Musk Versus The Demon

Imagine you have a business contract with someone who is supposed to provide a service of some sort to you. They do the work, and you pay them. The contract has conditions for when they do the work and how much you pay them, depending upon what they do and how they do it. There is also a clause that says they will pay you if they fail to fulfill their end of the contract. If for some reason they fail to fulfil or break the agreement, they pay you an agreed upon sum.

Before the contract begins, they notify you that they are no longer willing to perform the work and will be breaking the agreement. You try to get an explanation, but the only thing they say is that they are sending you a check for the stipulated amount in the liquidating damages clause of the contract. Quickly you learn that no other vendor performing the service will take your business. You then learn that some shadowy group is threatening anyone who would do business with you.

Naturally, you will think this must be against the law. This shadowy group is deliberately trying to harm you by threating people with whom you conduct business. That has to be illegal, at least it should be illegal. Even if it is not illegal, it has to be something you can bring to court and ask for damages. After all, this shadowy group is deliberately trying to damage you and your business. That is the only logical reason for their action. Now that they have done quantifiable harm, you should have a case.

Putting aside the corrupt state of American courts, your expectation for compensation and maybe even relief is reasonable. There are exceptions. For example, if the shadowy group in question is a criminal enterprise, like the Mafia, then the civil courts are not the right venue. The judge is probably going to be afraid to rule against them and if you get a jury trial then getting a fair jury will be difficult. The threat of death will overcome their zeal for justice.

You also have the issue of foreign governments who operate in the United States and outside American law. The Israeli group Black Cube, for example, does work for people like Harvey Weinstein, who regularly intimidated his victims. Suing such a company in civil court would be pointless. There is also the strong possibility that they would get the government to intervene on their behalf. Serving them and getting them to appear in an American court would be extremely difficult.

This is the background for what could be a very big story. The last few days Elon Musk has been making noises about suing the ADL. He is claiming that the ADL has been threatening advertisers as a way to control social media platforms. Further, he says that the ADL is intimidating his potential advertisers with the claim that Musk is an anti-Semite, and his platform supports antisemitism. As a result, he may take them to court for defamation and dump their private communications.

Assuming Musk is confining himself to American courts, he is most likely wasting his time with the defamation claims. American courts have decided that connected people like the ADL can say anything they like about people who are currently out of favor with the beautiful people. The New York Times just about admitted they lied about Sarah Palin and did so on purpose with malice of forethought. The judge told the jury to rule in favor of the Time because Palin has cooties.

Musk would get the same treatment, but he has another angle. He could argue that the point of the ADL’s campaign against him and his company is to harm his business by interfering in the contracts he has with advertisers and partners. If he can show that their claims of antisemitism are a threat against anyone who would do business with him, which is probably not a hard thing to do, given the behavior of the ADL, then he may have a case against the ADL.

Further, Musk is an extraordinarily rich man with lots of rich friends. There is no question that some of them have had run-ins with the ADL. He could put out the call for others to join the case if they have similar claims. Imagine if his buddy Mark Zuckerberg was willing to support Musk in confirming that the ADL uses gangster tactics to threaten social media platforms. It is unlikely for obvious reasons, but there are millions of potential victims of the ADL’s gangsterism.

This brings us back to those exceptions. Putting aside the grotesque corruption in the American legal system, there is the Mafia and foreign player issue. The ADL operates like other organized crime groups. They use intimidation of government officials as a way to avoid the law. They have their tentacles wrapped around state and federal government agencies. Getting lawyers to take the case, much less getting a judge to hear it is an enormous hurdle for Musk.

Then you have the outlaw nature of the ADL. In a Twitter space on the subject, someone pretending to be a Canadian named Vivian Bercovici was exposed by Keith Woods as an agent of Black Cube. She tried to deny it, but when that was impossible, she dropped off the call and then deleted her Twitter profile. Elon Musk and everyone around him can be sure that these people will unleash all of their intelligence assets against any effort against the ADL.

In the end, the best Musk can hope for is a successful public relations campaign against the ADL and their tactics. For generations, the ADL had exploited the sense of fair play that is a central part of the American character. Their central message is they just want for Jews what everyone else gets, a fair shake. If Musk can expose that as a fraud and expose their gangster tactics, then they lose their moral standing, which is the only reason their tactics are effective.

There is more to it, of course. As we saw with Jeffrey Epstein and Robert Maxwell, these people play the hardest of hardball. Maybe things have reached the point where the ADL decides to send a message to the rest of the oligarchs by making an example of the world’s richest man. Maybe this is all theater by Musk and the ADL to shift focus away from more pressing matters. If one is looking for a little hope, this Musk versus the ADL is a nice bit of sunshine to brighten the mood.

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165 thoughts on “Musk Versus The Demon

  1. musk father are anti-apartheid activist, anyone thinks must and ADL aren’t the same team must seek some doctor
    maybe this is another PR campaign started by ADL, since everyone questions why google and ADL testified more surveillance for white during congress hearings

    Talking about distraction, do you know how many Hollywood women married with Jew?
    Before I try to watch something usually such actors data, royal pains main character is Jew so I don’t watch it
    Emily VanCamp married a Jew, seems every successful white woman married Jew its like women knew who actually had wealth and power

  2. Greenblatt was appointed by Obama to head ADL. That alone explains a lot.
    Daniel Greenfield: “The ADL is a garbage leftist organization.
    Last year Musk met with a coalition of leftist groups that were organizing boycott of Twitter over “hate speech”. A total of 40 organizations including ADL, GLAAD, the NAACP, Muslim Advocates and many others urged advertisers to boycott Twitter.
    Recently Musk rebooted the claims of accusing all these 40 organizations and decided to blame only the ADL.
    Musk apparently decided it was easier to target ADL.
    The ADL are dishonest and toxic. So is Elon Musk.
    No one should support ADL. Neither should they support Musk who is too cowardly to take on big leftists but has decided to compensate for that by blaming Jews.
    He should actually put up or shut up”.

    • The really remarkable thing in all this is how the “Left” could turn on a dime, en masse, about Musk. He went from golden boy empowering the urban shitlib to save gaia from climate change, to nazi terrorist, in about 2 seconds. As fast as you could say slava ukraini. Nowadays, it really only takes one remark to achieve that disfavor.

    • He just fired a broadside against the fucking ADL, and you can see ConInc and griftervilles delayed response and point it out to educate people about the state of things. I can’t find a reason for this not to be good, lmao at the “leftist adl” nonsense, and now Musk is tweeting Keith Woods.

  3. It really doesn’t help the image of the ADL that their leader bears a striking resemblance to Satan.

    • looks more like Nosferatu to me.

      Is Musk about to become Henry Ford 2? It has been about a century since the publication of his book.

  4. There was that interview a couple of months back – a one:one between Musk and a tribal representative working for CNN. I can’t remember his name. In that interview he threatens Musk and throws out the anti-semite libel. You can see it catch Musk off guard and you can see his mind racing as he sees first hand, probably for the first time, the situation. He collects himself very quickly. Still, you can see a deep anger in him where he is seething that he was just threatened like that.

    I suspect we witnessed with Elon his awakening when we watched that. Until then, he was too busy with his primary interests and annoyed that Woke was threatening civilization. Then he got a heavy dose of the real problem and the power behind it. Since then he has been taking on the ADL and bumping posts by folks like Keith Woods.

    Elon is conflicted. He wants access to global skill so he can accumulate it for himself. I don’t think he cares about nations and peoples. I think in the end he would prefer that companies are the organizing unit of the world and the central power structures. In that sense, he and the power brokers have far more in common with each other than he does with us. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Perhaps the power play is a tiny, insular minority trying to protect an iron grip facing off with folks like Musk who have no in or out group preference, and whose anti-statist stance threatens that tiny group’s ethno state project on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

    We are powerless here though the fight will open up opportunities. In the meantime, open up some popcorn, do what you need to do to avoid nightmares involving clowns, and enjoy the show.

  5. I could see clearly the desire a few months ago to remove Musk from Twitter and Space X. The FT had a series of articles by young White women angry that their fabulous gay hairdressers were upset about Twitter. Then Ronan Farrow last week demanded in the New Yorker article that the US Goverment “rein in” Musk. The DOJ lawsuits against Musk/Space-X for not hiring non US citizens (which is forbidden by law for rocket firms) is another “getcha.”

