The Night Of The Cobra

The fourth and allegedly final Republican debate was held last night, featuring the final four contestants for the right to be the party nominee. The plot of these shows is to showcase the alternatives to Trump. The subtext is the not-so-secret plot by Washington to have the party remove Trump from the ballot, so one of these losers will get selected to fill the slot. What we have been getting instead is a fairly good example of systemic incompetence by the political class.

Last night’s show is a perfect example. To this point, Vivek Ramaswamy, the King Cobra, has been the glib youngster, making fun of the old squares on stage. He is glib and smart, but most importantly, he is plugged into the on-line criticism of the Republicans Party and official conservatism. He pithily says on stage what people say on Facebook and Twitter about the party. He has been the Hindu Muhammed Ali mocking the party at its own shows.

Last night was a perfect example of the staggering incompetence that has come to define not just the party by the political class. No one, including the moderator, was prepared for what the Cobra unleashed on the other three people. At the last debate he gave War Karen, Nikki Haley, the Sean Connery treatment. It was the story of the debate, but this time no one was prepared, so the Cobra rhetorically gave her a good paddling while she purred like a kitten,

The whole point of having War Karen on the stage was to make her the spokes-zombie of the Kagan Cult and thereby re-legitimize their madness as a feature of the Republican Party establishment. Instead, the Cobra has used her as a prop in his general critique of neoconservatism. Most Republican voters never heard the word “neocon” but now they know they are bad people. Like their other project, the War Karen scheme blew up in the neocon’s face.

Another character in this theater of the absurd is Fat Ann Coulter, Chris Christie, who sounds like every man’s ex-wife. His reason to exist in these shows was to be the fat loudmouth from New Jersey who could out-crude Trump, while repeating everything Ann Coulter posts about Trump on Twitter. He came into the show assuming he could fat guy bully the Cobra, but instead he got the Ned Beatty treatment. The only thing the Cobra did not do was make him squeal like a pig.

Where you really see the systemic incompetence is in the campaign of Ron “Bootsy” DeSantis, who was supposed to be Trump’s mini-me. Everything about his campaign has been terrible, because he made the decision to hand his campaign over to party hacks and Washington insiders. As a result, he has spent this year transitioning from the mouthy Italian from Florida into Mike Dukakis. He is so boring dust forms on your monitor whenever someone mentions him on-line.

Last night was a perfect example. DeSantis was programmed to attack Haley, who the dullards think is “surging in the polls.” This gave the green light to the Cobra to unleash his most furious attacks yet on the field and the party itself. His challenge to them to name a single providence in Ukraine, after they chanted the neocon lines about the war, was a thing of beauty. War Karen and Fat Ann Coulter were poleaxed, while Bootsy looked like he was about to poo himself.

The point here is this should never have been allowed to happen. A modestly competent party would have never allowed the Cobra on the stage, much less allowed him to eviscerate their candidates. Of course, even the Stupid Party would have turned Trump 2016 into an asset. The party of Reagan would have co-opted Trump and had him sign off on all of their pet projects. The modern party is run by girls and homosexuals so it is getting shredded by a call center supervisor.

To this point the Cobra has been an amusing warmup act to the big show featuring Trump as the main attraction in 2024. Until these last two debates it was inconceivable that the Cobra could win the nomination. His thorough humiliation of the other actors on the stage suggests anything is possible. Imagine the party eliminating Trump only to get out played by the Cobra at the convention. In a world run by increasingly stupid people, the safe bet is the dumbest idea you can imagine.

From the dissident perspective, we have to hope that Trump remembers why he had urinals installed at his villa in Florida and picks the Cobra to be his running mate after the first few primaries. This would be the ultimate mind rape of the Borg we call the mass media, and it would make for a great show. Trump would unleash some boomer jibes and the Cobra would amplify them with millennial online jargon. It would be like 4Chan became a pollical party and ran for office.

It is a terrible way to run an empire, but given the collection of sissies, entitled women and simpletons that is the alternative, having a collection of shit-posters run things will at least provide some laughs as we careen into the void. Otherwise, it means the collapse is managed by the same people who thought it was a good idea to promote a ball-shriveling shrew like War Karen as an alternative to Trump. Everyone will be praying for sweet death as the empire collapses.

Sadly, that is not the way to bet. There is a reason our literature is not filled with amusing tales of the end of prior empires. The end of the established order is never a good time for the people living it. Collapse is never fun, and the collapse of the American empire will be no exception. It will be War Karen, Fat Ann Coulter, and the rest until the men of the West have had enough, spit on their hands, raise the black flag and begin splitting throats.

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226 thoughts on “The Night Of The Cobra

  1. The genius part was Vivek said she and Joe couldn’t name three provinces – because most people could name one or two just from passively hearing the news. Even Ron made a distress face saying, “please don’t call on me”.

  2. As Marko and others said, the likelihood of Nikki Harris must top Nikki Hillary— she has nowhere near the stature in the GOP machine to be the nominee, but she knows this; was always just a hired gun for the veepstakes. Lamer movement cons e.g. Ace of Normies are saying now they’re afraid of this very outcome, since they do hate her as much as movement Dems hated Harris, and Trump would surely go along with the fix, as he’d agreed to Pence before.

    I am enjoying the RNC cinematic universe debates as a meta-event which relatively fewer low-info’s are bothering to watch, such that the gestural and ritual aspects have waxed, rather counterintuitively. The Aryan finance biker from Sand Hill Road is indeed their mongoose pugilist because News Corp/Likud snakes are hissing at him, out of their belief in DeKakis or Nikki as their Flight 93 ‘24. I don’t see either Joe or Trump in office this time next year, it will I think be that other ludicrous “Black” Indian-Canadian sorority sister, which is also a dismal outcome for the D.C. home team by a certain light. Will be quite a thing to see… Specifically to the possible Donny/Ramadany ticket, that moots decades of K Street community organizing while bringing zero crossover appeal to disaffected lumpenliberals, in fact, being insufficiently pro-Israel hasn’t done anything for Viv who’s the farthest out of the journalist-imprimatur candidates and Kennedy. Presenting as a rich suit with a nice family naturally counts against him with the more spiteful-mutant/low-info leftish audience segments, and some con Morlocks who hated Romney for this reason as opposed to all the other valid ones. Of course, I understand it will be fortified, but beginning January 1st we’ll have to collectively, drearily pretend otherwise.

    While I hope he sticks around on Overton grounds, too bad his name is pronounced differently than I thought because “Vivick the Brick” is a good wrestler epithet.

  3. I’m actually somewhat sorry I missed this. I picture Vivek now as Apu in that Simpsons episode where everyone goes crazy and Apu is on the roof of the Kwik-e-mart taking pot shots at people with his rifle and then says “thank you for coming, see you in hell!” as each customer flees.

  4. The only reason I watched last Nighy was to see Vivek troll everyone. I am so tired of Con Inc. and their whole shtick. Of course, places like The Blaze, Daily Wire, and Fox News love the Establishment shills. It’s funny how Ann Coulter acts like she was the first person in history to say immigration is an important topic, by the way. Also, people are not going to turn out for War Karen or Jeb! 2.0. Conservative media makes me sick.

  5. If Rumpswabbi really wanted to be clever, he could have, after the debate ended, whispered on a hot mic to War Karen, “Was that ok? I think I went after you harder than we discussed, but I think it went okay….”

    Then when the swarm swarmed, he could have smiled it off with “No comment.” But Haley would be in the position of denying that she beats her husband.

  6. I have to say Vivek Ramshamswywavymmph’s biggest problem is that every time I hear his name I keep thinking of that scene in The Office where Michael is doing his diversity meeting and starts making Indian noises at Kelly. I can’t be the only one.

