The Emotive State

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If you look back at the government propaganda of the Second World War, you will see that it was rather generic in how it framed the enemy. The propaganda about the Germans was not much different from what was used in the prior war, except this time the Nazis were often portrayed as stupid. The Japanese were portrayed as absurdly Asian looking and monstrously cruel. Both were described as villainous aggressors who had no reason to launch their war on the world.

In other words, there was nothing special about the bad guys relative to prior bad guys, other than some superficial differences. There has always been a circular logic to wartime propaganda, going back to the Greeks. The bad guys are bad because they are the enemy, and they are the enemy because they are bad. What makes them bad, of course, is they do things we would never do, and they never do the things that we know good people are supposed to do.

Fast forward to the present and villains are either Hitler or Bull Connor, who have morphed into a Janus like creature that haunts every conflict. The foreign villains are always going to be Hitler, while domestic villains are the generic racist. Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden were Hitler, despite the obvious differences, while every white conservative is a fledgling Bull Connor. Donald Trump managed to be both, despite his Zionism and love of black people.

The language of public discourse now sounds like wartime propaganda because we now live in the age of emotivism. The term “emotivism” comes from an early 20th century school of ethics that claimed all ethical sentences are actually expressions of emotional attitude, as in positive or negative. When a speaker says something is good or bad, he is not stating an objective fact, but merely expressing his own emotional attitude toward the object in question.

Like a lot of 19th and early 20th century ideas around ethics and philosophy, this one fell out of favor due to its lack of utility. You cannot build a grand moral theory if morality is a subjective construct that arises from tradition or superstition, so there must be some universal and objective morality. Similarly, you cannot make a career in ethics if ethics are nothing more than conditioned responses. There must be some universal ethical code buried in the desert that must be found.

That does not mean the emotivists were correct when they made their sweeping claim about ethical statements. Just because the war propagandists say the bad guys are bad as a way to generate support for the cause, does not mean everyone who says the bad guys are bad is merely acting on their conditioning. Nor does it mean that everyone saying the bad guys are bad is a propagandist. It is possible to think the bad guys are objectively bad and do so without emotion.

Even so, it is a useful concept when thinking about how modern humans interact with one another in the public space. America is an empire built by war, so it is built for war, and therefore it is always on the hunt for war. As a result, generations of Americans have grown up in a wartime culture, which means the public square has been flooded with what amounts to wartime propaganda. There is always a war, which means there is always an enemy that demands you jeer at it.

Public discourse in this age is not about presenting facts or contesting various claims, but about displaying your allegiance to a perceived moral divide. The white people installing the “Hate has no place here” signs on their lawn would never live within a bus ride of black people, but they feel they must show the world that they are on one side of the racism line, the good side. The yawning gap between their emotive gestures and their lived experience does not register with them.

This is why the people we call the Left love the word extremism. The word is meaningless but in the mouth of a Cloud Person it is ridiculous. They accuse normal people living normal lives of extremism, because those normal people do not want to dress their son as a girl. Logically, it is nonsense, but emotively it is highly appealing as it not only expresses the users state of mind toward the bad people, it amplifies the distance between the speaker and object.

Of course, this is why everyone is Hitler now. It is not that Hitler is the evilest person in history or that he is an outlier in political villainy. Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, and many others were much bloodier and villainous. Unlike those other baddies from history, Hitler lets the speaker express a clear emotional state. That emotional state, of course, indicates your emotional commitment to a collection of people and ideas. Calling someone Hitler is like violently crying at a North Korean state funeral.

That is the way to think about public discourse in the emotive state. The ambitious and self-conscious are always looking around for a way express their “boo/hooray” instincts to the crowd. When the pro-Israel people rushed to their nearest platform to claim Hamas is Hitler, they were letting the world know their emotional state on this issue, not expressing an ethical or moral position. That is why the language spiraled into the absurd as they competed with one another.

That last part also helps explain the weirdness of public discourse. Since every issue is instinctively understood to be an opportunity to express an emotion, there is a natural competition to see who can be the most emotional. Piety in the emotive state is no longer about adherence to a set of ethical rules, but a consistency in showing the popular emotional response to issues. Instead of sacrificing a bull to the gods, the great and the good have a good cry at a candlelight vigil.

A biproduct of this emotionalism is that politics are purely performative. There is no practical point to any of it, as the primary motivation is to be seen expressing the best emotions at the time. While the mob sorts through their own emotional response to the emotive performances, the people with real power go about exercising that power to maintain and enhance their power. Politics has become the feelies from the novel Brave New World, rather than a marketplace of ideas.

While this is useful to the people with power, it may be short lived. There is a limit to how much raw emotion one can tolerate. Every day there is some new thing that everyone must emote about in public. Just as drug takers find they need increasingly powerful doses to get the desired effect, the emotive need increasingly stronger emotional responses. Like the drug taker, the end of this road is the inability to feel anything other than the lack of agony.

All human societies are moral societies. The rules governing virtue provide meaning and purpose to individual lives. The emotive state, in contrast, channels the natural desire to do the right thing, however society defines it, into the onanistic act of crying in public over violation of the right thing. As a result, the good life has no point, other than an endless crying jag. There is no point to this way of living, which may explain the catastrophic social measures of modernity.

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210 thoughts on “The Emotive State

  1. This essay is an excellent common sense explication of A.J. Ayer’s “Language, Truth and Logic” – specifically Chapter VI.

    If you can get past Ayer’s jewy Rothschild and MI6 connections (yes, I know that is a lot to ask) the dude was brilliant and is a gateway to our understanding of how effed up our current situation really is.

    He wrote this in ’36. It tore a hole in moral philosophy and was all the rage for about 20 years. Then, like that, the attention to his thesis ended.

    Interesting story. It smacks of a “revelation of the method”. A coming out from from behind the mask. It cut too much to the bone of reality. It was memory holed.

    Thanks to ZMan for digging up a buried treasure.

    • I wasn’t expecting a reference to Ayer, who affected my thinking quite a bit back in the day.

      I remember LT&L being about dismissing most metaphysical discussions with the assertion that all meaningful statements must be tautological or scientific, which is itself a metaphysical statement.

      How does LT&L apply Z Man’s post? (I don’t want to find my copy in the basement to remember what’s in chapter 6.)

      • Why invade Poland after recovering lost territory, and then some, without firing a shot? If the belief was that war would come, and it certainly threatened, why double down on what didn’t work in WWI?— regardless of whatever treaty with Stalin, or a sense of British weakness. Diplomacy was the German Empire’s (or maybe only Bismarck’s) genius, war its ruin. Same for the Third Reich, except that they really didn’t give diplomacy a chance.

  2. House spaker Mike Johnson turns out to be surprisingly disturbing to the Left, and not as much of a Managerial “yes man” as expected.

    • Nope, he’s one of the usual DC gang – he appointed a Pharma lobbyist as his policy director.

  3. Most peoples/governments demonize and dehumanize enemies during times of war, and then, ideally, let it go after the war is over. One of the worst things about the modern West is that, eighty years later, the Jews have not only held on to expired adversarial cartoon propaganda wartime hatred, but have used their dominance to force it as one of our society’s central organizing principles.

    As many of you have probably seen, they’ve even recently been using it to justify modern unconscionable genocide – “We’ve used Schindler’s List and hundreds of other movies, not to mention school curriculums, to convince you rubes that massacring innocent German civilians by aerial bombing was moral and just – so, of course you will help us to bomb and genocide the civilians of anyone else we want to get rid of.” Sick.

    • Also – in before tomorrow’s post – that Audrey Hale Nashville “manifesto” seems to me awkward and like a forgery, and I am not sure I trust its purported authenticity:
      “And then I will drive my grey 2009 Toyota over to the Covenant Christian School, 33 Burton Hills Blvd, Nashville, TN 37215, and kill Christian kids just because they are Christian, and white people just because they are white, the same hate the school system taught me to do.”
      Its style doesn’t seem like the way real people actually write in journals.

      But, if it is actually real, obviously, she was a moron, a weirdo, and a fanatic. Also, if it is real – it looks like it was just the last three pages from a diary. I imagine that there is more that has not been leaked and would also be damning and infuriating, like other pages from the diary, the “final video” she referenced, and perhaps a more formal proper manifesto.

      • Maybe I stand alone, but I’ve never been interested in reading this thing. I just don’t have interest in what people like this have to say. We can all guess and be right with 90% certainty. If we’re wrong…so what?

        The howling for it to be released just seemed like Con Inc. looking for a dead horse to beat for a news cycle.

        • I hear you, but the left has gotten laws passed and gotten important people deplatformed based on outrage after right-wing mass shooting manifestos have been released. We can’t make change on demand as easily as they can, but still useful to make use of this tool as we can.

  4. I’ve been enjoying the cognitive dissonance (dissidence?) that’s festering among the Lefty scum on this whole Israeli-Palestine thing. It’s like watching the monsters in the old Doom game slaughter each other while you run around taking potshots at them with that lame little revolver to keep them angry. This morning on NextDoor, always a reliable indicator of what the estrogen-addled masses think, someone posted one of those large “poster” images about the “Israeli Apartheid” in Palestine. It’s good to see this kind of thing but it doesn’t really mean the poster is having any kind of red pill epiphany. If he/she/it were he would recognize that sometimes, well, ya just gotta Apartheid if ya knows what’s good for ya.

    So my general tendency on this is to side with the people who most resemble my people. I can relate to being a civilized Western-oriented person trying to cope with swarthy savages who live across the railroad tracks and won’t stay there. This is strongly countered by a feeling of schadenfreude though given that I know most of the people screaming about the evil deeds of the Pals have been doing everything they can to flood my country with the same kind of third world trash.

