Social Justice

Whenever I do a show on the new religion, I am struck by the stupidity of the claims made by these people, but also the radicalism of it. The people pushing this stuff are not just attacking the Western idea of individual rights. They are attacking the notion that you are an individual with some control over your life. Essential to the social justice cause is the assertion that you are a product of social forces.

Because your protestations against the various social pogroms that come out of the new religion are the result of your conditioning, the social justice warrior sees your resistance as proof of her claims. The more you try to explain why you do not want to submit to the new rules, the more certain she is that she is right. It is why these people are always on the attack. They need the feedback.

Ideologies, like religions, usually fall into two main camps. One camp is world-affirming and one is world-denying. The former accepts the reality of the human condition, while the latter assumes the human condition can be transcended. Folk religions seek help from the gods for practical things like a good harvest. Universal religions promise relief from suffering in the next life.

The new religion is a strange combination of these two main ideas. It starts with the unfairness and inequity of this world. The fight for social justice does not expressly promise salvation or relief from suffering, but the implication is that at some point in the future we attain social justice. On the other hand, it also seems to expect tangible benefits in the present if certain rituals are followed.

In practice the new religion promises the believers liberations from whatever it is they think is oppressing them. The blacks will be free of whiteness. The xirls will be free of the pale penis people. The fat will be liberated from gravity. This desire for liberation from some aspect of the present reality lacks specificity, which suggests it is a destination that lies outside the realm of material existence.

Integral to these claims is the blatant cries for vengeance. The attacks on white people, for example, are purely based in racial vengeance. Whether it is black teens attacking white people on the streets or the system being corrupted to exact vengeance on white people in official settings like a courtroom, the whole purpose is to get some payback in the here and now, not after the revolution.

Of course, much of what all of this depends upon is the mediocrity of the people embracing the social justice religion. Modern technological society has been difficult on the sorts of people bourgeoise society produces in abundance, which is the credentialed mediocrity. These are the people who think they are smart, but struggle with the complexity of modern life.

The new religion offers them refuge. They have to learn a bunch of esoteric insider language and concepts, which reinforces their belief in their own intelligence, but this is not math, so the right answer is a matter of perspective. Everyone gets their own truth and the sense they had to possess special qualities in order to gain it. Social justice is an ideal religion for alienated bourgeoise females.

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This Week’s Show


  • The Question Weapon
  • What Is Social Justice?
  • What Is Equitable?
  • What Is Privilege?
  • Main Principles of Social Justice
  • How Does This End?

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149 thoughts on “Social Justice

  1. Question for the class.

    With regards to Prigozhin, what takes precedent, in his mind; his nationality, or the tiny hat?

    Makes wonder why he wasn’t dealt with more harshly. He’s still on the board to cause havoc later.

    • Prigozhin and the Wagners who were with him should be grateful that Putin is a thinking man. He did not wish a public bloodbath for the Wagners. So he made Prigozhin an offer he couldn’t refuse.

      • This is exactly my thought on the matter. Putin can’t risk a civil conflict or further escalation. Plus, I do believe Wagner could have made a serious run to Moscow and humiliated Russia.

        • No way for Wagner to get to Moscow without the Russian military’s acquiescence. Which it appeared to have, up to the point things reached. There was no significant action taken against it. Whether that acquiescence was the result of orders from above or sentiment from below is the unanswered question. My guess is probably the former, but how far above?

    • The hat does confer an obligation to do certain suicidal things, but I think in this case he just mixed the wrong pills with his vodka and had a sustained blackout. In his coup vlogs he seemed seriously smashed. Pitching a coup was prominent in the automatic remnant of his mind because he’s been given that order/offer by America et al., partly in “fellow hat” terms. But he hurried, like a [vulgar analogy to another thing drunk guys rush and fail to do].

      • My jaw dropped today when I read Prigozhin’s Early Life.

        I never in a million years would have imagined that Putin [?!?!? whoever the he11 Putin proves to have been ?!?!?] would allow an Early Life to be in charge of its own private army, consisting of non-Geneva-Convention’ed roving murderers.

        It never even dawned on me to check Prigozhin’s Early Life.

        WTF is going on here?

        Was this entire mess in Ukraine/Khazaria staged by the likes of a Mel Brooks, for the viewing pleasure of the Early Lives which drink the Mai-Tais on the beach at Tel Aviv?

        What is the purpose of this?

        To simply laugh at us?

        To siphon off several hundred billion dollars from the Pentagon?

        To shove our faces in swine manure for all eternity?

        WTF is happening?!?!?

        • Sigh. It’s hard for haters of (((early lives))) to admit, but Putin has a lot of personal friends among the Jews. His fav teachers and dzu do coach have had (early lives))).
          According to Larry Johnson of
          the “coup” was a combined performance of Putin and Prigozhin. The supposed coup started in Voronezh and Rostov which are over 1000km from Moscow but only couple of hundred km from Kharkov, the largest Russian speaking city in Ukraine.
          Russia had a chance to move the troops to these large cities without arousing Ukrainian suspicions.
          Also Kim Dotcom notices that Prigozhin and his troops are now in Belarus in close proximity to Kiev.

          • Over at PA World & Times this morning, the rumor is that the CIA had offered Prigozhin 5 billion dollars to attack Moscow, but that Putin & Prigohzin then settled on a deal wherein each of them would siphon off 1 billion, and the remaining 3 billion would be dispersed to the Wagner mµrder3rs, at about $50,000 per Wagnerian.

            [50K times 60K equals 3B.]

            PS: How cynical must the j00z be, to invoke the name of Richard Wagner in this mess?

            Wikipedia: “In 2021, the Foreign Policy report noted the origin of the name “Wagner” to be unknown. Others say the group’s name comes from Utkin’s own call sign “Wagner”, reportedly after the German composer Richard Wagner, which Utkin is said to have chosen due to his passion for the Third Reich (Wagner being Adolf Hitler’s favorite composer).”




          • Most likely Prigozhin is a U.S./NATO/Cabal asset. The cabal actually had deluded themselves into believing that Russia was on the verge of a civil war anyway and all they had to do was activate their Agent in charge of the Wagners. Notice the attempted coup happened as Ukraine is becoming more desperate.

            In their fantasy world by the time the Wagners got to Moscow at least half the country would be with them to include most of the military.

            What a stunning surprise for the neocons to find out that their little color revolution never had a chance.

            The bad thing to contemplate is what do they do now? A nuclear false flag? They are capable of anything.

