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The world can go a long time without anything important happening, but then all of a sudden, we get a lot of history in a short period of time. Of course, it just feels this way to us humans with our short lifespans. In those slow periods, lots of things are happening, but they go unnoticed. They build up over time and then all of a sudden, everyone notices them all at once, along with other things.

We may be in one of those processes. The regime is about to arrest another political opponent for the crime of being a political opponent. Trump is not the first to be jailed by the current regime. Dungeons around Washington continue to hold political prisoners waiting for their rigged trial for January 6. Jailing Trump is merely another red line that this regime has been willing to cross.

Most everyone reading this remembers when Americans mocked countries that engaged in these sorts of shenanigans. America was not perfect and there were many cases of people getting abused for their politics, but nothing like this. Victims of the system could expect the public to be outraged. They could also expect people in the system to give them a fair hearing and maybe redress their grievances.

All of a sudden none of that is true. America is one of those countries we used to mock for their lawless disregard for orderly governance. This is just one of the “all of a sudden” events we are about to experience. The war in Ukraine is about to pack a whole lot of history into a short period of time. Months of official lies are about to bob to the surface in all sorts of unpleasant ways.

Of course, our world has been changing in other ways that have largely gone unnoticed but will be noticed all of a sudden. Pat Robertson going to the great fundraiser in the sky is a reminder that we are on the cusp of a great demographic turnover. All those old guys who made their bones in the great interregnum, maybe made it possible, are about to exit the stage. The past is receding quickly.

Years ago, I wrote something about this age being like a point where multiple rivers meet in a great confluence. Instead of rivers, it is long and short social cycles that are ending at the same time. The long cycle is Western liberalism. Another longish cycle is the American empire. A short cycle is the baby boom generation. There are others, all reaching their denouement in this age. It will be a wild ride.

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  • Peaceful Separation
  • RIP Pat Robertson
  • The Campaign
  • Trump Goes To Jail
  • World War III

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170 thoughts on “Let’s Check In On The News

  1. If they absolutely will not stop until we are dead, a statement I wholeheartedly agree with, what makes you think they will allow peaceful separation?

    Covid proved the lengths they will go to have little to no bounds.

    There will be no peaceful separation and the majority feminized white culture has no will to fight.

  2. A couple of observations. First, arrests of political opponents are not going to stop with Trump. Any more than election fraud stopped with the Presidential election. DeSantis is in the cross-hairs, Gavin Newsom suggested that DeSantis was in violation of illegal aliens civil rights due to “cruel and unusual” treatment of sending them to Sacramento. Blue Cities and states cannot survive getting all those illegals to their places, see NYC asking/demanding people put up illegals in their homes and schools. Chicago’s Wakanda population is in near-revolt about illegals. Thus I would expect an arrest of DeSantis by the feds over sending illegals to blue cities and states, along with Abbot of Texas and a few others. This is also why IMHO you have Scott, Nimrata Randhawa (Nikki Haley’s real name), and Chris Christie, Pence, etc. all running. They know BOTH Trump and DeSantis will be in jail because their beltway buddies told them. Of course this will naturally spread down to mass arrests of Trump supporters, voters, “lean Trump” and then just general White people. That’s how those things move. Pol Pot, great purges, etc. There are reasons below to suspect foreign enemies will encourage this also.

    Second, there are a bunch of players not us or the Regime in the game. The Saudis (MbS really) despise Big Guy, he called MbS a murderer (he probably is, not wise to say it) and vowed to jail him, since temporarily rescinded, then begged MbS to pump more oil while abandoning the Saudis for the bromance of Iran from the Obama Admin. This had the Saudis look to Russia and China for protection, joining the BRICs, making their own peace deal with Iran guaranteed by China. This is a repudiation of not only the Carter Doctrine but US policy since 1944. The Saudis have big money on Wall Street and lots of sympathetic ears hence, have vowed to punish the US economically with the oil weapon, etc.

    There are dissident Oligarchs, including but not limited to: Musk, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook of Apple, Jaime Dimon, who depend on China and don’t want a war with China to match that of Russia. They are not us, but are opposed to the regime. They seem to have concluded that the regime must go, at the worst end their risk is global nuclear war where they are dead, or worse, irrelevant. Their “best case” is losing much of their China-based wealth (what is Amazon without cheap Chinese goods? Its Etsy plus) in the event of conflict with China and trade embargoes (forget tarriffs). There is the US high command, which does not want War with Russia to go hot, knowing the consequence (US defeat, even if “just” limited nuclear, and their own reputation in tatters). These people don’t know what to do but are disenchanted with the Regime’s push for US troops fighting Russia by July/August. [Jens Stoltenberg made a speech the other day guaranteeing NATO backed security with Polish, and then inevitably US troops]

    Then there is China, to a lesser extent Russia. China has massive influence in the US, there are I think five broadcast Chinese networks in the LA Area, Confucius Institutes in nearly every major US university, penetration at the deepest level of most Democratic political organizations and office holders, and many Republicans. [Dianne Feinstein had a Chinese intel officer as her aide, Swallwell had a Chinese intel officer Fang Fang as a mistress, Mitch McConnell is tied to all sorts of Chinese firms, etc.] China’s aim is highly likely to create civil war within the US to weaken any response to invading Taiwan and help their critical ally Russia (who provides food and energy that the US navy can never blockade). Thus China is highly likely IMHO to push for reparations for slavery via a White tax, perhaps pushing on the Regime-desired open door of black violence against random Whites until the White tax for reparations happens, along with perhaps mass conscription of all White males Ukraine style if the White tax (measuring in millions per) is not paid. China wants/needs US Civil War as quickly and as comprehensively as possible and wants it to last for years. They are likely to repeat the German General staff sending Lenin to St. Petersburg in a sealed train in 1917 in some way.

    Then there is the counter-awokening. The disgust and anger over Trans is palpable, and spreading beyond Whites. Anfi-Fa and Armenians in Glendale got into it over trans in schools, “bold move Cotton” for Anti-Fa (if you know who those Armenians are) and Muslims vs. Gays/Teachers is hilarious and growing in the US and Canada. Instead of a chicken in every pot its a Drag Queen in every kindergarten. Guaranteed to make nearly all parents angry. California is passing a bill taking away kids from parents who mis-gender their kids. Given how people are built genetically, demanding gays have sexual and chopping off bits access to their kids creates “the fighting side” of parents, apologies to Merle Haggard.

    So, resident black piller here it is complex, fluid, and how things go likely depend on accidents, luck, and who is better organized and more highly motivated. I can’t say the Regime is going to triumph, survive, or lose. Its anybodies game I think.

    • It’s one thing to single out 1% of the population as the problem. It’s another thing to single out 57% as the problem.

    • You know all those Chinese (and other foreign researchers) in our universities?

      They know full well there is zero op-sec in academia, so all of that bleeding-edge research gets sent home in real-time.

  3. Peaceful separations are delusional, the other side will never allow that
    Unlike their propaganda, other side knew that white people are only valuable human resources that maintains their profitable system
    Negro race is more desperate to resist since their life depends on white people’s social capitals

    You want separate from evil parasite who wants to suck your blood off and turn your women as sex doll?
    Prepare total bloodshed because others never allow you to separate

    • Of course peaceful separation is impossible. The left would never allow it. On top of what you said, the left is driven by a religious fanaticism to convert or control us into their utopia. However, using the terms peaceful separation and national divorce are useful. Normie isn’t ready to talk about open warfare, and the FBI/regime will put you on a watch list real quick (at minimum). The term peaceful separation is to get people to start thinking about/normalizing the idea of splitting up. Once that idea is normalized on the right, you can take the next steps.

