The Bleep Show Goes On

The regime held another audition last night for the role of token opposition candidate in the presidential election tentatively scheduled for next year. This time they held the audition at the Reagan library, which was appropriate given that all of the actors sounded like exhibits from the 1980’s museum. They even used some clips of Reagan as prompts so the performers could spit out their favorite lines. It gave the whole thing the desired retro feel.

Fox News produced the event, as they did the prior event, but this time they used the B-team to put on the show. In the first event they treated it like one of the phony talent shows that are a staple of broadcast television. They had a drone flying around the auditorium and they introduced the performers like a wrestling show. It was vulgar and crude, but appropriate given the reality of things. The whole thing is just another chapter in an ongoing big lie.

Perhaps having been too obvious the first time, they were more subdued this time, running a standard debate style show. They also used their B-team actors to play at moderating the thing. They had a chirpy little blond woman who was disorganized and flustered the entire night. They had some old guy who must have missed his flight to Heathrow at LAX, so they made him a moderator. The third wheel was a Spanish woman with a spray on tan that was starting to peel.

Most of the night was the performers saying the prepared and rehearsed zingers while everyone else talked over them. It was clear that everyone was instructed to talk over Ramaswamy so that is what they did, often just mouthing what appeared to be gibberish, or vamping as they say in the business. The result was a cacophony of voices while the chirpy little blond hopped up and down in her seat trying to get the performers to stop talking over one another.

Why anyone thinks people will sit through this is a mystery. They could easily solve this problem with the use of shock collars. If a performer talks over another performer, he gets enough voltage to disable him for a few minutes. Maybe employ trap doors under their feet as a sort of timeout. If the performer keeps breaking the rules, the door opens, and he falls into a garbage pit. He then has to climb the stairs back to the stage, covered in garbage, and retake his spot.

Of course, the fact that this would be an improvement over what they are doing is an indictment of the system. If the ruling class treated elections seriously and they cared about public’s opinion, these vulgar displays would never happen. The performers, who would be actual candidates with real agency, would refuse to participate. That is not our reality, so we get these vulgar displays. If you were trying to humiliate the voters, you would not do anything different as far as these shows.

There is some value in watching these things. You get a sense of the narrative from which the regime is operating. It is clear they still think Trump gets put in jail, exiled, or bankrupted so he cannot run. They just had a judge steal his company the other day, so that part of the script is still operative. That means the midget wrestling shows they are putting on are for picking the lucky loser of next year’s election show. One of these losers will get the golden ticket at the convention.

Last night it was clear they have soured on Noble Black Guy. Tim Scott got little action and was pushed off to one side. They could be sidelining him to keep him fresh or they could be moving onto another actor. Neocon Nikki got the star treatment most of the night and the regime produced a bunch of fake polls for her. They have been planting stories in regime media claiming that she is the “insurgent” candidate. Imagine calling the consummate insider an insurgent.

You have to respect the neocons. They may be evil, but they never abandon their project, and they always plan ahead. Despite the results in Ukraine, they still dream the dream of thermonuclear war, so they keep reaching their tentacles into the process to promote those who share their dream of extinguishing humanity. Even though they have publicly abandoned the Republican Party, they see an opening to get one of their sock puppets the nomination and they are seizing it.

The trouble for them and the regime is that the people are coming to understand that there are people with the impudence to distort the truth so infamously as to put forth a shriveled hag like Nikki Haley. She and her scaly backers are not the solution to the political and cultural crisis. They are symbols of it. Only in a morally bankrupt system can degenerates like this flourish. If a meteor struck the Reagan Library last night during the show, the world would be a better place.

Sadly, it will not come to that just yet. Instead, it was merely another reminder to Republican voters that their party hates them. All of the actors were handed lines to say mean things about Trump, who is now the face of the party’s voters. The only thing they did not do is take turns spitting on a picture of Trump. The star of this portion was a fat slob they trucked in to repeat Borsht Belt zingers about Trump. The usual suspects still think this stuff is hilarious, which is a topic all its own.

In the end politics is always about the desires of the ruling class. No matter what the people think, the people in charge want what they want. They will never be talked out of being the ruling class. On the other hand, if what they want makes it impossible for society to operate, then we get a new ruling class. At this point, all of the trust is gone so they have to keep Netflix running, sportball playing and the grillers grilling, so no one notices the cracks spreading all around us.

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145 thoughts on “The Bleep Show Goes On

  1. The last sentence in the post –“sportball” — that’s what I was watched last night. MLB — because I love baseball and I mute the sound and listen to music. The commentary is absolutely by idiots for idiots. The ignorant people that are on the air are beyond belief.

    That so called “debate” was obviously an insult to everyone’s intelligence. But the best thing is it was the reason for this blog post and all the comments, all of which is high entertainment in my book. Thank you all for a most enjoyable read.

  2. off topic, but I feel the dems have at least some vestiges of the old political older. Like Charles Schumer at least has some residual goodwill with the irish/italian “white ethnic” community in new york and has had a tough on crime reputation (like he writes a letter to the parole board whenever Officer Byrne’s shooters have a parole hearing). Likewise, in Illinois, you have someone like Dick Durbin who represented a conservative small city/small town district for 14 years in congress before becoming a senator.

    What happens if the democrats lose all connection to what the party once was?

    • It won’t matter because in twenty years time, maybe less, there won’t be an intact United States remaining for the Democrats and Republicans to fight over.