          • Yeah, I read Sonar, but too many there seem to idealize Russia’s performance in this war, everything that is a Russian mistake goes through mental gymnastics to become “3D Chess”. For the record, I do believe Russia is winning, but they have made major mistakes, too.
            As to the Prigozhin, to believe that this was some huge misdirection takes a huge leap in logic. What’s more likely? Some grand 3d chess, or the following:
            Prigozhin had never been in a sustained, urban warzone until now (Utkin was probably the more ‘in the trenches guy). He probably had some enemies, including Shoigu, that did screw him over at times (classic factionalism). No doubt the stress was affecting him. Further, consider how likely he is now idolized in Wagner by the troops. This guy is a charismatic billionaire fighting the fight with them, as opposed to some geezer bum in the MoD (from their perspective) 2000 miles away. I believe it was reasonable to view that he became a bit of a classic warlord, and what do warlords do? I think the stuff with the contracts was the final straw, and he exhibited the classic paranoia of extended battlefield exhaustion. I think he was planning this for a bit, but in a sloppy manner. It was a not a coup against Putin, but he was coming for his enemies. The contract with the MoD must have seemed the largest FU to him of all, especially considering the negotiation was with Putin on behalf of the very Ministry that he believed had been trying to screw him over – the ultimate betrayal.
            To imagine this was 3d chess is a bit too much. Russia moved nukes to Belarus – what, are they suddenly a bashful dame that doesn’t want to move more troops there as well?
            I think Lukashenko acted as a calming presence, and successfully appealed to Prigozhin.
            Look, I don’t believe the media, and I don’t claim to know what is going on. But, unless Russia suddenly struck based on a momentary confusion of NATO caused by this, this is nonsense. It is not as if NATO stopped watching troops for 24 hrs as this unfurled and are now scrambling to turn back on the satellites.
            This also explains the pardon: Russia cannot afford sudden civil strife. Putin’s a pragmatist – and Moscow might very well have been taken. I don’t think this would have toppled Russian government, but it would have decimated morale and the war effort. And let us not forget that oligarchs still abound that have not forgotten when he humiliated them and made them sign that paper on camera. And not just the ones in Britain. Plenty are still in Russia. I am sure Putin is aware that knives are always seeking his back.

          • Yes, I’m sure it’s complicated when you really dig into it all which I freely admit I haven’t. I just saw the news about the apparent back-stabbing double cross and thought “I bet you a nickel….” and sure enough, pattern reenforced yet again. It would be hilarious though if it was all an elaborate ruse to dupe the Kagan Kult maniacs.

      • Yes. I am sure Nuland and company were shocked to discover that the coup did not catch on quite like they had hoped. Putin did not desire a public bloodbath for the Wagners so he made Prigozhin an offer he couldn’t refuse.

  2. Just finished listening. Went to Starbucks today to have an iced coffee with my lunch and they had their gay flags out with slogans about how included and welcome we all are, while the Gen Z employees refuse to make eye contact and the chairs are deliberately engineered to be uncomfortable so you’ll leave sooner.

    To tie up Z’s podcast, really what we see here with Social Justice is a recurring form of human organization: the cult. The cult sells itself on claiming to have a recipe for utopia, superficially offers endless platitudes about how everyone is welcome and equal, casts all outside the cult as pure evil, erodes the concept of personal property, rights, and even thoughts, loyalty tests adherents by making them believe in and profess nonsensical ideas, dominates the adherents’ social lives, and finally acts as an avenue of social advancement for sociopaths via parroting the nonsense louder than everyone else.

    If it’s a small group it’s a cult, a large group is an active religion (as opposed to an inactive one, think bible thumpers in the South versus say a cathedral in Norway), and if it’s the whole society then it’s a totalitarian state. Same behaviors, same bullshit, same tendency for evil fat women to end up as middle management.

    • What the hell were you doing in a Starbucks, Ploppy? Lousy coffee isn’t all that scarce.

      • I wanted lunch at the Thai place but I don’t like sitting at the Thai place because it’s like a cafeteria in a Korean supermarket and it’s full of Asians and fluorescent lights. So there’s a Starbucks nearby where I used to go and eat the lunch with an iced coffee before the world ended with covid, and I thought I’d try it out again. Unfortunately the Starbucks employees are now much more rude and pink-haired and they’ve made the chairs so bad you can’t sit in them to stop blacks from doing another civil rights in their store.

        These days I normally go to the bikini girls coffee shop for my overpriced iced coffee. Sadly the only girl there that’s genuine friendly instead of fake stripper friendly is the one that looks way too young to be working there and in my old age of 39 I now feel like telling her to put some clothes on.

        Problem is the bikini place is one of those drive-in/walk up kiosk deals with no seating. And all the other independent coffee places nearby with seating are those yuppie “coffee sourced from sustainable African rhinoceros turds” $12 a drink deals, and the employees there the same annoying woke lisping trannies as the Starbucks workers.

        I can make my own food, and brew my own coffee, and sit in my yard, but then I lose the whole point of the exercise which was to “go out and do something”. It’s the little things that make you realize that society has crumbled.

        • When GD 2.0 comes, the only one of those coffee shops I’d bet on surviving is the bikini place

          • The business model is ingenious really. They’re only paying rent on a patch of parking lot, and get all the horny middle-aged men in pickup trucks’ patronage.

        • As I recall Ploppy, you’re somewhere near Portland like me. I’ve tried to “get back out there” since the Coof but I struggle with the fact that I never much cared for the people here before and they seem to be suffering from some weird form of Coof induced autism now that makes them, as you say, even more rude and pink-haired than before. Last night the wife and I went out for “date night”. She had a coupon so we tried out what turned out to be this nasty little smoothie place in a mall. The music was some obnoxious British girl rapper of the type that appeals to American hiptrash and was way too loud. The place was decked out in pride paraphernalia including an offensive “American” flag where the stripes were all the colors of the degenerate rainbow. I tried to get through it but just had to leave before we spent any money.

          It really bother me that there doesn’t seem to be much of a society left to engage with here. The people seem permanently damaged.

          • Pozymandias: “The people seem permanently damaged.”

            I’ve been seeing it everywhere in sh!tlibopolis.

            HOWEVER, if you drive ten or fifteen minutes out into the countryside, then many of the rednecks are still real people.

            Sh!tlibopolis, though – SMDHing – Sh!tlibopolis is like something out of a George Romero movie.

            Or that “Wrinkle in Time” book, where all the autistic children bounce their balls to the same metronome.

          • If I had to guess, it would be that around Portland the shitlibs have taken to regarding anyone without a visible display of shitlibbery as a likely secret Hitler. So if you don’t have bright hair-dye, goofy glasses, or those earlobe stretchers they’ll be rude and the fags/trannies will be overly friendly as a challenge to try and provoke you into saying something.

          • I used to enjoy being out among “the people.” No more. Nowadays it’s an exercise in masochism.

          • miforest: “it’s the Vax. i can tell the vaxed from the unvaxed just by talking to them.”

            Suburban_elk has a theory which holds that you can tell the v@xxed just by LOOKING at them; especially by looking at the quality of their skin.

            He says that the v@xxed all now have peeling or blistering or blotchy skin.

    • Starcrud, litmus test for shitlibs. If you ate not one, you spit it out immediately and never return. Plus, look around at the patrons.

      Just look.

      • They didn’t have any customers. Six employees working though.

        After the two young scholars incident they actually remodeled all of their stores to discourage people from dining in: uncomfortable chairs, tables designed to wobble like crazy, the interior decor metallic and uninviting, and constantly playing loud unpleasant music as if it’s the Waco siege.

