The Baby Shortage

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People tend to look for linear explanations for the problems they see in the world, as they are the easiest to solve. If X is causing Y then you just have to do something about X and Y solves itself. If on the other hand, a combination of things is responsible for the undesired result, then things get more complicated. It is no longer a matter of fixing one thing, but of untangling a set of things, which may have their own set of causes, thus making the problem feel intractable.

An example of a multivariate problem that is the collapsing fertility rates that threaten the existence of the West. For example, Italy has a total fertility rate of just over one, which is below half of replacement. A people cannot sustain themselves very long if they are not having children. In fact, it only takes a generation of not having babies to overturn the population. In time, Italians will have only a vague idea of what it means to have a brother or a sister.

The first-place people look to understand the collapse in fertility is the soft, intangible things like culture and morality. In the middle of the last century birth rates started to fall and Western societies embraced materialism. In truth, birth rates started falling in the 19th century as the West industrialized. Having lots of children no longer made economic sense like it did on the farm. Among the wealthy, lots of kids stopped being a status symbol, so they lowered their reproduction.

Even so, family formation was still the norm. It was just that people had three or four children rather than seven and eight. There was no push to remain childless or avoid even basic family formation. It is fair to say that the trend away from marriage and family formation got going after the Second World War. There was the post-war baby boom in America and later booms in Europe, but by the time the West had become fully post-modern and materialistic, fertility was collapsing.

That is where most people look for an answer. Starting in the middle of the last century, the role of women started to change. First, they were encouraged to work outside the home, in addition to being a wife and mother. Then they were encouraged to work in lieu of becoming a wife and mother. The final leg on the transformation of the female role in society was the career woman. The point of her life was to compete with men and go home to a home full of everything but children.

The changing role of women is one big contributor to the baby crisis. If you want to destroy a people, put their women to work. If the ovens are being used for things other than making bread, the bakers can be put to other uses as well. The revolution in the female role has also revolutionized the male role. The pattern of normal family formation has been disrupted by putting men and women into the workforce for the sole purpose of serving the economic needs of society.

This is the most popular answer to the problem because it points to a spiritual sickness that confirms our bias. The hedonistic lifestyle of the present age comes with a punishment as it is morally wrong to have a materialistic society. Western people worship the golden calf, and the price is childlessness. The trouble with this answer is it does not explain why societies made this shift. It does not explain why people have so easily overcome the biological imperative.

That leads to the environmental answer. One version of this is the proliferation of birth control and abortion. Women trained to be men were handed unlimited supplies of contraceptives so they could have as much sex as they like, in fact they have been encouraged to have lots of indiscriminate sex, while not getting pregnant. Easy access to birth control along with strong social pressure on women to avoid having children has short-circuited the normal biological process.

This is where things get tricky again. Males should still want to find wives and have children, so what happened there? Clearly, the collapse in family formation and fertility is more than just a female problem. While women have been trained to be boys while gobbling down birth control to keep from getting pregnant, men have lost interest in doing what men have always done, which is find a mate. Simple observation says that men have become vastly less masculine over the generations.

In other words, both buyers and sellers in the sexual marketplace have changed in ways that discourage fertility. The females seek to be anything but wives and mothers, while males look for females that have no interest in motherhood. Of course, females reward this disinterest with casual, noncommittal sex. Even if a male wants children he enters a sexual marketplace as baren as the wombs of the women. The same is true of females who want to live the traditional female role.

Unlike the female problem, this is not easily explained by pointing to social conditioning or the introduction of birth control. One answer is that as society has made women less interested in being women, this has reduced the supply of females that males imagine as a potential mate. Men look for certain qualities in females that indicate they will be sexually loyal and committed mothers. Raise up a generation of wine guzzling whores and males will simply stop looking mates in that group.

There may be an environmental issue here that works on both sides of the sexual revolution in similar ways. An underappreciated truth of modern materialistic societies is they are awash in chemicals. Industrial society poured smoke into the air and trash into the water. You could see it. Post-industrial society fills the environment with tiny little bits of feel-good intended to make life easier. It is in the food, the water, personal products, and our physical goods. We are awash in alien chemicals.

Take for example, those birth control pills. Monkeying around with the most fundamental of life’s processes has been done without much thought. There have been no serious longitudinal studies on the impact of these drugs. Yet it is possible that they cast a shadow long past their initial purpose. This study suggests that oral contraceptives damages the fear circuitry of women. The female assessment of risk is an essential part of the female role in traditional societies.

Of course, lots of females with unbalanced emotional responses to the normal social stimuli is not going to go unnoticed. The same people making contraceptives are going to be right there to make drugs to treat the downstream consequences, which is why young females are gobbling down antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. We have also seen a spike in female binge drinking. A society full of paranoid and neurotic females is not going to promote family formation.

This may also be working the male side of things. Boys are routinely pumped full of drugs to keep them mellow in school. The ADHD crisis started just as fertility rates began to decline in the West. Pumping boys full of powerful chemicals is a lot like handing out birth control to females. All of the long-term studies on these drugs have been funded by the makers of the drugs, so we have no way of knowing if there is a long-term impact, but it is factor to consider.

Then you have the massive chemical bath that is daily life. Modern people eat food full of things they cannot pronounce. They douse themselves with personal products that are also loaded with alien chemicals. Individually and in the short term, these chemicals are all deemed to be safe, but what about mixing them into a long-term cocktail that is life in the modern age? No one knows and no one cares to know. It could very well be one more bit of pressure against our biological circuitry.

That is what makes changing the direction of Western fertility a challenge. The old Greek expression about a happy society being one where old men plant trees in whose shade they will never rest applies here. Children are the trees men plant in their youth, because they expect to be that old man, planting trees for generations they will never see, but they know will exist. The West does not plant trees or have children because Western people have no purpose.

In the end, there are certainly other factors that may be contributing to the collapse of fertility rates in the West. The environmental and economic factors are rarely discussed, because the cultural and social factors preclude any serious discussion of the fertility problem in the West. That means the first mover is the prevailing bias against families, family formation and the production of children. What drives it all is a dominant, top-down bias against reproduction, especially among Western people.

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264 thoughts on “The Baby Shortage

  1. I wanted to write much more on this but you guys were spared mu drivel because I didn’t have time yesterday. It is one of the most important questions and incredibly complex. I suspect chemicals are part of the explanation. There are probably millions of new chemicals the biological effects of which we simply don’t know. But many of them have effects

    The cultural norm is obviously also important. If we’re all just random complex carbon combinations with no higher purpose it does all seem pointless. This is in part where religion seems to provide something humans need that atheistic ideology cannot substitute.

    The economic system also works against procreation in an unsustainable way. Babies should be society’s most important product but today it clearly isn’t

    We need a new pro natal Creed for Whites. Go forth and multiply!!

  2. “A society full of paranoid and neurotic females is not going to promote family formation.”

    Nonsense, Z. Israel’s birth rate is well above 2.0 per woman.

    • Israelis are the masters of faking educational credentials because only a stupid “g-word” would waste over a decade in college and repaying college debt. Western man will tell women to their face that college is stupid and impoverishing and women will not listen. Israeli men will show their women how to get an African diploma mill degree before they’re even finished with high school.

      You either deal with women by force or by deception. They do not respect truth tellers.

      • Woman is as she was in Eden — rebellious and seeking to usurp place and power.

        Man is as he was in Eden — obedient to woman, not to God.

        Nothing has changed, just went global. Inevitably.

        God never wanted humanity to have demonocracies, or republics, or even kings for that matter. You got God, after all. But folks did as they wished. And here we are. Women rule your nations now.

  3. Wow. This thread is an example of why some women aren’t interested.

    They shouldn’t vote, work, do anything but be a) slim, b) beautiful, c) submissive so that men get regular sex and can have a family.

    Do you realize the chance a woman takes when she becomes a traditional homemaker? The biggest risk is that the man gets the middle aged crazies and dumps her for a younger version. I’m in my 60s and if I had money for every story about that happening, the husband and I would own a second home in Europe. Since the woman didn’t work, the man had the money to get a better lawyer and she gets screwed financially. Plus – no work experience = poverty. Yay!

    As for looks. Nature is a you-know-what to women. Estrogen makes it that much harder to keep one’s looks. It’s almost as if nature makes women attractive just long enough to catch a man and mate and reproduce. Yep. And after menopause, the metabolism dies. So most women aren’t going to be the pretty young lady they were at 20 or even 30 forever.

    Of course, I can tell you, most men are going to be a bit paunchy by then. But hey, no one cares about the men’s looks, right?

    Just providing the other side. I got educated before I married and I’m coming up on 45 years. We’ve had our good and bad times, but we were determined and committed and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. We had three kiddies, but alas, the liberal education got them and we only have one grandchild and we’re grateful for that. They’re pretty much infected with the libtard mindset which they did NOT get from home. You know, love everyone but their own, their pets are their children, yadda yadda.

    Both men and women are selfish. When push comes to shove, in the old days, men wanted to get laid and women wanted security. Nowadays, the women are a little more even (at least in their youth) and the men are squawking. Not so nice, huh? Not so much for to be viewed as just a piece of meat. We had to deal with it *forever*.

    There are good men and good women out there, even today. Bless them. But you incels and you sluts, away with you. Both are toxic garbage, in different ways.

    • The biggest risk is that the man gets the middle aged crazies and dumps her for a younger version. I’m in my 60s and if I had money for every story about that happening, the husband and I would own a second home in Europe.

      Well, I know the plural of anecdote is not “data” but in my life, I have known one, ONE man who left his wife for a younger woman. The man was the husband of my sister’s next door neighbor.

      Of course it might have been because his wife was a pushy, caustic Girl Boss lawyer, dunno. 🤷‍♂️

      However, I can recount of the other divorces I’ve seen in my life:
      – My sister filed for divorce from her first husband.
      – My late ex sister-in-law filed for divorce from my brother.
      – My wife’s former business partner filed for divorce from her first husband to marry her late second husband.
      – A friend and former co-worker of mine filed for divorce from her husband.
      – Two ex girlfriends of mine were previously married in their 20s and each divorced their husbands before they were 30.
      – My wife has a cousin whose ex-wife filed for divorce and married her side piece.

      Notice a trend here? That’s SEVEN women who filed for divorce from their husbands. I can think of ONE husband who ran away with a younger side piece and divorced his wife. And given time I can add other divorced women I’ve met and known via work or social settings.

      The odds are a LOT higher for a man that Cupcake will fail to be HAAAAAAAAAAAPY and pull the ejection seat handle than he’ll find a cute side piece and run off.

      Now, were some of the divorcing women justified? Well one woman wanted children and her husband apparently didn’t, and expected her to do the earning. Another woman I know married a man in love with the bottle and pills more than her (Got him in the end as he died in a hospital). But I don’t think every divorce I listed had an abusive husband on the other side.

      You may travel in wealthier circles. From the middle class / slightly higher middle class circles I am in it’s the gal handing the papers to a stunned husband.

      But what do I know? It’s just what I see. 😏

    • Don’t be absurd, Teresa. Of course women should want to be slim, good looking and have successful marriages. Men should want that too. And don’t whine to me about the family courts – for the last 40 or 50 years, divorce dramas typically end with the woman going to the bank, and men going to the cleaners. That’s why 80% of divorces are driven by women. The vast majority of those are driven by the unhappiness of the woman and not by real marriage breakers like abuse. Them, and the turd brained gold diggers.

      Why are women so unhappy? I personally think it’s because women are being pressured into roles they are biologically and genetically unfit for. You’ll notice that the second they got the vote and preferential treatment in the marriage contract – everything started to fall apart. Women started driving foolish social movements like “fat acceptance”, tolerance of gays, pedos (but I repeat myself) spinsterhood, political correctness, etc etc. As a result they started destroying their families, then their communities and now their entire nations. To acknowledge these truths is anathema and apostasy to them – so much so that doing so can destroy you if the wrong person hears it. Women never blame themselves either.

      There’s a rude joke going round on Blab that I like:

      “Your world is based on two foundational and functional lies:

      1. That all people are equal, including women and all the races.

      2. That the good guys won WW2 and told the truth about it.

      If only as a hypothetical thought experiment – assume that both of those statements are completely false. Suddenly, the world makes sense…”

      I actually did that as my red pill moment. When I saw the world I rejected it. I actually discovered God, right under my nose in plain sight. I adopted the faith and I can tell you for a fact: Christian families (the real ones, not the parodies) – beat neoliberal families hands down. Their women are to die for – pretty, warm and witty and intensely practical. Their kids are wonderful too.

      It’s all so unfortunate and unnecessary. People don’t have to live like this.

    • Do you realize the chance a woman takes when she becomes a traditional homemaker? The biggest risk is that the man gets the middle aged crazies and dumps her for a younger version.”

      Most divorces are initiated by women.

    • Teresa, the crowd here can be a bit tough, but I hope that you keep posting. Your outlook is similar to many here and it’s good to hear a lady give her perspective. For example:

      “We had three kiddies, but alas, the liberal education got them and we only have one grandchild and we’re grateful for that. They’re pretty much infected with the libtard mindset which they did NOT get from home.”

      A final thought from me:

      “Both men and women are selfish.”

      I certainly agree, although from my perspective, social media has recently given women vastly more power over men and it has revealed qualities about them that I wouldn’t have thought to be so common.

