The Coming Crackup

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We tend to think of wars as isolated stand-alone events, but in reality, most wars are a part of a long process. A new power is on the rise and seeks to exploit its new status at the expense of other nations around it. The eventual war formalizes its new relationship among those nations. Wars can also reveal an underlying change in relations among nations that is not easy to see until there is war. That is what we are seeing with the war in Ukraine, which is well into its second year.

With the war in Ukraine, Americans fall into three buckets. The vast majority of people are not particularly interested. If they think of it at all it is in the context of another political boondoggle. Then you have the regime toadies who reflexively support giving the store away to Ukraine. These are hyper-partisan people who think what the party tells them to think. The final group are the realists who see the war as another neocon project that promises to end in disaster.

In Europe it is a far different matter. The pro-EU camp is the majority and totally onboard with the Ukraine project. They see this as an extension of the EU project to bring all of Europe into the post-nationalist world. Then you have the conservatives who are small in number and sound like American dissidents. They are skeptical of the Ukraine project and see it as another power grab by the EU elite. These are the voices calling for dialogue and negotiations.

There is a third group, the nationalists, that are unique to Europe. These are people who are opposed to the European project on strictly nationalist grounds. In the small countries, these people are fanatically behind Ukraine, mostly because they are spasmodically anti-Russia. It is not so much that they support Ukraine in the war but that they hate Russia. They see Azov as an example for themselves. For them, nationalism has become opposition to Russia.

There is a big caveat here. The nationalists from the traditional major powers, countries like Britain, France, Italy and even Germany, are more like American dissidents in that they see the war in nationalist versus internationalist terms. For them, Ukraine is just another project of the Global American Empire. The EU is tagging along because it is what they always do when they see a chance to grow their power. They also have a sympathetic view of Russia in this conflict.

The gap between these two camps within the European nationalist space reflects a much larger divide that cannot be closed. This post by Scandinavian nationalist Frodi Midjord gives a sense of it. The tone and content are what an American expects from the neocon critics of dissidents. The content operates in a reality that it is outside the reality of even pro-Ukrainian supporters in America. Frodi’s starting place is an entirely different conception of the reality of the war.

That starting place is the moral framing. Small nation nationalists, like Frodi, see Russia as the only villain. For no reason at all, this multi-racial empire invaded Ukraine in order to crush their nationalist dreams. Large nation nationalists, like American dissidents, see the war as another globalist project. They point to the many regime change operations over the last decades and see Ukraine, which also got the regime change treatment in 2014, as a continuation of that trend.

This explains the nasty, hyperbolic tone of that post. From his point of view, Tucker represents that other side, the nationalists and American dissidents who view Russia as just another country dealing with the empire. For him, it is not about facts and reason, but about the moral framing. If you see Russia as anything but the locus of evil, then you are on the wrong side of the issue. You see the same tone from Greg Johnson, who is close to the small nation nationalists.

Again, this difference in moral framing with regards to the war in Ukraine is reflective of much larger differences in general. The most obvious is between American dissidents and European nationalists. The nature of America means that European style nationalism is an alien concept. American nationalism is impossible for obvious reasons, but even white nationalism is unworkable. There is simply too much diversity within white America to make it work.

Here is a reality that is hard for Americans to accept. America, as in North America or even the New World, is not Europe. North America, to limit things a bit, is a different civilization than Europe. It was built by Europeans, but by and for a different sort of European than exists on the continent. While there is a lot of shared culture and history, it is not enough to overcome the differences. Europeans cannot understand North American civilization because they are not us.

In Europe itself, we see a similar gap between the small nation nationalists and the big nation nationalists. The former group’s identity as nationalists is always in the shadow of the latter nations, which have a history of invading them. Survival for small nations is always about navigating around the large nations. For the large nations, survival is never really the question. Instead, their nationalist impulses are directed to their relative status among the great powers of the world.

It is why micronations like Estonia and Finland are boiling with passion about beating Russia in the Ukraine war. They have thrown their lot in with the EU, which means the Global American Empire. They see the world as a choice between masters, so their nationalism is about picking the best master. French nationalists, in contrast, see the choice as between a master and no master. They have no fear of Russia, but they do see the Global American Empire as a real threat.

As the Global American Empire continues to decline, the gap between American sensibilities and European ones will become too big to ignore. This will become apparent in the next year as the war weighs on Europe. At some point, European elites will have to make a choice. They can continue to follow the Americans into the abyss or make a break and look out for their own interests. The concept of the West existing on both sides of the Atlantic will come into question.

In Europe, the logic of the EU will come under pressure. How reasonable is it for France, Italy, and Germany to take advice from Estonia? Why is Poland enjoying the benefits of the EU when it is Germany and France that make it possible? Why is Hungary in the EU and Britain outside of it? Why is Germany bankrupting itself over Ukraine just to pacify Latvia? The war is exposing the vast difference in world view between small Europe and big Europe.

In the end, the coming crackup of the West is really just a return to the natural order of things that should have happened in the 20th century. The Continent has always been defined by France, Germany, and Italy. As the American empire recedes, those three nations can reclaim their place atop Europe. The smaller nations will return to doing what they must, and the periphery will return to the periphery. The great crackup will return the West back to its natural order.

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138 thoughts on “The Coming Crackup

  1. “micronations like Estonia and Finland are boiling with passion about beating Russia in the Ukraine war. They have thrown their lot in with the EU, which means the Global American Empire. They see the world as a choice between masters, so their nationalism is about picking the best master.”

    It is worth pointing out that this same dynamic was in play on the Eastern Front in World War II. One of the most ignored subjects of the war is that of Hitler’s allies — Finland, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia — along with Ukrainian SS units. They sided with Germany because the alternative was to be overrun by Soviet Russia and they they greatly preferred to be dominated by Germany.

    The fact that these small eastern nations saw an alliance with Germany as being in their rational self-interest betrays the popular meme that Germany was simply “insane” and wanted to “conquer the world,” which is probably why the subject is ignored.

    • that made sense against Communism, which had been trying to foment Red revolutions in eastern and central Europe (including Germany and even Spain in the 30s) ever since the end of WW1. It does not make sense today however. Russia has been a reasonable and iudicious actor on the world stage since the end of the end of the Cold War. Hungary seems to understand this, so I don’t know what’s wrong with everyone else.

      Meanwhile, America (my own country has been running amok since 1990 when we persuaded Kuwait to steal Iraq’s oil with slant drilling tech provided by Haliburton (Dick Cheney’s company, although Cheney was then working for GHW Bush, a former CIA director AND career employee/spy of the CIA which is not widely known), and after Kuwait was caught, refuse to pay for the stolen oil (probably our idea); Saddam spoke with Bush’s ambassador 6 time about possibly invading it’s former 19th province over the dispute and she said each time it was US policy not to get involved, which sounded like a green light. We now know for a fact Poppy Bush knew all about this. It was clearly a set up so we could establish a long term military presence in the Persian Gulf. We cause the problems, but we always want to make the country we target look like the cause so we can be the interventionist “rescuer.”

      Russia/Ukraine war plus sanctions, which we have been planning to provoke since at least 2019 that we have iron clad documentation for, worked exactly the same way, but this time it backfired on us in very serious way. Russia is kicking butt, Ukraine/nato has literally no way to avoid losing, and the US centric economic order is getting remade along new lines. We will be a less important country a few years hence, for better or worse.

    • The Hungarians, prior to their signing on with the National Socialists of Germany, had for a while lived under a communist government, and after having thrown them off their necks, were jonesing for some revenge against those who had inspired and supported their communist oppressors, namely the Soviet Union. After their coalition lost the war, the communists returned to power, but even then, in 1956the Hungarians once again tried to regain their nation in the form of an anti-communist state, but were defeated in this. President Orban refers from time to time to the trouble it caused him to be part of this Hungarian revanchist movement. But he knows that today’s Russia is not the Soviet Union, but remains wary, nonetheless.

  2. Sorry to be totally OT, but I started, with great passion, since months, to read old historians (19th,18th,,17th, even 16th century, plus medievals and greeks/romans… Everything like “universal chronicles”.

    And something I discovered is a real train-wreck : the way protestants are so jew-worshippers. And, in a lesser degree, catholics too.

    Because of a single reason and a single man : saint Jerome.

    TLDR : Hebrews transcripted the bible into greek 2 centuries before Christ. 1 century AFTER Christ, pharisian branch of the Hebrews (aka the roots of every kind of actual Judaism) falsified the holy scriptures, to deny Christ’s divinity. Particularly by falsifying chronology.

