The Terrifying Narrative

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Depending upon who is doing the reporting, the great Ukrainian counter-offensive is now entering its second week, or the pre-counter-offensive probing maneuver is winding down in preparation for the long-awaited counter-offensive. However, it is described, the Ukrainians are conducting largescale offensive operations at several places using the Western armor. We know this because of the images of German Leopard tanks on fire that we are seeing online.

It is far too early to draw any conclusions about the success or lack of success of this new operation, but it is clear that we are seeing another example of how Western leaders came to believe the narratives they created in the information war. This is an increasing phenomenon where the information production centers of the managerial class create narratives so compelling that the managerial elite confuses these manufactured realities with genuine reality.

In this case, the manufactured reality said that the Russian defensive lines were undermanned and under supplied. Despite the daily display of firepower, the Russians are running out of everything. On top of that, morale in the Russian ranks is low due to the fact the Russian army is composed of conscripted peasants. The narrative that evolved over the last six months of hyping the offensive is that as soon as Western tanks appeared, the Russians would scatter.

This explains why the Ukrainians used the most advanced armor in their assault on Russians lines in the south. The images of destroyed Leopard 2 tanks, Bradley Fighting Vehicles and Finnish mine clearly tanks that have been all over the internet the last week tell the story. This frontal assault with the best Western equipment was supposed to be a promotional vehicle for the benefits of arming Ukraine with the weapons it needs to drive the Russians all the way back to Moscow.

What happened instead was a disaster for Ukraine. In the south, they launched attacks on three areas, all of which got bogged down in minefields. As the Ukrainians tried to maneuver out of the minefields, the Russians attacked them with Lancet drones, KA-52 attack helicopters and artillery. Depending upon who is telling the story, Ukraine has already lost between fifteen and thirty percent of its Western armor and has yet to reach the first line of Russian defenses.

If we accept the Western number as fifteen percent, it is clear that these offensive operations will have a short duration. Keep in mind that the action so far has happened in the security zone of Russian defenses. This is the extreme outer layer used to detect how the enemy is approaching. Ukraine has yet to penetrate this area, which is lightly defended relative to the proper defensive lines. In order to reach the defensive lines, it means suffering massive losses in men and material.

What is remarkable about this is that the United States has spy satellites positioned over Ukraine. They have been providing Ukraine with intelligence from satellites for over a year. NATO has been providing targeting information along with the guided munitions they supply Ukraine. The United States operates the Global Hawk surveillance drone over the Black Sea. In other words, the West has been watching the Russians build their lines in real-time for months.

Despite what they clearly see happening, the narrative prevails. You see it in this detailed report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies. It goes into great detail about Russian defensive preparations. Woven throughout the report, however, is the familiar talking points about the inferiority of Russian equipment and the condition of the Russian military. When asked who they believe? The official narrative or their lying eyes, the writers chose the former.

That is the important part about understanding the power of narrative within the Western managerial elite. Disconfirmation is always met with an organized effort to force the contrary information onto the narrative. Maybe the narrative is tweaked to account for the new data, but the final chapter never changes. The good guys always win in the end and the West is always the good guys. After all, the lesson of history is that the good guys always win.

What we see happening is the narrative makers are converting the results on the battlefield into a new chapter of the story. In this chapter, the West supplies Ukraine with nuclear weapons. Note that this is cast as a defensive action. The superpower cries out in pain as it supplies Russia’s opponent with nukes. Note also that this policy paper is not produced by a random crank. AEI is one of the most influential and well-funded think tanks in Washington.

If that is not terrifying enough for you, there is now talk of letting NATO members “voluntarily” send troops into Ukraine. The Poles have already sent thousands of volunteers, but now there is talk of bring the Baltic states into the mix. The idea is to provide F-16 fighter jets with Western trained pilots from the eastern members of NATO in order to provide air cover for Ukrainian offensives. After all, the Russian army is ready to collapse so they just need one final push.

One of the enduring mysteries of the Great War is how the rulers on both sides kept at it despite the obvious futility of the war. Both sides remained convinced that the other was running on fumes. All they needed to do was keep up the pressure and the other side would eventually crack. They were right, in that the Germans did eventually crack, but not until the continent was reduced to rubble. Imagine if both sides even had crude nuclear weapons. That is where we are now.

That is the terrifying part of this war. Western leaders have become immune to reality, so they embrace narratives produced by people with their own interests. The neocons want to blow up the world. The military industrial complex wants to keep selling expensive weapons. The Ukrainian dictator needs the war to keep going in order to avoid assassination. Everyone involved has a reason to believe the narrative over their lying eyes, so reality remains on the sidelines.

The hope is that events on the ground will reach a point where the remaining sane people in power feel they must step in and stop the madness, but this Ukrainian offensive suggest reality is no match for a good story. Western managerial elites have evolved to the point where they now live in a world of their own creation. It is not hard to imagine them standing in front of a window with VR goggles strapped to their faces as a mushroom cloud forms on the horizon.

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191 thoughts on “The Terrifying Narrative

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  2. If you look at a map of this war for about the last 11 months or so – see – the front line has remained static, plus or minus 5 kilometers, either side. We’v seen no decisive moves by either side since Kyi kicked the Russians out of Kyiv and Kharkiv oblasts, that despite the Russian offensive this spring which was largely beaten back, and what looks like an abortive counteroffensive by Ukraine. Putin has dumped two of his most effective generals – Prigozhin and Surovikin, and replaced them with buddy-buddy incompetents like Shoigu and Gerasimov, who should have been put out to pasture after the failed Kyiv offensive.Putin isn’t a military guy, he’s a midlevel bureaucrat with neither military training nor experience, so he can’t tell which generals are effective. And corruption has hobbled the Russian Army. Gross corruption and incompetence are rampant in Ukraine as well – that armored column which was destroyed was bunched up far too close, tanks and vehicles within maybe five meters or so of each other, all the Russians would have to do is to shoot the tail end vehicle, then take out the front vehicle – and with Ukrainian-laid minefields on both sides of the road, it would be like shooting fish in a barrel – that’s real incompetence. At least the Ukrainians could have made tank lanes in their own minefields, thus they wouldn’t need those Finnish mine destroyers to detonate their own mines – but that didn’t happen, with this very predictable result. Similar folly has happened on the Russian side. What we have is essentially a bar fight with two punch-drunk fighters, who will both take lots of damage and maybe, just maybe, one will get knocked out. Even if that’s the Ukrainian, for the Russians at their current level of incompetence, there’s little prospect of them taking the rest of Ukraine – or even the western half of Donetsk oblast. I don’t see anyone making any decisive moves anytime soon, either. Perhaps a North Korean type settlement will result, after about six more months.

  3. In asking for the elite and managerial class to not live in narrative bubbles you are asking for the entire professional culture to change and for people to ruin their careers to force that change. That isn’t going to happen without a huge consequences for adhering to the narratives that dramatically impact the now pleasant lives of the rulers.

    This reminds me of a great essay written by two organizational behavior consultants called “You don’t have to be stupid to work here but it helps. ” They found that organizations like to pride themselves on hiring smart people but those smart people quickly realize that championing to smart ideas ruin there careers. The Secret is to hop on the popular bandwagon supported by the right honchos. If you see that it will hurt the company, just make sure that you are somewhere else when it happens.

    I saw all this over and over in Silicon Valley. In Eastern Asia I consulted to executives and one of the main issues that would come up was how to deal with their round eyed superiors and contacts when it came to pointing out something wouldn’t work.

