A Warning From The Past

On August 30, 1918, Vladimir Lenin had just given a speech at the Hammer and Sickle arms manufacturing facility in Moscow. As he was leaving, a woman called out his name and he stopped to see who was calling to him. Why he would have done this is unclear, as by this point Lenin was the most important man in Russia. He had lots of people who wanted a minute of his time. Nonetheless, he stopped to address the woman, who produced a pistol and shot Lenin three times.

The woman was not just any woman. She was Fanny Kaplan, who had been involved in radical politics since she was a teenager. She was a member of the SR’s, a very radical group that had been aligned with the Bolsheviks at times. She had spent time in a Siberian labor camp for having taken part in terrorist bombing attacks in Kiev, as well as other activities. She had been released by the Bolsheviks after the February revolution and gone right back to radical politics.

Lenin survived the assassination attempt, although he was never quite the same physically or psychologically. This was terrifying to Lenin and his inner circle not just due to the attack itself, but what it represented. The Bolsheviks were no longer the revolutionary force from the left, but the established order that had to contend with threats from all corners of the political space. The Bolsheviks had real power so that meant wielding that power to maintain that power.

There was also the issue of how Kaplan was able to get so close to Lenin in order to take a shot at him. Lenin had security, but it became clear that the SR radicals had friends and sympathizers in the security apparatus. The Cheka was filled with people who were not entirely loyal to the Bolsheviks. Many had been aligned with coalition partners, like the SR’s. If revolution was going to stay alive, it meant the system had to be purged and that meant unleashing political terror.

This was an important step, especially given the fact that Lenin and the Bolsheviks were students of the French Revolution. They knew how the terror worked out for the Jacobins and they were determined to avoid the same fate. Yet from the perspective of Lenin lying in a bed with a hole in his neck and a bullet in his shoulder, the only logical path forward was to unleash the forces of political terror. The same logic would eventually motivate Stalin to follow the same course.

The reason this matters at all to those living in this spot on the space-time continuum is that the people in charge of the empire are facing similar choices. In fact, they have been in this spot since the 2020 coup. In the fullness of time, that election will probably be looked at the same way as other radical coups in revolutionary times. Maybe Trump is actually our version of Kerensky, the radical liberal reformer who tried to head off the radical socialists but was eventually defeated by them.

Putting that aside, what mattered to Lenin as doctors patched him up was his perspective on the situation. The same can be said of the regime in the aftermath of the January 6th protests. Like Lenin and the Bolsheviks, the people who engineered Biden into the White House suffered from a similar lack of confidence. They had pulled off the great coup, but they were still unsure of their position. People climbing barricades brought to mind people more radical than themselves.

In other words, the people now in charge of the system see themselves as radicals, facing threats from all sides as they seek to consolidate power. This may sound a bit nuts but radicalism is powered by strong belief. Even when they have total control of the state, radicals will believe themselves to be the underdog, fighting a much more powerful enemy. You see that in this advertisement  by a former J6 prosecutor, who seems to think he is David facing the Goliath of MAGA.

Mr. Rollins sounds deranged and delusional, but he believes what he is saying not because the facts support those beliefs. He believes because there are no better beliefs for him to hold at the moment. That is one of those things about political believers that normal people struggle to grasp. These people genuinely believe what they say, and they will not drop those beliefs when you present facts and reason. They will only abandon those beliefs in favor of better beliefs.

This is why it is foolish to think that the people we call the Left are running out of juice or having second thoughts. This is not how the revolutionary mind works. Those polls we now see showing Biden losing to Trump in the key states are not intended to boost your spirits, but to terrify the radicals. It is a reminder that there is always a Kerensky, or a Trump in this case. More importantly, there is always a Fanny Kaplan, so the radicals better not lose focus or let down their guard.

This is why they continue to persecute the J6 people. Almost three years on and they are still hunting for new victims. It is why there will be renewed efforts to eliminate Trump from the ballot. The bizarreness of the New York court case against Trump should be a reminder that that the radicals will never let something as petty as facts or the law get in the way of their efforts. Every setback is a reminder that they must renew their efforts to complete the revolution.

The regime is Lenin, lying on a couch with two holes put there by someone with help from the inside. The reality of that thinking is not important. What matters is the belief that the revolution is in mortal danger. Our revolutionaries are just as aware of the past as the prior revolutionaries, but they are just as trapped by the dynamics of revolution, so they will be compelled to follow the same path. What lies ahead is not a break from the madness, but a renewed assault by the radicals.

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210 thoughts on “A Warning From The Past

  1. Even when they have total control of the state, radicals will believe themselves to be the underdog, fighting a much more powerful enemy.

    This is true. I was with a bunch of center-leftists over the weekend and whenever I said that Trump would be thrown in jail before being allowed to run for president, they almost always said, “Good.” If pressed, they think Trump and MAGA is a great threat…or at the very least, they think the Republican party is held hostage by Trump loyalists, and that Trump himself is some kind of regime figurehead, as opposed to the pariah he actually is.

    Speaking to them – and these aren’t wild pink-haired leftists mind you – I got the impression that they think there is a struggle for good and evil within the American political system, rather than the entire system (“the regime”, a term which I used and they had no idea what I was talking about) being of one hive mind and Trump is merely the rather clueless champion of the dirt people.

  2. May be a bit of over analysis, sir. Rolllins is running against Southern California incumbent congressman, Ken Calvert. Ken Calvert isn’t Maga at all. Since the candidate has outed himself, I would rather look at this from the standpoint of the typical aggression that you find in queers who are politicized. The most dangerous animal on the Earth is probably a scorned and angry queer. They will stop at nothing.

    • Sorry, but I beg to differ. The most dangerous and destructive force on earth is still the kneegrow. Then comes nuclear weapons, then comes politicized queers.

  3. Yo Z-Man. I saw some video yesterday from Israel. It was the second time I have seen a heavily produced and organized music concert. This one they created some elaborate light show with one light for every hostage and had some pop star right and sing a brand new song as the hostage family members walked across stage.

    It is an interesting and new aspect of warfare. It is also a bad look in my opinion. The person who showed it to me thought I would be impressed. On the contrary, my first thought was, ‘If you are suffering a second holocaust and an existential threat, why are you free to have giant open air concerts and pay a massive surplus population to attend and put on such spectacles?’ It doesn’t add up. I have a request that you do an article on this topic and tie it to other past similarities if there are any and discuss how you think it may work or backfire.

    It is really a massive cognitive dissonance. It is as if the power is so absolute that they are just performing for themselves on an international stage not quite aware of how this may come across to out groups. Curious to hear your perspective on this one.

    It made me recall a line from Wilmot Robertson in “The Dispossessed Majority”, expressing concern that we are ruled by a group of people with zero track record of success of running a civilization at any significant scale. Are these war-time American Idol productions own goals? Anyone?

    • All that’s missing is a tweet about how Gaza is the Death Star and Lisa Franchetti is Admiral Ackbar

      • I nominate Ben Shapiro’s sister to be Princess Leia. Hear me out on this one…

        I saw the original Star Wars in the theater but it was before puberty had hit. Today, I have heard that Carrie Fisher was asked not to wear a bra in the movie, and I was young enough not to notice! Now re-read my first sentence.

          • Beware the Khazar Milkers, they will get you everytime. And just like our good friend Admiral Ak’bar told us in the same said film– “It’s a trap!” 😎

          • The khazar milkers lol They may have the regime power but the humor is better on this side.

        • They asked her not to wear a bra in the first movies? For the new ones it looks like they asked her not to wear her false teeth.

      • I’ve seen our guys mock Israel for putting out a bunch of soy-brained propaganda ads aimed at America and Europe, using the “iconography” of Star Wars, Marvel, etc., to cast Israel as the superheroic savior the West hasn’t proven itself good enough to deserve.

        Like America’s, Israel’s is a regime that believes its own “social media metrics”—which are almost entirely the product of censorship, bots, and propaganda ops. It’s like they made Reddit into a country. Just a few years ago Israel’s PR personification was something like a religious scholar who has you in a headlock (gaudy gold bracelet cutting into your ear). Now it’s a tranny janny deleting your posts while cataloging his Avatar-themed AI-generated CP collection.

    • If those states that disqualify Trump if he’s convicted by Fulton County, are write-in ballots still valid?

      • Disqualified means DISQUALIFIED. If you write in Trump, your ballot will be discarded and not counted.

  4. Just remember no bad optics.
    And don’t organize because everyone’s a Fed.
    And BTC will save you…

    >>No one is coming to save you because you wouldn’t risk anything for anyone else. <>But the main point stands. <<

  5. The attempted assassination of Lenin by Fanny Kaplan brings to mind an old joke:
    “Russian people have 2 reasons to hate the Jews: 1) The Jewess shot our beloved leader, 2) She did not finish the job”

  6. The comments section of the Z blog often has a white pilling effect on me. To all you, including our host, thanks for that. Okay, no more sobbing emotions. Back to business.

    • In Ukraine 2014 the crowd’s decision (made in America) to move from outside to inside was the signal that behind the scenes the “revolution” had been accomplished. Plausibly, some US legislators/etc. who weren’t in on the J6 joke considered the sight of some goofball from the Water Buffalo Lodge walking by to be the same sign.

      Sending that false signal is at least partly why “We need to go into the capitol.” On 4chan and Kiwifarms, oldfags watching the J6 streams live noticed that a couple of the same goony Ukrainians (next seen on TV as Azov heroes) were present for both events.

      Some congressmen posed for photos with the grannies who stopped by. Some posed COWERING IN TERROR! when no one was near them. Others angrily demanded the slaughter of the crowd.

      The “outer” ruling class is more a target of psyops than a generator of them. J6 was several going on at the same time. The regime has never even bothered to have a coherent story about it.

  7. “However, the initial rise in hospitalizations wasn’t as severe as expected. The Mercy’s crew treated about 80 people before departing in mid-May.”

