The Cult Of Nick

A few years ago, the fans of Nick Fuentes were no different from the fans of any of the other internet personalities that inhabit the video space. They liked his work and felt like they knew enough about him to like him personally. This is the unique aspect of video compared to audio and the written word. There is always a stronger emotional connection with the audience in the video format. Otherwise, Nick Fuentes was just another popular YouTube guy.

Since then, much has changed. Fuentes has inserted himself into the Trump story in ways that other political entertainers have avoided. He participated in the “Stop the Steal” rallies after the 2020 election. He was at the infamous J6 rally. He was by far the most enthusiastic supporter of Trump during that process. He also transformed from a commentator to something of a guru for the Zoomers. He was not just a YouTuber, but the cult leader of a youth political movement.

That is the way to think of the Fuentes operation now. His group is a cult of personality driven by people who believe in Nick Fuentes. He is not an entertainer or a political commentator, but the spiritual head of a movement. It is not just his followers who speak in these terms but Fuentes himself. He regularly reminds his followers that one day soon they will take over the world and remake it in their image. They are the change they have been waiting for, to quote a past cult leader.

In the modern age, the word “cult” conjures images of a lunatic leading a collection of naïve or desperate people. The words “UFO” and “suicide” tend to be attached to the word “cult” when describing an undesirable group of people. Neocons, for example, are often compared to a suicide cult. Then you have the image of the cult leader who is always a charlatan or crackpot preying on fools. The cult leader is never someone doing good things or operating from good intentions.

This was not always the case. The ancient world had many cults, and no one thought it strange for someone to be in a cult. Often, a cult would organize around a place where something special happened. Then you had mystery cults like the Eleusinian Mysteries, which dated back to the Greek Dark Ages. The Norse had cults that often revolved around personal or household gods. Of course, the ancients had many cults of personality centered on a charismatic figure.

That is how we need to think about the Fuentes phenomenon and other cults of personality that we are seeing. The ancient Greeks did not have political parties as we think of them, but personality cults that played a similar role. In the Roman Republic, politics revolved around strong popular figures. The more a society embraces the democracy idea, the more inclined they are to look to individuals who can lead the people in the direction they want to go.

Look back at American politics and you see the trend. Reagan was a highly charismatic figure whose support was mostly personal. Clinton was another highly charismatic guy whose support was entirely personal. He was compared to the acronym figures of progressive lore, as if he was the return of the king. Obama was obviously black Jesus for progressives. He never said anything of substance, but his followers would swoon when he spoke. Trump, of course, is a similar figure for his followers.

This is where we pick back up on the Fuentes story. To his followers, he is the young Trump or maybe the heir to Trump. While Fuentes never says this explicitly, his presentation suggests he understands the connection being made. He often talks about Trump as an imperfect messenger, which naturally implies that Fuentes is the new and improved version who can see the flaws, but still support the man. The cult of Nick is sure he will be president one day.

This may seem a bit weird, but it is important to keep in mind that this generation thinks about things wholly in the context of the internet. Clout is the currency of this world and that comes in the form of audience. That audience does not have to be in favor to count for clout points. You can have clout when lots of people oppose you. This is why Nick claims to be the most censored man on the internet. What he is saying is that he is the most important man on the internet and thus the world.

Because of our interconnectedness, the cult-like aspects of the Nick Fuentes movement jump out when you interact with it. For starters, all of his fans say the same things about why they like Fuentes. He has clout, of course. He also gets the message out to the biggest audience. He is the most successful leader in the history of “the movement” which is never explained. To what end is never addressed. What matters is that Nick Fuentes is famous, so he has clout.

That is where you see this as a cult of personality. Question the members and you will find that they have no agenda beyond supporting Nick. Press further and they do not know Nick’s agenda or even think about it. They trust Nick. The closest you will get is he wants to restore America to a white Christian nation. By Christian they mean Catholic, only because Nick Fuentes says he is a Catholic. He also wants to remove the Jews from power, even though he has Jews in his movement.

The Jewish aspect is a big tell, as far as whether this is a cult. Go to a Fuentes event and you will find Jewish supporters. The most committed Fuentes followers will welcome them without much thought. Key figures in the Fuentes operation are Jewish, despite Fuentes railing about Jews every day. This weird contradiction is the sort of test of faith you always see in a cult of personality. The truest believers easily accept the obvious contradictions and still love their leader.

Similar to the Jewish issue is the political issue. When pressed, the followers of Nick will say they are the only force opposing the system. In order to overthrow the system, they plan to take over the system through conventional means like elections or participation in mass media. In other words, they oppose the system by supporting it and they will overthrow the system by taking it over and using it to impose their vague version of a white Catholic democracy.

This is where things get interesting. If you manage to pin down one of the more intelligent members on these contradictions, they shift gears and tell you why it is important to not have a coherent agenda. They will say that ideology is the enemy because it is Jewish or liberal or some other scare word. This comes from Nick Fuentes who says this whenever he is pressed on specifics. In other words, the followers closely mimic their leader to avoid thinking about it.

In fairness, there is nothing going on here to raise alarm. This is not a suicide cult or terrorist cell headed for disaster. Nick Fuentes is not Jim Jones. Most of the followers are primarily drawn to the irreverence of Fuentes and the movement. If you press hard enough, the most committed will confess that much of what they are doing is sort of a performative lampooning of society. The Cult of Nick is bathos and pathos to create an emotional experience that is the only real point.

This explains the appeal, despite the many missteps of Fuentes. The young males attracted to this are from a common demographic. They are from white middle-class suburbs outside the South. Most were raised by women, and their play was exclusively online in the form of gaming. The intensity of the “groyper movement” provides something real compared to the synthetic reality of their upbringing. It also is largely free of women, which makes sense in this context.

Ironically, it also has the intense youth culture aspect that drove the 1960’s counterculture youth movements. The Boomers did not trust anyone over thirty and the Zoomers agreed with them. This is not Peter Pan syndrome, but a sense that their unhappiness is due to the failings of adults. The Boomers blamed the adults for squandering the promise of America on war and money making. The Zoomers blame the Boomers for doing the same thing.

That brings us to where this is headed. It has been assumed that Fuentes will follow the same arc as other e-celebrities. In time he would do things to ruin his clout and end up on the bench with people like Richard Spencer. That has not been the case. His wacky adventures with the mentally unstable Kanye West only made him more popular with his young fans. It got him attention, so it got him clout. In this regard, Fuentes is a unique figure in that all publicity is good publicity.

