Twenty Questions

In years past, whenever I have put out the call for questions, there would be questions about specific people in politics and questions about a particular question. This time there were no such questions. The former questions have gone away along with the drama, which was a defining feature of outsider politics. The days of various e-celebs warring with one another seem to have passed.

The other question has also changed. You see it with the reaction to the Israel – Gaza cheerleading from conservatives. Ten years ago, the only negative responses to Shapiro or Pollack would have been the old school JQ stuff. These days it is much more nuanced and matter of fact. A large swath of people seem to have internalized many of these arguments into a casual acceptance of ethnic reality.

I did not get a single Ukraine question. A good question is how the general public will respond when the inevitable happens in Ukraine in 2024. The war is not on anyone’s list of concerns at the moment, not even for those on this side of the divide. Will that change when things fall apart next year? Team Biden never recovered from the Afghanistan debacle, even though it had been off the radar for years.

It is a small sample size, but it got me thinking that much of the action on this side of the divide has moved away from practical politics to thinking about the systemic and philosophic issues at the heart of the current crisis. The number of people who have quietly thrown in the towel on conventional politics continues to rise. If there is no solution at the ballot box, what is the point of talking about it?

Trump is gearing up for his 2024 campaign and you can sense that it is going to be very different from 2016 because the people are different. Relative to many people in the crowd, Trump will sound like a calming voice, rather than the sarcastic bomb thrower scandalizing the squares in Washington. Trump is now a moderate voice, a compromise for the ruling class to buy some time.

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109 thoughts on “Twenty Questions

  1. Abraham Lincoln proposed moving the black population out of America in the 1860s (about 5.5 – 6 million people). It would have been a gargantuan and expensive program then and impossible now.

  2. Thanks for reading my question, although it did confirm my suspicion that my style of writing would really sound better read aloud in a snotty British accent. I guess I was damaged by all that PBS my parents watched if my inner monologue is foreign.

  3. did you hear about chauvin? Maybe we’re getting into the “who shot hannibal” phase of the american regime.

  4. I will never in my life give one red cent to Jarrod Taylor. That man id a fraud, a clown, a charlatan, and a piece of shit.

    That also goes for anyone who endorses him.

    • A bit harsh, not a fraud or a clown. But he does have a very odd way of not mentioning the (((elephant))) in the room. This strains all credibility. I believe he means well but it’s an odd thing to have such a conspicuous blind spot in your ideology.

      • Jared Taylor said this:

        “As far as the Jewish Question is concerned, I think that whites need to take responsibility for what they do themselves. I think that it’s not useful to blame our failure on the machinations of others. People who are constantly talking about and complaining about Jewish influence remind me of blacks who think everything that’s ever gone wrong for blacks in the past or ever will go wrong for blacks in the future is because of white racism. I think that blacks need to be responsible for their successes and their own failure, and I think that the whites have to as well.

        At the same time, I think that although many Jews are on the wrong side of questions of nationality and questions of race, I think that some Jews are on the right side. And I think that it would be wrong simply to exclude them from the efforts of any kind of racial sanity in this country simply because they’re Jews.”

        And I think he’s right. For us to frame our problems in terms of “the Jews’ fault” is exactly like blacks framing their problems in terms of “the whites’ fault”. We need to stand on our own, not be dependent on reflecting blame. Also, do you really believe the tiny number of extant Jews possess such superior talent and guile that the rest of us are rendered inferior and helpless??

        • With all due respect, if one doesn’t see the difference between blacks blaming whites, despite all the gibs, and a group that actively subverts whites, then all I can say is;

          I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.

          As for numbers, well, again, if you can’t see what’s happening in real time, I got nothin for you.

          • Taylor points out that what you call “a group that actively subverts whites” isn’t unified in the way that you imagine it to be nor numerous enough to have the powers you imagine it has. But you have to pretend that he DIDN’T point that out because, indeed, in response you got nothin’.

            Jews on the brain is a delusion and a sickness and nothing more.

        • The Jewish political culture is damaging to every host nation it thrives in. Those who rise to the top are often intelligent narcissists with strong in-group preferences and a startling lack of any capacity for shame. They believe it is their destiny to rule the world and some few are so confident about their progress that they are even open about it.

          I’ve known upwards of 100 Jews at the level of well to very well; friends, co-workers, and relatives. Not one shares those goals or, unfortunately, is even aware of them. Perhaps Jews in general are controlled even more easily than whites through endless tales of pogroms and holocausts.

          • I suspect being raised Jewish has a lot of similarities to being raised with narcissistic parents. A narcissist parent will always tell their children that anyone outside the family can’t be trusted and they should put all their time and energy into advancing the needs and goals of the family, which conveniently are the needs and goals of the narcissist parent dominating that family. The narcissist parent will hate all of your friends unless they act as shameless asskissers to that parent, and endlessly tell you about how your normal friends are no good.

            Jews experience the exact same dynamic, just one step higher at the ethnic group level rather than the family level. The Big Jews act malevolently while the Little Jews are relentlessly guilted into unconditionally supporting them since they’ve been taught from birth that their first duty is to their ethnic group. The only outgroup that isn’t demonized are the sycophantic evangelicals and its obvious that they’re only barely tolerated so long as they are totally servile.

