Phase Change

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The war in the Ukraine is about to go through a phase change as the Ukrainian initiative comes to an end this autumn. For most of the year, the war has been characterized by Western initiates, along with Ukrainian military action. Planning and publicizing the Ukrainian spring offensive dominated the first half of the year, while the last three months have been dominated by the offensive itself. By all accounts this will run out of steam in the next few weeks.

According to Western media, the point of the counter-offensive was to use NATO trained brigades using Western equipment and tactics to break through Russian defenses in the south and create a corridor to the Sea of Azov. This would split Russian forces and isolate the Crimea. The assumption was that the Russian army would abandon their positions rather than fight. This in turn would create a political crisis in Russia, perhaps forcing a withdraw from Ukraine.

What happened instead was the newly trained Ukrainian units charged headlong into massive minefields while being slammed with Russian artillery. The internet was full of videos showing burning NATO equipment and desperate Ukrainian soldiers trying to escape the minefields. Western sources indicate Ukraine lost a third of this force in the first weeks of the offensive. This map of the southern defensive lines shows how little progress the Ukrainians have made in three months.

In addition to the big push in the south, the Ukrainians tried to retake Bakhmut, which they had lost in the spring. By all accounts this was a total failure and they ceased trying to retake the city. Those forces have been diverted to the south for one last shot at making some progress. Right now, the Ukrainians are putting their last Western units into a final push to capture a tiny village called Robotino. This appears to be the final battle of the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

On the public relations front, Ukraine has been launching small drone attacks against buildings in the Moscow suburbs. They have also launched attacks against Crimea using their remaining Storm Shadow missiles they got from Britain, as well as the small, improvised drones they have been using on civilian targets. These efforts have no military value, but they are seen as moral boosters. The images are quickly spread around by Western media.

The long and short of this is the West appears to be in a panic over the results, especially in the south. The narrative said that Russia is a paper tiger, and the army would break at the first sign of Western equipment. At this point, the Ukrainians were supposed to be bathing in the Sea of Azov. Instead, billions in NATO gear lies in ruins in a place now called Bradley Park. It is called that by the Ukrainians because it contains so many bombed out Bradley fighting vehicles.

There is now a growing concern that the Ukrainian army is running out of men and material to continue fighting. That speaks to the horrific losses they have taken in this ill-fated counter-offensive, but also the long toll of the war. As a result, Ukraine is stepping up mobilization efforts. There are rumors that that Zelensky will call for a full mobilization of Ukraine, which means that every available male will be called to service and maybe even the females of military age.

The one area where Ukraine has had some success is in the Black Sea, where they have been using sea drones to harass Russian shipping. There is speculation that they are using Romania to launch and control these British made drones and maybe there are British contractors helping them. American Reaper drones are also active in the Black Sea, suggesting they help locate targets. Regardless, the Black Sea has become a problem for the Russian navy and Russian shipping.

The question is what comes next. There are rumors that the Russians have been plotting an offensive of their own. This may simply be echoes from the Battle of Kursk, which took place eighty years ago in the same location. In that battle, the Soviet army stood their ground against a massive German offensive, then counter attacked, leading to one of the biggest tank battles in history. The Russians are obsessed with their history, so this may be the source of those rumors.

On the other hand, the Russians have been advancing along the northern part of the line of contact, to the point where Ukraine has evacuated the strategic city of Kupyansk in the Kharkiv region. This has led to speculation that Russia may be planning to capture Kharkiv city, which is the second largest city in Ukraine. They could also swing south and cut off supply lines to the Ukrainian army in the Donbas. The Russians supposedly have over 100,000 men in this area.

The other possibility is that the Ukrainians had to strip this area of men and equipment in order to supply their offensive in the south. As a result, the Russians are taking advantage of the situation to capture these important transport hubs. In other words, they are simply filling a void left by the Ukrainians, and it has nothing to do with their plans for the fall and winter. Either way, the collapse of this part of the Ukrainian lines supports the lack of manpower claims.

This leads to the topic of what comes next. As this phase of the war reaches its end over the next few weeks, the ball will now be in the court of the Russians, who have spent a year building up forces in Ukraine. They could go on the offensive or simply continue to grind away at the Ukrainian army. They could also begin to work on the Ukrainian infrastructure as a way to weaken their resolve. Of course, a major winter offensive is also a possibility.

There is also the question as to what the West does now that their great Ukrainian counter-offensive narrative is in tatters. For now, they seem to be contenting themselves with a blame game focused on the Ukrainians. The neocons are blaming the Ukrainian general for not following their orders, while the Pentagon is pointing the finger at Zelensky for meddling in the military planning. Out of this will come a new narrative, but its details remain a mystery at this point.

Then there is the election calendar. The Poles have elections is October, which will be an interesting look at European public opinion. There is no anti-war party in Poland to speak of, so it is going to be a more subtle read on how the ruling party has managed the war to this point. In June, the Germans have an election. The AfD is an anti-war party and they have jumped in the polls. So much so that the German government is threatening to ban the party entirely.

Of course, the American presidential election cycle has started. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the anti-war option on the Democrat side. The regime has banned any serious polling on him, but they must be worried as they have pulled Bernie Sanders out of mothballs to campaign in New Hampshire. Then you have Trump who is the enemy of the neocons and the military industrial complex. His swarthy mini-me, Vivek Ramaswamy, has also taken a strong anti-war position.

The bottom line is there is no path to victory for Ukraine. This phase of the war which has gone on for close to a year makes that abundantly clear. While the Ukraine army has fought heroically, they are outmanned and outgunned. Now that the West is out of weapons to send to them and Western domestic politics is about to take center stage, Ukraine will be faced with some grim choices. The big question is how a Western defeat plays out over the next year.

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159 thoughts on “Phase Change

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  2. Not to be positive here on the Z blog, but;

    America has vast natural resources of every class including energy.
    America is rebuilding its Industries and reshoring Industries as fast as it can, indeed our biggest problem being an anemic industrial labor force, after that the sites are being taken rapidly- a confluence of transportation and power infrastructure, water, location and favorable government take the land faster than you think. NY state and Texas are in competition for reshoring industry. These are better problems than before.

    The current housing boom bust, debt and service economy is not healthy but its predecessor and replacement of Industry is being reborn.

    The government is beginning to be edged out by the Business class or rich Tech Oligarchs who’ve decided they don’t want to live in Brazil, or California.

    The Blue State model and the New Deal government is dying, as are the Boomers and neither is dying well. DAMNATIO MEMORAE .
    Die they will.

    War; the military is 15% of the budget, 60% of that for personnel costs (pay, etc) and 3.4% of GDP.
    Guns are Dwarfed in the budget by The Dole and a very small proportion of GDP. Mind you like the police and fire departments their costs are small but certainly missed if not enough or not there… and this I hope everyone reading learns the hard way because you certainly won’t otherwise- and you got it coming, like the former voters of Maui. Former.
    Now Well Done. Righteous people done right.

    So we’re transitioning, it will be painful, the pain is learning (and well deserved) and America will survive in Stronger Form. We have everything we need and matchless geography to protect us.

  3. It’s always darkest before the dawn. Now is the moment when Ukraine unveils its superweapon: scrawny 14-year old girls, whose mighty punches will flatten hulking Ivan and send him flying through plate glass windows.

    • > “scrawny 14-year old girls, whose mighty punches will flatten hulking Ivan and send him flying through plate glass windows”

      Except that Tevye, the holy Milkman of Anatevka, trafficked them all to his cousin Schlomo, in Van Nuys, where they now work as kosher sh!ksa actresses for P0rnhub.

      [The above is ackshually true, BTW, not merely satire.]

