The Gypsy Question

If you go to certain parts of Europe, one of the things you will experience is this class of people who sort of exist and sort of not exist. They exist, as in they are part of non-contextual reality, but everyone tries to ignore them. You notice them when their children beg for money or try to sell you some useless trinkets. This is often just a way to distract you while they steal your wallet. These are, of course, Gypsies or what the cultural enforcers call the Roma people.

Gypsies are not everywhere. In Paris it feels like they are everywhere if you hang around the tourist areas. In Copenhagen there are no Gypsies, at least not in the main areas like you see in tourist traps. They exist in Denmark. Official statistics say there are about 5,000 Gypsies in the country, but the nature of Danish society makes the pick-pocket lifestyle impossible for them. Instead, they find other ways to sustain themselves that do not involve street crime.

In other parts of Europe, they will be in what amounts to Gypsy ghettos. This is most common in the old communist bloc. Ghettoization of minorities has been the habit in that part of the world for a long time. With lots of different people thrown together in artificially constructed kingdoms, the best solution to social conflict was peaceful separation, so minority troublesome populations ended up in ghettos. This persists today for universally despised populations like Gypsies.

That is one of the first puzzles about the Gypsies. Throughout Europe they are hated, and they have always been hated. Even the efforts to embrace the new American religion regarding diversity and inclusion has not extended to the Gypsies. No amount of hectoring can overcome centuries of hatred. That raises an obvious question as to why these people continue to exist as a population. Why have they not disappeared through assimilation and self-deportation?

This becomes even more of a puzzle when you see that the locals have not just treated these people as pariahs. Some people have probably heard about the organized murder of Jews in the Second World War, but the murder of the Gypsy population dwarfs the other persecutions. Half of the Gypsy population was killed in the war, mostly because it was an opportunity to kill them. The locals just took advantage of the opportunity to rid themselves of these people.

Logic says that if you are at risk of death living where you live, then you would be smart to find a new place to live. American suburbs exist because of this logic. Fearing black crime, white people moved from cities into the surrounding suburbs. The Jewish population in American swelled a century ago because Jews were under constant threat in the Russian empire. The great wave of Jewish immigrants at the end of the 19th century was mostl from the fringes of Tsarist Russia.

Despite facing “you’re not welcome” signs all over Europe, the Gypsy population remains a fixture. It says something about a people that they want to be somewhere that they are not wanted and will never be accepted. It could simply be that alienation reinforces their culture. They hang together because it is impossible for their members to assimilate into greater society. This results in their culture having a hostile and parasitic relationship with the host population.

This process operates for other subgroups. The Travelers in the English-speaking world are a lot like the Gypsies. They are not Gypsies. They are Irish, Scots, and English that probably came into existence in the 17th century. The people we are now supposed to call the Roma are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group that migrated out of the Indian subcontinent around 1000 AD. Despite having no biological, linguistic, or cultural connection to Gypsies, Travelers are remarkably similar.

The theory is that Travelers became landless people who learned to survive travelling around doing labor and stealing. That last part is what made them social pariahs and isolated them from the rest of society. Most likely, those who could integrate back into society and wanted to do it, were boiled off. The result was a selection process in favor of people with a strong desire for the lifestyle and the ability to serve the people inside their clans, resulting in an increase in Traveler-ness.

This turns up in genetic studies. Closed populations will tend to have specific genetic issues due to the founding population having those traits and the consequences of marriage only within the group. The Amish are another good example. What this means is that once a group is cut off from the main group, a process develops that reinforces this separation both culturally and biologically. In the case of the Gypsies, who they are depends in part on being despised by the host population.

Interestingly, Gypsies appear to be quite dull. Intelligence studies put their average IQ in the mid-70’s, which is what you see with Somalis. This may explain why they are most common in the duller parts of Europe, like the Balkans. A population of parasitic simpletons is not going to do well amongst the high-IQ Swedes, but they can survive among the atomized and tribal population in the Balkans. Even so, it is surprising that they have survived at all given their limitations.

As a comparison, Irish Travelers check in at around eighty-seven compared to the average for the Irish population of ninety-two. This makes sense. Their origin story suggests they were the losers in an economic game of musical chairs. Rather than end up in ghettos and trailer parks, which did not exist, they ended up as itinerant workers and thieves. In the modern age they are known for living in caravan parks, which are a rough equivalent to the American mobile home park.

The persistence of Gypsies raises another question. The open society that is being forced upon the West requires assimilation. It is assumed that minority populations wish to assimilate but are prevented from doing so because of whiteness. The Gypsies and the Travelers are two good examples of minority populations that refuse to assimilate because they know they would cease to exist if they did assimilate. The open society people have the same Gypsy problem as the fascists.

Of course, the question at the root of it all is what does the majority do about a minority population that cannot and will not fit into society? This is a problem that has vexed political philosophy since John Stuart Mill. You can force them to comply, but this comes at a cost, and it creates new problems like social unrest. You can remove them, but as we see with Gypsies, they just keep coming back. Even the mass murder of Gypsies in the last century did not remove them from Europe.

The irony is that the solution the world has arrived upon for dealing with this problem is the one which caused the problem in the first place. The isolation of unassimilable and incompatible people is what you see everywhere, not just with Gypsies. The “solution” to the Gypsy problem is to try to keep them bottled up on the fringes of society, which ensures that there will also be a steady supply of Gypsies. The solution to the problem makes sure the problem is never solved.

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247 thoughts on “The Gypsy Question

  1. White societies attract subgroups like the gypsies and that special tribe because only white Christians tolerate hostile and/or disruptive minorities once the society gets beyond basic survival.

    I can’t think of a non white society that would turn over their media to a hostile minority and then let that minority police what is permissable in the country. It is a white Christian thing to let minorities indoctrinate the majority into believing that everything is the majority’s fault because they are inherently evil.

    Compare Muslims committing terrorism in White countries with China and other Asian countries. When the Uyghurs stabbed and killed over 100 Han Chinese the first thought wasn’t poor Uyghurs. The Chinese cracked down. An Iman in Myanmar urged Muslims to commit jihad against the lical Buddhists. The Muslims left the mosque and killed, raped and burned alive Buddhists. If that had happened to Christians, the churches would have double downed on coexist posters and blamed the violence on systemic racism. In Myanmar even the Buddhist monks advocated payback.

    By the way, it is frustrating that I can’t comment with my VPN o.

    • The problem that you describe seems to be more of an affluent white people problem, rather than a problem with Christianity. For example, the relatively non-Christian, atheistic white countries in the Netherlands have the same problem.

  2. There is, in fact, a final solution to the problem of an unassimilable minority. Admittedly somewhat distateful in its implementation details, it’s been tried many times in the past and as you also mentioned, got interrupted halfway through in its biggest application to date.

    • Yes, there is a final solution, and it’s called … wait for it … eugenics. A little sterilization goes a long way. But eugenics is now such a thought crime that it can’t even be considered.

      • Can’t happen. Meritocracy (originally an epithet) selects against being smart enough to design a eugenics program. To the degree that we already live in a livestock breeding sim, it’s run by Bill Gates, who’s not intelligent enough to understand this comment. How’s it going? Any hordes being repressed anywhere?

  3. Ethnic groups that exist inside the territory of a larger ethnic group and never integrate must feel contempt for that larger ethnic group since that is the only thing that will keep them from integrating and disappearing. You even see that with the Amish. You can virtually feel the contempt when they call you “English” even though they try to hide it. The Amish to their credit do not desire to make their living “feeding” off that dominant ethnic group, but instead just wish to segregate themselves, and that works in a country as big as America.

    • We lived in an OH county with large Amish population, featured in Chamber of Commerce ads, and at the annual County Fair with their buggy races etc. The men worked at our kids’ private school in maintenance and landscape, no problem working with power tools. I never had the women for domestic cleaning help, but you could see them being dropped off from a van for their day work at homes and picked up later. Many were “slow”/borderline retarded. Lots of inbreeding, sort of like a certain sect of Mormons, with genetic medical conditions they would rather not discuss in public.

  4. Maybe the coolest science fiction story ever began with a camp of gypsies staring intently at their fire in a Bavarian forest in 1642…

    In the air above the fire, a glimmer, a gleam, and a shining door seemed to open in midair…

    Through the door stepped a young man, dark haired, dark eyed, his face betraying nothing as he stared silently back at them.
    A young, handsome man…

    Dressed in a Nazi officer’s uniform.

  5. Gypsy life is kept distinct and quite alien to whatever culture they have invaded through several devices. The population is kept illiterate, deliberately so because children who could read might find their way into the world as adults. Children, at times, may have been forced into public school, but the Gypsy lifestile makes for an easy out soon enough.

    Language. The born in America Gypsy can speak conversationally with any Gypsy in the world as Jews once did in Yiddish.

    Gypsies arrange all marriges, and before the lucky couple are in puberty. Roles are well defined and executed early. There are no Gypsy teenagers. They know who they are.

    I’ve known a few Gypsies that lived outside the tribe. Kalman Banyak was a violininst whom I knew and played with. It is no exaggeration to state that he was an astounding talent. There was no classical piece he could not toss off. Pagannini Caprices, Tchaikovsky concerto with the local orchestra, sophisticated jazz at the drop of a hat. He was concertmaster of the Baltimore Symphony one year, until, I suspect, they discovered that he was illiterate. Kalman, who had few teeth when I knew him, died in his fifties without seeing a doctor. Average lifespan for a Gypsy is 52.
    I don’t know what his IQ was. Perhaps not high. But he had the substitute for intelligence that many people of low intelligence develop–cleverness. That is a trait so absent in many intelligent people that it leaves them oblivious to being played.

    • I was told by a Transylvanian of King Billy’s wedding party.
      King Billy, King of all the Gypsies. He wears chain after chain of gold on his chest.

      King Billy’s daughter had just turned 15, so it was time for her to be wed.

      Celebrities and aristocrats, crowned and titled, even sheiks and rajas were there.

      Luxury cars littered the grounds. Fine carriages with proud horses, tossing their haughty heads, festooned with feathers and silver bridles, made their way up the lanes.

      Candles lit the trees.
      And between those trees, strode the barefoot merrymakers in their fine clothes- for King Billy wears no shoes, and allows no shod feet to tread on his estates.

  6. This is one of those things you have to learn as you get older – the world will never be perfect. The best thing you can is perfect yourself and in the process make yourself immune from groups like the Gypsies.

    Trying to get rid of the Gypsies is like trying to get rid of the darkness. It exists, it will always exist. The wisest thing you can do is learn to identify it immediately and keep your distance.

  7. Unusual choice of topics for today’s essay, and not something I’m all that keen to comment about. But on the general subject of persisting minority populations, there is something that needs to be said that always ruffles the feathers of the DR types.

    Miscegenation is the solution, not the problem.

