The Israel Problem

The founding of Israel seventy-five years ago brought with it a problem that has never been resolved, one that is at the heart of the current troubles. In fact, times of trouble operate as a reprieve from the hard work of ignoring that central issue. Israeli leaders can stimulate Western leaders into worrying about what Israel means to them, rather than what it is. The current war in Gaza lets the American Right forget its troubles and cheer blindly for its favorite country.

That central problem at the heart of it all is the definition of Israel itself. The “Jewish state” is a label used by Israelis, especially those on the Zionist side, and one that should raise some question. No one uses the term “Irish state” or the “German state” when describing those countries. No one would dare call Germany the home of the German people, but Western commentators disposed to Israel comfortably say that Israel is the home of the Jewish people.

Israel is by design, an ethnostate. It is the only self-declared and self-defined ethnostate in the modern world. From the very beginning, the point of Israel was to be the homeland of ethnic Jews. This is the central problem for Israel. To be a citizen of an ethnostate requires one to be accepted into as a member of that ethnicity. You cannot just one day decide to be a Jew and emigrate to Israel. Unlike Western countries, Israel is not an idea. It is a genetic threshold.

This is the problem Israel faced on day one. At its founding, the newly minted Israelites found themselves with lots of non-Jews in their lands. Those non-Jews could never be citizens, as that would violate the logic of the ethnostate. Those non-Jews were not going to voluntarily evacuate for new lands, so it meant Israel had a population of aliens in its midst that could never be assimilated. Like a pebble in your shoe, this non-Jewish population would be an irritant to the Jewish state.

Israel could extend most of the rights and privileges of citizenship to this non-Jewish population in an effort to pacify them, but they could never extend all of the rights and privileges to them. The non-Jews are not citizens and can never be citizens, so therefore they must always be suspect. In any two-tiered status system one class must be superior and the other inferior and this must lead to conflict. From the start, Israel was saddled with a hostile alien population.

Of course, the logic of the ethnostate demands that Israel do what it must to expel this non-Jewish population from its midst. Again, the whole point of the ethnostate is to create a homeland exclusive to your people. The reason Israel exists is to clear and hold the land of Israel for the Jews and only the Jews. Add in the natural hostility of the dispossessed minority population and conflict was inevitable. By definition, Jews can never be at peace with the minority population.

If that minority population were Mongols or Bantus, people with no natural connection to anyone in the region, this would have been an easily solved problem. Obviously, that was never the case, so this inevitable and necessary conflict with the non-Jewish population has defined Israel’s relationship with the Arab world. If Israel were, as Ben Shapiro is fond of saying, a nation of ideas, this would not be the case, but Israel is an ethnostate which sets it apart from all other nations.

This would be true even if the surrounding nations were ethnostates. The logic of the ethnostate starts with the assumption that the people of the proposed ethnostate are superior to other people. A people cannot demand a land of their own unless they think they deserve it. That can only come if those people, at some level, see themselves as superior to others, at least with regards to their claims for a homeland. Exclusivity begins with the claim of superiority in some critical respect.

Compounding things for Israel is the fact that their definition of a homeland includes territories now currently occupied by others. This has been true from the founding of Israel in 1948. Just look at old maps and it is easy to see. Israel is the only country in the modern era to expand its borders at the expense of its neighbors. It does this because the logic of its existence requires it. It is why the first response to the Hamas attack was the call to expel the people from Gaza.

This is the crux of the “Israel’s right to exist” debate. The Arabs understand the logic of the Israeli ethnostate and what that must mean for them. Israel’s right to exist means her right to expel non-Jews from the lands claimed by Israel. It also means using whatever means necessary against those defending those non-Jews. The non-Jews living in those lands can never agree to those terms. Therefore, they can never accept Israel’s right to exists, at least not as an ethnostate.

This also explains the ruthlessness of Israel’s response to Hamas. The unspoken truth of the Israeli – Gaza relationship is the people in Gaza must go away to that this land can be absorbed into greater Israel. Any resistance to that is viewed as a threat to the very idea of Israel, which warrants a maximum response. From the perspective of the Zionists, genocide of the Palestinians is a proportional response to the terrorist raid perpetrated by Gaza last month.

Obviously, this flies in the face of Western political morality, but money can buy a lot of political blinders. That and there is a strong Christian Zionist subculture in the United States that provides easy cover for the political class. Washington can pretend they are catering to public support for Israel, while cashing checks from the Israel lobby on the condition they never mention the reality of the Israel ethnostate. Meanwhile, Palestinian refugees prepare to emigrate to your town.

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210 thoughts on “The Israel Problem

  1. Why not look at the map of modern Europe? All of the nation-states in Europe are likewise ethnostates, for all practical purposes. The history of Europe is largely about the formation of the modern nation-state after the fall of Rome and the migration of other peoples (Germans, Slavs, Central Asians).

    As for ethnic divisions, some countries in Africa still have problems because different groups ended up within post-colonial borders that others drew up without full consideration. Note also that India and Pakistan went through a partition in 1947. China took over Manchuria, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, and East Turkestan (now Xinjiang). China is unlikely to change its policies of Sinicization.

    The Greeks and Turks have been at it since the eleventh century AD. Turkey took over the northern part of Cyprus in 1974. And at the end of WWII, some adjustments were made to the borders of Germany, as well as the expulsion of millions of Germans, the abolition of Prussia, and Konigsberg became Kaliningrad. The AfD political party in modern Germany certainly thinks that Germany should look out for the interests of Germans. Other parties think the same thing in France or Holland.

    Relations between England and Ireland have been problematic on occasion due to issues of ethnic identity and independence. Some regions, like Brittany in France, and Catalonia in Spain, would like more autonomy. The Kurdish people do not have a state, and as it is, a hypothetical “Kurdistan” would take up parts of Turkey, Iraq, and Syria. Many Assyrian people would also like an independent state. And let’s not forget recent events in the Ukraine, where some of the people would rather be part of Russia.

  2. One more time.
    Every people have their myths and legends, Jews among them. The issue is that a politically powerful group of them believe it as fact. Given the vicious self entitlement in their myths, this is bad.
    What is calamitous is that they demand that the rest of the world go along with their bullshit.

    • I don’t get it. Wouldn’t most dissidents love to have a country filled with nothing but white people, a Christian people, a people who value honesty, hard work, devotion to one’s family, etc., etc., etc. ? And yet, here we are, calling out Jews who want to live around other Jews. Aren’t we making the equivalent cuckservative move of embracing the latest left wing interpretation of morality. People can live with their own people without turning automatically into Hitler. Living among you own people is what the entire world should do.

  3. Gotta take you to task on this one Z…
    All of Western Europe, prior to WWII were ethnostates. England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, etc… All ethnoststes. That’s why the term ethnicities exists. I’m German on my mothers side, because her grandparents came from Germany prior to WWI, Italian on my fathers side because my grandfather came to the U.S. in the 30’s. American by birth.
    My mother has Dutch ancestry on her mothers side that were on the Mayflower. Yet, according to the U.S. govt, I’m Italian – German. These designations are “ethnic, whence “ethnostates.” The origins of the European nations mentioned above are not as cut and dried as Israel. A lot of warring and conquering, mixing of different ppl’s. But eventually they coalesced into those ethnostates.
    A defining, people, culture, and genetics of specific clearly defined “regions” with clearly defined borders.
    Of course those European countries are no longer ethnostates, thanks to the meddling of the U.S.A, but they were no less ethnoststes than Israel.
    Which was set up almost like a corporate land purchase.

  4. i imagine this will rub some the wrong way, but if I could wave my magic wand, all the jews in this country would be stripped of their wealth save $10K and given a one way ticket to Israel, never to return upon pain of death. All that confiscated wealth would be used to pay down a portion of the national debt. Then they can actually fight for their “homeland”. It’s none of our business…

    • The “national debt” is either nonsense on a spreadsheet or actual money owed to a list of actual people.

      How ’bout instead of impoverishing the citizenry to pay a debt they never agreed to borrow, kill all those people.

  5. Dammit! I asked you how many Hellfire missiles are left … and I don’t want to hear about problems with software!

  6. The solution to second-class citizens is the jizya.

    The Semitic nations “solved” this problem long ago, with a formal institution recognizing second class citizenship.

    The jizya is only considered a problem in the Enlightenment system that declares “all are equal before the law.” With jizya and caste, formal inequality is the expected norm, and the society’s restrictures are expected and accepted.

    (Note: another thing they copied or stole from us, since caste was a feature of the Aryan empires. One they turned around on us when it was their turn to rule in Akkad; Aryan Eve was underneath Semitic Adam.)

  7. These people have been nothing but trouble since The West saved there sorry ass’s…
    Just like the A-rabs.

    Different sides of the same Psychotic Religous Coin.