        It’s really a perfect example of shitlib hypocrisy that they won’t admit, Starbucks would rather lose all their business trying to passive-aggressively drive off the blacks than just explicitly say “bathrooms are for paying customers”.

        • Ah yes, the Philth-a-delphia incident a few years back. Fortunately that particular pox is not everywhere (yet). My provincial area is whitish and still relatively civilized. Ah but to an idea: “Paying customers only.” I’m surprised that idea hasn’t caught on widely. Just imagine a big city Starbuck’s or similar place that wants to discourage the undesirables. Beyond “bathrooms for customers only” which is usually just a sign, why not a store designed so that you literally must buy a product before you’re even allowed into the table area? Nobody has their civil rights violated, and no you can’t go in to meet your friend or business partner. Buy a cup of coffee or a donut or get the fuck out. Unfortuantely the idea would not work for all businesses, but it’d likely make life pleasanter for many paying customers.

        • There’s an extremely simple and effective way of repelling the boons–just play classical music.

  3. I would argue that “wokeism” in the US wouldn’t exist without the existence of blacks on this landmass – period. The negro is the genesis of all this bulls*** beginning about 60 odd years ago when Pandora’s Box was opened in 1964. One could also argue that suffragettes and feminism were significant players, but the negro loving abolitionists led the way.

    • I’m gonna say blacks don’t really have anything to do with it other than being its pawns. It’s important here to make the distinction between progressivism, which is much older, and wokeism, a fairly recent phenomenon.

      There is only one common theme in all the tenets of wokeism: Ordinary white middle Americans, or mouth breathers, or clingers, or deplorables, whether real or imaginary, are perceived to be in opposition. Nothing can become a plank of wokeism unless it meets this criterion. Hence it is a reactionary movement.

      Why some subset of whites should feel motivated to adopt such a position has always been, remains, the great mystery.

      • Negroes don’t have the intellectual horsepower to initiate and control anything important. However, by eagerly latching onto victimology, ostentatiously clambering aboard the anti-white/multiculti train, and engaging in wanton public violence and destruction (riots, looting, terrorism, etc.) at least as far back as 1965, negroes put huge wind into the sails of the New Left. Without such wholehearted negro support, the New Left would have died in its foul creche and so-called “wokeism” would never have existed.

        Negroes bear a huge portion of the responsbility for the destruction of America.

    • It’s certainly not meaningless that “woke” was appropriated from ’70s black nationalists. “Get woke” was their aspiration/exhortation, and “stay woke” was their stock friendly farewell.

      The first *ironic* adoption of “get/stay woke” I saw was among righty JQ enthusiasts, who have some informational and attitudinal overlap with the we-wuz-kangs “hoteps” and Nation of Islam guys. That mutated into every internet doofus claiming to be “woke to” or “woke on” everything (first the JQ, then the world).

      Somehow the term it made its way to the normie-cons—via libs who appropriated it *unironically*, I guess? Conservatives have no exposure to actual right-wing stuff, and they don’t know anything about the past, so they say “go woke” instead of “get woke” and sound like weird nerds. Awkwardly avoiding broad utility words like “get”—usually replacing it with “garner”—is a middle class affectation to distinguish them from dirt people, who can be seen on TV saying socially unacceptable things like “You better get and stay get!”

    • The driving force is college attended, white females.
      They have the megaphone.
      Without these nutty women running cover for blacks, they wouldn’t be getting away with what they are, and blacks wouldn’t be the protected, worshipped class they have become.
      In the past a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton would pitch a fit, someone would throw some money at them, and they would recede back into the wood work until their next opportunity to grift came along.
      Are blacks driving all the LBGTQ tyranny freak, groom and castrate your kid madness? The me too madness? Cancel culture?
      No it’s white college attended women.

      • White females who are members of a quasi-religious cult who have to virtue-signal their loyalty to the cult by doing anti-social, anti-white things.

        They aren’t smart enough to see through the deception.

  4. “credentialed mediocrity”

    One of my grnadfather’s favorite sayings was: “forty dollar saddle on a ten dollar horse”

    • Five-thousand-dollar sound system in a five-hundred-dollar car. A hooptie, in other words, frequently encountered in places such as Trenton, Flint and East Saint Louis.

        • It’s called n-gger rich and is -quite- common. Many of the neighbors I’m currently in the middle of the US escaping from pull this crap. Live in the Section 8 units have Mercedes AMGs parked in the driveway. This is the result of an 80 IQ.

          • Different strokes for different folks, personal adornment/adulation is more important for some than others. Personally I’d plump for good dental care and clean sheets..

        • The only way they get the money to buy a Lexus, Merc, Escalade, etc., is dealing dope.

        • I live near one of our area’s wretched “transit centers”*. In this neighborhood, the quality of the apartment complexes is inversely proportional to the distance from the actual train tracks. At the complex that is literally right next to the tracks, there’s a guy with a black dual motor Tesla. It’s staggering to think of the amount that guy could be saving towards living in an actual house instead of a hobo infested slum if he had just bought a used Honda or something.

          * transit centers: Places to go when you have absolutely no where to go and your whole life to get there.

  5. Speaking of the inspirational young people in the sub… I notice that today’s young people have an absolutely unshakable (and unwarranted) faith in technology. Their faith is largely based on a very poor understanding of what technology is and what it can do for us. When you talk to them, what they largely think is that we could be living in a techno-utopia, only the bad people, probably White males won’t let us.

    These morons believe, truly believe that we are about to colonize mars with a fully self-sufficient million person city. They actually believe we are going to eliminate fossil fuels and run everything on solar panels, windmills and batteries some time by 2050. They believe the vaccines and social distancing and lockdowns and especially masks prevented all of us from dying of the coof.

    I get that young people tend to be more optimistic, but in many cases were talking about 30 something Millennials, many of them in technical backgrounds. I was talking with some about EVs and batteries recently. They believe with a shred of evidence that batteries will chips in pricing. Eventually, we’ll have batteries that are so cheap as to be near free and with orders of magnitude more power, which of course will be charged with solar panels. Many of them believe not just in extended lifetimes, but great advances allowing them to live well past a hundred while retaining their faculties and not needing diapers.

    Of course, all this will happen while operating on CPT and being late for everything.

    Perhaps they are just the expression of mass atheism? It’s what happens when the masses are allowed to try and “think for themselves?” You have to believe in something, so why not put “!Science!(tm)” up on the alter? This is something I really wish I understood.

    • Tars-

      Brah, you forgot to include the unshakeable belief in asteroid mining and my personal favorite, the carbon nanotube space elevators!

      • Yes. It permeates their thinking. There is not a problem we face that cannot be easily solved by technology. Just think about all the articles written about the Tesla robot who literally walks around on 2 legs and will be basically a Jetsons house cleaner type. And, of course, a sex robot.

        • Chop wood, carry water will improve their thinking processes. First time they have to gut and cook a magpie is an eye opening and attitude adjusting miracle. No matter how hard you whine, sometimes you gotta fish the toothbrush outta the toilet and carry on.

      • They also have an unshakeable belief that race doesn’t exist, that gender is a social construct, and that “the future is female.”

