Travelogue: Germany

I have been to the Frankfurt airport a number of times, but I have never done any adventurizing in the city itself. It is not a German city high on the tourist list because it was pretty much leveled in the war. When it was rebuilt, it was supposed to be a modern city and the financial hub of the country. Instead of restored old buildings it has all the modern things we expect to see in a modern city. As a result, it has little in the way of tourism, relative to other German cities.

That is not all bad. It is a very convenient city. The train system is efficient and logical, along with being exceptionally clean. I saw one bum in the train station. There are no maniacs pushing people off platforms while the cops look on and laugh. If you drive, parking is a bit of a pain, but that is true in all cities. Street parking is an adventure, but there are plenty of public parking garages. Getting around is not much different from driving in other cities, except the signs are different.

The one big difference from driving in America is petrol is $10/gallon, after you convert from euros to dollars. That was for the cheapest level, which was too good for the Opel that the knock-off car rental place gave us. There is simply no way America could survive fuel prices at those levels. Germans tolerate it, because they are German, and they have no other option. Their political class is as moronic as ours, which means there is no way to vote down gas prices…

I saw fewer mask people in Germany than Iceland. The mask people in Iceland, however, were foreigners, so maybe it evens out. Judging by the airports, the Europeans have fewer mask lunatics than America. It must not have caught on as a subculture with them like it has in America. The good thing about the maskers is that come the revolution, we can find them quickly and send them off to the camps. There is something creepy and weird about people wearing masks in public…

The migrant population in Frankfurt is not what I expected. At the hotel it was all Brazilians working the front desk. The taxi drivers were Poles or Ukrainians, with a smattering of Pakistanis. My guess is the city is built for finance, so the services are for finance people, which makes certain migrants less desirable. Maybe it is just that the guys from MENA and Africa looked at the travel sites and saw that Frankfurt was not a highly rated city, so they went elsewhere.

The presence of Poles and Ukrainians in service sector jobs means service is worse that you find in other European cities. They act like they are doing you a favor and are often deliberately hostile to patrons. The German service workers are the opposite, as they are efficient and polite. They do not have a strong tipping culture in Europe, so that changes the relationship between server and patron. Those who understand Americans, will go the extra mile for you…

Perhaps it was the part of the city, but I did not see a lot of young people out and about in the evening. It was an older crowd. Europeans do tend to go out later and end later than we do in America, even older people. Even so, I did not see any young people anywhere, other than people with small children. There were a lot of people pushing strollers, which is not something you see in American cities. You raise kids in the suburbs in order to get them into better schools…

It was a bit cool one evening so we ducked into a small Christmas market. It is too early for the bigger markets, but there are some small ones. These are open areas ringed by stalls selling food and drink, with lots of Christmas trees. They sell something they call Glühwein, which is what the English call mulled wine. The word means “glow wine” because of how it makes you feel. I am not a wine drinker, and the stuff is as sweet as candy, but it really does hit the spot on a cold night…

The point of being in Frankfurt was to attend the NFL game. Old friends I have not seen in too long converged on the city for the game. I have no interest in the NFL, but it was a good excuse to get together. The city has embraced the NFL for some reason, so it is a good place for the league to hold games. There are social clubs all over for the different teams. We saw one guy who had bought a pickup truck and decorated it with the colors of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

It is not just a novelty for them. They have taken the time to learn the rules of the game and they now have youth leagues for football. Colleges now come to Germany to scout for players, mostly linemen. Germans are big people, and they are smart people, so if you need offensive linemen, it is a good place to look. Germans feel a strong connection to the United States. There are a lot of Americans in Germany, so it makes sense that the biggest American sport would take root.

The game was a great time. You take a train to the stadium and along the walk to the facility from the train stop are stands selling beer and food. There is a strong party atmosphere, despite the lack of tailgating. The pre-game had a local hero, Sebastian Vollmer, who played for the Patriots. Then they brought out the cheerleaders, which the Germans girls seem to lover. I saw a lot of pretty German girls dressed as cheerleaders in the game, which is a great idea for obvious reasons.

Just before the game, they played the American anthem. A female soldier performed it and by the time she was finished it was clear she was getting chocked up. That was because the crowd was singing louder than her. It was one of those times when you are reminded that Americans are great people, even if our leaders are the worst people who regularly turn the virtue of patriotism into a vice. Patriotism is a virtue, and your fellow citizens, by and large, are good people.

After the American anthem, they played the German anthem, which surprised me as this is not common custom around the world. The Germans fans seem to have embraced this like they have embraced the NFL. They were loud and enthusiastic for the anthem of their people. It was a good reminder that underneath the silly bubble coats they love wearing, there are the same people who gave the world Mozart, Beethoven, Goethe, and Karl Marx…

At one point during the game, they played what has become the anthem of West Virginia, John Denver’s, Country Roads. I have no idea why they played this song, as one team was from Boston and the other from Indianapolis. The game was being played in a cosmopolitan city in the heart of Europe. The whole crowd erupted and sang it all the way through to the end, even though the game started. I took that as a sign from God that everything is going to be okay…

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145 thoughts on “Travelogue: Germany

  1. >Germans tolerate it, because they are German, and they have no other option.

    Europeans tolerate it because they probably cover half the miles an American does in their car every week and public transport is more than a viable option. Gas prices are in the same ballpark even in poorer European countries and people don’t bitch nearly as much as you would expect.

  2. Wiesbaden is one of my two residences these days, the other Cologne. FTR I’m a native St. Louisan.

    You merely happened to catch Frankfurt at the right moment.

    There are no maniacs pushing people off platforms while the cops look on and laugh.

