The Trouble With Rufo-ism

A recurring feature of conservatism since at least the middle of the last century has been the guy who seems to open his eyes to the problem of progressivism only to come up with a response that promises to make things worse. Conservative opposition to progressivism is usually just surrender, but sometimes one of them finds some courage, but lands on a solution that is guarantee to fail.

That is what we see with Christopher Rufo. He is the C-list conservative pundit who has risen to fame taking on the diversity rackets. What started out as an organic revolt among suburban parents over the lunacy being taught to their kids has become a vehicle for Rufo. He has written a book and become an anti-diversity-rackets crusader on social media. His latest scalp the Harvard president.

While it is always fun to “own the libs” his proposed alternative to the explicitly antiwhite diversity pogroms is actually worse than the pogroms. The reason for that is his opposition starts with an affirmation of the moral framework that not only makes these diversity rackets possible, but inevitable. He spells it out in this essay posted a few weeks ago, in which is pulls the colorblind society from the conservative museum.

Not only is it an argument that failed when used half a century ago, it is guaranteed to get us right back to where we are if it was miraculously successful. A “color blind” society is no more possible than communism. Worse yet, the underlying assertion is the same as progressive diversify demands. Like the diversity gang, Rufo opposes free association, self-ownership and free assembly.

That is the show this week. What Rufo is doing, whether he understands it or not, is repeating old ideas first put forth by the open society people, whose intent was to get us to this point with regards to free association. He is taking old progressive ideas and now claiming they are conservative principles. He is the current holder of the Robert Lewis Dabney chair of conservative failure.

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  • The Trouble With Rufo-ism

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229 thoughts on “The Trouble With Rufo-ism

  1. Z, sometimes you spout nonsense. In my town the country club excluded Jews until the 1980’s.

  2. Rufo was on Mark Levin’s show on Fox last night. (I know that very few people will see this, two days after your post.)

    Dude likes to use the word “apostate.” But someone should tell shit-eating grin Chris that it’s not “APP-O-state.” He sounds like a Baltimore high school graduate.

  3. ” Rufo opposes free association, self-ownership and free assembly.” Re-asserting those things back when America was 88% or so white might have been possible but how is it possible now that it is 55% white and a a large chunk of those whites would oppose all three vehemently? It cannot be done in a liberal democracy, so, by some means liberal democracy would have to go. Rufo’s shtick works because, no matter their other disagreements, most Americans remain committed to liberal democracy (at least in theory, if not in practice).

  4. Even if Rufo and Shapiro want a race blind meritocracy, you don’t get what you negotiate for. You have to negotiate for more, and that means something far more right wing than any of them want to admit. Tucker admitted this. I think the biggest roadblock for making that argument mainstream isn’t the J’s. It’s the women. White Men by themselves have no problem with white identity arguments. They make perfect sense. Men in the public eye with their wives watching are a whole different breed of neutered STEER. And men won’t get their balls back until the gender aspect of affirmative action is repealed. Women are just too privileged by universities, businesses, government programs, and family courts to have any respect for a man’s value, which means most men are tap dancing around their wives and female love interests for decades at a time.

  5. The TL;DL version of this week’s podcast is “hey folks, the Overton window is finally shifting back to someplace normal.” Z nails the 30,000 foot reason why civic nationalism doesn’t work, but unfortunately ignores the 100,000 foot possibility American attitudes are shifting back something more familiar and recognizable than the abject craziness we’ve seen the last ten years.

    Frankly, this podcast just came off as bitchy. Rufo and the like are grifters who found a way. They get results that 308 podcasts and ten years of blogs don’t get. It sucks.

    Get over it. Nobody will remember these buttholes in three years, let alone ten or fifty, yet the Paleos still get talked about 30 years later, if even it takes that long for their message to be inculcated.

    Sorry Z, sack up; you’re in this for the long haul, right? Yeah, you’ll be be gone when this thing runs out, whatever form that takes. Be content the legacy you’re leaving.

    • Wow. I didn’t get that at all.

      Oddly enough, in this ‘cast, Zman’s arguing for essentially anarcho-capitalism. That a “society” (however defined) has the “right” to set its own rules, and it’s the rejection of this core principle which is at the root of the problem.

      How is that at all objectionable? Doesn’t the DR agree with the sentiment of, “your house, your rules”?

      Now I understand it gets a little tricky. While A/C is fine with whatever rules your group of voluntary associates chooses to set is fine, it appears from the commenters (but not the host, interestingly) that some choices are not permissible. One cannot allow blacks or joos or wimmin or spics or chinks or dots or wops or whatever into your group and still be DR. Which is OK. If that’s DR, that’s DR. Your group, your rules.

      • Steve: I think you are over simplifying. The problem with including IKAGOs and NAXALTs in ‘free association” in the dissident sphere is that leads directly back to the ultra-individualism and equalitarianism we deplore now. No, not all ‘x’ are the same, but generally group stereotypes and genetic predilections are real and based on hard experience.

        • Depends on what you mean by “ultra-individualism”. If it means individualism to the point that one cannot function as a member of society, sure. But if it means only groupthink is allowed, crap, I have that now, so long as it’s groupthink I don’t agree with.

          • Steve: It means, quite simply, that each ‘individual’ always is/was/will be part of an overall racial/religious/sexual group. While membership in such a group obviously does not predetermine all of one’s personal characteristics or beliefs, it remains highly predictive. I call myself a ‘unicorn’ for a reason.

            No society of atomized ‘individuals’ can truly be considered a functional society. You are always part of a whole, like it or not. Identity does not equal groupthink.

      • That’s the whole point of FoA. If your corner of the DR wants to admit an IKAGO or a NAXALT, so be it. If it doesn’t, then so be it as well. The group gets to define the group. Whether DR Lite can work with DR Stout, well, we’ll just have to see.

        That’s the beauty of FoA, it actually does allow for true diversity – you can have Norway, Spain and Switzerland. You can have a Euromix if you want. You can even have Nigeria if it’s your preference (even a Euromix with a light peppering of Nigeria). But none of these groups should be able to force members into any other group. Just live and let live.

          • Maybe. Being resource rich hasn’t seemed to help Africa one whit. Genetics, culture, whatever, it matters not. Africa remains Africa. Except when an occasional white society takes root there. Then it thrives…

  6. Outstanding podcast. The Promised Land is now defined as a place of unfettered free association and self-selected communities based upon a common identity and shared principles. But how do we get there from here?

    Persuasion and voting harder has been the status quo since the Civil War, and things have gotten progressively worse. Vote fraud and importing illegals as vote proxies is now at epidemic proportions, so that canard can be put to rest. Secession is growing in popularity, but that is unlikely to become a peaceful divorce. Hundreds of thousands of good men died that last time that was tried and the Leviathan State is still with us. We need to put some energy into figuring out a better way.

    Nature has solved this problem for the past billion years and that example should not be ignored.

    • But how do we get there from here?

