The Arc Of Managerialism

In March of 2021, the FBI conducted a raid of a company called U.S. Private Vaults located in Beverly Hills, California. The company offered safe deposit boxes to clients seeking privacy and security. Banks have rules about what can be kept in their safe deposit boxes and often require disclosure of the contents. This company did not place such restrictions on their clients. As a result, it was assumed its clients were criminals or people who would like to circumvent government surveillance.

For this reason and no other reason, the FBI got a warrant to inspect the company’s records, presumably to confirm that criminals were using the service. The legality of this was not questioned by the judge who signed off on the warrant because judges no longer question warrant requests from agents of the state. The FBI could hand a judge a drawing of stick figures in fingerpaint, claiming it is surveillance video of criminal activity and the judge would accept it.

Putting that aside, the warrant made no mention of opening the safe deposit boxes or inspecting the contents for criminal activity. On the day of the raid, the special agent in charge of the raid ordered his agents to pry open the boxes, inventory the contents, bring in drug sniffing dogs to sniff the contents and collect fingerprints from the boxes and the inside of the facility. Then the FBI decided to seize tens of millions in property on the grounds that they could do it.

At this point, the FBI had produced no evidence of a crime. They were probably right that criminals would like to use such a service to hide cash, valuables they bought for money laundering purposes and other things. It would also be attractive to foreign nationals working on behalf of a foreign government. Mossad, for example, could use a company like this as a dead drop. Space aliens could also use it to hide their ray guns and the keys to their flying saucer.

Again, there was never any evidence of wrongdoing. The FBI lied to the court about their intensions, and they willingly violated the law when they decided to not only pry open the boxes, but also steal the goods inside them. The owners of the stolen property sued the FBI to get back their property. The court initially ruled in favor of the FBI because the courts are almost as corrupt as the FBI. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously reversed the lower court’s decision.

In its ruling, the court called the raid an egregious violation of the owners fourth amendment rights. They also noted that the FBI clearly intended to steal the contents so they could use what they found in order to go after other people, perhaps raid other private security services in a similar fashion. The government tried to settle the case before it reached this point, suggesting they knew they had willingly violated the law, but they hoped to avoid the court making it official.

Presumably, the FBI will return the property to the owners, but the owners will have to sue the government in order to get back the cost of having to litigate this in federal court for the last three years. The government will probably settle so as to avoid another potential court loss, but the harm can never be fully cured. The company went out of business and who would trust a similar company in the future? If the secret police can willy-nilly raid a private business, what is the point of the service?

More importantly, none of the people involved in this raid from the government side has faced any punishment. The agent who ordered the raid was not fired. The agents and lawyers who lied to the court to get the warrant were not fired. There will be no criminal charges brought against any of these people, despite the fact they committed some of the worst abuses of power in our system. The Ruby Ridge and Waco cases tell us that the agents involved here will get promoted.

In the managerial state, no one is ever held accountable because accountability requires two elements missing in managerialism. One is a moral duty to the stated goal of the institution. If the people inside the FBI were motivated by an aristocratic spirit, the agents involved would all resign for having shamed their leaders. If they had a republican spirit, they would resign for having shamed the institution. Instead, they have a managerial spirit, which means no shame is possible.

The other element for accountability is clear responsibility. Managerialism is primarily about shifting responsibility from individuals onto collections of managers with a shared interest in controlling the organization. It is the magic trick of managerialism that collective error is never the fault of anyone in the collective. Managers socialize failure onto the abstraction that is the system, while privatizing the benefits onto the individuals within the managerial system.

This is why reform of managerialism is impossible. Reform starts by holding people responsible for the results. Managerialism evolved to prevent this so the reformer is either repelled by the system or consumed by it. This is why public companies that fail must be taken private. Elon Musk bought Twitter, took it private and became the man responsible for the company. He then fired half the staff and started holding the rest accountable for their work. He overthrew the managerial system.

Of course, this means the large social systems that control American society will never be reformed either. Everyone in Washington knows the FBI is a disaster, but no one can be held accountable, so not one tries to hold anyone accountable. This means the managerial state will follow the arc of all public companies in that it will reach its end phase and either collapse entirely or be taken private, as in private rule, so the system can be scrapped along with the managers.

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206 thoughts on “The Arc Of Managerialism

  1. Maybe somebody already mentioned this, but the great fear in DC over Trump 2.0 – and the reason he terrified them so much while in office – is that he can and frequently will fire people. We can chastise him for picking some bad people, but it cannot be said that he opposed throwing people out. In fact one of his executive orders redesignated about 20,000 civil servants as “at will” employees just so he could fire them. Entire WH offices – patronage jobs and meaningless wastes of time like “WH Office of Climate Awareness” – were simply vacated and never restaffed.

    The problem the FBI has is the firings that would follow Trump 2.0. His polling continues to improve and may get beyond the Fraud Threshold. If they try to kill him and miss, he might well win 40+ states.

    And then The Purge.

    Trump will follow Elon’s example and decapitate the #resistance before it can get any traction. News reporting has been spotty because they are all still stuck on the “Trump is going to prison” narrative, which collapsed months ago. Ain’t gonna happen. But news has started to trickle out that Trump has some sort of team looking at how best to carry out The Purge. This is the source of the “Trump might try to get revenge” reports. They’re not wrong. And they know at the FBI in particular, that they will be target #1 (DOJ a close second) of The Purge.

    And that’s just the step that gets taken before Trump starts releasing EVERY DIRTY LITTKE SECRET the FBI wants buried.

    I know many here are skeptical, but four indictments is an attempt to kill the king. As the old saying goes, “You better not miss.”

    The 9th Circuit ruling Z writes about? The FBI raid on MAL is even shadier, if that is even possible, and very likely ordered by the White House. A unanimous 9th Circuit fretting about FBI violations of civil liberties means the Miami documents case is toast, for example.

    I will quit my job tomorrow and join the Trump Admin if my job is to hunt down and destroy FBI agents. Just say the word. I’m all in for The Purge.

    • I was kind of following along until you got to the release every dirty little secret part. Trump was the guy in office when Epstein ostensibly died in prison, and the contents of his island and townhouse were confiscated by the feds and buried. Couldn’t even get all the JFK stuff declassified. Etc. About the worst thing he ever did to the FBI was complain about them on twatter. I’m all for giving the middle finger (yet again) with my Trump vote, but it probably helps not to get too fanciful with our expectations.

      • I genuinely think he believed that the declassification orders would be carried out. Bill Barr was put in place to prevent that. Imagine the same order but to AG Ken Paxton….it will be a different result. Paxton, like Trump, has a vendetta to carry out with the Government Party.

        Trump seems to get now how he was corralled. I don’t know whether he can pull it off, but I do know they’ll be looking for people in the Cabinet who will collect scalps. There are a lot of scores to settle.

        This is the 1860 election.

        Totally agree with your cynicism. I think the Government Party is seeing things clear eyed because I think they know what Trump has planned. And they are truly scared.

  2. The current system still beats the Age of Royalty, when the Mad King of Bavaria could build multiple castles just because he felt like it, and avoided all responsibilities of state like the plague.

    At least there is some MINIMUM requirement for competence. And money being spent by the state has to at least theoretically meet certain standards. There are no Versailles being built by the government in Palm Beach, Florida. There IS a Mar-a-Lago, but that’s private.

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  3. Oh, and happy negro “history” mumph to all! There’s so much out there we’ve yet to learn…

  4. I lost any respect for the acronym agencies early on and I am even more cynical now. I did have some respect though for cops until I got to kniw them. A tech company where I worked sold to police departments.

    All the cops cared about was getting their pension then double dipping (getting a second government pension somewhere else). They had no passion when talking about the violent crime in their cities but get them on their pension and their eyes would light up.

    Sometimes, if it isn’t too hard they still stop crime unlike the Fbi that is just the secret police. However, the modern anarcho tyranny that came to fruition during Covid and the Summer of Floyd was no surprise to me.

    We should really defund all these agencies and just have militias and private security companies at this point. At least that would help level the playing field somewhat.

    • Forgot to mention the thing that got me thinking about cops: their love of asset forfiture. Not as exciting to them as their pension but it makes them happy. They would talk gleefully about all the cool things they bought from it. Some of the most common where, at a minimum, remodeling their break room and buying a big, high-end TV for it. Computers, electronic gadgets were all bought with the money they stole of they were able to steal enough they got things like new cars.