            Sadly the only path out of this for Jews seems to be liberalism, the ideology that gives you permission to betray your family. In that line a right-wing Jew is actually a greater enemy to us than a left-wing Jew. At least you can argue to the left-wing Jew using universally applied principles of harm avoidance, while the right-wing Jew actually believes non-Jewish life has no value. There’s literally no ethical argument you could make to a Ben Shapiro that would stop him from slitting your throat if he’d earn a nickel from so doing.

          • “I’ve known upwards of 100 Jews at the level of well to very well; friends, co-workers, and relatives. Not one shares those goals or, unfortunately, is even aware of them.”

            But the Elders of Zion are the True Jews and run the world, despite the fact that the actual Jews you encounter don’t know this.

            Sheesh. The sickness is strong in you.

        • What has this to do with expelling Jews from places of influence? Or exiling them?

          They are not us.they can’t shut up about how much they hate us and yet, just like blacks, MUST share our spaces and be given equal treatment. Out .

      • Apex Predator: “But he does have a very odd way of not mentioning the (((elephant))) in the room.”

        I think he’s set on blacks as his white whale, it’s not entirely dissimilar to any other person trying to succeed with a business and doesn’t want that business messed up by kicking the hornet’s nest with three parentheses.

        Every time we get upset with Elon Musk because he didn’t go full Hitler it’s the same reason, at the end of the day he still has to be able to run his company to remain relevant in the world. In comparison Kanye went all in with zero subtlety and destroyed himself.

    • I’ve met Jared multiple times and he is one of the men that I admire most.

      To me, he emanates intelligence and nobility. It looks to me like he chose the difficult life of a shunned thought criminal for the sake of truth and love of his people.

      I suppose that he would find some of my beliefs too pessimistic or paranoid, but these are issues about which people of good will can disagree, at least for now.

      What am I failing to see?

      • Hello Line in the Sand,

        First of all, I apologize for the numerous clerical errors in my short post above. I was much too tired when I wrote that, and I didn’t even see what I was doing.

        But to get to your question, I find there to be something very off about Jared Taylor. His articles (of which I’ve read a handful on the Unz Review) always come across like sales pitches to me. He has the same style of presentation as the late-night ShamWow guy.

        Personally, I find him to be very insincere. Not insincere in the sense that he doesn’t believe what he’s saying (he evidently does), but insincere in the sense that he prefers resorting to sales pitches and persuasion tactics instead of letting his argument carry the day. He is not an intellectual or a philosopher, he’s just the pitchman. Moreover, he’s a pitchman who seems completely oblivious to the reasons why nobody wants what he’s selling, but since he lacks the capability to appeal to their reason, he just carries on with his shtick. The whole thing is a bit pathetic.

        And he didn’t “choose” the life he has. He really doesn’t know how to do anything else besides being a publishing impresario, so once he found an underserved niche he could exploit (i.e. disaffected alt-white Dale Gribble types), he locked on and hasn’t let up since. His intellectual artillery consists entirely of extremely old and stale HBD quips from 30 years ago. There is no vitality there whatsoever.

        Steve Sailer’s career followed precisely the same course. Steve is a thoroughgoing mediocrity and a scientifically illiterate hack who somehow carved out a role for himself as an HBD godfather despite knowing nothing about biology. His entire strength consists in the undying loyalty of his audience, who seem willing to give him a pass even on his Covid hysteria and his Ukraine boosterism, just so they can continue to read his weak-tea observations and vent their frustrations about black people.

        • I’ve never met JT, so I can’t assess him beyond what I’ve seen in his videos and articles. By all accounts JT seems like a decent guy. But I do understand what you’re saying about his “sales pitches”.

          I used to watch his videos and read his stuff, but in the past years I’ve stopped. I still get his emails so I know what’s he up to, which…is the same thing as before. His site traffics in outrage. “Whites under attack!” and so forth. It’s a little tiresome if you ask me. Even if there’s truth to it. Also in interviews he does give out that cult leader vibe…that smiley self-assuredness and practiced demeanor bonded with his photogenicity. Reminds me of Anthony Fauci actually.

          But I don’t mean to smear him. My main issue is that he keeps banging on about white victimhood in order to 1) attract more attention and 2) raise funds. Which is understandable as he’s running a business, and a courageous one at that, but the tone of his enterprise leads many to conclude that whites are always under threat by blacks, other minorities, and the government…not unlike what radical blacks think about whitey.

          White identity (if not white people) is under threat, for sure, but it doesn’t emanate from blacks, browns, or the government…it comes from two groups: the Tribe, and progressive white goyim. So JT’s heart is in the right place, but he’s aiming at the wrong targets.

          • Jared actually does spend a lot of time focusing on the progressive whites. For example, he wrote about the research on pathological altruism, which offers some insights. Further, he frequently wonders why many whites seem to enjoy feeling bad about being white.

