Another Shoe Drops

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The weekend brought news that the employment level in the imperial capital took a hit when Ron DeSantis ended his campaign for the Republican nomination. The army of Washington insiders DeSantis hired to run his campaign will now have to get working on the next bit of shenanigans to thwart Donald Trump. Similarly, his online surrogates will have to find a new way to pretend they are important influencers, but without the large financial cushion of the Republican donor class.

DeSantis suffered the same problem as Scott Walker in 2016 in that he is a competent administrator with a solid record as a governor, who could be relied upon as president to not go into the street and scare the horses. By objective measures, he ticks all the boxes you want for the job, regardless of his party. Like Walker, he is a man perfectly suited for the Cold War consensus. The trouble is the Cold War consensus is long gone, so men like this are an anachronism.

DeSantis also suffered from the fact that we live in a whirlwind of media bombardment with an increasingly stupid voting base. Part of the latter problem is demographics, but a big part is the internet. People lack the ability to pay attention for more than a few minutes so they make judgements on memes and hot takes. A boring guy who looks like he is passing a stone when tries to tell a joke is never going to go over well with a voting base that thinks Sean Hannity is brilliant.

There is an interesting contrast here between DeSantis and Ramaswamy, who also dropped out of the race. The former tried hard to be a pebble in Trump’s shoe, while the latter carefully avoided upsetting the guy who he clearly admired. Given his resources and experience, one has to wonder if DeSantis would not have been wise to follow the Ramaswamy plan, instead of the Bill Kristol plan. It suggests something about DeSantis that this was not obvious to him.

Putting that aside, the important bit in all this is that DeSantis immediately endorsed Trump, which is a bit of surprise. He also bashed Haley a bit, which is probably a bigger surprise, given their backers. If you listen to his speech, it is clear he is more cross with her than with Trump, who spent the last year mocking him. The reason is that Haley hoovered up his donors in the last few months of 2023, which meant she got the media attention and that sucked all the air out of his campaign.

That brings us to his endorsement of Trump. Clearly DeSantis knows the regime hates Trump and will not stop until he is dead or in prison. After all, the reason DeSantis decided to run was that he was told by regime members that Trump would be forced out of the race, so the field was open. Several of the other candidates blurted this out at various times and DeSantis people hinted at it as well. It seems odd that DeSantis would then endorse Trump on the way out of the race.

One way to read this is that the plan to remove Trump is still active, but that DeSantis will not be the guy they pick as a replacement. Like a ball coach who removes his name from consideration, when it becomes clear he is not going to get the job, DeSantis is salvaging what he can from the situation by endorsing Trump. In a few years maybe he can use this to tap into an even angrier voting bloc. If by some miracle Trump wins, then he can get a job in the administration.

Another way of reading this is that this is just one more bit of evidence that behind the scenes the regime is about to abandon their plan to remove Trump. The narrative said that by now a viable alternative would have risen up in the primary as Trump’s support fell after all of the indictments. Jack Smith planned to be preparing for a March trial at this point, so that would be the news. Instead, Trump is rolling through the early primaries and the only opponent is Haley.

There are other signs that the regime is losing faith in their narrative, so on the surface the DeSantis endorsement fits in here. The trouble is the court cases are still active and there is no clear way to pull the plug on them. The thing about this regime is they never give up on their narratives once they adopt them. Bill Kristol thinks we should still be occupying Iraq preparing for an invasion of Iran. It is unlikely that the regime will reverse course on the lawfare against Trump.

All of this seems to be pointing to a clash of visions in the summer. On the one hand Trump is rolling through the primaries on the assumption he will be the nominee, while on the other hand the narrative still says he will be removed. Imagine a scenario in which Trump is convicted in the summer, after he locked up the nomination, but before the convention makes it official. Imagine if it happens after the convention. Will the party be forced to remove him at that late date?

Back when Trump came down the escalator, brilliant observers noted that he was like the Mule from the Asimov novels. The logic of managerialism says that political forces like that which Trump represents are impossible. The days of the populist hero are gone, replaced with the expertise of the managerial class. Trump’s existence causes chaos because it contradicts the fundamental logic of the system. It is not what Trump says but that he exists is the issue for the regime.

This conflict ends one or both sides are destroyed in the conflict. The regime can never accommodate itself to Trump and what he represents. What he represents is the result of a system that is at war with the people over whom it rules. It is an irreconcilable difference in design and purpose. It is why old fashion politicians like DeSantis have no place in this age. In a time when compromise is impossible, there can be no room for those who seek compromise. This is the age of conflict.

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227 thoughts on “Another Shoe Drops

  1. I’ve been calling DeSantis Bush 2.0 since Spring and that his arc would be the same: a $100M candidate out after Iowa, maybe even before. His competent administrator schtick was a bunch of anti-woke agenda crap designed to make the base thing he’s MAGA. Props to him on his hurricane relief efforts. He’s not a terrible governor. But he shoulda sat this one out. When his handlers told him to hide in the bunker for a week after the smash and grab robbery at MAL, and then release a tepid statement on his person Twitter account, he was TOAST.

    That FBI raid on Trump was the single most totalitarian dystopian police state bullshit in over half a century. As were the indictments that followed. DeSantis isn’t just boring. He’s inauthentic. Even listening to his drop-out speech, it’s like a robot reading a script to you. Just tinny and passionless. He could have been reading a brochure for Preparation H.

    Haley was the Hail Mary. DeSantis has been toast since Sept/Oct. Longer really. The billionaires got fleeced by her grifters. Shell lost by 20pts tomorrow, isn’t even on the ballot in NV, and then will get spanked in SC…assuming she doesn’t drop out beforehand. She may put her future political viability first by avoiding total humiliation in her “home” state.

    Poor Jack Smith got shoved into indictments that are so stupid they’re really only worth talking about in the context of the Ruling Class’ descent into madness and violence. Trump has been indicted for refusing to turn over documents that were a) HIS and b) delivered to his house by the Government. The other DC case involves a POTUS who offered extra security to Pelosi, which she declined, before he gave statements telling people to protest peacefully and go home peacefully. The pipe bomb? We now know the bomber may have been chatting with DC Metro Police and Secret Servive agents right before planting the “bomb” 20 feet away under a bench. And they were so worried they hung out taking pictures of it. The pipe bomb was a plant.

    Judge Aileen Cannon smells a rat in the documents case. The J6 case might collapse due to Fani Willis paying her boyfriend to indict Trump, and he appears to have coordinated this with Mary McCord the Russia hoax and Ukraine hoax Lawfare traitor. And the White House. Which of course shows that the Regime is orchestrating the indictments. We all know that, but stupid people don’t.

    But that’s not true either. Each indictment delivered what I predicted: higher polling for Trump. He’s at just under 70% for the primaries that are basically over. And he’s approaching double digits in the election fraud states. For them to win they’ll have to print more ballots than voters and that’s gonna get noticed.

    Which is why Alex Soros, son of George, posted a Tweet last night calling for Trump to be killed, and offering cash to do it.

    It’s going to be a hell of a year.

      • I didn’t say that. I said he was Bush 2.0. The juggernaut, heavily funded, candidate who would win the nomination.

        I can’t tell you how many beers I won in 2015 and early 16 when I said Bush would be out early. (I thought Thanksgiving, but everyone I knew said he would win by Super Tuesday.

        CTH did a pretty good summation on DeSantis last night. Including something I’ve pointed out for years. There was no “blue wave” in 2018. The house was thrown to Pelosi to impeach Trump.

        Who was one of those House members that resigned?

        Ron DeSantis.

        • The Bushes were much worse than DeSantes on immigration, the culture wars, and the economy. DeSantes is a veteran, smarter and talks in complete sentences. Bush would never have sent illegals to Martha’s Vineyard. DeSantes is the best of 50 governors.

          • DeSantis is an empty suit. His entire campaign was carefully constructed to get you to think that. They hid EVERYTHING from you that would have tipped you off.

            I fell for it, too. But the MAL raid was when his bribe payment got called in. He hid in his bunker because he knew the raid was coming, and he had been promised that Trump would be taken out.

            It was all for show. All the Disney stuff? For show. Notice how everything was tailored for Rube consumption. Ukraine? Israel? Even COVID? He avoided this stuff because it was off limits to him.

            All of it was fake.

            We just see it clearer with Haley because she’s an even more horrible person than DeSantus.

  2. I see SCROTUS (traitorous bastards/bastardettes) just decided to allow the feds to cut down the razor/barbed wire barrier put up by Texas and defended by the national guard in a portion of the invaded border. The usual suspects including Roberts approved. What should happen is for the guard to face them down and dare them to try it. Of course it won’t happen in this pathetic cuck country, but a shoot out at Eagle Pass might have gone down in the future history books as the 21st century Fort Sumter…

  3. I think, US Swamp and Global Elite suffer same problem what we had in the Soviet Union back in the end of 1980thies. Widespread dissatisfaction inside the system.
    Soviet hardliners faced the problem that a lot of insiders also thought that system needs serious reforms and going back to the comfortable stagnated Brezhnev era is not a solution whatsoever.
    Well, they remove Trump and then what ? Like bidenocracy, everything goes downhill with no end in sight. Nobody never explained when they remove Trump, what will gonna happen ? Just sit and watch how everything around is collapsing ?
    Now, similar to Soviet Union , Swamp Younger quietly wanting out from madness and this tied the hands of hardliners.

    • In the Soviet Union when the geriatrics with a lock on power died off, there was nobody left but younger “reformers” like Gorbachev.

      That is not the situation we are in…when Biden dies off, the younger Democrats like Newsom, Harris, Whitmer and Hochul are more fanatical than the Biden-era grifters, who are mere bullshitters and, as we have seen, can actually be bought.