The challenge for this cult is time. Fuentes is twenty-four and his typical follower is in his late teens and early twenties. In five years, Fuentes is no longer a kid. His core followers will be entering the work world. There will be new young guys hunting clout with Generation Alpha, perhaps using Fuentes as a foil. In other words, the Cult of Nick will need to transition from the Neverland of internet culture to the hard reality of the material world that has all of those nasty adults.

This assumes the material world remains the controlling factor. Just as the Zoomers are an inflection point in history, the Cult of Nick could be an inflection point in how politics are conducted in an internet democracy. Fuentes may feel like a stranger in a strange land to those anchored in the analog world, but he could be the leading edge of the digital age that will sweep away the analog age of politics. Perhaps the Fosterite Cult of Nick becomes the Church of All Worlds.

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126 thoughts on “The Cult Of Nick

  1. Z is implying here that Jews are actually running Fuentes and ” key figures in his movement are Jewish ” to make citation here .But he is not giving any names here on who exactly are this Jews .I do not know any Jews in Fuentes movement on any key position..I want to be fair here and all my respect to Z , but thst look like slander a bit .

    • I am not implying anything of the sort. I merely pointed out something that is factually true. His main organizer was a Jewish guy. Milo, who was his bets bud until a few months ago is Jewish. Go to his events and there are Jews everywhere.

  2. I haven’t been able to make a call on Fuentes yet. I will say that his followers become VERY hostile if he is questioned in anyway. I’m going to take your advice and wait him out and see what he does. I would like to hear your take on Anglin though. You may have done a piece on him in the past that I missed. I unfortunately didn’t discover you until about 3 years ago on a chatroom ran by him that I was browsing out of boredom. But I’m glad I did.

  3. Like several commenters below, I know almost nothing about Nick Fuentes, and I’m not motivated to seek out any more information about him. This sentiment of mine isn’t unique to Fuentes, either. I know nothing about the vast, vast majority of the names that get dropped on Dissident Right discussion boards, and the few names I am familiar with (e.g. Sailer, Derb, Taki) are all self-seeking idiots whom I want nothing to do with.

    To me, that raises the only interesting question there is to be asked about this subject, which I have asked before and shall ask again: Why are there such slim pickings on the Right, and why does anybody pay these morons any attention?

    What is there to get from an absolute waste of skin like Steve Sailer? You have this hard core of atheist-Darwinian-HBD idiots leading the DR, all of whom became Branch Covidians to last man, and who subscribe to an ideology which is the sorry antithesis of everything that actually made their civilization great to begin with.

    Somewhat overlapping with them, you have a rapidly fading core of PUA-Manosphere idiots who propound an ethos that is disgusting and nihilistic to the bone, and who seem to fade out, flame away, or about-face with great regularity.

    Then you have coalition of unnatural vice comprised of the likes of Milo, Greg Johnson and (probably) BAP, whoever that is, whose very lifestyle is anti-God, antifamily, and anticivilization.

    And finally there are the obvious glowies, of which Fuentes himself is a notable example, along with Andrew Anglin, Richard Spencer, Gonzalo Lira, and the good Dr. Duke.

    There is nothing in this entire motley crew worth emulating and certainly no one worth following. Why is that? These freaks dare to make the restoration of manhood into one of their major talking points, and there is not one normal man among them.

    • Yes, you caught him.

      Everyone, everywhere envies a kissless 24 year old virgin manlet who wears inserts in his shoes to bring up to what? 5’7″ on a good day maybe? We definitely envy living in our mom’s basement and possibly being a flipped federal asset while leading aimless kids down a potential honeypot or “diverting” them so they can’t cause any real damage.

      Green with jealousy over here. 🙄

  4. meanwhile in Hawaii, there no aid, even private donations prevented from local
    1992 disaster happened in Hawaii, military aid came quickly but this time no such thing

    rumours out government act ethnic cleansing on Hawaii resident for new development
    resident who lost everything just gets a message from investors to sell out their land
    apparently Biden’s build back better seems another great replacement scam

    • It’s getting to be very dark out there. This is basically in the open now. I don’t know anyone who will even think of these things. They’ll turn on you if you so much as hint it might be deliberate. Feel completely helpless in the face of what’s coming.

      • I hate to plug Fuchs News, but for a Normie Con Establishmentarian, Newt Gingrich just gave a shocklingly honest soundbite to Hanititty.

        Gingrich is correct to focus on Obama.

        All melungeon boys hate their White mothers for having endowed them [via mudsharkery] with hideous diarrhea-colored skin [not to mention purple lips, jug ears and greasy disgusting kinky hair].

        Dollars to donuts says that Obama ain’t never leaving his Martha’s Vineyard compound to go commiserate with the hoi polloi in his ostensibly “native” state of Hawaii.


        Okay, back to the j00z.

  5. One of the great divides in the current society is between married and single people. You see this especially in women but also men.

    The concerns of married people are primarily offline. Single people are far more interested in trends and building status online. There is of course a clear overlap but if you look at opinion survey demographics you can see the divide is real.

    Fuentes is apparently a great fit for the young online, single person. However, most of those young males will want to marry & have kids. Will they still be interested in Fuentes’ outrageous single, celebate routine?

    Increasingly young males are finding the outside world hostile to them and outside of obese, single mothers women aren’t seeking them so who knows? On the other hand, people to the right of the divide are having more kids than the left. Maybe his target market will grow but I don’t see it having much traction with married people who are raising kids in an increasingly hostile world.

    Another good example of the differing concerns of the single and married is A Anglin. He is one of the most astute analysts of the modern scene. On the other hand he is all online so reverts to edgy opinions like wishing for nuclear war. A gamer who lives online may be excited about nuclear war but not too many parents will want it. Anglin also champions celebacy, traditional Christianity and not forming bonds with women even if you are married to one. (If you want a bond with a woman he feels you need to forgive your mother.) Anglin is a big fan boy of Fuentes. I don’t see Anglin appeal translating as well to young married people.

    • Anglin sounds a bit like this guy.

      “- Brig. Gen. Jack D. Ripper: Women uh… women sense my power and they seek the life essence. I, uh… I do not avoid women, Mandrake.
      – Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake: No.
      – Brig. Gen. Jack D. Ripper: But I… I do deny them my essence.”

  6. Fuentes and Ibram X. Kendi both came out of nowhere from Boston University, more or less simultaneously. Both represent silly caricatures of liberalism and the non-Republican right respectively, and yet they are both promoted even as their comrades have been aggressivelycancelled (on the right) or quietly memory-holed and whitewashed (on the left) . They aren’t exactly mainstream but they are “official” representatives of the nonmainstream. Web search Boston U’s associations with CIA psych and influence experiments. Something about Fuentes and his high profile relative to his content has just never been right (plus his strange relationship to Jan 6 and the warmup events in weeks preceding it). Plus the fact he’s pretty obviously a closet homosexual (nobody burns their whole life at age 24 like he has without some serious, deep driving psychological motive…believe me I was a rightwing activist when I was his age and the real self-immolating martyrs all turned out weird and fell away). Yes of course he says a lot of the right things but if you entertain the thesis that Fuentes is controlled/compromised his career makes a lot more sense.

