The Great Dilemma

Imagine one of your friends tells you that the governor of your state was caught on video robbing a liquor store. Not only that, his brother pistol-whipped the clerk during the commission of the crime. Most likely, you would want proof. Your friend then sends you a link to a Twitter thread on the subject. Knowing the volume of nonsense on Twitter, you then go to mainstream news sites looking for something on this incredible story, but everywhere you look you find nothing but silence.

This would present a dilemma. On the one hand, you trust your friend and the story does seem legitimate. Upon further inquiry you find some stories tucked away here and there that confirm the tweet. Independent news sites are howling about the crime and the refusal of the mainstream media to notice it. The dilemma is not about believing the story is true but about trusting your own judgement. If all of the serious people are ignoring this story, why should you be outraged by it?

If this sounds familiar, it should. This is daily life in America. Events that should warrant national coverage go unmentioned, while trivial nonsense gets wall-to-wall coverage from all of the regime media organs. Compounding it is the fact that the stuff getting covered comes with truckloads of official lies and narratives designed to trick the audience into viewing the facts presented in a way that leads to an inaccurate understanding of the event in question.

We are in one of those moments today. Hunter Biden, the crackhead son of Joe Biden, is due in court to plead guilty to some minor crimes. Not happy with a sweetheart deal that is an affront to the idea of the rule of law, one of his lawyers called the court yesterday, pretending to be a lawyer for the Republicans, who had filed a brief with the court contesting the sweetheart deal. This fake lawyer successfully convinced the court clerk to withdraw the Republican filing.

This is not a small thing. The massive corruption involved in this plea deal should warrant Watergate level coverage. Instead, regime media and the volunteer army of online toadies pretend it is normal. Putting that aside, no one would know about this outlandish effort to mislead the court if not for people on Twitter. The Drudge Report has no mention of it. Memorandum, the news aggregator popular with media content creators, has no mention of this event.

In fairness, there is a CNN post on it, but you have to dig around to find it. The three primary media organs of the regime are silent. There is no mention of it in the New York Times, the Washington Post, or the Wall Street Journal. Putting aside the Nigerian levels of corruption in this case, the absurdity of this stunt warrants attention. Calling a court clerk the day before an appearance and pretending to be a lawyer for another party in order to trick the court is Hollywood comedy stuff.

As an aside, think about the sort of people who look at an event like this and conclude it is not worth mentioning. It is a good reminder that partisanship is not primarily about rooting for your side, but a hatred of the enemy. The regime’s media organs actively participate in these coverups because they hate the people they imagine are on the other side of the hive walls. They are not covering for the Bidens because they love these people, but because they hate you.

Putting that aside, what compounds the media silence on this story is the outrageousness of it. The law firm involved is not a fly-by-night operation that represents drug cases. Jessica Bagels, the lawyer who pulled the caper, is Director of Litigation Services at Latham- Watkins. This is what they used to call a “white shoe” law firm that represents power players in politics and finance. These are the sorts of people Hollywood uses in conspiracy thrillers like The Firm.

Of course, this casual acceptance of corruption speaks to the general rot that has become the defining feature of the ruling class. It is not that these people are breaking the rules for personal gain. It is that they no longer have any respect for the spirit of the law that is supposed to animate our society. These lawyers think nothing of tricking a court clerk because they have no respect for her or the system. In fact, these lawyers hold the legal system in contempt.

The only reason anyone knows about this latest Hunter Biden caper is that there are still people in America who respect the spirit of the law. They are outraged enough about this case to follow it and post what they learn online. There are still millions of Americans who feel the same sense of outrage, so they follow these people on places like Twitter. Despite the best efforts by regime media, this information still makes it into circulation and people are rightly angry about it.

This returns us to that dilemma at the start. The choice between trusting yourself or the weight of official media rests on a more important conflict. The people who think it proper to trick the court operate from the belief that any means necessary is acceptable in order to achieve their goals. The ends justify the means. The other side of the dilemma are the people who reject this. They think the means justify the ends and that we must always respect the process.

Therein lies the problem. The process no longer has the means to control these corrupt forces in the system. The only solution is to abandon the rules and use whatever means are required in order to remove the rot from the system. What this example shows is that the people who think the end justifies the means will always defeat the means justify the end unless the latter makes an exception and embraces the ethos of the former in order to restore order. That is the great dilemma of this age.

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148 thoughts on “The Great Dilemma

  1. What Dilemma?

    Add cowardice too.

    While we were dithering they built a prison, now they craft our demise.

  2. Z’s example of the bagel lady scamming the court is a daily reminder for me of Tom Wolfe’s law that all political and social conflicts are really battles over status. I don’t think that is always true of the right of the divide but it is true of the left.

    The bagel lady will face no shame for undermining rule of law nor will she be seen as attacking “our democracy.” Instead she will gain status as a good person who is speaking truth to power and showing her loyalty.

    Consequently, I would be shocked if she is punishedm

    • Talk about timing. I’ve just started reading The Bonfire of the Vanities. The absolute clown show so eloquently described by Tom Wolfe is a stark reminder of what a joke the legal system is and how seriously the clowns take their own performance in it.

      • Another guys example of how the justice system is a farce is the 70s movie And Justice for All with AL Pacino

  3. There is no dilemma. You respect human law, which itself is a social construct and a corruption of natural law. You keep trying to defend a system which is pure evil and always has been. You’re a little foolish boy, Z and you always will be, because you simply cannot accept that the system you believe in, the system that benefits you, is inherently flawed and a scam.

    Reading your blog is like reading crypto bros on Reddit – absolute clowns who cannot comprehend why their precious systems are falling apart. Every scam falls aparts. And civilization and the “legal system” are nothing but scams that prey on nature.

    There are no lawyers, judges or courts in Nature. And that which does not exist in Nature cannot last.

    The answer here is simple – civilization WILL fall apart, the legal system WILL die out, and ideologues WILL kill each other in actual warfare as that becomes the last way they can maintain attention from their audience.

    Your kind is rapidly losing entertainment value and turning into an exhaustive performance. That only ends in bloodshed. War between evil people has a deliciously entertainment value.

