TV Time In Tiny Town

Whether anyone likes it or not, the 2024 election kicks off officially tonight with a debate in Tiny Town between eight midgets vying for the Republican nomination. According to the strict standards for selecting the performers for this show, the cast will be Doug Burgum, Chris Christie, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Asa Hutchinson, Mike Pence, Vivek Ramaswamy and Tim Scott. These eight campaigns claim to have met the requirements set forth by the producers of the show.

This will be the first time anyone has seen Doug Burgum, whose name is often pronounced “bugman” by less scrupulous commentators. He is the current governor of North Dakota, a place few Americans can find on a map. Similarly, Asa Hutchinson will be introducing himself to the world, despite having spent the last half century in politics, mostly in Washington. He is the former governor of Arkansas and the man who championed the mutilation of children.

There used to be a time when the pundits would handicap these things in terms of what each candidate must do to help themselves in the debate. The game was to pretend all of them had an equal chance, so if they took the advice of the pundits, then they could become more equal than the others. For political people, this used to be a fun part of the process, but now that we know our elections are like professional wrestling, normal people have no interest in pretending otherwise.

Then there is the orange elephant in the room. There should be a fifteen-foot orange elephant on the stage with Donald Trump’s face on it, so the performers keep looking over at it as they read their lines. That would be both wildly entertaining and an honest presentation of what is really happening. The eight dwarfs are auditioning for the role of not-Trump, because they have been told that the real Trump will soon be behind bars or disqualified from the party’s nomination.

Given that all of the performers know this, the first reason to watch is for any clues as to the timing and circumstances of Trump’s removal. With the exception of Ramaswamy, none of these guys are working math puzzles in their free time. One of them is bound to say the quiet part aloud in the heat of the moment. The betting favorite in this regard is Chris Christie, who is playing the jilted lover role. He is there to trash Trump and eat donuts and they will not be serving donuts onstage.

That brings up another good reason to watch. Team DeSantis let slip that their guy was going to attack Ramaswamy in the debate. DeSantis is a career politician and he has proven himself adept at handling hostile media. He no doubt thinks he can take this young whipper snapper down a few pegs. Ramaswamy is an unusually smooth operator on his feet. Maybe this is where DeSantis shows himself to be a skilled debater or maybe this is where his campaign ends.

Of course, none of this is ever on the level. Fox News is hosting this show and they were just busted stacking the audience. There is little chance that the general audience is a true sampling of the public. We will get of the post-debate narrative by the reaction of the actors placed in the audience. Their job will be to cheer the planned winner and jeer the planned loser. The betting window remains open for your bets on who will be declared the winner, regardless of the results.

Right now, the oddsmakers have Ramaswamy as the betting favorite to win the crowd, but the smart money is on Tim Scott, followed by Mike Pence. The reason is the narrative will be about gravitas, the abracadabra word the media uses to anoint someone without having to explain it. The narrative will be about how normal the debate was without Trump and how we got to see the gravitas of the guy they are trying to sell as the winner of the evening’s performance.

This brings up the side bets, which are always fun. Which of these idiots will be the most cringe tonight? Which one will get caught in a loop and repeat his/her catch phrase over and over to no effect? Which one will be programmed so poorly that you expect to see a question mark appear over his head? Amusingly, the betting favorites here are also Tim Scott and Mike Pence. These two would make for a fun episode of robot wars, so they are good bets.

Then we have the wildcard action. In a sign that maybe the narrative writers are struggling to pick a winner from the cast of Tiny Town, the story of tonight could be that none of them are fit for the role. Instead, the story will be a totally authentic call for a savior, someone like Glenn Youngkin, who is the governor of Virginia and pals with all the right people in Washington. You would have to be a very cynical person to think that the usual suspects are plotting such a thing.

In the end, the main reason to care about this ridiculous farce is that Tucker will be interviewing Trump at the same time this show is happening. Clearly, Tucker and Trump are doing this to spite Fox News. It will be interesting to see the numbers for the Tucker show on Twitter. Fox will lie about their rating because that is what they do, but we will get a sense of it from the Twitter numbers. If Twitter shows more than five million views, then it was a very bad night in Tiny Town.

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218 thoughts on “TV Time In Tiny Town

  1. OT: double apologies to Dasein. I should’ve kept it to myself and am wrong. Cripes, I should be demanding safe spaces at that rate.

    2. I answer my own question re white women’s attraction to African Negroes versus disdain of South Asian Abo’s (India and Australia): Pheronomes.

    Imagine a science fiction story contrasting violent, lesser IQ aliens- yet one of them, overly fecund, exudes a musk that whites find peculiarly attractive, at first.

  2. I don’t think I can stomach this debate and will wait for the highlights. They will probably be gushing over Ukraine like teenage girls and ‘Judeo-Christian’ will be repeated several hundred times.

    • “They will probably be gushing over Ukraine like teenage girls.”

      Vivek may not. Could be an ace card for him that he’d better smack down hard. He should have some stellar America First lines ready. “Our cities are falling apart. Social security is in jeopardy. Yet we’re sending 50 billion dollars to some place over by Turkey?” The establishment already senses he leans anti-war. That’s enough for them to be fully against him. So he may as well go all-in on it. Separate himself from the pack, and make headlines with choice quotes.

  3. Re: Tucker (somewhat OT.) Now that you have to have a twitter account to even lurk on twitter, that’ll limit the number of viewers as opposed to back when anybody w/ an internet connection could watch. That being said, Tucker’s latest interview w/ Col. Douglas Macgregor is well worth your while
    (gab link.)

    • Z: “In the end, the main reason to care about this ridiculous farce is that Tucker will be interviewing Trump at the same time this show is happening.”

      NateG: “I don’t think I can stomach this debate and will wait for the highlights. They will probably be gushing over Ukraine like teenage girls…”

      RoBG: “Tucker’s latest interview w/ Col. Douglas Macgregor is well worth your while…”

      Has Z yet addressed the Tucker/MacGregor interview?

      Tucker & MacGregor talked for an entire hour about a mysterious group of unnameable apparently omnipotent villains who were pulling the strings behind the curtains, but never named those arch-villains.

      Never named Tevye.

      Never named his wife, Golde.

      Never named the village, Anatevka.

      Never pointed at the Fiddler on the Roof.

      Never mentioned their 200 Years Together.

      It was the d@mndest thing I’ve ever seen on any media anywhere at any time in muh entire life.

      Two grown men swallowing word after word after word, excising yuge portions of their frontal lobes in order to remove the forbidden words from their vocabularies.

      There was even a clip of a Kosher Tr@nny accusing White CHRISTIANS of bathing in the blood of Khazarian children.


      But still Tucker & MacGregor sat quiet, their mouths motionless and silenced.

      It was the single most mesmerizing conversation I’ve ever witnessed in muh entire life.

      For an hour, I could not pull muh eyes away from the screen, nor turn down the volume [in fact I repeatedly turned up the volume in order to make absolutely certain what it was that I was listening to].

      Any dissident who hasn’t yet watched the Tucker/MacGregor interview simply has to stop WTFE he’s doing right now, turn on that interview, and binge watch it.

      The only excuse I can think of is that Tucker & MacGregor are both in literal mortal fear of being ass@ssinated by the M0ss@d.

      And I’m not talking about a character ass@ssination.

      I’m talking about a Lincoln/McKinley/Huey-Long/Lindbergh-Baby/Patton/Forrestal/McCarthy/JFK literal physical mμrder of an ass@ssination.

      • That’s a lie. MacGregor speaks about people with an ancestral grudge against the Russians (“they hate them”) because their grandparents are from the region. That’s the closest anyone has gotten to the Amen Corner since 1991.

        • Dick Armey: “That’s a lie. MacGregor speaks about people with an ancestral grudge against the Russians (“they hate them”) because their grandparents are from the region.”


          Nor does Tucker.

          MacGregor and Tucker are TERRIFIED to name them.

          Because of this cowardice, how many tens of millions of Normie-Cons have never even heard of “Two Hundred Years Together”?

          How many Normie-Cons have no earthly idea what “Fiddler on the Roof” is really all about?

          Apparently we’re a race of abject cowards.

        • You know what Dick, you’re correct. He did say that, and when he did, he tried to suppress a grin.

          Thank you for reminding me.

          • And can you believe it, I put a comment on with double parentheses, and just like that, it disappeared.

            Let’s see if it reappears.

        • Yes. All of “those people” who hate Russians. Why, if only their were a common link between them, we might be able to figure out precisely who wanted this war.

          I guess it will remain a mystery.

