Trust The Unhappiness

One of the few things most everyone can agree upon is that things are not good, and everyone seems to be unhappy about something. Conversations in real life or online revolve around this general sense of unhappiness. In fact, it is fair to say that online life is just one long airing of grievances. Often, people are primarily unhappy with the unhappiness of some group that is using their unhappiness to make demands on everyone else, which makes everyone unhappy.

This is not just a case of the internet skewing perception. Polling on the issue says that people think we are headed down a bad road. Three quarters of Americans think the country is on the wrong track. As you can see in that poll, the last time a majority thought the country was on the right track was right after the January 6 protests, suggesting the people wanted to see a genuine insurrection. Since then dissatisfaction with the direction of the country has climbed steadily.

The funny thing is that most people would not be surprised to learn that record numbers of people are unhappy with the current state of affairs. If anything, they would be stunned to learn that thirty percent are content. How is it possible for these people to exist in the same reality as the rest? If the split were fifty-fifty, it would make sense as it would simply reflect the party divide. When it is seventy-thirty it means something is going on with that thirty percent.

Putting that aside, the question that naturally arises is what is it that is making people unhappy with the direction of the country? Again, polling provides a clue. The number one issue for people is inflation. The thing is the government tells us that inflation is slowly ticking down. It was 8.7% last year and is 3.7% now. If anything, people should be thrilled with the direction of inflation. In fact, they should be cheering the people who control the economy for their great work on inflation.

There is a another small clue. According to official figures, everyone who wants a job can have a job and the economy is humming along. Inflation was a problem, but it is going away, so the economy is officially in great shape. People seem to agree as unemployment is way down the list of concerns. Not only that but consumers keep spending and people keep buying houses. Despite the rise in mortgage rates, the housing market remains strong all over the country.

In other words, the economy is not a particularly good measure of happiness. Another big clue is that the one thing everyone agrees upon is the political situation in Washington is a problem, the main problem in politics. Large majorities of both parties think the endless drama in Washington is a problem. It is just behind health care, which is a serious problem with practical consequences that no one discusses. Health insurance costs continue to rise at multiples of inflation.

The thing is though, politics in a democracy is not supposed to be a polite and cooperative affair. It is supposed to be an ugly food fight. For the most part, it has always been an ugly food fight. Even in times of relative peace and tranquility the two sides torment one another. In the Reagan years, when the quality of life was near a peak, the Democrats tried to impeach Reagan. Under Clinton, when conservative actually got things they wanted, they hated Bill Clinton.

Another clue here is that there are things on the list that are complete nonsense, but they vex people to some degree. A good example is climate change, a thing that does not exist, but it worries 64% of democrats. At the same time, terrorism is not a real concern for most people, but Washington cannot shut up about it. Now they are claiming Hamas is under your bed. Last week it was racists. According to Washington, the next terroristic bogeyman is antisemites.

Put it all together and maybe the reason that the lack of cooperation is number three on the list, just below things that should matter to people, is that the people never see anyone in Washington talking about those things that matter. Not a single candidate has anything useful to say about inflation or health care costs. They have nothing to say about the drug problem or the growing crime problem. It is not that the parties do not get along. It is that they agree to ignore the important issues.

Even so, if things are good in the economy, despite some concerns over things like health care and inflation, people should be mostly content. Not only are people not happy, but there is also a sense of looming disaster in the air. The reason for that is something that is not captured in basic economic data. Things are slowly eroding for the white middle-class and that is what is causing the anxiety. A little here, a little there, middle-class white people are getting poorer.

This coincides with two other things. Once is the browning of American, which everyone sees everywhere they look. When the military put white guys back in their ads recently, everyone started laughing about it. It was assumed they did this because they are plotting a big war and will need competent soldiers. This is one of those data points that does not show up in economic data or polling. People sense the lights going out on their culture and they see signs of it in the household budgets.

Of course, they are not allowed to speak of it. That is the other side of this general unhappiness that does not turn up in polling. The ways you are allowed to express yourself have been reduced to generic economic questions or silly things like how the parties get along on your television. Not only do the people on television avoid talking about what matters to you, you are not allowed to talk about what matters to you and this is extremely frustrating for a growing number of people.

The way to think of it is the public square has fallen victim to the same forces that wrecked internet forums. The point was to create a place for vigorous debate, but certain people did not like the direction of the debate, so they found ways to shut down the debate, which crashed public trust in the system. It turns out you need high trust to maintain a vigorous public debate. With trust at all-time lows, everyone is going to be unhappy, not matter how good things are on paper.

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244 thoughts on “Trust The Unhappiness

  1. “In other words, the economy is not a particularly good measure of happiness”
    The key issue is that the numbers used to describe the economy are lies and the methods used to calculate those lies are rigged.
    The US economy is fucked.

  2. There’s not much to be optimistic about for the future in Canada.

    We don’t have illegals walking across the border like America, but we have an insane international student scam, where over 1 million immigrants per year, mainly from India, come here.

    Housing keeps going up. Rent keeps going up. Not just in the major cities. Food prices are going up. I suspect we soon won’t have enough food on the shelves with a constant demand spike going on.

    White families can scrape by for now. But for how long? What about when rent goes up to $9,000 per month, and wages have barely budged?

    The options are increasingly 1) live in a slum boarding house with 8 third worlders per room. 2) live in your parents house forever, until they die.

    The government solutions include turning everything into a slum by de-zoning everything and putting up 70 story towers on every street. Paving over every acre of farmland and small town for new neighborhoods. Importing more immigrants to build more houses. Telling white people they’re racist and entitled for demanding things like food and shelter.

    The future seems to be an impoverished country full of Indians, with government breadlines, but only for the compliant. With worse weather.

    There’s nowhere to run either.

    • Canada has the advantage of a large amount of “uninhabitable” (except by white people and injuns) land. If sufficiently pressed we can retreat to it, somewhat/partly outside the reach of globohomo. But that’s not civilization, which has been made impossible.

  3. watch this video from the 4:36 to 21:20 mark:

    Pearl is sort of saying what I’ve suspected for a while which is that maybe looking at things from a single/married dichotomy isn’t the way to go. It’s kind of like looking at immigrants on an illegal/legal dichotomy. In general, I think the DailyWire/PragerU view of marriage is just as much a cargo cult as any left wing hbd-denying social program

    • Bro.

      21:20 minus 4:36 is something like 16 minutes and 44 seconds.

      C’mon, Bro, we need the synopsis.

      Paragraph style.

      [Where paragraphs don’t have much more than four or five sentences, and sentences don’t have much more than ten or fifteen words.]

  4. Ennui and malaise. It seems impossible that this train can stay on these battered tracks and yet it does. It just keeps going. The ever-growing chorus of “it’s going to fall”because of ‘insert obvious reason here’ and yet it doesn’t.

    And 30% seems to be a universal constant in politics. No matter what the subject is and all the sudden everyone you know hates it except it always polls at 30%

    • In some circles that 30% is known as the “Keyes Constant”, after the vote Allan Keyes got against Obama’s 70% in the 2004 Illinois Senate election when Karl Rove forced Keyes on the (kicking and screaming) Illinois Republicans after Seven of Nine blew up the nominated republican candidates campaign.

      • Alan Keyes legitimately smoked Obama in their debate and Keyes is absolutely a good man who should have gone further in his political career. It’s shameful that so few could see this.

  5. I would take the reverse stance.

    When things are generally prosperous, that’s when people let loose and complain. It’s not when you’re living in the dirt and everyone else is. During medieval times, when people had nothing compared to now, I’m sure people were generally happy. They didn’t know better.

    The tidal wave of information about the real world is affecting how you see your position vis-a-vis everybody else. Keeping up with the Joneses is easier to visualize — if not do — than ever before. When you see how well certain people live, and how money keeps being transferred to their pockets over the other 95%, it’s easy to feel a sense of begrudgement.

    The combination of those two factors — prosperous times leading to frivolous complaints and a jealousy of others up the economic ladder — is probably what’s most due to the sense of ennui, disappointment, and displeasure that ZMan references in his essay.

    [Click on my name with your mouse to come read my blog.]

    • People do not complain as much in good times as bad times. Because… there is less reason to complain.

      • Ehhh, when things are bad people don’t have time to complain. When things are good, people have more free time to think about how bad they think they have it.


    Tel Aviv is defining conservatism and nationhood for America and Saurabh Saheeb is their handpicked guy to lead American Conservatism. Ryan Williams applauds. This is such a joke.

    America is a carcass and the world is invited in to feast on it.

    How could anyone be happy when the rulers declare your country and the people who built it evil? It all flows from there. In a different day and age a lot of necks would have been measured and fitted.

    • Also if you believe any of the economic number, then you most certainly believed the covid numbers, and i think you’re due for your 8th booster shot. Do your part to end global warming! 😉

    • Sheldon Wolin’s book on that topic makes some good points, but he needed a stronger editor.

      • That is the problem when reading most academics. I’m currently reading a book written in the late 70’s early 80’s by a Harvard academic arguing that the civil war was really about if the US would succumb to the British version of trade and economics or its own system. Very interesting premise, really hard to read.