      • Yes. Well, a portion of them made it to Van Nuys to be counted as gig economy workers. This time happening to get gigs as Couch Hammer specialists for Porn Hub.

        Many are also being sold off the international oligarchy. I few weeks ago, I got a YT ad for smoking hot Ukrainian women looking for exclusive men. The ad was on some video that showed the Catholic church’s project to replace the indigenous European people in their homelands. It was pretty rich how that was targeted. I am certainly not an oil sheik, Pakistani general or Somali warlord getting piles of cash from America, so they got me wrong, but clearly that video is using keywords and they think that the international oligarchy is watching their videos.

        It is an epic crime that young Ukrainian men have been ground up, their women scattered to live in European immigrant ghettos, work the “gig economy” and join the harems of the international oligarchs. It looks a lot like old arrangements when certain folk trafficked slavic women off to the highest bidder. In those days our homelands housed small bands of these subversives. In these days, they occupy us and are flooding our homelands with our replacements.

        I am not sure what it is going to take to turn the tide in all European homelands.

        • A thought just struck me. For all of the harping on about women’s rights and standing up for oppressed women, they ignore this. You would think these activist harpees would be passing laws so exploiting women displaced by war is a war crime.

          Score another one for costless virtue signalling.

        • Don’t forget the kids. My wife is from Moldova. She told me that kids would go missing all the time from rural villages. She is not a conspiratorial ghoul like I am, but she absolutely believes the kids were trafficked to the powerful.

          • The White genocide/displacement is certainly the chief play of open borders, but the fact that evildoers can make off a large number of kids and no one will notice is more than likely a part of it too.

  4. I think we’re stuck with Zelensky for a very long time, unless there is some freak incident like what happened in Turkey a few years ago when a security guard killed a Russian diplomat. The Ukrainian generals are bought off, and will do anything Zelensky says. He probably also has better security than Biden. The media will defend their little darling more than they do Hunter, so the Ukrainian people will continue to suffer. Bahkmut is probably all on Zelensky, who is obsessed with it. Again, the Ukrainian generals are too corrupt to oppose any silly decision Zelensky makes.

    • “The Ukrainian generals are bought off, and will do anything Zelensky says.”

      Sure, the generals are bought off, but who’s footing the bill? It’s not Zelensky, which means that these same generals could just as easily eliminate Zelensky once the puppet masters decide he’s no longer useful.

      • NateG: “The Ukrainian generals are bought off, and will do anything Zelensky says. He probably also has better security than Biden.”

        They say that ever since Zuckerberg [with the aid of Larry Summers] stole “ConnectU/Facebook” from the Winklevoss Twins, he, Zuckerberg, has had a 24×7 security detail, consisting of 16 or more M0ss@d agents, who never take their eyes off of him.

        They even reserve parking places in the Facebook parking garage, so that no goyim can [even just hypothetically] park a car bomb on any level of the parking garage directly beneath nor directly above Zuckerberg’s parking place.

        In case anyone here is still hopelessly naive about these matters, the Tribe plays for keeps.

        Just ask the ghosts of Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, Charles Lindbergh’s Baby, Huey Long, George Patton, James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.

        The Tribe plays for keeps.

        • FBI, CIA, Mossad, Shin Bet, there is probably an Army surrounding Zelensky. That could be why these offensives are failing. Everyone is protecting this little clown.

          • NateG

            Possibly, Zelensky is surrounded by fanatics like leftovers from the Azov Brigade who will off him if he even hints at giving up. How do you say “bushido” in Ukrainian?

            He might be a very unhappy man right now, wishing he could be a simple comedian again.

      • His puppet masters are literally his cousins and people dont generally kill their own family members. Especially not the most nepotistic people on earth.

        • Good point. How many billions have we sent them so far? You don’t invest so much money in someone and not protect him. Zelensky is there to stay unless Russia decides to drone strike him, and they won’t do it because the guy is a massive idiot.

  5. I think the Russians know well that the US will be invading Russia soon, either from the Baltics or through Belarus via Poland. They have spies, the Chinese have complete knowledge of the US activities through all the Sons of Big Guys they bribed, so they likely know this in detail. Hence mobilizations and reserves. The narrative the Regime tells itself is Iraq/Saddam. A Thunder Run to the capitol and the regime collapses. Col. McGregor has noted this narrative and child-like belief in it repeatedly.

    And from this we can see all sorts of domestic things shaking out. The Regime Alcohol Czar has called for staged Prohibition; only two drinks a week allowed as in Canada and monitored strictly until total teetotaling. “Experts” all agree there is no benefit to drinking so that’s out. [For the War Effort.]. Calls by “experts” in the NYT to “cancel” elections to … “save our Democracy,” because bad people can win. [The Regime has made so many enemies among elites and makes so much for Son of Big Guy and Big Guy himself they cannot even leave in 2029 even, they must stay “forever” even if it means an AI generated Big Guy]. Elon Musk has been targeted in SpaceX, well and good, by the DOJ for not hiring non-citizens; Catch-22 if he does that’s defined as Arms Trafficking. This the day after he said he would sue Soros organizations for interfering with Twitter/X. Now there is a New Yorker article with Ronan Farrow demanding the US government “rein in” Musk as a danger to .. “our democracy.” [SpaceX is basically the only game in the US town for space launches at scale, so what this says his DoD protection spell has run out]. Trump is being tried in DC by the Hanging Judge before the election; of course. I expect they will simply have him eliminated like RFK Jr. by some means.

    ALL, all of this to keep the Ukraine grift going; every billion sent, Son of Big Guy gets his taste and half or more goes to the Big Guy. With some of THAT going to the guy in DC running things, and HE likely is kicking in to Soros and Company.

    Its a Mafia bust-out, with half the motivation just total destruction by bitter, angry people of no talent who think they are stars. It won’t stop ever, absent outside forces. The Teflon Don, Gotti, never went straight. So expect some combination of “election variant” beer flu, canceled elections for “climate emergency, beer flu, Ukraine, etc.” along with Prohibition, the draft, and other bust out moves. Its not just the money — again its the destruction. Project Ukraine must go on. For emotional reasons for the Regime.

    • The one part of that I can unreservedly agree with is that Gotti never went straight. The leopard cannot change its spots. So it is with the GAE, which will remain on its course, absent force exerted from outside.

      Prohibition 2.0 shouldn’t be too problematic if they just tell everyone that’s The Science. Alcohol actually is bad for you, after all. You could even hypothesize that Big Alcohol is in on it, why else would they have put a tranny in their ads?

      Noteworthy that they aren’t waging any such war on Mary Jane.

    • The Regime Alcohol Czar has called for staged Prohibition

      That is a bald-faced exaggeration. That alcohol guy was making an idiotic comment about unofficial guidelines that might be updated in 2025. That’s a far cry from making it the law of the land. I really don’t know why anybody is even talking about this.

      There is zero public appetite for prohibition in this country. It would not be salable.

      • “There is zero public appetite for prohibition in this country.”

        Was there immense public appetite for shots that give you heartattacks? Were people clamoring for their sons to be castrated before it became officialt policy? Did anyone not named berg or stein have stars in their eyes wishing for an ocean of blood spilled in an economically ruinous new european war? Was everyone clamoring for shitty golf carts that cost more than actual cars?

        I dont think prohibition will happen but public opinion has nothing to do with anything in america today. Public opinion is what the government tells the media to tell the megacorps to tell the idiots, little more. Usually the idiots get their lines correct but if they dont F them, call a Jan 6

      • What’s charming about the original prohibition is that in 1920 we needed a constitutional amendment to do it. How quaint. Can you imagine Congress (or anybody) questioning that they have that legislative authority now? Of course, 1920 was pre-FDR and the “switch in time that saved nine” and therefore pre-Wickard which removed all prudent limits to the Commerce Clause and enabled the free association devouring civil rights lege that followed decades later.
        I agree that the chance of a new prohibition (against alcohol, at any rate) are nil, but if it were to happen, Congress would be able to do it with mere bills.

