The Kids Are Not Alright

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Every new generation gets the usual treatment from the usual suspects, always in an effort to prepare the way for their integration into the culture. The naming of generations is like the naming of weather events. It is part of shaping a narrative. Of course, it is also a way to sell the new generation cultural products by flattering them with claims that they are special unicorns here to make everything right. Generational politics is a way to condition the young to conform to the cultural norms.

The Zoomers may be an exception to this rule. They are getting the usual treatment from the usual suspects, but unlike prior generations they have been raised as consumerist bugmen from birth. Consumerism is a part of their identity, not an activity to be encourage. Popular culture and consumer goods define them on an individual basis, but also signal their participation in subcultures within the generation. They do not require a “buy signal” as that is coded into their DNA.

This is also a generation raised by women for a female dominated culture. Gen-X is arguably the first feminized generation. The explosion of divorce in the 1970’s meant that many of this cohort were raised by mothers in female led homes. The surrounding world, however, was still a male oriented world. This started to change with Millennials who came along as society rapidly feminized. The Zoomers were not just raised in the longhouse, but for the longhouse.

Then you have the totally novel socialization of Zoomers. For as long as man as lived in settled societies, children were socialized in unsupervised play, with some guidance from parents and other adults. Helicopter parenting with the Millennials changed this, but the internet revolutionized it for the Zoomers. Mom was content to let the kids play video games in their room. They were safe. Meanwhile, the kids were learning to deal with other humans through the internet.

One result is that there are two distinct groups within the Zoomer generation that have nothing to do with class or education. One group played sports or grew up doing outside activities, while the other group grew up online. The former group is better socialized and far less engaged in popular culture. The latter, a much larger portion, is socially awkward, defined by consumerism and most important, wildly unrealistic about themselves, the world, and their place in the world.

The difference between online socialization and real-world socialization is easiest to see with the males. Males learning the male role on the playground got in fights and had to navigate physical space using the limitations of their mind and body. Getting beat in a physical game by someone who is not only better but will always be better is a humbling experience that is an important lesson in life. Getting in a fight on the playground, regardless of the result, shapes your behavior.

Zoomer males socialized online never experience this. Their character in the game can be whatever they imagine. This is why male video game characters are cartoonish caricatures of the idealized male form. Unlike on the ball field or the playground, the worst thing to happen to you online is your character dies. Maybe you get blocked from a chat room. You just respawn as a new character. There are no real consequences, so perceptions and expectations are never tempered.

One result of this is the Zoomer males sound like middle-aged single women when they engage with the public. Scan their online spaces and it is the sorts of complaints you expect from women. That is, they make everything about their feelings about an issue, rather than the issue itself. Nick Fuentes does a show that is mostly him complaining about the world being mean to him. The Groyper livestreaming space is a low production value version of daytime talk shows.

This jumps out when it comes to sex. Close to 20% of this generation claim to be something other than sexually normal. Some of it is fashion, particularly with the females, but much of it is simply a result of socialization. Both males and females have been raised in such a way that the normal interaction between the sexes has been short-circuited. Identifying as trans or pansexual is much easier when the normal interaction between the sexes has been made weirdly difficult.

Female Zoomers have been raised on a steady diet of Nth wave feminism for a world run by women. They think they can do all the you-go-girl stuff they get in the classroom and the popular culture. The trouble is, none of that you-go-girl stuff prepares them to land a boyfriend, much less a husband. Yet, that age old desire to be a woman and find a man remains. The result is a generation of females frustrated by the sexual marketplace, with nowhere to turn for advice.

Male Zoomers, raised to believe that females are the dominant force in the sexual marketplace, have not developed the social skills to interact with females. They assume the female should pursue them. Compounding it is the deluge of porn that has washed over them growing up online. Their sexual attitudes have been perverted to the point where many of them are incapable of interacting with a human female. Instead, they date anime characters and simp for female livestreamers.

Another novel feature of the Zoomer generation is that their social capital is virtual, rather than practical. Status is about online clout. This can be in the form of followers on social media or traffic on a livestream. In the analog age, expensive display items indicated money, which provided status. In the digital age, the digital man wants internet clout, which signals his status. Nick Fuentes lives in his parents’ basement and has never touched a woman, but he has clout, so he is important.

This explains the endless boasting. Zoomers in the real world are quiet wallflowers, but online they are obnoxious braggarts. It is why they worship Donald Trump. So many of them have embraced his boasting style because boasting is an important part of getting clout online, so why not emulate the greatest shit-poster of all time? This is why Nick Fuentes says he is the most censored man on the internet. The absurdity of the claim is the point because it gets attention and therefore it gets clout.

This also explains the unearned confidence. The generation least prepared for the world as it is and wholly unprepared for what is coming, is convinced they will take over the world and impose their will. Again, this gets back to being raised by video games and livestreams. You can always beat the game, so they assume they will beat the game of life. They find it ridiculous to think otherwise. Those who came before them are just losers who sucked at video games.

Something that ties it all together is the lack of seriousness. Again, Zoomers engage with the world for the sole reason of gaining online clout. To gain clout first requires getting attention. Getting attention means finding a novel way to present yourself online, so anything goes. It also helps if you can get the attention of other clout merchants, so the result is ridiculous clout chasers aping the antics of clout merchants. The clout market is a freakshow as a result.

Gen-X came into a world that was never going to cater to them, so they were prepared to be ignored by the massive boomer population before them. Millennials came into the world lacking many basic skills, but the world they entered was stable and prepared to assimilate them. Zoomers have been prepared for a world that only exists online and they are entering a world that is in crisis. The result is the real world is not ready to reprogram the Zoomers for success in reality.

More important, this cohort is going to live their prime years in a society that is in both steep cultural decline, but also economic decline. Reality has a way of fixing the mistakes of society, but reality is not ready for the Zoomers any more than the Zoomers are ready for reality. In the fullness of time, this generation may be the inflection point of Western society. They are both the end product of the long unfolding social crisis in the West, but also the last hope for arresting it.

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159 thoughts on “The Kids Are Not Alright

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  2. I don’t disagree with any of this, but what kept repeating in my mind as I read about the socially and emotionally stunted Zoomers of today is that all of this only applies to the White kids, and to those of East Asian descent. None of this applies to the black kids, the 3rd world kids, and, to some degree, the hispanic kids. They are still steeped in their “primitive” cultures, to include loud, violent, ostentatious displays that establish the pecking order. I can’t even imagine a teenage black male being withdrawn, shy, incapable of engaging with females. Surely there are some. But I’ve never encountered one.

    Despite the fact that they eagerly embrace the modern Internet tools and technology, video games to porn, the blacks in particular seem somehow immune to its pacifying, feminizing effect. Funny, that.

    • Thought of this too, though I’m unsure folks on a dissident board want to hear it.

      In my neck of the woods (an east coast metro) the black and hispanc kids ride their bikes around free-range (and without helmets, imagine that!), play sports unsupervised and generally behave like boys naturally behave. Meanwhile the yuppie white kids in adjacent neighborhoods are sheltered, coddled, funneled into a neverending series of controlled and supervised artificial activities. God forbid they ever take initiative and find adventures of their own, get hurt in a small way or get into a fight with other boys. I am NOT suggesting the life of poor city kids is idyllic. Also, certainly with the black kids it goes sour darn quick (no father in the home, etc) and they become hoodlums. Nonetheless, key aspects of learning to be a young man (emphasis on *man* rather than just agreeable and inoffensive participant in unisex activities) aren’t managed out of them the way they are out of white kids. Yuppie white kids at least.

      • Saw an article linked (by Steve Sailer IIRC) at Propublica about black kids in Philadelphia accidentally getting shot by other black kids because of GPS-targeted Instagram posting (supposedly– consider the source, as always). Basically, positing that if anyone anywhere around you partakes of the surveillance apps, you get jumped into old-news gang wars, no choice.

        I’m not so sure of this novel excuse the journalists will surely promote, but it does recall the (now emphatically validated) boomer “Kids don’t have life skills” meme, and of course relatively unskilled NAM kids will be even less skilled to the extent maladaptively possible. The social-consoomer media age is prima-facie debilitating for the younger more than the older. In “The Andromeda Strain” an elderly falling-down drunk and a 6-month old baby survive the outbreak, not because of their four-quadrant physical fitness, but because mutants are evolution’s winners.

  3. 1. Reality will fix this at their cost and casualties.
    2. (Zoomers) “ The latter, a much larger portion (socialize) online” – any evidence for this other than online?
    3. The outdoors/fight/military kids (I know them) are fine so sufficient millions will survive.

