Covid II: Revenge Of The Experts

In the fullness of time the ape historians may refer to this time as the age of reboots because everything seems to be a remake of the past. It is not just movies and television shows that are constantly rebooted. Must of our politics is a replay of the 1930’s, the 1960’s or the 1980’s. Every villain is Hitler or Bull Connor, and every victim is Ann Frank or Emmet Till. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to hear that the people in charge are planning to reboot the Covid franchise.

Despite a mountain of evidence showing that none of the Covid mandates made a lick of difference when Covid was a real thing, we are seeing them comeback as we get a glimpse of what we used to call flu season. A few cases of the sniffles have school systems cancelling classes and installing plastic bubbles again. A college in Georgia has brought back all of their Covid restrictions. Fake TV doctors are out pitching the latest Pfizer products, just in time for the holidays!

The “experts” who told you to tie your underwear around your head and stand in little circles painted on the floor at the grocery store are now saying there is a new variant with a really cool name. The Eris variant, perhaps the result of the Evropa Project, is spreading like an untended Hawaii wildfire. The “experts” say it spreads much faster than the prior variants, which must be bad. That is why we must act now as we only have a few weeks to flatten the curve.

Thankfully, the drug dealers have a cure for what ails you. Just in time for cold and flu season, they have a new batch of vaccines. What makes a reboot so attractive is they already have the IP established. They do not have to invest in making the public aware of the new thing, so those savings drop to the bottom line. In the case of the vaccines, they still have millions of doses of the last batch, so it is just a matter of slapping on some new labels and handing out some new bribes.

You are probably thinking that there is no way that they can reboot the Covid franchise so soon after the original finally ended. After all, public opinion has moved hard against the nanny state nonsense that defined the original Covid run. Companies are still struggling to get their people back into offices. Most of the hard thumping Covidians now pretend they never fell for it. Despite is all, it looks like the Biden administration is moving ahead with plans to reboot the franchise.

The conspiratorial minded suspect that the regime is plotting some new shenanigans and forcing people off the streets with Covid mandates is part of the plan. If you are going to put one of the presidential candidates in jail, for example, having a ban in place against forming up crowds would be useful. That way the regime would not have to worry about another January 6. If protests broke out, they could unleash the dogs and firehoses in the name of public health.

The more likely answer is that Covid was just one giant leap in the direction of security tyranny that is all around us now. The health care system is now full of people who think it is their duty to push you around for your own good. Every business now has a safety manager who thinks like a paranoid helicopter mom. Public health officials have the same attitude as the staff of a prison. They see themselves as your perpetual guardian and you as a problem they must solve.

That last bit is the vital part. The more people pointed out the idiocy of the Covid polices the more determined the Covidians were to hold the line. Just as the managerial elite have come to define themselves in opposition to the masses, our army of experts define themselves in opposition to the people pointing out their mistakes. The more the evidence stacked up that the Covid regime was a sham, the more determined the Covid experts were to hold the line on the mandates.

Since so much of what animates our ruling class is a redress of past grievances, this reboot of Covid could be an effort to do it right this time. The experts will proclaim a public health emergency over Covid. The public health managers will claim they are better prepared this time and launch into rounds of public health theater that prove they are on top of things, while countering the “disinformation” about Covid. It sounds crazy, but we live in a ridiculous age.

There is also a weird psychology involved in the reboot lifestyle. We see this with the repeated reboots in Hollywood. Even when it is obvious that the planned remake of a classic is going to fail, they forge ahead anyway. Hollywood released a Terminator remake with a decrepit Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a geriatric robot interior decorator named Karl. Clearly there is some form of psychosis at the heart of this berserk desire to reimagine the past.

The big question is whether the public will fall in line again. There are reasons to think they will not go along with it. The novelty of working at home has passed, so that carrot is no longer available. The public is far more cynical about this stuff now, given the endless stream of official shenanigans. Only the dullest of zombies believe anything coming from official sources now. This reboot would look like a farce, even to people who enjoyed the original Covid theater.

On the other hand, cavalier disregard for public opinion is becoming a charm on the purity bracelets of the political class. If you are willing to offer Biden’s crackhead son a sweetheart deal with blanket immunity then appoint a family friend to be the special investigator after the deal blows up, you might look at a Covid reboot as a way to show your friends you really do not care what anyone thinks. Spiting the ungrateful masses with a Covid scare is just the ticket.

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278 thoughts on “Covid II: Revenge Of The Experts

  1. RE “There is also a weird psychology involved in the reboot lifestyle. We see this with the repeated reboots in Hollywood. Even when it is obvious that the planned remake of a classic is going to fail, they forge ahead anyway.”

    Yeah reboots or cinematic reboots of a perversion of history. Let’s take the current “Oppenheimer” movie.

    This movie omits the unnecessary and evil bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and also of its testing grounds in New Mexico and the Marshall Islands as if there were no innocent victims and grave harm done ( which shows the lack of conscience of its creator/filmmaker/director. And much dark facts on Oppenheimer himself are also concealed in this Hollywood movie (

    So this immoral director presents a whitewash of history, a fake history account. Memory holing of real atrocities is immorality, a serious crime per any reasonable humane standard. The Nazi Holocaust should “not be forgotten” but the US Holocausts at Hiroshima/Nagasaki are fine “to forget.” But this memory holing is in line with what it is: a stylish propaganda movie of the genocidal US empire, made by its criminal Hollywood ‘dream factory’/propaganda apparatus. A celebration of the “wonders of technology” and the “brilliance” of its inventing immoral conscienceless scientists. A celebration of madness.

    It’s the programing of the naive/dumb public by (one of) the most murderous regimes on earth to accept and want such horrific killer weapons –it’s part of the normalization of evil via the brainwashing of the forever naive/dumb public.

    This inexcusable despicable conduct by the film’s acclaimed director parallels the fact that dozens of Nobelists worked on the creation of the atomic bomb that proves that guilt and conscience never played a notable part in them.

    Oppenheimer’s guilt and conscience, too, was of no real significance as his actions in establishing the atomic bomb demonstrated.

    It shows the real fundamental condition and nature of “civilized” humans — they are inhumanely mad …. (which also explain WHY they are mad).

    “[…] I realized that the entire nuclear power program was based on a fraud—namely, that there was a “safe” amount of radiation, a permissible dose that wouldn’t hurt anybody.” — John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D., 1918-2007, Medical Physicist & Radiation Expert

    The huge success of this movie also contradicts your notion that “The big question is whether the public will fall in line again. There are reasons to think they will not go along with it. …. Only the dullest of zombies believe anything coming from official sources now” indicating there has NOT been a “great awakening” happened as so many claim. Most folks still go for, and go after, their propaganda coming at them in a variety of ways.

    • “Most folks still go for, and go after, their propaganda coming at them in a variety of ways.”

      Most folks still want to believe that America was in the right in WWII, but that’s a pretty abstract thing, and very different from a day-to-day reality of face-diapers and endless “vaccine” boosters.

  2. Do realize the source for all of these rumors is Alex Jones’ Infowars. These are the same rumors we heard two years ago this month. If there are any kind of mandates, it will be limited to masking in medical settings and what not.

  3. Lots of good comments here. I suspect the lockdown/mask talk is meant to distract from bad news in Ukraine and big plans to put Trump in jail to silence him and prevent him from getting another quarter billion views on Twixter.

    I realize elections are fake, and in a close election that fakery is hard to prove. If you’ve got millions of people in the streets it’s hard to maintain the idea that the current regime is legitimate. Their plans are spiraling out of control, and you don’t hear ANYONE defending the regime’s bribery, influence peddling, etc. All they do is pretend they didn’t hear about it. That’s bad news.

    My bet is they plan to have the DC judge rule that Trump’s speeches and interviews constitute witness intimidation, declare him a flight risk, and tries to put him in jail.

    Trump will appeal jail time, and SCOTUS merges all four cases against him, and throws them all out as fraudulent.

    And that’s how the next Civil War begins, folks.

    You could see it on Trump’s face in his Tucker interview. What we call “the Left” has gone completely mentally insane. Violence is coming. War is coming.

    Hence the talk of “lockdowns”.

    • “Trump will appeal jail time, and SCOTUS merges all four cases against him, and throws them all out as fraudulent.”

      Yeah, I doubt it.
      But if it does happen, Roberts will stab him in the back.

    • “And that’s how the next Civil War begins, folks.”

      LOL! You wish… Normie ain’t ever coming off the couch until:

      A) The electricity goes off.

      B) The food runs out.

      Until then, we have it far too good still.

      • “Normie ain’t ever coming off the couch until:”

        As they say, things happen slowly, and then all at once.

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  5. Z-man, lurk around YT sometime. The current situation with “reboots” of franchises to destroy old White male heroes to replace them with Girl Boss variants (lesbian, of color, lesbian of color etc) is Gamergate squared as far as “our side.” There have been more converts to our way of thinking from: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Girl Boss, The Girl Boss Awakens, The Last Girl Boss, Rise of Palpatine Girl Boss, and all the Marvel Girl Bossing than what a century of Dissident writings and speeches and organizing could do.

    These were their childhood heroes. And they understand very well that the Girl Boss/Alphabet people and such were responsible deliberately for their destruction; and that they are next. So there is that. The constant reboots of old franchises are just to tear down old statues, in effect. They can and do tear them down, but put up nothing in their place to get allegiance from those whose heroes they destroyed.
    I think we are seeing across the West the war of the Managerial Experts/Elites vs. the people. In Lahaina the headline goes “only those who disobeyed survived.” It won’t be one thing, but a constant drip/drip/drip of failures through sheer incompetence, or malice, or both: roads were blocked leading to safety, water was not released, sirens were not sounded, savannah was not removed, powerlines not turned off. One poor woman was told falsely by “first responders” that no one was in her area, all had been evacuated. She found her son two days later his burnt body hugging his dog, he died two days before his birthday. Biden made jokes and fell asleep as survivors spoke (failing as consoler in chief which at least Princess Diana could perform). This is well known in the people’s undernews, and will have consequences soon.

    Simply put it is becoming clear that only disobeying authority is the route to survival. We saw that in Lahaina, in Uvalde, in other places. It may come to you soon (I hope not). And when that is the default attitude of the normies then all it takes is one by itself insignificant incident to light a spark.

    • It matters less what the olds think about what is being done to their cultural icons from decades past, because the olds will not be around that much longer, and will be out of the workforce even sooner. It matters more what kind of cultural icons the young have.

    • This is why I keep telling people to go see Mission:Impossible 7.

      There is very little girl bossing in the entire 2h 43m runtime. When the girl bossy character goes up against Ethan Hunt she needs a lead pipe and a 6’5″ accomplice male goon to keep up.

      Otherwise, M:I-7 is the kind of big, bold, and FUN summer action film we remember from the Before Times. Heck, during one of the main action sequences the lead lady protagonist openly admits that, as a woman, she can’t drive nearly as well as the male hero.

      It’s also inspirational in the sense that, even with a lot of movie magic going on, Tom Cruise is doing potentially lethal stuntwork at the age of 61. On some level, that still speaks to the basic truth that all men should be as physically as capable as possible at whatever age they find themselves at.

  6. One small tiny miniscule ray of hope.

    I was in a business meeting with my brother and a third party a few days ago.

    Bro, referring back to the period of the lockdowns etc., used the term “planned-demic.”

    You could have knocked me over with a feather.

    The idiot is vaxxed and last I heard, double or triple boosted. For well over a year he stopped speaking to me. Because of all my “crazy ideas” and the fact I read Zero Hedge and such like and would periodically even forward him some of that subversive content.

