The Religion Of X

Imagine if Elon Musk decides that he is a messenger from “Old Ones” sent to earth to start a new religion based around technology. The “Old Ones” are the spirits of Martians who have transcended this plane of existence. They have gifted Musk with certain abilities that have allowed him to become the world’s richest man, thus freeing him from all social constraints but also leaving him with the understanding of how normal people relate to the world and one another.

Musk’s new religion, the Church of All Worlds, combines the hedonistic elements of libertarianism with incomprehensible elements from Western epistemology to give the new religion a mysterious quality. Initiates learn the insider language of the religion and how to use the new phrases to signal their status in the religion. Most important, they learn that they are an elect chosen to ruthlessly rule over the rest of mankind and punish the weak for their weakness.

You see, in Musk’s new religion, he is the holiest of holy because he is the richest and most powerful man on the planet. Everyone’s holiness quotient is measured against the standard of Musk. Therefore, weakness and vulnerability are considered the worst sins and punished by the Church of All Worlds. This is not a religion promising salvation for the oppressed, but a religion promising the believers salvation from the oppressed by licensing violence against the weak.

For those sure that the word “religion” means only what they believe, this will not sound like a real religion. After all, the definition of religion is exactly what they believe, so by definition anything calling itself a religion that does not exactly match their beliefs is a false religion. Others might point out that Musk’s new religion lacks the essential elements of a religion like a liturgy or a holly book. Others will argue that the “Old Ones” business is just warmed over paganism.

Most people, however, will be troubled by the fact that his new religion seems to justify kicking people while they are down. This religion of the elect, or “master race” as Musk prefers to call his followers, is providing a justification for the strong to attack the weak, which is the opposite of what people think of with regards to religion. Thousands of years of conditioning have taught us that religion promises the weak salvation from the torments of this world, especially from the predation of the strong.

Sensing that his new religion is not working, he changes the name of the new religion from the Church of All Worlds to X. Atop his megachurch he has installed a giant neon X that you can see from space. He changes the definition of weak to include those who choose not to join the new religion. Their doubt is their weakness. The weak can enjoy earthly power if they give up their old ideas and join X. Those who refuse remain fair game, but the door is always open to them.

That sounds a bit better, even if the new name strikes everyone as stupid. His new religion still celebrates the abuse of the weak and vulnerable, but it gives them a path out of their condition. All they have to do is stop fighting the tides of history and they can enjoy the benefits of being on the winning team. Musk and his lieutenants will still be at the top and the material life for the convert will not change that much, but they will avoid having mobs of black-clad street activists attacking them.

In this way, Musk’s new religion incorporates that old Christian concept of salvation but retains the Nietzschean notion that the strong must dominate the weak. The believers still get to demonstrate their superiority by attacking the weak, but they get to view it as salvation from the wicked. The weak now have a clear path out of their condition, so if they remain in their condition, they must secretly reject the new religion. Their condition is proof of their rejection of and attack on the elect.

This new configuration also opens up whole new areas of scholarship for otherwise useless people to explain why the weak persist in their weakness. Weakness studies leads to weakness experts, who make a living explaining to the faithful why the weak are actually a threat to the strong. In fact, the weak are proof of a conspiracy against the strong, thus making the weak a public display of violence against the strong. It is a matter of self-defense for the strong to attack the weak!

Probably the most important innovation in the religion of X is that it turns success within the new moral order into proof of strength and moral fitness. Those at the top are free to think poorly of those below them, who are thankful for the reinforcement, as it justifies their own shabby treatment of those below them. In this way, everyone in the religion has a sense of moral superiority over someone, but also a strong motivation to maintain the rules of the new moral order.

The trouble with the religion of X is that it could run out of weak people, so it has to create a mechanism to make sure the supply of weak people is steady. This is where the weakness studies people really show their stuff. They police the lower ranks of the religion for troublemakers, declaring them weak while focusing the attention of the lower ranks on them. This maintains the supply of weaklings and serves as a reminder to the faithful that the price of strength is eternal vigilance.

Eventually, a schism develops between the wing of the faith that is in it only for the debauchery and those who are in it to destroy the world. The latter camp is actually stronger than the former camp, but they continue to insist they are the weaker party, which triggers a mob from the former camp to attack them. Musk is killed and the church collapses, leading to a civil war. This ends when a new powerful group, led by a man claiming to be a descendent of Musk restores order.

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153 thoughts on “The Religion Of X

  1. I’d guess that Nietzsche was a weak man who longed for strong man to kick him round the place.

    Strong men(bullies) tend to end up with sharp pointy objects sticking in their backs.

  2. South Korea is at most ethnocentric society in Asia
    South Korean system design to promote strong and smart ones and oppress genetic failure
    South Korean scientists develop superconductors without Jews and blacks

    Just another incident proves that white people waste that time and life for equality

  3. A Zero Sum Religion. It sort of sounds rather ancient. Winning is the only thing… there are only winners… second place is only the first loser. The smart and powerful believing they are entitled to run a society is not a new idea. It is clanish and tribal. The best warriors and hunters were naturally put in the top positions within the group. Or they took the positions they wanted and there was no one strong enough to take their spot. To elucidate and make it a foundational principle (religion or belief system) of a society in which strength is an existential requirement would only be natural. The ability to protect the weak is a luxury that an affluent and civilized society can have. It exemplifies the best of humanity. But kindness and generosity do not guarantee a civilizations survival.

    Consider living in the time of Genghis Khan. If you did not want to be part of the Mongol empire you better have a civilization that lives to fight. The only way to do that is place the warrior on a pedestal and worship him. Make it the highest social good to die in battle for the group. The weak will not be held in high esteem.

    The future is shaping up to be chaotic and potentially devolve into anarchy. It will require a lot of strength just to survive. The religion of X may make more sense than it appears at the moment.

    The safety and prosperity of our age is an anomaly in history. Things will change.

    • WillS: “The safety and prosperity of our age is an anomaly in history.”

      How long until “is” becomes “was”?

      Trump got indicted today with charges which potentially include the Death Penalty.


      Z: “Musk is killed and the church collapses, leading to a civil war. This ends when a new powerful group, led by a man claiming to be a descendent of Musk restores order.”

      I tell you what, the spergs at /pol/ would be screaming in ecstasy if that descendant of Donald Trump were to be Barron Trump.

      In all seriousness, for quite a while now, I’ve been toying with the idea that the autism epidemic is due to ancient genes for seriousness & sobriety & insouciance & nonchalance awakening from their slumber and beginning to reassert their dominance over the weaker nodes of the genome.

    • The patient has a malignant tumor that has gone untreated for too long. The only remaining treatment option now is amputation. If we wait much longer, than we will lose the patient.

  4. The Zman giving Rod Serling a run for his money. As usual…
    If you don’t buy this guy a cup of coffee or get on the substack train, your a heartless imbecile.