    • Claiming to believe in Science, and simultaneously believing that we will be 100% solar/wind/EV in a very short time, is impossible to understand. Supposedly they are educated. This shouldn’t be a difficult thing for them to see the fallacy of, yet here we are.

      The big question is how will they react (i.e. how much eco terrorism will there be) when it’s 2040 and the oil refineries are still running. It is already being glamorized.

      • That’s the last time I use the phrase eco terrorism. From now on, infrastructural terrorism. It’s honest, more accurate, p[roperly descriptive, and nowadays every retard knows what infrastructure means.

      • Those refineries might not still be running: there will be many fewer 50-year-old White men around by then.

    • The faith in technology is a core component of the leftist religion, since they rely on it for the perfect future they use as a proselytizing point. So just as Christian kids are raised to have unshakable faith that their grandma is waiting for them in heaven, Leftist children are raised to believe magic Star Trek technology will make them live forever in a state of endless happiness.

    • Tars, perhaps the diving bathtub incident illustrates what you are describing. Not clear what was in the CEO’s head (besides “virtue” trash talk), but we all probably know an 8 year old with more sense. Who knows, perhaps he had been one of those perceptive 8 yr olds before the education system got its fangs into him.

    • “ Their faith is largely based on a very poor understanding of what technology is and what it can do for us.”

      Tars, you’re certainly correct in the above statement…but what is the primary cause of the “poor understanding”? It’s because of a poor educational system and a student population that is way under matched for any sort of a 1st world education in the sciences.

      Basically, what they know about technology is what the see in the movies or read in science fiction. What’s the old saw, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”, Arthur C Clark. Well, that’s what it seems like to our newest generation of low IQ, know nothings.

    • “Of course, all this will happen while operating on CPT and being late for everything.”

      That’s the basic problem. Regardless of what might be theoretically possible in technology, the current generation doesn’t grasp that 100% of past technological achievements were the results of the kind of discipline, mental, sociological, and ethical, that most of them reject outright as raciss/sexiss/homophobic, etc…

      Their cities of the future look like something Albert Speer and the German eugenicists of the 1930s would have approved of. Yet somehow, this is all supposed to materialize with a workforce of multiracial halfwits and White degenerates with the former spending all their time doing rap videos on Tik Tok and the latter perpetually stoned on super-weed and indulging in gay orgies on company time.

  6. “Social justice is an ideal religion for alienated bourgeoise females.”
    – make that “White alienated bourgeoise females”. You don’t see Asian, Black, or Hispanic females pushing the homosexual/tranny/Black worshipping/man hating line. It’s middle class college educated White females – and they’re ANGRY!!!

    • Beware the “educated” leftist black female. There aren’t so many of them relatively, but their apex intersectional status makes them legally impregnable in current year aino. That’s before we even get into their resentment.

      • I don’t know if they still do it, but a few years ago there were tons of articles explaining how black females were the most educated demographic in America.

        They did this by slyly changing the definition of “educated” to include every jobs education programs mandated by public assistance. Things like hair and nails, medical coding and billing, changing diapers in old age homes and the like.

        Then they used this “most educated demographic” BS to then whine about how they are the lowest paid demographic in America (putting aside the fact they probably aren’t the lowest paid).

        • It’s not only black female lesbians. Today, elsewhere, someone said that CA Gov. Newsom wasn’t very smart. I consulted his Wiki bio. “Newsom attended Santa Clara University on a partial baseball scholarship, graduating in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science with a major in political science.” What does it say about a university that considers politics a “science”?

      • I have one of these at work.

        Is it even more terrifying that she’s actually pretty good at her job?

    • You see plenty of lesbian black females doing it. They run BLM. They are furious!

      I think the white women are contemptuous as much as angry. I think they are contemptuous of white men because we won’t even speak on our behalf. The dynamic reminds me of any typical relationship. The woman gets moody and emotional. You are a young buck and you don’t understand so you get nice and ask her what is wrong and she gets vicious and lashes out at you. Then the next time you tell yourself, “Eff this. I am not taking this.” You tell her that enough is enough and to snap out of it because you aren’t going to put up with it. She does a 180 and becomes sexually aggressive and you have amazing sex. It happens again but there is a third round of her insane anger. You show your anger in your face and she goes flush. You throw her against a wall and ball her brains out and she has the best sex of her life.

      She just wanted to see you hold the line, to prove that you will defend yourself and thus her and your family. We white men have been cowing and cucking since the Civil Rights movement. I often wonder if they are so insane because they are dying for us to tell the race hustlers to go pound sand and feel lucky that they have anything at all and to take advantage of their jobs and go down and seal off the GD border ourselves.

      Women will side with whoever asserts himself even the invader. Many fantasize about this. Over simplified for certain but I think there is some aspect of watching their dads and us take the back seat for so long they are freaking out and they don’t even know why.

      If we could turn even 15% of them by asserting ourselves where they go from hysterics to banging us against a wall level loyalty it could turn the tide.

      It is food my thoughts munch on quite often.

      • FooBarr, that was an OUTSTANDING analysis.

        Phi Beta Kappa, muh Bro.

        Phi. Beta. Kappa.

    • You most certainly do lol especially Indian and Chinese women who have spent too long in the West.

    • You don’t know enough Asian females. Many of them are just as woke as white females.

      • The Asian women are worse, they’re more affluent than Whites but still have the class resentment from their parents or grandparents working in a Chinese restaurant.

    • The wokey intricacies are arbitrary so the college whitewomen group can erect a barrier, the better to be generous patronesses to POC females yearning for sorority. I would think the latter pledges always resent this (which is reasonable) but go along, sniffing proprietary methods of banking status via dancing for a minute to the college whitewomen’s tune. However, I am persuaded intraracial conflict in feminism barely counts, since male/female enmity in general is the greatest engine of unlimited social destruction known to modern politician technology. It is so much worse than 30 years ago. Whether white or POC-esque the other side’s poison pill is this apparently universal conviction that Attention Must Be Paid— I can’t see how to sustain even an Amish butter-churning-scale village once you’ve let that in the door.

    • Well I would beg to differ slightly because Hindu and Korean and Filipino have their trannies, it’s just that we don’t see them because they operate inside that closed portion of their society.

  7. Many great observations here today. Making sense of the senselessness. Truly a faith.

    I’m struck by a repeating theme which is that upper middle (“educated”) class females pop up over and over as the main vector of thought disease (straight outta academy), with dysfunctional blacks and alphabet people a close second. All are fervent. And ALL have lost their purpose in life, for which this religion is a replacement.

    One of the noticeable things about the summer of riots was how desperately unhappy all of these people are – and they sure looked like they are the product of broken homes, fatherlessness, and daddy issues. Put another way, this is the second, third (and possibly fourth) generation of fallout from feminism wrecking what we might refer to the civilization-giving patriarchy.

    The new religion provides a sort of recurring loop of frenzied activity into which they can throw themselves in lieu of marrying, having a family, having an extended family and a real community, let alone meaningful work and the positive feedback of tangible fruit and life-giving assurance to those close.