      • “That alcohol guy was making an idiotic comment about unofficial guidelines that might be updated in 2025.”

        Wear a mask.
        Get jabbed, boosted, double boosted: it’s safe and effective.

        • Pretty much all the petty totalitarianism is being cooked up by vice-technocrats who float trail balloons to see if they get smacked down, and when they don’t then it’s game-on.

    • “I think the Russians know well that the US will be invading Russia soon”

      So we’re going to invade a nuclear adversary on another continent separated by an ocean with an army of blacks, trannies and women?

      Seriously, dude??? WTF. Tell me more.

      • X –

        According to Douglas MacGregor – et al – the U.S. is not up to a peer-to-peer conflict. The training for roughly the last twenty years @ least has been on small unit/guerrilla-type operations. Nor do we have the logistical capability to pull off that type of operation anymore; it’d be basically an Operation Overlord 2.0. We don’t have the ships nor the equipment & – as I understand it – there is exactly one tank factory in the U.S. turning out M-1 Abrams tanks. Battlefield losses could/would never be replaced + the Abrams’s turbine engine leaves a huge heat signature which the Ivans could pick off pretty easy apparently.

        In addition, let’s not forget Ivan has a potent submarine force; they’re just going to sit back & allow all the troops & matériel to cross the Atlantic unimpeded?

        And let’s not forget the U.S.military just got handed its ass by a bunch of goat herders.

    • Whiskey: “And from this we can see all sorts of domestic things shaking out. The Regime Alcohol Czar has called for staged Prohibition; only two drinks a week allowed as in Canada and monitored strictly until total teetotaling.”

      Whiskey, just yesterday, out of the corner of muh eye, I noticed a shockingly masculine US Armed Forces recruiting video, playing as an advertisement on an aggregator website somewhere on the web [I must get redirected to 50 or 100 websites per day], and the advertisement was displaying very filthy gritty unkempt masculine men performing pushups in the mud.

      No females.

      No tr@nnies.

      No paraplegics.

      Just very masculine athletic men doing masculine athletic exercises in the mud.

      When I realized what I had just seen out of the corner of muh eye, an ever-so-slight chill went down muh spine.

      Sorry I wasn’t able to grab an URL nor a screenshot.

    • Don’t think the US will be invading anyone until the Presidential cycle is over….Meanwhile, the Russians appear to have destroyed most of Ukraine’s supply of Storm Shadows, along with other ordinance, and is unconcerned with Ukraine’s attacks…When Russia’s new 400k enlistees are properly trained, they will probably end this farce…

  6. “Out of this will come a new narrative…” And if the narrative can be adjusted as needed to avoid flanking movements by reality, Washington will win the war.

  7. “His swarthy mini-me, Vivek Ramaswamy, has also taken a strong anti-war position.”

    Ramaswamy is not to be trusted. He is saying the right things, but my money says he a deep state insurance policy, intended to siphon votes away from Trump just in case the indictments don’t derail his campaign.

    • Clearly, the Swami is on no one’s side but his own….But it must be said that Vivek has an above average IQ, which made him a giant amongst the idiots in the debate….

  8. 🐥 whispers the Uke 🇺🇦 don’t advance unless General tells Captain to advance.
    Not retreat, advance.
    The point of any Army to take ground.

    🐥 was t’har and asked where yu gonna find General in all this mess? 🐥 be talkin to Ukuleles

    Lil Bird laughed when I said UCMJ of corrupt recruiters (the only kind) means iss ovah.
    Iss ovah whan UCMJ happens.
    He be LOLn n trippin 🐥

    Meanwhile ISW tells Politico the Ukrainians have breached the first Russian line of defense into the next one. On their way to Azov etc.

    Zelensky is calling up a general mobilization to increase headcount, because Americans are checking to see if soldiers present before they pay. This entire thing about headcount and 💰 for soldiers since last year.

  9. Ukraine has a sensible solution: cede the far eastern portion of the country to Russia, allow the Russians to have Crimea, and call it quits.

    If you think about it, there are a fair number of Russian descendants in eastern ukraine, and they have the right to go where they want. Clearly, based on the pre-war guerrilla action, they want to be with Mother Russia.

    But of course *sigh* men won’t do this. Men never give up a single millimeter of their territory, even when it makes sense, even when they can get something good for it. They might sell it, the way Alaska was sold by the Russians to a nascent United States, but they won’t lose it. The End. (Click on my name to come read my blog.)

    • If this was simply a war between Ukraine and Russia then these would be good points. But it seems to be a little bigger than that.

    • Alfred the Great made a deal with the Vikings ceding them the Danelaw.

      Old English: Alf = elf and also white, red = wisdom.

    • Russia won’t go for that unless the Ukraine proper is a neutral state, which it isn’t. Possession of the eastern Ukraine is of limited value if the rest of the Ukraine is an oblast of the GAE.

    • That was the deal they turned down…Now, Russia cannot and will not settle for anything except total regime change, permanent divorce from NATO and the EU, and total control of the Black Sea…And even that deal won’t be available soon…

  10. Anyone else see the rumors that Viktor Bout, dubbed, “the Merchant of Death,” by GAE propagandists may be in line to take over as CEO of Wagner Group?

    If true, that would be epic trolling by the Russians.

    On the other hand, if I were Viktor, I’d be wary of taking the position.

  11. “The AfD is an anti-war party and they have jumped in the polls. So much so that the German government is threatening to ban the party entirely.”

    The problem with the AfD, as far as the German government is concerned, is their rhetoric leans a bit to closely with old National Socialist party propaganda, enough so that the party, and many of their party leaders, are under watch by our version of your FBI. When you start spouting off comments about being proud to be a German, or why immigration and multi-culti is a bad thing for the country, you quickly get branded with the old party icon.

    The German constitution does allow banning a party or its members if they seek to undermine or destroy the existing framework of German democracy. Since the end of WWII, the Federal Constitutional Court has banned parties twice; first on a neo-Nazi group in 1952 and again on the Communist party in 1956.

    And of course Germany is always ranting on about how democratic they are because Germany, just like America, is all about democracy – as long as it’s their version of it.

    Make no mistake, not all Germans (even those who polled said they would vote for the AfD) necessarily agree with the policies of the AfD. However after decades of watching the main parties do nothing or just the opposite, made matters worse (like the refugee crisis under Frau Merkle), Germans are more inclined to vote for the AfD not because they support them, but because it’s their only way to make a statement against the other parties.

    Its interesting to note that Otto von Bismarck, Germany’s first Chancellor, banned the SPD. With the party banned, there was nothing for the Government to monitor. However, this simply forced its members underground, and they later reappeared as independent candidates in elections which then solidified their support base.

    Since history tends to repeat itself, this could be exactly what might happen if the AfD is banned today.

    • “The German constitution does allow banning a party or its members if they seek to undermine or destroy the existing framework of German democracy. ”

      So the will of the people is great, unless the will of the people is to have a different sort of government than the one under which they currently suffer.

      That sounds like the GAE, all right.

    • The thing to watch is the German economy. I am seeing clients moving operations out of Germany to the US and Mexico. The main reasons are energy costs and capital access. The German economic miracle was largely the result of cheap Russian energy. Capital is now leaving Germany and business will follow it. Six months from now things could be interesting in Germany.

      • And the GAE made certain there would be no backsliding to regain access to cheap natural gas from Russia. Boom, goes Nordstream 2.

