A Surprise Ending

The latest indictments of Donald Trump are a good example of how narrative is a controlling feature of the managerial state. This is the fourth batch of indictments and arguably the most ridiculous. The players on the side of the regime are like characters from a racial satire. The fact that they accidentally posted the results before the grand jury vote is what we have come to expect in the crisis of competency. It is as if the regime is trying to prove the critics are right.

Putting aside the idiocy of it all, the interesting bit is how narrative drives the actions of the elites even when the narrative is false. They come up with a scenario for how things will unfold in their favor over some period of time. This gains circulation among the elites and their key servants in the managerial class. Those key servants then announce the narrative to the media, who then scurry about repeating it in various ways until it becomes the consensus.

We see this with the Trump indictments. Before the first indictment, there were rumors about the Department of Justice looking into Trump. Then we had some stories about pressure on Merrick Garland to appoint a special investigator to look into Trump’s role in the January 6 stuff. It was at this point the key servants arrived to deliver the narrative on the Trump indictment. They wrote op-eds and appeared on cable chat shows to explain to the media what will happen.

What would happen is this. Trump would be indicted for mean words and one of three things would follow. He would be disqualified under the 14th amendment. He would drop out of the race. The Republican Party would disqualify him. All of this assumed that once he was indicted, his support would collapse. The only people supporting him would be QAnon weirdos and election deniers. This could then be used to pressure him if pressure were needed.

Once the official narrative was announced, the race was on to be the star of the show that got the ball rolling. The affirmative action guy in New York pulled the lucky ticket and indicted Trump for the crime of paying his bills on time. The excitement among the media was as if they were waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive. They were about to see the fulfillment of the narrative. Trump showed up, got charged and then continued campaigning as his popularity spiked up.

It took a little while for the media to figure out that the narrative was not playing out as they had been promised. CNN had a townhall hosted by their new you-go-girl that was supposed to be a roasting of Trump over his legal issues. To their horror, you-go-girl was not as good on stage as on the couch. Trump all but put her over his knee for a good spanking. Worse yet, the audience turned on the bimbo and laughed along with Trump at the idiocy of the whole thing.

Instead of backtracking on the narrative, we got two sets of Federal indictments of Trump, along with the same story lines from the prior indictment. The only thing missing was a Greek chorus chanting, “We got him this time. There is no way he escapes the narrative after this indictment.” Of course, in both cases Trump’s polling has gone up as people begin to see him as a victim of a malevolent system. At this point, the official Trump narrative should have collapsed.

Instead, we have a fresh batch of indictments. There is also word that other states with crackpot governors are looking to indict Trump. It is becoming something like the iPod craze back in the before times. All of the fashionable people in the provinces now want an indictment of Trump like the cool people have in the big cities. At this rate, the Europeans will be indicting Trump. Maybe they can drag him to the Hague for crimes against humanity for eating his steak well done.

Note that in each effort to push the narrative along the focus has been on humiliating Trump in the process. In this new show from Georgia, the first thing they did was announce that they will mugshot Trump and spread the pic online. The fact that they continue to think they can humiliate this man by making him more popular is a staggering indictment of these people. Trump will be selling shirts with his mugshot on them to raise millions for his campaign.

The Trump business is just a recent example. The war on Russia has been controlled by elite narrative framing. It is the same process. They created a narrative of Russian collapse and instead of updating the narrative in the face of disconfirmation, they reinvent the narrative with new features, like a counter-offensive or now the new spring of 2024 Ukrainian offensive. No matter what reality is doing, the narrative must be protected, even if it could bring disaster.

This is something to keep in mind as the economy falters this autumn. People in the dreaded private sector will tell you that things are not great in the economy, and it has all the signs of a recession. Inflation is not defeated, despite claims to the contrary, and oil prices are rising just in time for the heating season. The rise in the cost of money is starting to have its effect on the economy. Now China is admitting that it is headed to recession, due to slack demand from the West.

This is happening while the regime prepares to run the corpse of Joe Biden as the man who not only saved the world from Trump, but the man who singlehandedly saved the economy from disaster. The key servants have been out instructing the media on the new narrative about the economy. This means we will be flooded with stories about the economic miracle just as the economy is tipping into recession. Such a disconnect is the sort of thing that causes revolutions.

That is what may be the death of our regime. The people at the top of it live in a world of narratives that are independent of reality. They are so sure they can compel reality to fit their version of reality that they cannot imagine an alternative ending. The Tsar, no doubt, could not imagine an alternative ending to his narrative. The many people who met the national razor never were shocked by the end to their narrative. Our rulers may be in for a surprise ending too.

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252 thoughts on “A Surprise Ending

  1. “The key servants have been out instructing the media on the new narrative about the economy. This means we will be flooded with stories about the economic miracle just as the economy is tipping into recession.”

    Just think, it was only 20 years ago we all had a good laugh at Baghdad Bob.

    Today there are millions just like him who comprise our “elite” class…

  2. Three brief comments:

    1. If you cannot recognize a Marxist takeover of your government by now, then you’re not particularly astute. It’s beyond dumbfounding to read reactions an analysis by the conservative commentary class, bemoaning the unequal application of the rule of law to the Trump scenario. They just don’t get it.

    2. This is, in large part, why Trump is fooked. The Marxist left has no fear of conservatives, and for good reason. There is no organized political right wing in America to form an opposition.

    3. Georgia’s new law makes it possible to discipline and remove rogue prosecutors. I believe the state Attorney General can take over cases from county-level District Attorneys. This law should be invoked to discipline the DA who brought the charges, and the AG should take over the case and drop all charges.

    • An example of that is the fine attorney Robert Barnes. He recently said on a podcast, talking about the Trump charges, something to the effect of: “If they get away with convicting Trump then our entire system of Justice will be upended.”

      The system has obviously already been upended. Barnes is a smart guy but he believes in the system. He thinks we can get the system to correct itself. We are well past that now.

      • Barnes is definitely a smart guy… just ask him… he will tell you (with several asides on how awesome he is on some other issue). Regardless of my snark, I do his opinions on multiple subjects and I do find his legal take on issues at least worth a listen.

        You are right though. Barnes and other lawyer types (See Glen Reynolds) are understandably loathe to see the forest for the trees. They still imagine we live in a world where laws exist and that purchasing their services will protect their clients. When the next phase comes, I hope one of those lawyers get to hear the urban thug equivalent of Pompey’s quip “Don’t quote laws to men with swords!”

  3. The Emperor of Ice-Cream

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    The only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream.

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    And spread it so as to cover her face.
    If her horny feet protrude, they come
    To show how cold she is, and dumb.
    Let the lamp affix its beam.
    The only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream.

  4. “There is also word that other states with crackpot governors are looking to indict Trump.” Cue AZ with fraudulently “elected” go girl-valley girl sounding katie hobbs. In real world reality, that stupid biotch would have a hard time landing a job as a receptionist….

  5. So much fascinating prognosticating by the best commentariat on the web. I really don’t have anything to add as far as what may happen short or long term. I am just personally amazed that Trump has remained fairly sanguine about the whole thing – if I were he I would have left the country. Perhaps he is the ultimate civnat and just does not believe they will take this step and imprison a former president. Perhaps he is convinced there will be some sort of deal or settlement. I don’t think he envisions spending the rest of his life in jail; I think he still believes the law and the system function to a certain point for people with money/status/notoriety like him. But what he doesn’t seem to comprehend is that there are no limits to their ambitions or hatreds. They want him gone, regardless of his followers. I used to think those who predicted this (Trump imprisoned or martyred) were exaggerating and unrealistic. I don’t think that any more.

    • Even after they perpetrated the Russia hoax against him, he continued to play politics with the DC machine as if they were good faith actors. So he could be just like a lot of normies who simply refuse to see the changing world that’s right in front of their face. Civnat to the bitter end.

        • Being obtuse, in this case, is a defense mechanism against a reality that is downright terrifying.

          You know, I know this steak doesn’t exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss.

    • Much of the Regime response to Trump is utterly irrational, which should come as no surprise given its recklessness with nuclear weapons. Even if these nutjobs were sane, which they most assuredly are not, how could they allow even the possibility of Trump’s return to power? They have done things that would fully warrant their mass executions. Trump seems fully cognizant of what would have to be done if he reassumed office–so that will not be allowed. It took him a long time to get there but he finally arrived albeit far too late. I find his calm reaction a tell. His stoicism in the face of the Beast is infinitely greater than anything he did in office. For the first time I actually admire the man despite his ridiculous CivNattery (which may be all gone) and buffoonery. That stoicism both elevates him and marks him. These people would gleefully murder the man and they will do it if they feel threatened enough.

      Back to the crazy aspect, and that is the big one, it is alarming. Cold, cynical corruption can be largely ignored. Insane people who have the force of arms and the requisite madness to conduct mindless genocide do not. As Compsci wrote below, the question is how far down will they go. I’ve started to think they will go deeper than I once allowed. Like all people gone mad, though, they think in such a disorganized manner they may be incapable of what they now seem ready to do. Unfortunately, many saw the Khmer Rouge in the same way.

      • Jack Dodson: “These people would gleefully murder the man and they will do it if they feel threatened enough.”

        A professor at the U of Chicago, named, Robert Pape, has polling data now which indicates that still rather smallish but very committed groups of USA voters are becoming radicalized & increasingly comfortable with the idea of violence in elections.

        UK Guardian article

        Robert Pape at the U of Chicago

        [Note that Pape (apparently) receives funding from the ADL.]

        • Who answers honestly when surveyed by some stranger about whether politically motivated violence is justified?

