Questions Of Competence

The crisis of competence has been a popular topic in dissident circles but largely ignored by mainstream politics. Human intelligence is a dangerous subject in this increasingly primitive time because it points to immutable differences in human beings, which contradicts the new religion. If who we are is determined by our genes, then many of the popular social fads are invalid. This makes discussing the declining competency of Western societies difficult.

Even so, the reality of the situation is hard to ignore, and we are seeing more mainstream writers notice the topic. Here is a post in the Claremont Review of Books discussing one cause of the decline. While the article focuses on how civil rights theology has warped the law, this warping of the legal system is having a deleterious impact on society by reducing competence to happy accident. When vague notions of social justice are primary, competence is an afterthought.

The most recent Budweiser panic is a good example. The ethic inside the company was built around notions of representation and equitable outcomes. These magic phrases did not spring from nothing. They are rooted in the same civil rights theology as the legal mechanism that enforce diversity quotas. It is a straight line from expecting equal outcomes to thinking you need to market cheap beer to crossdressers in order to make sure everyone is represented in your marketing.

Instead of a company making cheap beer, imagine the same company making airplane parts, elevator controls or military equipment. Competence is just as essential to beer making as making any other product. There is no reason to think that the company providing safety services to airports is less concerned for their diversity goals than the company making cheap beer. When diversity is our greatest strength, it means competence is somewhere down the list.

Of course, the new religion is not the only cause of the crisis of competence we are seeing throughout American society. This long article on the impact of diversity quietly mentions another elephant in the room. While not explicitly stated, the decline in intelligence brought on by immigration is making it more difficult to maintain the complex systems of our society. The millions moving to America are not fleeing well-run, high-IQ, high-trust societies. They are the exact opposite.

Again, this is not a new topic on this side of the great divide. Here is a post from 2022 on how the decline in competence led to the Ukraine war. Here is another post from last year going into the impact of the general decline in IQ. In 2018 Ed Dutton and Michael Woodley wrote a book on the topic of declining Western intelligence. Quantitative bloggers and HBD commentators have been talking about the impact of intelligence on society for decades now.

There is a chicken and egg angle to all of this. Is the spread of the new religion the prime mover of these observed phenomenon? For reasons as yet explained, the ruling elite of the Global American Empire embraced these vague notions of equity and diversity because they solved some unexamined psychological need or maybe they were deemed useful in promoting group solidarity. The resulting policies led to a decline in competence and general intelligence.

On the other hand, material prosperity reduced the risks in life, which resulted in more stupid people making it to sexual maturity. More of these people were then able to reproduce thus increasing the percentage of stupid people in society. Generation after generation the stupid multiplied due to the work of the intelligent in making life safer for the stupid. At a certain point, ideas like diversity and equity start to make sense as the stupid begin to overwhelm the competent.

The best evidence in support of this theory is the social fads. You have to be outlandishly stupid to think people are assigned a sex at birth. In fact, stupidity alone does not explain this lunacy. It must be amplified by a fanatical zeal to conform. In other words, people are not just dumber, they are increasingly terrified of the world around them and naturally seek safety in numbers. Western man has gone from being wolves taking on nature to moronic sheep hiding from nature.

All of this reads like a warning, as if there is something that can be done about the rapid decline in general competence. The immigration people say that ending immigration will help arrest the decline, but it is probably too late. Even if all immigration ends today, America becomes majority-minority by 2050 at the latest. It would also take competence to end immigration and we probably lack the ability to do it now. In other words, we have passed the point of no return.

The question then shifts from what can we do about it to what happens as the population loses the ability to maintain the social systems? For example, you cannot have a rights-based political culture with a low-IQ, low-trust population. You cannot leave people to question the rules and be inventive when you have to fear the consequences of their inventiveness. The Western way of organizing society can only work when the population is smart and competent.

This raises another question. It is not as if the future will be universal stupidity as it was  in the movie Idiocracy. The future is going to be pockets of occidental competence in a sea of vibrant stupidity. Will high IQ, homogeneous New Hampshire want to be in the same country as diverse and stupid New Mexico? The former has an average IQ of 103, while New Mexico comes in at 95. Throw in the language and cultural barriers and you can see the problem.

This brings us to a final question stemming from the crisis of competence. If we cannot have the social structure we had when America was a European society, then what sort of social arrangements can we have in the diverse and stupid future? What sort of society is possible with the demographics of the future? Will all of the people of the future accept such those arrangements? Will the rump occidental population tolerate those conditions or seek to change them?

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214 thoughts on “Questions Of Competence

  1. If any of you want a real scoop on the Ukie Ruskie schenanigans, and Zman take note, look up the Slavlan Chronicles on substack, Rolo Slavskiy, and check out his interview with James Corbett on the Corbett Report . Com. You all can thank me later!

  2. The Progs and neolibs have an answer already to your “what sort of society “ questions in the last paragraph, they were quite open about it until the Ukrainian war kind of hushed the tone;


    They don’t want rights, they want Empire and they rule.

  3. Z let’s keep New Hampshire a secret, we don’t need more people moving here. I see enough NY and Mass plates in my rural town.

  4. None of this would have happened without the ascendancy of cunt into positions of power.

  5. As someone from New Mexico, this is greatly offensive! Let me speak with your manager, Z Man! Actually completely accurate though. If you didn’t average in all the indians and mexicans, probably the same IQ levels as anywhere else.

    • I wish NM no ill will. I’ve visited a few times and it’s on my list of places I might relocate to, if I ever tire of Florida’s humidity.

      Your comment is akin to the occasional DR observation that, if solely statistics of American Caucasians were used, the USA would compare favorably with “best” in virtually any (desirable) category in the world. 🙂

      • The observation you allude to however is almost universally a response to a (false) comparison of the USA to some predominately White country on some social statistic, like “murder rate” per capita. It is a way of reminding people of race and the social maladies that follow race mixing.

    • The managerial ultra elite will never let thing take their course. They will invent some way to depopulate the planet. Say to 50k. It won’t happen until AI and Robotics can replicate blue collar labor. But it will happen. Covid was just a trial run.

  6. Zman,

    We don’t have to wonder. We don’t have to dance around in a ring and suppose. We’re just South Africa with nuclear weapons. We will become the world’s problem.

    • The managerial ultra elite will never let thing take their course. They will invent some way to depopulate the planet. Say to 50k. It won’t happen until AI and Robotics can replicate blue collar labor. But it will happen. Covid was just a trial run.

  7. “what sort of social arrangements can we have in the diverse and stupid future?”

    Conflict, and lots of it. This leads to a jackboot crackdown on civil liberties, individual freedoms, and dissent on a very broad scale. Think Stalin’s purges to the gulag, and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. With the few remaining intelligent “malcontents” out of the way, the elites will be able to sleep easier knowing that there is no one left to threaten their rule. We will have become a nation of eloi and morlocks, as predicted by H G Wells.

    Or we can foresee this outcome and then use our intelligence to oppose this fate in an efficient and humane fashion. Smarter, not harder.

    Natural evolution will be pleased.

    • Man is fundamentally susceptible to corruption, and so every institution we create will also be susceptible to corruption. The problem is not a lack of new and ingenious institutions but a war against corruption and immorality.

  8. I know our side likes to focus on the race part of the great divide in IQ and competence, but the reality is that the quality of whites is declining too. Whites aren’t as intellectually curious or willing to put in work. I can tell you from my experience with recent college graduates at my job, most, if not all, utilize ChatGPT enormously to complete papers. They don’t do the work anymore. These are whites. Things are going to be very bumpy indeed.

    • It’s not only that. Even if they are motivated society does not make the effort to develop the competent Whites. With the decline of education, and what little that is left being given to those who don’t merit it, a guy who could have been a great engineer ends up being a low level tech or machinist.

    • How high IQ you need to see that somebody with dick is a man and somebody with the other thing is a woman? 70 should be enough. On the other hand there is something called mad scientist. Seems that there are plenty high IQ people with mental issues. in country where I cme from there is an expression — Peasant common sense.

      • “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.” — George Orwell

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  10. Speaking as someone above 135+ and a bit older, I can tell you the stupidity is so motherfucking palpable now, it’s outrageous.

    You can hire people with 20 years experience from a company that’s been around for 50 years, and they barely understand the basics of their profession. You may as well teach yourself whatever it is you need done these days, if you’re smart. Anywhere I go I expect abject stupidity and problems. Think what it’ll be when these covid babies come of age.

    “The question then shifts from what can we do about it to what happens as the population loses the ability to maintain the social systems?”

    Effective people go hide and watch you eat each other. At least that’s what my wife and I are doing. We live minimally and more so each day. I for one won’t bail out society anymore.

      • You better fucking believe it, miforest.

        The one thing I wish I could change though in my life is having more children. But our daughters talk about having 10 kids and we encourage it.

        Teach your sons to be men. Some of us have been protecting our daughters from even seeing globohomo. I’m not even exaggerating. Good, wholesome, white Christian girls who love to cook and mind the house. They will need good husbands.

