Fortune’s Wheel

In August 1936, the Soviet Union held the first of a series of trials of former Bolsheviks who had been accused of various crimes against the state. The first group accused were Old Bolsheviks who had been allies of Stalin at one point. They had later sided with Trotsky and been stripped of their positions. By this point Trotsky was in exile and his supporters were all in various states of disfavor. One element of the first trial was the claim that the accused were still in contact with Trotsky.

At the time, the international Left was firmly in the Bolshevik camp, as this was the first successful radical government in the world. Whatever the doctrinal difference within the international radical camp, no one could deny that the Bolsheviks had managed to take power in a large important country. As a result, radicals found a way to justify what was happening to the accused. The cause was more important than any man, so no one dared criticize what was happening.

Even when it should have been clear that the trials had little to do with the alleged crimes, radicals around the world found a way to justify what was happening in the name of solidarity. “No enemies to the left” was never a real thing in radical politics, as left-wing politics has always been defined by endless schisms and disputes among rival factions but as the show trials progressed, it became a useful way to rally support in the face of criticism from outside radicalism.

What followed, of course, was more show trials of Old Bolsheviks, who were found guilty and then shot. A few escaped death and were sent to labor camps where they were expected to die. The show trials were then followed by waves of arrests, executions, and purges of the party. No one knows for sure how many died in Stalin’s purges, but the general consensus is between seven hundred thousand and one million people were killed in the process.

There are a lot of lessons about the nature of human society to be drawn from the Bolsheviks and especially Stalin. Radicalism since the French Revolution has always been about a radical break from the past, but in every case, it turns out be a horrific replay of the worst of mankind’s past. Stalin was the extreme example of the worst Tsar, an industrial strength version of Ivan IV, rather than the leader of a revolutionary movement to usher in a radical new form of society.

Another lesson of the purges was that there is never any appeal to the humanity and compassion of the radicals. Even when Stalin purged the beloved Nikolai Bukharin, radicals found a way to justify it. Stalin’s decision to murder his old friend and most loyal Bolshevik should have been viewed as a monstrous crime that could only be committed by a monster, instead radicals found a way to explain it away. Again, the cause is bigger than any one man or group of men.

Of course, the greatest lesson of all is that when the old rules break down or are willfully destroyed, what is left is a lawless world. Once the law collapses, everyone becomes an outlaw by definition. In a world where everyone lives outside the law, the people who survive and thrive are always the most cunning and ruthless. In the case of the Bolsheviks, Stalin was not the smartest or the most persuasive, but he was the most cunning and ruthless, so he came out on top.

All of this would be ancient history if not for what we see happening in Washington with the show trials being run by the ruling junta. Calling the people in charge the Biden administration is no longer sensible as it is clear that Biden is deep in the throes of dementia and barely able to do basic things. The government is now run by a collection of people who operate in the shadows. They control things through the people appointed to various posts in the administration.

Much like Stalin’s trials, the process has moved from arresting minor figures on trumped up charges to now arresting the former president. It is not inconceivable to think they may exile Trump in order to keep him off the ballot. Of course, the viciousness and cruelty of the show trials grows worse with every turn. A judge just sentenced the leaders of the Proud Boys to decades in prison. The judge used the sentencing hearings as a chance to denounce the enemies of the party.

That is another feature of the Stalin trials that bears attention. In every one of the show trials, the judges were outlandish supporters of the party and the charges brought against the accused. These were men picked because of their uncertain status within the party, particularly with regards to Stalin. The judges in the current show trials seem to feel the same pressure, so they are making sure the cases proceed exactly as the party expects them to proceed.

Of course, the radicals in the cheering sections are following the same script as the radicals who cheered the show trials. The same people who cry salty tears over a black criminal getting shot in the commission of a crime are cheering the harsh penalties handed down to grandmothers in these show trials. The cause is more important than the rule of law and their thirst for the blood of their enemies trumps whatever sense of justice that ever existed in their souls.

The most important lesson of the Stalin years is that the terror that Stalin inflicted ended when Stalin’s life ended. At no point was he talked out of murdering people. He never had second thoughts or pangs of guilt. After his death, a letter from his old friend Bukharin was found in which Bukharin appealed to Stalin as a friend. Stalin kept it in his desk so he could read it from time to time, presumably so he could remember how he outmaneuvered even his closest friends.

Tyranny ends when the tyrant and his supporters end. That last part is the most important part of the process. When Stalin died his supporters were then purged and sidelined, with some ending up in the camps. The party leadership went through a de-Stalinization phase. The reason is the tyrant is always a symptom. It is his supporters in the cheering section who are the ultimate cause. It is only when you remove the fanatics and psychopaths that normalcy can return.

During the Napoleonic Wars, there was a British officer named Sir William Sidney Smith who was particularly good at vexing Napoleon in battle. Eventually, the French captured him and Napoleon had him put in a Paris prison. Smith was able to escape with the help of royalist enemies of Napoleon. In the prison was found a shingle on which he had written a letter. In the letter Smith quoted a passage from Rousseau that should be inspiration for all political prisoners

“Fortune’s wheel makes strange revolutions, it must be confessed; but for the term revolution to be applicable, the turn of the wheel must be complete. You are today as high as you can be. Very well. I envy not your good fortune, for mine is better still. I am as low in the career of ambition as a man can well descend; so that, let this capricious dame, fortune, turn her wheel ever so little–I must necessarily mount, for the same reason you must descend.”

The men and women rotting in dungeons at the hands of the regime are in the very condition of Sir William Sidney Smith. They are in prison because they vex the regime, not because they are outlaws. In a general sense, all of us are in the same condition, just free to talk around until another example is needed. Like Sir William Sidney Smith, fortunes wheel will turn, and we will rise the regime shall fall. Those who cheered the loudest for the show trials will be remembered the most.

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159 thoughts on “Fortune’s Wheel

  1. Yes all true.
    Also true and odd; Tarrio is a Federal Informant, he admitted this months ago.
    Lindsey Graham is about to be indicted in Trump Trials per NYT.

    These wretches are insane, they’re indicting their own creatures.

    • They are indeed bolshivic reincarnations.
      Dregs of society, products of modern universities ( ie. Evergreen state college) self described “intellectuals” & your betters. make no mistake as murderous as the stalinists.
      IMO there is no cure for this mental hydrophobia.
      dissidents are already known to them. All on this side are going to have to make a choice,
      One way or another ask your self if you are already dead because either way you are it’s just how.

  2. “Even when Stalin purged the beloved Nikolai Bukharin, radicals found a way to justify it.”

    Bukharin himself justified it as well. Arthur Koestler’s novel “Darkness at Noon” is about the psychological effects of being a political prisoner. At the end of the book there is a transcript of Bukharin’s trial.

  3. You guys should know by now that Jew is terribly incapable running state or anything
    San Francisco fall apart due to big company massive evacuation from crime wave and poverty
    Many cities in the US will fallow Detroit treatment and curious that where bagmen will go to next

    I always suspect that American company isn’t making a profit, it’s all nothing but financial shenanigan
    entertainment no longer feels like entertainment, it feel like bad propaganda made up by Homo Sovieticus
    all of this happen when Jew runs basically everything

    Jewish Superior intellectual mind you said, Huh

    • I tend to agree, though I do allow a happy ending is possible, though the historical record does not suggest such is likely.