      • We had also young fanatics. They formed even thousands strong street fighting commandos something what may called Super Antifa. But that was not enough.
        Of course you have also bunch of similar people. But are they strong enough and wise enough to save the system ? Million freaks can not do anything when 300 million people say no.
        Our tens of thousands fanatics failed just like this. Fanatism is worthless when you have no brain. Ok, Kamala comes to power, laughs and then what ? Economy will fix itself, Putin gives Ukraine back, inflation vanishes, Trump supporters fly to space, all 100 million…and old good Obama era is back by itself ?

  4. I’d just like to see the regime or GOPe try and deep six Trump after he’s run the primary table – I don’t think the bogus “legal” approach is going to fly. Unless they actually try or succeed in bumping him off, the Trump wrecking ball 2.0 has begun its return swing. It’ll likely be an entertaining 10 months.

  5. Anyone following the developments at revolver? They seem to be getting close to the truth about what happened at j6.

    What is your theory of the case? Mine is that they planted a pipe bomb so that the capitol police could be diverted away and that the entrapment could sort of happen.

    But the real question though is who was behind this? Are there any big names who were involved in this?

    • It might have been the largest legitimate, self-orchestrating, actual “people’s” protest in world history…and it happened at the intersection of so many fed ops* that it’ll never make sense to anybody. Half the people who did it don’t know what they did. The timer bombs, specifically, seem like a hoax hoax, placed as a contingency for something that didn’t happen.

      If I were writing the novel: Some faction of the feds/etc.—most visibly the cops grenading and beating the crowd without/as provocation—were tasked with goading the “riot” into a *violent* occupation of the Capitol, as a similarly goaded antifa/BLM crowd would have obliged. Of course Republicans don’t violently occupy anything—hence so much *pretending they did* (and sentencing them accordingly). The bombs outside both DNC and RNC were placed to be found—and to be found fake, planted by a righty/patsy who’d confess a plan to falsely paint “both sides” as equally violent. Actual events made that op make no sense, so they abandoned it. They had no *second* explanation for the bombs because they’re stupid and it’s unnecessary. “Conspiracy theory.” End.

      *and international ops. Live stream watchers claimed to have recognized some UK and Ukraine spooks from previous (and later, later) “world events,” and their pictures did match. The empire isn’t American, exactly.

  6. Is it just me or is there anyone else who realizes that “voting” is simply ones and zeros in some sort of Excel database? You know … computers. Anyone? … Beuller?

    • Lineman: It really is as simple as that. Zman has correctly noted for years now that we are in the demographic age, no longer an ideological one. Yet still people endlessly debate electoral politics and the pros and cons of this or that candidate. Joe Normal is still wearing his favorite sportsball player’s jersey and remains convinced that Trump 2024 will set everything right. And that Vivek guy – why he’s pro-White! Immigrants are naturally more patriotic! Trump/ramaswamy 2024 – make AINO great again.

      • If we don’t change our ideology of isolation we will go the way of the dodo bird… Sad that our side has been brainwashed into atomization and will actively fight against anything that would bring about Community IRL…

        • Yep, agree with you. tribe requires a lot of work takes time.seperating wheat from chaff not so easy
          dot mil has defined structure,
          dotciv not so much. Hearding cats,

  7. As I understand the theory of managerialism Z-man is laying out the power centers went from

    1) landed aristocracy and kings – 1700s
    2) capitalists and merchants – 1800s
    3) the managerial class – 1900s

    If this is true then how to describe the power in america between 1776 and 1865? There were no kings or aristocrats, but the theory would say that George Washington and Jefferson were a kind of crypto-monarchy/aristocracy.

    • In the South, there was a large scale agricultural class who chafed at the clear desire by the Yankees to make them captive to the capitalist/industrialist plans. The Southern agriculturists wanted to be able to sell to the European textile manufacturers as a hedge once cotton cultivation hit its stride. It particularly chapped the asses of these Southern agriculturalists that they were underwriting the growth of the very same federal would-be leviathan which was aiming toward taking them captive. So, when they wanted to leave the Union, they had to be brought to heel, slavery or not, and Dishonest Abe was Their man.

    • Apologies if this double posts, but my comment did not appear after I tried to post it, with no notification that it was being moderated. So here we go again…

      In the South, there was a large scale agricultural class who chafed at the clear desire by the Yankees to make them captive to the capitalist/industrialist plans. The Southern agriculturists wanted to be able to sell to the European textile manufacturers as a hedge once cotton cultivation hit its stride. It particularly chapped the asses of these Southern agriculturalists that they were underwriting the growth of the very same federal would-be leviathan which was aiming toward taking them captive. So, when they wanted to leave the Union, they had to be brought to heel, slavery or not, and Dishonest Abe was Their man.

    • The American Revolution occurred because the people who colonized the New World were far enough away from the monarchy that the New England merchants and Southern plantation owners built themselves up into a counter elite. 1776 was where the power center shifted and all the Enlightenment justification was simply their version of “Our Democracy TM”.

    • Unique circumstances, unlikely to ever be repeated.

      Unless Musk manages to mass transport to Mars with ambitious, smart men who aren’t afraid to pillage the natives.

      In a nod to Zman’s “The Mule” reference (obvious immediately to anyone who read The Foundation series):

      We’re Moties (The Mote in God’s Eye).

      Plato had this figured out thousands of years ago. Only the myths change.

  8. There are always other plans. The Soros spawn tweeted out a photo of a bullet hole and a handful of money totaling $47. Expect one or more of their street creatures to follow through.

  9. “Will the party be forced to remove him at that late date?”

    This would be a huge win for the GOP. They like being the opposition far more than governing. They can pretend they care about the voters. They can pretend they care about the border. They can pretend they care about the budget being “balanced.” They can even pretend they don’t hate their own constituents. Being in the minority means they can vote against bills unpopular with their constituents knowing the ruling party has enough votes to pass the bill. Fundraising is best when you are out of power too. They can whine that the Democrats are in power and that if they don’t get enough money to win next time, the country will be lost.

    For the GOP, losing makes for the best of times.

  10. Please note the following. Z is now leaving Lagos and moving to a mountain retreat deep in the West Virginia woods. What does that tell you? It’s not too late to do likewise. Get out of the city if you can. This is the only tangible thing that anyone can do in the present in order to become part of the eventual solution. Your mission is to survive the interregnum and be available when duty calls. And no matter what your current physical condition is, you can always improve it. Begin today.

    Ideally, you want to become the nobody that nobody notices. Benign, ignored, and socially invisible. Learn to move about in a similar fashion while cultivating situational awareness of the things that are endlessly spying on you, e.g. smart phones, ring doorbell cameras, SIRI/Alexa, etc. You should own at least one old automobile that predates modern electronic spying technology. Or a motorcycle, bike, or horse.

    Its going to get real soon. Do not be distracted by politics. Get serious or get dead.

    • Older automobiles are of limited benefit. License plate reading cameras everywhere, and more all the time. But I figure I should buy a new car before the govt mandated kill switch goes in.

      • A lot of cars already have them, not to mention real time GPS available remotely.

        While it is a good point about the license plate readers, really nothing compares to the black box (not to mention they phone home) of a car these days. These things even record what time it was and where the car was when the trunk opens.

        For more insanity, check out this video:

        You should definitely buy small appliances at the thrift store. Almost all new appliances have the ability to build ad-hoc networks and then use an internet router or internet enabled appliance to get on the internet. They can do this even if you don’t have internet in your house. Appliance A in your house can connect to appliance B in your next door neighbor’s house which can connect to Appliance C in his neighbor’s house and hop a ride to the internet. Most also have speakers for some “odd reason.” Luckily for them, speakers work fine as a microphone.

        • There is a way around, buy the cheapest one possible. I got a coffeemaker for $15 and there’s simply nothing on it that could work as a spy device because it doesn’t have anything other than a clock and a heating element.

          • Indeed. And who needs all that extraneous shit, anyway? Get a coffee maker that does nothing but make coffee. What a friggin’ concept!

          • Yeah, I bought my coffee maker at Fambly Dolla for like 15 Dollars. IIRC, it’s a Black and Decker.

            Coffee makers are one thing I wouldn’t buy in a thrift store because nobody ever donates one that works well. Plus, the bubble pumps get full of crap. But I have a 40 year can opener. My toaster is from the 90s, but I’ve been on the lookout for a 1950s chrome model. Been on the lookout for a Kitchenaid. You can get parts for every model ever made. I bake bread and it would be a lot less work with the Kitchenaid.

            I do flea marketing and thrift stores for the fun of it. Plus I collect some old stuff that can often be found in them. Great way to spend a Sunday morning.

        • Frustrating the appliances I intentionally want to connect to the net, don’t; and the ones I don’t even know about can.

      • License plate readers?
        Plates? What plates we ain’t got no plates!
        We don’t have to show you no stinking plates!
        Use your imagination

      • Speaking of government mandated “kill switches” how about the “drunk test” sensor? If these possess the same reliability of our current Check Engine and low tire warning lights, we’re in deep doo-doo! Can you imagine a big game hunter, deep in the Rocky Mountain wilderness, out of cellphone range, having just killed the trophy bull elk of a lifetime, and having finally packed the meat in his truck, only to have his shiny new truck accuse him of being drunk and refusing to start?

    • Going gray-man may be a solution. But what do you lose in that time? My guess is that there will be no cooperative enterprise amongst dissidents, and it will amount to what you see now where time and events whittle down the few stragglers. Its frightfully difficult to educate children in the gray and to keep the state out of their minds.

      My primary complaint with Z man is that despite accurately cataloguing and comprehending the decline, no solution is elaborated.

      • southpoll: So Zman is supposed to tell you what to do, lay out a step-by-step plan? He knows the secret to righting the ship but refuses to share it out of spite?

        There is NO solution. The decay has spread throughout every institution and the foundations are rotten. The people have largely been replaced and the parasites and grifters are busily stripping the place down, removing even the bedcurtains to hawk on the marketplace.

