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This week is one of those shows where I just turn on the mic and talk for an hour off the top of my head without knowing where I am going with it. Some people think these are the best shows, but I am skeptical. The inspiration for the show is a post I did earlier in the week behind the green door. The topic of that post was the difficulty enjoying old movies and television as a dissident.

Once you are aware of why Jake from State Farm is a black guy now, you see the tentacles of the people behind it in all sorts of things. Those old movies you enjoyed a million years ago suddenly look different to you. You notice the little bits of subversion in them that has led to where we are now. You cannot enjoy them as you once did because you see what you did not see the first time.

Thinking about it, this extends to other things. Once your eyes are opened to certain things, you turn into Roddy Randy Piper from They Live. You keep putting on the dissident classes, seeing things that maybe you wished you had not seen, but you cannot stop doing it. In the show I used the example of Ronald Reagan, who many here no doubt grew up thinking of as a great president.

This may not sound too bad, but it does bring the risk of turning the dissident into someone incapable of feeling joy. You cannot watch a movie or television show without getting angry about the subversion. A mindless thing like a sporting event turns into another arena of the great struggle. If you are not careful, you cut yourself off from your fellow citizens with regards to the popular culture.

More important, you can find yourself at war with the past. For left-wing radicals, this is a good thing as they want to be free of the past. Normie, of course, wants to return to some mythical place in the past. Dissidents do not want to be free of the past, but have an honest relationship with it, in order to figure out what comes next. This is a unique challenge to the modern dissident.

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283 thoughts on “Dissident Happiness

  1. Some of us remember the film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

    From 1967.

    Yeah, it’s been going on a looooong time.

  2. Only an immensely intelligent and articulate human being “can just turn on the mic” and produce these insights. Very impressive individual.

  3. sadly, not one thing will be different no matter which one of those puppets were elected. so who cares?

  4. One can find happiness, and also weirdness, in adaptations of older materials where the underlying geology pokes through. Example: the ABC Murders on Netflix (starring John Malkovich as Hercule Poirot). As a BBC adaptation of two separate novels by Agatha Christie by some modern woman, there are the usual “Modern Audiences” (echo by “critical drinker” on YT): black Catholic priest, Poirot no longer being an observant Catholic. “Anti-immigrant” marches in 1933 Britain — with semi-fascist symbols (never happened, there were neither immigrants nor threats of immigrants in 1933 Britain nor were Mosley’s Black Shorts anything before 1937 and even then his followers numbered less than 10,000 in Britain).

    But there is weirdness of the Old poking through. Women do not come off well in this limited series (other than a few). There is an upper class gold-digger secretary, a lower class sloot, and a working class woman who abuses/whores out her own daughter. Think about that — criticizing female slootiness, prostitution, and gold digging. Heck Gold digging even existing. Its inconceivable now. Its as if Monica Lewinsky belonged to an alternate universe.

    As Steve Sailer noted, you don’t see either real life or fictional gold diggers much anymore. Other than Elon Musk (who is now just HATED by the women at the FT hilariously) no tech mogul has been able despite the money to get a hot girlfriend. Your average drug addict / bike messenger pulls hotter women than those big shots. Look at Sam Bankster-Fraud, with all his loot he could only pull a human-turtle hybrid, the younger female version of Turtle Mitch. Same with Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos (who had to settle for some aging used up cougar).

    Gold diggers just don’t exist in the modern world. That’s a huge clue to the big shift. Our world is so insane because women neither want or need male support. This produced a massive shift to the left, in everything.

    Even so, the old stuff does poke through the landscape, so to speak, at odd times.

    • Gold diggers are everywhere. Take a look at women’s profiles any dating site: 6 ft tall, 6 pack abs, and 6 figures.
      There are videos and news stories of women demanding to see a man’s bank statement on a first date off if hookup sites like Tinder and Bumble.
      Only now… the guy has to be “hot” and have money.
      Get your head out of the sand dude!

  5. Off topic thoughts on Russell Brand:

    He seems to have started out as an unthinking leftist but the big profits of the pharmaceutical companies from Covid seemed to make him critical of big business, big science and big media. Now, he’s dissident right, even if he doesn’t realize it.

    I don’t doubt that the women who are complaining are describing incidents that actually happened.

    Russell’s escapades occurred at the cusp of consent: women want to be overpowered by a dominant, successful man. Yet if, after the domination, the man abandons the woman, then she wants revenge.

    The woman was fully willing in the moment to be taken and dominated, but is bitterly disappointed and vengeful afterwards, if he goes on without her.

    • The singer in the slightly popular band I was in a long time ago looked a lot like post-fat Russell Brand. The number of (what might retrospectively be considered) sex crimes I saw him commit is beyond counting.

      I “got away with” about two thirds as many, because I was a slightly less square-jawed musician too.

      Regular dudes cannot imagine what horrifying whores their future wives were (on average) when they were young. When they find out, they flip out, and their wives start claiming to be rape victims.

      They were not. I will never believe *any* celebrity rape accusation that’s less obviously criminal than Roman Polanski’s. *That* is what celebrity rape is like. The rest is women being women.

  6. Listening to the podcast made me think of the bending of the knee the McCaskey Clan did in the last year.

    Kevin Warren – President and CEO

    Ryan Pokes – General Manager

    Tanesha Wade – SVP Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

    Why, with all those Magical Kneegr00ws, the Bears should be solid for years to come!

    (I almost forgot, the Magical quarter back)

    Spoiler alert; they may not win a game all season. Although I don’t think the league would allow that.

    I look forward to the hand wringing and gnashing of teef when they fail miserably.

    • I don’t follow them like I used to (moving away so you don’t get every game on free TV helped with that), so I hadn’t put it all together like you have. The Warren thing sort of stood out to me at the time, though. Delaney set up the Big Ten the way it was for Warren, so he just had to stand there and not screw up. That gets him president of an NFL team? We also can’t forget the newish NFL rule where if you hire non-white executives, you get extra draft picks. I hope the extra 5th round pick is worth it.

  7. I have now listened to the show. One comment springs to mind.

    A feeling of general dissatisfaction with the world is not necessarily the result only of the intrusion of woke or progressive ideas into the entertainment space. A similar feeling of disgust would eventually be produced simply by the discernment of mere human insufficiency and mixed motives. For instance, it is not possible to enjoy movies or sporting events once you realize that actors and athletes use their fame principally as a vehicle to advance tawdry aims. If black monks hadn’t soured you on Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein should have sufficed all on his own.

    There is no way out of this. It is not possible for a sufficiently advanced person to simply enjoy a movie or a sporting event, as if his ultimate end could be satisfied on the earthly plane. Only simpletons can take such things unironically; an advanced man must take them ironically or not at all.

    You might even say that the wokeness has done everyone a favor by serving as a memento mori. It makes it all the more easier to detach from things which should not be heartily embraced anyway. But once you begin to detach from human culture, it leads to a depressive mental crisis that can only be resolved by embracing the transcendent God, and realizing that this world is a vale of tears that can never provide lasting satisfaction.

    Spiritual maturity means taking up the cross. You can never go back. You can only advance towards God and care for the world as it is, laboring in charity, knowing you will never be happy this side of heaven.

  8. Great article and comments. Some say its the (((liberal media))) pushing this on us, and theres truth to that, but even if we deported every (((usual suspect))) tomorrow, we’d still have that awful voting behavior of… women. Working with them in marketing and advertising, in my experience, theyre the ones pushing for diversity and inclusion everywhere. They love their gay friends, and the token black woman coworker who’s there to make them all feel kind and cosmopolitan. They were also quick to put their pronouns in their work bios, and the pipsqueak liberal guys who fawn over them follow suit. I cant watch anything anymore without imagining some liberal spinster in her 50s at a script meeting saying “theres too many white men in this story!” Deep down, she’s angry at all the white chads who banged her out and dumped her for a church girl over the course of 30 years. Unfortunately, She wont see the error of her ways until Shaneequa stuffs a pillow over her face in her retirement home. “But i voted for democrrrrrrrr…”

    • The overwhelming majority of women are driven by the herd instinct. The only difference in the past is that culture and tradition was there telling women to fit in by breeding instead of the (((media))) telling them to spend all their time and money on purse dogs, dildos, and dildo accessory bedazzling kits.

      The trad idea of a Christian Chad Thundercock managing to plow a woman so good that she becomes capable of holding men in any sort of esteem is wishful thinking. In the real world 90% of men are just slugs and will always be slugs, and those who refuse to be slugs end up unmarried for their defiance. I was watching some cartoons from back in the 50s/60s and the repeated joke was the woman is henpecking the honey-do husband and beating him with a frying pan or umbrella. Sure these women are mad because they want chores done while doofus wants to play golf so at least its eusocial, but that beta male dynamic was still there back in the olden days.

      • I want to support Ploppy’s message, “The overwhelming majority of women are driven by the herd instinct.”

        There are so many commenters who implicate white women as the main source of our troubles, which is a mistake. Most women have little agency or ability to think independently. Women just supplicate those that they perceive as the current winners. Assigning women the blame for our predicament is like getting mad at a dog who follows the one who feeds it.

        I understand the disappointment that white men feel that white women do not have more loyalty to our people, but you’re asking too much of them.

        I hope that no one will accuse me of “white knighting” for white women after I have appraised their capacities so low. This is why they shouldn’t vote. Sure, there are a few white women who rise above my unflattering characterization, just like there a few smart blacks or harmless chosen, but that doesn’t change their aggregate behavior.

        When you’re mad at white women, I suggest that you ask who programmed them to perceive white men as losers.

        • Yea, sad reality is that strong men need to herd womens behaviours and constantly stand as a rock against the never ending waves of shit tests, insults and attacks. In theory the more strong men there are the less punishment you take, as most are happy to say no to womens wimsical demands. This requires a strong community of likeminded men with similar goals and values.

    • Surely crapping on our own women is the way forward. What do we as a forward looking people need them for anyway?

      In my bugman urbanite pretend work office the women are awful… which certainly proves that white women everywhere are awful. The solution is obviously that we all go full MGTOW and hump each other’s butts like real men do.

      Or maybe if we tell them how much we hate them that’ll lure them over to our side so they enthusiastically make all the damn sandwiches for our Get Rid of Slimy girlS club meetings? If there’s one thing that inspires women to submit to a man its getting an earful of his bitchy resentment.

  9. I had forgotten the black monk in Name of the Rose . . . for some reason it still doesn’t bother me even after you point it out though, not in the way a scene does from the film 1917 does, the one near the film’s beginning showing British World War I Tommies as background characters. It just didn’t happen. The blacks weren’t highlighted but definitely were for some reason more noticeable to me in that film. Spoke to a fellow WWI history buff who saw the film and knows all the various correct buttons and helmets from WWI about it. He claimed to have not noticed the black faces at all when he watched the movie, and sadly I think he was telling the truth.

    • “He claimed to have not noticed the black faces.”

      The concern is that it affected him on a subconscious level to ascribe to blacks in general much greater intelligence than they have, on average. What are the chances that a black man would have been a scholarly monk back in WW1?