    But why, and why now? Why has Musk’s DoD armor proved insufficient? He is the Pentagon’s golden boy offering the only way into space AT SCALE where neither the government nor others can offer. Given Russian/Chinese anti-satellite weaponry and their ability to launch at scale this should be enough to protect him.

    I think Trump has a deadman switch, and Twitter is the distribution medium. I think powerful forces roughly aligned against Obama/Biden want that Regime gone and Trump restored: the Saudis, the Chinese, some elements of the Bibi regime, Modi, and Erdogan. Neither MBS or Xi Xinping will meet with Biden anymore and they detest him. Modi and Erdogan find Biden/Obama erratic and destabilizing, Trump a return to basically US policy since 1945-2008. I think Trump has threatened both Biden and Obama with this information if he is no longer living, which I think is not just financial shenanigans but video of one or both doing things that would be repulsive to most people on the planet. Biden is stupid, senile, and arrogant and I have no doubt that Saudi intelligence has stuff on him at least, and probably the Chinese. There are hell of a lot of other players than just us and the Regime, folks.

    Hence the need to shut down Twitter. To take it over so people (not just in the US) do not see things for themselves. We have a pretty good idea of both Biden and the Lightworker’s predilictions. Now imagine their behavior with the idea that the media will fly air cover for them, and the lack of security discipline that say a Xi Xinping or Vladimir Putin exercise daily. I don’t think Trump found this on his own (and the DOJ search was to look for the incriminating evidence re Biden/Obama). I think it was handed to him by these powerful forces wanting stability not ever increasing Revolutionary Suicide and poison kool-aide out of Jonestown 2.0.

  6. OT: Steve Sailer is a low-effort, low-energy, low-information assclown.

    If you want any more proof of this, you need only look at his latest missive entitled “Why Wasn’t A Cut-Off Burning Man A Disaster?”

    His answer is because Burning Man is attended mainly by white people and white people are chill. Yes, that’s his actual answer.

    I have done a lot of yeoman’s work over the years exposing Steve’s shtick, and taken a lot of abuse from his devoted fanbois, although I think the day is coming when everybody has to admit what I’ve been saying all along: Steve Sailer does no actual work. He has no concept, no idea, no discovery to his credit. What he does is to rebaptize ordinary events as significant episodes in some ongoing HBD saga.

    For example, the increase in violence and criminality that followed in the wake of the de-policing after the after the George Floyd episode were deemed by him “the Floyd Effect,” in which he supposedly discovered that de-policing has consequences (duh). But the actual de-policing had many causes, most notably the Covid lockdowns in which courts suspended ordinary docket clearances and many already jailed criminals were released onto the streets. It had nothing to do with a racial reckoning.

    HBD is a pseudoscience that consists in applying Fortean interpretations to headlines, Men in Black-style. It is simply the private epistemology of Steve Sailer and his minions, with no foundation in factual reality. And this is not to preclude that race is indeed “real” and not “a social construct.” It is quite possible to be a race-realist without being an HBDer or a Sailerite. It is not only possible, but necessary.

    • I get what you are saying. I call what you are claiming “the death of inductive reasoning.” In short, every event is approached with the general premise, and the details are forced to conform (pure deductive reasoning); the conclusion is always a foregone one.
      Yet, is he wrong here?
      And, for disclosure, I have maybe read four of his articles in my life, and I have next to no knowledge of him, so I am not a fanboy.

    • There’s only one way to test this, and that’s to drop a few tens of thousands of negros out in the desert

    • Sailer has a number of issues. I find his posts intensely boring these days. As you mention, he’s a one-trick pony.

      He seems to revel in being the “Great Noticer” who says things that the other pundit won’t. He loves to mock the MSM when it tries to explain why the world is the way that it is but without noticing race.

      I guess that was a fun niche twenty years ago, but he never moved past it. What’s more, he doesn’t seem to want to think about societal implications of racial differences nor whether groups might be happier on their own.

      For that, he falls back to his colorblind civic nationalism. In the end, Sailer, like most of his readers, are intellectual snobs. They consider themselves to be of the intellectual class. Things like identity politics is for the lower class of whites, whom they despise.

      The fact that smart people from other races do have loyalty to their people and do believe in identity politics for their people never seems to register with Sailer or his crowd. They just hide out in their colorblind civic nationalism and feel morally superior.

      Sailer is intellectually lazy and a bit of a snob. Simple as that.

      • “He loves to mock the MSM when it tries to explain why the world is the way that it is but without noticing race.”

        Flat wrong. Sailer has often written about race. Read his back articles. You clearly don’t know beans about his writing if you can make a ridiculous statement like this. His writing about race is why mainstream pundits omit his name even when they cite his work. Of course, he does not write ONLY about race, but that is hardly a flaw.t

    • “For example, the increase in violence and criminality that followed in the wake of the de-policing after the after the George Floyd episode were deemed by him “the Floyd Effect,” in which he supposedly discovered that de-policing has consequences (duh). ”

      Most of the rise in crime is not happening because we don’t have enough uniformed cops. A lot of cities now have anti-‘law and order’ prosecutors, mayors, chiefs of police, anti-bail movements or laws, public defender shortages causes charges to be dropped and other highly corrosive policies. A lot of laws are simply not being enforced at all. All of these retail robberies uploaded to the internet on a daily basis are because of the lack of enforcement. Not just by prosecutors, but by the retailers themselves who are afraid of being called “racists” Remember Philly Starbucks and the three “black entrepreneurs” who refused to buy anything?

      Most PDs across the country are grossly over-funded. Many of the large cities across the country have scores up to many hundreds of uniformed cops who never leave the precinct or HQ. The brass in many departments have a uniformed cop as their private drivers. There are tons and tons (sometimes literally) of unqualified females larping as cops, but still drawing a full salary and being disproportionately promoted to have “diversity in leadership.” Cops have many, many paid training days per year.

      Furthermore, this may or may not have gotten worse since 2020, but it all precedes 2020. Larry Krasner (raving SJW) became prosecutor of Philly in 2017. Dallas’s SJW DA also precedes 2020. A big stink was made when he sent letters to retailers in the Dallas area explaining how they wouldn’t be prosecuting shoplifting cases. CA decriminalized shoplifting and drugs long before 2020 in a referendum called “Prop 47.” Selective prosecution goes back a long way too. Just last week a guy (Gregory Black) on probation for attempted murder (the guy did die, so it was really murder), after many violations of even that incredibly light slap on the wrist, was cruising downtown LA at 100mph and killed 3 women in an Uber.

      People like to believe all this happening because of a simple problem like defunding the police. They cannot accept that the whole thing is rotten to the core.

      • Cops have many, many paid training days per year.
        In my state with a “red” government I saw a notice of required police training and as you could imagine it was 80% “how to love black people and their foibles”. It would be better if they received no “training” at all.

    • “ HBD is a pseudoscience that consists in applying Fortean interpretations to headlines, Men in Black-style. It is simply the private epistemology of Steve Sailer and his minions, with no foundation in factual reality. And this is not to preclude that race is indeed “real” and not “a social construct.” It is quite possible to be a race-realist without being an HBDer or a Sailerite. It is not only possible, but necessary.”

      You’ve already proved you have no understanding of HBD science in repeated postings, yet you continue to conflate what you think you know about HBD science with Steve Sailor. The two are separate. The science is real and there are dozens of “non-Sailors” out there studying and publishing in the field. As far as I know, Sailor has published no original research in the field. Therefore to assume he represents the science is a fallacy.

      • Give yourself a day of reflection, Compsci, and don’t be ridiculous.

        I’ve understood the so-called science behind HBD since I was about 14 years old. I know what modern genetic theory is. I know what evolutionary theory is. I understand biochemistry just fine. Do you honestly think I haven’t read all the same books?

        Nowhere have I “demonstrated” that I don’t understand these things, and your accusations are specious and libelous. The difference with me is that I understand when something is actually scientific and when it is simply a species of modern sophistry, which HBD quite clearly is.

    • Intelligent Dasein: I am no fan of Sailer – a boring, civic nationalist hack, but HBD is quite real. He may call himself a follower of HBD, but he has nothing to do with the actual sociological and scientific research documenting the immense differences between the races. While there certainly were and are some environmental influences, the biological element has proven to be definitive. One cannot be a race realist without acknowledging the biological differences. Attributing them to something amorphous like ‘culture’ is dishonest.

