Alien Liars

One of the weirder aspects of the Biden administration is their zeal for pushing the idea that space aliens are regularly visiting earth. This week a regime media outlet pushed this story about a whistleblower’s claims regarding crashed alien vehicles. This builds on prior stories put into the media by the Pentagon regarding unidentified flying objects spotted by miliary pilots. Tucker Carlson mentioned this in his debut video on Twitter this week, as part of his show on government lying.

Even by the standards of this age, the space alien stuff is weird. The whole space alien thing ran its course decades ago. People with a need for escapist fantasies can just claim to be a third gender now. They get special privileges and most important, the validation they seek. Why bother with claims about getting probed by little green men when you can throw on a sundress and prance around Target? The current year has plenty of options for the mentally disturbed.

Putting aside the motivations behind this stuff, the question is whether there can be any truth to the claims. Is it possible for intelligent life from another planet to visit earth and is it possible for us to know about it? People naturally assume the answer to both questions is yes, but that is wishful thinking. Once you consider the physics involved, the odds that we are getting alien visitors drop significantly. The odds of us knowing about these visitors fall to zero.

The first thing to consider is where these aliens are located. If what we know about life is correct, then the conditions for life must exist on many planets. This is just a matter of calculating the probability of a planet having the stuff that we see on earth. If there must be many earthlike planets in the universe, there must be at least one that has produced life as we understand it. If a planet can support life, it means it will have evolved life and, in some cases, intelligent life.

We have been scanning the heavens for such planets. The most Earth-like planet that we have found so far is called Kepler 452b. It got this name because it was spotted by the Kepler Space Telescope. Kepler 452 is a sun-like star that is roughly 1,400 light-years from Earth. The planet we call 452b is in orbit around this sun in what is called the habitable zone of the star. This means the planet is close enough, but not too close, to contain liquid water, which is a prerequisite for life.

Right there we see the first problem for space aliens. If they have mastered the ability to visit our planet, it means they are travelling 1,400 light years. If we assume they can travel at near the speed of light, that takes 1,500 years to make the trip, assuming no bathroom breaks along the way. You can already see the problem. Either these extraterrestrial visitors have figured out how to exceed the speed of light or they have lifespans that dwarf the human lifespan.

Let us consider the last option first. Bowhead whales live much longer than humans, so they are an object of study for this reason. This species has a genetic mutation that helps repair damaged DNA. They also possess a gene that seems to aid in the repair and regeneration of damaged cells. Taken together, these make the animal highly resistant to diseases like cancer and extend its life. It may be possible to apply these mutations to humans, thus extending human lifespans.

The longest-living vertebrates on earth are Greenland sharks. The oldest known specimen is estimated to be 390 years old. Currently, people studying these animals think their base lifespan is around three hundred years, but it is possible that they can live as long as six hundred years. As with the Bowhead whales, there is probably a set of genes that allow this animal to avoid disease and repair its DNA. That could mean humans will one day use the same technology to extend human life.

The point is, we are probably inching up to the point where we can extend human lifespans well beyond what nature provides. More important, we will soon be able to slow the aging process. What would be the point of living to 150-years-old if you are decrepit and fragile like Joe Biden? Even so, that is a long way from the lifespan we will need to visit Kepler 452b. Assuming our space travelers will want to come home, it means living thousands of earth years.

If the people of Kepler 452b are visiting earth, it means they have a conception of time and space that is far beyond our comprehension. Think about the man who dedicates his life to a project. He sets out knowing it will take a long time, but he also assumes it will be finished or at least show progress before he dies. Realistically that is a project with a fifty-year arc. Now imagine a man who sets out on the same project, but his target date is five thousand years into the future.

This brings us to that other issue, the speed of light. Currently, we have no idea how to keep humans in space for more than a relatively short time. Zero gravity does weird things to the human body over time. Bones stop producing new bone tissue, as bones are no longer needed to fight gravity. For some reason, the immune system begins to slow and perhaps even stop functioning altogether. Then you have the radiation of space that damages human DNA.

This means our space alien friends have either figured out a way to conquer these problems so they can remain in space for thousands of years or they never had to contend with these problems. That means they are a life form that is beyond our comprehension, or they have conquered the limits of space-time. In the former case, it would mean they exist so far outside our understanding that we may not be able to see them, because our brains lack the ability to conceive them.

More likely and much spookier is that they have conquered space-time. This means that our conception of space-time is human specific. What we think of as reality is an interface we have evolved in order to navigate the much more complex reality that lies beyond our human ability to comprehend. These space aliens made the leap either to a novel interface that lets them travel vast distances in a short period of time or they exist outside our reality altogether.

As you can see from examining the space and time issues, the odds of these tales about space aliens being true are extremely low. Either the space aliens have lifespans so long that it places them outside of our ability to conceive of them or they exist outside of our conception of space-time. Even if we wish to pretend this is not true, it means they have advanced technologically beyond what we can imagine. They would have little trouble concealing themselves from us.

That brings us back to the real question with regards to space aliens. Why is our government suddenly trying to revive interest in the topic? Given the massive corruption and perfidy on display, we have to assume their motives are not good. These people lie about everything, so maybe they just like lying. Rolling out these fake space alien stories is how they entertain one another. Who knows? Maybe they are plotting to unleash a fake space invaders story on us.

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311 thoughts on “Alien Liars

  1. A few things about Kepler:

    The Kepler spacecraft detected these planets via something called “the transit method” – the periodic dimming the the light of the star as a planet transited the stellar disc. This gives us the planets orbital period and its radius. (Sometimes the mass we can back out from the perturbation of the planets orbital periods on each other.) We know nothing else about these planets. Technically Venus is an Earth size planet in the habitable zone of the Sun.

    To distinguish planets from sunspots on the other star, we have to observe several transits, meaning several “years” of the target planet.

    In order to work, Kepler was only pointed at a very narrow pie-wedge of the sky (IIRC it was 2 degrees x 2 degrees) for a ~4 years. Eventually the gimbals went bad on the telescope and it couldn’t maintain its pointing any longer.

    So we haven’t seen all of the sky, or anything remotely close to it. We also haven’t had a chance to observe long enough to see planets that orbit slower than a certain period (it would be hard to detect the Earth with only 4 years of consistent pointing at the sun.) But what we have seen is pretty suggestive:

    1. Planetary systems are extremely common – most stars seem to have something.
    2. The distribution of sizes of planets follows some 1/r^n distribution, and is biased towards smaller bodies, not gas giants.
    3. Planetary systems seem pretty “random” – as far as Kepler can tell anything goes.
    4. It seems that cooler dimmer stars with narrower habitable bands also have more tightly packed planetary systems, so it’s not as uncommon to have things in the “goldilock’s zone” of M or K stars as we originally thought.

    So, while we can’t point at another planet and say for sure that it has water and oxygen in the atmosphere (what we might hope to someday accomplish), the prospects for life in the universe elsewhere in the universe are actually pretty good.

    So on the one hand, I think regarding the universe dourly as this infinite dead wasteland is premature.

    On the other hand, I think little green men tooling around Earth in flying saucers is still a bit ridiculous. Pics or shut up. (Spacecraft/Alien bodies or shut up.) Manhattan project larping is the sheerest bullshit.

    • One other thing: Why is it the religious perspective that the entire freaking universe is dead except for one planet in all the vastness of space? Certain types of Christians seem to want to regard everything beyond Earth as some kind of dubious superfluity. I would have guessed that a dead universe would be more compatible with atheism and Earth-as-an-accident.

      I find the idea that there is probably nigh infinite (perhaps literally infinite) other stuff going on beyond the painfully banal power struggles of humanity to be comforting, not offensive.

  2. Reasons to spread Alien Rumors.

    1. Money, someone wants a budget.
    2. Distraction.
    3. The Regime isn’t just full of professional actors who present irrationally for work, they’re genuinely crazy.

    You can pick all three reasons.
    Anything is plausible these days.

  3. Well Z opened p\Pandora’s can of worms here, and on a Thursday.

    I’m sticking to TomA’s model that the Normie aliens can’t get here because they can’t give up their fat Dorito inflated asses long enough to get on the spaceship.

    • You have to figure that any sufficiently advanced life form sooner or later becomes Jabba the Hut, since there comes a point, somewhere out there on the high end of the development curve, where continued striving has diminishing returns.

  4. Tucker’s stated belief in little green men (and Xirs) amongst us combined with his drumming up hatred towards China suggests to me that he may simply be controlled opposition or his image is just a very successful grift.

    Tucker really does seem to be a economic populist and has done very good work on Jan 6th. There must be a there there with him and the right because Fox sure doesn’t want him even on Twitter during the election.

    However, he has given interviews where he basically said that any white who identifies as white is a Nazi. Maybe that is just a reflection of his class upbringing but add in his dad being CIA, Tucker having wanted to join the CIA, green men amongst us and China bad, I can’t help but wondering if it is all an act especially with him being friends with Hunter Biden.

    All of the elite go to the same schools, largely attend the same parties. Is he like Trump really willing to burn all bridges or at least ones that weren’t made by the tribe?

    • If Tucker is really endorsing alien existence, then he can burn in hell with the rest of them.

      You know what? So can Trump. I’ve been trying to find a silver lining with Trump for a long, long time. But he had a chance to save the country and he didn’t do anything. Screw him. Let him be indicted and spend the rest of his life in jail. I will fight on without him.

      • Trump is like that bitter medicine that doesn’t really cure the disease, but eases the pain for while, hopefully long enough to recover.

        Outside the true MAGAphiles, supporting Trump is about (1) the middle finger to the establishment, (2) taking wrecking ball to the system, (3) further unmasking of the GAE/ZOG in hopes of a critical mass awakening, (4) maybe buying some more time by slightly tapping on the brakes (or at least easing off the accelerator) or (5) all or some combination of the above.

        To what end, I don’t know. Some days I want to pull the bandaid off quickly; some days I just want it to come off in the shower.

  5. Something to consider is that the usage of hallucinogens among Left-leaning Americans has skyrocketed in recent years. The legalization efforts are just the tip of that iceberg. There’s everything from nerds microdosing on LSD to new, ayahuasca-based South American cults.

    The Left has spent years tripping on hallucinogens, and now the Left thinks space aliens are real? Not a coincidence.

  6. “If we assume they can travel at near the speed of light, that takes 1,500 years to make the trip, assuming no bathroom breaks along the way. ”
    And Stuckeys would probably add a whole nother light year.

    • This whole argument rests on the dubious assumption that other planetary civilizations, which must exist, don’t have technology that is far superior to ours…The many thousands of un-coerced reports, even during the long period when reporting such things could get you fired, says that they exist, as secret government reports confirm..My father, an experimental physicist of some note, thought that some of our technology development, particularly the rapid development of lasers, were highly suspicious and might be due to reverse engineering…

      • The transistor was revolutionary and helped bring on the modern technocracy including malevolent billionaires and a very real scientific priesthood whose power and influence constantly increase.

        Lots of these folks are loco or just evil and heedless of consequences. A techno-totalitarian future looms.

        I find certain rapid and immediate leaps in technology and metallurgy suspicious. As a Christian, I’d lean towards demonic influence aiding key breakthroughs.

      • The development may appear rapid only because we (the public) learn of it after development. Development of things such as lasers, with their high civil and military value, are assiduously kept under wraps to protect their worth until ready to be exploited. Also, the development may seem rapid because it is conflated with its deployment. In high school in the ’80s, we had a laser for the advanced physics students to use (green) that required special access. By the ’90s, we were buying them attached to a keychain to entertain the cat.

        An acquaintance who is former military involved in war-gaming future scenarios once commented that what we (the public) see is about 15-20 years behind what is currently being evaluated.