    • Yep…I’ve been a member of an IQ 150+ society, and a lot of the members struck me as rather dumb, and incapable of making fully rational arguments…
      I doubt that was the case 100 years ago, quite the contrary, normal people were pretty perceptive…

  11. “There’s a thin veneer of hyper competent professionals that keep the lights on and water drinkable, replace them with the unworthy and the water turns brown and the lights go out.”
    – some prescient doggo on the internet

    • Just check out the rapid disintegration of South Africa with blacks in control..can’t even keep the lights on…

      • Last I saw, vibrants were bungie jumping from decomissioned nuclear power plant cooling towers. What a future it will be!

        • Before long they’ll be swinging from vines growing off those cooling towers. Bungees are a white thing, dontchaknow.

    • “The maintenance of complex civilizations is their greatest vulnerability”

      >Refuses to elaborate further

      ~ The Orb of Beagledamus

  12. I think New Hampshire will continue to want to be in the same country as New Mexico. Their lack of diversity is the reason. They are living in a nearly all white bubble so they can romanticize diversity. If you read reviews of Northern New England towns on the website many people say their city is lovely but complain that it lacks diversity.

    • They think diversity means a great new Thai restaurant; not street tacos riddled with C. diff and the effluvia of Tijuana, in all of that word’s senses. Just look at California to see what the current trajectory proffers. The Aztec reconquista will be complete when the civic buildings run red with the blood of sacrifices.

    • “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you have ’til it’s gone…”
      They will be very sorry when they get diversity…

  13. The future is France. Specifically, their ongoing low-level civil war. Which seems to be flaring up now. Eventually, France will see the imposition in the Cities of an Islamic Republic, with general physical purging (liquidation) of Whites and also enslavement, and Whites fleeing to the countryside in a years long civil war. Since that is how Muslims are, their society is basically founded upon the low IQ enslaving the higher IQ from outside societies: al-Andalus depended on the Viking slave trade of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, France, and Germany. Baghdad and the Abbasid Dynasty relied upon the Vikings selling the Slavic tribes of Russia as slaves. At no time ever did Arabs ever work for a living, they are simply incapable of it.

    And no one should be deceived about North America. The stupid hate the smart, always have, no matter who they are as Amy Chua noted in “World on Fire” about how market dominant minorities, be they Igbos, or diaspora Chinese, or Lebanese, or Indian disaporas in East Africa, or Tutsis, generate hatred from the less smart, adept, and networked. The incoming head of the JCS, GQ Brown, is intent on removing 43% of White officers and enlisted / non-commissioned officers etc. and replacing them with blacks. About 80% of blacks demand reparations for slavery, the minimum per California is now bid at $25 million per black person, and like France public morality is based on the genetic evil of Whites, particularly and especially straight White men, and the hereditary blood guilt of same. “After such knowledge, what forgiveness” per Sailer’s observation quoting TS Eliot that Straight White men created 99.999999% of the modern world for good and ill.

    What is striking about the Spanish Civil War was how it was pushed by the myriad, competing, and utterly crazy and disorganized but socially strong Socialists/Anarchists who wanted to destroy modern society to create utopia. The Communists by that point were the sober ones with little influence trying to keep (futilely) the socialists from doing insane things. The Military only revolted when the police with socialists thugs arrested some Monarchist and murdered him under official policy after about two years of electoral fraud etc. I will leave analogies for readers. The socialists really hated the clergy, btw, and enacted brutal tortures and humiliation of their corpses in public which revealed them for what they were. By contrast, I cannot emphasize this enough, the small cadre of Communists were sober and sane with limited aims.

    • The future of AINO is not France. We don’t have nearly that high a percentage of muslims, nor likely will we, and our negros don’t have anything at all that resembles the cohesiveness, organization, or moral structure of the French muslim diaspora. Nor most likely can they ever. Chaos may be the future of both, but beyond that I don’t expect that many similarities. Incidentally France remains much more white, over 80%, though also more shitlib.

      • More likely a hispanic/white rump state in the Southwest, with any blacks remaining at the bottom of the totem poll…

      • Scary. Because a lot of Merican blacks are turning to Islam- more and more as the Africans pile in.

        That’s what (((Eli Wallace))), aka Elijah Muhummed after his treatments, tried to do with Nation of Islam.

        Create a breakaway religion for a breakaway state. They wanted Mississippi as a raiding base.

        Islam is quite suited to blacks, they respond to its simple discipline, kinship structure, and militant fecundity.

        • Credit where due: unless I’m mistaken, Nation of Islam advocated black separatism. A large nation like USA attempting a one-size-fits-all legal, moral, and ethical system for increasingly fractious diversity cannot stand. But in a future devloved world with de-facto autonomous states, perhaps it could happen. Of couse this might be a world of warring city-states, but at least we could dispense with the pretense that we can all live peaceably together. I suppose certain regions could try — good luck to them!

  14. New Mexico is a case study. You’ve got affluent white yuppie shitlib Santa Fe, yet drive just a few miles up the road and you see the Pueblos living in their shacks. But what makes Santa Fe seemingly prosperous is not so much white competence as it is largely people being paid with fake money to work fake jobs. The residual leftovers of competence. And all worshipping, at least superficially, the New Diversity that will degrade their little utopia. Making it more like high crime Albuquerque.

    That’s the present, that’s not the future. The future is frighteningly hard to predict. It’s hard enough just to predict who will win a sportsball game. As Santa Fe becomes more vibrant and less safe, whites will flee, because that’s what whites do when this happens. But to where, and to do what? I think that answer depends a great deal on how well the fake money holds up. I don’t believe whites will change their currently errant ways unless/until forced to by a new economic reality.

    • They flee to mini-Santa Fe, Taos. Or perhaps they gentrify sketchy but potentially lovely Las Vegas, NM.

      • That’s if nothing else changes, like the economics of the situation, which was really what I was getting at. Yes, as long as the fake money retains value, shitlib whites can shelter in their enclaves, wherever they may be. But these enclaves are no longer built on competence. They are, today, built on fake money. This is the key point. Were they built on competence, they could hold out where they are forever, hypothetically.

        And fake money Sante Fe vs the shacks around it is kind of present day western civilization in microcosm.

    • A lot of NM (like a lot of the SW) is under cartel control now . The Navajo and the various Pueblos have always competed for resources. Access to water will determine the future.

    • New Mexico is unique in that it’s about 1/3 white, 1/3 Indian, and 1/3 Mestizo…No noticeable black population in my experience…

    • A Lot of my shitlib friends from California moved to red states where of course they vote liberal. It might just be a game of musical chairs with safe enclaves being destroyed by liberals voting for diversity until one state secedes and says “enough.”

    • Well, well, well….! It seems that a certain star spangled country just shit-canned affirmative action! 😊👍

      Poor ol’ Joe looked absolutely constipated about it this morn, before completely forgetting about it and staggering off to go find some ice cream! HAR HAR HAR!

      Gawd, I love Americans. Well done you guys.

      • A lot of Black-Pillers will say that this is no big deal. I disagree completely. This was a very big deal and it presages Affirmative Action being sunsetted completely.

        The barn door is now open on endless class action lawsuits brought by whites who allege they were discriminated against. Colleges and businesses, seeing the writing on the wall, will not expose themselves to that I will not risk staking it all on any more diversity hires.

        The worm has turned.

      • Thus trading so-called equality of outcome for the so-called blank slate, but I’ll take it as a first step in the right direction.

        If we stay put, we’ll be ruled by Asians, is all.

      • Indeed, 6-3 as well, and Roberts warned the colleges not to use essays etc. to end run the ruling….

      • I’ve wondered how long they will leave Leland Stanford’s name on the university. I expect university names would be about the last to go in the Great Renaming, markers of prestige that they are. Why Yale is still Yale.

      • wouldn’t it make sense to have white males for the left? No one does it better. The Warren court at its most liberal (the October 67 and October 68 terms) was nine males and seven protestants

  15. Make no mistake, this is the real reason — along with Dobbs and Bruen — why Trump was arrested:

    Going to be interesting to see how this gets enforced. The Left will of course ignore it and continue to engage in business as usual under some thin veneer of sophistry. Unless some future administration is willing to send the 101st with bayonets fixed into colleges the way Eisenhower did in Little Rock in 1957, the Left is simply going to tell the Supreme Court to fuck off.

    • No, the left has already shown us their response to banning affirmative action. Ironically, it’s completely on topic for our post today. In California, and in schools around the country, schools simply eliminate all objective measures for admission. Lots of high profile schools either have optional or explicit directions not to send SAT or ACT scores. The only “objective” measure used is class rank/gpa. However, we know the valedictorian in Lagos is much different than the valedictorian at a rich private school in terms of IQ. What we will see is schools rushing to eliminate SAT and ACT, in the next few years, very few will accept them.

      • I’d hope that would decimate the credentialed salary class, but I’d say hiring will revert to raw nepotism, especially among the politicos.

        Like the Atlanta or Jacksonville city council; the U.S. will be entirely Third World.

  16. For reasons as yet explained, the ruling elite of the Global American Empire embraced these vague notions of equity and diversity because they solved some unexamined psychological need or maybe they were deemed useful in promoting group solidarity.

    There is actually an explanation for this. The reason why the elite strata of society prescribe these rules for the rest of us is because their prescriptive ethics are what I like to call “the ethics of the market square.” If you think of the global empire as being the crossroads of the world, and the administrative center of the empire situated in the sprawling market town, then it’s clear that the chief administrative task the empire will set for itself is to enforce a very blunted form of universal politeness upon everyone so that the tranquility of the souk is maintained.

