The Stars

Imagine if tomorrow members of the Biden administrations, including Biden, start going around in public in the nude. They show up at press conferences and photo sessions fully naked. Now further imagine that no one in the media bothers to notice this and continues as if it is perfectly normal. Maybe the cable channels start to add a “clothing disinformation expert” to their rotation of fake experts. Regime toadies decry nakedness disinformation from Russia.

Of course, this will be joined by waves of volunteer auxiliary toadies on social media defending the new policy. All of a sudden, as if they just got a new firmware update, they are off the Ukraine train and on the naked train. They start harassing normal people, demanding that the normals defend their opposition to the new nakedness, as if walking around naked was always common and the normal people suddenly decided that it was not acceptable. Naked Twitter becomes a thing.

Maybe this sounds ridiculous, but given the age in which we live, it should be one of many absurdities on the list of probable things. We live in an age in which outlandishly stupid people are presented as experts. The president just had another bizarre press conference with the Israel president. Of course, Biden mumbling to himself as he reads his script is nothing compared to his bizarre sniffing of children. Biden alone is enough to fill up the bizarro land bingo card.

In other words, what is strange about this time is not the steady stream of weird and bizarre behavior, but the normalization of it. Everyone reading this remembers a time when the media would have had a field day with a president struggling to make it through these perfunctory events. They would have made excuses like he was tired, or it was a bad camera angle, but they would not have continued like it is perfectly normal for the president to be a senile old coot.

That is something to keep in mind as the next chapter in the plan to disqualify Trump from the 2024 election unfolds over the next months. The ironically named Department of Justice has informed Trump that a grand jury is investigating him for crimes that probably do not exist. This is the first step in bringing an indictment, which means another theatrical arrest of the former president. The same cranks and crackpots who would be pro-nudity will be cheering this online.

As if it was all coordinated, Jeb DeSantis had prepared a little script where he not-so-subtly cheers the prospect of Trump being removed from the race. Given that the only way Jeb wins the nomination is if Trump is removed, this is not surprising. The naked opportunism is not the part that matters. What matters is it is clear that his campaign is based on the assumption that the system is so corrupt that no one will complain when the frontrunner is legally barred from running.

There is an old saying in sports that pressure reveals character. People never exposed to pressure often mistakenly think pressure makes character, but you see that the former is correct with Jeb DeSantis. In the hothouse of Florida politics, he looks like a strong leader. In the pressure of national politics, he has failed every test. Worse yet, he cannot seem to get past Trump making fun of him. Instead of being a strong leader, we see he is a small, thin-skinned twerp of man.

Putting that aside, the normalization of lawfare is well underway. Again, as if it were coordinated, the media is pretending this is normal. They make no effort to ask if this is how a healthy political class should operate. Instead, the game is to shift the focus from the propriety of this behavior by the government. The question in that post could be said as, “given the outlandishly lawless behavior of the Biden administration, is it now okay to arrest people noticing that behavior?”

It is not just Trump getting the Stasi treatment. In Michigan, the secret police have arrested sixteen senior citizens for the crime of participating in the 2020 election process as alternative electors. The media is trying hard to disguise the fact that these people are very old, but here are their ages. Three years after the fact, the regime is rounding up old people and threatening to put them in prison for the remainder of their days, because they dared to participate in the system.

This is not normal. The regime toadies will work hard to make it seem normal, but what we are seeing is not normal. Sissies in conservative media will mew about this being banana republic behavior, but this does not happen in the third world. They lack the human capital to operate a police state. This is what happens in a modern state undergoing a soft coup against the system itself. America is becoming a police state run by alien weirdos who hate the majority population.

More important, it is becoming the new normal. Once Trump is removed from the ballot, people will come to accept that they are not allowed to have candidates that address their issues, unless the people in charge approve. The pundits will turn themselves into experts on judging if a candidate is acceptable to the people in charge. While we will lack a formal council of political clerics like Iran, the unofficial council of clerics will make their voice known through the pundit class.

Imagine if tomorrow you are at a social event, and everyone is naked. You are still wearing clothes, trying to explain why you are the normal one. Your conservative friends tell you that nudity has always been a conservative value. One of them produces a pic on his phone of Martin Luther King giving a speech naked. He says to you, “Democrats are the real clothists.” At that point, the pressure on you to strip down and submit to the new normal may be too much to resist.

What we are living through right now is the choice Vaclav Havel described in his story of the green grocer. We can submit to the official lies, pretend that arresting old people for questioning the source of the official lies is perfectly normal. The other choice is we choose to live in the truth. Most will submit because that is easy, but some with refuse and remain living in the truth. They will win and we know this because the communists are gone, and Havel’s words are still with us.

The Guide and I into that hidden road
Now entered, to return to the bright world;
And without care of having any rest

We mounted up, he first and I the second,
Till I beheld through a round aperture
Some of the beauteous things that Heaven doth bear;

Thence we came forth to rebehold the stars.

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185 thoughts on “The Stars

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  2. As Z has said before, the media has shown that their real power now is to ignore.

    SNL thought they could do to Trump what they had done with Gerald Ford, and it turned out they no longer had that power.

  3. Lawfare and using rarely-enforced laws to target poltical opponents is bad. But nothing says the private sector can’t do the same. We’ve already seen this in spades with heavy-handed censorship on social media, with and without behind-the-scenes government coordination. We’ve also seen it, sporadically, with organizations and individuals losing the privilege — it’s not usually a right — of payment services like Paypal, major credit cards and even regular banking. Similarly, for reasons I cannot fathom, it’s perfectly ok to sell Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf on Amazon. But much lesser known books on controversial topics, or even information about Covid-19, is quickly pulled if it’s even allowed on in the first place. Valuable talent on traditional media is fired for transgressions of ideology. Substack has become a refuge for many. Tucker Carlson was only the latest (and biggest talent, to my knowledge).

    These last categories alone are worth an additional comment: In theory, Amazon, Fox, and other corporations are for-profit entities. Legally, their primary responsiblity is to the shareholders. What, then, is an outside observer to conclude when Facebook bans someone who had tens or hundreds of thousands of followers? Or Amazon refuses to list what might well be an obscure text of interest only to a very narrow market segment? Or dismisses their biggest asset, doing severe damage to their market? I would suspect that the corporations were engaging in censorship for nebulous ends and valued their image over their earnings.

    I browse the UK press and the latest victim there is Nigel Farage. He’s not a household name here, but suffice to say he’s a Trump-style conservative and understandably has made a lot of enemies. Apparently he’s been “de-banked” to the point he says he may have to leave the UK.

    There are legitimate reasons to deny a man the ability to open a checking account or to board a plane. But, at least in the old days, his political views were usually not one of them.

    • Seems like they can’t “legally” establish a cashless/CBDC system without recognizing payment processors as common carriers. Yeah, I know, they can do whatever they want, but usually they like to cross their legal Ts and dot their lower case Js. Moreover, locking people out of the financial system creates people with nothing left to lose, and it seems they wouldn’t want too many people like that. If they have any sense.

      So far, it seems that debanking is limited to prominent individuals, well publicized, to scare the rest of us. It’s not as if they lack the technological means to identify and debank 50 million of us if they really wanted to. I figure they could do that tomorrow, if it was what they really wanted.

    • De-banking puzzles me. Regulators in individual states, from what I know, regulate the banks that can do business within their borders. If that is correct, it certainly would seem banks that de-bank could be barred from doing business in State X. I’m obviously missing something there.

      • The majority (in terms of assets/customers) of banks are national banks regulated by the Fed.

  4. I am unclear on what these electors did. I read the MSM explanation, but I feel they must be leaving things out. What did these people do, and is this a normal practice that suddenly became illegal because we now live in a police state?

  5. But if they stop wearing clothes, where will they put their Ukraine and Israel pins?

  6. Great post.

    I like that meme of the tombstone, Conservatism, 1950-Present Year,
    epitaph: “Wow, Imagine If the Parties Were Reversed!”

  7. This is why we knew in April of 2020 that rejecting all covid restrictions was going to be important. We knew it was a warm up for more to come.

