The word “antisemitism” acquired magical properties in the 20th century for the same reason that the word “fascism” acquired magical properties. In both cases, they came to mean the worst thing possible. If you wanted to anathematize a political or economic idea, you found a way to compare it to fascism. If you wanted to anathematize a person, then you found a way to accuse them of antisemitism. The meanings of the words were lost in favor of their magical properties.

This has never made much sense in the American context. Fascism in its heyday never gained much of a following in the English-speaking world. There were British fascists, most famously Oswald Mosely. The Irish had the Blue Shirts, who were about hating the British more than loving fascism. Otherwise, fascism was a continental thing. After the war fascism lost whatever appeal it had for obvious reasons. Despite it not being a thing in America, the right people worry about it more than ever.

The same can be said of antisemitism. America has always been a multicultural and multiethnic society, which is the reason for the distinctive American accent. This is also why racial and ethnic prejudice has been superficial. The more like the core American you look, the less prejudice you experienced. That means blacks experienced a fair bit of prejudice, while Jews or the Irish experienced almost no prejudice. Americans have never been tribal like the rest of the world.

While fascism has remained a cartoon epithet, antisemitism does seem to be catching on in certain parts of the culture. The other day, internet gadfly Brett Weinstein noted that Hitler is making a comeback on Twitter. This was probably in response to fans of Nick Fuentes posting clips of their cult leader saying mean things about Jewish people at one his club meetings. The usual suspects took the opportunity to pretend they are the victims of this easily ignored carnival act.

Despite the absurd claims of the anti-anti-semites, talking negatively about Jewish people does seem to be on the rise. At this point, the only reason anyone has to pay attention to Nick Fuentes is his ranting about the Jews. His time in the Kanye West entourage was highlighted by him and Kanye West on the Alex Jones show praising Hitler for killing Jews. Recently he has been ministering to the black people, preaching the good news about Hitler.

Putting aside the weirdness of this, the most interesting aspect of the new antisemitism is the shallowness of it. The old school antisemites put far more time into making it into a worldview and theory of history. Mike Peinovich, formerly Mike Enoch, has used Kevin MacDonald’s books to create a political movement as well as a detailed framework for interpreting history and current events. Nick Fuentes, in contrast, is simply claiming Christ commands him to purge Jews from society.

Putting the Fuentes version next to the Peinovich version and you see that the former is dumber but reaching a broader audience than the latter. Black YouTube was perfectly fine with giving Fuentes the “N-word” pass just so he could preach the gospel about the Jews on a show debating the holocaust. In fairness, blacks have always had an uneasy relationship with Jews. Jesse Jackson’s “Himey Town” comment is an example, but it has always been in the shadows. Now it is in the open.

It is easy to dismiss the concerns of someone like Brett Weinstein because we have been hearing it for decades. No one alive today has lived in a time when the usual suspects have not been calling someone Hitler. Their cries about Fuentes and his Mexican Hitler act sound like more of the same. On the other hand, it does feel like this is different than the past. While the old school guys remain buried by the system, these new school guys are not getting the same treatment.

One reason for this is Fuentes is the digital John Stewart, who used bathos and pathos to insert subversive messages into the mainstream. Fuentes is doing the same thing but on the new digital platforms. Like his target audience, Fuentes has grown up socialized by the internet, so he is comfortable communicating in short clips, using a combination of sarcasm and seriousness to make his point. Fuentes can connect with black YouTube because they speak the same language.

There is something else going on here. While the old school antisemites were serious in their politics, hoping to create a mass movement around their message, the new school guys are anything but serious. This is Generation Clown World fully trained to live in the clown world bequeathed to them. The audience for Nick Fuentes or Fresh and Fit would be bored by someone like Kevin MacDonald. Few of them could read his books, because they lack the attention span to read a book.

It may be tempting to dismiss them for this reason, but in a world where Joe Biden is called the “leader of the free world” by people who are supposed to be respectable and sober-minded, the Nick Fuentes act is not so ridiculous. In fact, the whole livestream subculture reflects the decadence at the top. The reason the fans of Fuentes laugh at the scolds waging their finger at him is because those scolds are wearing fright wigs and big red floppy shoes.

In the end, the rise of this new brand of antisemitism is really just another turn of the wheel in a culture that is becoming increasingly absurd. A Mexican livestreamer leading a brown-black alliance against the Jews is just the next ridiculous turn of the wheel in a society that is increasingly absurd and ridiculous. The next turn of the wheel may bring Jewish crossdressers demanding the return of slavery. In Absurdistan, you can let your imagination run wild as long as you like and subscribe.

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220 thoughts on “Absurdistan

  1. Interesting! “Absurdistan” is a satirical novel written by Gary Shteyngart. It follows the journey of Misha Vainberg, as he navigates through absurd situations and political turmoil in the fictional country of Absurdistan. The novel humorously explores themes of identity, politics, and culture. An essay on “Absurdistan” could writing skills delve into the use of satire, the portrayal of the protagonist, and the social commentary present in the book.

  2. More power to Fuentes. Just like it took a carney act like Trump to address important issues sensible politicians won’t touch, it takes a carney act like Fuentes to address the power and impact of that special tribe.

    Z is more sensible. If he was to quit referring to the tribe obliquely, he could find himself financially deplatformed, on the no fly list and pursued by the DOJ. Sensible people don’t take that kind of risk.

    However, someone needs to do so. Nothing makes sense in our culture or foreign policy without understanding the role of the tribe.

  3. So, Zman’s analysis in a nutshell is that Nick Fuentes is his generation’s Gavin McInnes. No longer to be taken seriously. I am happy to oblige.

    • Gavin was an important cultural figure *before* he dildoed his ass to own the libs and handed the Proud Boys over to the feds.

      Nick will become an important cultural figure *after* he gets drilled by a catboy on an FBI gay pride float and the event is commemorated on every Bud Light can.

      It’s totally different.

  4. I have a friend that’s a dog walker and one of her clients is a wealthy Jewish couple, she walks their two little dogs as needed. One day, as she walked down the driveway, both dogs did their business so she picked it up put the bags at the end of the driveway to pick up on her way back in from the walk. She forgot. A few hours later she gets a call from the wife asking her if she put those poo bags there and she said oh I’m so sorry I forgot to pick them up. The husband had called the police because one of his neighbors was being anti-Semitic by putting poo on his yard. They are perpetual victims. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy I think

      • Back in the 80s in a nearby city there was a front page, above-the-fold, story of anti-semitic literature being left at the door of the local synagogue. Turns out it was “Jews for Jesus” tracts. Story disappeared real fast.

    • I love my dog. He has great instincts and can read my mind.

      I walk my dog each evening, just before bedtime. He has a favorite spot where he likes to plop. Yard sign: BLM, Love is Love, no person is illegal, yada yada.

      So nice of him to chose that spot and I save a poop bag. It’s the little things in life.

    • Please, tell your friend not to light them on fire next time.

      The husband might try to stomp them out!

    • I think the Zman has a point, though.

      You see, Serious Men like Moseley, Rockwell, David Duke, and BNP got turned into what?

      Clowns. Despised. Dreary. Nobody wants to have sex with them.

      What worked for vaudevillians like Ginsberg and Steinem?

      Being outrageous.
      Being clowns. Who’s afraid of a nebbishy clown? They were fun, and kinda loose! Girls just wanta have fu-un!

      So along comes a kid in a Klan hood with a big red nose.

      Why you little scamp! But my, he sure dresses up nice in a suit and tie, doesn’t he?

      He could be a Trump. Let the crazed harridans go chasing after him, barking and howling-

      Meanwhile, more serious types work unnoticed in the background. Subversives like Patriot Alternative, European Identity, even the National Justice Party is getting some local electoral traction, surprising as that is.

      White people are starting to notice each other. Turns out there’s more of us than you see on TV.

      Oathkeepers and Tea Parties will keep popping up, but without announcing it on Fox.

      We’ll call them trade associations. Family rancher types, alternative energy- look what happened to corn ethanol and fracking.

      As Whites balkanize, we’ll be looking for safe nooks. The Matt Bracken types are talking very quietly about ham radios and civil defense, the Gab Christian Nationalists are making prepperdom just a lifestyle choice- buy some beef, with Pepper Cave seasoning!- Oriana and Lake of the Ozarks are real.

      And guys like the Zman, Dr. McCullough, and Kevin MacDonald are providing the intellectual heft of firm foundation.

      I say let the clowns be clowns.
      Grab that spotlight, Alex Jones!

      See, those white folks really aren’t all a bunch of tight-laced Puritans. They hate Karen too! They might be goofy as schmidt, but they sure as he!! ain’t the Taliban.

      Or Kevin McCarthy. Now there’s a clown!

  5. Kevin MacDonald is the most dangerous American anti-semite with Andrew Joyce perhaps in second place.

    Most homegrown anti-semtism is bathed in mysticism and fantasy with “The Jews” being the butt of comedy, frustration and generalized anger, i.e. ineffectual, anti-semitism around the barbecue pit. MacDonald, free of personal bias against Jewish people (such anti-semites are always more dangerous,) is more clear-eyed in his theorizing whether that theorizing is accurate or not.

    Why do the Jews, specifically the Ashkenizim, seem to dominate despite their unpopularity? It can’t be explained in racial terms as the Ashkanzi Jews are a mx of German, Slav, Persian and Middle Eastern antecedents, all acknowledged to be “white” by contemporary American standards. Nor does the explanation lie in “the tribe’s” status as pariahs and subalterns of the sultans and pashas of power. There’s something in the uniquely Jewish volksgeist that lies at the basis of successful Jewish intrusion into Western Gentile nations.

    MacDonald and his acolytes find themselves thrown back on a quasi-biological model of host and parasite akin to the Nazi exclusion of the Jews from racial classification altogether (Jews being “rasenschandern” i.e. “race shamers”) and so having to take refuge in the more standard sociological thicket. “Well, Jews are just that way.”