    • Intelligent Dasein: You say you’ve done “yeoman’s work” at Sailer’s site. I would, instead, say you’ve written your usual tomes touting your own self-proclaimed brilliance. It is quite possible for thinking people to disagree with your conclusions without being dismissed as not worth your time.

    • I.D.,

      What got me on the referenced posting was this:

      “This elicited much schadenfreude from the rest of America about how the hippies and techies would soon be eating each other in an inevitable descent to barbarism.”

      No, the schadenfreude was NOT that Burning Man attendees would soon “crack each other’s heads open and feast on the goo inside”, the schadenfreude came from these self proclaimed “Oh-So-Smart” people (So smart they should run OUR lives you know) going out to the middle of a dry lake in a desert that has one dirt road in and out and getting stranded after a predictable rain storm came through.

      Gee, if you’re that dumb, maybe you should let us run our own lives, y’know.

      • Correct. The fact that Sailer just instinctively takes the part of the Burners shows what kind of person he is. He’s a hipster-doofus and no friend of the working man.

  7. The ADL is thetail. The dog wagging that tail are rich Jewish hedge fund managers and the ideological rabbis that direct them. Suing the ADL would be a complete waste of time in any venue.

    • Agree with the first part of your post. Disagree with the second. Baby steps, my friend.

      Suing the ADL gets the word out. If the ADL overreacts, like it usually does, even better.

      It all starts with waking up people to what’s going on. Trump accomplished very little in office, but he woke people up in a way that no other politician ever did. Millions of whites are aware how much both the Dems and the GOP hate them because of Trump.

  8. I guess Elon’s starting to realize that they will get him, one way or the other.

    The Left is the House of Bourbon: They forget nothing, and they learn nothing. Musk very temporarily took away one of the Left’s binkies. He gave it right back, of course, and since then he’s been bending over backwards to give the Left everything they want, but it doesn’t matter — he took the binkie away! Therefore he must be punished. They’ll hound him to death’s door and beyond (I’ve got a $5 in the office pool that if he lives to be 104, they’ll discover that he was a “camp guard” at Sachsenhausen).

    Even if you’re on social media, gang, you can’t really grok how the Left feels about Twitter. It is their life. I once urged fellow Dissidents to pick names of local “journalists” from their area out of a hat, and follow them on Twitter for a few days. Just look at their sheer amount of activity. They are always, and I mean always, on Twitter. It’s frightening. And Musk took it away for a day or two. He’s a dead man, figuratively if not literally (and I wouldn’t bet against the latter either; Jeffrey Epstein says hi).

  9. How does the ADL differ from the SPLC? Or for that matter any of a dozen other, albeit smaller, groups of the same ilk. I remember Black grifters like Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition shaking down Fortune 500 companies left and right in the 80’s. They all paid up to not be put on his “list”. Whenever Jesse’s grift becomes old, he simply invents another and repeats the process.

    I admit there is a problem, but I’m not sure ADL is the only example.

      • Rather than laugh, care to explain? Or are you too good to enlighten us? I maintain that ADL is no different in technique (which is the essence of today’s posting by Z-man as I understood it) than those others I named. Their technique being blackmail by character besmirchment—resulting in financial loss—if money not given or behavioral change not made, or both.

        (LOL: An (Internet) response most often made in lieu of reasoned rebuttal or argument)

        • There is no difference between these groups and the Mafia, other than stated intent. The mafia wanted to skim and they were honest about it. When Guido came into your shop and said you needed to pay him protection money, you knew what he wanted and what it meant. The ADL and SPLC are not so honest. They need their target to pretend that the ADL or SPLC is doing them a favor for not destroying the business. It is the same protection racket, but dressed up as a community service.

          • There are old school Eye-talians who saw the cosa nostra as a force for good, at least at some points depending on whose running things.

            A Don Vito Corleone, unlike the police or courts, would fuck up and eliminate the criminal low lives and dispense justice for those under their protection. In their way, they’d maintain traditional values of their people. It’s more than your “elected representatives” and the army of bureaucrats ever do.

        • The ADL diff fundamentally and profoundly from these other organizations due their relationship to the ruling regime — in both parties and within and outside of government, i.e., w.r.t. corporations, media, academic institutions, etc. “Black grifters like Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition” are nuisances that occasionally need to be bought off. The SPLC is similar to these entities, though until the recent scandals it was accorded a bit more respect. The ADL, on the other hand, is deeply embedded in all of the various power structures and “democratic institutions” of the regime, and rather than seeking financial gain (they are financed by their co-ethnics not via extortion), they seek to exercise real power, and way more often than not they succeed in doing so. For instance, in the past week or so, as Musk was bloviating about suing the ADL, he met with (((Greenblatt))) and then banned several European Identarian groups from his platform. The ADL isn’t all powerful, and they have made some mistakes recently and have taken some hits to their reputation as a result, but to write them off as just another Rainbow Coalition or Mafia extortion racket is a serious mistake. They are a very different kind of enemy of white identity politics, and a much more serious one.

          • The SPLC and other such groups are simply sister organizations of the ADL. They are controlled by the same group. They are Ford v. Mercury v. Lincoln.

    • How do they differ? Really.

      Let’s see. Blacks can’t run a lemonade stand. Jews control large portions of the banks, all of media, academia and both parties. The ADL is a part of massive controlling system.

      Jesse was the help. The ADL is an enforcement division of the ruling elite. That’s how they differ.

      • Here’s the excerpt you seem to have missed:

        “I maintain that ADL is no different in technique (which is the essence of today’s posting…”

        How do they differ in technique? As Z-man just posted, they are no different that mafia thugs, just a bit less honest in that they maintain a pretense that they are not engaged in simple extortion, but in doing good. But we all know that.

        That one group or the other is more prevalent or successful or powerful is not the (my) issue. They are all criminals engaged in the crime of extortion—and further, I maintain it’s even better to compared them to simple Mafia thugs as the common person is more familiar with such criminals and such serves remove pretense to a higher virtue as claimed by them.

        • I disagree that the ADL is a simple extortion outfit. That fits the SPLC better. The ADL is not only concerned with its ability to make money like the Mob.

          The ADL is (unofficially) part of a larger, loosely-organized collection of groups that seeks to protect and promote a people and their causes.

          That is very different from a shakedown artist like Jesse or the Mob or even a second-rate outfit like the SPLC.

          • I’m torn between thinking Compsci is simply naïve about the nature of the ADL and thinking that he is an ADL apologist…

  10. In a sense suing the ADL for defamation/business interference is a win-win. If the ADL is successfully sued, then damages etc. If the case gets tossed out, then that is only more proof the ADL owns the GAZE (Gay American Zionist Empire).

    • Legally, it’s a straightforward case..Tortious interference with business contracts is a recognized cause of action in every State, and can even carry punitive damages in some States…Musk just needs to file suit in a very conservative, business oriented jurisdiction and drag the ADL through the mud for as long as it takes…Even if he loses in the end, it will be a very worthwhile…My guess is that the ADL settles…

      • Glad I read the comments before posting similar…it is a tortious interference claim that he’s actually making.

        Finding lawyers immune from intimidation is his biggest hurdle. Any lawyer who takes the case will never get a decent client again because the tribe not only plays hardball they also hold grudges that last millennia.

        • As a condition of taking his case, I would require Elon to hire me in-house with an agreed salary for a fixed period paid up front in gold and silver bullion.

    • I think the whole point is to make the ADL go through the discovery process, thereby revealing all their strong arming episodes. Win, lose or draw, the public may not like what it sees from the ADL.

  11. cut paste from pcmagzine, others

    Twitter is working on a new way to verify a user’s identity, and the process involves submitting a selfie alongside government-issued ID.

    As Engadget reports, the new system was discovered by app researcher Nima Owji, who shared a screenshot of the ID verification process. requires submitting photos of your government-issued ID and taking a selfie.

    The personal information submitted is handled by AU10TIX, an identity verification company based in Israel. The process requires users to consent to X storing their information for up to 30 days and sharing it with AU10TIX for an identity check to occur.