    After 2 weeks, when it became crystal clear the pandemic was a ruse to enact a complete police state, we said, no. Can say we never wore a mask or social distanced, not for a moment, not just to “run into the store.” Our lives from those few years read like something out of Nazi Germany.

    Maybe some of you will struggle as our situations worsens, but some of us know exactly where we stand, and when we say fuck off, we mean fuck off.

  8. I find myself thinking about my grandfather a lot lately. Dropped out of school about 7th grade because his father died and he had to plow as a sharecropper to support the family. But through hard work and shrewd business sense, he left my grandmother a house in town, a farm outside of town, and a six figure nest egg when he died at 90, a quarter century ago. He invested in the stock market back before it was cool and everybody did it. Taught Sunday school. Raised two daughters, one of them my mom.

    I think about how he would react to clown world, if it didn’t make his heart stop. He would of course be condemned as a racist, a misogynist. In my youthful eyes, he was definitely a racist, although this caused no schism between us. Some disagreements, but no schism. Even though my parents raised me “not to be racist,” I never jumped down anyone’s throat for saying nigger. And as I got older and became more of a race realist, my admiration for him grew, after he was gone. And I find myself looking to him as a role model for how to deal with clown world. Not that he would automatically have the answers, if he were still around. But he had integrity, self sufficiency, and grit.

    Clown World isn’t Braveheart. Nothing will be won by storming the field. Perhaps nothing will be won at all. But integrity can be maintained. There may be a price. Hasn’t there always been a price for integrity? Like Solzhenitsyn said, don’t participate in the lie. And don’t get in the boxcar.

    And as this example shows, even if your stance puts you at odds with younger generations, perhaps they will see things differently later on.

    • Turns out all those bad old guys actually knew a thing or two lol.

      The constant narrative growing up was “racism is only a thing that old white American people (definitely not Canadians or Europeans) do because they are mean. luckily racism is dying off, and then we will achieve the utopia”.

      Today we have learned that ALL white people everywhere are evil. Still waiting for that utopia lol.

      The old guys were right, and the “non racist” old white guys in Canada and Europe simply lived in nearly completely homogenous societies.

      • The average Alabama cracker in 1943 knew more about the nature of the negro than every Ivy League African-American studies prof in 2023 combined.

  9. “They will win and we know this because the communists are gone, and Havel’s words are still with us.”

    “The Power of the Powerless” could use some editing, but it is a very good description of where our society is right now: East Germany without having lots of people shot, and no fortified border fence because there’s hardly anyplace else to go.

    I showed a dozen normies the greengrocer parable back when every shop had a Black Lives Matter sign in the window. It resonated with them.

  10. Ok so let me try to understand this “fake electors” thing…

    I’m not someone who gets bogged down in understanding all of the structural and “normal” behind the scenes aspect of voting. Are we trying to say that there is a made-up crime that these people are being accused of? Is what they supposedly did something that has always been done, but someone decided to skew it into a crime? Through some weird technicality?

    And even if they committed some kind of wrongdoing, which I have no doubt that normie Republican operatives will occasionally commit some kind of election fraud, is the system now claiming that election fraud is real and something we should be concerned about? I thought they were “fortifying democracy” to protect us all from claims that election fraud or crimes election activity is possible? Are they trying to say that Republicans or conservatives (or, I guess, right wingers) are the only people capable of election wrongdoing?

    • By 2023, questioning the certified votes of an election will be equivalent to Holocaust Denial and using the “N” word at the same time.

      Far from only being in poor taste, it will be criminally actionable and heavily prosecuted.

      • But what does “Fake Electors” even mean?

        Were they sneaking into a meeting of “real electors” with fake IDs? Did they try to falsely claim “elector” as their job on their income taxes?

        Just not even understanding what that is.

  11. We are already naked.

    Have you seen how women dress in the street? Skin-tight everything. Even fatties. Especially fatties.

    Men are only a little more modest.

    If you brought a woman and man from 1896 to current year, they’d be shocked how much skin people show. I don’t think we’ll ever get actually naked, but we are as close as possible, right now.

    • I’m not sure which commercial enterprise is going to dominate the future, but a good bet is that it will either be $500 form-enhancing yoga pants or AI-driven sex dolls. How far we have fallen.

    • I have noticed a trend towards less skin and more conservative clothes for women over the past 20 years. I don’t think is being done in the name of modesty, its just that a lot of women don’t care about looking attractive or sexy anymore. I was just at a major airport people watching on my layover. It was plain looking women wearing loose fitting frumpy clothes for as far as the eye could see. No glamour, no sexiness. It wasn’t always like this.

    • Also, the uglier the female’s legs are — stumpy, with Hillary Clinton “kankles,” the more real estate available for tattoos. Seeing that, to me as a 70-plus year old, would make me totally avoid the teaching profession in this day and age. Imagine the horrible mothers who would come in for a school conference, railing about the grades you gave their child, while dressed in a camisole top, revealing bra straps that sink into the fat shoulders, black tights/jeggings, possibly a pregnant belly hanging over the elastic waistband. Yikes! I’ve sneaked pictures of some of these creatures at Wallyworld — as many whites as blacks.

  12. I don’t want to imagine them naked, combat and prayer, work, mental discipline and the grace of God have delivered me from even a mental lapse where I wonder on such things.

    Please contain your sadism Z , go touch grass.

  13. someone mentioned this on this thread but i couldn’t reply so I’ll start the thread. I remember being very puzzled in the fall of 2019 about what exactly was going on with the impeachment. After all, the mueller investigation had just ended and I thought all this Russia hysteria would fade away.

    I have sort of a schizo theory and I wonder if anyone thinks it has merit. In September 2019 there was a sudden rise in repossessions and I think Pelosi got told by someone that this was the time to pull the trigger on impeachment. It would take up news as a distraction and keep people occupied for a few months.
    Don’t forget that it was that same month, September of 2019, where they all of a sudden started pushing for impeachment.

    • No doubt they use this kind of thing for distraction. Classic magician misdirection. Though I am not sure from what we are being misdirected.

    • “Distraction” is cope. Things are almost exactly as they appear.

      They impeached Trump for nothing again because they wanted to impeach Trump for nothing again. Meanwhile they were wrecking the few remaining real parts of the economy because they also wanted to do that.

      Rather than one event (or op) concealing another, consider simultaneous things might be *identical* things, e.g.:

      American schoolteachers have escalated their “grooming” activities in parallel to the escalation of WW3 not to take your attention off the war, but because WW3 is a war for American pedophilia.


    • Every “get Trump” scheme is just one facet of a larger campaign. Each bleeds into the next. As soon as one ends, the next begins. That’s why I was kind of holding my breath when Ukraine peach mints failed. And not even a month later…. plandemic

    • The repo market (the plumbing of the entire world’s monetary system) failed in that month. The global powers jumped to enact a wide-scale plan to hide it and transition it before it was too late. Most of this stuff is probably connected to it.

  14. In regards to the arrestees in Michigan, maybe the take away should be to, you know, not commit serious crimes.

    No one is above the law.

  15. Nakedness disinformation in Absurdistan. How appropriate!

    I’ve barely started reading, and am compelled to apologize. I’ve been sulking and reading the phone far, far too much- and commenting!- waxing wroth and yammering like a nit.

    My apologies to the Dasein and to the Zblog. I ‘ve forgotten that we must not bring shame to this place.

    I am dealing, you see, with a Karen.

    Nothing has taken the wind out of my sails like this exceedingly minor trifle.
    I have a very full plate, but that ninny’s piling on of a very generous portion- more, today!- of needless managerial abuse has floored me.

    How in heaven’s name you good people in the corporate world deal with these Absurdistanians day in, day out without going postal is beyond me.

    Such a delicate snowflake, I am!
    Might as well roll to my rifle.

    • You’re very gracious, Alzaebo. Apology accepted, although I’m not sure you said anything that warrants one. If it helps you to feel better, please know that nothing you’ve said to me even comes close to the rabid calumny I get from the morons at Unz.

      I truly do think that a lot of the pushback I receive is a result of the siege mentality the DRs have developed from constantly dealing with the progs. The DRs now have a hair-trigger for anything that doesn’t quite align with their established memetic architecture (which I often don’t). I’ll try to find better ways to explain what I mean.

