Affirmative Action

This week I thought it would be useful to talk about the Supreme Court case regarding affirmative action in college admissions. As I pointed out on Gab and Twitter, the ruling is a big nothing burger when you read it. Schools cannot come right out and say they are not taking Whites or Asians, but they can still discriminate to their heart’s desire as long as they frame as a character evaluation.

Judge Roberts wrote, “nothing prohibits universities from considering an applicant’s discussion of how race affected the applicant’s life, so long as that discussion is concretely tied to a quality of character or unique ability that the particular applicant can contribute to the university.” Colleges will no doubt read this as a license to go crazy with their antiwhite agendas.

I did not cover this in the show, but this case is a good reminder that words on paper will never constrain a ruling class. The letter of the law means nothing to people who have no respect for the spirit of the law. Right now, our ruling class has no respect for the rules that are supposed to govern Western societies. No amount of ink spilling will cause them to change their minds about it.

Another thing worth mentioning that I did not cover in the show is the implied cowardice in these cases. When the Left had the whip hand on the court, they rammed through as much as they could as fast as they could. When the Right has control of the courts it is nothing but baby steps and concessions to the Left. This recent case was a chance to roll back a lot of horrible ideas, but they cucked.

This removes the last argument for voting Republican. We know that when they have control of Congress they will fink on their voters. When they have control of the White House, they will appoint people like John Roberts to the bench. Even with a stacked court the people who vote Republican cannot expect to get anything for their support, so what is the point of voting for a Republican?

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This Week’s Show


  • The Cases
  • The History
  • The Logic of Affirmative Action
  • Civil Rights Legislation
  • Four Ways To Manage A Diverse Society
  • Hard Segregation
  • Soft Segregation
  • Proportionalism
  • Free Association
  • The Problem With These Cases
  • Conclusion

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174 thoughts on “Affirmative Action

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  2. Finished watching “V for Vendetta”.

    I won’t belabor the parallels with what’s happening today,

    But it’s intensely apropos the final communication of the State Security apparatus.

    “The enemy is approaching”

    And the enemy, was the population.

    Who said we aren’t in a simulation?

  3. In honor of the court decision, a toast to the right wing legend and father of Affirmative Action: Richard Nixon.

    I was very disappointed with Age of Entitlement, after all the hype it received. The big picture ideas trickled down to me before reading it. I thought the book would go into detail over the civil rights battle and legislation. Instead it was primarily a dry synopsis of all of post World War 2 America.

    There is also the Brazlification option. Though even post racial countries like Brazil (which have no intact races at the macro level) are currently trying to parrot Western style race relations.

    • I seem to recall Paul Craig Roberts’ “The New Color Line” being a pretty good history of civil rights law.

  4. Its about to get extra spicy. California on Friday dropped the 1,110 page recommendation list (not kidding) of the Reparations panel. The minimum acceptable was $2.5 million I think per black person. Lots of angry rhetoric. Meanwhile France is in a full fledged race war per Eric Zemmour. He said it on French TV, and it was broadcast. While Macron danced away at an Elton John Concert (not kidding) and vibrants now have belt fed machine guns. Meanwhile the EU is flat dead broke says Orban and wants to know where the money went. At the same time Poland plans to import 400K Africans and Muslims a year.

    As Newsom is the Great White Hope of the Democrats seeking to replace Biden, he will have to have a “reparations win” to get blacks to rally to him, just as Muslims and Africans are taking over France, and hunting down the last remaining White people. Livestreamed. Over/under when Wagner sends its people to assist the Islamic Republic of France?

    Is that fear I smell coming off European leaders, or just traditional EU body odor?

    • What’s happening in France must happen. It’s the only possible path to redemption. Make no mistake, all western countries will have to face something similar to wake up the populace. The police unions are calling a spade a spade. They may fail, but the French are proud of their culture and have been the only western country to pass some laws against Islam (hijab bans). I think they have a better chance than the US of coming out the other side.

      • ” I think they have a better chance than the US of coming out the other side.”

        No doubt. Some French authorities have wanted a pretext to dismantle Islamic no-go zones in the banlieues for some time. The casus bell now has been provided. If they in fact start, the job will be finished in a bloody and spectacular fashion.

        • My view is that the French Government is Kerenskyist. Kerensky’s slogan was “no enemies to the left,” which left his government unable and unwilling to crack down on the Bolsheviks until they were ousted. As Z-Man and many others have noted, the Bolsheviks were not smart, but they were bloody minded and fanatical and above all organized. What the rioters are now are not organized.

          However there are many players who are. Macron’s government in my view being unwilling/unable to crack down firmly and quickly, just like the US during the Summer of George (Floyd) was that fundamentally they agree with the rioters. Not seeing the danger that eventually they can become the target. There are many North African warlords looking at France saying “I can do that!” and fancying occupying the French Presidential Palace. Turkish and likely Russian intelligence groups and perhaps “little green men” might show up alongside those of Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, the Saudis, etc. Grabbing France, its resources, land, money, and nukes will be a prize. After all, Spain in the Civil War saw Russian/Soviet, German, Italian, French, and American intervention there, in various forms. Weakness attracts all the predators in the area.

          Kerenskyism as applies to ***** is as deadly as it is to Bolshevism. Eventually the more organized, will-to-power faction takes over. Houllebecq predicted a political islamization, the Camp of the Saints a mass invasion. It might just be an open civil war with echoes of Spain in both the 1930s and 730s.

    • Do you have a source for the claim that Poland “plans” to import 400,000 Africans, or are you just exaggerating and blowing on about things you don’t understand, like you have been for the 15 years?

      • Zerohedge yesterday. Don’t have my computer on phone. Part of story on Poland trolling France. Quotas per country:

      • Zerohedge yesterday. Don’t have my computer on phone. Part of story on Poland trolling France. Quotas per country in story

      • Can’t find the original Zerohedge article but it was there the other day, the one with the video showing the Polish Interior minister trolling Macron, but here is the remix news article:

        Remix News (use Google to find it):


        The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs plans to facilitate immigration to Poland for citizens of over 20 countries and could allow 400,000 newcomers every year, according to a report by the Rzeczpospolita newspaper.

        The move could mark a major turning point for Poland, as the country moves from being one of the most ethnically homogenous countries in the world into embracing multiculturalism, even under what many believed to be a conservative government opposed to mass immigration.

        The ministry intends to allow direct visa applications at the Polish Foreign Affairs Ministry, bypassing consulates.

        Currently, only Belarusians have this privilege under regulations implemented in January 2021. The project seeks to expand this access to citizens from a multitude of other nations, including Ukraine; countries in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, UAE); the Caucasus region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia); Asia (Pakistan, India, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam); Nigeria; and Moldova.
        Yes, Poland need Nigerians. Rather, Polish feminists sick of their men want them as no employer ever said, “for productivity what I really need is more Nigerians. And the rest of the Third World”

        Note the bypassing consulates stuff. Poland in a few years will be minority Poles. And just like France.

    • Indications so far are that Newsom will veto reparations in an effort to make him look reasonable and win support from independents. In a pre fortification world this would have cost him black votes, but we don’t live in that world anymore.

  5. Only tangentially relevant: My work recently offered me an optional assignment that brought me back into contact with higher ed. My first time dealing with a university in 15 years. My main contact is that classic female admin that is the largest reason college costs so much (just look up charts of admin numbers and salaries over past 30 years). I am not sure my contempt is being well concealed. I honestly dont need them, and if they do not want me it is no skin off my nose, so I do have the pleasure of being frank. She is disorganized, overpaid, and a stickler for forms that have nothing to do with the actual work. I enjoy being as passive aggressive and obnoxious as possible in the process. Sigh… this little taste is enough to remind me just how awful the full campus exposure must be these days.

    • Similar situation here. Re-affiliated with a big state research U after 15 years away. It’s funny because Fox News Republicans are all fired up imagining the universities as hothouses of radical Marxism like it’s still 1968. Surely the radicals exist but the truth is more boring. Big U is just a horrible matriarchal liberal bureaucracy. Like a corporation except the HR department IS the entire business. No red flags, lots of rainbow flags. No protests, but lots of e-mails informing me that if I don’t feel “safe” there are four different hotlines I can call to report various infractions: racism, sexual harassment, mental health problem etc etc. Coming soon to the rest of America where it hasn’t already.