    And then on the third hand, finding myself agreeing with blue-haired egalitarian nose-ringers about *anything* just sort of feels icky. It’s times like this that I just want the Cold War back.

    • I too find myself in the position of respecting Ms. Tlaib for supporting her people, wishing there were more pols who would, while simultaneously knowing that if I were in Bibi’s chair, I’d have already spent the last several years carpet bombing the Gaza strip.

  5. Hitler is the standard villain because he is the centerpiece of the last “Good” war.

    Why was it good? It unified the U.S. armed forces, which dropped the segregation demands of previous years, and de facto unified America under one banner. We can look at 1933-45 as the period in which the New Deal progressivism combined with pre-Wokeism Wokeism to cement a period in which the Left now rules everything.

    It was the television in the Fifties which really accelerated the processes unleashed in the Thirties. Now we have almost one hundred years of the din of unending propaganda from the Left. Who has not felt its slimy touch?

    (Click on my name to continue reading my pro blog.)

    • ” It unified the U.S. armed forces, which dropped the segregation demands of previous years, and de facto unified America under one banner.”

      Not in WWII. US Army desegregation was a Korean War innovation.

      • Partially true. Maintaining segregation in combat units was a giant unecessary pain in the ass in WW2; units with combat loses couldn’t replenish or reconsolidate efficiently. Desegregation afterwards was seen as progressive by America, but the military generally saw it as being pragmatic.

  6. There is an equal and opposite blowback on this phenomenon too. I no longer believe or trust a thing I read. When the Usual Suspects announce a Current Thing – the first thing out of my face is “bull chit”. It’s a conditioned reflex and not a good one; one day Hitler or the Big Bad Wolf WILL come calling and nobody’s going to see him for all the hyperventilating, clucking and squawking.

    So bad is it now, that there’s bona fide Flat Earthers on Blab. At first I thought it was a running gag devised by the Z Man and his fellow black Jewish friend – Cornelius Rye. But I think some of those guys are actually serious. I can hardly blame them I suppose, now that aliens and Big Foot are real too. I saw the stupids were feverishly polishing turd and trying to revive the evil racist Covid monster too. The mind boggles.

    We need a cull in this country, and from my place out here in the outhouse – Darwin, Murphy and God seem to be of a mind that we’re going to get it.

  7. Morality is really a product of temperament, intelligence, and aesthetics. Believing in and protecting the self interest of those inborn traits and preferences.

    R and K selected have very different world views, both of which have credence to certain extents.

  8. Great essay. I had dinner in the clouds the other night. Very, every high in the clouds at a private dinner. People who made unfathomable sums looting the country they, “fled”, as children. They are besides themselves about Ukraine and now Israel and how, though some of the woke stuff is okay, it has now gone way too far. Of course, that is because this tiger they didn’t recognize as a tiger, that they don’t know that they have by the tail, is now snapping directly at them.

    What Z’s post is getting at in part is the ability to do proper sense making. The part about performative sobbing and performative condemnation as a status signal is a major block to sense making. I think you would be shocked to know how ignorant people at this level are.

    Here is an illustrative anecdote. A year ago, the most craven status seeker, (the one who is very well off but not buying castles around the world rich), hosted a dinner and at some point said, “Fuck the deplorables! We need to get rid of them.” Fast forward a year, and who are they ultimately dependent upon if the GAE is to turn the tide in Ukraine and bolster, garrison our greatest ally and be spread out in other moves along the global chess board where force and the threat of force matter?

    I had quite the inner smile and contempt swirling around in a delightful goulash that mixed with the the exquisite cuisine. You want to get rid of the deplorable, not because he is a threat to you, but because you want to signify your credentials. It is the classic bourgeoisie plebian with enough self-awareness to sense he is a pleb but not enough knowledge and learning to understand beyond a gut level. Certainly there is not a single drop of aristocratic blood to just know better.

    The conversation circled the table about how an NPR show discussed the colleges that properly handled the fracture in the coalition, that they don’t even know is a coalition and assorted other indolent banter. They couldn’t make the connection. The GAE is getting slapped around by Poseidon on the high seas in part because its enemies know it has staged a color revolution and is fighting an internal civil war. In this war it has declared war on the population that comprises its warrior caste. It chewed them up and spit them out fighting a War on Terror and now they live next door to the call to prayer. Like Odysseus in his moments of bad judgement his pride gets the better of him and he angers the Gods in expressing it.

    These people don’t even have the first idea. They expressed relief, not gratitude, but relief that they live on American dirt even as they talked about how they make investments in foreign countries in order to procure passports where they can go to ride out storms.

    Sense making is very important. In any society, no matter its stated form of organization – democracy; republic; monarchy … … its best educated and cosmopolitan class must be clearly informed and must be capable of proper sense making. They must also have a stake in the regime – a real and enduring stake. These people will withdraw and move at the first sign of trouble. China, Russia and the Middle Eastern regimes must know this. While these rootless cosmopolitans turn to NPR for key news and information, our pirate ship’s masts flash the important information – things like the JCOS appointment of a rabid anti-American, anti-white racist bent on instituting racial quotas in the officer core to dispossess white men of meritorious mobility. Congress approved him 83-11. Tuberville made a stink on the confirmations not because of the anti-white racism and the folly of rewarding this divisive traitor with the JCOS appointment, but because of abortion. I suspect Schumer set him straight on the race issue and he is such a coward he turned to the abortion issue as a proxy for his dissent. Not a comforting thought.

    You can see that TPTB do know they have an issue. At another party amongst the plebs I caught a footballz commercial where it was all blue eyed and red headed white men – the Army recruitment ad. All of the other commercials feature their women living happy upper middle class life with blacks who will be the officers they report to in the GAEs attempt to bring their fantasy to life.

    Somebody knows that, for now, they need the deplorables. I have been conflicted on whether or not our people should abandon the military. It is a tricky situation. If you are out of it entirely, it can be turned on you and you are defenseless. If you are in it in large numbers, if you are organized you can mutiny and effectively bring the regime to a speedy end. Of course, you can also be cannon fodder for the GAE in meat grinders where your numbers are obliterated very quickly.

    While we fiddle and diddle with commercials trying to create a new reality out of the reality they simultaneously deconstruct, China, Russia, Israel, India, Iran everyone else really, has a homogeneous population with a strong identity that has points of conviction you can rally around to win a real conflagration against a real and serious enemy. We have a plebian LARPelite that is too busy emoting and doing IPOs that don’t make any sense to do any real sense making. I’ve also met some of the children. Look out below!!!!

    On the positive side, we face a monumental uphill struggle. Our struggle should not be political. It should be focused mostly on preservation, cultivation and education of those of our folk who have the will to survive and those who awaken to it. The difference in level of thinking and sense making is night and day between our pirate ship and the dining rooms of the cosmopolitan NPR-not-to-make-sense-of-things-but-to-be-on-the-side-of-power class. That isn’t to say we don’t have our rabble to deal with too. We must focus on not blaming other tribes but focusing inward on taking care of ours. That is crucial now. The legislation and hysteria will use the Palestinian “anti-semitism” position not to go after a coalition partner, but to radically increase oppression of the real enemy – the American nation.

    The GAE is going down in flames. The past few weeks have shown that. We are in a nose dive because we have a ruling gaggle of tribes whose loyalty is first to their tribe and if any loyalty is to a country it is only in how it serves their tribe. We’ve reached this point after 100 years of 2 tribes consciously at war with the majority third tribe whose treasonous leadership has its head buried deep up its backside. Now we have two more tribes ascendant and a powder keg where the currency of the realm is finishing off the majority and going after it from bottom to top and the hystrionics that ZMan so eloquently discussed today.

    Let’s just look inward and get better and stronger. Don’t do anything stupid. Act out of love – love for our kind and our homeland and ourselves. Keep getting better. Withdraw from the system where it hurts you and enter into it where it can be used to strengthen you. The best sense makers and those who will prove themselves worthy of being the emergent new aristocracy will be masters of this game. Into the the old sewer systems with cloaking devices when essential and up to broadcast depth for resources and tactical victories as needed. Puritanical idealism is a recipe for certain and permanent defeat.

    Do not despair. We have not lost our ability to do proper sense making. That is a significant tool at our disposal.

    • You said a great deal here, but I will comment on your question about what is to be done about the U.S. military. I spent 20yrs as a legionare for the GAE, so I have some insight.

      I was happy to see you use the term “warrior caste” because it is an accurate description of what emerged from the post-draft military. It is overwhelmingly white, male, and comes from flyover country. This institutionalized a culture of pragmatism and meritocracy (at least compared to the rest of the government). These things are sacrilege to leftists, so they acted.

      The Woke Purge started immediately after Obama was reelected, and was only partially paused during the Trump years, so it is mostly complete. Believe me, the “warrior caste” has taken this (and the disillusionment from GWOT) personally and is outraged.

      This is why military recruiters are getting the Bud Light treatment. The point here is that sense-making people are not joining; that dilemma you pointed out is solving itself.

      As to the U.S. military role in a domestic conflict: don’t give it too much credit.

      American military successes are owed ENORMOUSLY to having a continent-sized rear area that has been 100% insulated from enemy attack. Even with this intact and unthreatened, it controlled Iraq (population ~27m) sporadically and never controlled Afghanistan. My point here is that the military AS WE KNOW IT will not function in a domestic combat role for very long.

      This is why the Chinese military has ~1.5m troops. Only about 1/4 of these are expeditionary (well selected, trained, and equipped, like ours). The rest are reliable nobodies with a rifle and a bayonet to keep the peasants on the rice paddies.

      America is very different from China, but use that model to think about the type of force the GAE will have to field when things fall apart at home.