      • The US blew up the NordStream pipeline just as the massive (I’ve seen it, incredible) Plaquemines LNG facility in Louisiana is being built.

        New natural gas lines being constructed to feed the plant from Tennessee and Texas. This is a multi-decade, multiple billion dollar capital infrastructure project.

        Why would Europe buy expensive US LNG (freeze it, ship it, unfreeze it, transport it, etc.) when you can just turn on the spigot for so cheap from a Russian pipeline you can literally sell what you don’t use for a profit?

        (Meanwhile, the US getting read to ban it from stoves, water heaters, home heating here. Don’t believe it when you’re told “gas is bad”. That national resource has been earmarked for other places by your own government.)

      • And since Germany is the economic engine of Europe, if it falls, so does Europe.

      • Many are heading east to countries like Poland, Czech, Bulgaria, and North Macedonia, etc. Cheap energy, cheap labor and governments who are willing to offer cost incentives. Plus they are much closer to home.

        More and more items are no longer labeled “Made in Germany”. Now you see “Designed in Germany”. Big difference!

    • The USA is clearly the most stable “liberal” project. The rest of the West is not really liberal at all.

      They are managerial authoritarians dressed up as “democracy” who are increasingly losing that pretence in order to maintain their “democracy”.

      It seems bad for now, but it cuts both ways. It means that when Our People seize the levers of power, we will have far more power at our disposal in a place like Germany. An American president has far less direct influence.

      • We bitch about the uniparty here, and rightly so, but our uniparty really ain’t got nothing on Europe’s uniparty

    • There is a probability the GAE at some point will topple a free and fair election in a NATO country under the guise of “My Democracy” (a version of this is happening in the US now). The election of a AfD majority might do it.

      • There is scarcely any election on earth in which the GAE does not “meddle.” In that sense, this has probably already happened.

      • No doubt true. To be clear, I mean literally the day after an election invade and replace the government. It would be a natural progression from indicting a domestic political opponent in the middle of an election.

        The GAE treats its European vassals in much the same way the USSR treated the Warsaw Pact nations.

      • It’s probably already happened in Italy during the 70s. Gladio was doing a lot of bad stuff then. The CIA was running the Red Brigades at the time and they conveniently got rid of Aldo Moro.

    • “The problem with the AfD, as far as the German government is concerned, is their rhetoric leans a bit to closely with old National Socialist party propaganda,”

      That’s a problem because…? 🙂

      • I’m from Germany, and this line is what is constantly being spouted by the regime media.

        It is, of course, complete non-sense.

        The AfD holds positions from the pre-Merkel CDU of the 90s. That is all. There is nothing more to it.

        Merkel has subverted the conservative CDU party, which is now a globalist organistion, by placing stooges everywhere.

    • The Germans don’t even have their own constitution. They have what the allies told them they were having after WW

  12. I think there will never be a Russian offensive. They are accomplishing everything by standing still – the only way they can fail is to put their forces in an exposed fashion running up against US/NATO ISR strengths. As long as they hunker down and follow a bend-don’t-break strategy, they will exhaust UKR’s forces and will, and at the same time conserve their forces for a possible war with NATO.

    • > they will exhaust UKR’s forces and will, and at the same time conserve their forces for a possible war with NATO.

      There’s the key. No doubt in my mind they are convinced there will be explicit NATO boots on the ground in the next coming years.

    • I lean in this direction, at least for the next six to nine months. The Russians are moving quickly in the north, but I think once they reach Izyum they stop and begin constructing defenses. Maybe they take Lyman to the east to create a cop on the Ukrainian army in the Donbass.

      The reason they would do this is to either bait the West into another offensive in 2024, which means more equipment and more money or it precipitates a collapse in support for Kiev. In other words, the Russians give the Europeans a golden bridge out of Ukraine.

      Ideally from the Russian point of view is a signed deal by Zelensky that gives them what they want. The West will have no choice but to recognize the deal. This will effectively move Ukraine out of the Western camp for good. Over time, Ukraine becomes Belarus.

    • Russia is losing badly.

      They are getting pushed back slowly but surely. As Zman has written they are getting destroyed at sea and on the bridges. Even Moscow is not safe from the drone attacks. Russia is losing 10 to every one man of Ukraine. Once the whole country is mobilized it is game over.
      At this point Europe is almost entirely all-in, and the military production of the German and the joint Czech-Slovak weapons factories is ramping up fast, as is the UK’s factories in Northern Ireland. Between them, they can keep churning out missiles and shells for the Ukrainians even if the US was to pull out altogether (which wouldn’t happen for another sixteen months in the worst case). Obviously the US staying in the game is a massive boon.

      Confirmation that Ukraine has hit two airbases deep inside Russia, launching drones from Russian soil. The score is now two Tu-22M supersonic bombers completely destroyed (total airframe loss) and two damaged. That’s in total, one of the airbase strikes was the same as one reported over the weekend. Impressive going.

      Russia has also ordered its civil servants to work from home on Ukrainian independence day (24 August), fearing a large-scale Ukrainian attack on Moscow. Moscow’s airspace was again shut down for a period today after a drone strike was intercepted.

      Erdogan is reportedly planning a visit to Moscow and will use his political capital to try to restart the grain deal, having discussed the issue with Middle-Eastern allies and countries in Africa. Erdogan making a big swing here to see if he can convince Putin to back down on those issues. Putin rejecting him might be an extremely bad idea (Turkey’s assertiveness against Russia has been growing, but Erdogan has been keen to maintain friendly personal ties with Putin; he might be willing to abandon those to make Turkey the new Big Dog in the region).
      I guarantee that Ukraine and NATO will break through by the New Year and that Russia will cease to exist by this time next year.

      Take that to the bank.

      • Dude, you’re on the wrong site unless you’re being paid to post that shit. Just curious, are you paid by the word? You sure used enough to say absolutely nothing worthwhile.

        • Probably writes for They’ve been predicting “it’s all about to collapse for Putin!” for well over a year now.

      • And to which recently failed bank should I take this farago? Birds of a feather and all…

    • Russia establishing itself a little farther west (at what cost?) will not bring an end to the conflict with the GAE. So it’s not clear that it’s worth the effort to try. This war is not really about lines on a map. Every day that things continue as they are, Russia gets stronger and the GAE weaker. No reason to change strategy when you are winning. If and when clear opportunities present themselves, take them, but there’s no compelling reason to try and force it. If you can kill more Ukrainians from a defensive posture while preserving your own troops, vs how that calculus changes when you go on the offensive, then you stay defensive.

      The ball is more in the GAE’s court with respect to trying to do something bold to change the paradigm. Assuming it has the political will, Russia can keep playing this game for a very long time.

  13. people on the internet are really naive if they think russia will allow ukraine to be flooded with africans just cause blackrock made a shady deal with zelenski.

    russia > blackrock when it comes to former soviet territory.

    i have way more faith in ukraine’s future than in western europe’s, meaning ukrainians will run like crazy from europe when Allahu Akbar era starts commencing, ukrainian war will be over by then anyways.

    • Ukraine won’t run anywhere. If recent history has taught us anything it is that once your government and key institutions have been captured by the enemy, the will of the people is comparatively irrelevant.

    • I’m sorry but the Russkies don’t care if Ukraine becomes an African shithole. They are too far up their own asses about how Russia didn’t have colonies, and the USSR liberated Africa.

      Neither of which is true, but that’s beside the point.

      Dreams of Eurasia have always deceived Russians as to their racial allegiance just as dreams of racial kumbaya and two moats have deceived Americans. The spectre of Uncle Adolf huants both.

