Christian Ethnonationalism

The topic of the show this week is something I touch on from time to time in writing but only rarely in the podcast. That is the dilemma Christians face when engaging in dissident politics or politics in general. They have been boxed in to a great degree by the egalitarians on the issue of nationalism. It is hard to be a nationalist of any sort if you start from the premise that all men are equal before God.

Many anti-Christians in dissident politics, and there are many of them, zero in on this issue as a disqualifier. They point to the many Christian pastors who promote multiracial and multicultural themes. These holy men turn Christianity into a weapon in service of nation wrecking liberal projects. From an outsider’s perspective, it does seem like Christianity is another tentacle of the liberal kraken.

It does not have to be that way. Through the 18th century, Christians were quite chauvinistic about their national identity. It was also assumed that the people who lived outside of Christendom should remain outside of Christendom, even if missionaries managed to convert them. Even Abraham Lincoln and the abolitionists were skeptical about the races getting along in one society.

That is the show this week. Not my best effort as I had no prep time because I am traveling this week. I did not like how the show came out, but I had no time to redo it so I will come back to this at another time. It also touches in other philosophical topics that I plan to write about in the future. As I note in the show, a lot of important things were forgotten in the 19th century.

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228 thoughts on “Christian Ethnonationalism

  1. I just read a post on a different site that said a yewtuber called “Mr Beast” dug a bunch of wells in the place where civilization started, for all the poor joggers, and got “attacked” for being RAYSIS an Sheit.

    I thought it meant he got his ass kicked.

    Alas, he only got cancelled.

    Too bad; I was hoping for the former.


    • I don’t hold much hope for the future when the biggest youtuber is a guy whose face is stuck in a perpetual soylent grin.

      • Recently YouTube changed the “analytics” it shows to channel owners, and he found out, he said, that soyface was making people avoid his videos, so he stopped doing it.

        Apparently the most appealing expressions to his viewers, who are almost all children, are a freakishly glowing “pedo smile”—and an extremely angry variant of it.

        His company is a troon den owned by the usual suspects, so the change may have some non-monetary purpose.

    • I’m going to humbly imitate Jared Taylor who says that, at the very least, he is preserving a record to show that not all white people have lost their minds during our age.

      If white people cannot look at the Mr. Beast episode and draw race realist conclusions then I wonder if they can ever be awakened and saved.

      I say this with profound sadness. Maybe a year ago, Z Man ended his podcast with a song that you cannot find on youtube anymore. It is a terribly sad song done by a Scandinavian lady named “Saga,” who was covering a song by a 90s skin head band called RaHoWa (RAcial HOly WAr, after Ben Klassen):

      If this is the way my race ends,
      If this is the way my race ends,
      If this is the way my race ends,
      I can’t bear to witness

  2. OT, today is armistice day, the end of the Great War in which the great peoples of Europe destroyed their common future.

    Today, in a line stretching directly back to that war, we are in even greater danger. We are beset on all sides by invaders, perverts and worst of all by traitors. By what some would call devils and others jotuns. We who are blessed or cursed with the ability to see even a little of the truth.

    I was just involved in a minor quarrel here and some may think I handled that idiotically. Maybe I did? If anything it showed how precarious is internal peace where different religious feelings are involved. But if we make the same mistake they made over 100 years ago, of fighting amongst ourselves we will be chopped up. Look at the last 60 years, then the last 20 years and finally think of the last 4 years; they actually want to get rid of us. And they want us to do most of it ourselves, just like they are now baiting Russians and Ukranians to kill each other off. We mustn’t go that way

    • You made plenty of comments of the, “Hey, the Vikings I know would have skinned you alive,” sort. Which is simply a passive-aggressive, vicarious violence threat, akin to the anti-racist trope: “Hey, try saying that in a black neighborhood, I bet they’d beat you senseless, ha ha ha.”

      There’s no small irony to the guy with the vicarious violence posts now prattling on about White unity at all costs. But, let’s set that aside.

      The real issue that that there’s no such thing as a pagan these days. If there were, we could talk about aligned interests, friend/enemy distinctions, and all the rest. But literally nobody believes in Odin the way Bjorn Ironsides or whoever did.

      And that means the “Odin worshipers” involved in the dissident movement are engaged in a very unserious play-acting activity, meant more as a protest against Christianity than as anything else. This is an unstable personality type, like a Scientologist or some person who practices the occult. The mere fact of their instability makes them entirely unreliable allies to our side.

      Do us all a favor and get that through your skull.

      • There are many diffences between you and me. Perhaps the most important is that I prioritize the survival of Europeans over the scratch to mock other people’s religious feelings. And you do exactly the opposite. You are exactly the kind of guy any successful organization must get rid of. Because you have to bring division and strife, you can’t help yourself. Your game is exactly what Jews are being accused of.

        I have bigger fish to fry here than trouncing you. But irony is you lecturing others on unstable personalities.

        • You’re still doing it. Your first comment indicates some hesitancy over your words, but you quickly shift the blame from yourself to “we” and “us.”

          The chest-thumping. This is insecurity manifest. “Trouncing you.” “Organization must get rid of you.” “You are Jew.”

          Online pagans have this problem of showing how insecure they are, which is expressed in this teenage “I trounce you” braggadocio that serious people have no time to tolerate. When you are finished with college, perhaps some maturity shall set upon you.

          • I try to be diplomatic, I’m hesitant with my words. I stop being diplomatic, now I’m chestthumping…

            You’re a little bit hard to please, you know.

            But let me instead ask you, within DR circles, do you agree with the principle “let’s other dissidents’ religion alone?”

            That was the point I was making initially.

      • “there’s no such thing as a pagan these days”
        No, that’s just not factual.

        Today the scholarly definition of a pagan are all of those who have a sense or practice of the spiritual or metaphysical, but do not derive such sense from the story of an Abraham.

        It’s at least that, but it’s even a broader definition, the membership of evangelic churches refer to Catholics as pagans. I’ve seen herein Christians refer to Islamics as pagans. For Christians, a pagan is anyone who has a different theology. Jews consider Christians as idolators.

        Coming back, It’s just not Odin Worshipers. There actually are many people who are religious that don’t pretend that they are grafted into the Jewish family tree or identify as a child of Abraham. Pretending to be a rock turned into an Abrahamite, one might just as well be Elizabeth Warren identifying as Cherokee.

        I use the word “factual” instead of word “truth,” because “truth” is a term of art for Christians, meaning “believe.”

        But let’s get back to being ethnocentric.

      • Query—

        Would you rather hang out with European “LARPers” who are into pagan things or devout African Christians?

        With whom do you feel you share more in common? I feel like (perhaps wrongly) you are bright enough to see where I’m going with this.

        Your skin color is your uniform brainlet. This is exactly why so many lefties in the US are suddenly anti-Israel. Most of them could not locate Israel on a map. They do however know that Jews are “White Colonizers” because that is what they’ve been taught.

        Believe me that when the wheels come off those African “Christians” will throw your ass in the stew pot, lickety split.

        • Oh, I love this game, Apex. My turn!

          Who would you rather have in the dissident movement, an Orthodox Christian who believes in blood, throne, and altar, and drives a tank with a flag of Christ, Pantocrator flying proudly on it; or a pudgy, fedora-wearing sperg who pretends he’s a pagan but doesn’t really think Odin exists and won’t slit the throat of a bull to perform the sacred rites of spring?

          You’re playing a silly game.There are literally only a couple points that matter, and if you can’t grasp them you’re too short for this ride.

          1. Europe is the Church and the Church is Europe. Forty generations of your forefathers choose the cross, and that choice worked pretty well for a long time. The Christianity you see now is the result of centuries of slaughter (cf. the revolutions in England, France, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Russia, etc., etc.), and should be placed in historical context.

          2. Currently, paganism is not a thing. It is – to use Z’s concept – a negative identity. Literally zero people believe in Odin, they merely adopt a pose because they don’t like Christians or atheists. A person with a negative identity is unstable, and dissident politics has had more than its fair share of unstable people. The friend/enemy distinction needs to be carefully weighed in this case.

          • A negative identity requires attacking others. Btp has a compulsive need to tell Norse Men what they do and don’t believe. He accuses them of having unstable personalities. Unstable personalities, of course, tend to have an itch to get in other people’s business despite not having the faculty to grasp them..

            Of his own volition he admits that he defines Europe as the Church. Which is the opposite of defining it ethnically.

            Accuses others of his own traits and thoughts. Places ideology over biology. This should remind people of a certain personality type; a leftist. This is just an older version of the same thing. But still running the same source code.

            I ve met this type in dissident circles a couple of times. You start to notice a pattern; they wreck groups, sometimes serially so. He has graciously agreed to illustrate why it is true that this is a type you must get rid of if you mean business. Otherwise their nagging, depressive air and allround negativity will suck the life right out of your group.

            I’m not suggesting that Z should ban him; what I mean is; groups in meat space for actual survival purposes, lose this curmudgeon type. Or you won’t have a group.

          • Christians don’t really hold a special position relative to paganism anymore wherein they can claim “well your religion isn’t real because now it’s just a bunch of fat guys playing D&D”. Specifically if Christians wish to claim that Paganism failed because the Aesir were fake and gay, they have to now explain why it’s any different that Yahweh got pushed aside in favor of Saint Floyd.

            Obviously the legitimacy of religion derives from State approval just like it always did. Christians didn’t take over Europe, Roman Emperors and later Germanic warlords picked up the cross for their own political advantage and it was later a tool for maintaining political control over the populace. Medieval Pagan communities just had the local lord ride in there one day and announce that everyone’s a Christian now, much the same as the Conquistadors did with the Indians. The Norwegian peasant didn’t just spontaneously see Jesus in his lutefisk one day and switch religions, he was ordered to do it.