  4. Excellent post today. A few comments:

    1. I have posted similar sentiments about the French Revolution. The Reign of Terror ended with the Thermidorian Reaction only because the men in charge of the Reaction immediately executed Robespierre and the top 100 or so of his enforcers who implemented the Reign of Terror. Only after the separation of their heads from their shoulders could the Committee for Public Safety be neutered and some semblance of civic order restored. America is living through its own Reign of Terror now, driven by radicals every bit as committed as Robespierre. It’s folly to believe they can be reasoned with or otherwise driven to compromise.

    2. The Bolsheviks studied the French Revolution in great detail, but Stalin was by no means an intellectual, or even much of a Marxist. He was a straight-up street thug, driven by power and money. To use a football metaphor, he grabbed the ball the Bolsheviks handed him and ran through the hole the linemen opened up for him.

    3. Everyone who visits this website is on a watch list, and those of us who comment are certainly under electronic surveillance, possibly even physical surveillance. I expect the Democrats to win in a landslide in 2024, in large part because the Republican party will fix the primary to prevent Trump from getting the nomination and Trump voters will stay home by the millions. The Democrats will interpret the landslide victory as a mandate, and the gloves will come off after the 2024 election. I am fully prepared for the midnight FBI raid at my door in 2025.

    • The problem the Government Party has is that MAGA has become a movement. Donna Brazile made a statement to that effect recently on one of the Government Party’s approved propaganda programs.

      The status quo that the Government Party needs in order to maintain legitimacy includes a Republican Party that operates as controlled opposition. They can’t abandon or cut out the GOP without inflicting massive damage on the status quo. It’s like cutting off an arm and a leg. But the GOP cannot exist without Trump and his legions of voters. Even with the obvious fraud and likely electronic vote flipping that happened in 2020, Trump got ~75,000,000 votes, the most of any sitting POTUS in history.

      Those 75M people have raw economic power that they’ve only just begun to use. See: Bud Light. The Government Party needs the status quo. The status quo is not GOP voters sitting out an election followed by GOP voters sitting out of the US Economy and refusing to pay taxes or comply with any laws. The Government Party has NO ANSWER for non participation. They can’t infiltrate my refusal to buy consumer products or a citizen filing repeated 1040 extensions.

      If the Government Party blows up the status quo, we are now in a revolution, so whatever power the Democrats and bureaucrats think they have becomes moot. They would not be safe in their homes. And millions of people refusing to participate in the economy would create massive social unrest and implode the Wall St economy. Imagine everyone in America who has a 401K or IRA turning off their monthly payroll deductions and taking the early withdrawal penalties. Or all of Bank of Americas depositors canceling their accounts and putting the money in a local credit union. Bye bye status quo.

      Mass shooters have something in common: they fantasize about what their burst of violence means and what it’ll be like. But the ones to take incoming fire QUICKLY exit the fantasy and either take their own lives or choose SBC. The status quo – their fantasy – collapses as bullets fly past their ear.

      All of the Government Party’s actions to date against Trump have been an attempt to preserve the political status quo. They’re running grifter candidates against Trump to try and maintain the illusion that the status quo still exists. They still do polling. They still play by the same rules which Trump just ignores. Indicted people are supposed to quit and leave public life. Trump is using the indictments as campaign posters.

      Whether 2024 is a landslide for the Democrats or a win for Trump, it will be a Pyrrhic victory. Because both results represent an end to the status quo. Trump will have destroyed the GOP, and created a massive dissident movement of upwards of 100M citizens. Democrats will have sacrificed the GOP protecting them from us and The Law will forever be defined as a political weapon and nothing more. How does the status quo handle millions of MAGA dissidents refusing jury duty? They will not be able to adapt and the system will devolve into starchy.

      An end to the status quo, to go back to Sir Smith’s metaphor, means the wheel that the Government Party insists not be allowed to spin…starts turning again. The destruction of the status quo must happen.

      • The Regime (really, Obama at this point) has a plan for that. Pol Pot’s plan. The man is a gay African Muslim. Why would he not want rivers of blood to flow? He has nothing but hate and contempt as do his followers for ordinary White people who just want to be left alone. He talks about Bitter Clingers all the time. He’s told you who he is, his is the hate that not only dares speak its name but won’t shut up.

        Even if there is some election, Obama has told Biden (who unwisely repeats it) that under no circumstance will any Republican be allowed to take office. None. Obama will not allow it. His plan is mass arrests (RICO out to any likely Trump voter via AI indictments) and more. That is why the border is open — Obama really believes he can substitute a bunch of Central Americans of zero literacy in any language for High IQ White guys. And if it all collapses, well Revolutionary Suicide has always suited him. Either way he fulfills his life’s ambition which is to destroy the USA because his liberal White mother used him as a disposable fashion statement.

        Thing is, there are those who understand the GAE depends on those high IQ White guys. That greater Central America won’t have much more power projection than Guatemala and Honduras combined today. A certain tech lord knows he can’t get to Mars with Greater Guatemala.

        That Musk is willing to fight the ADL and that Trump has not simply gone away should tell you something. Not everything, but something.

        • They don’t have a plan for that AT ALL, because there is no response to inaction – voters simply opting out of the economy.

          Antifa can terrorize buildings, and they can infiltrate street protests. Antifa is neutralized in an economic war where citizens withdraw their consent by withdrawing their money from the Wall St. economy. Obama’s active radicalism is no match for the passive anti-radicalism of the non participant. It’s like trying to box smoke.

          What MAGA voters are learning is not “get woke, go broke” as a means to change company behavior. They’re learning they can simply destroy a company and a brand through non-participation.

          Imagine that same mindset deployed against Government Party centers of gravity: banking/finance, IT/social media/broadcast media, etc.

          • Hokkodo, inaction is only step one. Take a lesson from “their” side, use “negative action/reaction”. They run the show now, but 50 yo it was our side in power.

            Here’s a 50 yo guide to Leftist activist tactics designed to bring down the system: “Steal This Book”, written by Abbie Hoffman. In my younger days it was all the rage in college. I see no reason to ignore such a successful “how to” manual now that the shoe is on the other foot.

        • I think you’re overrating Obama. He’s basically lazy and wants to hobnob with celebs. Violent revolution has the potential to ruin his lifestyle and perks: he’s basically a champagne socialist. And I suspect more of his own man than many give him credit for. while he was wrong to listen to generals like Petraeus on Afghanistan (“Surge” BS), he was right to fire McChrystal for insubordination. I think he just wants to play golf and chill. And Michelle always seemed to hate the WH bubble.
          Just my 2c.

      • This place used to be the best comments section on the internet. No more, because of comments like this. Please, if you don’t have anything instructive or erudite to say, then don’t say anything. Restraint is part of adulting, and part of wisdom is knowing that you have nothing of value to contribute. This is not 4chan.

