Thoughts On Digital Tyranny

Fifty years ago, people just accepted the fact that there were people walking around with nutty ideas in their head. You could easily avoid them, and you could trust that the “marketplace of ideas” would police the problem. Most people would recognize that this guy is a nut and ignore him. The small number of people who fell for things like conspiracy theories or libertarianism was small.

That is no longer true. It seems that the “marketplace of ideas” has been flooded with crackpots, many of them sporting credentials. Everywhere you go you feel the need to be on guard against the loonies ululating about the latest thing. In social settings everyone has to look over their shoulder before speaking, for fear that stating obvious truths will set of a firestorm of mental illness.

Of course, much of this is due to the digital age. It is much easier for the crazies to find you and inflict their craziness on you. The Gaia worshippers, who have always existed in one form or another, are everywhere now. Even mundane things give them a reason to start hooting about Gaia. There is no escaping the misinformed and the deranged because they have flooded the digital zone.

It is an interesting dilemma. The managerial elite is not wrong to worry about the tsunami of nonsense that has swept society. You cannot have any sort of self-governance when most people are misinformed. It is not even clear you can have an authoritarian society when most people are misinformed. How can you organize society when most people believe in nonsense?

A lament among people on this side of the great divide is that Western societies have become atomized and deracinated. That would be preferable to a world of misinformed people networked to the rest of us via technology. Imagine if the Gaia worshippers all suddenly lost their internet connection for a year. The world would suddenly become quieter and vastly more sober minded.

It is not just people who are sincerely misinformed. Spend time on social media and it quickly becomes obvious that there are people who take some pleasure in minting false information and passing it onto others. In an age when information is king, these people should probably be killed. They are the coin clippers of the digital age and should be treated as such. Death to the misinformers!

Of course, that would require a ruling class that is not chock full of misinformed and deranged people, which is obviously not the case. In fact, they may be the most deranged of all. Their efforts to combat “misinformation and disinformation” are only lowering trust in all information. What is needed is an informed will to power that will replace the ruling class with an informed one.

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This Week’s Show


  • The Increasing Tyranny
  • Analog Versus Digital
  • Three Types Of People
  • These Groups In The Analog World
  • These Groups In The Digital World
  • Elites & Misinformation/Disinformation
  • The Great Firehose
  • Amnesia
  • Incompetence
  • Governing The Misinformed

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210 thoughts on “Thoughts On Digital Tyranny

  1. DeSantis is out. I don’t think anybody here predicted that. He endorsed Trump, but I wonder how many of his voters will switch to that Indian woman.

  2. Comment on Sunday Jan 21 CBS Sunday program (I know I know, my bad-) was the gushing celebratory acceptance of the new GAY bishop or cardinal, I forget which, that brings to mind, are they aware of how infantile attention hoarding they appear? Look at me, I’m so special, I am a GAY bishop/cardinal. So, you get to serve God on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays, but the rest of the week you can have gay sex with whomever? It was always my understanding that entering a religious order meant that you subverted your natural desires in order to mortify your flesh to please God, is that still the case or have I missed something? Where does it say you get to pick and choose?

    • This stuff is never as weird or as baffling or as complex as it first appears. The bishop in question is in the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church is the church of the American Empire. It just so happens that a primary goal of the American Empire – perhaps the primary goal – is spreading sodomy and homosexuality. So just from that it should not be a surprise that this guy’s sins are celebrated and esteemed. As for why CBS Sunday Morning would exalt this pervert who is subverting the teachings of Christ, well, let’s look at the correspondent of this piece. It is the esteemed Ted Koppel, and if I do an early life check… oh, well there you go.

  3. OT

    Several sites have reported that Nimrata was boinking a few of her toadies prior to becoming Governor of SC.

    While it’s not surprising that she was mixing it up on the side, the real question is, who would want to boink that “Man Jawed” individual.

    When I see various pictures of her I think of what Austin Powers said; “That’s a man ,baby”.

    It’s going to be an entertaining election cycle.

    • This was a coordinated hit. Both Nimrata and DeSantis are going down fast, and the Deep State’s plan to obliterate Trump is failing spectacularly. The tide is turning and desperation is being felt in the halls of the Cloud People. Which means its time for them to double-down and escalate.

      As our host has commented, 2024 is shaping up to be one Hell-of-a roller coaster ride on shaky tracks. Lots of scary thrills combined with panic and “Oh Shit” moments. Russia, China, and Iran are all smelling blood in the water, and domestic tension is rising exponentially. The elites may soon be facing enemies from both within and without. What’s it gonna be . . . world war, lethal pandemic, revolution redux, or all of these together? May you live in interesting times.

      • Col. MacGregor has been warning that April 2024 will resemble August 1914 in the Middle East.

        The race is on. Will America’s ruin be economic or military, or will they occur contemporaneously, each feeding on the other. Keep prepping, guys. Relocate if you must/can.

  4. C.H Spurgeon (1834–1892) wrote the following (also attributed to Mark Twain) “A lie will go round the world while truth is pulling its boots on.” The problem Z discusses has been around for quite some time, though I agree we now have misinformation producing the “madness of crowds” on steroids.

  5. The world is absolutely overpopulated – by F-ing stupid people, idiots and morons. Medical advances have had a big time downside. Too many that would not have made it for obvious reasons, now have. Further, social media has allowed these freaks to aggregate and spread their insanity…

  6. As I’ve said before, we pay an enormous price for our sail foams. While we love talking about some of the supposed benefits of the phones, we never talk about all the downsides. The downsides are MANY. Z brought up all the “misinformed” people. All these misinformed people are a direct result of the fact that they have a sail foam. There is a whole cottage industry of people who spread obvious BS on social media for coin or for the lols. I’ve been hearing about aliens arriving in a Miami mall for the last 2 weeks. There are probably over a million people who think it either is true or is probably true.

    The entire concept of personal and private are fading out of existence. People don’t even understand what the concept of privacy even means anymore.

    We have entire industries of apps that are trojan horses. They pretend to be one thing when they are really something else. Absolutely nobody officially tracks any of these apps or what they are doing. Google and Apple both allow this.

    Despite being in computers my entire life (I saved up to buy my first computer at age 12), people think I’m weird because I do not have an internet presence in my real name or other identifying information. That’s a cost I have to pay because of other people and their stupid phones.

    Is it any wonder it has been so easy to convince kids that they are trans after being socialized on an appliance?

    All this and much, much more are the prices we pay for having the internet with us at all times. I like the internet and wouldn’t want it to go away. But we as a society need to discuss sail foams and always on, always with us internet and how it can possibly be scaled back. Or at least just come to consensus that having a dysfunctional society is a price worth paying. Right now we just pretend it’s been all upside and we are infinitely better off for them.

    • 100% on target. Privacy, as a concept, it as alien as say writing in calligraphy would be to us, to anyone under age 40. They just don’t grok what it is, or why it is important.

      These are people who grew up in the digital panopticon so trying to escape the eye of Sauron is a puzzling idea to them nor do they really understand -why- you would want to do such a thing. And why would they? They voluntarily overshare everything about their life in a big way so not only are they trackable but should they ever run afoul of Da Man, he has all the ammo he needs by simply going back through their social history. These individuals also make for the most compliant docile sheep and the best tax cattle for the same reason. So everything is actually going as planned if you are an elite dystopian civ planner.

      The sail foam is somewhat inescapable due to the convenience factor, a necessary evil. But the amount of people that I know that voluntary install spying devices into their homes is comical. As I realize how absolutely dumb the average American truly is, it no longer really surprises me. Alexa, Ring doorbells, “smart” devices, all watching, all listening 24×7. They could care less.

      • We don’t really need to get rid of sail foams to scale back on the internet on them. Getting rid of social media on them would be a great start. Enforcing some standards would also help a lot. The vast majority of advertising I see on the internet is for scams. I only rarely see commercials for products you can buy in a store like laundry detergent or something. Even the two commercials I had to watch to listen to the show today on Rumble were for scams. Simply making these companies liable for losses when scams are run on people through their paid ads would help enormously because it would starve the beasts of money. You can’t run these ads on TV. They won’t let you. Make google liable for the billions lost through google cards.

        In some sense, a large portion of the “internet economy” is based on scams and ripoffs. There simply isn’t enough legit advertising dollars to support all these “free” services. Most of them are losing money or barely profitable anyway.

        • I’d be interested for Z to do a show on advertisements and scams. I’ve heard it postulated that the add market on the internet is due for a collapse and the revenue vacuum that will create will be epic.

    • No presence on the internets?
      Moi aussi, mon frere…
      By way of “cred,” I’m just loading an interesting derivation of Linux (MX-23) onto my kid’s (mandatory, mind you!) college laptop.
      (I plan on maintiang “our” status quo – sans doute!

  7. Nobody propagates misinformation better than the regime itself. My favorite piece of regime misinformation(misdirection) lately is “the border.”

    The “border” is mostly irrelevant, except as a diversion to distract our attention. The most important development in the ongoing “border crisis” is that the regime has successfully normalized that there are flights of illegal aliens landing all over the country every day. Fox News drives it home to Civnat G. Normiecon all day every day. None of this is questioned as true, that there is a crisis at the border or that IAs are being flown from the CBP collecting points to wherever. That’s “reality.”

