What Is Possible

It is fair to say that political philosophy, as we currently think it, is the search for the ideal or best form of government. Even now, at the end of history, when all of the best people are sure we have figure out that “our democracy” is the ideal form of government, there are heretics thinking about what could be better. It is hard to image what could be better than “our democracy” but they are imagining it.

Of course, even the best people must concede that there must be something better as otherwise there could be no progress. The only way we stop progress is by reaching the end of time which is the perfection human society. Once we reach that point, no one will imagine there can be anything better, so there is no longer a need for political science, political philosophy or even politics.

While we are progressing toward something, it very clearly is not the perfection of mankind and human society. Instead we are ruled by lunatics and simpletons hellbent on smashing what is left of Western society. The more likely answer to what comes next is chaos and then some effort to impose order. Therefore the question of political science will be what sort of order is possible.

What form of government is possible with the demographics we have and will have in the not too distant future? Will it be possible to have a general answer to that question for all regions of North America. Lilly white Vermont will have very different answers than highly diverse Georgia. Mexifornia cannot have the same answers as New England or states in the black belt.

One answer is that there is no system that can provide order, at least with the ingredients that we have in terms of people, history, geography and so on, so those will have to change. This is the recipe for civil war. The result of that process will then frame what is possible with what remains. The political questions then become, what is possible and what must happen to have tolerable options.

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This Week’s Show


  • The Debate Over Rights Versus Tradition
  • What Is Possible
  • Monarchy – Tyranny
  • Aristocracy – Oligarchy
  • Democracy – Polity
  • Managerial Polyarchy
  • The Reality Of America

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153 thoughts on “What Is Possible


    COVID Vaccines Damage ALL Hearts, Study Finds

    The Free Republic link contains further links to Igor Chudov, which in turn has links to both the study & a commentary at the journal of the Radiological Society of North America [the “RSNA”].

    This is worst case scenario.


  2. Great podcast but a few quibbles. I don’t think that corporations are more powerful than the government. Look at Fauci, Fienstein, and the Feeb special agent that ran Twitter. For Fauci, his 40+ year running the NIH, open defiance of Obama, and vast wealth are clues to where the power lies. Feinstein died with her depends on; clinging to power to the last much like Biden will likely die with his depends on. More broadly, bureaucrats and permanent politicians tend to last far, far longer than CEOs even when accounting for outliers like Disney’s Iger. And the sheer growth of government far outstrips that of the Fortune 500 which if anything is constantly contracting to a few CEOs and outsourced people.

    Power equation: if Obama tells Tim Cook that Apple will no longer make Iphones in China then Tim Cook bows and obeys. Not the other way around.

    The Twitter files show that the real power there ran with the feeb and cia agents who determined who got banned, throttled, and what got amplified. More succinctly, Wells Fargo can cancel your bank account but they will do so when told by the government; the government has, can, and will in the future put people in internment camps.

    I think you are right that we are in a dictatorship, its just hidden. Biden is Obama’s Medvedev. We have ever increasing Alphabet plus craziness because our dictator is gay. We have ever increasing racial violence because our dictator is black. We have an open border designed to destroy the US because our dictator is black and essentially a foreign muslim prince. I think the future is an open dictatorship, with formalized racial caste systems, Whites at the absolute bottom (Bloomberg estimates only 6% of hires since the Summer of George Floyd by Fortune 500 were Whites) and blacks at the absolute top; Whites beneath and blacks above the law. With the filip of contract law for example being determined by who/whom. Such a system is already mostly in evidence and is predictably collapsing. For example, most Army soldiers on bases have to pay for their own food, there is no mess or transportation for them, malnutrition is rampant, barracks are filthy, etc.

    Things are crazy because our Dictator is Jim Jones crossed with Pol Pot. There are resistors, Musk going to the border and asking people to live stream the chaos there, Linda Khan at the FTC going after Bezos for suggesting Biden resign at the WaPo with the anti-trust suit against Amazon, the FT of all people running a trail balloon by the hindu dindu that “Trump would not be that bad as President as he’d be tough on China but not start a war.”

    OT: I think Obama wants to keep Biden. I guarantee that the frenzy of the shakedowns by the Bidens is partly driven that the Big Guy has to hand over his share to Obama. There was a reason Obama chose the Big Guy as his Veep. The same reason he moved to Chicago. Never underestimate the graft needed to keep the estates, flunkies, trips, etc. going. I also think the only reason Trump is still breathing is that Obama fears Trump has some insurance hidden away.

    • Whiskey: “Feinstein died with her depends on; clinging to power to the last much like Biden will likely die with his depends on.”

      Here’s some absolutely joyous news for a beautiful Sunday afternoon…

      Kaiser Family Foundation: “Seventy percent of Democrats plan to get the new vaccine… compared to just 24% of Republicans.”

      The Elephant awakens from its slumber…

      • MORE HORROR…

        COVID Vaccines Damage ALL Hearts, Study Finds

        The Free Republic link contains further links to Igor Chudov, which in turn has links to both the study & a commentary at the journal of the Radiological Society of North America [the “RSNA”].

        This is worst case scenario.


    • An article dropped relating that British intelligence agencies have formally banned whitey from internships going forward.

      I see that as a win, as any honkey who wants those spots are probably not on our side of the divide.

      A bunch of Floyd’s handling intelligence work for the Brits. What could possibly go wrong?

      • Bartleby the Scrivner: “A bunch of Floyd’s handling intelligence work for the Brits.”

        Floyd the Groid***?

        Or some other Boyd?


        ***Canonized not cannibalized.

  3. I hope that Z Man will forgive an off topic post, but what I am passing along is exceptional and addresses the subject of his post.

    A regular topic on this blog is why whites are so much less ethnocentric than all other races and why we are so gullible. In a recent speech, Jarod Taylor addresses these topics and concludes with an answer to Z Man’s question of what we can do now.

    Jared is one of the most intelligent, eloquent, and noble men of our age, and this speech is one of his best.


  4. The hijinks of Speaker McCarthy over the last 24 hours have been truly astonishing. It’s inevitable we are going to end up with a collapsed government now.

    And the fire alarm guy. What’s most telling about that is the stupid excuse given. “I did not realize I would trigger a full building alarm while I was on my way to an important vote.” It’s the latter half of the statement which is pertinent here. He’s trying to give himself legal cover for what he did. Most people have heard the fact that a congressman cannot be arrested while on the way to a vote, and this idiot interpreted that to mean that as long as he is headed to vote, he has full legal immunity for whatever he does along the way, so he made sure to include that in his statement.

    The underhanded ways of the Left are really becoming transparent now. McCarthy lying to his caucus and weaponizing parliamentary procedures to keep the Ukraine money flowing is pure, underhanded fraud, but it smacks of Clintonesque deviousness that’s hard to prosecute. Pulling a fire alarm to prevent a vote is what happens when a stupid jogger tries to run a play out of the same playbook.

    No government can function like this. I don’t think we can make it through the next election without some kind of constitutional crisis.

  5. Is this one of those things where letting the pretenses fall is better?

    You could have a very liberal but temperamentally moderate to conservative Democrat who is competent or a foaming at the mouth ideologue. The guy who pulled the fire alarm unseated a sixteen term incumbent. Here is unz review talking about it when it happened.


    • See, Lee Kwan Yu.

      Bowman’s victory was a victory for us, too. His district is safely blue, but having him in that office gives a public platform to see what an 85 IQ in a policy position looks like. Chillers and grillers will take note. We need another 10 or 15 of him in the house.