        You want to somehow retain the trappings of middle-class success – send your kids to college and continue to indulge your wife’s latte habit, because being a genuine dissident and choosing to disengage from the system means your kids won’t be up on the latest memes and your kick-azz princess might not get into med school.

        Gee, going gray and actually changing your life proactively in anticipation of dramatically-changing circumstances might mean a bit of personal discomfort. So why won’t anyone here reveal the magic plan to put murika back together again, dominating the world economy and promising endlessly increasing prosperity for all its magic melting pot citizens?

        • “There is NO solution.”

          Preach it, sister. You beat me to the punch. It is liberating to realize this, too.

        • southpoll doesn’t mention murika once. When he asked for a solution, I took it he meant a long-term solution for dissidents, not a plan to MAGA. And that question is fully justified. But it’s not one Z shows much interest in answering.

        • Now the guy’s got Paulie as a partner. Any problems, he goes to Paulie. Trouble with the bill?! He can go to Paulie. Trouble with the cops, deliveries, Tommy, he can call Paulie. But now the guy’s gotta come up with Paulie’s money every week, no matter what. Business bad?! “F*ck you, pay me.” Oh, you had a fire?! “F*ck you, pay me.” Place got hit by lightning, huh?! “F*ck you, pay me.” Also, Paulie could do anything. Especially run up bills on the joint’s credit. And why not?! Nobody’s gonna pay for it anyway. And as soon as the deliveries are made in the front door, you move the stuff out the back and sell it at a discount. You take a two hundred dollar case of booze and you sell it for a hundred. It doesn’t matter. It’s all profit. And then finally, when there’s nothing left, when you can’t borrow another buck from the bank or buy another case of booze, you bust the joint out. You light a match.

          America is well into the looting phase of an empire in decline. Soon it will be time for the owners to light a match and bust the whole place out.

        • Accept that you are already dead
          Fusa, stick a fork in it.
          Do what you can to get your young as secure as you can they might see a new dawn.
          Nobody here will.

        • You might not want to make assumptions or cast stones. In fact I do walk the walk. I made massive changes in life when my children were but babies, after the Great Recession I got out of Lagos went into Appalachia. Looking back I had much less clarity on hopelessness of the American decline, but I at least saw that there was no future. Sure I might earn a great salary but I would have the cultural and spiritual heritage ripped out from me and certainly my children. So I now live in an old farm house, well below my means, homeschool children, try to build community. There are no video games, no soccer princesses, no to keeping up with jones.

          I am in fact gray in Appalachia, less gray that in Lagos but gray nonetheless. Most traditional folks are still caught up in the MAGA or at least recovering some piece of America. The churches have uptaken all of the leftie values and practices. At some point teenagers want to find friends and fall in love but there is no one.

          I find it disappointing when I reach out, share my own experiences and have someone write paragraphs filled with assumptions and regurgitated thoughts from the z man himself.

      • “Its frightfully difficult to educate children in the gray and to keep the state out of their minds.”

        It’s not really that hard. People have been doing it for ages. But it is a level of commitment most are not ready to make. If keeping up with the Joneses is more important than raising your own kids…

        • Again what makes you think that I don’t have that level of commitment? Have you done that? Successfully?

          My guess is no, because the families I know that are attempting to do so (and may share some to most of dissident right philosophies) are ALL struggling. Some have had their adult children outright abandon their parents (and no that wasn’t in college, in case you are wondering).

          I do note that the Amish and old order Mennonites are able to see their genetics and culture survive generations. The answer seems to lie in their community, where children grow up with homogenous peer groups that self-replicate their parents ideals.

    • My money is on “Gain of Function” research.

      Every Tom, Dick, and very Harry in a lab does this when they can; add it to their resumes like a philatelist does stamps.

      Because they can, and there’s a promotion and an extra $20/hr in it for him.

      Want to know why billionaires are building bunkers?

      This is it. No one can stop this. No one.

  11. Lost in the DeSantis circus were the comments from Regime financiers at Davos: Steve Schwarzman (Blackstone founder/Chairman) and Jamie Dimon (JPMorganChase CEO). They both basically said Dems are on the wrong track, Trump was right about most things even though he is obnoxious/abrasive and that his policies were correct.

    The money men are starting to turn on Biden. DeSantis is a side show in comparison. The Elites are starting to turn on each other because Biden and his handlers are simply bad for business.

    I follow the money and I’m starting to think that Trump could actually “win” now. The stock market at all-time highs suggests people are starting to sniff this out.

    • A lot of that is pillars of old Jewish power and influence feeling their grip weaken to a degree, and thinking a Great White Savior could restore what little they have so far lost. A lot of bad past behavior is coming back to bite them on the ass.

    • Same here. I also feel that they recognize he’s angry now as it’s become personal. We’ll see if he continues down that track or if Kushner & Co. get him to change his mind.

      • Kushner and his treasonous shiksa, conveniently her daddy’s little girl. The reason to have no faith that Trump will get wise to Their insidious influence should he actually be elected…

        Somebody should make a meme of the two of them boiling out of a sewer grate in Crown Heights.

        • JerseyJeffersonian: Ivanka is busy dancing with bestie Kim Kardashian at a Bat Mitzvah. Make Murka Great Again!

        • Ivanka took Donnie down in round one, no question. She rapidly appropriated the WH and it was adios! Steve Bannon.

          I noticed a couple times during his presidency that Melania had to show Donald appropriate decorum in front of foreign heads-of-state. Donald isn’t hip enough to know that one approaches such men alone, not holding hands with the Missus like a schoolboyi.

          Melania even had to push his hand away once. As with Ivanka, this shows that Donald is not alpha in front of his female family members. Quite common in America for all but the lower class. Wealth is no shield from it.

    • Dimon basically gave the green light to Trump’s reinstallation. Huge, huge seachange. JPM is primary dealer bank for the Fed and Dimon is handpuppet of the Owners.

      Market rallied to ATH the next day.

    • It’s not about the financiers, but a few local election officials in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Phoenix creating a few hundred thousand fake mail-in ballots. Jamie Dimon doesn’t impact that one way or the other.

      • They created an election fortification monster that they can’t completely control. They can assist it or not assist it, pay it or not pay it, but to some degree it has a mind of its own. It could come under new management from a different regime faction.

    • I find it surprising that the ruling class continues to fight Trump when it’s fairly obvious that he was good for their bottom line and did not actually try to send in the riot squad to stop their debauchery. He *did* oppose letting them indoctrinate Normie’s kids into some of the hard-core perversions. I guess even that was too much moral rectitude for the lower levels of the ruling class. There definitely is a highly sex-driven and very feminized outer circle of the ruling elite that uses their overt perversion as a kind of inverted virtue signal. These people think that the ticket to getting into the inner circle is being as much of a freak as possible. I’d say half the White population of Portland is this type.

      The thing is that these people actually don’t have much money and aren’t really that smart. Their antics also draw the ire of pretty much anyone who retains a bit of basic decency. They also support a lot of stuff like DIE, open borders, provoking Russia, and eco-fascism that is actually quite bad for business. The inner core of money people might be starting to understand that Trump is actually the medicine they need to cut out the Portlandos and rainbow freaks and get back to making money.

  12. Ann Coulter in shambles right now.

    I wonder when she will hop back on the Trump bandwagon. Last time, it was “Biden was so bad it drove me back to him”.

    • Z had mentioned this but I didn’t catch on completely until he dropped out that the Desantis people bought up “influencers” because they’re so out of touch that they got the horse and cart completely backwards in thinking that the “influencers” had brought people over to Trump.

    • Maybe she can find another subcontinental boyfriend to console her, or cry on Willard Romney’s shoulder. Xhe was his sycophant once.

    • Knew a guy who (briefly) dated AC.

      Chain smoker. Bit of a flake.

      I don’t expect either attribute has improved with time.

  13. The most fascinating thing about Trump is that his populism is fake. It’s part of an act. Trump is a circa 1990 Democrat. Yet the powers that be have spent an unlimited amount of resources to bury him as they go hysterical over “the new Hitler.” These same people should have been jumping up and down that they had a fake populist in their pockets, las he was selling out his base left and right, while the dying middle class was striving for populism.

    What this shows is the amount of psychological imbalance of those at the levers of the system. This has very little to do with policy decisions. It has everything to do with third grade behavior from the so called “elite” in “not liking” Trump. They have a thousand reasons to “not like” Trump. One of those reasons is NOT that he attacked their own power and money.

    How many talented people before the French Revolution, the most talented in France at the time, walked through the halls of Versailles, and were ejected from important positions because the layers of insular, powdered wig people shuffling from event to event just “didn’t like the man.” As D.C. has had generations of nepotism now, the next threat to them, whomever it is, will go straight after their power and money.

    • “What this shows is the amount of psychological imbalance of those at the levers of the system.”

      This. It is their Achilles Heel, the impulsivity and mental unbalance. One faction could swoop in and exploit it, but that would assume there is a sane component and the evidence indicates otherwise.

    • In the 90s I worked in Westchester county just north of NYC. I knew a lot of guys with Trump’s personality type – loud, bombastic, abrasive but they were generally good and I figured out how to work with them and I got along with them fine even though I am from the South. It makes the over the top Trump Derangement Syndrome hard for me to understand. It guess it is the constituency that he represents that drives them crazy.

    • Old guys remember that for Trump’s whole public life, “old money” and Jews have always hated him. He was loved by blacks and other Scarface-poster chumps who think that money and power come from “hustle,” chutzpah, hard work, etc., and natural spectators who think that others’ wealth is evidence of American God’s approval.

      Until Trump ran for president, the regime understood how to make money/propaganda with his image. Conservatives who think our elite is legitimate because it’s elite (compared to you)—that, e.g., Matt Yglesias is your rightful ruler—still think that’s what’s happening. It isn’t, because it can’t.