  7. Chris, Gavin, Nikki, Donald, Joe, Hillary, McKinley…
    It don’t matter. Every president need the Congress and the Congress will always be Corruptown.

    What could save us is a monarchy with rules inspired by christianism.

    But for having a Christian society, a king and christian laws, we need… A christian people.

    Chesterton told us “as soon as they start to not believe in God, they’ll start believing anything” (welcome to “Trans-are-mentally-normal world).

    I highly recommend that you take the following test :pick a book about philosophy, religion, history.

    But a book published now, another 50 years ago, and another another 50 years ago, etc. 2023,1973,1923,1873,1823,1773,1732,1673….
    What will you consistently notice? That the style of writing, the cultural level, the elegance of thought and the quality of reasoning DECREASES with each half century.

    And do you know why no one notices? (apart from the fact that no one reads anymore, which is doubly a crime, firstly because we have never had so much free time, and secondly because thanks to Google Books we have free access to the best works published all throughout the centuries)
    Nobody notices because our fridges are full (thanks to carbon energy), and we make complex machines (which 90% of us would neither know how to make nor understand how they work, by the way. ..).

    From this abundance and these machines, we unconsciously tend to connect them to democracy and intelligence, hence the axiom = writers of the past = stupid.

    But that’s false. The effect is not yet felt (because materialism ONLY sees full fridges), but it is obvious that the collapse of the fridge will follow the collapse of our brains which itself followed the collapse of our faith in Christ

  8. Does anyone else notice that Nikki Haley is slowly morphing into Hillary Clinton? If she had blonde hair the resemblance would be uncanny.

  9. ‘The modern party is run by girls and homosexuals so it is getting shredded by a call center supervisor.’

    There you go.

    ‘It is a terrible way to run an empire, but given the collection of sissies, entitled women and simpletons that is the alternative, having a collection of shit-posters run things will at least provide some laughs as we careen into the void.’

    When the Boss gets nauseous with a nation, He lets women rule it. Seeing they’re always clamoring for that anyway. An assortment of homos and weenies and fourth-rate manlings service the girlbosses. D.C. is a coven, ahab and jezebel go global.

    The New World Order is the New Woman Order.

  10. The dissident bone throw of “the great replacement” from the pajeet was heartening. But the fact that it was coming from a Manhattan hindu pajeet then made me feel sad…then angry. A pajeet threw me a crumb of truth from his table when my “own people” are busy sucking “muh legal immigrants” off, when they’re not worshiping the n- word….

    The level of suck of U.S. politics is beyond belief.

    • And, as much as I hate to say it, white people’s Suckage Quotient has never been higher. We are still the people with the most potential, but we are coming nowhere close to realizing it.

      • The Firmware is totally corrupted. It has been for a long time. Like those National Geographic videos where the snail is taken over with a brain parasite and crawls up the tree to be eaten by a bird.

      • Ostei: Our trusting nature, empathy, and guilt are our achilles heel. We’re the best in the world at so many things though…

  11. What men of the West?
    Are you Bill Ackman?
    Slit throats? Wow, glowing…

    The Dissident Right and the blah blah Right spit on the men who slit throats, calling them fools and Zionist Stooges, or Feds, or glow worns, etc and none more than this venue here and it’s cheering section. Ain’t nobody gonna do nothing for you, you just wanna be left alone and are…
    …. The Men of the West are Hispanic, or the Cobra, and they CAN’T be the West.
    They can be men, but will have no use for you.

    You wanna sit back and sneer and giggle like girls about Popcorn? You did.
    You wanted Collapse?
    This is it,
    You’re in the collapse you wanted Dear Z blog and commenters. What men?

    Now is the turn of those that tried and acted, however imperfectly to save the mess to shrug and yes sneer.

    You get it. We can’t turn our backs on you.
    You spit on your hands. Lol.
    You slit throats.

    Slit throats? Must be a Fed 🤣

    • “Now is the turn of those that tried and acted, however imperfectly to save the mess to shrug and yes sneer.”

      Oh, your turn, huh? I can’t wait to see. Wow us.

      • I’m sneering now, you are seeing it.
        No wait needed.

        I said it’s our turn to Sneer.

        Oh I went, repeatedly.
        Warned here for years that mocking everyone who tried to do anything was folly.

        FED ! Gloworm !
        Uh, no.

        (Actually, ASHKULLY that’s half the people here, but too late the Feds realize their own mistake).

        No one will save you, you won’t have it, we can’t turn our backs on you.

        Me? I’m going into the paraglider business. I think sales. Rental too risky. You can’t trust anyone these days!

    • Of course don’t think I have no sense, or sense of humor.

      There’s lots of incompetence all around.

      For instance- what if even The Feds and their Familiars suddenly realized they needed an actual opposition?
      What if the Bill Ackman crowd realized their Golems really do attack the Rabbis?
      For over a decade, a successful demoralization campaign was waged nearly in unison against the knuckle draggers and anyone who could pose any threat, along with law enforcement down to the county level infiltration and co-option then exposure and ruin of any militia, neighborhood watch, or Hell the local Latin Mass Catholic Church 🤣. So successful was this that…
      … there is nothing and no one in their way. The Feds and police are having to stage their own rallies with shavetail trainees clearly on field trips from police academy dressing up as militia. That’s when they’re not lurking in Church to catch out the Catholic magic spells (Latin).

      The problem being; suddenly and too late it’s realized that the Left really is crazy, that Karen is a fat stupid woman who’s playing at spy, that the Golems are going to kill the Rabbis, and the rednecks and cops really will just leave you alone?
      With your pets.

      To not see that the Ruling Gaggle was crazy, that the militia had a point, that the Dems will start wars with nuclear powers to stay ij charge, and above all collapse isn’t funny…
      …. Is incompetent.

      And congratulations; it worked.


  12. “The modern party is run by girls and homosexuals so it is getting shredded by a call center supervisor.”

    That there is a beautiful, beautiful sentence.

  13. “As a result, he has spent this year transitioning from the mouthy Italian from Florida into Mike Dukakis. He is so boring dust forms on your monitor whenever someone mentions him on-line.

    Z, you must have been inspired by the Cobra you are on fire, I’m dying over here. 😂

    Reminds me of a hilarious line from the movie A Bronx Tale about this enormously obese guy called Jojo the Whale. “Jojo was so fat, legend has it that his shadow once killed a dog.” 🤣

    Couple other zingers–

    “It would be like 4Chan became a pollical party and ran for office.”

    “having a collection of shit-posters run things will at least provide some laughs as we careen into the void. ”

    We should be so lucky! I doubt they will let such a thing occur because we came dangerously close to this in Trump’s early days but it would be absolutely glorious were they dumb enough to let it occur. A Trump / Vivek ticket would be like 2016 on steroids which is why I’m pretty sure they would jail or literally assassinate Trump before ever allowing it to occur.

  14. Trump is a bigger clown than DeSantis or Heley. The guy is nearly 80 and he is batshit crazy. He is not running to save America or help White People. He is running for two reasons. First, his ego cannot accept. he lost to a dementia patient. He got so mad he riled up his supporters to attack the US Capitol. Second he has a lot of legal issues. He was 4 crimminal trials scheduled and numerous civil trials. He is running to escape accountability.

    The man does not care about anyone but himself. He will lead the nation to ruin.

    • I have no problem with a wronged president getting revenge and being authoritarian.

      Problem is Trump lacks focus, conviction, and follow-through. Big on words and an incompetent on execution.

      My big fear with a Trump#2 is that he will half-ass the dictator role. Which will mean he will just get thwarted and the left will then use it as a pretext for their own dictatorship after him.

