Orphan Child

After the Bay of Pigs debacle, John F. Kennedy supposedly said, “Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan.” Whether or not he actually said it is unknown, but the expression has been with us ever since. Supposedly it was an updated version of the Tacitus line, “It is the singularly unfair peculiarity of war that the credit of success is claimed by all, while a disaster is attributed to one alone.” Kennedy was pithier but Tactus captures the truth of the matter.

We are seeing this with the Ukraine war. The news from the battlefields is uniformly bad for the Ukrainian army. The West is slowly coming to terms with the reality of the much publicized counter-offensive, which ended in disaster soon after it was launched, but the West spent the last few months in denial. Ukraine does not publish numbers as far as casualties, but independent guessing suggests they lost between seventy and one hundred thousand men in the counter-offensive.

As the overall condition of the Ukraine military comes into focus, the recriminations are beginning to turn up in Western media. This long story in the Washington Post is a good example of the general tone. Washington is looking to place the blame on the Ukrainians, while the Ukrainians are placing the blame on their Western backers or on one another as the situation warrants. Europe has yet to join the blame game, but in time they will no doubt blame the Ukrainians.

Another pithy expression that is useful regarding the Ukraine debacle is “You learn more from your failures than your successes.” Washington never learns from its failures, which is why they have the Ukraine debacle, but the rest of us can gain some insight into how our pollical leaders stumble into these disasters by looking at some of the major blunders in this war. How they managed to reach this point speaks to how they view the world and their role in it.

The first major blunder was getting into a land war with Russia. This is right up there with “Never getting into a land war in Asia” and the slightly less well-known “Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.” The Russians are bad at many things but when it comes to fighting a land war, they are exceptional. When they view the land war as an existential threat it quickly becomes a great patriotic war and the whole of Russia organizes to defeat the enemy.

This is what the West managed to do in what should have been a low-grade border conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The West made this into a game of the world against Russia and the Russians accepted the challenge. The sanctions regime was clearly intended to hurt average Russians, which made it easy for the Russian leadership to recast this conflict as this generations great patriotic war. That war is with the West, not just the Ukrainians.

The question is why did the West do this? The reason is they assumed Russia was too weak to fight an actual war. They came to this conclusion not based on observable facts but on the power of their own rhetoric. They kept saying that Russia was a “gas station masquerading as a country” so often that they believed it. Instead of looking at what was happening in Russia, the West told themselves appealing stories about what would happen if they blew hard enough on the Russian house of cards.

This gets to the second colossal error of the West. The Russians crossed into Ukraine with a force of about one hundred thousand men with the assumption the West would demand a peace meeting. They were not prepared for an actual war. Ukraine, on the other hand, had an army of over three hundred thousand regular army troops and another three hundred thousand reserves. Russia, the attacker, was outnumbered three-to-one one by Ukraine, the defender.

In the spring of 2022, the Ukrainians had a chance to smash the Russian army if they went on the offensive. It would have come at a price, but they could have pushed the Russian back into the Donbas and maybe out completely. Instead, the Ukrainians dug into defensive positions along the line of contact. This gave the Russians time to reorganize their lines into more defendable positions and begin the process of building a much larger force to take on the Ukrainians.

The reason Ukraine did this is they were repeatedly told by their Western backers that Russia could never sustain an army in the field for long. The best people ran to their favorite media outlets predicting an imminent Russian collapse. The intellectual everyone in the West considers a seer claimed early on that Russia would not just lose but disintegrate as a result of the war. The fact that Fukuyama has not been right about anything in his career has not lowered his status in the West.

Here again we see that the West blundered into a catastrophic mistake not because they misread the evidence but because they confused their own magical thinking about the world and their role in it with reality. People with what passes for impressive credentials in the managerial class spun fabulous tales about the imminent collapse of Russia and those tales became reality for the war machine. Meanwhile, the Russian army used this time to prepare for what we see happening now.

This brings up the third colossal error. Having figured out that Russia was not going to disintegrate in the face of what amounted to an internet cancel campaign, the West prepared Ukraine for a big arrow offensive. They conscripted close to one hundred thousand fresh troops, trained them in NATO tactics and supplied them with NATO weapons for the purpose to driving the Russians out of the Donbas. This was the great spring counter-offensive that kicked off in the summer.

In the early hours of the offensive, columns of Western armor barreled into the Russia outer defensive lines in the south with the aim of driving to the Sea of Azov. Instead, they bogged down in massive minefields. The mine clearing equipment provided by the West turned out to be useless for the task, so the armored columns were trapped in the minefields and obliterated by Russian artillery. A large area in the south is called Bradley Park because it is full of destroyed Bradley fighting vehicles.

It is impossible to overstate the failure here. The Ukrainians not only lost the entire army assembled for the task, but they stripped their lines in order to supplement this army on the expectation that it would smash through the Russian defenses and those reserves would then flood into the breech. Instead, these reserves were thrown into what was called a meatgrinder. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians were killed and maimed in order to capture one tiny village in the south.

What is even more stunning than the enormity of the failure is the fact that Western military planners were so slow to accept reality. Even as it was clear that the Russian defenses were too strong, General Milley was talking like it was just a matter of time before they collapsed and Ukraine rolled to victory. Even after thousands of videos appeared online of burning Western tanks, Western generals kept saying that things were on schedule for a glorious victory.

The result of this catastrophe is Ukraine no longer has offensive capabilities and is struggling to maintain its defensive positions in key areas. The massive losses of men and material cannot be replaced. Ukraine is running out of men to conscript for the war and the West is out of equipment to send them. This is why we are seeing reports in Western media talking about who is to blame. No one wants to be the father of what is going to be a collapse of Ukraine in 2024.

The theme throughout this two-year debacle is that the people making the decisions have substituted a preferred reality for actual reality. These are the type of people John Derbyshire once described in another context as those who are “awfully good at creating elaborate, plausible, and intellectually very challenging systems that do not, in fact, have any truth content.” For the last two years their version of reality has crashed into a reality that rests on the truth, not narrative.

The Ukraine debacle is a microcosm of what plagues the West. The people in charge are long on credentials that are meaningful only within the artificial reality that is the managerial class. The result is an echo chamber populated with credentialed idiots who compete with one another to produce the most pleasing sounding narrative to describe what they imagine lies outside their reality. They live in a simulation but seek to impose what they experience on the world around them.

These are the same people now operating the court system based on their paranoid fantasies about invisible enemies and staffing the air traffic control system to match their image of the inclusive society. What lies ahead for the West is what we are seeing in Ukraine which is the fantasies of a delusional and deranged ruling class smashing into the reality of the world, all paid for by the common man. Reality is that thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it.

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162 thoughts on “Orphan Child

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  2. What South Africa blacks did was replaced white men ruler to Hindu and Chinese ruler, the outcome is amplifying their own misery
    white women boomer won’t get the consequence of their own action, but a successor will
    young white women getting constant abasement and humiliation from much lesser being to them

    at this point, I would say you deserve to rule by niggers

    • “at this point, I would say you [young white women] deserve to rule by niggers”

      Possibly. But what if it is beyond their natural abilities to see the pattern that you describe? Can you still say that they deserve it?

      We must reassert paternalism and patriarchy for their own good.

      We are under attack by other tribes and we can only fight back by strengthening our own tribe and we need white women for that, whatever problems that they bring.