    • I figure I was on the list a long time before I ever showed up here. Which isn’t as bad as it sounds; these days, the list has to be at least 20 million names long, minimum. IOW, much too long for everyone to get much in the way of special individual attention. But yeah, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

    • Worrying about being on a watch list is silly. Once the regime is dragging people off for shitposting on blogs, they’re going to be dragging off white men in general. Using the Soviet terror as comparison, all the family stories I heard from the side that stayed in Czechia were about how the most minor disputes between neighbors in the little village of Šithól would result in the local asshole running off to the nearest Communist party official and having the guy whose dog crapped in their yard dragged off to the uranium mine.

      You could theoretically forestall the death camps for a few months by limiting your internet usage to just watching Husky tantrum youtube videos, but the left has an endless need for enemies of the revolution and you’ll be on the chopping block at some point.

    • > Everyone who visits this website is on a watch list,

      Good. Cue the “hmmm, this frog guy is starting to make sense” meme.

        • “For my hope was founded on a fat man in Bree; and my fear was founded on the cunning of Sauron. But fat men who sell ale have many calls to answer; and the power of Sauron is still less than fear makes it.”

  5. Off-topic, non-topical, unserious:

    Does Keith Woods’ recent unmasking as an unhinged, lunatic, frothing fomorian henchman of Reichsführer Musk mean he won’t be invited back to AmRen next year?

  6. One important difference is that the accused men at the Moscow Trials all confessed. Indeed, not only did they confess, they were eager to perform self-criticism before the tribunal and confess stuff they were not even accused of.

    (Just like in the de-nazification trials after WWII. It’s probably just a coincidence that the chief prosecutor at the Moscow Trials, Andrey Vyshinsky, was the Russian chief prosecutor at Nuremberg too.)

      • Not in public. The purpose of struggle sessions is to serve as a moral lesson to the others and were a critical part of the Moscow Trials. Show trials and a secret trials serve to different didactic purposes.

        These trials seem to be a mixture, maybe the usual suspects were conflicted about which message to shoot for: loud, sanctimonious mob justice or silent terror.

        I wonder how people would react if, in a few weeks, you’d see a buckbroken Trump mumble condemnations of his America-hating, democracy-overthrowing ways.

    • I suspect the confessions sprang from the knowledge of what the party would do to their surviving family members if they didn’t confess. I could easily see AINO’s lovely postmodern fascists stooping to that level, too.

      • I suspect the confessions sprang from the knowledge of what the party would do to their surviving family members if they didn’t confess.

        That, and the fact that none of the defendants had working testicles by the time they were ready to testify. Solshenitzyn has some chapters about the interrogation methods (and the ethnicity of the interrogators) in Archipelago and they closely resemble the methods at the Dachau-trial, both in technique and ethnic rage.

  7. Outstanding post today!

    You touch on something I’ve often implicated in my posts here. It’s not the “elites” as much as it is the supporters. There is no reforming, compromising with, helping leftists. There is only “removal”. This is the only thing that should ever be considered. No mercy, no quarter given, nothing but “removal”.

    Does it sound like I’ve lost a lot of my humanity? Of course – I feel nothing but the highest level of contempt for these people/creatures. I am interested in only one solution for them and can’t be talked out of it. When the time comes, it will be ugly and it will be swift with no remorse.

    • I upvoted you because I understand the sentiments. But one thing to consider is that there are two large categories of leftist supporters.

      1. THEM-Traitors, Foreigners, and Leeches: Those who are corrupt, evil, greedy, power-hungry, etc. Some are true believers who will push their beliefs at the point of a gun regardless of how many millions need to die in the process. (Think of those behind the bloodbath in Ukraine.) Some are members of competing tribes angling for more power and prestige for their own group. (Oddly enough, some of these same people are pulling the strings in Ukraine. Interesting, that.) Some are violent criminals who will always be violent if given the opportunity. Some are foreign opportunists who will suck our country dry if given half the chance. (Think of Asians buying up our real estate. Why are they allowed to buy farmland in our country, anyway? And think of foreign invaders, especially those with anchor babies. Why do Americans have to pay for them? We don’t get free medical care. Why should they? And while we’re on the subject, why are the largest Western cities filled with people who aren’t Western?) In short, there are a lot of people who never should have been here in the first place. Today, these people have more power than the heritage population. They don’t care if we suffer because they’re not us.

      2. US-The Brainwashed Masses. Young people in particular have been subjugated to years of anti-white hatred. They truly believe that blacks built this country and that there’s nothing wrong with giving hormone replacement therapy to youngers because “it’s completely reversible.” Their whole lives, they’ve been bombarded with “facts” that are simply not true, including portrayals of dusky hordes as hard-working people just like us. They have no concept of reality because our enemies control all of the media. Most of these people could just as easily be persuaded to our side if we, not our enemies, were the ones pulling the strings. Heck, just honest reporting on crime would do much to change peoples’ perceptions.

      In summary, once we deal with the first group, we can welcome home the second group — or most of them, at least.

      • “once we deal with the first group, we can welcome home the second group”

        You grossly underestimate the rotten-ness of this group. I don’t want to welcome them home. I want to send them straight to hell. There is nothing else that should be considered. This line of thinking is akin to the conservative thinking that if he shows the leftist one more graph they’ll come around. These people are irredeemable, and it is this belief that they can, or should, be “saved” is what contributes to our undoing.

        • “This line of thinking is akin to the conservative thinking that if he shows the leftist one more graph they’ll come around. These people are irredeemable, and it is this belief that they can, or should, be “saved” is what contributes to our undoing.”

          I will concede that facts and graphs do little to persuade. However, this isn’t where the left has been successful. They’ve been successful because they tug at heart strings and promote the idea that all the “cool kids” believe this or that.

          Consider how quickly the media was able to get every leftist in the country chirping “Keev!” It was nuts. Also consider how quickly we went from believing that men in sundresses were perverts to thinking they should shower with our underage daughters. It’s not just insane. It’s dangerous.

          These are not natural changes. Rather, they are the result of sustained, intense propaganda — news stories, TV shows, movies, etc., while ignoring stories that are inconvenient, such as a BLM activist mowing down kids and grannies at a Christmas parade. Funny we didn’t see many sob stories about that, no pictures of dead kids or sobbing parents. Why is that, I wonder?

          When we see movies set in the civil rights era, we never see scenes of white families huddled in their homes while feral blacks rampage outside. We don’t see images of white girls getting groped in the hall or white grade schoolers getting mugged in the school yard. Why is that, I wonder? Has there ever been a movie showing the hell that white families go through when their schools and neighborhoods are diversified? Doubtful. This is one reason why so many young people are anti-racist, especially if they haven’t experienced the joys of real diversity for themselves. They’re bombarded with emotional scenes that skew their version of reality.

          Propaganda works, especially on young people and women. When I consider what I believed as a young person, I feel not just embarrassment, but shame. Hell, I supported the “war on terror” back in the day. And why? It’s because I believed the lies. And if you’re reading this blog, there’s a decent chance that you did, too. How many of us voted for Bush not just once, but a second time?

          Now we know better.

