A Haunting In Canada

“There is a specter haunting the West, the specter of fascism” could be the opening line to a manifesto from just about any group in the modern West. Three generations after fascism ceased to exist as a real political and intellectual movement, it hangs over the Western mind like a terrifying fog. Every issue in the political debate is there because it relates to fascism in some way. It either defines who is and who is not a fascist, or it is assumed to be a precursor to fascism.

In every political debate, the people we continue to call conservatives are defined by their fear of being called fascists or an equivalent label. Racism, for example, is nothing more than a crude synonym for fascism. The people we call the Left have a deep sack full of terms that essentially mean fascist. If they call you an extreme right-wing extremist, they really mean you are a fascist. Of course, fascist now simply means “outside the moral consensus” as defined by the Left.

It is not just a rhetorical game. Western liberalism is now just a reactionary, but still revolutionary, cause that has evolved around fear of fascism. All of the weird cultural fads are driven mostly by a desire to strike out at the people the culture warriors assume to be fascists. These are the white people who are trying to live normal lives in middle-class suburbs. Woke is not for anything. It is against fascism and all of its manifestations, which can be anything.

Eric Hoffer famously wrote that “Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.” This is clear when you look at what has happened to Western liberalism. Long stripped of its Christian moral foundation, it staggers on in opposition to one devil after another. The devil can take many forms but strip away the covering and what lies beneath is always an Austrian painter in the imagination of the Western mind.

This is a purely negative identity. Western liberalism no longer has an internal, independent definition for itself. Those concepts still linger in the past, occasionally referenced by the people we continue to call conservatives, but only as a way of trying to slither out from under the boulder labeled “fascism” that has been hurled at them by the people we call the Left. Both sides agree that everything they do not like is Hitler and Hitler is their forever enemy.

You see it in the recent scandal in Canada where all the best people were seen cheering a guy who turned out to be a former Nazi. Yaroslav Hunka, who is 98, got a standing ovation after House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota called him a hero during a Friday visit by Zelensky. Rota called him a hero because he was told that Hunka fought the Soviets in the war. Since Western liberals now think Putin is Hitler, Russians are Nazis, so Hunka must be a hero.

The haunting of the Western mind by the specter of fascism is right there in that ridiculous performance. Because Putin is Hitler, it means Russia is the new Third Reich, which makes Ukraine the symbol of the West. Zelensky has been transformed into Churchill, but not the drunken degenerate version. He is the lion of the West version who rallied the forces of good against fascism. To the dullards who put the event together, Hunka connected the present to the past.

In reality, Hunka was and remains a Banderan, a follower of Stepan Bandera, who was a Ukrainian ultra-nationalist in the middle of the last century. Bandera collaborated with the Nazis because he hated Russians. Ukrainian nationalism is and remains, like Western liberalism, a negative identity. It is haunted by fascism because they see fascism as the great enemy of Russia, which they hate as much as the Western liberal thinks he hates fascism.

Of course, the question is how did this Ukrainian fascist end up in Canada after the war and remain undetected? He is wanted by Poland for war crimes. It turns out that the West welcomed a lot of these guys after the war. John Demjanjuk was a famous example from the 1980’s. He was the center of a moral panic, mostly over the prospect of running out of real Nazis due to the actuarial tables. All the best people turned up to point their bony fingers at Demjanjuk.

That gets to the reality of fascism and why it haunts the West. Fascism is impossible to define, in part, because it is the universal bogeyman. Both communists and liberals have spent generations heaping every sin imaginable on fascism. Those sins, of course, are the things these ideological camps fear most about themselves. With communism in the ash heap of history, fascism is now just the warted, gnarled face of Western liberalism’s worst fears about itself.

Another reason fascism is impossible to define is it was never really a standalone ideology, but a reaction to ideology. Fascism would never have existed if not for the apparent failure of liberalism and the very real threat of communism, especially the Bolshevik variety. Fascism was an ad hoc defense against cultural and spiritual genocide by people who saw both Western liberalism and communism in their raw form as they evolved in the 19th century.

This is why modern liberalism looks strikingly like fascism. We live in an age where the lines between the state and capitalism are impossible to see. Corporate America and the apparatus of the state are two heads of the same hydra. The media, the academy and entertainment are the other heads. The body that controls them is managerialism, which looks a lot like fascism. If James Burnham were alive today, he would easily make the connection between the two.

For a long time, people have wondered what would happen when the last real Nazi or alleged victim of the Nazis is no more. In the next decade that whole generation will be gone, leaving no more devils for liberalism to chase. Similarly, people have wondered what comes after liberalism reaches its end point. Both questions seem to have the same answer in that one cannot live without the other. When both are gone, the long nightmare of the West will finally come to an end.

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224 thoughts on “A Haunting In Canada

  1. Fascism is ever present in modern Western discourse for one very obvious reason. A special tribe that the fascists persecuted for very sound reasons controls the megaphone in America. That tribe is busy doing the same things that gave rise to fascism and is worried that lightning will strike twice. They, of course, should not worry because they are now worshipped by the people whose culture they are trying to destroy

    • Reading Celine’s ‘Trifles for a Massacre,’ it is uncanny how he describes, in 1930s France, the precise same circumstances that exist in the US today: the control of insititutions by enemies of Frenchmen, how the French will soon, once again (after WW1) be meat for the grinder, fodder for the cannons of Krupps etc. He details how the theater, cinema, books all are directed towards beckoning French men once again to their graves, how this enemy is trying to bring Africans to replace the French, to destroy French history and tradition, everywhere mocking French values.
      Of course, Celine is a forbidden author, and must never be discussed, so forget that you read this.

      • Yes. The more you read of that time, the more you realize we are reliving it without the possibility of a leader emerging to make them pay

  2. Everybody is a Fascist. There is no escape.

    Although I’ve enjoyed your past descriptions of the multi-varieties of Euro-Fascism, and know that was the past, I still take issue with your denial that it exists. Why? I thought fascism was simply a lexicon-style philosophical description of the results of the merger of big.gang.biz+big.gang.guv – not an empty worthless dictionary style tautology like “Income is income derived …”

    It seems in this cycle of history, everyone is addicted to government. And it’s corporate partners and stakeholders. No one I know sees it as immoral to hold a gun to their neighbor’s head to pay for their own welfare. As long as they don’t have to do it themselves. Hopefully, the Remnant that survives this cycle will begin to seriously ask “… by whose authority?” … and end it.

    • On a related note, I smile every time I see the work “moral” in your writings describing distinctly anti-moral and explicitly evil actions. 🙂

  3. More than two hundred comments, so far, and all of them rest on a flawed assumption:

    That the left uses the term “nazi” in good faith.


    If you have read Sowell’s book “Visions of the Anointed,” you know that a typical anointed lefty thinks themselves The Good Guy, the moral knight saving the world, the ultimate decider of all things Good and True. As such, anything that threatens that unearned sense of total moral superiority must be destroyed. The anointed worldview depends on their unquestioned moral virtue, without it they have nothing.

    So, they maintain it by hurling moral approbation at anyone that threatens it. This is where terms like “racist/white supremacist/fascist” etc. etc. ad naseum come in. All that matters is that the label carries a moral stigma. Disagree with the anointed? Wham, they attack your moral standing, and now they don’t have to engage with your arguments any more, because who listens to Bad People™?

    I started to notice this a few years ago, and it is everywhere. It has been going on a long time, too. The first example I can think of is that infamous “Daisy” ad that LBJ used to attack Goldwater in 1964. This is why the NPC meme so pissed them off, too, because it directly threatened their unquestioned belief in their own intelligence.

    • No one here ever assumed the left used the term Nazi “in good faith.”
      We are well aware that the left does nothing in good faith, that’s what makes us dissidents.

    • Superhero comics have always been left-wing propoganda, when they are not just childish power fantasies.

      The Leftist *always* fancies himself the virtuous (and handsome) superhero with pure morality rightfully smashing the face of the ugly crypto or overt right wing villains.

      As the beautiful superhero (in their own mind), they can *never* really be wrong.

  4. Bourbon posted a comment in the previous article on how the entire managerial class has become passive aggressive. It is not just the managerial classes that are passive aggressive. Western whites in general have gone full on 13 year old mean girl. A byproduct of, as Sovietman has put it, being WEIRD. Long before the managerial class went full fake and gay whites, especially anglos, had become obsessed with safety and avoiding direct conflict.

  5. Z,

    What is the difference between libertarianism and liberty? I’ve never considered myself a libertarian but my viewpoint has increasingly been of the view that we need more liberty in this country and if we use libertarian or unlibertarian means to get there, then so be it.

    • “What is the difference between libertarianism and liberty?”

      Big “L” Libertarians tend to be for open borders and against American nationalism, in the sense of “E Pluribus Unum.”

      In many ways, Libertarians are cultural Leftists in disguise.

  6. “Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.”
    If Satan did a press conference at the white house, telling the world that he exists and has been in charge of the government this whole time. He would say that God is the reeeeal ‘Nazi’. Since we’ve all been doing his bidding and going along with this liberal lunacy, the punishment that awaits us all could be interpreted as a long-term concentration camp for our sins. Thus, we must come together to defend ‘our demon’cracy’ by continuing to snip off children’s genitals, applaud ugly men in dresses and praise white genocide!
    I think more than half the population of the West would go along with it and call everyone who disagrees a pro-Russian nazi…
    We’re so fucked and at this point, it might as well be revealed we’re part of a cosmic reality TV show for Aliens.

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  8. “For a long time, people have wondered what would happen when the last real Nazi or alleged victim of the Nazis is no more.”

    Wonder not Z-Man, for you are a NAZI! In fact, anyone mildly opposed to open borders, suspects IQ or inflation exists, doesn’t think bums should camp out next to their house, or is unsure if 4 year olds should have their penis butchered into a vagina are NAZIS! As I’ve said before, this is all begs the questions if whether the ACTUAL Nazis were really “Nazis.”