    America, for example, would not have an African-American racial issue today if more white men would have taken black wives. Even today, it would only take 20% of the available white men to marry 100% of the available black women. The next generation would consist of mulattos raised with overall much more serious and salutary white cultural influences. After three generations of this, most “blacks” would be octoroons with seven white grandparents who never experienced anything other than mainstream culture.

    We would still have social problems, of course, for nothing ever changes that. But e wouldn’t have the kind of divided culture we have today, and we probably would have avoided all the onerous Civil Rights legislation.

    • ?!? MISCEGENATION ?!?

      Who the he11 is poasting this sh!znat?

      Steve Sailer in his new role as David Barnea’s shabbos goyische pitbull?

      • Wow! Such eloquence! I frequently read Sailer and he is definitely not in favor of race-mixing–not with blacks, anyway. Also, adherents of the Black Party Line and their clueless white and minority allies have found small satisfaction in reading his Unz posts and his book about Obama and Company. The above poster seems to be a provocateur rather than a serious commentator (22-0 in favor of the downvotes, and the day is not done). But he’s definitely not Sailer writing under a nom de plume.

        • crabe-tambour: Sailer and his sycophants are civnats to the core. They all whinge about blaqs but remain utterly unaware of their own ethnic behavior (juice, asians, hapas, etc.). He is a not a figure of admiration by most here, so keep your paeans to yourself.

          • “so keep your paeans to yourself”

            The same could be say to TomA. Ho, ho!

    • Is this not the ultimate goal of the GR? Isn’t that why every couple on TV is mixed? Did you decide if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?

      For his part, the Mulatto in Chief, Chicago Jesus, raised by shitlib whites, did not assimilate.

    • Not only is this batshit crazy, but the premise itself is fatally flawed. We know from basic genetics that miscegenation theoretically could mitigate genetically linked black behavioral problems, but even with that dilution the same problems would persist. American blacks are around twenty percent white even now. And, to belabor the obvious, miscegenation would corrupt and poison white genes and behavioral traits. The only solution is separation or elimination. What you suggest would increase the pool of people with horribly defective genetic traits and decrease the pool with superior traits.

      • Being a black person is not a defective genetic trait. It is not Downs Syndrome or Tay-Sachs. Being black is immaterial to whether or not one is a genetically healthy and normal human being, and I defy anyone to explicitly say otherwise.

        But indeed, this is exactly the type of “science” you get from the HBD crowd, which tells you everything you need to know about those of that persuasion.

        • Intelligent Dasein:

          1. For the pseudo HBD crowd and quantifying the qualitative, stick with Sailer. Most here have a more complete and sophisticated understanding of racial differences.

          2. Blacks are not ‘normal’ homo sapiens sapiens. They are of a different and earlier proto-human ancestry, as evidenced by every gene and cell and organ in their bodies – definitely including their brains.

          • Exactly, that daft numptie
            . Neanderthal’s job was to wipe out the obsolete forms, such as African Erectus and South Asian Pacific Aboriginal.
            Too damm bad so many got away.

            I’d rather a continent of Gypsies than two continents- three, if you count India- of darkies.

        • Genes linked to intellect and violence have been documented a long while now. They at best are recessive but likely dominant. But it kind of rubs the pedos in pointy hats to hear such things from their flock, so I get it.

        • “… this is exactly the type of “science” you get from the HBD crowd,…”

          Spoken like a true know-nothing, ID. There is realm of science over decades acknowledging racial differences. These studies can be cited for your perusal, but why? You’d never read them.

          You respond out of emotion not intellect. That was apparent in you Unz postings of long past. You put up a pretty good front here, and fooled a lot of people, but now are revealed—as you were in Unz.

          Find another home with folk more to your liking.

    • Miscegenation would lead to a great leveling. No highs, no lows, just a vast mediocrity.

      Think how much of a loss it would be if progress in science, medicine, technology, sports, music, philosophy, art were left to mediocre talent. I think we’re about to find out.

    • I nominate ID to take one for the team by shacking up with a big sassy mammy.

        • Do they have Pride Parades in Sub-Saharan African countries? Surely Pride Parade participation will be a pre-requisite for the next occupant of Peter Palace.

    • ID, perhaps your worse idea ever!

      Again, put crudely, “How many drops of shit does it take to spoil a gallon of vanilla ice cream?”

      So the White race extinguishes itself by taking on 50% sub-Saharan genes? OK, so that’s not quite what happens as the Blacks you speak of are 25% admixture already, and there’s a bit of mathematics regarding a new average IQ, but those reading get my point.

      Many years ago, my cousin went to a Jesuit HS here and got into a bit of trouble with another freshman student. The was during the first week. The Head Master, a Jesuit Priest, summoned his father to a disciplinary meeting at the school. They brooked no nonsense at the school wrt discipline. In passing the HM remarked concerning his actions: “When you mix a “good” boy with a “bad” boy you get two bad boys”. This, the law was laid down. Both boys were told that they were gone the next time the HM had *any* reason to even *notice* them on campus.

      Finally, there’s recent example of your proposal ID, our first Black President—Obama. Half White, half Black. Raised and sent to the finest schools available, even to Whites. And what did we achieve? A fast talking, grifter, who sided with his Black heritage, made fast friends with anti-White activists and duplicitous Whites to the disadvantage of us all.

      • In order for your argument about Obama to hold water, you would have to demonstrate how Obama, as president, was any worse for having been half black, than would have been a standard-issue white liberal president (e.g. Hillary Clinton or Tim Kaine). I don’t think anybody believes that, not even you.

        My argument, on the other hand, is totally different. I am not under any illusions about human nature, and I know that “not all who’s skin to me is kin to me,” as the brothers say. I don’t believe America would be free of problems if it were 100% white. The way some people around here talk, they make it sound as if an all-white America would look like the leafiest of Connecticut suburbs from coast to coast, which of course is ridiculous and belies all knowledge of men and history. I believe that all-white America would still have an urban trash-class of parasites and thugs; it would still have its tubthumping agitators working hustles; it would still have its progressive virtue-signalers demanding reparations; but none of this would have a racial angle to it like it does today.

        And since it is the racial angle which is primarily responsible for turning jurisprudence into a circus of special pleading, it would have been better off to obviate that particular concern at the beginning. An America which never had Affirmative Action or Civil Rights legislation would have been a much saner place.

        Besides which, it is the only solution that has any chance of working in the real world. Nobody is going to be deporting blacks or genociding them (despite the daydreams of the alt-white fantasists here), so what else are you going to do?

        • Based upon that staggering phalanx of straw men, I would, if I didn’t know better, conclude you were entirely ignorant of Z-man and his commentariat. Instead, I presume you are a bit touched.

          • Yes indeed. No better than our old troll, Tiny Duck. He has better verbal skills however—sweet words, with little substance or reason, but always lengthy. As to the “touched” part, probably spot on. These folk need an audience for their unsupported emotional rants. Perhaps it’s best to not feed this new troll.

    • Dasein is a regular here. I’ll abstain on voting on his essay. However, I also allow that he is perhaps being a devil’s advocate here, or even being satirical. I’ve heard the same sentiment expressed by the younger generation as a solution to racism: “Let’s all f–k until everybody is the same color.”

      • Agreed. Bold lad does like to test the margins.

        To our credit, we did give fair trails these bad ideas of outrageous hubris. In each, was some audacious noggin saying, “I can be betterer than the best!”

        Now, how do we get back out? Can’t strain the sh*t out of the milkshake.

      • Maybe, but it seemed designed (heh) to be taken literally. I think it is more a matter of morality and theology with ID, a very, very sharp guy, than science. I cannot fathom how religious faiths and orders peddle such nonsense but should not have been critical of the guy’s faith earlier, either, and am sorry about that part.

          • T’sokay.

            I deleted a rant about anything, ANYthing, any strategem to push the monstrous “One J**ish Father of us all” idea.

            Like stone, that subconscious inference.

        • Thanks, Jack.

          This is not the forum for developing the argument in full. It really requires a long-form essay. The constraints of a short blog comment may be lending it a brash, in-your-face quality that I don’t really intend. Hopefully, someday you can read what I really wanted to write. I daresay you might even find something in there worth considering.

          But it’s a tough sell to those who have been tainted by HBD thinking. I gather that Sailer is not very popular on this blog, which I am quite pleased and thankful to see. But it needs to go further. The damage done by Sailer has been almost incalculable and I don’t think the DR will ever find its voice until him and his lamebrain ideas have been totally torched out of the movement.

          • “This is not the forum for developing the argument in full. It really requires a long-form essay.”

            You’ve said this more than once—or something similar—in the short time you’ve been posting.
            As I was once told, if you can’t boil your presentation down to your audience’s level of understanding, then perhaps you don’t really understand what you are saying. You seem to use as many words here, actually more, than most commenters—yet….

            Perhaps you are in the wrong forum?


    • ” … there is something that needs to be said that always ruffles the feathers of the DR types.”

      You got that right. Consider every one of my feathers ruffled.

    • Got stones, dude.

      We could maybe save some of the blacks…if only we certainly sacrifice ourselves!

      So noble. So enlightened.
      Your glory is too bright for me to look at!

  8. There was a thread on Nextdoor about a year ago about how the Gypsies had invaded the Pacific Northwest and specifically the Portland area. I made it clear that I didn’t care much for Gypsies but was also sure they’d clean up due to the huge number of gullible shitlib White cucks in the area who would gladly swallow their stories about needing money for grandma’s medication and the general lack of effective law enforcement.

    So I insulted the local shitlibs *and* their latest pet victim group. Normally when I make these posts they get deleted in a few hours. Strangely, they let it all stand. Maybe it was just a fluke or maybe there’s something to what Z said about people (at least Europeans) making an exception to allow for some Gypsy hate.

    • No city deserves what it got as much as Portland, OR. Well, maybe San Fran. Portland is the purest example of suidical liberal beliefs. The frustrating thing is that absolutely refuse to see the connections between their beliefs and the ruin of the city.

      I said this to my liberal friend, who fled Portland because of crime, and steam came out of his ears. But he knew that he couldn’t argue the point.

      • The latest shitlib scam is that the governments in all the counties *around* Portland, like the still relatively sane Washington County, are setting up “homeless pods”. These are little mobile encampments of “tiny houses” (basically something like a shipping container) that are being set up, at taxpayer expense of course, all around neighborhoods that have so far escaped the crime and chaos of Portland. Each “pod” is basically 60 or so hard core addicts, criminals, and other social refuseniks, with a lone “attendant”. The attendant is supposed to keep order – somehow. This being Oregon, I’m guessing they will be not only unarmed, but selected for physical weakness and cowardice. There’s probably a 25% tranny quota too. I mean why wouldn’t there be? My guess is that most of these people quit or run off while continuing to collect a salary. Some of the tougher ones will start accepting bribes to allow the residents to keep partying, and some will probably join the party themselves.