    Even if the Western plan would have been illegal by forcing them out of regulatory compliance, the response would always be something like, “that is a can’t do attitude,. We need can do attitudes!” If something didn’t work then it was the fault of the Asian based executive not the executive mandating the plan. If the Asian exec wanted to keep their jobs, they had to find a way out of this delimma. In Silicon Valley, people just change jobs.

    This is a great reason why White women are thriving in management. They hate being corrected and told no. They love that they can crush anyone telling them No.

    • This it really seems like a case of Revenge of the weirdos and other unpopular kids on the popular kids (in this case Trump).

    • No, it couldn’t be, could it? They actually found a tranny to prosecute Trump?

      • Heck if I know what it is. Could be one of those A Lee Uns the govt. has been shilling for. A Trans Otherkin.

        Whatever it is I don’t want it on the same planet with me, not anywhere, and I damn sure don’t want it donning black robes and pretending authority to rule over my life or over the lives of the nation’s sons. That can only end one way.

    • That transsexual’s long hair looks like it was hastily pasted on in Photoshop.

    • Laugh, but also remember that once you’re under federal prosecution, your odds of going free are awful.

      90% of cases never reach trial (plead guilty)

      8% of cases are dismissed.

      Of the 2% that go to trial, 83% are convicted and 17% are convicted.

      Unless there’s a plea deal, Trump is toast.

  4. “After all, the lesson of history is that the good guys always win.”

    The lesson of History is that winners always write the History.

  5. the ruling elite are currently occupied with this . Ukrainan farmland is the best in the world and the ukrainians are being cleared off of it . I’m sure thats just a coincedence . there will be no nuke involvement, because the players are very evil , but none of them are crazy, they pretend to be because that gives them a believeable excuse for what they are doing . Putin has been through the WEF’s young global leader program , so he may not be the rouge he pretends to be. . I’ll bet ADM or cargill will get the “abandon ” ukrainian farmland for a bargin once the dust settles . read the last paragraph here . bet those small farmers are not going to get the ownership of the lands they wanted and was projected in 2021.
    Our normalcy bias is really huge here in the us , reinforced by our media .

    • I’d be surprised if Russia allows any of that nonsense to stand in Zone 404 after the war.
      What’s the West going to do, A twelfth Sanctions package?

  6. It is interesting that Biden is out for “emergency dental surgery” right after it comes to light that not only did he take a $5 million bribe from Burisma, but the one offering it (and another 5 to the First Crackhead) was a SVR agent. Interesting also that Hunter’s business partner has recording of both Bidens taking the bribe as insurance. Reportedly.

    NEVER, ever underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up. Never. Something is up. Beyond just tactical nukes to Ukraine. [Which I take as a given].

    Note: yesterday I mis-typed Disney’s debt amount. They raised $11 billion not $100 during beer flu, and last year their debt service was $1.5 billion according to online sources (caveats etc). My mistake, I had mis-remembered that amount. I will note that the Murdochs for years tolerated Ailes and Tucker because they had to pay off $1 billion a year relating to the debt involved in the 1986 launch of Fox Broadcasting; Fox News covered that in pure profit. After they sold to Disney and paid off their debt Tucker was toast. So Disney’s net outflow for debt and streaming is about $5 billion not $9; but they still seem to struggle and paying somewhere around $15 is going to be tough; they will have to sell something I think to reduce total debt service.

    And that is the question for Bezos, Tim Cook, Dimon, Musk, etc. Are they willing to go full Slim Pickens riding the bomb, or are they ready to do what it takes in concert with some in the military and other areas? Tactical nukes is a guarantee of nuclear war. The Biden Regime just has to go. Its a dangerously depreciating asset. Ostensible bribery by the SVR could remove him; and also possibly Harris. I’d rather not die from radiation poisoning, so President McCarthy is someone I could stomach.

    • Once the Praetorian Guard began selecting emperors (you are here), assassinations followed. Of course many would allege we crossed this rubicon (heh) 60 years ago.

      It’s not hard to picture things getting a little, uh, intriguing, once that road is started down. As perhaps it already has been. I think I would kind of enjoy viewing (from afar) a DC scene where everyone was looking over their shoulder, had food tasters, and was sleeping somewhere different every night. That would be the kind of entertainment that could get me watching msm news again.

      • Just think of it…in a few years, in addition to campaigning in elections, public officials will be assassinating each other in running gang battles like the Chicago mafiosos of the 1920s and 1930s.

    • Is that what the Pentagon pays for them or is it what the Ukrainians are getting for them on the black market?

  7. I want to use this opportunity to discuss what an atrocious Senator, man and human being Lindsay “Backdoor” Graham is.

    The video of him smiling as he laughs about Russians dying through his thin lips, quivering with erotic excitement, is abhorrent in every way imaginable. It is one thing to be grimly supporting the Ukrainians on behalf US national or perhaps misguided humanitarianism. It is another to gleefully chuckle while talking about our weapons killing young men in a pointless slaughter.

    These are Russians, most of whom do not want to fight, that have never wished Graham, his family or his country any harm. These are young men who are being lost in the flower of their youth for an idiotic war. Dying face down in black mud as robots beam their deaths back to their families. And for their suffering, Graham cackles as though he has been blood enemies with the Russians for centuries. As though they have some deep-seated long history of wronging Graham, his family and his people.

    But that is the part that is beyond loathsome. He has no reason to hate them. In fact, I am certain he doesn’t hate them and would be best friends with them if they were killing Arabs or Chinese. Graham’s display is an act. One to seek power for its own sake. And one of an impotent, feminine man pretending to be brave and dominant. It is the hand-waiving of someone serially incapable of masculinity or even identifying it. The best “beard” he can come up with is to wish for death upon a group of men he has never, ever met in a metal storm so he can keep a Senator seat by enriching his merchant of death patrons.

    It’s depravity that is beyond comprehension for most of us. It’s the embodiment of a dying civilization; rudderless as it grasps for relevance by inflicting indignities and massacres on countless innocents in its flailing demise.

    If it were up to me, to save what remaining honor we have, I would offer Graham to Putin.

    • My hope is that after all this is over, a new American government turns over those responsible for this to Russia for trial and execution. Send them all to Hell as soon as possible.

    • It’s why I keep telling my wife. No matter how atrocious a fate I could imagine for these people, it doesn’t seem like enough. Slowly feeding them feet-first into wood chippers just doesn’t seem like it’s enough.

    • Back when he was calling for the assassination of Putin on Twitter, as if this is all just fun and games, I began to wonder if he would meet the pointy end of a polonium-tipped umbrella one dark night in the streets of DC.

      • I’m sure he’s experienced myriad pointy tips, but alas, none of them polonium. Yet.

    • As always Shakespeare got it right:
      “Hell is empty and all of the Devils are here.”

      The Tempest.

    • Hey, Colonel Graham bravely served his country from behind a desk as a lawyer in uniform! He’s a real American hero! Just like Ron DeSantis, who bravely faced our enemies, securely chained and guarded by military police, from behind a desk in Guantanamo Bay!

    • Every last one of these neocons, politicians and MIC members who started and want this war should be forced to drive a standard jeep over those minefields.

  8. The easy, relatively bloodless victory in the 1991 gulf war was the worst thing to happen to the GAE. Someday this will be better understood by more people. It caused the GAE to accept many erroneous conclusions as fact, which influenced its future actions and continues to in the present.

