my Trump loving brother could respond to each of your points. His unshakeable faith is a thing to behold.

      It wasn’t Trump’s fault! Trump did build the wall! Best economy ever!

      It is true that almost everyone in Trump’s cabinet was working to constrain him, but ultimately, that’s his own fault.

      • Go hang around “the conservative treehouse”. The Trump fans are truly a cult. He still promotes the vax and Fauci yet is never held to answer for this by his fans.

        If you look at his record he should not have any traction on the right. To add to the list above he is no protector of the second amendment. He initiated red Flag laws and set the precedent for the ATF to decide what is and is not a regulated gun part sans legislation.

        • Yes, many whites cannot bear to face how dire our situation is. Their only means of coping is to believe that we have a savior, who will do what we cannot do.

          My brother, a huge anti-vaxxer, knows that Trump promoted Fauci and the vax, yet that cognitive dissonance is overridden by his overwhelming need to avoid seeing our situation clearly.

          He knows that Trump did not pardon the J6 demonstrators but did work for the release a black criminal thug in Sweden, yet his overwhelming need for a savior requires him to look past this.

    • People have been coming around giving up on the GOP and all the small govt./cut taxes stuff. But then in so many cases, they still think Trump is going to make everything right.

      Trumpism is the biggest cope now.

      Trump didn’t “Build The Wall”, “Lock Her Up”, “Drain The Swamp”, or “Stop The Steal”.
      His handling of Covid was terrible as was his handling of BLM/Antifa.
      He’s totally on board with the woke/groomer stuff.
      He left his supporters (J6’ers) to rot in prison. (He could have pardoned them but pardoned rappers instead).

      But the MAGA people still think, ” It’ll be different this time.”

    • It’s obvious that the only way to beat Trump is “from the right,” by holding him to his own rhetoric, making him account for his appointments/endorsements/etc., and mocking his faggotry. He doesn’t know how to respond to any of that.

      So instead of doing that, DeSantis is tying himself ever more strongly, rhetorically and financially, to “NeverTrump” conservatism and the “donor class” (ahem). If not for his kayfabe wrestling match against Disney, he’d be indistinguishable from Jennifer Rubin.

      He does not want to win—legitimately.

    • Trump promising to do things on day 1 of his next administration that he didn’t do on any day of his last administration, such as ending birthright citizenship, is so pathetic, so weak, you’d think it would wake up some percentage of his hardest core supporters. You’d think.

      • Birthright citizenship is a decision by the SCOTUS. How can a President overrule such?

        • Then why would Trump be bringing it up now? Either way he looks like a jerk.

          If POTUS has the authority to end birthright citizenship then Trump should have done it during his first term. Saying he’d do it now when he didn’t do it before just reminds everyone except the hardcore MAGAtards what a failure he was in delivering on the central plank of his 2016 campaign.

          If POTUS doesn’t have the authority to end birthright citizenship as you claim, then Trump claiming that he can do it now either means he’s a moron who doesn’t understand the limits of executive authority, even though he held the job for four years already or he knows he can’t do it and thinks all of his potential supporters are morons who’ll believe anything he says.

          To recap, either Trump has the authority and was a coward for not exercising it in early 2017 or he doesn’t have the authority and either he’s a moron for thinking he does or he’s a cynical grifter who thinks you’re a moron who’ll eat his shit again.

          Coward, moron, or liar: pick one.

          • Not necessarily. A Trump executive order, such as not giving typical citizenship “rights” to foreign spawn would of course lead to an immediate court fight. That battle might finally wind up in SCOTUS. SCOTUS is now majority conservative and has shown its willingness to reverse major decisions of previous judges as in Roe vs Wade. Birthright citizenship could also be on the menu—given the right case. There is nothing in the 14th amendment, but an interpretation by SCOTUS, that extends citizenship to “tourist babies”.

  33. McGinnis and Cumia have separate podcast streaming services and do a show together on Wednesdays. They are well over the right-wing edge these days. Sometimes they are saying things very similar to Z, albeit funnier (no offense).

  34. The purpose of the upcoming election cycle is to keep normie distracted and clinging to the false hope that voting matters. We have degraded as a people to the point where grousing and farting are now the primary skill set of almost all affluent Americans, and the only compensation for this horrendous self-image is to pat yourself on the back as you leave the voting booth.