        There are lots of threads on Nextdoor about this now but I haven’t bothered to comment. I’m not even angry anymore, just determined to leave even if it kills me. I’m just amazed at the willingness of the local elite to run off anyone and everyone who might be tempted to lead a stable life, keep a job, buy a home, and pay taxes. I mean really, the homeless pods idea reminds me of the MX missile concept. You know, lots of these highly mobile trucks that can set up and fire an ICBM in like 30 minutes. Think you’ve found one Mr. Gorbachev? Sorry, it’s 90 miles down the road now, comrade! So they’ve basically got these little missile pods of dysfunction ready to f00k YOUR neighborhood on a moment’s notice. Who would want to buy property within 200 miles of this shit?

        • I can hardly claim credit for this “conspiracy theory.” But I speculate that what you describe is an up-to-date version of blockbusting. Especially with today’s huge asset management firms, I suspect that neighborhoods will suffer for a while, property values crash as folks flee. But someone ends up buying those homes and probably at cheap prices. And then, once the area is played out, lo and behold, the local government will finally notice that law and order must be restored, and….
          I believe this gambit was done in the 1990s in South Central LA. Back then it was black gangs and crack.

          Are such boom/bust cycles accidental, helped along, some combination? I don’t know.

          As George Carlin said, “It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it.”

          • Exactly right. Blockbusting follows the money that fled.

            The American dream is to make enough money to escape the consequences of the Civil Rights movement.

    • My family is from Portland and I remember my father warning me about gypsies. That was in 1980. He even drove me by the house where the “king” of the gypsies lived.
      In about 1990 I remember a nurse in one of the local hospitals warning me that there was a gypsy patient and that was why there were a bunch of swarthy looking men and women hanging around, and that they would steal anything.
      Gypsies in Portland are nothing new and actually now aren’t any worse than all the other druggies and lowlifes everywhere.

  9. I see what ya did there Z. The Gypsy’s are a very clever analogy to our blacks, and hispanics. One could intuit the “small hats,” but they are more than well assimilated as they control American finance, politics, and culture.
    They have managed to flip the script and marginalize the founding stock.
    In other words, we have been conquered by the diaspora.

  10. Not a lot of experience with the Gypsies, but I find myself wondering if “Dey season Dey food”?

    About the IQ similarities : form follow function.


    All the wee birds were lining the bleak autumn branches
    Preparing to fly to a far distant shore
    When the tinkers made camp at the bend in the river
    Coming back from the horsefair in Ballinasloe.
    The harvest being over the farmer came walking
    Along the Feale River that bordered his land
    And twas there he first saw her twixt firelight and water
    The Tinkerman’s daughter, The Red Headed Ann.

    Next morning he rose from a night without resting
    Went straight to her father and made his case known.
    In a pub in Listowel they worked out the bargain
    For the Tinker a pony: for the daughter a home.
    Where the trees peg their shadows along the Feale River
    The Tinker and farmer inspected the land
    And a white gelding pony was the price they agreed on
    For the Tinkerman’s daughter, The Red Headed Ann.

    The wedding soon over the tinkers departed
    They were eager to travel on south down the road
    But the crunch of the iron-shod wheels on the gravel
    Was as bitter to her as the way she’d been sold.
    Yet she tried hard to please him – she did all his bidding
    She slept in his bed and she worked on his land
    But the walls of that cabin pressed tighter and tighter
    On the Tinkerman’s daughter, The Red Headed Ann.

    As white as the hands of the priest or the hangman
    The snow spread its blanket the next Christmas round
    When the Tinkerman’s daughter slipped out from the bedside
    Turned her back on the land and her face to the town.
    It was said someone saw her ere dusk that same evening
    She was making her way out oer Lyracrumpayne
    But that was the last time the settled folk saw her
    The Tinkerman’s daughter, The Red Headed Ann.

    Where the North Kerry hills cup the Feale near Listowel
    On a farm on its banks lives a bitter old man
    And he swears by the shotgun he keeps at his bedside
    That he’ll kill any tinker who camps on his land.
    But whenever he hears iron-shod wheels crunch on gravel
    Or a horse in the shafts of a bright caravan
    Then his days work’s tormented: his night’s sleep demented
    By the Tinkerman’s daughter, The Red Headed Ann.

  12. I’ve mentioned before the long lost history of a judaic tribe in India. They were a slave empire noted for their brutality. So hated by their neighbors they were destroyed when their power faltered; their history is forgotten, as are many others, in India’s fetid aboriginal swamp.

    What other minority also lived in Egypt? I don’t think the origin of the Roma is mysterious at all, merely, ahem, rootless. These are another branch of the ones who didn’t become scribes.

    I also posit the true origin of the Sea Peoples: a Guterian-Semitic remix (black-half black) who learned from us not the arts of literacy, but of the sea.

    • Thanks for the downvotes.
      Sorry. Now name me a few more of the innumerable tribes of India, who claimed ancestry in Egypt, and who happened to settle in Middle Ages Europe.

      There are a lot of tribes in India.
      Surely there must be dozens who came over, yeah? At least a few?

  13. I must say I appreciated that Wiki article when it told me the evil supergenius Mengele sewed twins together, back-to-back, like Siamese twins.

    Totally believable. Gospel.
    Not Narrative continuance at all.
    Spread the Good News- those White people are inhuman devils!

    Somebody is feeling not appreciated for all their invaluable contributions to our low, animal kind. It must be like teaching cattle to read.

  14. An interesting article. And, I must say, I’d never heard of the Travellers. Lesson learned.

    But this: “It is assumed that minority populations wish to assimilate but are prevented from doing so because of whiteness.” I cannot agree. There is very little pressure to compel minorities to assimilate to western norms. Quite the contrary. Western mores are conspicuously reviled and subverted by the Power Structure, while non-western customs are worshiped. Non-westerners are not expected to assimilate to the West; the West and its people are expected to destroy themselves in expiation of past sins–real and imagined–against sainted non-whites.

    And this gets us to the solutions for the so-called “minority problem” Z addresses in closing. Alas, he ignores the very solution, which has been settled upon by the Power Structure–the majority population (whites) must be subjugated at best, or eliminated at worst. Minorities, which were wisely marginalized in the past, will then occupy the center.

    • A great Travellers movie:
      “Snatch”, with Brad Pitt.

      Pure London Underground.
      Mobsters, prizefights, that’s where we learned about porcine body disposal.

      And that scene where Mickey is sitting on a crowded, worn sofa sofa in a dilapidated trailer, speaking Traveller amongst themselves…!

  15. “The locals just took advantage of the opportunity to rid themselves of these people.”

    Interesting observation and since we are talking of NAZI’s and extermination, one might add the NAZI’s were particularly successful in their efforts precisely because of the local population’s own hatred of these groups and their participation in such efforts. Indeed, it is hard to name a county where this did not occur.

    One exception does come to mind and bears mention, Denmark. The Danish people rejected the NAZI’s request to turn over their Jews and evacuated them to Sweden. This was a coordinated national effort (Denmark under occupation) and a tribute to the people and culture of Denmark.

    • The story is a bit more complicated than that.

      Werner Best, the German plenipotentiary, got orders from Berlin to clean Denmark of Jews. At the time, Best was running a model occupation with the trains running on time, the agricultural sector producing record crops, Danes were flocking to the SS banners and everything was copacetic. Best understood that doing the German thing with the jackboots and the shouting, would fuck with the program.

      So he did the Danish thing and tipped off the Danish resistance movement. The Jews were evacuated quickly, quiettly and with minimum drama: Hitler was happy, the Jews were happy, the Danes were happy, the Resistance were heroes and the Swedes got fucked over. It was winning all round.

      • Yes, that is the story. But I’m not sure it changes much. Other countries, Hungry for example deported their Jews to Germany after their government turned over in late ‘44. Until then, they did not cooperate with the program. Again, they had a choice, but chose to accede rather than wait it out for the end in a few months. I still think Denmark chose a higher path compared to others.

        • Wait it out?
          He!!, it was their last chance!

          Look how they were gratefully repaid in 1956.

          Invasion by Communists- Eisenhower, oddly, seemed completely uninterested in Domino Theory when it came to Europe.

          Doesn’t anybody here realize most of the Warsaw Pacts governments were headed by (unmentionable)?

        • I still think Denmark chose a higher path compared to others.

          Yes, an argument could be made for that I suppose, but the notion that the Danish people spontaneously rose up to protect the Jews is rather exaggerated. We had very few Jews even back then, they were well integrated, nobody was on board with sending them to a labor camp, so nobody reported on the Jewish family in the attic or stole their piano while they were in Sweden.

          For some reason, Jews seem to have decided that Danes are the NAGALT, the good goys, so they play up stories like this – like the fake one about the king wearing a Star of David.

          • Still Felix, countries did turn in their Jews, regardless of “integration” and overall numbers. Non-Jews (natives) in any number of countries even aided such round ups, some even directly were involved in extermination. Your country did not. Are you worse off? I can’t say, I don’t live there.

            Not sure why you want to play this down—unless one is receptive to a “solution” of genocide for the Jewish problem. Didn’t work then, won’t work now. In my opinion, this manner of attempted elimination of undesirables—Jews, Gypsies, mental defectives, whatever, set us back from a healthy acknowledgement of eugenics and HBD understanding in general as it stigmatized any discussion of and research into the issue after WWII—exactly when the aspect of specific discovery of physical cause and analysis was being made possible through scientific advances.

            And here we are today—a society that *promotes* dysgenics and subsequent mediocrity of its populace.

  16. Any race can be wiped out so long as the will to do so is there, the native americans come to mind even though they still exist as a micro minority due to White people’s misplaced empathy. A better example is all those african tribes the bantu utterly cleansed out of existence, as much as I dislike them I do admire their animalistic commitment to permanently removing their enemies. I say animalistic because I’ve never observed animals having any qualms about removing anything that threatens or hinders them. I think that’s more ‘moral’ than keeping enemies around who will constantly harm you & have no empathy for you. Final solutions seems to be the natural state of the world, having empathy for that which would do a final solution on you if given the chance is the aberration that’s currently in the process of being corrected.

    • Great comment. Except that I think that what is in motion in terms of the current power structure, is that the majority is being turned into a minority, a despised minority, so that the final solution will be enacted upon them.

      I pray the corrective process of what you speak is taking place in the minds of the target population and that leaders emerge who give them the courage to trust their instincts and do something to reverse the situation.

      • I have no doubt that the elites would like to final solution Whites, at least the White people who aren’t ideologically aligned anyway but I doubt they have the competence necessary to enact such a plan. I specify ideologically aligned because those elites went above & beyond to remove diversity from Martha’s Vineyard & made a big show of it. People like that will clearly be protected & are also on the same page as the small hats & other groups in their desire to cleanse people like us.

        I think we’ll end up in a similar situation as Cuba where all the most intelligent & competent people will flee the country in droves & scatter around to other countries when things really start to spiral. This already started to a degree because of lockdowns, covid caused a bunch of Americans to move to mexico city & germans started colonizing paraguay for the same reason, for example. I think that’s a glimpse into the future for many White people living in the West.