      • Teresa

        I once worked with a woman who i liked quite a bit. We had a lot of overlap in many areas. One day i had an interview for a different position, which she knew about, so i wore a suit that day and so forth. She (who was married to a guy who moved mattresses) came in, no interview mind you, looking stunning in a white dress. Multiple times that day i’d look over to ask her a question (she sat in the cube next to me) and she would bend over to give me a great shot of her ample cleavage ( can still picture it to this day). Why would you do that when you’re married? What does that say about you as a person? I agree both men and women are selfish, but from personal exp. most of the time its the women who start shit. Another example, same job. A female client rep had an issue, calls into my group, we didn’t handle her area and i escalated it to the proper area. She starts messaging me on work chat, pretending to be interested in me, hoping that would get her problem solved quicker, even though i didn’t handle what she needed. I’ve never had a man do that. Personally i prefer straight forward bluntness to the sneaky manipulative ways of women. Just my two cents.

      • A guy knew said next time he’s tempted to get married he instead will just buy her a house a walk away.

    • Also i think Teresa is either a troll or a leftist, because the only group of people who use the slur incel are leftists.

  4. Not enough White guys (or Chinese, or Japanese guys) is already changing how the world operates.

    Russia cannot fight like it always has, because they don’t have the massive surplus population as it did in times past before the birth dearth. They still have the most White guys, just not enough to spend them like water as before. Ukraine is drafting 50 year olds (that finally came through in the FT as an admission).

    The US, cannot manufacture its boutique weaponry any more. The US high tech, high precision missile offense and defense required desultory usage against low tech, non industrial foes bereft of any air or missile defense. Submarine and ship construction was measured in decades not months. Now I see ads to “build submarines” and a website for more info. Raytheon is calling back retirees to build missiles, as they cannot find skilled labor to do so now. Turns out, twenty million Central Americans between them don’t have the skills or ability to do precision high tech machining and assembly.

    You see this all over the place, products that require skilled labor are through the roof, or unavailable. Even restaurants are suffering as it takes some skill to even be a line cook and the supply of willing labor does not match what the restaurants can and will pay for. And note, the all seeing AI does not work so well when the power is off because there are no more skilled (White) male laborers to keep power lines up, and transmission and power plants running.

        • They seem to prefer simps who play-act as alphas. Or rather guys who are somehow able to simultaneously view themselves as the “head of the household” and also do everything their wife tells them to do.

          A total simp is a turn-off because it’s too obvious that what the woman has on her hands is a pathetic slave.

          • Remember the guy from California who dressed up as Santa and torched his ex and her mother with a homemade flamethrower? They were married for less than a year. The ex was a south of the border type who divorced him because he kept his retarded son a secret. Court gave her the house of course, and even his dog.

    • There are about twice as many white people in the AINO economic zone today as there were during WW2. Far fewer as a percentage but far greater as a raw number. I am pretty sure the GAE’s lack of industrial capacity and quality is therefore not attributable to a lack of white people, but rather to deliberate choices made by certain individuals. Choices both about where industry would be located, and how and in what “disciplines” young white people would be educated/indoctrinated.

      • What’s the average age of that population, and do the contributions of that group of whites match the decades in which they were active in the work force?

        I bet they do. Your raw numbers do not account for the numbers of whites well past the 65-year-old yard line. You can count up all the whites you want, but if they’re too old to work, it’s pointless. Moreover, the point here is not the sheer number of whites, but their place in the workforce of today. Where are they? Not where they used to be, when submarines were being churned out of New London every 5 years.

  5. What you said on last week’s podcast re the Gen X-ish cultural programming that having kids was somewhat….beta, for lack of a better term. I guess I knew that but, had never heard it spoken of.

    I fully bought in, and, up until I met my wife in my early 30s, had no desire for children. I was actually anti-children to some extent.

    I was blessed enough to find a good woman who was single at our age for much more wholesome reasons, but had a very strong desire for a family.

    Fast forward, and after years of fertility battles, we are blessed with a child. Unfortunately, due to biology it will be our only one.
    Of course, like any Father, she is the best thing that ever happened to me.
    I often joke w friends that my relationship with my daughter is the best relationship I’ve ever had with a woman!
    It’s the companion/inverse to the love from your parents, but even more purely non-transactional.

    I sometimes beat myself up about my past solipsism, but I am just thankful to have ended up where I am now vs my late 20s early 30s stated dreams of retiring early to pursue my own “happiness” chasing young girls in the Tropics.

    That being said, I carry some guilt that my daughter doesn’t have a sibling, which she craves greatly.
    A bit more black-pilled, I now realize I will die while she is relatively young, she was only a baby when my father died, and when my wife and I do kick it, she will be by herself to manage the emotional and logistical BS.

    Damn that MTV!!! hahahaha

  6. Two reasons people aren’t marrying and having families — fear and greed. They are afraid of having kids for many reasons and they won’t sacrifice for them.

    I’m an old man and still married, have three adult children, two grandkids. If I had succumbed to basic fear or waited until I could “afford children” it would have never happened. But it’s what we’re faced with now on a large scale.

    • And yet young people today will purchase any number of unaffordable material goods on terms, accruing a mortgage, car payment, credit card bills, etc.

  7. From the web:
    “I will never forgive the Conservative government, and New Labour, for exponentially increasing immigration so that they could get cheaper workers, while my generation couldn’t buy homes, afford children or save any money.”

    • Remove “they could get cheaper workers, while” and you get the truth. Money motivates robbers, not monsters.

      Anyone still read de Sade? The purpose of his crimes, he was smart enough to recognize, was to enlarge the distance between himself and humanity. Mere aristocracy is psychologically unsatisfying—to the aristocrat. (People who luck their way into high status or think they just barely bad-lucked out of it really like the idea.)

      Politicians destroy your future *so you can’t have it*.

  8. Haven’t read all the other comments, so I apologize if this has already been mentioned.

    Z, I’m surprised you didn’t draw an obvious correlation with a comment you made in this weeks podcast. You said that “there must be some strong evolutionary selection pressures for believers, as it seems hardwired into us.” Dr. Dutton has talked about this a lot, but the fertility rates are particularly different between leftists and rightists, believers and non-believers. If I remember it’s more than double. We might be witnessing one of those selection processes. Within a generation, American whites will likely be overwhelmingly raised in religious households, because atheist/secular left has stopped reproducing.

    We’re actually seeing this in Israel. While I agree with you that I’m such of talking the Middle East, I do find this angle fascinating. The ashkenazi have become secular and stopped reproducing for some time now, while the mizrahi are still reproducing like bunnies. This is resulting in ever more conservative governments and an impending overthrow of the old ruling elite.

    • Yeah, I mentioned something similar. People who want to have kids for whatever reason – religion, conservative, just like kids – have been having kids for the past 50 years while those who don’t haven’t.

      The “I want to have children” genes is getting passed down while the “I don’t want children” genes aren’t. Soon or later, the birthrates would come back up. The only issue is immigration.

      If the US hadn’t had immigration over the past 60 years, it would be turning very conservative and more religious, especially as the Boomers died out.

  9. What does it mean to live a good life? Is it working in a cubicle all day and coming home to watch television and repeat until death? Are the Amish onto something? Were the pre-contact Japanese onto something? Is the advance of technology always a good thing for humans? Maybe Ted K. was right. One thing I know is that the “West” neither seriously asks nor attempts to answer this question.

    • When I was in my teens I thought such an existence a waste of life, and couldn’t comprehend why so many of my peers were working diligently toward just that. Now, in my 50s, I still feel the same way about it. Yet modern society needs the drone. He is indispensable.

    • Thing is that Sakoku period Japan wasn’t pre-Contact. The shutting off from the world was a measured response to Contact bringing with it foreign religious strifes, firearms, and navigational technology to a land which was emerging from generations of civil warfare.

      The Shogunate knew plenty about Western political and technological developments. So various of the more sea-going and mercantile Southern clans… The Shogunate had to keep a tight lid on these clans so that they didn’t leverage their foreign exposure to get their hands on technology and material which would upset the balance of power. Funnily enough once Uncle Sam turned up in Tokyo Bay to bully his way into Japan, it was these Southerners (Satsuma, Choshu) who ended up capturing the state in the so-called Meiji Restoration.

      Unlike the late Qing Chinese who smoked copious amounts of Copeium and thought they were still the sum of all things, the Shogunate Japanese knew that Western medicine, etc. was better and studied it and permitted certain technologies to be used. No accident that they went from Commodore Perry to Crossing the Russian T at Tsushima in two generations. Before which they’d comprehensively thrashed the ‘modernised’ Qing navy multiple times.

      Point of this sperg out is that you *can* successfully shut out technology or certain technologies given the will power and a positive vision (*) of what you wish to achieve by doing so. But you will still be faced with policing internal Machiavellians who will be tempted to break the rules to gain power, you will need a cadre of carefully managed folk who keep up with what’s happening ‘Outside’ and decide what to carefully curate and permit ‘Inside’… and there’s also the matter of John Chinaman arriving by hypersonic transport in 2050 to make your Amish Village an offer it can’t refuse.

      It’s Complicated. The Japanese are a fascinating study. Exceptional people. Perhaps only they could have done it. And now look at their birth rate…

      • * The Shogunate’s Positive Vision re Sakoku was maintaining order and stability after generations of traumatising internecine warfare which preceded it. Over time of course it became rather more sclerotic and corrupted as do all things.

        When I think about the late C19 and 1H C20 trajectory of Japan, it’s almost like Commodore Perry shot Tito and unleashed well clamped-down tectonic social forces (cf. the Yugs postwar) on a far greater geopolitical scale.

  10. David Goldman studied and wrote extensively about collapsing birth rates in the online edition of Asia Times, writing under the pseudonym Spengler. Interestingly, the problem is not multivariate. His conclusion was that the single factor that drives birth rates is traditional religious belief.

    Societies and cultures that possess traditional religious belief have high birth rates. Societies and cultures that discard traditional religious belief have low birth rates. This holds true across different races, nations, and sub-cultures, and over time.

    The Amish are the fastest growing demographic in America. I believe Mormons are second. The future belongs to those who show up for it. America may become a religious country in the future.

    I’ve seen a similar phenomenon in my personal life with the adult parents of my kids’ friends, and therefore in my social group. Not a single one of the kids of my friends/acquaintances who were politically liberal have married or had children. They are all single adults in their twenties and thirties. Many have never been in a relationship or even held a solid job. Their genetic line is ending, which I think is good thing, given their politics.

    • A story I always relate is that of an older buddy who had five daughters (the oldest of whom would be in her 50s by now), raised Catholic, zero grandkids. I expressed some puzzlement about this to him as I figured that even “accidentally” he might have ended up with at least one grandkid but he always remarked their lives are just marked by too many “distractions”, be it video games, collections of stuff no one but them cares about, etc.

    • Which brings up the question of religious belief. Why are its rates cratering too?

      I think a bit of the answer to both is scale.

      • Going to get blowback for this of course.

        The problem with Christianity is that its core beliefs (not tenets which are mainly but not 100% pro-social, pro-eugenic) have crossed some kind of societal event horizon and are now, frankly, ridiculous and redolent of cretinous credulity. It’s that simple.

        Most great religions contain plenty of wisdom and the obvious issue for us from a Christian perspective is that we have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge. There’s no going back short of a zombie horde cataclysm which erases much of human history and knowledge.

        For so long as intelligent educated people know of Gilgamesh, Josephus, mystery cults of the Near East, Neoplatonism, Origen, Arian, various other hairsplitting pillar-shitting Stylites, etc., let alone just simple objective analysis of the OT acts of the psychotic Chosen who started it all, yadda, yadda…. As long as all this pertains, Christianity (for all its myriad good points) with all its clearly stolen from older more exotic cults virgin birth and resurrection, and long history of hysterical stigmatic women and obscurantist theologies will be Low Status. Or Gay; Smells & Bells + Frilly Lace Latin Mass ‘Intellectuals’… I’m looking at you.

        Really the problem is that Christianity is Faith-based. Catholicism got rid of the last bits of Ritual and Observation at precisely the worn time. Faith is for Old Women and pathetic little men afraid of death or who cannot face personal tragedy.

        Religions which emphasise observance of rules and rituals — group cohesion — especially publicly — will do much better in the present age. And that is what we see. Wokeness, Islam, Orthodox Judaism are all thriving. Instinctive reflex for most Christians is to gag at this. But facts is facts.

        Want Christianity or any kind of New Religion to thrive, it will have to become public and performative and cut right back on the necessity to believe and more importantly to state one’s belief in ridiculous nonsense. There’s much to salvage, but going to need a lot of re-tooling… That’s why our arch-enemies the Usual Suspects are still around. They re-tooled and retconned. We could do better.

    • Non-believers love to mock and chortle at the Cult of the Virgin Mary in Christianity, but in point of fact it was incredibly important in praising and valuing women for being mothers.

      Sure, it was probably a myth, but every culture has myths, and the Cult of the Virgin was a particularly powerful one. Being the mother of the SON OF GOD was a pretty damn important job! And saving the Son of God from being murdered by the Jew Herod and his goons after giving birth in a barn when the innkeeper told you “Fuck off, we’re full” was some rather compelling drama.

      Once women started disbelieving all of that, they substituted it for “reproductive health care” aka “the procedure,” eating themselves into obesity, staring at a computer screen in an office for thirty years straight, and then coming home to cats.