            I somewhat disagree with him, in that I believe that progressive whites make a firm distinction between themselves and traditional whites, and they only hate the latter. And when they shower non-whites with privileges, they know that they themselves are largely protected from the consequences, like increased crime and diminished employment prospects. So altruism often has little to do with it.

        • Even if all of that is true, it’s still a very long way from being sufficient grounds for calling him a “fraud, clown, charlatan, and piece of shit.” More like, “I’m not a fan and he’s not all he’s cracked up by some around here to be.”

          • I sometimes check AmRen (JT’s site) when I’m bored or my other usual sites are slow. I don’t think there’s anything all that bad about it and I can see how a normie White might find it refreshing to find a site devoted to saying out loud what he’s been quietly thinking for years. My main critique is that it’s mostly just outrage porn and it gets tedious. I find a lot of the stories too unpleasant to read. I know they’re true but all they do is get me angry about things I can’t change. That said, I was just there this weekend due to the afore-mentioned boredom and the fact that the Z blog here is a bit slow on holidays.

        • “…insincere in the sense that he prefers resorting to sales pitches and persuasion tactics instead of letting his argument carry the day.”

          Thuis from someone whose posts are long on assertion and vacant of any actual arguments whatsoever. And, no, you don’t get to redefine “insincere” as something JT isn’t anyway doing.

        • Of course Jared Taylor is trying to sell something. He’s not preaching to the choir, he’s trying to get white normies, who have never thought about this stuff, to realize that they need to defend their own people. He’s trying to sell the idea of “it’s okay to be white, and to live in white spaces” to people who have been indoctrinated with Diversity. That’s not something you can beat Joe Normie over the head with and be listened to. It has to be soft-sold so Joe Normie will find it reasonable, and when Joe Normie starts to feel the pinch of Vibrancy, he’ll remember that there is another way to think about it.

      • Line: He strictly controls any comment at his website (I was banned long ago). He not only avoids discussing the JQ, but any racial group other than blaqs. No real discussion of the threat that east and south Asian immigrants pose or how they’ve joined the ‘hate whitey’ gravy train.

        My biggest personal gripe is that – outside of himself – he doesn’t seem to feel Whites are sufficient to speak for themselves. He constantly features various non-Whites writing how they learned of the reality of race, but only in regards to black limitations. He seems to imagine Whites lead by a vanguard of based blacks, Chinese, Indians, and Jews. Very much like Steve Sailer.

        I would also claim Taylors has had as much impact in the real world as Sailer – i.e. minimal. Constantly going on about black pathology doesn’t help Whites at this point – Taylor seems more of a gatekeeper than a gateway to me. I will admit I have not met him in person and he seems cultured and educated, but that’s not what we need at this stage in the game, imho.

    • Jared is typical product of whining industry. What outcome has been last 40 years from Jared except he is catering to his little audience and getting paid for that. Years ago, Jared was thrown out from Hungary because of that. Hungarians did not wanted to turn successful nationalist movement into old men intellectualism, who whining until everybody get bored and goes away. I can say that he is controlled opposition but his actions are very good method to derail working opposition. Everybody knows this stunt. Eve I have used this method, turning real world problems into intellectual debate and discuss problem into irrelevancy.

        • I’m sure that it breaks his heart that irrelevant embarrassments like you don’t watch his videos.

          • Do you want analyze Jared videos from cretinist viewpoint or you prefer dialectical absurd and medieval complete pointlessness ?
            What would Nietzsche think if we build one inch of border fence and the single bolt in this fence get a little bit rusty so Washington and Socrates feel great shame because this ugly view ruins their post mortem necrohomosexual wedding ? Also debunks Aristotle philosophy.

            So we need serious intellectual debate about border fence . Until we find the ultimate truth, immigrants will flood in..:D

          • Z keeps saying that he has a superior selection of correspondents, but when I reap what they actually post I can feel my brain cells dying.

  5. A man who achieved a certain notoriety last century said this about genetic distance:

    The differences between the individual races, both in part externally and, of course, also in their inner natures, can be quite enormous and in fact are so. The gulf between the lowest creature which can still be styled man and our highest races is greater than that between the lowest type of man and the highest ape.

    I suspect that even most Bolsheviks of that time would nod along understandingly to this statement.

    • Who could watch those old National Geographic specials on the primitives of sub-Saharan Africa and Amazonia, the old Mutual of Omaha Shows on baboons and gorillas, and the old Masterpiece Theatre shows and conclude otherwise?

    • It’s a fragment of childhood memory I’ve never been able to place fully, but I have a vivid image of reading a page in a book my grandmother owned, the account of an early explorer of the Pacific, where the Ourang-Outang (named in an editorial footnote) were described as “men.”

      Modern observers are less discerning.

    • Zman’s take on this is obtuse. Genetic distance is simply not a factor usually taken into consideration unless it is very short.

      He’s also wrong about religion. Maybe he feels a need to believe things without evidence, but I don’t experience that. A large fraction of sheeple may be useful for social cohesion, but that’s no argument for being one.

  6. Something you said around the 18 minute mark about progressives favoring internationalism over local autonomy I think is a little off the mark. Progressives love local autonomy when it’s black or brown. They hate it when it’s white. At their core they are more anti-white than internationalist.