    But this stupid Jerome believed than rabbinic bible should be the true one because it was written in hebrew…

    Consrquence : catholic church, since the Council of Trento, and all protestant sects use the falsified chronology.

    I understand it sound foolish foe non-believers but it drive me crazy.
    (and make me give up with Catholic church to becoming Orthodox, the real true Christian faith)

    (once again, please forgive this OT, and be indulgent to 🇨🇵my bad english🇨🇵. In a foreign language, what’s really hard isn’t translating words, it’s managing the usual expression s, idiosyncratisms and everything related to “urban dictionary” 😱)

    • No, Pasaran, you have no need to apologize. Thank you for introducing this important insight into the discussion.

      This sort of a “reboot” of Hebrew scripture is even brazenly recounted at one juncture in that scripture when the priests – supposedly – found the new, authentic, and improved text walled up and only fortuitously discovered to much lamentation and rending of garments for living inauthentically (because for some reason someone had made it unavailable to the community by concealing it in a wall).

      Uh, huh, pull the other leg why don’t ya. So it was already an old trick before the Septaguint text to which I believe you refer.

  3. Euros have a simple political equation:
    1) they understood the old Cold War strategy of the USSR and punching through the Fulda Gap
    2) they assumed Russia grew up into “civilized” norms and abandoned the idea of ethnic cleansing, conquests and invasion
    3) they bent over backwards to lend an economic hand to the ‘new’ Russia; trading energy for mutual benefit through ordinary capitalism
    4) Russia’s invasion of Ukraine took a steaming dump on their naive goodwill by violently disproving the idea of Russia as a normal country which could be trusted to not mass-murder white people for kicks.

    • Our readers have a simpler political equation –
      1) Is this comment written by a glowie?
      2) Is it a chatgpt-like bot?
      3) Kent “Boneface” McLellan?
      4) President, Supreme Military Commander and Penis-pianist Zelensky?

    • Russia tried until almost the last possible day to get a negotiated peace deal, even when Ukraine, with US advisors on the ground, had been shelling ethnically Russian civilians (and Uke citizens, but second class since the 2014 coup which brought a US puppet regime to power) for a week. We have the internet, but I guess most people remain content to let television networks and newspaper chains act as both gatekeepers of knowledge and arbiters of reality. Russia’s military tech is now more advanced than ours, but our ability to spin the narrative remains unparalleled. the current war in Europe will end like the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, with the bursting of some media illusions.

    • So what is it like to be a zionist/globalist errand boy? Must put a real spring in your step.

  4. “North America, to limit things a bit, is a different civilization than Europe. It was built by Europeans, but by and for a different sort of European than exists on the continent.”

    “The concept of the West existing on both sides of the Atlantic will come into question.”

    Hear, hear. Europe can be Europe again; America, America. As it was supposed to be and was, to an extent. The unfinished project Americans have lost faith in, the thing Europeans admired us for.

    The question is, is it over with, or have we weighed ourselves down, or been weighed down? It’s amazing the difference one change can make, like finally getting surgery on a nagging injury.

    • I appreciate (and honor) your optimism, even in this (wisely) qualified form.

      But I think the “unfinished project” of America—the American Experiment, as others put it—has reached a conclusion. Not primarily in an end to the regime (although that could happen). But rather, the experiment has yielded a result, and the hypothesis has been found false. “All men are created equal,” and all it implied, was the thesis that has now been exposed as another “noble lie” undergirding a temporal regime, not a universal axiom of human nature on which to build an everlasting society.

      You rightly see the crisis of faith this has created. As I see it, it has caused some large fraction of Americans to step back from, even turn against, the American “project” and seek a different grounding for continued societal life. The same crisis has caused another large fraction to lose its collective mind, reject the conclusiveness of the experiment, and double down on the discredited hypothesis (sort of like cultists who, when they do not receive the miracle they predicted, conclude that the solution is to pray even harder, sacrifice even more, become even more fanatical).

      Thanks for your comment.

      • You’ve clarified the question. There’s a new nation here in any case, but was it the ideas or the people? I think splitting from the UK was inevitable regardless of Enlightenment ideals— perhaps on firmer ground without them.

    • Because of immigration, Europe will never again be Europe, nor will America be America. the one thing we cannot recover from is genetic transformation. the 1960s rang the death knell for both our civilizations.

      • It would be an incredible irony if the people who came to dominate the world were a collection of recessive genes. The skin-deep stuff is skin deep, and people will segregate as they see fit, as long as they don’t start breeding us like dogs.

        It’s probably screwed for a while, but not forever.

  5. You have to give Europeans some slack. They’re a simple people who haven’t even yet developed the technology of 32 oz coffee cups, instead relying on primitive itty bitty porcelain cups and adding a small chocolate or biscuit to try and mask the grotesquely insufficient quantity of coffee being provided.

    They don’t really see the GAE for what it is. To them it’s closer to something like the benign Federation from Star Trek, and they don’t understand that the liberty and voting we constantly natter on about is all false. In all fairness they are comparing our weaselly economic empire to the more directly brutal Soviet tanks, but the European normie doesn’t really see the weasel Imperialism in the same way that a coastal shitlib here can’t see it. During the Dubya Iraq War I remember getting lectured by Europeans operating under the misconception that my vote had any influence whatsoever over what the neo-cohens were going to do.

    It may be a bit different now after the migrant nigpocalypse and seeing their government pull the same “Our Democracy means do what the elites say and fuck the voters” over it, but I suspect it’s still that rose-tinted view of America as basically good guys.

    • I’m afraid that the mental picture of Stacey Abrams as President of Federated Earth is with me forever. And I didn’t even watch the movie/tv show/whatever it was.

      • Jeffrey Zoar: “I’m afraid that the mental picture of Stacey Abrams as President of Federated Earth is with me forever. And I didn’t even watch the movie/tv show/whatever it was.”

        It was the 1997 adaptation of Robert Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers”, and it’s about two minutes & 48 seconds into this vidya clip:

        Denise Dowse as “Sky Marshal Tehat Maru”.

        Huh. Wikipedia says she died from meningitis in August of 2022.

        Okay, a quick search on “meningitis” and “COVID” and “vaccine” immediately brings up a known correlation.

        That poor st00pid kneegress, may she rest in peace.

  6. i know a lot of you remember Sailer and his mentioning of the dirt gap. But does it seem that that’s a thing of the past? Like the places I associate with that is Johnson County KS and Collin County TX. JoCo voted for Biden which was the first time the county voted dem for president since 1916.

    Collin County still voted for Trump but by five points. I was looking over census maps and I didn’t realize that some of the areas like Frisco or Plano are 25-30% asian – which probably accounts for it being in striking distance for democrats. Anyone live in north Texas? I feel like asians don’t create white flight the same way blacks do – but I feel like they create some issues (I’m not sure if the asians in NTX are chinese, indians, muzzies or a mix). It seems like the whites in NTX keep moving further along highway 289.

    • We moved out of Collin County about 5 months ago, after more than 25 years there. The Asians are a mix of east and south – Chinese, Vietnamese, Indians, Pakistanis, etc. Half the people moving in from New Jersey and California are Asians (the other half are standard White shitlibs). The high school (grades 9-10) one of my children attended was about 55% White in the mid oughts; it’s now down to about 25% White. You are lucky to find anyone in the bank or grocery store or city government who is a White American, or who can speak clear and comprehensible English.

      Yes, White flight from Asians is definitely a ‘thing.’ Problem is fewer and fewer Whites and a never-ending influx of Asians who follow them north. Texas is purple well on the way to being blue and we are thrilled and blessed to be away from it and its diverse and disgusting denizens.

      • Where else is there to run to though? Places like Collin county were emblematic of the affordable family formation that sailer would talk about.

        If thats no longer viable, what else is there? Maybe moving further north to Grayson county?

        • Krusty: Some Whites are hunkering down in Coppell (which, unlike Plano and Allen, did not build tons of apartments and remained a bedroom community). Some are up in Prosper and a bit further north, although the spawn of the wealthy sportsball players who bought land when the area was nothing but empty acreage cause the usual trouble.

          Many White Texans are moving to the Whiter east Texas woods or northwest ranch country. Many others, like us, are moving out of state (to Oklahoma, Arkansas, northern Louisiana).

          • I just met a nice, wealthy couple who moved from DFW metroplex to a small town in northern New England. It is very, very different from what they were used to – but they have plenty of water, wide open fields of fire, and it’s blazingly white as far as the eye can see,

  7. American nationalists ought to tend their own garden, which is currently being overrun.

    Once Americans have regained their own self-determination, they can help determine who rules on the continent. In this sense, El Salvador matters more to the future of Europe than Estonia.