    Now, do you really believe that the regime’s NGO tentacles are going to all the great trouble and expense of bringing the wogs from Africa to Panama and then on a long expensive two thousand mile trek through Central America and Mexico to cross the border, where they are then put on planes and flown to Chicago or wherever….. when instead they could just fly them straight from Africa to Chicago? How would you know the difference? You wouldn’t. Because all regime media is participating in the deception, talking about the border, showing pictures of brown people, ostensibly taken at the “border,” pictures of huge throngs of people marching down roads (who knows where), as if these poor tired huddled masses are walking all the way across Mexico (I mean really, who believes this shit), even supposed “dissident” memes show these pictures, duping you even more, so all the normies and the dissidents too are focused on the irrelevant border. Regime stooges such as Abbott and DeSantis play their part in the deception by announcing they are busing “migrants” to Martha’s Vineyard or wherever, perversely making themselves appear heroic in the eyes of some normies, dastardly in the eyes of others, which is all just part of the deception and misdirection. Playing their assigned roles. Normalizing the mass transportation of illegal aliens to anywhere and everywhere in AINO.

    Meanwhile, the NGOs just fly them straight in from Africa. At this point, why would they do it any other way? Even Jean Raspail would have thought this too far fetched for a novel. Truth is indeed stranger.

    • My formative years were saturated with warnings of war with Russia. It’s incredible that decades on such statements could retain any meaning. It’s enough to make me think that if Russia didn’t exist they would have to invent it.

      • Odd about warning all out war with Russia. As late as the 80’s, “all out war” was synonymous with end of civilization. War was suicide and there were no “winners” to be had. MAD saw to that. Now, not so much.

        I seem to hear war talk, but not annihilation as a direct follow up. Are they really expecting that all out war will not involve nuking every major city in the West?

          • I doubt it. If War Karen is installed, the Power Structure will fullthroatedly call for Russian blood and we won’t hear a dam’ thing about any potential nuclear consequences.

        • Yep. When’s the last time school kids did a nuke drill where they hid under their desks or went into the hallway, sat down facing the wall, and covered their heads with their hands? Fact of the matter is, we’re probably in greater danger of a nuclear holocaust now than at any time since 1962. But hey, at least we’re not succumbing to that so-called Cold War “paranoia.”

      • There’s a reason why Russia’s request to join Nato was rejected on both occasions: it is far too valuable as an enemy.

      • Yep. The Afghans handed the GAE its ass and it’s going to take on Russia. Riiiiiiiight…

        • Hell, one of the big GAE defense contractors is currently crowing about a spot they have at a plant in, “paradise,” in this case Mexico.

          Maybe they’re just anticipating the incorporation of the North American Union?

    • It’s entirely possible that the GAE won’t even exist in 20 years. I doubt the Rooskies are quaking in their shapkas.

      • God willing! Burn baby burn! I want nothing more than to see the dissolution of these “united” states.

    • “Civilization, in fact, grows more and more maudlin and hysterical; especially under democracy it tends to degenerate into a mere combat of crazes; the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”
      …H. L. Mencken

      The Covid hobgoblin is scaring very few people anymore. People are noticing that the politicians’ lunatic solutions to the “global warming” bogeyman are worse than anything the bogeyman might do.

      So they need another hobgoblin, and Russia! is obviously the spook of choice now.

      The stream of hobgoblins does seem endless.

  8. If another plague happens — far worse than Covid — it may be only through blogs around the world that we come to know the truth.

    Bloggers based in far-flung cities may update on what’s going on in their country of origin. Take London, England …

    This is uneasy bloke. They’ve just removed the last of the bodies from the charity hospital where I volunteer. It wasn’t easy: there were thousands of them, many stacked outside the hospital grounds itself.

    I found a gun. A policeman, his face covered with the deadly hives of this new illness, had fallen and his belt snagged on a fence. I “liberated” it. I feel better and worse with a new weapon. Better because I can take care of myself. Worse because I believe I’m becoming something else, something I wasn’t meant to be.

    {later} I shot someone. A looter, trying to mug me. He was a young man. He had long hair and a Jesus beard. He was wearing a Manchester United football jersey with the number 10 on the back. My favorite player. I’ll talk to you all in a bit once I recover from this, emotionally.

    [To read more Greg Nikolic stuff, click on my name up above]

  9. Well another great poast, Z!

    I think tying into this is that our western countries are now broken. Here in Canada our flimp of a prime minister has come up with environmental regs that will have half the country freezing to death, and rolling power brown outs in the middle of winter where we easily hit temps of -30C. TOTALLY coincidentally, the provinces that will freeze are the ones that steadfastly won’t voat for him or his turd brained political party.

    It isn’t a case of differing opinions and making small sacrifices and concessions to get along anymore; the provinces have rejected his idiocy, the supreme court has ruled against him… but they aren’t backing down. That fag knows exactly what he’s doing, he knows he will be killing people and he doesn’t care.

    We can’t live together anymore. At this rate the guns will have to come out He HAS to go or we will be at war with each other. When the civil war starts I predict the shitlibs will take the initiative and start it first. Regardless, the info and facts are irrelevant. They want to kill us and take our stuff, as the Blabbers say.

    This nonsense is going to get out of control and then the cull will begin.

    • If war it is, hopefully many AINO rightwingers will take their trusty slingshots up north and help y’all out.

    • Unfortunately, the shitlibs rarely make it past the ghetto in their attempts at widespread chaos.

      If there is to be a “civil war” involving the masses, as opposed to an organization of states, it will have to be the shitlibs starting it.

      Conservatives are not political conservatives, as if that actually existed. They are naturally cautious people resistant to change who like tradition and order over chaos and beauty over ugliness. These people make great neighbors, but they will NEVER start a revolution. It’s not “who they are.” I’m not insulting them. We need conservatives in society. They are the people who make it all work and keep the wheels on. A man who, when his town floods thinks “I’ll get my boat out and rescue people” or “they’re calling for rain, better go fill some sandbags down at the river with the rest of the folk” is NOT going to start a revolution. But he probably will be more than happy to defend himself, his family and his neighbors from weirdos trying to run a revolution.

      So until the shitlibs can work up their minions enough to take the fight to the evil White supremacist in Whitey’s part of town, I don’t expect anything to change.

    • Filthie

      Good post.
      Please, please, please make it so. At this point I want to just have it out. What comes to mind is the scene in Braveheart where the Irish guy says, “if I fight for you will I get to kill the English?”. Everyone knows it’s the only way to fix things. Everything else is just talk and venting. There’s no way out other than through the cartridge box. These people need to be permanently removed from society. They are a cancer.

    • Just so Filthie! There is no room for accommodation with Lefty as we have played that game for decades as we gave them a quarter of what they wanted and then they came back 5 years later and got another quarter and then came back and got everything they wanted and they are going back to compromising on anything. When they start with the BS I tell them that peaceful separation is the only way to resolve this and they start sputtering about unity. Their lack of awareness is breathtaking.

      Here in Northern Alberta, it was minus 50 four nights in a row and they still think “green” energy is the future. The grid almost went down and Lefty is oblivious to what that means for people. In the words of Z, it’s the damndest thing!

  10. I have noticed that, even when you see people starting to understand the disaster that adoption of nutty ideas has caused, they still cannot break through. For example, cities are in such bad shape because crazy people took them over and implemented lunatic ideas. Like when cities started saying that people have as much of a right to live in a tent on a sidewalk and defecate everywhere and do drugs all day as they do to work hard and provide for their family. Or that people who spend all day breaking into cars and stealing everything that isn’t nailed down at CVS are just trying to feed their kids. Even the most ardent liberal can see this is nonsense. Yet the crazy people always have a “study” and endless reams of propaganda about those evil Republicans or Reagan who shut down the mental hospitals forty years ago (before many of these nu-bums were even born). So they know that this stuff is bad and doesn’t work, it’s literally a case of “what are you gonna believe, us good folk at NPR and the DNC or your lying eyes?”

    • Yes, this. Libs explain EVERYTHING away with their “studies” and that Reagan shut down some nuthouses 40 years ago. And of course that whites are racist.

      Time for debate is SO VERY LONG OVER.

      • Not to quibble, but before Reagan was even elected, the “nut-houses” were long gone, or on the decline. Two major factors coming from our “poz’d” institutions: A “normalizing” of most mental deviations (crazies have rights too movement), and the introduction/discovery of potent brain altering drugs (Stelazine, Thorazine, etc) and developing theory that all “craziness” was due to chemical imbalances in the brain.

        One of my readings at the time was “Madness and the Brain” by Solomon H. Snyder—published in 1974! I was naive then and even thought clinical insanity had been solved, or soon would be when all folks had been enlightened as I was. 😉

        What a rube…..

          • Fo shoah, my man.

            A tomyum here, a tomyum there… Pretty soon you’re talking serious toilet time.

        • I’m pretty sure the state hospitals in my area closed in the latter half of the 80s. Like maybe 86.

          But you are absolutely right about the nutters who think everyone has inalienable rights to “freedom” no matter what they do.

          One of the “innocence” projects littering the country have now taken up the project of getting Scott Peterson out of prison. They oppose prisons on principle. There isn’t anyone who did something so evil they wouldn’t try to get them out of prison, unless of course, they did White supremacy. They even try to get axe murders who murdered children with an axe (Kevin Cooper) out of prison. If Kevin Cooper deserves to get out of prison, surely a mentally ill person who only does minor assaults and theft shouldn’t be cooped up in a mental ward.

          These people are an absolute scourge on society. They do all this evil at taxpayer expense. After the revolution, they will be the first of the SJWs to go.

          • I certainly haven’t seen hordes of Leftists in the streets burning and looting in their usual way to pressure government into building new insane asylums.

      • I think it was the Leftists that shut down the looney bins on account of they supposedly oppressed the “differently abled.” Leftists don’t much cotton to incarcerating their constituents.

    • “For example, cities are in such bad shape because crazy people took them over and implemented lunatic ideas. … Even the most ardent liberal can see this is nonsense.”

      Anecdotally, family members of mine had to flee Portland because it successfully implemented the policies that they favor. They have learned nothing from this and are already working to destroy the little rural town that they escaped to. For example, my sister volunteers with local indian tribes to get a dam decommissioned.