      • The Greek: “the left is driven by a religious fanaticism to convert or control us into their utopia…”

        There is an absolutely fascinating thread over at Free Republic this morning, wherein the Normie-Con Grillers are beginning to show an interest in human psychology:

        Will The Left Finally Admit It’s Driven By Mental Illness?

        As of right now, it’s only got about three pages of kkk0mments, but it’s the most exciting development I can remember in forever.

        They’re even cluing in to all the correct psychological milestones: the Narcissism, the Psychopathy, and the Herd Instinct.


  4. It’s really, really hard these days not to entertain dark thoughts – but it’s also no way to go through day to day life. Ignoring the news helps, but at some point, as the realization clarifies that these f’s want us permanently out of the picture, things are inevitably going to come to a head.

  5. Z, I hear your comments on being modest/ quiet about religion, because I am the same way at nature (and I’m a Protestant FWIW). However, if the Apostles & their disciples had followed our lead, there might not be a church to follow today. The Great Commission was meant to live beyond their generation.

    I believe our thinking comes our personality, but also from a time when this country proclaimed to be 90% Christian, and it wasn’t as necessary to be more assertive because it was culturally endemic. We’re not there anymore, so I think it is people like us who should consider adjusting our thinking and behavior. The current landscape of so many being their own God, or giving in to Moloch isn’t playing out well, and some testimony, if not proselytizing might do some good.

    • Gotta hand it to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, they never quit. Periodically I get a hand written letter in my mailbox from someone in their local congregation.

      • I have long admired the Mormons for being able to participate in our sewer of our culture and yet still maintain large families and feminine women.

        (There are lots of hot Mormon women in my state. Sometimes, I am tempted to pretend to be a Mormon to get access to those ladies. Sadly, I am a bad liar and can’t pretend about something as serious as religion.)

        Recently, when I have expressed my admiration for the Mormons, I am told that the latest generation of young Mormons is mostly woke. Maybe the Mormons have finally lost the battle, like we did a few generations ago.

        • If they are it is true. they have lost . I suspected as much after seeing what mitt Romney has become

      • Same here. Those hand written letters are kind of touching. I keep them, can’t bring myself to throw them away.

    • I read somewhere that the primary division within Protestantism relates to prioritizing either the Great Commission or the Golden Rule. I never really felt like I fit in culturally with the Great Commission Protestants, having grown up in that world – it seemed entirely too emotional to me, but I’ll concede that the increasingly empty, rainbow-flag festooned mainline Protestant churches here in Imperial Capital suburb suggest that the Golden Rule emphasis is a dead-end.

      If the end-result of the Reformation is Drag-Queen story hour or Joel Osteen’s prosperity gospel, then maybe it’s time to ask whether Martin Luther got it wrong.

  6. Good show Z-man! Not only are the leaders of this country insane, but not intelligent. Most couldn’t boil water, and not just on Saturday. I’ve met and worked with many, and it was easy to see they’re not intelligent. They’re also very dull and weird. I honestly believe the cloud people understand this and are insanely jealous of the dirt people.

  7. Escalation, everywhere.

    Storming the beaches of Ukraine, the “counteroffensive”- on the anniversary of D-Day, natch- behind the screen of the naval exercise and especially the Kharkova dam, cutting off Crimea’s fresh water and the water supplying the cooling towers of the Zaporozhye nuclear plant.
    I’ll bet Americans and mercs are already present, in strength, that the “F16s” were code for “boots on the ground”. Is the fog of war going to be a radioactive cloud?

    Along with poking the Bear hard, the sudden appearance at 1 a.m. of 437 wildires coast-to-coast in Canada, lending an apocalyptic tinge to the air.
    The Left’s version of “Jesus is coming!” is “climate change”.

    Pride Month about to meet Juneteenth. Will they f***?

    Aaand, indicting Trump, of course.

    I think the crazies are threatening to make the balloon go up.
    What do trans-women want?

    • Alz-

      The vaunted counteroffensive seems like it was supposed to be the run up for the massive NATO air exercise next week to go hot with Russia.

      They did it this way because the collective West has totally forgotten how to wage combined arms warfare.

      • Woops, air exercise, my bad, thanks-

        But I thought it kicked off on June 6th?

        “…to go hot with Russia.”
        Yup, that’s what I was thinking. Coordinated.

        Financial guys, isn’t there also some monetary monkeyshines on the pile? I’ve lost track of how many plates are spinning.

        • Ah! Comment abuse, again, so solly-

          I think the US tecnically went bankrupt June 1st, and then the debt ceiling miraculously passed.

    • Trump will never go to prison, because the Secret Service doesn’t do prison, but he is fulfilling his destiny as the sacrificial goat, proving to the normies that the system is a joke, a tyranny masked by elections which mean nothing…

  8. Nice post; it reminds me of this 8 minute video segment with Tom Holland, the author of the excellent book “Dominion”:


    Essentially, the enforced anti-white racism being pushed in the west is but the current manifestation of Christian derived egalitarianism, which includes communism, secular liberalism, and western-style Richard-Dawkins atheism. All of these movements derive from Christianity. Here’s a quote from it:

    “Fascism, I think, was the most radical revolutionary movement that Europe has seen since the age of Constantine. Because unlike the French Revolution, unlike and the Russian Revolution, it doesn’t even target institutional Christianity: it targets the moral ethical fundamentals of Christianity. The French Revolution, the Russian Revolution are still preaching that idea, that the victim should be raised up from the dust and that the oppressor should be humbled into the dust; it’s still preaching the idea that the first should be last and the last should be first just as Christ has done.

    The Nazis do not buy into that. The Nazis buy into the Nietzschean idea that the weak are weak and should be treated as weak, as contemptable, as something to be crushed.

    Atheists of today [like Richard Dawkins et al]… they are basically Christians. Nietzsche saw humanists, communists, liberals—people who may define themselves against Christianity—as being absolutely in the fundamentals Christian, and I think he is right about that because I think that in a sense atheism doesn’t repudiate the kind of ethics and the morals and the values of Christianity.”

    Here is the full hour if it whets your appetite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUUkY164jhc

    In my opinion a full transvaluation of values to full Nietzschian warrior values isn’t proper, but society works best in a balance between warrior and priestly values, and all we have right now is extreme priestly egalitarian values. A partial transvaluation of values is required before any of this stuff has any hope of changing.

    • Hmm. From what I’ve gleaned from Layabout, Nietzsche was saying that without masculine leadership rooted in a sense of place and people (soil and blood), that even the spirit of divine mercy will liquecse into spineless, bitchy, magical judeo-feminism. To change the world into…something something.

      That is, the breeder-brained only want to talk about problems, not solve them.
      (as a White neocortex-thinking male would want to do.)


      As to atheists like Dawkins, they’re dismissive because the emosocial thinkers can’t answer the mechanical (neocortexical) questions, such as “how does it work?”. Those focused on social morality can’t diagram why “good” is good.

      (Just as Dawkins can’t answer how a selfish gene communicates with other selfish genes.)

      What’s the use of mercy? Yet we know without words that healing, mercy, reverent gratitude are the finest state.

      Same with the amorphous before-and-after Questions.
      Not just “if” there’s a Heaven or hell, but why? What does it do, what’s Heaven for?

      Christians, for instance, don’t really mean it when they ask “where did it all come from?”
      What they’re asking is, “why am I here?” from an emosocial frame.

    • “The Nazis buy into the Nietzschean idea that the weak are weak and should be treated as weak, as contemptable, as something to be crushed.”

      This is just not true, at least not concerning the weak in the German family. The NSDAP raised their working class up, it didn’t crush them. They promoted home ownership and small, private farms for the lower classes. The Bismarck government established the first welfare programs in the world and the NSDAP let them stand.