  5. Great post. I didn’t follow the end piece of the allegory, about the world-destroyer faction (Greta Thunberg-style “true believers?”) provoking a siege by whipping up fear accidentally in the aggressive-debauchery faction (BlackRock-BLM combine? perhaps just nonspecific little Eichmanns of govt/academia bureaucracy participating in the religious rites professionally) which then ruins the good thing both had going— but the bandwagon bloc always just mouths the words/nods their heads to get bennies, I don’t think they ever view their bedfellows the ideological nutters as a resource to raid; I guess they (or their celebrity tribune) would fight if pushed. Anyway you got the beginnings here of a pretty funny “Zarathustra On Management” frequent-flyer book for aspiring VP’s of marketing

    • This post by the Z man was so far over my head I leaned back in my chair and stared at the wall for 3 or 4 minutes. Didn’t blink my eyes at all. What in the baldheaded hell was the purpose?

      • Welcome to the club. He does that to me all the time. However, this time I actually got it.

    • Thus was supposed to appear under a comment from alzaebo in which he said that all of Musk’s sins would be abrogated should he buy land in the Western US, and move the Boers there out of South Africa. Instead it jumped to the top.

  6. Forgive my railing, folks, but I think this is a splendid summary of the post-Christian order.

    The hierarchies we were raised on?
    They’re gone. The order, the environment we’re in- this is new.
    The table’s been flipped.

    Today’s illuminates how our rulers think. Let us meet fire, then, with fire.
    Let the weepy submissives be taken, as is their lot. They can’t be saved.

    You wanted Hard Men? Nietzsche, like Uncle Adolph, is a saint of the Church Militant. Caucasia Vult!

    From the Web:
    “White Unity will become an emergent property in multiracial sh*t stews when Whites begin building alliances along interWhite tribal/ethnic lines.

    …we should do more to promote alliances and see if that doesn’t bring success to the Race before all out unity.”

    That’s in response to the “Italians and Irish aren’t real Albion Americans” nitwittery. Europe must become Europe again- that is, the Pan-White Ummah of Europa, the Commonwealth, the Caustizos, and the US has plenty enough diversity within practical limits.

    Demanding perfection first- that there can be only One Church!- is itself a violation of God’s laws. Such opportunistic ambition betrays the Whole. I can trust an Italian, or Irish, or German, or Syrian, a Southron, or Canadian to be as fair and friendly to my kids and kin as I would be to his.

    “Whites — Hajnal Whites, precisely — evolved a Mr Rogers ethnodenialism that worked very well when it was contained within an all-White European continent, and particularly within an all-White Northwest European region.

    The costs of ethnodenialism are reduced to near zero when the “Other” looks, acts, and thinks as you do, and is equally ethnodenialist. You can do business with a person like that. You can marry your daughter off to the family of a person like that. You can enjoy a backyard barbecue with a person like that. You can trust your kids with a teacher like that.

    There’s no need to distrust that kind of “Other” because he’s just as trustworthy as you; he’s just as likeable as you.”

    Remember, only 3% of children today are White.

    The tables were flipped in this fashion:
    “…the two wars were a suicidal move on the part of all whites.

    … in 1910 europe basically had nearly completed control of the global but for a few places and to be european was to bestride the world as a demi-god.

    shattered, the empires broke down.
    disillusioned by the destruction the people began to doubt the value of their civilization which opened the door to guilt and the invasions and overrun of the rest.”

    This is what was done to us.

    Padraig Martin, whom I can support wholly, though I’ll never be Southern, nor Christian, nor Dixie Identity- he too has a good word, along these lines.

    “I wonder how many German citizens in 1932 believed there were no political solutions just before they democratically voted for the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP).”

    How do you find your Kenergy?
    It was there the whole time.
    You are Kenough.

    Another White killed for a lack of in group loyalty? Then only the strong will remain.

    The War On White People is here, and there is no future unless we stop it.
    Kenough already!

  7. Oblique or maybe downright OT, but speaking of Nietzche, here’s a gem I encountered last night:

    “It seems that the Latin races are far more deeply attached to their Catholicism than we Northerners are to Christianity generally, and that consequently unbelief in Catholic countries means something quite different from what it does among Protestants—namely, a sort of revolt against the spirit of the race, while with us it is rather a return to the spirit (or non-spirit) of the race.

    We Northerners undoubtedly derive our origin from barbarous races, even as regards our talents for religion—we have POOR talents for it. One may make an exception in the case of the Celts, who have theretofore furnished also the best soil for Christian infection in the North: the Christian ideal blossomed forth in France as much as ever the pale sun of the north would allow it.”

    Read Genealogy of Morals 10 years ago, thought it was brilliant. Decided to read more just about a week ago. Kind of embarrassed, almost like I’ve been plagiarizing the guy. Very humbling. He must cast a long shadow. Maybe they should’ve been teaching freshmen Nietzsche instead of Plato when I was in school.

      • Fair enough. Point being, I think Nietzsche has more real-world relevance today. Heard more about him from high school lefties than I ever did in college.

        In hindsight, Latin would’ve been good, too, but I was there for the STEM in the beginning lol.

    • In Nietzsche there’s so much literary, religious, and philosophical allusion—and fleeting reference that presumes familiarity not just with writers, races, ancient cities, etc., but with their reputations circa 1880—he can’t really be taught to anyone anymore.

      “He influenced Foucault and Derrida so he probably wasn’t exactly a Nazi” is all the attention he got when I was in school (and Foucault and Derrida got very little more).

      • Once I got into art, they threw all the crazy shit at us, and more. Figured it was mental gymnastics, or something. Never thought for a moment I was supposed to study it seriously!

        My copy of Nietzsche is the Modern Library Basic Writings, edited by Kaufmann. Good footnotes for the obscure stuff, would make good fodder for a freshman class.

      • Yes, the sweep of Nietzsche’s allusions is daunting.

        In some ways it is analagous to the Cantos of Ezra Pound which also weave together a melange of historical, cultural, artistic, and philosophical elements, but in his case not confined to Western culture. Pound also devoted some little time to understanding the web of references to archetypal events, and cultural, religious, and philosophical concerns of the Chinese world which were expected to be at the fingertips of any serious gentleman scholar. This was the method of Confucius, to whom such signposts were not only invocative crystallizations of his peoples’ high culture, but also vital to its transmission down through time.

        Das Glasperlenspiel, the Glass Bead Game, of Hermann Hesse posits something similar. A quote from notes to a translation of this work…

        “Something like chess but far more intricate, the game of Magister Ludi [Master of the Game] known as the Glass Bead Game is thought in its purest form, a synthesis through which philosophy, art, music and scientific law are appreciated simultaneously.”

    • German unbelief led to “a return to the spirit (or non-spirit) of the race.” The Germans decided to kill themselves off, and they’ll soon be there. I guess that’s non-spirit. Or spirit, of a sort. But Nietzsche couldn’t foresee the ADL or the World Zionist Congress.

      • I gather the thing with Germans is that they want the church, the great civilization, the Pax Romana, etc., but something in the spirit revolts at it.

        Quigley has a great treatment of it, imo, in Tragedy and Hope. He thinks the loss of tribal life is a wound they’ve never recovered from. Hence the appeal of the Roman Imperium and National Socialism— something not just bigger than oneself, but great, grand, even transcendent— yet concrete, if Nietzsche is right about the lack of religious talent.

        Imo, the problem is borrowing from or mimicking Classical Antiquity and the Orient, instead of developing something for oneself, from within oneself.