    Until then, there is little point in American nationalists wasting time on petty ethnic squabbles among boutique populations like those in the Baltics.

    • “Once Americans have regained their own self-determination” – won’t happen. Half the 20 year olds are already of third world extraction. We will have to learn how to survive as a minority in the country our ancestors expressly created for their “posterity” for a long time to come. I only hope future generations will learn from our mistakes. “Never again.”

  8. I wonder how long it’s going to take the major European countries to cut loose AINO while the cutting is good. Sure they’ve had it pretty good the past 80 years or so, but that has been while American leadership has been largely White and at least relatively normal. How they can look at the current iteration as anything close to normal (let alone White), is hard to fathom. I guess the habit of accepting all those American goodies for all those decades, with multiple strings attached of course, is a tough one to break. But they’d better break it sooner rather than later or they’ll be going down with ship as well…

    • It ain’t easy.

      In the overseas satrapies of the GAE, just about everyone who is an up-and-comer in politics or the administrative state, or the military, not to mention the media has had extensive exposure to and vetting by multiple arms of the GAE octopus — staff college exchanges, Kennedy School, think tank sojourns, NGO secondments, etc., etc. Somehow it’s perfectly fine when the GAE and Israel pull these stunts, but it’s not when (e.g.) the Chinese (ahem) copy them.

      By the time you become senior enough to do anything original and assuming you still possess an independent streak, well there’s a dossier on you three feet thick and still you probably have more to fear from your co-nationals than the Three Letters if you decide to speak out — they’re all having too much of a good time on the gravy train and aren’t going to tolerate your rocking of the boat.

      It’s hard to make out the outlines of the beast because it’s so vast and multi-armed. A good little analogous model is the way Singapore operates in SE Asia. Won’t pick on the other obvious example of Israel here because SG doesn’t come with all the extra baggage and makes a better example for that reason.

      Singapore has a readily observable state policy to keep an eye on promising young politicians (and offspring of political dynasties) throughout its region and offer them very attractive university scholarships and later fellowships as their careers progress. End result apart from the obvious fostering of personal and professional relationships between SG ruling elite and (say) Thai ditto is that SG has extensive surveillance files on what they got up to in their hormonal youthful days. Can come in very handy down the track.

      • In the British context, writer Robin Ramsay documented how the ‘New Labour’ movement around Tony Blair was packed with recipients of American largesse, often in the form of scholarships to study in America. That paid off nicely when the Iraq war and ‘weapons of mass destruction’ came around.

    • Well, GAE is raising its own POC satrapy within Europe. The poison start as the ambrosia of POC voter ghettos. Now they are voting out the indigenous.

      GAE has been planning this for a long time.

  9. “The great crackup will return the West back to its natural order.”

    In the meantime The Great Replacement grinds on and will have a major say as to what extent European people on any continent, much less their nations will exist at all.

  10. Your post simply reiterates the point that comparisons between “Europe” and “America” always founder on the fact Europe is a continent while America (remains, just about) a nation.

    Continents and nations are not the same. Russia isn’t like Europe either.

    Britain is a case in point. That Britain isn’t in the EU isn’t the anomaly— the anomaly is that Britain was ever in the EU to begin with. Had Harold Wilson’s Labour won the 1970 general election and not Heath’s conservatives, it’s unlikely Britain would ever have entered. Britain’s legal and political culture is based on very different assumptions than western continental Europe’s.

    I’m also not convinced the US is a civilization unto itself and North America certainly isn’t. As with Europe, a continent consisting of nations, the U.S. is a nation on a continent. Don’t let power — always temporary— blind you to that.

    • America is an always has been a collection of nations. There is no single national culture, even after decades of efforts to impose one upon us.

      • You could say the same about the UK and plenty of other nations, including Switzerland.

        If there is no American national culture, there are very few national cultures in this world full stop.

        Nonetheless, Americans have far more in common with each other than do Britons and Frenchmen.

        • Which “Americans”? I have more in common with an ethnic Brit or even a German or Russian than the hordes of negroes, Asians, and mestizos that now make up close to half the population here in “America”. Frankly, I have literally nothing in common with negroes regardless of birthplace. We have over forty million of these subhumans dragging us down here in America. My nation is my region of the continent (the inland northwest).

          • BerndV: ‘I have more in common with an ethnic Brit or even a German or Russian than the hordes of negroes, Asians, and mestizos that now make up close to half the population here in “America”.’

            For the last year or two, there’s been a meme floating around the internet which holds that [on average?] mixed race couples cannot donate organs to their own mulatto/melungeon children because in each case, the genetic gap is simply too large for the transplant to be successful [rather than rejected by the immune system of the mulatto/melungeon child].

            Does anyone have a link to e.g. a PubMed paper which substantiates this assertion?


      • My life would improve if the East Coast from Lagos to Augusta and the entire West Coast fell into the ocean.

        Better if they formed their own countries, of course, and just left me and my own alone.

        • It would certainly be better if it was blown up. If it falls into the ocean there’s still a chance the scum inhabiting it would survive and reproduce.

        • Mow: I would be loath to lose the beautiful, rocky Maine coastline and deep forests. Perhaps a neutron bomb would serve better.

          • Would the neutron bomb kill all the lobsters?

            Or would the salt water protect the lobsters from the radiation?

      • Prior to the rise of multi-culti and the importation of the Third World in the second half of the 60s, America was overwhelmingly white and whites from places such as Italy and Poland assimilated to a common white identity that was Anglo-Germanic, Greco-Roman and Christian. Culturally and racially, it was very homogeneous and unified. What happened to America post-1965 was a sustained assault on white American homogeneity and identity, and the result was the death of America and the rise of AINO.

        In the future, in some breakaway segment of AINO, that white identity must be recreated and fortified maximally.

        • Agreed. I have a small set of data points, but my family took the efforts to assimilate to an American identity seriously. Same is true of the families from a wide variety of western and southern European families who settled in the same area. Talk of our identity as being of the old country was corrected with asserting our loyalty and identity to America and Americans.

          Perhaps because we didn’t stay in an East Coast ghetto that is a bit different.

          In any case, what Ostei said about the post 60s.

        • “Culturally and racially, it was very homogeneous and unified.” – I have to differ. When the infamous Hart-Celler Immigration Act came up for a vote in 1965, the North and the West ganged up on the South to pass it over their obiections. Same thing happened with the “civil rights” legislation in 1964. that was a clear and important cultural difference between white groups.

          • No. It was a difference between anti-white elites and the white masses. Your average Yank in ’65 wasn’t clammoring for Dravidians to be dumped into the house across the street, but Yankee elites made sure it happened anyway.

          • Proof Ostei is more correct: until 1964, Baltimore and old Democrat cities were segregated, by law.

            The West was more mixed due to Army bases and newer housing.

            I just realized 1964 was an attack o heritage Democrats, which included the South, as well.

  11. The demographic changes to France – which is farthest along – will change European politics as well. Those demographic changes will hit the UK, Germany and Italy over time as well.

    Europe is facing a myriad of issues. Its economy, which has been anemic since the GFC, will get worse as Germany declines due to no longer having access to cheap energy. It has the same govt, business and consumer debt issues as the United States, except it doesn’t have the global reserve currency. Finally, there are the demographic issues.

    If GAE starts to wan and pulls back from Europe, all of those issues start to become more important. I have no idea how this will play out, but it’s obvious that Europe is at or nearing a crossroads. A declining, indebted economy with onerous interest payments and an increasingly multiracial population is a remarkably bad combination.

    • It is my general understanding that in the jaws of a severe economic decline, that societies tend to become more conservative. The lavish spending and grandiose schemes of better times are no longer tenable. One of the consequences of this is that the dole and other forms of welfare are cut way back. Hostility to resident aliens, especially those who are unproductive or otherwise a burden on society, becomes intense. When unassimilable minorities have been present two or three generations makes it even more problematic.

    • Merely the tip of the iceberg. World is about to get a whole lot bigger and localities a lot more isolated. World conventional oil production peaked in 2006, and total oil production (conventional+unconventional which is mostly fracking) appears to have peaked in Nov. 2018 when conventional production fell off its 12 year long production plateau. Conventional is such a big share of the total that unconventional cannot make up the difference. It was cheap and plentiful transport fuel which made globalism possible (and US intervention in WW1, WW2, and the Cold War). World will change. RIP, industrial revolution. AD 2100 will be a different planet.