    Anyone else here get a phone call or two from an excitable lib you knew, after Trump tested positive for the Dread Plague (October 1st was when he went into Walter Reed)? It is quite a thing to recall in my case, as my correspondent seemed to actually believe the evil one would be immobilized by the end of the month or hopefully joined the choir invisible (to mix cartoon religion metaphors). If it were just normal tacky Schadenfreude I would’ve been less unsettling. It is also hard to unpack this reality divorce for J6 (formerly “Jan-6,” which was summer-of-2023 parlance)— did they think this was what a revolution looked like? Did they think this was what a disease epidemic looked like? Did they think this was what a credible Eastern European actor-comedian statesman looked like? “I try to remember my limitations, but looking around, I’m not exactly surrounded by giants” -Giulio Andreotti

    • I don’t get phone calls from liberals but I did have a luncheon with a medium sized group of relatives and in-laws that week. A couple of them were almost trembling with pleasure at the fact that Trump had contracted Covid. They talked about how he deserved it for not taking the virus seriously (as if!) and were like kids on Christmas Eve, awaiting even better news – from their point of view – about his health.

      In retrospect, what difference would it have made if he’d actually died at that moment in time?

      • And I think it’s safe to say BoM is vaxxed and boosted to the gills. The disease’s severity is fraudulent, but not quite so fraudulent as its supposed periapts.

      • I had pretty much the same at a family dinner at a nephews house. During dinner, the conversation was about the vaxx, and I said my family did not do the vaxx and we never caught the covid plague.
        That did not sit well with nephew, and he let me know it.
        I walked up to his Alexa device and asked it: Alexa, what company paid the largest criminal fine in history?
        After Alex spewed the truth, you could hear a pin drop.
        Nephew’s opinion of me did not improve.

  8. I’m still surprised that no one has tried to assassinate Donald Trump. He presents a luscious fat peach of a target. He’s been the most dangerous enemy to the Left in 50 years, and why go to the ballot box when you can go to your gun box and get your bullets?

    Assassination has been the preferred solution for extremists since the Archduke was assassinated triggering World War I. The cascade effects of assassination are tremendous. First, you eliminate the person himself. Then, you put a dent in his ideology by marking him off as mortal. And finally, you assert your own side’s virility through the gun.

    When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, it changed the course of American history even though the war had been won. Lincoln was the champion of mercy toward the South. There would have been no carpetbaggers had Lincoln lived. Moreover, the South’s fatal embrace of the Democratic Party, which lasted a century until Lyndon Johnson drove Dixie into Republican arms with his Great Society nonsense, might have been averted if Lincoln had lived. A moderate, responsible Abe governing from a centrist platform in Washington would have been a powerful peace branch to the U.S.

    Donald Trump seems to have no fear of following in the footsteps of Lincoln. And why should he? The man seems to believe in destiny if not karma. A man who is DESTINED who can whisper to the gods and get them to drop plums in his lap, like banished court cases that have been bothering you for months.

    It seems that the only thing the Donald has to fear is that the gods stop smiling upon him.

    (Click on my name to continue reading my pro blog.)

    • In current year it’s virtually impossible to assassinate a president. Or an ex one, evidently. This ain’t Reagan/Hinckley. The security apparatus is gargantuan by comparison. Even as a suicide mission it’s questionable.

      Best attempt I can recall since Hinckley is the guy who threw the dud grenade on stage with Dubya somewhere in eastern Europe in the early aughts. And that’s no sure fire method even if it had detonated.

    • For our rulers, the perfect plan would be to get the FBI to agitate and assist someone who is to the right of a normie conservative to do it, perhaps because the assassin felt betrayed by Trump. So much the better if he could be framed as a white supremacist. Imagine the righteous denunciations from the normie conservatives against the MAGA extremists. Unite your allies and divide your enemies indeed.

    • I suspect it is the same as the reason there has been no false flags (or additional false flags, if J6 was one): there is fear such an event might start a rush of non-state-sponsored assassinations and terror. Even though they are criminals, pathological liars and sociopaths (maybe BECAUSE they are those things), and, yes, also incompetent, there likely is a deep-seated and justified concern that a well-crafted state-sponsored kill or explosion might act as a spark that would endanger the people they truly do protect.

      Not everyone is a geriatric Boomercon who thinks their vote matters. During the Cold War the CIA assassinated several people who made things even worse–Diem and so forth. This crew is nowhere near as intelligent and savvy, obviously, but they aren’t functionally retarded, either. They are admittedly quite insane so this may be an overrationalization but it strikes me as the likely reason.

    • Every leader with common sense prepares plan for his incapacitation. Trump is also not in jail . So there could be serious obstacles for assassination or imprisonment.

      Maybe we need to think that Donald is actually much wiser than most of us think and carefully prepared for battle for many decades.

      And he may have invisible but powerful allies keeping him safe.

    • What would assassinating Trump accomplish? He presents no real threat to the system, and provides a relief valve for disgruntled citizens. If Trump wasn’t around, they would have to create one.

      On the other hand, you assassinate him and he becomes JFK. A martyr to the cause and who knows what it unleashes. No, assassinating him would be the height of stupidity. What they need/want to do is humiliate him, but that is a tough challenge.

  9. I have something extremely important to share that isn’t “on topic”, but it does touch on the “revolutionary” language that leftists have indoctrinated our children with.

    Several months back, my 14 year old son, when asked about his interest in girls, made the statement that he thinks he is “asexual”. To be clear, my kid is perfectly normal, but he’s always been a little behind in his developmental progress compared to other boys his age. Even still, I don’t think it’s all that weird for a 14 year old boy to not have quite yet developed an interest in girls. Perhaps not having that distraction will ultimately serve a good purpose for him.

    Fast forward to a few days ago. We were in the car and he seemed deep in thought. I prodded it out of him and he decided to reverse that earlier statement. He said, “dad I’m not really asexual, I’m straight”.

    Well (setting aside my obvious sense of relief) that terminology struck me as a little bizarre anyway, and I asked him why he would think that “asexual” has to be something other than “straight”.

    He said, “well I googled asexual and the article I read said that asexual was part of the LQBTQ community”. So in part, his motivation to not call himself asexual anymore was due to a repulsion to the idea of being lumped together with trannies and pedophiles. I don’t blame him at all for outright rejecting that label.

    Which brings me to why I’m posting this. My son is a perfect example of how these people control the narrative by controlling the language. My son is somewhat impervious to the pressure to “fit in” because he’s a bit of a loner. But for every boy like my son who isn’t comfortable with someone else inventing a category for him, there are dozens who absolutely want to be part of a category in order to have an identity.

    Our world survived thousands of years without the term “LGBTQ” even existing. Indeed, it was well into my adult life before that acronym was even uttered by anyone. I suspect the people who think of themselves as “asexual” (a perfectly legitimate thing to be) only found themselves lumped into this catch-all a few years ago. If there was ever a “social construct”, it is the idea of atypical sexual proclivities having anything in common with each other. They absolutely do not, other than being “something other than perfectly straight”, which doesn’t actually make it ANYTHING. We don’t define ourselves by what we aren’t. That’s no kind of definition.

    I explained to my son that you can be both straight and asexual. I think this would have been the assumption for many people for most of history. Not every man walks around with a raging erection whenever a woman enters the room. Some men only see value in the opposite sex as child bearers and caregivers, but don’t have the motivation for the physical part of making those babies. In other words, their brains are perfectly straight, but the hormone levels don’t push them to act upon their instincts.

    When talking about this with him, I compared it to someone who doesn’t eat a lot because gluttony or a unsatisfied sense of hunger. Some people simply eat to survive. They still eat, and they don’t have a need to create a separate category for themselves other than “eater”. The difference being that they don’t dwell on food all day long.

    Well the good news is that he did also express an interest in a girl in one of his classes. So his asexual tendencies are just a quirk or a stage. I’m not worried about him. But I do find a sneee of rage in knowing that there are perfectly normal kids just like my son who would read leftist propaganda and fall in line with their destructive ideologies simply because they need to fit in.

    • Why you are not contacting other parents and standing with pitchforks and torches at the gates of every school board meeting demanding to know –what– poison is being poured into your kid’s ear on a daily basis is a mystery to me.

      This passive acceptance mode is what got us here and every story like this I read is another blackpill for me.

      You need to be a barbarian at the gate. This is your flesh and blood your son and your response is to just have a convo w/ your kid? Yeah, have that talk but then go for the jugular afterwards on the people that are teaching this garbage.

      You flatly state you are –aware– he is being indoctrinated and do nothing? Soy latte for you buddy. Tell me if I’m wrong but it reads that way to me.

      • What?

        Where did I mention the school board in my post? I think you read more into it than is there

        Calm your tits

      • Also, Are you not likewise aware that our children are being indoctrinated? Isn’t that the point of this blog? To expose the indoctrination our world is creating for the next generation?

        What are you doing about it? Other than posting on the same blog that I’m posting on?

        I had a conversation with my son and we came to an understanding of how things really are. This has nothing to do with school boards.

      • Apex, I understand your sentiment, and school policies ARE important, but the school administrations are the smallest piece of this.

        For instance, I moved to a small town last year that is basically the Land that Time Forgot. When my boy got into a fight at school he was not given detention, suspended, or sent to a social worker. The vice principal, with my permission, paddled him instead! 6mo later he got in another fight and the VP said (I swear to God), “…I’m not going to paddle him hard this time. That other boy has been needing to get his butt kicked for a while.”

        As you can imagine, rainbow paraphernalia is completely absent in this school district.

        But, my boy still knows more about that garbage than he ever wanted because of the popular culture. We talk about it often because it is confusing for him to be bombarded with things he instinctively finds repulsive. For instance, we had to talk about how “straight male” does not equal “toxic masculinity”, and that masculinity is not inherently “toxic”.

        The good news is that teenagers have always rejected most school moralizing (just not to the extent of Gen Xers like me). This era of perversion IS damaging, but you must actually be exposed to these kids to see that there is a lot of eye-rolling.

        My point is that the popular culture is the biggest culprit damaging our kids; I must compete with YouTube for my boy’s soul, not the school.

      • J, cμcks gonna cμck.

        Just don’t let your own nordic icy-blue-eyed children miscegenate with them, and your bloodlines should be fine.

        We can’t save everyone.

    • As my years advance, I realize and admit the truth. I have never seen women as anything other than sex objects. It has always been thus, I just used to lie about it. Even to myself I think, because I had been conditioned by society to be expected to relate to them in some other way. But why would or should I see them some other way?