      • This. Above all.

        I don’t know what is in his orange heart or head, and I stopped wondering long ago. Bottom line, he is incompetent.

      • “Problem is Trump lacks focus, conviction, and follow-through.”

        He never wanted power, he wanted narcissistic supply.

        • Yes. A serious guy would have assembled a serious team in preparation for even running, but Team Trump was himself, Steve Bannon, Lewandowsky and that blonde bimbo, and he never spent a red cent of his own money on campaigning.

          So when Trump entered the WH, he was as ready for what was coming as a couple of Swedish tourists out walking, who decide that Martin Luther King boulevard looks like a convenient shortcut to the mall they’re looking for.

    • Few here love Trump, but you’d have to be an absolute brainlet retard (read: you) to even consider the alternative somehow ‘better’. And your “hurr durr muh US capitol attack!1”. Just stop. If grandmas and fatties taking selfies gets you scared enough to hide under your couch I weep for you should an -actual- attack ever take place. What an effeminate poofter you are.

      Because Biden is doing a bang up job of leading the nation into our Glorious Future™. Can you f-ck off back to CNN or MSN or wherever you wandered in from?

    • Hahahaha.

      “He will lead the nation to ruin.” Are there candidates out there who I am not aware of offering a different destination than ruin?

      Yeah, he’s also going to be a dictator, jail his political enemies and make Dylan Mulvaney have a sad. Does it ever get tiring being such a predictably stupid doofus?

      I know Trump is not going to be a great President, because I got to see him as President for four years: He was a reliably moderate, centrist President who, despite his bombast, didn’t really rock the boat, despite being viciously attacked and undermined by the Washington establishment. Nobody has ever paid for the Russian Collusion Hoax and nobody ever will.

      The people insane over Trump the crazed dictator are talking about an imaginary person they’ve invented in their heads, not the real Trump. I actually wish Trump were more like the version living in their heads.

      He didn’t give his constituents what he promised — swamp: not drained, wall: not built, Hillary: not locked up. He was deferential to Congress and every judicial overreach that countered his attempts to wield executive power.

      End the Dreamer program created by the previous President via executive order? Oh, no, some rando judge says the President doesn’t have the power to undo what the previous President used his power to do! Guess not. A real radical President would have told that judge to go pound sand and dismantled the entire program, anyway.

      Stop immigration from terrorist-infested Muslim nations? No, some rando judge decided that would be mean and being mean to foreigners is unconstitutional for reasons. Guess not.

      And so on for the wall, and pretty much everything else he tried, except the tax cuts and Supreme Court appointments (where he actually had the backing of the Republican side of the swamp, getting to reward their favored judges). Whee.

      Pretty much everything he achieved except judicial appointments was wiped out in the first day or two of the Biden administration.

      So, yeah, he’s a poor candidate, because he’s going to be a moderate, sensible President like he was before. He is unsuited to a time when a strong, radical is required. But that still puts him above the other candidates on offer.

      But the “lead us to ruin” stuff is just irredeemably stupid, given how far down the road to ruin we are, already, and how all the other candidates of all parties are pledging to keep marching us down that road.

      • If only Trump was actually half as dangerous to them aa they claim w that wouldn’t be half bad

      • When that Hawaiian Federal judge kept blocking Trump’s immigration policies I thought he should have opened Uncle Sam’s checkbook and set up immigration housing in Hawaii’s most exclusive neighborhoods. “Guess what Hawaii you want to keep interfering with my ability to defend the borders of the USA then you get all immigrants.” It would have been a twofer, punish a liberal state using their own nonsense and isolating the illegal immigrant problem on a set of islands 2500 miles from the mainland in the middle of the Pacific Ocean..

          • The Tikkis would eat most of the Somalis. Shofar sho good. But eventually some would cross-breed and produce a race of IQ65 crazed ukelele-wielding zombies — each with considerably more hit points than your bog standard Horn of Africa Skinny. We don’t want to go there.

    • There’s enough dumb in that post to power the city of Cleveland, Ohio for two weeks.

  15. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » The Night of the Cobra

    • Living in Lagos for so long, Z Man has finally been body snatched by the shade of H L Mencken. Long may his hilarious eviscerations of the stuffed dummies presiding over the Decline of the West continue!

      There *is* something about Indians which raises the hackles far more than any other of the high functioning competitor/invader races. The Tribe have had a symbiotic dysfunctional relationship with us for millennia now and we’re kind of used to each other. The Chinese are very different and appear inscrutable. We can put them in the ‘Aliens’ bin and that saves a lot of cognitive cycles. But when Indians play in the Big Boys’ Sandpit they give off a very Uncanny Valley vibe — mouthing our pieties (whether woke or based).. and it just feels Wrong at a level which is hard to convey accurately.

  16. Ha ha ha! What a hilarious piece. Worth reading for the nicknames alone. Well done, Z, well done.

    • Z Man and Morgoth are comic geniuses of the Age. I wonder if they’ve ever been on the same show together?

  17. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, nothing is certain but death and taxes. The biggest problem we face as we close this year is the millions of Americans who think they have far more to lose than they actually do. If your national debt becomes mathematically unpayable, which it is, under any circumstance, economic reform or future tax levels of any rate, it means, much like the Titanic, the gash in the hull is far too big for anything less than sinking to the bottom. Therefore any words out of politicians mouths may as well be telling the band what tune to play as we reach our inevitable fate.

    This has happened many times before in many countries, and the laws of the universe are no different in dealing with this one. The future is a former middle class, that thought it was perfectly secure, dumpster diving behind shopping complexes to survive. It will be a future of violence, poverty and despair. At the very least, I can only hope, that much reflection happens on just what happened.

    • Exhibit A is the accelerated looting, which also is a feature of a dying empire. The Ruling Class is converting the loot into hard assets and their Help ‘ the Ho’s in Congress and the Administrative State are getting thrown a few more scraps in the process; the latter will end up like meth heads in trailer parks who hit the lottery. People fail to grasp how spectacular the crash will be.

      • Absolutely. I don’t think its 100% a conscious activity though. First, in the end times of a regime the entourages (parasites) are vast, and hence more hands grabbing the goods, and second, the so called “elite” is so detached and stupid that they don’t even understand value and are that much more rapacious. The 1980’s USSR is a perfect example. The looting was embedded in the aging of the system, increasing by the year, and even in 1988 many in Moscow would have been shocked at the sudden collapse in 1991.

  18. Stray thoughts:

    1. Near future news: Vivek R President of the USA meets with Rishi Sunak Prime minister of the UK to discuss the issue of replacement theory

    2. To the GOP: I feel seen, King Cobra represents me and it is the candidate of my dreams… I was discussing with a friend how Vivek is preapproved for the official press, the same people who invite him to every news show won’t touch Nick Fuentes with a ten foot pole.

    3. Nick Fuentes and Vivek Ramaswamy channeling our spirit is ironic. We cannot have someone named John Hancock representing our thoughts in current year

    • Maybe we could insinuate Haven Monahan into the freak show by calling him Ja’Haviu’s Monsanto, dousing him in black shoe polish, and giving him a dreadlock wig.

    • It is sad that whites need a Hindu to stand up for them. But anyone who says “anti-white” in public will help us. If it takes a brown guy to wake up white guys, I’ll take it.

      The question is what do those white guys do after waking up. Do thing fall into the colorblind CivNat trap or come to our side of the river?

      Don’t know, but they’re closer to us than before.

    • “Near future news: Vivek R President of the USA meets with Rishi Sunak Prime minister of the UK to discuss the issue of replacement theory”

      …And deciding that what the US really needs is unlimited immigration from India.