  7. Polling is about as honest as mainstream media reporting. Poll questions are phrased to elicit the desired response. Rather than “How do you rate former President Trump on a scale from 0 (negative) to 10 (positive)” the agenda-driven pollster will warp the question by asking instead, “How negatively do you rate former President Trump on a scale from 0 (less negatively) to 10 (extremely negative).

    If you wish to cast Hamas in as bad a light as possible, you poll jews and jew-adjacents. If you want to “prove” overwhelming support for confiscatory gun control measures, you poll AWFLs. If your agenda is to support uncontrolled immigration, you poll sanctuary city residents (at least, those that have yet to be overrun with ‘dreamers’ shitting on the sidewalks).

    All those polls showing Biden’s ‘dismal’ approval rating of just 39% are actually flattering the fool. I sincerely doubt that even 39% of the electorate has a favorable impression of him, just as I suspect that Trump’s approval rating is far higher than “independent polls” indicate.

    All bullshit. All of it.

    • 40% is the absolute floor for any Democrat—reached by every Democratic president in living memory!—because people whose minds are made of television are 40% of us. Biden’s actual approval rating, among people with any capacity to approve or disapprove of anything, is exactly zero. Does that matter? Not at all. The 40% of Americans who are wholly untouched by reality includes the entirety of the above-middle classes. Elon Musk is a proud Hillary/Biden voter.

      • Mondale proved it. And as the diversity vibrates harder, that floor has no doubt risen, which Mitt Romney, in a rare moment of clarity, pointed out.

        It’s an embarrassing historical fact for the shitlib that Clinton barely got above the Mondale floor. That’s one time they didn’t complain about the electoral college.

  8. It’s always hard to judge how happy you should be relative to other people and other times. Personally and collectively, things are not as bad as in times past. My house is paid for, I have a paid-for new truck. The bills are getting paid on time. Nobody is getting drafted into the Army to kill Confederates in Tennessee. You did not just get a letter saying that your 18-year old son got shot out of the sky as a ball-turret gunner on B-17 over Hamburg and is listed as MIA.

    Someone is always happy, and someone is always getting shafted. If you were a 20-year old on a collective farm in Belarus in 1937 harvesting potatoes on a warm, sunny day and that hot girl working next to you was giving you “that” wink, life was good. A bottle of vodka and a piece of ass tonight, what more could you ask for? You had no memory of life before the Revolution, and whatever was happening with the traitors in the Politburo didn’t affect you.

    Of course, your country was run by lunatics who could summarily shoot you or arrest you and give you 20 years in gulag if you so much as whispered one wrong word and somebody informed the commissar on you. Little did you know that in a few years they would conscript you and send you on a suicidal mission at the front and shoot you if you retreated so much as one meter.

    We’re not that much different. If you say one politically incorrect thing you are summarily fired by some obese lesbian commissar in HR. The guy you voted for to make your country great is facing 91 bogus felony charges. The government can and does spy on you all the time, particularly if you get on the radar. The Bill of Rights is a dead letter. Your savings are being inflated away, a pickup truck is sixty grand. Obese lesbians with purple hair are teaching your first grader about LGBTQ in public school. The government is $34 trillion in debt, but it is funding foreign wars while leaving your own border wide open. Nonwhites can commit crimes against you with near-impunity. There is no institution in this country that can be trusted — not the courts, not the church, not the cops, not the government, not the corporations, not the military, not the university.

    None of this this can go on forever, and it is obvious that the whole shitshow comes crashing down at some point and you will probably lose everything.

    But you have your football and porn and anal and craft beer and legal weed! What more do you need? If that makes you happy, things have never been better.

    • Very interesting thoughts. I’m right there with you. To understand the problem Z-man poses, one really needs some more information. The phenomena seems synonymous with one of, “are immediate, basic needs being fulfilled or not?” That 30% of the populace says yes (directly or by behavior) is that hard to believe? I don’t think it is. Most folk are pretty a-political and though we label them “clueless”, if they are making the monthly “nut”, should they care about anything else? Or rather should they care about what we (DR) care about?


      I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. It’s a depression. Everybody’s out of work or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel’s worth. Banks are going bust. Shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter. Punks are running wild in the street and there’s nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there’s no end to it. We know the air is unfit to breathe and our food is unfit to eat, and we sit watching our TVs while some local newscaster tells us that today we had fifteen homicides and sixty-three violent crimes, as if that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

      We know things are bad – worse than bad. They’re crazy. It’s like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don’t go out anymore. We sit in the house, and slowly the world we are living in is getting smaller, and all we say is: ‘Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel-belted radials and I won’t say anything. Just leave us alone.’

      Well, I’m not gonna leave you alone. I want you to get MAD! I don’t want you to protest. I don’t want you to riot – I don’t want you to write to your congressman, because I wouldn’t know what to tell you to write. I don’t know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Russians and the crime in the street. All I know is that first you’ve got to get mad. (shouting) You’ve got to say: ‘I’m a human being, god-dammit! My life has value!’

      So, I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell: ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this anymore!’

      I want you to get up right now. Sit up. Go to your windows. Open them and stick your head out and yell – ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!’ Things have got to change. But first, you’ve gotta get mad!…You’ve got to say, ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this anymore!’ Then we’ll figure out what to do about the depression and the inflation and the oil crisis. But first, get up out of your chairs, open the window, stick your head out, and yell, and say it: ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this anymore!’

      • Screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky, son of Russian Jewish immigrants, in this angst ridden soliliquy from the movie Network in 1976, captured the fear of Whites seeing it all beginning to slip away and their impotence to do anything effective about it. I used to really like this movie but looking back it now it seems like leftist Hollywood just taking another victory lap on Heritage America.

      • About 10 years ago I was listening to IW podcast at work, and there was a bumper package (whatever they’re called) that had that speech. When Beale said, “I want you to get up now,” this crunching metal dropped and started thrashing as he went on speaking. Good stuff, only heard it that one time, though.

  9. “The thing is the government tells us that inflation is slowly ticking down. It was 8.7% last year and is 3.7% now.” Well, the official number is probably half of what it really is. Inflation compounds. Even if it is at 3.7% it is at 3.7% compounded upon the 16+% and 8.7% of previous years.

    “Even so, if things are good in the economy, despite some concerns over things like health care and inflation” This is the point. Health care, and energy and food are taken out of the inflation numbers.

    So the numbers are a lie to begin with. Houses are being bought, but by who? Chinese and other non-Americans arriving with suitcases of cash? People who already own 2 or 3 properties? Israeli real estate cartels buying up the next batches of property to sell to yet more foreign buyers?

    Right now, a measure of how unhealthy we are spiritually is that we are dissatisfied. When we are enraged, and so enraged that the only role TV, companies and the GOP have left for white men is cannon fodder for the states that have vassalized us and as fathers to daughters who will become the ivory to the ebony and ivory of future political candidates, we may finally mutiny and rise up. It will be a sign that our spirits are mending and in a healthy alignment with the reality around us.

    God speed the arrival of that day.

    Everything is fake, and the more they lie to your face and say it is real, the greater the reckoning will be some fateful day.

    • “Health care, and energy and food are taken out of the inflation numbers.”

      It’s convenient, isn’t it, that the numbers don’t include the things people need to survive. I know a self-employed family whose health insurance is going up by $400 a month starting in January. That’s a 20% increase, pushing their monthly premiums to over $2,400 a month — nearly 30K a year. No dental.

      These are not wealthy people, but they’re conveniently too wealthy to qualify for a subsidy. Meanwhile, border jumpers and welfare recipients get free or subsidized care.

      It’s madness, but hey, at least those getting the freebies are grateful, amirite?

    • If I recall correctly, Trump wanted *not* to ban TikTok, but to force its US sale to an approved US company. In any event, even banning it will produce—within a few months, it not immediately—copy cat software filling the open niche in the market. So Chinese influence may exit the stage, but the perniciousness of the software is probably here to stay.

      • As he often does, Trump instinctually hit on the right thing to do (by stupid/available means): remove TikTok as a subject of discussion.

        The worst poison it put in the public mind, always repeated during any “debate” about its legality/etc., was the claim, unchallenged by anyone, that the Chinese “algorithm” is so advanced it’s achieved magical sway over the American mind.

        Does it take an enemy superintelligence to deduce that boys want to watch machinery, stunts, and girls “trying on clothes,” and girls want to watch girls shop and bitch about dating and other girls (white)? Framing it as a special evil has attracted more girls to it and changed how they talk about it: “I know it’s wrong and I’m embarrassed but I’m soooooo addicted because it’s SO GOOD AT GIVING ME WHAT I WANT!”

        TikTok is the sexiest man alive.

        • The last time I looked at Dik-Dok, it appeared to be an EXTREMELY FERTILE hunting ground for any Chad looking to spread his seed.

          Dem bishes seemed to be horribly [existentially?] lonely & miserable & burdened with despair.

          The looks on their faces were just begging for White bunz in their White ovenz.

          Now whether you could find any Un-v@xxed Purebl00ded chicks on Dik-Dok is another question entirely…

          My guess would be that scr0tial media addiction and clot-shot-v@xxination are two variables which have a ridiculously high correlation coefficient.

  10. On paper I should be happy – long-term stable marriage with a couple of grown kids, and a beautiful grandson. After years of economic struggle, we’ve finally reached a degree of financial comfort and security. Since our suburban to rural move, we live in privacy and great natural beauty.