            Woke did the same thing, all the peasants in our nation were ordered to start worshipping jigaboos and they all went along with it, some of them trying to split the difference by just adding jigaboo worship to Christianity.

            So in the face of all this the Odinf*gs and Christf*gs throwing shit at each other is a rather pointless endeavor.

          • .”Forty generations”

            Forty is a bible number, indicating a start, a duration, and an end. Forty years in the wilderness, forty days in the flood story, lots of forties. Begins, Continues, Ends.

            Roman Emperor Theodosius mandates Christianity for the Empire in 380 A.D. Forty generations would be about the start of the Renaissance. Begins, Continues, Ends.

            Or perhaps it was the two centuries of the religious wars which killed half-ish of our European people. The men most hopped up and willing the kill to each other under the banner of a semitic pokemon killed each other, thus leaving those less likely to believe. As Darwin opined: the non-survival of the non-fit.

            Perhaps by the forty generations, the Shepherds have cornered the banking industry and now it’s forty has been fulfilled.

            When the Church began using the word Pagan, it meant people out in the hinterlands who were still practicing ancestral practices. Now that forty has come, and gone, who is the pagan now?

        • J: ‘Would you rather hang out with European “LARPers” who are into pagan things or devout African Christians?’


          6 NOV 2023
          Science Magazine

          ‘The Scottish wildcat has been wiped out by breeding with domestic cats
          After 2000 years of isolation, a few decades of interbreeding have rendered the animal “genomically extinct”…’


          Muh Bro,


          muh Bro.

      • The real issue that that there’s no such thing as a pagan these days.

        If you are limiting it to Europeans, perhaps. Plenty of Indian, Asian and African pagans.

      • “Today we remember with great sadness the day when white racists stopped killing each other. It was going so well. And then they stopped. Very sad”

    • I think the internecine rancor on the DR is actually at very acceptable levels. There are and will be disagreements, of course, but I don’t think we’re anywhere close to approaching the Somme.

      • The problem is not the level, the problem is its potential to blow up. btp insisted on telling me that Norse belief is BS and succeeding in p*ssing me off. The point is not whose side you’d take. It is that internal virtue signaling, which is what he did, is absolute dynamite to internal cohesion. And no matter what group you’re part of, from online communities like Z’s commentators to a bunch of survivors in some small town or forest after TEOTWAWKI, you’re going to have someone who can’t STFU about some others – in that group – are not quite as goodie goodie as he is. And you have to get rid of that guy. It’s not a threat, it’s not anger talking. I’m just saying, that guy will kill your group.

        You have to be careful about religious feelings, they are psychological dynamite. Internal peace is always precarious, not least where religion is involved

        • Or…Maybe just accept there is no DR. Just a bunch of irritated whites going to a message board and venting. Group identity is typically, histprically, based on much stiffer stuff.

          • The difference between a lot of angry whites and an effective DR is organization. Because of the mounting persecution of Whites that organizing is coming, one mistake at a time. And both Christian and non -Christian dissidents will have a role to play.

          • My point is that any real society does not have to refer to cultures thousands of miles and thousands of years away for identity.

          • Yet Jews have been doing just that, referring to a culture thousands of miles and 3000 years away for 3 millennia are are kicking our teeth in.

            Pro Tip: If you enemy is doing something to win, copy that. Here to help. ❤ -AP

          • @AP – Jew identity is based on their deep insularity and constant defintion of us vs them. This is a constant, current process. You are conflating the intellectual claim (we are the chosen people, oy) with the emotional experience (they are out to get us). That paranoia is contemprary and powerful. I understand the logical claim, but that misses the point of how effective they are. Every interaction they have with each other reinforces their worldview. The idea of identifying with pagan norse myth to the average white is worlds apart from the day in day out ritual of jewry.

          • Eloi, no one is saying Norse mythology should be the basis of dissident identity. I am saying dissidents should refrain from attacking the religion of other dissidents.

            Do you agree with that?

          • I would note that Jews do seem to largely refrain from attacking each others’ religious beliefs until they stray into an enemy camp far enough to be regarded as no longer Jews. So Jews for Jesus are enemies to them, but religious Jerry, atheist Elaine, new age lonny Kramer, and “I only believe in God for the bad stuff” George all get along with each other just fine.

        • @Moran ya Simba – you might want to consider developing thicker skin. Over-reacting to mild criticism of “beliefs” you’ve held for the last 45 minutes is not a good look.

          • Says the guy who was crying over me “threatening” him lol

            Despite me having explicitly said he won’t be able to shut up about why his beliefs are better or more holy than those of others, on the inside, he does it again. He can’t help himself and he can’t be helped.

            This has become a micro online exercise in some of the 101s of organizing small groups. If you’re interested in that, study the exchange between btp and me. His personality type is common in dissident circles; the negative energy, internal virtue signaling perpetual malcontent. It is something we will have to deal with after T bills become toilet paper. And if you find yourself responsible for the safety of a group, you will have to make some tough decisions.

            So, thanks to btp for illustrating some important points. Let’s put him back in his cage lol

        • BTP’s point, if I understand correctly, is that pagans who larp are unreliable as allies given that they are larpers. Those who take it seriously are likewise unreliable because to take it seriously shows some mental issues. Can you work with them? I don’t know, but it does seem risky.

  3. At the beginning of every show you tell the audience how lousy it is, and how little effort you put into it. It’s not a good look.

  4. Thank you Zman for providing a stunning visual of the whorls and striations of the sieving layers, the realm of the gods, with your Lenin piece.

    The aurora is ablaze.
    The assault on the Gates is begun.

  5. The problem for dissidents is one of numbers.

    There are only two main parties (in the U.S.) and dissidents, by definition, occupy a minority of the seats in one of the parties. Some dissidents don’t even want that one party to continue existing, believing it to be contaminated as a “uniparty” that is irredeemable.

    The best way to get your message across is to change the culture itself. Most people believe implicitly (and blindly) in what their culture tells them. If your culture is telling you nonwhite immigration is wrong, you’re not going to oppose that in your head (unless you’re a natural farlefter and there’s not too many of these).

    Change the culture and destiny will follow.

    [Click on my name with your mouse to go read my blog.]

  6. The real problems for the Secular Dissidents are 1. There are few of them. 2. As far as I can tell, they have a low birth rate. For whites to survive, we have to convince our women to get married and have a lot of kids. What works best is, “Jesus wants you to get married and have a lot of kids, and lead your family to heaven. Be fruitful and multiply.” Also, despite the idiocies of the current heretic pontiff, and the silence of almost all the bishops, the Catholic Church still is the only Christian church that teaches: not only no abortion, but no divorce and no contraception. That teaching still will be there when a future pope enacts the needed corrections.

    • The low birth rate is because there are literally zero women who are secular dissidents. If I want to get laid I have to hold my tongue with a Christian woman long enough for her to violate her God’s rule against premarital fun time, or hold my tongue with a woman who thinks she’s a witch and get turned into a newt.

      I got better.

  7. After reading the post and many of the comments that follow, all I can conclude is that many people have developed opinions about The Bible, Christianity and the role of Israel in God’s Plan of Salvation without having more than a passing acquaintance with the source material itself. It is akin to people who feel competent to opine on quantum mechanics after having read an article on the subject that they stumbled upon while looking for porn on the internet. It truly saddens me.

    • Is there any situation where you would concede that a person who disagrees with the content of the Bible had sufficiently studied the material?

      I could just as easily just keep endlessly repeating that you haven’t studied The Selfish Gene carefully enough to understand Darwinism.

      • To address your issue, perhaps. But the Bible is like studying the Constitution and claiming you are therefore a Constitutional Scholar. You don’t get to that level until you have also studied the founding fathers writings on it, the debates going back and forth on it, the history surrounding the adoption of it (and various amendments), SCOTUS decisions interpreting it. etc.

        Similarly, the Bible is not really a self-interpreting work. To begin with, most people need to read a translation into their native language (or learn the biblical languages). Then on to writings of the Church fathers, writings on debates such as adoption of the Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds, various writings on heresies and how they were resolved, the history, etc. But, if you have done that, then sure feel free to disagree with it.

        Fundamentally Christianity is based on an historical claim by eyewitnesses to a miraculous event. Paul himself concedes if you don’t believe that, the rest is in vain.

        • Lots of people talk about the Constitution here, none of them are Supreme Court Justices as far as I know.

    • Why should anyone accept you as an expert? High-handed dismissal with no specific examples does not establish any credibility.

      “Steve says he is a lawyer, but he obviously doesn’t understand law.”

      See how easy that is?

      • Maybe Steve is God, and he took some precious time from his job keeping the galaxies spinning in the right direction to put us all in our place in a comment thread.

        • Ploppy, are you telling me that Steve is the guy responsible for this mess of existence? Well, I finally know to whom to address all of my complaints. Darn that Steve!

  8. OT re yesterday’s posts:

    1) It’s not our government worrying about Hamas hiding under the bed. Au contraire, it’s elements on the right who have legitimate concerns about the bad hombres of different flavors waltzing across our southern border.

    2) I’m not hearing much stink about antisemitism coming from the government. Au contraire, Kamala just posted a video announcing some kind of task force for fighting Islamophobia.

    Methinks that sometimes Z Man lets his biases obscure the reality that’s right in front of everyone’s nose.

    • How many US politicians have made a trip to Isreal, even in the last month? How many have publicly expressed support for Isreal, even to the last American drop of blood and penny? Now compare to how many have visited or even spoken with Palestinian leaders (sanctioning a US Pali politician does not count as dialogue)? I thought so.