      “They’re natural conservatives!” “Just like us.” “Here to live the American Dream, with curry!”

      • “Do the needful and put onion uttapam and chicken vindaloo on the menu of the Senate canteen, for the please.”

      • Silver lining:

        Based on what the Indians bathe in in their “sacred waters” (feces, partially cremated human corpses) at the very least we can expect some EPA regulatory relief when they take over.

  19. Zman, I read your posts first thing every morning and always find them fascinating, insightful and spot on. Ah, but today’s was a tour de force and had me belly laughing all the way through. I’m just glad I wasn’t sipping my coffee when I read the Deliverance reference or I would’ve splattered my screen. You were on fire with this one. Concise and on point as to how ridiculous our ruling elite has become.

    • Heh. The Ned Beatty treatment.

      “Uh, what we REE-quire, Christie, is that you get your ass up in them woods.”

    • This may be the most wickedly funny piece that our host has penned!

      RamzPaul did a standup routine about the dark enlightenment at AmRen about a decade ago. Maybe Ramz and Z should take their show on the road.

  20. Any of you guys follow Julie Kelly? She’s an investigative journalist who’s uncovered a lot of the stuff that happened on January 6th.

    Where do you guys think this j6 thing is going? I mean most of the prison sentences are one or two years so it can’t be an issue anymore once everyone has cycled out of the system.

    It could also be a game of dare. If the next republican president tries to get people like Matthew Graves or the DC district judges disbarred or criminally prosecuted, then that gives them the pretext to escalate even further

    • No one who could extract revenge or change the status quo via the political process would be allowed into office. This will be sorted only after the currency becomes worthless.

      • Agree, regime politics is not worth paying much attention to. It can’t be fixed from the inside and anyone who could fix it would not be allowed inside anyway. People can’t have forgotten what happened last time

    • After JFK, civil rights, feminism, abortion, open borders, gay marriage, etc., J6 is like putting a mirror under the body’s nose to see if it still fogs.

  21. I don’t know why the party doesn’t just get behind Trump. His chances of winning are not great. Between Democrat cheating, being drawn into Covid and all the criminal trials set to happen (which he will have to sit in), he just isn’t the shoe-in he was in 2016.

    This would put the GOP exactly where they love to be the most, the opposition. I’m surprised they aren’t pushing all kinds of great legislation through the House this year. It would never get past the Senate or be signed by Joe Biden. They can go on Fox News to poster and preen and pretend they care about the issues the voters care about. This could be a fund-raising bonanza. They could drone on about fiscal responsibility as they load up the budget with graft that they don’t have to vote for. Being “out of power” is good times for the GOP.

    • “I don’t know why the party doesn’t just get behind Trump.”

      The donors, look them up. Although there is no one more slavishly devoted to Zionism than Trump, he inadvertently kindles the dwindling embers of the fighting spirit of traditional whites, and extinguishing that spark is the donor’s highest priority.

      • “…he inadvertently kindles the dwindling embers of the fighting spirit of traditional whites…”

        For years now I’ve tried to pin down why Trump excites such a knee-jerk negative reaction among those of the (((donor heritage))). To me, culturally Trump is very much like them, and until 2015 I assumed he was one of them.

        But I believe you’ve hit the nail on the head, LITS. Very perceptive of you. And I think that modifier “inadvertently” is a very shrewd observation as well. Good work.

  22. “The modern party is run by girls and homosexuals so it is getting shredded by a call center supervisor.”

    Thanks for making me spit out my water all over my keyboard 🙂

  23. It’s all just a controlled-opposition dog-and-pony show to keep the rubes quiescent by giving them the illusion that they can vote for change every four years. We saw what happened when a guy came along and upset the apple cart, he got impeached twice and charged with 91 felony counts.

    And no, they’re not going to allow him to win in 2024.

    The real contest is between Newsom and Harris, one of them will be installed to take over after Biden goes from a living corpse to a dead corpse..

    • Have you ever seen Andrew Anglin’s analysis of the ear lobes of the various “Joe Bidens”?

      Anglin thinks certain Secret Service agents were chosen as reasonably good facsimilies of @RealBiden®, and are called upon to play the role of Tater Joe when @RealBiden® is having a particularly bad case of the senilities.

      Anglin even suspects that some of the Secret Service agents might have undergone plastic surgery to make them even moar strongly resemble @RealBiden®.

      Point being that goodness only knows who [or what? possibly a realtime A.I. flashing on the Ta1mudvision screen for goyische amusement?] might constitute the visage of Joe Biden which the goyim will be asked to trust in calendar year 2024.

      cf “Weekend at Bernies”, 1989

      cf “Dave”, 1993


      Anglin also has a theory which holds that the goyim won’t believe in the reality of a concept unless & until the goyim have first been introduced & conditioned to accepting the concept via ta1mudvision or j00vies; so that, e.g., no goy could believe that the depopulationists would sterilize the people of Earth via v@ccines, unless that goy had first watched the Stargate SG1 Aschen episodes [“2010” and “2001”]. Likewise, no goy could have otherwise imagined an imposter in the oval orifice, unless that goy had been pre-conditionied to the idea via psy-ops such as “Dave” or “Weekend at Bernies”.

  24. “From the dissident perspective, we have to hope that Trump remembers why he had urinals installed at his villa in Florida and picks the Cobra to be his running mate after the first few primaries. This would be the ultimate mind rape of the Borg we call the mass media, and it would make for a great show. Trump would unleash some boomer jibes and the Cobra would amplify them with millennial online jargon. It would be like 4Chan became a political party and ran for office.”

    From your lips to God’s ear, Z-Man.

      • Shouldn’t you be otherwise occupied on a quixotic quest to find a pureblood virgin receptacle for your precious bodily fluids?

        If all else fails, I hear Rocinante is up for it.

        Z Man was quoting a long dead fellow who was known as the Sage of Baltimore. Basic cultural literacy 101 stuff. Look it up and learn. Also: Qantas DID crash. Look that up too :D.

    • Oh sorry that was a reply to citizen.of a silly country on our interests aligning with the cobra and working from there

  25. The fox (Vivek) knows many things, but the hedgehog (“Nikki”) knows one thing: the military industrial complex reigns supreme in the US and generously rewards it’s creatures.

      • If somehow, through schemes we don’t yet understand but we know exist, she becomes the nominee, then she could very well win

        • No chance. The Trump base will, at best, stay home if Trump isn’t the nominee. At worst (well, really, best), they’ll hit the streets.

          What they won’t do is vote for that hag. Indeed, Trump will campaign (maybe from jail) against her.

    • The fox and the hedgehog, isn’t that from some management book ten years ago or something?? I seem to vaguely remember that. In today’s grifter circus one should ask ChatGPT to write “how to get rich in the new economy; be a honey badger, they beat both foxes and hedgehogs and they eat snakes”

  26. I don’t own a TV, but after reading today’s post, I almost wish I had watched that public hanging. Seeing the bad guys & gals get their comeuppance is cathartic and healing. And no one does sarcasm and ridicule like our host.

    But collapse is indeed serious business, as the white guys in Ukraine have come to know over the past 21 months. Most went to the grave thinking that they were doing the right thing, the right way, for the right cause; and all it got them was dead. We don’t need to, nor should, repeat that mistake.

    The Elites are whipping up enormous anger with the intent that the bottom of the social pyramid turn on each other in an orgy of violence. The goal is to kill off most of the alphas that could eventually coalesce into a real rebellion, and then roll out the jackboots to mop up and gulag the remnants. They do this because its tried & true historically.