    And I am generally happy personally – certainly far more than I was when dealing with daily diversity. My husband is a wonderful man, and he provides for our family, helps our friends, and he makes me think and laugh. But since I’m neither naive nor historically ignorant nor unutterably selfish, my long-term views/feelings are horribly pessimistic.

    I can no longer travel. Flying means TSA goons, AA pilots and Air Traffic Controllers, and cattle call diverse passengers. I am defiantly unvaxxed. The places I wish I would have visited years ago are now awash in the same diversity and crime and filth and degeneracy that now afflicts AINO.

    I worry about my sons’ future job and economic prospects. They won’t ever be able to afford a house without significant help. I think of what sort of quality of life my blonde-haired, blue-eyed grandson will face and I despair. The economic stress my husband and I experience now is from helping our progeny and fearing we just won’t have enough to ensure their lives will have a modicum of economic stability – particularly after my husband retires or when we both die. I worry about friends who haven’t yet escaped the system and their economic and personal struggles.

    I worry that all that I love and treasure aside from family and friends -western literature, art, music, thought, beauty, morality and truth – will forever vanish from the earth. Daily I see it destroyed and history rewritten. The only people capable of creating such are being replaced and genocided. I see a miasma of filth and lies and degeneracy and evil, celebrated and promoted by the evil and the barbarous. I see unending wickedness.

    I take pleasure in the gifts of family and friends and yes – the online community at Zman, but I cannot remain blind to the ills of so many of our people. It ought not to be thus. It cannot continue thus. But I am powerless to truly change anything other than trying to best insulate my own family from what I see coming, so . . . I don’t know. Am I supposed to be ‘happy’? Content? Complacent? Defiant? Enraged? Hopeful? Some mix of all of these, I think. That’s the best I can do.

    • I was thinking about this the other day-right now, our history books are being rewritten by the “winners” so that in 20 or 30 years, all this stuff happening will seem perfectly normal and acceptable to our grandchildren as they will never have known anything else. Perhaps we will all be like the J’Nai on the Star Trek episode where they only had one sex and were not allowed to choose anything. (and how did Gene Roddenberry get so prescient anyway?) I currently am suffering from “doom fatigue”-I don’t care about Ukraine, I don’t care about Gaza, nor Trump, nor the illegals. I have stopped watching any national news as it’s all lies and propaganda. Perhaps the only good thing about the continuing cascade of incompetency is that even when crime occurs here in my neck of the woods, unless it’s a newsworthy crime involving fire or blood, the police simply don’t respond. I hope once the cameras are all down, appropriate vengeance can be wreaked..

    • 3g4me – I have a 2 yr old grand daughter – blonde hair, blue eyes. Perhaps we could arrange a meeting with said grandson circa 2040.

      • Stranger: Our neighbors have a 4 year old granddaughter and put in a claim when they saw a picture of my grandson, and our best friends back in Texas have a 3 year old granddaughter with similar coloring. Either way, have to ensure those recessive genes don’t die out.

    • Three tiny points of light:

      1) Kentuckians refused to vote for a kneegrow GOP gubner.

      2) Eastern Long Island is now ruled by Whites [on the heels of an epic race riot in Staten Island].

      3) Joe Manchin realized he could never again pull the wool over the eyes of the people of West Virginia, and so he called it quits.

      Just three teeny-tiny little data points indicating that the Saxon [to include the Scot & the Sicilian***] is beginning to hate.

      This is a GoodThing®.


      ***We’ll make honorary Saxons of our Staten Island Bros.

      And of course you’d hafta vastly increase the size of greater Doggerland in order to encompass Scotland & Christian Ireland.

    • When these -real- concerns hit me, these blackpills, I find inspiration from our greatest works. EUROPEAN works.

      Notice the unsaid motif in LOTR of the dark hordes chasing the fair skinned nordic inspired elves out of the world and attempting to dominate men. Tolkein knew how this all worked. Samwise Gamgee would like to speak with you and remind you why you fight on even in the darkest of times.

  11. I think a lot of the increased outrage is that half the country no longer feels they have a say in matters. Vote rigging and FBI surveillance has left us with no peaceful path for change. Trump was a pressure release valve until he was swarmed by rats and couldn’t shake them off. He even invited many of them in, not knowing any better. But as outraged as the Left was from 2016-2020, they at least could still feel that their votes mattered. This is no long the case for the Right.

    • Good. For the Right to understand that they cannot get what they need by democratic means is one step closer to Red Caesar.

  12. i was talking with my dad yesterday that maybe the event of the past century or so is merely a metaphorical squeezing of a balloon and not realizing it goes out the other end.

    Steven Pinker wrote in a book about how things have never been better because things like violence, starvation, genocides, infant mortality etc have never been lower. But what if the problems just reappear in different ways?

    I’m of the view that we might be headed towards a kind of implosion rather than explosion. Like what happens if people lose interest in violence but they also lose interest in reproduction or adventure? What if the advances in medicine to combat AIDS results in an extremely virulent and med-resistant form of AIDS?

    • Pinker misses the boat here. His book and analysis are spot on no doubt. However, we as a people now expect such an (peaceful) environment—and as such, do not appreciate/care how bad it was in the Middle Ages or even further back in antiquity. That’s the problem with academics—they often live in an alternative reality. 😉

    • I like this Squeeze the Balloon analogy and often use it myself too.

      One of the myriad fatal flaws of our ‘Meritocratic’ (it is to laugh) Professional Managerial Class is that they have no training in or talent for Systems Thinking: They can’t grok Second Order Effects, Entropy, Pressures in the system having to manifest themselves *somewhere* even if you block off this or that avenue, and forget about any comprehension of feedback systems and associated modes of stability/instability, etc., etc.

      But that’s what you get when you have Rule by Hand Wavers.

  13. “Direction of the country” has always been among the stupidest of polls, and that is saying something. I am certain that the overwhelming majority so polled have no idea or concept whatsoever what direction the “country” is actually headed in, in all of the history of that poll question they have never had an idea, as if such a thing could be plotted on a compass to begin with, in a way that your average jab taking normie griller or shitlib or bugman could understand. MPAI, we know this for a fact, and polling them about the “larger questions” just gets you idiot answers. If “direction of the country” can even be considered to be a question at all.

    I’m certainly not here to tell you why or how to be happy. Or even to tell you that you should be happy. If you’re looking for that in the internet comments section you’re a lost cause already, and if I tried to supply it in an internet comment I would be a jackass. But I will say that gratitude is an important word, an important concept, that often seems absent from contemporary AINO life.

  14. One thing to note is that in a healthy, normal society, the most optimistic should be the youth. People just making their way in life. The least optimistic people should be the ones being carted off to the nursing home any day. Instead, we have these pickle-ball playing boomers with Nasdaq stock and home equity in their own world. Their advice to the young isn’t that they’re being scammed, that they need to pause and reflect on how to get ahead with a corrupt to the core country with embedded inflation, no, Their advice is “Just keep humping it out there.” Do they know that a lot of these millennials are practically paying to work? Do they care? Are they even interested? Not from what I’ve seen. The majority of people under 50 are living the lyrics in a Tool song.

    • I’m a few years older than Zman (so I guess edge GenX/late Boomer). So I will declare my bias right up front.

      That done, I have to say JR that a lot of the younger folks I encounter are lazy, entitled, drug-addled, promiscuous and soft. (So I’m jealous haha). When I graduated college, interest rates were 11%, unemployment was 10% and life wasn’t easy.

      Yes, Reagan was President and things were turning around from stagflation. But still, it was no day at the beach and in hindsight, it looked easy for everyone of that generation. The guys I worked with when I started were Vietnam and Korean War veterans who would chew up the kids of today. The country is just way softer and whining is a national pastime.

      • With excepted ups and downs, the United States has been on a long, slow economic decline since the Arab oil embargo of 1973. What constituted prosperity was redefined constantly afterwards, but the rot was there even fifty years back. The prosperity of today is unprecedented but if defined as generally understood half a century ago–in ability to have housing and family formation, it never really recovered fully after 1973 and that decline is accelerating now.

        The economic prospects of today are not the same as before then, softness aside, especially for young white males. What we see as a revival in the Eighties was more or less a temporary return to the period before the handwriting appeared on the wall.

        • Basically, the postwar boom can’t be replicated without another war. Which this time we would lose, or at best not win, because we don’t have a comparable industrial base to what we had for that one. So the “nation” needs a new economic raison d’etre, which for a time was financialization, which is a fancy word for inflation. You can only run on inflation for so long before it starts to hurt.

          Yet Civnat G. Normiecon, having lived it, or at least heard about it, thinks the postwar boom is normal, and expects it. Quite the conundrum.

          The solution I know is way in the rearview mirror and not implementable today, to wit, that we could have, should have, would have been a great big continent sized Switzerland, if the different (right) choices had been made.

          • Remember that scene in Network where the corporate guy tells Beale that the arabs made a lot of money, and now they’re going to return it? Maybe it’s like that— the average guy made a lot of money postwar, and he gave it back via financialization.

            I’m old enough to remember when people talked about how millennials would be the first generation to be poorer and shorter lived than their parents. Maybe that’s a disaster, or maybe it’s a regression to the mean.

            Why deflation hasn’t set in is a different question, obviously the answer is more debt to service debt. Fake wealth.