    Such as, the perceived inferiority of Russian equipment. It makes no difference how an enemy that is surrendering as fast as it can is equipped. Had the Iraqis had the will to stand and fight it would have been a much tougher, bloodier slog, regardless of their kit. Moreover, the GAE’s need for air superiority was easily achieved against Iraq, which had little to counter. In a theater where air superiority doesn’t come so easily, the GAE’s way of waging war falters. Never mind that the Iraqis weren’t armed with Russia’s best stuff, it wouldn’t have mattered if they were, at the rate they were surrendering.

    The correct lessons may well have been learned in certain quarters of the Pentagon, but among the folks really in charge, the neocons, the pols (the people who pick the generals) the conclusion was “We’re invincible, nobody can touch us, and we can do whatever we want!” See Madeline Albright’s comments as quoted by Colin Powell. Her view persists to this day.

    And this is all before we get into the way the landscape has changed since those days, subsequent advances in Russian tech, the obsolescence of armor, the advent of drones, greater satellite integration, the loss of the GAE’s industrial base…….

    But even putting technology, logistics, and material aside, an enemy who is willing to stand and fight and die is always going to give you a lot more trouble than one who isn’t, regardless of how he is equipped. That was what was missing with the Iraqis that is present with the Russians. Among other things. Like hypersonic missiles.

      • Truly, in Iraq and on the western front of WWII, it wasn’t just air superiority but air supremacy. The enemy had been driven from the skies totally.

        That seems unlikely to happen in Ukraine. In fact, in Ukraine, technological advancements on both sides make it difficult for anyone, on either side, to exercise decisive air power at all. Aircraft , like tanks, have become more and more just expensive targets.

        • The Luftwaffe managed to sortie a mere 2 fighters over the beaches on D-Day. That is all over 5 landing beaches.

        • The Ka-52, “Alligator,” helicopter is performing the job the AH-64, “Apache,” was supposed to when the USSR rushed the Fulda Gap during the Cold War.

    • One more thing I wish to add to that:

      Another erroneous belief the 91 Gulf War instilled in the GAE leadership was the belief that it could win a major war with minimal casualties. This has led to a command mindset of casualty avoidance that has transcended mere belief or desire and become actual doctrine, from the top down.

      Thus, it is guaranteed that the GAE will lose a conventional ground war against a near peer opponent. Because to win such a war one must hold ground. One cannot hold ground if one is not willing to bleed for it. Thus, the GAE cannot hold ground, ergo it cannot win the war.

    • I was a Marine in an Infantry battalion in the Gulf War. The Iraqis were terrible soldiers with run down equipment.
      We used to have a debate on it. If we traded all our weapons and gear with the Iraqis, who would win? It would be a close thing again first. Wait a few months for the high-tech gear to break down from lack of maintenance, and we’d win easily.

        • The Iraqis did not sufficiently genuflect before sodomy, and so they were on the “wrong side of history.”

    • “The easy, relatively bloodless victory in the 1991 gulf war”
      Tell that to the 2 million murdered Iraqi’s.

  9. The farcical stupidity of this thing… And cruel indifference to the lives of Ukrainians is incredible.

    Some old tanks and apc taken out of mothball storage, given to barely trained soldiers, and hurled into the teeth of Russian defenses. The worst thing the Ukrainians could do to the Russians is to cancel all offensive operations and force the Russians to attack them.

    • I can’t help but feel it is worse than indifference to Ukrainians’ lives–there is a sadistic joy in using them as cannon fodder. When you look at the ethnic background of most of the monstrous neocons, it makes perfect sense that they would delight in Slavic death.

      • It is not an exaggeration to say that a literal Cult of Death long has been in control of the U.S. empire. Cthulhu and Moloch had ’em a baby. Called her Columbia.

        • Some disagreement here. Columbia is twice as old as the Death Cult*; she was kidnapped and forced into whoredom.

          She tried breaking free a few times, but she was messed up and the maps were bad, so they soon caught her again.

          *(Columbia of the sheaves is at least 10,000 years old.

          Cthulu is Moloch’s daddy, true, that’s why Moloch lied about being somebody else’s kid.)

    • The worser thing is the Ukrainians no doubt know full well their best move, by a humongous long shot, is to force the Russians to attack them. The problem is Globohomo won’t stand for it, and so they don’t, Yes, the farcical stupidity of this thing is off the charts; there really are no words strong enough.

      • Indeed. If the Ukies “turtle up” as it is said, and force the Russians to try and grind them down, that would take a long time at a high cost.

        The problem from globohomo’s perspective is that every day that the war continues and Putler lives, is a demonstration of their failure.

        • it has not in the past. look at bakmut. they did exactly that and russian artillery crushed them in place.

  10. Does anyone find zelensky offensive in some way? Like he’s always dressing up like he’s going for a hike, not as a president. But it’s like we’re supposed to look at this guy and think he’s a degaulle or an Atlee of our time.

    But a lot of this feels Potemkin. Like why are celebrities given access to him?

    • The grunge look is part of the theater.

      It’s supposed to give the impression he’s taking valuable time away from the front lines to hold important meetings.

    • Offensive in some way? Zelensky is as offensive as it gets, beyond words that are adequate. Of course he dresses up like he’s going for a hike. Everything is a music video to him, like edgy mahhhhn! His entire life has been, for celebrity purposes only (his conception of it), developing and expressing an image of max edge and hip. Because of the reality of his life and who he ultimately is, “war and politics and stuff” is wearing the hippest and preferably most perceived-as cutting-edge avant garde clothing of the designers perceived as the pinnacle of hip at any given moment. This is why he dresses the way he does. I mean this is a guy with gay porn music videos as a main resume’ item, including one playing a piano with his penis. Because of his life and who he is, he simply does not know any differently, or any better.

      This also explains why he was a perfect choice for Globohomo as a puppet, no doubt by far the best available. A couple few months back when he was in congress and the congressthings literally behaved on all levels like “their youth” (star-struck teens at a concert), the video of Zelensky’s “concert” is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. I would bet the dried out old hags in there, ancient as they are, all got wet in the panties. This is governance? After this, I don’t know how anybody still doubts the former United States of America is literally former, completely dead and gone. Added to all that has happened for decades, this “happening” made it visceral that it’s already over.

      • Heh. His edgy, hip Che Guevara uniform.

        Lordy, no wonder these queens are killing of some of world’s most beautiful, Ukrainian women. Tranny hate knows no bounds.

      • Those aren’t your typical prole $3 Hanes T shirts. Those are $150 Louis Vuitton T shirts.

      • I shall never, ever forget the phrase, “sweaty and rat-faced” as applied by Tucker to Zelensky! It had the added bonus of triggering all the Semites seeking anti-Semitism on the internet. Win-win!

  11. Off topic, but WTF is going with Ed Dutton recently? I know he’s doing the paywall thing now, but the dude’s Tuesday free streams have been increasingly unlistenable this past six months. The guy is getting more and more prone to going off on long spastic rants and derails (even during the paid QA portion). It’s just embarrassing.

    • It is an interesting thesis, but a single-variant one. It doesn’t seem conclusively provable and it ignores other factors. There is something in there but not enough. I like him – a lot better than the person whose comparison I am about to make. But, Dutton is the DR’s version of Curtis Yarvin – an intelligent guy without enough to back it up. To be fair, Dutton is far more articulate and has a far better sense of humor. Still, the value of genetics to our side is in proving our identity and preventing the total renunciation of our claims on our lands by whoever rules us and is abrogating them.

      Even then, it isn’t enough. Past claims are important, but without the fortitude to assert and enforce current claims, they are meaningless. Once forfeited, they genetic information is only meaningful if someone tomorrow holds to them to assert and make good on them again someday.