    The culling will be fierce.
    The female dominance, if it can be called dominance passes already.
    The Enemy passed their culminating point in 2020 and is quite in decline, the replacements will be sorted as the Qing/Machu Mandarins replacements were sorted and the replacements will be serious, hard men.

    • Go to a high school. A good one, mainly white and prosperous. Watch the kids. They are hooked to the phones. They do not tend to have deep connections; instead, they experience content together. The world is one big movie theater for them. The problem is, When reality hits, they will not have the cache of wisdom or understanding to navigate the real issues. I like the kids I deal with, but there is something very wrong with the way they interact and spend their time. I think people miss this above all: the way they relate to eachother has been fundamentally altered. It is not just the time spent or the trashiness – they lack the deep connections that make life fullfilling and a person efficacious.

      • Yes, they are glued to screens. But, when the erosion and decay of civilization progresses, as is inevitable as the percentage of vibrants increases, and the phones die or won’t connect, what happens then?

        • They will become angry, easily controlled mobs. Being tethered not to each other but to abstract concepts (and I live in a conservative area) will let TPTB order them around as useful idiots. Without close networking and without critical thinking, they will believe mana from above will save them.

  4. The whole sports vs nerdy dudes who stay online sounds pretty, but it is false. Let’s not forget all those athletes who took the vaccine, and all those athletes who shill for the powers that be. Sports are just a means for the tiger moms to make sure their children go to the right schools, make the right connections and get the right jobs. Gone are the days of the blue collar boys who play for fun anywhere save the most rural of areas. And let us not forget, many of those dorky gamergaters fought the powers to be to save their games and hate the woke with a passion. The whole jocks vs nerds debate is just bs at this point. Not saying the online shouldn’t get off and play outside, but it isn’t that simple anymore.

    • I’m quite anti-gaming (get a real hobby…) but I agree. The gamers saw what corporate America was forcing into their very male, very white culture … a bogus “diversity” of androgynous and multicultural characters, PC storylines, etc. It called BS on whiny women activists who deliberately provoked problems in online forums and then ran to the press to claim “harrassment”. The geeks really did fight admirably to try and maintain their culture. They got crushed: mass market games are now as propaganda-filled as Hollywood movies. But, like the French fighting gay marriage, at least they really did shove back. Meanwhile the tough, “macho” jocks of the sports leauges did absolutely zero, nothing, to shove back against the politicization of their game. Excluding maybe that one Russian hockey player who quietly sat out one of his team’s gay-themed warmups. Shows you who had the real stones (though admittedly the athletes stood to lose $ millions while the gamers were poor and anonymous).

    • “Not saying the online shouldn’t get off and play outside, but it isn’t that simple anymore.”

      No, it isn’t. My teenage son is a very competitive ice hockey goalie, plays two instruments in band, and is a very avid gamer, currently working on his first gaming computer build. I don’t like the gaming very much, but some kids are pretty well-rounded. WE have a hard time dealing with it, because we didn’t grow up with the online games.

      Still, just wait for the power and internet to go out. They’ll have to do something to kill the time.

  5. The more aware (on our side) millennials have a fatalistic outlook than we ever did in the 80s. They seem to understand that our elites hate them (if they are white) and that things cannot continue this way for much longer.

    • Decline/collapse has gone mainstream. It isn’t just something that dissidents talk about. See the title of Marco Rubio’s new book. I don’t think even the shitlibs are in denial about it, they just blame it all on evil backwards white supremacists or oil companies. Perhaps the last bastion of pretending that the system still works is the msm, which has to do so to defend the regime of which it is a part.

  6. The act of judgment implies a state of superiority, either real or presumed. The judge is, by definition, superior to that which he pronounces judgment upon, at least to the extent that he applies a recognized standard and that his arbitration is assumed to be authoritative.

    Therefore, whenever an older man sits in judgment of a younger generation and says things like “the kids are not alright,” it is difficult (at least for me) to shake the impression that he is asserting that he is alright, that he did grow up the right way, that he was fortunate enough to have the right formative experiences at the right times and in the right degrees, in order to become what men are truly and essentially supposed to be.

    Now, I’m not picking on Z-man here, but I want to take that assumption in general and subject it to some critical scrutiny. Specifically, I think we have to ask the question of these circumstances ever arose. How do we have one man who grows up the right way, but the salutary experiences that benefitted him somehow fail to devolve upon the next generation? Did the fathers, despite being real men, somehow fail to educate the sons? Doesn’t that mean they weren’t real men in the first place? How is any of this even possible?

    As I imagine myself in the role of the older man, I can only account for the dynamics at play here by supposing that something like the following happened:

    (Begin Speculation)

    Without me being aware of it, and by sheer luck, I blundered into all the right experiences. I got my butt kicked on the playground enough to teach me about “real life,” but never too much or too hard that I became a criminal or a sociopath. I had a father who was patient, kind, firm, a repository of wisdom on every subject who guided me from afar, always inexorably steering me in the right direction but providing me with enough freedom to make the right decisions myself. I was successful in my early sexual experiences; even though my parents lived irreproachably according to “old-fashioned values” (thereby providing my home life with enough stability that I was able to imbibe all the civilizational virtues through them), I somehow managed to avoid any moralizing qualms about getting laid at 14 or 15 years old, which was a sweet experience with no negative consequences that perfected my ability to deal with women for the rest of my life.

    Moreover, all these salutary experiences got inside me and exercised their influence subconsciously, such that I never even knew they were working. I was a “real man” but I had no reason to be aware of that fact. I simply launched out into the world with the skills and acumen of a real man and enjoyed my real manhood. So ensconced was I in the joys of this charmed life that, innocent as I was, it never occurred to me to pass on anything I had learned, neither did I reflect upon or imitate any of the sacrifices my parents must have made for me so that I could live this way. Indeed, I never had any reason to examine myself at all until I ran across these scrabbling kids. Here was a generation so weak and puny, so cringey and full of hang-ups and perversions, so obviously disharmonious with the state of self-satisfied obliviousness that had hitherto been my sole abode, that they knocked me out of my slumber. They stopped me short and forced me to take a reckoning of myself. It was only then I realized what fate had befallen these sad, pathetic creatures. They didn’t get their butt kicked enough, didn’t get laid early enough, didn’t have perfect parents. But I did, though. Not that I deserved any of it. I was a Lucky Star, and I’m not sure what to do about these miserable children I see. I’d rather shake my head and not think about it too much.

    (End Speculation)

    Now, this is obviously ridiculous and did not happen. However, this is the necessary sequence of events that must have transpired if we are to take the criticisms of the older man at face value. And, of course, this is a reductio. The point is that we are not to take the older man’s criticisms at face value. We are probably better served by seeing them as the sanctimonious, self-defensive actions of a confused man who is justifiably afraid of the direction his society is headed, but who does not know what to do about it because he does not know how he avoided that fate, or even if he avoided it. At bottom, he fears he may not have avoided it after all, but he can console himself by appealing to a contrived masculine metric by which he measures up better than the kids he’s criticizing, and which, however cartoonish, still bears some faint resemblance to reality.

    The problem is, the only remaining standard of masculinity existing in America today is that of the Lucky Star. The man who would be a real man must exaggerate his accomplishments and swagger, and he must distinguish himself from the obvious wimps his own descendants have become, so he he criticizes them; but, given his evident failure to seize and mold society is a positive direction (a failure implied by his very criticisms), he also must shift responsibility for it onto something else, which is never a manly behavior. He must pretend to be a real man by also pretending that he has no idea how he got that way.

    This also accounts for the modern male’s inability to stand up to the Wokeness. Because he has no actual standard of masculinity, he postures his way into a counterfeit version of it by pretending that “real men” defend the libertarian freedom of others, so it’s wrong to tell anyone that they can’t be gay or can’t be a tranny.

    But, to conclude on a hopeful note, this analysis also points to a solution as to when and how this will all end. It will end when me stop acting like they need to defend the falsehoods and conceits of Western civilization. Radical individuality, libertarian freedom, and vitalistic philistinism are not manly virtues and need to be called out as such. The DR has sometimes flirted with the edge of this precipice but it has never jumped over. It still has too much baggage of its own left over from secular modernity.

    • I’m an old guy, early 80’s
      I don’t know where I heard it, but

      Hard times make hard men
      Hard men make good times
      Good times make weak men
      Weak men make hard times

      • Damn right.
        I’m in early sixties,
        We raised three men and one woman. They are, every one, warriors.
        They make us proud. We could never be so lucky again.
        When I was a young guy a lot of the old timers talked smack about how shitty the young people were then. Whenever I find myself thinking like that now I have to remind myself that I don’t understand the real picture of what it’s like growing up in today’s world. Previous commenter stated the old saw about hard times make hard men. Times now for most aren’t all that tough in most ways
        They will be again. I have faith white people will rise to the occasion.