      I try to understand them and my best guess is that their sense of self-worth is founded upon being NPR-CNN-NYT people, aspirational Cloud People. Their core belief is that they are the good people and people like us are the bad. And only their side believes that this is a fight to the death.

      It’s not even the content of their beliefs that is crucial to them, but rather that they are members in good standing of the NPR crowd. If NPR suddenly adopted immigration restriction for environmental reasons, my family members would change their beliefs without even noticing the stark turnaround.

      • This is simply a secular and, if possible, even more intolerable version of Puritanism. It took more than four centuries but it finally killed the United States. The people you described simply are another type of Moonie. Hopefully the people in the little town where they moved will make it hard on them. This happens more often now although it still tends to be the exception.

      • Line: I understand family love and loyalty, but if your family members are actively spreading and inflicting harm on others, I don’t think “understanding” is what they need or ought to receive from you.

      • “I try to understand them.”

        They are destroyers. Sadism and self aggrandizement are in their hearts; not compassion

        • No disagreement from me. It’s so disconerting because they are certain that they are the most virtuous people, possibly ever. Not a trace of doubt in their righteousness. Only anger and contempt for anyone who even questions them.

          • In their mind, they are captain america and ur red skull.

            Juvenile and dangerous are those who think in these terms; unable to see any side but that which promotes their aggrandizement.

            The only way to combat, imo, is be as fanatically certain in your own correctness and their insanity.

      • LITS

        You just described an older sister I have. She cares only to be accepted by the cloud people she surrounds herself with rather than the rural, rube roots she has. She has claimed that books containing x-rated sexual content should be accessible to 5 year olds, among many other absurdities. I despise her with the intensity of a 1000 suns and I have very little contact with her. While the beliefs are insane, the desire to be part of “their team” or “the hive” as is often mentioned here supersedes anything and everything. It is quite remarkable, actually. Like I have said before, without “phed-poasting” too much – I will never support compromise, co-existence or peace with these monsters. I want them removed. Nothing less should be considered.

      • I’ll fill in the characters in the small rural town a bit more. 2 women, 2 men. The two women love abortion more than life itself. No exaggeration. No other issue is important at all to them besides protecting abortion. Nothing more needs to be said to describe them.

        One of the men gave me a lecture about how the American Founders borrowed the best parts of the Constitution from the native indians. No exaggeration. He instructed me that Montaigne stole everything from some indian who couldn’t write and whose people had not invented the wheel or animal husbandry. I’m sure what he said was almost a word-for-word repetition of something that he heard on NPR.

        The second man is the most interesting because he is the most masculine presenting guy in my social circle. Yet he is the biggest social justice champion, like “PC Principal” in “South Park.” His deepest loyalty is to reducing the population for the environment, but it is obvious that he only means whites because non-whites are sacred.

    • Mycale: What particularly irks me is that the insanity is always pushed under the rubric of “compassion.” When someone dies, it is not an earth-shattering tragedy. Especially if it’s someone extremely old and ill, or someone evil, or someone who has inflicted harm on others almost since birth. Death is a natural part of the human condition, and I will save my compassion for those whom I believe warrant it.

    • “For example, cities are in such bad shape because crazy people took them over and implemented lunatic ideas. ”

      That might be the problem in a place like Seattle, but it’s not the case on the East Coast. We have all this diversity in these cities which makes them not function. Bad ideas can be quickly reversed. The feminists decided to implement “feminist snow removal” in some town in Sweden. Hilarity and dysfunction ensued. But the very next time it snowed, the old program was reinstated. Most of the human capital has been removed from our major cities. It’s a miracle they function at all. Reversing a policy is easy if you still have the human capital.

      ” Reagan who shut down the mental hospitals forty years ago”

      How is this not true? This is one of the major drivers of homelessness, crime and other social problems. I live in Philadelphia, the nation’s 5th largest city. You can walk around between 9 and 5 in center city and see numerous crazy people acting in bizarre and even violent ways entirely unmolested. The police will literally walk right by them. Because in the end, what are they going to do with them? The prison system simply is not and cannot be equipped to deal with them. Most commit only petty crime, habitual offender laws are not enforced and so they go to jail, they get medicated, stop showing as many symptoms and leave jail with a prescription they cannot or will not fill and it starts all over again.

      We desperately need state hospitals again. But the simple fact is, we cannot afford them. We waste far too much money on other “solutions” like outpatient “treatment” A lot of criminals take advantage of this. They get a diagnosis and then use that diagnosis as an excuse for their crime and get let out of prison.

      As for all their made up studies, I recommend checking out William Brigg’s website. He’s a statistician who exposes all the BS in our “science industrial complex” and the scourge of “experts” torturing us.

      • Brigg’s was the best read (during Covid) on models and modeling. I believe Z-man first pointed him out years ago. Anyway, his insight on models used during Covid and then before on Climate Change were eye opening to me. Prior, I thought understood such concepts. Afterwards I was very humbled.

      • “[Untreated mental illness] is one of the major drivers of homelessness, crime and other social problems.”

        I don’t buy it. We don’t have anywhere near that level of problem in flyover. Why not look to the commonality of “cities”? The other things you mention, low level crime, crazies in the street, etc., are a function of (primarily) leftists refusing to enforce what used to be common law and social norms.

        Chain gangs for vagrancy may not be nice, but it keeps the streets clear.

        • Well, I did mention that they won’t enforce the habitual offender laws, so you are definitely right that bad policy is also a major driver. Habitual offender laws are similar to the 3 strikes stuff. It is supposed to be used for the problem of habitual low level offenders where each offense is not very serious and doesn’t warrant 20 years. We simply should not ever see a headline like “shoplifter arrested for the 90th time” They would have been sent to prison for a long term (up to life) upon their 5th or 6th offense.

          But actually mentally ill people should be in state hospitals IMHO. Putting these people in prison is like putting a dog in prison for barking. Prison isn’t designed to deal with severely mentally ill people. Yes, there are a ton of criminals with BS diagnosis of very generic disorders like depression or anxiety. But schizophrenics, for example, exist and society has a duty to deal with them. And, schizophrenia is very treatable with medications. But for those schizophrenics who will not take their medicine, a state hospital is a much better solution than the prison system.

          Untreated mental illness does drive a lot of crime and social problems. A very large proportion of drug users and chronic alcoholics have mental illness problems, for example. Though, admittedly, it usually isn’t something so cut and dry like Schizophrenia (though they certainly exist). Chronic drug offenders most certainly belong off the streets, preferably in a long term treatment hospital. Prison rarely helps drug addicts kick the habit.

          My best friend was a junky. His cure was death at like 40. He got sent to jail for almost 2 years. Relapsed within like 3 days of getting released. This is just unbelievably common. They also are much more likely to die after a short prison stay. Their tolerance drops (this happens in like 2-3 days) and they get back out and do the same amount they were doing and OD. We have a massive opiate problem and we’re doing basically nothing to solve it. Addiction is basically a mental problem. Sending these people to state involuntary rehab for a long period of time, say 2 years, could be a solution.

          • I’m not saying prison. We know from history that does not work. Criminals come out worse than they went in, apart from an occasional special case of some of the conversions to christianity. I’m saying chain gangs. Or just “Move on” signs, and the willingness to enforce the desired social order.

            Sorry about your friend, but if we don’t have the balls to say, “Shape up or ship out!”, how the heck could we ever say “No” to those who want to “culturally enrich” society?

            Or is that the point? DR politics is just masturbation?

      • Perhaps you can point me to that part of the Constitution that mandates that the Fed’s not the States are the caretakers of Crazy?

        • It doesn’t have to be the feds. AFAIK, the state hospital systems were run by the states, though they probably got federal funding. I doubt the states will ever do it without federal funding to help pay for it.

          The existing system is loaded to the brim with grifts. God only knows how many graduate level “social workers” there are. I’m not sure it is even viable.

          I just think there are people who deserve compassion. 50k people killed themselves last year. The majority being the dreaded White Male. The opiate crisis is another problem where the largest demographic is White male.

          • “ I just think there are people who deserve compassion. ”

            This is true, and it’s not “compassion” to release the mentally broken to live in filth and feed on garbage and die in an alleyway. That’s turd world crap—but at least they have an excuse in that they can’t afford to take care of these individuals when most of their populace is barely at subsistence level then]mselves.

            We on the other hand prefer to spend $1T on the GAE global defense force. 🙁

      • “Most of the human capital has been removed from our major cities…”

        A fifth-generation Gothamite…I can only speak for my experience…

        (Video meeting with 30+ plus peole today: the guy in upstate NY (me) and my bro in upstate MI…the only two of the bunch wearing tooks (hats) and scarfs!)

  11. “The managerial elite is not wrong to worry about the tsunami of nonsense that has swept society.”

    Why would they? They’re the source of most of it.

  12. You touched on it near the end, but it cannot be overemphasized how much fear the Regime has of the free flow of information. Disinformation, misinformation, malinformation, what have you, are code words for censorship, which is seen as necessary to maintain the Ruling Class’ status quo. That perception likely is correct.

    Americans paradoxically are the most propagandized and information-drenched people on Earth. Our First Amendment indeed is unique but it also has served to entrench the Regime. What you referred to as “historical memory:” by and large was a body of information, quite a bit of it lies, to make people conform to the Regime and whatever its Current Thing happened to be. There is actual panic that this collective propaganda no longer is as effective.

    To stroll down memory lane, what was the first Regime response to the advent of radio and later television? Licensing, of course, which was predicated on the myth the airways belong to the public. The purpose was censorship and control, of course. Even with licensing, narrative was hard to control so the infamous RED LION opinion was handed down, which built on the fiction that the public somehow owned the airways. RED LION held there had to be “balance” in political content. The “balance” meant there could be no threat to the approved narrative. RED LION upheld the Fairness Law, which was enacted to ensure no dissent went unrebutted.