          Yes, there are plenty of leftists who aren’t worth saving, such as those who take delight in the suffering of persecuted conservatives. But I still maintain that many are just brainwashed or haven’t yet seen through the lies. Others are merely following social convention because the left is the stronger horse. We need to become the stronger horse and regain control of our media. Sadly, it’s hard to imagine this happening without some very bad times ahead.

          But here’s a funny thing about those who finally break free of the conditioning. They don’t go back to being leftists. And why? It’s because what is seen can’t be unseen.

      • I upvoted you but I agree with Tired Citizen, the second group is irredeemable. They would be waiting for the chance to stab us in the back if we spared them. There is a lot of work ahead.

    • Citizen, indeed. Waay back when, I was called to Grand Jury duty. There were two juries impaneled. One was of indeterminate time, the other short term. I got the long one, which was fine as I was at the university and they could care less. Others obviously not so lucky.

      We went into training on State law for a couple of weeks, then began the hearings—week after week, after week. There was *one* big case, a large drug cartel type organization. The reason? *Everyone* in the ring was to be charged, simultaneously! Large boards were brought out with the diagrams and arrows pointing to who was who and their positions in the organization. We had the “boss” at the top, the seconds in command, then mules, distributors, money men—even the car dealership than supplied vehicles! Looked like a TV crime show.

      The reason for this was simple. Knocking off a few organization principles *always* resulted in a “reformation” of the basic organization and had proven ineffectual in the past. Where have we just heard this? 😉

      Not sure how effectual it all turned out to be, but I remember the last wrap up (late Friday) meeting with the judge (I was foreperson) over a stack of “true bills” (charges) a foot high. It took a couple of hours to read and the judge to approve. I was then dismissed.

      Here’s the fun part, my drive to the university lead me daily past the car dealership singled out in the charges. Monday morning I drove by as usually, except it was closed and several large car delivery trailers were picking up all the dealership inventory under direction of the police! I suspect that everyone in the ring was arrested over the weekend and their assets confiscated as was the process in these cases—and no, I don’t support asset forfeiture. I just noted that the authorities were serious in this case.

      • Grand jury pools include those added through hidden lists, so told me a highly-placed representative of a large city municipal attorney office.

        When I asked to be removed from that list, the court rep wanted to know who had told me that. Mustn’t let secrets get out. A type of hidden doxing?

    • Given the current correlation of forces, removing the Leftists is an utter pipe dream. We can’t even form a piddling organization. The only workable solution is to aid and abet the decay of formal power in the imperial capital, sort ourselves into white geographical blocs, and then secede when the Leftists no longer have the wherewithal to stop us. Not quite as exciting or satisfying as rivers of blood, but it’s far better strategy.

      • You are undoubtedly correct. It doesn’t change my mind in the slightest, but I recognize what is and isn’t possible. One can dream, however.

    • Most are just faking it. They will switch to the “strong horse” whenever we finally appear to be the strong horse.

  8. The beat goes on because the plates are still spinning. Everyone is feeling the pinch, but normie still resides comfortably on his couch with his beer and cheetos. When that changes, everything changes. And it will happen much faster than most realize.

    The spring has been winding tighter for a long time now and a lot of people have been swallowing their anger. That pent up pressure needs a release, and ideally it should be in small increments repeatedly. But that is not being permitted. It is with deliberate malice and purpose that an explosion is being cultivated. They want the bottom of the social pyramid to go at each other’s throats in a maelstrom of uninhibited violence and mayhem. This carnage will then justify the final step into a full and complete tyranny.

    The models are clear. Only one thing can stop this outcome.

      • Only the Ukrainians advertise in advance their offensives via massive public displays of arrogance and bravado. And look at how successful that has been!

      • Yes. Jean Shrimpton, Cheryl Tiegs, Cindy Crawford and Rebecca Romijn. When they say it, who could possibly doubt?!

    • The beat goes on because the plates are still spinning.

      I work for a global manufacturing concern, and those plates ain’t spinning very fast, let me tell you. Bad economic things are coming our way.

      • Funny that. I was walking down a street the other day where the plates are always spinning on top of the telephone poles and the traffic signals. One of them suddenly slowed down, fell to the ground, and splintered into a million shards. Never saw that before. I do believe the end of AINO is right ’round the corner…

  9. The last three paragraphs can give hope to the weary and hopeless. Only God knows how this will keep going, but, the purge is coming one way or another. The SES folks and the career bureaucrats need to be fired, dismissed, or charged, tried, and sentenced.

    Keep up the great work, Commander Zero!

  10. “Calling the people in charge the Biden administration is no longer sensible as it is clear that Biden is deep in the throes of dementia and barely able to do basic things.”

    Was this chump ever in charge? He was put in his present position because he always followed orders. He has always been a marionette, a sock puppet, a walking zombie. The people who put him where he is know that the rest of us can see what a pathetic old coot he is. They don’t care.

    In the case of Stalin, he had the reins of power firmly in his hand till the day he died. I doubt he had many supporters — Khrushchev and the rest of the gang went along just to stay alive. At one time Stalin even had Beria on the death list and Beria had to plead for his life. Maybe Molotov was a devoted supporter of Stalin — I don’t know.

    In the “Biden administration” I’ve not the foggiest clue as to who is calling the shots. Who runs things?

    • Liberal democracy selects for people who can wield power while masking it through manipulating standard means of developing a consensus, and therefore removing any personal responsibility since “everyone agreed to it”. It only works when most people don’t know they are being manipulated into a course of action, and when you have a large percentage all doing the same thing, the system becomes a bizarre mess of contradictions and status signaling.

    • None of the “elected representatives” were EVER in charge.

      Politicians are whorish opportunists who want to be voted in so that they can be hooked up with the money that really calls the shots and pick up some of the gold that falls off the train.

      • They’re like news anchors. Pompous asses who enjoy flouting their nice hair and suit as “trusted professionals”, but are simply reading a script from their paymasters.

    • Our gay cocaine smoking Savior, who gave us hope and change, who wanted to “fundamentally change America”, a Reverent Wright disciple, who still lives in DC giving directives. That’s who.

      • WCiv911-

        Tucker’s piece was far too late to undo any of the damage that the Lightbringer has done to the US.

        Unfortunately, and perhaps intentionally, it serves as a distraction for the deplorable and dissident types.

        What would have been far more interesting would be coverage of the steady stream of DC officials and functionaries that are currently paying visits to Barry’s basement in the present day.

        Notice how there is almost no one talking about that phenomenon, though, to be fair, that’s the sort of thing that will get you treated like the Obamas’ chef nowadays.

      • Get real. Obama is too lazy. Cunning and ruthless? Ha! Ignorant, self-centered, shallow, and lazy. Now his beard, on the other hand…

      • WCiv911: You cannot be serious. The magic nogger was equally a figurehead. The money behind him (and the animating spirit of Valerie Jarrett) is what/who is calling the shots. Same with all elected officials – they vote the way their financial backers tell them to. And that is NOT the idiot voters who send in $25 here and there.

        • 3g4me

          I like Rush’s title: the Magic Negro.

          This is how I would explain it. The Magic Negro is the bagman, the salesman. He has access, knows the ropes and who to bribe. He knows everyone, is well liked, goes to all the parties & fundraisers. Hollywood likes him and he takes their money. The media likes him and provides cover for him. It would be difficult to implement a policy without the MN’s approval.