    “In the next decade that whole generation will be gone, leaving no more devils for liberalism to chase.”

    Surely you jest? Are you being purposefully obtuse? As long as their exist truth or beauty, there shall be devils for the libs to slay.

    “Similarly, people have wondered what comes after liberalism reaches its end point.”

    I long for such a day when the whole stifling LIE that is the “liberal/progressive” madness we’ve all grown-up under is no more.

    • It should be like a jeff Foxworthy routine:

      You might be a nazi if you like to workout and not be fat.

      You might be a nazi if you if you think porn and compulsive fapping are bad for you

      You might be a nazi if you dress neatly and show up on time

    • I wonder if Z is joking or being deliberately obtuse here too. What will happen after the last real Nazi or anti-Nazi is gone? I think it’s obvious that the proggies will be totally free to do and say anything they want, calling anyone who objects a Nazi, even if what *they* are saying and doing is exactly what the real Nazis did and said.

      This is obviously the next evolution of progressivism. We have long noticed that they “cry out as they strike you”. They will dial that up well past 11. As they herd you into the boxcar they will shout “stop herding me into a boxcar, Nazi!”. More generally, they will stop bothering to justify most of what they do but proceed directly to defining opposition to it as “Trumpism” or maybe just fascism or “white supremacy”. However, It won’t be necessary to demonstrate the actual presence of Trump or that one’s enemies have made statements that can be interpreted as white nationalist. The whole struggle *on every issue* will be defined in the most black and white terms possible – once the Leftists have created their moral consensus that is.

      Sometimes it may be somewhat difficult to actually produce that consensus though, especially in cases like the Ukrainian question where, due to the geographic remoteness of the issue, it may be the case that actual Nazis need to be cast in absurd terms such as “anti-racist”.

      More abstractly, in the coming struggles there will be no “principles” no matter how hypocritically followed. There will only be interest-alignments. Once it becomes clear which side of anything the corpo-governmental hydra needs to come down on, everything else will declared “fascist, Trumpist, whateverist”.

      • Turnspeak, projection, gas lighting are the proggies MO par excellance.

        They are like Loki; a malevolent being who creates infinite lies and illusions.

    • I’ll volunteer to be the bad guy,
      Any lable no problem.
      NAZI, fascist, NRA member,
      Kicks dogs, pulls wings off of flies .

  9. The stories of now and the recent-then are but chapters in a scroll stretching back to the iron age. Edom, they maintain, is Rome, and that’s Europe, and that’s America. We are Edom, they must destroy us. That’s you and your family. They wrote: “Never never forget what that Amalek did to you. Amalek’s name must be blotted out.” We must perish completely and thoroughly, all of us and our children, that religion holds, for the messiah to come.

    Those SOBs stiil do rituals and celebrations about Pharaoh. They ain’t never going to stop until your children are victimized.

    People who mess with Ouija Boards can get more than they bargained for; Piddling about with ancient scrolls, they have brought in these desert demons upon us all.

    • So much hatred, so little time: Edom and by extension the United States originated from Eisav, grandson of Abraham.
      Amalek was one of Eisav’s numerous descendants. If you consider yourself a descendant of Amalek, you are probably right.
      Luckily, this country comes from Edom, nothing to do with Amalek, the Jew hater.

      • Well, you are confirming what the Rabbis say, that America is Edom. Many Rabbis on video also say that America’s and American’s destruction is on the path to some future Jewish World Reign. Those rabbis seem quite happy with the progress being made towards destruction of our homeland. Gloating even.

  10. Hardly anyone who fears fascism knows what fascism is or what a nazi is or why any of that should matter today. Calling them infantile is understating it, since an infant at least has enough sense to love its mother and to drink milk. Civilizationally speaking, current year baizuo have only scorn for the mother and the milk. These folks proliferate in a society which can print free money and distribute it to people who are worse than useless. If they were merely useless that would be an improvement, for then they wouldn’t be so harmful. There is a direct line between the fantastical thinking of the bug person and fully 1/3 of the western economy being fake. There are no consequences for living in fantasy. As long as the fake money continues to be honored, they will not only proliferate, but descend further into fantasy. Because why not? What is to stop them?

    • “Hardly anyone who fears fascism knows what fascism is or what a nazi is or why any of that should matter today.”


      I did my academic research on the interwar period of the 20th century and the truth is that the United States is practically responsible for creating fascism by abandoning the Monroe Doctrine, defeating and then disarming Germany, demanding it become “democratic,” and leaving it (and other central European nations) helpless in the face of Bolshevik expansion in the 1920s.

      Anyone who cannot discuss the Hungarian Soviet of 1919, the Bavarian Soviet Republic, the Spartacist coup, Kurt Eisner, Bela Kun, Leon Trotsky, Rosa Luxemburg, Josef Pilsudski, Admiral Horthy, or the Battle of Warsaw in 1920 simply has no idea what the fuck fascism was about.

        • It wasn’t, really. It was mostly pro forma bullshit to satisfy my liberal internationalist adviser.

          But in the course of the research, when confronted by the facts, I slowly began saying to myself, “You know, Wilson and Lloyd George were full of shit, and Hitler was actually right, not ‘crazy’ like we’ve been told all these years.”

          If I had actually written what I now know to be true, there is no way I would have been able to successfully defend it before my committee…

          • If you’d attempted to write something like that where I attended grad school, they would have expelled you. No foolin’.

      • What do you think of the book, “The Forced War,” by David Hoggan? It was recently re-released, and you can actually order it on Amazon.

        • I’m not a close reader of Hoggan, but I have a general familiarity with his argument. Parts of it I agree with, parts of it I don’t.

          My own views were developed not so much from secondary interpretations like his, but from primary source documents and events and from the “great power politics” school of though. Everybody — with the exception of maybe Wilson — knew in 1919 that the Fourteen Points, the League of Nations collective security “Covenant,” and the Treaty of Versailles were a total farce. Clemenceau is said to have turned to his aide after signing the Treaty and remarked “There will be another war in our lifetime.”

          When I say “Hitler was right” about a number of things, he was right that “ethnic self-determination” was a fraud and was being selectively applied — and not to Germans, and he was right that the League (effectively led by Britain after the American refusal to ratify the Treaty) was not going to go to war to defend German territory against Soviet aggression.

          I am not “pro-Nazi” or particularly a fan of Hitler, but the National Socialist movement was in fact a mass democratic movement, which is exactly what Wilson had demanded of Germany. The movement was fanatical and extreme, and while they were quite correct that Jews were vastly overrepresented in Bolshevism and other subversive movements, they also took extreme measures and undoubtedly committed war atrocities, particularly mass shootings on the Eastern Front.

          A lot of people saw right through the charade that was Versailles, including Keynes and E.H. Carr, who also predicted another war. They recognized that this was a Great Power struggle cloaked with liberal internationalist and human rights rhetoric that was being used to demonize Germany and mask British great power ambitions. But a number of British politicians knew damn well that in Versailles, the League Covenant, “ethnic self-determination,” and the BS about collective security, they had written a check that they could not cash and that the public was unwilling to die for. Contrary to popular belief, Chamberlain did not “appease” Hitler at Munich, he appeased the British voters who were unwilling to get into another another continental war after Hitler exposed the “right of ethnic self-determination” as a lie in the case of the Sudetendeutsch.

          I would not call Hitler a “man of peace” as Hoggan more or less did, an essential characteristic of nearly all fascisms is that life is a struggle and that war is a central part of human existence. There’s no doubt that Hitler wanted to smash the USSR and extend German hegemony eastward.

          I think it is true that certain politicians in Britain, including Halifax and Churchill, wanted to goad Germany into another war against public sentiment and used Poland as bait; Buchanan makes this argument in “The Unnecessary War.”

          The entire diplomatic situation in 1939 was more or less theatre of the absurd, Britain as a League member was committed to go to war to defend both Polish and German territory, but Germany believed it needed to reclaim an eastern buffer zone to prevent the Red Army from marching through Poland and into Germany as it had tried to do in 1920 (which the League members did nothing to prevent).

          The British lie was betrayed when they only declared war against Germany and not the USSR after the two countries violated Polish sovereignty and partitioned Poland in 1939.

          • This is excellent. Thank you for responding. I read Carr during my own degree in IR many years ago, but at that time, I knew very little about the world. I’ve come to share most — if not all — of the assessments you’ve provided here over the course of my life.

  11. So that’s how it happened? As a Canadian I watched this shitshow unfurl…And I just winced in pain, sighed deeply, and determined to ignore it. Canadian politics will give you a headache.

    Perfect example of our esteemed blog host’s point… I watched the gun control debates in the House of Commons… and it ended in a deadlock with both sides accusing each other of racism. When that happened I just said “fuck it. I’m not registering anything anymore, I will not be complying with anything anymore, those f-tards can legislate and rule… but I have other plans…”

    The stupidity of those guys is unfathomable. Canadian lore has it that Justin Turdo’s poxed father – Peeaire Elliot Turdo – dressed up as a Nazi in his youth. When Canada’s vets came marching home – the faggot rode a bicycle up and down the marching column, gobbing on the soldiers and taunting them. Dunno if it’s true or not… but nothing is beyond that clutch of fwench whores.

    When the civil wars come…yes, they will call us Nazis as they try and make us get on the cattle cars.

    • it seems that canadians, and more specifically the 338 canadian members of parliament, will bark like seals at any clown with a pail of fish. My local MP once marched into a financial institution and accused my daughter of being responsible for the death of Afghani women and children because Visa refused to process a payment from his card to a NGO working in Afganistan.

      • Sounds about right. I heard one say (in all seriousness) that all the crosses we’re burning out west is right up there with Big Oil in driving climate change. Stupidity on this scale will eventually be reckoned with by either Darwin or Murphy.