      While we re on the subject, how many antisemitism bills have been introduced, how many anti-BDS laws are there? You must be Rip van Winkle’s bed mate or something. or did you miss every American poltician’s constant fellatio of AIPAC/ADL?

      • You are missing the very real events. The State Dept is in an open mutiny against Biden’s policy of aiding Israel. Various Palestinian protests have invaded the NYT building and harassed the staff. Harassment of Senators including Lurch/Fetterman over Palestinians is now commonplace. The Squad and such are staging various uproars and Bernie had to come out for the Palestinians. The FBI raid on Eric Adams is as much concern for pro-Palestinian agitation on the part of the Mayor as protests over illegals. The ties to Turkey likely scare them silly.

        There have been rumors that people in the State Dept., the CIA and others have been canvassing quietly select Cabinet members over 25th-ing Joe. Pete Butt-gig, let me remind you out of a gay/atheist CIA family, is all of a sudden for no reason whatsoever on Kimmel and other talk shows despite having no news or promotions to push. There have been open threats on the part of Muslims to hand over states they dominate to Trump (MI, WI, etc) over anger over Palestine. Just to make their point.

        There was another assassination of a Russian official in the Donbass the other day. By the CIA/Ukraine. Do you think that Vlad is a turn the other cheek kind of guy or does he have “Plan Muslim” in mind? That stuff in Dagestan can get started here, really quick.

        Do I expect some sort of State/CIA led removal of old Joe, and putting Mayor Pete in as an “emergency” to switch gears and say bomb the Israelis to get on the right side of the Muslim street, Muslim / Gulf money, and get back to “Project Ukraine?” No. But I would not rule it out either and what does that say about what used to America?

        This used to be one hell of a great country. Now its a South Park episode that never ends. “Put a chick in it. Make it lame and gay.” May God save us all.

        • The US is so weakly held together internally that it’s remarkable that all of its various foreign enemies with large constituencies here thanks to open borders haven’t put together a comprehensive plan to dismember the country. Perhaps they have now or are starting to. There’s probably a rising global consensus, even among powers that oppose each other, that the US (like its President and gerontocracy) is a senile old dragon that must be slain and can no longer be appeased. Imagine one of those “cuts of meat” chalk diagrams but with the US as the steer.

  9. Imo, it’s the Gordian Knot. The real JQ is, Are we Christians, Jews? Do we gentiles worship a foreign god? Did He adopt us and disown His people? Are the people of the new covenant Israel? Is this New Israel a nation— is the church a nation?

    Lots of identity crisis. What about the flesh? Do we just ignore it, now? Is that wise? This universalism seems like a cheap fix, but it’s a symptom of the crisis, imo.

    • Does it make any sense that an omnipotent being who encompasses all reality would be specifically concerned with one tribe of hook nosed people living in the asshole of the world? And spend thousands of years primarily concerned with telling that tribe to butcher the rest of His creation and raining frogs on anyone who picks on his precious little money-changers?

      I suppose this is the opposite of the secular arguments against Christianity, that the (Evangelical in particular) conception of God is so absurdly small and materialistic, anthropomorphized into a bearded guy painted on candles in Mexican import stores who will make you wealthy if you pray hard enough, this is a ridiculous and pathetic god promoted by oleaginous jowly Southern preachers wearing copious male jewelry.

      To paraphrase Captain Kirk: “Why would (dramatic pause) GOD … need me to send $25 to old Israeli women?”

      • The God of the West is incomprehensible to me, partly for reasons you’ve noted, but he was the best (single) god for inspiring music and architecture, and by far the greatest at inspiring horror movies. His “death”—the loss of feeling for His being a real thing—has ruined all those things I like. So I miss him.

        Hate all his remaining children though. No Western church wants anything but to destroy us, preferably by replacing us with Africans who can’t even read the Bible, but they’ll accept the Samson Option if the TV says it’s armageddon time (again).

        Scum, all.

      • I’m getting tired thinking about it, hence the Gordian Knot. How did Alexander solve it, and why did Jesus come to bring a sword? Sometimes it’s that simple.

      • “Does it make any sense that an omnipotent being who encompasses all reality would be specifically concerned with one tribe of hook nosed people living in the asshole of the world?”

        Yes. The purpoae of the “chosen people” is to produce the Messiah, who came to redeem all man. The Middle East is conveniently located at the hub of 3 continents, thus aiding the spread of the Gospel. The temperate, dry climate is ideal for the preservation of written materials, i.e. the Dead Sea scrolls. And God may have deliberately chosen some of the lowest people on the Earth to represent him, that no flesh may glory in his presence.

        • But look at what a mess that made. If God had just found a nice Norwegian girl to birth his Personal Avatar we could just all knit sweaters in peace. I have a hard time picturing a guy named Bjorn getting on tv looking like Nosferatu and kvetching about how we need to end freedom of speech and send more money to exterminate the Swedes.

    • Paintersforms: “Do we gentiles worship a foreign god?”

      Bro, brush up on your Catharism.

      Catharism & Lollardy will guide you to your salvation.

      • Kind of interesting, all of the wild sects and heresies in Christianity’s youth and ascendancy. Also kind of interesting how much more (for lack of a better word) orthodox it is today, making its way back to the cross.

  10. The first principle of white nationalism, or separatism, or whatever we call it, is self preservation. For the individual and for the race. The church, or christianity, isn’t automatically on board with that principle, as noted below re: martyrdom. Nor can it be made to be. Operating on the assumption that it is generally a waste of time and energy to attempt to persuade people to change their theology, weighed against how much progress one is likely to make in any reasonable time frame. Thus we will find common cause only with christians who value self preservation as much or more than their theology, which probably means the pickings will be more abundant among CME christians (those who attend on Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Easter) than among the truly devout who are there every Sunday and Wednesday night too. The devout will, generally speaking, resist, since, in terms of the Great Replacement, self preservation is more of a gradual and abstract concern than an immediate here and now one (most of the time).

    We may even find greater traction with whites who don’t identify as christians, or not strongly so, since their sense of self preservation is less likely to have to compete with some theology about all of God’s little children. In this sense, the waning of church membership, and christianity in general, is probably a positive for dissidents.

    • I think you have a somewhat misguided view of martyrdom. The Church has always taught that martyrdom is something to be accepted, not actively sought. When faced with no choice but death or denying your faith, you are to accept the former. But you are not obliged to seek out guillotines in which to stick your neck.

      The kind of Christian you seek would likely cut and run at the earliest sign of adversity.

      • The spirit of martydrom doesn’t require immediate threat of dismemberment. Fundamentally, it is an adherence to belief or dogma in the face of consequences. The same spirit, while perhaps uneasy about the Great Replacement, tolerates it because they are all God’s little children. Would sooner accept the consequences of the former than renounce the dogma of the latter. And that is the majority of christians today. Call it soft martyrdom.

        • Well, the majority of Christians are misinformed/wrong. Not a surprise as the majority of people are misinformed. If your problem is with misinformed Christians, well, get in line.

  11. Without Christianity there would not exist today anything resembling what we call Western Civilization. So can WC exist without it?

      • Well 50% is still alot and I can grant that The big C built on what came before. And at least 4 people think what I posted is so obvious that they downvoted me.

  12. OT: Some young males sprayed swastikas on buildings in NYC and are now wanted. Is it just me or does at least one of the little darlings look a tad bit, um, Semitic? Is this another “Hey rabbi, whatcha doin’?” situation?

    New York Post

    • Negroes rape and murder with near impugnity and yet they’re putting out an APB for non-kosher grafitti artists. Right. Got it.

      • Pretty sure these are juveniles with their pictures displayed all over. I’d also bet 10 GAE dollars they will be tried as adults for this unpardonable sin.

      • The law has been weaponized. We’re one step away from literal Stalinist show trials. Really, how far away are Trump’s charges from Stalinist show trials other than he probably won’t be outright executed when he is inevitably convicted?

        The law has always been a tool to punish behavior we don’t like, but it’s also always been a good guide to what is permitted. That distinction is disappearing. It ain’t just Trump. It ain’t just Mackey. It ain’t just Stone. It’s all over the country. It ain’t just malicious and politically motivated prosecutions or civil judgements either. It’s also what crimes don’t get prosecuted and what laws don’t get enforced depending on who is doing it.

        Frankly, it’s easy for me to say, but I really wish Mackey would have worn a T-shirt with a picture of Stalin on the front and the dates of famous show trials on the back, like a band t-shirt with the tour dates to the courthouse for his show trial. Instead he was forced to pretend this was a serious trial about a serious crime.

        Watch the DSM. Because I think that is next. Just as mental disorders have been removed based on political considerations, new disorders like “racism” are going to appear in the DSM sooner or later. I hear shock treatment is a good tool for curing racism and other impure thoughts.

  13. The problem with the egalitarian and ‘equal before God’ critique of Christianity is it doesn’t hold up to the slightest scrutiny. It is a fundamental mistake of cause and effect. For hundreds of years the West was FAR more Christian and FAR more nationalistic and “racist” The dissident who is anti-Christian has to just pretend history started in 1965. They have to pretend the Crusades never happened and that the Jacobins were Christian. They want to pretend American Christians didn’t have slaves based on race.

    What has actually happened is as the West became ever more secular, the secular concepts have taken over the Churches. There is not a single large denomination of Christianity that isn’t totally SJW converged. There are good churches within denominations, but the denominations themselves are totally cucked. All their anti-racism is secular SJWism being presented as Christian.