    • As noted below, gay black Stalin. The Lightworker. That is who is running things.

      It does however have weaknesses in the hidden hand of the ruler. First, having a senile moron as ostensible leader invites ridicule and hatred when running purges, instead of just abject fear. This is why in human history having a hidden ruler is quite rare and generally unsuccessful in the long run (not the least of which is dynastic succession). Second, a hidden ruler invites various challenges within the system to such rule, as both Cardinals Richelieu and Mazarin found out. A personally ruling tyrant like Stalin converts ambition into his own brutal followers, a hidden one has men of ambition scheming to replace the hidden ruler. As the ruler dare not speak their power out in public. You can see that now with Gavin Newsome and Harris both challenging the Lightworker’s Regency over Biden. Third of course this hidden rulership undermines the legitimacy of the regime and invites outside challengers — if the real ruler is not the President but the unelected ex-President, or not the King but a Cardinal, in violation of the public rules, then rule is down to just fear and as the secret ruler ages and makes mistakes the fear generally turns to anger and revolt.

      • The gay black lightworker was a staged-managed puppet himself, so he’s not the one ultimately in charge, either.

          • As the Clintons jibed at his inauguration: “five years ago that n… would have served us coffee.”

        • In the antebellum south (*sigh* — those were the days), there were two kinds of noggers — the field nogger and the house nogger. Obama was an example of the latter. Obama never controlled anything. His job was to look sombre while he permuted half a dozen cliches over and over again: “Let there be no mistake,” “We are the people we have been waiting for, “Hope ad Change”, ad nauseam. He was a marionette as well.

        • Whenever people start talking about this stuff I do find myself asking if there’s anyone doing serious scholarly work on the actual power network running the US. The only thing we all seem to agree on is that Biden is NOT really in charge. I’d be willing to consider any well argued case as to who is. I won’t rule it out but I, personally, don’t think it’s Obama. I’m basing this mainly just on the fact that power networks are always ethnic and racial ones first and foremost. I would start with the assumption that the real power is somebody White or (((White))).

          • I think it’s Bill Clinton and his old gang.

            The modern coup started with Russiagate, which was kicked off the morning after the 2016 election with Hillary’s non-concession speech. It had all the fingerprints of a Slick Willie Special, basically the same game plan they used against Kenneth Starr, only more ruthless and sophisticated.

    • Towards the end of Stalin’s life, even Molotov was marked for the chop. Polina Zhemchuzhina, his wife (whom the old bastard genuinely loved), was sent to the camps in 1948 when the Tribe got on Stalin’s shit list for being a bit too enthusiastic about Golda Meir’s Moscow gig.

      After Stalin died, Beria surprised Molotov in his office by returning Polina alive and in one piece. Doubtless in an attempt to shore up favour in the new leadership struggle. Didn’t work out so well as Russians weren’t going roll the dice with another @#$%ing Georgian anytime soon.

      Molotov Remembers is well worth a read.

  11. When a thief is robbing a house, rummaging through drawers that aren’t his, taking what he wants to take, he gives himself many excuses to do so. His sense of entitlement to the loot is without question. But as he catches himself in the mirror of the closet door, he knows he’s a thief. Biden, Pelosi, Turtle man, eye-patch man, all of them know that they’re thieves. They’re nothing more than looting con artists.

    The J6 people were calling the thieves out on their ethics. Having none, they have one only fig leaf, to scream at them while sending them to the dungeon. The fact that the J6 people were in town supporting their orange champion, a disloyal con-artist himself, is completely beside the point.

    To this day the right continues to support people, who, like Liberty Safe Co., freely give their master codes to their enemies without a fight, is the most depressing part of this era. Naiveté almost always ends in tears.

  12. The FBI is flat out assassinating normal people in their raids now, and if they keep coming up with these insane sentences, the writing on the wall is going to be to take a few out rather than rot in prison for the rest on your life. You can see the insanity in these goons with armored vehicles driving up early in the morning in a nice suburban neighborhood and raid the place like they are nabbing Jack the Ripper.

    On the plus side, the right is getting much better at elevating martyrs to their proper place. A short time ago, the right would hem and haw about how people like Randy Weaver didn’t deserve what happened to them, but they still weren’t “good people”. That’s out the window now.

    • “On the plus side, the right is getting much better at elevating martyrs to their proper place.”

      So who is, or will be, our “Horst Wessel”? Is he Trump? Will he be the basis for a new national anthem?

  13. Nice post, it touches on the concept of a holiness spiral.

    A holiness spiral occurs when sociopathic leftists engage in a intra-leftist power struggle by virtue signaling about who can go the furthest left. They do this by signaling their support for increasingly small concentric rings of the oppressed (women, minority women, disabled minority women, etc.), and whoever is able to signal solidarity with the smallest conceivable ring ends up as the ‘winner’ for being the most virtuous, which they then parlay into political power. Anyone who doesn’t meet the latest leftist holiness spiral is cast out and treated as an enemy; as the number of excluded enemies grows over time the greater the odds violence is ultimately used against them, which, unless stopped, ultimately leads to a leftist singularity of genocide against the excluded peoples (i.e. Bolshevik mass murder of the kulaks, Chinese communist mass murder of their political enemies and Khmer Rouge mass murder in Cambodia are three recent historical examples).

    Left wing holiness spirals only end in one of three ways: (1) a sociopathic individual of the holiest leftist groups ascends to power, as with Oliver Cromwell and Stalin, and then discovers that his followers are becoming even holier than he is and demanding greater holiness which threatens his rule, and therefore he turns away from those who were loyal to him based on shared faith in holiness and turns to those who are loyal out of desire for power, and he purges those to his left (such as Stalin using Beria and his apolitical gang, and Cromwell with his troops); (2) the leftist holiness spiral continues unabated cumulating in the Leftist Singularity, i.e. genocide of the hated mass of enemies until it profoundly weakens the polity and results in foreign conquest, as with Khmer Rouge Cambodia; or (3) a military leader takes power and puts an end to the holiness spiral, with examples such as Franco in Spain and either Napoleon or the Thermidorian reaction to the French Revolution, depending on how you look at it.

    – NF

    • Excellent summary…and the common factor in all holiness spirals is death in huge numbers..The Cambodians figure that half the population died in the Pol Pot madness (whereas Pol Pot’s former academic defenders, loyal to the end, claim the death toll was much smaller)….

      • When you have a country of 8M (1970) or so, arguing over 1 or 3 or ? million deaths becomes pretty meaningless. More to be learned wrt the how and why’s.

        One fact not to be overlooked/forgotten. Is the prime instigator Pol Pot was *never* brought to justice. He died peacefully as did Stalin.

          • Yes, you are correct. A better phrasing would be that neither died as justifiably miserably as Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu—late dictator couple of Romania.

  14. The whole Enrique Tarrio thing has me freaked. He wasn’t even in DC on the 6th.

    This government is rogue.

    • That is the entire point of the Tarrio psyop – to freak other dissidents out and keep them in line.

      That is much more efficient than the use of actual physical force, which I am not sure if these characters have much stomach for.