        Gazing into my crystal ball…I see civil/race wars for America. I think Canada will Balkanize…

      • Makes sense, for a long time the only untermenschen Canadians had to deal with were a few Eskimos. That gave them lots of time and peace to nuture hysterical left wing moralizing tendencies divorced from reality. Just like how the whitest parts of the US are the areas where everyone is a barking social justice loon.

        • They also told themselves that Americans think too highly of themselves and that in contrast they could stake their own Canadian identity on meekness and self-hatred disguised as politeness. Z-Man likes to talk about the left turning our virtues into vices, but within their own tribe they turn one’s vices into virtues.

          • Yeah… I never got that antagonism towards the Yanks. It was primarily a liberal thing and most pronounced out in Morontario and Queerbec. I remember getting banned off the old forums for telling those fucks that as an Albertan, I had more in common with Texans than I did with the faggotry out east! 😂👍

            The anti-Americanism seems to have dried up lately… perhaps because Biden is POTUS?

            Who knows…?

        • This, a 1000x this. Canadians are (believed to be) human and therefore memetic; pre-Internet I think cross-border relations were good, because people in the Upper Midwest are so similar to them in race, politics, and folkways, but the Bush crusades revealed this type of Canadian not old enough to remember the OJ acquittal, let alone Vietnam draft dodgers, yet full of opinions about “the Confederacy” (the side their government of the time backed, of course). I think this type which is quintessentially an impersonator of U.S. whitelib edginess has thrived in an online world. I dunno if the Q’s are equally as bad, but assume they have many local chapters of Vies Noires Sont Remarquable

        • Yes and no. Vermont, Maine, Wisconsin, Minnesota, barking social justice loons. Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and Kansas, still somewhat in contact with reality.

          • The county by county map of Trump voters in 2020 shows Minnesota, Maine and Wisconsin as predominantly red as were Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

            The reddest states, going by the version of this map on wiki [i know, i know] are Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, West Virginia and North Dakota.

            In any case, outside the loonyville major metros, the people in the Upper Midwest are not liberals. There is some weird exceptions in the Arrowhead region of MN, but that’s changing now, to red, I think.

      • It is entirely possible, his mom was literally a bipolar whore. But I don’t think he’s Castro’s son. It certainly makes good sport to speculate. I think that old bint laid half the third world before she dried up and blew away…😂👍

        • They are spitting images, and there’s pictures of Justin’s mother cavorting, or at least socialization, with Castro, at the right time. Come on, man.
          2 + 2 = 4

    • The United States is in a unilateral type of civil war now, Glen, laughably being conducted under the color of law. The only reason it has not gone hot is because only one side is prosecuting it. That may go answered at some point but I’m not certain.

    • Howdy Canuck, we might be neighbors cept I’m south a bit.
      I’m with you, will not comply
      Come and take it, send your orphans first.
      The thought of my prayers finally being answered makes me quiver in anticipation.

  12. Don’t worry, we have plenty of second generation holocaust survivors. That grift is never gonna end. In 2100 we’ll have 8th generation holocaust survivors and Germany, assuming it exists at all will be paying reparations to the “survivors” and Israel. There was some woman in Britain who had an “alt-right” youtube channel who described herself as a 2nd generation holocaust survivor.

    What I want to know is how they made autarky into a fascist crime against humanity. To me it seems like we could do nothing more natural and reasonable. “Free trade” first killed the British and now it’s killing us and every other country that tries it. No amount of failure ever changes their mind about anything.

    • I wonder about the dynamics of it, TT. Consider: on this side of the world the spectre of fascism played out, resulted in carefully crafted narratives and revisionist history to give us the heroes and demons we see today.

      Over on the other side of the world the Japs ran rampant throughout the Pacific Rim. They burned, bayoneted, and beheaded their way across China, Korea, Manchuria, etc. They massacred in numbers that dwarf those of the Germans, using the most painful and inhumane methods imaginable.

      Decades later an American president bows before the prime minister of Japan, and apologizes for the nukes that ended the war and their reign of terror. Granted, the president that did that was a black baboon… but the absurdity of the double standards in play never even phase on the Left… or the Right for that matter.

      The phrase that those who believe absurdities will eventually commit atrocities seems to be a historical lesson we’re doomed to repeat…

      • The apologizing for the bomb is nauseating. The Japanese were so bloodthirsty, they turned the Nazis into the good guys in Nanjing during the “Rape of Nanjing” offering protection for civilians and foreigners in Nanjing in the German embassy. The experiments, the “comfort women” and don’t forget they had just perfected biological warfare at the very end of the war and planned on dropping bio-bombs of Bubonic Plague on California.

        The Chinese have not forgotten or forgiven either. That is one deep wound that may never heal made all the worse by Japan allying with the West today.

      • It’s funny how the Germans, Russians, and Japanese were all inhuman blood-drinking monsters that raped and ate babies wherever they went, while the British and Americans who went on to write our history books were all innocent angels who did nothing but sit around their campfires in the evenings spinning maudlin tales about their desire to go home to mom and apple pie or ol’ blighty.

        • That is only true to the extent that it involves White people. We’re “allowed” to call the Germans and Russians and even Japs (but only in reference to their treatment of POC) barbarians. But every single interaction with a Brit or American that any POC has ever had has been shaped by “white supremacy” and the brutalization of the POC.

          I am told that the number of indians we supposed killed exceeds the carrying capacity of the US (via hunter-gatherer methods) over the period of time we supposedly did it. It’s just a pack of vicious lies to justify hate against us and eventually mass violence.

          That is what all this anti-White hate is all about. That is the goal. Mass violence against White people.

      • It is a useful word. Interestingly, Russia is largely autarkical, and that is very much held against them.

        Just dipped a little bit into a work of Alexander Dugin, Last War of the World-Island, and he speaks of the differences between the behaviors of Land Nations versus Sea Nations, Russia being the archetypal Land Nation of the World-Island, with the Sea Nation cultures of the West acting as brigands raiding Russia, and seeking to break up their nation in order to loot it.

        It is available through the Internet Archive. An interesting historical overview/interpretation of Russia’s historical place in geopolitics that I intend to read through.

          • Oh, most assuredly. This justifies the murder of Dugin’s daughter by the Ukrainian secret services, likely with help from the Brits. Because, you know, that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and that means that she must have been a fascist herself, making it entirely justified.

            It is also a well known fact that the Real Ukrainians are true Aryans, in pointed contrast to those Mongolian half breed Russians who are always up to something, either LARPing at being Bolsheviks, and then not Bolsheviks supposedly, while in actual fact always being nothing more than Stone Fascists. Galician logic, such as it is…

  13. The saddest part of what is coming is that White people created some 5 billion of these ungrateful sots by giving all of our gifts away freely.

    Gotta give those gifts! You can get debt-backed pieces of paper in return!

  14. I fear the long nightmare of the west is just beginning, not nearing its end. The levels of potential horror humanity now possess is staggering, and to think it won’t be unleashed when things really start to turn to crap (e.g. no food) is naive at best.

    Some dark solace: most of use won’t live to see the worst of it.

  15. Great, great posting.

    The Brown Scare deserves more dissection than it is receiving. Any “Nazi” still metabolizing oxygen is at least 96 years old, and began their service in the crumbling ruins of the regime and nation as a very young man, or as a boy. All architects of German war policy and all commanders of armies in the field are long dead.

    When there were millions of living Nazis, we had Hogan’s Heroes and The Producers singing “Springtime for Hitler”. People flocked to Cabaret and took it as an anti-Nazi work.

    Now, you have to dig up old bones or raid nursing homes to Punch a Nazi.

    A specter is haunting Europe, indeed.

    • “Let’s hit Hitler where he lives.
      Let’s force him to surrender,
      In incendiary splendor.
      Let’s hit Hitler where he lives!”

      Felix Unger

      • It didn’t work so well when he tried to update it:

        “Let’s kiss Kissinger where he lives…”

    • Strangely enough, a reputed Little Helper to the Nazis in Hungary is held in high esteem among the tyrants. Goes by the name of George Soros, changed from his birth name of Gyögy Schwartz. Oh…silly me.

  16. A treatise such as this (and a brilliant one it is) has a curious result that makes me think of Fukuyama & The End of History. I can’t help but wonder if he ever tries to square the circle with…whatever you want call what it is we have now.
    I don’t know what label to put on it, but the next, or at least one more stop on the highway to The End of History, is an admixture of Idiocracy with a rabid viciousness for purging the non-Idiot.

  17. I’m sorry but this is kinda off topic:


    Its all so silly, but they basically just proved that yes you can prosecute what the public has wanted them to do since 2008 and they refuse to do (until you become their political enemy). My question is, why weren’t these charges made against bankers in 2008? Heck if you can make these charges years later, why don’t we use them now against goldman sachs and JP Morgan? Every person who works on wall street is guilty of this. Every real estate agent is guilty of this. Our entire economy is based on over valuation and fraud.

  18. A thief is paranoid as he exits a house with his sack full of loot. Liberalism has the same mindset. Liberalism, deep down, to its core, knows what it is, the peasant takeover of a manner after they executed the owners in the basement. It lives in deep fear that one day, the true owners, the heirs of the owner, will arrive on site, and administer the justice that is due. They never owned the house, they never had title to the house. They are dirty, immoral circus people occupying positions far above their character. Fascism, in its original context, was the last attempt of the true owners to retake the manner. One future day, they will try again.

    Liberalism knows that it’s fortune is accidental and an aberration in over 5000 years of human history.

  19. So long as a single Blue-eyed Ice Devil strides the earth, Leftists will have their bogeyman. But what happens when there are no more white people? Aye. There’s a question for ye’.

    • Precisely. I don’t really see Leftists running out of devils—even if Whites die out as a definable entity. Who cares if the last NAZI dies, we will create new ones. Look at Trump and the MAGA movement. Trump = Hitler, MAGA = NAZI’s.