      It’s like how, in movies and TV, every computer genius is a black person, which is almost too inaccurate to exaggerate.

      We dismiss this stuff as harmless flattery of blacks, but it subconsciously conditions many people to believe that multitudes of genius-level blacks are being ignored due to racism. And then they hate us for that.

      • There weren’t blacks in the British army mixed in with British soldiers. There were a small number of black laborers in their own units..

        Colonial troops would be in separate units but the idea that black troops were drafted from the UK is a gross lie. Fewer than 50 k non-whites in the UK pre 1950!

        Maybe it’s jarring because you know it’s a crass lie. Sam Mendes was the director;maybe check out his early life.

  10. I live in football country (southeast). I appreciate your unscripted podcasts. In our area, football players, specifically black ones, are elevated to Godhood. The college next to my town had a black player rape a drunk white girl over the summer and it was filmed. Now I know women who put themselves in that situation shouldn’t expect anything other than that. But to this day, he’s seen no jail time and was suspended for only ONE game. Things like that make it impossible for me to even watch a game without wanting to destroy the television. I have an old family friend who has been a large part of the athletic circle in my area. He was so enraged about it. “If that where my daughter…”. He’s on the verge of FINALLY crossing the great divide. Or so I thought. He seems to think things like this happening are ALL joe bidens fault. I don’t have the heart to tell him that he should also look in the mirror, as he has played a huge roll in running cover for these animals, even though it was unintentional. He can’t bring himself to even acknowledge race as a factor. Its frustrating. He has a voice in our community and could actually help the cause if I could just get to him without coming off as a white sheet, pointy hat wearing “nazi”. Any advice would be appreciated from anyone. He’s on the edge, I’m just not wise enough to get him over.

  11. Wanting wholesome entertainment at the end of the day, my ex-wife and I watched a lot of television shows from the 1950s and 1960s, like Leave it to Beaver and Andy Griffith.

    As enjoyable as the Munsters were, it was the first TV show where the subversion was noticeable.

    First, the family was creepy yet people were expected to accept them nonetheless. The message was “always accept outsiders even when your instincts warn you.” This theme of always accepting outsiders was a constant in Little House on the Prairie. (In my opinion, accepting outsiders that our instincts warned us about is probably the single greatest cause of our current predicament.)

    Second, the father, Herman, was the first idiot husband, foreshadowing Homer Simpson.

    The same people that created the Munsters earlier created Leave it to Beaver and surprisingly, they were not “typical” Hollywood people, as far as I can tell.

  12. Dude, you’re reading my mind again. My wife loves old Hollywood films, and I find myself biting my tongue sometimes as we watch them together–“The Searchers” just a few months ago.

    As the old Liberty Lobby newspaper, “The Spotlight” used to say, “the mind, once expanded to the size of a new idea, never returns to its former dimensions”, or something like that.

  13. Speaking of subversion, is no one going to mention the Cohn’s Hail Caesar?

    A whole subplot revolves around the Communist writers, during which the disgruntled bastards go on and on to George Clooney explaining how they have for years filled their screenplays with The Message.

    Meanwhile the heroes of the story are the intensely Catholic and family-focused studio boss and the straight-shooting working-class cowboy star. His horse is named Whitey. At one point as the studio guy needs to make a big career decision and asks his wife (in the kitchen, as she prepares a late dinner for him) what she thinks he should do. Our blonde beauty replies “Gee honey, you know best.”

    I don’t think this was a spoof. More like an homage.

    Are the two Jewish boys from Minnesota secret dissidents?

    • I never saw that movie, but I did see A Serious Man, made by the same Coen brothers. This is likely the most anti-Jewish movie ever made, to the point where any dissident would watch it and be amazed it even came out. Needless to say, it could only possibly be made by Jews, and not just any, but those who established their independence and success within the industry long before (Spielberg could never make this movie, nor would he want to).

      • The plot summary for that on Wikipedia is pretty amazing, but I don’t know if I’d want to sit through it. I’m kind of done with the whole “relentlessly depressing” genre.

    • I saw “Hail Caesar” when it first came out. There were about three people in the theater. Josh Brolin is great as Eddie Mannix. I’d recommend it to any bad thinker.

      The commies in “Hail Caesar” reminded me that the brothers who wrote “Casablanca” were a couple of near-commies. One of them later bragged in an interview about slipping in some reddish dialogue. I remember some character praising Rick for smuggling arms to the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War–that sort of thing.

      “Casablanca” is a vastly overrated, mawkish soap opera.

      • For a good laugh, every dissident should see ‘The North Star’, a 1943 pro-Soviet film straight from Hollywood. Written by Lillian Hellman, it could just as well been written by Stalin himself, it’s so over the top.

        As a palate cleanser, watch ‘Ninotchka’, a 1939 comedy written and directed by Ernst Lubitsch. It’s hilarious, and it’s based.

      • interestingly, amazon will not sell the dvd of The Ballad of Buster Scruggs by the Coen Bros, they will sell you the book or the soundtrack but not the movie, presumably because of bad injuns killing white folks cuz we all know that dint happen.

  14. What if the tradition is liberal? That is the true dilemma of American conservatives. America was founded as a liberal, secular country, so you end up defending some sort of liberalism if you stand up for tradition (the Republican game plan).

  15. Although my wife is far closer to the divide than she was twenty or even five years ago, it’s not likely to be a river she’ll ever cross. And because of what I see now, there aren’t many shows or movies we can watch together anymore due to my, some would say, commenting or sighs or eye rolling, thus I just typically go read a book or some such. She’s happy watching hers, I watch mine and there are a scant few we watch together. It works. It’s too bad, but it’s hard to unsee once you’ve seen…

      • Wendy, for the sake of GOD ALMIGHTY find a pure-b100ded White Chad to fertilize your ova.

        Under no circumstances whatosever may you surrender your precious White ova to a sh!tlib [and especially not to a v@xxinated sh!tlib].

    • Funny to see this because this is EXACTLY my situation. That being said, my wife sounds like she’s a bit closer to our side of the river bank than yours. Her move over to this side has accelerated greatly in the past year. She sees what I see now…

    • Some phrases said by NO woman, EVER:

      “Let’s Roll”
      “I have not yet begun to fight”
      “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”
      “Fill your hand, you sonofabitch”

      Happy Autumnal Equinox

  16. There are som things I know now that make it hard to find much satisfaction in normie stuff.
    It is clear that we ae ruled over by very dangerous people who are in the control of an international group of some kind that intends to herd what’s left of us into concentration camps called “15 min cities” after they rid the world of a huge number of us . springing Covid on us was their grabbing of all the power worldwide that they didn’t already have. jsince then , it will not matter who we vote for, the machines will put their puppet in charge. the media and their fake polls befor the election will convince us it happened because outr fellow citizens are completely insane. The WEF is real, and they tell us where they are going because they believe we are hackable annimals, to paraphrase yuval Haraui. The tools they hack us with is the media and culture. they have complete control of it. someone somewhere wants a lot of us gone.
    on that happy note, have a great weekend.

    • nothing new under the sun?

      “with an “undying hatred of the traditional Christian world” and lust for domination, to destroy nation-states and impose Jewish control, using toxic political ideologies, by experts in governing of many centuries: Jews, over ignorant Goyim masses using corrupt puppets, weaponizing every sector and institution of the nations to demoralize, confuse, pervert and subvert the populations.”

      Wickham Steed writing in the London Times in 1920.

      Wickham Steed writing in the London Times in 1920.

      • nothing new under the sun?

        “with an “undying hatred of the traditional Christian world” and lust for domination, to destroy nation-states and impose Jewish control, using toxic political ideologies, by experts in governing of many centuries: Jews, over ignorant Goyim masses using corrupt puppets, weaponizing every sector and institution of the nations to demoralize, confuse, pervert and subvert the populations.”

        Wickham Steed writing in the London Times in 1920.


    • miforest: “it will not matter who we vote for, the machines will put their puppet in charge. the media and their fake polls before the election will convince us it happened because our fellow citizens are completely insane”

      Gavin Newsome just threw his hat into the ring…

      Shocker: Gavin Newsom Vetoes ‘Transgender Affirming’ Child Custody Bill

      What are we looking at now?

      Gavin Newsome versus Michael O’Bama?

      And when does Hillary make her move?

      This is the sort of internecine warfare which we are obliged to douse with premium octane gasoline.

      • Hillary was in the news today, still complaining about Vlad the Bad.


        So apparently Hillary is strongly considering throwing her size-B-cupped bra into the bonfire.

        Will Michael Obama overtly pull the virtue-snivelling tranny card on both Gavin & Hillary?

        That would be like a cross between a Monty Python skit and the unmasking of the villain in Scooby Doo.

        Tonight, at 11:00 PM, on Eyewitness News, Michael Obama unveils his 6-inch clitoris!!!

  17. While listening to the show I though of the second Jurassic Park movie. I first was good but the second was saturated with PC. Not surprised coming from Spielberg. A strong woman character and a black girl who was completely out of place in the movie. In a silly part of the movie, the girl does gymnastics and takes out a few dinosaurs, and the step-father says, ‘and you didn’t make the gynastics the team?’ Of course, we are all supposed to think she didn’t make the team because of racism. Then they ruin the part of the great white hunter, making him effeminate man with an earring in his right ear, and very close to his east Indian helper.

  18. Reagan was not a great prez (unless you compare him to Biden). What I remember about him is that he was not hostile to the country and the people he ruled, in sharp contrast to our current rulers.

    • It would seem like a basic job requirement. I can’t recall any major presidential candidate prior to The Precious who openly insulted the voters, but starting with him, it has become a feature of each successive D nominee.

    • He was not overtly hostile. Unless he really was as senile as the MSM claimed, his betrayals are unforgivable.

    • Reagan does remind me of Joe Biden, a senile old man manipulated by those around him. The neocons got their feet in the door with Reagan.

    • Reagan had talented speechwriters and his acting background combined with his natural manner enabled him to deliver those speeches in a very effective, influential way.

      I believe these are the main factors why so many of us (myself included) have given Reagan a pass, for so long.

      • Let’s not knock the Gipper too much as a phony. . . the joke he made after being shot telling his doctors he hoped they were Republicans showed he had a natural spontaneity, not a mere actor, but a person who had a true sense of humor. Biden is far far far worse, and brain dead to boot. Of course, Reagan did give us the MLK holiday, knowing that it was a mistake. Carter and Mondale would have been far worse.

  19. You don’t have to be a dissident to question whether Harper Lee really wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. Many non dissidents have. But this is beside the point.

    If you’ve ever read the book, as I did long ago, you know it’s not very good. Certainly no page turner. Not the kind of thing that would get normie charging to the bookstore. Normie charging to the bookstore at all, for anything, a questionable concept in itself. Yet we are told this mediocre (at best) book, written by an unknown, sold millions immediately upon publication, and was translated into ten languages within one year of release. Even Danielle Steele and Stephen King, much easier reading more page turnable authors, with name recognition and huge fanbases, never had a hit quite like this. That year of release being, coincidentally, 4 years prior to the passage of the CRA.