    Anti-semites had better get a move on. Jewish America is about to slip below the 2% mark and, by 2050 will basically disappear except for the Orthodox and assorted TV personalities and Greg Guttfeld, the first Jewish President.

  6. One of my failings is that I am unable to conceal my assessment of others via a poker face or chit chat or feigned benign neutrality. When someone does something stupid in my presence, it is unambiguously obvious what I think of them. And they take offense, which is natural because no one wants to be revealed as unabashedly stupid. Because of this, and among the folks that know me, the stupid now take a wide berth in order to avoid this unintentional shaming.

    A similar phenomenon occurs when someone uses the term “n-word” in my presence. I always respond with “do you mean nigger?” And Oh Boy, do things take off from there. I let them rant until blue in the face, and then calmly explain that when I was a young lad more than half a century ago, the word nigger meant bad black person, ditto kike meant bad Jew, spic meant bad Mexican, and cracker meant bad Caucasian (on and on across all cohorts of society). IOW, it was shorthand for a bad person to be avoided and intended as a useful piece of community information.

    Once upon a time, clarity was considered a valuable commodity in social life. Now just the opposite is true. We endlessly obfuscate and disinform, with no meaningful benefit to anyone. And this pathology is worse than absurd. It is a cancer of the mind that destroys common sense.

  7. Let’s talk about the Anglosphere’s real Hard luck 🍀 rags to riches story;
    The Irish ☘️

    RFK Jr is looking like Uniparty choice to unseat Biden, not be President of course. It’s just that at last a Kennedy can be the Assassin. I mean really, who can deny them that and consider themselves fair? Even Stalin would allow this, it takes a truly low and feeble creature to deny the Kennedy’s their turn at Regicide.


    • I don’t see how the Uniparty can get past RFK Jr’s jab stance.

      I mean, I feel like the Uniparty would have us all in face diapers and under jab mandates if they could.

      What am I missing?

      • I could picture a plan whereby RFKJ defeats Biden in the primary (something is going to force Joe out, whether that or something else), Trump is forced off the ticket (you KNOW that one is going to happen), and then the handpicked RINO wins the general election, it looks like the 2 party system still works, elections are honest, the republic is saved, grillers are placated etc.

        But you’re right: too much of what RFKJ is saying, is simply not allowed to be said

      • What your missing is me saying RFK Jr is there to undermine Biden , not be President of course.
        I did write that.

        The unwritten thing you may be missing is they care what we think, or what happens to us. Frankly I think they’re disappointed we’re still here, the Voters are the Party’s guests that aren’t leaving when the lights are turned on and the band is packing up, we just can’t seem to take the hint even as some of us are dropping dead from the vax.

        If you ever wondered how the murderers of Rasputin felt when poison and bullets didn’t kill him, now you know how DC feels about us Muricans still alive and around.

          • Well, Snooze, it was. They worked for SIXTY EFFING YEARS till they got a breakthru in furrin cleavage.

            The Chinese won’t take over the world, the Chinese Co-Prosperity Sphere, the Middle Kingdom, will only be fed by it.

            What the Asians will do is co-exist with a Caliphate, even a Khazarian
            (Ebionite) Caliphate.

        • Rasputin was a supreme genius who posed such a profound threat to the Council of the Sanhedrin that that Lord Rothschild had to order the foreign section of the Secret Service Bureau [which is to say, the s0d0mite paedophile industrial complex] to perform the ass@ssination.

          Search on “Oswald Theodore Rayner”, “Felix Yusupov” and “homosexual”.

    • Aha! Subheader: “Can’t trust those Irish (white people)!
      They all stick together, and vote as a bloc!”

  8. One thing you must understand about antisemitism, and pro-Semitism, is that in their modern incarnations, they are very much Western phenomena. None of it makes any sense at all outside the context of Western history, and recent Western history to boot.

    Israel, the UN creation birthed in an efflorescence of postwar optimism, was deliberately engineered to be an exemplar world-state embodying the new spirit of internationalism, although hardly anybody remembers that today. Genuine Zionism of an ethnoreligious sort is almost nonexistent, is politically impotent, and tends to be wildly overstated, by both friendlies and unfriendlies alike, as a pillar of modern Israeli political self-justification.

    Likewise, the modern antisemitism, with its roots in the late 19th century and Weimar period, has almost nothing to do with the ancient Christian abomination of the betrayers of Christ, except as a stock of readymade images and memes. It is more of a crude chauvinism that mirrors the sort the Jews are thought by them to have, but it is materialistic and irreligious. These anti-Semites hate Christians almost as much as they hate Jews, and repose themselves in vitalist mythmaking.

    In no wise is the issue connected with the distant past, no matter from which direction one approaches. The Rabbinical Jews of today are theologically not the same religion as the Hebrews of the pre-Incarnation old covenant; modern Israel has no political relation to the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Juda; modern anti-Semites aren’t Apostolic Christians; and modern pro-Semites are not ethno-nationalists but rather Neoliberal Internationalists.

    The Jewish question, then, rather than really being about the Jews per se, is actually a proxy for how obsessed one is with Occidental internal developments. An outbreak of ‘antisemitism” represents a popular revolt against the internationalist impulse. And although this revolt makes use of nationalist themes (as National Socialism surely did), its root is really socioeconomic rather than political. Unfortunately, these revolts are always carried through by people who do not have any answers but only brute, smoldering anger. That’s a big part of the reason why the Neoliberal faction has manages to seize the moral high ground and represent itself as the good guys of history.

    The only way to cut this Gordian knot is to realize that none of the issues presented by the JQ really have anything fundamentally to do with Jews. It is an internal Western struggle which uses Jewish themes as catchwords, and it cannot be solved but only walked away from. The JQ is the death rattle of the West and does not represent the future.

    • “All of the degeneracy and racial strife brought on by Jews really has nothing to do with… Jews.”


      • It’s amazing to see how their minds work. It’s also terrifying.

        • Most people eat what they are fed. Jews have been the fillers of the trough for a long time. No one with any honesty can claim that the people who run the media are not 95+% jewish.

          If you are a good and wise man you will do what you can to feed the sheep something that is not poisonous. Jews are very badly intentioned shepherds. That is the problem. If they were kind shepherds, then very few would be trying to remove them from that position, especially when attempting to do so invites upon oneself so much personal risk.

          Also, since there are so few of them, they needed golems to help them feed the sheep… however… those golems are not wise and thus we get disney writers, woke mobs, child mutilation, blm riots and all the other lovely horrors we have come to know so well in recent decades.

    • Haha! So says one who dreams, who thirsts, for an Empire, an empire of the One God!

      All shall bow his His glory!
      Sinners must tremble!
      The Righteous shall rule, the City shall reach out its benevolent hand, its mighty fist!

      Throw open the gates, that all may know His touch!
      By any means, all shall feel His reign!

      Bow, ye bitches.
      By any means, ye WILL bow!

      And ask not the nature of our Sovereign, for that is not for ye to know!

  9. The Jews are Rosencrantz and Guilderstein eternally. They had a brief supporting cast roll in the Russian Revolution and a few kept their lives after being useful to Stalin. Any real power is always just out of reach.

    • This inspired me to do an early life check on Gen. William S. Rosecrans. His father was indeed a Rosenkrantz.

    • You’re right…in the large sweep of western history. Definitely world history. Right now is the apex (or possibly just past the apex) of Jewish power.

      In time, Jews will return to their normal, historical state of being a small population of curious people who are engaged in specific economic activities.

      The future is Indian, or possibly African. No one will care about Jews in 100 years.

      • I said a few years ago that we’d reached “Peak Jew” and likely were starting on the decline. I stand by that.

        Btw, being slight past your peak still means that you’re quite powerful. It also doesn’t mean that you will turn to dust.

        Demographics will push Jews down. So many Ashkenazi Jews intermarry that it will dilute their traits. (They’ll still be smart, just not as Jewy.) Then you have Indians and Asians will recognize Jews as a group and push back.

        Jews won’t go away, but it will harder and harder for them to maintain their current level of power in the US. The rise of ethnocentric China and very race aware India will limit Jewish power globally as will the slow decline of the dollar/treasury system.

      • None of us knows a sausage about how anything will be 100 years from now. Even 10 years from now is something of a shot in the dark.

          • There’s a high probability of that. Far less certain is that Japan will not have kowtowed to the GAE and embarked upon a diversification program that would make Japan 25% non-Japanese by the year 2083.

      • “The future is Indian, or possibly African. No one will care about Jews in 100 years.”

        No it wont.

        Quantity is great, but quality probably matters more. The ultimate example of this fact is jews so wtf are you talking about dude?

        What you said is very dumb.

  10. Putting aside anti-semitism or one’s opinions of Jews, their accomplishments in America are staggering in the 20th century.

    THE BOMB: Einstein, Oppenheimer, Teller, and others.

    MEDICINE: Jonas Salk and purported amazing credibility and success of a vaccine

    HOLLYWOOD: Jew straight up built hollywood and the studios; no two ways about it. Between Irving Berlin and classic actors and great directors, they *created* the idea of America pop-culturally speaking for most people.

    LAW: too many to list. . .

    FINANCE: too many to list. . .

    PSYCHOLOGY/MEDIA: Bernays, nephew of freud, father of “public relations” (watch “century of self” on youtube)

    CULTURALLY: feminism and civil rights was totally organized and financed by Jews.

    The Jews being “white-ish” were not seriously discriminated against in the USA. Their was always some old Jewish coot who would go on about he was rejected by a WASP country club back in the day, but it was most likely he was an Eastern European Jew rejected by a German-Jewish club!

    Perhaps it’s inevitable that such a small group of people which has this concentration of brain power and “chuzpah” would gain disproportionate wealth and power and be hated for inevitably just rigging it all and becoming a hostile elite.

    It’s too bad that the “small Jews”, the middle and upper-middle class Jews, never became more conservative/patriotic and just considered themselves white Americans mostly. Instead, they still vote like Puerto Ricans, as Harry Truman put it.

