The Antiracist White Nationalist

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With some obvious exceptions, the people who use the term “white nationalist” use it to mean “people they do not like.” These are people who imbue their language with emotional meaning, rather than descriptive meaning. Just as Eskimos supposedly have a long list of ways to describe snow, the people fond of using the term “white nationalist” have a long list of words for people outside of their cult. The term has no meaning other than “danger! danger!” to the rest of the cult.

Before the term became a cult signal, it used to have meaning. A white nationalist is an American term for a white person who wants to live in communities free of nonwhites, especially black people. Having lost the fight over “civil rights” in the middle of the last century, and not understanding the implications of it, these people organized around the idea of separate lands for people of European descent. They want intentional communities organized around race.

Of course, the people who use the term “white nationalist” as a slur acknowledge that the people calling themselves white nationalists primarily want a white homeland exclusively for white people, but they also claim the reason for this desire is an irrational hatred of nonwhites, especially blacks and Jews. In this way, the term “white nationalists” is shorthand for people who hate nonwhites. It is why you can be a nonwhite white nationalist now.

Putting aside the bizarre claims by the usual suspects, if we assume that white nationalists want to live away from nonwhites, then it makes sense that the areas with the least number of nonwhites are the areas with the greatest number of white nationalists or at least white nationalist sympathies. In fact, this assumption is a cornerstone of civil rights law. Diversity is a moral good, so it is the standard against which people and organizations are judged.

For example, if you want to find the state that like black people the least, you will look for the state with the smallest black population. A state with few black people is, at the minimum, unwelcoming to black people, so they do not move there. The most likely reason for the unwelcome mat is the locals do not like black people. By this reasoning, Montana is the most racist state in America. Look at this map and you see ten states that have a black population below three percent.

Interestingly, half of those states voted for Joe Biden in the last election and half voted for Donald Trump. Eight of the ten states with the highest black population voted for Donald Trump and are reliably Republican. This is often pointed to as proof that white nationalism is all about hating blacks, because these states are where we tend to find people who call themselves white nationalists. They say familiarity breeds contempt, but it may also breed white nationalism.

A more granular way of looking at this is by congressional district. The most far-left district in the country is New York’s 15th Congressional District. It is ninety-seven percent diverse, but the largest group is Hispanic. The second most left-wing district is New York’s 13th Congressional District, which is fourteen percent white. Number nine on the list is Nancy Pelosi’s old haunt. It is just four percent diverse. There are many such examples on the top-50 antiracist congressional districts.

Interestingly, when you do the same exercise for Jews, you find that the states with the smallest Jewish population vote Republican. The one exception is Florida which is number eight on the list, but trends Republican. That said, there are many solidly Democratic states that have a tiny Jewish populations. Outside of a few states, the Jewish population is so small that they go unnoticed. You are more likely to meet an alien abductee in Oklahoma than meet a Jewish person.

What this tells us is that if you are a white nationalist, you want to move to Montana, Wyoming, or Utah. These three states are in the bottom ten in terms of black population and Jewish population. Mitt Romney is the face of white nationalism. Of course, if you set the Jewish threshold at one percent, then the world is your oyster, as long as you do not mind the daily antiracist lectures from your all-white neighbors in places like Oregon, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire.

This runs counter to the official narrative, but it is something people have observed for generations with regards to antiracism. The higher the percentage of blacks in any given area, the lower the percentage of antiracists and the higher the percentage of accused white nationalists. On the other hand, the lower the percentage of black people, the higher the percentage of white antiracists. If you want to live like a white nationalist but sound like an antiracist, move to Oregon.

When you look at the data, something else becomes clear. The states that are most reliably Republican are those with the highest black populations. It speaks to the racialization of white politics. If you are black, you vote Democratic no matter where you live or how you live. Whites, in contrast, vote Republican if they are in close proximity to enough blacks to form a community. Maryland and Delaware are the exceptions, but there are larger factors at play in both states.

This is something that drove the flight of white people from the cities into the suburbs in the last century. As black populations grew in American cities, there reached a tipping point where whites began to abandon the city altogether. The legendary quantitative blogger La Griffe du Lion analyzed this with regards to urban crime. Once the black population in a city reached twenty percent, white crime victimization soared and white flight to the suburbs soon followed.

The great paleoconservative writer Joe Sobran said, “In their mating and migratory habits, liberals are indistinguishable from members of the Ku Klux Klan.” This was true in the sense that they talk like MLK but live like the KKK. The thing is though, the people labeled as the KKK tend to live closer to the antiracist ideal. The typical “white nationalist” will meet more black people at her grocery store than the typical antiracist will meet in his lifetime.

What all this tells us is that the racialization of politics has resulted in a bizarre cognitive dissonance among the most active participants. The most race aware white people live in the most diverse places. The most antiracist white people live in places that are so white they glow in the dark. What this suggests if you are worried about becoming a white nationalist is you should move to Oregon or Vermont. The surest way to not become a white nationalist is never meet a black person.

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197 thoughts on “The Antiracist White Nationalist

  1. “White nationalist” is not used in good faith by far left pod persons, is used purely as a rhetorical device to reinforce their moral dominance over the accused. Like many accusations hurled around (racist, sexist, homo/trans phobe, white supremacist just to name the more common ones,) it is pure rhetoric. See, to a typical lefty, they consider themselves the Anointed, the enlightened and morally virtuous crusader who can fix all that ails the world (Sowell’s book Visions of the Anointed really should be required reading.)

    This is why terms like “fascist” and “racist” get thrown around so much. The Anointed must maintain their moral superiority at all times, because much of their perceived self-worth is tied up in that unquestioned belief in being a moral crusader, so when their moral virtue is threatened, they must destroy the moral agency of their opposition, at all costs. This is when they wheel out the standard set of moral dominance accusations, like “racist,” or “white supremacist.” No one listens to those people, because they are Bad™, and you can ignore everything they say.

    This morality based argument tactic is not new, either. Recall, if you will, the famous Daisy TV spot that LBJ used in the 1964 Presidential campaign to slander Goldwater. That ad is a perfect encapsulation of a moral attack, it is LBJ saying don’t vote for that guy, he’ll nuke the world. This moral dominance tactic is now all the left does, and they have been doing it so long they are literally incapable of arguing for their policies on the merits of their policies alone.

  2. “You are more likely to meet an alien abductee in Oklahoma than meet a Jewish person.”

    Oklahoma sounds like heaven now.

  3. And tucker is rolling hard with Ice Tea. Maybe Fuentes is on to something. Couldn’t resist. I know, I know. It is what it’s not. I mean is. Good one Zman

  4. A few minutes ago, I took a break.from my patent application scrivening and trial brief writing.

    I shopped fresh herbs for a salad and walked back for the office in a suit. A latino chica, with a brood of three with one boy lagging, passed by me. This reckless kid was running zig zags antil he collided with my leg and grocery bag.

    A minute later, I heard a heavily accented voice, ” sir, you hit my kid, sir, you ran into my child, sir …” — this repeated for the quarter mile with this latina stalking mae and leaving her kids way back there.

    I never acknowledged her presence.

    Point is, as a White, you must ignore these monkeys or they’ll extort you with guilt, lawsuit threats or the like. It doesn’ lt matter where you live, the turd worlders will be coming after your wallets.

    You are on notice.

    • I had one say the kid tripped as he got off the elevator last month, she filled a report with the city, the management company, and my outfit. Law states if someone trips exiting an elevator you have to red tag it ( shut it off with a lock) until the city inspector can inspect it. The first appointment available is august 12 th. It’s only 6 floors with very old people and 2 wheelchair bound tenants. She changed her story very fast. Too late for that now. You wanted it, now you’re going to get it. See ya on the 12 th.

      • They love using their spawn as ways to get money. I’ve noticed the latina offramp beggars always bring their children with them to sit in the hot sun all afternoon and garner sympathy.

        Ah well, I guess if one gets cooked she can squeeze another one out in short order. They’re like tribbles.

  5. “What is the penalty for being late?”


    “What is the penalty for rebellion?”


    So began the Dazexiang Uprising in China leading to 3 years of chaos and death resulting in the end of the Qin Dynasty.

    Call someone a “racist” or a “white nationalist” no matter what they do, and at some point zero fudges are given.

    • ProZNoV: “So began the Dazexiang Uprising in China leading to 3 years of chaos and death resulting in the end of the Qin Dynasty.”

      About a year ago, an NIH-funded study proved that human vaccines could be delivered via mosquitoes:

      If they can implant tailor-made MRNA into the mosquitoes, then they can use the mosquitoes to kill pretty much anyone they want to kill.

      Compare Bobby Kennedy Jr’s warnings about ethnic targetting of v@xxines.

      We’d all have to move to Death Valley or the Sahara Desert in order to escape from the mosquitoes.

      This stuff isn’t science fiction anymore.

      It’s rapidly becoming science FACT.

      • They have to get it in the water/food supply and in a form that won’t be destroyed by stomach acid. The mosquito thing isn’t practical. How many millions or billions of mosquitoes would they have to get that stuff into just to have a hope of injecting a few hundred or few thousand people? And how many of the mrna mosquitoes would die before they ever got a chance to bite anybody? The average adult mosquito only lives for a week or two.

        • JZ, I appreciate your optimism, but I suspect we misunderestimate the determination of Bill Gates & Warren Buffett & Albert Bourla & Robert Langer at our own peril.

          • If COVID proved anything, it proved propaganda is more cost-effective than mosquitos at getting vaccines into people.

        • If they could get the mosquito to infect you initially, and then you, when symptomatic, could then infect other people, that’d work for Gates and his fellow travellers.

        • Zika sez hello!

          Thing is, they’ve been trying hard for over sixty years at the black budget level.

          Other efforts go back over a century.

          Tenpenny: “The vaccine industry is the driver of the entire sickness care system.”

          And yup- Every Single Time drives the vaccine industry.

      • Kennedy is old enough that to him the “ethnically targeted bio-weapons” thing is a lib commonplace and he’d think nothing of saying it.

        During Fauci’s first go-round, the left’s contention (supplied to them by the USSR) was that HIV was a Pentagon-made black genocide virus that used gay sex as a vector because black men are somewhat more likely to do it. Incidentally killing a bunch of gay dudes was a flourish that pleased Reagan.

        More serious leftists would point out that the Pentagon’s *publicly acknowledged* experiments with race-specific bacterial weapons extended back to the ’60s—and were probably first okayed by JFK.

  6. The fewer blacks someone interacts with is inversely proportional to the level of anti racist idealism. That’s exactly right. The less they know, they they fill in the blanks of actual experience with ideological platitudes.