      I was just as conditioned as your son, only subject to a different era’s conditioning, to believe that I was supposed to relate to women intellectually or emotionally (ha ha, no, really, I’m serious). When the fact was, my natural inclination towards women was perfectly suitable for the purpose.

    • Thanks for a very thoughtful post. There is also a chance that when he falls in love with a female, a stronger sex drive will kick in, which is how it should be. But a strong biological urge to procreate can lead us down an immoral path. He may lead a more healthy, balanced life than most.

      • That’s not what my post said at all. In fact, it says that he told me he was interested in a girl in the class.

        What it said was, a few months ago he was struggling with understanding his lack of interest (then vs now) and that he now has found an interest in a girl in his class.

        It also says that he’s always been a little behind in his maturity level.

        No, not every boy is walking around with hormones oozing out of their ears.

        You see, people, this is why we have leftist bullshit ideas. People like you all who respond with “everything that doesn’t fit exactly in neat, perfect categories is an aberration” only serve to push absolutely normal people who don’t fit your binary logic perfectly into a feeling of being “different”, and they seek a sense of belonging elsewhere because they feel rejected by that binary thinking.

        This doesn’t mean they have to fit into some kind of gender-fluid mush of rainbow choices either.

        Why not just be a “kid who hasn’t quite figured it all out yet” and leave it at that?

        For fucks sake.

        • Sumguy, I also have a 14yo son, and I’m with you. As I tell my boy, the teenage years are where you figure out what kind of man you want to be.

          At 14yo, I only cared about D&D, my Ruger 10/22, and building bike ramps. By 16yo, my penis was making 90% of my bad decisions.

          On the other hand, my son has always been handsome and showered in female attention. But, he chooses not to date right now because, in his words, “It’s a small school and I don’t want all the cute girls to be ex-girlfriends when I’m in 10th grade.”

          It’s a weird and confusing time, and that is why the pervert lobby seeks to recruit them.

      • It’s hard for us horn dogs to visualize such a thing, for instance I recall my interest in girls going from “high” to “stratospheric”, but other guys I’ve talked to their interest went from “zero” to “mild”.

    • Let’s lay off of the judgement of Sumguy. He is handling it in the way he best sees fit. We are a small pirate ship which, for now, confers no status, wealth or other benefits for people to join us. We need to lay off the judgement and either just listen or respond with some humility.

      As for fighting the schoolboard … … I think that is probably a waste of time. Unless you can wholesale replace the schoolboard and then replace the curriculum and do it in say a years time frame you are still only 2/3rds of the way home. You can’t fire the teachers or force them to teach properly. Our path forward is organizing home schooling with extended community and summer/winter activities where our Remnant and our posterity can build bonds while we give an extremely well rounded education to our future.

      School system reform, if even possible, is such a long time horizon endeavor, some rare local jurisdiction exceptions, it is makes homeschooling and Remnant household networking the only truly viable path forward.

      I have posterity who have come home crying because the school system at 8 and 9 made them sexually confused Sumguy. It is pure evil. Glad you have good conversations with your son and hope you guys get to bond over masculine activities that aren’t exclusively organized sports. Hunting; fishing; target shooting; back country outdoorsmanship with real risk/reward seem like great ways to bond and build up trust with a young man.

      God bless and stay strong.

      • One can fight the school board immediately.

        It’s called “home schooling”, and I’ve told my sisters and daughters I would do anything to make that available to their kids.

      • Respectfully, I disagree with your assessment about school board reform. The obsessive focus by the political left on the transgender/sexuality issues in schools, and especially in elementary schools and middle schools, has created a huge opportunity for our side to take over school boards and even local governments. As it turns out, not even most suburban moms want their 6-12 year old kids exposed to soft-core, gay porn in the school library or drag queen shows in the public library. Who knew?

        This is already happening all over the country, even in blue territory. Of course, the media portray it as extremist right-wing MAGA nutcases taking over the school boards and imposing their right wing morality onto an unwilling public, but nobody believes the media anymore. Everyone knows the truth.

        Better advice to Sumguy: run for the school board. Recruit several of your like-minded friends and take over the board. Fire the senior administrators and replace them with like-minded administrators who won’t tolerate this crap in the schools. Fire the librarians who stocked these books. Fire the problem teachers. Make your school district a shining example of how schools can work when not infected by the political left.

        One of the right-leaning blogs (Redstate?) went down the path of local activism for a while. They may still be doing it, but I’m not really in that political sphere anymore. I’ve moved on to the dissident sphere.

    • I sympathize, Sumguy. If you have a kid a bit *different*, the society we live in is like quick sand. It will suck him down into the abyss. I was a loner too as a child, but the society I was surrounded by offered no solace in being “odd” or “strange”. You were normal or you were in essence “bullied”. Yep, bullied into some sort of societal normality. There was no movement then to niche (label) you into some category (of oddness) and then support you in such behavior. Mothers teach unrequited love. Society teaches something else entirely.

      I hold no grudges. Actually, when I see the freaks that now pervade our society, I’m glad. Feminization has taken hold, and we are not the better for it.

      I know there are probably those here who will argue against my statement. I concede in advance you have a point. Growing up was not pleasant and my parents were less than helpful (by modern standards) in that endeavor. However, navigating the social jungle of youth and masculinity encouraged me to perfect other skills—some bad, some good. I truly doubt I’d be where I am today had I been born a generation or two later.

      What I did not like as a youth, I tried not to inflict upon my children. That was the entirety of my parenting skills. So mom is the center of their attention now when they want affirmation and a sounding board. I can accept that. I’ll settle for being the one they are afraid to disappoint. So far, they have not.

    • It’s the same deal with “POC” and now “BIPOC” – smushing together ethnicities that have nothing in common with each other except that they’re non-white. Erasing distinctions and defining themselves as what they’re not.

  10. Postmodernist irrationality now has Kamala’s Ethnic stepdaughter fundraising for Hamas, along with other Ethnic Democrats.

    Nothing the True Believers do makes any sense. The Revolution doesn’t make any sense.

    • It doesn’t have to make any sense. The point is to subvert and replace traditional society. By whatever means necessary.

    • It makes sense once you realize that “the issue is never the issue.” The issue is revolution.

  11. I believe what is to come will be quite different from the Bolshevik and Jacobin experiments. The self described “elites” who are actually very poorly/ill educated people whose only genuine attributes are arrogance , narcissism and self importance, will not in the end, prevail.
    In this country, we have a real history of self governance. Neither Russia nor France really ever did.
    Many of the readers here clearly are well informed, educated and intelligent, but have very little daily contact with real workers who as a matter of survival, have lots of common sense. The welders, shop keepers, painters, plumbers, truck drivers, etc will save this country, whether by their sheer numbers, courage or great good sense. . The real problem is that the Left believes in Fiat Rule. You can’t drive a truck just ordering it to go. The sink drain doesn’t unclog itself on command by some bureaucrats.
    We could save this country from this utter foolishness if the people who make this country run, stop doing the bidding of those who pretend to run the country.
    Who saved the cornered soldiers at Dunkirk? The mighty British Navy? No- it was thousands of the “little people “ who courageously jumped in their little boats and saved the day.
    We are at a Dunkirk moment. We just need to realize our own worth and, dare I say, power.

    • I really hope that you are right.

      Unfortunately, the salt of the earth people whom you referenced have their opinions circumscribed by Fox News and conservative radio hosts, who are the weaker side of the uniparty.

      Until that changes, they will only vote harder for Nikki or Ron.

      • Line: I don’t think my neighbors here plan on voting for Nikki or DeSantis, but they definitely plan on voting harder. I see absolutely zero sentiment for abandoning the system, let alone overturning or replacing it.

    • The government, at all levels, still wields enormous power through its purse strings and cadre of normies in various law enforcement organizations. The latter are largely slaves to salary/pension blackmail and will do as ordered. So fighting the “Man” is foolhardy in the present. But everything changes post-collapse. As every cop who has ever served on a riot line knows, the unknown can get you dead in a hurry and bravado is no protection. Chaos changes the battlespace fundamentally, which is why we must wait for the fog. The GAE’s most formidable enemy is not the resistance, it is the collapse.

      • 100% correct. A solitary, old, and wounded lion can still kill the hyena that approaches from the front.

      • “… we must wait for the fog. The GAE’s most formidable enemy is not the resistance, it is the collapse.”

        Now that’s perhaps your shortest and best insight—and we’ve squabbled for a long time on this forum. 😉

      • “The WEF has functional control of all of the west, where would we evacuate them to?”

        The correct answer is “lamp posts.”

    • Your comment reminded me of a Russian proverb I came across recently. As I remember it:

      “The rich can’t eat their money”

    • We all understand the problems with mobilizing. But the fact is, the trucker protest was successful. The regime backed down. However, Tamara Lich, Chris Barber and others are still looking at hard time. Trial delayed yet again. Was it worth it for them? Stay tuned. But I think we all know how it turns out. Examples must be made.

      • The regime got to test its power to use out-of-uniform military and cops from distant cities to physically attack the people. Test passed, both practically—there are no good cops and no truly resistant citizens—and legalistically.

        They were somewhat unsure, hence the excess of propaganda: staged nazi flag march, adding “transphobia” to the list of truckers’ sins just because it’s on the regime’s libel-of-the-day calendar, etc. If they’re capable of learning, our rulers learned that no propaganda is necessary—that psyops and show trials aren’t persuasion but gratuitous sadism, which is so much more satisfying.

        The American military’s internal propaganda about the truckers was even more insane than the Canadian media’s. Bases near the border were warned of planned convoy attacks by “anti-worker” protestors. That’s a quote—rhetorical battlespace prep for an operation in *total unreality*.

        • No state AG and/or governor stood in the way of the regime’s hordes, which should tell us something about the people who run our states.

    • Americans continue to buy arms and ammo at a record pace, so they have a sense of this situation getting very bad….