    • The Jewish identity itself is intrinsically hostile to the host population. Jews who don’t fit that phenotype assimilate into the host population, convert to the main group’s religion, and merge through breeding thus no longer are counted as Jewish. On the other hand the Jews that bite your fingers when you try to pet them only reproduce within their own group and maintain the breed.

      • Yep, that’s why so many Eastern European whites have a bit Jewish DNA. They’re the partial descendent of the boiled off Jews.

        It’s a bit like the Amish, which become more “Amish” every generation as the least Amish leave.

    • Yeah, they’re killing the golden goose…or “Goldene Medina”. Bringing in millions of Third Worlders way more genuinely anti-semitic than Whites (Latin Americans, Muslims..) and also direct intelligent competitors (South and East Asians – see recent anti-AA Harvard lawsuit) who feel no guilt about events in the 1940s. I call it “Jewpidity”.

      • I’ve long argued that Jews great advantage over whites isn’t brains but cockiness. They just assumed that they could run and manipulate non-whites in the same manner that they’ve done with whites.

        I suspect that they’re wrong.

    • The “look at what Jews did for America/the West” never held water for me.

      First, only the first two items on the list are actually positive, and, frankly, whites would have eventually figured out everything that Jewish scientists did, so they didn’t really add anything there, though they did pull it forward a bit.

      The rest of the list is negative for society so not sure why you’d include them.

      Also, any benefit of Jews has to be weighed against two things. First, countries with zero Jews can read scientific and medical journals, so they get the benefit of Jewish inventions without Jews. Second, how much harm do Jews do as a group compared to what they bring to the table, which again is mostly coming up with scientific/medical discoveries a bit earlier than whites would have.

      Jews are a bright people, and I’m more than happy for them to be bright people in their own society. But that won’t happen because Jews are a middle-man people. They simply aren’t happy building their own society and living in it. If they were, the Jews of the world would have moved to Israel long ago.

      No, they have to live in other societies. People joke the what Jews fear most is being called out as a Jew. That’s wrong. What they fear most is being excluded. It’s why they’re freaking about the China, Indian and Russia trying to break free – or at least not be controlled by – the dollar system. Those countries are trying to walk away, which is something that Jews will never allow.

      • CoaSC is right here. For the first two, they are not exclusively Jewish achievements. Many Europeans contributed to these achievements. That doesn’t make them less significant, just not exclusive to Jews.

        As for the rest of the things let’s see. We went from Shakespeare to Larry David for God’s sakes! What is the crowning achievement there? Schindler’s List? ET? Indiana Jones? Perpetual Comic Books whose sole innovation is the next racial substitution/erasure to productize and vandalize? Not a single myth has been contributed to the net good of our civilization as a whole, and now the systematic destruction of ours that nourished and taught us for hundreds to thousands of years. Give me a break. My God. Local community theater would never have led us to this disaster.

        Then there is porn. Great! Amazing. The most efficient, prolific and successful porn producers and distributors. Fantastic. Take a bow!

        We went from negative rights and a high trust, temperate, high impulse control, highly cohesive society to this lawless and wicked racial caste system. We went from a continent surrounded by natural geographic buffers from international concerns and no threat of invasion to: overrun and dispossessed in 55 years; bogged down in all manner of idiotic conflicts; ensconced in trade deals and rackets that have turned us into a For Sale sign and foreclosure lot.

        The biggest damage was done in introducing absolute poison into our legal system. The West not only did not need them for legal and social structures, (family, religion, charity, education, community …), their brilliant ideas and advocacy single-handedly destroyed it.

        It all sounded good on a piece of cardboard nailed to a stick, and it all sounded moral and proper at the headquarters for the Foundation For Perpetual Change, but it has turned out to be a load of crap. Wait until you see the next wave of the psychedelic therapeutic state they are on the vanguard of yet again. Break them down, tell them they are sick, and from the high (Pfizer), to the low, (your local psychedelic shaman larper), sell them the elixir.

        Then there is finance. Ben Bernanke and helicopter money drops? Larry Fink and a totalitarian dystopia? Oh yes! What about PR? That has been a net positive for our society. 24/7 propaganda and the most studied and effective art of lying and manipulation and gaslighting in human history. Let’s confuse an entire civilization so they can’t make sense of anything! Oh yeah. That is some genius. That has led us to a banger of an enlightened world. Amazing! Take a bow!

        You want credit, you have to take credit for all of it.

        There are many fine Jewish people, and most are just going about their business. The problem is, their elite are out for them and them alone. The other problem is, their value system seems to be solely quantitative and there is no room for the qualitative. That is why what they are doing doesn’t work. It isn’t compatible with the European way of taking a comprehensive, long term view of the good that gives ample consideration and weight to qualitative matters.

        The Jewish way seems to be: We have the most and richest lawyers! We sold the most tickets to the movie! We run all of the most prestigious institutions!

        The European way seems to be: How many lawyers are needed and what good are they doing vs the harm? Was the movie any good by some objective measures besides revenue generated? How well are they being run and for whose benefit?

        This is the issue of our time. Will European man remember his qualitative roots and will we be able and willing to assert ourselves to restore a society that reflects our preference for qualitative concerns outweighing quantitative ones?

        • Nvm, spoke too soon. This is the best comment XD

          I mean srs, damn dude I’m saving this to read again later. You are a smart guy.

          One note,

          “It all sounded good on a piece of cardboard nailed to a stick, and it all sounded moral and proper at the headquarters for the Foundation For Perpetual Change, but it has turned out to be a load of crap. Wait until you see the next wave of the psychedelic therapeutic state they are on the vanguard of yet again. Break them down, tell them they are sick, and from the high (Pfizer), to the low, (your local psychedelic shaman larper), sell them the elixir.”

          For this I would also cite examples other than the vax thing. Half my friends are on SSRIs or ADHD meds and 50% of america is too, common knowledge. These mind altering substances have made them… weirder… I can’t describe exactly the changes but they definitely exist and are very worrying. From what I can tell the mental health industry is dominated by jews and is utter poison.

          “Poisoning the well” is not a trope for no reason.

      • Best comment.

        “Those countries are trying to walk away, which is something that Jews will never allow.”

        I don’t think they have the power to do that. They can’t blend in in those countries, they look europeanish, they don’t look asian. That’s the true source of power, invisible fifth column.

        They don’t have enough time to breed a 1000 year usurer class that can shapeshift at will( “as a fellow white person” ) in asia. History moves too fast now. The internet exists.

    • Do negros ever make lists like this, of “look at all the things the wypipo did for us” ?

    • Jabs really aren’t an achievement.

      To me, they are (were?) simply an extremely specific form of homeopathy with enormous amounts of state and corporate power and money backing them.

    • Maybe their greatest accomplishment was NBC airing Schindler’s List unedited commercial free on February 23, 1997. Of course this was a Sunday night. I remember being called a holocaust denier and an antisemite at work on Monday morning when I complained about the broadcast.

    • OMG. Name one, ONE of those accomplishments that wasn’t a weapon!

      “Vaccines”? Salk vaccines? Really? LOL.

      Now that was an epic troll, fakeemail!

  11. Right-wing fascism is the only political force in history strong enough to counter left-wing Marxism. It will inevitably rise here in America as it becomes evident to grillers and chillers that American (i.e., Northern) Conservatism is no match for the committed Marxists that dominate the Democratic party and who Obama permanently embedded in the FedGov structure. Newton’s third law of motion applies to politics too.

    Right-wing fascism is not inherently antisemitic. Or maybe a better statement is that right-wing fascism is only as inherently antisemitic as Marxism is inherently Jewish.

    • Sometimes it’s easier to depersonalize/de-politicze these things and just think of them as forces of nature that just are; sorta like the yin/yang symbol or opposed magnetic poles, etc.

      Or you can think of it as an eternal struggled between Thor and Loki (not the damn marvel versions).

    • It is 2023, not 1933, and Marxism is no longer a political/ideological force anywhere of consequence.

      • Other than Wokeism in American and Western governance and HR and Corporations pushing Marxism’s eternal need to make humanity termites in pods, no I suppose Marxism is of no consequence.

        • Nope. None of this has dicksquat to do with Marxism. It’s only deluded Grillers (or other ignorant sorts) trapped in the Cold War mentality who keep banging on about “commies.”

      • Maybe not the “classical” Marxism of class warfare, but the Trotskyite/Gramscian offshoots are very much in business, and largely due to the fact that they have been Marching Through the Institutions for decades.

        These offshoots are fundamentally wreckers, and their successes in that enterprise are clearly to be seen.

        • Gramscianism was hijacked and eclipsed by postmodernism with the rise of the New Left in the second half of the 60s. There aren’t many Gramsci specialist out there anymore. Those who specialize in Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze, et al, on the other hand, are legion.

          • They’re as dead as Marx.

            Some academics still use philosophical vocabulary because it’s around, like a hermit crab lives in a Pepsi can. Foucault was already abandoned as a right-wing misogynist when I started college (at an important ruling-class school) in the early ’90s. Postmodernism in toto was condemned as just *more modernism* (whiteness, fascism, etc.). “Wokeness” is a successor to philosophy.

            Fundamentally it’s about shopping. “Representation,” “being seen”—the whole litany of laments of the believer—are consumer complaints. Marx would be amused and blame the Jews.

          • But what remains in play are two things: Trotskyite belief in the necessity of continual revolution; Gramsci’s insight/disappointment in the revolutionary potential of the working class/proletariat, and the necessity of the drive toward revolution to be led by the elite/intelligentsia.

            I don’t really care about what some French and/or Jevvish perverts maintained, when what is significant from both Trotsky and Gramsci are the underpinnings of contemporary leftist thought and concrete actions.

            Certainly, some factions in the leftist/anarchist hive latched on to moral dissolution because that was expressive of their nature, but those factions are mostly used as shock troops to prepare the field for the serious revolutionaries, and in my opinion these serious, dedicated revolutionaries are still hewing to the fundamental premises of Trotsky and Gramsci; i.e., continual social dissolution, coupled with an unapologetic domination of the power structure by a self-defined intellectual elite.