          I’m guessing the real numbers are a lot higher

    • Trump is the ultimate optimist; what else could he be given the arc of his life? Born into moderate wealth, with sufficient intellect to matriculate at Wharton after graduating military school where he was imbued, no doubt with the fighting spirit. Having also a moderate amount of good looks, not so much as to become a mirror-gazer, but enough to attract lots of female companionship, then embarking on a career in New York real estate, where only the strong–and those willing to deal with the Devil in the form of unions, government and organized crime (which, at times was all rolled up into the same entity)–survive and mirabile dictu! actually becoming extremely wealthy while doing so. Even his financial reverses eventually turned out fine and his wealth was not diminished. Yet, at the same time he was also able to be a very good parent (maybe not so good a spouse, but even that seems to have eventually worked out quite well after a couple false starts), with children from all his wives turning out to be equally attractive, intelligent and successful (well, maybe except for the one he had with Marla). He decided to become President, and once again against all odds and in the face of vicious, unending and relentless opposition, vilification and ridicule, he won! The only setback he experienced was his failure to win a second term, and that defeat was tainted by chicanery and outright thievery. Why would he not feel as if he was deprived unfairly of what he had won and therefore continue to fight to regain his victory? And why would he not, given all of his victories and successes against fearsome odds and opposition, expect to come out of this battle victorious as well? I believe that it is this quality–an almost Pollyannaish belief in his ability to surmount and win every fight–that continues to buoy him despite circumstances that would likely crush any other man. He reminds me of Alexander of Macedon, who won every fight in which he engaged, albeit only after protracted conflict, like his conquest of the City of Tyre, which took eight months and during which he suffered numerous reverses inflicted by the defenders of the city. It remains to be seen whether his optimism will again win the day. I hope so, not for his sake but for what remains of traditional America. There are no other champions waiting in the wings to rescue us. Just more politicians, even perhaps some good ones, but none with the irrepressible and optimistic fighting spirit of The Donald.

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  7. The danger here (for us) is the dopamine hit of feelz. Of course the plan is “no man, no problem,” Orange Man Bad not only perp walked and mugshotted but put in either general stir to be shanked (“we may never know …”) or Epsteined as he is put in solitary with the cameras off. No man no problem. And no, I don’t think that will touch things off. I doubt the Regime thinks that either.

    What will touch things off is the irresistible pull of all that loot. Every black DA in the nation is looking at the use of RICO laws to indict people with marginal connections like Mark Meadows to expand to Trump donor and voters and supporters. DAs can mass charge millions of Trump donors and seize through Civil Asset Forfeiture millions of White people’s bank accounts, cars, houses, and personal belongings. This can be expanded to likely Trump voters and supporters through AI identification. The AI says you backed Orange Man. That means the DA in Georgia or NYC or Chicago can take all your stuff. Civil Asset Forfeiture does not require even a trial, the charging authorities can take your property just by charging you; even if found not guilty they do not have to give it back. Call it “clever reparations” and I guarantee you it like formal “White Tax” reparations it is coming. Along with the Draft, and the general purging of the White officer corps (by demoting every White officer to private — it is the only way to do what the incoming JCS Chair wants — 43% at most White officers in the military).

    What is to stop the DA of Chicago, for example seizing the donor records of Trump donors and then mass charging them with RICO conspiracy, and simply seizing all their property? Nothing, and the DA would be hailed as a hero. Repeat every area controlled by Dems and its total lawfare. Not limited, unlimited. It was already piloted in Canada with the trucker donors. No one was punished, quite the reverse. So its coming. [Blame Canada.]

    They can’t stop at Trump. They won’t stop. The feelz of black DAs sticking it to millions of YT and taking their stuff (for personal use no doubt) is not something they can resist . Who is going to stop them?

    • When I was in college, while in a creative writing class, a classmate submitted a short story that has stuck with me (for some reason) for over 40 years. The premise was that a group of 100 people called the “Cassandra Project” committed their lives to a suicide mission to topple a corrupt government. Each member was assigned a key person in the government. They spent a year watching and studying that person. Then on a selected date they were, by virtue of long term planning and training, able to assassinate those people and commit suicide if escape was impossible. Each left a note explaining that the group responsible had 10,000 members (which they did not) and would be continuing the process until the government was cleansed of the current administration. I don’t remember the exact details of the story’s ending, but the premise has stuck with me all these years. Kind of makes me wonder what such dedicated people could do in todays America.

  8. It was somewhat gratifying to see The Rich Men North of Richmond get smacked upside the head by Oliver Anthony’s dobro guitar this past weekend. The previously unknown Virginia troubadour supplanted Taylor Swift at the number one position on itunes by serving up a steaming feces sandwich of a song for TPTB. The best comment that I saw was “When the number 1 song comes from district 12, President Snow is in trouble.”

  9. I must admit, I find the whole inditement thing very depressing. I don’t see him as a savior, but obviously it highlights the utter rot in the system, the futility of the demographic changes, and the complete take over of the culture at all levels. It seems likely he will not beat the rap, and go to prison. There will be no great awakening, no reorganizing of the country, and things will get much worse.

    • Trump has always been a grifter. But conservatives and fundamentalists are willing to overlook his patent immorality because they have deluded themselves into thinking he is “one of them”. He is a hypocrite. Trump touted pro-life, supported same-sex marriage, and (gasp) donated to Shitlery’s NY Senate campaign.

      Now, the Z-Man has crafted his own narrative, one that he has to live and die with. Somehow, someway, the “Deep State” has concocted out of thin air and gruel a host of charges against Trump. It just has to be a conspiracy of epic proportions.

      But we have Occam’s Razor to thank here–Trump and his cabal have been indicted in several jurisdictions because of their own malfeasance. They have bamboozled and flimflammed their supporters into believing they have adhered to the Constitution and to federal/state law.

      The moralists who insisted that “character matters,” and then embraced Donald J. Trump.

      The party of “law and order” that rationalized and downplayed the attacks on Capitol Police and now wants to DEFUND THE FBI.

      The folks who chanted “lock her up,” who now clutch pearls over the “weaponization” of the justice system against their felonious cult-leader.

      Furthermore, this is Ben Shapiro in 2015–“So, no president is actually going to do things — unless you’re Richard Nixon, presumably, and there are tapes — is going to have to do things that are particularly hands on. The government is run more like a mafiaesque organization, which is, you have somebody at the top who makes, you know, a basic demand that certain things be done, and somebody at the low level says, ‘OK, well, you know, I want to up my career.’ This is Henry II with Thomas Beckett, ‘Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?’ And someone goes and rids him of the meddlesome priest”.

      So, if we are to believe Shapiro, ANY presidential administration is/was a mafia run organization, and the state RICO charges in Georgia are legitimate to ensure that current or former presidents are held accountable.

      Here ended the lesson. Learn it well…

      • All those honorable, selfless and honest public servants who ran the government for the quarter century before Trump came along. Then, for no reason at all, the right went bonkers for the guy. Truly baffling.

        When you take the FBI’s dick out of your mouth, does it leave an aftertaste?

          • Toppling a straw man you spent that much effort building would be a little heartless. I apologize for my lack of decorum, but the absence of an edit feature forces me to live with my rashness.

            Anyhow, we can all pick a point in time, jump forward a couple of decades, note the discrepancy between those two points, and scream THOSE HYPOCRITES, while ignoring what transpired between, or why.

          • Anyone who is duped by Shapiro requires years of catching up and you will have to do that yourself.

          • We’ll wait for the fellas on the left to come along and disprove it to you personally. Because you’ll be getting the same treatment.

      • Alternatively, Trump is just what he always was, a Tip O’Neil Democrat who had the Democratic Party go insane on him. Absent Seth Meyers roasting him for 30 minutes over his WWE “feud” re Lightworker’s birth certificate he never would have run.

        The charges are bogus, like Tweeting out to watch hearings on TV. Its insane and the insanity of the ruling elites have ordinary people grasping for anything and any one. Heck I’d trade RFK most of whose policies I’d hate just to avoid the craziness.

        Even Zoolander was preferable to Mugatu. If that makes it clear to you.

        It is a measure of how insane, how desiring of mass conflict and violence the ruling Regime is that they can’t take “yes” for an answer. They want this fight, and for feelz sake they need it. Feelz is one heck of a drug.

      • They chanted lock her up because her laptop and emails were the dingleberry cherry on top of the selling off of America, selling out its people and long litany of treasons. Everyone saw how the Clinton Foundation foreign sales trough was taken down after she lost the election.

        I am not a Trump guy, but he does love the country and he does want to help it remain a nation-state that can regain its former glory. I believe he is sincere in his desire to do that rather than continue with the managed decline and dispossession of the Historic American Nation that Clinton/Obama/Bush and you and your ilk are committed to continuing.

          • What “points?” You refer to those “moralists.” Who? You know, a lot of those folks who said character matters, Romney, Bush, McCain, McConnell, and their followers, fought Trump every step of the way, and still do. Not that they had character, they are the slimiest bunch of corrupt lying two faced bastards known in modern times. But to assert that these “moralists who said character matters” then supported Trump is completely false. It was a largely different faction that supported Trump.

            The Clintons and the legal favoritism they received established the new precedent that character didn’t matter, the Trump supporters recognized this and acted within this new set of standards which now held sway, daring the “establishment” to do anything about it. And the establishment took them up on that dare. What these supporters wanted was someone who they believed might fight for their interests, character or no character, since no other politician seemingly could or would, or had, in a very long time, including those “moralists.” Bearing in mind too that a substantial portion of the Trump vote was just an anti Hillary vote.

            After the Russia hoax, which changed everything, and every other subsequent lawfare affront, distrust of and scorn for the FBI (and other associated institutions) should have become the default position for any person who ever cared at all about the rule of law. Bearing in mind that the public knowledge of such was probably only the tip of the iceberg of the malfeasance involved. If they were capable of that, then what else were they capable of? If they would do that, then what would they not do? Informed by this, J6, whatever it was or wasn’t, was completely understandable behavior, if rash and ill advised.

          • We arent all trump supporters here and zman has posts positing trump may have made things worse for us. So no one cares to defend the guy much.

            What we do mostly agree on is some groups are clearly born violent, low IQ, irrational, and ethnocentric. In contrast, It just so happens that white, working class, male christians invented everything that makes modern western civilization the best. It was even the best before 1492. But now we’ve given those former groups who’ve achieved next to nothing throughout history, POCs and women, an outsized impact on our “democracy” and institutions. And it doesnt help that another (((group))) is hellbent on printing trillions of dollars and rubbing our faces in clown makeup. So who or whatever force can come along and break this thing apart will be best for us, and eventually, everyone. So whether its trump, biden, or AOC, the sooner we find a catalyst for mass secession, the better.