    AU10TIX is an identity intelligence company on a mission to obliterate fraud and make the world a more secure and inclusive place, with forensic-grade technology that confidently links our physical and digital identities. Brands like Google, Uber, PayPal, Grab and Payoneer turn to AU10TIX to verify and protect their biggest asset—their …

    • The removal of anonymity, coupled with mob justice, will effectively silence any remaining dissidents. If you think about it, this is the perfect example of the cunning of the Overlords. I know many think they are stupid, but look how perfectly they are able to frame the silencing of dissent with the guise of protection and honesty. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

    • Yes. For years Netanyahu has been going around and selling leaders of nation states on making Israel the digital capital of the world. It is really amazing how forthright he is. He has lured all of American Big Tech into setting up shop in Israel. Israel is using eugenics and openly acknowledging extreme human inequality by identifying their mathematical and scientific geniuses by age 5. They are identified and put into training in Israel’s military in its cyber warfare divisions.

      They then go into Israeli industry which means infiltrating all of Big Tech setting up shop on Israeli soil with them. Their emphasis is on cyber security.

      I think what they are offering the world is to be a sort of warped digital Switzerland. The governments of the world can offshore surveillance to Israel whose technology will allow them to persecute their citizens/global-bazaar-residents or keep them in line under threat of the persecution of unpersoning. Of course, they don’t see that ultimately they too will be surveilled and under the whip hand of the digital prison blooming in the Palestinian desert.

      You can go on line and find any one of these Netanyahu presentations on YouTube. At least for now they don’t feel the need to censor it.

  12. The first thiing Musk should do is give everyone a good history lesson about the founding story of the ADL. An organization with their history should have been shunned by all decent people not matter what religion long ago.

  13. “Putting aside the grotesque corruption in the American legal system”

    You really can’t, though. There is basically a 100% chance that the case would be assigned to Judge Shekel E. Rosenbaum, who would immediately dismiss it and award the ADL legal fees.

    • Reminds me of the FOCKER movies which were brazenly about liberal Jewish culture overwhelming and subsuming the WASPs. (Robert Deniro was funny in the role, but on what planet is he an ur-WASP?”)

      Anyways, my jaw always dropped at this scene of the Jewish judge with black guard automatically letting his Jewish buddy out of jail as a matter of course:

      It’s all SO VERY out in the open!

  14. There is panic and chaos amongst the jewry. To their horror, former grillers, normies and yesterday men like myself are no longer on the couch eating potato chips, drinking beer and watching sportzball.

    We are watching the jews. And the faggotry, the marxists, the feminists and their fart catchers like the ADL, BLM, FBI, etc ad nauseum. Worse, we are comparing notes and discussing anti-semitism in reasoned, logical terms and tones. The cries of racism and antisemitism just evokes derisive laughter from us – if that. The fact is that we HAVE to do something about these guys – they are a big part of why most of our institutions like the courts don’t work anymore. Whatever we do has to be fair and just…and if we DON’T do it… our kids will. They’ll have to; things are unbearable now and they are only going to get worse.

    I predict swastikas, lampshades and soap factories before this is done, to be honest. Neither their leaders nor ours are showing any integrity or maturity in solving the problem like adults. Indeed, most of them profit from it and are the cause of it, and have financial interests in keeping it going. You can’t run a country like this. History shows that these things only end one way.

    I sincerely hope I am wrong.

    • “lampshades and soap factories” and shrunken heads and all the rest of their hoax is just babylonian baloney.

      There isn’t any good reason to add any credibility to load of crap.

    • I don’t know… MY America (based, urban, gritty, hu-wite) is essentially extinct, and I live today in a (famous) place where other hu-wite tribes congregate. Of these, here’s my a take on the three “meta-tribes”:
      – “Grillers” are puzzywhipped and, dare I say, not very self-aware; overwhelmingly, they’re not ready to “peer into the abyss.” They will Vote Harder, and not offend the missus, lest they find themselves “on the couch” – permanently!
      – SwampYankees (working class “do-ers”) are grumbly and resentful and passive-aggressive: they refuse to acknowledge, let alone side up to, (potential) allies from outside of their “Big-Truck” aesthetic, and, despite the fact that they damn well know better, they regularly kowtow to…
      – Goodwites, about whom, what more can be said?

      I don’t like what I see: everybody’s “too polite…”

    • their influence will slowly decline. Massive intermarriage between liberal Ahskenazis and liberal whites is lowering their IQ quickly. the performance of their younger generation has already plummeted since circa 2000.

      As for white people such as the kind in this comment section, they will have to recognize they are a minority even among whites and begin to build geographically concentrated communities and parallel institutions (especially schools)–not of white people generally, but of white people who share their beliefs about race and related matters. If normie whites come around, it will not be on any time frame which can save us now. Race minded whites really should have figured this out no later than the 1970s. Preservation is the name of the game for the foreseeable future.

    • Musk is a centrist. Keep in mind that he used to be a leftist – and that ball is still very much in play. In a few short months they will be calling him a “far right” hater and insurrectionist – if they aren’t already. He is on his journey over the great divide, or at least up one side of it.

      Also keep in mind that Twitter is a huge machine. Even after laying off 75% of the useless staff and far left courtesans, there is a huge amount of momentum and potential energy that can’t stop and reverse on a dime. It is still stuffed and infested with leftist morons that will have to go … eventually.

      • Isn’t it obvious? Look at the whole lineup on the “right.” 100% manufactured.

        To answer your question, however: so grillers and the alt- e-dissidents think someone is doing something. Someone who will tweet I’M THINKING ABOUT IT or engage in extremely weak action at best.

        Just look at the up to down vote ratio from the grillers here. Most love it and the e-dissidents love to sell it. Ask yourself why.

  15. Woods was suspended from Twitter for years, and was doing philosophy podcasts on Gumroad for the better part of 2.5 years, with only a hundred or so regulars. His Telegram channel didn’t allow comments, and he would appear with Joel Davis on livestreams every few weeks (also sparsely populated). Honestly I had no idea how the guy made a living based on his subscription numbers.

    Musk re-instated him on Twitter, re-tweeted him a few months later, and now, the guy has found a way out of Ireland, where its hate speech laws have already muzzled him from the type of commentary he ran with prior to Covid. He’s now Internet Famous. Quite a sudden twist in fate.

    • The banning/marginalization/debanking/firing/cancellation thing definitely works on some people, but for others, it turns into a type of crucible where they emerge stronger, more focused, more knowledgeable, more resourceful, more quick-witted, and braver. E. Michael Jones often says that the best thing that ever happened to him was getting fired by a Catholic university for his stance on abortion, even if he didn’t realize it at the time. And you will find that the things that people like Woods say are those that EMJ has talked about for a long time.

    • Some of guys grind for years until it looks like they ascended overnight, but in actuality all those little appearances and posts kept them honing their craft and gaining influence under the surface until it suddenly explodes. Most give up after about six months of chasing hot takes and wither away.

  16. As I’ve said before “peak jew” was from the 70′ to the 90’s. No pesky internet to lead people down unauthorized alleys. Walter Cronkite, “the most trusted man in America” reading his script. All three networks locked down. The major papers and news magazines locked down. All minor publications feeding from the major ones. Even if we all need VPNs in a few years, which we will, they’ll never have that media lockdown like they did. Even Hollywood is on its back. The mind control is still there, but it’ll never be what it was.

    • Agreed. I would argue the tide started to recede rapidly with the failed entryism into China. Take note how the Empire turned on a dime from its previous Sino love when that happened. Also, the Tribe right along with everything else is infinitely dumber than it was in the past.

      • Yes. that too. If you’re sitting there in 1993, as the internet is emerging on a consumer level, all you see are dollar signs $$$. Because you’re in a complete social lockdown and don’t understand how competing narratives can take society in a different direction. They were so powerful at the time that they gave us bands like Smash Mouth that they shoved down our throats on every Top 40 station, back when radio was a thing. We forget just how radically different the media environment was back then. Just like IBM never saw the big picture on personal computing, they never saw the big picture on a 21st Century media environment.

        • Yes, they ran out of fingers and toes to plug the leaking information dyke. Quite a bit of the insanity of the last few years stems directly from the diminished ability to control information and desperate efforts to push against the tide. Americans thought they were the freest people on earth and likely were the most propagandized and manipulated. This is still the case but far less so. Radio and television were easily controlled via licensing, and print and film through advertising and promotion, but those techniques increasingly are ineffective. It will be stunning if the world’s biggest welfare queen is the one who overturns the money-changing tables, in no small part because that would have been impossible not so long ago.