      • It’s not even very likely that there will be a 2028 election, or if there is it won’t be a total sham…What will be happening in 20 years is beyond the wildest imaginings of apocalyptic fiction….

        • pyrrhus: “What will be happening in 20 years is beyond the wildest imaginings of apocalyptic fiction…”


          As Canada’s navy arrives in Japan, Tokyo begins largest military buildup since Second World War


          The nips just ordered up $433B in new military toys.

          If nippish men rediscover their gonads, the island’s Total Fertility Rate might start to soar again.

          [Nippish women & their anti-fertility mindsets being apparently a meta-darwinistic sh!t-test which nippish men have yet to master.]

    • Do you ever write any posts that are “on topic”?

      I don’t mind your OT posts, by the way. I find them very genuine. It always seems like something you were up wondering about at 2:00 AM, and just had to run to the keyboard and type out. The frizzy-haired zaniness and randomness of them just makes it all the more heartwarming.

      I’m just wondering what else you have going on that you constantly want to change the subject. Is this all a part of some big project you’re working on?

      • I’m probably a better talker than I am listener.

        I have a job that is boring where I do a lot of daydreaming and often what I put in the comments is stuff i’ve been thinking about.

        Plus I feel this is the only place where I have an audience.

        • Okay, my friend. Thanks for replying. I’m in the same boat sometimes.

          I’ll be happy to listen anytime.

      • “I don’t mind your posts. It’s just they sound like they written by a half-drunk person at 3 a.m.”

        C’mon, lil’ buddy. Passive-aggressive talk is the mark of a woman.

    • Those fall in the “interesting but irrelevant” anecdotes category. I don’t see the current Dem party as discontinuous with the New Deal version. Regionally the cast of characters is completely flipped, but the underpinning ideal of making 51% of the population dependent on gov’t services is going strong.

      In general I hate suggestions along the lines of “Republicans should imitate Democrats success.” There is overmuch valorization of blue collars by the alt online right. Just stay away from it, and let the Democrats squirm with the contradiction (proles sharing their party with snooty blue-blood Anglos who defund the police and ban gas stoves).

      The Republicans could optionally go back to being mildly pro-government, however, instead of Dixie Libertarian posturing about drowning it in the bathtub, etc. That isn’t “stealing an issue” from the Dems — Reps will never outbid Dems for gov’t worker loyalty — but it does acknowledge reality ever so slightly. However it entails dealing with their military-industrial hypocrisy, the one big-government policy they will consistently commit Reaganite jihad for, so, not holding my breath.

      • the new deal era democratic party wasn’t bioleninist, was it? I mean Roosevelt (and Truman and Kennedy’s) base of support was white ethnic immigrants, various labor union type households and certain southern/border state denizens with ancestral attachments.

  3. I watched it on a stream and I just do not know who people think this is for. Nobody under the age of 60 cares about Ronald Reagan. This guy is actually the source of a lot of our problems we have today, notably amnesty. I would say that the base is more apt to dislike Reagan than like him in 2023, yet they present him as some sort of standard-bearer. It’s infuriating. What’s even more infuriating is that all these candidates claim that “they did it” in “their own states”, as in successfully implement their policies. How can anyone realistically say this as you look at the smoking rubble of this country? Nobody did anything, especially the GOP which was a major mover in all this. Even worse is Mike Pence pretending he was a leader alongside his “running mate.”

    If you had any question of the GOP relevance to the modern political body, last night should answer all those questions. They never have and will never accept Trump and his movement, they just want to go back to the Obama-era clown and pony show and cannot accept that it isn’t happening. People need to stop voting for this loser party, it’s either Trump/MAGA/America First or nothing, let them sink.

    At least we didn’t have to see Adl Hutchinson up there with his Israel lapel pin.

    • The Republicans revere Reagan just as the Democrats venerate FDR. The Democrats would celebrate Lyndon Johnson, but the Vietnam debacle puts the kibosh on that.

      • If you waste enough of your life to pay attention to the utterances of the lefterati, you’ll see they still put some saintly veneration on LBJ for the CRA and “great society,” while recognizing that he was imperfect. Similar to Biden in that they are willing to overlook a LOT for someone who takes the side of blacks against whites. Which of course is a curious thing for white people to do. The mystery of which we still ponder.

      • You mean the fossilized Republicans in power or appearing as talking heads on Fox…To many younger people, Reagan is about as familiar as Herbert Hoover…

      • I don’t think LBJ is culturally congenial to the median modern liberal. You can listen to the tape of him ordering pants from the tailor/constituent/crony* back home, it just is not their sort.

        (*There is some routine mid-20th Cent politicking in all the man’s documented interaction; am not alleging a Biden type of situation, with drug binges and sex chattel.)

  4. In the 1919 Black Sox World Series, in the eighth inning of game three, with runners on second and third, the script called for a fly ball to be hit to left field where Shoeless Joe was to drop it.

    “What if the ball doesn’t get hit to me?” went Shoeless Joe.

    “Joe,” one of the mobsters replied, “You’re still thinking baseball.”

    Seems to me DeSantis should pitch to the faithful that the ruling elite will simply not permit Trump to be President. “But they might permit me and I’m your best statistical bet.”

    DeSantis, in this analogy, would be Shoeless Joe, still thinking “baseball.”

    • Great contribution with that “debate” video.

      Around that time, 10 years ago or so, there were a few rappers who won formal debates.

      It was at that time that I knew for sure that the old white establishment was going to surrender all its standards and flee. The establishment could have upheld their standards at times like this, but instead kissed the feet of savages.