    You’re a clown, Z. Anyone who is this interested in politics is. Your problem is that you think you have wisdom to dispense. You don’t. There is no way anyone can fix this, it always ends in complete destruction.

    The myth of Sisyphus is real.

    • You’re a Freak Z ! A Freak !

      You belong in the Circus with the bearded lady and the 2 headed dog!

    • The geezer squad that’s ostensibly been running things had to start attriting at some point. He’s 81. It’s one of the risks of governing by gerontocracy, things can change suddenly.

    • Z: “The only solution is to abandon the rules and use whatever means are required in order to remove the rot from the system.”

      *** cough ***


      *** cough ***

      • Fed post IDGAF. there will be blood, the shit that has been going on is an outrage . This pot is going to boil over. I have my local accountability list..
        & am in the middle of a target rich environment
        They hate us, fine I hate them back. With the heat of six gorillion suns.

    • Is this like Bronny’s $500 million, “cardiac event”?

      Sounds safe and effective to me.

    • I hope he dies publicly and it is filmed so I can watch the life drain from his eyes.

      • Hmmm

        I want those asshats to have long, slow, painful deaths.

        But that’s just me.

        But I like the visual your way describes Jack.

  4. I have a grand unified theory that it can’t be that much of coincidence that the second red scare era from 1945 to 1955 (first red scare would be 1917-1922 thereabouts) ended just as the civil rights movement started.

    The red scare era was the last gasp of the old school cpusa labor left as well as the last gasp of the old right. The end of the red scare era also is approximately the time where the left becomes anti Soviet (I think the 1956 Hungary thing is what caused that).

    Does anyone think this is significant or am I trying to see something that isn’t there?

    • The working-class left and its nominal representatives (a few Irish-American and northern English pols) did become somewhat anti-Soviet during the “Marx is just tanks rolling through Prague” (as Bukowski said) era. They were officially excommunicated by the Port Huron Statement, which you can still find with Google because it’s a leftist thing.

      The commies I’ve known are all very rich. They were fully pro-Soviet until the very last second of the empire, got very confused but went broadly “Islamist” and anti-Israel during the last couple decades, and have become NATO/globohomo “anal empire” fanatics now, currently waving the flag of the American color revolution in Israel.

      The “old right” straggled on through most of that and wasn’t fully banished from respectability and television until *after* the Soviet Union collapsed. It was our first opportunity, in the official absence of any overt global war/threat/ideology, to become “relevant.” We were defeated instantly.

    • KK: “Am I trying to see something that isn’t there?”

      Well, technically speaking, psy-ops are immaterial phenomena, so they aren’t “really” there; they simply flourish in our minds’ eyes.

      But the Council of the Sanhedrin certainly do seem to throw a new psy-op at us at least every 7 to 8 years, and sometimes as often as every 4 to 5 years.

      Heck, in 2020 alone, we got Saint George, Cheeto Man Bad, the k00f, the election steal, the v@xxines, and probably some other stuff I’ve already forgotten about .

      Speaking of 2020 & the v@xxines, last night somebody at /pol/ re-poasted this epic exchange courtesy of two autiste br0z chez M0dern@…

      I’m still wondering whether it’s safe for us pure blooded boyz to French-kiss v@xxinated chicks…

      Z: “The dilemma is not about believing the story is true but about trusting your own judgement. If all of the serious people are ignoring this story, why should you be outraged by it?”

      • Z hits on something here with the Media taking notice; the real regime STASI KGB, the real enforcement arm is the media. The security organs lost control of their pet Media in the Watergate aftermath and never got it back.
        The IC 👀🕵🏻 isn’t running the media but taking orders from them…

        We’ve surrendered to phantoms.

  5. If a representative from the mainstream media were to enter these comments and try to defend themselves, is there anything they could say that might be worth considering? I think that there is, and it wouldn’t hurt to play Devil’s Advocate for a moment just to try to understand what might be happening on the other side. While it’s fun to engage in partisan MSM bashing, it probably won’t lead to constructive solutions going forward, but striving to understand them might.

    I know we’re all familiar here with Gell-Mann Amnesia, because it’s a trope that gets a lot of mention in Dissident Right circles. This is when people trust the media on issues they know nothing about, even though they are quick to spot the media’s inaccuracies on subjects they do know something about, with the implication being that the media is always inaccurate but we happen to forget about it most of the time.

    However, a deeper question would be to ask why this occurs, and we see that the very description of Gell-Mann Amnesia itself contains a flipside and an explanation of the phenomenon.

    If we asked our MSM advocate why he is so inaccurate, he would say, “How am I supposed to be otherwise? I have no idea what I’m going to end up talking about everyday, and there’s no way I can have accurate, particular knowledge of every subject. I have 90 seconds with which to communicate a news event to a very wide audience whom I cannot see or hear, but which consists of people from very diverse walks of life, many of whom aren’t too bright themselves but can be rather excitable. I can’t have people taking to the streets with pitchforks; I can’t have people suing the network because I offended them or said something libelous. But on the other hand, it’s my job to keep people interested and keep eyeballs glued to the screen, so I almost have to resort to a rather watered-down template which doesn’t deviate too far from audience expectations. This is all I can do in my position, so what the hell did you expect?”

    Furthermore, we can’t reasonably expect a generic audience not to have such expectations, either. The cult of expertise is not something that was imposed upon the world by force by soi-disant experts. It was condensed within the world like dew out of the ripeness of a real need. Most ordinary people are dimly aware of the limits of their own judgment and really can’t do their own thinking anyway, nor do they want to. They need someone to water down and predigest their information for them because they really are ignorant about many things and “Gell-Mann Amnesia” is simply a reflection of their natural state.

    Thus, once we understand what’s really happening here, we see that the problem is really a matter of scale. There is no large, national media that could ever be anything other than what our mainstream media is, simply due to the nature of the case. The person with accurate, particular knowledge is in a different realm. He is like the man who just had a car accident and is getting frustrated with the lackadaisical attitude of his insurance agent. Of course, he has a different (very personal) view of his car accident than does the insurance agent whose job is to aggregate risk.