      Trump was allowed to be a clown on TV because that was the regime telling you he’s a clown. It never has told you and it never will tell you that he’s the rightful political leader of the United States, representative of its people and their will. They will kill *literally everybody* first.

  14. I like your first scenario except, “The regime can never accommodate itself to Trump and what he represents.”

    I disagree. The regime can easily manage Trump but it won’t have to as the regime has no intention of permitting Trump to be President.

    There are two political parties, the Uniparty and the MAGA party. The regime is going to bust the MAGA party and may run two candidates in the “election” or run a single candidate with Nikki replacing Joe. Even better, Nikki as Joe’s V.P. which solves the Kamala problem. Then Joe steps down and Nikki runs the string for twelve years.

    The Pubs have gone the way of the Whigs. Regardless of these so-called “primaries,” Trump ain’t about to recycle Grover Cleveland.

    • The irony is that the establishment could have weathered a term or two of Trump with ease. All they had to do was stroke his ego and offer to “make deals”. Easy as that they get what they want. They’re visceral reaction to him because he’s an outsider showed how nuts they’ve become.

      • This. It would have been child’s play to get Trump to do what they wanted. Tell him what a great guy he is and you have a deal. If that somehow failed you just get Ivanka to cry.

        • And the sad thing about Trump is that they could still co-opt him at any time. I don’t get the impression that he’s learned a thing. They’re not going to let him be President, but if they were willing to make that sacrifice they’d get everything they wanted in exchange for letting him go on TV and brag about these wonderful deals he was making.

      • Trump insulted the regime’s dignity and made them look ridiculous, I guess. He would’ve been easy as hell to co-opt.

        • Trump exposed Hillary as an incompetent fraud grifting off her husband’s political acumen. This was a huge threat to The Regime, because feminism is such a core belief of The System. In point of fact everything in this country was created by white men. Women are objectively not equal to white men, yet they demand an equal (or greater) share of the money and power.

          There was no possibility they were ever going to try to appease Trump after he called Hillary “crooked” to her face and totally exposed her as a bitchy shrew in the debates.

          • Yeah and then ‘lock her up’ became ‘hey they’re good people’ after the inauguration.

      • It is a great mystery why they did not flatter and co-opt Trump and use their propaganda organs to tame the Left. I consider Trump a watershed precisely because of the Regime’s unhinged reaction to him, regardless of the reason for it.

        • One hallmark of this current crop of elites is the near total conformity of thought amongst it. In DC and the other imperial capitals, everyone basically believes the same things. In Davos, made of global elites, they’re all on the same page and basically spend a few days nodding in agreement to each other. They sum up their set of beliefs with the phrase “our democracy”, or “liberal democracy”, or what have you. Since Trump came on the scene, they started talking about “our institutions”, because those institutions are used to promulgate “liberal democracy.”

          While this conformity of thought and unanimity of belief is often talked about as a strength of this current regime, and in many ways it is, we see a weakness in the unhinged, ludicrous response to Trump and Brexit. It’s not just that they all think and believe the same things, they can’t abide by anything else. It’s not that they don’t need to deal with conflicting/warring elites, as regimes thoughout history did, they can’t handle it. The way they have continued to double down over the past 8-9 years in response to every fad and bit of nonsense that came down the pike just proves that over and over.

          • Much of it is insanity–thank God. These are unstable people. The immediate problem is they control nuclear weapons.

          • The more immediate problem for us is that they control the military, alphabet agencies, government services, most local governments, etc. It is a very thorough infestation.

        • Some specific things, in particular wars, they still can’t do without presidential approval. Moreover, they know full well what a determined and capable president can accomplish. Even though Trump isn’t that guy. They were more afraid of what he could do than what he would do. It betrays that they are people with a lot to fear and a lot to hide. Guilty consciences.

      • Trump was the first private sector billionaire to become President. Think about that. No Vanderbilts, Morgans, Hearsts, Carnegies, Gettys or Fords (Gerald was unrelated). Best the Rockefellers could manage was horndog Nelson as (appointed) VP. Both Roosevelts were relatively impoverished aristocrats.

        Aside from their visceral disdain, the managerial class does not want Trump to set a precedent, and give other oligarchs ideas, even friendly ones like Bezos and Zuckerberg. Such men cannot be financially controlled, and thus may have ideas of their own.

        No risk of that with the likes of Joe Biden.

        • Tarl Cabot: “Best the Rockefellers could manage was horndog Nelson as (appointed) VP.”

          If Nelson had simply dropped a thermobaric fuel-air-bomb on Stonewall, and simply vaporized it, then he coulda been the Emperor of the Universe.

          Audentis fortuna iuvat.

          So many missed opportunities.

          So little time remaining…

      • Wrong. They would have had to give Trump “something” of what he wanted. Which would amount to giving something that his MAGA base wanted. And that is a total no go to the regime.

        Trump is an avatar of middle class, and blue collar white men. The regime wants this demographic crushed politically and economically at minimum and preferably dead!

        • This is the simplest and best explanation for why the powers that be did not, could not and cannot adapt themselves to a Trump presidency. Hillary Clinton said it herself: We – middle America – are a ‘basket of deplorables’.* Trump is ‘our guy’. We cannot be allowed a victory anywhere, ever. Ergo: Trump is the Worst Person Ever.

          *I don’t recall another presidential candidate deliberately alienating half the country in a quest to be elected.

          At least in the Good Old Days, our rulers – say, FDR – merely looked down on us as plebs; nowadays, our rulers actively loathe us as subhumans. Trump appeals to AINO’s subhuman constituency, and has thus become our Emmanuel Goldstein, an ex-Cloud Person, an Enemy of the People.

          As for the Donald himself? Only God knows what happens in his head. At root he seems to me to be just a crazy-ass motherfucker who has the balls, the energy and the cash to do things (like run for president, ask Katerina Witt out on a date*, etc.) that ordinary people can’t do.

          *As I remember, she blew him off, which made me happy at the time.

    • Nikki, can’t run anything for *12* years. The 23rd Amendment says 10 max. In any event the scenarios proposed are preposterous.

  15. What if, ok? Hear me out, I know this is nuts. But What. If.

    What if Trump learned from the last experience and hires all the bad people he excluded from his first administration. And these people start ripping up the floor boards and burning them?

    Stupid fantasy. There is no voting our way out of all this.

    • It is not stupid fantasy. At some point, given our trajectory… this is exactly what has to happen.

      Trump has been given a wake up call. The regime is offering jail time and making muted assassination threats on their back channels. If Trump wants to rule and live…he’s going to have to start breaking the regime’s toys and probably a few heads as well. If he doesn’t do it… the bad guys are currently ginning themselves up to do it to us.

      • Trump needs people (fanatics) who will jump with him into the volcano—yes. However, he needs to understand what changes need to be worked upon to drain the swamp. Number one priority: break the civil service regulations keeping the managerial ruling class in power. He has made gestures to this understanding.

        • Compsci: “He has made gestures to this understanding.”

          St Joseph Djugashvili [PBUH] didn’t make gestures.

          St Joseph Djugashvili made widows.


          To defeat the House on the Embankment, one must empty the House on the Embankment.

          • A “gesture” in my definition is people talking the talk. Action is walking the walk. Since Trump is out of power, then we wait and see.

      • This is the point that I’ve been trying to make with King Cobra. Our ruling elite is fashioned like the mob back in the day. With the mob, you could only rise so far if you weren’t Sicilian. It’s the same today with Jews and the ruling elite.

        A goy can be president or even the richest man in the world, but you are still outside the inner circle. You are beholden to them on issues that they care about. You will never be the true holder of power.

        I believe that Cobra and other rising members of the ruling class are extremely aware of the hierarchy and don’t like it. They want to break free and create their own mob so to speak.

        My guess is that the Jewish grip on the ruling elite is weakening and that other factions are working to create their own power bases. Whether they’ll succeed is another story.

        • In Steinleight’s 2001 paper he proposed that Jews divide and conquer by making deals with Asians.

          I think Nimrata and Vivek give us a taste of how that is going to play out. On the one hand, you have Nimrata. She has nothing on her own. She needs the system to make and enrich her.

          On the other hand you have Vivek R. He has his own ideas, money and ambitions and they don’t include kissing someone else’s ring. He has his own position of strength.

          What is a tragedy is that, until now, not a single articulate, fiery, impassioned, patriotic and affluent young white man has emerged to do exactly what Vivek has done. Vivek is going straight for the opportunity to be the heir to Trump’s constituency. The figures I can think of who missed that opportunity were: J.D. Vance; Blake Masters; Josh Hawley. I would say eye-patch Dan, but that guy is probably too busy banging his entourage of runway model assistants and licking the boots of one paymaster or another.

          We are in a tailspin. It is a tragedy that Vivek beat us to the punch. At the same time, it is a gift that he is mercilessly hurling wrenches at the machine. That helps us. It will be interesting to see what Ramaswamy does when that white man does emerge. Will he go knives out? Or, does he hate this Regime as much as we do and join forces to be a part of the reclamation?

          Do all you can to foster a large number of such young white men, for we need a consortium of young nobles to emerge and be well prepared, well networked and well supported for us to win. On occasion, get some popcorn out and enjoy. We live in interesting times.

          • Cobra seems to have had a lot of dealings with the tribe in his life. He was involved in the Jewish society at Yale law, so he’s very familiar with how Jews debate and make arguments. He also got a Soros scholarship.

            Naturally, his dealings with Wall Street would have kept him around Jewish moneymen.

            Basically, this is a guy who knows Jews and Jewish organization. Now, this could mean that he’s a kept man, controlled by the tribe. Quite possible.

            However, there’s another possibility. He may have realized quite early who runs the show, so he decided to get to know them from the inside. Know thy enemy.