        • I won’t disagree, but the effectiveness of swarms in a counterinsurgency is yet to be known.

          To the MIC, the first and last solution to every problem is technology. Firing $100k Hellfire missiles at $5k pickup trucks for decades is perfectly reasonable to them.

          This discards the Rube-Goldburg process of these weapons’ distributed production, assembly, transport, employment, and operation. All of that is further reliant on dozens of supporting systems (maintenance, communications, feeding the operator, etc) functioning as designed.

          Only a small amount of chaos renders it useless.

          The GAE is not run by geniuses; Anti-Islamiphobia Task Forces are the pinnacle of their problem solving abilities.

      • I know this is a dumb question, but I’m just tuning back in after a few months away from Z Man’s blog.

        What is the GAE? What does the acronym mean?
        I can guess mostly from context, but am asking for help.

        • I believe it stands for Global American Empire, but it could also be the “Gay American Empire” or “Globohomo American Empire.”

          I welcome any corrections.

          Too bad it’s not the FGAE…the Fake and Gay American Empire.

          • It might have been Darren Beattie than popularised it as Globalist American Empire, but I think Greatest Ally Empire could work, too.

  9. As I understand it, the Japanese *were* far more brutal, fanatical, and unrelenting in World War II than were the Germans. The war in the Pacific was much worse than the war in Europe. So there was some truth to the stereotypical characterization of the Japanese. The Japanese are indeed different in significant ways than Europeans.

    Calling someone an “extremist” is the form this sort of demonization takes in our woke modern world: another way of saying “they’re not like us“.

    Re: emotions: one way of looking at it is that emotions provide value to thoughts. They alert us to which thoughts and ideas are more consequential and meaningful.

    Despite the fact that Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao were much worse, could it be that Hitler is being disproportionately demonized because he targeted one of the sacred protected groups: the Jews?

    • Hitler didn’t commit his atrocities in the name of liberating humanity as most of the other archvillains of the 20th century did. Had he done so, the general attitude toward him would be mildly offended ambivalence rather than unreconstructed condemnation.

      • Hitler also had the ranting, the only other one doing that was Mussolini but no one was going to take seriously the idea of an Italian as the embodiment of all evil. Japanmen and Ching Chongs don’t work either because they’re too alien to use, while a German is culturally similar enough to implant the fear of the little Adolf hiding inside your neighbor when he carps about too many Mexicans coming into the country. Stalin was a worse butcher, but he was ultimately a product of a golem created by the folks who cry out in pain, so they don’t mention him.

        • Ostei Kozelskii: “Hitler didn’t commit his atrocities in the name of liberating humanity as most of the other archvillains of the 20th century did.”

          Can anyone point to a fully documented atrocity of Hitler’s which isn’t yet another ex-post-facto Frankfurt School Psyop?

          [Obviously no holohoaxing is to be permitted.]

          PS: Hitler’s agenda was not “liberating humanity” per se, but rather simply liberating German-ity.

          Hitler was especially concerned about myriad Germanic populations, trapped in Western Russia, who were at risk of being annihilated by the Bolsheviks.

          • There were documented atrocities beyond a doubt, in particular mass shootings and non- judicial executions of Jews and suspected communist partisans on the Eastern Front. Although the camp lore is wildly exaggerated and there is no way they gassed six million Jews, being deprived of one’s home and property and being sent to a forced labor camp where malnutrition and typhus were rampant was not exactly a picnic at the beach. I also suspect that they had some kind of euthanasia program in the camps for inmates unable to work. They had a euthanasia program for defective Aryans and were forced to abandon it in 1937 under political pressure from the Catholic Church, so one would have to assume they would be willing to employ similar measures against Jews and communists in the camps during wartime.

            I am 100% willing to argue on behalf of the German side in World War II, but because they were right about many things does not mean they were right about everything.

            (Of course the U.S. and its allies committed atrocities during and after World War II as well, such as the Dresden bombing, they Katyn massacre, and the mass gang rapes of German women by Soviet units in 1945…)

          • Xman, can you give some specific examples of documentation which is NOT j00-tainted in any fashion?

            URLs would be awesome.


            PS: The following was an extremely instructive screenshot at Gab the other day.


            I don’t know if you can find any ackshual published research ostensibly concerning the nature of the 3rd Reich which is NOT j00-tainted.

            The j00z have written [and published and hold the copyrights to] all the history books.

        • I get the photo, KGB, but the answer is yes. Hitler was interested in “liberating” the Aryan peoples, not humanity. He expressly preferred his own people to the Other, and that is one of the chief reasons he is so intensely reviled. Whites are not allowed to prefer their own.

          • Bourbon, you’re absolutely right that it is very difficult to find any neutral and objective analyses of German atrocities that are not written by Jews and not part of the Holocaust lore. That being said the NSDAP did in fact regard Jews and Jewish communists in particular as enemies treated them harshly.

            Probably the most well-known examples of non-camp atrocities include the shootings of allegedly some 30,000 Jews at Babi Yar in Ukraine, the reprisals against the Czech resistance for the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, in which a couple of hundred non-Jews were shot, and the reprisals against the Yugoslavian resistance. The Einsatzgruppen (special ops units) on the Eastern Front seem to have been very busy and a fair number of the “Holocaust” deaths were probably caused by them. Given that the Reich needed camp labor for the war effort, it would make more sense for them to keep alive as many camp inmates who were able to work as they could, while shooting as many Bolsheviks and Soviet commissars as they could.

            British historian Ian Kershaw’s biography of Hitler and his work on Nazi Germany is fairly neutral, and gives a good account of the German perspective. He does not write from the position that every page must be a condemnation of Nazi Germany, but neither does he deny that here were significant Jewish casualties caused by the Reich.

            Kershaw does, however, take at face value the allegation that eastern camps like Treblinka were pure extermination camps. Although I do not deny that Jews died in the camps for a variety of reasons, some deliberate and some incidental, I would question this allegation insofar as no “extermination camps” were found in the Western zone of liberation, and we have only the Soviet account of what they claim to have discovered in their zone and I am somewhat reluctant to accept anything the Soviets said at face value for obvious reasons.

          • There are reports out there which are not tainted.
            The Leuchter Reports.
            A Polish (I think) scientist went back to the gas chambers and asked legit scientific questions about the viability of gassing massive numbers of people: tre seals on the doors & windows, the amounts of gas needed, the shower heads needed and how it was down.
            In short, he was prosecuted for asking uncomfortable questions. BUT, his evidence shows that six million is a total lie in the sky number.


  10. Let’s just call a spade a spade. Our politics are emotive due to the nineteenth amendment. Repeal it and some sense of logic and reason will return to politics in America.

    • I seriously doubt it. You can’t just repeal the 19th and think this will do much of anything without repealing everything else around women which naturally flowed from the sentiment which enabled the 19th . We would need to remove them from the workplace and the academy along with politics.

      Women’s negative influence is not just via the ballot box or even primarily via the ballot box. Plus, women have changed since the 19th. Just think of the “cult of safety” we now have around children. Most of us would agree this is driven by women. But look at how women raised children when raising children was their primary job. There was no cult of safety. If anything, it was too far the other way.

      If we had the social capital to repeal the 19th, which is complete fantasy, we should also ban women from the academy and professions.

      • I suspect Guest’s proposal to repeal the 19th is a stand-in for dramatically reducing female influence in the public sphere, in general.

        • Most women would be much happier running a household and raising a brood of children, or babysitting the grandchildren, even if most don’t think so.

          “Wine, pills, cats, boyfriends, and career. Why am I so unhappy?”

          • I think most do know it, if only instinctively. That’s why they immiserate everybody else— to let them know something’s wrong. But, being women, they can’t just say it and say what’s wrong. You’re supposed to read minds lol.

        • My thinking as well since it seems the issue is less “women voting” than a society that allows “women voting”. There doesn’t seem to be a way around it as once “voting” is allowed at all then it becomes a disease as a system validated by “voting” is validated even further by even more “voting”.

      • Tars Tarkas: ‘Just think of the “cult of safety” we now have around children.’

        I live in an house which is more than a century old, and when it was built there were:

        A) No vehicles flying down the road at 75MPH [like we have today]

        B) No v@xxines [’nuff said]

        C) No pediatricians [’nuff said]

        C) No s0d0mites nor s@pphistes

        E) No kneegr0wz in the skrewls

        F) No j00z

        G) The ability to spontaneously lynch [with impunity] uppity kneegr0wz & j00z & s0d0mites & s@pphistes when necessary.

        Etc etc etc.

        If you can get rid of automobiles & trucks & motorcycles & mopeds, v@xxines, pediatricians, s0d0mites, s@pphistes, kneegr0wz and j00z, then we can talk about NOT needing a “Cult of Safety”.

        [Note that without pediatricians, we would no longer have to worry about Adderall addiction becoming Ritalin addiction become methamphetamine addiction becoming oxycodone addiction becoming fentanyl overdose & death. And we likely wouldn’t have to worry about marijuana addiction becoming Cluster A schizophrenia & psychosis & suicide [if not mass mμrder]. Nor would we need to worry about little boys wanting to cut off their penises and little girls wanting “toppings” plus radical hysterectomies. Oh, by the way, did I mention that they didn’t have Talmudvision back then? That the Electric j00 wasn’t functioning as the default babysitter in the house, and that Mom wasn’t off banging her boss at the office?]

        But in the meantime, our Number One priority in life simply must be the “Cult of Safety”.

        Any White parent in the 21st Century who isn’t obsessing [24×7] about the “Cult of Safety” is a parent whose children are at a very severe risk of vanishing into extinction.