      • You are most gracious, Intelligent one. I fear the false promises of empire- notable in Catholic tradition- as the hand of the Deceiver at work. He offers us our desires, that we might swallow them whole.

        Empire is against the design of the Increate; the demands of the building material require diversity, only pockets and pools of coherence may form.

        That said, I heard angels singing in the early hours, as if my ear were pressed to an unseen wall, and on the other side, faint sound…?

        A Catholic artist on Gab had posted new artwork, reminiscent of the Holy Mother. Subtle, lovely, I kept returning to it again and again.

        It’s like I’m stuck in molasses. But the ringing of those bells, that aura of the numinous in a simple picture…

        Another Christian had said the way was not made easy, but that it was made possible.
        I am stirred again to duty, because it is the one I have chosen.

        I learned much of prayer when I awoke.

        I know the Door is closed to me, that matters not, part of the Design; but still, I had not felt that Touch, that Caress, in many years, since a cold spring dawn in Michigan. I would be worthy of it.

  16. While we will lack a formal council of political clerics like Iran, the unofficial council of clerics will make their voice known through the pundit class.

    Well, we do have a Sanhedrin.

  17. “America is becoming a police state run by alien weirdos who hate the majority population”.
    Agree, except the tense: ‘is becoming’ would more accurately be stated as: ‘has become’

  18. And what is the truth? Is the truth all that has been told for many centuries on how amazing civilization is?

    Or maybe is the truth that civilization is a scam (always has been) that is collapsing and the people on the DR are like crypto bros in denial of reality?

    Z’s example of nakedness is hilarious because before humans settled, being naked was indeed the normal. Nakedness is in fact natural. It is being clothed that is the historical abberation.

    Life must be hard being on the DR or the crazy left. Neither side sees reality for what it is and only deeply desires for their form of truth to bs real.

    I can imagine a future in which the Apple AR headset is worn by many people. So many people simply cannot handle reality. The pro-Civilizational types being amonst them as Civilization may be the greatest rejection of reality in mankind’s history.

    • Shouldn’t you be sending us that message from your cave by banging a mastadon femur on a boulder, there Zog?

    • Civ is oriental, or at least that’s what I was taught. People seem fine with it as long as goods and money flow, and the stories make sense.

    • King Kong comes from a warm pacific island where clothes were optional. My ancestors came from colder climes where…hey,ya know K.K.s pelt could clothe half a village or more…

  19. Imagine if tomorrow members of the Biden administrations, including Biden, start going around in public in the nude


  20. The ghastly normalization of madness Z describes is occurring not just in the political realm, but in the cultural one, too. Hideously tattooed girls with metallic snot dribbling from their noses serving you food in restaurants is a prime example. The gutteral cacophany of African savages bellowing from loudspeakers in public places is another.

    The stupid lumpenmass then wallows in the depravity. Those with slightly higher standards and more intellectual candlepower filter it out as best they can. The rebellious shake their heads in disgust, grit their teeth, and post online animadversions. And the postmodern substitution of madness for normalcy proceeds apace.

    • It has become trite but remains true: politics are downstream of culture. As you very knowledgeably lay out from time to time, post-Modernism has triumphed and the hideous debris has floated down the muddy, polluted river.

      The tattooed girls and rap “music” have to be seen as of a piece with obesity and sexually mutilated children and the other filth and indicia of the repulsive zeitgeist. Imagine living in a place largely immune from this despicable freakshow and fearfully watching it devolve further and further into madness! Imagine being so stupid that you think Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia were somehow worse! There is no saving the culture we had, just instituting our own Great Replacement once the opportunity arises if it arises. Hopefully the right lessons have been learned.

      • AINO doesn’t yet visit mass violence upon its own subjects, but yes, in most other respects it is worse than Nazi Germany and the USSR.

    • Just this week I crossed paths with a young college age, beautiful blonde Nordic looking lass, probably the best looking woman I had seen in months…. with a complete arm sleeve tattoo

      • I couldn’t possibly count the number of times I’ve made eye contact from the middle distance with a comely young lass only to discover as she came closer–much to my dismay–her wearing metallic mucous in her nose. It literally causes me to wince and feel slightly nauseous.

        • I’m always tempted to ask them if they got that shrapnel lodged in their nose in the war.

        • The *only* good thing about the mask insanity was not having to see that for a year.

  21. Now is a good time to get out of the big city and find a safe haven in a rural area or small town. Anticipate that when the collapse occurs, it will be sudden and chaotic. Your only goal is to survive the interregnum safely. Take action now to make this a probable reality for you.

    DC is a lost cause and you will get no help from there. The collapse will beget mayhem and violence, but most importantly a fog of confusion. This fog is your friend. Its obscurity is your shield. There will be Jackboots and they will come for anyone who is classified as a threat. And there will be detention camps and prison farms. The historical examples are legion. And yes, all of this can happen right here in the Land of the Free.

    They want the bottom of the social pyramid to slaughter each other, and every incipient militia group will include several covert Stasi agents or CIs. But the thing that vexes them the most is the bolt from the blue, particularly when its well focused. At the root, they are cowards and will flee when properly motivated. That is why God gave us emergent behavior.

    • Sorry, Tom, but it drives me bonkers.

      No, you are not going to escape what’s coming by running away to the country and planting a garden. In all probability the locals won’t want you or trust you.

      Historically gangster govts go after the farmers first. If you control the food supply, you control the people.

      • We classicists are not prepared for the dadgum near about infinite power of the employment SELECTION process in the Passive Aggressive Industrial Complex.

        With Griggs versus Duke Power, the Lawfare Industrial Complex decreed that Amurrikkkuh was forbidden to discriminate against low-IQ kneegrows.

        And with Jordan versus New London, the Lawfare Industrial Complex decreed that there was nothing improper about discriminating against high-IQ White men.

        Ergo if you combine Griggs and Jordan with the ubiquitous omnipresence of psychometric personality testing for prospective employees in the 21st Century [Myers-Briggs, Gallup Clifton-Strengths, Enneagram, DiSC, etc], and if you also factor in the Passive Aggressive Industrial Complex’s innate ability to spot loose cannons [i.e. Active Aggressive personalities which might rock the boat of lifetime sinecures in the Passive Aggressive Industrial Complex], then you’ve got a perfect recipe for SELECTING dull obsequious toady amoral sociopathy in the average employee of the Passive Aggressive Industrial Complex.

        And when you combine that dull obsequious toady amoral sociopathy with a taxpayer-funded lifetime sinecure, plus mi1itary-grade we@pons and near infinite rounds of @mmunition, you’re looking at [potentially] a civilian FedGov army of several million sociopaths which might be willing to risk death in hand-to-hand combat in order to preserve their precious FedGov pensions.

        And those sociopaths have an in-house hardened communication system for coordinating responses which would be the envy of the Stasi.

        We free thinkers in the real world have very little personal experience with the badly malformed personalities of Klown World Central Command.

        We don’t know what kinds of atrocities those personalities are capable of inflicting upon us.

        Nor do we know whether those personalities will stand and fight, or whether they will flee and hide in the shadows.

        And we certainly mustn’t expect that those personalities will play by the Marquess of Queensberry Rules.

        It’s almost impossible to overestimate the near-ominpotent darwinian power of these burgeoning legions of badly malformed 21st Century personalites.


        Psychology will determine all of this.

        And we have almost no experience whatsoever in confronting these personalities.

        • sounds to me like you are describing Bolsheviks. Solzhenitsyn has advice for us there.

          • rashoman: “sounds to me like you are describing Bolsheviks”

            For any paleo-dissident-CONs, who haven’t gotten out of the house in the last decade; heck, even for any Griller Normie-Cons, who spent the entirety of the COVID years simply tending to the charcoal embers, y’all have NO EARTHLY IDEA how badly malformed the sh!tlib/libsh!t personalities have become.

            We are taking Turbo-Karens which make Nurse Rached look like a saint by comparison.


            And all of the ostensible males are bizarre goofy inappropriately grinning s0d0mite paedophiles in bow ties just waiting patiently for the opportunity to slice off your sons’ testes.


            You are not going to be able to sense any humanity in these emerging new personalities.

