The Orange Death

In the penultimate show of the year, I decided to go with a Trump theme, since the orange shadow of death is slowly creepy across the lands. The debate the other night took place in the orange shadow, as the only reason the event took place is the looming disqualification of Trump by the regime. The regime toadies can feel it coming and they are getting ready for the madness that lies ahead.

As I pointed out after the debate, a big reason why things are getting so squirrely is the people in charge are shockingly stupid. Within living memory, the party rulers would have made sure a dunce like Nikki Haley remained down on the farm. She probably never would have made it past state rep. In the land of two-digit simpletons, a lantern-jawed Karen rises to the top of the political heap.

It is the declining competence that is the primary cause of the unrest. Savvy rulers would understand that they always have two primary challenges. One is the palace coup, and the other is the peasant revolt. The former is an internal matter, but the latter is the one that keeps them in power. Always appear to be on the right side of the majority and the peasants will tolerate just about anything.

This crew has everything backwards. They have made their intrigues the focus of our politics and they fight one another to see who is the most spiteful and nasty to the common people. War Karen exists because the Mortimer and Randolph sponsoring her think it is hilarious that she makes the rubes vomit in their mouths. Imagine what they have planned for the coming election.

Before I forget, for the final show of the year I might want to do another twenty questions style show, as people seemed to like it. I have some material that came in after that show, so if people have ideas post them up here in the comments or send them vial the miracle of email if you are shy. If I get enough content maybe I will finish the show with a two-hour holiday special.

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180 thoughts on “The Orange Death

  1. Question:

    How is your re-evaluation of your relationship with alcohol going? What about your 10,000 daily steps? We’re the same age so I have similar concerns and I’m looking for some old guy solidarity.

    I never say “I don’t drink”. I just politely pass on the beer and wine 99% of the time and end up having one or two drinks a month.

  2. Stupid question for the big question podcast, but I do mean it:

    Western civilization ended forever on the day 4chan censored the word “soy.” Yes or no?

  3. Question for Z-Man:

    You may not remember me, but I’m the short story writer you met at AmRen Conference in 2022. I promised I’d send you a copy of the story, so I bought the edition of the magazine it appeared in and sent it to your PO box. I was wondering if you ever received it, and if so, what you thought about it.

    If you haven’t received it, my backup question is, what do you think of the Passport Bro phenomenon?

  4. One thing good about the increasing prevalence of Asian Indian culture, they hate woke. Thats a step above so many so called USA white folk.

    • No, they’re very willing to cherry pick the woke agenda. Just like Hispanics, they have no tolerance for black criminality, and will actually punish them and try to get them out of their neighborhoods. Not too keen on the homo stuff either.

      HOWEVER, they’re 100% all on board with discriminating against whitey for “racial justice.”

    • Yeah, just like Kamala Harris. “Hates woke,” LOL. She’s a “step above” us crackers for sure.

  5. Of course Trump isn’t a fascist but neither is the degenerate old billionaire a Boy Scout. If the GOP replaces him with one of the three stiffs (Ramaswamy is a no go), the big winner will be RFK, Jr. (if he can get on the ballots).

  6. Here’s my question:

    The revolution has been won. Freedom of association has been restored. But what three things get banned first? A few suggestions while you come up with your own…

    Legalized gambling, including state lotteries and scratch offs.
    Women’s suffrage
    Social media
    Reality TV (although a good board of censors might suffice)
    Big Pharma advertisements on TV, radio, internet, print media, and even in doctors’ offices.
    Homosexual “marriage” and any depictions or favorable treatment of non-traditional relationships in the media.
    Various artificial food stuffs

    • That’s a fine list. To your existing suggestions, I would add:

      No Usury. If something requires a loan, it must be zero interest.

      No dual citizens. Those eligible to be dual citizens can’t vote or hold any government office.

      No voting, government jobs, or government spending for immigrants or the children of immigrants. This includes political “jobs” like senator or judge.

      No foreign aid, period.

      • I forgot one other item. English is made official and all interaction with government entities must be conducted in English only.

    • I think the womens suffrage thing misses the point. I’m not all that sure democracy of any form is suitable. If you were to simply take away women’s suffrage, they’d probably get it back in due time again, as we’d probably go down the same path.

      With that being said, I’ve heard (maybe on here) the idea of making a vote per household. In other words, only married men and women get to vote, with one vote per house hold. Probably make a requirement for children too in order to get the DINKs out of the equation.

      • You have to allow for voting, i.e. democracy, at some level. Your municipal government, your local sheriff, maybe even your dog catcher, I’m not sure I want these positions decreed from on high.

        • I suppose it’s plausible to imagine some kind of voting system where not everybody can vote for everything. So maybe women and everybody can vote for dogcatcher and local elections. Women’s decision making seems to be most rational when focused on their local communities. They don’t get a say when picking the Governor or President though.

          I like the voting-by-household idea too but that presumes somehow keeping all the foreign workers, perpetual grad students, and other transient types from counting as “households”.

      • If you’re going the democratic route, why not simply weight a man’s vote more heavily than a woman’s? The dames still get to pull a lever–most of them love doing that–but they can’t really do much electoral damage. Their votes would basically be pro forma rather than substantive.

  7. Just my two cents, but the people in charge are finished with the pretense. They tried to pull a fast one on thr voters by dressing up DeSantis as 2015 Trump. When that failed, they just threw up their hands and said F it. Which is why conservative media has gone all in on Nikki Haley. There is no pretense when it comes to Nikki Hakey and all her donors and media sycophants, that is for sure.

    • I know this is not a popular viewpoint here, but hear me out.

      Maybe we should cut DeSantis a little slack. He is the best Governor we have. Isn’t it a little childish to criticize the guy with ridiculous accusations about his stance and his shoes and the rest of the nonsense and applaud a man who actually gets shit done in his own state and would, just maybe, do some good for the country? Put a little speed bump in our march towards tyranny? We know Trump will not be allowed back in the WH and that DeSantis is the best alternative. Who cares he’s socially awkward, lacks charisma. Look at Florida!

      • I used to think as you do, so I gave the thumbs up. DeSantis truly is a good governor. Probably the smartest thing he did was completely clean out all the bureaucratic committees that used to road block republicans that tried to get things done. Look at the blatant corruption his appointees found between Disney and the old members. HOWEVER,

        1) He showed tremendously bad judgement by clearly hiring beltway DC lizards as his campaign people. Which torpedoed him.

        2) Maybe they don’t let Trump in. That’s the point. Force the issue. Make them try take him off ballots. Make them try to steal the election. If he gets in, the left goes insane. If he loses, after an Ukraine war loss and a tanking economy, unaffordable housing, migrants streaming over the border, etc, no one will believe it. It could make a lot of normies no longer believe in the system. And that’s why we’re all here isn’t it?

        • “If he loses, after an Ukraine war loss and a tanking economy, unaffordable housing, migrants streaming over the border, etc, no one will believe it. It could make a lot of normies no longer believe in the system. And that’s why we’re all here isn’t it?”

          At this point, it doesn’t really matter what normies think. Demographics. As normies die off, their replacements arrive daily, and they aint all normies.

          We are on the road to tyranny. The only Q is, do you want to add a few speed bumps or grease the roadway?

          • That’s a BS answer from people too lazy to actually want to do something, and with little knowledge of history. Revolutions have been successful numerous times over with determined and intelligent minorities of the population.

            With that being said, yes, grease the skids. The sooner said revolution happens the better our demographic chances are. People like you who want to keep kicking the can down the road makes it infinitely harder.

      • DeSantis is the “best governor we have”…when he’s not in Tel Aviv signing laws to arrest Floridians for offending the Jews and wearing a yarmulke at the Wailing Wall.

  8. The Iron Law of Progressivism was strong on this one. Everything they accuse the right and Trump of doing or wanting to do are things they are already doing.

    The kvetching about their fear of Trump using the Justice Dept to go after his enemies is about as rich as it is capable of being.

    They are de-platforming or even arresting their enemies while accusing their enemies of abusing the justice dept for political purposes.

    They are not just crazy, they are evil.

    • The “Orange Death”…couldn’t stop laughing, Z-man is on a roll!..But it appears that Kamala was a precurser of what was to come, creating the world of the Marching Morons…..

  9. “In the land of two-digit simpletons, a lantern-jawed Karen rises to the top of the political heap.”

    Heh heh. Ol’ Lantern Jaw sure has been taking it on the chin a lot lately from Mencken, Jr.

  10. I agree on the Ukraine business as the super collapse there will not go good with the economic hardship here when it turns out that the dump trucks of money turn out to be all for naught (for those suffering from the economic hardships).