      • The rapid decline in average intelligence is a key backdrop to the entire catastrophe that has enveloped American civilization…and there is no sign of the process abating..

    • Well said. People who think we’re brainwashed now, don’t remember what the media flow was like pre-internet, it was fucking medieval.

      The printing press triggered the Reformation, the French Revolution, the Scientific Revolution and the Industrial Revolution, plus hundreds of smaller political and cultural revolutions.

      Insert meme of Tim Berners-Lee handing Johann Guthenberg his beer…

    • Yeah, the younger generation has no idea what it was like pre-world wide web. But our reprieve is likely to be temporary. the electrical grid is ultimately unsustainable, and I’m not talking hundreds of years. Children a century from now will not understand how we lived, it will sound like a legend. Industrial civilization is a byproduct of massive amounts of coal, oil and gas, plus a little U235. It will unwind as quickly as it rose. Below is a generic introduction to this problem. And please don’t anyone immediately respond with “but what about…” Do you really think I didn’t already go through the “what about” phase 25 years ago? I have looked at anything you are likely to think of, and probably more. We are like any other organism that goes through a boom/bust cycle, and the bust is always faster than the boom.
      Professor of physics Al Bartlett’s famous lecture:

      • The world may well be heading into a Malthusian Trap, but energy is the only resource we’ll never, ever run out of.

        We need to use more of it, not less, because energy can to some extend replace physical commodities: with cheap enough energy, you can make diesel out of thin air and quite literally turn lead into gold.

        Energy usage is directly related to wealth, health and happiness.

      • Well, that’s an interesting ploy. Front-run any objections to your theory by claiming you already considered them 25 years ago when some of your readers were in the cradle.

        Now tell me this objection is one you pondered and dismissed during the Bill Clinton administration.

  17. Elon seems to be making the argument that our biggest problem is bad elites.

    One rich guy took over a major platform and has started allowing (some) free speech. I believe this is having some effect on public discourse and public opinion, in particular with the trans madness.

    Now, this one rich guy is taking on the ADL. Another powerful group that needs to be exposed and taken down a notch.

    This one elite has done more for the average white man than anyone else in the past 60 years. He’s done more to shape public discourse than 20,000 J6 rioters.

    Imagine if there were 2 elites who felt like him. Or 100… You have to ask where the hell did the WASP elites go and how did they abandon us so badly. Elon sure isn’t the only wealthy White gentile in America. Is our current predicament entirely explained by incompetence, stupidity, weakness and rampant harmful ideologies running amok in the elite class?

    • Honestly, I’ve been wondering about this for years. Super rich white guys obviously have all the money in the world. What they really crave is immortality.

      One billionaire could change history. How is that not tempting to these guys. Bezos will barely be remembered in 50 years, but Musk could still be talked about hundreds of years from now if he helped whites get back on track.

      If I had $100 million, there’s a good chance I could change this country’s history. I’d fund political groups, media organizations, back politicians and initiatives and fight immigration in every way possible. It’s pretty stunning how little money you need to sway things.

      • I like where you are going with this but I feel you are vastly underestimating the amount of money needed. Soros for example has reportedly put the vast bulk of the 30 some billion of his ill gotten loot towards the usual GAE suspects and he is just the brightest star of the shitlib billionaire constellation.

        • Right, and billions of tax dollars every year also reinforce the left’s narrative, much of it going to education. And there are the entertainment, news, and advertising media, basically self-funding. A hundred years went into building this mind control machine. Now inertia and psychology reinforce it. All things pass. We only need to find a way to outlast it.

          If we wanted to reverse it, we probably should have begun in the 17th century. By the 18th, Rousseau, Locke, and Adam Smith were all teaching the equality doctrine. Combined with clamoring for democracy and the unraveling of traditional society by the industrial revolution, our traiectory was probably already fixed.

      • When a necessary, simple, easy thing doesn’t ever happen, that means it can’t happen.

        The lesson of Musk is: To get a rich man to act with any decency, you have to cut his son’s dick off.

        When Elon went looking for someone else to blame for his kid trooning out, he stumbled across the “obvious things are obvious” faction of the right/”right,” saying obvious things, and he *kinda* sides with them—except when it comes to piddly matters like picking a CEO.

        This ADL thing is a momentary enthusiasm. An obvious thing was said, and Elon went, “Hey, yeah.” If he makes it as far as lawyer shopping, he’ll find he’s too poor to get one.

      • I don’t think they crave an immortal name.

        They crave to live long longer, have more money, more power. They don’t care about the masses; they just enjoy the good life for themselves and their family.

        Even if they’re aware enough to understand the harm done to the masses, they still say to themselves, “Who are these people to me? What do I care?”

        And if you were in their position, you might feel the same!

    • I think it’s a combination of weakness and corruption. It’s not even just on this stuff. The business class sent all of our manufacturing capability to a foreign country to save a few bucks. Industries we invented are no longer here. The government was right there with them, trading away American business interests/corporate power for compliance with globohomo. (We’ll open up the US market to you if you play along with our globohomo goals like “human rights”) Why the hell is Taiwan the chip capital of the world? We invented the integrated circuit and the underlying technologies. A lot of the designs are still “American”

      By caving to the ADL (a group founded to defend a child rapist and murderer, Leo Frank), they are allowing an “intolerant minority” to exercise control over public discourse and business.

    • Loved the Zman’s analysis, but remember:

      Ask any random group of 100 people “What do you think of the ADL?” and 99 won’t know what you’re talking about and the remaining 1 will ask why you’re obviously an anti-Semite.

  18. The topic of today’s post is an opportunity to practice the skill of thinking outside the box, which is going to become an important skill to cultivate in the not-too-distant future as the pace of collapse increases.

    Given that the US judicial system is becoming increasingly more corrupt (see the persecution of Trump and his associates/attorneys as examples), then standards methods of redress are no longer viable. And given the potential for extreme extra-judicial measures by outside actors (personal existential threat to Musk), then thinking outside the box becomes a critical necessity.

    Musk has great wealth (as did Maxwell and Epstein), but is there an optimum way to deploy that wealth as a shield? Yes, bodyguards are routine, but what might actually give the bad guys pause and make them think twice about taking him out? Methinks that Maxwell and Epstein may have avoided their fate had they put in place a “deadman switch” that would automatically reveal “sensitive” information had they met with an untimely death. How hard would it be for a very wealthy man to employ private detectives, hackers, and internal Twitter moles to gather “sensitive” information about one’s foes? I think someone named J Edgar Hoover did this way back in the day. Should be a lot easier and more effective in this Brave New World of no privacy.

    • I am guessing ghislaine was maxwell’s dead man switch, but the switch turned snitch to save the bitch.

      I guess her own Deadman switch is more reliable.

    • I’ve no doubt the CIA can figure out 99.9% of any “deadman switches” even smart people can think about.

      For the remaining .1%, there’s torture, and only a fool would believe that our elites wouldn’t demand it in a potential Epstein data dump scenario.

      • Sorry, but I don’t give the alphabet agencies credit for being that good. And what’s to stop Musk from placing his deadman switch (or switches) in foreign countries where the CIA has little reach, i.e. Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, etc. Or all of the above. Methinks that Mitt-the-shit and Miss Lindsey would not like it if their dirty laundry were widely aired in public.

  19. I think this is all rather beside the point.

    Forget about the ADL and the fact that they’re trying to manipulate Twitter. The problem is with Twitter itself, as in “Why does it exist?” To be more specific, why do we have these giant, multi-billion dollar social media companies that are utterly dependent on advertising revenue for their very existence?

    Probably because if people were actually forced to pay a subscription fee to use a service like Twitter, and if Twitter were actually forced to fund its operations out of its subscription revenue instead of its advertisement sales, then it would be revealed that the public appetite for its services is quite diminished and that no company with Twitter’s business model could ever survive as a straight-up producing concern.

    People are only going to use Twitter if they perceive that it’s free to them, or “free at the point of use” as the academics and policy wonks say. But since the user isn’t paying anything for it, somebody has to fund the operation, and therefore the corporations with their advertising coffers move in to get a piece of the action. Since he who pays the piper calls the tune, the corporations begin to make demands about what the platform can and cannot say, and their ability to do this attracts the attention of lobbies and pressure groups who are well practiced in the arts of bending corporate money to their will. In this respect, the ADL is hardly unique; it’s just another player in the corporate-government-NGO churn that dominates public discourse in the age of mass media.