    • Fuentes was kicked out of BU — he didn’t attend any classes and failed out in just two semesters — and Kendi is not a graduate of BU at any level. Moreover, he’s 41, and much older than Fuentes.

      Kendi was hired at BU only because the last of the Silber Generation at BU was removed by the late 2010s. He wouldn’t have been permitted to clean a doorknob just 15-20 years ago at BU, which was turned from a commuter school into a solid conservative liberal arts university by John Silber in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. Silber got Howard Zinn off the faculty, and pushed out dozens more like him, including lefties like Helen Vendler.

      No, the Kendi thing is just pure chance, in that there’s now a core of left-wingers in charge of BU determined to destroy Silber’s legacy, and Kendi gave them the opportunity during the Summer of Love to push this demented fool into a position of power and shower him with money.

  7. Fuentes deserves plenty of criticism, but one thing he has that most right winger influencers dont have is a system. Each night For about 5 years now he told the daily news as it applies to young, white, christian men. Nobody has spoken to this group in decades and in our ever more isolating, anti white, man hating world, it really means something to have someone with a familiar voice tell you about the world in your own language. It becomes something you look forward to even. I saw the boomers find solace in their favorite radio programs after a long day. Neither Jared Taylor, nor Greg Johnson, or Richard Spencer put in that amount of time, at least not nightly. If he keeps that up for the next ten years, he could be like the Rush Limbaugh of gen Z. Hes already influencing the politics of conservative Inc. If the card hes playing is correct, the politicians of 2050 might all be youtubers and tiktokers.

    • Fuentes disappears for weeks at a time from his show, cancels 50% of the time he says he’s going to be on, and usually shows up an hour or two late when he does appear.

      He has no system at all. Are you sure you’re talking about the right person? After J6 Fuentes disappeared for months, and did so as well during his dalliance with Kanye West. He’s completely unreliable and treats his audience with contempt. He’s still popular with them, naturally, but it sure as hell isn’t because he’s delivering professional-grade content at the same time each day to his audience. Most of what he has to say is about people who used to work for him, but who have betrayed him. It’s like listening to a middle-aged woman sitting in a lounge chair by the pool.

      Whatever the expectations of this generation are, they aren’t looking for the same thing as previous generations. Anybody who acted like Fuentes 10 or 20 years ago with a political show would’ve lost his career very quickly.

      Guys like Limbaugh and others would prep for hours for a show and deliver it on time as promised. Fuentes is the exact opposite. He’s a cult leader, nothing more.

      • My claim about 5 years of consistency stands. You only pointed out exceptions that add up to maybe a month or two, out of 60 months of daily shows. The point is, nobody else puts in the work for young white men.

        Every influencer is a cult leader. Look at Vaush and Hasan Piker. Nick is certainly a better alternative than those freaks for young white guys.

  8. He’s going to love all this. More attention please with a side of attention. Just door dash it with all that McDonald’s he claims to eat. Mostly happy meals. Gotta have that star wars limited edition action figure to discuss on the show that comes on at 1 am. Late.

  9. Nick is very intelligent & he’s very talented at debating & communicating ideas but at the same time he’s a degenerate bugman narcissist with all the problems that brings with it.

    I remember him when he was known as the Nick ‘The Knife’ when he was doing debates, back then he seemed like a serious person with a bright future. That is precisely why he got support from people like Michelle Malkin & politicians but then he squandered all that & made everyone who associated with him who had skin in the game look bad.

    Even when he was at the peak of his mainstream optics there was always those bugman outbursts & sexual deviancy slip ups. I remember his fans would run apologetics for those things but now all those people are long gone after Nick went full Weimar wigger.

    This is a person who purity spiraled about optics, got mainstream support & dropped that entirely to embrace degeneracy to the point he makes full blown wignats look high class. It’s ironic to be sure but said irony misses the point which was to create a cult of personality where he filtered for people just like him, everything else is window dressing to that.

    I appreciate Nick’s cult as a trash depository, the low IQ pedo sympathizing tranny loving demographic who have disdain for the status quo need somewhere to go after all. Better they be sectioned off into an irrelevant cult safely tucked away from the rest of the Dissident Right.

    • Not being snarky – genuine question here, for I know little about Fuentes due to not caring; this blog is the only political piece I follow. What is the sexual degeneracy? Was he blowing dudes or something?

      • Nick and his following are pro abstinence. This commenter went off the rails a bit. Nicks definitely obsessed with kanye west, and his troll tactics are childish, but these other criticism are inaccurate.

        • “but these other criticism are inaccurate”

          The Metokur/Nick stream about Nick’s cum hunting & the fact he knew Ali was a pederast alone proves my point about him. You’re free to argue these things don’t make him a degenerate or that they’re perfectly normal behavior for a straight male, naturally I’d disagree but those things definitely happened.

          Where’s there’s smoke there tends to fire & Nick has put out more smoke signals than an indian tribe since the beginning.

      • Back when he had twitter he got caught following & liking explicit tweets from a tranny porn star & around the same time people leaked him talking about his attraction to cat boys, among other fabulous things, on his discord. Later he livestreamed himself going out to eat with a cat boy who has done some rather risqué homo erotic stuff to put it mildly & openly admits he bangs trannies.

        That was relatively early on & to some people ignorable but this kind of stuff just kept escalating & getting worse over time. More leaks, more questionable associations, fruity statements & then one of his top guys split with him revealing some strange things about Nick. Claimed he used a black light to check for stains to see if he masturbated because that was a promise they made when they shared a room together.

        Nick had an emotional breakdown acting like this guy was his ex girlfriend & before that said some really affectionate things about his ‘dumper’ in public leading up to the split. Finally, in the last year or so a lot of the people in his inner circle have turned out to be gay & also pederasts.

        That’s basically the greatest hits but there’s many more sketchy things he’s done to the point people have entire youtube channels dedicated to documenting his antics. It’s pretty clear at this that he’s a closeted sprite, I don’t think anyone who’s honest can deny that at this point.

          • No problem. I remember that distinctly because at the time I didn’t think much of it since young men are routinely addicted to porn & it always escalates. That seems quaint now given everything that has happened with him since then.

  10. The cult of Nick is sure he will be president one day.

    This may seem a bit weird, but it is important to keep in mind that this generation thinks about things wholly in the context of the internet.