    Then you look at the title again and realize the answer was right in front of you all along. Kind of like Alphabet Inc.

    I’ll probably have to do a separate post, some other time, about 50 Shades of Grey.

    • Whoeve wrote it, TKAM is a clever and sinister bait-and-switch.

      It starts out as a rather wholesome children’s story about making Boo Radley come out and then veers off into pure anti-kulak propaganda once the hook has been set.

      Jews operate this way instinctually. A lot of white artists and writers end up doing it too, because Jews control all aspects of the creative rackets.

      The answer to this is to read what our people put out without Jews being involved. There is a lot of that, but not as much new stuff as there should be.

      Which brings to an other answer which is for people to write their own books if they want read new stuff.

      • I started watching a show on Netflix last year, my mistake I know, but I had little going on and the premise seemed intriguing. The first couple episodes were, in my opinion, pretty well done. Then, by episode 3, the white daughter of the protaganist had a fling with the random black kid whose presence on the show made no sense. This scene just came out of nowhere and then the kid disappeared from the show shortly after. Then, I got to thinking, and realized that this is basically what every show does these days. They get you with the setup, then drop in the subversion after a few episodes after you are “hooked.” Most will continue to watch it of course, as the subversion just gets turned up on you gradually.

        Modern Hollywood, not even once.

    • sold millions immediately upon publication

      And foisted upon untold generations of High School English class attendees. There’s your millions of copies.

      • If you replace the word “public” with “government” wherever you see it a lot of things make obvious sense immediately. This is presumably why youve been taught (in government schools, coincidentally!) to refer to government institutions as public institutions…

        Why is the public library putting on tranny events for kids? MAGA boomers everywhere scratch their heads…

        Why is the government library putting on crossdressing events for kids. Of COURSE they are, this is current government policy worldwide we want to murder russians for not making their kids crossdress

        Why is the public school making kids read transparent antiwhite racial propaganda? Mystery for Chris Rufo!

        Why is the government school making kids read transparent antiwhite racial propaganda? Of course they are, the government is lead around by the nose by influential hostile nonwhites.

        Public broadcasting. Public parks. National public radio. Public monuments… etc

        Better still replace “government” with “regime” since it carries the proper connotations. Suddenly you realize youve basically been living under soviet style propaganda your whole life… except you never realized it because the regime propaganda told you it was “public” and we all failed to see the most obvious rhetorical trick.

      • The really genius part, you could even say sadistic, is most of those students had to pay for it out of their own pocket (or their parents)

    • That book is anti-feminist by modern standards and I’m surprised it hasn’t been cancelled for it.

    • I was assured by My Betters years ago that our future would be a service economy, with icky manufacturing work exported to the lesser breeds outside the USA.

      Now we’re trying to live by delivering restaurant food to each other and have forgotten how to make important and useful stuff.

  20. Well Z, I know you tried to turn a black pill into a didactic call for clarity about the future by re-envisioning the past. But I guess my spirit is too broken to undertake the exercise. It seems to me that once you’re wise to the cultural agenda in “mere” entertainments, you’re left with two choices. You can hatewatch the filth and boil with inexpressible anger and loathing; or you can jump past that unpleasantness directly to the “cocktails and banter” as another commenter put it. But as others of our ilk have noted, being on this side of the Great Divide is often a lonely place; so what that means for me is a bottle of cheap bourbon to rinse the bitterness from my soul. Yes, treasure the moments of genuine joy. But they now seem so fleeting and rare that the truly necessary precursor is hope. Yet from my vantage point, there never seems to be enough folks who will actually say “Enough” and back that up with their money, their choices, or a swift kick in the ass.

  21. Another good show Z.

    I concur with much of what you have said in this weeks episode and I don’t have all that much to add tbh. I will say that, when I look at old movies, especially movies from the 40s and 50s, that portray city life back then I get at first nostalgic and sad but then rage starts building and I end up having to turn it off. When I see these films I lose track of the plot and I just look at how much BETTER everything seemed to be then.

    Feels bad man.

  22. “You notice the little bits of subversion in them that has led to where we are now. You cannot enjoy them as you once did because you see what you did not see the first time.”

    Interesting point. I watch old movies, but usually not for (predictive) signs of future societal degradation, but for validation/proof of the way things were. You can also describe this as an old man longing for times long past as well. I freely admit to this tendency also.

    For example, I often refer to old pre-60’s movies and crowd shots when describing just how *fat* a society we’ve become. I also note things in movies with scenes of airports and passengers in the people’s manner of dress. One step down from church attendance attire. Today we hear of female passengers (Southwest Airlines used to hold the line here) who dress so imprudently that when sitting down, their crotch shows and the women must have towels put on their laps. Whores are more modest.

    Of course, the “essential Negro(s)” of any modern program cast need not be compared to the movies of 70 years ago. The ridiculousness of the casting is obvious to anyone who can critical think. There are programs now that cast the *majority* of authoritarian roles with Blacks—even when the lead roles are played by White actors! For example, there are a couple of shows on Netflix that star White actors as lawyers, but every encounter with the courts, or police have Black actors playing detective, judge, SEC or opposition lawyer—all showing extensive skill and knowledge, without a trace of accent or mannerism we’ve come to associate with being Black in America.

    As has been noted, a “space alien”, or any non-American, would think that the USA is majority Black, and of course, that Blacks play a essential, constructive role in this country’s society. Sigh.

    • Every year a new survey comes out showing that the average American thinks the country is almost 50% black, more than 25% gay, and has fifty million Jews.

      Post-“Brexit & Trump” changes in media casting, messaging, and censorship *haven’t* moved those numbers. Many, many more Americans now claim to be gay/trans/etc., but they don’t perceive a change, because even today’s inflated numbers haven’t reached their expectations.

      The job was already done. The public’s perception of itself can’t be made any more wrong. The bad guys know this. So what are they doing?

  23. Good show Z, in my life seeing how the world really works changed everything, the first step was a bit of anger at the subversion and just how long the subversion has been ran on us, then it’s thinking I must wake others up to our situation, which is true, but the danger is being consumed by just how far gone our culture is now and it can make me look more negative to outsiders than maybe I really am.
    Getting together with other dissidents encourages me but I have kinda of come to the conclusion that in most circumstances it’s going to be a lonely endeavor the rest of my life and I must prepare myself for it, the way I am going to prepare myself is pulling back from the current culture and it’s world when the opportunity arises and as you said find some joy in the little things of life.

  24. A classic example of the dissident culture of critique, as it were, is my viewing of The Magnificent Seven (1960). Early in the film the nasty old racists of some western town refuse to allow “Injun Joe” to be buried in the town cemetery with white folk. Yul Brenner and Steve McQueen then intervene on the side of goodness and light. They say hookers and killers are buried in that cemetery, so why not an Injun, whereup they procede to integrate the cemetery on pain of possible death for anybody who attempts to stop them. As they are transferring Injun Joe to the boneyard, the viewer hears somebody bawl out, “Injun lover!” Very subtle, huh?

    Here is an early instant of the pathologization of freedom of association. I see no reason whatsover whites–or negroes, or Indians–shouldn’t be free to have their own cemeteries if that’s what they want. But the Hollywood Finkels, very early on, thought otherwise, and used their considerable cultural power to stigmatize the entirely normal desire to live, socialize, die and rest in peace among one’s own.

    Great movie, The Magnificent Seven, but this single odious scene taints the rest of the film for me.

        • That was a good essay. I like Goad and agree with pretty much everything he said there, also the previous one about Snobs v Slobs.

      • BigJimSportCamper: “In my part of this forlorn world, the Jews have their own cemeteries.”

        I was gonna make that observation.

        I once attended the funeral of a j00ish professor at muh alma mater, and, in retrospect [thinking back now on muh memories of it all], the assembled j00ry in the synagogue looked like they wanted to slit muh throat.

        “Who the hell is that shegetz?”, they were whispering to one another.

      • There’s one in my neighborhood, about the size of a normal house lot. It’s heavily gated, open by appointment only, and a donation for maintenance is expected. Nobody maintains it except for the shiny lock, I’ve never seen a visitor, and there’s no room for new residents. It’s a pretty good art installation. “Even here, even our abandoned graves aren’t safe!”

    • Great movie, but terrible story:
      1. Try to save small town from bad guys;
      2. Accept honorable defeat when beaten by bad guys;
      3. Sneak back into town and murder bad guys.

    • Never saw Magnificent Seven, but Seven Samurai (on which it’s based) might be my favorite film. It sounds like Hollywood bastardized it. Shocking.

      • Oddly enough, the director of Seven Samurai was a great fan of Hollywood westerns when he made his film.

      • The Magnificent Seven was one of a number of film stories stolen from early Japanese classics. And of course, the Japanese stole from Western culture, e.g., Ran from Shakespeare. This seems common, albeit I’ve never seen any I remember as being superior to the originals in their own language and setting. As noted, Hollywood has always been filled with lazy, hack writers and producers.

        • It’s only stealing if you pretend you made it from scratch.

          Kurosawa never claimed Throne of Blood was not MacBeth redone.

          And if you know anything about Shakes, you must know that almost every story he used came from other sources. The histories from … history books, the comedies from Italian stories, the tragedies from all over the place.

          In fact, I don’t know if there is a single thing he wrote that doesn’t have a source. And that’s OK. The idea that a writer has to be “original” is a strange modern one. Until pretty recently artists were judged not on coming up with something new, but upon coming up with their own skillful take on something OLD.

          How many crucifixion paintings are there? Or of the Magi visisting the Holy Family? Or of the assassination of Julius Caesar? etc etc.

          • The stories were inspired by tales or real world events but he did not lift other people’s work.

            To claim that his work was not original is absurd; like claiming anyone who wrote a novel about WW2 owes Hitler royalties.

    • Rather than worrying about the bad movies, books or art, we should promote the good stuff that is out there. One day I picked up a CD of out of copyright books for a buck. This was before gutenberg. The book binary newsgroups mostly had newer stuff in them loaded with OCR errors. One of the best bucks I ever spent. At the time I was commuting to work on the bus and I bought a cheap windows CE laptop (and a Newton) and loaded it up with books. Read quite a few of them, many of which were pretty good. One of them was called “Etidorhpa” which was really weird, but pretty good too. Of course it had others like Edgar Rice Burroughs and HG Wells and Jules Verne and Jonathan Swift and many others where the copyright was long over. None is great literature, but most was at least enjoyable. All was far better than staring at the diverse crowd on the bus/subway.

      There is a lot of old free stuff on youtube too. A lot of 1930s hour long films made for the matinee. There’s also some really bad stuff too, like “The Young Savages” which I watched 15 minutes of a few months ago. 1961, totally SJW. But lots of good stuff with only minor proto-SJW stuff that is easy to ignore and often doesn’t exist at all.

      If you have kids in HS or nieces or nephews or even if you don’t, you can enjoy HS sportsball. They obviously aren’t as skilled as the pros, but the whole experience is what you go for. It’s not as good, but it can be fun. I do like boxing. Boxing doesn’t try to be anything but what it is, though they are allowing women to be commentators now.