        Something throughout history about the Germans (and Germanic people generally), though, that they have to be co-opted or kept down, if you ask me. Also, that they go along with it!

        • PS I’m all for adapting instead of merely borrowing lol. Too far removed from the heathen past for it to be much more than a LARP.

        • Paintersforms: “the Germans… have to be co-opted or kept down”

          Winston Churchill [who was likely half-j00ish himself] declared, “The Hun is always either at your throat or at your feet.”

  8. Interesting that you’d make assumptions about your reader’s overall aptitude and abstract thinking capabilities with this post. Not unexpectedly, the responses seem to follow a standard distribution of an IQ bell curve. I am LOLing a bit that this post fulfilled a secondary function as an IQ test.

    Your reader’s are, unsurprisingly, mostly high tier midwits with a smattering of smart fractions and a few dim bulbs, so as I said, bog standard bell curve distribution.

    I think if you want to make your next Standard Intelligence Test a bit easier on the majority readership, don’t use a lightning rod like Elon Musk. It seemed to be the thing that threw the most people off as your average human is a literalist of not an outright NPC. The ability for higher order abstract reasoning and critical thinking are a vanishingly small percentage of people the days as IQs have dropped precipitously over the last few decades.

    Pro-Tip for Midwits- this post is not about Elon Musk. Here to help… ❤️

    • That’s why I posted earlier. I get this is a roman a clef kind of deal. I recognize, therefore, that it is not about him. So what’s the deal?

    • ‘’Your reader’s are, unsurprisingly, mostly high tier midwits”

      As Nicholas Cage would say, that’s high praise!
      Me personally, I’m still blushing.

    • All the world is a cult! 😂👍

      This intellectual poseur is of the cult of Vox Day – whose leader appeals to cellar dwelling teens and men that read comic books into their 30s and 40s.

      I still laugh to think about it: back when I still read Vox, sometimes his writing was so bad, nobody understood the point he was trying to make. If somebody dared to ask the fag to make sense, or confronted him with evidence that he was blatantly and obviously wrong, he got angry and told his befuddled readers that they were too stupid to understand what he was driving at! 😂👍

      This piece is nowhere near the level of nonsense that often tumbled out of Voxxie’s arse…but it could have been written a little clearer. If the commentariat here is confused… there is good reason for it. This blog often tends to generate superlative content that rivals that of our esteemed blog host. There is no shortage of intellect here.

    • Maybe today’s post was just for Vox Day

      Hi Vox, if you read this give us a wave

    • Dear Z, As an self-admitted mid-tier midwit, I would say this was a fun read even if I didn’t completely see where you were going. Sometimes I like to read things a bit out of my range just stretch the brain connections a bit. Who knows I might wake up in the middle of the night with my Golden’s tongue in my ear and say “Ah ha, that’s what he meant!”

    • Is there anything you have got about life, during your stay on earth? Anything at all?

      That’s the question that rose in my mind as I read your post.

    • J!


      How many White bunz you been slammin’ into them White ovenz?!?!?

      You owe me pictures of icy-blue-eyed Li’l J Jr!!!!!

      Dadgum, Bro, it’s good to hear from you again.

      PS: You on G@b?

  9. I think that Musk is trying to chase the soyboys, liberal scolds, media hacks, censorship goons, CIA assets, etc. off Twitter. For example, Oliver Darcy (the clearest and best/worst example of all those things) last posted the day that he changed the name to X. Like most media hacks, he was married to Twitter for years, but hasn’t posted in over a week. This is progress for the platform.

    It’s worth noting the entire social media operation has been fake from day one. Twitter was widely acknowledged as the most poorly run social media platform, with horrible backend technology, and yet somehow continued to exist and “make money” for years. People only started freaking out and asking questions when it changed leadership. Musk showed that this site could function on a fraction of the staff it had, but it was still victim to a coordinated effort by the ADL. In general, though, after two decades, the entire social media system runs on advertising, which doesn’t make sense considering rates have cratered and study after study shows that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. Yet somehow Google (90%+ of its revenue) and Meta (also 90%+) continue to show growth every quarter. Something doesn’t add up. It’s almost like there is some hidden hand behind the scenes keeping these companies well-capitalized…

    Anyway, Musk’s goal is to make the site not reliant on advertising, and thus the whims of giant corporations, activist groups like the ADL, and perhaps those unseen forces as well. Will it work? I don’t know, it’s a big ask and not without its risks.

      • Arthur Sido has a post up today that is working along the same lines.

        N.B.: Sundance over at the Conservative Treehouse has been highlighting the ways in which and other identity ideologues have been working behind the scenes pretty much from jump street to attain censorship and deplatforming of those they wish to squelch. Twitterfiles only validated his sense of things.

    • Somewhat off topic but I must admit that I don’t understand how post-BLM advertising can actually work. The majority of the country is still White and there are vast areas that are still 90+% White. Yet, the ads make a point of showing nothing but non-Whites and deliberately offending normal Whites with miscegenation narratives. It’s so offputting that I refuse to pay any attention even to what the product is supposed to be. I may be more race conscious than most Whites but I know for a fact that this change pisses the normies off too. How do you sell anything by offending the majority of your customers?

      It’s like these websites that “are funded by ads” are answering the questions about their own business model by referring us to something (post-BLM woke advertising) that has a huge question mark about how it could actually be valuable itself.

      • Advertising is no longer about selling product. It is about advancing the Power Structure’s anti-white agenda. I mean, really. You’re going to punish these people by boycotting them? Instead of buying Nikes you buy Addidas. So what? Once you look into Addidas you’ll find out they are every bit as anti-white as Nike. It’s a frying pan/fire scenario. When the corporations are ideological indistinguishable, boycotts accomplish absolutely nothing. Every corporation still has the same number of customers; they’re just different customers.

        • You can and should replace ANY and all business you are doing with ANY corporation with the smallest and most local alternative available.

          This will not send the devils crashing into the sea but it’s a straightforward and necessary action for all of us. If I went to a restaurant and they spit in my face I wouldnt spend another dollar there ever. Somehow we make excuses for continuing to bring our dollars to evil shitcorps when they do the same thing to not just us but our entire people

          • Agreed. The larger and more farflung, the worse. The smaller and closer, the better. Unfortunately, with many products and services we either do business with the Evil Ones or we do without.

      • Some brands are so market dominant that advertising is basically unnecessary. Thus, it is used as an opportunity for “cultural enrichment.”

  10. The X cult, the democrat cult, the Republican cult, the Y the Z cult, ya pays yer money yer takes yer choice.

  11. I want to second the thoughts of commenter Eric Show (is that name a reference to the old Padres pitcher who gave up Pete Rose’s record-breaking 4,192nd base hit?). My personal goal for the extravaganza of lunacy known as the 2024 U.S. presidential election will be to know as little about it as possible. I consider the whole thing to be a monstrous threat to my IQ and my dignity. There’s no way I’ll be able to escape finding out who the presidential candidates of each party turn out to be, but it would be great if I could avoid learning who the VP candidates ultimately are (fat chance I’ll be able to pull that off either). American politics and culture have devolved into a tragicomic carnival farce. The incessant circus of it all should be taken seriously by no one and does not even merit the attention of anybody with a shred of rationality left.