    • Organization >>> weapons. If we could help blue-collar workers organize, we could play at the big table. The Canadian truckers were a highly encouraging example of this

      For entirely tactical and optical reasons I think it should be strictly nonviolent. The hard part will be organizing. I could easily imagine a lot of bluecollar are more based. Literally unruined by college

  12. We already see the weaponization of the law and Stalinist show trials. We are dangerously close to the weaponization of psychology. How long will it be before enemies of the regime are round up and sent to psychiatric hospitals and subject to shock treatment to cure our unclean thoughts? They’ve already turned types of mental illness into normal character traits. Is the opposite of that really that unthinkable?

  13. Does the j6 thing kind of make you realize that if you’re gonna do the time, you may get as well do the crime?

    If you had told the j6 people the day before what they would be facing, they very well might have had a “don’t lose” mindset and actually dare the capitol police to go ruby ridge on them

    • Not sure of Federal law, but there was one *murder* committed on Jan 6, that of protester, Ashli Babbitt. Here in my State we have felony murder laws which state that *all* participants in a crime are guilty of murder if any person is killed during the commission of the crime—even if they (the ones killed) themselves were committing said crime.

      I’m surprised that such charges were not leveled at those accused of entering the Capital on Jan 6. But in any event, we can see the level of tyrannical abuse the elite can yet avail themselves of as they ratchet up persecution of the opposition. Not sure we are not right up there with Lenin’s Bolsheviks.

      • Wouldn’t that reading of the murder statute require them to charge not only Michael Byrd but every other federal agent and law enforcement officer present?

        • No, not at all. The Federal LEO’s were not breaking the law, they were enforcing it. 🙁 Therefore, no guilt can apply to them.

          But I get your point wrt Fed’s complicity and poor response.

    • Ha ha ha … as I watched it unfold on national TV I couldn’t believe those people were that stupid. A drunken party that turned into “insurrection” – that was the most disorganized clusterfuck ever. And our society is rife with this kind of ignorance.

  14. Aging attorney here. The Rollins advertisement was disturbing in the extreme. By any meaningful legal standards the treatment of the January 6 defendants has been a travesty of justice and a national disgrace. Any attorney who claims to be proud of his involvement as a prosecutor in that process is wholly lacking in any commitment to the principles of justice as they have been defined for centuries in the West. He is a tyrant in the making and belongs nowhere near the levers of government power.

    I spent a few minutes researching this aspiring tyrant and found this little nugget in an article in Politico:

    “In the interview, Rollins said he plans to talk up his support for congressional term limits, which he favors as six terms for the House and three in the U.S. Senate. He favors a cap on Supreme Court justice terms and likes the idea of federal circuit judges that rotate on and off of the high court. Rollins said he doesn’t favor age limits for elected officials, though.”

    The Supreme Court is established in the Constitution, which specifies that the judges thereof are appointed for life, as are all federal judges. Neither Congress nor the President can limit the tenure of Supreme Court justices. They can rotate judges onto the Court, but once appointed they cannot require judges to rotate off the Court. This is first semester constitutional law stuff, if not eighth grade civics class stuff. That an experienced attorney, prosecutor, and aspiring member of Congress would utter something so astoundingly stupid as this statement boggles the mind.

    • Yes, that restriction on the USSC is utterly lawless but how is that in any way an impediment? We are accustomed to living in rule-based society, no matter how imperfect that was. It is gone now.

      “John Roberts made the law, let him now enforce it” has arrived.

    • Term limits are fine—but seemingly impossible to implement. I’d rather we approach such from the angle of *age limits* or mandatory retirement. Folks understand such even though conflated with term limits. After Biden, Pelosi, and a score of others, capping the age for Federal office at 70 or 75 might pass. Not the ideal, but if you look at Congress and mark who’d have to leave at 70, you’d get rid of your most obnoxious a-holes—both Dem and Rep.

    • The constitution is a piece of paper sitting safely tucked away in a museum that nobody cares about. AFAIK, constitutional law is not really studying the constitution so much as it is studying legal decisions that absolutely ignore what the constitution says.

      If anyone cared what the constitution said, we wouldn’t have entire categories of people who have been stripped of their rights for life. Police would not officially rob people and armored cars on the side of the road. “Civil Rights” law would not exist. In fact, most of the federal government would not exist.

      We pay lip service to the idea of having a constitution. It’s an after-the-fact justification of doing whatever it is they want to do. Just go look at Wickard v. Filburn!! There is absolutely no human activity theoretically possible for a person or group of persons could do which the federal government does not already regulate or claim regulatory authority over should the desire arise. They actually claim the constitution grants them authority to do this! If we could magically bring the people who created the constitution and US government into the present to take a look around and then send them back, they would just give up and pledge allegiance to King George.

      • Agree with that. But we can make it – the Constitution – what we want it to be. They think they have ignored it but we will interrupt that. Won’t we?

    • Rollins is the type of amoral scum that inhabits the DC Cabal…As an attorney, I agree, and do remember learning some of that stuff in 8th grade Civics…

  15. > People climbing barricades brought to mind people more radical than themselves.

    This characterization of the J6 protesters is a bit strained. Most of them were flag-waving CivNats: hardly a bunch of radicals. They engaged in minimal violence, especially compared to someone like Fanny Kaplan. Many of them were overweight boomers who could’ve used help getting up the Capitol steps.

    The regime may have magnified the power and importance of these aging boomers within the regime’s reality distortion field but even so, they must realize that J6 was a hollow gesture with, at most, propaganda value for MAGAs.

    • I think what matters is not what the J6 were but how the regime sees them. The blatant departure from both traditional rule of law and proportionality suggest the rulers were genuinely spooked

      • A big part of the regime’s reaction to January 6 is humiliation. They were made to look cowardly and ridiculous and they can’t have that.

        • Exactly. Just listen to the quivering voices of every congressman interviewed the evening of J6. That was genuine terror. Fat Boomers or not, if 10% didn’t leave their guns at home, it would have been a massacre for all. They know that they were only saved by the mob’s own restraint. That is why DC remained an armed camp for weeks after the inauguration.

          It was a significant emotional event for the Cloud People.

          • Like I always say, if it was really an “insurrection,” then it would have succeeded. There was nothing to stop it. That’s what terrified them.

            I’m cognizant that there was a setup in progress, but I don’t think most of your average congress critters were in on that plan.

      • This was the conjunction of effeminate cowardice and the paranoiac Jewish persecution complex. These two traits are uppermost in the Power Structure’s psyche.

    • The Regime’s reaction to J6 rather than the event itself put it in opposition to the populace. As JR mentioned below, the plan apparently was to replace the current people with the poor, needy brown folks. To the surprise of exactly no one that is proving a dismal and catastrophic failure.

      It would be no small irony if the justifiably loathed Boomers ultimately and inadvertently save their white children and grandchildren. Given the inadvertent benefits of the Trump presidency, don’t discount it.

    • The power of the magnifying the importance of the J6ers is it magnifies the power of those who imprison them. In reality, Beowulf was probably a local warlord of the Geats. But, to the audience who heard of his tales in Anglo-Saxon England, his struggle was against the very element of destruction and death: a dragon; his defeat, valiant but inevitable, is the same defeat that all will face in life. Which leaves a more awe inspiring impression in the mind of the audience? Symbols powerfully affect our minds.
      Let me put it this way: how likely is it a group will assemble again, on the conservative side, as a display of dissatisfaction?

      • Great question, and I’ve thought I had the answer more than once, but this is the answer I keep coming back to:

        The Red Team has never been known for large-scale protest. The annual “Right to Life March” is about the closest thing to a conservative protest movement, and that was just a bunch of boomers that everyone ignored.

        J6 was an exception, and accomplished nothing for the Red Team, except very REAL prison sentences. No one is advocating for more of the same.

        I think the only large-scale, real-world, nonviolent, protest that they might get support for is a national labor strike like the French occasionally do.

        This is 100% a product of my imagination since I haven’t seen anyone proposing such action, but I think it’s a possibility. It’s disruptive, but temporary and safe, so normies might embrace it.

    • J6 was a false flag intending to encourage real riots. Compare it to the summer of love, it was bullying with the subtle message being “what are you going to do about it?”. What most here long for is not coming back, your best bet is to let the thing fall apart and save your energy for what comes next. The best thing you can do, is not fit the narrative they are trying to sell.

      • You’re exactly right. AINO will collapse in time. It is already doing so, although perhaps not as rapidly as we would like. At any rate, the wisest approach is to be patient and then strike when the beast is spent.

        Having said that, there is a part of me that would dearly love to see a spate of colossal violence and destruction visited upon AINO’s Power Structure even though I know it would likely be counterproductive.

    • I thought that was a reference to the more recent demonstrators at the WH, not the J6ers. But I could be wrong.

  16. These people have been locked in place since 1933. If you look over a list of names from the FDR Administration, some will be familiar, but more as the well heeled (multi-generational contacts bringing multi-generational ill-gotten wealth). Nearly all of the insider club can trace their political lineage to the mid-century builders of this machine. These aren’t revolutionaries, but counter-revolutionaries. Having detached themselves from the economy of the country decades ago, they’ve also detached themselves morally (these are highly moral people, you just wouldn’t want to have their morals) has led to an ultimate self classification as a Second Estate. In reality this is an inverted Second Estate, that worships “the science” as the First Estate. The J6 people were an uprising of the Third Estate that had to be taught a lesson they’ll never forget.

    Just as the Second Estate during the time of Louis XVI was composed of insular, obtuse people, so is this one. The more the country fails, and it is failing, the more they’ll blame the Third Estate, which in todays time, they call MAGA. They imagine them with garish margarita machines on their kitchen counters, maybe even a trampoline in the back yard. And it only gets worse from there. This is why they’re manically attempting to replace them with a brown version of the Third Estate, a people more docile and worthy of them. A people who don’t ask questions.

    This is the 22nd Term of the House of FDR.

    • “… they’re manically attempting to replace them with a brown version of the Third Estate, a people more docile and worthy of them. A people who don’t ask questions.”

      A people who won’t be able to keep a technological, 1st world country operational nor advancing. The above was a sound strategy when everybody more or less worked the soil In subsistence farming. Today, we thrive as a society by products of the mind.

      Admit the third world, become the third world (or as we are more apt to say, Brazil).

  17. That ad from Will Rollins is instructive. He lays out various programs to control the flow of information on social media and TV. And take a wild guess who will be the arbiters of what are facts and what aren’t?