    Hillary’s “It Takes a Village” clearly understood something was going to fill the void where broken family structure policies were being nurtured. Of course, she intended state assistance to be a big part of the answer and she was right about that.

    The latest phase of trans-activism kicks the dysfunction up a notch by essentially cutting young people’s ties to all our former culture by permanently snipping their bits and rewiring their brains. That’ll certainly keep them in a tailspin for the rest of their lives, ensuring they need the state indefinately.

    One of the things Normal America must do is manage to raise its children out of the reach of this cancerous environment. Raise sons and daughters who will be suitable for one another – and most importantly – who have seen a successful (or at least intact) marriage up close. It is truly shocking how ignorant of simple manual and social skills children of single mothers can be. It’s gotten to the point where they depend on the state to defend them against words for crying out loud. Not just in America, but all over the West where single motherhood is “celebrated”. (Another word that has been mugged.)

  8. The Bible seems to define “Social Justice” in 2 Thessalonians 3:10-12. If you don’t work, you don’t eat.

  9. The SJWs are not wrong regarding societal constructs influencing outcomes. Where they are wrong is claiming societal constructs are necessarily bad. Heck, that’s the whole point – you construct a society to reward what behaviors you deem good and punish those you deem bad. They demand societal constructs as well; we just differ on what we deem good or bad.

    Separation is therefore the only answer. It will come eventually, either by choice or circumstance.

  10. The people pushing this stuff are not just attacking the Western idea of individual rights. They are attacking the notion that you are an individual with some control over your life.

    I’ve been noticing this in relation to the current war against gas stoves and furnaces.

    Last month (or a couple months ago. Who can keep track?) it was the risk of asthma. Now it’s benzene — “Your gas stove will give you cancer!”

    Well, okay. Let’s say you’re right, mister anti-gas. Can’t you just leave it at that? You’ve informed me of the risks. Now whether I have a gas stove in my house or not is my business, right? Just like however much you want to saturate your brain with THC gummies is supposed to be your business, or how much you want to put little kids on puberty blockers and teens on hormone replacement is supposed to be nobody’s business but their own — you don’t even believe the parents should have a say, just the teachers, drag queens and social workers who groom the kids.

    But you can’t leave it at “whether you put benzene in your body with your gas stove is your own business” can you? No, you have to forbid me from having one — for a much tinier, more marginal risk than the above behaviors. Just like you wanted to (and did) have people fired for refusing an experimental gene therapy.

    That’s why I’ve given up on liberal democracy. Clearly it was just a trick. They abandoned it as soon as they thought they could get away with it. We’re going to live under an authoritarian system. The only choice is whether I live under a system that is run by people who hate me, or a system that is run by people who want to impose beliefs with which I agree. I figure I’d have to be insane not to prefer the latter.

    • “Live and let live” is the first cousin of “free association”. Both are being mugged.

    • and if you believe that, next step is food magically cooks itself and you don’t get to have a stove.

  11. There is only “justice.” “Social justice” is an oxymoron.

    “Social justice” also is an indulgence of a wealthy, bored, and lazy society. That is going away. And when prosperity exits, propelled along by greed, policy, and reality, the only “justice” that will remain is raw power.

    Mao was right.

  12. “ the sorts of people bourgeoise society produces in abundance, which is the credentialed mediocrity. “

    Seems intuitively obvious, but perhaps not—given the shear numbers of such people in circulation today. I believe another attack upon this modern phenomenon has been to describe such as the “over production of elites”.

    These people need to do something that befits their (assumed) elite status. That status having been confirmed by the modern degree mills known as Higher Education. Of course, being a mediocrity, they can do little of economic benefit so most private employment is limited and of low quality, and it seems, government employment can no longer keep up given their increasing excess.

    What to do to advertise/demonstrate their elite importance/superiority? Join a cause which requires little ability and effort—and definitely not require results—become a Social Justice warrior. The hours are good and you can work from home. 🙁

    • “These people need to do something that befits their (assumed) elite status. ”

      Upvoted for the parenthetical “assumed.”

      These people are highly dispensable. This will be made obvious to them in short order when hard times arrive. They are indulged and allowed to play fuck-fuck games only because there is no real reason yet to marginalize and remove them from society. That day looms and it likely will be those they serve who delivers the bad news.

      • It can’t come soon enough. They are the biggest parasitical class to ever exist. They are like a parasite who devour their hosts and end up dying themselves. They spend their days being paid large salaries to find ways to throw sand in the gears of society and the economy. Just in my lifetime, they turned the US from a first rate superpower in every sense of the word, to a stumbling corpse tripping from emergency to emergency looking for a place to finally fall and die. They are looking forward to this so they can get out and urinate on the corpse.

      • Will their cry, as they are being led out to the waiting van, be “Wait until the ACLU hears about this!” ? 😀

  13. Just finished the podcast. Excellent as usual. But it’s like going to the doctor because it hurts when you pee. He does an exam & tests, and then proudly declares with erudite clarity that you have syphilis – and walks out of the room.

    OK, now what? Are you supposed to just grin and bear it? Or try to talk your way out of the disease? How about getting everyone you know to agree that syphilis is a problem? I know, lets take a vote or pay a politician to make syphilis illegal.

    Today’s podcast was a diagnosis that the USA has societal syphilis.

  14. “Social Justice” is a concept that has been utterly destroyed (and poisoned) in its pursuit.

    But, a more limited social justice is certainly not a terrible idea. We all love to point out the monstrosity of homeless people overtaking the public square and shooting up and relieving themselves in the middle of the public square and in view of everyone and popping up tents under the overpass.

    A civilized people would not allow this. Whether it be through a compassionate social justice or ruthless enforcement of city codes, they would be handled. Instead, we have opted for a kind of benign neglect and ‘let’s all close our eyes and pretend it’s not happening’ approach. This is far more evil than either social justice or ruthless enforcement.

    We have done the same thing with the mentally ill. The old state hospital system wasn’t perfect, but now we have a system (of doing nothing) worse in every imaginable way. There are probably more than a million people across the US with severe mental illness living on the streets. Instead of being in an institutional setting where they could live a better life, they spend their days in and out of jail, attacking people, getting beat up and suffering the symptoms of their mental illness.

    • > A civilized people would not allow this. Whether it be through a compassionate social justice or ruthless enforcement of city codes

      We had a solution for bums called the workhouses. People lamenting workhouses are at a loss to explain how even the squalor of these 19th century institutions were worse for a man’s dignity than letting him shoot up and defecate on the street.

      • I would add that the protection of the public should be prioritized over the health of people who can’t take care of themselves.

        While having humane care for the bums and junkies would be ideal, if the choice was between what we have now and holding them in squalid conditions, it is appropriate to the choose the latter.

        • That is exactly my point. Under the current scheme, everyone suffers. “Social justice” in this case benefits nobody. The whole system is monstrous and evil, even to the people it is ostensibly designed to help.

    • Tars, I think you have a point here wrt “Social Justice”. The knife cuts both ways. Social Justice is not just for the bums, it’s for the society within which they live as well.

      Locking these fellows up and putting them on work farms is also a form of social justice. One that I can support.