    • Speaking of guys named Ed, Ed Dowd just dropped a new interview on Stansberry Research and even managed to get himself onto MSM outlet Sky News Australia to discuss excess death rates due to the thing that couldn’t possibly be causing them.

  12. The elements deciding U.S. war policy (not the DOD) do not care about winning the war, in the same way that the elements who funded both sides during WW2 were concerned with consolidating and expanding transnational wealth and power, not ‘winning’ anything.

    The purpose of the Ukraine war isn’t to win, but to continue weakening American power incrementally, as they are doing currently with devaluation of the dollar worldwide. They know de-industrialized America can’t ‘win’ a land war on the other side of the planet against a neighboring foreign power.

    The U.S. must be removed from the global chessboard before the Great Reset can be established fully. They gladly will sacrifice the money-laundering operation called ‘Ukraine’ — not to mention millions of lives — that the Glorious Plan may advance.

    • The U.S. is Globohomo. The idea that weakening the U.S. helps Globohomo is absurd. You must be listening to some watered down conservatives with that rediculous theory of yours.

      • Unless the US is already a vassal of Globohomo. In that case there is a reasonable chance that ray on is on to something.

        This is something I have been thinking about lately. Why would a loose collection of individuals with no real identity and no mass of people behind them dismantle their society and ethnically cleanse and replace their own people? They have no system that perpetuates themselves and leaves their empire to their posterity. Even so, their posterity could find themselves surrounded and outnumbered by hostile enemies.

        The creation of this neo-feudal order only makes sense if a highly organized group, with a very strong internal identity and a proven mechanism for transmitting their identity and their gains to their posterity and a perpetual home/safe base of operations free of hostiles exists. Who in the US fits that description? The descendents of the 19th century barons or other founding stock old wealth?

        • “Who in the US fits that description? The descendents of the 19th century barons or other founding stock old wealth?”

          Not to mention the obvious.

      • Hol’ up, burns. If the Banderistas are the sons of the men who fought the kommisars, then it would well serve Globohomo to trick them into getting killed- just as it would to trick the 2A Americans who would’ve risen up.

        The counter is that the Azovs were the men who worked for the kommisars; we have such ourselves. But it still makes sense to trick them too- either one might someday usurp the throne.

    • Agree 100% with ray; this is classic tactics of a determined minority, intent on suborning a majority that outguns them.

      • btb —

        A subset of American males — particularly veterans and other men with martial experience and intact gonads — ARE the chief impediment to luciferian/globalist ambitions (Great Reset, own nothing, eat the bugs you little fucks).

        Certainly AMERICA does not stand in the way of Globohomo. It is the very locus of the Hive.

        But American men, intransigent and feisty mofos like myself and others, terrify Globohomo, and even the spirits provoking and guiding Globohomo.

        The Hive never will consider itself safe and its agendas consolidated while, oh, say forty million really nasty and really determined U.S. men still exist, with freedom-of-movement and potential activation.

        Thus, America must be deleted or under martial law before Globohomo can finish the job.

  13. Another option is the Memory Hole – take 20 years of blood and treasure, create thousands of “Gold Star Mothers” – one being the mother of one of my friends that died there – and make like it never happened.

    Look at the massive success of the Korean War. When the Chinese decided enough was enough, they threw the Westerners out of the northern part of the country. Sure, success is defined as a permanent DMZ.


  14. I don’t think NATO has any plans to start sending troops in uniform, “voluntarily”. They are much more likely to turn this into a full blown terrorist operation, a la Zionists in the formation of Israel, South America, Afghanistan, Iraq, Afghanistan again, Syria, the list goes on. You see it with the drone attacks, the weird kamikaze mission with US equipment (that the government claimed had pictures too blurry to discern) the dam, the pipeline. This just seems to be the way they operate and the way they have operated for a long long time. It’s cheaper, easier in terms of PR, and for some reason they seem to get a thrill out of terrorizing the local population. The fact that a bunch of criminals fighting for their release from prison managed to defeat them in Bakhmut has only intensified this. Of course, the issue here, for them, is that Russia has already dealt with American terrorism successfully, in Syria, although they are surely keen to forget this and focus on when they did it unsuccessfuly, in Afghanistan.

    • NATO has already sent, largely from a few countries like Poland, a bunch of sheep-dipped “volunteers”, some of whom have already been killed in the disastrous offensive…The offensive features NATO trained soldiers who have been held out of battle before this, but good soldiers can’t remedy a suicidal plan….

  15. I think rather the CSIS writers believe whatever will benefit their major funding sources. Basically, the good ol’ military-industrial complex, and a few foreign powers that would love to see the U.S. tied up in multiple wars.
    For fiscal year 2013, CSIS had an operating revenue of US$32.3 million. The sources were 32% corporate, 29% foundation, 19% government, 9% individuals, 5% endowment, and 6% other. CSIS had operating expenses of $32.2 million for 2013—78% for programs, 16% for administration, and 6% for development.[34]

    In September 2014, The New York Times reported that the United Arab Emirates had donated a sum greater than $1 million to the organization. Additionally, CSIS has received an undisclosed amount of funding from Japan through the government-funded Japan External Trade Organization, as well as from Norway. After being contacted by the Times, CSIS released a list of foreign state donors, listing 13 governments including those of Germany and China.[35] The Center for Strategic and International Studies CSIS lists major funding from defense contractors such as Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, Raytheon Company and General Atomics.[36]

    Significant funding has come from the governments of the United States, Japan, Taiwan, and the United Arab Emirates.[37]

    • Yep…these reports are “made as instructed” products..deviation from the Narrative not allowed..

    • If one peruses the Wiki page for the organization, you find the usual suspects are always represented, in addition to the psychopathic neocons.

      It’s always the same assholes.

      • Anyhoo, kudos to Reziac for a great catch. Solid proof the “we got nukes and ain’t afraid to use then!” is propaganda meant for the Euro-American public, the barking of a mad dog.

        • I always figured Putin was the intended mark for the nuclear saber rattling. Kind of taking a page from the gipper there, since the Russians truly didn’t know whether he was bluffing or not (as shown by their declassified docs years later)

          Yet the fundamental question remains: What is the GAE to do when their Ukrainian adventure fails by conventional means? Shrug and say, oh well I guess we’re not the dominant empire anymore?

  16. “In this chapter, the West supplies Ukraine with nuclear weapons”

    What kind of bloodthirsty monster wants to give Nuclear weapons to Ukraine? In a better world, Mr Rubin would be in an insane asylum.

    From the beginning I’ve believed that if this escalated into nuclear war, it would be because our “leaders” would sleep walk us into nuclear war.

    Even if it didn’t escalate into strategic nuclear exchanges, it’s not likely to be a ‘one and done’ tactical exchange and probably wouldn’t even change the outcome of the war.

    • He is taken seriously by the American Enterprise Institute. Look at his other work, linked on the AEI site to get an idea of the madness.

      This business will get out of control and we will be lucky to live through it.

      • “This business will get out of control and we will be lucky to live through it.”

        Agreed but it has been out of control for some time. The sabotage of Nordstream II probably was the point of no return. We see how insane that was and our culture is. The rest of the world does as well, and unfortunately for human shields like us, some have nukes. These assclowns easily could make a false move let alone a real one to set the world afire. The debasement and degredation since the end of the Cold War has put all of us in danger.