    I point you to July 30, 2019.

  3. It’s funny you mention John Denver’s “Country Roads.”

    I attended Octoberfest in Munich a number of years ago, and the crowd in the beer hall went absolutely ape shit when they played that song. Everyone sang along. Must be a popular song in Germany.

  4. Wow. Germans singing Country Roads ar an American Football Game. Gives me chills. You are right: Everything is going to be alright.

  5. i’m in a position where there’s no work left to do at work so I was reading through old z posts from late 2016.

    Does anyone here think that the Russian collusion case (that itself was an offshoot of the wikileaks thing) was one of those things that was a limited hangout? A lot got exposed – but maybe the whole truth would have been a pill the public couldn’t swallow?

    It reminds me of the book CHAOS by Tom O’Neill. The Helter Skelter narrative was invented by Bugliosi when in reality, the story was a lot darker and convoluted than people realized. The fact that there were minimal degrees of separation between Charlie and a lot of celebrities meant that the truth getting out could have ended a lot of careers.

    • I think it’s something much worse than that.

      Years back—maybe around the time of the Romney/Obama debate exchange about Russia?—a “deep” decision was made to start blaming Putin for everything, to lay public groundwork for the shift from WoT (having served its purpose in overwhelming the West with “migrants”) to WW3 (total death). Sounds like a normal propaganda push from our MIC/intelligence psychos, but what’s frightening about it is that every time they lie, our rulers *believe the lies they made up*. They *instantly* believe them and they believe them *forever*.

      Putin “installed” Trump. Ask them. The investigation found not only no evidence but decisive documentary evidence that the story was made up—by a specific list of American and British politicians and agents? PUTIN.

      Same for every “Russia!” (or Russian ally) story. Total, unbreakable self-hypnosis.

      They’re insane beyond our understanding.

    • They did have to come up with a reason (“Russians”) for why they had had the Trump campaign under surveillance all along. Since the surveillance predated their official claims of surveilling with regard to Russians. Which of course begs the question of how many other campaigns they had under surveillance. And if there were any that they didn’t. Sundance over at CTreehouse has done a good job of laying all that out.

      Of course in current year, anyone and everyone can be under surveillance at the click of a mouse, so I’m unclear what surveillance means in this context.

  6. My advice is to hit as many pastry shops as you can manage while you’re in Germany, their shit is miles beyond anything back here. Especially the stuff with marzipan in it.

  7. I’m not exactly what you’d call a “world traveler” but I do remember a layover once in Frankfurt, the first time I’d ever been to Europe. We missed our connection there. We were directed to a desk manned by this stolid middle-aged guy who spoke perfect English only with a slight accent. He inquired how this fumble had occurred. I blurted out “We’re not used to the 24 hour clock.” Right away, he issued our tickets for the next leg of our flight without charge, commenting only “I like your honesty. You can’t imagine the stories I’ve heard.” That would never have happened in the U.S. I say this only because I had been reading at the time a sort of travel guide about manners, customs, and attitudes of the Germans and Austrians and how they differ from Americans. One of the things that struck me was how the Germans are known for their up-front honesty — sometimes too honest to suit some people — and it just so happened that I got a taste of that on my first visit to that country and it made a good impression naturally since we saved some money.

  8. “At one point during the game, they played what has become the anthem of West Virginia, John Denver’s, Country Roads. I have no idea why they played this song…”

    I think the reason is that Germany is hellbent on throwing away their heritage. The pall of You-Know-Who lies upon them… perhaps they seek an identity that will let them be proud again? Perhaps they seek to channel the American identity? It really is insane over there. I used to dabble in RC aircraft and in one of the hobby articles – an old boy had built a flawless Messerschmidt fighter plane almost from scratch. It had the swastika decals on it and when the Usual Suspects saw it – he was reported, investigated and fined. They also confiscated the model and destroyed it. The poor old boy was almost in tears.

    Z – when you take over you will need loyal henchmen and lickspittles to run the camps. May I apply for a position? I want one where I can torture the prisoners first before putting them in the ovens, HAR HAR HAR!!!! 🙂

  9. It’s great to get out of any American City now I am sure. Never mind Baltimore.
    Yes in the end it will be alright.

    “ Poles and Ukrainians in service sector jobs means service is worse…”
    Post Communism is simply awful, Communist manners , caricature capitalist morals.

  10. I was stationed in Germany in the late eighties and returned this last September.
    So I can add flavor. “Country Roads” was big even back then. Stuttgart had the “Volkfest” their version of Oktoberfest, and the Stuttugarter Hofbrau Tent (aka Amerikanishe Kampf Zelt) always had a local singer belting out the song.

    I can see the Germans getting all OCD about Football. They pretty much do that with anything they are involved in. One of my German girlfriends was in a Square Dancing Club and they went whole hog into it, with fancy dresses, callers and every little detail one could imagine. It was kind of intimidating. Intimidating Square Dancers – imagine.

    On my return after forty years, the biggest shock was all the graffiti. There was none of that back in the day. Now, every surface shoulder level and below is covered with spray paint. WTF?

    I expected the diversity – Africans and Muslims- and it was there, but not overwhelming in the tourist cities. Things look whiter than USA because the whereas USA has Aztecs doing service work, the Germans have Poles, Serbs, Romanians and Ukes. If one must crap up one’s country with foreigners, one could do worse.

    The tourist thing is melancholy: Lots of fabulous monuments to a civilization that died in 1914. And I do give the Germans a lot of credit for rebuilding their country from a bomb-blasted smoking ruin in remarkably short time.

