One of the things to look forward to in the next election will be Gavin Newsome lecturing Tim Scott on the importance of reparations. This assumes Tim Scott will be told to oppose the idea by the party. By next fall reparations could be an ancient conservative principle so we could see a contest between the two parties over who is promising the bigger reparations check.

Either way, it is a safe bet that the subject will be mainstream by next year. The effort to normalize the idea has been going on since the George Floyd riots. California is working on a reparations report. The idea is to release a big official looking study that will be the basis for the following debate. This was popular back in the middle of the last century whenever the progressives were plotting shenanigans.

Part of the plot will be a role for white people to play in the manufactured drama that will play out on cable television and the internet. Sean Hannity will take a week off for a new firmware update and come back with a new set of lapel pins and a new vocabulary to oppose the idea of reparations. It will be the old Washington Generals routine that is the defining feature of the so-called conservative movement.

Despite having a compliant opposition, it will not be easy for the regime. While most blacks support the idea of robbing their white neighbors, a large percentage oppose the idea, probably sensing it is a bridge too far. It is one thing to send whitey off to a reeducation class every year. He is still being paid to attend the DIE training. It is quite another to take food off his kid’s plate.

The bigger problem is it will put the lie to the race issue. If you demand money from whites to make blacks whole, then whites are going to assume this either closes the books on race or it is just an act of vengeance. Either way, it means unshackling white people from the guilt of racism. White people either pay the debt, so no more demands, or they see that the debt can never be paid, and it is time to move on.

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  • The Justice Of Peaceful Separation

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253 thoughts on “Reparations

  1. The compensation for each poisoned Appalachian shall be $6 million in 1996 dollars, payable in gold by world Jewry.

  2. Reparations, in whatever form, will continue and accelerate. The reason: whites. The government will not physically remove money from whites. They will just continue destroying the middle class through inflation while giving bigger checks to the groid branch of the fambly tree. No money will be theatrically seized, just the same boiling of the frog.

    • King County in the state of Washington awards $25 Million in Grants to Combat “Public Health Crisis” of Racism to 123 nonprofits, community organizations, and small businesses.

      Free money handed out.

      Recall all the times you have seen articles or heard about millions/billions paid for a study, report, grant, aid, project and so forth.

      How much of that goes to Manny’s second cousin?

  3. Peaceful, voluntary separation can never happen because one group would starve if separated from the other. They’d be eating each other 6 months after the split and they know it.

    • Haiti is a great example of what happens when the white ruling class of a black nation is eliminated. Two hundred years of “freedom” have resulted in nothing but savagery.

      • Ah, but we know that savagery is nothing but the legacy of being subjugated by whitey. The nature of the negro has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

  4. Follow the money. From the perspective of the elites, reparations is an excuse to expand the money supply. Full stop. It’s like climate change on steroids.

    In a credit money system banking system the money supply must continually expand to keep the (fraudulent) credit system solvent. The timing of the ongoing crash in commercial real estate is no accident. Money supply growth dropped precipitously in late 2022 and went negative in 2023. With it comes credit contraction and deflation.

    The bankers in charge of our country don’t give two shites about reparations. In fact, many of (((them))) are scared to death that society at large, including blacks, will discover (((who))) was responsible for most of the slave trade to the Americas. Reparations is simply another ploy to generate credit money in an effort to keep the system solvent.

    • This assumes that the “elites” really want “reparations” and that it is a top down movement. It doesn’t appear that way to me. The “elites” like to sow division that they can exploit, and the movement for “reparations” is more of a bottom up consequence, from the left, of the division that they have sown. That’s the way I am seeing it. Now the “elites” have to play the game of placating them, without crossing over the threshold of the Gibs Singularity.

      • This is the way I see it as well. They may have *started* the reparations machine from the top but it’s become another of several golems that are now animated, just like in the Jewish folk story, by a kind of magic. The magic is the collective envy felt by blacks and this cannot be turned off. It *can* be channeled and redirected in various ways. The media/political apparatus used to do this masterfully. A lot of the old race pimps such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, or Louis Farrakhan were probably cultivated deliberately because they were corrupt, pliant, oafish, and fundamentally ridiculous. They could be rolled out in heavily black areas for GOTV duty and then rolled back offstage when they had served their purposes for the Democrat machine.

        The problem with the reparations golem is that it’s not one or several easily discredited media figures but this whole ethereal virtue spiral that the entire woke Left now MUST pursue.

  5. It all tracks. Covid is over and done. The fallout is still coming down – LeBoon James’ kid has suddenly developed vax issues now… The war in the ‘Kraine is drawing to its inevitable and predictable conclusion. Worst of all…Normie is no longer sleeping on the couch. Griller is not in a state of bliss burning steaks and drinking beer. They’re starting to ask the wrong questions. Some are forming the wrong opinions. Others are still Noticing things.

    Lefty needs a New Current Thing and fast! Reparations might be just the ticket. The question is…what is the nation’s status on nigger fatigue? There’s no nice way to say it. I can see this blowing up in their faces if they don’t play it properly…especially if Trump isn’t neutralized. It’s going to be interesting.

    • If the Power Structure is worried about the Grillers becoming restive, pushing reparations down their throats is the last thing they would want to do. Then, too, these people are deranged, so who knows?

      • Are they worried really about restive Grillers, Ostei?

        Kick a dog until he bites, then shoot him.

        The provocation of conflict seems to be the strategy. This would be much to the advantage of our enemies. We are here, there, everywhere and rarely come out into the open. With armed insurrectionists and the assembly of large crowds, troops could be quickly sent to violently stop the rebellion before it was able to get off the ground. Think Tianananman Square.

        • I dunno. Look at their ludicrous overraction to the pitiful J6 protest. The Power Structure sure does act as if they’re terrified of restive Grillers.

          • I would say it was an under reaction. The Feds encouraged the protesters, declined T’s offer of increased security, and practically put out the welcome mat for the protesters. They were hoping for a real insurrection. Most of the protestors were wise enough not to take the bait.

        • Americans with guns are not comparable to Asians wearing arm bands or protesting with a signs. Not even close.

  6. The managers brought the Africans here; Now the managers blame us; That’s right out of the managers playbook. The manager playbook is drenched in inherited sin, blame, guilt and punishment. I don’t mind if it would be exacted it upon them, they have earned it. I reject it from my people.

    But here’s the thing, we are just standing in a circle and allowing them to attack. Just reacting. We have been acting like Conservatives suffering abuse and bending over for more. Rep’rations are yet another attack in a long war. An attritional war that we are allowing ourselves to suffer, and to lose. Attrition by default. Enemy hold the cultural choke points, we are just milling about, pretending to win by losing.

    While far down in the priority stack, let’s dispatch Rep’rations to the ash heap. Right off, it’s meme warfare, and that means the enemy seeks to have the matter spread and to be normalized and legitimized by discussions. The Slave thing is passé, California is discussing it based on housing discrimination. All the figuring out why it wouldn’t work is just invitation for someone to step in and offer solutions. The answer is “No.” And the answer is “The manager’s brought you, they got all the money.” But Rep’rations is just another skirmish.

    To win the war, the managers need to be removed from their catbird seats. They need to be relentlessly exposed. Further, it is immoral not to expose the managers. Consider the war being fought in Ukraine: it just managers gone wild. A quarter million slaughtered, that is a big bunch of blood on American’s hands to sit by and allow that.

  7. The only bright spot for me about white genocide is knowing, if it’s done, blacks will be slaves again.

  8. I am looking forward to “Gavin Newsome lecturing Tim Scott on the importance of reparations“.

    This will be the only thing worth any time.

    • I am not following this reparations argument, Z. Not that many blacks have jobs. Most don’t even want to work. How are they suppose to pay us? No question, blacks have done massive damage to white people, to the tune of trillions and trillions of dollars. Rap alone does irreparable damage to whites. Still, I don’t get it. I really don’t.

      Personally, I’d be happy if they just leave us alone. Maybe we could give them California and Arizona and call it even.

      • No, I got it. Let’s give the blacks Mexico. Mexico has sent 62.5M hispanics to the US. Seems only fair we send them 41.5M blacks, right?

        • Z, I think I am on to something. It’s well known Mexico is free of racism. Mexicans would welcome blacks with open arms.

          • My entire life I have heard that Mexican people are not racist. I found, in my experience, that Mexicans are indeed racist. They have a massive dislike for white people. That dislike is dwarfed by their hatred of black people.

            The fact is they hate blacks more than the KKK ever did.

  9. The blacks, like everyone else in the dying American Empire, are trying grab what they can before the system collapses entirely. America and the rest of the Western world is well into the bust out phase.

    “…Paulie could do anything. Especially run up bills on the joint’s credit. And why not? Nobody’s gonna pay for it anyway. And as soon as the deliveries are made in the front door, you move the stuff out the back and sell it at a discount. You take a two hundred dollar case of booze and you sell it for a hundred. It doesn’t matter. It’s all profit. And then finally, when there’s nothing left, when you can’t borrow another buck from the bank or buy another case of booze, you bust the joint out. You light a match.”