  8. The origin of “pogroms” was usually clear EG in the Polish-Cossack War circa 1650 (in and around the area now known as the Ukraine). A major cause was the behavior of the mostly Jewish managers of the vast estates of the absentee Polish nobility. The managers were classic middlemen, charged with extracting revenue in exchange for a fee. Of course they oppressed the peasants and stole from the nobles. There was a revolt with bloody payback. Some call this a “pogrom.”

    The evolution of this story is also of note. Initial reports based on contemporary Jewish sources reported vast numbers of casualties. More recent historians using demographic data became dubious as the reported casualties greatly exceeded the actual Jewish population at the time. The current “high estimate” is about a tenth of the initial claim.

    Go figure.

    • When you add up crypto-Jews, a lot of those “unrealistically high” historical death counts become more believable. That’s the single biggest reason to be skeptical of anyone denying certain historical atrocities, because the intent is to cover for the crypto phenomenon.

  9. My outlook on the Middle East changed for once and all when I read a comparison of Israel to the Crusader kingdoms.

    The latter lasted about 250 years and was an early colonialist project on the part of the West, expressing a sudden surge of money, ambition, population, etc. Then the West moved on and those colonies withered and fell, one by one.

    Israel likewise is an expression of 20th century Western and Zionist ambition, colonialism, expansionism, energy, etc. Take your pick. It has been there about 100 years in one form or another. The West is in decline. Draw your own conclusions.

    And by the way: in the Middle Ages the Muslims had fallen into a state of decline. To some extent the Crusades shook them back awake. Reformers rose among them.

    Same today. The ME nations around Israel are a lot more developed and educated and capable than in 1950. Draw you own conclusions.

  10. I am a Christian who has spent several years off and on in Israel on business. Here is the one big thing to remember: if Jews ruled the world they would not kill you. If the Palestinians and all the other Muslim Brotherhood offshoots ruled the world, they would kill you and your family . . . and dance while doing it.

    • if Jews ruled the world they would not kill you

      Yes they would. The Talmud they follow instructs them to enslave us and then erase us once we’re no longer useful to them.

      They’re all about them and nothing else, they literally outfox _od in their view.

      You really should broaden your reading list.

      • Whatever the truth is, I’m not motivated to find out one way or the other. Both tribes should stay the hell over there. I’m completely fatigued with Muslims and Jews and want them both out of my life.

        • Moot. Because each camp insists on association with you and yours.

          Your own can be bought off against their own interests.

          Jews and Muslims will be a part of YOUR lives unless and until you take direct action.

          And you’ll do jack squat that matters.

    • Their religion instructs them to kill you if you get in their way:

      “Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass. And Saul gathered the people together, and numbered them in Telaim, two hundred thousand footmen, and ten thousand men of Judah.”

      1 Samuel 15:3

    • Hamas attacked Israel because Israel is a murderous and tyrannical apartheid regime who butchers children and makes lives miserable for the Palestinian people. The violence on October 7 was the echo of the violence Israel has been inflicting on Palestinians for generations. Only a fool gets angry at his echo for talking back to him.

  11. Some are motivated by reward; others to avoid punishment. Ending the hell of Jewism enlists only half a glass.

    Restitution is fully on the table as a motivator. There is the obvious repayment to Germany and satisfaction of Pali genocide debt. That’s a start but there is more work to be done.

    Post WWII, Britian set up a network of a dozen secrecy jurisdictions. Hidden trusts control and possess tens of trillions of dollars of wealth. These trusts own a big part of the world, meanwhile the rest of the world is up to it’s neck in debt. It’s time to uncork those hidden funds.

    Soros, Rothschild, Warburg, Schift, et al, and all the rest, these guys need to do some serious tikkun olam. Hand it all over.

    Promoting the awareness that these nogoodniks have unjustly enriched themselves through treason and treachery, and that they need to cough it up, will enlist a greater number of people in the quest to make a better world.

  12. Before reading today’s, I have to support Bibi. Netanyahu is attempting to create a defacto Eretz Ysrael above Persia as a key player in the Belt Road Initiative.

    Detenté and alliance with the Sunni Donmeh emirs as were the old Caliphates;
    Cleaning out the Palestinian rat’s nest, hoping to dump that problem into Egypt’s & the Caucasian’s laps, weakening them;
    Seizing the Gaza-to-Cyprus offshore gas, splitting up Cyprus and Syria to enmesh the Turkish Sultanate;
    I’ll bet the Caspian Sea and Romanian oil fields come into play (Azerbaijan-Armenia);

    Great men are rarely also good men.
    I say the Israeli and American Tribes are at odds, contending for power in their own sphere.

    The murky, shifting nature of the Mideast- today my brother, tomorrow my enemy, like the wind-blown sands- cannot be understood along stable Westphalian lines. They don’t see betrayal as an affront.

    • Your last paragraph is why the West (AINO in particular) should stay the h^ll out of this sandbox. Our best minds will not / cannot understand, or solve this Rubik cube (let alone the myriad of our worst minds engaged in the process)..

  13. Let’s put aside the World Wars and the hatred of the “big Jews” who (along with others) have pushed globalism, civil rights, vaccines, marxism, feminism, open borders, showbiz, porno etc. A few points:

    1) Every country should be an “ethnostate.” That’s the whole reason for a country! There are 50+ Muslim countries. No reason there can’t be 1 Jewish country. And that little Jewish country has like 20% Arab citizens, which is insane.

    2) The Jews PAID the Palis money for the territory in Israel. Palis took the money, left, and conspired with Arab neighbors for combined attack. Israel won and the Arab neighbors refused to take in Palis, leaving them their purposefully as pawns. Which is wise, because the Palis are low-IQ goons who would ruin more advanced Arab nations.

    3) Pro-white dissidents taking up cause with the the Palis should notice that they are sharing common ground with the most insane and low IQ BLM/Antifa/Blue hair lefties there are. Palis are no different that kangz raping, burning, and committing crime, the muslim cleric in europe on welfare for his family of 15, or the Indians on the frontier scalping the whole hu-white family. These are subsistence level people who cannot create anything.

    • Hamas was created by Israel as a political counter to the Palestinian Authority run, in part, by that Egyptian faggot Arafat.

      The Palis took the budget, scrapped the greenhouses, and built rockets and tunnels instead of a Red Sea resort like Eritrea. They are the BLM of the Levant.

      Yes, I know Israel keeps creating these ISIS types, with the corrupted West fully on board. They are there to be created. Changing boy-raping Arab niggas is like trying to turn Africans into Walmart shoppers.

    • “Pro-white dissidents taking up cause with the the Palis should notice that they are sharing common ground with the most insane and low IQ BLM/Antifa/Blue hair lefties there are.”

      So what? My smaller enemy is attacking my bigger enemy. You won’t embarrass me out of seeing this fact.

      • Exactly. Let them all kill each other. Same can be said of Ukraine and Russia. Screw em all sideways. Why should we take a side and waste billions and billions for any of em. They both aren’t friends in any meaningful way with America, whether it be 9/11 or the uss liberty.

  14. Our policy should be simple: Jews out.

    Their property we keep as a downpayment on reparations for crimes committed against white humanity.

  15. “Israel could extend most of the rights and privileges of citizenship to this non-Jewish population in an effort to pacify them”

    You’re talking only of the Arabs inside Israel itself, and not about the Bantustan of Palestinian territories that Israel keeps nibbling away at.

    Israeli policy is to ether expel or kill all of these people. The political and military leaders of Israel are stone-cold killers, psychopaths. And this is not some recent phenomenon but goes back to the 1920s, when the Stern and Irgun gangs (which produced many subsequent Israeli prime ministers) began terrorising Palestinians to expel them from their villages. People like Begin and Shamir belonged to these gangs.

    The State of Israel is a criminal enterprise. In the flaccid and amoral West the euphemism used to camouflage Israeli genocide is “the right to defend itself.” One consequence of the recent attacks by Israel on Palestinian women and children, and on hospitals, is that that the rest of the world no longer trusts Western “values.” You have creatures like the sodomite of South Carolina shrilly shrieking for more Palestinian deaths. This is the “humanitarianism” and “liberal values” of the West?

    • I think many Americans resist your “criminal enterprise” interpretation because it hits too close to home regarding our nation’s history of manifest destiny.

      This cognitive dissonance dissipates if you let go of the idea of a universal morality that applies to all nations/peoples (and that you implicitly expect all nations to adopt and reciprocate). The alternative is to observe that, in practice, morality only applies within a nation and not between them.

      This isn’t to say that a nation should always behave in a cutthroat manner to other nations, but only that you reject universalist claims.

      • “I think many Americans resist your “criminal enterprise” interpretation because it hits too close to home regarding our nation’s history of manifest destiny.”

        That’s a legitimate point though an uncomfortable one. Settler colonialism has been seen in several places. This involves expulsion or extermination of the natives.