      Trump dies and the MAGA movement fades, another likely candidate will arise. This is because the NAZI’s and fascism are not real entities, just useful historical figment upon which to direct ones fears and anxiety. A distraction from the real problem, our elite class.

      How did today’s commentary drift from Hoffer’s concept of a devil as non-descript, but useful, entity to a specificity defined entity?

    • The left will eat the Jews once they run out of Whites, indeed ironic given their past and present enthusiasm for the ideology. Asians and Pajeets after that.

      Past that point there’s insufficient civilization to meaningfully speak of ideology so you’re just left with jungle bunnies and jumping beans throwing spears at each other yelling “ooga booga”.

  20. Don’t worry. Our liberal friends will find an enemy to fight against.

    Curtis Yarvin: “there is no politics without an enemy.”

    • If you look at politics as a meta-darwinian phenomenon, then politics [if and only if] enemy.

      I’m quickly arriving at the point of view that darwinism is a vastly moar useful & moar powerful point of view when applied to sociology rather than applied to biology.

      Biological Darwinism works pretty well at the microscopic level [of viruses & bacteria & the like], but Biological Darwinism is largely a catastrophic failure at the macroscopic level.

  21. “Similarly, people have wondered what comes after liberalism reaches its end point.” –

    There is no endpoint, just a continuous fall into madness until its overcome or overthrown by an external crisis. We’ve reached a point where liberalism is ripping off its own genitals and carving a neo-vagina into its pelvis while daring anyone to stop it and calling their doctor a fascist for wanting to reschedule the surgery for after his/her/they vacation.

    There is no absolute zero in liberalism. Just as it’s impossible to reach in a lab environment. There is no zero kelvin liberalism.

    • Just so. Metaphorically, Leftism is simply an increasingly cyclonic spiral of madness. But does total madness have an end state? If so, is that state a form of social catatonia? The great inhuman void?

      • California is close to this state. However it can go far deeper into the psychosis. It’s going to go far beyond ripping gas water heaters out of houses. Newsom will be seen as “conservative” in a few years. It’ll reach points where all the world will say “I can’t believe I’m seeing this.”

        • I think the RoW will actually be telling each other, “Ssh, never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake, so don’t give them occasion for pause”.

  22. > When both are gone, the long nightmare of the West will finally come to an end.”

    Out: The long nightmare of the 20th Century

    In: The long nightmare of the 21st Century

    • If that stat is true that is an astonishing number. It certainly reflects the woke fuckery that consumed the company that just laid me off back in July.

      They promoted two str0nk empowered latinas from junior account managers to executive director and senior sales manager for the qualifications of having tits and brown skin. Gotta keep those ESG scores up!

      Once that 94% solidifies their grasp in these companies white males will be 0% of new hires. This is, was, and always will be a revenge fantasy. A generation ago negroes were boxed out from certain roles, so whitey is going to be under the boot heel for the rest of time. Thanks Jews! (and your herd animals, white women who follow unquestioningly along)

      • No company can afford hiring in perpetuity from the mediocre class. The barnacles on a ship analogy holds. Every place government has done this, the infrastructure suffers. How many stories of South Africa does one need to read? Nothing will be different wrt private enterprise hiring poorly qualified minorities.

        • But this is where monopoly and government regulation saves the day! The infrastructure will suffer, but who will be there to replace the increasingly awful corporations? We will accept increasingly crappy infrastructure because we will have no choice.

          • You make a good point. The government serving as a last recourse to take over failing businesses “too bid to fail” is the logical termination. Right now we see business consolidation into fewer and fewer entities. But at a point, the government must step in.

        • “No company can afford hiring in perpetuity from the mediocre class” …I certainly agree but I can never forget that their main quality is the ability to remain in denial.

          • Ayn Rand (probably via one of her characters) famously said that one can deny reality, but one cannot deny the consequences of denying reality.

      • J, I was reading somebody recently, who was pointing out that now is the time to get your S-Corp or LLC up & running, so that you can move into these sinkingly woke Titanic shipwrecks in the S&P 500, and charge exorbitant fees [as a consultant] for righting the listing ships.

        Woke sh!tlib executives & board members hate hate hate uppity White proles, but they hate going bankrupt even worse.

        However, ya gotta get that S-Corp or LLC up & running.

        [It just takes a few days of paperwork, mostly at your state Secretary of State, and in many states, you might even be able to file the paperwork online.]

        But you gotta file the paperwork, and you gotta get your Federal Tax ID number from the IRS.

        Once you’re certified with your state Secretary of State, and you’ve got your Federal Tax ID, you can consult on just about anything you wanna consult on.

        [Although you mustn’t falsely mis-represent yourself as e.g. a board-certified Accountant, or a board-certified Medical Doctor; that would be felony fraud.]

        • PS: One other thought – Gaming bidness CEOs requires just about precisely the same skillset as does Gaming P00nt@ng.

          Obviously you’ve gotta do your homework on your intended prey [e.g. figuring out which jokes will work, and which jokes will lead to disaster], but once you get your sea legs under you, you’ll know exactly how to roll with the tide.

          PPS: To be a consultant, you also need to study just a little bit of contract law, so that you can present a contract for signing which doesn’t look amateurish, and which won’t ruin you financially.

          PPPS: The best consulting plan consists of creating a new division in the corporation, moving all the quota hires into the new division [give them all titles which indicate that they’ve been promoted, and give them nice salary raises to make them think that they’ve ackshually been promoted], but after about 18 months of the illusion, you announce that their division has simply been unable to generate sufficient revenue, ergo the division is being sold to a competitor [or mothballed completely, with all of the quota hires being laid off].

          You could maybe even turn it into a scam where you find companies which are “Too White”, and you use the same quota hires to darken “Too White” companies, then you spin the quota hires off into their own division, then you shutter that division, then you txt & email them to come back to your consultancy, then you hire them again for a new “Too White” company, and you end up making a giant perpetual motion machine of quota hire actors & actresses being hired & laid off & hired & laid off [near about ad infinitum].

          If you timed it just right, you might not even have to offer them health insurance benefits.

  23. I’ve been amused by this whole debacle. The whole incident doesn’t mean a whole lot to those of us that have long been disillusioned by the actions of the federal government. However, these idiots now have to carry on as thought the sacred halls of Parliament have been desecrated. One of the ‘great unclean’ received applause in the hallowed chamber.
    The Liberals have already tried to strike the records and pretend it didn’t happen. The party is now in full damage control since the party of moral busybodies doesn’t want to be seen as the group that gave Hitler a standing ovation. They are trying to spread some blame to the opposition parties, but they can claim ignorance and fallback on the explanation that their only job for these ceremonies is to clap like trained seals.
    Then there’s the problem that the Liberals now have to eat their quite extreme rhetoric. The party has never been shy about conjuring up the specter of fascism any time they encountered opposition. Of course the only charge they could make is that these movements ‘tolerated’ a fascist element, but that was enough to be labelled a fascist. Now they’ve done applauded someone they’d have to use nuanced reasoning to claim isn’t really a Nazi at least not a ‘bad Nazi’.
    So now they’ve got to come up with a way to keep the moral high ground without having to trigger a non-confidence vote and go to the polls as the party of Nazi applauders.

    • Yeah, it is hilarious*. It probably is best not to exaggerate it, but this absolute clown show very likely was the watershed moment in the Ukraine debacle/atrocity. It would be too over the top for fiction.

      *Simultaneously trying to censor the debacle while blaming it on “Russian disinformation” is perfect and a higher humor quotient is unimaginable.

      • the main clown still managed to scurry away back to Ukraine with the better part of another billion dollars for which the speaker of the house and an old nazi must suffer the cost of this distraction.

  24. I doubt very much that Yaroslav Hunka was a Nazi. I rather doubt that the National Socialist German Workers Party had a Ukrainian division. Hunka did enlist in a Waffen SS unit that fought against the USSR. But the overwhelming motivation for such enlistees was a desire for an independent Ukraine,, not the implementation of the Generalplan Ost that the leadership of the Third Reich had in mind. That may have been naivety, but that’s not a war crime. I think it likely that the Galician SS unit probably committed its share of atrocities, but Hunka might respond that the Holodomor was an atrocity justifying other, smaller atrocities.

    If Hunka ordered or participated in atrocities, perhaps prosecution might be justified, but the events are now more than 78 years in the past and proof is all but impossible. Moreover, the Waffen SS was never declared a criminal organization and mere service in the Waffen SS did not constitute a war crime. Franz Schoenhuber, for example, was a decorated non-commissioned officer in the Waffen SS who was a journalist, founded a political party and was a deputy in the EU parliament.

    Perhaps this is more defense than Hunka deserves, but I find it hard to characterize him as a villain here. The real villains, IMHO, are the people who sit in Washington, London and Brussels and manipulate events to bring about the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians, all with the objective of propping up the Global American Empire. They are even more culpable than the Banderas, who, for all their Third Reich resemblance, still have the defense of resisting what they consider invasion.

    • Hunka most likely is a multiple victim, first by the communist fanatics and now by Western lunatics/idiots, who don’t do nuance. “His” side in World War II, if victorious, very well might have victimized him, too.

    • Why did Bandera’s men kill 100,000 Poles from 1942-1943 in the worst way imaginable, then? Because they regarded them as invaders as well? The Ukrainian claim to Galicia and Wołyń is specious.

      At some point we need to recognize that engaging in this dispute over territory for an ethnic group whose boundaries — culturally, linguistically, geographically — are impossible to find. They bleed over into three, four, five, six other ethnicities.

      Bandera was obsessed with a chimera, and became a mass murderer in its service.

      • Edit:

        “…engaging in this dispute over territory for an ethnic group whose boundaries — culturally, linguistically, geographically — are impossible to find is a will o’ the wisp.