      • Well, Tars, I am guessing those Barzoom stories made an impression on you.

        Some years back I went to Project Gutenberg and, out of curiosity, downloaded a bunch of ERB’s novels. The man was incredibly gifted as a story teller. Tarzan is so good you can’t put it down. Same with John Carter.

        • Best to get the oldest editions too . . . I understand that some of ERB’s Tarzan novels were edited in the 1960s.

      • Boxing is awesome, as it has always been a sport where being tribalistic is almost expected.
        I remember being one of the only white guys in a big bar cheering for Gatti against Mayweather. It was all well and good too, of course the white boy was cheering for the (sorta) white guy. I also recall having a friendly but heated discussion with a Mexican bartender before Mayweather vs De La Hoya…there it was along national lines. Aside from the politics and ridiculous belt inflation…and weird Youtube fight phenomenon…boxing is a pretty pure sport.

        As a last aside, and downvote if you like, but I absolutely love Mike Tyson. He is a pure fighter. Why would one expect him to be a good guy since he’s been raised from near birth to separate other men from their consciousness? In his heyday he was pure aggression and killer instinct. A very simple and honest creature.

        • Mike Tyson is one of the most overrated boxers in history. He was beaten pillar to post in his prime at the top of his game while unified champion by a journeyman. With the exception of the 14 seconds Douglas was down, he lost every second of that fight. It was not a lucky punch. His best wins were against a cruiserweight and a washed up and old Larry Holmes (who would have destroyed Tyson in his prime).
          Tyson was always a very exciting fighter. He had good knockout power in both hands. He was quick and hard to hit. He had the potential to be among the greats. But Cus was the only person who could keep him focused and mostly out of trouble. As soon as Cus died, he began self-destructing.

        • I saw Bennie “The Kid” Paret get killed on ABC’s fight of the week back in the 1960s. Soured me on boxing.

  25. “They aren’t going to trick me anymore.”

    Exactly. This is the essence of what animates most of us.

    I’ve never been a fan of Westerns although those with moral ambiguity sometimes were an exception and made for great art. Most came from a radical leftist perspective because of who made the films. The Peckinpah gorefests are an excellent example. Looking back at those, they were not explicitly anti-white but quite critical of American culture, extremely well done and a master’s lesson in subversion. THE WILD BUNCH is the best example. The very rare ones that were not leftist actually were the most subversive of all. It took a foreigner, Sergio Leone, to take hammer and tongs to the American Civil War and reveal it as needlessly violent horror with THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY. The vast majority of previous films romanticized the war, usually from a Union standpoint, as the triumph of morality, ridiculous on its face for anyone who knew even a bit of history and who could be objective. Watching that film many years after it was released was my awakening because it was my first realization of how much propaganda there was in popular culture, ironically because it was subversion that did not damn me, my people, and my culture, something exceedingly rare for anyone who came of age after the Sixties.

    Not being tricked is the realization we swim in a sea of lies.

    Not being tricked is more important than what comes next. Living with eyes wide open in this psychotic age amid transparent lies, contradictions and absurdity will inform us as to what must be done, with survival paramount. Not being tricked is the first step and the most important step, and more and more people are taking it. This may explain the frenzied and ham-handed deception, which is so ridiculous even Normie notices it now and then. It is a brutal and stupid time but one that makes self-deception more difficult.

  26. Does anyone know who does the hiring for actors in commercials? Whomever they are, they seem to think we live in Africa. We don’t.

    • I suspect every corporation has a marketing wing that works with advertising firms to come up with their TV ad campaigns. And it’s safe to say that both groups are foursquare on the desire to exclude whites except to the extent they are depicted in mixed relationships with nuggras. Selling product and service, alas, is far less important in these campaigns than is pushing the anti-white racist agenda.

      • Being involved tangentially in the ad business, I can confirm. Of particular note is that ad agencies don’t originate the woke messaging, the client does. The agency agrees of course, but the point is nothing gets out of the agency without client approval. I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard agency people say something to the effect of “the client wants to showcase their diversity.” Not to advertise their product benefits, not their superiority to the competition, not price, but their diversity and inclusion. As if that’s relevant to banking services or SUVs or cleaning products. Those other issues remain secondary. The thing to understand is much of advertising now is devoted to preening alone, a form of virtue-signaling. And everyone else does it, so Acme Widget Inc. thinks they must do it too.

        • Showcasing diversity has in some instances become farcical. I saw an add once that depicted a family at the dinner/breakfast table (?) eating some advertisers processed slop. The family was White dad, Black mom, Hispanic-looking son, Asian daughter. A biological absurdity seemingly lost on the ad producer. 🙁

          • Farcical is putting it mildly. I remember a Lee Jeans commercial from the early 90s. It was set in some remote western fastness like the Tetons or some such. The natural home of the negro, right? In AdWorld it is. Sitting there along the riverbank, next to a campfire, wearing flannel shirts and strumming some Woody Guthrie-style tune on the DoBro was Shi’tavious and his girlfriend Qua’Neek’wa.

            You either chuckle in disbelief or sling a ballpeen through the TV screen.

          • I think of this as the “cow and chicken effect”. There was a cartoon show some years back called “Cow and Chicken”. The central idea is that there’s a human family but somehow the two children are a cow and a chicken. They even had a silly theme song “one was a cow, one was a chicken…” or something like that. I assume before long the show’s reruns will be banned because it will no longer be permitted to laugh at the obvious absurdity of such a thing. It must be really hard to do any sort of comedy nowadays for the same reason it was in the Soviet Union.

          • Oh yeah, when they show blacks camping in an ad that’s the funniest shit ever. I’m pretty sure black people think that trees eat people given how few of them you see hiking or backpacking.

        • And yet the client tailors its ad to the audience. Recently I have repeatedly been getting a pop up ad for Hyundai USA Chinese, a Hyundai ad for Chinese speakers in the USA. Miscegenation? Diversity? Hutus? Not to be found. They only pull that crap on whites.

          • KGB-

            Have you been practicing your Mandarin on a language learning site or app?

            I ask because I figure this is the reason I sometimes get Spanish language YouTube ads.

          • No. But I do occasionally watch Chinese language videos on Youtube and that ensnares me in the advertising algorithm.

      • “To nationalize all the ad agencies?”


        The solution is to nationalize our GOVERNMENT, and everything else will just fall into place.

        • They’ve already been “nationalized” the corporations and government have already merged. If they ever weren’t. They gave small biz the scraps when times were good and as it got harder they ate them up too. If we actually had independent business from government you’d hear them screaming from the high heavens how bailouts and such are terrible, because they’d have to compete with those who get government subsidies. Do you remember anyone complaining like that about bailouts from the biz community? I don’t, they just hold out their bowl and wait for their turn.

          • Some think our system is turning fascist but it seems to me our rulers are turning fascism on its head. Old-style fascism had a union of government and corporations with the gov in charge. Our newfangled fascism has the partnership reversed, with the corporations in charge of the gov.

          • Bit of chicken-egg. Did the gov’t eat the businesses, or did the businesses eat the government?

            Personally, my hunch is the (((fed))) ate the government, and then used that to eat the businesses.

          • Again, fascism describes a system (which we currently have) not the ends to which that system is put. We have fascism, but rather than being put to enhance the greatness of the native population ala Germany, Italy or Spain, it is put to its destruction.

      • I don’t know the solution, but it’s a pleasure to see these commercials on youtube overwhelmingly ridiculed in the comment section. It’s getting to the point where the commercials are becoming cringey cliches. Always be pointing and laughing at this crap!

    • A group of friends in my late 20’s and early 30’s. Three of the women, maybe all four of them worked in marketing. Marketing is probably 90% white women. Then again i look at my stupid pointless corporate meetings and probably 90% of the attendance is women.

      • This has also been my experience in production and advertising. Some genius man started a business but eventually grew tired and turned it over to the new college graduates, mostly women, at the behest of his HR manager. They quickly put all blacks and gays in the marketing, because women simply ruin everything. Then they wonder why customers left.

    • This was (appropriately) referred to as “The Rural Purge.”

      AKA: Too many country/bad whites

      • Keep in mind there isn’t much to do in the country vs the city, so the audience for television is more rural. The rural purge showed how much media hates its own viewers.

  27. The old movies were not our culture any more than a Hollywood feature today is the culture of the Chinese, even though the movie may do well in China. They enjoy the movie fully understanding that it’s not China’s culture. The movies are foreign entertainment no matter where they are produced. They are no more our culture than the endless holocaust films and books. If we made a movie about God, it wouldn’t be with a Jew or a black playing God. There are some books and movies that are ours, but most are not.

      • Add in “The Man who Shot Liberty Valance”, and you’ve got the trifecta.

        Liberty Valance [written by a woman, go figure] was a psycho-sociological masterpiece [about soul-less politicians and women’s lust for Alpha].

        • Josey Wales [1976] was produced by a goy, named, Robert Daley.

          Also “Patton” [1970], which was produced by a goy, named, Frank McCarthy.

          Josey Wales did have some dialogue written by a j00 [possibly mischling?], named Phil Kaufman.

          But Patton’s dialogue was written by
          Francis Ford Coppola & Edmund H. North

    • It all depends, of course. With almost no exception, movies made this century are not “ours.” However, in the 20th century–and particularly prior to the 90s–there are a fair number of films that are free of anti-white propaganda and subversion. They’re certainly in the minority, but they do exist. My four favorite films–Fail-safe, Deliverance, No Country for Old Men, Amadeus–are all perfectly congenial viewing for the dissident.

      • While DELIVERANCE is indeed a superb movie, it demonstrates that, even by the early 1970s, White southerners could be depicted in the crudest manner imaginable. Would it have been remotely possible to portray any other demographic in such a demeaning fashion without risking a considerable backlash? Whites have long been the lone acceptable target for the harshest of stereotypes.

        • Deliverance was produced in 1972, about the same time as the networks cleansed themselves of numerous rural-based TV shows, such as Mayberry RFD, Petticoat Junction, Green Acres, Gomer Pyle, and the Beverly Hillbillies. Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

        • Those hillbillies were not intended to represent Southerners in general. They were clearly outliers. Outside of the Griner brothers and the two mountain men, Southerners were portrayed reasonably favorably.

          • Some good comments from the Griner brothers, ‘Where you goin, city boy,’ and ‘Why you wanna be f-ing with that river for!’

        • “While DELIVERANCE is indeed a superb movie,”

          You lost me there chief…

          If someone calls you a literal retarded faggot rapist… you’ll think its great as long as it’s done really you know, like uh, artfully?

          Try to make a movie portraying joggers not even insultingly but just realistically… they’ll burn down the theater with you inside it. We’re all like oh well I didnt enjoy the part where I was portrayed as a retarded homo rapist… but OTHER than that detail it was just superb!

          Whites are far too forgiving of this sort of stuff.

      • 1) “free of anti-white propaganda and subversion”

        2) “No Country for Old Men”

        NCfOM was all about an Eggplant bμtchering White people.