      • Not coming but basically already there. Twenty years ago, academia was an archipelago of lunacy surrounded by an ocean of relative sanity. Now the seas are almost as barmy as the islands. Academia has done its job well.

    • Your existence on this earth should be geared toward being a good human and also enjoying yourself. I believe that by immiserating this woman and throwing sand in the gears of higher education, you’re fulfilling both of those conditions.

      • Hehe – I do. I’m not a student or anything – just a small joint contract kind of stuff that has me deal solely with admin side. I enjoy throwing the occasional, joking anachronistic term (not PC, but not overtly offensive) into our meetings, only to hear crickets chirp. I don’t cross a line, but I, to use their term, subvert the language. It is the little things.

  6. After listening and coming to the end of this all I could think of is Joe Biden saying poor kids can do as well as white kids.

    • Because one policeman called the rioters vermin, every macho poser righty on the tubes today is reminding us of that non-event and calling for a “cop coup.”

      Every riot video I’ve seen shows that shows the police shows them, just like their black co-workers, isolating and beating white people. As always and everywhere, they’re shocking cowards.

  7. Hah! Making the yellows have to pronounce “r” and “l” correctly as criteria for admission – a stroke of genius! That’ll weed them out.

    • Despite all the “flied lice” jokes, the Chinese do just fine with those two sounds. It’s Koreans and Japanese that mash R and L into a single sound and are often unable to pry them apart when attempting to speak another language.

  8. Speaking of the Bollinger case – as it happens, Sandra Day O’Connor is still alive. But at 93 I’m not sure she’ll be able to comment.

    • A history lesson in herself. Reagan appointed her and earned “points” for the first women SCOTUS justice. Look where we are today! She was wishy washy and is not remembered for her acute Constitutional opinions and insight, just as a trail blazer for the Feminist movement.

      Her opinion and vote on affirmative action says it all. She basically agreed AA was an abomination of law, but overlooked her oath and used emotion to vote to retain it—blatantly saying we should retain an unconstitutional law for 25 more years. So 25 or so years later we have a ruling stating such unconstitutionality of AA *after* it has become solidly entrenched in the country and will be harder than ever to wean races off of such a crutch.

      • Although I still have respect for the old man, O’Connor’s appointment may have been a bigger boo-boo by Reagan than getting duped on amnesty. I suppose it was inevitable that a President would leap at the chance to smash the glass ceiling and nominate a broad for SCOTUS, but the Gipper should have held the line. He didn’t need the electoral help.

  9. Glenn Greenwald had excellent coverage on the topic yesterday – including explaining the loophole that Zman also detailed, Sandra Day’s folly, all the legal background, how nuts even the CIA has gone over affirmative action plus some hilarious footage of their recruiting materials, Thomas’s critiques of Katenji’s comments, Sotomayor’s grandstanding, footage of the Harvard dean’s immediate response and a bunch of studies and interesting stats about who has benefitted and who has not and never will. Well worth the time

  10. Judge Roberts wrote, “nothing prohibits universities from considering an applicant’s discussion of how race affected the applicant’s life, so long as that discussion is concretely tied to a quality of character or unique ability that the particular applicant can contribute to the university.”

    That couldn’t have been a more obvious “nudge nudge wink wink” if he’d been starring in a Monty Python sketch. It’s clear whose side Roberts is really on: “Listen, fellow elites, I’ll put out this ruling that will make the rubes think they won a great victory, but you can just go on doing what you’re doing.”

    • I know most collitches, especially the “Elites”, will use this loophole.

      You would think, an enterprising collitch that wants to stand out from the crowd by exemplary graduates would use this ruling to admit on strict merit. You would think. It gives a loophole, but you don’t have to use it. Imagine a collitch with 90% White/Asian enrollment and you are looking to hire someone for a position actually requiring competence?

      • I guess on the other hand, if you are a White/Asian Harvard grad, it must mean you truly are the cream of the cream of the crop.

        • Or you are wealthy, know someone and/or represent something the elite support.

          Jazz Jennings and David Hogg are both “white” (for some value of the term) and both got into Harvard. Are they the best of the best?

      • It’s funny that anyone would think academic excellence is a consideration at these universities.

        • Yup.

          It’s about buying a chit to launch yourself into the elite networks.

          I had that chance at a top 25 piblic school.

          I never really fit in with that crowd, so here I am!

          • The Black Pearl is the finest ship on the seven seas!

            That Flying Dutchman, oive ‘erd they gots lifetime tenure.

      • Any Chancellor/President attempting to use this loophole would be met with a massive faculty uprising that would result in the Chancellor/President’s academic career being scuttled. It will not happen.

        • They (the university system) are in such confusion. They don’t know what they are doing! The experts are in disarray.

          • The only confusion will be in their “process”, not the desired outcome. To wit, right now there are meetings being held with their lawyers and admissions folk discussing their exposure to legal action.

            The result will be a change of process, but to continue the course, which is to accept certain minorities over other meritorious admissions candidates. Never will the discussion devolve into any change of process that does not produce the outlawed practice of racial discrimination—they consider themselves doing God’s work.

            Been there, done that.

      • Whenever the question is “Why isn’t anyone taking advantage of this obvious market gap?” the answer is that it’s forbidden. In this case all people of means are deeply disgusted by the idea.

      • ‘You would think”, but you’d be wrong….:-(

        My position has always been that there are at least 50% *too many* students in Higher Ed. So if “meritocracy” were the law of the land, one might expect the total student numbers to decline—and universities need those tuition dollars that their current burgeoning enrollment brings.

        Now not all universities will lose in the meritocracy “wars” due to reputation and elitism. Certainly the Ivy leagues and the tech colleges like MIT and Caltech and Kettering (who bridges the gap between academic and trade school) will do just fine. But many other universities will disappear or “right size”. And also, we can expect the trade school system to grow as students look to employment avenues they can train in.

    • Exactly. As if it wasn’t pellucid enough already, Roberts gave the antiwhites the blueprint for circumventing and undermining the ruling. If it when it all goes hot, y’all can have the Wise Latina and Ketanji-Hutu. Leave Roberts to me…

      • Robert’s will live to see the destruction of the SCOTUS that he wrought. The Court will be packed and that will cost it the last vestige of public credibility remaining in the Justice System.

        The very thing he attempted to save when he opined that the “fine” imposed for non-medically insured folks by the AHCA (Obama Care) was a “tax” and therefore legal. Remember, he was scared by Obama’s threat at that time to pack the Court and gave the deciding vote (which he pulled from his ass) to retain the law. He showed the same lack of judicial integrity that we now decry of the three Dem Court appointment.

  11. Always thought aging and heading-towards-dementia SCOTUS judges just hired brilliant clerks, told them what they wanted and expected them to write the opinion to match. Their budget is unlimited and it’s a prestige appointment..they get the pick of the litter.

    These opinions by Ketanji Brown Jacksons, are, well, my god. Teenagers write better than this. Not impressed with some of the others, either.

    The question: Are they writing their own opinions, or are they hiring clerks so dumb that they themselves feel superior by comparison? Wouldn’t you feel inadequate if you were appointed just because of your junk and your skin color?

    First rate people hire first rate people. Second rate people hire third rate people.

    • It’s hard to believe that Ketanji, or most any federal judge, could actually be dumber than Wise Latina

    • Did you watch Ted Cruz absolutely decimate Ketanji in her hearing with him? He destroyed so thoroughly that I could hear every moderately competent attorney in the US chuckling and twisting in discomfort.

      Granted it was political theatre where Cruz in the end would show he isn’t racist and you know … Still. If those are in her hand it is not surprising. If not, it isn’t surprising that this would be what her idea of the best and brightest would come up with.

      She and Sotomayor are classic endpoints of The Left’s racial patronage system. They have the uniform, they have the title, they have the paycheck. Thus they are what we say they are.

    • “Are they writing their own opinions, or are they hiring clerks so dumb that they themselves feel superior by comparison?”

      Could be she hires law clerks who are accepted via AA in law schools. These folk are notoriously over matched in their field by the other races and their class standing is toward the bottom of their class.