    What beats this, and does so with least harm to innocents, is the anonymous nobodies coming out of the fog with laser focus on the root of the problem. The heroes of the revolution will be the ordinary Joes of everyday life who are invisibly boring and utterly unnoticed. They will appear everywhere out of nowhere all the time and be relentlessly persistent. And there will be no rock to hide under, only exits. And all of this as nature intended.

  27. Whatever happened at last night’s “debate” doesn’t really matter since nobody watched it. They can spin it however they want and most are none the wiser. The excessive number of these meaningless “debates” that nobody watches only adds to the meaninglessness of each particular one. Probably designed with that in mind. From the great mass of silly posturing and nonsense, The Blob can pick and choose the parts it wants to showcase in your news feed. No doubt with some planning ahead of time involved, as with Candy Crowley, Mitt, and The Precious.

    We are indeed approaching crunch time for whatever is in the offing to eliminate candidate Trump from the ballot.

    • It matters because it shows how inept the GOP establishment has become and how incapable it is to integrate the desires of its base. It will not change and its voters are beginning to realize.

      Cobra is useful because he’s the base’s spokesman on stage. Cobra, like Trump, shows the base that the GOP simply doesn’t care about them.

      Granted, the base isn’t watching, but it’s still useful information to us. The GOP has no future

      • Citizen: Neither do White people if they must rely on the electoral system, political parties, and a brown Hindu WEF protege to speak on their behalf.

        • Correct. We have no future in this system. Our only hope is to create our own communities.

          The more the system is shown to be corrupt, the easier that will be to accomplish. Cobra is waking up a lot of whites. Cobra talks about anti-white programs and propaganda all the time.

          Sure, it’s all in the “you shouldn’t see color” vein, but you have to get whites thinking along racial lines first before you can get them to think “hey, what’s wrong with being whites” which leads them directly to us.

          If some scheming Hindu lets whites feel okay about pushing back against the anti-white agenda, that’s fine. We just need to steer these now racially aware whites away from he colorblind CivNat path and toward white identity politics.

  28. I wonder how long it took after the debate for Nimrata to do a google search for “Ukrainian provinces”.

    • The genius part was Vivek said she and Joe couldn’t name three – because most people could name one or two just from passively hearing the news. Even Ron made a distress face saying, “please don’t call on me”.

  29. Z actually inspired me to watch a bit of the debate. It’s stunning how out of touch the GOP is from its own voters. Does no one in the GOP check out social media? They seem to have no clue that their base is getting wise to their game.

    It’s like they just want to pretend that Trump never existed, that his attacking the party (which was wildly popular) and being attacked by the party (which was wildly unpopular) never happened. It’s 2015 to the GOP.

    No wonder King Cobra is able to massacre his opponents. They don’t even understand the game that they’re playing.

    It was interesting that Cobra ignored the well-chosen partisan crowd. He knows that a real GOP crowd would be cheering him. Indeed, his fighting back against the crowd makes him even more popular. It’s almost like the crowd at the debate was GOP organizers and donors. The GOP base loves getting those guys angry.

    Even though it’s the smart and obvious moves, the GOP simply can’t pivot and integrate any of Trump or Cobra’s ideas. They’d rather watch the party break apart, which is what it’s doing. Neither Trump nor Cobra have any love for the GOP establishment. Both would be more than happy to smash the party into bits.

    That would be a show. I’m all in for Trump-Cobra. The question is whether Trump would be willing to share the limelight. I kind of doubt it, but the two of them would be awesome. The GOP, the Dems, the media would all smash themselves again and again against that rock.

    Again, I doubt that it’ll happen, but a man can dream.

    • From Trump’s pick of Pence as a running mate, we can infer that this time around he would probably pick Haley. Or some clone of her from Congress. If things are allowed to proceed far enough to the point where he picks a running mate.

      • I don’t think Trump would choose quite that badly this time. But, yes, sadly, I don’t think that he’d choose Cobra. Trump just can’t share the limelight.

        It’s too bad. They’d be a great team.

      • Rumor has it, Trump only picked Pence because the GOP establishment threatened to withdraw its support if he didn’t. By now, Trump should realize that the establishment will never support him regardless of who he chooses.

        If he chooses Nikki, this only increases the odds of him getting Kennedied after taking office — assuming they don’t take him out permanently beforehand.

        Their plan to separate Trump from his voters through lawfare has been a spectacular failure. So what’s next? Kill him? It’s most certainly on the table. The only problem is, they can’t be sure how the people would react.

        Nobody is going to buy the “lone shooter” story this time around.

    • They honestly don’t know what to do. To speak to the actual concerns of normal people (immigration, the needs of the working and middle class, the economy/de-industrialization, etc) would run exactly counter to what the (((donors – et al))) regard as in their interests. So what can they talk about that is authentic? Nothing. It’s why you saw Conservative, Inc. slobs like Kevin Williamson go incandescent when Trump took off in 2015. They exist to keep the midwits and grillers on the plantation. They failed and all they were left with was rage as the people they despise and lie to.

      • The smart move for the GOP would be to try and co-opt those concerns, which is what they’re trying to do with DeSantis.

        The problem is that smart politicians like Trump and Cobra are wise to that game and call out the fakes. What’s more, enough GOP voters are wise to the game as well.

        That’s what Cobra is doing. It’s also obvious that Cobra doesn’t want what the GOP establishment is offering. He’s playing a different game.

        I’ve been making this point for a long time: the Indians are coming and they think and play the game like Jews. Cobra doesn’t want to be some stooge for the Jews. He wants his own place at the table of what coming next. He doesn’t want to be the house ni$$er to the Jews.

        Indians aren’t going to let Jews push them around in the way that whites do. Sure, they’ll bow down to them now if they have to because they don’t have the power to fight back. But they are building their bases of power and money so they won’t need the Jews in the future. Cobra is a sign of that.

        Granted, this doesn’t help us whites much, but breaking the Jewish lock on power in this country still probably works to our advantage.

    • “Does no one in the GOP check out social media?”

      Constantly. They just check all the wrong accounts.

      “It’s almost like the crowd at the debate was GOP organizers and donors.”


      Sadly, the Cobra is going to thrust his fangs into the backs of any conservatives who votes for him.

      The Cobra would be a terrible running mate for Trump, IMHO. In all of America, the best guy Trump can find is a crooked Indian? Ramaswarmy needs to go back to India sans all his riches, not be VP.

      • Cobra will do what’s best for Cobra. If that’s stabbing the Trump base in the back, he’ll do it.

        But I don’t think that Cobra wants what the GOP establishment is offering. He already has money. He doesn’t seem to like the people running the GOP so he doesn’t care about being invited to their parties. He obviously hate the media.

        I think that he knows that GOP is coming apart and wants a seat at the table of what coming. He wants to be in the history books.

        Now, does that help whites? For now, yes, Cobra is helping our cause, so support him. When he stops help us, we move on. Take whatever bus shows up to get you closer to home.

    • Cheetoh Jesus and the King Cobra were a pair of tag-team rasslers back in the early seventies, BTW.

      Your point about GOP obliviousness is a good one, but you could extend it to the entire Power Structure. King Cobra catches these morons flatfooted because they are entirely unaware of the DRs existence and its critiques of the anti-white agenda. This is more evidence of the Power Structure’s incompetence. These people are not omnicompetent demiurges listening to nano-microphones squirelled away in your shower curtain rings. These are the diverse, perverse and deranged bozos who have overseen the precipitation of one of the greatest polities the world has everr known into the abyss. We have less to fear from them than we think.

  30. Actual Wall Street Journal headline this morning: “Debate Performances Fuel Haley’s Rise in GOP Nomination Race”.

    Not the Onion or Babylon Bee.