    • As a thought experiment, let’s say Trump is elected president again and the entirety of the political establishment remains completely opposed to his agenda. Trump talks powerfully about uprooting the CIA imposed surveillance state and returning to the old America. However, how could he possibly accomplish any purge of the system without unconstitutional (i e dictatorial) power? Without that he’s got hundreds of lawsuits, injunctions, impeachment votes, refusals to confirm, refusals to execute orders, refusnik generals, etc.

      • Nonetheless, such pushback will further open the eyes of a sleeping public. It can only accrue to the DR’s favor.

  12. Building a political movement around hating the tribe is doomed to comical failure and accusations of “you’re a jew!”. Even in Germany, the worst hit nation of the depression, antisemitism wasn’t enough to win and that was even with a larger program. Despite constant claims to the contrary, Hitler never won an election in his life. He was running against the Joe Biden of his day. Hindenburg was old, frail and senile. The modern antisemites have no other program. Hating the tribe is the core of their politics.

    It’s not like the tribe doesn’t have a lot to answer for, including the opposite of antisemitism. Does anti-goyism have a name? Every single one of these accusers of antisemitism has a seething black heart of hatred of everyone else. Their accusations of antisemitism is pure projection. They force our children to go their holocaust museums so it can never happen again, ignoring the fact that we fought against the holocaust. Instead of thanks and praise, we get accusations of slow-walking the invasion of Germany and sending away refugee ships before the war. We didn’t do enough. Had we acted sooner and spilled even more blood and treasure, they would still complain we didn’t act sooner. We are all just one undifferentiated mass of goyim who could break out in antisemitism for no reason at any time.

    Most of the complaints of the antisemites can be traced back to the Tribe’s obsession with antisemitism. Their desire to have our countries invaded by foreigners is entirely down to their fear of antisemitism. The weaponization of minorities is done for the same reason. They call themselves a “vulnerable minority” while being disproportionately in the ruling class.

    • > Despite constant claims to the contrary, Hitler never won an election in his life. He was running against the Joe Biden of his day. Hindenburg was old, frail and senile.

      This is inaccurate. Hitler was not “running against Hindenburg”. Rather Hindenburg appointed Hitler to be Chancellor following a parliamentary election in which the Nazis (while shy of a majority) had won the most seats of any party. This election was followed a few months later where the Nazis gained seats and were able to (with a coalition partner) finally form a majority government. (The fact that Hitler subsequently banned all other parties does not detract from the fact that he had “won” multiple elections prior to doing so.)

      • The only election Hitler ever ran in was 1932 President against Von Hindenburg and he lost to Von Hindenburg. He directly stood in a Presidential election against Von Hindenburg and lost. This is a fact.

        The NSDAP did not win a majority, but Germany’s system required a coalition government which they were able to break up and force new parliamentary elections. Hitler used this ability of the NSDAP to disrupt the government to petition for an appointment to the government. The NSDAP never had a majority, Hitler never won an election in his life.

        • So…good!

          Hitler didn’t try voting his way out of this.

          No wonder he got so much done in such a short time. He didn’t play into their frame.

    • Does anti-goyism have a name?

      “Loxism”, apparently. Some gabber tried to make it trend a while back, never catched on.

  13. Fascism in its heyday never gained much of a following in the English-speaking world.

    You mean the system Mussolini developed where all businesses, social interaction and social welfare are subservient to and heavily regulated by the state, forced to conform with whatever the current state ideology may be?

    *looks around the English-speaking world*


    • Hahahahahahahahaha…….

      There is a difference, though. The GAE’s trains do not run on time.

      • What trains? Last I checked the only public transport in America was New York’s execrable subway “system”.

        • Don’t forget the technological marvel that is Amtrak. I hear they even have ONE line in the Northeast that is almost as fast as a Japanese bullet train – in about 1970…

    • The sleight of hand was taking traditional fascism, injecting it with fanatical promotion of homosexuality, cross dressing and miscegenation, and then pretending it’s not fascism because it possesses those qualities. They successfully redefined fascism to be all about sex and race, and not at all about state/corporate control.

      • A core tenet of classical fascism was that it was in support of a folk. De facto, this meant a nationality or ethnicity. The folk supported by postmodern fascism are minorities–especially negroes–and perverts of every stripe. Whites and sexually normal people are analgous to the Jews of old. We are the enemy of the folk.

    • Bingo.

      You can’t help but read about actual fascism and say, “hey, that sounds just like what we have but without the snappy uniforms.”

  14. > Mexican Hitler reads directly from the Talmud on a live stream

    We must stop this anti-Semitism at once!

  15. this is off topic but since the 60 year mark is only four months away, I thought I’d bring it up. Does anyone here find it suspicious that in an overwhelmingly protestant city that both the guy filming the assassination (which didn’t get revealed to the public until 1975) and the guy who waltzes into the police station and shoots the alleged assailant, were both of the tribe and not originally from Dallas?

    The idea that our ancient friends were behind this is sort of a fringe theory compared to the more common ones (that the CIA was involved) but is anyone here familiar with the Bronfman/BenGurion/Louis Bloomfield theory?

    • The Onion had an “Our Dumb Century” publication that had some hilarious headlines. My personal favorite was “Kennedy Slain by CIA, Mafia, Castro, LBJ, Teamsters, Freemasons: President shot 129 times from 43 different angles”

    • Had this debate with my youngest daughter quite recently after we went over the JFK assassination in her history book. LBJ seems to be the prime suspect: it happened on his home turf, he was famously corrupt and famously ambitious. The country saw an irreversible sea change when he took power. The mafia theory once seemed plausible, but if true why wouldn’t the Feds have used it as the perfect excuse to roll up the organization? Also not sure what the Tribe had to gain from JFK’s death. I think the Soviets were likely right when they accused LBJ.

      • that’s the thing – occam’s razor is that johnson had some involvement (dh byrd and mac wallace were buddies of his).

        But the idea that both the filmer (who held a surprisingly steady hand and maybe knew in advance) and the vigilante both being of the tribe is suspicious.

        I suppose its possible that they were both involved. LBJ was protestant but he had a lot of buddies, including Abe Fortas, who were of the tribe. Fortas was forced to resign from SCOTUS very suddenly and without explanation which leads me to think he was up to his eyeballs in something.

      • It was what they had to lose if he had lived. People forget the role that Jewish organized crime had in arming the Irgun and Stern gang terrorists in the run up to the founding of the state of Israel. JFK supported the right of return of Palestinian refugees and vigorously opposed Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. He wanted the American Zionist Committee to register as agents of a foreign state (they disbanded and reemerged as AIPAC in ’63) and he wanted inspections of the plant in Dimona where the Israelis were building a bomb (though they deny it) most likely with highly enriched uranium that went missing from the NUMEC plant in Apollo PA. All of these policies were reversed by LBJ.

      • JFK had been mightily displeased with Israel getting the atomic bomb, and just as his reputedly having said that he wanted to smash the CIA into pieces, these attitudes did not endear him to either of those power centers. The enemy of my enemy, is my friend?

        Also, Jack Ruby (organized crime hanger-on) was a big fan of Israel (as was Meyer Lansky).

        • Who do you think organized the CIA? It is an East India Company, with the same owners.

          Organized by “Wall Street analysts” and a State Department overrun by FDR’s imported Communists.

          Guess who has a unique interest in black budgets, international criminal networks, ambitious local gangs, economic hitmen, color revolutions, political fronts and corporate “joint stock owners,” NGOs, democracy and weird mind programs.

  16. “…Mike Enoch has used Kevin MacDonald’s books to create a political movement as well as a detailed framework for interpreting history and current events. Nick Fuentes, in contrast, is simply claiming Christ commands him to purge Jews from society.”

    Historically, the second guy usually wins. Maybe not this time. But usually. Simple message, very motivational. No one’s going into battle quoting Culture of Critique.

    • I think we often forget how incurious and emotionally driven the average100 IQ person is.

      Good comment.

  17. Jevvish crossdressers can’t bring back slavery, because they only adopt white children. To teach them their culture of, umm, hard work!

    Those Christcucks are the real slavists.
    That’s why they adopt black children!

  18. The Fuentes clown show barely masks a very possible scenario in the future – that a political coalition of brown and black sharply reduce the power of the Jewish elites in the US. They are correct to be concerned.

    It mystifies me why the Jewish elites in the US have upset a system and political balance of power from which they benefitted so much over the years. The WASPs of yore may not have liked them, but they tolerated them and they grew rich and influential in the process. Who among them thinks that the Squad and BLM et al are going to be so benevolent?

    • They’re not omniscient. The best example of what you’re speaking about is what’s happened to the movie industry over the past decade. They lost control of the Oscar ceremony, for instance, which was the primary advertising vehicle for the entire industry of motion-picture acting. First thing blacks did when they had the opportunity to run the show was to have two of them get in a slap fight on stage because one of them felt his wife had been “disrespected.” Now they are in a bitter strike led by a hysterical old yenta who appears determined to pull the whole temple down out of spite.

    • I agree with your observations and reasoning. The fact that many of the chosen remain committed to anti-tradition and anti-white causes in spite of the problems that you noted makes me guess that their most important goal is overthrowing traditional whites. They will deal with the problems that you mentioned after achieving their main goal.

      Even the ones who say that the anti-white and anti-tradition stuff has gone too far still typically support massive immigration, which serves the same end of overthrowing traditional whites.

      • That’s a result of Jews making the “Holocaust” central to their identity. If you believe that story, you’d naturally consider the tearing down of whites societies a necessary act for your own survival.

        Jews don’t believe that any other group is capable of destroying them. Only whites. Thus, whites can never have enough power to be a threat again.

        • Seems to me that if you really fear the goyim that much, your best bet would be to move to Israel and work toward turning that nation into a superpower. Continuing to live in Whiteland, on the other hand, wouldn’t seem to be a winning hand.

          • Really? Remember the quintessentially Jevvish joke about a complaint against a restaurant, “Their food is terrible, and such small portions, too”.