      Talking to the cops felt like I was talking with the mafia

    • There’s a Meta-observation to be made here, which I fear some of the Dissidents might be overlooking.

      And that would be the phenomenon of the “Managerialists” [the Passive Aggressives, the Deep State, the Cabal] being able to SELECT for the personality types in their Praetorian Guard.

      In which respect, regarding the ability of the Managerialists to SELECT for personalities, the following two federal court decisions laid the groundwork for the creation of the Praetorian Guard:

      Griggs vs Duke Power
      [Kneegrows CANNOT be discriminated against on the basis of their low IQs]

      Jordan vs New London
      [White Men CAN be discriminated against on the basis of their high IQs.]

      Once the Managerialists were given Carte Blanche to SELECT for the personalities under their control, the Managerialists selected for precisely the amoral [and often outright sadistic] Passive Aggressive personalities which they themselves brought to the table, whilst simultaneously shutting out any and all applicants who showed even the very slightest hints of Free Thought or Morality [to include Honesty] or Analyticity or Intuitiveness.

      To defeat the Praetorian Guard, one must drown the Praetorian Guard [in the Tiber].

      To defeat the House on the Embankment, one must empty the House on the Embankment [into the Lubyanka].

      None of this insanity can be properly addressed within the confines of the Marquess of Queenberry Rules.

      Ultimately it all has to be decided on the field of b@ttle, by peasants wielding p!tchf0rks & kn!ves & t0rches.

  5. “… the FBI decided to seize tens of millions in property on the grounds that they could do it. At this point, the FBI had produced no evidence of a crime.”

    -“For what are [governments], but great robberies?”

    St. Augustine, “City of God”

  6. one of the dumbest thinge in may of these replies is ” only a criminal would use one of those storage places.” thats just stupid. For people who live in a bad neighborhood, where burglary and break in are rife and common, Where would you keep valuables? leave your mom’s jewlry or your cash savings at home to be stolen? have a child or spouse with a drug or gambling problem who will try to take stuff and sell it in moments of weakness? where else would you put it ? most banks don’t have nearly enough boxes to meet demand. some of you guys need to reconsider .

  7. Community note: At no point during the Trump administration did he veto any spending bill and attempt to cash-starve these institutions. In fact their budgets were more stuffed than ever. His four year record was one of defecating on the faces of his supporters the way his friend Vince McMahon would do to prostitutes.

    • I’m unsure of whether it’s the FBI controlling Congress or Congress controlling the FBI, but either way, no matter which party has the majority, the FBI’s funding is never threatened.

    • You’re a tool to Trump. Use him as a tool in return. For reasons not clear to rational minds he drives them absolutely batshit. Which helps expose them. Trump in office probably won’t do one food thing. But he might prevent a load of bad things from happening. If only because their hamster wheels will be spinning till the wheels come off. Besides, T-R-U-M-P is apparently how you spell “fuck you” in Clownese

      • This is my view exactly. I was already going to vote for Trump half-heartedly but then they started the indictments and threats of jail. Now, I’m a full-on MAGA-tard. Trump, hell yeah! It’s my way of, as you say, saying “fuck you” in Clownese to the whole faggy ruling class and their toadies in corporate managements. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if he actually *does* anything this time too.

      • These people have been “exposed” for years. In the case of Hunter Biden, LITERALLY exposed. E-mails in black and white with pure corruption. By this point those who don’t know how insanely corrupt the place is are meaningless anyway.

      • Trump serves another purpose: Filter.

        Those who hate him because he is Cheeto Hitler – lost or flat out enemy
        Those who believe in him – deluded, but maybe convertible
        Those who hate him because he is not Cheeto Hitler – Willkommen!!

    • Wait a minute, she wasn’t a prostitute. She was an employee at his company! I was a fairly religious follower of wrestling from the Bob Backlund era through the early 2000’s, but now I don’t know what to think. Good lord.

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  9. I am not trying to justify anything or take anyone’s side when I say that there is almost certainly more to this story that we do not know. We do all know how willing the regime and its media are to lie, manipulate, gaslight, misdirect, and memory hole. Thus there is no reason to believe very much of anything we’ve been told about the case. We could have been lied to about the vast majority of it. Probably have been, history tells me.

    The seizures were not made for the FBI to enrich itself. The FBI, like the MIC, has access to an open money spigot. It does not need to seize anything. We can safely assume there was some other reason for this. I am going out on a limb and assuming the FBI didn’t do this for no reason at all. For whatever reason, it would be futile to guess, they just don’t want to go public about what that reason was. Maybe the reason was noble and maybe it was nefarious. Who knows. Couldn’t say. But it being the FBI you would lean toward nefarious.

    The only other explanation is that the FBI has gone third world and the agents did this just to line their own pockets. Plausible, but it doesn’t seem widespread, so I’m discounting that probability. Although eventually such a climate will most likely come to pass. Maybe when it does, it will look like this.

    • Maybe some bureaucrat wanted to make her ex’s life miserable. Not kidding, either. When nobody gets in trouble, this petty kind of crap starts.

      • Spot on. Intra-agency factional wars are or will be bad enough, but the personal also is problematic. The Rule of Law as not developed with us in mind, which is something the Regime seems to have forgotten.

        • This case does look to me like a part of a gang war with the FBI being one of the gangs. But it required a few assumptions to get to that

      • It would turn into an unacceptably long post if I tried to hypothesize why or how this went down. The possibilities are endless. For starters, it’s possible that the vault company may not be exactly what it appears to be. Maybe it had access to all the boxes and was keeping stuff in people’s boxes unbeknownst to the customers. But what, why, or for whom, who knows. Couldn’t even begin to guess. Likewise it would be impossible to guess why the FBI cared. They could have cared for good reasons, or for bad ones. Who knows. We just know that they cared.

        • trust the plan jeff. af anything were up, fox news would have told us. none of us doubt your integrity agent Zoar.

    • Knowing what everyone knows about the FBI nowadays, what kind of person would want to be an FBI agent? A prick who would steal someone’s gold coins.

      If you want to be a corrupt prick with a badge, the FBI is your kind of club. It’s the major leagues.

      • It appears that the new DIE filtered crop of incoming agents includes a lot of strong independent blak women who want to stick it to whitey

      • I’ve noticed a common physiognomy among government 3 letter agency employees whenever they’re being interviewed on the news or a documentary. It’s that sort of face that you assume the person is a sociopathic asshole just by looking at them, you also see it in gangsters and eastern european military commanders.

    • In 2001, an older friend of mine who was an attorney and retired DOJ criminal prosecutor said to me, “the FBI is never your friend.”

      • The very first piece of advice given to me in my first roll call was “never trust a fed”.

    • Now why would the FBI raid a safe deposit depot on apparently thin legal pretext?

      An easy guess would be that the Feds were looking for information, a hard drive perhaps. Imagine the Ashley Biden diary, Hunter’s Laptop, illicit copy of the Crossfire Hurricane docs, or something a hundred times hotter. I know “I have a copy somewhere safe” is a stock line in thriller novels, but I assume some variant of that happens in the real world. Tough problem: where to stash the valuables?

      • That doesn’t explain opening every box. Doing that suggests their beef was with the vault company and not with any particular individual using it

        • Of course they could have opened every box as a way of obscuring which particular box they were interested in. I thought to myself a couple seconds after posting that.

    • I followed this case from the onset. It is my assumption the raid on private vaulting service was intended to discredit the safety of private vaulting of untitled assets like gold and silver bullion. The government hates private untitled wealth they can’t track and tax.

      • If that were the primary objective, I’d expect they’d A. Do this more than once, and B. Give it more publicity

  10. We should also note that these types of behaviors are not just done by the Feds. The state and local authorities do things like this and worse all the time.

    The truth is police can and do murder people regularly. As the Zman points out they are actors for the managerial state and therefore not held accountable the vast majority of the time.

    • Witness the darkly humorous situation in Jackson, Mississippi where the police department apparently decided to do black-style RWDS activities. A quick look at the news shows that absolutely no one has been punished thought the Justice Department has “top men” looking into it.

  11. Youtube law channel Steve Lehto has done a few videos on this episode. None are especially deep dives, but pretty good basic information. From those videos and a few articles I’ve read in the past about this incident, the FBI are every bit as corrupt here as it sounds.