    What really happened is Christians failed to guard the church. Instead of guarding the church, they retreated to the churches. They put their heads in the sand and pretended the world wasn’t changing and that the church did not need defending. Slowly over time, all this stuff ended up in the churches. The SJWs were waiting in the wings. As church leadership died or retired, the SJWs took over.

    • “What really happened is Christians failed to guard the church. Instead of guarding the church, they retreated to the churches.”

      I view this in the wider context of people who want to be left alone endlessly retreating away from those who will never leave them alone. I don’t think it’s a church specific thing but a general population trend.

      Paradoxically the people who want to be left alone must be extremely militant about being left alone which is very taxing for them because they’re naturally tolerant & easy going. This goes back to what Z-man wrote about tolerance where there needs to be extreme intolerance for those types of people.

      Everything is subject to Robert Conquests second law: Any organization not explicitly right wing will sooner or later become left wing. Radicals never rest, their entire existence revolves around subversion & they can’t be reformed. You either keep a perpetual boot on their necks or expell them whenever they appear in the population. As we’ve seen with the former method it’s only a matter of time before people become fatigued & relent to give an inch which ends up being a mile in practice. Once that initial appeasement happens it’s a downward spiral that accelerates as it goes.

      • “Any organization not explicitly right wing will sooner or later become left wing”

        This is absolutely the core of the problem. I’ve often wondered why the normal people get tired and fatigued but the radicals never seem to. I suppose it’s a fundamental difference in types of temperament. It may also be that normies tend to have some sort of metaphysical peace whether religious or secular that allows them to just be happy to live their lives. Radicals lack that peace and can only get a little taste of it through “constant struggle”. It’s hard to imagine being such a person. I’d liken it to suffering from some kind of weird rash that keeps you from ever sleeping properly or feeling rested. Thinking about it almost makes me feel pity for these creatures – almost.

    • This is a very good point. The real question is whether Christianity can be re-invented and re-based on the old Western model that prevailed until the mid 19th century or so. It’s hard to say for sure if that’s possible. Many suggest that the Orthodox, Russian or Greek, might have the basis of this ready to go. Perhaps if the GAE continues to weaken, Russia will send missionaries to spread the Orthodox Good News among US whites looking for something to renew their sense of pride and identity. I’m not sure if this kind of religious imperialism would work but I’d rather see the down and out Whites in the heartland turning to Russian Jesus after they kick their fentanyl habit instead of joining another American Health and Wealth Gospel church with a Big Hair preacher who sends their money to Tel Aviv.

      • But unless they are ethnic Russians, they really can’t be Russian Jesus followers. They would just have to become Appalachian Orthodox, Cajun Orthodox or something else.

        • I was thinking that too. These hypothetical Russian missionaries would need to set about building some kind of Hillbilly Orthodox church that just happened to be allied with Moscow. It is hard to imagine and would take serious secular genius to do. The secular payoff for Russia would be great though since it would have a hand in shaping post-Empire American culture.

        • The Russians did set up a church in America. It’s called the OCA: the Orthodox Church in America. It follows the Russian style, but the liturgy is in English.

    • “For hundreds of years the West was FAR more Christian and FAR more nationalistic and ‘racist'”

      Correct. Segregation in the South, properly understood, was a very Christian policy. Most non-Christian societies would have simply murdered a minority group like blacks. Saying “We’re all God’s children but He made us different… you have your drinking fountain, we’ll have ours” was actually very enlightened. Most Southern Christians took a patrician, magnanimous attitude toward the Negroes rather than a hateful one.

      Same thing with Judaism — the Church in Europe for hundreds of years kept the Jews in ghettoes and enacted legal strictures to prevent them from corrupting the flock, but instead of murdering them all, continued to pray for their salvation and their conversion.

      Christianity does not require you to accept your obese tattooed daughter spawning mulatto babies with a series of Negroes and collecting welfare while the buck is in prison.

  14. Hrrrrmmmmmmmm….

    I see on Blab that the Vatican has set up an office for the jewry. Nothing the Pope does surprises me anymore. Like all western nations these days – the Christian nation is rotting from the head down.

    Much of the church’s problems seem to start when they stop being Christians, and start being judeo-Christians. People forget the the reason for the New Testament was because of the flaws in the old one. Not trying to be a dink; I am much more a dissident than Christian. If someone wishes to rebuke me I am fine with it, but I will ultimately abide by God’s doctrine – not that of the church.

    • Is the Pope Catholic? Absolutely not!! He’s a raving Globohomoist. I don’t know about the Catholic Church but the Papacy has absolutely been captured by the enemy

      • Not all in the Catholic Church hierarchy have been captured. I bumped into some lively discussion that Pope Francis is a dogmatic heretic and therefore can not be the legitimate Pope. Another article opines on how to remove Francis and can find no precedent short of death. I’m certain these matters are not lost on practicing Catholics in this group.

        • I’m sure there are lots of fine Catholic fathers and bishops. But the current “Pope” is the antichrist. They couped the previous Pope so presumably there must be some procedure

    • Clown World will sooner or later demand a jewish office and a muslim office side by side in the Vatican

    • Here’s the thing. The Church is God’s Church, not that of a particular pastor, even when he calls himself Pope. So if you want to abide by God’s doctrine, then you you will have to listen to His Church (the Bible did not just fall out of the sky).

      Here’s the other thing. Like any group of human beings, the Church will have good pastors and bad pastors, good Popes and yes, bad Popes. Occasionally, God sends us the Popes we want, good and hard.*

      *(Many did/do not “want” this Pope, but alas, they make up a small portion. A Remnant, even.)

      • Of course, this does not address the question of whether the current occupier of the Vatican is a valid Pope – a discussion for another place/time).

  15. I’ll never forget when a few years ago Andrew Torba invited Allen West for a talk on Gab. Allen, who is a black politician and a Christian too, of course, was then campaigning for some public position. Throughout the whole show Torba was sheepishly nodding in approval with whatever the black guy had to say about “forbidden” talking points. Frankly, if a guy who is as in tune as Torba can’t resist the allure of browns hands fondling the Bible, then I can’t imagine rest of these Christians will be of any use.

    • This is a potential failure point for both Dissidence and Christianity: how do you handle adjacent friendly minorities? Yes, NAXALT can degenerate into fatal circular logic when combined with largely obsolete codes of chivalry – but what about those that are truly friendly to us and our cause?

      Historically the church successfully assimilated and ruled over diverse peoples. I kinda think that in order to succeed… the dissidents must be prepared to do the same.

      But whadda I know?

      • A white friend of mine is married to a Mexican.

        He is very based.

        His highest hopes after the collapse?
        1. He and his family can live NEAR whiteopia. Perhaps be invited over now and again, but if not, it’s ok.
        2. His one son who takes after his wife stays out of the sun and hopes for the best All the kids pretend to be Italian (he has taught them the requisite swear words).

      • The church didn’t “rule” over “diverse” (non-white?) people; it simply dictated dogma to them that they were required to accept if they wished to be true Christians in the eyes of the church.

        As to your other point, IMO it varies according to race. We cannot trust negroes, period. In any sort of conflict between DR principles and issues pertaining to negroes, they will always side with the latter. As for the other races, yes, I think we can work with them.

        • There is no church doctrine. There is only God’s doctrine.

          And no, Christianity was not imposed on the vast majority of people. Where do you people get this nonsense from? What errant rot!

          Christianity was willingly adopted for the most part, because it was superior to competing faiths. Classical Christian marriage allowed couples to combine resources and split labour. The couple could succeed far more as a team than they did as individuals. Wise local patriarchs arose that had the welfare of their people to consider. Christianity gave peasants a stake in their communities. It gave arising city states a foundation for sensible fairer laws and ultimately banished feudalism. So successful was this faith, that it defied the jews, the Romans, the barbarians, the moslems, the socialists, the nazis, and countless other challengers for over 2000 years. I am willing to bet good money that it will survive neoliberalism too. The only reason it has faded now is that we live in unprecedented times of opulence and plenty where the stupid and the perverted are artificially protected and insulated from their irresponsibility and foolishness. When the current economic times crash and families and communities will need to pull together to survive… I strongly suspect old world Christianity will come back into vogue and make a resurgence.

          But… ignore me – I am being a dink I suppose… I hope all you guys have a fast Friday, and good things lined up for the weekend. And I most assuredly hope that Dissidents and real Christians can be friends.

      • Diversity, like spice, needs to be chosen carefully to enhance (not overpower) the main dish and used sparingly.

        If they are truly friendly and BENEFICIAL to our cause, then a small pinch might be acceptable. Treat it like a one drop rule, I suppose. Of course, a lot of this could be obviated by simply balkanizing into smaller enclaves, cooperating when in mutual interests, and benign neglect otherwise.

    • Even when I was an ardent civic nationalist, I would blush in embarrassment over the way Dennis Prager would fawn over Thomas Sowell, when Sowell was a guest on his show. It was beyond excessive. It was like throwing a party for the whole neighborhood when your toddler dresses himself.

      • Nothing new here. Lots of fawning occurs over celebrity and I’m not talking just movie stars or politicians. Academic do it too wrt others in the field.

        Edward Dutton just put out a YT video discussing his first meeting with Jordan Peterson. Basically it was concerning Peterson’s “commanding” presence in the room. His eyes, his general demeanor, his voice. Yada, yada, yada…

        I like Peterson as folk here know, but really. However, Dutton is no slouch himself. At least he might have entertained a bit of intellectual exchange at that meeting, but it seems Peterson’s presence was just too over whelming. 😉

      • Thomas Sowell > Dennis Prager.
        I’m blushing with embarrassment reading that you listened to the later at all.