        • My childhood was far more recent and where all those things existed. There was no cult of safety when I was a kid. Same for boomers. Kids born around 1970 were the last of kids who grew up before the cult of safety.

          Anyone obsessing on their child’s safety is probably doing more harm than good. Most of them are NOT obsessing with the problems you point out. Do you REALLY believe they are obsessing on reducing their screen time? Obsessing on teaching them not to relax around blax? Keeping them away from vaccines and pediatricians? Guarding what they read and consume to minimize or eliminate rainbow propaganda?

          NO! They do the opposite. They encourage screen time by not letting their kids outside. Mothers in the ghetto give their children more space than the average wealthy suburbanite. They buy them all the trendiest kids books and media making sure they get their daily dose of LGBTQIAP+ propaganda. They feed them processed food and don’t let them exercise by going out to play in their safe wealthy suburbs. They make sure the kids are up to date on the latest vaccines.

          These kids are not growing up into well adjusted adults. Parents are not being safety cautious about the things you would like them to be safety cautious about.

          • Okay, I don’t know where we go from here, in terms of continuing the conversation.

            The children of the 21st Century are at EXTREME RISK of every manner of psychological & pharmaceutical poisonings, and they sure as hell can’t walk up or down the road, nor ride a bicycle at 75MPH.

            [Hello obesity epidemic.]

            Some parents are paying attention to that reality, by e.g. homeschooling their children, getting their children involved in extracurricular sports, and removing their children from the purview of the Pediatrician Industrial Complex.

            Whereas other parents are throwing their children to the wolves of the Gender Dysphoria Industrial Complex, the V@xxine Industrial Complex, the Ritalin/Adderall/Valium Industrial Complex, the Monkey-Pox/HIV/antibiotic-resistant-venereal-disease Industrial Complex, and of course The War Against Boys.

            Some folks worry to death about their kids.

            Other folks don’t give a damn [at best, and, at worst, are effectively psychological paedophiles engaging in abstract psychological molestation of their very own children].

            And before anyone starts whining about “Helicopter Parents”, I don’t see how you could possibly raise children in Klownworld without 24×7 physical & psychological helicoptering.

            Klownworld is pure unabated Hell for children.

          • @Bourbon

            I grew up in the 70s. In the early part of the 70s, the speed limits were generally higher than they are today. But by the mid 70s, the national speed limit was lowered to 55. But neither applied to city streets or suburban neighborhoods. The speed limit was 25mph on my street and during rush hour, traffic was at a dead stop because there was a light at the bottom of my street.

            There are no city streets or suburban streets with a 75mph speed limit. Once you leave your particular suburb, I agree that most of the roads in the broader suburbs are not suitable for walking or biking by anyone because there is generally no sidewalk and narrow roads with a 40-50mph speed limit. This is not a reason to lock your child in the house. Most suburban developments are multiple square miles of low traffic small streets with 25mph speed limits. Plus, they are your neighbors.

            Most of the parents that lock their kids in the house aren’t trying to avoid the kid getting run over in heavy traffic on the freeway.

            Think locking kids up in the house is contributing to the obesity problem? I have nothing against organized sporting leagues for kids, but there is nothing wrong with (literally) running around the neighborhood either. I also support homeschooling and for the same reasons you do.

  11. The “emotive state” is the hysterical state… and “hysteria” is derived from the Greek word for “uterus.”

    Almost all the hysteria and emotiveness in the past 30 years has come from the feminization of the West and from females gaining power. After 9/11, the most common view of government is that it is supposed to “keep us safe.”

    I don’t recall that phrase being used after Pear Harbor — then, it was more like “Kill the yellow bastards.”

    The feminization/hysteria/safety/herd mentality was on full display during the COVID hoax, but it infects everything else, too, from gun control in New Zealand to the feminization of the media, the feminization of the university, and the feminization of American foreign policy.

    Let’s not forget that foreign policy was controlled by Madeline Albright, Condoleeza Rice, and Hillary Clinton for almost two decades. Although there was continuous war during that period, from Serbia to Iraq to Afghanistan to Syria to Libya, we did not win any of them — it was more like Mommy spanking the naughty boys, and using the USMC to send the Afghan girls and Iraqi girls to college and give them birth control, gay rights and the vote.

    This feminization of politics has affected our male leaders, also, from Clinton’s lip-biting, “feel your pain” to Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” to the gay Kenyan’s feminized leadership style. Not for nothing did the alpha male Trump present an existential threat to the political class.

    I’m almost yearning for the days of the communist bloc, when the Stasi informants and the KGB were at least male — not a bunch of shrill Karens and tattooed lesbians.

    Orwell prophesied that the future was like a boot on your throat forever…he was wrong, it is a high heel on your throat forever.

    • I think it’s more like high heel on your balls forever. I have really become quite sick with all the distaff crap on TV and other entertainment.

    • If it was high heels I might not complain so much. What we get is more like schoolmarm flats and bulldyke work boots.

    • Are you old enough to remember the claim that women in higher offices would mean the end of war? My sides…

      • Our first woman president is guaranteed to start a war. She has to, to prove she’s “tough” like the guys.

        • That brings to mind Nimarata’s cringeworthy line from earlier this year, “I don’t put up with bullies. And when you kick back, it hurts them more if you’re wearing heels.”

          She’s spoiling for a chance to start a fight.

          • Uh huh. She’s a real tuffie alright. Bet she was cowering under her desk and rubbing Vishnu’s bangles when that horrid host of white Mongols came to rape, burn and pillage on J6.

        • And as Mrs Clinton said:
          Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat. Women often have to flee from the only homes they have ever known. Women are often the refugees from conflict and sometimes, more frequently in today’s warfare, victims. Women are often left with the responsibility, alone, of raising the children.

          Conference on domestic violence in San Salvador, El Salvador (17 November 1998).

    • The hysteria also comes from the general ennui men and women experience. Flooded with so much dopamine from drugs and extreme entertainment, their bodies only respond to increasingly extreme stimuli that produces a heightened, hysterical response. Coupled with the lack of ambition, a claim of emotional virtue helps rationalize the deep self loathing they experience. A moral cause, where they are the vanguard of righteousness, simultaneously stimulates the overactive adrenal system, justifies their empty existence with assumed purpose, and requires no effort beyond the virtual (both meanings intended).

  12. We live in a world where everyone is fighting against the Moustache Man.

    Russia is fighting for the “de-Nazification” of Ukraine. Ukraine (and the West) are fighting Russia because Putin is the second coming of the painter. Both Putin and the painter were the leader of a country, so Putin is literally the Bad Painter Man.

    Now, Hamas attacking Israel makes them N*zis. After all, the painter also attacked the Jewish people. From the Hamas perspective, the Israelis are the really N*zis, taking a page out of the painter’s book on ethnic cleansing.

    Of course, the Freedom Convoy truckers fighting against vaccine mandates were N*zis. We aren’t exactly sure why, but they are. Justin Trudeau himself said so.

    On the Western right wing, the left are still the real racists and N*zis because (some of them) oppose the state of Israel. And all of those Muslim migrants attacking Jewish people on the streets, well those are N*zis too! The streets look just like the 1930s!

    The only silver lining is that maybe Europe will start to close their borders with the Middle East & Pakistan. Who would want literal N*zis immigrating to your country.

    But yeah, we need some new morality lol. I’m getting tired of hearing about them on every single issue.

  13. Please indulge one more Bongino rant, as is applies to today’s post.

    Bongino reveals and espouses many rational and useful things about modern society and clearly has some inside sources feeding information not normally available to the public. This is the good Bongino. But he is also the Chief Propagandist for the vote-harder mantra because he genuinely believes it can still work to fix DC. I can excuse this as idiocy but not the harm it does in keeping normie on the couch.

    The Israeli-Hamas conflict has now revealed the True Bongino. If given the opportunity, he would travel to Gaza and strangle innocent Palestinian mothers and children with his bare hands as a show of solidarity with the Zionists. Such is the depth of his virtue signaling to Netanyahu. Bongino holds himself up as a paragon of conservative virtue and morality, yet sees nothing inconsistent about cheerleading the wanton slaughter and collective punishment of innocents.

    How do we make common-cause with someone who is clearly insane and reflexively genocidal? What do you do with someone who enthusiastically escalates emotiveness into a call for ethnic cleansing? Name-calling and blood-letting are not equivalent.

    • God himself was a genocidal monster in the Bible. Therefore, I have no problem with genocide only with who it’s being used against.

      If you wanna talk morality then I have to say that Christian morality is what I believe in and Christians have slaughtered people. Sometimes in the name of God. Onward Christian soldiers was not written for the Salvation Army.

      On the flip side of that coin I believe that Muslims are the most immoral people on the face of the earth. And anytime that Christians or anyone else has the opportunity to slaughter as many of them as possible it should be considered a blessing. Therefore I have no problem with Bongino. But that’s me.

      I believe when you have an enemy you destroy it. That means their soldiers, their sailors, their old men their old women their children their pets and their farm animals.

      I can’t recall any war in history where civilians haven’t been killed. In fact I could make an argument that the more civilians you kill the more eager the army is to surrender. No soldier wants to come home to a blown up house with a dead wife and children.

      On the other hand I also believe in exile. If people are not making war on you that does not mean that they are your ally it just means that currently they are not your enemy. The institution of exile enables one group of people to throw out another group of people from their society without having to exterminate them. Call it Christian style genocide. I don’t think communists, nazis, muslims, or any other group of people either political or religious who believe that America should be destroyed and Americans should be killed should be allowed to live in our country and be protected by our laws and supported by our economy. Anyone living in America a member of one of those groups should be immediately arrested and shipped out of the country.

      But again that’s just my opinion. Personally I don’t have time to be screwing around with people who hate us and hate America. Throw them the hell out and let’s concentrate on people who love us and love America.