      Could also be the dissenting side of the argument is so ridiculous as to be impossible to make articulable. This happens when you use emotion rather than reasoned, judicial interpretation of written law.

      The reasons why are well speculated in the quote above. They need no elaboration.

      Disclaimer: I know nothing about her staff and their background.

  12. I’m surprised anyone here ever voted. I’ve never done so. It was obvious in the 90s there’s only one party and the slippery slope, while a fallacy when making a logical argument, is STILL a valid and real part of human psychology.

    Like the DeSantis campaign, the conservative side is tag-teamed in when certain narratives are needed, which is why you have so many right-wing “wins” in the media since 2022. (Wins in quotes because anyone who READS and DIGS into the bills, rulings, etc. often finds, like with DeSantis and his “wins”, the entire thing is a charade).

    Bush was the same beast, as was Reagan. We’re all imperialists now.

    • Luber,

      You are not alone.

      I didn’t believe in the Uniparty in the mid/late ’90s, but even just attempting to evaluate the field of candidates at the time on their merits it rapidly became evident there was no one who represented me or my interests, so why bother?

  13. Seems like the best thing for us would to be the government give all minorities a full scholarship to Ivy League schools including law in order to bust up the monopoly that graduates from these schools have over the political and economic life worldwide. I want to see Harvard classes look like ta Miami airport brawl.

    • This is a possibility. However, so long as the Ivies have the most prestige, there will be a generous tranche of Finkels on the faculty and in the student body.

    • Getting a Ferguson going in Cambridge would be quite a coup. I’d pay good money to watch a big fat she-boon sit on one of those pencil-necked little juice dweebs that stole my spot at MIT.

    • How about a process somewhat like Med Schools and residency placement for their graduates. In short, Law schools randomly draw applicants for admission to their program.

      Of course, that will never happen. There’s a reason for their selectivity. “It’s a club, and you ain’t in it.” As Carlin said.

  14. Affirmative actions programs are another byproduct of prolonged affluence and people having way too much spare time on their hands. These parasites need something to do in order to feel good about themselves while surviving on the grift, so they meddle in all kinds of stupid entropic activities under the guise of compassionate altruism. At the root, this nonsense can only continue if the plates keep spinning. And nothing will stop it until the plates fall. Every proactive attempt at solution only makes things worse because it inevitably feeds and grows the beast.

    Collapse, hardship, culling, and survival of the fittest have been the only real means of specie’s improvement for about a billion years. We will continue our decline until the environment changes and grifting gets you dead rather than prosperous.

    • Specie: money in coin, itself a plural noun.
      The Singular of Species is Species or conversely, the plural of Species is Species or Species’ or Species’s.
      That’s my contribution to this Weeks Pain the the Ass Fridays.

    • Fedcoin, coming in July, begs to differ.
      The seasonings must flow!

      And they will; as the BIS banks collapse under their own compounding debt load, the magical digits will simply be revalued into Reichsmarks.

      The plates will spin on time!
      Or we’ll incur the wrath of Karen. Unleash the Ketanji!

  15. “Judge Roberts wrote, “nothing prohibits universities from considering an applicant’s discussion of how race affected the applicant’s life, so long as that discussion is concretely tied to a quality of character or unique ability that the particular applicant can contribute to the university.” Colleges will no doubt read this as a license to go crazy with their anti-White agendas.”

    Colleges need no excuse, nor permission from SCOTUS. CA passed State law a decade ago prohibiting such “discrimination” in admissions. The Universities ignored the law. See:

    “The Diversity Delusion How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture”. By Heather Mac Donald

    ACT Corporation—acutely aware of losing their student rating business has been busy constructing and selling another admissions “test”. This one producing a student’s “life struggle” and “hardship” score/index. Of course, Whites being in the majority and in the upper SES will score lower than the typical ghetto rat. It will be a simple process to combine (as in differentially weight) this seemingly objective evaluation score with a lower ACT score (or no ACT score) to produce the desired racial balance in admissions. Graduating student competence will continue to decline—both minority *and* White.

    As Z-man noted, all that’s happened here is a “rebuke” from the high court to the college admissions folk to be a bit more subtle in the process of “anti-white discrimination”.

    The above procedure will produce enough of a guise to slip past this SCOTUS ruling. SCOTUS however is a “dead man walking”. This and last week’s rulings have doomed the 9 judge court. The next Congress to turn Leftist majority will expand the Court to 13 Justices.

    The biggest problem with the current SCOTUS rulings is that it only serves to put Joe Normie back to sleep. These “do nothing” rulings serve to convince Whites that there is hope in correcting the process through judicial means—and all that entails through being a “good citizen”—whereas a bit of review and understanding of the rulings would show just the opposite. Morning conservative talk shows have taken the bait, and are filled with “we won” rejoicing. Fools, all.

    • And the student loan bailout ruling is a five-course meal to Boomercons. They are busy stocking up on burgers and beer for a long weekend of grilling, chilling, and laughing at all the women’s studies and philosophy majors whom they want to see in debtor’s prison.

      Just don’t bring up Bud Light or PPP loans to them while they’re rocking out to Foghat.

      • Sorry, I’m not taking the black pill. This is a good day and I’m going to enjoy it.

        Best wishes for a happy Independence Day to you and yours.

      • I mostly support the debt forgiveness, but only if the problem is addressed. Since they will never address the problem, we will continue to saddle young people with huge debts that prevent things like family formation or home ownership or even, frankly, car ownership.

        One of the fixes that need to happen is to actual enforce high school standards. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of kids graduate HS every year while possessing a 9th grade or earlier education.

        In the 1940s, less than 1/2 of all kids (about 40%) graduated HS. That meant that possessing a HS diploma actually meant you possessed a HS education. Going to college meant you would actually get a college education. While I haven’t seen actual statistics on it, I would guess a significant portion of college graduates do not actually posses a college education.

        The idea that we will lend the money to anyone who can fog a mirror is ludicrous and frankly, evil.

        • This is why I support loan forgiveness as many loans were *fraudulent* to begin with. If I sell you a used car in “perfect condition” and the engine blows out on the way from the dealership you should have recourse. Ignore “as is” laws for a moment.

          About 30% of the college loans on the book are to those who *never* receive a degree (successful completion of a course of study). Add to that the number of folk with faux degrees in faux academic disciplines—Black or any ethnic studies, for example—and I say we easy have 50% fraudulent loans. Now yes, there is an assumption of risk on the part of the student, but come on. These degree mills called Higher Ed are singing a siren’s song to 18 yo ghetto rats and yes, mush head Whites.

          Yet, the President stills claims these loans are necessary and that a college degree is the path to a good life for everybody—especially the Left’s pet minorities. This despite the statistics on the numbers of students hopelessly in debt and in default on these loans.

          BTW, I read of student loans actually being discharged by bankruptcy judges *exactly* under my premise—they were fraudulently incurred. This so much scared the Fed’s that they no longer press the issue of repayment for fear of more such judgments setting precedent.

          • “BTW, I read of student loans actually being discharged by bankruptcy judges *exactly* under my premise—they were fraudulently incurred. This so much scared the Fed’s that they no longer press the issue of repayment for fear of more such judgments setting precedent.”

            This is the way. BK should be available in general for all portions of student loans, but for now, portions of loans are being fought/discharged in court because they were used for non-college expense related things.

            $1000 big screen TV in the dorm room? $500 sheets for the bed? Spring break romp? Banks lent this money and the government underwrote it for education…but then fail to even roughly guestimate how much that loan should even be, or audit how it was used for.

            Student loan lenders know exactly what they’re doing. Bankruptcy isn’t consequence free and it’s a hell of a life lesson. That’s where this needs to go.

        • “ Going to college meant you would actually get a college education. While I haven’t seen actual statistics on it, I would guess a significant portion of college graduates do not actually posses a college education.”

          Yep. I approach the situation from another angle. Just what level of intellect can make good use of a college education?

          In the era you quote, about 6% of the country attended college. That was basically our elite class’s children. That seems low, and therefore unfair and suboptimal for a well functioning society. Certainly a society of professed values such as ours at the time.