        The slogan the early Israelis repeated was “A land without people for a people without a land.” But of course, it wasn’t a land without people.

        • Let’s take them at their word. From their perspective, those who were there were not in fact “people”. So no contradiction! Whatever one might say about the Christian Europeans in the New World, we didn’t deny that the natives had souls.


      • If the United States had bombed Indian reservations after it achieved Manifest Destiny, the analogy would be stronger. That’s not to say it doesn’t have merit, but that is a distinction that is a difference.

        • I agree. In a recent essay by Ron Unz, he describes Nazism as a weak Zionism. The Zionists in their fanaticism and genocidal zeal are something else altogether. For them the Arabs are roaches. Can’t reason with them — might as well try reasoning with a Tyrannosaurus rex.

        • “If the United States had bombed Indian reservations after it achieved Manifest Destiny, the analogy would be stronger. That’s not to say it doesn’t have merit, but that is a distinction that is a difference.”

          Ridiculous point. Silly distinction.

          The only reason the US stopped attacking the Injuns was the sheer amount of space in America. If the Yankees suddenly found a need for the reservation lands, a new General Sherman would have been sent in pronto. And more genocide.

          • Both states were established. One stopped its ethnic cleansing after that was achieved, and the other dialed up the genocide. Very much a distinction and difference. To claim it was due to geographical discrepancy puts aside the ultimate goals of both.

            Manifest Destiny was to establish a state from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Zionism was to establish a Jewish state and, as the goal evolved, to dominate the world. Israel embraced the end result Nazi Germany falsely was claimed to seek although it also seized land and territory outside its ethne.

          • To a large extent we aren’t bombing Native American hospitals simply because there aren’t enough of them left to be a problem, but it is a interesting difference that in the US Native Americans get extra privileges out of White guilt over taking their lands whereas Arabs who try to assimilate into Israel remain second class citizens if they aren’t Jewish.

  16. “Meanwhile, Palestinian refugees prepare to emigrate to your town.”

    Yes, and right next door who Jewish communities who will doubtless be targeted by their angry and bitter new neighbors. Classic “Jewpidity”.

    • Luke Ford, a fairly despicable Aussie who converted to Judaism under Prager, described a conflict between the big (rich) and little (less rich) tribe members on this issue. Ford is a little one. He says that the big ones are willing to sacrifice some of the little ones. Breaking eggs for omelets and such.

      My guess is that one of their highest goals is the dismantling of white nations, and while that may entail some discomfort for the little ones in the diaspora, that it’s worth it.

      • I struggle to understand what the tribe gains, or even what it thinks it gains, from dismantling white nations. Who else has ever proven willing to tolerate their bs? There aren’t anywhere near enough of them, and never will be, to “rule the world” without some large entity, which they control/influence, acting on their behalf. It’s hard to believe they are so dumb as not to be able to see this. Especially now, today.

        • They aren’t dumb, necessarily, but there are high rates of mental illness among the Tribe. Their impulsive and self-destructive behavior often stems from insanity.

          • Jeff/Jack:

            Exactly. I feel perpetually stoopid trying to understand The Big Plot.

            On the one hand wreck the West, but on the other, cripple Zionism’s big thuggish protector.

            Whoever They is, they are not manipulating the pieces like some grand master. Least ways, not a sane one.

          • It seems it is in their nature to push too far, thus the goal/plot to destroy the White goy rent boy they created before he turns on them.

        • “Haley: You said that the Jews are behind this plot. Since they’re whites themselves, how would they benefit from their own destruction?

          Rockwell: They won’t be mingling like the rest of us. They believe they’re too pure to mix; they think they’re “the chosen people”—chosen to rule the world. But the only world they could rule would be a world of inferior beings. And as long as the white man is pure, they cannot succeed. But when the white man permits himself to be mixed with black men, then the Jews can master him.”

          George Lincoln Rockwell, Interview with Alex Haley, Playboy 1966

      • From memory, so take this with a grain of salt, the world’s largest synagogue was in Baghdad after the State of Israel was established. The Israelis begged and cajoled the Jews in Iraq, many quite wealthy, to immigrate. When that failed, Mossad bombed the synagogue and made similar attacks on Iraqi Jewry, and made it look like the Arabs were responsible. This led to a mass exodus from Iraq to Israel. They have used this technique repeatedly and if a few of their own have to be broken, so be it.

        • if I recall correctly about 20 years ago there were some attacks on Jews in France and this resulted in a mini-exodus to Israel. The govt there played it up and welcomed the “refugees” with open arms. Boosting the demographic and all that.

          So They push for Muslim immigration to Western Europe apparently not only to weaken the West but also to scare Jews into moving to Israel.

          • I think that in part the Zionist push for mass Muslim migration into the West is to encourage Jewish populations to go to Israel. It isn’t unreasonable to think Israel wants the Gazans to be ethnically cleansed and relocated to North American/Europe to encourage Jews there to relocate. It is kind of insane, but there it is.

    • nonesense . the entire american law enforcement surveilance and control system will be mobilized to prevent any harm from coming to them, meanwhile , your 911 calls will not be answered.

  17. Z, this post is full of errors and I can’t help but think that some of it may be intentional or the result of extreme bias.

    One can be of any ethnic background and if one converts to the Jewish religion, one becomes a Jew and enjoys the Right of Return to Israel the same as anyone who’s “born” Jewish and hasn’t converted to another religion, e.g. baptized Jews forfeit their right of return.

    28% of Israeli citizens (2 of 9 million) are not Jewish. They are citizens just as American born Republicans are citizens. They form one or more minority parties in the Israeli Parliament.

    Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, saw the writing on the wall at the Dreyfus trial when he heard the cries of “A bas les juifs!” The Zionists began shelling out for Ottoman tracts in Palestine to which the Bedouin, Druze and Syriac Arabs — the future Palestinians — had no better title than the Zionists. Then came the Mandate and the mufti. Sykes/Picot won, Lawrence and the Hashemites lost. There followed U.N. Resolution 242, the “War of Independence,” the needs of Truman’s failed re-election campaign, the Suez crisis and onto “modern times.”

    The Palestinians deserve credit for being consistent. Their message to Israel is and has always been: “We are indeed engaged in a battle to the death. You Jews are the protruding salient, into our world, of the decadence and immorality of the dying culture and civilization that expelled you. You’re a fatal virus, a deadly influence, and, no matter how long it takes, we won’t permit you to take root among us.”

    That’s the language of ethnocentricity. If you think Israel is the world’s sole ethno-state, wait ’til “Kill the Boers!” becomes more than a mere chant of the now dominant party and power in South Africa.

    Israel’s long term hope may reside with Iran strange as the thought may seem. Unlike the Arab world in which Islam is an organic expression of its people’s faith and world view, Islam was forced on the Persians during the ninth century conquest. Persian roots are Indo-Aryan as are ancient Jewish roots although, over the centuries, there came the Semitic and then, for the Ashkenzim, who make up the majority of extant Israelites, the European overlay. Jews and the Persians were hatched from the same brood, a not altogether fanciful supposition that irked the Nazi intellectual leadership per Albert Speer’s recollection of the nightly “table talk” at Der Fuehrer’s eagle’s nest hideaway at the Berghof in the Bavarian/Austrian hills.

    Israelis, with their talents, may prove to be of more benefit to the rising pan-Asian hegemon, post American dominance, than the troublesome Palestinians whom no Arab/Islamic country wants. The outcome is uncertain.

    As much as admire your commentary and if you don’t much care for Jews, big deal, but here you’re out of your depth.

    • “The Palestinians deserve credit for being consistent. Their message to Israel is and has always been: “We are indeed engaged in a battle to the death.”

      Mirror image “they cry out in pain as they strike you.”

    • Jews are Indoeuropean?? That’s a rare claim. Would need some serious evidence.

      Of course also means antisemitism means hating Arabs. Which would probably make Israel the most anti-Semitic state in the world.

      When you F with source code the problems just keep escalating up the levels. Putting Jews in the Indoeuropean column has the same problem

    • The clapped-out prostitute line about “Low-class mud followers of the Koran are the real problem here, goy” is why a perhaps critical mass of pro-Israel righties are sitting this one out in 2023 (and watching you clowns go desperately after Tik Tok, or whatever). You might as well say the Suez Canal is the problem… Or cheap drone tech is the problem… Or electricity is the problem— I think the Swedish girl is already saying this, and may charge you royalties

  18. We’re due for a visit from Anna, whom I guess has been assigned to monitor and manage this web site.

    When she arrives, she will claim that there is no genetic requirement to convert to Judaism or to immigrate to Israel. Perhaps prepare your questions for her claims.

    (And it would be impolite to enquire if she has a certain trait for which Khazar women are sometimes known.)

  19. Refusing to connect the Israel problem and the Jewish elite problem in the west is amazingly, and probably purposefully, obtuse.