      Check out John Wilder’s ( ?) post a couple days ago about asymmetry. It’s not a comfortable answer, but it’s the only one I know of with a proven track record over the millenia in this kind of situation.

      ‘Course, if you buy into objectivism, you could try the Atlas Shrugged route, but I don’t know that’s ever worked. And it’s almost certainly been wargamed to the point it can’t.

    • Fortunately, most Americans believe Freedom of Association is written in the Constitution, like separation of church and state, although it isn’t. Doesn’t matter – what matters is they believe it so it is a de facto Constitutional right by golly.

      Step 1 is champion freedom of association wherever you can. Get it into the mind of normie. Every time he hears DIE, color-blindness, etc. he should also hear freedom of association. It should become an irremovable ear bug.

      Step 2 . . .

      Step 3: Profit.

      • I suspect that most people believe that the right to free association is a natural, pre-constitutional right (like the right to self defense) that mostly went unquestioned before the 1960s. Of course, our overlords have no such belief (except that it applies to themselves only), nor do they believe that self defense is a natural right (one again except for themselves and their bodyguards).

  7. Conservatives conserve even those principles that were adopted from progressive ideas that have burrowed their way into conservatism. Once Conservatives opposed gay marriage, but now it’s enshrined and so they will defend it. They are reactionaries who automatically oppose changes in the leading edge of the culture.

    • “reactionaries who automatically oppose changes in the leading edge of the culture”

      Spot on. Nothing sets the so-called True Conservative afire faster than something proactive from a perceived rightward direction. Even though he delivered on almost nothing, Trump terrified the National Review-type cucks precisely because he threatened to do something proactive. To fully experience this, listen sometime to a conservative talk radio broadcast. There most likely will not be a single action promoted, and the babble overwhelmingly will be reaction and what constitutes hot takes for these types.

      A good example of this is with the issue of gun ownership. It would be no more absurd to mandate gun ownership than it is to forbid the use of firearms for self-defense, which essentially is the leftwing position. My point is a conservative would die and roast in hell before he supported mandatory gun ownership and prefers to see rights eroded slowly and then squawk about it. There is no need to overthink it, either: True Conservatism is raw cowardice.

      The idiocy of conservatism is collapsing under the weight of its own contradictions. It is a death that is well-deserved.

    • Hannity does that all the time. It’s sickening to hear him going on about how we need more neocon military strikes against Muslims because of they way they “treat gays and women.”

      As soon as he comes on the radio, I turn it off in disgust.

  8. As one of the last lonely White males keeping things going – exactly a corporate version of this internet we’re chatting on – I’m here to tell you for good or bad this part is ending. It’s not Lagos that’s taking over for instance tech and networks and uh er Finance, you know your 401K : it’s not Lagos.
    It’s Calcutta.
    Now the good news is they don’t shoot people for entertainment.
    The bad news is shits grinding to a halt.
    They can’t run anything. All their Credentials are phony. It’s comical.
    You don’t get white man’s world without white men and yes white men running the white countries.
    This is ending.
    But this world must die for the new one to be born.
    This is sick anyway.

    If we live we’ll midwife man into space.
    The spacemen WON’T look like Star Trek, except for the Japanese, and Asian Americans, and yes part white and raised here…
    This is the most likely outcome BTW.
    The rest of America and the West and especially the young have noticed there’s a problem.

    • Re space travel I imagine the coming crash will lead to significant technological regression so I imagine manned travel, extreme life extension and such will be great fun for the grandsons to explore but not us.

      OTOH the collapse may avert the risk of malignant AI rising. As they say, we shall see

  9. Rufo – somewhere over the rainbow blacks are smart, there’s a colorblind land I heard of once in a lullaby…

    • It’s the Reading Rainbow. Geordi will take you there. Seriously, Levar Burton the actor is supposedly a yuuuge woketard. Of course, given that he flew around in a fucking balloon for years one shouldn’t be too surprised.

      • I saw a story the other day where it was discovered that he is the descendant of a Confederate soldier. He became apoplectic, it was a joy to watch.

  10. Anyone still flying the Banners of conservatism should be suspected as false or mad, or imbecilic.

    Rufo probably knows what he’s doing, he’s caused some ruckus and now cashes in. This is typical activism of any stripe. Of course he doesn’t solve the problem, good heavens he’d be out of a job.

    The most painless and effective solution is to restore freedom of association – which the other side already gets – and let people stay out of each other’s way. People work things out better themselves than outsiders.

    • It gotta say I felt a little twinge of disappointment when I saw that the Texas legislature passed a law banning colored only graduation ceremonies, leading to UT Austin abolishing the practice

      • Anyone not an actual enemy and holding any office, or with any prospect of holding office under current regimes, is a civ nat. That includes Texas and Trump

      • When TPTB allow a “Whites” only graduation, then the “coloreds” can have theirs. Until then, we use their rules of engagement to spoil their fun.

        PS: Those colored only graduations in many cases I been to *do not* preclude the coloreds from attending the main graduation event as well.

      • It was probably because there would have been too few attendees to justify running the air conditioning.

  11. Okay, have you noticed some moron is going down the comment lists at a certain point and downvoting everyone? I have noticed this for a few days, and you can see the comment the person started with and then continued a linear arc down. And, before you think otherwise, I couldn’t care less about whether someone votes me down or not. Simply, this downvoting seems to be a symptom of people increasingly coming in here and being obnoxiously provocative. Go to reddit, asshat.

    • I’m absolutely certain it is not him, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if the culprit could be identified, and it was Steve Sailer?

      Yeah, I don’t care about the votes, either, although enough downvotes do make me at least re-examine my premise. They are a good bellwether in that sense because the commenters here tend to be intelligent and informed.

      • You get the negatives with anything that maintains Trump was a phony and a failure (which I regard as indisputable). The Trump cult is immune to facts.

    • I’ve said such before, but folks will not believe such. As the comment signal to noise ratio decreases, we all lose.

    • Maybe.. but I think we are all retarded, so to speak, self included. Or rather, we all are sort of blind men feeling an elephant and trying to describe it. Or, put a different way, a la Socrates “A wise man understands that he knows nothing” As smart as any single man might be, he is still limited by being just that, but a single individual. I always interpreted the quote as there being so much to know and our lives being so short and our perspectives so limited relative to the vastness of creation, that no matter how good you are, you will get things wrong at least some of the time. Isaac Newton himself died from mercury poisoning. A good lesson against hubris. Reddit tier fags can def get fuked though. I have no doubts about that. Anyway, no matter how wise you think you might be, I guarantee there are things you have yet to learn. Certainly has been true for me. I do actually kind of wish more of them would come here. It’s been very fun BTFOing them on twitter XD

        • A time machine, by H.G. Wells. Good book. White have become all to similar to the Eloi in current year… certainly.