    • Yes, and I picked Show’s name for a reason, based upon what he said about Rose’s hit (and history) to reporters after the game.

      • The great irony is that, in the decades that followed Rose’s feat, the masters of the baseball stats discovered that 2 of Ty Cobb’s (the previous leader’s) base hits had been counted twice, meaning that Cobb did not collect 4,191 career hits and that his true number of hits was 4,189. Therefore, Rose truly broke the record with his 4,190th hit, which occurred a few days earlier in Chicago against the Cubs. Of course, nobody knew about that little statistical snafu as of 1985 when Rose broke the record.

        P.S.: Hope Zman doesn’t mind all this baseball statistical talk in his comment section. It is a bit Steve Sailer-ish, isn’t it? Sorry.

        • It was a better time. I used to love the game. Show was a member of the John Birch Society. I was a kid so I didn’t understand why he acted like that after the hit. But I learned later when I hung around with a few pro baseball players in a minor league town. I thought the players on my college team were caveman. But nothing like pro baseball players.

          Show was too intelligent to be hanging around baseball clubhouses; it took the life out of him.

    • After last election (which I followed from Europe where I live) I told someone: “If there’s such blatant fraud in the vote count, then this is a historical turning point for the U. S.”.

      I still think that was a historical turning point… that they could overrule the real ballots like they did, without even much effort, struggle, or trouble.
      Much that could be thoughtx or hoped to make sense before, cannot since those events took place.

    • You too? Mssr. Z isn’t talking about Elon. Elon is an archetype, his X is an allegory; I say he’s an excellent example of the order that’s emerging.

      As Whitney says, its the Indian caste system. They’ve been dealing with immigrants, culture clash, ethnicities, overpopulation, and collapse for a really, really long time.

      Chaos World. We’re in uncharted waters here, remember.

  12. I’m approaching my mid-40s and have just about had it with all of this. I just don’t care anymore. Musk, Trump, DeSantis, Biden this, Biden that, Threads, Meta, Insta, CCP, Zelensky, Drag Queens, Pride this, Black that, Migrant whatever…

    I don’t think I’ll be participating in 2024, to be honest. I suspect I’m not alone in this feeling. I can remember how I felt as a young man about the world, the US, and other people — I kept journals — and all that is long gone for me now. I simply don’t believe that the images and words blasted in our faces from screens and boxes relate to reality in any meaningful way any longer. It’s fictional. And so just as I have never had any interest in science fiction or Lord of the Rings or world-building fantasy games, I don’t have much interest in the one called “2023” any longer, either.

    • In the world, not of the world?
      Myself, I’m grateful for vulture seats at the wildest concert ever.

      We can’t do much but witness.
      Maybe that’s what we’re supposed to do.

      But yeah, the blizzard of bullskype is wearing, it’s too dang much.

    • Same. Up until about two years ago I was a very political person: firmly planted on the right wing of the mainstream, always out there trying to persuade people and be an “engaged citizen” as it were. Thought I might eventually even leave my whitecollar career to run for office or write something. Having never served in the military, I saw politics as a different way to maybe someday serve.

      That’s all gone now. My worldview died in 2020 (everything about that year…the orchestrated riots, the smashed statues, the rigged election, the consequence-free market manipulation, the inducement of medical paranoia, and finally the TV circus at the Capitol).

      The mainstream game is locked up: top to bottom, by hollow and greedy people “whose only God is their own belly” as the good book puts it. The United States of America as our grandfathers understood it no longer exists even in principle. Ordinary decent people (whatever their numbers) cannot fix it by political action, I don’t think. I no longer see why anybody except a hollow careerist or mindless follower would want to be involved with any of this.

      That’s not to suggest any weird or illegal alternative, only to state that those of us with a measure of ambition and competence will direct our efforts elsewhere now.

      • 2020 killed my interest in everything too, bro. Actually the Kavanaugh hearings started it and 2020 finally killed it.

        I can’t watch new movies, TV, news, sports, or comedy anymore. I don’t mind it myself, but my ability to converse with normal people about pop culture and happenings is severely restrained.

        • Yes, the culture is even more broken than the political scene if that’s possible. I was never a “sports fan” in the sense of feeling invested but I did enjoy well-executed play and would stay somewhat current. Sports was also valuable common currency for talking with men of different backgrounds and having something in common. But two major sports are so culturally repulsive now it’s an offense to even try to care. I’ll be damned if I’m going to take an interest in tattooed and dreadlocked illiterate criminals while their corporate paymasters lecture me on “antiracist” morality. Baseball and hockey are still watchable but, not being sufficiently Vibrant, they’ve gone gay to compensate. That’s even worse.

          • I don’t know what’s worse, the complete and utter Africanization of football and basketball – which is at least somewhat organic – or the faggotry worship in hockey and baseball, which seems deliberately engineered toward giving the finger to normal whites.

    • This brave new AINO Cinematic Universe sucks, and—just like the entertainment industry—a significant percentage has already been purchased by China.

      Surely it can’t be our civic duty to show up again to voting booth for another involuntary colonoscopy and a hopium drug crash. American politics is an abusive relationship, and I’d rather Hannity and Levin get the battering instead of me.

    • Holy shit! I didn’t realize it but I’m thinking the same thing Eric Show is. I could have written his comment except I don’t have the talent.

      If he could set those names to music he could beat ABBA’s Creeque Alley.
      I, like you Eric have very little interest in what’s left of 2023 and I think I’m gonna scratch you off 2024 also. Screw them all.

  13. I’m not embarrassed to admit I have no clue what this essay is about. From what I can tell, Musk is certainly the figurehead of a cult, but not the weak/strong as described in this essay.

    Musk is the head of the techno-utopian cult of bugmen who believe our stoves, heaters and cars are making Gaia mad. For some unknown reason, if we don’t all buy 100k Dollar electric vehicles, we’re all gonna die. Everything with Musk and others like him has to be silly and complicated and will “save the world” in some way.

    • Yes and no. Musk is too smart to believe the craziest of the climate stuff. But yes, he’s a technology cultist, a globalist and a grifter off the system. Henry Ford sold a useful replacement to the horse. Elon Musk sells us something we don’t need and gets $12,000 per vehicle of taxpayer money to do so. I respect the hell out of his rocketry work though.

      • In my view, his space projects more than make up for all his other silliness. He’s doing things that NASA is incapable of doing. His total engineering approach sets a great example for all other big, technology-driven projects.

        For that, I’m happy to give him a pass on the other stuff. Also, I have no idea what motivates him, but his motivation seems wildly different from every other super-rich person out there.

        • Musk does well with his space project in that he shows up the government alternative, NASA. However, Musk continues to spin a tale of space exploration in excess of known technology. For this I criticize him.

          He puts the cart before the horse. His big whopper is a fixation on “colonizing” Mars. Problems abound—and that’s the known ones. Propulsion, self sustainable Martian habitats, and more need to be perfected. Until then, a manned landing will simply be an extraordinary expensive *stunt*.

          I suspect he knows this—he’s not stupid—but it’s a good grift for the rubes and in the meanwhile allows him to develop his earthly satellite communication network, which is where the money is.