    How the worm has turned….

  7. Another Presidential election cycle calls for another pandemic. They’re stupid, or they just don’t care how thin and transparent their excuses are, anymore.

    • Once in a while when the play seems so bold I’m kinda confused by it, I imagine a guy like me in there somewhere, telling them all what to do and being shocked that they do it, more shocked that they believe in it, astounded that it works, and completely baffled that almost nobody sees it working—then doing it again and again just to see how many times it’ll work.

      But there’s no guy. They repeat themselves because they’re dumb.

      (There’s one guy. Somebody decided to reveal the Biden family corruption/incest/etc. evidence in exactly the order it’s been released, to make it a porno-romance novel about globetrotting Hunter’s invincible erection being impotently cursed by envious “incels,” and that guy’s a genius.)

  8. While they may, as per today’s essay, utilize a new hysteria to slap new labels on clot shot doses stuck in inventory, I see this as less likely than the alternative of a new clot shot, a new one that *really* does the job.

    As we’ve all heard ad nauseum, the present clot shot is very safe and effective, meaning safe to those perpetrating genocide for “depopulation,” and effective at giving people sudden neurologic failure sudden death, blood clots, heart attacks, turbo cancer, AIDS, and infertility. The problem, however, if the “effective” part is difficult to maintain, requiring storage at very low temperatures plus other requirements. All the doses have been stuck in inventory for a long time now, with most if not all in all likelihood now thoroughly degraded and so no longer “effective.”

    The good news for Pfizer, Moderna, et al. is that they’re extremely cheap to manufacture. Pretty much all pharma products are. Whenever this is pointed out, pharma lobbyists whine about the enormous expense of development as where the cost is, as to what “justifies” the exorbitant prices they charge.

    It is my belief the original clot shot was supposed to cause AIDS and infertility, yet not cause all the rest of the adverse effects. Heart attacks are too noticeable and get too widespread in knowledge when a “celebrity” has one. This is poor optics, and goes against the “safe” half of “safe and effective.” To remain “safe,” the demonic sociopaths at the top levels of the Globohomo Empire and also the sadistic psychopaths at more middle and lower levels of the managerialist order (the ones who live for 15 second endorphin hits from making you and I miserable) require few if any people at all to realize the clot shot kills. Clot shot AIDS and infertility develop much more gradually, and it would be much more of a tiny minority even suspecting the link if this were all the clot shot did — yet it would still be “effective” even though it would take longer.

    After thinking about this, they may have a reworked clot shot. Because the initial R&D is already done, it won’t be too excruciatingly expensive to rework it. Plus, the fed/treasury has a printing press, if required, so nothing to worry about. Because of this, the new and improved clot shot v2 (which already exists and is ready to roll out, by the way!) may possibly be something new, albeit a rework of the original, being itself a franchise reboot.

    Time will tell. Interesting times. Clown World. Honk! Honk!

    • “…pharma lobbyists whine about the enormous expense of development as where the cost is, as to what “justifies” the exorbitant prices they charge.”

      Certainly true in prior drug production efforts, but for “warp speed” Covid vax? Doubtful. Heck aside from the abbreviated “safety” use approval, they are held liability free for the adverse effects. The cost savings is enormous.

      But it gets better. Some folk probably missed this, but Biden was on the road a bit ago talking up his old hobby horse of a cure for cancer. Basically said it was “around the corner” with advances in mRNA technology under his administration. Sigh. Looks like another full court press for more mRNA vaccines. Last I read years ago, mRNA technology was found wanting in cancer treatment and abandoned, but who knows.

  9. This season, a pandemic of forest fires; the summer pandemic was industrial “accidents”.

    (Has the news even mentioned the northern California fires, that are so far “uncontained”?)

    A map of Canada shows fires coast-to-coast. Another year it was Australia. We will get fire pandemics and covid-flu pandemics until we submit to lockdown.

  10. The strangest thing in Reboot Nation is that lying is normalized. Completely routine, everybody expects that lies are just a fact of life now.

    Even the past is all a lie!
    Maybe, this is ultimately predicated on “proving there warn’t no Jesus”?

    Because in other nations where His spirit was never evident or suppressed, there is no trust. Jesus, then, could be seen as the White god of Honesty, whom we once worshipped. We even fought each other over which versions, of whatever, were true.

    • Z: “On the other hand, cavalier disregard for public opinion is becoming a charm on the purity bracelets of the political class.”

      Alzaebo: “The strangest thing in Reboot Nation is that lying is normalized. Completely routine, everybody expects that lies are just a fact of life now.”

      Setting aside the Elena Gorokhova / Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn authorship question***, the tiny handful of honest psychologists & psychiatrists who still study these phenomena will tell you that it’s not the lie which is important to the malignant narcissist, but rather that it’s something akin to a licentious/lascivious thrill which the malignant narcissist experiences when it forces its audience to swallow the lie, and then live with the corruption of the lie in their bellies & in their hearts & in their souls.

      Does anyone remember a j00ess, named Winona Laura Horowitz “Ryder”, who was briefly the crown princess of Khazaria?

      Winona Ryder didn’t shoplift because she was broke and starving to death.

      Winona Ryder shoplifted for the sheer licentious/lascivious thrill of shoplifting and pulling it off successfully.

      In case anyone here is completely blind to human psychology, Joe Biden has precisely the same personality: He doesn’t just tweak the nipples of pre-pubescent girls because he’s a sadist [which he is], but rather, he tweaks the nipples of pre-pubescent girls for the sheer licentious/lascivious thrill of GETTING AWAY WITH IT, POTATO-N!GGER FREE.


      ***”The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.”

  11. So, the homepage in my work browser is all MSN stories.

    The votes on recent coof articles have been running from 66% to 90% against.

    When comments are allowed, there is plenty of tough talk about, “never again,” and, “do not comply.”

    We shall see.

    • “Social media in an uproar over this influencer’s latest controversial Tweet!”

      You click on the story and it’s about some no-name sheboon’s claim that she’ll never have Taco Bell again.

  12. I assert that discussing and debating the Covid Crazy is a waste of energy because even if you do succeed in persuading the masses that the system is broken, nothing tangible will change as a result. As pointed out in today’s post, the managerial elites are going to proceed with the insanity until something forces as end to it. Therefore a brainstorming discussion of tangible remedies is a much better use of one’s mental energy.

    Now I understand that there are extreme limits to what can be discussed on the internet lest the jackboots come knocking at your door. But that doesn’t mean that nothing can be said. Metaphor and illusion may suffice to get an idea into play without being explicit. And some ideas are able to be proposed openly. As an example, if face diapers are re-instituted, what’s to prevent someone from wearing a mask that has the words “Fuck You Biden” printed on the front in large bold type? It’s time to start thinking outside the box.

    • As much as I loathe Biden, I’m not contributing to the ongoing coarsening of society by dropping F-bombs in public. Leave that garbage to the savages, the morons, and the sundry filth.

      Having said that, I once scrawled an oppositional message on a mask I was forced to wear at my place of occupation. It said, “Mask Hysteria.”

      • “As much as I loathe Biden, I’m not contributing to the ongoing coarsening of society by dropping F-bombs in public.”

        I agree. Plus “Fuck You Biden” shows a sad lack of creativity, especially given the fact he’s barely a meat puppet at this point.

        “I once scrawled an oppositional message on a mask I was forced to wear at my place of occupation. It said, “Mask Hysteria.”

        This is more like it.

      • I appreciate your sentiment about the coarsening of society, but methinks we are long past the threshold where coarsening is a priority. Civility is a useless gesture when you’re being loaded into a boxcar (or arresting past presidents on multiple trumped up charges). Regardless, the main idea to promote more effort directed at solution rather than endless explication.

        • I hear what you’re saying. And I would agree if only leftists could see this proposed “Fuck You Biden” mask.

          But I can tell you as a parent, if you wore a “Fuck You Biden” mask in front of my kids, I would think you’re a jackass, not a rebel. I wouldn’t point to you as an example but would steer my family in the other direction.

          Even without kids, I would feel demoralized that someone with a fighting spirit does so in a way that shows so little creativity.

          I will, however, admit that if the mask said, “Up Yours, Biden,” Or “$#$% Biden,” I’d chuckle. And I would be heartened by your rebellion. Meanwhile, leftists would be just as irritated as if you’d gone with the full F-bomb.

          The goal, I think, is to irritate the other side while giving hope and courage to your own.

          • For years I’ve done that to an extent with t-shirts and even the occasional bumper sticker. To judge from my rear bumper, I’m nuts. I’ve even been faced by stranger, a redneck, who asked me if that was my car, to which I confirmed, and I believe his words were “You’re fucking crazy.”
            NB: I mahy wear a political t-shirt, but almost never on the bumper, not even candidates. I DO like to exercise creativity. For example, somewhere I picked up a sticker that said “STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.” I lacked the guts to let the car wear that. Eventually in a burst of creativity, I altered the sticker so it reads “STOP EAGLE MIGRATION.” Now here is a major point: At first read, it’s nonsensical and apparently innocuous. Yet a more intelligent reader can easily deciper what the original sticker said. I have plausible deniabity, and still the message gets across to some. My schizoid exhibit is completed by a small decal of a confused Taz off to a corner, scratching his head, looking at the bewildering messages.

        • For the record, I’m not locked into obscenity as the sole tactic of rebellion. But I am sick and tired of pansy-assed endless debate as a substitute for tangible action. If we just piss and moan all the time, we are guaranteed to slink into oblivion. And if all you got in your quiver is language criticism, then you likely won’t be of much use when it gets real.

      • Ostei: I think I agree with Tom that civility is a useless gesture in Clown World. I, who almost never wear message t-shirts, wore the classic “Trump, because F you” in 2016.

        My mask (for those times I had to have something purportedly covering my mouth to get into the grocery store), was a camo patterned mesh airsoft mask (my way of saying F you). No one ever directly challenged me on its permeability. Given the general public lack of intellect, perhaps they assumed I didn’t know it wouldn’t work.

        • The Left has rendered America/AINO an aesthetic hell. I won’t be a party to that. There are plenty of ways of subverting and opposing without sinking to their feculent level.

          • Right. Your strategy has been so successful so far. There is a reason for the phrase “conservatives have managed to conserve nothing,” and you are one of the poster boys.

          • I agree with you, Ostei.

            The last vestiges of civilized life are rapidly disappearing. Let’s hang onto civil speech as long as we can. There will be time plenty of time to talk like savages when we all become savages, when western man is replaced by subsaharan man.

  13. (I accidentally posted this in the appropriate place, yesterday’s, but am repeating it here to make sure Dasein sees my apology. Jeez. Triggered by the mention of tax cuts, so embarrassing.)

    OT: double apologies to Dasein. I should’ve kept it to myself and am wrong. Cripes, I should be demanding safe spaces at that rate.

    2. I answer my own question re white women’s attraction to African Negroes versus disdain of South Asian Abo’s (India and Australia): Pheronomes.

    Imagine a science fiction story contrasting violent, lesser IQ aliens- yet one of them, overly fecund, exudes a musk that whites find peculiarly attractive, at first.

    • “I answer my own question re white women’s attraction to African Negroes versus disdain of South Asian Abo’s (India and Australia): Pheronomes.”

      IMO this attraction is a myth fueled by intense, nonstop race-mixing propaganda. Normal white women are not attracted to blacks.