    I feel very certain Ben Shapiro/Daily Wire is regime funded. The big tell was when he offered Steven Crowder $50 million to come work for them. I have an impossible time believing DW generates sufficient revenue to pay the “talent” that kind of scratch.

    • Jeffrey Zoar: “I feel very certain Ben Shapiro/Daily Wire is regime funded. The big tell was when he offered Steven Crowder $50 million to come work for them. I have an impossible time believing DW generates sufficient revenue to pay the “talent” that kind of scratch.”


      Shapiro’s Tribe has been laundering TRILLIONS of fiat shekels out of the Federal Reserve ever since (((Alan Greenspan))) opened the floodgates on the morning of Tuesday, October 20, 1987.

      [Black Monday having been October 19th.]

      Then there were further massive tidal waves of laundered fiat shekels in 2001*, 2008**, 2020***, etc.

      None of the money their Tribe flashes at the goyim is real [i.e. representing actual productive labor having produced actual products which actually work]; it’s all just imaginary nonsense emanating from the Fed and heading straight to the likes of Blackrock.


      But, as our kneegr0w brethren are known to mutter under their collective breath, what goes around, comes around:

      Anti-Israel Rioters Attack Home of AIPAC President in Los Angeles on Thanksgiving

      * 9-11

      **Sand State Liar Loans


      And that doesn’t even include the billions upon billions of fiat shekels which went into Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, direct foreign aid to Israhe11, etc etc etc, all of which was ultimately laundered back into the likes of Blackrock.

      • You are a loon if you think Shapiro has a pipeline into the Federal Reserve provided to him by the Elders of Zion.

        The answer to the mystery of how he could pay Crowder $50 million is perfectly straightforward: It’s not real money, it’s for performance that he doesn’t have to pay for if it doesn’t pan out financially. You ought to be familiar with this phenomenon from sportsball contracts. Yeah, it’s worth $50 million…. IF you hit .350 and are named MVP. Big headline number, but it’s vapor.

  7. AINO – the most populous province of the GAE – has been assumed by the overlords to be the bottomless oil well, the everlasting fountain of easy wealth. I have pointed out to people for years that the collateral backing AINO debt is, quite simply, the aggregate wealth of its subjects. A gigantic sucking whirlpool is at the heart of our system and everything we have, every “title” we “own”, will swirl down with it. That 33 billion in debt? Hey, no problem. Expropriation and sell-off. It’s coming and it is coming soon. It will of course all be justified by “democracy”. All this debt was accumulated by “our democracy”, ie “us”, the “People”. Time to pay up, you fuckers, you “voted” for “this” (for any value of ‘this’) and it isn’t our fault. You elected us! You re-elected us! Again and again! into perpetuity.

    • The collateral for our dollar was 25% of the country.

      In 1971, the gold backing was delinked. If not metals- gold, silver, nickel, copper- what else is there?

      Land, and land rights.
      The EPA has nothing to do with “the environment”. It is a front for controlling watersheds, underground mineral rights, resource access, and the like.

      These in turn are “repothecated” through complicated financial structures for “in like kind”, such as:

      Selling off our factories, with their intellectual property, corporate entities, and accounts.

      Selling off the Panama Canal.

      Rehypothecating- pledging for resale- our public pension & fund pools.

      Foreign direct investment in, say, uranium mines, urban development, farmland & meat processors.

      Note these were done at the same time whole factories and their equipment were being sold off in the former Soviet Union.

      We’re being assets stripped, as they were, because somebody is calling in part of the loans.

      (The petrodollar is something else, a settlement currency because Trashcanistan doesn’t trust Buggerystan’s paper money.
      Our collateral is not somebody else’s oil.)

    • He never does point out the real problem…

      Somewhat the same happens in parts of California. Once a big construction project puts in electrical, you need an armed guard on site, or tomorrow you’ll be redoing the electrical.

  8. 35:50 This goes WAY back….to the Bush years. It goes way further back than that. If you’ve ever read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, which takes place in Chicago, the political shenanigans are briefly touched on, like paying 5 bucks and on company time to go vote for the Democrats. All the grift that was going on with the unions and transit authorities and the Democrat party. This is presented in the book as being a uniquely Chicago problem, but it was happening everywhere.

  9. I agree there is generalized race/Jewish/ethnic fatigue, but TPTB have so successfully weaponized anti-racism/anti-Semitism/xenophobia/the works they cannot let it go even as it works against them. The crisis in competence includes shortcomings in contemporary Machiavellianism. Watching the situation unfold in Ireland, for example, there is absolutely no doubt the Regime there will increase immigration and further deprive the indigenous Europeans of basic civil rights, which in turn will lead to more rioting and eventually more targeted acts of terrorism and assassinations (the Irish have a rich and recent history of these things). Ireland pretty well is the West writ large in this regard and very well may become Ground Zero for a conflagration that cannot be avoided unless the Regimes backs down, which I doubt is possible.