  20. The Zionists inn the late 19th century were considering several places for their new homeland. The Congo, no idea why. Texas and Argentina were also on the list, with no consideration what the inhabitants of those lands might think, This shows the true mindset of the Zionists, nothing about the religious aspect of their imagined homeland, and no concern for the rest of the world. Now they want us to take in every darkie in the planet but they get to keep their ethnostate? Fuck that.

    • This so much.
      I’ll support THEIR Ethnostate ONLY AFTER they have shown support for MINE.

  21. The current conflict in Gaza is yet another reason why the collapse needs to happen sooner rather than later. As with the ongoing slaughter in Ukraine, countless thousands of innocents are dying in service to the avarice and corruption of our Western leadership. This is exactly the outcome that the GAE elites have envisioned and constructed. It is why they are importing millions of angry foreign males into Western countries. They want the bottom of social pyramid to face off against each other and kill as many alphas as possible in order to assure that there can be no uprising. Have you noticed that the only assholes not dying are the pathogens?

    Yes, the Israeli Zionism problem seems intractable and endlessly prolonged. And yes, the tangential slaughter of common folk is a habitual feature of this scripted insanity. But is not worth considering the possibility that problems like this can be better solved by addressing the root of the infection? Is it not preferable to nip the problem in the bud rather than endure chaotic violence and mayhem among the people least responsible for this mess? There has to be a better way.

    • It is indeed high time for some blackwashing of the Ukraine war. There is an appalling lack of diversity in the killing fields.

  22. Israel is the perfect example that mass immigration is not a strength, but a horrible weakness that leads to strife and violence. Had the Palestinians fought the Jews tooth and nail from day one (late 19th century), they would not have been ethnically cleansed out of their homeland.

    This is why there will be no peace until one side wins entirely.

    • There weren’t enough Palestinians there in the late 19th century. Most of them arrived during the British Mandate as the Zionist settlers developed the country and created opportunities. Similar to how the old Apartheid government of SA had to fight to keep Blacks out: the surrounding countries, governed by their own kind, were sh*tholdes.

      • It was still their land. Imagine some ethnic group decided Wyoming was their land and came and occupied it and then started kicking Americans out saying “Hardly anyone lived here. There are only people here now because we made the land valuable”

        • Well, perhaps it was your intent to say that this was the logic of the whites as they moved into tribal lands across the US.”Those injuns are wasting the potential of the land, so they need to go”.

          That is why the US and Israel are such a good fit; the Promised Land ideology, and whether they are injuns or Phillistines (or Palestinians), they gotta go.

  23. Logically and philosophically, Israel is no different than Nazi Germany. Germany was an ethnic state for the Aryan people; Israel is the “Jewish state” for the Jewish people. Germany considered the Aryan race the “master race,” Jews consider themselves “the Chosen People of God.”

    Germany sought lebensraum, or “living space” for its people; Israel seeks lebensraum for Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Golan.

    Germany ghettoized Jewish populations to keep them separated from Aryans; Israel has turned Gaza and the West Bank into Arab ghettoes under the control of the IDF. Germany created “Judenrats” and ghetto police within the occupation zones; Israel has created the Palestinian Authority.

    Germany regarded Jews as non-human and as vermin; Israel called Gazans “animals.”

    Germany policy resulted in the deaths of Jewish woman and children; the Jewish religion specifically instructs them to kill “women, children, infants and suckling babes” in 1 Samuel 15:3. And Netanyahu quoted that chapter just a couple of weeks ago.

    It is the height of hypocrisy for the United States to have conquered and defeated Nazi Germany, and then to create, fund, and support without question the State of Israel.

    Beyond that, I think there is a serious First Amendment/Establishment Clause issue with American policy toward Israel. The State of Israel is the fulfilment of the Mosaic Covenant and the Jewish religion. The unqualified endorsement for, funding for, and support of Israel by the U.S. government is effectively an establishment of the Jewish religion when it is required by the Constitution to remain neutral.

    • Xman: One major difference. So far as I know, at no time did Nazi Germany declare that genetic Germans must be allowed to live anywhere in the world they chose, be accepted as a ‘loyal citizen’ of whichever nation, and simultaneously claim to be citizens of Germany with both the right and duty to defend it if ever a conflict arose between their host nation and Germany.

      This is not just a problem with the Jews who settled in the US from the 1840s onwards. There are thousands of Jews born and raised in Israel – “The Jewish State” – the long-promised and claimed ‘homeland’ – who have chosen to leave that ‘refuge’ and reside in France, Germany, the US, etc. Many of those listed as hostages of Hamas are carefully and deliberately defined by the media as “US Israelis,” or “German Israelis.”

      So, as is so typical, we have the Jews simultaneously claiming both sides of an issue. As a Jew, one can have ‘right of return’ and always be considered an Israeli citizen. No White European or Arab possesses this status because of the genetic criteria used to determine one’s right to the world’s self-declared ethnostate. However, these Israelis may live anywhere across the globe they choose, must be considered loyal citizens of any nation equal to that nation’s founding stock, and simultaneously retain primary loyalty to their home ethnostate. AND . . . all the nations of the world must guarantee this dual citizenship right and defend it.

      And then, of course, the Jews also insist that no White nation may be an ethnostate, and any immigrant of any duration, ethnicity, or loyalty must be considered a full citizen with all due rights and privileges. They haven’t managed to crack Japan and China yet, although not for lack of trying. For the love of all that’s holy, Chabad set up a synagogue in Reykjavik, established in 2018. This is claimed as both a religious and a national outpost, because every Jew everywhere retains this right. No White may have this right, but it is considered the inalienable right of every Jew, guaranteed by God.

      This same inherent contradiction is what one always encounters with Jews anywhere in their ‘diaspora.’ They are ‘Chosen,’ special, and absolutely EQUAL all at once, everywhere and anywhere. And if you dispute this, you are a Jew Hater and must be eliminated from your home, job, and society.

      “The more I argued with them, the better I came to know their dialectic. First they counted on the stupidity of their adversary, and then, when there was no other way out, they themselves simply played stupid. If all this didn’t help, they pretended not to understand, or, if challenged, they changed the subject in a hurry, quoted platitudes which, if you accepted them, they immediately related to entirely different matters, and then, if again attacked, gave ground and pretended not to know exactly what you were talking about. Whenever you tried to attack one of these apostles, your hand closed on a jelly-like slime which divided up and poured through your fingers, but in the next moment collected again. But if you really struck one of these fellows so telling a blow that, observed by the audience, he couldn’t help but agree, and if you believed that this had taken you at least one step forward, your amazement was great the next day. The Jew had not the slightest recollection of the day before, he rattled off his same old nonsense as though nothing at all had happened, and, if indignantly challenged, affected amazement; he couldn’t remember a thing, except that he had proved the correctness of his assertions the previous day.”

      • 100% on point. Bonus points for the based AF “Austrian Painter” quote at the bottom in closing. People always say he was this irrational flailing monster full of hate. But if you actually -read- what the guy said it was, on the balance, very thoughtful and carefully studied behavior analysis.

        • Yea wouldn’t want the normies to figure out that he loved them and wanted what was best for them…That’s why they have to go so hard against him because if they don’t, the spark becomes a fire that will consume them all…

      • Also, Germans never claimed to be the master race, nor hated Joos; Germany was the first nation to emancipate its Joo citizens with full equality, and then the Nazis spent billions of marks creating Israel.

    • ” and support of Israel by the U.S. government is effectively an establishment of the Jewish religion when it is required by the Constitution to remain neutral”

      Constitutions and laws are for the little people/goys. The controlling document for the Ho’s and Help in the West is the Torah.

      • Torah when convenient to the purpose, but in the deepest matters, the Talmud offers the authoritative prescriptions. Another “outward facing”/”inward facing dichotomy” holds sway here, and forget that at your peril.

      • That is a tricky question. Does the 1st Amendment apply to Congressional actions outside the jurisdiction of the US? If it does, then the US can’t abridge the speech of others o/s the US, the peaceable assembly of others, etc. Would make acting internationally rather challenging. The other Amendments would also apply, so I guess no quartering soldiers in foreign houses without the consent of the owner.

  24. That can only come if those people, at some level, see themselves as superior to others, at least with regards to their claims for a homeland. Exclusivity begins with the claim of superiority in some critical respect.

    This particular statement is patently false. There is no reason why you would have to claim superiority in order to insist on a right to a homeland. In fact, such a claim might be more sympathetically received by claiming inferiority, viz.. “We are a poor and backward people. At least leave us our own corner of the world.”

    In any case, it does not follow and it isn’t really pertinent to the rest of the discussion.

    Israel’s failure as an ethnostate ought to serve as a cautionary tale for those who are keen to try that experiment here. Ethnostates do not work; they only end up destroying themselves. However, Israel’s real problem is something even worse.