            I’ve said for a long time that Indians look at Jews as a template for how to gain power and money in the West. Cobra may have been doing his best to learn as much about them as possible.

            But wanting to know a group doesn’t mean that you have any love for that group. I suspect that Cobra has no desire to be the tribe’s house slave.

            So, what does that mean for whites? First, Cobra doesn’t care a whit about us. But he can be useful. Anything that weakens the grip of Jews is good. Anyone who breaks the silence is good. As openings arrive, whites need to take advantage of it.

            The last thing that we want is a new Indian ruling class taking over for the tribe.

          • Link to that paper? I agree with citizen that it seems like a mob from the outside. I personally think Jewish mobsters had the idea in the 1930s that it was far smarter to run the police than to run from it. The inside hit on “kid twist” Reles via the NYPD showed they were making real progress. From there it really took off and now they had a safe getaway on the eastern Mediterranean.

            Tje white guy you ask for, when he arrives, may have some dirty laundry. Otherwise you probably don’t stand a chance in this system

          • Citizen,

            I have often heard it biiced that Putin’s reputed relationship with the WEF goes to prove that he Is One Of Them. But to my mind, as a legally trained KGB man, he was sussing them out, in a manner similar to the possible course of King Cobra. Similarly, with Putin’s supposed ties with Chabbad jevvs, find a way into their heads, let them show you who they are, and how they do business. Don’t seem to present a threat, but take notes against the day when that knowledge will equip you to strike a strategic blow.

          • Moran,

            Meyer Lansky was a bigtime supporter of Israel. Very useful to have your tribe running an extradition-proof state if you are in the business of transnational criminality. I am sure that he was not hesitant to point this out to those at the inception of that entity.

      • Kind of weird how a true-red-white-and-blue apple-pie-and-baseball American boy like Ben Shapiro would take the time to fly to Poland so a bunch of prominent Jews can bring Elon Musk to heel in a public humiliation ritual. Why if I didn’t know better, he consistently puts his perceived ethnic interests over the nation he lives in!

  16. DeSantis wants to try again in 2028. He had to endorse Trump to have any chance at all. He had no choice.

    • Getting on board with Trump was always the only viable way forward for DeSantis, but he got greedy. His Lady Macbeth wife told him what he wanted to hear. He committed a disastrous mistake and similar to how their failed runs ruined the careers of Scott Walker, “Bobby” Jindal, etc. al., it liked killed his. It’s not the 1960’s anymore and none of these guys have Nixon’s political acumen. It is really hard to come back from this. It is too bad because he could have and should have continued to do excellent work in Florida and ran in 2028, but he made a fool out of himself.

      • It’s an odd phenomenon. Post-Reagan, all the Republican governors who’ve become national names are repulsive when held up to the light—and not just politically repulsive.

        Voters’ image of DeSantis wasn’t of a tiny nervous man in ladies’ boots. Why’d he campaign as one? Is that fetish his or his wife’s? Seeming sexually disturbed is a winning play for Democrats because their voters are women. Republicans who seem like creeps lose instantly.

        (Trump doesn’t seem like one. People pretend he does, but we all know it’s bs.)

  17. ” Another way of reading this is that this is just one more bit of evidence that behind the scenes the regime is about to abandon their plan to remove Trump”

    So what will the cloud people do now? Trump will not be co-opted by a Democrat endorsed RINO candidate now, and FJ Biden is about as popular as tertiary syphilis, whose mental capacities and public knowledge of his crookedness are both exploding into the stratosphere. Democratic gas-lighting no longer works as well as it used to.

    They either have to assassinate Trump, or create a situation where it doesn’t matter who is running because there will no elections. I think there won’t be any elections because whatever they orchestrate before November 2024 will be the mother of all false flags, and it will involve such a high loss of life that it will be easy for them to declare martial law; i.e., a dictatorship.

    It is about to become very interesting!

    • The Empire likes to present its liberal democracy sham to the rest of the world, though. People abroad are even more aware of the vicious, psychopathic nature of the Regime, but there is a lot of self-deception on that point; the Help and the Ho’s, particularly the Strong Women, are deluded enough even to believe it.

    • Because that is the most radical and deranged scenario imaginable, it is also the most likely.

  18. “Another way of reading this is that this is just one more bit of evidence that behind the scenes the regime is about to abandon their plan to remove Trump.”

    I suggested several months ago the GOP Establishment seemed to have come to terms with Trump as its nominee. There is no readily obvious reason for this. The primary reason the 2020 election was stolen–fear of an unhinged Left ready to riot and revolt–has not gone away. The Right is still seen as toothless and easily bought off/put down. Something has changed, I’m certain there, but I would be lying if I claimed to know what. It may be as simple as the Dirt People going sour on the MIC and refusing to die for it, or something even more dramatic. We may get a better feel over the next few weeks for the reason behind the shift, but it is there.

    Maybe having Trump hold the bag when the economy craters and/or acting as a Judas goat for war with Iran?

    • Jack D – re: your last sentence – pleased to know I’m not the only one who’s had a similar thought pinging about in my skull. Should Trump make it to the oval office in one piece – everything from climate change to erectile disfunction will be blamed on him.
      (e.d. is just hyperbole…not like it’s an actual problem personally…)

  19. Even if some ranking clouds have made their peace with Trump, there are too many managerial clouds and foot soldiers who will “resist” Trump to the bitter end. You can’t spend 8, going on 9 years declaring somebody to be Hitler and then one day say, oops, my bad, just kidding, he’s really Chester Arthur.

    The “left” is not united behind/around Biden, so that opens the door for a non-Trump R to win in November, the will of the foot soldiers of fortification to fortify for Biden in that circumstance being questionable. However, while they may not be united for Biden, they are definitely united against Trump.

    I’m sure the regime would like to have Trump in office to take the fall for the Big Crash, a la Hoover, and cement one party rule for the next 20 years as they did that time, it would be the final death blow to “MAGA” as a voting concern, but that doesn’t mean they can get him there.

    • Something I neglected to mention in the comment immediately above you is that there seem to be warring factions within the Regime, particularly on the issue of China. The Regime likely is too unstable, if that is true, to act in lockstep as it did in the past. The AGW crowd also is getting more internal pushback and there also is a gaping split on Our Greatest Ally.

      Living in a state in one such as this require lots of tea leaf readings and, as Z calls it, Regimeology. Unlike Kreminology, there is a much heavier element of mental illness in this outfit.

    • Yes, but…

      The foot soldiers are no more tolerant of Republicans than they are of Trump. Yes, they look at the slimeballs like the last couple Speakers and laugh at how they sold out their voters, but at some point, the same old story gets passe, it doesn’t draw the crowds it used to, so that show shuts down and a new production gets underway.

      Incidentally, I don’t think collapse is inevitable. There’s plenty of legacy America that could easily bring back prosperity. But it will take an acknowledgement of what it is that weakens us. Diversity is not a strength. Simply allow whites to build and produce without all the harassment about being sufficiently multi-cultural, and see how it turns out. Problem is I suspect Trump has still not learned that lesson.

      • When I say “Big Crash” I am referring specifically to the financial markets. Whether or not that leads to a “collapse” is another question.

        The exalted place that “diversity” holds will not end until everyone who believes in it is dead.

        • Yeah, the Faque and Ghey part of the market cannot and should not be saved. FIRE are all way overpriced relative to productive assets.

          And you are right that will carry over into quite a few of the big corporations, even those who produce something useful like 3M. They are just over-extended on the prog agenda.

          But honestly, if the market were to reprice into ’80s P/Es, and especially ’80s (and before) emphasis on dividends instead of capital gains, I have no doubt America could pull out without too much of a problem, apart from those who have spent their entire lives on the dole.

  20. I like that Trump retired Ron’s nickname.

    Though I am continually disappointed that Trump is not the man that his enemies say he is that doesn’t change the fact that he is a unique human that stands out in stark contrast to the clones in our ruling class. I will miss him when he is gone.

    • Nothing recommends Trump like his list of enemies. All the worst demon people in the world hate him. Like several commentators here have pointed out it is strange that they do so because he’s as open to being played as a piano. But instead they hate him. And I find it impossible not to root for someone with such an outstanding enemies list. Even knowing that he is not at all the man we need to lead (but maybe the man needed to demolish?)

      • Nothing recommends Trump like his list of enemies.

        Yes, but be careful as they pulled the same stunt with W. Bush

        • Good point. Going back at least as far as Nixon, the Left always pegs a Republican president very high on the Hitlerometer. With Trump, the Hitlerometer simply went to 11. But his list of enemies isn’t much different from W’s, Reagan’s or Nixon’s.

  21. Here is what I see happening –

    All of this is nothing but theater. The left knows they can either have Trump removed by sending him to prison or just killing him. If somehow that fails, they will just fortify democracy again and no matter how many votes he gets, the senile pedophile will get more. After that, the left will use this as more justification to punish the “unpopular” opinions of normal White people even further. In 2025, I fully expect to see corporations coming right out and saying “no Whites allowed” – which will be celebrated by White, liberal harpies everywhere.

    Wake me up when the shooting starts…

    • I’m with you. I don’t think the ZMan knows half as much as he thinks he does. S**t’s going to hit the fan if Joey Magoo cheats his way to the WH again. You’re going to see the shooting start then, so keep your powder dry. Invest in precious metals, ( brass and lead)

      • Rarely do I see Z-man argue here with his detractors—or rather those who have differing opinions than his. I think that goes to his credit. A positive and forceful statement of opinion is not representative of the arrogance one might attribute to Z-man’s missives.

    • Am convinced you’re right. They will NOT allow Trump to take office again. If Trump is inaugurated the regime is less powerful than I think it is. So we have a chance to test a theory; my regime theory says Trump will not be allowed back under any circumstances. Let reality be the judge of that theory

    • There will be no shooting unless it’s the FBI pulling the trigger on J6ers when they kick in the door at 3 a.m.