      White women who date black men do so for various unhealthy reasons. Some are obscenely obese, and thus, have a very low sexual market value. Others are gold-diggers attracted to sportsball players for the lifestyle they can provide. Others have daddy issues and date outside their race to stick it to their conservative parents. Still others do so because it makes them feel morally superior as they virtue-signal their lack of racism. Some do so for a combination of the aforementioned reasons.

      Regardless, this animal magnetism is a myth.

      • “IMO this attraction is a myth fueled by intense, nonstop race-mixing propaganda. Normal white women are not attracted to blacks.”

        Of course that is the case. The fact that a few posters around here succumb to the psy-ops is disappointing, to put it charitably.

      • Mudsharking was very rare before rap went mainstream. Simultaneously sportsball became not only more black but also much more well paid. So between these two developments, black males became constantly, daily, portrayed as high status in the media.

        Which set the stage for the Great Awokening explicitly telling the white woman that miscegenation is the moral choice over perpetuating whiteness.

      • Animal magnetism may be a myth. I suspect that a major psychological factor is the lure of the forbidden.

        I must add my own cyncial view: when I see a white [trash] woman with a black man, absent evidence to the contrary I make several unflattering assumptions:

        1. Usually, but not always, the woman is hideous.
        2. The Negro appears to be, well, the stereotypical Negro male.
        3. In their minds, it’s an upgrade for both of them (especially the woman, probably).
        4. Both parties are probably benefitting from the partnership.
        5. She gets a man, albeit a kind of odd one. But he doesn’t charge her for the drugs, and he doesn’t make her do anything that her stepdad didn’t make her do, and he may even treat her more kindly.

    • You’re okay, dude. I take it you’re a passionate man: quick to anger and quick to repent. There are worse things to be.

      Perhaps you can infer the explanation for the behavior of the female sex from your own experiences being the male sex.

      I’ll be honest here. There are some black women I definitely “would.” While I don’t find many black women attractive, there are undoubtedly some who are. It’s just difficult to find one who has the whole package, and it would probably be uncomfortable spending time with the in-laws.

      Lots of Asian girls are good looking, but their insularity, uppity attitude, and crass materialism makes it difficult to break through.

      I imagine it is similar for women, mutatis mutandis. Asian men are successful enough to get white women, but first they need to tone down the dickheadedness and be more approachable. Black men really need to focus on social skills and financial stability, and distance themselves from “cultural blackness,” if they expect a decent white woman to go for them.

  14. OFF TOPIC: do normal people understand how Vivek, or people like him, got so obscenely rich? Because I don’t.

    I read this article:

    And I’m just scratching my head as I do all articles that attempt to explain high finance to me. Did Vivek, and people like him, actually create a billion dollars of value to the world? Or it just that there is a concentration of wealth that is hoarded and only some smarties are lucky enough to be apart of all the moving and shaking?

    I’m asking seriously. I don’t doubt that Vivek is smart, but I just never really understand these things. I admit, I may be simple-minded when it comes to money and and value at the top.

    • It’s not easy or likely that you’ll start a company, take it public, and see it grow to a multi-billion stock valuation. But it does happen for some people. It’s less mysterious for Ramaswamy than it is for others who never started a company, and did it purely from trading/investment. Or so we are told. Like Epstein, for instance.

      • Jeez. Deep State is trying to manufacture a “billionaire savior” to the right. Because at least the right aren’t racist!

    • Heh, that’s still small potatoes compared to the orange juice farmers.

      Go look at what farmer Portnoy just pulled off with his new Barstool Sports deal.

    • Say what you want about Vivek, but he was the only one in yesterday “debate” who behaved and sounded like a real red blooded American.

      • Anna: Why bless your heart – how would you know what a ‘real’ American sounds like, given that you are not one?

        • 3g4me:

          “Real American?”

          I don’t think you need to be one to know one.

          Anna is right. Swarmy did talk the talk.

          Matt is right also. Will he walk the talk?

          Is he authentic? Is he a con?

          What’s in his heart? Unknowable. Is he a Mitt Romney?

    • Ive been a part of startups in california and heres what i noticed: Smart white man invents something amazing. He needs capital to scale production. (((Bankers))) and venture capitalists join the board, but they say he has too many white men working in C level at his company. Brown asians check two boxes. Theyre not white and they look dark enough to appear blackish in company photos. Most of these indians just sit there and manage the processes a genius white man created, but sometimes they pool their funds and invest in something before it gets purchased by the billionaire venture capitalists they already knew. If youve seen sharktank, Even the investors want everyone to see them invest in a dark skinned person’s business. The wealthy republicans and christians have mostly died off. The prevailing morality among the rich is investing in diversity to seem hip, cultured, to impress their wives and politician friends.

    • I don’t know his specifics. I don’t recall that his companies have products that sell.

      I think he was a pharmacist guy if I recall correctly.

      In any case, the New Economy, is filled with millionaire and billionaires who start companies that grow rapidly and sell to a huge company for a huge valuation or IPO for the same. Very few ever make returns that justify the sale price. Mark Cuban a the poster child for this.

      In pharma it is about getting IP and selling it to a huge company that can eat huge losses if the idea tanks but accumulate skilled people and some potentially valuable research or defense patent.

      That may be what Vivek did.

      In any case, almost none of these guys, Elon included, are half the entrepreneur the 17th – 19th century AngloAmerican entrepreneurs were. Peter Theil all but admits it. That also explains the Covid and Climate Catastrophe scams as well as mass migration. Tjey can’t create value so they use massive government coercion to create demand and get the government to subsidize the consumer.

      It is all enabled by the US printing press and dollar hegemony. We don’t want a civilizational collapse trust me. We do want a collapse of this printing press and ponzi debt regime that enables it all. The sooner the better.

      They are desperate for new consumers. That is why at a market today in a near all white area, I saw towel headed Africans filling their van with bulk items. It is shocking to see them here. But the line must go up and to the right or the debt musical chairs will end. Many of the super rich will find their money worthless.

  15. “Clearly there is some form of psychosis at the heart of this berserk desire to reimagine the past.”

    The psychosis is that starting with at least Generation X, the rulers created a infantalized population that was not capable of imagining or making the future. All they knew was the ceaseless pop-culture marketing of toys, movies, and videogames. Then all they knew was the mantras of liberalism, porn, and drug addiction along with failure and dysfunction with the opposite sex. Then all they knew was losing money by sitting in stupid classes that never taught them anything practical while the border was wide open to fill all the jobs and depress wages.

    Let’s face it, it’s a defeated people.

    • From Yuri Bezmanov:

      Exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell him nothing, even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents and pictures…he will refuse to believe it. That’s the tragedy of the situation of demoralization. [Or using your words, a defeated people.]

      H/T today’s WRSA.

  16. The beatings will continue until morale improves. I do not know if the lockdowns will reoccur, but, if they do, the overwhelming majority will abide. I mean: I will. I cannot risk the consequences, mainly for my daughters, if I do not comply. I will grumble any chance I have, but I will not lose my job over it (the jab – yes, I will lose my job over; they will not put that in my or my child’s blood).
    When you ain’t got nothing, you got, nothing to lose. I am not there yet.
    Yes, I realize that this will continue our gradual slide into tyranny. However, my gesture will be ineffectual (Lavoy Finnicum – never forget), so I have to do what I have to do.
    For the record, I was absolutely the type to test the limits. In the beginning, I would cause mild scenes by claiming I had cardiac conditions that prevented my mask wearing, just to rile the masses. But, they beat me down; I accomplished nothing except my own frustration.

    • Who are all of the people downvoting you? It’s the sad truth for many with kids and a mortgage…and private school tuition for diversity aversion.

      • People are stupid. My loyalty is to my girls before anything else. If more people were like me, probably a lot of problems would be fixed, for the liberal agenda is toxic because the loyalty is to the system, not towards the kith and kin. These broken bonds have dominated the modern era and allowed the proliferation of the omnipresent perversity and tolerance of diversity.
        Those downvoting are the type who probably carry a concealed gun for protection but drive around without a seatbelt and are fat. Fer my safety!

  17. Circa June 2020 I was visiting with a normiecon MIC worshipping griller friend of mine in another state. In the Before Times I would not have categorized him as such, I might have even called him an iconoclast, but here we are.

    The guy watched NBC Nightly News every evening. He said to me “I like this Fauci,” and I knew right then that meaningful communication on that subject was impossible, although I still muttered something about a mouthpiece playing a role. Regardless, we did have an enjoyable time grilling together.

    But here’s the thing. For Plandemic 2.0 to succeed, it needs a Face to sell it. Lacking that, traction with normie will be relatively muted. Fauci’s brand is somewhat tainted, he’s no longer the Lockdown Jesus that he was 3 years ago and he’s getting old, although they might be injecting him with the same stuff Kissinger and Soros get, but I digress. He may not be able to be the Face anymore. So they will either need to prop him up somehow, with his relatively diminished authority, or they will need to find a new Face for their new plandemic. So far one has not emerged, and unless and until one does, I don’t think this really has legs.

    Remember when everybody was talking about the Ukies false flagging the nuclear plant? Just a few weeks ago. I think that was real. I think they intended it. But Russians/dissidents/whomever got so far out in front of it, gave it so much publicity, that they had to abandon the plan. I think that really happened. So there could be a corollary to that with discrediting Plandemic 2.0 before it really gets started. Not like we have anything to lose.

    Of course the regime could just plant these seeds to get us excited about something that’s not happening, so as to divert us from something else that’s really happening. But I’ve gone on long enough for one day.

    • Fauci is just about the worst public face imaginable so I hope they put him out there again.

      That elfin man looks like a conniving rat. He looks like a sadistic mass murderer; which he is. Leftists love him not in spite of this, but because of this.

      • It’s possible that the ravages of age will make him a less presentable public face. At his age, things can go south quickly, and there’s only so much the makeup artists and plastic surgeons can do.

        Of course there is the possibility of an AI/CGI icon to take his place.

    • The other problem with not having Fraudchi for Scamdemic 2.0 is that, to most, he had 40+ years of alleged credibility as an establishment expert under multiple presidents.

      They don’t have that this time around. Just look at the new idiot they put in charge of CDC, who is not even qualified to run a bake sale.

      • It’s a minor point, but Fauci was director of NIAID (under NIH). The CDC is separate from NIH. Both are subsumed under Dept. of Health and Human Services. I will withold judgment on the Jewess recently appointed CDC director. Not one but three Ivies. Wow. And an MD. Ticks lots of boxes. Too bad she’s not a negro lesbian immigrant. No wait, that’s the press secretary. But heck, you can’t have everything. To judge by her Wikipedia bio, she did in fact complete her residency, but has never practiced medicine other than that. Don’t know about “not qualified to run a bake sale,” but indeed, it sure appears that she doesn’t have much real-world experience. She does, however seem to have extensive job experience being a bureaucrat. Why would a person spend a minimum of seven years (as I understand it) to obtain one’s MD, and seemingly have no career aspirations in the actual practice of medicine. Even if one’s intent was to become a wheel in the medical-industrial complex, it seems an unneccessary detour and an exhorbitant waste of time (these people have unlimited money, so that’s not a factor.)

  18. Another Covid lockdown with uncountable masses of rabble from every corner of the earth pouring across the border and being willfully flown and bused to every corner of the country. That should do wonders for their legitimacy crisis.

  19. Would the unification of the Orange Man Bad/MAGA-hate hysteria reboot with the COVID fears give fuel to new lockdown restrictions? Maybe even gin up anger at the Bible-believing churches again.
    Covidians sure projected all their hates and all their problems on the mRNA skeptics and on the Dirt People last time and people high low and middle were exacting revenges on their enemies while demanding social distancing and masking.