  7. Btw Fuentes isn’t a zoomers, he’s a late millennial, having been born in 1998.

    1998 = late millennial
    1978 = late xer
    1958 = late boomer
    1938 = late silent


    1928 = leading edge silent
    1948 = leading edge boomer
    1968 = leading edge xer
    1988 = leading edge millennial
    2008 = leading edge zoomer

  8. While it’s tempting to say that porn broke Gen Z, simultaneously it seems apparent that they don’t pedestalize women to the same degree that earlier generations did. That pedestalization by earlier generations being a big part of how we ended up where we are. We Gen Xers were probably as guilty of this as anyone ever was.

    Whether or not porn had much to do with assigning more agency to women, I can’t say. Seems like a factor, maybe. But what I’m getting at is agency is, slowly but inexorably, being forced on women whether they like it or not. Gen Z men, what few of them there may be, are not nearly so inclined to put up with her shit. And if she wants to burn the coal, Shonquavious will just throw her against the wall if she gets out of line.

    • It is hard to lionize women as pure and virtuous when 1 out of 3 look like they lost a fight with a tackle box while having an industrial accident. Its hard to sell feminism when the product no longer looks feminine.

      • I guess the only thing good about all the facial hardware and ink is it makes it easier to spot the crazy ones (most of them) and avoid them.

  9. The bug in the socialization of young men I know isn’t that the internet has messed them up, but that their mothers have despised them since birth. They’re not incels or junior trannies or lost in video game worlds because of porn or whatever. Women hate them—not least because the stuff that turns the frogs gay has similarly distorted their bodies and behavior—and they are defined by this fact.

    • I noticed this at a bbq I had about a month ago. Most of the younger people with kids I’ve seen tend to ignore them (Especially online, sometime you hear the desperate child’s cries for attention while mommy is arguing that the feral druid should get the agility geared leather armor because she’s a tank when it’s clearly a rogue item that I need for my dps. Losers.)

      Anyways, at this bbq was a woman older than me who had manged to squeeze out a kid that wasn’t tarded by the grace of God. And she was following the kid around taking fifty million pictures with her ipad, in much the same way that my mother followed me around taking as many pictures as the film camera would allow. Complete difference in behavior compared to young women with kids, the older gen-x woman was actually focused on and paying attention to the child.

  10. A lot of interesting, unexpected insights in this column, Zman—like the thoughts about the coming new “classes” of society based on kids raised outdoors and those raised indoors.

    I have kids in the early-20s range, and like a number of commenters here (so far), I kind of like what I see of their generation of friends. (I should state that this observation is largely in regard to the “raised outdoors class.”) They do seem serious about life, and about pursuing practical ends. Their attitudes towards dating and the opposite sex are definitely different than earlier cohorts that came of age in the 70s, 80s, and 90s; but those are hardly model eras of behavior. I’d say this generation is more restrained, perhaps a bit more awkward; but OTOH they aren’t overly awed or obsessed by the opposite sex either.

    The young people I meet do have a keen eye for identifying performative BS among their peers, which means that there’s a whole cohort, perhaps a dominant one, of kids they are reacting against—and which I have not observed up close.

    Nearly all the kids I’ve met have imbibed something of the ideology of the day. But many also have a strong sense that much of the culture is fake and manipulative. We will find out shortly how all these factors play out.

    • Yup. I think you may be panicking a bit too, Z. Those kids are damned shrewd in a lot of ways. We have to be careful how we measure the kids. Fags like Vox Day, Nick Fuentes, Richard Spencer – they are professional performance artists. I would throw them all out as representatives of their generational cohorts. Should we judge a generation by it’s successes, or it’s failures? I would say the generational yard sticks might be guys like yourself, possibly Joe Rogan – the kind of men that can think critically, acknowledge their mistakes and self correct. In other words, I am trying to say we must judge them by their serious people.

      Gen Z has seen the previous three generations do their level best to shoot themselves in the balls. The preceding generations have been spectacularly successful in that regard and have the train wrecked families, horrible personal lives, loneliness and despair to show for it. Gen Z studied what they saw and many are damned shrewd. They fact check everything now, they are listening to guys like you, Torba, Terrance Popp and other Dissidents and they are taking notes.

      It’s anecdotal, but the kids at my church are right out of Gab’s version of the master race: they are decent, smart, industrious and spiritual. The guys are handsome, big strong apes, their girls are goddesses, and their little ones are as cute as a button. And – God bless ’em… they know what they have.

      The Dissidents are admonished not to despair. You’re smart, resourceful, and you can see through the superficial bullshite that is the order of our day. Little eyes are watching you – act like it, and set the example. And most of all, have faith.

      • Yep lots of handsome, white, big strong apes in rural & conservative Canada. Especially younger guys.

        You wouldn’t even know these people exist from the demographics shown on the fake news media and the people in the ruling classes. You might find some at a church, or a country music show.

        Maybe it’s better this way. As I said below, not all Gen Z is bad.


      “Generation Z (often shortened to Gen Z), colloquially known as zoomers, is the demographic cohort succeeding Millennials and preceding Generation Alpha. Researchers and popular media use the mid-to-late 1990s as starting birth years and the early 2010s as ending birth years. Most members of Generation Z are children of Generation X or younger Baby Boomers.The older members may be the parents of the younger members of Generation Alpha.”

      • If you use nominal 18 year increments [which are ackshually 19 years inclusive], then it looks like the following:

        GREATEST: 1908-1926
        SILENT: 1927-1945
        BOOMER: 1946-1964
        GEN-X: 1965-1983
        GEN-Y [aka Millennials]: 1984-2002
        GEN-Z [aka Zyklon aka Zoomers]: 2003-2021


        “Generation Alpha” is the first attempt I’ve heard at naming the new generation [2022-2040].

        But I suspect that the V@xxines will have the final word in determining the lexicographical hermeneutics.

        Technically speaking, you could argue that “Generation Alpha” would be the first generation to receive artificially manipulated DNA and/or RNA [at or before birth], so “Alpha” might make sense.

        OTOH, if the v@xxines sterilize and/or kill all the children of “Generation Alpha”, then “Generation Alpha” won’t ackshually exist, so we’d be back to square one, in terms of thinking about what to call the new generation.

        I just hope this new generation doesn’t eventually prove to have been the Final Generation.

  11. This hook of generational change is irresistible to the mind. It’s been a jackpot for guys like Neil Howe. But I don’t buy most of it to really explain much. Generational politics especially is stupid. It’s a way to estrange people, especially the middle class. The cultural divide between the Baby Boomers and their parents however was real and that set off a cottage industry to explain it. But that was a one-off. And if you go back and look at it under the microscope it was invariably a push by the small hats. Now every generation is supposedly divided against their parents but this is all just performance at this point IMO. We’ll be lucky going forward to have such trivial horseshit to nitpick over.

    • I think that the key difference between generations is Z-man’s “raised outside” vs “raised inside” one…when I described my generation to some of the kids I taught, I said we were “free range” kids…no helicopter parenting, “play dates”, etc..we ran around in the fields, swamps, and forests with no supervision…The kids were fascinated by that freedom, which they never had, and plainly wanted to try it out….

    • I’m with you on this, way too much is attributed or explained by generational differences. Even here it’s a bit much.
      Want to give Ramzpaul a panic attack, call him a boomer. He is 60.

  12. Let’s not forget that Gen Z has been poisoned with endocrine disruptors more thoroughly than any previous generation. From birth control chemicals in the water to pseudoestrogens in the processed foods. I’m amazed any normal guys are left among that cohort.

    Multiple variables are combining to cause this weirdness. Alas, it probably can’t be solved short of collapse. Of the last 6 Zoomers hired at my workplace – a manufacturer – only 1 wasn’t deeply deficient in the ways described here. And that one was physically small – well below average height.

    As for the Darwinistic solution, I am not entirely convinced that will happen now that birth control exists. Time will tell. Regardless, our people are being swamped by immivaders who make life here not worth living.

    • And vaccines..and fluoridated water..and adulterated food….No wonder American IQ has been declining for many decades…

      • Bitter Reactionary: “…Gen Z has been poisoned with endocrine disruptors more thoroughly than any previous generation. From birth control chemicals in the water to pseudoestrogens in the processed foods. I’m amazed any normal guys are left among that cohort… Of the last 6 Zoomers hired at my workplace… only 1 wasn’t deeply deficient in the ways described here. And that one was physically small – well below average height. As for the Darwinistic solution, I am not entirely convinced that will happen now that birth control exists.”