      Russia is an actual country with an actual history, outlook and policies. Which means throwing in with the browns.

      • you really think russians are waging this war, just to hand over ukraine to dindus?
        that sounds really stupid if you ask me.

        “They are too far up their own asses about how Russia didn’t have colonies, and the USSR liberated Africa.”

        that’s what you do when you try to turn them against west, you promote yourself as liberator.
        it might sound stupid and disgusting to us, but russian tactic is working.
        you think erdogan wants africans in turkey when he declares he wants to send ukrainian grain to poor africa?

        also, whether russians care or not about ukrainians is debatable, but they do care about ukrainian territories, that’s for sure.

  14. Frankly the Ukraine war bores the fuck out of me. I DGAF what happens on the battlefield. I couldn’t care less if Russia turns it into a glass parking lot this afternoon. It would not affect my life in the U.S. one damn bit. I am a firm believer in the Monroe Doctrine, unless someone is coming here and trying to kill me, I’m not interested. I don’t care who kills whom 5000 miles away.

    What DOES interest me, and absolutely outrages me, is that a certain Semitic ethno-religious group who has their own damn country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean has completely hijacked the foreign policy establishment of both the U.S. and Ukraine, and has nakedly bribed the president of the United States via the conduit of his drug-addict son to give tens of billions in American dollars and weapons to their fellow tribesmen in Ukraine to fight a war against their historic enemy who kept them down on the Pale.

    Even worse, that they have conned a goodly portion of the retarded American public to wave Ukrainian flags and to go along with this as some kind of fight for “freedom and democracy.”

    Frankly I think the U.S. should not give one red penny or one single bullet to Ukraine, and should treat Russia and Ukraine with complete neutrality and equanimity.

    If (((these people))) want to fight for Ukraine, then let them deploy IDF units there and let the Knesset appropriate billions of shekels for aid to Ukraine.

    • I would support Russia glassing the U.S.A. out of existence if I believed that were the only way to end ZOG and save the White race. Race > Social Construct == Government

    • It could affect us though. Consider that Africa is a net food importer. When it comes to wheat African countries import anywhere from a third to 100% (Somalia and Benin) from Russia and Ukraine. If the war causes shortages or massive price inflation people might think about taking advantage of our open border. Hence this scene from the US/Mexican border:

  15. It’s amazing how Ukraine is just going to vanish now. Millions of their women have fled to Europe never to return and now they are going to mobilized to the last man and woman remaining to die under artillery fire. TFR being what it is, and the fact they are dying just to be part of the African-Immigration-Uber-Alles block, Ukraine is just… gone.

    It’s a good reminder that you shouldn’t fight AGAINST things, but FOR things.

    • To the extent that the Ukraine has existed as a sovereign state, it has been a phantom country. It manifests briefly, then it vanishes. It manifests briefly, then it vanishes. Once more, it is about to disappear.

      • Poles know a few things about flickering in and out. Intermarium FTW. Perhaps they could give the Ukes some handy advice on national renaissance.

        Step 1: Sell your souls to the most short-sighted Devil you can dredge up.

        Step 2: Donate your few remaining vowels to the Basques.

        Step 3: Staple on some wings.

        Step 4: Chaaargeee! (Oh fzzzzckzzzwwwzz! Tanks!)

    • Ukrainian men are now joining the ranks of Indians in the Uber bicyclist delivery man trade. At least for the next 3 weeks until we get winter. Do they even know we have winter? Who knows these days.

      Ukrainian women are filling the dark skinned male’s demand for white women. The level of race mixing from Ukrainian women is crazy, almost every single time you meet a white woman with a non white “partner” she will be Ukrainian or Polish.

      Not a bright future (actually no future) for the diaspora that fled to Canada. I can’t imagine the rest of Europe is much different.

      Ukraine is over, it’s just a matter of who replaces them. If Russia wins, it will be Russians and Central Asians. The West wins and it will be other people.

      • Putin is more openly pro-replacement than any American politician is. If he wins, Ukraine will be repopulated with fighting-age men from the African countries who abstain from UN resolutions against him—plus a couple thousand elderly South African whites who’ll be shipped directly to nursing homes on the Azov coast, proving that Putin’s totally our guy.

        If NATO wins, the Ukrainians’ fate will be even worse.

        Whatever happens, they die forever. It’s decided.

    • Alex jones called me a conspiracy theorist when I told him this …
      This is not nationalism . Zelenski follows GAE , or WEF orders. He dresses it up as nationalism to put a face on it that the media west can sell to normies.
      The refugee camps in europe are FULL of military age somalis, afghan, and syrian males . of military age . The inflow is 95% + male. now they have literally millions of ukrainian women and girls to place in those places . Ukraineian men aren’t allowed out.
      this whole thing reeks of WEF program . The food plant and chemical plant fires in the US last year combined with the 600% above normaal wildfires all ove seem to point to a stop oil ot antifa arson squad ot a plane based DE tool. Those fires clear us bothersom peasants. then the GOv can use eminent domain to take the land and turn it over to the globalists.
      But , Ukrainge is too wet and flat for a good wildfire. so what might they do to empty out the workds best farmland? Remember that putin is a graduate of the WEF young global leader progran, just like merkel ,macron,Trudeau and ,any others . It is all so wierd, but since covid , there is no doubt that there is an entity out there that can execute worldwide plans . This is less than a minute,

  16. Those of us who remember the classics from the late 70s know that Behind the Green Door is a Marilyn Chambers epic.

  17. it’s almost as if the war forged by the West is really aimed at decimating Ukraine. You know, send money and expensive military equipment, launder it and send back a good portion of their ill gotten gains. Then the rebuilding of it which is tricky if Russia takes total control and does not seed vital areas to Nato. Corrupt oligarchs and Black Rock type operations all over again. Conscript the ivy league guys again to work out the logistics.

    • The sanctions regime is de-industrializing Germany. Americans are being further reduced financially.

      The enemy of the European peoples are having a win on many fronts.

  18. The problem Ramaswarthy and Trump are going to have (trying to end the war), assuming one of them wins and keeps the hawks out of their administration, is America’s signature is not worth the paper it’s printed on. Merkel’s treachery isn’t going to help either. Even if they believe Trump/Vivek is an honest broker, Trump will be limited to 4 years and Vivek at best, 8 years.(I don’t believe for one second that Vivek is anything but a fink and will probably expand the war). Given Putin’s age, he would be a fool to not solve this problem now. Failing to permanently solve the problem leaves it to a future president who probably won’t be as strong as Putin.

  19. Back in the winter when I first read the game plan from the neocons for the spring offensive, I honestly thought that it was trick. I couldn’t believe that this was their actual strategy. I assumed that they were trying to pull Russian resources away from other areas to the south and then would hit somewhere else.

    They kept talking about how the Russians were demoralized, poorly trained, poorly led conscripts who just wanted to go home. The Ukrainians, using Western equipment and training, would break through the lines and the Russian army would collapse, maybe even causing Putin to fall.

    It was absurd. No way that was the actual plan. Yet, here we are. Not only that, but they still believe it. Kagan and Petraeus made that same argument the other day. Fred Kagan says it all the time. It’s somewhat terrifying that the people running our foreign policy are that insane.

    • I think the last time the GAE didn’t explicitly announce any of its large scale military plans in advance was the Inchon invasion. Subsequently, believing in its own superiority/inevitability, it has seen no need.

    • In every country and every sector of the West, the Elites who think they are running things spend all their time sniffing each others farts and believing each others lies.

  20. I am not entirely convinced that the war-planners in the West are in a panic about the results of the Ukrainian offensive. For all the incompetence that is daily on display throughout the whole length and breadth of US government, there are a few seasoned hands left in the Pentagon who cannot possibly be that stupid. They must have known that Ukraine’s offensive, conducted by poorly trained soldiers against vastly superior Russian fortifications, and with no air cover, could not possibly work. That raises questions about what their real objective was.