    None of us little people are allowed to have a problem with someone else’s race, nationality, religion, or sexual perversity, because that would upset the market and result in more work for them, and we all know that every ruling power strives to make things as easy for itself as possible. The elites prescribe behavior for you which will keep you from annoying them. This also explains why they do not practice what they preach. One of the perquisites of elite status is that you are allowed to have preferences. They don’t apply the ethics of the marketplace to themselves.

    They will force you to sit next to trannies, and embarrass yourself with diversity struggle sessions, and take away your gas stove, because as a consumer-unit your opinions are worth nothing to them. Only your compliant, predictable behavior matters. Why tolerate a washing machine that wants to eat expensive beef and go to Mass on Sunday? Just feed the thing corn mush and relativize his religion until it’s pointless, and then work him even harder.

    This will inevitably end, because ultimately the roughest and toughest hombres out there are the sort of men who care little about ruling over a market square full of NPCs and they end up smashing the thing out of recklessness if for no other reason.

    As for intelligence, there is more going on there than meets the eye, but more of that in my next.

    • The other piece is that the American vision of governance had to be universal in order to compete with the universality of their Cold War foes.

    • You presuppose far too much rationality from the Power Structure. Insane Clown World is not the calculus of the souk. It is the result of an intellectual sickness that manifests in the hatred of everything beautiful, lawful, rational and normal–in other words, whites and their civilization. This is rooted in the postmodern narrative, which is explicitly antiwhite. Moreover, if your concern is with multicultural harmony, the last thing you do is wantonly antagonize the largest culture in the “souk,” i.e. whites. And yet that is precisely what they’ve been doing since the mid-60s. No, no–this is a clear demarche against whites, and it is motivated by malice. Delude yourself at your own cost.

  17. First, it is TOO LATE as Zman said. We’re going majority-mino no matter what. Far, far too late to stop that.

    Second, I enjoyed the phrase “sea of vibrant stupidity.”

    Third, even before mass im-vasion, we were subsidizing stupidity through trashing of all standards and especially WELFARE. I’m of the opinion that adults should clearly understand that they are responsible for providing for their kids and realize that if they don’t have the money they have to go beg to the local church or whatnot. But giving r-selected people a safey-net (and then some) will cause their population to explode quickly while simultaneously depressing the population of the k-selected.

    Welfare makes CUCKS of all of us.

    • The problem with this requirement of self-reliance is that people have to be willing to watch the unfit and unlucky die in the street.

      Most people can’t endure that, even if they agree with your arguments on an intellectual level.

      Most people want a social safety net. To deny the majority this wish requires an authoritarian libertarian government, which is kinda funny.

      • I’ll add that we are much likely to be able to enforce eugenic requirements on welfare, like work requirements for the able and if you have your second kid while on welfare that you have to be sterilized, if we have a homogeneous group.

        These requirements will still make some compassionate whites crazy, but we have a far better chance of enforcing them in a homogeneous state.

        • In a homogeneous white polity, the vast majority of problems recede almost to the vanishing point.

      • Watching the unfit die in the street might be called Nature’s morality. But wait, Nature doesn’t have anything of the sort. She has her inexorable laws. The fittest tend to survive. The less fit tend to die out.

        As discomfiting as imagining the above might be, permit me to show you yet worse. How about a society that exacts swift, brutal punishment on wrongdoers? For example, adulterers were stoned to death by a crowd in the Old Testament. Equally savage punishment for perceived serious offenses still occurs in some of the backward parts of the globe. In many Islamic nations, hands and heads are still lopped off in the market square. Most Westerners are aghast at such barbarity. Yet I grudgingly concede that these violent cultures take their morality (law, religion, etc.) seriously, far more so than the lukewarm equivalent in virtually the entire West.

        The safety net or its related ideas, like a duty to protect the weak, are unquestionably the cornerstone of most major religions and democratic governments. Problem: what happens when everybody wants to be caught by the safety net, but there is no one holding the net any more?

    • I think welfare also explains the incel phenomenon to some degree. Lower and working class women can indulge in their basest desires when choosing who to father their children. With no safety net these same men who today are baby daddies would be a devastating choice for women. Incels tend to have conscientious stable personality types and would return to being husbands and fathers…the old provider beta role.

  18. I blurted out “Civil Rights” two paras in, then read the rest. What a great think piece.

    It goes right to what Tars said yesterday- we can’t walk this cat back.

    “Coming to a melting pot near you”

  19. The IQ-crisis will be solved within the next 30 years, when egg-sorting, gene editing and designer babies become a standard commercial offer in the natal industry.

    Incidentally, designer babies will also fix muh racism, because generation by generation, babies worldwide will become lighter and lighter until there’s nothing but us crackers on the planet. I’ll say 200 years, tops.

    • The government will also be slipping in some genes that will make the child bash your head in with a golf club as soon as they hear the phrase “Would you kindly save our democracy?”

      • Why would anyone want to say that in the first place? What are you, some kind of Commie?

    • Yeah, that’s the wild card. I actually surprised that it hasn’t already started.

      Get ten fertilized eggs, do a DNA test on them with existing knowledge of various markers and choose the one with the best odds. Hard to say the impact on any one birth, but over thousands, you’ll end up with much more of whatever characteristics you screened for.

      • It’s happening on the phenotype-level already, every time a cat lady pays to be raped with a turkey baster.

        A woman in my family already had two mail order babies, sired by some tall, blond PhD. She got one that’s somewhat above average and one winner who loves school, aces all his tests and spoke fluent English by the time he was ten and can switch between British and Valley Girl accent.

        We’re the last humans on Earth, gentlemen.

        • Those who wish to do so will need to control the means of production. An incompetent, or malevolent, technician can turn a designer baby into a surprise.

          • Technicians, in the employ of shadowy characters.

            Consider that many websites are honeypots, while those that aren’t just hoover up all data. The first are weaponizable.
            The second are merely monetizable.
            How long until they merge completely?

    • I want in on the marketing for that chain.

      Billionaire buff chad astrophysicists, surrounded by globetrotting bikini model influencers on the yacht-

      While it’s only fake resumés with me and Krull as the sole, ahem, contributors.

    • We’ll be lucky to have running water in 30 years.

      The techno-futurism is probably wishful thinking.

      So far just this year, 2 different people at 2 different US airports managed to get themselves sucked into a jet engine and killed. This is happening at all levels of society. Now think about “diversity” and affirmative action operating at the top of society!!

      • South Africa worked twenty years ago, with only 10% white people, so there’s still some way to go before America goes full Zombie Apocalypse.

        • There are two ways this kind of thing can “work”. They both seem like sci-fi today but historically were the norm. The first way, common throughout the ancient world and in places like the American South, Apartheid South Africa, was to have a minority elite ruling over a large class of ethnically different peasants, slaves, etc… The other way is the ethnostate. Modern Israel is one, there might be a few other examples I’m ignorant of. Once enough based Whites move to Tennessee, NH, or some other state like that there’s a possibility of setting that up here as the DC regime crumbles. In Europe, you guys have places like Hungary, Belarus, maybe even Poland if they can junk their NATO-globo government. Of course, Russia, while not exactly an ethno-state, seems pretty far from switching to a rap version of their national anthem and spending entire months celebrating anal sex. Even China, underneath all the “communism” is pretty much a Han ethnostate.

          The key to both forms of un-democracy of course is crossing the cognitive rubicon of realizing that democracy was always meant as a tool, not a religion. By that I mean that undemocratic states can *use* voting, political parties, parliaments, etc… as a way of sorting out bad ideas, bad people, and bad laws, but that your society needs a moral, ethical, and *ethnic* foundation that isn’t about what 51% of barely human hominids think.

          By the way, I’m not saying that crossing that rubicon is a sufficient condition for a good, functional, livable society, only a necessary one. China is a nasty totalitarian hellhole that locks people in their homes out of fear of Coof (but really as old-fashioned commie-style terror) for instance.

          • In Europe, you guys have places like Hungary, Belarus, maybe even Poland

            Right now, we’re still firmly in control of Western Europe, even if Britain is going over the edge fast.

            And nobody wants to move to Poland or Belarus since they’re Slavic, and Hungary (a mysterious and alien tribe themselves) probably wouldn’t want us.

            My strategy for Denmark is to hide in the ditch while you guys fight the race war. Once you’ve won, you’ll come and save us before Denmark goes minority Danish.

            Good luck, guys. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

          • “Right now, we’re still firmly in control of Western Europe, even if Britain is going over the edge fast.”

            France, Netherlands, Sweden…
            I’d take Britain over those three.
            Haven’t even mentioned Belgium.

            Americans and Europeans always wishcasting the genocide of the English. I’m rightwing but considering the hate you people have for my ethnic group I couldn’t care less about “whites”.

          • Nobody hates you, you drama queen.

            But your PM is a Paki, the mayor of your (minority white) capital is a Paki and your chancellor of the exchequer is a Paki, the first minister of Scotland is a Paki and the PM of Ireland is a Gaypaki.

    • I cannot imagine the anti-white elite allowing that outcome. They will place a very low cap on the number of white babies that can be born, and mandate a higher percentage of li’l nuggras. Diversity, wot.