    German politicians are almost as insanely stupid as our own: Merkel’s Muslim Muff comes to mind, and the decommissioning of German nuclear plants [as the neighboring countries keep building nuke plants – Yo! Herman! Ursula! Radiation doesn’t stop for borders, especially not in the Shengen Zone].

  11. There’s two Frankfurts: Frankfurt-am-Main & Frankfurt-am-Oder; assume you’re talking about the former as the latter used to be in the eastern zone. Quit following the NFL years ago. Been twice & traveled extensively; nothing quite like Glühwein; helps ward off the chill. And they love American country music over there, especially “Take Me Home, Country Roads”. Last time I as there the chicken dance was still a big thing.

    Miss it. The food especially & the women were pretty hot. Much more feminine than in the U.S.

  12. The maskers will be the easiest people ever to put in camps. Even easier than the tribe. When told that it’s for their safety, most of them will probably self transport there, they won’t even have to be rounded up.

  13. I visited about 40 years ago and my impression was that it was the ugliest and most charmless city in Germany, with some of the unfriendliest people, although no German ever were fond of dirty, impecunious hitchhikers.

    The anthem-singing is a fuzbol-thing, you do it for international games. If you want to freak out your German friend, learn the first verse of their anthem and belt it out at the top of your lungs: “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles…”

    Actually, don’t do that, you could land in jail – singing the first verse of the German national anthem is verboten. So much for patriotism.

  14. I visited 40 years ago and my impression was that Frankfurt was the ugliest city in Germany with some of the most unfriendly people, so maybe it wasn’t just about the Poles, although no German were ever terribly fond of dirty, impecunious hitchhikers.

    The anthem is a fuzbol-thing, you do it for international games. If you want to freak out your German friends, learn the first verse of their anthem and bellow it out: “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles…”

    Actually, don’t do that, you could actually . You could land in jail; so much for the patriotism.

      • Apt. It was vertical concrete slum when I visited and I can’t imagine it’s become any better since. Very much a business city with lots of bankers, and it shows.

        As Karl-Horst suggested, it seems ourguys always visit the most dreary places in Europe during the most dreary season of the year.

        My standard advise to American tourists in Euroland is to rent a car and get the hell out of the metropolises as fast as the speed limit allows. From Bavaria to Cyprus, Europe is one big tourist attraction, with these islands of insipid globalist monoculture dotted about. Outside the cities, it’s basically Disneyland, only not fake or filled with scary creeps animal outfits. As Karl-Horst says, Frankfurt is surrounded by astoundingly beautiful towns and villages.

        Yes, you’ll miss some of the nice stuff in Paris and Rome, but you also avoid 95% of the cultural enrichment, the hostility and the pickpockets.

  15. It’ll be okay once the democracy cult is vanquished. Other countries still have repairable cultures on deep foundations. Not for us though. (The U.S.).

  16. Well, well, well. This is easily the cheeriest post from Z I’ve ever encountered. Maybe getting out of AINO and into Europe is the finest tonic for the soul. At any rate, it does my heart good to hear you had such a wonderful time, Z. Godspeed.

    • Amen..,.Country Roads is extremely popular everywhere, and may be the most popular song on Youtube…It resonates with the American spirit…

        • They’ve been playing him a great deal on a number of the satellite stations. However the version of “Annies Song” they play has been remastered and sounds nothing like the original. A damn shame really.

      • Ever since Olivia Newton John’s version the song has been famous everywhere. In countries with any positive ideas about America, it’s *the* American song. We’re not sending our best, but at least it isn’t about war, money, or butts.

      • pyrrhus: Loved the song when it was on the radio when I was a kid and I still enjoy it. The ‘mountains’ here in the Ozarks are babies/hills at best, but we have one of our own and just looking out the window in the morning makes me smile, rain or shine.

        Zman, you will love living rural. The world is always out there and easily available via the internet (we couldn’t easily live here without fiber optic to enable my husband’s remote work). Meanwhile, you will have generally decent, hardworking White neighbors, privacy, and the beauty of heritage America’s natural environment.

      • Don’t know if Z is aware of this: in the heyday of the Baltimore Orioles, “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” was the song played during the seventh inning stretch. That was back in the Memorial Stadium days, can’t imagine it has ever been done at Camden Yards. But then I have never been to Camden so I don’t know.

    • Ostei – soon as ZMan returns to Lagos he’ll be cured of his cheeriness – pronto.

      • I don’t envy him the return. Mebbe he’ll just say to hell with it and put down roots somewheres in Europe. It would certainly be extremely tempting.

  17. Twelve years ago when we stayed at a hotel in Frankfurt, the change room and shower outside of the weight room was shared by both men and women. Is that still the common practice?

  18. Like you I spent some time in Germany recently. Love the country, love the people, love the language! Had good experiences with the Turkish immigrants there, which I did not expect, frankly, but they pretty much seemed like nice people who just want to make a living.
    You really ought to check out a soccer game while you’re there! Atmosphere is like nothing you ever get at American sports events.

    • This is a salutary reminder that all diversity isn’t equal. Turks are not terribly different from whites, and we can therefore accept them in reasonable numbers. There simply is no comparison between Turks, negroes and Jews.

      • No, they are just as foreign as anyone else. They are “brown” Muslims and they don’t belong in White Christian countries. The Christmas markets are now surrounded with large concrete barriers to prevent a truck of peace being driven into the people trying to enjoy the market.

        Even if they weren’t such an alien culture, every single one of them is taking resources of some sort away from a German.

        • That is an obtuse way of looking at it. Now I’m perfectly fine with a nation that is 100 percent white. However, I also understand that there are adjacent peoples we can tolerate in our midst in small numbers. Perhaps as much as seven percent of the populace could be comprised of Hispanics, and Asians of various sorts. But no Arabs, Jews or negroes.