    I think the whole offensive was just a way for the West to buy some time. Yes, that is a cynical and despicable waste of the lives of Ukrainian soldiers, but the war-planners have never cared about them, anyway. The objective was to keep Russia busy while they try to arrange their next move. The evidence suggests that the haven’t given up yet.

    For one thing, the F-16s are apparently still on the menu. They have kicked this can down the road a few times, but they are proceeding to train pilots. This means that, at least officially, the West believes the war will still be active six months from now and that they will be fighting campaigns with air support. That will require Ukraine to build another army, which will require general mobilization plus another round of funding and weapons from the West.

    It points to a flaw in Russia’s strategy that I have discussed before, viz. treating the whole affair as an attrition battle. The Ukrainians have been “losing the war of attrition” for 18 months now and yet somehow they continue to hang on. This is not the right metric for success, unless Russia’s plan is to bleed out the whole NATO beast like some old-time whalers on a spermaceti.

    There are people who think this is Russia’s plan, and in a certain respect I number myself among them, but not without qualifications. Such a project would take a very long time, at least a decade, and it would be fraught with so many twists and turns along the way that nobody could rationally plan for every possibility. There is no guarantee that the West won’t do something horrible when it starts to feel the pain. Furthermore (and this is something worth repeating so it sinks in), the West might get lucky.

    You can always get lucky in battle. It’s a very unstable and fluid situation. You don’t want to allow your enemy enough time to land some sort of Hail Mary sucker punch that ruins your best laid plans. Wars need to be prosecuted quickly; you need to move in and control the situation as soon as feasible. Russia is not doing this and it’s creating a lot of concern for me.

    The best thing to do now would be to take Kiev, either kill or arrest every member of the Zelensky regime, and brutally put down any resistance. Russia needs to cut Ukraine off from the Western puppet-masters or I guarantee you this is never going to stop. Russia will have a de facto Korean-style armistice imposed on it whether it wants one or not, simply due to failure to take the initiative. Everyone has become a bit too comfortable with the status quo, which only means that some random event will tip the balance in an unforeseen direction. It’s the easy way for now, but it’s no way to run a railroad.

    • I’d agree that Russia, while winning the war of attrition, has painted itself into a corner as well. Even if Russia could take all of Ukraine, it probably couldn’t hold it nor does it want to. Does Russia really want to maintain at huge occupation army for decades to come? Probably not.

      OTOH, they can’t trust any promise that Ukraine won’t join NATO. What to do? Can’t hold all of Ukraine but can’t leave Ukraine as a potential future threat.

      One option is to take all of eastern Ukraine. The Dneiper River and a far amount of land is good buffer zone to protect Russia from attack. But that would mean taking a big chunk of Kiev, which is problematic.

      No easy way out of this mess.

    • Russian leaders have repeatedly talked about this war lasting years. They cannot make it any more clear that they see this as an existential conflict with the West. In such a scenario, 18 months is a very short period of time, but Americans cannot think beyond the moment, so it feels like a lifetime. The Russians are thinking about what 2035 looks like, not what they can do next week.

      • They cannot make it any more clear that they see this as an existential conflict with the West…

        …The Russians are thinking about what 2035 looks like, not what they can do next week.

        That’s my point. It is evidently lost on many people that there is a bit of a conflict of interest between those statements.

        Typically, existential conflicts imply a bit more urgency than that. So far, Russia has fought this “existential” war by not targeting the enemy leadership, sparing as much infrastructure as possible, and by continuing to sell the enemy the very fuel it uses to power its war machine. It’s all very bizarre.

        At some point, preparatory to the war concluding, the means and ends must be clarified. I expect that someday Russia will finally take the gloves off, but this will end up invalidating all the proffered justifications for the previous delay.

        • I do like your comments on this, but the flip side is this: Russia cannot afford to show it’s true power level. They don’t exactly have the best relations with some of their (many) neighbors so they cannot afford to go all-in and drain defenses away from elsewhere and, likewise, they need to keep those neighbors guessing as to what Russia’s true capabilities are. At this point everyone knows the Russians are more powerful than what they’ve shown in Ukraine, but how much more? Who knows? And they’d like to keep it that way.

        • Intelligent Daesin, I really appreciate your comments here. Always well considered, erudite, and somewhat out of the box thinking. I’ve been here basically since the beginning and have written about the downfall of the comments section here. You think clearly and write clearly. Thank you.

          It’s worth considering that the Russians know full well that: (1) the 2020 election was stolen, in large part to facilitate this war; and (2) in the extremely unlikely event that Trump wins in 2024, Zelensky and his bronze age death cult will be cut off from US aid. The Russians have every incentive now to sit back and continue to slaughter Ukrainian conscripts until the 2024 elections are over.

          If necessary, they can take Kiev in December, 2024, after the Democrats steal the 2024 election. Germany announced publicly that they have fewer than 20,000 artillery shells left in their entire stockpile. By December 2024, Russia can probably roll over all of Europe if they so desire.

          • Thanks for your kind words and for that analysis. I think you may be right. I hope so, anyway.

      • The average “American’s” attention span is no longer than a text message. This applies to members of the Power Structure equally as it applies to Kaylee P. Nosering at Sail Foam State U.

    • Pilot training – it just takes a long time under the best of circumstances. The old software joke that “nine women cannot have a baby in one month” applies. The USN and USAF have very elaborate, detailed training plans for our pilots. This half-assed, ad hoc stuff in Ukraine is suboptimal, to say the least.

      Meanwhile, given the large airspace of Ukraine, the need of the single-engine F-16 for pristine runways, the range limits of the platform, the need for airborne refueling tanker assets, the need for ground support/repair cadres etc, it is next to impossible to imagine the F-16s in Ukraine in large enough numbers to change the battlespace much. We haven’t even discussed air combat doctrinal differences (NATO vs Ukraine/old Soviet).

      I think the F-16 stuff is a canard. NATO is either going to enforce a “no-fly zone” or talk peace, or both, imho.

      • NATO can’t enforce a no-fly zone. That would result in all the ISR assets in eastern Europe burning and NATO airfields in ruins. Russia has been expecting intervention and I’m sure has a target list prepared. Any no-fly zone would mean WW III and NATO can’t survive that.

        • I agree.
          Any attempt by the West to enforce a no-fly zone in Ukraine would result in Western Ukraine being littered with the debris of their aircraft.

    • It’s a valid question if the remaining competent people at the Pentagon have a seat at the table with the folks who are making the big decisions about this war

    • You would advise Putin to commit on Ukraine and leave Russia with less reserves when Putin and Russia know they’re fighting the United States and NATO and Ukraine is a proxy that’s no real threat?

      That’s your advice?
      Battles can take unexpected turns, Wars , Theaters, Global Conflicts not so much.

  21. Ninety years ago, the (((Soviets))) killed millions of Ukrainians through starvation during the Holodomor. Now, American (((neocons))) using their puppet (((Zelensky))) are killing hundreds of thousands of Ukranian men by marching them off to a war they can’t win.

    Ukrainians are dying. Russians are dying. The fighters on both sides are ethnic rivals to the tribe in charge, so it’s full steam ahead. Things would be very different if it was the blood of their own tribe being spilled.

    These people are monsters.

    • I think the word you are looking for is “evil.” When it fits, don’t shy away from it. I know some people don’t like it because it has some religious overtones to it, but you should not fail to call evil by its name, evil.