      • Muslims have always been nice to me. Give you the shirt off their back, they will. Certainly nicer to me than jews. As well as smellier. The problems seem to start when they congregate in large enough groups to be politically viable. Which is fine in their own countries, it’s their deployment in the Great Replacement that is dangerous.

          • Even there, culture and institutions remain downstream from biology. Malaysia and Indonesia aren’t nearly the same as Pakistan, Iran, or the Arabian countries.

          • I don’t begrudge them what they do in their sand box. Not my circus not my monkeys. In my (brief) visits to those regions they were nice to me then too. Although I didn’t wander around with an open container of booze dressed like RuPaul.

      • If you truly believe what you say, why are you not out there right now attempting to kill the people you hate? Actions speak louder than words. But your comment does speak to something that I was trying to convey in my post above. And that is that talking trash is cheap bravado compared to actually putting your life on the line in defense of your beliefs. In others words, Dan Bongino’s national audience rhetoric would be a lot more convincing if gave those sermons with actual blood on his hands after returning from the Middle East and slaughtering a few innocent Palestinians who had nothing to do with the Hamas atrocity.

  14. Why Hitler though? Why is he being used now daily as the regime’s bad guy sock puppet in their moral play? I think the answers may be found in “Mein Kampf.”

    • Worldwide Jewry led by American Jewry has spent since World War II making Adolf Hitler the boogeyman. We all know that there are a lot of worse people in history even more recently than Adolf but he was killing Jews and Jewry runs the newspapers and the airwaves so it stands to reason they’re not gonna moon about the innocent chinks murdered by Mao.

      • Just a side rant about John Derbyshire who one minute will pat himself on the head with lines like:
        People who obsess about Jews have issues
        But then two minutes later:
        What is up with Hitler being singled out as The Most Evil Man Ever?”
        He has contributed (and continues to contribute) so much the cause that all I can muster is an eyeroll, but still.

        • No matter how good they might be on any- or everything else, boomercons (and their non-rebellious descendants) are hopelessly mired in the contradiction you’ve noted—because the content of anglosphere conservatism is very little *but* that contradiction.

          I haven’t read Gottfried’s book about it yet, but it fits his thesis (as I understand it) that the West’s religion/cause/worldview is “antifascism,” where fascism is anything that might remind anybody of Hitler (a protean supernatural entity that doesn’t meaningfully exist in living memory). There are left- and right-inflected lists of those things, mostly overlapping, and having any Qs about the Js is very high on both.

          The left of course have a bunch of lawyerly asterisks scattered around their list, to allow Melanated Minds™ and weird/honest Jews to stay in the gang. The right, being more principled, has chosen abjection.

    • One of the richer ironies from the most recent unpleasantness in the Middle East has been hearing speakers refer to a certain Bronze Age Death Cult as “Nazis.” Talk about what goes around, comes around.

  15. Very good essay, explains the constant calls for hysteria and for why the system wants normal people to choose up sides on every issue.
    But as someone has said before they keep promising me Hitler but I never get him.

    • But as someone has said before they keep promising me Hitler but I never get him.

      To quote Michael Keaton from Multiplicity:

      “You know how when you make a copy of a copy, it’s not as sharp as… well… the original.”

      It’s kinda like that.

  16. I was a child of the MIC. I grew up surrounded by it, in a town that wouldn’t exist if not for it. My whole world was steeped in it, everyone I knew, worked for, was educated by, was a part of or a product of that same MIC stew. I myself worked for it directly for some time, in varying capacities, and indirectly in others. It’s fair to say that it was inseparable from me as a person.

    Yet when I turned away from it and finally saw it for what it was, the way a dissident would see it, that happened pretty suddenly. If you were to try to call it a process there’s no way to say it took longer than 5 years, and I would say probably a lot less. So this can happen with a “normie.”

    I was never under any illusions about empire. I’m not quite that dumb. People who are that dumb, there is probably no reaching them ever. My illusion was about who the empire served, and my “awakening” was in seeing that it didn’t serve the American people. Bully for me, only took me half a lifetime to see something that was true. Happened to coincide with when I stopped drinking.

    I think some of the most effective agitprop they deployed was the Vietnam era inspired disgruntled vet style stuff, the “we’d have kicked those gooks asses if the dumb lib’rals in Washington had let us” type of propaganda. This agitprop acknowledged the truth that was impossible to conceal, of the hopelessly corrupt and spineless scum in DC, while at the same time engendering loyalty to the war machine. Which kept us Gen Xers ready to go for the sand box wars. I don’t know what their plan for Gen Z loyalty is. Free dildos maybe.

    • Vietnam was the last time an excuse even was offered, or a war was framed in a traditional win/lose situation. There were attempts to do so with Iraq but everyone noticed the borders were wide open while the politicians bellowed “we have to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here!” Since no one will degrade and debase themselves any longer in such mindless slaughter voluntarily, we will see either a return of the draft or use of blatant mercenaries in the next and likely last GAE war.

      • Don’t forget that they kept changing the reasons for the war. “Kill the bad guys” turned into “Girls have to go to school” and “Democracy” for people with no concept of civil government or compromise.

  17. THIS–>”Every day there is some new thing that everyone must emote about in public. Just as drug takers find they need increasingly powerful doses to get the desired effect, the emotive need increasingly stronger emotional responses. Like the drug taker, the end of this road is the inability to feel anything other than the lack of agony”.
    One can see this everywhere. It takes ever increasing voltage to gin up the desired emotional response. In cinema & art (or what passes for art) for example. Recall the ‘p*ss Christ’ exhibit which was so was so shocking several years back. ‘The Exorcist’ movie, warning labels for certain…’music’ – the list goes on…and on. What was shocking then would barely move the needle on the shock-o-meter today.
    Where it ends, who can say, but one might expect Moloch awaits just over the horizon.

  18. It won’t let me post the link but did anyone see the video of people taking an IQ test and it turns out that a biotech researcher with a PhD only has a 112 IQ.

    Meanwhile there was a us marine guy who had 130 iq

      • I learned that last one from my dad, who not coincidentally had a PhD. But he was an honest man, and not one of those who would insist on being called “Doctor”, or wanted to ride on the prestige supposedly bestowed by the piece of paper.

        He EARNED it by dint of hard work, though; he was a talented guy from Arkansas who was the first in his family to even go to college, first at a local community college, then on to finish his BS at a branch of the University of NC, then enlisting in the Marines (following his father, who fought at Belleau Woods in WWI), getting picked at Parris Island for Naval flight training. Mustered out at war’s end before getting his wings to use GI Bill educational benefits, married my Mom who he met at Philly during his training, herself a girl from Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry, who won a scholarship towards an RN at UofP. She finished her studies with a course in public health nursing in KY, and then joined my dad in Columbus where he was studying at Ohio State towards first his MS, and then getting going on that PhD in cognitive psych. She got her BS while they scrimped along, living in an apartment, sharing a kitchen with other residents, and having their rent paid through my dad maintaining the basement coal furnace that gave both heat and hot water.

        His benefits were running out, so he joined the Army in order to get more. At that time, and for the next dew years, they lived in an Airstream trailer, useful for a soldier and his family. I was born in San Antonio where he was then posted at Fort Sam Houston, but then he was transferred to Laurel MD until mustering out and entering the world of human factors research, ultimately starting and scrabbling his way toward success in his own company. Lots of White Privilege all along the way, of course.

          • You are correct in that surmise. I am an early 50s boomer.

            Both of my parents grew up in the grip of the Great Depression.

          • My dad passed 8 years ago at the age of 91. My mother dies a bit more than a decade earlier, succumbing to the ravages of a dementia, care for by my dad for 8 years of decline with whatever aid my wife and I could offer around our full time careers.

    • Problem is,

      Who is really the smart one?

      The obnoxious midwit who takes unapologetically what is offered to her by a dying society.


      130 IQ Marine guy who is fighting and sacrificing for a system that allows a lower IQ brown affirmative action case to lord over him.

      Probably a kid with gullible normiecon parents.

      Hope he grows out of it.

    • I did see that video, and the part I noticed was that the lowest IQ “Ph.D” was also extremely domineering and took over the conversation constantly. This fits with another study that was done where they put people in random groups and had them perform tasks only to find that the person put in charge invariably wasn’t the smartest person nor the person with the most applicable experience at the task, but the person who talked the most.

      America in particular is an extrovert biased culture where introverts are regarded as creeps, its only natural that every part of our society is led by loudmouthed bullshitters.

  19. I can’t think of any source of morality besides religion. Majority decision is clearly no guide to morality. Nature would lead you to darwinism which is purebred genetic utilitarianism and this seems equivalent saying exactly the opposite, that there is no morality, only survival. While I suspect that there may be a kernel of truth in that I don’t think humans are designed to live in such a mental state. Which leaves me with religion. And as it happens, most surviving religions tend to be moderately eugenic, meaning that they are not at odds with biological imperitive.

    What I personally believe about the universe and everything is of little importance. But for the survival of society and of sanity I find myself increasingly in favor of traditional religion. I am not sure you can build a meaningful society without it.

    • “Nature would lead you to darwinism…I don’t think humans are designed to live in such a mental state. ”

      Precisely why I suspect a “higher being” involved in the affairs of man—at least in creation. We devolve from strict Darwinian selection way too much for our behavior to be explained otherwise (so far at least). That man was created in the “image and likeness of God” becomes more of an attractive explanation for me.