        It’s unfortunate & I truly hope I’m wrong on that, I hope the US balkanizes but I’ve yet to see any evidence that it won’t end up like the cuba example. Even if I’m right & many of the homelands are lost the upside is Whites won’t be completely wiped out. They’ll end up be scattered around the globe in little communities of other countries just like the gypsies mentioned in this article. It’s not like we’re thieving assholes like gypsies are so I think we’ll be much more tolerated.

        I know a lot of people who are planning on leaving the US because it’s so bleak here, especially for raising a family. I suspect that we’re in the beginning stages of a great migration but time will tell.

        • I think we have to show some grit. We are still here. I think the right approach is an Asturian one. We decide this is our homeland and ours forever. We do the needful to instill positive identity into ourselves and our posterity. We teach them what was ours. They regroup and fortify in a confederation of even non-contiguous Asturiases. Then when the time is right, there will be the ultimate re-conquista worth of Pelayo and Aleric’s posterity.

          We have run enough. Let’s prove we are who we say we are, stick our ground and trust that if we prepare properly, opportunities will arise that our posterity can capitalize on. First step is to fill them with a sense of who they are and what is rightfully theirs and teach them who dispossessed them.

        • “I think we’ll end up in a similar situation as Cuba where all the most intelligent & competent people will flee the country in droves & scatter around to other countries…”

          Smart people go where they can use their smarts to their betterment. The USA is only one country out of many in the West in decline or threatened due to forced racial mixing and creeping socialistic trends. The question will be, where is there a better country to flee to?

    • Yeah, and our Blacks produce a great many musicians and singers. However, I’d happily give it all up for some peace…

      • Many Gypsies, too, have been exceptional musicians, particularly as guitarists. It’s enough to make one wonder about the relationship between musical ability, low intelligence, and general dysfunction.

        But then we get to the high-IQ Germans/Austrians who have produced most of the greatest music the world has ever known, and probably ever will.

        Perhaps, after all, musical ability denotes nothing more than musical ability.

        • Yes. And the musical ability and the aesthetic still reflect the overall intelligence.

          The gypsies and blacks play within extremely simple linguistic elements. Whereas the Germanic/Austrian genius played within multiple dimensions of extremely complex elements.

          Also, the latter required an extremely complex society and systems in order to foster such towering masterworks in music. The former groups seem content to have little or no society and master the rudiments to play. They would be content to busk in the streets and go about as minstrels, but western man created stages and theaters and pays to put them there and listen to them play.

          Then you have hip-hop which illustrates the natural proclivity they bend towards when Western society is completely rejected. Make no mistake, hip-hop is the music of an outright rejection of Western Civ and it is not a coincidence that the ghettos of Europe adopt this music and lifestyle from the ghettos across the Atlantic.

          • Although I must point out that the Chinese/Japanese had a pretty primitive musical array up to the modern era, but when they opened up to the West, they seem to have adopted the more complex features and instrumentation of Western classical music arts.

            I remember our College of Music at my old university. Seemed like half the performing students were Asian. They were not only majoring in more common instruments, like violin, cello, etc. , but also classical harp—yep, like in the Marx Brothers movies.

            We had a world ranked faculty member teaching harp. She was also a member of our church congregation. The performances of these students was wonderful and we had many. It is really amazing to hear a musical piece with half a dozen to a dozen harpists playing at once.

            When I compare this to the “high art” of ghetto “rap”, it puts my perception of race in perspective like no other comparison I’ve ever had.

          • Per FooBarr, yet the fecundity, the evolutionary success of Black American music!

            Not African folk singing, no, a specific sub-nation, Black American.
            They were dancing to jazz in Moscow and Berlin in 1929, they are dancing there to hip-hop rap today.

            The first global popular music style, as another small subset, English is the first global language.

            Note also that hip-hop rap is a collaboration of black musicians and jevvish producers- which denotes their affinity (common ancestry) and their power to affect White culture and its reach.

          • There have been, no doubt, many brilliant (at least musically) black jazz musicians. But it’s interesting that they arose in America and not Africa. Seems due to some factor(s) that were not just random.

          • To reinforce Compsci re Asian musicians, their Siberian colonies in South America were conquered by the beauty of Catholic Church music; master woodworkers themselves, they were soon producing violas and flutes the equal of any in Europe, that they might play that music.

          • To address things captured below. Jazz is not an exclusive domain of black musicians. First of all, the instruments and the language are entirely of European origins. There is nothing invented in jazz that wasn’t invented and put to greater perfection in European classical music. Moreover, at least as many if not more musicians of European descent built and advanced jazz. Like everything they do, they seek to become the one and only people who ever did anything, and this attitude is the same in jazz.

            All jazz tunes are based on cycle of fifths movements. These progressions are so simple that if you did them in the first week of first year harmony classes you would get an F for being lazy. The substitutions and extensions were long since done from Bach through DeBussy when jazz was not even in existence.

            Even the art of improvisation is thoroughly European. All performers were expected to improvise, and to a much more sophisticated language than jazz musicians. It wasn’t until the literature became sufficiently vast and every piece so virtuoso that the performer/interpreter and non-improvising/composer came into being.

            I am not knocking jazz. There is some excellent jazz, and I think Jaco Pastorius is as fine of an all around great musician as say Niccolo Paganini in his day. I am just trying to say, that it isn’t the high art form that European classical music is in terms of nuance, craftmanship and complexity. It was an art made by an elite for an elite.

            That we elevate other forms or have forgotten about the pinnacle of European music and musicians is just another sign of the terrible and rapid decline of The West.

            Perhaps, given Asians love of our art form, if they are on the ascent, our towering achievements will be the basis for what they will develop upon as we twerk to, “music”, that sounds like a car alarm going off while a drum counts to the most obvious four over and over and over again and someone panthoots about women as holes and how glorious random, unprovoked murder is.

          • Re FooBar on Jaco. In my mind, no one impacted their instrument as much as Jaco Pastorius did for the bass. Unfortunately, he was mostly unstable if not insane and beaten to death by a bouncer in Florida.

        • Many Gypsies, too, have been exceptional musicians, particularly as guitarists.

          Django Reinhardt springs to mind, but I struggle to recall another name.

        • “Many Gypsies, too, have been exceptional musicians, particularly as guitarists.”

          Yes, Django Reinhardt, Manitas de Plata, Bireli Lagrene, et al. Wonderful musicians. But citing them as examples of gypsy culture is like trotting out George Washington Carver for blacks.

          • I don’t think so. The Gypsies, for all their very obvious shortcomings, have a long and rich musical tradition. From that tradition spring more than a few musicians of extraordinary talent.

  17. They hang together because it is impossible for their members to assimilate into greater society. This results in their culture having a hostile and parasitic relationship with the host population.

    The causation is the other way around: Gypsies do not want to assimilate or even integrate, they despise Europeans and our culture and proudly live outside it. They consider stealing virtuous, a traditional craft that proves your resourcefulness and courage.

    They don’t want our boring education, our crummy caretaker jobs, our retarded laws, our feminism and human rights. Most of them don’t even try to get government gibs, even when the desperate social workers flock to their camps and wave cash around, which they tried in Sweden.

    And there are some itinerant Gypsies in Copenhagen, they sleep rough, collect bottles for the refund and beg outside supermarkets, which apparently has become legal while I wasn’t paying attention.

    We have some sedentary Gypsies too, who love gibs and are famed for their petty crime, human trafficking and violent, anti-social temper. One famous clan – the Levankovics – have made a media career out of being the most criminal family in Denmark, because effete media Commies love violent criminals.

    • Is there a genetic component here? Z-man already discussed low IQ, however is there a genetically linked proclivity to “in-group” tribalistic behavior which trumps any move towards assimilation? Seems these “fringe” groups (like the Jews) all have a common background of in breeding and isolation from the greater group surrounding them. A few centuries of boiling off the few oddball’s who spring up now and then and you have a genetically programmed behavior fitted to the group.

      • Very possible. But as Z says, they’re rather invisible and to my knowledge haven’t been studied much: no Gypsy festival with Gypsy music and food, no books on their history, no museum exhibitions or documentaries – at least not here in Denmark.

        A Swedish guy wrote a book some ten years back; he admired them for their independence, resilience and resourcefulness, but he got himself cancelled because he wrote that stealing from the Gadjo was a proud part of their culture.

        • They feel they have a God given right to steal as the story goes that it was a gypsy who stole the fourth nail that would have gone through Christ’s heart on the cross…

      • Compsci nails it.

        “A few centuries of boiling off the few oddball’s who spring up now and then and you have a genetically programmed behavior fitted to the group.”

        Nature demands organic diversity.

        Consanguinity (close marriage) reinforces it.

        Oddballs to the oddballs are absorbed by larger outside groups. Conversos like me mum, our maternal line is indistinguishable from any Pan-American tribal member.

        Take salamanders from any stream on the planet, move them a few streams over, and soon enough they’ll have different spots.

        They probably sound funny to those Pure Heritage salamanders back in the Old Stream, too.

      • They’re not Jewish, they’re Gypsies. Levankovic is a Balkan name – Croat or Serbian or something.

        • I know. I was simply–and jokingly–alluding to the coincidental similarity of the first two syllables of that name with the common Jewish name, Levin.

          • A cheerful back and forth… but all based on a misspelling.

            It’s Levakovic. They’re originally from Croatia and I believe the key family members were deported from Denmark a few years ago.

  18. When the gypsies arrived in Europe in the early middle ages, they were warmly embraced. I forgot what ethnicity the Europeans thought they were, someone may know, probably original hebrews or something, but the gypsies played into it. They were given good and alms. Soon enough each village would slowly come to find out what kind of people they were and run them off. They would go to the next town that didn’t know better. Eventually the entire continent knew who they were and what they were about and wanted them gone. May as well be Minneapolis with Somalians.

    Even in the early middle ages Christians, or I should say Catholics as the entire continent was Catholic, were attempting to live out the beatitudes. They found the gypsies to be a great group to “help” as they were a naive people. Parallels exist today in parasitic strangers swarming our doorstep to abuse our trust and good nature. Christianity’s fatal flaw was always about “good works” toward abusive strangers in some vein attempt to score points in heaven. Despite the fact that we’re post christian, or society to this day carries the seeds of this fatal flaw.

    • I forgot what ethnicity the Europeans thought they were

      Ancient Egyptians – hence the name “Gypsies.”

    • Can you provide some good sources for this? The current version of “Notre Dame du Paris”, is a massive propaganda piece openly calling for the conquest of Europe via Asylum. It portrays the Romani as, “undocumented immigrants.” I saw it recently as France was bombed and burned. The rousing finale is the negro and his band of oppressed outcasts claiming they will someday come by the millions and claim this land. They cry out asylum asylum. That was greeted with a rousing cheer. Then they were beaten down and removed. I was tempted to give that part a standing ovation, but bowed to social pressure of not embarrassing my company.