      • Lasers aren’t at all out of place in the context of mid 20th Century technology.

  7. I’d put the current alien stuff down as a weird kind of nostalgia the regime is hoping to use to buy a bit more time. As Z pointed out the heyday of UFO interest was maybe a generation ago. Everything they do seems intended to activate some kind of Cold War set of brainwashing triggers. From stirring up shit with the Russians in Ukraine to talking about a new Moon landing it’s all just them making phone calls and saying “Why don’t you pass the time by playing a little Solitaire?” (that’s the famous Red Queen scene in the Manchurian Candidate).

    Our Betters would love to be able to turn the clock back to 1985 as much as many of us would. They may hate the old White Boomercons but the people they’ve replaced them with don’t have the Cold War programming and so a lot of this stuff, like the endless remakes of Hollywood movies, doesn’t resonate with them. Imagine if they threw an alien invasion and no one came?

    The more serious possibility here is that this alien stuff indicates that the regime is getting more and more oriented towards “hail Mary” plays to distract people from any or all of bank failures, Ukraine collapsing, hyperinflation, etc… and that means they may be getting even less predictable. It’s possible that some of schemers who fancy themselves geniuses may be planning to pretend that one of the alien corpses they supposedly recovered had some kind of super-virus and that there was a lab leak and now it’s time for Coofin’ USA Part Deux! Of course it strains credibility but the whole Covid panic was basically a giant demonstration of mass gullibility.

    • You make an excellent point about the regime gauging the gullibility of the public, Poz. The Covid experience may have surprised even our condescending elites about the tractability of people in “advanced” countries. Indeed, the people who were supposedly the most intelligent and “skeptical” proved to be the most susceptible to the stupidest, most inane, and internally contradictory provisions of the lockdown and its aftermath.

      A malignant ruling class would be foolish NOT to test the limits of this, in inconsequential but still meaningful ways—like testing how far the imprimatur of government authority increases the likelihood of people accepting the “reality” of alien visitations, or some other nutty proposition. Then, when the regime really needs to deploy maximum propaganda to influence behavior in destructive ways, it would have a benchmark of how far they could push public opinion.

  8. My vote is the UFO/Little Gray Men thing is another honeypot hoax to distract and demotivate young white men. The only people who get hooked into these crazy ideas are young white men. Conveniently enough, getting into the UFO theories encourages rejection of Christianity and it is disgenic for Whites, a more-harmless self-ghettoization than mustache man stuff, but essentially the same result.
    Gee, why would the Regime be interested in atomizing and apostatizing young White men?

  9. This is off topic but does anyone here have a hunch that meritocracy is just a halfway house to technocracy?

    Like I feel that you sometimes have the person who always wanted the job since eighth grade (buttigieg, Clinton) and that it’s precisely a meritocracy that selects for that.

    A political dynasty like the Kennedys in Massachusetts tends not to select for that. Ted Kennedy was a conservative boogeyman but he at least seemed like someone who would be fun to hang out and drink with

    • Buttigieg would have been a courtier in any system ever. But Clinton, he only happens in a “democracy” where women vote.

    • “This is off topic but does anyone here have a hunch that meritocracy is just a halfway house to technocracy?”

      They’re opposites. The managerial state badly wants technocracy *because* they don’t have merit. They were given power because they’re sexually damaged thieves who attended the popular schools, not because they know what they’re doing, and half the reason they’re all mentally ill is because they’re constantly scared of being unmasked as the pretenders they are. Remember during the Palestine, Ohio chemical spill, SecTrans Petey Buttplug was left gaping like a beached fish at the calls to do something? that didn’t involve sodomy?

      But if all tech gets “technocratted” into “AI does everything so you only have to look good during speeches” then, well, that’s the managerial state’s only hope of not getting tripped up by its own incompetence.

      Meanwhile, I am skilled enough at my work to be greatly annoyed when software tries to do it for me, then I have to figure out the new ways to do the same old job every few years because “software as a service” forces change for change’s sake.

      If you’re skilled then you don’t need crutches.

      If you’re a chestfeeding race hustler then you need the crutches to walk themselves.

  10. Just shaving with Occam’s razor here, but what if, having utterly destroyed whatever shred of credibility it had, the government wants to utilize these “aliens” to gin up credibility for (and therefore acceptance of) whatever nefarious scheme they want to implement? That would explain the sudden “discovery” and disclosure. I will be shocked …SHOCKED that these enlightened superior beings happen to line up exactly with the policy prescriptions of our globalist elites. What are the odds?

  11. “Either these extraterrestrial visitors have figured out how to exceed the speed of light or they have lifespans that dwarf the human lifespan.”

    I’m not a big fan of discussions about aliens and all that, because it all just amounts to mental masturbation.

    However, the part about life spans is critical. There is no absolute reason why an alien life form couldn’t turn out to be literally, or at least nearly (relatively) immortal compared to earth life. They could also subsist on forms of energy that we’ve never considered, and in a way that we find difficult to imagine. I mean, why not an alien that survives on photosynthetic processes, with only a few other physical nutrients that could be easily cycled in their space ship? What if they’ve figured out a way to harness stellar energy to not only propel their ship but also feed themselves? What if their metabolisms are unimaginably efficient?

    And what if they figured out how to synthesize biological life with electronic/digital AI technology (like a sort of Borglike species)?

    In other words, all of the mind boggling hurdles that we as earthbound humans find impossible to conceive of a way to overcome, these things might be child’s play to an alien species.

    I don’t think you have to imagine fantastic alternate universes and dimensions or anything far-fetched to consider the real possibility of a life form that we can’t wrap our minds around having evolved with very different biological processes, and that this life form could easily overcome challenges that we aren’t at this time capable of.

  12. Option A.
    Another squirrel…
    Option B.
    An explanation for all the extra Democrat votes exceeding the population. AKA new voters.

  13. My theory is that there is a line drawn between what humans can know and what we can’t. A black curtain dividing our mental reality space from the rest of.. whatever is on the other side. Most of us have some kind of vague sense of the “divine” that exists on the other side of that curtain – and some are more in tune with the other side than others. Some can see some outlines pushed up against the curtain, most can’t, and no man can see through it. All of our religions, cults, and rituals are interpretations of those dark shadowy forces and shapes moving on the other side of the curtain.

    I have explored a lot of knowledge, and found no rational answer behind anything. Expanding scientific knowledge has practical benefits, but in the greater picture simply increases awareness of our ignorance. The midwit is cursed by his arrogance, while the intelligent man finds commonality with the low intelligence man.

    That is why I put my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no rationality, it’s literally, Faith. Hopefully whatever is on the other side of that curtain has been reflected and translated into the human “language” through Christ and the Bible. But I do believe there is something on that other side.

    • In the last month or so I seem to have developed a hobby of watching youtube videos of people’s accounts of their near death experiences. There are a ton of them. I try to view with a skeptical eye, and indeed many, probably most of them I dismiss. Such as drug overdoses (in which hallucinations would be expected), and others who strike me as charlatan space cadets who are trying to get people signed up for their spiritual healing class. Some whose accounts don’t seem genuine in the way they are told. But there are some who I am convinced are telling the truth about what they experienced.

      Now we’re way, way OT. But when you mentioned the curtain, that’s what I thought of.

    • Christianity has been beneficial to the West in my opinion. But your statement doesn’t work for me.

      Basically, you’re saying that because science is limited therefore Jesus.

      Why not Muhammad, or Zoroaster, or Zeus? I guess having some sense of the “divine” is part of what keeps people going. And in an abstract sense it’s probably hard for most of us to get away from it. I just don’t trust anything that tells me to specifically believe in a literal Bible or some set of words somewhere written by humans.

  14. this is a great book by a real physics professor. he is a catholic who sees the 7 “days ” of creation as 7 stages. then in laymens terms describes how the universe was formed . a lot of you would probably like it . .
    BTW every hunter , game warden and camper has high quality trail cameras all over every forest in the us and canada . if there was a bigfoot , someone whould have gotten colear pic’s of him . probably on his way to the store to buy beef jerkey.

  15. Now, hold on, Zman. Just check your privilege for a minute.

    I’m going to have to check in with the tube worms of Europa and get back to you on this.

  16. I suspect this is a part of the “Moon landings were a hoax!” demoralization scheme started by one of our small-hatted Usual Suspects, just as the loud, obnoxiously militant “American Atheist” types are also predictably small-hatted.

    By eventually “discrediting” UFO stories, ‘wrong in one, wrong in all’ applies, and they can point to the credulous pursuing a fun hobby as another version of gap-toothed MAGA hats who are so stupid as to believe that Jan. 6th wasn’t an insurrection by racists or that the elections were stolen.

    Or that white people could’ve achieved spaceflight, since everybody knows they stole that from 3 brave black womyn in Kush who held the secret diaries of cremated Nobel prize winners in Poland.

    A giant straw man, a poisoned candy lure using something fun.

    Oddly, the whole “aliens as gods” Annunaki / Chariots of the Gods / Book of Enoch thingie kicked off in 1947-8, the same time as Roswell…and the same time as the Flowerman Project, the founding of *ahem* and the CIA.

    Even stranger, it was kicked off by a small hat named Zachariah Sitchins, who was born in Azerbaijan and rumored to be working for military intelligence.

    I’ll tell you what has an extended life span: the chaff. Chaff thrown up from previous campaign seems to live forever.

    (Long enough to travel…1400 light years, are you effing kidding me?!
    I thought Goldilocks zone planets were statistically everywhere!)

    • I agree. I’ve always thought those that deny the moon landings were basically anti-white. They simply couldn’t give credit to white men.

      I’ve known a couple and they always have a hostility toward science. Usually, they don’t identify with other white people. Or they have a bias against Western Civilization.

  17. Perhaps the Marvelization of everything has finally reached our leaders. They do love a good narrative, and maybe they’ve finally reached the superhero phase of their narrative careers. If your head is open to 7500 genders are superheroes a bridge too far?

  18. those beings that people are having contact with are demons, because we have been fooled by scientific materialism for so long, we assume them to be alien creatures from other planets. they are demonic entities.

    • I would figure demons would present themselves to us as very attractive persons, seductive, enticing, charismatic, not as stinky hairy things with tails and horns, or as space aliens

      • Zoar, the thing about aliens is they’re alien.
        We can’t understand their thought processes.

        They present as a creaky, senescent old fraud from Delaware.

        (Waitaminute! Is that why there seems to be four different “Joe Bidens” when one looks at side-by-side photos?)

        • Biden’s cosmetic procedures lead to that phenomenon. “My butt’s been wiped” removed all my doubt that it was the real him.

          That being said, it’s not only plausible that they would sometimes use a double for a non speaking appearance, they’d be dumb if they didn’t.

    • An Orthodox Christian,

      You wrote:
      “those beings that people are having contact with are demons, because we have been fooled by scientific materialism for so long, we assume them to be alien creatures from other planets. they are demonic entities.”

      And your reason for believing that is…. what?

      What evidence have you seen for the existence of “demons” in any context?

      • Bill,
        Assume the premise: .gov found Little Gray Men. Assuming the Zpoast is true, it cannot be natural extraterrestrial life. It isnt natural terrestrial life, per the premise of the question. Having excluded natural life from the possible answer, it must be non-natural, or supernatural, life. Thats called a demon (or angel).
        Of course, its all fake-n-ghay, everthing they say is a lie including “and” and “the.” But if you accept the premise, then thats the most probable logical answer.

      • I viewed many videos of interviews and ‘exorcisms’ made by/with a priest who was most fascinating- and very disturbing, to say the least. Looking into Peter Strozcks (sp?) eyes on the tube during the senate hearing was very disturbing as well.