      In contrast, Nietzsche’s supermen probably would have hunted the working class for sport.

      Outside the German nation, I think your point stands. Moustache guy was not known for his regard of the Slavs, for example.

      • Hear hear, well displayed. I must admit I was irked by the implication that “the Nazis were inhumane ravagers who hated the weak and Christians” pilpul.

        Ffs, “Gott Mitt Uns” must’ve been in a foreign language unintelligible to all those Catholic and Protestant Germans celebrating Yuletide.

        Even lowly laborers such as diggers were given specific recognition.

        Bah. I’m over-sensitive because I watched a bit of actual Holodomor footage. That these f***ing creatures should call any Aryan inhumane…

    • Surprisingly given his background, Nietzsche wasn’t an “atheist” only vs. the religion of his youth/father/race, but regarding all extra-rhetorical gods. I share that rare brain defect—the total lack of a normal human sense, maybe the only uniquely human one. Seeking transcendence, Nietzsche looked into its genealogy and found mundane psychology. So he charged himself with reinventing the possibility of godliness whole, before it’s too late. A true vocation.

      With vanishingly few exceptions, white atheists (especially) are Christians in roughly the sense that atheist Jews are Jews. Dawkins berates Christians and kowtows to muslims and Jews because he’s only an atheist toward Christianity; etc. We are what we’re born to be, we can’t escape it, and our attempts are mere heresies.

      Current_year Nietzsche would say that Christianity is a deep collaborator in all forms of American leftism because Christianity is whatever Americans do. Wokeness being the aggressive imperial strain of Christianity, mimicking nature in its violent wastefulness, is its sole future.

    • True…But It’s worse than that..the current system isn’t egalitarian, in fact, it promotes the incompetent, insane and criminal into positions to wreck society…We will not survive that…

    • “Essentially, the enforced anti-white racism being pushed in the west is but the current manifestation of Christian derived egalitarianism, which includes communism, secular liberalism, and western-style Richard-Dawkins atheism. All of these movements derive from Christianity.”

      As G.K. Chesterton observed, “Europe evolved into its own vices and its own impotence…but the worst into which it evolved was not like what it had escaped.”

  9. Retired Col. Douglas Macgregor of Gulf War fame seems to be one of the few voices speaking out with a good bead on what’s really going on with Ukraine, re-emerging threats in the Balkans, and our foreign & domestic affairs. It is pretty clear why he didn’t make General once you hear his comments:


    • Colonel Doug is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs in all the sane timelines.

      • When our resistance is fully formed maybe we can ask Col. Macgregor to assist.

    • Col. Douglas MacGregor talks nonsense way too often to be taken seriously. Just because MSM coverage of the war in Ukraine is utter garbage doesn’t prove every dissenting voice true. Hate me all you want. Getting upset with basic facts is childish.

      • He ran the fight that gave us the Great Tank-killing Victory in Iraq 1. Didn’t shy away from the heat, either. Of course, the system made McMaster the hero — not to diminish at all what the latter did do as a young Co Cdr.
        Macgregor then goes on to develop and advocate for a really radical transformation — something no huah-spouting field grade or GO could or did do. I was a young officer in the system then, and read his book with slack-jawed admiration. NONE of my superior company, field grade or immediate GOs even cracked the cover. Macgregor had a career history of hitting it out of the park. From what I know about how the system operates, his peers were jealous and threatened; his superiors must have resented the upstart. After all he ran an op where lots of steel was put down range AND on target.

        They non-selected him for GO, and out to pasture he went. Those who wriggled their way through the system became the guys who set us up for head-scratching outcomes in GWOT / “OCO”. And of course, we saw how H.R. MacMasters fiercely supported P45. Not unexpected for one who made it to flag rank.

        No one is perfect. But I believe he Macgregor bears listening to. He’s not constrained by any weak, currently accepted dogma.

        • Thanks for the info. It looks like another proof the having some spine doesn’t get you anywhere in the military ranks.

          I don’t have any reason or right to question Mr. Macgregor’s character, he just seems to be out of the loop and relying solely on the open intel that is heavily contaminated with omissions and propaganda on both sides; paid, voluntary or both.

          On some occasions his statements were taken straight of the most outlandish portion of the Russian news feed, and, again, not having any reason to assume bad intentions, I simply think that Mr. Macgregor
          A) doesn’t have access to valuable intel from which he can draw solid conclusions.
          B) doesn’t understand important local specifics of the forces directly or indirectly taking part in this conflict.

          The reason why I resorted to a borderline trolling in my previous post was to confirm my growing suspicion that DR has a major problem coming to terms with the fact that there is no salvation coming from the outside.

          I understand accelerationist aspect of DR approach to War in Ukraine, but collapse of the current power structure is merely a milepost on the road into the future, and revival of some modernity-proof version of the traditional values and common sense is just one of many possible outcomes, that at this point is not even very likely. It will not come from wishful thinking and inaction.

          Many of people in DR seem to act like they have big WIN button that they’re just waiting to press at the right moment. They don’t and they won’t.

          Many of them are incapable of a simple soul searching and getting serious about where they really stand and how they want to proceed into the future.
          DR needs to stop LARPing and get real.

  10. Hey Z – whaddya make of RFK?

    To me he almost seems to make sense… for a Boomer democrat…

    • Well, RFK jr is totally right about the most important subjects, namely the health of our children being wrecked by vaccines, and now tranny propaganda, and the fact that the Ukraine war has to be ended…Though I think the Russians will end it before any such movement can get underway…

  11. Slightly OT: I may be simple-minded, but I have a Lovecraftian distrust and fear of mass societies. And yet, I’m a domesticated pony so I’m completely dependent on them. If anything, it’s a miracle that they work at all.

    I cringe at the sign of legal forms and contracts. Legalese dense language is totally impenetrable; it’s made to mean anything and everything for even the most simple arrangements. It’s scares off normal people from engaging the law. Say what you will about the 10 commandments, but at least they are directly stated.

    Anyway, society is just a mass of COMPLETE STRANGERS, with little to no common ties. It’s inevitable that whomever comes into power, good or bad, will at some point say, “who are all these people? what do i care about these fools? I’m going to have a nice life for me and my family and screw the rest.”

    • In today’s world it makes good sense to read and understand contracts. The vast majority of them are are simple and straightforward for the layman, and the more onerous terms and conditions can usually be taken exception to. And even if they aren’t the more unreasonable ones are unenforceable in court. Tucker Carlson, for example – has walked away from his and has given FOX the finger.

      • Not realistic, Glenfilthie….Speaking as an experienced business lawyer, there are many important terms in most contracts that won’t be understood or even noticed by laymen…One example is often the dispute resolution clause…

  12. Spot on: School Of The West dot world. May be our best hope.

    Besides, even if you do win, by the time you do, your grandkids will be fully indoctrinated or deconstructed or both.

    • Separation is inevitable. The only issues are (1) when, and (2) whether peaceful. In all likelihood, collapse would make it more peaceful than otherwise – simply removing the capability for full scale war of DC vs Outlands. Would likely still have regional skirmishes, however.

      • “Separation is inevitable.”

        No, it’s not. Let’s be realistic. Existing under the bootheel of tyranny is probably the more likely outcome. If you look at history that’s the way most people have lived — under the yoke of empire.

        The “separation” achieved by the American Revolution was largely sui generis.

        Eighty years later the separationists were not quite so successful.

        • Empires, nation states, dukedoms, etc. routinely fragment and fall apart. It’s a commonplace of history. The GAE will inevitably weaken and decay, and then it will Balkanize. We may not live to see it, but it will happen.

          • “The GAE will inevitably weaken and decay, and then it will Balkanize.”