  17. Of course these dicks are putting this crap out there for us to “find”, they’re trying to scare us.

    Scare us? Hell yes.
    Into submission? HELL NO

    • What’s interesting is the piece makes absolute sense inside the logic bubble that they’ve created. If someone only ever watched CNN they’d probably find themselves nodding along with it. I’m even doubting the author himself knows that it’s absolutely bat-sheet crazy insane.

      • As far as I can tell, according to their logic-bubble, nukes are absolutely unnecessary because Russia is about to collapse and become clownworld’s gas station. Mad Vlad will be indicted for crimes against humanity. All this gas from the gas station will be free because of reparations owed to the NATO allies.

    • If you want a good laugh, check Mr. Rubin’s twitter, there’s a link in his bio page from that AEI article. I looked at the replies to his “supply Ukraine with nukes” article and the memes are great:

      Dr. Strangelove

      Biden embracing Zelensky on the Titanic with a mushroom cloud in the background

      Le Happy Merchant

      Krusty the Clown making a balloon star of david

      Makes me realize twitter is probably what’s driving a lot of the animosity of the cloud people. Pre-internet, this Yale-educated goblin Jew was probably used to putting on his invisible clothes and strutting about DC only to hear endless compliments from fawning courtiers. Now he bequeaths his Talmudic wisdom upon the unwashed internet Goyim and they throw shit at him in response.

  18. 1. Russia is losing, badly. They outnumber Ukraine 100 to 1 and are losing AT LEAST 100 men to Ukraine’s 1.

    2. We need to help more. The is a great investment as it destroys a geopolitical rival and weakens China as well.

    3. We need to start the draft back up. Give the young something to bond over and something constructive to do.

  19. The parallels between between this offensive and Operation Zitadelle, the Wehrmacht’s July 1943 attack against the Kursk salient, are many. The Soviets had months to prepare their defenses and inflicted losses on the Germans that they couldn’t afford.

    Amazing that people are unable to learn from the past.

    • Made the same connection downthread.

      Much like in the corporate world, the decision has been made. Carry it out.

    • The Germans actually made impressive progress despite the fact the Soviets knew the attack was coming. With the top 3 Waffen SS divisions in the van – LSSAH/Totenkopf/Das Reich – they were well positioned to increase the gains. The attack was not stopped by the Soviets but rather AH in response to the Anglo-American landings in Italy.

      • The Germans managed to penetrate to the third defensive line in one sector of Kursk.

        The Ukes haven’t even touched the first defensive line.

        Comparing the current action to Kursk is unbelievably insulting to what the Wehrmacht achieved.

  20. It’s up to the French now. Particularly Macron, who from all recent speeches, wants an end to this. He needs to rise to the occasion, and give a rousing, “highly controversial” speech that pivots French foreign policy to say to the U.S. “what the hell are you doing here anyway? I think you’ve done enough yankee.” Unlike in 2003, both parties will be once again renaming “French fries” “freedom fries” or “Solidarity for democracy fries.”

    Whether Macron can get his African bodyguard’s penis out of his mouth and do this is questionable. His is a politician after all, a globalist one and without a shred of real leadership.

    • That prompted a search of Macron bodyguards. The guy does not like to have Frenchmen as his closest bodyguard does he? It seems his bodyguards also have a contempt for the French. Unreal.

    • France likely will initiate any peace settlement. Germany would like to do so but cannot directly and will allow Macron to take the lead.

      Add to your Banana Empire reaction list The Met refusing to perform “Carmen.”

    • Yeah. Maybe the hired help will arise and condemn their owners, take up the reins of power they’ve forgotten they have, and something something something.

      Maybe the French army will shoot the bastard.

  21. [Cross-posted from Moon of Alabama]

    I think the destruction of the Nova Kakhova Dam presents a much bigger problem for Russia than many here seem to realize. The fact of the matter is that there is no way to spin this that doesn’t make Russia look bad, because either Russia did it or they allowed it to happen. Now, I do not for a moment believe that Russia did it, but I really have to wonder why they weren’t more protective and alert. They have known for a long time that Ukraine had designs on the dam. They should have taken them more seriously.

    The strongest argument against Ukraine blowing up the dam is the fact that doing so would provide little to no military value, so why would they bother? The problem with this argument is that pretty much nothing Ukraine has done from the beginning has had any military value either, but they do it anyway. Whether it’s shelling Donetsk, or shelling the ZNPP, or pouring untrained recruits into the Bakhmut meatgrinder, or firing off 30 patriot missiles at a time and getting their patriot installation blown up, Ukraine’s actions all have a recognizable set of characteristics that absolutely must be paid attention to.

    1. Ukraine commits acts of terrorism against, civilians, civilian infrastructure, and its own people, and it uses Western weapons to do so.
    2. Ukraine does not fight for military objectives; it fights for reasons of international PR and domestic regime preservation.
    3. Once Ukraine has settled on an objective, it never changes its mind.

    Once you take these three things together, a very chilling picture emerges. The Nord Stream pipeline, the Kerch bridge, and the Kakhova dam were strikes one, two, and three. It needs to be “three strikes and you’re out,” because strike four means attacking the ZNPP. Russia absolutely cannot allow a strike four. Russia had better realize that it is dealing with a terrorist state next door which is not susceptible reason or even the ordinary means of military persuasion. All three of the other strikes depended on Western weapons and/or Western operational control to carry out, so it is reasonable to assume that Ukraine will continue to get all the aid it needs until strike four is accomplished. This has been the pattern all along.

    What can Russia do? Well, it would be a very fateful step to declare open war upon Western countries, which Russia is not yet prepared to take. And Russia cannot defend all its infrastructure at all times from terrorist attacks. It seems like only one choice remains: Russia must break the partnership by eliminating the cat’s paw. Nothing else will suffice other than the swift and total obliteration of the regime in Kiev. Zelensky and his generals must be swinging from lampposts before the week is out, their capitol destroyed, and a rifle butt put to the face of any Ukrainian who objects. Enough of this nonsense.

    Also, I agree with the commenters above who opined that a storm shadow missile could not have inflicted the damage on the dam. This was an underwater explosion, which means Western complicity, which means the West is responsible for direct acts of international terrorism. Our leaders are guilty of capital crimes and must be sent to a fitting punishment.

    • Standing ovation to that.

      (And if any dipstick says “Nuremberg,” I’ll shoot them myself.)

    • Our leaders will remain our leaders. Justice can only be administered by the victors in any conflict. Russia may win, but will not have the reach to administer justice to *our* war criminals. Hell, we can’t even vote them out of office. Best we can hope for is a cleanup of Ukrainian war criminals, and that will leave out those whom we grant sanctuary to. As usual, the people will suffer as they must, the elitists will do as they will.

    • Your analysis is lacking. Blowing the dam was/is of value to Ukraine. It precludes Russian attack from that vector and allows Ukraine to shift forces east to support its offensive. And it was done on Ukraine’s time table.

      Secondarily, it makes any Russian counter-attack toward Odessa similarly unlikely.

      To sum up, it shortens the Ukranian internal lines of communication & the defensive line of contact, allowing them to concentrate forces where and when they’d like before the Russians could counter.

      • Pansey Graham claimed Putin was in for a big surprise. For the first time in his life he may not have been lying.

      • The Russians had to move to the other bank of the river earlier in the war because of the threat that the dam could be destroyed. Their troops would have been cut off with no good options for resupply.

        A few days prior to the dam being destroyed the Ukrainians opened flood gates up river that caused very high levels of water in the reservoir above the dam. This of course added to the damage down river. Pretty safe bet that the Ukrainians blew up the dam.