          No… I don’t think I am retarded. I do get things wrong sometimes though. Usually not, but I’m very very very very far from infallible. Many mistakes under my belt. Not proud of it but that is how we learn and grow and get stronger for the next so no real deep regrets. Just misconceptions I have learned from. Every stumble makes you stronger if you interrogate it honestly. That’s my contention. But fuck jews and niggers. We should not have to sufer them. They should be far away from us and not our problem. Def sure about that. 100%

    • Downvotes mean nothing, your goal should be to provoke someone into writing a giant screed in response.

      • I’ve seen that happen here too. Maybe a negative sign means that it’s the anti-particle of a downvote – and hence an upvote? I’m sure it’s some hilarious WordPress bug.

  12. Color blind: White person fully embraces acting as an atomized individual. He operates in a delusion while every other race of people act as a collective to wield massively more political power than him. When the reality that they are curb stomping him, he complains that they are not being colorblind and huffs that they are violating the rules. He is oblivious to the fact that those are the rules he made up in his mind. In reality, the rules are that he is leading his posterity into an abyss of dispossession, zero political power, massive numerical inferiority, that is confronted by this majority that is deeply hostile to them.

    No thank you Chris Rufo. Dismantling the Civil Rights regime is a necessary project if only to organize the people dispossessed by it. But, it is only a first step. Then you are back in 1964. Except that the demographics are entirely changed. If you do get rid of it, you will have a lot of angry people dispossessed of their gravy train and incapable of making it in a world where cognitive ability is many multiples of times more important than in 1964.

    We are not going back. We are going through and to what, will depend on if men much stronger and realistic than Rufo exert their will and embrace their role as heros to an entire race of people who have been waiting decades for them to do so.

  13. My biggest disagreement with guys like Rufo, Sailer, and even Derb, is that they believe that we can save our country if we can just persuade our elites to accept:
    * race realism
    * race-blindness and meritocracy as collective ideals

    In my judgement, these guys fail to appreciate the depth of tribalism in non-whites. For example, most non-whites would prefer to overthrow the more successful races and have their race rule society, even if the result of that is that they live with less prosperity and more crime. They can’t help but feel this.

    Whites can approximate a race-blind society, so it’s difficult for them to realize that non-whites couldn’t maintain a race-blind society even if they wanted to.

    In closing, I acknowledge that there are other powerful forces in play besides non-white tribalism, like class membership, religion, personal greed, and the conflicts between men and women. While it’s hard to determine the relative strengths of each of these forces, I believe that ethnocentrism is the most powerful and this makes a race-blind society impossible.

    What they want can’t work.

    • Yes, these types want to restore what has been irretrievably lost. I’m not certain what stage of grief that is. Maybe whites fully will embrace their identity, maybe they will not, but other groups are doing so quite openly and joyously. Tribalism wins even more than Africa. Tribal denialism is suicide.

    • Sailer and Derb are pseudointellectual idiots whose political acumen is zero and who never should have been involved in public policy, not even on the fringe. Derb should have been a high school math teacher writing quirky columns in the school newspaper, and Sailer should have been a socialite journalist going around sniffing jock straps and hobnobbing with the celebrities. It’s who they are, anyway. These men missed their calling because they were unwittingly dragged into providing entertainment for disaffected white IYI spergs who wanted a place to complain about their HR lady.

      So, some of the blame also has to fall upon their readers. After all, somebody gave these guys an audience for the last 30 years. If you want to be on the Right but don’t want to embrace traditional Christianity, and want to retain all the materialism/hedonism of the progressive Left only without the diversity, then you’re basically stuck with “HBD” as your only position. “These brown people can’t handle living in a technologically advanced but morally decrepit and libertine society like the one I want, so let’s talk about my superior DNA.”

      • ID, you are again “a day late and a dollar short”. HBD science is one of the main underpinnings of those aspects of White ethnicism and solidarity we promote in this group. You would not know this because your understanding of HBD is minimal at best.

      • Derb is a “pseudo-intellectual idiot?” So what does that make you?

        Look, everyone here can see that you have a very high opinion of yourself, your writing, and your insights… by the way, you have actually had some insights. The insight/noise ratio? Not very good…

        Derb is about a year and a half away from posting his thousandth weekly podcast. He has taught college-level seminars in poetry, written at least one book on mathematics, speaks Chinese, has made his living as a corporate computer programmer, lived in several countries, and appeared as an extra in a Brice Lee film. That is for starters.

        Plus, this: Unlike basically everyone commenting here, including myself and undoubtedly you, Derb lost a job with National Review by writing a wrongthink essay on the blackety-black. Or didn’t you know that? Seriously, where do you – a young and pretentious punk – get off calling Derb a “pseudo-intellectual idiot”?

        • Hello Steve W,

          The fact that Derb has had a varied and interesting life does not make him correct about the important things, which is my only point.

          In fact, and I know this might be a little counterintuitive at first, it’s much easier to have a varied an interesting life like that if you aren’t correct about the important things.

          Do you know who else has had a very interesting life like that? Danielle Steel. A pretty remarkable woman, she also lived abroad, raised several children (and suffered multiple miscarriages), had a few tumultuous marriages, and through it all was enormously productive, writing over 190 books.

          One of reasons she was able to do that is because romance and erotica flows onto the page very fluidly. Once you give that stuff its head, it basically writes itself. There are certain moods, and certain styles, that are very conducive to voluminous output. Romance is one of them, but it’s more of a female thing. For men, an equivalent style is the “scientific lecturer” poise. Darwinism can makes a man very loquacious because it provides a template for generating an endless stream of just-so stories that can explain everything under the sun, along with the arrogance of an unshakable belief that the template is correct and that everyone who doesn’t agree with you is in need of another lecture. This is how Derb writes.

          Unquestioned assumptions and confidence will always make their possessor into a human word processor, so it’s not surprising that Derb has generated a lot of content, but he also isn’t an intellectual. Derb is an atheist, which means that his intellect has failed at its first and fundamental task—to know God and love Him. Everything else is of infinitely less importance.

      • “If you want to be on the Right but don’t want to embrace traditional Christianity, and want to retain all the materialism/hedonism of the progressive Left only without the diversity, then you’re basically stuck with “HBD” as your only position.”

        ID, I’m a non-religious white nationalist. You overlooked that position. I want to unite with my white people, including those whose IQ is below average. Many of them have many worthwhile qualities that don’t involve being smart. I want to expel all the non-whites, including the ones with high IQ, in favor of whites who do not have high IQs.

        You raise the crucial question of on what a secular white ethnostate could found its morality. I acknowledge the difficulty of this question in the absense of an unquestionable lawgiver.

        My faith is that most whites share an intuitive moral sense that is independent of religion. This moral sense is the result of the behaviors that allowed small groups of whites to survive in the inhospitable environments in which we evolved. Honesty, hard work, monogamy.

        In general, this intuitive moral vision aligns with traditional European Christianity without the foolishness of “turn the other cheek” or “the least shall be first.”

        • Hello Line in the Sand,

          To be honest, I think what you’re seeking is simpler than that. You may be encountering difficulties due to adopting Z-Man’s vocabulary about “multiple moralities,” but as I’ve tried to explain before, that’s kind of a category mistake. Morality is what it is; it doesn’t change, and it doesn’t multiply.