    • Having experienced both Maryland and Oregon I can attest to the truths expressed here. Marylanders tended to be “liberal” even when I was growing up there in the 70s and 80s but it was that old style ethnic White union liberalism. The most racist guy I ever met was a staunch union Democrat who was also a former auto mechanic and the most brilliant guy in our college physics classes. White Baltimorean’s union Democrat sympathies also didn’t prevent virtually ALL of them from decamping to Baltimore County in just about 10 years or so. My parents were among these “race-fugees” in fact.

      Oregonians, by contrast, live in a complete fantasy world when it comes to race and it’s all due to the fact that basically the entire Black population of Oregon lives in East Portland and the shitlibs never go there except to score drugs.

      I’m still researching places to go when I leave Oregon and I’m starting to come around to this idea that states like SC, AL, MS, AR, even FL, might be more reliably Red in the long term precisely because the whites there really cannot afford any illusions about racial harmony. A lot of the very White states are also quite low in population, making them vulnerable to Californication, as well as oddly expensive when it comes to housing. Utah, for instance is surprisingly expensive when it comes to homes and since part of my reason for leaving is to buy a home I don’t see much appeal there.

      • Pozymandias: Rather than states, think counties and areas. I agree with your assessment about low population White states – in addition to being naive about race, they are vulnerable to Californication and are generally tempting targets for the feds and the NGOs when pushing population replacement and resettlement.

        States with larger black populations don’t attract as much notice, and said blacks are often concentrated in specific regions. These regions often cross state boundaries. So avoid even outlying suburbs of mixed cities (they tend to spread faster than most anticipate) and choose somewhere rural with solid demographics – with similar areas contiguous to it. You don’t want a small White island, but a more amorphous, generally White area and communities with long histories of hostility to non-White residents.

        They will all be attacked eventually, of course, via media etc., but for now I’d advise looking at counties and ignoring state lines (gun laws and taxes being approximately equal, of course).

        • I’ve found that there’s a sort of general rule in the lowland South. If a county has very low median house prices, it’s often heavily Black. No big surprise there. I’m focusing on satellite towns like Aiken, SC that seem to be strongly Republican, majority White, and yet not *too* expensive. My basic rule is Red County in Red State, preferably surrounded by other Red counties.

    • Come and listen to my story ’bout a blogger named Z
      Stuck in Baltimore he yearned to breathe free
      Then one day when posting at his site
      He checked his bank account and he was doing alright

      (PayPal, SubscribeStar)

      Next thing you know old Z’s a millionaire
      His readers say “Hey Z get outta there!”
      He packed up the U-Haul and met a gal named Anna
      And now he’s got fifty acres out in sunny Montana

      (Big Sky Country, Mountains)

      Anyone know how to play banjo so we can set that to music? 🤠

      • Vxxc: “Anyone know how to play banjo so we can set that to music?”

        I don’t whether we have the necessary redneck-i-tude anymoar.

        [Is there anything moar depressing than attending an ostensible bluegrass festival only to be inundated in that G0d-awful I-IV-I-V-IV-I “twelve bar blues” abomination?]

  7. Moved to SD a couple years ago from a much more diverse area. Now, when I see a black, I do a double take to confirm – so unusual is the event. Of course, we have the ‘groids of the Plains out here: the Indians. No escape.

    • Anywhere in AINO that you move to will, in a short time, be demographically different from when you arrived. The Biden vibrancy cleansing is spreading out everywhere, systematically. I live in a state that is officially 3% mestizo, or just 2 or 3 years ago was, but I’m sure it’s higher than that now, because I see them every time I go out, and just a year or so ago I didn’t.

      It doesn’t take a whole lot of imported vibrancy to flip a low population state like Wyoming or South Dakota from red to blue. I hesitate to call that strategy brilliant, since there is no meaningful opposition to be overcome.

    • This is the problem with red state crime data. Almost every one of them has either a big city filled with violent POCs, or Native American reservations filled with… violent POCs. Alaska has a very high rape rate, which doesn’t make sense, until you see it’s all Eskimo on Eskimo.

  8. Well, I suppose congratulations are in order to Steve Sailer for becoming the new proprietor of the Z Blog.

    • Well “Z” hasn’t posted about
      – Golf course architecture
      – Raj Chetty
      – Diverse people’s hair
      – Statistics on A Certain Demographic’s increase in crime since May 2020

      I’m pretty sure Z still owns the joint.

      But if there’s a post on baseball stats tomorrow. . . . .

  9. “Before the term became a cult signal, it used to have meaning. A white nationalist is an American term for a white person who wants to live in communities free of nonwhites…”

    Hmmmmmm. Up here in the liberal hive – having come from a shitlib public schoo (most of them are up here) – nationalism was always synonomous with fascism. Up here, a nationalist is someone who believes his gubbimint is always right and never wrong (like the average shitlib is with their preferred candidates) – and will happily commit atrocities as long as their govt approved of it.

    We were really indoctrinated in high school by socialist union slobs. FDR walked on water, America hates blacks only because of their skin colour and they’re all stupid, and Hitler just mysteriously flipped out on the jews for no reason and scapegoated them for everything. (I am not kidding here – that is what we were taught).

    Ehhhhhh…. considering my upbringing and high school social studies… you can see why it took me so long to get over that great divide. The NPC’s I left behind all consider me a 4th Reich Nazi now, HAR HAR HAR!!!

    • Reminds me of high school and the entire history class curriculum being photocopy packets from Howard Zinn’s “People’s History of the USSA and How We Waz Kangs an Sheeit”

  10. White nationalist, as we have come to know the term, is, like so much of Clown World AINO*, a product of TDS. It was a term you almost never used to hear in mainstream media or popular discourse before 2016. In CWA, it just means Trump voter. Weighted with every negative stereotype the shitlib holds about the Trump voter.

    Whatever meaning it used to have pre 2016 is no longer all that applicable. It has lost that meaning just as the words racist, nazi, and fascist have lost their former meanings through overuse. Like those words, white nationalist now just means “other whites with unacceptable opinions.” When uttered by the shitlib.

    I kind of appreciate the label tbh. It’s not a thing to be ashamed of. It’s accurate, concise, and nicer than calling me a redneck. Even if it is thrown around at people and things which have no connection to its true meaning. Perhaps, by its overuse, it can make white nationalism a bigger thing than it was before.

    *Clown World AINO really should be an acronym, CWA, but perhaps AINO already captures the meaning.

  11. I find it hard to believe that Oregon is in any way the whiteopia that it used to be. On an average trip to the grocery store I’ll see every kind of brown land-ape clucking in their barnyard languages. And among the sea of pajeets, taco-americans, and joggers you see the occasional white–from California. Waddling about the store in a pink shirt: pear-shaped, bald, soyjack faced, lisping.

    Problem is I can only get a 18 oz package of blueberries for $2 at Winco, which is the grocery chain all the welfare people go to. The fanciness of the grocery store determines the ratio of brown people to fruitcake whites. Winco runs 90% brown, all the way up to Trader Joe’s at 90% fruitcake. Never been in a Whole Food, but I bet that’s where it hits 100% fruitcake white.

    • I live in Medford, which is about 45 minutes north of the California border. I am 52 and grew up here. Back in the 80’s I could go for literally years without seeing a black person, now it’s pretty much guaranteed every time I leave the house. It is still a fairly white area, but the change is rather stark. I too go to Winco because I don’t see the point of paying more than is necessary, and I am upper middle class. What is really strange is going to Costco. I see so many mystery meat Asians and hear such a bizarre assortment of languages that I don’t see and hear anywhere else. Fortunately I can always go to the coast or hiking up in the woods where all I ever see are white people.

      • Ah yes, the Costco asians. The ability of a single Chinese woman to block a ten foot wide aisle is truly incredible.

        • Grocery shopping can be a bloody frustrating enterprise, even without PoC hanging about. Don’t know how many times I’ve gone into the store to buy a single product and the only other customer in the joint is parked right in front of what I want. And inevitably, they put down roots and contemplate their purchase as if it were a proposition by Alexius Meinong.

          • there seems something unnatural about grocery shopping. Like why do we need this giant store with the giant parking lot that takes a lot of walking to actually get into the store and where getting out of the parking lot can be difficult.

            Why not just have a bodega and call it that?

    • Ploppy: One of the very few things I miss about DFW is the availability of inexpensive groceries, due to the plethora of stores and competition. There was a Winco about 20 minutes away by highway, and I loved it because there were almost no pajeets or Han. If I went in the morning there were fewer mestizos, too. Many of the White libs in DFW have never heard of Winco, so the customer base is from outlying rural areas. The local Trader Joe’s was always packed with shitlib Whites, pajeets, and Han – with only a sprinkling of blaqs.

      Now I have Walmart, one local grocery chain, and the occasional mom and pop store (nearest one about 25 minutes away, town population 544). But I deal with 98% plus White people when I keep out of the closest ‘cities’ (pop ca 17k). I am more than willing to trade higher prices for a pleasant ‘White nationalist’ shopping trip.

    • Well, give OR for something: way back in frontier days, if I recall correctly, early in Oregon’s history they officially ordered Negroes to vacate the territory/state. Whether that was ever enforced, I don’t know. Surely a badge of shame for the present rulers, who, as with a long list of other inconvenient topics, would rather pretend it doesn’t exist, rather than have to discuss the origins or implications.

      “Daddy, if Blacks are just the same as whites, then why long ago were there laws to keep them separated from us?”

      • Yes, the local shitlibs will ALWAYS mention the Great Banishment of the Negros to anyone from the outside and then they will cut open a large onion, place it on their face, and cry weepy fake tears over how raciss those old dead frontier Whites were and how much better Oregon is now.

        In other words – did it ever even happen? Who knows. It sounds to me like a post-hoc story made up to explain the fact that just getting to Oregon a long time ago was quite a hassle (Blacks aren’t known for perseverance) and the reward was that you got to live in a dark, gloomy, cold, muddy hellhole. This is one call the Blacks probably got right. There’s not a day that passes that I don’t regret coming here.

      • There really weren’t any blacks here to speak of until WW2 when they were brought by Kaiser (of Kaiser Permanente) to work in the shipyards. I think they originally lived in Vanport (which flooded in 1948 and looks somewhat like the Dead Marshes from Lord of the Rings now: there are faces, black faces in the water! Yes precious, all dead, all rotten. Orcses, orcses, and more orcses…)

    • In Montana, there was an abrupt increase in apartment house construction during the Oblabla years, and now black people are much more common. It was like there was a gold rush – Missoula’s city population may well have doubled. Rents about doubled over the same time-span, as cheap housing was replaced with subsidized housing – which is great for the freeloader class that get subsidized, and sucks for working class.

      A major seldom stated impetus for leftist love of immigrants is their desire to drive blacks away from the big cities. Hispanics fight back and drive blacks away.