      At that point, as in the Menken quote, I accepted that there was no solution but “to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” Figuratively, of course.

      • I’m a real big fan of Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho — he talks slow enough that I can understand him. He’s got my vote.

        • Well, he understands everyone’s sh-t is emotional right now, so there’s that.

          You just need to sit your monkey @ss down and listen.

  5. At day’s end, none of the clowns that were on the circus stage will be president. Neither will Donald Trump, whose company is being taken from him by a New York “judge” thanks to a case filed by a you-go-girl state AG of predictable ethnicity and Quasimodo-style ugliness.

    The debate was nothing but Kabuki theater. The problem is the production values were more of a local playhouse butchering a Broadway offering than Broadway itself and I think this presents an issue for the regime. Also, they’ll have to explain how a senile, corrupt man will win a second term despite staying in his basement and not debating as the country disintegrates into chaos.

    The Washington Generals have to at least make somewhat of a game of it for the illusion to be accepted by the audience. They’re not even trying any more and that either means the charade is about to end or they’re just that incompetent.

    • They’re going to take the mask off soon. If the regime is humiliated by Russia in Ukraine and NATO begins to unravel, they will turn on dissidents here with a vengeance. All they need is an excuse. “Le patrie en danger!” will be their battle cry.

      • They have already staged the army of invading POCs- sent to small towns across the nation- a huge camp inside our border- lots of bullets and guns waiting to be placed in their hands for the the war on ‘White domestic terrorists”. Suburban White flight neighborhoods are not going to fare well.

        • The Colony Ridge-type potential garrisons seem more geared towards possible attacks on more rural whites than suburbanites. I’m not certain of their purpose yet but this has my attention as well. As Epi wrote, like all totalitarians before them, the Regime will lash out at its enemies real and perceived once it realizes the empire is done. I imagine the powder will be kept dry until a decision is made on China.

        • “Suburban White flight neighborhoods are not going to fare well.”

          They are going to fare very well. The rotten descendants of cowards and gluttons are being driven out already, slowly but surely. We ought to be grateful for the lesson and for the amusement provided by the process.

      • From my perspective they took off the mask with the Russia Hoax. From others’ perspective it was earlier, and many still are fooled by the mask.

        You can fool some of the people all of the time. They won’t take the mask off without the justification of some mortal threat to “democracy,” which should be enough to satisfy them.

        • “From my perspective they took off the mask with the Russia Hoax”

          Failure to prosecute let alone execute any of the key Russia Hoax coup figures was the ultimate mask lifting. I’m sure the IC/FBI has done everything up to assassination, but they got caught red-handed with that clown op.

  6. A debate emulating the farcical Idiocracy tv show “Ow, my balls” isn’t a sound basis for selecting national leaders.

    Probably better than the Bleep Show we currently use.

  7. Honestly, quite terrifying to realize that this is all we’ve got. Or all that they’re willing to offer us. Compare this field to candidates in the 1950s, or even as late as the 1980s, and the way they conducted themselves behaviorally and intellectually in public.

    Starting to wonder if we’ll even have an election. Trump has no army; once they convict him, how will he stay out of chains? Will these fools be that bold, at this point, to close the books for any thinking person on this system? Do they have all the exits sealed off?

  8. ” If the ruling class treated elections seriously and they cared about public’s opinion.”

    Why should they care about public opinion? I DON’T CARE ABOUT PUBLIC OPINION. The public are fucking idiots who believe what they’re told to believe.

    Do people here, or on the dissident right, actually want a “democracy”?

    • No government in history has been as just, sane, and righteous as government by the average American’s opinion would be. That’s no reason to want that, but we don’t have to defame normal idiots, every one of whom is superior to every one of our rulers, and probably to every ruler who ever lived.

      • I think you were an A+ in Civics class.

        History contradicts every one of your words with one million examples. And the claim that normal American idiots being superior to all rulers of history…I won’t say what I think of that. Its too contemptible to answer.

        This is why Americans are losing. They are blinded by pride. We are number one! Our idiots are better than Charlemagne, Marcus Aurelius, the Catholic Kings in Spain, Louis IX in France, etc. They are American, man. Look at me, I am an American, too! A superior breed! And the American system is the better system! This is why our life is constantly improving.

  9. Dan Bongino is my barometer of normie’s emotional state as we accelerate into the toilet bowl vortex. He is now uttering every conceivable expletive routinely in his podcasts and the stridency and desperation in his voice is palpable. Methinks people are coming to grips with the reality of our pending demise as a society. Nevertheless, Dan is Hell-bent on leading the lemmings off the cliff of voting harder next year.

    Sadly, our best option now is to select the worse possible GOP candidate and then stay home in droves on election day. Let the Ds have the entire federal government to themselves leading into the 2025 economic collapse or WW3, which ever comes first. Crime is already epidemic, but will go full retard when the EBT cards will only buy one bottle of cheap gin and a pack of cigs. Ain’t America Great!

    We need a collapse, chaos, return of real hardship, and fog; lots of fog. Then, and only then, can remedy become our salvation.

    • You only want this if you live in a place where you and people of your kind and mind are controlling the political levers. You also will need access to fuel, energy, and wealth so that you can keep what you have running to some baseline standard of living.

      Otherwise, you don’t want the kind of collapse you are talking about – not with the wilds of Venezuela and Africa invading a country whose military is ravaged by black supremacists who will pounce on the opportunity and who are in a far better position than you to emerge in control.