      The grillers are not going to grab their Fudd shotguns that they passed an FBI NICS check to get and start shooting government agents when there’s football on the television.

      Recall that after World War I were a lot of guns in circulation in Russia, and a lot of guns in China during the Civil War and World War II.

      When the communists were successful and killed enough of their opponents and outlawed opposition parties, they rounded up all the guns and nobody shot back. Even the Weimar government in Germany was powerful enough to disarm the Freikorps. The National Socialists were unarmed during all their marches and rallies in the 1920s because the Weimar cops could have and would have thrown them in prison for carrying guns.

      When the “conservative” government of Margaret Thatcher confiscated all semi-auto rifles in the UK in 1986 the white boys all handed them over, just as they did when the “conservative” government of John Major confiscated all the handguns a decade later and just like when the “conservative” government of John Howard confiscated all the semi-auto rifles in Australia.

      If anyone pops off and starts shooting there’s a high probability he was goaded into it by the FBI. If not and he’s a genuine dissident the griller Fudds will be the first people to call the cops and rat him out.

      • The only thing that sets us apart is the 2A. And I don’t say that as some moony-eyed normie con who thinks muh Constitution will save us. What I mean is that there are a lot of people out there that believe the second amendment was handed down from God on tablets of stone to James Madison. The people that won’t give up on voting harder because they believe the system can still work are the same people who will refuse to accept the destruction of the “sacred” tenets of the Bill of Rights.

        I don’t think the Brits or Aussies viewed gun ownership with the religiosity that Americans do. Hell, even Antifa loves posing with rifles when they’re protecting the latest drag queen story hour.

        • I don’t disagree with you at all but objectively speaking, the last time whites grabbed their guns for Madisonian purposes was 1861 and the Yankees kicked their asses. Ever since, whites have been co-opted by the GAE, as in “Hey Cleetus, ya like to shoot guns? Joint the Marine Corps and we’ll send you to shoot ____ (Huns, Zips, Gooks, Ragheads… fill in the blank) and we’ll give ya all the ammo you want!”

          Practically speaking, only the Negroes have demonstrated a willingness to pop off against The Man but they do it in a spastic, low-impulse way with no coherent objective.

      • “The grillers are not going to grab their Fudd shotguns that they passed an FBI NICS check to get and start shooting government agents when there’s football on the television.”
        Big smile…well stated…

  22. DeSantis needed to read the room. This was always going to be the year of the Trump revenge tour.

    He needed to sit it out and continue building his reputation as a solid governor who could fuck over the Woke (see, the Disney Corp).

    His running was a big mistake.

    FYI — I wouldn’t rule out Trump being assassinated at this stage. It just depends how desperate they get.

    • Celt Darnell: “I wouldn’t rule out Trump being assassinated at this stage.”

      The Deep State is certainly refusing to offer Secret Service protection to Bobby Jr.

      I can’t seem to find it right now, but there was a recent poll wherein a Donald/BobbyJr ticket was trouncing Biden/Harris.

      And like clockwork, there’s a new story this moarning [over at the NYPoast] about BobbyJr partying with Epstein & Maxwell.

      • There is so, so much dirt on RFKJ. They must not consider him a threat, because if they did it would all be front and center.

  23. They’ve had 4 years to up the rigging game, import new voters, or get him in jail. It’s very unlikely he becomes president again, nor would it do much if anything to stem the tide. Still, it would be nice to get some new liberal meltdown memes.

  24. “…(b)rilliant observers noted that he was like the Mule…” take a victory lap, Z! 😎 I remember that post; and please note that at least one brilliant reader shook his head in agreement!

    • The fact that we are here proves we all are Brilliant Observers. I hovered over the link and chuckled.

  25. The primary has been educational in that it features the past (DeSantis), the present (Trump) and the future (King Cobra).

    DeSantis lives in a long-dead age. As Z notes, he’s the right candidate for 1996 or 2000 when we still lived under the political culture shaped by the Cold War, no internet and different demographics. That DeSantis didn’t understand that world has changed says something about him.

    Sure, he thought the path would be opened for him, but even with Trump eliminated, he needed to connect with Trump’s voters, and he simply couldn’t because he wants to work with the system, not destroy it.

    Trump is the present. He hates system, which is literally trying to put him in jail, but he still wants its approval (though that seems to be waning) and believes in reforming the system.

    King Cobra is the future. You can see that he has zero respect for any part of the system. He mocks the media. He laughs at pundits. He wants nothing to do with the GOP establishment.

    Yes, Cobra came up through the managerial class system, even getting his money through weird hedge fund stuff. But I suspect that his coming through the system allows him mentally to disregard it. Trump wants its approval. Cobra had it and didn’t care. He’s seen the system from the inside and isn’t impressed.

    Cobra doesn’t want to be some Indian lackey like Haley. He wants his own position of power. And I suspect that he’s not the only young member of the managerial class to be thinking along those lines.

    Revolution comes not from the bottom but the top. The managerial class is weakening and fracturing. The Dirt People not longer respect it, and the smart members of that class understand that this means opportunity for them.

    There’s also the fact that the managerial class has a glass ceiling. At its core, it’s run by Jews. Like the old mob with Siclians, you can only rise so far if you’re not Jewish. Hell, you can be president or the richest man in the world, but in the end, you do what you’re told on issues that the Jews find important.

    I suspect that Cobra and other non-Jews, especially the Indians, aren’t thrilled with this arrangement. Unlike whites, they simply see Jews as another ethnic group, employing the usual methods (bribery, blackmail, etc.) to gain and maintain power in a society. They see no reason that they shouldn’t do the same.

    The future is both the Dirt People and even members of the elite no longer viewing the system as anything other than a corrupt apparatus with no moral authority that deserve neither respect nor loyalty.

    • Excellent comment.

      One qualification: Vivek did not make his money through “weird hedge fund stuff”. He made it through a straightforward stock fraud pump and dump scam. His company bought the rights to a drug that had been abandoned by big pharma because it failed clinical trials. Then he hired his mother (a doctor) to supervise new clinical trials for the drug. They lied about the progress of the clinical trials, pumping the stock up to dramatic heights, then sold. When the drug failed, the stock collapsed to pennies in a matter of an hour or two, leaving other investors to hold the bag.

      This kind of stock fraud is precisely why the SEC was formed. In a serious country, he and his mother would both be in prison. The fact that the SEC did not pursue Vivek tells you everything you need to know. Vivek is an asset.

      • Got it. Sounds like something the Cobra would do.

        As to being an asset, maybe. Or maybe, he got his money and ran. I’m not trying to make Cobra out to be some sort of hero. He’s a high-IQ grifter.

        My point is that he views the ruling elite with zero respect because he knows that they’re high-IQ grifters as well. The Indians lack the organization and muscle (Mossad) of the Jews, but the Indians aren’t afraid of them either. They view Jews as a template.

        King Cobra isn’t out to save whites. He’s out to create his own kingdom and views whites as a tool to get it.

        • “King Cobra isn’t out to save whites. He’s out to create his own kingdom and views whites as a tool to get it.”

          Agreed. While the Han certainly do not share our cultural norms, they do follow business practices to establish brand equity and loyalty, for example. The Subcons are far more foreign to us in that regard and think in terms of immediate wealth. Their (initially) obsequious nature fools us in that regard. Vivek likely would try to establish a Hindu theocracy with himself at the helm.

          • Exactly. When you see one of those groups get sideways with another, CIA vs. FBI, for example, it means a new group is ascendant and has made an ally. I suspect that may happen soon, too, possibly over Gaza. I mention that as a possibility/likelihood given most of the IC guys have connections to the Ivies and what passes as elite, and hence are pro-Palestinian, and the FBI is uber Shabbos goy and hated by pretty much everyone who is not. But at present, yeah, all these groups mostly are goons for the Tribe, although you get inklings of that split even now.

        • Roivant.

          Vivek was all into the DEI stuff, too, and thick as thieves with Blackrock. He’s either a fallen angel who has seen the light or he has been co-opted. I tend to think the latter but the truth-telling about the MIC and Ukraine, and a loud silence about Our Greatest Ally, usually would not be permitted.

          • Jack: I read about his drug money months ago but cannot recall where. He’s as slimy and coopted as they come – he wants to sit at the head of the table. All his supposedly pro-White pronouncements are a sop to the mass of civic nationalists who are desperate for a non-White hero to tell them they’re not evil raycissts and who will make watching sportsball great again.

            Cannot overemphasize how much I despise him, and those who do not see clearly what a grifter he is. And even in the 1/1000000 chance that a subcon is an honest man, why ought any self-respecting White vote for him to be his representative leader? Insanity.

          • 3g4me. Yep, Vivek a smooth talker. As I’ve said before, we (Whites) allow our virtues to be weaponized against us. In this case, we take others (non-Whites) at their word and tend not to be suspicious as to whether what we hear is truthful—especially when such words address our own concerns and biases.

          • 3g:

            Take note how little media attention his corruption got. He’s quite intertwined with some of the Regime’s heavyweights. Again, though, he went off the reservation, pardon the pun, on some key planks. Maybe that was permitted? Lights were flashing all around King Cobra.

            As an aside, I haven’t seen a comment from B1 in a long time, but his Canadian experience with the Subcons always was interesting. They may be Not Us the most.

      • Given what you say is true, this displays the remarkable tunnel vision of the ruling class. If they wanted to eliminate king cobra early on, the media could’ve done it very, very simply with this story. Your tale is a very simple narrative that anyone could follow. This must not have been a secret; why did they choose instead to smear him as some kind of Trump mini – me? The only answer that comes to mind is the white supremacy angle is so much sexier. As I recall, he was, in fact, accused of being a white supremacist, yes?