            “See that meteor in the sky? That’s your problem, I’ll be gone. (I hope, I hope, oh God, I hope) By the way, fuck you, you piece of shit!”

          • Btw, Boomers got the same treatment, if less extreme. The Reagan amnesty and debt explosion happened as the ‘Me generation’ came into their own.

            My criticism of Boomers is that they accepted and perpetuated it, at the expense of future generations. I’ll criticize Millennials the same if they do, too.

      • Read what you just said. Read it again. This is the exact attitude that I’m talking about . You’re not seeing what I’m seeing just below me and even the same age. And no, they’re not all lazy and on drugs. This is a cop out. As if your age group was such a prize screwing around in vans in ’83.

        • You really are the king of generalizations and stereotypes. Easier to perceive and navigate the world I suppose.

          • God forbid we stereotype. They exist for a reason. I see stereotypes all day long walking around me. We’re not as unique and special as you think. It doesn’t change the fact that a very obtuse group of olds are wandering around giving sh-t advice thinking we still have a “civil society.”

          • Stereotypes are our programmable primate brains’ way of compactly encapsulating norms and standard deviations of distributions of various creatures’ various behavioural traits.

            Senile Ancients, Human Sheep, and Ideologues freeze these representations or get them at second- or third-hand or manufacture them out of whole cloth.

            For the rest of us, nothing wrong with being a walking talking chimping Reverend Bayes and constantly updating our priors as we tend our private gardens of stereotypes. It’s only human and highly evolutionarily sound to do so.

        • I admitted my bias right up front JR.
          I deal with younger people every day at work. They are the upper decile of their age group and they are way softer than the upper decile in the past. I’ve seen two generations come through my industry now.

          And I deal with the best. The rest are hopeless: This is the fattest, laziest, most drug-addled (including anti-depressants) generation of all times.

          • “Their advice to the young isn’t that they’re being scammed, that they need to pause and reflect on how to get ahead with a corrupt to the core country with embedded inflation, no, Their advice is “Just keep humping it out there.”

            Right over your head.

      • I was there, when you were there. It was a hell of a lot easier in the 70’s – 80’s starting out young compared to now. There is nothing economically stable now. Nothing! The country wasn’t in a constant state of anxiety and chaos. A college education actually had some economic value, now it does not. For Christs sake, you’re talking about a time before NAFTA and GATT.
        Women weren’t yet full blown batshit crazy.
        I could go on and on.
        Being a young, white male wasn’t on the verge of being a crime against humanity. There was relative peace between blacks and whites, now it’s a shit show.
        I have three grown sons, 29, 23, and 22. I see what they are up against now, and how easy I had it at their age.
        Civilization is in the verge of collapse. Was it when you were young and starting out in the 80’s?
        I don’t think so, I was there.
        Dude you are clueless!

        • It kind of amazes me when people of hour generation fly into a rage when an older person tells them, no you are not a victim.

          You’re a loser a d there’s a bif difference.

    • The blecks blame the whites for their problems. The Jews blame everybody for their problems. The Dot Indians blame the Raj for their problems. The Middle East blames America for their problems. Age cohorts younger than the Boomers blame Boomers for their problems.

      “It’s all so tiresome.”

  15. “People sense the lights going out on their culture and they see signs of it in the household budgets.”

    This is it. Call it civilizational angst. Every civilized subject of AINO–and admittedly, they become scarcer with each passing day–sees the culture decaying into diabolical wreckage, encounters elevated competence at every turn, watches his disposable income shrink, and correctly concludes that the first two phenomena indirectly and directly cause the latter. When civilization is intentionally transformed into savagery, civilized people suffer a dramatic decline in living standards, and they become despondent and angry. But pollsters are either not intelligent enough to investigate this reality, or they don’t have the stomach to.

    • Just look at how we are awash in scams. 20 years ago, if you’re bank needed to get a hold of you and called you, you could be pretty sure it was your bank. Now, every time the phone rings, you have no idea who is calling, only that it is probably a scammer. When you order something, you expect to be ripped off. You go to the store and you see people stealing with impunity.

      This is life in an empire.

      • It’s bad enough that if I don’t recognize the caller or the phone number, I simply don’t answer. And if I neglect somebody I really should have spoken to, well, them’s the breaks.

        • Ostei: Moving has done wonders re scam calls and junk mail. I simply had our mail forwarded to our friend in Texas who uses her business address – she then packs it up and ships it to us at our new property. I’ve gone online and changed all the address on all bills and legitimate things to our new home address, but thus far (7 months in) zero junk mail.

          I never answered calls on my cell, even in Texas. We get poor reception up here in the woods, but friends/family know to call on the landline, so still get almost zero scam calls. We never changed the account name on our landline/internet service – just took it over from the the people we bought the property from to ensure no interruption in service. The bill is in our name, but the rest of the account is unchanged. So . .. not one single pajeet call on the landline either.

          After what we dealt with in DFW, this is bliss.

          • Last time I moved, I did not forward. I contacted all that needed to be contacted and just let all go and #1 reason was because of the effing NRA that stuffed my mailbox daily with a bunch a brightly colored flyers. I have not given them any money since I moved. I just can’t stomach it starting up again.

          • Resisted sail foams and clung to my land line as long as I could, which was far longer than most. Alas, one of my jobs REQUIRED I use a sail foam, so here I am.

      • Yeah, but let me add something that needs mentioning. We are not the society we were in the 60’s. We are now *diverse*, with Whites in an ever spiraling decline to minority status.

        Who are these millennials bemoaning their less than optimal opportunities as compared to the Boomer’s? I’d say they are increasingly minority and that explains a lot. The comparison of my generation to theirs is hopelessly conflated with race and IQ as well as culture.

  16. Maybe the thirty percent that claim they are happy with today’s Clown World are simply oblivious, morally bankrupt braggarts, like the protagonist in Randy Newman’s “My Life is Good.”

    A couple weeks ago
    My wife and I
    Took a little trip down to
    Met this young girl there
    We brought her back with us
    Now she lives with us
    In our home
    She cleans the hallway
    She cleans the stair
    She cleans the living room
    She wipes the baby’s ass
    She drives the kids to school
    She does the laundry too
    She wrote this song for me

    The other afternoon
    My wife and I
    Took a little ride into
    Beverly Hills
    Went to the private school
    Our oldest child attends
    Many famous people send their children there
    This teacher says to us
    “We have a problem here
    This child just will not do
    A thing I tell him to.
    And he’s such a big old thing.
    He hurts the other children.
    All the games they play, he plays so rough…”
    Hold it teacher
    Wait a minute
    Maybe my ears
    Are clogged or somethin’
    Maybe I’m not understanding
    The English language
    Dear, you don’t seem to realize

    My life is good
    My life is good
    My life is good, you old bag
    My life, my life

    Just his evening
    Some young associates of ours
    Are flying in to see us from
    New York City
    They’re gonna stay with us
    Oh, a couple weeks or so
    I’m gonna take ’em to
    Restaurants and everything
    Gonna get ’em some
    Real good cocaine
    They don’t get much
    Where they come from
    And this one guy’s wife
    Is such a pretty little brown thing
    That I’m liable to give her a poke or two
    Whaddaya think of that?

    Teacher, let me tell you a little story
    Just this morning
    My wife and I
    Went to the hotel in the hills
    That’s right
    The Bel-Air Hotel
    Where a very good friend of ours
    Happens to be staying
    And the name of that young man
    Is Mr. Bruce Springsteen
    That’s right, yeah
    Oh, we talked about some kind of woodblock or something
    And this new guitar we like
    And you know what he said to me
    I’ll tell you want he said to me
    He said, “Rand, I’m tired.
    How would you like to be The Boss for awhile?”
    Well, yeah
    Blow, big man, blow

    My life is good
    My life is good
    My life is good
    My life, my life is good

  17. I can tell you the “browning” of America is really pissing me off, big time. I live in one of the border states and it’s incredible as to what’s going on and the fact that neither the feds or state government are doing one GD thing about it, other than apparently encouraging the invasion.

    I got a view up close and personal in the past month. We flew out of our near border city to DFW a few weeks ago and there were at least 3-4 dozen central/south american beaners along with their rugrats (believe it or not, you can tell the difference) – add to that another dozen or so coal black probable haitians – I could not freaking believe it. But there’s a guy who’s videos get posted on Gateway Pundit and he’s been reporting on the southern AZ border and it’s mind boggling. Further we flew back home from Charlotte and it’s like a star wars bar scene, both in the airport and on the plane – maybe 50% White at best. It is depressing what’s happening to this place these days, and the browning is only one, albeit a large one, of the problems.

    • The Browning is the biggest event in American history since Jamestown. It is the biggest event in Europe since neanderthals were displaced

    • I used to fly a lot, back in the day. I am certain that it’s been good for my mental health that I have flown only once in the last 15 years. I don’t even like to set foot in airports, whether flying or not.

  18. “Not only do the people on television avoid talking about what matters to you, you are not allowed to talk about what matters to you and this is extremely frustrating for a growing number of people.“

    Great line . I’m in an online club of Normita vonsevatives and this is what infuriates me.

    Why can’t we talk about these things. They just say “this isn’t the forum”

    Uh it’s EXACTLY the forum.

