By Any Means Necessary

There are many theories for why the Roman Republic became unstable and eventually collapsed into what we think of as authoritarianism. Given America’s republican history, the collapse of the Roman Republic has been something like Banquo’s ghost, especially for those who call themselves conservatives. Each new innovation is a threat to the republic. The progressives have the same fear, despite their obvious disdain for the republican concept. Caesarism haunts their dreams.

The funny thing about the fall of the Roman Republic is that it was largely the result of trying to save it. When Caesar crossed the Rubicon, he did not think of himself as the destroyer of Rome. He was saving Rome. Sure, he was violating important rules of the Republic, but Rome was too important to worry about petty things. While the idea of a republic assumes that the means justify the ends, saving the Republic was based on the ends justifying the means.

Caesar could not have existed if not for the example of Sulla. He became the key figure in the struggle between the optimates and populares factions. The former backed the supremacy of the senate, while the latter supported the popular reforms of Sulla’s former mentor, Gaius Marius. Sulla marched on Rome in an unprecedented act to defeat the populares and then did it a second time to deliver the final defeat at the Battle of the Colline Gate.

Interestingly, Sulla was made possible by the man he eventually defeated and who he once served in his own efforts to save the Republic. Gaius Marius was a general and a statesman who won the Cimbric and Jugurthine wars. In doing so he held the office of consul an unprecedented seven times. Prior to Marius, the custom was to retire from politics after reaching the position of Consul, but the Republic needed the skilled Marius, so to save the Republic exceptions were made.

Of course, the reason for those extraordinary circumstances was that the opposition in the Jugurthine wars had been able to bribe Roman senators. Jugurtha was a king of Numidia who claimed the entire kingdom of Numidia. This was in defiance of Rome, but he was able to first bribe some senators to get favorable terms and then he bribed Roman generals when war started. Rome needed to make exceptions for Marius because the best Roman citizens were no longer trusted.

You can probably start with the founding of the Roman Republic, the day Brutus stood and watched his own sons be executed for their role in the Tarquinian conspiracy, and chart the exceptions made until Caesar crossed the Rubicon. At first it was mostly personal corruption, small things that were overlooked to keep the peace. Over time it was exceptions to the rules for expediency’s sake. Each time an exception was made, it laid the groundwork for the next exception.

In the future, the robot historians will do the same thing charting the arc of the American republic as it made exceptions here and there, all in the name of expediency to save “our democracy” from some evil. In each case, the people breaking the rules or violating custom have justified what they were doing by claiming that they were breaking the rules in order to save the system. As with the Roman Republic, the American republic has fallen victim to those who claiming to save it.

We are seeing this with the latest batch of indictments of Donald Trump. In fact, the Donald Trump story arc is a microcosm of the process. It started with the so-called conservatives openly siding with their alleged opponents. You see, they were breaking their word because the greater good demanded it. This was the start of a process by which each new violation of the rules and customs is normalized and justified, thus making the next more egregious violation possible.

That process kicked off by Conservative Inc. has led to the last batch of indictments of Donald Trump, which now come with the promise of a rigged trial. The case has been assigned to one of the more corrupt and partisan judges in the system. Unlike the previous charges in Florida, which came with a judge that maintained the façade of impartiality, this judge is a crook and lunatic. This case may as well be held in the Oval Office with Hillary Clinton has judge and jury.

This now paves the way for the Republican Party to change their rules in order to keep Trump off the ballot. They will no doubt claim they are doing this to save the party or save the republic. You see, they are not succumbing to corruption or merely breaking their own rules. No, they are sacrificing in order to save the system from something they say is much worse than breaking the rules. In this process, there is always something worse than breaking the rules.

It is one of the ironies of the human condition. All human societies begin with the question, “who are we?” The answer is a set of rules that define who is in and who is not in the society. Inevitably, there are people who slither in seeking to undermine those rules by looking for loopholes and exceptions. Before long, some people start to see the rules as an obstacle. As the rules give way to this process, the only way to save the rules is to abandon the spirit of them entirely.

Of course, we have the expression “crossing the Rubicon” for a reason. When Caesar made the decision to march on Rome, the Republic was over, as there was no way to put it back together, even if Caesar was defeated. We see this happening with the political persecution of Trump. The people doing it are not going to be talked out of their next brazen violation of the rules. The only way to stop them is to physically remove them from society by any means necessary.

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212 thoughts on “By Any Means Necessary

  1. Just a brief word to the wise:

    “By Any Means Necessary” does not include attending rallies like Unite the Right or that Jan. 6th fiasco. I tried to warn people about not going to those things (not that anyone listens to me). But anyone who could not see from a mile away that those were nothing but massive setups, needs to turn in his DR card.

    It’s also a good idea to remember who was plumping those setups the hardest. They include:

    -Andrew Anglin
    -David Duke
    -Nick Fuentes
    -A host of no-name commenters on Alt-Right websites.

    Every one of these people ought to be considered highly suspect in the future. Have nothing to do with anything they do or anything they talk about. They are not reliable.

    It is really disappointing that we have here one of the most open and cynical usurpations of power in recorded history, and the people leading the opposition are a Freaks’ Gallery of informants, self-promoters, warmed-over Nazis, self-styled intellectuals, atheists, Darwinists, and perverts like Greg Johnson and Milo. This literally makes me sick.

    I have said time and again that we need better scholarship and arguments that actually make sense to decent, sane people. We need real Christianity and not atheist morons. We need truth, not extremely bitter twerps venting their frustrations. Until this is done there is no hope for any dissident movement, but there is not much evidence that anybody wants to take up the cause.

      • True enough. However, if the desiderated collapse and subsequent separation do not occur, eventually we will have to. We can cower for only so long.

      • Agree, at this point trying to convince anyone that isn’t already aware of what’s going on and outraged by it is a waste of effort.
        Satanic filth must be destroyed
        Lives and sacred honor must be put on the line

    • What evidence is there that decent and sane people can be swayed by “better arguments”? How many of these people were swayed by clearly rational and sound arguments against lock downs, school closings, vax mandates, etc.? The first step has to be to put a kink in the fire hose of regime propaganda.

      • The purpose of arguments is not really to sway people, but to strengthen “the remnant” that Albert Jay Nock spoke about (google it and read it if you haven’t already, it’s worth the time). The truth begins to pay dividends after a generation has elapsed, usually not before.

    • Mike Enoch got the Ray Epps treatment and after being named quickly dismissed from all the C Ville ((((lawyer))) mess thats bankrupting or imprisoning everyone else.

      He was one of the biggest public faces of the whole thing and has since launched an irl “political party” which is definitely not a containment op like proud boys became

    • The career of Stalin is instructive. He started out as a Czarist informer, and remained so for a good portion of his revolutionary career. Once he understood his side could win and he could be a Big Man, he switched over completely.

      This is why he ended the funding of the fake opposition groups to the Communist Regime in Russia. He understood the danger.

      Ambition, and the dynastic impulse beats ideology the way crudely, male arousal at an attractive female beats all conditioning about transgenders. The danger for the regime is that those they fund can become their overthrowers, eventually.

    • In the interest of preserving the truth, the Unite the Right rally had permission to gather. This permission was disputed before the rally and reaffirmed by the court. Further, I am told that a small KKK rally had been allowed to occur earlier.

      Whatever you think of the people who attended, there was little reason to suspect that a trap was being set.