      Meanwhile, genotypic intelligence is falling so hard the Flynn Effect cannot disguise it any more in several countries where even NOMINAL IQ scores are falling a full point PER DECADE. Conscientiousness, although harder to measure, must be falling with it for the same reason. White behavior will eventually become more third-worldy, although not among groups like the Amish where women do not delay childbearing while they pursue higher ed.

  12. “The Continent has always been defined by France, Germany, and Italy. As the American empire recedes, those three nations can reclaim their place atop Europe. The smaller nations will return to doing what they must, and the periphery will return to the periphery. The great crackup will return the West back to its natural order.”

    There will also be more war. While the GAE is dissolving in it’s current ignominious way, it’s worth remembering that America’s domination of Europe has given it eighty years of peace, which is more than any of the historical major powers can say, particularly in this industrial age.

    • WW2 brought the consequences of losing a war to the elite and war on an industrial scale. The idea that 2 armies are going to meet in a clearing somewhere and shoot at each other from 100 feet away and maybe some up close bayonet combat, The 20th century and especially WW2 put an end to that. I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to live through a war where the city is semi-regularly bombed.

      • Depends on what the purpose of the bombing is?

        If we go back to Churchillian times and bomb indiscriminately in order to express one’s hate, rather than to achieve military advantage, then you’d not want to be anywhere near a city.

        I suspect with the expense of high tech weaponry, you won’t see much carpet bombing—this of course rules out simply nuking the enemy.

        • Au contraire. Dirt-cheap drones sent from ten or a hundred miles away are the 21st century’s answer to carpet bombing. Sure, a legacy 2000 Lb. HE or incindiary bomb dropped from a plane can do a lot of damage if it hits its target. But give me the same money to spend on a hundred drones with incindiary, chemical or biological agents and I’ll do far more damage.

  13. Essentially, we have subgroups working from their own narrow perspective. Ultimately all of us are going to get less, because They can play us off one against the other.

    A solution to the silo-ization of parties is sharing information. A public venue where various parties can present their information and perspective. Where commonalities can be explored and built upon. Solutions to differences could be explored. Differences narrowed. Germany used to buy cheap gas to build BMWs; Americans money was deployed to destroy that apple-cart.

    And we know Who complains about venues for sharing information. They fight any and every means of publicly presenting and vetting information. They will call us names. They will start wars between parties who would otherwise be able to respect and maintain differences and still cooperate.

    These Whos are the problem.

  14. By rights, the small nations of Europe should have been gobbled up long ago by the large ones. With the onset of nationalist consolidation in the 19th century, the process was proceeding normally until the US intervened. This “pax Americana” has been an historical aberration in Europe. As long as outside powers stay away, Europe will probably end up with four or five dominant language territories marked off within by smaller culturally homogeneous enclaves.

  15. The EU is the enemy of every nationalist across Europe. I really don’t even understand how anyone in an EU state can call themselves a nationalist while supporting the EU. The free movement of people and goods across Europe erases the various identities within Europe. It means the dilution of the various ethnic groups in Europe.

    • Furthermore, the EU is virtually forcing its nations to accept mass migration of 3d worlders, which will eventually destroy their civilizations…And that is not going to take very long….

  16. Good analysis by the Z-man. I knew a Croatian who had precisely the small country-large country attitude described in the article. I asked him who really was the large country. Russia is bigger than Ukraine but smaller than the Global American Empire. The Donbass region is smaller than the rest of Ukraine. The one possible exception to the hostility of small country nationalists to Russia is Hungary. Victor Orban is naturally suspicious of Russia, but he sees the greater threat of the Global American Empire, which would love to pull a regime change in Hungary.

    A few things will complicate the realignment, or return to a continental Europe dominated by France, Italy and Germany. The first is the absence of an Austrian, or Austro-Hungarian Empire in central Europe and the Balkans. This once served as a counterweight to Germany but there’s no restoring it. Another is presence of a large, independent Poland, with an eye on Galicia in western Ukraine and a dislike of Russia that keeps it in the camp of the Global American Empire. Another is the attitude of Germans, who are saddled with a blood libel and guilt arising out the Second World War that I see no signs of abating. Another important factor are the demographic changes going on in all of western Europe, most notably in France and the U.K., but also in Germany and Italy. How an increasingly Afro-Arab-South Asian population will react to the hardships involved in supporting the Global American Empire against Russia, and China, is very difficult to predict. Finally, there is the question of how stable the United States is at this point. A country that seeks to imprison its political opponents and is picking fights in distant portions of the globe, with an intensely-divided electorate and a population rapidly changing into a difficult-to-describe racial and ethnic mix, may not be one to maintain an empire. Catastrophic military defeat or a serious financial crisis could provide the large-country European nationalists with the events they need to break free of the Global American Empire.

    • It could, but I am guessing that Europeans are so passive that they will probably go down with the GAE ship……

    • “most notably in France and the U.K”

      Interesting phrase to use. In terms of demographic change France and Sweden are trailblazers, although if you have been to Belgium or the Netherlands they are also sprinting into the future.

      Uk ,Germany and Spain are not as post European. If you look at the numbers Italy has not been as enthusiastic in terms of eradicating its native population but in the last 10 years if you visited it will feel as if someone just dumped a load of non Europeans in the cities. All the hotel staff replaced by southern Asians for example. Ireland is another country that stays off the radar but again the change is shocking.

    • “A country that seeks to imprison its political opponents” – that’s actually an improvement compare to how the Deep State dealt with iohn Kennedy in 63, Robert Kennedy in 67, and George Wallace in 72. Seem to have adopted their softer touch starting with Nixon who was brought down by the Watergate break-in which was a total psy-op. Getting rid of “the Donald” without a “lone gunman” fall guy has proven more difficult even after 7 years of consistent effort.

  17. Never thought much of Frodi and his compatriots. Seemingly nice guy who puts on a good face for dissidents here but when it is not needed anymore it’s back to how violent, uneducated and uncouth Americans are. If His idiotic remarks on Christians aren’t enough for me , his neck tattoos are enough for me to a avoid listening to him.

    The small Soviet abused nations have ample reason to understand their resentments for Russia. Much like an divorced abused woman attitudes is understandable but makes them difficult to be around let alone have a relationship with.

    • I like Frodi too, but his paganism is asinine. Like his neck tats.

      I read that post twice and still can’t understand wtf he is trying to say.

      If he can’t understand who has done what in Ukraine since about 2009 then he is merely another simpleton.

      But then, he probably has a lot in common with those Azov guys. Runes. Viking-style torch parades. All that Aryan DNA crap.

      Too bad.

    • Russia’s recent history in Finland weighs heavily on Swede’s feelings of security. It is understandable.

      I am not a fan of tats and rings and the like. I have no attachment to any person’s religious practices and views as long as they are not hostile. Frodi is on the side of the preservation of an overwhelming majority of European people; sovereign and thriving in their homeland.

      If you have no homeland you have nothing – you are conquered. In this case it isn’t an occupying army, (yet), but an entire population. We must not bicker and moan and be petty. In the face of total invasion and replacement bickering about personal tastes and disagreements is childish.

      I confess I don’t understand the Frodi/Johnson viewpoint on the US/Russia proxy war. Well, I do understand it, but I don’t see it that way. They like we, are powerless to influence it. Well, white men in the GAE do in that they can refuse to volunteer and leave the armed forces. Otherwise, none of us has a say, so it is like arguing over a sports game.

      We must focus on the more primal, existential threat we all face as European and descendants of European people. Reading this thread leaves the impression that divide and conquer is a very easy thing for our enemies to pull off.

      • I continue to wonder how much Johnson’s Ukie position is having a negative impact on the fundraising drive, although apparently it did not harm last year.

        • Midjord and Johnson should both be supported, despite being wrong about Ukraine.

          Taylor should be supported, despite being wrong about Jews.

          Z should be supported, despite being wrong about jazz.

          • Yes. What ex-poster factotum said. The pagan/Christian, tat/no-tat, Russia/Ukraine squabbles are of no consequence if our posterity is goners and we are beaten on the way down.

            At the fireside we quibble over petty matters. On the field we are one fighting for our homelands and our lives.

      • “Russia’s recent history in Finland weighs heavily on Swede’s feelings of security. It is understandable.” – Not really. Communism with Stalin versus free Russia with Putin. No comparison whatsoever. Are the Finns stupid? It’s like pretending that Macron=Napoleon or Scholtz=Hitler.