    • You can’t talk about it because raycissm. That word is the sock jammed in the mouth of the white race.

      • You have to marvel at the effectiveness of that one word. Was it Trotsky who coined it? Genius. Thinking about how one word has paralyzed and terrified an entire race into submission is incredible.

        • Its sound is perfect too, the “sssism” sounds like a cut or a slice from a blade.

          As Hans and Franz said:

          Alas, the girly man is a formidable opponent!

          • Oh, that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it? If white people simply nullify the semantic charge of that little word, it’s a brand new ballgame. And the Power Structure knows that dam’ well. If that talismanic incantation loses its power, so does the Left lose its power over whitey. But that particular charm is imbued with immense dark magic, and it is difficult to break.

          • The word racism is given the power it has by the cradle to grave morality tales on the television and the movies. It’s the subtle things like tone of voice, facial expressions, group dynamics of those plays that quietly re-shape young minds and turn them against their own interests. Those false morals are then backed by hard power. Desire to conform kicks in. It is elemental psychology put to practical use. Jews never should have been permitted to seize such a powerful weapon as mass media. We should have a Ministry of Culture as Iran has where all media has to be subject to analysis and approved by the national party.

      • MIn 26 1994 Sam Francis amren

        In the United States today, whites exist objectively, but do not exist subjectively. And in my view that is the fundamental problem we face, the reason we are losing the racial war against us.

  19. “Norman Normie looks under his bed and is shocked to find a terrorist, a racist, and an anti-semite….”

    I suspect that all of us here are facing the same basic problem: how to keep on enjoying life in a world that’s rapidly degrading in so many ways.

    Taking it all seriously…. figuriing out how to best respond, while not letting it depress you, obsess you or drive you crazy… is the task we face.

    • It’s hard for me to enjoy going out any more because of the constant fight against epically passive-aggressive shit drivers and massive crowds.

      • Yes, going out in public is now quite despressing because it confirms our low opinion of our compatriots and even the human race.

  20. I go to Blab for daily my morale vaccine and booster shot. This morn, for example…a 77 year old stubfart shot up an environmental protest. He killed two protesters in cold blood… and I smiled in contentment. The other day I went by, and someone piadted a vid where some black baboon effed around and found out and then died.

    Happiness is where you find it… so keep your eyes peeled!

  21. The plates are wobbling, there are no adults in DC, the Crazy is worsening day by day, and all elections going forward will be stolen. What’s not to worry about? Sane people sense an impending collapse, hence the pervasive anxiety.

    And yes, debate in the public square will be censored lest pitchfork mobs start organizing. Whining solves nothing, so what to do?

    You can only fix you. Now would be a good time to improve your health and physical fitness. Lose those extra pounds, put on some muscle, sharpen your aim, and get your ass out of the city and into a safe haven somewhere. Your anxiety will decrease in proportion to the increase in your line-of-sight. Night vision googles are also helpful in lifting your spirits.

    • those 30- some percent absolutely believe that they need only fix you…since they’re edge-a-macated and listen to npr and stuff.

    • We need community and community based solutions. “You can only fix you” is literally true, but falls far short of what needs to be done. It’s indicative of the phony individualism pushed by con inc. Its even embedded in our language. How many times have you heard the “LGBT Community” or the “Black Community” Have you ever once heard the “White Community?”

      We don’t live on islands and we shouldn’t live on metaphorical islands. A bunch of disconnected individuals are absolutely powerless against our united enemies.

      • *says “the White Community”*

        *”you can’t say that!!” immediate reply*

        A moment of silence

        *furrowed brows as dangerous questions beg to be born*

      • I’m all in on community association and now live in a rural county in which most everyone you meet has had calluses on their hands at some time in their life. No argument from me on choosing your friends and neighbors carefully. That said, at least 2/3rds of the seniors (and way too many of the young and middle-aged) in my neck of woods are overweight and in real need of some fitness motivation. Its not enough to just talk a good game, you have to be able to back it up if need be. The latter takes focus and commitment, and should not be downplayed.

  22. First and foremost, new media and social media has made people “unhappy”. Really starting in the late 1990s, all news has been to curry outrage. Even people on /our side/, who are often very funny, want you to be upset all the time. Except for thot accounts on Instagram, everything else on our phones says that we live in shitty times. I don’t think there’s been a time in history where so much bad news is allowed to infiltrate our private spaces.

    Second, everyone prefers to complain. Nobody likes the person who says their life is awesome. Even people with awesome lives have to complain to cover up for their awesomeness. The Z Man would not get the readership he does by highlighting the good.

    Third, there actually is decline and everyone who’s not a migrant can see it. Left, right, and center. Rural and urban. This could be a blip or it could be the start of Dark Age 2.0. Who knows.

    So those three things make for a very pessimistic populace, good economy or not. Whether you have a Tesla in your garage or not. Whether you have a hot wife to impregnate or not.

    • The decline is real. And it could be the foothills of Fall of Rome 2.0. The anxiety is people half-consciously sensing this.

      Epistemologically it’s not a trivial question why we know the decline is real. Because they could probably produce a lot of data, like the economic figures, to say “oh no, things are moderately fine”. But not going to harp on egghead points about why we know it’s real. It is

      • Compared to the vast majority of human beings who have walked this planet, our standard of living is marvelous. However, only a blind boob could fail to notice that there has been a dramatic decline over the last 30 years. And people compare themselves to where they were earlier in life, not to how people lived 1,500 years ago.

        • I think even most leftists understand somewhere that if your country will be populated in the future by the great grandchildren of someone from another continent and not by yours, that means losing in a very definitive way. In fact the most definitive way

          • “even most leftists understand somewhere that if your country will be populated in the future by the great grandchildren of someone from another continent and not by yours, that means losing in a very definitive way.”

            You’d think so, wouldn’t you? But from what I’ve seen, the average leftist doesn’t understand this at all. In their minds, those Haitians and Guatemalans will become “Americans” like the Germans and Poles did, just with browner skin and spicier food. “We’re all Americans, dontcha know?”

            And those leftists who DO understand how this will negatively impact heritage Americans aren’t unhappy either, because they’re doing it on purpose. They track this stuff and celebrate White children becoming the minority.

            Whether driven by cluelessness or evil, leftists are a scourge on our nation.

          • W/r/t America, most leftists don’t care a whit about white replacement. Because America has always been a country of immigrants or slave imports; “Bring me your poor, your tired” etc. This isn’t even a moral argument with them. It’s just North America, which has always been a canvas on which people are painted on.

            W/r/t Europe, it’s a bit trickier for lefty. On one hand, immigrants are good. On the other hand, most of them have been to London or Paris. They want a cute European vacation instead of being surrounded by slightly menacing brown men. When leftists aren’t in front of a camera, they will remark at best or complain at worst that “London isn’t England anymore.”

            They don’t see it as their people dying…they would never couch it in nationalistic terms like that. More like, “This was nicer before. But this is Progress so I won’t let that thought trouble me too much.”

        • The big obstacle to The Great Reset is institutional memory of far better economic times along with the high functioning white society that enabled it. Even the border jumping parasites at some point realize the nation they entered is somewhat diminished.

          As you point out, though, the economic circumstances even in their diminished state remain unprecedented in human history–yet people are angry and unhappy, largely due to the erasure and debauchment of their culture. Even as it moves to rule by force, the GAE will not hold on once the economic prosperity goes away. A lot of the accelerated looting indicates this is appreciated.

  23. Interesting as to Internet Forums – I used to go to the comments sections first bc they were usually better than whatever article was put up by a Mainslime Propagandist. Using the “hate” bs they closed all of that down ofc – easy to get some Leftists to put up “hate” comments to be used for such…- So no there is no push back to these utter Liars posing as “journalists”….

  24. Zman – “With trust at all-time lows, everyone is going to be unhappy, not matter how good things are on paper.”
    Seems so, but do I trust that trust is at an all time low? In any case, I suspect the trust bar has ample room to descend further.

    • “thirty percent are content. How is it possible for these people to exist in the same reality as the rest?”

      It’s the True Believers.

      I live next to a parrot. She repeats the Regime Line (lies) that all is well.

      • It is virtually impossible for a major party candidate to get less than thirty percent of the vote in a two-way candidate race. There is almost always at least thirty percent of the electorate who will vote (D) or (R) no matter how incompetent or unappealing the candidate or how badly the party in power have performed.

        • I’ve known several people over the years who always voted for the person they thought was going to lose.

          Which struck me as kinda of nuts until recently. Now i think it might be the best voting strategy of all. Because the games rigged anyway. But the more a typical pol wins by, the larger the “mandate” they claim to have. Limiting that affect, even a little bit is sane.

      • My elderly mother just told me after a dinner with friends one of them said this was the greatest time to be alive because of technology and convenience

        • I say the same thing as grandma often in discussion—but immediately follow it by asking, “why are we then all so miserable”. That leads into a discussion of morality and the follow-up, “science is inherently amoral”.

  25. Well, I know our host doesn’t like the idea of generational politics, but I’ll bet that 30% who are happy are nearly all Boomers.

    When you’re retired with a mortgage paid off in a decent neighborhood, a lot of the key issues that make people unhappy don’t affect you. Declining economic opportunities, student debt (huge for Millennials, of which I am not one), and housing insanely expensive relative to income are simply not your problem. The browning of America is more of a problem for those looking for good schools for their kids, navigating diversity in the workforce (i.e. avoiding HR) and so on. Being at least partially shielded from rising health care costs by Medicare helps take the edge off as well.