  16. There really aren’t that many anti-Christians in dissident politics. It’s just that they’re very, VERY loud online.

    Anyhow, being anti-Christian is for losers who want to stay losers. To win this thing, we’ll need the support of tens of millions of Hertiage Americans for whom talking smack about Jesus is a dealbreaker. Once you leave the intensely online dissident bubble, you’ll find that anti-Christian rightism is a weird fringe with zero appeal outside of the bubble, and only a damn fool would piss off 50,000,000 allies (including millions of combat veterans from the recent sandbox wars) to keep 500 weird goobers on the interwebs happy.

    • Not to mention most of them bring all of their own problems into it. But for me, it’s their closeness to organized atheism and what they call “anti-theism” which is really just anti-whiteness dressed as anti-theism.

      Organized atheism is an absolute cancer and a giant genital wart on the world. It is entirely leftist movement. You have the feminists who hate Christianity for “patriarchy.” You have the homos who hate it for “homophobia.” You have the degenerates who hate it for its anti-degeneracy. You have Jews who hate it because they ain’t part of it. Misanthropes hate it along with general malcontents and other weirdos.

      Their goal is to rob us of our heritage and an important part of our culture. I have ZERO patience for the anti-Christians, especially those in right wing dissident politics. If you don’t want to be a Christian, fine, don’t be one. But there is a huge gap between agnostic/irreligious who I get a long with splendidly and atheism.

      • I’m with Ted Turner whose philosophy is “We’re all born good, Nature is king, and when we die, we all go to the happy hunting grounds”, and in between, try to be nice to people but don’t let them near your money’

        • We’re all born good? The book our ancestors used as a foundational text in their religion says otherwise and it’s hard to argue.

          • To wit, and Mr. Turner’s opinion notwithstanding:
            “No one understands; no one seeks for God. All have turned aside; together they have become worthless; no one does good, not even one. Their throat is an open grave; they use their tongues to deceive. The venom of asps is under their lips. Their mouth is full of curses and bitterness. Their feet are swift to shed blood; in their paths are ruin and misery, and the way of peace they have not known. There is no fear of God before their eyes”.

            From what I perceive – the Biblical description seems to more accurately the nature of mankind than that of Ted Turner.

          • If that’s indeed so, why exactly should I take the word of men in regards to anything, let alone a supposed miraculous event that took place two millennia ago?

  17. “that all men are equal before God “ I’ve never seen this it as much of a problem. You may be equal in God’s eyes, but I’m not God.

    • I’ve been a Christian and a nationalist my entire life. Christ instructed his disciples to go baptize “all the nations”, not amalgamate all the nations. Furthermore, the Church has always been hierarchical and patriarchal, not egalitarian. I wish all nations and peoples well but have a special love for my own. Our current anti-Christian rulers have no love for the nation they inhabit nor do they seem to have much love for any other nation either (except Israel). Their principal activity with other nations seems to be sanctions and bombings.

    • IMO, equality in the eyes of God simply means all people may be saved. It does not mean that all people are equal from a practical earthly standpoint.

      • Bingo. This “equal” business has got to stop–or first be qualified/defined before using it in open discussion.

        Wasn’t it a few months ago we were discussion the Declaration and its meaning of “equal”? 😉

  18. It may be a bit of a stretch to refer to mormons as Christians but many of them are really good people. I spent some time in Happy (Utah) Valley recently and it was pretty remarkable. Everyone looks as though they had been plucked from Scandinavia. The only diversity I saw were the doctors on the billboards along the highway.
    There were so many young couples with 3 and 4 kids and they seemed to just be getting started. Ed Dutton has written about Mormons’ positive selection for intelligence. They are industrious, healthy and active. They are devout followers of their religion and BYU football. If someone could only manage to red pill their prophet, they could be a formidable force for good. All that money could be quite helpful, too. Z could escape easily and Frodi and Greg Johnson would be in good shape, too.
    Being there reminded me of HI Mcdunnough: “a land not too far away, where all parents are strong and wise and capable, and all children are happy and beloved. I don’t know. Maybe it was Utah”.

    • Unfortunately, most Mormons are devoted to the establishment and its institutions. You will find many of them in the ranks of the FBI, and other law enforcement agencies. Despite appearances, they can be as clannish and self- dealing as the usual suspects, they’re just nicer about it.

      They seem to believe they will be allowed to administer the mountain west as a kind of fiefdom, once the hammer comes down. They will then revert to polygamy and drop the mask, governing openly on behalf of their cult.

      On the upside, it is a white cult.

      • Good point, Tarl Cabot.
        From what I understand, the church leadership has been leaning quite far to the left, too. Just another thing that will crumble.

      • Tarl Cabot: Yes, lots of Mormons in the 3 letter agencies, not just the FBI. Used to be friends with a number of them – both overseas, and back in Texas. Nice, solid people in general. Historically their genetic roots go back to north western Europe.

        BUT . . . they have gone racially egalitarian in a big way. Most converts over the last 20 years have been Mestizo and Pacific Islanders, and they are all busy immigrating to Utah, marrying blondes, and producing lots of mixed children. The Mormon leadership has twisted itself into pretzels to ‘atone’ for historically keeping blacks out of leadership roles.

        Finally, the further one looks into the details of their actual beliefs, the weirder Mormonism becomes. I wish them no ill, and wish they would return to sensible race realism, but I believe they’ve entered a death spiral. Best that could be hoped for would be some kind of split. And, fwiw, although in many ways they almost epitomize cultural Christianity, I cannot say that their actual beliefs conform to Nicene Christianity.

    • It may have been Zman (or maybe Severian) who said that Mormonism is the true American religion. I’d agree with that.

        • Mormonism is a grift, pure and simple. It was founded by a charlatan and persists to this day in insisting on 10% for the big guy to remain in “good standing,” i.e. no tithe then no temple recommend and no temple recommend then no godhood, planet and spirit babies for you. Joe Smith makes Joe Biden look like a piker.

    • Never mistake Mormons for Christians. They may pretend to be one of us but they are as alien as Moslems or Jews. Like another commenter said they are clannish and will do nothing for us. They also are falling all over themselves accepting and intermarrying with the POC. Any crime against non-Mormons is allowing and protected in Utah. It was, at least a few years ago, the most common location for various financial crimes and scams. All done by Mormons against non-members. The state won’t lift a finger until a Mormon cheats another Morman,

  19. Funny thing about solo scriptura, the doctrine that says Bible alone simply is not biblical. It is stated nowhere in the bible. Actually just the opposite appears all through the book.

    It was then used to destroy the tradition of the church and reposition power.

    Without tradition historic culture and context is lost.

    When historic context of any ancient precepts is lost context then becomes whatever the person decides it is at whatever period of time they reside in.

    It was then was used to shift power and purse strings. Follow the money. It always works.

    Hence, where we are today.

  20. If European heritage dissidents do not work together we will be genocided in detail. Our enemies would love to use religion to divide us and that would make their mission easier. We need internal peace on the religious front. So I would like to ask:

    – Can Christian dissidents work in good faith with non-Christian dissidents?

    – Can Pagan (Norse, Greek, other European mythology) dissidents work in good faith with non-Pagan dissidents?

    – Can atheist dissidents work in good faith with non-atheist dissidents In good faith?

    (In good faith means refraining from trying to preach or convert dissidents who don’t share your beliefs or lack thereof)

    • Look, man. There’s no such thing as a pagan anything, ok? There are atheists, for sure, and Christians, but there are no pagans.

      There are LARPers who wear pagan outfits, but until they start leaving slaughtered horses in gravesites, they all need to shut up.

      As for atheists, probably they cannot work long-term with Christians. For now, of course, our interests are aligned.

      • That’s backwards. There is no such thing as an atheist. All men will find their God or God’s. It’s in our programming.

        • I’m no fan of atheism but to explain why I would be doing what I asked others to refrain from and create fissures within dissident circles that only benefit the common enemy.

          If atheists refrain from preaching the virtues of the Empty Set and fight the Woke New World, that’s gotta be good enough

      • I think that’s a no. That’s makes you an impediment to victory.

        In defense of Pagans I’ll say this: it is an ancestor worshipping tradition and therefore as long as they exist it is viable. Their faith connects then to their ancient heritage and to them, Christian rituals and atheist lecturing, looks as fake and bizarre as their search for spiritual resonance with their ancient ancestors does to you.

        It is exactly this kind of mocking each other’s beliefs that help the true Satan, Globohomo. And people who can’t refrain from it, have the wrong enemy and thereby help the real one

        • @Moran ya Simba, please review the friend/enemy distinction. LARPing pagans are incapable of being anyone’s friend because, well, they are LARPing pagans.

          It’s like asking whether Scientologists can be allies.

          “Impediment to victory.” lmao

          • You’re missing the point; this sort of interreligious mocking is poison to a common front. That makes you an impediment to victory because you can’t leave it alone. And if you don’t believe in victory anyway, just go down to Big Mama in HR and offer your unconstitutional surrender (please film that; I’d like to see her reaction)

            Those who are serious about Norse mythology or similar, would have a lot to say about Christianity. And thereby write off a lot of potential allies.

            No one’s telling you to submit to Odin; if others feel closer to their ancestors by pouring horse blood unto the ground, leave them be

          • But I think that is btp’s point. If they were really pouring horse blood on their ancestor’s grave in sincerity, then they would not be larpers (maybe a little odd, but not larpers). If they just like to dress up in 10th C battle attire they got off Amazon and drink from a horn at parties, well, that does not seem an ally you would want (at least not until the fighting starts).

      • Depends on what you consider a pagan. Those “worshipping” Thor or Jupiter strike me as larpers, sure. Those who “worship” say, the force of nature or some other pantheistic cosmic hubabaloo, well, maybe they do tend to take it sincerely. Although given today’s state of insanity, perhaps even the Thor worshippers take it sincerely.