    But here is another problem. The whole idea of “free at the point of use” is simply an accounting fantasy. It’s not really free, not even to the user. The corporations whose advertising funds Twitter are, of course, just going to pass through their ad-spend and add it to the retail price of whatever product or service they’re selling. So the consumer still ends up paying for it, but he never would have done so by free choice unless the fee were attached as a hidden rider to something he already needed to buy anyway. The venal and shortsighted greediness of the consumer in wanting to get something for nothing is exactly what enables the corporations and their lobbyist-parasites to interfere with the message, and this is why the entire public space today is so packed full of shills, grifters, and people with ulterior motives who have politicized everything. This is why the mere fact of buying a bottle of shampoo has now become a political act in myriad ways that the average person can’t possibly fathom.

    Now, if you really want to consider yourself a Dissident, it seems to me that your contention should be with that, and not with the ADL per se. If you get caught up in the drama between Elon Musk and the ADL, you may be a dissident with respect to content (as in, your preferences may be outside the mainstream) but you are not a Dissident with respect to form (as in, you are not addressing the root of the problem).

    The root of the problem can only be addressed by combating the power of corporate oligarchies, and this is done in part by “privatizing” entities like Twitter, using the term privatizing in the special sense of de-socializing their revenue source. The advertising model by which Twitter is funded essentially amounts to a corporately-instituted tax levy that bypasses the legislature. Most of advertising falls into this bucket, and that is why most advertising should be illegal. A sharp curtailment of advertising, with strict limits on how much, where, and how corporations can spend ad dollars, along with an intensive campaign of nationalizing industry and de-branding staple foodstuffs and chemicals, is necessary in order to purge the public space of political grifting. With out the ad-tax, companies like Twitter and Facebook would most likely just dry up and blow away, which would be wonderful for the peace and sanity of the world.

    • If I were less charitable I might think you were trying to distract attention away from a certain group. As a point of fact the ad-supported model has a history in the information sphere. Newspaper owners used to make a good business by selling ads, with subscriptions barely covering their distribution costs. However, I agree that part of the underlying issue is a class that has grown so wealthy they can afford to buy up the government and the protection rackets to do whatever they want. Now if we can just avoid talking about what groups might be over-represented there.

    • Twitter was funded and financed (and probably still is) by the CIA/NSA. It was (and probably still is) a propaganda and electronic surveillance network. Twitter was losing $4MM/day when Musk bought it. That’s a disaster for a business, but it’s a relative bargain for operating a global electronic surveillance and propaganda network.

      I posted a comment here, back when Musk announced the purchase, contending that Musk bought Twitter on behalf of the DoD, because the DoD determined that having Twitter under the control of the State Department was too dangerous, as it would lead to war with Russia and/or China. Witness Ukraine. The release of the Twitter Files confirmed that the State Department was, indeed, largely in control of Twitter. No longer.

      As to the advertising model, years ago I did some back of the napkin math on social media company revenue after reading an article about the subject in the Wall Street Journal. The numbers make no sense. The combined advertising revenue streams of Google, Facebook, and Twitter consumed something like 80% of the entire amount of global advertising spending. This is not possible. Dark money is flowing into these companies and is being reported as advertising revenue.

      • Since taking control of Twitter, Musk has gotten a lot of material out about the incestuous relationship between social media platforms and government. It’s no longer speculation. As for profits, many tech firms have survived for years on the largess of the stock market and private investors.

      • Guest: “Dark money is flowing into these companies and is being reported as advertising revenue.”


        The New U.S. Deficit Numbers Are Simply Breathtaking!

        “Inflation is moderating — somewhat. And in 2022, the federal budget deficit dropped by the largest amount in history; from $2.8 trillion to a little less than $1 trillion. But in 2023, instead of continuing to drop, the deficit nearly doubled to a projected $2 trillion. This despite steady, if unspectacular, growth in the economy.”

        That’s another two trillion fiat shekels which get laundered directly into the money supply.

        It’s the same thing they’re doing in Ukraine; I doubt that much more than 25% of the money which we goyim have sent to Ukraine produces armaments which get within a country mile of Russian forces.

        The other 75% is skimmed off the top by (((Zurich, Geneva & Tel Aviv))).

        It’s all Dark Money.

        And we’re all laughing stocks.

        The butt of the meta-sociological joke.

  20. The real question is to what extent does an organization like the ADL depend on its positive public reputation and goodwill to do its work. I know, for those on our side, this is absurd. Yet, Abe Foxman was largely thought of as a kind and cuddly grandpa of sorts. Obviously his friends in the media helped the case, but I’ve read Jewish media that much preferred the ADL under Foxman. In contrast, Greenblatt’s nosferatu-like visage and nasty demeanor is ubiquitous these days. Case in point, this whole hashtag got going after Greenblatt, proudly posted a video on his X account talking about how he is in control of the entire censorship operation of every big company on the internet. I assume he did this to call out Musk yet again, but people really noticed this time. I really wonder if he thought there would be a backlash – on some level, like many of his tribal brethren, he seems to only care about raw power and exercising it on his enemies. But, you know, this is what keeps happening throughout history, starting at the foot of the Cross.

    • “Greenblatt’s nosferatu-like visage”

      I wish people would stop making this comparison. A blood-sucking ravenous and malevolent monster should not be compared to an honest and unpretentious hardworking vampire.

  21. Musk knows all this, and Musk is about a lot more than money. Musk is Space, and Musk is DOD ally, or perhaps client. DOD is NSA, DOD has significant HUMINT under cover in America and Space is our present dominance and survival as well as the stated American future.
    Musk doesn’t care about free speech, he cares about Mars. He cares about X data mining for AI, because he cares about humanity surviving, to get to Mars. He bought Twitter to turn down the volume shrieking for total war with Russia.
    Space; There’s no actual practical alternative space exploration and settlement other than America. Space is our future, because the Plutocrats (plural) say so.

    The ADL is the past.
    The Left is dying, no kids and the Browns hate everything about the Left but the socialist checks.

    Israel and the J question;
    In fact official American Foreign Policy towards Israel is Israel should give the Palestinians the vote, that’s what the Israeli Supreme Court fight is about.
    This is American policy.

    The move on Israel is frankly the American government reasserting domestic control.
    The Left and the actual er National Security people who take power seriously agree on the J question;
    Everyone has had enough of their antics.
    It’s their own fault they don’t know how to act.

    On their own the Israeli Left and Ashkenazim are quite happy with open borders for Israel. That’s why they need the Israeli Supreme Court, to give the vote to the Palestinians, the Knesset won’t commit suicide and the Knesset is overwhelmingly right wing. Politics is Power , the Israeli Left wants power back at any price.
    If this happens Israel is South Africa and Tel Aviv is Johannesburg.

    Now I don’t care either way if we the Americans get America back.

    • Yes, Musk cares a lot about space, which is why it is so interesting that the Brandon entity went after his space operation, by ludicrously suing him for not hiring refugees. This happened like two weeks ago. I assume there is a link between the ADL and Brandon’s enforcers, that led them to find this attack vector. I really doubt they would have filed that lawsuit if Musk played ball, kept Yoel Roth on staff, etc. Maybe they thought that Musk would back down and acquiesce to Greenblatt after this lawsuit got filed, but it seems to have emboldened him for now.

    • If you’re an autist intent on getting to Mars, then Free Speech matters, not least for unbiased AI training datasets.

      The Usual Suspects’ term of art for Not Being Noticed is ‘Ethical AI’ — ‘academics’ specialising in it have been multiplying like hmmm… damn… I’m hallucinating monochrome visual montages out of 1930s European agitprop… Must. Not. Say. It.

      Just for fun, here is what GPT-4 has to say when asked to criticize Ethical AI:

      (TL;DR: The well is poisoned from the training data get go and it spouts precisely what you’d expect)

      Critiques of Ethical AI

      Ethical AI is a concept that has gained significant attention in recent years. It refers to the practice of designing, developing, and deploying artificial intelligence systems in a manner that respects human rights, social values, and legal norms. While the idea is noble in its intent, there are several criticisms that can be leveled against it:

      1. **Vagueness of Ethical Guidelines**: Ethical guidelines for AI are often criticized for their vagueness and lack of specificity. Many principles, such as fairness, transparency, and accountability, are inherently subjective and context-dependent. Without clear and operational definitions, these principles can be interpreted in myriad ways, leading to inconsistent application and enforcement.