    As for disengagement from politics, this also is quite real. People simply assume, correctly, that they have absolutely no input into policy and the clowns who promise X couldn’t deliver X even if they actually tried. The detachment actually is larger than just politics. The government/Regime is viewed as foreign and separate from society, although this is untrue in some respects, and is tolerated as long as there is food and warmth. Deprived of those things, people might react violently but even that is not a given. For the most part, despite the Regime’s various tentacles into most aspects of life, we now have a parallel society perceived as separate from the government. It is quite something and not unlike the Russian experience in the late Tsarist era.

    • I heard n example of that parallel society last night. Call it Zoomer strategy.

      A middle aged gal said they’d made enough of of Covid rates to pay off the biggest debts, their equipment loans on trucks and trailers. They sold those off (!) rather than keep paying operating costs, two 30-something kids moved back in, unable to afford $1600 rents.

      The 50s-something parents have small hourly jobs to pay the bills- nobody else will show up- and everybody simply stopped paying on their credit cards to avoid the outflow.

      The Zoomers have alternatives- Chime & CashApp for banking, cheap phone plans & providers, travel trailers or squatting or parents for a bed, $150 big screens with pay-as-you-go plans, benes & charity & emergency room visits.

      The young are employing a ghetto strategy. They still get gibs money from the system, but they don’t participate in it. Warrants, fines, bills, insurance, regulations, compliance are ignored. That’s whypipo stuff.
      Who cares? The gibs still come.

      Turn on, tune out, drop out.
      Straight up hippie anarchy.
      Live on the scraps, cash jobs, and get your dabs from the dispensary.

      They’ve stopped caring, it’s the Trumpian way. It’s the immigrant way as well.

    • I’ve always felt France will be ground zero because they have a uniquely and unabashedly positive ethnic identity. Plus, they are much further along the immigration line than Ireland.

      That aside, you’re correct that no election will actually result in less immigration. I’ve been throwing this wet blanket on all those people thinking Wilders is going to actually change things in the Netherlands. I get the sense he means what he says, but he’s going to run into the globalist bureaucrats that Trump and Brexit ran into. Americans and Britons have voted numerous times to stop the tide…and it kept coming. The courts and middle managers just outright disobeyed the elected officials. I’ve been sprinkling this comment into every normie story on Wilders or the Dublin riots: We aren’t voting our way out of this.

  10. Hey Z, what are those cats you had? Can you spell ithe breed? My hearing is compromised and my hearing aids are all but useless sometimes.

    Cats take a lot of flak but I just love them. I had one that was always trying to trash my hobby shop downstairs. I finally bought a good water pistol for the li’l bastard. I found it back behind some plunder and junk the other day and I almost teared up, remembering him and his antics. I still find his toys in the scrap lumber and cat sized spaces and I kept them in a box under the workbench for years long after he was gone. The wife took them into the church and a little girl with a new kitten got them. I’ve got dawgs now… but I’d have cats again in a heart beat… ☺️👍

    Errr…great show as usual!

  11. Wow I didn’t know you had a jungle cat. Wildlife is a passion of mine so apologies for just goofing off (no politics in this comment so if animals bore please stop reading 😁). Maybe consider more genuine wildcats?? There are so many different species. And they’re said to have very different tempers too. For example a vet at a zoo told me caracals are a real handful and I had the chance to find out, we needed to tranquilize one so I was sent in, with kevlar gloves and some kind of apron on, to hold it down (it’s maybe a little smaller than a bobcat). That was one wild firecracker lol He told me the worst cats in the world temper-wise are clouded leopards; you can’t even keep the male and the female together except for when she’s in heat because they’ll kill each other. Cheetahs otoh are supposed to be almost dog like.

    Anyway, I get carried away. But if housecats get a little stale, a little been there done that, the cat world has so many different flavors. And out ib the country you’re going to have a lot more space for this. But don’t start with a clouded leopard (they must cost a fortune anyway) But you will never be bored, you will never be lonely (the local kids are going to flock to your house to see them so you’ll have that energy around your house too) Anyway just a – unusually crazy even by my standards lol – thought

    • Keeping an undomesticated animal like a cross bred wild cat is just a bad idea. IIRC, they call the 1/2 breed (house cat/wild cat) an F1 and a half breed of the F1 an F2.. From what I can recall, even the F2 and F3 require significantly more effort than a house cat. You cannot house break them, they require a raw meat diet …. they are wild animals.

      I am totally against keeping wild animals as “pets” Most end up in shelters or released into the world. We have many invasive species of animals and birds whose population was started by people importing them as “pets” and then eventually they get bored or they cannot provide for them and they release them into the wild.

      • Most cat species breed like rabbits in captivity. Zoos are overrunning with all sorts of species. They have the choice of euthanizing them or finding homes for them.

        I don’t agree with you on keeping wild animals as pets. It’s similar to the argument that circuses are bad for wild animals. I don’t agree with that either. Training an animal challenges it, gives it success and surprise experiences, gives it something to do. The worst thing you can do to a wild predator is put it in a zoo. That is really torture.