    Then, of course, if you’re more inclined to believe what the TV tells you — that everything is great, save racism — you’re also going to be happier.

    • “I’ll bet that 30% who are happy are nearly all Boomers.”

      More unfortunate stereotyping, and easily refuted. The Boomer generation is estimated to be around 77M. OK, some are now dying off and the rate is increasing. However, the top 20% (wealth-wise) of the population is about 70M people. They certainly are *not* all Boomers. Indeed, the typical person going into retirement (which by definition are/must be the Boomer generation) has about $100-140k or so wealth and is dependent totally on SSI. That’s really poverty level shit.

      So unless the Boomers are happy about something unrelated to wealth, it’s doubtful they represent the overwhelming majority of Z-man’s 30%.

  26. The YT guy Rich Cooper (a Canadian) has a mantra, IIRC, “enjoy the decline.”

    I think he is on to something there. My own is to NOT let the ‘culturists’ ruin your quality and joy in life. Do not be defeated, between your ears, since that is where their victory begins — and thus the tsunami of Psy-Op aimed at one and all.

    It begins with laughter, derision, sarcasm and goes from there. Case in point, this fumfering about some fat, fake red haired ‘country singer’ and something called ‘Jelly Roll’ at come ‘country music’ awards. Or what Nimrata said to her kin at some Made for TV event. All in the same night.

    Or looking at how ‘wonderful’ the lifestyles are for the ticket-takers — with their public divorces, ‘powerful’ men like Hair Gel, the leader of one of the largest nations in the world (Californication) whose wife had to swallow something from someone that did something to her. That’s a mouthful — and that the former, Groyper-targeted, bubble-headed, swollen-lipped arm candy bride of this slick Frankenstein is laying it down for the namesake of our savior.

    Shit is FUNNY. These people are bizarre. They can have THEIR lives, and are a source of derision every hour of every day. Yes, these mutants have power, the power of the purse, so one aims to deal with THOSE realities — aka homeschool kids, avoid their debt traps, and so on.

    But letting these freaks make me “unhappy” — their existence calls out in bas relief exactly why my simple, humble life is so HAPPY.

    • The Hos ‘ The Help who are the public face are ludicrous, but they are just high class hookers who don’t do anything. But I totally agree with you.

    • There’s a fine line between not letting society’s slow crash make you perpetually unhappy and then denial. Maybe the thirty percent are the people who crossed that line.

      • Great post. I especially enjoyed your description of Newsome’s prostitute wife. Since our VP is also a prostitute, I assume it is no longer a shameful profession?

        • If say thank you but not having had the pleasure of Newsome’s wife I think you’re giving me credit for what someone else might have written 😁

          As to prostitution, if you’re not lower in morality than an old harbor hooker, you’re not even in the game

        • Since our VP is also a prostitute, I assume it is no longer a shameful profession?

          Melania Trump is a retired sex worker come mail-order bride. The MAGAs see her as the second coming of Jackie Kennedy.

        • I didn’t know the story of Mrs. Hair Gel, so I looked it up. This part was pretty, um, unusual:

          “She found herself unexpectedly alone with Weinstein in a suite at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, where she had agreed to join him for a meeting….He emerged from the bathroom in a robe, wearing nothing underneath, and began groping her while he masturbated. Ms Newsom said she faked an orgasm to end the ordeal.”

          So a 31 year old former college soccer player found herself alone in a hotel room with a naked fat man in his fifties, who was masturbating with one hand while he was able to subdue her with the other? Uh huh.

          • Yes, yes. That story COMPLETELY holds water — and that from those that have scuttled to the high ground like underwater crabs… holding something dead in one claw while waving the other around to point to what they deem “mis” and “dis”, couch, “information.”

            Lying slut kills own sister. Squats, marks territory as a lib-rul with wahmen hyphenated name.

            Sure, sure, future leader, unless Hair Gel upgrades, maybe Michele O’bumbler gets a Haitian divorce, marries Grabbler, er Gavin. Then they are declared King and Queen forever.

            Also, guy that meant to reply to me, never apologize.

      • Hmm, well I don’t think it is an either/or thing. More like survival on the frontier, hostiles can come over the hill any time. Highway robbers await at every crossroads.

        But feeling that pull on your line of a large mouth bass, these ne’ers do well cannot change the pleasure of that.

        Acceptance, instead of denial — of the terms of the battle space– then on to strategies to deal with the parameters while keeping the aim of NOT letting the evildoers rob you and yours of your God-given joy.

        And always muttering, “fuck you” as needed.

    • The YT guy Rich Cooper (a Canadian) has a mantra, IIRC, “enjoy the decline.”

      That’s also a tagline that Aaron Clarey, a redpill YouTuber from South Dakota uses. It’s also a title of one of his books.

    • After growing up on Lady Bird, Pat Nixon, Betty Ford and Rosalind Carter, I’m not quite ready for Mrs. Newsom. We’ve come a long way I guess.

      • You are likely all correct – I like Clarey too — not enough to pony up for the books — I pretty much have the info they contain on hand.

        Pretty sure I have heard Cooper use the same term. But to quote an ugly, haggard war criminal, “at this point, what difference does it make?”

      • Does this guy realize that a perverted form of capitalism is what got us into this mess in the first place? On second thought we’re probably in natural end-stage capitalism where it metasticizes into what we have now.

  27. Inflation is the culprit. Most people live from paycheck to paycheck and are highly-sensitive to monthly payments and the cost of consumer credit. When you combine it with the general “noise level” of politics and war, it creates malaise.

    • I’m not seeing it my area, which is an exurb that has a mix of light industry, retail, retirees, and folks who come in from rural spots.

      Almost every night of the work week the bars and restaurants are 50 to 75% full.

      I can’t figure out where people are getting all this GD money to drive in and hang out all the time.

      What am I missing?

      • “I can’t figure out where people are getting all this GD money to drive in and hang out all the time.”

        Credit cards, payday loans, reverse mortgages, HELOCs or a combination of same.

        • Apparently, a considerable number of AINO’s subjects go deeply into credit card debt to finance attendance of NFL games and concerts by horrendous pop “musicians.”


    • Debt and its brother-in-arms, Usury ad the enemy. The latter has been unleashed on us during our lifetime. Normies accept that ‘having my kid borrow six figures’ and ‘gotta have two car payments’ as NORMAL.

      And thus their nickname.

      Normies are also low information people, so they also accept the consumer-ist messages rammed down their collective gullets, and feel the need to use DEBT to project STATUS.

      Makes them vulnerable, feel more of a need to conform. Weak.

  28. The future for kids also contribute to this unease. Take into account the minimum required to live and work; health insurance, car insurance, rent/mortgage, food, and taxes of all kinds at both state and federal, along with the insidious inflation / devaluation of the currency.

    Top it off like you say Z-man with politicians not solving problems and rarely working on issues important to the common person/electorate.

    And the browning has happened with astonishing speed – I live in CA (Orange County) and me and the family are minority caucasians at this point.

    Not the country I grew up in. (Not a native CA resident but born in ME and grew up in the Midwest).

    Great job documenting these changes with interesting insights as well as the commentariat providing additional perspective.

    • Wasn’t the OC the breadbasket/HQ of the Republican party? More proof (as if it was needed) that conservatives conserved NOTHING!

      • Barely hanging on to its conservative roots here in the OC. One or 2 more elections cycles and it will most likely be flipped.

      • Outside of Reagan himself, “Reaganism” was the culture of Orange County Republican politicians’ wives—then known as “women in tennis shoes” (a totally lost insult)—taking over American politics.

        That’s why there’s a near-total overlap between that era’s “social conservatism” (hysterical campaigns to censor everything that men enjoy, because Satan is a misogynist) and leftist feminism. Their only difference was abortion.

        They’re together in heaven now, smiling down at how ugly actresses have become.

    • “Not a native CA resident but born in ME and grew up in the Midwest”

      The amount of interstate moving people do in the US is another problem eating away at the fabric of life. Families are broken up. Everyone is from somewhere else and if they are lucky enough to have an in-tact nuclear family, it’s all they have in the area.

      • So true. In the 70s through the early 90s, my extended maternal family all lived within 10 miles of one another and we were an extremely tightly-knit group who spent a great deal of time together. Now some of them have died, of course, but of those who remain, they are scattered hither and yon, and the family gatherings of yore are no more. And covid conflict fractured what little family solidarity remained, perhaps permanently. It’s very sad. Now all we have are old Polariod photos…


          All these kinds of places make it seem like it’s been ages
          Tomorrow some new building will scrape the sky
          I love this country dearly
          I can feel the ladder clearly
          But I never thought I’d be alone to try
          Once I was outside Penn Station selling red and white carnations

          We were still alone my wife and I
          Before we married saved my money
          Brought my dear wife over
          Now I work to bring my family stateside
          But off the boat they stayed awhile then scattered across the coast
          Once a year I’ll see them for a week or so at most
          I take a walk

          I take a walk
          (Take a walk, take a walk, take a walk, take a walk…)

      • Yes, all my aunts and uncles and cousins lived in different states. Made for some fun trips as a kid, but they just weren’t around and thus I don’t have any bonds with them. Famiiles sticking together is important which is a lesson that Americans forget somewhere in the 60s-80s.

