Election Narrative Update

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The next Republican debate is scheduled for this coming Thursday at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley California. According to state media, the same cast of characters is expected to perform at this event, with the exception of Asa Hutchinson and Doug Burgum, who they forgot to invite. Why this is being held in California is a mystery, as there is no chance a Republican will every win the state. For all anyone knows or cares, there is no Republican Party in California.

Putting that aside, the pre-coverage of this debate shows us that the narrative for the 2024 election is running into serious trouble on the GOP side. The script said that at this point, Trump would be out of the race due to the indictments. The party would have swung behind one of the zombies to stop Ron DeSantis, who would be desperately swimming to the “middle” in order to maintain donor support. Instead, Trump now looms over the whole thing like Godzilla attacking Tokyo.

The main flaw in the narrative was assuming that Trump’s support would collapse after the string of indictments. Because the people behind this stuff are lizard people from an alien planet, they have no way to read public sentiment. They are left to imagine how humans would react under certain conditions. Apparently one of their texts on humans said that humans naturally flee when the bad guys attack their champion for the crime of fighting back against the bad guys.

Regime media is now floating stories like this one in which various toadies wonder why their great plan failed to work. One of the lessons of the Ukraine war is that these sorts of stories appear when the regime finally comes to realize that their current narrative is no longer operational. It is something like the stages of grief. They are now in the acceptance phase of narrative collapse. Next is the bargaining phase where they search for something positive from the situation.

Another problem with the narrative is that Ron DeSantis was not able to play his role as the acceptable alternative to Trump. You may hate Trump with the intensity of a thousand suns, but it does not change the fact that he is the best street fighter the Republican Party has seen since Lee Atwater. He saw right away that DeSantis was a stalking horse, so he unleashed his supporters on him. As a result DeSantis has been dying a death of a thousand cuts.

One part of the narrative has held together. The script called for the great zombie army that is Conservative Inc. to rally to the banner of an approved option. After some fits and starts, they have managed to get this right. The one thing that you can always count on is for conservatives to do what the Left tells them to do. Nikki Haley is now the regime option in the race. She has broken double digits in Iowa, which is probably her high water mark, but that will be enough to make her the favorite.

That is the reason to watch the Thursday debate. Since Neocon Nikki has been anointed as the regime favorite, it means DeSantis has to go after her in order to revive interest in his campaign. Given how poorly he has done to this point, it is a lock that he does not do this and instead attacks Ramaswamy again. For his part, the King Cobra should be ready for Neocon Nikki to use him as a foil. Expect him to arrive wearing garlic as that is how you keep the neocon at bay.

Ramaswamy has turned out to be an enormous problem for the regime as he is a black swan in this story. According to official dogma, it is impossible for a brown person with an elite education to sound like Trump. Not only does Ramaswamy sound like Trump, he makes better arguments than Trump and he is willing to stake out positions that Trump is afraid to take, which are popular with normal people. They do not know what to do with him, so they will fling their poo at him.

Of course, they are falling for one of the classic blunders. The most famous is to never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well known is this; never get involved in a poo flinging contest with an Indian. Ramaswamy has figured out that the race issue is losing its effectiveness with voters. That and it strikes people as ridiculous to call him a white supremacist. This gives him room to be the explicitly pro-white candidate while not being white.

With the narrative collapsing, the question shifts to what is next. The polling shows Trump is locked in as the overwhelming favorite in the early contests. What we know from 2016 is that Trump always does better than the polls, so it is fair to assume he will win handily if nothing changes. The script calls for the removal of Trump from the ballot, for the good of the country, so they can always play that card. Otherwise, they have to craft a new narrative to prevent the apocalypse.

The natural fallback position would be to put a pillow of Biden’s face and find a younger more plausible option for the other side. Gavin Newsom was the obvious choice, but he has removed himself from consideration. Presumably they threatened to charge him with raping people decades ago. That leaves no one. Given Biden’s declining ability to speak in public, we could end up with a general election where Trump campaigns in front of huge rallies and Biden does not campaign at all.

The ultimate fallback position, of course, is a rerun of 2020. This time Biden will top his eighty million votes in Pennsylvania alone. They have gone to a system of automatic voting that lets you avoid the hassle of filling out your ballot. This is a great benefit to the dead, who find this to be a big challenge. All joking aside, the lesson of 2020 is they can rig the election and get away with it, so the ultimate solution to narrative collapse is not who votes but who counts the votes.

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217 thoughts on “Election Narrative Update

  1. I wish that Trump could find a way to overcome voter fraud and get reelected.

    I miss the days filled with talk of low black unemployment and Israel being our greatest ally. Now I can only dream of Durham being chosen again to investigate corruption. Maybe even Q would reemerge with Trump being back in office.

  2. I swear Z, I don’t know how you continue pump out amazingly relevant and often irreverent content day in and day out. Your site has been a go to read I guess for at least five years now – to say nothing of your gab and subscribe star. You are truly a beacon of light and sanity in an increasingly dark sea of insanity. Many, many thanks.

  3. The Uniparty is not united. You have people like Elon Musk, a 2020 Biden voter and donor, now seeing not one but three DOJ/SEC actions against him regarding a “secret plan” by Tesla to buy Musk a house. The aim being to force out Musk from Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX. Bearing in mind that Musk has achieved what none of the other space companies or the Air Force can do: launch something like 70% (or thereabouts) of all space launches. Not even the DoD can protect him now. And with Blinken’s Two Front Nuclear War strategy, people and institutions with considerable Chinese investments are now valuing those at zero with Team Obama in charge.

    Meanwhile some of the neo-cons (Ignatius, National Review) have called Biden corrupt and demanded he resign. Ukraine is not working out, Rand Paul is voting against any more aid and McCarthy at least had to posture about being tough with Zelensky. Sen. Vance from Ohio is in a Twitter fight with the “thing” that is the Ukraine Defense Force English language spokes-thing: a transgender former Army Sgt. from the US. I would not call either Vance of Paul profiles in courage much less McCarthy so that part is telling. Project Ukraine is failing and no one wants a ticket on the carbon fiber submersible to the Titanic.

    Then there is Hillary! and the Clinton Global Initiative. The original plan was for Blackrock to be in charge of all the Ukraine rebuilding money and plans. Now the Clintons have muscled their way into the trough and the money will be funneled not through Blackrock (Obama/Biden allies) but through the Clintons. Hillary is making noises about how SHE should be the nominee in a “surprise” move. If the Obama wing were strong she’d have stayed disappeared. We have a general UAW strike, with Trump visiting the strikers today instead of the GOP clown show at the Reagan Library.

    Thing is, “never underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up.” — Barack Hussein Obama.

    Against this is the factions of the Deep State: FBI/DOJ, CIA, and military leadership that is Obama/Biden controlled. They have done a heel turn against China when under Trump China was their best friend. No one knows why — and its making again big institutions and investors with lots of money/investment in China angry and afraid. Trump is looking saner and more desirable by the moment. Some “realist” neo-cons are calling for writing off Ukraine, retrenching, and re-arming, none of which can be done with an open border and ever increasing welfare burden. Nor can illiterate peasants from El Salvador run sophisticated manufacturing processes for ATACAMs missiles. They are not even suited to driving forklifts around.

    [Note btw that I am convinced that Obama could not have his lifestyle without getting a LOT of that Biden money, and his desire to burn down the US out of hate hate hate for YT conflicts with power projection by realist neocons and the desires of various big investors/institutions to survive]. Blackrock and GM without a functioning US is a branch office of CCP Inc.. Larry Fink would be fetching Xi coffee when he visits, to quote Billary.

  4. Three factors explain the total collapse of the Republican party in California:

    1) The replacement of the closed primary for partisan office with the “top two” format, in which all voters may participate and the top two vote getters are considered “voter nominated” and advance to the general election. In most instances, those are both Democrats. When everyone can vote for every office, there’s no need to declare a party affiliation any more. The only party office elected at the primary is member of the party’s county central committee, for which party affiliation is understandably required, but like–who really cares? Is that enough to stay affiliated?

    2) Social ostracism, including job discrimination, if you are found to be (gasp!) a registered Republican. Is it worth it?

    3) But the most important reason is that huge numbers of Republicans have already thrown in the towel and left the state (I’m guessing many of them landed in Florida, which still has a closed primary and where GOP registration is surging, and Republicans have outnumber registered Dems since Nov. 2021). That number would include native Californian Sen. Scott Wilk, the state senate minority leader (one of eight Republicans left in that chamber), who has publicly stated his intention to leave the state once his term is complete.