          Heretofore, my reading of IQ in the STEM fields was 115-120 to achieve a degree in a rigorous area of study. An IQ of perhaps 106-110 for the softer sciences. Using an IQ of 110 as minimum, that mean 25% of the population should/could be in Higher Ed. Yet last I read, 40% were attending college. I have read that 50% the current generation of millennials have some form of Higher Ed degree!

          What explains this? Credentialism. We lower standards for graduation and/or create faux degrees in faux disciplines for those with no/limited intellectual ability.

          What are the results? Mediocrity, misplacement of societal resources, and inevitable resentment when “graduates” can find no meaningful employment opportunities.

          • Last I read, 60% of black college graduates work for the government. Most government bureaucracies are warehouses of mediocre black, creating a fake middle class financed by the taxpayers and more and more debt. Debt for peace, if you will.

          • “In the era you quote, about 6% of the country attended college. That was basically our elite class’s children. That seems low, and therefore unfair and suboptimal for a well functioning society.”

            A lot less unfair than it seems because a university degree just wasn’t that important like it is today. A lot of companies would just IQ test applicants and place them based on that IQ. When these tests were effectively outlawed, a college degree became a proxy for IQ. This meant that kids with a high IQ, but no college suffered and so they wanted alleviate that problem with a way to get these kids into college.
            When too many kids were flunking out of HS, that made even more programs necessary.

            Each intervention has caused more problems and necessitated ever new interventions to solve the “problems” caused by the last intervention. It’s a regulatory death spiral bankrupting the country.

          • KGB,

            My reparations program would consist of a single question to every black person in America: If you could push a magic button, and the entire history of slavery in North America would be erased, would you push it? If the answer is yes, your reparation is a free plane ticket to Africa. If your answer is no, thank you for you honesty, and your reparation is continued citizenship.

        • In my experience — which is extensive, but only of Liberal Arts — about 1 in 10 college kids actually has the chops AND wants to be there. The second is, in a lot of ways, almost more important than the first.

          The kid who has the chops *and* wants to be there tends to be a STEM kid. He wants to be an engineer, which you can’t do via apprenticeship, so he has the skills and is motivated. Those who are prepared for college work but *aren’t* motivated go one of two ways — they either party hearty and get recycled after a few semesters in JuCo (and that’s the *good* outcome)… or they go full-tilt SJW, because they’re in college looking for *meaning*, not education.

          Liberal Arts programs are full of those kids. Some programs — Poli Sci; Journalism — are pretty much nothing but those kids. They’re bright-but-directionless; educated enough to know it, but not experienced enough to know what to do about it. They’re by far the most dangerous White people in America in my estimation.

          • educated enough to know it, but not experienced enough to know what to do about it

            Educated beyond their ability to understand as it’s sometimes put.

          • Severian, a well put added observation to my experience.

            I think I was one of those kids, except I remember loving every minute of it—especially the oft put down “liberal arts” trope. It made me a better, no superior, adult.

            If it were up to me, no student would get away with avoiding a heavy grounding in the Western canon. Never considered university to be a “trade” school.

          • In a Chris Rock voice … “I’m not saying Pol Pot should’ve done it… but I understand it! “

    • Not true really…The Court’s opinion points out by implication that Brown v. Board of Education and many other decisions subject all use of race with respect to policy to strict scrutiny, and enumerates why that is a very difficult standard to meet…Suffice it to say that under the Brown decision and many other cases regarding Equal Protection, Harvard and UNC would have to justify any use of race with specific, narrow and verifiable goals, which a court could assess…This they have not done, and cannot do…And Justice Roberts warns that using life experience etc..cannot be done by racial profiling, but would need to be on an individualized basis…
      It’s a very detailed and comprehensive opinion which leaves, in fact, very little wiggle room..
      I think it opens the door for lawsuits against every institution using racial profiling as a means to limit white or asian numbers….
      PS..I am a Constitutional lawyer who has litigated successfully in SCOTUS…

      • We shall see. Your claim therefore is that “proxies” for race will be challenged as racial profiling—just one step removed. We shall see.

        The point remains however, not addressed, is that removal of academic achievement tests and their replacement with…whatever, seems to bode ill for selecting the best and the brightest. A decline in incoming student ability will inevitably result in a decline in output student ability.

        I might also comment that this Court’s decision was 6-3. Strictly partisan and descending opinion seemed more emotional than legal. Packing the Court will solve that PDQ.

      • You may be an experienced lawyer and I am not, but I am also not blind. They completely ignore the law if the law disagrees with them. They do not face consequences for doing so. Plus, they maliciously and selectively enforce the criminal laws already and have been for 50 years.

        George Floyd is a perfect example of this. Cops spray and pray and fire hundreds of rounds into a freeway or into a building and nobody faces ANY consequences. Derrick Chauvin did everything right. He was sent to the scene. Did everything he could to get Floyd in that car. The medical report said he had lethal levels of fentanyl (a respiratory depressant) plus had covid, a respiratory infection, and major heart disease. NONE of this mattered. Even if he had not been found guilty, it was still a life ruining event for doing his damned job. The law didn’t matter. It didn’t protect him from either prosecution or the jury.

        Down in Uvalde, they (60 plus armed cops) literally cowered in a hallway while children were being slaughtered by a single teenager. They have been rewarded for this with new budget increases, new equipment, new training etc. None of the cowardly foot soldiers have been disciplined in the slightest.

        Take James Edwards, a radio DJ in the South on a FCC licensed radio station. Members of the press told flat out poisonous lies about him. They accused him, falsely of being a Grand Wizard in the KKK. Edwards filed a defamation suit. Edwards could easily prove he was never even a member of the KKK let alone in a leadership position. EVERYONE agrees on this point. Decades of precedence was overturned, precedence created to protect MLK in a similar situation. They said “well, he did have David Duke on his program, so that’s good enough! Case dismissed!” Yes, they really did say that. it’s not hyperbole for effect. They literally said that in the ruling.

        They will NEVER be constrained by precedence or the law. They will do whatever they want and the judges will back it. if the lower courts refuse to be bound by the precedent or find novel ways around the precedent, what is SCOTUS gonna do? Rule again? “We really, really mean it this time!”

        You cannot expect a corrupt system to fix itself.

        • Any “conservative lawyer” is still tied to the system, and as such, will not question it or the never-delivered wisdom of imaginary appellate courts. Their livelihood depends upon the continuance of this absurd system, and the fiction that courts are in some sense a check upon government, when in fact, the courts are now *the* sine qua non of progressive liberalism in the West.

          Conservatives have nothing to offer us now except promises that some imaginary court somewhere will overturn the latest outrage — which never happens, and which they are never held to account for promising.

          • Even more to the point, when a court does toss the right a bone of even piddling proportions, the Leftist subject of the decision fulminates and perorates and then goes about its merry business as if nothing has happened. Perhaps a few further legal challenges are brought, but they prove inconclusive rather than dispositive, and de facto, the Left wins again.

            In Insane Clown World, the Left really is on the right side of history. Alas, in the larger scheme of things, ICW is coming a cropper and proving to be on the wrong side of history.

    • Compsciz; Conservacucks are going to celebrate every empty ‘victory’ as they gracefully lose the war. Work within the system! Follow the rules! Everyone of every background can be successful if they just do ‘x.’

      As you note, fools all. And their dangerous and smug naivete will bring ruin to millions. A pox on them.

      • I will unashamedly steal from our enemies and work within the system when it suits me, and outside the system when it doesn’t.

    • With France burning, America should send Ibram X. Kendi to visit Lafayette’s grave and have him say “Lafayette, we are here!…Version 2.0”

      Aren’t the French glad they created America to have the boomerang of woke and diversity forced down their throats 250 years later?

      (Lafayette was a French aristocrat who fought with the US in the Revolutionary War…much beloved by America. When France was on it’s knees in WWI and the Americans came to the rescue Gen John Pershing visited the gravesite of Lafayette and uttered the phrase, “Lafayette, we are here!”. Or someone on his staff did, anyway)

    • He’s been bang on so far based on his book Submission.

      I hope his predictions are wrong though because in the end every Frenchman turned into Muslims.

      • The fact that Houellebecq can look like he does and smoke like a chimney and sleep with a non-stop string of French models makes me realize I chose the wrong profession.