  3. The totalaty of the murderous genocide has not entered the american concousness. the enormity of the body count is never addressed. It may have been 100k this summer, but it now includes 16 yr old bots and 18 year old girls.
    This is Satanic level evil. there is no doubt in my mind that they are clelbrating these numbers behind closed doors .
    Ukrinian KIA and captured number was accidentally leaked by a ukrainian TV station. the number was slightly more than 1.1Million. add to that 2 million crippled and serioysly wounded , and half a million ukrainian woemen and children killed,or trafficked and you can actually get an idea of the breathtaking horrendous evil that was done to the Ukrainian people . By the west. Our kegan clan and “elites” wanted this result. thats why they stopped the peace talkes early last summer . they forced their puppet Ukrainian dictator to keep it going .

  4. “Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan.” JFK in reference to Bay of Pigs. So instead of taking the blame himself, he shifted it to the CIA.

    “Ax not to die for your own country, ax instead to die for someone else’s country.” JFK. probably about the time he was building the Green Beret and sending troops to Vietnam, the Republic of.

    “Now, have you ever seen a finer ass than that?” JFK as he pointed to M. Monroe’s butt. Shortly before RFK and company murdered her.

    “After visiting these places, you can easily understand that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. He had boundless ambition for his country which rendered him a menace to peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way he lived and in the manner of his death that will grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.” JFK, one of his best observations. Hitler died in Argentina about the age of 67. He traded the German A bomb for his escape, the selfsame bomb dropped on the Japs at Hiroshima. Little Boy, a rail gun uranium design never tested by the US, but Germany had, and it worked. The bomb tested in NM was an implosion device using plutonium. The implosion device design later used to Nag-a-sacki.

    “..and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. ” Ape Lincoln before proceeding to snuff out the freely voted on government of the South, and before sending troops to suppress the New York City draft riots; the rioters claiming they never voted for a war they would die in. All before he made sure he stole the 1864 election.

    “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Truman before he quit and ran from a war in Korea he couldn’t end. It took the war criminal IKE to do the trick, sort of.

    “I will not send American boys 10000 miles to fight a war that Asian boys should be fighting for themselves.” LBJ.

    “My fellow Americans, I come to you tonight with a heavy heart. A kneegrah and two Jews have been murdered in Mississippi.” LBJ.

    “You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.”. Charles Manson

  5. “Washington never learns from its failures,”
    The MIC’s new interest is a NATO blockade of Kaliningrad in the initial form of an exercise named Freezing Winds 23, a provocation of Russia in the Gulf of Finland which could turn out as well as a bygone event in the Gulf of Tonkin.

  6. The amount of destruction and suffering we have caused distresses me. I shudder to think what the Nation’s penance for these sins will be after we oust the crazies and come to reconciliation.

      • Ostei Kozelskii: “It’s a bit disturbing to live in the Evil Empire, is it not?”

        Apparently it’s true in all aspects of the Anglosphere & Weimerica; not just the military.

        The following might prove to be the single moast important sociological finding of the last century:

        Research Finds That Renting Ages You Faster Than Smoking, Obesity

        According to that study, living under the thumb of the Usury Industrial Complex in peacetime is vastly worse for us than fighting in hot wars.

        Apparently usury worries civilians to death [over the question of, “Can I make my rent payment this month?”] even faster than being sent off to war kills combat troops.

        We were not meant to live like this.

        [The study claims that renting your dwelling is worse for you than smoking; note that in the USA, about 480,000 people die prematurely from smoking every year. By way of contrast, our total combat deaths in WWII, over four years, were only about 291,557.]

        • [The study claims that renting your dwelling is worse for you than smoking; note that in the USA, about 480,000 people die prematurely from smoking every year. By way of contrast, our total combat deaths in WWII, over four years, were only about 291,557.]

          Cause and effect? I think this a stretch.

    • Yes and these people do not suffer any guilt or engage in any self examination for the hundreds of thousands dead and many more maimed, Ukrainians and Russians. They caused the deaths of around 500,000, children in the wars for democracy in the middle east.

      One day we will probably catch a gigantic fireball. When it happens don’t look back.

  7. They kept saying that Russia was a “gas station masquerading as a country” so often that they believed it

    Even if it were true, it beats a strip mall masquerading as a country.

  8. “…independent guessing suggests they lost between seventy and one hundred thousand men in the counter-offensive”

    That is just in the “counter-offensive”. In Vietnam during the entire conflict the U.S. total KIA number is around 47,000 combat deaths, this in a nation that had over 200 million people at the time. Ukraine lost around twice as many young men, in a single year, out of a nation of only 33 million. This is a demographic disaster for Ukraine that can only lead to even more child trafficking and prostitution as the female population of Ukraine will be missing hundreds of thousands of potential husbands.

  9. Sun Tzu cones to mind:

    If you know yourself and your enemy, you will win every battle;

    If you know yourself but not your enemy, you will win half your battles;*

    If you do not know yourself or your enemy, you will lose every battle.

    The ZOG is obviously in that last category.

    *Didn’t say what would happen if you don’t know yourself but know your enemy – guess you’d be in the 50/50 category as well.

  10. Z Man’s piece is an excellent overview of the conflict, for those like me who don’t follow it closely. Further, his diagnosis of the deepest problem, that our elites confuse their narrative with reality, rings true. We must remember that this problem is their Achilles heel.

    However, his piece motivates the question, “Why? Why did they devote so much human life and money to forcing this conflict?” As Z Man observed, this “should have been a low-grade border conflict between Russia and Ukraine.” Instead, “The West made this into a game of the world against Russia…” There is no geopolitical explanation for what our elites did.

    What are the root causes? Possible candidates:

    * Our elites are on a religious crusade to dissolve white majority countries.
    * Our elites are on a religious crusade to force the world to embrace sexual degeneracy and egalitarianism.
    * The Covid lie was becoming impossible to hide and they needed to distract us.
    * A subset of our elites has a burning and ancient hatred for the Slavs, which is difficult for whites to imagine.
    * What else?

    As I noted in a post a few days ago, it’s difficult to assign weightings to each potential root cause and even more difficult to argue with someone who assigns different weightings.

    • The MIC had a 20-year revenue stream from Afghanistan and would have suffered withdrawal symptoms unless the Ukraine provided a quick cash inflow*. That accounted for some of it plus grandiose plans to break apart Russia and exploit the wealth. The religious/ideological reasons you laid out likely are the major ones as well as the most chilling.

    • Article about blame evasion uses “west” as smokescreen.

      You are using “them “their” “elites.” Make it concrete.

      How about we arrest Nuland, Blinkin, Zelensky? Then we can make them tell us who’s Mr Big.

    • “…. for those like me who don’t follow it closely.”

      I stopped following it at all other than the occasional youtube video from the “voice of reason”

      Basically everything I can ever (easily) find is war propaganda. The other side is always close to total collapse. Both sides have destroyed the other side’s tanks a few times over. Glorious victory is just a short time away. The only hope to an end any time soon is that the US stops sending equipment and money. The Republicans still have a few months left to cuck. Meanwhile, 10s of thousands of White Slavs continue to get killed or injured.

      • Ukrinian KIA and captured number was accidentally leaked by a ukrainian TV station. the number was slightly more than 1.1Million. add to that 2 million crippled and serioysly wounded , and half a million ukrainian woemen and children killed,or trafficked and you can actually get an idea of the breathtaking horrendous evil that was done to the Ukrainian people . By the west too. and don’t kid yourself , our kegan clan and “elites” knew this was happening all along , and forced their puppet Ukrainian dictator to keep it going .

          • Zelensky is clearly a serious cocaine addict (just based on footage I’ve seen) so not in his right mind much of the time. His dealers have a hold on him.

    • Overlaying rationality upon the insane never works. In the end, you’ll just be picking the explanation most pleasing to your senses.

    • Don’t forget too that the Ukraine is a big money laundering operation for politicians in Washington. They vote to give the Ukraine a bunch of money and then a cut of that money comes back to them. I think that’s a big part of the reason that the GAE is so obsessed with this war. If the Ukrainian government falls because of the Russian invasion, it might be replaced by a new government that’s no longer interested in giving kickbacks to D.C. politicians and their cronies.