          A breakaway state doesn’t need a “new morality,” it just needs a new legal regime. And legal regimes need not be perfect; they can be very, very provisional. Neither does a state need to resort explicitly to morality every time it needs to do something.

          Perhaps try a thought experiment of just defining a new republic and inviting those whom you wish to participate.

          I do hope you will end up believing in God someday.

          • Thanks ID. I promise you that if God ever appears in my life, I will try my best to accept Him.

    • The problem with all of those guys is they only talk about the symptoms, not the root of cause of the sickness. Blacks especially are largely incapable of self-organization, that is to say, without outside help it highly likely things would have turned out quite differently. Look at their history in this country.

      Before the cultural revolution of the 1960s, 75% of black families were intact. In 2023, after over a half century since Brown v. Board, MLK and the creation of the NAACP and similar orgs, that number is approaching 10%. Was separate but equal truly the abominably oppressive sin that we are indoctrinated into believing it was? Perhaps more importantly, who was most responsible for pushing this idea upon our society in the first place? To take a quote from the library of

      “Moskowitz’s involvement in the NAACP was indicative of early Jewish support; Lillian Wald, Rabbi Emil G. Hirsh, and Rabbi Stephen S. Wise were also founders. The Spingarn brothers served as officers, and Jacob Schiff, Julius Rosenwald, and Herbert Lehman contributed funds.”

      Another quote I love is this “If you are confused about who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Even mainstream right wingers like Charlie Kirk are talking about how awful black people in the US have become these days, none of them were fired and any censorship they face is symbolic at best. There is only group you will have your life destroyed and finances pilfered for criticizing and it ain’t the Chinese, Mexicans, Canadians or Amish. One example, Kanye West. I think the guy is a moron and I don’t like his music but has (or had) a following of hundreds of millions of POC and wiggers. Didn’t protect him from having 80% of his net worth wiped out in a week did it?

      These guys, especially Sailer and Derb (The Unz review posts their articles for god’s sake), are smart enough to know who really holds the power in our countries. The don’t achieve anything substantial because of cowardice, not stupidity. They were brave enough to stick a toe into the water, but that’s it.

      • NeoSpartan: “Before the cultural revolution of the 1960s, 75% of black families were intact.”

        Not so. Do some reading. I don’t feel like digging up specific posts, but start back in 2012 or so. Lots of charts and numbers for those so inclined.

        I loathe Lyndon Johnson as much as the next person, but he did not create this problem; he merely accelerated an inherent pattern. Saint Sowell’s numbers are not to be taken at face value.


          You sure? I’ve heard that statistic from multiple sources before. Also, it seems in their interest to get rid of muslims now that they are losing control over the POC hoards. I don’t have time to peruse that website to find whatever you are referencing but I have seen it before and it seems to focus on muslims as the root of the problem.

          Also, I don’t know if you have heard of bronze age pervert or not, but it’s not uncommon for jews to larp as whites, even WNs in an effort to lead us down blind alleys. Always take everything you are told, even if it sounds right, with a sizable grain of salt is what I’ve learned. Even though the POC are a much bigger threat to them then we are, any overtures at an alliance they might make are very likely to be disingenuous imo.

          Anyway, some are clever, but their spite seems to blind almost all of them. Did they really think they wouldn’t eventually come to be seen as the epitome of “white privilege” by the POC hordes?

          I’m guessing not, they thought controlling the media would prevent it I suppose, but it seems like they are finally starting to see that money doesn’t buy you complete control, not always.

          • I found this from 2013:
            W.E.B. DuBois, writing of Philadelphia in 1899:
            The number of deserted wives, however, allowing for false reports, is astoundingly large and presents many intricate problems. A very large part of charity given to Negroes is asked for this reason. The causes of desertion are partly laxity in morals and partly the difficulty of supporting a family.
            The result of this large number of homes without husbands is to increase the burden of charity and benevolence, and also on account of their poor home life to increase crime. Here is a wide field for social regeneration. (4)

            W.H. Collins, in 1918:
            Huffman says that in 1894 more than one-fourth of the colored births in the city of Washington were illegitimate. Many prominent Negroes admit that above ninety per cent of both sexes are unchaste. A negro may be a pillar in the church and at the same time the father of a dozen illegitimate children by as many mothers. (3)

            But official illegitimacy rates by race have blacks at 21% in 1960. I know I’ve seen something from the 1890s -1920s but cannot find it.

            Yes, I have heard of (and read) Bronze Age Pervert.

          • @3g4me

            Lol, true. Blacks have always been blacks. But they didn’t used to be quite this bad until jewish money took a serious interest in using them. Also, they weren’t beating our children to death in integrated schools either before jewish funders started and propped up orgs like the NAACP and SPLC. Without the intervention of the international usury cabal, both our groups would likely be better off today. The moral corruption has hit everyone actually, even whites are at around 30% now. Was 4% in the 50s. Did you know the owner of PornHub is a Rabbi? There’s bad whites too, Larry Flint for example. But then again.. do whites eulogize him as a hero? Or was that…

            To put it succinctly, I think Farrakhan does some good, but I certainly do not want any of us to have to live anywhere near him.

        • 3g4me, yeah 75% is high, however the real point is that after the progressives obtained ascendency and got involved in “Negro” uplift, everything went downhill for the Black family “unit”. Sowell recognizes that phenomenon and that is what is important, not his overstating a census stat.

          • I think the data on “well behaved blacks” from back then was from a small group of northern “light skin-ded” blacks before the affirmative action and government housing smeared the rest of them across the whole country.

      • You’re right, but this group is so incredibly powerful, even from a tiny town in the Midwest via the banks and landlords, to the media and universities and the federal reserve, that “naming them” may not be as useful as playing their pawns against them. Eric Weinstein was just talking about how democracy may have failed, because he wants to deport Muslim American citizens. How difficult would it be to say “can we add a few more groups to that list rabbi?”

      • “These guys, especially Sailer and Derb (The Unz review posts their articles for god’s sake), are smart enough to know who really holds the power in our countries. The don’t achieve anything substantial because of cowardice, not stupidity.”

        As opposed to you, Neospartan, holding the pass at Thermopylae no doubt against the Persian hordes.

    • We talk about these big societal changes as if they just materialize out of thin air. They don’t, there are catalysts that must be present or the reaction simply won’t happen. Those people you listed can talk until they are blue in the face, but until certain dominoes begin to fall nothing is going to happen. One of the hallmarks is youth, but our side doesn’t have much youth, and that is a very bad sign for us, because our opposition has youth.

  14. OT: I just skimmed the comments at a few YT videos. One such comment mentioned the closing of the royal Oak Charcoal facility in Branson, Missouri. Comment alleged a Dubai company considered purchasing it – I could find no corroborating evidence.