  22. The point of today’s post is that the managerial elite have been seduced by their narrative to the point of not discerning or caring to discern the variance of their narrative from reality.

    But the elite may not be suicidal, nor can they be sure if or how they might survive the results of nuclear warfare and how that circumstance might involve the rest of the world.

    It may be enough to declare victory at some point and go warmongering elsewhere. My own little narrative holds that the leadership of today’s Soviet-lite America and the CCP understand each other and are planning for the American branch of the elite to play the role of the Bosnian Muslims following the Ottoman takeover of the Dalmation coast in the fifteenth century, pan-Asian colonization of North America with the “native” elite managing local affairs.

    • Yes. That is my best guess as well. I think the Amer-European satraps will be vassals of a certain “Western” democracy that holds all of the data and guards the global panopticon’s server and storage farms.

    • Putin and Xi, watching Man In The High Castle series together, nodding and winking with big grins on their faces!

      • **(bursting into outright laughter when the Noble Jevvish Guy goes all Revolutionary Patriot)

    • Declaring victory and leaving to warmonger elsewhere was fine back when GAE was picking fights with goatherders and rice paddy farmers. The problem now is that Russian cooperation is required to do that.

  23. The reality is the US cannot fight any peer-to-peer war. It’s been eighty years since we’ve encountered a peer. Colonial-style campaigns, along with their make-believe victories, have taken their toll and our moronic elites are just damned lucky Putin is in power.

    • Even then (WW2) Japan had a million men tied up in China (their Russian Front) and the bulk of fighting and dying in Europe was being done by the Russians. I don’t know that we could have beaten either Germany or Japan one-on-one.

      • Japan “we” could/would have because it was primarily a naval war, secondarily an air war, and tertiarily a land war, making those million troops in China not all that relevant. GAE had an overwhelming naval and air advantage by 1944, which Japan never could have matched even had they redirected their resources toward that.

        It’s more questionable if GAE ever could have defeated Germany absent an eastern front. I guess nukes would have eventually turned the trick there.

        • Sudden chill up the spine…I think the Fat Boys were supposed to be dropped on Germany first, a la Dresden.

    • Correct. But why is this? Leaving the poz’d (fat, lazy, stupid, minority, etc) people explanation aside, WWII came about when America was the largest industrial power on the planet! We had more *idle* industrial capacity at hand (due to Depression) than the combine war industrial capacity of the Axis Powers! It was only a matter of time and the end was predictable.

      Today, we have a reversal of those conditions, people and economy, which has always been the deciding factor in war. We are toast if we go head to head with any great economic power. The saving Grace would only be that no other power wants to occupy the USA or spend excessive resources teaching us a lesson if avoidable.

  24. “Western leaders have become immune to reality”

    That’s been the danger from the start. The puppets in elected positions are stupid as well as psychotic. The MIC is greedy and delusional. The ones who actually call the shots are the same. One false move and they may light the world afire. If nuclear weapons have indeed been sent to Ukraine or that is the plan–and I hope that’s not true but would be hardly surprised–that’s one hell of a giant step in that direction.

    I always thought there was grave danger of nuclear war, but it seems probable now. There will be no opportunity to hang these monsters since everyone will die or wish they had died if this plays out. The Bronze Age Death Cult never should have been allowed to get us into this position, but here we are. There was nothing we could have done in such a sick society to stop it.

    The only two conclusions that can be drawn are either these types are so divorced from reality they cannot envision their own deaths, or they don’t care if they die. It may be some combination of the two. Regardless, this may be game, set, match for our people.

    • Z: “the power of narrative… Disconfirmation is always met with an organized effort to force the contrary information onto the narrative. Western leaders have become immune to reality… Reality is no match for a good story. Western managerial elites have evolved to the point where they now live in a world of their own creation.”

      Our fundamental problem here is neuro-psychiatric.

      The Insula-dominant Amygdala-submissive White sh!tlib personality type [unitardian, quaker, wesleyan, jesuitical, etc] is utterly beholden to Narratives, Fantasy, Mesmerization, and Hypnotization.

      For any amongst us who havn’t read it yet, you simply must familiarize yourselves with the epic 2013 neuro-radiological imaging study:

      Red Brain, Blue Brain: Evaluative Processes Differ in Democrats and Republicans
      February 13, 2013

      The White sh!tlib psyche is literal psychological putty in the hands of the Bronze Age Death Cultists.

      [“Dredel Dredel Dredel, I made you out of clay; Dredel Dredel Dredel, and with you I shall play…”]

      White sh!tlibbery is an existential Darwinian flaw which must not be allowed to drive into extinction those of us Whites with properly functioning [Amygdala-driven] Common Sense.

      So we have to fight our way through two enemies: Our hypnotized White brothers & sisters, and the Bronze Age Death Cult which induced the hypnotization in the first place, and which very carefully [over the course of about a century] selected the hypnotizable to function as the psychological eunuchs of the Deep State.

      • Joophilia is very strong, and overt, in Conservative, Evangelical situations and people.

        • The evangelicals were our Esthers, the Aryan girl pimped out to kings in the Purim story.

          I’d blame them for taking Satan’s candy- “bless [the Antichrist], you will prosper, you will live forever in a paradise! Loved, healthy, young, rich beyond dreams!”

          But! Misled, hopeful, merciful, how could they know? I fell for the Big Lies told to us Boomers too, wanting the best, so who am I to point fingers?

          Even worse, the poison pill is buried in a great truth- that Heaven is real.

          That’s why we fell for the false candy that the J*** cannot deliver, not even by kidnapping the Nazarene, or rewriting the story of His true ancestors.

          The Bronze Age Cult revisionists are trans–they want the real thing so badly, they thought if they pretended hard enough, they could become it themselves.

      • I agree with your identification of our two big problems to solve. The question is, which problem to try to solve first? Often the order of operations makes a difference.

        Most people think that the difficulty of the second problem dictates that we must try to fight the liberal whites first.

        Me, I don’t see how we can deprogram the salvageable white people until we do something about the programmers.

  25. Trudeau announced another 500M in aid for Ukraine. If he just gave every Canadian $10 the money would be better spent.

    We still have like 560,000 more Ukrainian refugees to import. All the brown men he also imported need white women, as access to white people is a human right.

    Getting sick of this Ukraine scam. Ukrainians are easily brainwashed by the left wing agenda too, they are eager to compensate for their “backwards” country by adopting the most globalist positions, like all the smart Western people do.

    • We could look on the bright side, that Ukrainian refugees are coming. I hear the Ukie girls don’t want them no soul brother

      • There’s already a shortage of white men who aren’t addicted to drugs/aren’t total losers.

        We don’t need surplus white women at this time unless it’s to breed with non-whites.

        Contrary to incel’s/sexpat beliefs, white women are great and Asian women suck, those men are just losers with no game. Having more foreign Ukrainian women won’t help them.

        • Bringing the prizes for our immigrant occupation troops, are they?

          Well, I say we fight to grab them first.

  26. The southern district the Ukes are throwing themselves against is also the one most heavily fortified by the Russians.

    Both sides have watched for months as the Russians built up their defenses–yet, the Ukes’ worst option is also their only option. They must try and break through those lines. Why?

    Crimea. They must retake Crimea in a Hail Mary pass, to cut off the Black Sea fleet. This is the only gamble of Ukrainian victory before the Ukes run out of men and supplies.