  11. Overall, it’s a great example of a people overpowered by Western propaganda (no immunity?)

    Sad that Ukrainians went along with it, but they were unable to say no to the promised reward. Here is a people who put full trust in their ruling class – and got obliterated. Ukrainians were clearly eager to please what they saw as their Western superiors, and fully integrate into the West.

    Americans have more skepticism, especially today. There are a lot of people who believe the lies, but also a lot of people who don’t. I truly don’t believe that there would be any kind of organic, blind patriotism the way there was in Ukraine. There will never be a successful draft, for now. Which is a good thing.

    Ukraine no longer exists – all the young & middle aged men are dead. All the women are living in Berlin, London, and Toronto, providing ample white booty for vibrant males, and I’ve seen it in real time (that’s what all the cool Western TV shows say is in!)

    And this is what our rulers want for all of the West. A most tragic and disastrous result. Hopefully Russia manages their new territory well.

    • “Americans have more skepticism, especially today. There are a lot of people who believe the lies, but also a lot of people who don’t. I truly don’t believe that there would be any kind of organic, blind patriotism the way there was in Ukraine. There will never be a successful draft, for now. Which is a good thing.”

      Many here lament the initial support, but it was far less than in the recent past and there was far more skepticism. In rather short order, most opposed the funding and support. That is a huge white pill, along with less than 15 percent taking the New and Improved Covid shot, recommended by maybe six out of ten doctors. As for a draft, I honestly can see massive, non-state-sanctioned rioting over such a thing. Again, a white pill. TPTB are feared but not loved, and they most certainly are not respected. Hence they rule by straight-up force now but there are limits to what they can do without bearing costs. That’s new.

    • No draft? They’ve drafted 10 million soldiers into the United States, gosh knows how many into the Commonwealth and EU.

      Durbin just offered these guys free military training to go along with the free debit cards, social housing, and chain family benefits.

      What luck, all those military age men flooding the country right now to prop up real estate for Blackrock.

      By the generation that imported an immigrant underclass to keep their pension system solvent instead of having children.

      Make military service untenable for citizens, that were kicked out by non-compliance w/ the vax mandate and diversity trannys. Then recruit an audience of unvaxxed non-citizens that govt has invited to invade the U.S. & lavished w/ food, med & housing bennies.

      Illinois: Restrict gun rights for ctizens, start a pilot program to deputize immigrants as armed LEOs to arrest heritage citizens.

      Make Looter Privilege legal.
      Recruit the last few white guys to go fight in Guyana.

      Trojan Horse
      Destabilization force
      Doxx enforcers
      15 minute city (commune) border guards

      I do see a bright future for the kommisar, secret police, and prison parole industries, since all our regular jobs have been shipped off or taken by foreigners.

      Step 1: Stop loving your enemies.

    • Here is a people who put full trust in their ruling class – and got obliterated.

      That’s part of what gets me: right after releasing a lab pathogen on the world, and a cure worse than the disease, and right about the time the regime is arresting people for protesting against boys pretending to be girls so that they can rape girls their restroom the Ukes, and really all of the west, decide that’s the horse they want to bet on.

  12. Excellent post by the Z-man. My only possible difference with it is whether Ukraine had any real chance of expelling the Russians from the Donbas after the start of the special military operation. A lot of the fighting has been, and still is being done by the Donbas militia units. These guys have been at this since 2014 and are probably among the most battle-hardened people on planet Earth. They were doing pretty well against the Ukrainian army until the Minsk Accords. I don’t think that they would have been disposed to withdraw from their homes without a ferocious fight in built-up, industrial areas that have proved difficult to take for both sides.

    • Putin recently said that Russia has not yet begun to fight, referring to the Militias, Wagner and the Chechen.He also said Russia’s Military will be 2.2 Million with 1.2 million uniformed men at arms by mid ’24.
      There’s a Russian Opposition Not for Profit called MediaZona funded by the West NED etc. running a project backed by the BBC to track the number of Russian dead. Their latest count, Dec 1st, was 38.000. Far from the hundreds of thousands killed in fever dreams of the jewish media in the US.

  13. Speaking of the “same people now operating the court system based on their paranoid fantasies about invisible enemies and staffing the air traffic control system to match their image of the inclusive society”. They’ve all most recently decamped to COP28 in the UAE with the attendant “fantasies of a delusional and deranged ruling class smashing into the reality of the world, all paid for by the common man”. Strong emphasis on the “paid for by the common man” part.
    And at this is the most festive time of year, no doubt visions of sugar plum fairies dance in their heads.

  14. I don’t disagree with Z-man’s analysis, but I think there is something more: An arrogance of the elites brought on by years of being able to push around weak countries, but more importantly, push around their domestic enemies. Prior to Ukraine, the elites had managed to rig elections, frustrate the will of the citizenry, make up laws, hobble a president, lock up dissenters, even killing one or two with impunity. Who was going to stop them?

    So instead of showing enough respect for Russia to sit down an negotiate, they arrogantly thought they didn’t need to deal with them. They haven’t had to negotiate in good faith with anyone for years. Not Russian, not the voters.

    As far as avoiding bloodshed? That apparently doesn’t matter to our elite scum. Human life is not even an abstraction to these greedy narcistic worms. Some times they even cackle when the subject of killing someone comes up.

    • There’s a lot of truth here. Unbridled arrogance coupled with lack of accountability is a recipe for certain disaster. The Kagan Cult also is at best Western-adjacent and does not share a morality that abhors senseless death. We also see this in the response to Palestinian terrorism seamlessly transitioning into a televised genocide. Since there is no public input at all now, even the possibility of accountability has been taken off the table. It is playing out exactly as should be expected under those circumstances. There may have been something analogous that didn’t end horrifically but I’m at a loss to recall it.

    • Zman is wrong, however, about the initial Russian movements…Russia immediately trapped 20 battalions of the Azovs in the Donbas, who were about to attack, in a cauldron where they could be decimated at will…That was Ukraine’s best force…the movement toward Kiev was essentially a feint, rapidly withdrawn when Zelenskyy initialed a peace agreement..Russia had, before the invasion, about 750,000 soldiers, including their best regiments, and deployed only territorials and some of their 2d level units initially..The Russian A-team has only been brought in to finish off Mariopol, and later for some of the defense against the UKR offensive…
      A week or so ago, Ukrainian media revealed that Ukraine has suffered more than 1.1 million KIA and MIA in this war, so the death toll from the failed offensive must have been enormous..There are now lots of pictures of dead female soldiers on the front line.This has been all documented by Simplicius and Moon of Alabama…Russia was never in the slightest danger in this war, or it wouldn’t have been fighting with one arm behind its back….

      • I have trouble digesting the women and kids in the trenches, not that it isn’t true, just that I thought the Uke army would have folded long before reaching that point. I mean, imagine the contrast of Russia struggling to capture every square meter of dirt only to have it revealed that a high school class and their teacher were the ones holding them back. Have we reached a point in technology where a credible fighting force can be assembled from societies weakest elements or (as I suspect) is this something particular to Eastern Europeans?

    • Notice how all the 4th generation warfare talk has stopped. They actually managed to convince themselves that war had fundamentally and permanently changed to a model where un-uniformed men in small groups with small arms and IEDs were the new military challenge of the 21st century and beyond. They actually believed that mechanized warfare with actual armies was a relic of the past.

      What saddens me is that none of the fools has to suffer the consequences of their insane ideas. It’s always someone else that has to pay the costs. When/if this whole thing blows up in their face, not a one of them will lose their jobs, income or prestige.

