Nature Finds A Way

Despite being our greatest ally and an obsession for Republican party leaders, few have noticed that Israel has been in disarray for years. Politically there is a battle between two main factions that see no room for compromise. This has now spilled into the streets in mass protests over a new law curbing court power. Internationally, Israel has never been less significant. Its main patron, the American Empire, is busy trying to start a nuclear war with Russia and China.

At the moment, tens of thousands of Israelis are rioting over plans to overhaul the legal system, limiting the power of the courts. This plan is championed by the conservatives, led by Bibi Netanyahu. The point is to give the parliament more power by limiting the courts’ ability to annul laws passed by the parliament. Israel is a single chamber parliament where the prime minister is the leader of the ruling coalition, so it means two thirds of government are run by the prime minister.

There is a bit of the familiar lunacy in these protests. The people setting fires and destroying things claim the other side is committing acts of violence. This is the old “your speech is violence; our violence is speech” business we have come to expect from the regime toadies throughout the empire. They also claim that limiting democracy through the courts is the only way to defend democracy. Democracy means rule by the permanent ruling elite, contrary to the public will.

What is really happening here is demographics. For generations, liberal Ashkenazi Jews has ruled Israel. Liberal in this case means pro-Western. They aligned Israel with the West, primarily the United States, turning it into a beachhead for the empire in the region and a staging ground for Jewish activism in the West. The reason Republican presidential candidates swear allegiance to Israel is because of the massive amount of influence Israel has in Washington.

This is changing as the number of ultra-orthodox and non-Western Jews grows relative to the population as a whole. The simple fact is the pro-Western population has not been having babies, while the very conservative population has been producing around six births per female. The guys with the fur cylinders on their heads have been winning the most important political battle, the fertility battle. Netanyahu now represents this very conservative demographic in Israeli politics.

These ultra-conservative voters are not particularly interested in courting Western opinion or in buying influence in Washington. They are focused on making Israel a Zionist paradise free of non-Jews, especially the Palestinians. They are also not interested in the endless political intrigue that defines the Middle East. Imagine if the Amish were hyper-violent and they seized control of Pennsylvania. That is what is about to happen to Israel as the ultra-orthodox take over politics.

Of course, the political turmoil and civil unrest should be making Israel more vulnerable to Arab attacks, but no one is worried about it. The reason is the surrounding Arab countries do not care that much about Israel, other than as a source of Western shenanigans in the region. Officially, the Arab world remains opposed to Israel, but unofficially they have other concerns. The Arab-Israeli wars were a long time ago and much has changed since then.

This reality is reflected in the population. The typical Arab in that part of the world is indifferent to Israel and Jews, but there remains a minority that obsess over the topic, so everyone just ignores it. The truth is Jews and Arabs are fine doing business with one another and living in peace. The exception is in the Palestinian territories, but the truth is no one likes the Palestinians. They are the least sympathetic party in the region and their only supporters are on the American college campus.

The subtext to the unrest in Israel is the declining influence of the Global American Empire on Israel and the region. Twenty years ago, Washington would have stopped this legislative agenda in Israel with one phone call. Today the Netanyahu regime has no fear of the Biden people. They see what is happening in the world and are thinking about the world that comes after the American empire. Israel in the post-America world will not have the luxury of indulging in liberal niceties.

The post-American Middle East may be more stable for the simple reason that Washington will not be pitting one group against the other. China and Russia are ready to fill the void left by America and they care only about business. The Russians are poised to become the dominant energy power in the world, while China is the manufacturing base of the world. Neither country sees unrest in their interests, so they could be a calming influence on regional politics.

Putting that aside, the critics of the Israeli plan to limit the courts are right to say it is an erosion of democracy, as long as you use the managerial definition of democracy, which means rule by the managerial class. What these changes represent is a frontal assault on one of the main sources of power by their managerial class. The other power center for them is the secret police. American-style liberal democracy is on the retreat in Israel because it is on the retreat everywhere now.

What is happening in Israel is an example of the great chain of causality. Politics are downstream from biology and culture. Israel is a land full of people who like wearing strange headgear as they furiously argue with one another over what John Derbyshire once described as “elaborate, plausible, and intellectually very challenging systems that do not, in fact, have any truth content.” Israeli politics will not resemble Western politics because Israeli is full of non-Western people.

In the larger sense, the happenings in Israel are another chapter in what will be a haphazard and often chaotic retreat of the Global American Empire. The war in Ukraine is one of those chapters. There is a good chance that a war with China over Taiwan will be another chapter. Like weeds growing through a sidewalk, however, the nature of the world is slowly pushing through the cultural and political norms imposed on the world by the Global American Empire and returning to its natural state.

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163 thoughts on “Nature Finds A Way

  1. Israel becoming a domain of the ultra-orthodox will have positive and stabilizing effects in the region for the reasons cited in the piece. There is another reason as well. Rightly or wrongly, much of the world, including places like South East and East Asian that have no history with Jews, view Israel as a Western colonial entity in a non-Western part of the world. This suggests that Ashkenazim Jews are also viewed as “Western” colonialists in a non-Western part of the world. Their links with Washington no doubt fuel this sentiment. By Israel becoming fundamentally non-Western in the eyes of the world, and making peace with the Arabs, will go a long way to overcoming the image of Israel being a Western colonial entity which, in turn, will increase Israel’s standing and reputation with the rest of the world.

  2. Christians would clamor about god’s kingdom (“thy kingdom comes”). But it is MY kingdom, Nature, that will come.

    As for the Jews (and many other groups), only those who can survive in Nature will survive in the end. A high verbal IQ, while advantageous in civilized societies, means very little in my kingdom. Be useful/necessary or die.

    – King Kong

    • “Be useful/necessary or die.”

      Does that not summarize the policy of odious bigots who crave to live in a world without Caucasian and mixed Caucasian-West European people? We are deemed unnecessary and (in the long term) useless. Therefore subjugation now and extinction later.

  3. Ashkenazis have been far more successful and maintaining power in the US than in Israel. They have convinced many of the American people whom they despise that having large families is morally wrong and a burden that limits women’s ability to have fun.

    In Israel we see the opposite of America. The woke are rioting in both places but in America the rioters have the full support of all institutions. In Israel the woke control nothing except to a limited degree the courts. In Israel the right is fighting for its constituency. In America the “right” despises it’s constituency and reassures their matters nothing will fundamentally change when they get power. In Israel the right wants an ethic state. In America it dreams of making itself irrelevant by importing hordes of people who want big, liberal government.

    One of the reasons normie conservatives I know love Israel is they would like the US to be like it. What they can’t allow themselves to see is that the reason the US isn’t like Israel has a lot to do with their favorite tribe.

  4. Limiting the power of judges is anti-Semitic.

    Once Cornelius Rye has established his faction as the principle political force in Occupied Palestine, these judicial reforms will be scrapped under the guise of “restoring democracy.”

    You heard it here first.

  5. As a very secular Jew ( on surveys that ask religion I answer none instead of Jewish) it is surprising how much I am rooting for the Orthodox side. The protesters are part of the globohomo side that I despise.

  6. Well, shoot. A side note about the vaccines, because many point out, “Israel is the most vaccinated country in the world? What were they doing? Killing themselves? With Sanhedrin vaccines?”

    Doesn’t make any sense, right?

    Except- the vaccines verifiably came in controlled batches, indicated with serial numbers ending in a 1, 2, or 3.

    A “1” denotes “saline shot.” Harmless, applied of course to the ruling class and their public puppets.

    It turns out possibly as much of 94% of Israel’s vaccinations were of batch #1.

    A few scores could be settled in house.
    And they could promote both the weapon and their innocence, loudly and triumphantly, while demonstrating to all, especially White Christians, to get on the Right Side of History.