        Wait a minute….the TheZman is a writer…..

      • What I find amusing is that the frenchman turn muslim because ultimatly the muslims can make a better offer. Stay a “western” man and be ground down to shit by shrieking blue hair feminists and their ilk. OR become a muslim and you have some extra young wives. I know what I’d take!

  16. Smashing the icons.

    I suspect it’s not just giddy incompetence, but passive-aggressive assassination, knowing the nature of the icon, glass ceiling, and racial barrier smashers.

    They’re throwing sand in OUR gears.

    Bud Light was an icon…of a particular set.
    Moon landings?

    I think they’re smashing icons, with weaponized moronity.
    Even a moron gets the gist of “slash the tires”. These widgets are meant to fail, and get rewarded for it.

    Jeez. Talk about unlimited ammo.

  17. I feel politics is making me mentally ill. I feel that the Senate the electoral college gerrymandering are a discrimination against the democratic party.

    At the same time, the democratic party is often it’s own worst enemy. Like I had historically voted dem because I saw them as the tolerant party and the republicans as the party of captain von trapp or dean wormer (i.e. inflexible and very harsh).

    Like I’ve read somewhere that people who identify as liberal are more likely to disown you or not want to be your friend, while people who identify as republican are actually more tolerant. But then again, I feel if they were more tolerant, the republicans would cave on Senate equality or at least scotus term limits.

    I feel that the contradictions are being heightened. Like sometimes I think we’re being governed by the council for national policy and/or opus dei but then I see the Seattle pride parade and I get confused. Like which one is it. I obviously don’t want either and could only temporarily tolerate the latter temporarily if it helps gets rid of the first. Otherwise I don’t want that in our society

  18. Of course nothing changes. The colleges will continue to discriminate and keep it hidden from the sunlight. They laugh and we continue to complain. IMHO, this is being made too complex.

    People here can write lots of words about nothing, so here’s a few for them so they can save time: just cut off and end all Federally-supported student loans. Every one of them.

    Colleges can keep right on putting their thumbs on the scales in their secretive ways of admitting who ever they want, but they won’t be doing it on the taxpayers dime. And we can sit back while their poisonous gourds whither, die, and rot on the vines. Talk about us being deprived of such a sweet revenge!

    • That would be the solution if the government wanted a solution. They prefer to wield the power of the taxpayers against the universities to keep them in line.

      • The Final Solution of The American Problem will be when it too undergoes its very own Soviet Union Level Extinction Event. Some like Martin Armstrong think it will be over with by 2032, but I don’t think it will be that long.

        The narratives are quickly falling apart. I’ve said since 2020 that their fake pandemic is the American Chernobyl, and it looks like Kennedy is on the edge of pushing it off. If he somehow does that, or is killed to shut him up, it will unravel very quickly. Please note that I think Kennedy has his owners too, but at least many of the Cloud People with suffer if he is successful in his endeavor.

        • The final nail for the Soviet Union was hyperinflation, 300something% iirc. They tolerated much more dysfunction, for much longer, than we have seen here, until the money wasn’t any good. AINO has likewise shown the ability to tolerate all sorts of madness, but it can and will tolerate much more, as long as the money is good and the HugeMart is stocked.

      • The unis don’t need to be kept in line; they are a key component of the Power Structure. Ideologically and functionally, they are no different from FedGov. The reason that FedGov does not want a solution is because they want to keep pushing as many youngsters through the indoctrination tanks as possible. Any measure–such as elimination of federal student loans–reducing the number of indoctrinees is a non-starter.

  19. Dammit…I’ll have to catch the rest later! The chores have the best of me today. Anyhoo…

    There’s a tendency sometimes for the Dissidents to sit on the sidelines and snark and take their eyes of the ball. Occasionally they miss the big things, and I believe it may be happening now. Allow me to pontificate, orate, and bloviate?

    Remember 2016…? Blumpf started mouthing off at the press: We’d been doing it for decades, but it was NEVER done in public! But there it was: the bad orange man twisted his face and sneered, “Ya liars! Ya fake news…!!!” And then…MEAN TWEETS!!! The bloody cheek!!!! The initial response was incredulous rage… and then laughter. The Globohomo propaganda machine turned it’s great red eye on Blumpf and rumbled in the voice of 1000 demons, “We’ll crush you…”

    Today the big mainstream outlets are on life support. Ask CNN and Fox what their prospects are this year? 8 years later they’ve all lost at least 50% of their 2015 staffs, and some have gone out of business altogether. Mark Dice gets better ratings than CNN from his kitchen. But it all started with Trump, according to some, and they still rant and curse him for it. They’ll never forgive him.

    Donald did not destroy the legacy media, of course. He was just one of the first pebbles to go skittering down the slope before the avalanche. At the time people laughed and thought nothing of it. Our public spaces now look nothing like those of 2016. The dreaded media smears and attacks now fail as often as they succeed.

    So it goes today. This is a small deal to the cynics and skeptics….but I think it’s a game changer. It opens the door on reverse lawfare. You can bet the full might of the Asian demographic legal machine is now going to be right up Harvard’s ass. The lawyers will start mobilizing for lawsuits that will start in September. In other news, the supremes turfed a lawsuit some queers brought against a web page designer who refused to make a page announcing a gay marriage. This is a harbinger of the food fight that is now sure to come: the various members the Victim Society are going to turn on each other. If that happens…America could be a different place in 8 years.

    I hear Fwance is on fire today; blacks and moslems are looting and burning everywhere because those cushy free retirements they didn’t work for – have gone up in smoke. More pebbles skitter past, bouncing down the slope.

    We live at the base of Vesuvius, my Dissident friends. It’s not a question of “if” it erupts, it’s a question of when. The old volcano grumbles grumpily to us today, promising a reckoning and doings of high comedy. It could come today, or years from now. Kick your emergency plans and preps into high gear, if you have not already done so! Have a great Friday, and may the Gods be forever in you favour.

    • The Victim Society’s tendency to eat itself will become more apparent as the boomers age out and the millenials and Z rise in the hierarchy. As of now the boomers and Xers are spending at least half their energy trying to herd those cats.

  20. The upside is that it does seem to open to door for some right-wing lawfare… and college people are so stupid that discovery, at least, will be a hoot.

    A tale out of school: Back when I was in grad school, the uni I worked for felt themselves legally obligated to at least interview a job candidate who had an unacceptable opinion on a historical topic. They did the pro forma thing, and they would’ve gotten away with it, if not for those meddling kids! Specifically, one of the junior faculty, who saw a nice opportunity to virtue-signal and so told the candidate to his face that his unacceptable opinion is unacceptable and he is therefore being blackballed.

    Or, at least, that’s what the disgruntled interviewee claimed in his lawsuit threat.

    And even there, they would’ve gotten away with it — it’s a he-said, she-said — if not for those meddling kids! Because the grad students, being even less mature, saw an even better opportunity to virtue signal, and so they started posting on university message boards, using their official college IDs, that of course this badthinker got blackballed, as is only right and proper, and how dare the Department even consider blah blah blah.

    Note that I have no doubt the university would’ve skated had he actually brought suit — no Leftist judge (BIRM) will rule against his butt buddies in academia — but the kerfuffle would’ve been hilarious, and it still would’ve cost the U. a pretty penny in lost enrollments.

    So it’s not completely useless. Some good opportunities to throw sand in the gears, at any rate.

    • I came up in the 90s when Limbaugh and the rest deployed “wacky college cuckooland” content non-stop or at least daily. Today things are so, so much staggeringly worse ($ + Internet). To my ears any bright-side discussions of new lawsuit and exciting cyber-mockery opportunities are like nth-generation Pro Tools Katy Perry/Harry Styles a.i.-written pop songs, it’s just irritating to have to hear going about my errands.

      I would recommend 100% against paying to go to college for any h.s. student who ever asked my opinion, let alone relatives’ or friends’ children. There was this silly website, UStrive — run by Deloitte for some reason — that I “volunteered” to advise on, to spread precisely this gospel; however, most of the kids were in Brazil or Indonesia etc. and just wanted ESL assistance on composing a Personal Statement of just the right degree of inanity. I don’t believe college is materially or spiritually beneficial for POC kids either but this positional good of the 4-year diploma is taking a real long time to crumble (Limbaugh types confidently predicted this was imminent ca. 1995) so go ahead and exploit a free ride if you get it, I guess. I wouldn’t lie to them that American undergrad is anything other than cancer; I never went to grad school, presumably which is even more dire.