            The Frankfurt School is doping them up & mesmerizing them & hypnotizing them and spitting them out of an industrial conveyer belt at the rate of MILLIONS per year.

            You will not recognize these personalities.

            But these personalities WILL RECOGNIZE YOU.


      • Filthie: Choosing to leave the teeming, diverse cities and suburbs to save one’s sanity and family is not ‘running away.’ Was your separation from your sexually perverse daughter and dysfunctional extended family ‘running away’?

        And what passes for the ‘food supply’ in AINO is the product of massive agribusiness conglomerates and the chemical companies, not a rural resident with a garden.

        • Not trying to be a dink or offend anyone 3G. I see a difference between people parting ways because they don’t get along and have different values – and fleeing from a tyrannical govt that is out to destroy you and take your stuff. American and world history proves you are better off shooting your way out of tyranny as opposed to trying to coexist with it or flee from it. When tyrannies get wound up and going, they kill people by the tens of thousands. 10’s of millions in the case of China.

          I generally like the preppers and can be considered an outhouse variant of them myself. But I think they’re generally naive. If the chit hits the fan…they are going to become targets. Most will have their preps stolen as they did in Venezuela. Can you turn away a starving single mom with a kid when she turns up on your doorstep after smelling food cooking? It’s far more important to build communities, IMO, that can share resources and divide labour – and defend itself.

          Perhaps Voltaire knows best: people that believe absurdities can be induced to commit atrocities. As history has shown, once they cross that line, they’re as comfortable killing people in the country as they are in the city. But…whadda I know?

          • Filthie: Neither am I a classic ‘prepper.’ I don’t have 10 years of canned food stored and no pantry pictures on social media. I don’t plan to raise animals and am not an avid gardener. While I am more a loner by nature, I harbor no fantasies of surviving all by my lonesome.

            But I don’t trust the power grid and prefer certain tangible goods to fiat currency and the government’s planned CBDC. And I don’t like crowds and diversity.

            If a starving single mom finds her way to my doorstep at the end of a dirt road in the middle of the woods . . . I’ll be quite surprised.

          • There is nothing wrong with moving to the country if you are doing it to change the way you live, find a community of like minded people and assimilate with them.

            All I meant with this is that it is a huge tactical blunder to think that you can find that isolated country cottage at the end of the road – and a hungry, vibrant killer ape cannot. I would say that outside a handful of exceptions… there are really no places in the lower 48 that will allow the off-gridder to hide and live out the good life while the nation burns.

      • Roughing it would mitigate the immediate social upheaval and violence to be sure, but, yeah, if the Gangster Government goes there it easily could dispatch F-15’s and so forth to level houses in the countryside. A Serious Governor would be developing intra-state WMD’s as a response to such an atrocity but as far as I know that hasn’t happened yet and very well may never happen.

      • Exactly.

        Bolsheviks murdered the Kulaks because they were able to grow slightly more food than everyone else.

        All their jealous neighbors joined in.

        • The Bolsheviks murdered the Kulaks so that Khazaria could belong to the Khazarians.

          “Well, there is no famine”

          – Meyer Henoch Wallach Finkelstein, nom-de-guerre, “Maxim Litvinov”

          Gareth Jones’s Diary

          March, 1933

    • I am of two minds in this. Obviously, the cities are a major problem right now, and people need to make the best decisions for themselves. Yet the cities also exist for a reason. They also have lots of benefits, especially for young men who are just getting started in their lives. No, I don’t mean this in the “act like a degenerate” way. I mean this is where the jobs are, this is where connections are made, this is where the women are, you can start your life in the city and then go from there in a way you cannot in a rural area. This is just how it is. It is like the universities. As tempting as it is to tell young men to not go to university, they are still important to gaining some semblance of existence in the society we live in.

      And just what do we get from ceding these cities to the lunatics, degenerates, satanists, etc.? It just means they control yet another major, powerful, set of institutions in our lives, with no opposition. I also see no evidence that people fleeing from California and New York is doing these rural areas and small towns any favors. They’re driving up housing costs, they’re displacing locals, they’re infusing these towns with the same sort of nonsense that exist in the source locations. Even if you’re not actively trying to “Los Angelize” say, Montana or Texas, you’re probably doing it.

      The Roman Empire peaked in about 100AD but did not fully collapse until anywhere from 460AD to 1453AD depending on how you define the Roman Empire. Collapse is not necessarily sudden or quick. It’s not a zombie movie. This evil regime can shuffle around for a long long time, past our lives, our kids’ lives, and their kids’ lives. Yet a morally sound and devout man could be an example to others anywhere. He doesn’t need to go to a rural area to do so.

      • Mycale: All the women in my Bible Studies group who sent their kids to daycare and public school (and castigated me for refusing the same for my sons) insisted those poor children were providing ‘salt and light’ to their benighted classmates.

        • Agreed. Attempting to convert the savage is a fool’s errand. The only sensible thing is separating from him and then preventing him from overrunning your new home, with terminal force if necessary.

        • Those poor girls ended up providing something to the savages, alright, but it wasn’t “salt and light.”

          Damn the cucks.
          And they’d attack me for pointing it out, too.

          Thanks, Zblog.
          You’re helping me get my mind right for dealing with the system.

    • I’m not seeing the connection between jackboot thugs and collapse. Seems the former can precede the latter by a long ways. Have preceded. Are preceding.

    • “when the collapse occurs, it will be sudden and chaotic.”

      I doubt that there is going to be any sudden collapse. America has been in a state of decline for generations and it will continue to decline for generations long after we are all dead and gone.

      Having said that, I do live on a rural homestead. But thats because I despise cities and suburbs and enjoy being self sufficient and far away from the craziness. I can’t imagine why anyone would willingly choose to live in a large American city.

      • Most urban whites live where they do because that’s where the big-money jobs are. It wouldn’t be worth it to me. Even at 10 times my current salary, I don’t think I would live in a magalopolis. That said, there are certain amenities–restaurants, museums, orchestras–of which I like to avail myself. But only on very short visits.

  22. Are we all supposed to forget that Trump was “impeached” for asking for an investigation into corruption in Ukraine because Biden was a likely future candidate? If not for double standards, there would be no standards.

  23. Late Roman Republic stuff here.

    What’s interesting is that our rulers just assume that their attack dogs in the FBI and other law enforcement agencies will always remain loyal to them. Maybe. They’ve certainly staffed with those agencies with ideologues.

    However, once you move away from rules toward men wielding raw power, the men with the guns start to wonder why they’re taking orders from the guys who don’t have guns.

    Regardless, Trump really has turned out to be the unwitting turning point for the country. He never expected to play that role. But just his willingness to push back even a little and to speak even just a few truths was too much for such a corrupt regime.

    Personally, I want the government to arrest him, convict him and put him in prison. I highly doubt that they’ll go that far, but I want their treatment of Trump to be so extreme that even GrillerCons will be unable to turn away – though most will anyway.

    • “Late Roman Republic stuff here.”

      Indeed, and what many forget about the late Roman Republic was the proscriptions that happened. Those who run our “republic” are corporate to the core. They spent four years telling their followers that anyone who supported anything other then themselves was a racist yada yada yada. They then tested how well they’d whipped their followers up in a frenzy with covid. So yeah, keep living in the city, and when they decree you to be an outlaw see how quickly you run.

      And to the poster above who spoke about the benefits of living in the city and also mentioned Rome, what was the value of Rome after it fell in 436 AD? If i remember correctly most of the marble was stolen from the temples and used to create churchs or just nice estates. And when Rome fell, where did those who still lived in the city go? How did feudalism develop? Yeah it took Rome awhile to fall, but how long did it take for news to travel back then? How long does it take now? You are already in the midst of the collapse, i’d argue 9/11 was the first act and its only gotten more insane and less believable since then. So stay in the city so you can go on dates with Women who are getting a PHD in children’s literature and complain to you about how hard it was for their Irish immigrant single mother in the 1980’s coming to America, and when you try to relate about your 12 year old Great grandfather coming over in the early 1900’s, they’ll proceed to tell you it was so much harder for their mother. These people do not live in reality, they have no idea what reality is. So yeah stay in the city.

      • If i remember correctly most of the marble was stolen from the temples and used to create churches or just nice estates.