    Oh, man, now I’m going to have nightmares about my twilight days being presided over by President MrBeast or President PewDiePie.

    God save us.

    • “…being presided over by President MrBeast or President PewDiePie.”

      Well, can they be worse than, say one POTUS that campaigned on ‘keep us out of’ one war, that was pretty “great” for some. Not for untold dead.

      Or another, pre-internet ‘fireside chatting’ while also campaigning to ‘keep us out of one war’ while conspiring all along to get us INTO it.

      Or, say another that extended the Pacific War for months, to the tune of tens of thousands of USMC casualties, then wiping women and children off the face of the earth, months after the adversary sued for peace, and eventually received the same terms they offered… 3/4 of a year later.

      Or current year, POTUS wholly un-accountable, along with congress-creatures. At least when hunting clicks, these ‘influencers’ might have to pay attention to THEIR constituencies?

      So, while mulling ‘muh pension’ perhaps these points, gently proposed food for reflection? And maybe the young folks don’t give a whit for what the old folks think, anyway.

    • Pewdiepie is an entirely normal guy with a wife and family and a shelf full of /ourguy/ books he’s actually read. We’d be lucky to have him.

    • This is the future. Boomers still watch tv and influence politics, but in 30 years, youtubers and onlyfans stars will be politicians. Its the inevitable outcome of godless democracy and modern technology.

      The saddest part is how many christians deify democracy. I tried to tell my christian buddies there have been christian monarchies and empires in the past much older than the US, yet no record of trannies and sex changes for kids in those societies.

  11. (This is a note addending a reply to Marko, currently in moderation’s gaol.)

    Note! In moderation, probably from “yenta”.

    That’s the secret: the brain damage to their genetic combination of circumcision’s effect.
    In them, it must be magnified.

    The mark of Shechem, in us, is to break the slave’s will; in them, it is to bypass White IQ, to revert them to their hysterical, driven African side: to turn the males into yentas.

  12. “By Christian they mean Catholic, only because Nick Fuentes says he is a Catholic. He also wants to remove the Jews from power, even though he has Jews in his movement.”

    Not looking to pick fights, some data points and opinions:

    1. Mussolini, Italian (Catholic), Fascism
    2. Hitler, Austrian (Catholic), National Socialism
    3. FDR, American (Protestant), New Deal
    4. Trump, American (Protestant), MAGA

    Mussolini and Hitler both antisemites. Italy obviously a Catholic nation; Hitler got his start in Catholic Bavaria. The whole fascist-communist thing. Etc.

    Otoh, FDR and Trump, both Protestant, courted both working-class Catholics and Jews. Point being both are arguably closest to political cults of personality in recent American history. Organized crime, the tragic Kennedy saga. Etc.

    Lots of Catholic-Jewish dialogue and Protestant weakness/naivety defining the 20th and early 21st centuries imo. Also the natures of political movements: strong leaders vs. anarchy, but in either case tending towards big over small, corporatism (in the broadest sense) over individualism. Probably has a lot to do with many Americans’ (still being a Protestant nation) sense that there aren’t good options, just one extreme or another. We do still prefer small and local if we could have it.

    • “Mussolini and Hitler both antisemites. Italy obviously a Catholic nation; Hitler got his start in Catholic Bavaria. The whole fascist-communist thing. Etc.”

      Many of the first Italian fascists were Jews; their presence in the movement was wildly disproportionate to their population in Italy (not unlike the case with early Marxist-Leninists). Mussolini was not explicitly anti-Semitic until he allied late in the game with Hitler. The policy shift was opportunistic.

      • The self-hating Jew is a thing, or at least those who chafe mightily at the drive for Jewish interest. ‘Self-hating Jew’ might only be a Jewish slur for all I know. Perhaps there’s an element of atheism, Jew and Gentile alike.

        I don’t pretend to understand it, but it seems like Jewish identity weighs so heavily it causes as many problems as it solves. Diaspora, if I had to guess. I doubt it’s as complicated an issue in Israel, beyond justifying Israel’s existence.

        In the case of Mussolini’s stance, I don’t know enough about Italian politics, however, I suspect it had much to do with the traditional Catholic position, which isn’t exactly friendly. Obviously different from the German experience up to that point.

        Beyond that, I think the lines were much clearer then. People were still religious in a way most of us can’t grasp today, even if the loss of religion was well underway. I’d say the first half of the 20th century was when ideology finally overtook religion, and we see the world in a fundamentally different way today, as a result.

        Seems to me ethnicity is a huge part of religion, contra universality. Imo, that’s why religion isn’t ideology, and that’s why it’s often misunderstood as mere superstition. Ethnicity persists, and we unconsciously feel its pull, and we misunderstand because we’ve lost part of the puzzle.

  13. Aging men who have done nothing whining about a young man who hasn’t done what they never did in a way they don’t approve of.

  14. The only thing that came to mind when reading this is the unapologetic cultist Paul Waggoner. He is a powerhouse man with a great if infrequent podcast Call Sign Werewolf. I can’t do the extreme physical lifestyle on offer, but the memtal toughness and the resolve are very valuable as I walk my path.

    It is men like Waggoner who will endure and who will inspire and show an example that will survive and endure. The analog world is where the kings will still vie for control- be it a small or a large territory.

    • P.S.

      It is the men of quality that will win out even if winning is preservation before a rebirth. I think of the Internet and the like and follower count as the next phase of degeneration in the Age of Quantity. Men of quality seek to create a return to an Age of Quality.

      The quants have a lot of death left in them. But the “qualts” are where life is worth something special.

  15. Darned interesting take, I must say.
    Certainly thinking outside the regular lanes, like our strange new world to come.

    If the Zman has it right, that real diversity born of balkanization is the way, then Nature is healing.

    Empire born of the idea of Cult of the One is the great evil: “there can only be One” is the diktat of the Antichrist, remember? Tain’t the Maker trying to take over the world.

  16. Humans are irresistibly drawn to charismatic characters to lead them into the promised land. It has always been thus, mass democracy, modern electronic media, or changing demographics notwithstanding. I suppose it’s possible that someone like Nick Fuentes could still be influential in ten years. After all, how did Dwayne Camacho rise to the dignity of the office of president? I don’t find Idiocracy absurd at all although many people treat it as a comedy.

  17. “He regularly reminds his followers that one day soon they will take over the world and remake it in their image. ”

    A cult of delusion.

    The cult of youth is damaging not only to larger society, but to the youth as well. This is what happened to the Boomers. It’s a big part of what corrupted them. Instead of being told to sit down and shut up, they were encouraged to try to make the world a utopia and break every rule of society just for the sake of breaking rules. Of course, instead of getting a utopia, we got dystopia.