      • 3 step process to demonstrate the damage blacks do to a community:
        (1) search for rental properties online, screening for those that are the cheapest per unit.
        (2) use or similar to investigate the demographics in the areas. Most all will have a high percentage of blacks, the bargains will seem incredible.
        (3)using google maps, scan through the area counting collapsed roofs. This shows that owners of properties in these areas do not rebuild, even though property values in nearby areas may be very high, the black areas aren’t worth developing – unless you have some kind of gangster or government force to collect rent, you won’t get any.

        • Thanks for the link to! Very informative and seems to be well coded without the JavaScript glitches you often get with interactive maps.

    • I’m one of the last normal White people in my neighborhood and this is just in the last 8 years. It’s now about 50% Pajeet, with the rest being various Asians, Beaners, and “people of a terrorist persuasion”. The remaining Whites are ALL gender fluid potheads. It’s very lonely here.

  12. As today’s essay illustrates between the lines, not everyone who’s skin to me is kin to me, as the brothers say. There are far, far too many whites whom I would not want to share a nation with. Hence, White Nationalism is a nonstarter.

    The fundamental problem is not with people of other races, it is with a century of federal overreach imposing its procrustean bed upon all manner of social intercourse.

    Don’t fall for the race-bait. Your beef is with Leviathan.

    • ID, with respect, is your hope to convince the current occupants of our country that they really want small government?

      At least so far, small government has only appealed to a subset of white men and no one else, with only a few exceptions. Do you disagree?

      • Thank you for asking, LineInTheSand.

        I’m not actually a proponent of libertarian small government per se, but rather of subsidiary government, meaning that everything should be handled at lowest compatible level of autonomy. There are large things (like making war and defending the homeland) that can only be organized by nations, and there are lower degrees of action that can be handled by states, counties, cities, and all the way down to your local HOA and schoolboard. The old feudal system, with its great chain of being with the king at the top, his barons beneath him, and fading through various ranks down to the local count and reeve, was actually the right way of doing things. In theory the king held absolute sovereignty, but in practice no ordinary person ever saw him or felt the weight of his hand. When man is free to interact with the government and influence it on matters that concern him directly, then he has the feeling and the condition of liberty. Even when not everything goes his way, doesn’t feel tyrannized.

        But a federal government like the one we have imposes national mandates on local conditions. The Civil Rights era legislation and everything that flowed from it is an example of this tyranny.

        I believe I am correct in assuming that much of the vituperation directed a black people on DR sites is a result of a smoldering rebellion against this tyranny. I don’t dislike black people and I don’t like to see them maligned in general, and I think it’s distressing that alt-right went so far as to invent a whole new pseudoscience (HBD) for the purpose of providing them with the language with which to voice their disgust at being forcibly integrated. They should have directed their ire at these usurpers of the law.

        The Civil Rights legislation is patently unconstitutional. Moreover, it is a violation of the fundamental conditions of justice. It violates liberty and subsidiarity. The whole wretched edifice needs to be dismantled legally, politically, and culturally. It is imperative, therefore, that the Dissident Right set forth a higher standard of scholarship and ditch the HBD garbage, because in order to succeed the process needs to be legitimate and above reproach.

        • I invite you to do some background reading on such diverse (pardon the term) topics as anthropology, especially how varying races had dramatically distinct cultures and technological accomplishments. The various races have dramatically different norms in not only physical traits, but also strength, mental ability and so forth.

          Quite frankly, your use of the term “pseudoscience” is an insult to the above, and many other, fields that are established branches of science. I’m surprised to hear such from you, because you’re a regular here.

          Just because you want 2 + 2 to equal 5 doesn’t make the answer (4) any less true. And that truth won’t go away even if you screech that math is racist, or if you fire the faculty and close the mathematics departments at universities, or even if you disappear all the inconvenient people who believed that math existed.

        • Mainstream conservatism is waking up at the margins to the fact that the “Civil Rights” regime is a parallel constitution, a second founding that swapped out the very guts of the American legal system, and consequently took over the education system and now corporate business slowly but almost inevitably given the power of federal funding and legal liability respectively. It’s actually surprising how far a place like Claremont Institute now allows their writers to go in pointing this out. The Overton Window has shifted, and Dasein articulated this awakened sort of conservatism well but here’s the thing….the realization has come too late.

          My own view of the biological determinists and the IQ snobs can be summed up in the old put-down “if you’re so smart, why ain’t you rich?”. Quite a lot of internet warriors out there are elitists with nothing to be elitist about.

          But…overdoing an argument doesn’t mean its wrong. America without Leviathan would be a war of all against all at this point. Socialist Europe, meanwhile, will probably always be socislist but there is a path (however narrow) to it remaining the nice place it has always been, and the difference is the population, full stop.

          • *“if you’re so smart, why ain’t you rich?”. Quite a lot of internet warriors out there are elitists with nothing to be elitist about.*

            Money is not totally unrelated but defintely not synonymous with elite, even in the most vulgar american sense of the word elite

            Reminded of the mathematician who was known to reply “if youre so rich why arent you smart?”

    • Leviathan certainly encourages their actions, but Shaneequa is the one treating me horribly at the DMV, and Shitavious is the one trying to steal my car while I’m trying to get his baby mama to register it. You can and should be able to hate the State and its pet. Is your argument that Shaneequa and Shitavious are without agency due to lack of intelligence and impulse control and they are simply manipulated by Leviathan?

      • I believe black people have full and entire human agency and should be held accountable for their crimes, which seems to put me at odds with the HBD crowd, whose biologism and materialism imply otherwise (even if they don’t draw the proper conclusions from their own bad arguments).

        • ID, you don’t know what you are talking about. I know of no one in the HBD crowd that don’t/won’t hold folks of any race morally or criminally accountable for their actions—that’s your conclusion.

          You assume that racial behavioral propensities show by HBD science and which result in what we in this country consider crime in some way must remove agency and therefore absolve the perpetrator. Nonsense. As a matter of fact it is precisely the opposite.

          What is believed is that as long as such divergent races are forced to cohabitate, we will be plagued by heightened conflict and behavior we consider criminal.

          And speaking of arguments, I’ve yet to hear any from you with with any supporting citations. Gratuitous assertions are not arguments in any real sense. HBD science has citations for all the above assertions I’ve made. You simply have never study]ied the science in any depth. Most here have.

        • Free willl, being responsible for one’s actions, and all that: Since that is a current topic, here is a bit more opinion. In lieu of truth, I offer ambiguity.

          Of course, that is an ancient philosophical debate: Does free will exist? Or is all predestination? This is a supremely important question, for example with religious doctrine. At least in the case of Christianity, free will must exist, otherwise man could not be punished or rewarded for his choice to obey God’s law.

          But just a minute — who said that only the two polar opposites must exist, like good vs. evil? Antithesis of values is a common philosophical prejudice. In the real world, people vary widely in their traits, in their abilities. For example, the IQ variance. Same probably applies with what we could call hypothetically, the EQ (ethics quotient), if such could be measured. Law at least in the US has long held that a person may be excused from a crime due to “diminshed capacity” — low intelligence, serious mental illness, or simply being younger than some statutory age (say, 8 years).

          Now consider this line of argument: No sane person would expect a one-month old baby to be capable of moral judgment, yet we will reasonably expect it when he is 18 years old, or perhaps even 10. Similarly, no sane person would claim a chimpanzee has free will even though he may show many forms of intelligence. From my perspective, it would seem there is an entire range of possible values between predestination/determinism and free will.

          To expect one standard to apply in all cases seens problematic.

          • Of course, that is an ancient philosophical debate: Does free will exist? Or is all predestination? This is a supremely important question, for example with religious doctrine. At least in the case of Christianity, free will must exist, otherwise man could not be punished or rewarded for his choice to obey God’s law.

            What you say of Christianity simply is not true. Neither do you appear to know very much about philosophy. This is why I really hate it when people who are basically shallow, materialistic, atheistic, postmodern dung-buckets, devoid of all history and religion, presume to lecture the rest of us about what Christianity says. In his Epistle to the Romans, St. Paul (whom I gather is slightly more of a Christian authority than yourself) actually says this:

            What shall we say then? Is there injustice with God? God forbid! For he saith to Moses: I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy. And I will shew mercy to whom I will shew mercy. So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy. For the scripture saith to Pharao: To this purpose have I raised thee, that I may shew my power in thee and that my name may be declared throughout all the earth. Therefore he hath mercy on whom he will. And whom he will, he hardeneth. Thou wilt say therefore to me: Why doth he then find fault? For who resisteth his will? O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it: Why hast thou made me thus? Or hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump, to make one vessel unto honour and another unto dishonour? What if God, willing to shew his wrath and to make his power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath, fitted for destruction, That he might shew the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy which he hath prepared unto glory? Even us, whom also he hath called, not only of the Jews but also of the Gentiles.

            This idea that man has to be rigorously, Kierkegaardianly, existentially responsible for his choices before he can be praised or punished for them, is simply a modern conceit and a further excrescence of that rebellious spirit of egotism that showed forth in 1517 and especially in 1789. In reality it is not so. Man can be praised or blamed for what he does even though he did not make himself.

            But nevertheless, the will is free. This is a result of its very nature as the will of a rational substance. The freedom of the will does not stand in contrast to “determinism,” it stands in contrast to the “bondage of the will,” which can mean only a will that does not will what it wills. Since this is impossible, freedom of the will is a necessity.

            In fact, there is no contradiction at all between free will and determinism, both of which are always and entirely true, and which are not predicates of the same order. The will is always free when it wills, and all that ensues is determined by what precedes it, including that free act of willing. It is not a spectrum; it is entirely a both/and.

      • Personally, I wouldn’t squall and bawl too much about a rightwing, explicitly pro-white Leviathan. In other words, demographics, not government, is prime.

    • Clearly, we don’t want to share a nation with white race traitors. That is why we shall exclude them. Let them live with their diversity until they die from it.

      • Ostei Kozelskii: “Clearly, we don’t want to share a nation with white race traitors.”

        I’m slowly but surely coming around to Fast Eddie’s point of view, which is that moast all White sh!tlibs are supreme racists in disguise.

        Fast Eddie’s observation was that precisely 0% of the wealthy White sh!tlib chicks whom he knew had ever ackshually mudsh@rked themselves.

        Point being that if I had to choose between a GOP chick who had mudsh@rked herself [such as, for instance, an Ann Coulter], versus a DEM chick who had not mudsh@rked herself [such as, for instance, a Jody Foster], then I think I’d hafta go with the DEM chick.

        Although I just glanced at the wikipedia for poor Anne Heche, and if even a fraction of her life’s stories had any truth to them, then that fambly was literally cursed.

    • Well, yes and no. As Zman says, if left to their own devices, 99% would self segregate and obviate most of our problems. So while Leviathan is our problem in the sense it is the one stoking the fire, the fire is there to be stoked. Not so much as “hatred” for the other, but a preference for one’s own which is forcibly denied.