      • Whether or not I believe that I increasingly believe it is better to believe it. I would also prefer it to be true

          • Thanks. Maybe the truth is beyond a mere “it is so or it isn’t”. It is not a human prerogative to decide if ultimate truth yields to such a binary verdict

      • I mean we really don’t deviate that much from other social animals. All the moralfagging we do is clearly intended for status within the group, not much different than a cow taking its turn standing on the outside edge of the herd to show the other cows what a moral paragon of cowness she is.

        Watch a cart narc video to see just how people act when they think no one is paying attention to their inherent vile nature, and the degree to which they panic and throw a fit when they find out their wickedness is being filmed and put on youtube.

    • While I think that our morality is a transcendent intuition given us by God (along with truth and beauty), I think there is another source of morality that one might argue is not completely incoherent. It is Nietzsche’s view of will to power, and can be summarized (by me at least) by saying “If the universe doesn’t slap you down, what you are doing is right.” The fact that this doesn’t accord with our usual views of morality is of no account.

      There’s an amusing version of this view in a poem by C. S. Lewis called “Evolutionary Hymn”. The last stanza goes like this:

      Oh then! Value means survival-
      Value. If our progeny
      Spreads and spawns and licks each rival,
      That will prove its deity
      (Far from pleasant, by our present,
      Standards, though it may well be).

      (This poem happens to fit with the tune for “Angels From the Realms of Glory” and completely ruined that tune for me. I can’t hear it without thinking of this poem!)

      • Isn’t the Nietzsche principle a different way of saying “if you get away with it, it’s fine”? It seems to be equivalent, or close to it, to darwinism; it’s about survival, there is no morality.

        • Nietzsche made a point of being anti-Darwin, regardless of whether he thought “evolution” in that sense was true, to preemptively shield his ideas against biological (modern) interpretations. Of course that didn’t work out at all. “What’s good is what cultivates superior types” (not an actual quote but a point he sometimes made) reminds almost everybody of speciation/etc.—especially when the guy who says it is himself biologically unfit, because our actual post-death-of-God morality is about going “YEAH RIGHT LOSER” at superior types.

  20. “The white people installing the “Hate has no place here” signs on their lawn would never live within a bus ride of black people, but they feel they must show the world that they are on one side of the racism line, the good side. The yawning gap between their emotive gestures and their lived experience does not register with them.”

    This goes on in the affluent neighborhoods in my town where “From The River To The Sea” signs now flap beside the BLM signs. These are also the folks who keep their masks on in the ongoing war against covid. As the high school kids, in love with Hamas, torment their Jewish classmates, they cry, “Hate Has No Place Here!” They don’t perceive the irony. How would they?

  21. All quite true, but the emotional state – particularly its ever-changing definitions of good and bad – is more aimed at the managerial class. The lower classes are having a harder time keeping up with the who’s good and bad, but they’re still emotional.

    The college-educated woman or man knows to keep an eye out for hints about who to boo and who to cheer. The lower classes and/or most emotional of the emotional state aren’t as cagey.

    We’re seeing that with Gaza. The media immediately let the managerial class know that the Israelis were the good guys and the Palestinians the bad guys. But that message didn’t filter through to the rank and file who were and are still running with the old playbook of “white people bad, brown people good.”

    The managerial class dutifully feel in line, but the rank and file – letting their emotions run – went to the streets to protest bad white people, in this case, the Israelis.

    That’s the problem with having no real set of rules about what’s good and bad, except what the ruling class says so. The managerial class will pick up on the ques when the definitions change, but the lower classes (or the most devout to the old rules) won’t, and they’re emotional outbursts are hard to stop.

    • I’ve been enjoying the cognitive dissonance (dissidence?) that’s festering among the Lefty scum on this whole Israeli-Palestine thing. It’s like watching the monsters in the old Doom game slaughter each other while you run around taking potshots at them with that lame little revolver to keep them angry. This morning on NextDoor, always a reliable indicator of what the estrogen-addled masses think, someone posted one of those large “poster” images about the “Israeli Apartheid” in Palestine. It’s good to see this kind of thing but it doesn’t really mean the poster is having any kind of red pill epiphany. If he/she/it were he would recognize that sometimes, well, ya just gotta Apartheid if ya knows what’s good for ya.

      So my general tendency on this is to side with the people who most resemble my people. I can relate to being a civilized Western-oriented person trying to cope with swarthy savages who live across the railroad tracks and won’t stay there. This is strongly countered by a feeling of schadenfreude though given that I know most of the people screaming about the evil deeds of the Pals have been doing everything they can to flood my country with the same kind of third world trash.

      And then on the third hand, finding myself agreeing with blue-haired egalitarian nose-ringers about *anything* just sort of feels icky. It’s times like this that I just want the Cold War back.

    • Citizen, this observation about the high-low difference in “emotivism” is a valuable (and timely) addition to Zman’s post. Thanks.

  22. “The Japanese were portrayed as absurdly Asian looking and monstrously cruel.”

    To be fair, Allied POWs and millions of Chinese would have agreed with the “monstrously cruel” part of that sentence.

    • I don’t know if cruelty is the right word. To surrender was to be subhuman, and to agree to be treated as such. Virtually none of those Japs would have ever suffered the indignity of surrender, until their emperor commanded it. From a western frame it looks like cruelty, but from their frame, more like…. sanitation?

      • Why did they demand people surrender to them? Did they explain, as they are so bound by honor, the terms of the surrender?
        Why did they rape women on an industrial scale?
        Some honor.

        • The civilian populations who had no say in the surrender weren’t treated very well, to say the least. Hands down, the Japanese Imperial Army was the most brutal occupiers of the war.

      • The better explanation might be the difference between
        “In group” and “out group”. The Japanese were exceedingly indifferent—as in cruel—to the nationals they opposed, or opposed them, but within their own group had a perfectly acceptable—even admirable—manner of behavior. This manner of behavior is, even today, much remarked upon by foreigners visiting Japan. Whether Japan will revert to former out group behavior if another conflict occurs is untested, since after the devastation of WWII Japan has avoid all physical conflicts with “others”.

        • My money is on reversion. I forget the guy’s name, but a French academic in Ye Good Ole Days described the Japanese as the “ant people.” That is perfect, and I’m a great admirer of their culture. Their wartime behavior was kind of a warped specie of Bushido, but their contemporary day to day lives are as well. Hierarchy and an in-group honor code manifests in everything from the boardroom to the whorehouse, to the degree those two can be disentangled.

      • If Unit 731, Nanking and Bataan are too grand a scale to digest then I suggest reading about the American B-29 bomber crew sent to Kyushu University. It’s more… personable.

        I can comprehend “raising the black flag” on a battlefield. I can see the mental detachment of industrial scale bombing raids. The story and photos of that young crew of airmen made me never again question Fat Man or Little Boy.

    • “absurdly Asian looking”

      This is why I say we hate diversity. Cartoons always accentuate something about a character. That’s where you tend to see the ‘absurdly ethnic looking’ characters, in cartoons (both still and animated), which we now denounce as racist. It is telling that we feel much more shame about “racist” depictions of Asians in cartoons than dropping nuclear nuclear weapons on actual real life Asians. I’ve even seen White people freak out about depictions of Asians done by Asians. The people who freak out about the depictions forget what the purpose of those depictions were. Instead of getting angry that our parents and grandparents were bombarded with propaganda to dehumanize the enemy to make it a joy to kill them, they are upset that their Asian features were exaggerated.

      There was an animated 1930s or 40s short of blacks that is now universally denounced as racist and banned from TV called “Scrub Me Mamma With a Boogie Beat” I for one cannot find anything “racist” about the cartoon. But the real problem is the town’s inhabitants are black and depicted as black. When I was a kid, these are the cartoons that were on the air and I first saw it on TV.

      Exaggeration is inherent in the medium. It is one of the defining features of the medium. Everything is exaggerated or unreal in cartoons. There are inanimate objects that can speak and walk around. Animals who can speak and have human like qualities. Nobody ever gets mad that a literal pig along with a literal rabbit are used as stand-ins for “Every Man USA” (White men) in these shorts.

    • I wrestle with this as, post Midway, GAE turned Japan into a bombed out husk of tree-bark eating orphans all because they…were extra nasty to the Chinese and Koreans?

      • American “nationals” in the Philippines and Guam were slaughtered after being raped, tortured and murdered for three years, pilots were subjected to vivisection, and so forth. There was more than a little reason to be pissed.

    • An American, British or Australia soldier who was a POW of the Japanese had a 1 in 3 probability of dying in captivity. An America or British soldier who was a POW of the Germans had a 1 in 100 probability of dying in captivity.

      With the Japanese, soldiers in large surrenders, had the better chance of being made prisoners of war. Examples of this are Singapore, Philippines, and Wake Island. Small units and air crew didn’t fare too well.

      Russian POWs of the Germans had a very bad time as a POW.

      • German POWs of the Russians also had a very bad time. You probably know the numbers better than I do, but I believe they had a higher chance of dying than did western POWs of the Japs.

  23. “The yawning gap between their emotive gestures and their lived experience does not register with them.”

    An example of this from downtown Houston:

    Google took me on a tour of Da Hood and it was typically overrun with black drug users. A dealer had barricaded himself on the porch of an abandoned house and had an orderly line of customers on the sidewalk. After getting their fix, the junkies wandered into a shelter to watch TV.

    About a quarter mile later, in the Museum District, I saw someone addressing this problem in their own way. He was a boomer in a lawn chair, outside a Unitarian “church”, wearing a surgical mask, and holding a sign that read, “Stop Systemic Racism”.

    As I’ve posted before, many of France’s aristocrats and wealthy supported the revolutionaries; they were very surprised to go to the guillotine with their neighbors.