    But the bloom is coming off the rose. Dan Bongino is now saying fuck and shit routinely on his podcasts, which is a leading indicator that his vote-harder mantra is starting to crack. And some believe that when the Ds steal the 2024 election, this will be the final straw that breaks the camels back with regard to the charade of voting. I doubt that, but the models are pretty clear that a deep depression is very likely following this election as the rest of the world moves to a new reserve currency basket backed by gold. The Fed’s days of offshoring inflation are about to end.

    Does it really matter if Trump spanks DeSantis in a debate or Biden shits his pants on stage and it rolls out his pant leg (better yet, green diarrhea)? Is this nonsense really all that important when your 401k evaporates due to hyperinflation and a dollar bill is more cost effective as toilet paper?

    How far we have fallen.

    • hyperinflation will kill savings (if held in USD) but not necessarily stock based 401Ks. of course the regime is already looking at taking over the 401Ks wholesale, but that is a different conversation.

      • Yep, the taking over of 401k’s has been talked about for years. However, there is really not that much money to grab given the massive debt we have accumulated.

    • The purpose of the upcoming election cycle is to keep normie distracted and clinging to the false hope that voting matters.

      No, it’s not. Not everything in the universe revolves around your hobbyhorse of proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that voting absolutely, positively does not matter, not even a little bit. There are many other people in the world with many other agendas, and whether you like it or not, elections are the manner in which some of that stuff gets mooted.

      Is voting a panacea? No, of course not. Democracy is not even the best form of government, and the popular franchise is and always has been a catastrophic mistake. But elections, in a qualified sense, DO MATTER, even if it’s just to limit the amount of damage done. There’s a lot of kurtosis in the effects of election results. They rarely make things better, but they often make things much worse. If you don’t want to vote for any other reason, at least vote to make it harder for the Left to steal the election. Politics is battle; make the SOBs work for it.

      I have to wonder about people who on the one hand complain about how the Right never shows up to the fight, but on the other hand counsels us to boycott the election and give the Left victory on a platter.

      Go ahead and downvote me of you want. Or if votes really don’t matter—don’t!

      • Your problem is you cannot show how voting in national elections makes any difference on policy. Voting is not passive, it is active, so in order to get someone to act, the burden is on you to show that their actions will have your claimed result.

          • To the contrary, it shows that you need a plague to change immigration policy. Without the plague, Trump cannot block the flow of migrants.

        • Your problem is you cannot show how voting in national elections makes any difference on policy.

          Well, we don’t vote in national elections in order to make an explicit difference in policy in the first place. That’s not the point of national elections, at least not in the USA. There is no constitutional mechanism here for putting policy matters to a national referendum. The only national election we have is for the office of the presidency, and the president does not have exclusive control over policy matters. Therefore, everybody should know at the outset (and probably does know, at least implicitly) that the national election’s effect on policy is going to be indirect and difficult to quantify.

          But with that being said, I don’t think it is possible to argue that a president, through his cabinet appointees, his judicial nominations, his ambassadors, his command of the military, his veto power, and his bully pulpit, has no effect on policy. That’s just not realistic, and you know it’s not.

          If you want to say that elections are but one among many historical forces, and that much deeper cultural and economic currents often invoke force majeure over that frenzied activity we humans call politics, then that is a true statement I would agree with. But if you want to stake out an extreme position that says elections make no difference at all so don’t bother with them, then we must part company. I will let the Prince of Politics, Machiavelli himself, have the final word on the interplay of willed action and political fatalism:

          “I compare fortune to one of those great rivers, which when in flood covers the plains, sweeping away trees and buildings, bearing away the soil from place to place. Everything flies before it, all yield to its violence, without being able in any way to resist it. But although its nature is like that, it does not follow therefore that people, when the weather becomes fine, should not make preparations, both with canals and defences, so that in the future the rising waters are directed away, and their force is not so unrestrained and dangerous. It is the same with fortune, who shows her power where courage has not made preparations to resist her. She turns her forces where she knows that walls have not been raised to constrain her

      • Go ahead and vote if that makes you feel good about yourself and assuages your anxiety. It can be a form of venting and help you lower your blood pressure in the moment. My concern is that most people will use this distraction as a means of avoiding the reality of our ongoing demise as a nation and culture. A better use of one’s limited energy and resources is to focus on your own life and well-being (including family, of course). Rather than chase the carrot of a potential messiah getting elected and then magically fixing the country, it might be better for you to relocate out of the big city to a safe haven rural community and learn some fundamental skills that will support you during the interregnum of collapse. The former is a fantasy whereas the latter might save your life someday. And the time for deciding is getting short.