    Also interesting that this has fed into the Venezuela flex in South America. The regime is so drained of resources and credibility that they cannot even fake a concern over the situation.

    • I think the US is in the position that it must defend Guyana. I think they would drop Ukraine before letting Guyana fall to Venezuela. This is by their logic, not mine.

      • Guyana speaks English.
        We cherish our “Strategic Partnership “ with them.
        800K population. Vivek will be happy, the dominant class are Indians (from India, Guyana was British).

        Latin America is being absorbed by inflow and money by us- this is natural Imperialism. 🇺🇸🇬🇾👍

        Latin America has no nukes and no Muslims, lots of resources, is quite venal, has good fighting men, pretty women 💃🏻, cerveza 🍺. These last 3 points are important to the mercenaries who will handle the ground game.

        Compared to the toxic Eastern Hemisphere it’s a much better deal.

        It even comes complete with our latest Comic Foil Venezuela 🇻🇪, who obligingly has a Dictator with a mustache and his name ends in a vowel.

        It’s perfect. As long as we just nibble slowly and stay out of Brazil (who has nukes, shh) 🤫 we’ll be fine.

        As the real alternatives are nuclear war and Muslims, lets go! You see, Lloyd must get paid somehow (its not the MIC or the military or the Big 5 you know, it’s the contractor$$)
        Banana wars are better than nuclear war.

        We must save Guyana 🇬🇾 from the clutches of (check notes) Vengeance Conseula, er Mustachio, er someone..

  11. A topic I’d be curious to hear Z’s take on is the aftermath of the COVID vaccine debacle–specifically, the huge numbers of people who have been permanently injured or died as a result of taking those shots. COVID is all but forgotten except among the crazies, but the aftermath is still very much with us. Data from several sources (the Ethical Skeptic and Edward Dowd, among others) show that we’ve had something like 650,000 excess deaths since the spring of 2021, with several million more constantly sick and out of work or else on permanent disability. Worryingly, cancer morbidity and mortality has slowly been creeping up over the past two years, and neither are showing any signs of slowing down. Surely, this must be having a material impact on the economy, to say nothing of peoples psyches, yet I hear very few people talking about it. I’m actually starting to think that the people responsible for this might get away with it, given how corrupt our society is. Will the excess deaths and disability have any impact going into 2024, or are people so ignorant, deluded, or unaware that the government will be able to cover it up with more lies and fake statistics?

    • The media will do an about-face one the vaccines come Inauguration Day 2025 when Mr. Warp Speed will serve as the convenient lightning rod of blame and guilt for all the deaths.

      Its truly amazing watching conservatards walk right into that trap.

      How can people believe that the vaccine is killing perhaps millions of people and then enthusiastically support the guy who both greenlit the project and still encourages people to get the vaccine.

      Is it cooperation with evil in full knowledge of that evil? Or just people so stupid and defective that they deserve to go extinct?

    • Anecdotal, but I m not sure about the excess death because traffic in the big city I live in is still total shit.

    • As much as I am against the whole Covid regime and the vaccine, it turns out (thankfully) that the vaccine is not really all that dangerous. Yes, it is mildly dangerous, and every case of myocarditis in a young person is an unforgiveable tragedy, but it is not apocalyptically dangerous, as in posing an existential threat to civilization.

      The existential threat to civilization comes not from the vaccine but from the vaccinators. These people are evil and need to be destroyed.

      • “vaccine is not really all that dangerous…….it is not apocalyptically dangerous”

        Billion dollar companies have been sued into oblivion for far less than what the vaccines have done.

        The effects are a ticking legal time bomb, because so many companies mandated the vaccine for their employees.

        All it would take is some opportunist leftist to flip the narrative and seize the assets of all of these companies to “compensate” the victims of vaccine mandates.

        Imagine 75% of the population who received the vaccine demanding vaccine reparations, and every employer who had mandates would be bankrupt. It would obliterate the stock market and create a crisis that would allow the state to seize what remains of most private corporate equity.

    • Of course the psychopaths will get away with it. That is part of the thrill for them.
      Until things go legit kinetic (which is to say when the Normie women start raggin’ on the men because inflation, and the women notice too much general decline, AND there is no more money in the accounts, AND the women are so fed up with expensive groceries for the the over-fed kids,AND there is no more Spicy PoonTang for said Normie Men, will they gather and even mildly entertain the idea of “kineticism” in deffense of what was once a somewhat decent life.
      THEN TPTB might start to make noises about “sorry.” But only bc they like living.

  12. There is no question that AINO is mired in stupidity and the crisis of competence. But Zman’s recent move from Lagos seems to have lifted the burden of this truth from his soul. He’s having too much fun; and I thoroughly enjoy his hearty laughter at the expense of the elites and their shock troons and fifth columnists. Mockery may be the best gift we can bestow this Christmas season. Let us raise up gales of laughter!

  13. My question. Looking at TFR in the west and the rest of the world. Who will maintain western societies with our super complex civilizations. The builders and founders are not reproducing at a rate that will allow enough people to control and maintain their societies. The countries who have high fertility rates lack the ability to even feed themselves and only exist due to the benevolence of western societies. This lack of the most basic levels of competence coming out of the high TFR areas is going to move the level of competence available to the competence required to maintain a complex society to be too far apart.
    Where can western society find or develop the competence required to just maintain the basics… keeping the power on and the water running and supplying an adequate level of carbon-based energy? Not advancing, just avoiding becoming Africa, just maintaining a reasonable level of status quo.
    My example of system failure is the Colonial pipeline. It was only a software problem. The system could have been run manually if the people who had the skills to do it where available. The hardware was fine. The system was unable to operate without the software and automation.
    It seems we are going down the same path as the Roman empire in that we are rapidly losing the ability to maintain complex systems. The middle class has historically done the maintenance in western society. Big government is the enemy of the middle class. The bureaucrats seem to normally win over the entrepreneurs to everyone’s eventual peril.
    I don’t see this ending well. A managed decline seems far superior to an uncontrolled collapse. With a managed decline it seems possible to have a rise from the ashes. A collapse has an unknowable level of decline. The cloud people seem to want the collapse variant, they falsely believe they will be able to maintain some level of control. With a managed decline it might be possible for the dirt people to start over and rebuild a society founded on the individual.

    • We have been in a controlled collapse for decades. This doomsaying about uncontrolled collapse or some apocalyptic scenario is largely speculation. You just named your collapse model over a long period of time by referencing the Roman Empire. That took centuries. What makes you think we cannot also take centuries? Yes our technology is more finicky and fragile but its all relative too.

      Nothing works as well as it did a decade ago, and it worked even better a decade before that. People don’t see this because you don’t “see” a slow motion collapse, but like the Matrix, you feel it all around you. When you drive your car, when you try to get a package delivered, when you interact with a food worker, when you go the airport, etc.

      South America is a good model for what the Elites are trying to reproduce. The elite live very 1st world lives and are in no real danger of being usurped because the poor rely on gibs and aren’t smart enough any longer to really have a plan due to extreme miscegenation with mestizos, africans, and mud races.

      The smart fraction is well compensated to keep the few elites living in 1st world conditions while the vast majority live in 3rd world conditions. That is the end goal here too.

      • “We have been in a controlled collapse for decades.”

        There’s the rub, if that’s the policy. Things build momentum. A policy of controlled decline, followed uncritically, will develop into collapse. And I think that might be what we’re dealing with here.

      • What makes you think we cannot also take centuries?

        We have made the mundane complex. Small failures have large and oversize results.

        Our complex systems that are fragile and that we depend on to operate in our super complex societies are not backed up and lack any real redundancy.

        Look at the electrical grid. Here in Texas the ice storm from a few years ago was a near catastrophe from a lack of foresight to have some kind of backup to an interruption in natural gas supplies, like if it freezes in West Texas. Easily preventable but still no fix. They are actually planning on rolling blackouts to adjust for the inability to supply electricity in January. A longer freeze may be unrecoverable. It comes down to bad planning, or a lack of competence in leadership.

        If a transformer goes down in a large and critical substation in the national grid, the replacement time is about 18 months. They don’t appear to have any work arounds in place. Having large sections of the country without power for any lengthy duration seems like a bad idea. Not having a plan for something as simple as a transformer failure is idiotic bordering on criminal.

        Oil refineries are complex and require a lot of people doing the right thing and being smart enough to not blow the place up. A lack of maintenance from a lack of competence does not bode well for our future refining capacity. We have very high energy requirements. this requires more competence than a poor country with a low energy requirement. Shortage leading to hyper energy inflation would be devastating to the continued gradual decline.