          • Mars Colony is a nice story for the rubes as you say.

            The true autist heads out to the asteroid belt, fetches back a few asteroids and uses the threat of them to encourage alignment with his various goals.

            Whether that’s doable in Musk’s remaining and doubtless heavily augmented by the best med tech that money can buy years is the six squillion dollar question.

            World Rule by orbital bombardment bong aficionado has not yet been tried. Everything else has.

        • Musk’s insufficient enthusiasm for employing Sassy Mammies at the very highest levels of research and design places a very low ceiling on the capabilities of his space program.

    • Book recommendation: Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels”

      300 years old. Could have been written last week.

      Spoiler alert: we are living in the land of Laputa. Everyday things are made difficult, expensive, complicated and (ultimately) inoperable. The elites spend all of their time tracking comets and worrying that the sun will go out.

      • I’ve tried twice. Twice I just couldn’t get through it. I don’t usually read books in a single setting. I’ll usually read like 100 pages a day. But with Gulliver’s Travels, I just never get around to picking it back up at some point. Same thing with Robinson Crusoe. Both had good sections and sections I would describe a a slog. It’s not like I can’t get through books, particularly old books. My handle name is from a 100 plus year old book. Most of the fiction I enjoy reading is from authors long dead.

    • Musk is representative of the globohomo elite that need to justify their tyranny by making it “moral”. Woke is essentially them shifting their egoistic moral philosophy into a religion wherein good conveniently aligns with their desires and evil conveniently aligns with what they do not want.

      This happens over and over in history as soon as power concentrates. Invariably the guys with the power decide they’re God and order their slaves to build them a giant stone dick so everyone knows they’re God.

  14. Sounds precisely like what the Church and its secular heirs have, with interruptions, done to the Jews.

  15. Laat week, Ann Coulter went on a conservative talk radio and said Elon Musk should not let Jared Taylor back on Twitter. I never liked that broad. There is something about her that really rubs me the wrong way.

      • Ann Coulter lost me 20+ years ago with her comments on 9/11 events. She always makes the mistake of choosing a snarky/acerbic repartee for her published columns in preference to a thoughtful response. She has a “mean girl” way about her and as pointed out by others her, she is a “coal burner”.

    • Coulter is a spent shell casing at this point. She does swing between relative extremes at times (love Trump at first, full-on anti-Trump later), but she’s blown a gasket or two as she slid into irrelevancy. I’m not a Jared Taylor evangelist or anything, but I can’t think of any way that guy could offend someone lest they already wanted to be offended.

      • I’ve noticed that washed up celebrity ideologues will sometimes pick an odd fight with some obscure figure that one would think they would agree with. It may just be an trial balloon to find patronage with some new group and a new market for their writing. Perhaps Coulter is angling to become “former arch-conservative Ann Coulter” and get back on the talk shows in that new persona. They will be things like “The View” or whatever talking heads CNN has instead of Hannity but as long as the checks don’t bounce it’s all good, right?

  16. i don’t live in a big city so i don’t know how things are going – but does anyone wonder if the events of 2020 might have killed gentrification?

    I’m increasingly of the view that neither is desirable. It’s like a game of good cop bad cop. At the end of the day its the same people controlling both of them. Good cop is gentrification and bad cop is slumification.

    • Interesting to wonder what Musk is really up to, engaging in (by surface appearances) silly and distracting activities relative to his main business interests.

      He’s not a conservative, nor even a libertarian standing on free-speech principle. His worldview seems to be a mashup of techno-futurist, atheist/hedonist and expert in collecting government subsidies. The man has no fixed political or cultural principles as such.

      Be aware also that he’s loaned his private satellite network to the Ukranians, and his need to procure rare minerals and locate facilities gives him access in bad neighborhoods, as well as in China that even our government may not have.

      Add to that the amount of taxpayer money he gets every year and his need to stay on Uncle Sam’s good side, and there’s an almost perfect nexus for cooperation between Musk and the Intel/Security/Surveillance apparatus. I’m not smart enough to speculate helpfully beyond that.

      This phenomenon is *not* new in so-called conservative politics, but the issue of social media regulation is unique in its importance to the Praetorian Guard in Washington. I do not trust Elon Musk as far as I can throw him.

      PS Also the guy has apparently engaged in a lot of stock market shenanigans…pretty much outright manipulation over the years with his media comments and subsequent trading. The Feds have got that on him too.

      • My inability to figure out the situation is proven by the fact that I can’t even navigate Z’mans comment system.

      • With Starlink Musk has no choice but to let the Ukraine use it as best they can, its pretty clear that he doesn’t really support the war with Russia, SpaceX does so much business with NASA and the DOD that he has to go along with them

        Musk is from South Africa, I’d say he’s pretty much a race realist, and he certainly knows who owns the media

        But could any billionaire really be 100% on our side, if you have that much cash, you want the system to continue, from your POV everything is perfect. In theory billionaires live in the same country as you, in practice they live on a different Planet

        • “But could any billionaire really be 100% on our side, if you have that much cash, you want the system to continue, from your POV everything is perfect. In theory billionaires live in the same country as you, in practice they live on a different Planet”

          Isnt at least one of his kids a castratti now? Wasnt he massively and publicly cucked by one of his childrens mothers by the tranny army leak guy?

          Dont agree that things are perfect for billionaires or anyone else. I imagine his social circle is worse than the rest of us could possibly stomach. I would certainly not trade my family for his nor my life for his, not for a trillion dollars.

          Money solves certain problems and creates others, doesnt exempt anyone from the state of the world we live in

          • yes its true, one of his kids is a tranny, but AFAIK Musk doesn’t buy into the trans BS. His tranny son hates him, he might be the billionaire closest to us, but I don’t think any billionaire would go all in on the dissident right, (or what ever you want to call it)

            I hope I’m wrong, as Kmac has pointed out, if just one seriouly rich person put his weight behind us, real progress is possible in a short time frame, we only need one

      • My reading of Musk is that he’s almost certainly a closet race realist who occasionally flirts with the truth on that stuff but is mainly about positioning himself to take advantage of the current culture in all the ways people here have pointed out. He may be somewhat analogous to those prominent landowners and generals in the twilight of Rome who eventually went rogue and rebelled, carving off a piece of the old empire.

        I’ve actually speculated here before that some of the tech oligarchs (not just Musk) might eventually just outright take over places like Silicon Valley that are already essentially city-states. Most of these guys pay lip service to the liberal fruitcakes who run California and other lefty states on things like drugs and open borders but if they had a free hand they would probably all run things more like Singapore. Open borders and hordes of opioid zombies are great to virtue signal with as long as you can send the bill for the chaos to 40 million dumbass tax cattle. Eventually even basic security will fail in these places and the tech overlords will be forced to deal with reality. If the central authority (both the US itself and state governments) becomes weak and ineffective enough you could end up with the Fiefdom of Facebook or the Apple Autonomous Zone.

        Note that I’m not saying this is desirable. Singapore is NO FUN for anyone and I doubt the new corpo-feudal states would be very tolerant of the dissident Right. This kind of thing could benefit us in the general sense that it would represent power devolving to a more local level and that could be an opening for White micro-states as well.