      I mean, I don’t see any potential Stalins or Pol Pots among this bunch.
      Near to medium-term everything they do will be a persistent, annoying nudge, like the hysteria to take the jab, yet there will still be ways out and around for thoughtful, resourceful people.

      Maybe I’m too optimistic about this point?

      • I agree with an aside Z had at one point in that the killers will, at some point, make themselves known. With presidential elections on the way out, and the need for legitimacy to be imparted by the system with them, an opportunity will present itself for those who are, as he says here, most cunning and ruthless.

      • Not only that, but the FBI is still going through Jan 6th footage with facial recognition software.

        Next year they might have better tools (AI) to find more faces and track them down. So over the next 2, 3, 5 years they might be able to find more unarmed Boomers to toss in jail for 30 years, just for being somewhat close to the capitol building.

        And even if it’s not really you because the facial rec tools made an error, do you have $100k to spend on lawyers to get you out of it?

    • If you steal $100 from a cashiers box when the clerk is distracted, you’ll get a fine and maybe a few days in jail for petty theft.

      If you and another person concoct an elaborate plan to steal the same $100 from the same til and your plan is uncovered by law enforcement before you implement it, you’re now going to face much harsher penalties for “conspiracy”…even though NOTHING WAS ACTUALLY STOLEN.

      Go figure.

      • Yep, and note this very fact is why so many cases of “conspiracy” are brought by prosecutors—same work, 10x’s the penalty.

    • It’s been rogue for awhile, but we seem to be spiraling into sheer unadulterated lawlessness…That doesn’t augur well for 2024….

      • Do you care? Should I care? Once upon a time, such discussion was common as this (dead White) man noted:

        “I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.” Thomas Paine

        This Boomer sees nothing wrong in that sentiment. It is as true today as then.

    • Not only did Tarrio do nothing, he *avoided* doing anything—and he’s an informant (former informant, he says, but there’s no such thing). His defense was that of course there was a seditious conspiracy / insurrection but Trump did it, not the Boys, except insofar as Trump hypnotized them into it. His sentencing statement was a Back The Blue speech. The government’s ass has rarely been so deeply kissed. For that he got most of the rest of his life in prison. Totally unjust and fully deserved.

  15. Just shooting from the hip, but I’m kind of thinking they’d be the sort to celebrate those incarcerations ….?

    • oops …. this was to follow KrusKurm below, and I see JerseyJeff beat me to it anyway, while I was out moving the sprinkler ….

  16. The closest thing that the Biden junta is those late dynasty eunuch governments. Usually near the end, when orders are given from the Forbidden City, nominally in the emperor’s name, but the emperor is only a puppet of the palace eunuchs. This is usually followed by “interesting times”. The best name for the Biden administration is “eunuch rule”

  17. In the history of America’s future, a Stalin-like figure, if any is forthcoming, would actually come from the other side.

    At the time of the Bolshevik Revolution, Russia was a poor and industrially backward country that had just suffered a disastrous butt-kicking in the First World War. The Bolsheviks, quite apart from being aligned with the fashionable intellectual currents of the times, promised bread and peace. Stalin eventually turned Russia into a military superpower and an industrial behemoth that was feared and respected around the world. There are reasons other than Marxist mythology that people might have overlooked the purges. A great many people within Russia genuinely admired Stalin, and still do.

    Our ruling class, on the other hand, promises a green revolution that will plunge the world into poverty and starvation before 10% of it is implemented. They promise endless foreign wars for no recognizable national interest. They promise humiliation abroad, discord at home, and less and worse of everything. No normal person wants anything to do with them, but plenty of normal people signed on with the Bolsheviks. The current regime in America is actually more like what the Tsarist government was fairly or unfairly accused of being—bloated, out of touch, incompetent, destructive, wasteful, arbitrary, and cruel.

    This would indicate that the proper analogy is not one that desires to be rid of the Stalinist tyranny, but which calls for one. In the show trials of today, it is Stalin (Trump) in the shackles, not in the judge’s seat. We live in an alternative history where the Trotskyites won.

    • Good point! Soviet rule can be divided into three distinct periods: Jewish (Lenin), Georgian (Stalin) and Ukrainian (Khrushchev/Brezhnev). Maybe we’re still in the earlier stage. I mean, was Lenin particularly averse to imprisoning his enemies?

      • Lenin taught Stalin everything he knew. He was almost as murderous, and God only knows what Lenin’s death toll would have been if he hadn’t died fairly soon after gaining power.

    • Indeed…The neocons who have taken over the US government started out as Trotskyites, and still have a bitter hatred of Stalin and now Putin…

      • Correct about Them (200 Years) and about ‘you’ (Commencement Address) — present company mostly excepted of course.

        The man nailed it every time… Is there an American author who came even close to telling as much truth? Tom Wolfe perhaps… and he had to disguise himself as a dandy and clown around in order to get away with it.

    • That’s not bad, but in point of fact, the vast majority of the early Bolsheviks were bloody-eyed maniacs for whom murder was the first, not the last result. Stalin’s innovation was in murdering his fellow Bolsheviks rather than just the peasants, but I imagine any of the other major Bolsheviks would have done something similar had they triumphed instead of Stalin. In other words, Stalin’s murderousness sprang from a blood-gulping milieu and political culture. I don’t think the DR can hold a candle to the Bolsheviks in that regard, thus we are less likely to produce a Stalin.

      • There’s that. Not sure how much retconning has happened, but Stalin did seem to grasp that the Soviet Union had a very brief window of time in which to industrialise (*) so that it could deal with threats from Japan and Germany… even Poland would have looked like potential trouble ca. 1930.

        To do so required killing off all the Trots who wanted to divert resources to continuous revolution at home and exporting it around the world, and collectivising agriculture so that production could be confiscated and sold overseas to finance industrialisation. Sorry Kulaks. Eggs, omelettes.

        Of course it helped greatly that he was a natural born intriguer and killer.

        Still it was a damned close run thing and the Germans might have made it to Vladivostok had he started the forced industrialisation ball rolling 5 years later.

        * Hard for us to imagine just how much this involved. Wasn’t just building out entire industries from scratch — also required training a generation of engineers, technicians, tradesmen from scratch out of the smart fraction of a vast pool of agricultural peasants.

        • Exactly! The early Bolshevik fanatics were incompetent when it came to building and running industry, military, and farming. Stalin had to kill these (((Bolshevik Fanatics))) to allow the competent normal Russians to build a world power. That’s why the current descendants of the Bolsheviks hate Stalin, Putin, and the Russians who took their earned and meritocratic place in the Soviet Union.

        • I don’t see much evidence that Stalin, a Georgian, was any sort of Russian nationalist. He was a Bolshevik, a communist, and he worked for the triumph of global communism. But rather than focus on fomenting revolution around the world, he felt that the best chance for communism’s triumph was the continued survival of the USSR.

    • This is a very good point and explains a lot about the history of the Soviet Union. It seems hard to believe given today’s society but it actually *was* possible back then to be a hard-nosed, tough minded realist *and* a sincere Bolshevik.