    He also attempts to link J6 with the Russians, Chinese and, even, Iranians. You can tell the ruling class truly believes that there are “traitors” within the US who are working with foreign countries, especially the mean countries.

    Here’s some nice quotes from his campaign website:

    “We should also reform and update regulations in order to break down information bubbles and propaganda so that actual facts – instead of brainwashing – reach the public. ”

    “After January 6, Russia, Iran, and China reportedly tried to capitalize on American divisions by exploiting U.S. social media platforms and spreading hate.”

    These guys are scared, and they’re going to push back. Look at the hysteria about antisemitism going on. These people understand that there grip on power isn’t based on being loved nor do they have the numbers. They have control of the information flow. If that goes away, they’ll need to resort to more direct means of keeping power.

    Again, you see this with the usual suspects directly attacking universities, politicians and anyone else who varies from the party line. They couldn’t control the narrative, so they attack institutions and, particularly, individuals. You can bet many university presidents have been told that their careers are over if they don’t play ball. Same with politicians.

    In some ways, we may look back fondly on the days when the ruling class controlled the narrative and didn’t feel the need to use more aggressive tactics to feel safe.

    • Academia has always been the epicenter of the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement against Israel, so it should come as no surprise that the universities have dragged their feet in offering the requisite condemnations of Hamas and the Palis. What’s more, academia has for many decades tolerated the most radical and offensive speech, as long as the radical offenders are attacking rightwing targets. And in academia, support for the Palis is farther to the left than supporting Jews for the simple reason that the former are PoC and Jews are seen substantially as being white.

      Hence academia has hesitantly supported Hamas, and the only reason for the hesitancy is fear of losing Jewish money. Were the monetary sword not hanging over academia’s head, its support for Hamas would be fullthroated and comprehensive, just as it was for the Moslems in the aftermath of 9/11.

    • The attempts to link dissidents with Russia,China and Iran: How many of us could truly say that as it stands now, looking at Russia, would we root for them if they invaded? I honestly would, I’d be freer and safer under their thumb and truthfully since the Ukraine thing started, I’ve found a lot to be admired about the people and country.

      China is a different story, they are aliens with a system that wouldn’t work for me. Not my people.

      Iran is fine where they are, leave them alone and they leave us alone.

      • Same here, I feel exactly the same about all three you mentioned. Iran I’ve had a tough time with because I had a friend who was a hostage, but they are on the team (allied with Russia) as is China so there you go.

        My other country of deep connection is Turkey-my first diplomatic assignment-interesting times for them.

  18. This guy (link below) thinks surveillance is becoming so tight that rebellion is becoming impossible. Assassination is related to guerilla warfare as a tactic. It seems both are becoming strict suicide missions.

    TomA yesterday reasonably asked why people don’t act on their beliefs. I think one reason might be that one’s chances of not dying or becoming the regime’s torture pet in a concrete box, seem demoralizingly low. Most of us still have too much to lose is the honest truth

    Once life becomes unbearable anyway, or someone who fears they or their kid, have been slow-killed by the vaxx anyway, that calculus may change for them. I think the crazy-ride will be picking up speed going forward


    • The vaxx showed what it will take for people to push back. People felt their and their family’s lives being threatened so many just refused. Even the threat of losing their job didn’t make them do it.

      • Most didn’t refuse. I also think the fear that people may have been poisoned is so great that most will respond with denial. My impression is that friends and relatives reacting by lashing out angrily if you mention concerns about the vaxx being dangerous, is quite common. Ive experienced it a couple of times. People attack the messenger, not the perpetrator. But that’s probably the denial phase.

        There are so many factors in play, other than that it will get sporty, i have no idea where we’re going

      • As horrified and dismayed as I was by the compliance, the resistance was substantial and shocking, too. The states and localities going their own way was the most positive element. This cannot hold.

      • “… surveillance is becoming so tight that rebellion is becoming impossible.”

        Not a far out thought. To this point, I ask those doubtful to examine all the modern “intelligence failures” they can think of. Were they the result of lack of information, or general incompetence to act upon the information gathered? I’d say the latter. Human error is against us, not technology to surveil. To the effect of curing human incompetence, I give you *AI*. It’s not going to get better.

        • Agree. I often think that hacking skills with a laptop is a far more powerful weapon of rebellion than a dozen firearms or even explosives. Without wanting to attract too much fed attention, you’d want to create a chain reaction that they have to deal with. But of course they’re aware of that so hacking the power supply or banks is not easy. And still, regardless of VPN s, encryption and various things, assume they’ll find you. It’s not encouraging

        • Tight surveillance is a two-edged sword though. The more efficient and active it is, the more data is produced and has to be combed through. And the more incompetent the stasi grows, the more apportunities to work around the spying.

    • I just don’t think that’s entirely true. Sure 19th century methods won’t work, but they never worked all that great to begin with if we’re being honest. Technology is a powerful force multiplier for even a faceless one-man crew and the yawning gaps in the surveillance state can be seen for anyone half-way paying attention. Additionally Floyd-Covid made this worse, for the regime, since a lot of anti-social behavior now gets ignored.

      • Probably and hopefully you’re right. I have a hard time gauging just how tight surveillance really is. But today I do think it’s a one way mission (it probably always was, unless you were on the inside)

  19. “the radicals will never let something as petty as facts or the law get in the way of their efforts”

    “What lies ahead is not a break from the madness, but a renewed assault by the radicals”

    About sums it up.

  20. Can’t help but notice Mr. Rollins invoking flat earthers. The flat earth “movement” may or may not have been created by Mockingbird, but Mockingbird has doubtless worked to keep it “alive” and prominent, as it is doing right here. It’s convenient to be able to paint anyone who disagrees with you as a “flat earther.” It’s also despicable. “Anyone who isn’t on board with my program is a deranged kook who believes in the nuttiest nonsense.” Yet in the very same ad he says people should be able to hear “both sides.” (See? There are only two!) I won’t say in a public forum what I really think about scum like him.

    Didn’t Lenin have syphilis? Probably a horndog. So when he heard a female voice call his name, his instinct for a new conquest kicked in. That’s why he stopped. Oldest trick in the book.

    If we could merely remove sexual deviancy from public office we would cure at least half of what ails us instantly. There used to be some effort made to do this. Wonder why that was? They must have just been mean back then. It’s noteworthy that as soon as the intelligence community started letting homos in the ranks openly, they staged a coup against the very next republican president.

    • I’ve always assumed the deviancy push was simply another Leftist tool to reduce the West to rubble and thus create fertile ground for building their Utopia from the ashes.

      First time I enlisted in their military I had to affirm that I did not use drugs, was not a homosexual, and had never been a communist.
      I assumed they wanted to (rightly) make sure I wasn’t a degenerate that would be anathema to the system or be susceptible to blackmail.

      It seems now those same kill switches to working for the government are not only deactivated, the behaviors are now encouraged or lauded.

      Maybe this change is a way of solidifying and armoring up the cadre of the exact people they want running the technological and bureaucratic arms of thir government.

      Let’s face it, with a few exceptions, technology-savvy people tend to be either creative or autistic adjacent and not exemplars of masculine traits or traditional virtues. Their group tends to have much higher proportions with mental and psychological afflictions. The CIA ad with the non-gender-conforming, bi-polar, deviant-blah-blah Latina weirdo was a feature not a bug for them.

      TPTB really do see their control resting with technology rather than the historic norm of men with sticks and guns. Surveillance, information control, and drone warfare is their weapons tripod.

      Exalting deviant behavior has two effects with regards to the people they see as their foot soldiers in this futuristic model of command and control.

      Blackmail is no longer an issue. Opposition forces can’t blackmail you for your closet skeleton when your boss at work praises the fact that you have a ball-gagged furry skeleton on full stunning and brave display!

      Secondly, the freaks and geeks can be psychologically conditioned to imagine there are legions of horribly white, racist, whatever-phobes just waiting to burn them at the stake. It propels their loyalty with fear and hatred for those they are meant to control and subdue.

      Dunno. Might be barking up a weird tree here. But I do know I was conditioned in the military to loathe and fear communists long before I had legitimately established a philosophical and historical framework for despising them.

      • That CIA Latina identifier was a low in their high-low pincer of the middle and traditional. The BiPOC order is a patronage network. They get a class of compliant do-nothings who hold sinecures and act as a spy class. The new JCOS has already done this with his, “diversity”, initiatives. There is now a core of, “diversity”, advocates who wear a special purple armband thingy thing and must be interspersed amongst the troops. The Bolsheviks did this – institute an ideological enforcement arm that were interspersed throughout the apparatus of governance to inform, spy and suppress internal dissent.

        I think part of the depths of absurdity of Richard Levine and the trans thing is to be so absurd that it both makes it hard for ideological dissenters to hide their reaction thus identifying them immediately. It is also fully degrading and demoralizing to those for whom compliance for comfort and stability is most important. Most people cannot go back once they humiliate themselves to that degree.

  21. Just so, which is why “smarter rather than harder” should become an imperative for anyone in the DR. The idiots running DC cannot keep the plates spinning much longer; the sovereign debt is too large to rollover and printing fiat just hastens the day of reckoning. And as the collapse approaches, the temptation to go full tyranny will become immense.

    For that to happen, they need false-flag events to justify martial law and mass detainment of dissidents. And for this they will rely on normies in law enforcement and the national guard to follow orders. And it will become a precarious race between imminent collapse versus totalitarian dominance. But the models predict that panic will overtake countermeasures (particularly in the cities) and social chaos will become unavoidable.

    This will be the fog that tilts the balance against the pathogens. The jackboots will be fully engaged with rioting mobs and opportunity will abound. Don’t be in a big city. Think outside the box.

    • “The idiots running DC cannot keep the plates spinning much longer; the sovereign debt is too large to rollover and printing fiat just hastens the day of reckoning.”

      Their Central Bank Digital (so-called) “Currency” is precisely to obviate any kind of fiscal or financial collapse. The plan is not to let things go that far, and I don’t think we are going to see any kind of “collapse.” Not, at least, of the kind that most people expect. The transition into techno-hell will be relatively seamless. Most people (think COVID) will gladly accept the new “currency,” and won’t grasp its true significance until it is too late. THEN things will begin to happen. But not before that.