  7. Today’s was an illuminating essay. While I make no claim to knowing Judaism in detail, I have read a few books and even took an undergrad course years ago. Even if one only considers the “modern” period (say, the past few centuries) “Jewish” is a very big tent indeed. Z’s essay gives a hint of that and the dissentions that arise, but that’s only a fraction of it. If I may bring out the well-worn trope that Jews secretly control the world via banking, etc. there probably is a grain of truth there. But the majority of those, I suppose to be the Ashkenazi, those almost-Europeans that save for religious and cultural identities would be indistinguishable from their Gentile counterparts.

    Being the resident Nietzsche whore, I must close with some of his thoughts: While he was no fan of their religion, he generally spoke well of the European Jew and foresaw their full(er) normalization and integration into the European society of his day.

    Essays like today’s, or other reading, will give insight that The Tribe is no more immune than Christians or other major religous/ethnic groups to dissention, factions, and (at least in olden times) outright warfare. To think they are a unifed power is the height of naivete.

    • A brilliant insight below declares that the Holo story provided a temporary unification; I think that may have been its main purpose, with casting guilt on whites a secondary (but just as important) benefit. A win-win, by their lights.

      Still, as you say. These feminine-minded thinkers are like women in the longhouse: uniting only to betray the men who oppress them, and immediately turning to claw each other’s eyes out when the men’s rule is cacaphonic.

      No wonder they have to piggyback their way into empire. The Book itself is full of these internal squabbles.

      The only time they got some stability is when the the sheiks, ‘Judges’, accepted a hereditary line of succession under a king*; their Aryan tribal branches kept with Aryan tradition of ‘electing’ kings on merit, and squabbled over succession as much as any English, Celtic, Gallic, or Viking house, unable to unite.

      Once they had it written down in the war manual, is when they realized, “hey! Organize, organize, organizing is our superpower, our secret weapon!”

      *(The Hebrew-Israelite wars, I believe it starts in Samuel and goes thru Kings.)

  8. Israel is becoming an ultra-orthodox, high reproduction, theocratic society that’s rejecting globohomo…. geez, where do I sign up?

    • The only problem is that Orthodox people tend to be hideously ugly and ugliness is a sign of genetic mutations. They may breed in numbers, but the quality is subpar and eventually Nature will take them out. For it is only the strong that can survive in the end.

  9. Fuck Israel.

    I hope Iran acquires nuclear weapons and turns that entire shitty country into glass.

    The entire world will cheer (except for handful of America “conservative” idiots) and there will be peace in the Middle East again.

    • My favorite comments are those evenly split likes and dislikes. With this crowd it’s quite an achievement.

  10. It should be noted that until a generation ago that excepting the US no Common Law country allowed its courts to review the constitutionality of parliamentary laws. Since then the parliaments of the other Anglophone countries have passed legislation permitting the courts to do so.

    The US Constitution, also, does not grant the Supreme Court, or any other court, the right to judge the constitutionality of laws of Congress. That “right” was a usurpation of Chief Justice Marshall that was allowed to stand and is now set in stone. If Jackson had arrested Marshall, and nullified his arrogation of power, much court mischief in this country would have been avoided.

    You should also note that Israel has the form of a parliamentary democracy. In parliamentary democracies all powers are vested in the parliament, and there is no separation of powers. A simple majority in a parliamentary democracy can do anything to anyone.

    The underlying problem in Israel is/was that the Court is self-appointed, a committee of judges appoints all new judges, the Knesset has no role.

  11. Does anyone share the sentiment that there is a difference between becoming CEO and having that be sort of like a box check on a bucket list – and actually running something?

    I’m of the view that we all have cargo cult thinking and some people have more blatant versions of it than others. Five years ago, I oppose low skilled central american immigration as I do now. But I was still in support of high skilled (read subcon) immigration as I would say things like “look at the number of bigtime CEOs that are immigrants”.

    Increasingly I’m of the view that that is treating the status of becoming a business executive more like being a milestone such as bowling a perfect game or getting a JD/MD rather than the act of running a business itself. Not that a lot of big businesses in this country are on our side anyways and maybe them being turned to sh-t is good in the long run.

    But the sort of magical thinking I have is sort of a departure from the more traditional founder/owner idea of a businessman like a Ford or Edison.

    • This is rooted in what I call “presumption of abundance.” It is important to have the First Black President. It is not important what kind of president he is. It is important to have the First Transgenderqueer CEO. It is not important what kind of CEO that is. Because abundance is presumed. Since nothing but abundance has been known. Anything else is unfathomable. Only child labor laws have thus far prevented the first Kindergartener CEO.

      • True. And for those people not actively bent on wrecking civilization, there is a presumption that civilization runs on autopilot. Competence, lawfulness, rationality, vigilence, intelligence, and yes, even violence, are unnecessary. Civilization is self-sustaining.


  12. The eeeeeeeeevil jooooooos are caught on the horns of race reality…or at least their shitlibs are. Palestinians and jews are much like whites and blacks: give a jew or white man a pile of bricks, and he’ll build a house. Give blacks or palestinkians a brick house…and they’ll reduce it to a pile of bricks. There is no wishful thinking that will change that, and all careless social experiments will do is raise the body counts.

    I think you’re missing the boat here, Z. Or maybe I am, but here goes: every human society has a “managerial class”. It’s how we roll. Managerial classes, just like govts – can be good or bad. It all depends on who is running the show. The liberals are so infatuated with equality and stamping out any discrimination…that we can no longer discriminate against stupidity, incompetence or criminal behaviour! Traits which are overwhelmingly present in both blacks and Palestinians. You can’t run a country or a business like this.

    Israel is cleaning house. We will do the same; in both our countries the judiciary is infested with morons, ideologues, perverts and traitors. Clean them up, install men with courage and wisdom…and they will clean the other institutions up too. We are not screwed – we just need to clean up our act. Fwance, Britain and Germany will almost certainly have to begin lowering the boom on their liberals too. Leftist Euro govts are going to start to fall any day now.

    • On a different tack, I have taught many American Jewish kids, and known many Jewish parents and teachers…I have noticed in recent years a decided decline in interest in Israel, and more so living in Israel..An old lady of our acquaintance owns two apartments in Tel Aviv worth millions, but lives in a very modest house in Illinois…Her husband, recently deceased, a Jew of Iraqi birth, was a professor and taught at the university level all his life…in Texas…

    • “give a jew or white man a pile of bricks, and he’ll build a house.”

      You are assuming that the competent people can join together with their competence commanding their deepest loyalty.

      The most intelligent chosen hate people like you more than they love competence. The less intelligent chosen hate the palestineans most and you second.

      Wise up.

    • Glen F.
      I truly do not understand how you earned 8 frowns (you also have 8 smiles as I read this). I reread it several times and am befuddled at my lack of understanding the reasoning for this. Would someone explain to me what you’re disagreeing with? Is it saying the jooos need to do what we ourselves must do? It sounded like perfect logic to me, I just don’t get it.

      • I think folks may mistake my intent as cucking for jews or maybe going soft on them? I realized (too late, like many) that the jews are not our friends and never will be – and that is on them, not on us. And yes, there may be any number of anecdotal exceptions… but they ARE the exceptions. There’s a reason these guys got thrown out of every single country they ever took refuge in.

        Thank you AM – indeed, all I meant to say with this is that our problems are similar. We can deal with it by purging our gubbimints of jewish influence – or we can start breaking the toys they have appropriated to place us at a disadvantage. The courts will be an excellent place to start.

    • There is important difference in population dynamics between Israel and Europe and USA (to a smaller degree). The right in Israel keeps growing exponentially fueled by the Ultra-Orthodox. Europeans don’t have this kind of ethnic reservoir, the only group with above replacement birth rate in Europe are Muslims and other immigrant groups (at least in the first 1-2 generation before the sterilizing effect of our civilization kicks in even for them) and ex-working class underclass currently living of benefits.