      Of all the likely (bad) near-term futures for the US, one of the less catastrophic is something a lot like Franco’s Spain. In particular, at this point the managerial class is so laden with women, faggots, and believers in some kind of “green” utopia, that the only thing that can restore sanity and put the country on a road to prosperity is going to be some kind of a purge. It will also need to be pretty heavy handed with jail or worse as a common reward for non-compliance.

      Probably as recently as the Bush administration putting the word out that utopianism was no longer the official doctrine would have sufficed to get most of the manager class to return to reality. At this point you’re going to have to reverse-brainwash a lot of them like they used to do with cult deprogramming.

      NO! lithium batteries are NOT an “energy source”, at best they are a (bad) way to store energy you generate with something like coal

      NO! you cannot “train” a typical ghetto niglet to be a software engineer – and of course.

      NO! a guy in a dress and heels is NOT capable of carrying a child to term…

  18. I was also going to chime in that unfortunately, when Biden finally shuffles off this mortal coil, none of his supporters/handlers will be dealt with, as has been noted, he is not running the show. However this fanatical governance ends, it won’t happen with the demise of the frontman.

    • uNt-

      You are correct, because the system itself is the cancer that is destroying the US, the collective West, and in some ways the very fabric of reality itself.

  19. Doc Mabuse makes a great point about prison as crucible and preparatory school for counterrevolution. If I recall my Irish history, starting with Collins, all of the eventual movers and shakers in the independent Irish state were incarcerated together and had years to plan and become inured to the wet work that lay ahead of them.

    • 3 Pipe Problem: The Irish or Russian revolutionaries were not imprisoned amongst other, more violent races whose predations were both instigated and condoned by the authorities. The Jan 6 prisoners have been illegally held, uncharged, for 2 years, but in a DC jail albeit with hateful blaq jailers. Now that they’ve been sentenced, they’ll be transferred to federal facilities, won’t they? Please correct me if I’m wrong. But I assume they will then be mixed in with the general prison population and be in serious danger from all the blaq felons.

      • No. Black felons do not run the Federal Prisons. Mexicans and white men control violence in the Federal Prison system. Over all—there is very little violence in the Federal Prison system. It’s a monastic experience with many interesting people.

      • Not necessarily. The Fed’s run several maximum security facilities. And there are any number of reasonably non-violent folk in these prisons. Since the sentences are long and the charged act the worse violation the elite can think of (lèse-majesté). I’d not be surprised if to top it off, the Proud Boys get sent there.

  20. Maybe we have to start steeling ourselves to face the eventual prospect of prison. I know that some preppers have a fantasy of retreating to a fortified homestead, and shooting it out at the end, but that’s not likely to be the case for most people, and it’s a waste of manpower. If it must be prison, being organized in advance will help things. Just as gang members find a support system of their own kind behind bars, dissidents should be a tight, supportive group who’ll look out for each other in the worst of situations.

    Since you’ve mentioned the Bolsheviks, let’s not forget that many of them spent time in prisons and Siberian camps before their successful revolution. It was an experience that hardened them and they used it to recruit members to their cause, too.

  21. Biden does not have dementia. I don’t know what he has because there’s definitely an ebb and flow but there are times he can talk
    extremely well extemporaneously, joke around and laugh and no dementia patient ever reaches that high a level of cognizance, ever. Anyone that’s been around a lot of dementia patients knows this. I don’t know what’s going on with him but that’s not what it is

    • It is a good point and I have thought about this too. Old people tend to be foggy at times, but never completely out of and then back to being clear thinking. Also, Biden seems to have problems with spatial awareness. He gets lost in small spaces will just wander off at times. Someone noted that he is wearing special shoes to help with balance.

      The thing to keep in mind is he has medical care not available to the rest of us. Jacking him full of drugs to get through a interview is not out of the question. We may only be seeing the best Biden.

      • There is a Star Trek episode where Kirk and gang go looking for a wayward starship captain who had incorporated nazi syle governing on a planet. He thought he could use just the organizational aspects of it but it all degenerated into the usual.

        They found him being drugged up to give speeches and being used by the nazi type handlers. Then doped him down again when not needed. I always think of Biden when I remember this episode.

        I agree on probably not dementia but maybe hardening of the brain arteries or something differently debilitating. More so , the movement, cognizance and speech of a 90 year old.

        • I’m not a medical doctor, but the diagnosis of “dementia” is probably very broad and takes many forms (varies). Having seen some family descend, there are different manifestations IMHO.

          My uncle’s mother was in a “rest home” with such. We visited her shortly before the end and she could not recognize him, but was able to carry on a perfectly “normal” conversation with me—including memories of me as a child.

          The mind and its working is still a very mysterious phenomena. One thing though, dementia progresses from better to worse—inexorably.

      • Yes that’s what everyone says he has drugs that other people don’t have access to. I don’t believe that there are any drugs in existence that are able to bridge the gap from his worst to his best.

        • I don’t know. Old people whose minds are going do have good days and bad days. Even people with Alzheimer’s have periods of lucidity so it is not out of the question that Biden could have periods where he seems to be on the ball, maybe helped by drugs, and periods where he struggles to stay focused.

          That said, his behavior is certainly out of the ordinary. This last episode where he sprinted out of the room is well outside of what we would expect from an old guy losing his marbles. On the other hand, Mitch McConnell locking up in public is also extremely bizarre. Maybe experimental drugs are the missing piece of the puzzle.

          • A common thing for old people is “sundowning” where whatever mental problem they have gets far worse later in the day once they’re tired. They may simply be making Biden get a solid 8 hours of sleep then having him do his speech when he’s freshly awake.

      • Joe Biden is like Leonid Brezhnev at this point, but older and with better drugs than 1982. Remember that Joe had not one, but two brain aneurysms in 1988. That is what is catching up to him now. He was always monumentally stupid, but his brain took damage 35 years ago that never went away.

        • If that’s your poison (and I hope it is not), you should head out East. As in the Far East. They’re still yuuuge in places like Malaysia, Indonesia.

          Air Supply was filling the Hong Kong Coliseum in the 90s when they were at the pubs and retirement homes circuit stage back in Australia. Felt pretty incongruous back then, but there’s no accounting for taste — especially transplanted taste.

          Oh dear… googling tells me they’re coming to Hong Kong too this December. Smaller venue as more of their local audience demographic are now filling Depends instead of arenas.

    • Biden shows plenty of signs of mid-stage dementia, but he has a large staff busy keeping him managed and medicated. Without his courtiers covering for him, he would present as a typical dementia case.

  22. This is a very good piece Z!

    The only question I have is: Who is our current day Stalin? I find it hard to believe the decrepit geezer is running anything so who must pass on so that the purging of the “cheering section” can progress?

    Because if there is one thing I am waiting for… its the purging of the supporters.

    • Tyrants are a reflection of the culture that produces them. Russia has always favored the strong leader. Russian culture is steeped in this ideal. He did not pick the name “Stalin” by accident. He knew the Russian character and he knew it would add to his image as a strong leader.

      America is a different culture so we will get a tyranny that reflects our culture. Our is a a Judeo-Puritan tyranny, which brings its own unique qualities like sanctimony and moral hectoring. We do not get a Stalin, we get a Jonathan Edwards surrounded by a chorus of rabbis.