    My point in heading down this rabbit hole is to say that the general templates of the broadcaster are not locally accurate, but neither are they supposed to be. They are meant for a different kind of consumption. They are like the great, undulating Rossby waves in the stratosphere which do influence the storm tracts in the troposphere but are only distantly related to that flooded underpass that’s screwing up your commute. They are both ostensibly “weather,” but not in the same sense.

    If you want to change what’s going on in the stratosphere, you can’t do that by filling it up with particular knowledge. You have to change it by filling it up with better versions of things that really belong in the stratosphere. That means, instead of the news media functioning as a false Church, you bring in the true Church, i.e. real philosophers and theologians, who have an expert grasp of generalizable knowledge. The cure for false religion is true religion, not nonreligion. STEM is the reply to bad physics, not bad metaphysics.

    The Dissident Right tends to get this very wrong because they lack any appreciation for metaphysics, but that needs to be remedied.

    • Emptyheaded news babes aren’t really the issue. The issue is deliberate, planned, orchestrated deception, with malice.

    • ID asked,”If a representative from the mainstream media were to enter these comments and try to defend themselves, is there anything they could say that might be worth considering?.”

      I agree that it is valuable to grapple with the best arguments of your opponents.

      It seems to me that the sincere believers in the current order put all their faith in:
      1. diversity is our greatest strength, which in practice means massive immigration and affirmative action
      2. whites are responsible for most of the world’s problems, past and present.

      As far as I can imagine, such a representative would say, “You are factually wrong to believe that race determines so much. Diversity really is our greatest strength. People with beliefs like yours are our biggest problem. Once people who believe that, for example, blacks are naturally more violent and less intelligent, are gone, then we will realize our best days ever.”

  6. The only conclusion one can draw from this piece is to shoot the transgressors, as nothing else can resolve the problem of the legal system rejecting the rule of law to accomplish their ends.

    This is OUR country – a self-governing republic. We pay hirelings and delegate to them the authority to make and enforce the law. When they refuse their delegated authority the responsibility to enforce the law remains ours.

    • Wear a Go-Pro cam while you do it like the the dumb ass Buffalo NY shooter kid that went and shot up a bunch of she-boons because… reasons? Somehow snuffing a bunch of gibs receiving 75 IQ leeches was going to strike down Leviathan… or something.

      Hopefully you’ll pick much more high value targets but please post the vid here for us. Oh wait… you want someone else to do it. Ray Epps? Is that you?

  7. The Biden clan has been intimately involved with multi tier justice since at least as far back as when Beau arranged the no prison plea deal for the DuPont who raped his 3 yr old daughter. Probably much farther. So from their perspective it’s understandable that they’d be surprised if anybody kicked up a fuss. Which brings to mind bored little rich girl Patty Hearst coming down with a case of jungle fever. A different kind of justice for the rich and powerful is hardly a new thing. And it’s a separate subject from the regime’s tacit, and not so tacit, endorsement of vibrant street crime while simultaneously cracking down hard on non violent right wing dissent. Although it all emanates from the same Us and Them philosophical operating system.

    “If you only knew how bad it really was” is a phrase that pops up in my mind a lot these days, as we observe the small part of the iceberg that is visible. Consider the probability that we know of only a very small portion of the Biden’s perfidy, the FBI’s corruption, the CIA’s manipulation etc. etc. I doubt if even many self described dissidents can handle the whole truth.

    • This just in;

      Apparently Hunters plea deal is off the table. I don’t know if it’s a ruse, but if anyone can clarify, I would appreciate it.

      I’m thinking the Deep State is putting the screws to The Big Guy because he won’t shuffle off peacefully.

      Putting Hunter back at risk is a way to get the PedInChief to relent.

    • When can Beau Biden’s involvement in the Biden clan’s plunder and deceit be dragged into the spotlight? I want to lift the unspoken censure that’s protecting the son that was supposed to be the heir apparent to The Big Guy.

      If Peter Doocy or any of the press had some ironclad balls, I would love to lob Dementia Joe a question such as “Hey Joe, the American people want to know : did the wrong boy die? You ever wish deadbeat Hunter was the one who got the cancer?” Let’s crank the “Unafraid” tagline Fox News feigns every day to 11.

        • KGB: “It’s as if Fredo, and not Michael, took the reins.”

          That’s the best analogy I’ve read in the dissident right in forever.

    • In 2009, Richards entered a guilty plea and was convicted of raping his 3-year-old daughter,[1][5][6][7][8][9] after the girl reported the abuse to her grandmother.[4] Instead of serving out his eight-year prison sentence, the sentencing order signed by Delaware Superior Court Judge Jan R. Jurden said that the “defendant will not fare well” in prison and thus the eight-year sentence was suspended.[5][7][9][10] Delaware Public Defender Brendan J. O’Neill expressed surprise that Jurden would use such a rationale to avoid sending Richards to prison.[5][7]

      In 2010, allegations were made that Richards had also molested his son beginning in December 2005 and continuing for two years.[1][6][4] Police and prosecutors investigated but did not find sufficient evidence to pursue charges.[6] Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden later defended the sentencing of Richards to probation, claiming there was a strong chance of the prosecution losing at trial making a plea bargain necessary.[11] Although Richards was ordered by Jurden to go through in-patient treatment at a Massachusetts facility, he has failed to do so.[1

  8. It really would be difficult to be shocked by anything at this point. Regardless of one’s opinion of Trump, it is not disputed that federal law enforcement and intelligence services attempted to prevent his election and then attempted a coup d’etat. The important part is there were no consequences whatsoever for something that might have received the death penalty in the not-so-distant past.

    My guess is adverse consequences will manifest first in the economic sphere. Whether justified or not, American markets have/had been attractive because they were perceived as transparent and subject to the rule of law. While the extrajudicial seizure of Russian assets was a very glaring example of the current unreliability of American markets and investment, think about some other recent outrages–Sam Bankman-Fried is not an outlier. The best example, I think, was the federal investigation of the kids involved in the brilliant Gamestop affair, which was a simple and legal case of them outwitting the usual thieves.

    What concerns me is the accelerated pace of looting by The Help. They at least seem to have been given the heads up to get while the getting is good.