    • Maus: “As Zman points out, the reparations claim goes two ways.”

      Actually three ways if you consider (((who))) it was that controlled the entirety of the trans-atlantic kneegr0w chattel slave trade.

      Unfortunately, 400 years later, that very same (((who))) controls all the media outlets, all the edumakashunal institutions, and all the financial entities in this little nation of ours.

      When confronted with the almighty power of (((who))), both Chris Rock & Ye chose to run away with their tails between their legs.

      Just yesterday, JP Morgan Chase cancelled all the business & personal accounts of Joseph Mercola, MD, and his employees.

      Mercola is a prominent V@xxine skeptic, who has been the victim of vicious yellow journalism courtesy of the (((NY Times))) & the (((Washington Post))).

      The difference between Heritage Amurrikkkuh and (((who))) is that (((who))) plays to WIN.

      • I just noticed that even (((NPR))) has run hit pieces on Mercola.

        If Mercola is taking that much flak, then you can be existentially certain that he’s flying directly over THE TARGET.

  10. Just finished reading all the comments and I am surprised that everyone here seems to be talking about reparations in the monetary sense. While cash payout reparations are flashy and get the news headlines it is very unlikely to happen.

    Reparations of a non cash payout sort almost certainly will happen though. They will come in the form, not of cash payouts, but instead in things like free college tuition for blacks, blacks getting low interest loans, getting to the front of the line for college admissions, laws requiring 13.6% of all the top 20% salary earners in every company need to be black, etc etc

    It won’t be just one thing, it will be a long list of things. And in the end a few blacks will benefit bigly, most blacks will do poorly as they have always done and white Americans will continue to get fucked over. There won’t be any economic collapse. There won’t be any civil war 2.0. Everything will just get worse as the empire continues its rapid decline.

    Future white generations will look back at the reparations as being just one more big mistake that made everything worse, similar to how we look at the Hart–Celler Act.

    • I can agree with all of that except the economic collapse part. I guess it depends how you define collapse. Sooner or later there will be GD 2.0. Or 3.0. Since the Panic of 1873 kicked off the original Great Depression. Will it be a hyperinflationary depression aka crackup boom? Certainly possible. And when that happens, not if, with this level of political division, well……

    • I don’t see any BLM rabble rousers accepting that. The only way to keep them from a total chimp-out is to provide gibs to the bottom rungs of the ladder.

      Free educations and overpaying the corporate diversity hire does nothing for Barkevious, D’Covidonte, and Shar’NeeQua. They’ll be filled with righteous anger over the house negroes getting all the spoils. Someone in power will make sure of it.

      • Middle and upper class elite blacks would prefer pro-black racial set-asides and guaranteed jobs via corporate affirmative action programs on steroids. The ghetto blacks would prefer cash payments via reparations and essentially decriminalization of criminal offenses like theft and robbery by soft-on-crime Woke prosecutors.

        • Well we already have “decriminalization of criminal offenses like theft and robbery by soft-on-crime Woke prosecutors.” in spades (oops!! ;-)) so all that’s left now is the CASH.

      • Nothing could be more just than the Ivies getting cracked out.
        The more Harvard looks like Baltimore or better yet Camden NJ the better.

        • “Nothing could be more just than the Ivies getting cracked out.”

          Yale will eventually become “Y’all.”

          Harvard will be renamed “Hoevard.”

          Stanford will be known as “Leroyford”

          And Princeton will be rechristened “Kangzton.”

  11. It is interesting where things are at now. In the 60s white Americans were made a second class citizens based on their race and it was called a colorblind system. We’ve born untold opportunity costs thanks to affirmative action in colleges, loan programs and contracting quotas. We’ve paid an estimated $22 trillion and counting to create the Great Society that only radically degraded, dispossessed and destroyed us. We granted the franchise and the aforementioned concessions and the thanks they gave was that all of our major cities were burned and looted. Worse still, they discredited, disavowed and destroyed the most important pillar of our civilization- our legal system.

    In this century, using criminal scum as martyrs and moral bludgeons they added to those gains. There are almost no images of white men and certainly not white men with white women anywhere to be found in any media-type’s ads and shows. We’ve been erased almost completely since 2012 or so. Our myths, stories and heros are vandalized, denigrated, destroyed and erased. We are officially the last in line for jobs, and openly told that they would prefer to not hire, promote, and train us at all; from the highest, most prestigious positions to the lowest positions. Go into any big corporate store, (FedEx, Apple, UPS, Microsoft … …), and you see almost no whites working there.

    That isn’t enough though. It is merely the first few sips for the parched it seems. Now we have a maw of rabid and deranged jackals howling for reparations. That will be the final, fatal blow to our legal system. Making people who never had a part in a historic wrong, and in almost all likelihood never even had an ancestor participate in that historic wrong, pay to right it is the most deeply immoral and darkened, vile thing. No society can bear that.

    The black pity party of Civil Rights era America destroyed our legal system in multiple ways, but it culminated in the Derek Chauvin trial, the Auhmed Arbury, and in the OJ Simpson trials. The premise and guarantee of innocent until proven guilty was utterly destroyed as was the right to self defense and an honorable and active citizenry protecting their own neighborhood in a voluntary act of duty and service. In the Simpson case, jury by trial of your peers was inverted and perverted not to arrive at a fair trial to increase the likelihood of justice, but to reduce the jury to a tribal/racial vote count to subject your people to the legal privilege of being unaccountable for heinous and vicious crimes.

    They have destroyed our legal system. They have destroyed our country.

    Even before reparations, the 2010 – 2023 phase of European American Dispossession has made me exhausted. I was once colorblind, even supportive of blacks and did what I could to support them finding their way. Then, I became, as a man and a white man, demonized and blamed for all the world’s ills. I became unwanted and openly and brazenly discriminated against. I and my young posterity are despised and told we must be eradicated to right the world. The demonic ghouls dance with glee when they celebrate our demographic ethnocide and relegation to unwanted and untouchable. Why? Because they are so savage they’ll martyr criminal scum to paint me and my folk as villains. It is beyond preposterous what has happened in America.

    I don’t see a single black person refuting this. I don’t see a single one saying, no I won’t take that opportunity. They take it eagerly, without the slightest bit of shame. The richest of them are organizing the elite support for reparations. They made it to the top and still want reparations. That is a massive betrayal. In fact, Oprah, openly wants all older whites to die, because they are all racists – she divines as a witch doctor from her bitter, swollen head.

    Pity is going to turn to rage. It is going to turn from pity in the crucible of the gravest betrayal and transmute into the most intense of hatreds. The bearers of that hatred will have zero shame, for them that nuclear hatred is justified. For it stands upon the truth hidden behind vile inversions through sophistry and lies. The carriers of that hate have been dealt a real injustice and betrayal. It will be a hatred that is noble and true for it is a righteous anger. The haters will awaken and realized they destroyed their country to raise up the pitiful to make wrongs they never committed right. They did it all to be nice and to demonstrate kindness and good faith that all might move forward in peace and harmony. But that pity was manipulated and the manipulators never had anything but the worst of intent. It was never done for healing and repair. It was done to enact revenge.

    Reparations or not, the fabric of this society has been torn beyond repair. There is no going back from even the pre-reparations era. As far as I am concerned, any person who does not feel rage and hatred is unnatural and unfit for this world. This is not a temporary rage ignited by being targeted and wronged in passing or by receipt of some petty slight. It is the rage that comes from being a good and honest person, who loves his family and his society and who played by the rules with fairness, nobility and neutrality, whose kindness, good faith and goodness has been utterly and totally betrayed.

    That is a different kind of rage. It is the kind that burns for eternity. It is the kind that is maintained and developed with consciousness and intentionality. It is the kind that is so cool that it makes no rash moves, never lashes out or melts down. It burns to forge a systematic and precise machine, bent on self preservation, self defense and forging its own destiny – to fly its house’s banners from shining citadels never again to live amongst tribes bent on its destruction.

    Reparations or not, the houses who have done this, will be marked for eternity. This is an injustice on such a massive scale that it cannot ever be repaired. The entire fabric of this society has been destroyed by entertaining and giving life to this idiotic and savage blood libel.

      • Reality Rules

        Thank you for distilling the current situation.

        I have printed it out and I’m going to distribute it.

        Thank you again.

    • This is the new JCOS. Are young white warriors going to lay down and take this?

      As I said, the fabric of this country is torn beyond repair. There is no coming back from this. Look at this dumb ass who got to the top of the American military and this is what he does in gratitude. Torn beyond repair.

      • He may as well have said, “End the USAF.”

        At least the comments on that clip are fairly based.

      • Looks like we’re building an Air Force with the will and just enough capability to bomb deplorables in flyover country.

    • Reparations are totally doable bigots.