    • Our DOD has already drawn up proposals for contractors to bring Sebastopol up to USN base standards. Our elites are insane, they’ve gone through their lives never being told no and never facing consequences from their bad behavior and stupid mistakes.

  27. The Germans tried to call the war off at the end of 1916, but, certain people who were intent on acquiring an attractive Mediterranean beachfront property, put the kibosh on it.

    • Secondly, the First World War could not end until a certain military organisation had achieved their wartime strategic objectives.

      This proxy war in Ukraine is no different.

      • “certain people who were intent on acquiring an attractive Mediterranean beachfront property, put the kibosh on it”

        What do we know about Malta?

        My impression is that the Bronze Age Death Cult is [secretly, surreptitiously] very powerful in Malta.

        But it’s just a hunch.

        • It’s weird how in all the Scorcese/Coppola type mobster movies I’ve watched, which revolve around Sicilians, there are always some prominent hebrew participants. Which is even more notable by the absence of any Anglos, Germans, Slavs, etc.

          • Read the history of the outfit in the US 20th century. There were probably more of a certain ethnicity invovled than Sicilians. Certainly more of the bosses were not from Sicily and very few of them ever went to prison and most died as respected members of the community.

          • When people of the tribe do crypsis they often choose to impersonate Italians.

            Henry Winkler played Fonzi.

            Jason Alexander (“Greenspan”) played George Costanza.

  28. Now, the Neo-conservative end of the Cloud People Club have evidently bribed the government of Moldova, and are wanting to open up a Southern theatre of their proxy war. There’s a place called Transnistria that broke off of Moldova for all the right reasons; i.e., persecution of a Russian minority, and Moldova wants it back. Transnistria is also home to the biggest arms dump in Europe, and the Russians there absolutely despise Romanians. It would also be a good place for the Neos to put on a show, especially for those who don’t believe their narratives.

    Of course, many people there are already screaming about not wanting their communities all blown up, but that doesn’t seem to matter. This could get real interesting.

    By getting interesting, you know anything at this point could take a literal wrong turn to World War III. Just remember, one time a car driver took a wrong turn, and the events that came out of that mistake resulted in, 4 years later, over 20,000,000 being dead.

    This show still has a lot of life left in it, and it won’t be Ukrainian much longer, as so many of them are already dead.

    • Reminds me of WW2 when a 19 year old woman beat a seasoned general in naval war games. He was so myopic in his thinking he had no conception of how the enemy thought and how they would react.

      The general in this instance ate his humble pie and changed tactics dramatically. Our current leaders will do no such thing.

      • They always prepare and fight the last war. This is true throughout history
        No visionaries make it to the upper echelon. A good example is Billy Mitchell.
        The most modern land based armor is as obsolete as the dreadnought. What do you think the American public will do when the first carrier battle group is harpooned. Imo even the best coordinated combined force would likely be stopped.
        These poor bastard ukes are lab rats and will be annihilated in this experiment. The arrogant neocons calling the shots cannot imagine or accept the obvious inevitable outcome. I think Z is right to be alarmed.
        I feel we will get and deserve what is coming evil noecon filth degenerates in charge.will bring it.


  29. There are some points of order:

    The US military is busy purging itself of war fighters, warriors and tacticians and replacing them with perverts and vibrants. They can no longer recruit new talent or retain the older experienced personnel to train them. America will never win another war anywhere as long as this remains the case.

    Western Europe is on the ropes. If you think the American economy is bad…Germany just de-industrialized itself. Britain and Fwance are racing to be next. TIn addition they have nothing left to give the Kraine.

    Finally, political stability in the west is eroding. Joe Biden, Justin Turdo, Macron, that fuggin pakie PM in Britain…these guys can only maintain power by attacking and undermining their local enemies within their own countries. Joe Biden is hated in over half the country. Turdo La Doo is hated and loathed by 2/3 of Canada. The Globohomo grip on power and to create narratives is slipping.

    It’s entirely possible this is the straw that breaks Globohomo’s back. Regardless…the current western order is almost finished.

    • Hold up, hot rod. “…these guys can only maintain power by attacking and undermining their local enemies within their own countries.”

      The Pride surge is to drive out the last patriots in the military.
      Everybody can see the recruitment of those convenient border crashers.

      The entire graduating police academy classes of Los Angeles have been Latino.
      Illinois has passed legislation to deputize and arm immigrants while shutting down 2A Americans.

      I imagine Turdo and the other vassals are all up to the same hijinks.

      Big Men on the corner, gang rule on the streets, checkpoints at every frig and Ring doorbell.
      Poisoning the rural to drive them into smart cities as broke, desperate internal refugees.

      Either a Kerensky moment (Russia’s 8 months of democracy before Lenin) or
      Warlord Period coming soon?

      Or can we count on the crazies being somewhat benevolent as they have so far, keeping the Target stores open and the Internet on?

  30. The US military has been immune to reality since Korea, and every conflict since including the Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan in addition to some minor wars in Somalia, Yemen, and Libya.

    Now it seems the US military can’t even win a war they’re not actually fighting.

    • This is about right. The GAE wanted to transition to proxy wars since it can no longer win directly. That decision is putting us all in grave danger since it appears a nuclear holocaust is preferable to them than having their utter impotence exposed.

    • The homeowner says that he “supports Amazon taking measures to support the safety of their drivers”. Their safety from mean words? Apart from giving money and control over his life to a company that hates him, he has a strong case of Stockholm Syndrome.

  31. The contempt and derision of conscripted soldiers is a modern phenomenon.

    The US conscripted 10 million (out of 16 million total who served, or were forced to serve) in WWII.

    All, we are told, are equally heroic, noble, and brave. Forgotten is that the majority of US men had no interest in dying horrifically to serve FDR’s dream of Empire.

    Drafted Americans = Heroes. Drafted Russians = morons and criminals.

    When the US runs out of wonder weapons (I see depleted Uranium rounds are officially next on the menu), all that’s left will be masses of bodies to throw at Russia and China.

    Wonder if they’ll have the stones to reinstitute the draft and waive basic fitness standards for this pointless war?

    • Depleted uranium?

      We already have lunatics at AEI writing op-eds about handing tac nukes to Ukraine.

      • Michael Rubin? Wasn’t his great-great the captain of the Mayflower?

        Side note: what does the American Revolution have to do with “Owusu Anane” after all?

        (Who’s taking down the Revolutionay hero Shuyler’s statue in Albany.)

    • Soldiers in the field fight for each other. Noble intentions and patriotic screed not to the contrary. A conscript adjusts to the new situation, or he perishes quickly in the field.

  32. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality” – Karl Rove on W’s foreign policy.

    So it would be okay if they just ignored reality, or spun narratives that the plebes will conflate with reality. But they think they can actually create reality. This is the essence of the problem.

    That quibble aside, I completely agree with Zman that these lunatics are perfectly capable of watching mushroom clouds through VR headsets. Why not? They have already killed so many all over the globe. We are all just so many ants to them.

  33. The terrifying narrative:
    The beautiful people wearing the new Apple VR perfectly happy in their world while in the actual reality the world has mushroom clouds over our cities.

    We really do live in the world of media narratives.

  34. The only adults in the room are the Russians, who are deliberately slow-rolling their war efforts in order to keep Brandon from pushing the button. Will our fag military command refuse this order? No one knows. This reminds me of a scene from Blazing Saddles where the negro sheriff holds a gun to his own head and threatens to shoot if the pitchfork mob doesn’t back down. God help us.