        You remember incorrectly. In reality, most of the marble was burnt to produce agricultural lime. Civilization winds up literally cannibalizing itself.

    • I’m no Constitutional scholar, but based on earlier comments, I did some quick Googling. The 14th Amendment does have langauge barring (say) Trump’s election if he was found to have been involved in insurrection. But who determines that? Elsewhere, I found the claim that Congress (both chambers, I assume?) can disqualify by a simple majority. Anyone banned could be re-instated by 2/3 majority (per 14th A.)

      If that information is correct, and those are the only conditions for disqualification, I find it unlikley Trump could be legally barred before the 2024 election. He may well be in jail awaiting trial, tho.

  24. I still think a coming economic crisis will accelerate all of this. Telling everyone to be naked is one thing, telling them to be naked and poor is another. It’s going to be hard for the regime media to convince people that living like an 1890’s bohemian in a cramped apartment with shared bathroom is the thing to do. Although they have convinced several millennials in my area that tiny homes were the dream home they always wanted.

    Once the economic problems emerge again, tamped down since circa 2010, every side will become more extreme, and that includes the left going full, mask off commie. Stan Druckenmiller is a liberal Clintonite, but I highly recommend watching his USC Marshal School speech from last May. He pretty much nails it.

    • The woke problem may be self correcting. People with hungry bellies don’t have time for drag queen hour whether they agree with it or not.

      Unfortunate for those of us who like a functional nation and also managed to not go crazy.

      There’s also no guarantees that said hungry people won’t be weaponized by the state into a formidable communist army.

    • Much of the open tyranny underway is a pre-emptive strike against the upcoming financial collapse. I don’t think it will work long term but obviously TPTB do not share that view.

      We’ve had medical martial law. Expect the economic equivalent. People generally react two ways to financial ruin: depression and self-destruction or rising up in a revolution. Everything so far has indicated the former; even if that is wrong, it has emboldened the State to shed all pretense.

      It will be lit. And horrible.

    • I think truly bad economic times will usher in even more leftism. It might very well take our minds off of trannies, but it won’t usher in a right wing revolution.

      “Once the economic problems emerge again, tamped down since circa 2010,”

      More like circa 1959. There are a lot of economic sins waiting to exact revenge on society. The productive economy has been shrinking 60 years. It’s been papered over with cheap money and cheap imports. The productive assets are gone. The know how is gone. The underlying industries are gone. We have armies of bureaucrats fighting any renewal in the US.

      A large rich lithium deposit was found in the US in Maine fairly recently. If it is ever exploited, it will probably take 20 years and billions of Dollars. There will be many years of environmentalists trying to stop it. Indians will be brought forth to claim it is their ancestral religious sacred grounds. Tree huggers will be crying about all the trees that would need to come down. In the end, it might just go untapped altogether.

    • The issue with the economy is the debt – both govt and private and both US and global.

      As to the US gov, it simply can’t have interest rates above inflation for too long. I actually worked out a simple formula to show how the debt to GDP will grow each year. It’s call Citizen’s Formula of Doom.

      Annual Growth in Debt to GDP = 2.5% + (Inflation * (Debt to GDP – 1) + (Real Interest Rate * Debt to GDP)

      So, if you have inflation of 4% and real interest rate, i.e., above inflation, of 1%, you get this amount of growth in debt to GDP for the year (current debt to GDP is 120%)

      2.5% + (4% * .2) + (1% * 1.2) = 4.5%

      Thus, if you have 1% real interest rates, your debt to GDP will grow by ~4.5% a year. With debt to GDP at 120%, things would get out of hand pretty quickly. In five years, debt to GDP would rise to ~145%, which isn’t sustainable.

      Even real interest rates of zero means that the debt to gdp grows by 3.3%, which will still tank you in a decade.

      Nope, unless the government wants to cut entitlements or defense, it will have to hold interest rates on the debt below inflation. If you have -1% real interest rates, the debt to GDP only grows by ~2% a year. Still a problem, but you could kick the can down the road for a while.

      • Thanks. To be clear on a related point: a decision has been made to continue to devalue the currency, right? And to ask a speculative question: does this mean that at least part of the drive toward digital currency is to further devalue the dollar in a way less noticeable than inflation? Sorry, but a third one: will people buy United States debt with this in place?

        • Well, in the US’s defense, most other developed countries are in the same boat, so it’s more like everyone will need to devalue their currencies at the same time. Indeed, it wouldn’t be surprising if the dollar did well against other currencies, though likely not against assets. That’s basically the Dollar Milkshake theory.

          I don’t know how a CBDC would fit into all of this. It obviously would give the gov a terrifying amount of control over society but how it would deal with the debt is hard to say.

          As to who buys the debt, also tough to say. If other currencies are in even worse shape, foreign investors might buy it for a while. The fed could force banks to buy it via regulations but that would crush bank profitability. The gov could change the rules on target date funds in 401k plans to require a certain amount in treasuries. Finally, the fed could buy what’s left.

          I don’t think that the fed wants to do outright yield curve control but it still might need to step in.

          The funny part is that no one in Congress seems even remotely concerned about the situation. As long as the market continues to absorb the debt, politicians won’t care.

          But my guess is that we’ll see issues in other sovereign debt markets before we see anything in the US. Regardless, I do believe that we’re on the cusp of the first developed market sovereign debt crisis in a hundred years.

          Should be fun to watch.

  25. The official narrative after the 2016 election was that Trump won because people online said things they were not supposed to say. The official problem was free speech, and that had to go. Only official, approved sources could be the arbiters of reality. This thinking took off in spring 2020 when the entire system coalesced around this idea that only the government and the media could tell us what “the science” is, and then of course that was carried into the 2020 election and the entire Biden presidency. Today, anyone who doesn’t believe in the official narrative, on anything, is either malicious or getting duped by someone malicious. You cannot disagree with the media, the government, the FBI, the CIA, etc. on anything at all.

    Of course, this is tyranny, but as Plato told us, democracy leads to tyranny. The fact is, we have a hostile alien minority in control of our government, who do not believe in reason and objective truth, but rather that truth is the opinion of the powerful. And if truth is the opinion of the powerful, then the powerful have the right to impose truth on us, by force if necessary. We are seeing that today.

    • Mycale: This. 1930s Stalinism, dressed up in AINO’s managerial and bureaucratic style. And many of its most pernicious purveyors are cousins of the original version’s enforcers. Such a cohencidence.

    • I’m still on the fence about DeS. I prefer T as it would be a big stick in the eye of the regime.

      DeS is a good Governor. He put illegals on buses and sent them to blue cities. Ron is no Jeb.

      • And Jeb wouldn’t have had the cahones to take on Disney. He – along with the rest of the Shrub clan – are establishmentarians.

      • Head ’em up; Move’em out; Rawhide!

        The goal is moving the invaders north.
        The good governor helped them along the way.

        • Keep movin’, movin’, movin’ – though they’re disapprovin’ – keep them invaders movin’

      • WCiv911: Fwiw, GW Bush wasn’t too bad as governor of Texas. But he was an awful president.

    • Trump is a brilliant politician but a poor governor. When he got into office, he thought he could treat the government bureaucracy like one of his companies, not understanding that they had the structural power to oppose him at every term and undermine him.

      DeSantis is the opposite. He’s great in the office and I wish he stayed there. I know he’s become a punching bag in these circles, and deservedly in some ways, but let’s not overlook the great work he did in Florida. Getting there is the problem. Remember, he almost lost his first governorship election to a weird, corrupt, closeted black drug addict. That should have been a clue. He surely thought simping for Juice would give him the cover he needed, but he should have looked at how they threw Don under the bus when it was convenient for them.

      • Also, know this. No way, lessen Hades freezes over, will this regime allow T anywhere near the WH, no matter how many votes he gets. So in that sense, a vote for T will be for naught.

        • A vote for Trump would be the litmus rest that will put the ballot box to rest, and usher in the cartridge box.

      • As a Floridian who watches politics very closely, I can assure you, everything you think you know about DeSantis is fake and manufactured.

  26. “Imagine if tomorrow members of the Biden administrations, including Biden, start going around in public in the nude.”