  10. If you have a sufficiently high quality cut of meat, then your steak will taste good whether it’s well done, rare, or anything in between. The farther down the quality scale you go, the more it matters how you cook it. This point usually gets overlooked with respect to how Mr. Trump likes his steak.

    Speaking of going down the scale, my interest in the pogrom is not so much about what happens to Mr. Trump but in how far down the scale (and how severely) they intend to exact retribution for deviance. In Georgia clearly it is not stopping with him. Those other 18 folks are all going to get locked up. But I’m pretty sure it won’t stop there. Basic math prevents them from going after all 74 million who voted Trump. But it doesn’t prevent them from going after a few thousand, or a few tens of thousands. Which would cause no more fuss than was kicked up over that dead guy in Utah last week (without getting into whether that incident was real or fake, which is completely beside the point).

    And I have to adjust my own behavior accordingly. It’s not a point of pride cowering in my house fearful of The Man. But it was thoughts like this that came to mind when I entertained the notion of going to the AmRen conference. The risk/reward ratio said stay home.

    • Amen. I have kids that mean way more to me than any hope of salvaging this sinking ship of a country. Levoy Finnicum – always forget

    • I had to shake Jared’s hand just once in my life and say thanks for everything he’s done. It was worth it to me. It was almost a religious experience.

    • Jeffrey Zoar: “Speaking of going down the scale, my interest in the pogrom is not so much about what happens to Mr. Trump but in how far down the scale (and how severely) they intend to exact retribution for deviance. In Georgia clearly it is not stopping with him.”

      The trial is moving forward in Georgia because the establishmentarian GOP wants it to move forward, in order to destroy Trump.

      Furthermore, the Deep State assassinated Governor Kemp’s daughter’s boyfriend in a flagrantly public execution via car bomb, so as to send a message to anyone who fails to hold the ineluctable party line [which party line holds that Trump must be destroyed, at any and all costs].

      If the klowns such as Kemp weren’t all court eunuchs, then we could fight back against this lawfare shiznat.

      But every elected GOP pol is indeed an eunuch, with, of course, the sole exception of Donald Trump himself.

      And, again, that’s why Trump has to go: Because he’s the only goy in Amurrikkkun politics who hasn’t yet been castrated.

  11. Interesting mention of the Tsar. I remember that it was the charlatan Rasputin who played off of his wife’s weaknesses and superstitions that tipped the household over from using his best advisors to … Rasputin – who was busy having orgies with the aristocracy’s wives.

    Nothing would shock me here. I bet here in the elite culture of Burning Man the number of psilocibin and molly guzzling degenerates make the Tsar’s household and old Rasputin look like child’s play.

    Like the Tsar, there are factions who are very sober and waiting for their moment. Look no further than the Trump indictments. Every major actor is a black. Even Joy Reid got in on the action saying:

    “This magistrate judge is Moxila Upadhyaya,” she added. “A woman of color. The judge he (Trump) will be facing in the trial, a Jamaican-born woman of color. He seems to be facing sort of demographic reality”

    So they are admitting this is also racial revenge. Meme this out to Normieland. The mask is off and as they are pissed about this they can see the color of things very very clearly.

  12. Today’s missive regarding the latest indictments from Georgia is *not* more of the same old, same old—me too shenanigans. Georgia’s indictment is a raising of the stakes and presents perhaps the most dangerous escalation of lawfare to date.

    Note there are 19 individuals who have been indicted—Trump is only *one* of them. The rest predominantly are lawyers and other individuals who were hired to represent Trump and his concerns wrt the Georgia election results. Even though the Georgia indictments are ridiculous on their face, these indictments will need to be defended against by people with waay less resources than Trump—and no, these indictments are “criminal” in nature so malpractice insurance will not pay for defense against them.

    So lawfare has taken a new tact and sent an ominous warning to one and all: If you support/associate with Trump in his election bid, you will suffer persecution/punishment and you will not survive unscathed even if Trump does!

    The Georgia indictments have really little to do with Trump *directly* and should be seen in that manner. The Georgia indictments can be viewed more as an a warning to the little guy who may still think that it is his right to work for and support his political candidate for office. Today, the higher profile folks have been targeted, tomorrow in may be the folks in the local candidate’s office who man the phone banks or knock on doors soliciting votes.

    • It would appear to be an (probably successful) effort to discourage everyone from opposing the regime or even remotely helping those that might oppose them.

    • Consider the possibility that the lawfare, even though no doubt intended for the intended efffects, might have alternate effects not unlike those cited by Z in today’s missive. The Deep State keeps raising its bet, but at some point is going to be called and will be forced to show its hand.

    • Exactly, Compsci. The question now is how deep will they go. I suspect much deeper than we want to acknowledge. Federal Republican officeholders are corrupt cowards and parasites, but they do not meaningfully oppose the Regime because of a highly rational fear.

      It is not a matter of they won’t fight back.

      They can’t fight back.

      And as despicable as the frauds are, they are right there.

  13. I’ll say this: I stopped supporting Trump because it seemed to me he left his supporters in the lurch, but here he is, getting indicted. They will throw him in jail, but he’s not backing down. It’s redeeming. We’ll see what happens.

    • I never had high expectations of Trump, but at the very least he’s been a stye in the eye of my enemies. In a better world, that wouldn’t amount to much. In this one, better the stye is there than not.

  14. Anybody else see the fat negro parade with the indictments taken to the faggot judge? That uniformed negress with the 3″ eyelashes? Can’t help but giggle a little bit, even if it isnt funny.

    • What I saw was AA in action. It’s a total aside from the particular action being performed, but nonetheless painful to witness. As Z-man noted, it’s the decline AA has wrought being made horribly visible. I see no way out of this decline. Low IQ AA individuals have the high ground in Georgia.

    • To repeat a phrase,(with regards to the eyelashes and bitchin weave),

      What good is being black, if you cant act like a…..well, you know.

  15. The regime’s narratives reminds me of the Japanese arrogance in the early stages of the Pacific War. After winning a string of easy victories starting with Pearl Harbor, the Japanese were afflicted with senshoubyou or in English, “victory disease.” After Midway, the regime kept telling its people the imperial military won victory after victory, even though the U.S. started to stem the Tide at Midway and won the war in the Solomon Islands campaign. At Guadalcanal, after losing about 20,000 troops, the Japanese regime told their people they were “advancing in a different direction” after the navy withdrew the survivors.

    I think these narrative fantasies are a self-soothing technique for the regime. I’ve noticed that people have become accustomed to the lies and now are lost in cynicism. I’m one of those people. I naturally assume the initial reports are a lie, because the story always “changes.” So many institutions, such as medicine and our elections, have had their credibility sacrificed for a purpose I can’t even understand.

    • “So many institutions, such as medicine and our elections, have had their credibility sacrificed for a purpose I can’t even understand.”

      Ye gods. Ain’t that it, ain’t that it in a nutshell.

    • “I can run wild for six months…after that, I have no expectation of success.” — Isoroku Yamamoto

      • For the GAE it’s closer to 40 years than 6 months but it is the same basic principle. As long as there are no consequences or accountability then it can continue.

  16. mmack had an earlier comment with a reference to Moby Dick. Here’s an applicable quote:
    “Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering whale; to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee. Sink all coffins and all hearses to one common pool! and since neither can be mine, let me then tow to pieces, while still chasing thee, though tied to thee, thou damned whale! Thus, I give up the spear”!
    Dem/Lib (Ahab) to Trump (the white whale) – or might it be the other way around? No matter, tis’ a fight to the death.

    • The moral for our side, however, is that Ahab is whisked away as silently as a Yassassin bowstrings his target, and he is never heard of again. All that sound and fury for nothing. Call me pessimistic.

      • In keeping with the theme Moby Dick, how about “Call me Ishmael”. He too, was a cynical observer to the proceedings aboard the good ship Pequod.

        • Not at all. Ishmael is completely subsumed by Ahab’s quest. He even laments his inability to properly tell of Ahab’s nobility (Going from memory here – “Oh Ahab, what is noble in thee? I must pluck it…”). This is further seen by Ishmaels dissolution as narrrator until the end. The eagle soaring in a mountain valley as well.
          Sorry to be donnish, but Moby Dicknis my favorite book, and I am seriously an expert on the book. I even studied under a revered Melville scholar, a true feat in a field as bloated as Melville.

          • There is no buggery in Moby Dick. They do share a bed – not uncommon in their time. There is certainly an intimacy, but that word does not remotely mean sex. I would also point to Melville’s personal life: he was a strict Christian . Yes, he absolutely ticked off Puritan New England, but he absolutely followed the morals of the Bible. He was actually famous for being the customs inspector who did not rob the immigrants.
            And, as to the book itself, consider the Essex tail as the superficial dressing that adorned the greatest musing of the gods and man in the romantic tradition.

          • Eloi: And I was forced to read it in AP English in 11th grade . .. and I hated it. Skimmed it at best and wrote an awful fake paper on it (might have gotten a “D”). Still have no desire to go back and read it properly – so I’ll take your word for applicability of various quotes!

          • Eloi – top 5 favorite of mine too. Time to reread.
            Hopefully, at the end of all this it’s not that – I alone am escaped to tell thee.

          • Yeah but the snuggling with Queequeg and the part where they’re kneading the sperm whale juice together still seem pretty gay to me.

          • No signs that Melville was a fan of buggery, but he would know what happens, or not, having sailed on a whaler. He did comment that he would rather sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunken missionary.

      • Cultural Philistine that I am, I confess I’ve never read Moby Dick. I do know, based upon some history program, that the the novel is based upon an historical event, the whaler Essex that was destroyed by a whale. Several of the crew survived, but under, shall we say, less than ideal conditions.

  17. I remember back in 2000 the former governor of Missouri, Mel Carnahan, was running against John Ashcroft for the Senate seat. It was a particularly vicious race, and the political landscape was as divided then as it is divided now. Bill Clinton, like Trump, was immensely polarizing, and was the source of the friend-enemy distinction of the time. Except, of course, people still believed the media and gave the federal government the benefit of the doubt.