      I hope that history records the Unite the Right rally was the exact date on which freedom to gather was snuffed out.

  2. “So much death;
    What can men do against such reckless hate”?

    At the risk of giving away my geek/need bonafides, that line is from LOTR, when the bad guys are busting down the gate.

    The answer from Aragon was to ride out and fight it.

    Many times I’ve read comments on here that the accumulation of pea shooters and lead are irrelevant, because no one will use them.

    I’m pretty sure that they will be used, it’s just that no one knows when, or what will precipitate it.

    The best advice I’ve gained is the be ready, and patient.

    Find individuals who you would kill for, and die for.(start with the family).

    If one does surround themselves with those kind of people, things will work themselves out.

  3. We have a situation in which the GAE is flexing its power while simultaneously losing its power. The financial and military edifice on which its power rests is crumbling, whether slowly or quickly. Absent canned sunshine, defeat in Ukraine is certain. The financial consequences of that are more dire than the military ones, although the two are related, since the perceived financial power is built on perceived military power. Perceived. Currency is all about confidence. Fiat currency especially. That confidence can be lost quickly. Will be lost quickly, I believe.

    So events can overtake the best laid plans of even the GAE, and let there be no doubt, they’ve got the next couple of years (at least) planned out. What we are seeing happen now with the BOM, for instance, was planned a good while back.

    One aspect of the GAE turning into Brazil, or whichever banana republic comparison you prefer, is that it would no longer have the power to act unilaterally and shape events whichever way it wants, not just abroad but domestically too. I get the sense we are approaching times where things change quickly, in terms of that power dynamic. For a long time, the GAE has bought its power with currency it prints. For it, loss of purchasing power means loss of power, period, for in the present day its power is built on nothing else. There once was a time when its power was built on shared identity, moral and religious people, national unity etc. But that is long gone. Now all its eggs are in one basket, and that basket is threatened.

  4. Yes, we are fast approaching the day where the seminal question of “how” becomes relevant. But first we should consider the “when” because it dominates the probability of eventual success.

    Despite the obvious decline in our cultural and societal health, the fact remains that the Beast is still very strong and very ruthless when need be. One of the greatest repositories of quality white guys is still to be found within the military, National Guard, and LEOs in general. As did their predecessors in the Gestapo, NKVD, and Peoples Army, they will follow orders reflexively (even if insane) and put down any classical rebellion. Fighting their game on their turf is neither intelligent nor advantageous.

    But everything changes post collapse. The models are clear. The ensuing chaos, confusion, and mayhem does two vitally important things. It consumes the attention and resources of the Jackboots and it creates a fog in which remedy may arise, proliferate, and emerge.

    In cancer treatment, the early forms of chemotherapy were blunderbusses that collaterally killed a lot of healthy cells in the process of killing off the root cancer. But we now live a new technological era in which various remedies are available that specifically and narrowly target only the cancer cells; thus minimizing collateral damage. If we’re going to get serious, then timing and focus matter greatly.

  5. The comparison with Rome is an interesting one, but I see an analogy much more with Tsarist Russia. The Bolsheviks (who were way overrepresented by a certain, uh, ethnic component), after they seized power, murdered the Tsar and his entire family because they represented the symbolism of the non-Bolshevik resistance. Afterwards they went on a murdering rampage where they killed millions of middle-class Russians whom they termed “Kulaks”.

    By imprisoning forever Orange Man, these same, uh, “pleasant folks” are trying to crush the symbolism of Trump as the symbol of white middle class populism. After crushing Orange Man they then plan to turn their eyes to crush the entire white middle class, either in a military crackdown or otherwise with CBDC/woke AI total monetary theft. It’s going to get much, much uglier from here out.

    I discuss this more here:

    • It’s quite a pickle. The middle class has literally no leverage whatsoever. The votes don’t matter at all and white Americans simply won’t fight back in any meaningful numbers. Finally even if the entire productive class of people in this country are killed or just stop working, the regime would prefer to rule a third world hell rather than serve in a first world heaven.

      The only Russians who “won” against the Bolsheviks without joining them were the ones who ran into the woods and lived in a log cabin for the subsequent 70 years. So I guess learn to chop wood…

      • Au contraire.

        The “Russian” who won against the Bolsheviks was ackshually a Georgian, named Saint Joseph Djugashvili.

        Because of Saint Joseph Djugashvili, and the wall which he built to keep out the Mind Virus, little boys in today’s Russia are not in any danger of being castrated and having their penises inverted, nor are little girls in today’s Russia at any danger of having hysterectomies & tiddy-ectomy “toppings”.

        Whereas in the “Democratic” west, surgeons are free to deploy bowel tissue to endow transexual XY “women” with fake vaginas, and thereby cause the young XY “women” to die excruciatingly painful deaths from necrotizing fasciitis.

      • Ploppy-

        Judging by the comments on a recent Zerohedge story about terrible manufacturing numbers, once the early Xers retire it’s pretty much curtains for the GAE’s remaining productive capacity.

    • Agreed but its worse. First, Trump is likely to be put in jail and Epsteined just to demoralize those the Regime hates, and because he is still a threat while alive to the regime which is crumbling due to age/senility/biology. The other main threat RFK Jr. is obviously a target for anti-Fa assassins. Hence the denial of Secret Service protection.

      The Regime rests on the fragile, senile shoulders of Big Guy. Who is now operationally run by Son of Big Guy, the First Crackhead, and Dr. Jill. They have plenty of enemies within their own circle and like the clan around an aging Central Asian Republic/Tyranny, cannot just retire for fear of retribution not by the people but within the elite. The Regime Deep State smart play would be to let Trump win, let him handle the ugly stuff, take over in 2028. The Derp State instead trumpets Son of Big guy in his underwear, stuffing his junk in some prostitute’s mouth while smoking crack and taking payoffs, or leaving his blow at the White House. All with impunity. Its the Reverse Caesar’s wife and outrages even elements within the Derp State who must dot every i and cross every t. Of course Hunter is a complete danger to the Regime, as he could at any moment blurt things out or reveal things to enemies that hurts the 50% for Big Guy.

      Which means for emotional reasons of the Derp State (First Crackhead and Dr. Jill) this purge won’t stop at Trump. There exists enough AI processing to do mass arrests and trials of millions of people through “virtual” courtrooms and a massive gulag. Probably virtual as the government simply seizes bank accounts, cars, real estate, personal property and puts people out on the street. This already happened on a limited scale in Canada with the Canadian trucker donors, call it a proof of concept tyranny. All the stuff directed at Trump will be coming the way of most Whites fifteen minutes later. It has to, emotionally and “morally” given the Derp State’s moral foundations: White people evil, straight White men ultra evil.

      The Regime is so brutal and tyrannical because it is so fragile. It is quite literally based on the continued “health” of Big Guy.

  6. We’re Carthage not Rome, and the Republic Fell when Soldiers were tricked into swearing in Biden.

    So relax. Next !

    And thanks Dems for freeing me and all of us from the Oath. Whew ! I was afraid I’d have to be Honorable and Formally Recant. Whew 😅!

    Thanks all,

    PS … you know you’re dead, right?

  7. People wanted Trump to be Caesat and cross the Rubicon. But Caesar was extremely self-confident. He belonged to one of the most aristocratic families of Rome, the gens Julia and claimed to have the goddess Venus as ancestor.