        • Members of the Regime, big ones like Blackrock, also got their beaks wet with King Cobra’s Magic Elixer Potion. Their propaganda organs probably were well aware of the implications of exploiting this story. I suspect Vivek is coopted totally and represents a strong and growing faction in the Regime. To my knowledge he did not drop to his knees for Israel, which is a requisite for a Republican, and that pinged my radar quite hard.

        • If he is an asset, then I would think the smart fellas in control of him wouldn’t burn him until necessary.

    • Oh gawd. I just had visions of our esteemed blog host as Ebeneezer Scrooge, being tormented by political spirits and goblins!

      😂👍 (The spooks would get the worst of it I suppose).

      I may be imagining it … but I smell peasant revolt on the winds. Amazingly it’s even more fragrant up here in Canada. Turdo can’t go out in public without a phalanx of body guards. FJT is more popular than the national anthem at sportzball events. I personally think that if he wins another term things will get spicy…but whadda I know?

      Good poasts you guys.👍

    • “The future is both the Dirt People and even members of the elite no longer viewing the system as anything other than a corrupt apparatus with no moral authority that deserve neither respect nor loyalty.”

      That’s the present, complete with the Apparat able to put down and destroy any resistance. The future is when it no longer can do the latter.

  26. I’m not voting, and don’t believe anything substantive will change regardless of who ‘wins’ in November, but will admit I was surprised by DeSantis endorsing Trump. Meanwhile, headlines indicate Trump’s ‘inner circle’ strongly favor Ramaswarthy as VP pick. So it’s same old same old, color-blind civic nationalism, with wimpy whites looking for a brown to stand up on their behalf.

    And all the online comments about anything scold ‘divisiveness’ and insist ‘we’re ALL Americans.” May I please be excused? That which is unnaturally linked is . . . unnatural. And I won’t be celebrating our next and duskier group of market-dominant minority overlords. And I don’t watch sportsball. So I’m obviously not a patriot and I’m definitely a proponent of divisiveness – people, cultures, invasive species, etc.

    Please clap.

    • Consider this strategy: the numbers for Trump are so large either he wins the EC and we can start the process of creative destruction, or the Leftist regime has to cheat on such a scale it suffers a catastrophic loss of credibility (same result). So that is why you should vote and vote for Trump.

      There is also the possibility that in these unprecedented soft times a solid majority of the people are Swedish social democrats at this point.

      DeSantis was not just competent but a very good governor by the way. One of his best achievements was cleaning up local electoral practices. When the votes are counted and counted properly, turns out Florida is a conservative place after all.

    • Desantis didn’t just endorse Trump, he called out Rimrata as,
      “the old Republican guard of yesteryear, a repackaged form of warmed over corporatism that Nikki Haley represents.”

  27. I’m still amused that none of the contenders took issue with Trump playing an active part in unleashing a black crime wave upon the nation; I mean Trump Tweeting “Law and Order” was incredibly lame, but his opponents couldn’t even muster that.

    • Those contenders are too pussy to point out any negatives about “black” anything. A genuine race realist candidate remains unfathomable at this juncture.

      • Yeah, but we’re getting there. The Overton Window has moved. DIE is the cause. Lots of folk discussing affirmative action and lowering of standards and promotion due to “check boxes”. Of course, they’ll mumble platitudes about the “good Blacks” being short changed and disrespected (the implication of incompetence due to DIE). Nonetheless, folks hearing this are beginning to put 2 and 2 together. Seems that the overwhelming negative instances are becoming blatant and can no longer be ignored/denied.

        • Maybe Sa’ssQueetcha and MikTa’vius flying a 747 with 300 passengers into a bowling alley in Topeka rather than its intended destination of LAX will be what finally smartens up all the muleheaded Grillers.

    • I’m guessing downvoters don’t remember Trump being pardon-crazy for black felons while he left his supporters to rot in the gulag.

      • Most famously he pardoned a rapper who had a music video where a MAGA grandpa was stomped to death. He also supported an earlier, less obviously insane iteration of the general decriminalization of black crime—because some rappers’ and athletes’ wives endorsed it.

        Prior to Trump’s becoming a politician, black celebrities were the most visible constituency for his “brand.” He belatedly, longingly reciprocated that long-lost loyalty. His love for the gays/etc. is the same kind of thing. Until the TV told them to hate him, he was a Liberace-like camp hero to them.

        He sympathizes with normal people because he thinks they’ve been ripped off, but he *loves* people who love gaudy hotels: blacks, homos, gangsters, hookers, grifters (in the old sense), etc.

  28. I think I’ve come around on all this election buffoonery and I am rooting for Donald Trump. I won’t vote for the man (voting is for saps). However, progressives are obnoxious people who deserve to feel pain, even if that pain is wholly unwarranted — another Trump victory won’t fundamentally alter the system as the president is a mere figurehead; therefore, nobody should be too happy or too devastated if he ends up back in there. But there’s something to be said for well-earned spite. I want to see progressives, particularly White progressives, suffer.

    • “…another Trump victory won’t fundamentally alter the system as the president is a mere figurehead; therefore, nobody should be too happy or too devastated if he ends up back in there.”

      I have been saying for a long while now that I only care about a Trump win because it will cause a complete unraveling of our system. The left will absolutely lose their minds to the point of no return. The black orcs will burn down all of the homes in the cities, and they will feel emboldened to attack Whites in the suburbs – and that is when it gets REALLY interesting. The more chaos that ensues, the better and the quicker normie realizes that there is no co-existing with leftists. They need to be removed from our society by any means necessary.

      As far as suffering goes – well, IMHO these people are so evil and so rotten, there is no level of suffering that exists that could possibly be enough for these people. I can’t think of anything that would be “bad” enough that would suit them.

      • I doubt the “black orcs” hate Trump as much as you think. After all, they didn’t start burning shit down last time Trump was in until Saint George Floyd (praise be upon him) became the modern-day Jesus Christ. Feminists, on the other hand, will lose their minds if the pussy-grabber-in-chief prevails again. Because women are all-talk, those feminists won’t do much but kvetch endlessly about the situation, yet their hysteria will be worth much more than the price of admission. And other prominent figures in this degenerate system will likewise whine their eyes out if The Donald seals the deal. Their tears will bring me immense joy.

        But will the system unravel entirely? I doubt it.

        • “But will the system unravel entirely? I doubt it.”

          One can dream, right?

          I don’t subscribe to this nonsense that the “black vote” is swaying towards Trump. black people will never vote this way – ever. They’re still as envious and angry as ever, and even more retarded and violent than ever.

          • The idea that blacks will support ANY Republican (even a BLACK Republican) in substantial numbers is one of those mainstream conservative dreams that inexplicably has yet to come true. But I’m sure the next election will be different. [SARC]

        • Some truth there. Plenty of male nuggras secretly–or not so secretly–admire Donald’s bravado and ostentation. They may not vote for him, but they don’t hate him, either.

          As to potential unraveling, if Trump wins it will be interesting to see what happens in California. They’ve rumbled about secession before. Perhaps this time they make good on their promise. Of course, AINO’s electoral demographics are so blotto that even the loss of California would only be a speedbump for the Left.

    • I’d suggest making a protest vote by voting for Benedict Arnold’s ghost as a write-in.

      That would be the best way of not playing their two-party scam.

      • Protest votes are lame. The jackals who run things do not care a whit if you write something silly in. Just stay home on Election Day. Don’t play a rigged game.

  29. I mostly agree, but the “regime” is not giving up. Every single one of us has a lot of crow to eat if Trump actually wins in November. I just don’t see how it’s possible for a 2020 steal and a 2024 win to both be possible. Trump winning in 2024 shows the system still kind of works even though he’s a vote against the system, ironically. Biden winning confirms nothing.

    That being said, a hypothetical Trump win still will not bring about what is necessary to restore a nation.

    • I’ll eat the crow, but a Trump win is the biggest, riskiest rope a dope, which they might be attempting. Doubt it works either way, and Our Democracy is outed. Things keep accelerating.

    • “ That being said, a hypothetical Trump win still will not bring about what is necessary to restore a nation.”

      Likely, true. However, the process of change (without collapse) must necessarily be a long one. As Trump exposed the swamp and managerial class, what possibly will a second election expose now that the “sides” have firmed up? That’s the only reason I would go to the polls and vote Trump this election.

      Baby steps.

      • A Trump win would not be a baby-step. There will be riots and burning before dawn. Remember the summer of 2020? Multiply. And the Establishment stands down to let it happen. It’s gonna be wild. It’s gonna be so wild it almost makes a normal person want to vote for Nikki.

  30. After the Fortification of Democracy triumphs and Biden’s corpse is sworn into office (the first Undead President), will the regime get bored with Trump? After all, Eugene V. Debs ran for President while in jail. So do they relent, let him rot there or go Full Epstein? Smart move is to have Biden’s corpse pardon him and everyone who counts, like Hunter et al., allowing us to Move On. However, they are not smart. Probably they will impeach him a third time, just for laughs. If they have the time and money for all this lawfare, why stop with prison? It’s not like public opinion has a shred of relevance, with an increasingly stupid public.

    • There is nothing to legally prevent Trump from running for President, and winning, while in jail…Of course, he probably will not physically be in jail…But if he wins, he can pardon himself..

      • The great irony is a president pardoning himself usually entails the president in engaging in Banana Republic shenanigans, but in this case it would be restoring sanity.

        You could argue it goes against Republican Virtue, and Trump should go to jail to maintain the integrity of the Republic, like the Roman Emperor who let his son be executed. At an earlier time that might be admirable, but that ship has ailed.

        At this point, hoping for it just for the lols.

      • A a former president, he has a secret service team protecting him at all times. Wouldn’t that be interesting? I guess they would have to live in the cell with him, and follow him to the mess hall and showers.