      • Bourbon

        Did you also notice that when they were NOT saying ((( the bad guys))) out loud, their eyes wandered. I was almost waiting for one of them to sign “help, we’re being held hostage”.

        It’s kind of like when an offender in a violent crime isn’t identified, you know what it is.

        When the people pulling the strings aren’t identified, in reality, they are.

        • Bartleby: ‘I was almost waiting for one of them to sign “help, we’re being held hostage”.’

          I had that very same feeling, as though there were literal Uzis & Galils & Desert Eagles pointed at them, just off stage, and out of the camera’s eye.

    • Yeah it is, it’s hard to believe there are still guys like McGregor.
      They are not in the millitary or in politics after a .mil career but there a few speaking sense….
      Correction, just him.

    • 75M views. I hate Twixter and refuse to have an account. I was able to watch the whole interview. Trump did great.

      It was only 46 min. Message: get ready for a lot more of these. Trump is going to almost completely bypass the government media.

    • That interview was magnificent and the recent one with RFK Jr. was also excellent. Tucker can do really good work. His Fox interview with Stephen Cohen is well worth seeking out-2017?

      • “Magnificent” refers to the TUcker/MacGregor. We did watch a little of the Tucker/Trump which was fine.

  4. If nothing else, this carnival midway show is a beneficial reminder that yes we truly do live in Clown World. I say beneficial because for those occasions when I question myself on how bad things are and question my conclusion that we are, with certainty, beyond the point of no return, events like this very concretely demonstrate that things really are this decayed and diseased beyond FUBAR.

    Honk! Honk!

  5. In The Meantime:

    We have kids to read with and do math homework and tutoring with every night. We need to take them hunting and fishing on the weekends and bring along some of their friends who we can also influence and show masculinity by example. We have arts and crafts projects to do with them that tie them to our history and appeal to their natural instincts. (I just built a Spartan warrior halloween costume with my nephew that he is stoked about. I few more of these projects and he’ll forget all about black spiderman where the only people who look like him are cowering idiots or dependent upon black heroism. He’ll listen to me when I tell him the real stories of Thor and Odin and Loki. All in good time.)

    We have Westernkind home schooling programs that we can support and create Western Civ centered schooling curriculums around. We have pods of young learners to build in our blocks and towns all across the country. We have teachers and tutors to hire who are our people. That will employ them and their energy be enlisted to our cause. We have networking mechanisms to build that will help us connect to local and remote resources that are self-supporting and self-sustaining.

    We have contributions we can make to such endeavors to pass along our knowledge and skills. We have resources we can share offering up ranches/property guides and teachers for summer camps, fall hunting trips, music education and recitals, drone and robot building competitions … Here our youth do outdoors activities with their peers making lifelong bonds and friendships and learning from male and female mentors who are doing the same.

    We have folkways to re-learn, better understand and teach through experience with our friends and family. We have to figure out how to make them engaging and relevant to our posterity. We have positive identities to cultivate within ourselves and in our community. We have lawfare coalitions to build that will enable us to fend off and fight our dispossession.

    We have local groups of men and women to form where we laugh and sing and blow off steam. There, we cultivate ourselves by playing live music, read new and old literature, perform new and old plays … We will discuss local problems and address them through positive action, resource procurement and development. There we will educate and edify each other. For every astro-turf Glenn Youngkin Carlyle Middle Eastern owned bugman, we will cultivate and develop 100 new European American Aristocrats who own the courage to be sovereign and lead our people. They will be masters of science and math. They will be highly cultivated musicians and athletes and well rounded leaders and statesmen. They will confront the world as masters eager to ride out as the new Teutons of our people.

    We have leadership to assume and leaders to develop. These must be people who come from our folk. At the same time, we have partnerships to build with other folks who may share interests with us and where partnering to solve a problem leaves us all better off. (Think the elite groups who suffer from America’s South Africanization as much as we do).

    We must prepare for collapse but not turn and run completely from the reality around us. We must build community and wealth. We must control our destiny and ensure our posterity are the top in math, science, music, art, literature and steeped in Western Civ. Forget about whether or not the masses are. What is important is that our families are. We reject the mass man so wholly that we will not be victim to it and resign to become him. We must be smart and realize that even if we aren’t the top test takers in large numbers, we have competitive edge because of creativity and innovation.

    We have a vast trove of cultural riches to understand, preserve and carry and pass on. We have a wellspring of creativity within us to build upon that trove and add new riches to it. We have art and culture to bring to life that will inspire others to join our cause and that will give us a reason to be proud. We must stop looking to other peoples. We must write our own songs and create our own melodies that inspire our people to sing.

    I could go on. I hope I’ve discouraged us from the livestream and giving a damn about the GAE Political Octagon. There is a massive amount of work to be done and an existential crisis that presents us with an opportunity to prove we are as good as we say we are. It presents us with the opportunity to earn the right to claim our ancestor’s achievements as our own. It is time to build the future and to embrace doing so against all odds. Let’s compete.

    • RealityRules, I fear that in the not too distant future [within a decade or two], the following story will have dwarfed every other phenomenon we’ve ever analyzed here chez Z.

      Scientists Sequence Last Piece of The Human Genome: The Y Chromosome

      Something tells me that the drawbridge has been pulled up from the moat, the oaken doors to the castle have been barricaded shut, dark black clouds are looming on the horizon, and an icy cold breeze has begun to blow across the kingdom.

      • I’ll be honest Bourbon, I don’t understand the implications of this mapping.

        I know they mentioned that half the chromosomes came from African lineages and had the usual warning of catastrophe if there isn’t more diversity in scientific research and development with the usual lack of explanation of why that is necessary.

        Would love an explanation.

        For the Ramaswamy thing Breitbart just asked the main guys questions relevant to immigrations. Ramaswamy’s choice of words and use of, “living in America is a privilege”, vs. mention of citizenship and birthright is interesting along with his other turns of phrase. I don’t dislike him, but I don’t think he gives the first eff about the historic American nation.

        He is pandering to MAGA because he wants their votes when Trump is DQ’d. Once he has them, he’ll be no different than a Youngkin on substance.

        • RR, the White Christian Y-Chromosome is all that stands between the Council of the Sanhedrin and the onset of the horrors prophesied in the Book of Revelations.

          If the Council of the Sanhedrin can figure out the MRNA code necessary for disabling the White Christian Y-Chromosome, then it’s over.

          Game, Set, Match.

        • In this case it may actually be a way of hinting at the reverse of what is usually meant by dire warnings about lack of diversity. In other words, if they really are using 50% African men to get Y chromosomes they may “discover” that “men” are surprisingly prone to listen to rap music, acquire hanguns illegally and then brandish them sideways, and start a long criminal record at the age of 11.

          In all seriousness, I’ve noticed that science “journalism” lately is even more in need of quotes than it used to be. Anyone been following the room temperature superconductor story? Based on nothing more than the recent sharp downgrade in the quality of science reporting, I was able to guess that the story was bogus and now, surprise, surprise…

          Science is the last stronghold of Western patriarchal rationality and logical thinking. Turning it into just another clownshow for media morons to twerk to is the goal. If things keep going this way, the only way to get close to understanding current scientific research will be to learn Russian or Chinese and use their native language media sources.

  6. Zman: “With the exception of Ramaswamy, none of these guys are working math puzzles in their free time.”

    Maybe not math puzzles, but as far as politicians go there’s some smart ones. If the scale is Kamala Harris, Sarah Palin, Biden, on the blunt end.

    Ronald Reagan, John McCain, Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford in the middle.

    Jimmy Carter, Woodrow Wilson, Mike Bloomberg, Steve Forbes, Elizabeth Warren*, Nixon at the sharp end. Then the following Republican candidates are at or near the sharp end:

    Chris Christie, Ron DeSantis, Doug Burgum*, Vivek Ramaswamy.


    Middle or blunt end: Nikki Haley, Hutchinson, Mike Pence, Tim Scott


    *Carter. Nuclear engineer.

    *Warren: High school debate champion. Degree in speech pathology and audiology. Lawyer. Law professor.

    *Bargum: Successful businessman through many businesses. Stanford Business MBA 1980. Consultant with McKinsey & Company 1981. Wiki: “McKinsey is the oldest and largest of the “Big Three” management consultancies (MBB), the world’s most prestigious strategy consulting firms. The firm mainly focuses on the finances and operations of their clients…McKinsey has a notoriously competitive hiring process and is widely seen as one of the most selective employers in the world. McKinsey recruits primarily from the world’s top business schools and was one of the first management consultancies to recruit a limited number of candidates with advanced academic degrees (e.g. PhD, MD) and deep field expertise, and who have demonstrated business acumen and analytical skills.”