        The failure of the city of Jackson Mississippi to be able to supply potable water to their citizens is indicative of the lack of competence within even local and state governments. A small problem was allowed to become a big problem because of the lack of competence and the unwillingness to own up to the lack of competence. I suspect we have a lot more of this then we think. FEMA had to eventually come in and fix the problem. The people running the city water municipality in a state capital were unable to fix a reasonably small problem. The inability to fix small problems does not leave me the impression that gradual decline is the most likely outcome.

        Modern western society is very complex and has a lot of points of failure. Rome was at the complexity level of maybe the 1800’s. Tainter in “The Collapse of Complex Societies” claims that the more complex a system is the more likely it is to fail. This concept passes the common sense test. We live in the most advanced, prosperous, and complex society humanity has ever existed in.

        I do not see a lot of ways of simplifying our modern societies. It does not look like we have a plan as a civilization to operate at earlier lower technology levels. That being the case as the small failures add up there will come a tipping point where the current system will fail to function. A lack of water, energy, gas, food and wholesale infrastructure failures could be the beginning of the end. Once we reach a critical point it will be impossible to fix. The skill required to repair the system will exceed the skill that was required to simply keep it going.

        The competence crisis appears to end in collapse. A system that was able to shrink along with level of competence would have the ability to degrade at a much slower rate. I don’t see how that happens so I suspect collapse over gradual decline. I could be wrong, I would prefer to be wrong as a gradual decline allows time for the required adjustments to maintain some level of a civilization. The outcome of a collapse is unknowable.

        • Very cogent, well articulated, and thoughtful response. This is why I like this Commentariat so much here.

          We could get a domino black swan event, sure. But we may not too. My take home point would be prepare for both as much as you are able.

          People expecting the “any day now” scenario go back to the 80s-90s but it doesn’t comport w/ the objective reality on the ground which is slow Brazilification.

    • A story that’s always stuck with me was a mom and daughter during the Yugoslav war who hid out in their basement and ate grass pies for years. I mean, everyone fantasizes that they’ll be living in “Gone Galt” paradise with their fellow neighbors, or collecting “participants” for their harem in their garage, but the reality is that will be 95% of the people: hiding out in a hole eating lawn clippings.

      Yeah the “only way out is through”, but, do make sure you have a lot of hot sauce for the “through” part.

      • I use a similar illustration. People are so bored with their lives that they fantasize about the post-apocalyptic collapse, e.g. zombies or nuclear Armageddon. Do not most realize that, if there is a field of bodies (reanimated or not) and one sole survivor is tromping through it, odds are you will be one of the bodies?

        • Lol

          It was all so fun to giggle about popcorn 🍿
          Now you can sense truth it’s not such a laugh …

          No one could convince anyone to act, just shitpost and giggle.

          The only way out is not decided by passivity.
          That was such a scam.
          And it fed laziness and shirking.
          Now what ever happens, happens and alone one has no purchase or agency.

          Then there’s “they can’t touch my soul, live not by lies.”

          • I upvoted you for this one. Your comments in this thread are very perceptive.

            The idea that you can overcome a repressive regime simply by interior resistance is simply a type of righteous indignation (read: vanity) which shows only that the regime has already weakened to the point of half-heartedness. Solzhenitsyn was matadoring against a speared bull.

            In general, all the alternative thought movements on the internet suffer from a severe case of mistaken identity. They think of the regime as the mainstream and themselves as revolutionaries. In reality, it is the regime which is an aberration, and the cure is not an alternative movement but an acknowledgement of plain realities and the traditional means of handling them.

            Someone in the comments a few weeks ago said it very well: The Dissident Right is 500 disaffected, upper middle class white wankers on the internet LARPing around like they’re some kind of rebel alliance. The whole thing is very cheesy. They do manage to retain a little bit of cachet because some (not all) of the things they talk about are genuine concerns that have been ignored or distorted by the regime, and the truths that are hidden within this repressed element occasionally flare up with a vengeance; however, their overall metaphysic is loopy (HBD, anyone?) and their political powers nonexistent.

            For the especially paranoid, this sometimes seems like it was all by design. If you wanted to construct a gatekeeper outfit that beclowned and nullified any principled challenge to the regime before it got going, you could hardly do better than the so-called Dissident Right. I remain convinced that this is the real purpose of Steve Sailer and the Unz Review, however strange that sounds.

    • I’m not sure accelationists would be so happy either. But the direction we’re going in seems to be certain hell.

    • The sudden fall of the Soviet Union was only 30 years ago. That is your most current and realistic reference point. Yes, the 1990s were brutal for the Russian people, but they have rebounded quite nicely in the two succeeding decades. China avoided a hard collapse while transitioning to a modern urban/industrial society and is an example of a soft bottom. Either way, the West is clearly on the downslope, and whether that decline is rapid or gradual, the future will result in a culling of some sort. Being stupid and weak is not an advantage going forward.

      • There is too much money and too much IQ in the West for it to collapse hard. Odds are we’ll have some kind of soft landing like Russia, or a long period of tolerating shittiness like Argentina. Maybe Western regimes will quietly end or adjust the policies that are destroying their societies: unfettered immigration, financialized economies, outsourced labor. Big maybe, but there are a lot of people out there, removed from politics and the media, who know the score, and see where this is all headed.

        Until proven wrong, I think that the dullards we see in politics and media are not the actual power center. They are a hangover from when politics and newspapers mattered. Except for a few well-intentioned masochists like Ramaswamy and Kennedy, nobody wants any part of that Washington-Brussels shitshow. The real power centers (in the west, at least) are trans-national and operate generally as a collection of disparate nodes hooked into and supporting the same overall ideological framework that defines the West: liberal democracy and market capitalism. But there are plenty of people in the nodes that hold differing opinions and are sympathetic to us New Right thinking. Some even have money. We’ll see how election 2024 goes…actually there are a ton of national elections happening in the next 2 years…but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a turning point afoot. To our benefit.

      • This is a very different situation than the fall of the USSR. There’s no America, No Helmut Kohl, no outside aid possible and no Security State that however ruthless is competent and patriotic.
        Our government is a parody come to life, so are our security organs.

        In 1989 Moscow was silent.
        DC? DC is all but deserted.
        DC is the degenerates of Weimar partying in the ruins of the Bunker.
        They are all very old, or utter idiots and crazy women like AOC, or complete phonies like the GOP.

        Yes America will survive ultimately.
        Geography and nuclear weapons, resources, and overall good people in the nation. There will be a power struggle from the ground up, the real analogy to history is the collapse of Manchu China in 1911. In 1949 the most fit warlord- Mao – took power.
        Our next real government and leader is probably born- we don’t know his name yet – and he doesn’t know yet either.

    • The fallout is probably between starvation and bloody death but if it results in the people ruling over us suffering the same or worse I’m ok with it

  14. Congrats on getting out of the black hole.

    On politics I’m leaning more towards accelerationism of late. The worse the better as Lenin said. They hate us, they want to kill us. The vaxx is by all accounts highly dangerous, swarming immigration is out of control. So is crime and squatting. At the same time the police state is moving in, the classic anarcho tyranny conbo.

    Maybe the only way to stop the satans is for the system to crash. So get your food, fuel, water purifier and ammo squared away. And get ready for the big – hopefully cleansing – rollercoaster. If Trump advances that, cool, wonderful. I have no idea why they’re so afraid of him. He’s uncouth Ronald Reagan. But he seems to drive them crazy so so be it

    • “Maybe the only way to stop the satans is for the system to crash.”

      Just so. First they took control of money, then with the money they bought out the system. You won’t be able to beat them at their own game. It’s going to fall apart, it is right now. What we should do, is focus on the wrong people not remaining in charge of what comes next.

      • Mr. House: We need to block the entrances to their bunkers. Not let them come back out to take control after the worst of the destruction – which is what they plan on.

        • Indeed! Don’t worry sir, i’ve been following all of this since 2008 and remember everyone who has been lying and gaslighting us. Generally you don’t even have to remember, just listen to what they say.

  15. Here’s a question for your holiday question time-what one thing tees you off the most when you are online? Mine is–online newspaper and news channels that demand you disable your ad blocker before they give you any news.

    Also, over on survivalblog dotcom, they have an article on how to set up your own manual offline newspaper printing press “for later”. Their premise is strong, but I would have gone with invisible ink…

  16. “In the land of two-digit simpletons, a lantern-jawed Karen rises to the top of the political heap.”

    Heh heh. Ol’ Lantern Jaw sure is taking it on the chin from Mencken, Jr. lately.

  17. Sarah Jones can be laughed-off as ‘insane’, but she and millions just like her have been running D.C. — and your institutions — since the early Nineties. They have been the intransigent core of Progressivism and the ‘deep state’ for decades. They rule both the Demoncraps and the Repugnicants.