    Israel is the flagship state of the modern world. It is the international state created to be the emblem of the post-war order. It is the United Nations state that supposedly represents the ability of supranational organizations to solve global problems. The existence of Israel is unthinkable without the whole legal structure of international relations that emerged from the wreckage of WW2. It is precisely for this reason that the “Western” nations are so determined to support Israel. They are completely invested in the internationalist system which birthed Israel as one of its first and paradigmatic acts, and to admit failure there would be to invalidate the entire reason for the international system to exist.

    It is not coincidental that as the West’s prestige weakens, Israel is becoming more and more in danger of getting overrun. Its existence will not outlast the current saeculum, nor vice versa.

    • If you think ethnostates don’t work you place ideology over biology, the Hallmark of the leftist personality

    • It appears part of the trick with being a successful and/or long lasting ethnostate is never proclaiming oneself as one explicitly. At least, I can’t recall that Japan or China or Persia/Iran ever have. Or Turkey. Don’t tell me ethno states are doomed to fail.

    • “This particular statement is patently false. There is no reason why you would have to claim superiority in order to insist on a right to a homeland.”

      I strongly agree with this. The only thing you have to claim is that your ethnicity exists and this makes you different from other peoples. This is obviously true of most ethnic groups.

      “In fact, such a claim might be more sympathetically received by claiming inferiority, viz.. “We are a poor and backward people. At least leave us our own corner of the world.””

      I could not disagree more with this statement. You will never keep land based on begging and pity. Your ethnic group deserves a homeland to the extent you can defend and preserve it against people who wish to take it.

        • Why separate then if we are equal…We separate because we are better than them and we want to be able to live the best life possible which means we don’t want to be around them…

          • I prefer just ‘Separate’. As to defining who is better or worse or equal – I couldn’t care less. I have zero interest in these other peoples culture, desires, or interests. They are not entitled to be included in my culture. I wish them well but I want nothing to do with them.

    • Israel’s existence has nothing to do with being an emblem of the post-war order except as a cover. Israel exists because Jews control world banking, guilted the world through lies and propaganda, fooled gullible Christian simpletons, and bought or blackmailed key figures. That’s it.

  25. I modestly propose a leveraged buyout of this problem. 7 million Palestinians at $100K each to resettle is a $700B problem. Let’s just have the World Bank issue the debt backed by all the Bank member states (pro rata with SDRs). We resettle all these knuckleheads and get on with life. Surely there’s a Jewish banker somewhere who can organize this transaction.

    Yes I know it’s outrageous, expensive and yet another insult to everyone not party to this absurd spat. But this deal would be a fraction of the Green Energy boondoggle and might actually prevent WWIII and Israel/Iran nuclear conflict. Our condition for backing the deal would be no more aid to Israel under any circumstances going forward.

    Whaddya think?

    • Resettle in the US–no! Resettle in Brazil, where they would be some of the smarter Brazilians–sure…

    • It won’t work. Here’s a non-war-related picture of Gaza.

      They live on the Mediterranean Sea in a mild climate. 90% of the Med counterclockwise north of here all the way to Portugal is nearly paradise. Even Croatia has managed to flip the script once Communism fell and the civil war ended. The exceptions? Arab states that have self-immolated due to tribal civil wars.

      Most of that region – Israel is just one area – was carved up and divided by The League of Nations around 1918 and again by the UN after WW2. It’s fascinating to watch this and notice what happened in 1919-20.

      That entire region is a piece of plate glass lying shattered on the ground. The problem isn’t just Israel. Israel didn’t make that mess…most of it existed before Israel was created.

      Back in the 60’s, my dad was in the Navy and he would watch the news in the 80’s and just shake his head because Beruit was a beautiful city once.

      You basically have an entire region where people have no other thought on their mind than how to inflict pain on and hold power over other people. That’s it. That’s the whole game.

      No amount of money can cure a culture of nomads and tribes who have been at war with each other for 3,000 years. By keeping them at war with each other, Israel contributes to the mess, but is not the main reason.

      Those barbarians in Gaza live in a place that ought to be a paradise. Instead, they spend their time making cartoons for children about how to kill Jews.

      You send them $700B and they’ll blow it on mortars and rockets.

      • This is just it. I do not want to sympathize with Israel, or conversely, despise the Palestinians. But damn, the Palis make it hard. I grew up watching that corrupt billionaire Arafat in his ridiculous costume, pretending to “lead” the Palestinians, rejecting every constructive proposal for a peaceful settlement, decade after decade, distancing himself from every atrocity while raking in massive wealth. Everything about him and the PLO was a gigantic sham and a grift; the very last outcome desired by Arafat or his associates was some kind of resolution to the problem. There’s no money in solved problems.

  26. “They got ahold of key members of the British political establishment in the early 20th,”

    Benjamin Disraeli was British prime minister in 1868 and then again from 1874 to 1880.

      • Even Wikipedia says this about him: “Conversion to Christianity enabled Disraeli to contemplate a career in politics. There had been Members of Parliament (MPs) from Jewish families since Sampson Gideon in 1770. However, until the Jews Relief Act of 1858, MPs were required to take the oath of allegiance “on the true faith of a Christian”, necessitating at least nominal conversion”

      • Britain was always an outlier…or a vanguard. It was the first kingdom to elevate parliament, even above the sovereign. There were at least 2 powerful queens. First to abolish slavery. First European country to have an ancestral Jew as the head of government. They invented golf, football (soccer) and professional sports. They pioneered reverse colonialism and now the conquered are conquering the natives. And of course, they lead the world with the gayest police force.

        • You are very ignorant about France. France pioneered reverse colonialism. Non-whites were being imported into France before WW2.France was declared a republic in the 19th century and anyone of any race could be a citizen.France was the first country to see a collapse in fertility in the 19th century- a trend which began in the 18th century. France or Sweden maybe the most diverse countries in Europe.France refuses to publish data on race/ethnicity because the Republic does not recognise race!

          In terms of anti-Western:France gave the world the French rev(obviously) and PoMO..France allied with the Ottomans when Francis 1 was proclaiming himself as the most Catholic king.The French sacked Constantinople in the 4th crusade.The Great Schism began with the Avignon papacy.Macron is still leading an effort to merge the EU with North Africa.

          In terms of gayness ;one is reminded that Americans are more prone to AIDS than citizens of any other OECD country and that the global AIDS epidemic began in the US.Also, the British beat the French over and over in wars with only a third of the population.

          • France is done.

            The Sensitive Urban Zones grow in number and scope. Gay French cops have to ask to be allowed in by the Imams.The UK police aren’t at that level.
            Over 40% of newborns are tested for Sickle Cell,Operation Setinelle is ongoing and the near-constant riots are only rivalled by America’s.

            How is France even considered a Western country?

          • The French have been sold down the river and are now suffering the fate of the conquered.

            People worry about Sweden but France is past the point of no return.

        • Poland under Cazimir 3 invited the Jews to Poland so maybe Poland is the first reverse coloniser.

          Russia has been pushing hatred of whites for over 80 years. Putin is still doing it and of course is trying to force illegals across the Polish border. Russian corporate journalists salivate at the prospect of Europeans being minorities in their own countries.

          Marko,you have a very odd understanding of European history.

      • Meaningless. Blood is 99% of everything. Not just in terms of ancestral loyalty but also genetically-determined behavioural tendencies.

        General reply to rest of thread:

        The so-called Cousinhood of Uber-wealthy Sephardic (thanks Cromwell) and Ashkenazi Jews were at it *long* before the likes of Disraeli and then later Rufus Isaacs (subject of Kipling’s unflattering poem Gehazi), Herbert Samuel, Philip Sassoon, Leslie Hore-Belisha and plenty more showed up in parliamentary politics as the tip of the iceberg.

  27. Another big problem is: Ashkenazim IQ 115, Palestinian IQ 85. 30-point gap. Also, Mizrahi Jews are maybe IQ 90, while rising as a percentage of the Jewish State. It’s impossible for these people to understand one another, any more than Nordics and Somalis can understand one another in Minneapolis.

      • Not sure that this big picture number matters. Point being that there’s obviously noticeable gaps between outcomes for several obviously different-looking Jewish groups (Ashk/Seph/Miz/Eths). This is always a recipe for trouble long term.

        And that’s before we get to the poor dumbass Palestinians down at the bottom of the pile… made even worse because nearly all their smart fraction emigrated decades ago.

        Going to ignore the Druze and Bedouin because I feel like it.

        Hannah Arendt taking a breather from ingesting Heidegger’s errr Deep Penetrating Thoughts in order to comment on the Eichmann trial noticed that all the judges and lawyers were Ashkenazis and all the policemen and jailers were Mizrahis. If there had been Ethiopian Jews around back then they would have been carrying latrine buckets. Dasein means you can Read the Signs. Big Brain Stuff woohoo. Now you can make this work — e.g. in Singapore there are distinct job categories into which middle of the bell curve Chinese, Indians, and Malays fall… but you need to get rid of freedom of expression and democracy to make it work.