    We are in the “Eat your damn peas” phase of the Decline. They make no pretense of requiring consent, let alone popular appeal. Vivek is just the Fool in King Lear, trying to save the senile GOP from itself.

    • Cobra isn’t trying to save the GOP. He knows that the GOP leadership is completely out of touch with its base. Cobra doesn’t want a seat at the table. He wants to turn the table over.

      Cobra wants to be a leader in whatever comes next.

      • You’re assuming he’s sincere and his own man. Maybe but I ve got a hunch he’s neither

        • Nope. I assume that he wants a seat the table of what comes next. Cobra is out for Cobra.

          But for now, he’s our Cobra. Later, who knows. But if he can move our ball forward, use him.

          It’s business, not personal. For now, our and Cobra’s interests align.

    • It doesn’t matter anymore. MSM can’t compete with social media ridicule and the real difference it’s making in the electorate. So it will just pretend it’s 2012 and astroturf the candidates as best it can, and trust the system to get their preferred candidates on the ballots, despite popular will.

      If Vivek gains major traction, he will be co-opted or ignored. Stalin famously said, “How many legions does the pope have?” Well how many legions does Elon Musk and his online right Twitter users have?

    • I will be sending a bill for a new monitor and keyboard to the Z-man. I shot coffee through my nose with this line:

      “The modern party is run by girls and homosexuals so it is getting shredded by a call center supervisor.”

      Pure comedy gold, sir, pure gold!

  31. Establishment party politics, especially of the outer party, is not relevant to dissident thinking. That said, I think I get what game war Karen, FAC and dusty are playing. And they’d all turn into mitt Romney, with the Karen possibly spicing it up with a nuke or two over Tehran or Damascus.

    But what’s the deal with the cobra? He has enough money to buy a castle back in India, a seaside in Hawaii and a fortress in Ohio pr wherever he runs from. He knows he’s not gonna win. Why’s he making woke enemies left and right?? And why’s he not being attacked more for his attacks on woke? I can’t read his game and I’m not sure who he’s talking to behind the scenes

    • I pay little attention to these folk since the 2020 election, but the Cobra I find amusing and interesting, albeit I’ve only heard him outside of these “debates”. I always thought he was trying to usurp Trump while listening to him—Trump without the sharp edges? But this is a very limited understanding of the man.

      • Yes his back story is quite interesting and would have to say he’s the one they want to install…

        • Cobra’s background has a lot of interesting tidbits.

          He definitely knows his way around Wall Street. He also, interestingly, was a member of the Jewish intellectual club while at Yale law, which was financed by a Soros fellowship.

          But what sticks out to me is that Cobra teamed up with Chinese and Japanese capital along with the usual suspects of Wall Street.

          I’ve been saying for a long time that Indians act like Jews and are very aware of Jewish power and how Jews got that power. Indians want the same thing. They want a seat at the table with Jews, not as a servant like whites.

          Cobra looks as though he’s trying to create his own sources of money so he’s not as dependent on (((Wall Street))). Other Indians are doing the same.

          What does that mean for whites? Hard to say. He’s definitely not one of us, nor does he likely care about whites outside of how he can use us to gain power.

          That said, he is attacking the system. I suspect that he knows the system is cracking. That’s opportunity for him to get in on what comes next. Regardless, he seems to feel that his path forward goes through Trump whites, so he uses the phrase “anti-white.”

          Does he really care about regular whites? Don’t know, doubt it. But if he can wake up some whites, that’s good for us.

          We just need to steer them in the right direction and not let Cobra send them down the colorblind CivNat path.

    • Before getting too worked up over Viveck remember what Gen. Philip Sheridan had to say when asked about good Indians.

      • Had to look up that one.

        What a badass. America doesn’t make men like that anymore. Imagine a US leader saying something like this:

        “My duties are to protect these people. I have nothing to do with Indians but in this connection…The wife of a man at the center of wealth and civilization and refinement is not more dear to him than is the wife of the pioneer of the frontier. I have no hesitation in making my choice. I am going to stand by the people over whom I am placed and give them what protection I can.”

        • Sherman was a war criminal who deserved hanging and would have been had the right side won that war. To hell with him.

    • There is a big segment of Silicon Valley and the investor class that wants new blood in politics. He represents them.

      • Could be but why’s he so anti woke then? I think he’s there to split the vote; the most anti woke is an Indian so now you can have white or not woke but not both

    • I think that Cobra knows the GOP establishment is completely out of touch with its base. The party is coming apart. He wants a place at the table at what comes next, not a seat at the current table.

      • Yeah, thinking ahead. Forging the great Indo European alliance?? Indians don’t like blacks and have no use for Hispanics except to keep the lawn in front of the tech HQ

        • I have no idea what Cobra thinks of whites, though I’m sure he has no love for blacks and Hispanics. I just think that he realizes that a party that hates its voters isn’t long for the world in its current form if those voters start to notice that they’re hated.

          Somethings got to give, and there’s potentially opportunity in that. Cobra’s already rich. What do people want after wealth? Fame and power. Maybe being in the history books.

          I’d suspect that’s Cobra’s motivation.

        • My experience with Indians began with our kids’ classmates at a top private independent school they attended back in the 80s-90s. The Indian children’s parents were usually medical professionals, both of them, working at the famous hospital in our city. They avoided sending their kids to the public schools, even though there were excellent districts in the areas where they lived.
          The area has many historic Jewish institutions, and the school had lots of “legacy” Jewish families attending, so yes, the Indians wanted to be around Jews and to benefit from the high academic standards available there.
          There’s a huge new hospital wing with a prominent Indian businessman’s name on it, so they are copycats and social climbers to be reckoned with. Not sure about how welcome they are in the WASP country clubs but money talks.
          We have since moved to a different part of the country, now filling up with people fleeing the Northeast’s high taxes and crime. Well, we have also found Indians planting themselves here, among the heritage white population. Yes, they are mostly medical professionals, but it’s humorous to me that you will have a medical check-up with Dr. Patel, the cardiologist, then on the drive home, pick up a bottle of scotch from the Patel family running the liquor store! BTW, the children of both “families” (clans?) attend the local private schools, many of them Christian academies. Anything to avoid the old-line African Americans and the newly-arriving Hispanic crowd forced into using the public schools.

          • My experience began being stuck with them in group projects in computer science classes and them not doing any work.

  32. ” It would be like 4Chan became a pollical party and ran for office.”

    That would be the one thing that could Make Politics Great Again. Alas, as you point out, dying empires are nasty, vicious Things and instead we will be treated to mass murderers preaching about virtue and making The Conservative Case against Heterosexuality and How To Win A Limited Nuclear War.

    King Cobra not only reduced War Karen to fiery ruin, but the Ruling Class and its Potemkin opposition party both were laid bare. It will not matter. These people are too idiotic to see even their fakery is transparent and a failure.

    Funny stuff, and we might as well laugh as it all falls apart.

  33. Fun and spot on essay by Z. Little disorienting though to read Ann Coulter’s name. It is increasingly hard to remember how she was a cultural and thought leader in the 2016 election. Now she is a poster child for the old saying “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.”

    A lot of her points are accurate about how Trump too easily turned his back on his promises on immigration. However, she ignores every other aspect of reality that does not fit her angry view about Trump.

    Reminds me of an angry wife constantly berating her husband for not remodeling the kitchen while ignoring his having been laid off and their no longer having the money to remodel.

    The good news for the tribe is that Ann joins all the candidates including Trump in not hammering home the point that the US will always make sure Israel has a secure border but not the US.

    • Ann Coulter is the textbook definition of “controlled opposition”. She’s not sincere. Has never been sincere. Look into her past if you doubt me.