      • That’s a good take Z, I was going to ask the question before Bluebeard beat me to it.
        Seems like us coming from an English foundation our Stalin is going to indeed look more like Jonathan Edwards, or Cromwell in a dress as it’s looking now.

      • Honest position, I understand the Puritan part less the more I think about it. Certainly true in the past (Reconstruction, Prohibition, maybe even eugenics), and I don’t dismiss the idea, but the morality today is immoral. Getting down in the mud instead of a purity spiral. Inverted, not, you know, puritanical.

        Again, not dismissing it, but can people become their opposite and still be themselves? Anyway, just a rather inchoate sense I’ve got. What do I know?

        • The morality used to be Christian, but today they’ve eliminated the Christianity, yet the moralizing continues. It wasn’t about Christianity; it was about being the Ones Who Know and pushing around all the Others Who Don’t.

        • That’s kind of what I’m getting at. Being a Pennsylvanian, being around Quakers and anabaptists, there’s the sense of election, or at least of being apart. Purity or superiority. Big difference is pacifism. Puritans— Cromwell, witch trials— domination. Subversion, multiracial trans goo doesn’t seem the style, so something about that chafes. Plus the fact that America doesn’t seem American anymore.

          • Other things too. For instance, EMJ will talk about WASP elites engineering the Great Migration to break Catholic power in northern cities. OK, I’m open to that, but I’d have to accept that these are blithering idiots who accidentally got that far, or they were willing to, in effect, commit societal suicide to… get Catholics? It strains credulity.

            I am, or should be, a WASP, a Puritan-adjacent northerner, and yet the characterizations are very foreign to me. Not that I feel at home in New England, but I find it partially relatable, partially foreign— same for the South. Again, probably a PA thing.

            Plus, the nearly-lifelong sense of alienation and disenfranchisement. It all makes me wonder.

        • George Bagby has a great history on the 2nd Great Awakening that shows how the Puritan side emerged and is still very much a part of the Judeo-Puritan (brilliant description), tyranny. This is 3 hours but worth every minute. It is remarkable how these movements were anti-Christian even in the early 19th century.

          Bagby’s seminar on slavery in America is incredible as well. He did that with J. Burden as well.

          • Thanks, I’ll check it out tonight.

            I’ll say the one possibility that makes sense to me is that the North, especially New England, educated themselves stupid. I suppose conquest by idea would be subversive, and one might become so retarded one might think suicide is defeating the enemy. Hard to believe somebody wouldn’t eventually snap out of it, though!

      • Ugh.

        Perhaps let us look at the culture producing our would-be tyrants, Z: Queers. Drug addicts. Geriatric geezers. Jews. Trannies. Welfare slobs. Black women. Crime families. These idiots took a functional superpower of a nation and are running it into the ground before our eyes. The military can no longer recruit or retain talent. Major cities are collapsing and prolapsing under their rule. These guys cannot even handle a prosperous and orderly country.

        I am not fond of this comparison. Our clowns will get swept away and burned to ash the second America has to get serious. By contrast, Uncle Joe had to build a super power from the ashes of empire. Russia was backward, illiterate and starving when Uncle Joe took power. His enemies were as bloodthirsty as he was.

        I guess what I’m trying to say is that when you have to reform and radically change a country just to keep it fed with the lights on… you will need to kill an awful lot of people dedicated to keeping it freezing in the dark.

        Hrrrrrrmmmm. Flip that around. Imagine that America falls as Globohomo and Clown World inevitably implode. Things are dire; people starve, black markets surge, rival factions fight to become local warlords. Further – Imagine that our intrepid Dissidents will need to rebuild a solid, secure and prosperous nation. Welp…you are going to need to eliminate all the potential sources of threat too. The queers, the swamp, the jews, the trannies, the druggies, the illegals, the vibrant blacks, the welfare scum, the activists… all these guys will destroy you if you don’t move against them.

        Pretty soon, we start to look like Stalin or you-know-who. Decaying countries produce parasites that will need to be killed if the country is ever to recover…

        Errr…sorry for these random farts from the outhouse. Some days it’s harder to stay focused than others.

        • Stalin didn’t kill parasites, He literally had random quotas of numbers to be killed that his henchmen like Kruschchev and Yezhov had to meet. Absolute madness.

      • No, its the Lightworker. He never left. I predicted back in 2016 he would stage a coup, and he did. Just not the way I figured. It was a “secret coup” ala Russia Gate and the sort of sneaky thing the Lightworker really likes, like disqualifying his mentor from election by challenging signatures.

        If you wonder why transexuals and the like being pushed on kids is a thing, well the gay black man running the nation has an answer for that. Right after he finishes his crack pipe.

        • No: it’s the fellow who’s always been “behind” The Illuminator:
          Patr ic Ga spard, and HIS handlers
          Once-upon-a, P.G. was “humble labor organizer for SEIU 1199”. But P.G. is long, long past those days.

      • True enough. That said, there was plenty of moral hectoring in the good ol’ USSR. Those deemed insufficiently enthusiastic for global communism were condemned as “shirkers,” “wreckers,” and “right deviationists.” The Soviet narrative had a strong whiff of moral sanctimony alright.

    • We don’t need a Stalin, we have “the party.” The party is made up of a bunch of mini-Stalins. “The System” doesn’t allow for a single Stalin, at least not yet. At least Soviet dissidents had someone to point at and personify the state/party.

  23. Z: “What followed, of course, was more show trials of Old Bolsheviks, who were found guilty and then shot. A few escaped death and were sent to labor camps where they were expected to die. The show trials were then followed by waves of arrests, executions, and purges of the party. No one knows for sure how many died in Stalin’s purges, but the general consensus is between seven hundred thousand and one million people were killed in the process.”

    So after Saint Joseph’s intervention, the world had about a million FEWER Bolsheviks than before?


    What’s not to like here?

    • Yeah – there is the argument that guys like Stalin and Cromwell are in some sense the good guys of the story. If you’re caught in a Girardian spiral that ends with a war of all against all, then the solution is literally the Devil’s: unite the people against a common class of scapegoats and murder the scapegoats.

      In that reading, Stalin is the one who prevented the complete obliteration of the Russian people. Like someone said one time, “It is better that one [million men] die than that the entire nation should perish.”

      • Saint Joseph also built the wall which kept out the Mind Virus.

        Fast forward about three quarters of a century, and Mother Russia doesn’t have Tranny Reading Hour in the skrewl lieberry.

        Nor does Mother Russia have gender mutilation of children.

        Nor does Mother Russia have a 43% upper limit on White Russian fighter pilots.

  24. they’re known for helping people convicted of more serious offenses (i.e. DP or life in prison type sentences) but maybe the innocence project needs to get into these cases?

    • Oh, I am quite sure that these fundamental leftists are in sympathy with the incarcerations of these MAGA minions of BOM. There is no balm forthcoming from that Giliad.

      • What I’m saying is that it’s time to stand up for stuff even if you don’t agree with it. Like the supreme court justices in 1969 didn’t share the views of Clarence Brandenburg. But the point was to support their constitutional right out of principle.

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