      “For that to happen, they need false-flag events to justify martial law and mass detainment of dissidents. And for this they will rely on normies in law enforcement and the national guard to follow orders.”

      I don’t know. I think I disagree with you there. We know that on J6, Nancy Pee was on the phone to the Pentagon demanding Army regulars because she did not believe that the National Guard troops at DC’s disposal would obey their orders. The
      pentagon turned her down flat.

      No, I think that they realized at that time that they can NOT depend on the National Guard OR on all of the army regulars (many, yes; all, no), so they are now importing hundreds of thousands of young men to be their enforcers and to disarm heritage Americans. That’s why we see the astounding “Camp of the Saints” images all over the ‘net nowadays. That’s why, as Michael Yon and Matt Bracken have been reporting, these young men are paid $2000 a month and are taken deep into the interior of “our” country and settled there. Or maybe “stationed” there is a better way to put it. They are not here for “a better life.” They are here to disarm heritage Americans and to be the regime’s enforcers, and to blow up power substations and bridges and roads, which is why fanning the flames of a mid-eastern war seems like less than a good idea, but I’m odd that way.

      “They” have never before had the manpower to establish martial law or to disarm the civilian population, but now they do. And “they” know that these new enforcers can be counted on absolutely.

      • I’m not following how giving the money a new name eliminates the debt or prevents a fiscal crisis. I have always believed the Great Reset is ultimately about a currency reset, but there has to be more to it than that.

      • They are destroying the country for some reason with the open borders, and this very well could be it, but there has been zero competence illustrated to pull it off in the sense of permanent power and wealth. Covid came to an abrupt end with the Canadian truckers’ strike and some governors basically taunting the feds–and the resultant fear caused the martial law to come to a rapid close. They panic easily, which makes such an iffy proposition as a mercenary war all the more unlikely to work out.

        The emergence of Colony Ridges does bolster your point, and I do think these are intended as garrisons of sorts, but they also are sitting ducks. Much of what is happening is ad hoc wish casting.

        They now do have foot soldiers, but that alone doesn’t guarantee victory or even a beneficial truce. The CDBC might work, and there seems to be a rush to cancel anything that enables any independence–see the proposed “kill switch” on all vehicles for a good example. But, again, the competence to exploit the control is questionable.

        All of which is to say that even if this is happening and I’m right about incompetence, the upheaval would be tremendous and likely not benefit them–not that it’s been thought through that clearly.

      • Connect the dots as you have presented them. The GAE imports mercenaries and stations them in sensitive locations within the interior. These mercenaries are then tasked with conducting sabotage operations, thereby triggering a demand for action by the government to quash this psuedo-insurrection. Martial law is declared and National Guard are activated to put down this terrorist threat. As with 9-11, new laws are passed eliminating Constitutional protections and imposing a de facto tyranny in the USA.

        Is this the sort of scenario that has just played out in Israel?

    • Martial law is coming … it will be interesting to see where and how the people respond. The cause for it – that’s what remains to be known. I don’t think the ones “in charge” have decided what precipitate martial law. But it’s coming.

  22. Well if we learn anything from history, it’s that Nature abhors a vacuum. This System cannot stand this level of chaos and friction.

    Women decide elections here, to the extent that elections matter at all. The average soccer mom isn’t prepared to deal with third-world chaos and inflation in suburbia. I’m not even sure the single Bossgirls can take it anymore. Voting for it in the abstract is way different from living with it on a daily basis. Another year of this crap and Trump will look like George Washington to all the Karens.

    So the Oligarchs must now choose between operating the System with no feedback at all or giving the masses a new face and a new narrative. I’m betting on the latter, as it just seems easier.

    • Once I would have put money on a military coup.

      Then I look at today’s military.

      One set of oligarchs right now is finding out people are disgusted with them, and they imported lots of these enemies into their host countries. Ooops. I’m pretty certain there isn’t a faction, oligarchs and otherwise, in control now.

      • Probably part of why they wanted to neuter the military. A pattern I’ve also noticed in Europe is, the military is being stripped, the police is being built up.

        For some reason police forces are often more loyal to regimes than militaries are. In Turkey in 2016 the army tried to coup, the police stopped it (rumors Russia tipped ergodan of, nice thick plot). I think this is a general pattern, militaries are more independent of regimes than police are. And therefore more dangerous to the rulers.

        • Police are better paid, with better pensions, and there are no deployments to far away places.

          • You don’t need to be deployed to a foreign place when the rulers can just turn “your” country into a foreign place.

    • “…giving the masses a new face and a new narrative.”
      Cue Governor Hairgel for the win.
      He’s young, good hair, has a cute wife who only sucked that Jewish guys dick because he was powerful but is now totally a victim…

      • Not so sure. California, Gov. Hairgel’s stomping ground is unmistakably becoming Exhibit A of What You Will Get With Him At The Helm as CA disintegrates.

        But we shall see, shan’t we?

  23. I find that ad by the j6 prosecutor deeply disturbing all the way through but it get so much worse when he makes the big reveal with his “partner” Paolo and then starts talking about stuffing. Very creepy!

    • The regime now thinks showing a gay “partner” adds to this guy’s appeal. The “new normal,” included with traditional norms of liking things like stuffing and Thanksgiving. I’m picturing the classic Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving table painting re-done with the usual leftist weirdos and freaks.

      • I haven’t seen any ads like that yet for Ds running for office in Alabama or Iowa. The seat he’s chasing is inland empire, you could get the idea it’s a test case for whether it will work that far out from west LA. And expand out accordingly if it does.

    • “People and getting angrier and more violent.”

      You ain’t seen nothing yet sunny boy. The mistake he makes is where the violence will come from, at least initially. He may think he is on the good side but he is going to find out that he is wearing the wrong color of uniform.

      I am sure that will come as a big surprise to him.

    • “I find that ad by the j6 prosecutor deeply disturbing all the way through but it get so much worse when he makes the big reveal with his “partner” Paolo and then starts talking about stuffing. Very creepy!”

      Thank, pal! I deliberately ignored the ad b/c I knew that whatever it was would be something I didn’t want to see or know.

  24. Nonetheless, he stopped to address the women, who produced a pistol and shot Lenin three times.

    Lenin survived. And that right there is why someone needs a magazine with a 30-round capacity!

    Also, pistols have terrible “stopping power.”

  25. When you say, ” Our revolutionaries are just as aware of the past as the prior revolutionaries,” who do you have in mind? Obama and the average person in his orbit seem well on the historical ignorance end of the scale. If you said the name Georges Danton to Jen Psaki, a blank stare is most likely what you would get in response. They see themselves are resetting the entire arc of history and think nothing that happened in the past applies to them.

    • This is exactly who they are–pablum-spouting virtue signalers with no historical memory whatsoever and no appreciation of the forces they have unleashed.

  26. George Carlin used to joke that, after every mass murder, the local news people would interview the guy’s neighbors and someone would inevitably say, “It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for.” The joke, of course, being that if some guy is standing there quietly while another guy is wielding an axe and covered in blood and jumping up and down, you’re not going to be watching out for the quiet guy.

    Unless, that is, you’re a crazed fanatic.

    Look at the footage of the “alt right shaman” that’s not regime-approved and you’ll see some goofy normie wandering around, about as dangerous as a Pats fan in body-paint. And yet people like him—not even Sam Francis’s MARS (Middle American Radicals) but just a regular middle Americans—are what our regime fears more than anything else. Normal white people who will tolerate almost anything. Maybe it’s because the people in charge know they intend to put us through not “almost anything” but the absolutely worst they can imagine. It’s the guilty fleeing where none pursue, crying out in agony as they strike you, etc. There’s an interview online with Merrick Garland crying about the persecution his ancestors faced in Western Russia, as if a normie named Smith protesting in D.C. is responsible for some Slav west of the Urals. The only thing they probably have in common is blonde hair and a belief in Christ, but I suppose that’s as good a reason as any to throw a man into a lightless cell.

    Reading about revolutions and all the Machiavellian intrigues is just so exhausting. A lot of people get off on the Game of Thrones backstabbing and forming alliances and making enemies, but I would rather just live my life. Unfortunately, the people in charge see even that as a threat to them. If their existence revolves around seeing you as a threat and you’re clearly not, they regard that as an even greater threat, since it threatens their whole construct of reality. It’s like some woman jogging who’s so afraid of being raped that she maces a guy who tries to tell her that her shoe is untied.

    • (((Fanny Kaplan))) … is almost like she was being prepared to come to America some day, the custom of changing names to culturally passing as chameleons is old. Another observation is that the atheist socialist religion is really demonic, is like these people want to reach their Valhalla through terrorism and political assassinations. We already had a zombie apocalypse and it is still ongoing on college campuses in the US and the US gov.

      The memory of these people should be immortalized as assholes and demons.

    • In Re Not Enough Gun.

      About 15 years back due to a long and weird chain of causality I found myself at midnight in an outdoor seafood restaurant in downtown Kota Kinabalu. Across the road was a typical SE Asian love hotel with blacked out street-facing windows and the median strip was being patrolled by aggressive illegal immigrant Filipino trannies. One remembers such things. Warm tropical night with all the local atmosphere you could want, and then extra.

      But the seafood — doubtless caught by the Sea Gypsies living in houses on stilts above the sea one saw on the drive in from the airport — was excellent. Which was just as well because the Hong Kong equivalents of Made Men who had invited me out to dinner to pull cowries out of cowrie shells and gulp them down all Baby Yoda like were great connoisseurs of all that creeps and crawls in the Deep.

      Is there a point to this rambling reminiscence? Well yes there is. Conversation got around to some Malaysian Chinese wise guy they knew who had recently survived a shooting and was up and ambulatory again. Much disgust was expressed at the amateurism of the shooter who had shot him multiple times through his car door using a .38 Special. Every man and his not-to-be-eaten-dog KNEW that this just wasn’t going to cut it for a through the car door job. Lots of learned nodding around the table. I tried not to nod too vigorously.

  27. I’m not so sure. Bolsheviks vs. SRs etc. was about ideology. What the idiots in the Imperial Capital have done is make it about culture, which is the same (in this case) as making it about biology.