        Carl Jung wrote about these ‘manifestations’; they have occurred through our written history. Of interest: his conclusion was that the observer (shades of quantum theory) interprets the vision in a manner acceptable to his “programming”, if you will. Not just my humble opinion- we are blinded by a materialist Faith.

  19. Well, getting an Earth-like planet is pretty difficult in the first place and remember our Earth was all prokaryotes for most of its existence.

    Too much mass and you have a gas giant or waterworld. We can barely shoot rockets out of our gravity, and aliens living in a gas giant or waterworld probably can’t even get a hold of the materials to make tools.

    Too little mass and you get Mars, the magnetic field shuts down after a billion years and all the air and water escapes into space.

    90% of the stars in the universe are red dwarves, any planet warm enough for life has to be so close that it would be tidally locked with a tiny habitable zone constantly wracked by hurricanes. Also that close to the star the atmosphere gets blown away by solar flares over time.

    Of the hotter stars, only the smallest G and K types will last long enough for complex life to evolve assuming it takes as much time as it took us. F stars only last a couple billion years, and O stars explode in a few million.

    Now that we can finally see planets in other systems we see a lot of Hot Jupiters, gas giants living in the inner part of the system. It may be hard or impossible for an Earth to coexist in such a system, considering the asteroid belt is a planet that couldn’t form because it was too close to Jupiter.

    Remember Venus is also within the habitable zone, of similar mass as Earth, except it barely rotates, has 90 times our atmospheric pressure, is 900 degrees, and the atmosphere is made of CO2 and Sulfuric Acid.

    • “similar mass as Earth, except it barely rotates, has 90 times our atmospheric pressure, is 900 degrees, and the atmosphere is made of CO2 and Sulfuric Acid”

      Sounds a lot like Stacey Abrams…

    • Really appreciate the physics insights and if you don’t mind me saying they’ve further confirmed some of my predjudices on so-called alien life.

      I’m sure you heard of the Drake equation which attempts to put a probability on the likelihood of alien civilizations in the universe. I’m a stats guy and not a physics guy, but I’ve always thought that the height of foolishness as there is literally no way to accurately estimate any of the factors that go into that calculation. With life we are literally dealing with a sample size of 1, so no matter how much we know about this 1 observation there is no way to create some kind of statistical model from it.

      I’m also frankly dubious as to the degree of understanding we even have about how life originates. Wasn’t the experiment that purports to explain this just a bunch of biologists pouring some s**t into a beaker and shocking the heck out of it until they claimed they found some amino acids developing? Until some guy can come up with a step by step guide as to how to create a bacterium from scratch using common store bought chemicals and a flashlight battery, I question whether our knowledge of this subject is anything but the most rudimentary.

      I really try not to have a dog in this fight, but I do admit that the arrogance of the guys claiming alien life is a certainty does tend to annoy me. I honestly think there’s a whiff of athiestic bigotry and condesencion about it. “You backwards X-tians with your bearded sky god! Don’t you see how there are a 100,000 other alien civilzations in the universe that know how crazy your primitive beliefs are?” Is it possible there is other life in the universe? Sure. It is possible that life arising on Earth required a massively unlikely set of coincidences that have never occured anywhere else and we’re the only ones “out there”? That’s just as reasonable a position to take.

      • Part of the progressive religion is being overly optimistic about technology. Aliens that manage to figure out interstellar travel would prove that we aren’t just going to kill ourselves with porno and video games until we go back to the stone age.

      • I believe there are an infinite number of advanced civilizations in the universe–because the universe is infinite. If one in two, one in twenty, or one in 100,000 stars has a planet hositing civilization, the number of civilizations is still infinite because any fraction of infinity is still infinity.

        Advanced alien weirdos will travel, if they can travel, that is automatic. Limited by classical physics, they can’t, even to their closests star. Imagine crosssing, say, four light years at some high fraction of the speed of light without hitting a bit of space dust. At that velocity you are obliterated.

        But we don’t know what we don’t know, and Albert himself was considered a crank when he came up with relativity. Then he in his turn considered the quantum boys to be cranks, until one year he set out working a project to prove them cranks and he instead he proved them right. Quantum entanglement alone should prove that we don’t know shit about what lies beyond classical physics. What should be impossible has already been established as a fact.

  20. It’s easy to picture a near future in which you are declared a conspiracy theorist for NOT believing in the aliens

    So, talking about scientific possibilities here, if the regime wanted to perpetrate a space alien hoax for greater global control, to really sell it they would need to project some kind of holographic image in the sky. so that when we go outside we would see the flying saucer up there with our own eyes. Something like in that awful miniseries V, or that stupid Will Smith movie.

    I dunno if such a skycast holographic image is possible today, but it strikes me as more technologically feasible than some of the other things under discussion today.

    • Project Bluebeam is reputed to be the skycast holographic image; it could just be a CGI plastered on the 5 o’clock news feed, too.

  21. Any alien life form capable of visiting the 3rd rock from the sun would surely have some existing evidence of the life forms here. If they did choose to visit – why would it be the US of A? Who’d want to come to a place where before stepping foot on terra firma and being taken to our leader – there’s a murder of Karen’s commanding them to mask up, demanding to know why they aren’t displaying their rainbow flag pins, and specifying the personal pronouns by which they’re to addressed.

  22. The alien sh- t is for the mind of a 12 year old. Since the average American has arrested development, this appeals to a wide audience. Alien peddling accomplishes three things at once. 1). It makes the government look competent in being able to hide this and supposedly develop the technology. 2) It makes for a nice white noise machine to take the place of the real stories of the day. and 3) It offers false hope to a large number of people who think that once this plot is foiled and the aliens reveal themselves we’ll have a brand new era of unlimited peace and prosperity where a blind black guy can run the engineering division on one of these spacecraft.

    As an added bonus, any foreign government, also run by stupid people, that believes this can think the U.S. is some Prometheus who stole fire from the gods. Elevating the status of the U.S. with whatever primitive foreign officials would believe this….like Germany for instance.

  23. If I didn’t know any better, this is all perhaps a way to mentally corral those who would likely find BAD THOUGHTS by dipping their toes into the lunatic fringe/”doing their own research” scene. I’m thinking something along the lines of the organizational structure and zeal of color revolutions combined with the Weekly World News.

    I have known quite a few normies who started off wanting to learn about reptilian shapeshifters and the Face On Mars only to end up in spitting distance to our side. Alex Jones, Art Bell, etc. were not the catalysts either. Forums, blogs, and chat rooms filled with peers were what did it for them. Having the MIC curate and stage manage UFO nonsense would set up a whole world of potential in terms of broad state embrace of conspiracy theories… In that it could be a shrewd way to get out ahead of organic movements that can bubble up in these scenes of people asking nosy questions anyway. Having “good” conspiracies and “bad” that morons on Twitter can get sanctimonious about. The feds maintaining secret lists on individuals who believe something about Donald Trump being a Pleiadian starseed that is a big no-no.

    Perhaps these creeps aren’t smart enough to think something like that through. That this is just some vanity project and PR. The response and thought put into COVID doom has me suspecting something more malicious and potentially dangerous is at hand.

  24. Perhaps this delves into the realm of science fiction (insofar as we can talk about aliens “realistically”) but why can’t the aliens have some form of hibernation/cryogenic freezing, like in the movie Passengers? To colonize the stars, ideally you would send out a number of ships with a bunch of people in hibernation on each one, waking them up once the ship computer detects a planet suitable for life. That would allow a greater degree of similarity between us and them.

  25. Whether or not space aliens exist, when you think of what would be involved with interstellar travel, it seems highly unlikely they’d be bothered to make the trip just to buzz a few fighter pilots for fun.

    It’s not even clear to me that alien life forms would even have an interest in contacting us. Most species on earth want nothing to do with each other (we seem to be the exception). While a number of scientists have exhibited an interest in communicating with other species, other species don’t seem to be very interested in reciprocating. Notice your dog has never bothered to try to teach you to bark.

    I suspect this may be the default for any alien life forms. Perhaps they’ve figured out that Diversity Is Not Their Strength, and prefer not to open that can of worms.

    • If they did exist we would only be scientific curiosities to them. They might, at great expense, send out scientific expeditions to study us and maybe take samples, but the economics of it would prevent much else.

      • Unless we really are an abandoned outpost in a galactic war scheduled by Einsteinian time dilation.

        The first scouts that got here were too few, so had to alter themselves to fit into the local fauna; their enemies have now arrived, and are doing recon.

        • Much the same as the plot from the TZ episode, “Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?”

    • it seems highly unlikely they’d be bothered to make the trip just to buzz a few fighter pilots for fun.
      We jump out of airplanes for fun.

      Most species on earth want nothing to do with each other
      Except to eat each other.

    • Odd that that graphic goes back to 1906. The inception of the UFO craze is generally reckoned to be Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of “flying saucers” near Mt. Ranier in 1947. Damned if I know the significance of the year 1906 in ufology.

      • HG Wells and Jack London (and probably many more, those are just the ones I can think of) were writing about UFOs and space aliens around the turn of the 20th century. So the “craze” has to go at least that far back in some form.

        • JZ-


          In the era they tended to see them as mysterious giant airships, which was just ahead of the ballon technology available at the time.

        • Everybody forgets that this isn’t new. There was an alien panic when the first telescopes showed “canals” on Mars and we were sure that it was an occupied world that was plotting to conquer us.

          • If anybody wants a real hoot, there’s an anthology of War of the Worlds stories…

            From the perspective of such places as China, Alaska, and Paris.

            Oh my dudes. This is wild. Top recommendation.

          • Do you remember the title? You can search for China and Russia and war but that returns nothing but a mess of what you don’t want.

          • Well, hell, you can take it all the way back to the prophet Ezekial, who supposedly witnessed strange atmospheric phenomena, if you like. However, the term “flying saucer” was coined in 1947, and the widespread reporting of UFOs dates to that year. The high-water mark was 1952. But an any rate, since 1947, UFOs have been a mainstream phenomenon in America/AINO. Prior to that year there were isolated instances of somebody reporting something strange in the heavens.

  26. As I understand it, the latest estimate is that there are several hundred billion galaxies, and that each galaxy is estimated to contain an average of 100 million stars; *a total number of stars that overwhelms our mind’s ability to conceive of it*

    So— assuming that the arising of life on Earth was a natural phenomenon; i.e., not the result of action by a divine being— *even if the conditions allowing for life to arise are extremely rare; probabilistically, it’s extremely likely— approaching a certainty— that it’s happened elsewhere*

    And speaking of inconceivable numbers:
    the outermost edges of our Universe—*which is not just expanding, but accelerating*— the outermost edges of our Universe are around 13.4 billion light-years away; and moving farther away all the time.

    13.4 billion light years is an inconceivably huge number: 186,000 miles per second x 60 seconds/minute x 60 minutes/ hour x 24 hours/day x 365 days/year x 13.4 billion years:

    186,000 x 60 x 60 x 24 x 365 x 13,400,000,000

    So we don’t need religious belief to experience awe: understood properly, the natural world itself is wondrous, amazing and astonishing.

    • The Real Bill

      I’m not sure why you got a downvote.
      What you wrote is a self evident truth.
      Maybe it’s the math.

      And as for “inconceivable”, you keep using that word……..

      • Bartleby,

        I’m guessing the downvotes were cast by some of the religious members of this forum, reacting to my suggestion that we don’t need religion to experience awe.

        As far as my frequent use of “inconceivable”, perhaps it’s just a reflection of my own limitations. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the notion of a million stars, never mind millions of millions….

          • mifrosty,

            Really? Which numbers are “a fantasy”?

            What numbers does “the current state of the science” hold to be true?

            It’s certainly possible that I’m wrong; and if so I’d love to be set straight.

    • “So— assuming that the arising of life on Earth was a natural phenomenon; i.e., not the result of action by a divine being.”