      • They are accumulating a big pile of dry kindling and trust in them has plummeted. That’s a cost that will be realized eventually.

        • …and more than a few folks standing nearby said kindling with matches, lighters, blow torches…

  15. am i the only one who notices the parallel between people with Cluster B personality disorders intentionally stirring up trouble among the people they know and turning them against each other…
    and american foreign policy concerning the middle east. It’s like we’re the common denominator

    • I watched the presidential debates and the way that scumbags like Nimrata and Pence talk about supporting endless war in the Ukraine because Americans are not dying just disgusts me. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians dead in a fruitless endeavor but it’s ok because they’re not American, and Russia is “weakened” in some vague undefined way. They really do see the Ukrainian life as worth less than the American one, which reminds me of the way Israel sees Palestinians, which is not surprising considering who is running these operations. It’s quite frankly insane and I just do not understand how this gap is bridged. I don’t think it is.

  16. Is this the reason for the Hamas action, the Final Cleansing?

    Let’s say there were and are two major factions, Diaspora and Zion.
    Rootless and Return, similar to Britain and American Colony, North and South. Or, Eastern & Western Roman Empires, or Catholic and Protestant, or Democrat-Republican.

    If the New Khazaria gambit has faltered, then reinforcing Israel to replace Persia as a key player in the Belt Road Initiative has won precedence.

    The offshore gas, planned pipelines, and the Ben Gurion Canal speak to the future.

    Diaspora invaded the MidEast with disastrous results-

    the weakening of American Janissary power and the queering of Diaspora Ashkenazim-

    while Sephardi and Mizrahi are having the kids and renewing Zion’s historical ties to the Caliphate and Sultanate (Turkey or “Turkiey”), with China as a new horse to ride.

    In typical MidEast fashion, Israel is announcing the results of this internal election with a display of power.

    Israel plans to stay, and will push the trash into Diaspora’s yard, forcing Diaspora to focus on shoring up their own colonial tyrannies. Thus, Palestine is the new George Floyd, the new Covid.*

    *p.s. Anybody notice that when Putin blew up the Ukraine biowar labs, the Pandemic stopped?

    • I don’t think the Zionist Entity will get anywhere with either Turkey or China; they are both estranged from the Zionists in general, and for strategic reasons by the Gaza/West Bank ethnic cleansing gambit, as the Rest of the World has memories refreshed about their own past histories.

      • The Zionist Entity is cutting deals with Turkey and China, just as the Diaspora Entity has and is.

        It’s understood that the middlemen won’t rule them as they do the West; they will happily ride along with them, in that whole “nations have interests, not friends” sense.

    • It is more likely the Israelis see the GAE is in rapid decline and decided the window is closing to ethnically cleanse the Palis. The opprobrium also redounds to the Regime but sociopathic thrill killings and Benjamins mitigate the cost. More aware elements of the GAE also know the time to make hay is before the sun sets.

    • Hamas attack was probably greenlighted by Putin to pull American (military) attention away from Ukraine.

  17. JFK and Tacitus both spoke the truth of their own eras. Even as late as early stage GAE there was still a fall guy, Kimmell for Pearl Harbor, MacArthur for Korea. But Kennedy could see into the new era that was beginning, where there would be no more accountability at all, not even symbolically. More recent GAE adventures bear this out. Of course there will be no fall guy for Ukraine, there still isn’t a fall guy for Afghanistan, or Iraq, indeed George W. Bush has been rehabilitated by the GAE. There never really was for Vietnam when you get down to it, LBJ is still sainted by the left, and McNamara was never any more accountable than Rumsfeld, both of whom went on to profit from memoirs about their crimes. The closest thing we got to a fall guy for Vietnam was 2nd Lt William Calley.

    • I don’t think General William Westmoreland came out of Vietnam with his reputation intact. I think that he did win a civil suit against CBS (at least in the sense that he obtained a settlement) for its story that he delibertely underestimated North Vietnamese troops numbers.

  18. Once again, the US military failed to win anything. But unlike all the other failed conflicts it has involved itself in, now they can claim “they” didn’t actually loose, the Ukrainians did.

    But we all know the US military, despite the best efforts of it’s troops, is nothing but a recruiting poster for failure.

    While the US military industrial complex continues to grind out some of the most technically advanced weapons systems the world has ever seen, the recruits they hope to operate them probably can’t even read or comprehend the operational manuals*.

    Of course Europe elites, and particularly German politicians, (who by the way are much smarter and wiser than the rest of us), were stupid enough and spineless enough to go along with the sanctions and not even question who the perpetrators were that blew up the Nord Stream 1 and 2 natural gas pipelines.

    So this winter, while the Russians will be enjoying their nice toasty homes heated with affordable gas, Germans and their 1.2 million Ukrainian refugee “guests” will be sitting around electric heaters praying the wind turbines don’t catch fire or freeze up.

    *According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 64% of 12th grade students graduate without achieving proficiency in reading.


  19. Reality is not the rock, standing in truth athwart the flow of time. Reality is the water that carves that rock. Whether a torrent or a trickle, it always prevails eventually. If AINO were granite, it would take many hundreds upon thousands of years to wear away. But it has shown itself to be sandstone, so the path will be smooth much sooner.

    • The GAE to my mind tracks more with the Hittite Empire. A big noise for a while, but soon dissipating on a historically short time scale.

  20. You misunderstand the opening phase of the war. Russia’s intrusion near Kiev was intended to force negotiations. And it worked. Ukrainian and Russian diplomats negotiated a peace settlement that would have implemented the Minsk agreements and ceded Crimea (and only Crimea) to Russia. The Donbas and other rebel regions would have gotten some sort of autonomy, but they would have remained in Ukraine as part of its sovereign territory.

    That agreement was vetoed by the US, and it send Boris Johnson to Kiev to brow beat Zelenskii into abrogating it, which he did. Hence the war.

    Now Russia will dictate the peace terms, that will likely include the annexation of a substantial part of Ukraine. In fact, Putin’s stated goals of denazification and demilitarization will likely require occupation of all of Ukraine.

    • I can’t see Russia wanting the west of Ukraine, namely Galicia, because it has too many Banderites left. Let Poland have it and the ethnic Hungarian and other areas go to their own countries and forever erase Ukraine from the map. They never were a real country and the westerners are poison to everyone. No reason for Russia to take them on.

      • Agree. Carve up the place, everybody gets a piece, that’s a win-win for all involved.

        Purchasing peace by sharing out the Ukrainian girl booty is also new customers for the MIC’s low-grade forever conflict, the continuing Cold War. It never ended.

      • There will be an independent Ukraine State. It will revert to being a land-locked farm stand in the Polish suburb’s.

  21. I would add one more dimension to this expose´ of incompetence. Most Americans will whine and stew about how bad things are, but ultimately bury their heads in the sand and distract themselves with a delusion about voting in a change next November. This is the Bongino Imperative. Never take action today if you can convince yourself that “the sun will come up tomorrow, tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar on tomorrow.”

    In doing so, we will have earned the hard collapse that is coming. Ukraine will never recover from this Western-driven debacle. They will have lost half their population to emigration, killed off their best remaining men, utterly destroyed any productive capacity in their economy, and be in perpetual debt to their Western masters. That is what the GAE has in store for the USA/EU also.

    But it doesn’t have to end that way. And no, Russia is not going to come across the ocean to save us. That is our job and responsibility. The pathogens are relatively few. Smarter, not harder.

    • Exactly Right Brother…Tribe Up, Be a Slave/Prisoner, or Die…Those are your only three options at this point in Time…

  22. If history is a guide, you don’t defeat Russia in a European land war by killing them, but by breaking their will to fight. Ludendorff pulled it off by infecting Russia with Bolshevism. If we believe Clown World took down the USSR, it’s apparently lost its virulence. These are not the formidable people who built the thing.