      I would like to do a takedown of that shameless call for the colonization. Sources on where and how Europe welcomed them and how they wore out their welcome would be helpful in that endeavor.

  19. > A population of parasitic simpletons is not going to do well amongst the high-IQ Swedes

    Nothing a few grenade attacks can’t solve.

    • The simpletons seem to be doing quite well in countries throughout the West.

  20. Blacks in the South, too. Southrons are Spartans, blacks Helots. Traditionally anyway lol.

    • Witches in New England, also, now that I think about it. The original spiteful mutants in America.

      • Apologies for rambling.

        Spartans and Helots, the Elect and the Wicked, Christians and Jews.

        Pity—>Guilty conscience—>Guilt

        —>Inversion, and you’re toast. Gypsies just taking a little longer, for whatever reason, I’d guess.

  21. Gypsies are rapidly increasing both in numbers and as a percentage of the societies they inhabit.

    The reason is simply that Gypsies have maintained high fertility in societies that have become severely subfertile, and which have ensured that nearly all those who are born are kept alive into old age.

    So, the biological/ demographic reason/s gypsies are thriving at present, is probably different from the explanation of how they survived into the modern era.

    • The other reason is that their natural victim class, old people who are far too trusting, continues to exist and even grow…In Chicago, robbing the elderly is their main gig, and it continues to happen despite warnings from the cops…

  22. My mother said that I never should
    Play with the gypsies in the wood.
    The wood was dark, the grass was green;
    By came Sally with a tambourine.

    Gypsies in Europe constitute an interesting phenomenon. They are recognizably a different ethnic group — viz. Indians. They can be contrasted with Jews, many/most of whom managed to assimilate in bourgeois European society as merchants, bankers, musicians, writers, scientists, and the like. The gypsies exist purely as parasites — beggars and cutpurses. Even if assimilation were open to them, they would refuse. They constitute a self-consciously distinct people. You can see them in cities like Warsaw and Oslo, where they are street beggars — but in an organised way (their territories are handed to them by someone high up in the gypsy chain of command). They are (as far as I know) not violent. If threatened, they just move on to somewhere else.

    • The Gypsies are far more analagous to American negroes than to Jews, although their method of arrival in the West was more like the Jews than the negroes.

      • Negroes have higher testosterone levels and are simply more violent and confrontational than any other group I know. Dealing with one, you never know how and why he might explode.

        • Entirely true. But even in this respect, I strongly suspect the Gypsies are closer to negroes than Jews.

      • And to be honest, their DNA is no propagated at a higher rate than ours.

        We are seeing a regression to the mean.

    • Only in the West since the 1960s, or possibly since the Industrial Revolution. In all previous times and in all other places, the opposite has been true.

      It seems to be counted as “progress” that the gifted are repressed and the imbeciles are transfigured.

    • Depends. The large brains of whites and East Asians developed because of environmental pressure. But a large brain is a burden to the organism and there can be environments where this brain is not an asset.

    • On its own being stupid isn’t helpful, but some traits attached to stupidity obviously are. The human populations that are still breeding successfully are only mostly low IQ.

      One thing they have in common is that unlike us they haven’t arranged their societies around *dooming the young*. Our dyscivilization favors those who are smart/sociopathic enough to reject it and those who are too dumb or insensitive to “get the message.” (We know who they are.) Meanwhile it tells the average young man to go die, and he does it as well as he can.

  23. Gypsies – Roma – Tsigani, Gitane, Zigeuner, Cikani, etc. Known and loathed everywhere. Interesting to ponder – why and how do a hated people stubbornly remain where they are visually, culturally, and racially distinct from the local population? I vaguely recall reading as a teen about mustache-man killing a number of them, back when I had no idea what they actually were.

    I read a great deal of English fiction as a child, and these books often included dark-skinned Gypsies depicted in a somewhat romantic yet sinister light. I thought they were a purely fictional creation and was quite surprised to learn they were real, and they did steal and they did actually kidnap White children. I don’t recall seeing any in England in the 1980s, fwiw, but I saw plenty in Eastern Europe. Yes, they lived in ghettos, and yes, they were racially distinct and universally reviled – by both the locals and all the European diplomats.

    I’ve since seen them begging on street corners and even inside stores in DFW. The local Whites seemed quite confused by them, because they were visually so similar to so many of the local H1-bs. Not always darker skinned, but just a bit dirtier and disheveled and speaking no English. I saw some begging on a street corner when driving through Conway, Arkansas. While I’ve read about Irish Travellers and seen them on tv, I don’t know that I’ve ever dealt with one in real life.

    They obviously possess a strong identity and choose not to assimilate culturally. Kinda like the small hats and, to a lesser extent, the Han in various jungle Asian countries. Except Gypsies are not a market-dominant minority, but rather a persistent criminal underclass like American blaqs.

    Which again raises the question, what constitutes evolutionary fitness? It seems that groups which are social parasites flourish in European-based societies. There is enough excess wealth and enough pseudo-Christian and woke tolerance for them to thrive. Without a new mustache man, what happens when the economic good times suddenly aren’t so good? Will people still ‘tolerate’ the Gypsies outright begging and thieving and the small hats’ financial manipulation and wealth extraction? How did the Gypsies do in Europe during the 1920s and 30s before they were officially targeted for cleanup? Anyone know? Did the locals drive them off? Did any of them die off?

    What happens to the parasites when the host disappears? There have been European Whites since recorded history, before cheap and easy travel combined with nation-wreckers decided they needed to be eliminated. Will ethnic identity and insular group solidarity be enough when they have no one to steal from or manipulate? Seems the extreme Chasids were piss poor but tolerated by their more assimilated juice brethren. I know there are a tiny number of part Gypsies who’ve succeeded – Bob Hoskins – have they done community outreach or charity?

    Tis a puzzlement.

    • In addition to WW II, there are small-scale examples of what happens to such ethnics in hard times. The departure of Europeans saw the deaths of many from violence, famine and disease in Sub-Saharan Africa. Presumably this occurred previously, and helped maintain a stable population in the region for centuries; but there was no one to do anything about it.

      It seems almost inevitable that the collapse of Western Civilization as we’ve known it would see a huge die-off in that region and elsewhere, probably taking them back to historical averages. One might also see a return of the slave trade, which if they were sent to the Middle East, might limit their population using a more direct method.

      Treating WW II concentration camps as a microcosm, people’s survival depended on the pecking order: those who were able to work in war industries were at the top and most likely to survive, Russian POWs at the bottom and most likely to die. This places some non-Christians among them near the top or middle in terms of odds, but please don’t call me a denier.

    • “What happens to the parasites when the host disappears?”

      Jackson, Mississippi, United States of America happens.

      • Jackson is still what it is thanks to the host that surrounds it, from which it sucks sustenance. It can get a lot worse.

    • In the past year, I was panhandled at nine o’clock on a weeknight, inside a Wal*Mart grocery, here in provincial Florida. A woman knew enough English to ask “Will you buy me food?” Clearly they were foreigners by their dress and grooming. At the time I though “immigrants from Eastern Europe” but they did fit the steretype of a Gypsy. While we’re not quite as bad as San Francisco or Portland, it’s unnerving how many vagrants/homeless one sees, usually in daylight. This is particularly suprising, as I’m nowhere near a major city, nor even public transit unless you count very limited local bus service.

      • Here in my town, the charities that help the homeless have gotten together on their message…”Please don’t feed the bums”! 😉 No kidding, they play radio commercials to this effect.

        Basically, there is room at the inn for anyone willing to follow the rules. Biggest one is “no drugs”. There is *no one* who begs and has to, to survive. They can simply show up with a willingness to take up a drug free life and act like a human being rather than an animal. This of course is not what they want to do. They want you to give them money which they will use to continue their “lifestyle”. And that lifestyle is so deprived that they will first buy drugs rather than than food, clothing, or shelter.

        I’m not putting them down, they are mentally broken to be sure. But I can’t spend too much time fretting over things. We are an unserious society. If we were serious, we’d round these people up and create a forced structural environment within which to contain them. That would be charitable. Letting the mentally ill wander until they die from self neglect is not. That’s libertarian BS of the highest order.

  24. didn’t european gypsies have a reputation for kidnapping small children?

    the lesson of how they were treated in WWII is “no half measures” when dealing with troublesome people.

    it cracks me up when you see pictures of Roma children smoking cigarettes and acting like adults.

  25. The Irish only have a 92 IQ? Really?

    What about all those Irish in banking and media? The IQ is real.

  26. It’s ironic because we are also the new Gypsies (or more accurately Travelers).

    The regime hates us and frankly most of our own people who are plugged into the regime morality don’t want us around. Yet none of us have given up – the hatred shown towards us from the regime simply increases our group identity and increases our devotion.

    You asked why the Gypsies didn’t just assimilate. Why don’t you just assimilate? Put a homo flag in your yard and marry a Mexican woman. Latinos are already the plurality in TX, NM and CA. Why are you not joining the winning team?

    Many white men are highly capable including most Dissidents. I know that my job skills will always be needed. At the worst case, I’m clever and if I need to work an odd job. I always refused the vax because I knew I would get by – by whatever means necessary. But even now while I earn well into the 6 figures – am I really part of society? Not really.

    So really, all white people are gypsies. We have been systematically dispossessed of our homelands globally. Going further, dissidents are the real gypsies who realize what is going on and try to push back by organizing outside the system.

    The article is great but the framing is wrong. We are functionally no longer the majority in many places, and certainly not the dominant group. Some elites are White but they have no interest or input from regular white folks. We ARE the gypsies.

    • “So really, all white people are gypsies. We have been systematically dispossessed of our homelands globally. Going further, dissidents are the real gypsies who realize what is going on and try to push back by organizing outside the system.”

      Yes this is very true and very important. A recent anon on 4chan summarized the white excellence paradox thus:

      “It’s obvious that non-whites invading white spaces has existed for as long as whites have been on this planet. Ancient Egyptians were definitely white, but through the years the population became slowly mixed. Our entire history has been, and will always be, one of white flight. It’s in the very nature of being the most advanced civilization relative to other civilizations. The lesser will always want to take part in the superior, while contributing less, if anything at all.”

    • B125: Clever and apt comparison. But one important distinction – we are not economic parasites so can survive without a host population . .. IF left alone to do so.

      • We weren’t parasites. Now, when our main export is money, and most of our manufacturing is done elsewhere, I’m less sure about that.

      • Unfortunately, that’s a really big if. Especially, because of the conniving of leftist whites, our very own Rassenverätern, doing their level best to make our access to the civilizational goods that have been invented, cherished, exploited, and preserved by, you guessed it, white people, increasingly impossible. With able assistance, of course, from fellow whites.

    • “So really, all white people are gypsies.”

      Whites are generally not parasites. Gypsies are purely parasites.

    • But our gig is making things work, and even improving them….while our lower IQ masters take the credit and the profits…

      • Replying to both 3g and Pyrrhus. I get what you are saying. And that is true in theory.