      • I’ve always been uneasy about AC. Saw her a couple of years ago at an event at our local university put on by the college Republican club, the members of which looked like they could be Chris Christie’s offspring! Some kids sitting in front of me were passing notes and I thought they might stand up and protest, but they left in a group and never returned. She just didn’t inspire much response in anybody.

        Not sure why she allows her picture to be used on the cover of her many books. Each one just shows her looking older and more gaunt. She is a scarecrow. Eating disorder? Just had a thought as to WHY Ann Coulter hates Donald Trump. She’s projecting onto HIM her own narcissistic ego and can’t stand it that he gets so much attention. Her sarcasm often finds its mark but gets annoying after a while as she is not a team player and rarely has good ideas to improve a bad situation, just snark to sell her books.

        • Never understood what anybody saw in AC’s looks. Always looked like an anorxic ghost, to me. Bet she weighs less than Christie’s left kneecap.

          • I met her 7 or 8 years ago and found her more attractive in person than on tv. Which perhaps isn’t saying that much, but for her age she was a good looking woman.

  34. I seriously can’t believe they decided to have another debate. What did they expect to happen? Vivek has just gotten more crazy and clownish, Haley and Christie louder and more obnoxious, and DeSantis might as well not exist. Anyone who watched two minutes of the previous debates could see the trajectory.

    One thing I have noticed in Indians is their ability to figure out the unspoken rules of a system. Vivek exemplifies that instinct, so kudos to him. I still don’t want him to be president, because leading is not the same as gaming a system.

      • Crazier perhaps in the sense of becoming an unabashed bomb chucker I could accept. He’s like an incipient warlord carving out a space as the Republiwhigs fall to flinders. An eye to the future.

    • Cobra has found his niche. He’s the guy representing the Trump base of the GOP. They want an end to the wars, a secure border and to drain the Swamp.

      The GOP and its candidates want the opposite. Cobra gets to expose them as liars. It’s a fun job. Trump would be doing the same.

      He’s basically the Indian Trump.

      • So who’s pulling the strings…well, we’ve spoken about the Silicon Valley elite Indian caste many times wrt Kamala Harris. Could the Cobra have a contingent there as his basis? If there is such a cabal, then the Cobra would seem an infinitely better candidate and a fallback in case the Leftist woke nonsense *has* run its course. Like having bets on both fighters in the ring.

        I still believe he’s running for VP, but admit with Trump’s ego, there’s little room at the top for anyone who might outshine him.

        • Maybe, but even if Trump.were to win, he only has one term.

          Maybe Trump could realize that the critical element he lacked last time was people who would fervently advocate for things he professes to want to do, a pointed contrast to the last time when he tried to placate his blood enemies, expecting that in return he would get some backing. Definitely no dice wirh that approach. Also, if he is tied up in litigation, the Cobra can still advance the ball on the campaign trail.

        • Sultan Knish (*) posted a polemic against Indian Takeover in California early last year or sometime in 2021. The Tribe are aware that the Brahmins are on the move and are starting to make big inroads into the power structure.

          * Daniel Greenfield: Big Shot at the Dave Horowitz Freedom Center AKA West Coast Hasbara Inc. Horowitz & Co. supply Boomers with Right Wing 2A Bomb the Ragheads Boomer Bait (“We Put the Metal in the Shtetl”) to keep them on the reservation.

      • I wish it was a White guy saying the things the Cobra is saying. I guess he’s doing the job Whites won’t do. Oh well, I’ll take it. The empire’s plan was for the Indian imports to be compliant to the system, so Cobra shaking things up a bit is fun to watch.

    • I’m surprised this is the last debate. Shouldn’t there be more as we get into primary season? Especially with the party not in power?

      • You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone watching that debate that ended with a higher opinion of the GOP.

    • “One thing I have noticed in Indians is their ability to figure out the unspoken rules of a system. ”

      The thing I always notice in Indians is their ability to tell you whatever you want to hear, and smiling kindly, while doing whatever advances their own narrow interests. The way I deal with them is to do the exact same thing back to them. They always expect the white guys to be honest [suckers].

      That having been said, I think it’s great that Ramaswampy is throwing rocks through the Overton Window.. Just don’t believe he means any of it…

  35. Thank you for starting my morning off with lots of laughs, Zman. And thank you, fellow commenters, for so many delightful new monikers. I will be using Nikki Tikki Tavi in future, mmack, many thanks.

    • I am going to object to that moniker. Rikki tikki tavi doesn’t deserve to be smeared like that. War Karen is better I think.

    • Unless my Kipling is rusty, Rikki Tikki Tavi makes a meal of the Cobra.

      We’d best read up on Sikh eschatology before Nimrata gets her grubby claws on the Football.

  36. I appreciate that Mr. ZMan sat down and watched/ paid attention to this “Republican presidential debate”.
    Of the items that I needed to do last night, “elective invasive medical procedure” would have been higher on the list.

  37. Absolute gem of an essay. The final sentence fittingly references one of Mencken’s most memorable lines. Special props to Zman for coming up with “War Karen” — a superb political moniker, better than anything even Trump himself has coined. Nimarata is a disaster of a candidate. And she’ll likely win the nomination too!

    All of which is to say, The Uniparty is back in full swing. Vivek has positioned himself as the discount-Trump court jester of this cycle and he might as well make the most of it. The remainder of the GOP is so embarrassing that they almost make Biden look preferable by comparison. Almost.

  38. My ranking:

    1. Chris Christie: His best debate by far. This was Christie at his very best. Christie gets a lot of credit for being able to give clear and straightforward answers to most questions. He defended Haley. He embarrassed DeSantis. He managed to shame the others into taking on Donald Trump. He spanked Vivek Ramaswamy — hard — for being a dishonest, insufferable twit. He put a stake through the heart of his campaign.

    2. Nikki Haley: She knew she’d be the target tonight, and she was. Her decision to stay above the fray with Ramaswamy possibly made sense. As usual, she had consistently strong answers to the moderators’ questions. If you squinted just so, you could almost make out a G.O.P. front-runner.

    3. Ron Desantis: He made lots of sweeping assertions about what he would do as president because he’s such a strong guy, which tends to play well with the Republican base. DeSantis is a weak man pretending he’s a strong man.

    4. Vivek Ramaswamy: The unlikability was no worse than usual, the entertainment value a little higher.

  39. Last night I sat next to two 65 year old general contractors at a restaurant. They mostly talked shop and business. Their accents betray an upbringing as hard scrabble classic guys in the Imperial Bazaar’s true capital city. At some point the topic of politics came up. I was pleasantly surprised at how close their talking points are to ours. Nikki Haley is a RINO they said. They were close to saying that the Ivy League is anti-white. They just haven’t heard neo-con and anti-white yet, but they will. They sounded like they are 6 months away.

    It is a shame they weren’t watching the debate together. Well, they will hear about it. The Regime’s narrative is crumbling fast and the controlled opposition, (the IDW tribesmen, Republicans … …), is outing itself and cracks are forming within their ranks. Those cracks are along tribe lines. Still, Blake Masters has now shown himself to be bought and paid for. I thought he was going to be one of those Occidental Men who would spit on his hands and be a leader of throat splitters.

    Alas, that guy is not going to come from the bit twiddling, hype machine of the digital merchant class. That guy and his Aldermen are going to come from the Dirt that is covered in The Regime’s ashes. Tucker is openly discussing the fall of the GAE. He had Thomas Massie on and even Massie is using TEA* language and ideas.

    • P.S. I love the title. When you get to making videos ZMan, I think doing this post over a Bollywood scene would be good. Either that or doing a badly out of sync voice over Kung Fu style would top off the gallows humor.

    • Of course General Contractors are at a restaurant instead of on site at customer jobs lol. Rome wasn’t built in a day…..