    • The Galician Division were war criminals, I htink they fought as infantry in France for a while but during their time in their homeland the only warriors they faced were partisans and they mostly slaughtered defenseless women, children and old people.

      In fact they had the distinction, along with the Croats, of being told by the SS to tone it down some. They were truly barbaric and all are equally guilty and deserve to burn in hell.

    • Hunka and his Galician SS Army murdered tens of thousands of Ukrainian Poles: some burned alive, some finished off by hammers and shovels and such( to save bullets). Children and babies were included in these multiple massacres. That’s why Poland is demanding his extradition. Poland is also demanding opening of the huge mass graves to be reburied in Poland, but no cooperation from Ukraine for whom Hunka and his cohorts are still heroes.
      Same and worse fate met the Ukrainian Jews in the hands of Ukrainians.

      • The catalog of human abominations and atrocities is endless. Savagery and sadism have always been–sad to relate–a big part of the human essence. That being the case, I no longer get steamed up by what happened in the past. The only reasonable stance is to work on behalf of your own people in the present in the hope that they don’t suffer too many more abominations and atrocities at the hand of the Other. And the more hermetically the human tribes are isolated from one another, the greater the likelihood that the horrors abate somewhat.

  25. It will never be gone, they have already moved to descendent of the survivor narrative. It’s been the child of the survivor until recently. They got hip to that and came up with a never ending way to keep the grift going. There are cooking* Classes with a descendent of the above mentioned* at the local museum dedicated to picking the scab on a monthly basis in L.A. the same is sure to follow for the descends of say ,the children at Vdare unfortunately. It’s coming. They ain’t turning back. I have to admit watching the Canadian parliament go back and forth yesterday was comical. Mr mustache would sit in on that kind of stuff in 1912 from the cheap seats. That definitely got his ball rolling.

    • Dark ages have founding myths, too.

      My grandmother was a “survivor,” but she never adopted that rhetoric because by the time it was invented she was too old to start saying new things (and she thought of Jews as kings of the human jungle, not scurrying rats).

      She was young during the war. She died, not young, over thirty years ago—at the height of the hurried hunt for the last living nazis, which she thought had come egregiously late, as those young soldiers were now so old they’d become innocent again. OVER THIRTY YEARS AGO.

      There is no one alive to whom the war is real. The few incredibly old men who were there have gone over those memories so many times they’re fictional now. Nobody knows what a nazi was.

  26. I was in grade school in the early 1970s, only 30 years after the war. There is far more hysteria and pearl-clutching about “fascism” now than there was then. Kids used to doodle swastikas in their notebooks out of sheer boredom and nobody cared. On the playground kids would adopt fake German accents and swagger around giving the fascist salute and “Seig heiling” each other while playing war.

    We were fascinated by U-boats and Stukas and Buzz Bombs, it seemed that the Germans had much cooler weapons than we did. I remember may dad (who was not a liberal) practically choking on his dinner when my brother, in maybe fifth grade at the time, casually remarked at the table “Yeah, Hitler had some pretty cool ideas.” I remember one kid whose family must have been into collecting militaria who brought in Nazi artifacts for show and tell. (He also brought in an demilled bazooka projectile once, but I think it was an American one. I remember him carrying it on the bus).

    My brother had a model Stuka suspended from his bedroom ceiling by fishing line, replete with swastikas and all. Everyone thought that burp guns and Me262s were just the neatest things ever.

    • Same. I think it has been documented that the Tribe didn’t consolidate total control of popular culture until the late Seventies, at which point the Holocaust went from one of many aspects of World War II to the only one that mattered. Much of today’s moral panic stems from that firm grip on pop-cult loosening. These aren’t the most stable people in society as it is.

        • > The 1964 edition of Encyclopedia Britannica has no entry in its index to “holocaust.”

          Neither do versions as late as the early-to-mid 1970s.

        • It is somewhat analogous that quite a few Jewish historians, some quite acclaimed like Bernard Lewis, fought tooth and nail not to label the Armenian genocide as such. Victim competition is not allowed! Unlike some of the extreme fantasy porn like lampshades, the Turks actually did those things, such as hanging the carcasses of butchered Christian children in butcher shops for public display.

          Even in World War II, the Japanese Imperial atrocities against civilians often were far more brutal than those of the Germans. Maybe the fact the Japanese were not white comes into play.

          It says quite a lot about a people that they dismiss the suffering of others because it would distract from them.

          • “Maybe the fact the Japanese were not white comes into play.”

            Comes into play? It is the supreme and overriding factor.

            Relatedly, one of my main fields of academic study was the period of Russian history known as the Tatar Yoke. As I’m sure you are aware, this was a 240-year period in the Middle Ages when Rus’ was subsumed into the Mongol Empire.

            I finished my graduate work in 2005, and good thing, too, because it was about that time that Western “scholars” of Russia began the project of deconstructing the Tatar Yoke. In essence, what they’ve done is claimed that there was no Tatar Yoke. Rather, Russian authors–no doubt motivated by racism–grossly exaggerated the horrors inflicted by the Tatars, while eliding the many contributions they made to Russian society. They “constructed” the Tatar Yoke, stigmatizing the poor Mongols into the bargain.

            You see, imperialism is evil only when whitey inflicts it upon PoC. When it’s the other way ’round, it is a neutral phenomenon, or perhaps even marginally good.

            Had I chosen to become a professor, I would have fought this anti-white nonsense hammer and tongs, and would have been denied tenure. Fortunately, I chose not to.

          • @Ostei:

            Yoke Denial is a thing? Learned something.

            As for tenure, that’s not the shield it once was. My favorite example is the leftwing tenured professor who got canned during a Zoom meeting back in ’21. Yes, you read that correctly, a leftist who made the fatal mistake of calling his fellow leftist professors (all of them, of course) Bad Things. My guess is he was dipping into the same student affairs as an assistant dean and hilarity ensued.

            Impressive field of study, by the way.

      • The earliest example I’ve seen of Shoahcentrism was the Twilight Zone episode “Death’s Head Revisited” (1961). But yes, such cultural artifacts were the exception rather than the rule until relatively recently.

    • Remember when “surfers’ crosses,” which were small versions of the Iron (Teutonic) cross were all the rage? German militaria and uniforms were somewhat snazzier than Allied examples. Portrayals of WWII Germans in popular entertainment after the war was often rather favorable, e.g., “Sink the Bismarck,” “Rommel the Desert Fox,” and “The Battle of Britain.” (Portrayals of the Japanese were much less favorable.) That changed in the 1970s and 80s and now I think students are taught that World War II was a beastly German campaign against the Jews that the Americans and British ended.

    • Yockey called it the only war for which the propaganda increased, after it was over.

      Whether or not that’s technically true, who knows. All nations have a founding myth, and the founding myth of Judeo America had to start somewhere.

  27. Re: “In the next decade that whole generation will be gone, leaving no more devils for liberalism to chase. Similarly, people have wondered what comes after liberalism reaches its end point. Both questions seem to have the same answer in that one cannot live without the other. When both are gone, the long nightmare of the West will finally come to an end.”

    This could all be over in a decade? Well, I certainly hope you’re correct. Great essay as always.

  28. Putin is Hitler, just like Saddam Hussein was Hitler, and Gaddafi was Hitler, and isn’t Assad supposed to be Hitler? It’s all light-switch brain, comic book rhetoric, the good guys and the bad guys. Are we supposed to clap for this 98 year old Nazi or is he a bad guy?

    While all of this thought and energy is spent on who’s a Nazi or a fascist and good guy-bad guy issues, millions of migrants, seemingly mostly young males, are pouring into the West, which will make this fear of fascism fade into a fear of the new problems we have from the rapid transformation of our society into the Third World.

    • Don’t forget – Trump, Mitt Romney, John McCain, and George W are also Hitler. So is Russel Brand, Elon Musk, and Vivek Ramaswamy.

      • Yep, they’re the real hitlers especially trump. There are people in other websites who call me Hitler when I make comments. Of course those people have absolutely no idea what a Nazi is. Nor a fascist.

        • Hoagie –

          “ There are people in other websites who call me Hitler when I make comments. Of course those people have absolutely no idea what a Nazi is. Nor a fascist.”

          They don’t. It’s just become a tool of slander. What – in their ignorance- they don’t realize is that “woke” is & of itself fascist: just try disagreeing with them. Look what happens if a Doctor counsels some kid not to “transition”; he’ll get the same treatment as a doctor did under The Third Reich for not publicly stating that there is a size difference between an Aryan’s skull & Jew’s skull. The result would be the same: canceled & shunned by “polite society”, probably have to undergo “sensitivity training” which in nothing short of political “reeducation” (indoctrination).

          For all the flailing about “fascism” in the current political scape those that flail the hardest are fascism’s most ardent proponents.

    • > Slobodon Milosevic was Hitler
      > Manuel Noriega was Hitler
      > Kim Jong Il was Hitler
      > Akmadenijad was Hitler

      It’s all so tiring.

      • This reminds me of [had to do some Googling to find his name] Wally Pleasant’s 1994 “Song for Bob Dylan.” I could not find the lyrics for this obscure Dr. Demento type song, but basically it’s a satirical take on a series of folkies who were billed as “the next Bob Dylan.” But in the end, Pleasant reminds us, Bob Dylan was the first Bob Dylan.

  29. For every Boomer in a nursing home still LARPing as a Nazi-killer, you have to wonder about the system that allowed him to go this long through life without ever checking him. And even moreso, you have to wonder about the utter lack of self-reflection and humility that allowed him to go this long through life without ever checking himself.

    That’s what I focus on when I form my impressions of people. Their expressed attitudes and positions are imporant,t but not nearly as important to me as the ethical process by which they came to those positions. If that process has been nothing but a lifetime of spoon-fed self-indulgence and vanity, then contempt is the only natural response. It flashes out all on its own.