  24. The opposite of the Emotive State is the concept of Reasons of State, which Machiavelli made famous and Richelieu championed (Raison

    This sorta means: “the State requires it, so screw your emotions”. Now granted, the State needs some moral authority. But in the end, the future DR State will also operate along the lines of Raison D’Etat.

    A perfectly reasonable argument-closer for the the ME crap is:
    1) We won WWII
    2) For whatever reason, we wanted a place to put all the Jewish folks
    3) Millions upon millions of people were displaced in the aftermath of WWII (including many millions of ethnic Germans) and the collapse of the Raj, so what’s another few million Arabs?
    4) We have the power, so tough sh*t if you don’t like it. Raison D’Etat.

    There’s no emotion in this. We do what we want. The rest is just post-hoc moralizing, which from my cynical point of view, has become a US specialty.

    We could have just as easily adopted the opposite position for reasons of state. I would tell Netanyahu this right now. We can change our minds.

    • “The rest is just post-hoc moralizing, which from my cynical point of view, has become a US specialty.”

      That’s totally factual, cynical or not. I really have come to loathe the nation of my birth in no small part for this reason. “Reasons of state” is how all governments survive and operate. Some, like the US, just cloak it in morality to a nauseating degree.

      • Jack Dodson: One could argue that “Reasons of State” are today emotive reasons, because women have taken charge alongside ethnic/religious groups which have an historical penchant for excess emoting. I can agree that historically many ‘statesmen’ could consider an issue or conflict with a certain degree of rational detachment – I endeavored to do this myself when I was, in a small way, a representative of ‘the state.’ But today all sorts of emotive ‘reasons’ come into play.

        I am sick and tired of everyone demanding that I CARE. I don’t particularly care who kills whom or how many in the Levant. I care about White people in historical White nations – full stop. To some degree, those on both left and right who support the Palestinians are doing post hoc moralizing and virtue signaling. No, I would not go and kill a mother and child on either side, but to be brutally honest they are of less importance to me than the killing of a White mother – even via a car wreck – in America. It’s like an army of Mrs. Jellybys and I just want it to STOP.

        My son and I just debated the issue a bit and while I can see his point (“Arabs: “Drive the Jews into the sea!”
        Jews: “Drive the Arabs into the West.”
        Midwit Westoids: “HAHA BOTH SIDES ARE BAD I AM VERY INTELLIGENT”) I am just sick of the ad hoc moralizing on both sides. I’m not absolutely certain which outcome is better for ‘the state’ as defined as AINO today, but I am damned sure that the removal of both jews and muslims from historical White, Western lands is better for White people, and that’s what I care about.

        • I’m actually enjoying the show, to be honest. The funniest part is the affirmative action hire Harvard president telling its uber wealthy Tribal donors to stuff it. How can they deplatform Harvard? You couldn’t make that up.

          I suppose emotional reasons can be Reasons of State…for a limited time.

        • Great post 3g.
          I think it’s pretty clear that what is in our best interest is letting these ME knuckleheads slug it out while leaving us out of it.
          That said, I’m not exactly sure letting Iran get nukes is in our long-term best interest. This is the part I cannot figure out.
          I hope Zman does an essay on it, because I would love to hear everyone’s opinion here on Iran.

          • I don’t think we can “stop” any semi-industrialized country from building nuclear weapons because the technology is almost 80yrs old. I think “delay” is a better word.

    • Raisons d’Etat are a much more reliable guide to national behavior than emotions…If a government had to have a legitimate logical reason for war, 90% of wars wouldn’t have happened..e.g Britain, Italy, Russia, and the US had no rational reason for joining WW1.Nothing important was at stake for them…yet they did, to utterly ruinous effect…

      • The war aim of Germany was the annihilation of Russia as a potential rival or functioning country so Russia had good reason.

        Most of Mustache’s policies were WW1 Ludendorff or 19th century Von Moltke policies jazzed up with jargon to frame it within his ideology.

        • No dog in this fight, but Germany in WWII simply beat Russia to the punch wrt invasion in 1941. That was why Russia got so beat up and lost so many men early on. Russia was caught positioning for their invasion of Germany.

          • I’m talking about WW1.

            WW2 polices of Germany are considered heinous but they are a retread of WW1 policies.

            Russia was the primary enemy of Germany before WW1.

    • As with Lincoln (where nobody talks about his plan to send the slaves back where they belonged) no one today seems to get that Israel was supposed to be a place for the Ferengi to go so they could leave the rest of us alone. That was one of the ways it was supposed to be “never again” for all concerned. Of course, in hindsight, everyone should have expected that Israel would become a nice bolthole for the dual citizens and a place to jet off to and get a tan when it was snowing in NY. Florida is just so yuuumid, dontcha know.

  25. > As a result, generations of Americans have grown up in a wartime culture, which means the public square has been flooded with what amounts to wartime propaganda.

    You still hear the propaganda about how democracies are inherently more peaceful, and how no two countries with a McDonald’s have ever been in a war. One of the oddest contradictions of high school education is your social studies teacher expressing the inherent peacefulness of rule by the people while at the same time every other chapter is about a war these peaceful democracies got themselves into.

    • Even when there’s not a nice little war on the boil, America had to pretend there was. The Cold War, the War on Poverty, the War on Crime, and the War on Terror (permanent and not always hot), etc. At any rate, “America,” the Great Democracy and “defender of the free world,” has made it quite clear that it will either impose liberal democracy on every corner of the globe or incinerate it one missile wave at a time. Where is the great virtue in that?

      • “Virtue” is an hilarious word to use about US foreign policy…Both the Civil War and WW1 were fought exclusively for the benefit of the Banking cabal and the big manufacturers…Everyone else got clobbered, and critics got jailed…

      • “Even when there’s not a nice little war on the boil, America had to pretend there was”.

        Agreed, but you missed a couple: the War on Drugs and our government’s current war, The War on Whites (though they dare not call it that…yet). But look on the bright side: the government LOST every one of those wars. I would even include the Cold War in that. As I’ve argued here before, socialism/communism has been proven the winner of that war, not the US. Yes, the Soviets lost their empire, but their ideology won the West.

        • “I would even include the Cold War in that. As I’ve argued here before, socialism/communism has been proven the winner of that war, not the US. Yes, the Soviets lost their empire, but their ideology won the West.”

          Truer words, sir…

          • Socialism/communism did not prevail, but Leftism of a postmodern stripe certainly did. In a very real sense AINO of 2023 is to the left of the USSR in 1923.

        • If the War on White Supremacy (or Whiteness) hasn’t yet been formally enunciated, it will be soon.

        • Remember there were 2 ‘Russian’ revolutions in 1917/1918. The first was an indigenous Russian revolution centered about agrarian socialism and land reform (freeing the serfs without land reform was never going to bring stability) and had genuine widespread support among the population. The second Bolshevik revolution was a mostly Jewish (most of the Bolshevik goyim were ethnic Russians who despised their own people and saw them as cattle who needed to be socially engineered). The Bolsheviks never had more than 5% electoral support; they won the battle of the bullet box, not the battle of the ballot box.

          Re-Russification of those who rule over Russians is a crucial lens through which one should see the 70 years of Soviet history. By 1923, ethnic Russian nationalists were either dead or fled to London, Paris, and New York. Evil doesn’t need majority support to rule over a hostile population when said population has no extant ruling class to organize it in self-defense. Then evil starts controlling the education of children and weaving a new narrative.

          The mass murderers had been sidelined by the time of the late Soviet Union and their political cultural influence mostly scrubbed from the system, but Russian leaders who were trying to build a better future were hamstrung by the corrupt ramshackle Soviet system over which they had managed to wrest control.

          Reform of a dying system with objective of its rebirth is a monstrously difficult task. This is the context in which one should see Putin’s statement of regret over the dissolution of the Soviet Union. He wasn’t mourning the loss of the labor camps and Lubyanka execution walls. He was regretting the passing of the chance to reform the institutional outcome of the 2nd (Bolshevik) Revolution into something closer to the vision (however nebulously defined, since it never manifested) of the 1rst Russian Revolution (stolen from Russians at gunpoint by internationalists). The proof lies in the structure of the civilization that Putin and his numerous Russian allies have created over the last quarter century. Their post-Soviet society is not created in the image of the Soviet Union, but in the imagined image of what might have come from the 1rst Russian Revolution.

          “Yes, the Soviets lost their empire, but their [Judeo-Bolshevik imperial] ideology won the West.” However, the Russians won by losing their empire. We need to win by losing our empire and its Judeo-Bolshevik imperial ideology, too.

          • Very sharp but I differ a slight bit. The Russian revolution has to be viewed in a pre-Lenin and a post-Lenin context as well. With the former, you see what eventually became Globohomo due to the Jewish and Jewish-adjacent elements–sexual perversions, feminism and so forth were glorified by Lenin. When Stalin came to power in ’24 that mostly went away until it re-emerged in the West almost a century later. Much of Stalin’s cruelty stemmed from his hostility to the original Globohomo and his realization that it would destroy society.

            No doubt there is a lesson to be learned from Russia about the sorrow of empire and how that has to be shed to restore national vitality. I guess there is a question of whether empire requires or produces Globohomo but that’s way above my pay grade.

        • I think a lot of the confusion is that people associate the word Communism with the Soviet Union and it’s impossible for many people to hear the word without images of Russian posters and heroic workers and peasants appearing in their heads. When you meet a modern Leftist these images don’t seem to fit at all so liberals will often scoff when you call Trigglypuff the trisexual a “communist”.

          The problem is that “communism” is a sort of primordial atavism rather than a specific political movement or party. Russian communism evolved among highly intellectual people steeped in 19th century Marxism so people today still assume Leftists are smart even if they do evil things. Ultimately though, 19th century Marxists and their Bolshevik successors were just people who were able to put a dinner jacket and vest on the primal savagery that drove the ideology among its less intelligent adherents.