        Roughly a week ago, I poasted about muh personal emotional & spiritual travails, worrying muhself to death about the question of copulating with v@xxinated chicks.

        Apparently I was so strident & obsessive about it that I was accused of transmogrifying into Whiskey himself.

        But I’m terrified of creating a child in a v@xxinated chick’s womb, only to watch that child be miscarried or stillborn.

        Then the following comment at Free Republic only served to harden muh resolve [although simultaneously deepen the hopelessness of muh dilemma]:

        “My daughter used to work in a hospital. She told me that the rate of miscarriages is obscene. All of the moms were vaccinated.”

        Stumbling upon that kkk0mment at Free Republic, I felt like I was witness to an act of Divine Intervention.

        These gorgeous young blonde-haired nurses & physical therapists & pharmacists & doctorettes, ALL OF THEM ARE POISONED.

        Every chick who attended college, grad schul, or professional skrewl circa 2021/2022/2023 has been v@xxinated.

        [As has every healthworker-ette during the same timeframe.]

        Simply regarding the edumakashunall system alone [setting aside all the other entities which enforced v@xxination tyranny upon their minions], an entire “bandwidth” of fertile females has been removed from the bell curve of White fertility, spanning roughly the age cohort of 18 in 2020 to roughly the age cohort of 26 in 2023.

        [Age 18 being the start of the freshman year in college, and Age 26 being the traditional end of grad schul.]

        I cannot overemphasize what this means for Our Race.

        Trying to find an ackshually non-v@xxed fertile White female; not just yet another insouciantly mendacious White female who is lying through her teeth about her ackshuall v@xxine status, but an ackshually literally constitutionally NON-V@XXED White chick; is NOT gonna be like trying to find a needle in an haystack.

        It’s gonna be like trying to find a needle in ACRES and ACRES and ACRES of haystacks.

        WTF are we gonna do?

        Sit at the hospital bedside and watch miscarriage after stillbirth after miscarriage after stillbirth being bled out before our very eyes?!?!?

        Travelling back and forth to the churchyard to bury the tiny coffins of little blue babies?

        • I have a late 20s double jabbed (at least) cousin who is six months pregnant. So far so good. Keep you posted.

        • MOI: “the age cohort of 18 in 2020 to roughly the age cohort of 26 in 2023”

          Lemme run the arithmetic there.

          Any chick born from about 1997 to 2002, who attended an higher edumakshunal institution, from about 2020 to 2023, has necessarily been POISONED by the v@xxines [because all of the edumakashunal institutions required the v@xxines].

          That’s a seven year window of White women, with IQs of 115 or higher, who now have highly suspect [if not outright nonexistent] fertility.

          Lotsa luck crossing paths with the fertile high-IQ White chicks, born during that 1997 to 2002 time frame, who had the intestinal fortitude to scream, “NYET!!!” at the v@xxine makers and their v@xxines.

          There just won’t be enough of those chicks to go around.

          It’s a seven year DEAD ZONE of high-IQ White fertility.

        • Maybe so… But you do appear to be emoting rather heavily. Fainting Couch is on the back porch if you need it. Don’t worry… it’s 5G shielded.

          Your ancestors buried half their sprogs before they lived to age 10.

          Look, obviously there are very real concerns about the vax. There are also very real concerns about Jonquavious roasting your newborn on a spit before the decade is out. Just. have to roll the dice and and LIVE… (which includes knocking up some buxom broad.)

        • It would seem like the only manly thing to do is impregnate as many as you can in the hopes that a few survive.

          • Zaphod: “Your ancestors buried half their sprogs before they lived to age 10.”

            cg2: “It would seem like the only manly thing to do is impregnate as many as you can in the hopes that a few survive.”

            I have been spending a great deal of time attempting to grapple with that very idea: Simply charging full steam ahead, with the understanding that a certain percentage of the children whom I sire will indeed perish, via miscarriage, stillbirth, or pediatric myocarditis/pericarditis.

            But then I think of all the pain and suffering they would experience in their very brief lives.

            No wonder.

            No beauty.

            No transcendence.

            Just pain upon pain upon pain.

            How can you do that to an innocent defenseless child, and not have your soul condemned to damnation?

          • I’ve even thought about putting these chicks on Nattokinase*** for six months or a year, in hopes that it might clean out most of the Pfizer MRNA spike proteins.

            But raise your hand if you know any 21st Century females who have the grit & tenacity necessary to see a regimen like that through to its conclusion.

            When chicks want the “D”, they want it immediately.

            They don’t wanna put it off for a year or two; once you start withholding the “D” from them, they’re gonna cuckhold you in the blink of an eye.

            And I don’t even know whether Nattokinase would do any good in the first place.

            For all I know, the Pfizer MRNA spike proteins might simply laugh at the Nattokinase.

            But as things stand right now, I keep envisioning those tiny little coffins.



          • “How can you do that to an innocent defenseless child, and not have your soul condemned to damnation?”

            Oddly enough, it was the way of the Almighty prior to the 1900s and modern medicine. Survival of the fittest/most adaptable and all that.

            So console yourself with the fact that you are doing God’s work by procreating profusely and enjoy yourself while doing so.

          • anon, I don’t know whether you’ll see this [being way down at the end of the thread], but I did read what you wrote, and I’ve been thinking very similar thoughts.

            However, my goodness, moving forward in that vein [no pun intended] is gonna be simply horrifying.

            Copulating [versus not copulating] with v@xxed chicks is shaping up to be the moast difficult decision of muh entire life.

            PS: Last night’s /pol/ thread [on this topic] is an abject nightmare.



      • “I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion, and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids.” -General Jack D. Ripper.
        May a thousand mushroom clouds bloom…

        • Here’s another article I just stumbled upon tonight, at Free Republic:

          Nearly 100 colleges still mandate COVID vaccine, eliciting criticism

          These colleges & universititties want all of our young women to be poisoned straight into infertility.

          They fully intend for our people to go extinct, with our children dying excruciatingly painful deaths from miscarriage & stillbirth.

          Satanic monsters now control these institutions.

          • /pol/ has a monster thread about v@xxine injuries tonight.

            As I type, the original thread is still live:


            Here’s the archive for tomorrow morning:


            Everything I’m talking about on this thread – about how in Hades are we supposed to find Pure B100ded White chicks to impregnate??? – it’s all there on /pol/.

            Everyone is seeing v@xxine-induced disabilities and v@xxine-induced deaths.

            No one knows any White chicks who are NOT v@xxinated.

            At least one dude [likely JIDF?] is even urging that we copulate with unv@xxed kneegresses.

  13. I was fascinated by Z’s comment that zoomer men expect women to pursue them. Not surprising as so many movies and TV show this. I’ve remarked to my wife that all the gals should drop their pants and drool over me every time we go to the grocery store, if the scenarios shown on media are to be believed. The reality of course is a little different.

    • Guys have a hard enough time getting over fear of rejection. For women it hardly seems possible.

      • I’ve always been chased by women.

        As a Southron boy, what I found to be difficult was the need for the upper crust chicks to see some psychopathy in me.

        Upper Crust chicks’ hindbrains want to be able to recognize immediately the psychopathy in you, so as to satisfy their innate desire that their bloodlines continue to dominate [socially] the bloodlines of the righteous.

        Once you recognize the meta-darwinism at work in the psychopathy of those chicks [and their famblies], your fruitlessness in pursuing them [as a Nice Guy] makes complete & total sense.

        tl;dr == If you wanna bang an HB9 from a wealthy sh!tlib fambly, then learn to act like a monster.

    • In the words of Jack Aubrey of fictional naval fame: “Go straight at ’em!”

      Not a message the young today get… and as an early X’er had to learn it by observation and trial and error. Pity its not part of the curriculum (I know, I know).

      Back in the day, we all had a pretty good handle on Female Nature — just read anything in English from Chaucer up until ca. 1820(*). That being said, young men should be kept away from Jane Austen until they’ve been through Chaucer, Boccacio and also done a few years before the mast.

      * Awareness didn’t just die overnight… but the subtle digs and wit of Austen, then Dickens & Thackeray at women would go over the heads of young whippersnappers today.

    • Do you meet the 6-6-6 criteria: 6 feet or taller, 6-pack abs, and a 6-figure salary? Drool is a stimulus response. It requires the trigger to which it’s been conditioned to respond.

    • It’s less expecting women to pursue them, and more that they’ve been taught that a man pursuing a woman in any way is equivalent to raping her. It’s no wonder that Gen Z men are terrified of asking any woman out.

  14. That’s why, as a millennial, I want to more and more seek out normal people—-either the older folk, where it’s more likely to find level-headed people, or peers who are normal & productive. Normal people help me to actually grow, less disclaimer mantras, and there’s actual hope that I can improve. My brother and I are thankful to have joined a Men’s Sunday School at a local Baptist church.