      Better a semi-managed decline where rather than rooting for collapse, you spend the time gathering acorns and building an army of squirrels who can survive a long winter.

      • I beg to differ. This has all been modeled extensively. Optimum solution is to relocate into a safe haven and ride out the initial phase of collapse (which is coming no matter what Dan Bongino does). Then wait for the fog of chaos to dominate the battlespace. The cabal engineering this intentional & controlled demolition of the West is few in number and fragile. Stasi covert agents will infiltrate all militias so its best to become the invisible man. Learn to fly a FPV drone in your spare time.

    • The EBT cards will be about the last thing to stop working. They will still be buying food after you and I can’t afford it anymore.

      • You are absolutely correct. And then, when Whitey starts getting restless, they will turn off the ebt and send the zombie hordes towards suburbia. Before you know it, Whitey will be begging for the gub to save them.

      • Filled EBT cards are worthless unless there is food to buy. These brainiacs are engineering food shortages. Even–maybe especially–with Al Sharpton, Jr. as chair of the JCOS–that’s a prescription for pure chaos. Riding it out as far away as possible from the flash points is the rational response as of today. As I replied in a comment below, what may change that is the mushrooming number of illegal alien garrisons that are heavily armed. They may be cartel outposts but even could be more insidious in intent.

        • That is why I believe there will be government handouts (foodstuffs, etc) that will be tied to compliance, such as your weekly covid booster and pronouns on your nametag.

      • Our government is paying for all of Ukraine’s bills, including subsidizing their small businesses, while telling us that they have to cut our social security.

        Our government is paying to house illegals in hotels while we have a homelessness epidemic.

        They have all but said out loud, “We hate you.”

    • We’re going to get it whether we need it or not…Voting or not voting for Trump won’t change that…

      • A 2025-2028 Trump presidency would buy us another four years to prep.

        Y’all have been prepping, right?

        And a Trump presidency would go a long way towards ending this fatalistic talk of an impending WWIII.

        Personally, I’d vote for a little bit of normalcy and a whole lot less WWIII.

        [Now whether the DEMs will be allowed to continue stuffing the ballot boxes with fictitious absentee ballots, is another question entirely.]

  10. When you go to the Reagan Library, you’ll notice signs every 10 feet around the facility telling you to beware of rattlesnakes. It sits on a hill surrounded by chaparral, which is ideal for the snakes. They should have brought one of the signs inside the facility and put it on stage.

    I’ve been to the Reagan Library twice, as I have family that would do anything, pay any price to return to 1986. I don’t blame them of course. The first time I went I found it tastefully done, clearly no expense was spared. The second time, several years later, they brought in these cheap, Universal Studios type exhibits, making the place an over-the-top Reagan worship experience. Almost like someone cranking up the music to drown out voices they don’t want to hear. The facility will likely eventually be sold to Madame Tussaud when the country goes bankrupt and nearly everything inside is seen for the lie that it is.

    The 70’s were no picnic for our country, but certain things happened in the 80’s that, in hindsight, were incredibly acidic. The old man in dog-sht brown suit has no business being deified.

    • My old man looks back on the Reagan years as the years he was proud to be an American. It was more the state of mind Reagan created than any real accomplishment. One can make a strong connection with Trump and Reagan in that regard.

      The difference is Ronald was a mild outsider in the swamp, but the neocons had his back. He mostly played ball domestically and enjoyed the spotlight.

      Trump had nobody and sincerely wanted to make drastic changes but failed.

      • Once while skimming the CIA archives, I came across a scanned ca. 1981 article printed in one of the MSM papers. It was interviews with longtime agency operatives who quit their jobs because the Reagan administration was flooding the various CIA bureau offices around the world with Israeli agents. The first of many ZOG Christmases.

    • “The 70’s were no picnic for our country, but certain things happened in the 80’s that, in hindsight, were incredibly acidic. The old man in dog-sht brown suit has no business being deified.”

      I’m old enough to have suffered truly old people droning on incessantly about the wonders of FDR–this happened while Reagan was president. It was weirdly quaint, and that was without any judgment of FDR’s virtues and faults. Those singing the praises might as well have been writing love letters to Gaius Marius. I have lived long enough to see the very same scenario play out with Reagan.

      Yes, it largely is nostalgia but there is something just off about animated fan boi discussion of something not so far removed as to really qualify as history but distant enough to be irrelevant to anything today. Civil War re-enactors give off this vibe although that at least relates to actual history.

      • It’s curious that I have yet to hear anyone pining for The Precious. Perhaps I don’t move in the right circles. Or maybe they are aware he’s still in charge.

        • I don’t think The Precious ever was in charge. He is a lawn jockey. There likely hasn’t been true civilian control of the government since Pearl Harbor. That worked until it didn’t.

        • I remember joking before he was elected that during our lifetimes navigating city streets would become impossible because they’d all be named after him. Minor hyperbole.

          People who are vulnerable to television, especially those too young to have judged him for themselves, worship him crazily. Among the educated, Biden is only allowed to be criticized by quoting Obama insulting him. He’s the living god.

    • It is the most Disneyland-ish presidential library out of the near-dozen I’ve seen, though I haven’t gone to Clinton’s which is larger technically. To be expected, yes, for adjoining ZIRP lux-suburbia (Nixon’s also benefited from this) but it lacks the high-school civics ambience these places should supply. In up-to-date terminology it was like a vehicle of mega-grillers to show off to other grillers.