    • The old school Orange County conservatives I know bailed for Florida over 20 years ago. They could see which way the wind was blowing

      Florida’s election results in 2020 and 2022 indicate the majority of the new arrivals are conservatives/grillers fleeing blue states. That probably keeps Florida red for another 10-20 years until the great boomer die off

  5. What it really comes down to is none of this means a thing. No matter who got elected, no matter what seats get filled, no matter, no matter, no matter… Nothing is going to change with this corrupt, piece of shit former country. It is over and it’s never getting fixed. The only thing that is worth discussing is its destruction and what will rise from those ashes. We will never have representation in government, so unless normie is ready to grab his “gear”, get off the couch and sacrifice his assets, family and his life, things will just continue to deteriorate more and more.

    More likely than any revolution is the acceptance of 3rd world level living. For younger generations, they don’t know any better, and they have been conditioned to hate themselves and be victims. Things will gradually stop working and it will just become accepted.

    Nothing has happened in the last 160 years that would lead anyone to believe things will get better or flip around entirely. It’s like trying to steer an aircraft carrier and this is the biggest carrier ever in existence. The only thing, and I mean the ONLY thing that MIGHT cause a stir is when the food supply goes away and normie can’t feed his family. I’m not even that confident that that would do it either. Just look at the daughter of the police chief who was mowed down by the low IQ apes who stole the car. She was tripping over herself to make sure she let everyone know it’s not about race.

    I don’t understand what planet these people come from, I really don’t. Had one of my loved ones been the victim of those 4 worthless life forms I’d be up there letting the world know that everyone is sick and tired of the low IQ apes ruining everything they touch. Take my house, my car, my livelihood, at that point I don’t give a fuck. Hell, that might light a fire under some folks to finally take a stand against the world’s most destructive force – the American negro.

    • Dude, every word in this echoes exactly my thoughts. Why I am named Elpi, because that is what I believe we will end up as.

    • I’d be up there letting the world know that everyone is sick and tired of the low IQ apes ruining everything they touch.

      Precisely why they would never let you near the mainstream microphone. You could tell your story on Gab though.

  6. “The main flaw in the narrative was assuming that Trump’s support would collapse after the string of indictments. Because the people behind this stuff are lizard people from an alien planet, they have no way to read public sentiment. They are left to imagine how humans would react under certain conditions. Apparently one of their texts on humans said that humans naturally flee when the bad guys attack their champion for the crime of fighting back against the bad guys.”


    • A few days ago, I was pushing a theory here, chez Z, that Globull Warming was a psy-op designed to vastly decrease the total number of parts in vehicles [Battery/Electric vehicles having vastly fewer parts than do traditional Internal Combustion Engine vehicles], and the reason the Oligarchs wanted to get rid of extra parts was because it meant the Oligarchs could then get by with vastly smaller labor costs [in assembling the vehicles].

      And I was warning folks that the UAW was aware of this psyop – the desire on the part of the Oligarchs to slash labor costs – and that the Council of the Sanhedrin might very well call up BLM and Antifa when Trump went to meet with the UAW.

      Now here’s an headline in the news this afternoon:

      Democrats Panic as Trump Plans to Visit Striking Auto Workers

      I’m telling you peeps, these are very very strange times.

      Hypothetically speaking, if you were to combine Blue Collar organizations [such as the UAW] throwing their weight in with the GOP, plus bajillions of sh!tlibs dying from the v@xxines, you’re starting to get a completely new political landscape in this country.

      These are very, very strange times.

      Obviously the absentee ballots will determine everything, but if the absentee ballot problem could be fixed, then I think the 2024 election results might be rather stunning.

      [A truly fascinating statistic in 2024 will be the number of sh!tlibs who died of the v@xxine, but who, after they had died, also managed to get up out of the grave and vote DEM via absentee ballot.]

  7. Truly excellent analysis! And the humor only makes it more impactful. And the logical follow-on question is . . . what happens after the next stolen election? It will be so ridiculously obvious at that point that not even Dan Bongino will be able to deny the reality. Well, this is what the models say is most probable.

    First, and assuming Biden’s handlers haven’t already started WW3, all Western economies dive into recession and eventual depression. Second, crime and civil unrest explode in major cites all across the country. LEOs are overwhelmed and the National Guard is called out to quell the violence. Third, honest-to-goodness real secession movements arise in numerous Southern and Midwestern states. Fourth, and this the most unexpected and unbelievable development, normie gets up off the couch and puts down his beer!!!! OK, that last item was gratuitous sarcasm. But the corollary is that militia movements will also explode as firearm sales exceed 5 million per year and ammunition becomes like gold.

    Wait for the fog.

      • TomA: “…assuming Biden’s handlers haven’t already started WW3, all Western economies dive into recession and eventual depression. Second, crime and civil unrest explode in major cites all across the country. LEOs are overwhelmed and the National Guard is called out to quell the violence…”

        The LEOs & the National Guard are all v@xxinated.


        “There are an estimated 200 billion pieces of plasmid DNA in each dose of the Pfizer covid vaccine…..” — University of South Carolina Professor Phillip Buckhaults, Ph.D.



        We’re looking at worst case scenarios now.

        Purchase moar ammμnit!on.
        Purchase moar long-shelf-life foodstuffs.
        Secure your potable water supply.

        Civilization is going bye-bye.

  8. Trump as a “fighter” is a myth that should have exploded long ago. He is long on bluster and short on gonads. He let the GOP establishment play him like a fiddle and didn’t even have the gumption to fire people in person. He is probably the only GOP candidate Biden could defeat.

      • you can never hate the bushes enough. W left office with a 28% approval rating . very discourging that almost a third of americans were that dump.

    • You have heard about the steal haven’t you? No Republican would have won with the election fortification going on. For all his faults Trump would have won handily had the election not been fortifies against him.

      • I fall in the middle of both these posts. 2020 was a complete work and Trump would have been elected if the election had been on the up and up. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a paper tiger who isn’t nearly the tough guy he’d have us believe.

          • What are you smoking and get some for the rest of us. Trump was bluster but was totally domineted by what he percieved as publiic opinion . look at how rediculous he was in criticizing governor Kemp of Ga when kemp tried to open up his lockdowns. trump savaged him publicly for “making him look bad” . no turmps fragile EGO was his worst weakiness

      • As Z mentions, Trump always “overperforms” his poll numbers. On election night 2020, until the code red was called, he’d more than closed the margin on what was universally predicted to be a 10+ point Biden win. Like the televised military coup that soon followed, nobody remembers this. Elections don’t matter, but the gap between known facts about them and what’s said about them does, because it reveals the regime mind.

        Relatedly, everyone who considers Trump an enemy, even /ourguys/, lies about him. Why is this necessary? How is the truth not enough? “He’s a cultural homosexual and prioritizes that over the people’s stated will.” “His deal-making ‘brand’ prevents him from truly opposing any evil.” “He’s a fat boss, a villain archetype for good reason.” Etc. We can all make a list. So why *make up* anything? To signify solidarity with other liars? That’s why conservatives and libertarians do it.

    • Dutch Boy: “Trump as a “fighter” is a myth that should have exploded long ago.”

      I dunno.

      Trump II doesn’t seem to be quite the nice guy that Trump I was.

      Just in the last few days…

      Trump’s Menacing Rosh Hashanah Message to American Jews

      Trump Proposed Feeding Migrant Children to Alligators in Truth Social Post

      Trump supports government shutdown as McCarthy, House GOP face new challenges in spending fight

      I wonder if Baron taught his Dad about /pol/?

      Maybe Baron might even have sent his Dad over to Z?

      Trump II seems like he’s taking off the White Shoes and putting on the mud boots.

      Wellingtons FTW.

      • I voted for him twice. He always talks tough , then caves to pressure. How many times did he say he wouldn’t sign a budget limit bill without his border wall funded? I think 3 times, with the same bluster each time , same cave each time.

        • Merely with his relatively inconsequential promotion stonewall, Tuberville has demonstrated more willingness to buck the system than Trump ever did

          There’s been lots of talk that McConnell kept Trump in line with repeated threats of impeachment. I bet Trump sure is glad now that he caved rather than call that bluff. But it underscores Trump’s problem: He cares more about being president than he does about getting anything done as president. He ended up being like every other politician, just with different talking points.

        • I remember all the hand wringing from Congress including many RINOs when Trump asked for $5 billion to secure OUR borders. Zelensky wants $100 billion, no problemo.