  12. Regarding Twitter, it was widely acknowledged for years that it was the worst-run tech company, it was badly in need of reform, it made no money and had no hope of making money, the tech was outdated, and the leadership was out to lunch. This was totally understood, common knowledge. The only part of the company that ran effectively was Yoel Roth’s censorship machine.

    So Musk came in and brought in all those reforms, but he also dismantled the censorship regime, and for that he is paying a dear price Elon Musk. I just read today that some lady judge declared that Elon Musk’s compensation as CEO of Tesla, a company headquartered in a state known for business-friendly courts (Delaware), with a CEO pay package which was decided through board/shareholder approval processes that every single company in the USA operates in, which occurred in a time period when the market cap for Tesla increased 10 times over, was “voided”, which means this lady judge has literally stole $56 billion from Musk. If it wasn’t blatantly clear that the entire system views him as a Prime Enemy, it is clear now, and it is clear that the judge is trying to win favor with the Brandon entity.

    • Musk should be in prison, IMHO. 15k Dollars for “Full Self Driving” where full self driving means “keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times and be prepared to take corrective action and the car might do the worst possible thing at the worst possible time” He should be criminally liable for every corpse this “feature” has created. Not to mention the fraud aspect. How NHTSA allows this is beyond me.

      The Solar City fraud is another one. This was basically a bailout for his relative at shareholder expense.

      Musk is OK for dissidents and I’m glad he has made Twitter a little more open. But he’s a fraudster.

      The losses of TSLA are going to harm a lot of people. TSLA is valued higher than Toyota, GM and Ford combined with over 100 billion to spare. This is a barely profitable company who sell many fewer cars than any of the others mentioned here. Musk has largely been responsible for it by making unreasonable predictions of awesome new features coming “next year” for the last 10 years.

      • He would never be punished for actual crimes, indeed he won’t even be indirectly punished for wrongdoing; they’re just putting the screws to him for abetting crimethinkers.

      • Everybody who loses money on Tesla stock, and they will (someday), deserves to lose it. It’s basically a shitcoin masquerading as a corporation.

      • “But he’s a fraudster.”

        Yes, and? Congress and the agencies were going to throw the subsidy money at someone. Even if Musk only did one good thing, that’s more than pretty much everyone else combined who got that money would have.

        The problem is and always was the people who enact and oversee these stupid policies. Congress could shut off the green subsidies and carbon offsets any time they wanted. And they would have had the majority of Americans on their side. Even/especially if it meant a government “shutdown”.

          • IDK. Can anyone who has owned technology greater than, say, a can opener, really consider putting his life in the hands of open-beta, buggy software? Personally, I hope the self-driving car thing cleaned out the gene pool some.

          • Good point. Worm food is permanent.

            Mostly what I’ve seen is it accelerates into bridge abutments and the back of trucks, which isn’t that bad for anyone else.

            But is the “self-driving” car any different than your garden variety crappy driver?

    • If it wasn’t blatantly clear that the entire system views him as a Prime Enemy, it is clear now.

      If he were their prime enemy, they would not be showering him with subsidies, government contracts, dodgy legal loopholes and outright gifts, and he wouldn’t be a magnet for footloose cash from all the big pension- and hedge funds.

      If he were their enemy, they would not allow him to own Twitter, but they would burn his little car shop down like it was Saint Floyd Day, his NASA contracts would be awarded to Jeff Bezos and he’d not be allowed to pollute low earth orbit with 40,000 items of space debris.

      If he were an enemy he would be cancelled, rather than getting starry-eyed MSM coverage from every techno-illiterate camwhore in the nation: “So, Mr. Musk, please tell us more about your fantastic plan of sending passengers to Asia on intercontinental ballistic missiles…”

      If he were the enemy, he would not be allowed to run the biggest Ponzi scheme in US history.

      • You touched on the one area where they need him, and that’s SpaceX. Blue Origin is way behind. They can’t just shift everything over to them and expect to keep going.

        • Blue Origin is behind because Musk gets all the government funds and contracts. Also, NASA builds its own rockets, the Space Launch System: they don’t blow up on the pad, they can actually go to the Moon and they’re (a little) cheaper than a Falcon IX.

          The market for private orbital launches is not very big, about $7-8 billion a year, and +85% of SpaceX’s “private” launches are Starlink, which is financed by a Ponzi scheme on the same model as Solar City. I’m fairly certain it’s a CIA or military project, that’s the only way I can seem him getting away with polluting LEO like he does.

      • I agree with you, Felix, but that raises the question of why his Tel Avi ritual humiliation session was necessary.


        • I don’t think it really mean much, it’s just a thing you have to do if you want to hang out with the cool kids. Also, Jews love to see their tools grovel before them.

          I feel the visit to Auschwitz is a bit more serious, probably a pre-emptive signal that free speech stops at Holocaust Denial.

          • Felix Krull: “free speech stops at Holocaust Denial.”

            That would be the HoloHAUX.

            Which, of course, can’t be denied, because, as an Haux, it never even existed in the first place.

            It’s fascinating how the psychological & the sociological completely dominate & subvert & destroy the rational & the analytic & the intuitive & the moral.

            John Adams, of all people, ackshually got that right.

            An unitardian.

            Go figure.

          • It is the emotional overcoming the rational when the holohoax is involved (hoax is the American spelling). The juice are masters at manipulating the emotions.

        • The Tesla is a signaling device, like peacock feathers.
          It’s useless for transportation, except in the neighborhood. I suspect wealthy Jews are the prime demographic for purchasing a virtue signaling Tesla. Musk has to go through the humiliation ritual to protect his market share among the virtue signaling class.

          • Yeah, we’ve got one of those down the street. Owns a Tesla, got solar panels on his roof that don’t feed a Powerwall or equivalent, just feed whatever they fenerate back to the power company for a reduced bill. But now he owns a Tesla, I bet his bills reflect more draw than those solar panels can cover. Wifey had posters of missing Israelis taped on her minivan, but that at last stopped, being replaced by a yellow ribbon tied around the door handle. Stapled a poster for a while on the telephone pole with an Israeli flag stuck in the ground beside it. Poster is gone, flag appears to have come unstuck from the stick, now drags on the ground.

            The family moved here to South Jersey from Brooklyn, surprise surprise. Let me tell ya, I feel enriched by their generally slovenly upkeep.

      • He was a darling of the liberal class up until the day he bought Twitter. His cars have been status symbols for the elite for years, especially in the fact that they are EVs. He also has this weird transhumanist agenda that is right in line with the Davos crowd.

        So, yea, all this is new. They turned on him as soon as he bought Twitter, proclaimed his desire for free speech and fired thousands of people. The last straw for them was probably when he released the communications that Roth’s team had with the feds and the way they coordinated to advance the narrative.

    • That’s why the senile potato Biden was installed as a figurehead in the first place. Delaware is the preferred state to incorporate a business in the US. The Bidens use their leverage with their fellow corrupt sociopaths on the Delaware Court of Chancery to extort compliance from US businesses. Simple.

      “I will bring the suit in the Chancery court in Delaware – which as you know is my home state and I am privileged to have worked with and know every judge on the chancery court.” – Hunter Biden (in an email)

      Read this:

      • Never really understood why it was “preferred” when just about every other state has similar, if not identical corporate laws. In the before days, it might have made sense when Delaware had a more developed case law. But that was forever ago. As for judges (what really matters) they are corrupt everywhere – I would think Delaware being particularly corrupt given its proximity to the Imperial Capitol.

    • We saw a Cybertruck in person the other day.

      Looks even worse imthan the photos.

      And it turns out the so-called, “stainless steel,” is quite susceptible to corrosion. It’s right in the manual!

  13. Sometimes the old ways are better. In my grandfathers days there was a three step rule for dealing with the Jack Smith types: A gun, A shovel, An alibi.

    • Nowadays the way to handle things is shoot, shovel, shut up, at least I have heard this maintained. An alibi means that you talked to the popo, which is no bueno, as that always comes to a bad end somehow.

  14. I remember when criticism of the 9th Circuit was a staple of Conservative media. I guess the 9th Circuit got it right this time. Though I’m sure for the wrong reasons.