      Given that racial/ethnic infusion into the GAE is a given, water under the bridge, etc., the salient question is where to from here. Weakening the GAE Leviathan so that it is more impotent in carrying out its nefarious ends is certainly one approach. Another is championing free association (which, incidentally, is not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution but just about everyone sees it in there). Neither of these approaches are mutually exclusive.

    • Hummm. Perhaps. I never argue with taking. “30,000 foot view” of a situation. On the other hand, if I come home from the doctor and he has informed me that my three pack a day cigarette habit has resulted in a diagnosis of lung cancer, I’m not inclined to spend much time petitioning Congress to ban cigarettes, but rather find out about the best treatment regime currently known to fight lung cancer and whom to contact for such treatment.

      I really can’t fault folks for handling their immediate problem of intimate contact with feral Blacks. And yes, skin color is a good proxy for such wariness. I wouldn’t want to associate with feral Whites either, but we do what we can with the tools at hand.

  13. “The surest way to not become a White Nationalist, is to never meet a black person”.

    Truer words were never spoken.

    Imagine the drama and issues we wouldn’t need to deal with.

    A boy can dream, can’t he?

  14. White nationalism is not about hating blacks; it’s about hating people who think white nationalism is about hating blacks or other non-whites.

    Got that, libtards!

  15. “…but they also claim the reason for this desire is an irrational hatred of nonwhites, especially blacks and Jews.”

    The opposite of “love” isn’t “hate”, it’s “indifference”. Hate is not just a negative emotion, it’s counterproductive. I refuse to let Blacks, Jews, and other miscreants live in my head “rent free”. Separation in body *and* mind is the solution.

    • The modern leviathan state has distorted relationships to the point where it can be argued that, “love,” is equally counterproductive at present.

  16. “The surest way to not become a white nationalist is never meet a black person.”


  17. A lot of this “antiracist” crap is just class warfare using race as a proxy and it has been going on for a long time. My grandparents were the children of Polish immigrants and my wife’s grandparents were Italian immigrants. Both sides were proletarian working-class. Way back in the 1960s and 1970s these ethnic immigrants were racist as hell, because they lived in ethnic enclaves and worked like dogs for everything they had. They planted flowers and had Madonnas and pink flamingos on the lawn and not a single blade of grass or was out of order or a single flake of paint was peeling. They knew damn well what the Negroes lived like just a few blocks away, and were absolutely terrified that if one single Negro moved in to the neighborhood it was all over.

    They were not wrong. But even back then they were getting lectured by people in the media and universities who lived in affluent bourgeois neighborhoods about racial egalitarianism.

    Today it’s even worse, because liberals use affirmative action to cherry-pick compliant and docile Negroes to associate with to buttress their supposed moral credentials while Negro ghettoes continue to be violent shitholes. University campuses, the places where actual racism and race realism is least likely to exist, are the most fanatically obsessed with racism (cf. Oberlin College).

    Everyone who knows anything about actual reality and deals with blacks as they actually are — from Mexican immigrants to Koreans in LA to cops to firefighters — is a race realist. The entire “antiracism” charade is merely a way for the American bourgeois to say “we are so wealthy and so insular that we can afford to create and live in an artificial racial reality, and if you can’t it’s a sure sign that you are a prole.”

    I grew up near a small, 100% white, stereotypical American town back in the 1970s with zero crime, zero blight, zero graffiti, zero prostitution, zero crack sales, and zero drive-bys. All of that stuff exists in abundance 20 miles away in the city.

    Today it has become an exurb for lesbians and shitlibs and artsy queers, and all of them put those “No one is illegal, love is love, black lives matter” virtue signs on their front laws. Property values are insane, I couldn’t afford to live there today if I wanted to.

    • Likewise…I grew up in a rather remote white suburb built after WW2, with zero blacks, and only a handful of asians…It was middle class heaven, with zero violent crime…About 30 years later, the Nixon admin started lending money to blacks to buy cheap houses nearby with 5% down..Within 10 years, crime was increasing, and drugs started to be sold..Shortly after, there started to be murders. Now the whole area is a wreck….

    • Compliant and docile negr0s.
      Or as I like to refer to them, Magic Negr0s.

    • “A lot of this “antiracist” crap is just class warfare using race as a proxy.”

      Yes, this. It’s all about money and power; never had anything to do with so-called morality. It is a weapon of war.

      • Okay Sean Hannity, what are you doing posting here? Have you never read a word our host has written? These people BELIEVE this shit. It is a religion.

        • They think they believe it and certainly have been conditioned to do so. But if you scratch even just a little under the surface, the true unconscious motivation is pure malice.

          Their joy doesn’t come from “doing good”, but from having a weapon to harm others.

          Don’t listen to their words; look at their actions; look at their face!

        • By your fruits you shall know them – how many actually live in the hood, or marry into the feral families? Vanishingly few (and I do mean vanishingly). Heck even the POC hucksters marry White or (((Amish))). They know.

    • One quibble with this post. Academia is hardly a place bereft of racism. Contrariwise, it is the very engine of anti-white racism and has been for about half a century.

        • They’re losing that. Appeasing socially maladjusted people for short-term political gain does not make for a stable society.

  18. Battle Beagle:
    “Maybe we’ll get a chance to see how strong our “Proposition Nation” really is when the lights go out?”

    Proposition nation? Everybody knows if you move to Israel you become a Jevvish citizen.

    And if you’re Ethiopian, you become white too!
    Just think. Someday, everyone in D.C. and Midtown Manhatten will be white people with black skin!

    • ” Everybody knows if you move to Israel you become a Jevvish citizen.”

      Priceless and brilliant.

      And given the current government there, the propaganda legacy diversity is about to get it good and hard, too.

  19. My state has a mercifully small % of joggers and the vast majority live the two largest cites – so it’s kind of jarring when you bump into some out in the boonies. Last year we visited a couple of small mining towns and actually saw two – and one was a semi-feral looking simian. There’s practically nowhere on this landmass not suffering from some level of infestation.

    • My State, AZ, has perhaps that magic 3% or so Blacks. However, it’s at least 40% Hispanic and growing! Now that’s a Faustian bargain if there ever was one. 😉

      • Well, there is that. While it’s certainly far from ideal, I’ll take 40% bean over 40% jogger any day…

        • usNthem: Honestly don’t mean to be pedantic – I understand your intent – but that’s akin to voting for the evil of two lessers. That’s like me trying to decide, if I had to choose AINO free of pajeet or han. As Compsci said, these are all Faustian bargains.

          I refuse to ‘choose’ any of the various immivader ethnicities, even over the ferals. My choice is ‘none of the above.’

          • Agreed. I’d absolutely have neither or any other shade of mud, but we usually don’t have that choice, so if it’s one or the other, I’ll take the likely lesser of two evils. It’s a poor choice all the way around.

        • Just so. If a Messkin family moves in across the street, I may not be thrilled about it, but I won’t put up a For Sale sign, either. Directly a Hutu pack moves in, I’m on the blower to my realtor.

  20. The word “antiracist” is akin to the word “transgender.” Both are words that have no real meaning because the conditions they describe don’t exist. That is, words that are rubbish or baloney, hogwash, drivel, gobbledygook, tripe. Et cetera.

  21. A few years ago, Z Man discouraged calling yourself a white nationalist because, like the British Redcoats in the New England forest, it makes you an easy target.

    Today, the only people that I am aware of who still call themselves white nationalists are Greg Johnson/Counter Currents and TRS/NJP. American Renaissance and VDare abandoned the term decades ago.

    I still call myself this because I believe that, in the long run, it is best to speak clearly. Further, the media has the power to quickly poison any new clever term that we may adopt, like “dissident right,” “America first,” “alt right,” or “groyper,” in the same way it poisoned “white nationalist.”

    Ramzpaul, whom I like, says that he is not a white nationalist because white nationalists believe that all whites, regardless of language or culture, must live together in one big white state, and that all differences between white subgroups must be erased.

    Almost no one has ever used the term that way, but this semantic trick allows him to attract a larger audience of persuadables than he otherwise might. I don’t begrudge him his triangulation for our cause, but it’s not for me.

    • I’m anti-anti-White. Pro-White, if you will. There is plenty to go by in those terms. The press and the larger culture have become extremely anti-White. Hatred of White people has become very mainstream.

      Some people may think this is a rhetorical game, but beyond the optics there is reality to the anti-Whites. The most virulent anti-Whites are themselves either White or “White presenting” non-whites. Whatever group I’m in doesn’t include them.

      • Good comment, which reminded me that Jared adopted “white advocate” after “white nationalist.” Excuse me, “huwhite advocate.”

        Does “pro-white” or “white advocate” avoid some of the problems that come with “white nationalist?” I don’t know.

        I’m not committed to the WN term but I do have an aversion to changing my label every few years to stay ahead of the ADL.

        • Well, one problem is that it doesn’t have much purchase even among White people. I’ve never called myself a White nationalist, so it’s pretty easy for me to not use it.

          I agree with you that it’s a losing game to try and stay ahead of the ADL by changing labels every few years. We could call ourselves “The Good Guys” and they would turn it into a slur.

        • “WN” comes out of silly DR3 nonsense from the 80s. Like the “NAAWP”, “WN” was just a play on black nationalism. If BN is OK, then your a hypocrite and the real racist if you oppose WN!
          Its goofy and doesnt work.

          • Rebel, I wasn’t around then, but I doubt that William Pierce had DR3 on his mind when he called himself a WN in the 70s.

        • What makes White Nationalist easy to attack stems more from the Nationalist than the White part. It has been poisoned from its association with National Socialism (a topic for another day).

          Fact of the matter is you will never please the ADL no matter what term you use, so might as well stick with WN. You could call yourself a Zio Nationalist, self defining “Zio” as White, and see what the ADL does with it. That could be fun.

    • I think it is reasonable to say the ideal is that every people has some space to call their own, even if it is not a country in the conventional sense. As long as you accept that ideal arrangements are not possible, it is a useful way of framing the topic of race and identity. In the end, the closest you get in North America is free association and a high degree of self-segregation. The overwhelming majority of all people, regardless of race, would be happy with that arrangement, but the people in charge need racial conflict so we cannot have what comes natural to people.

      • Amending the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to restore freedom of association in private conduct and contract might be the one thing that could save this country. Of course it won’t happen, which is why it will eventually come to war.

    • “A few years ago, Z Man discouraged calling yourself a white nationalist because, like the British Redcoats in the New England forest, it makes you an easy target.”

      I agree with Z-man, but perhaps disagree with the provided rationale. It’s not so much that you are an easy target, but that you’ve associated with a negative stereotype and therefore are automatically categorized and caste into the void. No further discussion/elaboration/clarification/understanding possible.