    Trump psychologically ressembles Gaius Marius, who had low self-esteem because he was from Arpinum, not Rome. He desperately wanted to be accepted by the Roman elite and hated because they treated him with contempt, as a hillbilly, even when they relied on him. He was a man of action and was trapped by the tricks of the political elite. Trump is the same but with the American elite and the fact that he is all words and no action, unlike Marius

    • For those of us less historically literate: Trump is Jay Gatsby. New money, kind of a criminal, desperate for acceptance by old money he will never get.

      • Pretty obviously that’s right…Trump is a wannabe, desperately seeking an acceptance he will never get, because he’s not from the right class….

        • It’s so true and yet so tragic at the same time because the truth is he is a unique human being. Of all the posers and the grifters and the wannabes out there he really does shine brighter. But the deficits are just too great but still I’m going to be really sad when he dies.

          • Trump’s ability to absorb attacks and keep charging ahead is amazing. I am awed and envious.

          • Line in the Sand,

            Yes, maybe there is some Norse berserker in his makeup that has come down through his Scottish blood.

  8. “The people doing it are not going to be talked out of their next brazen violation of the rules. The only way to stop them is to physically remove them from society by any means necessary.”

    That really is it, isn’t it? No, I won’t bother participating or paying much attention to this election cycle. I won’t be doing my “patriotic duty” by voting. I guess I just have to keep reminding myself that things were very similar in Weimar Germany prior to Uncle A’s arrival, and look how quickly that country changed.

    Maybe there’s still hope?

    • Agreed, but I will vote just to say I participated in the last election in American history…One of the rules they will probably ignore is the 2028 election….

  9. In 2016 a lot of people voted for Trump thinking that he would be the one to cross the Rubicon. When he got to the Rubicon he decided to let the Senators pick his people and betray the faction that supported him. And now he’s surprised that he’ll be rotting in a cell for the rest of his life. What a damn fool. And to think that some people out there want a civil war over a man who betrayed them at every turn. Of course a civil war has to start over something stupid anyway. Trump is now just an avatar.

    I’m being facetious about an actual civil war starting as the fat diabetics in this country would wipe themselves out in a sugar crash just carrying an AR to the end of their block.

    • He is despicable indeed. The fact that he abandoned their own in prison while he pardoned multimillionaires says it all.

      • Yep, that was the kill shot for me. If he wanted loyalty from his people, he needed to demonstrate loyalty TO his people. It was the single thing I absolutely could not abide.

    • You either save the day 100% for me while I sit on my ass and post critiques anonymously or I wait till youre down then pile with your enemies.

      There is no advancing the football, there is no Overton window, there are no partial or convenient alliances, there is not even any misguided but worthy effort. There is you risk it all to do everything for me RIGHT NOW or I spit on your grave. I mean I spent like 15 minutes out of my life voting for you once, or if youre lucky another 15 minutes four years later… and you have the gall not to succesfully overturn the entire structure of the modern world singlehandedly?

      Geez… unrealistic hopes for a sudden external savior turned to dissapointment and that in turn curdled to sour resentment and now we hate anyone who cant save us from our civilizational anxiety.

      Its no wonder people who murder their own champions have so few emerge.

      • There’s a difference between been ineffectual and a traitor to your faction of support. In Trump’s case, he was both. He let insiders pick his staff. Is that a “convenient alliance?” Are you a smart person? Of course not, otherwise you wouldn’t have posted this. Let your opponents on the home team pick your staff and see what happens. But he also was lying and never cared even about his core issues. He was already making machinations for a mass amnesty. We’re in this boat precisely because of his failures. In the end Trump was about Trump, and his only positive legacy was the long term destabilizing actions of his opponents.

        The 15 minutes of their lives that Trump’s voters gave him is far more than any thought he had about them. Sadly, many of them have spent years of their lives watching wh-o-res in pumps on Fox News talk about him as they’re emotionally invested in his experiences.

      • Sure, maybe I only spent 15 minutes voting for him, but what about all those others who rallied on his behalf on J6? What about all those who’ve been rotting in prison on his behalf? What did he do for them? TBH, I’m really glad i never spent more than 15 minutes.

    • But Trump is going to be the symbolic sacrifice that we can point to in rallying our people, that’s his destiny….As such, he’s gold…

      • Absolutely. He can totally redeem himself in either rotting in prison like the J6 people he betrayed or, possibly, in our conspiracy laden country, committing suicide. He’s the sacrificial lamb we’ve been waiting for. But don’t expect any shocking news on the third day.

      • This cannot be emphasized enough. He is a valuable symbol for us and is being used as a warning to us. It is win-win. Our enemies are violent, blood-drenched clowns with enormous power but at the end of the day they are clowns. They will keep fucking that chicken until it flies.

  10. I remember when the Patriot Act was being mooted and US airports were being converted into military garrisons, one of the favored neocon arguments in favor of unleashing marshall law was that “the Constitution is not a suicide pact.” Alas, it was an argument I believed. Live and learn.

    • Imagine having worked for Pat Buchanan and known Sam Francis in the 1990s, to be silenced after 9/11 by every single “conservative” I knew, called names (traitor in particular) and laughed out of most of the social circles I had.

      There were some of us who knew exactly where this was going, and spoke on 9/12/01 that attacking Afghanistan would bring about the very thing we were told we were fighting to eliminate. We now have a terror state of our own, fully armed, with eyes on everything.

      Congratulations to all the yellow-ribbon folks from 2001 and 2002. You won. Soon you’ll get your prize. And I will, too. Even though we warned you all not to go down that path, and we didn’t follow you, we’ll all get it.

      • A lot of them got their prizes when they let “health professionals” inject an untested gene therapy into their bloodstreams, and as a result are not with us today….

      • I was imagining Matt Dillon sauntering through O’Haire gunning down all varmints who refused to submit to a cavity search. Again, live and learn.

    • Well, years ago—before taking up the mantle of “cynic”—I too proposed a national draft. My idea was a universal draft of large proportion—no exceptions. Perhaps a 6 month deal. Those who like the system and can hack it can up for a longer enlistment. I’m sure once the initial shock is over (boot camp) a largish number will extend service.

      • Considering how good the pay and benefits are now, compared to civilian life, that’s not very far-fetched. It’s not wonderful at the E1-E3 level (still better than unskilled work outside the military), but once you hit E5, it’s pretty good. Factor in BAH, and you start to have a decent living.

        Also, just this week the Navy implemented a policy where you automatically make E4 at 30 months of service, if you haven’t made it already.

        • The fact that Poland could try to take Western Ukraine before too long should be enough for anyone with common sense to stay the hell away from any branch of the U.S. military.

          • If any young white is fool enough to join and serve, it is on them. I may can muster sympathy for someone close to cashing out, but that’s it.

        • Outdoorspro: Pay for serving a corrupt, anti-White empire? For being ordered about by empowered black wimminz and fat trannies?

          Unfortunately, there are always Whites who turn mercenaries and tell themselves they’re doing their patriotic duty to dead heritage America in justification.

          No excuses. No serving ‘our greatest ally.’ No more brother wars. No serving the anti-White or sexually deviant. I spit on AINO.

          • 3g, I was only addressing the economics. I’m with you guys on all your other points. But isn’t that how it often works in these cases? Make the military/police more economically attractive, in order to attract people without other options.

            Jack, I’m in that second group you mentioned. And no, I haven’t recommended military service to anyone in a very long time.