    I’m really getting more and more peeved being around peers and coworkers and customers and coloreds and queers who I have to tread lightly around because there’s a probability a person like me is going to get some degree of the Jim Snow treatment, even when everything is going well. And I’m also steamed that therapy & counseling is largely saturated in Globohomo and politics.

    It’s going to hurt losing the Boomers/Silents and what remains of the G.I. Gen such as my grandmother.

    • The boomers probably deserve everything ever said about them, but even so, we are still going to miss them when they are gone

    • Stay on the good path JH Proffit. Stay on the good path and cultivate that select company. A noble quest with noble aims is you and your cohort’s for the taking.

  15. The changing world is the biggest bubble of all. The distortions, perversions, and inversions cannot last. I look at young people, and my vague thought is whites becoming blacks. In that spirit, Harlem, Langston Hughes:

    What happens to a dream deferred?
    Does it dry up
    like a raisin in the sun?
    Or fester like a sore—
    And then run?
    Does it stink like rotten meat?
    Or crust and sugar over—
    like a syrupy sweet?

    Maybe it just sags
    like a heavy load.

    Or does it explode?

    • This must be why the j00z don’t do poetry.

      The j00z must sense instinctually that if they were to try their hand at poetry, then the very discipline of the genre would force the goyim immediately to notice the inner monster of the j00.

      It would be like an 800 lb gorilla, sitting in the corner of the room, throwing stinky rotten banana peels all over everyone.

      • Heinrich Heine was a pretty good poet.

        Naturally he couldn’t help biting the hands of the Germans who fed him and some of them most certainly did notice.

      • Based upon that, I’d have to say Langston Hughes may qualify as being the first beneficiary of Affirmative Action.

          • Getting way off topic, but is anyone else concerned about the ease with which the sh!tlib Karens now introduce the word “phμck” into ostensibly casual conversation?

            As if the word “phμck” can no longer claim any ackshuall meaning unto itself?

            “Phμck” is now just another dog whistle which signals, “DADDY, YOU WILL PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!”

          • Women have been brainwashed to think playing a vulgar caricature of men is empowering.

  16. We were build to move by tens of thousands of years of evolution. We differ from other ape species because we evolved a particular kind of sweat gland that allows for efficient evaporative cooling when constantly on the move. All our physical advantages stem from this trait. And our sustained survival in a natural world is fostered by movement and tangible action.

    We have become too affluent for too long, and the accompanying indoor lifestyle has made us sedentary and obese. The local Walmart now has to stock more than a dozen electric carts in order to keep up with the demand for “plus sized” shoppers. Everywhere you look you see “labor saving” devices that substitute lazy ease for healthful hardship.

    This cannot change without a collapse and forced return to real hardship. It took 3 decades, but modern day Russia emerged from the sudden collapse of the Soviet Union and the ensuing extreme hardship of the 90s redeemed their natural heritage. That is our best case scenario. Everything else leads to colony collapse one way or the other.

    • Solid comment until last paragraph. The Globohomo hatred of Russia is unwarranted and their population (like all Eastern Bloc) retains an innate conservatism, but neither is Russia a model for much of anything. Jingo nationalism on the world stage looks like a thin cover for poverty, alcoholism and corruption at home. Here’s hoping they humiliate Globohomo in Ukraine though.

  17. They say that 1/200 men are descendants of Genghis Khan. We’re headed back in this direction. Polygamy is coming back. So, perhaps, is plunder and rapine……….

  18. The one bvious wrench in the works for the predicted Zoomer doom, is that a (consistently) working power grid and internet is required to keep them on their current path. As our civilization continues to become more diverse, expect those two things to fall away. The Zoomers have one advantage right now, and that is youth. It’s a whole lot easier to adapt when you are young.

    Sure, there will be many who won’t be able and will just spiral down to nothingness, but the Covid reation/response pretty much ruined any faith I had in humanity in general anyway. Real change, for good or ill, has always been led by a very few. As the power grid and internet get less and less reliable and fulfilling, my HOPE is that there will be enough youngin’s to lead the way out.

    I may be a cynic, but I’m not a total pessimist…

  19. Soviet youth was also female handled because men died in the WW II. And those female grown propaganda brainwashed communist youth teared the Soviet Union down and rebuilt their countries.

  20. One of the good things about sportsball in real life participation (not watching) is that it gives you some of those life lessons.

  21. This is why Nick Fuentes says he is the most censored man on the internet.

    I thought that was Jackson Hinkle. Or are they the same person?

  22. I kind of wonder with millennials and zoomers – there’s going to be in the future women in the mid 30s to early 40s age range who will put there name in newspaper ads looking for rich men to knock them up.

      • Whadayamean going to come back! It’s here right now in abundance in southern Utah. Plygs one block to the west in a small ranch, more and lots down the road, lots of trucks-quads-motorcycles and toys mostly grifted on our taxpayer moola. Out and normal in the modern Utah. After the collapse of plygville along the Arizona strip, they all piled along the I-15 in towns central-south. Sell some dairy products and have a good coffee shop. Hard workers for their own. Some pretty, many homely, chunky plygs with big hair, old women plygs. Guess they have some security in the home arrangement and get boffed now and then. Been told they are rather light fingered.

    • The future of our society is going to depend on creating absolute contempt for old, unmarried, childless women. They are going to be the shrieking harpies who are going to demand access to other people’s children and the main force behind every degenerate cultural fad in the next couple decades. The worst part is, they will be too old to reprogram.

      • Absolutely right. the contempt will have to be delivered by the females to other females. Women base their behavior on their peer group.

  23. It seems as if the political orientation doesn’t really matter with the ones under 25 or so (30? I don’t know), it’s the lack of socialization for all of them. And that will probably do us in as that generation ages. They’ll be agitating for their virtual causes in a physical world, they will fail, they will destroy things, and run from the scene as those of us in our 50s, 60s, and 70s — a smaller cohort with far less energy than we once had — watch helplessly.

    As someone without any real connections in life at this point, I can’t see myself going the doctor’s office much past 2035 or so. I won’t be able to find an actual *trained* doctor. I’ll be dealing with social activists with medical degrees and no knowledge.

    Was Trump the insertion point for all of this? Or Obama? Why has the rudimentary understanding that competence is necessary to run important, non-political things (water, food, shelter) disappeared from our world? How was this commonsense understanding of things removed?

    I mean, even left-wing ACLU types back in the day didn’t care if their plumber voted for Nixon or not. They despised them, but they sure as hell wouldn’t eliminate vocational training in favor of re-education camps for them, because, well…no toilets without them, and all those issues of The Nation and Soujourners in the bathroom magazine rack end up not being read, but being brown.

    • It might be a worthwhile mission to find a competent white male doctor in his 30s in the hope that you can keep seeing him for the next 30 years or so. I’m failing on this point, mine is in his 50s. And it took some effort just to get him instead of some diversity hire PA in a box.

      • I had one. He left to practice “academic medicine” after Covid. He was a surgeon, but he had great expertise as a primary care provider as well. What was done to him during Covid by the university corporation that owned his contract convinced him to get out of the field now, rather than later.

    • “Was Trump the insertion point for all of this? Or Obama? Why has the rudimentary understanding that competence is necessary to run important, non-political things (water, food, shelter) disappeared from our world? How was this commonsense understanding of things removed?”

      It was Obama — although I think he was largely effect rather than cause.

      I used to be a college lecturer, and right around the time of Obama’s re-election I noticed a palpable change in the character of the students.

      There have always been lazy and indifferent students, of course. In the past you could always try to engage them. In the past even the indifferent ones took college seriously enough to give it “the old college try,” a half-hearted attempt to wing it enough for a passing grade.

      But this cohort was different. They were the kids who had never known life without a cell phone. They refused to interact, they didn’t want to engage in dialogue, they would get offended if you challenged them or their beliefs. They didn’t try to hit on chicks while queuing up outside a classroom waiting for the professor to unlock it. It’s unnerving to see a gaggle of thirty young kids and none of them are talking to each other, every one is immersed in his phone.

      They would use those cell phones in class addictively and compulsively, despite a no-phones policy and even after admonishing them directly to put the damn things away. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to communicate with someone who completely tunes you out and becomes completely self-absorbed and immersed in his phone in the middle of class. It’s like trying to have a conversation with someone who pulls out his dick and starts masturbating halfway through your last sentence.