      • I don’t think they can stop it. It could be done in any bio lab and the Chinese will go all in on this, they have no moral hang-ups about eugenics and don’t even care to pretend that lighter skin isn’t a critical quality in a baby.

        Once they start squeezing out little Margo Robbies and Ryan Goslings, the whole world will be clamoring for white babies.

        • This is what the Clouds have been doing for decades now, only the old-fashioned way; they are going the lab route now. There may be an attempt to limit access to designer babying, but, yeah, that’s coming to a wider audience.

          • This is what the Clouds have been doing for decades now, only the old-fashioned way

            Yes. They breed race horses, they understand the importance of pedigree.

            I always suspected that Meghan Markle was foisted upon Harry as a humiliation ritual for the British royals: inject your bloodline with mystery meat or your Epstein-tapes will be leaked.

        • Yes, I’ll second that. Reading only American regime media and listening to what American shitlibs think the world seems a darkening place (in all senses of the word). The rest of the world though, increasingly doesn’t care. Indians, for instance, will tell you that you can pry their skin whiteners from their cold dead hands. It’s not that China, India, Russia, or any other place is to be emulated in all things but that the culture is all those places is moving *away* from American wokism. It’s also important to note that the woke “culture” is 100% wedded to the American Empire and the dollar-centric world. The Empire is failing and the world is deliberately moving off the dollar. What will come after that will not be monolithic but will also definitely NOT be American rainbow-fascism which is a unique product of our Judeo-Puritan elite with little appeal outside it.

          For Americans, the best hope for the future is to look at what the best ideas from the rest of the world are and do what you can to implement them here, biding time for when even the grillers realize it’s time for something REALLY different.

  20. “Will high IQ, homogeneous New Hampshire want to be in the same country as diverse and stupid New Mexico?”

    What happens is inevitable and we have a (reverse) example right now—CA. High IQ folk (relative) are moving out of CA. Low IQ folk moving in. CA is in decline. Similarly, NH, by remaining high IQ, will cause it to avoid more economic decline than the rest of the States and as such will attract low IQ parasites from other States, and the Constitution and SCOTUS currently support this movement.

    As the country of the United States attracts low IQ parasites from the world, so too will the remaining successful States attract parasites from other failed States. There is no escape.

    We actually saw this in the early 60’s after the civil rights act in New York. There was a movement of Southern welfare recipients to high welfare payment NYC. Poor Blacks with no employment came up from Southern States and went right to the welfare office in NYC and applied for welfare. Courts in the end supported this.

  21. What is the name of this new religion?

    Civil Rights.
    That’s the name of the new religion, it’s moral and doctrinal basis..

  22. Speaking of elevator controls, modern day elevators are now mostly MRL’s (machine room less elevator) to be able to rent out every inch of available space in a building the mechanical
    machine driving the cab is now mounted on top of the rails in the actual shaft, the electrical control is usually in a small closet located somewhere in the building. Usually not near the cab itself. Cables are a thing of the past, now carbon fiber belts are used. All this results in elevators with a 5 to 10 year opalescence. The elevator business has always been one of the last hold outs when it comes to the trades, now that most of the connections are serial linked and lots of the elevators you will ride today are approved using a variance loophole, it’s pretty much over for the specialized requirements needed to break into it and stay without killing yourself or your apprentice. Race to the bottom. Just like every thing else.

    • How will that work out for those Judge Dredd skyrises?
      The “20,000 citizens in a 15-minute smart city” things, formerly known as the Projects.

      It’ll end up looking like that Heinlein sf novel where they’ve forgotten the were on a starship. The savages from D-deck will be feared by all.

  23. Slightly off topic, but I’m so old that I remember when light beer was first introduced. It failed to catch on, only a wimp would drink the stuff. They tried again using football great Rosie Grier as their spokesman, and it worked. Hard to believe they made their recent error.

    • A guy named Rosie as an exemplar of the tough guy. Insane Clown World has long roots.

        • Maybe he was chosen because he was a chubster who needed to keep his weight down. If they really needed a negro tough guy back then, they could have gotten George Foreman or LC Greenwood.

  24. How many years have Republican voters in other states been mocking California. At the heart of this mockery is “they’ll have to learn their lesson, liberalism doesn’t work.” The operative word is “learn.” This implies the cognitive ability to put emotion aside and analyze past failure. This is what’s frustrating with the mainstream right. When I explain to them, no, in fact they’ll keep doing what they’re doing and its going to get worse and worse, they just shake their heads. In disbelief? I don’t know. They don’t say much after that.

    And by the way, Texas not has an outright majority of thick headed brown peasants. I will get some satisfaction watching these all hat no cattle Texans watch their new “natural conservatives” vote in coming elections.

    • True. John Cornyn is well to the Right of most Texans. It will remain a soft Republican state a bit longer, ironically, because the open borders pissed off Rio Grande Hispanics, who were largely Democrats, when Haitians, mystery meats and more Indian-blood Mestizos started to show up in the mix. The Biden Administration is “processing” aliens abroad in direct response to the brown pushback. Also, the recent California and other refugees are more conservatard than past iterations. Medium-term, though, Texas will become solidly Left.

  25. Some years back I was stone broke after paying for an uninsured adventure in the cardiac ward. I took the first job I could get- substitute janitor for a local school system. I had done this work full time in my youth, and actually enjoyed it. I was on the sub list for over four years while they hired and fired no fewer than five diversity. I finally got a permanent night spot, but they hired a fat little lesbian for the lead position at the school. She didn’t have the strength to do much of the work, like for example, setting up risers for assemblies. She asked me to do it. I said, “If I get time”, and went about my business. She got the grounds guy to do it for her.
    She also decided to store a five gallon can of gasoline in the water heater closet. I corrected that little mistake, and discussed the matter with the director of maintenance. The school didn’t burn down, so it wasn’t worth further discussion.

    • One summer I needed a job while going to school. I applied everywhere and finally wound up at a large food production plant. I usually asked to see the general manager and bypass HR. The GM said they’d filled all the extra help summer slots.

      He also explained these folk were “inner city” youths the company “agreed” to take on with the mayor’s office. He looked at me and said, ‘Show up tomorrow at the dock early and ask for the production manager. Odds are these new hires will not show. Be prepared to start work’.

      Yep, he was right. One of three showed up. I was put to work immediately as they were short of help for the production run scheduled. The remaining inner city youth did not last a week and then disappeared.

      • People with an IQ of 85–or less–are functionally unemployable. That’s roughly half of all negroes.

        • “People with an IQ of 85–or less–are functionally unemployable”

          Disagree. They’re perfectly capable of picking cotton.

      • That also works at Uni when you’re trying to get into a required class that has limited available spaces. On day 1
        go sit in the front row and when the prof does attendance and
        certain people don’t show, then you’re in.

  26. “There is no reason to think that the company providing safety services to airports is less concerned for their diversity goals than the company making cheap beer.”

    I believe this to be an absolute truth, Z Man.

    Go onto the main website of any corporation – say, an Amazon or Oracle: you’ll see various images of a melting pot of people along with messages about saving the planet and diversity being “who we are”. Now, I’ expect that from corporations so large they need to get into bed with the regime, as they’re very useful to the regime. But now look at large companies, medium companies and even small companies with only 50-100 employees – look at their websites: same Message!

    The way that “The Message” has percolated down from higher echelons to the pretty low echelons is startling. It really is. I’m seeing it everywhere around me and it is one of the main reasons for either becoming a contractor, starting a very small company (or joining one).

    My current company was around 40 people in strength and did things their own way. They were bought, around four years ago, by a much larger company in the same field, an Lo! The changes soon began. The operation seemed to go as follows: First, the parent company sends in some higher-up soothsayers. They tell us that even though we’ve been acquired, nothing will change. The culture will be the same! Second, a steadily increasing number of intrusive initiatives are ramped up (email domain name changes, different HR software, merging of functionally related groups across the business) that spread the parent’s “culture”. Third, and grandest of all, aforementioned higher-ups dismiss any concerns and insist the child company will still have it’s own culture.

    In my assimilated company, the latest HR software tool asks us for our pronouns. It has a Twatter like “feed” so that the latest HR graduate can inform us of how the parent company intends to celebrate “Pride”. It is the devil’s work, no doubt about it. And to get back to your statement, one reason I am so confident in the fact that the decline will only get worse, is that I am damn sure every company of consequence is kissing the DIE arse.

    Now, one might wonder how small to medium companies can survive under all this? Maybe they’ll be killed off? Maybe that’s “the Plan”. Who knows? Have Faith, pray and each day ask “what can I do within my immediate circle to improve matters.” We must have a positive motivation, despite facing Evil daily and having it ride roughshod over us.

  27. A couple of related notes today.

    The New Founding folks are a spin off of Claremont. They are building a parallel economy and it seems highly focused on Christianity. In recent days they have greatly increased the mailings with options and suggestions for their parallel social-economic arrangement. I clicked around their dating, children’s books, cub-scouts alternative … … I wanted to see what the advertisements and illustrations looked like. They looked like Anti-White corporatism. Black man helping a white boy saw. Children’s books with more black monks than white monks with a chinese monk sprinkled in.