  18. Wow, a Zman post that hits close to home!

    I had the fortunate experience this weekend to meet a man who comes from one of the smaller nations on the periphery. He was a truck driver dropping off a load merchandise. It was the wrong load, so being that it was late in the day and the office was closed, we’d have to wait until the morning to get any resolution. He was a white dude with an eastern vibe to him, I asked him where he was from. He said Lithuania. I broke out a 12 pack of Voodoo Ranger and offered him a cold one.

    Well, he was more than happy to put a few back with me and have a good conversation. He was really impressed I knew the capitol of his country, and also a little bit of their Soviet past.

    What was really interesting was he was a little older than me, give or take mid forties. He got to experience the Soviet collapse at about the same age I would have. He was the kid on the other side of the Iron Curtain I remember hearing about back then. I never put any difference between the Soviets and the people of their republics. To me they were all just Soviets and were willing participants. What he proceeded to tell me made it clear they were not.

    He told me all about the war years and the Soviet invasion from stories he heard his folks talk about. He told me about family members lost. This man said in no way were these Soviets ever welcome. What his family had one day was just reassigned the next. His maternal great grandfather had a profitable farm. A little while later his farm had a quota and he had to share the grounds. He told me how all the generals and leaders were rounded up, maybe shot, but most sent to Siberia. He told me about the Lithuanian resistance that held fast in the forests until the Fifties. He seemed very angry that these guys came in and subjugated his people.

    He told me about all the things these Soviets subjected his people to. The shitty cars, meager choices on the shelves, two colors of basic crap made shoes. Damp cold apartment. No freedom to travel. If you knew somebody maybe you could get something unique like a pineapple or some choice meat in the back of a market.

    What really got me thinking was how he described his own people becoming snitches to better procure a little luxury. Enough of his fellow countrymen who hadn’t lost what his family had, those who really had no close bond to the Lithuanian cause. It was dog eat dog to these people to get a little better cheese, or a pineapple, or something a little more comfortable than your basic Lada. He told me there really was a fear of Siberia.

    I see the current regime playing this out in real time here in AINO. You can see them everyday buying the souls of turd worlders with gibs, so when the time is right, they’ll be the regime enforcers. It’s just a matter of time before they’ll be unleashed in masse.

    He told me the Soviets made sure to import not only Russians, but Kazakhs and other mongol types to water down the Lithuanian population. Just like this whole open border stuff is being done as we speak. These people are the foot soldiers and snitches they will use against any Heritage Americans.

    All that’s to say I couldn’t help but feeling very sympathetic to people like this and to Lithuania’s cause. It’s the small fish big pond problem, and it’s completely reasonable for them to hate the Bear. All of us in their shoes would definitely be singing a different tune about Puti and the Ukraine if what had happened to this man’s family only two generations ago had happened to any one of us.

    Over the past few months I’ve come around to the thinking Putin and his Kremlin cronies are just the Eastern faction of the Davos crowd. They played to the whole Covaids scam, the health passports, the lockdowns, hell, they even had their own Fraudci wannabe. They care not one iota for Russian or Western patriots, much less any freedoms or rights. They just want their seat at the table, and this whole Ukrainian slaughter is their leverage. Zelensky is just a stooge, and his fate is sealed.

    It’s unforgivable, and not only do the Kaganistas deserve eternal fire, but Putin, his cronies, Zelensky, the western mercs, and all those who came before him deserve a room next door. Talking to this man really brought home to me how ignorant I really a, to what’s happened and to what’s happening.

    I was asked to post my “touch of class” comments more regularly, so here it is. I also apologize for the incoherent dreck I posted over the weekend. I’m better than that and this blog deserves better.

    • No, I would not be singing a different tune about Russia/Ukraine because of the poor performance of the Soviet Union, and the fact that some of my compatriots were traitors….
      The Ukraine is run by vile and corrupt criminals who had been slaughtering their Russian speaking population, but when Putin finally acts, somehow he’s the bad guy…And if that doesn’t matter to you, just consider that if this war spreads, Lithuania could cease to exist, along with most of its population..No rational person supports this war, and particularly no person who’s a citizen of the small countries in the area…

      • I’d ask you to look into what Putin has done to the original Donbas militia leaders. I thought like you too at one time. Then someone commented on this blog about a few substacks that really changed my mind: edwardslavssquat and theslavlandchronicles. James Corbett did an interview with the slavlands guy back in June. It’s really worth the listen if you’d like to be open minded about this whole affair.

        I’d never be naive enough to say any of these guys are good guys, Putin, Shiogu, Zelensky, whoever. Also, these neocons on this side of the Atlantic are pure evil.

        I’m also not arguing weather this guys country wouldn’t be a steamroll for the Russians, all I’m sharing is his point of view, and I thought it was interesting Zman would write an article about these European Nationalists when I had the luck to run into one a few days ago and have a really thoughtful conversation I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

        Take it for what it’s worth to you.

        • I followed Corbett for years and got pretty red-pilled. I love him for that.

          But something went wrong with him. I think he has become a gate keeper.

          He spouts Libertarian and Anarchist drivel. I guess you could call him a Classical Liberal dissident. But traditionalist? Nationalist? Nope.

          But what can you expect from a Canadian who went to Japan to teach English and stayed on? If you know the type (I have met a few), enuf said.

          • Sure thing. The man has gone native (sunny climes of west coast of Japan)…
            However, did you listen to the podcast?

        • There seems to be a phenomenon in the DR where its easy to suck Putin and Xi’s dicks from afar, but the closer you get the more warts you see on those dicks. Kind of parallels the 1930s American commies that had a fantasy view of Stalin leading some worker’s utopia because they didn’t really know what Russia was like.

          • No doubt. I am simply asking these folks to look into a couple of contradictory opinions, yet no response. These guys I’ve linked on substack document their claims through Russian state media posting.

    • Downvoted because your unwillingness to let the Cold War go. It’s over, been over for more than 32 years now. Russia is more of a democracy than anywhere in the EU and North America. You do understand that Russia could end the war tomorrow but it keeps giving the West and the Ukraine outs that they won’t take.

      As far as the Balkan pipsqueaks go, they need to get over themselves. If they cared, Russia would destroy them in a week. Aak that Lithuanian about the German occupation and just how eager they were to join with the Nazis against Russia. Let us be honest here, those countries aren’t really countries at all. They’re at best states, oblasts or whatever of bigger countries.

      Another thing, you think their buddies the Poles wouldn’t hesitate to make then a part of Greater Poland if they could. The hyena of Europe sees opportunity if Russia loses and would love to make all of central Europe a part of the Polish Empire. They are all snakes and the Russians seem to be the most honorable by far of everyone involved.

      • Mike: The Balkans have small nation syndrome, akin to small man syndrome. Yes, Stalinist Russia was evil and did its best to dilute local populations and move people out of their ancestral lands. It’s easy to understand the historical grievances.

        But . . . the Balkans are also utterly unrealistic about their relative importance to world history and culture. The Serbs and the Croats are still holding onto centuries of interethnic squabbles. The Bulgarians believe they could have been the birthplace of the Renaissance if not for their occupation by the Turks. They all claim, along with Russia, to be the originators of the Cyrillic alphabet.

        It’s easy (and simplistic) to sympathize with legitimate historical grievances as told by a sympathetic figure, as related by We Hate Everyone. It is far more realistic and accurate, however, to let go of irredentism, to acknowledge that strongman Putin is not the same as psychopathic Stalin, and to deal with facts on the ground in 2023.

        • Again, I must point out there is a difference between Balkans and Baltics. It’s starting to get bit tedious pointing this out. Dare I say some of my favorite commenters here may be AI?

          Sure Putin could be better than Stalin, but by what Metrics are you going to compare them?
          Each seem to have no qualm about putting a fellow slav to his doom to further their own position.

          • We Hate Everyone: I am well aware of the difference between the Balkans and the Baltics – I ought to have read earlier comments more carefully and proofread my own.

            My point still stands, however. I understand you met and had a highly sympathetic conversation with one Lithuanian. I served as a diplomat in the Balkans, lived for a year in the Soviet Union, and had many conversations with people from Balkan and Baltic countries. I also studied the area in college, in graduate school, and with other government agencies.

            Do not be so quick to dismiss others’ viewpoints as uneducated. Your emotional response to your conversation with the Lithuanian gentleman was natural and genuine, but one individual’s story does not well serve as an accurate and more dispassionate view of historical facts.

          • “Sure Putin could be better than Stalin, but by what Metrics are you going to compare them?
            Each seem to have no qualm about putting a fellow slav to his doom to further their own position.”

            Let’s get the story right.