    With their fumble-fingered response to the Gaza thing, they effectively published the League Table of the Progressive Stack. We all kinda sorta knew who was at the top, but so long as nobody actually said so, every group of Spiteful Mutants was able to think themselves on top, and thus keep their focus on their own special enemy. But now, not only does every group know that the highest they can possibly rank is #2, but they’re starting to wonder just why that is. After all, there are umpteen million of us, and only a very few of them…. and they are very old, for the most part, and concentrated in a few highly visible geographic locations.

    And, like clockwork, we see Muzzie politicians threatening to turn Michigan red. We get the sudden, totally unexpected release of the troon shooter manifesto. We get polls from Europe revealing that hey, whaddaya know, the people don’t want millions of Muslims in their territory, and we even get Nordic countries declaring the expulsion of illegal immigrants (which in their case means “Middle Easterners and North Africans”).

    I’m not sure another round of “Hate Whitey” is going to be able to paper all that over. They’re going to need to get their coalition back onside, stat, and I have no idea how the hell they’re going to do it. After the Gaza thing, even the ol’ reliable false flag is going to be hailed as a great victory by somebody.

    • The funniest part of all this is Jews finding out they are now just white colonizers to their enemies, but still can’t let off the anti-white bigotry.

      Z as said something about negative identity being toxic to a people, and their reaction to the backlash is exhibit A.

    • Netanyahoo just stated Israel, “…will control Gaza indefinitely,” after the war.

      Sounds like it’s time to stock up on popcorn.

    • My guess is they haven’t resorted to a false flag because it will produce a lot of the real things by folks just waiting for the first flare to go up.

      In days of old a Cromwell would emerge, but that requires a dominant race, ideology, religion. There is no Cromwell possible when Shitavious wants to get busy with a rent troon and Mohammed is totally opposed to all that and everyone has forgotten what The Current Thing is today.

      This is the first Post-Modern Revolution, and given the enemy is nature/reality, that assures it will remain permanent since the only Cromwells on hand are fake and gay and despised by the masses.

      Awful as this is, it also may prove a great opportunity for us.

      • The ancient Greeks had a name for the hero who arises from relative obscurity to lead in a crisis. They called him “The Gray Champion”.

        American examples are George Washington, U.S. Grant, Robert E. Lee*, Stonewall Jackson, and Dwight Eisenhower; they were all basically nobodies before their respective wars started and assumed their roles with humility.

        IF a Gray Champion is in America, by definition we haven’t heard of him yet.

        *I’m aware Uncle Abe asked Lee to lead the Federal Army, but Lee wasn’t the first one he asked

    • The “who will you vote for President” for are such obvious propaganda it’s a wonder anyone pays attention to them.

      Every cycle we’re cautioned “The legitimate polling companies will get serious a week or two out from election day.” (and sometimes not even then…GUARANTEED this cycle)

      Disappointed, but not surprised, team R is stupid enough to be crowing about how Muslims and blacks in swing states are going to embrace Trump.

      They know what they’re doing (instilling false hope, trying to gin up a horse race to the finish).

      We know what they’re doing (lying).

      They know we know what they’re doing.

      But they still do it.

    • The whole “genocide for me but not for thee” puts them in a weird place too since no one else, for as much as some people joke about it, really had that on the mind. This made disparate groups find some light common cause against the GAE regime of “Genocide Joe” since even the difference between #1 and #2 is the difference between not being bombed to death and…being bombed to death.

    • Israel must be a pure Jewish ethnostate!
      Palestine must be a pure Arab ethnostate!
      Their ancient borders, soil and blood are sacred!
      You must pay to defend them with your own blood and treasure!
      (…but don’t YOU dare get any ideas about homogeneity and borders, you RAYCISS!!!)

      • I also marvel at the chutzpah of calling themselves part of the western civilization while behaving like cavemen. But this is an insult to cavemen that probably held less grievances and had more self awareness.

    • We get polls from Europe revealing that hey, whaddaya know, the people don’t want millions of Muslims.

      We’ve known that for decades and near-single-issue natpop parties have been polling in the 20% range for the last 20 years – usually putting them second or third in parliamentary systems with 8-10 parties.

      we even get Nordic countries declaring the expulsion of illegal immigrants.

      That is nothing new either, it’s just being repackaged and sold as hardlinerism.

      European countries have never recognized that illegals have civil rights, and here in Denmark they are put in camps if they for one reason or another cannot be sent home; open camps that is, but camps none the less: three hots and a cot and, alas, pocket money, but no work permit and no gibs.

      Technically, they do the same in Sweden although (like Britain) they don’t enforce it. Nobody, not even in Sweden or Britain, talk about amnesty. Lots of talk about needing more legal immigration, yes, but not amnesty.

      But if it’s becoming a topic, it probably means we’ll have amnesty on the agenda soon.

      • From what I’ve seen, the prohibitions against anti-Israeli protests/rioting in France and elsewhere are not working. Shocker. Euronormie may start to realize that not only does he have no say in the state of affairs, neither does the Help ‘n Hos who supposedly run things.

        The Muzzie unpleasantry seems to have rocked the Regime back on its heels somewhat. If the Euro invader ethnos changes from Middle Eastern to SubSaharan/Asian, that shock over the least shocking thing on earth will be confirmed.

        • Euronormie may start to realize that not only does he have no say in the state of affairs

          Let’s hope so.

          What strikes me about the demonstrations is how peaceful they are, compared to race riots or Antifa events in Britain and America – we may conclude that the demonstrations are not a CIA operation.

          If the Euro invader ethnos changes from Middle Eastern to SubSaharan/Asian

          It’s already happening. Ten years ago, the only blacks in Copenhagen were a few prostitutes and drug dealers around the Central Station, plus a few, fully Oreo-ized adoptees here and there.

          Euronormie has no idea what’s about to hit him from Africa. Moslems are model citizens compared to blacks.

          • What strikes me about the demonstrations is how peaceful they are.

            I believe this is quite significant. Moslems are usually not afraid of using violence, but something is holding them back, keeping them in line. I suspect they’re getting their shit together.

            For the last few years, a Danish-presenting Jew named Rasmus Paludan has been touring with a Koran-burning roadshow, going around the ghettos with a hefty police escort, burning Korans and shouting stuff like “Mohammed loved to have sex with pigs and dogs.”

            People have been fined for much less over a FB post, but for some reason this guy is not fined for hate speech, indeed he has a police bodyguard that, up until now, has cost the tax payer in the $4-5 million range. And he’s on mainstream television all the time.

            But if you watch his videos, the only persons you see apart from the horde of policemen and journalists, there are less people than at a Biden rally, a few handful of gangbangers shouting at the police and sometimes throwing a bottle.

            And it’s not fear of the police or the lack of will to wipe the fat clown off Allah’s green earth that’s holding them back.

            All this to say that I suspect the Moslems are getting more disciplined, more organized.

          • @Felix:

            That is fascinating. Maybe the Muzzies think this is a trap and are indeed getting their shit together.

          • Yes. They certainly seem to have spotted Paludan for an agent provocateur from the get-go and have decided not to raise to the bait.

            But it’s also that they don’t actually care very much what infidels do, because you can’t blaspheme if you’re not a Moslem.

            What people often forget about the Jyllands-Posten Mo-toon Affair (the OG Mo-toon brouhaha) is that initially nothing happened, nobody was terribly offended. It was only a few months later, when Moslem governments suddenly decided to make it an issue, that thing blew up.

            The same happened with Paludan, by the way. Right before Christmas, some Moslem countries started making noises about boycotts and such and boom! whaddya know: The flesh puppets in parliament decided it was time to re-introduce blasphemy laws, pointing to the confected “controversy” about Koran-burnings.

            Thank you, Rasmus Paludan!

          • Riots in France have only been surpassed in terms of intesity and geographical scope by the BLM riots in the US in 2020.

            France also has a nationwide counter-insurgency operation called Operation Sentinelle.The French government admitted that up to 70% of its army is employed on this op. France is already in a low intensity civil war.

            Euronormies might want to look at France or Belgium before worrying about the US and Britain.

          • Riots in France have only been surpassed in terms of intesity and geographical scope by the BLM riots in the US in 2020.

            True, and the Mo-toon riots were almost as bad. France had one of the usual riots just last year, when the cops shot a fleeing car thief or something.

            And that’s what makes these Hamas-demonstrations different. The Moslems are perfectly ready to riot, but for some reason they’re not doing it this time.

          • Sand Muslims don’t pop off until they reach a certain critical mass, population wise. They wait for that safety in numbers. But when they blow, they blow.

            Perhaps they don’t comprehend how weak and unwilling to use force against miscreant brown people the west really is

      • I’ve always liked the idea of implementing camps. Here, you would ideally go to a camp to await your turn in the courts for admission due to whatever BS reason you have. If you get tired of the camp, you can ask for “voluntary” deportation.

        My bet is that in a year, the illegal migration would dry up (we are getting some days in this sector/town over 1k) and we’d have caught up on the camp buildout. In WWII for example, we transported—and housed—hundreds of thousands of Germans in camps around the country. Nice facilities too. We literally built them separate two-person rooms in barracks. As far as entertainment goes, they had it all and the good ones were allowed to work the surrounding farms and were *paid* US wages!. Some left after WWII with more money than they’d have earned in the German army—assuming they’d lived through the war. One famous one, even escaped during repatriation to remain in the US. Was living a good life for 18 years until caught.

    • How are they going to get rich Jews and the POC hordes on the same side again?? I’m sure they’ll try “hate white” but like you say, they have a giant hole in their cover now.

      If we don’t get swamped with millions of Palis and it doesn’t go nuclear, the lefts newest split may be good for us

      • The split is all upside. That’s insufficient on its own but a good step in the right direction.

    • “We get polls from Europe revealing that hey, whaddaya know, the people don’t want millions of Muslims in their territory…”

      Derb likes to bring up that we got more muslim immigration after 9/11 than before. When he talks about it, he always has a sense of exasperated bewilderment.

      I could explain to him why it happened, but he would dismiss me.

  28. The age of walking up and shooting a guy is great political theatre, but comes at the cost of brutal repression and loss of the moral high ground.