    The Reagan Administration rightfully gets blasted in these circles these days, but it did produce some positive things as well as the bad stuff we all know and loathe. One of those good aspects was the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987. Conservative talk radio immediately came to the fore as a puny counter to the liberal Establishment, which still went insane over its development. As our thing knows, conservative talk radio has been quite destructive in its own way since it lulled people into the false belief they had freedom and redress, but the Regime did not see it that way. Largely due to Rush Limbaugh, a deceptive but effective carny, advertiser and sponsor boycotts came into being–we see quite a bit of that now. There were constant efforts to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, which likely will happen if the United States remains intact for another decade or so.

    Digital information truly terrifies the Regime because it saw how much something as inconsequential and unthreatening as conservative talk radio could do to counter its narrative about the Current Thing. This is a massive problem for a country that thrives on deception and wants to conceal/glamorize its brutality at home and abroad. There is a very real possibility that the ‘Net will lay the groundwork for the dismantling of the United States. While Putin has his critics thrown out the window, he and others like him realize the Empire of Lies is on thin ice now that information is widely available. Putin’s openness to foreign media and transparency, easier due to aforementioned window thing, admittedly, is as much a flex as it is smart politics.

    Right now in Gaza we have the first televised ethnic cleansing. Why? Because Israel, like America, is so accustomed to defining reality that it thinks–wrongly now–that it can still show the violence and deny it at the same time through narrative. I mention this because it illustrates how comfortable the Regime had become due to its ability to control information, and even though now circumstances have changed, which it fully knows, habit is a hard thing to shake.

    • I wish it was true, but the ethnic cleansing of Gaza is NOT televised.
      People can mindfully, intentionally and actively SEARCH for information on any subject, but normal people are lazy and, more importantly, actually have to work for a living.
      The megaphone and the power to ignore are devastating weapons.
      Cannon Hinnant vs. St. George Floyd

      • While it does require a minimal amount of searching, horrible clips of the ethnic cleansing are widely available IRT on Twitter and so forth. There is a great deal of effort expended to censor them.

        • It’s still in the news, but not so directly.

          In the immediate aftermath of October 7th, Tech™ was somehow unprepared so there were a lot of normie complaints about being algorithmically bombarded with Palestinian corpse porn and evilly tone-deaf IDF propaganda (atrocity hoaxes + military-girl equivalents of covid-era dancing nurses). That sudden burst of horror made the West *a little bit* anti-Israel.

          Cue conservative/congressional/etc hysteria at the shocking rise in antisemitism everywhere—that didn’t happen much of anywhere but Twitter, where every *nobody* who joined it (and Fuentes’s no-name account) is now banned. “Both sides” have been shut down—even Shapiro’s not publicly masturbating to goyische skulls anymore—because the sum of them was to make the right- and leftmost fringe of normal dipshits JQ-curious.

          War being seen as death and lies, rather than secret “talks” we never hear and distant “strikes” we barely see, is bad for…death and lies. So we’re back to standard, bloodless, statistical and rhetorical war coverage.

      • Don’t forget about Dustin Wakefield and Justine Diamond. There are countless examples. The true power of the media is to ignore and the retards who follow along perpetuate the lies.

    • “ Disinformation, misinformation, malinformation, what have you, are code words for censorship, …”

      Jack, you might share the current administration’s subtle, but important definitions as to these terms. They’ve signaled their intent to punish all three, but some punishment are far worse that others depending upon how you are pigeonholed.

      • Current Administration’s Definitions

        Disinformation = Telling the truth

        Misinformation = Pointing to those who tell the truth

        Malinformation = It was the jews.

        • Good one. However, malinformation is currently classified, or they wish to legally classify such as “terroristic activity”.

  13. Yes, ‘disinformation’. When I worked at CIA, I had a coworker who used to drink with the Time magazine correspondent who would write the weekly ” dead Viet Cong body count” article during the Vietnam war. They would spend all day Saturday and Sunday drinking in a Saigon bar and the correspondent one week would count the number of toothpicks in the jar or the peanuts in the bowl and then that number would appear in the next “body count” article. My buddy cited numerous examples of completely bogus “news” stories.

    • Fake news always has been a thing. The ability to call it out effectively is relatively new, though, and the cause of quite a bit of discomfort.

  14. “ What is needed is an informed will to power that will replace the ruling class with an informed one.”

    I still maintain we are missing the essence of the problem and concentrating on the symptom. Yes indeed, the (Western) world is filled with misinformed, low intellect, “crazies”, who have digital access into our homes and lives. However, let’s examine the “other side of the great divide”—the side we claim to be on. (I do not intend to imply otherwise.)

    Why are we now on this side? Are we not exposed to the same misinformation? Are we non-digital troglodytes? No. I say we definitely dwell in the same environment and are exposed to the same societal toxins, yet what is it that makes us immune?

    Modesty be damned, I maintain that there is something inherent in our very genome that separates us from those crazies. I won’t again bore folks with elaboration, but flatly state that Darwinian selection has sputtered and failed in the post-Industrial Revolution nation state and we are now surrounded by—as Woodley *first* termed—“Spiteful Mutants”. The gene pool needs cleansing. Until then, to quote from Hillel, ” …the rest is commentary…”

    • I’m willing to bet very few people qualify as dissidents without having turned away from tv news some years prior. And probably tv in general. Likewise, I’ll bet there is virtually no one who watches a lot of tv who is a dissident. That’s the primary transmission medium for the mind virus, and few are those who can resist sustained bombardment. The conditioning doesn’t set in instantly, and it isn’t shaken off instantly. Both processes take time.

      • As noisy and full of BS as the internet is, at least nobody thinks it’s God talking to them.

      • I don’t think avoidance is it, though that certainly helps for some. There is something–and it is not correlated to intelligence, either–that makes some people far more immune to propaganda. I have thought about this a lot but still have no answer as to what causes the immunity. It may be hard-wired genetics or a shared experience, but there is a common denominator there.

        • Exactly. Until we settle upon an agreed cause of our immunity, how to we begin to inoculate others? Perhaps the “disease model” breaks down for a sociological problem, but I still like the analogy.

          • The disease model is an excellent analogy. If susceptibility to propaganda truly is genetic, and, again, I don’t know if it is, there may be no way to inoculate for it. From what we saw with Covid, there is good reason to be hopeless on that point.

          • Also, there was a Brit who once posted here–his nic escapes me but he was highly intelligent and he was obviously quite familiar with evolutionary biology–who suggested that in addition to the spiteful mutant theory, X/”they” had perfected propaganda via the use of “mind worms.” His theory was, best I recall, use of repetition and something akin to Jungian symbols was employed to induce mass delusions.

            I have no opinion as to the guy’s theory, but it certainly seemed plausible since the herd mentality has grown markedly worse.

          • The first step is to diagnose—to *sort*. We can’t clearly read the minds and genes of individuals or masses (though we’re better at the latter), so we have to make something up.

            The truest-looking metaphorical map I’ve seen of the divide between the broadest “us” and the broadest “them” is “autism vs. ‘cluster B.'” The symptoms fit, e.g.: we reject (on a “spectrum” of degrees and types of rejection) contemporary socialization; they abuse it. There’s enough correspondence there to fill a book, and somebody probably has.

            But “autism vs. ‘cluster B'” is a euphemism. It was invented to avoid saying “men vs. women (and men deformed by sexual abuse).” That’s the divide we see if we just look, colorblindly, at who’s doing what. And we all know the graphs of who’s molesting kids (and whose kids are being molested), who’s got AIDS (and who’s giving it), etc. False stereotypes are rare but strong. White men are “underrepresented” in *all* sex crime, real or statutory. Is the true divide in *knowing that*, or *knowing whose lie it is*? Anyway—

            Step two…

          • We probably need to look at it as a cult. What methods are used to deprogram from a cult? The challenge of course being that the vast majority of society are members of this cult, so YOU look like the cult member. Tough nut to crack.

        • I think it mostly having a solid foundation in the real world. There are 2 genders with 70 confused people. A deficit economy has a limited life span. A society based on lies will fail. Human nature doesn’t change. Questioning the quackery of the current era is the only rational response. Everyday just brings more, WTF!

        • In my work as a public accountant, I deal with a lot of people (men mostly) who are mostly immune to regime propaganda. They mostly work in various resource industries such as farming, oil and gas, logging and construction. If they don’t believe in reality it can be disastrous to them and they can be killed or at least go broke. As our society transitioned to “pretend” email jobs, reality is no longer existential to them and they are much more susceptible to the narrative. Only a hard dose of reality will wake them from their slumber.

        • Jack: It’s considered an illness – Oppositional Defiant Disorder. I definitely didn’t always break rules or cause trouble, but I’ve always been ‘defiant’ of self-proclaimed “experts” and “authorities.” Most people are stupid, and I ‘noticed’ at an early age. I’m also far too prone to telling the truth.

        • Genetics is neither sufficient nor necessary. Well, unless you think your mom was sleeping with the mailman when your sister was conceived.

          Propaganda is devastatingly effective against anyone whose mindset doesn’t immediately go to, “Who says?” and “You’re not the boss of me!” Even then it’s not a real immunity — confirmation bias kicks in. It’s just that more of the core beliefs in the DR are at least truth adjacent.

          • “Well, unless you think your mom was sleeping with the mailman when your sister was conceived.”

            In the real world that kind of thing *does* explain a large chunk of the variance. Women are far more sneaky and whoreish in the opportune moment if they think they can get away with it than Joe Q Normie can possibly bear to face.