    That being said, it’s only speculating on my part, and hopefully I’m wrong. Please let it be the misguided rambling of a terminally online dude. Going through 2020-22 and the bitter fallout of late revealed facts may very well have put more resistance into the hearts and spirits of many many American citizens. And career suicide for some state politicians. Maskers do optionally practice their familiar rituals while everyone else can breathe easy.

    It’s just remembering that rabid NeverTrumping and anarcho-negritude is still a very salient, potent weapon.

  20. I was watching a video with Sam Harris some days ago (could anybody provide a link? I regret not having saved it and I don’t find it. Thanks in advance).

    He hoped for a new pandemics whose mortality is so big so people don’t have any other option than to obey.

    I have the worse opinion of this kind of people but, even with that, I was shocked. WTF is wrong with these people? This can only be labelled as Satanic.

    • “WTF is wrong with these people?”

      Broken, hateful, unhealthy, weak. Too weak to direct their hatred at its object— and perhaps overcome it. They see healthy people, and they spiral farther away. Hell must be a mercy compared a single day in the life. They deserve to get back what they give.

    • “Samuel Benjamin Harris … his mother is Jewish but not religious. He was raised by his mother following his parents’ divorce when he was age two.” This can only be labelled as septic.

      “Satan” is just a word meaning “adversary” In the old testament, ha satan (the adversary) is applied to both metaphysical and non metaphysical concepts.

      Zoroastrianism had a good god, and a bad guy who was less powerful. Upon judgement day, the good guy prevails over the bad guy. The messiah, Cyrus the Great, was a Zoroastrian. Prior to their sojourn in Mesopotamia, the jews, like other semites, had a tribal warlord god. Afterwards, they adopted the good god slightly less powerful bad demigod concept, judgement day, intricate angelology and such.

      Ultimately, it is the jewish-king-followers who have built up satan as a super duper boogieman.

      • Excellent. Daniel, the propheteer, visited Zoroaster to learn from him, and learned a new way.

        • Irving (yup) Finkel (yup) of the British Museum and a minor YouTube star and a *very* funny man has some intelligent things to say about the Babylonian Captivity.

          Ancient (*) god-king irrigation-based agrarian societies didn’t necessarily enslave the conquered in the way we understand chattel slavery — it was often more a case of carting off entire conquered populations and re-settling in places where you needed a lot of corvee labour done to improve irrigation and crop yields… or to open up new virgin lands for cultivation.

          So much for the Jews carted off to ‘Babylon’… But there was also a tendency to take the conquered aristocracy (at least ones you didn’t kill) as hostages and educate them at court and attempt to assimilate them.

          So Finkel posits that the Jewish priestly caste got a several generation immersion in what was already 2K years of cuneiform literature –> Gilgamesh == Noah, etc, etc, etc..

          * This mass relocation of conquered populations was happening even into early-mid C19 in rice-farming irrigating what are now Thailand / Laos / Cambodia.

  21. Whether it works depends on how serious they are about enforcement. If they are willing to jail Trump over snarky comments, they might do the same here. If enough noncompliance occurs, they will institute fines (jails full) and confiscate what little wealth the plebiscite retain. Win-win.

    • The Great Sorting is quite the impediment to aggressive enforcement, though. The flight never has stopped since last go-round. I write that with sadness as a denizen of a locust relocation pad.

      • They bring the shithole with them, don’t they?

        “Oh, it’s so nice here, I just wish there were more places to eat and shop.”

        “Oh no! It’s happening here, too!”

        Losing, on losing, on losing. Went from thinking it’s ignorance, to delusion, to reveling in iniquity— but I might be overestimating human nature again.

        Starting to have master-race kind of thoughts. I don’t think that’s healthy.

        Thank God for Labor Day weekend! Time to cash in some vacation time and go backpacking lol.

        • Outdoor activity cannot be recommended enough. Hiking, that god, largely does not feature diversity.

          • Contra the marketing material. Aside from the odd Puerto Rican or Asian, the trail is the whitest place on Earth lol. At least in my experience.

            (My favorite is the photo of the morbidly obese chick enjoying the rugged SW bluffs in her extended-fit backpack. Right.)

          • That’s essentially what I did daily when I was working from home during the height of the prior hysteria.

    • Whom would they jail? Yeah, in places like Jersey and Cali they closed public parks and beaches, but here in my berg, the primary effect was to close public venues like restaurants and movie theaters. In short, where do I go—maskless—to protest such? A store with a locked door is pretty secure against my act of “civil disobedience” in entering and walking about. A school that is closed and switched to zoom sessions is pretty unassailable.

      Now in the crazier places like London where one must justify even being outdoors in public, perhaps CD is an easier proposition, but here I’m not so sure. YMMV

      • True, although Australia set up literal concentration camps for the unvaxxed, as a reminder.

        • Governor Hochul and the NYS Legislature are still trying to back door the right to set up internment camps for the next go-around.

          • I’m really starting to regret not taking the job offer I had in Indiana at the start of the year because their AG was better than most the first time around.

      • Not true: London and England in general had a less onerous lockdown than most of the US and for a much shorter period of time.

        • I am not aware of anywhere in the US where there were travel restrictions wrt how far you could go from home, nor onerous requirements wrt seating in parks while exercising. There were such restrictions reported in GB and Canada depending on Province if I recall.

  22. I don’t think Lockdown 2.0 will work this time around. Although this is anecdotal, my 92 year old mother who never used to question anyone in a position of authority has begun questioning the insanity, refuses to get any more clot shots after developing heart problems that nobody in her family had a history of having, and has finally given up on face diapers that gave her a chronic facial rash. If my “always trust the authorities” mom can come around to reality, it’s a good bet that other like her have, too. They’re late to the party for sure, but they finally made it.

    • You’re probably right. Covidians are now reduced to specific demographics: the baizuo “white left”, blacks, and east Asians. The news stories coming out cite three places: the White House (full of baizuo), a Georgia college (full of blacks) and the TSA (also full of blacks).

      Most everyone else should LOL at the new Covid strain.

          • Mask over their mouth, but not covering their nose. Black people aren’t dumb: they know it’s really hard to breath with your nose covered.

          • I was about to say the same thing. A historical organization I belong to sent out its monthly mtg notice, the first “live” one in yrs, saying that wearing face masks is optional tonight. Yes, it’s a mostly Black membership.

            What is with them doing this? It’s a weird kind of virtue signaling, kind of showing off or forcing us to pay more attention to them, like the endless use of dual or hyphenated last names, e.g. Karine Jean-Pierre, Ketanji Brown Jackson, MLK etc. I wonder if they are told in their churches about the terrible diseases spread to harm them by evil white scientists or something?

      • Disagree on blacks completely. You can level -many- charges against our genetic missing links, trusting government narrative is not high amongst them. Niggas not be trussin’ da Man!

        They were the -least- vaccinated cohort in the US by a rather large margin. Conveniently lefty bugmen and turbo Karens seemed to just conveniently ‘forget’ about that as they look the other way for most of the f-ckery that their pets get up to including mass organized theft.

        “They have a hard life, it’s just their way…”

        (insert any other pathetic lefty sh-tlib apologetics / bowing & scraping above)

        • Agree on this.

          Blacks didn’t come to anti vax protests, but their unvaxxed numbers were quite large. And none of them cared about vaccine status, whether they were or not.

          Alot of them didn’t take the vax cuz de white man was putting his white privilege juice in and whatever nonsense, but still, they just didn’t take it.

          • Gonna cheat the stack here and shove in an obligatory


            Just sayin’, Bro.

            Just sayin’.

            CHAD => STACY

        • Your experience with that community may be limited – not meant as an insult. There’s a non-linear interest in cleanliness from others germs I have seen for years. May be regional, but I was in a very diverse area as a youth, and an anecdote was that all black smokers I knew opened their pack with a window at the bottom vs at the top so if pressed to bum a smoke they could offer the to-be-lit end to someone vs them possible touching the filter of a future personal cig.
          This correlates to my observation also that their use of masks is relatively high, and doesn’t necessarily need to correlate to vaccine compliance.
          Btw – race realist pro tip – blacks generally think white people are gross and speak amongst themselves that we smell like “wet dog”. Haven’t tried it but I bet some googling could find a reference.

          • I’ve heard that too. Though I think that stems from wypipo’s love of pets…especially pets in homes, licking their face, up on the couch, sleeping in the bed. Blacks don’t understand why wypipo treat their dogs like children. And in this case I agree with the blacks.

          • Odd, I always thought blacks smelled bad. Must be that thing where you smell incompatible genes to keep you from mating.

          • Africans with flies around their mouths, garbage piled up head high in Soweto, litter decorating diverse neighborhoods,scabies and STDs rates through the roof .

            But whites are dirty.

    • Funny, but I’m not seeing too many of those “Question Authority” bumper stickers on Volvo hatchbacks–or Subarus or Audis–anymore…

      • Hey! I drive an S-60. No bumper stickers, but I do have a tailgate magnet that reads “The closer you are, the slower I drive.” And, hoo boy, do I question authority.

  23. There will not be any new lockdowns. The vast population centers in the Global South cannot afford it and won’t go along with it, and the contrast they would make with the West, when utter catastrophe fails to befall them, will be too great to ignore.

    I have to say, I think it’s a bit weird that so many alt-commentators from around the internet suddenly started sounding the alarm about renewed Covid restrictions. Very few of these folks were of any use the last time around, and now they are just fighting the last war…again.

    • There was tremendous contrast between Europe and Africa last round. That changed nothing. It is naive and wildly romantic to believe that contradictions make a difference one way or another. They were ignored last time and will be this time. The people who comply are those who want to comply, facts be damned.

      • Quite. Those who think the Power Structure is beholden to rationality and the strictures of Aristotelian logic are themselves either irrational or naive.

      • You aren’t quite catching my meaning.

        The last time around, the Global South effectively did very little as far as sanitary theater was concerned, but they did toe the propaganda line, which nonetheless gave their inaction the same ritual purity.

        This time around, however, you would have characters like Modi openly telling the West to shove it, which would break the spell. Consequently, it won’t be tried.

        • “This time around, however, you would have characters like Modi openly telling the West to shove it, which would break the spell. Consequently, it won’t be tried.”

          Good Lord, man. Modi promptly will be BadPersoned and it will work with a large percentage of the target audience. Again, you are assuming facts make a difference with most who will otherwise submit. Some, sure, the majority–emphatically “no.” Many if not most of these types believe things blatantly false all of the time. Multiple gender, for example. I wish you were right, but sadly the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming.

          • I take your point.

            But if it were so easy to BadPerson Modi, why didn’t they BadPerson him over his G7 remarks and BRICS?

            I don’t think they have the power to do that anymore. Their hubris has caught up with them. There are limits to what they can accomplish.

    • “ Very few of these folks were of any use the last time around, and now they are just fighting the last war…again.”

      Not comparable. Last time the info—what was available—on Covid was rapidly developing. This lead to confusion and a general reliance on the medical authorities for direction. Political pressure forced a “do something” mentality. The game was on.

      Now that the (faux) crisis has passed, the data has accumulated and it does not support the previous narrative—nor the medical authorities. For example, Ivermectin is now recommended as a therapeutic for Covid treatment and is sold in pharmacies once again. Before you say dissidents only talk and cry havoc, you might do some research into exactly how the situation now is different from then and who brought that about.