    • Lol imagine thinking elections are impacted by what the people actually want. The foreskin eaters will decide which two candidates you can pick from, and your vote will be cast for you by some stupid fat negress in all likelihood. As long as white people allow themselves to be told what to do by the child genital mutilating small hat people, all this will never change.

    • Trump is a fighter during a campaign and when he is personally attacked. Otherwise he is a patsy for the Republican establishment.

  9. The most famous is to never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well known is this; never get involved in a poo flinging contest with an Indian.

    Guys, I’m ded!

  10. With David Ignatius now in on the gambit, even normie can see that They are trying to push Biden out.

    I’ve got 50 GAE dollars that say his replacement on the ballot will be none other than HRC herself. At only 75 years of age she is practically a youth movement compared with BOM and Tater Joe. And with improved 21st century election fortification processes, intransigent middle American resistance to Her is no longer an obstacle.

    • How much of a sadistic psychopath is Gavin Newsom?

      Hillary certainly didn’t blink an eye when she ordered the assassination of her former lover, Vince Foster.

      [For any young betas chez Z, Vince Foster was the nice guy who always finished last. Dead Last. Moral of the story: Don’t be a nice guy. Be a jerk. A sadistic psychopath of a jerk.]

      The Council of the Sanhedrin ain’t gonna fund your candidacy unless they can sense that you’re all aboard the White Genocide train.

      • Her vengeance against the Middle Americans who scorned her will be terrible indeed. Hell hath no fury

      • Only in the Washington DC area can a top government official “commit suicide” by blowing his brains out and yet get no blood on his shirt, no fingerprints on the gun (IIRC), have carpet fibers on his clothes, and a witness placed two strange men at his car where it was parked at Fort Marcy park. That was over thirty years ago, and the moral composition of our nation has not improved in the intervening time.

    • I think it will be michell, if they remove him at all. they get a big kick out of rubing our noses in our powerlessness, so they may leave pedo peter in as a dog king.

  11. Is there any presidential match up that would bring home to Normie that it isn’t his country any more? What if two Brahman females (Haley and Harris) are the respective Republican and Democratic nominees? What if two blacks (Obama and Scott)? The latter would be particularly hilarious as each sought to “out-black” the other. Would anything wake up Normie at this point?

    • Normie has been indoctrinated to believe that there is nothing worse in the world than a white Racist. Even most murderers are more favorably looked upon. Easily 3/4 of the population believes this. Probably more.

      So if Normie is wake-able, it’s probably not by that.

      • A white who says the “jogger word” is of far worse moral character than a jogger who murders a white and and tries to beat the rap by lying that the white called him a jogger.

      • There might still be time to convince normie that we can go back to the way things were growing up, where you could use certain words among friends but you maintained civility in public.

        It’s like being a kid who uses the kind of salty language while hanging out with peers that he would never dare speak in front of dad. Now imagine that a complete stranger comes up to your dad 10 years after the fact and tells him that he once heard you say “fuck” – and your dad disowns you over it! Normal people can see the absurdity of it.

        As long as we live in the “look at me” world of social media, I wouldn’t expect people to once again recognize the boundary between public and private, but Boomers and X’ers still remember when life operated on such a principle.

    • Norm Griller would stand aside and applaud dewily as Big Mike and Kamaltoe gangbanged his granddaughter.

    • sadly , nothing will . normie lets grown freaks dress up and show their elementary schol daughters their junk at story time. they also sit by smiling as the education establisent puts their son on permanently sterilizing chemical castration

      • Im hearing a lot of talk about how normies “let” this or that happen. Ok fellow tough talking dissidents, what exactly are WE actually stopping from happening?

        A lot of regular people dont like any of this nonsense any more than we do. They dont have any power to stop it, nor does anyone here. They may or may not have an intellectual articulated objection to the whole program but that’s not everyone’s job.

        We’re all on the same ride here and none of us has access to the wheel or brakes. Maybe we can quit scapegoating and dumping on one another for this situation and resenting other people for being just as politically impotent as us.

    • Lilly white Boulder, Colorado can’t get enough of the ghetto culture that Coach. “Prime” Deion Sanders has brought to their picturesque mountain community. I lived 10 miles from Boulder in the early 2000s so I know that it is full of left wing fruitcakes. Still it illustrates a fatal flaw that the majority of American Whites have which is the.obsession with sports even when their team is made up of hostile blacks that literally despise them. So no Normie is not going to wake up in time in any appreciable numbers to matter.

      • Sanders beats three mediocre teams, one in double OT, and suddenly he’s Vince Lombardi, Knute Rockne and Bear Bryant all roled into one. The Regime Media just can’t get enough of Coach Super Nigger, and as the media go, so go the fans. Bloody idiots.

  12. The most destabilizing scenario is as follows:
    1). A Kangaroo court convicts Trump, sends him to the slammer for 500 years.
    2) Trump still handily wins the primaries.
    3) Trump campaigns from jail like something right out of a third world country (which we are). Trump turns it into something out of Johnny Cash live from Folsom Prison, becoming “a legit gangsta” to the Jack-n-coke drinking peons.
    4) The election is rigged like 2020 on steroids. It’s apparent that Trump won to all but partisans.

    There’s a great chance of this happening.

    • I agree with all your points, but that is why I have to agree with Z on the removal of Trump from the primary ballot. I don’t know how, and I do not know it will, but it seems to me that they must remove him. Maybe not, but we will see.

      • Keep in mind that it’s the Republican establishment that desperately wants him off the ballot. Perhaps the Democrats, and the Democrat judges are fine and dandy with Trump on the ballot.

        • I don’t think the Ds are capable of rational dispassionate strategery when it comes to the BOM. But if they were, that would make sense.

        • Ds may want him off as well. Trump off the R ballots means millions if not tens of millions fewer votes for the R ticket (whether just staying home, a write in, or third party). The Ds might not even have to cheat this time.

    • This is why there is a frantic effort to remove Trump from a general ballot or to get the Republicucks to bar his nomination. The Regime doesn’t give a damn about domestic perceptions, of course, but still likes to LARP as The World’s Greatest Democracy. Foreigners see it as well, of course, the Regime is far more ruthless than intelligent/sane.

    • Possible for sure, but I think that the Federal courts, maybe SCOTUS, will intervene (if necessary) to prevent that scenario…if they don’t, they’ll become completely irrelevant, a dreaded outcome…

      • The SCOTUS is the one factor everybody’s ignoring in Trump’s persecution. The court could well intervene and ensure he’s on the ballot. Of course, if that happens, fortification will still guarantee he won’t be president again, but at least the Power Structure will have to work for that result.

  13. There will be a person forthcoming from the Democrat Party that is unknown but will be “the one.” This will fit perfectly into their modus operandi. They will bank on the fact that our “social media” culture is waking each day looking for the new savior and eager to accept this person. And by the time of the unveiling, there won’t be sufficient time left to attack, dig up dirt, etc. on this candidate prior to the installation.

    Sound like fiction? Sarcasm? Of course it is — it could never happen.

    • Something very similar to that happened in France in 2017. Emmanuel Macron, who had been a Rothschild banker, and who had relatively little national exposure, suddenly emerged as the leader of a “new” political party and won the French presidency in 2017.

  14. The latest pablum from a progressive guest on American Mind: https://americanmind.org/salvo/vivek-ramaswamy-and-the-woke-culture-war-on-hindus/

    I really enjoy the honesty in the opening statement:

    “Vivek Ramaswamy and I have something else in common, which is that we are Hindu in America.”

    I have been using the phrase blacks in America to describe them. It is at least refreshing to get an admission from this Hindu that he is not American. On a similar note, Rawmasway’s statement on immigration was carefully crafted. His summary statement was to the effect, “Living in America is not a right it is a privilege.” What I took that to mean, is that his vision of America is a bazaar where people live if they earn the privilege of living there in order to work for companies whose American residency get them the backing of draining what remains of white America’s middle class of money and soldiering to fight for their interests abroad. Well, add one more group to the unmelted pot that wants to stir it to their advantage.

    It is sad really. Well, I will take the brazen honesty of this Hindu in America as at least something refreshing being spewed from AINO’s political clown car.

    • Oh! Forgot to mention my favorite. That he complains about how American history is attacking Hindu/Subcontinental history in the guise of standing up for accurate history in America.

      The racial headcount continues to intensify.

      • Nice. I see you introduced Judeo-Puritan at least as far back as 12/20. If you invented that take a bow as it is spot on accurate and a great play on the Judeo/Christian fabrication.