        Just off the top of muh head, the Eggplant strangled a White Texas Ranger in a local holding cell;

        the Eggplant walked into the headquarters of the Texas Rangers and shot an high velocity air pellet into the skull of a senior White officer of the Texas Rangers;

        the Eggplant walked into an hotel room, and shot another high velocity air pellet into the skull of a freelance Texas Ranger;

        it was implied that the Eggplant mμrdered a lowly White welder in an hospital bed, and, as it was further implied, the Eggplant hunted down the lowly White welder’s drop-dead-gorgeous White wife, and tortured her to death.

        NCfOM, brought to us courtesy of the (((Coen Brothers))) was the most anti-White movie I’ve seen in the 21st Century.

        NCfOM was a literal j00ish m@stμrb@tion fantasy.

  28. For all the pain and distress caused by losing one’s cultural touchstones from the past and present, it helps to see the silver lining in all of this: such things no longer have the power to maze our thinking. What was lost was not worthy in the first place and it frees us to pursue better. One element markedly missing from modern lives is positive group athletics (especially for men) and social clubs (both men and women). The modern workday habituates all of us to ever more sedentary and force-fed recreation. Let us do what we do best: be creators of new forms of conviviality and fellowship unblemished by the Agenda.

    • Also, find a local shooting range. Bring the wife (occasionally) and the kids (as much as possible).
      Be sure to go for a hike before/ after.

    • I know it seems unAmerican to many, but soccer is a great sport to play as an adult. One of the few sports where you don’t have to be >6 ft, bench 400#, or run a 40 in 4s (although that helps). Especially of you hate running just for running, it is a great way to disguise cardio.

      Although there are way too many Africans imported for what is one of the most European of sports, a majority of the top players of all time are still White. Sad to see what the French national team has become. Argentina stuck to its roots and was justly rewarded.

      As an old joke goes: An Englishman, an Italian and a German walk into a bar, and the bartender says: Che, como estais?

      • Soccer is so boring to watch that it’s a no-brainer to participate if given a choice between bleachers and field.

        The thing about soccer is that whilst it won’t eff you up neurologically like football might, it’s still a cunningly disguised plan to enrich your orthopaedic surgeon. You say AC Milan. I say ACL.

        Also Vox Day plays soccer. And don’t you forget it, Gamma!

        Perhaps it being a running game sans joggers more than compensates.

    • Said it before will say again, visit a bjj, muy thai, wrestling, or boxing gym. You’ll get in amazing shape learn to defend yourself and your family with confidence and if you can stick it out you’ll join a whole brotherhood. Great activity to do with the kids also.

      Combat sports tends to be (the most) heavily right wing. Power lifting is another right wing coded activity.

      Wrestling is more a young mans game, others are suitable until mid 50s for most. Weightlifting should be a lifetime activity and will give you dramatically better quality of life into even very advanced age

      Avoid (((cross fit))) as it is populated disproportionately by the few shitlibs that actually exercise and anyway turns weightlifting into a gay aerobics class that grinds up goyim cartilage into shekels. Only marathons are probably shitlibbier

      • Bicycling – bicycling is the faggiest of all sports by far. Where I live (Portland metro area) is particularly bad for over the top cyclefags. They actually have (or had) a militantly anti-car bicycle meetup where they would go on rides deliberately blocking traffic. You’ll find no purer expression of shitlibbery than among cycle groups. Maybe they feel they need to make up for the fact that the other two-wheeled hobby/sport (motorcycling) is as known for attracting Right-wingers as bicycles are for the Left.

        • You forgot the turd cherry on the top of the Portland cycling scene: the nude bike rides. Got caught in that one on Broadway a few years back.

  29. ” If you are not careful, you cut yourself off from your fellow citizens with regards to the popular culture….”

    During the fake pandemic I started removing from my little world the stupid people, also known as POS, because I also ended up noticing lots of other things about their character I had a low opinion of. I have found that my personal happiness and tranquility have jumped several levels since then.

    I’ve pretty much accomplished my disassociation, including the Russia ! Russia! fucktards in my own family. I don’t miss them at all. They always were stupid assholes.

    Before the collapse of the American Empire is complete, you will consider any Democrat, neoconservative, and uni-party apparatchik to be on the level of septic tank sludge, and will immediately notice improvement in your own sanity once you disassociate from them. All of them. Some day there will be none in your life, especially after they decide that we’re all “traitors” and that they need to eliminate us for “our own good.”

    Those days are coming, and i don’t think it will take much longer.

    • I imagine I’ve always had certain misanthropic tendencies, but the pathetic, ovine response of the masses to Covid1984 drove the final nail into my respect for the human race. I’m a more isolated man than I used to be, but am also more clear-eyed.

      As an aside, I often wonder if humanity was always as degraded and stupid as it is now. I think not. And, if people were more worthy of respect in the past, they could be again in the future. That’s about the limit of my optimism.

      • The so-called Christians are the ones I often have little respect for, also. They don’t like to talk about their churches closing down during the fake pandemic, and none of the ministry like to talk about the mass crimes committed against the people in the form of Covid-19 death shots.

        When FJB gets the draft up and running by this time next year, I bet that set will be in church “having preyers for our young patriots” as they get sent off to some damn war dreamed up by our Betters in the name of “they’re fighting for our freedoms.”

        You just wait and see.

        • i hope he does the draft in all honesty and look forward to seeing the expression on the mass female face when they get drafted.

          • The poor boys who live in BFE will be the ones to get drafted. Always was like that, and will be again.

        • Visit a russian church in the US if you want historic christianity plus pretty much the photographic negative of everything gay and dumb.

  30. Z – have you seen thunderbolt and lightfoot. I think it’s a good movie for people who think westerns are square. You could call it a “modern western”

    • Great buddy/road/heist movie as well.

      Bridges was fantastic in his big screen debut, and Cimino’s ability to convey the big, open beauty of Montana is a testament to his directorial acumen.

      • George Kennedy’s character was a nasty piece of work. At any rate, most films in which Eastwood is involved are worth seeing.

        • Yes, I agree, but at least one Eastwood movie is a notably exception—“Grand Torino”. Well acted, but a dreadful message for Race Realists.

          • Gran Torino is one of the few films I’ve seen that actually portrays negroes with any accuracy. What’s more, it does a great job of skewering the silly cant of the so-called anti-racist crowd.

          • True, but it was the Mung refugees I was referring to. The magnanimous White racist taking the Mung boy under his wing before he could be “turned” to a life of gang violence. The younger Mung children adopting American values and such while the oldsters were set in their ways, but we are assured they would pass from the scene soon as this generation dies off.

            It really is a film steeped in “CivNat” philosophy. If such were so, we’d not be having half the discussion we have here in this forum.

          • True, but I was referring to the depiction of Eastwood and his Mung neighbors.

            The film is really a “CivNat” depiction (wet dream) of immigration and assimilation of non-Whites into the “American dream”.

            This simply does not happen in the main—especially with large numbers of immigrants over a short period of time. Rather, group ethnocentrism creates enclaves of foreign ethnics with little to no incentive to assimilate to the predominant culture.

            And here we are today—an America that changes to the proclivities of immigrants rather than the other way around.

  31. I just had a conversation with my lady about this. I am not watching TV anymore, and I won’t go to the movies. In July she asked me if I wanted to go to a play – Cathedral of Notre Dame. I told I would think about it. I immediately went to ensure the cast of this play set in 15th century France had only whites – maybe a legitimate Romano/Gypsy. Of course, there was one. As we hadn’t gone out to see culture in quite a while I decided what could be the harm. The night we attended happened to be night four of the anti-white, anti-French race riots of this summer.

    We got to the Koch Center and it was like an airport. Of course, the place is funded and attended by those who have been the most ardent backers of TGR. There were security guards, gun/bomb/metal detectors and pat downs to get in. It was astounding that these people have no compunction, not the slightest twinge of unease, with living this way. It is as if it makes them feel special that they can go somewhere where security is at their behest. It is absolutely alien.

    Inside I read the program and had instant regrets. In 15th century France the gypsy, criminal vagabonds were described as, “undocumented immigrants.” Many liberties were taken with the text. In the second act the negroid cast as a Gypsy literally pronounced that his war against the evil priests, church and France herself was a race war. The third act was the climax. There was the police crackdown where their tenements and crime centers were destroyed and the criminals and vagabonds were arrested. I was tempted to stand up and loudly clap and cheer. I composed myself. The very next tune was the climax. The vagabonds led by the negroid declared that someday they would return in the millions and claim the land for their own. The rousing climax was a tortuous near minute of cries for, “Amnesty! Amnesty! Amnesty!”

    I stayed in my seat while the mostly foreign, (looked like a lot of East Asian tourists), clapped and the people for whom the center is built and run stood and whistled and clapped overjoyed.

    I am not going to any other plays. First there is the economic support. I won’t pay for the propaganda that enables the subjugation, ethnic cleansing and ultimately genocide of my people in our homelands. The next is avoiding the rage these things rouse. The point of enjoying entertainment is to be entertained. The point of enjoying low-brow art like a musical is to be entertained and impressed by an excellent performance or two and some good production before a nice evening of cocktails and banter. The point of enjoying a concert or museum that features high art, is to be placed in awe, looking upward to the higher in a state of transcendence.

    This agit prop doesn’t do that. I’ll only go to something now that is a high art form where the performer is one of our people, and I won’t look at the program. I seek out smaller productions and series over the corporate funded ones. It is even impossible to shop. I was in an Old Navy in a near 100% white town recently and you would have thought I was in Eritrea or Somalia by the brutal physiognomy of the photos save for the red haired young woman surrounded by gap toothed Somalis.

    Well, I have riled up my angst. Of course, nothing makes me angrier than white people submitting to New Age unconditional love rites and lifestyle in the face of this onslaught.

    As for my lady and I, I have set my boundary. No more TV, movies … We are playing cards, having more conversations, and as an accomplished musician I play for her more often. Our quality of life is going up. I think more of our people should support our kind who are making music, film … … We have many talented people out there, and being on the margins is conducive to a freedom to experiment and express that real talents can thrive in. Even just simple self entertainment is very empowering and even without the agit-prop, way more transcendent than passive watching/listening. We can take this as a way to constantly be agitated and in a rage, or use it to better ourselves and support some of our folk who might otherwise be ignored. As censored as the Internet is, you can find and enjoy anything made by anyone, and they can’t stop that.

    A jewel I recently found and who I have been enjoying in the presence of my nieces and nephews is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IImakFsEHL8&t=563s

    • If you’re still living in a place where there are lots of Somalis and Eritreans, you need to move and get the hell out of there. Some day they’ll be at your door trying to kick it down. and if you shoot them the Democratic Communists who run the place will lock you up, not the ones who are the criminals.

      • I am not. My point was that I was in a near 100% white locale. But the stores photographs and models were all folk from the wilds of Africa with the most alien physiognomies.

        • I strongly advise against strolling past a Victoria’s Secret storefront. Looks like something out of Wild Kingdom circa 1967. Not so terribly long ago, I would have advised the opposite.

        • Anyplace with East Africa trash in it is a place really unfit for white folks to live if they’re wanting a safe place to live anytime in the near future.