      • Not voting is doing something as well. It is making the statement that this is al bs. However, it may have some impact on local matters. But the most effective actions of the Left are infiltration, rioting, terrorism, theft, anarcho-tyranny, etc. But the Right does not have the stomach for that …. yet.

      • “ But elections, in a qualified sense, DO MATTER, even if it’s just to limit the amount of damage done. ”

        As usual, ID’s argument *for* voting is made up of nothing more than gratuitous assertions, and as such, may be logically refuted through another gratuitous assertion: Elections don’t matter!

        Speaking of “hobby horses”, are you not riding yours with these “elections matter” postings?

        • If you don’t want to vote and don’t care about the outcome: I’d suggest voting for Benedict Arnold’s ghost as a write-in protest candidate to give the uniparty the finger.

          It won’t change anything but it will send the message that part of electorate doesn’t take them seriously.

  35. “Biden has been stuck at 40% in the approval polls for a long time.”

    I just can’t digest this sentence. Either the numbers are rigged like most everything else in this crooked and corrupt country. Or else the mode of governance is flawed when 40% of the population still supports this senile, corrupt, and compromised stooge.

    As for falling on stage, I remember footage of a year or so back when he stumbled and fell three times on his way up the stairs to Air Force One.

    • It’s really not all that surprising. Democrats will vote in a a corpse with (D) next to their name. This literally happened in a state seat in Pennsylvania. Then you have Fetterman who had a stroke and can’t speak or understand English, and he gets elected into the “distinguished” Senate. Meanwhile, Republicans jump away in fear at the mere whiff of impropriety. The reddest of red states, Alabama, voted in a democrat senator because of allegations that Roy Moore may have chased after teenage girls at the mall in his early thirties. The only evidence of this claim was based on hearsay and was probably a manufactured story of the left, but that didn’t matter to republicans. Beautiful losers.

      • Dead president’s corpse in the driver’s car
        The engine runs on glue and tar
        Come on along, not goin’ very far
        To the East to meet the Czar
        Not To Touch the Earth
        The Doors

        • Indeed. And

          The minister’s daughter’s in love with the snake

          Not to touch the earth
          Not to see the sun
          Nothing left to do but run run run

          • “Is everybody in?
            Is everybody in?
            The ceremony is about to begin.

            Wake up!”


            (“Not to Touch the Earth” kicks in at around the 7 minute mark.)

            Ray, I’m kinda surprised you’re a Doors fan. Isn’t Morrison sort of a demonic or pagan person? Just curious.

      • “Democrats will vote in a a corpse with (D) next to their name. This literally happened in a state seat in Pennsylvania”

        It happened in the U.S. Senate election in Missouri in 2000 also.

      • Roy Moore has a very long and complicated history in Alabama. Even before the girl stuff, there were many on the right in that state who never would have voted for him for dogcatcher. But I think that particular hoax may have made the final difference between it going 51-49 one way vs 51-49 the other way.

    • I’d estimate Tater Joe’s true core approval rating at 30 to 35 percent. Make it an even 33 to please our clever rulers! :O)

      The 3rd Obama term, with Stumblin’ Joe as Pres, brings dollars, easy ‘careers’ and raw, judicially backed empowerment to about 35% of the U.S. population. By fiat of the Oval if by no other means, and there are many.

      They’d much prefer Hillary in that slot, but like the DNC they’ll settle for Biden as long as they are getting paid for being Internet Influencers, intel agents, Gender Ombudspeople, Diversity Coordinators, Equity Workshop Commissars and so forth. What’s not to like, you get paid, you get empowered endlessly, you get to stomp on your enemies while the Authorities watch.

      Last time I looked around America yep, I can easily see 30-something percent die-hard for whatever the DNC serves up. Most of them Karens or the children of single Karens.

    • By the standard of any other era, Biden is an utterly laughable and contemptible politician. But by the standards of Insane Clown World, he’s actually mid-pack. In other words, as dreadful as he is, he’s probably less horrendous than most of his cabinet members, half of congress–both Ds and Rs–and 40 percent of governors. This is the state of AINO.

      • Sad but true.
        Bad as he is – he’d be a better used car salesman (a job he’s better suited for) than any of this cabinet – all of whom would fail even at that.
        Zman’s post turtle statement applies to all of them.

  36. There’s a scene in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia where the Gang is arguing over ridiculous things. Charlie, the illiterate janitor and whipping boy of the Gang, screams “SHUT UP! OH MY GOD, I DON’T CARE!”