    Not the Joos. Not the Blacks. Not the Injuns. White women. A whole lot harder adversary to call out and oppose. Without them, the satanic elite like Soros, Gates, Bezos could not operate.

    It is empowered white women who ‘deconstructed’ (they love that word) the anglo nations. When they want to intimidate concerning pet projects, like the ‘right’ to murder babies, they gather by the hundreds-of-thousands. A sea of entitled white females, a Monstrous Regiment, with some WOCs sprinkled in for color authenticity.

    This is the heart of the Beast.

    • I enjoy your posts because you’re smart and you see the world so much differently than me.

      I ask, “How did women manage to become the primary source of power in overthrowing traditional white America? It seems laughably implausible.”

      I guess that your answer is, “Because white men stopped believing in traditional European Christianity.”

      The world is complex enough that I don’t see how either of us can convince the other.

        • The way that I see it, the naive man who wanders into a bad part of town and gets beaten up and mugged did not allow it to happen. Sure, he should have been more vigilant, but there is much more to the story.

          • “Sure, he should have been more vigilant, but there is much more to the story.”

            The mistake you make is in thinking he learned anything after he was mugged and beat up, not true. He kept wandering into that side of town and kept getting mugged and beat up. Lucy pulling the football away from charlie brown.

      • Not sure if you’re replying to me or the OP, but anyway —

        No, that would not be my answer. Men ceasing to live Christian lives is a late element or consequence. And I do prefer to supply my own answers, thanks.

        The male urge to simp, cuck, and play Braveheart White Knight neither is new nor restricted to modern anglo nations. Heck, the enslaving scam of Courtly Romanticism lasted a millennium, and is only croaking now.

        It’s just that the modern anglo nations, in particular the American male, have taken simpery and cuckery to civilizational-destroying extremes. After all, no culture ever actually attempted to wipe out fatherhood and masculinity and called it liberation and progress.

        In the mid-nineteenth century, when Trans-Atlantic voyages became do-able for the Continental upper classes, passengers often returned home and wrote in journals and correspondence that the most striking thing about America was how subjugated and henpecked the U.S. male was. That was long before enfranchisement, of course.

        The Enuma Elish (c. 1200 B.C.) records the primal goddess Tiamat, associated with ‘salty bitter water’ :O) heh hands over control of the ‘fates’ (Tablets of Destiny) to some supercuck named Quingu. The two then summon ‘. . . the forces of chaos and create[s] eleven horrible monsters to destroy her children.’

        Hmm well then, that doesn’t sound current AT ALL, does it?

        Long before Christ and Christianity, the Hebrew tribes constantly were being hassled by their (very) masculine God to reject the pressures and practices of surrounding peoples — worshipping the goddess in groves and on hilltops, rutting with ‘temple priestesses’, tossing Junior into the maw of Moloch, and so forth.

        Point being, female rebellion against order and regression to chaos — and male submission to her and her agendas — is the perennial defining characteristic of degrading and dying cultures.

        In Christianity, female rebellion/male cuckery is THE inceptive (and ongoing) event that very literally CHANGED THE PLANET, introducing pain and suffering and death into a world where before none existed. Once God walked right next to man, shooting the evening breeze with him. But He ain’t in the neighborhood now.

        The OT and NT teachings are absolutely clear about the proper role and behavior of the sexes. Christ the Son is under Father’s authority, men and angels are under Christ’s authority, women are under man’s authority. Period. Anything else is demonic, whether pushed by the Rockefellers or the Cathari.

        Them’s the Cliff Notes, apologies to our host for length, I won’t make a habit of it.

    • Someone let that happen. Older generations knew that part of the female condition is to sometimes suggest and demand entirely unreasonable things. And men knew part of the male job is to calmly and firmly reject these. So why did men stop being men and say no?? That’s the deep question. And superficial answers will not get us closer to redemption

      • No fault divorce, the wife turning the kids against him, spreading rumors about him, the neighborhood turning against him. This is all speculation of course.

      • Easy living makes men obsolete. Lots of vestigial men today. My sense of timing is terrible, but I’d guess the demand for men spikes in the near future. The problem for men will then be forgiving the wenches.

      • Its Christianity.
        I was raised Catholic.
        It’s Christianity.
        The woman is given status, that’s it.
        Surprised it took this long.

    • “Not the Joos. Not the Blacks. Not the Injuns. White women. A whole lot harder adversary to call out and oppose. Without them, the satanic elite like Soros, Gates, Bezos could not operate.”

      The majority of white women voted for Trump.

      Regarding why so many white women have gone insane, it’s because women respond to social pressures, and our enemy controls the levels of power and prestige.

      This includes nearly all media — movies, TV, the news, mainstream music, most of social media, even advertising, which promotes race-mixing as the most natural thing in the world. Our enemy controls the education system, including the elite universities. Our enemies write the textbooks and set the curriculum. Our enemies tell the stories that subvert the natural inclinations of women to nurture the helpless and conform to social expectations.

      Is any wonder that so many women are messed up? And now, too many of our young men are behaving like women. Hell, too many of our young men THINK they’re women.

      This isn’t natural.

      You can blame white women if you want, but if white men hadn’t allowed our enemies to subvert and seize power, the quantity of female spiteful mutants would be shockingly low.

      • Winter,

        When in a relationships, what i’ve found is generally the women pour all of their mental anxiety on the man. And when advice is given for the problems they state, do you know what their general reaction is? I wouldn’t have a problem dealing with their anxiety if they actually took the advice, but generally the advice leads to them becoming hostile. It becomes a futile engagement, kinda like voting. Until they realize they need men again, which i suspect will happen at some point in the near future, they won’t be open to suggestions.

        • Men often want practical advice like how to fix a car or whether now is the right time to buy gold. Women often want reassurance in my experience. Treating GFS/wives like one of the guys is a mistake. Women are not men, psychologically. I suspect they knew that back in the day. Like cows aren’t horses

        • If a woman won’t get with your program, find somebody else, unless you don’t want something serious.

          Speaking from experience, this is easier said than done in the time when you should be looking for a mate. Sex is the capstone, but, you know, hormones lol.

          I almost think it’s luck, like you find someone you want to hump and find out later if you can work together. Absent serious social pressure to stay together, of course. Pretty messed up, when you think about it.

          Women just want to know you care and are listening. It’s annoying at first, but eventually you learn to patiently and silently shrug off the crazy and take notes. That much is a skill more than chemistry.

          • “Women just want to know you care and are listening.”

            Wouldn’t just make more sense to adopt a child at that point?

            At first the crazy and the worry is cute, and listen and you give advice. Three years, Six years, Ten years later, it isn’t cute anymore. I never made it past four.

          • Also i enjoyed your comment and don’t disagree. I’m just speaking as someone who came of age when the current crazy we live really started to catch fire. Twice, while living in the city, to get by i’ve had all female roommates. That’ll open your eyes fast. For some reason i always imagined they were cleaner then men (house and such) and then i shared a bathroom with them…….

          • And you’ll never guess who the female landlady asked to collect rent from everyone and send her one check was……. wasn’t the females! 😉

            Nothing better then fronting late 20 something ladies money and then having to chase them down for it. They’re wily

          • Weird thing about women: they’re ridiculously intuitive but not very rational. I’ve often experienced that they know the problem and the solution before they’ve worked it out. My role is to listen and do what she’s telling me, in a roundabout way.

            I feel like I’m being a good dog, and that’s probably why I haven’t sustained anything as long as you have, but you do get the credit for doing it.

            Maybe giving advice is asking her to do something she can’t, i.e., reason through a problem and act.

      • White men own this disaster and from white men the answer must come. Unfair? Unfair s got nothing to do with it. Survival, period

      • If it was a majority of white women who voted Trump, which is in dispute, it wasn’t a big majority. 52% is what Trump claimed. Blob sources say fewer. Like 47%. Either way, white women were very divided on the Orange Man. Whereas white men voted 60%-ish for Trump. So a whole lot of white men are part of the problem too. Not that voting for Trump necessarily makes one not part of the problem, but voting D most assuredly does make one part of it.

        • Those are excellent points. We should also remember that White votes for Trump are likely higher than stated due to fraud, fortification, and associated quirks. Once you eliminate any fraudulent votes for Biden, the Trump percentages go up accordingly.

          I’m recalling a county in Georgia where every single overseas military ballot was cast for…Biden. No fraud there, huh? And (((fellow whites))) vote overwhelming Democrat but are likely counted as white.

          It’s true that voting for Trump doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is in our camp, but it’s a good litmus test. Trump voters are those who ignored the propaganda and smears and disapproval of the lefties and pulled the lever for the Orange Hitler in spite of some pretty strong headwinds.