    • Courtesy of the magic of the internet, I get a weekly “good news’ report of some sort. Maybe this event will be reported along some of the other feel good stories.

    • I saw that earlier, what made me smile was this line:
      “He’s a far leftist that posts anti-white hatred and quotes Noam Chomsky.”

    • Hmm. . . also read he had info showing Israel had back doors to all US Government computers. Bit suspicious to me – why would Israel need a back door, when they have a front door, if not own the whole damn thing?

  23. I’ll never understand. I mean, I know why the elites wanted this war (primarily because of ancient tribal grievances against Russia), I know why the GAE war machine wanted it, I know why the media cheered it on (same tribal grievances as the elites), but I do not know why Americans went along with it, for even a moment. I don’t know why a single American (as opposed to someone living here with distant relatives from the Pale of Settlement) put up a Ukraine flag, or supported Brandon’s policies. I know it would have no effect on the government’s conduct – see how Americans do I not want our government supporting Israeli genocide and war crimes in Gaza – but I’m still disgusted at my fellow citizens. It was obvious in the beginning that the media was lying (Snake Island, Ghost of Kiev), it was obvious that Ukraine had no chance whatsoever against Russia, it was also obvious that the American fighting force ain’t what it used to be (Syria, Afghanistan). Yes one could argue that there was a brief window of opportunity for a Russian government collapse after the initial invasion, but once that ended, it just became a hopelessly cynical and fake enterprise, but with a real cost in lives. Ukraine proved to me that most Americans still are true believers of the GAE and the regime. They really are still grillers and voters. They really think the American government and its imperial outposts are run by competent and dedicated people who care about them, despite all evidence to the contrary, and think elements like Karinne Jean Pierre and Mark Milley are the exception rather than the norm.

    • “I don’t know why a single American (as opposed to someone living here with distant relatives from the Pale of Settlement) put up a Ukraine flag, or supported Brandon’s policies.”

      According to the libs in my family, it’s because Putin is Hitler. And if “we” don’t stop him now, he will keep on invading until he becomes too big to stop.

      It sounds ridiculous. But then I remember that I fell for the same gag with Saddam Hussein. Of course, I now realize they were lying all along and that moustache man wasn’t accurately portrayed either. As General Patton said, we fought for the wrong side in World War II.

      Sure, our own countries are being invaded, whites have become second-class citizens, and men in sundresses are menacing our kids. But at least we’re not speaking German, amiright?

      • Yeah, even Hitler wasn’t “Hitler”
        he will keep on invading until he becomes too big to stop
        “Stop” from what? That’s what made realize I was duped on Saddam back in the 90s (though in fairness, I was just a kid) as what was the absolute worst Saddam case? That he was going to invade California and force convert them to Islam? C’mon. What, is Putin going to invade all of Western Europe? Wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to them.

        • Well, remember too that the Serbs were going to invade Europe with their Panzer divisions once they won the Yugo civil war?

          Saddam, Putin, Quadiffi, ISIS, and all the rest.

          How many times have we fallen for this lie?

          Maybe the Norks will invade the US after they take S. Korea?

      • In 1939, before Hitler had invaded any portion of Western Europe, Roosevelt told a group of Senators that “the frontiers of America are on the Rhine.” If only someone had been able to stop the imperial impulse of the GAE before it got too big to stop.

    • Same reason more than half of Americans went along with COVID and the vaxx, despite empirical evidence to the contrary. Media brainwashing and urge to conform. Few dig deeper or seek out contrary opinions (that includes many on the Right).

      • Also please remember we were primed for this.

        Reagan was tricked, by a false promise to end the Soviet nuclear threat, into loading America with debt to finance the MIC- which was then used for colonial expeditions in the MidEast.

        The Soviet system was already on its last legs. “Our” undeclared victory was to plunder the place so “we” could build up China, and start up the EU/Euro.*

        *(“We” opened up border restrictions on corporations and investment pools, which became multinationals and equity funds. Our black ops became NED, NGOs, and money laundries. After turning Europe into rubble, “we” [the BIS banks] basically issued letters of marque to economic pirates.)

        Morally, we had been primed by Dispensationalist, that is, “Last Days” evangelism.

        We were to spread the light of corporate capitalism unto all nations, erasing race and borders.

        If things went south, as erasing traditions and fences tends to do, that was a sure sign of hope, not failure.
        The worse things got, the closer Paradise was at hand.

        Our natural signals were inverted.
        Even the oldest instincts- that of boy and girl, of Us and Them, of right and wrong, of perp and victim, have been inverted.

        On the subject of Ukraine, or Palestine, or every other shiny object, many of the people we are talking to are steeped in Last Days righteousness.

        It works! They can go about their days untroubled, taking advantage of each New Current Thing. Lightly surfing the tide, rather than fighting it, as dissidents tend to do.

    • People like to agree with the Television. If one agrees with the Television, then everyone else who agrees with the television agrees with you.

      Half the country is under the spell of Television.

      It has been flabbergasting to hear mild mannered people tell me of their ardent desire to kill Putin.

      • Lindsay Graham the poster child for that sentient (assuming you count him as a actual person).
        Also, I think The Libs link Trump and Putin, ergo Putin must be eradicated along with Orange Man,

        • Miss Lindsay shouldn’t be shouldn’t be so casual about tossing out death threats to certain world leaders or he might windup with a couple of teaspoons of Polonium 210 in his orange pekoe tea.

  24. Of course, the overall direction of the war is clear and has been clear from the beginning; however, there is still the matter of the endgame to figure out—a subject about which there is little informed speculation and even less factual information. How exactly does Russia plan to wrap this thing up? If they know, they ain’t saying; but the war can’t officially end until a new modus vivendi is reached, so at some point the question of the terms of the peace agreement must be brought to the forefront.

    The slow timetable may itself be a clue that things aren’t quite as settled as they appear. None of the major players are willing to stop the music just yet. For one thing, as far as I am aware, the United States has not officially reneged on its intention to send F-16s to Ukraine next summer. These nuclear-capable fighters, along with their support operations and air-defensive accoutrement, would represent a significant escalation from the NATO side that Russia will have to answer. To withdraw from that commitment now would be politically disastrous for Biden and the Democrats, who must stand for reelection in less than a year. Biden is already facing serious domestic problems, brewing scandals, and challengers within his own party. If Ukraine becomes an albatross around his neck, it could very well finish him. Then there is the looming question of what Congress will do about the war funding.

    If Biden was smart, he could arrange a pretty decent off ramp for himself that would preserve what’s left of his reputation and help to calm his domestic troubles. He would back-channel his intention to make a deal with Congress: In return for making Hunter Biden and the rest of his personal problems go away, he will stop privately fighting for more Ukraine war funding (although he will continue to ask for it publicly). Congress will defund the war and assume whatever negative repercussions that involves, while Biden will get to shrug his shoulders and say he tried. Then he will announce his intention not to run for president again, clearing the way for a different Democratic nominee in 2024. Biden gets to pass his last few yeas in peace and quiet, and the country is spared a major foreign embarrassment and domestic crisis.

    We’ll see if any of this happens—I’m guessing it won’t. Congress is too beholden to the MIC to seriously contemplate de-escalation, and it is not in Biden’s personality to back down. I’m guessing he will continue to use whatever executive authority he has to ram through more Ukrainian aid packages and will try to hold on through 2024, moving the country and the world every closer to chaos. I’m pretty sure Russia has this figured out already and are ready for it. They have their Surovikin Line and their 400K trained reservists in theater, just waiting.