      Unless she is a nun, woman who does not produce children is a useless eater who will never be anything but a second-rate copy of a second-rate man. No woman ever has, or ever will, compete with or be better than the best men.

      Jewish “feminism” and women’s “liberation” is the single most destructive ideology in the West. The idea that millions of women would shred a healthy, living white baby into hash because they fucked some random guy and were too stupid or too irresponsible to use birth control is positively sickening. Yet the “right to choose” is now a sacred, fundamental principle in all Western nations. Western Civilization has become positively Satanic and abortion is the main reason why.

      Whoever said “feminism is the suicide cult of the West” sure as hell got it right.

      • Yup. The empowered women lead and the disempowered men follow. To their dual doom. Jezebel and Ahab societies, on meth.

        Feminism is a death cult. Straight from Lucifer’s mind to this world.

  11. The fact that Western countries are trying to use immigration to overcome the population implosion tells you that the main big thinkers in government realize they are to blame. And they are unwilling to stow the weapons they deployed against us in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s to prevent the so-called “population bomb” and to implode labor rates.

    There are signs of change, though. China is trying to undo the damage of the most overtly anti procreation policies in history. More countries are trying to incentivize children as the immigrants are a demographic and cultural nightmare.

    The trends in the US won’t change until the government basically says, “If you have three or more children and raise them through high school and they become productive members of society, you never have to pay taxes again. Ever.”

    This won’t happen because of the government views children as a cost problem. Nancy Pelosi famously admitted this in an interview on ABC many years ago, and said that “family planning” budgets are needed to control costs.

    People keep whining about people in the West not having a purpose. I’m a dad. I have three kids. One college grad has minimal debt, biochemist. The second one is in college to be an engineer, minimal debt. The youngest graduates HS in the Spring…she will be “more expensive”…but we’ll figure her path out. That’s my purpose. The girls have been told by me that they will be able to support themselves. Divorce has made it too easy for girls to marry bums, then get stuck with kids and no source of income. Yes, divorce in many places punishes men, but some (not all) of them damn well deserve the ass kicking. Our old babysitter (we refused to pay for institutional daycare) is a mother of two. Her juvenile ex slept with and then ran off with her best friend. She had quit the workforce, and spent the next 15 years trying to get her life back above the poverty line. Both kids are 20-something’s now, living with her, sharing the mortgage payments. Her a-hole ex moved out of state and was a constant PITA.

    I dated a lot in my 20’s, but it took me a long time to find a woman who shared my sense of purpose. We’re both Gen X’ers from larger families. We both wanted kids. We both made career choices that still allow us to fulfill our purpose. Neither of us pursued promotions at work. Work pays for our lifestyle and allows us to fulfill our purpose.

    My daughter, now 23, quotes a meme popular with people her age, “Have kids?! In THIS economy?!” (“house” and “kids” are interchangeable in the meme). Her beau is 24, and he wants to go to law school. But his college debt is obscene, and if you marry somebody $100K in debt…guess what? He’s a good man, but his prospects are dim over the next 10 years, financially. My wife and I are pretty well set, but we can’t climb that hill, and caution her about the debt problem.

    My son fits the profile of his generation. He likes girls, but mostly avoids them, with so many being stupid. I don’t worry for him. He’ll come around and when he meets someone like his mom (a high bar, I picked a winner) he’ll settle down.

    I tend to agree with everyone else on the multitude of factors. But I’m not doom and gloom about it. Maybe this is just nature orchestrating a big die off.

    You only have to drive to work at rush hour for a few weeks to realize there are just too damn many stupid people. An advantage of a die off is it breaks the GDP Worship cycle. Several years of negative GDP (locally, nationally, globally) would focus people on more important things than self actualization.

    Finally, I’ve been considering building small houses / outbuildings on the property (we have a modest 2.5 acres) specifically for the kids. If we consolidate our firepower, it may do a lot of good.

    • From things you have written in comments before, and from your picture, I believe you and I live in the same general area. Perhaps we could arrange a meetup after the holidays.

      • I don’t know who said it, but I always liked this observation: Women marry a man thinking he will change. Men marry a woman thinking she won’t.

        It’s not lack of agency to point out that people make imperfect decisions. The advise we give our daughters is to never put themselves in a position economically where they cannot fend for themselves.

        There are honest and honorable men in the world, and this is a good strategy with many women. There are also men who are contemptible liars and actors and that is ALSO an effective strategy with women.

        I teach my girls to live in the real world. A lot of the reason I preach it is so they’ll choose wisely.

    • “Several years of negative GDP (locally, nationally, globally) would focus people on more important things than self actualization.”

      Fake Chinese proverb:
      Food on table, many problems; no food on table, one problem

    • Disclaimer: I’m a huge China Shill generally.

      That being said, they’ve got their work cut out for them because apart from the very remote rural peasantry (only a few hundred million now — pace of urbanisation has been insane last 2 generations) women have been totally liberated and rule the roost in social media (*). They also have developed very inflated notions of their personal worth and the kind of men they deserve. It’s going to be very difficult to put that genie back in the bottle.

      Should be a given in this present company that you cannot have a healthy reproductive rate along with female emancipation.

      * Chinese social media is censored of course. Is it more censored than our social media? I think not. Certain political and religious topics are out of bounds. The only online mob pile-ons tend to be nationalistic ones and (worse) feminist and male simping attacks on the occasional chauvinist malefactor real or imagined — it’s possible to debate Russia/Ukraine or (say) African Development / Lack thereof online in China without being cancelled.

  12. Do not forget the lack of testosterone (which you seem to allude to in the environmental poisoning section). Completely agree with women – after all, they are taught to have all the sex they can, and it is only wrong when you get pregnant – but a man with raging testosterone wants to impregnate women. The modern man in the West simply lacks that fundamental desire. This is why groups like the Amish are unaffected – their T levels from eating well and avoiding modern radiation and poison, as well as plenty of exercise, are very high compared to most European based whites
    Blacks have the highest T levels and such high rates of children (especially in third world, where there is not abortion). Again, the female access to abortion is the only reason for the black population not exploding. Ditto South Americans – high T.

    • People only call it T because of the commercials. It’s Testosterone. I always felt that people with low testosterone said “T”. Probably more likely that I’m just an asshole.

    • The anecdote re blacks is interesting to consider, as in aggregate they surely eat a higher % if processed foods vs other demographics

  13. If you do any research on this at all you will see like most everything else the Rockefellers had a huge hand in it….

    • The shitlibs who say there should be no such thing as a billionaire are probably right, but not for the reasons they think. What’s proven out over time is that too many billionaires are unable to resist the temptation to use their wealth to play god over the rest of us. Evidently just having the ability to do whatever you want whenever and however you want isn’t satisfying enough.

      • No single man, by virtue of his wealth, should be more powerful than a country, even a small African one.

        • Crassus learned this the hard way.

          But Crassus lived in a society which worshipped Action and Martial Glory more than Money. So it always ate at him until he got his comeuppance. Our billionaires live risk-free and care not a fig for public opinion.

          Musk might yet die a noble timeless death in a pod on Mars eating ze bugs. So there’s that. I don’t have much hope that Bezos would do anything half as manly.

    • While all of these points are relevant, I think that the main problems are urbanization and the education of women beyond high school…People in cities have always had far fewer children than country women, usually sub-replacement..Nineteenth century London had sub-replacement levels of fertility, and relied on immigration from the very fertile countryside…Teheran, with a far different culture, has a rate of 1.3…Then there is the education of women..In Germany, 40% of women with advanced educational credentials have zero children…Singapore, with the smartest people in the world, has a rate of 1.24…So it’s an IQ shredder, pretty much everywhere….

  14. I would be just fine with a collapsed fertility rate. America with only 250 million people was pretty nice.

    But the money men aren’t happy. They need growth, so they are trying to jam another hundred million immigrants into the land to keep selling real estate, cable TV and cell-phones.

    • Same, and exactly right. If not for libertarian dogma that believes an expanding population means a higher GDP and hence a better life, this would not be an issue. Since the GDP/population fetish remains a thing, immigrants are demanded even while they destroy quality of life. Not that collapsed TFR is without problems, but invasive non-whites create a literal dystopia.

      Japan may be stagnant but it still is Japan. The United States is a strip mall with porn theaters

    • America was pretty nice when the pop was 250 mill and 90 percent white. I daresay the latter is even more important than the former.

  15. I would (and often do) add the following factors to the overall issues of the West’s low birth rates: The Third World’s booming birth rates. Perhaps oversimplifying a bit: The only reason that the poor nations of the world were and are still able to enjoy standards of living – in local, relative terms – undreamed of by their ancestors of just a few generations back must be credited almost entirely to Western technology and aid. Now, it may be true that as a culture becomes more affluent it tends to have smaller families. But go tell that to nations such as those in Africa where they are still breeding like rabbits. Throw in wars, chronic unemployment and the other usual societal cures of the third world, and this explains in great measure the massive migration of undesirables to the West. Of course all the above is unsustainable, but how it winds down is anyone’s guess. “Most unpleasantly” is mine.

    • Why should she put up with the slightest bit of irritation, disappointment, or even inconvenience from you when there are 20 more guys in her inbox?

      • 20? LOL! If she is a blue haired hamplanet. If she is even slightly above average, more like 200. Men simply don’t comprehend the insane levels of thirst out there.

        I helped one of my attractive female friends curate her dating profile. 200 messages a day was not uncommon.

        It has completely broken the classic social interaction and is also why most Western wahmen are now insufferable c-nts by and large.

        • I’ve never used a dating app nor, for that matter, any of the host of Social Media catastrophes, which I identified as “hogwash” very early in the game.
          Alas, a few years ago, I had to ask myself “WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO THESE SKIRTS? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?”
          I have come to believe that the answer (in part, surely), is…

        • If we had 200 or even 20 of them lined up at all times, what would we treat women like? This probably wouldn’t do anything to depress TFR though.

      • The Smartphone is a veritable Box of Cocks for the young and not-so-young maidens of our present era.


        The Whore & Gambler by the State
        Licencd build that Nations Fate
        The Harlots cry from Street to Street
        Shall weave Old Englands winding Sheet
        The Winners Shout the Losers Curse
        Dance before dead Englands Hearse


    • So you are saying the only thing that saves us is a technological collapse or return of a shame-based society? Either is fine by me.

      • Shame will more than suffice. Question as always then is Who? Whom? If the enemy captures the Ultimate Arbiter of What is Shameful, then we’re back to Square One. In fact that’s where we live now. Wokeness is enforced mainly by Shaming. We’re not setting the Morality; they are. Regular Z Man theme.

        And who are the local enforcers of Shame in any society? The women. Especially the older women. Which are our most insane social termites just right now.

        Gordian Knots –> National Razors… Something like that needed first.

  16. In the 1970s, the average number of children per Mexican woman was just over 7. Now, I believe it is just under replacement rate of 2.1.

    This REALLY needs to be studied, as it is happening in all cultures, everywhere. Massive declines.

    The only population that has maintained TFR well above 7 – the Amish. Fun fact, over the past 120 years, their fertility rate has remained CONSTANT, through all of the GAE. In fact, by 2300, if the Amish TFR remains the same, there will be 100 million Amish in America.

    I am actually excited to see how that goes.

    • To keep growing long term, at some point the Amish are going to have to adapt. Specifically, become more willing to fight wars. Because they aren’t always going to have a benevolent state protecting them, especially not as they grow. And there isn’t going to be enough farmland for 100 million of them, requiring another adaptation.

      • Not enough farmland? Perhaps. But look at the areas they heavily populate, and look at the surface area and compare to Europe and how many people are in similar sized areas in Europe.

        OH, IN, WI, PA, NY, and MI can easily hold 200MM people, no problem. But yes, pure farmers, that could be an issue.

        As to war, who knows. But I’m rooting for the Amish baby boom!

      • Interesting questions you bring up about adaptation. I wonder about their percentages of defections over the past 150 years as the world modernized at an exponential rate? As their differences to the larger society became more pronounced? If Western governments fail and can no longer protect them, what does that adaptation look like? Does it happen or do they become Dodos? Or your second scenario where they remain protected but reach 100m and and exceed the availability of farmland to maintain their niche lifestyle?

        Maybe this is silly mental gymnastics question but I think not. The Amish seem to be the only whites interested in reproduction.

        • Them and the Mormons Brother…Yes as soon as society breaks down the Amish will become slaves to whoever is the local warlord in their area…

          • Perhaps. Sweet summer children seems to fit the Amish but who knows, perhaps they do adapt.

            I did forget about the Mormons, and they long ago established that they will fight and slaughter if necessary.
            I get the impression that after they were so badly tarred by their anti-gay marriage push in California… they seemed to have detached from trying to improve the gentile world outside of how it directly effects them. I could be wrong, but it seems like they’ve damned the rest of us and let Romney just go ahead and help destabilize the West.

          • Lineman


            You base that on what observations?

            I’m surrounded by Amish/Mennonite families/communities,and if there was a breakdown of society, they wouldn’t notice it for a while.

            As for trying to enslave them, my only comment is, good luck with that.