            1. Stalin did not need to “further his position.” He was a true believing Marxist who wanted to spread his godless faith by force of arms.

            2. Ukrainian Slavs made alliances with Iews, deprived their fellow Slavs of voting rights, even language rights, and even meddled in their church which created a schism between Moscow and Constantinople which since the truman admin has always pandered to the CIA and US State Dept. And then they started bombarding Russian civilians in the Donbass with artillery shells for a *week* before Russia finally said “enough!” and invaded exactly on the 8 year anniversary of the US-backed coup in Kiev–a coup that led directly to the annexation of Crimea the next year, to a civil war that never completely ceased until this war, to the active persecution of Ukraine’s fellow Slavs in Ukraine which inflamed Russian opinion against the new government, and to Ukraine’s close alliance with and heavy armament by an organization that exists solely for the purpose of opposing Russia and which refused to stop its eastward expansion. So why were you not condemning the Western Uke Slavs for persecuting their fellow Slavic citizens for the 8 years leading up to the war? Why do you only condemn the Slavs who fight back???

    • We Hate Everyone: “I was asked to post my “touch of class” comments more regularly, so here it is. I also apologize for the incoherent dreck I posted over the weekend. I’m better than that and this blog deserves better.”

      I didn’t think it was incoherent, nor dreck, and I look forward to moar sheer honesty from you.

      [Although, cum the Womb Wars, you’re gonna want a nice little 2nd Amendment depository in your house, for when the Somalis & the Wahhabis & the Squatemalans & the Mexican Bridge Trolls storm your house in search of fertile White wombs with perfected rotund posteriors.

      PRO-TIP: It is mathematically impossible to possess too much @mmun!tion.]

      • Hate to be that guy, but I guess it’s mathematically possible for an infinitely large stash of the clinky stuff to collapse into a black hole.

        At which point you stick a Newport sign on the event horizon and go grab a beer.

        • I thought of the same thing actually. My other poast about my college days is in moderation hell right now but I mentioned in passing how I eventually abandoned poli-sci in favor of real science in the form of physics. One of the things I really enjoyed about learning 1st and 2nd year physics was how many word problems used guns and bullets. I wonder sometimes how they must have changed those textbooks to accommodate today’s sensitive snowflakes. Of course most of them aren’t going to go within 20 miles of a physics class but the publishers must have done something to cuck the textbooks. How do you teach a topic like “impulse” or conservation of momentum when the obvious examples are firearms?

          As for the event horizon signage? Mine would read “Immigration Processing Center Inside”

          • Reminds me of skimming a Dover Press reprinted translation of a Soviet academician’s (*) senior high school maths textbook. Lots of military examples, too. Really lots.

            * Might have been Kolmogorov. Can’t recall. Certainly a famous name I’d bumped into back in EE student control theory days.

        • Jeffrey Zoar: “If you need more than 10 rounds or so, you are most likely dead.”

          But what if there are 11 [or moar] of them?

          At some point, you’d hafta arrange them in a perfectly straight line and hope for at least (n – 1) instances of “Pass Through”, aka “Over-Penetration”.

          Your hardware would be getting into something like Three Thirty Eight L@pμa or Fifty Ca1iber Br0wning.

          A Limey Bro set the distance record, with the help of some Three Thirty Eight L@pμa, way back in 2009, but then a Leaf Bro broke the record in 2017, with the help of some Fifty Ca1iber Br0wning.

          PS: I don’t know how the heck you’re gonna convince them all to stand in a perfectly straight line for you.

          If you could figure out how to do it – how to get them to stand still in a co-linear fashion, then that would be a PhD dissertation in sociology rot thar.

      • Here’s a little class posting old Ostei recommended .

        Real men don’t pull out. Period. Be in it to win it.

        Real men never subject themselves to a vasectomy. Period. What’s a man without his seed?

        Real men never share a joint checking account. Period.
        Give her an interest fee loan account until you find out with some egregious late fees. Sounds Smart Fella!

        Real men never let their women have an independent credit card. Period! See Above. “But I gotta giver her freedom to show her I love herrrrr.”

        Real Men respect their masculinity. Period. Do you change diapers? Make Supper? Clean Clothes? Welcome to Beta Hell fool!

        MGTOW is for quitters. MGTOW is for the fools who missed the bus! MGTOW is for the guys who missed the memo. Basically the Beta charm has tolled on the clock, now they wonder WTF happened.

        Let me clarify, this is through no fault of their own. But if you miss the message, miss the terms, and it all comes back to screw you….Well, boomer, there are your Fck’ing bootstraps to pull on!

        Let me clarify, MGTOW GEN X and BOOMER types are quitters. Blame the Silents and “greatest” for raising these female scumbags, but regardless, you own them. If you fools didn’t treat her like the tramp she wants to be, and put a ring on that, well, you fools reap what you done sown.

        Did any of you guys do any recon on these gold diggers before you signed the line? Or was it “She asks me to buy this for her, she tells me it’s special for us. Then she sheds them pants. Good golly, I lover Her!”…

        More like “Holy Golly, She’s always in my pants! She must Loooooove Me!”

        Like grandma said, a good women makes you work for it. A keeper woman saves herself for marriage.

        Let the downvotes commence!

    • I upvoted you because the beginning of your post had some excellent insight.

      Where it falls apart, I think, is blaming Putin or anyone else who’s running Russia today. After the fall of the Soviet empire, the same monstrous tribe who persecuted Lithuanians (and millions of others) migrated to the United States, where they now run the American war machine and promote globohomo at the point of a gun.

      Today, they’re willing to toss endless Ukranian men into the meat grinder to avoid losing status. Yes, it’s sickening. But we should place the blame where it belongs.

      • The very bottom line of this conflict is the death of roughly 500,000 white men in their prime. That’s probably 1,000,000 white children they will not sire. All to sate the blood libel of a tiny psychopathic minority that cares only for the well being of their own chosen ethny. This same minority is siccing violent Africans on trad Americans, corrupting and poisoning white youth on multiple fronts, and ensuring our demographic decline wherever we reside. They are rubbing their hands in glee with every piece of bad news that we bemoan.

      • These small hat bastards are willing to sacrifice us all. I’m just relaying a message from a man who has dealt with their chicanery first hand. He made it in no clear terms he was in support of the pharisees and made sure to mention the end of his Baltic heritage was the Christianity brought about by the bastard Catholic Templars in the 13th century. He said Lithuania would be a pure state and the “Magic Jesus” ruined his country. He said he practices the Romuva religion.

        • Not the Knights Templar; the Teutonic Knights. The Teutonic Knights subdued the last pagans (Balts) in continental Europe, not the Knights Templar, who were a different bunch of Pagan Slayers all together.
          For you not to differentiate…well, 21st century American edumacation!
          For your friend not to have had the wherewithal to make that differentiation…
          I Smell a Rat – or mabe I smell a ‘bot’…?
          (Also – paganisim? What eff-tarded cosplay will be coming next?)

          • I stand corrected. All I do know is this Lithuanian had no love lost for the Catholic conversion of his country.

            I still go out of my way to slaughter Catholics in Crusader Kings II when it’s possible.

            And also a deep FUCK you to the trad caths and E. Michael Jones. Martin Luther has more knowledge of the Gospels than that “lagos” clown has in his limp dick.

            Tell me more about the trad caths and their continuing undermining of the true Christian Faith as facilitated by Martin Luther….

    • No doubt the weight of history both contorts and defines European attitudes toward Russia. The USSR was an atrocious and dismal place, and treated the Warsaw Pact in much the same way the GAE does it European vassals of late. It would be difficult to be a Pole or Lithuanian and not despise Russia. Still, it is reasonable to assume Putin possesses at least some of the imperialist ambitions of the old USSR and the present day GAE. He certainly is not as bad as either of those, though.

      What is happening today has to be seen from an objective and contemporary perspective. This war was provoked and has been prolonged by the GAE, and that is an undeniable reality. Russia certainly had designs on at least the Crimea, although it seemed prepared to use diplomatic and peaceful means to achieve those goals up until the point of the Maidan coup.

      What is happening in the Ukraine is cynical and evil, and the mountains of dead Slavs are a testament to this reality. People within and without the GAE are hostages to this same evil, and need to realize it can and very likely will be done to them.

      If I were the Lithuanian dude you encountered, the odds are I would share his outlook because the emotional baggage almost certainly would outweigh rational analysis. Since I did not have the same experiences, it is hard not to lay blame at the GAE’s feet. We all should be encouraging peace in Eastern Europe even though that invites disdain and worse in the contemporary West.