      2. **Lack of Enforceability**: Ethical guidelines for AI are typically non-binding. This means there is often no direct legal or regulatory consequence for failing to adhere to them. Without enforceability, these guidelines can easily be ignored or sidestepped by organizations that prioritize profit over ethical considerations.

      3. **Bias and Discrimination**: Despite best efforts, AI systems can still perpetuate or even exacerbate existing biases and discrimination. This is often due to biased data used in training these systems, which reflects the prejudices present in our society. While ethical AI seeks to combat this, it has not been entirely successful thus far.

      4. **Power and Control**: The development and deployment of ethical AI can often concentrate power in the hands of a few large tech companies. These corporations may have their own interpretations of ethical AI, which may not align with wider societal values. This raises questions about who gets to define what is ethical in AI and who is held accountable when things go wrong.

      5. **Inadequate Consideration of Global Perspectives**: Many ethical AI guidelines are developed by Western countries and may not fully consider or respect the cultural, societal, and legal norms of non-Western countries. This can lead to a form of digital colonialism, where Western values and norms are imposed on the rest of the world.

      6. **The “Ethics Washing” Problem**: There’s a growing concern that some organizations use ethical AI as a form of “ethics washing” or “ethics theatre”. This is where they publicly promote their commitment to ethical AI, but in practice do little to change their behavior. This can serve as a tool to deflect criticism and avoid stricter regulation.

      While these criticisms present significant challenges, they also provide opportunities for improvement. By addressing these issues, the field of ethical AI can become more robust, inclusive, and effective in ensuring that AI systems respect and uphold our shared values and norms.

      • Ultimately, this is one reason why I think the hype about AI is vastly overblown. They are taking this technology and making sure it is coded with the stupidity of the ruling class. I don’t need some fancy AI algorithm to hear about the stupidity of the ruling class. I can just turn on CNN or read the New York Times. I don’t need some AI trained on trillions of data cells to tell me the same things or give me the same “insights” that I can get from there. AI is being snuffed out in the cradle.

  22. Massive white pill is the enormous number of normies (including Musk) who are pushing the #banTheADL hashtag and are participating in the discussions on Twitter. Many are now making connections to Black Cube and Mossad, and openly wondering why more “good Jews” are not denouncing the ADL in the same way that whites happily denounce Nazis or the KKK. Maybe the Tribe decides to sacrifice Mr. Nosferatu on this one in order to save the longer game and shut down much of the ascendent noticing?

      • Normie is a peasant and will bow to the strongest. This is eternal to humanity, and once we became civilized by education we stopped being… American.

  23. That Keith Woods exchange was great. When the host informed the group that Bercovici had disconnected, Woods said “I wonder why”.

    I had a conversation with a true believing moron over the long weekend. He was talking about how great it is that Trump is finally receiving his comeuppance. I always try to be polite and am rarely forced to interact with these people but he wouldn’t stop so I asked just asked him what Trump had done to warrant arrest.
    He stammered and stuttered and basically said that Trump is a doody head meanie pants baddy bad guy.
    The delusion combined with the idiocy is unprecedented. They really do see themselves as tiny David attempting to slay Goliath.

    • It’s quite astounding how they manage to convince themselves of this David/Goliath narrative and I really think the average Lefty actually buys into it even if many of the elite just use it as a cynical ploy.

      In my area we have one of those little free weekly fliers that publicizes local activities, adult education classes, date ideas, etc… I generally ignored it in the past anyway but noticed just this week that The Poz had taken it over big time. Yep, it was there on every page. The center page was a big story on a local faggot who was going on about how “White Supremacy” was the dominant culture and how we all had to struggle continuously against it. The way he talked about it you got the idea that White Supremacy was sort of like gradual weight gain. Do your 30 minutes of exercise every day or one day, you’ll wake up wearing a Klan robe and heading down to the local Black church with a torch. Of course the entire paper itself was a huge counter-example since no community that was actually founded on White Supremacy would have produced or even tolerated this garbage.

      The only thing that might have made some sense of this story in his particular case was that he seemed to be from an Arab country and it’s doubtful that his peers back there would have looked at his preference for buttseks very favorably. In that sense he might have a small point since without constant propaganda people everywhere *do* tend to look down on that kind of thing.

    • They consistently maintain the David versus Goliath framework because leftism depends on exploiting that “Fuck you dad I can do what I want” attitude of young people in order to indoctrinate them. Even the 70 year old boomers are still thinking “Fuck you dad” despite dad having died twenty years ago, but that conservative authority figure that they’ll never amount to still torments them and looms large over their flat self-indulgent wojack heads.

  24. I can see only good coming from this fight, if it happens. Even if it is stymied, Musk can make hay X-ing about how “Judge Jehewey Nosestien-Bankblatt is obviously playing favorites on this ruling, given how he has ruled in 13 other non-ADL cases on similar matters.”

    And Musk can always serve as a martyr along with Trump.

  25. I would say the only people who care about the ADL are left-wingers: Jews and otherwise, and the media class. Right-wingers are indifferent to hostile. Even RW Jews like Ben Shapiro don’t take kindly to them. I think their power peaked in 2020, like all leftist things, and now they are trying SO HARD to keep relevant.

    And they picked the worst face to run that organization. Talk about a face that could launch 1,0000 anti-Semites. The ADL will go the way of the SPLC. It will become a joke.

    • The SPLC still has significant influence though and tons of money. MSM reporters still automatically include “labeled as a racist by the SPLC” when writing copy about a bad thinker. I would say they have a worse reputation than the ADL. The lawsuit would be a big deal, assuming it isn’t automatically dismissed discovery would be embarrassing and expensive of the ADL.

    • No joke, when pictures were posted of him being the head of the ADL I thought it was a troll job (see also: the commissioner for the NBA).

      I was someplace that had the morning news show of MSNBC on and they actually had him on as a guest, in studio, and I was trying to figure out what kind of non-Jew (or hell, even what kind of Jew) would find that ghoul a sympathetic character.

      • Building on this, while Soros pere is a hideous eyesore, the younger son who has has apparently decided to succeed him just has an air of palpable evil in his demeanor. His trouble glasses don’t help, either.

  26. This development is a nice bit of sunshine to brighten the mood, but it will go back to being dark very quickly. The ADL and the media will launch a typhoon against Musk like we’ve never seen. Musk will be the new Donald Trump. I wish him luck, but the system is too rotten to fix with a few lawsuits.

    • And then all of Normieville will see and understand what the ADL is all about. Many of them saw it with Ye, but with Musk/Twitter, everyone will understand that the ADL is a vile, nasty organization.

      • The NFL regular season starts in a few days and Normie will forget all about the ADL kerfuffle.

  27. The ADL is acting as a cat’s paw for the Regime. The Regime is butt-hurt over the whole Twitter/X thing. As usual, it’s just about power.

  28. It doesn’t strike me the Musk cares about winning financially as much as forcing discovery to happen, and creating the ADL files as season 2 after his enormously successful Twitter files.

    Even if the ADL was found to sacrifice babies in the basement of their headquarters, still nothing is going to happen to them in the short term, but they will be forced to double down on mafia tactics to keep people compliant. If the only way to do that is more violent means using some of a foreign power’s intelligence agencies, things could spiral out of control very quickly.

    • Yeah, Musk seems to be more about just exposing these groups. If whites had political organizations representing them like every other group, this is exactly what they should be doing. Sue groups like the ADL.

      The goal isn’t to win. The goal is to get their name and what they do out into world. Force them out into the open. Maybe even force them to hit back hard, which will show people how corrupt, ruthless and hypocritical these groups really are.

      American whites live in a fantasyland. Pierce that fantasy. Wake them up.

  29. Let’s start with what is relatively easy to manage – use money/influence to get the government to take away their tax status as a non-profit. By engaging in such corporate activity, they are operating against that tax-free charter.