      They also had a greater sense of entitlement. The didn’t read, they didn’t write literate or thoughtful papers, they didn’t take decent notes, attendance was spotty, yet they all expected an A or at least a B. They had registered for the class, they expected to get the credential without doing anything further. A significant number allegedly had “learning disabilities” and had to be given special test-taking privileges by the college disability bureaucrats. In some cases the “disabled” kids were required to have someone else take notes for them. (In 20 years I had ONE kid who genuinely merited that — he was a paraplegic in a wheelchair). College was purely transactional, like sex in a whorehouse: They paid for it, you were supposed to give it to them. They weren’t there to learn anything; anything they needed to actually know could be Googled on their cell phone in thirty seconds.

      I blame the cell phones, obviously, but also the feminized society in which they were raised, in which there are never any consequences for being a failure or for being rude or self-absorbed, because mommy will always stick up for them, no one must ever have his feelings hurt, and everybody is a success.

      • Slight devil’s advocate though: what more are they to expect from college beyond their proof of paying for attendance. The link between college performance and job performance is slight and a lot of what is being taught is absolute B.S. anyway.

        College was purely transactional, like sex in a whorehouse
        –Just saying, I’ve never sat around wishing for death and destruction upon the nation’s whorehouses…

      • I was teaching in that period as well, and it was was in fall 2012 that I first began to experience it as a critical mass in the classroom as well. I had a very difficult time in fall 2013 with with that same cohort of students as they passed into their sophomore year, and by 2014, my evaluations — which had once been sterling, had been for years — began to take serious hits from both intro and upper-class students.

        All of the behavioral observations you make are mine as well from that time. I used to have rip-roaring discussions — shouting, laughter, jokes, mini-rants — from students, who were completely human in their emotions and outbursts. This was as late as 2011. Then it slowly began to disappear as the iPhone appeared on the market and began to saturate humanity.

        Prior to that, students had flip phones, and they’d text in class on occasion, but for the most part, they left the damn things in their bags and looked bored whenever it would buzz in their bag signalling a new message. Used to be a lot harder to text with the 1-2-3 A-B-C keypads on flip phones.

        Thanks for your response. Hope you see this.

  24. There’s a big divide among young guys. I don’t think it’s all bad for Zoomers. Alot of bad behaviors are going down. I don’t think excessive drinking and fornication is a good thing, which is something previous generations did but young people are doing less of today. Recreational drug use is also down but hardcore drug addiction is up.

    There are alot of solid young guys out there though. Their biggest challenge in my opinion is that they are more introverted and a bit shy. Those things can be developed over time and I’m sure they will improve. There are also a big number of young white guys making huge money in trades and blue collar fields.

    There’s also a lot of young losers out there. They appear to have not a drop of testosterone, and they act and emote like women. They have no clue how to actually attract a woman (hint: acting like a gay/woman doesn’t do it, no matter what your mom and teacher and TikTok said). They’re also annoying and have fake personalities.

    Finally the third group is POCs. The ones raised in the West seem completely lost. Extremely thin skinned and liberal but also losing their parents culture. This is like 50% of zoomers so it will affect any generalization made about the cohort much more than any previous one.

    So, some good, some bad. It’s generally urban, upper middle class kids who are the latter types. Probably depends alot on the parenting. I can see things getting bad as the kulak class (socially & financially successful white guys, sometimes with no degree and rurally located) continues to achieve success while there is a massive class of useless eaters who believe they should be on top of society because they believe trans women are women and have a gender degree.

  25. The Zoomers of today are the Britains and Europeans of the 5th century when Roman influence collapsed and Rome withdrew from Europe forever.

    That last generation of Europeans under Roman rule was unable to comprehend or maintain even the most basic levels of civil engineering, masonry, literature or mathematics. All of the arts and sciences ceased to exist despite previous generations having experienced and benefitted from them.

    Within a single generation, lavish Roman villas with mosaic floors were turned into animal stalls. Aqueducts were torn down to be repurposed for stone huts. Without the skills of stone masonry, walls were replaced with wattle and daub. Without the skills to produce ceramics, roof tiles vanished and were replaced with thatch. The technology for concrete literally disappeared from Europe and was rediscovered 1,500 years later.

    We still marvel at the Roman baths in Bath, England. The Porta Nigra gate in Trier, Germany and the Pont du Guard aqueduct in France. The last generation of Europeans who watched the Romans depart went from the highest level of civilization and technology and plunged directly into the Dark Ages.

    The next Dark Ages for Zoomers will not end well either.

    • C’mon. There will be YouTube videos available.

      In all seriousness, someone below referenced the possibility of civil war between the majority of feminized Zoomers and the masculine minority. That should prove short-lived, and the likely winners should be able to maintain some technical and engineering skills in their enclaves, which admittedly will be somewhat like monasteries in the Dark Ages, repositories of lost greatness.

    • This is a great example of a comment that packs an immense deal of knowledge and insight into a short space with clarity and piquancy. Well done.

    • The next Dark Ages for Zoomers will not end well either.

      I am torn on this, to be honest. The qualities that prevent America from operating like a normal country could also prevent the normal collapse of the empire. A generation with lots of spergy over-confident weirdos may be what history requires to ease the transition into what comes next.

    • In our more globalized world, the ability to build and manufacture is not disappearing as it was in Roman times. It has just changed places, to East Asia, which we are of course much more connected to than Europe of the dark ages was to anywhere.

      This suggests a coming subservience by incompetent and incapacitated North America to competent and productive Asia. We will need them, we already need them, and they will find us profitable, they already do. Perhaps the ultimate payback for the century of humiliation will be such a century (at least) for AINO.

      • I am not talking about consumerism in the West, or by Zoomers. I am talking about Europe and North America being unable to support their own infrastructure and the collapse that will inevitably follow.

        China won’t be repairing roads in Germany. Vietnam won’t be upgrading power plants in Italy. India won’t be maintaining British rail systems. And Taiwan won’t be repairing the water systems in France.

        Zoomers seem to believe they can live in a world where there’s “…an App for that!” and somehow roads, power stations and water systems magically repair and upgrade themselves. They fail to understand it takes engineers to design and develop this technology and highly skilled technicians to make it happen.

        Between Zoomers and millions of immigrants with 3rd world skill sets, Europe and North America have a rough road ahead…no pun intended.

        • Do you not see China’s investment in African infrastructure today? Africa today, North America tomorrow. Of course it won’t be as good or as comprehensive as what we had, the infrastructure they provide will be to meet their needs, not to meet ours. I’m certainly not suggesting there won’t be any decline involved, or that life then will be just as good as before, only with new Asian masters. But something like this will happen.

  26. “Both males and females have been raised in such a way that the normal interaction between the sexes has been short-circuited.”

    This is crucial. Biologically, young people’s bodies are *begging* them to procreate in their teenage years. The stymying of this need is psychologically crushing.

    So instead they languish in classrooms learning nothing and wasting the most precious time there is in an utterly clueless state without any concrete knowledge being imparted to them. 80% of guys watch porn and hopelessly envy the 20% of cool guys get all the chicks, and women become bloodless credentialists.

    “Gen-X came into a world that was never going to cater to them…”

    It may not have catered to them, but it MARKETED to them. Toys, videogames, TV and movies were scientifically and ruthlessly marketed to them. So much so, that middle-aged beardos are *still* filling their shelves with funko pops of their fave characters. And GenX had the illusion of optimism in the 80s and some of the 90s and that rug was quickly pulled out.

    • Not just marketing, but endless propaganda aimed specifically at them. Sesame Street was created for Gen-X. At first, it was made for Puerto Rican kids in NYC. There is a pilot episode with the creators talking about the goals of the program and who it was catering to and it was Puerto Ricans in NYC. But it proved very popular with other kids and soon was nationwide. It did not take long for the program to become saturated in propaganda and “social conditioning” The same is true for all the kid’s shows of the day. The racial makeup of the kids was just nowhere near representative of the population. It was normalizing integration in the minds of the kids.

      But the propaganda in programming did not start in the 70s or 80s. I just cannot watch modern TV and movies. So I tend to watch older stuff. It is amazing how much of it is propaganda, even black and white TV shows and movies. It is even often present in films from the 1930s, though nowhere near as prevalent or as in your face. It was in radio programs too, particularly those aimed at children as early as the late 40 early 50s. Unlike Gen-X though, there was just nowhere near as much of it. Gen-X was raised with a TV and radio in their bedroom and 24 hour programming.

      To me it is fascinating just how much media is saturated with propaganda. This includes books as well. It’s not the clumsy propaganda of the Soviets, although that seems to be returning with all the tranny stuff. It’s messages woven into larger stories that are often very good. Sometimes it’s just the ethnic makeup of the characters where the black man is the good guy while the White man is the bad guy and is connected to his whiteness or where a White bad guy is introduced by having a negative interaction with a woman or minority where he is seen as obnoxious or even just cringe. They learned a lot lessons from shows like The Twilight Zone and All in the Family. They learned that obvious propaganda didn’t work well and a lot of people loved Archie Bunker and rooted for him against meathead and his daughter. After that, propaganda got a lot more subtle and a lot more effective.