        So if Z or someone else took a cheetah or a jungle cat from a zoo, I’d bet it would get a far better life than it could otherwise have

        Yes it’s best for animals to be in nature but that’s not the world we live in. Further, most wild animals die in unpleasant ways naturally. Lions are often killed by other lions or maybe by a crocodile or pack of hyenas when he gets old and toothless. Old elephants starve to death when their last molars wear out. Nature is not fluffy

        Having a pet, if you can manage it, is NOT animal cruelty. And Z doesn’t strike me as someone who would release jungle cats or servals free in the Appalachians. So that’s my view on that

        • It’s not animal cruelty that makes me say this. While I certainly appreciate animals and nature generally, I’m not an animal rights type.

          It’s that most people who do this have no clue and they are not prepared to take care of such an animal for the lifetime of the animal. Many of these animals end up in the wild disturbing the local ecosystem. Most of the people who do this do not chose animals that already live in their zip code and who are native to their zip code. There is nothing exotic about an animal you see on a regular basis.

          Zman said below:
          “if you bobcat gets loose in the neighborhood, it is big trouble, so that can never happen.”

          How many people truly understand this and are capable of making sure their exotic pet never ever gets out? Many people imagine a wild animal as a pet similar to a cat or dog, but maybe just a little different. Most wild animals simply cannot fulfill that role because they are not domesticated. They have not been selectively bred for 10k plus years. They are not a cool looking Fido or Fluffy, they are true wild creatures who are not in any way suitable for living in a modern house or god forbid, an apartment.

          • People who can’t handle it should not have wild or other animals. Absolutely agree. And that includes treating them well of course.

            More generally, and now it gets a little political (and not suggesting you are like this to be clear); in Europe the attitude is more “some people can’t handle it so no one should do it”, with all the coercion at the state’s disposal. This applies to guns, wild animals ski jets, you name it. America used to be different. One of the most annoying things I’ve noticed stateside is that America has become far more like Europe in this sense. “Karen” is the epitome of this

        • My interest in animals was very much sparked by animal acts I saw in circuses as a kid. The deprivation of exposure of kids to exotic animals and their capabilities (so much more interesting than the bored, sedentary animals you see in zoos) is a sad loss on the altar of bambi-lover virtue-signaling.

          • Imagine being a tiger in captivity; living wild in the jungle hunting buffalo is off the table. Do you want to sit in an enclosure all your life where biting up a tractor tire and climbing a pole to get your food is the highlights of your days. Or di you want to learn new things, go places, have new smells and sounds and experiences. With a trainer that treats you well. Because as the saying goes; no one who wants to live long ever pokes a big cat.

            They got animal welfare screwed up when they went after the circuses

    • I thought about a caracal. They are big guys but very trainable. My jungle cat was a handful as a kitten but once I got him trained he was fun cat. The bobcat was probably the easiest to train. He was a big lovable dufus. Terrifying to look at, but a gentle guy.

      The thing with wild cats is you have to invest a lot of time into them. You have commit to them as kittens in order to get them socialized and figure out their tricks. They are smart and powerful, relative to a normal cat. if you bobcat gets loose in the neighborhood, it is big trouble, so that can never happen.

      • Bobcats? Neighborhood, bad? Get out of Dodge Z-man. Go to some more rural place. In my neighborhood they run around wild. Cameras record them at night looking in the window. They’ve been reported to sleep during hot days on backyard lawn furniture by the pool.

        They seem to be pretty calm animals, although they might eat your cat or small dog if tempted and hungry. I’ve seen more than one just walk by me. They don’t seem to care and they’re bigger than you’d think here.

  12. Thanks for the great post yesterday and show today, Z.
    Wrt birth rates: Just over 22 years ago, I was quite pregnant with my first child and attended the baby shower of a friend who was also 8 mos pregnant. Her progressive boomer aunt hosted the shower. I chatted briefly with her aunt who told me that she hoped that her niece and I would each consider only having one child. She brought up overpopulation and environmental issues. It was a miserable and off-putting sentiment. In retrospect, it was a pretty monstrous thing for an aunt to say about her own sister’s daughter as the rest of us gathered to celebrate the upcoming birth of her first child.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    The subject of the future of America came up yesterday at dinner. It’s such a confusing and crazy time. I’m grateful for the wisdom and wit found on this site daily.

    • I’m glad that you’re a Mom, Melissa.

      A good friend of mine, who is an old school labor and environment liberal, is irritated with me right now because I told him that if he was really concerned about overpopulation that he must be concerned about the african birthrate, which the US finances. He indignantly countered that whites have too many kids too.


      I regretted challenging him on his overpopulation rant because I came very close to saying that one of his major motivations for being concerned about overpopulation is because it offers him an excuse to express hatred towards traditional whites.

      • Leftists are all anti-white racists at heart. Some of them may be likeable in other respects, but deep down inside, they are our mortal enemies. For that reason, I find it borderline impossible to befriend any of those people.

        • Yeah, we’ve been friends for decades, back when neither of us were very political. We shared a groovy bachelor house in Portland OR in the 90s. Lots of fond history.