    Anyway, Carnahan died in a plane crash just before the election. Either because of sympathy, or an F— You to the odious John Ashcroft, Carnahan won…or, more precisely, his widow won the election (because Missouri law forbade a deceased person from being on he ballot).

    I see a similar thing maybe happening with Trump. People will sympathize with him, and give a middle finger to his odious opponent, and vote for him, and he may even get a majority of the vote (assuming TPTB are honest about the count). If Trump goes to jail and is barred from running, he will name a replacement, or someone will take up his mantle (LOTS of votes left on the table there!) and his replacement will win.

    And if history repeats itself, Trump or his replacement will soon be voted out of office by Jim Talent or a Talent-like figure. But at least we get to tell the story of how a dead man or an indicted man won against the establishment….

    • This is an interesting scenario, and your theory has merit. But who is the replacement? Tim Scott? This won’t work because a diversity hire is a poor “F-you” to the establishment. I wouldn’t vote for the guy even if Trump, with a hangman’s noose around his neck, endorsed Scott with his dying breath. I suspect I’m not alone.

      And let’s say the replacement is a non-cabal white guy. Not only will he not be allowed on the ballot, he will be financially and/or legally destroyed, much like General Flynn. Meanwhile, the establishment republicans will line up to denounce him, much like they’ve denounced the J6 political prisoners.

      At some point, the only person who will willing or able to stand up against the cabal will need to have real, fighting army at his back, which is part of what makes these times so dangerous.

      • BTW, I didn’t downvote you. The historical comparison and future scenario you laid out was rather interesting, even if I couldn’t quite agree with the way you see it playing out.

        • Why downvote for “disagreement”—that’s what this forum is about! I don’t agree, but upvoted for a well thought out presentation of an interesting idea which had not occurred to me previously.

          I keep my downvotes for particularly poorly thought out and derisive responses—and of course for trolls.

        • I think we have a grumpy anon who downvotes random comments. Or maybe the anon really liked John Ashcroft.

          • I think it’s those guys that pop up on occasion with dissertation sized posts and doing the “To be fair you need a really high IQ to understand my post” routine. After everyone takes the piss out of them they go on their revenge rampage, brutally adding that one single downvote to all your most anodyne posts for weeks on end and crippling your self-esteem and capacity to function as an actualized human being.

            Vox Day may be a clown but his gamma theory hits the mark.

      • Could this be a Mizzou play? (Missouri State ball team)

        The blacks are banding together to push out the white guy so they can get their black guy installed- as head of the sports team and as the admin at the college, or to bring back an Obama /Kamala duo to the White House. Historic, as the narrative says.

    • “If Trump goes to jail and is barred from running, he will name a replacement, or someone will take up his mantle (LOTS of votes left on the table there!) and his replacement will win.”

      Who is this magical replacement? Please offer a list of suitable stooges.

        • Scratch Gundy. He cucked and groveled when his players made a stink about his wearing a OANN t shirt

          • Today’s white coaches are cucks and negro worshipers by nature. They’re also Grillers to the core. Not that there’s any contradiction there, of course.

  18. Thermodynamics is the antithesis of Narrative. Ultimately volts and calories are more important than Tweets, indictments and press conferences.

    The Narrative will end when we run out of electricity, food and gibs for the masses. That’s it. The Regime can keep things running until that happens. We’re at record US oil production and even with the dry weather, we’re on our way to a very good US corn and soybean crop on top of Brazil’s record crop. Apparently enough white guys are running their farms and wells extremely efficiently.

    So this stuff can go on for a lot longer…..

  19. The Ukraine narrative will run into an iron reality wall. Trump however is in trouble IMHO. The Georgia and Washington charges are ridiculous but does anyone think he can’t be convicted of them? In those jurisdictions Trump could be convicted for any crime TPTB charge him with.

    Note that this stuff has been done for a very long time. False/made up charges against people are nothing new. It is just different this time in that TPTB did it to a former president.

      • Yes. Quite tragic for those people. The cabal is trying to make sure that anyone who works for an outside the cabal candidate had better think twice.

  20. Had these Very Clever People had ever read Moby Dick in their Advanced Placement English class and understood the key themes, they’d see themselves as Captain Ahab and understand where this fixation with Trump leads.

    Alas they are clever, not smart. The type of people who would burn down their house to kill a spider because hey, it killed the spider!

    Smart people would understand attention and an audience for Trump are like a combustible fuel and oxygen to a fire. Deprive him of attention or an audience and he would fade. But these are people who would pour gasoline on a fire to put it out because it’ll make everything burn faster so the fire will go out faster, right?

    Congratulations, in pursuing him you have legitimized him.

    • Great lines in snark…”To their horror, you-go-girl was not as good on stage as on the couch. Trump all but put her over his knee for a good spanking.”

      • Pyrrhus

        AI has nothing on Z in that regard. Only a human mind can come up with those gems.

      • Has that you-go-girl been seen on the air since then? I don’t have cable or anything but I saw some clips and she was humiliated.

  21. This is a really good post.

    I just want to point out, without any judgments pro or con, that mustache man and his unibrow buddy Rudy did a little prison time after that little putsch thingy, and a lot of history came afterward.

    Is this where they want us to go?

      • Yeah but it doesn’t have to be Trump who leads in the wake of this.

        The point is, the opposition to Weimar grew ever stronger once the German public recognized the struggle, in no small part because of those events.

        2024 is going to smash the credibility of our government to smithereens. What comes after remains to be seen, but at least it won’t be fueled by lies anymore.

        • Z: “…the regime prepares to run the corpse of Joe Biden as the man who not only saved the world from Trump, but the man who singlehandedly saved the economy from disaster”

          Sumguy: “2024 is going to smash the credibility of our government to smithereens. What comes after remains to be seen, but at least it won’t be fueled by lies anymore.”


          Does anyone remember that ancient time period, just a few short years ago, when Andrew Anglin would poast various pictures of ‘Joe Biden’, only the earlobes were all wrong in each picture?

          The consensus opinion was that the Secret Service had ordered plastic surgery on a bunch of agents in order to have body doubles in case of e.g. Biden collapsing & expiring at an inopportune moment.

          And there was significant chatter concerning the question of whether Joe Biden was even still alive, replete with memes about “Weekend at Bernie’s” [aka “Weekend at the Biden’s”].

          Point being that I’m worried Sumguy is wildly optimistic in declaring, “our government… won’t be fueled by lies anymore”.

          Personally, I can easily imagine the Council of the Sanhedrin keeping the body doubles on the payroll for as long as the Nielsen ratings for “Weekend at the Biden’s” continue to make the enterprise profitable.

          Although I’m guessing that this time around, they’ll send the stunt-men extras to the very best (((Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons))) in order to standardize those pesky earlobes.


          PS: Classically speaking, the voice would have been a dead giveaway.

          Just listening to the voice alone, people would have known immediately that the Secret Service agent was merely an actor hired to play the part of Joe Biden.

          But they’ve got AI voice-over software now which could alter the actor’s voice in real time, and few if any people would be able to discern the difference [between computer generated Biden-voice and real ackshual flesh-and-blood Biden-voice].

          Heck, for all I know, Joe Biden is already dead, and “his” press conferences have long since been using A.I. sampling of his mortal voice.

          • I do not doubt that body doubles have been used on occasion (certainly in show biz). Sadam Hussein reported made use of them.

            Nor do I doubt that simulated voices are possible. It’s already become an issue in entertainment: voices of famous singers living or dead may be appropriated for new songs. All manner of rights issues there for the attorneys to fight over. Do it in real time? Maybe.

            There are still just a few bugs in those above scenarios. Not the least of which is that the President must still physically interact with people. That’d have to include some who know him well, perhaps for a period of years.

            The weak link is almost always the human element. I doubt that a Biden clone, or a series of them, could possibly be kept secret.

            Right now, I class such rumors as about as well-founded as that secret directed energy weapons are to blame for the fires in Hawaii.

          • There are too many people close to Biden who would love to capitalize on his death, for it to remain a secret were it to happen.

          • Bros, I dunno about that.

            Bitch McConnell just had a frigging CEREBROVASCULAR EVENT on live national ta1mudvision.

            Do you think Bitch is still competent to tell whether he’s interacting with the Real Joe Bite Me versus merely an hired hand Secret Service agent who was given a few quick lessons in how to tweak the nipples of pre-pubescent girls?

            CHECK THE EARLOBES!!!!!

        • Why 2024? I thought we all know that Trump has been allegedly railroaded for the past 3 years. So then in that year the white masses will rise up, rebel, overthrow the gummint, and install Trump as their Caesar? Because that appears to be what you are implying.

          • No that’s not what I’m implying

            I’m implying that when half the people become fully aware that the game is rigged, the system loses its legitimacy because nobody believes the lies anymore. Anything can come after that. It may not even be what we would want. But at least it won’t be bullshit.

            I take no solace in some of the possibilities of the future, because I know things can get much worse, but there will be a strange kind of liberation in knowing that nobody believes the BS anymore so the regime gets a little more honest in their totalitarianism.

            It’s like I told a coworker today, I don’t ever want to vote for the candidates that are “permitted” to hold office, ever again. If the person isn’t a threat to the system, I’m not voting. I’d rather live under a dictator because eventually tyrants to get their just desserts

    • The painter guy had a whole army and organization by the time he was voted into power. A veritable paramilitary on the streets, fanatical and ruthless followers. Trump has none of that. He’s WWF compared to the painter’s Roman gladiator politics.

  22. Look, until Trump came along, and the lockdowns/masking, I had no idea that many of my neighbors, peers were fucking crazy.

    Fucking. Crazy.

    • Only a minority of my neighbors fell for the con…I view them as equivalent to the crazy but lovable old ladies in Arsenic and Old Lace….

      • pyrrhus: “Only a minority of my neighbors fell for the con…”

        You must not live within about a 250 mile radius of the nearest sh!tlibopolis.

        Montana, maybe?

        Or perhaps you’re a Leaf in far northern Saskatchewan?

        • Yeah, seriously. I am the only one in my family that did not drink the Koolaid. Some, yes, now have regrets.

          And those that sucked deeply of the drink included Fox News viewers….

      • Lovable? My experiences as a non masked man included having some middle aged white woman come up and approach me in a parking lot to give me lip.