      • This is my feeling as well. Thanks for a truly thought out response. Being blessed to toil my seed on this blessed land of America, I can only imagine the fear and contempt this man feels for the what he truly (and mistakenly) believes is the threat from the Bear. All I’m trying to do for these folks on this blog is point out a differing experience I have had, and also note that there are no “good guys” in this conflict.

        • “no good guys in this war” – I disagree. If Russia had done in Canada what we have done in Ukraine since 2014, we would have invaded Canada a LONG time ago! If you don’t understand that, then you don’t have any idea what has been going on in Ukraine for the 8 years leading up to the war. What do you think was going through Russians’ minds when they had to help Kazakhstan crush “color coded” coup attempt only one month before Russia invaded Ukraine after every maior Western power refused to negotiate a written peace deal in Feb 2022 — the *fourth* coup (2 of them successful in Georgia and Ukraine) in countries on Russia’s border (every coup following the same cookie cutter plan) since the drunken and subservient Yeltsin left office? How long until we pulled off a coup in Moscow — our ultimate target? Russia is on the side of the angels this time, and we in the West are committing economic hara kiri while Putin negotiates the new Breton Woods with everyone who is not a US crony.

          We in the West need to wake up. WE are the bad guys this time, and it is not even in our national interests to be that way, but it seems we cannot help ourselves. Our transAtlantic oligarchs appear to have decided they will break Russia or die trying.

      • “Russia certainly had designs on at least the Crimea” — Do you have any evidence for this? Russia already had a Black Sea naval base, but after the US backed coup in 2014, where we got exactly the new head of state we wanted, the top priority of the new government of one of the poorest countries in Europe was not to improve the economy but to seize Russia’s Crimean naval base! And *that* was why Russia annexed Crimea. Not the culmination of some long term plan.

      • “odds are I would share his outlook because the emotional baggage almost certainly would outweigh rational analysis.”

        And *this* is why democracy has failed as a form of government. People who are driven by their passions (most people) are easily manipulated. that is why the oligarchs started buying up the newspapers in the 1920s, later radio and tv. tv is best of all, “issues divide, images unite.” Methods of selecting leadership need to be completely rethought. Mass elections empower Machiavellians. And if voters can’t understand the difference between Communists and NON-Communists, they are a truly stupid lot. Heck, Stalin wasn’t even a Russian, nor was his successor, Khrushchev, who was a Ukrainian.

    • Idiot.

      If Putin is a Davos boy, why risk his power with a war?

      As a political maneouvre, war has a nasty habit of blowing up in one’s face. Ask LBJ. Among many others.

      Vastly simpler to cut backroom deals with the other Davos/WEF/GAE snakes.

      I’m Polish. Right now Poland is in the hands of the GAE/Davos people, like most Western countries. Same, I imagine, for Lithuania.

      Fine people the Lithuanians. But like Poles good at whining and loaded with self-pity. Always playing the victim. If not for the Soviets all the Poles and Lithuanians alive today (if any) would be speaking German.

      Apparently Putin was once a WEF Young Leader or whatever they call it. Big deal. He also made nice with the Americans, the Harvard Boys, and the oligarchs and had Yeltsin’s recommendation. Putin was biding his time. The past 25+ years have shown he is clearly for Russia. Remember the Kagan carpetbaggers and the Davos want Russia carved up and sold off. That ain’t in the cards any longer and you can bet they hate Putins guts.

      But go finish what’s left of your Voodoo Ranger. It can’t do you any more harm than it already has.

      Happy Labor Day everyone!

      • I’m really above such insults… slavlandchronicles… On Substack…

        But here it is, Idiot: Khodakovsky Finally Admits the Obvious: Russia Can’t Win This Not-War

        The Dissident Delusion
        Are the “Managers” out to get you or are you just being paranoid?

        Strelkov’s Arrest Shatters the Hope For a Patriotic Russia

        Maybe Putins thumb feels good fingering your prostate.
        Or instead of calling me names, go read up on those articles links I posted. If you’re a Putin Parrot, just say so without calling me names. Or call me names, I’ll just call you a подхалим. And you best like that boot….Idiot…

        • “Khodakovsky Finally Admits the Obvious” – Finally? Hah! Khodakovsky has been a “sky is falling” alarmist/worry-wart all along, and always wrong! this war ends in one of 2 ways: either a Russian tank offensive this winter (now that a rare 3 year La Nina has ended), or Ukraine runs out of men before then and gives up.

      • Looking back, I see you’re Pollack. Right over the plat being a Pollack, right.
        How about some Pollack Jokes:

        Q: Why don’t polish women use vibrators?
        A. It chips their teeth.

        Q. How do you sink a polish battleship?
        A. Put it in water.

        Or how about a real low blow Pollack?:

        Did you hear about the terrible automobile accident last night?
        A polish family on vacation lost all of their children. The pickup truck they were riding in ran off the road into a lake and sank to the bottom. The parents got out of the cab OK but all the kids in the back drowned…they couldn’t get the tailgate open.

        Call me idiot again!

        Suck on this Pollack!

        The Minnesota Fish and Game Comission wanted to develop a fish that would offer more for their sportsmen so they crossed a Coho with a Walleye and called it a Kowal. It grew to a nice size and reproduced well but it wouldn’t bite. They crossed the Kowal with a Muskie and called it a Kowalski but they were so stupid they had to teach them how to swim.

        Suck it Pollack!!

      • “Yeltsin’s recommendation” – Ironically, since Putin had backed Yeltsin’s opponent in the election campaign which Yeltsin stole with US help. Yet in the end, Yeltsin would only trust Putin to succeed him because he was scrupulously honest. Everyone else was on the take back then.

        Early in the war, Zelensky was scared to death Russia would take him out. He pleaded with a top Israeli official to ask Putin to promise not to kill him. So Putin gave his word, and the Zelensky started publicly talking all kinds of crazy crap about Putin, “he’s a coward,” etc. Evidently, Zelensky trusts Putin too! Putin has been wildly misrepresented by Western politicians and iournalists ever since he turned against Ashkenazi oligarchs during the GW Bush admin.

        Zelensky, an Ashkenazi, plays ball with the other Ashkenazis in Washington and New York, but Putin steers an independent course. that is why Nato is in this proxy war with Russia. Putin doesn’t obey.

    • “They just want their seat at the table,”

      Putin and Russia are owned by Chabad; a different faction, possibly, than Chabad 10th Federal Reserve District (the US). But, still the same oligarchs and banksters.

      China, too, is Their horse. They’ve won, and They are very good at continuous conflict. There are far too many of us, of everyone, still easily turned to the dark side.

      So, time to hunker down, and try new things, as meager as they may seem. I don’t know why I feel up for this fight, but I do. I live for it.

      • BINGO!

        Read the links I’ve posted and tell me I’m wrong. Funny how none of these “dissidents” on this blog want to argue the claims I’ve made…

      • Complete nonsense. the Iews are all supporting Ukraine. Even the ADL says Uke’s Nazi’s are “the good Nazi’s.” America suddenly turned against Putin only when he arrested a politically ambitious Ashkenazi oligarch for tax evasion. But Putin did not back down. He has been an official bad guy ever since. I still remember how startled I was at how fast the turn happened!

        And Chabad? It literally controls nothing of any importance in the modern world. Secular and Modernist Iews have all the money and power these days, not the guys in the black hats who only get symbolic deference outside of certain districts in New York. Only in Israel do the black hats have some national influence because high birthrates have raised their share of the voting population.

        • Late reply to galton; although I haven’t read We’s links, in the USSR, Iews apparatchniks turned each other in to be tortured and murdered all the time.

          Read your Biblical history, or see America’s early 20th C. for the division between German and Russian Iews; these hybrids take intraethnic competition to a whole new level.

          They are a wonderful example of small nationalism; perhaps that’s why their religious dreams of empire fall so quickly every time into wide-scale catastrophe once they take power in a real, lasting empire, like Canaan or Egypt.

    • In college back in the 90s in Maryland I was a political science (“science”) major before reality hit me and I switched to physics. I was one of a triad of conservatives who sat in the front row of this class we were taking on the Soviet Union. I was also the only civilian as it happened. The other two guys were in Army special forces. One was a 2nd generation Lithuanian and the other was Estonian. They had joined up to kill commies, specifically Russian commies – well, honestly, I think they would have happily settled for killing Russians in general.