    • You are confusing “credentials” with “intelligence”. Barry has a kind of animal cunning, but is far from smart. And, yet Constitutional Law professor.

      And the Navy’s nuclear program is (or at least was) nothing like what the civilian side requires. Homer Simpson could have been patterned after a ’70s Navy nuclear engineer. According to a couple people who actually were Navy nuclear engineers in the ’70s. (My brother went through it in the 80s, and said it was a little better than that, but that he was not thrilled with putting his life in the hands of some of his contemporaries. I can’t imagine that getting rid of whitey has improved things.)

      • As explained, I wasn’t comparing these people with MIT research scientists. But with other politicians.

        Jimmy Carter was a submarine officer. That “credential” doesn’t just happen, unless you are smart. He was also a successful agri-businessman. Also chief executive of a country.

        IQ ranges don’t care about your notion of IQ. If you’re capable of sustaining a mentally challenging profession…”credential”…then you are, factually speaking, very likely within the IQ range the job requires.

        Engineer, Executive: 116-130 IQ. 86th to 96th percentile. = real smart = Carter.

        Teacher: 110-115 IQ 75th to 85th percentile = smart = Obama

      • You know, people keep bringing up the Magical Ones’ tenure as a law professor, but not a single soul, to the best of my knowledge, has ever come forward to say they took a class with him, or what a great teacher he was.

        What are the odds?

    • Warren is your average female attorney who is basically no better credentialed than anyone else, lied about who she was for career advancement, and couldn’t hack it in private practice (I repeat myself, since I said typical female lawyer). Lets not get crazy.

  7. The GOP is already dead, there just hasn’t been a funeral yet to bring the fact to normie’s attention. Which presumably the 2024 “election” will provide. I say this because I know full well that there will be no Orange on the ballot that year. Leading to the lowest GOP turnout since Goldwater. Percentage wise probably even lower than that, although the raw numbers should be bigger. There’s only so long a political party can remain viable while waging open war with its base. Looks like about 8 years, tops. Of course it was waging a shadow war against them for much longer than that, but that’s another subject.

    For comedic value I’m a Pence backer. It would make for a more fitting end to the party for its standard bearer to be righteously proclaiming 1990 boilerplate talking points as the ship goes down 30someodd years later.

    • You make a good point. Who is the most republican candidate, not best leader. If the RNC nomination was more of a “best fink in the last 4 years” award, I might be more into it.

      • I want to revise and consider the Republican Nomination more of a lifetime achievement award than just looking back four years.

    • “For comedic value I’m a Pence backer.”

      Ha, well-played, sir.

      Make Israel Great Again.”

  8. “The betting favorite in this regard is Chris Christie, who is playing the jilted lover role. He is there to trash Trump and eat donuts and they will not be serving donuts onstage.”

    If Christie were smart, he’d actually have a waitress bring him a plate of donuts during the debate, and would munch on them occasionally. Bit of white powder on his cheek. Moderator has to low-key interrupt him: “Um. Chris. You’ve got powder…(motions to wipe his cheek.)

    In an instant, jilted fatty turns favorite.

  9. The best possible outcome is that Chris Christie waddles onto the custom built stage, it collapses, and everyone on it is so hurt that all of them have to withdraw for health reasons.

  10. I am reading this and wondering if we should be preparing to organize a Trump write-in campaign in the event that he is kept off the ballot. I see no downside to this, and some good possible outcomes.

    People alienated enough to write-in Trump are dissidents, whether they know it or not. They may not be ideologically pure, but this is beside the point. Ideology is a self-inflicted choke point. The less of it, the better. A man acting against the system for whatever reason is acting against the system.

    A campaign means organization. Organization is something we do not have.

    The RNC might be able counter something official through procedural talmudry, but this will only undermine the system further. And they cannot stop people from writing Donald J. Trump on their ballots.

    A write-in campaign could also result a “why bother?” trend by cucks and boomers in toss-up states where polls are showing Trump with 10-20% support. This is a de facto boycott. The media will be torn between reporting these polls to undermine the GOP and not reporting them to undermine Trump. Either way, how do we lose?

    But the “why bother” factor could also affect things in a state like Texas. A 10% vote for an imprisoned Trump producing a 10% drop in the total GOP vote is both good optics and good materially. It is a demonstration of power, undermines the system, wrecks the GOP, and removes Ted Cruz from the Senate. Not seeing the downside here.

    • I literally was going to post something very similar. Not nearly as well articulated as your post, but spot on. I agree with this 100%.

      To piggy back onto this – I’m really seeing some surprising things out of my normie friends. About half of them have decided they will no longer vote. Half of them still believe in the system – “Oh you have to vote, then you let them win”. When I hear this line I admittedly want to choke them. I know it isn’t their fault, but it makes me crazy. That being said, 50% of my close friends have started their journey. Strangely enough, their racial realizations are coming before everything else, which in my mind, is really what matters. Everyone has extreme negro fatigue. In other words, everyone has had enough of them now.

      I also find it interesting that I don’t hear anyone I know talking about Ukraine. Many of the flags people had up in my hood have been taken down. Onto the next thing I suppose. Haven’t heard much out of the trans gender crowd either. Calm before the storm?

      I listened to James Edwards’ speech at Amren and the consensus in the room seemed that the land mass formerly known as the United States could quite potentially fully collapse around this time next year. I’ve got my popcorn ready…

      • I also find it interesting that I don’t hear anyone I know talking about Ukraine. Many of the flags people had up in my hood have been taken down. Onto the next thing I suppose.

        COVID-2, Pfizer Boogaloo is warming up in the stage wings.

    • If you write him in, but the one who count the ballots does not count those, then you only pissed off one guy who has to report the precinct’s final number.

    • Your too pessimistic. In the modern age it’s entirely possible for both parties to nominate people so odious (lets been real, that’s more likely than not) that no one can stand them and write-in Trump actually wins states.

    • In 33 states, write in candidates still have to file some paperwork in advance for their votes to count. Trump’s paperwork will be denied. There are 8 states, 6 of them solid red, where write in candidates for president are not allowed at all. In the remaining 9 states, write ins for president count, with no other requirements attached.

      So the “success” of such a campaign is sure to be very limited

    • Yeah, I wrote something similar on CTH a few days ago. Trump could win as a write in with 37-39% of the vote with the eGOP nominee siphoning votes from OBiden.

      Trump is a vessel. “The mule”, as ZMan used to call him.

      The Government Party is simply not going to allow him to run. That’s why Tucker pointed out what I’ve been saying for about 3 years now. They’re going to have to kill him.

  11. OT:

    UPS workers just approved a union deal covering 340k employees that will pay the average driver $170k in salary and benefits for 5 years. Part-timers will get $21/hour.

    That’s more than almost all corporate engineering staff any many middle managers with the right credentials.

    Gonna be real fun watching the tards in Tubman DC recruit the human capital required to arm up for WW3 with that kind of incentive structure.

    • UPS drivers deserve it. I have yet to meet one who does not bust his hump and do so with enthusiasm.

      • Except this will be used as part of the anti-white spoils system. My guess is UPS is heavily reliant on government contracts and companies that use government contracts to make their money.

        They’ll demand 100% diversity so those guys will make $170k per year and it will be one more middle class avenue that we will be quota’d out of. (Pilots; research grants; home loans; government contracts; government jobs; military; … …)

        Perhaps UPS can afford that salary because of what the government is paying them to move and deliver cargo. Maybe somebody has an eye on those contracts and how those negotiations are going.

        • There has been a decline in the last ten yrs. With parcel drivers I meet. And an increase in color. Just say’n

      • The Amazon guys literally sprint up to the porch and back to their truck. Lots of young black guys. Maybe their pay is tied in to how many deliveries they make in a day.

        • Amazon keeps its package-handling employees in the digital equivalent of a shock collar. If a driver’s route takes longer than the sorting program predicts, they kill him.

          In the future that’ll be what they do. Currently they just fire everybody constantly.

          • You need to watch the new Beavis and Butthead episode in which they get jobs with Amazon (it’s called something else). Actually, both of the new seasons are great, there’s also a good one about voting.

      • UPS drivers deserve it. I have yet to meet one who does not bust his hump and do so with enthusiasm.

        Well they do and they don’t. Yes they work hard, but so do landscaper laborers. And the value of that money might depend on where one lives.

    • At some point the American public is going to have to wake up and understand that private sector unions are the only way they’ll ever claw a dime from their oligarch paymasters.