        A young white woman, checkout person at a big box store too. A chubby white male, wearing a sticker on his chest, stuck there by his employer, about ‘six feet apart.’ He did not like the 2 finger chest poke from me when I reminded him he had moved within MY 6-foot perimeter.

        That last does not meet the female label in your post – but then again as a young, chuby, man-breasted soy male…

      • Agree. Even before masking outed the crazies, Trump revealed them for all to see. As in local, friends and family as it may be.

        Obviously, anyone within suburbs to city line knew the liberals. Obama/Biden stickers on the Prius, various flags, home-made signs to signal their agreement with the current thing.

        But now, instead of benign lefties, it is obvious that when ordered, they will see to it your children go to the gulag. Those that are not urging you via the point of a bayonet, will wave, tepidly, as you and yours are frog-marched off.

      • I am not find of the trite saying, “a distinction without a difference” but it would seem to apply.

        In terms of profiling people, way back, before it became reality – I used to say ‘wouldn’t it be great if every nut had a light bulb in his mouth, like Uncle Fester…’

        Hard not to notice, post-lockdown maskers tend to travel in pairs. Have crazy eyes over their masks. Signal their level of insanity via the actual size of their mask – under chin to just under eye sockets = max crazy.

        My approach is to give these people what they want: a wide berth. I also make a note of recalling the former mask people, and those that went all in, in my various circles. Treat them with, at best, condescension. And wary.

  23. Some sympathy for the Devil: those whose only outstanding quality is cunning are sad figures, but not as sad as the dupes who believe in them and without whom they’d be nothing.

    • “And if we are dupes are we not on that very account dupers also? must we not be dupers also?”
      — Pushbroom-sized Mustache Man, “Human, All Too Human” (preface 3).

  24. Trump may not be the Hammer of the Jews that everyone wanted, but he is at least turning out to be the Hammer of the Jew Narrative.

    • I think he is going to be more the nail than hammer. He will probably spend the rest of his life in jail. Insane, but the beatings will continue until morale and the narrative improves. The jurors will be doxxed and intimidated immediately. TPTB have worked their magic with any who dare touch Saint George Floyd, and they will pull out all the stops for Trump.

  25. Yes, the Crazy is escalating at an accelerating pace. That is a good thing. It means we will hit bottom sooner rather than later. And a very large cohort of the population is now fully aware that the system is horribly broken and that voting harder may not save us after all. Even Dan Bongino is starting to crack!

    In a similar fashion, many people are coming to realize that they need to prioritize self preservation above whining, debating, persuading, and praying for a miracle. And its not hard to foresee where things are headed. Ukraine will lose badly, the dollar will begin to crater, the economy will tank, and hardship will return like Russia in the 90s.

    But we don’t have to repeat the mistakes that they made. We don’t have to allow the oligarchs to run wild for a decade and loot the joint while we wait for a strong leader to arise. We can be smarter than that, and the bottom trough will be much shorter. Prepare and wait for the fog. Avoid the Jackboots as best you can. 4S & focus. It’s the only way to be sure.

  26. I’ve read China has begun to slip into deflation, so much so that the Chinese government came out and denied and declared there will be no deflation.

    As big as our bubble is, China’s bubble dwarfs it. Shoddily built ghost cities complete with fake drains and fake fire hydrants and even fake greenery next to buildings made from concrete mixed with sawdust to mountains of brand new trashed ebikes and fields of brand new EVs nobody will ever drive. Western brands are supposedly pulling out. I’ve read reports Western investors cannot get their money out of China.

    If things are as bad in China as I am lead to believe, a deflationary depression in China will drag the entire world down with it.

    • China may emulate the United States and use perpetual war as a stimulus if that happens. I agree that such a PRC downturn is beginning to look likely. The difference between the countries is that the Han will support Beijing, and Heritage America has learned to hate its Regime.

    • I have been bearish on China for a long time. Back in the 1990’s, I read about how the Chinese were reforming the banking system in order to join the WTO or one of the alphabet soup international economic groups. What they were doing is the old good bank/bad bank routine. They would fix a bad bank by creating a new bank, to which the good assets of the bad bank were sent. The bad bank was left with the bad stuff. The Fed does this when cleaning up a failed bank.

      The Chinese twist on this is they just made the bad bank disappear. It revealed something about the eastern mind that Western experts would never understand. From the Chinese perspective, the targets and standards were just obstacle to navigate. The West wanted to see certain numbers from the Chinese banking system, so they showed them those numbers. That is all it meant. The numbers themselves were meaningless.

      Not much has changed in China since the days of putting sandbags in the middle of tea casks.

      • The Chinese are also dealing with a demographic nightmare.

        Regardless, between general corruption, primitive (and corrupt) banking and the rigid nature of their system, I’d guess that China’s GDP per capita will level out between Mexico and Japan, so around $30k.

        It’ll still make them a monster economy, but not quite enough surplus to be a dominant world power.

        Indeed, we’re moving into a world where no one is a dominate world power. The US star is fading. Russia’s a regional power at best. China is too corrupt to do much on the world stage.

        Maybe, we’ll see a much smaller version of the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Economies become more local or regional. Militaries stay pretty close to home.

        The real question is how the global financial system keeps running. The dollar ain’t going anywhere, but if it (or treasuries) become less stable, that’s not good for anyone.

    • If there’s been one silver lining for the whole Covid debacle, it’s that the neoliberal bloc has been decoupling from China. Maybe in 2016 if China sneezed everyone would catch a cold, but I don’t see China doing much damage to the world’s economy. The only place that pines for cheap Chinese crap anymore is Africa.

      If China’s economy craters, then it will simply wall itself off from the rest of the world. By now, the Chinese believe they have stolen all they need to steal from the West. Many believe there’s not much left of value from the West. So they’ll keep making copies of copies of whatever Western-inspired tchotchkes keeps their bugmen happy, and they’ll ride it out until the CCP loses the mandate of heaven.

      • “The West wanted to see certain numbers from the Chinese banking system, so they showed them those numbers. That is all it meant. The numbers themselves were meaningless.”

        You sure they didn’t learn that from us?

        The economy already cratered in 2020, that was why covid was rolled out. The only thing different now from before then is i think all published numbers are straight up lies.

      • Will all the Chinese students in American universities return home and help found schools there?

        • Interesting thing about the Chinese students. A bunch still want to come here, but they aren’t so keen on staying as they were before. They, like us, think the US is going to pot. Mother China is the future, or so they believe.

          Or, Dr. Dre, if you will, “Nothing comes out when they move their lips, just a bunch of Chinglish, and motherf***ers act like they forgot about China.”

          • I really don’t “get” the black-Asian hate. Blacks hating White people is understandable given the nonstop propaganda inflaming the hatred. But the opposite is true with the Asians. There is never any anti-Asian hate in the news or in movies and TV in the US.

            Maybe it’s the Asian stores in black neighborhoods? I know there were a lot of Asian stores in my area when I was growing up. Familiarity breeds contempt, but with Asians, not hate, at least not by White people. Jealousy maybe?

          • Tars, feral blacks lash out at whoever is around. As you note, the Asians owning businesses in mostly black communities puts them in proximity. Simple as

          • The Ice Cube song “Black Korea” explains it pretty clearly, and that came out more than 30 years ago. It’s the stores in the black neighborhoods.

            Related, I recently rewatched “Menace II Society”. The opening scene in that movie could never be made today, and it was made by blacks back then.

      • The only place that pines for cheap Chinese crap anymore is Africa.

        Have you checked the labels on Target and Walmart products lately?

        • Or the thing he’s typing on to comment…

          China needs to be viewed in perspective. Few here are qualified to do so and writing them off as copy-cat crap-producing bug men is about as genius a move as believing in the Ghost of Keev’s impending descent upon Moscow with fire and brimstone.

          The truth is China has one bunch of problems and the West has another. Some are intertwined — we’re very far from decoupling despite all the rhetoric.

          Word to the wise: Serpentza and Buddy were basically bottom of the barrel ‘English Teachers’ who never played more than bush league in the PRC. Like Gordon Chang, they’re single-message doom grifters at this point.

          That Being Said… Chinese economy is in for a rough time. Sans Hutus, Sans the Chosen Eumenides, Sans Aztec Sacrifices, Sans positive expected value for elite treachery and sellouts (–> bullet in head, not a book deal and a job at Netflix).

          Interesting Times (there is no Chinese proverb about this, FWIW).

    • Ghost cities? New term to me. I googled it. Fascinating! Central planning’s fruit, at its finest. The closest US analogy I know of is “California City,” except it’s a city that exists mostly on maps, with very little infrastructure having been built.

      I’m far from an expert, but in an endgame scenario, there will likely be deflation and inflation at play. Not the least reason being that no money anywhere is tied to gold or other unit of value. For longer than anyone here’s been alive, the government has had [nearly] unlimited power to create money out of thin air. China is no different. Ultimately the limiting factor is whether others are willing to accept — or be forced to accept — the “money” in exchange for real goods and services.

      The US is dependent upon China — it’s about 17% of our imports: mostly stuff we would rather they make and sell to us cheaper than we used to do ourselves. And more ominously: a lot of stuff we can’t do ourselves, if we even knew how any more, or had the capacity to do so.

      • “The closest US analogy I know of is “California City,” except it’s a city that exists mostly on maps, with very little infrastructure having been built.”

        That’s kind of perfect.

    • Over at “Ace of Spades HQ”, a dissident-ish site, there are a couple pieces about shaky China economy and domestic CRE woes, respectively. I don’t know veracity of claims, but much was new information to me, although I don’t follow these closely.


      Red Chinese Real Estate Dominoes

      THE MORNING RANT: The Ticking Commercial Real Estate Bomb – Lenders are Seeking to Secure a Smaller Loss Now Before It All Blows Up

  27. Trump really is becoming a Jesus-like figure.

    Travelling all around the land, boldly spreading his message. Building a group of intense and committed followers, to the point of fanaticism. Facing intense and unjust persecution from the authorities.