        • Ostei, I have cut off contact with a leftist friend of 60+ years because I know she wants a world where my grandchildren will be wrapped in swaddling clothes from cradle to grave, in a teeming mass of those adversarial to their culture, or, to quote, Dr. Dalrymple, what’s left of it. She and her kind are every bit as much an enemy as any Soviet party boss ever was.

        • Ostei: I cut off all contact with former friends back in 2008. Some people I had known since I was barely a teen – but they had gone left and I had gone hard right. Yes, we may have shared some good and bad times in my youth, but the future they want and work and vote for is inimical to the future of my White sons and White people in general, so f**k them. I can remember things on my own, without associating with people who espouse insane anti-White ideas.

      • All these problems from one core:

        We’re not running out of black, or brown, or olive, or curry, or yellow;

        We’re running out of White.
        The White shortage is the real crisis.

        • Slight correction, but the yellows are having the same problem as whites, perhaps worse. Check fertility rates throughout Asia: Japan, China, Korea, it’s as bad as Europe.

        • If we’d stop feeding the black and brown, the flavoring would correct itself.

          Africa’s estimated population in 1900 was between 2 and 10 million, and was not growing. The Middle East was even less populous. Then came foreign aid….

      • I will say that there are a fair number of modern leftists/centrists that don’t express these concerns out of anti-white motivations. I’ve gone down the rabbit hole and questioned and prodded their beliefs on this overpopulation issue more than once. Their minds are so disorganized and illogical that they often had never drawn the connection between their disparate policy positions on 1) supporting having fewer kids here in first world countries and 2) importing tons of immigrants and funding third world countries, which artificially keeps their birth rates and populations high.

        As a side note as well, society’s viewpoint on fertility rates and overpopulation is entirely wrong. Western ((capitalist)) countries are desperately worried about dropping populations because that means fewer consumers and profits. It’s part of sixth grade biology that all animal populations are cyclical. Once a population, let’s say rabbits, reaches the limit of what it’s environment can handle in terms of shelter, food, water, etc, then there’s a decline. Once a lower limit is reached, there’s room again to grow and a baby boom happens. The problem is that the capitalist system won’t let this natural cycle happen. Companies can’t just be profitable, they need increasing profits for increasing stock prices. Boomers can’t stand to see their home values drop. So their solution is to import waves of immigrants to prop the system up.

    • Congrats. Nothing beats being a parent. Well, the only thing is being a grandparent. Really, happy holidays to you and yours.

    • What a thing to say at a baby shower. Perpetually negative people, I’m sorry I just find them toxic. Lifes too short for those who suck the fun out of breathing

      • My ex sister-in-law, who is childless at 75 after three failed marriages, is among those concerned about overpopulation. A retired schoolteacher and the only child of wealthy parents, she has never lost a minute of sleep over money, let alone raising a family, her entire life. All her interactions with children resulted in a paycheck.

        Yet she calls people who breed large families “selfish”, from her comfy retirement home in rural Maine.

        And yes, she drinks box wine…

        • “Yet she calls people who breed large families “selfish”…”

          And yet, who pays the taxes for the infrastructure of the society she depends upon now, and especially will depend upon in old age? Other people’s children!

          Now that’s selfish. Ironically, I’ve heard childish couples called “selfish ones” in other societies.

    • What a miserable, rotten troll that aunt is. I swear, just when I think I’m turning a corner where my hatred for these people starts to calm a bit, it just goes right back up.

      There’s no reasoning with them. There is only one solution for all of them.

    • Was the progressive boomer aunt a childless spinster?

      Or did she have children of her own?

      [Because if she had no children of her own, then she was effectively “c0ck-bl0cking” on her niece (i.e. actively attempting to suppress her niece’s fertility).]

      Never ever ever misunderestimate the perfidy of the XX chromosomal pair.

      • There is a tiny sliver of me that pities her because she never knew the joy of two little arms going around her neck, or a sleepy head on her shoulder.

      • People who are unhappy about their own lives can be sone of the most toxic. Male or female btw.

        You can’t correct their wasted years. Don’t let them poison your life

    • Your Boomer aunt is a piece of work. What a rotten thing to say.

      Though I cannot prove it and I may very well be full of crap, I think the low birth rate is really no big deal, because it is likely temporary. The Boomer generation was an anomaly of high birth rates and low mortality. The question of “is this a permanent change or is it in response to overcrowding” is largely unanswered, but all the problems it creates is not.

      We are entering into a period where large numbers of people who never had children are entering retirement which is going to be paid for by immigrants, supposedly. If we were not importing millions of people, we probably wouldn’t be seeing 1/2 million Dollar fixer uppers across the US and many other parts of the world. We wouldn’t be seeing the downward pressure on labor wages either.

      Many historians credit the black death with the explosion of wealth and technology in Europe. We are turning our societies upside down for what will be a 25 year problem at most. Instead of saving the huge surplus money Boomers have been paying for 50 years, we blew all the money plus took on so much debt that debt financing of the boomer retirement isn’t possible. So they decided we will import foreigners to pay for Boomer retirement.

      Without importing all the foreigners, who is to say that TFR would not dramatically increase as population falls? As population falls, RE has to go down in real terms and labor has to rise in real terms. Demographics would make these things happen. Had we not imported all these people, there would probably already be far too much housing. High costs and low pay have forced women into the workforce.