        Netanyahu is on record saying years back that the Golani Brigade (Mizrahis to a man) are good soldiers but only when officered by Ashks.

    • Jack Boniface: Ashkenazim IQ is NOT 115. That number is from one single study of a highly select and small group of students in the early 1900s. It has not been repeated.

  28. It’s hard not to chuckle when ADL czar Jonathan Greenblatt freaks out about the fact that most young people in the U.S. either don’t care about Israel or outright support the Palestinians. Greenblatt sees it as a “generational” dilemma for himself and his Tribe. He’s partly correct about that, yet a much bigger problem for the Chosenites is, of course, DIE-versity. Nobody shilled for open borders with greater ferocity than did powerful Jews, so it feels like just deserts when such a foolish policy backfires on them. Turns out the more “vibrant” among us tend to sympathize with Palestine. Who could have guessed? It reminds me of a friend of mine who once astutely observed: “People of color see Jews as Whites with more money.” Apparently DIE-versity is not without its silver lining.

    • The Chinese have been moneylenders for much longer than the Jews…Xi kicked the jewish bankers out of China…

    • There are some superficial similarities between Chinese and Jews: particularly in southeast Asia, the Chinese are seen as insular, moneyed people who throw their weight around. They are often obsessed with hustle and moneymaking. They claim to be religious or spiritual but in reality they are amoral. They tend to have a strong ethnocentrism. And their women find white men attractive.

      But the comparison ends there I think. For one, they don’t care about imposing progressive fads like Ashkenazim do, nor do they employ Talmudry to get their way. The Chinese are more robotic and don’t think laterally. They are terrific copiers but poor innovators. Finally, their women get lovelier as they get older. You cannot say that about Jewish women.

      I also hate stereotyping the Chinese because they are a pretty amorphous blob of an ethny. They have tendencies for sure, but “Han Chinese” is like saying “White European” which can include the Greek and the Irish.

      • The Chinese got the full measure of Our Greatest Ally when Israel sold secret American military technology to them several times. Useful to gain advantage, treacherous as a reputed ally. The same with the Soviets and their interactions with Pollard and the Rosenbergs. The only logical conclusion is that Anglos are more easily bribed than Chinese, which seems impossible but the facts indicate otherwise.

        • I forgot to add there’s a culture of shame among the Chinese that Jews and Anglos lack. Jews won’t often sell out their people, but they will makes fools of themselves. Anglos will sell their people out but don’t often make fools of themselves. The Chinese don’t abide either…culture of “face” and all that.

          • French and Chinese history not your forte.

            Chinese may not “sell out” their people but will slaughter them time after time. Chinese elites were co-opted by the Mongols,too bad for the plebs.

            Mao creating famines looks foolish to me.

          • This is a somewhat common misreading of the concept of “face”. Chinese will often behave in quite vile ways toward fellow Han, especially in public. They’ll do things that seem quite embarrassing to Western eyes, but that’s because face is a positive, not negative, concept. It’s similar to the way feral Africans believe that winning an argument means you repeated yourself longer and louder than your foe. A Han who feels himself wronged will lash out at fellow Chinese publicly because to not do so would result in a personal loss of face. The only way to maintain 面子 is to loudly assert yourself in the presence of witnesses.

  29. Israel saw a rapidly diminishing Global American Empire along with souring public opinion and used the October 7th attacks as a casus belli for ethnic cleansing. It already was an international pariah and decided there was more to gain than to lose with the most destructive and inhumane response possible. Was it a successful strategy long term? Probably not, but the window was closing and there were no other options. The Arabs see the same realities as Israel, of course, and time is on their side.

    Domestically, North American and European populations, now polluted with Arabs, are poised to make life harder for the other Semitic tribe in their bosom. Dearborn and Aubervilliers and London are about to become even more unpleasant places to mark Shabbat.

      • American Jewry and their Shabbos goys in the Christian Zionist movement probably will lose their catbird seats in “their” respective political parties long term over this Grand Old Genocide. The bottom line in the article you linked is that one faction of the Democrats knows it is on The Right Side of History, and the other still has enough shekels to bribe the party bohunks for a few more years. Winner for the near term is the latter, long term the former. To reduce to a mathematical formula, D (Karen > J) > D (J > Karen).

        • I’m simply flabbergasted that [on both sides of the aisle] suddenly everyone is talking about the JQ.

          It feels like the dam has burst.

  30. I don’t think the problem is that Israel is an ethnostate, the problem is that Germany, Hungary etc are not. They should be. These states do not work as propositional states. What is “the idea of Sweden” if it is not to be the home of the Swedish people (my phone wanted to say Swedish meatballs; I almost left it lije that lol)??? No one can say because it makes no sense.

    One of our greatest problems is the absence of meaning in society. Making the obvious answer to important questions like “why does our country exist” illegal, destroys the sense of meaning. Sweden, England, Poland etc have exactly no reason to exist except as the national home of their respective peoples. The true sin of Israel, at least against us, is not that it is an ethnostate but that too many Jews are working to prevent us from being ethnostates. The hypocrisy is insufferable

      • Who is disproportionately represented at the top of big tech? Do they consider themselves Americans first?

          • Vide Ron “The Meatball” de Santis, who surrenders his people’s agency and freedoms in rendering service to Zionism. Meatballs can be useful, so it would seem.

      • One of the most infuriating aspects of modern globohomo orthodoxy, from it’s embrace of the infinitely expanding franchise to it’s abhorrence of national borders, is that it represents a unique type of “reasoning” that is applied to exactly zero other realms.

        You mentioned tech. Here’s a though experiment. Pick some random open source software project on Github and show up there with the intention of treating the thing like a globohomo-ist treats a modern nation. Make it clear at the outset that you are very opinionated about the direction the project should go and yet be equally clear that you have no intention of contributing a single line of code. In fact, DEMAND that the people who started the project make the changes you insist on FOR YOU. If they refuse, call them names until they knuckle under. If you do contribute and it’s say, a Linux project, submit only Visual Basic code that you generated in Visual Studio 2018 and call the project maintainers more names when they point out that your stuff won’t build into the existing codebase. Create THOUSANDS of new branches using your own inscrutable naming convention… Refuse to document your methodologies or follow any consistent design patterns…

        Most software guys these days are cucked every way you can imagine but they wouldn’t tolerate these kinds of childish antics in their own projects and yet support exactly the same behavior with respect to their nation states. The reason of course, is one too brutal to contemplate – they care more about some crappy blob of code on Github than about the centuries of painful struggles their own ancestors endured so they could gulp down chips and carbonated sugar water in their cubicles.

        Modern people from all walks of life seem to do this too, not just software guys. Somehow, they expect their countries to survive insane and childish policies they would never even consider in their own businesses or families. I don’t know how this got started or what to do about it.

        • I don’t know how this got started or what to do about it.

          It got started when White People were subverted into thinking only for themselves and let their Community fall by the wayside…
          We fix it by Building Tribe/Community once again…

    • Perhaps someone can explain the European reasoning for de-legitimizing their own native populations. I’m passingly familiar with the Windrush Generation arguments and Mary Beard’s tortured logic of black Britons, Jewish diaspora throughout Europe, etc…. but while most Europeans seem to scoff at these ideas, I really don’t understand where the logic or morality comes from for Europeans to entertain the idea that their homelands are not truly theirs.

      As an American (and I reject this premise as I understand the Founders clearly intended America for “ourselves and our posterity”) I can see where the adoption of the grand language of equality and inalienable God-given rights became the Trojan horse (or chink in the armor) that was used against us to disown and de-legitimize us of our sovereignty and inheritance.

      I really don’t understand how this is being pushed in Europe though. What byzantine arguments are landing with Englishmen, Germans or Frenchmen to make them believe the Jew, Turk, or African in the next housing row over is just as English, German or French as they?

      I am at a loss… perhaps one of the European readers will explain? Thanks.

      • I think it happened kind of like it did in America, there were winks from above that media and pop culture should paint nationalists as the bad guys, that nationality is really the same as residency. And they captured the elites with their formula of bribes, blackmail, slander of those who wouldn’t play ball. The same arguments that worked on ten generation Americans also worked on fifty generation Swedes basically

        • So you think the World Wars and nationalism’s part in that opened the doors for a sort of “we’ve done that before and it ended in ruin” ?

          That is different from America’s pathos and seems reasonable. As far as the gluttony of the and perfidity of the elites, that lines up with us. Enlightening.

          • Well, Bad Mustachio Man was defeated by a coalition of Russian and Anglo-Saxon nationalists fighting for their homelands – not for some hazy idea of democracy or socialism. Stalin appealed to Mother Russia, not Marxist Dialectic. So I don’t know who they think will fight next Bad Mustachio Man – commie furries fresh from the gay clubs of Rotterdam?