          • @ Bart
            Why I say that is an agrarian society will always lose out to an industrial one…I would give you the Kulaks as an example…They survive and thrive right now because of the benevolence of their host nation…Do you see any Amish in any lands that are not accommodating towards them…

    • As long as everyone else’ TFR stays the same, 100 million is most likely doable. America only broke 100 million in 1915. They could easily support 100 million using mostly traditional farming, though not if the rest of the population grows and there are 500 million in the US.

      • You and Johnny are probably correct on the availability of farmland not being an issue. But as the stress increases I can see the Amish served up as the latest baddies for the Left.

        The attack groups will be funded by agribusiness. The anti-Amish groups will whine and whinge about their white supremacy. Imaginary history articles will be produced detailing how they took land from black sharecroppers and indigenous farmers. Every time food prices fluctuate up you’ll see pieces on how the racist greedy Amish are causing this because they aren’t providing the same food production as an industrial farming corp. Oh and the kvetching about how they subjugate their women… and the Daily Wire can tar them with some form of anti-semitism.

        Barren wine aunties will have a plethora of anti-Amish images to alternate on their twarter bio pics.

        • Nor will the Amish racist (somehow) furniture, stoves, and other manufactures escape Sauron’s leftist queer eye.

        • Now that you mention it, I’ve always thought those hex signs they put on their barns smack disturbingly of swastikas…

        • Somehow this is funny, sad and true, all at the same time. The more absurd the claims, the more likely they seem to stick.

          Plus they speak German!! We wouldn’t want to speak German now, would we.!

      • Amish cashflows tend to be heavily dependent on construction and other work done for the English.

  17. Grade school in the 60s, there were female teachers proud of being childless due to the “Population Bomb.”
    If babies are fungible, there is no baby shortage.

  18. Well, there is one problem that had been solved with several tools. The un-solving of that problem has been the project of the Enlightenment, and there is no solution to our current state without throwing the concept of liberty as a principal good overboard.

    The problem is that sperm are cheap and eggs are expensive. This suggests a very straightforward strategy game for women that looks exactly like what we see these days: an equilibrium of players and whores, except that the players are limited to the top 10% of men, as evaluated by whatever passes for the female mind. Obviously, this makes civilization impossible.

    The historical solution was whatever restricted the ability of women to play that particular strategy. There were usually a million little elements to that restriction. So, recommendations on how to re-solve the problem are – whenever placed in the American context of rejecting all bonds that are not in the current moment desired – cannot be expected to work.

    Liberty means women get to work and vote and take birth control and divorce their husbands and sleep around and go to college and all the rest of it. But all of that stems from the concept of maximal liberty. That is the concept that must be slaughtered, by whatever means are necessary.

    • I love when that time machine conversation pops up about killing the mustachioed 20th C boogeyman. “No, Marx gets the bullet I think, after then suffragettes”… you get the best facial responses.

    • Yes, it’s true that sperm are cheap and eggs are expensive, but eggs have a relatively short shelf life, after which their bearer’s sexual market value plummets dramatically.

      Unfortunately, we don’t teach our daughters that and they find out to their sorrow that it’s too late baby.

      But even more ominously, many of them are aware of this and don’t care anyway. They are entitled to their choices, and I don’t think we should try to force otherwise, but those choices have second-order effects, namely that the children of their fecund sisters will be paying for their socialized pension schemes.

      And in the years to come, that will be characterized by a younger, non-white working population paying for social security for barren old white spinsters. Pass the popcorn.

  19. The issue is a bit different in America, but here in Euroland we’re packed like sardines, so a temporary drop in fertility rates is not in itself a disastrous thing.

    Also, I believe the problem will fix itself: when the welfare states disappears it will dawn on people that unless they want to spend their doting years begging in the streets, they better produce a litter of strong sons and make damned sure they are raised properly.

    • Among questions raised is why laudable demands for environmental improvements are made simultaneously with polices to increase migration into already overpopulated areas. How much of it is greed and how much is anti-white hatred is hard to disentangle.

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  21. As much as I don’t waive away chemicals and cultural toxins and believe these are real problems, I cannot really dismiss the economic aspects. When I was a teenager in high school, school counselors and other people of this type who interacted with the teenagers would bring out all the economics of children, always massively overstated.

    First they unleashed teenage degeneracy and then used the inevitable teen pregnancy problems that followed to demonize having children at all. It was always presented as slavery as well. that you would be a slave to your new “boss” a screaming child.

    They also weaponized women and children in the courts. Most young men are afraid of becoming a slave through the court system. On any given day, there are 10s of thousands of men at a minimum sitting in jail over child and wife support payments. Every single person involved in family courts should be in a big concentration camp.

    If somehow you can get past all these troubles, there is the economic reality facing young people. But this also where I think the most hope lies or at least could lay. If not for importing millions of foreigners, this situation would change itself naturally. A falling population would dramatically lower the cost of living.

  22. It’s not just the west with below replacement levels. East Asians are having the same issue, and I believe south Asians as well. The only place above replacement levels? You guessed it, Africa wins again.

    • Africa is declining too. It just has farther to decline than the others. Lending more weight to an environmental cause. It’s everywhere.

    • In many Eastern traditions sons are vastly more desired than daughters, primarily (as I understand it) because of the dowry costs to the parents wishing to marry off a daughter. In places where abortion is legal, this has led to sex selection abortions and absurdly high male/female ratios. Goes without saying that marriage has suffered somewhat in these places.

  23. Bottom line is we need to acknowledge the inherent differences between the sexes in order to get them to pair up again.

    Males are rational creatures and respond predictably to incentives. If men are required to take on the responsibilities of marriage in order to get laid, they will do what it takes to make it happen. If the reward for responsible behavior is a young, slender, submissive, feminine girl who will happily bear his children and stay loyal for life, young men will move heaven and earth to build civilization in order to obtain that reward.

    Females are emotional creatures who are greatly susceptible to external influence and respond mostly to social shaming and others’ expectations of them. If they are suitably brainwashed to prioritize finding a good man early in life and to have lots of his children, and are relentlessly shamed for obesity, sluttery, obscenity, ugliness, and rebelliousness, young women will fall in line.

    • Yep.

      A lot of the harping on women in the DR is a tad misplaced. Women are simply following their biology. Women are extremely attuned to what the dominant tribe says is right and wrong. It’s why women are constantly scanning the media for what to wear, what to say, etc. They are looking for clues as to how to stay in with the tribe.

      It makes sense. Back in our hunter-gather days, it was live and death for a woman and her children that they not get kicked out the tribe. It was certain death. A man had the potential to either take over the tribe or form a new tribe. Women did not.

      As a result, women will fully embrace whatever the tribe leaders say is good and fully despise whatever the tribe leaders say is bad. That doesn’t make women stupid or weak. It’s just their biology kicking in, same as a guy will look at a beautiful woman in a tight dress. He can’t help it.

      If you wonder why Amish women or Mormon women aren’t as susceptible to modern culture, it’s because they have a different tribe with different rules. TV and the internet don’t matter to them because it’s not their tribe leaders saying those things. They don’t want to get kicked out of their tribe, so that’s whom they pay attention to.

      Until whites start to form their own communities with their own rules of behavior – and, importantly, kick out those who don’t follow those rules – women will continue to listen to the dominant tribe leaders for instruction.

      And, yes, they are the dominant tribe. They control the media, the politicians, law enforcement, finance, etc. They are the dominant tribe.

      • Until whites start to form their own communities with their own rules of behavior – and, importantly, kick out those who don’t follow those rules – women will continue to listen to the dominant tribe leaders for instruction.

        That is all that matters Brother…We can talk about shit til the cows come home but nothing gets better until we do exactly that…Tribe Up or Die White Man…

        • Yep. Nature is putting on the pressure again. The good news is that people – even women – are losing their faith in the dominant tribe/culture.

          They don’t know what to replace it with, but you see it everywhere. Some of the bad things that we’re seeing in young men is oddly a good sign. They’re dropping out of society. That’s bad in the sense that they’re not doing anything, but it’s good in the sense that they no longer believe what the media, govt and schools are telling them. They’re looking for something.

          A lot of young women are also not buying feminism, though, again, they don’t know what to replace it with.

          Young whites have little trust in society. They can sense that it’s not working. Opportunities are opening up.

  24. Another ancillary factor in fertility decline is the ubiquity of porn, and the absence of any sanction against its use. When I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, yes, we would peruse the odd Playboy and Penthouse, but there was still a huge stigma against masturbation. We all denied doing it, and any boy who who admitted to it would be mocked and scorned mercilessly.

    Was it a lie? Of course, but a very useful one. If peer pressure discourages you from expending sexual energy autoerotically you will be compelled to expend it usefully, i.e. in pursuit of girls to marry, mate with, and have children. With the advent of Internet porn and the complete absence of any hint of social disapprobation of its use, males, and to a lesser extent females, squander their sexual energy in front of a computer monitor rather than put it to good use in bed. And I’m yet to hear of a camera whore who was impregnated by a cursor.

    • Absence of disapprobation? I think it’s even sicker than that. Pornography use is not just encouraged, but you’ll actually be called a weirdo by the usual suspects if you’re adamant about avoiding it. I’ve noticed in the past that they’ll occassionally be these little “no fap” crazes on the Internet where these young guys make a big deal about avoiding onanism. Whenever they break out, there are always a bunch of Left-wing crazies that come out of the woodwork to call them freaks and deviants because they don’t want to spend all day at home gherkin jerkin’ (like any normal healthy person would do).

      It brings to mind this latest lunacy where some young men are talking up fitness and working out and a bunch of Left-wing loons are calling them right-wing extremists because of it. “You know else wanted to be fit? Nazis!!” The society has devoted ever more energy to actively demonizing any attempt by younger men to improve themselves and make better use of their time.

    • And (((who))), pray tell, was behind the mainstreaming of porn? Guys like Marvin Miller and Samuel Roth:

      “Samuel Roth, who ran an adult book-selling business in New York City, was convicted under a federal statute criminalizing the sending of “obscene, lewd, lascivious or filthy” materials through the mail for advertising and selling a publication called American Aphrodite (“A Quarterly for the Fancy-Free”) containing literary erotica and nude photography.”

      “In 1971, Marvin Miller, an owner/operator of a California mail-order business specializing in pornographic films and books, sent out a brochure advertising books and a film that graphically depicted sexual activity between men and women.”

  25. I saw what may be the most important and terrifying meme of all.

    On the left, a glowering, heavy-faced sheeboon;
    On the right, a winsome Irish lass.

    “Nothing should radicalize you more

    That in the future

    There will be billions of these

    And only a few million of these”

    • There aren’t a few million of them now.

      When I was a teenager there was an academic mania for finding and casting out heretical 2D “projections” of the globe. The familiar world maps favored by European sea navigators enlarged the port-heavy areas of the northern hemisphere at the geometrical expense of areas that sailors did’t worry so much about. Very handy for finding places of historical note, especially as a kid hearing of them for the first time.

      The first scrap-the-map sales pitch I heard was that in actual area Russia is gigantic compared to the USA, and Americans need to *feel* the size of it whenever they see a map so they’ll stop thinking they can defeat communism. But that rhetoric fell away with the USSR. The next, even more morally righteous argument was that explorers’ maps made white kids think they’re SOMEBODY—and those kids need to be taught that they are not. Africa must loom, from kindergarten on, over their little lands and little minds. History’s not HIS STORY. Etc.

      That pearl of current_year (from thirty-five years ago) is accreted around a grain of truth. For the same reason we’re hated—insert the quote—we don’t realize how few of us there are. Even the most “racist” meme we can come up with is a suicidal understatement.

  26. Which is a bigger problem:
    Obnoxious childless sjw women and gays
    Single mothers that have cluster b disorder

    I feel that the latter is actually a bigger problem. The former can definitely do damage, but not as much as the latter

  27. While chemical exposure isn’t by any means good, I think it all comes down to selfishness. Very few women my age have kids on any replacement level. It all comes down to selfishness. They don’t want to feel tied down. They want the trip to Hawaii, etc. Women like little comforts. By their 40’s many know that they made a terrible mistake and hence the vodkas with flavored seltzer water.

    I was just joking about this topic yesterday with a friend. Look at what we were processing as kids, look at the movies of the 80’s. Working Girl. Pretty Woman, etc. All far fetched dumb as can be plots but imagine a 12 year old girl processing this. If all of society tells you from decades 1) be selfish, 2) be a wh- re, people are mostly meat robots who do what they’re told. And if you don’t believe me, look at the Covid era, which is an example I will be using for the rest of my life.

    Getting back to Pretty Woman, aside from the fact that Julia Roberts has a giant mouth of a face, like some distorted AI image, that movie was pure toxic waste for my generation. Go out there, be a wh-o-re and it’ll all work out. You’ll find your gerbil man who can write a check and send you off to college for your “career.” The women who actually attempted this movie plot in real life ended up sleeping in a car under the 101 and raped by some drug dealing cholo at 3am.

    • The attractive single woman in her 20s/30s already has, in this day and age, most everything a person could want, (although she might not recognize that fact), so long as she is willing to put out. There is virtually nothing you can offer her that is better than what she already has (at least not in an immediate sense). If you won’t give her what she wants, some other guy will. Today, right now. She doesn’t have to wait. There is no such thing as delayed gratification for this demographic.

      Why should she care about reproducing? Because it will mean something to her in 20 or 30 years? Good luck selling that.

    • JR Wirth: “If all of society tells you from decades 1) be selfish, 2) be a wh- re, people are mostly meat robots who do what they’re told.”