  11. Z may have written better pieces than this, but none more hilarious. I’m not the sort of bloke who laughs easily, but I chuckled audibly at least three times reading this one.

    As for appropriate countermeasure to performers talking over one another, I favor the SPECTRE approach from the film Thunderball. Blofeld discovered one of his agents had embezzled SPECTRE monies. So, at a meeting of all the SPECTRE agents, Blofeld pressed a button and the chair upon which the guilty party sat became electrified, the guilty party sizzled, smoked and gesticulated for a few moments, and his remains were duly lowered into a pit beneath the room in which the meeting was taking place.

    Who among us wouldn’t be filled with gladness upon seeing Nikki Haley’s eyes roll up unto her head and her blackened tongue lolling from her slack jaws.

    (Geez, that’s pretty grisly and vindictive. Didn’t know I had it in me. I suppose the Saxon is learning to hate.)

  12. The debate was a joke of course. Watched it a bit a came away with the thought that Ron DeSantis reminds one of Richard Nixon, 5 o’clock shadow and all. Both are/were shrewd politicians but sweaty and uncomfortable looking on TV. Females and Homos ain’t voting for that.

    The old White guy, Stuart Varney, was the most “conservative” of the three moderators, which isn’t saying much. He would have done himself and the entire country an enormous favor if he had stood up in the middle of it all and on live TV said “eff this shit” and exited stage left.

      • I’ve brought this up before, but the regime in Soylent Green coming up with desperate solutions for the care of their nearly all-White countrymen living in a dystopian hellscape seemed…quaint.

        • Wellll, that’s Their inspiration for the Final Solution to white people.

          Break ’em down to living in car lots

          Tell ’em a story- “the oceans are dying from climate!”

          And turn all the white people into food!

          (Crematoria are sooo 20th Century)

  13. The Donald Duck jokes started with Hillary Clinton in 2016. It was said her staff advised her to drop that goofy nickname but she persisted.

    I like the idea of the trapdoor under each candidate. Christie would probably be the first to go and just like in the Austin Powers movie, you could hear him screaming ‘Help me, I’m really hurt!’ as the other candidates continued to debate. You would then hear one of the moderators say, ‘could someone please check on him.’

  14. Amazing description of the debate and great suggestions for how to improve it. Increasingly the stories and happenings in reality will widen the gulf between The Regime Show and Life. Of note from yesterday:

    – Baltimore Company CEO (white girl), murdered by black murderer and rapist who was early paroled. The company is a woke cesspit and for the first time Baltimore officials are outraged that these repeat crimes keep happening. Have a look at EcoMap if you can stomach it. This young girl, (is she an activist or a serious CEO I can’t tell), was dedicated to dismantling the white power structures of this world. Law and Order and harsh punishment and sentencing, (along with sundown laws and strong enforcement of cultural norms), were a part of such structures – an essential part. They are being dismantled and she reaped the tempest. The dots will not be connected by the deluded revolutionaries.

    – Bloomberg published the racial headcount statistics for 2021 S&P 100 company hiring. Only 6% of the hires were white men and the other 94% were non-white.

    – Government is going to spend $1 billion putting the new colonizers/people-replacers into hotels and giving them shelter. They’ll buy political support by buying off the hoteliers and home builders who will take the money and increase the odds of doom for their posterity. Still, far more people who are suffering under the crushing inflation will find it harder not to notice that Ukrainian retailers and invading migrants are first in line for handouts, including shelter and food, using their money while their standard of living sinks. Lid on the boiling pot.

    I am sure there is more, but that is a good cross section of the insanity. Will the brilliant young 30-under-30s like that white “tech” CEO be capable of dealing with these problems? It is hard to see that when their very ideas and actions will only exacerbate them. Beware of the youth that is coming up. If you think the millenials wrecked the company culture when the Boomers didn’t have the parental fortitude to tell them no, you will conform to our established culture, wait until you see more of the Inslusion, Safety and Justice generation come of age.

    If the money printer can fund them oh boy will it be bleak. If it can’t windows of opportunity will open. I hope we have a cadre of extremely capable youth who can capitalize.

    • It *will* come apart. We’re on an escalator. For a lot of us, when we were born, we could look up from the first step and see folks who’d been through both the Great Depression and World War II. In fact, most of the escalator was taken up by them, and some who’d been born in the 1890s, up at the top.

      Now — speaking only for myself — I’m well past halfway on the escalator, and the folks on the steps ahead of me are Boomers and 1970s high school graduates, and below me…well, nothing but dysfunction, illiteracy, racial hatred, mental illness, and instability. Down the bottom of the escalator — which I can barely see now — there are mestizos and indios and blacks screaming at the whites ahead of them, and the line to the escalator is all brown and black, too.

      This image haunts me. I won’t be off the escalator before the mob climbing onto it pulls the whole thing down, and me with it.

    • Just from a glance, it seems likely that her company was part of the fake economy. Doubt it has ever turned a profit.

      • Yes. It has the looks of a campus activist group that got a genius idea of creating an equitable company and then came up with some other idea to justify creating the company. Look at the physiognomy of the whites in that company. Sad.

        In any case, the Baltimore city leadership is only up in arms because of who the crime victim associates with. The outrage will pass, everyone will shrug, they will write and apply for more grants and get them and a new Chief Ecosystem Officer, a black female to be certain, will be appointed. Moving along. Nothing to see here. Black tech entrepreneurs are merely dismantling systems of oppression.