            Kvetching is their national pastime, it should be recalled, and the compulsion to kvetch often overcomes any sense of situational awareness about the outcomes of their actions and attitudes.

    • An own goal of such magnitude is not the product of an ordered, psychologically stable mind. It is the one thing that gives us hope for victory against the Left although taken to its extreme we all may die in a nuclear holocaust as a direct result of that disordered mind being in control.

      Similar to the suicide of mass migration, the Jewish war against Trump may have the salutatory effect of waking up mindless Zionist tools.

    • They can’t help it. They hate and fear us so much they are compelled to behave this way. They believe the White man could destroy them. They don’t believe this about the black and brown man. They believe they will be easy to control.

    • Because it’s not about the money. White people are the biggest threat to their plans of enslaving the planet and they can never win as long as we endure.

      • What, isn’t the USA the golem being used to enslave the planet? Or am I missing something here?

        • Good point.

          Perhaps they figure the golem is getting restive. They certainly seem to be doing what they can to pull its claws, what all with the new military personnel doctrines going on.

          Jews understand golems, they know they eventually turn against their makers.

    • When you are driven by hatred and rage, you tend to make poor decisions. Certainly when viewed from a framework that is anything other than rage and hatred.

    • The Chosen People have dealt with the brown people in Palestine with extreme prejudice. If/when the time comes, the Chosen will have no problem applying the same “solution” to the blacks and browns in the USA.

      • But the Israelis have actual soldiers to butcher Palestinians. American Jews are all like that Obama-era pajama boy meme where they’d scream and drop the gun as soon as they heard the bang, and they’ve decided to purge all their goy enforcers out of the police and military.

        Seems like they actually will be hoisted by their own petard through their obsessive fear and hatred of whites.

    • Perhaps, at the end of the day, the Jews hate the goyim more than they love themselves. In other words, they’ll sit still for anuddah Shoah so long as there are plenty of Treblinkas for whitey, too.

  19. The old school antisemites put far more time into making it into a worldview and theory of history.

    None of the fascist movements of the thirties built their ideology on antisemitism, except perhaps Corneliu Codreanu’s Iron Guard. The Nazis were antisemites and they used antisemitism in their propaganda but their ideology (what little there were) had nothing to do with Jews. Expelling the Jews from Germany was part of their program, but more as a way of clearing the building lot of rocks and tree stumps before you build your house.

    As an aside, Hitler never called the Jews subhuman; that was an epithet he saved for the Slavs – an embarrassing fact entirely ignored by white nationalists who want Eastern Europe to be part of the Fifth Reich.

    Fuentes is comfortably communicating in short clips, using a combination of sarcasm and seriousness to make his point.

    That’s how real politics has worked since Cicero: vapid sloganeering, ad hominem and appeals to outrage, held together by logical fallacies, lies and bombast, and that’s why we won the meme war of 2016. The joke is on the eggheads who read long books and make structured, logical and fact-based arguments because no vote was ever won by appeals to reason. Sorry, Z-man, but Nick is going to be president long before you’re even elected to the local school board.

    The Jews make an ideal target to freeze, personalize and polarize – whether it’s really Every Single Time is irrelevant because it’s about rousing the rabble, not winning well-mannered debates about ideology, philosophy or history.

    • Good points all. That’s why I don’t want the Zman to run for election.

      No, I’d rather he be the Kissinger to Fuentes’ Nixon, the Nuland to Fuentes’ Obama.

      Heck, I’d rather the Z-audience be running both the Institute for the Study of War and the Department of Immigration!

      • If the commentariat here were running immigration, immigration would probably go up.

        It’d all be hot women though, and the politics of immigration would reverse.

        • Wait, I’ve seen that. On a corporate level.

          I contracted to one of the big 5 in our industry. Some higher-up in hiring brought in nothing but Eastern Europeans, as facilities workers and driver teams. This guy had lived, apparently some kind of Foreign Service gig, in Russia / EE for 30 years, even in the USSR.

          The northern Midwest was the main gateway. Chicago Buffalo Detroit, down into Charlotte (the South.)

          Poles, Lithuanians, Romanians, Czech, Serbs, Estonians, Byelorussians, Russians by the score.

          And my gods, those Polish and Ukrainian girls.
          I mean, I tell ya.

          The owner died, his Yalie kids took over, Obama got elected. The Czech told me, sadly, they were going back home.

          I was going to make a halfway truthful joke at “Eastern mail-order brides”, but now you’ve got me thinking.

          If the smugglers and New Jersey Jevvs (I’ve been in their factories) can do it for Filipinos, Guatemalans, and Haitians…

          Hello, my unsavory old friends. Consider an untapped grey market.

          Sparse pickings at the club and the church. Our young guys need us to be able to offer them something. How about a future?

          • If England can get all of Poland’s plumbers, maybe we could get a share of Europa and South Africa…?

            Off in the holler, the hayfields and grainfields. Farm equipment takes a lot of skilled maintenance.

          • The coastal sailors, the oil platforms, the rivermen! Mexicans and blacks don’t do water.

            We’ve been doing water for thousands of years.

    • In fact, the Nazis were very selective in their persecution of jews…They stayed completely away from the military, where the General Staff had many generals with Jewish blood, the large corporations, and most of Academia…Hitler also exempted the Jews he knew, like his doctor…

  20. A lot of Jews never really understood that philo-semitism is a white people thing, especially an Anglo thing. Soft White Nationalism in the vein of Stephen Miller is good for the jews. Give a Mike Enoch type a quiet, racially-homogeneous neighborhood and he mellows out into Steve Sailer type. They just refuse to accept the new reality by clinging to the past. What worked in the shetl has and will not worked in the multicultural, multiracial future.

  21. A few observations.

    1. The community is outwardly turning to the right. It was like a switch being flicked, suddenly they are all against the “woke” agenda.

    2. They are starting to sacrifice Blaqs. On Twitter for example, Blaq crime charts are allowed. The discussion is shifted to charts which, while important, are ultimately a distraction.

    3. Perhaps a local issue, they are grumbling about demographic changes. Even their enclaves do not let them escape the millions of Chinese and Indians pouring in, who at best see them as slightly different White people to compete with, and at worst have a much more negative opinion.

    4. The non-orthodox community is in rough shape and rapidly aging due to liberal social values and extremely high out marriage rates. This is not discussed publicly.

    It’s the first time I’ve seen them worried, and reacting to the trends rather than making them. It could suggest that “wokeism” is massively unpopular with whites.

    Or maybe it’s simply an internal decision, they don’t think being liberal, LGBT, childfree, and woke is what’s best for them so they are shifting to more conservative values.

    • Data points to back you up. I recently visited a friend in his mostly Jewish, extremely affluent burb. It is nearly all East Asian now. At the same time the number of SoAmerIndians and blacks is striking and visible. There is a shopping cart on his street corner he says has been there for five days now. Total ghetto madness. His Jewish neighbor on the street corner hiring helot landscapers to do his yard for him and drive his kids around to summer activities, won’t lift a finger to remove the eye sore shopping cart that the fancy cars whiz by on their way to their waterfront mansions. It is probably just like the Middle Eastern enclaves they originally came from, so no big deal to them.

      I diverge. My friend’s wife was saying she ran into an old friend who is worried about where to put her daughter into high school. The girl is 16 but she has no friends because the once nearly all Jewish high school is now all Asian save for a handful, a real handful, of non-Asians. They are very cliquish and do not make friends with the out group. Her daughter is unhappy and has no friends and can’t be in the in cliques. She is going to move her to the other high school and hope there is a friend group for her. On my way in and out, I saw “Hispanics”, have drinking parties on their doorsteps and in large groups sitting in rusting folding chairs that line the sidewalks of the Section 8. They and the abandoned shopping carts strewn about line the gateways to the mansion section …

      I was taught that long term planning and thinking things through carefully was a leading feature of high IQ. We are at the century mark of the Jewish century and in one of their own enclaves that even 20 years ago they dominated, it isn’t working out very well. I think the results are in. European man needs to take over and run his own societies, because only European man is capable of building and running them. Very close to home I know one Jewish father who doesn’t know it yet, but both of his sons are off at college indulging in some form of non-binary sexual degeneracy. I will give anything to be there when the news is broken to him. Know why? His wife is a chosen who once occupied French soil and is a massive immigration advocate. Of course, she is French and so everything American except living here and enjoying its bounty is beneath her. I wonder what she thinks of France burning in a race war thanks to her advocacy and the genius of her moral sanctimony.

      I fear that as bad and radical as the 2000 – 2020 demolition of Heritage of America was, we haven’t seen anything yet. Mayorkas is running wild – paving the way for the South African century.

      • I wonder what she thinks of France burning in a race war thanks to her advocacy and the genius of her moral sanctimony.

        If she’s a Chosen, she’s most likely rubbing her hands in glee.

      • While reading your comment, I got the impression of Jews following whites down the drain, which might put the lie to Jewish leadership of this mess.

        I’m not taking issue with that, because I don’t think obsessing over Jews is the solution.

        The first became last, and the last, first, you might say. Do you think the next up will take 20 years at their turn?

        That wheel’s spinning faster and faster— back around, God willing.

      • “South African century”

        That is a very good summation of what they have been steering us towards.

  22. The growing callousness regarding Jews stems from the merge of two odious traits of Jewish pundits, the “fellow white person” act and the circling of the wagons for any of their fellow Jews, no matter how odious.

    The latter has been around for forever, as anyone who has knowledge of the formation of the ADL knows far too well. Even Jews supposedly on different ends of the political spectrum will be sure to pull their punches on a fell member of the tribe, and if you scratch the surface, their principles they rail on about get thrown out the window as soon as Israel is involved.

    If it was only this, most might give a slight pass, if still showing well-deserved suspicion. Everyone can understand an in-group preference, and most implicitly understand that principles can be stretched when it comes looking out for your own kin.

    However, if you add to this mix to the rhetorical trick of the motte and bailey trick of pretending to be white when trying to convince their audience, and then shift back to Jewish identity when they get pushback , it is absolutely enraging. There’s very little else that shows an such active contempt and hostility to outsiders, and lets people know what disingenuous chameleons they are.