          His primary supporters were, and continue to be, White Heritage Americans of both sexes.

        • If only men voted, there would be no Progressivism, no Woke-ism, no Feminism, no weaponized colleges, media, courts, government etc.

          Only men voting in 2020: 350 to 158, Bad Orange Man

          Only white men voting in 2020: 493 to 45, Bad Orange Man

          • Bollocks. Close to 100 percent of the most influential Leftist intellectuals of the Enlightment are men. And that mighty and maleovolent intellectual force has been the single most powerful impetus toward the wilderness in which we now dwell.

  18. Here’s a question that probably already been asked but here it is:

    What happens after Trump?

    As much as the GOP and the Dems have bench, who follows Trump? Even if Trump wins, he’ll just be stifled by the system for four years at which point he can’t run again and he’ll be, what, 84.

    The GOP and the Dems have a giant structure and money to keep them going. Team Trump has Trump. What’s to keep that movement alive after he leaves the scene?

      • The GOP/Dems don’t need a “bench,” just interchangeable puppets. If every president from now on is a brain dead Biden/Fetterman/Sheila Jackson Lee type, so much the better for the hidden Deep State controllers.

        Less chance of a president getting his own ideas and shaking things up that way.

        • Exactly. The Uniparty Party is a structure with guaranteed funding. It is the Borg. The puppets are interchangeable.

          The populist movement has no structure and no money. It also has the Uniparty Party attacking it at every turn.

          Trump has the money and popularity to fight back, but what happens when he leaves the scene. There’s no power base to keep the populist movement going.

          OTOH, the populist movement actually has, you know, popular ideas, and the country has real problems. The Uniparty can’t just sweep that under the rug. It also can’t co-opt those ideas because 1) it hates them and 2) people are getting wise to that game as King Cobra is showing.

          It’s an interesting situation.

          • Whether they can or cannot sweep the problems under the rug, they absolutely BELIEVE that they can. They have never lost and never failed aside from 2016, and Trump turned out to be merely a slight speed bump.

            Given their absolute confidence and arrogance, they will never course correct in a million years unless physical consequences intervene (total collapse of the power grid, collapse of the dollar, widespread banking crashes, islamic nuke on DC or something equally catastrophic).

            We are locked into this handbasket all the way down.

      • You can see it getting worse all the way down. In her younger days Dianne Feinstein was unimpressive, but at least had basic managerial competence. The contest to replace her in California is between two deranged lunatics currently in their House delegation. Even on the Supreme Court, Biden’s new black woman Justice is unprecedently dim and self absorbed, although Sotomayor is not far behind. Upcoming GOP politicians are either corporate true believers or neocons in training. I assume the same trend is happening across the bureaucracy, it can stagger on for awhile but has to crash at some point.

    • Well, King Cobra has been savvy enough to capitalize on the anger that pushed Trump into the White House, and that anger ain’t going anywhere. So, the precedent has been established. Whether it’s the Cobra or some cipher current lying in the bulrushes, somebody will inevitably step forward to carry the White phosphorous torch.

    • RealityRules: What Casey is stating is really no different than what Sailer and his civnat commentariat believe and want. They feel a kinship with those of a certain level of education, state of mind, and quantity of wealth. They won’t admit to an ethnic angle, of course, but the small hat commenters all prefer their own tribe and the east Asian commenters always champion their own people. But aside from natural ethnic ties (which they will always deny), they love being amongst a racially, ethnically, nationally mixed group of similar-minded people. People who will echo and amplify their own experiences, beliefs, and prejudices (while denying the existence of such).

      This makes them feel cultured, tolerant, worldly, and part of the ‘in’ group – sort of like Jeff Bezos and his plastic thot hobnobbing with Hollywood types. They’re all playing a role in a grand play and you don’t have a part. You’re not important or diverse or pseudo-intellectual or ‘cool’ enough to even be part of the adoring rabble, so you have been relegated to the waste heap. The dump. The trash to be taken out.

      The WEF, the libertardians, and the civnats all believe the same thing when it boils down to it. Aside from the ‘thinkers’ like themselves, people are worthless and fungible. For all of Sailer’s purported HBD and equalitarian beliefs, how many genuine truck drivers or welders or farmers does he count as part of his social circle?

      My neighbor is not a deep-thinking man. Far from stupid, of course, but he’s not someone you sit and theorize with. He’s a doer – worked with his hands all his life. He’s also a solid, decent man and an amazing neighbor. He’s helped us in numerous ways and we greatly enjoy socializing with him and his wife. And we’re not pretending or ‘slumming’ when we do so. I don’t expect the same experience with him as I did when shooting the shite in college. And I don’t rank people that way either – I’m not as well read in political philosophy as many here and I can’t fix any machinery. But I can learn from others and enjoy and value their expertise.

      I don’t want to live in a world inhabited by merely theorists and thinkers and debaters, as much as I value the intellectual stimulation I get from such. I also equally value and NEED the world of doers, without whom I could not survive. I have been blessed with a life of meeting interesting people of all sorts, but that has not left me confused about what and who matters.

      My neighbor is not the Vietnamese refugee or the Congolese immigrant or any other alien ‘fleeing’ whatever. My neighbor is someone who share my language, my history, my religion, my race. That’s the fundamental bedrock upon which all else is founded. We don’t need to debate or establish mutual meanings of words or ideas.

      “The men of my own stock,
      They may do ill or well,
      But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
      They are used to the lies I tell;
      And we do not need interpreters
      When we go to buy or sell.”

      • Well said. The smugness and arrogance of people like Casey is absolutely what is at work here. I don’t need this silly nation-state. I don’t need that stupid neighbor who I hate. No. I want to go to the Congo and hang out with my financiers to inspect the project and pat a couple of Congolese on the head, then come back and tell everyone how much I love my Congolese friend and how much I hate my nation loving neighbor.

        It is as if they want to see the world burn. I think Casey has every bit the envy and bitterness of the socialists he loathes. No matter how many sheckle dragons he shoves down the hole it is never satisfied. To see a guy happy with what he has and enjoying life and seeing how he is connected to the fiber of his folk seems to burn guys like Casey up.

        It is all a bunch of airs put on to give themselves a sense of superiority. Of course, in this merchant system, they are just airs as there is nothing as ignoble as the sentiments that lie behind this lift myself up by tearing everyone else down mentality. It is sad.

      • My neighborhood is rock solid white and doesn’t like any kind of foolishness. A few weeks ago a tweaker emerged from the woods and tried to get into my next door neighbor’s work truck, and nearly everyone came out armed to the teeth wanting to know witf was going on.

        The dirt folk are going to be the ones to throw the match into the can of insurrection gasoline. And the I can only pray that in the aftermath, The Elites who remain standing are the ones who get lined up against a brick wall as the first act of proper law and order. “You did this, so you get shot by a firing squad” is something I hope to see before I cash in my checks.

      • Great post and beautiful sentiment, 3g4me.
        So many of your posts make me wish you were one of my neighbors.
        I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful Christmas season.

        • Melissa: Thank you! I do wish I could get to know many commenters here in the flesh. But meanwhile lots of ‘beautiful minds.’

          And Merry Christmas to you and yours.

      • In the 2020s Merican zombie movie the HG Wells “Open Conspiracy” kind will always be the first to get culturally enriched, not having studied archery and first aid skills instead. It’s all well and good to bully them, in fact it’s important to do so; but we should never confuse them with our first-line enemies. I recommend cultivating disinterest in their career news (usually consists of getting picked up by a think-tank/pharmaceutical company, “Pretty Woman”-style). If you are typically seen by other normie people not to get worked up about Fox News insta-gossip it’s salutary and a good screening protocol for your own purpose. “I’m just hoping for peace in the Middle East soon, boss”

    • Doug Casey’s shtick is that the world is facing devastating destruction and annihilation, but it you just scoop up a bit of gold and crypto you can safely ride it out in Uruguay. He’s deluded. If what he believes is coming down the track really does happen, there will be no safe spaces to hide away.

  19. I remember Tim Alberta’s name from his time working at National Review. That is fitting as you would have to a narcissistic jerk to stand up while you are eulogizing your father and lecture the members of his church on listening to Rush Limbaugh. Every church has a few kooky people, I don’t doubt someone made a comment similar to what he included in his book. To portray the whole church that way is vile. Hopefully this helped people at the church see they should never trust members of the regime, even if they have personal connections to them.