    Hunter Biden’s plea deal very well may be rejected–that would be the correct thing to do, at least–but that it got to this point has laid the system bare as utterly corrupted and FUBAR.

    • Jack Dodson: I only skim the headlines these days, particularly about Hunter Biden, because I know nothing will happen to him regardless of how many crimes were committed. I’m just not interested in following the spectacle – because that’s all it is.

      To me, what’s more important – even more central than the dilemma upon which Zman based his post – is the point that all the lies and trickery and manipulation of the system is not because they love the Bidens or even mere ‘loyalty’ to fellow Democrats. The blatant abuse and partisanship in AINO is always because they hate the White heritage population of former America.

      I’m always reinforcing this point when I share selected news stories of the latest black/brown atrocity with a friend who likes to believe the IKAGOs she deals with. The vital point that too many downplay is not their genetic proclivities or cultural practices, as predictable and alien as those may be.

      They HATE you and they want you DEAD. Never, ever forget that – because they certainly don’t.

      • Yup. There is no justice system there is only a legal system. The free press are simply agent provocateurs peddling propaganda. Law enforcement have become armed mercenary agents of political fads. Other than a few outliers, none are worthy of anything other than the respect you would give to a rabid dog.

        And we can go back to the fact that the post said there was a lawyer with the name “Jessica Bagels”?

        • Wasn’t there a Jewish gangster in The Sopranos called Jesse Sack o’ Bagels?

      • I’m aware of that each waking moment, hence the concern over the frantic looting. They are getting ready.

  9. I feel at some point that once the pets take over an organization, the real fun begins.

    Like when roe was decided, the people deciding it were white/mulatto men born between 1898 and 1915. I’m assuming the decision was a gift to the MD community which was a republican constituency then. Also if the boss knocked up his secretary, it was an easy solution.

    But in the year 2023, all those factors are mostly gone and the idiots arguing for abortion rights are complete morons.

  10. You know why she did what she did?


    They do it because they know there will be no consequences.

    Look at all the hearings and foaming at the mouth from the Republicans.

    How many have;
    Lost a job
    A pension
    Gone to jail

    Yeah, thought so.

    It is an entertaining show though.

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  12. The corruption of the criminal courts is old news. The whole criminal justice system is corrupt top to bottom. The corruption is responsible for every story that starts with “Man on double bail kills….” How do we get guys with 40 arrests walking around committing crime? We’re supposed to have all these “draconian” laws, yet the streets are filled with young men with long rap sheets acting as a one man crime spree, shooting up the neighborhood, robbing liquor stores and selling drugs.

    Prosecutorial discretion and immunity allow the prosecutor’s office to reduce the charges of serious crimes with state prison time down to much less serious crimes with probation or shorter sentences with parole. The whole thing has turned into a big paperwork machine keeping lots of people gainfully employed and criminals on the street to generate even more paperwork next time they victimize someone. This is completely normal and that is why Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal is “no big deal”

    This also creates a 2 tier criminal justice system. While Tyrone gets to commit low-mid level offenses with impunity, Billybob gets the full weight of the law on his head. While Tyrone is getting arrested in a Democrat run city, with Democrat prosecutors and Democrat judges who believe in social justice and criminal justice “reform,” Billybob is arrested out in the suburbs or the more rural areas where the law is taken much more seriously.

    • Connivers and dupes deserve Tyrone, and Billybob may be both. Billybob is a sucker for flag waving, chauvinism, and slogans such as “Make America…”. Billybob frequently thirsts for the blood of foreigners who have done him no wrong but who can’t defend theirselves against the military of Billybob’s empire. He thinks little and reads less. Billybob is often a glutton, a lecher, a pugnacious lout, or a gun nut who kills defenseless animals for fun. Probably Billybob is a drunkard or a pothead, too. He’s not even half the victim which you make him out to be.

      • I never painted Billybob as a victim. I don’t want the criminal class to be handled with kid gloves. I want them to live in utter fear of long prison sentences or being shot to death in self defense by someone he is actively trying to victimize.

        Further, the rest of your comment is, frankly, retarded.

      • There’s truth in what he’s saying. The various listed failings of Billybob are what allow him to be controlled by the GAE.

      • You win, yours is the absolute worst comment ever here. There have been others who tried but never achieved what you did today.

      • Some of that may well be true. But I’ll still take him every day of the week and twice on Sunday over the average Hutu.

      • I happen to live in what you derisively call “Billy Bob Land,” so I have a front row seat to what goes on there. Frankly, I would not choose to live elsewhere. Billy Bob’s criminal escapades are generally of the self-destructive variety, viz., drug and alcohol related stupidities, domestic violence and lately, computer/internet-driven pornographic/pedophilic misadventures involving illicit pictures of children. Yes, these things are reprehensible, but they do not perpetrate violence on innocent strangers and, more importantly they are a very small component of Billy Bob World which largely remains quite normal, with normal men and women doing normal man and woman things such as working for a living and raising a family in peace and tranquility. Contrast that with what goes on in your vibrant urban neighborhoods, where merely being in the wrong place at any given time can result in your death by violence. Your criticism of the white population of Billy Bob Land is misplaced and you are, frankly, a very stupid person. Go away.

    • It’s called anarcho-tyranny, and is in full force now but has been floating around for a while as you say. The thing is, though, I think it needs to be properly understood as a way the elites wage war on the citizens. It’s not just about the criminal justice industrial complex. The elites want Tyrone back wreaking havoc on city sidewalks ASAP. The elites do not care if he is harassing old black grannies in his own neighborhood, or well-to-do tourists in downtown. He’s essentially the elites’ weapon against normal people and normal society.

      • I’m not saying you are definitely wrong, but I just don’t think this is that cynical, or at least not that cynical all the time. Though I would definitely agree with you about anarchotyranny.

        I think a lot of them genuinely believe their own BS. They genuinely believe it is some kind of crime against humanity, or at least black people, that so many young black men get arrested and would be in prison if not for all the deal-making and corruption. It genuinely fills them with guilt and shame. Of course, they don’t give a damn about their victims no matter who the victims are..

        Of course, sometimes it really is that cynical. The upper management over at BART did not genuinely believe that all the video showing black people committing the crime on the BART system was giving people the “false impression” that Black people were committing most of the crime on the BART system. Frankly, I’m very surprised that they outright said it. They looked so ridiculous.