      What in tarnation does “natural phenomenon” mean? Simply naming something is not helpful. If a divine being isn’t responsible for creation, who is? It would seem that the “natural phenomenon” who created us life has made a pretty good case for being divine, something I would call a SUPER natural phenomenon.

      In the everydayness of life we learn take much of creation for granted and we lose our child like sense of awe, and simply dismiss it as a natural phenomenon.

      • WCiv911,

        By “natural” I meant ‘arising from the inherent qualities of the universe itself’;
        as opposed to coming about with the help of a “supernatural” divine being. As in, ‘water naturally flows downhill’.

        I remain agnostic as to the existence of a supernatural being or force ‘outside of’ or ‘above’ the world as we experience it. My own experience has convinced me that ‘the God of the Bible’ doesn’t exist; but beyond that, I just don’t know.

        Do you? How?

        As for how our Universe came to be, it seems to me that all existing explanations are equally hard to conceive:

        A Universe existing forever, a Universe coming into being via a ‘big bang’, a God who existed forever— all of them are impossible to wrap my mind around.

        Life beginning ‘by itself’, as a natural result of the physical laws governing the Universe; or life coming into being at the behest of a Creator God—- both strike me as equally extraordinary.

        I just haven’t encountered any evidence that such a God exists…

        • I don’t know the answers – who does? You state that the number of stars etc. is inconceivable to you — yet they exist. Then you state that the idea of a god creating all of this wonderment is ‘extraordinary’. Well, of course it is as is the idea of the entire creation. But it exists.

          • Dan,

            Indeed! It’s extraordinary any way you look at it.

            And yes: we know it exists. Anything beyond that— such as how it got there— is conjecture.

            But scientific conjecture is based on evidence, and a logical interpretation of demonstrable facts;
            while religious conjecture is based on what someone read in their “holy book”.

            Of the two, I’ll stick with the science.

          • Not so. Belief in a creator is based on observable fact (existence) and the logical interpretation of observable facts (a contingent thing requires a noncontinge entity as its ultimate source).

        • Bill,

          “By “natural” I meant ‘arising from the inherent qualities of the universe itself’;”

          From whence did these inherited qualities arrive?

          I would think it’s natural to think that the natural was preceded by the supernatural.

          To Job when he questioned God’s ways: Where were you, when i laid the foundation of the Earth? Can you bind the chains of Pleiades.

    • There are an increasing number of physicists who argue that the conditions required for the fruition of life are incredibly specific and narrow, and that if even one of the categories of life creation is fractionally out of the required range, life cannot develop. From this hypothesis they conclude two things. First, it is improbable life exists anywhere else in the universe. Second, life on earth is the intentional creation of a supreme being.

      I am not qualified to assess the merits of their arguments, but I do know these arguments are taken seriously by people who are.

      • Ostei,

        I don’t believe anyone fully understands the conditions that would be necessary for life to arise naturally, i.e. on its own. If someone has shown what those conditions are, I’m not aware of it.

        And I don’t see how anyone could calculate the odds of that happening; on our planet, or in the universe at large.

        And it strikes me that both possibilities— a God creating life, or life arising naturally— are equally plausible or implausible.

        As for your pointing out that “… the conditions required for the fruition of life are incredibly specific and narrow, and that if even one of the categories of life creation is fractionally out of the required range, life cannot develop”— my understanding is that that is true of any number of variables: if they were a little bigger, or a little smaller, the Universe couldn’t exist.

        But I don’t see how it follows from that, that the Universe (or life) must’ve been created.

        Rare isn’t the same as impossible.

        • You don’t know the conditions and the probabilities, and neither do I, but then again, we’re not physicists. There are, however, physicists who claim to have bowled this stuff out.

          As for the argument for divine creation, what these physicist are saying is that the monumentally multitudinous potential modulations of the equally numerous conditional categories necessary for life are such that everything aligning at random in just the right way to produce life is extraordinarily improbable. Less improbable is that God exists and “adjusted” the necessary “settings” for life to form on earth. It’s a variation of the old chestnut that atheism requires greater faith than belief.

          Incidentally, I’ve got a friend who is a minister in Los Alamos, New Mexico. He reported to me that a not insignificant percentage of his parishioners are high-level physicists and other scientists. We are often told that scientists, tout court, regard belief in God as tommyrot. It seems to me that that is nothing more than bunkum issuing from the ususal mendacious sources.

          • “..everything aligning at random in just the right way to produce life is extraordinarily improbable. ”

            The size of the universe is unknown. The size is certainly larger than the visible universe and is perhaps infinite in size.

            Given an infinite universe, anything that is possible, however unlikely will occur an infinite number of times.

            Ultimately that means that there is really nothing special about ourselves as individuals are there may be an infinite numbers of copies of us throughout the universe.

    • *even if the conditions allowing for life to arise are extremely rare; probabilistically, it’s extremely likely— approaching a certainty— that it’s happened elsewhere*


      Other than the life that exists on Earth there is no evidence of spontaneous genesis. If it were possible wouldn’t we continue to see the earth producing new forms of single celled life that didn’t exist yesterday? However, we don’t see that. We do see the evolution of simple lifeforms that have existed for millennia, but nothing that has just sprung from the either, and we can’t produce it in the lab even though all the materials are obviously available on Earth.

      • “Other than the life that exists on Earth there is no evidence of spontaneous genesis. If it were possible wouldn’t we continue to see the earth producing new forms of single celled life that didn’t exist yesterday? ”

        This is a world of struggle and competition, any purely new life would be out-competed by existing forms that have had 3.5 billion years to adapt.

        The first life had no competition, any subsequent abiogenesis events would be eaten by what is already here.

        The problem facing any new life is similar to the dilemma of insects in the ocean. Insects evolved on land (or freshwater systems) and have come to dominate nearly all ecological niches with one exception. That exception is the ocean. The simple reason that insects are so unsuccessful in the ocean, is that the ocean is already full.

  27. Writing this having only skimmed the comments (time crunch); please forgive if I’m not the first to say this.

    So ….

    What if they actually believe this? What if there is some human mechanism or need to make up or believe these things when the conditions, experience or mental reality of an individual or group “progress” to far into uncharted, threatening or deleterious pathways?

    I have some hazy thought that they’ve moved so far into the world of unreality, that they are constructing artificial realities — something like an artificial biological reality glitch gets activated — and en-mass they become detached from the systems that allow a human, and / or human groups, to construct an accurate interior representation of what’s actually out there.

    At bottom, in our earlier social, biological and environmental realities, this system serve us well. Consider that for an individual from a middle eastern tribal culture some centuries before christ, a belief in some constellation of gods might enhance survival through a number of mechanisms (providing meaning, bonding the group etc) …. or at very least it only interfered with survival uncertain circumstances.

    But now, our rulers, elites, managerial / administrate class overseers are consumed with this — witness the world of transgender wonderment, the evil of whiteness, and on and on …..

    They’re already there on the edge of madness; maybe they simply really believe this, or maybe some segment of them are easily manipulated to swallow it by that shadowy cadre working toward the ultimate transformation of humanity — transformation toward something that THEY plan, and that will serve only their ends.

    As an aside — I’ve long considered that madness is baked onto the machine of the human being:

    1. We have the capacity to “Conceive of Things “Other-Than-They-Are”

    2. This capacity (CTOTTA) is provided or developed as a problem-solving capability. It allows us to identify unacceptable or survival-threatening conditions, then conceive of a different end-state. In this lies the very basis of survival, creativity, planning etc.

    3. From this flows creativity, fantasy etc. The arts might also have their genesis hers, and even the complexity of culture.

    4. Unfortunately, there are some ill effects: I’ve pondered if Delusion, and Madness don’t flow from this same strong.

    Just my personal model for what goes on with humans, as one who has both very creative / artistic people, as well as ones tinged with serious dysfunction, in his family tree.

    Seems to me that such a thing may finally be happening with those classes referenced above. Finally, with many threats to survival completely removed, and so materially replete that they come almost to resemble gods, perhaps some such mechanism is kicking in, they are embracing the lunacy, and looking at themselves at last to become gods.

    It’s like the opposite of them believing we dirt people are so enmeshed in mundane, daily reality we cannot possible see the real grandeur of human possibility (and all that Big-Tranny represents for us).

    For them, this problem-solving — creativity — madness spectrum has washed away the reality imperative, and increasingly all that’s left are delusion, and madness.

    So we have space aliens.

    • My impression from watching interviews with the military guys who are currently pushing the alien thing* is that they’re true believers, not in aliens but in their class as divinely chosen by a greater-than-human power to inflict globohomo on us. Lately the rhetoric of WEF types has been escalating in that direction. Eventually this necessitates aliens—not arriving but always already here, proving that AOC (e.g.) was always right.

      * “Thing” because there’s no actual story being pushed, just a premise for one: Alien stuff is here. For basically the reasons Z mentions, that’s not very plausible. If true, it’s the premise for 2001 (incomprehensible Nietzschean stuff), not The Day The Earth Stood Still (faggy judgement day).

      • Yes ….. that exactly. They have to become true believers aligned with the rulers and the subordinate executive caste belief, processes and goals They must do this in order to remain in the military and advance to exalted rank and position. It’s what they do. It’s how it is now; “mavericks” are not tolerated there (just look at Douglas Macgregor, COL Ret). I was there (not one of them). But I dealt with DC. I lived with their “reality” at the organizational level.

        It’s an interesting perspective on how the human mind actually works.

  28. Soloist backpacker/global trekker here. Just returned from a multi-week visit to the remote Himalayan elevations no joke. Also a lia … lawyer.

    I’d defend a Yeti against charges the creature raped a human up there. Our defenses would include it wasn’t my client but some extraterrestrial aliens that were satisfying their well-known, documented anal probing fetish.

    Smart money says my Yeti walks. And if not, it will smash the courtroom and return to the wilds. Because it’s a Yeti. Perhaps I’d get sued for defamation by the alien confederation acting on behalf of the Buttplug Nebula. The latter maintaims consulates in most blue cities, I’ve been told.

    A sizeable percentage of American voters would believe this all, probably the majority.

  29. “Why bother with claims about getting probed by little green men when you can throw on a sundress and prance around Target?”

    And Z strikes again. Heh heh.

    • “The whole space alien thing ran its course decades ago. People with a need for escapist fantasies can just claim to be a third gender now.”

      That’s gold, Jerry!

  30. what is the point of interstellar travel? it is hugely expensive in terms of energy expenditure (remember you have to use as much energy to decelerate as you do to accelerate) and takes incredible amounts of time. and for what? it is safe to assume that all solar systems contain similar elements, so why not focus on mining etc in your own solar system?

    • “why not focus on mining etc in your own solar system?”

      They can’t.

      But they can claim to have thwarted a space alien attack, which is classified to keep everyone safe.

    • As James Tiberus Kirk demonstrated, the point of space travel is to seek out and bang alien tail.

    • “it is safe to assume that all solar systems contain similar elements, so why not focus on mining etc in your own solar system?”

      For now anyway, this is pure fantasy. The only way this could ever make any sense is if we could get free energy. Even then it might not make as much sense as doing things that are easier to do on Earth, but which are impractical and extremely expensive to do on Earth.

      IMHO, this is just another form of escapism. If everyone is concentrating on the free energy material abundance techno-utopian future, they aren’t dwelling on the fact that they will live in ze podz and eat ze bugz.

    • Relatedly–and further strengthening Z’s argument–of what possible interest could earth be for the sorts of beings who are capable of reaching us from some vastly distant planet? If they have solved the problems inherent in interstellar travel, they have also conquered want, and presumably would have no scientific interest in creatures as primitive as humans.