    It’s funny, I never cared about race. However, after turning the Martin/Brown/Floyd into martyrs to be used as a weapon to begin an officially anti-white state and seeing the black out in ads, tv and white erasure in our history I am sick to my stomach of this imagery. These so-called conservatives and christians are as diversity happy as the left. To conserve is to preserve. To preserve the truth and your history you depict things as they really were. That is not what they are doing.

    I am building a list of businesses, education options … … of, for and by our folk. We need to build our own e-zines, lists and sites. More is emerging but we need some over-arching coordination. This isn’t the place for that discussion, but curious if some have links where this can or is being done. We have a lot to offer and we will appeal to more people by completely rejecting, “diversity”, in our imagery and advertising … …

    Kirk Sorensen and the scientific community working on Thorium and LMS reactors are going to be very important to our future, as is 3D printing and additive manufacturing. They will be critical technologies to ensure our regions, which I pray we develop to ensure our survival and ability to flourish, are sovereign and powerful.

      • Yes. They have a newsletter called Align. I am going to cancel it. I don’t want pictures of beautiful white children with black fathers and happy white women with black husbands coming straight to my inbox.

        As I said, I didn’t care about race. But when this began to be shoved down our throats, because we are guilty of something that we are not, and they started going after our children, and

        These cucks at the Cuckmont Institute no what is going on but they have zero stones to stand their ground. They have freedom of association, for now, but they won’t use it. With them in charge the joke will someday be:

        Q: What do you call the only white guy at the Republican Conference?

        A: The janitor!

        • As I said, I didn’t care about race. But when this began to be shoved down our throats, because we are guilty of something that we are not, and they started going after our children, and the pogrom went into high gear, I have zero tolerance for those who participate in white erasure.

    • “I am building a list of businesses, education options … … of, for and by our folk.”

      If, indeed, you are doing this: Godspeed and good luck. It is a small piece of positivity in a mire of Evil.

      God bless you.

    • BYU in Utah also looks to be doing solid work developing compact nuclear reactors.

      • The US Navy could tell us about safe, compact nuclear power on submarines.

        The place to look, though, is the submariners. White guys who trained on the sub systems, with an eye towards working in the industry.

        They apply, but aren’t hired; there is a good source of practical dissident knowledge.

        • You mean after the Navy they apply but the industry does not hire them? Are they not qualified enough or is this another area where we will be replaced by Hans or sub-continentals?

        • Alz-

          You read my mind.

          The failure to levarge the institutional knowledge of the US Navy’s nuclear mariners and submariners is likely the greatest, most tragic waste of human and intellectual capital that absolutely no one is discussing at any level.

  28. While my main concern is with the US due to concern for my children’s future, I believe from a moral standpoint we need more, not less, incompetency in the US.

    The world is safer now that the US military can’t win wars. The fact that our intelligence agencies are headed by people who live in an information bubble keeps the world safer. We aren’t even as good at color revolutions.

    White countries and a former white led country like South Africa show that there are plenty of white men who will gladly take jobs to oppress other whites. I hope that the DOJ, FBI and all other anti white hate agencies really do fight white privilege by not hiring white men. The FBI should only be staffed by men in dresses, strong independent woman and Chinese spies.. American whites will be much safer for it.

    The fact that the tribal members and white women leading foreign policy can’t see that Russian sanctions and the anal revolution don’t make people want to flock to the American Empire is speeding the creation of a multi polar world. Ultimately the demise of the American Empire will be beneficial for Americans.

    • My comment: Spot on. As Z correctly notes, there is no fixing anything any more – “We have passed the point of no return.” If you have the sanity and intellect to face this reality with one institution – voting for an obvious example – then you must logically recognize the same reality in every other institution. The FAA? Gone. The FBI? Gone. The public education system? Gone. The medical system? Gone. The various iterations of the modern American church? Gone.

      Given the complex and interdependent characteristics of modern society, no one thing can be ‘fixed’ without addressing and changing multiple other inputs and outputs. Who/what is to blame? From scanning online comments about the fully-expected flight chaos around AINO’s evil rayciss birfday, only a handful of people see even a piece of the problem. Is it incompetent scheduling? Overbooking? Diverse FAA hires? Lack of healthy, non-vaxed White pilots? Extrapolate from there and examine any aspect of modern culture, institutions, and government.

      If you are truly a dissident, and not merely a conservacuck, you thus understand that there is no ‘fix’ by putting the ‘right people’ in charge, or returning to the ‘founding’ magic papers. Human nature is fundamentally flawed, and thus any human built or run system is as well. This can be mitigated by the smart fraction, morality, control of women and non-Whites, etc. – and each of these has been frayed to the breaking point.

      Thus yes – I am an ‘accelerationist.’ I don’t want the gubmint of the perverse to work efficiently or well or at all. I don’t want the military to be capable White men. I don’t want anything to be functional or capable because it will be directed against me and mine. The enlightenment notion that we are all atomistic individuals utterly ignores the reality of familial and social bonds, of culture and society. And because all of that is now poisonous and irreparable, I believe the only way forward is to separate oneself and one’s family from it.

      Obviously there is homeschooling, and using traditional older texts . . . but to what end? Homeschoolers often boast of their children getting admitted to ‘prestigious’ colleges. Own goal. Traditional families? Great . . . but your little princess loves gymnastics, and needs the best education. Own goal. Learn a trade that cannot be exported and will always be in demand? Terrific. But then spend all your time enabling the magic paper/magic dirt assorted riffraff having functional plumbing and electrical service – that you then pay for. Own goal.

      What to do? Truly and functionally separate. Call it the dissident ‘Benedict option,’ in ironic homage to one of the most mentally disturbed conservacucks out there. Accept in your gut what it truly means that There is NO fixing This. Figure out what it will take for you to survive long term – either living by lies and endless comprises and eventual assimilation of your grandchildren into the borg, or become genuinely intellectually and spiritually and corporeally separate.

      It truly is past time to choose your future path. Many already have – because you want your kids to ‘succeed’ by today’s metrics, or because now your own grandchildren would report you as a rayciss. Or because your spouse needs social acceptance and believes ‘the science.’ We all have our weaknesses and compromises. But what do they lead to? When does it stop? Choose your own ‘line in the sand.’ In far too many cases it’s already been chosen by your own choices and values.

      Choose wisely.

      • The upside to being an accelerationist is that you don’t have to do anything overt other than control the personal in the ways you listed. Things are accelerating on their own now. While I know some psychopaths would send F16’s to level every home 15 miles outside of a city–let Gaia sort them out, they will think–the smart money still is moving as far away as possible. In the near future, bar those F-16’s and competent pilots–the Regime is going to have a very difficult time exerting its will further and further from the imperial capitol. We saw glimpses of this with Covid. Short term it arguably may be safer in the Blue places due to those F-16s, but the loss of competence is making that a brief reality and unsafe bet.

    • Brilliant comment and original insight. Everything involves trade-offs, and is incompetence leads to less ability to oppress and terrorize–and I agree that is proving the case–let it rip. We are going to be much poorer, but that is the trajectory anyhow.

      • Now that nearly every institution is converged and working against the interests of normal people, I want to see more incompetency.

        I have lived for years in developing countries and you can quickly see that the effectiveness and diligence of whites has been used against us.

        Case in point the Covid hysteria. The police in overly corrupt countries were not as diligent about inforcing the insanity as were police in first world countries. Why should they have been? No money in it for them. In the US the police get great pensions so they are easy to control.

        Only exceptions I can think of are pilots, doctors, lawyers and judges. I would have rather been Kyle Rittenhouse than James Fields.

        However, overall we are safer with more incompetency.

        • Yeah, again, smart take. They weren’t even able to pull off a successful internal coup d’etat with the entire police state apparatus behind the Regime. That was telling.

          The downside, of course, is these buffoons control nukes and given the current situation are fully capable of doing something stupid and igniting a nuclear holocaust.

  29. Sounds like a bunch of whining to me. If we — whoever we are — aren’t competent enough to stem the rising tide of alleged stupidity, who are the stupid ones? Been to New Hampshire lately?

    The rogues and scoundrels that comprise our ruling elite haven’t sparked an effective opposition and who’s to blame but the would be opposition? If I were one of the elite, competence in the manufacture and installation of luxury jet liner systems, agreed. And tech wizardry.

    But these can be imported.

    • “If we are stupid enough to let this happen, then we deserve to die.”

      Sounds like a bunch of despair to me.

      If your survival instinct is still intact, then you’ve got to try to solve the problems of affluence and pathological compassion that afflict our people.

      And you can’t just try to save yourself, because an individual man without the protection of a tribe will be picked off by another hostile tribe.

    • It’s a matter of numbers, not competence and intelligence. The DR, percentage wise, is numerically small and it’s late to the game. If a quarter century from now, we haven’t improved the landscape, then question our intelligence and competence.

  30. “On the other hand, material prosperity reduced the risks in life, which resulted in more stupid people making it to sexual maturity. More of these people were then able to reproduce thus increasing the percentage of stupid people in society.”

    This is precisely Nietzsche’s criticism of Marx and other “socialist dolts and flatheads.”

    Marx thought that capitalist material prosperity would unleash the freedom and creativity of the proletariat. To the contrary, Nietzsche thought it would unleash mass stupidity — the Last Man, “the maggot ‘man’ is swarming in the foreground; …the ‘tame man’, the hopelessly mediocre and the insipid man has already learned to feel himself as the goal and zenith, as the meaning of history, as ‘higher man.’”