      There is no question but that:

      A) Yuge portions of the population cannot grok that they are victims of ongoing psychological warfare campaigns [psy-ops], and that

      B) Feminism was a psy-op designed precisely to destroy White Christian fertility rates [largely as an act of meta-revenge directed at the memory of Austrian Mustache Guy].

      • Bourbon, I told you I would keep you posted

        Last week my triple jabbed (at least) cousin gave birth to a full term evidently healthy baby White boy. Mother also seems fine. Her also triple jabbed (at least) sister is due in a couple of months.

    • I think sex in the city had the biggest impact, i remember all the girls in high school worshiping it. Not to mention many of the girls in my grade came from broken marriages. Had no spiritual life, the list goes on and on. These people never had a chance.

      • The damage by Sex in the City was truly catastrophic, and the reason my childless female cousins are seeing shrinks to this day wondering where it all went wrong. The 90’s were a continuation of all of that 70s and 80s mythology put into shows like that. Ally McBeal was another one by the way. Wanting a kid but not willing to give up being a latte sipping 80 hour workweek attorney. Everyone in the office still having time to screw their brains out.

        • In my mind, it was the Devil’s Triumvirate:

          Seinfeld: 1989-1998
          Friends: 1994-2004
          Sex and the City: 1998-2004

          After those three psyops had poisoned the culture, the comity & polity of Norman Rockwell’s America was simply obliterated.

          Especially regarding the phenomenon of “Snark”.

          The Devil’s Triumvirate taught all the innocent naive shiksa gals how to rip apart & decimate a White man’s sense of self worth via snark & snark alone.

          The prophet, H.L. Mencken, PBUH, foresaw it earlier than most: “How little it takes to make life unbearable: a pebble in the shoe, a cockroach in the spaghetti, a woman’s laugh.”

          When I was a boy, growing up in the South, it would have been a social death sentence to have spoken sarcastically to one’s peers [and God forbid anyone should have spoken sarcastically to one’s parents].

          Sarcasm was a cardinal sin in the Old South.

          It was simply unmentionable, unthinkable,

      • In 2000 TIME Magazine had a cover story called “Who Needs A Husband?” featuring the cast of Sex And The City.

        It’s been all downhill from there.

    • Julia Roberts was the earliest example I noticed of “them” taking a woman who was not beautiful and telling us she was beautiful, holding her up as the standard. It’s only gotten worse in the 30+ years since. It doesn’t have to be hugely conspiratorial, could be just as simple as female casting directors choosing women who make them feel better about themselves. I think that’s a big part of it. But not all of it.

      • And after that, and even harder to accept, was that chick in “Sex in the City.”

        Do women view the arorementioned ladies more attractive than men do? Maybe they find these ladies more relatable than the beautiful women.

        • You are confusing the drivers. Women seek social and peer status. That is the main driver of fashion, trends, and dating/mating behavior. Horseface Parker, designer shoes, and gay brunch friends were high status signifiers within female groups, though not attractive (or actively repellant) to men.

    • Grease (1978) wasn’t any better. The sweet, chaste, innocent heroine (played by Olivia Newton John), was ultimately corrupted into slatternliness by her peers, and this was celebrated unabashedly. She was liberated, by gawd!

      Making the film even more subversive and destructive, it was set in the 1950s, a decade noted for its traditional morality. The message here was one of two things, both of which were terrible. First, the moral purity of the 50s was a myth; there was no real difference between 1959 and 1969. Or second, the moral purity was real, but was worthy of contempt because it was square and repressive.

      When the revolution comes, my friends, the people of Hollywood must be among the very first to swing.

      • Grease is one of those things I’ve never gotten around to seeing and hopefully never will. I was scared off by Xanadu and could never again watch Olivia Newton John.

        • Well, she was no Katharine Hepburn, but Grease, if you can ignore the nauseating message, is an entertaining musical film.

  28. Among progressives (my row of the cabbage patch,) many women have raised their standards so high that few men can meet them, leading to a large number of women who prefer to remain single, divorcees, lesbians who out number their gay male peers and nonbinaries, up to 40% at the local colleges.

    Also many members of groups that are advantaged at the expense of the other group(s) that belong(s) to their cohort — women at men’s expense, non-whites at whites’ expense — become contemptuous of those to whom they’ve been preferred: affirmative action, the “woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle” generation, the current trans promotion.

    The Passport Bros phenom of young American men heading in droves for the Philippines and Southeast Asia in search of wives with whom to start families has been picking up a head of steam. Unfortunately, as the demand for these traditional, non-feminist women picks up speed, there’s the danger that they may become conceited and Americanized with the related effects.

    • imbroglio: “a large number of women who prefer to remain single, divorcees, lesbians who out number their gay male peers and nonbinaries, up to 40% at the local colleges”

      There are a number samizdat dissidents who are now wondering whether there ever really was such a thing as a natural innate feminine nurturing instinct [with regards to a woman’s newborn child], or whether it was actually LEARNED behavior enforced by an ambient moral [not amoral] culture & zeitgeist.

      If feminine nurturing is indeed learned, rather than innate, then we’re in deep deep deep Doo-Doo, because it sure ain’t being taught anymoar.

      • In most (but not all) of the lesser animal species it seems clearly innate, not learned. But they lack the capacity to think about it.

    • I have borne witness:
      1. Taiwanese: clung to her trad-femme through the Ivy League, but had it permanently blasted out of her in L-School.
      2. Indonesian (Batok, no less!): the other girls in the e-commerce factory wouldn’t put up with it, and “turned” her in her early thirties.

      The problem with females is, generally, other females.

      • Shame to hear that about the Batak girl. I’ve been to northern Sumatra a couple times and they were generally demure Christians, warm but ladylike.

  29. Lots of good comments today on the bad effects of allowing women to have birth control, education, and careers. As a contrarian, I ask, “How could you convince a talented and pretty young woman that she should forego those things?”

    Until recently, I would have argued that most white women share an inherited white female nature, which is best satisfied by being a mother in a traditional family.

    Now, I’m not so sure about my appraisal of white female nature. With social media, I get a sense that actual female nature has been revealed and it is much more mercenary and selfish that I had believed.

    Anyway, how do you traditional parents sell traditional roles to young women who have other options?

    • It’s hard. The best way is to quietly show them women in their 40s and 50s who never had kids out of choice. No need to make a speech about it. Just let them see the results.

      • LineInTheSand: “how do you traditional parents sell traditional roles to young women who have other options?”

        Remove the options.

        Giving women options is like giving gasoline & matches to toddlers.

        • Remove the options.
          Giving women options is like giving gasoline & matches to toddlers.
          Ding ding ding…Winner Winner Chicken Dinner…You can only do that if you are the dominant tribe though so if White People truly want change, not just to hash things out endlessly with no action they are going to have to put effort in to becoming the dominant Tribe…

      • No, “let them just see the results” is as copium as “the market will sort out the woke.”
        You constantly remind them that being a mother is her best and highest purpose and the only way to happiness, and constantly point out the error and lifelong pain of childlessness. Christianity seems indispensable in this. It helps that so many in the cohort of childbearing are having fertility struggles: look how hard and expensive it is to have a child after 30, and how much harder it is to be a parent, and how you can end up with a lonely child or none at all. Multigenerational involvement is necessary too. “What will your joy be in old age?” is a meaningless question to someone who does not see old age.

    • I suppose I would say the best way would be to be a good example of what you want for them male or female…The second would be have them around people who also are doing that with their kids…Third would be have them involved with activities that promote that some examples would be church, homesteading, homeschooling, food coops etc etc…

    • A woman is defined by her social group far more than men. Sending your daughter to just any college and expecting her to maintain the principles you taught her is suicidal. The less she is exposed to the toxicity of modernity, the better. The faster she is inundated with a clique of married, mature women, the better.

      There are still good colleges out there, but three quarters of women and probably half of men in college have no business being there. She should be mature enough to marry an established man by the time she’s 20, and that should be the path a solid majority of women.

      • Actually you reminded me of the small sample size of Amish that I am familiar with. The one woman my wife is friends with has 8 kids, and the “kid” we have help around the barn also comes from a family of 8. However childlessness is not unknown, in fact the sister of the first woman had zero kids and never married and probably the best known Amish woman in town never had kids either. Their overall fertility rate is still much better than the local Englishers though in an age not too far gone it would have been called “normal”.

    • If a girl is talented, the modern workplace is just about the worst possible place to display that talent. The vast majority of jobs–ca. 85%–in AINO are simply functionary positions in which the primary requirements are ass-kissing collegiality and espousing Leftist fatuities. High intelligence and independent thinking may actually be bars to advancement. A girl with talent would be far better off using it to research and write, or produce art, something she could do at home while she cares for her children, runs the household, and cooks for her family.

      • Yep. Leap into the corporate world and she’s an extremely tiny fish in a tremendously large pond, or she becomes a homemaker and is mistress of all she surveys.

        I wonder why that’s so hard to see and understand.

  30. I read somewhere that everything about our current societal structure revolves around suppressing the “slow life” individuals and expanding the “fast life” individuals.

    Think about the median opportunity for someone turning 22 years old today. Houses are absurdly expensive, your salary is barely enough to cover the rent, and you don’t see any quick path out.

    Slow life people will hunker down and try to position themselves decently before having children, they don’t need to be rich but they certainly will want to provide a stable and safe life for their children. They’ll also want to ensure their spouse is also capable of providing that stability.

    Fast life people will not think of that at all, in fact they won’t even think about children. They’ll just forget to take their BC one day and pop out another kid. Single mom with 4 kids will move into a 2 bedroom HUD apartment in the hood. Sure the schools are horrific but who cares? Quality of life doesn’t factor into their decision tree.

    • “Slow life people will hunker down and try to position themselves decently before having children, they don’t need to be rich but they certainly will want to provide a stable and safe life for their children. They’ll also want to ensure their spouse is also capable of providing that stability.”

      And sometimes the slow life people will conclude that they can never make enough money to provide a stable, safe life for their children. Thus, they won’t have any.

      • Yes. I can see big-brained K-selecteds saying to hell with it, I’m not going to mate with just anybody and raise kids in an apartment.

        OTOH I always tell young people to stop getting so caught up in the macro (which is, was, and will always be awful). There are still lots of opportunities out there and you can get by with much less than you think. Plenty of helicopter parents whose kids are complete zeroes, and I personally know young people who weren’t handed anything successfully raising broods of two to four.

        And on yet the other hand, I didn’t make it into the latter group (just one) and I’m glad this is no longer up to me.

  31. Just so happens I finally got around to watching Children Of Men last week. Clearly its message was that the strong black immigrant woman’s fertility will save the west from itself. And the white man must sacrifice himself for her. Still an entertaining film despite the poz.

    I don’t know the “true cause(s)” any better than anyone else. I lean to the environmental for whatever that’s worth. But without reproduction being a or the priority of society, the root cause(s), whatever they are, can never be addressed at scale. People must first care about reproduction before they can be motivated to do something to increase it. Thus the aspect that must be addressed first is philosophical/moral/spiritual. As it stands right now, reproduction is kinda far down the list below a few other concerns, for, I hesitate to say a majority of folks, but for enough of them that we are where we are. Cue up the chart showing wage stagnation since the 1970s. Not that this is “the cause,” but it too has to be addressed before the real cause can be.

    • In a society that is ugly, trashy and meaningless, few people will sacrifice an iota of material well-being for that society. And that means having children will be a very low priority.

  32. let’s be frank here, since time immemorial women needed men to feed them and protect them, that’s why they married them and had their kids.

    Women nowadays don’t need to marry cause government assumed the role of a man, now it’s the goverment that offers women protection and welfare, not their husbands.

    quarantine hasn’t resulted in baby boom cause suga daddy government continues to cock block the men in their society.

    let’s say western goverments go bankrupt, then women become dependent on their husbands and boyfriends again, resulting in baby boom.

    It’s that simple and stupid.

    • The state has taken ownership of women. And it being far more powerful than any individual, the women are fine with it. But since you need actual men to make babies, fertility drops. Major part of the problem

        • Indeed, strength was supposed to say state. The best life is the observant life. I learned much about women in high school. Watching them interact at lunch, shaming those who were on the outs for the week or school year. Getting in trouble in class, and then its all forgotten when the tears were turned on. Most people do not advance intellectually or emotionally beyond high school.

          • For negroes, the emotional maturation process seems to stop at the age of 9. And I’m not joking.

  33. I have two boys in their early to mid 20’s and a girl in her early 20s. (the boys are engineers and the girl is in her last year of a degree in mathematics). A significant % of the boy’s possible pool are “wine guzzling whores” and/or tattooed landwhales and/or narcissistic social media whores and/or cluster b nightmares (their words, not mine). A significant % of the girl’s possible pool are pale porn addict shut-ins and/or landwhales and/or narcissistic “Chads” and/or brave video game warriors (her words, not mine).

    Before you recommend to “find someone at church”, thanks grandparents, know that the churches are prime hunting grounds for fat wine guzzling tattooed narcissistic entitled whores and pale porn/video game addicts or Chad the walking penis.

    The girls have been ideologically groomed to insanity and the boys have learned to be uninterested. You couldn’t do a better job at destroying civilization if you tried.