    • For Leftists, doing nothing is compassionate because, in doing nothing, they pretend that the various pathologies are normal. For them returning the marginalized to the center is the essence of compassion.

    • There are many reasons to leave Western Oregon, where I currently live. One of these reasons, which, alone, is quite sufficient, is that the local governments have essentially weaponized “the homeless”. They are currently in the process of setting up these mobile “homeless pods” in various places. Essentially, they plunk these things down in any neighborhood they don’t like and then sit back and watch the fun. The lack of severe cold weather and the vast availability of what the chronically indigent call “resources” means that there’s a basically infinite supply of junkies, hobos, and severely mentally ill people who come here from all across the entire nation due to the area’s infamy. Once one of them goes to jail, gets killed, or wanders off, there are 10 more to take their place. Essentially the government employs them as a bizarre new kind of terror weapon against the population. The old Soviet system of mass arrests was more brutal but more honest too.

      This is why no sane person would buy a home anywhere near the I-5 corridor. Yet the locals still do as attested by the still very high housing costs.

  15. Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Ideal, Material, Spiritual. Mind, Body, Soul. Etc.

    Will, spirit, and soul are synonymous as far as I can tell. Will makes the ideal material, ex nihilo, so to speak. It’s what can’t be measured, observed, or apprehended by the mind. God might’ve spoken Creation into existence, but it was an expression of His will.

    I’m not sure about it, but I suspect Will might be the essence of religion. Faith is an act of will, because you’re believing in what you can’t prove. The individual will ought to be aligned with God’s will. In other words, it ought to be in touch with reality. Otherwise, it’s wicked, insane, etc., and creates monsters.

    Lefty has will, either rediscovered or never forgotten. Twisted, but it’s there. Righty lacks will, because Righty has forgotten it, so Righty gets dominated.

    EMJ has a phrase, ‘handing out spears and charging the machine gun nest.’ In this case, the spears are ideas and stuff, and the machine gun is will.

    • Paintersforms: “Lefty has will, either rediscovered or never forgotten. Twisted, but it’s there. Righty lacks will, because Righty has forgotten it, so Righty gets dominated.”

      Or else Righty is just slow to anger.

      Very, very, very slow to anger.


      It was not part of their blood,
      It came to them very late,
      With long arrears to make good…

      They were not easily moved,
      They were icy — willing to wait
      Till every count should be proved…

      Their voices were even and low.
      Their eyes were level and straight.
      There was neither sign nor show…

      It was not preached to the crowd.
      It was not taught by the state.
      No man spoke it aloud…

      It was not suddently bred.
      It will not swiftly abate.
      Through the chilled years ahead,
      When Time shall count from the date…

    • I am unable to will myself to believe in God. I’m not saying this to be ornery, I just think you should take that in to account when you say that faith is an act of will. It’s similar to the fact that I can’t will myself to believe that I am not hungry when I am hungry.

      My experience in life is that the power of one’s will is similar to athleticism in that some people are born with more will power than others. If you have low will power, how do you will yourself to have a stronger will?

      This is not special pleading from a person with a weak will. I have a pretty strong will.

      • “I am unable to will myself to believe in God.”

        Have you ever done something you can’t do, or overcome a fear? It’s no different than that. I couldn’t paint until I started painting. Had no clue what I was doing, no reason to think I had talent, but I wanted to, or was compelled to, and that’s how it was.

        If a man wants to know himself, he has to get far out of his comfort zone. That’s an act of will. If circumstances impose it, and he accepts the challenge, that’s an act of will. If he has the humility to give the power, glory— and more importantly, qfailure— to God, and not keep it for himself, that’s a deeper act of will called faith. All of that is a grind, which is also, of course, an act of will 😀

        Important things, prosaic things, things that come naturally or unnaturally— fundamentally the same workings, but as always, clarity at the margins.

    • We can be sure that this junk legislation will be weaponized against whites for the mere crime of existing.

    • 370H55V: “legislation-that-would-criminalize-hurting-someones-feelings”

      Z: “The more you try to explain why you do not want to submit to the new rules, the more certain she is that she is right. It is why these people are always on the attack. They need the feedback.”


      The feedback constitutes the muh-feelz of self-righteousness as bequeathed & bestowed by the New Religion.

      Setting aside the Hart-Celler holocaust, and simply concentrating on the Heritage Amurrikkkun bloodlines involved, I can just about guaran-d@mn-tee you that the very worst of the SJWs will prove to have substantial Unitardian & Quaker & Wesleyan & Jesuitical blood in their genealogies.

      All of these psychological pathologies are products of their respective bloodlines [as mesmerized by the sanhedrin of the Frankfurt School].

      And all of the True Believers are descended from faux-religious lunatics.


      Z: “Modern technological society has been difficult on the sorts of people bourgeois society produces in abundance, which is the credentialed mediocrity. These are the people who think they are smart, but struggle with the complexity of modern life.”

      There’s a fascinating new article at Ru$$ia 2Day, which holds that NATO war-gamed the spring Ukrainian offensive using a German simulation tool, called “KORA”, and that “KORA” has sent myriad young Ukrainians to their deaths in the last few days.

      Apparently “KORA” didn’t factor into the equation what would happen to the mechanized brigades when they had to STOP their forward motion [grind to a halt] in order to clear the Russian minefields.

      And what happened, of course, is that the Russians threw saturation missile bombardments at the immobilized vehicles, and incinerated all of the conscripts therein.

      Z: “Everyone gets their own truth and the sense they had to possess special qualities in order to gain it. Social justice is an ideal religion for alienated bourgeoise females.”


      POST-SCRIPT: Everyone needs to think long and hard about pondering the sadistic psychopathy at play here, a psychopathy which demands that these poor stupid Ukrainian boys be incinerated for the glory of greater Khazaria.

      The sanhedrin who instituted this counteroffensive are satanic monsters.

      Soulless ghouls.

      Never forget.

      Never forgive.


      Sunrise, sunset;

      Sunrise, sunset, swiftly through the years;

      One season following another, laden with happiness and tears.



      • The fundamental problem of the West is that people who cannot accept who they are, and what their talents are or are not, are being allowed to pull others down to their levels…and they call that “social justice”…It’s Vonnegut’s “Harrison-Bergeron” brought to life…
        Fifty years ago, people cheerfully accepted their limitations as part of life…Now, societal psychosis has set in…

      • Well I’ll be damned.

        Hot off the presses:

        Sheldon Harnick, Lyricist of Fiddler on the Roof and More, Dies at 99

        That young-b100d adrenochrome keeps the Sanhedrin alive dadgum near about forever.

        That’s such a weird cohenincidence – Harnick dying today – that it kinda sends a chill right down muh spine.

        Very very very strange cohenincidence.

      • “…Jesuitical blood in their genealogies.”

        I’m curious: how does one go about acquring “Jesuitical blood”? Transfusion, perhaps?

        • Their ancestors either chose to leave the likes of Franciscanism and Dominicanism, or their ancestors chose to remain loyal to Franciscanism or Dominicanism.