  6. Building on Z-Man’s podcast, here’s my unified theory of the American experience over the past 250 years:

    1) Throw off bad government.
    2) Stylishly dressed guys write a new system.
    3) Profit!
    4) Wipe hands on pants.

    • Joe Sobran quote. “By today’s standards King George III was a very mild tyrant indeed.
      He taxed his American colonists at a rate of only pennies per annum. His actual impact on their personal lives was trivial.
      He had arbitrary power over them in law and in principle but in fact it was seldom exercised.
      If you compare his rule with that of today’s U.S. Government you have to wonder why we celebrate our independence.”

      only a rich asshole and their small hat friend think it is bad government….

  7. Nice work on Twitter, Z.
    Your tweet brought ALL of the crazies out. A few observations:

    You disrespected one of their idols. You disrespecting a Black Woman is equivalent to you going to India and breaking a statue of their Shiva.

    Also interesting to note that almost every response was some kind of anti-white reply. Even though your comment was not explicitly racial. White people not bowing down and having an opinion is too much for them. They’re also hyper paranoid about any kind of “racism”. And they really, really, hate us.

    In particular, they were attacking Republican white women like Marjorie Taylor and Lauren Boebert. Which is funny – they’ve clearly never read your blog. Safely outside of the red/blue poo flinging contest, they don’t have much power over us. They’re attacking on the wrong frequency.

    • I was trying to find the Twitter post you talked about, and eee gads, I ran into multiple posts that claim to know the ID of our intrepid blog host. (I’m not getting a Twitter account).

      Who knew the Z man was an extremist, and White Nationalist to boot!

      And here I thought he was a well educated raconteur. Who knew!!

      Oh well, enough surfing for one night.

    • Z has restricted his twitter account to followers. I get why he did that, but it means he can’t be followed on nitter. I don’t want the damn app on my system, so I guess that’s that. OTOH, perhaps he will put his tweets on gab, which he’s occasionally done up to now.

      (Now that Musk renamed it Z, are tweets now zeets?)

        • I would advise to delete the account. Social media is widely believed to be nothing more than a fully funded/controlled Deep State Intel operation. Being on X/Twitter or any other platform allows the intel agencies a full suck of your computer’s data, no doubt.

  8. Another great entry, Z. Thank you for your efforts.

    I guess my biggest issue with all of it isn’t even that I know I won’t be alive to see things change (if they ever do), it’s that I won’t be alive for the retribution. At this point the hate and malice I carry every day really just makes me want to inflict the most amount of torturous pain as possible on the people responsible. I hate them with the intensity of a 1000 suns. Like all of you I have my obvious reasons, but I have a few more personal ones too.

  9. I like the pirate ship analogy. Any ship on the open sea for that matter. It really does capture the way our country operates. Probably the whole world.

    And there are many things to consider when aboard a pirate ship. The weather being a major factor. The ship may run onto rocks or shoals and be battered to pieces. The crew may make it to an island with enough salvaged tools to carry on. Perhaps build a small boat to get back to civilization. The doldrums — the Sargasso Sea and other pitfalls are possible. Of course spotting a sail up at the horizon is cause for alarm. It could very well be the king’s ships which will chase and sink you.

    What might be most concerning is the sharing of the treasure. That’s where it always gets really complicated.

  10. Great show. But I really can’t understand why change is necessarily limited to some version of what we have now of why diversity is a necessary component of the future. Most of them walked here and most of them can walk right back home. Imagine someone telling Stalin, “you can’t do that!!” What we are lacking is the political will to do a lot of these things. Sure, we’re not going to vote a man like Stalin to be President and do these things, but nobody says they have to be voted in.

    No man knows how or when this system will fail or what that failure would look like in detail, but this system is 100% unsustainable and will fail. When the system fails, it is going to break this system entirely. Of course, there is absolutely no guarantee any potential Stalin is on our side or will do what we would want “our Stalin” to do, but “a Stalin” of some strain is nowhere near out of the cards.

    There was a time when the bad guys were out of power. They didn’t let the existing system or tradition or law or anything else stop them. They just did what they wanted to do and implemented the programs they wanted to implement. They did it bloodlessly. Many of the things wrong with the country are not wrong because that’s the way it is. They are wrong because our rulers have made them wrong. Like we are not competitive on the world stage because of the bureaucratic state and the free-trade ideology of the ruling class.

    Obviously, 3 paragraphs leaves out a lot of detail and makes it seem simple. If there is one thing it is not, it’s simple. But it is possible. Even if we get nothing we want, that doesn’t change the fact that our existing empire is absolutely unsustainable in its current form. Things will change. I don’t want White people to just become the “managers of the decline.” The prospect of managing the decline has never inspired anyone to anything. In our “what comes next,” that is really what is being described. We have to manage all the diversity and all the crooks who currently run the empire.

    • This is a good point. The only way to “manage the diversity” in most cases is to just manage it right out the door and give it a swift kick in the ass on the way through. There are certainly *some* parts of the US that are so full of foreigners right now that they just need to be jettisoned entirely, Mexifornia being an obvious one.

      There are also many people, particularly women, who don’t need to be replaced at all because they perform no useful function at all. Most of the jobs women fill in the corporate world, for instance, are actually anti-jobs where anti-work is accomplished. Removing these people has a hugely beneficial magnifier effect. Not only are you no longer paying a (usually rather large) salary to a useless bint but their mere presence and the shenanigans they get up to in the organization prevents the productive people from getting anything done. I would expect one beneficial effect of the kind of changes we need to be a huge economic boom and lots of profit showing up where before there was only debt and red ink.

    • I love the line, “I don’t want White people to just become the “managers of the decline.””
      I agree 100%, I have kids that I love.

    • Whose to say we don’t already have a Stalin in power? Only, it is not just one person, and it is definitely not to our liking. What happens when you are the first to stop clapping at “Stalin” approved messages?

      That is what makes it so difficult – there is not just one individual to be the focus.

  11. Nerd School

    There are no natural laws or rights, only natural mechanisms; which we can observe and attempt to understand. But first, we need some background. Life has existed on Earth for about a billion years and Homo sapiens for a few hundred thousand years.

    The most fundamental natural mechanism that spans this entire era is that “what works is what persists.” And by “works” we mean that it enhances the ability to survive and thrive in the local environment. And since environments vary all over the planet, each locale has its unique adaptations.

    The important lesson here is that there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” The best we can hope to do is to study the various peoples (cohorts of humanity) from various locales and try to identify common denominators (if they exist) which span the entirety of our species. And the ultimate test is time. If it persists, then has met the test of evolutionary necessity. Only the most arrogant among us believe that a temporary man-made constraint or imposition is naturally transcendent.

  12. Voting is possible.

    No, not for Federal, but locally.
    White shitlib women vote for diversity & inclusion because it makes them feel warm & fuzzy. White conservacuck men vote for the corporation because it makes them feel like part of the team.

    The chimera of a Great White Ummah, then, is a Federal showboat.

    But locally?
    Mexicans in á Los (L.A) vote for the local council races; they get an all-Brown LAPD and mayor with the judeo-african element being sidelined.

    The Indians and Sikh run for school board and city zoning boards, as a result become carve inroads into dominating the business sector.
    (Mexican mechanics & services co-prosper with the rise of that sector.)

    The Rooftop Koreans got Maxine Waters to grant them South Central as a gated economic zone, with modern warehouses replacing the burnt-out poor black ‘hoods.