      We just have to know who is really due them so have to document who your father is and your fathers father and his father. Also we want only the upstanding citizens receiving who dont owe other debts to society offsetting so no recipient or any of the above ancestors could have ever been in prison. Also anyone employed by the government will be ineligible due to conflict of interest

      Lastly any due amount will be paid in full ten years from now, but you can take a discounted value of the funds in cash now if you dont want to wait that long. The discount rate will be based on the credit rating of the recipient and and using the prevailing unsecured personal loan rate such credit rating entitles them to.

      • Hey Bigot!

        It isn’t an issue of who is owed them if you want to take that route. The issue is who owes them. Funny enough, it is a very small number of people who would owe them. We know who they are because of the financial records. It is a miniscule number of people who are easy to identify.

        Take it up with them if you want another round of handouts.

    • The people who voted for this were the beneficiaries of “white supremacy”. They did not have to compete with minorities to obtain what they had. “Affirmative action” did not keep them down because no one was giving negroes special treatment to enable them to go to college.

      The downsides of civil rights actism were small to begin with; so, no one really cared because it didn’t affect them and may have given them certain political advantages.

      What people get is that there is a small percentage of social malcontents who hate the American Republic and want to see it overthrown. The ACLU and the American Bar Association are full of these people.

  12. Great show, Z-man! The idea of reparations for Blacks — after all they’ve received from the White taxpayer already — makes me so angry I can hardly see straight. Your arguments will help me discuss this (idiotic) concept rationally. BTW what about Hispanics and Asians in California? Together they constitute the majority in that state and outside of PC posturing, neither group really likes Black people. Do they hate Whites enough to go along with this nonsense or will their own economic self-interest win out?

    • Paying reparations is not about making amends for past wrongs. It is not about making repairs.

      It’s about equity. In a cosmic justice sense, it’s just not fair that some people are more equal than others, both physically and mentally.

      That’s the same rational for allowing males to compete against females in sports. They are equal, so why not?

      The reason for reparations is not to make amends for the past, but to compensate the less equal among for being less successful. Excellence is to be sacrificed in order to achieve equity.

  13. The main problem with reparations is there are far too many black people in America. Any payment that would satisfy the people pushing reparation is not feasible due to the large number of blacks in America.

    The 5 million number the lunatics in San Fransisco came up with is 200 trillion Dollars if it were nation wide. This is like 10 times US GDP, of which a large portion is fake. Even broken down across a human lifetime, this is just way more money than can be realistically paid. Even a million is too much. 500,000 is too much. One side of that arithmetic is 40 million. 40 million black people plus their ongoing progeny (because this will NOT be a 1 time thing to the existing, living black people).

    Any number we can actually afford to pay is too low and will insult black people. Yet, this number will be so large that it will enrage the people stuck with the bill. To add insult to injury, most people are not convinced that blacks should get any reparations.

    • You could call it the Gibs Singularity, the point at which the demand for gibs, backed by the threat of violence, exceeds global GDP

      • Indeed. Perhaps this thing could be the 2×4 to the head of the Normies that will get them to see that the US is simply not a viable nation anymore. Many of us here would say that was obvious about half past 1860 but give Normie a break. His grill still works and he just got a new 200″ flatscreen.

        Reparations does look like it could be the Big Iceberg in that it seems absolutely impossible for it happen (it’s economic suicide and the end of the dollar) and also impossible for it NOT to happen.

        It actually seems to be something like the Ukraine war in that regard. The way it’s been framed there’s no feasible way to win the war but also no way to take the usual approach and just “retreat and declare victory”. The third path leads straight to the mushroom cloud. In order for peace to prevail someone needs to issue The Word to the Right People that it’s time to stop fsking talking about the issue so Normie can go back to his grill and that new flatscreen.

        It may be that the system, whether dealing with Ukraine or the reparations tar-baby (yes, yes, I said that), is too decayed now and the channels to relay that essential STFU message don’t work anymore. Thus the reparations chatter, like the Ukraine chatter, will go on until something truly disastrous happens.

        For my part and to show I’m on the right side of History though, I’ll just say I fully support reparations of 1 quadrillion dollars per kneegrow, um, weekly, and retro-actively for all the people darker than Tucker Carlson who’ve ever lived. Can I get an Amen!?!

  14. Fools never know when to stop. If Blacks really go through with reparations, that really will be the end of White Guilt. They’d be fools to cut off their own gravy train, but then again fools never know when to stop.

    I hope it happens. One time reparations check and then the Blacks can fuck off with their victimhood BS.

      • If such a law even became a serious possibility, trillions would exit the United States at warp speed…not to mention the major enforcement problems in non-black communities, which are about 98% of the country….
        But David French would be writing articles in NRO and the WSJ about the conservative case for reparations, so it would all be fine with the bubble inhabitants….

        • Exactly. Foreign investors have been leaving the United States at a slow, steady pace five or six years but that would definitely accelerate the exit.

        • This is incorrect. Blacks are such a detriment to economic prosperity that their removal from the US (them fucking off after they get their checks) will usher in a new American golden era.

          • I believe he was talking about whites leaving.

            But yes, blacks gone (and the small hat enablers) and it’s a golden age.

    • “once they get their civil rights passed into law, we are done with the victimhood BS”.

      Have the grillercons flooded Zblog this morning or something?

      • The greatest mistake post WWII was the heavy emphasis on rights – including the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

        Constantly harping on rights makes everyone in society into a child.

        It is children who cry about their rights.
        It is adults who focus on their responsibilities.

        Responsibilities always violate rights. The focus on rights has been completely wrong.

        Giving blacks reparations is fine IF and only IF they genuinely fuck off and never return. It needs to be a proper divorce. Otherwise there is no point.

        While the initial cost will be high, if executed properly, the long-term benefits will absolutely make up for it.

        But i needs to be done correctly. No more backdoors for future shakedowns.

    • I’d favor a one-time Reparations check for any Black who renounces his or her American citizenship and agrees to leave the country. Perhaps some African country will take them. Surely most of them are smarter and better educated than the average black African.

      • Bingo, same here. one-time Reparation checks need to be like a divorce settlement. You get the money and then you have zero legal recourse to White people or their resources. You are for all intent and purposes now separated and on your own. If that means they have to leave the US or even get a small part of the US to call their own nation, so be it.

        But it absolutely needs to be a one-and-done type of deal with no possibility for future shenanigans or shakedowns. Buy them off once and for all.

    • This is similar to my thinking on reparations.
      First, I don’t think reparations proper will ever really happen. This is too good of an issue – designed to keep the former slaves stirred up and easy to manipulate – to give up.
      I could actually support something with a little different justification. Almost all of the population of the United States came here voluntarily, or are descended from people who came here voluntarily. Outside of American Indians, the main exception is the descendants of those brought here as slaves.
      I would propose that each of those descendants be offered a sizable amount, but in order to take it they would have to leave in perpetuity. Those who stayed would now be voluntary inhabitants, with a citizenship actually worth something to them. This would put them in the same boat as the Nigerian immigrant who came here last year.
      That said, I don’t think there is a realistic and peaceful option in the cards.

  15. What about us “whites” who have a small amount of “Nigerian” ancestry? No doubt such ancestry came from slaves. Can you imagine a group of “centavo-roons” (my word for those with 1% black ancestry) demanding reparations?

  16. Divorce courts? Child support courts? Drug courts? Parole courts?

    Good golly, we are going to need a butt-load of Reparations courts!
    We need to build ten times as many law schools to staff them!

    • A court requires someone to take the other side. Who will brave the storm of cancellation, doxing, and disbarment, their foreheads branded with the Big Red R?

  17. I agree with ProZNoV and Severian below in thinking that this issue needs to be squashed and squashed hard. We need a Supreme Court decision, an Act of Congress, and an Executive Order all to the effect of we are never going to talk about reparations again, case closed.

    This should have been done right from the very beginning. The very mooting of the subject is itself a revolutionary act; it is an attack upon the lives and property of the citizenry.

    The very purpose of a properly constituted government would be to repel such attacks by strangling them in the cradle. Any government which would so much as consider reparations is illegitimate and needs to be deposed. No, this is not hyperbole. It’s the plain truth.

    • ID, that might sound hyperbolic over on the civnat sites, but its downright sedate over here.

      • ID, who is some sort of Christian, I think, still believes that the USA has, or had, “properly constituted government”. We are dealing with a living caricature here.

        Now, what ProZ actually wrote is further illuminating:

        “There are some ideas so destructive and so dangerous the only rational response is to give warning that if the topic is raised again, people will be going to jail (or worse).”

        Since that authoritarian reflex is an obvious dead end, a favorite “rational” backup plan is being contemplated:

        “This is the one line in the sand that might make me retire to another country.”

        We’ve all heard about the fight or flight response, but this is something different. It’s a slave’s response. ProZ demands that master discipline the other slaves correctly, or ProZ will flee the plantation.

    • ID, when none of the things that you are demanding happen, you may want to reflect on the structural and ethnocentric reasons that prevented them.

      You may know what “dasein” means and that body of knowledge may guide your actions. But most of the people in the world are incapable of understanding that, and of those who are, most feel a greater loyalty to their tribe than to universal concepts.