      Now I happen to believe UFOs, in some sense, exist. However, I am disinclined to think they are piloted by Ming the Merciless and his minions.

  31. One of my favorite sci-fi short stories was Turtledove’s “The Road Not Taken”. Turns out faster than light travel is really simple and we just missed it until teddy bears with muskets tried to invade. SNL did a similar skit. › scifi › Turtledove_RoadNotTaken
    The Road Not Taken – EyeOfMidas

  32. There might be many different forms of life not necessaryly based on carbon and oxygen . The universe is BIG we dont know much about it. All kinds of people have seen the UFOs . Many serious people wrote official reports . Air force officers ,astronauts. Of course the latest stories could be the Pentagon needs better founding to protect the Earth

    • UFOs are unidentified flying objects. eve the name doesn’t imply extraterrestial origins. just that the pilot couldn’t tell what it was . could be an experimental aircraft , ballooon , optical illusion, or any number of things

    • Yes, I agree we cannot reasonably dismiss UFOs as pure fiction. There is something to them. A poster on this site once suggested they are demons. I don’t know if I necessarily agree with that, but it’s more plausible than that they’re some form of interstellar spacecraft.

      • There are millions of people, some very well educated and mainstream who claim a man in dress can menstruate and have a baby.

        There is no limit to the stupidity of a large number of people. I’ll believe UFOs are real and of otherworldly origins when I see some evidence for them. I’ve even seen a “UFO” with my own eyes. While till this day that thing I saw in the sky is “unidentified” to me, I’m sure someone knows what it was and what it was doing.

        There are plenty of people who know better, but encourage and exploit the morons. There is a whole industry of people on cable TV who cater to them. Back when I still had cable, I’d tune in to the history channel or something and there would be shows claiming all sorts of insane things.

        • We know for certain that, short of comprehensive surgical reconstruction, men cannot menstruate and have babies. This is unassailable biological and physiological fact.

          There can be no such certainty that UFOs do not exist beyond the febrile realms of hallucination. But that does not mean, as I stated, that they are interstellar spacecraft.

        • Actually, the claim is that that women who have been chemically masculinized by heroic doses of testosterone but are still fertile enough to conceive are in fact men who have become pregnant.

      • ‘A poster on this site once suggested they are demons’

        That, in fact, is exactly what they are. And always have been.

  33. They do it for the same reason that parents hang a mobile above the crib of a newborn baby. It’s a stimulus that both holds their attention and distracts them (thus remaining calm) so that the parents can go about other business. In current Western societies, there is a growing unrest among the moronic masses due to impending collapse of their standards of living. Many will soon take the streets in protest, so the government has an incentive to distract them with boogeymen in order to keep them in stasis as long as possible. It’s all a variation of “look, squirrel.”

    The only value to the “aliens are out to get us” meme is that it opens another door of opportunity for the eventual remedy. The next time some catastrophe strikes one of the Cloud People, it can be blamed on the “aliens” because it was a surprising bolt-from-the-blue and no one understands what just happened. Think outside the box.

    • TomA

      “Look,squirrel “.

      You stole my response.

      I have a farm in a very isolated area. If I turned around outside one night, (it’s so dark you can’t see your hand in front of your face. The stars look surreal on a clear night), and came face to face with an extraterrestrial, I would ask him if he wanted a beer.

      It would either end very badly, or be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

  34. I read books about UFOs in fourth grade in the 1970s. They were so realistic they scared the shit out of me.

    Then I grew up.

    The old Star Trek series actually got the problem of interstellar space travel right. Traveling at the speed of light is insufficient because it would still take thousands of years to go from one galaxy to the next. You’d need to travel faster than the speed of light — in Einstein’s theorem, if energy = mass times the speed of light squared, you’d have to be able to convert your corporeal body into pure energy and back again. That’s more or less what traveling at “warp speed” and “beaming” people up and down to planets was on the series.

    Of course, if you were able to convert your corporeal mass into energy and back again for purposes of interstellar travel, you’d basically be a god. And nobody ever asked the question why you’d want to convert back from energy into mass even if you were able. Indeed, why would you even need a “spaceship” at all?

    When people day “God is everywhere” or “God is in all things” they are essentially correct, god is essentially pure universal energy “which can neither be created nor destroyed, only transferred.”

    There are no aliens and there are no little green men, the government and the media are nothing more than the ringmasters of the circus in Plato’s cave, telling that rubes that the shadows on the wall are UFOs.

    • Not to mention that if you take a trip at or near the speed of light, you will never see anyone you ever knew ever again. Even a relatively short trip would mean that if / when you came back, society might not even exist anymore.

      • Yep. I think that was a major theme in the SF novel, “Forever War”? IIRC we sent out our intergalactic marines to fight an unseen bug people, but every time they returned from a mission, society had radically changed. This caused them to simply refit and turn around for the next mission as they really were no longer a part of the society they had originally left. After a few missions, the war was over and the society had changed so radically (I think we all turned gay) they were exiled to another planet to live among their “own kind”.

      • Theoretically, there’s a way around that. You could make an engine – the Alcubierre Drive – that compresses space in front of the craft and decompresses is behind it, multiplying your effective velocity. That way, not only could you travel faster than light but you wouldn’t have any relativistic effects to deal with.

        Of course, you’d need a power plant with an energy output several times greater than our galaxy…

        • “Relativistic effects” don’t exist. In fact, the impossibility of such absurdities like time dilation should have been a red flag that physics has lost its way. Instead, the physicists have bit the bullet and warped their minds to fit the nonsense for a hundred years.

          The whole edifice of Western science is in a rapid state of decomposition. Relativity and quantum mechanics were its swan song.

          • Time dilation has been experimentally proved. It is necessary to compensate for it for GPS to run properly.

  35. Scientst Enrico Fermi pointed out what’s come to be known as “Fermi’s paradox”: if the Universe is full of life, where are they? Why haven’t we heard from them?

    I can’t recall either the author or the title, but someone wrote a book pointing out that earlier in the history of the world, when belief in such things was common, people in Europe routinely reported seeing fairies flying through the air. In Ireland, it was leprechauns. In the industrial age, people reported observing strange “flying machines”. Today it’s spaceships.

    But as Z-man points out: in our world where everyone has a cell phone and cameras are becoming more and more ubiquitous, why haven’t any of these supposed sightings been recorded?

    It’s natural for human beings to look around themselves and to wonder, ‘What’s behind it all?’ We invented gods and religion in an attempt to answer that question. Many people in the Christian age have reported having had an encounter with angels.

    > So it seems that hallucinating encounters with alien objects and/or beings is part of being human; and that the type of object we hallucinate varies with the culture we are in.

    I very skeptical of all this until my recent encounter with a transgender biracial alien
    wearing a sundress-like space suit. When I asked him/her/it where it was from, it answered “Uranus”. But the most surprising thing of all, was that it was a huge Tucker Carlson fan!

    • The common rebuttal to the Fermi Paradox is “The Great Filter”.

      Which is to say, numerous gateway events destroy intelligent lifeforms before they can evolve out of their home planets. Think meteor crashes, solar events, supernovas nearby, invention of nuclear weapons, superbugs, etc.

      Personally, I think we’re stuck on earth (maybe the solar system). Resource depletion will eventually occur, and that’s it. Just because TV says space travel is real doesn’t make it so.

      (“The Mote in God’s Eye” by Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven was about this. A race of aliens trapped in their own solar system and doomed to ever repeating cycles of growth/decay/destruction over and over. Best you could do was try to husband resources and knowledge that could be rediscovered after the inevitable collapse)

      • All true.

        How frequent/likely are the cosmic events you mention (asteroid strikes, supernovas)?

        Well, we know that an asteroid strike wiped out the dinosaurs some 265 million years ago, and hasn’t happened since. And given enough time, it seems likely (certain?) to happen again.

        But the asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs, didn’t wipe out all life; I believe the theory is that the extinction of dinosaurs is what allowed us mammals to evolve.

        And then there’s the fact that eventually our Sun—like all stars— is destined to ‘die’: to expand— engulfing Earth in the process— and then collapse.

        Will we have developed the ability to leave our planet and colonize other planets by then?

        Looking at how we appear to be rapidly dumbing down— no longer capable of the achievements we once were— that strikes me as problematic.

        But if we humans last that long, what life will be like in 10,000 years is truly inconceivable.

        • real, our earth has protection from our bug brothers of the solar system. Jupiter,saturn,neptune ,and uranius have such High gravity they catch and caprute astroids headed for earth except from a few small sectors . and solar system with and earthlike planet but no giants like these would be hit way more often , and probably by asteroids much bigger that our dino killer. given it took a couple of billion years for intelegent life to arrise from the first life form hear on earth, it is clear that haveing nearly everything wiped out every hundred million years or so would limit life to it’s most primitive form.

    • You don’t have to go far into history to find reported mass sightings on fairies. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believed numerous and obviously doctored photographs of fairies to be true.

      • Believing in the existence of ‘wonderful’, supernatural beings seems to be part of our human makeup. Even otherwise-logical people like Doyle are susceptible to it.

        I am at the risk of offending, my religious brothers and sisters, I suggest that religion falls in the same category.

        • William, you’re a Pill:
          A clever but obstinate agnostic shill,
          I’ll “keep it teleological” up until
          The you-foes come raining on down.

          ;- )

    • The Real Bill

      I’m sitting with my wife in a Drs office, and your last paragraph made me laugh out loud.

      The looks from everyone are priceless…

    • We’ve had radio for a bit over a hundred years. The very last signals from a dying society may have passed by the earth a week before we could receive them.

      This points out the fundamental flaw of this thinking. Not only is the universe vast beyond human comprehension, but the time dimension is vast beyond human comprehension. At the universe level, a million years ago is like last week. We could discover a signal coming from a society at its zenith on a planet that no longer exists because its star went into supernova.

      Even if we got lucky and the signal originated from a planet “only” a thousand light years away, a single exchange would take at least 2000 years.

    • UFO means unidentified maybe they are alien or maybe they are some natural phenomena that cant be explained. But I think too many people claim to have seen them and some of them serious type— air force officers , astronauts that seems to me they are real. What they are we dont know .They are still unidentyfied to me.

      • Air Force officers and astronauts work for the regime, which makes them highly unbelievable.

        • “The Regime” as we know it, hasn’t always existed. And yet there have been pilots dating to WWII who reported Foo Fighters and Ghost Rockets. I don’t think they were conniving with the Deep State to put one over on the Grillers.

  36. To add to the ridiculous, the administration seems to claim that not only are aliens visiting earth but that they have the wreckage of several of their vehicles. Add that claim to the mathematical improbability.

    • You know, this may all just be further evidence that our rulers are stark raving mad. As if any were needed.

    • Yup, ET is orders of magnitude smarter than us but hasn’t yet invented the tow truck.
      I’m not buying it.

      • .maybe they are just the alien equivalent of teenage boys who stole dad’s saucer and went for a joy ride that got out of control.

  37. Let’s not encourage the cargo cultists. Everything Z said is correct, with one minor exception, which I’ll get to. Trying to make this phenomenon appear mundane like the Star Wars cantina is laughable. The zany music was appropriate. But the world is filled with midwits, by definition. It follows that the government — or at least some elements within it — have an agenda to influence the public. Probably to use it as a distraction.

    To Z’s point, I have to push back on the assertion that life is abundant in the universe. It isn’t even necessarily true that earth-like conditions will spontaneously generate life. It may be true but we just don’t know at this time. We have a sample size of 1, but that happens to be us, so there’s a cognitive bias in believing it.

    On the other hand, if there really are space aliens visiting this planet, my opinion is that the human species won’t survive except in a degraded form no matter how benign their intentions, i.e., we’d better hope the straightforward explanation isn’t true. But then there are the FLIR images so what other explanation is there? So far deniability can be maintained because they haven’t landed on the White House lawn yet. If that day ever comes, it’s not a time for celebration.