        • I believe you and Mycale are both correct. Negroes are indeed agents of derangment acting against normalcy, and they are also “victims” of a “racist” society. There’s no reason members of the Power Structure can’t believe both.

    • Get with the Ebonic program, Tars. Tyrone has become TyRee’k, a far more appropriate moniker, by the by…

  13. What’s most fascinating to me is how unnecessary all of the Biden’s crimes are. High-level politicians and their families can easily get extremely rich via perfectly legal routes.

    However, you generally can’t be too egregious with family members and you have to wait until you are out of office to really cash in via speeches, books, consulting, foundations, boards of directors, etc. Outside of his quick stint from 2016 to 2020, during which time he was mostly running for office, Biden was in office.

    That’s how the Clintons were so effective. After office, Bill would rake in the money while Hillary remained in office. They were getting paid for Bill’s service while in office and Hillary in office. Nice deal.

    Biden didn’t want to give up the direct power of being a senator or president, so he needed his crackhead son to get the money.

    Regardless, if the Clintons were the first change in the morality of Washington (letting grifters scam the system), the Bidens are a second wave. Even the Clintons kept things (sort of) under the surface. The Bidens are just out in the open.

    There’s no going back from here. Leaders that openly take bribes and use law enforcement and the courts to punish opponents is the end game. Add to that the demographic changes and election shenanigans that will allow the Dems to control the White House (and thus law enforcement) permanently, and you have a South American system of government.

    The only real question is how long will it take Grillercons (and non-white hating whites in the military and law enforcement) to understand the change that has occurred. Once they understand the new reality, they’ll need to make a choice.

    • ” The only real question is how long will it take Grillercons (and non-white hating whites in the military and law enforcement) to understand the change that has occurred.”

      I think it will be pretty simple. One day we’ll wake up, to find out that all has collapsed. I think it will happen that quickly and suddenly, even though the signs were there all along..

      • I used to think that we’d just have a slow slide to a Brazil-like situation, no fireworks, no break-up, just decline.

        Now, I’m not as sure. Our rulers seem intent on pushing things far more than they need to. What would have been the big deal about letting Trump win a second term. He wasn’t changing the long-term trajectory or “draining the swamp.”

        Trump was a bump in the road for our rulers. Let him win and quietly reinforce the election process (while also letting demographics take their toll) and get back on track in 2024. Instead, our rulers went ballistic – and it’s costing them.

        Our rulers didn’t have to start WWIII with Russia and China. But they did – and it’s costing them.

        Our rulers were doing fine in their goal to turn America into a corrupt Brazil that they could rule easily. Instead, they seem intent on provoking whites and running down the economy until something breaks.

        • I think that they are driven by irrational hatred of normal white men. They literally cannot stop themselves.

          They also hate the fact that a lot of white guys are still doing well, having families, and ignoring their hysteria. This drives them ever crazier. A lot of white guys aren’t following them off the cliff.

          They also believe their own narrative that white people are the past, and in the future there will be a vibrant diverse utopia. Problem is that there are over 200 million whites in North America. And we aren’t going anywhere. Us white people are preventing the utopia from being achieved.

          Basically they’re insane and seeing normal white men causes crushing cognitive dissonance and mental insanity. We beat them just by existing, which is kind of funny.

          Tldr the regime has a massive white person problem.

          • Hold on there, Hoss.

            Maybe that explains Grillybob.

            The Grillers have already gone Amish.

            They live as free men in their minds.

            (As free, at least, as this wicked world has ever allowed.)

            Do the best you can with what you have, where you’re at- well that’s as much as most all anybody could do, anytime in history.

        • That is me. For a long time I have realized there is a fragmentation and dissolution underway. Hard facts in addition to observation support this. But I assumed that would be a long-term project. Increasingly, it looks like the clowns will do something so catastrophic that the whole bitch implodes. My hope is that it doesn’t prove fatal to all of us but I wouldn’t put money on it.

          • I’d love to see the rat-bastards get theirs.

            What’s scary, though, is that they feel the same way about me.

          • Jack-

            My thinking is that the lunatic effort to electrify everything with so-called renewables while removing fossil fuels (for lack of a better term) and nuclear power is going to be what eventually pushes the GAE economy and society over cliff.

            I don’t think CW 2.0 with the red states breaking away is going to work out for dissidents because the death cult in charge will move to flying cruise missiles at or even tac-nuking red state oil refineries and power plants.

            As we know from the Ukraine conflict, there is no effective GAE air defense against these types of weapons.

        • I’ve often wondered the same thing. Just let Trump go and do his 4 more years and he won’t do squat. Maybe another platinum plan to release black criminals or maybe bomb Syria, pointlessly again but so what. There was something else behind the Trump hate. Immigration is always on my mind. I think they want so badly to replace the population that they could not anyone who even made a slight effort to curb it. That might be a stretch but it does seem that population replacement is the number 1 priority of the administration. They even took Texas to court because they put up some half way barrier in the Rio Grande.

        • B125: “Basically they’re insane and seeing normal white men causes crushing cognitive dissonance and mental insanity. We beat them just by existing, which is kind of funny.”


          If you’re an Old School White Christian Alpha Chad who doesn’t put up with lib-sh!t nonsense in professional environments, then even the worst of the Karens will get thoroughly wet between their legs for you.

          [I can’t guarantee that you won’t get fired, nor that the deal you were working on will fall through & collapse, but you WILL get laid. I promise. You WILL get laid.]


          Alzaebo: “The Grillers have already gone Amish. They live as free men in their minds.”

          There’s a fellow over at G@b, called “WardenX2”, who, if he were still single, and behaving as I’m describing above, could [and would] get laid by pretty much any chick in his organization, simply by sticking to his guns and refusing to back down.

          [He’d likely get fired, but he WOULD get laid.]

          Chicks of Klownworld are pining & fantasizing & aching & clawing for real authentic masculinity [to include masculine tempers].

          Yes, the chicks will throw massive sh!t-tests at you, but as you verbally swat down sh!t-test after sh!t-test after sh!t-test, their nether regions will get moister and moister and moister for you.