      Hell is full of general contractors, as all husbands who have survived remodeling know.

    • My experience with people over 40 who are starting to suspect that destroying traditional whites is the highest priority of our elites is that their first instinct is to recommit themselves to modeling civic nationalism for their attackers.

      They want to show the blacks, the perverts, the feminists, and all the rest, “Look, it doesn’t have to be tribal warfare. We can all just deal with each other as individuals and maximize our individual happiness without all this strife.”

      What these traditional whites must surrender is the belief that their attackers have any interest in reciprocating their individualism. They’d rather overthrow you.

      And because most non-whites are far more tribal than whites, most of them could not consistently reciprocate individualism even if they wanted to.

  40. Never forget the politics in charge now were influenced by the make love not war generation of the 60’s. If you think the politicians to day are bad, wait another 20 years when the current woke generation of spineless men-boys and feminazis are running things. Because they will.

    Hopefully before then, the good Lord has called me home or the Rapture occurred. I would not want to live through what is on the horizon for the West, or the rest of the world for that matter.

    By the way, don’t forget this is Dec 7th. Hats off and heads bowed to those who served and died on that infamous day.

    • Incorrect, we aren’t going to last another 20 yeas. Perhaps five or ten at the most. The people who you think will be involved in politics will not make it thru to the otherside. I expect the shock of it all falling apart and their inability to even deal with this degenerate society that lauds them, to lead to a quick demise.

      • Yeah, but how to explain South Africa? The collapse has taken generations. The path is definitely set and known at this point, but the endpoint not yet reached.

        I simply can’t imagine the rapidity you predict. Perhaps it’s simply a matter of definition.

        • You don’t think we’ve been supporting them? Look at Japan, country should have blown up decades ago, but we’ve been helping them with regards to supporting their markets and printing of funny money.

        • It probably doesn’t collapse “completely,” as in, into anarchy and rubble, until the GAE does. Like the rest of Africa, it has a lifeline to the “west” that props it up with accoutrements of civilization which it would not otherwise have. So as long as the GAE and its European vassals keep on keeping on in a vaguely functional manner, South Africa probably will to.

      • The US is approaching $1 trillion in annual interest payments on its gargantuan and ever-growing-rapidly debt. You’re right, the US doesn’t have 20 years left on its current trajectory. Fiscal collapse is going to happen, it’s just a question of when.

        • Soon. The fact that we’re bankrupt will soon force them to QE and Zirp again. Keep an eye out for what excuse they gin up this time to pretend that isn’t the main goal. The only reason it worked from 2008 until 2019 is because Russia and China went along with it. They ain’t going along anymore, hence why all the money printing was causing inflation after 2020.

          • Probably, although notice that the Bank of Japan, who is the forerunner on that strategy, looks to be ready to throw in the towel.

          • Yes, Europe and Japan will blow up before we do. Keep your eyes on them for signs. The unraveling of a world order we didn’t earn after WW2.

  41. Trump should pick the Mongoose and turn him loose.

    Yes, the chaos alone would be worth it. As would watching the Jew media call the little brown man a white supremacist. That kind of self-inflicted culture jamming is priceless.

    But given that white people need nonwhite permission to stick up for themselves, having the ‘goose spend six months running around the country granting it to them to them far outweighs any downsides.

  42. “The modern party is run by girls and homosexuals so it is getting shredded by a call center supervisor.”

    One of your best lines ever, Z Man.

  43. Remember Kamala got “eviscerated” by Tulsi Gabbard, and all that did was got Tulsi kneecapped and Kamala the vice presidency. War Karen, like Africa, always wins.

    • You really have to wonder what their plan is to make it look like Haley has popular support when they remove Trump from the ballot. Haley is so repellent on a personal level it will make selling Hillary Clinton seem easy.

      Which is another issue for them, the Iowa caucuses are in five weeks and the New Hampshire primary is eight days later. How are they going to get this done in time? Once he starts racking up majority of the vote wins in primaries it is going to get harder for them to follow through and remove him.

      • Modern political parties have only followed a “democratic” nominating process to avoid the appearance (and often the reality) of nominees being chosen in the proverbial smoke-filled room. There is no law, aside from perhaps their own by-laws, that they must do so. Just as the Supreme Court finds sanction for Constitution-eviscerating decisions in the Constitution, I’m pretty sure that Ronna McDaniel (née Romney) could figure out some way to accomplish whatever end the establishment calls for. That said, it would definitely be awkward, and I’m not predicting removal will happen.

        • If they force Haley on the party after she gets 10% in Iowa, 10% in New Hampshire and 15% in her home state there is going to be open revolt even among normies. She doesn’t have the ability to mend fences with people to her right even if she wanted to and she is just going to lash out at critics and claim any opposition is because she is a strong, independent woman. There is no papering over this one with a VP who doesn’t hate us on the ticket.

          • That’s why I’m not prepared to make a prediction one way or the other. Like with the Ukraine War, the establishment may not have any real plan for how to proceed if their assumptions turn out to be wrong.

      • It worked in the past. This is how people have won nominations in the recent past:
        1) Win a few primaries.
        2) Get a call from the GOP and its donors, and also deep state operatives. They want to make sure you’ll play ball. Or if you are roguish, they’ll find or invent kompromat on you, so you do play ball.
        3) MSM gets the green light to promote you, either by making you likeable or by giving you the boo-hiss treatment, depending on the MSM wing.

        Social media has shed light on and ridiculed this process. Haley is a yesterday woman. The question is how many redpilled online right exist compared to normie right (thankfully it’s many more than before, and growing) and can we ridicule her and her donor bux out of the nomination?

      • That assumes they care about winning the general, which seems difficult with Trump and nearly impossible without him. Nikki Tavi provides the Washington Generals exactly the losing lineup they want to keep the gravy flowing and accountability nowhere near them.

    • I have seen nothing in the recent behavior of the GOP to suggest that they have the competence to rig anything without the full cooperation of all the candidates involved.

      To Z’s point: the party just funded and promoted their complete humiliation last night. If they can’t keep the angry call center manager off the debate stage, how on earth will they rig a primary system that involves millions of votes and thousands of rank-and-file party members?

  44. Love it…the “Swami” making mincemeat of the Col. Blimps and retards, is a bit like Gandhi’s treatment of the British ruling class….
    But Nimrata Randhawa tore down Confederate statues in S. Carolina, so she’s sheer poison in the South…She could lose every State…

    • You know how Z wrote “In a world run by increasingly stupid people, the safe bet is the dumbest idea you can imagine.”

      Every time Nikki Tikki Tavi opens her mouth, she says things even dumber than I could imagine a politician saying.

      And I hail from Ill-annoy, the land of Idiot Crooks.

      (State Slogan: “Like your license plate? An ex-governor made it!”)

      – Let’s import those poor, poor, Palestinians
      – No more anonymity online!

      And a few more Kinsley gaffes she’s made along the way.

      But yeah, Karen the HOA President for POTUS will really fly. 🙄

    • Agreed. I haven’t laughed at this level of sarcasm and snark in a while. Perhaps Z is the 21st Century Sage of Baltimore, sans the nihilism.

      However, instead of Fat Ann Coulter, I prefer Chris Krispy Kreme. C’mon, it’s a gimme.

      Especially liked the Meatball Ron becoming Mike Dukakis analogy, since it’s sadly true.

      “He is so boring dust forms on your monitor whenever someone mentions him on-line.”

      Comedy gold Z, comedy gold.

      “In a world run by increasingly stupid people, the safe bet is the dumbest idea you can imagine.”

      It very well be the dumbest idea you COULDN’T imagine.


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