    • Agreed. In the highly unlikely event we are being visited by space aliens, they’re far more likely to resemble those in War of the Worlds than ET. And yet scientists, in their we-are-the-world naivete about the nature of intelligent life, have been busily–viz the Very Large Array–broadcasting our existence to all and sundry in the universe. If it is probable that intelligent life exists elsewhere, that it is capable of reaching us and wishes to do so, this act is criminally irresponsible.

      Who the hell do they think they are, and where do they get off speaking for all of humanity, and in the process, potentially putting it in terminal peril?

        • Yet more proof that Chinese can’t be original (sic).

          Seriously a brilliant series of SF novels.

      • Ben Bova: “The baby bird chirps loudly in its nest…the mountain cat in the forest hears its chirping, and soon, the forest is silent again.”

        • cf: Liu Cixin’s (author of The Three Body Problem series) description of the Universe as a Dark Forest. Any civilisation which utters a peek is a potential threat. So as the Mafia boss in Casino said ‘Why take a chance?’

          • Utters a peep. Squawks on the radio. Let’s @#%^ing Carl Early Life Sagan near the mike…

  38. All of this assumes Einstein’s claims on physics are the pinnacle and there is nothing left to learn.

    • Right.

      And it’s helpful to remind ourselves that Einstein’s relativity theories didn’t negate the previous theories of Isaac Newton; but rather, added to them: Newton’s postulates concerning force, gravity, momentum, etc. continue to pertain in the Earthly realm.

      Whereas Einstein’s postulates— which at this point have been tested and verified— pertain on a different ‘level’ of reality. (Much like the observations of quantum mechanics describe reality at the ‘super-micro’ level, but not at the level of everyday experience.)

      >!So while it seems unlikely that Einstein’s findings— concerning, say, the speed of light as an absolute limit— will ever be negated or overturned; I suppose it’s possible that future findings could add to it— in the same way that Einstein’s findings added to Newton’s— and that presently-unimagined realms exist where the speed of light could be exceeded.

    • ‘All of this assumes Einstein’s claims on physics are the pinnacle and there is nothing left to learn.’

      And that’s a great assumption to make, given the very recent phenomena that constitutes Mr. Einstein and his theories, compared to the age of humanity and the Earth.

      Hubris. Like a child in a playpen, comforted and sure the world cannot possibly be larger. :O)

    • wrong . gravity was discovered hundreds of years ago, but nothing we have learned since them has allowed us to do anything that eliminates gravity . E=MC^2 is not a suggestion, and the speed of light is a real limit.

      • Energy traveling in a vacuum is about as pure a state of physical motion that can be imagined. Seems tough to beat.

  39. Let’s not forget that Cucker loved to float little green men segments and that great statesman, Ahnald – just informed the world that God is dead. Or there is no God, and never was.

    In a nod to modren sportsball sideline reporting, the former juice monkey also let everyone know about the ‘feelz’ going on when he announced he had been having congress with the body positive, glam maid of his.

  40. >Realistically that is a project with a fifty-year arc.

    …which makes the 600 year Cathedral construction projects particularly impressive.

    >f we assume they can travel at near the speed of light,

    Then you’d need to consider relativistic effects (which can be fun). For example, assume a spacecraft capable of a steady 1g acceleration/deceleration. The people on traveling on that spaceship would only experience ~50 of those years. Put differently, even an GenX gezer like Zman could step foot on another planet.

    • Yes – gravity drive propulsion or even a very good solar sail could get you to another planet in a lifetime. Science fiction also uses the obvious short-cut of suspended animation to make it a short trip for the passengers.

      A space elevator may be feasible now or in the near future which would make hoisting truly heavy loads into orbit relatively cheap. At that point, the solar system is ours for the taking.

      • I get that it’s possible to fly by an extrasolar planet in a lifetime. But how do you slow down enough to stop and take a look. Acceleration goes both ways.

        The physics of visiting other stars are just impossibly daunting. We would need a paradigm shattering new understanding of reality to make it possible.

        • The 50 year @ 1g includes both acceleration and deceleration. The trick I’m hiding is that the 1g acceleration will get you going very, very fast, which means the passengers are experiencing time very, very slowly.

          The one thing you can’t do is bring people/resources back to Earth. It’s a one-way colony trip. Fill the new world and subdue it….

      • That’s where I’m torn since, all things being equal space exploration is a waste, and a big one at that. OTOH, it’s the only thing that let’s light into the windows of the earth-prison.

        • it’s very much worth it to send probes. it’s still exploration even if I don’t think it is currently viable or even desirable to put humans into space.

          also worthwhile to have more observatories, especially in orbit.

      • “ At that point, the solar system is ours for the taking.”

        Yes, but is there anything worth taking? Aside from a couple of moons around Jupiter, similar gravity is problematic. Mar’s is ok, but seems useless without generations of terraforming. Asteroid mining?

        I suppose a cheap, endless supply of energy (fusion?) would go a long way to easing things. But hell, we could make earth pretty good with that as well.

        That’s what I find interesting about these “big science” endeavors—large cost, little proposed benefit. A rich society’s game to be sure. I suspect however, we will soon not be so rich and not smart enough to explore the stars anyway.

        • Some focused mirrors out in space would provide almost limitless energy (and incredible weapons). Mining and manufacturing in the astroid belt would be cheap. You’d think it would make the Greens happy, but it wouldn’t because they’re just communists.

          • Strip mining on an asteroid is just as evil on an asteroid as it is in Kentucky!

            (That’s a joke, BTW.)

        • We live in Ratopia. Earth is very small now. We live in a tiny box now. We either get out or go the way of those mice . MANY YOUNG DONT BELIVE THAT PEOPLE WALKED ON THE MOON. That is because they never saw it. We either go forward or we go backward. In the age of exploration chineese decided to stay home and they styed in place for 500 years. West went out and developed with great speed and conquered the world . The Chineese dont seem to miss it this time.

        • >Yes, but is there anything worth taking?

          Room for another 5 billion humans…

          …which is our biological imperative.

  41. There was a book several years ago, I believe the title was “Rare Earth”, that argued that the conditions necessary to develop intelligent life were so unlikely that they might occur only once in a spiral type galaxy. That means we are talking about not thousands but millions or billions of light years between civilizations. Not even machines could survive that trip.

    UFOs are clearly a government psyop, either to cover secret tech or distract the public from other issues. Probably, it’s both. I cringe whenever Tucker brings it up, but maybe he knows it’s a scam and is planning a big reveal someday.

    • Tarl Cabot: “UFOs are clearly a government psyop, either to cover secret tech or distract the public from other issues. Probably, it’s both.”

      Muh guess is that the Council of the Sanhedrin were literally kicking themselves in the posterior when they heard of the mass hysteria which had gripped the state of New Jersey, on Halloween night, of 1938, when the Joyzians learned that Joyzie was under attack by Martians.

      I’ll betcha that David Sarnoff was so furious that he himself hadn’t thought of the scam that Sarnoff likely would have waged a personal vendetta against Orson Welles for the remainder of their natural lives.

      Welles scooping a psy-op con like that must have driven the Sanhedrin to apoplexy.

      I got to thinking about all of this the other day, because news had broken that the Chinese were now putting off their manned moon landings until circa 2030.

      Now that might be a psy-op on the part of the Chinese [and suddenly they’ll ackshually succeed in a manned moon landing in the next six months, surprise surprise surprise], but if it’s true that the Chinese still don’t have the tech necessary to make a manned moon landing, then either:

      A) The Chinese are really really really DUMB [being unable to force 2023 digital tech into outperforming 1968 analogue tech], or

      B) We didn’t ackshually land on the moon in 1968, and the moon landing really was faked by (((Stanley Kubrick))).


      ANYWAY, the point of all of this is that the Council of the Sanhedrin would walk over a pile of abandoned Auschwitz shoes – er, hot coals – if that’s what they needed to do to wield a psy-op as powerful as Orson Welles had wiel’t.

    • I’m beginning to think Tucker’s UFO mentions are a regular signal to his controllers to reassure them that he’s still on-side.

  42. Two things-
    One, I ocne saw an inexplicable aircraft. Does not mean alien, but something that has never been revealed.
    Two, the alien stuff is probably a Buttigieg fantasy: “Oh no Mr. Alien, not another, bigger probe!”

    • A government capable of a program like MK-ULTRA is more than capable of faking alien abductions, snatching fragile personalities perhaps under the influence of LSD or some other hallucinogen. The victims would think it was real.

  43. Safely flying here from 1400LYs away then crashing while in Earth’s atmosphere is hysterical. That’s one thing that never made sense to me.

    • Perhaps they use Google Maps to navigate.

      “GLORG! LOOK OUT! 👽”


      “Stupid Earthling Google Maps! What is that @#$%! mountain doing there?!?!” 👽

      • Also

        “Captain Glorg to Engineering! Report, you klorkian klutzholes! This is the tenth time this week we got spotted by an apeman pilot. When the klyt are you going to fix that bloody cloaking device, we’re bleeding photons all over the place!”

      • Two polish pilots.

        1st polish pilot: “My god! Look how short that landing strip was! We almost crashed!!”

        2nd polish pilot: “Yeah, but did you see how wide it was?”

    • The alien pilot probably caught a glimpse of Kate Upton sunbathing topless out by her Beverly Hills pool. It could happen to the best of us.

  44. Plausible Reasons:

    1. Get Tucker Carlson and others on the right to endorse and promote this and damage their legitimacy and credibility. Necessary for a regime that has little credibility left.
    2. Get the usual folks on the right focused on this instead of taking the long grinding practical steps to preserve our people and eventually have our own regime again
    3. Yet another distraction from more serious lies and gaping plotholes in the narrative
    4. All of The Above

    • Very good. Number one never occurred to me. This is a sort of Gell-Mann Amnesia effect. Tucker is skeptical of almost everything the government propaganda machine spits out, but believes former government employees and their grainy videos, when no one else has been able to capture better images on better cameras on billions of cell phones around the globe.

  45. highlighted a comment from a William Briggs post on alien life which I believe is spot on for their motives:

    “I suspect the public is being primed for some sort of announcement of ‘contact with alien intelligence’. This ‘alien intelligence’ will actually be human and terrestrial in origin, but TPTB will pretend they’re talking to space aliens and the space aliens have told us they won’t let humanity join ‘the brotherhood of the cool species’ until we stop using fossil fuels, eating meat, owning property, etc.
    In other words they’re going to use these faux aliens as a pretext for more the people to hand more of their lives, liberties and property over to the Globalists.”

    • An ‘alien deception’ of some type is highly probable in the near future, yes.

      All the ink, the mags, the history, the films and etc., is not for nothing.

      • T’is! The Mothership is cleverly as disguised the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid in Memphis.

    • Ah yes. Captain Glorg from Planet X-19 as a radiant composite of Martin Luther King, Elie Wiesel, Gloria Steinem and Greta Thunberg. Who ever would have guessed?

    • Global warming for sure. They’re going to PROVE manmade global climate change is real with alien “science” and/or revealed truth.

  46. The only government/UFO theory that makes sense to me is that this is a way for the USA to make wink-wink claims that they have some kind of extraterrestrial technology. Like “Don’t mess with us, or we’ll deploy the ASTRO-LASER”.

    • Racist! That’s the AFRO-LASER!!

      Discovered in Nubia, natch.
      By Yacob’s lab where we made our daring escape!

      • We’ll soon be treated to footage of Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee and Charles Barkley swatting Russian fighters from the sky in the Ukraine with the Afro-Laser (equipped with tinted windows, curb feelers, and a bumpin’ system).