        • I can think of a few adjectives more apposite than “interesting” for having to watch the Donald lather up in a hoosegow shower with a bar of Lava…

      • It’s amusing to ponder… Let’s suppose Trump wins, and perhaps the state prosecutor in the Georgia court later secures a conviction. How does a state go about apprehending and jailing a sitting president? Georgia state police have no jurisdiction in DC, and the case in Georgia is a state case, not federal. Does the US Marshal service try to arrest their own boss? Trump can order them to stand down. Who might obey Trump? Will the Secret Service protect him? Who has authority here when all executive power lies exclusively and ultimately with the president? Would Georgia be in open revolt against the feds?

        This is why (in a rational system which we lack) the only remedy to remove or impede the president must be impeachment. Otherwise we have the current situation, where if ANY state prosecutor convicts a president of state felony charges, xhe effectively has the power to topple the presidency.

        As I snap back to reality I realize we’re way past things like meaningful law. No state, blue or red, would ever dream of convicting a sitting president… if xhe were a Democrat. And we will have nothing but D presidents henceforth. We are in Lenin’s realm of “who, whom” when it comes to power.

      • Two questions need settling. First Trump pardoning himself will inevitably run through SCOTUS. It will not be unchallenged. And it could (remotely possible) bring a successful impeachment in Congress. Second Trump can not pardon State crimes he’s convicted of.

        • Yes, the state crime thing is the rub. If we interpret our “constitution” to mean *any* state court can convict a sitting president of any state’s crime, and then jail him, then we have a system where the will of the voters in our only national election can be thwarted by any ambitious DA in Bumfuck, Everystate USA, supported by a ruthless political machine. This is why a successful impeachment and conviction in a Senate trial must be the only remedy to remove a president. Only then should other prosecutions take shape. SCOTUS needs to adjudicate this, but won’t.

          Well, all this is moot. The only thing that matters in AINO is “who, whom,” not law.

  31. DiSantis is interesting. I read the book that he wrote back when he was in Congress. It was a statesman’s warning that the Obama Regime was anti-American – a violation of our nation’s entire governing philosophy and a revolution. I don’t recall if he addressed the race issues, that Obama hinted at agitating in his Dreams book and then fully agitated with salt on open scabs between when he and Holder chose the path of martyring criminal scum.

    DiSantis has a problem now and for the future. When he went overseas to sign away free speech he forfeited his legitimacy as an ardent Civic Nationalist committed to preserving freedom. Then, the events of the fall came and many things became impossible not to notice. I think that compounds his problems. He comes from a state where to stay in power, he has to do things like fly overseas to sign away American’s rights, and he may come under increasing pressure to do so. I think it may even become difficult to remain as governor of Florida. Then as you say, in 4, 8, 12 years he will confront a younger and angrier base that wants its country back or whatever the next best option is. It will be a base that is in a position where the call-defeat-a-compromise politics that Civic Nationalism offers is simply not an option.

    • Agreed. Someone like Matt Gaetz will be the new DeSantis. But he will also walk the line of placating the regime, so will fail as well. It’s only when someone revolts and means it that anything will change.

      • Gaetz just said something like, “we can replace the votes of any Karens we lose with Javiers.” Or something to that effect. I wouldn’t count on him either. There really aren’t any good ones.

    • DeSantis commited treason by doing the golem shuffle in occupied Jerusalem.

      It should be hung around his neck like a swung chicken until he is tried for it.

  32. I was also surprised that DeSantis did not follow the Ramaswamy plan – essentially running for VP unless Trump really was taken out. Promising pardons for Trump if that was the case.

    Early on DeSantis famously switched his stance on the Ukraine War at the behest of his donors (which cost him a lot of support on the right). I bet much of his campaign strategy was set by the same donors, which is why he was like a man set free once he did drop.

    • There is no reason for DeSantis to leave Florida to be VP. Like ZMan and many others have said, there was no reason to run at all unless he was promised Trump was getting removed from the process. That he believed the idiots telling him that is to his discredit. He is young enough to wait for 2028 and would have been the defacto front runner then. Once I heard he had Jeb on stage with him at his second inauguration I got skeptical fast.

    • This is the interesting point, and why I think this is the end of the long con the GOP has run. You supposedly cannot win without billions of dollars, and people who fork that over want things totally at odds with their supposed electorate. The same happens with the Democrats but they do manage to throw a few crumbs toward their vibrant voters. It is all a fraud and not sustainable. Hence the never-ending quest for total censorship.

      • Seems the Dem’s donors are more aligned with their electorate, at least as to means. They both want gibs and immigration albeit for possibly different reasons.

    • DeSantis would not have been a good strategic choice for vp. Florida is about as much a lock for the GOP as you can get. The GOP needs a mate who can pull voters in contested states. Don’t think DeSantis would have been that guy.

      • DeSantis carries a lot of disaffected Trump voters who want MAGA without Trump.
        DeSantis will be VP.
        Trump the salesman at the bully pulpit, distracting the swamp and the media with his very presence. DeSantis is a solid nuts and bolts policy guy.
        They would compliment each other well.

  33. This is a sharp analysis by Zman about how 2024 is shaping up.

    But I strongly encourage readers to follow the link in the second to last paragraph, attached to the words “brilliant observers.” It leads to a Zman article from October 2016, just after a Presidential debate where Trump had been set up for a fall, and refused to go down. It reawakened my own thoughts from that time, and is still a great reminder of why we hold the ruling class in such contempt. Here’s a sample:

    “Last night, I was reminded of why Trump was able to obliterate the GOP field despite being out spent a million-to-one. He is not a pussy. Any other Republican faced with the dirty trick pulled on Friday would have gone into the debate prepared to grovel and plead, begging for a second chance. It is not at all inconceivable that he would have offered to step aside. Trump went into the debate prepared to deliver a counter bunch designed to knock the old fat cow on her ass.”

  34. Since this conflict is an irreconcilable difference, a WAR, someone please answer me this: what possibly can Trump do?

    They stole it in front of his face in 2020. They totally tied him up in knots when he was in office, scared him to Fauci ultimate power, and brought a mostly peaceful POCs to his doorsteps.

    Nothing has changed. So even if Trump is allowed to take office and isn’t interested in doing more platinum plans. . .so what? He’s just one man. HE HAS NO ARMY, nor organization behind him. The other side does has SEVERAL armies.

    To me, the answer seems clearly nothing. I see Trump as merely the white male protest vote, nothing more.

    • Trump accomplished one major thing…He refused to go to war, and specifically war on Iran…and they hate him with a passion for that….

      • He also pulled back the curtain and let us see the wizard working all the gears. That was probably unintentional, but a huge accomplishment nonetheless.

    • The 2020 steal had an ad hoc, desperate feel to it.

      They’ve (R and D) has had 4 years to prepare.

      There’s not going to be any midnight vote counting stops this time, only to break uniformly in one direction at the last second.

      It’s going to be smooth like butter.

      Anyone really think there aren’t already oceans of meticulously filled out ballots, impossible to prove as forged, already sitting in secure locations already?

      There won’t be any “leaky pipes”, or windows getting papered over, or computerized ballot machines being proved hackable. It won’t be necessary …. You can be certain this is going to look like the cleanest election in US history, and will be reported as such.

      • They already did this in 2022. The fake votes were pumped in at the beginning. I remember Kari Lake, after being up 10 points in the pre-election polls, started out with a huge deficit and was scrambling all night just to make it close.

        • That’s the nice thing about mail-in ballots being counted as they arrive. You know how many you need by Election Day and therefore have prep time to make things look on the up and up! ;-).

          And yes, AZ as a State had this problem a couple of decade ago at least. Turns out one of the IT staff was leaking the preliminary counts to the opposition and confessed. Nothing came of it however.

    • It is even worse: it is a no-confidence vote in the Regime. It is shocking that still is allowed.

    • The only real life consequence I can forsee, with or without a Trump victory (and more likely without), is a collapse of the ZOG military. They are already having recruiting and retention issues, and fighting for Israel has lost what little appeal it ever had.

      So if a war happens the ZOG will be hard pressed to man it.

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  36. Look at our history, conflict suits us. We might even need it to keep from becoming slobs. This is probably good news in the long run.

    • Credit to DeSantis for endorsing Trump. It’s probably the play he should’ve made at the beginning.

      • DeSantis should have endorsed Trump and never been a candidate…That way, he would have been a logical pick in 2028…Running this time was extremely dumb, as was his homage to Israel….

        • You’re correct. DeSantis could have made his position as “backup to Trump” simply by campaigning for Trump and outdoing him on positions. DeSantis bought into the lie that Trump was weak, would be knocked out early, and the public was looking to settle for a “Trump light”.

  37. One of the funniest moments of the 2016 election was when Donald Trump implied Ted Cruz’s dad helped kill JFK, and Ted looked on the verge of doing a political hit job of his own. Some months later, he endorsed Trump.

    There were probably several phone exchanges between the Trump and Desantis camp before the endorsement, and Trump made some promises. While Trump’s loyalty is spotty at best, he knew his chances there were better than with the snakes in the Washington D.C. class.

  38. “Another way of reading this is that this is just one more bit of evidence that behind the scenes the regime is about to abandon their plan to remove Trump.”

    Never. The only scenario where this would make sense would be one where Trump made a Faustian pact with the forces of darkness and agreed to be co-opted. I think that is unlikely. The forces of darkness will exert all their might and main to remove Trump. And this will be an exertion with no holds barred. Literally.

    • The Rs finally realized there are more Trump supporters than R supporters, and removing him from the ballot would lead to a landslide against them across the board. The only options left are Epsteining and cheating. Given how well they have rigged the voting process, Epsteining is unnecessary and against their future interests, but they might not be able to help themselves.

      • As much as I like Trump, I’d have to say both your scenarios are a win for the DR. Given that view, I’m content with either outcome.

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