    So I’d say our ethnic baronial enclaves are already forming. Whites are too distracted, kept dispersed and scattered by the Federal Party media focusing their attentions onto too large a field; everybody’s backyard but their own.

    They move too much, they don’t know their neighbors. Me too- who wants to sit thru another turgid water district meeting when this Collapse of Empire show is so fun?

      • Too broad a brush here. What’s one of the biggest complaints about the Boomer’s children? They’ve never grown up and live in their parents basement—presumably waiting upon their inheritance. Next biggest complain, millennials are spoiled in that they’ve never had to endure real hardship and have been overly coddled by parents. That doesn’t sound like families not caring for children, just the opposite.

        As far as Whites supporting Whites (because well, they’re White), you’ve got a point. Ethnocentrism is weak within the White world, but that seems baked in genetically. A genetic trait that once worked in a racially separated world is not so great in a DIE society.

  13. Americans look at revolution different than most other places because we had a fairly successful and romanticized revolution and not a lot of civilian bloodshed or tyranny afterwards. Russians and Chinese have a very different view of a revolution and all of the pain and misery it can cause.

    There are still many people alive in those societies that can remember what it was like. The Boomers of China had a very different childhood than American and European Boomers. Everyone who wants to “change the world” can only imagine “change” being positive and “progress” They just cannot fathom a “change” that would involve 10s of millions of deaths from starvation or 10s of millions being sent to the gulags or a beheading machine in the middle of Time’s Square.

    • Ovation, great stuff. Still…

      “…a beheading machine in the middle of Time’s Square.”

      Why does that picture make me feel so enlivened, almost giddy, I wonder?

      • Because you are assuming that you will be the one running it instead of being put into it.

        Never assume everything will go in your favor…

        • I am constantly trying to remind the people who advocate for a civil war keep that in mind. Even if you assume it is inevitable, time will weaken them far more than it weakens us. Their coalition is held together with money and existing power structures also held together with money. if the monetary system collapses or even just significantly weakens, so does their power and ability to enforce their rules and laws. Our cops may be psychos, but they also want to be paid. The cops are bunch of cowards in the first place who love to hide outside when their is a child shooting a school. Imagine when they are facing millions of armed peasants and aren’t even getting paid.

          Even with advantages like that, we might still lose or not even fight at all. Winning is in no way guaranteed.

          • The police will not monolithically join one side or the other. But in any event, the police are not a significant force to be concerned with should there be an uprising. Their numbers are too small. Look at how they allowed every major riot to progress rather than risk injury from the mob. Best we’ll see is police defending certain infrastructure in the hope the military can/will handle angry mobs.

            BTW, avoiding large mobs of irate citizens is not cowardly. It’s the smart thing to do. A mob is a mindless beast. Even the largest moose can fall to a pack of wolves. As we saw in Dallas, even one trained (ex)soldier can take out a half dozen cops in the middle of a confusing riot event.

          • @compsci I think this is the first mistake conservatives make. They believe they are going to be in a fight with the military instead of the cops.

            The US military is not a police force. It doesn’t have the training, the equipment, the institutions, experience etc to do police work (maybe the military police have something similar, but at a much smaller scale), like identifying the insurgents.

            There are well over a million cops in the US once you count all of them. They have a lot of tools the military doesn’t have.

            Of course, I am envisioning an insurgency rather than states organizing into independent countries and declaring war on the feds. If that happens, all bets are off and it’s the military that will be fighting, plus partisans.

            The police do not do well with riots because there are rules of engagement and you’re dealing with masses of people in the moment. I believe an “uprising” would look more like an insurgency, with fighters not wearing uniforms who go to work all day and live with their families. But one day they get a call for some mission to accomplish with a cell in the area. They go out and do the mission and go back home to their families like nothing happened.
            The idea that 5 or 10 thousand guys with guns show up to some event and then have a “showdown” with the cops or military is more conservative fantasy, like the Bundy ranch incident or Waco. It’s a good thing too, because it would be unwinnable.

            When you mention Dallas, I assume you mean Micah Xavier Johnson. He could have done the same thing to military guys. I think this is more of a chaos strategy than anything that would serve an insurgency. Just identifying insurgents would require police work. Maybe they put some military under the PD command for extra hired guns.

            The civilian right simply cannot stand toe to toe with either the police or military. For one, they cannot be exposed. If he does, one day he’s leaving the house for work and 30 cops are outside of his house where his wife and children are with an arrest warrant or even just a request to go to the PD for an interview.

  14. Every American political arrangement from the Iroquois to the Internet has been a Federation.
    Between Bookends; The Albany Conference.
    The Articles of Confederation.
    The Federalist Republic of 1789.
    The Confederate States of America.
    Neither race nor The Founders explains the Iroquois or The Internet.

    What we know is it keeps happening for 600 years at least. – the Iroquois Confederation at least that old (it still exists by the way, dead wampum lasts longer than dead parchment, perhaps that’s DC’s fate).

    My own estimate is the rich lands with diverse riches compel different economic and political interests and that’s why Federations keep rising.

    We also know our geography and geography doesn’t negotiate, the ultimate winner will be ocean to ocean. Incompetents don’t win Civil Wars.

  15. On a side note I observe that the number of Americans renouncing their citizenship and moving to (presumably) greener pastures overseas continues to increase. The number for the third quarter of 2022 was 2872 — more than the full year total of 2426 for 2021 and more than the aggregate total of less than 2500 for the period 2005 to 2009. The ones renouncing are of course those with the means to buy residence visas and passports in desirable countries. I expect the number renouncing to move from a trot to a canter and then maybe to a gallop. The empire is sinking and I note more and more mainstream people (i.e., not just people of the alt right) commenting on it.

  16. There is only one way forward for America to progress as a nation, outside of balkanization, and it ties into our esteemed blog host’s scholarly poast on the bleeping of Canada. Consider:

    A functional nation needs meaningful finances. That means restructuring the debt, tying the dollar to gold – and running the grifters and shysters out on a rail. That will require levels of anti-semitism that are currently unfeasible… for now. Even pirates require honest accounting to operate.

    It also needs a functional judiciary. Else – you get the the feral preying on the productive. Even a pirate ship needs unity and fair treatment of all hands. That is even a bigger mess to clean. Judges will need to disappear in the night and go away along with other (((grifters))) that infest our law enforcement and judiciary. Anti-semitism and racism will be necessary to clear the dead wood and clean house.

    To ensure our future we will need to protect and nurture our children. That will require educators – not Marxists, union slobs, and perverts. The school cirriculum will need to be set back to proper standards not seen since the era of snappy dressers and You-Know-Who. Our kids will need to be driven to excel and take pride in themselves and their heritage.

    The welfare class is going to have to be culled. The abandoned mentally ill, the drug zombies, and the street criminals are taking over entire neighborhoods and threaten those around them.

    I could go on but the point is this: for the entire country to move forward, hundreds of thousands, perhaps tens of millions of people are going to have to die or be so severely punished and regulated that they no longer pose a threat. No progress can happen as long as the current clowns are in control of the power centres and institutions.

    There’s only two guys capable of genocide, hatred and psychopathy capable of doing what needs to be done – the socialist/neoliberals/commies/lower races… and the snappy dressers. The former are imploding as we speak. The latter have been demonized to the point of comedy as we saw up here in Canada. Our faggot faced prime minister was so ashamed that he couldn’t even show up in the house of commons to apologize… the speaker of the house became the fall guy for the debacle and took the blame, and one of Turdo’s flunkies made the lame apologies for him in the House. I think I may disagree with Z… we are not a pirate ship – we are a circus, that nobody can afford anymore. We will need radical societal changes just to become a functional pirate ship! Only some form or variant of fascism can get you (and us Canadians) there as a country.