  13. The legal subtext here is that the political left in Israel had, over the decades, stacked the court system with activist, leftist (read: Marxist) judges who used “creative” legal theories to block the political center/right from legislating. It’s the same problem Poland had that caused it to revise its court system to get rid of (or dilute the power of) their holdover Marxist judges, and quite frankly the same problem the US legal system faces.

    The Western left is screaming bloody murder over this (and the reforms Poland implemented) because they know damn well they can’t implement their platform through legitimate democratic means, so they need to own the courts to impose their platform by force. If the Republican party were serious, then judicial reform would be at the top of its national agenda.

    Come the revolution, all federal judges appointed by Democrats might find it in their best interest to resign from the bench.

    • Hear, hear. All the Supreme court justices in Israel come from one small, and very radical, county on the border with Palestine.

    • Resign!? Some of them will be lucky if they don’t need a one way ticket out of the country.

  14. In the past the ultra-orthodox in Israel have used what political power they have to extract more “gibs” from the gov’t in the form of allowances and funding for Yeshiva. With their shockingly low labor participation rate, educational attainment, and the fact that they can indefinitely defer military service while they are involved in “religious studies” they’re basically welfare parasites. Which as we all know can be sustained only in small numbers. They’re still small in number, but the present trajectory is unsustainable.

    • Whoever down-voted. I’m listening. Show me what I said was wrong.
      Because if it is I’d like to know. I don’t want to spread BS and I wish people wouldn’t believe BS. Are you disputing that the ultra-orthodox in the Knesset haven’t advocated for increased allowances and increased funding for Yeshiva? Or about military service? This stuff is in the mainstream EL press in Israel.

  15. Imagine if the Amish were hyper-violent and they seized control of Pennsylvania.

    Don’t tease me like that. Now I won’t be able to stop imagining it!

    • Amos Stoltzfus, lookin’ hard, wearing his Sabbath best purple shirt, and his wide brimmed black hat, his breeches held up by braces, making a rare concession to the “Welsh” ways by cradling an M-4 while sheparding horse-drawn wains full of urban leftists and kneegrows to a camp from which they will never emerge.

      There you go, Vizzini, grist for your fantasy mill.

      • And lynx-eyed brother Jakie, ridin’ shotgun and munchin’ on a wedge of shoofly pie…

        • Ah, shoofly pie, whether dry bottom or wet bottom is fine by me, seeing as how I am half Pennsylvania Deitsch (dialect usage for German). Cope’s dried corn, stewed with milk and brown sugar at Thanksgiving. A Moravian brass band after church in Lititz. A hex sign hangs over the door to my man cave.

  16. Demographics is destiny, as Zman points out. The Orthodox and Haredi Jews are dramatically outbreeding secular leftist Jews in Israel, so it really doesn’t matter who wins this current battle over the judiciary, over the medium and long-term the results are preordained based on demographics.

    The opposite is the case in America. White Americans have sub-replacement birthrates and (((globohomo))) is highly concentrating on swarming the country with Democrat-voting blacks and browns. Therefore even if Americans somehow “win” and overcome grossly in-your-face widespread election fraud (via electronic voting machines, ballot stuffing, ballot harvesting, etc), the win is only very, very temporary without deep structural changes which the right is nowhere close to having the stomach for at this time.

    This post analyzes demographic change in California leading to a permanent Democrat one party state as the model for America as a whole:


    • The other notable element is that the orthodox goblins seperate themselves so much even from the liberal goblins that the liberal goblin culture doesn’t infect their spawn, whereas here we have a perpetual “How do you get em back on the farm once they’ve seen Karl Hungus?” problem.

    • there’s also the fact that even people who have been in america for 3-4 centuries have changed. I watched this movie from 1945 called “State Fair” which featured actor/singer Dick Haymes, who plays a farm boy.

      My first thought when watching this is – do people like this even exist anymore? Even if people like that have ancestors, there own descendants are nothing like them.

      • Could you imagine somebody writing “Don’t Sit under the Apple Tree” and submitting it at a place like Geffen Records? To say he’d get laughed out of the place is the understatement of the century.

        • that’s the thing – its evident in the changing of the generational guard of tribesman. Lew Brown and Sam Stept are two of the three listed writers of “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree.

          Dave Kapp was the founder and president of Decca Records where the Andrews Sisters (who had a hit with don’t sit under the apple tree) was signed.

          All three were members of the tribe but were all born in the 1890s/1900s. Once you had generational turnover, you had guys like David Geffen, Clive Davis etc take control and they were less traditionalist

    • Not so, NF.

      If demographics worked like that, America never would have fallen for mass immigration. Nor would have Europe. All throughout history there are examples of where smaller populations controlled much larger ones. Some would argue that America is run by and for jews. The posts in govt suggest an overwhelming presence of jewry…but whadda I know? A lot of us are definitely dancing to their tune, if that means anything. What are they? A couple percent of the overall population?

      Likewise, Africa: for the last century, when run by a mere handful of white people, African nations hit their cultural high points. Historically blacks are servants, slaves, or criminals. After the revolution and the cull…I can see it being that way again…

      • I personally wouldn’t cite a 20thCentury-Fox movie from 1945
        as anything other than a Hollywood diversion. Probably just me.

  17. As I mentioned in a previous thread, modern Israel was basically the crystallization of postwar internationalism and optimism. It was a state conceived in the image of the United Nations and birthed of the same passion that sacralized the New Deal and elevated the Holocaust into a mythology of cosmic importance.

    But nowadays, welfare states are proving to be unaffordable zombies that impose intolerable costs upon society, while the holocaust has little emotional resonance with anybody under the age of 30. The Boomers, the last generation of WW2 LARPers, are the only people who care about those things and it is passing away with them.

    Modern Israel was entirely a Western creation, perhaps the Western creation. For Israel to redefine itself without the West will not be easy and may not even be possible. At any rate, there will be no such thing as a secular Jew in the future. The most likely outcome is a return to a religious diaspora.

    • “Modern Israel was entirely a Western creation, perhaps the Western creation. For Israel to redefine itself without the West will not be easy and may not even be possible. At any rate, there will be no such thing as a secular Jew in the future. The most likely outcome is a return to a religious diaspora.“

      I don’t know how we’re not stuck in a toxic relationship with each other until the End Times, unless Christianity becomes fully gentile and Jews are able to practice the old religion (Blasphemy! Antichrist!), or until God is well-strangled and truly dead in the West, or until the Jews get a new Moses to lead them out of Egypt and set them straight again. It would be the end of the age, in any case.

      And that’s why I often struggle mightily with faith!

      • I mean, Jesus said, It is finished. After the Resurrection, He told His disciples to preach to the gentiles. Peter and Paul couldn’t let it go. The Cross, and the Empty Tomb, right?

    • Except it wasn’t, it was built in the decades prior and reluctantly blessed off on in 1947. It was achieved through war, work and frankly the British on both sides, as we are now… USA weren’t all that enthusiastic at the time.

  18. I will support Israel on ONE condition.
    They ALL move there.
    Every. Last. One.

    • When Netanyahu is not telling all of the jews everywhere to spy for Israel and giving hero’s welcomes to released spies, he is telling them all to return home to Israel. So returning them home seems reasonable to me.

  19. Great piece Z, but the Palestinians do have a lot of support and funding from the UN, Europe, and the Islamic world in general. Real (not cartoon, ADL-style) anti-Semitism is rampant in Old Europe and among Muslims. The Palestinians are basically used as the wedge to crack Israel.
    Israel is also in an “immovable object meets unstoppable force” situation. On the one hand you have the hardline, utlra-orthodox settler types you mention, with their growing birth rate as they try to outbreed the Arabs, and in the blue corner are all the liberal gay Jews with one foot in NY or LA who aren’t having kids and support whatever the managerial regime decrees.
    These protests also have a strong whiff of BLM/CIA/color revolution about them – wonder how much the Biden regime is involved behind the scenes?