    It’s a mistake to assume that any kind of ruling class non-sense will make him lose support or drop out. He’ll run from a jail cell if he has to and still get 70 million votes in the general with his mugshot plastered on all his campaign posters. (And maybe finally winning the black vote)

    The only question is, how far will our Pharisees go to remove Trump from stirring things up with the public? We all know what ultimately happened to Jesus. We may be closer to that than we think.

    Another question is, what does the Resurrection look like?

    • He increases in popularity because the charges are so obviously trumped up and ridiculous. One of the charges from yesterday is that he tweeted that people should tune in to oann or some network to watch some hearing. Another was that his lawyer sent a text message to a PA legislator to obtain the phone number of the speaker of the PA legislature.

      How they can even claim jurisdiction is beyond me unless the lawyer happened to be in Atlanta when the text was sent. Same with the TV tweet. He was still President at the time and probably not in Fulton county. The rest that I saw, though I didn’t see a lot of them, were equally ridiculous.

      But, the thing is, they found a grand jury to sign off on it. Finding a jury to find him guilty in Fulton county is probably not going to be that difficult.

      • The million dollar question is whether Shitavious can properly complete the verdict form and if Judge Shanika can read it aloud.

      • Especially when the results are filed before the Grand Jury has even voted…But at Dershowitz has stated, grand juries mean nothing, the prosecutors get whatever they ask for…

        • Indicting ham sandwiches and all notwithstanding, the grand jury is supposed to be one of the checks of power in the system. Prosecutors have such wide discretion and power that grand juries were supposed to put the brakes on the prosecutor’s power. Informed citizens in the community were supposed to be bulwark against this power by exercising community standards and recognizing malicious prosecutors.

          But over the long haul, people, particularly voters got dumber and more compliant as the vote expanded. Now, it is perfectly possible, particularly in a place like Atlanta, to get a jury made up of people who have never had a job or otherwise been productive in their entire lives.

    • Trump really is becoming a Jesus-like figure.

      Not Jesus, Julius.

      I’ve been calling Trump “Orange Julius” (as in Caesar) since 2016. It’s not just a clever moniker, it’s a direct and apropos historical analogy, whereas the comparison Jesus Christ is blasphemous on one side and wholly inappropriate on the other.

      He really is Julius Caesar, a traitor to his own class and popular hero who attempted to restore the greatness of his country, who was conspired against by the optimates (the Big Money party) in a completely underhanded, extralegal, and scandalous manner. Brutus and his cohorts even referred to their enormity as “defending democracy,” for added uncanniness. The historical parallels are nearly perfect.

      And one way or another, this is the final straw. The attack against Trump, whether it is successful or not, will bring about the end of the old and decadent republic and usher in the empire. Not the GAE of infamous note (that is just the name of the final version of the republic), but an empire where, whether it be well or ill-managed, will least be mercifully free of ideology. It will be a raw power struggle, but that too can be freeing in its own way; it eliminates all the pretense.

      It’s good to see that all the nonsense is collecting itself on one side of the political divide, so that its defeat will be all the more recognizable in the clear light of history.

      • Not the God-Emperor nonsense again. Trump is not even close up to the task. That should have been obvious during his first term already.
        Maybe if he were 30 years younger, and much braver and unscrupulous in his pursuit of power, he would have a chance.

        • You manifestly have no idea what is being discussed here, so kindly remain silent.

          • I have seen this kind of delusional nonsense since 2016. I am sure a big resolution to the current madness is going to happen any time now. This time for real, the *final* last straw. Really!

        • Definitely, but Trump was politically naive and came from a CEO mindset—let’s make a deal, and if not, my way or the highway—type thinking. What I believe his fans believe (hope for) today is that he’s learned his lesson and therefore will be formidable in office.

      • What happened to the plebians, the populares?
        Is this the period when people began to sell themselves into slavery to avoid the increasing taxes?
        That was the Roman version of crushing the middle class.

      • I’m sure I hate to nit pick just as much as you do… but self-regarding vulgarian Trump is presently more a late stage Pompey without an army. But he’ll be back on top real soon now… just as soon as he hops in the dinghy and confers with those Fine Egyptians. The Best Egyptians.

        Pompey as I’m sure you know was a yokel from the sticks. Practically a Gaul. Can’t be a class traitor when you got no class. Now the Gens Julia… What Julius Caesar wrought was class treachery (and a mighty fine thing, too).

  28. > Such a disconnect is the sort of thing that causes revolutions.

    “Hold my fries and beer, I am doing a revolution!”

    Yeah, right.

      • The national reserve of Ore-Ida and Bud Light is much larger than most people suspect.

      • When is that going to happen?

        The most likely scenario for anything resembling a revolution any time soon is if Trump somehow wins the election, despite the widespread propaganda and fraud and then the swamp creatures, which are 90% of the bureaucracy, declare that they are not going to obey his orders and instead direct their golems to riot and set the cities on fire, while mass arresting any of the fat patriots that decide to show off their guns (without actually ever using them).

        • There will be no revolution, only a steady, decades-long decay. The process has been in play for a couple of decades already, and what we’ve experienced this past 20 years or so is what we’ll experience for the next 20 or 30.

  29. I’ve maintained we can vote our way out of this, but not the way Normie thinks. The election of 2024 will be 1860 all over again, and a vote for the Bad Orange Man will be a vote for civil war initiated by the Left.
    We are presently at 1859.

    • The 2020 election was fortified not out of any fear of the Right, but because the Regime correctly calculated that California and Co. would leave the union if Trump were re-elected. Even a rigged election, certainly nothing new in the Banana Empire, pales in comparison to the current political trials of Trump and disenfranchising his voters. Xi and Putin likely have taken note and are ready to let ’em fly.

      The only reason there has not been a civil war is because all the aggression has come from only one side–the Left. When Normies voted for and elected Trump, which they assumed was how the system worked, their minor and tepid response was met with great reaction. Where this is playing with fire is if the current totalitarian political actions are accompanied by a financial meltdown that takes away Normie’s food and energy. Someone below suggested this will result in huge stimulus checks once again to individuals and businesses. That could stave off troubles if it (a) can be sustained and (b) inflation does not offset the gibs.

      One thing for certain is that from this point forward is the Regime will rule with a heavy hand against the will of at least half of the country as long as it retains power. That only works long term if people are fed and housed. Combine economic deprivation with a police state, and, yes, there will be at least a de facto separation from the hated white Right-leaning jurisdictions. That’s happening slow-mo now.

      It will be sporty.

      • Look at the 2021 riots in South Africa to see what could happen here if Left goes too far. Just “private security firms” defending their communities!

        • That’s the way it’s long been in “real” third world countries: the “rich” live in armed compounds. Even those whom we’d deem “middle class” live behind fences, locked metal gates (or the classy wrought iron typical in Latin countries) with generous broken glass atop high masonry walls and barbed wire where needed. Plenty of them are armed, too. In many regions, you rarely leave your compound, and you probably go at the least armed and preferably with armed escort.

      • Look how quickly inflation destroyed “gibs”. Took about 18 months and it ain’t over yet. Here in my berg min-wage was passed during Trump good times—with built-in cost of living raises—and folks are now no better off wage-wise.

        In addition, the wages having built-in COLA has cause a decline in businesses and hence more difficult obtaining employment. If this seems not to match news reports and such, remember I’m talking of the lower SES end of the populace.

      • You assume ceteris paribus with our domestic problems and baked-in decline and decay, with no “help along” from the outside. If foreign state actors were to retaliate in kind for the nord stream et al (and it isnt limited to Russia, we have been poking our fingers in eyes all over the world while the GAE had the whip hand, from Vietnamese fishing to Iranian uranium to Venezualan oil). The list of foreign rulers with legitimate grudges against GAE is basically a roll call at the UN. Imagine if all the vulnerable explody bits of American infrastructure were to be exploited by foreign governments with a stake in making sure they do not get personally “color revolutioned.”

        • This is a good point. Just in the last few years The GAE’s real allies have dwindled due to the regime’s stupidity and casual brutality. Even thoroughly cucked places like Germany have reason to distrust the people running the empire after seeing it carry out direct acts of war like the Nordstream caper. The list of people with scores to settle with the US keeps growing. If there are any competent, smart people still operating in the halls of power here they must be worried about a catastrophic collapse of good will around the world. This could be almost as bad as a collapse of the dollar and could happen independently or in tandem with that.

    • The flaw in the 1860 analogy is they didn’t have 21st century election fortification practices and technology back then. While a 2024 Trump victory would indeed touch off a civil war initiated by the “left,” such a victory is probably impossible. However, there’s a scenario in which support for Trump is so large that it makes the fraud even more obvious than 2020.

      • The flaw in the 1860 analogy is they didn’t have 21st century election fortification practices and technology back then.


        That’s a most bizarre lacunae if ever I heard one. The entire runup to the Civil War was nothing but “fortification” and attempts to counter it. The 3/5s Clause, the Missouri Compromise, the Mason-Dixon Line, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, it was all one big attempt to lock the other side out of controlling the government.

        And, yes, ballot box shenanigans, voter intimidation, and outright fraud occurred far and wide. There is nothing new under the sun.

      • There is more to the lincoln analogy. He wasnt even on the ballot in the Confederate States, but won the presidency. If 30 red states have 80% for Trump but he loses to 20 blue states, there is a fissure of division there. “Why should we be ruled by people we didn’t vote for” is powerful juju. Clarifying events showing that the system is nonrepresentational undermines the very validity of the system that is purportedly, nominally “democratic” and supposed to reflect the “will of the people.”

  30. What they’re doing to Trump is what they tried with Putin — specifically, the corrupt bought-and-paid-for ICC (International Criminal Court) issuing an arrest warrant for Putin because of his “war crimes.” Come to think of it, the ICC might issue an arrest warrant for Trump as well.

    This regime is on its way to the dustbin of history. Your posts here are the canary in the coal mine.

  31. The stupidest political action I’ve ever taken was donating real cash to DJT immediately in the wake of impeachment #1 then again after impeachment #2.

    It’s a matter of public record now; I suppose today’s ruling crowd could consider that bankrolling an insurrectionist and prosecutable under any number of statutes.

    This is why they can’t let go. It’s voter suppression on a massive scale.

    No sane person would have anything to do with national elections now, not even registering to vote in a political party primary. It’s a blood sport for the elites (an we ain’t elites)

    • “It’s voter suppression on a massive scale.”