    Stack your ammo and preps to the roof, Whitey. You Dissidents do the same. Yes, it is going to get that bad. Balkanization is far more likely… but even that is going to have a boggling body count. I see bush wars, race and civil war resulting in a succession of unstable, untenable govts. We will not be choosing our next order, nor will our rulers. It’s all up to Darwin, Murphy, and perhaps the Four Horsemen.

    Enjoy your weekend to Z. And bleep the rest a ya’s! 🙂

    Errr… sorry for the novel.

  17. A common theme of Z Man’s is that “we are ruled by lunatics and simpletons hellbent on smashing what is left of Western society.”

    Certainly, this is true of many of our elected leaders and their appointees. And it feels good to call our opponents idiots. Of course, if we’re so smart, why do they have their boot on our throats?

    Respectfully, I’d like to offer a reminder of the standard WN view: we are ruled by very smart and energetic people and what you see on the news is what they want. They are not lunatics. We just cannot believe that they want this.

    The people who warn of a one world government where we live in pods and eat bugs are certainly correct. But they are too unobservant or cowardly to call out the racial aspect, so they decry “communism.”

    The traditional white man is the only one who has ever resisted or presented a threat to our rulers and he must be dispossessed. The other races are not going to rally with us to reverse course. The root conflict is racial and the traditional white man lives or dies as a distinct tribe.

    • Line, I completely agree. I believe Z would argue that much of what we observe is emergent behavior; thus, the stupid in charge are not really the driving force. I agree with your assessment, though. I believe too many overt statements by powerful people clearly indicate that we are being led to a predetermined future, and too many steps along the way have been accomplished with too much cunning, planning, and brute force. I recognize the counterargument to this is that emergent behaviors also have a clear purpose. I, however, find myself on your side on the driving force behind all this.

      • Eloi: “…too many overt statements by powerful people clearly indicate that we are being led to a predetermined future, and too many steps along the way have been accomplished with too much cunning, planning, and brute force.”


        All of the V@xxine news continues to be simply HORRIFYING.

        If you’ve got Normies of your acquaintance, who are ready for some real talk, but like it served up to them in a David-Brinkley/Chet-Huntley fashion, then for V@xxine info, send them to the j00t00b channel of “Dr. John Campbell”.

        Campbell’s delivery style is simply perfect for the Normies who need the information spoon fed to them, and lately he’s been hitting on all the correct themes [especially the EXCESS DEATHS amongst the v@xxinated].

        Similarly, on the political side of things, Victor Davis Hanson [on a variety of different j00t00b channels] has been knocking the ball out of the park [especially concerning the existential challenge posed by tribalism], in a calm, gentle, measured style of delivery which Normies can stomach & absorb & digest.

        Dr. John Campbell
        Victor Davis Hanson

        Those are two aging Boomers who are stepping up to the fore at precisely the correct moment in history.

    • They certainly were smart a couple of generations ago. Look at the names of the foundations— they’re all gone, except the Fords.

      There’s the idea of merging with tech and achieving immortality. I believe that’s a real agenda. It’s the next stage of the spirit of the foundations, except executed by a copy of the founder instead of staff carrying out a mission, so to speak.

      Having people carry on for you is kind of like making copies of copies— the quality doesn’t stay true to the original, degrades. And the solution is making one permanent copy—science fiction lol.

      My money is on turnover. Call it the end of Western Civ, if Western Civ is the Faustian bargain with tech, or tech itself. I’m dubious of civ anyway— maybe it is technological and anti-human. There will still be people, at any rate.

      • I read somewhere that Bezos has spent over a billion on immortality research. Thiel, Ellison and others no doubt similar. They are definitely sincere about it.

        • Plan for immortality: Sink a billion into a white van freezer scam, OD on testosterone so hard you leave your wife for a menopausal hooker whose body is half rubber.

          Conservatives are right. The wealthy are our rightful superiors.

    • Have you seen that demographic voting map? Did you see women’s voting habits since 1950? Theres a reason why the founders, as delusional as they were about some enlightenment philosophy, intended that only white, christian, tax paying men of good character would vote. We could deport all of our enemies tomorrow and our women would vote them right back in through ellis island within a generation. No diabolical (((elites))) would even be necessary. We practically doubled the females’ lifespan last century and then increased their influence on every institution exponentially through affirmative action. Now they outlive us and outvote us. We certainly have other enemies, but we have a battle to wage on several fronts, even if all the (((elites))) are deposed.

      • Yeah “Peak Woman political power” around the world was hit a decade or two ago as now they’re joined at the hip with trannydom and will go down the same dead end. No one will ever let them vote again, or at the least, let them cast a vote that actually matters (as it is in GAE today).

      • Davidito, I agree we have more than one severe problem. What is the best strategy, the best order of operations, to attack these problems?

        It seems to me that control of the media is the foundation of much of our opponents’ (plural) power. For example, most of our white women problems would lessen significantly if the media wasn’t programming them.

      • It’s extremely hard to plan something as inherently chaotic as a revolution but I’m pretty sure that removing ALL political power from women needs to be one of the earlier aspects of it. Perhaps the most plausible scenario is that some political Party (perhaps even a DNC-type faction of the GOP) manages to *actually* close the border, not just to the Bean People but the Curried Masses as well. This could provide enough renewed legitimacy to permanently remove women from political activity. Perhaps this can be done in something like what the Chinese Communists did with “Special Economic Zones”. Once people realize how good and pleasant life is in the Special Sanity Zones we can expand them.

  18. This was a great show. The last fifteen minutes were pure gold. I think the whites who have bought in fully to corporate feudalism did so 40-50 years ago. I suspect that most of them didn’t buy into it after a lot of contemplation, but rather sensed what was in the wind and pursued their economic self interest into this corporate feudalist state that is emerging.

    I was thinking last night about why the corporations are so invested in this victim cult where everything from Gaia to castrati singing self-pity arias of despair are deified. Then the advertising and shopping experience becomes religious. You are no longer buying a pair of Doc Martins. You are buying rebellion without having to rebel. Heck. Now, you are buying your official title to membership in the Priesthood of Messiahs. You are saving the world and eliminating evil.

    The anti-whitism is there for obvious reasons. One, it is the European peoples who possess the homelands and whose soul and culture are still tied to the structures that stand in the way of the Corporate Feudal Lords and their total dominion. Two, they are no longer a growing demographic and so they cannot grow. Throw them under the bus today in a rip the bandaid off moment and create your new class of consumers from your new peoples.

    In returning to the first point, the new religion is really self-worship and dopamine hits through the most extreme form of vanity – the vanity and self aggrandizing yourself as a Messiah. Of course, you are doing so merely by buying a product. It is an ingenius and truly sinister ploy to cement brand loyalty.

    There is one other thing that America is that I think is left out. America is also a bazaar that is bought and sold for foreign interests. I think you will see population blocks aligning with foreign interests in alliances where the wealth of this continent is sold off to foreign interests. That process started in the 70s. The question will be, can a central authority have a monopoly on this, or will there be episodes where a regional/ethnic faction can

    In any case, America’s future is as a satrapy and colony where to most people it isn’t clear who the colonizer is. Perhaps a key to the future is securing population dominance in important regions, guaranteeing one Western and one Eastern seaport and being fully aware of the foreign sponsor(s) who will help you wrest and maintain control of your region to fend off the Amero-Corporate feudal order.