        (NGL, a lightning spewing hammer does seem cool).

        • Some of them take is very seriously, they study the surviving texts from old sagas and such, they perform the rituals as they understand them. Most don’t literally believe that thunder is Thor riding across the sky but believe that nature is animated by various forces. Most of all they often believe that they thus honor their Northern ancestry.

          The guy who plays Thor with a foam hammer is LARPing. This isn’t

          • “Perform the rituals as they understand them…”

            You are so full of crap. Are any of these dudes having a communal feast of the body of the slaughtered animal? Absolute sperg nonsense.

            Not least, none of these people *believes* in Odin. I can’t believe this is being taken seriously here.

        • I don’t know a single pagan, nor do I know about their “thing.” Now it follows from that that I do not know what they truly believe as well. Does it strike me as unlikely that these people truly believe in the deities of some ancient pantheon? Yes. But people believe in all sorts of strange things, so perhaps the professed beliefs of pagans are genuine.

      • Pagus is the Latin word for a rural area. Paganus means rustic. Paganus gives us the word pagan. Roman soldiers used Pagan to refer to civilians to imply outsider.

        Today, Pagan is used denotatively to mean not-Jewish-derived. For example, the Bible scholarship field uses Pagan to mean non-Jews, even before the invention of Christianity. Pagan is everything that was not the relatively small number of people comprising a centralized temple cult. At one time, the whole world was pagan except for a few priests and royals who sought to create and control a centralized religion.

        Connotatively, Pagan gets used analogously to the way Hollywood Jews make fun of rural Americans and Southern Americans. Jews sneer at all of us as left behind bumpkins.

        All of our ancestors were outside the Jewish temple cult. Researchers have shown that those who proud of their ancestors are happier and more successful.

        If you go back, five, six thousand years ago, our ancestors invented the wheel, the wagon, and spread out across the world. It is those genes that are our genes. It’s our genes, and it is our language that is the basis of many languages. We didn’t know about the Jewish stuff, it wouldn’t come about until thousands of years in the future. We did OK.

          • As much as your life must suck, given that attitude, you wouldn’t mind too much if we sacrificed you in the name of intercommunity dissident peace, would you

          • It’s most advisable to esteem all our ancestors. They did what they did, based on what they could with what they knew and had. Who they were, what they did, has gotten us here. Thank you Ancestors.

            Brigid, the Elevated One, was a goddess of the Celts associated with metal working and poetry. Imbolc was a Celtic spring festival mid-between winter solstice and spring equinox. The church turned her into Saint Bridget, her feast day is Feb 1, and called Candlemas.

            The Apostles Creed uses the term Deus Pater, meaning God the Father. Deus Pater derives from Dyeus Phter, meaning God the Father. European recognition of Dyeus Phter goes back thousands of years BC, long, long, before the syncretization of the Semitic El into our Father God.

            The priority is our people. Religion is a means to an end. It’s like music at a disco, everyone starts moving together. A team forming backdrop. Some digging and study shows that what is called pagan is really right at the center.

        • The Indoeuropean, AKA Aryan, religions are where we came from. We brought them to Europe. Christianity is a much later import

    • My hope is that Christian Nationalists who are white and White Nationalists that are not Christian can form some sort of federation of mutual self-defense, where each group can live by its own lights and not interfere with eachother.

      WNs would always worry that CNs would start importing non-white Christians to their lands and CNs would always worry that WNs would succumb to some sin that they cannot overlook, like aborting sub-optimal babies or something.

      However, I don’t see any other possibly solution. If whites are persecuted hard enough for long enough, then perhaps that will bind us together.

        • Under the correct interpretation of nationalism, yes it would. The “natio” is the people, which is the race or ethnicity or perhaps most accurately, the tribe. But if the CNs consider all Christians to be the tribe, I suppose they could then justify importing non-whites. Properly speaking, however, that would not be true nationalism, and they’d be better off calling their movement something else.

  21. While I haven’t listened yet, I have to repeat a phrase I think I heard/read on this site.

    Christianity,(and the Bible), is not a suicide pact.

    • True Bart, but it turn out to be a salvation pact. Lord knows, we do need something to hang onto – a sort of tribal glue.

    • “Christianity,(and the Bible), is not a suicide pact.”

      I don’t think you can take that as a given.

      When you believe in an infallible lawgiver who may have plans that take generations to unfold, believers may be commanded to take actions that end in their personal or collective death. The reward is in the afterlife.

      Maybe white people getting snuffed out is all part of God’s larger plans to teach some sort of lesson. This is like what Christians must say when an innocent person dies tragically, but on a racial or civilizational scale.

    • “Christianity,(and the Bible), is not a suicide pact.“

      Says you.

      In 99% of Christian history, the martyr who lost his life for refusing to compromise on the smallest point of dogma is held up as the Christian ideal.

      • This is the sort of thing you say when you can’t tell the difference between a revolutionary and a suicide.

        Put differently: the guys at Valley Forge could not be reached for comment.

    • “…not a suicide pact”

      That’s ironic, if true. The sado-masochistic idol committed suicide with much assistance from the Sanhedrin and the Romans—among whom there may have been a few Jewish and Benjaminite moles, just as the ZOGs of western Europe and N. America have their moles today.

  22. The thing about christianity is that it’s so open to interpretation it can be twisted to support virtually anything which is a double edged sword but to be fair seemingly every religion has this going on. During the american civil war many churches in the north supported abolitionism & claimed it was cosigned by the big man himself. But that was because of the people themselves, their version of the faith reflected their inborn beliefs, religion doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Even something like islam is wildly different dependant on the people, in many areas of morocco alcohol is fine despite it being haram for example. Many mexicans practice a very paganized version of christianity is totally foreign to what you find in Europe & so on.

    Christianity doesn’t make people into anti White globalists, they were already receptive to that to begin with. There’s a lot ofbpeople who blindly prioritize adherence to their utopian variant of the faith over everything else & genuinely believe that slapping religion on savages transforms them into first world compatible. On the other side there’s a lot of anti Christians who follow the same exact logic believing that the religion transforms otherwise ethnocentric Whites into self hating liberals. Neither of these beliefs are accurate.

    Before millions of people could cross the globe rapidly it was much easier & more natural to be ethnocentric, nationalistic & Christian at the same time. Day to day life was also not so comfortable as it is now which lowered people’s tolerance & kept them grounded. I’ve yet to see any religion or conservative tradition for that matter survive modernity unscathed, even saudi arabia is slowly liberalizing over time. Seemingly everything decays from people becoming comfortable & decadent, solve that problem & everything else will naturally fall into place. I’m not sure that’s even possible but there has to be a new paradigm to address the dangers of modernity.

    Up until now civilizations repeated these cycles of decadence & decay but with modernity the toll it takes is much more severe than it ever used to be. The survival of Whites in the west hinges on dealing with the threats of the modern world & so does the survival of Christianity as a religion for Whites.

    One way or another there’s going to have to be a line drawn in the sand of where you’re either pro White or you’re not. That distinction is really all that matters & I think a sizable amount of Whites, atheist & Christian alike are going to fall outside of it. Some European ethnic groups & tribal heirs like those descended from quakers will be much more represented than others in the anti White side which is far more of a predictor than the vague binary of atheists versus Christians.

    • “Christianity doesn’t make people into anti White globalists, they were already receptive to that to begin with.”

      You can see this in the way people now “shop” around for a church that fits their lifestyle, rather than changing their lifestyle to fit the church. Today, it is very easy to find a church that validates your personal moral choices, so you can feel good about yourself. Let’s face it, most modern churches, with their concert music and mood lighting, are really just about making you feel special.

      • True. It’s instructive to look at the slogans displayed out front of these modern, nondenominational churches, in particular. Common tropes are “you will not be judged,” and “you belong.” What goes on in these churches? Religion or therapy?

      • Exactly. Same goes for people who split off to make a new church when the one they had been going to devolved into leftism whether on their own or from a top down push from being in a wider network.

        I saw a lot of that when trump became president, that really brought out the divisions & that was over something minor in the grand scheme of things. Same thing happened with the lockdowns, the churches that stayed open in defiance lost all their leftist leaning congregants.

        There’s a big church near me that started hanging pride flags outside & while there certainly has been less cars in the parking lot it’s still pretty damn full every sunday. Among themselves they’re bonafide christians & they have their verses to back up their leftist beliefs.

        Certainly one could argue that they’re heretics & they no doubt are by many different standards but at the same time most conservative churches today view people born before the 20th century as heretical racists. The vast majority of Christians alive today denounce the minority of churches that follow a version of the faith that is identical what to Europeans ascribed to for centuries before the industrial revolution.

        That’s why I find Christianity as a distinction for dissident politics utterly meaningless. When someone talks about Christianity they could be talking about a group virtually indistinguishable from degenerate atheists to israel first conservatives to ruby ridge Weaver style White separatists.

        Roughly half the White population, perhaps more, has been unsalvageable savage worshippers for centuries now. The have all sorts extraneous identities but none of that matters because as far as we’re concerned they’re the enemies of western civilization. The focus needs to be on filtering those people out & vague labels aren’t the way to do it.

        Of course most people are more concerned about these identities than anything else so when I say stuff like this I piss off both anti Christians & Christians themselves. Those types are far more concerned with factionalism than actually facing off against the left unfortunately & they’re pretty numerous which worries me. It’s not just religious versus not either, it’s denomination purity spiraling & pro White political variants being hostile to each other. It’s a mess, though not much can be done about it I suppose, hopefully there will be more unity when things really start going off the rails, we’re gonna need it if we’re going to make it out of this mess.