        Btw, election season in my locality. You can see from the yard signs that this is an ethnic/racial headcount. East Asians are pushing in hard and pushing out the once entrenched biggest advocates for TGR.

        A long, hard, bitter swig of one’s own medicine is coming fast and hard in the coming decades. Based on the businesses encroaching and the current yard sign ratio, there are huge increases in volume and intensity.

        • Several of my neighbors are Japanese, the only “good” (Euro-compatible) Asians. The rare yard sign is always for a different kind of Asian who’s ethically hostile to them. In present America they’re allies—increasingly with blacks and hispanics—against the rest of us. The last few decades’ push for an American pan-Asianism didn’t work out, mostly because Indians are repulsive to everyone, but the next-iteration “Global Majority” talk, because it’s in the language of conquest, is doing its job.

    • Trump should consider putting Vivek on the ticket…Indians vote slavishly for other Indians, and that amounts to something…

  15. The Democrat will win easily.

    single women

    Pretty much everybody not white.

    Add to that about 40% of white people, skewed younger.

    Game over

  16. Of course, they are falling for one of the classic blunders. The most famous is to never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well known is this; never get involved in a poo flinging contest with an Indian.

    I approve this message.

    • All over SE Asia there’s an old joke which goes like this:

      Q: You’re walking the rounds of your rice fields and you encounter a cobra and an Indian. You know you only have one bullet left. What do you do?

      A: Shoot the Indian of course and take your chances with the cobra.

  17. “ The main flaw in the narrative was assuming that Trump’s support would collapse after the string of indictments. Because the people behind this stuff are lizard people from an alien planet, they have no way to read public sentiment. ”

    What they can not understand—nor if they did, accept, is that Trump represents both the anger and hope of the (Dirt) people. There are only two ways now to “handle” Trump, assassinate him or attempt to keep him off State ballots through escalating the “lawfare” attack. So far the States attempting to keep him off the ballot are Dem wins anyway, so that form of attack may not have the effect desired.

    The dark horse here on the lawfare fromt might be a guilty verdict and a quick shuffle into a jail cell before the elections—all to the benefit of Trump support. A presidential win for an incarcerated candidate would cause our greatest Constitutional crisis ever, which of course translates into great entertainment. 😉

    • Cue the image of R2D2 projecting a hologram of Bobby Mack Hawkins in a greezy CAT hat and flannel shirt, spitting Red Man tobacco juice and moanin’ out, “Hear me Donald Trump; you’re ma’ only dad-blaned hope.”

    • Also remember, the Secret Service is required to protect Trump, even in jail…How would that work, haha?

    • If they do bang up Trump, It’s really going to piss off his Secret Service Detail.
      They won’t do well in a prison.

  18. Whatever happens in the election, the American people will lose. The government will continue to throw billions at left wing causes providing employment and money to their supporters. That is the purpose of this new idea of the “Climate Corps” It’s the “reward your friends” part of winning elections to punish your enemies and reward your friends. Every young kook with a degree somehow related to climate will get 6 figure salaries doing very little to nothing. Only the neocons ever did stuff like this with the GOP. The “faith based initiatives” under W come to mind.

    Despite having large majorities in Congress multiple times since the early 70s, the GOP never did anything to stop abortion. They could have amended the Constitution or even just passed a law. While the Republicans were whining about life, the Democrats were funneling huge amounts of taxpayer money to their buddies in Planned Parenthood. Same with NPR. While the Republicans drone on about their lovely constitution, “the left” gets to work making their ideology the law.

    • “ Despite having large majorities in Congress multiple times since the early 70s, the GOP never did anything to stop abortion”

      Precisely, but don’t stop with abortion. The GOP did nothing! Except possibly increase the MIC and reduce taxes at the expense of the budget.

      Here in AZ the push is now to eliminate the *extreme* MAGA candidates under the guise of luring back all those “IND” registered voters. It breaks down to the establishment, do nothing, “RINO’s” against the Trump MAGA people.

      The establishment GOP is so vile as to be joining with Dem’s to pass an “open primaries” law, such that Dem’s can vote in GOP primaries and vis versa. Of course, there is little to no competition in Dem primaries, so the Dems can cross over and vote in the GOP primaries thereby offsetting the MAGA candidate and voting for the GOP RINO.

  19. One of the favorite tropes of liberals is “teachers having to buy classroom supplies out of their own pockets” because the schools are so criminally underfunded. Now, as a hardcore capitalist, I support everyone’s right to flush their money down a toilet or burn it up in a fire. Look at the people who support the WNBA or much of what is called “the arts” today. However, as long as people will donate to candidates like Burgum, Hutchinson, et. al., I simply don’t want to hear, as the unnamed guy at the beginning of Heart of Darkness said, one “gah damn” thing about supposed public necessities that are going wanting.

    • “I simply don’t want to hear, as the unnamed guy at the beginning of Heart of Darkness said, one “gah damn” thing about supposed public necessities that are going wanting.”

      Yeah, funny how cloud math works. We can’t afford to spend five billion for a wall on the Southern border, but we “can” afford to send untold billions to Ukraine to protect their borders. We can’t afford to give our own people heath care, but we “can” afford health care for illegals and their anchor babies. We can’t afford to forgive student loans, but we “can” afford tax breaks for elite universities and free education for illegals.

      Regardless of how you feel about issues like student loan forgiveness or universal health care, it’s pretty damn obvious that the welfare of the American people isn’t a priority to the people in charge.

      • There’s a lot more to it. I’m imperfectly repeating someone else’s words here (probably Gary North): Politicians are deathly afraid of being labelled “insensitive.” Of course that was long before modern terms like “woke” or “virtue signalling” came into common usage, but the key concepts are as old as civilization. These people by and large have cushy jobs and nice benefits. Those can all vanish at the next election and/or if they anger their masters. Rarely will any of these take a stand on a hard issue: illegal immigration, funding foreign military adventures, dubious public health policies, why the poor continue afflicted by their various dysfunctions despite decades of “help”, and a thousand others. By and large, the power and wealth are maintained by avoiding the hard issues, not by solving or even addressing them.

      • Nope, the priority of an elected official is to be *re-elected*. Re-election of course being dependent on a set of elite “donors” and powerful interests. The elections are just for the rubes.

    • No, it’s just part of the grift. Any cuts or failure to increase budgets are applied to the most public facing aspect of the program. Like your local board of education could cut many workers without firing a single teacher or making teachers buy their own supplies or cutting extra curricular activities. But this would be an actual solution and would not require continuous increases in the budget. This is not how bureaucracies work. The central goal of any bureaucracy is to protect and grow itself. All of these credentialed “experts” employed by the bureaucracy like their cushy jobs and want to protect demand for their worthless degrees. They are the ones who control the budget money once it is in the organization and they are also the ones who decide what is “essential” and what can be cut. They always define themselves as so essential to the mission that nobody can be fired.

      • Can’t wait for the federal government to “shut down” in a few weeks so our rulers can close the Smithsonian, national parks and give the bureaucracy an extra few weeks of paid vacation.

        • The leaves are nice that time of year in the nearby Shenandoah National Park. Or spend a week at the shore if you get a not uncommon Indian summer.

      • One dirty little (not so) secret is class size bemoaning. Teachers just can’t teach class sizes over 30, so instruction suffers and more, smaller, classes must be made.

        I still have my Catholic school grade school class pictures. My class had 48 students! I never was in a class that wasn’t packed. Now I admit the environment was different. The nuns would tolerate no shenanigans. We sat and paid attention. We were all White.

        Increased public school costs against decreasing achievement is just another gift of DIE, but the point remains achievement is *not* a product of small class size.

    • I have worked in three different school districts. I am not saying it is not true in some places, but rarely do teachers shell out. School supplies are given in abundance, particularly for the SPED population. Our society has some sick obsession with turning teachers into some form of hero (I guess we are on the front line of turning out next generation bizzaro Ukrainian spokesmen..err. women).
      I was once in a local restaurant and some people I knew were talking to me about my job, and others overheard. A lady, whom I did not know, said to me, “Thank you – you are doing a wonderful job.” I deadpanned, “You don’t know that; I could be teaching them all day about Kim Kardashian.” This was years back – for the dated reference.
      Now, do I sometimes spend 30 or 40 bucks on some stuff for my students? Yeah, a few times a year, for something well beyond necessity. Comes with the territory, if you actually give a damn. Could I have put in an order form – yeah, but I would just rather swing by and grab something when I need it. I did the same when I worked in an office. I have never experienced, nor known anyone, shelling out regular, large amounts for a classroom necessity.