        • The Navy has had a lot longer than the other services to get soft and complacent through lack of a challenge. The others have had that dynamic in play for a while now too, but for USN it’s been a process in motion since the end of WW2

        • Anyone else thing that one of the reasons that economic conditions for young white men are being “managed” in such a way as to make a military service more palatable?

          I mean… if you are poor and white, about the only way you can afford college is to do it via GI bill… tI mean, whatever parts of you are left after globohomo is done with you that is.

          • “if you are poor and white, about the only way you can afford college is to do it via GI bill”

            Meanwhile, the Russian Federation has been for at least 15 years fully funding engineering education for their brightest (overwhelmingly white) young people who have the chops for it. Ours are systematically discriminated against in both the public and private sector. I think some of the globohomo apparatchiks are finally figuring out that they don’t have technological superiority anymore, and in the key areas of aerospace and electronic warfare I fully expect a war to reveal that Russia is superior. Not only are they not going to catch up, but they will fall further behind.

        • “Also, just this week the Navy implemented a policy where you automatically make E4 at 30 months of service, if you haven’t made it already.”

          If you have been in for 30 months and have not made E4, you are a drooling moron.

          Promoting drooling morons is par for the course, though.

    • They will have to institute a draft to have the only competent soldiers–whites–once Al Sharpton, Jr., is installed as chairman of the JCOS. Good luck enforcing it, boys. From what I gather, white males are not even registering at this point. It largely corresponds with their wise decision to avoid college.

      • I recently saw an ad, maybe for the National Guard, and the appeal was cleaning up and rebuilding. Takes some gall when they aren’t done making the mess!

    • I can imagine them doing an “equity” draft where they will make the argument that since Ukraine is a white people war, it will be primarily white men being drafted.

      • The regime strategy book isn’t too bad, from their point of view. First the economy in 2024 is going to be worse (perhaps much, much worse) and if that “pull” doesn’t work they can do the Draft-Push-Lottery system (I think this is how it worked before) where if you’re drafted the system chooses your job, but if you enlist, then you get to.

        Will it work? I wouldn’t bet my life like they’re going to that’s for sure.

      • first thing you do when they hand you your gun is turn around and shoot them with it then go home-

    • That’s why they’re corraling us, isn’t it? They only way out of a greatly expanded lower class will be to serve the masters and the dusky overseer above our block unit.

    • Of course, since most people still think war is like WW2…when in fact it’s just your kids being blown to pieces at long range…..

      • Yes, that is the message to be learned from the late unpleasantness in Ukraine, isn’t it?

        • I.e., this ain’t your grandfathers’s – or great grandfather’s – continental warfare anymore. Human wave attacks are so 20th Century, bitchez.

    • Perhaps this is some sort of magical thinking on their part combined with a (tiny bit) of historical awareness. I’m referring to the infamous Union Draft Riots ( This was where the Union government was trying to coerce the mainly Irish working class, who gave exactly no shits about slavery, into dying for the Abolitionist cause during the Civil War. The parallels are pretty obvious, just substitute Ukraine or Taiwan for Slavery and it’s pretty much the same idea. The pozzed WASP ruling class wants the Dirt People (who are often still Scots-Irish by race) to die for their latest idiot puritan crusade.

      The magical element is that the Union still won in spite of even much of it’s own potential cannon fodder resisting the call to arms. Thus, by the Magical Power of the Arc of History (which as we all know bends towards Utopia), we need to have a new draft so we can have new Draft Riots so we can defeat the Evil Southrons, er… Russians, er… Chinese, and free the, um, Instagram whores of Keeeeev. Yes, it’s all very cargo cultish. I mean it does remind you of the Papuans building wooden airplanes to bring the cargo back but perhaps our ruling class has sunk to Stone Age levels of thinking at this point.

      • There was a reservoir of German 1848ers or their spawn who answered the call, liberal idiots that they were, who filled a lot of spots in the Union armies.

  11. At the other end of the Roman collapse, I begin to see why the desert hermits did as they chose to do. Facing a howling wasteland alone is preferable to the chaos of social collapse. Peace out. Those who do good unto me, I will do good unto them. All others can take their chances with God’s mercy. The modern hermit is a gray man, avoiding tall poppy syndrome and hardening himself to endure the coming deprivations with stoic resignation.

  12. “When Caesar made the decision to march on Rome, the Republic was over, as there was no way to put it back together,…”

    Here, here. For those in this group that may await an American “Superman”, consider what followed Caesar. After the civil wars, Octavian (Caesar’s heir) reined supreme. He was not only the most powerful figure in Rome—with no one even approaching his stature/power/respect—he was of the Republican bent. Try as he could, there was no return to the former “Republic” of the Fathers as there were no elite families left of virtue.

    Within two successions after Octavian’s passing, the first of the corrupt and evil emperors (Caligula) ascended to the “throne”. Rome continued to expand and prosper for a time, but its fate was sealed. The people had thrown away their most important assets—virtue, honor, integrity—in exchange for prosperity and vanity.

    • Yes. The problem is that the only way to save the country is to have a leader who is actually the dictator that Trump was (falsely) accused of being. Of course the problem with that is obvious, it is only a matter of time before the other side gets their dictator. Or some total psychopath becomes dictator.

      The problem was identified 2,500 years ago by Plato in Book VIII of The Republic: democracy invariably degenerates into tyranny. He did not adequately address the question of how you get back to republicanism after the tyranny has been established, though. Maybe you just don’t.

      • The country cannot be saved. It died directly Biden was sworn in. The only decent option at this point is piecemeal separation–by fits and starts–and the creation of something good from the shambles of America.

        • That is going to be very complicated by virtue of who will get control the nuclear arsenal and have the military technology and human capital that builds it.

          Right now that is our guys in terms of the technology builders.

          That will be further amplified by the large tribes who have been racialized to dispossess the majority, plus the majority minority who now has no choice but to racialize.

          Even a peaceful process will be fraught with contention over the weaponry.

      • I think it’s safe to say that human society is a wave function. We’ve seen these cycles play out over and over throughout human history. We people are mostly just flotsam bobbing on the surface.

      • You save your people by breaking up into small pieces and reconstituting society on a local level….,

      • OT:. Trudeau the younger has split from his wife. I give him 2:5 odds that within the next year he announces he’s a pole smoker and 3:1 odds that goes full tranny.

        • I just read that his wife and he have been living separately for a couple of years.yet his old college “pal”, with the surname, Butts, has been living with Justine in the time since. How apt.

  13. And so on rolls the Collapse of the United States, one cut at a time until total chaos envelops the country. The Dollar will soon fail as the world reserve currency, and you will know when you have to buy a $2500 starter for that cheap-ass Korean car in your driveway, or just as probable it will be sitting broke down because no parts are available at any price.

    As total chaos breaks out, accompanied with an ever-increasing orgy of violence by our first cousins to the monkeys at your local petting zoo, the Cloud People Government will literally swallow the bullet and order all guns to be turned in.

    If someone thinks the people will swallow that last impediment before knowing they are slaves, then they are the fool. None of this will end well, and sooner or later people will agree with what Stalin had to say about the trouble-makers:

    “Death is the solution for all problems- no man, no problem.”

    • Blacks may be in the catbird’s seat in your scenario. They can hot wire certain Korean car’s with ease. Heck, they are so good at it, they, well a consortium of lawyers from the people who use them as pets, sued Korean car manufacturers for daring to make cars that make it so easy for them to steal them in droves.