          I GUARANTEE IT.

          Stand your ground, and then go the offensive, and seize that nether region.

          It’s just sitting there, ready for the taking.

      • Well they’re preparing to outlaw his gas grill, so maybe that will help wake him up. Or maybe not. The dominoes keep falling and Normie doesn’t move. However, I do think there might be a lot of quiet awakening and cold realization. How can there not be in this environment? In business they say to be afraid when a worker *stops* complaining, because that’s the sign he’s truly checked out and determined to quit. Surely everyone has noticed the complete silence that now falls over political matters in mixed company? That’s not a sign of calm or consensus, that’s a sign people are done talking.

    • The only way to proceed is by embracing this underappreciated maxim:

      Live your life according to your own moral code;
      Fight your enemies according to theirs.

      Accordingly, Normie will have to learn to love the taste of blood.

      • Well, he’s lived his adult life eating steak grilled medium-rare, so the jump shouldn’t be too dramatic.

    • I doubt it will collapse. Ask a normal Chinese or Mexican or Russian about corruption in their country, and they’ll shrug their shoulders and basically say they’re only out to get theirs.

      White Americans have had a lot of generations getting used to git-er-done, gentlemen’s-agreement, rule-of-law, norman-rockwell-freedom-of-speech way of things. Normies simply don’t realize that the default settings for human interaction is suspicion or advantage-taking. Previous generations lived in an almost perfect world, and can’t contemplate that the US is becoming Mexico.

      And people like us, Z-readers, assume that our evolution from Norman Rockwell to Normano Gutierrez means collapse. It’s just an unfortunate regression to the human mean. White people have enormous potential for progress, or folly. Right now we’re in the folly stage.

      • The difference is that the wealthy in those countries don’t hate their own people. Doesn’t necessarily mean they care about them. But you gotta do what you gotta do – if they don’t grift somebody else will take their money.

        • Correct. The Third World corruption also has an internal logic and realizes actions have consequences. The folks in charge in the West are irrational at best and likely psychotic. Worse of all, they may be suicidal.

    • So, I think grillercons and normies, in many ways, get that we are living in a different country than we used to. I know that a lot of people on this side don’t think so. Yet, you know, not that long ago whenever I read about some insanely flagrant abuse of power I would see comments like “the FBI needs to investigate this!!!!”. I don’t see those comments anymore. Normies know the FBI is just another institution of leftist tyranny. Everybody knows that these Trump prosecutions are just banana republic nonsense and nobody expects Trump to get a fair trial in any of them. Nobody really trusts the CDC or medical establishment anymore. Even trust for the military has dropped precipitously as it has become obvious it is a leftist institution for social engineering (the truth is, it has been since the 1940s at least, but that’s a different story). Even your mind blind griller could see the the system arresting people who are praying in front of an abortion building while paying off BLM rioters.

      The past four or five years have really shown just how rotten the entire system is, top to bottom. They really have accelerated this thing and continue to do so. Now, what does this mean in the long run, i don’t know. I am sure it is leading a lot of disillusionment, and a lot of people are trying to keep their head down to protect what little they have.

      • Nobody has an answer. It’s easier for a lot of people to bury their head in the sand and try not to notice, then living with a giant problem that is out of their control.

      • Seems we are following the typical empire collapse trajectory. The penultimate step appears to be an overall distrust in the institutions, which then leads to widespread apathy and finally collapse. I can’t think of a single institution in the GAE I would trust. I can’t imagine expending the least effort to preserve the GAE. My view may not have reached a critical mass yet, but I suspect it is getting there. A real war with China/Russia would be a litmus test – how many will sign up for it, even with a new false flag Pearl Harbor?

    • You need to understand their psychology if you want an understanding of why they relentlessly press things “farther than they need to”. It is also a reason why a Karl Denninger level of “it’s only about money” analysis cannot completely explain everything.

      The problem in the mind of the sociopath is not that they don’t have enough (wealth, power, security, freedom, etc.), it’s that YOU have anything at all.

      • Yes, this does seem to be the case. It’s truly a religion for liberal whites and ethnic/racial hatred for non-whites, especially the tribe.

        They don’t want to run Brazil of the North. They want our people beaten and, preferably, gone.

        • The issue isn’t just that this social justice program is a religion to them, although it is. It is that these people reject objective reality. They assume there is no limit on their power, and whatever they say is the truth. The contrast is, if you are a Christian who believes that God created the Heavens and Earth and infused it with a sense of order, and furthermore gave us reason to discern His order, then you know that there is a very hard limit on man’s capabilities. You know that, say, if God made you a man then you are a man and nothing you do or say can change that.

          So what’s the issue here, if you believe that reality is what you say it is, then ipso facto, there is no limit on how far you will push things. So when you say here, this man is now a woman, you have created a woman.

          • God made the universe by speaking it into existence. They seek to be gods, speaking their own realities into existence. Rebellion against the Father to try to supplant the Father: tale as old as time.

    • It’s just another symptom of the decline. The naked corruption of the Bidens and Clintons was just not considered acceptable to the old guard. They were both mindful enough and smart enough to nip it in the bud. They were weeded out long before they got near the national spotlight and power. But as the top of the managerial class declines, so does their abilities.

  14. Bagels, may be ideologically driven. It is also highly likely that there is some payoff for doing this. She or a family or friend will get an appointment, a contract, a title or all three for having done this.

    It seems that survival and winning has been left out of the set of principles on our side. This is the problem the right has. I have written about this in previous posts. If they play to win and remove the cancers, they abandon their principles and think they destroy their own system. They are confused. That is a defense of the system that then assures that people who will play by the proper principles are the only ones permitted to sit at a wheel.

    Eventually, some Bagel, Biden, Obama or other such actor will do something that results in a great harm to a powerful but neutral figure. Their father will get shot in Brooklyn walking the street by a feral buntu on a scooter and bleed out alone with zero dignity (this happened a couple of weeks ago on camera). Someone’s son will be playing by their rules but get passed over. A private jet will be grounded and a family member forced to fly affirmative action commercial and die in a crash.