      • Teachers going bankrupt to supply their little angels with school supplies, and hospitals so stuffed with Covid cases that thousands of patients are strapped to gurneys in parking lots in the Blizzard of the Century. Leftist mythopoeia.

      • The one thing teachers will shell out for is copies of Dead Poet Society and Finding Forrester to play for the class when teacher has a hangover and needs to rest and keep the lights dim.

    • murcek – agree and amplify. If you abolished public schools for two years, would things be that bad? I’m skeptical they would be. Parents can find a way to do it themselves or find someone to teach there kids that they know/trust.

      • Chicago HAS abolished their public school system: 10% of the student body is white.
        They just keep forcing the white people (and commercial property owners) to pay taxes for the system.

        • this might be a cope but if all the lakefront people (which is where the white population mostly lives in chicago) left the city to go to the surrounding communities – would the city get its just deserts?

          Because then there would be no more white people to squeeze for tax money. The only way they could do that would be to turn cook county into a super-municipality and abolish all municipalities within.

      • Yes, it would be bad for some areas – it is well know that in diverse areas that crime spikes dramatically during the summer months. Now, authorities find cute ways of explaining this (people are outside more, tempers flare more in the heat), but the real reason: the youth are free.

  20. I think they have to drop Biden no matter what. Consider that impromptu reenactment of “The Gong Show” in Hanoi — that goofy negress press secretary literally cut off his mic. Imagine being a national security analyst and the word comes over the wire: The Wakandan press secretary just cut off the Wakandan president’s mic as he, the President, was addressing a foreign nation IN that nation, standing right next to that nation’s leader.

    You’d expect tanks in the streets by nightfall in the Wakandan capital, right? No serious country could possibly allow that to happen. And since the only thing stopping WWIII from kicking off is the perception that the US is still, somehow, kinda sorta a serious country… yeah, Chomo Joe gotta go. How they do it is anyone’s guess, but since Harris can at least read from a teleprompter without also reading her stage directions, she counts as a huge upgrade…

    As for “defeating” Trump, it sure looks like the Election Variant of Covid is back in play, as you say. Maybe they can make that a twofer — it’s not that Chomo Joe is brain dead; it’s that he’s suffering from “long covid” and will have to step down for health reasons.

    • Yes. The Gong Show. Next up, The Unknown President, with a bag over (his, hers, their, its) head tossing confetti in the aisles.

      I can hardly wait.

    • Oh, I think other world leaders are well aware that DC is a clown show.

      Their main worry in dealing with the GAE is managing its collapse without provoking it into a nuclear first strike.

      • I agree, Geese. Other world leaders likely are terrified of the emotionally incontinent lunatics presiding over this rapidly dying empire. And they should be.

      • If everything I’ve been reading about China is true or even mostly true, China is going to be more likely than the GAE to take the world to war. Banks are failing all over the place, including state owned banks. RE is collapsing (both figuratively and literally). The “Mandate of Heaven” is utterly collapsing with floods all over the country. High level purges are happening including in the military.

        China has blown up the largest bubble in history. It is also one of the most corrupt countries on Earth. It retains much of the communist structure it inherited from Mao and even more recent leaders. There are 10s of millions of Chinese who already paid for an apartment that has not been built (or partially built and demolished) and never will be. Yet, they are still responsible for the mortgage. Default is a much bigger deal in China than it is in the US. A lot of the RE companies now have worthless or near worthless bonds. That’s a lot of paper to go bad on the books of the banks, plus all those mortgages. RE/construction is like 35-40% of the economy. Youth unemployment is so high the government just stopped reporting on it.

        If the Chinese government cannot control this and engineer a “soft landing,” this will spread all over the world and won’t be just the Chinese trying to distract their people.

        • Is this a true bill, or is it regime media, agitprop?

          (Ella Fitzgerald scatting in the background…)

          • From what I can tell, most of the regime media dutifully repeat Chinese propaganda. Most of the China specific reporters are on the take or at least in line with the Chinese line.

        • Tars-

          Those are all good points.

          Personally, I really struggle with reporting out of China just because the sources in my feeds are lousy.

          I mean, I don’t trust Pete Zeihan or China Uncensored any further than I could throw them.

          That said, an actual Chinese collapse that took down the CCP would be better for the world in the long run.

          • I take some of it with a grain of salt. Most of the bad news that comes out of China is propagated by people with an axe to grind with China.

            But their biases aside, the CCP really did stop reporting “youth unemployment” and they really do have an enormous RE bubble. Those ghost cities really do exist. There really are quite a few 1/2 completed buildings being torn down. Evergrande and other large RE companies really are missing bond payments. China really is enormously corrupt. They really do install fake drains and fake fire hydrants.

            Given all the control, I don’t think you can discount an engineered “soft landing.” I don’t understand how that could work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Of course, you also can’t discount that whole “Mandate of Heaven” either. Natural disasters have historically not served Chinese leaders well. They are having all these natural disasters at the same time the economy is contracting and people are losing their life savings in bad banks and bad buildings. There are 1.5 billion of them.

          • “That said, an actual Chinese collapse that took down the CCP would be better for the world in the long run.”

            I wouldn’t say that without a good understanding of what would pop up after the CCP went down.

          • Even if the CCP loses the Mandate of Heaven, who steps in to replace it? The only entity that could maybe pull it off is the PLA, but in the end what difference would that make?

          • KGB, the PLA is an arm of the CCP. China proper has no armed forces. Hard to imagine a PLA coup that would remove the CCP. That the CCP leadership might change, yes, but China will never go democratic as we understand it.

        • Even if that is the more likely scenario, Tars, China does not have a history of invading other countries, starting and funding proxy wars, and the like. The United States is well known to do this. Perceptions are, therefore, that China will not light the world afire and the United States will.

          • Keep in mind that Mao tried to get Stalin or Khrushchev to start a nuclear war with the US because it was “inevitable” anyway. China was so insane with its collectivization of agriculture that Khrushchev basically cut them off, recalled all Soviet advisors and forced Mao to deal with Nixon instead. This is a country that declared war on sparrows. This is a country that had the “Cultural Revolution” These are a people who will staple plastic leaves to dead trees to save face.

          • @Tars:

            Add to that list the invasion of Vietnam, Tars, and noted. Still, all that happened in the relatively distance past, and the GAE menacing the world and actually invading countries is far more recent. Perceptions are reality quite often.

        • I’m always reluctant to put stock in “China is DOOOMED!” stories. They’ve been out there for a quarter century now and their record at predicting the future tracks very well with the climate alarmists. Many of them are written by grifters.

        • Don’t believe all the copeium that Peter Zeihan emits from his posterior. Do I really need to say anything about Gordon Chang’s track record?

          Look, I live just over the fence from Shenzhen and have done so for a good chunk of the last 30 years. The PRC has its economic and social problems, but I get no feeling that it’s about to go tits up. I was never a China shill and in fact started out as quite the sceptic… but those high speed trains and pristine subways have worked their inscrutable oriental magic on my prejudices.

          Even their huge capital misallocations (empty cities, yo) have been spent ON THEMSELVES — unlike ‘yours’. The Chinese may be subjects more than citizens… but then so are you and at least the Chinese are subject to people like themselves.

          And believe me there is more personal freedom inside China than in the West today. In China you don’t need to engage in personal political self-abasement unless you make the choice to get involved in politics (i.e. join the CPC). For everyone else, there is no need to wear a rainbow flag on certain days or post your pronouns in order to keep your cubicle rat job at GloboHomoCorp. Should you fall afoul of the Eye of Sauron or your neighbour, you won’t get killed ‘by mistake’ by a SWAT stack and you’ll have more chance in front of a Chinese court than a jury of Derek Chauvin’s peers.

          It’s not the Chinese who are in terminal decline. The greatest present danger to world peace and the global economy is the USA:


          The elites of the USA and its vassal minions have gone collectively insane and threaten to drag us all down.

          So let’s not ‘project’ too much of our Western elites’s self-loathing and failures onto the Chinese. The PRC isn’t paradise and it’s not for us Whiteys… but it’s not the devil we should all be afraid of.

          • Meh, I can agree with much of this, but the personal freedom stuff? You’re talking about a surveillance state unparalleled in human history. Yes, I know the American government collects all kinds of data, but the systematic nature of Chinese surveillance is on a completely different level.

  21. Thoroughly enjoyed your piece this am. This is as close as I get to paying attention to anything politics in “America”. Quite honestly, I couldn’t care less about the clown show known as the GOP. As far as I’m concerned, nothing matters until the shooting starts…

    • I’m not encouraging anything here, but a few days ago I saw a new-to-me meme: It has an image of Ben Franklin. I doubt he actually said it, but he’d quite likely would have agreed with it:

      War is when your government decides who the enemy is.
      Revolution is when you decide.