            For the rest, polygenic mechanisms are inscrutable and the randomness of the humungous shuffling and deck cutting that takes place at every egg fertilisation event means that two true siblings can be surprisingly different in IQ, personality, etc.

          • @Zaphod, “In the real world that kind of thing *does* explain a large chunk of the variance…

            For the rest, polygenic mechanisms…”

            But why would this happen in pretty much every family? When it appears to be some novel development? Men putting on dresses and diddling kids used to be vanishingly rare.

            And if we are going with the idea that social media and other environmental factors are sufficient to explain the transgender explosion, why not grab Ockham’s Razor?

        • Could it be related to RH negative blood? Both myself and a child are RH negative and watch a lot of tv and YT but regularly snort in derision when seeing through the guff and drivel. I think it has to do with a contrarian mindset, one of my favorite things to do is watch stupid commercials and then point out the obvious fakery and propaganda, it’s fun and entertaining. Or s it just that we have higher IQ’s?

    • This is a great point. I have no desire to convince these spiteful mutants any more of the truth. If they could be convinced, they wouldn’t have been duped in the first place.

  15. ‘Of course, that would require a ruling class that is not chock full of misinformed and deranged people, which is obviously not the case. In fact, they may be the most deranged of all. Their efforts to combat “misinformation and disinformation” are only lowering trust in all information.’

    I just read this, directly applicable —

    ‘Ursula did offer us children-of-the-world one wee note of caution, though, as every good “grammy” might give to the global kindergarten: watch out for misinformation and disinformation on the internet!’

    Where in this world is the enemy of Ursula and her New World/Woman Order, that happy Gaian Village? Mostly on the internet, as they well know. Especially in atomized America, where word-of-mouth is inferior.

    You’ll recall 2022 when the Regime trotted out Gretch ‘the Wretch’ Whitmer clone, one Nina Jankowitz, to honcho the Disinformation Governance Board? (Jankie last was seen playing Daisy Domergue in ‘Hateful Eight’.)

    Been obvious for decades, they’re using women (and ever-present female fear and envy) to enslave, well, purty much everybody. Why, it’s just Grandma!? You ain’t afraid of Grandma, are you? Looka there, she’s smiling!

    • to paraphrase john derbyshire: Before voting for a female politician, scrutinize his/her character much more carefully than you would a man

          • Get her over the line with your vote and she’d have the town dog catcher impound you and worse for ignoring her implied warning.

            Kinder, Küche, Kirche. And even then…

          • Tired Citizen: “If nominated I will not run; If elected I will not serve.”

            But I appreciate the thought.

        • i have to admit i’m kind of a squish on that issue. I feel that in the old days the women and minorities who ran for office were talented because there were fewer of them:

          The fact that Dalip Saund (a sikh) managed to win election to a district that was probably xenophobic by today’s standards (it included Imperial and Riverside counties) back in 1956 is impressive. Because sikhs were probably one percent of one percent of the population then – you had to appeal to people unlike yourself. He served three terms and might have continued to be in congress had he not suffered a stroke that ended his career.

          Likewise, the few women who were elected to office back in the 50s or 60s were probably way more talented because there were fewer of them.

  16. General, sincere question – I am genuinely seeking a response that will probably be employed. I pride myself in on having, at minimum, glib responses, but I cannot find a good angle here, and I am genuinely soliciting responses.
    I am in my 30s. I have a coworker, semi-retired, in 70s but quite fit for his age, whom I like a lot. Guy is personable, cultured, highly intelligent, and humorous. I truly like him, and we have many nice chats. Yet, he is a lib puke. For example, yesterday, we were chatting, and he mentioned, relevant to the general topic but suddenly veering to political, about all the white racists around the world that have not learned from history. I deflected by reciting, noncommittally, the famous quote from Pushkin (“the thing we have failed to learn from history…”)- both as an appeasement and, from my view, a jab at his myopia. I could have easily said, “Show me where they lurk?” but I, again, don’t want to alienate.
    1) I don’t want to alienate. I like him.
    2) I want to gently hint that I don’t share his views, but that I am not offended.
    3) I want to point out that he is looking for Hitler under his bed.

    I realize these goals are nearly mutually exclusive, and I was wondering, akin to the Z question of “Who Says?” a similar proposition when he does something like this. I like the “Who Says?” because it takes the deflection from me while still being, at least superficially, engaging.
    Any thoughts?
    And before anyone tries to ridicule me for conversing with him, the guy is a decent man: all said and done, he is a man of some note in the community, and his impact on people is quite positive.

        • I like yours a great deal. Perhaps I was not with my phrasing. I just wanted some subtle pushback that would not be perceived as such. I like talking with him, and I think your response is excellent. I am not trying to shut down the conversation, just prod a bit back. This is a fantastic angle that doesn’t veer from the subject but pulls the topic into a realm that naturally relates and is consistent with his line of discussion while not alienating.

    • To be fair, Eloi, there are many avenues you could take with this. Of course, you know the gentleman better than any here; but: is this really worth your time? Do you think you’ll even get him to remotely change his views?

      You question “Show me where they lurk?” could be rephrased in a slightly less patronising way to “Where are these people?”; followed up with “Why do you think they are like this?”. Generally, I find questioning someone repeatedly to be a good way to get them to think about something. It is not too hard to ask a series of questions that get them into a logical confusion; you can then point this out and see how they handle it.

      Unfortunately, if he’s a Leftist, he’ll likely double down. And you may find you’ve wasted your time. Fair enough if you want to try.

      I’ve had, as have we all, personal experience of this. My success rate? I doubt if I changed one mind. This was even more evident when I began to confess Christ – people didn’t want to know.

      May as well face it – in every way that matters, this guy is probably your enemy.

      • No, not seeking to change his views at all. I do not believe people will ever change his/her mind. That’s why the essence of the issue is seeking a quiet, subtle pushback that isn’t alienating. Again, not seeking to convert at all.

      • I like the angle, Why do you think they feel this way?
        Points out the need to empathize while furthering the conversation without the need to antagonize; after all, he broached that issue. Very nice.

      • “Unfortunately, if he’s a Leftist, he’ll likely double down. And you may find you’ve wasted your time. Fair enough if you want to try.”

        Boy, if that isn’t the truth. My left-wing kook of a brother interrupted the minister at dad’s funeral by challenging the minister’s anecdote of a conversation he had with dad.

        @Eloi, good luck on pushing back. You will likely have to go with an emotional appeal. Work on the morality angle. Facts are useless against beliefs held despite the facts.

    • The very definition of “crazy” is that the individual does not see/believe in observable reality, so why do you insist upon “curing” him of his affliction? As I stated above, I believe he may indeed be one of those not subject to cure based upon inherent factors you have not control over.

        • Then why bother him with contrary viewpoints? Their effect can only be negative upon him or your relationship? If you are just wishing you could say these things for your own sake, then leave the relationship. Otherwise, as already commented, avoid these thoughts. This is my advice wrt family relationships which are much more important than mere friendships with non-relatives.

    • Why do you like him? You agree on pop culture things? Pop culture is the pink slime they discovered fast food places were putting in their burgers years ago. I used to like lots of people that shared a shallow pop culture influence with myself. Then those people wanted to put people who didn’t want the jab in camps, and thought they shouldn’t be allowed to shop for groceries.

      “One of my favorite philosophical tenets is that people will agree with you only if they already agree with you. You do not change people’s minds.” ~ Frank Zappa

      • I am not naïve, and people can discuss more than pop culture. In fact, we both take a rather dire view of it. For example, yesterday we were talking about how odd tonally A Winter’s Tale is, and how it related to Shakespeare’s other works. That led to a discussion King Wenceslaus and the troubles in Bohemia preceding the Hussite Wars. This segued to the aforementioned topics.
        I’m not some starry eyed idealist; I do believe the camps are coming. I don’t doubt his alignment. I just don’t live my life with such monomania. The future will be miserable. I cannot change it, only prepare. I will enjoy my life in the meantime.

        • I am an intellectual, but I do not parlay with (most) other intellectuals.
          Get that though your head.

      • Re Zappa: That is true for most. But the rare few who sincerely seek truth can be changed. I know, because I was one of them and used to believe the whole WWII/KnotSea bad Allies/heroes thing until I dug into it.

        But the trick is they have to be genuinely open to the truth.


        • Regarding Zappa’s statement, while it is true in the short term, it is less so in the long term. In other words, nobody will change his mind on an issue important to him based upon a single debate, but he may well change his mind based upon a steady drip of contrary information doled out protractedly. I know this because this very phenomenon changed my views on Jews from Judeophilia to deep ambivalence.

        • “I know, because I was one of them and used to believe the whole WWII/KnotSea bad Allies/heroes thing until I dug into it.”

          The first spark of doubt i had in that narrative was in college, bought a biography on Josef Stalin. The man accused the west at the time at being in league with the Nazis. The more i think about it and how we react in current times, i think he was right. They would have made a peace with Hitler if he’d defeated the soviet union. I’m almost certain of it. Only when it became obvious that the Soviet Union was going to win, did we invade. Never understood why he turned east after the Battle of Britain or why he declared war on us when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. But if he was a lapdog for the West, my it makes much more sense. And the UK and US had minimal casualties, along with France, compared to the Soviet Union and Germany.

          Then we are fellow travelers, so strange that we’d gravitate to the same places 😉

    • Eloi —

      You may ‘like him’ but he will cheer and applaud when you end up in the camps. He might not send you there personally, but he will fund and enable those who will, and he will approve of their Lists. Because you’re on the List — a Racist and a Sexist etc. that refuses to learn from history.

      Progs always work into conversations their woke trigger-phrases. It’s a way of seeing if you belong to The True Faith.