      • Wow. Thanks.
        So, I googled “Dasein”.
        Quite the rabbit hole.

        Bah, humbug. Monotheists wrapping themselves into pretzels trying to get beyond the inherent contradictions and limits of monotheism.

        Nope. Mechanics is a cleaner, more elegant approach. Fooey with social displays.

        Give me Function, or give me death!

    • Unfortunately, I believe we are past the point of no return with reparations. At one point, reparations was the stuff of lunatics in black nationalist circles and far left crazies. But reparations have become fairly mainstream in the Democrat party now.

      Reparations, as imagined by black nationalists, grifters and Democrats is an abomination against civilization. It will not end the grift. It will not stop the set-asides. It is likely to create all new harms. Besides, it is likely to be too small to satisfy anyone who wants them.

      There are 40 million black people in America. Even a million dollars per black is bigger than the national GDP ($40 trillion). The numbers being thrown around by the groups “studying” the issue are larger than world GDP. The 5 million recommended by San Fransisco would be 200 trillion Dollars! Even on an installment plan, this is just way more money than can ever be paid.

      Plus, they are pulling these numbers straight out of their rear ends. Even if I agreed reparations were in order and that it would end the blood libel against White people, a realistic sum of money that took into consideration all of the factors would never satisfy anyone. Blacks would be insulted by the number and Whites would scoff at it. It wouldn’t even be a one time thing (even spread across many years). Every black person in perpetuity would qualify for the reparations. Little Tyrone, born the day after the first checks would likely qualify.

      Peaceful separation is the ONLY answer.

      • Wouldn’t infinite debt be of great interest to the fine folks who invented compounding interest.

        Who was it that created the NAACP, again?

    • Reparations are like child trannies, in that if you find yourself having to explain why it’s a bad thing, you have already lost

  18. Newsome has already signaled that he will oppose reparations. I assume this is his strategy for appearing reasonable to normie so he can be president. It’s a low bar to appear reasonable to normie in current year AINO. That doesn’t tell you anything about what he will do after he is president. Obama was once against gay marriage too.

    It is not hard at all to picture the fake money finally becoming worthless right about when open large scale reparations cash payments get on the table. And more than just being easy to picture, I have to say it looks like the most likely scenario.

    • Aha! That’s the setup.
      They’re winding us up for the Conversion Crash in September. “Reparations” are a feint, a head-fake for the hammer blow.

    • I’ve thought about this too. That this could be the entry point to some kind of dual-currency. On the one hand we pay you serfs with dollars that are also paid out in reparations and have thus become, not zombified, but Zimbabwified. Then they set up something like the RealID but it’s the RealDollar. All the swells and regime toadies get paid in those. It sounds like something they would try but I doubt there’s still enough competency left to make it work. There would be too many serfs who mistakenly got RealDollars and too many Cloud People who got Zimbabwified. The whole thing would certainly bring the country crashing down in an amusing way though.

      • That sounds similar to part of the plot of Neal Stephenson’s landmark cyberpunk sci-fi novel “Snow Crash.” In the novel, the U.S. dollar is so devalued by hyperinflation that quadrillion dollar notes are considered small bills. Most financial transactions take place via digital cryptocurrencies and when physical cash is needed, most people use Hong Kong currency (known as “Kongbucks”) or Japanese yen.

      • Yup. China had dual currency, yuan internally and renmimbi for foreign trade settlement, until America’s investment in Red Chips floated them to a viable economy.

        In other words, loaning them enough on terms to let them steal (copycat) what they needed to get on their feet.

        (Institutions only, instruments the average Chinese Lo or American Joe can’t participate in, just as we can’t participate in federal-state inter-Agency finance or patronage; that would be like trying to buy shares in the Mafia, a privately held corporation. One could say we already have dual currencies, government, Wall Street, and citizen.)

        Citizen of a Silly explained Eurodollars (offshore dollars) as the Russian ruble bypassing Western restrictions. An internal versus external currency de facto.

  19. Black population 48 million USA. Cost of flight to Liberia 1000 USD according to kyak. Total $48000,000,000. We don’t owe it. But it would be priceless.

    • Wooden sailing ships with banks of manacles below deck would be more economically feasible.

  20. UFO mania is a topic du jour in order to deflect attention away from Hunter Biden and the antics of the Biden Crime Family. Similarly, reparations is now in the news simply as a means of rallying black vote for the 2024 election cycle. Create an illusion of lottery ticket gibs for the blacks and they will reliably vote Dem because there is no perceived downside to rolling the dice. Ditto for the illusion of student loan debt forgiveness. Every collegiate debt slave is incentivized to vote Dem even if the only feasible outcome is minor debt reduction or postponement. Its all about getting to 50%+1. And a whole lotta dead people are gonna vote by mail if necessary in order to get there.

  21. I’ve seen several media segments on the reparations stuff, and it’s noteworthy that the blacks they interview always make sure to add that the reparations would in no way close the book on race and that no amount of money can make them forgive whites.

    You can observe this pattern in day to day life. When you do something nice for a person, typically they feel obliged to reciprocate or at least thank you for your altruism. But there are a good portion of people who instead conclude that because you did something nice for them you must have owed it to them in the first place and furthermore owe it to them to continue. As soon as you stop giving them your time/effort they become angry and hate you more than if you had never done anything nice for them in the first place.

    The only way to deal with people like that is to get them out of your life.

      • That’s why you have a country with a high average IQ like Chy-na, except they’re still trying to serve each other food cooked with oil pressed from rotting garbage.

    • That’s called the entitlement syndrome. And it’s more dangerous than the China syndrome.

      • If you ever get to talk to someone with NPD in confidence it’s incredible the way they think. When they first meet someone they’re thinking about “I wonder what this person can do for me?”, then it rapidly becomes “This person is supposed to do this stuff for me”, and finally “This person is a terrible person because they didn’t do the thing I hallucinated that they owed me.”

        I have this with a close family member, and they genuinely aren’t capable of understanding that their attitude is unreasonable. Even the most delicate attempt to point it out and I’m the bully and being abusive.

    • I’m going to post a controversial opinion here and state that in my Arizona neighborhood, which is < 10% Black, some of the nicest and friendliest people I've met have been from that race. I don't think that contradicts the crime problem (which I'm quite concerned about BTW.) It's not a tendency toward violence per se, but impulsiveness. This is why a Black might be nice to an old White dude like me provided he or she feels the impulse to do so, rather than thinking, "Is this safe? Will this person appreciate the gesture?" That's what's behind the old stereotype of Blacks being "childlike." My argument is that in a society that didn't tolerate grievance or misbehavior, the worst Blacks would be put away for decades and the rest would be nudged in the right direction and therefore a little bit easier to get along with.

      • And yet, even when dealt with properly, they remain a tax on our time and existence. Better to live apart.

      • Everyone is polite when massively outnumbered. If you were in a neighborhood that was < 10% White, that same neighbor currently acting like jolly old Uncle Tom would sucker punch you and leave you in a coma from hitting your head on the sidewalk.

        • Quite right:
          “AZ” Sounds a bit “Ned Flanders.”
          I expect he’s never rolled as a minority huu-wtye, and therefore…really can’t imagine the antipathy.
          (The stone cold hatred.)

  22. Tie reparations to the Defense budget, i.e., every dollar that goes to the negro slush fund comes out of the pockets of the MIC, and I will support it fully.

    • @Jack
      Better yet, tie it exclusively to GlobohomoEcho Banks. Every dollar of interest repayment goes directly to Blax. No more usury collection Mr Smallhat.
      p.s. Also comes with a one-way permanent ticket to Africa. No takesie-backsies.

      • Ooo. Likesie.

        The managers brought ’em

        Built the Ivies with their profits
        (And teach piracy and preachery with those same Ivies)

        Rolled the profits into banker wankery

        Bought and built up the MIC to serve their ends

        Let them pay for the war they started

  23. White people who never owned slaves being forced to pay black people who never were slaves.


    • I’m about to turn 66 and I feel the ennui that comes from the certainty of seeing a slow genocide coming to it’s inevitable end. Caucasians, as a mostly undiluted group are for all practical purposes, about to be gone. In 50 years you won’t be able to find a non-mullato white anywhere on earth. I suspect even the Amish will have gone full “jungle fever” by that time. The Mormons are already blessing mixed marriages by the thousands each year, just in SLC. It wouldn’t hit me so bad if it was a case of “marrying up” to a high IQ Asian. The attraction to the “he-boon” and the “she-boon” will always be a mystery to me.

      • My father is elderly and has picked up on this feeling from me and from others. He’s not able to *feel* on an existential level what is coming — as he has lived in a white world his entire 79 years and is not particularly imaginative — but he understands that it’s coming for me and for his grandchildren. He moved in retirement from an all-white northern area to a southern area that is now being overrun, so on a small scale, he’s getting a taste of it. I think the magnitude of what’s happened is too much for an old man to handle.

        • I knew an older guy, whom I loathed, who would chuckle, “Well, once we’re a minority, they’re going to have to give us special privileges.”