      • “…. from the people who use them as pets..”
        I see what you said there. I like how you pointed out the obvious. Now we know why the greens, steins, and bergs who infestate the Southern Poverty Law Center see this place as a threat.

      • “They can hot wire certain Korean car’s with ease.”

        Yeah, but a hotwired car still needs a working engine. Aren’t many vibrants out there capable of fixing one.

  14. It is a series of Rubicons. Importing Africans for menial labor was one. They realized this and had a remediation plan. End importation, end slavery, give them a homeland and send them there. They did everything but the send them there part. Those in charge made it voluntary, and given how un-oppressed the Africans in America were and unwilling to be the enterprising, state-forming frontiersmen that white men were, that fell through. It should have been compulsory and both sides would be happier, and we would have America.

    That mistake was compounded by ignoring the wisdom about not importing incompatible populations even from Europe. A small but highly tribal group came in and ended up being a massive subverting influence. One of many is taking the first albatross population and weaponizing them. That resulted in the utter destruction of our legal system and making the heritage population 2nd class citizens. I am reading Wilmot Robertson’s “The Dispossessed Majority.” That man is a powerhouse writer. It is a very important read for our side.

    Creating the Federal Reserve and nation building were others. The final nail is replacement migration used by Dems for voters and enacting some factions’ racial revenge blood libel. Quantitative business types get to extend the Ponzi and, in theory, sell more refrigerators, houses, cars, toasters, microwaves, iPhones and other consumer products made somewhere else.

    Another major Rubicon is imminent with the openly anti-white JCOS nominee. If he is approved after proposing quotas capping white officers at 43%, while it won’t the first fat lady that has sung, it will be another one. This time, Lizzo playing Madison’s flute.

  15. I wonder if there were Romans of that era that felt the same overwhelming ennui that marks my reaction to all this. How do you say “fake and gay” in Latin?

    • The Romans were indeed perverts but they sure didn’t like their transy emperor. They eventually dragged him and his mother down the street, inviting the lowly citizen to come out and carve off their own little piece of meat from the monsters who tired to turn their world upside down.

  16. What I discern of the oligarchs’ grand strategy (and I could well be wrong) is firstly to make sure that Trump doesn’t run and secondly to throw a bone to the helots in the form of a pale, ersatz and utterly fake populist substitute in the form of Jeb DeSantis, who is another establishment creature and who will hence not rock the boat. Trump as president would throw a spanner in the works by disrupting the sole raison d’etre of the empire: war everywhere and war forever. I repeat what I’ve said before that they’ll not allow Trump to be president again — even if they have to assassinate him. I don’t know if Trump sees this the way I do, but if he does, he’s more courageous than I thought.

    • They’re really pushing old Vivek.

      Frankly, I don’t even know why they hate Trump so much. They never had it so good under Trump. All the news outlets got profitable running hit pieces and he governed as a typical centrist Democrat. He made near daily speeches praising women, blacks, hispanics and homos while never mentioning his core constituency even once. He surrounded himself with typical cucks. He even let a bunch of black criminals out of jail.

      • I believe it’s because Trump is no a member of the “uni-party”. They asked him (signaled him) early on to join up, but he either refused or was so naive as to not pick up on the offer. I also believe that this is sensed by his die hard supporters, hence his popularity in the face of his mediocrity in office.

        • It is because of who Trump is a proxy for. Trump is right. Krugman said it point blank. They are going after the American Kulak. They vote for Trump. They aren’t allowed a voice. They go America goes. America votes for Trump. Trump must go.

          Till now, they have used democracy and lawfare to get rid of their symbol. If they have to, next, they will kill him.

          • Yeah. They hate him because they hate us. Every time they look at him or hear him speak, it reminds them of the dirt people who are otherwise out of sight and out of mind.

      • You’re quite right — he governed as a Democrat. But he didn’t start any new wars and he wanted to (and still wants to) withdraw from what he sees as unnecessary military entanglements. In this he fails the only litmus test that matters to the oligarchs — war everywhere and war forever. The sanity that Trump exhibits in this regard cannot be allowed to prevail.

        • He also argues very eloquently for the supremacy of the nation state. They cannot have that. The sovereign nation state and its distinct people and identity must go.

          • Trump very publicly apologized for Western civilization, called Third World cities “shitholes,” and noted that women allow rich, powerful men to paw their snatches. These are all truths. They are unacceptable truths. And for a people–postmodern Leftists–who see language as omnipotent, Trump’s words were an existential threat, and his deeds scarcely worthy of notice.

        • Arshad Ali, I think you’re onto it. I’ve spend time pondering why they weren’t willing to co-opt Trump. He gave them “most” everything they wanted. He was never in charge of much of any of the executive branch. Seems like they should prefer that arrangement for 8 years to upending the country to be rid of him.

          But despite all the ways in which a president has become unnecessary or superfluous, just a figurehead, they still can’t wage much of a war without presidential approval.

        • He governed as a NEW DEAL Democrat, not as a contemporary neoliberal/globalist/feminist/Zionist/queer Democrat.

          Trump mobilized the the white working class constituency that the Democrats cast off during the Clinton Era.

          • Then immediately forget about us the day he was elected.
            The only defense I can ever remember him making was the “fine people” at the UTR rally. BUT, he did have to dress it up with “fine people on both sides,” because for some reason, he just couldn’t bring himself to condemn antifa.

      • Tars: You mean Vivek that wants moar ‘skilled immigration’ (i.e. H1bs)? That Vivek? The one the conservacucks are all excited about? Hell yeah, a true blue ‘murrican if ever there was one.

        • As much as I like saying “Vivek Ramasmamy,” I think he is absolutely awful. He combines the worst aspects of libertarianism with the POC grift and the whole “I’m the son of an immigrant” grift. The only vote I would ever cast for him is for deportation.

        • Every time I hear his name it reminds me of that meme a few years back where it was like some phony government-sponsored aborigine kid making a song to try and get the other aborigines to stop drinking gasoline.

          “Don’t be Ramaswamy, it’s messing with your brain…”

          • don’t be ramma ramma.
            You don’t sniff petrol from a can…….

            They also did PSAs to try and get them to not sleep in the road. They like warm places to sleep. You can watch them on youtube.

            Behold the power of the 68 IQ Australian Aborigine. . Pure comedy gold.

        • Well, hopefully we’ll finally see rasam and chicken vindaloo in the senate canteen! Another barrier broken down. Another ceiling smashed, for the luv o’ Vishnu.

        • I’m super stoked about all the “President Apu” (from the Simpsons) memes we’ll get though. I’m thinking it will be possible to use Simpsons clips to replicate pretty much any State of the Union address close to word for word. Isn’t that worth giving up the last bits of America for?

      • The TDS shown by the elite of the entire Western World really doesn’t make any sense at all. Yeah, 8 years of populism would have put a crimp in their plans but it would have soon fizzled out and TPTB could have simply returned to their long term game plan. They are acting so insane even the most brain dead NPC Normie is noticing and starting to become uncomfortable.

  17. “The answer is a set of rules that define who is in and who is not in the society. Inevitably, there are people who slither in seeking to undermine those rules by looking for loopholes and exceptions.”

    Those darn Amish. You have to keep an eye on them.

    • We have an Amish goods retail store here in Chiraq. I am surveilling them one berry pie at a time, too often for my own welfare.