    I think that has to be our model. Probably a between the rockies and Appalachians regional block that asserts control over one Western and Eastern seaport that enables control over global trade and supply lines. Perhaps another path is to assert control over the seaports first if it generates more wealth and then make alliance with the interior block.

    Energy, energy technology and robotics will be a central feature of this American Asturias. How it fits in with the corporate feudalism is difficult to foresee. Having a strong people with strong roots and a strong sense of identity could be a massive advantage. Blood and soil are strong. Can Americans who want to have some bright destiny create that and perpetuate it? Perhaps the struggle to define what will emerge as opposed to accepting whatever emerges will be the basis for that identity.

    Ramble over.

    • Asturias? I’ve been familiar with the region for four decades and am not twigging to the reason for the designation of an “American Asturias”. Why Asturias of all places? It has ports, it has coal, it’s divided by the Picos de Europa, a kind of mini-Appalachians with a milder climate and the Reconquista began there, but… Please explain, because I’m feeling a bit befuddled.

      • After the Visigoths, racked by fraternal rivalries and contention for the crown, were betrayed by subversives who held open the gates of Toledo for Muslim invaders, Hispania was conquered by Islam. The Aryan Visigoths retreated to a defensible mountain region on the Frankish/Hispania border known as Asturias.

        800 years later they emerged and expelled the Muslims and dealt with the subversives who betrayed them hundreds of years before. This ignited the Age of Exploration and Spain led the age of European global seafaring and exploration reaching its apex as a civilization.

        An American Asturias is a name chosen for the obvious implications of it. Of course, we need to find a territory that is free of invaders. Sadly, the massive plains between the Appalachian and Rocky mountain ranges are difficult to be defensible. On the plus side, they don’t lend themselves to being densely populated by people who would have similar problems defending such areas.

        In any case, hopefully that helps. There are great sources available to understand the history of Hispania from Alaric through the Reconquista.

        • The Visigoths had an advantage we don’t have: they had two kings, the secular ones and Cristo Rey. Together, they vanquished the Muslims.

    • That was a good rant. 🙂

      The other wild cards in all this are the other pirates. While the good ship America founders on the rocks and shoals, the other pirates will move in to capitalize on America’s weakness. We are seeing this now with the formation of the BRICS nations. Figuratively speaking, the pirates safely offshore will start shelling our ship. Barbarians on shore will be waiting for the bits and bobs and cargo of the former great ship to float in on the tide.

      Imagine the Russkies or the Chinks landing on America’s shores, and handing out guns and munitions to their favored factions vying for control. We could easily be made to look much like the Ukraine does now…

      • They would be nuked into oblivion. Besides, they don’t need to do this. America is an open door bazaar that they can waltz into and pluck the fruits laid out on the banquet table for them. That is the story of AINO since the 70s and it has massively accelerated since the 90s.

        To add more nuance though, the American Corporate Feudalists have them here to stay on their plantation and also hire them back on the native soil too. That is to say, the relationship is complicated.

    • RealityRules: “Can Americans who want to have some bright destiny create that and perpetuate it? Perhaps the struggle to define what will emerge as opposed to accepting whatever emerges will be the basis for that identity.”

      If and only if they are NOT V@XXINATED.

      [Sorry, I know I’m a broken record, but it is what it is.]

    • The Judean kingship process had three steps: 1) Nominate a candidate, a Messiah, and indicate that state via a priest applying oil or some equivalent; 2) Messiah successfully passes test against an adversary; 3) Coronation.

      Eschaton is the end of the age. For example, Gentiles will trample Jerusalem until the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled, and then it’ll be the Jews turn to trample. The eschaton’s meaning is that the age of the gentiles will be over and a new world kingdom will come into being, The Kingdom of the Jew’s God, with the Jews being its priests. Something like Merritt Garland with an Iron Rod to administer judgement, so bend over, here it comes.

      We don’t need any of that be humble before Levantine wilderness entities and its people brainwashing. F that.

      We need Will to Power.

      Our quest is not because some crap about “natural rights.” Or that “we build great societies.” No. It is because We simply want power for us and our own. To win. No reason. That’s just want we want.

      Every one of us should do our best. Our best to be the leader. Or all the leader that one can be within one’s nature provided abilities. To gracefully shuffle into ones best place in the hierarchy. Because we have chosen to win. In this this life vs death struggle, it’s better to be a good center on a winning team rather than a so-so quarterback on – well, there is no alternative, is there?

    • Rivers, too. Particularly the Mississippi as it is the conduit for riverine commerce through the heartland through its major tributaries. This implies a major port facility on the Gulf Coast as well.

  19. Yarvin talks about monarchy which is mostly just a cheeky way of saying he wants a strongman as a single locus of power. He puts up the example of a CEO of a large company.

    The problem is CEO’s are increasingly becoming sidelined as figureheads as massive networks of faceless bureaucracy from inside and outside the corporation has become all-consuming to the point no one really knows where the power lies. What is created becomes increasingly confusing and wasteful to the extent no one knows how to get anything done anymore.

    The right’s dream is for a Caesar to wipe away all these networks and start from a clean slate, but this is not possible. What can be done, however, is ruthlessly pursuing order in a way that benefits everyone but the criminals and foreigners, even if a few eggs are broken along the way. See Bukele with crime and Putin with Western post-soviet resource extraction

    We’re going to see the Russia and China model of governance in most countries in the coming decades as Democracy makes its sad twilight, along with balkanization to the point where local power centers will be essentially their own country.

  20. Complaints about too much schilling demonstrate exactly what is wrong with the white man today.

    They bitch and moan from their lazy boy while the few carry the water for the most. Then when the few ask for at least a hand up financially so they can keep up the fight they cry like bitches who just missed a sale at Macys.

    Fight my battles, do it for free and when you win I will take all the credit, if you lose its because you didn’t do as I said from my chair, feet up.

    The same white guy will scream liberals are ruining the nation, but the minute a leftist says that white guy conservative is going to kill children and cut your social security, BAM, they will vote for the democrat.

    This only one reason why we have lost, and will never win, but is is a big one. The left has Nazi styled cohesion. Win, win at any cost, at any price, including bankruptcy, rape and murder.

    White’s are the Vichy on steroids.

    • Check out how much the Chapos make a month. No one on the right even comes close, and these are supposed to be “edgy” guys. One can say that it’s because they are regime approved, but this sounds more and more like cope for people on the right being unwilling to fund people on their side.

      • It is the case that Chapo are fully regime-aligned shitlibs pretending to be communists, and that’s the regime’s favorite thing, so they’re allowed to operate as they wish, say things that get us banned from eveything, etc. Their fans are professional-class “consoomers” who throw money at media (except books)—and travel and food and anything that’s *fullly consumed* at the end—for lack of anything productive to do with it. They’re the world’s most highly paid independent entertainers because they provide what’s *most allowed*.

        It’s also the case that donors to unapproved causes (and every personality and product is a cause) are increasingly being tracked down by the regime, “debanked,” etc. YouTube doesn’t even count your views on videos and ads if The Algorithm™ considers your account “low quality,” and one measure of that is how many banned accounts yours overlaps with. Enjoyed that video of Jared Taylor doing pushups a few years back? Since AmRen was disapeared, whatever you’ve watched got no view from you—and also a knock on its e-social credit score for being associated with you.

        Which isn’t to say people shouldn’t support their guys. It’s obviously the right thing to do. But external incentives run against it, and those incentives are escalating.