    From Russia’s point of view, there is not much to be lost by dragging the conflict out as long as the West wants to play. They have the opportunity to practice modern warfare against more of NATO’s obsolete junk (an F-16 in Red Square would be quite the trophy, all while draining Western arms supplies and plunging Europe ever deeper into economic disaster. It is a dangerous gambit and not without unforeseen risks, but it seems to be something Russia feels it can handle.

    Putin, too, has to stand for reelection next year, and it is on the topic of Russia’s domestic political situation that the analysis grows more perplexing. Ironically, a premature peace might be the one thing that could actually harm Putin’s popularity at home, for then he would have to face hard questions about the conduct, pacing, and outcome of the war instead of being given wide latitude as a popular war-leader. I think any peace that left the Zelensky regime in place would be wholly unacceptable to the Russian populace, who have sacrificed a lot for the war and are very eager to taste victory. The Russian strategy, therefore, seems to be to Keep Ukraine on life support until such time as its final annihilation is most domestically expedient.

    Even then, though, there many unanswered questions remaining. The geostrategic significance of Russia’s enormous oil and gas reserves is the lynchpin of 21st century global politics. The final arrangement that must be reached for Russia’s long-term security is the complete realization of Europe as an economic partner and a military ally. That means the full expulsion from Europe of the United States and NATO.

    How this is to be accomplished is not quite certain. A sea-change in US domestic politics would be the least difficult way and is entirely plausible with a Trump election, but it will shift much of the conflict to the domestic front. The battle against Trump is but one theater in the Deep State’s desperate quest for global hegemony, and we would do well to remember that at the ballot box. But, with or without US compliance, Russia will not stop pushing, and will use any means necessary, to secure its Western flank, and that means bringing the whole of Europe into its ambit.

    In other words, this isn’t close to being over. It’s just getting started.

    • “Biden gets to pass his last few yeas in peace and quiet…”

      You may be right, regardless of how he gets there. I suspect most people would be happy if he and his family (and the Clintons) would just “go away”. Still, it doesn’t keep me from hoping that his last few lucid moments will be spent in agonizing pain and agony.

      A guy’s gotta dream.

    • I disagree that the Brandon entity reneging on its commitments for F16’s would be disastrous politically. The war doesn’t have the support that it once did amongst the policymakers and Congress. The war machine has a new toy to play with, they don’t need Ukraine anymore. Congress has signaled that it doesn’t really care about Ukraine war funding anymore, it doesn’t even seem like a question. It’s over.

      So, I think he can renege on it quite easily, in fact, and when Zelensky gets on TV in his green t-shirt to whine about it, it simply will not be aired.

  25. Maybe it is too obvious now, but this situation looks like a typical communist story. Like that famous story about the train that starts in a real track and ends in a static place being shaken to pretend it is still running. A white pill out of this is that marxism in all forms -and our government is a variation of it- always ends having to fake reality. This is a Potemkin war.

    It is a testament to the strength of America that the regime is incapable of destroying it fully despite all the efforts made in the last century to add dead weight into the machine and parasitize it.

  26. You know your ruling regime is a catastrophic disaster when the only competent figure in it is Alejandro Mayorkas.

    Btw, I’ve seen footage of Buttigieg visiting Ukraine to oversee their infrastructure rebuilding efforts. Ironically, it was all at perfectly beautiful and well functioning rail stations. I bet they got an earful and some amazing slides about Railway Racism Reduction that boosted their morale.

      • Mayorkas was put in that position to not enforce the border. So, he’s competent at what they hired him to do

      • Because he has been at Biden’s side for years as Biden bragged that Europeans would be replaced and dispossessed as the nation. He is executing his and his benefactor’s plan to perfection.

  27. I use your term ” reality does not go away because we stop believing in it” quite often in my life now days in the American empire.

      • Yes, I think that it may have been so. And if that is true, we can here interject another aphorism, one communicated to me by my Arkansas-raised father, to wit, “Even a blind hog finds an acorn now and then”. In consideration of all the myriad ways in which that woman was wrong, wrong, wrong it fits her like a glove.

  28. Terrific piece. Several hundreds of thousands are needlessly dead. In a competent, serious society there would be war crime trials and public executions of the Regime clowns responsible for this atrocity. Instead, we at best may see the Kagan Cult given a retirement party (I would not hold my breath for such). This is perhaps one of the greatest blackmarks on the United States in all of its mixed history. One possible fallout may be even greater public hostility toward the military and the corrupt government.*

    “The theme throughout this two-year debacle is that the people making the decisions have substituted a preferred reality for actual reality.”

    This is spot on. Those who thought Putin could be memed out of existence are mass murderers. Putting reality-challenged people in charge of life and death matters always is a poor choice. The best result would be the demilitarization of the Global American Empire but that is unlikely to happen until the rest of the world refuses to bail the place out for…reasons.

    I take some issue here with the breadth of the claim:

    “The intellectual everyone in the West considers a seer claimed early on that Russia would not just lose but disintegrate as a result of the war. The fact that Fukuyama has not been right about anything in his career has not lowered his status in the West.”

    Court historians like the buffoons Jon Meacham and Michael Beschloss, maybe, but serious academics, particularly in Europe, long ago recognized Francis Fukuyama as an ass clown. Cretinous insects in D.C.’s propaganda/government/military rackets, maybe, but Fukuyama was done after Samuel Huntingdon laid out a solid refutation of the nonsense that history ended. The United States is a carnival act that poses as a whorehouse. Fukuyama was the perfect barker. Like many once great things, it is FUBAR and incapable of repair and reform. We simply need to survive in its ruins and thank God above these clowns have not gotten us nuked–yet.

    *In a perfect world, the Moskva would pull into New York Harbor, and Biden, wearing a top hat, and Harris, in fishnet stockings, would walk across the ship to a seated Xi and Putin and formally surrender. Instead, we will get half-witted accounts of how this is Trump’s fault or, alternatively, how everyone in D.C. fully expected this to happen.

    • Unless, on a deeper level, the genuine intent of the depopulation of Ukraine served another purpose, darker and more demonic than can be understood by the hyper-propagandized, deliberately enstupidiated masses in the West. This is my own belief.

      Beyond a mere Brother War, it is a miniaturized version of what was intended for Russia upon the collapse of the Soviet Union, a depopulation, a demoralization and a thorough looting by their (((oligarchs))) in concert with the Hahvard Boys and in fulfillment of the aspirations of the (((neocohens))). We’ll see how it plays out in the end. If Ukraine is cut off from Black Sea access, and the Eastern region up to the Dnieper is taken by the Russians, never to be returned, then this effort will have come to nought. May it be so.

  29. It seems to me this failure came from a wilful misreading of what caused the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    The self-congratulatory mythology is that Reagan and his genuis cabinet caused the collapse by forcing the Russians to exhaust themselves in Afghanistan while they crushed their own economy trying to compete with the US defense budget and Lucasfilm initiatives like SDI.

    The Ukraine strategy seems to have been to bait the Russians into an attack and then collapse their economy via sanctions. Since the Russian Federation is supposed to have been much weaker than the Soviet Union, this would all happen much more quickly and with less effort than the earlier scenario.

    But as with most US foreign policy since 1992, this was garbage in, garbage out, as concieved by garbage people and executed by a military and intelligence apparatus filled with mediocrities and apparatchiks. Which has been the US view of the Russians for decades.

    The projection is astonishing, but that is how these loser parasites roll. So long as you control the screen, you can project what you like onto it. But when reality begins to project back it is time to find some innocent white people to blame.

  30. A trenchant piece of analysis. A couple of quick points:

    “The West is slowly coming to terms with the reality of the much publicized counter-offensive, which ended in disaster soon after it was launched, but the West spent the last few months in denial.”