    • I have one more thing to add. The target of these shows is everyone, and like great propaganda it has an altogether different but desired affect on its targets. For non-whites it tells them they are the conquerors and the world is now theirs.

      For white children it is to show them that they either have no place, or a place on the margins, and worst of all it is done to deny them their ancestral history by replacing their ancestors with alien people. That is pure evil.

      ZMan has mentioned many times the importance of positive identity. Every time we see this stuff and get angry and upset, we should find some youth of our kind and expose them to the truth not via propaganda but via some direct experience. Buy some tickets to see a great classical musician who is of our folk and take a field trip or a small group from a local school or church. If you have young relatives put on Glenn Gould or an old symphony performance. After the cartoons, put on a video of the real America or of European art and history. There are many of them on YouTube.


      Are a couple of excellent sources.

      • One trend I am noticing more and more (to my absolute disgust) is the marketing of non-white dolls to young white girls. At least three of my young daughter’s friends have one or more black or brown dollies.

        Dolls are a critical step for young girls to begin to develop the nurturing aspects of their biology. To channel this instinct onto “others” at a young age is an abomination. The race-mixing propaganda is starting as soon as the girls are old enough to walk now!

        Then, one day, for no reason whatsoever, the Saxon began to hate…

    • I second the need to check the cast beforehand. We still attend touring musicals because they’re a historic part of our culture and are usually entertaining. But yes, due diligence has become a sad necessity.

      A recent touring production of Anastasia featured a black woman in the lead role of the doomed Russian princess. How does this make sense? “Happily,” they squared the logic circle by having Czar Nicholas also played by a negro. We didn’t attend in spite of originally looking forward to it.

      Anastasia was a real person. So was Nicholas. They were killed by the same group who promotes these race swaps, which makes the cultural vandalism all the more offensive. Youtube stories about the production had comments turned off. I wonder why that was.

      While I’m at it, I’m also wondering why they never race-swap stories about Anne Frank.

      Maybe some dead girls are more important than others?

      • I have been saying for a while that a cool project would be to make even high production quality films about historic figures like:

        King David
        King Solomon

        Where all of the society is portrayed as negroid including the leading figures. I also think a depiction of Deuteronomy and that land grabbing total genocide would be good to do in the style where whites were portrayed as rabid caricatures.

        The possibilities are endless. I do think some time and money should be budgeted for projects like this. I wonder if even say a Kanye or an Akon would put some money into it.

        • “I also think a depiction of Deuteronomy and that land grabbing total genocide would be good to do in the style where whites were portrayed as rabid caricatures.” I meant to say, “where whites were portrayed as rabid caricatures of hateful southern simpletons.”

        • I want a “musical” about the life of Anne Frank. The titular role will be played by a 300lbs black girl who will never appear wearing more than a low cut blouse and purple mini-skirt. It will be obvious that the source of money for her Jew saving operation is prostitution and crack cocaine. The “music” will all be rap. We can tie in the plot of Shindler’s List by having her co-star be a muscular black version of Shindler who drives a pink Cadillac with never fewer than 5 “jewish” hos in the back. There will also a celebration of Bollywood with massive scenes where hundreds of girls are twerking to the beat in the Synagogue.

      • Someone let me know when they decide to cast a White man in the role of MLK when they do a movie biography of his life.

    • It is impossible to disengage totally from the zeitgeist and what passes now for culture, but once you distance yourself as much as is possible, fleeting glimpses of the pervasive propaganda is galling. It is difficult not to get angry at those who are being ridiculed and marginalized and lapping it up, but, ultimately, they are victims, no matter how unsympathetic. I don’t necessarily believe the truth will out, but this degree of absurdity cannot stand very long, either. Something will give.

      • I tuned out of the pop “culture” in 1992. However, it is ubiquitous, and one can’t avoid it altogether. And, on those blessedly rare occasions I’m confronted with a sit-com, I am absolutely gobsmacked and appalled by the filth that is now promulgated, and the utter lack of wit. As awful as it was in 1992, it is far worse now, and I didn’t think that possible.

      • Jack Dobson: “…this degree of absurdity cannot stand very long, either. Something will give.”


        If you haven’t seen it yet, then stop whatever you’re doing, and watch South Carolina Bro’s testimony to the S.C. State Senate.



        South Carolina Bro is a Professor at SCAR with a specialty in cancer genetics.

        One of his colleagues gave him some vials of Pfizer COVID v@xxines to analyze.

        The result?


        And, oh, by the way, the Lipid Nanoparticles are pure unadulterated EVIL.

        Something has gotta to give.

        Something is gonna give.

        And when it gives – when it collapses – it’s gonna be a great big “W” for the Depopulationists, which is to say, an heartbreaking “L” for us sentimental romantics.


    • Good link thanks! Channel followed.

      I’m not against *all* pianists who cock a leg and mark Bach’s keyboard works — but how refreshing to hear this ego-free transparent just-as-written performance. And probably harder than it looks to bring this off as the temptation to let go and flow into a performative fugue state (sic) must be immense.

  32. There is great utility in many old movies, even old movies that carry The Message. Most of those movies, even ones written by blacklisted writers under pseudonyms who were out for blood, feature mostly white casts. The actors—even the ones delivering their strident moral sermons—are not fat or slovenly and are dressed like adults. They’re not being lewd sexually and they are observing gender norms (i.e. reality.) It allows people to see that we once had more dignity, and understood there was such a thing as reality and society and moral obligation. Sometimes, when watching these movies with normies, I’ll feign a normie’s ignorance and just say, offhand, “Man, San Francisco used to be really white.” I can get away with that, because if someone checks me, I can shrug and say, “Hideously white.” Even with that antiwhite subterfuge/taqiyya dissembling on my part, there is liable to be someone in the room who thinks, “Yeah, it was too white…But it was so beautiful, and there were no junkies on the streets. Maybe it was better?” They’ll keep the thought to themselves, but I’ll have planted the seed.

    I’m convinced that’s actually what white “liberals” get out of shows like “Madmen.” The women can pretend they’re watching it with an ironic sense of detachment, glad to have been liberated by feminism, but man…the men at least seemed like men back then. White guys are at least seeing white men doing something besides being demeaned by their wives and daughters (and matronly black women) in commercials for using the wrong stain remover or pain reliever.

    Go to “PeriscopeFilm” on YouTube. Watch his old home movie footage of various American cities. Most of the comments are from normies saying it used to be beautiful when they were kids and has been ruined (“it” being Detroit, San Francisco, wherever.) They won’t tell you how or why it was ruined, but they at least know, and are admitting as much. Who knows how much they secretly know, how much they’re hiding even from themselves out of fear of having their Crimethink become public knowledge?

    We’re daywalkers and open confrontation is suicide. It also does no good to come off as a grouch or a paranoid, as Z points out. I gave up on the “Reel Bad Whites” series of articles over at The Occidental Observer because I didn’t want to read a five-thousand word scholarly essay about how Jackie Mason in “Caddy Shack Two” represents the ascendant arriviste Jews pushing aside the old WASP country club set. Maybe he does, but I’m not watching “Caddy Shack Two” to confirm that.

    • I’ve been resolved to play almost exclusively Japanese video games at this point, which, yes, they often have a message that’s their own brand of “stupid” but at least it’s ignorable (imagine translating a leftist screed in Google translate from English to Japanese and back to English). Otherwise it’s HD remakes of games that were made in the “before times”

    • Interesting note, in the film noir movies, there are NO negroes except bartenders and waiters. Maybe the iq level required to be diabolical is too hard? Even Easy Rawlins had white help.

      • Interesting note: Coen brothers films are almost entirely bereft of negroes in leading roles. Amazing that they get away with it. Being Jewish certainly helps. As does beging easily the best dam’ filmmakers on the planet.

        • Of course this was much easier to pull off in the 80’s, but I still enjoy John Hughes films because they’re completely white. It’s rare to find even a single spoken line by blacks in any of his hits. The original “Vacation” has a brief scene with blacks…in which they steal the family’s hubcaps. “Sixteen Candles” features two female high school Sophomores showing disgust at the idea of coal burning. And then he made several more movies without a black to be seen.

          • Plains, Trains and Automobiles is one of the three greatest comedies I’ve seen. And it’s pretty dam’ white, too.

          • Don’t forget the second parking lot attendant joyriding in the Ferrari in, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

            More seriously, Hughes was born in Lansing, MI and grew up in Chicago.

            As a result, his films were a love letter about growing up in suburban Chicago, and the Midwest.

            The perfectly captured the zeitgeist of the 80s, and made that region just as cool as the San Fernando Valley, which was another focal region for 80s (and some 90s) era films.

    • joey: I grant your points (normal sexual roles/behavior, dressing and acting like adults, etc.) but I wonder if some how it is not even more insidious to have the Message delivered via well-dressed, ‘noble’ White characters. That is what we were all brought up on, and it was an enormous part of people accepting the narrative as children and teens, long before the existence of social media.

      I also understand the need many have to dissemble (due to location, jobs, family) but I don’t know that I could bring myself to say, even with outward faux sincerity, ‘hideously White.’ I long ago ceased associating with family/former friends who believed the narrative, though, so I haven’t been put in that position in years.

    • I play the fool like that around my cousins all the time. They’re pretty much all deep liberal Jews and they know I’m not with their program, but it’s fun nonetheless to dissemble and point out how terrible their politics are with harmless, simple observations and questions.
      I wouldn’t say I’ve successfully red-pilled any of them, but I have seen some of them start to ask themselves these very important questions.
      Planting seeds of cognitive dissonance will, at some point, yield some kind of fruit.

      • Jews raise their kids with a quasi religious obsession over hitler, nazis, the holocaust, and fascism. Id give them a history lesson on how carl marx and lenin were jews, whose ideas caused a much bigger holocaust than the one their grandparents supposedly escaped from.

  33. I first took notice of the “Smart Black/Stupid White” commercials back in the late 1990’s. I’d probably been watching them for years but never noticed the message. Once I did, I found dozens, if not hundreds of them over time. I never once saw a reversal of these smart/stupid roles. The media brainwashing to make whites hate themselves and be ashamed of their ancestors used to be more subtle. Now it’s “in your face” and they don’t even care if some of us notice it and call them out on it. That’s because they’ve won and they know it.

    • The big redemption for the movie Die Hard and it’s super smart black hacker, street-wise black cabbie, and black cop with a heart of gold is when the FBI guys get blown up.

      • Die Hard is a great example of a really cool movie that is exasperatingly negrophilic. How much better–because realistic–it would be if the three characters you mention were played by white actors.

      • Don’t forget that the two FBI agents, both named Johnson, are comprised of a hot-headed reckless white and a cool, composed, suave negro.

  34. “If you are not careful, you cut yourself off from your fellow citizens with regards to the popular culture….”

    Ehhh? You’re saying that is a BAD thing, Z?

    The sad truth is that most of the stuff out of Hollywood is crap, and almost always has been.