          • It’s a source of endless conflict, particularly in a democracy. Turks are NOT adjacent with Germans. They are not only a different ethnic group, but a different race and who practice a very different and hostile religion. Even 7% is WAY too high. Do I have to point out Jews are only 2% of the US? Sure, I know you say “no Jews” but give me a break. How is that an answer?

            I would say at most <1% and only as guests, no citizenship. No voting. No houses of worship built for them. No ethnic ghettos either. No ownership of property either. No rights of citizens either. They commit any infraction and its straight to jail and from jail to deportation. Special courts. No lawyers. No endless delays.

            Germany has all of these problems and more. These Turks came after the war as guest workers who were going to be there temporarily to help rebuild Germany. Their status as guests changed almost immediately. Now there are huge ghettos with 1/2 the houses flying a Turkish flag.

            What about their kids? What about their different fertility rates? Why should German kids have to put up with them in their schools?

            You want to appear or seem "reasonable" But experience has shown that even in minuscule numbers, they are a lot of trouble. Once you allow them in, they will lobby for their alleged "rights" and they claim they are "just as X as you are." I've had people who could barely a speak a word of English claiming to be just as American as me because they pay taxes or something.

      • Those two things, numbers and the type of immigrant are too often overlooked. The discussion seems to always be framed as all or nothing. “Oh you just want to shut off America from the world!,” or “that’s what they said about the Irish and the Italians!”

      • A friend who was in the Korean conflict got to talking one night wrt Turkish soldiers he met there. His battalion was holding a part of “the line” next to a Turkish unit. They swapped rations and items and fraternized. He was particularly friendly with one Turk, so this Turk came over to his foxhole one night to ask him out on an “outing”. ??? wtf ???

        Turns out this Turk was doing what adventurous, status seeking young Turks did—leaving position to kill unwary North Koreans, hand to hand, on their front line. Good fun and all that.

        Anyway, being an American and not wanting to risk his ass, he politely declined. The next day he met up with the Turkish soldier again who told him he missed a fun night out and showed him some *ears* he took from North Koreans.

        The lesson he derived from the experience was basically to never “fuck with” the Turk’s in a conflict. “They seem to enjoy this shit.” And I guess they do—who the hell crawls out from cover in the dead of night to slit throats and take trophies!

        (Disclaimer: The story could be complete BS, but on the other hand told by someone who didn’t come off as particularly heroic in the tale.

        • The story could be complete BS

          I’ve heard similar anecdotes, though they all date from the Korean War. My impression is, like everyone else, the Turks, for whatever rung they were on, have dropped down a bit.

        • During the Korrean War, Turks had a reputation as the most badass guys on our side, the Norks and Chinese hated fighting them and didn’t fare well when they did.

          Some Turks were captured and put in camps with Americans. The NKPA left then alone because they couldn’t get anywhere with them by torture, punishment or even treating them nicely.

          In other words they were soldiers, I wonder if the ones now are still like that?

      • Ostei: I must strongly disagree with you here, Ostei. I dealt with a number of Turkish diplomats overseas and they were generally knowledgeable, professional, cultured, and extremely hospitable people. BUT . . . I also traveled a fair bit in Turkey and there is a very distinct urban/rural as well as class divide. The Muslim/Arab tradition of hospitality is a marvellous thing, but don’t mistake it for genuine friendship or culturally-adjacent behavior.

        The Turks in Germany are NOT the Whiter, more educated classes, and they (and their children . . . and grandchildren) will forever be Turkish in behavior, culture, and patriotism. They are an alien colony within Germany that neither can nor will ever be assimilated. They enact their domestic political battles on German streets.

        They are part and parcel of the globalism and nation-diluting that AINO forced on Germany after WWII. None of them belong there – even if some of them appear ‘nice.’ Individual ‘niceness’ and behavior ultimately has nothing to do with it – it is not their country and they ought not to be there.

        • In my conception–and it incorporates some of what Tars mentioned–non-whites would not have the vote (even if Whiteland was a democracy, which I’m not sure it should be), would not be allowed to have more than two children per couple, and, should they commit one felony, would be immediately deported with no opportunity to appeal. Given these conditions, I suspect very few foreigners would even want to live in Whiteland, no matter how wonderful it might be, so this whole point is probably moot.

          But really, my chief argument here is that all non-whites are not equally inimical and pernicious, and we should recognize the distinctions.

      • The Turks are Indo-European, that is white, and as white as any German or Swede. There is a thin overlay of Central Asian Turks from the Ottoman conquest, and they are
        overwhelmingly Muslim.

        The Kurds are also Indo-European and white. Although Kurds are Muslim (since before Saladin, who was a Kurd), they are not Semites.

        If you want to talk about racial matters, you need to learn the genetics.

  19. Many years ago when I was much younger, I arrived in Frankfort. Then I traveled through Europe a bit and was able to visit London, then returned to the USA through Frankfort.

    Two things I remember: The noticeable numbers of crippled war veterans in Germany. It really looked like the campus of a hospital rehabilitation wing in the busier sections. And second, the numbers of Germans who would approach us to simply thank us—basically for our soldiers decency in WWII and afterwards.

    Every German had a story about the war and their interaction with GI’s. None were negative. We rented a car (Mercedes) in Frankfort in order to travel through Europe. It was then that I saw just how affected the people still were wrt WWII. At intersections and traffic lights outside of Germany, we were sometimes yelled at and even spit upon. Rolling down the window and speaking English got a quick look of surprise and an apology. It was the German license plates and the big damn Mercedes sedan that fingered us to the locals. 😉

    Those were good days I think for the American reputation. What happened?