    • I live and work in Chicago proper. We’re still gentrifying but it’s interesting. Businesses are not re-establishing physical presence downtown post covid hysteria. There is massive empty commercial space there. But they’re bringing in the monied young from all over the world to live in art deco and new construction highrises, the former had served as office spaces. Gentrification is occuring largely to meet code for multi-tennant dwellings. The shrewd here are attempting torent space to foreigners and illegal aliens. I have an acquaintence who was a banker turned lawyer turned real estate agent. He just showed me a gentrified, cough, house that looks really nice. Inside are living no fewer than forty individuals, all illegals, in a pricey neighborhood. My understanding is that somebof them “hotbunk” and it looked that way. All I saw appeared to be male. That is all.

  17. It is absolutely incredible to me that Musk has avoided fraud charges for all these years. AFAIK, his “full self driving” cost 15 thousand Dollars, yet requires the driver keep their full attention on the road and both hands on the wheel and that this “full self driving” can do the worst thing at the worst possible time. Despite the many accidents this has caused, there is still no recall on it. Other cars get mandatory recalls for far less. Where the hell is NHTSA? Where the hell are the feds?

    • Remember when Maitre Z said Musk’s schtick is selling the elites the smell of their own farts?

      Now, were he to buy a huge ranch in Texas or Nevada and move the remaining white South Afrikaaner and Boer there, all of his scams would be vindicated.

    • Musk is the first industrialist since Henry Ford who is too big to cancel. FDR and his coterie hated Ford, but they were dependent on his production both during the Depression and even more so during the war. Musk basically has a monopoly on space launches, Starlink is crucial for the military, and Tesla more or less supports the green agenda.

      Musk is weird, and has some heterodox views, but he’s not really “our guy”. He does look to the future rather than the past, unlike so many of us, but I’m not sure I completely like the future he envisions.

      • Most of what he proposes is downright silly. From hyperloop to underground roads to Martian colonies to rocket powered Earth based travel. It’s all just one big BS machine to keep the bubble inflated.

    • Forget about Tesla’s faulty “self driving”, I’m still at “restraint of trade” discussion. Tesla is at the forefront of the current brouhaha wrt “who owns the car”. Tesla does not allow repair in non-Tesla service centers and if such is done, Tesla will discover it, and severely limit their/your car’s abilities—such as fast charging.

      At this point, as I see it, no one owns a Tesla. They simply pay a price for the right to drive it at Tesla’s discretion. I also note, the other car companies are catching onto this as well, so Tesla is not unique.

      • Yes, it’s gotten utterly ridiculous. BMW wants you to pay them a monthly fee to use your heated seats you paid for and are in the car. Toyota wants you to pay for the ability to remotely start the car. (I knew people in the 80s with remote car starting. It’s not some newfangled internet only thing.) Ford wants to take the worst aspect of Android and fuse it with the worst aspects of screens in cars and make it a rolling billboard. They filed a patent for the ability to play a commercial for a store you may be approaching. I think they used McDonald’s on toll roads as an example.

        As much as I like tech, I oppose virtually all tech like this in cars. Cars are now as big a spy machine as your phone. It records EVERYTHING. It may very well be sending all that data home to GM/Ford whatever. They are loaded now with OTA upgradability. Combine this with “full self driving” and it’s possible (I don’t care if they say it is not) we’ll wake one fine Sept 11th morning and find all GM model X from 2028-2032 are deliberate ramming other cars, buildings and people. And for what? The risk/reward ratio is heavily risk and almost no reward.

        • Remember, whatever your car knows, the Fed’s do too. I bought a Ford truck about 4 years ago. I can remote start it from anywhere! So I guess the vehicle must be connected via satellite. I can check on the truck via an app on my phone or IPad over the internet. And if stolen, simply track its location. I assume any LEO is familiar with the setup and can track it as well with the VIN. The VIN of course is in a nationwide database.

          Why do I have this, because it came with the car and there was no up charge or monthly payments, but more importantly—I was dumb as a box of rocks. My previous vehicle was ancient and I’d never even heard of these new “developments” in technology. 🙁

  18. I doubt that I am truly alone in having no idea what the hell this essay is saying, but I might be alone in confessing it.

    If this is supposed to be some kind of inside joke, I guess I lack the background for “getting it.” If it is just another excuse for Z-Man to act snarky about religion, than I can only say that he is coming to resemble Steve Sailer in being resoundingly obtuse about about certain subjects and deaf to all the admonitions coming from his audience to the effect that he needs to wise up or shut up, because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Is this just something that happens to men as they approach the age of 60? I suppose that being an internet pedant with a small but fiercely loyal fanbase and a siege mentality would conduce to a particularly ferocious species of vanity.

    • The Zman is absolutely on point here. This is one I’m going to have to read and re-read to absorb its depth.

      He’s talking about social mechanisms, you see. Base structure, and its dynamics.

      Organic and emergent is a different judgment style than pawns on a chessboard moved by a master planner. It rings different bells.

      They are different dialects, and can be hard to translate, is all.
      Like trying to use Android software on an Apple phone- thus my claim that Semitic monotheism is a poor fit to Aryan neural hardware.

      • Semitic polytheism has different ‘gods’ than those of Aryans’, they do not ‘fit’ our hardware either.

      • There is no such thing as “Semitic” monotheism or “Aryan” neural hardware. And there is no such thing as neural hardware.

        In an ordinary world, nobody would be faced with the task of needing to refute such ridiculousness, but we have a dissident political commentariat here drenched in nothing but scientism and smarm, so here we are.

        Anybody who unironically uses a phrase like “Aryan neural hardware” is burdened by a worldview too truncated, distorted, and false to ever function as a source of inspiration for future cultural restoration. I don’t suppose you understand how absurd this sounds. You chafe at something that has depth, transcendence, unsurpassed wisdom, and life eternal—and subject yourself to a syllabus of serum fractions.

        This is perhaps the most damning criticism of the HBDers. Not the highest criticism, but damning just because it is so comical. You repose your hopes in a test tube, a vial of DNA from which you’ve teased out a minute statistical difference between two populations, and built it into a creed. What do you hope to accomplish there with your chemistry set, a nucleotide here, an antibody there, collecting boogers, sniffing everyone’s underwear? Is that what you call a world?

        What grounds have you to criticize religion? Why, the meanest heathenism has more of the sublime in it than your natural philosophy. The worshippers of goats and gynecology at least know how to seek the living; they sacrifice life for life. You subject saliva to centrifuges and call it wisdom.

        Those who use the word “religion” as a pejorative truly are hoist with their own petard. They don’t know what religion is, but they know what they think it is, and they fail to recognize that the are enthralled to a cruder, shallower, more preposterous version of it than any of the “religions” they criticize.

        • I agree with your central sentiment and its well stated… but its also confusing here as a reply to anything as its not at all clear that Z was criticizing religion in his post. Its not at all clear that any two people understood his post at all or in a consistent way. Replies are likewise confuses and spinning off in every different direction

          Personally I find this sort of extended analogy tiresome even when its good and pretty much just called TLDR like a good zoomer would.