      (Which even then only works if the tsunami of illegals coming in ever abates)

    • Not sure how it is now but I had a buddy who worked for “big brown” back in the nineties and had to leave because getting one of those full-time slots is rare. If it’s still like that then I’d imagine that they’ll operate much like a university campus (i.e., there’s going to be no one in between that $21/hr and $170K/yr).

      Also, like others, I’ve noticed a bit of a decline in the other delivery services since they get stuck with the leftovers, that and the jobs are not very desirable. My wife speaks to all the delivery drivers and about the best thing that can be said about working for FedEx, Amazon, etc is that it beats driving Uber but that’s about it.

      • We live in a condominium. I pass through the package delivery room every day and am surprised at the number of mis-delivered packages we get. FedEx is the worst offender; DHL would be, but they don’t deliver much here. UPS is error-free, as is the much-reviled Post Office.

        • Fascinating. Would never have occurred to me that UPS would be far better than the rest. Living in East Asia where there is no Diversity (well technically there is… guess I’m part of the Diversity) and no crisis of competence, UPS, Fedex, DHL, and SF Express all get the job done efficiently.

  12. Since I haven’t watched one minute of any of the candidates, can someone tell me if any of them have said the indictments of Trump are a travesty?

    Actually, has any GOP leader?

    The fact that the GOP isn’t going to war over this is hilarious and just another reminder of how far gone we are. How do GrillerCons still believe in the system? Oh well, enjoy the decline and get ready, I guess.

  13. Who was it that noted that when “professional” wrestling came clean to the fact that it was all *fake* (and gay) that the people didn’t care and the “sport” became more popular with the masses than ever. Hell, even Trump was in the ring with McMahon for a televised match.

    So it is with politics. Z-man and the commentators here repeatedly pointed out the ridiculousness of it all, but to no avail. Here in my berg the local radio show commentator has hired out a bar and hundreds of his listeners will attend tonight to watch the debates—and I’m sure to hoot and holler for their candidates’ “performance”.

    Perhaps winning the masses over to “our side” is a meaningless endeavor? Maybe they are already here, but just don’t care as long as the pol’s put on a good show every so often.

    And so it goes….

    • That is a sobering thought. Perhaps most subjects of AINO realize federal politics is nothing more than a shadow play, and they’re just fine with that, so long as the giggles and roars are good. Perhaps politics has descended from the realm of representative government to that of reality TV, sportsball, rap concerts and competitive eating.

    • It was about the same time that the WWE acknowledged it was fake and started calling it “sports entertainment,” that they brought in the blonde stripper/wrestlers. Hasn’t really happened yet in politics.

      • Well, it perhaps has not dawned upon the populous, but I maintain it has happened. The indictments against Trump, the rigged elections in key States, etc. These things are signs that the game is rigged (fake and gay). Hotties in bikinis are not necessarily needed as this “show” is different from WWF, but still pretending to be something it isn’t—that is to say an exercise in the democratic process producing consensus of the people.

      • Be lucky to get blonde strippers. Smacks of Right Deviationism, anyway. Aren’t mud-wrestling mud sharks good enough for for you, Comrade?

    • I do not doubt they know Our Democracy is a farce, but whether they enjoy that aspect or not is questionable. As long as bellies are full and houses are warm, they do not care.

  14. “In the end, the main reason to care about this ridiculous farce is that Tucker will be interviewing Trump at the same time this show is happening.”

    Why does this matter? Both Trump and Tucker have been defenestrated. They are personae non grata at this point, barred from the institutions of power. The media and the election are both rigged, we are now living in a one-party state with state-controlled media.

    The Republicans will not give Trump the nomination because he is under indictment. If he tries to run as an independent the Democrat secretaries-of-state in the blue states will declare him ineligible to be on the ballot. He will absolutely be convicted of something, there is no way he can beat 100 rigged felony charges in multiple slanted jurisdictions. He will probably commit “suicide” in prison like Epstein, right when the cameras are “malfunctioning.”

    Tucker has been booted from the only “conservative” (LOL) network and if I am correct he is still under contract and getting paid and probably has a no-compete clause. Who is going to hire him in a couple of years when his FOX contract is up? MSNBC? CNN? Yeah, I’m sure they’ll replace Rachael Maddow with Tucker. LOL.

    So what is the purpose of all this? It’s nothing but a magic show in the circus tent to keep the rubes fixated on the card in the hand while the Uniparty pulls the hidden card out of it’s sleeve in 2024.

    • like moths to a flame many of us here are still drawn to this shyte show even knowing that it all for nothing. We will still have fortified elections from now on. Even if somehow it was relatively fair, Trump avoids prosecution etc. , it will change nothing.
      Fiddle away people.

    • All true or mostly true, but the Twitter count matters since it measures the amount of dissent. It is almost like putting a “no confidence” vote on the ballot. I don’t think Z meant that in the sense of electoral politics.

      • Except the bearded “lady” isn’t in a freak show any more, she’s probably a flag officer in the military or the head of some federal department.

        • Xman: “Except the bearded “lady” isn’t in a freak show any more, she’s probably a flag officer in the military or the head of some federal department.”

          So point the cannon at an impervious brick wall.

  15. Ridicule can be a delicious hors d’oeuvre. Christie is the male cameltoe. Pence shits through a straw. Scott is an oreo with extra thick filling. Hutchinson is the gold medal winner in bland. Ramaswamy really needs to make his entrance on a magic carpet. Haley is the definition of dumb bitch gold digger. Bugman is the invisible man. And DeSantis is the back-bencher at the gangbang holding his hands over his crotch.

    What a lovely assembly of circus freaks.

    • Well your tome was chock full of colorful metaphors! Although I take exception on your description of Tim Scott, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t he never utter a peep on anything until Trump began this crusade on prison “reform”? Wasn’t it then that Tim trotted out a bill, or lent his “blessing” to what Trump was doing?
      No, Tim showed his true colors during that period and sounded too much like bath house barry, but then again, what do these two have in common? Hmmmmmm, I wonder????
      As for Pence, his announcement speech would have been perfect in the year 1990, but as one commenter put it, “Mike, that country doesn’t exist anymore.”

      • Wasn’t it then that Tim trotted out a bill, or lent his “blessing” to what Trump was doing?

        He cosponsored a bill with Cory Freaking Booker.

      • Tm Scott is the stepin fetchit of the RINOs, he’ll do a yassa
        massa to your face and stab you when you turn your back. He’s despicable and he’s proof of just how pathetic this country is.

        The only reason he is anything at all is white guilt. I suppose there’s no cure for that though we are doomed as a people unless we get over it.

    • TomA: “Hutchinson is the gold medal winner in bland. Ramaswamy really needs to make his entrance on a magic carpet.”

      Two quick points.

      1) Hutchinson is EXTREMELY EVIL. Do not misunderestimate that particular buggerer. [He’s got Alice Walton’s money at his back.]

      2) Do you not find it odd that /are/ very own GOP will be fronting both a streetsh!tter and a streetsh!tteress?!?!?!?

  16. Oh, bad news Z: Bugman got fouled playing basketball and is on the injured reserve for tonight:

    North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum was taken to a Milwaukee emergency room Tuesday after suffering an injury while playing a game of pick-up basketball with his staff, a source familiar with the situation tells CNN.

    It’s unclear whether the 67-year-old presidential candidate will be able to stand for the first GOP primary debate on Wednesday night, putting his attendance now in question, the source said.

    MmmmHmmm. “Basketball”

    • He must have read somewhere that humans liked something called “basketball” and was attempting to ape being human. But then it all went wrong.

      • I predict there will be a basketball hoop on stage tonight, that Tim Scott will be wearing an Atlanta Hawks jersey rather than a suit, and that he will challenge Bugman to a game of one-on-one.

    • LOL. What kind of injury would put him out of commission for this circus? Did he sustain a Fetterman?

      What a joke. Playing a little If They Were Serious for a moment, if The Bug was serious about his “campaign”, he’d show up with a cast and crutches to show all us listless vessels that, gosh darnit, saving the country is worth pushing thru the pain.

    • Taking it at face value, it doesn’t speak well of a 67 year old man who doesn’t know better than to try and play competitive basketball. I’m a few years younger than that but still just smart enough to realize I’m not 17 anymore.

      • Maybe he was trying to outdo Dukakis in his stunning and brave role as a tank commander? Thereby attempting to prove that, at heart, he is still a badass.