  15. As I said on Sev’s site: The Republican Debates. My first thought was “Oh wow! THAT’S still going on?”

    Neocon Nikki got the star treatment most of the night and the regime produced a bunch of fake polls for her. They have been planting stories in regime media claiming that she is the “insurgent” candidate. Imagine calling the consummate insider an insurgent.

    The best comment I’ve seen about Nikki last night is from some guy named Josh Whitehouse:

    “Nikki Haley sounds like some lady who showed up at a bar to yell at her husband for being out drinking.”

    The only thing they did not do is take turns spitting on a picture of Trump. The star of this portion was a fat slob they trucked in to repeat Borsht Belt zingers about Trump.

    Saw a clip of Chris Christie this morning trying to call out BOM. Imagine a guy who thinks he’s tough trying to BE tough. That’s about how it went.

    All I could think of is “If you WANTED to get people to vote for Trump, this island of misfit toys show was a perfect ad.” It’s like they contractually had to put a show or concert together, had no stars, and picked people they thought would make the audience happy.

    Why anyone thinks people will sit through this is a mystery. They could easily solve this problem with the use of shock collars. If a performer talks over another performer, he gets enough voltage to disable him for a few minutes. Maybe employ trap doors under their feet as a sort of timeout. If the performer keeps breaking the rules, the door opens, and he falls into a garbage pit. He then has to climb the stairs back to the stage, covered in garbage, and retake his spot.

    Of course, the fact that this would be an improvement over what they are doing is an indictment of the system.

    One word Z: Thunderdome. Seven candidates enter, one candidate leaves.

    • Gladiator Games!
      Trial by mortal combat!
      “He or she or xhi who would be King…”

      I am planning the pitch now.
      This is gonna be the new UFC!

    • I would pay money to see GOP Thunderdome, where Vivek “The King Cobra” Ramasheetstain will take on Chris “The Human Lard Bucket” Christie in a battle to the death.

  16. I don’t know what happened to your brief involvement with Takiimag, but your column on that site led me to the here. I’ll always be grateful to Taki for that.

  17. For those of you who sat through the entire Blow Whitey and the Seven Dwarfs, well done.

    You’re a better man than I, Gunga Din.

    I what little I saw was even worse than what our host describes.

  18. Thanks Zman – you’re doing the lord’s work watching and relaying these winnowing of the clowns and stooges back to us…I was unaware there was even a second ‘second place’ debate.

    • If you’re in Washington and not a total fool, this should be very scary. In 2016 they blamed Trump for destroying discourse, and now a debate without Trump is somehow even more or a joke. Washington D.C. is losing their optics as a serious institution. That means any propaganda D.C. send out will not create outrage or joy, but boredom. In ten years, the rage mill will become a whimper and apathy will fully take hold.

      Add this to the fact the FBI is mostly interested in honeypot raids instead of actual investigations and out regulatory agencies are just interested in punishing political enemies. There’s a Soviet style cynicism taking hold where people will not openly challenge the system, but just cynically ignore and manipulate procedures to look good on a federal database that is never checked up upon in person, because that would require work.

      • “That means any propaganda D.C. send out will not create outrage or joy, but boredom.”

        This will be familiar to anyone who lived in Russia or Eastern Europe in Soviet times.

        • The parallels to late stage Soviet Union are almost too much any more…

          Solzhenitsyn could have written half his quotes today and they would be just as apt. Hell even the aging of the politburo that happened there at the end.

  19. ” On the other hand, if what they want makes it impossible for society to operate, then we get a new ruling class. At this point, all of the trust is gone so they have to keep Netflix running, sportball playing and the grillers grilling, so no one notices the cracks spreading all around us.”

    Spot on. This is where the United States is. As long as people are warm and fed, things will sputter along with states and localities increasingly independent of an increasingly irrelevant central government. All the Regime has to do is to keep the country at peace, the electricity functioning, and maintain a reasonable food supply, much like what was required of its communist predecessors. The first prong obviously has collapsed and there is furious work underway to destroy the energy and food supplies. Maybe a survivable dysfunction can be pulled off, but things very well may collapse so suddenly even we will be shocked. The odds are things will chug along for a few more years but that may be generous.

    The serious question is how stupid or sociopathic/psychopathic must someone be to jockey for the position of holding the bag when the wheels come off? Whoever the designated puppet is this time very easily could be that person.

    Not only can you never again re-attach to this clown show, but even the humor quotient has become non-existent. The blackest pill of all is the pathos is richly deserved.

    • I’m sure someone has written it already, but a plausible science fiction story could have a very simple invasion premise. An alien civilization doesn’t need death rays and nanobots to conquer Earth. An invader merely requires technology that can cut off mass media at will. Deprive earthlings (in the West, anyway) of their streaming, their social media, their TV and movies and radio. The unconditional surrender of the West would happen in less than a week. Better yet, arrange for some small regions to keep their Netflix while most lose it all. That way, you get the deprived humans to go and slaughter the ones still binge-watching Star Trek derivatives.

  20. As for keeping the Gong Show running, I still have my money down on “Australia-style mandatory voting by 2028.” My bonus ball prediction: At some point, they’re going to realize that nobody’s voting for any of these midgets, so they’re going to have to Fortify the Republican for Democracy. Won’t that be hilarious? Quick, Brandon’s winning by 99%, on 10% voter turnout. Call Kinkos! We’ve got to get Nikki Haley’s vote total over three digits!