    I suspect the people who really call the shots in the West — not their political and military stooges — are aware of the enormity of the fiasco but they’re revealing the sordid reality to the hoi polloi only in dribs and drabs. Too much of the truth too fast might disorient the unwashed masses. Standard operating procedure.

    “As the overall condition of the Ukraine military comes into focus, the recriminations are beginning to turn up in Western media.”

    Agreed. Someone has to be the fall guy, the patsy. Ain’t going to be the real culprits and it never is. Just no accountability in the GAE as the real decision-makers remain shrouded in mystery and the hoi-polloi never know who they are, and even if they did, they have no way of demanding accountability.

    “Washington never learns from its failures, which is why they have the Ukraine debacle, but the rest of us can gain some insight into how our political leaders stumble into these disasters by looking at some of the major blunders in this war.”

    Military success would have been nice but I’m not sure it was the only objective. Got to keep the military-industrial complex humming. The show must go on. So regardless of whether the West can militarily prevail or not, I expect more such debacles. The USA in particular is now just a war state.

    • “Got to keep the military-industrial complex humming.”

      Absolutely. At the very least, stockpiles have to be restored, so there’s at least the next few years of status-quo funding. Also, the deficiencies of US airpower and anti-drone capabilities demand increase funding for R&D.

      Mission Accomplished.

    • Does someone have to be the fall guy? There still isn’t one for Afghanistan. Nor was there ever one for Iraq

      • Yes, that’s a legitimate point. I suppose there’s only a need for a fall guy if there’s a strident public demand for accountability and that probably isn’t there.

    • A few months ago one of the normies in my office was on about how Russia is about to get wrecked over the “offensive”. My guess is that when the inevitable happens, his reaction will be “what offensive? what are you talking about?” Selective amnesia will be the M.O.

      So no accountability, no clamoring for accountability. The ZOG and its normies will just go on as though nothing happened much like the vaccine mandate that was, then wasn’t. Schrödinger’s Offensive, Schrödinger’s Mandate.

  31. “Reality is that thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it.”

    Quite true, but, as I’ve mentioned before, the narrative IS reality for these people. Actual reality never touches the DC crowd. They can lose war after war after war. They never lose their job.

    I used to live in Arlington just outside of DC. I saw these people. They are real, have lives, etc. Their narrative reality works just fine for them. The fact that actual reality smashes their plans doesn’t make them lose a job, sell their house, stop sending their kids to prep school, not get invited to DC parties, etc. Indeed, they get promotions.

    Until actual reality impacts their reality, none of this will change. They DC crowd will call Ukraine a success because “it weakened Russia” or some such nonsense and move on to the next disaster.

    We are a very long way from the neocons learning a lesson.

    • “It weakened Russia” reminds me of “if he didn’t get the vax, the covid he caught would’ve been worse.” They know how to tell themselves calming stories to avoid what’s real.

    • “Actual reality impacting their reality” would be a hot war in the Middle East/Ukraine directly involving the US and millions of White men refusing to sign up.

  32. The US military did literally the same exact thing wrt the taliban in Afghanistan. American troops wouldn’t move out of an area during the withdrawal process until they could visually see the Taliban coming up on their base.

    We also didn’t begin negotiations in Vietnam until the situation deteriorated significantly. It’s like the American establishment is pathologically incapable of negotiating from a position of strength. And instead deludes itself into believing that it’s invincible, only to begin negotiating when it’s clear they are on the losing side.

    I have noticed that these things don’t end until something else happens that distracts our leadership. Covid didn’t end until Putin rolled his military into Ukraine. Without his invasion it’s likely we would still be having rolling lockdowns and mask mandates.

    • “I have noticed that these things don’t end until something else happens that distracts our leadership.”

      Excellent point. Only distraction rather than reason works with the retarded and autistic.

      • Remember the “oh it’s Ukraine season and I still have my Covid decorations up” meme. Memes are fascinating because they contain a lot of truth in humourous form. And it is remarkably true that the left can’t meme because it’s only funny if it’s true. Who’d have thought humor was a truth detector

  33. > The sanctions regime was clearly intended to hurt average Russians, which made it easy for the Russian leadership to recast this conflict as this generations great patriotic war.

    This also accelerated the great sifting of society, as a multitude of pro-west Russians left, never to come back, and Russia sympathizers from Ukraine flooded in. These were very skilled people they lost, so I’m sure they took a technological hit, but they are now a more cohesive block. They still have a Muslim demographic problem like the West, but seem to handle them far better.

    We’re going to see an ideological balkanization in the next few decades as people continue their rampant migrations all over the world to a society more fitting their preferences.

  34. “credentialed idiots”

    One of my grandfather’s favorite sayings was, “forty-dollar saddle on a ten-dollar horse”.

  35. War is still the ultimate reality check. On a macro level it may play a role in keeping us sane, that is in touch with reality. Not that I fetish war but it is a constant of human history. We’ve evolved with it, we must be adapted for it. And maybe perversely we need it to check delusions

  36. Having figured out that Russia was not going to disintegrate in the face of what amounted to an internet cancel campaign

    I’ve suspected that was a bit of a “card tilt” for them, showing the world their true fear. They expected Russia to collapse after canceling their Google and Apple phone stores because that’s what collapse would mean to them. It’s a world in which allowing the nation-state you’re in charge of to be invaded by several other nation-states doesn’t even warrant a mention, but losing a Twitter debate will summon the entire law enforcement apparatus of the empire.

  37. I thought Fukuyama also said a potential competitor to liberal democracy could be something like Singapore. Which is what China and Russia are.

  38. Check out the recent WaPo Robert Kagan article on the impending Trump dictatorship for an unsettling look into the minds of these madmen.

    First of 19k comments by last evening:

    “A 7,500 word op-ed with a single message: the Washington Post has lost its mind.”

    • One of my co-workers, a 69 year old tech writer, spent a great deal of time this morning preaching to me about the shame of Nelson Mandela spending time in prison for just speaking his mind. I educated her on who Mandela really was, the criminality of what he did to the crown jewel of Africa, and that his lasting legacy is poverty, murder and hopelessness. She sniffed and said that NPR no doubt knew more than I. I’m 66, and even I am beginning to hate Boomers.

      • Sixty-six here, too. Have despised them since Jr High. I always thought it was me … expecting too much. Big realization for me with age was that it was them.

      • That’s because you have realized that being a Boomer isn’t about age it’s about the mindset that affected a major part of that generation…It’s shows it’s face in other age groups as well…

    • “Trump is a buffoon who can’t do anything. Not real estate, not politics. A national embarrassment to his party and his nation.”


      “Trump is a master manipulator who will seize absolute power and make Stalin, Hilter, and Commodus look like Mother Teresa because he’s so insanely competent.”

    • More like:

      “The CIA’s official newsletter delivers a stern warning to deplorables and their leader.”

    • I’m incredulous that they confuse Trump for someone who really means business. Trump is still a soft, civ nat “it’s just business and all good fun”. The guy who’s serious will be making his point with wood chippers, not quips on X

      • It is hard to think what would have been done differently is they did not want a Serious Man to take charge. I think this latest debacle has moved the needle in that direction.

        • A Serious Man?

          Like, “My spirit will rise from the grave and the world will see I was right,” serious?

          • We’re approaching where we’ll need that level of business. Playing nice has not produced anything of value

          • I’m thinking of the gent who said “(N)ecessity has no law” and “God made them as stubble to our swords.” Such a person must be willing to be hanged after he has died and been buried.

        • Not to rekindle yesterday’s AI discussion but I do wonder if the serious man might not come from the tech sector instead of the military or a grassroots movement. Because he will have everyone’s information balls in a vice.