      I guess Japan is the place to watch. They have stood firm thus far in not flooding Japan with fake “New-Japanese” people. By the time the last Boomer is dead in Japan, population will probably be under 1/2 it was during the peak Boomer times. But all the housing built for that time will still exist. All the infrastructure will still exist. Major labor shortages will happen in order to keep up with Japanese industry.

      The pill complicates this. Maybe women really will just want to work despite a larger husband salary being able to support them. This is the unknown. Or maybe you could just outlaw the pill.

      • Interesting comment. I wonder if our trusty media will not begin to foreground some “shocking unforeseen health danger” of oral contraceptives. The 1960s revolutionary enthusiasm has worn off and enough women and men already look at it as functionally para-abortion so they’d be happy to be given a sciencey excuse to have a new altered moral consensus about it. In my life, every moral panic about smoking or cyberbullying or Gaia’s thirst for windmills has been a mask for the conflict between people who feel something is awry and people making money off it being awry.

  13. These days it is much more nuanced and matter of fact. A large swath of people seem to have internalized many of these arguments into a casual acceptance of ethnic reality.

    I hope the Thanksgiving convo with family/friends was nuanced. Remember that most people have not gone down the rabbit holes we have. What we call “power levels” normie calls “kooks”.

    • As a rule I never discuss politics with people who are not on our side or well on their way to our side. There is simply no point in engaging people mentally unfit for this material. It would be like teaching calculus in Baltimore schools.

      • Same with the “Israel right or wrong, no matter what they do” crowd.

        Utterly pointless and just ruins relationships.

        • I’m the same. Including the Jew enthusiasts. Both groups, normies and the Jew enthusiasts, are too locked into their conditioning to chat with. I pick on the JQ crowd so much specifically, because, like Pinocchio, they display so many of the correct signs of being a real boy, then they fool you. Normies…blech, those that come around I’m not usually convinced they were all that “normie” to begin with.

      • I leave race out, just discuss some of the (negative) things race disparities bring with them. For example, the observable fact we (US workforce) are becoming “stupider”. Of course, the US workforce is simultaneously becoming “browner”. 😉

        My male family members are high income, high tech earners. Some minor respect falls to me simply because of my past academic career, but never did I dream of such salaries back in the day—nor do I suspect with my limited abilities I’d be capable of demanding such today.

        Interestingly, they brought up (in one instance) race wrt off shore programming to India. As we found out in my dept., years ago, our minority students often worked very hard on programs that had to be redone/reworked by staff (White) software engineers before being released.

        Of course, the discussion ran to AI and it quickly became apparent that this was their latest “Superman”. The bright side being voiced was a healthy skepticism that is was not what it was hyped up to be and (I added) suspicion that the most incompetent would use it to appear competent, rather than just a productivity tool. Incompetence was readily understood to be both a problem with staff *and* management, but most corrosive when found in management.

        • Compsci, I’ve been an AI skeptic for decades as well because I know that the history of AI is a parade of unmet promises. However, I have been set back on my heels by what I have heard ChatGPT can do. I’m told that you can write a short plot summary and that ChatGPT can generate an entire script that fills out your summary, for example.

          Nonetheless, both Steve Jobs and an old employer of mine manually faked demonstrations of new tech that they were selling and I can’t help but wonder if that is going on now. Or maybe the long-promised breakthrough has finally occurred.

          • Reminds me of the “first” AI (?) programs. One (I forget the name) was simply a program that you fed either football or baseball game stat’s into. I saw the baseball one. We’re talking 40 years ago here!

            Anyway, you tell it something like Mets vs Cincinnati at Shea stadium and date. Then describe/list hits and outs inning by inning with player name or number.

            Out popped a complete story for the sports page. Things like “so and so steps into the batter’s box…so and so swings…he hits a long fly ball to center field, only to be caught by so and so”. “One down two to go. Next up,…”. “He hits fast ball…going, going, and it’s out of the stadium…”The crowd goes wild…”

            And so forth. We didn’t consider this a computational feat as much as an indictment of the emptiness of sportsball reporting—which was—even in those days nothing but a series of cliches strung together for newspaper fill. 🙂

          • OpenAI and the “Rubik’s cube” robot. The solver it employed wasn’t stochastic and the cube itself had guide sensors glued onto the tiles.

      • Politics came up at Thanksgiving. Not a big deal, because my family ranges from half-hearted CivNat to an oddball like me, I guess.

        My aunt said the pendulum is starting to swing, and I thought, Yeah, and it’s going to snap the chain one of these times. Kept it to myself, though. Dialectics and the chains that hold them together, right lol. Few talk about, care about, or are aware of the chain!

    • I struggle with bringing up the vast disproportionate power and influence of the Jays to friends who aren’t where we are. It’s true that it’s very difficult to get past the conditioning. On the other hand, if you can adroitly and calmly point out that the vast power and influence isn’t an opinion, but is a fact and an observation, I think you can have success. Of course you can also lose friends, so choose wisely.

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