        Individualism really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  29. While inconsequential, what really hit me this week regarding decline was the trailer for the remake of Mean Girls. The characters are unanimously ugly and woke, the cinematography colorless and drag, the jokes cringe, and is a clear cash grab at nostalgia. Just totally soulless.

    When was the last time you saw a fun, light movie that you could just enjoy? We can’t even make fun escapist fare, let alone high art ,and we wonder why everyone things things are going downhill.

    • “One Piece”

      Apparently based on some manga thing. Dunno exactly because I’m not into that. It came highly recommended with the caveat that I must watch at least to episode 3 to “get it”.

      I scratched my head for two episodes asking WTH am I watching?

      Then, delight set in. It’s ludicrous like “Time Bandits” but wholesome. Diverse sure, but it’s a pirate fantasy world so it works.

      The main character is noble, hopeful, and indefatigable. Character backstories are touching. The women aren’t Mary Sue girl boses (they will break under pressure which is not allowed in modern entertainment). There is a wonderful speech about the difference between boys/girls/men/women.

      I read one of the actors does suffer from body disphoria but it doesn’t play in the character (it isn’t addressed and I couldn’t tell).

      I have to admit I’ve been so conditioned by the eponymous homosexual push in every single show that when the main character (who is a close talker) leans into the face of another male character I thought “great, here we go… of course they have to make the main character gay”. I was about to curse and turn the show off. Glad I didn’t. The main character was actually leaning in to deliver a very heartfelt wholesome and pure speech about hope, friendship and loyalty. I was stunned.

      Anyway, if you want some wholesome fantasy diversion and can put your suspension of reality pants on I recommend “One Piece”.

    • The more I watch the above video, the more I think,”can you imagine if our politicians had the same attitude as this guy?” Most of the border problems would vanish overnight.

      • That Based Polish Man’s government just lost power in the last election. The Poles voted for national suicide just like every other white nation. Why? Because a movie came out in Poland right before the election called “The Green Border.” It’s the usual boohoo about how white people are mean and nasty for not allowing refugees into their countries.

        So basically women’s heart strings were tugged by a propaganda movie and boom now it’s all over for them. At least the women will get to experience black gang bangs (non consensual) before they die which is probably what they really wanted.

        The director of the movie is a small hat by the way. Probably just a coincidence.

        • Land belongs to those who can take it and hold it.
          That is how nature works.
          Any ecological niche belongs to the animal that struggles for it.
          Does Europe belong to the Europeans? If Europeans give it away, then NO.
          Nature punishes stuff like that with extinction.

  30. The country – and its various nations – are at an interregnum and that’s always disconcerting.

    We’re no longer the country of white Christians (or, at least, those values) that we were from the founding to the 1980s or even into the early 2000s. That country is dying and will be parrot dead when the Boomers go to that big disco in the sky.

    But no one is sure what will replace it or who will run that country. No one is too excited by the idea of the brown horde running the show – even the brown horde. No one wants AOC types in charge. However, whites – being the evil devils that they are – shouldn’t be allowed to run things.

    The usual suspects just assumed that they’d get to run the show and, in fact, are running the show, but even they are showing signs of losing their grip. Who are the next generation of small hats in politics, business and the donor class? There are some but not in the numbers or power as exist now.

    The old country and its values are dying and no one knows what or whom will replace it. That’s going to cause some angst.

    The hints of what’s to come aren’t exactly promising. Imagine a California without the coastline and some big industries (tech, Hollywood, monster ports, etc.) to keep it from completely collapsing. Imagine Mexico or Brazil. Imagine South Africa.

    That’s our future in some form or another. No wonder people are nervous. The white middle-class will be destroyed. The brown horde will live like the brown horde in South America. Even the usual suspects will need to compete against NE Asians and South Asians.

    Very few will be better off in the coming America. And everyone can feel it.

    • The future could be Lebanon, Brazil or something in-between which I guess corresponds to South Africa. Coming from late 20th century America, that’s one serious slide.

      What’s missing is optimism; literally no one seems to believe the future is bright. The emerging technology could arguably lead to an incredible future; with AI curing cancer, cheap and convenient travel, healthy tasty food, caviar on every plate and a flying car in every garage. But everybody knows in their bones that’s not where we’re headed

        • Maybe. I personally think AI is something new and revolutionary. Reasons being include: AI never having played Go against humans beats best AI that learned playing human Go masters (Go is said to be more complex than chess); AI more than ten years back beat John’s Hopkins consultants in swift, correct diagnosis; AI determining gender on hand X-rays that radiologists were unaware you could see; the, as i understand it, revolution in AI around 2017 where they started to use the language model of AI to analyze other fields and that meant the same AI could analyze totally disparate fields with incredible effectiveness. AI seems like a new beast to me

          I know many are skeptical of that. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

    • Nicely put; the interregnum part is extremely apt. I always think of South Africa as a good model for our future (while accepting many variables are not the same). SA was a first world country directed by Whites. Then, they passed this well maintained country – heck, it was even a nuclear power! – to the natives. And what you see is not a sudden collapse, but a continued wearing down of the gears of society. And, as things continue to degrade, the scapegoat will be the Whites. Even in SA today, the Whites will build a nice settlement and farming village… only to have it invaded and destroyed by those who inherited nuclear power plants. KILL THE BOERS!
      Now, some might argue that a major difference is the ruling class in American is White. So it is still in SA. SA receives billions of dollars a year in foreign aid. The string pullers are still white liberals.

  31. If you’re not unhappy, fearful, high anxiety, then you’re not paying attention. All the news, everyday is bad news. Not only that, but all the trend lines are pointing downward. Look at all the crazies, the drug use, the depression, the crime, stupid wars, the inhumanity.

    Now i’m not a strong believer, but i do believe that only God can save us. Even if you don’t believe he will, behave as if you do. Go to church. Be supportive. Come to the aid of a friend. Don’t tell your wife it’s hopeless! Don’t despair. Living without hope is like dancing without music. Each day is a gift. Make the most of it. Don’t give up on hope. Maybe God has a plan for us.

    • That’s a salutary post. However, even the churches have been taken from us. We can no longer find solace and sanctuary there.

      • The church = organized religion. Lack of organized religion is not lack of Belief. Indeed, early Christianity had no formal organization as we understand it today. It survived and thrived for centuries underground. Churches may be “poz’d”, but Belief can not be destroyed so easily. You have a Bible. You have friends. You have a living room. You *need* nothing else to keep Faith alive. Be a subversive.

        • Oh, I’m well aware of that. However, the traditional denominational churches served an important social and cultural function. Sacriligious as it may sound, church attendance wasn’t all about worshiping God. It was a major part of people’s lives for other reasons, too. Take that away and you’ve undermined another part of civil society’s foundation.

    • After interviewing a bunch of Millennials, you too would consider hiring veterans Mow. After fielding questions about “work/life” balance and ESG, you are looking for someone who will follow the chain of command and perhaps show up for work.

  32. So based on the economic data we should be happy.

    What if I told you that all of the data they are spewing are lies?

    What if I told you that even though most are not worried about climate change the PTB are proceeding with programs that will destroy society based on climate change.

    What if I told you the plans are to destroy white society and eventually most whites themselves.

    Now all of that makes me very unhappy.

      • Yep, unbelievable. If you doubt me, then look around at interest rates quoted for T-bills or mortgages. The markets don’t lie.

    • > What if I told you that all of the data they are spewing are lies?

      One of my favorite genres is people dogpiling Paul Krugman as he explains if you ignore automobile, utilities, housing, and food prices, the economy is humming along wonderfully.

      • I haven’t actually bothered to read anything “Paul Krugman” has written for years and years now, but I’ve always suspected that his columns were written by his wife. He’s married to some Commie chick not really half his age but maybe two thirds his age. I think Krugman himself is sitting in the TV room with a pudding cup and petting his pussy while his wife pens columns in his name.

      • But, but…have you seen the low prices for 100 inch LCD TV’s?!?

        Now go buy some BudLite and watch sports ball. Soma pill is optional.

  33. Anyone watch the debate? My rankings:

    1. Nikki Haley. She substantively had such strong answers that she looked like someone who could actually do the job of president Neoconservatism made its comeback last night, and Nikki Haley led the charge. Whether talking China, Israel, Ukraine, or Iran, she was crisp and confident. Her answer on abortion was thoughtful and seemed likely to connect with both primary and swing voters. If this were an actually competitive presidential nomination process, you’d be hard-pressed not to see Haley as far and away the most viable candidate for the general election. She certainly beat all the boys. Such as they were. The stylistic contrast between Ramaswamy has been a boon for her.

    2. Ron Desantis. His best moment was early in the debate, when he made the case against Trump. He cannot escape the fact that it makes no real sense to try to run as a more competent Donald Trump, for the simple reason that the entire question of competence is orthogonal to Trump’s appeal. Just once, though, I’d like to see him debate without proposing a policy that violates the Constitution. He did nothing, however, to distinguish himself — or to slow the momentum of Nikki Haley, who has been gradually creeping up on him. So very, very hard to imagine him moving up to … anything.