    Thanks Z. After that image 🤢 it’s hard to read the rest of the post. 😏

  27. Biden mumbling in that press conference is the least of its absurdities. First of all, he announces that the US has opened up airspace for Israel – presumably so Israel can do recon and bombing of rival states in the way of its Greater Israel project. Yet, Mayorkas has opened our border and they have effectively declared all immigration legal. It seems the purpose of the United States is to serve Ukraine and Israel; maybe bomb a pipeline or two.

    Most absurd of all though, is where Biden is reading the list of things we have done for Israel to their President. Their President says, “Yes”, and “Mmm hmmm”, as if this is news to him. At the beginning of the Biden administration one of his emissaries handed that list to Biden to sign while his agents somewhere in the swamp were already ordering air space lifted. He probably sent a PDF of that list to Biden’s press debriefer before his flight took off from London or Tel Aviv.

    America has undergone the soft coup and, “conservatives”, are lining up and relying upon nationalists in Israel to define American Nationalism.

    This was on American Mind yesterday by John Clark-Levin:

    He claims CNN and MSNBC get a few things wrong but not nearly as much as the on-line far right. Thus ChatGPT skews left. He claims that only the “far right” speaks in racist, bigoted terms that would shock people’s customers and result in things being bad for business, so ChatGPT skews left. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t see multiple articles, celebrities and government officials advocating for white genocide and celebrating the invasion of our homelands and the effective ethnic cleansing of white people, and same companies engaging in white erasure. Some, like AT&T have fully erased white men from all imagery. But, no mention of that. No cognitive dissonance there in erasing the still majority and replacing them with the smallest minority. Nope. Then of course there is the constant framing of politics as having two sides. The phrase both sides is repeated ad naseum. The childish world view and mind prison must be reinforced.

    Finally he ends with an admonishment. I’ll paraphrase: ‘Hey you racist, mostly wrong rubes on the far right, you are ruining the creation of a left wing biased, anti-right chat AI by calling it “woke AI.”‘ How fitting that he end with putting his cards on the table; by telling his audience to stop saying the unapproved phrases.

    So, occupants of the Vibrant Economic Zone of The Middle Eastern Colonizers, take off your clothes, pretend to love poly-amory, take lots of mushrooms and ayahuasca with your state certified, central american sherpa and shop till you drop!

    • That seems to be the new narrative. Mark (Cuban) Chabenisky was saying the same thing. Going woke is good for business.

      Since there’s now millions of non-whites in the country, it’s just good marketing to not feature any white men. Free market, bigot.

      The establishment right is continuing its retreat back to the left, following the neocons. In a few years they will be indistinguishable, one giant blob of white haters. Easy to identify though.

      • Cuban is full of shit. If this was all about making money, you’d see tons of old whites in advertising because those are the people who have the vast majority of the money. Instead, you never see them in ads unless they’re about incontinence. What’s more, you would see more Messkins than Hutus. Instead, the former are scarce whereas you will never see two consecutive TV ads that don’t feature some dam’ negro, usually making time with a blonde.

        These ads are anti-white/pro-nuggra psy-ops and that fucking scumbag Cuban knows it.

        • Chabenisky absolutely knows it Ostei – the same way he knew his company he sold to Yahoo was a brown bag of poop on Yahoo’s doorstep, imminent share price collapse – which is why he collared the shares.

          Guys was born a scheister and a liar. He knows exactly what this is about.

    • ChatGPT is woke! ChatGPT is far-right! ChatGPT ate my conrflakes!

      I’ll not give two hoots about this daft program. Perfectly falls in line with what a lot of conservative types still talk about! Why does it matter? It doesn’t.

      Mr. Clark-Levin will get a nasty shock one of these days, I’m sure. Or maybe he’ll double down: ChatGPT is still woke! ChatGPT is still far, far, far-right!

      At this point, the popular culture is entirely dictated by The Left i.e., the devil. To waste our breath talking about such trivial things demonstrates the lack of severity. Cut off as best you can. Talk about your personal experiences and interests – things you can vouch for.

      God bless you all.

      By the way, you say:

      “How fitting that he end with putting his cards on the table; by telling his audience to stop saying the unapproved phrases.”

      And that’s a very good observation.

    • I wonder why a guy named John Clark-Levin would run interference for the elites’ latest tool of mass oppression and thought control?

    • You have the hyphen in the wrong place. His name is John-Clark Levin, not John Clark-Levin. Just in case there was any doubt.

    • The American Mind was the last thing keeping me in touch with “intellectual” conservatism, because it seemed the last example of it (that wasn’t only about upper middle class consumerism like the New Criterion). Then *one day* (about a year ago?) it came out of the closet as shitlib-establishmentarian about *everything*—as if an order came down: “Pull the mask off one eye. Become ‘the conservative case for….'” There was no mind-changing external/news/political event that might have motivated it. The whole operation just turned and start firing at us.

      A guess: Someone who funds it was belatedly informed over cocktails that the publication he really *should* control is best known for “normalizing” /ourguy/ comic philosopher Bronze Age Pervert. A call was made and an total & eternal abasement & abjection strategy was implemented.

  28. Ilhan Omar told us this week that we recently broke the record going back 120,000 years for the hottest day on earth.
    Who will question her without being called a racist?
    We are ruled by morons.
    Soon to be naked ones.

    • Omar, McConnell, and the rest of the whores are The Help. They do not rule us. Their pimps and bosses rule us.

      • Correct! The alien weirdos are the ones calling the shots, and they hate Omar and the rest as much as they hate us.

    • No one in the mainstream, but I have seen people on the right point out there is no way to track temps going back that far. it reminds me of a relative who used to send out forwarded emails in the 2000s like this. After one that claimed drinking cold water could cause intestinal cancer or something like that, another relative, who was a science teacher asked for an explanation as water is simply made up of hydrogen and oxygen, neither of which are carcinogens. People less intelligent than that are now in control of the government.

      • “People less intelligent than that are now in control of the government.”

        More than this – think about the people who cheer these people on and support them. Just think about how stupid THOSE people are. Those are your fellow “countrymen”.

      • Pure H20, yes. The crap flowing through the pipes, who knows.

        But to your point – it’s not the water causing the cancer, it’s the contaminants.

  29. Z: “Of course, Biden mumbling to himself as he reads his script is nothing compared to his bizarre sniffing of children. Biden alone is enough to fill up the bizarro land bingo card… America is becoming a police state run by alien weirdos who hate the majority population… All of a sudden, as if they just got a new firmware update, they are off the Ukraine train and on the naked train…”


    ProZNoV: “…images of a glowering, non amused and naked Brit Hume…”


    Obama’s Brother Tweets He’s “Definitely Gay” After Former President Defends School Porn Books


    ‘The pair used to be closer with Malik reportedly being the best man at Barack Obama’s wedding and visiting the White House several times during Obama’s time in office. However, things turned sour when Obama’s brother accused him becoming “cold and ruthless,” seeking to be worshipped, and turning his back on his Kenyan family. “He got rich and became a snob,” Malik told reporters…’


    PrZNoV, are you old enough to remember the ballad of Sandy Hume?


    • I’m not sure I want to click on that. But is Bill Paxon mentioned in the ballad?

      • For the youngsters…

        *** SPOILER ALERT ***

        There was a beautiful old 1967 folk rock song, called “Ode to Billie Joe”, by a Mississippi girl, named Roberta Lee Streeter [stage name, “Bobbie Gentry”].

        Then at some point, somebody sold the movie rights to a couple of j00z, named Max Baer Jr.
        & Herman Raucher, which pair promptly turned the song into a tawdry 1976 soft-core s0d0mite-paedophile abomination of an h0m0sexual recruitment film.

        [It’s very difficult to overemphasize just how revolting that movie was.]

        Anyway, squaring the circle here, the understanding at the time was that Sandy Hume was a well-known “Lincoln Log” republican in the Who’s Who of the greater Dupont Circle ghey GOP mafia, and that Sandy committed suicide to protect his father’s career.

        [Cf the two different suicides, song versus film, of the fictional Billy Joe McAllister.]

        • Yes, Dick Armey and likely Gingrich spread the rumor that Sandy Hume slept with Bill Paxon in order to get the story about the 1997 abortive speakership coup. Paxon retired just a few days after Hume’s suicide.