  23. Hello Mr. Z Man
    I am one of your biggest readers and I take great joy in understanding reality by reading your articles.
    I enjoyed your podcast about the topic you talked to be honest. I detest the trajectory of this evil just like you do.
    I don’t about you with what I will say, but part of me considers non-Whites as irredemably evil in the same way they view Europeans as such. Many Christians Ethnonationalists share this view.
    I will wait your reply then, cheers.

      • It is a username, not my real name.
        As for my background, I was raised Catholic.
        Given how disgusting Catholicism has become, I am staying away from it.

    • “… part of me considers non-Whites as irredemably evil …”

      Assuming you’re serious, I’d argue with that conclusion. The other races are what Nature made them–well adapted to their environment and culture. A moral judgement need not be made, only an understanding of their place–and ours–on this earth. Each with his own kind in his own lands.

  24. There’s a tension between what is called for in the various Christian doctrines and the provincial aspect of nationalism. Christianity more than any other religion depended upon empire at first for its spread, then the establishment of a supranational organization to maintain its influence. The tension has not gone away over two thousand years.
    Furthermore the emphasis on the underdog within Christianity is the thing that irritates nationalists the most IMHO. The “muscular Christianity” that ended in the 1800s was more the result of various Western European nationalist movements led by “divinely appointed” rulers of old European tribes more than a outcome of some sort of religious doctrine.

  25. “It is hard to be a nationalist of any sort if you start from the premise that all men are equal before God.”

    It becomes even harder when you aren’t an Israelite yet try to build your nationalism upon Israel’s own ancient supremacism AND it so happens that a living remnant of Israel already controls your government, your military, your banking system, and your legal system. Your problems don’t stop there, however. You, the CN, think you understand your holy scriptures, but you can scarecely even recognize them when seen in their original languages. Many of the alien supremacists, however, speak the most important language fluently and are fully literate in it. Already we can see than CN is ridiculous. It’s unintended self-mockery by lost retards who are grasping at straws like drowning men in the cold waters of the North Sea.

    • Yes. One big problem is that many Christians let Jews and their “Judeo Christian” acolytes interpret the scriptures for them.

  26. The church we joined when we moved south is full of people who open a Bible and notebook during sermons and mid-week prayer meetings. And they wouldn’t hesitate to debate one of the pastor on a point.

    Not surprisingly they voted 96% in favor of leaving the PCUSA 12 years ago as that organization went woke. Our church has been growing fast ever since while the PCUSA churches are dying.

    • I’m glad for you, Maxda. Finding a good church is like finding a diamond in the rough.

      We love our church, Calvary Chapel Chester Springs PA. Pastor is a scholar and a faithful man of God. Nice to have both visible and invisible means of support.

    • Mazda

      So what you’re saying is members of your church pay attention, and seek to understand things better.

      …sounds like RAYSIS to me…..

  27. So when you broach topics that fall on either the Christians or the Jews who gets some more hate? I was raised by atheists in the soup of the secularist world and my siblings and I were taught to you hate all the Christians, nothing but scorn and derision for them in my household growing up, even though as Anglo-Saxons that was our origin of descent, or maybe because of that, but we thought the Jews were just top notch. I’m just curious if you’ve ever noted who gets the most hate

    • I’ve long noted that the only religion athiests truly hate is Christianity. You rarely hear them mocking Moslems, Jews, Buddhists, and Hindus. Only Christians.

      Now part of that is that probably 90% of athiests are Leftists, Leftists hate white people, and Christianity is considered the white people’s religion. But there is also–paradoxically–a belief that white people should know better than to believe in God. Blacks, Arabs, Hispanics and Orientals? Well, what can you expect from that lot? Leftists, despite their loathing of whites, hold whites to higher standards than everybody else because deep down inside they know the truth about the human races.

      • Yeah I grew up among atheists. They only really care about Christianity. They all have statutes of Buddha or Ganesh or whatever. And the thing is they can’t even see it. This review of Richard Dawkins last book I even asked the reviewer about Dawkins single-minded focus of Christianity in a book he called out growing God

        “True. He starts off talking about belief in God, then narrows that to “the Abrahamic religions”. But after the first few pages it’s pretty much Christianity all the way, and a particularly naïve and fundamentalist form at that.”

      • Most atheists are cowards. They know insulting Islam or Jews creates current life consequences for them. Not believing in an after-life, they don’t care about attacking Christians in the current year because they will not incur present consequences. In fact, they might even get temporal benefits.

        • Of course. But one might note that Christians avoid attacking Islam and Jews for the same reason. If you press a Christian on whether or not Jews are damned to hell for rejecting and murdering Christ, you invariably get some mealy-mouthed crap about how “there are many paths to God”. The Christians forgiving Mexicans and Blacks that rape and kill their daughters are doing the same thing, they’re cowards hiding behind Christian forgiveness so one one calls them racist.

  28. “It does not have to be that way. Through the 18th century, Christians were quite chauvinistic about their national identity.”


    I am not very sympathetic to this line of apologia. Christianity is a religion which self-proclaims “eternal truths” and “eternal values”.

    My whole adult life, I have been told by Christians that I am evil and hell-bound for opposing this egalitarian nonsense.

    If Christianity can flip back and forth on this issue that has been the number one focus of morality my whole life, what does that say about anything else they claim to believe in?

    “You must believe in A, B, C, and D or you are going to hell for all eternity.”

    Sometime in the next few decades as the west collapses under the weight of diversity, I have no doubt the remaining Christian churches will jettison egalitarianism.

    It will then be:

    “Oops, we were wrong about A. Now we believe the opposite. However, you must still believe in B, C, and D or you are going to hell for all eternity”

    I have no interest in ever going back to Christianity when it has been so catastrophically wrong about egalitarianism.

    • Since being Christian has proved so difficult for you perhaps you should consider Islam. Seems you’d fit in better there.

      • Mosques aren’t preaching to their followers that they should celebrate diversity and praise gays and lesbians.

        Islam isn’t a religion in decline. Christianity is (at least among Europeans).

        Finally, Mosques don’t tell their followers to love Israel.

        • For anyone who downvotes my comment, please explain how what I wrote is wrong.

          Everything that I wrote is a fact. You can dislike facts, but downvoting them is like downvoting that the sun rises in the East.

          • You’re seriously demanding that everyone that down vote you give you a reason. You’re on a comment section in a blog.

          • Whitney,

            Normally, I wouldn’t care, but, yes, in this situation, I do ask someone who downvotes facts to give a reason because this is an important discussion.

            As much as it might seem that I’m coming down hard on Christians, I’ve long believed that religion is our best (maybe only) way out.

            But those facts are keeping many people from looking at the Church.

          • Moran,

            Again, normally, I couldn’t care less about downvotes, but this is an important discussion and what I wrote are facts.

            If a Christian is going to downvote these facts – facts that are destroying the church – than they should think hard about why they’re downvoting.

            Downvoting the truth says something about the person doing the downvoting.

            They’re only response could be, “Well, those aren’t my church and they don’t represent true Christianity.” And that’s fine – and true.

            I guess my point is that I believe (as someone who doesn’t go to church) that religion likely will be a big part of saving our people. Only religious people seem willing to put themselves on the line to fight back. So, I don’t want the Christians to just say downvote and walk away. We need them.

          • I hear you Citizen, but here’s the thing; economy of force. In terms of effort votes, up or down, are cheap. A solid counterargument OTOH, takes effort. Down votes are mosquitoes in your face. Force them to produce a real orc in front of you or ignore them, is my attitude

          • I’m a Christian, but there is no denying that my religion is dying from the gangrenous rot of Leftism while Islam remains robust, in no small part because it is stayed true to its primal beliefs. I’m not about to convert to Islam for the simple reason I believe it is false. Nevertheless, I do respect its seeming incorruptibility.

          • Christianity has a history of declining and rising (just like the sun sets and rises). So yes, it is a fair observation that it is in a declining phase right now.

    • It insults me when you say “Christians are evil because they say this and do that…”

      Do they? That would be like me saying that Joe Biden speaks for you. And you obviously approve of him and his diversity freak show because he is the POTUS and you are American.

      The bible is not a suicide pact. That thing will take a year of study just to understand it. Most people that deride it haven’t even read it. For me, my faith and dissident leanings seldom conflict…

      • “It insults me when you say “Christians are evil because they say this and do that…””

        I copy pasted what I am quoting from you, but you made up a false quote from me.

        I doubt you are capable of debating honestly on this topic.


        My objection to Christianity is not to run-of-mill hypocrisy where you say one thing and do the other.

        I object to a faith that since the end of WW2, makes egalitarianism a central focus of morality, and now its defenders will try to brush that belief under the rug as the disaster becomes to obvious to ignore.

        • “I object to a faith that since the end of WW2, makes egalitarianism a central focus of morality, and now its defenders will try to brush that belief under the rug as the disaster becomes to obvious to ignore.”

          Religion has been around 2,000 years, but let’s talk about the last 70, guise.

          Come on, man.

      • I understand you point, but it’s similar to when Jews say, “Well, not all Jews are left-wing nuts who want to destroy the West, so you can’t talk about Jews as though they are all the same.”

        Here’s when we can generalize:

        1) A majority of a people or faith believe something

        2) Those people who believe these things are leaders of said people or faith

        3) Those people who believe these things are the ones who are implementing those ideas through various means.

        At that point, we say “the Jews” or, in this case, “Christians.”

        Sure, there are lots DR Christians, but you guys aren’t the ones in charge of the majority of churches, nor are you able to stop the Diversity Churches from preaching love of gays, Israel and immigration of non-white Christians.