      This is not a current case of “shouting wolf”. This is a case of preparing the masses for behind the scenes shenanigans wrt the latest Covid variant, Eros. The opposition is organized and the leaders of such recognized and prepared to examine and critique every national prevention effort the authorities propose. We are no longer in the wilderness, but come from a foundation of evidence based reason. Such may not prevent those in power from abusing their power, but they won’t do so with the same support as they had three years ago.

  24. “The more the evidence stacked up that the Covid regime was a sham, the more determined the Covid experts were to hold the line on the mandates.”

    It’s simpler and more cynical than that. The Covid bureaucrats need more Covid in order to justify their jobs. This doesn’t end until they get fired.

    Hence the appeal of accelerationism. Come the day that EBT cards don’t work and managerial make-workers are no longer funded, reality will return with the speed and subtlety of a dam failure.

  25. We now have a million new epidemiology majors graduating, with minor in African American Studies. Since we have no real economy, but a crisis economy. With our country just being a pass-through operation for top down driven stimulus, why not? If the economy is running on fumes, new PPP type injections will soon be necessary. Perhaps an easier template because “the virus” is blamed and not the powers that be.

    I’m already starting to see olds in my grocery store with masks. Like the first silver leaves of Autumn.

    • I work on a large college campus–today’s the first day of the fall semester–and I see no uptick in mask wearing. And there is no sign of mask mandates from on high.

      • Did you expect anything before all those loans were issued and all the fees paid? Wouldn’t want to scare anyone into staying home for the semester before the money changed hands…

        • Had lunch in the library’s main concourse. Saw perhaps 200 students. Exactly two–one negress, one white guy–were masked up. If a Covid Scare is on, it apparently ain’t taking wit’ da’ kidz.

    • I’m already starting to see olds in my grocery store with masks. Like the first silver leaves of Autumn.”

      I love the change of seasons.

    • Just spent a couple days at the Little League World Series and it jumped out at me how the East Asians – Japanese and Taiwanese – were mask free this year. I sit in the Taiwanese family and VIP section and even last year, when the Taiwanese expats who live in the U.S. were mostly barefaced, the entourage that accompanied the team from home was fairly masked up. This year none of them had masks on. Saw the Japanese moms walking around the grounds several times and they too eschewed the fag rag.

      Would they all dutifully don them again if told to? Almost surely. But their view of Covid’s lethality appears to continue to wane at this time.

    • “…new PPP type injections will soon be necessary.”

      Anything is possible in bizarro world, but a stimulus of such a magnitude will collapse the dollar almost immediately. I doubt short of a war we can handle such a deficit spending ploy.

      Here in my berg, under Trump and the era of good (economic) feeling that resulted, we passed—as did many States—$15 hour minimum wage, adjusted for inflation. It has been shown recently, that the Biden economy has destroyed all the gain made in SES for our bottom rung of the populous. Their gain lasted a little more than a year and now it’s tent city here, just like LA.

  26. The same hysteria is being ginned up in France. There are increasing numbers of reports about how transmissable the new virus is and that mask mandates may have to return. Dr. John Campbell has a series of continuing Youtube videos about the disastrous side effects of the vaccine; in one study one person in 32 had symptoms of myocarditis. In spite of that, I fear that the pass sanitaire will be reintroduced, requiring vaccination or covid tests to enter hospitals and even swimming pools and restaurants. There was little resistance from the French population the last time around, so the authorities will have little fear of reimposing restrictions.

    • There is little doubt there is a pan-Western totalitarian police state being imposed from the top down.


    • Dr. John was a vax proponent during the summer of 2021. His about-face since then is probably the most pronounced of anyone who once pushed the jabs. He seems genuinely chastened by what’s transpired.

      • I would not know as I turned him off when he was arrogantly touting that *he* was a proponent of “evidence based reason”. It was obvious—to me at least—that his “evidence” was simply based upon consumption of the material fed to him from the very powers enacting the Covid hysteria. As such I considered him an apologist.

        Now I don’t propose that anyone treat every piece of dissent posted on the Internet with equal weight, however Campbell (Dr John) seemed never to discuss/consider any notable contrarian experts in the field of immunology. Most of these had high positions in fields involving disease transmission and vaccination.

        Dr. John (IIRC) also bought—hook, line, and sinker—the poor modeling of British modeler, Professor Neil Ferguson. Which was used to predict 2M dead here in the USA the first year. “Dr.” John is (I’m told) *not* an MD, but rather the title is honorary and he is a nurse of sorts in the British medical system.

        “Evidence based reasoning” is only as good as the evidence you gather *and* validate. Dr. John has not demonstrated that to my satisfaction.

        • None of this is arguable, but to his credit he was one of the first people (with an audience, and he has a few million subscribers) to start calling attention to vax injuries and to interview people who had suffered from jabs. And he’s spent the last year and a half almost constantly critiquing the Covid reaction and the mRNA jabs. He stated unequivocally that if he had to do it all over again he would never allow himself to be injected.

          As for reformed Covidians he’s as good as it gets. I am as angry as anyone else about what transpired, not quite Karl Denninger level though pretty damn close, and I will never forgive many people over the Covid ructions, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to completely close ranks in the face of people who can convince others to come to our side, and Campbell is one of the rare ones who can.

          • I’ll grant you that. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. In that light, following the new Campbell has merit wrt mRNA technology.

            However, that’s only a part (albeit very important) of the current controversy. Since I don’t follow him, I can’t lay out more specifics. I will note that the best lies are sandwiched between two half truths. Let’s hope he’s also now queued in to other (false) aspects of the Covid hysteria

      • People like that change with the shifting winds of fashion. What was in then is out now. He may redeem himself in time, but only an idiot ever trusts a proven con man.

  27. The key metric is that while 80% of the retarded U.S. masses got the first death jab, only 20% got the booster death jab. Therefore, while globohomo may try to re-boot this particular franchise, and may have limited success, I don’t think this is going to be the next Big One.

    It’s akin to a boxing match between globohomo and populists. Globohomo attacks populists by punching them in the face with fraudvirus (as revenge for electing Blormf, Bolsonaro and passing Brexit); then the populists raise their hands to defend themselves, negating the effectiveness of that technique, so globohomo then will punch the populists in the kidneys with whatever comes next — Cyber Polygon, perhaps? Whatever it is the populists will not expect it. I go into this here:

    • I don’t think there will be another Covid “big one”. The first Covid wave took out the most susceptible of the population and in short, “culled the herd”. The rest of us—at least those who’ve refrained from damaging their immune system with repeated boosters—have developed a hardened/tweaked immune system to Covid variants through natural infection.

      As I’ve said here, I’ve had Covid at least twice and possibly three times—validated through private blood analysis. It is simply (for me now) a winter cold—annoying, but not nearly close to fatal.

    • I think the new thing is setting wildfires. The government starts the fires (or has antifa doing it), eventually the air gets so thick with ash that it’s legitimately unhealthy to go outside. They can do all kinds of bullshit over it as an excuse as well. No camping, no road trips, no internal combustion engines, I’m sure there’s plenty more they could come up with to torment people using fires as an excuse.

      Setting Maui on fire and blocking the roads to trap everyone in the town and kill them was an escalation to prove wildfires are a real emergency since people were just ignoring it when it was just a handful of houses burning in the middle of nowhere.

  28. I concur with those who see this reboot as a second test of compliance or obedience, if you will. Then the full-on attack can be adjusted according to the reactions of the citizens. Chilling to think about.

    Not related to Cov19 — I got food poisoning last year. Never had it before and do not ever want it again. I pretty much wanted to just die after a few hours of agony lying on the bathroom floor. I bet the corona virus is a bitch but I know being poisoned is something you don’t want to experience.

    • Food poisoning will become more widespread as refrigeration becomes difficult, among other reasons.

      • Food poisoning was common pre-refrigeration and FDA. People were used to it in the sense they took more precautions with what they put in their mouths. We will learn to adjust. What we can’t adjust for is a “lack” of food. People will then “chance it” in preference to starving. In that case, food poisoning is the least of your many problems in that “new world”.

        • Yes, this is true. We see this now with water. Those accustomed to no or little bacteria get quite sick when they travel and drink only very mildly tainted water that doesn’t faze the locals. The same applies even more to food, with the corollary that the locals realize even they can get quite sick and even die if there is too much bacteria. I saw this in Asia with rice of all things. East Asians can eat rice that would make us sick, but even they sometimes went too far in leaving it at room temperature. I wrote “of all things” but in truth rice is a petri dish if it was overly exposed to bacteria prior to cooking, which much is.

          • I’m a sucker for YouTube videos of foreigners remarking on their first impressions of the United States and its people and their culture. There are two common comments made by almost all: How damn fat were are, and How common it is to drink tap water in our homes and restaurants.

            The later I considered a compliment…, the former a sad truth.

    • Experienced a bout of that myself a few months ago. I’m afraid if my .357 had been within reach I would not be here now. Ghastly pain.

  29. I would suggest everyone read To Build a Castle by Vladimir Bukovsky. It’s a great primer for the current day and him describing the 1960s in the Soviet world sounds a lot like the ideological world we’re living in but with less stuff.

    Here a couple quotes

    “In later years we were often astounded by the idiotic stubbornness of our authorities and their reluctance to look at obvious facts, all of which did them catastrophic harm. The self-destructive obstinacy may strike us as incomprehensible but that is because we forget that a regime of terror cannot behave otherwise.”

    “We will never be rid of this terror, never acquire freedom and security, until we refuse categorically to recognize this paranoid version of reality and oppose to it our own reality and our own values”

    And here’s a little quote on anonymity

    “First of all such behavior amounted to a virtual proof of guilt according to the KGB’s logic: if a writer plotted and practice concealment, he must have known that he was committing a crime”

  30. Most people will do what they’re told to do. They might grumble about it, but they’ll do it.

    • Most will do it because they need the paycheck, but there is a cohort that much closer to retirement than in 2020 who won’t. I can tick off two or three of my machinists who might very well figure its time to leave the rat race when told to put underwear on their faces.

      The thing is, there’s no one to replace them. Asylum seekers and slacker don’t do precision machining. It will be a torpedo in the hull of a lot of businesses.

  31. “In many ways, nonsense is a more effective organizing tool than the truth. Anyone can believe in the truth. To believe in nonsense is an unforgeable demonstration of loyalty. It serves as a political uniform. And if you have a uniform, you have an army.” – Curtis Yarvin

    The red hat for Trump was a uniform, and it terrified our establishment (R and D).

    The mask is the uniform now, and it’s stronger than ever. The people who embrace the mask this time around hate you and want you dead. No difference than a German National Socialist armband; wear it, or you’re a target for abuse.

    • Theodore Dalrymple said it better than Moldbug.

      “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

      • Theodor Dalrymple’s oft-quoted passage does not account for the fact that a large plurality, if not a majority, of the people were not forced at all, but willingly embraced their “humiliation.”

        Eric Hoffer and Georges Sorel were closer to the truth when they identified these mass movements as ideology or political myth. “Myth” is the better, clearer, more accurate word to use for what Z identifies as the Leftist “religion”. Religion isn’t entirely appropriate for what Z talks about, for while religion involves myth, myth does not necessarily involve religion.

        • This. Both Yarvin and Orwell suffer/suffered a certain romanticism. Most compliance is easy to attain.

        • Insightful post, ID. However, the level of willing submission versus unbidden compulsion is difficult to ascertain. Many people were required to mask and vax on pain of losing their livelihood. Would they have done so absent the compulsion? Difficult to say, although, given my dim view of contemporary humanity, I tend to think you’re probably more right here than wrong.