          That was his cope. God, I disliked that guy.

        • I guess I’m elderly (73 y/o) and I always expected this. It’s just happening one generation earlier than I thought it would. It’s the old “gradually then suddenly” meme.

        • Seems to me that the Boomers can’t win. On the one hand, we blame them for their cluelessness and selfishness, and on the other, when one of them actually shows that he gets it, we yell at them.

          I fail to see how that’s a blackpill. That’s reality right now and another year after another year after another year has passed, and we’re still out here, writing and talking.

      • CD-

        I have this same sense, that most wypipo have simply given up and are fine with being replaced, and fine with having grandkids that look nothing like them.

        I don’t feel I can do much to push back since I’m surrounded by bug people that would move to cancel me swiftly.

      • ” In 50 years you won’t be able to find a non-mullato white anywhere on earth.”

        Side effect of overdosing black pills is chronic anxiety and eventually temporary mental retardation. Cut back significantly my man

      • You overstate the incidence of negro miscegenation. It happens, of course, but is still fairly rare. And once the Great Separation occurs, there will be a large segment of whites who will no longer be in contact with the nuggra.

        • Correct. To that point, friends who had daughters late in life report that in college, there are attempts to coerce miscegenation (usually by white or “white” girls of questionable sexuality) and these get a lot of unabashed push back, even now. This is a guess on my part but white or “white” professors likely avoid the topic because it likely would draw attention to their partners’ race.

      • I disagree. Instead, we are sluffing off the unwanted part of our genome. Do not mourn the dead weight. Instead, silently applaud their decision to take themselves out of our gene pool. The rest of us will harden, crystallize and coalesce, like a neutron star.

        The future belongs to us.

        • Hear, hear. Our dregs are still their upgrades.

          We are the fair flowers meant to be spread…by any means possible.


  24. As always, it’s a question of morality. Reparations is a terrible idea for our rulers because it quantifies and brings out into the open what they believe is the debt owed to blacks from whites.

    Bad call.

    They should always keep the concept of systemic or legacy racism murky. That way, they can milk it forever and in various different forms. Bringing it out into the open means that whites can put a number on it and feel like they can move on.

    Yes, yes, I know. We don’t anyone, anything. But stupid whites believe that we do and this wakes them up. Either you put a price tag on what we owe or you say that whites will never be able to pay that debt, in which case whites will start to realize that they will never be free of being call “racist” so why play the game.

    • They will never move on and neither will whites. See my comment below.

      Natives get billions in reparations *per year* from the Canadian government and it’s never enough.

      A “one time” reparations only opens the tap.

      • Yeah. It validates the concept, but will never agree upon the total amount. When the payments end, and no difference in outcomes is discerned, the rejoinder will always be that the initial amount was not adequate to the task. Wash, rinse, repeat.

      • There’s a great line from one of my favorite movies – Miller’s Crossing. The lead character Tom Reagan is arguing with his boss Leo, an Irish ganster.

        Leo tells Tom that no matter what, you help your friends and hammer your enemies. Tom disagrees: “Wrong, Leo. You do things for a reason.”

        That’s always stuck with me. It sound simple, but it’s a deeper concept. People do things for a reason. The hard part is figuring out what that reason is. What’s their angle?

        Wealthy whites in the West give huge amounts of money to blacks and Natives. But they do it for a reason. They get pleasure in giving them that money. They get pleasure in forcing other whites to give them money.

        That’s their angle.

        We should always being trying to figure out the reason behind the action. What’s their angle? What are they getting out of it?

        That how you get one step ahead of the other side.

        • Btw, that’s why reparations is a bad call for our rulers.

          You do things for a reason. They love their pets and hate whitey. Reparations doesn’t help that.

        • Personally, I wouldn’t elevate it to the evidentiary status of “a reason” but it is clarifying to view people’s moral policies as a means of buying something, however real vs. imagined something is. This goes for the tent cities or imperial/fun-adventure wars as much as affirmative action. The Maine biddy signing the abortion jubilee bill seemed manifestly more in the vein GOTV than a practical governance fix, but of course you have to throw bits of legislation and rolls of $20 bills around to ensure ballots come in. If you can get the Stockholm syndrome base to deliver the envelopes themselves, legally in the clear, that’s very efficient.

      • Quite. The only thing that could possibly put an end to the bigot spigot is massive, violent, white rebellion. And I don’t really see that happening.

          • Yes Andrew, this is the wreaking ball of western civilization. It’s coming hard and fast now,and one of the first effects of the breakdown of the Fed.Gov. will be an end to the gibs. All hell will break loose when Pandoras box is opened.

          • That or Weimar style hyperinflation. What does it matter if the government gives every black American a million dollars each, if it takes a wheelbarrow full of nearly worthless notes to buy a loaf of bread?

  25. It never ends. There will be no peaceful separation.

    Here in Canada natives get their own native only land reservations with self governance, tax free status, billions per year of government funding, affirmative action, and restorative justice. And they have gotten this deal for decades.

    The white guilt narrative only ramps up year over year. Schools are a constant white guilt indoctrination center over past “sins” against natives. Land acknowledgements are read before every corporate meeting. Historical statues are being torn down.

    It’s generally not the natives driving this madness, it’s the baizuo and the ruling class. The average native is pretty drunk and broke most of the time. But the native ruling class are happy to go along with it.

    If you give them money once, they will just demand more and more from you. The elites will never ever leave normal white people alone. If you have one round of reparations for blacks, there will be a second round, third round, etc.

    Australia is even worse, with the One Voice referendum.

    • Yes, One Voice!

      Ain’t it completely odd how reparations is suddenly a fad across the White West, in the same utterly organic way gay marriage was?

    • I’m no longer naive enough to believe charges of hypocrisy carry any weight, but I love to point out that Canada (and much of the Anglosphere) is trying to rectify whatever sins lie in the past by turning the tables 180 degrees.

      Indians deserve gibs forever because some of them were taught to act white in school. In response the entire education system is geared toward telling young white men that they’re irredeemably horrible people.

      • If they weren’t forced to go to school and learn English, today we would be constantly lectured about how evil whitey segregated them and refused to educate them, and that’s why they’re so poor today.

        It has nothing to do with the plight of any non-white group – they are simply tools for white bashing. And used for masturbatory white saviour complexes for some whites.

        Separation from these people is the only option.

        • Not too long ago, NPR Arizona had a segment on the young white lady who nobly accepted a teaching position on a poor Navajo reservation.

          Her first day, her students looked at her dumbly, with no response. After weeks of agonizing frustration, she finally realized…

          None of them spoke English! They only spoke Diné at home!

          She then proceeded to break the language barrier. After heroic trial and effort, she finally succeeded at mastering a complex phrase, immensely difficult and nuanced in its tense and pronunciation.

          As she tried it for the first time, she was filled with trepidation.
          What if she got it wrong, offending and alienating the entire class?

          After the customary stony silence and blank looks, she mustered her courage and bravely began her formidable task.

          When she finally said, “Good morning,” in the Native tongue, the students, amazed, broke out into sunny smiles! Some even whistled and cheered!

          They loved her!
          After all this time! She went on to a rich and satisfying several years learning the high custom and profound wisdom passed on by the Native elders.

    • B125: Precisely. The blackmail never ends. And no amount of money will ever compensate for inferior genetics. Whites who think the fact that neither they nor their ancestors owned slaves or killed native Indians gives them a pass are, as usual, doing the conservacuck logic/reason shuffle.

      You are not paying for imaginary sins of the past. You will pay reparations to cover the cost of weaves and fake nails, skin bleaching cream, faux diplomas from corrupted and degraded educational institutions. You will pay because you have silky hair or blue eyes. You will pay because you can think and hold a job. You will pay because your language includes terms such as ‘black mood’ and ‘fair skin.’ You will pay because you built a civilization.

      You will pay with all you have – including your culture and history and ultimately your life – because you are White.

      And those who think the Han and pajeet and mestizos will pay rather than benefit really need to just bugger off with their LBFMs.

      • You owe them because you are white and it makes them feel inferior.

        Simple as.

        Joe Sobran’s quote, as always, is extremely relevant here.

      • Correct. It is a jizya whites are to pay to non-whites for being white. No need to overthink it. The only question is whether to pay or not. While you did not complete the thought, yes, Mestizos and Asians and Pacific Islanders and whoever also will be lining up to shake whites down if blacks get these gibs. Again, the only question for whites is whether to pay or not. People need to think long and hard about the answer to that question and what a negative answer means.

      • Conservatives have succeeded in reframing affirmative action as discrimination against Asians.

        Zoomer Asian-Americans, who hate white people more than anyone else does—because school says to hate us, and they’re the best students—will put that to use when their time comes.

        That Asians are richer and more successful than white Americans makes whites *especially* deserving of punishment.

        • It is exactly like when the term “anti-Semitic” is employed by conservatards as a euphemism for “anti-white.” They are very well trained and know which linguistic buttons not to push, no matter how true and accurate.