    We now know that Ukraine oligarchs gave Brandon two $5 million bribes and kept bank records to prove it. When Ukraine loses, those chickens come home to roost and not even the corrupt Stasi can save him. That is Brandon’s incentive for going nuke crazy. So yes, the probability of a nuclear escalation is non trivial anymore. Go VOTE-HARDER, that’ll fix it. Guaranteed!

    How far we have fallen.

    • We know some in the ruling class are getting feelers out for an exit button because they are talking about this openly. With Newsom now trying to make a splash with his gun control amendment, we may see a DeSantis/Newsom matchup.

      My only hope is the fix is so obvious anyone ever getting excited about a new election gets the same level of mockery as pro wrestling fans.

  35. I’m genuinely afraid of what’s going to happen when the truth comes out that all these weapons of war the GAE has constructed are actually just white elephants.

    Overly designed monsters that exist to raise profits of the MIT, and are in practice ineffective against an enemy that can actually shoot back.

    They will not learn, naturally. Smart money will be they act like a drunken husband who just got fired on the job. Takes it out on the dog.

    We are the wife.

    • *Takes it out on the wife, but dogs work too.

      Related, anyone got bestiality on their bingo card for new thing? Before or after pedophilia, I’m taking bets!

      • Lol. Yep I always thought that was a toss up but it’s looking like pedo is ahead.
        So then animals?
        I can’t imagine what might be next.

        • The only thing you need know is that there are absolutley no limits to their derangement and depravity. None whatsoever.

    • The GAE MSM will never permit normies to learn that truth.

      GAE normies will learn that truth when their complementary deliveries of canned sunshine arrive.

  36. “Western leaders have become immune to reality, so they embrace narratives produced by people with their own interests. The neocons want to blow up the world. The military industrial complex wants to keep selling expensive weapons. The Ukrainian dictator needs the war to keep going in order to avoid assassination. Everyone involved has a reason to believe the narrative over their lying eyes, so reality remains on the sidelines.”

    The only ones who matter are the US military contractors. The rest are butt boys, errand boys, court jesters. Unless you think that Biden, Scholz, Macron, and Stoltenberg are leaders rather than spineless and mindless catamites. Zelensky is a butt boy who takes orders from the other butt boys. The neocons likewise take their orders from the military contractors. The US is now a permanent war state.

    To use the words of Taleb, none of these scumbags have their own skin in the game. That’s why they’re divorced from reality. When your life is at stake you become realistic. Otherwise you play space invaders on a computer terminal.

    In all of this there is one constant: Putin will not budge. Behind Putin, the Chinese will not budge.

    • From the beginning I have been rooting for the Russians to win. Not because they are right, but because it’s none of our damn business. The US could have negotiated a settlement that would have placated Putin, but the US doesn’t do diplomacy any more. It does lecturing and meddling. I want the Russians to win to teach the bastards running the US a good hard lesson in reality: Negotiation is better than war. Lecturing and scolding about the perverted morality of the West won’t affect the outcome on the battlefield. And lastly, its none of our damn business.

    • “The only ones who matter are the US military contractors.”

      Do you think Michael Rubin, the author of the AEI that Z Man linked to, is only concerned with getting money from the US military contractors?

      Perhaps Michael Rubin is more than just a profit-maximizing robot and has other strong motivations.

  37. The war in Ukraine is looking more like the Eastern Front of WW2, and we all know who won that war. A lot of people don’t know that Romania, Hungary and Italy sent Armies to the Eastern Front. Spain, Croatia and Slovakia sent Divisions. Add to that all the foreign legions and pretty much all of Europe was involved against the USSR. There are many quotes about people who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it. The people who made those quotes obviously didn’t understand the sick mind of the neocon.

    • Based on the information Z has included in his post:

      – Multiple Russian Defensive Lines
      – Armored attacks caught in minefields
      – Accurate military intelligence on the situation on the ground available for review
      – Ignoring the intelligence and pressing forward with the operation
      – Delays in launching the offensive allowing for strengthened defensive positions to be created
      – Leadership ignoring the situation on the ground

      It appears nobody in the West took a look at history:

      Granted, the numbers of troops and equipment were exponentially higher in the past, but seriously, did no one take a look at the maps and see ominous signs here?

      • It really is incredible. The big difference is you can see how the Germans would not know that the Russians were prepared for their attack, given the technology of the time. There is no excuse for the West to not know what would happen if the Ukrainians made an assault on the Russian lines.

        • Escalation is the only reason that makes any sense. The Ukrainian “sacrifice” will justify using NATO troops to “save” Ukraine. After that, we’re f**ed.

          The AEI nuke proposal might be the most frightening policy ever contemplated. I can only hope it’s being floated to make other options sound less insane.

          Because narrative has taken the place of religion in the minds of our institutional elites, I do not think they can conceive of losing in what they believe to be a righteous cause, or even being wrong. They will annihilate us all rather than admit even the slightest moral or intellectual failure.

        • It appears to be the conceit of “Our enemy cannot read a map and determine where we will strike. And if he can, we’ll just wipe the floor with him.”

          The German problem was they DID perform aerial reconnaissance and found out lo and behold the Russians WERE fortifying the area within the Kursk salient.

          As if a Russian general of middling ability couldn’t read a map and see a big bulge in the front lines and think “Gee, that salient looks ripe for a pincers movement to cut it off and surround it. We ought to reinforce it.”

          I see bad parallels (although as they say, history don’t repeat but sometimes it rhymes, tragedy and farce and all that) between today and 80 years ago. The worst one being the decision has been made and we will carry it out, regardless of the outcome.

    • Exactly that. From the very start of the ‘Special Military Operation’, I’ve been experiencing a disquieting sense of déjà vu from the narratives coming out of the collective West. The shock and awe sanctions came with a paraphrase of the Hitler quote. By now we’re up to the ‘one final push’ sold to Wehrmacht soldiers in the lead-up to Kursk. The sequence of these claims has been uncannily eerie.

  38. In every institution I have contact with I see the narrative phenomenon. I have witnessed how the upper echelons always mete out destruction and demoralization below but never smell the smoke in their citadels. Feel the pain of it? Ha! You feel pain from my benevolence? Good. I merely identified more person in whom evil must be eradicated – and if you won’t self-eradicate it, you will be banished and eradicated!

    I’ve also seen, every single time, that there is the same underlying narrative that they internalized when they began to rebel in adolescence.

    “The good guys always win in the end and the West is always the good guys. After all, the lesson of history is that the good guys always win.”

    Except that the underlying narrative is that the West and Westernkind are evil. Yes, they are the good guys. But, The West and its people are evil, and evil must be destroyed.

    So, it all makes sense. You have to say, they are doing a remarkably good job of sticking to the most fundamental, underlying narrative and following it to its logical conclusion.

    In another time they would live much closer to the people and would not be able to escape the people’s essential remedy to madness that threatens survival. When duty is abandoned and power inverts everything, the power to remain convinced must be removed from the vested by removing the vested – permanently.

    It is not clear that is an option in modernity. The sheer numbers of the inverters is too great, they are mostly anonymous and very remote and they are widely dispersed. Still, it is all underwritten by a few highly centralized sources of funding. Take away the money and it all falls apart.

  39. The neocons haven’t been able to kill enough of their ethnic enemies, the Russians, so sending more Ukrainians to their deaths will have to do. If the intel is as good as they say it is, they know the outcome and do it anyway.

    On nukes: Rubin. Irish?

    • They probably hate Ukranians even more than Russians, having starved an estimated 7-10 million of them to death in the Holodomor. It could be a win for them whichever way it goes.


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