      • When it comes to issues of national power and interest “evil” is a word best left on the shelf. The Jews are acting in their tribes best interest. The are not wringing their hands over the misery and death they cause a long the way. It is high time Whites got over this “evil” concept and started pursuing their own collective interests. Evil is a concept that fits only within a coherent society. As it is the concept of evil is used as a bludgeon against empathetic Whites. Get over it.

        • If you can’t see how saying how we have to “eliminate” whites is evil, there is no helping you.

          Also, I’m not talking about “the Jews,” I’m talking about specific people with names and telephone numbers who actually exist in the real world.

          Recognizing and naming evil is not to say we should not be looking out for our own self interest. in fact, I would argue that because these people are so evil, it is imperative that we fight back.

          • Notions of fighting “evil” have gotten Whites into several self destructive and otherwise destructive wars. Evil is often in the eye of the beholder, meaning the media Jew. The fact is that no nation was founded expanded and preserved by acts of kindness. This is why I say empathetic people need to become more shrewd. The Blacks aren’t beating themselves up over the atrocities they do to White people or Asians. For them, it’s “justice”.
            When it comes to group power morality and moral language should be put on a shelf in your mind. I’m not saying you can’t use “evil” as a bludgeon against your own enemies(as the Jews do). But don’t ever fall for that moral trap yourself.

          • @Mr. Burns
            Okay, I get what you mean now. Self-defense isn’t immoral let alone evil.
            But I do understand that there can be an overly self-critical eye on evil. I certainly do not think anyone should do that.
            But I also understand that the people who want to “eliminate” my family are not just opponents in some game to be treated as any other special interest whose ends happens to be in conflict with the ends I advocate. I would go as far as to say that thinking that is a huge mistake that has lead to our defeat in battles thus far.

  22. I swear this utterly corrupt US government, beyond all common sense, lurches from one clown world fiasco to another – Ukraine, Trump prosecution, resurrecting covid scares, tranny worship, china belligerence, climate change etc, etc, etc. And further, lies about every one six ways from Sunday. Evidently, there is no one, anywhere within this evil administrative state, who sits back and wonders what in the living hell are they’re doing. Absolute zero introspection. Worrying about the actual American population and what’s best for all of us registers not at all on their radar.

    Trump’s swarthy mini-me, ramaswarthy – love it!

    • Zero accountability. Throwing gasoline on the flames. Never seen any US Administration so grossly, wilfully, negligently incompetent, fraudulent and malfeasant in my life.

  23. When I’m feeling optimistic, I can find an “offramp” that satisfies everyone concerned.

    The Russians will get the Donbass, which is what they wanted in the first place.
    The Chinese will help the UN enforce a DMZ between rump Ukraine and Russia. It will add to their prestige. There will be “security guarantees” but no NATO.
    The West can take credit for saving rump Ukraine.
    The grain export deal will resume under UN auspices to feed hungry, broke Africans.

    The MIC can go to Capitol Hill and correctly argue that most of our old armament is useless in modern warfare, as demonstrated in Ukraine. So we need a binge of spending on new stuff. They will correctly argue that, if not for our ISR/space capability, Russia would have steamrolled Ukraine. Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and Boeing stocks will all go to $1000/share.

    This I think is the “Nash Equilibrium”. The assumption, perhaps faulty, is that all the actors are rational.

    • There will be no compromise now, CW. Russia is in the driver’s seat, they have no need to negotiate AND their security concerns are legitimate. They want

      – a neutral and demilitarized Ukraine
      – fair treatment in international trade agreements
      – an end to the Nazi military elements in the Kraine.

      What we are likely to see out of the inevitable defeat of the Kraine is fake “peace talks” where the west bravely concedes every one of these points and then declares victory. I would bet good money on this outcome.

      Side bet: after bravely conceding to all the original Russian demands and ending the war… the Establishment will be caught up in some crucial existential fight where they must protect Your Democracy. A Covid reboot? Possibly an economic or financial New Deal? War with China? Only the legacy media cretins can tell us for sure.

      • One addition to your list, Russia will demand and get war crimes trials at the conclusion of hostilities. They may ask for the US and EU people who egged the Ukraine on to be included. If they aren’t then Russia may try them in absentia and carry out their sentences informally.

  24. The effectiveness of propaganda cannot be over estimated. Even our esteemed blog host has fallen for it – albeit for valid reasons. Discerning fact from propaganda is difficult at the best of times. For informed commentary, you need to consult the milbloggers with reputations for duty, service and integrity.

    They will tell you that the war was over 6 months ago. Technically it was over the day it started and the narrative has been bad fiction ever since. The Kraine had burned through its primary forces and its secondary reserves back in the spring. Their soldiers today are old men and boys for the most part. Hastily trained, poorly equipped, and no espirit de corp or morale. All their real warriors are either dead or wounded so badly that they will never return to service.

    This is how bad it is: the west is trying to flog off old military assets in the Kraine and supposedly high tech weaponry. Why have not any of the mine clearing technolgies been sent in and used? Most modern militaries are rightfully paranoid about mines and yet the NATO poo-bahs stood by and hemmed and haawwwed as the Ukes cut themselves to ribbons on Russian mine fields. Glaring oversights just like this are everywhere in the Ukranian effort; the squaddies and milbloggers are ripping their hair out by the roots about stuff like this – and nobody hears them… sometimes even the Dissidents are deaf.

    The Uke failures are over and done; what you’re seeing now is just a defeated people going through the motions trying not to get killed. NATO is now making its mistakes in the Kraine – and they are huge. It is so bad that the organization will probably fall apart if this idiocy continues. Ironically, everything we accused Russia of is true of ourselves: our equipment is no good, our troops are drunks, thugs or otherwise incompetent, and our leaders are mentally unblalanced clowns.

    The phases changed six months ago. What we are now seeing is described by the chemical egg heads as “sublimation” where a substance skips the melting a phase and goes directly to a noxious vapour.

    Will we see a new Current Thing? Or will they reheat the Covid scam as NATO falls apart and Russia quietly assumes control of the Kraine?

    • Even the propaganda has become dumber and more incompetent, so the smart money for the next Current Thing is a Covid sequel. Re-runs are necessary when creative ability has declined so dramatically. Covid compliance will be measured, and the Regime probably will like the results. Even the areas totally under its thumb may rebel.

    • “Their soldiers today are old men and boys for the most part. Hastily trained, poorly equipped, and no espirit de corp or morale. All their real warriors are either dead or wounded so badly that they will never return to service.”

      No major disagreement here, but this statement brought me back to our Vietnam experience. One continues to decry lack of training, but is not combat experience the ultimate “trainer”. In Vietnam, there was a strong correlation between a new recruit at the front and their susceptibility to injury and death. So much so that the veterans were loathe to even interact socially with them for the first few months in the field, after which their probability of combat injury fell to average.

      Of course, nothing said above changes the hard fact that the Ukrainian army has been depleted faster that conscription of the general population can replace these loses—and of course old men and children are never the best candidates in the pool. However, I’m not sure that those who have survived in battle are necessarily inferior fighters, just that their numbers are insufficient to achieve any meaningful victory.

      • It’s hard to say, C. The Kraine is not Viet Nam.

        The jungle combat and maybe urban stuff may be Darwinian warrior filters… but out on the plains? Surveillance drones are everywhere. Artillery is everything. There is no cover, visibility permits satellite recon for both sides and there is no learning curve. Vets and noobs alike are getting shelled with pinpoint precision – most Uke casualties never even see a Russian. The learning curve is nonexistent.

    • Milbloggers? Squaddies? Veterans?

      The Special Train for Atkins is he gets tossed off the Train.