  26. The rigged lottery called reparations is a means to desired ends. Expect, for example, the urge to miscegenate to increase. There will be lots of morons (and not all of them European American, of course) who will be tempted to marry into families of the lottery winners.

    OTOH, the windfall will hit “Black Lives” like hot coals poured on their heads. Motivation to produce will be crushed. They will drop out of the labor force in droves, which will make more room for Latin Americans, Asians, and Indians. Most BL don’t have the intelligence and willingness to delay gratification to be successful entrpreneurs. So startup activity among them will often follow predictable trajectories. The BL also have scant interest in rigorous scholarship. They won’t be using their loot to educate their children in the liberal arts or to finance research institutes (other than for grievance studies). So their descendants 50 to 75 yrs from now, while very numerous, will be very degraded.

    There are, I’m sure, a great many go-getters who are salivating about selling stuff to the lottery winners. The “reparations” will be another capitalist hustle of American landfill economy. Likewise, daydreams about cap gains amd charitable contributions will enter into the calculations of Con, Inc., when writing The Conservative Case.

    How can all of this business be stopped without an armed rebellion? Someone do tell, please.

    • Also, we like to joke about opening up shops that sell rimz, rent-a-centers, and payday loan outfits to recover our money, but you can bet the regime will make it de facto illegal for us palefaces to pursue this route, likely via the 87k armed IRS agents being hired.

      • “sell rimz, rent-a-centers, and payday loan outfits”

        These are fellow white businesses through and through

    • There is no way out of this because even if whites separate entirely, the mob will be howling at their gates because dey gots nice stuff…

      • Yes. But we’ll defend them with a ruthless passion using the highest tech. The cost of scaling or entering them will be extremely high. Push it far enough and we’ll conclude, rightly, that living behind walls is not desirable nor necessary. The logical and obvious conclusions will be drawn and the needful will be done.

        That is the future I envision.

  27. They’re getting plenty of reparations already.

    Over the course of an average 79-year lifespan, a white individual contributes a net $220,805 to the system while over the course of an average 75-year lifespan, a black individual receives a net $751,200.*

    Gibs aside, we’ve also “given” blacks a shocking number of cities built by our white ancestors. Now, these same cities are third-world hellholes and no-go zones for smart white people (aka “racists”).

    If anything, blacks owe us.

    *This data was derived from the 2014 federal budget and was featured on VD’s site a few years ago, but if anything, the numbers are probably more extreme now.

      • Neolithic is pretty generous, you’re presuming that they’re smart enough to chip a stone to create an edge and then tie it to a stick.

        • Bah. You just need a sharpened stick to impale White babies (dolls) at a festival in Avignon.

  28. I’ve always thought (for decades now) that Conservative Inc., who have so far been claiming reparations are always going to be a non-starter will eventually capitulate (as they ALWAYS do) on the issue. Framing it as “well, we need to get past this, take it off the table, move on, eliminate it as an issue, yada yada yada…” They’ll come up with a figure, free money is always a motivation. I can just imagine Sean Hannity sheepishly telling his audience about his enlightenment (as he did with immigration reform), how great it would be to remove the “weaponization” of reparations away from the baddie Dems, now someone like Tim Scott can waltz into the White House, etc. LOL.

    • I recall Hannity doing the flip on amnesty 2 or 3 days after BO beat Romney. That started the whole gang of 8 fiasco that didn’t end until Eric Cantor got primaried out by Dave Brat and Boehner allegedly saw the light.

  29. There are some ideas so destructive and so dangerous the only rational response is to give warning that if the topic is raised again, people will be going to jail (or worse).

    Normalizing trans and encouraging it for kids.
    Normalizing pedos. Teaching sodomy to second graders with cartoons.
    Legalizing recreational drug use.

    Reparation discussions are catnip for the right wing chattering class though. Extremely lucrative for Benny S and his ilk to “destroy” college students with the 27 bullet point thesis of why the ghost of W. Buckley wouldn’t agree. “Buy my book, subscribe to my substack, watch my streaming platform if you want to know more.

    I understand why you recorded this Z, and I don’t disagree with any particular point. You are well aware that when terrible ideas like this are out in the open, rational arguments won’t do a g-d thing; it’s all 100% emotionally driven by that point and we’re just negotiating over a final price anyway.

    This is the one line in the sand that might make me retire to another country. Better to die as a second class citizen in a foreign land than live under the yoke of being a third class citizen in my own.

    • The late, great David Stove was one of the fiercest champions free speech ever had… and by the end of his life, he was arguing in all seriousness that anyone who advocated what he called “the Equality Opinion” should be shot.

      He wasn’t wrong.

    • A couple years ago I had a corporate visitor to my plant and he talked about how, on a recent trip to Puerto Rico, his rental car had been broken into and his luggage stolen. I was this close to asking, “what, did they run out of bikes?” but I decided to keep my job.

  30. rep•a•ra•tion | ˌrepəˈrāSH(ə)n |
    The making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged: the courts required a convicted offender to make financial reparation to his victim.
    • (reparations) the compensation for war damage paid by a defeated state: the Treaty of Versailles imposed heavy reparations and restrictions on Germany.

    Well that about sums it up. Identify convicted offenders. Did’t Germany sort of react to those heavy reparations?

    • Precisely the point. The sins of the fathers can not be made the sins of the children. As noted, our society has done all—and much more—to make any aggrieved party (I maintain there are none) “whole” through the various enacted laws and regulations since the Civil Rights Act of the early 60’s. No more can be done nor should be done.

  31. Great show, thanks. I’d love a show detailing appropriate consequences to the Sackler family for their crimes.

    The real question is the Who and Whom question. Who is actually owed reparations at this point?
    Back in the 80’s, my dad drove us around the city to show us the homes/areas where he was raised in the 1950’s. The neighborhoods had been safe and the homes and yards had been cared for back in those days. As we drove through the neighborhoods, we couldn’t help but notice the tremendous decline which had occurred. We also noticed that the new residents were thoroughly vibrant. We couldn’t understand how or why this destruction had taken place and asked our dad for an explanation. He simply responded by sharing with us the story of the scorpion and the fox. “It’s just my nature, it’s just what I do and who I am.”

    • I hate that stupid scorpion story. The story is butt-reaming stupid and idiotic, and it doesn’t explain anything. It’s a non-answer answer.

      In real life, the “scorpions” do what they do because they don’t understand the cause and effect relationships involved. They don’t know that they are going to drown if they sting the frog. And why should they know it? They’ve been rescued time and time again in the past, no matter how many frogs they’ve stung, so why should they think the next time would be any different?

      Start letting them drown and they’ll learn quick enough not to sting. People respond to incentives.

      • The point of the story is that animals don’t act outside their nature. If orcs and goblins were smarter they’d keep the good thing they have going with White people protecting them rather than destroy the civilization from which they benefit. Instead they’ll destroy the Whites because they can’t do anything else, even if the end result is that the orcs end up with their heads bolted to the dining table for Chinese and Pajeets to scoop the brains out and eat as a delicacy.

    • It is possible that the vibrants were not the owners of those degrading properties, but rather landlords who, knowing the propensities of their tenants to let things go to shit, made little effort to try to hold any standards. But it is equally possible that, in the time-hallowed traditions of nonowner occupied properties that their refusal to spend on upkeep and maintenance led symbiotically to the degradation; negligent landlords and heedless wastrels as tenants sure do go together.

      A few years back, we became aware of the existence of a New Jersey-wide real estate database accessible online. One of the features that was very handy was to be able to find out if properties in our neighborhood were owned by the occupants, or were so called “investment properties”. You could progressively plug in street addresses on one’s street, and find out the proportion, and keep track of any changes to that proportion. A high proportion of rental properties was a bad sign, and even moreso movement away from owner occupancy.

      About a year or so ago, that capability was discontinued. While one could argue that this was to make identity theft/mortgage fraud more difficult, it is equally likely that, as massive entities such as Blackrock were greedily contemplating snapping up sale properties through unbeatable cash sales, they wanted to make recognition of their predations more difficult. Yeah, you could probably go to the municipality’s tax office and inquire after information on properties one by one, but the ease of aggregating this knowledge online was gone.

      Eh, probably this is just another “conspiracy theory” positing that the government is working hand in glove with megamonied institutions against citizen [now an archaic concept] interests.

  32. Descendants of slave owners should demand reparations for the taking of the property of their ancestors by the government without compensation.

    Since some blacks owned slaves, the descendants of the black slave holders could double dip in the reparations game, since they undoubtedly also had ancestors that were slaves.

  33. I’m investing heavily in the companies which own Newports, Hennessy, Jordans, grape soda and rims.

    • Racism Inc is probably the only thing more powerful than the anti tobacco lobby. Why they shelved that proposed plan to outlaw menthols.

      • Did they? So once again they were just stirring shit up, setting the stage?

        Eff me. And here I was waiting for my very own Reginald Denney moment each time I hit northwest Philadelphia.