        • I opt for “Mass Formation Psychosis”, a term made most popular recently by Robert Malone, albeit we probably have described this phenomena for centuries under other names, e.g. “mass hysteria”.

          Here’s an example of MFP in real life. When in the department, I received a dept wide e-mail from one of the support staff (front office female) concerning her “not feeling quite well” (headache, congestion, latent nausea, etc) when at work. She wrote she suspected something “in the air” as she always felt better when leaving the building/floor, but worse when entering it.

          Within a few minutes, more e-mail joined in—all reporting the same mysterious symptoms and some adding a few new symptoms as well. The *one thing* these emails had in common were that they were from front office support staff and were all from women! The one faculty member that joined in *was* a women!

          The dept head came by and we discussed the situation. The reason for our interest was that we had designed the floor(s) a few years earlier before the dept moved to this new building.

          The floor contained a number of facilities, not the least of which was a state of the art computing center with any number of centralized systems and high voltage transformers and such. If the air was bad and it traced back to such a facility, we’d be shut down.

          We immediately got Risk Management to come over to discuss the situation. They brought in air reading equipment that checked for all the common pollutants, ozone, co2 levels, air exchange, etc. Several days later every known “pollutant” was within “normal” levels. We were told to tell everyone, there was no danger from the floor “air” and all was fine.

          This was (to me) unacceptable. Why? Because the answer would not address the question of emotion or psychological state. After some discussion, the dept head and I asked that the air exchange rate be increased from 15% per hour to 20% per hour for the floor.

          I then send a dept e-mail that we had found the issue and adjusted the floor air handlers to address the problem and all is now well. Got back a lot of thank you’s and we heard nothing further from the staff! 😉

          • “Why? Because the answer would not address the question of emotion or psychological state.”

            Placebos aren’t just for experiments.

          • P. One needed to not simply say “fixed”, but for effect, explain the effort actually done. This is more readily believed that a simple response of “fixed”. I don’t believe we actually said what we did to the air handlers.

            When my doctor prescribes to me a medicine, he never gets away with “take two of these twice a day and you’ll feel better”. He is always required to tell me exactly how these pills are expected to affect my symptoms and disease. Example, “These pills are an antifungul designed to fight your toenail infection.

          • I would have sent out an email saying that we had brought in “top men” who had used all their manly science gear to determine that, as usual, the women were hysterical over nothing. The next email would have introduced the new policy firing all females and banning any more from being hired.

    • What we need is for one of those clowns who was throwing up salutes back before Charlottesville to wear a mask as an armband. And then throw up a salute to Fauci. Make it that obvious.

  32. I believe that Covid will be a recurring thing every four years, even if a Democrat is leading in the polls. They can’t take that chance and need to get out those mail in ballots.

      • AINO will always hold “elections” for appearances’ sake. They will, however, be no more consequential than elections in the USSR. Fake and gay to the nth degree.

        • That’s been the case a long time. The significance of Trump was his election made it undeniable. People are fine with it, too, as long as they are fed and warm.

  33. I suspect we will have constant lockdowns, formerly known as “martial law,” for “climate emergencies” and fabricated military threats and the like in the future if:

    1. There is substantial compliance with the next round of medical lockdowns; and, if that happens,
    2. There is no negative impact on the Ruling Class.

    Given the complete drones, sheep, robots, whatever, who inhabit the West, we very well may get substantial compliance. And that substantial compliance, if it happens, will come primarily from people who realize the lockdowns are total bullshit. I in fact tend to think there will be substantial compliance.

    Orwell was a genius and a prophet but got several things wrong. Some minor details, such as the epicenter being England, barely count as errors given the time and place he wrote. The main thing he got wrong, though, and it was a massive one, was that it would take tremendous and clever efforts to manipulate people. That’s not the case at all. Most people want to be manipulated, and they believe propaganda because they want to believe propaganda. That more than anything else is terrifying.

    I also will grant there is a pretty good chance there will not be substantial compliance with the upcoming Covid lockdowns, and this then would spiral out of the Regime’s control. But that’s not the way to bet, at least at the present, based on past and recent history. The primary upside to the upcoming lockdowns is while there likely will be substantial compliance there will not be universal compliance and localities will continue to fragment from central governments. The hope lies in dissolution, Winston. And that is happening.

    • The new scary virus variant, which has not yet been shown to even exist scientifically, could be viewed as just page 2 of an IQ test for Americans, who did poorly on page 1…If they flunk this one, even tiny colleges in Georgia won’t accept them….

      • Blacks to their credit mostly refused the vax last hoax. Those at this college indeed must be desperate to be there otherwise the restriction would not be imposed.

        • What is your source for this, Jack? From my observations, negroes are at least as likely to mask up as whites. And where there is mask there is vax.

          PS–Easily the most compliant of all are the Orientals. Their unthinking submission to authority is truly something to behold.

          • CDC, fwiw. I don’t have the link but Hutu vaccination was less than all other racial groups except Hispanics. Whites and Asians had the highest compliance.

          • Here are some Kaiser Family Foundation numbers [as of Jul 14, 2022] for Whites, blacks, hispanics and asians in the USA:


            Scroll down towards the bottom of the page, and you’ll get a “smart” spreadsheet of v@xxinations by ethnicititties, where you can click on the column headers to resort the data.

            The numbers vary wildly by state.

            Blacks in general lag slightly behind Whites in v@xxination percentages.

            Hispanics were surprisingly likely to NOT get v@xxinated, whereas asians are all v@xxinated up to their gills.

    • “Most people want to be manipulated, ”

      Lock me down, daddy. Make me wear that dirty mask, daddy!

      People are sheep. They will do what is expected of them and do it enthusiastically. They will attack any of their fellow sheep who don’t play along enthusiastically enough.

      We’re talking about the same people who will not defend their children from perverts and will even take their children to the most perverted sex shows. I even saw video of a mother giving her small child a dollar bill to give to a tranny in a strip show.

      • Before Saipan fell to the Americans, wives of Japanese officers tucked their children under their arms and jumped to their deaths at what is now called Bonsai Cliff. That was even less insane than the genital mutilation cult.

    • Jack, I couldn’t agree more. In my opinion, the true lesson of propaganda is that it is horrifyingly easy. Certainly a few prerequisites must be met (mainly authority and legacy–wealth, and media control are really prior components of this) and then the message can be nearly anything and the populace will go along with it.

    • Dodson. As I’ve said before, what is your description of “compliance” and therefore what would “non-compliance”, i.e., resistance, look like?

      This is important because you claim folk will be compliant. I claim there will be more likely a lack of venues to demonstrate noncompliance—unless of course, you assume we should take to the streets and throw rocks at the authorities, which I agree they did do in one instance I saw in Australia.

      • Fair question.

        Compliance is modification of behavior to conform to dictates or mandates. Mandatory vaccination is the most blatant example. As for enforcing compliance, I could see suspension of federally funded insurance such as Medicare or Obamacare as an easy example. Obviously there are other gibs. Economic coercion probably is more effective than violence or confinement and there are a number of routes to take. Those methods you listed probably no longer are efficacious, I agree, but there certainly are others.

        • (I think your comment was from another thread and tried to contextualize it to where I thought you were responding)

        • My experience as a retiree is limited. When at the University, I might have seriously considered the jab when faced with unemployment. I can not fault anyone for taking the jab to keep their family fed. Don’t use me as a poster boy for resistance.

          Just like I’d expect one to face a home intruder breaking into his home rather than submit his family to harm, I’d expect a family breadwinner to chance vaccination to protect his family economically. I’d also note that the employment situations where such vaccinations were mandatory were often among the best employment opportunities available here. Indeed, County workers are still fighting to regain their jobs last I heard.

          As for myself, businesses simply closed or if still in business, refused face to face contact. Supermarkets hired guards to refuse maskless entrance. Banks put up the “closed” sign and pointed to the ugly teller out front.

          I was free to drive and pump gas, but not free to engage in most any economic activity that was my normal routine. The few places allowing entry, I refused a mask—but those were few and in some cases confrontational. I offered them a choice, I could leave or they could take my money. Some did, some didn’t.

          Somewhat similar wrt medical attention. Mask or die—literally. Wife had to go to emergency room New Years. You damn well better believe I sucked it up and wore a mask. My personal physician—who depends on my yearly check—allowed maskless examination under the face saving excuse that “only one of us needs to be vax’d”. 😉

    • Most people want to be manipulated, and they believe propaganda because they want to believe propaganda. That more than anything else is terrifying.

      I suspect this is in part that people want the illusion of stability that they believe can be found in large and powerful organizations. The institutional failure that appears eminant is too much for most people to bear. It is safer to believe the lie. The reality is terrifying. The worse things get; the more they need to believe. Fear is a powerful emotion.

  34. Maybe this time Covid can insert mRNA which turns you into a gay decorator who always bakes the cake and happily bides his time until full-blown immunosuppression manifests: the Buttigieg variant, AIDS but with Rachel Levine affect. Side effects: love of Bette Midler, Barry Manilow, and stealing luggage from airports.

  35. The end of summer and arrival of autumn means a new version of a known virus, one with a common set of symptoms and one that young and vigorous people can fight off but can kill the weak and elderly. In other words, it’s flu season, COVID really is the flu, bro.

    I think most people look upon 2020-2021 with mostly embarrassment and shame, and don’t really want to talk or think about it too much. I think most people think it was unnecessary, stupid, and life-damaging for many. But I also know that most people just go along with the herd and given the appropriate signals they will likely fall in line. Should be interesting, they have to figure out how to keep people at home through November 2024 so they can get those ballots printed and “sent”.

    • Your last sentence is on point. This revamp is simple election “fortification”. They don’t need most people to buy into the new variant and vaccine. They’ll use the restrictions as a way to have certain key areas/states “have to use” mail-in balloting which is invitation to fraud. As Zman said, any protests or demonstrations regarding said fraud can be swiftly dismantled under covid anti-assemblage dictats. It’s not some great evil conspiracy. It’s simply evil dirty politics.

      • Get your loved ones out of the nursing homes if it starts going down. We saw what they did to them last time to get that Biden vote, had young thugs come in and beat their ass.

    • “The end of summer and arrival of autumn means a new version of a known virus, one with a common set of symptoms and one that young and vigorous people can fight off but can kill the weak and elderly. In other words, it’s flu season, COVID really is the flu, bro.”

      Oh, thank God! I was afraid you were going to predict… pumpkin spice!

      • Oh, thank God! I was afraid you were going to predict… pumpkin spice!

        Don’t laugh. My Lovely 🥰 Mrs. showed me a post from Starbucks that Pumpkin Spiced Coffee is now available.

        She also knows when all the local to us craft breweries are brewing up their pumpkin beer.

        It’s like a cult. At this point I’d be happy if she listened to Taylor Swift. 😏

        • Guilty admission. Blue collar worker, combat vet, and dedicated classic Heavy Metal fan… but I can’t get enough pumpkin spice. You can even put that sh*t in an aerosol room freshener and I will buy it.

          Growing up, we would have generations of my family’s women together concocting pies and treats for the holidays.

          So okay, feel free to have this color your opinion of my posts… but the spice must flow.

        • As a self-proclaimed genius chef it always bugs me that they call it “pumpkin” instead of a cinnamon/nutmeg/ginger latte.

  36. Same as it ever was:

    “We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.” – Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

  37. “The big question is whether the public will fall in line again. There are reasons to think they will not go along with it.”