    “‘We have invented happiness,’ say the last men — and they blink.”

    • The fundamental flaw of every Civilization is that it tames Nature and therefore in the process also tames that part of Nature which eliminates the stupid. The stupid overwhelm Civilization and then Nature comes in and wipes out the entire shindig.

      The fear of Nature as seen by the Covid panic is a clear sign that the masses today would die out rapidly without the ill-conceived protections Civilization provides.

      In the history of Nature vs Civilization, Nature has never lost the fight in the long run as Spengler’s study of Civilizations showed.

      Natural law stands undefeated against human law.

      Turns out intelligence (high IQ) is simply a different word for retardedness. Intelligent enough to create a Civilization, too retarded to see the consequences centuries down the line. It may not be a coincidence that so many children are now born being on the spectrum. The final form of the Civilizational Man, the true form is the Retard, overwhelmed by the masses of Stupid Men his own retardness produced.

      • Mostly agree, but I’d rephrase: “Civilization ATTEMPTS to tame Nature.” Someone said, correctly I believe, that civilization is a rebellion against Nature. Note that statement makes no claim about whether such a revolt will or will not succeed! And just so: Civilization living by Nietzsche’s “Slave Morality” — such as the present era — does indeed seem to strengthen the weak, to protect the stupid from their folly, and so on. But these perceived benefits are short term, with no awareness of the long-term cost.

        • Ben, I completely agree with you. I was being as nice as possible to Civilization…but right, it’s a serious question whether Civilization has ever really tamed Nature.

    • It’s common to hear people on our side praise homogeneous groups in general. But really, homegeneity is only a positive multiplier if the populations is north asian, jewish, or white.

      Homogeneity of other races doesn’t seem to help much, except for decreasing intra-racial conflict.

    • When the homogeneity is of a certain sort. Negro homgeneity doesn’t multiply sweet Fatty Arbuckle.

  31. The future is now in various places and, sadly, there’s very few signs of whites doing much of anything as the low-IQ surround them.

    Look at California and New Mexico. Whites are a minority and, yet, the states continue to (sort of) function. Also, the whites there either move out or live in their own neighborhoods.

    Brazil is also a possible future. Enclaves surrounded by poverty. However, my understanding is that in Brazil, the upper class, which is basically white, does stick together and views themselves as a separate people.

    Finally, there’s South Africa. Even there most whites just lay back and watch the country fall apart. A few whites seem to be getting the message, but look at what it took to get them to that point and think how far whites in the USA are from that point.

    Regionalization would seem to be best path for America, but these examples don’t offer a lot of hope. But, yes, eventually, some whites will push back or break away. It’s just a question of how long and how much we lose before that happens.

    • People are sorting and there is a de facto dissolution happening now. I don’t know how it will shake out, but white separation is sort of well underway. It may turn out to be a stopgap measure as the suburbs proved to be, but it is hard to envision an effective central government at this point able to counter the move. It would take something seriously egregious to prompt any de facto action as long as the economy remains tolerable, of course.

      • Sorting will continue but will accelerate, and those who can’t afford to live in “good schools” areas will be stuck in diversitopias. Expect an increasing widening in the price of housing in the White areas compared to housing in diverse areas, which will plummet.

        Because of that, I would expect the effort to import diversity and government subsidized housing into White areas to greatly increase. That’s when the “I got mine” crowd will push back.

        • In south London, Englandland where I live, the well run, good school areas are being overrun by dot head, indian types. Wherever whitey sets up a good area they move in and take over. Whitey is going to have to say no at some point.

  32. I keep hearing echoes of the 2006 film, “Idiocracy”, throughout your essay. And Kornbluth’s “The Marching Morons.” The problem is that we cannot talk about the hereditary basis or the ethnic basis of intelligence any more. We cannot talk of eugenics either. But of course in our day-to-day decisions we constantly factor ethnicity in. I want my doctor to be white. I want my car mechanic to be an old white man. I want my lawyer (and probably my accountant as well) to be a Jew. I can’t help noticing that cities like Minneapolis (and half a century earlier, Detroit) circle the drain when a tipping point is reached a propos the percentage of blacks residing there. I notice that the area of the USA with the highest percentage of whites is New England and is the least dysfunctional.

    • All good points. Ostei asked the other day if there ever had been a program the Left abandoned and I responded with several, eugenics chief among them (the lobotomy aspect lingered well into the 80’s in progressive Oregon and Washington; ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST was Forman’s attempt to stop the practice and that was twenty years before it ended). I agree with the Left on many of eugenics points, too.

      I would submit that much of the Climate Change madness is a disguised attempt at eugenics. The apparent goal is anti-Whiteness, but if implemented the primary population elimination would be of POC throughout the Third World. While that is laudable in many ways, the Green programs still are problematic in that they also hurt our people and empower our enemies.

      It is for this reason, by the way, that I rued the day DOBBS came down. That was very helpful for our people.

      • They have a better way to lobotomize now: depression and anxiety meds. Makes way more money, too.

        • That’s why lobotomies were used/invented. Hell the guy who promoted got a Nobel Prize (later revoked). When the era of psychotropic drugs came about such was no longer necessary—not to mention the hit or miss of the operation in the first place.

      • Note: “164 nations signed the UN treaty labeling them as climate refugees.
        Climate is the fault of first world countries so they will be assimilated by any means necessary.”

        Yes, of course the Green program will eventually kill the morons off-

        But it will be used to get us first.

        Dissidents have simply GOT to network alternative power sources, along with all the other survivalisms.

        • “But it will be used to get us first.”

          I’m sure elimination of the competition is the first objective–that’s the motive behind the Great Replacement, after all, but the practical reality is those are the groups can figure out survival. It is like the argument that chimpouts can be avoided over food inflation by increasing food stamps, which overlooks that still requires the presence of food.

          I agree with you on networking, to be clear, but the main goal is population elimination and that will be achieved albeit not in the intended ways.

    • “I want my doctor to be white. I want my car mechanic to be an old white man.”

      More than anything else, you want your airline pilot to be a white man.

      Not for nothing were many of the 20th century’s race realists — Carleton Putnam, Charles Lindbergh, George Lincoln Rockwell — airplane pilots.

      • Flew from Chicago to Harrisburg last night. Chick pilot. She dam’ near flew us into the Three Mile Island cooling towers while she was putting on mascara and yammering into her sail foam.

    • I think that one needs to qualify your statement concerning the residual competence of New England. Look at the huge number of shitlibs there; with this, how long can they resist the wonders of “diversity”? As an example, look to the influx of Somalis – of all degraded and degrading populations – in Maine, ffs.

      The Dolchstoß is not far to seek.

      • The thing is, they do resist the wonders of diversity. Spend time in New England and you will see that the true believers live in the whitest neighborhoods. Their ability to live one way and talk another is remarkable. It is not just with regards to race either. Bourgeoise liberalism selects for people who are high in belief and very low in self-awareness.

        • Those who champion diversity most stridently are those who can most afford to avoid it.

    • “New England . . . is the least dysfunctional” LOL Tell me that you don’t live in NE without telling me you don’t live in NE.

  33. The other question is whether the elite and managerial classes can distance themselves from the disfunction by creating their own more competent enclaves? If they can then the general incompetency can last quite awhile before collapse.

    A good example might be banana island in Lagos Nigeria. The island is a man made modern world that the masses do not get access to unless by permission. This type of isolation won’t be a problem for the wealthy but they will also need enough of the managerial class to have their own pockets.

    The planes of commercial carriers such as American Airlines might start dropping from the skies but probably not in a significant number. There are plenty of messed up countries with their own airlines. After all the elite do not fly commercial. They fly in private jets with pilots who aren’t vaccinated and have their own mechanics. They also have their own lawyers, doctors, financial advisors and security.

    And I want to keep stressing that if you are from Mexico or Somalia in our lifetime your are not likely to want to return because of rising incompetency in the US. Most people will be conformable with general incompetency.

    If AI does really live up to its hype then that will also help forestal the full impact of incompetency.

    That said, the sub fiasco is an excellent case study of why the elite don’t actually live by their equity rules. The CEO drank the kool-aid. Most don’t

    • Just some weird data points:

      For the most part, US airlines can’t currently bring a bunch of H1B visa eligible pilots in from other countries. There’s only one extremely narrow visa available for Australian pilots (E3B).

      (Oddly enough, for India and Mexico have the highest rates of female pilots for commercial flying)

      Look at any major airline corporate webpage/advertising and it looks like there are no heterosexual white men left at the company or in the passenger/customer base (except the CEO, White Man’s Burden and all).

      Look at the actual flight line, and the racial demographics look like the graduating class of Harvard in 1920.

      • Positions where there is a big downside fur the business if anything screws up tend to still be open to white men. But even there pressure is to hire everyone else and be diverse.

        The last group of pilots to start favoring non white men will be for private jets. Given the powerful want unvalidated pilots after mandating the death jab to commercial pilots suggests they may never turn against white men.

  34. Last week I sent a message to a homesteader living in Montana, wishing him a happy solstice and winter is coming. He cursed me and told me that it was 28 degrees that morning. No place for the shortsighted up there.
    Return to the North Ice People!