      • They would probably be leasing the Escalades, rather like all of those BMWs and Mercedes one sees the vibrants tooling around in. (Incidentally, or not, this business plan likely accounts for the decline in the quality of those vehicles (more cheap parts), as what was formerly a selling point for those vehicles to people who were attracted by long service lives, was an unnecessary expenditure when the plan shifted to quick buck leasing, and was no longer justifiable.)

        The repo men should have a heyday.

  34. I suggest that ideas of justice and fairness apply only within a racial group that feels a sense of unity. Between racial groups there is only the law of the jungle.

    This is the credo by which the other races live. Ask the Arabs about their guilt over their far larger slave trade and far crueler treatment of slaves.

    The main reasons for whites to shun slavery is our unique compassion for the suffering of others and that enslaving another group causes entanglements with that group that ultimately harm us. Justice has nothing to do with it.

  35. I am kinda rooting for some kind of outlandish reparations plan in the upcoming years. The way I see it using estimated back of the napkin numbers about 20% of whites get that we need drastic measures to save us starting fresh with a new system or heavily reformed system, we could possibly bring over another 30 to 40% of whites to our way of thinking, the remaining roughly 40% of whites are never going to come over and we need to divorce them along with the problematic blacks.
    The more pain whites feel in this disfunctional marriage at this point in time in history is a good thing for our long term survival.

    • Its in the God of Nature’s design:

      Just as other plucky, White-adjacent groups boil off their outliers to be absorbed into the White population, leaving a dedicated core of oppositional zealots leading the vanguard,

      Whites too will boil off their beta outliers, enlightening and enriching the non-whites with our desirable genetics, leaving a dedicated nucleus of White breeding that continues to generate refined strains of Gaia’s highest prize.

    • After getting a lump-sum, they’ll start whining for a “white people tax” for the next 100 years or so (extensions an option). Of course the money will be administered by a panel of “experts.”

  36. “White people either pay the debt, so no more demands, or they see that the debt can never be paid, and it is time to move on.”

    There you go again Z-man—thinking logically and rationally on a clearly emotional problem. 😉

    The above conundrum has already been worked around. You see, it’s not about past wrongs. It’s about current wrongs that are being addressed by reparations. For years now, racism has been defined as endemic and structural to “Whites” and White “identity” and therefore can *not* be eliminated. It is the air the Whites breath and therefore—as with Original Sin—something we are all born with and can never rise above. So as long as Whites and Blacks exist, reparations must be made.

    Think of this as a “Harrison Bergeron” remedy for Black mediocrity in a modern 21st century, technological society.

  37. Slavery in perpetuity— especially when one was born into it— was an abomination imo. Indenture, I can’t say I oppose.

    The debt has to be payable. Now we see the inversion— whites born into an unpayable debt. Nobody calls that slavery in perpetuity, because the jig would be up, but that’s what it is.

    Don’t get any ideas, whitey. Get to work!

    • I tend to agree, but must also note that your general (implied) definition of slavery can now be applied in many aspects to the typical American wage “slave”. What do you call the now typical American “middle class” worker who busts his hump everyday for 40+ years, living paycheck to paycheck, “retiring” in SSI funded poverty, with little to no accumulated wealth?

        • If all slaves had been indentured by law, the slave power might’ve been less reckless. If all debts were cleared after a term of, say, 10 years, the financial power might also not be so reckless.

          We Americans lack a sovereign to make it happen. The weird thing is, the people are sovereign in theory, but they apparently prefer slavery.

          Easy to draw the dark conclusion that freedom isn’t natural to most people. One is reminded of Aristotle’s notion of natural slaves, or Rousseau’s quip about forcing people to be free.

          Those two were arguing from a very civilized perspective, though. Which is to say— domesticated.

  38. If anyone in the Republican Party had any balls, they’d point to the hundreds of thousands of graves of the white soldiers at any National Cemetery, on hundreds of battlefields, and say to the reparations extortionists –
    “We don’t owe you a goddamn thing. That debt was paid in full, in blood, 158 years ago.”
    But the Vichy Republicans have no balls.

    • Sean Hannity, and Boomer conservatives everywhere have been saying that for 20 years.

      Nobody cares.

      • Nobody cares is right. However, the real reason for the war was one man’s obsession with retaining the “Union”. He could have cared less about the plight of slaves. Abolitionist sentiments was a useful ploy to rally the rubes around. It is thus in all wars, then and now. The common man rarely has any meaningful stake In partaking in the violence of war.

        Goering had it cold:

        “Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY.”

        –Goering at the Nuremberg Trials

        • “How you gonna keep robbing them if they’re a second country” aka Tudor economics.

    • First, new series: Kung Fu 2
      Quai Chang Kaine vs Little Rock

      Chinatown! Railroads! Irish gangs wreak havoc! Opium den war between the the Astor and Vanderbilt crime families!

      Then, expand the franchise; get the South Asians onboard!

      The 4500 BC Project
      Vedic Holocaust: the Aryan Brotherhood

      Brothers and sisters, there is money to be made!

      Think of the degrees, the budget, the corner office with a window!
      The seminar circuit, the TED talks, the book advance!

    • I understand your point, but it subtly accepts their morality. You’re saying that there was a debt owed by American whites to American blacks, at least those who were slaves.

      We don’t and neither did our ancestors. Slavery has been an institution since the dawn of man. Whites were made slaves by other whites and all kinds of other races over history. So what.

      Not to say that people who were slaves themselves should forget. They should hate those who enslaved them and hope to kill them someday. But nobody owes anyone else a debt.

      Don’t accept the other side’s morality.

      • Realistically, they owe us. They wouldn’t exist without slavery and if they would exist, it would have been life in Africa vs life in the US. Then there is all the handouts and set asides so far.

        • They don’t owe us either. We took them as slaves for a reason. They got a good deal. Then, we stupidly gave them tons of money and modernity. But that was our choice. We wanted to do that. They don’t owe us because some whites wanted a vicious pet.

          Whatever. What’s done is done. I’m sick of debts. Time to move on.

        • The transatlantic slave trade was the best thing ever to happen to the negro race.

          • It was! It was their means of spreading colonies.

            See also, “Greek tutors” or “Bosnian hookers.”

      • Hold on there, cuz.
        The original slaves were 100,000 Irish in the Virginia Companies and the Caribbean with an 80% mortality rate.

        Some crafty merchants with very old ties to the Moorish slave trade saw a chance to start re-supplying the labor market with prolific breeders who were resistant to malaria and heat; they did so at 10x the price of an Irishman, drawing on their century-old trade in Brazil and the Spanish colonies.

        That means they made a butt-ton of money, enough to take over America’s #2 market, tobacco, the Caribbean sugar cane, molasses, and rum triangle, then go on to take the Mississippi Delta and King Cotton.

        With all that huge fortune, the original Irish are owed vast- VAST- sums in reparations.
        Let’s go get ours!!

    • If you’ve been paying attention real close you’ve seen that the BLM crowd has already been coming around to “the Civil War wasn’t really about slavery.”

    • TBH that just perpetuates the myth that the CW was fundamentally about slavery. All of the Union border states were slave-holding states. Blacks served in both the Union and Confederate armies. Congress passed the Corwin Amendment which would have extended constitutional protection to the institution of slavery in the slave-holding states, but war broke out before more than a handful of states could ratify it.

  39. The most entertaining aspect of reparations will be the reaction of Asians and Hispanics. Neither group likes blacks and, unlike white women, they (or at least the men) won’t get off on virtue signaling about giving money to blacks. The only way to get most Asians and Hispanics on board will be either to give reparations to them too or only tax whites for the reparations.

    Asians might unenthusiastically go along if there isn’t a tax increase to pay for it. So, that will put a lot of pressure to just increase the debt. Only whites to the right of the divide care about debt anyway.

    But Asians are gaining a lot of clout. They are only in the US for the money so I can I envision a lot of push about upping the sob stories of their plight due to past immigration laws and systemic racism.

    • Your comment supports why I see all non-white groups as primarily tribal in a short-sighted manner.

      Each non-white group wants to see their race dominate the others. Even if they understand on an intellectual level that white society provides the structure in which they prosper, their deeper and more urgent desire is to see whitey crushed, even at the cost of lowered prosperity.

      This is like when blacks vote for the candidate that defunds and restrains the police the most. They demonstrate they that prefer to be the victims of crime in a lawless environment over having order upheld by whites. When whites police blacks, whites are in a dominant position and that is intolerable to most blacks.

      So it is with other races and issues, like reparations.

      • I can’t agree. The difference between negroes and everybody else is far greater than the difference between whites and non-negro POC. Yes, the Orientals are here for the dough, but they don’t hate whitey so much that they’d be willing to sacrifice their savings accounts just to see whites brought low. Additionally, and unlike the nuggras, Orientals are smart enough to understand that nobody lives better in a declining society. Thus, they really don’t want to hasten that process along.

    • The reparations window will close in less than a decade, which is why you will see the big push after the next election. Hispanics already outnumber blacks, and it is only a matter of time (and amnesty) before they takeover as the dominant minority. Needless to say, they have zero guilt and much contempt towards blacks. East Asians and South Asians even more so, and they are economically ascendant.