          Anyway just doesnt seem like the place to plant the flag and fight to the death with people who are generally, fellow travelers.

        • How much does your church donate to “refugee” resettlement?

          Christian scolds like you are a big part of the problem we face.

          Get over yourself with that douchy tone too

    • “Is this just something that happens to men as they approach the age of 60? I suppose that being an internet pedant with a small but fiercely loyal fanbase and a siege mentality would conduce to a particularly ferocious species of vanity.”

      ID, why does your disagreement or in this case lack of understanding *always* devolve into an attack on the author—and in this case his audience to boot.

      Think about it.

    • The reason for this essay’s strangeness and obscurity lies in the fact that it ill accords with the context of his previous writings. Yes, there is mention of the religious (in Z’s conception) elite (the Leftist managerial class), the Dirt People, and the former’s bizarre persecution of the latter, ostensibly justified by the grave threat presented by the powerless. However, techno-futurism has never been a major bugaboo with Z, nor has Elon Musk. He inexplicably imputes libertarianism in the elite class, then correctly–if obliquely–seems to acknowledge its postmodern elements, which is something he has never done before. His invocation of the “master race” is a weird bolt from the blue that smacks of Leftism and its paranoia. Then he speaks of a schism in the ruling class–yet another new trope–and concludes with that class presumably saving itself under the rule of a descendant of Musk. In the past, Z has never spoken of the recrudescence of the managerial class, only of its demise.

      All in all, this essay feels as though it was written by somebody besides Z, and that is why it has set the cat among the commentating pigeons. It almost totally confounds our expectations.

      • Maybe it’s AI. Look at the hands.
        In fairness, Z puts out a lot of content, and sometimes they are a bit stream of conscious.

      • I admit today’s missive is challenging and “different”, but I found it an interesting thought experiment perhaps designed to challenge one’s concept of religion and its assumed purpose/intent. Nothing is threatening to any “believer” in my opinion.

        When I was a student, I had a professor who did just such a thing in class during a lecture period. He proposed a different world/society in which nudity and sex were totally acceptable and publicly commonplace among all, but in which *eating* had strict regulation and social taboos.

        Got a lot of laughs initially, but soon students were imagining how sexual taboos and prohibitions could/would be applied to a basic human process called “food consumption”. And perhaps re-evaluating another basic human process—sexuality, and why such taboos came about.

      • I had a hard time making sense of today’s essay and that made me think I was stupid or something. It’s reassuring to read that I’m not the only one.

  19. The “Covid” response that ruffled so many progressives did so because it violated the progressive orthodoxy not because the religion is rooted in evil.

    The musk religion is similarly designed. Most adherents make the fatal assumption that when their priests talk of eternal utopian transhuman progress that they are included in this design. Cue shock when the rockets to mars full of heads in jars leave them behind in the ghetto.

    Like “Covid”. Their comfortable submission to the techno-prog death cult is a function of price/value in their transactional interface with the borg. Which means most will suffer the same fate they visit upon the lower castes.

    Ironically, the equalizing effect of the top-down imperial “Covid” restrictions undid decades of predictable, albeit declining, economic mechanisms to which the beautiful ones and the coattail strivers had hailed as their morally righteous reward for previous compliance.

    The price fixing, rigging, and bait n switch that had these previously anointed betters solidly in the cloud disrupted the progressive price discovery and thus the corresponding social strata.

    When their private school tuition failed to keep their designer kid in school and unmasked, they became unclean just the same as us nonbelievers.

    The cynic that I am has me believing that the religion of Elon is to bring those dispossessed back into the fold. That their “red pulled” experience was one of price hyperinflation and not a reckoning of spiritual, ethical, or moral foundation means this effort will be largely successful.

    And I’m fine with that. Let the piper call the serpents home. I don’t want such weak males in my camp. May Tesla have mercy on their e-souls.

    • > Cue shock when the rockets to mars full of heads in jars leave them behind in the ghetto.

      If the rich really find a way to immortality, their society will probably turn out like in Zardoz. Power to hedonism to boredom to a wish for death they aren’t allowed to have.

    • My reading of Z’s somewhat esoteric essay today is that it’s just a commentary on how what we’ve called “leftism” is evolving into a weird sort of multi-tiered supremacist ideology. The central joke of the whole thing is that your place in the (very unequal) hierarchy will depend on your acceptance of liberal equalitarian principles. Those at the bottom are the ones who accept the reality of human inequalities the most. The ones at the top will be the people who will most reflexively tell you, as one job recruiter did to me, that the only differences among employees are due to “training”. They will of course believe that their highly developed sense of egalitarianism is what justifies their privileged place in the system. As others have pointed out Musk is just a diversion and figurehead in the story.

      The problem with making this kind of society/cult work though is really the same as that of Soviet Communism. You get a steep sided social pyramid where about half the work of each layer in the ziggurat is watching the layer immediately below for heresy and sedition. The results for the actual Soviets were chronic low productivity and morale. I’m sure the current GAE ruling class thinks that this won’t matter because after all, no one does much productive work anyway and useful things all arrive magically from China. Perhaps Covid was just a way of testing the idea of keeping the Karens busy watching each other and the Dirt People for those that can’t be given jobs in HR.

  20. Wouldn’t be the first time humans have tried to deify a human to create a new religion. Caesar, Popes, Saints, Mao, Hitler, Obama for example, but all short lived and just a limited appeal.

    What is missing is a touch of the mysterious, transcendence, hope. Obama’s message of hope and change failed because it was sublunar and all to human. An X factor, something from the X files, like big bright flashing neon X, hovering over us from the heavens. Something we can pray to.

  21. Some people are born with strong musk. Some of us must work at our muskiness each and every day.

  22. That was fun and a good metphor – as Hoagie & JRWirth stated.
    It would have been a bit better for me if, oh say…Klaus Schwab instead of Musk had been used – but perhaps that would have been a bit too obvious.

  23. I’m convinced that the battery sect of the green death cult is largely centered on MIT.

    It’s amusing to read the information-free word salad the spin-off startups all vomit forth on their websites.

    My current favorite source of amusement are the clowns trying to claim flow batteries are a novel concept from the 2010s when one can easily find a US patent on this technology from 1879.

    Sounds like futuristic technology to me.

    • The Green Death Cult simply is an industrial scale Tenochtitlan temple. The Aztecs are back, baby!

      • As Bernado de Diaz recorded, in every town Cortes’ conquistadors came across, were large wooden cages, with men and women inside.

        A customer need simply point; the priests would pull one out for tonight’s dinner, to butcher and dress them on the spot.

        “If anyone thought feudalism would be the worst-case scenario, they need to reassess.” ~Jack Dobson

    • Bubblenomics. All the money going around means every crackpot idea ever proposed gets fully funded. With the media full of morons and grifters and compliant young women, every crackpot idea gets lots of inch-columns of gush and praise.

      Practical things are swept aside and everything has to have some kind of hi-tech angle. Why fix potholes when you can have underground pods carrying your car at breakneck speeds underground and out of sight in the new Martian cities.

    • How come I’m always hearing about EVs but not much about hydrogen engines? Or am I just missing something? Seems hydrogen would be better and easier to transition into but nada. Is there not enough grift potential in hydrogen?