    Frankly, I’m surprised Nick survived the war with Metokur. He was invited to get into the pigsty and roll around in the mud and filth and he said, ‘Sure, why not? Sounds like fun.’ This is the problem of chasing clout and having a camera on you for far too long. He couldn’t get elected dog catcher. Chasing clout on the internet is far too damaging. To stand out, you have to be ridiculous and say ridiculous things all on camera and all for future hit pieces. if you ever get too big for your britches and try to enter the political arena, all this material will be dug up and placed front and center. Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad YTer) found this out the hard way.

    • Women really fall hard for youth cults. JFK & Obama especially exploited that dimension. That’s what sunk Hillary. She couldn’t overcome that, haha. Obama did an end-run around her feminist appeal.

      Why that is I don’t know. Maybe because it goes against common sense? Maybe it has something to do with the maternal instinct.. thinking that their little Johnny deserves to shine? Or just a rebellion against the patriarchy?

      • Tom K: “Maybe it has something to do with the…”

        …Lady MacBeth Complex.

        Cf Marie Antoinette…

  18. > Key figures in the Fuentes operation are Jewish, despite Fuentes railing about Jews every day. This weird contradiction is the sort of test of faith you always see in a cult of personality.

    This isn’t a contradiction. It’s how a certain tribe has always run their operations.

    • Not just that though. Being skeptical of Jewish power is not necessarily antisemetic. I am skeptical of their power and control of the media while not hating the larger group in the slightest, just as I am skeptical of the evil Whites with power. Some portion of all ethnic groups are just outright evil or traitorous and sometimes both. So having young Jews skeptical of Jewish power is not that unreasonable.

      The main thing complicating this is evil Jews blame “antisemitism” when their evil deeds are called out and exposed. “You can’t criticize me, I’m a Jew. What, do you hate Jews? What do you think of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis? Are you a fan? Did the holocaust happen? How many?” Now, instead of discussing the evil acts of this person, we’re talking about long dead history from another country and whether or not you are an “immoral person” who just hates Jews.

      • It’s more reasonable that they play the part of court Jews, there to keep their hooks in anyone who looks like they have any power and make sure to establish the leverage needed to keep that power from acting against their interests.

        • Ploppy: “Jews… keep their hooks in anyone who looks like they have any power and make sure to establish the leverage needed to keep that power from acting against their interests”

          At some point in their many & sundry escapades throughout the ancient world, it dawned on the j00z that the obvious [and arguably only?] way to control a pesky opposition was to themselves prophylactically & proactively CREATE the opposition.

          That’s what owning the Usury Industrial Complex allows you to do – you’ve got so much spare money to burn that creating opposition parties is simply child’s play for you.

          tl;dr == There are j00z in Nick Fuentes’s camp precisely because the Council of the Sanhedrin wants there to be j00z in Nick Fuentes’s camp.

  19. I just see him as a much younger Milo. Maybe harder working but highly manipulative in the way that a video game can manipulate young people for days on end attempting to find some magic emerald worth 50000 points that wins the game. I see him as an unmitigated fraud and the movement is his customer base.

    • Correct.

      Cults and cult leaders use brainwashing, conditioning and other techniques to force their followers to think and live in ways they otherwise would not. Nick is not a cult leader any more than Beavis or Butthead are. They are performance artists… Like Beavis and Butthead – Nick is a message to his elders: “If you don’t step up and start raising your kids and setting good examples for your kids … this is what they are going to look like…”

      Say what ya want about him being raised in the Longhouse… all I will say is that there are scarey numbers of Xers and Boomers living there too.

      Not defending Nick or saying you’re wrong… just that he is a refection of our failures as parents Nick is a young man finding his way in a world filled with jews, traps, betrayal, anti-white hate and all the rest. I pray for him and the kids…because one day they WILL inherit the world we left them with. Their failures will also be ours.

  20. I never got the future leader part of this kid. Maybe the future editor of a hostile takeover of National Review. He is not one to lead men but maybe regional manager of T-Mobile stores. Has he even left his parents home or gotten laid yet?

    I thought many here were on the same page regarding righting America through electoral politics. What gives? Adding another dissident voice against the regime is good especially young ones. Collectively it does some good but for Fuentes that’s as far as it goes until his eventually self cancelling.

  21. I’ve only listened to or watched Fuentes a few times and I agree he seems like a very intelligent person. However, associating himself with Ye, Loomer and Milo shows a lack of common sense.

    • If he wasn’t doing this he would be selling Toyotas or something, eventually becoming a regional sales manager, and then fired for hitting on one of his salesmen and then firing him when he says he’s not into that.

    • The only way I know about Fuentes is through Z. Same goes for the “groypers.” What the hell are they?

      • I think the name came from an offshoot of the Pepe meme…Groyper was a larger frog. Meant something different than Pepe. What was the meaning? FIIK.

        After the Alt Right ceased being the front of the “online right”, Fuentes and his “optics right” Christian nationalists adopted the Groyper meme. Pepe 2.0 or something like that.

        They were initially supposed to be the antithesis to both the alt right and the civnat “alt lite”. More race-realist and anti-Semitic than your average civnat, but those two buggaboos were not the main thrust of the ideology. If there was a main thrust to their ideology, it was tearing down cuckservatism and bringing a meaty, judgmental Christianity back.

        Then Nick was accused of being a homosexual, and then January 6 happened and people started bailing as a result of Nick’s handling of the fallout, and the remaining Groypers just became a personality cult around Fuentes.

        Is that a good summation?

  22. Not meant to be an endorsement of Nick Fuentes and all of his views, but I can see where he appeals to young, rebellious fans. There’s a mischievous and fun dimension to Fuentes, that’s missing in most leaders, along with his extraordinary talent at debate, where he doesn’t just defeat you, but does it while laughing and having a good time. That’s very appealing to the viewer and is a big reason he has so many followers.

    Can you think of anyone who can go on a show (with 1.5 million subscribers) with a large group of young black women and talk about race and low IQ among blacks, and come across as having fun at the same time?

    • That’s it, that’s the appeal-
      He and the groypers truly do and don’t give a ****, Zero Fux Given.

      They’ll roll in the mud, they’ll mock Serious Men, they’ll sneer at the Longhouse harpies…with a suit, a smile, and Trad values.

  23. I never got mystery cults. To my mind, mystery is simply what you don’t know. Not a big deal. If you can be initiated into it, it’s not a mystery— it’s a secret society.

    Secret societies aren’t really secret. Word always gets out eventually. The mystery is thinking there’s more to it, and that’s usually just a head game, backed up with strange rituals and weird behavior to add to the mystique, maybe blackmail material to keep discipline.