            Agree — but when? If you were an eastern Christian in Constantinople in 1470, twenty years after the Ottomans conquered it, you might have said the same thing. And you would have been right — The Ottoman Empire did decay and collapse… in 1918.

            Fat lot of good that did you.

      • Separation is far from inevitable. Even if it was, that doesn’t mean we will be any better off.

        Losing the culture war made everything else inevitable. Name one red-state governor who would like to see their state become a White ethnostate. Hell, name one state level politician who has ever said anything pro-White.

        Every single one of our leaders agree with the “left” on every important issue. Most of our people hold the same views.

        When the South cucked on race integration, that was the last stand ever made. Now everyone agrees we’re all exactly the same, except where we are not the same, it’s all Whitey’s fault. Even the run-of-the-mill Republicans blame Whitey. To the “Left” it’s redlining and Jim Crow and to the “Right” it’s welfare, no fault divorce and section 8 housing breaking up the otherwise stable black family.

        We are not the silent majority. We are the radical fringe who keep our views secret and post on obscure forums under pseudonyms so that our public persona is never equated with our own views.

        Unless and until we take over schools, radio, TV and mainstream media, our views will become ever more out of the mainstream. Even if we homeschool our children, we cannot isolate them from the larger culture. The larger culture is extremely pervasive, especially to kids and teens. Brainwashing works. Deplatforming works.

        • I disagree. White consciousness is percolating just below the surface. Resentment is growing. A sizeable minority of whites–20%?–hold views very similar to ours, but are terrified of expressing them. At some point something will happen. What, I cannot say. But when it does, it will teach the 20-percenters that they are not alone, that there are many others who feel as they do. And once that happens, a movement will form which will be too powerful for the GAE to entirely check. Separation will follow.

          As for our so-called “leaders,” of course they’re not going to say anything pro-white. They are selected for their cowardace and cuckoldry. Real leaders will emerge.

          • I would not quibble with that 20% estimate. But another way of looking at it is that 80% of WHITE people believe being pro-white is either evil or at least outside of the bounds of thinking.

            Because being pro-White is so out of the mainstream, we don’t know what part of the White people are pro-White. But it is probably not the top 20% in terms of income or education or even community standing.

            Where that 20% is, is important. There is probably not 5% of the top 10-20% of White men who would agree with us. If most of the 20% are within the bottom 50%, they are completely irrelevant.

            The only thing keeping me from total despair is that the communists were once a very small minority and probably disproportionately not in the top 20%.

          • It’s interesting that the Bud Light and Target/ChikFil-A boycotts have shown how much simmering resentment is just under the surface of white skins. Clearly we are a force to be reckoned with. Loss of money seems to be the only way to get their attention and force change. What if every child were pulled out of public school and home schooled instead? The tax base for the schools would have to be reduced dramatically yes? What if all the truckers both local and national just stayed home for even a week?

        • The United States is fragmenting and dissolving even now. A foreigner would be a fool to invest here now.

          • @ray:

            I’m not surprised but was unaware of that.

            As the economic condition deteriorates the United States will grow increasingly oppressive. I have friends abroad who are horrified at what they see; I don’t think even people like us inside the country fully appreciate how bad it is.

            The United States is fragmenting and dissolving even now, but I have no illusions what is taking place will be anything short of nightmarish. I had an opportunity to retire abroad and passed. That was a huge mistake but family, stuff like that.

            I fully expect the trend toward de-dollarization to accelerate now and people to be impoverished as a matter of policy. It is unavoidable but The Help is prone to fuck up, so there’s little or no way they can prevail other than to immiserate, which will happen.

          • Its true the dollar has declined against SA currencies. The other half of the story is the crazy insane heights it ran up too during covid. It has a long was to drop to move back to historical means with most SA currencies. Long story short, at this point it is not because of dollar demise, yet…….

            If anything the fake end of the world Covid scare proved how strong the dollar still is relative to competitors. Everyone, and I mean everyone global ran to the $.

  13. This SCOTUS ruling just proves there are no solutions to the problems we face. Leftists fought tooth and nail to stop the conservative majority on the SCOTUS. This proves they shouldn’t have bothered.

    The main reason they should not have bothered is conservatives are cowards and law as a field is entirely SJW converged. The law schools are leftists. They teach from leftists books. They teach from leftists decisions and rationales for the rulings. The state bars are all run by leftists.

    We could pass constitutional amendments explicitly pro-white and they would simply declare the constitution is unconstitutional. Nobody would even bat an eye at this logic.

    • Roberts and Kavanaugh are establishmentarians, first and foremost. What this case was about, fundamentally, is preserving the constitutionality of federal control over state elections when it comes to matters touching civil rights, which is all of them. When the Democrats finally get around to mandating national mail-in ballots and harvesting, this ruling will be prominently cited.

      • Both are compromised. Roberts is rumored to be a pedophile and homosexual, Kavanaugh is a life-long drunkard and at best a sexual batterer. They do as told. It is stupid beyond belief to think there are legal remedies to a police state.

        • Kavanaugh’s crying during the hearings told me everything I needed to know about him. Not to mention his defense was how he had almost exclusively was taking on women as interns to do his part to push “female empowerment”

          He has no spine. He is a perfect example of the swamp creature. The names Trump got to pick from were created by yet another swamp creature, Ken Star. There was never a chance anyone good would even end up being an option.

          • Exactly my take on Kav the Kuck. A plant. The weeping, the female empowerment activism, the princess daughters, is to vomit.

            The Boys of Breitbart LOVED him. Because he’s a symbol of the failed masculinity that they and their lives are. The Boys were SURE he’d vault the court to the Right immediately. Finally, a Savior!

            I wouldn’t have let him even sit on the bench with my team. His fakeness and cuckiness might infect them.

            Just another enemy to me.

      • There were people *on this board* last week that were arguing that Trump’s major accomplishment in office was the conservative bedrocks he put on the Supreme Court. How’d that work out?

        • It worked out the only way it could work out, badly. All opposition whether robed or not is compromised and/or cowardly. They would not be in their position otherwise.

        • Nominees are selected strictly from an ABA approved list. Unil that ends, this won’t. And it won’t.

        • That hasn’t changed: It’s still his major accomplishment

          Just less of an accomplishment than presented..

        • C’mon, those conservatives did their jobs by saving all the unborn future section 8ers!

    • Liberal lawyers go into Con Law, DAs offices, ADL, ACLU, become judges (surprising how many POC barely out of law school judges we have now) and other NGOs and government “service” with various lettered agencies.

      Conservatives, if left intact after law skrewl, do insurance defense (or other civil defense), transactional/corporate stuff, or similar. And of course, their clients are co-opted by woke. No where near the levers of government or cultural power.

    • Tars: The law is not the only field/venue that is irredeemably converged. It’s why I feel all those suddenly outraged parents trying to vote out their leftist school boards are deluded. You also need to somehow remove all the administrators . . . and teachers . . . and textbooks. Then go and somehow replace/reform all the teacher training colleges, and the textbook authors, editors, and publishers. Joe and Jane Normal just do not realize yet that once an institution is wholly corrupted and converged, it is dead. They are trying to somehow reform and revive a rotting skin suit.

      The entire edifice needs to be dismantled and then utterly destroyed (because the parasitic mutants always come creeping back). No matter how much people are determined to avoid this reality, the bill will come due.

      • I could not agree more. However, it must be done if this is ever to be turned around.

        I think this is why so many of us wish for a collapse. They think this will severely weaken or destroy these institution and that we’ll be able to take them over from the rubble. As hard as it is for us to do this now, it will be way more difficult when the rest of society is in free fall and requiring the attention of serious men to address. When the grid is failing and there are rolling blackouts and when the water cannot be relied upon for safe drinking and bathing, fuel in short supply and there are food shortages, schools will quickly fall to the bottom of the list.