    What I did find – a formerly family-owned company with facilities in Kentucky and Missouri, royal Oak Enterprises’ largest shareholder is now Martin Franklin. Juice born in London, now lives in Miami. Multi millionaire guy with fingers in lots of industries and capital funds. Favorite books are by . . . Yuval Harari.

    Yeah, so WEF again. Maybe make your own charcoal instead, folks.

  15. The Civil Rights Act was not rooted in good intentions, either:

    On Air Force One, President Johnson was discussing his proposed civil rights bill with two governors. Explaining why it was so important to him, MacMillan remembers that LBJ said it was simple: “I’ll have them ni**ers voting Democratic for two hundred years.”

    — Ronald Kessler, THE FIRST FAMILY DETAIL

    And funny how the “civil rights incidents” of the era, when one looks more closely, all seem to be staged. (Eg. Rosa Parks)

    • Yes, it was staged, 100%.

      Rosa Parks’s stunt was staged. Mahtin Loofer Kang’s speeches were ghostwritten, as was “his” “Letter From Birmingham Jail.” He only spent one night in the clink just for show, they had lawyers standing by on the ready. His name was a fake stage name, his real name was “Michael King.”

      The “Civil Rights” movement was staged by Jews and Northerners who wanted to attack the Southern white elites. Practically speaking, it was Reconstruction 2.0. Never forget that the 101st Airborne was sent to Little Rock with bayonets fixed to forcibly make white girls attend class with Negro bucks.

      As we have seen from the last few years (and it has become quite blatant now) certain “protests” are approved by The Regime, while others are persecuted. Nothing happened to any of the leftists who mobbed the Capitol during the Kavanaugh hearings or mobbed the homes of Supreme Court justices in direct violation of federal law. Nothing happened to the George Floyd rioters who burned cop cars and looted cities — to the contrary, they got paid cash. Nothing happened to Code Pink or anti-Iraq war protesters.

      But anti-abortion protesters and J6ers? Charlottesville? To the gulag. To say there is a double standard is the understatement of the century.

      • “Protesting” only works when you are protesting for what the managerial elite already want. This is why leftist protests succeed where ours ends up in prison terms.

        Wallace should have called their bluff and ordered the state police to arrest the soldiers and to use deadly force if they resisted. But Wallace was a posturing cuck and instead of the fed’s bluff being called, it was his bluff that was called.

        He should have realized that the feds did not want another civil war. They would have backed down. After this loss it was just one loss after another.

        The time to fight was back then. Hearts and minds have changed and it has gotten worse with every generation. Desegregation does not need to be enforced anymore. The majority of people agree with desegregation. They are horrified at “racism” People literally virtue signal after their daughters are raped and killed.

        Propaganda and brainwashing works. Most people aren’t SJWs, but they aren’t us either.

        • It was Orval Faubus at Little Rock but otherwise correct. I suspect the Covid civil liberty atrocities were brought to an unofficial end because the lessons learned by the Right from the Sixties started to bear fruit. Some point to the anti-Iraq and anti-Vietnam protests as outliers but those were just Regime factional disputes. I suspect the same with the pro-Pali upheaval today–the intelligence services that now effectively run the United States support Palestine even if the allegedly elected leadership does not outside of a few Jews and Christian Zionists.

          Any protest that threatens even a little social change has to be state-approved. The over-the-top censorship always has been a thing albeit in the past it was more subtle. The rest of the world has long recognized the United States as the fraud it is, and only now its denizens apprehend it.

      • The “Martin Luther” gag was to put the impression out there that he was A Reformer Nailing 95 Theses to the Door of a Church, fighting against the corrupt, entrenched authorities, and intoning, “Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise” to elicit americans’ reflexive sympathy for the underdog. It was all a carefully gamed psyop.

        • The story I read somewhere is that Mike King Sr. was a fiery preacher who was nicknamed Martin Luther. Ergo, Mike Jr. started calling himself MLK Jr. That would be the Reverend Doctor MLK Jr.

          • His daddy was only nicknamed Martin Luther, not actually named that. So Jr. D/B/A as Martin Luther was still a ruse.

        • And funny thing… once upon a time I tried to read the original Martin Luther’s writings.

          By the third page I was like — this guy is a proto-communist — and gave it up. Politics of envy in a religious wrapper. Gee, Dr.King, does that sound familiar??

  16. It’s a guilty conscience, that’s all I know. What I don’t know is what it’s guilty about. I strongly suspect it’s a result of women’s unprecedented power and influence. Don’t know how else to explain its stubborn irrationality.

    I mean, the charts and graphs crowd are often the same who talk about hypergamy and how a man’s job is to be a high-status resource provider. It’s all about the ladies! Yeah, how’s that going?

    Again recalling Quigley, the Puritan ethic applied to animalistic goals. The new religion. I think he nailed it.

    Here’s Evil Moustache losing his temper, here’s Lady Liberty punishing her gimp and hating herself for how unnatural it all is. We’re humans, after all.

    Must be Friday!

    • Once a masculine-oriented society, now a feminist-oriented society. I lived in both.

      American men want the problem to be anything else, but it ain’t anything else.

      American women think it’s all wonderful and righteous and long overdue (though so much more is left to be done!) while they gobble prozac, vote Dem, castrate their sons, and lead us into Social Justice World.

      You either restrain your females, or they destroy you.

      • I don’t disagree with you, but this is a pretty obvious solution. The real question is how do we restrain our females, now that they are running society? That is the question everybody is struggling with.

      • Females will toe the line once they are made to realize their asses are on the line and only men—real men—can save them. That time may never come back. As we’ve noted time and again in this group. Real hardship is the only solution to our problems. Such will right this insane clown world and bring us back into line with that which nature and natural selection produced over millennia of evolution.

  17. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet but I did 10 seconds of searching to figure out the root cause of Mr. Rufo’s colorblind preference. Wife is some kind of SE Asian. To be fair I was initially checking to see if he was you know who-ish but the conservative being anti-racist because he married a pajeet or ching chong is another common occurrence.

    It’s still a little more defensible of a position compared to the selective racists who make the one group they’re married into the exception based on some nonsense about “oh that group just swarms into this country because they want to work hard and they don’t do obvious crime we should let them all in”

    • For all their lives his Scot-Italian-Thai sons will be discriminated against while also being slightly dumb, to pay for the statistical crimes of Nordics, Jews, and non-jungle Asians. All the Rufos Jr will be constrained to worse lives than they deserve, for “the color of their skin.”

      So, does Rufo make the people who *do that* his enemies? No. Does he even identify them? No. He blames racism and points at us—on their behalf.

      Absolute scum.

  18. The scene where black Jackson lops off the head of white Jackson while the Clanton gang is all sitting around a campfire creates one of those searing images from the novel Blood Meridian. (They were not sitting around singing Kumbaya by the way.) Part of the shock value in this is that no one stirs a finger after this act of violence. They were all White men mind you, with few exceptions — black Jackson being one. For those of you who have never read this novel, it is based on the actual Clanton gang, the lowest scum of 1840s society who cut a path of mayhem and murder through the desert southwest around the year 1849. The chilling thing is, this scene rings true. If a black man could earn a place in the Clanton gang, then by God, he was accepted as an equal. Notice that this was one of the few ways a black man could find acceptance as an equal in white company in the 1840s, as a member of a gang of the vilest most desperate fiends imaginable.