    Fake and gay, basically. More scams.

    • I agree with most of your points, except for one blind spot. You only know the secret societies whose word got out. The possibility remains that some have not been divulged, or, have been minimally revealed.

      • I took an intro Psych class for gen ed credits in college. The prof’s specialty was secret societies. His thesis was ‘The secret is there is no secret’. Granted, he (I) could be wrong, but over time I’ve become convinced of it. There isn’t much magic in the world of men but plenty of weirdness lol.

        • Oh, there was and is plenty of magic. Whether any of it is efficacious is the question. Of course, if it’s not, it’s just empty rites.

          • Exactly. A professor also tells me that gender is fluid. I am not claiming to know, but enough small hints (Podesta emails, for example, or the one eyed sign, or Lil Thug’s arrest, ubiquitous goatheads – did you ever read about celine deon’s clothing company and horrendous symbolism?) to venture that the powerful do engage in satanic rituals. Hell, Jack Pasons told L Ron Hubbard they created a homunculus in the A bomb.

        • I’m pretty sure they’re just malicious weirdos. I mean, fear God only, and all there is to worry about is being deceived. The power they have is that people believe them.

          • Pretty sure they are weirdos with power. And pretty sure the Bible emphasizes that Satan has significant power down here, e.g. He rules here.

  24. Fuentes is an interesting character. He is quite intelligent, very eloquent, and has an incredible understanding of the world for a 24 year old. But a couple of points of caution:

    1) Fuentes wasn’t just at the 1/6 rally, he was one of the most active agitators. See this video: He told his followers “Break down the barriers and disregard the police. The capitol belongs to us now”. A bunch of his followers were then criminally charged, although he has not been, then after they were charged he disowned them all, but not until after encouraging them to destroy evidence: And Fuentes still wasn’t and hasn’t been charged.

    In other words, Fuentes is definitely a federal asset.

    2) Quite bizarrely, Fuentes has nothing but disdain for his followers. I’ve watched some of his stuff and he thinks his followers are idiots and retards, and is *visibly* disgusted by them. It’s such an odd characteristic for him to have, and it stands in stark contrast to the slavish devotion his mindless followers have toward him. Funny.


    • By “intelligent” — honest question here — what type of intelligence are we speaking of? He was kicked out of college, he professes disdain for books and intellectuals, and regularly mocks commenters on his stream who use words he doesn’t recognize?

      I’ve never heard him discuss Catholicism with even a modicum of depth, nor history, political philosophy, or anything of note beyond what is occurring to him at that very moment. Perhaps he has, and I’m unaware of it. But I’ve made more of an effort than probably 99% of people to find something of substance in him, and get nothing. He’s an insipid narcissist who can entertain an audience. We’re not in need of any more of those people in any field of American life at this moment.

      • Hence Z-man’s description as “entertainer”. Not seen Fuentes that I can remember, but have seen folk who are “blinded” by a cleaver wit and good nature and confuse such for “intellect”. (How could “nightly news” be so popular otherwise?) Those who really have intellect and appreciate such are not so easily fooled.

        • Ah. I can certainly understand the Zman’s disappointment now; thanks fellas.

          Let’s call Nicki a false start, perhaps; but to cleave the next gen away from the cloying seriousness suffocating us, to reject the false values we are drowning in, we need human shields to draw the arrow’s fire.

          Mayhaps he’s running cover for Trump, inadvertently or not, where hits are landing.

          Mockery and scorn. This is Clown World, play by Clown World rules.

          Nick may be the clown we didn’t know we needed.

          • Yup, some people cannot enjoy irreverent clowns. Even if Nick was an FBI asset it would be fun that they had manufactured such a creature to gatekeep a possible rebellion. This would be kind of incompetent as Nick might draw people that were never too interested in politics or did not have heard this type of stuff, let alone kids that would not find this information in a million years.

            I am optimistic with respect of even plants like Shapiro. I was part of the 2016-17 YouTube radicalization recommendation system and I had a Shapiro phase as well as a Dave Rubin/JBP one. I even went to a Rubin/JBP event in person. And now I find myself here. I find stuff like the What is a Woman documentary useful so they cannot avoid helping even if they had the intention of limiting what your mind could see.

            The power of ideas is that you cannot avoid them sticking to your worldview even if they bring them to criticize them or inoculate you against them. In an ideal world for the gatekeeper ideas would never come to your conscious mind (think newspeak). The best way to censor stuff is you don’t even knowing that the stuff existed in the first place.

            If they have to manufacture a clown to smear dissident ideas they have to mention them in the first place. At the end the argument is kind of absurd and I don’t believe Nick is a secret double agent. Kids are attracted to irreverence and mischief and conservatism is supposed to be boring, the stuff of AmRen and “Think” Tanks. It is more likely that con inc is a misdirection campaign than this stuff.

            Crowder may be in a disgraced status now, but he was useful at some point and his ineffective civil war against Shapiro inc is an indicator that they don’t have full control of the narrative even if they want to contain it. You cannot put doors to the jungle.

  25. I’m doubting Nick’s professed trad Catholicism. His associates – the ones that haven’t jumped ship – appear to be scoundrels. And not the good, reformed kind like Moses the Black. I for example wouldn’t be promoting Orthodoxy while doing shows with guys who act like psychopaths and say awful things about women. I wonder if he isn’t some kind of dissident Jimmy Swaggart, using Christ as a shield for whatever shameful thing he and his associates are doing behind the scenes.

    • Better a psychopath Cath than a psychopath groomer: see Bourbon’s comment yesterday about what draws the upper crust chicks away from their professed “values”.

      And chicks, we need.
      This may be the young breeders signaling each other; better a Euro Trad than a yenta-trained Abbie Hoffmann.

  26. Fantastic summation on the Cult of Nick, something I never understood.

    Most people yearn for leadership; young men are especially susceptible to this. Age and wisdom cures most, but not all of this.

    Spot on about how this plays out: Nick is going to age, and someone younger, flashier, and more in tune with the youth cultural zeitgeist will emerge (organic or not).

    Unless he can put down the crack-pipe of internet celebrity and actual manifest something tangible and real, he’ll be forgotten in a few years.

    • The Cult of Nick puts off similar vibes from another crestfallen figure who gathered a legion of followers and fans in the recent past, and that was Milo Yiannopoulos, the gay British speaker who presented himself as right-wing. The predictable ending for Nick is either he’ll age out of interest for the younger crowds or say or do something that will cause a complete fall from grace.

      • The guy has become such an odious scumbag I’m convinced he just wants the world to burn. Regardless of the media propaganda for people with inclinations like him, they aren’t happy-go-lucky jesters who just want to be accepted, but incredibly damaged and warped people.