    • I don’t think there is one concise answer for what happened to the American reputation around the world, but I noticed a big change re: the Iraq war.

  20. Nice to hear a bit of Nationalistic spirit. The American did a good job of singing it straight, while the German used American pop culture phrasing, which of course takes its que from non Americans.


    apparently this is common across Europe, you’re not the first that’s heard euros belt John Denver. Turbo America indeed.

  22. I’ve only been to Frankfort once, and it was as a small part of a family vacation. While walking through town, we encountered a rowdy mob of football (soccer) fans celebrating some victory and one of the revelers randomly wrapped a team logo scarf and cap onto my youngest son, who both astonished and appreciative of the impromptu gift. Such is the base nature of authentic German society.

    My other anecdote relates to an American engineer acquaintance who married a native German woman. I got to know them both via regular Christmas party occasions. She was tall, statuesque, stunning, and hard as nails. Gracious on the surface, but lethal underneath. I have a strange effect on people and conversation with me can get esoteric quickly. For reasons I have never understood, she would seek me out at the Christmas Party and initiate conversation that was more battle than banter. Her habit was to stare intently at your eyes when speaking. I am convinced that she was born in the wrong century. Nevertheless, that is the type of woman you want at your side when the going gets tough.

    • We have only spent time in Munich, a very traditional looking city, and naturally had dinner and beer at the Hofbrauhaus made famous by Hitler…What a great time that was! Two young Korean girls joined my wife and I at the long table..,Despite weighing only about 100 pounds each, they kept ordering menu items we suggested, and drinking beer for hours…None of us, however, ordered the 72 oz beers they serve there…..

  23. What a shame that you had to travel to Germany to find yourself at a venue where spontaneous love of America was on display. The Trump rallies here at home rival what you experienced, but they are denigrated or ignored by the media in this hollowed-out shell of a country.

    When the ruling party is ashamed of their country’s own flag, as are the treasonous Democrats, you know that the end of the republic is near.

    • Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. No shame, folks were just having fun. Americans enjoy Japanese entertainment.

      The Germans are an excellent people when they are not in some other country.

      There are lots of trees in Paris. So the Germans can march in the shade.

      It’s nine a.m. in Chicago and I could use a cup of German Glühwein right about now.

        • I was good friends with the Berghoffs, they owned a vacation estate in my sleepy home town on L. Mich.

          Cindy, the eldest daughter, was handed the reins of the restaurant complex. In less than six months she destroyed the place. It had been operated as a hybrid German joint and private club that didn’t permit women to enter the saloon part until the 1970’s. Herman enforced this, too, as with all rules and customs.

          I haven’t returned to the fake b-hoff. I take my guests to Laschet’s instead if they are hankering for actual authentic German food in Chicago. They have Glühwein as does the warming hut at the Daley Plaza Christkindlmarket.

          I represent the Swedish consulate here and am invited to its annual Christmas drunkfest/dinner which is criminally funded level of abuse of the Swedish taxpayer.

          The Swedes feature glog, which is like Glühwein but higher octane. Try glog sometime followed by a chaser of aqavit. A few of those rounds and you might see angels that night and you will certainly feel like you are with satan the next morning.

          Have fun and visit Laschet’s when here.

    • The ruling party that you mentioned and the Democrats are one and the same. Hence the shame. After all when you created the mess you tend to be ashamed of it.

  24. The US has exported a lot of its cultural crap around the world, much to the world’s detriment. The thought that negrolatry is one of them is even more discouraging…

    • A lot of American pop-culture is a lot of fun. The only thing close to football in the world is Rugby, we made country/western and a lot of folk genres, American filmmaking used to be top-notch, we’ve had our share of literary geniuses, etc.

      You may argue most of the above is not high-culture, and it’s a fair point, but let’s not discount that there is a lot of good in some things intended for the masses, or let our current state blind us to the positives of our culture.

      • I don’t think America has produced high culture (and with it a strong national identity— they tend to go together), but by the early 20th century we were getting close, and then, well, you know the rest.

        • Good point, and I agree. However, I think America’s literary scene–Poe, Twain, Hemingway, Faulkner, Frost, Stevens, etc.–qualified as high culture. Note the past tense…

          • Up until the mid 2010s I could still go to the list of Pulitzer nominees to find quality reading material. At which point it got taken over by stuff that was only there because it was about homos or trannies or oppressed vibrants.

        • America has produced a lot of great culture; whether it’s “high” or not is a matter better left to neckbeards.

          As Ostei says below, America saved the novel and invented the movies as you note. And the Germans may not play John Denver in the opera houses, but John Denver is what people actually listen to voluntarily, not Wagner.

          All culture starts proletarian and becomes “high” when it’s no longer popular but has become a performative, status-signaling hobby, like reading poetry or watching theater today – feature films are quickly becoming “high” culture as fewer and fewer people watch movies.

          As for a strong national identity, all you have to do is close your borders and wait 500 years.

          • I mean, we got close. Not sure if there are any Shakespeares or Goethes in there, though.

            People make high culture and have a strong identity when they feel good about themselves and want to be even better. That’s a good thing until it becomes snobbery, but people should be able to recognize limits.

            We tried closing the border a couple of times, but somebody always finds a reason to throw it open. Usually something about money, freedom(?), racism, or whatever.

          • Not sure if there are any Shakespeares or Goethes in there, though.

            Only time will show. Shakespeare only became Shakespeare long after his death; in his own lifetime he was Steven Spielberg, with Christopher Marlowe as his George Lucas.