    This lecture should be a cautionary tale to the dissident; politics is a game of incrementalism. I was getting banned off the old message boards and forums in the late 90s for saying that if Lefty let the queers out of the closet, in twenty years the pedos and other stripes of sexual perverts would be out too… and I was shouted down or censored. Our leaders got us here thinking that if a small dose of something is good, a bid dose is better.

    I am now predicting racial genocides, or major race based atrocities right here in the US and Canada within the next 20 years. I see faggots flying off the rooftops, pedos going into the woodchipper, and liberal commies thrown from helicopters. Times will get interesting soon – in fact, they already are.

    • “I see faggots flying off the rooftops, pedos going into the woodchipper, and liberal commies thrown from helicopters.”

      Don’t tease me with talk of utopia…

    • ” I am now predicting racial genocides, or major race based atrocities right here in the US and Canada within the next 20 years. ”

      Try the next 2 to 3 years.

      • Coalclinker,
        “I am now predicting racial genocides, or major race based atrocities right here in the US and Canada within the next 20 years.”

        “Try in the next 2 or 3 years.”

        I fear you are correct. It is going to get ugly very, very soon.

    • “Our leaders got us here thinking that if a small dose of something is good, a bid dose is better.”

      Indeed. Hence, if diversity is good, more diversity is better, and maximal diversity (no whites) is best.

    • Race based atrocities happen in the US every day… they just target us and the media hushes them up. Everyone here is familiar with crime stats right?

  35. I heard somewhere the happiest people are those who expect the least. The plague years were probably the most disillusioning of my life, but I’m happier on the other end. Probably lowered expectations, but also I feel free to speak my mind.

    • Hope for the best, expect the worst
      Some drink champagne, some die of thirst
      No way of knowing which way it’s going
      Hope for the best, expect the worst!

      Hope for the best, expect the worst
      The world’s a stage, we’re unrehearsed
      Some reach the top, friends, while others drop, friends
      Hope for the best, expect the worst!

      Hope for the best, expect the worst
      You could be Tolstoy or Fannie Hurst
      So take your chances; there are no answers
      Hope for the best expect the worst!

  36. I too have lost most interest in tv sports. Golf is the exception maybe because it’s an individual game and the politics and other nonsense is less obvious. (I find LIV Golf fun to watch) I can peek at college football in very small doses. I find all the pro leagues just unwatchable now.

    Politics is part of it. Following my son’s sports journey through school is part of it too. Nothing better than watching small town high school football games – the purest form of the sport with none of things I’ve come to hate about tv sports.

    • The biggest part for me has been the commercials. That is the one problem I have with LIV golf this year, they are on the CW, which shows all sorts of promos for their own degenerate shows because they are having trouble selling ad time. Going to try watching through their website directly.

      • I like my Messkin food and often eat it in restaurants where Messkin TV is on the screen. It’s interesting to note that even in programming intended for Messkins, negrophilia is present in many commercials. Not as ubiquitous as it is in white programming, but it’s still very much a thing. Looks like the usual suspects are even trying to brainwash the browns.

        • Not seen any in ages, but Mex soap operas here used to be quite stunning in their lack of non-White actors. At the time it was even mentioned in description and commentary. Few if any mestizos—who are the bulk of the audience for these things were cast.

          • The musicans and dancers in Indian (SubCon) videos, almost without exception, are whiter than Felix Krull.

          • I used to travel in Mexico. It quickly became apparent that beer billboards everywhere had beautiful 100% white models even though white Mexicans are not even remotely evenly distributed throughout their country.

            It is a standard of beauty. There is a reason that Muslim slavers pitilessly predated upon Europeans. All preferred white sex slaves to black sex slaves.

    • I like football. My solution is to put the sound on mute. And I do something else during commericals (surf internet). All of the woke garbage comes at us verbally, at least with sports. Yeah, I miss the sound of the crowd and whatnot, but I don’t get as mad anymore. And I don’t pay for the privledge of watching it, if you know what I mean.

  37. “…it does bring the risk of turning the dissident into someone incapable of feeling joy. You cannot watch a movie or television show without getting angry about the subversion.”

    Well, one way to deal with this tis to watch old Clint Eastwood movies like “Dirty Harry.”

    Another way is to feel joy by detaching from society — hunting, fishing, hiking, riding motorcycles.

    • There is also more and more dissident artifacts that is deserving of support. There’s more and more music, artwork. and literature written by people on our side.

      No, you aren’t seeing our stuff on Netflix or multi-million dollar productions, but it would be amusing to go the water cooler and when they talk about sports, you tell them about the dissertation you read on Selective Breeding…. okay, maybe don’t do that.

      The main focus of dissidents should be on their own media, and treat enemy media like it doesn’t exist.

      • Put on your Van Morrison albums. He and Clapton were the only high-profile artists that vocally and vehemently condemned the Covid stuff. In fact, the Northern Irish Health Minister is suing Van for badmouthing him. For an entry point, check out Van bringing down the house with “Caravan” on The Last Waltz.
        You don’t pull no punches – but you don’t push the river.

        • What was Morrisey’s stance on the Covid Captivity? Seems I’ve heard he’s somewhat based. At any rate, a long time ago Clapton lamented the browning of England. I’m sure he’s since recanted, but perhaps not.

        • I’ve also been playing old Them stuff-so good. And there’s Kenneth Branagh’s “Belfast” which is a masterpiece about a white working class family where the father is the hero-VantheMan does the music.

    • Exactly, Xman! In fact, you can turn the TV and the streamers right off and STILL be the better for it. The only reason I keep a tenuous long distance relationship with the mainstream is so I know what my enemies are up to… and that’s it.

    • I think maybe the (((elites))) overplayed their hand…I argued against anyone taking the experimental poison, but didn’t push it with Normies…Now I couldn’t care less about their sensibilities, because they have shown that they’re suicidal losers….

  38. When streaming became a thing, my old man would binge watch TV series that he only had a cursory interest. We’re talking 5-6 seasons, which probably adds up to 30+ hours of T.V. watching just to have something to talk about at work. I was perplexed with this at the time and still am, but this was an aspect of culture twenty years ago that is forgotten. People used to have common cultural experience where there were only a few TV stations and people watched more or less the same stuff.

    It’s not like that anymore, and I would argue the reason you see the over-he-ttop diversity is to try to instill the same dynamic of everyone watching basically the same thing, even if there are a thousand shows. You could swap the actors and use chatGPT to write the script and have twenty “new” shows that are all the same thing. It’s essentially what we have now.

  39. In terms of media subversion if you arent watching Devon “Black Pilled” Stack on Odyssey, what are you even doing?

    He’s pretty much the essential right wing media commentator.

    • Devon has some good insights but his boomer and jewish hatred is off the charts and mars his otherwise decent insights. Of course many here probably would disagree with me. So be it.

    • Devon Stack is good at lifting the hood to analyze movies,TV shows and documentaries to reveal the subversive content we’ve all been immersed in. His “PatCon” series was extremely good, and his relatively short “Defiant” video is a good one to share with your head-in-the-sand friends to show them the situation we’re now in.

    • Years ago he was the best commentator on normie-media propaganda, and his dives into old news are still great, but nobody’s mind survives Trump derangement and he has the most crippling strain of it: “Trump failed to cross the Rubicon” (during a military coup against him). He repeats himself like a dementia patient. “You faggots won’t do anything!”

      He sounds short.

      • I agree that he has serious spurned lover syndrome regarding Trump. Nonetheless he says far too much insightful stuff about too many things to be ignored just for that.

        The Patcon series should be required viewing for anyone declaring themself a “dissident”. Just one example

  40. Travel. I occasionally fly from Asheville or Greenville airport to Newark and back. The little airports in the Carolinas are almost completely staffed by friendly white people (except the TSA bottleneck). They are just pleasant – so is the Allentown airport in PA if I can find a flight there. Newark has new buildings, but it feels like trying to navigate a third-world bizarre. Everything is an expensive hassle.

    • ORD fairly recently: a woman in a sari lost control of her bowels and shat a trail through the security line. She nailed some pax but missed me as she exited. TSA ignored the event while I was present but the black oompa loompa barking at us tried to make us walk through the ooze. I changed lines and tried not to hurl.

      The diversity has arrived and it has to appropriate our culture because its own is so low. They would need to ramp up from phart jokes to jokes about actual chit fergawdsakes.

      • I believe it.

        For years I’ve said O’Hare is one of the most soul-crushing places on Earth.

  41. Go back and watch Star Wars (1977) and notice there is zero attempt at “representation”. Just white people saving the galaxy.

    My wife has finally picked up on the fact that I won’t watch the gays on HGTV. She’ll stream a program, I’ll listen to the guy talking or see the haircut and tell her, “lemme, guess, more gays?” And I just leave and she turns it off. Everything is gay, I joke, and I’m just not going to watch it. Don’t care.

    Baseball has been hard for me to give up. Last year the World Series featured two teams with no black starters for the first time in decades. TBH, I enjoyed how upset the media was.

    • I wasn’t happy the Phillies ran out of gas 😀

      Watched the clincher at the local watering hole. There was a respectable-looking family there introducing their daughter to toilet worship on her 21st. Final out, they cheer, I realize they’re Mets fans, so I tell them to go back to NY. It felt good lol.

      • Not that I spend a lot time at bars, but sports seem more watchable at them – probably because I can’t hear the commentators and commercials.
        When I was a kid, my Dad would watch Celtics games with the volume off and Johnny Most on the radio.

        • I honestly don’t enjoy drinking very much, but with a heavily German (and more Anglo than most would admit) culture around here, the bars play a big role in community— despite many going for the lifestyle tourists. The pub is still a thing, thank God. Plus, you get away with discussing topics and expressing opinions that otherwise ought not be discussed and expressed.

      • They’re looking pretty solid again this year. More consistent. Good to see them beat the Mets last night.

    • My wife has finally picked up on the fact that I won’t watch the gays on HGTV.

      Gay guys work in interior decorating?!?!

      Who knew 🤷🏻‍♂️?

      • Remember when home improvement TV shows were Bob Villa explaining how to install attic insulation or Norm Abram building a table? Now it’s dumbed-down contrived drama — gays, women, and mystery meats arguing over paint color or whatever. Clearly, the target audience is wahmens.

        Apart from air conditioning and indoor plumbing, I hate modernity.

        • I truly miss the show Renovation Realities on HGTV. Yes, I know it was FNG but at least it was honest about what happens when amateurs decide to tackle anything bigger than patching small drywall holes and painting. The concept of “seriously underestimating the effort” came roaring to the fore.

          (“Oh yeah, we can convert this walk-in closet into a bedroom in a weekend! No Sweat!” – Six Months Later . . . .)

          One of the basic problems with home improvement in real life is it’s similar to restoring an old car: You don’t know what’s wrong with it until you start pulling parts off. Then the REAL fun begins. In a “These joists are rotten / this frame is rusted through and needs to be replaced” sense. 🤦‍♂️

          Kiss your cash goodbye as it were. 💸

          But yeah, our favorite is House Hunters. Where in the FUDGE are the people coming up with the cashola to buy some of these houses? Oh, and what caliber of weapon should a person use when hunting houses? 37mm, 75mm, 105mm? Serious people want to know. None of those episodes ever address that.