    • TomC,

      You’re absolutely right. Civilization is fundamentally an Ice Structure built by Ice People. The invading hordes tend to be Desert People.

      There are only two ways this ends:
      1. Desert melts Ice and Ice in turn floods Desert (the Apocalypse)
      2. Ice People return to the North. In Flanders and Holland, there is a show called “Het Hooge Noorden”, which is Dutch for The High North. The Germanics are getting fed up with their desert Maghreb invaders – so in this widely popular show they’re moving up to icy Norway

      The first way is the suicide approach inherent in Western Civilization today, but also in former Ice Structures (Civilizations) – e.g. in Vedic Civilization, Buddhism was the suicide approach.

      The second way is the only way the Civilization Types, the Ice Men and Women, survive the onslaught of the Desert.

      • An attractive construct. However, civilization formed in the Near East and the eastern Mediterranean. Desert lands, alas. Nary a fjord nor an Alp in sight. And it was largely Ice People–Germanics–who laid civilization low for half a millennium.

        • Yes, at first glance, but…

          Not sure if I agree or disagree. Thanks for the juicy mystery. We have little room for mistakes, now.

        • Perhaps. I’m not 100% sure myself, though simply because the Near East and eastern Mediterranean are desert lands, doesn’t necessarily mean those civilizations weren’t ice structures.

          It’s possible Ice People emigrated all the way there. There’s apparently some DNA evidence that e.g. the Egyptians pharaohs were of “European” descent.

          Local climates change as well.

          Either way, when I look at the Civilizations I have a good understanding of, they’re all Ice Structures. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

    • Just a reminder that in frigid Minnesota, many thousands of Somalians and Hmong reside and don’t look like they’re leaving.

      • And then there’s diverse Canada, now home to millions of Sun People. Cold weather is no deterrence to diversity, at least as long there are gibs to get.

        • That’s just it – as long as there are gibs, as long as food is provided to them, as long as heating is provided for them.

          How long would the Somalis last if it all collapsed? The Scandis that live in Minnesota would very quickly go back to their primal instincts and survive.

          The Somalis, I imagine, would freeze to death.

          • An outcome devoutly to be wished, but the pathologically compassionate Lutherans and such would be riding to their rescue, and ultumately cementing their own destruction. When the safety net would finally fail, it would be too damn late for the whites the shitlibs helped to dispossess of their ancestors’ foresight and persistance.

            Pace Shakespeare, comes the revolution, first we kill all the shitlibs.

          • The climate of Minnesota attracted the first immigrants, the Scandinavians, who flocked to Minnesota because geographically it’s similar to where they came from.

            But Scandinavians’ achilles heel is their low in-group preference, fondness for the outsider, and the importance of their moral reputation. (per Kevin MacDonald) They want to be seen as a “good person,” which includes importing poor people.

          • Wolf Barney: this “helpful to all” needs to be turned back to “helpful to my own”.

        • Dan Lyman 0f Border Hawk recently spoke about spotting hoards of Africans above the arctic circle. He mentioned mothers in their traditional garb pushing prams around in the cold rain.
          They go to such astronomical lengths. They really do hate us.

          • How long will those Arctic-Africans last when there are no whites available to assure their survival? One hour? Two? The more ridiculous situations such as this one will be hit first. Look at Katrina-era NOLA and multiply by thousands.

          • Bah. Just stack the fat ones on top of the skinny ones.

            Like tallow and kindling, so I’ve been assured.

  35. The future isn’t looking too great in education either.

    Here is a timely podcast on the scourge of ChatGPT being used by students in grade school and college. One student comes out and inadvertently states what the racket of higher education has become:

    “College, we pay hella money, right? We’re just trying to get a degree, that’s it. Credentials.”

    ‘Suspicion, Cheating and Bans: A.I. Hits America’s Schools’

    • It will be interesting to see what AI does across the board. Education is already a lost cause but AI can potentially wipe out all need for human intelligence in a wide variety of occupations.

    • This is happening on the trade schools too. I shit you not. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

      • Aww jeez. I can see it.

        Even the plumber’s certifications are dammed hard. The trades are STEM at rigorous and meticulous application.

  36. A lot of people are going to be sacrificed first, but a new social stratification will emerge. We are seeing the very beginning of it in South Africa where whites are coming under increasing threat from blacks. A small town had been quietly established that is white only, no blacks allowed. They are armed to the teeth, and the “shoot, shovel and shut up” law system is strictly enforced. Black gangs have tried to raid the community and they just disappear. The whites say nothing. When the black president threatens to cut off whitey’s power and water (the competence crisis is deepening in South Africa right on schedule)…the people in the white township shrug and take care of it themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t making their own arms and ammunition too.

    We’ve seen much the same thing play out with our friends with the big noses and small hats in the Middle East. Much as I despise those people… they make no bones about kicking the Palestinians out, cleaning up the mess they’ve made, and turning former deserts into productive farm land. They tolerate the proximity of Palestinians and treat them fairly well if they submit and behave… but they’re absolutely ruthless with them if they do not. Like the emerging white community in South Africa…Isreal can survive literally surrounded by hostile, low trust/low IQ enemies. The smart people clan up and work together. The dumb ones clan up but don’t work well together. So it will go for us. After the balkanization of North America, white settlements will arise and thrive and if ethnics get in the way, the whites will shoot, shovel, and shut up just as the Israelis do.

    Race realities are going to reassert themselves and it will hurt some white populations more than others. So it goes as with any other liberal social experiment…they only end one way.

    • The State is going to increasingly work to destroy their enemies in red areas through “low income housing” and “refugee resettlement”, basically biowarfare. It worked in the 1960’s to get rid of those pesky ethnic neighborhoods in the city and they’ll do it again.

      This is still easy to do because the power of D.C.can crush any isolated rebellion, but once a thousand de-facto Oranias pop up all over the country and the attitude of the average American changes away from “I need to move to a ‘better school district'” every time a town gets wrecked, the price of such heavy-handed measures become untenable.

      • Nonsense, Chet. The puck is still very much in play, and there is still lots of time on the clock – years, perhaps a decade.

        Our fate is far from sealed. We are already seeing the first tremors before the massive tectonic shift. The usual suspects are wailing and sobbing that Germany and Greece have elected “far right” gubbimints. Sweden just announced they will no longer be part of the mass immigration project. Seems their shitty liberal white women are getting fed up with being raped. Not two years ago, this would have been unthinkable. Add in that they are devolving into Weimar Europe. Germany is now basically de-industrialized and poised for a full depression. Fwance and Britain are almost certainly going to follow suit. With all this as background… the Euros are coming face to face with a full blown crisis of competence AND credibility. They are being told their misery is all worth it because it’s a necessary sacrifice to Gaia The Earth Mother, and Putler has to be stopped and regime-changed. I can tell you with near certainty that – somewhere – Hitler’s revenge and rebirth is kicking into high gear. The jews are chitting bricks and they are square. The Restoration is going to be LIT. I think the Dissidents are too black pilled sometimes. Deporting these animals is not going to be all that difficult. If you can get billions of dollars of welfare out to illegals with the precision of a Swiss watch – deporting them will be child’s play.

        Whitey just needs the motivation to do what must be done. And as usual… Darwin and Murphy and perhaps God are standing by to see that he gets it.

      • Chet: I saw this story yesterday somewhere or other. Just checked Yandex for specifics and Lo and Behold!

        The Biden administration is planning to use a former North Carolina boarding school campus to house hundreds of migrant children, according to CBS News.

        The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of Refugee Resettlement will open the doors of what used to be the American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina, to house up to 800 migrant children between the ages of 13 and 17 who crossed the southern border illegally, according to CBS News, citing a U.S. official familiar with the plan. The facility is intended to serve as “influx care” to provide emergency housing,

        Every. Single. Time.

        • It’s happening everywhere. MA is putting them up on military bases. NYC is putting them up in 4-star hotels. Yesterday a bunch of Angolans and Congolese shut down Portland (Maine) demanding more gibs. Here’s the thing (I know I bore people w/ this): The median income in the US is still ~36K/yr. Why we should accommodate people w/ tens of thousands of dollars to fly to South America and pay coyotes to smuggle them to the southern border and then subsidize them is beyond me.

  37. Canada recently went all in regarding immigration, wanting to fill an enormous amount of skilled positions. Let’s forget the country is already so expensive as to practically be unlivable, and the surety of low-IQ cheaters getting in, and ask whether this will help the country is we assume the average immigrant is 110 IQ for argument’s sake.

    Given these people are coming from all over the world, all with their own ethnic solidarity, customs, along with zero skin-in-the-game with the nation as a whole. How productive are a group of marginally above-average intelligence people in working together? Is there going to be a wave of innovation, or a bunch of disinterested drones who do as little as they can get away with, while the rest to politicking to try to get into a higher position for their peer groups?

    The Manhattan project would not have worked with modern diverse hiring, even if the IQs of the researchers were the same. The X factor of group cohesion is utterly missing, and that’s probably a lot of the reason our current space program can’t reproduce what was done in the 60’s.