            Some scholars even believe that Shakespeare is a pseudonym for some earl or something, who didn’t want to put his own name to such a lowly, plebeian pursuit as writing plays.

      • In the past, American pop culture was largely praiseworthy. Now, it is a field of radioactive shit.

      • I was thinking more along the lines of the 1960’s and later. Practically nothing I hate more than seeing a McDonalds in some old European city, for example.

        • Few Mexicans have the body type to play football, although there have been a handful of excellent Mexican linemen (Anthony Munoz, Gabriel Rivera, Louis Vasquez, Manny Ramirez, etc.). And very few have the necessary speed and quickness to play the skill positions. There have, however, been many great Mexican kickers. I’m sure that stems from their facility in soccer.

    • Thanks for teaching me a new word. I’ve seen it in operation but I never knew there was a word for it. It’s like a DNC convention.

    • Negrolatry was recently on display in England at the hockey game where the black player Matt Petgrave, who kicked Adam Johnson in the neck, killing him, was given a standing ovation.

      • Matt Petgrave is about the least negraic-sounding name I’ve ever heard. Maybe he was adopted when he was a niglet by cucks.

      • Fortunately, he was finally arrested by UK police. The BBC article includes a photo of Adam Johnson but no mention of name of the black guy who killed him.

        There are so many Every Single Times.

        • I was just about to post the same thing. I just scrolled through a number of stories about the arrest and none say who the suspect is. The NY Post is the only site that posted a picture of the guy who killed him (, but the story is worded to make the on ice collision and the death almost seem unrelated.

          Even in the most obvious of scenarios, they still have to run cover.

          • This is espn’s headline: “Arrest made in skate blade death of Johnson”. I guess the narrative they are hoping to craft in the minds of those who know nothing about the story and don’t investigate further is that some nefarious equipment manager was to blame who purposely made an unwitting player’s skate too sharp.

      • It’s more obvious that corporate American culture attracts certain types when it’s happening in another country.

        The fake corporate rainbow-dildo mantras replace traditional morality.

        If you’re not part of the scene it’s aggressivley degenerate and perplexing .

  25. I just had a friend to get back from a weekend trip to Nashville and she went out both nights and she said all the bands are great, it was all very festive but every bar they went into the band played John Denver’s country road.

  26. Herzlich Willkommen!

    Unfortunately, you could not have picked a more uninteresting city than Frankfurt. If you feel homesick, just spend some time wandering around the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, the diversity there is eye watering. Just keep a close eye on your bags.

    If you have time, at least take a trip to Wiesbaden as it is a small gem in the state of Hessen less than an hours drive from Frankfurt. Thankfully the American Army intentionally avoided bombing Wiesbaden so they could establish their headquarters there so many of the original buildings still stand.

    Run a quick Google search and you can find some very nice places to visit all in walking distance from the Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof. Since the days are quite short, go early to get as much daylight as you can. Pick from any of the many restaurants on the Fußgängerzone (pedestrianwith area).

    Also, if you like to avoid the routine tourist destinations, St. Elizabeth’s Church in Wiesbaden is worth a visit. Small and unobtrusive, but also very unique and quite beautiful with an interesting history few tourists know about.,_Wiesbaden#:~:text=The%20Russian%20Orthodox%20Church%20in,niece%20of%20Emperor%20Nicholas%20I.

    From Wiesbaden you must drive north up the Rhein to enjoy some of the more beautiful scenery, at least as far north as Schloss Pfalzgrafenstein which is a unique castle built in the middle of the Rhein. The highway is just meters from the edge of the Rhein so you can really enjoy the views along the way even if you don’t have time to wander around the little towns.

    Sorry the weather is so bad, but November is one of the worst months here. Cold, wet and very short hours of daylight. It may even snow towards the end of the month. Not uncommon to get a bit of snow for a day, but it melts away quickly.

    I hope your trip a good one. Safe travels!

    • What about Wurzburg? I really enjoyed Wurzburg of all the towns visited on the river cruise this last September. Maybe because we visited on a Sunday and things were slow?

      Weisbaden was home of our rival aviation unit: 1st MI Bn. I was in the 2d MI in Stuttgart. 2d MI went to war. 1st MI stayed in garrison. How sweet.

      • Nothing against the Main, but I think the Rhein is a much more scenic river, at least as it winds north from Wiesbaden or Eltville up to Koblenz.

        For anyone who is in the Frankfurt area for a short stay, it’s probably a better choice as you can either drive, or pick up any of the day cruise ships that offer a round trip to see the castles.

        From Koblenz and continuing north, you just run into industrial estates through Bonn, Koln and Dusseldorf. At which point the landscape is relatively flat anyway as it heads through the NL to the sea.

        Next time you want to enjoy a German river cruise, I highly recommend the Donnau (Danube) starting around Regensburg heading south, past Vienna all the way to Budapest. Now THAT is a river cruise!

        • The river cruise started on the Rhine, but turned onto the Main. What I learned from visiting the towns to the west of the Rhine, that I never realized before, is that the French regularly kicked the Germans around, burning their estates, castles and villages, until Bismark put a stop to it.

          The Neiderwald Denkmal really puts an exclamation point to how much it meant to the Germans to finally stick it to the French. It’s a shame it couldn’t have ended with the Franco-Prussian war. The next two wars proved the Germans could put the French in their place, but things got out of hand…

          • A big part of the problem was England, which, as a sea-based mercantilism power, had a centuries-old policy of trying to destabilize any emerging continental European hegemon. Germany’s extremely fast advancement over the 19th century, and the stunning defeat of France in the Franco-Prussian War, scared the shit out of English observers, who set about signing all sorts of treaties to fence Germany in and publishing fanciful literature about future German invasion to mnemonically prime the general population for war against “the Hun.”