    The behavior of the Canadian parliament is just such a contempt-worthy display. They were all clapping in lockstep for the Banderite with not one, single skeptical thought occurring to the whole lot of them. Every one of these people are idiots. There is no reason to respect such a government or any of its laws. It has no authority anymore, and basically no means to protect itself. The whole rotten thing could be pushed over like some dilapidated doghouse, and in a few short years it will be.

    • All our congressmen all ran away like children in the Jan. 6 demonstrations. Not one man out of over 500 there stood up and said “No. I stay.” For all their talk of the sacred walls of democracy, not one was willing to risk harm to himself. That says all you need to know about our institutions.

      Remember that next time Cruz, Schumer, or anyone else talks tough.

        • Bravely bold Sir Biden
          Rode forth from Camelot.
          He was not afraid to die,
          Oh brave Sir Biden.
          He was not at all afraid
          To be killed in nasty ways.
          Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Biden.

          He was not in the least bit scared
          To be mashed into a pulp.
          Or to have his eyes gouged out,
          And his elbows broken.
          To have his kneecaps split
          And his body burned away,
          And his limbs all hacked and mangled
          Brave Sir Biden.

          His head smashed in
          And his heart cut out
          And his liver removed
          And his bowls unplugged
          And his nostrils raped
          And his bottom burnt off
          And his penis…

          When danger reared it’s ugly head,
          He bravely turned his tail and fled.
          Yes, brave Sir Biden turned about
          And gallantly he chickened out.
          Swiftly taking to his feet,
          He beat a very brave retreat.
          Bravest of the brave, Sir Biden!

          • Thanks to Pyrrhus for invoking the Minstrel’s song, and to Ostei for picking up the gauntlet laid so surrepticiously.

      • Hence the persecution (no I don’t mean prosecutions). The Jan 6 protestors l made the congress creatures look both cowardly and ridiculous — and that will never be forgiven.

      • Well, I take the biew that their cowering under their desks was actually a rational response; somewhere down inside of them, they knew that whatever might happen to them was entirely justified by their depravity, greed, and general moral turpitude, i.e., they had it coming.

    • “That’s what I focus on when I form my impressions of people. Their expressed attitudes and positions are imporant,t but not nearly as important to me as the ethical process by which they came to those positions. If that process has been nothing but a lifetime of spoon-fed self-indulgence and vanity, then contempt is the only natural response. It flashes out all on its own.” Really? Cause i’d have thought when the person was born and what “generation” he fell into was your important category for classification.

  30. This is just yet another example of whites and Jews being stuck in the 20th century. All around us, the non-white world, which doesn’t give two farts about fascism or Mustache Man, moves forward and gains power/independence both here and abroad.

    Soon enough, whites will be a minority in both the US and Canada, and our new Hispanic, Asian, Indian and black neighbors will care about as much about fascism as we care about some random but violent events in Asia or India or Honduras one hundred years ago, i.e., nothing.

    Soon enough, Jewish power will be challenged by Indians, Asians and Jewish demographics. The country’s elite will be heavily filled with people who have zero history with some long-ago war in a far off land between peoples who are not related to them.

    I’m sure that the Chinese, Indians and other peoples have their own bogeymen from their past that obsess them, but it’s not our bogeyman. The 20th century will finally end with the Boomers and the decline of GAE.

      • Well, the good news is that the Chinese are pretty aware of which particular group was behind the opium trade, though, admittedly, they need British warships to enforce it.

        It’s the same pattern over and over. Today, we have global finance run by you know who raping the world with the US used as its muscle.

        • There are more small hats in the US than in Israel. Think about that. The 20th century and at least the first part of the 21st really was the “Juice Century” as its been coined.

          One giant 300+ million soul golem that they’ve slowly been gaining control of for 100 years. I’ll say it once again, they know how to play the long game. If Europeans had a fraction of that long horizon thinking and tribalism we’d be in a very different place but it was slowly removed over generations by control of the organs of education & media. Small wonder they took those levers of power first & foremost.

          • Yeah, they’re very good at the long game, but they’re not very good at running things.

          • “removed over generations by control of the organs of education & media”

            And control over the organs of sex.

    • What a silly take. Jews are and have been a distinct minority for over a century and they have more power than one can imagine.

      If Euro americans can’t challenge their power what makes you think pajeets and the chinese can. There’s more to it all than numbers.

      Also, nothing ends when the boomers die, GenX and Millennials won’t be up to the task to do anything, just like they don’t presently.

      • Euro-Americans are smart, industrious, creative, explorative, but also high-trust, naive, and not ethnocentric, which Jews have capitalized on. I have trouble imagining Indians and Chinese gushing over “our greatest ally” or “God’s chosen people” or “6 million.”

        Whether the Indians and Chinese will successfully challenge Jewish power, I don’t know. But I do know that in the new multiracial society Jews have played a major role in creating, they’ll long for the days of 87 percent White America, where they had it really good, in a high-trust society.

      • It isn’t silly, though, and much of today’s moral panic is due to them starting to lose their admittedly massive, almost total, power. This is a self-destructive pattern they have repeated constantly. The Holocaust in part was suicide-by-German, for example. Peak Jew probably was the W Regime and it has been in decline since. It’s hard to see because, again, the power is so absolute and massive.

      • It’s not that Indians or Asians are particularly impressive. They’re not, at least compared to whites.

        But they – as a group – have a huge advantage over whites in dealing with Jews: They instinctually view Jews as different from themselves.

        The Japanese are an American vassal state, yet they’ve mostly managed to keep Jewish influence out. Why? They don’t let them own media outlet or give money to politicians and so on because the Japanese refuse to let foreigners control the commanding heights of their society – though we do have them by the nuts with banking and military.

        The Japanese would never look at a Jew (or any non-Japanese) as anything other than a foreigner – and a threat to their people and culture.

        The Chinese are the same way except that they are desperately trying to bring away from GAE, i.e., Jewish, control of the global finance system.

        As to within the US, Indians are extremely aware of Jews. Indeed, they see them as the group to emulate.

        My point is that Jews are not that dangerous so long as you recognize them as a hostile group and keep them out of your system. The Asians and Indians know this. Whites don’t, which makes us extremely vulnerable.

        • We (Whites) knew this once. We seem to forget that prior to WWII, and somewhat thereafter, we had all sorts of restrictions against Jews in university admissions, clubs, and corporations akin to restrictions against Blacks. In regards to the events of WWII, in some ways the war was the best thing to happen to Jews here in the USA.

        • Uh, well, Jews also aren’t Japanese. They’ve (the Japs) been stuck on that archipelago for millenia breeding with each other, anyone not born from that stock and on that useless formation of rocks isn’t Japanese. Simple. And to be fair towards Euro/Brit-originated whites, the problem with Jews getting in and messing around is a problem with whites, not the Jews. Frankly, the biggest problem with white nationalists is they piss and moan too much.

          • I actually agree with you. I’m not blaming Jews for being Jews. The blame for the decline of the European peoples sits squarely on us – as does any hope of rising back up.

            That said, I’m not going to gloss over the Jewish role in our decline if for no other reason than to be a warning to future people of all races.

      • Euro-Americans are brainwashed by two things that give the Nose Tribe its moral power: the holohoax and the Scofield Bible hoax. The up and coming POCs are not burdened by such.

        But who knows? Maybe the Nose Tribe will come up with some other hoax to vex them. I would not bet on the POCs caring though. And if the Chinese or pajeets can wrestle the financial stronghold from them, game over.

        • Jews will have a constant problem with non-whites because those other groups are instinctually ethnocentric and will always view Jews as an outsider.

          Jews can try to control them by bribing/blackmailing their elite and maybe that will work. But it’ll be a constant battle because other members of those groups will be able to call them out. If a Chinese leader is taking money from Jews and is called out, other Chinese are going to take serious notice.

          Japan is a good example. They just won’t let Jews into their society even Jewish money.

          Jews are pretty talented, but they will find it supremely harder to infiltrate Asia and India in the way that they have Europe, US and, even, South America.

        • Oh please, quit placing the blame on everything else. Brainwashing has been the constant excuse used forever. Whites themselves are not made to hold themselves responsible for their fate, yet and that will change.

          • Despite the downvotes, I mostly agree. Jews don’t have a magical power of brainwashing. Only whites have bought their schtick.

            Jews control a lot in the Middle East but none of those countries believes that Jews are the ultimate victim to be worshipped. They just understand that Jews have power over them for the time being. Very different.

            As for Asia, none of them have been brainwashed. So, yes, Jews are just the drug dealer. We chose and continue to choose to take the drugs.

          • You forget that brainwashing works extremely well, and in particular when it saturates everything in a midwit (being generous) society. The only point I took from “A Wrinkle in Time” (book, not movie) was the part where the brother and sister finally meet that alien forms and are being fed some slop – the brother recognizes it as slop and refuses it, the sister thinks its steak and potatoes or something. The brother (or aliens, can’t recall) explain it’s because they can’t penetrate the brother’s brain sufficiently to pull off the illusion (Matrix kind of stole that). Lesson: Midwits can’t see through propaganda. And the vast majority are midwits or below.

            And for those where it doesn’t work, bribery and cancellation (or threats thereof) take another sizable chunk. That leaves a precious few who live not by lies.

      • The reasons Whites are particularly susceptible to jewish power and subterfuge, is that the jews are evolved to mimic Whites.

        Same can’t be said for the other races. At least not yet, and it’s unlikely that they will, as their strategy is pretty exposed, at this point.