        • I did it for my just desserts. I’m a third to a quarter the size of Chris Christie but one-thousandth the waistline of my state’s billionaire Cetacean-in-Chief. I would like to personally thank my Amish future overlords for baking healthy.

    • Then there are the real Amish. According to experts, they don’t eat healthy at all, for they love fatty foods and those pies whose crusts are made with lard.

      But it is a fact that their children are the healthiest of all the children in the United States. They have the fewest chronic health problems of all categories of children. No ADHD and no autism. And slowly people are talking about the biggest difference between Amish children and the rest is where they’re not vaccinated, and they don’t go to public schools.

      I figure sooner or later there will be a pogrom against the Amish simply because they defy what are sooth-sayers have to say about health and medicine.

      • I tend to agree, but have also read that they have significant problems with certain genetic disease due to inbreeding. Smallish groups are prone to such.

        • True but the ones who emigrate to better locales don’t seem to have that problem. They’re moving into the Mid Ohio Valley in fairly significant numbers on both sides of the river.

          • Wonder if that also entails some out marriage between different grouping of Amish? They do have several established “colonies” across America. That would be the answer, as would genetic counseling.

          • I am one-quarter Swiss-German Mennonite on the maternal side. Grams was the eight child, an accident, and she left her tribe to marry gramps, a Scot and chief engineer of a local paper mill. Our sole known genetic disease is myopia, always the left eye is worst by a considerable diopter. Even our males typically live into their nineties and we have female centenarians. All vigorous until shortly before death. I’m a stress junkie, so presumably lesser lifespan in comparison.

      • Real Pennsylvania Dutch potato chips are cooked in lard. If you can get them, try some of Utz’ Gma Utz potato chips, a throwback recipe from the family founders. You will forever loathe and abominate those awful chips cooked in some horrible vegetable oil mess thereafter. Animal fats, bitchez.

  18. The schism between the established National Review/Con Inc./Open Border GOP and Conservatives cannot happen soon enough. Too many have lost patience with the GOP merely being the “shadow of Radicalism” and simping to the Left as mere loyal opposition.

    This may be wishful thinking, but maybe these kangaroo court proceedings against Trump will one day be looked back at as a defining moment for the beginning of this split.

  19. To say that the U.S. has become a banana republic is an insult to banana republics, which had far more honesty about what they were doing.

    The latest Trump indictment is so blatantly dishonest and contrived it’s unreal:

    The four-count, 45-page indictment accuses Trump… of conspiring to defraud the United States…and conspiring against people’s civil right to have their vote counted.”

    Why don’t they just call him a “bourgeois Trotskyite counterrevolutionary,” shoot him, and be done with it? The idea that Trump is being prosecuted by his chief political rival, who openly took bribes through the conduit of his drug-addict son to supply and finance a war controlled by a Jewish comedian in Ukraine against a nuclear adversary, is simply unbelievable. You couldn’t invent a better plot for a comic book.

    And then we have the little tidbit that James Comey’s daughter is prosecuting Epstein’s girlfriend, but is withholding evidence that could be damaging to the FBI:

    The legal system in this country is so corrupt we’d be better off if we just resorted to open gang warfare. It think Trump’s only honorable option is to refuse to surrender, and make them send armed SWAT goons to rip down the walls of Mar-a-Lago with an MRAP and kill him in a gunfight.

    • “…and kill him in a gunfight.”

      The Fedthugs would first have to fight their way through thousands of armed Trump supporters. Could get messy in a hurry.

      • I really doubt that. Look around you at the Fatmericans. They’re too busy licking the boots of the “heroic first responders” to fight for Trump.

        I am totally red-pilled on this, there will be no armed resistance to the government, people are fat and happy and stupid watching porn and football while collecting government pensions and disability checks for Type II diabetes. Not. Gonna. Happen.

        Frankly if it did happen it would play right into the government’s hands, they want nothing more than the appearance of armed resistance to justify more police-state powers. That’s exactly what they did with Jan. 6 — it was nothing more than a riot by a boisterous rabble complete with nutjobs with buffalo horns and painted faces who were actually given a guided tour by the cops, yet they turned it into a “violent attempt to overthrow the very foundations of our sacred democracy” and literally turned it into the biggest sedition trial in the history of the U.S.

        Meanwhile Antifa gets paid cash money after the charges are dropped when they burn police stations and police cars and loot entire city blocks.

        Let’s get real about where we’re at here. There will be no true armed resistance, and any apparent armed resistance is almost 100% certain to be a false flag played up by the government and the media to justify more repression.

        • I agree in spirit but the reality is complacency requires Normie to be kept overly fed and warm; Normie will accept sexual grooming of his kids as long as there are plenty of Cheetos in a lighted room. I almost would welcome the Green New Deal insanity because it would change that dynamic. And even without this, it appears we are headed off an economic cliff. The most likely scenario then will be one faction of Clouds squaring off against another.

          • Jack-

            I think the regime’s fatal mistake will be taking away normie’s air conditioning.

        • there will be no armed resistance to the government, people are fat and happy and stupid

          Don’t disagree. But armed in sir exion is playing to the regime’s strengths.

      • “ and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” Turd blossom Rove said this 20 years ago. He was referring to our global empire. Modern lefty can justifiably say the same about their actions and all we will do is watch. There will be no resistance. Football season is right around the corner.

  20. I hope I’m wrong about this. But grassroots Conservatives, who should be in open revolt, will abandon Trump too. In the end, they always latch on whoever owns the Libs best. Trump did it so marvelously, and that’s 99% why he’s popular…not because he’s the best man for the job, or principled or whatnot, but because he owns the Libs so marvelously, and fires the imagination of every Jason Aldean fanboy. But in the end it’s just another form of low-info voter participation. Democracy in action. The e-GOP will find someone who’ll give lip service to censorship, guns, #FJB, and drag queens, and there’ll be enough grassroots conservatives latching on to give the next election a veneer of legitimacy.

    Our enemy is not the establishment, which is beyond repair. Our enemy is voting and the voter. That is what’s keeping us on the road to perdition.

    • I upvoted you but this feels and likely is different. I don’t think it is so much a conservatard thing than a general feeling the system has failed.

      • Jack: The system failed because the people failed – because they’re not the people for whom the system was designed. The world’s genetic flotsam and jetsam combined with spiteful mutants and the sexually degenerate vs. “a moral and religious people.”

        Marko’s pointed indictment of voting/voters is spot on

        • It is the system that failed. To think otherwise is a cope.

          I never worshiped the Founders but acknowledge they were extraordinary individuals. Still, they devised a system doomed to failure. Unless the people in charge are able and willing to persecute, kill, imprison, expel, and/or separate from those who would do their people harm, they are ineffectual if not frauds. The system the Founders developed included illusory “natural rights” we discuss here from time to time. Those fantasies handcuffed the individuals who could have used the methods necessary to maintain a society and a culture.

          All peoples, even us, are flawed and have the capacity to threaten our own. All people are flawed.

          If we ever get another chance to establish a homeland, unlikely but possible, we have to be willing and have a system that permits us to persecute, kill, expel, imprison and/or separate* from those who would do us harm. Those who could do us harm have no qualms about these things.

          *We are separating even now but not as a polity.