    I think that on one level this gang of outlaws represents America as a whole, ultimately mirroring how deeply egalitarian American society is. Cormac McCarthy expects his reader to applaud this act, there is no other way to interpret it. I mean, wasn’t White Jackson an out and out racist?

    If this book gets made into a movie (and i hear it’s in the works), surely this scene will be included in all its gory detail. I expect there will be applause from the majority-White theatre audience. This is the image I see of America wherever I turn, in all its criminal enormity. The 20th century made it respectable to applaud this criminality, but the roots run deeper still.

    • Excellent post, and it reminds me of something from SNL. Back in the mid-80s Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed) was hosting, and during his monologue said something about how only in Hollywood movies will you see a smaller white man whip a larger black man. The crowd of whites grumbled, booed and hissed.

      Fast forward about 15 years and the show is hosted by Jamie Foxx. During his monologue he spoke about his upcoming movie (Django Unchained?), and mentioned that he got to kill all the white people. The audience, doubtless mostly white, erupted into laughter and applause.

      For a long time whites have been taught to hate themselves and worship negroes. The indoctrination has taken efffect, and the pace of white self-loathing/negro worship has accellerated geometrically. Fortunately, there are some halting signs that the tide is slowly turning. And if it ever completely reverses itself, may God have pity on the negro because white people surely won’t.

      • Good example, unfortunately.

        But the indoctrination has not been nearly as effective out here in Flyover Country. We just know to keep our mouths shut and share our real opinions only among ourselves.

        Of course, I live in a state where a mass murderer (fridge full of other people’s fingers, hard to mistake) was mysteriously hanged in his cell, and no one ever said a word… even tho we all know who did it.

      • Coincidentally, Weathers seems to have hit the canvas permanently today. Good riddance.

    • The reason I made this post but never got around to exploring, is the question, although never explicitly stated as such in the novel is whether the Glanton gang is an open or a closed society? To me, it is clearly an open society in the sense that the bar for admission is so low. I criticized McCarthy in my previous but maybe what he’s saying is ‘look folks, this is what an open society really looks like.’ No rules, no laws, no tests for character, just how much depravity you can stomach.

  19. Rufo may believe in a “colorblind” society: on a legislative level we have to take a hard look at that and look at the cards we’ve been dealt. The fix was in back in 1965, before I was even born. Do we really think a return to de jure segregation is feasible/desirable? Do we want/need to hold strict sway over a sea of resentful dark faces like the Afrikaners of last century?

    Rufo is doing great work. He’s making a real-world impact, helping people like DeSantis stand up to the corrupting perverts at Disney, taking on DEI (getting that Gay lady sacked as Harvard President was an amazing coup), saying aloud what most are afraid to. Remember his wife is Asian (yes, race-mixing as a rule is bad, but marriage is also an extremely personal matter and some of those marriages do work out). So he has a personal stake in “colorblind”.

    We need good, courageous, effective allies. Rufo is one. Even if we do not see eye to eye on every little issue. Let’s not get trapped in “purity spirals” waiting for some based Aryan superman to come to the rescue. Look at the cards we’ve been dealt. Rufo is an important figure in the resistance, who even as we speak is doubtless inspiring others closer to our view.

    • “…on a legislative level we have to take a hard look at that and look at the cards we’ve been dealt. The fix was in back in 1965, before I was even born. Do we really think a return to de jure segregation is feasible/desirable?”

      Well, this is the question, isn’t it? Once you’ve mixed a quart of dogshit with a quart of ice cream, you’ll never be able to remove it and make the ice cream taste good again.

      The answer most whites have had to this question is simply to move out to a white neighborhood in a white suburb. This solution would be more more less workable if the FedGov hadn’t pursued a policy of forcible integration through busing, affirmative action, and racial set-asides. It’s gotten worse as the white birthrate has dropped and brown immigration has surged.

      Nobody thinks we’re going to go back to de jure segregation, most whites simply want the First Amendment freedom to associate and disassociate with whom they please. Unfortunately whites are slowly being backed into a corner under compulsion.

    • I agree, because even if we don’t agree with him, Rufo is at least getting Joe Normie’s attention: This is wrong, this is destructive, it needs to stop. Gets ’em to think about how DEI etc. works against their own interests, instead of just accepting it as a Fiat Good, and does so without triggering any reflexive negative reactions.

      Y’all ain’t gonna convert Joe Normie if he never hears your message (Joe Normie doesn’t even know our fringes exist).

      Y’all ain’t gonna convert Joe Normie if you scare him away, either.

      • Y’all ain’t gonna convert Joe Normie if you scare him away, either.

        And once you get him DR-curious, the first thing he sees when he starts looking into it is people calling him and his friends “Joe Normie” or “NormieCon” or something like that, and he says, “F*** those people.” That’s known as an own goal.

        *Slow clap.*

        • To make the transition from civnat to dissident, at some point, whether by prodding or by self reflection or some combination of the two, a man has to come to grips, harshly and painfully, with the fact that he has been duped for most of his life. There is no getting around it.

          • He has to come to grips with it, yes, but for anyone capable of rational thought, it needn’t be painful or slow.

            Zman has lots of good content, but I would never think about again recommending the site to the DR-curious, because that was the exact impression they all got. Taylor’s site is pretty similar in content, maybe a little less approachable, but vastly less condescending.

            It can be done. The question is whether you actually want anyone coming over.

        • By the time he realizes our side exists, he already thinks of those other dupes as “Joe Normies” because he’s already moving away from them. No longer his tribe, and looking for one that makes more sense.

    • (getting that Gay lady sacked as Harvard President was an amazing coup)

      But it had nothing to do with Rufo or anti-DIE. It was a slap down of a diversity hire getting uppity with her juice masters.*

      *not a reference to the fruit drink blender.

  20. Whenever someone like Rufo spouts the “muh colorblind meritocracy” stuff, I say, “well even if I believe in that, they don’t, so what now?”. The truth is there is NO answer for this. How does Chris Rufo expect to convince Ilhan Omar or Ben Shapiro to give up their preference for their co-ethnics at the expense of everyone else? This is just impossible, because the truth is, the way Omar and Shapiro treat their co-ethnics is the way everyone should treat theirs, and only people who do not are those of European descent, with disastrous results for every part of life.

    • The “colorblind equality” line is a shibboleth; I don’t think anyone who writes for a respectable publication can avoid it when talking about reforming Civil Rights legislation. It shouldn’t be taken literally.

      The point is that simply doing away with Affirmative Action and disparate impact would be a huge step in the right direction. There is no reason not to be supportive of these efforts.