      Yes, disenfranchising half the country is necessary and good for our democracy. People are pulling away from the system, from young white men in the South and Midwest who refuse to degrade and debase themselves with military service to parents yanking kids out of public schools. Not being part of the system also can draw attention but numbers become problematic to the Regime over time.

      • Said it before, will say it again: Australia-style mandatory voting is the future. It’s necessary to maintain kayfabe, for one thing — if half the country is laughing at the notion of Biden’s corpse getting 81 million votes in 2020, the laughter at the idea of Biden getting 100 million votes in 2024, especially when nobody knows anybody who actually voted, will be deafening.

        More to the point, it’s necessary to the psychology of the stupid, evil clowns who rule us. Voting is our chance to tell them how much we love them; how can we be so cruel as not to take it? Therefore, we will be made to take it.

        (If you are old enough to remember when junior high and high school still had “student government,” remember the fat, weird kid who thought it was really a vote and not a popularity contest? He’d somehow decide that not only was he going to “run” against the starting quarterback, but he was gonna WIN, too! The idiots in Washington are that kid, and they’ve never grown up. They are the Bourbons: They have forgotten nothing, and they have learned nothing. This is their revenge on the cool kids).

        • The fine for not voting in Australia is $20 and collection efforts are spotty. If anything, Oz is even more totalitarian than the United States now is. I personally had considered voting for or writing-jn Trump as an act of no confidence in the United States, but naaah. As you suggested, watching a 100 million total for Biden with less than a 50 percent turnout be explained with a straight face is the optimum outcome.

          • I would proudly wear my “I paid my Didn’t Vote Fine” over one of those stupid “I Voted!” stickers any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

          • Who the hell cares if voting is *manditory*? Voting all over is done by mail. I still pay bills by mail. Send me my mandatory ballot and I’ll return it with a big “F^&k You” written on it. Let them count the number of ballots returned and then the number of “under counts” for offices.

            Of course, the entire process—here at least—is pretty corrupt, so I expect they won’t allow such “protest” to be recorded or revealed.

          • I sent my jury duty summons back with not an FU but something close, difficulty hearing I think.

    • I withdrew my voter registration, and thus won’t be serving on any juries.

      It’s a way of segregating us, entirely, from “self-government”. Jim Snow.

      • I’ve reached an age here in AZ where I am excluded from jury duty reporting. Didn’t even know that was practiced, until informed by a friend in the business.

  32. Having lived around these people, I can understand their inability to break away from the narrative. What you have to understand is that for them, the narrative is reality and always has been.

    They grow in nice neighborhoods, the children of parents who don’t deal with reality (lawyers, doctors, media, professors, etc.). They go to nice schools with a few fairly bright non-whites so the narrative of everyone being equal seems real. They get good grades and go to nice colleges. They get more good grades and get a job in DC or NYC in media, government, think tanks, etc.

    Again, by following the narrative and writing nice papers, they are rewarded in the real world. They live in hipster parts of DC or NYC or LA. They have jobs that pay them real money. They live in real apartments. The narrative is reality because the checks always clear.

    They meet someone who also believes in the narrative, another media or government type, maybe a lawyer or consultant if they’re lucky. They move Bethesda or North Arlington, buy a house surrounded by people just like them. Their kids go to school.

    My point is that their house is real. The school is real. Their vacations are real. The parties around DC are real. For them, the narrative is reality. Indeed, the only thing that will stop their reality is turning away from the narrative. They will be fired. They will lose friends. For them, actual reality is the biggest danger to “their” reality.

    And, no, Trump being the nominee won’t destroy their narrative, nor will a recession, nor will Ukraine losing. The narrative will shift, and they will shift with it. And the checks will keep arriving and getting cashed.

    Given the demographics and the Left’s control of the voting process, they will not lose control of the government, media or academia anytime soon. The narrative will remain reality for these people.

    About the only thing that I can see causing actual reality crashing into their reality is a global sovereign debt crisis, which will come but could be a decade or more away. But even then, their reality would only be partially punctured. They’d create a new narrative and foist the paid of such an event on the people while keeping themselves (mostly) safe.

    • Thanks for the dose of reality…

      It’s a good antidote to the counter-narrative of imminent financial collapse and subsequent revolution.

      • California, Brazil, heck, even South Africa continue to stagger along. We’re a long way from revolution.

        But I do believe that the debt burden – public and private – will cause issues over the next decade. There’s simply no way that the world can service its debt at anything other than interest rates below inflation.

        That will cause problems, which will hurt – but not destroy – our rulers and their ability to rule.

        • Quite. The path will be stony, but will not lead the GAE into the Gorge of Eternal Peril.

        • Quite so, even though South Africa as a nation was destroyed- rather, skinned, gutted, with them wearing the skin while demanding your respect.

          (Rhodesia in the meantime got the Yugoslavia treatment. Wild how South Africa’s “reorganization” earned it loan credit from the international banking community, while an industrial state like Yugoslavia got bombed.)

    • CoaSC-

      I just skimmed a sportsball message board that covers my alma mater.

      In one thread, normies were discussing their kids going through college and graduating.

      One normie earnestly posted,

      “The business world is a pure meritocracy. All that matters is how well you perform.”


      • How could any sentient person in this place believe that now? That hasn’t been true for a couple of generations and gets worse every day. The guy who posted that probably had a job waiting for him at his father’s law firm or something like that upon graduation. I’ve known so many people who were born on third base and believed with all their heart that they hit a triple to get there. It’s sickening and they deserve maximum hardship to teach them a lesson.

    • I interacted with the people you describe for a considerable period and what you wrote about them is dead on. I differ to a small degree as to their staying power. Ultimately they are drones, basically the administrative wing of the American nomenklatura. They are dispensable once the queen is fertilized.

      They do live in their own reality or narrative, if you will, and are utterly clueless to the world around them. History is replete with examples of these types being so isolated they did not realize the wolf was at the door until it was at their throat.

      A sovereign debt crisis will have the limited effect you described, but an increasing inability to reach into the outer limits of the Empire, abroad but domestically as well as jurisdictions peel off due to self-sorting, is underway even now. They are completely clueless to it.

      They will live comfortably in their own narrative until they don’t. They could spare themselves and everyone else a lot of grief at some point (no clue when) if there was a bit more awareness. That will not happen, and they, too, will be discarded in due time.

      • Yes, I should probably distinguish between the upper level folks and the mid-level managerial class.

        The upper level won’t be impacted until the whole thing collapses, which won’t happen in my lifetime. But the mid-level could feel some pain at some point.

        As the empire shrinks so too does the need and ability to pay for lower level managerial class. Businesses don’t need as many DIE experts. Think tanks start to lose donor money. Government agencies start to shrink.

        Heck, you’ve already seen this dynamic in the media. The top media people has seen no change to their lives over the past 25 years, but the mid and lower level were decimated. There are dramatically less of them than in the past and the ones hanging on are paid much less and are much more vulnerable to losing their jobs.

        I could see a similar dynamic happening in other areas of the managerial class over the next decade or so.

        • The decimation has happened albeit at a smaller scale already in law and medicine, due in part to technology but largely because of costs.

          Right re the upper and middle echelons. As to D.C., something that is highly amusing and telling is how the middle goes on an on about attending so-and-so’s party or whatever. The upper never does this, and it is a quick way to distinguish the two.

          • Yep, the mid and lower level managerial types in DC view the parties at various venues as a perk. The true upper level view them as a burden.

            The people really running the show don’t enjoy having to deal with mid and lower-level managerial types. But it’s kind of part of the job. Those lower level types need to feel as though they’re a part of something big and to get to talk with senator so and so or under secretary of this or that, even if just for a few minutes.

            Lower level press or Hill staffers live for those parties.

          • A friend of my wife’s is an exemplary bottom-of-the-cloud person, an orchestral musician, prodigy/virtuoso/soloist with her name on the cover of a hundred CDs. She has no enthusiasm for music but she gets a wide-eyed orgasmic thrill naming politicians she’s recently met at a reception or fundraiser, telling us which billionaire’s daughter she’s been hired to give rudimentary lessons to, etc.

            She comes from a family of highly talented but materially and socially unsuccessful people. She hates them all for not just *following the rules* like she does.

            You know what the sign in her yard says.

    • Citizen: Spot on. All my husband’s old friends, from when we worked for the federal government, live in that paradigm. Even those who left and worked in the private sector. They all got high paying jobs and are enjoying a cushy retirement. All their kids got advanced degrees and got high paying jobs, too. But the very few daughters who married quickly divorced. None of them have grandchildren.

      These are all people who were/are classic conservatives – lots of prior military service, etc. Many of the guys were lower middle class, to start, but they married ‘citizen of the world’ elite women and following the elite rules of behavior and belief have made them quite comfortable, even if their direct family lines will vanish from history. And every last one of them would think all of us here insane, foil-hat wearing notsees.

      Perhaps they don’t worry about the future because they don’t have one. One guy expressed envy when my husband shared pictures of the property we bought and relocated to – supposedly he and his wife were considering a second home outside the DC area. But his wife (daughter of FSO’s who was raised abroad) would never live in a cabin in the woods – she had her eye on 5000 sq ft homes on a few manicured acres.

      That we have nothing in common any longer goes without saying – my husband can compartmentalize and text old friends and keep politics and cultural issues out of it. Fwiw, same goes for many of his high school friends – they got jobs with the local, state, or federal government. They have pensions . . . as well as lesbian and trannie daughters, or illegitimate grandkids from their sons.

      My husband is one of the few still working. He didn’t have a financial advisor and a thrift savings account to invest for 25 years. And our sons have their own issues, but they are both Christian and heterosexual, and our grandson is legitimate. I suppose it depends on what one ultimately values most. In our case it was not money and status.

  33. One can only laugh as the mainstream media repeats the mantra “No one is above the law” as this kangaroo court proceeding continues to play out with Trump. As if many of us haven’t paid attention over the years as numerous politicians and public figures were given passes for transgressions with more substance than the trumped up charges in Georgia. (pun intended)

    The regime, as Zman says, is lacking even a modicum of competence at this point to even pull off a decent snow job against their opponents. We see more and more examples of this almost daily.