          • Well Jannie, you lost me at
            “Anglo-Saxon nationalists fighting for their homelands “. In WWI we English were fighting for the Belgians homeland and in the re-run it was for that of the Polack.

      • As Zman noted just yesterday, it’s being pushed in Europe via subterfuge. The people have voted for the opposite, repeatedly. The dispossession of Europe isn’t something that is being done with widespread popular support.

        • I track English politics through Lotus Eaters do I may he getting a skewed view. They seem to suggest, as you, that nobody likes the mass immigration, but are as disenfranchised and hopeless in the running of their own government as Americans. But the Germans, French, Spanish and Italians? Are they the same? Unhappy with the status quo but incapable of thwarting their “elites”?

          • Yes, I think that they are, having given their (sometimes grudging) consent to be governed by an unelected Deep State operating in the open, the EU. Sinbad the Sailor ridden by the Old Man of the Sea. But with the comprehensive collapse of the European Plan of the EU through the rapid disintegration of the German economy (the real prop and aid of that Plan), any arguable advantages of wearing the yoke of the EU poobahs is losing its support.

        • I track English politics through Lotus Eaters do I may he getting a skewed view. They seem to suggest, as you, that nobody likes the mass immigration, but are as disenfranchised and hopeless in the running of their own government as Americans. But the Germans, French, Spanish and Italians? Are they the same? Unhappy with the status quo but incapable of thwarting their “elites”?

        • No people ever voted for multiculturalism. It turns out that liberal democracy is democratic in the same sense the democratic people’s republic of Korea is. It’s all a lie

      • Misplaced guilt over colonialism. We conquered the poor browns and expropriated their natural resources, therefore we owe it to them to reverse that process.

        • This I’ve heard before. These cries of “Colonizer!” have been showing up at US protests and campuses. It doesn’t really carry a lot of weight here.. and has a foreign unfamiliarity like antifa. I suppose some European colonization efforts were much more brutal (Belgium) than say, others (British).

          Are Europeans really that hung up about their former colonies?

          • Maybe they are, but what has really put the fox among the chickens has been the policy of allowing peoples of these former colonies essentially free access to residency/citizenship. “Rivers of Blood”, anyone?

          • Do you really think that most people in Europe believe this nonsense?

            Why are the propaganda and attacks against free expression so aggressive in Europe?

            The average person cannot afford to live their life like they’re a philosophical abstraction so the whole thing seems absurd.

    • Tend to agree to some extent that the problem is not Israel being an ethnostate, but others not being one. Also of the mind that if Israel is only for Jews, then Jews in Israel only.

  31. Not that long ago, nationalism was all the rage in the West, and Jews were a people without a homeland. Funny how the tables have turned. Who is the Jew today, really?

    Modernity is fucked.

    • All of this is happening as we’re losing our religion and they (at least in Israel from what I hear) are finding theirs again. Significant? Idk. I’m having this thought lately that Judaism tamed Europe, and Europe made Judaism cool, and it hasn’t been a good fit for either party, in the long run. Christianity playing ball with pagans vs. today’s Judeo-Christianity, etc.

      Also, I’ve been trying to think of another nation that won a great war and saw its culture and cities almost immediately start collapsing, as happened to America post-WWII, and I can’t. Maybe there is, idk, it’s beyond my knowledge.

      There is the theory that Levi’s, Coca-Cola, Hollywood, rock & roll, and the burbs are American culture, that America was always poz and founded to spread poz, that we were just waiting to exhaust our Old World patrimony and greatly self-destruct (from my perspective, anyhow). I’ve never quite been able to accept that, although in the span of my lifetime it makes a lot of sense. But in the bigger picture, it doesn’t add up— if that’s not simply me not being able to face the truth. Something tells me it’s not the truth.

      Idk, fwiw.

  32. D.iversity, I.nclusion and E.quity for thee but not for me. I still have difficulty contemplating my forebearers went to war and at home went on ration cards for those goblins.

    This Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks and pray for Iran to open up a can of sunlight on them. A truly biblical tan they deserve.

    • I’m still waiting for the Statue of Liberty-sized Thank-You-Concentration-Camp Liberators Monument from certain folks. You know, a little token at least akin to the French Monstrosity overlooking New York City. Instead all we got was this dumb T-shirt from one of a dozen scolding Tolerance Museums. Rip off.

      • The Hebrew language has 20 words for “I demand to speak to the manager this soup was terrible and I want my money back”, but no word for “thank you”.

      • You’d think that even to Christians who worship the event, the presence of any holocaust museum anywhere outside a Jewish enclave or the sites of camps/etc. would be a *shocking* vulgarity. But there are something like fifty thousand of them, mostly in America.

        Where I live there are more shrines to Jews than Jews. Black muslim kids are marched through them, drooling. Nobody visits voluntarily, and nobody who sees them sees anything.

        Who’s the audience? (You.) What’s the message? (You did this.)

        The phenomenon is too insane to acknowledge, like a bum with a knife.

        • It sounds like a Lenny Bruce joke but it’s probably because Holocaust museums are high status. At least, they don’t put them in strip malls with the Hispanic Pentacostal churches. Museum adherents, largely female, will not need to know that much of what’s in it to worship it. Steve Jobs could’ve designed a pretty good pocket Holocaust museum.

        • This is the same with the posters and banners of the kidnapped displayed thousands of miles away from the Middle East. You would think one public figure/propaganda whore would ask why these are plastered in, say, the Bronx…think Hamas has the hostages stashed there?

          People are tired of their shit. Both groups.

  33. While the Zionists want the Palestinians out of Israel, none of them will object to importing them into White nations and only White nations. One might think that maybe the Jews in America might want to keep their enemy out, but I suppose that says something about who their real enemy is.

    • It’s hard to believe that it’s really the jews who want to bring palestinians to AINO. Of course the anglo baizuo want to. The folks on the left who are splitting from the tribe lately.

    • Congratulations. Yes, anything to savage the Main Enemy, even at the cost of having a bunch of Arabs running gas stations and convenience stores.
      Also, this avoids the problem of a unified and vengeful Arab population living in the region and becoming influential in Syrian, Jordanian, Egyptian and Saudi politics.
      Expel the Palestinians but send them far away where they can hurt the Main Enemy. Chutzpah.

  34. Well now they can just move them to Ukraine. The West is busily depopulating two territories so plenty of choices.

  35. Don’t know about you guys, but I have “Jew fatigue.”

    This tiny group is responsible for so much of the turmoil in the world, most of it completely unnecessary. Ukraine is a perfect example. They seem incapable of just living their lives or letting others just live their lives.

    Israel will be a source of endless troubles as will the Jewish diaspora, which will never quit using its money and other methods push their host countries to do things they don’t want to do, again causing trouble.

    The only good news is that the US is a declining power and other nations so far have been smart enough to keep Jews out. As US power declines so will the ability of Jews to meddle in everyone’s business.

    It’s nice to see a silver lining in the clouds. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • I have Jew Fatigue for the reasons you list, but I don’t have it when they’re being called out, like we’re seeing now. None of us in our lifetimes has seen anything like this. It’s mask off time, and more is better.

      • I’d definitely agree with that. It’s great to see. However, you can also see how over-the-top the Jewish reaction is. They know that their power largely exists because there’s a complete silence on their power and the complete destruction of anyone who even talks about it, much less challenges it.

        It’s why they’re so crazy. If even one public person is allowed to talk about them and survives, it threatens everything. Of course, they undermine themselves by their wall-to-wall antisemitism PR campaign. Jews demand that no one talk about them even as they won’t shut up about themselves.

        Still, it’s good. Their hysteria is waking up a lot of people. Those people are learning the truth, that Jews consider them to be the equivalent of house ni$$ers and Jews won’t put up with an uppity behavior.

        • It’s not a great flick, but the current state of Israeli PR reminds me of the Tilda Swinton scene in “Michael Clayton” freaking over her shirt (supposedly an allegory for those audition tapes film actors used to make). I don’t associate the state of PR with the state of the military, Knesset, etc. It seems inevitable they’d break with Western elites over some symbolic point like Ukraine or Taiwan and then do Iranian containment with China/Turkey.

    • Righty-o, view Nina Paleys’ video called The Land is Mine, with theme song from Exodus, sung by Pat Boone (who knew-). They’ve been chopping each other for millenia and will continue to do so til the end of time.

  36. Why does Israel get to survive and Rhodesia doesn’t?
    If you are like me and did not know what the Nakba was before October 7th, you should look it up

    • 1. Jews are indigenous to Israel
      2. white people are not in danger of genocide
      3. white people in Rhodesia stole the land they called Rhodesia

      The solution to this war is transferring the Palestinians to Europe or North America. This puts less pressure on Israel and put the Palestinians in a place where there is more of a buffer.