    • Saw whole packs of “tattooed (female) land whales” in the Gulch in Nashville a week ago. It was a warm day and these young wymyn were in printed t-shirts/tank tops moving along the sidewalk in groups of 10-12. Some were fat and some not. I’m guessing they were headed to bars/restaurants as bachelorette party-goers or sorority celebrants. No normal male of my vintage would have tried to break into THAT crowd to meet someone that attracted his eye. Very weird sociological development, in my opinion.

      • My wife had a friend stop out at our place with her daughter who resembled that remark (though her friend does not) and afterwards I remarked to my wife how it even ‘clicks’ that a woman in the prime of her youth is less attractive than her overweight mom who is in her 60s.

        • I work at a university where there frequently are marauding hordes of future students traipsing across campus on sponsored indoctrination tours. Inevitably, the parents are there, too. And I have very often found myself glancing past the daughters in favor of the mothers. It really seems quite obvious that we are becoming uglier by the generation.

    • The only advice I could offer is find a place that still has those values they seek…I know the job prospects will suck but might be worth it to snag a tradwife or trad husband…

    • McLeod: “You couldn’t do a better job at destroying civilization if you tried.”

      Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Globalist Depopulationist Oligarchs have been planning this thing not just for decades now, but for well over a century.

      I’m betting that no later than about the 1890 to 1910 timeframe, there were already secret cabals of Oligarchs working furiously on the PQ [the Prole Question].

      As you move into the 20th Century, you get Margaret Sanger & Griswold & Roe, but then I think something very earth-shaking happened in 1983: Kary Mullis’s invention of PCR, and the sequencing of the HIV virus by Luc Montagnier & Robert Gallo.

      With PCR & HIV, the lightbulb went off in the minds of the Depopulationist Oligarchs, and they realized: “We could do this via viruses & vaccines!!”

      After the Annus mirabilis of 1983, I’m guessing that Warren Buffet and Bill Gates devoted all of their spare time to the virus/vaccine beachhead.

      It took decades to perfect the Lipid Nanoparticles & the MRNA coding, but eventually they started to see results in the early 2000s.

      Then they just had to wait patiently for an opportunity such as Orange Cheeto Man Bad to allow them to open the gates to the citadel.

      And finally the supreme irony [psychopaths adore irony]: They assassinated both Kary Mullis & Luc Montagnier, because dead men don’t talk.

    • McLeod, ladies and gentlemen! McLeod! He’s our winner of the Blackest Pill of the Day award!

      Heh. (I gave you an upvote, BTW.)

  34. This is another problem that will be solved by collapse and the return of real hardship. No woman is going to prioritize birth control if borderline starvation is a part of her daily routine. And men will once again have to fight to survive in a world of tangible danger in the first person. Those that succeed will garner females now hungry for security and resources, and woke feminism will die off immediately when the price is some missing teeth. Then, and only then, will fertility regain its natural priority in any surviving species.

    Collapse leads to fog, which leads to removal of the pathogens, which enables sanity to reassert itself in macro-social functioning. Embrace the collapse, survive the interregnum, become an antibody, 4S & focus.

    The future is not bleak, but it is a very hard gauntlet. Be fit and strong.

    • We chatter about the best way to rearrange the chairs on the deck of the Titanic and then TomA arrives and restates the simple, obvious, and unpleasant truth.

      TomA’s writings often emphasis the inevitability of collapse. While I am not very religious, his words call to mind lines from one of T. S. Eliot’s most Christian plays:

      O weariness of men who turn from GOD
      To the grandeur of your mind and the glory of your action,

      Turning from your vacancy to fevered enthusiasm
      For nation or race or what you call humanity;
      Though you forget the way to the Temple,
      There is one who remembers the way to your door:
      Life you may evade, but Death you shall not.
      You shall not deny the Stranger.

      O my soul, be prepared for the coming of the Stranger,
      Be prepared for him who knows how to ask questions.

    • The future is not bleak, but it is a very hard gauntlet. Be fit and strong.
      Amen Brother the only thing I would add is the future is Tribal and if you don’t have that then no matter how fit and strong you are you will be meat for those who do have Tribe…

  35. Agreed that this problem is multivariate, but I think another big cause has been the ever expanding access to pornography. It’s kind of amazing to think that as recently as the 50’s, American society was willing to ban ridiculous smut like Lady Chatterley’s Lover even though it was only in novel form. Now the most degenerate filth is available to nearly everyone at any time and in any place essentially for free. It’s pretty lamentable – but also understandable – that a lot of men will decide to avoid putting up with women and their attendant s**t when they can sublimate urges any time they wish in a nearly infinite variety of ways.

    This by the way is another reason why big-L Libertarianism is such a clown show. Easy access to pornography (and prostitution!) is another one of their big hobby horses along with legalizing drugs. They seem to believe that the “free” market providing something is automatically a positive even if the market is just catering to the worst of vices. To the Libertarians, American society has now reached its pinnacle because men can freely sit around in their apartments all day smoking weed and choking chickens.

    • There’s a difference between the Cato/reason crew and the mises types. Don’t the mises types believe that if you want a community without porn, you should be able to have one?

      • That might well be the case. I’m not as familiar with the Mises guys and what they’ve written on the topic. At the same time though, you’re probably going to run into the usual problem with libertarianism. You might want a community without pornography, but what if a bunch of your neighbors want as much pornography as possible? How do you force them out initially to create the community you want and how do you keep them out?

  36. Great post, great comments. This was particularly resonant:
    “The question as to the effects of birth control pills can never be answered since all of modern society is built upon their usage.”

    Every system in modern society is like this now. Division I football and basketball are permanently wrecked; the colleges are professional teams warping the whole academy around themselves. Millions of people earning good livings off Division I athletics will never agree to reform because they don’t have to. And I needn’t comment on the academic mess; two-thirds of colleges should not exist. Two-thirds of college curricula should not exist.

    Electoral politics, the civil tort system, the federal judiciary, public education, you name it: irreformable and unstoppable. The system will just have to collapse and the revenant emerge out of their holes to whatever civilization they can put together. The Chinese historians will shake their heads at the wonder and tragedy of it all.

    • > The Chinese historians will shake their heads at the wonder and tragedy of it all.

      Lol. China’s fertility crisis is many times worse than ours, but no less deserving of in-depth investigation by future historians as well.

        • Note, that includes non-Whites in the US, who are not a net benefit to our people. White rate was about 1.59 in 2021. Probably a bit lower now.

      • Since all “future historians” will be African origin, the quality of scholarship may not be of the highest standard.

        • Black fertility rates will collapse as soon as the west stops giving them aid.

          The only reason they have high fertility rates is because of the so called free food that they receive from the excess production. The local landscape and the population cannot support the existing numbers without importing food.

          • Africa could be a land of plenty if its native inhabitants were closer to homo sapiens than orang outans.

    • Just so. The rot is so comprehensive and profound that there is not the slightest shred of hope that white civilization can be refashioned prior to a major collapse of some sort. It’s simply a matter of when the denouement occurs and what form it takes.

      • We can do something so when it does happen we are in the position to use the opportunities presented to implement the 14 words…We have to be Building Tribe/Communities of our people so our way of life is preserved when it all comes falling down…

  37. There are so many factors, all applying downward pressure on childbearing and populating of White society. Relentless nagging from the evolutionary dead-ends (gays, lesbians, trannies) to not only tolerate but actively celebrate their degeneracy is just one. The economic inviability of single-income households, especially involving young married couples hoping to raise offspring is another.

    Easy divorce and the obscenely anti-male bias of the courts is enough to dissuade legions of otherwise family-friendly males from falling into the sinkhole of gynocentric hell that is a society which pedestalizes loose women at the expense of all men foolish enough to become trapped in it.

    In my own family, we have one son who was divorce-raped so thoroughly that he swears he will never even consider marrying again. And another son who, though he is in a stable relationship with a fine, old-fashioned woman, realizes that they cannot provide well enough for offspring on his income alone. So they continue to put off starting a family as his wife draws ever nearer the point of no return.

    Perversely, there are no disincentives to procreation among those demographics that add less than nothing to the greater good. The “human weeds” as Margaret Sanger famously referred to them. For as long as the gravy train pulls into the station on time to unload the goody bags of gibsmedats, we will continue to drown in a widening pool of non-contributing parasites.

    Heaven help us when demand exceeds supply.

    • Don’t know your economic situation, but my family is similar to yours–two adult boys and a married daughter. We’ve told the kids we’ll help them out with the costs of family raising as an incentive to try to get some grandkids. Plus, with the cost of housing, etc, raising a family on an average wage now days is very hard.

  38. Decline in fertility began in France, long before the Pill or the Industrial Revolution.

    Is there something about Catholicism that leads to cultural and literal sterility ?
    I don’t know but there does seem to be a link between increasing the number of Catholics in your country and the worst aspects of modernity. Look at the USA:the less Protestant it is the worse it becomes.

      • Well, he’s not wrong that the lowest fertility in the West is among formerly Catholic countries. Italy and Spain are insanely low. France would be low as well, but Muslims and Africans living there keep up the rate somewhat.

        • Correlation =/= causation. In this case, the post was either a troll of a case of extreme stupidity.
          Unless you ignore the previous two thousand years in the same countries. Then he has a point.

  39. G.K. Chesterton wrote in 1926 an article against contraception. That was four years before the Church of England’s Seventh Lambeth Conference of 1930, Resolutions 9-10, that allowed contraception, a first for a major Protestant denomination; the rest soon followed. GKC: “It is unclean in the light of the instincts; it is unnatural in relation to the affections; it is part of a general attempt to run the populace on a routine of quack medicine and smelly science; it is mixed up with a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands; it is ignorant of the very existence of real households where prudence comes by free-will and agreement.”

    On the term “birth control’: “It is the idea that people should be, in one respect, completely and utterly uncontrolled, so long as they can evade everything in the function that is positive and creative, and intelligent and worthy of a free man. It is a name given to a succession of different expedients (the one that was used last is always described as having been dreadfully dangerous) by which it is possible to filch the pleasure belonging to a natural process while violently and unnaturally thwarting the process itself. The nearest and most respectable parallel would be that of the Roman epicure, who took emetics at intervals all day so that he might eat five or six luxurious dinners daily. Now any man’s common sense, unclouded by newspaper science and long words, will tell him at once that an operation like that of the epicures is likely in the long run even to be bad for his digestion and pretty certain to be bad for his character. Men left to themselves have sense enough to know when a habit obviously savors of perversion and peril.”

  40. “Starting in the middle of the last century, the role of women started to change. First, they were encouraged to work outside the home, in addition to being a wife and mother. Then they were encouraged to work in lieu of becoming a wife and mother. The final leg on the transformation of the female role in society was the career woman.”

    I think the final leg of the transformation is that women become dudes.

  41. Ban women in the workplace until age 40.

    Ban dogs. How many young white women do you know who are “dog moms” rather than actual moms?

    Problem solved.

    • I just made a comment related to this below. Look at Saudi Arabia. Most women there don’t work and those entering the workforce are mostly over 40. Yet, their fertility rate has been going down since the 1980’s and is just at replacement level right now.

      • Muslims are also anti-canine, which is why the birthrate is not falling below replacement.

        But seriously, I think the material comfort that is brought on by capitalism/liberalism/materialism makes people value security and comfort over insecurity (financial insecurity over having children) and discomfort (babies and children are uncomfortable).

        Look at all the war-town hellholes or other trashy and superstitious 3rd world countries. Why are Yemenis having children? Why are Nigerians? Afghanis? You’d think those are the worst place to have them. Yet they do. Maybe in areas where life is fragile and rather worthless, some ancestral drive kicks in that makes people fecund. I don’t know. But materialism certainly robs people of the desire to procreate.

        • But materialism certainly robs people of the desire to procreate…
          Truth right there… I would also say that materialism hinders people from building any type of Community because it’s always what’s in it for me attitude instead of what’s in it for my kid’s future…

        • You are onto something, but then again, Ukrainians are not having have children either…

          I think materialism / ease of being, nanny states, contraceptives, general whorishness, women in workforce, posrn everywhere, toxins in food and water, etc. are all contributing factors, but maybe there is something deeper going on. A spiritual crisis.
          Which tells me that even Saudi Islamic totalitarianism is increasingly hollow and superficial. Maybe that’s why they are blowing money on stupid projects like Neom.

  42. Best analysis I’ve read of the problem. Kudos!

    My son went to university in the USA and was more or less horrified by his female fellow attendees. He followed me to Argentina and at 33 met a 23 year old Argentine who’d been the chief majorette at Carnaval who was in our province for a biochemistry seminar just prior to her graduation. No tats, no piercings, very proper (though poor) family. She and my son now have three children: nine, eight, five years of age. The childless poof Greg Johnson informed me that because my dtr-in-law has Guaraní blood, they are non-white. Here they are called “gringos” because of their appearances. Sigh. My son and I are of NW European descent. I’m content and no one here has ever shown an iota of prejudice toward any of us; quite the contrary.

    Argentine women in general have no use for feminist nonsense. If I were a young man who either knows or is willing to learn Spanish (a must), has technical skills and a bit of start-up seed money, I’d seriously consider an exploratory visit here. For my money, this country is the Final Frontier of Western Civilization with Uruguay thrown in as a maybe.

    • “Argentine women in general have no use for feminist nonsense.”

      The famous photo of screaming naked feminists protesting “violence against women” is from Buenos Aires.