      • They should go full neo-liberal and do a Dunkin’ Donuts product placement. Heck, have a Dunkin’ Donuts counter with and Indian staff serving donuts and coffee to the working man. Heck, have a feral stickup and mass looting event and see which candidate would stand up for law and order.

        • Ooo, ooo, I know! Have off duty policemen spraddled out at the Dunkin Donuts counter doing nothing while the ferals are robbing and looting. “Cuz you know, they are not there to protect anyone from crime or nuttin’; maybe to reinforce the point by having them take a knee when the robbin’ and lootin’ start, just like in real life.

        • Giving each candidate, say, 5 minutes to loot the venue would be an ironic commentary on what they’re actually planning to do in office anyway. I like to picture Mike Pence cutting down the wires for the stage lighting to sell for scrap copper while Vivek steals all the laptops he can.

      • Clint Eastward talking to an empty chair instead of a stooge chosen by the donors would be more entertaining and enlightening. Better yet, let Mr. Z address that empty chair.

        “Ladies & Gentleman, let me introduce the real candidate tonight.”

      • An empty podium would attract more interest.

        It seems like you are putting aside the horrors of this thing and enjoying the comedic value, man.

      • DAMN Z! That was cold! 🤣

        (Maybe he knows it’s a lost cause and his staff said “I know, he tripped playing basketball! Yeah, that’s the ticket!”)

  17. Hey! This is America! We deserve our own Rishi Sunak!

    Ramiswami! Nikki! and eff Merry Old England!
    ~ the Colonies

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  19. Lord how I pine for the 2012 days of the only noble statesman of my lifetime, Dr. Ron Paul. How naive I was.

    The only way I’d care is if these eight monkeys were each given buckets of poo to fling at each other.

    • To avoid any accusations of “hate crimes” when befouling each other, instead of chancing that, they could just dump the buckets over their own heads. If the poo were to be adjudged to be too icky, they could each be issued cat o’ nine tails with which to flog themselves as there is no self-abasement which is over the top to these people. Lead by example, I say. Elite whities and white adjacents need to demonstrate this for the edification of their co-ethnics.

    • Whatever you think of Elder(and he is smarter by a mile than any of the eight stooges in tonight’s “debate”) it is a monumental unforced error by the idiots at the RNC and Faux News to exclude him. Black “conservatives” are furious.

    • Hell, I’m hoping for Jimmy “The Rent is Too Damned High!” McMillan.

      He’s younger than Slo Joe, so he’s got that. 👍

  20. My money is on the lawn jockey to win, the pajeet to place and the Walmart bag man to show. Although I won’t be watching the farce. Just a few clips posted online.

    Never underestimate the power of well spoken blackness that says nothing in ‘Muricah. We worship them. About 80% of the country would love to have a black d -ck slapping them in the face as they go about their daily lives. Sadly, the GOP electorate appears to be moving ever closer to their Obama moment. The reason all the GOP hucksters repeat “The Democrats are the Real racists TM” is because that’s what the electorate wants to hear. All of the cool old people I knew in the 80’s and early 90’s who would still drop an n- bomb once in awhile are taking dirt naps. Just as the Democrats reached peak n- word in 2008, the GOP, being consistently 15 years behind them on both political opinions and even styles, are ripe for their n -word rapture.

  21. I’m just hoping for some epic cringe. Nikki Haley’s campaign slogan is awesome — she’s setting the bar high — but I’m thinking what we really need is Vivek Ramaswamy riding around in a tank a la Mike Dukakis. Maybe a few old pictures of Ron DeSantis back in his Navy days, hangin’ out in a flight helmet, playing shirtless volleyball with Goose and Maverick. (If they existed, they surely would’ve come out before now, but a man can dream).How about some big ol’ saddle bag pit stains from Chris Christie?

    • Vivek Rumpswabby introducing himself on stage while pulling a rickshaw with Nimarata in tow! We welcome the “new” and improved Republican party!

        • That would actually be a great nickname, Z Man, if you’re still looking for one for the livestream (or whatever): Vivek “Rickshaw” Ramaswamy has a certain ring to it.

          • In the cultural context, perhaps a pedicab, or even a gas motor powered pedicab would be more apropos, but it would certainly mess up the alliteration

      • I knew Lou Andreas Salome. Nimrata’s no Lou Andreas Salome. Vivek’s Nietzsche hot either.

        Anyway as commenters have said, 10/1 you end up with the Groids you’re not looking for.

  22. I’m going to make the following long-shot predictions:

    1. Biden will soon issue a blanket pardon for Trump and for Hunter. Pardoning Trump makes Biden look magnanimous and Presidential, and the media focus on Trump’s pardon will allow Hunter’s pardon to fly under the radar screen. It will also terminate any further federal criminal proceedings against Hunter that might ensnare Joe Biden.

    2. In an action coordinated with step 1, the legislatures of several of the swing states will declare that Trump will not be permitted on the ballot, citing the 14th Amendment. Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania are likely candidates. Team Trump will file lawsuits, but the courts won’t touch the issue.

    3. In an action coordinated with step 2, the RNC will announce that Trump will not be allowed to be the nominee for the Republican party, because he cannot win without the swing states.

    4. Biden will win the nomination for the Democrats. He will win the election in an absolute landslide with fewer than 70MM votes as Trump voters sit out 2024 in protest. Texas will go blue. The 2024 election will mark the end of the Republican party as a national party.

    • Point 1: There is no need to pardon Hunter. The courts will take care of that in spirit. Further, the hatred for Trump is too intense. I believe that the only way Biden will lose the election is if he were to pardon Trump. I do agree that Biden will win, but I think it will be with even more votes, for they have to further the myth of the most popular president ever.

      • Jury rigging to obtain an acquittal would achieve the same result and there could be other ways to do so such as giving the judge instructions. I do agree an outright pardon would be a suicide mission, but the Regime delusionally believes its hated white cannon fodder and necessary workers still can be brought back into the fold so it will look for a way to wind up this op as painlessly as possible. Still, Guest has laid out what may prove to be somewhat of a template for how this op winds up. Look for a trial date to be pushed further out than the election if this is the plan.

      • There’s a definite need to pardon Hunter. A plea bargain is probably off the table now. Regardless of the outcome, Hunter’s trial will include sworn testimony from Devon Archer (and probably Hunter Biden and others) attesting to the fact that Joe Biden received bribes from foreign actors while he was the sitting Vice President of the United States. That would be an unprecedented scandal. Biden will lose the 2024 nomination and may have to resign the Presidency. He may even be indicted.

        Team Biden can’t let this happen. They need to put this issue to rest. The price for putting it to rest is going to be issuing a pardon to Trump.

        All in all, this will probably be good for Biden. The narrative will be that Biden is the bigger man who took the bold step of issuing a pardon to Trump in the interest of healing the wounds that are dividing the country, blah, blah, blah. The lapdog media will eat it up and portray Biden as a savior.

        • How? All that information has been in the public sphere, for those who cared to access, since his vice presidency. I do not understand why people expect this material to become an issue unless the media pushes it to normie, which they will not (sole exception – a coup to replace Biden). For goodness sake, Biden is on tape, publicly threatening to withhold public funds from Ukraine in exchange for favors, and somehow his degenerate son is going to be a big deal.
          People can easily lie in depositions. And, as no follow-up will be conducted on the veracity, the material will be memory holed.

    • Some of that seems possible, and the end of the GOP as a national party seems all but certain. The bill has come due for the Never Trump shenanigans, and the alienation of a third or more of the country from its government will be/would be a very positive development. That number will continue to climb, too.

    • Point #4 is correct about the consequences for the GOP, no matter how accurate anything else in your post is or isn’t. A political party cannot remain viable for very long while in open war with its voting base. About 8 years tops, looks like. Truth is it is already dead, there just hasn’t been a funeral yet to bring it to normie’s attention, which the 2024 “election” will provide.

    • As to point #1, most of Trump’s legal troubles are *State* charges. Those will not go away from a Presidential Pardon.

  23. Ramaswamy feels like a reboot of Bobby Jindal, the former Louisiana governor who looked like a possible frontrunner years ago. He’s smarter and more polished than Jindal, but the ideas on flooding the nation (as usual) with H1B’s and continuing the worship of the almighty GDP Excel spreadsheet God is the same worn-out mantra. It will be amusing to watch this pack of NeoCons and GOP stock characters on stage tonight blather on about nothing of significance. Zman comparing this performance to pro wrestling is an apt description.