      • You’re preaching to the choir, Senator. I have told entire classrooms of college freshmen to their faces that they’re wasting their time and money. If you do not know, with absolute metaphysical certainty, both WHY you’re here and why you HAVE TO be here — as in, you need research-grade lab facilities — then you are doing yourself a grave disservice.

        I did my part. I fought the fight. It didn’t do a damn bit of good (which is why I’m not there anymore), but I tried.

        That said, if you think the Tiger Mom’s ain’t grinding out lawsuits as we speak…

  21. I did not cover this in the show, but this case is a good reminder that words on paper will never constrain a ruling class. The letter of the law means nothing to people who have no respect for the spirit of the law.

    That is, of course, true in one sense. Mere might can overwhelm a law that cannot find an equal might to enforce it. However, it is also true that there is no society in history that has not striven for codified laws, settled conclusions, and precedents and standards. Even societies that don’t use writing still have their “written” laws in the form of customs that everyone is obliged to know and follow. Clearly, then, this sort of activity is important. Arguing too vociferously that “laws don’t matter” puts you on a course that takes you clean out of human reality altogether, so such statements need to be counterbalanced by something else.

    That’s a big topic, but it might be enough at this juncture to say that “legal” behavior is behavior that others in the society are obliged to tolerate, behavior that they have no juridical recourse against, and that makes a big practical difference. Laws against usury did not prevent loan sharks from lending at interest to desperate and/or shady characters, but it did prevent them from being able to recover the interest legally. If someone told their loan shark to shove off, the shark could haul the debtor into court to recover the loan, and that certainly worked to confine the activity to the margins of society.

    This ruling against Affirmative Action means that whites cannot now be legally discriminated against. It means they have the right to file lawsuits and recover damages if they believe they have been discriminated against. It means that those who would discriminate against whites now have no juridical defense, and that is a huge deal. Those lawsuits will be brought and won, and the behavior of corporations and universities is going to change dramatically.

    Colleges will no doubt read this as a license to go crazy with their antiwhite agendas….This recent case was a chance to roll back a lot of horrible ideas, but they cucked.

    I disagree. The justices had a fine line to walk here. It would be neither legal nor moral for the Supreme Court to simply dictate to universities what their admission criteria must be. The principle of subsidiarity (as well as that vaunted “freedom of association,” which is otherwise so popular here) demands that these subsidiary entities be granted a broad latitude to admit students based on any criteria they think are relevant. What this ruling does is remove an unchallengeable quota system that the universities can hide behind. It puts the responsibility squarely on the universities to define “relevant criteria” in terms the general population actually agrees with, and it subjects them to competitive pressures. Harvard can no longer claim to be doing the Lord’s work in admitting unqualified minorities, and it will have to shoulder the consequences of its own decisions (including lawsuits, mentioned above).

    This removes the last argument for voting Republican.

    This decision was a direct consequence of Republicans voting for Donald Trump, who was able to nominate conservative members of the court. This, and Dodd, is one of the best arguments for voting Republican that I have seen in my lifetime.

    • -Eyeskip-

      Should read “…The shark culd NOT haul his debtor into court…”

    • I agree with you here and feel Zman is way too pessimistic in this case. Setting aside the University question (and IMHO non-State schools are free to admit whomever they’d like) the down stream effects on corporations are positive. The DIE push in corporate America over the past few years has been a direct outcome of the several decades of active university discrimination against White people. Now companies will no longer have the top cover of Affirmative Action to pursue anti-White agendas. I know first-hand that large companies are thinking twice about various diversity initiatives due to this ruling. This is good news for us.

      • “The DIE push in corporate America over the past few years has been a direct outcome of the several decades of active university discrimination against White people.”

        This is tautologous. DIE is merely the formalization of discrimination against whites that has been ongoing for over half a century.

    • “This ruling against Affirmative Action means that whites cannot now be legally discriminated against.”

      Not so. One needs to understand the more subtle meaning, hidden by the plain text. The ruling’s practical effect is to demand that universities be more subtle in their discrimination—and further *directly* permits proxies for race to be considered in admission. Further such expressed permission of proxies will make legal challenges harder to bring about at the higher court levels.

      You’ve no experience in academia, several folks here do. Things will go on as before, to wit, the proportion of Whites in higher Ed admissions will continue to decline, or at least not be in proportion to expected population figures. Not to mention a general decline in overall competency of graduating students as the disciplines “adjust” to their standards for increasingly racially mixed student populations.

    • I do not disagree with you that a system of subsidiarity that respects freedom of association would be the best we could hope for at this point. I may not share complete pessimism on achieving it, but I don’t share your same level of optimism. The ruling does allow for FOA to take root, but consider the soil upon which it is sown. The current ruling class – academic, commercial and government – is dead set against it. They have broadcast their intentions of subverting this ruling loudly and clearly.

    • “American mind” increasingly sounds like an oxymoron — for both that specific website/organization and our culture as a whole.

    • “…it is often good and necessary to segregate by biological sex, a truth that does not apply to discrimination on the basis of race, which is wrong in itself…”

      Taken from the article ref’s. I stopped reading. Once I hit a gratuitous assertion, a false gratuitous assertion, basically the entire quote above, I stop wasting my time.

      The intent of Higher Education was always to take the best and the brightest of society and perfect them. Even in the olden, pre-science, religiosity days. In regards to perfecting intellect, the best HBD science data we have estimates a very small intellectual difference (not behavioral) between men and women (approx 4 IQ points). Not so for the races.

  22. At this point, the whole hoax of the court *still* debating AA is rather quaint; it’s like we’re still in the 70s-80s-90s as opposed to now when whitey is hated and minority. It’s so clear now and in retrospect that the Left was never fighting in good-faith in terms of societal good or fairness. It was all about power and getting their people in so they could crush the majority. The Right bent over every time.

    I’m surprised the court isn’t fielding cases and considering whether its legal for blacks to kill white people as part of reparations restorative justice.

  23. Per ~27:30. This is the horse at the water.

    I think a large number of blacks actually believe that things just exist, like fruits that grow in un-tended groves. Somebody takes and guards the magic groves. Then, they hand out the surpluses only to members of their tribe.

    To believe what they believe means to believe that the guy swinging on the end of the garbage truck gets on a call every morning with the other 100 million white guys where they discuss how to discriminate against every single black person and then say, “Hey! I need a garbage man down in Tulsa. Anybody got a son who needs a gig who is reliable, has a stomach for filth, and is a morning person? Oh Bill up in Omaha. Yeah. I have a cousin working a dude ranch in Utah. He doesn’t like it much and I think he’ll take to it. Done! Okay. We got the garbage man in Tulsa. Next week, we’ll fill the dude ranch slot in Omaha. Keep an eye out. …”

    They project their world view onto affirmative action. That is exactly what affirmative action is. It is basically saying, here are things your tribe has from the stolen magic grove, and we want our share of them. To think that Imperial America used its power and its printing press to basically underwrite this project.

    Maybe whites aren’t so smart after all. Those decisions

    Well, we head into very dark times now. The demographics are horrific.

    In the meantime Muslims just claimed London as theirs without a peep of rebuke from the British. France is getting ravaged by Algerians and a pile-on of every nook and cranny from Africa while Macron dances at an Elton John concert after condemning the cop without calling for calm while due-process works and backing that up with the military.

    This is making Antoinette look benevolent. Let them eat, molotovs, fireworks and stolen heavy equipment.

    The wheels are coming off.

  24. Let me tell you about East Asians, and I know from a lot of experience. I graduated with a lot of them, and my neighborhood is a plurality of them. They are not “gaming” the system. They have their offspring focus ONLY on academics. It goes back to your point you made about them, they view things as “will this help me make more money?” A close family friend (who is Asian) was screamed at for wanting to do dance and chorus. Why? Because it took time away from academic study. The idea of being “well rounded” with extra curriculars is too squishy of a measure to them. Ironically, when you read the actual case from Harvard, they say exactly this as their reason for excluding Asians. They say basically, they’re overwhelmingly the same. They have knockout grades, but there’s no life outside academics.