        • Tars: Good. Let the schools fall – they’ve already failed. They teach almost nothing of substance now, and if there are other, more critical things failing then children can be better taught the basics by their parents, and other critical skills will have to be relearned the hard way.

      • What you say goes for the whole of AINO. “Education” is simply a microcosm of the polity that houses it.

        • I disagree overall. It’s not just a reflection (though it is to a small degree), it’s an engine. It indoctrinates small children into progressive ideology. Small children no longer even have the first 5 or 6 years of their lives at home with mom. They are dropped into the hands of lettered professionals who are also propagandized into progressive ideology. By the time a child becomes a teenager, they have received thousands of hours of lessons from this institution, not to mention thousands more from radio, TV and the mainstream media.

          • Oh, there’s no doubt that education bears a massive portion of responsibility for this wreck of a society. In fact, with my emphasis on academia, I have been making just that very argument in these parts for years. But what I was saying in the post above is that, just as education is utterly irredemable in its present state, so too is broader society. And in precisely the same ways.

    • The leopards don’t seem to be very good, the Ukies should ask for their money back

      • Or possibly, the tactics and tactical situation in which Leopard tanks are used isn’t very good. Col MacGregor, who is mentioned frequently here, discusses such a wholistic view of the battlefield and military tactics. I believe here’s mentioned the possible use of Leopard and Abrams tanks. To drive a tank into the field of battle is not sufficient. He was very skeptical of their successful use by the Uke’s. So far, he’s,being proved correct.

  14. As a Christian myself, I can’t say I’ll miss Pat Robertson. Dude was an Evangelical snake oil salesman.

    • I’m with Z: I’m not a performative Christian. Orthodox Priests don’t even perform during the liturgies. I like my Christianity personal and solemn.

      • Not much into snake-handling, speaking in tongues and wearing big flowery hats, then?

        • All crazy media misrepresentations! I don’t handle my poisonous snakes except to put big flowery hats on them. I explain it to them in parseltongue beforehand to keep them calm.

        • I cannot disrespect the snake handlers. Whatever else they are, they are genuine. Or were. I don’t think it really goes on anymore. Not the Appalachian variety anyway.

          • Jim from Wild Kingdom may have been the last of the snake handlers. Alas, it seems that the snakes more often handled him. Poor Jim…

    • Something about those tv evangelist guys always makes me suspicious that it’s a grift. Even when I agree with everything he’s saying.

      • In college, hung over on Sunday morning, we would watch Jimmy Swaggart for fun. Dude put on a show. They used to call James Brown the hardest working man in show business, but they hadn’t seen Jimmy.

  15. It is an exceedingly dangerous time.

    The Ukraine war and the Trump indictment have to be seen as a single piece. The American Regime cannot allow any critic of the Ukraine war to be on the national stage. Period. There are now competing factions wargaming whether to ignite World War III or not. As you noted, these factions are mentally ill and ideologically insane They do believe a nuclear war can be won. They are so delusional they cannot conceive of their own deaths, or, worse, do not even care about such a prospect. Even the Soviet leadership feared death or at least could envision it. Not these monsters.

    The indictment of Trump is strategically brilliant. It has effectively killed the Republican Party (which is good, inadvertently) because it has exposed it as simultaneously impotent and complicit. The party either can nominate Trump and lose because enough ignorant people will believe where there is smoke there is fire, or it can go with RDS or someone else and go down in flames since this will be seen rightly as acceptance of the national security state as the arbiter of the figureheads in office. I fully expect the GOP to be wiped out congressionally and in the states as a direct result.

    As you note, the normal Regime method of dealing with Kennedys is to murder them, but we live in such an advanced technological age there are ways to destroy individuals without going the physical route although that remains on the table.

    Once Trump and RFKJr are removed, the debate will be about who can bomb Moscow the hardest and who will be the more aggressive in the war.

    I give the odds of fullscale nuclear war now better than 50 perecent. This is high even for me as I have anticipated it as possible for a long while now. I even see the possibility of civil war for the first time although those remain low and around the 20 percent mark.

    People need to prepare for the worst, because it is here. Direct confiscation of white wealth is coming simultaneously with war.

    • The thing to keep in mind is that there were power-people in the late Soviet empire who thought that nuclear war was preferable to loss/collapse, they just got blindsided and marginalized too quickly for them to foment some scheme. The first few cars of the GAE roller coaster have crested the first hill and there should be little doubt in everyone’s mind that their are “riders” who would rather push the button than continue over the slope.

      • Outside of Andropov, I don’t think there was another premier who advocated nuclear war. After Andropov suggested it, he died suddenly.

        But, yes, there were subordinates in the USSR who suffered the same madness as the current Regime lunatics. They were kept on a much tighter leash, though, than is the case now.

        • This. I mentioned once how our government is basically The Departments, which is the primary issue with using the hive-mind as an imperial self-defense mechanism. Yes it makes the ruling organism impenetrable and self-healing, but it also makes it dangerously unpredictable as too much deference is given to people who should probably be locked up in an asylum. Recall that a lot of people pushing the WuFlu mandates weren’t even in charge of anything, they just dragged the organism to their position.

    • They didn’t need to kill Trump, and look what they’ve done to him. RFK, Jr. doesn’t have 1/10 the following. He could easily get the same treatment.

      • Personal destruction via the police state apparatus is the route most likely taken with RFKJr.

        • You gotta figure there are plenty of skeletons in RFKJ’s closet. Which will be pulled out and displayed if necessary.

  16. During the quarter century I was trapped in NJ, Chris Christie was by far the best governor we had (that includes Christine Todd Whitman) – very low bar I know. He could be a useful brawler when point in the right direction. I think he would have made a much better Attorney General than Sessions or Barr because of his natural tendency to brawl with whoever comes at him. It would have been fun to watch.

    He hates Trump because Trump let Kushner shiv him. Kushner destroyed Christie because Christie had locked up his Jewish mobster father for being a nasty crook.

    Listening to Kushner’s terrible advise for 4 years may have been Trump’s biggest mistake.

  17. I was at another regional meeting last night, this time focusing on housing. It was confused. Apparently, people who live in the area work elsewhere, and people who work in the area live elsewhere.

    We have a housing crisis, they say, but then they go on about how nobody is having kids, how we need multi-family units, need to allow people to rent spaces above the garage or tiny homes on their lots, predictions of multi-generational households and a reversion to historical means re: standard of living, etc.

    My takeaway is that the suburbs are toast (praise God!), but that zoning and regs aren’t allowing them to be toast. Plus, there’s a housing shortage now, but in a decade or two the new crisis will be vacancy, unless uncontrolled immigration continues.

    My hope is that people soon get serious about making cities decent places to live again, getting a grip on immigration, and re-ruralizing the countryside. Thus ending the Cold War mindset of beating the commies with multiculturalism, more stuff, etc., and the real estate scam known as suburbanization that mindset begat. Liberalism! and Capitalism! to the hilt.

    The biggest obstacle will be the nut jobs who want to turn the cities into kill boxes and re-wild Gaia. People rightfully don’t trust them, and that poisons the well of good, and imo necessary, ideas.

    • Paintersforms: “My hope is that people soon get serious about making cities decent places to live again, getting a grip on immigration, and re-ruralizing the countryside. Thus ending the Cold War mindset of beating the commies with multiculturalism, more stuff, etc., and the real estate scam known as suburbanization that mindset begat. Liberalism! and Capitalism! to the hilt.”

      Usury requires CHURN.

      If there were no churn – if we had sustainable economic stasis – then the Usury Industrial Complex would quickly vanish and disappear.

      Ergo it is of utmost importance for the Usurers to be constantly creating ARTIFICIAL CHURN.