      I’d rather use a lessor stereotyped nomenclature, like “race realist” or any of the others mentioned. The trick is to get a person asking, “what the hell is a race realist”, rather that immediately concluding “ahah, you are one of those”.

      • I’ve always kind of labeled myself a “nationalist”. Meaning, I support all nationalisms up to and including American hwites. With Lefty, calling yourself a Nationalist, at least in my experience, sides me with Richard Spencer (still the cartoon Nazi in Lefty’s mind) but also with the Dalai Lama, and Ukrainians, and Scots.

        My favorite game is to ask them what’s the difference between whites nationalizing or American blacks, or Irish, or Quebecois. That checkmates them, as their anti-white conditioning becomes apparent. “Hitler” will often get invoked if Lefty is sufficiently agitated, or else what s/he thinks is a clever question will be popped, “well, what is white?” To which I answer, so either believe our race is inherently evil, OR our race doesn’t exist? Quite a zero-sum dichotomy there, Lefty!

        Of course none of this works on them. But it’s fun.

      • “Race Realist.” It’s right there in the term. It means you’re on the side of reality and nature, and the other side, the antiracists, believe in magical thinking, that we’re all one race, the human race and all the rest of those delusional cliches.

      • You could try “Free Associationist”. Doesn’t really role off the tongue well unfortunately.

      • I am an easy target from birth, being a white male from a southern state. In Clown World, the only possible redemption for me is a sex change. It matters not at all what I call myself.

        Realizing this some years ago was one of my early steps toward the DR

    • Just call yourself an Omni-Nationalist. I believe in Happy Homelands and a Safe Space for Every Race. And yes, TRUE diversity necessarily means separation.

  22. It comes down to regional differences imo. Please excuse the oversimplification: Northeast and Midwest have been the home of religious idealists, to the point of extremism and exhaustion. South has always been race realist. West/Southwest were wild until very recently. West Coast, libertarian to the point of loopiness.

    Southern blacks are different from Northern blacks, because of the whites they live around. Southrons don’t dislike blacks as much as they let on, because there’s something fundamentally patient and forgiving about them. Northerners think they should love diversity, but it goes against their rather severe and industrious nature. Forcing it only feeds the crazy. West/Southwest whites seem to have arrived at an accommodation with Hispanics, for whatever reason. Space? Actually getting along?

    Then you have the shifts among the parties creating strange bedfellows, but this mass internal migration is only going to create a mess and instability second to mass immigration from without, because it’s disrupting the traditional arrangements. It’s all so stupid, and even suicidal, it has to be intentional.

    Is it a Yankee thing? I’m not sure. Don’t see too many Thaddeus Stevens, but I do see plenty of plenty of harpies and witches. Maybe it’s a northern, cultural thing— I’m not so self-aware in this case— but I take that as a bat signal to men to get things under control. Women will be troublesome instead of airing their grievances, or they’ll lie about what’s actually bothering them, as if men are mind readers lol. And they’ll persist until you take the hint.

    • I think it is micro-regional.

      For example, while there are many shitlibs around cities like Detroit or Chicago, there is also a hell of a lot more race realism than you’d find in Minneapolis.

      Which goes to Z’s point – race realism is correlated with the level of direct contact whites have with different races.

      • Whites in the Twin Cities are in the process of getting a race realism education. In 1978, Minnesota Twins owner Calvin Griffith explained at a speaking engagement that he moved his Washington Senators team to Minnesota in the early 1960s because there were only 15,000 blacks there at the time. (In 2020 his statue at Target Field was removed because of that remark)

        Those naive, high-trust, virtue-signaling Scandinavians of Minnesota have since welcomed blacks, including many thousands of Somalians, and are now finding out what diversity means. Sometimes it means your state’s largest city gets burned down.

      • It really, really is the question of, “Now what do we do with them?”, isn’t it.

        Spitlibs are like women who want a bad, sexy-dangerous boyfriend; when the thrill wears off, they never ask themselves why they were so stupid in the first place.

        (Because they’re always right, and better, and smarter than you, no matter what, is why. And how dare you question it.)

    • West/Southwest whites seem to have arrived at an accommodation with Hispanics, for whatever reason. Space? Actually getting along?

      West/Southwest is an interesting thing. Part of it I venture to guess has to do with belonging. Hispanics (meaning mostly Mexicans) have as much history and tie to the land if not more so than other groups. In that sense, they do not regard themselves “other” in the sense an African dragged over through the slave trade would. Mexicans can sense the West/Southwest as “blood and soil” in a way blacks can’t.

      • No doubt. Additionally, there is considerable genetic overlap between whites and Mestizos whereas there is practically none with whites and negroes. Mexicans don’t seem so terribly different because they’re not. Negroes strike us as utterly alien because they are.

  23. As long ago as the late 1980s, I had friends who moved from Philadelphia to Maine so “we don’t become racists”. I was tempted to say “too late”, but they were utterly serious. This was actually one of my first insights into white liberal psychology. Preserving their imaginary world view was more important than acknowledging the reality of their lived experience.

    Seeing that attitude on display, and knowing how common it was among the smart set, was the first time I remember thinking we were headed for real trouble.

  24. The core values underlying western civilization are Pauline-derived egalitarianism, so of course in its natural state white areas will default to it. It is only when such whites are hit in the face with the realities of diversity that their egalitarian-default values are challenged. If the core values underlying western civilization were different, the default state would also be different. i.e. see:

    An additional factor is that rich liberal whites and Jews view middle class whites as their biggest competition — after all, once you become really rich your instincts are to pull up the ladder, create an opportunity moat for yourself, and pass on your wealth inter-generationally with as much stability as possible. These rich liberals do not view minorities as a threat because they are secretly racist and think they lack the talent and drive to overtake them.

    The problem with this way of thinking is that even though the incentives are there for it on an individual level and at a group level for the rich to keep the middle class at bay, on a civilizational level this is disastrous. Yet due to our oligarchical system there is no one at the helm to watch, guide and be responsible for society from such a vantage point…

    • The real problem is that blacks have the vote. The Democratic Party wouldn’t care a toss about them if they couldn’t vote.

      • They would not care a toss about them if they (Blacks) split their vote—and at a reliable 90% for Dem’s, I suspect they are also on the short end of respect as well.

  25. It creates an interesting conundrum.

    Say you do achieve the peaceful separation you’re looking for. What’s to prevent this new state from turning into Vermont or California in a few generations? What’s to prevent it from going full Colorado or Nevada – formerly conservative, formerly white states that turned themselves blue through big business and building suburbs?

    Canada, Australia, and all of Europe were much closer to an ethno state than America ever was, and yet their demographics are changing faster and are going full retard much faster, with much less resistance.

    It suggests that the ideological systems we currently have are rotten in their entirety. Perhaps it’s even a genetic thing. Ultimately both Liberal and Conservative white populations seem doomed to the same fate. Even in the good white states the diversity is encroaching.

    • When you say separation, I assume you mean the creation of a sovereign state rather than a state within a larger polity. In that scenario, the very charter of the state will be white nationalist/anti-black (or diverse), which means the entire citizenry will support maintaining overwhelmingly white demographics. Thus, in the short- to medium-term, the problem of Vermontization is obviated.

      The greater concern is for the long-term, and there may be no perfect solutions. However, to the extent that this new state outlaws Leftism (however defined) and persecutes any Leftists who rear their ugly heads, the chances of sustaining white demographic integrity are decent. This means, of course, that there will be no free speech.

      • I agree there are no perfect solutions. Human beings are inherently unequal. This is as true as comparing two siblings as it is in considering important mean traits for racial groups. Any system that purports to treat everyone as if they were of the same physical, mental, etc. ability by definition will run into any numer of thorny issues, some of them foreseeable but many will probably be unexpected. These constraints would seem to impede the success of nearly any egalitarian scheme, whether it was “all men are created equal,” “All are equal in the eyes of God,” “one man, one vote,” “equity,” equality of opportunity vs. equality of outcome, etc. I don’t know what the optimal solution would be. Complete separation of the races into as autonomous enclaves as possible, perhaps. But all this diversity — in the full sense of the term — hoping for equal treatment under a single government? Sounds rather intractable, doesn’t it? Yet if one proposed the alternative — treating different people or groups by differing standards — that pretty much throws out any pretense of democracy.

        • Of course, if there are no minority groups, there is no problem associated with treating different groups differently. Homogeneity is happiness. Diversity is doom.

        • hoping for equal treatment under a single government? Sounds rather intractable, doesn’t it? Yet if one proposed the alternative — treating different people or groups by differing standards — that pretty much throws out any pretense of democracy.

          Therein lies a key – don’t differ the standards. Set up a White society with White standards, and the rest will tend to sort itself out. Will it be perfect? Of course not. But it would be a far better thing than what we have now, even if you have to tolerate a talented tenth because they will be a true talented tenth, not a token tenth. One of the largest problems we have right now is lowering standards to accommodate other groups. That is a direct result of the fiction of “disparate impact”. Do away with “disparate impact” (and its bastard child the idea of quotas) and we would be a long way to restoring sanity.

      • So “hate speech” laws are needed? White people didn’t invent hate speech laws. They are not a White value.

        It is not immoral to Notice or to Name- whether our own or others.

        So, No.
        Leftists, liars, and lunatics need to be flagrantly, openly persecuted for their bad intentions. What needs be pointed out is the false promises, false claims, and false libels.

        • Apartheid South Africa, except for one glaring flaw, was a pretty good model. Whites had free speech except that they weren’t allowed to criticize apartheid.

          The flaw, of course, was trying to impose this in a 10% white/90% black country. Could have worked out a lot better if it was 100% white.

        • Yeah, they’re called public decency, obscenity, and blasphemy laws. “Free speech” is nonsense, made up to make you defednd the morals of our enemies. The West, Christendom, and America have never had “Free speech,” nor would anyone want it. Do you want perverts chasing little boys in the mall, screaming lewd suggestions at them and showing them NAMBLA-themed graffic videos? Thats absolute free speech. No one wants that. Except evil.

        • “Leftists, liars, and lunatics need to be flagrantly, openly persecuted for their bad intentions. What needs be pointed out is the false promises, false claims, and false libels.”

          It’s a very strange point to reach in life, to realize that Uncle Adolph may have been right all along.

      • All that’s needed is some kind of system that has a big eject button for any elite that starts spouting leftism. Leftists bitch and whine about how they were supposedly persecuted in the 1950s with the anti-communist stuff, but that’s massively overexagerrated and in the end all the institutions were in fact already infested with communist sympathizers.

        What a successful separation should look like is that the fanatic “this is who we are” moralfagging is inverted so that the lawn sign people have to instead put up signs that say “In this house we believe that browns are illegal, white love is the only love, and we must ensure the integrity of our precious bodily fluids.” if they want to get into Protestant heaven. You aren’t going to get rid of the moralizers, but you can steer their phony morality in the direction you want, just like the bagels did.