    Haaa. Oh, my dear Z, surely you jest. That’s like saying in 1967 that maybe the people in the DDR will quit being Stasi informants.

    During the last COVID hoax “the public” were the chief enforcers of the mandates. I cannot even begin to tell you how many complete strangers started shouting at me in public for ignoring the mask mandates. Unfortunately the mask mandates were backed by the force of law, I could have been arrested on a number of occasions.

    EVERY employer went along with mask and/or vaxx mandates. My state government actually made it a felony to lie about your vaxx status. Football stadiums required proof of vaccination — and they were filled to capacity. College students, those supposed rebellious, edgy youth, went along with the vaxx and mask mandates like the herds of sheep that they are.

    The question is not whether the public is going to fall in line again. The question is whether they are going to bankrupt, incarcerate or kill the dissenters.

    • The abuse college students tolerated really brought to light how much youth rebellion is a myth and conservative cope for their collapse of authority. Youth have always been conformists to power, with a select few choosing to try to become powerful outside of existing institutions.

      In the past, the youth conformed to local organic social structures, with their worst infraction being maybe being getting some action from Susie out of sight. Now, the youth rebel against parents they correctly realize have no power in favor of ZOG.

      • well at the end of the day they are movies and thus are being advertised. Nonetheless, movies like “animal house” or “dazed and confused” both seem like how young people should act which is in a devil may care matter.

      • College students stopped being rebellious and edgy and turned into turbo-conformists about the time they flipped to being >60% female. Funny that.

        • When men were the tyrants, we had the Military-Industrial Complex.

          Now that women are the tyrants, we have the Medical-Industrial Complex.

          It’s as if men & women are different while Evil has a Platonic form.

        • They never were rebellious. The media instructed them on dying their hair and getting stupid piercings and tattoos. And when I was in college all the students followed cool professor elbow patches around like attention-hungry puppies, hanging off his every word about how they should conform and do exactly as he says and be hip rebellious non-conforming communists.

      • Don’t forget the “youth” have just spent the last 12-20 years in indoctrination centers. The youth protests for what the borg wants.

        • That’s the rub, Tars. However, I would say that unis as indoctrination centers date from the 80s. What’s different now is that all the other institutions–primary eductation, media, corporations, federal government, museums, etc.–are also indoctrination centers. Whereas college students in the 80s grew up relatively free of propaganda, today’s college students have known nothing but.

      • All protest has been state-sponsored in the GAE the entirety of your life. If it does not have state approval the result is Ashli Babbitt. This evil empire has been a garbage tier police state a long, long time. It pays well and that has bought a lot of tolerance.

  38. Question for you all- anyone, or anyone you know know developed bladder problems recently? I began having issues with mine in the fall of ‘20. I got two jabs ( yeah, I’m a pussy, I did it to keep the peace in the family, and have access to my grandson) and have had bladder issues and circulation problems in my legs. I know I sound tin foil hat-ish, but I can’t help but wonder…

    Meanwhile here in my northeastern college town masks are making a comeback, and our small town daily paper had an article by some local sawbones about how we may need to reinstitute some of the procedures that were so effective in ‘20-‘21…

    • It’ll likely come down to your age in regards to ill effects. If you’re young you have to worry about the “suddenly”.

      I know a large number of older folks and none have complained of long term effects. Then again, the people I know that are 60+ usually have a litany of health issues which they go on about so who knows. None have told me they thought these ailments are related. How would they even know?

      • The irony here is that most all of the vaccine detractors in the medical sphere promoted a specificity wrt who gets the vexxine. Usually the elderly and those with terrible co-morbidities. If we’d have listened to them rather than Big Pharma, so much pain and human adverse reaction could have been avoided.

      • There’s are a couple factors at work here:

        Relevant to your comments, you’re right that as one ages, there tend to be more common health effects. First problem: If a new intervention (e.g. the Jab) is causing a constellation of symptoms, it’s likely that these will be distributed among the symptoms that would have occurred anyway. Absent a truly dramatic increase in a specific symptom AND a systematic data collection regime, red flags may go unnoticed. More ominously, the medical system may be biased against noticing!

        The placebo effect and its evil twin, the nocebo effect. Patients sometimes imagine a good or bad outcome, respectively, that is purely imaginary. These are documented medical effects, to my understanding.

        A more problematic issue may be this: Doctors routinely IGNORE patients’ complaints about [possible] adverse effects of the drugs they’ve been administered. Some of those adverse effects must be real. Problem: Doc knows best, his mindset is that medicine can do no wrong, that the patient is imagining the worst, etc. Quite frankly, it’s easier to abide by corporate or govenrment treatment “guidelines.” To do otherwise risks loss of job or in extreme cases one’s medical license. It doesn’t take a PhD in psychology to understand the issue: there is a huge investment in ego, of prestige, of faith in the many years of specialized education and other training in their field. Any challenge to one’s comfortable world-view is viewed as a threat, at least subconsciously, and thus resisted.

    • Ganderson

      I’m going to refer you to the myriad of cases and evidence of the jabs causing circulation problems(blood clots). You’re not being tin hat, your being observant.

      As for having access to your grandson, you won’t have access to him if you’re dead.

      That’s the one thing I could never understand. The good news is, I kept my job by getting jabbed.

      The bad news is, I died from the side effects. So I guess I don’t have the job after all.

      • Good points. In FL, using 2019* as a base year, the excess deaths for 2020, 2021 and 2022 were (rounded) 16, 26 and 15% high, respectively. This is especially curious if one assumes, as you apparently do, that most vulnerable would have been culled early in the pandemic. Although it’s likely multiple factors are involved, it does seem unlikely that fentanyl ODs and delayed mammogram screenings account for all those excess deaths.

        My “investigation” was only for Florida. But the percentage jumps are consistent with other articles I read. For the US alone, extrapolated that means well over a million people have died since 2019. And perhaps most telling, public health departments don’t seem to have the least interest investigating why more people are dying. Perhaps I’m just “peddling what I got” but in my opinion, that fact alone is one of the biggest indictments of how far “our” ethical standards have fallen, not only through the floor, but down a hole and working its way to the Earth’s molten core [to borrow someone else’s clever hyperbole.]

        *It’s worth mentioning that, in pre-pandemic years, annual deaths vary in the 1% range. Those interested may view the data at:

  39. Around the fifth of August I was exposed to what I’m pretty certain was the New Improved! covid. I got it from a guy who picked it up in Europe. Somehow, his magic mask did not offer him or me any protection. He’s vaxed to the max as well.
    I won’t kid around. I was weak from some other mystery bug that hit me in June, and the New Improved! covid hit me like a freight train. I was horribly ill. The doc gave me the paxlovid treatment, which had the interesting side effect of causing a “rebound” that damn near killed me. I ended up with a 911 call in a complete delirium. I am one of those anti-vaxxers who believes in the horse medicine. I had tried to replenish my stock through a couple of different sources, but the State of California has prohibited sales or shipping of IVM. Luckily I had a fair stash of IVM that I got from a source on GAB. Even though, as I’ve understood, the feds have approved IVM for a treatment, the docs at Kaiser refused to give it to me. They said, “Take vitamins.” I’m not kidding. Even so, I believe the IVM saved my ass. I’m slowly recovering, but the guy I got it from is still very sick.
    I’m already seeing mask-a-troons everywhere here in So Cal. Even among high school age kids. The sheep are well trained, and compliant. I have no hope for anything like resistance to the coming round of lockdowns and mandates.


    • If you don’t mind sharing, what were the initial symptoms of both your illnesses?

      The reason I ask is a couple of weeks ago I developed a sore throat that lasted about a week. It never really developed into the summer cold I expected. I felt a little dull but not really that bad. No fever. No aches. Very little congestion. Then it went away.

      Never experienced anything like it before. Since moving to where I now live, I haven’t had even a cold in seven years. Before that I usually caught whatever was going around. I am unvaxxed and never had covid that I know of. But this was weird. Could have been anything, I suppose. Or nothing. But I think it was something.

      • It was very strange. I had been feeling a little slow, but nothing to make me think I was ill. Then, quite suddenly, I had a deeply congested chest, and I mean like death rattle congestion, wheezing, rattling, coughing up large amounts of phlegm. The second day I went to the doc. I had no fever, and no real feeling of being ill. The doc gave me a five day run of prednisone, and an inhaler. I didn’t really need the inhaler after two days of prednisone. Shortly afterwards I had a mild ear infection, but nothing serious. Even so, my energy level dropped dramatically. Felt like I was running a 12 volt system on 8 volts. I wrote about feeling very slow on the 7th of the month, two days after being exposed. By the next day I had fever over 101, and was feeling really sick. I started the IVM immediately, and did not suffer loss of taste/smell, or any cough. But the fever and fatigue were horrendous. After the paxlovid I was delirious, hallucinating and very unsteady on my feet. from the 8th to just a few days ago I have huge gaps in my memory. My wife told me things that I had said and done. I had no memory of them at all. Scary shit. Still, I credit the IVM for saving my ass. The guy I caught it from didn’t take it, and he had the full range of coof symptoms. Last I traded notes with him he is still sick. I’m recovering slowly, but surely.


    • you can make your own hydro-etc by simmering the peels of one organic grapefruit and two organic lemons in a half gallon of purified water then straining it through a strainer or a clean t shirt. Takes like bitters but will keep in fridge for weeks.

  40. You forgot a key part:

    When Eris inevitably kills few people, because covid is not terribly serious, all they have to do is report this truth. Then, they will declare themselves geniuses and endlessly Pat themselves on the back for the “success” of the covid policies they put in place.

  41. You can tell the race is close becuase they are going to drag Covid 2 along for the entire election season until next November. Then they can redo the mail-in ballots that won’t finish reporting in till December.

    • I was going to say: Maybe those fringe people who claim the election will be canceled aren’t so fringe after all. However, keeping up appearances still carries weight in clown world. So yes, there will be an election. But it will be under lockdown tyranny, so Biden can prove how much he cares about public safety by “campaigning” from the basement… and there will be 105% voter turnout. Mostly from safe, hygenic mail-in ballots. Also, questioning the validity of the election will be treated as domestic terrorism.

      If you want a government that doesn’t hate you and want you dead, look outside the West.

  42. The people running the Joe Biden Show are truly evil. They will not hesitate to eliminate us if they get the chance. But they’re going to have to get past Mother Russia first. And if they can’t, we’ll be waiting…

  43. Two things will determine whether we are well and truly f**ked:

    1) People succumb to the Covid madness again, or more precisely, good people do nothing in the face of it

    2) Voter participation is high in 2024

    If none of these things come true, then I pledge to stop reading dissident media as we are waaay to cynical and despairing. But if one or both of these things come true, then we are well and truly f**ked and I will make the necessary preparations.

    • 1 -> will be determined by whether people are willing to relentlessly bully nurses, teachers, and other “heroes”. They will double down for a while with day after day of open contempt, but it will eventually break down their bugman solidarity.

      2 -> Voter participation will be high, regardless of how many people vote. Regardless of the numbers, the narrative is vote harvesting makes all elections illegitimate. Our success depends on buy-in to our narrative.

      • Voter turn out is tricky. Some may go just for the local issues. I assume that would not be reflected in the national race but don’t know.

  44. Eris, Pharma’s latest ‘variant’, is also the name of the Greek goddess of strife and discord.

    You just can’t make this shit up.

    • Eris is also the name of the dwarf planet that made astronomers relegate Pluto and we went from 9 planets to 8.