          **This is why they never voluntarily will relinquish power again. We have to be clear-eyed about that.

    • There are no “grassroots conservatives.” This sort of organizing dried up after the Tea Party, which was the last gasp of it. The people we insist on calling the Left abandoned their grassroots organizing in the 1990’s, once they had full seized control of the institutions. The so-called conservatives slowly followed suit. Where we are now is all politics occurs among the Cloud People, while the Dirt People look on, still thinking the performers can hear the cheering and booing.

      • You write “last gasp,” I write “death rattle,” but, yeah. The only remaining vestiges of so-called grassroots conservatism are the grifters who manage the fund-raising machinery.

        After the politicians became the Clouds’ whores and The Help, they became even more transparently performative, which seemed impossible although they managed. All systems are oligarchies, but even the Chinese Communist Party’s puppets are more responsive to public opinion at this point. The problem for the Clouds here is that even the Dirts have started to question their role in the kabuki. They may toe the line as long as their bellies are full and houses are warm, but that’s probably the only brake now. Not that the Clouds won’t order The Help to commit massacres if necessary, mind you, but that’s bad for business.

    • DeSantis would’ve won the presidency in 2000 or 2008 or 2012 running away with it. One can imagine him giving some rather impressive foreign policy speeches and the like, as were once part of a traditional presidential campaign (even some kind of Ur “doctrine” was typically rolled out in a speech to the CFR, which was scrupulously analyzed by all media the next day).
      But his persona as a competent 1990s-style governor with a command of facts and how to run things is no longer a good fit for our times. He’s a man out of season. He has young children and no personal fortune to fall back upon in a time when the policing powers of the State are being used to threaten exactly these kind of people.

      • He’s a functionary in a time that calls for a Caesar. We probably won’t get a Caesar, but it certainly won’t be DeSantis. He’s too sober and he’s going to be far too reluctant to put his life on the line as Trump appears to be doing.

  21. With all that has already happened, it is hard to put a finger on why this latest ludicrous and legalistic kabuki has inflamed so many people, but it certainly has. Maybe the outrages had accumulated to the breaking point, but this certainly is angrily perceived as the Rubicon crossed. The fact that river was crossed long ago aside, the Regime now rules much if not most of the populace against its will.

    From a practical standpoint, I and many others have long thought that the full-scale destruction of the Republican Party was a requisite to real and fundamental changes in attitudes. But even before the wholesale GOP losses surely to happen in 2024 as the result of its very public betrayal, minds have been irretrievably changed. Will that result in the necessary actions? Dunno, probably doubtful, but changed minds are necessary before successful revolutions, according to John Adams. Unfortunately for us, the totalitarian system that oppresses us is infinitely worse than the British Empire. I expect the sorting and internal fragmentation and dissolution will continue apace, but what follows likely will be undeniable decay and dysfunction.

    But, yeah, things have changed regardless of how they shake out.

    • Have you looked at a picture of this Jack “Javert” Smith? Physiognomy is real. A merciless martinet if ever there were. This is palpable, a crystallization of a repulsive archetype.

  22. Not every problem has a solution.

    You can’t stop the tides, and the seeds of what we see now were sown in the Civil War, nurtured lovingly with the 1965 Age of Entitlement Civil Rights Act, and tended with endless voter replacement through mass immigration.

    No sane person wants a “Red Caesar”. Revolutions rarely turn out well for the common man.

    • The question becomes: Is it better to have a cataclysm that wipes out hundreds of millions with the opportunity of bringing the world back to sanity, or to continue along the current path where the world will be a mass of people all mixed and devoid of roots and meaning, consuming meaningless entertainment and working a mindless job until they enter their mandatory expiration age and get euthanized?

      Not saying these are the only two options, but it shows why some are willing to roll he dice. There are things worse than death.

      • “There are things worse than death.”

        Yes, in a former time. But now? We have indeed become a pathetic lot (I do not exclude myself either). Our Founders were men of—in their time—virtue and honor. This trickled down to the masses as well. Today? Not so much.

    • Normie is about to find out what it was like to be a Southern White man after April, 1865.

      • Normies started feeling the pain in those big northern cities many decades ago. But cognitive dissonance can be a bitch. However, the scales have been falling from normie’s eyes lately like a monsoon deluge. Suddenly, everyone is questioning the historical narrative. You don’t need to be a Neo-confederate to figure this out.

      • My father’s people came to Texas in the late 1800’s from North Carolina. My mother’s people also came to Texas in the late 1800’s, but from Tennessee. My grandparents on both sides hated Republicans with a passion because of Reconstruction. Their grandparents lived through it and passed down the hatred of yankees and Republicans to my grandparents.

        I’m sure most people have no idea how bad Reconstruction was for whites in the South. But like you said, we may be about to find out.

        • Yep. And it is the very same people doing it this time. They truly are an abomination.

  23. Americans possess more than one-hundred million firearms and billions of rounds ammunition. Millions of us have military training.

    Yet aside from the Bundy’s and a few other clans, I detect almost zero resistance to the rampant in-your-face corruption. There does not look to be a Battle of Athens (Tennessee) in us anymore.

    I predict a more dystopian version of Brazil until we shatter like Rome. Maybe because it’s Wednesday and I need more caffeine.

    • “I predict a more dystopian version of Brazil until we shatter like Rome. Maybe because it’s Wednesday and I need more caffeine.”

      I agree. We are Brazil, and have been since suburbs became a thing decades ago, but how far along the shattering process remains unknown. There is a very talented Vietnamese writer, Lihn Dihn, who once wrote at the otherwise largely unhinged Unz Review. He has frequently commented that when he lived in Saigon, even the summer immediately before the communist takeover people were largely dismissive that it was about to happen. It certainly feels that way here.

    • IMHO,

      1) there are resources, but no organization, and TPTB do everything they can to keep it that way by destroying any would be rallying point.

      2) the black swan they should fear most, I would say, is an external threat that is met with internal apathy – the Russians, Chinese, Aliens want to take over the GAE? meh, who cares, won’t be worse than what we got now.

      3) Brazil, with pockets of White functionality. Not sure that sound so bad.

      • c matt: I would argue that your definition of Brazil – pockets of White functionality – is what we have now. And I personally found it intolerable – to the point that we sold our home and fine china and gifted a friend our crystal and moved to a cabin in the woods. And no regrets.

        People can and do get used to appalling levels of dysfunctionality and alien neighbors. Most have no idea just how stressful such an environment is until they find one of the few pockets of heritage America remaining. Living among nature and friendly, Christian, English-speaking White neighbors is such a refreshing change that I cannot fully describe it.

    • The US is often compared to Brazil here and for good reason. I was curious how the demographics of Brazil compare to the US:
      White (48%)
      Mixed (43.1%)
      Black (7.0%)
      Asian (1.5%)
      Indigenous (0.4%)

      Total population is about 215 million.

    • Doesn’t matter how many guns and ammo Normie have. They’re all just atomized little grillers with their little hero fantasies. Not organized, not an army. And if they try in any mild manner to organize or connect, you better believe the Feds will be a knockin. It’s a conundrum.

    • I read a story once, mind you it was only a story, about thousands of small towns with hard men who had the three essentials of an independent life; a gun, a shovel and an alibi. Every so often a corrupt official or policemen would stray into uncharted waters and just…disappear. No reason and no witnesses. Pretty soon the police started to do their jobs and politicians started to care what the people in these little towns wanted. Of course, it was just a story.