  21. Under the status quo, little is possible other than gradually getting worse. But if the status quo breaks, especially if it breaks chaotically, almost anything is possible. Nobody could have imagined in Paris in 1787 that crowds of people could be walking around with heads on a pike or that 10s of thousands of people could be publicly beheaded for fake crimes. The collapse of the Soviet Union caught the world by surprise. Just 2 years ago nobody thought large scale mechanized warfare in Europe was possible. Everyone was talking about 4th generation warfare, mostly involving insurgents.

    • The thing about predicting the future is it’s really hard. It’s hard enough just to predict who will win a sportsball game. About 30 years ago, it dawned on me that whatever the majority seems to think about it is guaranteed to be wrong. Part of my journey to being a dissident. So when trying to foresee it, first eliminate the most popular views, and you’re then getting closer to the truth. Reality is almost always stranger than fiction. Such as, a madrassa educated guy with the middle name Hussein being elected president 7 years after 9/11. And then after him, Trump. Virtually nobody could predict that any appreciable time in advance. Who could imagine the plandemic ahead of time? Despite the fact I knew “something” was coming for 2020, I still could never have guessed what it turned out to be.

      In any of these cases, and many more I could cite, you’d have been dismissed as a fantastical quack had you accurately predicted them ahead of time. Even by other dissidents.

      • In comparison with developments in the real world over the last 250 years, the plots of James Bond films are sublunary.

      • While realizing that history has always been chaotic I think the particularly quirky nature of modern society has to do with the fact that its primary theme and indeed driving moral principle, is fantasy. The whole modern project of liberal democracy began with a series of what now seem like failry innocuous fantasies. Let’s imagine that women are as responsible and capable as men. Let’s imagine that the descendants of freed slaves can play the same roles in society as the descendants of European aristocrats. Let’s imagine that two men playing house is “a family” that should have the same legal standing as a married man and his wife…

        The problem is that no one ever seemed to know when or where to stop fantasizing. The result is that we now live in a perpetual LARP game. The problem is that the Dungeon Master is insane and won’t let anyone leave – ever. Everyone must keep playing and keep rolling those 20 sided dice – until they drop dead or go crazy themselves.

        So here’s one of my crazy, can never happen, predictions to add to your list along with Barack Hussein – there will be a Hobbit’s Rights movement, a crazily militant no-shit, better not make a joke about them, hobbit’s rights movement, in the US within 5 years. You’ve been warned. Don’t make me send Frodo around.

    • I am still laughing about that Republican debate. I truly don’t get it. Each one of those candidates have integrated data analysis teams, polling teams, PR teams, turd polishers and spin doctors – whose chief aim is to make the candidates look good to the electorate. And they spent a nationally televised debate hooting like baboons! I hated them all the second I saw it – and I am Canadian! HAR HAR HAR!!! Pooh flinging, indeed!

  22. Excellent program and spot on.

    There in fact has been an endless oligarchy that has dominated the United States, sometimes benign, often tyrannical. What we are experiencing now is more of a transition into raw tyranny and a dissolution of the current oligarchy. As you accurately suggested there at the end, the current regime is very unsophisticated. Brutish and thuggish rule now dominates and there is very little direction or reason behind it, and that makes analysis and predictions very difficult.

    There also seems to be rival factions hostile to one another among the disintegrating present oligarchy. The wide open border and the stream of garbage across it is some desperate attempt by one or more of these to sow discord and gain the upper hand. My guess is we get the anarchy part but the tyranny aspect becomes more difficult and increasingly localized. The sorting, fragmentation and dissolution underway only will accelerate. It seems unlikely that the border flotsam will make for good Hessians. I am watching the proliferation of Colony Ridges and trying to guess as to their purpose. I suspect they are planned as garrisons but all are vulnerable to isolation and disruption of necessities if they get sideways with the locals.

    To me, the Ukraine War is a thinly disguised attack on Europe and is directly related to the domestic situation. The conflict recognizes the GAE is rapidly contracting and seeks to maintain hold on the European vassal states and consolidate the empire into a leaner polity. Some European nations will escape the empire’s grip and this likely will cause a cascade effect. As the greater empire slips away, the Regime will become more violent and economically punitive within its borders as it anticipates America also will unravel, which is happening now and which also will escalate. Some of TPTB also are insane enough to want to take everyone down with them in a nuclear attack.

    It is not going to be a pleasant period, to put it mildly, but everyone should realize at this point that what they had is gone and not coming back. What is on the other side may be better, to be sure, but even that is uncertain.

    • I see the Colony Ridge situations as “reconquista” since they are on our side of the border. Who operates the water, sewer, and electricity for these domains?

      • As I understand it, many do not have public utilities. Obviously, these are all in violation of codes and ordinances but like everything else in a criminal, post-rule-of-law order, the only enforcement will be extrajudicial, likely through cartels. This is a preview of coming attractions. The abject lawlessness of the age is one of its defining features.

    • A nice little memento mori about the best laid plans of mice and men.

      Don’t worry. Our enemies will not get what they want, and we will not get what we fear.

    • This is a high stakes choice for HairGel man. Barbara Lee or Adam Schiff. Either choice leaves a major Democrat party constituency hoppin mad.

      • His choice is Lee as caretaker to finish Feinstein’s term, then Schiff or ((whoever)) to maintain the American Empire as a satrapy. It’s already been announced, the only question is whether Lee will accept it.

    • My favorite memory is when this “genius” tipped off Richard Ramirez AKA the Night Stalker serial killer by divulging information in a press conference that the police knew about the suspect. RR saw this and skipped town down to LA and killed a few more people before finally getting caught.

  23. Anyone that wants to see the reality of the Leftist Utopia should hang around the baggage pickup at JFK, Terminal 1.

    • See at Newark whenever I have to fly in their.

      I think when the real festivities really start, most will scatter like rats back to where they came from.

      • Maxda: I would like to think so, but cannot agree. They are totally accustomed to randomness and violence; their natures produce such systems. They have learned to survive in the midst of chaos. And even in disintegration, our society is far richer (far more to loot) and even our aging and decaying infrastructure provides them with services they never dreamed of in their homelands (hot and cold potable water, air conditioning, etc.). When one reads of them sleeping on the street anywhere in the US (meant to evoke sympathy), remember they most likely lived little better (tin/tar paper shack) in their native environment.

        It is Whites who will be at a severe disadvantage. People accustomed to peace and everyone following the rules. Those who expect, plan for, and adapt to the chaos may survive. Most will not. And those few who survive will suffer enormous hardship and by necessity profoundly change their view of human nature and human society – both what is possible and what is preferable.

        • see The Road Warrior, small well protected enclaves may become a thing, but watch out for the drones, they will spy on your food production and time their attacks, HYPOTHETICALLY.

          • The Road Warrior was fun, but I still can’t figure out how anyone outside the compound was meeting their daily fuel needs.

        • Where we have the advantage is that we’re better equipped to learn and recognize in the midst of chaos. Where they’ll be focused on survival, some of our own will be focused on usurpation.

  24. How do you establish a monarchy over a group of people who are not all your people?

    There are a million examples of this. The Normans in England, the Franks in France, the Saxons in Britania, the Lombrads in Italy, the Visigoths in Spain…

    Well, what did the Visigoths do? They rolled into Spain and took power, over the existing Roman bureaucratic system and the Hispano-Romans who lived in the place.

    As I recall, they had different laws for a while to govern the Hispano-Romans and the Goths, as well as a significantly different religious background. But it worked pretty well. Obviously, there is less distance between Goths and Hispano-Romans than there is between us and the various species who inhabit our land, so there would probably have to be a significant amount of ethnic cleansing. But, ethnic cleansing is not the challenge some people make it out to be.