      • Ostei: Free speech, to non-Whites and anti-White Whites, is akin to democracy as defined by Erodogan – a bus you ride just until you get to your stop and then its usefulness is over. I know that ‘free speech’ is akin to a sacrament for not merely civnats but also many on this side of the divide, but I am forced to agree with another blogger who has said there has never truly been such a thing. There always will and should be controls on speech – it just depends on who is in charge.

        In a White polity, there can be no toleration for anti-White or pro-diversity speech. Ethno-nationalism must be the ‘prime directive,’ if you will, and people attempting to oppose that and proselytizing against it must be banned and silenced – not with exile, where they spread their poison more widely – but with something more final.

        • I used to be a free speech absolutist. So much so that I considered becoming a First Amendment lawyer. No more…

        • Somehow, Japan has no problem here. Even with Koreans in their country, there is (now anyway) no path to citizenship. I’m not very knowledgeable here, but the scientist in me would look to examples of such countries to see how they have implemented such successful exclusions. China come to mind as well.

          It could be unfortunately an aspect of a racial identity as deep as their gnome that perhaps we in the West lack.

          • The procedures for obtaining visas and citizenship are in translated into English by the Jap immigration
            authorities. Easy to find. Easy to fill out, too. Its kind an intelligence test for foreigners – from my experience theTaiwanese and white devils almost always walk in with their stuff ready to go whilst the SE Asians and everyone else only obtain and begin to work on paperwork *when they get to* the immigration office. Japanese citizenship and visas are remarkably simple to obtain procedurally, but the linchpin is – you need a recognized reason to be in Japan.

  26. “What all this tells us is that the racialization of politics has resulted in a bizarre cognitive dissonance among the most active participants. The most race aware white people live in the most diverse places. The most antiracist white people live in places that are so white they glow in the dark. What this suggests if you are worried about becoming a white nationalist is you should move to Oregon or Vermont. The surest way to not become a white nationalist is never meet a black person.”

    Maybe not so bizarre. The antiracist living in a a lily-white suburb is antiracist in an abstract and idealistic sort of way — not in some empirical fashion. And that antiracism does not cost him or her anything material — he or she is not going to open his or her home to people of other races. It’s what we call “radical chic.” The race realist, in contrast, usually has some real-life experience. If you’re a car mechanic and you’ve had black customers whose checks have bounced, or if your son or daughter has been bullied at a “diverse” school, or if you have driven or walked through black neighborhoods then your take on race is going to be very different from the head-up-his-ass antiracist.

    • “The antiracist living in a a lily-white suburb is antiracist in an abstract and idealistic sort of way — not in some empirical fashion.”

      I initially discounted dumping illegals in NYC or Chicago or Martha’s Vineyard as an empty political stunt (which of course it is), but that was woefully discounting the impact on the residents’ empty virtue signaling. It is utterly predictable that the presence of Somali rapefugees will make people in Maine and elsewhere more based, too. There isn’t a single leftwing shibboleth that they will not abandon faced with actual consequences. In this sense they are not as bad as conservatards telling reporters their children murdered by some dusky savage “didn’t see color.”

      • Chicago denizen of several decades here. The first thing the new arrivals did was hide their free cell phones and other nice stuff and then start begging on our streets everywhere. The white, nominal Christians, and only them, swarmed the new arrivals with money, food and gifts. It would have been heartwarming if indeed these mostly brown folks trly required asylum. But you could see it in their eyes they are grifters. Our oppressive weather has forced them off the streets for now, and our winter should cull them. Whites are so bloody gullible. Stupid race for the most part, which was blatantly obvious when the covid hysteria embedded here.

        • I have been personally panhandled by a man and woman pair of “dirty whites” who looked (and spoke) like stereotypical Gypsies. Caucasian, but dark hair/eyes. Man silent, hair covered with scarf. Woman in a long dress. Woo-man with a Slavic accent: “Will you buy me food?” This was not on a street corner. Rather, it was inside a Wal*Mart at about 9:30 PM on a Monday night. It’s worth mentioning that I live in in a relatively small town, in an exurban Florida county that is nearly an hour’s drive from the nearest major city.

          In our relatively mild climate, of course we have street people. Over a period of months and years, I’ve gotten to recognize some by features, so they are probably locals. The black guy with a staff and backpack, looking like an extra in some movie set in Africa, is an example.

          Fortunately, this is a relatively rare occurence. But the pozz is everywhere and it seems to be worsening.

          • “I have been personally panhandled by a man and woman pair of ‘dirty whites’ who looked (and spoke) like stereotypical Gypsies.”

            Sounds painful…

      • Do you live in the northeast, by any chance? I’m not trying to pin down anyone’s locale, but I note with amusement your observation that “the presence of Somali rapefugees will make people in Maine and elsewhere more based, too.”

        Go to the white suburbs around New Haven or Bridgeport that break 65/35% for Democrats, election after election, three generations after these once-beautiful cities were destroyed and billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives thrown away over 70 years, for absolutely nothing, over “the black experiment.” For nothing. Nothing has been accomplished. It is all exponentially worse than when it began. Yet we have no one in public life who will state the problem. Thus it will continue.

        Whites aren’t getting more based. It will continue because blacks have been replaced in their savior imagination by newer, slightly-whiter replacements in the guise of “Latinos,” Muslims, and others. One experiment has been concluded, now the one that brings the laboratory down with it is well underway.

        • “Go to the white suburbs around New Haven or Bridgeport that break 65/35% for Democrats, election after election, three generations after these once-beautiful cities were destroyed and billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives thrown away over 70 years, for absolutely nothing, over “the black experiment.”

          Your bemusement seems justified. I am in the NE frequently but that is largely confined to NYC and NJ. Now that you mention it, the same is true of the NYC ‘burbs in NJ.

          So, yeah, that probably was wrong. Some recent L.L. Bean advertisements would suggest it is even in Maine.

          • Maybe L.L.Bean is fishing for ESG Points. But my wife, who like me has known a few “good ones” yesterday looked up from her magazine and observed that all of the ads were populated by blacks or other non-whites. I, of course, have dripped this realization on her, sometimes reading posts or comments pointing out this over time. At work she has begun to notice – forcefully – the increasing numbers of worthless sheboons, and comments on such. She works at a NE university, so yeah, this is to be expected.

  27. I strongly believe that the short Twitter and TicToc videos that show what black people are up to on any given day is putting a dent in this. I’m able to forward these videos to very white, very sheltered friends under the guise of entertainment “wow, look what happened here.” While it is entertaining to watch the latest chimp out, I’ve been able to subtly move the needle on this issue.

    If everyone now has a crystal clear video recording device on their phone, suddenly they have access to ghetto images that they never would have seen. Things that can”t be explained by anti-raycists. Why is this woman smashing all the plates in the buffet line and now throwing punches at the staff?

    • The ubiquitous cell phone videos are counteracting the official TV messaging about black behavior. For many years the residents of heavily White areas learned about blacks through TV, rather than experiencing real-life encounters with blacks.

      • Yes. For years this image was very carefully curated. Vanessa Huxtable would never start throwing sh t and threatening people in a Target.

        • Irony in spades that Bill Cosby himself, the model negro, turned out to be a rapist, thus conforming to the so-called “stereotype.” Somewhat sad, though, given that Cosby was one of the few negro celebrities who occasionally hit blacks with the truth about themselves.

          • The sudden downfall of Bill Cosby was far too conveniently-timed to take without a grain of salt, IMHO…

          • All that metoo stuff was bullshit. In normal dating if you say “Wanna come over to my house for coffee and look at my prized collection of antique ceramic ducks?”, everyone knows that means “Wanna come over to my house so I can put my hand up your skirt?”

            In fact you can see the look of confused disappointment on the woman’s face when you actually show her the ceramic duck collection and then send her on her way.

  28. White people do this weird thing when they don’t live around their natural predators. Their brains fall out. Uruguay is the whitest nation in South America. Chile and Argentina actually have belts of brown people, but Uruguay is free of those concerns. Uruguay is basically San Francisco on the Rio de La Plata, it legally recognizes gays playing house and drug decriminalization.

    As Z-man is getting at, Our Thing requires a bit of racialized danger to function. Hence why all our guys flee to South America when we give up the fight.

    • Uruguay is not a white nation, nor industrial power, there’s no technological advance what so ever
      Latin America is failing to become an industrial power
      In historical records, few hundred Spanish guys conquered Latin America, because Latin America stay as a bronze age level civilization at that time

      Interracial, LGBTQ, weird sexualization rampage on modern Brazil due to influence came from the west
      That’s doesn’t mean they are biologically or culturally white

  29. “By this reasoning, Montana is the most racist state in America.”

    During the “Summer of St. Floyd”, I was never happier to be living in Montana. Let me tell you, this is a wonderful state. I formerly lived in Oregon (East of the Cascades, which is far more tolerable than the wet 1/3 of the state), and couldn’t wait to leave. It was sad, because I loved living there, but the politics were getting unbearable.

    To live in a place where not only do you not have to see blacks chimping out everywhere, you don’t have to think about blacks, and (best of all) not be routinely lectured about my white privilege is a wonderful thing.

    • Been trying to figure out where to go after the career winds down. Have lived behind enemy lines for 30 years—mostly trapped by kids and job. But also reluctant to become “one of those people” that drives up local housing costs etc. Though can validate Z’s observation that nothing works like proximity to make someone a realist. And it is tiresome. Looking hard at TN & KY, mostly because I can rightfully claim that my family originally settled both states…so I’m just coming home. One thing I’ve noticed in limo leftists is most are simply innumerate. I make my living in a “probability” business, it’s an iron law. Leftists in particular don’t grasp numerical concepts well. Which I use to explain why I will no longer go to certain places or am wary around certain groups.

    • Is the Montana boom affecting life there? I know there’s lots of room, but I’m reading that prices are being driven up and there is always the impending risk of imported lifestyles. Are lefties moving in or are they normal folks seeking sanity?

      FYI, I’ve not watched the popular Yellowstone show.

      • Yes, the boom is affecting life here (Bozeman). I hear a lot more Spanish around construction sites. And I am sure an official barrio and historical black district won’t be far behind.

      • The Boom has been horrible. Housing prices have soared, traffic is worse, etc. It’s the type of thing that makes locals every year hope for especially hard winters so that some of these people will give up and leave. Unfortunately, last winter’s -30F didn’t last long enough to have the desired effect…

    • If Montana could somehow interdict the pop “culture” and the media emanating from the rest of AINO, it would be pretty close to white Xanadu, I imagine.

    • Cold as f-ck! That is the main challenge for me and Montana.