      [CHURN which would not otherwise exist in a sane & stable society.]

      Be it by color revolutions, war, toxic v@xxines, gender mutilation of children, the outlawing of entire industries, massive immigration, the Usurers must have CHURN.

      That’s why the Ur-Usurer, Karl Marx, insisted on Death Taxes [rather than Wealth Taxes].

      With Death Taxes, the goyische descendants of the dying scion typically will not have enough cash on hand to pay the Death Tax, and when the scion dies, the descendants are forced to sell & liquidate the property [thereby creating artificial CHURN] in order to pay the Death Tax, which has the double benefit of

      A) more wealth for the Usurers to seize [because wealth is NOT taxed], and

      B) more opportunities for new Usurious contracts to be created for the sale of the property.

      Artificial CHURN is everywhere in the economy now; Microsoft & Apple are nothing but rental agencies renting software to end users [end users who effectively no longer own the operating systems on their various digital devices].

      tl;dr == stasis BAD

      churn == GOOD

      Mmm Mmmm Good!!!

    • Young people who are well off are buying condos now, as it’s all they can afford, whereas they used to buy a house. The rest either inherit a house or join the renter serf class. A drastic drop in living standards in one generation.

      British Columbia has now changed its zoning laws to allow a 4plex to be built on single family zoned lots. Toronto just did the same, and is also building vertical high rise towers like mad. Will more 3 and 4plexes help White family formation, or just turn into sprawling, developing world style slums? I think in the US we know the answer, jury is out in Canada.

      The simple solution is to just cut immigration, but that seems out of the question to our ruling classes. Millenials voted for Dude Weed! in 2015 but got open borders instead. At least weed is legal. To be fair that seems to be the path of every Western gov’t regardless of who they voted for.

      • A local builder said the starter home and step-up markets had dried up in recent years. Millennials are either late to parenthood or aren’t having kids. People fleeing the metro areas are paying cash and bidding locals out of the markets. Rising interest rates are making people stay put.

        It’s a confluence of things, as noted it the post, which is why I brought it up. Ultimately, I’ve suspected but wasn’t certain, a return to historical norms, and astonishingly, the planners and ‘experts’ were hinting at the same. And I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, given the cultural, political, and economic distortions.

        Whatever. I spent the first years of my life going to the well for water, killing chickens, sleeping under layers of blankets in the winter, wearing hand-me-downs. Poverty wasn’t bad, but wealth— that’s a killer. Especially when it’s ackshully just a credit card lol.

        • “The simple solution is to just cut immigration, but that seems out of the question to our ruling classes.”

          Left that part out. Exactly right. Diversity is inimical to community, because the less people have in common, the harder it is for them to get along (putting it nicely).

          It’s probably another factor the burbs have papered over, because of space and entertainments, but the burbs don’t have the sense of community you get in a small country town where everybody knows each other, or an ethnic neighborhood like still exists in Philly (or at least still did when I lived down there 15 or so years ago), for instance.

          The burbs have been a costly, highly imperfect, and apparently temporary, solution to the problems of diversity. If we’re not going to be able to afford them in the future, we’re going to have to come up with better solutions. If material impoverishment is the reality, community and family should be the focus, imo, because they go a long way to mitigating it.

          Again, I got the sense at that meeting it was dawning on planners, at least locally, which was a relief. Ceasing to throw more stuff at problems is a revolution in thinking.

          • “The simple solution is to just cut immigration, but that seems out of the question to our ruling classes.”

            Setting aside the entire question of the Great Replacement [which is just icing on the cake for the Usurers], no immigration means no new housing means NO NEW MORTGAGES.

            The Usury Industrial Complex cannot exist without an effectively infinite supply of NEW MORTGAGE CONTRACTS needing to be signed, and new Wage Slaves willing to sign away 30 years of their lives to Usury Slavery [on top of their Wage Slavery].

            tl;dr == We do not have an housing industry designed to house citizens.

            Rather, we have an housing industry designed to ENSLAVE WAGIES.

          • There would still be mortgages, but yes the Ponzi scheme would be over. No more MOAR.

            70 or so years of dying cities and paved-over countryside is my issue. I don’t understand how anyone finds that acceptable, whatever the causes.

    • I’m happy to acknowledge that the suburbs were far from ideal but for myself I’m perfectly happy that they’re still a going concern and now that I have a remote job I plan to move to a suburban single family home in a Red State. Frankly, fuck land use and all that rot. Here in Oregon the gynocracy uses the kind of concerns you express to justify forcing people into disgusting mid-rise slums. I’m stuck in one right now. I’m surrounded by pothead hipster white trash and foreigners. I fucking hate these people and being forced to associate with them and I won’t continue to be for long. Just getting away from the ever present pot smoke is worth moving for.

      “The biggest obstacle will be the nut jobs who want to turn the cities into kill boxes and re-wild Gaia.” — and that’s ALL of them from what I can see. Yes, a real society would have stopped immigration and encouraged development that doesn’t destroy farmland and communities. We don’t live in a society though. Until the people running things are gone we won’t and can’t. The only people I know who understand these problems are on this and similar boards and I can’t realistically hope to form a real world community with a bunch of random pseudonyms on the internet. I CAN purchase a real world home in a place where I don’t need to deal with diversity anymore and that’s what I’ll do as soon as I can.

      • Almost forgot, one of the many joys of my little proletarian workers housing unit is that it’s right near a metro stop and the “neighborhood”, in other words a bunch of mincing faggots and fembots, keeps throwing these block parties in celebration of whatever woketard bullshit fake holiday it is. So last weekend we had “Fag Day” in celebration of Pride Month and this coming weekend is n00ger appreciation day, also known as Juneteenff. All the pozzed little douchebags and fruitbats in my building will be down there, high on genetically enhanced super-weed, gettin’ jiggy and shitting rainbow unicorn farts AGAIN this weekend. At least the fags’ music wasn’t *too* bad. I’m dreading the jet-engine level loud rap “music” that will be blasting all weekend for this one. THIS is what “the end of suburbia” really looks like. Fuck all of it and fuck anyone who enables this shit.

  18. I’m going to partially disagree with you on the sources being “made up/not existing” part. Being a long time sportsball fan in recovery, I can tell you that contract negotiation leaks happen when one side is trying to gain an upper hand on the other. The agents and the teams have their preferred contacts in media. If the team low balls a player, you better believe the agent is releasing the information to apply pressure on the team. Also, I’m inclined to believe that democrats almost certainly put informants within Republican campaigns. Heck, for all we know, the FBI could be listening to Trump campaign phone calls. It certainly could be made up, there’s just no way of knowing anymore. For example, probably all the “sources close to Putin say…” is probably made up. Then again, maybe they can hear the phone calls of the inner circle and mask it with “sources close to Putin are saying…” They are willing to lie or use the truth, depending on what benefits them.

    • The Republican Party is perfectly fine with all of this. It will be decimated in 2024 and is fine with that as well. What is unfolding is in fact “bipartisan,” a word I detest in that it implies there is a legitimate opposition to the police/national security state.

  19. “Unfortunately, the only way out – history is clear – is violence until one side capitulates.”

    Exactly so.

    Unfortunately, the side that capitulated is ours. The Left and the Government/Deep State have been entirely comfortable and entirely successful in using violence against us for sixty years (and arguably 160 years). They’re emboldened by their success and they’re at the point where they no longer feel the need to hide behind the propaganda and the “freedom and democracy” bullshit. They’re so arrogant and confident that at this point they’re basically daring someone to pop off at them, so they can justify even more repression.

    This cannot end well.

    • “Unfortunately, the side that capitulated is ours.”

      It is worse that that.

      Our side preemptively decided that organized violence in defense of our group interest was immoral and unnecessary despite all of history saying otherwise.