    • “His group is a cult of personality driven by people who believe in…”

      There’s a little bit of such “cult” in anyone who generates an “audience”. Z-man no different. The essential difference as I see it is the motive behind reaching out to such an audience and the potential sacrifice of values in doing such. That is the difference between a leader and a grifter.

  27. “His group is a cult of personality driven by people who believe in Nick Fuentes.”

    He’s going the same way the “bestselling political philosopher on the planet” went – and that’s not a compliment.

  28. This is where a close study of Jayne’s Bicameral Mind comes in useful. Fuentes is a literal icon that those with weak subjectivity use to channel auditory hallucinations that direct their actions. We’ll see what happens when he disappears from the scene and they have to look for some other mechanism.

  29. The problem I see for Nick is that he will never be seen as a legitimate leader by the dissident movement. Jared Taylor was never seen endorsing a black man dressed as a house fly nor seen as Richard Spencer was sobbing and cursing at what weapons the system used in the battle against him.
    There are many other good young leaders to look up to for young people in the dissident movement today and if they choose a goofball like Fuentes as a leader of this thing after the current older leaders pass on then this dissident movement will never change anything.
    That’s my two cents.

    • G Lordon Giddy: “…if they choose a goofball like Fuentes as a leader of this thing after the current older leaders pass on then this dissident movement will never change anything…”

      I was gonna axe whether there had ever been a President who was childless, but then I remembered George Washington.

      Back in the day, there were rumors that Bill Clinton had had the mumps, which was why Webb Hubbell was forced to sire Chelsea. [Or so Gennifer Flowers claimed.]

      ANYWAY, there’s a persistent historio-sociological school of thought which holds that the original Queen Elizabeth [second daughter of Henry VIII via Anne Boleyn] intentionally remained virginal throughout her entire fertile lifetime, in an attempt to mimic the Virgin Mary’s stronghold on papish sympathies, and thereby quell the papish desire to destroy the incipient Christian movement in Great Britain.

      I don’t know whether that gambit [intentional childlessness] would work for an exceptionally noticeably light-in-the-loafers gentleman such as Nick Fuentes, but I suppose we oughtn’t misunderestimate the existential purposelessness & nihilism of Klownworld.

  30. The high point of Fuentes’ career is still the ruthless griefing of Charlie Kirk, culminating in humiliating the guy in front of the president’s son. It’s no coincidence Kirk made a hard right turn soon after, as everyone who isn’t raised on platitudes knows bullying works. Its success probably converted more people to our side than every show he’s ever had. It was just plain good fun.

    Transitioning to the real world requires an iron will and forward thinking, and not throwing smart people working with you under the bus over disagreements. AFPAC was just getting better and better then blew up because people couldn’t get their egos checked, and the internet is so saturated with noise now that any movement without feet on the ground will be forgotten in short time.

    A guy like Patrick Casey will probably still be doing his thing in ten years, with moderate success, but Fuentes is on the path to blow up as his grudges and antics just keep piling on.

    • Interestingly, it was Casey and some others who thought of and organized the ambush on TP-USA. Fuentes publicized it on his show and took credit for it, but the real mastermind was Casey.

      • Casey’s group at the time was Identity Evropa. They succeeded in getting under the skin of TP-USA’s Charlie Kirk, who memorably pronounced the group Identity EV-ropa!

    • Were it that the Groypers would just show up at random events and belittle the speakers. They actually had a lot of potential but then, ironically, they threw optics out the window. A “movement” with Ali Alexander and Beardson is no better than one with Chris Cantwell and Augustus Invictus. I don’t know what Nick’s long-term plan is. I doubt he has one, except find some way, any way, to get mainstreamed.

      I think Patrick Casey is doing it right. He’s just grinding along. (He was one of the first to ring alarm bells about Fuentes, BTW.) So are the guys on Myth of the 20th Century. And Blackpilled. And John Derbyshire and the Zoracle.

      The guy doing it right, right now is the apparently 6′ 4″ Keith Woods. He has somehow gotten the attention of big players while saying things that should be cancellable.

      • I must confess I struggle to like Keith Woods. I get why Europeans obsess over America, but I still clench my teeth whenever they offer an opinion about our politics and culture. They need to tend to their own knitting.

        • “They need to tend to their own knitting.”

          Something along the lines of “waiting for Superman” comes to mind here. I’ve long ago attributed Europeans’ annoying fixation with America and American politics and social trends as having given up on their own politics to effect any meaningful change in their lives and an acknowledgement of their country’s insignificance on the world stage in matters of importance.

          • Agreed. They are admitting that the GAE is something like an omnipotent hyper-power and that their nations are impotent before it. Look at Germany and the Nordstream, for the love of God.

        • Well, Europe is an adjunct of the GAE. Euros’ criticism of AINO is, in some respect, a criticism of themselves.

        • I don’t think Keith spends much of his time commenting on America, does he? I really only watch his videos so maybe I’m getting only half of it. His videos are, at least, about esoteric stuff.

          In any case, I don’t mind European whites commenting on other white or Western countries. We’re all in this together, for now. Our common enemy is the GAE and neoliberalism.

          • Yeah, I may not be fair here. I sampled some of his online content, which was about American stuff and got turned off by it. He was also a Covid scold, which poisoned the well for me.

      • Impressive that Keith Woods is 6 foot 4, did not know that, but did he ever acknowledge that he was wrong in advocating for people to get the clot shot, or did he just fade into the bushes like Homer Simpson, in re that?

        Like with Ed Dutton, it’s a beta tell, to have not seen thru that, the most important issue, politically and existentially, of the last 10 thousand years.

        • No, Woods thinks he’s right about the shot, just like the TRS guys (Enoch, Stryker, et alia). I wonder if this has permitted the NJP to organize unmolested in the US to this point, after — of course — “vetting” of potential members.

        • S_e: “the most important issue, politically and existentially, of the last 10 thousand years”


          Six gorillion times,


          Nothing in our lives [nor in any of ancestors’ lives] is as important now as the search for non-v@xxed fertile White females with whom to procreate.

          And there are so very precious few of them.

          Maybe, at best, 12.5% of any particular age cohort?

          25% of an age cohort strikes me as being wildly over-optimistic.

          God forbid it’s as low as 6.75%.

      • Woods is trapped in Ireland. Until he gets out of Hate Speech Land, there is reason to be suspicious of his sudden rise under Musk on Twitter after years of being relegated to streams with 50+ watchers. Particularly his alliance with Joel Davis in Australia, who also says many things that the Austrialian authorities typically take an interest in, but who continues to float merrily along with nary a concern.