    • I find that in cases dealing with police overreach, it’s often the liberals that rule best and the conservatives who side with LEOs nearly every time – in a way that restricts your liberties. For example, the 2015 case of Rodriguez v. United States, SCOTUS ruled that cops can’t detain a person any longer than is reasonably necessary in order to carry out the purpose of the original stop. In the case in question, Rodriguez was stopped for driving on the shoulder. He was investigated and issued a warning but the detaining officer then waited for a second cop to show up, who then went and retrieved a drug sniffing dog, and after 7-8 minutes of walking the car, that dog indicated the presence of drugs. SCOTUS, in a decision authored by RBG, vacated the lower courts and overturned the drug conviction. But Thomas and Alito were so bothered by this that they both wrote dissents (as did Kennedy). This is par for the course among boot-licking, cop-sucking conservative judges. Screw them.

      • This strikes me as something of a dilemma for dissidents. On the one hand, we’re deeply suspicious–and rightly so–of LEOs and would like to see their excesses reined in sharply. On the other, we loathe crime and criminals and wish to see them brought to book. That’s a bright-line Left/Right split, and many dissidents are doubtless right on the fence here.

        • The old school, tried and true, not leaving it up to the law to screw it up, solution to this dilemma, was called lynching

      • Liberals are only lenient when nonwhite criminals are arrested by the cops. They’re 100% OK with crucifying J6 defendants, entrapping morons as “terrorists,” shooting unarmed whites like Asli Babbitt, and seizing the guns of white people with no due process under “red flag” laws.

        But if blacks and antifa burn police cars, they get literally paid.

  15. This is tenuously related to managerialism but as I write this in the break room – am I not suited for a wagie type job? My attitude toward work is unusual. Here is how I would explain it:

    Just tell me what the end result is and I’ll find a way. I can mostly self teach myself. If the results aren’t what you like, then I can do things like “feedback” or “take notes”.

    I know this sounds abrasive but its my mindset

  16. OT: In Kansas, a statue of Jackie Robinson was “kidnapped” and burned. AFAIK, nobody has claimed responsibility, i.e. there weren’t 15 pristine MAGA hats neatly ringing the burnt statue, along with a note in Ebonics telling niggers and kikes to go back to Africa. So, this doesn’t appear to be a frame-up hate hoax; it’s the genuine article–an angry white person or persons lashing out at negrolatry, AINO’s national religion.

    I regard this as a positive sign. After the post-Passion of the Floyd defacement and removal of so many statues of whites, we’ve seen a touch of tit-for-tat. And more important, there appear to be at least some whites who embrace white identity and recognize the ongoing war against whites.

    Now this is just one small incident, but perhaps it is indicative of a general wellspring of white resentment. What’s more, maybe it will inspire copycat acts that send AINO’s hysterical Power Structure into a neurotic panic. Anything that causes the archfiends to lose some sleep cannot be all bad.

    • I didn’t hear about that….perhaps that is a good sign! How tiresome!

      Jackie Robinson is second only to MLK Jr. in the sainted BIPOC hierarchy.

        • A Hutu Mt. Rushmore–this would be a good topic of discussion. ML Kang, obviously. And then you’ve gotta have at least one negress–Harriett Tubman, most likely. Then there are the iconic “martyrs”–Emmitt Till and St. George Floyd. Who else? Maya Angelou? Jackie Robinson? Jesse Owens? Miles Davis? John Coltrane? President BO? The options are plentiful given AINO’s sacralization of the negroid race.

          • It’s gotta include MLK, Jackie R, and Harriet T. The other 2 are open for debate. I’d say WEB DuBois and Sally Hemmings. Sally Hemmings would be there for no good reason…just a regime spite for Jefferson.

        • Often ignored is the fact that Owens got to meet the Austrian painter and reported that he was very respectful and that their interaction was cordial. Nonetheless, it won’t be long until future historians allege that it was Owens who first gave the black power salute on the podium.

          • I have it on good authority that Owens, after singlehandedly wiping out three Totenkopf korps with his bare hands, was making his way into the Mustache’s inner sanctum, and that is what drove him and Braun to quaff that cyanide schnapps…

    • Expect to see a special FBI task force created to bring this menace to justice.

      You needn’t look farther than the J6 vs. BLM riots to see the absurdly one sided nature of the “Just Us” system in the US circa the 2020s. Trespass against the Sacred Black Cow at your own peril.

      As our Chinese friend so memetically and eloquently stated, “It’s all so tiresome.”

      • One of the working groups assigned to investigate the Bubba Wallace hate crime probably can be deployed to help investigate the Jackie Robinson caper (“quien?” asked Special Agent Gonzales).

      • Yep. And they’ll give him 30 years on “hate crimes” charges for defacing a statue of a holy negro.

        Did ANYBODY ever get arrested when the mobs of leftists defaced public monuments of Confederate veterans in broad daylight in the middle of several cities? Nope, the cops stood idly by and did nothing, then the municipal governments capitulated to the mobs and removed the statuary.


    • C’mon. These fellows were just trying to be historically accurate concerning the great “Shoeless” Jackie Robinson.

  17. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » The Arc Of Managerialism

  18. With regards to “holding people accountable”, one wonders when the mighty Jim Jordan will be doing anything with all of the investigations that have been conducted since the Cucks gained the House.

    To the best of my knowledge, no one has been fired, lost a pension, or gone to prison.

    All the criminal activity, malfeasance and negligence of a lifetime, and nothing to show for all of his huffing and puffing.

    Just like Trey Gowdey, Jim Jordan is all bark, no bite. And the sociopaths in charge will skate again.

    • The NYSlimes et al threatened to endlessly tar him with the creep homosexual who was doing weird “physicals” on wrestlers – though it had zero really to do with Jordan – I read he made some type of deal to get them to drop it by becoming ineffective as we see today….The Mainslime Media is a joke in the USA but it still has enough of a megaphone that it can slime anyone on anything, true or not

    • Congressional hearings are about factfinding. Nothing more and nothing less. His committee is doing an excellent job of uncovering facts and getting names.

      Evidence of criminality can be referred to the Department of Justice. The hopelessly corrupt Merrick will do nothing, but a Republican Attorney General might act on the information at some point in the future.

  19. Something smells.

    “At this point, the FBI had produced no evidence of a crime.”

    Point of order, here. They don’t have to produce evidence, they have to present plausible suspicion of the existence of evidence to justify the search. With the complexities of actual money laundering and forensic auditing I can see it being fairly being fairly easy to make a case for a warrant. And yeah…going through the seized material like that with a fine toothed comb is going to take time. Lots of it. Not trying to defend the Feebs, but in a legit investigation that is the way of it. In money laundering there are wheels within wheels within wheels spinning.

    More malodorous stinkery: Screwing with the banks like this is VERY dangerous, even to the managerials. It’s bad for business. our faggot faced Prime Minister decided to freeze some bank accounts during the trucker revolt. The banks (and the donors) told Turdo what would happen to him if he ever tried that stunt again. Dirts and beautiful people alike need to know their money and confidentials are safe. The Feebs aren’t going to worry about peasants like you or I with something like this… they are after the kinds of guys and bagmen that are moving millions, possibly tens or even hundreds of millions.

    The kinds of guys with that kind of clout have a very small, extremely wealthy clientele.
    The kind of clientele that would probably include certain beautiful people that are above the law? Could there be some kind of internal civil war going on in the managerial and donor class?

    Maybe I’m paranoid and have been running around too many conspiracy theorists…but there is something off, here. Something more is going on.

    • The standard here in the States is (or is supposed to be) probable cause, not reasonable suspicion. So, yes, in order to get a warrant, they are supposed to point to specific things that lead them to believe that a crime has been committed, and that an investigation of these specific locations, and the seizure of these specific items will prove it.

      It means they needed to know what was in the boxes before they opened them. Tough bar, sure, but that’s the way its supposed to work.

    • You cannot get a blanket warrant for hundreds of individuals. Warrants are supposed to be specific. They also need a specific cause of action. They did not have a warrant to go into these boxes. The boxes were specific excluded in the warrant.

      Steve Lehto has done a few videos about this. They lied to the judge. They’ve stolen valuables (like gold and silver coins) from the individual boxes. When I say stolen, i don’t mean confiscated, I mean they are claiming they lost thees coins they should have never had in the first place. They used the excuse of doing an inventory to search the boxes the were not permitted to search.