          Their ancestors CHOSE the propaganda which they wanted to support.

          That CHOICE is what made them jesuits.

          And of course the making of the choice was determined by their underlying personalities.

          They either had the correct personalities for abiding by Franciscanism/Dominicanism, or else they had the correct personalities for abiding by jesuitism.

          These are all self-selecting statistics which are at play here.


          PS: These being jesuits, I don’t think the jesuitical nunneries are gonna be in any danger whatsoever of experiencing the stray pregnancy from time to time.

          No danger whatsoever.

          • “They either had the correct personalities for abiding by Franciscanism/Dominicanism, or else they had the correct personalities for abiding by jesuitism.”

            Fair point, I suppose. It’s worth noting that The Order has a history of periodic purges that took place whenever someone noticed that the membership was starting to become top-heavy with recruits of Jewish extraction (again).

    • We already have Hate Crimes. We need not go,into why Hate Crimes are ridiculous and simply against Freedom and Liberty. All they’ve done is to make such law more generalized by removing the required “protected groups” aspects for enforcement. But yes, I agree it “will” be used against Whites predominantly.

    • “Clarence Brandenburg was a hateful man. A Ku Klux Klan member who publicly advocated for the overthrow of the government, he was charged with a crime, but the Supreme Court overturned the conviction.”

      And 54 years later, I think he was probably right. There’s nothing wrong with being “hateful” against evil. Blacks are a scourge wherever they gather in large numbers despite more than 70 years of pretending they’re “just like us,” and if the government then was going to lead inevitably to the government today, presided-over by a drooling puppet, then it should have been overthrown in 1969.

    • That legislation hurts my feelings and I will use that legislation to prosecute the legislators of that law.

      • Well, that’s rhe spirit. But how likely do you assess the probability that your case would have any chance of receiving a hearing?

        Ideally, it could serve as sand in the gears, a blow struck against arrant stupidity, but the Great Juggernaut of leftist, bloody-minded hatred would carry the day, you hater, you, grinding you to a red paste as it pursued its implacable course.

        Separation. They cannot be talked into sense. The Juggernaut is, indeed, implacable. You will never get freedom of speech, thought, or association acceded to from them. There can be no reversion, it is the Dar al Leftslam from this day forward. They even have their own Shahada; There is no God, but only blankslatism, and the Prince of Lies is its prophet.

    • Non-whites, yes, but a fortiori, negroes. They, along with the coalition of deviants, are the Left’s immaculate saints.

    • In reality, this crime has nothing to do with the victim being female, or white, or the suspect being black. He would not have cared that Corrina Mehiel was a social justice warrior. This horrific crime didn’t have anything to do with the color of his skin or his victim’s skin. It’s almost as if people are trying to find some way to explain this crime other than the truth, which is that El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure is evil.

      FFS, spare me from race blindness.

      • I wonder if the author will criticize me for crossing the street when I see a group of young blacks. After all, crime has nothing to do with race, it’s just an evil that fits no patterns.

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  17. I see blank slate theory in the corporate business world.
    Our corporate uppers just assume anyone can be cross trained to perform any job and they fail to grasp that humans are not the same and just because two people have the same degree they don’t always perform the same.
    Tongue in cheek, I do see a bit of Karl Marx in the uppers business theories.
    A worker can perform task A in the morning Task B at noon, and Task C in the afternoon, all with equal ability.

  18. Dear Z, as a conventional white old (92 years) woman (addicted to subversive blogs like yours) I plead with you not to succumb to pressures to use ‘she’ when a generic human being, he OR she, is referred to. Binarily yours, of course,
    Ann Thompson

    • As a conventional vibrant young Stubfart (59) – the lady has a point, Z. True – women fall for this nonsense deeper and more often than men…my personal experience is that the most obnoxious SJWs are men. The most obnoxious queers are men too…I’d love to fire Dylan Mulvaney off a catapult. 😂👍

      I almost swallowed my pipe and choked on laughter earlier this week when Elon decided the term “cis-gender” was a slur and banned its use on Twitter… and the faggotry melted down in rage! HAR HAR HAR!

      I think we should do the same with their other magic words like non-binary, intersectionality, and others favoured by the Xirl scientists!

      Hey! Have a good weekend you guys!👍

      • I read “she” in Z’s context as mocking the feminization of the current written word. Specifically he uses it when the generic person is positing stupid ideas, thusly (tongue-in-cheekly) blaming women for our modern ills.

        I appreciate the humor between the lines.

        • That’s exactly what Z’s doing. It’s been one of his little ploys for some time now, and I heartily approve.

  19. All great religions contain a number of internal contradictions. Unbelievers point to these contradictions to refute the “truth” of the religion. But it seams to me that the contradictions are also an appeal of religions – some weird cognitive kink of humans.

    The internal contradiction of liberalism is that humans are born a blank slate – and therefor can be whatever they want to be – and at the same time they are also controlled by exogenous forces and should be liberated from them.

    So a person is only male or female because those forces “assigned” that status to them at birth. And the person freed from those forces can become wither or neither sex as an act of their own will.

    • The thing about the liberal paradigm is that both side contain an element of truth. People have agency and can overcome their own proclivities through will. And culture does shape the preferences of the people within it.

      The root problem of liberalism is the tabula rasa – the refusal to see that biology – genetics, and physics determine 95+% of what it means to be a human, with ego and culture collectively affecting <5%.

    • That is not a definition of liberalism with which I am familiar. What you describe is post-Marx culturalism. Western liberalism assumes humans are individuals capable of voluntary association, but born into existing societies that were the result of voluntary cooperation at some point in the past.

      It is a strange thing I see. People are attacking liberalism from various angles, as if what haunts us is liberalism when it is better described as an illiberal reaction to Western liberalism. Reintroduce the prerequisite of liberalism, free association, and social justice crashes into the shield wall of communities defending themselves from alien invaders.

      • Freedom of association really is the Achilles Heel of modern liberalism.

        Liberalism is very feminine. Their mindset is that of a teenage girl. Exclusion is their primary weapon and underlies most of their attacks. We’ll exclude you from getting a job. We’ll exclude you from having friends. Etc. Hell, sanctions against Russia are a form of exclusion.

        That falls apart if people form other communities. Get me fired, fine, I’ll get a job with a company in my community. My friends belong to the community and won’t abandon me. Sanction me, fine, I’ll do business with India and China.

        You see this with Muslims in Europe. Liberals can’t force them to change because Muslims have their own community. It’s not just about morality but having the community infrastructure – friends, family, jobs, etc. – to deal with liberals excluding you from mainstream society.

        Internationally, you can see the Western liberal system unraveling. The rest of the world is just walking away. And the West is reacting just as teenage girls would; they’re freaking out. The exclusion weapon is being turned against them and they’re terrified.

        What’s happening internationally will eventually happen in the US. Groups will form that can stand up to liberals. (Indians in NoVa are already doing this to some degree, although they’re currently using the system to move up. Later, they’ll either control the system or if they can’t control, they’ll reject it.) And that will be the end of Western Liberalism.