          • There’s a whole genre of “reality” entertainment that focuses on this class of people who just magically have large amounts of cash to blow on frivolous projects. It’s probably a deliberate effort to create a false sense of abundance in people and also a sense of personal inadequacy. “Why don’t I have $25,000 laying around to add a room to my house?” or just “Why can’t I get the down-payment together for the $2,000,000 houses around here?”

            There’s often a very dark backstory to these mystery money people. It turns out that probably most of the sexy young female “influencers” are actually just international prostitutes who spend a lot of time flying around the Middle East where oil-rich Arabs pay them to degrade themselves in ways that would probably even shock most of us. Then there’s the “entrepreneur” who is really just a trust fund brat spending his boomer relatives’ money.

            These people are not actually all that rare at all though and I’d say that in some places (San Francisco, NYC, most European capitals) they are actually the majority of the people who actually live there. This is why the producers of these “reality” shows can present them as normal people. In a sense they are. The problem is that their personal situations are usually highly “bespoke” and there’s no clear career path for someone who isn’t already one of them.

            This is what you get when you’ve got no real economy and the best formula for becoming rich is to be born that way. Reality shows and the influencer phenomenon are the flimsy plaster and wallpaper covering the giant holes in America’s real poverty.

          • Oh, and as for choice of house hunting weapon, hmm… When picturing some posh district in the Bay Area full of trustafarian queers and hipsters all pretending to be “techies” it’s hard know whether to go with an exquisitely prolonged barrage of artillery using something like Russia’s 152mm shells or just one of their hypersonic cruise missiles tipped with a “party nuke”.

            I sort of like the smaller ordinance if only for the fun of sitting around writing slogans on the shells before firing them – “renovate this!” or perhaps “What color goes best with BOOM?”

        • I still watch TOH which is still largely about the lost art of craftsmanship. HGTV’s business model was to use regular people as guests because they could be paid $500 instead of hiring actors. That’s how Scripps made it profitable. If you ever want to watch something truly painful but funny, stream old HGTV shows from the late 1990’s. House Hunters used to feature a segment where the buyers would fill out forms.

          The HGTV programs are contrivances and lies. Throw in some drama and tension, usually over stuff that would have been known about before the TV contract was signed.

          The normies they hire to host the shows (usually a white couple) eventually get forced to highlight gays. I just turn it off. The people paid to spy on us know we turn off shows like that.

    • BF is still really into the Dodgers and pro football. The Dodger stands are Edward Dutton’s “Spiteful Mutants” come to life and the pro football fans not far behind. I like the Phillies too – can’t argue with Bryce Harper and Realmuto.

  42. This week is one of those shows where I just turn on the mic and talk for an hour off the top of my head without knowing where I am going with it.

    So, just like every other week, then?

    Seriously, I’ve never listened to one of these “Power Hours” that ever seemed like it had a conclusion. It’s always all introduction; it’s all exposition. The Z Man grabs onto a subject, shakes it and chews through it in a terrier-like manner, and then, after leaving a bunch of slobbery rawhide crumbs all over the carpet, departs with his customary, “Well, that’s enough of me gassing on…”

    The reason this is a big deal is because you sometimes have to take into account someone’s personal style in weighing the accuracy of their reports. With Z, there is an exacting and excessive literalism in certain areas combined with its opposite—nebulous nonknowledge and precipitate conclusions—in others. Correspondingly, “Motte and Bailey” is his signature rhetorical approach. The staggered retreat from nebulosity to legalism is his method of waging war. It ought to be renamed “The Z-Maneuver.”

    I also note with some “wry detachment” that Sailer seems to be having some minor meltdowns in his most recent threads. I can only hope that the accumulated weight of three years of abject failure to come to grips with the true dynamics of society—and having this pointed out to him by unenthralled commenters—is finally getting to him.

    • You make some interesting and insightful comments here. I would like to hear more in depth from you. Can you provide a link to your blog and podcast?

        • What some read as simping, others (me included) read as sarcasm. Unless I’m greatly mistaken, David Wright’s comment was firmly tongue-in-cheek rather than tongue-up-the-keister.

          Thus all the upvotes.

        • Don’t feed the troll.

          ID is a nasty one at that. I suspect some sort of anti-social mental dysfunction not needed in this group. Note he goes from one extreme to the other. One day trying to impress with his (faux) knowledge of a subject, to the next day gratuitously insulting his blog host in order to get attention.

          • I done seen it before on the internets, first they want attention from blogger/streamer daddy then as soon as daddy actually responds in the comments and makes fun of them they get upset and you get these dissertation length posts where they rent a thesaurus about how much smarter they are than daddy.

        • May or may not be sarcasm, but was clearly a “put up or shut up.”

          Of course, real solutions = phead poaestein.

      • I was thinking more the psychotic squatter who shows up at all hours screaming he is the rightful owner of the property and he didn’t approve their gazebo installation.

        • That’s actually not a bad description of the proper dissident attitude in this day and age, although I deny the “psychotic” predication.

    • Classic ostentatious erudition. I dealt with such pretentious prose for too many years in the academic world, and I suppose I have lost patience with it. Notice the entire post could be phrased: “Z tends to only have a rambling preamble, and his conclusions seems perfunctory and hasty. He compounds this by veering wildly from vague recollection to striking precision. This tendency leads to untrustworthy conclusions, a motte-bailey rhetorical style. Also, I get off to Steve Sailer’s seeming loss of control.”
      The OP may argue that his prose adds flair, but it does not. He is not Balzac. Nor does the style add nuance and precision. He is not Samuel Johnson. Nor is this some mood piece, where the substance is felt in the experience (e.g. “Hansel and Gretel”).
      Though, to be fair to (In)Intelligent, I actually agree with his assertion: when Z does a show around one theme, as opposed to clearly produced and edited individual segments, the conclusion feels hasty and tacked-on – most of the podcast is setup. I still, however, enjoy the podcasts.
      Framework seems to be Z’s method of thought. If you follow the blueprint he lays out in this form, the conclusion is foregone, in his mind. Most of the podcast is a process of narrowing and contextualizing.

      • If concision is what you’re after, Eloi, then you might have just said, “I don’t like the fact that ID’s right, but he is.”

        Anyway, thank you for interjecting some substance into your reply instead of (just) complaining about the style.

        • I never said or implied I don’t like that you were right. My goal was to try to teach you how not to come off like a man who sits down to pee 🙂

      • Framework seems to be Z’s method of thought.

        Most of the things you rely upon to live work this way. I think that working in STEM for most of my life has imposed this mode of thought or maybe it was always there and what drove me into STEM. That bridge you use to cross a river is the product of a long process of creating a framework that leads to a bridge.

    • Here’s an idea–just get the fuck out of here, asshole. You are unwanted. In the past I’ve been something of a defender of you because you’re obviously a highly insecure crackpot who needs a space to spout your hot methane. You’re the equivalent of an abused, abandoned mutt who needed shelter. But now I’m with Apex Predator and Compsci. You’re nothing more than a deranged bomb-thrower, and you need to be expelled. Don’t know if Z bans people, but if he does, you’re the one guy around here who deserves the hammer.

      • Z-man is a saint wrt tolerance of differing opinion. He has shown this time and again to his credit, not just here but in other’s blog’s as well where I’ve read his posts.

        However, this goes only so far. The limit (I believe) is reached when the generally good natured exchange among the group is diverted to name calling and argument by a poster and away from the topic of the blog host. I admit my contributing fault in this as well.

        Waay long ago (IIRC), there was an obvious troll here called “Tiny Duck”. It was finally put to the comment section by Z-man as to whether to ban or to allow “Tiny Duck” to continue to post. The general preference of the group was to ban “Tiny Duck”. Indeed, Tiny Duck was so notorious that any number of *new* commenters were often chided as being “Tiny Duck” under a new pseudo name. 😉

        There is often a fine line between vigorous difference of opinion and simple disruption. I believe that line has been crossed. ID has a history of just such behavior over on Unz. He faired little better over there in public reaction to his commentary, but was tolerable because the Unz comment program allowed blocking of such disruptive posters by the reader. ID was blocked by me and reading commentary by the group over at Unz became a bit more tolerable.

        I’d personally like to see a comment program more like Unz, but as Z-man has said—his time is limited. So we are again perhaps faced with a serious decision. It’s not my call, it’s Z-man’s.

        To exclude or not, that is the question. (Apologies to Shakespeare.)

  43. I’ve been a dissident most of my life. What jaded me, and can be evidenced from the Ronald comment in the OP and general depressive OPs like this one, is that though the dissident right has come around, by chance, to some of my opinions, they still fall into only a few narrow categories…

    For this place, the relevant category is ex-griller who secretly pines for the Return of the Ribeye. This includes Z, unfortunately. We can seize our destiny at the future buffet line once again! We can get the condiments right this time if we’re in charge! Don’t worry!

    Oh sweetie. You have no idea what’s happening.

    Anywho, that’s a little irritating for me. However, for yall here and myself, there is a point to this comment…

    I say this as a regular dude…

    Don’t be afraid to fire up the grill this weekend. Go fishing. Drink a beer standing in your garage with the door open overlooking your modest world as it hums by.

    Fuck, I saw the ruling uniparty for what it was in the 90s and knew voting was probably a waste of time. Glad to see someone caught up.

    Life is short tho. Let’s enjoy each other’s company now and again. There ain’t a fucking thing wrong with raising our glasses to each other today. There ain’t shit wrong in enjoying the moment either.

    So enjoy it.

    tl;dr yall grillers, just grill a moment. Feels good. We here. Also, Michael Anton’s articles were solid reads, even if Z don’t like them.

        • Dude is lucky the vibrants only grabbed his car when they could have easily gone South Africa farm-style on him and his wife

        • Im with you, and I have a gun as well to protect the family. But if you think you can just use your gun in self defense, you’re not paying attention. A white shooting a vibrant is going to get the full prosecution. Even if found guilty, they’ll drain his bank account paying for lawyers.

          • I have given the aspect of self defense vs bankruptcy some recent consideration.

            Once one begins to carry, one never goes back, so to address this problem I now carry insurance wrt such matters. No, not an indemnity policy—none will ever pay off on a *criminal* tort—but rather a retainer with a law firm that specializes in such defense.

            They will defend in all criminal matters and have a 24/7 toll free emergency number to call when arrested. They also will make cash bail for minor stuff like DUI.

            The cost is minimal per year—certainly less than the price of your training ammo, which you should be doing if you carry a weapon as skills decline through disuse and liability increases if you can’t prove proficiency. I have a benefit of taking the State LEO proficiency test as we give those to retire LEO’s monthly at the range.

          • That’s why you should live in a rural area.

            The three “S” rule is in full effect where I live…



            Shut Up!

            Of course if you have buddy who owns hogs (and I do) you can skip the shovel part altogether…

    • Life is short tho. Let’s enjoy each other’s company now and again. There ain’t a fucking thing wrong with raising our glasses to each other today. There ain’t shit wrong in enjoying the moment either.

      TLDR: Living well is the best revenge.

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