      • Well, may name’s John Lee Pettimore/
        Same as my daddy and his daddy before/
        You hardly ever saw grandaddy down here/
        He only come a town about twice a year/
        He’d buy a hundred pound of yeast and some copper line
        Everybody knew it was to make moonshine/

        Now the revenuer man wanted granddad bad/
        Headed up the holler with everything he had/
        Before my time, but I’ve been told/
        He never come back from Copperhead Road.

        • These are borderers born, serious men.

          I think I saw Glenfilthie recently referring to the Boers of South Africa forming their own, secure communities, and how very seriously they take that responsibility for their people’s security. Shoot, shovel, shut up.

  24. > In fact, the Donald Trump story arc is a microcosm of the process. It started with the so-called conservatives openly siding with their alleged opponents.

    I’ll never forget Ross Douthat advocate for implementing the 25th amendment to take Trump out of office as soon as he was installed. The funny part is, the evidence for prosecuting Douthat for that nonsense has far better legs than the most recent indictment.

    The side effect of removing popular candidates D.C. doesn’t like is priming the people to accept a Caesar. After a game is rigged so much, the only option is to flip the table. He who will likely be a mix of blue and red ideas that will wipe the slate clean. Given our two sources of power, the financial system and the military, has just been severely eroded (we were just downgraded from AAA to AA+), you’re going to see more rich and powerful people like Musk dip their toes in the political waters.

    • That’s the whole point of the Donald’s troubles – to discourage any would be Billionaire Caesar from even thinking about it.

    • I haven’t looked at Zero Hedge yet today but it seems like the downgrade isn’t nearly as big a story as it should be. I saw one little blurb about it and it seems like the elites want to downplay it and move on from it.

      But this is a huge story that will have effects on everything from Ukraine to consumer credit. It’s the first brick coming out of the wall with more to follow soon and faster.

  25. The trial scene in Idiocracy does come to mind. The Democrats think this is the way to eliminate their nemesis, but I think they will only make the guy more of a hero. I don’t believe the uniparty will be able to cast him off the Republican ballot. Letting him win beyond the vast margin of theft is another matter.

    • The fact all of this is making Trump more popular would give them pause if they had common sense. When Nixon was knocked out, they managed to manufacture a decent consensus on both sides that was the right answer. The system still depends on right-wing leaning people playing by the rules, while the scales rigged to the left. Once they develop a late-stage Soviet attitude to their civic obligations, the competency crisis will go into overdrive, and their foreign imports won’t be able to pick up the slack.

    • I don’t believe the uniparty will be able to cast him off the Republican ballot

      Never underestimate the GOP’s power to cuck. Knowing they won’t win regardless, nothing to stop them from ditching the Donald. At least with the Donald off the ticket, it makes the Dems job easier. Heck, they might have to cheat in FAVOR of the GOP just to make the legitimacy of 2024 appear plausible.

  26. They are worried about the eventual blowback and reprisal even if none is coming.
    The ramping up of security around these traitors and despots is something most don’t mention or just accept.

    Gov. Whittmer just gave a speech and signed a budget bill with much fanfare in a suburb of Detroit. Small town and yet large concrete slabs and wood blockades were distributed around the perimeter blocks away from the signing. Plenty of police protection also. This for a small ceremony for a governor?

    I have seen less concern and protection for visiting presidents in the past. Is D.C.still fortified as it was after the “insurrection”

    • So much for the notion that the Power Structure isn’t concerned with restive Grillers…

      • They believe their own press and are truly insane.

        The government orders the media to lie about insurrectionists everywhere, then cowers in fear of the phantom they’ve failed to conjure.

        It’s like The Tell-Tale Heart, but instead of breaking down and confessing when the heartbeat finally overwhelms their senses, they’ll kill us all.

  27. I think there’s another parallel between Caesar and our current ordeal. I know this is somewhat debated, but I think part of the reason Caesar crossed the Rubicon was because he felt there was a strong possibility that – had he gone to Rome alone as tradition dictated – he would be arrested and executed. Even if that fear wasn’t the sole motivating factor, he had to have thought there was a very mucn non-zero probability that he was going to end up dead without the backing of his troops.

    When those with power start making these calculations, any Republican form of government is truly impossible. Anyone who gains or seizes power in someway knows that they have to cling desparately to that power for the rest of their lives. If they let loose the reins and let someone else take over, then they’re going to end up imprisoned or dead. That’s the point we’re at today. Orange Man voluntarily stepped aside, and now he’s looking at spending the rest of his life in prison. Hopefully, the next non-Leftist politician that gains some kind of power in the former USA will take this lesson to heart.

    • The downstream affects from this are unpredictable. Inevitably Red State/County/Town pols will become more radical and given the state of the regime more than a few will have to go “all-in” as the regime has sent a message that apostates will not be tolerated.

    • Looks like the Ukes are going to kill Gonzales Lira (an American citizen) with the Biden regime’s blessing – for having bad opinions.

      • Why not? The Israelis routinely murder American journalists and the Ho House and Sin-It shower it with dollars in response.

    • “ If they let loose the reins and let someone else take over, then they’re going to end up imprisoned or dead. ”

      Even if the right is permanently out of power, that calculation is eventually going to be made within internal liberal power struggles. Imagine a future “front man”, say a younger Biden-like president who sees an upstart like Gavin Newsom as a threat and decides to “neutralize” that threat.

      Of course, Biden is too old and feeble to really do anything, but say in 10-20 years when a more vigorous middle-aged liberal President is facing an internal challenge to power.

  28. They claim that the judge assigned to this case was done so randomly. Does anyone actually believe that? Is there anything you can believe from the cloud people? If this system grinds on and the elite fairy tale of this period is written into the history books, I fully expect that judge will get a SCOTUS seat for her obedience to the regime.

    • It’s possible. Obama stacked the courts for years with full on partisans; Republicans, when given the chance, put in wet noodles like “It’s-a-tax-not-a-mandate” Roberts.

      They don’t even put up token resistance when a ridiculous candidate like bodacious and VERY loquacious Ketanji Brown Jackson onto SCOTUS.

      Dem appointments are extremely loyal and read the room. Kavanaugh & family get harassed in front of his home for months for a couple decisions. KBJ and Tanya Chutkan (?!?) will never suffer the slightest public shaming or pressure without mass arrests of those who dare to do it.

      OTOH, the goofy Trump cases went to “moderate” justices. The most serious and latest case went to the stone-cold-killer judge who’s completely loyal.

      Almost like this whole persecution death by a thousand cuts was a gameplan set to be run over many months.

    • Given the jurisdiction, it is possible it was randomly assigned. In my jurisdiction, the odds of getting a crappy judge are 90%.

      • But would the Power Structure really allow the possibility of the Trump judge coming from that other 10 percent?

  29. “The only way to stop them is to physically remove them from society by any means necessary.”

    Now we’re getting somewhere…

    Good essay.

    • The only way that will happen is by invasion by a greater power.
      Can’t see that happening.
      The whole thing is a slowdown train wreck.

        • Sorry, but you wrote “slowdown.” You’re going to have to live with that for the rest of your life.

          • Jim: “What does a yellow light mean?”

            Bobby: “Slow down.”

            Jim: “Okay. What…does…a…yellow light…mean…?”

          • When ‘slowdown’ becomes a hate word I will be first against the wall. No excuses accepted.

      • I’d say he’d be in good company then.

        As I’ve become fond of reminding folks:

        “If you’re not already on a ‘government list’, you’re not trying hard enough”. 😉

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