        However, to the woke elites, white people are actually the parasitic problem. We are getting in the way of the diverse utopian future. Whiteness is problematic. We bring racism, imperialism, misogyny, wherever we go. Any one of us could be the next Moustache man.

        Your entire “society” is the problem. They don’t want you to build and impose your structures of whiteness.

        • I mean one could argue (very easily) that civilization is a parasite upon nature. Consider nature as a pristine forest, with its fauna and flora.

          Did white people respect nature or did white people try to tame it and in the process, over the span of several centuries, poison nature with pollution via industriazation.

          I’ve read several comments on this blog post stating white people are not parasites. This is simply incorrect, white people are parasites onto nature. The amount of pollution and extinction caused by white people is truly disgusting to see.

          There’s also the very uncomfortable truth that Western nations did colonize the rest of the world. Colonization is the hallmark of parasites.

          But of course it is convenient to ignore how white people are parasites.

          To be complete, it isn’t just white people who are parasites upon nature. Humanity as a whole is parasitic upon nature. We are a species an abomination – we allow the weak, the stupid, the incompetent to live, whereas nature kills off those who don’t deserve to exist.

          We may be the only species foolish enough to create political and economic systems of scale, ripe to be abused by the corrupted elements of our species. We may be the only species so truly evil as to have to invent religion to cope with guilt.

          Humanity is a parasite. And white people objectively represent the pinnacle of human endeavor and achievement. Hence one could argue white people are the supreme parasite.

    • For the time being, we are more like Dalits (from dalita, meaning broken or scattered), but even this can be too strong given present conditions in many places. However, once exclusion from politics and professions nears completion, as dispossession from land is being carried to its logical extreme, an increasing proportion of us will live like vagabonds and as a minority wherever we go. Maybe THEN we will be Gypsies.

      I can’t help but to wonder if this reduction will provide the necessary motive to abandon bad attitudes. We have reason to doubt. Just listen to and count all the retards who are still droning on and on about love, equality, the Constitution, Rights of Man, democracy, free markets, racism, and social justice. Some people just won’t learn no matter what lessons are imposed upon them.

      • Wait. I’ve got it!
        We’ll appoint Gypsies to overrepresentation in European governments, universities, judiciary, oligarchies….

    • “ Latinos are already the plurality in TX, NM and CA. Why are you not joining the winning team?”

      More common than you think/hope here in AZ. Lot’s of White guys picking up with Latinas. My usual take is that these Latinas are less Indio than average and look more White, but with darker olive skin.

      • Compsci: Visually they may look less Indo. Culturally they are still quite distinct. Old farts thinking with their small heads and young guys aware that most White women are insane think they are getting a White adjacent bargain. But people don’t often think through that you end up marrying someone else’s whole family. That means cultural practices and beliefs and a lot more.

        That’s how you end up with South America. If that’s how people want to live, fine for them. That’s not how I want to live (and fwiw, my husband’s godmother was ‘Latina’ and was a lovely woman – but I can distinguish between one individual and a race in general – plus her damned 3/4 White grandkids are still trading in on their ‘minority’ status).

        • No argument from me. I toned down my observation. I can, as you note, see why a White guy picks up with a Latina rather than a “liberated” white woman. And yes, you married their family.

          My father had a saying passed down to him: “When your daughter marries, you might gain a son. When your son marries, you will lose a son.” So far I’ve not seen much to disagree with that saying—but of course he was never thinking of miscegenation as that was unthinkable in those days.

          • Compsci: My son is my son till he gets him a wife, but my daughter’s my daughter all the days of her life .

            Old English proverb

    • There are two great distinctions. First, whites are not leeches and parasites. Secondly, and this is the big one, gypsies, Travelers, tinkers (the latter two in fact white), whatever, have never constituted majorities among host populations. While the states you cite indeed have non-white pluralities, large swathes, regions and even quite a few cities continue to have white majorities.

      Whites, though, are prey for another minority group of outsiders, really several groups including Puritan whites.

      Your point about separation is a very good one, though, as is the suggestion to learn from outsider groups. We do need to keep in mind that pathological altruism, however, is not a trait we share with others.

      • “First, whites are not leeches and parasites.”


        I mean one could argue (very easily) that civilization is a parasite upon nature. Consider nature as a pristine forest, with its fauna and flora.

        Did white people respect nature or did white people try to tame it and in the process, over the span of several centuries, poison nature with pollution via industriazation.

        I’ve read several comments on this blog post stating white people are not parasites. This is simply incorrect, white people are parasites onto nature. The amount of pollution and extinction caused by white people is truly disgusting to see.

        There’s also the very uncomfortable truth that Western nations did colonize the rest of the world. Colonization is the hallmark of parasites.

        But of course it is convenient to ignore how white people are parasites.

        To be complete, it isn’t just white people who are parasites upon nature. Humanity as a whole is parasitic upon nature. We are as a species an abomination – we allow the weak, the stupid, the incompetent to live, whereas nature kills off those who don’t deserve to exist.

        We may be the only species foolish enough to create political and economic systems of scale, ripe to be abused by the corrupted elements of our species. We may be the only species so truly evil as to have to invent religion to cope with guilt.

        Humanity is a parasite. And white people objectively represent the pinnacle of human endeavor and achievement. Hence one could argue white people are the supreme parasite.

        • Parasite is simply the wrong word to use.

          To separate man from nature is also a logical fallacy as well. Man is a product of nature. No nature, no man—or any life for that matter. The world, regardless of one’s creation belief existed before man. Whatever man is, does, or has done, nature is the cause. The world and “nature” will exist long after the last man is extinct. Indeed, nature’s source of life, the sun, will in a billion years or so extinguish the world (nature) *itself*. No help from man needed.

          All forms of life use the world (resources) to continue their existence. Man is no different. Many species of life died off when the world changed, or they used up the available resources of that world. Man is no different, if you think of all our humanoid fore-bearers. All became extinct one way or another.

          The only reason for man to “respect” nature is that it is/may be in his best interest. That is usually the behavior of successful parasites—but it is not required that man respect “nature” as if it were a god. It is not required that man preserve nature in all its aspects. It is not required that man abstain even from using up “natural” resources that he currently needs.

          Man has lived through many climactic/environmental calamitous changes by the ability to adapt himself and in the modern era, man even has the ability to shape his environment. Man destroying nature is preposterous and a product of defective thinking.

          All of what you say is simply expounding a man-made religion—the religion of Gaia. Pure emotion. One might as well walk around with a sign board saying “Repent, the world is ending”.

    • Great post!

      Why don’t you just assimilate? Put a homo flag in your yard and marry a Mexican woman. Latinos are already the plurality in TX, NM and CA. Why are you not joining the winning team?

      Bang on the money.

  27. Of course, if you turn this around, you get the dog that didn’t bark. What about societies that don’t have their version of gypsies or Travelers.

    Does Japan have such a group? What about China or Korea?

    If not, why not? Harsh measures taken once can solve many problems for generations to come.

    I remember Charles Murray talking about how nice Midwestern people are and how peaceful their towns were. He’s right, but he seemed to have forgotten how those towns came about. Some very hard men did some very hard things to clear that land if its previous residents and to push those ex-residents far, far away.

    • China did not have travelers or gypsies because you can’t just park a caravan/RV in an unused space there. In Communist China, as huge as it is, there is no free space. The jingcha will roll up and, if you’re lucky, ask you politely to move.

      In Western countries there is a tolerance for sub-groups living in an extra-legal way in unused spaces. That’s part of the reason why immigrants are so welcome.

      • China does have its Uyghurs. And in such, they are taking a hand in their forced “assimilation”. Of course, the world of “poz’d” societies sees this and calls it genocide. Fine, but China is not so stupid as to not learn from observation of other “mixed” societies. They have noticed that diversity is *not* their strength.

    • Back when I read the blog of an American black guy who taught English in Japan he would relate getting stuck teaching classes to an “undertow” segment of Japanese society that no one knows exists (and no one else wanted to teach, thus saddling the gaijin with it). They had a name, but I don’t recall it. He said they were like Japanese and not at the same time (darker skin being one of the notable characteristics).

      • Yes, that underclass’ name starts with a “b”.

        (Can’t quite remember it. Buraki? Something like that.)

        It was created arbitrarily when some shogun declared that families involved in certain traditional trades- leatherhandling and slaughterhouses, corpse handling and gravedigging, tallow candlemakers, benjo latrine trench and ditch-diggers, and the like- were to be considered a separate caste of low trades, low status.

        These people, ethnically identical to every other Japanese, quickly became infamous for violent tempers, drunkenness, crime, fighting, broken and dysfunctional families.

        I think that soon after they seemed to of a darker hue, but I’m not sure of that.

        Either way, an arbitrary cultural decision by the ruling class led to an actual ethnic division, a subclass.

        • Close. “Burakumin” is the spelling, I think. If you go to a large Japanese city, you can see them playing pachinko from dusk to dawn, like addicted poor people in the Anglosphere playing video poker at one time.

          Police once routinely harassed them at the game parlors, and still do from time to time. I saw this several times in the Eighties and it was a stark reminder that Japan is distinctly non-Western. The burakumin are a large part of the yakuza, although it is largely because of their outsider status than due to any genetic inclination toward criminality. They are, as you wrote, an ostracized class from the feudal period and considered unclean. The Japanese high court arbitrarily chooses execution dates for all eligible death row prisoners, and an unspoken tradition is to start with the burakumin.

      • I wonder if he meant Ainu? They were Altaic or Mongolic peoples who lived in northern Japan. I don’t know about their skin color. Their physical features are more central Asian or even European than Japanese.

        Want to make an East Asian (“fancy Asian”) recoil? Suggest they have dark skin. No one loves white skin more than the East Asian.

        • Marko: My husband’s close friend is 1/4 Ainu. While his mother looked distinctly Asian (I’ve only seen photos of her), this guy is 6’2″, blue eyes, cleft chin, etc. You’d never know if not told.

          • Ainu are Eurasian and quite often have European traits as is sometimes the case in the Central Asian Republics. I’ve seen some that could pass for Russians in St. Petersburg.

          • 3G: My grandfather was born in Morocco in 1919. I wish I had been told this earlier, as I could’ve claimed 1/4 African-American ancestry and claimed some gibs, and gotten hired at jobs I wasn’t qualified for.

            I’m white as snow. Though that’s because Morocco was a French possession in 1919 and my grandfather was born of French parents. But I don’t let silly details like that get in the way of running for head of my local NAACP office.

  28. Reminds me of an online discussion where someone postulated that the “Jews” are just a result of the way societies work. In other words, even if all the Jews of today were boiled off through assimilation with other groups, Jew 2.0 would enviably come into being after a period of time. As a proof to that assertion, the Jews of today aren’t even the Jews of antiquity with even those Roman Empire-era Jews having only the faintest relationship (if at all) to those written about in the Old Testament. The only solution then (as with other groups Z points out) is strategic mitigation (of out-groups exploiting in-groups) as there is no such thing as a “final solution”.