          I don’t trust Armey or Gingrich, to be honest. I was living in DC at the time and the House GOP leadership was filled with some of the worst degenerates I’ve ever met. I didn’t believe it then and don’t now. Hume killed himself because he was told at a fundraiser for Paxon the night of his DWI arrest that the story was going to appear in the media, and figured he was going to get Lewinsky’ed.

  30. I think that disgusting video of Biden licking/nibbling on that little girl’s arm and the lack of reaction to it by the regime and media tards is a perfect metaphor for this current age. That stupid s*** bimbo anchorette reporting on the conference (or whatever it was) just kept babbling along while gibbering joe did his thang as if it were the most normal thing in the world. The mom also laughed along. The only normal human reaction in the whole affair was the little girl, who knows a psycho when sees/feels one. This great pretending we’re all seeing that was is good and righteous is now evil and what is known and always been known as evil is now good and righteous has got to end. Those foisting this on our society and culture must be swept away one way or the other.

    • “Those foisting this on our society and culture must be swept away one way or the other.”

      This is the way – the ONLY way…

    • Don’t worry, they’ll get to her in short order. That little girl will be de-normalized very efficiently in the coming years.

  31. I think this – like so much else wrong in modern America – started during the Arkansas grifter years. Just to point to one example, remember when Clinton’s antics in the Oval Office were found out. The universal response in the press was “American Presidents have always been a bunch of filthy degenerates! Thomas Jefferson spent all his free time impregnating his slaves! Breaking off a little something something in the White House is perfectly normal!” At least when Carter was President, nobody tried to claim that even Abraham Lincoln and George Washington had run-ins with killer rabbits.

    • Hard to believe now, but the press was actually pretty upfront about Carter’s ineptitude. In some ways, the late 1970’s was the high point of independent journalism. Maybe it was a reaction to Watergate, Vietnam and the sense that careers could be made by challenging the establishment of either party.

      However, that didn’t change the fact that most journalists leaned left, and they eventually came to the conclusion that they had unwittingly helped elect Reagan by piling on Carter. By 1988 they were all in for Mike Dukakis, and it’s gotten much worse since then.

  32. Maybe outrage is the correct response to senior citizens being arrested for being actively involved in democracy, but the whole thing just reeks of desperation. The government isn’t sending federal LEOs to arrest gang members, or even fit, armed white guys. The feds can’t even get most of the J6 participants rounded up in spite of full cooperation from the telecoms. This last bit of tyranny is a desperate death rattle of a defeated empire. It’s reduced, at last, to bullying it’s weakest citizens in the hope that it provokes fear, but it only provokes disgust. The federal government is done, it’s only strength left is inertia.

    • I suspect the United States government easily is the most hated and despised one domestically. Whether this is the death rattle or simply flexing remains unknown, though. All police states engage in thuggish behavior regardless of how stable they are.

  33. On the bright side, we know their playbook and await the next Lawfare act.
    Now, which brave Justice or other responsible person is going to call out the Regime and its wardrobe?

  34. Trump may ultimately arrested , tried and convicted of all things, but imprisoned? Doubtful. Probably some sort of modern exile to show how magnanimous these demons are.
    The end game isn’t Trump but a total revolution from within the form.

    • I don’t think the regime wants Trump in prison. They just want him out of the race. Simple deal: Quit running for president and we’ll drop the charges.

      • “I don’t think the regime wants Trump in prison. They just want him out of the race.”

        Yes, that’s clear. But also keep in mind: if somehow he runs again and gets elected, the deep state will assassinate him, pure and simple. As far as they’re concerned, the show must go on (i.e., endless wars overseas).

      • Nope, there’s no such deal on the table. Trump is such an affront to the regime that they cannot abide his continuing freedom. They will lawfare him until the day he dies. If they actually get him into prison, wonderful, but they’ll settle for charging him and suing him over & over again until he dies if they can’t get a jury to convict him.

        I still think the indictments now are being made with a goal of prodding the Senate to take up a resolution declaring Trump ineligible to hold office, which in turn prompts the RNC to declare him ineligible to be nominated. It’s a nuclear option for for the RNC especially, but I think both are long past the point of caring what the serfs think.

        • Waiting til we get to the point where “Trump Lives!” graffiti is raggedly spray-painted in alleyways in the dark of night.

    • A positive aspect of all this mess is people don’t seem to be shrugging and saying “that’s the way things are now, but we still have a democracy.” It’s full of people coping with the realization that elections mean nothing now, and an openness to try something new.

      The fact that no one but pundits are reacting to the slow drip of Trump indictments shows most people aren’t buying the propaganda. Then again, many people didn’t buy the propaganda of the 60’s, but a lot are dead now, replaced by people who only know the lies they were taught in school. Once the ratchet is set and we have a new normal, it’s incredibly hard to displace.

  35. It is incredibly blackpilling to have watched one’s male friends in their 50s, gun owners and men who have much to protect in the years ahead, sit dumbly through the past decade. Particularly the last three years. The only time they will exercise any political thymos is if one begins to point out the dire nature of things. Then they will get angry and attack you.

    I’m beginning to be concerned that we don’t have the talent and the skill to fight this. The post-1965 stock might not have it in the numbers we need. The fact that it’s at this stage and we can’t get any movement is a dark sign. Too many are submitting already in the belief that they’ll be left alone, which makes them permanently unreliable — they’ve already chosen the psychological path of no resistance, except to anyone who tries to convince them to resist. (That’s us.)

    • Let me expand upon that last point. I had several high-ranking defectors from the Communist bloc as professors in university many years ago. One had been the intelligence chief of an Eastern European state, in fact, prior to defecting in the early 1980s.

      I cannot provide any citations, as it’s been so long, but what I have always inchoately remembered from that particular professor’s class (on disinformation and propaganda) were his asides about human psychology. I’ve noted in my own life the responses and reactions from friends when I bring up these topics in private, and it’s not encouraging. Instead of agreement — and I know they agree — or remaining silent, they will react as if I am a threat to them. And there’s nothing at stake in these conversations, these are in the woods around a campfire with phones in backpacks dozens of feet away; there is no more optimal place to let down one’s hair than there.

      If this is how they react now — scared of teacher, even when teacher is not there — I can make some educated guesses about how they’ll react when there’s actually something on the line, when they’re asked to make a hard choice. That’s when they turn me in. It’s a tough realization.

      • No speculation is required.

        Just look at the passive acceptance of Covid tyranny and the rage directed at anyone who objected. Totalitarian societies thrive with passive and compliant populations, and we see that at play.

      • “That’s when they turn me in. It’s a tough realization.”

        Better to realize it now, though. It is a sobering thought, indeed. See the Shamdemic and various numpties dobbing their neighbours into the police because “large gathering at home”.

        If you’re lucky, you’ll have a handful of dependable people on-side. Otherwise, nobody can really be trusted, I’m afraid.

        • “See the Shamdemic and various numpties dobbing their neighbours into the police because “large gathering at home”.

          Exactly, and that preceded the more blatant totalitarianism well underway now. Part of separation from the police state is culling many once-trusted friends, I’m sad to realize. In this minor way, Covid was a good thing.

          • Quite sad, indeed. I saw what was happening in fall 2019 and January 2020 and started warning a few friends who hadn’t even heard of it that something called “Covid” was coming. At first, they laughed, but they do give me credit for “calling it” long before anyone else.

            The problem is, that credit only extends to knowing *that* something was coming. Not *what* was coming. They think I’m entirely wrong about the pandemic itself and the “vaccines.” You would think that knowing a guy who was talking about Covid five months before anyone else would incline you toward perking up to when he whistles. Nope.

      • Maybe I’m just spitballing here:

        Your friends are upset that your words force them to see theirselves as they are, not as they have pretended to be. Since what you tell them is substantially true, their preferred self-image may entail (i) ceasing to aid and abet the tyrants and (ii) taking action against the tyrants. This would entail real risk which is never encountered when uttering the usual bluster heard from flag wavers, gun nuts, and so on.