  24. The GOP has had four years to prepare for this moment. And this is what they have delivered. Really?

    The donor class has shown minimal enthusiasm for this contest. A few of them have gotten behind DeSantis. But obviously the smart money either thinks 1) Trump cannot be beaten; or 2) The Regime isn’t worth fighting given the risk of retaliation, now that it goes full Richard III on all enemies or 3) Both.

    So we’re going to see a pre-season game tonight.

    • The GOP was itching to go in 2016, acting like it was a caged tiger, ready to pounce after 8 years of Obama, and it sent out Jeb Bush as its champion. If it isn’t obvious by now, the GOP is completely dead, it has nothing to offer voters except for stuff they stopped caring about long ago (like Reagan/military/Israel/corporate tax cut worship). Their response to Trump was not to adopt the Trump agenda but to offer more immigration and the conservative case for Juneteenth and transgenderism.

      It’s completely over and just needs to run its course.

  25. I don’t trust Ramaswamy (obviously).

    His vision of “right wing” is libertarian free-marketeerism. Conveniently, that happens to allow tens of millions more Hindus to come to the US on visas (the free market demands it)! The free market also demands high rise apartment complexes in your town to house the visa holders and endless urban sprawl.

    He will dial woke culture back a little bit so that his people can assimilate a little better and reproduce more. And of course have increased access to white women. (Woke culture hurts Asian men of colour in terms of dating, family formation, and social skills even if they are economically successful).

    Soon Pramila Jayapal will be on the Dem ticket and Republicans will be chest thumping how OUR Hindus are the Good Ones fighting against those Bad Ones.

    So no, I think he’s actually the worst candidate possible.

    • ” (Woke culture hurts Asian men of colour in terms of dating, family formation, and social skills even if they are economically successful).”

      How, exactly? That’s almost counterintuitive.

      • High housing costs in most progressive areas makes it almost impossible to have many children.

        Female empowerment gives women options and allows them to control mating. They often choose to be single instead of settling down with a physically undesirable male. Even Ilhan Omar cheated on her brother-husband with a Jewish man.

        White people are uncomfortable around non whites in a woke environment, limiting their access to white women. Non-whites are people you can’t be yourself around. Whereas in a church for example everyone is on the same page.

        There are obviously arguments to the contrary too but this is basically why some non-whites aren’t on board with Woke-ism.

        • It’s true, though; recent polls show that white women don’t really pick South Asian men, while recreational coal burning is far more likely.

          It is a vexation, as the Indian talented tenth is quite urbane, polished, cosmopolitan, and yet a bit reckless and trad as well.

          Is this some kind of Aryan ancestral muscle memory here?
          Coal burning led to Semites (the Habiru/Bedouin were tiny, isolated pockets), while it took centuries to stop genociding the Dravidian aboriginals and start shtupping them, creating the Brahmin mix.

          They have a bit of Us in them; why aren’t we more attracted, as we are with mestizos (28% Ice Age sealhunter Euro DNA in Native Amerindians alone, we got here 4000 years before the land bridge Siberian Asians, following seals along the edge of the glacial ice.)

          • Well I don’t know about all that but it’s not just white women that’s a problem for their women too.

            Indian women are white women lite, and sleep around and party and have fun while the men struggle. The women either come back to them as used goods are just stay single and empowered.

            There was a story in the hockey circles that made the rounds here recently, 2 Indian women literally one week away from India slept with an entire Junior Hockey team in one night.

            So not only do they struggle with white women, their own women are degraded in their eyes.

            Same issue as white men face but it’s worse for them. The feminist gender dynamics are affecting everyone and it’s reflected in the sub 1.0 total fertility rate in areas with high Asian concentrations.

          • It’s not just white women that’s a problem for them, it’s gender dynamics with their own women, too.**

          • My understanding is that Hindus have very little Aryan DNA on average. As you go further south in India it’s almost none.

            However some tribes in Northern India, like Kashmiris and Punjabis are 15-30% Aryan, and the same amount of Iranian.

            Pakistanis also might have some Aryan depending on the tribe, and Afghans are the whitest of the bunch in South Asia (and I consider Afghans honorary whites – as long as they stay over there).

          • “Is this some kind of Aryan ancestral muscle memory here?”

            We’re still barbarians deep down, but women haven’t mastered it, or had it beaten into submission. Hence, they’ve become masters.

            Men, stop being pussies, iow.

        • Non -Whites are not on board with wokism because they come from 2nd and 3rd world countries and they are still Normal . They dont belive that man can give birth for example. I live in a neighbourhood with a lot 2nd and 3rd worlders and during the covid pandemic there were plenty of them about . When I went to Manhattan I seen nobody for blocks . Many young people come to the city from the god’s country because all the yuppie jobs are here. There must have been lots of yuppies americans for generations and they locked themselves in maximum security by their own hands. No cops bothered me . There were no cops ,no people , streets were empty. It was like all those films—; The Last Survivor . I take courses in local college and Those students study engineering business admin. etc. women take nursing, dental assistance , fields that bring money. There are no 3rd world courses because 3rd world student are not interested in 3rd world studies. There is no money in them. And if authorities decided to cut off some girls breasts they would have to go through her father and cousins and uncles not through the courts. I came from commie country but the let us see cowboy movies so we were raised on them but where is John Wayne now. Ihave been to many states and seen those types but it was long time ago.

          • “where is John Wayne now”

            He works a spreadsheet instead of a rifle these days and isn’t quite ready to admit he screwed up.

          • John Wayne was a fag. I installed two-way mirrors in his pad in Brentwood, and he come to the door in a dress.

    • > Woke culture hurts Asian men of colour in terms of dating, family formation, and social skills even if they are economically successful

      Not if they stay in their own homelands and pursue marriage among women of their own culture. They only have problems with dating when they come to our country and feel entitled to white women. (But it’s not “woke culture” that is preventing that from happening.)

    • That reminds me of one of my favorite Jimmy Carter stories. I don’t know if you’re old enough to remember this, but one of Jimmah’s big talking points when he was running in 1980 was that Reagan was this doddering old geezer who was probably going to drop dead at any minute. To prove how healthy and vigorous he was in comparison, Carter decided to run in some kind of mini-marathon. Before he could reach the finish line, he collapsed on the track and had to be taken to the hospital!

      • Fah!

        The best political Special Olympian has to be Canada’s own Jean Poutine Cretin! Ol’ Screwface did an EPIC face plant playing basketball for the cameras, and the old bastard left a face imprint in the asphalt. I think the pic went down the memory hole.

        Biden has done some interesting feats like falling UP the stairs, mind you…

        • Our own Lightbringer was the only black? man ever who was hopeless at basketball. Early on there would be photo ops with him on the court and he was pathetic, completely unathletic and geeky. Pretty soon no more basketball for him.

          • In our fast-growing town and county, the dot-Indians are either M.D.s or liquor store purveyors. Same sets of last names. Not sure if they are all related by caste. Those in the professional classes think their poop doesn’t smell and absolutely will elbow their way into the social upper ranks, sending their offspring to private schools, where they then have a shot at Harvard or Brown, followed by a run for the US Senate. Yes, this really happened a couple of years ago in TN!

    • Not sure why the injury matters. He already didn’t have a leg to stand on going into the debate.

  26. Great article! Z-man deserves salutations for treating tonight’s transparent political theater with all the seriousness that it merits (none).

    Despite my indifference to Donald Trump, I still hope he and Carlson get a much higher rating than the D-list actors on the debate stage. However, I will watch neither Trump/Carlson nor the debate. Smoking crystal meth* would be a better use of my time.

    *Don’t worry, kids — I won’t be smoking crystal meth either, though given where our shambles of a former nation now stand, such behavior might be understandable at this point.

  27. Ron should have waited until 2028 and let the Trump storm blow over. He was pretty solid as governor of Florida.

    He was baited into running in 2024 and has now “consultant-ed” his way into being another Jeb Bush.

    A win for the establishment. A loss for DeSantis who will never win anything going forward.

    • Ah shoot. That means the backstabbers wanted DeSantis out and Florida Blue (along with Texas) by 2028.

  28. It would be interesting to watch the debate from the standpoint of understanding that they are auditioning to be the “after-Trump” candidate. But that’s a tough job. You have to beat the other midgets but someone be tolerable to Trump supporters who will be pretty pissed about Trump getting kicked off the ballot for whatever reason.

    Honestly, I can’t imagine why anyone would want the job. Now, it would be a good job if any of them were human being who cared about GOP voters. In that case, it’d be a blast. You’d wave around Trump’s ouster like a bloody flag. You could use it to attack the Dems and the RINOs and the whole damn system.