  20. I’m reupping: this is the last national election in which the Republicans even can pose as a controlled opposition party, and 2016 was the last legitimate election the United States ever will have. The GOP is retarded enough to think that inserting “X’ to replace Trump will not bleed support, and while Republican voters also are morons, it will be the death knell for the Stupid Party because a fatal number still will leave it. The Regime already rules by straight force and this only will get worse until the United States falls apart, likely to happen with the next economic collapse (much of the oppression is a dress rehearsal for an almost certainly doomed attempt to prevent that formal dissolution as opposed to the de facto now underway).

    Disenfranchising 73 million voters will make it difficult to preach democracy to the world so expect more blatant violence and force abroad as well. The rest of the globe long ago saw the GAE as the vicious but idiotic Banana Empire it is. Since those of us trapped within it are powerless, we should enjoy the certain laughs to come–the “debate” was full of them, and more are soon on the way.

    (‘grats on the move!)

    • Yes. This has the potential to happen sooner that anyone may think. If the administration makes good on it’s threat to send the legions to Ukraine that will most likely be the end of the empire or the end of the world if the imbeciles take it that far.

      Putin just announced that missile technology will be shared with China. So as far as conflicts with Russia and China at least, any assets we have forward deployed are all but obsolete.

      Go ahead Joe. Send your rainbow armies against the Russians. They are waiting for you. And will the last sailor to get off of the smoking hulk of the Gerald R. Ford please turn off the lights.

      • It’s all talk. They have neither the legions to send nor the capability to send them there. They could deploy a token “tripwire” force but their options would be severely limited were the wire to get tripped. It’s hard to say whether/how much they still believe their wunderwaffen will carry the day.

        • Jeffrey: Lloyd Austin specifically said that if Congress doesn’t send more millions to Zelensky, he will send White sons and daughters off to fight and die against the Russians. You can consider that an empty threat or a promise, but you can’t deny the intent behind it.

          Quite a few different people seem to concur AINO won’t last beyond another 10 years at the outside. Yes, I’m aware of South Africa staggering on, but like it or not, we’re the lynchpin of the current global system. Our fracture/implosion will be much greater and there will be no one willing or able to ameliorate the consequences.

          No, I’m not making any specific predictions. But I remember the world of the ’60s and ’70s and ’80s and ’90s. And I see the rate of change between even 2015 and today. I don’t discount further draconian control, but neither will I ignore massive instability. And, more importantly, wicked and evil intent.

          • The “we’ll murder your boys” threat indeed was something. It is even worse than the promise to keep the borders wide open unless the Ukraine grift goes on. This is what a despotic government in opposition to its population does. Uncle Lloyd can directly threaten whites unless they make it rain for Ol’ Marse Ray-fee-on.

    • Eh, I have to disagree. Get on Twitter. Look how many millions still think that 1) The Bidens are about to be deposed. 2) How we are on the verge of winning big (after doing nothing but losing for decades). 3) The pedos are about to be busted. 4) That the black tide is coming in to fill Republican ranks.
      Above all, they constantly invoke this concept that we are turning the tide and just on the cusp of victory. This is as vague and insane as the left’s concept of progress.
      Now, you may counter that they will fatigue of this as reality outruns apprehension. Ehh…
      The sunk cost fallacy is real.
      Hope springs eternal in the human breast.

      • Sure, normalcy bias is a thing. It also has limits. Less than 15 percent have taken the new and improved vax, for example. We will have to agree to disagree on the effect that pulling Trump from the ballot will have on the GOP. Now, those bailing on the Republican Party are not about to revolt as long as their bellies are full and houses are warm (why would they?), but they will not line up to vote, either. Frankly, it is very impossible the GOP knows this and doesn’t care.

        • The Pardoner (gelding or a mare) is the House Speaker – and the majority of Republican voters think they won…

          • Undoubtedly a great point. Still, the GOP is toast and that may be by agreement. The funeral will be sparsely attended.

  21. Thanks for the hilarious post yesterday and great show today.
    It’s pretty clear that there is no hope in Trump and their hatred of him is ridiculous and absurd.
    If only he had been Orange Mr. Hilter.
    Is it too optimistic to hope that Trump supporters will realize and understand that they are the true targets of that deep hatred?
    I’ve noticed a gradual shift in conversation since 2016, Trump, covid, etc.

    • You would think that the Trump supporters would get the message after the data of the people who liked or forwarded his social media commentaries was subpoenaed. But, probably not.

      • My brother loves Trump and still believes that Trump will rise like a phoenix, or the Son of God, and set everything aright. He really believes this.

        All of this persecution will just make victory all the sweeter when Trump returns and reigns.

        I guess that if he didn’t believe this, he would despair.

        • Trump has learnt nothing from his first term and what has happened since. He simply doesn’t have the political smarts to pick the right people or smash his program past the Deep State. There is no Man on a White Horse coming to save us. The only hope is when the whole system collapses under the weight of its own evil and corruption. Then we may be able to rescue something, but it will look nothing like the good old US of A of the past.

  22. Do you think 2024 will be the year we see open conflict — I.e. actual war — between the USA and Russia and/or China?

    • No, because the business of Russia and China is business. However a sharp smack upside the head might be warranted as a “shut up and go take out the garbage” warning.

      On a lighter note, zerohedge had a comment by an az sheriff that illegals were being given five thousand dollar gift cards, the thought arose that a fine way to make a little income would be to enter one of the busses at a rest stop and explain to the illegals that the cards have somehow been tainted and need to be collected and destroyed. If there are 20 illegals per bus at five thousand per, you have just made a years income. Wanna bet some smart illegal has already figured that one out?

  23. I haven’t listened yet, but this video reminds me how much fun the Trump meme magic was.

    Aw, we were so optimistic back then, although I remember that Z Man was one of the first to express doubt. “He’s just a bullshitter who got lucky.”

  24. I think there’s going to be a lot of interest in building local organizations next year. Both as a means to share information and to provide a means for people to affiliate with like minded fellow travelers.

    The challenges I’ve often faced when doing this come from different directions. From one direction are the people who just want to recite mantras they hear on the radio or Hannity. It’s just grating to listen to and they tend to just be angry and once they recite their script they just cycle back to the top and repeat. Then you have your posers; people who show up to subvert. There are always the local lunatics to worry about. Let’s be honest. There are a lot of stupid weirdos on our side, too. And spanning all of this is what can become an aimless sense of pointlessness.

    I’ve reached a point where I just want to sit quietly with my dog and be left alone. But I know that’s not the right answer, either. Or maybe it is.

    There’s a ridiculous pointlessness to all of this stuff that is getting very boring. We are led by stupid people and devious people. Everyone seems to know the country is circling the drain. Just ride the whirlpool down the pipe, I guess.

    Anyway, that’s my discussion point for your question show. How do you get people together and build the bonds we all know are needed when every tentacle of society seems hell bent on creeping inside to tear things down?

    • One of the best ways to meet like-minded fellow travelers is at a shooting range (preferably rural) or similar avocation. I also travel on my mountainbiking trips and often frequent areas near military bases. LInk up with local biking clubs and you will meet lots of ex-military, who tend to be quality people too. This is good for the soul and uplifting, but becoming a next-gen warrior is actually a solitary endeavor best conducted in the shadows. Your primary goal is anonymity and invisibility in plain sight. You want to become the guy at the party who no one notices or even remembers that you were there. That is maximum skill, and it could save your life someday.

    • Hokkoda: Excellent comment/question – wishing you lots of upvotes. In so many ways what you wrote epitomizes what most of us here feel. The pointlessness, the hopelessness – everything and everyone breaking down and degrading.

      And in contrast: An assimilated Hindu I spoke with at the office Christmas party. A nice enough guy, I wish him no ill (although he ought not to be here). He expressed astonishment at how my husband and I moved rural and love it. He stated, with all apparent sincerity, that he would shoot himself if forced to live that way. He sees the lights, the parties, the AINO bubble, as solid reality and all that matters in life. He doesn’t seem to detect or worry about instability. Let the band play on!

      • I have several acquaintances of Asian heritage who have similar views of rural Americans, which is to say that they are scared to death of them. They have swallowed the Deliverance caricature concocted by the MSM and entertainment industry hook, line, and sinker.

        In some ways I can’t blame them, as they have no first-hand experience with rural Americans and so have formed their opinions through the only exposure they have, which is the hopelessly biased MSM and entertainment industry. They are also smart enough to avoid urban environments for the obvious reasons. As such, they end up in suburban environments that are largely white, but with enough other high-performing minorities (mostly Asian) that they feel comfortable.

        • Guest: They may initially move to environments that are “largely White,” but those neighborhoods don’t stay that way. Because more and more and ever more east and south Asians move in and overwhelm the area. We saw this in our Texas suburb, and I’ve spoken with and read comments from others who’ve experienced the same tsunami. There are billions of them and the flood is endless.