    • Assuming they keep up the charade of elections, I think we get automatic voter registration in every state over the next few years, followed by internet voting. That way they can operate elections from offices in Washington and never have to go out among the great unwashed and get their desired result every time.

      • I honestly don’t think they care at all about the voting kabuki at this point. The leading candidate for the office has been arrested and charged four times, for God’s sake. That indicates to me that the Regime has decided to rule by force and doesn’t care how the world perceives the United States, which is rapidly contracting. A truncated empire is still an empire. The problem is the main players are too crazy and/or stupid even to maintain the rump. Sure, they’ll mouth slogans about “the Constitution” and “Our Democracy,” like the late-stage Soviets did about such things as “the worker’s paradise,” but the point isn’t to persuade anyone that what they are seeing isn’t real. It is a virtue signal to the other puppets within the Regime, kind of like a “Seig Heil!” by retarded people.

        The only vote that matters is the one the Clouds take on which day to jet off to New Zealand.

      • I’d like to know how this automatic voter registration is supposed to work. Is asking your political affiliation on your driver’s license application going to happen? In my state, you have to be registered to the party to vote in the primary.

        Speaking of driver’s licenses, many states including my own, PA, is selling your data to third parties. They force you to get an ID, either a driving or non-driving license and then sell or rent your data to the highest bidder. These people belong in a gulag.

        • Colorado adopted automatic voter registration in 2012, immediately after which it went from a purple state to a hard blue state. I’ve written extensively about it here in the past, so I’ll try to be brief.

          An applicant for a Colorado driver’s license (or identification card if not eligible for a license) is automatically registered to vote at the DMV unless the applicant affirmatively opts out, which nobody ever does. The applicant is presented with an electronic screen with a bunch of small print, including a self-affirmation that the applicant is eligible to vote. There are no checks or balances in place to determine whether, in fact, the applicant is a citizen or otherwise eligible to vote.

          The applicant enters his/her signature on a screen pad and it is stored electronically. The applicant’s name is automatically placed on the voter rolls at the address given to the DMV. From that day forward a ballot will automatically be printed for the applicant and mailed to the address for every election.

          Once the ballots are printed and mailed it is a trivial matter for the Democrat’s ballot harvesting machine to gather up ballots, complete them, and return them by mail or in a drop box. Signature matching software approves everything shoved through the system. One of the reasons the Democrats are politicizing the Post Office is to get access to ballots that are returned to sender so they can be harvested.

          The Republican party is now wholly irrelevant in Colorado. The Democrats are planning to expand automatic voter registration to other state services offices, so every person who applies for any state aid (e.g., food stamps, health services, housing, etc.) or who enrolls kids in school will automatically be added to the voter rolls so their ballots can be printed, mailed, and harvested. If Republicans ever want to be relevant again they must develop a ballot harvesting strategy to compete with the Democrats.

          • “ If Republicans ever want to be relevant again they must develop a ballot harvesting strategy to compete with the Democrats.”

            Exactly! Aside from the obvious (more Rep votes), there will be no change as long as the Dem’s perceive an advantage from ballot stuffing/harvesting. Once the game becomes equally advantageous or disadvantageous, then there *may* be legislative change. (One can dream, right?)

            Here is AZ, we’ve gone pretty much as CO has gone. But it’s too late. Every legislative change to plug the mail-in ballot deficiencies has been vetoed by the illegally elected Governor.

            The Courts are also worthless as they refuse to make decisions that may affect any office outcome. For example, the mail-in ballot envelopes are not being released so that an independent party may compare signatures on the envelop to the registration form signature on record. The reason for this “non-disclosure” is said to be privacy! However, separately all votes counted/received are attributed to the registered voter in another publicly available database. In short, the very privacy they tout is already breached under election law—that you voted *is* public record available to all. Been that way forever.

    • This is more true than I think most people are ready to believe. This whole chapter of narrative is about ginning up enough support for someone on the R side that there’s at least a shred of credibility that someone may have voted for them. And, if it’s the scriptwriters’ fancy that one of them wins, what’s in any of their track records that says they’ll do anything differently?

      Hell, even having the debate at ‘Captain America Freedom Conservative Library’ is a farce…Reagan? You mean the guy who enacted more gun control and gave amnesty to illegals? Gee…

    • Seems too much trouble for what it’s worth. Why not just keep lying about voter turnout, etc. like they do now? It’s not like anyone cares, can “prove” it, or can do anything about it when they lie.

      They can’t even lose credibility since that’s long gone.

  21. The beautiful losers have managed to ape their betters to some degree. For candidates they installed various foreign imports from the Raj and the dark continent… even a putative woman, who is also a subcontinental. Why don’t they update themselves and prop up a tranny or at least a homosexual? What could be more entertaining than a sodomite with a wig and a marriage license to another sodomite running for the Republican nomination? Pray it happens before the party goes the way of the Whigs.

    • I’ve come to believe that the presence of mentally defective John Fetterman in the Senate is laying the groundwork for running an actual mongoloid. And it will likely come from the Republicans. “Vote for Corky Thatcher: Dems ‘R the Real Tardphobes!”

      • “Don’t worry scro’! There are plenty of ‘tards out there living really kick ass lives. My first wife was ‘tarded.
        She’s a pilot now.”

      • Look for a Down Syndrome candidate in the not too distant future-even the mentally defective need representation too.

        (Yeah, I know there are varying forms/degrees of Down Syndrome.)