  27. I also am fond of Country Roads. Living in the Shenandoah valley and its glaringly obvious that Mr Deutschendorf had no sense of geography:I neither Blue Ridge mountains or the Shenandoah river are in WV. It was originally written about Maryland or Massachusetts.

    The spirit of the song is more important, it talks of a belonging to rural home, to a people and culture, the old fashioned life. Because it talks of roads it carries a sense of being away, of longing and of a promise to lead one back. So it is a fitting song for our age.

    • CR is an absolute classic – and I am no fan of the flower child aesthetic. But it does tap into that Jungian archetype of the past and peoples (though I am also no fan of Jung, but the term is probably best for explaining my view on the song).
      Not to mention that 2/2 time signature makes it a great marching anthem.

  28. I enjoy reading these posts, which are sane views of the sad state of the western world, a world we also all love.

    But I do have a question. How do we try to instill this love and affiliation for our people? I ask that because my teenage son recently used the word “racist” and after a long discussion I found he had all of the talking points of the left on race. I was extremely disturbed to learn this, although I do admit he is a very difficult child to parent. He is also lonely. My sense is that I am failing him by not providing a social group as we homeschool and all of the other homeschoolers are your standard PC christians.

    • You can only probably pray for revelation at this point. You have to start young, when you have their undivided attention. I try regularly, subtly, slipping in race observations to my kids. I also emphasize strongly that you never make these observations to others, never.
      Now, the question that my suggestion seems to insist is, How does this instill love? Well, much like a certain chosen people do, this helps identify as Us distinct from Them. The stronger the sense of Us, the deeper the bonds. To be fair, however, I don’t push much pride in White identity, either. Whites are just as degenerate, if not more so, if one considers the definition of “degenerate” accurately.

      This is only my conjecture, but here’s my evidence: My oldest is an adult, and she has not betrayed me yet!

      • Are degenarate, but were not in the past. That means we at least have the potential to regain the empyrian heights of civilization, and few other peoples can say that. Pride in whites then, must focus on our past.

        • What do I have to do with the Sistine Chapel ceiling? What do I have to do with The Canterbury Tales? What do I have to do with Shakespeare? What do I have to do with Newton? The answer is, Nothing.
          I try to teach my girls to love me, their mother, and those close to them. Beyond that, white or black or red or brown culture is largely irrelevant to daily life. I certainly teach them the color of crime, etc. I teach them to appreciate beauty and scorn ugliness. And point out trends… But trying to attach myself to something as abstract as European and American history, to me, is pointless in the current era.
          I will put illustrate my point this way: Several years ago, I moved my family and me across the country to a white, rural, prosperous area. This is a place with very definite newcomer vibes. But, gradually, we have made some inroads, but it takes time.
          When tragedy strikes, you should see how the white community comes together to help (and their have been a few whoppers). I would rather my girls develop ties to those people than focus on the abstract European tradition. Again, I teach beauty (great painters and music), and a love of nice things. But I focus more on the interpersonal ties.
          Further, when they see that as opposed to the degeneracy visible in other communities (white included), they will know how to judge it.
          We live in the era where any idea of an resurrecting civilization as it was is absolute fantasy. Tribalism is a much better response for actual quality of life.

          • To be clear, when I wrote newcomer vibes, I meant, The people their let you know you have entered a small community, and you are cautiously welcomed until you prove yourself; you are treated as a suspicious newcomer.

          • You have everything to do with the great achievements of white civilization, whether you acknowledge it or not, because you carry the genetic material and the race memory of those who authored the achievements. Indirectly those achievements belong to you and me. They do not belong to LeBoon James, Wise Latina Sotomayor and Yoyo Ma.

          • I do not view the situation the same way. I am much more of a kith and kin type – that is where my pride resides. Attaching ourselves to abstract notions (such as magic dirt because you wave the flag), in this example, Western civilization, is such a watered down definition of identity that it serves, from my perspective, little value in the current era.
            To be clear, I greatly respect and admire the works of Western civ. But that has little to do with me.

    • “How do we try to instill this love and affiliation for our people?”

      It may be that you have to dismantle the hatred of whites that his “racism” comment implies before you can instill love and affiliation.

      Perhaps try to show him that our elites want whites to hate themselves and that when he criticizes whites for racism he has fallen into their trap.

      I’ve found that broaching the history of slavery in the world is often an effective way to demonstrate that the elites want whites to hate themselves. Most Americans below 50 years old implicitly believe that either only Americans had slaves or that slavery in America was uniquely evil. It is easy to demonstrate that these beliefs are the opposite of the truth. Compare and contrast slavery in America with slavery in the Arab lands. And then you ask, “Why did the elites lie to you about the history of world slavery?”

    • Have him work on a genealogy of your and your wife’s families as a project for school. It may register for him better when he sees his ancestors with names, dates of birth and death and learns about their lives rather than just as abstractions other people are denigrating.

      • Indeed! My three kids had to do this when they were in grade school and they were surprised that not only are they related to Charlemagne, but they are also direct descendants of Samuel F.B. Morse and the poet Dryden.
        Their teacher was more thrilled than they were. Yes, it will instill a sense of belonging in them.