    But, of course, none of these cucks would ever dream of such a thing. The after-Trump candidate will pretend that Trump sort of deserved what he got even while trying to woe his supporters with the usual milktoast cuckservative talk of lower taxes and less government regulation. It’s ridiculous.

    • “lower taxes and less government regulation,” and a couple others, “as long as they come legally,” and “our greatest ally.”

    • It seems like Ramaswamy is trying to do that at least to a degree. Probably a combination of being a fundamentally dishonest person who tells people what they want to hear and being the only one coming into the process from outside of politics. He doesn’t have tons of friends in the regime he needs to stay in good standing with, so he doesn’t reflexively need to bash Trump.

      • I honestly haven’t seen him. I only know him from reading Z. But, yes, he seems to understand that if Trump isn’t kicked off the ticket, he will be the nominee. But if Trump is kicked off, there will be a lot of angry Trump supporters and even people don’t like Trump but don’t like that the system is corrupt.

        Swarmy is smart enough to go after those primary voters, which, if he could get, would make him one of the top candidates. He might not win, but he’ll get huge name recognition from it. Does Pujab really care about those voters? Who knows. Probably not. But he’s smart enough to know what game is being played.

        The other candidates are so deep in the system that they can’t see the world for what it is.

        • Ramiswami is CIA, so he knows exactly what Trump voters want to hear.

          No hired consultancy fakes for him, he’s got the real pro’s crafting his messaging.

    • I know you’re speaking for effect, but honestly, lower taxes and less regulation would be a welcome change in the era of Bidenomics and climate change mandates coming after your kitchen stove.

      Normal people just want to be left alone by government and they should be left alone by government. If there were to be real policy response to the problems we face as a nation, it would have to include such things, which are necessary and would also be very populist.

      The shame here is not that the GOPe used the wrong talking points, but that they can no longer be credibly taken as anything but talking points, because nothing ever gets done.

      • No policy matters except immigration.

        Everything else is of minor importance.

        • Foreign policy and Immigration policy are just two issues where voter preference is completely ignored. We live in the United States of BlackRock now. They set policy and congress does their bidding.

      • For the GOPe, “lower taxes and less government regulation” means slightly lower taxes and slightly less government regulation.

      • Less regulation/cutting regulations was one of Trump’s most valuable, but underappreciated, achievements.

      • “…lower taxes and less regulation would be a welcome change in the era of Bidenomics…”

        Lower taxes is *never* the issue—except possibly when they unfairly favor one group or the other. The Laffer curve is probably past its peak and as such will not increase long term Fed revenue.

        We rarely—if ever—have a lower Fed income from year to year, but we *always* have a greater outlay of Fed expenditures. This can not continue. This will not continue indefinitely, but as Argentina has shown such mismatch can last for decades under a double digit inflation scenario.

      • Had to down that.
        Jeemaneez, that was arch cuck Erick Erickson word-for-word.

        Good gods, man, this is war to the death, ethnic cleansing, a total erasure.

      • I’ve gotten to the point that I’m actually okay with Leviathan as long as it’s OUR Leviathan and will remain so for a very, very long time.

  29. Would it have been too obvious if they held the debate in Vichy?

    I’m going with Mike Pence as being the one who gets destroyed first, since he is, of course, an utter idiot, but convinced of his own self righteousness which he is compelled to display. The only problem is, he served as Vice President to the Bad Orange Man himself, which means the others will viciously attack him as proxy for the BOM.
    So the first scorpion in the bottle out will be Pence.

    • In one moment, Pence turned himself into a target simply by responding to Tucker’s question about the problems of America’s cities, saying “that’s not my concern.”

      However I’m not sure anyone will bring that up, since I don’t know how important that issue is to them.

      • True, not their concern either; Pence’s only sin was saying the quiet part out loud.

    • You know my money is on some combination of Tim Scott / Nikki Haley being selected by the GOP. And can we spare a thought for the poor marketing guys assigned to to come up with their campaign slogan? Dindu / Hindu 2024: Make America at Least as Great as Bangladesh.

      My dark horse bet for Savior of the Party: Kristi Noem. Youngkin is a great choice, as he’s all about the Establishment, but he’s both White and male; the VichyOP ain’t going for that. Noem is female, fairly attractive by politician standards, and got her chance to show she’s Down with the Clown by vetoing that tranny sports ban the SD legislature passed. Maybe with Youngkin as VP, for “gravitas.”

      • Someone has to be put in as veep in a Hail Mary to mitigate the stay-at-home Trump voter effect*. The non-Establishment Pajeet** may be mouthing heresies with that in mind and to pave the way for his placement on the ticket. The Republicans are the Stupid Party but fully realize pulling BOM off the ticket is a bomb waiting to detonate.

        *GOP losses still will be catastrophic, and this will mark the end of its viability as a Potemkin opposition party.
        **Granted, Ramaswamy is an absolute snake but an intelligent snake and may realize this and want to be distant from it so someone else may have to fill the void.

      • A savior must first win. With that definition, the only possible savior is Trump. His supporters will simply not vote for any other candidate should he not be the nominee.

    • “How many more B-1 visas should be issued?”

      “At what point do we send ground troops to Ukraine?”

      “The FBI is the world’s premiere law enforcement agency. What would you do to reform it and restore confidence?”

      “How much more military assistance should be provided to Israel?”

      “How are you similar to Ronald Reagan?”

      “How much should we reduce marginal tax rates?”

      Fill in the blank.

      • my immediate question would be “if elected, whom will you choose for your Cabinet and can you name them now?” Trump’s issue was he had such a bad “back office team.”

    • Hey, the Republican Party has made big strides in debate moderation. In 2012 they let a lifelong Democrat operative moderate a debate with questions given to him by the Obama campaign. They aren’t called the Stupid Party for nothing.

  30. I’m camping 30 minutes south of the Canadian border in NH. One last trip before school starts. The cel tower reception here is poor at best. I often choose these campsites deliberately to force all of us to ignore our phones. That being said, I’ve found a spot next to the lake where I think I can catch just enough bars to watch Z man live stream should that occur. I even brought cold Guinness just in case the event happens.

    Z man, have you decided on or against a live stream? If you’re on, where should I look? Guinness comes in eight packs, is that enough?

      • I think I will comment on Twitter/Gab tonight. I’m working on nicknames for the show. Ramaswamy will be King Cobra. I think Pence will be NPC #1 and Tim Scott will be NPC #2 or maybe White NPC and Black NPC. Bugman will be bugman, of course.

  31. If I still drank, I would probably watch the farcical debate. Sober it would be too depressing I fear.

    OT: I noted on a normie forum about black on Asian violence in schools. (This was not on a political site just one about living in various towns. The topic was the schools.)

    In my old big blue city, a study found that 75 percent of the interracial school violence was black on Asian. (Probably just weren’t enough white kids to grab first place). I mentioned that and the DOJ yearly surveys of interracial violence consistently find Asians are the only group where the majority of the attacks are from another race and that is blacks.

    The black against Asian violence is a big topic among Asians in Asia. I assume in the US too even though they probably won’t be too vocal about it.

    The reason I mentioned the black violence was just too see what would happen. I knew I would be banned if I mentioned black against white but wondered if it was permissable to mention another tribe.

    Nope! Lol! I was permanently banned for being a troll.

    In my old big blue city, it was acceptable to be honest about the neighborhoods that were dangerous but only evil people identified the racial demographics of the who and whom of the violence.

    • They hate white people more than they hate having their skulls bashed in by Africans.

      They already have a safe and prosperous homeland in China, South Korea, and Japan. So why are they even in America?

      I have no sympathy for them, don’t know why the right wing pretends to care about anti-Asian crime. Asians are far left extremists who vote left wing even harder than Hispanics; only Africans vote D at a higher rate than Korean, Chinese, and Indian Americans.

      • “don’t know why the right wing pretends to care about anti-Asian crime”

        Cowardice. Any time whites are attacked and oppressed, which is often now, Asians are used as proxies. “Blacks shouldn’t be attacking Asians!” they say as the number of whites subjected to the same or worse violence dwarfs that insignificant number.

        • Dittos! I kept thinking during the SCOTUS years’ long wrangling re: Affirmative Action case, if the Asians (Chinese, mostly, then Hindus) are so damn smart, why aren’t they building up their own academic institutions AT HOME. Why do the rich ones send their teenagers over here to private prep schools to get them ready for Yale? A rhetorical Q that I do know the answer to, at least partially, and that is that the schools love the full-pay tuition, room and board that they receive for these students to receive some old-time “St. Grottlesex” education. These American institutions are also stuck having to mind their Affirmative Action ps and qs these days and deliver full ride “scholarships” to (un)deserving local yoots. Am willing to bet that each of these schools now has a DIE staff in place. But it’s worth every rupee back in Bangalore to drop the little nugget/status symbol par excellence in casual conversation!