      The police regularly rob people on the side of the road. They literally robbed an armored car on the side of the road.

      I don’t think a single cop from Uvalde has been fired or criminally charged. In fact, it is near certain they will get a large budget increase. These cops literally hid in a hallway listening to children being murdered!

      The entire CJS is corrupt from top to bottom. Why should the FBI be any different? They are far more connected to the borg than state and county police, who are just as corrupt.

      • Yes, but in fairness wrt Uvalde, IIRC, the officers from Border Patrol told the local officers on the scene to screw themselves and broke protocol (chain of command) to stop the killings and take out the shooter holed up in the classroom.

        Credit where credit is due.

        • If I hear children from my community being mowed down by some psycho, the “chain of command” can go pound sand. I would disobey (assuming they had orders not to go in) and go rescue those children. Plus, they were actual children and not teenagers. Bunch of worthless cowards. They all belong in prison. Instead, they will all be rewarded. These SOBs even tackled parents including women who were trying to storm that classroom and save their children.

          They did exactly what was described in today’s article and blamed the abstraction of “the system” and cried about not having enough of the right equipment. Of course, the “internal investigation” found they didn’t do anything wrong. If police won’t protect 10 year olds from being mowed down in an elementary school, WTF do we have police for? Besides robbing people on the side of the road and writing tickets and enforcing retarded laws, WTF do we have cops for? Is protecting children not the number 1 priority of any community?

          • @Ostei Kozelskii

            Does not apply here.

            We’re talking about over 60 heavily armed police cowering outside of a classroom for like 90 minutes while the community’s children were killed.

            This is not a fake call to think of the children. This is children literally being murdered with 60 heavily armed cops within feet of the murderer cowering behind shields and refusing to move.

          • That was my point Tars, you painted *all* LEO’s with too broad a brush. BP arrived on scene, assessed the situation, then acted. BP *are* certified LEO’s who, in this case, work for the Fed’s—not State or Local.

            The rest of the lot are incompetent garbage IMHO and as shown by their actions.

    • The standards is probable cause and it has two prongs. The first is there is probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. The second prong is the targeted individual committed the crime. While the first prong may have been met, the second certainly was not as to individuals swept up in the search. This is unfortunately common now.

      Your point about banking is excellent. The United States previously was seen as transparent and subject to the rule of law. That is going away rapidly, and the economic consequences could be dire.

      I mention it frequently, but while it was a relatively minor incident, the feds investigated Gamestop simply because a certain Tribe was denied the opportunity to profit while the goys made bank. That marked a turning point for investment, and not a good one. There have been many similar major SEC investigations for similar reasons although they received less publicity. Financial markets indeed will suffer as investors flee American banks and securities due to corruption.

      Add to this the seizure of Russians assets and so forth and what once was the most reliable market no longer is.

    • In this case the FBI lied to get the warrant. The warrant was only for the purpose of examining business records. Then when the FBI executed the faulty warrant they went ahead and broke open the individual security containers of customers.

      The breaking in to the security containers was not even authorized by the warrant. Note the FBI has admitted all of this.

      • I have -direct-, painful, and personal experience with this.

        When the gestapo decided to battering ram my door in at 3 am and drag me out of bed and point machineguns at me for the high crime of hurting someone’s fee fees they took everything that wasn’t nailed down, including my firearms. These were not in the warrant. Whoops!

        Well, no warrant? No problem! They literally cooked one up -on the spot- and had it waiting for a judge at 7 am so he could sign off on it, –retroactively–. They back dated it, just to cover their ass even though the action had already occurred.

        The corruption is deep and incorrigible at this point particularly if you are not on ‘Team Lefty’ because they have absolutely no compunction against lying, cheating, and stealing even in matters of “law enforcement”.

        Douglas Mackey, ‘Ricky Vaughn’ was literally indicted for reposting a meme FOUR YEARS later. You are 100% unsafe from this tyranny should you run afoul of it. Plan accordingly.

        • Apex—hear me out, then blast—my brief reading tells me they did “nothing” outside the law. And that is even *worse* than if they blatantly *ignored* the law.

          For those reading this, think about what I just wrote.

        • Creative warrant writing solves many of these problems. Say the cops think you have a dead body in your house. According to warrant rules, going through your filing cabinets would be illegal because a body couldn’t fit in a filing cabinet. So they add extra things to the warrant like finding receipts for clean up materials or something like the driver’s license of the dead guy. Problem solved. They can now go in your filing cabinet and seize all your papers and records. Pretty much all warrants are done like this. So they are effectively general warrants. Pointing their guns at your wife and children is common.

          The problem is, the law is whatever they say the law is. The right in the US needs to figure out the law and LE is not on their side. To make matters worse, they are loading it all up with anti-White diversity.

          • This sounds sort of like a street level Bill of Attainder. Warrants such as these are just fishing expeditions and extra-legal punishment without even charges, let alone convictions.

    • Wrong, Filthie. The U.S. 4th Amendment is pretty specific:

      “…no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

  20. Solid article, but you really need to come up with a punchier term than “managerialism,” which causes one’s eyes to glaze over more surely than a case of Sominex and a jug of white lightning.

    • Just finished reading Bukovsky’s “To Build a Castle-My LIfe as a Dissident,” recommended by Severian on this site, by the way. (Thanks, Severian, if you read this. Wonderful, riveting memoir.) Though the word “managerialism” seems non-descriptive of what is happening – too boring and plodding to describe the evil that it brings about, Bukovsky repeatedly uses the term “bureaucracy” as the origin for the horrors of the KGB and Soviet psychiatric “hospitals” and prison/work camps. Without going into detail, the hierarchy requires incentives and disincentives, and the system trains ordinary people who work within it to commit unspeakable sins. Breaking into the safety deposit boxes with no punishments should not be surprising to any of us.

  21. I’ve actually been to U.S. Private Vaults. was in Beverly Hills, which is not a place with many “ordinary Americans.” It was located in a little strip mall on Olympic. I used to patronzie the sushi place located two doors down and I’d usually park right in front of US Private Vaults. Once I went in there to ask about something.

    To begin with, you have to understand the very idea of storing your valuables in a privately-owned” safety deposit” box place — one owned by a bunch of swarthy middle eastern ethnics (I’m not sure of the specific ethnicity, they were Persian, Armenian, Lebanese, Moroccan or something) with sculpted facial hair and clad in their traditional native garb of a tight European t-shirt, black jeans and a Gucci belt — is sketchy and suspect as hell. If you’d ever seen that place you’d be even more suspicious, it was literally located right next to a nail salon, a kids’ karate place, and a Quiznos.

    We’ve got a safety deposit box, it’s where we keep our passports, my life insurance policy, birth certificates and such, a pocket watch I inherited from my great-grandpa (it’s worth like $200 but has lots of sentimental value) and some of my wife’s jewelry. Ours is located in a BANK, not in some strip mall owned by a bunch of Arabs. Why? It’s not that I find globohomo banks to be more inherently trustworthy than a bunch of swarthy Middle Eastern types, it’s because my local branch of globohomo bank is not likely to simply disappear with all of my valuables one night. Globohomo Bank, N.A. will try to steal from me in other ways, it’s probably not going to just clean out my safety deposit box.

    So why would anyone keep their money and valuables at US Private Vaults? I can’t think of any good reason, unless they were trying to hide assets. OK, I suppose some their customers probably were just regular Persian Jews and Arabs who wanted to keep some “portable wealth” that they brought with them from the old country in a box located within walking distance of their home because they don’t trust banks, governments, etc. These people probably weren’t up to anything illegal. But I GUARANTEE a that a bunch of dirty money was stored at “US Private Vaults.” Aside from the occasional suspicious hoarder from the Old Country, the sole reason for that place’s existence seemed to be hiding assets and dirty money.

    • I KNEW it!!! Thank you Joe!

      Not saying the Feeb involvement is legit… but there are definitely shenanigans going on here… and there is the outside possibility the Feebs are actually trying to do their jobs, maybe?

      Let this be a lesson to NEVER underestimate Filthie’s formidable powers of observation and deduction…

    • Sorry, but that’s just nuts. “If you weren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to hide.” If I were trying to keep something on the down low, I wouldn’t use a place like that because, obviously, it’s way too easy to target.