          It’s a good thing if they are truly “terrified” of rural Whites. That’s the only way to escape their unwanted company for now, although more of them are spreading out as they overwhelm suburbs, Whites move out, and then the Asians inevitably follow. Don’t know where or when or how, but this will all end badly.

      • I was blessed to grow up in small town America. 500 people in a town with no stoplights (until about when I was 18-19). Forests and cornfields. Self sufficient people.

    • Somehow the left has managed to harness the power of their own stupid weirdos and used them to attain and maintain control of the West. The right has “principles” and “standards” which are currently experiencing at least a seventy year losing streak.

  25. I’m starting to wonder just when they’ll remove the Bad Orange Man. The stupidity on display in the Imperial Capital is strangely passive. I’m used to a much more aggressive form of stupidity — probably longtime operant conditioning by the Kagan Kult — but then I remember that most of the people who actually do the “work” in FedGov are Millennials… and younger. They are an extraordinarily passive bunch. If Teacher didn’t give them detailed instructions and a down-to-the-minute schedule, they’d barely be able to feed themselves.

    All that to say this: I’m getting the sneaking, horrifying, utterly hilarious suspicion that they really do think they can win outright with Nikki Sihks. As in, “Surely just one more Trump indictment will get the rubes to drop him and come crawling back to the GOP!”

    That’s been the Swamp’s MO for quite a while now — kick the can down the road, dither, and pray to Satan that he bails them out again.

    • The Whig Party really does think Dickless Cheney makes a viable and strong candidate. Not least because if it weren’t for the bad orange man, Jeb Bush would’ve been a powerhouse in 2016. .You see, Mr. Please Clap didn’t fail because he was a failure, he failed, because the system was cheated by letting in an outsider.

    • I remember, after Peach Mints failed, it was early 2020, and I knew that they weren’t going to just leave it at that, give up and say “oh well we tried,” I knew something was coming to derail the orange menace, after all, these were the same people who had perpetrated the Russia Hoax for 2 years. And then, voila. It wouldn’t have been any use guessing what it would be, I never could have imagined it.

      It kind of feels the same way now.

    • I’ve also been starting to wonder about this a lot lately. I don’t know if you’re of the same mind, but I always thought that the plan was for the GOPe to find some reason to take Trump off the ballot – probably related to all these trumped up charges he’s facing. It’s starting to get pretty late though. In just a few weeks, he’s going to sweep these early primaries/caucases so how are they going to remove him when it’s clear that he’s the overwhelming choice of voters? I think they thought that the Meatball could stay close to Trump – maybe with around 30+% of the vote – so when they take Trump off the ballot they could still say “Lot’s of people support DeSantis, so let’s just go with him”. Now that everyone’s a total flop though, that’s going to be a hard sell. The only way Nimrata the Chin gets close to the nomination is if Trump is declared ineligable to run and even then – given his support – the GOP would probably go the way of the Whigs once they force her on us.

      • I thought the same thing. All they really need to do is DQ him from the ballot in a few swing states. But they had their chance in Michigan and Colorado, and both somehow, unbelievably, ruled for Trump. So did Minnesota, of all places, if I remember correctly. So if they’re going to toss him, PA, AZ, and / or GA best get crackin’…

        …but I don’t think they will, because see above: They are so high on the smell of their own farts that they think Nikki Sikhs will win straight up. They’re counting on all the Normies and Grillers who are just so tired of Trump and his bullshit (read that in your best hissy, whiny, Ace of Spades voice) to turn out for War Karen, because hey, ya gotta vote for somebody, right?

        And because that’s their plan, of course it’s going to work! It’s the one and only plan, because they simply can’t grok the possibility of it not working — another defining characteristic of Millennials (there is no Plan B, because they’ve never even considered the possibility of needing one). They’ll have to torpedo him at the convention, and won’t that be a hoot?

        • read that in your best hissy, whiny, Ace of Spades voice …

          Ace of Spades is quite the blast from the past. I used to check out his site daily, but back in 2016 he became so rabidly anti-Trump that I couldn’t take it and I just stopped reading him. At some point after Trump was elected, I surfed back over there and all of a sudden he was pro-Trump. I figured he learned the error of his ways and I started checking out the site again. When the primaries started up though, he was rabidly anti-Trump again and doing his best to fluff the Meatball. I gave up on him entirely at that point. I don’t know who he is or what he believes, but I suspect now that his convictions are bought and paid for. If he needs to be a bit pro-Trump for the clicks, then he’ll do it. When the neocons pay him to trash Trump though, he’ll be happy to do that too.

    • I’m used to a much more aggressive form of stupidity — probably longtime operant conditioning by the Kagan Kult[…]

      Sev, Kagan…Senior? Donald, I think…anyway, wrote a piece in the WSJ last week of the “will no one rid me of this turbulent priest” variety.

      This seems to me to be the official Bat Signal that assassination is no longer just a fantasy.

      • They’ve been doing that for a while now. I think that’s more of the Bat-Signal to the GOP to get their rears in gear and disqualify him from the ballots because reasons. Of course they wouldn’t mind if some lunatic went kinetic, but consider that all the likely candidates for the role of Fake and Gay Lee Harvey Oswald are… fake. And probably gay.

        And they can’t false flag it and blame it on the Muzzies, because that’s the kind of thing that demands a military response and who’s going to go to war on Orange Man’s behalf? And they can’t hardly use some disgruntled Q-tard, because those are the people who want Trump to become / think he already is a dictator. And hell, come to think of it, you can’t use a garden variety lunatic either. Oh, he says he did it to impress Jodie Foster? Gosh, what a weirdo! He should be on all kinds of Big Pharma… oh, wait, he already is. Can’t be stigmatizing the mentally ill, especially when Pfizer’s stock price is on the line.

        It’s a real pickle. I think the age of the straight-up “kinetic solution” are over… at least until the more generalized chaos of our New and Improved Banana Republico del Norte sets in a few years from now.

        • He’ll be shot by a cop.

          The preposterous tale of Trump trying to wrestle control of a presidential vehicle away from his “detail” on January 6th was invented not primarily to plant that cartoon image in the public mind, but in the police mind. Every cop who walks next to Trump is *dying* to shoot him now—down to the last Secret Serviceman, who know very well that Trump is in fact a good boy who dindu nuffin, but understand that their order has been given. Donald_Sutherland_in_JFK.mp4

          Every Republican commentator who’s even slightly sane mocked that story—and a wave of conservative reversions to “NeverTrump” coincided with it. By those with an ear for it, the shot’s already been heard. It was fired under oath into what will be the only historical record.

          Every courthouse Trump is paraded through now is blockaded, armored, swarmed with uniforms and sunglasses-and-earpiece guys, a rabidly crushing press—insanely tense. TV viewers aren’t the audience for that. It’s a “happening.”

  26. One of the oldest comedic shticks is for the actors to set up the show’s punchline to slowly build – Fraiser Crane is a master at it – so the audience knows exactly what the punchline is and how it’s gonna go down… and everyone still laughs like hell when it does. The exact wrong characters show up at the exact wrong time, intents and plots collapse into laughter and ridicule. Lucille Ball and all the 50’s comedians did it well too.

    You want a way to spot fellow dissidents? Look for the guys with laughing cramps. Smart folks know that hard times are best met with good humour. Black pills and doom and gloom have their place … but you can miss the sporting opportunities if you’re not careful. I’m still chuckling about that rotten essay on the republican debates.

    Keep smiling Z.

  27. Is it really such a stretch that the official presidential field appears to be cast by the same art directors who ran the United Colors of Benetton campaigns?

    Take a look at your local school board. Or city council. or HOA. Your corporate Board. Your credentialing association. And so on.

    Mortimer and Randolf are laughing. Not just at their cleverness however, but at their ‘good and hard’ part. They are shoveling the dung that the people trapped in the paddock of party politik seem to want.

    For decades now even the badthinkers have been signaling that they prefer a non-White and/or female to speak for them.

    While social media is all gay and retarded it is what passes for the public commons. I get sent screen shots and whatnot from “right wing” friends of the latest memewar owning of the libs and the constant stream of stronk womyn, talented tenth magic negroes, mexicans, based “refugee”, videos and other fodder saying the “hard-hitting” stuff that most of us here casually discuss over pork chops and applesauce on a wednesday night.

    Even with Orange Man enthusiasts, other than ‘build the wall’, there was a stark absence of explicit White identity and interests. When pressed, it always comes down to law and order and economics. Like the libertarians, the best examples of our system working are always culled from those identities most distant from Heritage White America. Why is that?