      I had a dear friend from the Eighties, a generous dood, good to critturs etc. But rabidly leftie and v politically active. Hadda cut him loose from my life a couple decades ago, because he did not have what it takes inside to admit when he was wrong, and to grow towards the truth, as God expects us all to do. Can’t trust a man like that.

      Instead, as with most of them, he retrenched and retrenched. So it was adios amigo. You want to live in 1967 forever and I don’t.

      • “Can’t trust a man like that.”

        This is the key. If shit hits the fan, will the person be an asset or a liability?

        • Again, I note the hyperbolic language. Where did I say I vest trust in him? I trust four people in this world (and one is my dog). Too much angst being projected, just as when saying I am trying to convert him. Actually, Z’s podcast recently about the political brain would be a good thing to reflect on for some… Simply, he is a coworker that I enjoy talking to 90 percent of the time. I was simply looking for a line of questioning that would slightly put him on a back footing while not appearing an attack. That was it. I am not naïve; actually, I would say I probably have a darker view of the future than most here, and I know where some of the blame lies.
          I can listen to Joni Mitchell’s Blue and love every second of it. I can also accept that she is a liberal puke. I don’t trust Mitchell as a result of enjoying her best work, and liking her work does not alter my views nor subject me to more risks than the world already offers.
          To quote Van the Man, a person I agree with politically but view as a horrible human (a partial inversion), “Take it where you find it.”

          • Eloi — No, the ‘trust’ part was something I wrote. Not intended as a paraphrase of your wording or directed at your opinion. Just my own code.

          • Not sure what you mean by “back footing” – if you are not trying to convince/change him, why not just redirect the conversation to the 90% of topics you do like? Kind of have a similar problem with a coworker – really sweet, fun and quite easy on the eyes. But woke as hell. So I just move on to something else when politics happen and now it seems to have become an unwritten rule that we just don’t discuss those things.

      • Covid caused me to sever a similar friendship. For all the tragedy and oppression Covid caused, it was a blessing in a way because it forced a lot of honesty about the people in our lives.

        Along those lines, Eloi, look at the fallout from Covid. Has there been a reckoning? Have those who bought the bullshit hook, line and sinker engaged in introspection? No, most have not looked backwards and have memoryholed their gullibility. There likely is no hope for your friend, and given how close we are to full -bore totalitarianism, what Ray wrote is spot on: trusting these people even in the sense of trying to reach them or rebut them is potentially dangerous.

      • With rare exception, anyone who can quote John Dunne is to be held at (a very long…!) arm’s length.

    • Tell him you’re young and naive, and you’d like to learn from him the lesson of history, then question him as a student would. If/when he balks, shrug it off as generational differences.

      • Imagine that Cun…, er, “that Pudendum,” “in the stocks,” with mean-spiritied youngststers pelting him with water balloons full of urine.

    • Use how questions: “How do you know?”

      Avoid why questions. Why causes a person to search for reasons to justify their opinion, and that causes the belief to be reinforced.

      How do you know?
      How did you come to have thought that?

      Place the the reason that they may have though a way to be outside of them. You’ve gone meta: you are not talking about the ideas, rather about the source of the ideas.

      Use past tense on ideas to be changed.

      Feel felt found

      I know how you feel, other have felt that way too, and then they found….

    • While you may like him, and I can relate as I have similar situations, I can assure you of one thing. He is not AT ALL concerned about how you may feel when he spews his drivel on you. Keep that in mind. He is not even remotely thinking about the things that you are thinking about as far as your relationship goes…

      The only way to maintain the friendship is to avoid any political talk whatsoever. Otherwise, you will never be able to maintain that relationship.

  17. Hi Mr Z Man… I listen to your show every Friday and have done so for a while now. I have even commented on your blog here a few times in the past using different user names and email addresses. A propos your mentioning of becoming a subscriber/follower on Rumble…
    I listen to your show on Rumble lately just to support that platform and give you viewers there. But generally speaking I avoid “subscribing” to anything the Dissident Right puts online including you mainly because I feel pretty certain that doing so gets us put “on a government list” that the FBI probably maintains. I don’t commit any crimes and discourage anyone from ever doing anything criminal, so I don’t feel like I am going to be thrown in a gulag for listening to this kind of content… yet. But I also think it’s really just a matter of time until the hammer drops. The globalist/left overlords who control practically every aspect of society have made their agenda abundantly clear and we are all plainly in the crosshairs just for interacting with this kind of content online.
    So, I don’t subscribe or follow. I know that the leftists whole goal is to stifle the growth of content like yours online. It’s working. Sorry about that good Sir. Just thought I would let you know from a real listener why I don’t subscribe. I think a lot of other people are probably like me.
    PS. I also would never order anything you promote mainly because doing so would require a kind of self doxxing just to get a package delivered. Seems like a bad idea to me even though sure I do need and regularly purchase soap otherwise.

    • Are you writing this as part of some court-ordered program? Because if you want to avoid being “put on a list” because you listen to this show, I’d advise *not* posing a comment on the show’s website talking about how you enjoy listening to it.

      • I’d agree. Note that if subscription, or really posting, is considered “evidence” of wrongdoing, you can be sure that they will/need only produce a single instance of such interaction—and it will be the worse one they can dig up for your show trial. 😉

        Weighing the good of “community” vs the bad of authoritarian repression, I continue to post in this forum.

      • In this case I figured that since I have already posted before I am already on “a list” but I don’t think anything I have ever done puts me on “the list” so to speak. Kind of like at what point do you go from being a person of interest to being on the no-fly list. I don’t think I am on the no-fly list. I am sure all of us are on the “person of interest” list though. The government is looking for levels of engagement. I am very low level.

        • Your “level of interest” is not under your control. For example, the Jan 6 insurrection folks. One was an 80 yo grandma waved in by the door guards. She took a stroll and went home with a good story, but that did not save her from persecution when the incident was considered a political weapon to be wielded by the Left.

          Your mild postings will *not* be judged as compared to mine. You’re one of us now. 🙁

          • My rule since my personal internet “canary” died (more than fifteen years ago now) has been: Don’t get yourself put on a dumber list than you deserve.

            There are men in prison for owning the libs on Twitter. Interfering with antifa can get you a life (or death) sentence. The cops will beat and kill you for being “MAGA” in public.

            Avoid *encouraged* things.

    • While I completely agree with your sentiment (I believe I will be in the second wave of camp roundups, for I am guilty of badthink), why are you posting if this is your fear? I don’t speak blithely when I say I agree with you, but just say nothing instead of this. When the roundups come, I don’t think the failure to subscribe to a podcast will be your saving grace.
      Cambodia. Speaking to Khmer Rouge interrogator in S-21.
      “Tell us your crimes.”
      “Well, I regularly read and listen to dissident podcasts.”
      [Interrogator begins to pull out fingernail]
      [Screaming]: “BUT I DIDN’T SUBSCRIBE!”
      [Interrogator, abashed, immediately ceasing torture]. “OH! Terribly sorry, sir! Right this way.” [Opens door, leads OP to room full of cotton candy and puppies.] “Our mistake, many apologies!”

      Sorry. Slow day at work for me.

      • Oh god wait until they check my browsing history and see that not only do I watch the Millenniyule shows on Odysee every year lately but I also sometimes click on videos posted by some of the guests.

        Welp, I guess I can kiss my fingernails goodbye.

        Luckily I am not doing any superchats so I think they will give me a nice job in the gulag doing yard work or something easy.

        • And who do you think will be in charge of the torture, not white men, but shawanda and karen, who couldn’t find their azz with both hands and a flashlight. Idiocracy–no I really belong in that line over there–

      • Kafka covered this a long, long time ago.

        Or as Monty Python had it in one of their movies through the words of a copper, “You’re fuckin’ nicked, me beauty”.

        We are all preterite here. Get reconciled to it.

    • I have news for you… If you are a White man, straight and pay taxes, you are already on all of the lists…

  18. Got an unexpected glimpse of the official information tube. It is an all out blitz of war crisis reporting. Looked like shades of Desert Storm. Except this time a girl boss is in the bowels of a Navy vessel with a film crew showing us the US Navy’s capabilities. Every commercial is a girl boss feature. Seems like they are being more inclusive of Asian and mixed Asian females. Is that called belonging. The studio desk is womanned by some ghoul named Martha Rabbatz.

    Got it on mute and saw something that looked like an upcoming feature on inflation. Dumstruck people looking at the prices on items in the grocery were the visuals. My guess is that they are going to hype inflation that is very very real now and it is all Iran and the Houthi’s fault. I guess we will go to war to pretend that it will rid us of those evil outsiders, well the outsiders you are supposed to not love more their your own but the ones you must hate today. You know, the evil ones who are causing all of the inflation.

    Thank our Gods, I got my display in sync. Couldn’t take any more of it.

    Here comes Nimrata the girl boss to save the day.
    She’ll command the crews
    And drop those bombs
    With her army of girls and zirls so gay!

    Here comes Nimrata the girl boss to save the day
    She’ll level the strip
    Bombs on Persia let rip
    Next your town will be Gazan make way!

    Here comes Nimrata … …

    Come on boys. Give me a verse or two

    Here comes Nimrata …

    • Here comes Nimrata the Girl Boss to save the day!
      With Ronnie in heels
      And Abbot on wheels,
      The Curry can really hold sway!

      Here comes Nimrata the Girl Boss to save the day!
      Subcontinent niggers
      Just like Hidden Figures
      Will wash all our troubles away!

      Here comes Nimrata the Girl Boss to save the day!
      Don’t give me no Trump!
      Hit the streets for a dump!
      Won’t be long til DC is Bombay!

      Here comes Nimrata the Girl Boss to save the day!
      She’s the one to adore,
      Knows just what war’s for,
      Next Diwali we’ll all be in Taipei!