      I just find it hard to believe that any commenter on this site isn’t at least a little hesitant about putting full faith and trust in the government. Particularly after decades of clear evidence they mean nothing but harm to straight white males.

      • Steve: There seem to be a lot of ‘new’ commenters of this sort of late. People who trust the media and the authorities, and their own public ‘virtue’ and obsequiousness.

      • Nonsense. That is not what I’m saying at all.

        What I’m trying to say is this: from our esteemed blog host’s poast – this looks like a random cock up perpetrated by the usual denizens of clown world.

        But the Feebs are like anyone else – they do everything for a reason. For them to just target some random holding establishment and stick it up for small chump change doesn’t make sense. For them to suck a judge into it and violate dozens of clearly spelled out constitutional laws? Say what ya want, those guys DO understand law. Something made them or their masters angry enough, or frightened them enough – to send in the clowns. Now we learn some swarthy cultural enrichers are involved. Hmmmmm. NON-jewish cultural enrichers. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Permit me to speculate:

        We now have between one and three global economic superpowers rising to directly challenge Jewish-dominated Globohomo… the BRIICS for example. The Feebs tend to be the blunt instrument used by Clownworld and they’ve been set upon some supposedly hapless brown people that just may, coincidinkally…be associated with a rival economic alliance.

        I smell a caper here. It is entirely possible that the Feebs were acting interests that *may* actually coincide with those of the American people. Or not – I will not be surprised either way. Regardless, my sense is that there is a bigger picture here that we aren’t seeing. My spider senses are screaming bloody murder…

        When trying to suss these things out you can make no assumptions. You want to try to see the doings through the eyes of the perps, and through those of the innocents that may get sucked into these swirling vortexes of clown comedy.

        My feeling is that we need to put a pin in this and keep it in mind. I won’t be surprised if it ties into any one of half a dozen former and future “current things”.

        But whadda I know?

        • OK, let’s go with the ZOG idea.

          The fly in the ointment is that if (((they))) were going after the swarthy, they (the FBI) didn’t have to seize things in the boxes belonging to the non-swarthy. They could just pull the records and seize the belongings of whomever (((they))) wanted punished. They wouldn’t have to fight tooth and nail to avoid returning property to those who were not (((their))) enemies.

          With the ZOG assumption, it’s not so much that they are acting in America’s interests so much as in (((their))) interests.

          I just think it more plausible that the whole point is to close down privately-held depositories, and force people to use bank-held safety deposit boxes, because banks owe their very existence to the feds, so will do whatever is asked of them.

          • All plausible. Again – I am not defending any of this. I am merely pointing out that the same constitutional laws that protect us are all too easily perverted to protect them.

            Why did they go after innocent peons and dirts? Perhaps they suspected collaborators in that lot? We can only speculate. I think there’s a lot of this going on behind the scenes that we can’t see.

    • None of that gives the FBI the right to break the law, which they did, to go into the boxes and grab everything – perhaps they should have done some real police work first and obtained probable cause? From what you say that probably wouldn’t have taken much….

      Since we know from J6th etc. they really are not a police agency at all but some kind of political enforcement entity like the Stasi no doubt they don’t even know how to do real police work anymore bc all they do is set people up – Muslims, J6ers etc. – in frame up jobs….

    • That is extremely useful information if you’re considering making use of their services. It is entirely beside the point if that point is the erosion of privacy, private property and the fourth amendment

    • “But I GUARANTEE a that a bunch of dirty money was stored at “US Private Vaults.”

      As opposed to super (((clean money))) stored at JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Chase, etc. right?

      You strike me as a Boomer Tier “Back the Blue” type. Did you take a wrong turn at the Breitbart forum and land here?

    • Joe Schmoe: Your trusty local bank may not clear out your safety deposit box, but it can easily seal access to it at the request of a government agency (fbi, irs, etc.). Nothing in said box is insured. If there is civil unrest, temporary loss of power, a personal emergency after business hours, or if the bank shuts its doors, you are s**t out of luck. You are far safer keeping personal documents like wills and passports in a home safe . . . or buried in your backyard.

      As far as potential nefarious activity – of course any/many of those “swarthy Middle Eastern types” were laundering money, or hiding untaxed goods, etc. It’s how they operate. So your solution is to sic the feebies on everyone who doesn’t keep every bit of personal wealth and property in an approved local bank? You undoubtedly cheered when the TSA was instituted as well, to “keep us safe.”

      The answer to narco or ethnic money laundering is NOT to use the feds to stick their noses – regardless of the facade of ‘legality’ – in everyone’s private business. The simple solution is to keep alien people from alien races and cultures out of one’s nation state. But then, that is White supremacy and patently ‘illegal,’ so badthink.

      You are the perfect model of the modern major general – in addition to illustrating the idiocy of universal suffrage.

      • My added comment here would be, what ever happened to the old saw that it “…is better to allow a dozen criminals to go free than sentence one innocent man.”

        So it is with the US Private Vaults example. Many box holders with shady reputations (i.e., swarthy skin), but also a completely reasonable expectation of innocent box holders as well. So let’s just grab everything under false pretenses and call the innocents “collateral damage”. Screw them anyway, they’re probably guilty of something! (Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime mentality.)

        Anyone else see the problem here?

    • “ to a nail salon, a kids’ karate place, and a Quiznos.”

      Gotta love 21st Century America.

      • Zulu Juliet: And every last place staffed, undoubtedly, by magic dirt/magic paper numurkans.

        Burn it all down.

        • Portland version: weed shop, tattoo parlor, and… another weed shop. All three staffed, not by numurkans, but the typical West Coast circus trash. Not sure which is worse.

    • All of what you said is probably true but largely beside the point.

      The point is supposed to be a rule of law. They did not have any specific suspicion about any of them. They didn’t even know their names. They are not supposed to be able to go “fishing for evidence” in people’s private property based on a “he’s up to no good” hunch.

      They are supposed to write a warrant saying we believe because of reasons X, Y and Z, Joe Schmoe is committing this specific crime listed in the warrant. Plus, they are supposed to say further “we believe we will find this specific evidence”

      This particular warrant was against the owners of the shop. None of the customers were suspected of any specific crime. This was brought up in the warrant hearing. The judge specifically forbid them to go into the SD boxes. They took the nest and then used an excuse that they had to do an “inventory” of the boxes. They basically went fishing. They stole valuables while they were at it. Not one person will be fired. Not one person will be even reprimanded. All will get promotions and a big raise this year. Certainly none will be arrested for making false sworn oath (felony) or filing a fraudulent government document (which is a felony).

    • “Moroccan”

      Morocco is on the West Coast of Africa, not the middle east. About as far away from the middle east as Spain (assuming you know where Spain is).

  22. “This is why public companies that fail must be taken private. Elon Musk bought Twitter, took it private and became the man responsible for the company. He then fired half the staff and started holding the rest accountable for their work. He overthrew the managerial system.”

    Yes. What’s coming next is what has come before. But if Z is to become the warlord – sorry, I mean His Royal Highness, the King of Appalachia – he’s gonna need an official religion. Calvinism seems to fit the personality of the region, so maybe that’s an answer.

    My plan, after deposing the current bishop for various crimes, is to install another more in line with, say, old Spanish Catholicism. We’ll impose the faith with brutality, if necessary, on the Episcopalians infesting the region (we will not need any brutality to convert the Episcopalians). As for the Baptists, well, let’s just say there won’t be any to convert.

    • I think Calvin poisoned the Protestant well by injecting the notion of chosenness under the guise of election. Which, I’d say, in that case, is a perversion of the earlier pagan idea of fate I suspect Protestants still carry.

      As for Catholicism, there’s an entire race of humans that didn’t exist 500 years ago, because the natives weren’t a good fit for Christian civ. I know that’s not the official, apparitional, version, but really. Everybody’s got their problems.

      We’re all crazy!

    • The record of Catholic militaries fighting Protestant militaries is not great, especially when the numbers are even. There’s a reason you speak English and not Spanish or French.

      There’s a reason for why Berlin is the capital of Germany and not Vienna.

  23. Once you specify in advance what a project is to achieve and whose responsibility it is to see that it does, the entire system collapses.