      I do agree though that Argentina is worth a visit and maybe more.

      • Those women are porteñas and usually confined to Buenos Aires. Trust-fund hippies and remittance men hippies/hippettes are scattered in the interior and have learned to keep their heads down.

    • Montefrio: With all due respect, why does the ‘solution’ to the deliberate degradation of White, western women always seem to be ‘marry and procreate with non-White women’? I hope you can understand that I am not attacking your family personally, but attempting to look at the roots of what I consider a wholesale, worldwide campaign to eliminate the White race (via contraception, abortion, pornography, male and female degeneracy, etc.). And I must also protest your straw man positive comparison of people with some White racial admixture as the only alternative to the genetic and social dead-end of homosexuality.

      This ought not be an issue of either/or. If White men are repulsed by what White women have been turned into, and deliberately encouraged to turn to mestizo, han, or other women, the end result is still the same: The end of the White race. Yes, I will be told there have always been population movements and mixtures and that English women are a mixture of Angles and Saxons and Jutes etc., but those mixtures were of highly similar genetic ethnicities and occurred many centuries ago.

      Today’s miscegenation is officially encouraged with the deliberate goal of the erasure of racially distinct White people. Yes, I know race is a spectrum and mestizo women vary from 50% indio Guatemalans to someone akin to your daughter-in-law who may be as much as 85% White. That still avoids the main point. Why does the constantly proffered solution to a deliberately engineered problem end with the same malignant result? Are hapas ‘White’? While some may look more Caucasian than others, I would answer “No.” Is someone of 65% White descent “European”? What about Eva Longoria (70% White) or Jessica Alba (85% White)?

      Yes, there are differences, and they continue to appear in subsequent generations. Alba is married to a half White/half black man. Her two daughters may appear phenotypically White, but they are a genetic mixture of White, black, and indio, and they have been raised in a distinct and deliberate multiracial environment where distinct White genetics are both envied and demonized. And Alba’s son looks heavily mestizo. What about Jeb Bush’s children with a mestizo – I don’t think anyone considers them White by either appearance or behavior.

      Again, I am not attempting to attack or ‘shame’ any one individual or family for choices they’ve made. I am arguing, however, that you are presenting (whether deliberately or unwittingly) a false dichotomy and a devil’s bargain. The solution to socially engineered evils is not to abandon one’s people and race and culture and language, to eventually become absorbed into a different outgroup. The discussion ought to be how to birth and raise proud and wholesome White men and women whose mating ought to be facilitated and encouraged in every way, rather than suggesting that looking outside their race and having children of varying and ever decreasing degrees of Whiteness is the ‘solution’ to the dearth of White births.

      • “White” is a state of mind.
        Per complexion and genetics, our weakness ensured that these will become diluted.
        And yes, our weakness is manifest in what’s become of our females.

      • Thank you for your courteous and reasoned comment. I’m not offering my son’s example as A “solution”; it was HIS solution. When I first met my future dtr-in-law it was clear to me that they were very much in love. Love conquers all, they say, so I wasn’t about to try and stand in its way. With time, my dtr-in-law won me over as well.

        Three of my four grandparents were immigrants to the USA and my children were largely raised abroad. Race is less of a litmus test for me and mine than it is for others, perhaps owing to the fact that in Argentina, there is less attention paid to race. Were we in the USA, this might well not be the case.

        I sympathize with the White nationalists, but even before my son’s marriage, I began to see it as if not a lost cause a practical impossibility. Mind, I’m not advocating miscegenation, but it occurs with ever-increasing frequency and in my own family’s case, it did. I’m not displeased with the results.

    • Thank you for posting this. I’ve been around here basically since the beginning of the blog and have read your comments with interest over the years.

      I get a lot of grief around here for arguing that the best path forward for most dissidents is to expatriate as soon as practical. The country that we knew and loved growing up is gone, and it’s never coming back. There are plenty of other places in the world to live.

      One of my kids has already left with no plans to return. Another plans to leave within a few years. I am approaching retirement age and plan to leave when I retire. Argentina has been on my map, as well as Ecuador. I would love to hear more from you on the expat scene in South/Central America.

      • Predictable, wanting to flee from the mess your generation had a great part in contributing too…

      • Thanks and I’ll be delighted to answer any and all questions. As it happens, I know Ecuador reasonably well and have a lady friend there who is a gold mine of info seeing as she is a relative of a former president and is a successful business woman. Where I live, there are very few expats, mostly European, but we have no club or even regular get-togethers.

  43. Multitude of causes, yes, but you can also see where some buck the trend, i.e., one part of the solution.

    Let’s limit our view to whites, since, well, that’s all I care about. Who has kids? The obvious answer is religious folks. Makes sense for, again, obvious reasons.

    However, in my little area, I notice that you are seeing a mini baby boom. Even the mildly religious or non-religious who WANT to have kids are leaning toward three kids. Why? I have no idea, but once it became the norm, no one questioned it.

    What’s my point. I think that we’re beginning to see the very cutting edge of the other side of the genetic bottleneck. Starting in the 60s and 70s, people who didn’t want to have kids, didn’t have to have kids due to both birth control methods and cultural changes. The people who did want to have kids had kids.

    Basically, the Boomers had a choice, so a bit later did the Xers. Sure, just one generation, but that’s a lot of genes out of the gene pool. Now, you have the Millennials. Again, many of them are choosing not to have kids, so the gene elimination process continues, but the ones who do want to have kids really want kids so maybe the push the number up from two to three.

    In my own little world, I see Zoomers from families that, of course, wanted kids. The young women, while going to college, don’t seem particularly enamored by a career. They openly talk about wanting a family and how their job would be just a job.

    Just a guess, but I suspect that the genetic bottleneck might happen faster than we think. We’re talking about an unprecedented genetic experiment. You are ripping out of the gene pool pretty much anyone who doesn’t have a strong natural desire to have kids – at least among the middle and upper-middle class.

    At some point, those “family-loving” genes will kick in.

    Of course, by the time that they do kick in, those whites will be swamped by non-whites.

    • Of course, by the time that they do kick in, those whites will be swamped by non-whites.
      Exactly which is why those who want families need to be building Tribe with others, forming Communities, and then breaking away to have their own country when the time is ripe…

      • Yep. We’ll never “outbreed” other groups, nor should we try.

        Form communities. It’s that simple – and that hard.

        • Yea the ones that have the means to do it are to selfish and the ones who would want it don’t have the means…It’s a dilemma that I have yet to come up with a solution for…

        • At the risk of question begging, you cannot have communities without people, and you dont have people without having children; the more children, the bigger and more potential the community has. A community without childbearing is a retirement home, and then later, inevitably, a graveyard.
          As the great sage said at CtH, “BUNZ -> OVENZ” (pbuh).

  44. Many factors can be pointed out here.

    Certainly, basic economics plays a huge role. If one wishes to be middle class and is not born to a trust fund, more than two kids is a no go. Even one kid today is difficult. Just to start out, go price a car seat for a baby and then the booster seat, etc. One of many, many expenses . . . all the way to four years of college. Of course, none of that is necessary if you inherit 40 acres and mule plus farm for your trad wifu. Good luck with that.

    Women that one would want to have kids with are only going to have them if they are secure when it comes to money or at least they have some hope that the future will be better than today.

    I acknowledge that perhaps at its deepest level, the problem is spiritual in the sense that a couple can be impoverished and still have kids, at state expense as we see all around us.

    Also, I acknowledge that young couples must believe truly in the future, think history is on their side, then they will reproduce. They have to believe on a deep level. It can’t just be some divorced pol prattling on about ‘morning in America.

    • The baby car seat thing is a favorite hobbyhorse for me. Go price a new 3 row SUV or van that can fit 3 car seats. $50k to $110k for a new minivan or Suburban. Plus childcare and healthcare and living quarters, the 2-to-3 delta requires another $50k in annual income to stay UMC. Hope you win the Powerball.

  45. Another reason for low fertility is female hypergamy. Women seek to marry someone either of equal or higher economic status than themselves. They generally won’t marry men who earn less than them. Women now account for 60 %-plus of college students. The younger among them already reportedly out-earn males in the same age range. Short of restricting female opportunities, the only way to solve the problem of low fertility is for women to mate with fellows of lesser means. That’s anathema to the spoiled ladies of today’s West.

    Girl Power = civilizational death.

    • Michel Houellebecq’s Elementary Particles predicted this spot-on.

      Though women have always wanted high-status males; the problem is women are now granted a very long window in which to date and find that high-status male. It used to be that if a woman wasn’t married by 25, there was something wrong with her.

      • It’s still fairly true. Most women are dating their future husband by ~25. Unfortunately, many women don’t understand this, but by ~26 or 27, as all their friends start getting married, these women quickly realize that their window is rapidly closing (maybe already has closed). For most, it’s too late.

        Women need to be told this. Find your husband by 25 or 26 or your odds of ever finding a husband drop dramatically.

        • > Women need to be told this. Find your husband by 25 or 26 or your odds of ever finding a husband drop dramatically.

          Even 25 is way too late. The best potential husbands she will ever have a chance at are sitting next to her in class.

          • Citizen of a Silly Country: “Women need to be told this. Find your husband by 25 or 26 or your odds of ever finding a husband drop dramatically.”

            The worst of all is what happens at the end of the twenties; when women turn 30, the number of viable follicles in their ovaries falls off a cliff [literally collapsing at a logarithmic rate]:


            It’s imperative that Chad gets your daughter knocked up before the age of 30.

            Absolutely imperative.

            !!! NO COCK BLOCKING !!!

        • I would tell young men the corollary: if she’s not already taken by 25, she’s not worth taking. And 25 is kinda stretching it tbh.

      • Technology and media have also short-circuited women’s hypergamic impulses and redefined what a “high-status” male is in their minds. Historically, the hottest young lady in town might pair up with the starting quarterback at her local high school. Now, they hold out for the millionaire pro athlete who’s also an astronaut and shares her retarded politics. It’s as damaging to her as porn brain is to males. Now everyone — even high quality men — she meets in her regular life will seem unattractive in her eyes, and we wouldn’t want princess to have to “settle” for an unattractive husband, now would we?

    • Yeah, I used to joke to my kids’ women friends about that. A college-educated woman just expects to marry a college-educated man. “How,” I asked, “do you expect that to happen when you out-number them nearly 2 to 1?”

      They just shrugged, figuring that they’d be the lucky ones.

      I then turned the knife and told them that it was worse than even that. College now are filled with Asians and South Asians along with whites. And guess what, white women generally don’t want to marry Asian or South Asian men, but white men generally are fine with, certainly, Asian and, at times, South Asian women.

      A college-educated white woman has, at best, a 50% chance of marry a college-educated white man, at least if it’s his first marriage.

          • Citizen: Keep preaching. My older son makes me look like a civnat, and while his White wife is not necessarily who I would have chosen for him by age, appearance, and temperament, he appears to be happy and adores his very phenotypically White son. My younger son is socially awkward (and we think perhaps a bit on the spectrum), but even while he insists he doesn’t want to hear about ‘politics (when I mention social issues), he is very aware of race and the immense social and economic pressures against White men. And he knows we would never accept him mating with a non-White woman.

            Yes, one can theoretically fall-in-love with anyone of any background, but choice of marriage partner used to be considered one of life’s most important decisions. Parents, grandparents, and one’s social and economic class all weighed on on this because the repercussions echo down the generations.

    • Great point, and I’ll add that in appearance and behavior, there’s a Chad shortage. Women are biologically wired to be attracted to masculine, strong, fit, confident men. There’s an over-abundance of weak, feminized soyboys today, who are repulsive to women.

      • Hmm, why is it then when a single woman is looking for a sperm donor they all want tall white nordic males with high iq’s. Even the blacks do-

      • This is also true at the societal level. White men hide and cower behind non-whites or if they go front and center they do not speak the truths that must be said. The truths I am speaking of are the truths that whites must assert their group interest and stand up for themselves. I believe a lot of the collective anger and bitterness white women have is due directly to this natural phenomenon. Women are annoyed by betas who try and hit on them. They want to be claimed but by an alpha. When men do not stand up for themselves, a precursor for standing up for his wife and children, women loathe them. White men in positions of power refusing to directly speak up on behalf of our race are, I believe, the single biggest cause of the contempt white women feel for men – particularly white men. When white men return to being, “beccone”, as Italian women call a man who isn’t afraid to snarl and assert his claims, a lot of the contempt we see will go away.

        That hour is coming because our backs are against the wall.

      • Absolutely right about the overabundance of low-T soyboys in today’s sexual marketplace. A major issue here is that too many people of marrying age — of BOTH sexes — are simply unmarriageable. Women have become insufferable while men have become weak and ineffectual. It’s a sorry situation.

      • I disagree…young men today have much better muscle mass and upper-body strength than when I was a teen/20-something. Not all, but many more. Look at a beach movie from the 1980s and you’ll see what I mean. The most popular online influencers now are health-fitness-diet gurus. (Though I only know of the ones that are right-wing or Joe Roganesque. Are there any on the left?)

        There are more soyboys, but also more chads. And quite a few of those chads are very dismissive of women. Maybe it’s a combination of THOTs repulsed by right-wing males, and right-wing males are actively repulsing THOTs.

        • Unless Gandydancer comes along to upstage you, that’ll stand as the most ridiculous take in this thread.