    • I’ve got little to no sympathy for the Palestinians. They need to give up and move on to something else, somewhere else. But screw Israel, Bibi was one of the first heads of state to congratulate Biden and he has been corrupt for years. They’re bombing a sovreign country (Syria) that they are not at war with, they had a hand in starting ISIS and have generally stirred up trouble in the region for years. The right-wingers persecute Arabs and Christians in Isreal and seem to believe that they are entitles to do anything they want.

      I’m not anti-Isreal but I want us to disentangle ourselves from them and I especially want their co-religionists in this country to lose power, influence and wealth. They have too much of all those things now.

      • What the Israelis do in Israel is no concern of ours. If they persecute their minorities, so be it. That is yet another item of evidence demonstrating the idiocy of multiculturalism or even multiethnicity. To each people its independent, sovereign and homogeneous state.

        • Given that billions of dollars are extracted from US and European taxpayers annually and sent to Israel I get to have a “concern” and I get to “notice.”

      • Palestinians: their version of impoverished Mexicans in border maquiladoras. Israel funded Hamas to keep them stirred up and desperate enough to work for lower wages as bracero labor in Israeli-side assembly plants. Labor camps, in other words.

        The P. Authority is there to sponge a cut from UNRWA, split between Israel and the PA.

        If the Palestinian Christians could get a step up, they’d turn that joint into a luxury coastal resort like Eritrea’s Red Sea vacation spots.

        But then, Israel might have less claim over the offshore natgas deposits, stretching from there to Cyprus, or have to share the vig in the Haifa gas lines.

  20. Great, jewish influence in America may be on the wane while pajeet influence is on the rise – though it isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Talk about jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Meanwhile the legacy civnat White population continues to grill and chill – life is good – just ignore out of control blacks, Jews egging them on, queers and tranny idolatry. Those of us on the DR look around and think WTF – this place is frickin toast.

    • I don’t think street poopers have the same capacity to take over. Jews pass for white and can be charismatic, whereas I’m sure everyone has had the experience of a middle-aged Indian or Chinese woman barking at them or carrying on right in your face about how superior they are.

      • As a thought experiment, pointing out all of the segments of government, media, entertainment, corporate that are controlled by Jews wouldn’t give you anything close to the reaction by normies if those were all controlled by Indians or Chinese or Blacks.

      • I came within about two seconds of walking out of the office of one of my doctors, who hails from someplace on the Indian subcontinent. I’ve rarely encountered as much arrorance in a medical professional. In fairness, I’d brought up sensitive issues about why I no longer reposed great trust in the medical system (nothing directly his fault, either.) On the other hand, he shows some flaws. Any highly educated professional who honestly believes (or at least claims) that the Covid-19 vaccines saved “billions” of lives probably doesn’t have the best grasp of imporant facts and as such is not someone I’m likely to entrust my life to. For the time being, I will allow Dr. Brahma Incarnate to order me scanned once a year to make sure the dot in my lung doesn’t grow in size. As such, I remain an income source to his practice.

  21. Interesting article. I don’t know a lot about this topic. I do glance at the local Jewish rag on occasion and have the occasional conversation with elder Jewish guys. Long story short, they have already pivoted to China.

    The Chinese are bent on recovering from the great humiliation. They aren’t going to forget the role certain people played in the Opium trade. Moreover, the Han are not going to permit themselves to be infiltrated and subverted – at least not by anyone other than some internal faction of their own folk. Any deal with them will have to be based on something that produces something of use to them.

    In any case, it is an interesting topic. The revolution against America that succeeded, did so almost entirely because of judicial legislation/decree. Netanyahu and his faction know this and are trying to head it off. Turns out, they may have the same problem with democracy, plebian mercantilism and the mass media age as we do. Managing growth and expansion is done by hyper-specialized people with zero knowledge and interest in managing a cohesive society constituted of people who are far more than economic units of work. Business and market growth degenerates into a cannibalistic enterprise. In reality, managers are mere termites in a huge hurry to eat as much and as fast as they can firmly esconsed in their a priori faith that this activity is only for the greater good.

    I wonder if you implied Z that the transition from nation-state to food truck emporium is in retreat and going back to the nation state. That doesn’t seem to be the case here, in Canada or in Europe.

    Btw, the hair hat and dueling piggy tail crowd has completely taken over entire towns and regions in upstate New York – much to the chagrin of the Ashkenazi who can’t stand them. I don’t know what else that means, but that they seem to be digging in here and in no hurry to go to the homeland.

    • One thing I will respect the Orthodox Jews in New York for is their flagrant refusal to go along with the Covid lunacy. Add to that the flagrant nepotism used to take over neighborhoods, and you see a recipe for victory. That will require a far different mindset though. We’re in this with our tribe, not normie Susie or griller Tom.

    • The Han are very aware of the tribe. Indeed, they admire them in many ways. But the Chinese are very ethnocentric and very aware of how a middle-man, merchant class can gain huge amount of political and economic control over a host country . . . because the Chinese themselves have done the same thing all over Asia.

      Nope, the Jews screwed themselves. It never dawned on them that they might not be able to play the same tricks on the Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc., as they do on a group of people who are trusting and who look like them.

      • The tribe always goes for a win-win. In this case – impoverish native Whites via offshoring, while consumerism performed its identity erasure on the Chinese…oh and make a lot of money in the process of destroying both civilizations. However the tribe doesn’t control the media in China, and thus the brainwashing they perfected on boomers wasn’t possible. They were unable to create a generation of selfish 200# children, while selecting for the most sociopathic to put in positions of power, with the goal of turning it into Globohomo East. Thank GOD for Russia and China’s nukes.

        Side note – back when they were still dreaming of the NWO I saw an article in a military journal claiming that the US military would ultimately be used globally in the giant beehive WEF cities to put down grease fire insurrections.

        • The tribe just assumed that China would follow the rest of the world into dollar debt service and the joys of liberal democracy.

          Instead, the Chinese played the West. They took our money, expertise and technology and built an actual economy, but they refused to let the West own that economy. We could manufacture there, but not own the companies. They would remain boss.

          Don’t get me wrong. The Chinese are corrupt and love debt, but their rulers made sure to keep the problems from both of those internal. The massive real estate debt bubble in China has and is causing a lot of problems, but (((Western))) banks and businesses aren’t coming in and buying everything on the cheap.

          The Chinese have no problem doing business with anyone, but they won’t let foreigners have any control over the commanding heights of society.

    • Opium trade? How ’bout the Cultural Revolution holocaust planned out by Stanley Ridley?

      The East Asian is not known for his tender mercies. The retribution the Chinese enact on their Communist teachers will be spoken in whispers for a thousand years.

  22. So Israel will get their Hitler before we do?

    Dammit. The Biggest Guy must really have a twisted sense of humor.

    Bonus! “GAE declares war on the only democracy in the Middle East”

    • Israel is coming towards admitting there’s a Jewish Question, the answer is beginning with Israelis recognizing the problem.

      • That’s true, Vxxc, I see a lot of our Fellow Whites starting to panic a bit, saying “You neocon idiots are going to get us all killed!”

  23. I agree with every point on this. But there is one wild card to watch out for. These people do indeed want to mow down that mosque to build the third temple, and once they’re powerful enough I can see them doing it. A call would go out across the Arab world, as their extremists are breeding like rabbits too. I think this would be a flash point. I would certainly be popping popcorn watching the first ox slaughter if this happens. But then again, as weak as we are I think we would have to come in and protect Israel. For old times sake. The way a frog still has reflexes after it dies. You’ll see a bankrupt U.S. with soaring inflation, putting its resources overseas as if it was 1990.

    Maybe religion’s biological point is to help the stupid breed like rabbits and have their offspring used like chattel for evil people.