  23. Precisely because he is talented and puts on an impressive presentation, Fuentes has been a smashingly successful carnival act. As clownish as he often comes off, many of his fiercest detractors are somehow even more clownish. It’s as if two allegedly opposed circuses must constantly feed off of each other to stay alive/relevant. Self-styled anti-fascists have long been given to preposterous excesses; why should their long-overdue opponents operate any differently?

    “Absurdistan” is a wonderfully apt moniker for today’s American culture. Kudos, Zman!

  24. “Americans have never been tribal like the rest of the world…”

    I dunno, Z.

    I am looking around and I have never seen America more tribal than it is now. And it is getting worse by the day. How can it not? Every day I have my nose rubbed in black lynchings, and every day there are stifled reports of black chimp-outs, and black attacks on whites. Pardon my fwench… but fuck Emmet Till, George Floyd and St. Trayvon.

    I do not follow Nick, but I see it everywhere… The kids are looking around, and they see the wheels coming off our society and and they are starting to look at who is responsible… and they are noticing a trend.

    For me I used to be a ‘stand with Israel’ kind of guy and nothing would have caused me to speak negatively about jews. The first time I heard REAL antisemitism – based on fact and not foolish hatred – I got a case of cognitive dissonence so bad that I got constipated for a week! HAR HAR HAR!

    But then I decided enough was enough, and did a deep dive into the subject. The usual kooks could be dismissed… but then the pattern emerged and I began to wonder. About a month of that and I became convinced that those people are not our friends and I’d be damned if I would treat them that way as a group. These guys are NOT our friends.

    I am convinced that unless these guys start policing themselves and cleaning up their act – the only way to protect ourselves from feral judeo-communism will have to involve methods that smack of fascism in some ways. The only other alternative I see is either some kind of balkanization or flat out civil war.

    • This last paragraph is essentially Belloc’s argument in, _The Jews_. He spends the entire book pleading with them to just reduce the psychotic hatred for, like, ten minutes. Otherwise, he says, they will wind up with an old style pogrom combined with industrial age technology.

        • Helicopter rides to Holocoaster rides, take your pick!

          Wet body lice powder is like vinegar- it can be used for all sorts of things!

  25. As someone who is around young people – mostly whites with a sprinkling of talented tenth mulattos, Asians and Indians – due to my kids, I get a bit of sense of their world.

    My sense is that Jews just don’t make the cut as victims. Even controlling the media, Jews can’t seem to convince young people that they’re a victim because, you know, they’re not.

    Actually, they main problem for Jews is that they’re seen as white by young people so no matter what happened to them in the past (real or unbelievably exaggerated) doesn’t count. You might as well tell young people about Caesar’s treatment of the Gauls or the British treatment of the Irish or Soviets (using mostly Jews) treatments of the Ukrainians.

    Whites doing mean things to whites just doesn’t register. Also, all whites in the past were “racist” and thus evil so who cares.

    I’ve argued for a long time that the fact that Jews look whites – because genetically they pretty much are – was hugely helpful to them in the past as they manipulated white countries. That advantage grew enormously over the past 100 years as American whites considered them to be just another ethnic group like the Italians or the Irish. This let Jews play both sides. They work together as a group while being accepted by other groups as one of their own.

    However, that advantage is turning into a liability, so Jews are trying to become non-white, but the real non-whites – and even whites – aren’t buying it. And even if they do, it means that Jews have to identify as Jews, just one non-white group among many and one that’s frankly low on the victim totem pole.

    Young people of all races look at older living whites and past whites as flawed and racist. Jews are lumped in with them, so calling someone antisemitic just doesn’t carry much punch. It’d be like calling someone anti-Dutch or anti-Scottish. So what?

    Jews thought that they could shape shift again. They’d be welcomed as the savior and leader of the anti-white coalition, but that’s not happening. Jews may very well run that coalition but it will be a leadership based on force and coercion not morality.

    • You have to marvel at how they gained control, had things going their way, then proceeded to fumble the ball. I guess it’s true, they always overreach, go too far.

      • The scorpion is going to sting the frog. It’s just in his nature.

        But Jews are really screwing up this time. They don’t seem to realize that their success is intimately tied to whites’ success. The rest of the world will never accept them.

        They may warily do business with them, but they’ll never accept them. Jews will always be the outsider kept at arm’s length.

        • Yes. And that was before an inter-connected world of mass media. Now, the whole world can see what they are doing to Europe and the European diaspora. There will be no secrets kept from anybody now.

          • The Chinese are very aware of Jews. Indeed, they look at them as a bit of role model.

            I don’t know about the Indians. I’d suspect that they know who runs the show in the West.

    • Your excellent post reminded me of something a friend of mine once said to me: “Nonwhites see Jews as Whites with more money.” I don’t know if my friend came up with that himself, but it was a gem of an observation regardless of where it originated.

      The notion that Jews in America qualify as victims is too outlandish for even many normies to take seriously. The sympathy that arose out of the Most Significant Event in Human History is quickly drying up. Today’s kids just ain’t interested.

      • As much as it’s always 1933 or 1939 to some people, WWII was a long time ago. For a kid born in 2005, WWII is no different than Punic Wars. It’s just another chapter in a history class that they didn’t care much about.

        • Humm, I’m wondering about your “Punic Wars” comment. Is any history—other than minority grievances—past WWII even mentioned any more in our schools? There is only so much time in a school day and current ideology takes first priority.

          • The level of dumbing down is astonishing. It wouldn’t surprise me if the only history taught in public schools in 2024 is “MVP Quarterbacks from 2012-2022”.

          • An interesting take on your observation Jannie is observable on TV quiz shows, like “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, and even “Jeopardy”.

            I may be wrong, but my observation has been these shows needed to dumb themselves down as their contestants could no longer answer common questions of history, arts, and science as taught long ago in our school system.

            Rather the categories and questions turned to “popular culture” like movies and singers and television. I finally stopped watching “Who Wants … Millionaire” with the kids when the contestants couldn’t make it past the third level. Such was the state of our populace as early as the 80’s.

          • I can assure you that 996 out of 1000 high school seniors couldn’t tell you the combatants in the Punic Wars. Sixty years ago, that number would have been closer to 500.

        • Born in 2006, my son’s paternal grandfather – born 1925 – fought in The Pacific as a teenager (dad turned 20 in Jan. of ’45).
          As far as the kid is concerned, the war itself might have been Egypt against The Hittites.

          The teenager part, though…!

          (A good story, as my father enlisted as soon as he turned 17… and in so doing put distance between himself his overbearing mother and his unhappy adolescence in his maternal grandfather’s house. And that, too, is something to which the kid can relate.

          But “The Axis”…?)

          • “Hey, what’s that swastika thingie mean?
            Looks kinda cool.”

            “It means Total Badass Whites”

            “My dude!
            Like Roman Legions?Now it look WAY cool!”

        • I can’t buy that. Da kidz act as though slavery ended just yesterday and the poor newly liberated darkies are struggling terribly to find their way in the big, scary world. It is to laugh, of course, but temporal distance has little to do with their world view. What matters is the intensity of the propaganda they experience, and contemporary propaganda is far more about the struggles and glories of the sainted “African-American” than it is about the little upset in the 40s.

          • The same kid was a b-ball enthusiast, and quite a talented one, at 10. He was so good, in fact, that his CYO coach – this is in the NYC boros, btw – tapped him for a travelling team, where he played – again, quite competitively and commendably – not against Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) kids, but against…you…know…who…

            He bailed before the end of the season. We never discussed, but just let me say that the kid has ALWAYS been sensitive…AND intelligent.

    • The framework has already been laid out, showing Whites how to start acting like every other minority and fighting and yelling for every scrap.

      The framework has also already been laid out for an anti-oppressor, victim mindset. Previously occupied by the White men, but will it always be?

      Almost like the red carpet has been rolled out for their own persecution.

      • Young whites with buy into the Wokism, in which Jews are rich whites and thus oppressors, or they are starting to play the identity politics game, in which case Jews are another ethnic group and one that’s attacking them.

        Non-whites just see Jews as either rich whites who need to be destroyed or as Jews, the ethnic group in charge of a racist system.

        Either way, Jews are screwed. They’re smart enough and powerful enough to maintain power – for now – but they will rule openly and by force, which is very different the deal that they had in the past.

      • You know,I think B125 has laid out the path for the politics of the immediate future.

        Do what the winners do.

        Be like them! Not just Them, but all of them, all the non-Caucasians.

        Victimized? That’s us.
        Colonized? That’s us!
        Oppressed? In spades.
        Stolen lands? Ours.
        Discriminated against?
        Need I say.
        Fallen? Both white sides think so.

        A disadvantaged minority? There are only 740 million whites, outnumbered 2 to 1 by any group, 9 to 1 by all of them.

        Punching above our weight?
        Fookinay, bitches.

        Reparations? Payback time, mofos. Walks right in after “but they’ĺl lift the economy!”. Only this time it’s true.

        Thing is, whites are fun!
        Always up to zany sh*t, and they get things done, too!

        A Fuentes to break the spell. Then the rest follow into the breach, eventually leading up to a Clown World version of Napolean: Donald J. Trump.

        Our future Hitler will someday come with a smiley face and a big tent. His motto: “Just don’t be an azzhole!”

  26. Dropping the hyphen in anti-semitism is a relatively new thing. I make it a habit to never drop it and always type anti -semitism, just as I would never capitalize “black”. Auto correct doesn’t like it though.

    • So the difference between black the color and black the race is discerned how? Certainly from context, but that can be confusing and tiresome. I prefer specificity whenever possible. The real problem (IMO) are those anti-Whites who insist on lower case “white” while capitalizing Blacks.

    • As a Dane I approve of this trend.

      This is just baby steps yet, but once you get used to idea of dropping hyphens, you’ll soon be able to use adult words like “undergrundsbanekontrolløruniform” and “brugtvognsforhandlermoral.”