        • The rest of the world is invading and conquering. I suspect the managerial class is negotiating away our homelands as part of keeping capital inflows. You want the capital inflows or the ability to move troops in and out of our territory or both? You have to accept our satraps and our peoples as their voting block.

          Yesterday, Sadiq Khan claimed that refugees built London. He alluded to England as, “our country”, at a Refugee Jubilee paid for my still 75% white England, then held up two Muslims as great contributors to Britain. Some Olympic medal winner and some partner in a London store.

          If The Crown and Parliament do not forcefully rebuke and renounce these claims, they have forfeited their duty and must be seen as traitors. If the indigenous British do not go on strike and march to London to rebuke and protest Khan, this will be seen as an act of submission. I also believe that Khan has excluded white Londoners from its government internships. These internships are the key to being the most powerful ministers in London’s government. Whites are excluded.

          White replacement is moving from replacement to erasure. This is a very dangerous and critical moment for
          England. Yesterday Texas officially became majority, “Hispanic” a phony category meant to disguise that they are really South American Indians. A SoAmerIndian Texas legislator exclaimed that this means the policies will now have to change. I assume that means anti-white pogroms, an anti-white patronage system, the end of the 2A … …

          The hour is getting let and the clock is broken in such a way that it is moving ever faster to midnight. In the meantime, the kids who will inherit this, worship the pets, mesmerized on TikTok.

          Who will stand in the breach?

          • How many South American Indians (or whatever the current slave class is in your location) have served you coffee or hamburgers in the past month?

            If the answer is more than 0 you are part of the problem.

            Things are bad yes, but there are so many little things we can do in our own lives. There’s no use being blackpilled about the current realities.

            They will do what they want but we will have to continue building the future that we want for our children.

          • Hey B125 –

            I make my own coffee and tea ordered from Above Time and other “our folk”, vendors. I do my own landscaping and my own yard. I take an active role in contributing financially and content wise to emergent education platforms designed specifically for our folk. Netflix and Amazon are long cancelled. I will not watch my replacement and erasure or support it in any way. My money, sweat and time are invested in the cause and divested in all of the ways that I can.

            The above post is not a black pill. It is more wood put on the beacon fires, and a corrective to state exactly what is happening. It isn’t a retreat, it is a state sponsored invasion.

            I appreciate you saying this. You are preaching to an active singer in the choir.

          • FYI – the vast majority of the “South American Indians” you refer to in Texas are “North American Indians” – i.e., Mexico, Central America. South America doesn’t start until after or near Panama (depending on the source). South American indians were mostly Incas (Andes region), whereas Aztecs and Mayans were North American tribes and make up the majority of the mestizos and indios you see in Texas.

          • Was just looking at a statistical web site that looks at populations in the US from many different perspectives. NOTE: I don’t know if they are a leftist organ or if they are a group not fully consumed by the movement. But here goes …

            They claim that the “hispanic” ethnic group in the “South Central” region (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas & Louisiana) is actually 80% racially white; versus about 60% for the US overall.

            I’d read that the imposition of the Hispanic category was something done in the 60s by Dems as a means of manipulating people and “facts”. This seems to bear out that contention.

        • Exactly. Their whole charade depends on you playing within their framework. It is designed to make you lose when you engage with them.

          When you stop engaging with them and stop operating within their moral framework, they lose power very quickly. There is no debate with them, there is just what we require and that’s the bottom line.

          Exclusion of anti whites from white spaces is also important. They should not have access to normal white people if they are against us. That includes white parents with a mixed kids. Have nothing to do with them and tell them why if the situation is appropriate.

          The solution is to drop out but not disengage. Just start building things for our people. The next step is business, there are some quietly operating already, but not too many. As white men are banned from large corps, lots of talent out there to be poached. A good opportunity is to start buying food from a farmer instead of grocery chains. Small things can make an impact.

          A lot of normal people are confused and will gravitate to our side with curiosity. We are the pioneers though.

          • “ A good opportunity is to start buying food from a farmer instead of grocery chains”

            This is absolutely retarded and impractical.

            Aside from the logistical nightmare, most farms are likely to be a corporation and wouldn’t even engage with a lone individual.

            The fact is, the left told you they were going to destroy you. Instead of organizing with your fellow men like at the Battle of Tours, you and nearly everyone else on the right decided to be a self-righteous coward and disavow the use of power and violence

            “I just wanna be left alone.”

            So you come up with these ridiculous non-solutions (running away to a cabin in Idaho) while continuing to ignore the only thing that is going to save you.

            Go ahead, call me a fed poster. I can’t stand the level of stupidity I see from you people any longer.

          • It clearly is practical because I do it myself with little extra effort except driving to a farm every month. Farmers markets for produce in the summer.

            I also quite explicitly mentioned organizing and staying engaged in my comment.

            As far as moving to a cabin in Idaho I don’t even know where that is coming from.

      • “ Reintroduce the prerequisite of liberalism, free association, and social justice crashes…”

        Exactly. I would argue that the ability of Whites to move away from *diversity* is the only thing that has kept the lid on this pressure cooker called America after the Civil Rights Act. Of course, that last refuge is being closed as we speak.

        • Good point. When there’s nowhere left to hide and whitey is backed into a corner, then the fangs will be bared and the claws brandished. Not only nature, but history is red of tooth and claw. And so it will ever be.

      • That is not a definition of liberalism with which I am familiar. What you describe is post-Marx culturalism.

        It all flows logically from liberalism.

        Beginning with its foundational premise of the tabula rasa.
        I don’t think you’d disagree with that as (one of ) the premises, you’ve made the same point repeatedly.

        Which led liberal from the 17th century to theorize as to “what went wrong”. If humans are a blank slate and there is misery and benightedness everywhere then obviously some nefarious pen had written upon the individual blank slates to produce the outcomes they saw everywhere.

        And so. liberalism was born. An ideology committed to improving the world by eliminating those bad forces – ie liberating individuals.

        At first it was liberation from hereditary autocrats and superstition. But no liberation produced utopia. So it was onto the next thing to liberate people from.

        That has been the path of liberalism for the last three hundred years. Every liberation births more problems that require further liberation. Every generation has its own focus, but the process remains eternal. So in the 18th century it was monarchy, then it was economic controls, then it was religion, then it was slavery, then it was “capitalism, then it was social norms, then familial norms, now it’s biology. Tomorrow it will be something else.

        The focus that concentrates attention changes. The process remains the same.

        Some people think that “real liberalism” is what they remain from their youth, or some imagined past. A celebration of the individual over the government. That was part of liberalism to be sure, but the memory is a moment in time. Like photographing an avalanche and thinking that the captured instant is the true state of an avalanche. With everything before and after being a diversion from the sublime beauty of an “actual” avalanche.

    • Regarding great religions, I subscribe to Daddy Rich, head evangelist of the Church of Divine Economic Spirituality (from the movie Car Wash), or Flip Wilson’s Reverend Leroy’s Church of What’s Happening Now. Posers all. Laugh at them while moving quickly out of range.

  20. I’ve always defined Social Justice as “that which has occurred when a liberal gets slugged in the teeth”.


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