    • Ye gods. “Maybe religion’s biological point is to help the stupid breed like rabbits and have their offspring used like chattel for evil people.”

      That is exactly how I see the God Inside The Greenhouse, what I also call Abraham’s god, especially after meeting it in person.

      The Fermenter. The god of the lower registers, heard by the breeder back-brain, the amoral, lusty broil of mating selection by dominance and territory.

      Two Gods, people, not One.
      The “Creator”, the forces of creation that form the greenhouse, are heard in the higher registers, but they should not be conflated with the force driving the inside environment, the temporal world of pain and death.

      The Christ is not also the Devil.
      Vishnu formed Shiva, but is not Shiva himself.
      The Father is not punishing or ignoring the living for being born; He is doing the best He can with the building material and its flaws, painstakingly built up across countless cycles of Creation. Our job is to build it up just a teensy bit further.

      Why do that? To add a layer strengthening the Bones, that during the next compression cycle of the Big Diesel, the spark might ignite a next cycle of Creation. Parents to birth the universe to come.

      • Diesel engines do not employ “spark”; they are compression – ignition.

        You’re sounding plenty Gnostic, Alzaebo – true (Greenhouse?) Creators…Demiurges…that which IS but IS NOT…
        Hinuisim…Shiva…Vishnu… “countless cycles of Creation…”

        (Why not “Hare Krishna,” while we’re at it? 😉

        • That’s right, the spark ignites from compression against something- the structure provided by the organic / radiant cosmic ecosystem that I call the Bones.

          Energy will lose its push, gravity will resume its pull, at what some call the Heat Death.

          Like a snowball rolling downhill, momentum will accelerate an inrush forming a Core, like a black hole collapsing under its own weight.

          A random mess of muons, bosons, neutrinos, and quarks would not provide enough structure to resist that titanic crush.

          Without structure sufficient to withstand the compression, there would be no spark. The Universe would congeal into a cold, dead lump of neutronium, a lifeless mass.

          Information, (structure), is incompressible.

          Organic nodes such as this thin biosphere- all the laws of physics expressed in our living selves- develop the immaterial electromagnetic layer, the “spiritual” layer that eventually populates an outer layer, the Heaven, the lifeboat of radiant panspermia to seed young egg-worlds with the template of Life, a web of cosmic ecology.

          The structure. The Bones, without which all the lights in the sky go out for a final time.

          “The Good Lord said, ‘let it be,’ and Bang! it was.

          Again, and again, countless times, each physical constant added one by one since the unfathomably distant beginning before matter and energy had first congealed from what before were purely shapeless forces, and began their dual dance of active Form.

          We keep the lights on. This is the “Why?” of existence.

          The Why of why we suffer. Pain, death, mind and intelligence- these are aspects of our unique environment, our aquarium.

          The family or tribal model proposed in religion works in this environment, a natural model based in our social neural wiring- but it does not write the engine manual.

          Only Whites could do that, and I wouldst be free of the childlike innocence abused by Semitic propaganda.

          They have imposed a chain on us. We have forgotten what our ancestors knew in the age before their kind arose again to drag us back into the muck.

          Abraham’s god- Satan, or Shiva, you may call it- is a force of recycling, not of malice, or of mind as we understand mind.
          (So too with the Creator: sentience is an interface, not a fundament.)

          The biosphere is so thin a layer that every scrap of soul and body must be dragged back in, broken down, fermented, composted, reformed in this boiling viral stew.

          This is not pleasant, nor painless, yet the organic must endure that it might generate the immaterial template from which it once sprang. The Word, to the Body, to the Word again, to seed other nodes like this.

          Whites are the unique stage that opened the Gate, that pierced the greenhouse wall.

          We must not be consumed by the relentless Infection- it cannot stop itself, any more than can a black mold stop itself inside a house- and the nonwhites (including the Abrahams) are trapped inside, what could be called the Wheel.

          I understand now why our race’s ancestors built their megalithic stone cities, but I demure. We must take back all of our tools- even the Book itself- and view them in new light, as adults in a world in wounded, howling children.

          Should we fail, it will be not only the dull suffering of animals, the loss of sentience- but the closing of the Gate, the withering, the loss, of Heaven itself.

    • Israel has no need to fear Arabs, and there’s more than Ashkenazi and Orthodox in Israel- there’s a great many Middle Eastern Jews.

      The Orthodox don’t fight, in the end they don’t control.

    • Third Temple isn’t going to happen. The whole *point* of Rabbinical Judaism was partly a coping response to the destruction of the Second Temple and the Diaspora (mind you Hellenised Jews were all over the place long before Vespasian & Titus did their thing). It’s taken on a life of its own and there’s no going back. Too much vested interest and power in the way things are now.

      Too many wacky incompatible with modernity rules are in abeyance because the Temple is not pumping out holocausts (sic) of livestock smoke. Ain’t gonna happen. Very convenient. Can you imagine the man-years a reconstituted recycled Rabbi Sanhedrin would need to invest to re-out-lawyer God to get around these *again*?

      That Being Said (™) I’m sure plenty of them would be happy to raze the mosque — which don’t forget was a Byzantine church before it was a mosque) in the name of ‘Historical Authenticity’…. but really just spite.

      • Excellent! Here’s to the Third Temple, then!

        Let those who can still heed the blowing of the shofar go rushing back.

        Our evangelicals and papists can follow them!

        A new Crusades to liberate the Holy Land, and far more, that we might enjoin in the rites!

        If the Bedouin and Turkic, organized by their Ebionite half-brothers, could take the lands from Egypt to Persia to Bactria and replace the Aryan-descent majority there, I say we return the favor in thunder, fire, and steel!

        Hail Crusaders, cover not thy torches, go forth and conquer under the sign of the Cross!

        • Not a Belloc reader by any chance?

          I guess if you were my neighbour I wouldn’t let my dog poop on your lawn. Might ask for the occasional loan of your wood chipper.

          I dunno.. I respect your enthusiasm, but there’s a bit of a Lenin on the sealed train vibe to setting that neck of the woods back in motion. Cthulu not the only drowsy beast best not poked.

          I googled Shofar Sho Good and found a few hits. It’s probably what Ariel Sharon uttered as he rolled into Beirut.

          Good name for a Klezmer band.

          • Come to think of it, it would be hilarious to form a Klezmer Band and play only Mid-Century German hits and divers Beer Hall standards.

            Did you hear about the new Mel Brooks movie about Magnus Hirschfeld, the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft, and the not-totally-inconceivably related invention of the Strain Gauge?

            The Transducers.

    • Genetically, the current science puts Jews into four buckets, Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, North African, and Sephardi. All four share a Levantine base, but Ashkenazi have Centra and Eastern European admixture. Mizrahi have an admixture from the Caucasus and Central Asia. North African Jews have North African admixture and Sephardi have Southern European, mostly from Iberia.

      Interestingly, IQ studies suggest the migration of Jews was dictated to some degree by IQ. In all all four cases, the Jewish population was a bit smarter than the locals, but not all locals are the same. As a result, the Ashkenazi are the smarted Jews, while Mizrahi are at the bottom.

      • I have read that the Western Europe Askenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews assimilated pretty well into the United States before the turn of the 20th century but the Eastern and southern European waves of immigrants along with more radical Jewish elements coming here began the assent into assimilation problems which ties into the violence and the resulting immigration act of 1924 that has been written about here.
        I would like to think organizations like VDare can help get us a new 1924 immigration type act but my instincts tell me that we are too far gone for that now.

        • The radicals largely came from Russia immediately before World War I. If you probe into it, originally the population was largely Southern and Sephardic, which is difficult to believe now given the current composition and regional representation. The first Tribe members named to the Senate were from the Deep South and were planters. These people were totally assimilated into Southern culture.