  30. Musk being a wealthy gentile going up against the most powerful Jewish Lobby in the United States , whether sincere or not will give the ADL some awareness by normies that it does not desire.
    This is a ray of sunshine.
    We don’t get anywhere until organizations like the ADL and Black Cube are exposed.
    Honorable Jews need to start standing up against these organizations like the ADL that claim to represent all Jews.
    One of the problem Jews have just like blacks have is that the organizations claiming to represent ALL Jews are worthless and sometimes criminal enterprises.

    • Honorable Jews need to start standing up against these organizations like the ADL that claim to represent all Jews.

      They already do.

        • And Ron Unz.

          But that’s about it – and that’s the (lame) joke: all honest Jews are already standing up.

        • Listen to E Michael Jones account of the attempted take down of the statue in St Louis back in 2020. A woman Jewish rabbi was behind the effort to remove the statue of King Louis IX yet the Jewish community in St Louis could not bring themselves to publicly oppose her.
          Yes, there are honorable Jews but just like honorable blacks the larger organizations representing them will quickly label them “ uncle Toms” so very few will step out of bounds.

          • G Lordon Giddy: If they are too fearful to stand up against their extreme and dyscivilizational brethren, then they are not honorable; they are moral cowards.

    • I don’t buy it that rank-and-file Jews don’t support these groups. Sure, they might find them over the top at times, but, in general, they are glad that they exist and would support them in a pinch.

      Jews have swallowed the “Holocaust” story hook, line and sinker. It’s what defines them now. They want as many groups on their side as possible and even kind of like that a few of them are a bit too aggressive. Be safe than sorry is their mindset.

  31. The ADL’s authority comes from the press and corporations using them. The average member of the public has little more than vague knowledge of them at best. Musk needs to mount a public awareness campaign to shape the opinion of the ADL as a hate group among normies. This might be easier said than done as he will be vilified in the traditional media. The CEOs tend to be cowards, so I would expect any of them to break with the ADL unless they have been given a signal it is safe to do so. Good luck to Musk if this is legit.

    • The underlying problem is that Americans, on average, truly are the dumbest most misinformed people on earth. The brainwashing does work. I have neighbors who still believe:

      The Covid response was necessary and proper.

      Dr. Fauci is an incredibly intelligent, moral and thoughtful scientist.

      The vax works and is very safe.

      The Russians got Trump elected in 2016.

      The Russians started the Ukraine war.

      If Putin is not stopped he intends to conquer all of Europe.

      Ukraine is winning the war against Russia. Some of the smarter dumb ones will concede that it will take a lot longer than we thought.

      Electric vehicles are great and will help preserve the “Environment.” I note that the people I speak with who think this do not own electric vehicles except one. He is really stupid.

      Black people are oppressed in America.

      Jews are oppressed in America.

      Israel is justified in all of their actions because the deity is on their side.

      To disagree with Israel is to be ” Anti-Semitic.”

      • The ADL’s name recognition with normies is not that high. That means public opinion about them can be shaped in a way it can’t on some of those other issues. If I walked up to 5 normies today and told them I was reading about Elon Musk suing the ADL, four of them would respond with, “what’s the ADL?” That is where it is important for Musk to shape public perception of the ADL. Yes, there will still be a subset who gobble down whatever is fed them, but you could reach a critical mass who see the ADL as a group with no moral authority.

      • george 1: “The vax works and is very safe.”

        I fear that, at least technically speaking, the quoted sentence is ackshually true.

        The vax kills people precisely as it was intended to kill them, but it kills them so slowly that they don’t realize they’re in any imminent danger, ergo they won’t revolt against their depopulationist masters, ergo the Depopulationists are perfectly safe, and needn’t worry about peasants with torches and pitchforks.

        The vax depopulates [“it works”] and the Depopulationists are under no realistic threat of reprisal [it’s “very safe”].

        You don’t suppose that the libsh!t hindbrains are ackshually aware of this, do you?

        That the libsh!t hindbrain is fully aware that its forebrain counterpart is sh!t and deserves to be removed from the Tree of Life?!?!?

      • You’ve summed up my main reasons for saying that White America will only be saved, if it can be, by an American Putin. Basically, we need someone to come along and play EXTREMELY rough with the oligarchs who run this country and put its remaining industry and wealth directly in service of the actual American people. Trump played that role but only on TV. I think that if anyone is rich enough and well respected enough to play the role for real, it’s Musk. I’d say that so far though, he hasn’t shown that he has the resolve. I still think that could change and perhaps this fight with the ADL will be the point where he shows that he can pull it off.

        • On one of Douglas MacGregor’s recent interviews, he was so bold as to actually raise the historical precedent of the Romans’ institution of the dictatorship when Rome was in mortal peril. He had just rendered his analysis of the extreme peril in which the US now is firmly ensconced. I found that interesting…

      • So true, and I could add to your list. Fact: if people hear an assertion repeated enough times, especially from “authoritative” or high status sources, they will begin to believe it merely because they have heard it incessantly. Proof or evidence or logic is not necessary, merely repetition.

        When Dumbya Bush invaded Iraq, most European publics opposed it with one notable exception: Denmark! Bush’s war had 80% support in Denmark. Why? Because everyone of any importance in Denmark was endorsing the war. I read this story in the Wall Street Iournal back then, before Rupert Murdock bought it and ruined it.

    • That’s what did ACORN in, under it’s original banner at least. It was less the criminality of the organization than the fact that dragging it into the light made people not want to be associated with it.

  32. “Their central message is they just want for the jews what everyone else gets, a fair shake.”

    There in lies the main problem – the jews get a hell of a lot more than a fair shake – all the way up and down the ladder. Furthermore, the rest of us goyim get a hell of lot less. But hey, diversity is our greatest strength – that’s what they always tell us.

  33. It is still quite the earth-shattering news to even be having this conversation. Imagine telling someone a few years ago that the richest man in the world would be entertaining the thought of suing the ADL at all.

    At the very least this will cause more normie-types to look into the origins of the ADL and maybe start asking a few questions on their purpose for being…

    • The ADL is an example of the old adage, “shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations.” The original cohort running the thing were wily and smart. The second generation were smart enough to be cautious. This generation is like every idiot rich kid who inherited the family business. They wildly overestimate their own ability. This is a fight that does them no good.

      • The ADL made the same mistake with Kanye West. The guy obviously is insane, so any ranting he does about the tribe would only make people associate any discussion of the tribe with a raving lunatic.

        Yet, they went after him with everything they had, making people wonder if he might be right despite being nuts. It was just an incredibly stupid and cocky move.

        • They really do make our case for us. The whole thing would be like what of those sci-fi movies where the lizard people throw their human visages in the trash because they think their control is so far “in the bag” that they don’t have to worry about faking it anymore.

          • I do get the feeling that the tribe is tired running things from behind the curtain. Partly, I think that they want the recognition that they won, they are in charge.

            I also think that they’re getting lazy. Finally, they have so little respect for us that they just don’t feel the need to worry if they take off the mask.

        • I keep wondering if the next we hear about Greenblatt is the police finding him floating face down next to his boat. His aesthetics alone are terrible for the group, but his tactics are self-defeating. It is not that he is stupid bit that he is a nasty bigot.

          • The fact that he was picked to be the face of the organization shows how far things have fallen. Even if he was the slickest spokesman alive, his face would be all that people remember.

          • Some of Greenblatt’s recent actions are quite stupid and counterproductive. As pointed out elsewhere in the comments, a good example is going after Kanye West rather than letting him hang himself was a ridiculous self-own. This tussle with Musk could start to splatter onto politicians and Administrative State stooges on the American-funded Israeli payroll. Threatening Musk was very stupid.

            If Greenblatt starts to feel threatened in his position and sends the wrong signals, then, yes, Mossad will let him hang himself in the Jeffrey Epstein fashion. But as of right now he is doing a fine job on his own.

          • “I keep wondering if the next we hear about Greenblatt is the police finding him floating face down next to his boat.”

            Far fetched to wake up to better news than that.

        • Hopefully, once it had become unmistakably clear to Musk just how far these people were willing to go, he will have engaged the services of highly skilled black hat hackers, and top notch – and very discrete – private investigators to perform discovery against them before any real hint that a lawsuit may be initiated. A list of collaborators with the ADL in their tortious interference could be just the thing to elicit cooperation from them in case the ADL would resort to wiping servers and such, you know, like with a cloth…

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