      I can’t even begin to count the number of Conservatives I met who revere the American Revolution, the battle of Tours and Lepanto, and the French Resistance.

      Yet they also believe there is something unique about our current evil where “peaceful solutions” are the only ones that are permissible.

      • Wonton: Excellent point and comparison. Carrying it further, those same patriotards begin every comment with “My father/ grandfather/uncle stormed the beaches of Normandy.” They endlessly honor their sainted ancestors who fought the evil notsees, but that was because the bad guys were somehow uniquely bad, the cause was righteous, and it was backed by legitimate national authorities. Any other use of force not sanctioned by the properly credentialed would be dangerously wrong – and don’t you try to take their guns away!

        Cognitive dissonance is for both the leftist and the rightist hiveminds.

      • Funny that one of the first things journos ask a dissident or rebel leader is “Do you reject violence?” I’m still waiting for a chad to come along who says “no”.

        The closest we ever got was Trump telling the Proud Boys to “stand down and stand by”. And that’s why the PBs were so targeted by the Feds; despite just being beefy libertarian alcoholics, they were made to be white terrorists.

        • Even in a private conversation, saying no to the reject violence question risks getting you reported to the gestapo.

      • Yep. Support for mass violence, organized resistance and counter-revolution is easier in the breech than in the act. Those of us on the DR side have broken through that psychological resistance, but the Grillers have not.

      • The thing to remember is that left wing radicals who use violence always have powerful people backing them who can mitigate the legal consequences of their actions. If antifas routinely ended up in prison for 20 years or shot dead by the police or military, their group would rapidly dissolve.

        Since the populist movement is just a bunch of dirt people there’s no protection against the wrath of the state, which we see clearly with Jan 6, and further back with Waco and Ruby Ridge. Remember that Trump never lifted a finger to help the people persecuted for protesting on his behalf.

        • “”The thing to remember is that left wing radicals who use violence always have powerful people backing them who can mitigate the legal consequences of their actions.””

          Because the right makes the deliberate choice to abandon its own on the field of battle.

          Trump could have pardoned the Jan 6 crowd but didn’t.

          He could have also given people verbal permission and pre-emptive pardons for anyone willing to put down the June 2020 George Floyd Riots

          “Where are all the men at? Why won’t they do something?”

          Like all those men who walked by the Syrian stabbing children.

          The simple answer is that nobody will support them and so the men will continue to do nothing until someone has their backs.

        • “The thing to remember is that left wing radicals who use violence always have powerful people backing them”

          This means you are in a state of war wether or not you recognize it.

          You can either choose to fight back, run away, or put your chains on. When making your choice, remember they may not let you live at all if you choose to capitulate.

          Complaining that the other side has powerful backers isn’t going to stop them from killing you.

    • There is not a single normal heritage American on that list – the single potential representative chooses his aberrant behavior as an identification marker. Note that these people get into school and essentially learn how to be revolutionaries and conspire against the normal people they are taught to hate. Whether it is Jaquatavius punching grandpa in the nursing home or these people going to work for the ACLU and ADL, it’s all the same and heritage Americans are absolutely impotent and helpless.

      Note that this is what the Ivies are doing while the conservacucks are trying to fight affirmative action/quotas/etc. in the courts and crowing about a potential upcoming SCOTUS victory. They just do it anyway, knowing nobody will stop them.

      • Yes. Mycale. I’ve been hinting at this in comments periodically. I didn’t have the heart to post this. But, we have to know. We have to know if we don’t now, that the courts will be filled with non-whites, many of whom are not in any sense American, (see where born and raised), who hate us not in the weird abstract way that shitlib whites hate us, but who hate us for real. Why wouldn’t they? Their hatred applied via government is our dispossession.

        For the shitlibs, it will be their dispossession too. In nature, when another tribe is coming over the hill to kill, or a predator is at your den, a certain healthy embrace of a certain emotion is necessary to do what it takes to survive.

        We aren’t voting our way out of this, and in many jurisdictions, we won’t be suing/litigating our way out of this. Grovel and die, or … …

    • Columbia may be “special”, but I think not. As Heather Mac Donald points out in “The Diversity Delusion”, this richly diverse class is obtained though diminishing entry requirements—a full sd or more as compare Whites and Asians. (That of course was when law schools still required the LSAT to be taken for admission.)

      The result Mac Donald found was high attrition rates and low class standing for these AA admissions. I also suspect that these 12 or so students don’t represent the entire admitted class of 2025–that seems a pretty small number for a law school, but I know nothing of Columbia enrollment.

      • Does it matter? The world they are entering is all about credentialism. These institutions are riding on past glories, yea, but the non-Whites still hold them in great prestige (especially foreign/international students, especially Asians, who do not yet see what we see). If the (non-Asian, non-White) students fail, then it’s the school’s fault for being racist. Everyone knows that, so it’s just about giving them the credentials so they can fulfill their role to the system as professional revolutionaries. Worst case scenario for them is they end up being a low paid public face in some activist organization like the SPLC with juice behind the scenes running the operation.

        As they have been clear to tell us for many years, merit and meritorious achievement are White values.

        • “… merit and meritorious achievement are White values.”

          Yep, but that doesn’t make those values wrong/inferior. There is an undeniable reality that credentialed mediocrity weakens a society. Whereas the opposite, improves a society.

          If this were not so, why attempt to teach any discipline at all? Just enroll, then graduate whomever, and immediately send them forth with a (faux) degree. However, nowhere is that the case—except in an obviously fraudulent instance of a diploma mill—where a student does not go through the process of attempted learning.

          We as a society acknowledge that there *is* a difference between an individual with no knowledge in a field and an individual who possesses mastery. What we used to acknowledge as a society is that there were degrees of knowledge and mastery which were an important distinction among individuals. We no longer hold that opinion wrt the races.

  20. Is it possible to ascertain the temperature of the average normie given current events? Yes, there should be outrage, but I don’t see it in my everyday life experience. I can still ride 20 miles of singletrack at elevation above 7,000 feet, but most of the men my age in my local community couldn’t jog half a block without getting winded. What good would it do them to pitch a fit if they struggle to get off the couch? They would just embarrass themselves in a real fight, so most prefer passive grousing instead. And this is no trivial problem.

    No one is likely to man up when they’re sporting a truck tire around the waist. Most have given up trying to get fit and just surrendered to being fat. If pedophile trannies wagging their dick at children in the public library is not enough to motivate action, then what will? The answer, sadly, is that only a collapse can trigger the necessary change required to right the ship of state in the West. Normie will not serious until he has no choice but to do so or die.

    And then the question becomes, will it be too little too late? The longer it takes to get to the bottom, the harder it will be to rebound (if at all). Is there a silverlining to this dilemma? I guess a fat ass driving a Cadillac Escalade SUV can still be lethal if that’s all you got.

    • That is how I see things as well Tom. I hear these people who write on the internet blogs about how the population (on the right) will rise up and the fight will be on. All I see is the left rising up. I am starting to believe that the normies will wake up when they are forced to stand on the ditch bank and are about to be sent to their maker.

    • I think people are voting with their feet, so to speak. Record numbers of homeschoolers (across all races – in fact, Blacks leading the charge as no doubt they don’t want their kids in the skool ghetto environment), record decline in military recruitment, more and more people boycotting (some of the most diehard sportsball fans I know now boycott their favorite teams and brands).

      Death by a thousand cuts to the beast!

      • This. As Tom sometimes says, smarter not harder. Rioting in the streets is fighting on their turf. They are allowed; we are prosecuted.