  27. Not a country fan per se, but today essay reminded me of an old George Jones song (those of a certain age may recall it – here’s a riff):
    Well the race is on and here comes Antisemitism up the backstretch,
    Facism going to the inside, BLM holding back – it’s trying not to fall. Heterosexuality out of the running, Normalcy scratched for Absurdistan sake. The race is on and it looks like whitey loses all.

  28. This naming the Jew business, pointing out their vast overrepresentation and power is coming from a lot of directions now.

    In addition to Fuentes and his groyper followers, and the NJP/TRS guys who Peinovich is part of, there’s also the Handsome Truth out of Florida, who’s leading the GDL. (Goyim Defense League) They use a variety of methods to inform and are growing fast. There’s a black guy named Ayo, who’s picking up where Kanye left off, and getting some attention.

    Going through Bitchute and Odysee, there are hundreds of videos devoted to the JQ, including those old boomers the Rizoli brothers. There’s even a 12 hour documentary called Europa, the Last Battle available, along with several more, and I see new ones coming out constantly. Devon Stack (Blackpilled) does two long streams per week devoted to analyzing propaganda in documentary and films. He has a relatively large and growing audience.

    All these holes are springing from the dyke, and our rulers have a huge job in plugging them.

      • As soon as Elon fired a bunch of useless folks, I see Twitter immediately Noticing like crazy.

        Not near as hardcore as Gab, but enough, so that even the Lefties are strangling on their own tongues- Noticing by omission- or cry-tantrums like girlbabies.

        The girlbosses chimping out to ribald masculine fun is not exactly a look of steely-eyed strength, no, not the strong horse at all.

  29. No surprise that anti-semitism is on the rise on the part of WP. People tend to hate people who hate them. J’s overwhelmingly vote & fund the Democrat party. DAs like Larry Krasner in Philadelphia are selected by Soros and allow crime to run rampant in our cities. Who does Zuck give his money to? For every Mark Levin there are a dozen Jon Stuarts, (originally known as Jon Leibowitz.)

    • It’s been a long time since I have listened to Levin.

      Whenever I hear about “one of the good ones,” I ask, “What does he think about restrictions on legal immigration?”

      In almost all cases, this question reveals that the good ones may not be so good. Almost without exception, “the good ones” believe that we have a duty to allow most of the world to move here. And they often feel this very strongly.

      If Levin has addressed this point, I’m curious.

      • Levin is a Zionist, Sandy, but pretty good on immigration and most of the other issues that we care about. He used to be a strong supporter of the Uke war, but has since come to realize the folly of it all.

      • Levin is very intelligent, he can rip on how the New Deal subverted the Constitution with the best of them. But like nearly all Jewish conservatives, he’s a Trojan horse: everything is ultimately always about Israel for him.

        I was listening to him in the car one day last year and he was ripping on Putin and why “we” needed to defend Ukraine. Because, you see, Putin is a dictator and we need to stop dictators everywhere. And if we don’t stop Putin in Ukraine, it will embolden North Korea… and (here it comes!) and embolden Syria.. and IRAN.. and they’ll attack ISRAEL.

        So, “fellow Americans,” if “we” don’t stand up for Ukraine… ultimately Israel will be attacked!

        • Levin is a NeoCon and has a blind eye for the Uke conflict. As with all. EoCon’s, there is only one side to the story, their side. The other side is the devil. For me that’s enough said. However for inclusivity, I might add he has the absolute worse habit of fisking I’ve ever seen.

          He’ll grab a small excerpt from a speech or media clip and then have it played. Within seconds, he’ll scream to stop the clip and then rant on one or two sentences, then start the clip up again, rant agin, etc. In this manner he attempts to have a “debate” (with himself I guess). 😉

          • Compsci, that’s because Levin will never suffer a debate with his audience.

            Every show has at least two “shut up, stupid!” calls per hour; his screeners pick them for the fans to savor.

        • Israel, and a mention of the Most Documented Event In History.

          As Citizen said long ago, the Story ruined them more than it ruined us.

          (He also said, “My race is my religion,” – which changed my life.
          I am a true believer, race is my North Star.)

          That gives future political philosophers a timeline: the most blatant, focused brainwashing in history only lasts a generation or two, only long enough to breach the culture and allow a beachhead for culture war.

          For razzia, the Mideastern tactic of taking one village at a time as a raiding base. (And hudna, a false ceasefire to re-arm.)

          Robert Maxwell bought up the printing house for high-school textbooks. But, his daughter Gislaine went on to other operations.

          They can break it, but not keep it going. One Boomer funeral at a time, Reality will reassert itself: they never learn the lesson of the Golem until it’s too late, and the Golem dybbuk breaks free.

        • As white nationalists, we should respect Zionists and black nationalists, even though we don’t like them. If one third of whites had a mentality like the Zionists, this would be a much better world.

  30. As for Jews it’s mostly a Jewish elite problem, they need to dial back their support of anti white pogroms in North America. Of course I don’t think that will happen so expect more awakenings to Jewish power in our system and sometimes those JQ awakenings will go off the rails and cause what we’re normal people to act out in aberrant ways, before there was a Nick Fuentes there was a Paul Nehlen.

    • “As for Jews it’s mostly a Jewish elite problem…”

      When I hear this, I think of people saying the most blacks are good, it’s just those Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons who are bad.

      Maybe it’s the media choosing their leaders for them or maybe they really support these leaders. In either case, I never hear many disavowals from the supposed good ones.

  31. “The Irish had the Blue Shirts, who were about hating the British more than loving fascism.”

    I never heard this before. They were anti-IRA. They were formed for the same reason that SA were; to protect Cumann na Geadheal(now known as Fine Gael) political rallies from Republican(IRA) attacks.

    The current Fine Gael political party are called Blueshirts and no one would accuse them of hating the British.

    Not many people know this, but, blue is the national colour of Ireland.

    • Granted, it has been a while since I read about the Irish fascists, but all of Irish politics can be reduced to hating the British

      • “COULD” be reduced to hating the British. Past tense.

        Today Irish politics seems to be about aping the British on multiculturalism, abortion, nonwhite immigration, and LGBTQIA++.

        • The Irish took the ticket, as VD would say. But hey, that’s the price of investment. I’m sure the newly-affluent Irish are loving it as much as we are here in the US!

        • Yeah, I’d say the influence of American pop culture and American capital is the primary driver of Ireland’s implosion.

  32. The usual suspects surely look out for each other and they sure do like to lecture the rest of us. Then, when you look around and notice (like a very bad goy), there sure are an outsized number with their hands on the levers of power everywhere. And further, you better never forget the sacred 6 million…

    • I’m pretty sure I learned about it here, but the Talmud specifically commands the chosen to watch out for/help, other chosen. They aren’t supposed to screw with each other.

      The Mud People; well, not so much. I think I read that a Goy can be murdered by a Hat and it’s all good, as long as it furthers the Hats agenda.

      I could be wrong.

    • “Is it good for the Jews???”

      First question they’ll ask about any happenings.

      • Here’s a second question for everyone else to ask: Is it ungood for the Jews?

        Suppose you want to get high. Hmmm, is being a pot head ungood for the Jews?

        Imagine that you’re thinking about buying more liquor which is distributed by a firm controlled by Jews. Will my purchase be ungood for the Jews? Is my alcoholism ungood for the Jews?

        Once again some poaster is encouraging European men to miscegenate with subsaharans females and to participate in “the political process”, because reasons. Well, are these actions not ungood for the Jews?

        Oh, look, Freedom Conservatism is prattling about the Constitution again. Is the Constitution ungood for the Jews?

        And so on.

        • Heck, I’d be thrilled if we could get the goyim just to think ” is it good for my tribe?”.

  33. Something larger is at play here. Whether karma or irony or, as I think, both, is a matter of perception.

    While I get your disagreement with MacDonald, he is one hundred percent correct that Jews have been the driving force behind mass migration into North America and Western Europe. I agree with him that this has been a deliberate policy to weaken the native Gentile European populations. As far as that goes–mission accomplished. The irony or karma or both is that these “new citizens” by and large come from cultures and countries that detest and hate Jews for a host of reasons. While white Gentiles in North America have never been anti-Semitic as a rule, the people the Jews have sent to replace them most certainly are.

    Fuentes, West and company are reaping the harvest and appealing to their respective tribes, whom the Jews via their propaganda machines have instructed white Gentiles to worship. It is easy to see Canada and the United States, in particular, taking a sharp political turn against Israel and domestic Jewry in the near term despite those groups’ complete domination of “news” and popular culture. Propaganda works but it only goes so far.

    Reap the wind…

  34. Just as absurd is the Republican presidential candidates pledging their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to Israel. Talk about a place with magic properties.

    What causes antisemitism to gain traction is the outsized influence, power and nepotism of this group. Fuentes is just making noises in his cell when the TDS people think they have an escape from Alcatraz plan.

    • “Pledging their lives, gold and sacred honor to Israel” is absolute gold. I am swiping that with enthusiasm and gusto.

      • I’m swiping “Talk about a place with magic properties.”

        Third Temple!
        Third Temple!

        Except the First was a temple to Amen-Ra built by an Egyptian Hyksos (Solomon’s lost real name started with a K), and the Second was built by Hittite engineers.

        (They cut the top off a mountain and slid the 600 ton slab down the slope for the foundation!)

  35. I guess some Dem said that Israel is a racist state the other day. Israel is certainly a racial state with strict rules about who gets to live there.

    Watching Kevin McCarthy and the rest rush to the defense of Israel was hilarious. Never in his life has he defended normal Americans with that much energy.

  36. The reference to Jesse Jackson and his indelicate remark during the 1984 Democrat presidential primary brought to mind this funny routine by the young Eddie Murphy:


    File under “Stuff You Couldn’t Do on TV Today.”

    • Hutu Jesse calls NY hymietown and gets a gig on SNL. Joe Blow from Kokomo refuses to use the wrong pronoun and gets his livelihood taken from him. We’ve certainly come a long way, baby.