  19. “The managerial elite is not wrong to worry about the tsunami of nonsense that has swept society.”

    No, the managerial elite is worried that they can no longer manufacture bullshit and have the organs of propaganda spoon-feed it to the people with no counter-argument.

    You know… things like “German soldiers bayonetting babies in Belgium,” the fake “attack” on the USS Turner Joy in the Gulf of Tonkin, Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction,” “COVID will kill us all unless we stand six feet apart and wear a mask and take the fake ‘vaccine'”, etc. etc.

    I’m not worried about the wingnuts spreading false information in the Internet, I’m worried about the government running Operation Mockingbird and Operation Northwoods…

  20. The elites intentionally spread the misinformation – which should rightly be called propaganda and more accurately brazen lies.

    Fink, Soros and the finance oligarchs willfully perpetuate these lies along with the immigration treason and treachery. If you can drive down the price of real things and make them evil and unownable, then you can be the true owner and tax like hell their usage.

    They know what they are doing. It spinning out of control doesn’t matter to them. They made this mess and they plan to profit from it one way or another. They have their plan to navigate the ruins.

    • RR, thank you for saving me all the time that would have been wasted if I had typed up essentially the very same poast as what you just poasted.

      They know precisely what they’re doing with their Lies.

    • Order outta chaos is the motto of the sorcerer elite, degree three three three. First the manufactured chaos, then their new order.

      They’d like you to believe they are a Conspiracy Theory.

    • Their roots are showing. As Milton taught us, people such as these would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

  21. Actually the problem is the shit people have been lied to so much, they KNOW that if the officials and organs of the imperial state tell you something, you know they are lying. Period.

    We’re going to have to live with this avalanche of lies and crackpotness until the very end, that is, until the collapse and dissolution of the United States. We all have pretty much accepted the fact that the Cloud People will fight us until death, which is fine with me. Oh sure, they will kill the people (US!) they hate, but if they go down that rat hole they will end up like that Romanian dictator who with his wife, were lined up against a wall and shot on Christmas day.

    I just hope that the quality of the death videos are better. The video of them nailing the lids on their coffins, and scraping away several inches of snow to bury their worthless and very dead asses, is somehow very satisfying.

    • CC: “Actually the problem is the shit people have been lied to so much, they KNOW that if the officials and organs of the imperial state tell you something, you know they are lying. Period.”

      CC, I gotta disagree moast vociferiously.

      There is something about this emerging meta-personality type, of the herd-creature/hive-mind, which propels this meta-personality type into something of a cathartic/charismatic bliss when submitting itself to the comfort & succor of the collective Hive Mind.

      Conversely, it’s why the V@xxies so hate us; because we refuse to experience the infinite bliss of joining with them in the Hive Mind.

      So long as there remain Pμrebl00ded unbelievers on this Earth, the Hive Mind remains foiled in its bid to achieve and obtain absolute perfection of this particular timeline.

      It’s precisely the same personality which compelled the Righteous to swallow the Kool-Aid at Jonestown.

      This is an extremely perilous moment in the annals of human history.

      PRO-TIP: Keep your mouth shut & stay in the shadows, beneath the radar. If you’re foolish enough to reveal your own identity, then the (((Billionaires))) will soon be coming for your Pμrebl00d & your organs [and especially the Pμrebl00d & organs of your children; the (((Billionaires))) relish the Young Bl00d].

      • I love sour mash, BTW.
        I agree that half of the country is hopeless, and fortunately most of them live in the Democrat shithole states. They can eat shit and die, as far as I’m concerned.

        But the other half know what’s going on, and they do things every day to draw the ire of the Magat Haters, for lack of a better word. The fact that these people still support Trump is prime evidence that they don’t care what the overlords have to say. We have more than the 10% of the population required to have a successful revolution. If it’s over 25% then it’s a good bet that the country will dissolve soon. Either way they’re not going back to the plantation. All that is needed is for the Cloud People do something very stupid, and no doubt they will do several idiotic, tyrannical acts. There is hope, and I doubt this country will still exist in the .next 10 years.

        • CC, be careful, muh Bro.

          Don’t get arrogant.

          If you can believe the following numbers [the numbers themselves might be nothing but a Psy-Op], but if you can believe the following numbers, then

          77% of all XY males in the USA were v@xxinated.
          82% of all XX females in the USA were v@xxinated.


          We pμrebl00ds are a tiny little minorititty here in the USA.

          The V@xxinated constitute the d@mned near omnipotent Hive Mind of our suhciety.

          If and/or when the V@xxinated decide to obliterate us, they will be wielding the omnipotent power of Demokratia [the rule of the mob].

          We, on the other hand, are just sitting ducks, waiting to be sh0t & cleaned & cooked for dinner.

          Keep your mouth shut.

          Stay in the shadows.

          Fly under the radar.

          They’re coming for your pμrebl00d.

          Especially your children’s pμrebl00d.

          The Hive Mind seeks to obliterate you.

  22. I’m glad I’m not the only person who has noticed that younger people treat information online as though it is part of their mental database.

    I have had that argument with more than one younger(post 1990’s bday) coworker, that being able to look something up on Google is not the same as having access to that information from within your own skull. They actually believe that those things are the same.

    It truly is a bizarre worldview to most older people I would imagine, and I’m not even that old. I recently listened to a lecture about some modern philosopher arguing the thought experiment that an Alzheimers patient who keeps track of things in a notebook was actually using the notebook as an extension of their mind. I didn’t find it convincing, but apparently many people do.

    • I know very young people going to reputable colleges who engage in conversations on serious topics that have their phone out and are, “fact checking”, you while the conversation is going. Now these people, are in college because they did well on an SAT. However, they are ignoramuses. These are youngsters who went to elite public schools that I refer to – not “schools” in Lagos.

      Even the valedictorians are ridiculous. Graduation speeches that sound like Hallmark cards. Valedictorians who won’t throw their cap because it has precious Yale painted on top as a status marker that absolutely cannot be parted with – their precious personal brand; who pull up their gown to show their porno pumps and legs and preen and strut about the graduation stage when the closing music starts; some twerk; who have won’t hug their classmates as it will mess up their hair, makeup and eyelashes that are straight out of a porno set; whose speeches are empty inclusion bromides garnishing another infantile Hallmark topic devoid of real accomplishment, insight and gravitas.

      You should be frightened for what is coming next. At the same time you should take heart as they can shake their degrees and preen, but an organized group with true intelligence, cunning, intense loyalty and the will to power can and will take them out. What damage they will do along with their grandparents and parents who led us all to this dismal point is anyone’s guess.

      They think that the world consist only of facts and that facts are certified by someone. To them knowing is looking up the official facts. That also constitutes thinking. That is knowing facts is thinking and vice versa. It is frightening to witness first hand. It is all because they don’t know what thinking is, and it is better to outsource it so time can be spent being morally self righteous and goofing off on TikTok, sportsball, video games and power networking. If they even know who Aristotle is, they surely have never done even a cursory exploration of metaphysics and epistemology.

      The anecdote to this severe weakness is severe strength – mental and physical and above all mental. The time is coming to cast weak people who wield fearsome power aside.

      • “very young people going to reputable colleges who engage in conversations on serious topics that have their phone out and are, “fact checking” “…….

        A Hallmark of a Democrat. I love harassing and haranguing those people. Just start making fun of masks and vaccines and watch them go nuts. Then tell them they can’t have the guns, and that we will need them someday to shoot them. They’ll start moaning and whining about “our democracy” bullshit, then call you a traitor. There is something so satisfying about then telling them “Go f@ck yourself!”

      • “ l know very young people going to reputable colleges who engage in conversations on serious topics that have their phone out and are, “fact checking”, you while the conversation is going.”

        Could not help harking back to a concept of intelligence. We can divide intelligence into two broad aspects: concrete and fluid. Concrete increases throughout life, declining in your 60’s. One can roughly consider it to be “facts and data” we learn throughout life.

        Fluid intelligence is how we put these “facts and data” together to develop new insights, discoveries, and knowledge. Fluid intelligence begins peak to decline in our 20’s. Note how many Nobel Prize winners were awarded for early in life accomplishments.

        Now back to these young people who know few facts, but upon being “clued in”, begin to discover these facts previously unknown to them. How do they, in their daily lives, ever produce new insights and discoveries, or for that matter even prosper in comparison to one who has these facts floating around in their head subject to immediate recall and use?

        Seems to me that is what separates the great mind from the mediocre mind. SAT most likely does not adequately measure fluid intelligence. Oh well, there’s always AI…. 😉

    • “… that being able to look something up on Google is not the same as having access to that information from within your own skull.”

      I think that mostly, you’re correct. Knowledge that is already “within your own skull” is presumably well understood knowledge. So, when you refer to it, you know what your dealing with. I’ll provide a couple of examples:

      Example 1.

      You’re a structural engineer, and you’re interested in how a beam in your frame design will bend according to the load put onto it. The likelihood is that, this being a common formula, not only is the formula itself already in your head, but the underlying assumptions that govern it’s correct use are well know to you. On the other hand, suppose you require a different formula, that you hardly recall – in this case, just “googling and applying” it may lead to error – not ideal.

      Example 2.

      You’re a computer programmer, solely responsible for maintaining a ‘legacy’ backend written in C++. You can’t be bothered to implement an algorithm for a certain task – so you “google and apply” it: the result? Disaster. You need to know what the code does, so you must read it; you must have some underlying knowledge.

      In both cases, the issue isn’t so much the “googling”; it is the thoughtless “google then apply” tactic. I speak from experience as a programmer, and this technique is now ubiquitous in the field; and I believe it is getting worse and is evangelised by younger workers.

      So: Googling is bad if you just ‘copy-and-paste’; and, as a general rule, knowledge that is solidly baked into your head comes with it’s own set of supporting background knowledge, which you cannot just get from Google.