          As to that last point, it has been suggested that much of the demonization of the South in popular culture since the Wilson era was to deflect from how heavily involved the Tribe was in the plantation system and slavery in general, and the Confederacy in particular. I cannot remember the guy’s name or book’s title, but a Tribal member wrote a pretty detailed history of that involvement in the war and, just as he predicted, was carpet-bombed over it.

      • Within the Ashkenazi in America, there *was* a sharp divide between German(-speaking) and Other, analogous to the goodwhite/badwhite fight. It’s why Leonard Bernstein was enraged by anyone calling him “Bernsteen.” German Jews in America were very proudly German-ish until at least a couple decades after WW2. The golden age of pollack jokes wasn’t about Poles, exactly.

        I lost a great old pop-anthropological book about this, I think called Not Our People, which phrase Google insists can only lead to accounts of Trump’s evil and Brave responds to with literally zero results. Nice internet. ‘Bout done with it.

        Anyway that ethnic rift is closed now, partly due to careless breeding—thanks, grandma!—but mostly due to the hugely successful ’70s psyop that unified America’s Jews as all equally barely escaped from the Holocaust (for now). The only remaining “bad Jews” are the stinky hat clans insistent on reading books and voting Republican.

      • Smarts don’t matter if you don’t fight, this is exactly our problem in America of course.

      • The Sephardim who ended up in the Ottoman Empire after being booted from Iberia found a kind of golden mean. They were smarter than most ethnicities within the empire, certainly could out-think the Turks, Slavs, Arabs, most of the Greeks, etc… But weirdly they didn’t have the local reputation of being the smartest and most devious — that was a toss-up between Armenians, Phanariote Greek dynasties, and the Phoenician remnant of Nassim Taleb type Levanters.

        Things didn’t go well for the Greeks of the Istanbul Fenar in the War of Independence and certainly didn’t go well for the Armenians in WWI… but the Jews did pretty OK in the Ottoman Lands because they weren’t always the most conniving and irritating @#$%ers on the block.

        One doesn’t hear much about the Mizrahis… but the Kadoorie family very quietly owns a significant chunk of Hong Kong to this day — I can’t turn on a light without paying them. And the Sassoons of Shanghai were legendary in their time.

      • Which are the ones that will steal white children and put them to work sorting their bags of diamonds all day?

      • the relative high IQ of Ashkenazis is mainly down to centuries long selective pressure for high IQ premium. Surrounded by hostile locals, it was only the smart(er) ones that managed to get through the regular pogrom-style culling. However, IQ rates keep evolving/changing with every new gen. High IQ now correlates with low reproductive success, the more educated/smart the woman is, the lower the number of children she’ll have, which is why IQ is falling everywhere in the West incl. for secular Jews as the smart faction keeps shrinking relative to everyone else. Given enough time, the only Jews left will be the inbred sub IQ 90 Orthodox, but by then the societal collapse might make the environment very harsh for Jews again, and the IQ premium will come into play yet again to complete the cycle.

  24. Actually, politics is downstream from culture, which is downstream from CULT, not ‘biology.’ Simple etymology tells us this.

    CULT is religion. The cult of Mammon competes with the cult of Free Sex in the United States, with actual Christianity in third, but (perhaps) on the rise.

    • Except it’s not on the rise. It’s in free fall, having been taken over by the first two. Perhaps the stupid are prone to joining extreme religions as its the only way the world can make sense to them. They need a hard paint-by-numbers outline.

    • This is false. We get the word culture from the Latin for people developing a piece of land. Cult grows from this as the worship of a deity associated with a specific place. Therefore, we start with a group of people on a specific piece of land developing a culture through trial, error and shared experience. The institutions that grow from this include their religion, which can change over time. Downstream from that is how they adjudicate disputes, appoint leaders and conduct commerce.

      • I’ll take the primary meaning from

        1610s, “worship, homage” (a sense now obsolete); 1670s, “a particular form or system of worship;” from French culte (17c.), from Latin cultus “care, labor; cultivation, culture; worship, reverence,” originally “tended, cultivated,” past participle of colere “to till”

        There is no apparent reference to land-locked ‘gods’ worship.

        • One more thing, an appeal to authority: Benedict XVI referred to ‘culture’ as a derivative of the word ‘cult,’ or religion. He has some creds.

  25. Liberal democracy is collapsing quite fast.

    Demographics are destiny. Democracy was always a white person (specifically Western European) thing. As demographics shift the world will become less liberal and less democratic.

    To rectify this, liberal countries would have needed to encourage the “democracy” people to have more kids. But that’s literally what moustache man wanted – and it’s against liberal values to recognize differences. So instead we have to import aliens. Quite a paradox.

    The other factor that is killing democracy is our obsession with anal sex and transgenders. Not just accepting anal sex, but forcing everyone to enthusiastically celebrate it. Foreign elites are not willing to go along with that. In the past they played a long with the West’s “democracy” and “human rights” as long as they got their cut.

    The only “liberal” country left is India. And they are just lying to gullible western elites. They are not liberal now and will dump us once they have more wealth. Liberalism is a dead value system unfortunately. Most just haven’t realized it yet.

    • We’re weak, we are law abiding and just want to be lrft alone, all our disorders and suffering come from us being weak, I mean White American men.

  26. Drudge is having a hissy fit about it. Me, really I couldn’t care less. Ain’t my people, ain’t my problem. The people who do care are the people whose primary interest is in Israel, not the US. Ben Shapiro is probably having a heart attack about it though.

    • If it wasn’t Israel it would actually be interesting. I guess regime-Jews had the courts rigged to be permanently in their favor (judges appoint their own successors, etc.) but the drift is now too far and the elected powers are reasserting their power.
      But the fact that it is Israel put’s it into the “it’s all so tiresome” category.

    • “Israel is a land full of people who like wearing strange headgear as they furiously argue with one another over what John Derbyshire once described as “elaborate, plausible, and intellectually very challenging systems that do not, in fact, have any truth content.”

      Man, I gotta go to Israel just to see the hats. Would probably be even more entertaining than a black, Pentecostal revival in Yazoo City, and the helluva lot safer.

      • No need to go overseas: any one of these neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY will suffice:
        Crown Heights – Lubavitcher Sect
        Borough Park – Bobov Sect
        Williamsburgh – Satmar Sect

        Fur Cylinders Galore!

        (They none of them get along with one another…)

  27. It’s about the division between Ashkenazi and Mizrahi. There two groups don’t have that much in common. Maybe not even genetically. The state of Israel is supposed to unify them but when does a state per se ever do that?

    As for the declining GAE, I would imagine most thinking Israelis — Ashkenazi or Mizrahi — are thinking and talking about it. They’re thinking about a future where Israel cannot be sucking at the empire’s teat as that teat has run dry. Among other things this would explain why Israel sought — and was granted — membership of the Chinese-organised Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank several years ago.

    • > They’re thinking about a future where Israel cannot be sucking at the empire’s teat as that teat has run dry.

      The funny part is that Republicans thirty years from now will still be going through their humiliation ritual in AIPAC as Israeli troops are openly attacking U.S. troops abroad and calling us the Great Satan.

      • It’s become a mindless reflex for US politicians to genuflect to Zionist power, a Pavlovian response developed over decades, and now almost part of the DNA of the typical retarded US politician. I tell you there’s more criticism of Israel within Israel than there is criticism of Israel in the USA. Who’d a thunk it. eh?

        • I agree. But there is no subject upon which the US populace is more ignorant than Israel. They repeat the Orwellian “Greatest Ally” because that’s what they’re programmed to do. (Also because they go slack-jawed if asked to define “ally.”)

      • They’ll be bowing and scraping to the Party that was just defeated in Israel–the non-observant Jews.

        By no co-incidence, that group causes almost all the trouble (moral and civil) in the US. They are not ‘people of the book’ in any way, shape, or manner. But they do have a boat-load of money with which they have purchased lots of politicians.