          • And I would suggest that the OP brought up two issues: the white self-loathing and the isolation. I suggest that having the young man immersed in a healthy community would provide both perspective (especially upon sight-seeing tours to the city) and a sense of community. I do not believe there is anything wrong with teaching genealogy. But groping amongst the dry bones of the past will not sever that troublesome behavior or eliminate loneliness. Community makes the difference. And when a young person is immersed in a community that rejects that bigotry and practically provides an alternative moral framework, both problems will ease.
            I believe most of you are probably older folks who may not recognize to what extreme young people are isolated from each other, even in public schools. The bridge between all of them is only the phones, and that is where the propaganda is injected and morality is shaped. The more you can get them into a community that provides authentic connections, the better off they will be all around.
            My caution about revelation is, however, that a young person who is already troublesome may very well be rejected by a community that would be healthy for him.

  29. Paucity of children was also something I noticed a few weeks ago in Italy. I got the sense, watching the way they were doted over by Italian strangers on the street and in restaurants, that kids are becoming something of a rara avis. At times I got ‘Children of Men’ vibes.

    • Train travel through Italy shows so many abandoned farms and empty countrysides. No children, no families. Here today, gone to Roma.

      • Spain, France and parts of Ireland have the same abandoned villages and towns to this day. Those families who could, relocated to the cities, or went abroad.

      • True. We always rent cars and drive through Tuscany, Umbria, Lombardy. It seems to get emptier and emptier each time we visit. This time we went as far off the beaten path as possible, up to little Tuscan hill towns which were, for the most part, uninhabited.
        OTOH, Rome was more crowded than ever. But never difficult to find solitude, even in Rome – just go into one of the 300 Catholic churches. Unless it’s a famous attraction, you’ll have it to yourself.

  30. I think you need to slow down on the mulled wine z-man. I hate to shit on your porch but praise for America from one of the most beat down and propagandised nations on earth ain’t no reason to get patriotic. “Great people” my ass.

      • @gespenst
        Almost 6 years working as a mechanic for BMW motorradwerk. Best time I had in my life Ghost but I stand by what I said.

  31. Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, über alles in der Welt

    or maybe not.

    Germans love Americans and American workers are highly valued in German companies.
    It’s a strange relationship, because the US (government) loves to abuse Germany.

  32. Country Roads is big in Germany. Daughter was stuck on a bus in Germany with a bunch of young people. While they were sitting there they began singing the song.

    • That “Country Roads” has such an appeal to Germans makes me think that it draws on feelings and musical structures that are nearly universal within whites. That gives me hope.

      I’m not saying that you will never find a black or mestizo who loves the song, but they will be an outlier.

      • It’s like the “Lord of the Rings” movies, which whites loved so much. The heroism against nearly impossible odds driven by duty to and love of your people and home, and the love of the deep woods and the Shire.

        Dave Chappelle did a skit mocking the “Lord of the Rings” movies. “It’s just white people running around in forests!”

        He literally cannot understand and we should understand why he cannot understand.

        • A few years ago I was flipping through the stations and saw an interview with John Boyega – the blooper from the last round of “Star Wars” movies – and he commented on how he didn’t like the Lord of The Rings movies because they had no diversity. Someone there (he was one of several guests there) made the comment, “Sure there was, what about the orcs?” and I almost fell over laughing.

    • I was wondering about that. The anime movie Whisper of the Heart came to mind when Z mentioned the song, but also we have an acquittance in China whose kid was singing foreign (to them) songs in school and the American one was…Country Roads. I guess it’s like the one American pop song everyone knows? Like if there was a German sport hosted anywhere they would trot out 99 Luftballons?

    • A friend of mine who was a ski instructor in Switzerland and the Netherlands told me that ‘Country Roads’ is played every single night in ski lodges all over Europe. Everyone sings along.
      It’s an iconic song. It’s nice to hear they love it in Germany, too.

      Great, uplifting post Z. Country Roads will be even more meaningful for you once you find yourself in Wild, Wonderful and White WV.

      • A ski instructor in the Netherlands? There’s not a single hill in that country that I’m aware of.

      • If anyone would appreciate a well-written supernatural tale of infatuation set in the Alps about 100 years ago, listen to this hour long reading of Algernon Blackwood’s “The Glamour of the Snow.”

        It’s also got a fascinating interplay between Christianity and Paganism, which fits into our discussions here. Although Blackwood was a mystic, it seems that Christianity comes out better.

        It’s one of my favorite short stories. Blackwood was an excellent writer and he was one of Lovecraft’s favorite influences.

        • “No longer flying at an angle as before, he pointed his ski straight down the mountain-side. The dreadful steepness did not frighten him. He knew full well it meant a crashing tumble at the bottom, but he also knew it meant a doubling of his speed…

          He remembered her terror of the church and bells. She feared the holy symbols.

          There was one last wild cry in his ears as he started, a shriek of the wind before his face, and a rush of stinging snow against closed eyelids – and then he dropped through empty space. Speed took sight from him. It seemed he flew off the surface of the world.”

  33. ” I took that as a sign from God that everything is going to be okay…”

    Who are you and what have you done with Zman?

        • Probably the second hand smoke. The Germans smoke a lot. It is weird as they have a strong outdoor culture. yet they also have lots of people who smoke like a chimney.

          • “probably the second hand smoke”.. instead if smoke one could have thought/hoped it was a spark. Understandable but disappointing nevertheless.

          • The Germans and their “outdoor culture” are almost a meme here in Tucson. We seem to lose a few every summer when they go “hiking” in the desert heat. Every resort has warnings but they seem ignored by the German tourists.

            You simply don’t last more than a few miles in the 100-110 degree heat. BTW, it can hit 100 by 11 a.m. in the height of summer. Even the snakes and lizards take to their burrows in the early afternoons—but not those “hardy” Germans. 😉

    • It’s all the Glühwein, clouding his judgment. Sounds like he’s on vacation, having a good time. Prost!


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