    • It’s the new religion. And the zealots are more and more insane. They have to shut down the ‘bad think’.

      There was a funny line from a show, maybe Arrested Development. They were in a business meeting with a construction company to build 500 homes. The developer requested that they provide one home to a low income family from the inner city as part of the deal. The immediate response was “what?! And leave 499 families living in constant fear?!”

      • That was one of many great Arrested Development moments. Reminds me of how Rob Reiner makes fun of Republicans for their fear of a “brown planet.” Yet, he lives in Malibu Colony, supposedly the whitest city in America. When there were plans to create affordable housing near the Colony he and the other residents fought off the brown horde and stopped the housing plans.

    • Nuggras went from Shudras to Brahmins in approximately 30 years. And there’s no clearer index of AINO’s madness than that.

      • Yeah, there isn’t anything quite like the group that commits the most violence and is in general the most criminally minded becoming the moral guardians of the society. Rappers now meet with presidents

  32. Ramaswamy is by far the most intelligent, well-spoken, and sensible of all of these grifters. I know a lot of people don’t like the fact that his parents are from India, but the fact remains that he is far and away the most impressive Republican candidate the primaries.

    That being said, being an impressive candidate does not mean he would be a good President. He might just fink on the voters.

    And it probably doesn’t matter who wins the Republican primary since the swing states have been “fortified for democracy.”

    • I’ve become so cynical that I wonder about King Cobra’s motivations. I’ve gotten bitten by the “Hindu Thing” as John Derbyshire would call it. That ethnos is showing all signs of taking over Western institutions, just as our friends in little hats have tried to do since WW2. (In other words, the 21st Century will be the Hindu Century.)

      Maybe King Cobra is just sick and tired like the rest of us are. Fair enough.

      Or maybe he’s been offered as the first right-wing Hindu, The Fountainhead if you will. Soon, there will be a left-wing Hindu. Or maybe they don’t need to play the red/blue game and they’re just going to stick their technocrats in place regardless of party affiliation. The defining feature will be Hindu or Not Hindu, instead of Republican or Democrat.

      But I hope this is not the case. I’m tired of reading or complaining about non-whites taking over stuff. At some point we just need to say “let them have it” and go our own way, and build parallel institutions.

      • Optimistically the future political parties will be west coat, sub-con tech oligarchs flying the elephant banner versus the east coast, tiny hat finance oligarchs flying the donkey banner.
        It’s “optimistic” because at least it will be a smidge more honest than the current system.

    • Good observation, Mis(ter)Anthrope. I, too, wonder which imported foreigner would make the best overlord, deserving of my vote. Thanks for sharing.

      • I didn’t say I support him. I’m merely pointing out that he presents himself better than any of the other grifters.

        I don’t intend to vote, regardless of the candidate.

    • He is genuinely impressive even if he is lying through his teeth which piqued my interest in him & then I saw Ann Coulter howling about how he wants more ‘skilled immigration.’ After seeing that I started looking into him & found someone on twitter who quoted some highlights from his book & some of his interviews which was very revealing, here’s some highlights:

      He supports renaming confederate statues to appease leftists thinking they’d suddenly not want to tear them down if the names were changed which is bizarre. He believes Charlottesville was a huWhite supremacist protest, there was no fraud in the 2020 election, he supports free trade, thinks the US should be a service economy & he wants to find a way to ‘safely vaccinate’ everyone from covid.

      He’s definitely not campaigning on these views of his, if he was I wouldn’t have given him a second glance & he clearly knows that. Seems likely that all the good things he’s talking about right now is purely for this election cycle & if he won he’d govern like jeb bush. Not that it matters anyway since, as you pointed out, national elections are rigged to hell & back.

      • He’s the Pied Piper to further flood the nation with SubCon H-1B’s, I think. Still, he’s rankling the Establishment GOP’ers with his anti-war, anti-police state rhetoric, which almost assuredly he does not believe but appeals to most voters. They all but point to “Nikki” and scream, “that’s what you should be saying!”

      • Thanks for the information. It supports the theory that he is a phony who has figured out how to say the right things to Republican voters, but will fink on them if given the opportunity.

        • No problem, he seemed too good to be true with claims that he’d pardon Julian Assange & cut aid to Israel among other things that seemed almost eerily tuned to excite someone like myself. He definitely did his research on what to say to distinguish himself from the rest of the pack, I can’t deny that.

          • He’s getting all the hot shows right now-Tucker, Joe Rogan, Russell Brand. Even Andrew Anglin seems to kind of like him.

  33. I think DeSantis is going to be the big loser tonight no matter what. He was supposed to be everyone’s “second choice” so when the GOPe pulls Trump from the ballot they could have said “The Meatball is supported by 35% of Republicans! He’s just as popular as Trump and no mean tweets!”. Now that he’s starting to look like a distant third in polling, there’s no way they can pull that stunt anymore. And now without Trump on the stage he can’t draw any special attention to himself or set himself apart from the crowd, so he’s going to end the night looking like just another circus clown.

    • DeSantis would be an ideal second-in-command. Smart enough to get stuff done, smart enough to hire the right people under him, clever enough to work the bureaucracy, but lacking the charisma that inspires people to charge into enemy territory.

      • In the corporate world, DeSantis fits the image of the COO not the CEO. He isn’t the one you want to trot out for the press but he makes sure the company runs so it can meet its goals.

      • I agree, but Trump is Trump and can not, will not, share the limelight in any administration of his. Every man for himself, screw the country and the people.

    • The wildcard here is the fact that one of these clowns could get a huge boost by running to the right of Trump, which as the pro-vax, pro-tranny, black-pardoning president, would not be that hard, but for the fact that they would have to voice some anti-regime truths and perhaps even bring up the dreaded ‘w’ word (Whites). DeSantis and a few of the others are the only ones who might be (but probably aren’t) brave enough to pull it off.

      • That is so true. There is a wide open lane to immediately become the further-right Trump alternative. But you would have to be a billionaire self-funding candidate to do it. This would be a great path for the Hindu. He has money and brown skin, which would help deflect the blowback. But alas, there are no heroes in Gotham.

      • Ann Coulter said back in 2016 that Trump picked up the $100 bill off the sidewalk that everyone else walked past. Openly advocating for the interests of White people is right there, out in the open, waiting for someone who wants to make a huge impact.

    • Always a good choice. I’m thinking about finally at least starting the Russian “War and Peace” movie while BF watches the Terrors of Tiny Town.

  34. > There is little chance that the general audience is a true sampling of the public. We will get of the post-debate narrative by the reaction of the actors placed in the audience.

    They did this with one of the 2016 debates and filled the stands with Cruz and Jeb party people. It was probably that moment Trump became a true symbol of the outsider, for better or worse, as even his party was clearly trying to stymie him and were called out. Ironically too, it just made Jeb and Cruz look even more ridiculous.

    My guess if they will be Tim Scott or Ramaswamy stooges, though even the magical Indian is probably too much of a loose cannon for conventional politics. His radical policy of “import millions of Indians, but treat white people somewhat decent” is beyond the pale in the current climate.

  35. I wouldn’t waste my eyesight watching this flaming shitshow (“Tiny Town” is perfect), but it will be a historic event. Mark it: this will be the last time the Republican Party even will be able to pretend to be a viable opposition party. It is absolutely perfect that Fox is a host, too, as it is also about to go on the endangered species list.

    From a dissident perspective, it also is an absolutely perfect tableau. The visual of seven brainless robots arguing over who can best plunge the United States into a nuclear holocaust and manage the police state better will be quite something. The eighth candidate, who embodies everything the Republican Party has touted for years–“diversity is our strength!”, they will utter through gritted teeth–will venture into dangerous territory and sometimes touch on the heresy formerly known as “truth.” It is pretty certain the tinies have been scripted to interrupt anytime the non-Establishment Pajeet criticizes war or the police state. That’s pitch perfect…as is the simultaneous Tucker interview of Trump, which is genius. Props to the orange ringmaster. Revenge, cold service…

    • The Based Pajeet is spicing things up like a red curry. POC immunity let’s him say what everyone really thinks. He also knows he’s got a snowball’s chance in Delhi so he can let loose with the noticisms.

  36. My understanding is that Tucker’s Trump “interview” will be prerecorded, which is disappointing, although not surprising.

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