        But that bunch has another problem: the United States electorate is on the same page as that of Israel (though not as religiously fanatical.) Thus the frantic clawing for Election Fraud victories…..

        • Quite so, dad29.

          We didn’t lose God.

          That bunch did, first, and led the rest of us, including their own innocents, down the primrose path.

          They mocked, and blamed, and attacked the God of the humble, while using the humble as human shields-

          that we might follow for the false fruits offered, Peace!, Mammon!, Free Sex!, Power!-

          For a god they refuse to put a name or a face to, that we might recognize it for what it is.
          An imposter.

      • That’s hilarious.

        Pajeets aren’t technically competent, and Vivak is showing us along with Nikki how bizarre this all is, I’m not worried

  28. I’m not convinced this turn of events will result in more stability for the region since the people coming to power now are the ones who are dead set on carving up the surrounding countries to create greater Israel. I also question how peaceful those countries will be towards Israel when the US isn’t showering them with billions in aid every year & no longer has the military might to bully countries with impunity.

  29. Thanks. I saw the headlines but didn’t care enough to read about it. It looks like the slow erosion of Ashkenazi dominance via nature is hitting some inflection points, not just in Israel but in the United States – not that there’s a ton of difference for the ruling Ashkenazis.

    If the Orthodox are slowly gaining power in the Israel, demographics are also undercutting full-blood Ashkenazi power in the US. American Jews out marry about 50% of time. On top of that, a certain portion of Jews who don’t out marry don’t get married at all, so probably ~60% of the kids of Ashkenazi Jews are only half Jewish – at best.

    I live in Northern Virginia. I see these kids and, now, young adults a lot. Many just aren’t that Jewish by looks or nature. They’re smart because Jews marry smart whites and Asians, but the Jewish genes are diluted. A few remain hardcore Jew, but most are, naturally, a mix. They’re not out to rule the world or meddle in everyone’s business.

    In another generation or two, there won’t be many full-blooded Ashkenazi Jews around. Sure, some Orthodox Jews will drift away from their hardcore faith, but these guys aren’t the caliber of Ashkenazis.

    Finally, there’s the coming competition. The recent Democratic primary election in Loudoun County for state attorney general and for state reps tells you all that you need to know. Look at the names of the candidates:

    Attorney General Dem Candidates:
    Buta Biberaj
    Elizabeth Lancaster

    31st State Senate District:
    Russet W. Perry (former CIA agent, btw)
    Zachary J. Cummings

    32nd State Senate District:
    Suhas Subramanyam
    Ibraheem S. Samirah

    26th State House District:
    Kannan Srinivasan
    Sirisha Kompalli

    Not a Jew in the bunch, but lots of Indians. Although not quite as stark, other counties show a similar trend.

    I’ve also heard from friends in law, real estate and investing that the old guard (age 60+) was heavily, heavily Jewish. The middle guard (40-60) is more of a mix of white and Jewish with a sprinkling of Asian and Indian. The upcoming guard (25 to 40) is a mix of white, Asian and Indian with a sprinkling of Jews.

    (Real estate might be a big of an exception with a fair amount of Jews, though, I hear, often foreign Jews – Russian or Israeli.)

    While it’s hard to bet against the Ashkenazi, their dominance appears to be waning. We’ll see.

    • The modern orthodox are like the Ashkenazi in terms of intelligence and ambition. But they keep kosher and have lots of kids. There are lots of them in NY and the major cities. They are Zionist to the core so expect a lot of domestic pressure on US politics to support Israel.

      • Well, if the Orthodox can replace the Ashkenazi, the game will continue. We don’t have them much in the DC area so I don’t know them. However, they seem much more insular than the Ashkenazi.

        • But their money is fungible, even if they are more insular, so they will be listened to by the political class. But that being said, with the rise of South Asians in politics, the allure of the Orthodox’ money will be seen through their cultural/political filter.

        • Ah. An Ashkenazi Boomer-style bubble. What would explain that?

          Prohibition profits. Their wild growth through our petri dish was kick-started by the sugar of Prohibition profits buying up

          1. politicians through corruption both monetary and sexual,

          2. the near-defunct weapons manufacturers post WWIi, and

          3. reinvesting proceeds into the “Rockefeller medicine” sector (Pharma, vaccines [“Salk!” marketing], hospital reimbursement).

          4. Not to mention the FIRE sector, such as LBJ’s ‘Model Cities’ Civil Rights slumlords, CRA finance, or “redevelopment” tax schemes.

          5. The takeover of dodgy Wall St. “bucket shops” and turning the 10th Federal Reserve District into a Goldman-Sachs global vampire squid.

          6. Hollywood’s cheap orange groves and good lighting
          7. Newspapers and media, starting with ownership of the Big Three: CBS, ABC, NBC.

          Criminey, enough already. Those busy beaver grandads and dads were certainly busy, reinvesting and releveraging their many gains,

          But I’d say the Kosher Nostra spark has flared, the fire cooled, the bubble deflating, as the grandkids have bred out or turned gay.

          • ps: turn-around specialists. I guess we could say vulture investors tear silos down so they can Build Back Better.

    • One potential positive outcome of the increased numbers of Asians, Indians, and Hispanics coming down the pipe is that they’re almost entirely immune to the 80 year long guilt trip that has been laid on Whites.

      • True, but the real potential positive outcome is that whites – even liberal whites – don’t like to be lectured about their racism by Indians, Asians and Hispanics.

        Jews get away with the “My fellow whites” thing while liberal whites will always bow to the Magic Negro. Whites just don’t take get lectured by other groups. I’ve seen it.

        Liberal whites bristle when Asians and Indians start on the whole white systemic racism thing. In part that’s because Asians and Indians aren’t good at walking the line and distinguishing between Goodwhites and Badwhites, but even when they do, whites don’t like it.

        • Indians hate white people too much. Even liberals pick up on it. It is just bursting at the seams.

          Liberals use the “white people bad” schtick as a tool on OTHER white people to keep them in line, like mean Trump supporters. THEY are very tolerant and have empathy.

          Indians don’t care at all, if anything they resent liberals more, as competition, and as easy, gullible marks. They will sometimes play along with the libtards though and tell them what they want to hear, if they can control their emotions.

          • Indians truly despise poor whites. I mean openly despise poor whites.

            However, they do look at poor whites as mostly human, if only to do menial tasks. They look at Hispanics as mules and blacks as wild animals.

            Indians look at middle and upper-middle class whites as the biggest suckers on the planet – and they are correct.

        • “Liberal whites bristle when Asians and Indians start on the whole white systemic racism thing. In part that’s because Asians and Indians aren’t good at walking the line and distinguishing between Goodwhites and Badwhites, but even when they do, whites don’t like it.”

          This raises a great point mostly unrelated to today’s topic. Puritans/GoodWhites are absolute narcissists and anything or anyone who goes against whatever they decree is The Enemy. Even when they self-abase and degrade themselves before Divine Africans, Puritans/Goodwhites remain firmly in control. This includes even coal burners. It is all and always about them.

          When we discuss the religious aspect of leftism, which is indeed a religion, at the heart of it is this narcissism.

      • Not just immune, but actively envious of white people. They can only imagine how hard they would lord over their enemies (other tribes) if they had half the power that whites did in the 20th century.

        They think we are crazy for our liberalism and weakness.

  30. Why would there be a war over Taiwan? The Chinese don’t want it. The Taiwanese don’t want it. The Japanese don’t want it. Now who would want such a war? Hm. I think I know the answer.

    Trying to decipher Israeli politics is like trying to define the will of the gods by examining the entrails of a goat.

    • The US needs it. The trope about war being a profit bonanza for US arms manufacturers is absolutely accurate. If anything, it’s under reported.

      • I’m afraid that flood of offshore dollars roaring back onto US shores will be used to turn the national security state from 53% of our economy to 90%.