      • Yeah, the provenance of that seemed dubious, if for no other reason than the vocabulary and grammatical construction. But I still liked it.

  22. As stated before, I have zero interest in elections or voting. That being said, I do skim headlines. While some of DeSantis’ positions in Florida sound sensible, it’s a state filled with NY juice and Haitians. I feel immense sympathy for the heritage Whites who remain in the northern and central parts of the state, but would be satisfied to see the rest wash out to sea. And even if I had been somehow unaware of DeSantis’ endorsement by the Bush family (I wasn’t, of course), his recent championing by McCain’s spawn merely confirmed who and what he truly represents.

    Ramaswarthy, besides being a WEF creature who made his money on a fake pharmaceutical, is an alien religiously, culturally, and visually. That conservatards get a thrill at his purported championing of White people just shows how they lack any sense of genuine identity or pride. His wife is already planning her causes as first lady. Hey, the White House was already sullied by the presence of Mike Obama; a street sh*tter will merely add the stench of curry to the odious mix.

    With Nimrata the conservatards will get a twofer, since her daughter married a black. Let her son marry a juice and all bases will be covered in the newmurka ruling coalition. No need for the pretense of being the heirs of the mythical founders because they were evil wealthy White rayciss. Like New Coke, this is the same but even better than the original.

    As far as important issues go, I need to take the household garbage into the dump. It’s starting to stink and I don’t want to attract any unwanted wildlife.

    • That’s great stuff, 3g. As an aside, the Florida panhandle/northern Florida are known as “LA,” an acronym for “lower Alabama.” The rest of the state is an alien place.

    • “ Ramaswarthy, besides being a WEF creature who made his money on a fake pharmaceutical, is an alien religiously, culturally, and visually. ”

      Yep, this is an important point that needs to be made—especially in this group. We all look for a “Superman” to save us, but repeatedly get a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In support of this assertion, I give you Obama.

      Never again….

  23. I don’t think they are indicting Trump to put him in jail, they are indicting him so GOP voters rally to him and he is the nominee. They know they can beat him. It seems to be working, no?

    Trump did a lot of good things as president but he also failed to do a lot of what he promised. I know the GOP establishment sabotaged him but they didn’t make him push his platinum plan and his push for criminal justice reform. That is the narrative for Normie plus Trump is not blameless for the Jan 6 fiasco. Normie is tired of the drama.

    If Trump is the nominee the Dems will sweep the presidency and Congress.

    • I think your post discounts just how viscerally these people hate Trump. They want to see Trump humiliated – they want him to suffer the modern struggle session.

    • You’re giving the Juggaloes too much credit for intelligence. That sounds like a great plan but it requires too much planning ahead. Also you forget they didn’t beat him except for massive cheating. They’ll beat him again by cheating so why even bother to be that clever. They’re going to sweep both house of Congress anyway thanks to the feckless Republicans who don’t want to be in power.

      I get it though, you don’t like Trump so everything that happens you blame on him. He was what he was but he still accomplished more than anyone else had ever done. He made lots of mistakes but he was mostly being a civnat normie. He in both case was better than the alternative and much better than another Bush.

      • MikeCLT ignores one very important point, who would be better than Trump? Not just for electability, but for *effect*! The current slate of GOP candidates and the GOP in general are basically the same old, same old. As I’ve said, I won’t be fooled again.

        Better to lose and feel the pain of such immediately, than to postpone.

      • I enthusiastically voted for Trump twice. I will vote for him again if he is the nominee. But I think he will lose if he is the nominee. I also think he will be unable to staff his administration with anything but crazies so he will be even less effective in his second term if he wins one.

        • In the aspect of poor choice in personnel I can concur. I hope he is a transformed man and this time listens to himself.

  24. A very entertaining way to start my morning, but one could just read the final paragraph to get the gist of the picnic. All the narraatives, debates, King Cobras, zombies, poo-flingers and neocons really don’t add up to sweet Fatty Arbuckle because the Power Structure, by hook and by crook, will have its way. The figurehead in the anti-White House will be a compliant tool of the Power Structure. This we know.

      • Keeping with the Kipling theme, you’ve just described the circus act. Gehazi is the ringmaster.

        BayouRenaissanceMan (good man, but bit of a NormieCon) loves to quote chunks of Kipling’s poetry… Bastard that I am, I keep asking him to do Gehazi but he won’t bite.

        If anyone ever wondered why Kipling went out of fashion, I’d reckon Gehazi had a bit to do with it… not just the boring old ‘colonialist’ trope.

    • Among the many contributiors at Unz, one (apparently inactive since 2021) is named Linh Dinh. I tried to label him “Fling Dung” but I don’t know if it caught on 🙂

        • Lihn Dihn is a powerful and great writer. He is now on Substack. Something he wrote about growing up in Saigon really caught my attention. Linh wrote that although the war had raged all his life, it was more or less just a thing out there and the summer before Saigon fell everything still seemed normal and life was good. He constantly warned Americans that he saw the same shaping up here.

      • Last time I read him he was hanging out and yukking it up with lowlifes in dodgy parts of Cape Town. Perhaps the Coloureds or Kaffirs ate him.

  25. Another fraudulent election carries huge risks for them though. Already, a majority of Republicans — despite the best efforts of the media/academy/Democrats (but I repeat myself) — believe the 2020 election was fraudulent (because it was).

    Having ALL Republicans and even some Democrat voters (meaning the WASPS who are still with the Party) believing elections are completely fraudulent presents a real danger for them.

    If close or more than 50% of the nation believe this is a banana republic, what remains of civil society erodes completely. Good luck with that. They need the normies quiescent.

    • “If close or more than 50% of the nation believe this is a banana republic, what remains of civil society erodes completely. Good luck with that. They need the normies quiescent.”

      Hence a (naturally) tanned and ready replacement population. The smart money is that doesn’t work out as planned, though.

  26. A relative of mine who is of the boomer generation and was a devout fan of Buckley/Limbaugh has made some comments about possibly supporting Tim Scott. It’s the same reason she was fond of Carson and Allen West.
    Scott’s people should consider running an ad with an older woman in her living room.
    She could speak intently, looking right at the camera and say “Back in ‘68, a nice young black man held the door open for me as I was carrying my groceries. And that is why I am supporting Tim Scott for president.”

    She’s also noted that Bongino is a bit “greasy” for her taste, though.

    • Melissa – when I’m bored or overly irate over some bit of news, I relax by playing a mindless game of free cell solitaire. Since I won’t pay for it I get blessed by ads. One they show again and again is shaky old White ladies being helped by gentle, loving, courteous black caregivers. That so many Whites envision this as Truth, rather than the reality of black ‘carers’ brutalizing and stealing from old Whites, sickens me. May they enjoy their future stay in extended care homes courtesy of their Haitian helpers.

      • 3g:
        Wow. Not sure which would be worse: Haitians or Eritreans.
        Either way, they are not ‘Visiting Angels’.

        • Haitians, Honey (well, it’s yer name innit?).

          Always bet on the Haitians being worst possible choice and you’ll be able to retire young.

      • As if by the time people are old, they will 1. Have a choice and 2. Why in the hell would you wish brutality on them?

      • Hell, I’d be more worried about having you as my carer and you finding out that I didn’t vote the way you wanted me to. No better than a deranged and vicious Trump hater. Or maybe you are that. You sound like you’d delight in letting the Haitian brutalize an old person while you watched. So, you are worse than them!

        • Sweetie, you sound emotionally distraught. I have a hard time taking hysterical women seriously. Go take your meds and have a lie down.

    • I am a boomer. You are right. Many of them will never learn. The brainwashing worked. I have seen it my entire life.