    • The grandchildren of today’s Jewish elite won’t be happy with their elders in 30 years. The grandparents have traded the benign contempt of the WASP elite of yore for the future hatred and competition from the hordes of immigrant competitors. Talk about killing the Goose who laid the golden eggs………

      • They seem to have that in their genes, as many unhappy episodes in their history will attest. Even some of the Old Testament stories. I’m not sure which is most illustrative, but a good candidate would be Joseph working his way up from slave to being Pharoah’s deputy. There’s a lot of wisdom in that particular story: hard-luck Hebrew family goes begging for food, hits good fortune, but eventually it all goes south for both Hebrews and host culture.

        I doubt there were many Jews in classical Greece. But if there had been, probably Aesop would have had a Moneylender owning the goose and loaning out the eggs and collecting usurious interest all the while.

    • The growing Hispanic, Chinese and Indian population in the US and Canada that doesn’t give any thought about the Austrian painter also doesn’t worship blacks like too many Whites do. In fact, they dislike blacks and from now on, it’s all about race and only going to get more racial. Tribe up.

  31. “When both are gone, the long nightmare of the West will finally come to an end.”

    Doubtful. As well as being painfully ignorant and stupid, the Western Left–which includes “conservatives”–is emotionally incontinent. That last bit may or may not indicate profound mental illness, but simply standing alone it is troubling. Just as the Judeo-Puritan human garbage substituted Nazis for witches, they are in the process of substituting white people for Nazis. These people eventually will genocide themselves, possibly with a nuclear fireball intended to take down the rest of the world. They are the face of evil in the modern world who ironically hunt devils constantly.

    • Is it too soon to move to another country and start teaching English?

      Asking for a friend…

          • Eh, if I could land that in a decent lower cost of living country and get paid housing that might not be bad.

            I hold a couple STEM degrees and have worked in the dread private sector, so I think that could help.

      • Teaching in an international school in China is fairly lucrative. Starting salary is around $60,000/year plus a housing allowance that more than covers the cost of a nice apartment and a transportation allowance that covers the cost of transport. Breakfast and lunch are free at the school. The school pays taxes due to the Chinese government and the salary is less than the US foreign earned income exclusion, so you pay no US tax.

        A close friend of mine teaches in China and loves it there. Compared to America, it is safe, clean, and orderly, mostly because the 13% is absent. I doubt this person will ever return to the US.

        • Guest: And he’ll take a Han wife and have hapa children, and be forever severed from the west. What price mere survival?

          • ‘Mere Survival’.

            Your out-group directed bigotry is laudable from a group-survival standpoint. But what kind of survival?

            Those putative ‘Hapa’ genes, however diluted will be going to the stars while yours and mine are likely to be prancing about wode-besmeared living in wattle and daub hovels. Or Laagering wagons a la Boer. But White. Pure White. And that’s all that matters, innit? 😀

            There are many roads to riding out WESTERN civilisational collapse and hopeful eventual rebirth. The Chinese will still be appreciating Bach when the Leipzig Thomaskirche is a mosque and then later a ruin.

          • I’m the guy who consistently gets downvoted here for contending that the best course of action for most of us who visit this website is to leave the country. The America we knew and loved is dead and gone, and it’s not coming back. The wave of demographic change that will wash over the country in the next thirty years will ensure that outcome. The core values that defined America will not survive demographic change.

            I would even go further and assert that the West is dead, and not coming back. One could do a lot worse than settling into a comfortable lifestyle in China. And Chinese women are, by and large, far more traditional and conservative than American women.

            Most of us here are old enough to remember America in the ’70s and ’80s. We’d like to get back there, but we can’t. It’s gone, and it’s not coming back.

  32. “When both are gone, the long nightmare of the West will finally come to an end.”

    Yes, but (heh), (((they))) will still be among us looking for new devils. Just guessing here, but we’re probably going to turn out to be those new devils…like it or not.

      • And how do you end “systemic racism”? You flush it out of the system. Hoo, boy.

        White genocide, anyone?

    • Yep, hate to disagree with Z, but this won’t end with liberalism. Sure, when the Boomers and even the Xers die out, fascism might finally die out as well, but the next generation has already found its target:

      Systemic racism.

      And guess who’s racist?

      Yes, the future usual suspects will still be focused on fascism and the Holostory, but the new Americans won’t care about that. However, they will be fine with hate whitey.

    • We’d be in the boxcars already if it weren’t for those pesky several hundred million guns in our possession…

    • René Girard nailed the problem: Mimesis. His solution, Christianity is just Hopeium though. God-botherers love a downvote so let me state here that I’m just saying that contra Girard, real world Christianity does not break the Mimetic Cycle. It has other civilisational benefits sure.

      So… per usual it’s back to Who? Whom?

      We have to stop being the Whom? That is all.

  33. Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about them running out of Nazis and Nazi victims. After all, the negroes have been pushing their neo-Lamarckian “inherited trauma of slavery” for more than a decade now. And didn’t the Austrian Mustache Guy himself consider “Aryan” to be as much a mystical concept as a genetic one? When the last people even tangentially involved with WWII depart this vale of tears, the usual suspects will be there with their “inherited trauma,” looking to invoke Sippenhaft on anyone who might vaguely resemble a fascist.

    • I have seen a few media types try the “descendant of a holocaust survivor” bit already. I think people are going to get tired of that one quickly. It won’t change overnight, but I think the tide is turning.

      • I was just listening to normie-con talk radio in Toronto, where this is of course a hot topic. Apart from the maddening tendency of that set to adopt the morality of their enemies, they’re tripping over themselves to back the Finkels to the hilt. The last caller before I switched it off was a woman who is out for liberal blood because she is “the daughter of holocaust survivors.” And yet, the MP who invited this 98 year old man should be sent, in her words, to a B’nai Brith or Simon Wiesenthal reeducation center to be cleansed of his bad thoughts. Would she send him there via boxcar, perchance?

        • on Sunday, I was setting up an old fm tuner given to me. I had scanned up to 90.5, the local cbc, just in time for this chestnut….
          ” the defunding of cbc will signal the end of democracy in canada”

      • Yes…Inherited trauma is the new grift, but I’m skeptical that anyone would pay reparations for it, instead of just moving to another State…

    • Don’t forget the “first nations” and their totally real mass graves, that cannot be examined, because they are on allegedly sacred land.

      Every White nation will have their own “holocaust” story to feel guilty about. Not even the Eastern Europeans will escape, despite having been victims in WWII and never participating in colonialism. Gypsies and “doctors and engineers” will be weaponized against them.

      • Was hoping the Eskocaust/Shoah Schools would surface in the comments today. I doubt if the new Canazi imbroglio can be properly appreciated without context of the Kamloops adventure (or Trudeau’s recent brilliant diplomatic feelers to India, China, etc.). Frankly, this whole Ukie war criminals affair has some resemblance to Obama stray-voltage “Let’s see what happens” stuntwork. A bad plan still requires planning, somewhat.

  34. “Another reason fascism is impossible to define is it was never really a standalone ideology, but a reaction to ideology. Fascism would never have existed if not for the apparent failure of liberalism and the very real threat of communism, especially the Bolshevik variety.”

    If you mean the Mussolini version, I’m not sure it was even an ideology. If you mean the much more lethal German national socialism, it too was composed of disparate and often contradictory elements — women in the kitchen but then women in the munitions factories; concern for the nation but then imperial impulses; concern for the environment (today’s Greens have nothing on the Nazis with regard to ecological concern) but then full blast tech modernity. The way I see fascism of the early 20th century is as the confluence and fusion of the volkisch movements of the 19th century along with tech and urban modernity. The volkisch movements were themselves a manifestation of political modernity as the old empires — Czarist Russia, Austrian-Hungarian, and Ottoman — became increasingly rickety and ossified. But today “fascism” has become a “floating signifier”; a term of opprobrium and insult devoid of any content.

    In passing, Orwell noted in “1984” that tech modernity leads inevitably to centralized propaganda, control and surveillance, with no accountability to the population these tools are being employed on.

    • Agreed mostly, but National Socialism constituted an ideology. Unlike the fascists, who were authoritarian, the National Socialists were totalitarian in the same way as the Marxist-Leninists. The Nazis indeed were all over the place, but their ideology was no less incoherent than Marxist-Leninism. Both had a central theme, unlike the fascists who essentially were about power and a strongman. Those central themes were what mattered.

    • The Nazis didn’t put women in munitions factories. In contrast to Britain or the Soviet Union, Germany never committed to total war, a war where the entire economy was put at the command of the quartermaster general.

      Hitler was a populist and he depended on popular support. So throughout the war, a considerable part of Germany’s industry was producing consumer goods, and in 1945, more than a million military age men worked in the civilian economy – many of them as manservants for women whose husbands were at the front.

      That said, yes, there’s not real formula for National Socialism, the Nazis were pretty much making it up as they went along.

      • To be fair, the Germans didn’t need to put German women to war work in factories like the Western Allies or the Soviets, since they had all kinds of disposable foreign labor to do that work under various organizations, from the Army, the Party and the SS.

          • “The Nazis didn’t put women in munitions factories.“. Not true, Felix and Pickle. My mother was “required” to work in a German munitions factory in Darmstadt when she turned 18 in 1944. The factory and her city were bombed several times. I’ve heard all the stories and even recorded a few of them which I still have (she’s long past) – First hand accounts of the horrific Allied bombing of civilians. No hard feelings I guess, though. She married my my US Army father after the war.

          • Hm. I stand corrected, then.

            But putting (married?) women in the workforce went against Nazi beliefs, they were very much pro housewivery.

  35. Meanwhile, 400,000 Indians are pouring into Canada per quarter. Canadian fertility rate now lower than Japan despite 1.5 million yearly immigrants. You have to see it to believe it.

    The nearly expired 98 year old former Nazi is a great metaphor for Canada. Completely meaningless and irrelevant. WW2 obsession – heading towards irrelevance along with its people on both sides of the aisle.

    Liberals don’t know what racism or fascism is – yet – but they will be learning first hand in the coming decades thanks to our new demographics.