      • Shame we ain’t got no hydrogen. I remember back in the day, like the late 90s, everyone and their mother was talking about the upcoming inevitable “hydrogen economy” I was always like, what hydrogen? We don’t have any! Despite hydrogen being the most abundant element in the universe, we simply are not blessed with any free hydrogen. You can make it, but always at a net energy loss.
        But assuming we did have viable hydrogen sources, hydrogen is really not very good for an ICE or really even a fuel cell. Because it is so small, it is difficult to store. It is volumetrically inefficient even when stored at very high pressure. And they leak. If there is one thing you don’t want in your garage, it’s a bunch of hydrogen hanging out in the ceiling.

        The Japanese claim they have something called “red hydrogen,” which is hydrogen made directly from nuclear power, heat or steam I believe. But this still doesn’t solve other problems.

        • Hydrogen is not freely found because it is so damn small. It simply bleeds away into space, so we’ve got to make it. If the (spare) power is found to produce hydrogen, then probably hydrogen has a role as a fuel.

          • Probably not in a car, at least not an ICE car (an ICE can run on hydrogen). Even the hydrogen fuel cell cars have terrible range. Though it may change in the future, hydrogen is only available in a few places around the country, I believe most in California. The equivalent price (enough to drive X miles) is really high too.

            Really, hydrogen, even if it became our main fuel would not be especially relevant to energy because it’s not a source of energy if you have to make it.

            As I understand it, hydrogen fuel cells have some success powering equipment like forklifts and side-loaders used indoors. That is a near perfect use case.

          • “ Really, hydrogen, even if it became our main fuel would not be especially relevant to energy because it’s not a source of energy if you have to make it.”

            Tars, that’s short sighted and not really applicable. Hydrogen, or any fuel, can take more energy input than it produces as energy output and still be useful. Depends on the application. If one needs to have a source of fuel to replace gas in a car and nothing else is available (as in zero emissions).

            Now I don’t think we are going there, but it’s not without precedent. I know a guy who works in MI in their State utility company. They, like everywhere else, is mandated to go “green”. They have their windmills, they have their solar arrays, and they even have Lake Michigan hydro facilities. However, they don’t get enough power generation during the night or when the wind dies down.

            So during the day, they use “spare” electricity to pump water from Lake Michigan 300’ up to a holding lake to drive generators during night and at peak load times. This is obviously a costly way to generate electricity, but in essence the cost is free as it’s a storage of surplus energy.

      • As Compsci said below, hydrogen is the smallest and lightest of the elements, which makes H2 the Houdini of molecules.

        That means you need radically improved seals and valves throughout your system compared to one that handles compressed air.

        Industrial scale hydrogen is also hugely energy intensive. Some of the, “chemically improved,” methods require methane inputs and produce carbon dioxide outputs, both of which are huge no-nos in the ruling green death cult’s liturgy.

        • Just recently Canada and Germany (IIRC, it might be the UK) just signed a deal where Germany agrees to buy hydrogen made in BC with a specialized electrolysis powered by solar farms. I was watching a video on the agreement and the guy broke it down in energy terms. It’s horrible. It’s so bad it might be a better idea to charge batteries in Canada and then ship the batteries to Germany fully charged so they can be discharged in Germany. But they got dumb green laws they gotta follow.

          The UK though is generating electricity by burning Canadian forest. It’s the biggest wood fired power plant in the world I believe and they get a huge percentage of their fuel from Canada’s old growth BC forest. This is a goddamned environmental crime, IMHO.
          Frankly, I have no idea how this is even possible or if it is even a net-positive in energy. I would assume lumber has a higher value than wood you are going to burn. Plus you have to ship it thousands of miles from the West coast of Canada to the UK. I don’t know about wood ships, but container ships use on average 150 tons of bunker fuel a day.

  24. Old and busted: the meek shall inherit the Earth.

    “New” and improved: the strong shall crush the weak.

    Westerners and actually almost all modern people perceive religion as a universal moral code that promotes the good and fights evil. This hardly always has been the case, and arguably the current and dying arrangement is a dramatic outlier. Primitive religion highest rituals often were inflicting pain and suffering and engaging in subjugation. The Aztecs are frequently cited as an example of malevolent faith, but surely the Hebraic god also has to be seen as retaining some of those features.

    We are re-primitizing in the ways that are most profound and impactful. If anyone thought feudalism would be the worst-case scenario, they need to reassess.

    • “New” and improved: the strong shall crush the weak.

      As you type I’m beating my plowshares into AR-15s.

    • Meek as intended in that quote has been misinterpreted. It does not mean weak. It means “power under control “. Christ is the ultimate example of meekness because He had absolute power but did not stray from His mission and kept that power under control (dying for us rather than annihilating us). Unfortunately too many modern Christians have forgotten that.

      Not to equate him with our Lord and Savior in any way, but Putin of all people seems to understand this somewhat. His approach in the SMO has been to maintain control of Russian power and not just unleash massive destruction willy nilly as Western powers are want to do. Go figure.

      • “…Russian power and not just unleash massive destruction willy nilly as Western powers are want to do.”

        Yep, just look at WWII and our strategic bombings of Germany and Japan. White papers release after WWII basically indicated a failure to shorten the war appreciably, albeit I acknowledge the call to use atom bombs to close off WWII in Japan as a coin toss. Mostly however, they were pure vengeance against the populace of the belligerents.

    • Come to think of it, techno-primitivism is not a bad moniker for the elite culture of the West. As you point out, it is atavistic, it worships the most primitive people (negroes) and their rites (rap, twerking, chicken and waffles), but by the same token it promotes a glorious techno-futurism that will produce an environmental utopia.

      • “Techno-primitivism” is such a wonderful term I will use it without attribution. The Primitive Tech Utopia features the elect downloaded and stored in Davos for eternity while the rabble fights over kindling, beetles and public sex robots, the latter of which will be the last white representatives.

  25. One aspect of every religion seems to be the responsibility to uplift the weak and protect the vulnerable in a community. It seems to be a necessary component to create enough trust in a society to be able to function, but it depends on the religion how much care, if any, goes to outsiders. Another aspect is the criteria to allow outsiders into the religion. Religions built around ancestor worship essentially require marriage while more universalist religions have a set of rituals to designate new devotees.

    Because Musk’s hypothetical religion above fails to properly protect the weak in one’s own tribe, nor have converts with real “skin in the game”, it’s bound to collapse into warring factions.

    Note that the left has basically the same issues, only in their mind the strong are oppressors, full stop, and in order to be good one must either make oneself weak, or pretend to be weak. The bar of entry into the left’s religion can range from only requiring posting nonsense on social media with no real commitment to time and resources, to bowing and scraping your feet to black people, to castrating your kids. The only thing keeping the coalition together is their abstract hatred of outsiders keeping the coalition going. That and the most insane propaganda apparatus the world has ever seen.

    • The Left sees the strong as weak. It is a “the first shall be the last” sort of thing.

      • And “weak” is what they perceive to be the victim. Which is why the churches all promote immigration and sexuality now. They actually think the Sanchezes and gay people are the proverbial cripples at Bethesda. And right-wingers are the Pharisees.

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