        But hurt them where we have the advantage. Leave their indoctrination centers; don’t fight their wars; don’t patronize their pets; and the hardest of all – don’t buy their crap. Hard, only because it seems theirs is the only crap to buy. But at least with respect to non-essentials, it can be done (and it is usually the non-essentials that have the highest markup and where they make their $$$). One area where this can be effective is restaurants – eschew the chains or “high-end” fufu places that cater or cave. The only rainbow on the menu should be trout.

        • Here’s a good general rule to observe: the bigger, the worse. The bigger the organization, corporation, etc. the more surely it will be enmeshed in the anti-white, pro-depravity power structure. If you must purchase something from a chain, corporation, big business, etc.–and we all do–purchase from the smallest possible. If you’re chugging down the interstate and it’s a choice between McDonald’s and Taco Casa, go with Taco Casa.

      • Jannie: And why would any race-realist dissident care that magic blaqs are home schooling? It was White conservatards who began destroying putatively Christian schools by pushing school ‘choice’ for blaqs, and only properly state certified teachers to teach.

        If blaqs don’t want dey chirren in a ‘ghetto environment,’ then they should stop creating such. Of course their environment is an outward reflection of their genetic heritage, so they cannot help themselves – despite all your cheerleading.

        • Spot on 3g…

          My neighborhood is turning into a black haven. More whites are moving out and already things are happening. “Teens” are stealing bikes, there’s more fighting and bullying. There’s a middle school in my hood, almost none of the kids are white. Maybe 3 or 4 out of 50.

          For me, my daily life is a struggle. I’m filled to the brink with such an extreme level of malice and hatred that it gets harder and harder to contain.

          Z hit the nail on the head – it’s almost time to start seriously thinking about the “unreasonable” measures.

  21. Chris Christie for president? FAT CHANCE

    Unironically, the best thing about the Chris Christie presidential run is that it might normalize “fat shaming” again.

    Shame, the kissing cousin of “low status”, can be a force for positive change in the world.

    The Trump thing? Spot on on the Espionage Act chain-of-thought that’s going to be spoon-fed to the public. Documents=espionage=spy=Putin stooge! We were right all along!

    (Oh, it’s not espionage when WE do it, just so we’re clear)

    Insane. Guess we know why the UFO nonsense dropped two days ago. SQUIRREL!

  22. Zman, every podcast you state that your not going to get angry and then you do get angry. We understand because we are all angry as well and we are listening and reading because of that anger, no need to ever be sorry about it. Podcaster and listener united by the drum beat of the angry drum that is clown world.

  23. Z I know you like Sailer mean well and are trying to find a peaceful way out of this moment. Unfortunately, the only way out – history is clear – is violence until one side capitulates. There is no other way at this point. Black and black allied hate us, and that hate is vitriolic. We are getting to the same point, I reckon. Maybe race + Trump reality will result in the long awaited backlash. But I don’t have positive hopes for the outcome. Whites are self-hating – even us. Hoe many times have we found ourselves in a conversation saying something akin to, “I’m not a racist, but…”. A house divided will not stand. The black house is united, and whites are divided. Listening to you on a beach on the island of Pag in Croatia, watching an endless parade of beautiful white women passing by the cafe.

    • Can’t speak for anybody else here, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve prefaced a statement with, “Now, I’m not racist, but…”. My days of apologizing for fighting fire with fire are all gone.

      • Ostei: I, too, cannot recall when I even last thought such a mealy-mouthed, apologetic thing. However much I dream of verbally telling-off the demented Whites, I’m trying quite hard to keep a lower profile. So when I noticed the young White woman with the pitch-blaq dreadlocked guy in the closest Walmart (20 miles/30 minutes away) I didn’t say a word. She knew exactly what she was doing in a 91% White small town that officially had one single blaq inhabitant per the 2020 census.

        I glared at her from behind my sunglasses, with my mouth a hard, disapproving line. And I shook my head in anger and deliberately moved away. And I said not a word. And you can bet she noticed, and her attempt at a smile faltered and she cast her eyes downward.

        I know that a mere look or gesture of disapproval will be a hate crime before long, but for now, at least, believe I can indulge in such when warranted.

        • I do the exact same thing at every opportunity. Don’t even both looking at the Hutu because he doesn’t count for shit. But a white woman who so defiles herself is worthy of extreme derision and contempt. She should feel the deepest shame.

        • 300,000 years of adaptive genetic fitness, *poof*, gone in an eye blink if she breeds with that missing link. Her little pea brain having no comprehension of the evolutionary hardships it took to receive such a gift.

          I saw one a few days ago in a food court at a mall. Thin fairly fit young white woman with a pretty dark African. Looked at her and literally shook my head. It is really unfortunate that women are such herding animals and so utterly susceptible to propaganda. They are the gatekeepers of our evolutionary fitness so it was a brilliant (((strategy))) to undermine us via our women and it seems to be accelerating.

          The occasional coalburner or mudshark was a thing in the late 90s early 00s. They are -everywhere- today so the plan is working as intended.

          • Where I live–West Texas–mudsharks are blessedly rare. They exist, of course, but are still very much outside the norm.

      • If (this is rare in my circle however) one presses the issue of my behavior as “racist”, I tell them I’m a “Race Realist”. Yeah, the majority here will immediately term that a “mealy mouth” response, not worthy of a DR commenter in this group. In this election group, true.

        I don’t care about the term “racist”, it has lost all meaning and has become nothing more that a slur. A power word used to cow one into silence and consent. And it works with Joe Normie.

        However, when one hears a new term, “Race Realist”, the immediate knee jerk opprobrium is not always elicited. And in that one can start a discussion of race differences. That is what’s important—to sow the seed that such differences exist and are *normal* and to allow one to think of such differences in explaining White vs minority behavior.

        • I tell people who call me racist, and many do, that I’m a statistical analyst. After all, they can’t deny such a claim. I’m right…

    • Try this sometime. The next time a friend or family member says, “I’m not racist, but…”, casually tell them, “I don’t care if you’re racist.” You’ll see surprise followed by relief. And then, the real conversation can begin.

      Even though permission shouldn’t be needed, whites need to start giving each other permission to take our own side.

      • Winter: I suggest a total reframe instead of making merely a single, one-on-one “it’s ok” sort of deal. Try, instead, “We were all created to prefer our own. It’s natural and innate. Stop apologizing for having normal instincts and stop denying to yourself that you notice distinct group differences.

        Make them squirm a bit for their self deception and lack of honesty.

        • Shorter version “Preferring your own is not racist.” Maybe add “It’s perfectly natural” and “it’s what every other race does” if disagreement is expressed. If they don’t buy in at that point, they are beyond saving.

      • With people I truly trust, I’ve moved beyond that even.

        “I am” is now my answer when I can be honest.

      • True story, my Polish neighbor and I were having a conversation about some issues with “teens” in our town a couple of weeks ago, and she started with “I’m not racist but….” Then immediately without me saying anything, she blurted out, “F#@k it! I AM racist!,” and shouted out “White Power,” and threw up a Roman salute! We both laughed heartily and I gotta say, it was a liberating feeling!

    • A worried man with a worried mind
      No one in front of me and nothing behind
      There’s a woman on my lap and
      She’s drinking champagne

      Got white skin got assassin’s eyes
      I’m looking up into the sapphire-tinted skies
      I’m well dressed, waiting on the last train

      ‘Things Have Changed’

    • Blacks simply are weapons in the hands of people who want us dead. They are incapable of survival let alone civilization. We need to bear in mind that the ones using them are the actual long-term enemy. Blacks are little more than particularly stupid pit bulls but their handlers are deranged and monstrous.

      Get away from blacks.

      Get away from their handlers.

      • And the only real way to get away is to create a separate nation. At the moment this is not feasible, of course, and there are several prefatory steps, but it should most certainly be our ultimate goal.


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