  24. A closer examination of the case opinion reveals how the FBI behavior went beyond egregious to unquestionably outrageous. First, prior to executing the warrant, they were aware that the the target organization, i.e. the owners of the vault, had an explicit policy of extending their services to clients with no criminal involvement specifically to avoid suspicion that they themselves were a criminal organization. So, they drafted an affidavit that explicitly excluded “seizure” of the individual box contents. The warrant was therefore designed to convince a magistrate that the goal was to dismantle the service by seizing the infrastructure that supported the operation of the boxes.
    But, secondly, as they dismantled the frame that physically held the individual, sealed boxes, the FBI “inventoried” the contents according to what they claimed were pre-existing protocols intended merely to identify those to whom the contents should be returned and to “protect” themselves from false accusations of theft, loss or misappropriation. Of course, once they got an eye full of the contents, the blood lust for asset forfeiture and additional convictions led to the decision to contravene the sworn affidavit supporting the warrant. Property, like several thousands of dollars worth of gold coins in one instance, was “lost” and litigation ensued.
    Hanlon’s Razor is getting dull. Sometimes it IS just stupidity, because the managerial elite are a swelling horde of mediocrities. But sometimes it’s EVIL because that same elite hates the Dirt People and assumes we’re all guilty of something so we deserve whatever “befalls” us. There’ll be no blame or punishment. Just “Some people did some things.” Eat the bugs; live in the pod; you’ll own nothing and be happy, Citizen.

    • One has to hope the owner did not say, “Sure, you can search” (even if they thought that meant only the records noted on the warrant) because that is a free ticket to ransack the place, and goodbye 4th Amendment.

      If they didn’t “consent” they have a good Civil Rights case, which is likely to get a lot further than anything else.

    • That’s what atomization does to people it sets them up for genocide…You would think our side could see what is coming and prepare to resist that but comfortable slavery seems to rule the day…Hope you are well Brother…

      • Lineman: I have noted many times before that I am not one who thinks it worth trying to inform or convert anyone to ‘our’ side – because anyone who still insists it’s all fine isn’t worth saving. To be even more explicit (and mean and lacking in compassion, etc.), I think we are long overdue for a serious culling of the population.

        Today’s and other recent comment threads being prime examples.

        • I’m not talking about converting anyone Sister I’m more talking about our side taking the knowledge that they have and use it to further the goals we want to see in place…

  25. One of the premises of leftism is that all people are the same. There is complete fungibility pf people.

    Which is also foundational to managerialism. The idea that the “system” matters, not the people operating within that system. Thats central to ISO 9000 and all its bastard siblings. Get the system right and you can drop in anyone and get the result you want.*

    Which leads to the managerial dysfunction described by Z. There is no point in holding individuals accountable for their performance when they are mere cogs in a system. That analogy fails because a broken cog in a machine can jam up the whole thing – but you know, whatever.

    *The fungibility of labor is a key element of marxism and communism and a large reason for those systems failures. A classic example was Stalin murdering the kulaks – successful farmers – because he knew that anyone could be dropped into the system and be just as successful. – oops.

    • Scott Adams (I know, I know) has a great section in his book The Dilbert Principle with a chapter that addresses “Is Your Company Doomed?”


      If your company is staffed with a bunch of boneheads, you are doomed. the situation is usually referred to indirectly as a need for “process improvement”. If you notice a lot of attention being given to process improvement it’s a sure sign that all the smart employees have left the company and those who remain are desperately trying to find a “process” that is so simple that the boneheads who remain can handle it.

      It goes with your idea that “Get the system right and you can drop in anyone and get the result you want.” Not perfectly, but there’s a common thread in both ideas.

      Also I’ve noticed the idea of “fungible employees” popping up more and more in IT. It takes time to master a language or software package. Simply because a person is a programmer doesn’t necessarily mean they can pick up a new language or skill and run with it.

      An electrician can swing a hammer but that doesn’t make him a carpenter. Managerialism says it can and why are these 2X4s crooked? We need a NEW process!

      • You have read my mind. The company I work for is based in Austria, so they have the German predilections for rules and process. I know that Austria it a separate country, but they speak the same language, use the money and have a wonderful connection to the most famous Austrian of them all. Anyway, over the past 90 days, our CEO and COO (Americans) were shown the door and “company men” were brought in to “refine our processes and improve the dynamics of revenue creation throughout the North American unit”. The Dilbert Principal in action. The first new department they created was the PMI (Process Management Improvement). I’m retiring early.

        • The Austrians’ approach would work fine if the North American unit were staffed with Austrians. They will find it is staffed with, at best, old stock Americans, and at worst, new “Americans”.

          I’ve worked with Austrian companies and I respect them, but they don’t get how things go in America.

          • The Austrians will find out that “Amerixa always wins” as surely as the Chinese found out that “Africa always wins”. A sad testimony, but “America” is no longer what once it was.

      • This is part of what drives the managerial cult of Agile and Scrum in software. I see all kinds of job ads with that shit as more important requirement that, you know, the ability to code. I’m sure this is also behind the drive to believe in the magic pixie dust nature of “AI”. Never mind hiring skilled people – just force everyone to do Agile and Scrum sessions and then feed everything that isn’t getting done into the AI wood chipper.

  26. “Managers socialize failure onto the abstraction that is the system, while privatizing the benefits onto the individuals within the managerial system.”

    Just brilliant. All systems need a feedback loop to function. Managerialism is just Oligarchy without a feedback loop.

    • With respect, managerialism and oligarchy are not quite the same, although they often work in concert. Oligarchs need managers to implement their will, but become dependent on them for doing so, and thus managerialism develops interests of its own, which occasionally conflict with the interests of oligarchs, or at least some of them. DIE is an example of this, particularly when it is applied to “fellow” white people.

      Managerialism thus becomes a mandarinate, particularly as it controls, at least formally, the military and law enforcement apparatus of the state. The fundamental problem of managerialism is that, as a collective, it lacks the direction, discipline, and purpose of a singular will, and cannot easily adapt to change. My prediction is that over the long term oligarchs will start developing private militaries, and even private legal systems to tame the mandarins. You see this even now, in embryonic form. Eventually, some oligarch will announce he has atomics, and then they all will.

      If we don’t annihilate ourselves society will thus evolve from Rollerball to Dune.

      • Agree completely. Was trying to be succinct.

        Agency problem is already plaguing Oligarchs vis-a-vis their Manager class, because of some “agenda mismatch”.

        That said, managerial class is a useful buffer for Oligarchs in case of emergency.

        • Yup. Oligarchs like to remain behind the curtain, when possible. At some point, I expect the mandarins will try to fight back via some sort of wealth tax, and then things should get really spicy.

  27. I love how the FBI form FD-302, where FBI agents write down their thoughts about an interview days or weeks after the fact is considered absolute holy writ. Editing after the fact is commonplace.

    This, in the age of everyone having a hi fidelity microphone and video with infinite cloud storage space for free.

    This certainly couldn’t lend itself to abuse, could it?

    Agent X: “This damning interview summary came to me in a dream, after I ate a bad burrito, hunger for which was trigged after ingesting mushrooms.”

    Judge Z: “Well, it’s an FD-302, the law is the law, it’s legit.”

    Politician Y: “How come no one trusts the FBI anymore?”

    • My parents, bless their hearts, allowed FBI into their home, no attorney, about a case most of you have probably heard of. They were of the era that believed government was a force for good.

      A year or so later, US attorneys met with them to go over what they would have to testify in court about, and they said, “Wait. That’s not what we said.”
      “Well, that’s what the 302 says.”
      “But it’s not true.”
      “You will testify what it says here or you will be charged with lying to a federal agent.”

      Maybe self-evidently, my parents awoke from their stupor before they passed.

      • It is an outrage that people can be charged with lying to a federal officer, but federal officers can lie to people with absolutely no consequence.

        It would seem a basic rule of a civilized society should be that lying in performance of public duties is met with removal and punishment.

  28. > be taken private, as in private rule, so the system can be scrapped along with the managers

    This was the true meaning behind the God-Emperor meme about Trump in 2016. Trump failed to live up to that expectation, though he most likely wasn’t even aware of it.

    Since then, things rapidly keep getting worse. If somebody younger, more charismatic, with more powerful friends and a lot more aggressivity showed up, I would give him a 1% chance at success.

      • Yes, hence, 1% chance at success.

        If the leader of El Salvador was able to use the method of physical removal to fix their country’s biggest problem, then good leaders with great balls in the West can use that example to start fixing things too.