      The professor was a hilarious stereotype of man, complete with V.I. Lenin goatee and hardly concealed Stalinist sympathies. He was also one of those American commie fellow travelers for whom the fall of the USSR was a huge tragedy and surprise. As the class dragged on it just got funnier and funnier with the three of us calling each other “Comrade” and the more vocal Lithuanian guy eventually turning in a paper using Soldier of Fortune magazine as a reference. I can still remember the professor, barely able to contain his consternation, saying “Soldier of Fortune is not a scholarly reference!”. That became a running gag for us from then on.

      Superficially, the class was about this geopolitical thing called The Cold War that everyone thought they understood. My interactions with the two soldiers and the sitcom-parody commie professor though showed me that the whole thing was really this multilayered European ethnic conflict. I still think of those guys and wonder what they must have made of what happened later in Eastern Europe and the current war in Ukraine. Something tells me they still hate Russians. I hope they didn’t do something stupid like go over there and join Azov.

      • Hehe, that reminds me of all those humanities political sciencey courses I had to take to graduate with honors. “History of American Communism”, “History of British Imperialism” (by professor Poo in the Loo of course). “Introduction to Consciousness” was the best one…the professor’s entire metaphysical epistemology was derived from having a drug overdose at one of those hippy gatherings.

        • Some good acid will give any man an “introduction to Consciousness” guaranteed.

          What that man makes of it, is anybody’s guess….

      • Thank you for this post. I REALLY did not want to write about my dealings with this Lithuanian fellow this morning, I suck at typing and it took me near 40 minutes to clarify and edit my post. I did not want to do it. So Mr. Ostei Kolevski, thank you for the inspiration to post this. This man I met and what he told me, regardless of your thinking, are the thoughts of real Nationalist.

        Wait until you are relegated to a portion of AINO the size of this man’s country. I’d hope you would fight for it and believe in it as much as he does his little Lithuania.

        And that I would suspect after it is all said and done, would be more than enough for most of us…

    • We hate everyone;

      This post is an example of why this is one of the few sites I visit every day.

      The commenters here post items that are thought provoking and more importantly, informative. I don’t think we/I can really appreciate the collective knowledge that is shared here.

      In the future, we will probably have to sit around a fire to share our wisdom.(you know, collapse of civilization and all).

      A tip of the Ole chapeau to Z for giving us a forum.

      • I wanted to be lazy this morning, but my better halfo convinced me to post my dealings with this man. How it coincided whith the Zman posting this post, I do not know. The Lord works in mysterious ways I guess…

        However, I’m glad I can share with fine people like you the interactions of our daily lives…I’m sure it would be a treat to meet someone who is an actual Zblog reader.

        But would any of us disclose his/her screen name?
        We may find out sooner than later…

    • I wonder if the Lithuanian truck driver realizes how many of his complaints about the Soviets the EU is planning to impose on his country, viz shitty cars, meager consumer choices, expropriation of farms, cold apartments, importation of foreigners…. The government there took the EU candy; the people will soon see what goes on in the windowless van.

      He’s wasted his energy looking backwards. If he looked ahead he’d see the same thing coming, maybe without firing squads.

      • First off: I had no impression he was any fan of the EU. He came of as a nationalist to me. Like I said, he is very sympathetic to the original Baltic Pagan Religion Romuva. He said there is no hope in a “Magic Jesus”.

        He never endorsed any globalism, in fact he hates Estonians, Latvians and Finns. He hates the Putin. All he wants is for his grandfathers Lithuania to be his Lithuania. If that means it easier to ship and do business in the EU, then maybe he’s for it.

        But from what I gathered from him, it’s purely transactional.

        • I didn’t think he was a fan of the EU, I just believe the EU wants the same future for him as the Soviets did– perhaps minus the camps and firing squads–but he doesn’t realize what his country is in for again.

        • EU membership is accelerating Lithuania’s rate of extinction. Doesn’t he understand that?

    • “To me they were all just Soviets and were willing participants.”- Even the Russians were not willing participants. Only among the Iews was Communism widely popular. Russians used to say USSR (in Cyrillic CCCP) represented 3 Iews and a Lett (Latvian). USSR’s first 3 dictators until the 1960s were Lenin (half Iewish/half turko-Mongol–no Russian blood whatever–his mother was 100% Iewish, not half), Stalin (a Georgian), and Khrushchev (a Ukrainian who was a former henchman of Stalin’s). And those murderous Commissars from the early Revolution were 90% Iewish. Commies were losing the Russian Civil War in the 20s until David Bronstein (=trotsky) stationed Party loyalists behind the troops who would shoot anyone who deserted or merely didn’t want to kill the White (anti-Red) Russians. Also, those Soviet systematic mass rapes at the end of WW2 were accomplished the same way.

      • Note: yes, the mass rape of Germany was directly organized and promoted by a Iew- (his name, somewhere in the notes)- a program in the various Tribal schemes of total genocide of “Amalekites”.

  19. A good litmus test as to how European a communities thought process is is imagining the town was transported to the place0 most of the immigrants came from. With this process, it is clpear most of the east and west coast would be completely out of place, but many of the towns in the midwest would acclimate very quickly.

    My mom once joked that most people in my hometown are more German than most Germans, and given my experiences working with them, that is pretty accurate.

  20. Finland is basically the size of the metropolitan Atlanta region. Latvia is about the size of Richmond, VA. Who cares at all what they think? Imagine serious questions about foreign policy taking one second to consider what the chief of police in Richmond has to say about the matter?

    We are talking about matters of global significance and these guys are insisting that we all stop and consider their petty complaints. Completely stupid.

    • Some Damned Foolish Thing in the Balkans…

      We shan’t be seeing anytime soon again the likes of Bismarck and Salisbury who could regretfully but of necessity steamroller the Little Guys and then sleep soundly at night… So the petty complaints of peoples and places of no consequence will inevitably tend to give rise to monstrous things of great consequence for us all.

      • Come to think of it, if that Victoria Nuland Baba Yaga ever happened across a Pomeranian Grenadier, she’d grind his bones into cookie dough.

  21. Interesting post Z man, until I read his highlighted comments I had previously thought of Frodi as a European disadent, a fellow traveler of sorts. His take on the war,tucker,and Americans in general came as quite the surprise.
    The situation is far more complex in Europe than I had guessed. Thanks for the food for thought, this is one hellava ball of yarn about to be unraveled.

    • Don’t write him off. There’s still a lot of commonality in principles, though. Frodi’s a little batty framing it in the moral terms he does – hell, his proximity to Russia alone should be enough to demand a position of concern.

      • Frodi’s comments are a reminder of why it is a fool’s errand to comment on the political situation in other nations. For example, Tucker Carlson hardly thinks the GAE can continue to be the world’s policeman–it is quite the opposite–although Frodi thinks that to be the case.

        Good guy, just bad takes.

    • I work with a lot of people from Poland, they detest Russia/Putin, I said to one of them once that they were a little unhinged about the whole thing, his answer was that since I live in Ireland hundreds of miles from Russia I could afford a different opinion. Finland, Sweden, the Baltics ect all fear a Russiaian invasion. I think its irrational at this point, but I live in Ireland. A while back Sarkozy seemed to be not following the party line. Orban seems to be the only European leader with a brain

      The media in Europe are pushing the idea that once the Russian army collapses in the Ukraine, they will then attack NATO, people believe this contradictory idea

      • The irrationality of it all is hard for Americans to appreciate. Euros do think Ukraine is winning and will win soon. I predict that when Ukraine falls Euros will search around for someone to blame. maybe it is their own leaders or maybe it is the Anglosphere.

        • Another bullseye.
          The Anglosphere.

          Further division and war amongst our peoples, the only ones that matter.

        • When Ukraine falls the world will be reset; this will be the inadvertent and actual Great Reset. I’m not a China triumphalist, either, but it is easy to see it will have a bigger place at the table along with numerous power centers. It would be ridiculous at this point to make more granular predictions, but in general we are on the cusp of a multi-polar world with a greatly diminished GAE. It very well may be a grimmer place, too.

          The war was lost when the sanctions failed. It is stunning to think anyone thought they would be a silver bullet, but they did. History will decide whether that was arrogance or ignorance.

        • From about Day 2 of the war, the whole media spin has reminded me of the Kyle Rittenhouse story were MSM reports were the opposite of reality but continued until the end of the trial which was a real eye opener for some people.

          It’s like the MSM is run by Baghdad Bob!

          And the Climategate emails. Some people refused to believe what was in them until even the MSM admitted it was true.

      • Sarkozy? I assume you mean Macron. Occasionally he dissents a bit, but never does anything. He is a former bank teller who was recruited by Soros according to a source that is generally reliable.

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