  47. One of the best and most interesting things ZMan has written. Really first rate.

    Here’s what I am hoping for: ZMan’s essay on NYC’s idea of “requiring” (that’s the word they are using, at least for now) New Yorkers to house illegal aliens in their own homes.

    • Woah, hoooly moly.
      It’s a secret plan to quarter the alien invasion force!

      They look just human enough, we’ll never notice the odd little details.

  48. I guess I must have missed the administration pushing the alien visitors. I don’t follow the state media whatsoever, and none of the alternative sources I read seem to have ran with the story (thankfully).

    But if this is going on, I doubt there is anything more behind it than the desire to co-opt another group into the Leftist governing coalition. If believers in aliens can be convinced that they are an oppressed minority, then Uncle Sugar closes another sale.

    If this sounds silly, that’s because it is. But remember, the regime only thinks it knows what it’s doing. In reality it doesn’t.

    • Naah. The aliens have been here since Roswell, so they count as DACA.

      They should be able to vote as an underrepresented minority!

      Hyah. You thought the trannys were human, too, I’ll bet.

  49. It’s my conviction that there are other forms of sentient life in the cosmos — and I say “conviction” because I don’t have the scintilla of empirical evidence that there are.

    Our present understanding of physics is that interstellar (let alone intergalactic) space travel is just not on the cards for sentient beings like us. Unless, like the guild navigators in the world of Frank Herbert’s “Dune”, we can “fold spacetime.”

    It’s not utterly inconceivable that some advanced species is monitoring us, like laboratory rats. It just seems somewhat far-fetched. And coming from an administration that routinely lies about everything just makes space invaders all the more implausible.

    • “Our present understanding of physics…”

      That’s the key right there. We have no idea what we don’t know.

      • One thing studying history and the progress of humans reveals is that what we don’t know constitutes far, far more than what we do.

  50. Back in 1974 I had a college prof who was former Air Force, and he said his CO credibly claimed to have seen the alien bodies, supposedly in cold storage from a UFO that crashed on Earth in the 1950s, with no survivors.

    What Biden urped appears to be a regurgitation of this same very old story, which hies from the heydey of the Little Grey Guys.

    When they clone Biden for the next round, don’t say Thor didn’t warn us. 😉

  51. Our entire civilization is awash in 8K, super advanced cameras these days that have incredible software that lets you take crystal clear photos in the dark without flash. These things are in every corner of the globe. Billions of photos are taken every single day and posted to the internet instantaneously. If there were aliens, don’t you think there would be tons of photos of them on Instagram? Yet for some reason all the photographic evidence for space aliens only comes from government sources. Not just that, all the photos look like they were taken from a Polaroid circa 1978. Obviously this stuff is bogus.

    The government has long used aliens as a “conspiracy theory” to distract inquisitive people who might look at its crimes, and it also makes those inquisitive people look like lunatics. Now why are they rolling this out again now, well it sure feels like every single day another “conspiracy theory” is proven true. Just yesterday we learned that, for example, that Instagram had a vast network of child predators who operated using tags like “cheesepizza”. In other words, pizzagate is real. What else can they make up to distract people?

    • Yet this same gov’t tries to tell us that a swarm of triangles that are obviously reflection artifacts are credible UFOs.

      My brain hurts.

    • “Billions of photos are taken every single day and posted to the internet instantaneously. If there were aliens, don’t you think there would be tons of photos of them on Instagram?”

      The secret alien technology to propel their spaceships distorts any attempts to photograph them electronically. 😉

    • True, though it does remind of that meme where one shot is a crystal clear shot of a Martian landscape that is juxtaposed with a grainy image of a guy who robbed the liquor store down the street, I mean, we’ve all seen that.

    • My problem with UFOs and for that matter, ghosts and the like, is that, why have I never seen one? I’m a skeptic but I try to have an open mind about that kind of thing but it’s hard to believe that I’ve never seen one in person. It would seen like the law of averages would let it happen.

      I like to travel and have driven thousands of miles through the West, the Great Plains and the like and never seen anything that couldn’t be identified. That’s day and night travel too.

  52. File under TGTBT. The “whistleblower” source is what those “Patriot Front” LARPERs all look like when they take off their masks.

    • For what it’s worth, I’ve met quite a few Patriot Front guys, as well as their leader Thomas, and they seem motivated by love our people.

      • Have you asked them what’s up with their identical uniforms, the masks, that they’re all fit young to middle-aged men? Their look just screams Fed.

  53. I dunno. Z spills a lot a pixels trying to tell us scientifically how dumb this is in the first place. False flag? Deception? Where’d those sunglasses Rowdy Roddy Piper gave me?

    • Distraction from Biden’s acceptance of bribes and the weaponization of the FBI against everyone who is not a democrat.

      Why would a government that classifies almost everything and whose Secretary of State, Blinken, was threatened with contempt of Congress for withholding information be so suddenly forthcoming about UFOs and contact with alien life?

      • Likely. Also, since the United States military no longer can win wars, even proxy ones, something is necessary to justify the trillions spent to the MIC, the biggest welfare queen in world history.

        “We used the gazillions dollars we demanded to stop a space alien invasion, and, no, you cannot see the pictures, they are classified,” they will say as flesh and blood illegal aliens invade and occupy the country.

        Clown World is as amusing as it is utterly disgraceful.

  54. Sorry for going a bit off topic but certainly related to lies.

    On this day in 1967, the USS Liberty was attacked. 34 men were killed and 171 wounded. Our greatest ally hadn’t intended for anyone to survive but it was just an “incident”, after all.
    Commander William McGonagle masterfully prevented the research ship from sinking but would later say that it was the hand of God.
    One young merchant marine who died that day left behind a wife and 2 year old son. That little toddler with few memories of his father grew up and named his daughter Liberty.
    The few remaining survivors and their loved ones are reuniting this week in Colorado Springs.
    The rest of the crew are located at Arlington National Cemetery Section 34 mass grave.

  55. The “nuts and bolts” concept of Aliens ships traveling long distances has gone out of favor. Now aliens are seen as a type of paranormal event. Passport to Magonia, byée.
    Is they guy to read.
    Personally I think if you stand between your houseplant and the sun the plant knows something is up, but that is as far as it can go. These strange things happen, humans know something is up but beyond our mental abilities to know.

    • I agree with this. It is a version of the magic box. In technical discussions, you often can describe the inputs and the desired outputs, but what lies between is the problem to solve. It is a box inside of which something magical happens to transform inputs in the desired outputs.

      This leap of logic is very popular now. Maybe it is increasing or maybe I just notice it more now. It turns up all over. Consider the electric cars believers. They think if they mandate electric cars, something magical will happen to solve the problems with the power grid, battery life, raw material supplies and so on.

      I suspect this is proliferating because we are ruled by people who have never had to screw a nut onto a bolt. Things just seem to happen, including their rise up the ladder. Their belief in the power of a well done narrative may be another symptom of having led impractical lives.

      • Speaking of EVs, AAA tested Ford’s F-150 Lightning. They reported a loss of range of 24.5% when carrying a 1,400 pound load. This is mostly likely a lie, as a YouTuber previously reported a loss of range of 33% while towing an empty trailer. The forced move to EVs is being done with a total disregard for people who have to travel through rural areas or use their vehicles to do actual work. The ruling class doesn’t care because neither of those things apply to them.

        • I am not opposed to EV’s in general, but there is no reason, other than perfidy and stupidity, to force the change. In urban areas, having a high percentage of EV’s and more ridesharing services probably works for a number of reasons. A sane ruling class would let these things work themselves out in time. Our ruling class will just plow ahead thinking it will magically work.

          • EVs are like letting women discuss politics in public. When initially presented, it makes sense and seems unobjectionable. “Sure, if you want to!”
            But once put into practice, you see the heinous evil that eventually results. Only then do we learn the folly of the initial misstep, which seemed oh-so-reasonable to begin with.

        • The load loss sounds about right. The trailer might weigh about the same as the bed load, but it’s got a lot more wind resistance.

          And how would this not be so? Take the impact on a gas engine’s MPG from hauling whatever load, and apply it to the range of an EV, and there you have it. EVs aren’t going to magically do more work (defined as moving mass) for the same energy input.

          As an example, my old gas F350’s max range under ideal conditions is about 500 miles (14mpg x 37 gallons) for just itself, but about 250 miles when I’m towing half again its own mass. D’oh!!

          • One of the big differences is you can fill a standard truck with gas in about five minutes. The Lightning takes 45 minutes to recharge. It is totally impractical for hauling longer distances.

        • It’s basically the equivalent of Mao’s Great Leap Forward. The Party simply decrees that the peasants adopt a given technology… and if they can’t and people starve, meh.

        • California is requiring them for trucks servicing the cargo ports and railyards starting next year. The mental illness burns. I guess the California ports and railyards don’t have long for this world.

          • Next year?!

            That’s it. Moving my commercial license to Texas.

            (Hitch: TX makes you schedule an appointment to go to the DMV now.)

        • “The ruling class doesn’t care because neither of those things apply to them.”

          I don’t think that’s what EVs are about. “They” know that EVs are like reverting to ox carts, but their purpose in forcing or in propagandizing is to make certain that 99% of the people in the world have no freedom of movement whatsoever.

          They mean to force the population into their stack-em-and-pack-em “sustainable cities,” or whatever the current name is.

          Their land-use maps are on the internet and have been for 20-odd years. Agenda 2020 didn’t work out b/c people caught on and stopped it (several states outlawed it, etc), so they changed the name to Agenda 2030 and have taken off both mask and gloves to force it through in just a few years. They have just condemned 200,000 cows to death in Ireland. They are reducing food production as fast as they can.

          And what they *must* arrange is that nobody (but them) has any freedom of movement whatsoever.

          I think that’s what EVs are about. And a lot else besides. “They” plan to turn the world into an open-air prison, and they don’t want anybody to be mobile.

          • Spot on, Infant. Going mobile so I can use what time is left…and ya never know where the flash will be.

            (Hey Z, how’s about some Zaporozhye news? The kagans are trying to blow the reactor’s cooling towers, and cut off Crimea’s water at the same time. All kicked off the day the mil exercise started. Nova Kharkova Dam, etc.)

        • > The forced move to EVs is being done with a total disregard for people who have to travel through rural areas or use their vehicles to do actual work.

          Oh it is definitely being pushed with full regard of these people. Having people in rural areas immobilized and farmers bankrupted is a feature, not a bug.

          • Nah…our Lucifarian “magical thinkers” REALLY DO believe themselves capable of summoning up a New Reality. Our intransigence frustrates, this, of course, but wipe us out? Heck, who would they then look down upon?

        • Exactly so… I can either fill up my truck as fast as gas can be pumped and do so pretty much anywhere that’s so much as a wide spot in the road, or I can wait around for an hour (or much longer if there’s one outlet and a line of EVs) while it sucks juice from the wire, and hope to find another charging station along my route before I run out.

          Utterly no contest.

          [rep to previous because of nesting difficulties]

    • Vernor Vinge Had a good book “A Fire Upon The Deep” that played around with this.

      Humanity was stuck in the “slow zone”, always would be.

      Another scifi great author.

      • One of the few scifi authors still worth reading. Alas, he has a real job so he doesn’t publish much.

      • He finally published a sequel, too!

        Sequel, prequel? Those zany time effects.

        If I remember right, it was the life of the resurrected captain, a fab tale of first contact while taken hostage.
        His was the fleet of the Zheng Ho in the Slow Zone.

        The giant spider professor, a “primitive” to whom he contacted for help: “Yes, I know about the aliens. I’ve been talking to them for twenty years.”