      I drove 3,125 miles this summer across the US from the cesspool of DC westward. I stopped -just- short of Montana because I was really concerned about the brutal winters there. “20 below keeps the riff raff out”, some truth to that statement but in our modern times, not as much as it use to. Somalis are thriving in Minnesota because there is no longer a price for stupidity and lack of resources. Ants are no longer required, grasshoppers can live anywhere that White people live, they will be cared for. 🙄

      I made it as far as Idaho this summer before being unceremoniously told to “Eff off” at work once I returned home. This leaves me copious free time now to decide where I’d like to relocate to. I like the -idea- of Montana but f-ck its cold!

      Idaho and Utah still cold, but less so, and much more doable. They were both great outside of major urban areas. The cities are lost, period. I said earlier this summer during my first check in that I was a bit naive regarding just how terraformed all modern American cities are. Midwest cities are full of ghettos, slums, and dark faces, this was shocking to me.

      Even Salt Lake City has been reconquista’d. It’s downtown area is beaner central, reminds me much more of Tuscon then Tuscany. What those Pacific NW and Midwest states have that do NOT exist in coastal regions are medium sized cities that haven’t been “diversified”. (Yet!)

      The cities surrounding SLC are a prime example of this. Provo, Lehi, Bountiful, etc. are satellite regions that are true Whiteopias. One of the true joys of my trip was my time in Utah and Idaho because by that point, I had mastered how to accurately pinpoint non-diverse areas.

      My last month of travel was like stepping into a time machine to the 1950s. I saw 6 black faces in a month. And every time I did it was a reminder of my n-gger fatigue being far past any manageable level. Their ghetto low IQ stupid behavior, mode of dress, loudness, was so at odds with the surroundings. An early warning for those living in those places about what is coming, if they are smart enough to pick up on it.

      • Unfortunately, it is remote work that is really hurting places like Montana. See, you are getting paid wages that are appropriate for Seattle, LA, NY, etc, but your cost of living is far lower, so moving to rural areas is far more affordable to you that it would be for a local, who makes local wages. That house that costs $500K seems unaffordable to a local, but to the guy who just sold his piece of shit condo in LA for $1 million, it’s nothing.

        As for the cold, the secret is to get into winter sports, so that you look forward to it. BTW, it’s in the low-90s this week, so it sorta, kinda balances out.

        And yes, just like the rest of the country, Montana is getting browner every day.

    • What this tells us is that if you are a white nationalist, you want to move to Montana, Wyoming, or Utah.

      The amount of diversity was certainly a reason I picked WY; other factors were lack of state income tax and relatively close to family in WA without living in WA. Originally from WA, I spent 20yrs in NY/NJ for work (lived thatclose to Newark in NJ). Now remote since early 2017, I live on 20 acres in the middle of no damn where (WY), security concerns are low, deer & antelope regularly wander around, and I admire the horses in my neighbors’ yards.

      • My general rule of thumb is, I don’t want to be able to see my neighbors.

        • Bartleby: That was my husband’s number one criterion when we relocated. Initially I thought 10 or 20 acres sounded huge. But he pushed for more, and he was right to do so. We now have the space – when we have the money – for a bigger house, a greenhouse, a guest cottage, etc.

          Well, I can at least dream. But in the meantime, our county has a population density of 27 people per square mile (better than Utah and not much worse than Idaho), and our immediate area less than that. Unless we need to travel to town we do not see another soul or hear a car . . . or an airplane.

    • When I was in Montana on vacation, I went into a Walmart. Everything laid out the same, products pretty much the same—some liquor oddities due to local law.

      Everything the same except the people. Hell, it was actually a *pleasant* experience! Here in AZ, my family will not venture into a Walmart.

      Enough said. 😉

      • The “People of Walmart” meme/fad of the early (compared to now) internet is what finally made me understand America.

        The reason people hate going to Walmart is because it’s besieged by whatever local non-white population is most annoying, smelly, and retarded.

        All but a handful of the publicly mocked People of Walmart were visibly miserable white losers with obvious medical problems.

    • Summer of Floyd was a curious thing. Some areas in the South, where you would have expected such behavior, it didn’t really materialize. Our downtown buildings were boarded in plywood in anticipation of “free speech” but nothing happened. Maybe summer is just too hot down here for such physical exertion.

  30. “White” is an ersatz term. Today it means people of European descent who aren’t identifiably Jewish, Hispanic, mulatto or Middle Eastern.

    “A state with few black people is, at the minimum, unwelcoming to black people, so they do not move there.” Not so in Vermont and New Hampshire. In fact. the inverse is true. No reason to dislike those who are too few to be a threat let alone make a ruckus,

    In my lily white town, the BLM signs are exclusively on affluent white lawns where there’s nary a black person in sight nor will be unless, as diversity hires, they happen to be working at the college and attending a social event catered by diversity and non-diversity students in search of part-time income.

    • Same here. In Montana, we have three main locations where you see the yard signs: Whitefish, probably the single wealthiest small town in the state and oddly enough, home to Richard Spencer, so they’re probably just virtue-signaling against him. The others are Missoula and Bozeman, which are the two college towns. Go figure.

      • I assume Whitefish is also the home to a fair number of National Park Service employees. For some reason, the NPS employs a lot of insane libs who love to virtue signal against the communities they get sent to. They see themselves as the equivalent of a Victorian Era missionary to the heathens.

        • I don’t think very many NPS employees can afford to live in Whitefish. But your point is valid.

          As my ‘nom de plum’ suggests, I had a long career in the outdoor recreation world. Specifically, I did pro ski patrol in the winters and hiking/rafting/glacier guiding in the summers. It was exceedingly rare to meet a fellow ‘outdoorspro’ who wasn’t completely liberal in his/her views. I think it was mostly because they were the Vermont-type people Z-man describes.

          It’s no secret that most blacks don’t do those types of recreation, so we encountered very few of them. The ones we did were almost entirely the Huxtable-variety, or they were just behaving themselves due to being a very small minority in that environment. Because they spent most of their time in those environments, the guides I worked with simply had no real-world exposure to feral blacks, but being (mostly) young and idealistic, they believed the myths.

          Honestly, it’s one of the main reasons I eventually left that career. The low pay and unpredictability of seasonal work being the others. Unfortunately, I changed over to healthcare, which is much worse…

        • “…the NPS employs a lot of insane libs who love to virtue signal against the communities…”

          Tell me about it. Was in CO last week looking at the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde. The Park ranger guide started our tour with kudos to an “indigenous” Native American riding in the Tour De France (who knew or cared), then he descended into a long diatribe of how it is “insulting” to some native Americans to call these cliff dwellings “ruins”. He preferred “ancient unoccupied housing”. I shit you not!

          Of course, the entire Park—including roads and signs—were still labeled *ruins*. He was questioned later on during the tour as to why the “ancient unoccupied housing” was suddenly abandoned (30 years from thriving community to abandonment as *pinpointed* by tree ring analysis). He was pressed, but reluctant to offer the one obvious reason—competing warring tribes. At best, he said they moved to a better location further South to be with fellow tribesmen. He also refused to name a particular tribe that built these “ancient unoccupied housing” structures, which I could only assume is in dispute from the current mishmash of tribes claiming historical ownership.

          This man (Park Guide) was whiter than I! Liberalism is indeed a mental disease. BTW, of fellow tourists, I saw the entire day one (1) Black man. Perhaps two Hispanic families. And a bunch of Chinese (or Koreans) who outnumbered all other minorities. Everyone—90+%—were White.

          • Colorado is an extremely harsh environment. There are numerous ghost towns; some dirt farmers would have enough good seasons to build a village, then get wiped out just as fast by drought, hail, or a harsh winter. If you cant keep a White European settler town alive without the railroad, the injuns weren’t going to fair any better. My guess is the pueblo got hit by famine, and those who could made tracks for the south and never came back.
            Colorado, despite all the injun names, was uninhabited until the plains tribes got pushed southwest by canucks and white settlements in the midwest, mostly post Revolutionary War.

      • The very name “Whitefish” is assuredly a source of shame. Best to rename it “Saint Floyd” to try to expiate all that racial sin.

      • Outdoorspro: From what I’ve read over the past decade or so, it seems a significant number of chosen moved into Whitefish specifically to target Spencer when he was at his most vocal and well-known. And the rest of the locals virtue-signalled along with them.

        In my limited experience, it’s even harder waking people to the reality of the JQ than it is to alert them to the danger posed by ferals.

    • You’ve really nailed at least one aspect of the problem: So many shitlibs only see the Oreos. Sasqueetchia X down in the African-American Studies Department might have all kinds of radical revolutionary crap posted on her office door, and she talks a good game with her dashiki and dreadlocks, but in her personal life she’s as White as Taylor Swift in a vat of mayonnaise. (Given that the academic version is almost guaranteed to be a lesbian, her LARPing housemate is probably a real White, too).

      It’s the worst of both worlds — they think they know the real blacks, the oh-so-authentic ones, because Sasqueetchia X. is always talking up reparations and Wakanda and etc. But she’s completely harmless, and they know it, so they think by extension the BLM goons are harmless.

      • I doubt they really believe BLM is harmless. They are just shameless hypocrites and don’t have to live the consequences directly (yet).

        • Yeah, “harmless” is probably the wrong word there. But I can’t think of a better one, because the idea of violence — being committed by someone else, somewhere over the horizon — gets these people’s panties wet. So yeah, BLM is violent… but it’s good that they are, because those on the receiving end — who are not us, and will never be known to us, and never be seen by us — deserve it.

          No one is more bloodthirsty than your average soy-faced egghead who cries when the faculty lounge fridge is out of almond milk.

          • Ironically, those most likely to be on the receiving end of BLM violence are corporations, which are controlled by people whose views accord precisely with the Cornell sociology department.

      • The wife really couldn’t understand why I avoid places where blacks congregate. Her exposure to them was in a very white liberal town in coastal California. She had a number of older black female friends.. all middle class “bourgey black” government and NGO workers.

        I grew up in a Southern town with a high population of impoverished blacks, then got my fill with more of the same in the Army.

        She used to be upset when she could tell I would avoid them or be on high vigilance when unable to. Really had no frame of reference in her upbringing. I could tell some part of her mind decided, ” well, I love my husband but this is kind of a bad part of him.”

        I treat everyone I interact with in a civil and friendly manner, so that would throw her for a loop. I deal with young black males in a polite but stern manner, this keeps the shenanigans to a minimum. When they know that you know… you get better behavior from them and they subconsciously acknowledge you will be a difficult or dangerous victim. A good feral smile is a useful tool.

        Anyway, no matter how delicately I would express my experiences and approaches to the matter… it just became a quiet sticking point. I gave up and just sort of took on the mantle of “my husband is a little bit racist”. My job as husband isn’t to have my wife’s approval in all things, it is to protect her.