        I actually believe that religion – presumably Christianity – is our only way out. Only religious people seem to have the balls to stand up what amounts to a competing religion – Wokism/Hate-Whitey/Holocaustism. But for now, the Christian community is working against us, not for us.

        • The HISTORICALLY Christian community is working against Europeans. As a very mediocre Christian, that is really hard to take
          On a positive note, however, the historically Christian churches are either dead or terminal decline.
          Blue haired lesbian pastors preaching under the rainbow flag may be on the ascendancy in our schools, libararies, military and corporations. However, their official churches are empty.


          • It just shows how fake so many Christian leaders are. As best as I can tell, the only churches maintaining their numbers or growing (at least among whites) are the churches that remain very traditional.

            And, yet, so many churches are led by people who embrace views that cause people to leave.

        • Jim of Jim’s blog fame is a strange blend of narcissist sass and genuine insights. One maxim of his that I believe is “bring a faith to a religious war”.

          If Christianity works for that purpose to stand up to the narrative cancer, then I think we should use that. If Paganism works then I am for using that. My objective is the destruction of the fanatical attempt to destroy European people. For that purpose, on one level you need a gun, on another you need a strategy and organization. Jim’s insight is that there is a level where you need a faith. I would use any gun that works in a home invasion. And any faith that works to counter the White people’s suicide

        • All correct, of course, C, and spot-on…but a few points of order:

          The media gleefully reports the conversion and/or failure of the old world faiths and churches. What they don’t report is that most of those churches go on to close their doors. The faithful get up and leave. Carefully NOT reported is that they reform under the radar in much smaller congregations. You won’t see us in the mass media or on twitter. We will not meet in sprawling mega-churches run by lunatics and perverts. What need do we have of a presence on those toxic spaces?

          Not only that – right now, as we speak, we are successfully doing that which the dissidents are not. For us the separation of church and state cuts both ways. We fund and participate in our own extensive home school programs. Our kids are not being assaulted in public washrooms or being sexualized by homosexuals or pedos or vibrant simian morons. they are not being immersed in wokeism, drugs, and Marxism. Academically they will wipe the mat with public schooled students. Our efforts in that regard are driving the local Usual Suspects nuts.We do all this on our own dime and threats of fund cuts from the gubbimint just makes us laugh.

          We look after our own. People enduring hardships have a place for sympathy and emotional support. That extends beyond the mere confines of the church. We have community that will stand with you spiritually and even financially at the drop of a hat. We do all this on our own dime, heedless of the govt and their pozzed finger waggers and scolds.

          In my community, I can hassle the kids, razz my elders, and make a nuisance of myself among good friends. We have an upbeat morale and a sense of comradery. These are all things our esteemed blog host has tried to instill in the dissident space but so far – has largely failed. Sure, there dissident and dissident friendly spaces on line… but we need dissidents right there in your personal neighborhood. If the dissidents were smart they could utilize our circles rather than building their own. And you could learn the TRUE state of affairs with regards to Christianity – not the narrative of the mass media.

          The dissidents don’t need to create all this on their own – it already exists with the faithful dissident christians. We cannot operate and do what we do in the mainstream anymore than the dissidents can. If we want to be divisive, I would say YOU could have shut down those satanic churches too. Or the peodos and homos in your schoolboards. Or those evil joos starting wars across the globe for fun and profit. We have to fly under the radar too – for now at least – same as the Dissidents. I have no doubt that a day of reckoning is coming for our antagonists, and that day will arrive a lot sooner and be far more efficient if our groups work together.

          My fear is that the dissidents will throw out the baby with the bathwater and turn on people that they probably shouldn’t. In fact, nothing would please Globohomo more than a semantic rift between the Dissidents and heritage North American Christians.

          We need not be enemies. I am not asking anyone to accept the rainbow of pozzed churchian fakes and gays. I would ask that you consider your enemies and friends with extreme caution.

        • I guess I don’t necessarily disagree with you, to the extent the problem is Christians rather than Christianity. Christianity as a faith/set of doctrines, etc. is a different thing than someone calling himself a Christian and what he may or may not believe about Christianity – Christ Himself says as much.

          As the English like to say, it’s not cricket. There is a certain set of rules and method of playing cricket, and if you change it to baseball but still call yourself a cricketer (or whatever they call themselves), well, no. You are playing a different game.

    • Egalitarianism in Christianity is a fairly recent innovation and a mere blip in the religion’s lengthy history. I wouldn’t read too much into this aberration, let alone condemn Christianity in toto because of it. It is simply our misfortune to live in an age of utter nonsense.

      • This. The way Christianity “works” (for lack of a better term) is that some yahoo comes up with some interpretation/take on some aspect of it. It then gets popularized and becomes all the thing. Then it gets mulled over for a while, and then Christianity comes back to its senses.

        The Arian heresy, for example, took I can’t recall how long (decades? a century?) to get fully rooted out and at its peak, just about everyone bought into it. Some are perennial weeds that keep coming back under different guises – gnosticism in particular came back disguised as modernism from which we still suffer. This CivNattery and dispensationalism are just the current things we have to suffer through.

  29. The Christian response is that God made the races and the nations, and He destroyed the Tower of Babel, which represented globalism…

        • When you have a two thousand year tradition, the beliefs of some rando Christian in the current year is not particularly important, is it?

          And what we have is a very long history of what amounts to Christian nationalism within Christendom.

          • btp, I want to believe you, but it isn’t easy. I think that you underestimate the near unanimity of white Christians on race-blindness.

          • As Chesterton once said, Tradition is the democracy of the dead. That is, Tradition is what the Christians over 2,000 years have determined is Christianity. We are talking tens of billions here. That even a majority of today’s Christians believe X contrary to what Tradition teaches, that means barely a billion vs Tens of Billions. Assuming Christianity is even a “democracy” of sorts with respect to doctrine (hint, it isn’t), that would still make current year trends insignificant – that is, insignificant with respect to what Christianity is, although it makes it a pain in the ass to live with now.

            So, LITS, if you want to believe what btp says, rest assured you can. It is no different than lamenting the near unanimity of Whites (Christian or not) on race-blindness. Heck, even conservatives suffer from it. But that doesn’t make race-blindness right. It is not a uniquely Christian problem; it appears to be a uniquely White problem.

    • Except that’s not how your average Christian responds. It’s how they should respond but how they actually respond.

      On Gab, it’s just bizarre to watch these guys. They’re the ultimate colorblind CivNats. If you bring up race, they will have none of it, even the ones who understand racial differences.

      • On Gab? Wow, I guess we follow entirely different people because that is not what I see at all. At all!!
        Though the j21 always being wrong is really thing.

        • I’ve dealt with more colorblind CivNat Christians than I can count. They are – by far – the most hardcore colorblind CivNats around because (in their minds) God told them to be colorblind.

          That said, the most hardcore DR people that I’ve met are Christian. They are – by far – the most willing to fight back.

          You can see my frustration and why I believe that, ironically, as much as Christians are currently an impediment to our goals, Christianity may be our only way out.

      • Citizen: Egalitarian Christianity is a pernicious falsehood and it is very, very hard to root out. I’ve been working on my friend for over 5 years now, with mixed progress. She is innately ‘based’ and conservative and kinist. Family means a lot to her. She believes like ought to marry like, and that includes race. She has come to acknowledge the destructive role Jews have played in AINO and Europe.

        BUT . . . she learned her faith at her baptist preacher grandfather’s knee. She’s reached an internal compromise that most Ashkenazi Jews are not ‘real’ Jews or descended from/related to Abrahams line. She has come to acknowledge anti-White racism and has always deplored sexual degeneracy, but yet can only repeat to me that “I love all people.” At the same time, she would not hesitate to defend her own – with deadly force.

        Very difficult to break the conditioning, but I’m not giving up.

        • To clarify for those who are unfamiliar with my personal views on the topic, I am a baptized and believing Christian as well as an ethno-nationalist, and I see no innate conflict between the two.

          • Ditto. There is no inherent conflict. Although I don’t purport myself to be an exemplar Christian, I see no doctrinal reason to invite the world into my neighborhood.

        • Noting wrong with loving all people (willing the best for them). Doesn’t mean you have to live with all types, any more than it means you have to marry five women because heck, I love each of them.

          But I get it – it is hard to move people from their current mindset (my family, relatively based, is still unmovable wrt the JQ and our greatest ally).

    • Yes – and the OT is full of commands to NOT marry outside of tribe or religion. At one point men were commanded to divorce their Canaanite wives.

    • You’re probably right. Please convince the 95+% of the living white Christians who disagree with you.

      In many ways, Christian Nationalists and White Nationalists face the same problem: the media/academia dictates the morality of most white people. If you are white with a non-egalitarian message, then you will be ignored, and if you cannot be ignored, then you will be vilified.

      • The main problem stems from misinterpretation of “there is neither Jew nor Greek in Christ.” Obviously, there were Jews or Greeks in the flesh – all Paul was getting at is salvation is open to all. Note that Paul also said there is neither male nor female in Christ. Again, Paul was not advocating transgenderism, but making the point that salvation is not just for men, women, Jews ,Greeks, or left-handed ginger pygmies. He was not denying that men, women, Jews ,Greeks, (or left-handed ginger pygmies) exist or that you should stop being one. Of course many use this as a cudgel against nationalism, and too many Christians fall for it.

        • Anyone, Christian or otherwise, who’d (mis)interpret what Paul was writing to the church at Galatia in the way you stated – is ignorant, or disingenuous (or just likes to use scripture to validate the preconceptions they already hold).

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