          • Just take a look at concert footage from the 80’s, e.g. Heavy Metal Parking Lot (1986) or the US Festival in 1983. The state of male fitness and virility is light years ahead of what you see today. Sure, there may be a few more gym rats these days, but in those days even having a somewhat paunchy gut would stand out.

  46. The great Pat Buchanan wrote of the WC fertility crisis 20+ years ago in Death of the West. His money quote from the book was “The single worst invention in the history of WC was the birth control pill”.

  47. Google will tell you what a happy White woman wants in a mate. Google “happy White woman” and click images. There’s no doubt there’s an agenda to reduce White babies.

    • Did as you suggested. I rest my case with respect to my previous comment, although there are some who look okay. Would they be mothers of the same caliber as my dtr-in-law, who didn’t seek employment in her field and started up a home photo business that is doing well but is always secondary to homemaker? Not prepared to answer that, but…

  48. “A society full of paranoid and neurotic females is not going to promote family formation”.
    OTOH – what it will (already has) promote are harpies, lesbians, old crones shrieking in the streets about a veritable smorgasbord of perceived offenses.

    The Human Tide by Paul Morland – good book describing the problem – lot’s of data / statistics – not so much as to the reasons why.

  49. Well, the obvious first-order cause appears to be wide-spread women employment. I made the observation to some people at my laptop job that doubling the labor pool must have necessarily halved the price of labor – thus *family* incomes have not much budged since the 1970s, but now the families are frantically trying to sustain two jobs plus an entire household. This of course produced howls of outrage, not because it was wrong, but because it was heresy. Still, the most obvious way to address that conflict is to hold off on the kids part, since kids are effectively now a luxury item – a net financial negative. Certainly no employer cares about supporting family formation, and many of them are going out of their way to offer incentives for 20-somethings to sustain a certain amount of adolescences, since family commitments get in the way of work in a way hedonist pursuits largely don’t.

    As long as DINKS are driving the economy, there is no financial incentive to have kids, and plenty of short-term negative consequences for having them. Long term … they’re probably a good thing, but when faced with rising costs, those long term considerations fall by the wayside until the woman wakes up one day to find herself too old to have kids.

    • Another angle to this though is that modern inventions left women with a bit too much free time at home and turning them in “wagies” was seen as part of the solution.

      • Did the advent of modern appliances really turn neat Hausfrau into a slattern or at least a useless domestic decoration? The answer is a bit more nuanced.

        I recall reading (of course that doesn’t make it so, but it was an interesting assertion): the average stay-at-home housewife’s daily hours of labor was largely unchanged by the advent of so-called labor-saving devices. Intuitively, I’d say it’s true. Even if not strictly true, running a 21st century home still requires much time. Using myself as a sample, I observe that sweeping a floor with a broom and vacuuming the same room take roughly the same amount of time. I have both, but the vac rarely gets used. When my ceramic floor needs mopped, I use a regulation commercial bucket and mop. I’ve tried a few powered cleaners and I’ve always gone back to the manual mop. In a similar vein, for most of my adult life I had recourse to an automatic dishwasher but it usually did duty only as drying rack for the few dishes a bachelor washed up in the sink.

        Granted, probably in some cases modern appliances make life easier. Laundry, for instance, is probably far easier than in the pre-electricity days. An electric washer and dryer, or heck, even the Sears Roebuck wringer model that Grandma had, must have been an improvement over beating clothes on a rock down at the river. Cooking? Maybe. Not too many people have coal or wood stoves in the kitchen. But even using packaged mixes or store-bought foods, a certain amount of preparation is still required.

        Now I will agree that in some cases modern appliances turn a housewife (indeed, the entire household) into zombies. The TV and its relatives are prime suspects.

        WW II may have been the big change. Women filled needed jobs vacant because men had gone off to war. Through about 1970s (before the wage stagnation) having a two-earner household was probably a net benefit for most couples.

        But eventually due to inflation and other factors, it became “priced in” and as the wise saying has it, what was initially a luxury (wife bringing in extra income) had become a necessity to make ends meet, or at least keep up with the Joneses.

        A final irony mentioned was that for many two-income couples, they’d be money ahead if the woman had stayed at home. Once the cost of child care, wardrobe, commute were factored in, many jobs are a losing proposition for the distaff. Some women apparently need the ego boost that comes from thinking they are a “professional.”

    • Daycare is becoming a huge issue as well. There was a significant drop out factor after Covid from women who figured out they would rather be home with their kids. Daycare costs have gotten very expensive all for the privilege of having low paid employees with minimal training watch your kids for 8.5 hours a day. A few families did the math and figured spending $25k a year on daycare while mom made $45k at her job wasn’t worth it. The elite focus has solely been on lower the cost of daycare, they won’t do anything to help families afford more children or keep them at home with them mothers in the preschool years to eliminate daycare demand.

      • Barnard: Daycare is dysgenic. Women are actively encouraged to challenge men and spend their days in worthless office cubicles while minimum wage, non-White women corral a dozen infants and toddlers. Or, if wealthy enough, they hire a single African or Mexican ‘nanny’ and boast how their sole White child is inherently multicultural.

        My husband and I agreed from the time we began dating that children belonged home with their mother, not herded into public care. We paid a stiff economic cost attempting to live a middle-class lifestyle on one income. We do not regret it. Our sons noticed, even when young, that whereas many of their friends (from Christian schools, no less) went from school to after-school care for hours on end, they got to go home, relax, have private time to play and imagine and think.

        Our older son cannot economically provide sufficiently for his family on his income alone. It is immensely gratifying that he recognizes and appreciates the sacrifices we made on his behalf, and wants the same home care for his son. We have unhesitatingly given him a significant sum of money to ensure our grandson is raised at home by his loving parents. That’s our variant of planting trees under whose shade we will never sit. We would much rather have happy, healthy posterity than take cruises or travel via trailways of the skies with the common rabble.

        Play the long game. Be fruitful. Multiply. Keep your children at home, away from the tv, and raise and teach them yourself. No, your ‘purpose’ is NOT self fulfillment or self-actualizing. You have a duty to your progenitors who sacrificed and suffered and sweated so that you could live a life of relative ease even in the declining years of AINO. Don’t repay that debt with selfishness. Have kids.

        • Glad to hear you are doing that. My wife is staying home with our kids. It is challenging, but there is nothing we could buy or do that would be worth putting them in daycare and having her work.

    • Women employment is a factor, but other factors seem to be even stronger. Look at Saudi Arabia for example. Their fertility rate has collapsed to replacement level and is still trending down. Their women started significantly entering the workforce only about 5 years ago and it’s mostly women over 40. Their fertility rate started declining around 1980.

    • Milestone D: “doubling the labor pool must have necessarily halved the price of labor”

      There are heretics in the dissident community who fervently believe that WWII was not fought to defeat Austrian Mustache Dude, but rather to transform Mary the Mommy into Rosie the Riveter:

      Put some tats on Rosie’s neck, and a metal ring in her nasal septum, and Rosie looks like she just stepped out of a GLBTQ lecture at Bryn Mawr or Oberlin or Radcliffe.

      I’m convinced that the WWII-era Globalist Depopulationist Oligarchs were elated at the thought of more women [aka more pμ$$y] in the workforce, a halving of the Oligarchs’ per-capita labor costs, and a collapse in total fertility rates.

      To paraphrase a famous Robert-Duvall/-Sean-Penn conversation…

      Pete Campbell: “Let’s run down to the break room and phμck a secretary.”

      Don Draper: “No, let’s WALK down to the break room, and phμck ’em all.”

  50. A few other points to add…

    Sperm counts have been declining precipitously:

    Likely related is testosterone levels plunging:

    Many possible explanations proposed, including chemicals (as you noted), but also sedentary lifestyle, obesity, diet, and less smoking.

    Another conjecture of mine is that these less masculine “men” would not have survived a few generations ago, but now can and pass along less masculine traits when they do reproduce.

    And don’t forget the so-called “vaccine” and its effect on fertility.

    Ultimately, I think we are in the midst of an evolutionary bottleneck for humanity, as it is forced to adapt to very different environments, creating different selection pressures. Some will form families and pass on their genes. Others will immerse themselves in screens and social media and drugs and be evolutionary dead ends.

    • Whenever the debate goes whether it is lifestyle, culture, environment, etc. that is causing the fertility decline, the answer is simply “Yes.”

      If Greenpeace stopped whining about CO2 and went just as militant against Xenoestrogens, a REAL environmental catastrophe in the making, I’d sign up without blinking.

      • The question as to the effects of birth control pills can never be answered since all of modern society is built upon their usage.

        Along those lines, mileage may vary I know, but in my limited sample size long-term usage requires docs to mix different BC pills and anti-psychotics to keep the brain chemistry in women somewhat workable.

        • > The question as to the effects of birth control pills can never be answered since all of modern society is built upon their usage.

          It’s why doctors insist on consulting with your children without you present when they turn 14. They want kids on those as fast as possible and call it reproductive health care.

  51. > That means the first mover is the prevailing bias against families, family formation and the production of children. What drives it all is a dominant, top-down bias against reproduction, especially among Western people.

    We’re seeing a world collapse pretty much regardless of how traditional a culture is. This which lends credence to the idea that a large percentage of people’s biological software has gone haywire in the easy, post-scarcity world they live in, to the point they simply do not know how to propagate themselves. Paradoxically, the ease of life makes it very difficult for many to entertain the thought of getting up at 2am for a screaming kid or the mental resources required to raise a child to adulthood. Where the child was once a welcome reprieve from the harshness of life, not it just keeps them away from their Netflix binge.

    • This is a demented, if not demonic, culture. You have captured it well in your comment. Everything in this age will one day be regarded as a monstrous error — if there’s anyone around with the intelligence to make sense of what we’ve done to ourselves.

  52. I mean I say this half in jest but why not do a “when Harry met Sally” option. Basically have an 18 year old “book” another 18 year old for marriage but with the provision that they can have some fun for the next 10-15 years until they want to have kids.

    • The reason why not is that puts the woman into the time in her life when her fertility is dropping. My very conservative Catholic mother had the last of four children when she was 33 years old. Contraception was out of the question as it was, in her mind, sinful. Sure, there are women who have children older than that, but on average female fertility drops pretty quickly after 35 or so.

      • MY very conservative Catholic mother had the last of her six at age 38, in 1969.
        HER very conservative Catholic mother had the last of her twelve (!) – my mother – at age 44 in 1931.

        (My point? “Don’t Stop Believin’! 😉

  53. “The pattern of normal family formation has been disrupted by putting men and women into the workforce for the sole purpose of serving the economic needs of society.”

    The economic needs of the plutocracy. Putting millions of women into the workforce depresses the wage rate. This is why the corporate sector so enthusiastically embraced women’s lib in the ’70s.

    “men have lost interest in doing what men have always done, which is find a mate.”

    They usually don’t have the wherewithal to do so. A family is a major long-term financial commitment. Many men are stuck in dead-end precariat jobs, not knowing what the morrow will bring. Buying a house is already beyond reach.

    Even if you try to start a family you find there are no social structures to support you. In Scandinavia they try to provide childcare, they give both parents time off, and so on. They want to encourage family formation. In the USA? Bugger all.

    To cap it all, the powers-that-be want white people to die off slowly and unobtrusively. They want young white men working as Uber Eats drivers, living in their parents’ basements, watching porn and playing video games.

    • In Scandinavia they try to provide childcare, they give both parents time off, and so on. They want to encourage family formation

      And how’s that going for them?
      It’s an uphill battle as subsidies of this sort increase costs elsewhere in the system (i.e., making it more expensive for existing families, which requires more subsidies, and so on.), short term it can provide a “burst” but there’s no proof that such actions are a match for “modernity”.

      • They’re not working in increasing family formation. But at least they’re trying. As for economic arguments that it increases the costs elsewhere, I don’t want to hear them. This is what the usual suspects go on about hysterically. The economic efficiency benefits the plutocracy and no-one else. If that’s you want — no white families because it’s economically efficient for the people at the apex — well, there’s nothing much I can say. If you want to encourage white families, this economic calculus has to go out the window. This economic calculus is going to kill us all.

        • COL needs to come down. That means smaller houses, multigenerational households, simpler lifestyle, etc. Basically, living like people used to live. These are things the average person has some control over if he/she is willing to sacrifice and demand it.

          Like you say, tptb push us away from that, because they hate us and think it’s good for them. Tough row to hoe, but things continue in a direction until their momentum is overcome, within or without.

        • Arshad Ali: State-provided or subsidized childcare is still outsourcing the care and raising of children. It is not the solution we need.

  54. Most of the articles I’ve read on this issue decry the effects it is having, and will continue to have, on the global economy. I imagine that portraying people as pawns and cogs will probably make a “childfree” lifestyle seem more viable.

    The Lord was right in Matthew 24:19 – pregnant and nursing women are going to be in for hard times soon.

  55. You burn coal. Coal makes steel, steel makes steam engines, coal makes it possible to boil enough water to drive them.

    Now you can make a drill and drive it with a steam engine— presto! oil.

    You refine the oil to create diesel, kerosene, gasoline, etc. Now you have byproducts to find something to do with— presto! pharma and plastics.

    All the while, life gets easier and more prosperous. Less need for labor, less need to be unselfish, more incentive to consume.

    Presto! gay frogs lol.


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