    • We have the best diversity money can buy. It’s a simple problem with a simple answer nobody wants.

    • And you’d still be stuck with diversity, which is the death watch beetle in any society. No, the solution is to establish homogeneous racial blocs and then form a government. Monarchy? Perhaps. But what’s most important is getting the human capital right. Do that, and your future is bright. Don’t and it could be AINO redux.

    • btp: They also did a fair amount of intermarrying and interbreeding over time, as well. Since they were from closely-related genetic stock to start, it worked to varying degrees. Our managerial elite envisions something similar – witness all the juice/han/hindu/White couplings among their children and grandchildren.

      The remnants of European royalty remain- with rare exceptions – White. Perhaps not the most clever people – but keenly aware of their history and bloodline. But numurka – well, garbage in, garbage out as they say.

    • It should be noted that the Visigoth “roll-in” lasted for little more than a century, when the Moors (pun intended, call ’em the Muslims) rolled in to replace them in much of Iberia. The Visigoths had become decadent, shall we say, but their supplanters less so. Sound familiar?

  25. “…even the best people must concede that there must be something better as otherwise there could be no progress. The only way we stop progress is by reaching the end of time which is the perfection human society. Once we reach that point, no one will imagine there can be anything better, so there is no longer a need for political science, political philosophy or even politics.”

    Straight out of Karl Marx.

    In other words, “our democracy” is essentially communism. The close similarity between “democracy” and “communism” is why we allied ourselves with the USSR against National Socialism.

    “While we are progressing toward something, it very clearly is not the perfection of mankind and human society. Instead we are ruled by lunatics and simpletons hellbent on smashing what is left of Western society.”

    Of course they will never accept the blame for this, they will say that it is the “racists” and “bigots” and “transphobes” and “homophobes” and “sexists” and “xenophobes” aaaand… (drum roll) “anti-Semites” and “Nazis” standing in the way of total perfection.

    How can they possibly allow that to happen?

    • “Of course they will never accept the blame for this, they will say that it is the ‘racists’ and ‘bigots’ and ‘transphobes’ and ‘homophobes’ and ‘sexists’ and ‘xenophobes’ aaaand… (drum roll) ‘anti-Semites’ and ‘Nazis’ standing in the way of total perfection.”

      They don’t really believe this, of course. If they did, they would simply kill us or expel us from the body politic. Deep down inside, howver, the Leftist soul–assuming it has such–is riven by conflict. On the one hand, it cannot concede that the best laid plans of the New Left have led to utter disaster. To do so would be fatal to the ego. On the other, there’s a tiny voice whispering faintly that Leftist prescriptions for the perfect society are profoundly flawed. The Leftist would love to smash the voice into oblivion, but truth is a very difficult thing to kill, and very persistent. This conflict between what the Leftist believes, and the pesky intrusion of truth, is one of the elements of the neurosis that is so common on the Left. The mad Leftist political project drives the Leftist mad. Hence, when we note that we are ruled by maniacs, we’re not just whistlin’ Dixie.

      • As you pointed out once, though, the PoMo and the Left are distinguishable in that the former are pure nihilists. Even if I misunderstood you, that proposition as I understood it seems absolutely correct. PoMo is reveling in the chaos even as the New Left is driven further into insanity by it. The only doubt PoMo would seem to have is that something could have been further destroyed, deconstructed more shambolically. I would assume the New Left’s tears bring PoMo joy.

        • PoMo is the intellectual foundation of the New Left. In the NL’s very earliest phase–which lasted only five years or so–it favored Frankfurt School Marxism, but the latter disavowed the former and that, as they say, was that. Then NL then moved on to PoMo.

          The overlap of the two is very, very substantial. With very few exceptions, PoMo theorists belong to the NL. And common New Leftists, even those who know next to nothing about PoMo, are informed by that body of thought because it is simply the air the Leftist breathe.

          As for nihilism, yes that characterizes the PoMo theorists and the majority of their rank-and-file epigoni. But the further we get from the canonical theorists, the more there is a species of cognitive dissonance. On the one hand, the foot soldiers adhere, usually unthinkingly, to a nihilistic philosophy. On the other, they claim to be working toward utopia. Here is the salient of madness. But for the liturgical PoMo thinkers, a global holocaust IS utopia.

          • Gotcha. I got the overall ideological underpinning, to the extent that even exists with them, correct in my mind. My conception of the Left is a pure will to power, and the difference would seem to be chaos is the ultimate goal with PoMo regardless of who presides over the destruction. Yeah, their foot soldiers bring the chaos and likely don’t understand that is the end rather than the means.

      • The Five-Year Plan will always be a success, Comrade, as long as we refuse to let the counter-revolutionary saboteurs and bourgeois capitalist traitors to the Revolution stand in the way of the progress of the proletariat…



    I loathe the thought that we can achieve heaven on earth and the ‘end of history’. I find myself to sympathize with Rust Cohle more and more…”time is a flat circle”

  27. It may be that New England is converted to an African colony. It is already happening. Maine’s insane leadership is importing Africans en masse. Of course, now they are already decrying that too many of the fishermen are white, so the fishing fleet must be equitably shared along racial lines. Given that means

    In short, it isn’t even clear what if any region of the country will have a given kind of demographics. The scum who rule this planet are in hyperdrive resettling the three major continents that constitute Western Man’s homelands with alien foreigners.

    There can be no order when this kind of massive population replacement is occurring. A lily-white New England may not exist in 20 years time.

    • Sorry. Incomplete thought. Given that, it means not only are the invaders being given entry, but the invaded are being forcibly dispossessed.

      I always felt like the Cold War was a huge psy-op. If it wasn’t, think of the time, energy and effort a nation spent winning it, and as soon as it won, the same people who led it declared war on their own folk and nations.

      I don’t think we have a word to describe this. Sinister just isn’t enough.

      As for Z’s point, the regime concurs. That is part of their plan. Bring the people to their knees and they will beg for the safety of a tyrant. Sweden is already out in front. Their PM just gave a TV address decrying the, (entirel migrant committed), vicious crime wave and announcing a surveillance heavy police state as the solution. Perhaps Z-Man can be hired by Sweden as a consultant. Play your cards right and it could be a golden opportunity.

    • That is a good way to put it. I think we can talk about those trees, but only in our terms. More importantly though, it requires di8scimpline in not letting any of the trees use the progressive frame to criticize other trees. That is where it gets complicated.

  28. What is possible? In the term of about 20 years or less, Zimbabwe. Except that the real Zimbabwe may be less violent.

    • Perhaps our best option is that after the great fracturing takes place we end up living in a soft-authoritarian region that may still contain pockets of diversity but which will be run by whites. Think of the way in which Singapore is highly functioning despite its demographic stew. The most capable of those demographics, the Chinese, run the show in such a way that the others understand their good fortune and don’t rock the boat.

      • KGB: There is bitter resentment by many of the hindus and Malays in Singapore against Chinese dominance. The Chinese have thus far been wise enough to keep the demographic numbers carefully balanced. They have also, thus far, been quick to deport any genuine troublemakers. I think their strong ethnic identity and pride will keep the Han from being swayed by appeals to ‘democracy’ and ‘fairness.’ They are not shy in their belief in their innate racial superiority, but neither are they heavy handed about it – it is simply a fact of life to them, immutable.

        • The ethnic loyalty of Han Chinese minorities are also the reason that Indonesia and Malaysia are fairly functional states with somewhat diversified economies.