      For the people who feel compelled to junk this comment, I have some questions. Are you not in favor of overturning Civil Rights legislation? Are you not in favor of removing AA and DI? Do you not think that political change must begin with incremental, realistic goals? Do you not think that public attitudes about this have changed and are now preponderantly supportive of rolling back the excesses of the Civil Rights era, and that this change indicates that the public is fed up and would be receptive to further changes once they become politically palatable?

      If you don’t think any of this, then you are missing the sea-change taking place in the world around you. If you want to talk about reality denial, this is it. Chris Rufo (who I’ve barely heard of and never read before today, by the way) seems to be popular because he has the public pulse on these issues. He is a good indicator of where the electorate is at. To not understand this is to be like those GOPe Republicans who couldn’t fathom the rise of Trump and the MAGA movement. They missed an incredible opportunity.

      An essay like Rufo’s would not have been possible even a few years ago, and the fact that it is possible now is something you can only ignore at your own peril.

      • Feeling the pulse tends to indicate an opportunist and grifter, not a reformer. I am not sure how much of the populace you deal with, but I sense no sea of change. I sense increasing complacence and coping strategies. People like Rufo complain of their socks getting wet while their house is flooding.

        • “ I sense increasing complacence and coping strategies.”

          Online rhetoric is getting hotter, but meatspace rhetoric is getting more obsequious.

          • That is the coping part. I hate to reference Orwell, too low-hanging, but online is just the Five Minutes of Hate. The sense of “the tide is turning” is what keeps normie engaged with the system. And engaging in the system is what ensures that the children will be reared to serve the system.

        • Eloi: I agree. I know some here – people whose opinions I respect – see it differently. But I see zero evidence of even the beginnings of a sea change. I see further flight from reality, race blindness, and “we are all “x” hopium. We don’t have the time to wait for some massive shift in public opinion, and those who believe that they can influence such – even by deception – well, good luck, but I believe you will find yourself with your back to the wall before you disabuse even one cuckservatard of the self-evident truths we discuss here on Zman.

          • Well, at least it’s a good sign that a U.S. female would use the term cuckservatard. More of that from women would go a long way, because God know the men won’t listen to Him.

      • You can get rid of AA, you can get rid of DEI initiatives, you can put Robin DiAngelo permanently out of work, ok great. So what happens when blacks are 2% of Fortune 500 companies and major universities again? What happens when Jews are 2-5% of the Ivy League student body instead of 25%? What happens when outstanding White kids from Nebraska are getting into Harvard and making a beeline for the elite? This situation won’t stand. It is why the excesses of the Civil Rights Era were undertaken and why conservatives from Buckley to Rufo get paid a lot of money to police and gatekeep. Without actually talking about reality, it will only be a matter of time before all that stuff is built up again.

        • The solution to “Now I’m an Elite, I’ll never go back to Flyover State” used to be that Flyover State Gov’t gave you a scholarship for your Elite University studies in Useful Subject, in exchange for an obligation to return to Flyover State and contribute for N-many years, to earn it back. By then the better ones would be married and settled and disinclined to leave.

          This disappeared (far as I know) except among foreign students, who are often here on some similar program.

          • I am sure that the newly-disenfranched elite would be fine if that kid returned to Nebraska, although they are not fine with him taking up a spot that used to go to a non-White. The problem is that he might go down to DC and start working for a Senator or the White House and upsets the apple cart. He might go to an elite law school and then become a white shoe lawyer. Once there is some critical mass of kids like that, moving up the ranks, they will start advocating for their own interests, in the same way that Biden’s minyan (their words) is doing right now. It’s at this point when you realize the tremendous, unbelievable amount of effort and resources that our current system expends in suppressing the natural talents of the European-descended people. This system is this way for a reason, and they are not going to dismantle that system voluntarily, and definitely will not do so for some abstract ideas like “color blind meritocracy.”

          • Whether it was intentional or not I couldn’t say, but the student loan program effectively killed that practice

        • You can get rid of AA, you can get rid of DEI initiatives, you can put Robin DiAngelo permanently out of work, ok great. So what happens when blacks are 2% of Fortune 500 companies and major universities again? What happens when Jews are 2-5% of the Ivy League student body instead of 25%? What happens when outstanding White kids from Nebraska are getting into Harvard and making a beeline for the elite?


    • Ultimately the conservatives preaching colorblindness never practice it themselves either. Otherwise, why would they constantly get excited over non-white Republican candidates or spokesman who promote conservative causes? Why would it matter to them if they were non-white?

      “Colorblindness” exists solely as a means to police and gatekeep right wing behavior.

      • Absolutely. A case of Viagra and a platter of Blue Point oysters don’t give a conservative a hard-on as quickly as being told by a numinous negro that his views are not racist.

        • Now I need to clean off the keyboard and monitor…

          Darn near spit my drink out my nose with this line: “A case of Viagra and a platter of Blue Point oysters don’t give a conservative a hard-on as quickly as being told by a numinous negro that his views are not racist.”

  21. This is one of those things where the awful truth comes out. What if meritocracy is just a halfway house to whatever system we have now?

    • What if meritocracy is just a halfway house to whatever system we have now?

      It is. Meritocracy makes clear the distinction between those who can and those who cannot (or will not) and that gets the fires of envy stoked. Meritocracy combined with “stakeholder” (as opposed to “shareholder”) voting is death.

    • I guess there is another way of looking at it – what if it is a midpoint between two destinations? In that case, it matters from which direction you are approaching it.

  22. The UK Guardian did a hit piece on Rufo this week. Well, Rufo was really just the straw man they used to attack “scientific racism” and HBD. Rufo isn’t even HBD guy, but he had a link to a mildly samizdat website, and they crucified him for it. Honestly, the thing read like it was from the Onion. The SPLC and Heidi Bereich were treated as unimpeachable authorities, and Charles Murray, of all people, was unironically labeled a “white nationalist”.

    I pay attention to such dreck only to read the tea leaves. The left reveals their fear by attention rather than intention. Rufo may be the flavor of the month, but they know he’s a cuck. They have been content to mostly let HBD alone (probably because the Ashkenazi derived certain perceived advantages from it), but that may be changing, as a general awareness of HBD could threaten their moral order with a eugenic revanche.

  23. Excellent show this week! However, consider carefully whether you want to call your house the “Eagle’s Nest,” because that is the term generally used to denote Hitler’s residence and office near Berchtesgaden; the German word is Kehlsteinhaus, which doesn’t translate at all into Eagle’s Nest, but there you are. I’d also stay from Wolf’s Lair (Wolfsschanze) which was the nickname for Hitler’s East Prussian residence and headquarters.

    Unless, of course, you want to be edgy!

    • Agreed – those names are likely to cause offense. It is in the clean, clear Appalachian Mountains, fresh like a shower. Maybe “Showers at Auschwitz”?