    • The Christian/Jew thing: Jews are rebels from the Christian perspective. I wonder if there’s a part of the Jewish perspective that says, OK, we’ll be your bogeyman. You want to say we’re wicked? You want to say you’re the new Israel and replace us? Fine, we’ll corrupt and replace you!

      Which reinforces the Christian position, which in turn reinforces the (personally hypothetical but suspected) Jewish position.

      It could be human nature. Easier to know you’re the good guy when you have a bad guy to point to, easier to be the bad guy with a good guy looking down on you.

      Which is to say, maybe these arrangements persist because they serve a social purpose. (Until, as Nietzsche might say, one is overcome with pity).

    • The Jewish problem probably persists when society needs a group of people to do something that’s regarded as immoral. In the case of Europeans, Western Civilization thrived by moral objections to usury and weaselly interpretations of the law. This kept the peasants honest and dutifully carrying the sacks of gold from the mine back to the town hall. But for the jobs that require goblins like finance, the selection pressure is there to have a caste of goblin people who are officially exempt from the larger society’s moral standards.

      Our civilization’s problem is that our goblin caste metastasized, took over and imposed their goblin morality on the larger society. And once the peasants are running around emulating goblins and trying to cheat the system, the whole structure falls apart.

      • Our civilization’s problem is civilization itself. As Spengler has pointed out in his work The Decline of the West, every civilization has collapsed. Western Civilization will be no different.

        Civilization is like communism, tried a bunch of times, has never worked, but advocates keep saying: “but this time it’s different”.

        The solution is very simple – let civilization collapse and nature return. Nature has no need for finance nor politics nor media, and thus no need for goblins eithers.

        The record stands. Nature bats last and nature has never lost. The pro-civilizational types unfortunately seem to be too stupid to understand it is precisely their rejection of nature law that provides the opening for goblins to destroy them. Nature on the other hand employs an extremely fine filter through which very few humans would pass.

  29. Gypsies are thieves because they believe that they have a divine licence to steal.

    How convenient!

      • It has to do with the crucifixion of Jesus. A Roma supposedly stole one of the nails used, so, they were given a divine licence to steal as a reward.

      • Considering the Abrahamic God impregnated a teenage Mary, Christians have a god of pedophiles. Would explain the predilection Christian pastors and priests have towards pedophilia.

        Perhaps the Abrahamic religions should be consider Guilds of Pedophiles.

    • White Christians are thieves because they believe they have a divine licence to nature.

      How convenient!

  30. This happens at a smaller scale in rural areas. Appalachia is an example, but I also see it in a lot of midwestern villages. In a functional village, both the very bright and very dumb are boiled off, creating a town of average IQ people who easily conform to local social norms. The very bright go to the city (and usually become victims of the IQ shredder), and the very dull migrate to some shack or trailer park in the middle of nowhere.

    • Whereas the “boiling off” of Amish who don’t relish the Amish lifestyle has reinforced the Amish population, without reducing their average IQ, because subnormal Amish probably don’t have many kids…The Amish, like gypsies, have a high fertility rate…But unlike gypsies, they don’t cause problems for their neighbors…

      • Amish are not monolithic. They range from the Schwartzentrubers who live in ill-maintained 1830s style shacks, to the Beachy Amish who live in beautiful modern houses and drive pickup trucks for work (and are often very wealthy), plus Old Order, New Order, and other sects I don’t recall offhand. “Plain” can mean anything from not even using buttons, to only using your cell phone for work. The only real connecting thread is a Bible-based “separation from the world” — those fancy Beachy Amish homes may have electricity, but it’s off-grid.

        I’ve noticed that there is a clear IQ gradient, from the most plain to the most modern (Schwartzentrubers come off as very very slow mentally, while Beachy are tack-sharp), as if like everyone else, the various sorts of Amish make for themselves the best life they are able. Some are more able than others, and since they marry within their in-group, those traits are selected for and reinforced.

        What is markedly absent in low IQ Amish is the criminal impulsivity that we see in other low IQ populations. I expect this is because they separated from mainstream Amish after Europe had spent several centuries executing its criminally-inclined (as happened from about 1000AD onward, selecting hard against that type), so that genetic type just isn’t there.

  31. “Of course, the question at the root of it all is what does the majority do about a minority population that cannot and will not fit into society?”

    Hopefully the Europeans will not take the American route, but so far at least, many of them are. The American “solution” is the worst one. We elevate these populations and make them mostly immune to many of the rules that make civilization possible.

    We have now settled on a system that makes even local shopping damn near impossible. A particular group of people are now allowed to steal. Stores across the US are closing because it is impossible to run a store where stealing is OK. The French appear to be at least starting to go down this road.

    We are trying to answer the question, “can civilization itself survive diversity?”

    • Good post, in regards to the French however, I read an article today that stated recent polls indicate the French public is taking a dissident view of their “New citizens” antisocial behavior. Perhaps the inventors of the guillotine may lead the West in the reconquest of our ancestral lands. One can hope, as it doesn’t appear we Yanks will.

    • Correction: Stores in Blue Cities in the U.S. are closing because a certain elevated class is allowed to steal.

      You would not want to try that behavior here in Flyover Country. Seriously, don’t try it. We’d rather not have to dole out rude surprises.

      Of course, we don’t much suffer from vibrant diversity, either.

      • As those blue city stores close, the ring will get physically larger (they will go to stores in a larger and larger radius). Your stores may have tough real-Americans in them, but they are still owned and run by corporate manager types with all the same policies.

    • The more important question is “does civilization deserve to survive?”

      The answer is a resolute no.

  32. How have gypsies historically been categorized for the U.S. census?

    I always assumed it was as whites but the toleration of non-assimilation is probably because they’re viewed an ethnic minority like the blacks.

    It’s always weird to me who ends up being tossed in the “white” category, especially if they’re looked down on. You might mistake a Spaniard for an Italian, but the former is probably marked down as a POC but the latter is always put as white.

  33. this question regarding “what will we do about this race or what about that race” will be resolved once liberal society implodes and radicalization ensues.

    These problems will not be resolved democratically or in a friendly manner. At the end of the future conflict losers will become 2nd class citizens: they(or us) might end up being genocided, maybe we deport them, or maybe whites become enslaved to muslims, who knows. All we know is racial violence is inevitable, blood is blood.

  34. There is a pervasive conceit in modern society that every problem can be solved if we just spend enough money or apply enough coercion. And, like the war on drugs, its persistent failure has had no effect on the busybodies who endlessly pursue yet another attempt at solution. Why is it that no one views these busybodies as being a problem worthy of solving? Said differently, our political class is clearly dysfunctional to the point of boundless corruption and degeneracy, yet no one wants to tackle this problem with the same fervor as befell the gypsies during WWII. Why do these misfits get a pass?

    Brandon and his spawn couldn’t possibly be less degenerate than the average low IQ gypsy, yet we quietly acquiesced to him being placed on the throne rather than cast into the void. What does that say about us? It sickens to know that tens of millions of Americans voted for him and that I must share a common citizenry with those people. Are Europe’s gypsies any worse than ours? Methinks not.

    • That’s a great comment, Tom. Maybe, just maybe, people will eventually wake up to to our “Gypsy” problem. If they do, I (as an old guy) want to still be around to witness the consequences.

    • Tom, the problem is our national religion/delusion—belief in “equality” and its bastard step child, “equity”.

      If we are all “equal”, then if any can behave in some acceptable fashion, then all can be made to behave in such fashion—given enough time and effort.

      First we must change our national delusion.

    • Yes. Except now, after every single problem they sought to tackle with the bureaucracy and our money has been made worse, they have identified the true problem. The problem all along was that despite enacting their agenda, the majority of the white population is against it. It is us being against it that caused it to fail. If only we had been for it, it would have succeeded.

      That is whiteness. So now, they have their final solution. Get rid of the straight white man and they will finally be able to get their project to succeed.

      For the whites whose avarice drives this project. They make one fundamental miscalculation. At the end, when they are a small minority, they will not be greeted with gratitude and exaltation and the glory of POC adulation. They will be greeted with machetes and the sounds of laughter as the final solution is enacted.

      • My genes simply do not allow me to absorb despair or acquiesce to a presumed inevitable defeat. Yes, the Jackboots are a formidable obstacle (traitors all), but they are not invincible. The best and brightest of the GAE are getting their ass handed to them in Ukraine by traditional slavic white guys of the Russian Army. They are fighting smarter, whereas the duped Ukrainian white guy cannon fodder is trying to succeed solely with harder. We should learn from this. Intelligence is our superpower, and it will be our salvation. That is how evolution works.

    • “Why is it that no one views these busybodies as being a problem worthy of solving?”

      Because civilization selects for these busybodies. The only system that filters these people out effectively is Nature. In Nature, you only survive if your existence is necessary.

      The answer to all the problems afflicting civilization is one that almost nobody here wants to admit: let civilization collapse, let nature take it course and weed out the weak, incompetent, stupid, and useless.

      Civilization is like communism. Tried many times, never worked. Only system that works is Nature. But of course Nature is brutally savage and applies a filter that most likely would wipe out 99% of the current human population.

    • There was serious talk in the United States during the 1970’s of sterilizing women who had two illegitimate kids in order for them to get welfare.

    • Just stop the food aid and call it a day. Overpopulation in Africa will sort itself out if allowed to.

      • I looked up population statistics for Africa in 1900.

        The total population for south of the Sahara (obviously nothing there will ever be more than guesswork) was that the native African population, before we started feeding and saving them from themselves, was estimated at between 2 and 10 million.

        • Good. Once civilization (the evil that it is) collapses, the Sub Saharan population will return to its norm. Of course billions of people will have to die out.

  35. If Gypsy IQs are in the 70s, then they have little choice but to become parasitic in order to survive in a competitive environment. If you walled them off in their own land, they would most likely die off or dwindle to a tiny population barely able to survive.

    • “If you walled them off in their own land, they would most likely die off or dwindle to a tiny population barely able to survive.”

      I cannot speak for AINO. But in the UK these people have their networks. They’ll pick your pocket, sell you some trinkets and do whatever else they need to do to survive. They have already been socially walled off and I’d imagine their ghettos are effectively walled off in many ways, but… they’re still here!

      They may have the dreaded low IQ curse, they may not be able to apply Hamilton’s method to mechanical systems; but I’ll bet you that in societal collapse these people will continue their in their steady state and do OK.

      Not saying that they’re the best people, but there does seem to be much, much more to raw survival than high IQ; which as a measurement, I’m not even sure what it can really tell me about person X except that he may not be too good a Mathematics.

      Their model now may well be the DR’s fare in fifty years time. Something to bear in mind.

      • In a state of nature, low animal cunning combined with an absence of moral restraint could actually be more beneficial than a high IQ. However, as groups formed to gain strength in numbers, that phenomenon would be reversed, and we’d be back on the road toward civilization. And peoples like the Gypsies would find themselves marginalized.