      Quick further example of programming pillockry: one colleague had decided he needed to implement some SQL to query a database; well, he thought, let ChatGPT write it! Much quicker. To be fair, the result was actually pretty good, but he still had to go through it, understand it and tweak it. Time saved? Not alot.

      • The surest route to a high paying job (wage slave, but still) is hyper specialization.

        Not many are cut out for it though. Access to the interwebs allows the [temporary] illusion of competence, however. Many, if not most, fall victim to this when they read the cliff notes on the internet.

        Not to mention entire new fields of unprovable nonsense (DEI, ESG, Girlz Science, counseling, etc.) that have the patenia of competence.

        I pity the young. The generation that bridged the gap between real knowledge and pseudo-knowledge is 20 years away from being completely irrelevant.

        • Speaking of hyper specialization, that was always the true meaning behind the myth of the Tower of Babylon.

          Each specialization has its own jargon, in other words its own language. A tower built by people who all speak different languages is a metaphor for a society of hyper specialists.

          Such a tower always collapses because people can’t see the whole anymore. You end up with an extremely fragile society (see wrong response to Covid-19 by public health experts).

          Hyper specialization is fantastic for making money, but a terrible path long-term.

          We’ll see the Tower of Babylon collapse once again.

          • Intrigued. So was it just an anachronistic morality tale, or are you suggesting a Mesopotamia had a level of specialization that there’s no apparent record of? That I know of, anyway.

    • What y’all are describing – a factotumly enforced facade of factualism – what y’all are describing bears an eerie resemblance to the idea that sh!tlibs lack an Inner Monologue [meaning that a sh!tlib does not hear a voice inside its head].

      I suppose SSRIs might be playing a prominent role here.

      G0d knows the sh!tlibs can’t swallow enough SSRIs.

  23. > “conspiracy theories” … “misinformation”…

    Is it good to use the language of the enemy?

    In the mainstream, “conspiracy theory” is one of two things: 1) Truth that is uncomfortable to people with power (Epstein related stuff, White replacement, Lucky Larry, etc.), 2) Nutty stuff used to muddy the waters (UFOs, Flat-earth, etc.)

    “Misinformation” is any true information that endangers the agenda of these same powerful people: v*xx deaths, failure of AGW predictions, etc.

    These terms are weapons used against dissidents and are in the same category as “racist” and “anti-semite”.

    • Gave you an upvote. However, I think misinformation is deliberate falsehood used to muddy the waters while disinformation is more of a broadbased campaign to counter prevailing beliefs. The former is a tool exclusively of the Power Structure, while the latter can emanate from either the Power Structure or its competitors in a society.

      • Sure, but I am talking how the word is being used in the mainstream. For example any information evoking skepticism about the mRNA jabs is being called “misinformation”. Saying that the average age of the alleged covid victims was the same or higher than the normal life expectancy (a fact!) is also “misinformation”. Pointing out that there were predictions claiming that the Arctic will be ice-free by 2020 is also “misinformation”. Even saying that a mattress has been pulled from a certain tunnel is suddenly “misinformation”.
        And so forth and so on.

      • “I think misinformation is deliberate falsehood used to muddy the waters…”

        I’m pretty sure the term they use for that is “malinformation”.

  24. The problem is that we ‘conspiracy theorists’ who said that they were lying about things like the Kennedy assassination and the Gulf of Tonkin were right all along, and the Cabal had suppressed much of the evidence, though not enough…..The Regime’s statements about just about anything important are always prevarications….

  25. The Big changes I have seen in my 70 years started with the supposed epidemic of missing kids. Besides it being largely a hoax, it unleashed the lunatic women and opened the door to their control of daily life for everyone.

    There was always one mother who went to extreme lengths to protect her kids. With the missing kids that woman got to set the standard for all parents. Goodbye to playing outside and walking to and from school.

    The media found that hysteria sold and soon we had the McMartin preschool scandal. Two hits in a row! The AIDS misinformation and psyop proved to be a hit pushing the way eventually for Covid tyranny.

    Things were moving forward slowly from an occasional hysteria to occasional hysteria (such as Rodney King or Matthew Shepherd) then came social media and off to the races we went.

    Spreading the approved misinformation is now seen as righteous because it can help defeat evil. Spreading facts (like FBI crime statistics) is evil because they help evil people. For liberal women, all that matters is whether information feels right not whether it is true. The only misinformation that is vanquished is (whether true or not) what makes women feel sad or frightened and conflicts with their masters’ agendas.

    • PS. There was always misinformation used for political purposes. The big change was with the missing kids misinformation started being used to start the process of controlling all aspects of people’s lives

      • For example, the attack on Pearl Harbor, which the US knew about days in advance, and allowed to happen….

        • FDR, Marshall, MacArthur in the Philippines, the Brits in Singapore, yeah, they all knew the fleet was on the way. Kimmel and Short in Pearl? Not so much. In late November, 1941, Kimmel sent the fleet out to more or less the same spot where the Japanese attacked from, but was ordered to return to harbor. Short had moved many of the planes from overcrowded Pearl to K-Bay, and was ordered to return them to Pearl and put them in neat lines on the runways. Of course, Kimmel and Short, the guys who were denied the code-breaking equipment, were blamed for failing to defend Pearl.

          • John Smyth,

            A good point. The usual course of deployment of vessels would have had most of the Navy at US bases, not at Pearl Harbor ripe for the slaughter.

        • I remember when I stirred up one of my students, “the Valedictorian” about that. He said I was a conspiracy fanatic. I asked him then why is ANY AND ALL of the information leading up to Pearl Harbor, that about what we knew about the Japanese codes, still classified. He whined on and on about how conspiracy people all stupid and hateful. I laughed and said, ” I have no doubt that many will die before I do.”

        • That they “knew” isn’t the conspiracy. That they failed (or neglected) to act on credible intelligence is the crime. People get too hung up smoking gun nonsense.

          • Not a conspiracy . . . but who order the fleet to Pearl . . . over the objection of the Navy?

      • The missing children “scare” was (I read) a basic misunderstanding misinterpretation of the statistics in that overwhelmingly such children were not kidnapped for nefarious purposes by strangers, but rather pawns in custody battles, runaways, and such. The children were most often *never* in danger and returned to the rightful custodians within a day or so.

    • That’s a great point about the milk carton kids. In an odd way, the hysteria associated with the lost kids and the closely related Satanic Panic laid the even more disturbed groundwork for an atmosphere that ironically permits child genital mutilation and Drag Queen Story Hour. Just as any dude might be a devil-worshipping pedophile trafficking children in the Middle East and thus suspect, he now might be a closeted hater and transphobe and thus suspect.

      The digital age did make all this worse since it really facilitates feminine hysteria and emotional incontinence.

      • Yes on all your points. A good example is the group of UK women hired to police the internet in search of hateful things including people who think it is wrong to mutilate children’s sexual organs so that kids can pretend their souls were born in the wrong bodies.

        The missing kids also proved that facts don’t matter. A reporter at the Rocky Mountain Gazette won a Pulitzer bebunking it. Had no impact on the societal changes. Now no newspaper would debunk it (just like they didn’t debunk Covid or any other hoax) because doing so would mean that they were evil people who wanted KIDS TO DIE!

      • Men are supposed to protect. The perception that they aren’t makes women go berserk, and children suffer. I think I’ve heard something like this in Roman accounts.

        Being Clown World, it’s fake and gay. To take it way out, idealism run amok. What’s in your mind is real and divorced from physical reality.

        Weak men, lacking will. Children’s bodies mutilated. Crazy women running off with the thing. Vengeful nerds with their Matrix. Lucifer’s Enlightenment. Idk, it’s Friday.

    • Exploiting the congenital fears of women is probably the primary manipulation tactic of the ruling class. Once their fear response is triggered, women will quickly coalesce into a single herd that can be moved en masse in a desired direction. Men, on the other hand, will usually scatter when they are afraid, each looking to his own safety. Fearful men are difficult to control, but also difficult to organize, which ultimately works to the benefit of the rulers.

      As a side note, it may be observed than women seem to be almost addicted to fear. Fear often triggers an arousal response in women, whereas with men, fear is the ultimate dick-shriveler.

      • The greatest dick-shriveler is, of course, the words, “Honey, is it in yet?”

        Not that I’ve actually ever heard those words. Dear, oh dear, oh dear…

      • “As a side note, it may be observed than women seem to be almost addicted to fear. Fear often triggers an arousal response in women, whereas with men, fear is the ultimate dick-shriveler.”

        Any bushy-tailed, wet-behind-the-ears youngsters please take note: The Fear Bone is connected to the Pussy Bone.

        This is incontrovertibly true. Catnip ain’t in it. Do with it what you will.

        Of course, having outlawed all male aggression and mandated compulsory Feelz, women are now terminally sexually frustrated and out of their collective minds and that has put us all into a vicious cycle of civilisational collapse.

        • Addendum:

          So is the Aggravation Bone. Get ’em worked up a bit about any old thing should do the trick.

          Just don’t be Nice.

          Perversity, thy name is Girlboss!

          (Frederick the Great asked by his Straight Man for a proof of the existence of God answered jokingly: ‘The Jews’. Cue much applause from assembled courtiers. I refrain from drawing analogies involving the female of our species and existence of Old Scratch.)

    • > For liberal women, all that matters is whether information feels right not whether it is true.

      No, that’s *all* women. Our enemies realize this, which is why they cater to it.

    • I suppose I’m a bit young to remember the “epidemic of missing kids,” but I do recall as a child back in the 70s, if I came home late from playing somewhere in the neighborhood, my parents were in an utter panic and I got what-for.

      “We were worried SICK about you!”

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