    Most of the never-trumper, anti-trump animus in people on the “right” I have encountered can be traced to the three Q’s (W/W/J) i.e. Explicit White interests, restoring Pro-patriarchy/Masculinity (yes at the expense of stronk women, thats how it works), and the Noticing of foreign tribal power and influence.

    Those are the vote harder of party politics. Those are the people who want to roll back the death cult but keep their own personal winnings. All my daughters in “college”…

    That we have invader spawn on stage talking about White guys being replaced while strong womyn talks about making moar wars and black guy mumbling about taxes and the retirement village HOA guy tilting at Disney while not wailing at the wall is merely the embodiment of the White ethos that has been gelded.

    Most here are already full of hate and noticing and so it all seems clownish but to those still true believers in Our Democracy this reflects the vacuum that nature abhors.

    That its uninspiring, vacuous, petty, and ‘tone deaf’ as to the real problems most people are facing is a reflection of that vacuum in the hearts and wills of those men who refuse to make a stand in their own lives. Not some evil plan hatched by the cabal in the volcano. Though the synergies are obvious.

    Cowardice does not invite the enemy into your camp as much as it makes that move moot.

    • ‘Those are the people who want to roll back the death cult but keep their own personal winnings. All my daughters in “college” . . .

      ‘That we have invader spawn on stage talking about White guys being replaced while strong womyn talks about making moar wars . . .’

      Yep. GOP offered a slew of white and of-color Stronk Empowered Wimmin! last election cycle. Pushed ’em heavily in righty media.

      Backed by Breitbart etc. and by ‘conservative’ and ‘Christian’ men. ANYTHING but an authentic Christian white male standing election, much less an actual asskicker, and may Goddess Gaia Herselfs help you if you point their sad emasculation out.

      Jesus and America don’t rate doodlysquat compared to Muh Princess. Does the U.S. look like a Jesus or a Princess nation to you?

      God and country were cast off readily these past decades in favor of an education for princess at Slut U., followed by a hard-charging career!! being a third-rate male, and learning from her professors how to hate masculinity, whiteness, and Christianity.

      I see these dildo daddies bragging on righty and Christian web-sites, My snowflake SMASHED the old boy’s glass ceiling . . . yeah well mine CRUSHED the male competition (yeah, right) at law school . . . valedictorian. . . made partner. . . it is to retch.

      ‘Roll back the death cult but keep their own personal winnings.’

      Yessir, fat ‘n happy. Godless, country-less . . . but fat ‘n happy.

      • ray: Spot on. So many putative conservatards – and commenters here – do precisely what they claim to abhor. Send their princesses to become doctors, lawyers, and bankers instead of teaching them to marry, bear, and raise children instead of taking a man’s rightful place in the professional world. Just like all the “Christian” women in a former Bible study group who all attacked me because I refused to put my child in daycare and validate their choices.

        Talk is cheap. Live your supposed values.

      • You got it. It’s unpopular to point it out but there it is.

        The reckoning for most even on our side of the greater divide is still stuck fretting over why the last mile of their fiber-optic umbilical to the cloud is full of static instead of why they subscribe to the enemies premise and moral network in the first place.

        A lingering example is the tranny kerfuffle.

        So many strong dads emerging to raise holy heck on their social medias about some man stealing the trophies.

        This after three generations of boys destroyed so that plucky girl could wrestle on the boys HS team or join the cub scouts or play third-tier softball at directional state U or become the lawyer instead of marrying one.

        Is the problem the trannies or that they are winning?

        Zero-sum was fine when it was the “patriarchy” being erased toward equality.

        Fast forward and we have trannies, stronk wahmen, and weak males and very few grandkids.

        The establishment republic and most males in general are only prepared to attack the latest titty in a twist that is approved by the committee for happy wife happy life.

        Things will break and things will restore to the Truth but why would the political system reflect anything but the most tepid, effeminate, passive, and inert attributes of the prevailing mono-culture?

        • To normal but uninformed Americans, it is hard to believe how important the enforcement of acceptance of sexual perversity is.

          But there have been protests against drag queen story hours to which police snipers were dispatched to protect the trannies from the protesters. That our rulers would deploy snipers, in addition to the local police, exposes how important the acceptance of sexual perversity is to our rulers. The police want to terrify the community into submission.

          It’s still hard to believe that this is of such high importance to them, but it is.

  28. Desert Island Discs?

    How is the book coming?

    SWAG as to size of US population that is repilled/dissident/nationalist?

  29. Congratulations on your new palace Z Man!

    I’m up here in Canuckistan and our federal government is getting ready to give the climate change policies to us, good and hard. They now tax anything that produces CO2, want to quadruple that tax, and are putting restrictions on the oil and gas industry which is Ottawa’s largest source of revenue. Even the Bank of Canada is saying carbon taxes are keeping inflation high. Back in the 70s (when Justin Trudeau’s daddy was in power), out west they used to say “Let those eastern bastards freeze in the dark.” Trudeau seems to want go even further and make energy so expensive we all freeze in the dark.

    Question for your show: What is the end game with all these climate change policies, taxes, carbon credits, and restrictions? I work in government and trust me it is not about saving the planet. Is it just the sacrificial offerings of a cult of global warming, or is something else going on?

      • Thankfully those stones were blasted to bits by some patriot.

        And no, it wasn’t me. Apparently, they were constructed in 1980 and maintained by the Georgia county where they were located.

      • The end game goals can more simply be summarized as total control of the populace. From there your listing of “secondary” goals are obtainable. One of the secondary goals—never expressed—is a complete totalitarian society. Democracy is done away with and a ruling cabal such as we see in China is instituted. And yes, I expect the masses after the great ‘reset” to welcome this event.

    • Uh, no carbon means no energy which means no heat. In Canada that means a lot of dead leafs. Is there any murmurings of the Canadian military maybe stepping in in such a case? Also high immigrant population. Legit curious, because I’ve been seeing more security industry publications posit legitimate military concerns over those topics.

      • Forever Templar: “…any murmurings of the Canadian military maybe stepping in in such a case?”

        How did the Canadian Military treat the Truckers during COVID?

        [I ackshually don’t know, but the two questions very likely cover precisely the same subject matter.]

      • The military up here has been withering away due to lack of funding. And, many of its senior leaders who were not compliant with the Liberal regime were either falsely charged with crimes or MeToo’d out. My sense is even if the military wanted to intervene, they would not be able to.

    • Depop. They have the right premise but draw the insane conclusion, because they’re wacked-out slobs, too.

    • We may see the looming credibility crisis erupt in Canada first. The food banks are beginning to buckle. Tent cities in this climate will be death camps. The govt is literally attacking its own people. People will not obediently freeze in the dark. The question here in Alberta is now “by whose authority?” The province invoked the Sovereignty Act and is now setting up its own plans for retirement pensions, its own police, its own gun laws, etc. We may actually see some eastern bastards freeze in the dark before this is over. God, I hope so.

      As an Albertan I gave up on Canada ages ago. I hate Turdo and his rainbow, I hate the pakies and noggers flooding our country, and I won’t bow down to Justin’s green haired UFOs. I’d rather have seen us separate but it’s probably too late now.

      Right now for me it’s about being courteous and polite with my fellow Canadians, and having several plans in place to kill them if conditions warrant it.

    • Huerfano: …back in the 70s (when Justin Trudeau’s daddy was in power)…
      I thought his daddy was running the show in Cuba.

      • Good one. There was no way Margaret was going to admit Pierre was not the father. The child support he paid must have been millions.

  30. Analogies are great, but eventually they start to show some strain. Take the one likening discontent in modern America to that in some medieval fiefdom. If the rulers mismanaged things badly enough back then, people starved and hordes came over the border and slaughtered everyone. Our rulers have already mismanaged things badly, and while the food is poison, it does keep the people fat and unhealthy (hard to revolt if you get winded climbing a flight of stairs.) And yes, we have the Huns, Goths, Vandals (choose your metaphor) in our lands, and while some of them are raping and taking torches to our straw huts, most of the ones people see are roofing, bending delicious tacos, or in the Home Depot parking lot flattering normies because they risked death to get to the Land of the Free (Lunch Buffet.)

    Food is starting to actually be a problem (produce wilting due to supply chain issues caused by the Covid overreaction). And everyone at least knows someone who knows someone who’s kid was raped/sold fentanyl/hit by the car of some illegal alien. Seeing guys who look like your neighbor getting ten years for attending a protest is slowly having an effect on normie’s brain, as is seeing a guy in a platinum blonde wig and pink Jackie-O gloves reading stories in Kids Corner at the library. Having said all that, I don’t think we’re quite at a boil yet. Electricity and internet connections ensure the spiral pendant keeps twirling and normie keeps watching the hypnotic swirl.

    Things are definitely starting to simmer, though.


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