      Of course, Gen-X was bombarded with advertisements tailored to children and fake trends in order to move product.

  27. “Again, this gets back to being raised by video games and livestreams. You can always beat the game, so they assume they will beat the game of life.”

    Being an earlier generation who happened to be a tween and early teen during the heyday of video arcades, I learned the exact opposite lesson playing video games. No matter how good you were at a game, you always lost the game in the end. Most games didn’t end and could not be beat in that sense. Sooner or later, you gotta pee. Plus, these games were not games you would play for 10 straight hours or something. One of the goals of the games was to beat your friend, who was right there with you, or your own previous high score. Me and my friends would go to the arcade together. It was a much more social thing.

    • Same. And how many quarters could you honestly carry? Besides who’s got the dosh to spend all afternoon in an arcade.

  28. The final word belongs to Chuck Darwin, per usual. The minority traditional male Zoomers will reproduce and have families. The quasi-feminine male Zoomers will not and they will die off.

    Chads and even more Beta yet still masculine types will be presented with enormous sexual opportunities. It is easy to envision a de facto polygamous future for them. Female Zoomers suffer a similar dichotomy but nowhere near the same extent. Nature will fill that vacuum, or vacuums. Yes, there will be friction among the breeders and their women…how could it not be?

    Over time there likely will be a return to monogamy and more traditional relationships. To belabor the obvious, between now and that hoped-for day there will be tremendous upheaval and social distortion.

    An incel will not lead them. The future belongs to the Bronze Age Perverts and not to the Nick Fuentes lady boys.

    • Agreed. I say the same thing when people talk about the Japanese dying out. Nope, won’t happen. The least masculine, least conservative Japanese men will die out. The least feminine, least conservative Japanese women will die out.

      Maybe that’s half of the Japanese. Maybe more. Who knows. But at some point, the birthrate will recover.

      I’ve said the same thing to Leftists and feminists. I’ve told them, “Hey, we don’t have to argue about this stuff. Nature will decide who’s right, and she’s already made her decision. The people having the kids – whatever race – are conservative, religious and believe that women’s role is at home with the kids.”

      • I still say Japan will have a massive increase in fertility at some point in the future, even without the phenomenon you are talking about.

        Unlike our evil leaders, the Japanese leadership has chosen not to flood Japan with foreigners. As all of these elderly Japanese start dying (I believe around 2011 or 2012, adult diapers started outselling baby diapers in Japan) en mass, this is going to not happen in vacuum unlike what the demographers think. As all these people die and the generation behind them is much, much smaller, wages will rise dramatically and things like real estate will fall equally dramatically. These new conditions will strongly encourage family formation.

        Trends can always be reversed. After all, the trends only started by the previous status quo gave way to the new trends. When things change, things change. Demographers act like all the new conditions will not cause any other change and the Japanese will continue to have low fertility rates.

        • Our evil leaders believe in the holy GDP and cannot understand there are some things far more important than economic output. Japan will surge over time. It might even happen in the West, maybe especially in the West as whites survive and later thrive after things fall apart. This has been repeated throughout history. The WEF vision is not the future although it makes for a grim and upleasant present, which is not the never-ending present Orwell feared.

          • This is probably because the US is now a multi-ethnic empire and not a country. Nobody cares about “the people” because there is no “the people” at least not in a super majority. So it’s all about money and one’s self. If it serves their interest to flood the nation with brown people, then, by golly, it’s getting flooded with brown people.

      • Despite the enormity of the present problems arising from feminism and the rest of Clown World’s sickness and insanity, I tend to agree with this as the ultimate ending result.

        That said, the one potential monkey wrench in the gears is the clot shot. Hopefully, a high enough percentage of those capable of reproducing us out of this nightmare are purebloods and so not rendered sterile by the clot shot. We know enough (despite intense suppression of genuine research and censorship) to know there is a good correlation here. Still, the long term damage by the clot shot to even the possibility of the required improved fertility rate remains unknown at present.

    • > An incel will not lead them. The future belongs to the Bronze Age Perverts and not to the Nick Fuentes lady boys.

      BAP is an ammoral homosexual nihilist. He will lead young men off a cliff.

      • Amoral nihilist, not homo though. Historically speaking amoral nihilists do quite well if they are physically fit Chads. You couldn’t be more wrong. The strong and ruthless always survive and thrive.

        Just because it doesn’t comport with what you -think- things should be like doesn’t make it untrue.

        “Reality is that thing that doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it.”

  29. I work with Zoomers and they seem well-adjusted to me…of course they hop on the computer in the evening to play games or do streams. But I remember my parents sitting in front of the TV every night. At least with online stuff, there’s none of the passive mouth-drooling idiocy. Yes it’s fake, but it’s interactive. I’d say the online world is superior to the old evening TV lineup, except for one HUGE thing: porn.

    If you doubt how careless and evil our government is, with regards to family values and child development, just ask yourself: why do they allow porn to be so easily found? You know they can restrict it. Should be an easy bipartisan win. But they don’t.

    • Maybe I’m an outlier, but I don’t experience that at all. Most of the Zoomer boys and men I encounter are very insecure and socially awkward, the exceptions being the more masculine minority Z mentioned. It breaks the heart.

  30. Humans are endlessly adaptable, otherwise we would have died out long ago. I predict the Zoomers when faced with the real world downfall, will react somewhat as our great grandparents did when faced with the (previously giddy and wildly overoptimistic) October 29 1929 stock market crash and subsequent Great Depression, that is, they became overly cautious, hoarding what little resources and assets they had and not wanting to take any chance on losing same. They will be the “hard times make strong men” generation.

    • Masculinity will reassert itself under such conditions. Darwin will prove right once again.

    • Possibly. However, it’s difficult to imagine these ectomorphic dweebs with their scraggly beards and skinny pants becoming Daniel Boones and Alvin Yorks.

      • “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”. You’d be surprised at who will rise to the occasion. The heart of a warrior beats in all of us.

    • One scenario. Another is hard men from other places come in and take over, which also happens from time to time.

        • They could colonize us economically, without sending much or anything in the way of troops. And when the time comes for that to happen, we will probably beg them to do it.

        • Andrew: There are already more than 20 million Asians in the US today. Over a million Haitians. A million Guatemalans. God knows how many subcons. Pick your poison. The majority of these are young men, and more are coming through the Darien Gap daily, at taxpayers’ expense. All air travel could cease tomorrow and we’d still be f***ked.

    • Maybe. But they will be trying to do this as a component of a vastly different demographic, and not a demographic that fostered these adaptive behaviors. In order for your vision to come to fruition, separation is the sine qua non, otherwise the sheer mass of the diversity amidst which they struggle to keep their separate identity will drive them towards resignation that the diversity’s “values” are too much to fight.

  31. My son is 22 so I have seen his weirdly bifurcated generation in person. He and his friends played sports, go to the gym, do stuff outside, and often have blue-collar jobs. When I meet them, they seem very similar to my friends at that age in the 80s.

    Then there are the other half of his generation… In his words – the snowflakes, soy-boys, gays, and weird immigrants. They do and believe totally different things than his “normal” friends. It seems a very unhealthy separation

    • The Zoomer generation probably gives the clearest demarcation on which parents actually did parenting, and which parents lets the Internet parent their kids. You saw this a little in previous generations with TV, but the internet is like T.V. times 10 in terms of immersion.

    • Yeah, I see the same thing. Half the generation seems reasonably fine, if a little timid. The other half is a disaster, much more so than previous generations’ lower half.

    • I must admit, it is blessed relief to interact with a normally socialized Zoomer. Young people are fun to be around as an old guy because they remind you that life finds a way. The maladapted Zoomers make me think that maybe we deserve to go the way of the dinosaurs.

      • I find the Zoomer boys to be almost unfailingly friendly. Perhaps a bit too friendly. There’s just no hard edge there. And there needs to be.