      Eris killed Pluto and will kill again, hopefully normie’s faith in telegenic people on TV.

  45. Tis not the best of times nor the worst of times.

    A tale of two cities. One kills its political enemies while the other prosecutes them or just throws them in jail and that distinction is slowly evaporating away.

    Not the worst of times but they are worsening.

  46. In my humble opinion, the coming Covid “lockdowns”, are a precursor to election fortification.

    It worked before.

    Why fix it if it ain’t broke?

    • That guy that did the Killdozer thing just didn’t snap and flip out. They tweaked his nose. They slapped his wrists. They slapped his face. They stabbed him in the back and THEN he flipped out!

      I am thinking that it won’t be long before our antagonists start getting shot in the face by people that just can’t be pushed anymore. Whether that means politicos or the odd self-proclaimed expert… time will tell.

    • They are starting a little early for that. The college that implemented restrictions is a small HBCU that was just re-accredited last year. You can be sure the students attending literally do not have another option if they want to be in college. I would guess they have some obese older staffers who have never stopped masking. If they can’t get compliance there, they won’t get it anywhere. I think the push has more to do with the true believers needing the meaning Covid gave their lives again.

      • Yas’m. I done checked the web page thing and you right. “Now Accredited! Financial Aid Restored!” My own self, I wonder why dey lost accreditation? Sound bad. Foolish young’uns. Ain’t no nig-, um scuse me, black man got no business in college less he gettin athletic scholarship an gonna play sports. Well, I guess dey gonna be deep in student debt an then axe why nobody give them job wit dey Black Studies degree.

  47. > our army of experts define themselves in opposition to the people pointing out their mistakes.

    The Hawaii experts refused to release water, refused to use the sirens, and barricaded one of the only roads to safety. More people would have been saved if these people had literally never been born.

    As Ben Braddock put it, “Only those who disobeyed survived.”

    The time has come where, whether you think it’s incompetence or malice, these commissars will kill you and sleep like babies that night.

    • Indeed. This should be President Puddinhead’s Hurricane Katrina (“Joe Biden don’t care ’bout Hawaiian people!”) moment but since he’s a Democrat, Hawaii is pretty solidly Democratic, and the people who caused this mess are Hard Lefties, naught shall be said about this. (“He’s a sumbitch but he’s OUR sumbitch” as LBJ once said of a fellow Democrat)

      I suspect COVID-2, Pfizer Boogaloo is being ginned up to rush the plebes / proles into a panic to cover:

      – Slow Joe’s accelerating slide into dementia. (Anyone see the snippets of his speech in and visit to Maui? Time to put grandpa in Assisted Living)
      – Hunter S. Crackhead’s filthy financial dealings. Dealings which more and more implicate President Puddinhead was directly involved in getting the sweet, sweet filthy lucre for himself. (As if we didn’t know)
      – The eventual abandonment of our newest ally, Ukraine, as it’s apparent the expected “victory” of the West over Russia will not occur unless we drop US “boots on the ground”, and even then . . .
      – The accelerating inflation and hard times coming with interest rates being raised, which will return us to the Salad Days of 2008-9 in the housing and banking market.

      And I’m sure a multitude of other sins, which readers can add as necessary.

      Mail in voting will be needed to Fortify Our Democracy ™ to give Joe Biden 300 Million Votes. Scare people, rig things, and we’re set. 👍

      As Z says, the wildcard shall be the American People.

      • Hawaii’s governor is also, for some reason that has not yet been explained to me, run by a member of the tribe who was born in New York and raised in Pennsylvania.

        The weird and offensive comments Biden made in Hawaii were just completely ignored by the media, which is of course their greatest power.

        • Being sent out to rule the provinces is their career limbo. If they prove themselves worthy by egregiously oppressing the rustics, maybe they can come home to Washington. Frey and Whitmer did 2020 so they’re in line for promotion. Hawaii guy has hurt the people but he’s a hopeless fuckup, demanding M.D. be appended to every mention of his name. He’ll have to settle for an insurance board sinecure or something. Maybe a “death panel.”

  48. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode “The Comeback” where George thinks of a snappy comeback too late, then goes to ridiculous lengths to use it in order to get even.

    Here, I foresee an even more virulent strain of Covid being deployed in order to get even with covid and vax skeptics in a big “I told you so” revenge caper. Many deaths, much gloating.

    I wonder if the Seinfeld writers are members of the same tribe as those running Ukraine policy.

      • I loved Seinfeld when it was on, they were the kind of people I could relate to in many ways. But look at the credits, I’d bet the writers were 90% tribal. But the characters were pretty anarchic and I liked that in them.

        • Jews have extremely negative personalities, which makes them excellent comedians.

          Compare Seinfeld to the more positive stuff like those 80s sitcoms where it was a Christian family with six kids. Happy well-adjusted people living with little to no conflict just isn’t funny.

    • > I foresee an even more virulent strain of Covid being deployed in order to get even with covid and vax skeptics in a big “I told you so” revenge caper. Many deaths, much gloating.

      How? A coronavirus? The entire thought of a virus that both transmits easily (even asymptomatically or before the onset of symptoms) and is lethal is just patently ridiculous. It is a myth. A meme. A psy-op, but one that many “smart” people (including commenters here on this site) just accept as fact without critically analyzing it.

      A coronavirus is a cold! Even the original “Wuhan” strain of Covid-19 was no more dangerous than an ordinary flu. With the exception of those most frail who would’ve tipped into death by just about anything, EVERY “covid death” was either iatrogenic or complete fraud.

      Open your eyes, people! Look at the facts and the data. There is NO WAY a virus (any virus!) can both spread easily and be potentially lethal. But so many people (maybe you watched too many movies as a kid? I don’t know) believe this science fiction. And belief in this lie is what made the ENTIRE covid operation possible.

        • He hurt the whittle feewings of the faux muscle flexors who frequent this comment section. In short he called a spade a spade.
          I upvoted you both!

      • the ventilators did the killing. they caused bacterial pneumonia and the protocol that had to be followed had no antibiotic.

      • Unfortunately, the problem of people, even the highly educated, believing in fantasies extends far beyond the lies the media tells us about diseases. Some false beliefs are acquired on one’s own, but many are indoctrinated by family, friends or culture. It’s a problem as old as human consciousness.

        As a sample of this phenomenon, consider that, as far as I can tell, there are no errors of fact in Mr. Generic’s post. Yet downvotes approximately 15%. Truth hurts, don’t it?

      • “Jerk Store” was the worst comeback ever. Jerry and Elaine warned George not to do the jerk store.

        • It was part of a recurring theme of George needing to get his revenge at all costs and invariably making a fool of himself in the end. He also followed a guy who he thought had flipped him off for 100 miles just to find out the guy had his hand in a cast.

          Apparently the George character was based on Larry David himself who acted like that in real life, thus the similarities in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  49. So, how do you say to worthless public officials, “No, you can’t do that!”?

    I’d say that donating a 50 cent coin to Joe Biden’s re-election campaign is an appropiate response.

    • I see what you did there. May I suggest a penny… it sends the same message … Since we don’t have a Garfield half-penny.

      • Indeed! Although, I reduced the contribution from $15.51 to fifty cents.

        Let’s go, Brandon!

  50. The real virus will be released this time. This was what the vax actually protects against.

    All the anti-vaxxers will die off, including myself.

    • Odd someone downvoted this comment. It may/likely will prove not to be the case, but anyone who thinks at this point that these loathsome bastards would not do such a thing is a rank idiot. My guess is they are running a follow up test to measure compliance.

    • B125

      None of us get out alive.

      For the last week, with the excessive heat, I’ve had congestion and my ears blocked. My wife keeps telling me to go to the Dr., and I keep asking her why?

      This morning, I can hear, and the congestion is gone. Almost like my immune system did it’s thing, or something like that.

      • See my comment a little earlier in the cue. This sounds exactly like the mystery bug that preceded my bout with the coof. You are not the only one I’ve heard describe this, either. There is something else out there. Stock up on your horse medicine.


        • jwm: I seem to recall trannie-loving Tractor Supply removing horse paste from its shelves last time, claiming fear of people improperly using it. Fwiw, my local farm and feed store is quite well stocked (I stopped in there to pick up more deer food and those elastic bandages that are identical to the ones sold for people, just a lot cheaper). Still have my original and unused horse paste supply, since it’s now been almost 5 years since I’ve been sick and doctor’s lab test claimed I had massive covid antibodies.

          I suppose if economic times get really hard, I could try to hawk my magic blood.

          • The local farm store is useful for stuff beyond “veterinary” medications. For example, I’ve added wheat bran as a staple in my diet. Which my co-op sells at a fraction of the cost of the health food store’s. I’m tempted to do the same with flaxseed meal, but it’d likely go rancid before I used it all.

    • I have a 29 year old niece in California. She is one of those health food and exercise addicts. A a more physically fit girl you will never find. She just became sick and took the home Covid test. It came back positive.

      We have spoke to her a few times this past few days. She reports that she has never been so sick in her life. According to her: “It is the most debilitating sickness I have ever experienced.”

      • george 1

        I DON’T CARE.

        Sorry not sorry. I will not comply any further. You are barking up the wrong tree.

        Kindly F*** O**.

        • No one is suggesting you comply. I am just reporting what happened. I will never vax or comply as well. I will maintain my supply of IVM.

          And!! You sir can F*** O** as well!!

          • Actually, I am sympathetic to those who report bad symptoms from their Covid bout. I was miserable a couple of times, but nowhere near welcoming death. Nonetheless, I’d say I’m happy not to be vaxxed.

          • Compsci,
            Me too. I had a bad bout of covid but it was cured by IVM. If there is a new deadly virus they released I intend to have a stash of IVM in case.

        • Nice try. That girl is as based as they come. She is unvaxed and knows the score much better than the vast majority of women her age.

      • Quite incredible the downvotes and negatives comments when a fellow just reports someone’s symptoms.

        Leaving aside the vax (let’s pretend there is no vax)… the *disease* itself may be a walk in the park for some people and extremely debilitating for others — as in taking weeks or longer to fully recover from.

        OK, it’s the flu bro or whatever. Well then there are flus and flus… For some people this flu can be like the fabled Hong Kong Flu or the Spanish Flu.

        Just how it is. Someone reporting serious symptoms from covid shouldn’t have to give you an existential crisis of faith and cause a knee-jerk Reee Response. Nobody is trampling on a crucifix or mandating a sleep over with Big Mike FFS.

      • I am an old man, had it coof twice , temp gt alll the ay up to 99. took Ivm and vitamins d and zinc . YMMV

    • The worry is the “chicken disease” (too lazy to look it up) where the vaxxers breed more and more virulent versions of the virus that they can survive (if the vax hasn’t killed them) but may prove fatal to those without (or insufficient).

        • Yes, that one: “get vaxxed every two months or die”, with the issue being that even among vaxholes their discipline isn’t all that great so there’s (probably) too much variation in immune system levels for such a thing to come to pass, hopefully.

          • Pretty much spot on. We are all different genetically and that’s God’s plan. Some perish and others recover and the species continues. Otherwise God could not/would not have created a changing world.

            Everyone has an anecdote, but anecdotes are not data. We need to make decisions in the aggregate. Yes, some young and vital people in the prime of life succumb to this disease and some 100 yo’s survive, but in the aggregate it’s a fatal occurrence for the old and the sick.

            This is the Natural way of things. Animal herds have predators to cull the old and sick, people have disease.

            “To every man upon this earth
            Death cometh soon or late.”

            Horatius—Keeper of the Gate.

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