    • They will be unironically screaming they are not racists as they are shoved into ovens because of their race. It may happen sooner in Canada than the United States because of the numerical disparity, which is a rule to bear in mind when looking to relocate to sparsely populated places in any of our countries–they can be overwhelmed quite quickly and efforts are underway to do so.

      • Yeah, you have to give to Canada. They started way behind the US in the white suicide race, but, man, have they ever made up ground.

        • Australia is next. Only 25 million people, similar to where Canada was not very long ago. With that small of a population is doesn’t take long to transform it. Ireland, with only 5 million, is doomed I believe.

          • The Western countries with the larger populations will see what happens to these smaller countries, and….

          • Australia is having a GAE-driven China Panic, all the while being inundated by Indians and Africans.

            Notorious China-shill that I am, my only regret is that I’m too old to be the eventual true and rightful Qi-sling (heh) Puppet Emperor of Aozhou 😛

            If it has to be suzerainty (and it has to be… right now it’s under the GAE) then better the Han than the Pajeets.

  36. Something both the 3rd Reich cheerleaders and, hmm, “detractors” have in common is not being able to see such an event as unique in it’s time and place. What I’ll ask them is “imagine the same system, but instead of German WW1 veterans running it, it’s stateless AOC types, and then tell me how such a system would be different from the one we live under now”.

    As Z points out though, honest discussion is really hard. Even my fellow Gen X buddies who should know better practically scream “did you even watch Schindler’s List?!?!” when I try do to anything to put WW2 behind us in our politics.

    • There was a movie dramatization of David Irving’s trial that portrayed Irving as this depraved and powerful maniac going against the plucky Jewish lady who was only concerned with truth. She was the underdog fighting against that evil anti-semitism.

      In the real trial, there was a practical army of lawyers and historians against one guy, who held his own very well. Any objective portrayal would have made Irving downright sympathetic.

      WWII propaganda is out of this world, to the extent most people hate Nazis more than the actual soldiers who fought them.

      • They’re really late boomers and at some point in time they put their thought processes into “Park” because there was no personal benefit to do otherwise. I’d heard that for ghosts the world is frozen in place as it was at the time of their death, and even though these guys are still alive, when they do die it will still be 1986 to their ghosts.

  37. We’re always fighting the last war. The UN security council is literally just the makor Allies, and the UN is the last minute rename of the Allies. The last year of WW2 was just the Allies inviting random nations to join the war as part of the alliance.

    The problem is that nuclear weapons have made war, real total war, obsolete. So we’re never going to get a new enemy to fight. To really fight with rationing and sacrifice and yatta yatta.

    So it’s Hitler all the way down. The last great man in history, whose name will echo for all time.

    • Partially true.

      As the world (slowly) gains independence from the West, the shadow of fascism will fade. As Western countries become less white, the shadow of fascism will even fade in the West.

      These people have their own bogeymen from their past. They won’t need Mustache Man or fascism.

  38. It was very amusing. Trudeau blaming it on Russian propaganda. Incredible. I feel like I could use that in my own life. I steal something, get caught, say “no it’s Russian propaganda!”

    This guy resigned. From the pause in his reading it appears he knows who were allies and who weren’t in world war II.


    And I think more Nazis will be found. I mean, our greatest ally finds an ever-increasing number of Holocaust survivors every year. Seems implausible but it happens so I don’t see why more Nazis can’t be found

    • Their way around the lack of of holocaust victims will be inheritance. the children and grandchildren will inherit the trauma of the event, much in the same way modern blacks remain victims of slavery. The Nazi shortage is a tougher nut to crack because it relies so heavily on baby boomers. The boomers were tuned to think Nazis were the universal bogeyman in a time when former Nazis existed. Their parents fought real Nazis. Once the boomers are gone, that link is broken.

      • The problem for them is that the aliens they have invited into white homelands often think the Holocaust is amusing and in some of their cases a good thing, possibly a template. That makes guilt tripping impossible.

        • Quite so. The Israeli Embassy in Thailand is perennially kvetching about local university students dressing up as Nazis and LARPing during orientation festivities. Much agonised spritzing about the need to ‘educate’ people in a far away country about shit they don’t know about and don’t need to know about and sure as hell don’t care about.

          The Israelis make their complaints. The Thais smile and nod and promise to take note. The dogs bark, and the caravan moves on.

          Ironic since the Thais deserve (((their))) professional respect for having managed the devious sleight of fighting on *both* sides at the same time during WWII and coming out of it smelling like roses.

      • What? They inherited the trauma, we inherited the racism.

        Naziism will never go away. It was a reflection of inherent white colonialism.

        Since we’re colonialists, we’re also Nazi’s. They’ll forever have to be on guard against us slipping bug powder into their showers.

        Plus, we owe all our history to them, since we stole it in the first place. We stole the Bronze Age! The Pyramids! We stole Greek history from Muslim scholars! We stole Yakub’s lab!

        Didn’t anyone see Chandryaan-3?
        Since a Holocaust survivor descendent told us the Apollo missions were faked, the Indians are the first on the Moon!

        • *Not kidding.
          Read the comments about Apollo by Indians celebrating their Moon rover. “Why didn’t the Apollo guys find this if they supposedly landed?” No mention of the later Russian landing, either.

          I’m counting down til it was an Indian captain on the Zheng Ho fleet that discovered America. (Cuba, rather, whence Columbus got his map.)

    • They will make them up, just to knock them down. An hilarious example is “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” movies. Scandi countries get ruined by ultra rape-apes and the author makes up Nazi rapists that target goth girl programmers.

  39. The long nightmare of the west will finally come to an end…..when Whitey wakes up.

    Video is out showing looting in Philly, and the offenders are, as always, Joggers. How many chimpouts have to occur for Whitey to wake up, and get off the couch?

    It really is our fault for the current mess, and it will only be resolved if, and when, we decide to end it.

    It’s pretty fundamental.

    • Bartleby: Truly sorry, but I just don’t see it. Even as Whites deplore the theft, vandalism, and casual brutality perpetrated in major urban centers, they just don’t believe it will spread to their ‘safe’ suburbs. They may even admit to themselves the primary perpetrators belong to a specific demographic, but refuse to tie that to their ‘nice, middle-class’ non-White neighbors. Just as every public school is bad except for their children’s school, every city or state is dangerous except their own.

      People still reflexively proclaim “God bless Texas” even though it is today majority non-White. Abbott and his big business cronies are fully complicit in bringing in more people, but somehow get credit for helping to spread the rot.

      Got back a few weeks ago from a necessary visit to the DFW area where we were hosted by friends in a suburb we thought was at least 5-10 years behind the diversity tsunami we escaped from. But their formerly primarily White neighborhood was no more. Leaving to drive hubby to work in the a.m. we’d see Han, Hindus in full garb (one home had a large Indian god on display in the front yard), and blaqs with dreadlocks getting into their Mercedes SUV. The local gas station/quick mart was filled with mestizo workers buying their daily beer and the usual blacks hanging around.

      Female friend sees it and wants to leave; her hubby kinda sorta sees it but doesn’t believe it will be allowed to get out of control in HIS neighborhood, and doesn’t want to give up his large and comfortable house. And these are essentially based people with whom we speak totally unguardedly. They are aware of long-term trends and have even purchased and prepared a small, more rural location (but still way too close to metroplex), but they just cannot bring themselves to leave their home and middle-class lifestyle.

      If they are caught in the snares of vestigial normalcy bias, what hope for the masses? I see none. It’s not just jobs or cost or family ties keeping people in suspended animation. It’s a refusal or inability to face that their country and every belief their lives were founded on is crumbling. “But my kids have two more years of high school.” “But this has always been a safe area.” “But my neighbors are educated, nice brown/black/yellow people.”

      Almost everyone will dither until it is too late and the mob is at his door. And it is what it is – I certainly do not want all of normiedom to relocate to rural America and overwhelm the vestiges that remain. I thank God every day as I drive down tree-lined two-lane winding roads or deal with an ‘old-fashioned Southern gentleman,” as one man proclaimed himself to me yesterday. I don’t pretend our relocation has rendered us immune to what’s coming, but it feels very far removed from our daily lives here. That’s all I can ask at this stage, and hope and pray that it’s enough.

      • ” It’s not just jobs or cost or family ties keeping people in suspended animation. It’s a refusal or inability to face that their country and every belief their lives were founded on is crumbling.”

        It is mostly the latter. And if people won’t at least move away from it*, the odds of them ever fighting to oppose it are nil to none. The biggest black pill to swallow is that not only Normie but a significant number of dissidents simply will submit to anything no matter horrible.

        *And really move from it, not just to a white/whiter neighborhood that can be swamped in a nanosecond; this also means looking more closely at sparsely populated areas vulnerable to being swamped.

        • *Also, even those like us who have made the full leap need to keep an eye on possible Colony Ridges. I suspect those are being planned for, well, more colonization.

          • Jack: Oh, we are under no illusions. The beginnings of rot are everywhere. Tysons built a chicken processing plant in a town of about 2000 that is 60 miles from here. That town is now more than 55% mestizo. They don’t tend to come up around where we live, but we see some of them in restaurants in a larger town about 40 miles from us.

            Locals don’t necessarily like them, but they’re too ‘nice’ to say or do anything. When/if the government’s grip slackens, well . . . we know where the danger lies. And in an area like ours that is 95% White, any outsider stands out visually. This includes the nice White lady I saw with her fancy designer purse and her hubby carrying their eco-friendly and name-branded reusable shopping bags. No one here uses that crap. Visual signals matter as much as manners, but normiecons are oblivious.

          • People like that lady get noticed around me as well as they should. They are invariably trouble.

            As for Tyson’s, I would include it on a list of corporations to be seized and their officers tried if we ever got an ethnostate (which will not happen in any manner like the CC people LARP if it ever happens at all).

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