    As a side note, you see this even with China’s approach to being competitive in the Olympics. Children with physical/athletic prowess are sent off at a young age to sports camps that have limited academics. They just practice all day in their field (gymnastics, swimming, lifting, etc.) This is seen as their profession, and work outside of it is seen as detrimental.

    • I can concur. Upwardly-mobile or bougie East Asians will do whatever seems to them the sure way to financial success. Which is education and hustle. The abhor laziness. (You also see this kind of behavior in the Asian financial sector, which is twice as prone to mob runs and speculative investments as Westerners.)

      Concepts such as altruism and worldly rejection, even dissident thinking, are pretty alien to them. They will do what they need to so, with the system in place. they won’t try and buck or reform the system; they will find a way to make it work in their favor.

      There’s three kinds of people in this world: those that game the system (East and South Asians, Semites, southern Europeans), those that ignore the system (Slavs and Hispanics, Africans), and those that trust the system (northern Europeans).

      • There are two kinds of people in the world: those that can extrapolate to find missing information…

      • Ethics are largely a strange concept too. There was a YouTube video that made its rounds a while back where a western interviewer was talking to the top Chinese scientist in a controversial field (can’t remember if it was AI, Cloning, stem cell, etc). The western interviewer asks about how they balance advancing the field with ethical considerations, and the Chinese guy looks at him like he started speaking another language. Couldn’t understand what the two would have to do with one another. I’ll have to try and find the video.

      • Going to school and working in Computer Science I’ve had plenty of opportunities to observe China-men, and they are true to their nature. Cheating or doing a piss poor job is just fine so long as they still get their money or class credit. All they ever fucking talk about is making money, get rich quick schemes, gambling, skinner box video games, and all the brain-dead consumerism all that “hustling” can bring them. Talk about anything like politics or ethics and they do look at you like you just came from Mars.

        Small-souled bugmen indeed, and I can see why the regime wants to replace Whites with them as high-IQ worker ants.

    • ‘Pon me word! Harvard utilizing “stereotypes” against Orientals?! But Harvard knows, as we all do, that so-called “stereotypes” are truthful while politically correct narratives are false. What Harvard is really saying is that they just love those lively, musical, vibrant Nuggras, and they hate those unemotional, frigid and dull Slopes.

  25. “I did not cover this in the show, but this case is a good reminder that words on paper will never constrain a ruling class.”

    Perhaps beating a dead horse, but that’s because they have a will to power. Not a bad thing if it lines up with the national spirit, but very bad if it represents foreign gods lol. Whose general will?

    The Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free slaves by the letter, but it represented a seismic shift. It freed the slaves in spirit and unleashed abolitionist zealots.

    Likewise, this decision represents a shift, potentially seismic, but it comes down to Republicans having the stones to impose their will. Which they lack, which has been the fundamental problem with right wing politics for a long time.

    • but that’s because they have a will to power.

      It’s because they have power. I know we always talk about Republicans being useless when they are nominally in charge, and that is true, but even if they went all mustache man there are simply too many progressives in positions of power within the Government-Industrial complex to be of any real effect. It would need to be a complete and widespread, and therefore quite slow, purge. Assuming you could even pull it off before you got suicided or something.

      • When I started paying attention to politics, it was ‘compassionate conservatism.’ Lately, you have Trump, the end of Roe, now this. Tentative steps. Either it stops being tentative, or it simply stops (and probably invites reprisals), but it’s in the right direction.

        How much is left to lose? What’s the point of continuing to be conservative— which is to say, timid, defensive, weak? Might as well find the nerve.

      • Hence the aspect of computer control at the “touch of a screen icon”. We know that Boeing lost a couple of planes to that assumption in the Middle East. They’ve corrected that software, but have they made it “Black proof”. We shall see.

        • Reminds me of two YouTube videos I watched recently (I won’t muddy the post up with links). The first was a vid that cataloged the fatal crash of an airliner in Africa (Kenya Airways Flight 507) and it was darkly amusing picturing the pilot valiantly overcoming all the controls in place to keep the plane from crashing in order to nose-dive it into a swamp.

          The second was a YouTuber chronicling his fake-flight during a massive multiplayer Flight Simulator event. As one could imagine, tower control during such an event is iffy and it seemed like the only thing keeping something “untoward” from happening on takeoff or landing was “dumb luck”.

      • Really? I’d like to see the evidence for that. Not saying it’s impossible, but I am somewhat dubious.

        Nuggras gone nugg, even if it means plunging to their death in a 747.

        • I just have bits and pieces from what I’ve read and heard. Black comedians have been known to say things like, “I was relieved when one pilot was white.”

          When I was a cab driver in St. Louis, long ago, a couple black fares commented on how black people (one of them used the n-word) ruin things all the time.

  26. Judge Napolitano has a good analysis in yesterday’s YT video.

    Seems Gorsuch and Thomas (along with the Judge) thought it should be an absolute with no waffle room. However, the waffle room is apparently rather narrow, and my read is that abuse thereof likely to lead to embarrassing court appearances for the wafflers, who will have to defend an actual Good that doesn’t boil down to “not white”.

    The Judge also pointed out that this decision affects all such race-based preferences wherever government money has been taken; universities were just the noisy ones.

    • SCOTUS or Congress could make affirmative action a criminal offense with capital punishment and it wouldn’t stop the ruling class from doing it and the punishment would never actually be administered. “shall not be infringed” has been turned into a huge class of “prohibited possessors” and entire categories of firearms more or less outlawed for most people.

      Napolitano is a total cuck. On his best days he’s an ideological libertarian (cue clown music)

      • Exactly this. I get downvoted regularly for writing this, but affirmative action is not a hill for us to die on, or even to try to defend, precisely because the ruling class will never stop. There is no upside whatsoever for our side to get involved in this debate.

        • I don’t care when people down vote my comment, but I do wish they would explain why. Like in this case. Why would anyone believe in 2023 that words on a paper will stop the rulers from doing whatever they want?

          A perfect example is people naked waving around their genitals in front of children. This is De Jure illegal in every US state. About 10 years ago there was a case I think in DC where a man was prosecuted for being naked in his own home while a mother and child was trespassing on his property and saw him through the window.

          Yet, we have video of people doing just this at pride parades with police standing around watching. They don’t like the law and so they just ignore it. Any cop who would try to arrest the perverts would get fired and stripped of his (un)”limited” immunity and ruined. The prosecutor would immediately throw out the case. Yet, we are supposed to believe the managerial class is going to give up its most sacred rite because 5 or 6 judges said so while also leaving a loophole the size of a 747? It is absolutely comical.

          • There’s a seminal case that is studied in every criminal law course in law school with that basic fact pattern. The seminal case is 40-50 years old now. If I recall correctly, it was morning and the man was standing near a window, naked, drinking coffee. Off to jail he went.

      • On his best days he’s an ideological libertarian (cue clown music)

        I keep coming back to: How stupid does one have to be to still be a libertarian?

  27. Affirmative action is the bribe that the regime pays to the “talented tenth” for keeping the other 90% in line- which means bloc voting for the regime-approved candidates and only race hustling regime-approved targets.

      • Only insofar as regime priorities are concerned. Riots and crime don’t matter to them. In fact, they are useful to keep normie afraid and compliant. Don’t want to make the black kids angry, as the saying goes.

      • “ do the affirmative tenth really keep the ghetto 9/10 in line?”

        Actually, they used to. Then the Civil Right Laws came about and the talented tenth got the hell out of the ghetto and moved into White neighborhoods. No fools they.

  28. “Words on paper will never constrain a ruling class.”

    That reminds me of Cersi Lannister, who, when Ned Stark told her he was going to dime her and Jaime out regarding their incestuous relationship that spawned illegitimate heirs for the throne, told Ned,

    “You think you’re going to beat me with a piece of paper?”

    She tore it in half in front of him, and not to long after that, Ned got his head chopped off.

    So much for rules.

    Yeah, paper…..that’ll show em!