    Then, when it hits home, said persons will be angry and look out and see us, who are way ahead of them and realize they may just have the numbers, quality and proper disposition to put the bad batch of Bagels and the rest of this regime out back in a dumpster somewhere.

    • Looks like Bengels/Bagels is going with the “misunderstood” defense as who is the court going to believe: a lowly clerk or an Ivy League law grad?

      • Rule no 2 of litigation: if you mess with a judge’s staff, you will lose; the case, a night in jail, your license (depending on severity). That is a very, very lit third rail.

  15. “The ends justify the means. The other side of the dilemma are the people who reject this. They think the means justify the ends and that we must always respect the process.”

    “What this example shows is that the people who think the end justifies the means will always defeat the means justify the end unless the latter makes an exception and embraces the ethos of the former in order to restore order.”

    Machines break down without maintenance, the letter of the law can be twisted. There has to be an ordering principle, and it ain’t in the ideas or the stuff! It’s not making an exception, but understanding what you’re ackshully dealing with. We moderns have had that understanding bred out of us, but the primitives still get it.

    • This is really the point. Having “faith in the system” is just euphemism for putting yourself on autopilot, which is a convenience that becomes addictive. It’s also unavoidable. Maintaining full awareness of everything, all the time, is an impossible task, and this is why human history will never be “solved” as if it were simply a tricky math problem which might yet yield to exceptional brilliance. There will always be new challenges because man himself is finite.

      • Right on. Use it or lose it. If there isn’t a mountain to climb, you’d better at least hit the gym. Luckily for us, we don’t don’t lack the challenge today, if we’d just accept it.

      • The real problem is that waaay more than half the population is too stupid to understand and too overburdened with economic survival priorities to spend the time necessary to discover/learn/care/act. As with Ancient Rome, keep the bread and circuses coming and you’ll avoid popular uprising.

        • You’re right but it has always been thus. The old school commies didn’t start winning until they accepted it: the working class will never rise on its own. They’re not too stupid, they’re too busy (in an updated class analysis I would also include here would include here middle class grillers with a 401k and kids to put through college). There has to be a vanguard with either the intellectual disposition or the economic wherewithal to do politics full time.

  16. “…partisanship is not primarily about rooting for your side, but a hatred of the enemy.”

    Avert not your eyes.

    Here, then, is a personal example of the boiling rage, the white-hot hatred of everything Other, once taught to every child in America’s extremist institutions:

    Mom, high school, in the year 1930:

    Chew tobacca
    Chew tobacca
    Spit spit spit

    Garland beat White school,
    Nit nit nit!

  17. You know what? It can’t be fixed. None of it. It’s too far gone and it won’t end until the collapse and dissolution of the United States. We don’t have anyone of caliber and ruthlessness like a Constantine I purging the Praetorian guard, or a Mahmud II liquidating the Janissaries.

    If Vladimir Putin dropped a megaton hydrogen device on Washington D.C. while Congress was in session, all of our problems would disappear in a nano second.

      • Just remember that little quip Stalin made one time. He said that when you get down to it, death really solves all problems.

    • I get where you are coming from. It should be noted, we have not one, but two generals assigned to fly around 24/7 to avoid military leadership being taken out in a first strike. They will in all likelihood initiate a full on retaliation and start a world nuclear war with everyone who we’ve have a bone to pick with. No really a scenario for a constructive restart.;-)

  18. They’re trying to get Trump lawyers disbarred and alternative electors convicted with felony charges, and we don’t even have the institutional power to take down such a cartoonish caper.

    Even in this cynical day and age, I have trouble believing this is real, and a lot of dissidents probably feel the same way. If we have trouble grasping the reality of our times, how are we going to convince your average Team Red friend?

    • Cartoonish is the word.

      Eventually they’ll get around to assassinating Trump, flat-out daring us to do something about it (Biden’s rhetorical specialty and one remaining faculty), and siccing our Pardo Pride Parade military on us, but each escalating step in the process has been so damn stupid.

      They could just *do it*. Someone in there knows it and he’s tearing his hair out.

    • “Team Red”: PERHAPS not exceptionally bright, but CERTAINLY not temperamentally disposed to “rock the boat.”

  19. When do we get Lindsay Graham on Hannity declaring that we will have hearings and get to the bottom of it?
    Hannity can screech on for weeks about something like this and in the end nothing will be done.
    Our only consolation might be is that with this stuff going on almost daily maybe the end of empire is truly nearing.

    • Just remember that from the start to the end when the Hammer and Sickle was taken down at The Kremlin, the Soviet Union collapsed in 17 weeks.

    • The pacifier of Con, Inc., long ago ceased to work for the multitudes. More people than we acknowledge now realize Team Red is at best impotent but more than likely complicit. They are fed and warm and put up with it for the time being.

    • OT, but I saw a clip of Hannity interviewing RFK, Jr. about the Ukraine war. Kennedy patiently explained that NATO expansion was a provocation, that the West had sabotaged negotiations, etc. Hannity stared blankly and kept interrupting to proclaim that “Putin is evil.” Either it’s a dumb act for the boomercons or the man actually has the worldview of an eight-year-old child. He probably eats Freedom Fries for lunch every day.

      • Hannity has his marching orders. It isn’t that media personalities are dumb (although many of them are), but they’re the sorts of people who don’t really care about politics. They care about having a speedboat and what their hair looks like. So when their boss tells them that the line is “Putin bad, Ukraine good” they don’t give a shit if it’s true or not.

        I remember a long time ago my parents ended up at some dinner event thing seated next to a local news anchor. Completely vapid. My mom said his trophy wife reminded her of the first graders she taught.

      • Been mentioned before, so once more: “Hannity is the stupidest man on the radio/TV, bar none!”

        Yes, he does have the political mentality of an 8 yo. The problem with Hannity is not that he’s stupid. It’s that he appeals to an extensive audience of people, who by extension are even stupider than Hannity.

    • That Trey Gowdy fellow will BLAST the witnesses and the dauntless Ted Cruz will SLAM their lies.

      Then the cameras go off and everyone on both sides at the hearings goes to the bar together to share champagne and underage hookers and the rest of us back in flyover country can get F’ed too.