        It’s the liberal nation and caste’s only chance for their tribe to survive.

        • This is correct, we’re reindustrializing for war.

          OTOH war swims Right, and if you shirk war while ceaselessly fighting you lose the army – and this is already happening.

          Their reach shall at last exceed their grasp.

  31. I stopped being a pro-Israel person about ten years ago when the reality of how they treated Christians in the country became well-known. Of course, the media didn’t care about this until recently, when it could be used as a bludgeon against the new rulers they don’t like.

    Possibly the big turning point in Middle East relations was the failure to overthrow Assad. They used every dirty trick in the book, from accusing Assad of gassing his own people to funding moderate rebels, aka ISIS. The guy must be one of the shrewdest politicians on Earth to survive the onslaught. A good thing too, since if Assad was removed the large Christian population there would have been wiped out.

    Also noticing the Iran bluster is on the wane They’ve tried some color revolution stuff, like the headscarf rebellion, but overall haven’t been able to make a huge dent with domestic operations, though there’s still murmurings of a full-scale military operation.

    • In Syria, had the headchopers hav emerged victorious, not only the Christians, but also the Alawi (homeboys of Assad), and any other non-Salafi types would have been on the chopping block. God bless Russia for coming to the aid of their treaty allies in Syria, albeit they were also motivated by the thought of a Jihadist entity entirely too near to their Southern, largely Muslim, region. Particularly so when shit-stirring Erdogan might elect to exploit the situation with an eye toward the aggrandizement of the Muslim Brotherhood, castin the MB as a more desirable alternative to active Jihadis loose in that region.

      The Iranians are pushing the envelope, likely with some degree of encouragement from the Russians who want to see the US out of Syria, and Assad fully in control of Eastern Syria. After a hudna of sorts had been arranged between the Saudis and Iran, the Saudis, weary of being hectored about why they wouldn’t cop to open buttsex in their kingdom by the US “diplomats”, while simultaneously being asked to boost oil and gas production, are on the sidelines for now. Fuck around, find out.

  32. The Russians are poised to become the dominant energy power in the world, while China is the manufacturing base of the world.

    …and India will be the tech support base of the world. Someone has to keep all these networks running.

    • “Please to do the needful and tell us how to reboot the Cloud Servers thankyouveddymuch.”

      • Kindly do the needful, if you please!

        Read enough Thackeray (WM or Bal, it hardly matters) and the words just flow. Mastering the head wiggle takes practice.

        Not so fond memories of sitting at breakfast in the Meridien Bangalore reading the reeking (literally — the ink stank) Deccan Herald and thinking to myself “It’s English, Boyo.. but not as we know it.”

        • In a competence when it counts test involving Life or Death and no in between of;
          Po Whites on Meth vs Pajeet with his degrees who do you choose?

          Context; Ft. Bragg Riggers – the soldiers who pack PARACHUTES.
          The Meth to the Riggers (parachute packers) is their very curry.
          Still you’re safer with them the Pajeet- if average Pajeet the parachute will fail. If above average stuffed sack of old sheets and a number to call tech support.

          No, don’t investigate Ft. Bragg, it’s not the problem.

          If I need to explain why parachutes are life/death pass/fail you must have gone to an Ivy school.

          Pajeet knows, he just doesn’t care, he wants to eat.

          Seriously relax.
          They won’t take over, they can’t.

      • If you think it’s better in “The Cloud” , I work in “The Cloud” and the best part is only the competent venture there more than once…

        Now you can have Pajeet tech support, but you won’t be on hold forever; because the phones will go dead and so will the electricity.

        Ask Facebook; the instant they crashed 2 years ago I and everyone else knew exactly the command they fsked up, and were right;

        Clear IP BGP *
        You see
        It has to be
        clear IP BGP * SOFT
        with soft keyword sends just a routing update
        Without soft keyword the connections all reset, in internet terms it reboots every server you have as the connection is torn down then rebuilt, and BGP takes minutes to rebuild even a few connections.
        But the security appliances saw the connection down, tried to reconnect, couldn’t, so marked the routes unreachable and reacted as if a hack was in progress.
        As apparently no staff on site with a laptop or out of band management (back door comms) the system spun into infinity- which is when ELECTRICITY comes in; you see – when they got the connections back up, the next problem is the power load balancers and distribution couldn’t all come on at once as this would surge, blow, start a fire even with all the servers and routers coming on at once (the fans alone power would draw enough juice to power a town). So they had to bring up in stages: if this were a regional power grid it would have been fireworks in series as transformers blew up in blue balls of fire (I saw this happen during Hurricane Sandy).

        Wait until the last ancient white guy dies and Pajeet is running the grid. The average IQ of India is 72 – the few smart ones are compromised by nepotism and their idiot cousins are ruining them again (they know, this happened all over the commonwealth, even the Africans run them off).

        The Lights will go out and the Pajeets don’t answer the phone.
        The Filipinos don’t either.
        The Chinese are actually reasonably competent but all have their own games.
        If we ever get Nuclear power working again you’ll have Chernobyl but unlike the Russians the Pajeets run and hide. Actually like an idiot woman pushing a button and it doesn’t work, find a man.

        Don’t worry the Pajeets won’t be the new Jews.

  33. If the courts in Israel were dominated by conservatives wearing fur hats, the liberals would be screaming for “democratic” limits on the courts’ power.

    Under parliamentary regimes, parliament is supreme – a hard won lesson from British history. It is also a perfect example of a tradition being a solution for problem that no longer exists, until you need it.

    • This is an important comment and is quite generalizable to modern politics. When you feel like the popular trends are in your favor, you try to break the power of institutions and become a “liberal.” When you feel like the popular trends are against you, you try to bolster the power of institutions and become a “conservative.” These dynamics very succinctly explain why these terms drawn from the standard political spectrum seem to shift ideological allegiance every generation or so. Why are the “liberals” now prowar when they used to be antiwar? It just depends on whose interests are being served and how; and it proves (if any further proof were needed) that ideology is always simply the handmaid of expediency.

      Thus, it is pointless to get caught up in discussions about what conservatism or liberalism is or what kind of belief structure lies behind them. Anybody who is a flesh-and-blood human being and not an abstraction leaves such concerns to the dogs the very instant he sets about trying to get himself what he wants. What we know and see are not systems but men, and we must judge them by their fruits.

      Now, Since Godwin’s Law is simply a special case of the general fact that any discussion of the JQ tends to lower the quality of the conversation and bring out the idiots, I expect the majority of comments to be rather low-grade today, so I was glad to see a useful comment like this appearing so early in the thread. Thank you.

      • Too bad those comments that don’t pass muster can’t be put on the Index, eh?

      • Get a load of this guy, will ya’? Talk about a snootfull o’ smug! Cheesus Keerist.

        At any rate, your argument is flawed. There are plenty of people who obdurately defend the institutions even when the tide runs against them, and there are those who constantly assaults the ramparts of civilization even when their confreres are being snuffed out like pissants. In other words, there are true believers and ideologues out there.

        If the DR were to some day rise up and commence whupping ass, you wouldn’t see the professoriate suddenly kissing Billy Mack Hooten, Jr.’s bunion-encrusted big toe unless it was under force majeure. The ideologically-based hatred of whitey and his civilization is real, not some Byzantine artifice confected to accrue power.

        • Huzzah! Three stellar comments!

          1. A perfect description of ruling class use of ideology

          2. Dreams of Torquemada

          3. “…not some Byzantine artifice confected to accrue power.”

          No wonder Charlemagne, creator of the Roman Catholic empire, consorted with Muslims against those Eastern Greeks. This could’ve all been avoided by the Reunification, the Pan-White Empire of Eretz Romana, under consul and pro-consul.

    • You’re actually suffering from Ashkenazi Jew fatigue. It’s the ultimate source of all the other fatigues, especially negro fatigue.


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