  56. Hey, maybe the aliens could take Earth’s Negroes off our hands and settle them all on Planet Wakanda. They can also take all the sexual deviants too and do butt stuff with them, which they would like.
    Then we could have a great planet that aliens would like to visit instead of Gay Ghetto Planet.

  57. Whatever ufos are, they are probably not spaceships operated by corporeal living beings of some sort. They are something like John Keel’s ultraterrestrials. It’ been a while since I read any Keel books but I think he thought they could appear to be anything and space aliens are just one of the costumes they wear to screw with us. The main question is, why do “they” bother with us? What’s in it for them?

    • Earth is, galactically speaking, out in the middle of nowhere. We’re a damn long haul from most of the galaxy.

      It follows that any visitors are probably no one we want to meet, because they’re going to be either criminals fleeing justice, refugees fleeing an overbearing government, or scouts from said government in starvation mode and looking for more territory to conquer.

      Cuz otherwise, there’s just nothing out our way that can’t be found a lot more conveniently elsewhere.

      • “It was situated far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral Arm of the Galaxy.”

        • They already did a movie about that, District 9. It was set in South Africa and was clearly just a lame anti-apartheid screed disguised as sci-fi. The movie was made after apartheid of course but before the big new story from there about how the society is falling apart now that the Whites are not running things.

    • curious tho that through all our millennia, humanoids have seen something they cannot compute and left written proof of it?

  58. Instead of getting bowtox shots, Soros and Kissinger are getting Bowhead whale shots.

  59. Our side has a few prominent people who believe this nonsense. Jay Dyer did a stream on this last night which correlated with views I have had for decades.
    Bent religious impulses, fear based psyops on the vulnerable and even bored sci-fi fans looking for excitement and meaning.

    Do a deep dive into science as zman alludes to and it all falls apart. It’s always western governments suppressing evidence and locking down crash sites. All these light years and somehow a few always crash when they get here. Anti grav units are only rated tor ten trillion miles.

    • The alien spaceship antigravs all run on Apple batteries. A new model came out, so after the last alien antigrav software update, their old batteries just inexplicably fail now…

  60. I have a friend who has made several surprisingly accurate predictions over the past few years. He is convinced that this administration and the globalists plan to stage an alien invasion. The purpose being a one-world government under their control.

    • It is reasonable to guess they would attempt this, but hard to believe it would be done in a credible way that would fool a critical mass of people worldwide. It seems like you would also need the Chinese and Russians in on it in order to keep the ruse from falling apart. These people don’t get along well enough to pull it off.

      • After Covid, I am almost convinced the great mass of people will believe anything. That didn’t even require CGI, just a few tweets from an anonymous Italian doctor.

        As for the Chinese and Russians: they haven’t shown much interest in blowing up Covid or any of the other obvious western media. I don’t know why, exactly, but perhaps each great power has a certain interest in maintaining the internal stability of the other great powers. Perhaps they know getting into arguments with liars is a pointless waste of time.

      • ” … but hard to believe it would be done in a credible way that would fool a critical mass of people worldwide.”

        To which one can only reply with, “COVID-19.”

      • The absolute arrogance of the Western elites thinking they can influence China (China: A civilization masquerading as a nation) shows how far up their own asses they’ve gone.

        After Gulf War I/II WMD’s, Covid, stolen elections, troons….they really think they can fool with own people codswallop.

    • Yeah. Let’s unify the globe against the threat! Not gonna happen. They have spent all their trust capital

    • This could’ve been done in 2012, maybe. But especially since Covid, half of the Western world doesn’t believe the press or their governments. And this is just the Western world. An alien invasion would be impossible to stage. It would have to actually happen. There’d be lazers and things all over the world blowing up.

      • As I posted in my other response today, this is where I put this alien stuff. A fake invasion or “alien super virus” is in the category of something our elite would be stupid or desperate enough to try but far too stupid and undisciplined to pull off. It would end up being their last caper.

    • Krugman proposed, several years ago, that the US pretend like we were being invaded by aliens. The pretense would serve to get us to spend all of our money preparing for this existential war. In so doing, we would borrow far more money than we have borrowed to date. But, because we were spending it, we would get out of debt; “grow”, our way out of debt as they say.

      So, this tells you who and what we are dealing with. Alien liars indeed.

    • I can’t help but think that Orson Wells was ahead of his time with the way of the worlds he stages on radio

  61. Either we are alone in the universe, or (given the vast distances involved) we might as well be. Humans have evolved (or were created) to live on the Earth in a band from about sea level to just under the highest peak. Outside that range we die in as little as minutes. The odds that we could find such perfect conditions elsewhere are remote enough. But the generations required to reach such a place would require travel in conditions so deleterious to human health that we would be unlikely to survive the journey. Could we even reproduce in such conditions, and if so what would guarantee our progeny would decide to continue toward the original objective? Then there is the near certainty of an eventual fatal mechanical failure or collision with a micro-meteor.

    • Someone who did the math based on known star types concluded that there should be somewhere around 1400 Earth-like planets in our galaxy. Which considering the total number of stars, makes needle in a haystack look like durn good odds.

      Of course, the real problem is none are conveniently located right next door, and we don’t have that FTL thing working yet.

  62. I stand with America against the evil space aliens and will do whatever it takes to stop them from taking over the Ukraine.

    • ‘I stand with America against the evil space aliens and will do whatever it takes to stop them from taking over the Ukraine.’

      Pretty sure America is backing the aliens.

  63. David Grusch, the latest UAP whistleblower has his story broken by Leslie Kean — a long-time alien enthusiast from a deep state elite family — and Ralph Blumenthal, who had a long mainstream news reporting career, but is now 81 years old and maybe not at the top of his mental game. They both have alien books out and thus vested financial reasons for playing this up, though that doesn’t automatically disqualify them. They’ve simply provided no “there” than the usual hearsay.

  64. War of the worlds in reverse. The aliens bring a deadly “virus” to earth and humans have to take “extraordinary” measures to survive. COVID on aliens steroids. 😉

    • Grumpy below touched on something I thought a possibility: space alien lockdowns due to potential viruses.

      Also, given the increasing incompetence and stupidity of the government and the military, maybe they want to stage a “win” and claim to have stopped a space alien invasion? Why not? They claim almost hourly to have stopped a white supremacist attack, and that’s as big of a lie and just as ludicrous.

  65. I agree with almost everything in the article but this:

    “If there must be many earthlike planets in the universe, there must be at least one that has produced life as we understand it.”

    We simply do not know enough to justify the second “must” in that sentence (or even the first “must,” really*, but that’s less of a stretch.).

    *The book Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe deals with the first “must,” and we’ve actually learned more about the extremely unique nature of Earth in the years since the book was published, not only the planet itself, but in the very particular construction of the solar system that nurtures and protects it.

    We don’t fully understand the full implications of Earthlike. For example, the Kepler 452b that Zman mentions is most definitely not “Earthlike” — it’s five times the mass of Earth, probably twice the surface gravity, and orbits a very different star with a very different electromagnetic output profile (note how slight differences in lighting, direct sunlight vs. various forms of artificial lighting affect plants and animals here on Earth). From what little we know of how life arises, those are undoubtedly major differentiating factors.

    We know that the position of the outer gas giants has a major protective effect on the inner planets, that slight gravitational differences — such as a planet orbiting in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter — would spell doom for Earth’s habitability, and probably dozens of other factors we don’t even know we don’t know.

    We know too little about how life arises to be confident that it “must” have happened multiple times in the same universe. Indeed, the compounded statistically unlikely events that have to occur not only at all, but within specific timeframes and in specific sequences make it astounding that it occurred even once.

    • You’re correct. Things like the so-called Fermi Paradox… just aren’t. It’s based on just such unjustified assumptions.

      Maybe the Swamp has been pushing UFO pr0n for the same kinds of reasons they kept Obama’s birth certificate rumors swirling.

      • My recollection of the Fer.i paradox is that it argues against intelligent alien life, or do I misunderstand your reference?

    • The discussion reminds me of that “great filter” article from many years ago. The theory is this: it’s probably close, or at least within the realm of possibility, with even our “crude” technology to create self-replicating probes to send out to the galaxy, and that even with very long travel times, given the age of the universe, we should then be swimming in these probes from distant civilizations, and yet…nothing. Therefore there is either a strong filter keeping life on planets from forming or if it does, even ever getting to that point (how long was our planet ruled by creatures that couldn’t build something more complicated than a nest) and/or some common set of criteria defeats a civilization before it ever gets to that point.

    • Though I admit it could be an artifact of our primitive methods of searching for exoplanets (presumably big planets with lots of mass are easier to find than small ones), it turns out gas giants are far more common and far more likely to be orbiting very close to a star than an examination of our solar system would predict. All of our gas giants are 500 million miles plus from the sun, while there are a ton of gas giants so close to their star that they are tidally locked.

      Our solar system has 2 failed (for life) planets, both within the bounds of the supposed “habitable zone” plus a 3rd one that supposedly crashed into the Earth and created the Moon.

      Though I am no mathematician, I assume a sample size of one doesn’t really tell us much about the odds of some other planet somewhere in the universe supporting life. Frankly, it seems like a game to me. They just make the numbers big enough so that no matter how small you assign each odd (a total guess) that you multiply together, it still produces a very high probability of life in the universe besides us. It also assumes a randomness that might not exist.

      • “It also assumes a randomness that might not exist.”

        As William M. Briggs is fond of saying, nothing is really random. Things just look random to us because we don’t understand the causes. Once we understand all of the causes of something, the result ceases to be random and the subsequent outcome has a probability of 1.

  66. Covid showed us the people in charge (probably the intelligence agencies of the world) are…

    a) willing to insist on totally fabricated nonsense

    and b) since they ran other flus in the past as possible near outbreaks or minor crises, they probably keep stories “in the waiting,” primed at a low-level and on a shelf as needed.

    Absolutely not coincidence the global financial plumbing blew up at the end of 2019, then covid.

    The world’s banking is showing signs of a similar implosion now..

  67. Dissidents will kindly note that the whistle-blower’s name is “David Charles (((Grusch)))”.




    • What makes you so sure? “Grusch” sounds straight up German to me, and with a lifetime of knowing many fellow tribespeople, I’ve never known a “Grusch”. Also, it’s rare for us hebes to have this kind of career:

      The whistleblower, David Charles Grusch, 36, a decorated former combat officer in Afghanistan, is a veteran of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). He served as the reconnaissance office’s representative to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force from 2019-2021. From late 2021 to July 2022, he was the NGA’s co-lead for UAP analysis and its representative to the task force.

      We’re doctors, lawyers, financiers, entertainers. Military? Not so much.

      But some Jew-obsessed people see us under every bed and around every corner.

      If you come up with some proof that this Dave is a tribesman I’ll eat my hat.

        • A baseball cap. The last time I wore a Jew beanie must have been at a funeral many years ago.

          • (putting on his Antonio headgear)

            Let’s stipulate that it has to be a cap you payed retail for.

            Agreed that Grusch doesn’t sound at all like the kind of whimsical surnames ETA Hoffmann was handing out with Prussian ID papers back in Silesia back in the day.

      • I know nothing about this whistleblower dude, but see what I posted above. “Alien bodies in the freezer” (whether true or fantasy) has been around since before Biden crawled into the swamp.

  68. Michael Medved used to the occasional show about how “Bigfoot could totally be real…and here’s why!”

    Now Tucker, Eric Weinstein, and other ostensibly smart people peddle the UFO/UAP thing.

    People believe stupid things. At least this one is relatively harmless.

    Long term success as a talking head surely must include the skill of keeping your own “out there” ideas to yourself.

    • I really enjoyed Bob Lazar when he ran with this. Most UFO cultists set off my BS sensors a mile away… but Bob made me go to google and beyond to see through him.

      Don’t pull his finger…

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