    • That’s how Trump runs his businesses. He says the word and they go. So even if Trump wasn’t aware of the meme, it is how he operated in business and life for decades. I think he assumed that government would work the same way, as he is the President. Well, it doesn’t, obviously, and he was immediately beset by spiteful mutants who couldn’t be removed working to undermine him on a minute-by-minute basis.

  29. The British historian C. Northcote Parkinson used to write about how bureaucracies — both public and private — didn’t really work and were free from accountability and oversight. But he was writing within the context of a failing and then collapsed British empire. The incompetent, failing, and corrupt institutions of the collapsing US empire seem to be in a different league altogether. But I have a sinking feeling that this is still early days yet and we are going to witness how dysfunctional life can be in the USA.

    The interesting development of the last few years is how law itself has been “weaponised” in the USA by powerful cliques.

    • Do you believe that the UK was more corrupt than the USSR or the USA in the twentieth century? The Soviets saw famines and mass slaughters by the government; I don’t think the UK did. The UK also did not have anyone worse than FDR or Wilson.

      I assume the empire fell becuase of the two world wars and the emergence of two world powers with much larger populations and industrial production.

  30. “Of course, this means the large social systems that control American society will never be reformed either. Everyone in Washington knows the FBI is a disaster, but no one can be held accountable, so not one tries to hold anyone accountable. This means the managerial state will follow the arc of all public companies in that it will reach its end phase and either collapse entirely or be taken private, as in private rule, so the system can be scrapped along with the managers.”

    Everyone has a kill switch, in effect. Even if these corrupted institutions wanted to respond to this rank criminality, they could not do so as a direct result of the repercussions. The system selects only for people who can be blackmailed and bribed. There can be no whistleblowers in the FBI, perhaps the best example, because the personal destruction that would await them is worse than the one delivered to Seth Rich. Therefore, we have to assume Jeffrey Epstein’s murder was a modus vivendi in which his lover would do minimal time.

    Yes, the FBI committed crimes against humanity at Waco and was not punished because it could not be punished. J. Edgar Hoover provided the template for this result. What is more chilling is that the intelligence services operate under this same form of managerialism. Reports recently surfaced that CIA brass and agents have routinely been bribed, notably to fabricate the origins of Covid. Nothing can come of this outrage because the oversight committees are comprised of moral and ethical lepers.*

    While there is basically no political oversight due to the aforementioned leprosy, I sincerely hope the FBI among others are not even more privatized for the remainder of the GAE’s run because they are at least in theory subject to elected officials. That’s largely not true, and the bribes make it less so, but if formally privatized imagine how much worse it could get–and that is possible, too.

    *As are judges. The most scandalous aspect of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax was that it emerged the FISA judges never read any warrant applications.

    • The system selects only for people who can be blackmailed and bribed

      I think it may actually be closer to the opposite.

      The system doesn’t need to blackmail or (explicitly) bribe anyone because the system selects for people that don’t give a shit.

      No one has to tell a judge to rubber stamp a warrant “or else”. They just robotically do it because “why not”. It doesn’t matter to them one way or another. Everyone and anyone else will do the same. Just go along to get along.

      In that paradigm explicitly or even implicitly threatening someone would be counter productive because some people will react negatively for a number of different reasons.

      But when no one cares and it doesn’t matter anyway – well fuck it.

      • At the high levels it selects for people who can be blackmailed and bribed. Denny Hastert came out of nowhere to become Speaker of the House. Madison Cawthorn’s story about getting invited to parties that would put him in compromising situations was credible. They wanted to set him up to blackmail him later.

        • That’s the scary thing about that new non-entity being Speaker. You have to believe that he is compromised to the maximum. He couldn’t be anything else from backbencher to Speaker when no one except a few in his didtrict had ever heard of him.

      • “No one has to tell a judge to rubber stamp a warrant “or else”. They just robotically do it because “why not”. It doesn’t matter to them one way or another. Everyone and anyone else will do the same. Just go along to get along.”

        Apathy and need for a paycheck certainly plays an adequate role with lower-level parts of the apparat, but more is required to make someone do something explicitly unlawful/unethical. There is no question now, I think, that blackmail/coercion/bribery is fairly routine. In addition to Epstein, it increasingly appears the freaking Playboy mansion was a blackmail operation. You also cannot notice how many elected Republicans are closeted homosexuals—Hastert, Craig, and so forth. I assume the FISA judges were bribed but they also may have been blackmailed.

        Economic deprivation may eventually cause the worse methods no longer to be employed, but we have multiple smoking guns that presently is not the case.

        • Threats are probably enough for most. Show pretty much anyone a picture of his daughter on a slide, obviously taken through a scope, and he’ll toe the line.

          Heck, it works to keep presidents in line.

        • You know who was a regular guest of Hefner’s who remains prominent in political media? Bill Maher. Seems rather improbable that he has never been me-too’d.

  31. Know plenty of people who use privately run depositories, simply for convenience. Don’t run on “bankers hours”. But this problem of forfeiture runs a lot deeper than this case. Had an old swim parent friend who literally wrote the law book set on forfeiture law and did high profile defense work. Stories were chilling. Worse this is perpetrated on the general public by law enforcement agencies daily. No need to be charged with a crime or convicted. Carrying a few grand in cash on a road trip and get pulled over? Cops can take it. And good luck getting it back or if you do you may take a haircut on the amount returned after months of trying.

    • Well, civil asset forfeiture is only a “problem” for us dirt people. The government people seem to love it!

      It is, or rather its presence, however, is good for dissidents. Something like 99%+ of people surveyed on the issue oppose it and favor its abolition. And yet, there is not a single jurisdiction anywhere in this country that has eliminated or even put any real restrictions on it. Why? You would think with an issue so popular and so easily fixed you would have politicians from both parties racing to make a change so they can cash in at the next election, right?

      No, civil forfeiture is a better example even than illegal “immigration” to serve as a tool to redpill normies — including leftist and minority normies — about the utter sham that is “our democracy”.

      • Mr. Generic: Yet you have a normie later in this thread applauding the fbi’s criminal antics. There is no ‘redpilling’ most people. Stupidity and passivity is rampant and ever-increasing.

  32. In Rules For Radicals , it says to choose a person in the system to personify, and attack him. If the blame keeps getting shifted from the mayor to the city council, choose the Mayor attack him kill the chicken to scare the monkeys type thing.

    • The interesting thing about Rules for Radicals is the tactics only work if you have power. Isolating one person, for example, can only be done properly by the media or with the help of the media. That book was not written for people outside the system, but for people inside the system.

      • Exactly Right Brother…Wish more of our side could grasp that so they wouldn’t keep making decisions that get them tied up…

      • Yes, thank you. Whatever else, the J6’ers operated under the delusion the rules applied equally to them and they did not live in a managerial, really totalitarian, system. It looks like some truckers are about to go to the border and learn the same lesson. These things can have value, but assuming Alinksy applies is idiocy. The closer analogy is Walesa.

        • Truckers going to the border is the equivalent as the Occupy Wall St. folks camping out in New York. Were they aware of the problem and its nature, they would have headed south and camped out at the Eccles Building. But, that would have meant threatening their gravy train, that allows them to whine and protest but not forfeit their parasitical lifestyle.

          If the truckers were serious they would go to D.C. and call for Mayorkas head and demand that Congressional investigations and impeachment committees focus on the immigration groups. They would also shine a light on why a HIAS board member turned DHS Secretary is also sitting at a time when an entire population can be resettled into our nation to make way for the territorial expansion of the people who he explicitly and they explicitly claim that he represents.

          Mayorkas and his cabal are laughing at all of the focus on the border.

          • If the truckers were serious, they would simply stop ‘trucking. A two-week general strike of all truckers would completely paralyze this country.

          • Exactly – wouldn’t even need to be a general strike. Just refuse deliveries to select areas – no NYC, DC, LA, CHI.

      • We’ve not had horrible luck personifying and attacking, say, George Soros but yeah it would probably only work on extreme outliers like that. That Jack Smith character deserves the treatment too but no doubt the more he’s criticized by the enemies of the regime the more promotions he’ll get.

      • Not entirely sure about that. I think it’s a doctrine of nonviolent guerilla tactics. But it does presuppose having a strong organization of true believers

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