  36. Interestingly choice for a topic, Z Man.

    I find Myself thinking a lot about the gypos of the UK of late. Now, when I say gypos, or pikeys or travellers I am of course referring to Irish Travellers. The other sorts of gypos we’d call Roma or whatever. Generally, here in the UK, gypsy = Irish Traveller and Roma = brown type of gypsy.

    The Irish Travellers may not have the blessing of high IQ that dominates Dissident circles, but they can: obtain a piece of land in a crafty way, import static homes to said land, lay appropriate foundations, driveways and fencing, hook up their new homes to the electricity supply in rather ingenious ways. It is true that they have a reputation as a) dishonest and b) violent. But then again, I guess there’s no love lost between them and the rest of the UK population given the history of the matter. And, some of them actually will sort your driveway out and put a fence up for a fair price and they’ll do it well. Generally, The System leaves them alone – although, there are the occassional large scale evictions. And they are a nuisance to live next to, no doubt.

    I do believe that the negative images reinforces their “sense of identity”. You know how many traveller kids came to my school and then disappeared after a year or two? Loads. The community takes care of them, they’ll get work – be OK. Quite frankly, and I was making this point recently to a receptive person, the mentality of Irish Travellers is something that the DR would do well to adopt. Especially regarding our Evil government.

    They also tend to settle old scores without involving government agencies. Not for the faint hearted, but it works for them – and probably is quite a good release valve. Interestingly, I believe that the boxer Tyson Fury is from a traveller family around Manchester, a stronghold (as is Liverpool) due to the emigration from the Motherland way back when.

    I don’t know much about “The Roma” other than that they Roma ’round Marble Arch in London doing the pickpocketing. These are a very brown people indeed, and easy to distinguish from natives. They do not garner any sympathy here. And, as far as I can discern, elsewhere either.

    • ” the mentality of Irish Travellers is something that the DR would do well to adopt. Especially regarding our Evil government.”

      Sharp take. The rise of parallel societies likely will accompany the ongoing fragmentation and dissolution of polities, and these groups provide something of a template.

      • Thing is, Jack, these travellers seem to have no illusions about the government helping them (although, it actually does try to bring them under it’s “diversity” umbrella in a handful of ways) either now nor in the past. This creates, I think, in their minds the idea that they have no say in anything.

        They do not lobby the government for handouts. They do not lobby the government because “oppression”. They do not seek to have their culture imposed on others. They simply find ways around State placed obstacles. They quietly operate in their own communities.

        Many in the DR seem to think we ought to be more vocal about our rights! About our culture! And our race! The traveller model simply says: “No. We’ll do what we want and make no fanfare of it to our enemies.”.

        They know who their enemies are. I’m not completely convinced most DR people actually accept who their enemies are just yet.

        The traveller model requires a hard mindset. It also requires an intelligent and cunning mindset. You need to accept that, as a bloc of people, you’re despised and on your own. I suspect it clarifies their thought immensely.

        • OrangeFrog: This. Vitally important to understand who your enemies are and accept that you are despised. Quite different from John and Jane Normal and the conservatards who just think their woke oppressors are a passing phenomenon or good-hearted people who need to hear some facts and numbers.

          A large plurality of those people will not survive any sort of true hardship or social conflict. I know many commenters here will think me totally lacking in compassion and human decency in that I just do not care when I read of this or that non-White killed in this or that fire or car wreck or whatever. But people die everyday – by accident or mischance or sheer stupidity or illness or old age.

          Death is not a tragedy; it is an inherent part of being human. Instead of constantly worrying about or mourning death, White people need to start focusing on life. Their lives, and the lives of their children and people.

          • “Death is not a tragedy; it is an inherent part of being human.”

            Indeed. But more importantly, if you’ve repented and tried your hardest to follows Christ’s will, then Death is the gateway to Paradise.

            Oddly enough, every death I hear about, both near and far makes me think that I must be prepared spiritually when my time comes. This is not easy, as I’ve a lot of Sin to repent for, as have most of us.

            But imagine: to be on one’s deathbed, pondering what happens next, with no assurance. No spiritual work done. Nothing. It sends shudders down my spine.

            As usual, God bless You and Yours.

          • “I know many commenters here will think me totally lacking in compassion and human decency”

            Then they would be wrong. Focused compassion is still compassion. As you’ve noted, compassion outside your family, close friends, and race is not compassion. It is suicide.

          • I wouldn’t worry too much about perceptions of compassion. Most of the “compassion” you see today is phony and performative, that’s how you get these young women with low self-awareness taking selfies with starving African children or their dead grandmother. Sort of like a little kid emulating an adult cooking by making “food” out of mud and sticks.

        • All true, OF. Whites tend to project onto others their pathological altruism, and that is a fatal trait only we possess.

  37. The West is doing something unprecedented. It is embracing hostile populations and celebrating its conquest. What has happened in London and England in general is almost sickening. At least in France the police issued a statement that showed the proper will to fight.

    Soros’ Open Society is a psychopathic project. The West is headed for a situation where the new dominant groups may just deal with the former dominant groups in the way the gypsies ought to have been dealt with. That this could be Soros’ real aim is a conclusion that is not hard to draw.

    Here was a good article on dollar hegemony that discusses its effect on American dispossession and why Soros loves his project. … and that article is no longer on American Greatness. Something is going on over there. They began severely and harshly monitoring their comments and purging them. Now they take down this article that was a thorough take down of the evil nature of the global dollar system and how it ties in to our dispossession, mass immigration and circulating dollars across the globe.

    Who owns that rag?

    • France is riven by riots,just like the US, but the police issued a disapproving statement !

      Sensitive urban zones, operation Sentinelle, biggest demographic change in western Europe but…a disapproving statement.FFS.

    • “The West is doing something unprecedented.”

      Incorrect, every civilization has done the same. See Spengler’s The Decline of the West.

      Please read a book or two before spouting nonsense.

  38. The travelers went around offering to paint metal barn roofs in my rural upbringing in the Midwest.
    The local sheriff was aware of them and other few vagrants that were around so that when a theft or other crime occurred usually the culprit was found quickly.
    I remember vegetable stands along roads with a box to put your money into and no one at the stands some days.
    It was a different world.

    • In my old hometown during the early 1900’s they had a single jail cell for vagrants and tramps. If they were loafing about, the local sheriff would throw them in there for the night, give them a meal ticket for breakfast in the morning, and tell them to keep moving.

    • Although I live on the periphery of downtown Chicago most weeks, I visit my former backyard near Cross Tship/Petoskey MI frequently. Up there in Ernie Hemingway country, God’s Country as my late dad used to refer to the region, we still leave our doors unlocked and the keys inserted in our planes, boats, cars and snowmobiles 24/7. Almost nobody attends their fruit stands, the honor system still applies and you take what you want and pay whatcha can. I met the rare black who happened to be waitering at Legs Inn. He was excellent at his role and I tipped him up the wazoo — he earned it. Otherwise we just see aboriginal N. Americans but they’re no trouble unless they go out seeking firewater and there are checks in their communities that keep them home mostly. I merely wanted to point out honest places do exist.

    • As recently as the 80s the cops in my area used to drive around and warn people when Gypsies (paving scams) or Travellers (masonry/roofing scams) were around. They particularly targeted the elderly. The cops would never do that now, for sure.

  39. The same rational could be applied in future to the “unvaxxed engineers”, who can day trade their skills but cannot live amongst the cloud folks. They may be the new Amish.

  40. “The open society that is being forced upon the West requires assimilation.”

    Isn’t George Soros program called “The Open Society Project “?

  41. Cossacks are kinda the same thing. Escaped serfs who ran to the steppe and adopted a Mongolian lifestyle.

  42. Had a lovely Romanian girlfriend in college. She didn’t always agree with my race realism, and one time she called me a racist. Without missing a beat, I said, “You are, too. You hate gypsies!” She, too, did not miss a beat, and shot back, “But they are horrible people!”

    • I have had similar experiences. The antiracist Euro turns into Hitler as soon as you mention Gypsies.

    • Do we have the figures on gypsies murdering people? They probably aren’t black levels (that would be impressive), but do they kill more than the average?

    • Had the exact same experience with Czech girls. At the time I just assumed it was them not having yet gotten the hang of Western wokeness.

  43. Not apples to apples, but the last bit reminds me of a book called “Dignity”

    There are folks that live in failed places like Gary Indiana and they don’t move somewhere better/safer/etc because they cant. They simply don’t want to, it’s their homes, it’s where they grew up in the before times.

    The city of Detroit has a problem that is similar. There are blocks of abandoned houses but every once in a while there’s a person living in a house. The city has to ensure electricity/water/sewage/fire/police for one house on one block surrounded by vacant blocks. Can’t force them to move. What to do?

    • I have a real example of this. I had a buddy in college who moved to Atlanta and started a family, and his son was the only grandkid for him mom, who still lived in Gary. As I was conversing with him about 10 years ago, I asked why his mom was still in Gary and not in Atlanta to be around her 3 adult children and only grandchild, and he said she didn’t want to leave her church and friends there.

  44. Currently reading Trace Elements (2020), a Donna Leon novel. Juvenile female Gypsy pickpockets are woven into the story.

    • Those eyes are dead. A handful of barbituates and a swig of brandy before she’s shuffled onstage?

    • Possibly. In the South they were called Tinkers. I think this is because they travelled around doing metal work. They were far more common in the rural South than other parts of America.

      • “Tinker’s damn” is the bastardized version of “tinker’s dam,” which meant a metal patch. There was a lot of overlap with “Irish Travellers.” I would have to check, but tinkers tended to migrate more to urban areas since people in rural places were expected to make their own repairs.

        • I thought a tinker’s dam originated as raised ring of dirt around a primitive outside smelter, to cash the molten “drippings.” From medieval tinsmithing.

      • There weren’t a lot of Gypsies in LA, but it was common to see three or four pickup trucks with the rounded wood top parked on the periphery of the very largest supermarkets and under the freeway underpasses. One had a large hammer painted on the sides- metalworkers.

        They’d jump out of their vehicles at a stoplight to insist on taking a ding out of a driver’s fender and show up at restaurants asking to sharpen knives.

        The recent massive wave of new homeless people living under overpasses may have crowded them out – nothing to be gained and much to lose. Plus, new multiple story luxury-slums and minimarts are replacing many of the former large supermarket footprints.

  45. From nowhere through a caravan
    Around the campfire light
    A lovely woman in motion
    With hair as dark as night
    Her eyes were like that of a cat in the dark
    That hypnotized me with love

      • it’s a song called Gypsy Woman. It was an R&B hit in 1961 and a country rock hit about ten years later

    • Gypsies, tramps and thieves!
      I’d hear it from the people of the town, they called us
      Gypsies, tramps and thieves!
      But then at night all the men would come around
      And lay their money down.

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