    • They could have put Hunter Biden in jail for a few months to create an illusion of impartiality before the Trump mess, but even that was too much.

      • Chet,

        That’s what I keep thinking about. They had some options available that would have made these actions against Trump have the veneer of legitimacy. Prosecuting Hunter and having some actual consequences (minimum jail time, long probation, drug rehab, etc) would have given cover to going after Trump. Not fully, of course, but enough to keep normie believing that the system is still fully functional.

        Imagine the official line from the White House being, “Look! Even the President’s Son is not above the law! Why would a former President get a pass?”

        • I contend you miss their view and success. This is legitimate from their rationale. In the world of for us or against us, they have nearly completely codified the duality. The point is to make this clear to normie what is acceptable and not. The Trump jailing will only strengthen their view. Every Trump donor will now be on the watchlist, and they will make examples of social influencers who support(ed) Trump. This is not a system decaying – it is a system that is reorganizing and strengthening. To say they have no legitimacy is to claim that we have the final say in what goes and what does not. We do not. It is the true meaning of the world “legitimate”: to make legal. They have made clearly legal the use of the legal system against those who oppose the grand design. The Enabling Act was legitimate. So is this. Wrong, wicked, evil, sure. But this movement is legitimate.

          • I wish this could be upvoted a thousand times because it is completely accurate. The Regime sees what others label as “hypocrisy,” “two-tiered justice,” etc., as consolidation of power and hence justified.

          • Sadly, I have to agree with you. As ridiculous as these indictments of Trump are, he will be convicted. And even if Ramaswamy were to be elected President and followed through on his promise to pardon Trump, the President can only pardon Federal crimes. The convictions in New York and Georgia will stand.

            (Since the swing states have been fortified for democracy, Ramaswamy has a 0% chance of being elected President. I just included that as a best case scenario.)

            So the bottom line is that this charade will succeed. I don’t know if Trump will actually go to prison. (How would the secret service in prison work?) He will, however, be destroyed, financially and politically.

            I almost think the regime is purposely making this look ridiculous just to show people that the “rule of law” is now irrelevant. “Take your Constitution and shove it up your ass, you bunch of serfs. See what happens when you try to take us on?”

          • Indeed. Not indicting Hunter proved that the regime can offer what Trump cannot: protection.

            “-it is a system that is reorganizing and strengthening.”

            Excellent observation, the Drawbridge Economy is being pulled up.

          • Niccolo Soldo (I think), FistedFoucault on Twiiter, has written extensively in agreement with this point, talking about “Turbo America”.

        • “… would have made these actions against Trump have the veneer of legitimacy….”

          I suspect the lack of “veneer” is a feature, not a defect, of the process. Think about it…

    • Between the idiotic planning and execution of the vaunted counteroffensive and KJP’s recent tweet, no one should be worried that the regime has the competence to implement a digital surveillance panopticon.

      • Tell that to the J6ers who are rotting in prison. You may point out that much of the information was garnered from private parties. I counter that the private parties (banks, hotels, social media, etc.) are part of the hydra.

          • Okay, here’s a screenshot:


            I guess the obvious question is how Biden’s teleprompter script got sent to KJP’s Twitter account.

            If they were in the same medium, for instance, if KJP were accidentally reading from what she thought was her teleprompter [but what was ackshually Biden’s teleprompter], then she being too stoopid to realize what she was doing [in reading Biden’s script to the public], would make complete sense.

            But moving it to an entirely different medium altogether – out of the teleprompter and across the entire internet to an account at Twitter – that requires some serious incompetence.

            The Council of the Sanhedrin must have ordered up a new software package for the Biden Whitehouse, to make absolutely certain that everyone stayed “on message” [per the Frankfurt School psy-op du jour], and the software must have had some “Drag and Drop” functionality to it, and somebody must have accidentally dragged the teleprompter script out of the Biden teleprompter folder, and dropped it into the KJP outgoing Twitter feed folder, which then automatically uploaded it to KJP’s Twitter account.

            The Council of the Sanhedrin badly misunderestimated the IQs of their shabbos goyische slaves when they approved that software package for primetime.

  34. They might be incompetent idiots, but it is likely that Mr Trump will spend the rest of his life in prison.

    • I want them to convict Trump and send him to prison. Nothing against Trump, but it would help push a lot of Normies over the edge.

        • Trump would just love the ride. Which is fine. His job is to be the wrecking ball of the system. The ball doesn’t have to care.

        • The irony is Trump has been turned into Lech Walesa. The United States is infinitely more retarded than communist Poland, though.

      • Citizen, I think that you think too highly of the “Normies”. They could send Trump to prison, hell, they could behead him on “The View”, and Normie would somehow convince himself that this would never will happen again if the Republicans could just take the Presidency and Congress in the next election, so “vote harder” and all will be well. The average American citizen is just like the frog in the old parable about the scorpion and the river crossing.

    • The question is, what happens when all this reaches the Supreme Court? Will the SC be the rubber stamp of the Power Structure, or will it show some integrity, professionalism and independence? To my mind, the answer is not entirely clear.

      • Good question, and I’ll take a stab at it.

        There will a noisy, angry split among the “Right” justices (the “Left” per usual will be in lockstep). Roberts and Kavanaugh and maybe Barrett will join with the “Left” in upholding the convictions. What little naive faith remains in the judicial system immediately will evaporate among huge swathes of the country.

        Delegitimizing the “justice” system along with the political and governmental processes is a good thing in my opinion, but regardless of personal preferences it is happening. A 4-5 or 3-6 split upholding a blatantly political persecution will be the death knell for it.

        • When Clarence Thomas gets the brothel pillow treatment (a la Scalia), they’ll put in Merrick Garfinkel.

      • This is what I’m wondering. I feel this is a troll of the supreme court and to bait them into overturning conviction or indictment.

  35. > This is something to keep in mind as the economy falters this autumn. People in the dreaded private sector will tell you that things are not great in the economy, and it has all the signs of a recession

    This is a done deal. Where I work in Automotive our team has already noticed major drying up of capital in startups and new projects While our company is one of the good ones that loathes economic layoffs, all the smart people are preparing.

    • Seeing even worse at GloboBank.
      Over 80% of central business district commercial office space is superfluous. The S&L and ’08 collapses could be worked out: companies still needed space for their employees.
      1. Sky-high property taxes.
      2. Commute time.
      3. Crime.
      4. Fewer employees.
      5. Companies DON’T NEED the space for their employees.

      Goldman Sachs screaming at their clients to mandate “return to office” is not a solution. CRE is an expense and the fixed costs associated with it are permanent until the structure is replaced with a parking lot or a corn field.

      • Over at Ace of Spades, there’s what seems a good piece about this problem (CRE):


        THE MORNING RANT: The Ticking Commercial Real Estate Bomb – Lenders are Seeking to Secure a Smaller Loss Now Before It All Blows Up

    • This is the real wildcard. The regime would have a tough enough time already with things remaining the same (thus their burning desire to lock up anyone not on board with them) but a genuine crisis (perhaps more than one) is shaping up to hit in the next 12 months with half the country already seeing them as illegitimate.

  36. It really is amazing, the way the the blow back takes shape. On OyTube, this fat, red headed beardo kid sang a ballad about the “Rich Men North Of Richmond”.

    I shouldn’t be a dink; he wrote and sang it well, and all the grillers, chillers, and normies heaved a collective pensive sigh… and gave him a standing ovation.

    I suppose the Globohomo antibodies will swing into action now: the kid will get insane offers of money, but he will need to change or “tweak his message” for his new rich sponsors. It won’t be long now before people start shooting establishment hacks and traitors, and throwing bombs at their mouthpieces. Clearly, Clown World will be swept aside in the coming festivities. What will a serious new govt look like?

  37. I’ve come to the conclusion that once they see us tipping into recession it’ll be the Covid playbook all over again with direct payments to businesses and “stimmy checks” for all. If not they’ll turn the people on the Republicans in the House as “bad people who won’t give you stimmy.” Fiscal sanity doesn’t play in a country that went insane. Like Michael Jackson’s accountant who likely told him he couldn’t afford Neverland Ranch, and especially the zoo. We’re all five year olds living with Michael Jackson. I just hope he OD’s soon.

    • I don’t think people understand how Covid government spending was the catalyst to serious problem. From a budget standpoint, Covid was this empire’s Syracuse.

      Debt to GDP went from 100% to 130% over a year. That money was going to be used for the Boomers’ entitlements over the next decade or so. Poof. Gone in less than 12 months.

      The spending and supply shocks also caused inflation, which meant higher interest rates. The combination of inflation, higher rates and debt to GDP of 125% is a killer. And it’s not just us, it’s the whole world.

      Govts around the world put themselves in a box where there’s no escape except austerity (not going to happen), default (not going to happen) or financial repression (difficult but the only real option).

      The Covid lockdowns and stimulus spending should go down in history as the turning point for an entire global system and GAE.

      • Yep. I predict that we’ll follow Canada’s lead and push hard for life ending “affirmation” with “dignity.” The cheapest way to reduce Medicare rolls. Good Morning America will put a nice spin on checking out. It’ll be the biggest health craze since jazzercise.

        • Nah, the cheapest way to reduce Medicare rolls is to shut off the water, barricade the roads, fail to sound any alarm or coordinate any evacuation, and then let nature take its course anytime there is a natural disaster. Bonus if the disaster is a “wild” fire so there’s no need for stacks of coffins and we can all Build Back Better with WEF 15-minute Smart Prisons!

          • What they don’t tell you about the “15 minutes” is that it refers to how long it will take for the elevator in your bug building – if you’re lucky.

    • Worse: we’re the adults in the Twilight Zone’s episode “It’s a Good Life.” I only recall the one from the 80s Twilight Zone Movie, which (judging from the Wikipedia entry) has a slightly rewritten plot compared to the TV original.

  38. “To their horror, you-go-girl was not as good on stage as on the couch. Trump all but put her over his knee for a good spanking.”

    I’m still laughing at that one.

  39. I wonder what we will think of the current times when we are able to look back? That is if any if us survives the coming unpleasantness.


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