        If their true selves are only cowards and sensualists, it’s natural that they would lash out at anyone who exposes them as frauds. Well, uou have attacked the cores of their being. Not even the tyrants threaten their sense of identity this much, for the tyrants are remote strangers encountered indirectly. But you appear in the flesh directly and have personal knowledge of them which the strangers lack. Your words can make them feel the clammy hands of guilt and shame gripping their hearts, and each one senses that you could turn fellow friends and acquaintances against him.

    • The Bolshevik keenly understand and wield the power of learned helplessness.

      This is also why every traditional masculine behavior and value is labeled toxic – that don’t want anyone to even have the potential of resistance to or exit from their system.

      • This is a good and typically overlooked point. Masculinity will be required for any resistance to form. And masculinity is in dam’ short supply these days, especially among white males under the age of 40.

    • ” gun owners and men…..sit dumbly….one begins to point out the dire nature……..Then they will get angry and attack you. ”

      They attack you because their entire identity is tied up in believing they are some remnant or last hold-out of old masculinity. Then you point out how they are held over a barrel by the soyboys, faggots, joggers, and men-in-dresses. That they are sniffling cowards in the face of such degeneracy means that these old white men are even weaker degenerates.

      Rather than learn anything and reform, they lash out at whomever points out their disgusting cowardice.

    • My 87-year-old mother-in-law, a lifelong Republican, when confronted with the fact that there are now only negroes on television, replied, “Oh well. We ran the show for a long time. Now it’s their turn.”

      That, my friends, is utter capitulation. Now I suppose one could partially excuse it by noting that she won’t have to live very long in the United States of Africa. But she does have a 12-year-old granddaughter who will.

  36. The arrest of the alternate electors can only mean one thing; they’re going to steal this thing again, right out in the open and in our faces, and you’d best not complain.

    Having demonstrated conclusively that courts won’t get involved and there is literally no mechanism to check election fraud, they’re going to do it over and over.

    (For some reason this essay evoked images of a glowering, non amused and naked Brit Hume asking questions. Thanks Z)

  37. How? Just in our heads? Or out loud? To starve. Or wait to be taken for reeducation? When the comforts get taken away how will we stand?

  38. First, beautiful essay and nice use of Havel. I know he gets some guff over falling for the siren call of the GAE’s faux version of liberal democracy, but he is a great man who can be used as a template. I write that while acknowledging the police state apparatus that now runs the GAE will not tolerate civil disobedience to the limited extent even the Czech communists did. The ideas Havel espoused still can be useful as a response even to this vicious police state.

    That aside:

    “This is not normal. The regime toadies will work hard to make it seem normal, but what we are seeing is not normal. Sissies in conservative media will mew about this being banana republic behavior, but this does not happen in the third world. They lack the human capital to operate a police state. This is what happens in a modern state undergoing a soft coup against the system itself. America is becoming a police state run by alien weirdos who hate the majority population.”

    It also is not emergent behavior. This is the result of a long, calculated plan to impose tyranny, and it has proved wildly successful. Whether those behind this hideous and grotesquely retarded dictatorship delusionally view it as “our democracy” or fully apprehend what they have imposed is irrelevant.

    In due time a Franco or Pinochet or Cromwell will emerge and be willing to get his hands bloody. Whether that takes months or years is irrelevant. Whether the ludicrous monsters who now run the show will get us all killed in a nuclear holocaust or plan a mass genocide is unknowable. In the meantime, live apart as much as possible and follow the words of Havel: live as if you are free. It is all that can be done in the interim.

  39. Nice post. Trump is very likely going to go to prison on fake charges. The 2020 elections will be looked back historically, assuming humanity survives, as the moment globohomo came out of the shadows to seize power directly. Trump, despite all his flaws, is the symbol for white middle America, and Trump is correct when he says “they’re ultimately not after me, they’re after you.”

    Just like after the Bolsheviks seized power they murdered the Tsar and his family because they served as a Schelling point for the right to gather around, globohomo wants to brutally crush the Schelling point of white middle America before coming after everyone. This is ultimately just the start in a much more active white genocide campaign, imo; whether they do it via military/police force or via stealing all your money via CBDCs (which are almost ready to be rolled out), enforced by a ubiquitous woke AI, isn’t yet clear.

    I go into it more here:

    • While the American state is fully capable of physical genocide, CBDC is the most likely route it will take to kill off and subdue the heritage population. It is dubious that the United States will last much longer and be able to pull that off, but it seems the most likely path it will take.

      • They’re going to try CBDC and the digital panopticon, but I don’t believe they have the human capital to maintain it long-term.

        Raytheon is calling in retirees to build obsolete junk for many reasons.

        The counterexamples to my points are the Utah Data Center and India’s Aadhar national biometric digital ID system.

        • It easily could prove to be simultaneously the most advanced and incompetent police state ever imposed.

          • The GAE will end up being a Woke version of the “Orwell meets Monty Python” totalitarian regime in the film “Brazil.”

      • Florida banned CBDC, so they will have to allow cash in a state like that.

        • I’m pretty sure Indiana banned CDBC as well.

          Todd Rokita, the Indiana AG, was also quite based through the coof hysteria.

          • So will the civil war be between those states who accept the Queenback, and those who don’t?

  40. An interesting piece, Z Man. Not sure how many will read past the first sentence given the grotesque imagery that it conjures.

    Regarding people appealing to normalcy – that ship has sailed as you correctly realise. Convincing the nakeds, who outnumber you a billion-to-one that you’re the normal one is a losing game.

    From a secular perspective, you simply say: I don’t want this. From a Christian perspective, you simply say: I don’t want your sin. Get to Hell, devils!

  41. > In Michigan, the secret police have arrested sixteen senior citizens for the crime of participating in the 2020 election process as alternative electors.

    The Michigan DA is a Jewish lesbian, the type of odious scumbag who would have been right at home with the Cheka executing political unwanteds.

    Let’s not forget the State of Michigan has also enshrined ballot harvesting to the State Constitution, arrested a political rival running for governor in 2020, and a load of FBI agents entrapped a couple of losers in a plot to kidnap the governor.

    Here in Michigan, we’re getting the future good and hard.

    • Aren’t you also getting the Muslim call to prayer six times a day as voted on by an all Muslim city council- barely 20 years after we fought them over there so we don’t have to fight them here?

      Maybe that is Minnesota. Maybe it is both.

        • So far Dearborn hasn’t been the muslim bete noir people expected. Not good but not totally foreign yet.

        • “Yeah, there’s the call to prayer in Dearborn, but there’s also a conservative religious movement removing rainbow flags from Hamtramack.”

          They can get away with words and actions that white people can’t, without being tarred and feathered, ostracized, reputation in tatters and out of a job. They’re not white themselves so the regime and the regime media can’t accuse them of being homophobic white supremacists. And besides, they don’t give a cuss what the regime reaction is going to be. They never bought into the US system to begin with and so can’t be cowed.

          • They return blows with blows twice as hard. We go online and make mean tweets, posts and memes.

            But, in our defense, we would be punished for striking back; they get a pass.

          • True. And their coreligionists have been known to fly planes into skyscrapers, so they’re probably not chickenshits.

      • Indiana and Ohio are the only Great Lakes states that aren’t totally deranged. Must be something in the water.

    • The hinterlands of northen lower MI and the UP are still pretty good, though signs of decay are arriving.

      My favorite was the Traverse area coffee shop that crowed about importing a purpled haired womynx 1200 miles from Tubman DC to act as the general manager.

      In some ways the UP is even worse off because Northern MI University in Marquette and their endowment exercise are huge relative to the area so they exercise outsize influence.

      There are no such institutions in northern lower MI, though the money that comes up from Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, and Columbus does make its influence felt.

      • Traverse City was full of Pride flags last time I was there. There is, unfortunately, a huge amount of old rich people from the south with a lot of sway.

        There’s no place to escape, and the only thing holding our enemies back now is their own incompetence and lack of human capital capable of doing the job. Luckily, the DMV level of work ethic among their employees will allow the smart ones to live undetected.

    • There’s a county (and fifty other things) in Michigan with my grandfather’s family name. If anywhere is my home, that’s the place. But, I’m sure I’ve said before, it’s a Laboratory of Our Democracy now, and the news out of it is always horrifying.

      On the bright side, if we ever go Road Warrior, there’s a place where I know all the roads.

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