      Does anyone reading have any idea what it’s like to be in the American military and know what you’re talking about?
      To have done your homework?
      To have done war?
      All of this makes you a PARIAH.
      If you had airborne Leprosy with dripping pustules you couldn’t be more shunned and disregarded.

      Be certain words and facts and even being proven horribly right, or to have proven successful are all totally useless if not counterproductive.

      • It was ever so it would appear.

        The latest example who comes to mind is Col. (Ret.) MacGregor. He was toast as soon as he threw down the gauntlet with his book, Breaking the Phalanx. The Political Generals close ranks to exclude those who genuinely know what they are speaking about from ever joining their company. Actual competence in military matters nowadays is not to be found in those higher ranking than Colonel.

  25. The regime has banned any serious polling on him, but they must be worried as they have pulled Bernie Sanders out of mothballs to campaign in New Hampshire.

    I guess he must need another house, huh? I was being facetious the other day when I pondered what Bernie Sanders was doing lately. I’d better not joke about Michelle Obama. 😒

    As I’ve suggested in other posts here COVID-2, Pfizer Boogaloo is starting to get ginned up to cover many failings, including the end of the Ukrainian conflict. How much the general public will go along with it remains to be seen.

  26. Losing the war in Ukraine is a bitter pill for the neocons. However, they did get to engineer the slaughter of probably hundreds of thousands eastern Slavs. The neocons despise Russians and Ukrainians, so at least they have that to feel good about.

    This massive failure will not deter the bloodthirsty neocon monsters. They believe they must avenge the poor treatment of their ancestors, so they will continue to spill innocent blood around the world. I fear that Iran will be next on their list. That will be a major world wide disaster.

    • Unfortunately, the only thing that will destroy the neocons is a visible defeat of Americans in the field—not their proxies! I do not look forward to this as an American. Too many in my family and friends have fought in these meaningless encounters and served (unknowingly) the GAE. They (not I) deserve better.

  27. At its core, the Russia-Ukraine conflict feels more like a brother war than two distinct nations. This makes it all the more tragic.

    While the leaders of both sides of the American Civil War could shake hands after a brutal struggle, it’s no coincidence the people in charge today wish to go back in time and exterminate the entirety of the southern elites. They have no conception of shared ethnicity, shared history, or even shared humanity, but see everyone through an ideological friend/enemy lens.

    Rest assured, after the war over, the West will fund all sots of terrorist organization in Ukraine, the cry crocodile tears as Russia is forced to use strong repressive measures to stop them. Western money for black ops will continue into Ukraine as it descends more and more into a deranged, poor, and crime-ridden rump of a nation.

    • For Ukrainian nationalist and nationalist in Europe, it is all about Russia. They have created for themselves this narrative of the Ukrainians heroically defending themselves against the multiracial, antiwhite Russian empire. Read Greg Johnson’s posts on the war. In his telling, there are no such thing as neocons.

      The Russians see it as a war with NATO and the West. There is a great deal of anguish in Russia and among the Russian leadership about what they are doing in this war. Inside Ukraine, there are many who feel the same way. Six million Ukrainian speaker have fled to Russia.

        • He’s always wrong in the same direction–see Covid for the previous example. I don’t think he’s necessarily astroturf but the ethnostate fantasy seems like LARPing.

          • Consider the source. Greg Johnson is a degenerate sodomite. Never trust a sodomite on any single issue!

      • An interesting effect is the pruning and disapora of peoples this conflict is causing. A lot of Western sympathetic Russians have left for the West. probably forever. On the other hand, millions of Ukrainians fled to Russia. This will make Russia more Russian just by who is left, similar to what happens with the Amish. The next great age may be migration not for economics, but culture and stability, as people self-segregate at a massive scale globally.

    • Another possible outcome is the Azov types and SS fanboys fleeing Ukraine westwards into the EU and raising up new ultranationalist and paramilitary movements within Europe. Kind of how Al-Qaeda did in Iraq and Syria with jihadi movements.

  28. I thought the ritual sacrifice in Maui was to appease they’re gods for victory in Ukraine and salvation for the GAE. Looks like they’re doing another one so maybe that’ll work.

  29. “The long and short of this is the West appears to be in a panic over the results, ”

    You mean the lunatic neocons who form the camarilla of that brain-dead stooge Biden. Now watch how they frantically try to deflect responsibility and blame from themselves, aided and abetted by regime media. It’s another major miscalculation by the morons at the helm of the declining empire. Meanwhile the rest of the world continues on its way. The enlargement of BRICS has to be seen as a tectonic shift in global geopolitics. Its implications for the future of the dollar boggle the mind. And of course a concomitant of this will be the empire’s incapacity to deficit finance its military presence globally.

    In passing, and not related to the gravity of my comments above, I see you mention Bernie Sanders. That s.o.b. is a reliable Judas goat.

    • “Bernie Sanders”

      A bigger fraud and tool is hard to imagine. While his flock of NPC’s has dwindled, the fact everyone doesn’t laugh that lying grifter off the stage is shocking.

    • I intended to comment on the importance of the expansion of BRICS, but you beat me to it, so I can only endorse your remarks that the consequences are indeed mind boggling.

    • In passing, and not related to the gravity of my comments above, I see you mention Bernie Sanders. That s.o.b. is a reliable Judas goat.

      I wonder if the Bernie Bros have wised up to him yet. It seems to me that RFK Jr. is a better option for them, but the Bernie Bros always had a lost cause strain to them. They supported Sanders because he was so hopeless and inauthentic.

      • Aren’t most Bernie Bros also jab enthusiasts?

        I don’t think RFK is a good fit for them.

      • Bernie’s supporters switched to Biden on command. The nomination being flagrantly stolen gave them a visceral pleasure that President Bernie could never have provided.

        There is no left, only Democrats. No exceptions.

  30. ” Out of this will come a new narrative, but its details remain a mystery at this point.”

    “Mystery?” Is that sarcasm? Of course Zelensky and the Ukrainians, who have been slaughtered in a suicide mission, will be blamed. The Neocons never have been accountable for anything. Maybe it will be different this time but that’s not the way to bet based on past history. If “Biden” can be turned into LBJ, which is possible, then for once the Regime flunkies might point their finger at the Neocons. Again, that’s not the way to bet although the fluid political situation puts that in a wee bit of doubt.

    The cynical even if failed Ukraine operation will go down as one of the many great war crimes of the GAE. As the empire shrinks and gets weaker, the dilemma is whether these murderous psychopaths should have access to nukes, or whether its many war crimes force the GAE to remain nuclear because others would fully be justified to turn up into glass and the prospect of a counter-strike might deter them.

    • I do not think the neocons will abandon Zelensky, not without first having a guy who plays for their team ready to step into the role. They may have him try to sack Zaluzhny, assuming he is still alive. We hear about him but the images of his have many wondering if he is still alive and functional. The same goes for Budanov, whose videos look like AI to many people. Frankly, I think the West has painted themselves into a corner with Zelensky.

      On the other hand, the CIA and MI6 may decide it is time to rid themselves of this problem. Budanov is supposedly their guy, so if he is still alive, maybe they have him take out Zelensky, which would offer an off-ramp for the West. They could then blame the Ukrainian leadership for the failure. I am not sure they have the skill to do this.

      • Zelensky can be both murdered and blamed. If a new and improved hero can be pulled from the bullpen, and I don’t know enough about those you cited to offer an opinion, that very well may be done. We probably should watch to see if focus shifts to another Ukrainian war leader, AI or not.

  31. The timing for the Ukraine situation to play out will be along side what looks like a crazy election season, as you said on Pete’s show 2024 is shaping up to be an interesting year.
    Enjoyed the Pete Quinnones show, you and Pete put out some of the highest quality content in the dissident movement.

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