    That’s how I feel about this upcoming “election” that will decide nothing. DeSantis is strictly entering the race because he and his people think Trump, probably correctly, will get indicted several times and be disqualified, leaving the field wide open for him.

    I agree with Z that there is no path to victory for the GOP. Just looking at the electoral map and the states “fortified for democracy” with mail-in ballots and other officially-sanctioned shenanigans, an impossible confluence of factors would have to happen for the GOP nominee to even have a chance.

    I tried to talk to my parents (both boomers in their 70s) about sitting out the election. I showed them the maps that illustrate how the GOP won the White House for the last time in 2016 and now, thanks to “fortification for democracy” and demographics, we are a one-party state and voting only gives the ruling junta legitimacy, even if you vote against its candidate.

    My father, an Army veteran, told me “I fought and your grandfather fought for the right to vote” and nothing will stop me from voting. He also told me there is always hope.

    I told him denying reality doesn’t make it go away. He huffed and left the room. I just think so many of my father’s generation can’t break their conditioning to see the country they once loved is gone and is ruled by demonic psychopaths whose barbaric religion is based on the sacraments of infanticide and butt sex and hatred of white, western civilization.

    • Your situation mirrors mine. My father has come around, but my mom is exactly like you describe. I have friends in their early 50s too. “We have to at least lessen the damage”. It’s beyond infuriating.

      • Incrementally–at best–lessening the damage does not justify legitimating the system by voting.

        • Voting republican in many ways worsens the damage.

          Electing someone who doesn’t actually hurt the left, but just gets them angry accomplishes nothing,

          Trump was like the guy who kicks the hornets nest and they all come out and sting your kids and the neighbors dog.

          When a liberal wins, they usually try something radical at the beginning of their term, but then they quiet down. Bill Clinton essentially did nothing during his presidency after his Health Care act failed. Clinton was probably the most conservative president of my life.

          On the other hand, Republican presidents tend to make truly disastrous decisions when pressed by an angry public. Both Bush and Trumps were catastrophes when faced with a crisis.

          There is a tremendous amount of demoralization setting in with Biden. If he wins re-election it will likely only increase in a second term.

          I have started wondering if Republicans had never won the presidency after the New Deal, that perhaps the left would have never felt the need to throw open the borders.

          • “ Voting republican in many ways worsens the damage.”

            Been wondering that myself from the other direction. Here in AZ, the Rep leadership talks about the “non-aligned” voter constantly. Basically the premise starts with Rep’s and Dem’s are split, the IND’s need to be attracted to vote “our way”. Now if I were a Rep, I think I might feel taken for granted.

    • dr_mantis_tobbogan_md: “My father, an Army veteran, told me “I fought and your grandfather fought for the right to vote” and nothing will stop me from voting. He also told me there is always hope. I told him denying reality doesn’t make it go away. He huffed and left the room.”

      You’re thinking pseudo-deductivistically & analytically & narrativally, rather than psychologically & sociologically & empirically.

      If you can summon the gonads necessary for altering your perspective on the course of human events, then you will realize that you have a solemn duty to your father & your grandfather & all the rest of your ancestors and their sacrifices – going back several hundred millions years, to the point that your ancestors were mere pond scum in a primordial puddle of mud, struggling to survive – you have a solemn duty to FIGHT.

      Fight for the survival of your ancestors’ bloodlines.

      Fight for a place in the Tree of Life where your ancestors’ bloodlines can continue to persist.

      Fight for the ability of yourself & your children & your grandchildren to procreate even moar descendants of your ancestors.

      Honor your ancestors’ sacrifices.

      If voting is not the correct use of your time & energy & resources in this war, then figure out precisely what is the correct use of your time time & energy & resources in this war, and then throw all of your time & energy & resources into that use.

      This is a darwinistically existential war which the Frankfurt School & its unitardian/quaker/jesuitical/canterburian/wesleyan shabbos goysiche goblins have unleashed upon us.

      We fight, or we go extinct.

      There are no other options.

  37. As a yesterday man I know classical conservatism is dead and never coming back. It’s been dead a long time now. Yet I still feel like that kid whose parents are headed for certain divorce when the parents fight in front of him. Fights like the on between DeSantis and Trump go nowhere and nothing good comes of them.

    America and Canada are so fucked. Pardon my fwench…

    • Glenfilthie: “Yet I still feel like that kid whose parents are headed for certain divorce when the parents fight in front of him.”

      Does that kid grow up to be an adult with Freedom of the Will?

      And, if so, then how does that kid choose to exercise his Freedom of the Will?

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