    Homogeneity is an IQ multiplier, allowing groups to work together in cohesive ways that punch way above their weight. Add that to Westerner’s historian faustian urge to push the boundaries that is vacant from other civilizations, and we see the reason for technological ascendance. Long term, these immigration policies won’t be so much an economic boon as a world-scale IQ shredder.

    • Canada has an explicit plan to increase its population from 38 million today to 100 million by 2100.

      ’22 was a massive hockey stick spike in immigration that will now flatten until their models tell them reproduction will get them to 100M by 2100. The only thing that will stop it are things we can’t discuss here.

      Red state Republicans are implementing the southern portion of Patraeus and his financier’s plan to destroy America. Idaho, North Dakota, Oklahoma and others are agitating for increased immigration, and they setting up the interior transportation and registration station for a non-American population to be shipped around to work. It is taking on the character of Hunger Games.

      My personal take is that the Competency Crisis will be most severe not in technical expertise, but in the social and legal structures. European man didn’t just develop technology with our IQ, we built the sophisticated legal and social structures from our bio-culture.

      Of course, if my bio-culture thesis is wrong and anyone can create those structures, the multi-culturists have torn apart the fabric of society to begin their project. If they brought in the diversity and made it crystal clear that this was America and they were to be Americans maybe someday, then at least they would assimilate. Instead, they came in told them to hate the country, its founding stock and preserve their loyalty to their tribe.

      The project is doomed from the beginning. Right now, they blame whitey and men, but the lesson they have taught is that racial strife is a feature of the system. Most people follow and imitate, and what this ruling class has done is given them an abomination to mimic.

      • Idaho State Senate calls for more immigration to provide more workers.

        The Republicans here think that it is still 1985 and what this country needs is more Reagan, especially the amnesty and the lack of concern about border control.

        When I try to warn them about the dangers of immigration, they laugh and say that the problem is that the other states weren’t welcoming enough. We’ll show them what real hospitality is and everything will work out great.

        These people are offering their exposed throat and asking to be slaughtered. It’s sad, because they are otherwise such great people.

        • Yeah, yeah, yeah.

          Sober up you lot! You shame your ancestors! They did not raise you to be fools!

          Canada is ready to start hanging liberals out West. Turdo La Do can barely show his face out here for fear of getting shot. He’s often absent from parliament because he gets savagely mauled by the conservatives. The immigration thing is going to come to a head soon. In Ireland, when buses show up to discharge their loads of human trash in small Irish communities, they are met with locals wielding baseball bats. JewToob shows any number of their women trying to escape foreign rapists, and the locals tuning them up with shileighlies and billy clubs. Some fag small town mayor in Fwance had his house burned down because he wanted to bring in busloads of third world scum over the objections of his electorate. Sweden just announced an end to its mass immigration program because the shitty white liberal women there are getting raped at insane rates. The demographic peril is clear… don’t be surprised if the first mass deportations start within the next five years.

          Our doom is only assured if you sit on your hands and do nothing. Right now that is an option but it is rapidly closing off. Have faith in yourselves. You got this. Rough times are ahead for us but we will prevail.

      • That’s exactly what the “there’s plenty of space” types miss- the breakdown comes first in human nature, not machine technology.

  38. Great analysis. Reminds me of Pat Buchanan’s line. “Sorry, but that cat cannot be walked back.”

    I scheduled a medical appointment for my son and I was telling him of a connection we have with the doctor’s family. My son told me that the connection doesn’t matter, all that matters is that the dr be a white guy.

    The constitution of this GAE seems to be the “I have a dream” speech and the reckless stupidity of those devout believers and tptb should be a stark warning of the gradual, impending collapse. And always remember to check out the pilot before boarding a plane.

    • I’m more worried about the air traffic controllers than I am about the glorified bus drivers in the cockpit

      • Jeffrey Zoar: Why my husband and I stopped flying. The vax, DIE pilots, DIE FAA, DIE passengers. Just not worth it to us. Thus when he’s forced to do the dog and pony show twice a year at separate distant events he drives – two days each way. Not ideal but far better than flying. And yes, his bosses think it’s bit nuts but they need him and pay for his travel days.

      • Same here. Some of that has to do w/ the hiring/retiring requirements that they’ve imposed on ATCs. They need some one to stare at a screen (not that one) and integrate data as it comes in. Not sure the “always online” have the skills? Maybe this is one area where AI can contribute?

  39. There is also the issue of plunging birth rates. This is particularly true of New England states with higher average IQs. Who takes over Vermont when the current residents of the state fail to reproduce?

    Another question is what happens to life expectancy as the competency crisis sweeps through the medical field. Last fall I needed to see a doctor for a persistent sinus infection. The obese doctor I got into walked into my appointment wearing two masks and a face shield. I wouldn’t have trusted him with anything important, let alone a serious health issue. The medical community and the media treated an industry leader admitting on video that part of the reason they pushing the trans mania on kids is because it created an income stream for them with a yawn. What does society do when a vital industry has become both evil and stupid?

    • I don’t see Korean restaurants hiring fat black trannies as servers, don’t see black bbq joints rushing to hire american indians and I don’t see dot indian businesses hiring marias as IT back office. As far as whites, the ones I know are sitting on their hands waiting for the collapse, when their competence will (possibly) result in low IQ howlers wanting them back. Right now any competent white person with mechanical skills is booked 2 years out or more and can name their own price.

    • It’s all birth rate driven. Anywhere there is prosperity and women are given the option to delay/never have children, they vastly prefer to have few or no children.

      Dutton talks about this a great deal. No country knows how to fix it. Financial incentives don’t work, free day care seems to make it even worse. Immigrants adopt low fertility rates in one generation. Religion seems to be the only bulwark (Amish, Mormons), but even there the trend is going the wrong way.

      In the West, this is 100% women driven. There’s a weird intersection here where most would agree that no woman should be forced to have children; alternatively, if the women of one generation decided collectively to never have kids, the society would be on the verge of extinction in 50 years.

      I’ve no solutions.

      • The Boomer wealth effect was based on building hospitals, schools, single family homes, and making clothes and shoes for all those new kids.

    • I recently had nearly as bad an experience with my lung doctor. He (probably) hails from the Indian subcontinent. I have no reason to doubt his intelligence, but his competence, not so sure. I’d discontinued a medication without his approval. He gave me a sanctimonious line about how patients refuse doctors’ advice until they are in the emergency room. I retorted “Doctor, how many people end up in the ER for allergic rhinitis (hay fever)?” On this and a previous visit I mentioned how I’d lost much of my trust in medicine. He asked for an example. I cited the Covid-19 vaccines. He defended them, claiming they’d saved “billions” (yes, that’s with a “B”) of lives. That’s a major factual error right there, but I didn’t press the issue. There had already been enough acrimony for one visit 🙂 At one point, I actually was ready to walk out of the room. The only reason I’ll stick with him — for now at least — is that he monitors a lung nodule I have.

      Unintentionally, he made a valid point during that visit, however: If his attitude and apaprent lack of actual knowledge are any indication, perhaps it’s actually in the patient’s best interest to avoid the medical system until there’s no other choice. This is a shame, of course because at least in theory, they really can cure or at least manage many conditions. As with much of our civiization, it does seem that medicine is decaying. Are we fated to return to leeches and bleeding and consulting the woman who deals in herbs?

  40. this is an interesting topic you bring up z since the affirmative action ruling is supposed to drop today.

    • I’m kind of surprised that a draft opinion hasn’t been leaked, like it was in Dobbs.

      In a way, that does not bode well as to the Court’s decision.

      • Maybe this is naive, but I would assume Roberts took some steps to ensure another leak like Dobbs does not happen. That was a serious embarrassment to him and he cares about his own and the Court’s status within elite circles more than anything else.

      • Well Roberts did say that as is unconstitutional but if a lot of schools scrap the sat, how can they be sued in the future. Same for hiring practices.

        • They can be sued, but the evidence of bias will be less apparent (wrong word perhaps) without hard numbers to compare as produced by the LSAT, MCAT, SAT, GRE, or ACT. I’m certain however that as objective measures are dropped, clever people will figure out challenges to the new devious acceptance processes.

        • Mark my words, the percentage of half-literate nuggras getting into selective unis won’t drop a whit because of this decision. The anti-white elite will figure out a way to make sure of that.

  41. “What sort of society is possible with the demographics of the future?”

    from what i see in south africa my assumption is whites will band together in small pockets.

    Not as many africans in USA as they are in SA though, meaning it won’t get as bad. No muslims, latinos are the most docile brown people out there, so I don’t think it will be that bad.

    I’d say white majority states(regions) will separate and recreate mini-versions of white America, rest goes to shit, kind of like USSR. Russia is great, rest not so much.

  42. Gavin McInnes spent most of his show talking about this exact subject. For entertainment purposes he talked about idiots in submarines and diverse airline pilots. Also talked about white enclaves in South Africa – which are already islands of competence with an ocean of stupidity.

    • Gavin should move to his wife’s country and leave us all alone. He’s a fraud

      • Completely agree with you.
        He is a fraud and grifter, going after the Normies or even “our side” (those wirh DR tendencies) for money and fame.
        I found him amusing but didn’t really follow his work much.
        And then with that “I’m getting arrested by FBI!” scam, I no longer waste my time.

        It’s SO beyond me why any others waste their time on him, either.
        Time that is much better spent learning how to plant your on vegetables…!!


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