  37. “The next turn of the wheel may bring Jewish crossdressers demanding the return of slavery.”

    That is epic, Z man. Only in an age like ours can one write such a sentence and not be accused of being a psychopath.

    • I think THT’s routine he was doing at local school board and city council meetings is effectively this schtick w/o the calls for slavery. Of course, THT’s parody is too close to reality. It is ironic, that this kind of parody and mockery is one of the best weapons against the LGBTQ+-+++- stuff. And what does the guy in charge who is fighting this child abuse do in response? He runs off to a different country and signs away the most sacred and fundamental of American’s natural rights.

      So yeah. Clown world. I also think it is telling that the usual suspects and TPTB wasted no time in dealing with THT and other such real life parody and mockery artists. Yet, Fuentes is running around doing this schtick. It seems to conveniently sully the name of movements that do have serious people in them and to be lending legitimacy to a free speech crack down that goes beyond the borders of the southeastern most state in the Union of Coercion.

      There was a season of Southpark that took on the Internet and social media’s pernicious affects as well as urban hipsterism. In the end, it became a death spiral because everything was an ad.

      In GAE Clown World, it may turn out that everything is a psy-op.

  38. I think the distrust and suspicion of Jews has become far more common in the last few years. I think quite a lot of it has to do with the relative power of the meme versus the book-length explanation. Mike Enoch has 1,000 pages explaining all the nuances, but the meme observes that nobody who was kicked out of 500 bars can claim that all those bar owners just hated him for no reason.

    Same way my pastor can talk for ten minutes about our Elder Brothers in the Faith, but a cursory look at St. John Chrysostom – a Doctor of the Church – reveals that he hated their guts.

    It’s just another case of the grug-mentat meme – with the midwit expressing the approved opinion – come to life. Of course it shows up in all the ways contemporary culture chooses to express itself.

    • In my normal life, I hear things from normie that I never would have heard ten years ago. It is not just about Jews, but this is the forbidden topic for normie, so it jumps out to us. Look at all the GOP candidates swearing loyalty to Israel. Clearly, their handlers sense it too. That said, I do not sense genuine hatred. Maybe that comes later.

      • If hatred comes, and I’d bet it does, I’d hope it quickly turns to indifference. No sense staying in toxic relationship, dragging each other down. It was toxic from the beginning, and it won’t get better

        • The opposite of love is *not* hate. It is indifference. Hate continues the relationship as you’ve noted.

          • I think Compsci is on to something here.

            Look at the Slavs. Poles, Ukrainians, Russians- if only we could find that lethal intensity against the Woke whites.

          • Oh heck- I forgot the Puritans- if they didn’t have Southrons to beat up…

            Our occupiers gave us Nazis as a proxy. They keep Palestinians for themselves.

            Their brothers keep Yazidi and Pali Christians…hmm. Every religion needs a Devil to define itself.

      • What comes later is going to be interesting to see. The receipts are there in terms of who was the force behind the things that shattered this country and dispossessed its people. That is all fine. Perhaps it was misguided hubris and honest mistakes. Okay, so then you would think you would see a mass movement to self-correct and change course.

        Instead you see things like the Steinleight paper saying that they really messed up with mass immigration and addressing what to do about it. There isn’t a single mention of the dispossessed Americans, but it includes talk of alliances with Asians to divide and conquer. Oh and of course the mistake wasn’t the dispossession of the majority, but how it might backfire on the progenitors of the dispossession. Every institution that is formally instituting an anti-white apartheid/quota system is led by a white who may not be white. An article is published documenting the catastrophic decline in white acceptance rates at Stanford, and Stanford’s official response is an email apologizing to the Jews. Stanford just announced its 2023 surgical program class – not a single white male and a usual suspect tweets in support an all caps image saying: THE FUTURE! Disaster relief funds are used as extortion to force individual Americans to pledge oaths to never boycott Israel. You have to pledge an oath to another country in order to get your tax dollars back in order to rebuild your house that is destroyed in a flood!!!! Mercury is rising fast on that one. It goes on and on and on.

        At some point, a whole lot of people are going to be dispossessed and outcast on the continent their forefathers conquered and they are going to see all of this. Of course, as you point out they are also going to see that yet another reaction to this is not to rally their full fury and might in defense of the dispossessed and despised Gentile, but to twist the arms of their elected representatives to fight like hell for another country while the country and countrymen they are elected to represent are being torn down and dispossessed before their eyes.

        It really is quite remarkable – baffling really given all we are told about IQ levels. You would think there would be a modicum of self-awareness and adherence to principles. I guess in the end all of the sophistry in the world can’t cover for one’s actions which are always the sole and best revealer of intent. In fact, at some point the sophistry and the sophists are understandably the greatest incitement.

        Last year, we were at a friend’s house – a Jewish doctor, part of a friend group from college – a very successful man along with his Gentile doctor wife. At some point at dinner he said something about, “Fuck all the MAGAs. Kill them all.” Of course that led to a post dinner political conversation amongst the men. At one point the topic of pogroms came up and the doctor said something like, “They always go after the Jews because they are jealous.” At which point, and this is a neighborhood of extremely wealthy people, his Italian neighbor said, “Yeah right. You get kicked out of 109 different countries and it is never your fault. Where there is smoke there must be fire.” He said it in a congenial tone with a laugh and then bowed out to join the women in the kitchen for some lighter conversational fare.

        This whole topic is something I never really knew anything about or cared to learn about. We are all just individuals was my motto. But, somebody decided that we aren’t all individuals and that we are distinct racial groups and that the spoils of society are going to be divvy’d up according to a zero-sum racial spoils system. Somebody decided that my racial group is the odd-man out and that we are going to be last in line and that our entire history and culture and civilization must also go.

        That transition from being a high-trust, good faith operator in a meritocratic rules based order that your people invented and created for the benefit of all (or so you thought), to being at the bottom of a racial caste system once your good faith system has been exploited by bad faith actors, is creating an anger that goes to something primal. The dingleberry on top of that shit sundae are the smug and pretentious Weinsteins and Petersons of the world saying in the face of that, ‘I am worried that those people are going to be angry and we need to be prepared for the backlash’, while not a peep from the same people who spent their whole lives worried about the downtrodden and “marginalized.” That is a foolish response to a serious crime, and it is hard to see how it won’t inspire hatred.

        It is a Clown World – a clown world where the receipts are flying out of the over-stuffed trunk of the clown car, and where a genie of transformation/dispossession via racial animus can’t be put back in its bottle with a shrug and a, “Whoops! That went too far too fast. Don’t you dare be angry about it!”

        Fuentes is a goofball. Maybe his role in history is as a rogue clown who is getting his thrills by bashing the trunk of the clown car with a baseball bat, maybe taking a saw to the lock. There are people out there we have never heard of who are not goofballs who have real talent and ability – people with gravitas. Someday they may be heard from. They will find themselves speaking to other serious people who woke up the morning after the parade – who found the ground littered with receipts that they have read for themselves.

        • Your post is too lengthy for a complete comment, but I’d note, those institutions that promote DIE at the exclusion of Whites, will decline in quality. As they decline in quality, they will fade from notoriety. There simply are not enough talented minorities to replace the Whites they exclude. A degree from Stanford will, as more an more standards are lowered will mean less and less.

          In the meantime, Whites need to develop their own institutions rather than beat at the door of those institutions which discriminate against them. The Blacks did this after the Civil War. The Jews did this as well to an extent. So will we.

          This will take time. It took three or four generations to get into this predicament.

    • Well, it is a bit difficult to overlook the number of Jews in Joe DiMentia’s cabinet. In fact, it’s weird.

    • I get the passion and loyalty many of these people have defending jews and Israel. I have the same for Portugal. I will defend to my dying last breath all support and defense of the great Portuguese people. Anyone who dishonors them ( including you people here) will feel my full wrath.

      • Mr. Wright,
        This is a family blog and your kind is not welcome here.
        You just take your pastel de nata, water dogs and hit the road.

    • My Orthodox priest refers to “Judeo-Christian” quite a lot. I wince very time. But he’s a Normiecon.

      To Orthodox priests, Chrysostom is like Walt Disney: celebrate the organization the man has created, but please ignore the J*w thing; we’ll all be better off.

  39. All that praise and hope you invested early on with Fuentes is pretty much spent isn’t it? It has been interesting seeing his personal and political evolution or devolution.

    We talk about negro fatigue but my jewish one is even worse. The former can be managed but with the other there is no remedy. There never was. I could go on with the plus and minuses but why bother.

    Planning on grilling some burgers later today. Cope.

    • I am disappointed in how he turned out, but I am at the age where disappointment is expected. I think it is a reflection of the times. If Limbaugh were starting out today, he would be doing a similar act as Fuentes.

      • In some ways Limbaugh did. To be expected as that seems to be the normal cycle of hope, reality, and acceptance.

        • Limbaugh was taken by the Chosens in the early 90s. I remember listening to his description of his guided tour of Israel. He was a true neocon probably even before that but even more so after they got some evidence on him.

          • They had his maid slipping him oxycontin for back surgery pain. Traditional methods work!

      • “If Limbaugh were starting out today, he would be doing a similar act as Fuentes.”

        Brilliant, man!

        It is such a strange age. People simultaneously believe absurd things yet have become clear-eyed in areas where honesty once was verboten.

      • Fuentes has kicking the door off its hinges for boys ten years younger than him. Kids that have grown up under the occupation.

        Mass movements are about eyeballs on enemies, not refined ideas. Decorum died with disco. If by attracting and directing attention, Nick happens to encourage splits in the enemy’s camp, more power to him.

        By beclowning himself he has beaten the Jews to that punch. It may be hard for losers who came out of bowtie conservatism to get this. But there it is.

        No one over forty matters much in what is coming.
        In this regard Nick Fuentes matters more than Jared Taylor ever did.

        • The tree most important revolutions in Western history were led by men of refined ideas.

          • Yes, but were they leading people reared since infancy on Playstation, Tik Tok, and Pornhub?

            Refined ideas require minds capable of processing them.

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