          Conservatives (and even some people in the DR) are constantly pointing out the hypocrisy inherent in the “reverse racism” of the modern Left. I don’t find it surprising at all though that a lot of “woke” people are quite racist, even sometimes in the old fashioned way. The modern American Left, with it’s mix of degenerate black hip-hop, blatant celebration of female promiscuity, and hatred of White men, is just the current incarnation of the old primal tribal communism. It looks like a bunch of dumb young women and their dusky boyfriends because that’s exactly what it is. Soviet Communism failed, n**ger communism is thriving.

          • Modern Leftists wouldn’t even know what the hell you were talking about if you spoke of a future communal society and the withering away of the state. And that, not tribalism, is the essence of communism.

    • Don’t they have to retire the one about McDonald’s re: the Russia/Ukraine war? Maybe it can be replaced by no two countries with homo marriage have been in a war. You’d think they’d get right on that one.

      • I imagine the golden arches could be spied in Belgrade and Zagreb back in the mid-90s, not to mention virtually every postcolonial African scheissloch, many of which have been embroiled in some war or another over the decades.

        • I might bet against that re: Zagreb/Belgrade. By the 2000s I’m sure it was true, but not so sure about the 90s. I was in eastern Europe a little bit in the early/mid 90s and don’t remember any golden arches. Re: Africa, was there any state on state war to speak of? Lots of civil war surely.

          Regardless, it was a ridiculous aphorism built on maybe 30 years of “history” that was disproven almost as soon as it had the opportunity to be. McD’s didn’t even start franchising until the late 50s. It wouldn’t be noteworthy except that these are the kinds of “truisms” that actually do guide the GAE clouds. Kind of like the one about the “free democracies” always winning the war.

          • Jeffrey Zoar: Not certain about Zagreb but there was most definitely a Micky D’s in Belgrade in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It became almost a ritual to stop there whenever I was driving back from western to eastern Europe. Of course you couldn’t pay me to eat at one today, but at the time it was, in its own twisted way, a taste of ‘home.’

        • Possibly true but I know that no country with tranny troops ever won nor probably ever will win, a war

      • @Ostei:

        ’24, post-Lenin, agreed, but the USSR under him looked very much like a precursor to today’s PoMo. Lenin and the pre-Stalin crew were all about the homo and strong vagina. From memory, the original Soviet constitution legalized a wide range of perversions. There was other madness during the ’17-24 period that was a precursor to the present-day horrors, too.

        • You are absolutely right about that. An interesting question is whether the cultural derangement of the early USSR was somehow inherent to Marxism or some form of deviation from it. Were I to write another diss in Russian history (not a chance in Hell), that might be the topic.

          • @Ostei:

            The Russian element, to spitball, was the prevalence of Jews among the revolutionaries, who were even more hostile to Orthodoxy (if that were possible) and reveled in spitting in the face of the church and standing in opposition to its morality. The perversions obviously were the antithesis of church doctrine.

            The question I have is whether Stalin actually shared the abject hatred or just went along for the ride until the time was ripe for an armistice. He certainly coopted the Orthodox Church during the war in a cynical maneuver to attain more widespread ethnic Russian cooperation, but it also seemed a ploy to thwart his ethnic enemies. Outlawing homosexuality and reining in feminism were of the same piece. The death of Lenin delayed Globohomo by almost a century, that’s for certain.

  26. On the topic of war propaganda…

    I watched the movie “The Great Escape” (1963) this past weekend, and noticed how the Germans/Nazis were certainly depicted as enemies, but not as monstrous cartoon villains. I pointed this out to my son, comparing to how Spielberg depicts Germans/Nazis in the Indiana Jones films as well as in Saving Private Ryan. Trying to subtly open his eyes on these topics.

    • The German regular army was at least as well behaved as the US military, as those who fought over there knew…As Saving Private Ryan accidentally brought to light, the US shot loads of prisoners, especially in the Pacific, but also in Normandy…

      • As I’ve mentioned before, there are YT videos of WWII vets discussing their service in combat. This is part of an organized effort to collect their recollections before they pass.

        One European theater vet (now in his 90’s) recounted shooting German prisoners during his unit’s advance. This account referred to his unit accepting 3 surrendering Germans and then taking a break to reorganize before advancing again. He recounts his Sargent instructing him to take the prisoners “down the road” and return in 5 minutes when the unit would again restart their advance.

        Of course, no rear echelon to turn over prisoners could be reached in 5 min’s even if such were known to then exist. What was known (but unspoken) was that the prisoners were to be executed out of sight. Which he did!

        This was war, and an advance could not be interrupted for the nicety of taking prisoners. The old vet freely admitted this and showed no signs of “angst” in his recounting *his* “war crime”. It is what it is, sort to speak. We need as a people (none in this group obviously) to grow a pair.

      • pyrrhus: My husband’s German-American godfather, when he surrendered to US troops somewhere in Germany, had his jaw smashed by one soldier’s 45, and then they drove about for a bit repeatedly seating him on and then knocking him off the hood of their jeep. For various reasons, he later joined the US armed forces. Strange times.

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  28. I was thinking about this the other day when I read some hyperventilating post with a meme about how Israel and Hamas are not morally equivalent. One of the items for Hamas was

    “Historically aligned with Hitler’s Third Reich.”

    That’s quite a trick, since Hamas didn’t exist until 1987, 42 years after Hitler’s ignominious suicide in the bunker.

    Hamas’ founder was 9 years old when Hitler shot himself.

    But they have an instinctive need to Hitlerize any enemy.

    • My personal favorite version of this go-to slur was when the fake Indian college professor Ward Churchill, not to be confused with the faken Indian senator, referred to those who died in the WTC fire as “little Eichmans.” The faux outrage from those who call their political opponents “Hitler” at the drop of a hat was hilarious.

    • Hitler is, to the Jews and the Jew-adjacent, the archetypal Haman/Amalek. Since the Jews mobilize around the feelings that this archetype unfailingly elicits, continually reinforced by so many of their “religious” holidays being centered on this archetype’s expression through one or another representative figure or group, the professional enforcers of the Chosenite Identity like the ADL tap into this sedulously sustained artesian well of angst very, very consciously. This serves to divert their target audience from even beginning to reflect on the role that their tribalist actions may have played in the latest pushback by others.

    • They can’t go a day without bringing up their favorite Austrian Corporal.

      With apologies to Godwin.

    • A friend and I recently discussed WW2 fatigue. No other war since antiquity has been so thoroughly abused to build propaganda narratives. It’s like it’s the only war that ever happened. Does anyone think people obsessed over the thirty years war, the seven years war, the Napoleonic wars, the first world war nearly 80 years later? The historical pattern, and sensible thing, is to dust yourself off after a war and move on. That does not mean forgetting. But this idea that western, and especially European, culture must feel like a funeral home 80 years later, has clearly crossed into abuse and dysgenic masochism. I have WW2 fatigue. And no appetite for WW3

  29. “They accuse normal people living normal lives of extremism, because those normal people do not want to dress their son as a girl.”

    We need to refer to those who do as “transvestites”. That’s what they are. That term drives them even madder, too.

    • “Telling the truth is a revolutionary act,” to paraphrase someone who may be banned soon.

      • He might not be banned since his book is now valuable to our rulers as an instruction guide and not as a warning.

    • I just lump all of those deviants under the heading “pervs.” The varieties of their perversion are of no interest to me, and I can’t be bothered calling them by the technically correct term any more than I can be bothered calling rap, hip hop.

      • Words like “Perv”, “freak” and “kink” no longer elicit any sense of revulsion in our society. Maybe a giggle or an exasperated exhale for an older gentleman talking out of time.

        Now “degenerates”… that hits all the appropriate responses. Uncomfortable silence and averted eyes. It is too true, too on point, too unimpeachable for folks to misunderstand or charm into a cutesy phrase.

    • The degenerate perversions of the woke crowd is one other things I absolutely loathe the most. Thinking too much about it borderline unhinges me tbh

      • ETA: Depending on the strength of their advocacy and their adjacency to children I’ve no objection to “evil monsters” either.

  30. If you look back at the government propaganda of the Second World War…
    It’s true it was often comical in it’s display, but there was a whole “New World Order” side of propaganda as well. I’m sure I’ve posted this before but I didn’t see it until last year so forgive me, but this Song of Freedom from the movie Holiday Inn is a great cringe example:
    When my buddy saw it (for the first time as well) he said that the government more than likely played a hand in crafting it and indeed I later noticed comics and other plays on the exact same theme from the era. If I had to guess it was quickly forgotten for both the obvious reasons of it’s contradictions (the old French Revolution theme of “believe in freedom or die”), and also so that the Regime could pull it back out in the future.

  31. So the emotive state is feminism, in a word. It is hard to find fault with that description of contemporary life. Masculinity is hated even more than whiteness. Who will slap this bitch around when she gets too crazy? No one can? We are screwed, then, not that this isn’t patently obvious. Hamas is right about women or it is a victim of the colonizer. It’s wet hankies either way.

    “Calling someone Hitler is like violently crying at a North Korean state funeral.”

    Brilliant, and a keeper.

  32. All true, but the glaring omission here is that the rise of “emotivism” has paralleled the rise of cunt in positions of power. Remove the cunts, and you get rid of the emotivism.

    • Women should not vote and should not be in positions of authority. But there is no reason to talk about them that way. They bring bucket loads of meaning to life, not to mention that they bring life itself. Understanding that women not men and are not supposed to be men, is not the same as not loving them

    • Men allowed and continue to allow women into positions of power.
      The slithering creep of liberalism is the true enemy.

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