  27. Thank heaven Z-man follows the Republican race so that I don’t have to! I think that the more interesting race is on the Democrat side. The most likely scenario is the re-election of Biden, assuming he stays alive and reasonably sentient. A complete Ukrainian collapse, with mutinies breaking out in the Ukrainian Army and Ukrainian soldiers shooting their NATO “advisers,” might be the end of the Biden presidency. Another alternative is if Robert Kennedy, Jr. runs stronger than expeccted, à la Eugene McCarthy against Lyndon Johnson in 1968, triggering Robert Kennedy to enter the race and Johnson to withdraw from it. The Democratic leadership might look for an alternative. Z-man says that Gavin Newsome has taken himself out of the 2024 race, so I won’t consider him; The other two alternatives are Gretchen Witmer, the governor of Michigan and Michelle O’Bama. The big issue with Michelle is whether she wants the job–campaigning isn’t easy and even keeping to the script as president can be challenging. She may be inclined just to travel and shop and order white service people around. But if she’s interested the job is likely hers. The unspoken premise would be that Barack would be back in charge and there may be some nostalgia, at least among Democrats, for 2009-2017. And the only people who won’t vote for Michelle are racist, right? As for Gretchen Whitmer, I don’t know much about her except that she was a Covid fanatic and the FBI cooked up a plot to kidnap her. But it you don’t vote for her, well you’re a sexist, right?

    • Whitmer is such a vicious harpy she makes Nikki outright pleasant. She is not a prime time person and will flounder worse than Desantis.

      Even for dems, you need some star appeal to make it. Whitmer is basically your obnoxious aunt.

      • To your point, this is why the DOJ/FBI had to intervene and remove Republicans who could have beaten Whitmer.

    • My current picks:

      Dems: Gov. “I’m not running for President” Newsom
      Reps: Pence, a good errand boy, solid Swamp connections, not likely to rock the boat.

      Trump and RFK Jr. run as independents, between them taking a substantial portion of the vote (a third, maybe).

      2024 is gonna be lit. We’re screwd in any event, but at least it’ll be entertaining.

  28. ZMan: “They are left to imagine how humans would react under certain conditions”.
    That one pithy sentence says a whole lot about the RepubElite and their detachment from reality problem.
    One solution to said problem would be for them to summon up from his secret lair that all knowing swami and soothsayer – Karl Rove, who along with his little tablet & magic marker can diagram just how team R can win the sweepstakes for ruler of AINO (or better yet come in a close, but respectable 2nd place).

  29. The debate is in California becuse it’s at the Shrine of St. Ron. Conservatives hold conferences there. It’s a beautiful ranch up in the mountains northwest of L.A. Visit it if you’re in the area. The shrine includes the highlights of his life. One is a display of his “appointing the first woman to the Supreme Court, Sandra Day O’Connor,” with a manniquin of her. Never mind she betrayed him and the Constituiton, for example upholding Roe v. Wade, reducing property rights in the Hawaii case and limiting the death penalty. You also can go inside the Air Force One he used, the prop for the debate, and see the communications equipment of that day. It’s all is another example of 80s nostalgia. Take us back!

    • It will be hilarious when leftwing NPC’s vandalize and destroy the Reagan ranch like a Confederate monument on a college campus. Conservatards will still have their Constitution, though!

      • “Conservatards will still have their Constitution, though!”

        The Constitution will be publicly burned as part of the ceremonies marking the establishment of the People’s Republic of Wokanda.

    • Don’t forget her rationale for a “time-limited” affirmative action regime. Sure, sweet cheeks, that was never gonna happen.

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  31. Of course, they are falling for one of the classic blunders. The most famous is to never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well known is this; never get involved in a poo flinging contest with an Indian.

    What’s your position on “Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line”?

    • Can’t speak for anybody else, but I personally have long been building up a tolerance to iocane powder…

    • You catch Sec. Binky’s latest speech?

      We’re on the road to a two-front WW3 that ends in global thermonuclear war.

      • We’ve been on that road a while. So they made if official? Do NPC’s in D.C. and NYC realize they won’t have cell service after the nukes fly?

      • I’m starting to the think this what Klaus Schwab and the planners at the WEF meant by The Great Reset. Little did people know they meant a reset to the Neolithic period.

  32. “What we know from 2016 is that Trump always does better than the polls, so it is fair to assume he will win handily if nothing changes.”

    Trump will not win because he will not be allowed to win. The game is totally rigged at this point. Just yesterday New York changed its voting laws to make every voter in every election able to vote absentee by mail 100% of the time. Nothing screams F-R-A-U-D in flashing neon more obviously than that.

    Between the indictments, the trials, changes to the voting laws, and internal Republican Party rules, the DOJ and the FBI, Trump is gonna be fucked six ways to Sunday, you can bank on it. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Trump is polling really well to see his kids and his wife get arrested.

    • Trump and family arrested for starters. Then a DOJ / FBI / CIA / et al wet dream: take care of the Trump family – Romanov style.

    • I’v wondered about that too. I hope Melania’ and Baron’s Slovenian passports are up todate. (I don’ think Ivanka and Jared have anything to worry about, however.)

      • Trump is a major CivNat. He should have left the country in 2020, and certainly should have gotten his wife and kids abroad before he ran again, but the man actually believes the Rule of Law remains a thing.

  33. From one of the linked articles:

    “I’m sure the boogeyman white supremacist exists somewhere in America. I’ve just never met him. Never seen one, never met one in my life, right?” Ramaswamy said at a lunch hosted by the local county’s Republican Party. “Maybe I’ll meet a unicorn sooner. And maybe those exist, too.”

    Barely 24 hours later, a white gunman armed with a handgun and an AR-15 adorned with swastikas entered a dollar store in Jacksonville, Florida, and killed three Black people before taking his own life

    Isn’t this just a perfect coincidence?

    If Vivek keeps growing in popularity, I am sure one of these caricatures of a White supremacist will attack him too. Some good alphabet agent is already preparing his manifesto.

  34. Well, the one law the Regime must respect is the Law of Unintended Consequences. So as a public service, I consulted the stock charts just now to see what the results of Regime Policy have been.

    1) Obama – takes office when Smith & Wesson stock is $4. It was $16 when he left office.
    2) Obama – takes office with United Healthcare stock at $28/share. He leaves office with UNH at $161/share !!! Obamacare in action haha…
    3) Trump – takes office and 4 years later, the Chinese stock market is up 43% and performs exactly in line with the S&P 500
    4) Biden – takes office with Exxon Mobil at $46/share. It opened $117 this morning
    5) Biden – Raytheon, General Dynamics and Lockheed have all underperformed the S&P 500 since Russia invaded Ukraine. Most of these stocks are below where they were in Feb 2022

    Since we’re quoting the Princess Bride this morning, I’m reminded of William Goldman’s famous quote: “Nobody knows anything”. Where this circus ends is anyone’s guess, but I’m betting it won’t be where the Ringmaster thinks it will end.

    Meanwhile, it’s fitting that the GOP debate will be in a museum.

    • The regime has been able to hide the economic problems pretty well. My food bill keeps going up. Parents had sticker shock last month when they bought school clothes. Crude is now above $90 and the SPR is dry, so that means high home heating oil prices this winter. Yet, we hear nothing about this from official organs.

      At some point the gap between narrative and reality is too large.

      • “the SPR is dry”

        The ONLY reason even the feckless and pathetic GOP didn’t wipe out the Democrats in 2022 was because Biden tapped the SPR and gas prices dropped. People vastly underestimate how much fuel prices determine political results. I saw this referenced very little in the post-mortems, possibly because the talking dolls on the tube are retarded. Of course, fortification of even local elections may make dissatisfaction irrelevant.

        • That and a few large canvas bags of ballots lol….

          The SPR caverns are lined with canvas bags 🙂

          • Don’t forget, “muh $1400 stimmiez from Unca Joe!!!!”

            I openly heard middle-class whites bragging about this when I ventured out after that proposal was floated.

        • > People vastly underestimate how much fuel prices determine political results.

          This used to be the case, but these days elections are won more from tapping into the Strategic Ballot Reserves than the petroleum ones.

        • I always liked, and still do, the lines from a song by the Psychedelic Furs back in the early 80s, “President Gas is tap dancing for the bankers, he’s a thief, he isn’t very honest, but he’s obvious at least”.

          • I hadn’t thought of this song in ages. All these decades later … and it’s perfect. Thanks for the reminder.

            It’s amazing how spot on the lyrics of theirs and similarly minded bands from late 1970s/early 1980s were. It’s actually disturbing how they’re even more fitting now, even after so much time has passed.

      • Biden takes office with 30-year fixed (national average) home mortgages at 3.74%. Last night the same rate was 7.59%.

        Let’s see how long the economy can withstand this. By Election Day (if it actually occurs), my prediction is pain.

        • Elections don’t matter and probably haven’t for at least my entire lifetime. They only exist so the satanic tribesman who rule over us can say “oy vey, you VOTED for this.”

      • Oil and labor costs are the key.

        Inflation is the fly in the ointment to the whole financial system. If inflation comes down and stays down, you can keep the plates spinning for a while longer. If not, you have a problem.