        • 1. Would anyone notice?

          2. Down Syndrome people are actually quite honest and forthright. They would be an improvement for us, but could prove troublesome for the owners.

          • Yeah, Down syndrome people are said to be quite friendly and lovable. However, if your IQ drops below 100, can you even function wrt understanding the task of governing wrt making law? Imagine a budget presentation discussing deficits and interest rate projections. Hell, most of the so called “normal” Congress critters are overwhelmed.

  22. “The Z Man: navigating his way through oceans of bullshit so the rest of us don’t have to.”

  23. I ended up falling asleep, but not before hearing some predictable references to Ronald Reagan, and of course the tired cliche we always hear, “we’re the greatest nation on God’s green earth.” I think the black guy said that, but it could’ve been any of them.

    • I read Scott was bragging about having a female Hispanic Chief of Staff. It is like his picture on social media last week from a McDonald’s in Iowa. Who do they think finds this stuff persuasive? They poll soundbites to see how voters react to them, can they just not help it and so devoted to the new religion they put this stuff in anyway?

      • The sad thing is Trump did that a few month ago. And for a billionaire he did it with an unmistakeable authenticity. When he told the counter workers “I know this menu better than any of you,” it was undoubtedly true. Scott should have gone to Popeyes.

    • They really are all the same. It’s nice to be disconnected from the clown show. I didn’t know about it until this morning and saw a short clip of Christie shaking a sausage finger at the camera to call out Trump for being too cowardly to appear or something along those lines. They zoomed in unnecessarily. It’s kind of funny that Christie is the one assigned to attack Trump.

      • “ It’s kind of funny that Christie is the one assigned to attack Trump.”

        If funny is assumed to mean “odd”, rather than humorous, then not really. Christie was one of Trump’s early advisors upon taking office. His job was to recommend high level appointments for Trump to make. Christie was really in the employ of the elite and was recommending more of the same swamp monsters Trump bemoaned in his campaign. An internal fight erupted in the transition team and Christie got the boot, and no political appointment in the new administration.

        He’ll hate no fury it seems as a fat man scorned! 😉

  24. About to listen to Tucker’s interview with Bill O’Reilly. He has been producing good counter programming for these debates. I only saw a couple of clips of the debate and even that was too much, I don’t know how anyone could sit through all that.

    • O’Reilly is a bloviating asshole. Interesting that he wrote a book about New England witch hunters, because he would have fit right in with that 17th century crowd.

      • One of my ways of judging people is to imagine them as a neighbor. I bet O’Reilly is a terrible neighbor.

        • I met him in an airport once and tried to engage with him in a friendly manner. He was abrupt, bordering on rude. No smiles. I would definitely NOT want him as a neighbor.

      • His books are awful, but I consider O’Reilly entertaining. He is the ultimate Boomer so it gets tiring after awhile though.

        • Any joy you get in a “Killing” book is from the research of Martin Dugard. Where he gets some of the historical details they provide is truly entertaining.

  25. I remember when Will Smith delivered his “slap heard ’round the world,” my first thought was “The Oscars happened?” My second thought was, “It’s a good thing that I’ve tuned this crap out to the point where I have to even be reminded it exists.” This post of yours is as much engagement as I plan to have with what happened last night.

    If Trump is sidelined—killed, imprisoned, exiled on an ice floe—and one of these dancing monkeys does get the nomination, I will be watching to see how many “Sansabelts” buy into the charade. Just as Hunter Wallace considers his “Bocephus vote”—non-college educated Southern whites—I have my eye on the normal white guys who wear the elastic khakis. They’re always the most loyal to the system, the last ones to stop playing the shell game on the midway. If they stay home, it’s game over. My cousin is one of these Sansabelt whites, and the last time I saw him he said, “I really like Ramaswamy,” but, as with Trump, the elites seem to be excluding rather than coopting the only guy who could actually upset their agenda (around the edges.)

    My personal feeling about Ramaswamy is that whoever does his hair should consider “softening” the look of that giant forehead. The photos from last night make him look like the bastard offspring of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon and Exeter in the old sci-fi movie “This Island Earth.” As for Christie, he’s one of those guys who conflates being fat with being tough. He’s like a Thomas Nast caricature of an old Tammany Hall boss from the 19th century. As with Lindsay Graham, he’s so crooked it’s funny, which is maybe why the powers-that-be like having him around. Like Prospero in “The Masque of the Red Death,” who tells his subjects to crawl on their bellies like worms or bray like jackasses. Maybe Christie will take a cue from Ned Beatty in “Deliverance” and “squeal” his way to the nomination.

    • I have mentioned this before, but once you break free from this stuff, you cannot reattach to it. I stopped watching televised sports for a while and when I tried to watch a game, it was unbearable. The same has happened for conventional politics. This was so lame and stupid my myötähäpeä meter was pegged at eleven.

      • After a night of some very strong LSD freshman year of college I sat down in the tv room one Sunday morning to watch my childhood team, and it just dawned me how stupid it was to watch these guys I don’t know chasing a ball around. No sportsball for me since then.

      • This is what happened with me. I got rid of cable back in the early 2000s for financial reasons after a layoff, but just never got it back. Even when I try to watch stuff on Prime or Netflix, I can’t do it. It is just so bad.

      • You can just say “cringe” like all the young kids and save yourself entering all those umlaut character escape sequences.

    • Re: Ramaswamy, he also looks like a subcon Kanamit from the old Twilight Episode “To Serve Man”.


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