    • Ned was an honorable fool. A piece of paper only works with other people of honor; not your enemies.

      The Right in the USA always imagined the libs were their well-meaning countrymen. The libs always hated the right and the USA and wanted to kill it.

    • Who knew there was a University of New Hampshire?

      The reality is, according to “The Bell Curve”, outlier knee grows are supposed to exist.

      It proves the authors theory.

    • That article cited above shows a particular (mis)understanding of academic evaluation. In another life, I remember the preliminary evaluation of potential new faculty hires. One position would have 300+ applications in those days.

      Several common behaviors on judging an academic vita. One, any number of faculty excluded published papers from journals they did not subscribe to. That is, journals they thought meritorious, distinguished, and of the field they were interested in and you stated your research in. You could have a dozen publications and if in the “wrong” journals, they counted as a big zero.

      Another was lack of primary authorship. If those were missing, you sank. Similarly, much less attention given papers in submission, or conference presentations.

      Never did I hear kudos for being cited extensively, but I know that such stat’s exist. It also exists that there is a good old boy agreement of faculty citing each other (and themselves) in publications. Only for senior positions did I hear such references made and then really, it was a word of mouth and personal solicitation for a job offer, not an ad in the fields journals. That’s junior, first time stuff.

  29. Kosovars are ethnically Albanian, not Slavic as the Serbs are.

    That aside, the most fascinating part of this ruling to me was the prelude to it. Roberts and Kavanaugh joined the leftwing justices in an absolutely stupid and unwarranted decision that required Alabama to create a second majority black district although the single one it had reflected reality, i.e., that was exactly proportional if someone is prone to go to the racial spoils system. A particularly insidious decision soon followed that allowed state supreme courts to upend the redistricting done by their state legislatures. In time, the state supreme courts will be adding majority black districts. Kavanaugh and Roberts joined with the Left once again in this psychosis.

    The interesting question: why? Why these insane bi-partisan rulings?

    Answer: because cuck Republicans like Kavanaugh and Roberts wanted to inoculate themselves from charges of racism because they knew this decision was pending. The Left never does anything of this sort because they know all power centers support them and there is no need to create the illusion of anything other than raw power. Roberts and Kavanaugh were too cowardly and afraid of social ostracism not to try to mitigate it. These are weak men in mind and spirit.

    The Republican Party is utterly useless as is its justices and the system that maintains this madness.

    • “Kavanaugh and Roberts joined with the Left once again in this psychosis.

      The interesting question: why?”

      Kavanaugh and Roberts wish to remain in good standing at the country club and on the D.C. cocktail party circuit.

    • Back in the day I thought that creating colored districts ironically increased Repub chances in the other districts by removing a 90% Dem voting bloc.

  30. I doubt that the answer is entirely that the justices cucked because that suggests some form of deliberate cowardice. Not to split hairs but being against racism and anti Semitism are baked into the worldviews of affluent whites in prestige positions no matter their political opinions.

    They don’t want to be around boys in da hood but they want to be admired by other good whites as being a good person. They go to the same dinner parties and belong to the same country clubs as other good whites who, while trying to avoid blacks, insist that racism is the second worst evil. The first being anti Semitism.

    Conservatives are not much better on this front that the left. Just like there is a uni party, there is to some degree a uni culture if you are uni educated and successful.

  31. Remember the Ron Unz work regarding Jewish admissions to top schools vs “other” white admissions. Unz looked at Jewish applicants and “other” white applicants with all other factors being similar, IQ, test scores, grades and no family heritage legacy for entrance consideration.

    The numbers showed that Jewish applicants were about 1000 times more likely to be admitted to a top school than “other” whites with all other factors being the same. I wonder what the numbers would be for Asians?

    I bet that this ruling won’t have any affect on any of that.

  32. Affirmative action got its SCOTUS imprimatur in Kaiser Aluminum v. Weber (1978) in which Justice Brennan (with Douglas) of the emanations and penumbras found Constitutional grounds for the majority validly discriminating against itself. Since that time, the primary beneficiaries of affirmative action have been liberal/progressive white women.

    Having been told, in the 80’s, explicitly to my face and with relish, that “white males need not apply,” I found an adjunct position, at a community college, teaching a course in — of all things — Con Law! Even then white male faculty were being paid less than their female and minority counterparts, righting the multi-generational ship of supply and demand on the backs of a single generation, though, officially, it was the “seventy cents on the male dollar.”

    The roots “social justice” go back to these days when individuals sank beneath the waves of progressive politics and, like Venus on the half shell, identities emerged as the relevant, Constitutional units for rewarding Fourteenth Amendment rights.

    My alma mater is laughing today. “Mr. Roberts has made his decision. Now let him enforce it.”

    • “Having been told, in the 80’s, explicitly to my face and with relish, that “white males need not apply,” I found an adjunct position, at a community college”

      That closely aligns with my experience. A non-Jewish white man with a terminal degree is unemployable in the university unless he is willing to be a self-abasing left-wing cuck and accept a permanently inferior status — essentially become a shoeshine boy with a PhD.

      The white man is the n_gger of the 21st century; nowhere is the more apparent than in the university.

      • Yes, but the conundrum (for the universities) is that the White man/women makes the university what it is (or was). Remove Whites and you have the university system as represented by South Africa—a systems where the best students have an IQ about the a western average of 100. That’s not Higher Ed, that’s HS.

        • That’s a conundrum only if the academics care about academic merit. As you well know, they no longer do.

  33. “But despite the dissent’s assertion to the contrary, universities may not simply establish through application essays or other means the regime we hold unlawful today. (A dissenting opinion is generally not the best source of legal advice on how to comply with a majority opinion.)”

    That’s from Roberts’ majority opinion. Sure he could flake, but it sounds like the court will give a fair hearing to applicants being discriminated against for being white. The white Starbucks lady just got a $25 million settlement for being unjustly fired on account of her race. The court ruling opens the door for similar lawsuits against universities.

    Politics is slow, but this IS a victory for the country, and it’s due to the GOP

        • There is no political solution within the current framework. Given that you are reading this blog, I am not sure if you are hopelessly naive or just a subversive.

    • The odds that “with all due speed,” the phrase used to ram BROWN down people’s throats, will be used in a subsequent opinion to force compliance is exactly zero. Mark it.

    • Yes, yes, the system is fine…we just need to right people in it. Right?

      But the first paragraph is not wrong. There are green shoots of justice out there, among the barren and salted fields of liberalism. To continue this metaphor, the farm is huge, and green shoots are not impressive. I’m looking for green fields.

      (((Court victories))) are not how you win against the enemy.

    • It wasn’t a settlement from what i read, it was a verdict. Which means the jury was pissed at Starbucks (maybe for their overpricing), but in the end Starbucks won’t pay near that. Still, they may have to pay enough to keep her in coffee for life ala Kramer.

    • Politics is slow

      It is better said that culture is slow. And while politics is generally downstream from culture, culture is not immune from politics. It is possible to have “culture” rammed down your throat through politics, at least for while. When the new politically induced “culture” falls apart, the natural culture begins to reassert. And yes, this ebb and flow can take generations.

  34. this case is a good reminder that words on paper will never constrain a ruling class. The letter of the law means nothing to people who have no respect for the spirit of the law.

    This is the crux of the problem in multicultural America.

    Most of the legacy cultures of America conceive of the law broadly as a set of rules that should be abided willingly as the consensus of community norms. Other more recently added cultures see the law as narrow boundaries that should be pushed. Still other recent add ons see the law as an illegitimate imposition that should be ignored and flouted as much as possible.

    All three conceptions work to some degree when they are the cultural norm in the home country of “those people”. But mashing them all together under one legal regime doesn’t work – can’t work.

    • the metaphor i use is how tornadoes can be most dangerous not on the kansas prairie but in the deep south. It’s more populated and there are also more forests. That ends up making it hard to see the tornado (which in kansas you could theoretically see from ten miles out) but it also allows for more debris to be thrown at you.

    • Your three conceptions can be summed up as:

      1. It’s illegal because it’s wrong, so obey the law
      2. It’s only wrong because it’s illegal, so sometimes ignore the law
      3. It’s not wrong, so ignore the law at will

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