  35. Newsom knows he only has to wait for five more years. He is in his mid 50s and in good shape, and he will be a shoo-in for 2028. No need to be part of the pot stirring this time. I have said repeatedly, and I believe Z is now coming around, they will probably run Biden again. Why wouldn’t they? He does exactly as told, and his gaffes are easily ignored by the media.

    • By 2024, we will have forgotten that Newsom banged his campaign manager’s wife and had a stormy romance with Peruvian Marching Powder. Newsom makes Gary Hart look like Mike Pence.

    • It is a good example of the natural conservatism of power. The neocons have power so they have no reason to make any changes, even if it means tolerating Biden and his crooked family.

      • Neocons “tolerating” crookedness? Har. You certainly have a wicked sensayuma this lovely Thursday morn.

        • Don’t want to speak for another, but I think he meant it as, Dealing with the odious man himself. Can you imagine how awful interacting with that arrogant geezer would be. Biden isn’t even cunning, much less intelligent, and I am sure his disposition rankles them occasionally, the times they have to pretend to defer to him. Plus, he probably smells bad. Old man and poop.

  36. Funny stuff. To the degree the election is of any interest at all, it appears that outside of the Republican Party’s role as a faux opposition party, GOP establishment positions may have support only in the single digits. It would be interesting to see what percentage of the populace would support fully dismantling the United States government at this point. I doubt it is a majority yet but it may be north of a third. Regardless, lowering marginal tax rates is not going to send chills down the spines of Americans, and election theft will be met with rolled eyes. As long as people are fed and warm, the American dictatorship can stagger on.

    As for the Free Expression Foundation, that might be something that actually does some good. I will verify before trusting, of course.

  37. “Never get involved in a poo flinging contest with an Indian.”

    It’s no accident that in Jean Raspail’s “Camp of the Saints,” the captain of the “Calcutta Star” is called “The Turd Eater.” I recall comedian Bill Burr talking about his trip to India and marveling that a naked baby was not only walking around by himself, but managed to do a “number two” while strutting down the street, before fading into the crowd like Hannibal Lector at the end of “Silence of the Lambs.”

    I’m currently reading an astronomy book by an Indian woman and it’s clear they’re still smoldering with rage over their colonization. Every chapter is filled with Indian and Middle Eastern and even African (!) asterisms to counteract the Eurocentric constellations. Forget that the “Muslim” ones were just ancient Greek ones preserved since antiquity. The rest of the world is still pissed that Newton basically revealed the mechanisms of the world to itself. It’s also starting to look like a white American guy named Hugh Everett the Third—and not a European Jew named Niels Bohr—got it right about particle physics. There probably is no wave collapse, only propagation. We’re just stuck in the clown world timeline while Buchanan is president somewhere better.

    Indians are a bigger problem than any other group, as they’re making a play to supplant Jews as the most fiercely nepotistic cohort in America. We already know the damage they can do: see Kamala Harris and the Thugees who run Google. Ramaswamy is, like Ben Shapiro, someone who says, “White people, I’m your friend. Go as far as I tell you to go and no further and you will win.” That won’t work. This is life and death. But, as per your post earlier this week, Ramaswamy will be useful until he isn’t. My guess is he’s this cycle’s Andrew Yang, but who’s to say in Clown World?

    • “Indians are a bigger problem than any other group, as they’re making a play to supplant Jews as the most fiercely nepotistic cohort in America….”

      JJ… Will they succeed, in your opinion?

      • I don’t think they can succeed, because they hate themselves as much as they hate us for getting closer to the divine through science and exploration than they ever came. At least Jews—just by their proximity to that great illumination in Europe—got to bask in the reflection of that fiery glow. Indians were then (and are now) clogging their rivers with bodies and their streets with feces. They can destroy us, sure, but once self-hatred projected outward annihilates its target, it’s left with nothing but the self to destroy. Then again, who knows? If the current rulers can scapegoat Hitler, Nixon, and any dead white man of their choosing, what’s not to keep the new rulers from blaming whites even should the last one and all their statues and artworks be destroyed? Trump’s in his seventies, so after he dies in the next few years he’ll be good for a couple hundred years of fear-mongering.

        I’m not hoping for much from Vivek. Since he’s Indian (and has scammed people before) maybe he can trick Biden into sending him a couple billion dollars in Google Play cards to unlock his computer in the White House. That’s how they got my grandmother, and it still beats sending money to Zelensky.

      • I think the JQ is legitimate, but the “Jüdische Physik” (Jew Physics) and “Welteislehre” (Glacial Ice Cosmogony) of the Nazis were crazy. They got the Aryan roots in Iran correct, but you could figure that out just looking at the Indo-Germanic language family’s roots.

    • > Indians are a bigger problem than any other group, as they’re making a play to supplant Jews as the most fiercely nepotistic cohort in America.

      I disagree, to some extent. First of all, everyone is nepotistic to some degree. Event he WASPiest WASPs will hire the owner’s son over a slightly more-qualified stranger.

      However, Jews are *tribalistic*, in that they don’t just prioritize the advancement of direct relatives, but rather any Jew. An Ashkenazim will help to advance a Sephardic Jew, and vice versa.

      Hindus, on the other hand, discriminate on the basis of *caste*. Brahmins will advance other Brahmins, but will discriminate *against* every other Indian. If you are applying to a position where the hiring manager is a Brahmin, and you have an Indian name that either “sounds” Sikh or Muslim, your resume will go straight to the trash. This is a different dynamic to people in the West, and places like California are now struggling with this very issue because current anti-discrimination laws do not seem to explicitly cover caste-based discrimination.

      One other thing is that Indians do not seem to be so hellbent on White genocide. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt the invasion of Lampedusa is being funded by a Brahmin or Sikh.

      • Maybe not white ‘genocide’ per se but they sure as hell are hellbent on replacing us in every decent field of employment, particularly tech and medicine. They’ve been very successful at that, for quite a while now. I’ve witnessed it firsthand in IT. Politics is the next arena ripe for infiltration, witness Ramasmarmy, Nimrata, ad nauseum. Stupid ‘conservative’ civ-nats can’t get enough of that curry-infested crap.

      • In my experience, Indian males absolutely loathe white males. As a result they usually will support all the woke anti-white BS.

        Also many Indian females love to get with white males. This just infuriates the Indian male even more, especially since white females aren’t interested in Indian men.

  38. From the linked CNN article:
    –Eric Levine, a New York lawyer and fundraiser who is backing South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott
    –“I don’t know if there’s anything I can do to have an impact on this race,” said Frayda Levin, a Republican donor from New Jersey
    I think I might be picking up on part of the issue here.

  39. I guess that Mumbly Joe’s handlers are completely unwilling to cut someone else in on their power sharing agreement. Should we just expect Dem politicians to all be brain damaged from now on so they can take the fall but escape punishment?

  40. The debate is in California because the people who run the GOP consider Ronald Reagan a deity and also because they like the weather. They take trips to the Reagan library like normies go to Disneyland. I would put the over/under on statements from Mike Pence praising Reagan at 19.5. I was going to write a joke about them asking George Stephanopoulos to moderate again, but when I looked it up they are using a woman from Univision named Ilia Calderon in addition to two FOX news stooges. According to her Wikipedia page, she won an Emmy in 2017 for interviewing some KKK guy. The leadership of this party is so far beyond parody you can only laugh at them now.

    • It’ll be an opportunity for the more savvy among them to praise Reagan and use that as a precedent to talk about how “The Republican Party just *has* to get behind Amnesty again. Just one more time we promise.”

    • A little known fact about Reagan’s early life, which I expect to be revealed during this debate, is that he worked hand-in-hand with Harriett Tubman on the Underground Railroad. All the live-long day, by gawd!

    • I think I’d rather have the KKK guy moderate the debate.

      KKKguy: “Vivek Rama-whatever, despite being a dirty street-crapper, you talk more sense than all the other candidates on the stage, combined. If elected, do you promise to suttee the ever-living s**t of Nikki Haley for the good of the nation and the amusement of many?”

      Vivek: “Not only will I burn that b***h on a pyre of tranny-promoting pamphelts, I will defenestrate the other candidates and decorate every lamp post on I-95 from Maine to Miami with deep state swamp-dwellers, twice over.”

      KKKguy: “You got my vote, Aryan brother from another mother.”

  41. An interesting thing about Vivek Ramaswamy is that he comes from the Brahmin caste and the Brahmins consider themselves “white”

    • Brahmins consider themselves “white”

      White, or Aryan?

      Lol all the unmentionables beneath the surface.

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