          • In Indonesia, though, they’re not exactly popular as their role in society is somewhat analogous to that of the Jew in the West.

          • KGB,

            Yeah there was that little dust-up a few decades ago where the Indonesian-dwelling Han got pruned back really hard for allegedly being a subversive force.

          • Aye. In Malaysia, cities like Penang and Malacca are heavily Chinese in population and character. In Indonesia, the monied Chinese exist strictly at the forebearance of their hosts.

  29. Feeling black-pilled this week. I think what comes next is chaos, famine, and violence on an epic scale. Then new organizations will emerge.

    • Very blackpilled as well. Found myself staring at the tv with a scotch in hand in the dark several times over the last week, watching the invasion videos silently.

      Two or three close friends of 40+ years, since childhood. Married, with a couple of kids each. Utterly clueless and they don’t want to hear about it when I raise the topic. They’ve seen it briefly on TV (the invasion) and flip the channel as fast as possible.

      What worries me is the paucity of stable, discriminating, far-sighted people among the general public. They don’t have just one cognitive blindspot, they have dozens. And they’ll show up in every sphere of life, every activity, every group they are part of for the rest of their lives.

      We really seem to have gone over both a demographic and IQ cliff since the 2000s. What’s washing up around us right now is the fruit of the mid-2000s. Imagine the fruit of our times in 15 years. I can’t anymore. I feel like we’re up against physical limits in terms of what’s possible now. We don’t have the stock to fight this. I regret not seeing this coming a long time ago.

      • I agree with you Jon Westling. I think this is tied to last week’s despair episode. Nothing brings on more despair than the huge numbers of our folk who are in denial or resigned. It is as if the most natural impulse to repel invasion and defend one’s own territory is gone.

        That leaves those who have it to turn to their left and right to rouse their village to an ardent defense to find resignation or denial. That makes for despair.

        There are a huge number of us still who still have healthy mental responses. We have to accept that many of us are going to never be roused or roused at a much later phase. In the meantime, we must find even a small number of those around us with healthy instincts and mental processes and band together for fellowship and planning – IRL. Then those tiny islands can be connected. Every time I complain about someone else, I ask, have I built my mannerbund and found that tiny number that surely exists around me?

        No? Then I have more work to do.

        • I believe that going back to growing and raising clean food and hard outdoor work will slowly raise the testosterone levels, also, since many now have no “owned” property, they would have to somehow obtain it so they would be determined to defend it. Kevin from Starbucks who is single and lives in a small apartment is much different than Jeff who has a wife and 3 kids and owns his own land..

          • I like the sentiment, but single family survival farming is horrendously inefficient. I suspect even impossible for 95% of the population. The reduction in population—useful and non-useful—would send us back to the dark ages.

          • I agree @Compsci, there are worse hobbies to have than homesteading (and many better), but a “dirt-farmer as a survival strategy” isn’t a great plan.

    • Sam Dickson said that the current regime has set in place the guidelines for how the rule of law is to be conducted.
      They are punishing Trump supporters who were involved in the rally on Jan 6. They were denied bond and are now in solitary confinement, abused by guards and have zero hope of acquittal in a DC courtroom. He reminds that “they have chosen the rules and in case the situation ever changes, they have chosen how they want this struggle to be conducted”.

      • I have not heard Dickson’s explanation, but more or less “the rule of law” has been deconstructed so that it is an instrument of oppression rather than an instrument of protection. The Left always claimed this to be the case, but that was projection and something they wanted and have now achieved. Everything the Soviet secret police did was legal, and the secret police of the West have taken that route.

        • It seems that prior to the so-called “civil rights movement,” the law allowed whites a certain amount of latitude to protect themselves, their neighborhoods and their cities from negro encroachment and subsequent social collapse. Since the CRM, however, the law has expressly forbidden from self defense, and the result has been the distruction of American cities, and endless white flight.

          • Many if not the majority of jurisdictions continue to allow defense of person and perhaps most even property. Those are laws reproduced on paper and screen, of course. The local prosecutors who interpret those laws and their applications. though, have done exactly as you described. It isn’t enough to live in a stand your ground state any longer. If the local prosecutor doesn’t like the law, he will interpret it in such a way that your self-defense falls outside of its scope.

            Hopefully at this point most people realize that even absent an unjust conviction, always possible against a white defendant now, they can be rendered penniless and put through so much trauma that prison would be an afterthought. The Soros prosecutors get great attention, justifiably, because they let violent felons skate. Just as insidious, though, is the political punishment they mete out. Expect more.

  30. What is next will depend on what President Newsom (assuming Biden can’t be dealt with) does once he has the throne. I can only imagine that his coronation will drive would be Queen Hillary crazy. So there will be at least that to amuse us. The Putin elected him gambit won’t work due to press support for him.

    One of the next things to happen will be a state of near continuous orgasm by White women. Newsom is their dream man: tall, wealthy, good looking, rich and a sociopath

    • Saw about 30 seconds of an interview with him yesterday. He is exactly what fiction writers would describe as “oily”.

        • Unctuous was one of the first ‘big’ words I glommed onto as a kid. It was disparagingly used, referring to the original host of Jeopardy, Art Fleming. It’s in play, big time, for hair-gel boy.

          • Once Newsom is installed as President, it’ll be “Easy Livin” for the Coalition of the Permanently Aggrieved as its members will be “Stealin” everything in sight, nailed down or not.

        • “David: Mr. Micawber, this is Uriah Heep, who works for my good friend Mr. Wickfield.
          Mr. Micawber: How do you do? Any friend of my friend Copperfield has a personal claim on me.
          Uriah Heep: Oh thank you, thank you sir, but I’m too humble to be called a friend, Mr. Micawber. I’m grateful to Mr. Copperfield for his kindness. Now if you’ll excuse me…
          [Heep bows and leaves the room]
          Mr. Micawber: A man, I perceive, of remarkable shrewdness.”

      • I think I was half paying attention to that interview and it may have been my imagination but I could swear he flicked his tongue out and licked his eyeball.

    • I think sHillary is being appeased with having been given the rebuilding of Ukraine thru the “foundation”. The grift is endless.

      • Then she is surely a fool, as the rebuilding, whatever that might mean, will not fall into her hands. Even Larry Fink seems to be having some trepidations as to what the reality on the ground will shortly be.

      • Shaq has a story about the difference between wealthy and rich. He uses it in his lectures to fellow Blacks wrt money management.

        Seems Shaq was talking with one of the (White) elite monied types and in discussing wealth/money, Shaq mentioned being “wealthy” from his long career in basketball. The wealthy White guy told Shaq he didn’t understand the difference between being rich and being wealthy. The wealthy guy said, “Shaq, you’re rich, but I’m wealthy. You can buy pretty much whatever you want. However, I’m wealthy. I can never go broke. My children will be wealthy, and their children wealthy, and so on. That’s the difference”

        Shaq’s, story moral here is that this “talk” made him more determined than ever to watch his money and invest wisely and plan for such a future as the wealthy White guy bragged about. I guess you can never be too rich. 😉

    • “One of the next things to happen will be a state of near continuous orgasm by White women. Newsom is their dream man”

      And Newson’s wife was Harvey Weinstein’s dream woman.

    • One of the most telling things about Good White women is that they were outraged (OUTRAGED!!!!) by Trump saying they let you grab them by the pussy but are not bothered in the least by Newsom having had an affair with his best friend’s wife. I think he was Newsom’s campaign manager.

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