      • One Zoomer I enjoy being around is my nephew. He just turned 21 and as a gift to him – a tradition started by my grandfather – I purchased a 12 year old bottle of Glenmorangie, Port Cask for him.
        Others purchased bottles of booze for him, Stoli, Jack, et al, but when he removed the wrapper, he knew what he had in his hands was something special and it showed.
        He chased his friends away and then asked me how he should “enjoy” the gift. I explained to him that this is not something to be “pounded”, but instead something to be savored. “Wait until a nice crisp fall evening when there’s a fire in the pit out back and you need a coat to go outside.” I told him. “Pour yourself a small amount, sip it, savor it while you let you mind wander and don’t rush anything. This is a step towards being an adult, but in a good way.”
        He nodded and smiled a bit and said that he understood. He’s a Zoomer that is very interested in what the adults around him are doing. I do family tree research as a hobby and he’s constantly asking me the new things – if any – that I’ve discovered. When my father speaks about his latest tinkering with his ’63 Sting Ray, my nephew always chats him up. He also learned to drive a stick before an automatic. He enjoys stories from all of us.
        Some of his friends are like him, others are not. If he keeps his wits about him now, I’m hoping he’ll turn out ok ten years from now.

        • Sounds like a good kid. And a good uncle. That’s a relationship that’s very undervalued in our society, but can make a real difference in a young guy’s life. It’s important to have someone to guide you from the older generation, who’s not your dad but still has a concrete, family interest in your outcome.

          One of the tragedies of the present day family “ideal” of two children (one boy, one girl) is that it drastically reduces the possibility of a given kid finding a “similar soul” in the older generation, to give encouragement and guidance.

          • Thank you for the sentiments and I agree with your assessment on the “Male-other-than-father-bonding/teaching” dynamic.
            It’s another thing that unfortunately is falling by the wayside that we must work to stave off.

        • Great report! Gives one hope for the future. My much younger than your grandson (about to turn 16) and I watched the Macy’s T-giving Parade last year and mocked incessantly during the tv broadcast the “wokeness” on display. Great fun. The years between us fell away. He kept looking at me to see if it was “okay” to laugh;-)

    • I second this. There are a lot of Zoomers who laugh at and ridicule gay and leftist claptrap. But there are also a lot who go full (non-white) identitarian. If there is to be a civil war, it will happen under the Zoomers.

  32. They noticed, and skipped marriage. Too many stories of some vindictive harpy, egged on by that wine-mom or other cadre, saying You Go Girl, Take Half His Shit. Or All Of It, Teach Him A Lesson.
    You deserve it.
    They didn’t say You earned it.
    Then kids noticed how mom got bitter, kids got shafted, where was dad and why do play dates suck.
    And people wonder why home schooling took off, along with living outside the bubble, away from devices and manipulated consumerist bullshit.

  33. As someone who has much more and wider interaction with young folks than most, I can absolutely say that this essay is spot on. Well done, sir.

  34. My first thought was the frustrated zoomer “go girls” could perhaps use a female version of CH to help them navigate current sexual mores. I quickly realized that would more likely than not be a complete disaster. Feminism in all its various permutations has played a much larger role in the destruction of our society and culture than even the unleashing of the negrotariet in the mid 60’s.

    • The female CH equivalent is a subreddit called FemaleDatingStrategy. It is worse than you can imagine.

    • > Feminism in all its various permutations has played a much larger role in the destruction of our society and culture than even the unleashing of the negrotariet in the mid 60’s.

      The WQ is more destructive (and more forbidden to discuss) than even the BQ or the JQ.

  35. > Compounding it is the deluge of porn that has washed over them growing up online. Their sexual attitudes have been perverted to the point where many of them are incapable of interacting with a human female.

    And even if they could, the erectile dysfunction caused by porn is going to end up in a very unsatisfying bedtime experience for a large percentage of them.

    Where I work we have a tranny intern on our team. Judging by the profile picture, the dude’s not even trying to pass, just getting a feminine haircut and pose. Mind you, he’s an excellent developer, but probably lives solely in an online space where he can mask himself. In the end, he’s another high-IQ victim of our cultural rot that will never reproduce or have a meaningful existence.

    • What’s up the ubiquitous ED ads? It’s not just a Boomer thing…I started hearing ads years ago, when listening to or watching programs that were targeted to young people (like raunchy podcasts). Do twentysomethings have trouble in this department? When I was 22, I could have taken a pill for stopping the constant erections.

      • There is a considerable body of study that indicates porn adversely effects sexual function. It may be a correlation vs. causation thing but ubiquitous porn happened at the same time erectile disorder became a thing for younger men. There is a lot of indication environmental factors play a role, too. Initially, there was widespread ED drug recreational useage for obvious reasons, and then it gave way to necessity.

        • God knows I’m no Ruth Westheimer, but I have to wonder if the relationship between porn and ED stems from the artificial sexual ideal of women that porn creates. Now as conservative guys, I know most of us find a certain amount of sexual modesty and conventionality in women sexy, but for Generation Porn, they expect women to look and behave a certain way in bed, and the vast majority of girls who aren’t camera whores won’t do that. The male, nonplussed, slinks out of the bedroom and gets on the Internet…

      • > Do twentysomethings have trouble in this department?

        If the available females in your age range are 200+ lbs., covered with tattoos, lengthy sexual history, and filled with feminist entitlement, I’d be more shocked if you were able to operate *without* pharmaceutical enhancement. Humans did not evolve to be aroused by livestock.

        • Lots of truth there. Who would want to be sexually functional if the available partners were coal burning land whales with troops of mulatto bastards.

        • “Humans did not evolve to be aroused by livestock.”

          Well, there is the Texas A&M Aggie subspecies…

        • That’s a good one, “Humans did not evolve to be aroused by livestock”! I am a War Baby, born just a year ahead of the Boomer generation. Almost as important to me growing up as doing well in school, sports, hobbies, was being attractive enough to have a sizeable number of boyfriends through the years before settling down with one guy in a marriage that produced at least a couple of kids, which I did, marrying at 23. Most of my girlfriends were similarly inclined and had successful marriages, 50+ years or thereabouts, blessed with children. However, large numbers of my female college classmates did not have that experience. Some I NEVER saw with a date on a Saturday night (this was in the mid-60s at a women’s college where guys from the men’s colleges would arrive by the carload thirsting for female companionship–and beer!) However, most of these women went on to grad school and successful careers, many of them in government offices or professions, and are now retired.
          I used to joke with a female friend how the “way of the world” in Washington DC was that a new congressman would arrive in town, married etc., but would take up with one of these Ivy League grads bustling about his office, who were young and cute. These girls would eventually grow older but not cuter and dropped by the men for the younger crop! Meanwhile his wife would be enjoying a respectable, pleasant lifestyle, taking care of the children etc. My college classmates, now old ladies, were the ones being dropped as marriage material, sad to say. The subject of DINKs (dual incomes no kids) is for another post.

          I would love to conduct a survey with questions like: ever been married? ever been divorced? re-married? any kids? ever get an abortion? and so on. This should be done before our population co-hort passes permanently from the scene. I guess you could look at census data, but that’s not narrow enough for what I’m talking about: the lifestyles of elite women.

        • That’s a good one, “Humans did not evolve to be aroused by livestock”! I am a War Baby, born just a year ahead of the Boomer generation. Almost as important to me growing up as doing well in school, sports, hobbies, was being attractive enough to have a sizeable number of boyfriends through the years before settling down with one guy in a marriage that produced at least a couple of kids, which I did, marrying at 23. Most of my girlfriends were similarly inclined and had successful marriages, 50+ years or thereabouts, blessed with children. However, large numbers of my female college classmates did not have that experience. Some I NEVER saw with a date on a Saturday night (this was in the mid-60s at a women’s college where guys from the men’s colleges would arrive by the carload thirsting for female companionship–and beer!) However, most of these women went on to grad school and successful careers, many of them in government offices or professions, and are now retired.
          I used to joke with a female friend how the “way of the world” in Washington DC was that a new congressman would arrive in town, married etc., but would take up with one of these Ivy League grads bustling about his office, who were young and cute. These girls would eventually grow older but not cuter and dropped by the men for the younger crop! Meanwhile his wife would be enjoying a respectable, pleasant lifestyle, taking care of the children etc. My college classmates, now old ladies, were the ones being dropped as marriage material, sad to say. The subject of DINKs (dual incomes no kids) is for another post.

          I would love to conduct a survey with questions like: ever been married? ever been divorced? re-married? any kids? ever get an abortion? and so on. This should be done before our population co-hort passes permanently from the scene. I guess you could look at census data, but that’s not narrow enough for what I’m talking about: the lifestyles of elite women.

      • Marko: My husband has remarked, on more than one occasion over the years, ” I wish you had known me when I was 17.”

    • I salute your honesty in noting that that tranny at your office is a great developer.

      This is the trouble with labelling homosexuality and other paraphilias as mental illness. If a person is high functioning, we tend to resist calling them mentally ill.

      We just have to push past this resistance. We are not libertarians. We want a society with some agreed upon moral principles.

      Paraphilics attack these moral principles and should not be tolerated.

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