    3. Chris Christie. He was a little lower energy than usual. He deserves praise for his substantive, competent answers, but there’s not much of a market for that in the Republican primaries. It shows just how much the Republican Party has changed that Christie is viewed as more heretic than adherent. His reason for running was to thwart Trump.. When Christie isn’t running against Trump, one wonders why he runs at all.

    4. Tim Scott. He’s right to emphasize rebuilding U.S. industry as a strategic necessity. His answers were filled with platitudes and wannabe sound bites that seemed ill suited to the moment. I’m not sure why Scott is still in the race. There’s no real appetite for the zombie Reaganism he displayed.

    5. Vivek Ramaswamy. It’s actually uncanny how much he imitates the culture, positions and manners of right-wing Twitter trolls. If you’re gonna be the outspoken outsider, you have to be interesting as well as loud and irritating. He seemed to be running for most likely to get punched in the face.

      • Exactly this. This place has seen a large influx of new commenters, and I am beginning to suspect that many of them are bots or trolls. It’s really dragging down the comments section.

        • Comment software needs to be reimagined. We really are susceptible to planned disruption, which is a killer to the readership that Z-man has worked hard—for years—to develop.

          • Zed man’s poasts are far better than his comment section, which is the total opposite of steve sailer.

      • That has to be a bot, Nimrata is a browner Hilary Clinton. She comes across as shrewish, obnoxious and just a bitch.

        • When she removed the Stars And Bars from the grounds of the state capital, she was caught on a hot mic, “I have always hated that flag and I really can’t stand the people who fly it either.”
          This was why she was packed off to the UN, that comment was a campaign killer and the GOP knew it.

    • Still laboring under the delusion that these curtain jerkers are of any consequence in the grand scheme of things?

      • The biggest delusion of all is that public opinion matters one single bit. It is hard to believe people cling to it. The average Russian or Chinese has more input into policy.

      • Nimarata is important for who she represents, which is a full throated voice of the MIC. As Vivek pointed out, she went from being UN ambassador to being on the board at Boeing. I watched the dog and pony show out of curiosity. And I came away with this…Haley is scary. Like really, WW3 imminent kind of scary. End of the empire, and go out with a bang kind of scary. I good question for her last night would have been, “What country would you NOT want to send Americans to go die fighting in?”

    • Back in the real world:

      Current choices for US President Team R:

      1. Old white guy who’ll probably be in prison.

      2. Half Indian woman who calls her opponent “scum” in a public forum. (hysterical much?)

      3. Full Indian man who is some kind of bizzaro Bennie S clone.

      • ProZNoV: Minor point, but Nimrata is full Indian woman. Her kids are half. Her daughter married a jogger, so her grandchildren will be 1/2 jogger, 1/4 desi, and 1/4 white cuck. The face of numurka.

        The repuke primary could be summed up as desi versus desi.

    • Thank you for watching the dog and pony show for me. One thing about Haley: what she says is a 180 from what she actually has done, or would do. Apparently, her lying skills are getting better.

    • we could expect no less from the dnc partners at NBC. everyone was in on the script except Vivek.
      fwiw, Trump won last night.

    • For me, the fact they aired Vivek’s entire performance confirms the fact he’s controlled op.

  34. I suspect among that 30 percent who claim things are swell are partisans who are afraid to answer negatively since it would hurt their guys who now are in office. Independents and the two main political parties have about one-third popular support each so that would be mirrored in those results. The open border and endless wars are largely the cause of the dissatisfaction, and the politicians’ paymasters have taken policy reversals in those areas off the table.

    Marxists would look at the current situation and think the United States is in a pre-revolutionary condition. Given there has been a sort-of top-down revolution already, that isn’t quite accurate, but the free-flowing anxiety indicates something is in the air along those lines. When the economy gets hairy next year, and it most certainly will, things likely will boil over into non-state-sanctioned riots (the pro-Pali demos are sort of a precursor to this). Much of the current repression and restriction of civil liberties and rights are in anticipation of that happening and laying the groundwork for crackdowns, which will lead to polls that show ninety percent think everything is on the right track.

    • “Marxists would look at the current situation and think the United States is in a pre-revolutionary condition.”
      Marxists can take a look at any and all advanced industrial states and conclude that they are all in a near constant state of “pre-revolutionary conditions.” But as Marx learned the hard way, that hardly ever means the proles will actually mount an uprising let alone a successful one.

      Like you said, scattershot, disorganized riots will probably occur in the next year. Pathetic anti-corporate “protests” by overweight larping boomer liberals will sprout up here and there. These are not real threats to the system. And things will march on as ever.

      • The Proles lack “class consciousness” and are busy flaming each other on social media and smoking weed. They’re premenstrual and pre-diabetic, but not pre-revolutionary.

        • “They’re premenstrual and pre-diabetic, but not pre-revolutionary”
          Now that’s a good line! lol

        • I dunno…the white, working class, rural, “Swamp Yankee” types around here (Cent. NY) are playing “Cosplay Ostrich;” carrying on as though contrary behavior and a strengthening of the regional accent will be their protection and redemption.
          I do not have the heart to point out…

    • Something my college history professor said about revolutions has always stuck with me. Counterintuitively, revolutions usually don’t occur when things are at their worst. People are too demoralized and beaten down to revolt when times are at their toughest. It’s when a country has gone through a rough patch, conditions start to improve, and then they start to worsen again. People then are not just discouraged they are angry.

      For example, the Russian Revolution didn’t occur when czarist repression was at its maximum. The Bolshevik Revolution occured after the liberal democratic Kerensky government came to power with much hope and promise, but ultimately failed to deliver peace, stability, and prosperity to Russia.

      • From the dissident point of view, does this mean the door opens if a Trump becomes President pledging again to stanch the browning of our lands while accomplishing nothing (again)?

      • But the Kerensky goverment falling was caused by constant undermining by the Bolshies. They had no intention to just be a partner, they wanted total control and made sure they got it.

      • Right; there’s been no abundance of anarchist urgency last 3 years, Summer of Floyd and Day Which Will Live In Infamy II excepted. Most of it I was in a state not particularly compliant with the general fad, and the foretold unrest never unrested (i.e. non-government workers did gradually ignore the virus hypochondria and return to normal). I recall some were saying, “Oh, it’s gonna pop off in [x metro in other state] any minute now”– nope. So much nonsense fills a typical week now, feels I’m surely forgetting something, but there was nothing at the level of the Canada truckers here after White House changed hands. Major financial meltdowns, sure. But there were some Russian jets dumping fuel on one of our drones. They also waited till yesterday to (try to) arrest the Capitol bear spray guy in suburban New Jersey.

        Of course the lockdown regime wasn’t the only protracted probing-of-weaknesses experiment, because the Drag Queen Story Hour thing really took off in 2020 like a rocket. I’d agree that the trannies specifically were already inhabiting a revolutionary mindset.

  35. Put it all together and maybe the reason that the lack of cooperation is number three on the list, just below things that should matter to people, is that the people never see anyone in Washington talking about those things that matter. Not a single candidate has anything useful to say about inflation or health care costs. They have nothing to say about the drug problem or the growing crime problem. It is not that the parties do not get along. It is that they agree to ignore the important issues.

    I note that if you search this post for “immigr” you turn up nothing.

    • Mass migration is the primary driver for the dissatisfaction, I think. It may not have been one of the answers offered or people are reluctant to mention it.

        • It’s not an “invasion” when the foreigners are being invited in and bribed with taxpayer monies to move to America.

          For the last thirty years, Western leaders have been busy bullhorning the glad tidings all over the third world: “Party at our house tonight! Free booze! Free drugs! Free hookers! Bring all your friends and family, and send this message to everyone you know! First hundred millions guests get a free car!”

          And at the border, the guards greeters are fistbumping every guest of honor.

    • Z did mention the browning of America. And that probably comes closer to the real issue than immigration technically; if it were Norwegian blondes immigrating by the millions, it wouldn’t be this foreboding

      • I didn’t waste my eyes, but from what I gather it was thirty minutes into the Republican clown show before immigration was mentioned in the debate last night and it only was in passing.

        Public trust and confidence have collapsed in the United States government due to its erasure of the borders, which is supposed to be its primary responsibility. I agree the “browning” part increases the rage, but the spectacle of no border controls while running from one money-laundering war to another is too much for most people. D.C. plans to rule by force now, and that will work until the economy truly goes south, and then it is all bets off.

        • There’s a reason “Build the wall!” and “Lock her up!” were the catchphrases of Trump’s 2016 run, and there’s a reason nobody in power wants to talk about that.

    • Yes, something is wrong…the poll was rigged…Along the same lines, 3.7% inflation?? Try double that…

    • Yeah my first thought was “drugs”.
      30% probably accounts for the “undertow” and it’s keepers; like asking well-fed prisoners and their guards how it’s going.

  36. The thing is the government tells us that inflation is slowly ticking down. It was 8.7% last year and is 3.7% now. If anything, people should be thrilled with the direction of inflation. In fact, they should be cheering the people who control the economy for their great work on inflation.

    Why should anyone be happy? Their money was stolen during that 8.7% inflation. It’s still gone and it ain’t coming back. Now people are supposed to be happy that they’re stealing a mere 3.7% (through this particular method, not counting all the other ways they rob us)?


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