  20. Some people choose to study law because of justice, rule of law and such noble nonsense, others study law because law is a tool they can use to screw the common coffers out of money and further the interests of themselves, their network and their people? Only the powerless believe in justice.

  21. There is no more justice in America, and that will only be fixed by a “Storming the Bastille”-level event and subsequent excitement. Heads must literally roll.

    • I won’t live long enough to see it, but one day in DC there will be a remake of “Christmas With the Ceaușescus”

      • Don’t count yourself out. All of this will occur within another 10 years, possibly sooner if something really crazy happens, i.e., Poland invading Western Ukraine would be a good catalyst.

        I’ll never forget December 25, 1989. It was the coldest Christmas day in my life of 59 years, and I still smile about the clip of a Romanian News Announcer saying that The Antichrist had been executed on Christmas Day.

        • And directly the Antichrist was executed, a legion of demons swarmed into America.

    • Yep, the ONLY any this s*** ever gets fixed, if it’s even possible, is with a lot of fire and brimstone, among others.

    • Historical fun fact:

      It was the Marquis de Sade himself who incited the Storming of the Bastille. While interned there, it was he who started yelling through the bars of his window to passers-by, that the guards were killing the prisoners inside.

      Who will inspire such a love of the disenfranchised in America? Who will respect the rights of the oppressed?

      Roy Epps, I say. Only in the Roy Epps of this land, can we find the highest principles, of upholding the law and speaking out for the common man!

  22. The rule of law has been replaced by the rule of man quite a while back in our country. It was just more subtle in the past so as not to raise the ire of the populus. Although the frog in the pan of slowly heated up water is a myth, the analogy rings true. They slowly at first, then all of a sudden, have decided that consent or concern from the citizenry is no longer an issue. And why would they? What signs or indication has the public shown that they would face consequences for the corruption and deceit?

    • Pop·​u·​lus
      : a genus of trees (family Salicaceae) that is native to the northern hemisphere, that has resinous buds, numerous stamens, incised bracts, and elongated stigmas, and that is well known in cultivation


    • The “rule of law” is claptrap promoted by a class of people who want to obscure an old truth. Human laws, so called, and their enforcement amount to a system of rule by men, and sometimes by women, too. Such a system is not necessarily a bad thing, but obscurring or misrepresenting the truth about it is childish and insidious.

      Now, in the USA since at least 1787, neither consent nor concern from the citizenry has been much of an issue, except as a matter of propaganda and faith building. Read the very first sentence of our Constitution. “We the People…do ordain and establish this Constitution…” it insists. The assertion may warm the hearts of populists all over the world, but it’s contradicted by our own record of history, which anyone can verify: Many fewer than 1/2 of the people had anything to do with imposing the C, which was done with the trick of ratification conventions. When one of the states, Rhode Island I think it was, ignored Article VII and held a referendum on the Con, FEWER THAN TEN PERCENT voted for it. Notice also that Article VII pretends to tell you all about the law of “Ratification” and “Establishment” before both ratification and establishment. This sort of trickery is the very nucleus of “the rule of law”.

      We need to admit that Americans have had for centuries a great fake law used as a smokescreen for a system of rule by deceitful man and delusional man. So to say that our system needs to have its rot removed is not very helpful. The system and its leading people are wholly rotten. Both must go, and we can see signs every day that the USA will drag the world into prison or to death if allowed to carry on indefinitely with her ways.

      • “Rule of law” just mean rule by the men who wrote the law. Then the men who interprept and then the men who enforce the law try to bend it to their respective purposes. Trying to evade the fact that men are, are always, and must always be ruled by other men always leads inexorably to the same end that all denials of reality end with. Failure, death, and destruction

    • As Arthur notes, the.frog accepting a slow boiling is a bad metaphor because it is untrue. The frog will jump out of the hot water at some point.

      Given that we have so many experiences where people slowly accept what they would immediately reject, you’d think we would have a better metaphor than the inaccurate slowly boiling frog.

      Any suggestions?

      • Being slowly suffocated. As the brain gets less and less oxygen, it goes into a torpor and what is seen as acceptance is more the lack of the ability of the brain to do anything about it.

        A real life example would be a jet that loses pressurisation and the pilots don’t act quickly enough. There are enough examples where the planes continued to fly on autopilot till they finally crashed after the fuel was exhausted.

        The end result is extinction.

  23. Kipling’s “The Beginnings” will no doubt be cited in the comments. And, truthfully, I can do no better. The refusal to accept hatred as a motivator is one of the more commendably damnable features of most humans.
    I think the inane Sally Field’s comments at some award ceremony need revision: “You hate me. You really, really hate me.”

    • One of the most insidious brainworms of modern times is the phrase “Be Kind”. Translate that in your head as “Bend over and take it” and things become far clearer.

      • Don’t forget the messages seen on yard signs, “Love is Love,” or “Love Everyone Always.” Usually these come from those universal mega-churches, although I think most churches are getting into this messaging.

      • To quote a recent T-shirt in rejoinder, “‘Hate Has No Home Here’ Has No Home Here”

  24. The judge in this case may be okay or may be a useful idiot. Either way, Lefty made an error in trying to deceive the court. If there’s one thing I’ve observed about judges it’s that they hate being messed with. They think they’re entitled to the highest respect and will fly off the handle is you screw with their court.

    • True, but I assume the people doing this have the ability to destroy the judge’s life if she messes up their plan. She is also most likely a regime sympathizer. Possible this could make her sentence Hunter to a trivial amount of time in jail just to send them a message though.

    • Unless Bagels/Bengels is disbarred, they are all on the same side.

      Once involved in a case where the other side canceled a hearing on a motion set by OUR side without informing anyone. We all show up for court sans the other side, and the judge asks what gives. Clerk tells him the other side called and canceled the hearing. Judge immediately gets other side on the phone and tells him to get his ass to court. Went downhill for him from there.

      Can’t imagine what would happen to someone who faked being the other side’s attorney and withdrew a pleading.

  25. “Events that should warrant national coverage go unmentioned, while trivial nonsense gets wall-to-wall coverage…”

    Today’s headline news: “It is Hot in Late July: We’re All Gonna Diiieeeeee!!!”


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