          Of course he may also be their man, not ours

          • They have many men like that now as far as the blackmail material. Fortunately for us, they also are quite insane and do stupid shit.

          • The Serious Man must come from the military, or have enough money and connections to buy one. Perhaps a benevolent Drug Warlord. Without military backing, it won’t be serious – it can’t be serious.

  39. The first major blunder was getting into a land war with Russia. This is right up there with “Never getting into a land war in Asia” and the slightly less well-known “Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.”

    The Z Man recognizes genius when he sees it.

  40. This is right up there with “Never getting into a land war in Asia” and the slightly less well-known “Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.”

    “Hello. My name is Z man. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

    On X, posts are showing up linking to news stories where D.C. and Europe are “fessing up” that they are running out of time and money, and will not be sending any further supplies to Ukraine.

    I await our war with Eurasia, as we have never been at war with Eastasia Comrade! Also, the chocolate ration has been increased to 20 grams from 30. 👍

    • Even my wife, God bless her normicon soul, is getting it. She looked at me after reading something on the internet and said, “I’m beginning to think that we aren’t the Good Guys anymore.” If she is staring to wake up, I’m quite positive that millions of other “God bless America” types are too.

      • An obervation from normie central, Facebook, shows that there was some enthusiasm for Ukraine at the start of the war, with Ukraine flag and sunflower images shown on profiles. That support seems to have fizzled out fairly quickly.

        Observing the start of Israel-Hamas, the normie’s support of Israel has been a bit lackluster. I see it here and there but it has decreased pretty quickly. There seems to be a general malaise in getting behind “the Good Guys” it seems.

        • I think it has to do with people’s suffering here that’s the main cause of the disinterest of wars over here which probably means they are going to have to do something against us here…

        • Funny thing on the Israel-Hamas deal. Saw a billboard for pray for Israel, which is not a surprise. Then saw TWO billboards to support Gaza – now that was a surprise

      • But the majority of women, with free limitless access to all human knowledge at their fingertips prefer to use the interwebs for sharing cat videos.
        We Are Doomed.

        • Male, female, or whatever…that video of cats singing Bohemian Rhapsody is pretty damned share-worthy.


    • “Also, the chocolate ration has been increased to 20 grams from 30.”

      But alas, when the public digs into that chocolate, they discover that it’s only the size of the package that’s been increased to 30 grams. The amount of chocolate has, in fact, been cut to 10.

    • The admissions that they are running out of time and money for Uke are a sad play to drum up public support for the Uke project as we head for Christmas.

      • Perhaps also an attempt to – still further – cost shift the debacle to the EU. And now, as the financial engine of the EU, Germany, degrades significantly, another motivation, that of migrating whatever industry and human capital are there to the US. I would argue that, with the sabotage of Nordstream and the deprivation of cheap and plentiful energy to Germany and Europe more widely, and the self-defeating EU sanctions, the immiseration of the EU has always been operating as a goal. Blocking the consolidation of Mackinder’s World Island, as if the loss of the EU would be a punishment, is laughable, but par for the course for Our Stratergerists.

        • The only issue is whether the further degradation of Germany was the primary or just a secondary goal of the Tribe.

  41. Rather amusing video on Xitter showing a Ukranian artillery piece firing a round. The entire apparatus moves about 20 feet because “the ground was too frozen to properly emplace it.”

    $3 million dollars for the artillery piece, but it’s completely useless (totally inaccurate because it shifts every time it’s fired) because they don’t use/posess a $30 pickaxe.

    They’re not even trying, probably never were, and I don’t think Ukrainians or US defense contractors care.

    They pretend to fight, we pretend to send them money and equipment. Palms are greased, kickbacks continue, those too stupid or too poor to avoid getting drafted die horrible deaths.

    The US will spend 20 years pouring a couple trillion “rebuilding Ukraine infrastructure.”

    What a g-damned waste.

    • Yeah I saw that video. It had spades on its feet to be embedded into the earth so it wouldn’t move from the recoil. I just thought they forgot to do it, lol.

  42. What you said in the last couple paragraphs really resonated with me. I have observed that when something bad happens, the consequences roll downhill and are blamed on the people who are least responsible for the trouble. The comman man is held hostage in this country. He has no say in most things, yet must pay the tab when it comes due.

    • That’s because he believed the propaganda that individualism was the way to lead his life instead of being a part of a Tribe…So the ones that are part of a Tribe even though they are a small percentage are able to rule and use the White Man as cannon fodder and a scapegoat…

  43. Since we can’t really do anything more than enjoy the collapse, I’m having fun trying to predict the new Narrative. I think the Media might go for the quadruple axel, such that even the French judge would have no choice but to give them a 10. It goes something like this:

    “Oh, we’ve been saying all along that the Ukrainians had no chance against the big bad Bear. After all, Putin is the new Hitler! And since he is, obviously Poland — which also stands no chance against the big bad Bear — is next. We must send them gazillions in aid (less 10% for the Big Guy, of course). Our new ambassador to Warsaw, Victoria Nuland, will bring a wealth of experience to…”

    • It will be fun to watch them conjure a new tale. The trouble is they are not that good at this either. Think back the Iraq war fiasco and how they handled it. They tried to claim Iraq was a success then they tried to pivot to Iran. I suspect we something lame like that with Ukraine where they try to pretend it was and then try to pick a fight in the Caucuses or Mongolia. They are actually in Mongolia now, trying to stir up Mongolian nationalism.

      • We’ve been in Mongolia for a while. Mongols trained our famous horseback special forces after 911. Some went to fight in Iraq. We tried to get china and Russia route a pipeline through Mongolia so we could control it. Also more ethnic mongols live in China than Mongolia, which could be a problem for Beijing.

        • With the example of the Uighurs before their minds, I suspect that those Mongols residing in China might demur from expressions of solidarity with their ethnic brethren in Mongolia proper, particularly if those Mongols are being instigated by Western intelligence agencies. Mongolia…surrounded on one side by China, and on the other side by Russia. This does not sound like a winning hand.

      • Mongolia? That’s a new one. Have they wrapped up the most recent episode of Who Wants to Get Regime-Changed? in Burma yet? I also thought “somewhere in Africa” was the next contestant. Wasn’t Victoria Nuland her own self sliming around down there recently? I can’t keep up anymore. We need something like Entertainment Weekly, but about the GAE.

      • “They are actually in Mongolia now, trying to stir up Mongolian nationalism.”

        Success will be measured by how many Mongolian children successfully transition to a new gender. The bang-bang stuff is tangential.

      • Sounds like a Russo-Chinese co-dominium protectorate would be just the ticket then.

        The GAE will make the usual mistake it does out there in the Very Much Older World of cultivating the metropolitian elite whose mistresses collect Birkin Bag. That plus evangelising the Poz of course. Meanwhile the steppes pony yurt guys who have not become deracinated and corrupted slowly begin to hate a la Saxon.

        Eventually a cleric or a general (or the Hu?) leads a revolt, repudiates dollar denominated debts, and cuts a deal to host some pipelines and do all their banking through the UnionPay and equivalent Russian payment processing networks. What’s not to like?

        Fanciful, the above, but would be amusing to see the GAE send the 69th Expeditionary Hairdressers Brigade to refight Khalkhin Gol.

    • The neocons are already testing out their narrative on this disaster. They’ll call it a success because the war:

      1. Weakened Russia by killing six million soldiers

      2. Strengthened NATO which now includes Finland and Sweden

      3. Saved Europe from being dependent on Russian nat gas

      4. Showed the world what a brutal dictator Putin is.

      In their minds, the neocons will truly believe that this war was a huge success. That will be their lesson learned.


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