    Wondering if the future or political repression is not going to be assassinations or cancelling, but inflicting psychological harm in the form of exposing them to hallucinogens, poisoning their food with weird compounds, breaking in and messing with their furniture like the East Germans used to do, etc. Basically make their enemies go insane. I’m sure there are all sorts of concoctions the CIA has come up with to make a guy go off his rocker they can subtly inject. Then they shrug and say the guy was always a little off.

    Maybe we’re already there…

    • We are there. The enemy is reality, which assures the revolution will be permanent. For the first time I can see everything falling apart in the next few years and nothing emerging from the chaos but even more anarcho-tyranny. People who try to assume the Big Boy’s Chair will find out in short order no one wants them to have it.

      • Their enemy is indeed reality. But Thermodynamics is undefeated. The system needs to work eventually, otherwise the EBT cards don’t work either.

        • Re EBT: remember the CHAZ zone the Antifa types set up in Seattle? They planted a garden and the next day were standing around waiting for the packaged vegetables to arrive.

  29. The commies had relatively clear goals that were known to them and to their enemies.
    However, I am not sure what are the real goals of the current revolutionaries and I don’t see anybody else describing their goals in a way that makes sense.

    • The goal is The Current Thing, which changes hourly. Anarcho-tyranny is effective as a technique but doesn’t cut it as an endpoint.

      • Progressivism itself is perpetual revolution, as its primary mandate is to Agitate. There is no end point to progressivism. It always agitates. It must find or create the new injustice to eradicate. Which is how we get transgenderism as a major political movement. 10 years ago nobody could have imagined.

      • The Current Thing is the means, not the goal. The goal is to feel morally superior to the masses. Since the wisdom of crowds ensures the masses trend toward reality, ever more insanity is needed for contrast.

    • “I am not sure what are the real goals of the current revolutionaries”

      1. Vanquish and subdue traditional whites
      2. …
      3. Paradise on earth!

      Hun, while what I’m about to say may not apply to you, I guess that when many people on the right say that they can’t see the goals or the plans of the left, they are saying that they can’t categorize the goals of the left as economic, ideological, or based in greed.

      Put simply, if they can’t call it communism or self-interest then they don’t understand it at all.

      We are engaged in tribal warfare and many people on the right seem constitutionally unable to recognize that. Economics and ideology are secondary.

    • >>>I am not sure what are the real goals of the current revolutionaries

      As in much of life, those who know don’t talk, and those who talk don’t know.

  30. “Our revolutionaries are just as aware of the past as the prior revolutionaries, but they are just as trapped by the dynamics of revolution, so they will be compelled to follow the same path. What lies ahead is not a break from the madness, but a renewed assault by the radicals.”

    The Bolsheviks and Jacobins were insane but highly intelligent. These people, to put it mildly, are not that bright.

    Our radicals also are far softer people who are used to abundance. They never have missed a meal unless they were dieting, never have slept in the cold unless it was on a backtracking trip to Patagonia. The proletariat is not suffering greatly, either, so border jumpers with cell phones and debit cards have to do.

    There is much reason to be apprehensive, and part of it is that our radicals, not their opponents, in fact are Kerensky. The Palestinian supporters marching in lockstep often have deviated from the quiche and mineral water revolutionary narrative and it is not without irony they got geared up in October.

    This looks more and more like the eating time of the revolution, complete with the chaos and nihilism, led by crazy people with neither ideology nor a utopian goal. There will be many more January 6 uprisings but they will come from within the house. The first Great Terror at least had targets outside of the house.

    There is no Lenin.

      • A Lenin isn’t even possible when The Current Thing changes daily and the coalition is ready to kill one another 24/7. Lenin himself got off on the PoMo chaos but near his end had to embrace an abbreviated version of Grillerism hawked as The New Economic Plan.

        There may be a Cromwell out there, but he’ll face the same chaos.

    • I don’t think our society is capable of producing a Lenin or Stalin, let alone a Cromwell or an Augustus Caesar.

      Me, I’m holding out for a Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

    • Jack, you see nihilism in our leaders but I don’t. I see nihilism in the poor guys killing themselves with fent, but our elites seem to really believe that the world will be a much better place when traditional whites are vanquished and subdued. Can our elites be a nihilists when they hold strong beliefs and a vision for the future?

      • They started out with a plan to replace whites and that remains a goal, but, yes, it has degenerated into nihilism. I disagree with Z quite a bit on the concept of emergent behavior as being the only or a primary factor, but it does happen and that applies here. The benefits of chaos are diminishing rapidly, whites remain the dominant racial group, yet their foot remains on the gas pedal. A good example is the inability to maintain support for any length of time for lucrative wars. Yes, they happen but that has become far more different.

        They also have bought into The Current Thing, which changes daily, after cynically using it to attain power. Note that the love being shown to Palis is increasing and starting to include Clouds among the fans.

        • tl;dr: There is no Lenin, and cannot be one due to distrust, so a well-constructed goal and plan has fallen into utter disarray. Some time ago I predicted this year may see the first Cloud on Cloud hit and that seems likely now.

  31. The problem they’ve got is the same as the one they have in Ukraine.

    It’s all fakery and narrative. They have a set of beliefs with no core. It is merely people chanting the same mantras to each other with nothing beneath. What is the desired end state here? Their animating principle seems to be total societal collapse and mutually assisted suicide. How do you gain and retain power when your beliefs demand anarchy? No borders, no energy, no economy, no sexes, and they genuine seem to want everyone who isn’t them dead. In the meantime, as in Ukraine, the plan is to loot the system.

    That guy SHOULD be afraid. These people are the minority of the minority in this country and they damn well know it. They also have lost their ability to conceal things from us.

    That shooter in TN? Her anti white manifesto is now out, and she turns out to be what we all thought: a Democrat living out her murder fantasies. They want us all dead. That’s why they’ve covered up her writings. They will now do what they always do: find and persecute the person who let the cat out of the bag.

    Ukraine has always been a mix of looting the system and living out their death fantasies. Have you ever seen that video of Lindsey Graham giggling about killing Russians while meeting with Zelensky? They’re mad.

    The other problem the entrenched Government Party has? They’ve imported millions of lunatics. An Army of future domestic Hamas terrorists marched on DC last weekend. Those people have NO PROBLEM killing Government Party members who get in their way. We know this because we know where they come from.

    Anyway, if your belief system is built on a narrative, collapse soon follows.

    • The debit cards and cell phones were supposed to prevent the border jumpers and aliens from getting out of line. Yeah, true genius there.

      • At least twice a month I am in Ross and TJ Maxx clothing stores when out with my wife on Saturdays. For the last year or more these stores have been overrun with our replacement population spending money like there was no tomorrow. These people are spending $400 or $500 at a time. Carts overflowing with clothes and jackets for northern latitude winters, buying 3 or 4 pairs of shoes at time. I was looking for debit cards but these people seem to have pocket fulls of new, crisp $100 dollar bills and zero concern about spending it like there is a lot more where that came from. You can tell who the American citizens are because they only have one or two items at check out.

        • That was another, “prediction”, clearly stated in the George Friedman book, “The Next 100 Years.” He, “predicted”, we’ll be so desperate for labor that we’ll be paying the world to come to America.

          Uh, how dumb do you think your readers are George? If they come and have a job, they will be getting paid to come. But, no, they are getting paid fiat shopping mall scrip to come and be replacements.

          Thanks for sharing an anecdote from the ground.

    • The goal is The Current Thing. Anarcho-tyranny is an effective technique but as an endpoint? Yeah, The Eternal Chaos is what you get.

      • Anarcho-tyranny eventually leads to all the anarchists killing each other. It burns itself out.

        Most people want ORDER. They’ll tolerate a level of oppression if it means order. The disorder we’re living with today will give way to order. Whether it’s the kind of order we can tolerate or not remains to be seen. The Government Party’s vision of order is gagged opposition at home, enforced by goon squads at DOJ and BLM, and wars abroad fought by mercenaries using expensive military hardware.

        Even the brutally repressive Soviets couldn’t sustain an unpopular war in Afghanistan.

        The TN shooter’s manifesto represents MAINSTREAM Democrat thinking. She just got tired of the fantasy.

        • The Tennessee shooter’s manifesto regurgitated a combination of Current Things but it represents the problem of lack of coordination, goals, structure to take advantage of a revolution. She was an atomized psychopath who mouthed a variety of slogans and acted as a lone wolf who achieved nothing useful for the wannabe revolutionaries other than make them more hated.

          It will take a Cromwell because Stalin only was possible with a Lenin. I don’t see such an individual or group.

          • “She was an atomized psychopath who mouthed a variety of slogans and acted as a lone wolf who achieved nothing useful for the wannabe revolutionaries other than make them more hated.“

            Yep, and that’s why they hid her writings. Because if you read that stuff, she’s no different than the base of the Democrat party, minus the shooting spree.

            Any belief system built on a narrative is going to collapse into a bloody horror show.

    • They’ve imported millions of lunatics. An Army of future domestic Hamas terrorists marched on DC last weekend. Those people have NO PROBLEM killing Government Party members who get in their way.

      Once again, immigrants doing the jobs Americans refuse to do.

  32. Interesting. Who will be our Stalin to replace Biden? Republican or Democrat, it’s all the same. You mentioned Neocon Nimrata or maybe Governor Hair Gel. No matter, it’s the ruling elite and permanent ruling state that we have to endure.

      • I think you’re right, reading your persuasive post reminds me of what we are dealing with today.

        • It may in fact be the first Post-Modern revolution. The first years of the Bolshevik Revolution were, complete with the deviancy, but that died out quickly. This one is getting more intensely nihilistic.

    • Biden isn’t Lenin. Biden is the Tsarist system trying to maintain its hold on the status quo.

      The closest thing we have to the revolutionary is – God save us – Trump. Because he is explicitly campaigning on an overthrow of the established order. Lenin was arrested and exiled to Siberia for sedition, no less.

      If by some miracle Trump gets elected, meaning they haven’t jailed and killed him by next Fall, what comes next, what will be needed, is something akin to Stalin. Massive government party purges. There’s a way to do this without the murdering, but a whole lotta people are going to have to be removed from Government.

      2024 is going to be just epic, but not in the cool way the kids use that term.


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