        Ironically, it was the Michael Brown shooting in Missouri that indirectly pried her eyes open. I suggested she wait before being outraged. Sure enough, as more facts came out it turned out to be a completely justified shooting and Brown was a bad man. The case tickled that “crime tv” thing women have and she really got into the case.

        That led her to “Live PD” which exposed her to a type of black folk she had never seen before. She would binge watch that show for hours. I sat with her for a live episode and she noted before the cop did that the black youth he was interviewing was going to run. He did. Chase ensued. When I asked her how she knew she said, “Well, he started with all that you are being racist stuff while he was doing the felony stretch eyeballing his escape route.”

        Things changed after that. She is no race realist. But she automatically moves to whatever side of me that a black male passerby isn’t on. If I decide a place “doesn’t look safe” she understands the code talk and doesn’t make a peep.

        I’m rambling but there are a couple points here. A TV program enlightened her more than my decades of experience. A prophet has no honor in his own country. Secondly, there really are people out there that have no idea about black predation being a real thing, and a rampant thing at that.

        Hopefully those that can learn will get their education from crime TV and not from the hospital or the morgue.

        • This is exactly what I have going on with my wife. She doesn’t understand why “I am so racist.” Even though I treat everyone with respect until they give me reason not to. She does trust my instincts though and if we are in an area and I say “we need to leave” she won’t fight me on it.

        • Proximity bias. I tried for ages to clue my liberal wife in to what I KNOW to be true through much unfortunate lived experience. But there was precisely one black in her hometown growing up, an African immigrant girl who everyone wanted to friend up to showcase their non-racist bona fides. Wife dismissed my “knee-jerk racism” as deliberate meanness, instead of the voice of experience.

          Until…she worked in healthcare and ran across something unspeakably evil and awful known as “Haitians”. She will still cringe and call out my “racism” whenever I unleash a little n-word venom. But clams up most agreeably as soon as I change that to “Haitians”.

          Having never dealt with any throughout a lengthy career in STEM, I can only imagine the nightmare that those people must be for my lib wife to have developed such a deep and abiding distaste for the devils.

          • Whatever works for you and your ladies. But maybe consider they don’t need to be informed or involved in your role of dealing with the darker things in this life. They may be content to partake of the steak but they don’t need to be reminded how it was made. If you have that perfect simpatico relationship, great. Most don’t.

            I don’t use any salty language around the wife and I no longer discuss the “whys” of my reasoning in this matter. It isn’t worth it. (Most) women simply cannot exist in a world where harsh truths cannot be sugar coated.

            She gets to pretend that the world is rosier than she knows it to be… and when it comes to safety my word is law. It works for us.

      • Sasqueetchia IS a BLM goon, albeit with a slightly higher IQ and a faux Ph.D. She will march with BLM and lustily brandish an anti-white sign, but will peel off into the nearest Starbucks the moment her fellow goons begin burning and looting. There’s that tenure review coming up to consider, dontchaknow…

    • The double bank shot is to live in a place that has neither diversity nor the type of white people you describe. Those meccas largely are confined to states with one or two black-infested cities surrounded by vast all-white rural areas and smaller urban centers. The white people in the latter enclaves are familiar just enough with diversity not to celebrate it. This once also was the case in all-white neighborhoods in major cities with huge non-white populations, but those urban whites now hail diversity either as a survival technique or due to sincerely held beliefs.

      • Just so, Jack. And I’m very fortunate to live in one of those small urban centers. We have plenty of Messkins, but are on pretty good terms with them. Few negroes, and neither the whites nor the Messkins celebrate those negroes with which we are cursed.

        • Fortunate indeed. Another upside is that the Blue locusts tend to avoid those decent places, too. They prefer Raleigh or Nashville or Austin or Salt Lake City and thinking they are really based to live in such places.

    • By Hispanic, you are better served simply saying mestizo. Just as two Nigerians moving to Germany does not make their offspring German, two Germans moving to Brazil does not make their offspring Brazilian/Hispanic.

      • Correct. The mestizo classification becomes highly apparent when you meet a MX of strong Spanish descent. They are around, but fewer in number and usually in high level positions.

  31. When you look at the bottom ten states in black population, you also have to factor in refugee resettlement that has been forced on them. Plus they all have low populations to begin with, so dumping 10,000 people from the Horn of Africa in a state can really push the percentage up quickly. In the lower population states, blacks tend to be concentrated in the largest city. North Dakota has been pushed up to 3.67%, but they are almost all refugees living in Fargo. As a result, they have some bad neighborhoods while other areas across the state are still 100% white.

    • That is a factor that drives the antiracist mania in many areas. they know they have black areas nearby, but they never experience them, so they use this as proof of their antiracism. This is obvious when you look at the life of Robin DiAngelo, the huckster who rich peddling antiracism to middle-aged white women. She chose to live in places that have black neighborhoods nearby, but she lived in areas well insulated from them. It is like someone proving to themselves they are not afraid of heights by standing close to the top floor window.

      • Don’t know if you saw this noose hoax from Billings, Montana, but I think the guilty party is the anti racist woman interviewed in the video. At least she went to the trouble of making an actual noose and didn’t just a tie a knot in a rope. I am assuming she is fishing for donations from good whites nationally because not many people in Billings are interested in what she is peddling. Funny that Lyle Lovett is the biggest name she could tie to this in order to get some attention.

      • You know DiAngelo almost certainly did detailed research before she purchased property to give her both the cover of living adjacent to diversity and also being in a very safe place just far enough away from it.

        “Distance is our strength,” really.

      • Poor affluent white people. I was walking in my gentrified white neighborhood on the edge of a black run city with an adventurous (sarcasm) white woman who had moved from the truly rich suburb of town, I guess to be closer to diversity. We were walking down a street with beautiful old 1920’s homes when we met a black woman walking her dog. My walking companion was obviously very pleased and asked the woman “do you live on this street?” Yikes. I knew that meant trouble, and I had to work hard to steer the conversation away from that question, as the black woman of course got visibly annoyed and was starting to get angry. (why, do I not look like I belong here? etc. etc. etc.) Weird that it was me, the race realist who knew what to say and not say, and it was the anti-racist who stuck her foot in it.

        I’ve moved since then. The BLM signs and “in this home, we believe love is love”, and “we trust the science in this house” finally got me, as it did so many others. Z is correct, though. The white nationalists really do see more blacks in the grocery store than the anti-racists see in their lifetimes.

        • “Weird that it was me, the race realist who knew what to say and not say, and it was the anti-racist who stuck her foot in it.”

          Utterly predictable, actually. There is a good reason you are a race realist.

    • You can’t avoid them in many cases. Some examples from my neighborhood and experience. Very upper class primarily White neighborhood, but most all the maintenance done by Hispanics. Every so often, one of the daily Hispanic pickup workers will take a lunchtime stroll and burgle a home. Not common, but has happened. Lock your doors and especially your garage and out buildings.

      Another example. Many years ago I sat on a grand jury for several months hearing long duration cases. In one case, this drug ring would collect dead beat clients, but instead of beating the cash out of them would drive them in a van and unload them into rich, quiet neighborhoods with the direction to come back with stolen goods or else!

      And of course, there is the occasional outlier with the “good” families in the neighborhood. Family across the street from me (two professional doctors) had a couple of kids who got into drugs and soon they were having drug use “parties” with loads of classmates after school. Hell, they’d park in front of my home and I’d occasionally talk to them. I’m pretty laid back from working at the university. I didn’t much care either as they could see the “hardware” I carried into and out of my home. Large dogs and guns help keep the peace so to speak.

      One day, they invited José and company to come over and sell them some quantity. José and his “crew” got piss’d off somehow and blew the head off of one of these “good” kids in the house, then fled. I was outside just beginning a jog with the dogs and heard the shots. I thought nothing of it as the neighborhood is fairly rural and started off. Did I say I was “laid back”?

      Well, by the time I got back with the dogs, all hell had broken lose and the road was closed off and police galore with ambulances and kids proned out and such. Cops were laid back as well. I had no problem crossing the yellow tape to enter my home. I was also kept busy with the phone ringing constantly as neighbors asked what the hell was going on. 😉

      You can’t escape it. Minimize, perhaps. Escape not so much.

      • I’ve posted before about the farm that is still in my family, that I could have if I wanted, that is way out in the sticks, 20 miles from the nearest small town hospital or Wal Mart. Sounds idyllic right?

        Even though it’s probably a dozen miles to the nearest black person, there is no shortage of meth/opiod activity out there.

      • The lawn maintenance guys can really make me nervous, especially the ones staffed by mestizos. That right there is a job that is perfect for casing homes and learning all about the occupants. Fortunately, in my neighborhood, most of the staffers are nice and white. Hell, there are even some pretty hot young women on the riding mowers!

  32. I heard someone once describe black people as being like lava: dangerous, but not something you have to think about much if you’re not around them. Antiracist whites and Jews with smoldering idée fixe can make your life miserable half a continent away, or one-hundred or even two hundred years after their death. That’s a different kind of danger, someone who can reach out and touch you (or mutilate your kids’ minds and bodies) across the chasm of time.

    The ridiculousness of worrying about a “black uprising” or “black nationalism” is something the “antiracists” understand much better than the “white nationalists.” The normiecon watching Hannity genuinely believes that Negroes kitted out in black with Pan-Africanist flags are actually an existential and political threat. The kind of prog who watches MSNBC knows every black they see—from Joy Reid to Sharpton to Corey Booker—is a dancing monkey there for their amusement. Their amusement mostly comes from immiserating normal white people, who see these idiots—and in the case of Sharpton, criminals—and wonder why they’re being elevated. They’re being elevated for the same reason some degenerate Caesar might put a garland crown on the head of a pig while making honorable men fight to the death.

    It’s funny, like bearbaiting. Sometimes the bear slips the chain or the slaves rebel, but I’m pretty sure most “antiracists” understand January 6th was just powerless white negroes doing a rain dance hoping the sky would rain some democracy on them. James O’Keefe even caught a “New York Times” writer laughing about how he and everyone else in media knew January 6th was a dud firecracker rather than an atom bomb.

    Our biggest problem is the stupidity and intransigence of the people we’re trying to help, and trying to get to stop making the same mistakes over and over again. They’re moving our way, and fast, but not because of anything we’re doing. We owe it all to our loudmouth enemies and their constant ululating and gloating. “The Nazi with the Hitler Outfit” is not the only idiot who keeps playing the same role loudly and vocally to the detriment of their own cause. Pink-haired professors, Karine Jean-Pierre, Robin D’Angelo, everyone around Joe Biden. These are some of our recruiters.

    • “Pink-haired professors, Karine Jean-Pierre, Robin D’Angelo, everyone around Joe Biden. These are some of our recruiters.”

      Realtors in New England, the Northwest, and most rural areas should pay them reparations in the form of shared commissions.

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