      • The solution is for the US to leave and let the semites kill each other. No more taxes or blood for that shithole nation. Palestinians and jews can stay put and duke it out.

        Ashkenazi don’t breed much anymore anyways and those that do in the US marry goys at a high rate. No reason to spend money on that dump anymore.

        The jews here can choose who their people are, Americans or jews in a strange land. If they are like that scumbag mayorkas who is purposely letting in the turd world because of muh holocaust, their loyalty is susupect. No more refugees like you said.

      • Ashkenazim can have some trace of Levantine genetics but are non-native to territory currently held by Israel.

        Whites are literally being genocided today. Dilution, drugs and depravity are as effective as bullets and bombs.

        Palestinians are indigenous to Israel, not America or Europe.

        Jews are not indigenous to America or Europe.

        America wasn’t founded to serve as a dumping ground for the problems of the world including those brought by Jews or Palestinians.

        Leave my people alone or else.

      • 1. Presumably you would have no problem with Italy existing only for the indigenous Italians.

        2. Jewish genocide is a stalking horse. If you were really so concerned with this possibility, concentration of a high percentage of Jews in a small state that could be turned into glass by a few nukes would be a non-starter. Moreover, you wouldn’t be out-marrying so much. And, at any rate, the Anglosphere and most of the white world besides, foolishly worships Jews. Genocide is simply not in the cards.

        3. If you go back far enough in history, all states were founded on conquest or “theft.”

      • If jews are indigenous to Israel, can you explain the battle of Jericho and all the other examples of the extermination of civilizations in your “promised land” from the book of Joshua?

        • Jerusalem wasn’t a Jewish city but conquered and taken form the jebusites. Chosenites genocide a tribe for Jerusalem. Gotta love that morality.

      • I suspect Mr. Goldberg is having us on and is actually of the opposite persuasion. If he were truly as bona-fide as his screen name suggests he wouldn’t be so caustic. The hallmark, were he actually authentic, would be to sweeten the deal by appealing to our lesser prurient, brutish or avaricious qualities. I call sham Sir, and well-played. I see what you did there.

        • Or the other possiblity that they are fully mask off and don’t give a shit anymore about what the goy think and want to rub it in our faces… Either way though they need to go the way of the dodo…

          • Possibly Brother. When you’ve been sitting in the cat bird seat and have manipulated the “moral highground” long enough… you get sloppy. Add in a sense of outrage at recent events and you might drop the subterfuge. I am used to the common method… appealing to my baser instincts, subtle lies, and perverting my ingrained and reasoned sense of morality to be weaponized against me. You know… the usual.

          • It is enjoyable to watch the mask fall. It really didn’t take much to make it happen either. Jews are a touchy bunch.

            People are finally realizing that our relationship with Jews is that of the plantation owner and the house ni$$er. The owner is all smiles and friendly banter so long as we never get uppity. The minute that we do, he burst out in anger and violence.

            Whites are forgetting their place and Jews are making sure that we don’t ever forget it again.

          • “Mask off”
            My children in their twenties see this very differently than people over 60. The reason is that, in the 50s and 60s, all the Jewish conversation about the Main Enemy was among themselves. This was when families had Hanukah bushes and the term “Judeo-Christian” was invented. When twenty-somethings were growing up, contempt for and discrimination against goyim qua goyim was rampant. Just because white children had to shut up about it until now doesn’t mean they didn’t see.

        • Yeah, I’m with you. Someone is having some fun. Well played.

          Jews don’t make their arguments so clearly.

        • Indeed it is a bit “on the nose” (heh), but then again there’s always those one or two dislikes I get whenever I make a Jew Thing post so I assume there are a few Jews or Evangelical Shabbas Goys that read the comments.

        • Yeah, if he called himself Moses Shekelstein it could not have been more obvious. You don’t go 0-42 in the approval rating without an agenda.

      • This clearly doesn’t go far enough. Palestinians need to be exported to Scotland in particular – a mostly empty land with a small population, and now delightfully embracing diversity with Scottish National Party leader Humza Yousaf, who even has Palestinian relatives. This can be an example to Europe as a whole, which will benefit from higher levels of immigration from Africa and the Middle East. Meanwhile, a prosperous Israel can repopulate the abandoned Gaza Strip and perhaps even parts of Syria with the fast-breeding settler types (like Ben Gvir). Muslim states may wail and howl, but their inaction now shows they are all mouth and will accept an assertive, dominant Israel leading the region to a new period of prosperity and trade with Asia and a more vibrant, Islamicized EU.
        Look at London – richer and more important than ever with their Muslim (and supremely popular) mayor, Sadiq Khan. What is there to fear? Get rich and enjoy the ride.

      • This seems like a lot of trouble. Wouldn’t it be easier to just have the US goyim drafted into exterminating the Palis for us?

        • You’ve got the face-changing right… but the brutal honesty is the dead giveaway of the farce fellow-traveler. Lol.

  37. It’s more than just a two tier system. Many people who became citizens after making aliyah have only partial jewish ancestry. For example a grandfather. Many also came with their partners who are not jewish at all. From what I heard, both groups have less rights in Israel than what “whole” jews have.
    So, even if they manage to expel all Arabs from “their” lands, they will have to face this problem next.

  38. My favorite part is the commentary by the childless David Cole stein at takimag. He argues Palestinians accept their fate to die at the hand of the Israelis. He hidea his allegiance behind being oh so secular like his middle name but never acknowledges their genocidal tendencies and while acknowledging Jewish influence in all things degenerate, he only talks in proportions never leadership. He also uses as justification to accept the loss of family and home the Persian invasion of the socal and a Palestinian socal lawyer who works for jews. This from someone who is supposedly against immigration. He talks out of both sides of his mouth regarding jews, immigration and was an early backer of the failed desantis campaign. He does love them Persians since they “raised” his home value. Not bad for a genetic dead end nobody

    • Cole’s current routine is repeating how stupid MAGA voters show themselves to be. It’s almost a weekly ritual for him.
      He was(supposedly) a Holocaust denier and then a neocon Friends of Abe guy and now he is shedding his skin again to morph into something else. Not trustworthy in any sense. A few months ago a Mexican shot up a mall in Texas. Cole actually defended the idea that this poo brown tatted up Mexican was indeed a white supremacist. Apparently that ethnicity has to act this way.

    • David (((Cole))) – why this smarmy shapeshifter has a pulpit on Taki, and people actually read his self-righteous blather, is beyond me. He’s an insufferable twat.

  39. It really is bizarre that nations agreed to put the most disagreeable ethnic group in the world in the most sacred spot in the West.

    A certain someone thought they should all go to Madagascar, and while this also has its problems, there was far better chances of success. As it is Israel will be gone within 100 years. The writing is already on the wall

    • Stalin sent his Jews to Blagoshevensk, which is a Siberian nowhere. That plan apparently didn’t stick.

      As for Palestine, I’m not an expert on that part of the world…but it seems that the idea for a Jewish-controlled Palestine got going in the late 19th. Jews weren’t the force in the West they are today, but they were a force. They were already by then influential financiers and writers. They got ahold of key members of the British political establishment in the early 20th, and the rest is history.

      Also, Jews were more likable than Arabs or Palestinians, and Europeans had more intimate contact with Jews over the centuries. I suspect that, prior to the modern era, Jews were considered curiosities at best or nuisances at worst. No one thought they would become the strong-pullers they are now. And the mortal enemy of the Christian was the Muslim, not the Jew. To this day, Boomers and other normies still view the Muslim as the great threat to Western ideals, if not Christianity.

      • There were pogroms against Jews in the Middle Ages. Were they justified in any sense? I really don’t know. Perhaps. Some of them, perhaps not.

        • There were pogroms, but the natives had the upper hand at all times. And there weren’t pitched battles against Jewish invaders. There weren’t religious conversions either, like you saw in Spain or the Balkans. So despite the odd pogrom (a term which is probably an overstatement: I’d say riots or raids took place rather than actual pogroms) Christians and Jews cohabitated more or less peacefully, especially in the big cities.

        • Well, they did not win themselves any points with the natives at the gates of Toledo. Plus ca change . . . .

          • That bit of treachery was long remembered, and in 1492, along with the remaining Moors, the Jews were expelled from Hispania (unless they converted, a dodgy prospect in many cases).

      • You don’t get Israel without the Americans, British,French and Russians massively helping Ithe Jewish people.

        You talk about the Anglos but seem to have a blindspot with the French and Russians.

        • ^^^^^^^
          I am the original DaBears.

          The poaster DaBears who, or most likely it, published:

          You don’t get Israel without the Americans, British,French and Russians massively helping Ithe Jewish people.

          You talk about the Anglos but seem to have a blindspot with the French and Russians.

          The fake DaBears published the above on November 22, 2023 at 6:06 pm according to this website data.

          Please note this tactic.

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