        • He’s not trapped in Ireland, he’s staying in his country .

          The idea that if he flees to the “Land of the Free” he’ll really start to have a political effect is contradicted by the ineffectual nature of the American dissidents

          • True. And it’s hardly as though AINO is a redoubtable bastion of free speech anymore. Probably not quite as bad as Ireland, but probably not a whole lot better, either.

          • Is Woods not restrained in what he can say? I believe he is. Quite a bit.

            These guys behind enemy lines who suddenly got a boost after the new hate speech laws went into effect (like Woods and Davis) should raise red flags. Woods and Davis have been accusing Bronze Age Pervert of taking Jewish money (from Peter Thiel) for years while they toiled in obscurity, yet as soon as the new Hate Speech Laws went into effect in Ireland and Woods got a retweet from Elon Musk, he’s become extremely high-profile and his audience has shot through the roof.

            One would think that would be dangerous right now, in Ireland, would it not? To be speaking on these topics so publicly, with an international audience, after one has accused others of being in the (((employ))) of certain folks and honeypots themselves? Hmmm.

  31. ” Fuentes is twenty-four and his typical follower is in his late teens and early twenties. In five years, Fuentes is no longer a kid.”

    Fuentes will be a kid when he dies at the ripe old age of 90.

    How many followers does he have, though? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? And regardless of the number of followers, how many are dedicated enough to do something more than push a “like” button on Fuentes’ latest diatribe? Celebrity always has been ephemeral. It is hard to see how digital celebrity would not be more ephemeral. Fuentes’ run has been only a few years. If it goes much longer it will be a shock.

    Your point about how this is a glimpse of the future is spot on, though. Cults probably will increase and expand as society reacts against atomization.

    • Christianity spread in response to the increasing instability of the Roman Empire. I wonder if we are about to see the reverse as the universalist empire of liberalism recedes. Western societies will atomize into closed groups that provide solidarity and protection.

      • Yes, I think this is happening now. On a macro scale we see a great sorting of people into areas where they feel safe and among similar people. On a smaller scale, the digital silo effect probably will be replicated in real life if that is not happening now. Atomization into smaller groups likely will increase at a rapid pace in the years to come. The contrast with the universalism of Christianity is every interesting.

        • You understand nothing.

          Christianity is universalist only in the sense that gold is universally recognized as money. Everybody actually engaged in trade understands its value, but it isn’t available to everybody just for the asking. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite.

          In the early centuries BC, Christianity was a proscribed religion, martyrdom was a frequent occurrence, and the moral demands were severe and stringently enforced. It was not in any sense a religion “for everybody” if by everybody we mean the gelatinous masses of interchangeable human detritus. Catechumens were subject to a rigorous selection process before admission to the sacraments. Mortal sins after baptism were often met with excommunication rather than sympathy.

          You know this. Everybody knows this. But your mind is so compartmentalized that you simply disconnect from whole domains of reality depending on what rhetorical mode you’re in. You’re like, “Hey, I’m posting on Z-Man now, so I’m going to act like religion is basically a materialist-psychological phenomenon, and Christianity is just another religion, and it’s a universal religion of soothing nostrums for the weak, because that’s the Z-Vibe that Z-Man cultivates and I need to get with it, baby.”

          Never mind that everything about your vibe is contradicted by known and established reality. Your piddling theory requires this falsification, so piddle you will.

          • AD, yet another ad hominem attack on a fairly stated matter of opinion by Dodson. I’m certain you’ve convinced him of his error. ;-(

          • For those sure that the word “religion” means only what they believe, this will not sound like a real religion. After all, the definition of religion is exactly what they believe, so by definition anything calling itself a religion that does not exactly match their beliefs is a false religion.

            Zman 8:1

          • “You understand nothing.”

            I understand this, at least. You can live in denial about what the church has wrought in the modern era, but it would behoove you to come to terms with it.

      • ” Western societies will atomize into closed groups that provide solidarity and protection.”

        Feudalism 2.0?

        • Kind of, but a clan within a larger tribe likely is a better way to describe the near-term groupings. Over time a feudal hierarchy may emerge and consolidate and shield all of the clans under its aegis, but initially the cult analogy will be closer to the reality. As I think through how much dissension there is among whites now, it is really hard to see that simply falling away. Puritans, after all, are an even greater threat than the capital “t” Tribe and its feral pets.

          • And such willing golems the Puritans have proven themselves to be. A real blessing in our midst, what say?

  32. Fuentes finest moment is dogging Ben Shapiro. His perhaps jump-sharking moment is going all-in on masked kanye.

      • Shapiro may be an example of how Fuentes can develop and maintain an audience as he ages with his cohort.

        No fan of Shapiro, but do recognize how he’s changed/modified his act over the years since he was a “College Republican” at UCLA.

  33. It’s interesting to note that, other than references on this site,(including this post), I never see or hear anything regarding this person. I wouldn’t know him if he delivered a package to my door.

    My kids, who are in their 30s, aren’t familiar with him either.

    He may be a future leader/influencer/important person, but he’s going to have to reach out beyond his current cohort to remain relevant.

    That said, I highly recommend Tuckers interview of RFK Jr.

    I enjoy getting background from individuals who were actually on site during important events.

    • I was going on too long, but I wanted to mention the increasing insularity. This is something you see with cults. Fuentes has told his followers to stay off gab, for example. They have all been booted from YouTube and Twitter. The result is they are increasingly cut off from the adults.

      • > Fuentes has told his followers to stay off gab

        This is a huge TELL. Gab is the one social network that isn’t completely controlled by the intel agencies (and the only one where follower counts aren’t completely made up.)

        • To add to your GAB point.
          He was supposedly on the FBI no fly list at one time. Now he’s not. The whole point of the list is to leverage you into making a deal.
          It’s looking more and more like he glows.

    • Tucker’s interview of RFK Jr was quite interesting.

      Love to hear Zman’s thoughts on the guy. (RFK Jr, not Tucker)

      Even if he’s 100% legit, I don’t think anyone who reads/posts here regularly has any illusions about how even a zealous populist (Trump, RFK) can have significant impact on the monster that is Leviathan.

      FDR was the last man to control the federal government, it took him 4 terms, a great depression, a World War, and credible threats to pack the Supreme Court.

    • Fuentes is a big fish in a rather small pond and a minnow who imagines himself a whale. The “most important person in the world”? Bah. He’s not even the most important person in the city where he dwells, whatever that may be.

  34. I know someone on this blog who used to be a part of that cult and was very sensitive about any criticism directed at Nick. It’s not like Nick has changed overnight. The warning signs were there long time ago.

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