      Part of the reparations push may be an attempt to improve the position of blacks in the coming “majority minority” universe where cross ethnic coalitions will determine who has access to power. The usual suspects will need allies, and Latinos and Asians are unsympathetic to their perpetual victim narrative. Blacks don’t fall for it either, but they can be bought cheaper, and weaponized easier.

      • Yeah, and you have to appreciate one aspect of the growth of Hispanics. Hispanics move into a neighborhood and they move the Blacks out. Blacks move into a neighborhood and the Whites move out. 😉

    • Why should I care?

      Welcome to “your” new country, Asians and Hispanics. Have fun paying billions in reparations to blacks.

      • Don’t forget Canada’s First Nations!

        They built Canada!
        Even though they legally owned slaves until 1837, the South Asians, Chinese, and Haitians owe them billions for living on stolen land!

    • Living on the west coast I’m familiar with a particular breed of China-man: the Californian. They typically equate their parents and grandparents working for low wages on the railroads and laundromats with slavery. Hispanics do the same thing, their parents coming here to pick fruit was slavery.

      The narrative will be that any nonwhite the migrated here and wasn’t immediately bestowed an upper middle class lifestyle was economically enslaved, therefore reparations for everyone except whites.

  40. White people have no debt towards blacks.
    Blacks, OTOH, owe Whites so much, it’s impossible to repay. Only relocation to their ancestral continent could lead to debt forgiveness.

    • Agreed, offer a reparation on the condition they renounce citizenship and move to Nigeria. Of course a deal would have to be worked out with the African country but they would probably be happy to take these newly rich people. I’m thinking 150K.

      • At this point, I would be fine with forced relocation. They have been paid more than enough.

        • As a dissident I don’t want to set the precedent of forced reparations of citizens. Might find myself back in Scotland or something.

          • Since when does the enemy care about rules and precedents? They do whatever they need to do to win.
            The equivalent of what you’re saying is “I don’t want to kill my murderous enemy in self-defense, because I don’t want to set a precedent”, while the enemy is pointing a gun at your head, mumbling “Die, YT!”

  41. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Reparations

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      Should have played something properly representing the depths of the authentic black experience such as Buttermilk Biscuits… thus quoth the knighted Sir Mix A Lot

      “Freak from L.A. to the Carolinas
      Dip them suckers in Aunt Jemima
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      Use buttermilk biscuits to clean your plate
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      Kentucky Fried Chicken makes the suckers just right
      I am eat ’em with jelly at my favorite deli
      Wrapped and sealed by a freak named Shelley (huh huh)

      Buttermilk biscuits (x 3)

      One day I kissed my freak, hit the street
      Looking for something to eat
      In a 18-wheeler, looking real swass
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      Said I gotta eat now, can’t eat later
      Made a lot of noise to attract my waiter
      The boy walked up, and what did he say?
      “Say, buttermilk biscuits free today!”
      So what you waiting on boy? Get up shake a leg
      Gimme ten of them suckers with grits and eggs
      Glass of Koolaid and a whole stick of butter
      Them biscuits make me a super fast cutter (huh huh)”

      • Heh heh. That’s actually just about the best rap tune that’s ever been made. At least back in those days, rappers didn’t take themselves very seriously, and the stuff they produced could plausibly be classified as music. That has not been the case for at least the last 30 yeras.

  42. ‘’ It is one thing to send whitey off to a reeducation class every year. He is still being paid to attend the DIE training. It is quite another to take food off his kid’s plate.‘’

    Nope, black folks will just deny any undo harm is happening to whites. Greed triumphs all. That said, people in general will take all the spoils offered to them taken for them by tyrants. The repercussions to their neighbors? Well, it’s not that bad. Rationalize, rationalize …

    • Nordstom Nations unite!
      Let’s colonize Target and JC Penney, rich plunder awaits!

      And then…
      The assault on Walmart begins!
      CVS is ours!

  43. when i debate this issue with someone, I ask these five questions:

    Step 1 – how do you even ascertain who was enslaved and who wasn’t?
    Step 2 – some people had both slaveowner and slaves in there ancestry – how does that work?
    Step 3 – do people whose families never owned slaves have to pay?
    Step 4 – slavery ended over 150 years ago – couldn’t you say we need a statute of limitations?
    Step 5 – wasn’t affirmative action already a form of reparations?

    • Any debate about this is pointless. The enemy is not acting it good faith.
      The only correct answer is “No, f*ck off!”

      • There is one other answer, and one I am willing to entertain:

        Take and leave it.

        That is, take the reparations, along with a one way ticket to Liberia and cancellation of American citizenship for you and all progeny (leaving “it” being leaving the US and your citizenship). Otherwise, your answer above.

      • well i want to trap them into saying that a black person who immigrated from africa in the 80s should get reparations too. If they agree to that, they’ve basically admitted they support blatant racial socialism.

        • They don’t care. There is no gotcha, no rational argument, no appeal that would convince them to stop. They hate you. Hate them back.

      • Correct. There is no debating on this. I remember a few months ago when Cali approved reparations and on the boards and social media the argument was “California was never a slave state!!! Why should they pay reparations?” So stupid.
        The argument /debate should be to tell them to f.o.

    • Only one question needed: “What’s in it for White people?”

      The answer, of course is “you’ll pay and get nothing”

      Well, why would we do that?

    • Never debate the other side on this issue. You lose by debating them because you accept their morality.

      Now, if you want to have some fun with them, sure, go ahead and join the debate, but push the debate to the absurd. I’d be super Lefty and demand that blacks be given enough income each year to make average black income equal to whites. I’d also say that rich whites should have their wealth taxed and given to blacks to erase the wealth gap.

      See how your liberal white friends like that.

      • No child support for blacks!
        Free Walgreens for life!

        A big screen too- Comcast pays!

        AND FREE WEAVES at the Happy Lucky Hair and Nail Salon!

    • Probably something like 1/2 of all people in America or possibly more trace their ancestry in America to a point after the civil war and the end of slavery. Reparations is unworkable and retarded, but we’re going to get it anyway.

      The worst part of it is it won’t end anything. The racial grift will not end, it will get worse. There can never be a “paid in full” moment. The blacks who could most, in theory, benefit from it will benefit the least.

      • Systematic and endemic racism will be the response. Whites are guilty by just being white. It can’t be helped. The entire system is racist as shown by the disparity between White and Black socio-economic status. QED (quod erat demonstrandum), or in English, “Pay up Whitey”. 🙂

      • “The blacks who could most, in theory, benefit from it will benefit the least.”

        As if I could possibly give less of a flying fuck.

  44. Most people are now so dumb they will fall for this.

    They’re so dumb they don’t realize that trillions has already been spent on a certain group and the only results have been US city centers getting turned into Third World-tier wastelands and an ongoing, one-sided campaign of violence against Whites.

  45. “Either way, it means unshackling white people from the guilt of racism. White people either pay the debt, so no more demands, or they see that the debt can never be paid, and it is time to move on.”

    Let me bang my head against the wall a few times — there, that feels better. Now where were we? Ah, yes, “white guilt?” The overwhelming majority of whites in the USA had nothing to do with slavery. These whites were the down-and-outs of Europe, coming to US shores usually just to avoid starvation. There were a few white slave-owners in the Deep South. Does the responsibility for their actions two centuries ago extend to all whites today?

    While we’re on the topic of slavery, what about Arabs, who’ve probably been involved in slavery far more extensively and for much longer? What about the complicity of blacks who traded in other blacks?

    This whole crazy notion of reparations makes no sense — it simply reflects a country off its rocker. And if there are reparations, it will be just be the opening chapter. Because nothing will ever “atone” for the original sin. There’s just no winning for white people here. This country is run by and for lunatics.

    • I’m waiting for my chance. I have Cornish ancestry and I cant wait to stick it to the Italians for what they did to my people. How dare anyone say otherwise!

  46. I, for one, support a big lump sum payment. Watching inflation soar to unimaginable heights while hood fills up luxury cars equipped garrish rims all to the sound of gunfire will be the tipping point. Hispanics, Asians and Whites will finally agree on something and *redacted*.

    • My suspicion is—and many Black leaders concur—is that reparations will/should *not* be paid to individual Blacks.

      There are at least a couple of good reasons. One, the parsing out of who is Black and eligible and the infinite amount of time that will take. Two, the ire of all those folks from other non-eligible minorities.

      What some Black “leaders” have proposed is that reparations be paid by funding institutions for the “advancement” of Blacks. Here it becomes fuzzy, but I suspect this call for “indirect reparations” pleases the Black race hustlers as they will play a large part in these institutions. On the other hand, I for the life of me, can’t figure out what *new* angle these reparation institutions will play to improve the Black lot in life that has not already been tried and failed previously.

      • Ah. This is elites offering a bribe to other elites, like tribal headmen dividing war booty (and trading slaves.

        Buying allies, who have mercenary companies to sell.

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