  24. No one believes in equality when they’re at the “greater than” end of the inequality sign. Jews want equality when they’re being excluded. They don’t want it when comparing the Holocaust to other genocides or making Judaism an open society or Israel a vibrant place. Blacks actually don’t really want equality in anything because they’re always at the wrong end of the inequality sign except when the issue involves shooting hoops. That’s why equity and AA had to substitute for equality.Imagine demanding equal rights to live in China or Japan and see what they say. Only white chumps believe in equality when it doesn’t benefit them . Other than that ir is a cudgel to beat chumpy whites with.

    • When normies on Gab would post about colorblind B.S. I would insist that they go over to The Root and The Forward and get them to buy into it first.

      • Try pointing out that most African Americans are partially descended from slave owners for obvious reasons. So if the heirs of slave owners should pay reparations they better cough up some gold chains and other gangsta outfit

        It’s all a grift

        • Just like the Holocaust reparations from modern Germany (which had nothing to do with Nazism) is a corrupt grift. Ditto Poland trying to scam modern Germany (which had nothing to do with Nazism) for €2 trillion in “WW2 Reparations”. KURWA!

    • Well said!! You want to set a black man or a liberal off. Tell them the real reason for affirmative action is because the vast majority of them cannot complete intellectually on any given subject/occupation.

      Except of course your “shooting hoops” example.

      • Thanks! I just realized I made a dumb mistake in that I used the term “inequality sign” in two different senses without explaining this. In the example w Jews it is in the sense of things factually or logically comparable that are being held to different cultural standards such as the Holocaust vs other genocides.

        In the black example it’s the exact opposite; things not being equal in reality, such as average cognitive aptitude of blacks and other groups so that inequality sign is in ref to reality whereas the first is in ref to indoctrinated norms

        Anyways I ve had worse mistakes slip by peer review so…lol

    • Moran, Israelis spent untold amount of money and manpower about 20 years ago to transport tens of thousands of black Ethiopian Jews into Israel and still welcome the few remaining in Ethiopia.
      Ethiopian Jews were originally so backward that had no idea about gas stoves or toilets. And they are not even genetically Jewish, they must’ve converted to Judaism at the time of King Solomon’s affair with their Queen.

      • And, predictably enough, the Ethiopian “Jews” are proving to be major social pests, and many real Jews are experiencing a rather painful bout of buyer’s remorse.

      • Converts? Like the Turkic Khazarians? I think that you could easily make the case that those Khazars have proven to be far more damaging. Their original brief included slave raiding, and commerce raiding on merchant caravans. But my, how they have come up in the world, but much to the disadvantage of those upon whom they continue to predate and parasitize.

  25. Zman, you mentioned Christopher Cantwell. I believe you mean Christopher Caldwell, who wrote “The Age of Entitlement.” Cantwell is not a neocon in any way, but Caldwell is.

    • Yes. Caldwell wrote THE AGE OF ENTITLEMENT. My favorite memory of him was when he yelled “I voted for Hillary!” as he was swarmed and physically assaulted by leftwing college students. It is a clip worth digging up.

  26. Rufo’s essay reminds me a bit of the recent kitten fight between Will Stancil and Steve Sailer and their followers, such as they are.

    Sailer and crew are having a ball “owning the progressive,” which isn’t exactly difficult as Stancil is about as deep a thinker as Britney Spears and even more feminine. Sailer and company keep throwing charts and studies at Stancil who sputters the words Nazi, racist and Klan as his only defense.

    But if you look under the hood, you’ll notice that Sailer and crew don’t have an answer to the deeper moral argument that Stancil is too stupid to realize that he’s making.

    On immigration for instance, Stancil wants much more so he has endless ethnic restaurants to troll for young UofM students. Sailer and crew joke that Stancil would destroy the “culture” of America for good Mexican food. Stancil replies that he loves lots of cultures and, anyway, those immigration will adopt “our” culture eventually.

    This is where the Sailer crew have no response. Unknowingly, Stancil is making a moral argument. What does Sailer mean by American culture? What’s wrong with multiple cultures within the US? How do you know that these immigrants won’t turn into “normal” Americans someday?

    The counter moral argument is that I’m an American white. I want to preserve my people and the culture that grows from it. Immigration of non-whites is a direct threat to that moral goal. I don’t want Mexicans or Chinese or Nigerians not because it’s bad for the economy or crime or govt spending, but because they’re not my people. Even if they improved the economy, had lower crime than whites and were a net gain for govt spending, I still wouldn’t want them because they aren’t my people.

    That’s the moral counter-argument to that dimwit Stancil. But Sailer and crew can’t make it because, ultimately, Sailer and Stancil agree that we shouldn’t view ourselves as members of a people, that we are individuals only. As such, Sailer has only factual arguments about why we should limit or stop immigration, but factual argument never trumps moral arguments.

    Rufo falls into the same trap. If he honestly believe in freedom of association, he would need to also believe in groups being allowed to discriminate. After all, to choose is to exclude. But Rufo finds identity politics or identity anything abhorrent. Identity politics is literally the political version of freedom of association. Allowing a business owner to discriminate against anyone for any reason is freedom of association. A “whites only” community center is freedom of association.

    Rufo is right that freedom of association is the only chance the country has at staying together peacefully, but he’s wrong on how it would look.

    • Hume famously said you cannot get an ought from an is. I have observed that you cannot defeat an ought with an is.

      • On top of its many, many practical faults, colorblind civic nationalism also fails in offering an alternative morality – or, at least, a very good one.

        Stancil, despite having an IQ that barely allows him to breath, offers a morality, even a religion. There are good guys and bad guys and a grand battle to defeat the devil here on earth. You’re part of a team. There’s a (sort of) path to redemption (acknowledge your racism and fight Badwhites). Finally, it allows you to feel morally superior to other whites, which is what most people want.

        Sailer and Rufo don’t offer a competing morality. Who are the good guys and bad guys in their morality tale? I guess the good guys are condescending nerds and the bad guys are people who haven’t read twin studies. Lame. What great battle are we a part of? Well, it’s more like a really boring college debate. Are you part of a team? Definitely not. Do you get to feel morally superior to others? Well, kind of, but it’s more about you being smarter, so it’s hard to hold it against them.

        Saile and Rufo can’t think in those terms. They also can’t think in terms of teams. I suspect neither of them ever play team sports.

        • When you think about it, Rufo is not offering anything we do not have. His list of prohibited facts, topics and observations is the same as those from the Left. His “innovation” is that they should apply to nonwhites as well as whites. That means even if he succeeded, I still end up with a laundry list of things that are prohibited. Of course, there is no reason for the other side to take this deal, so it doomed anyway.

          • Rufo and Sailer and the whole colorblind CivNat crew are, as you’ve mentioned, stuck in the 20th century and are completely oblivious to the demographic changes that have occurred.

            Rufo’s essay, Sailer’s charts, etc., it’s all white guys trying to convince other white guys as though we’re the only ones that matter.

            What is Rufo offering to blacks, Hispanics and Jews who have all benefited mightily by playing as a team. Asians and Indians are also joining the team game. Working as a team promoting their own people, Asians put a dent in AA in universities, not because they believe in colorblind admissions but because colorblind admissions work for them for now.

            Playing as a team and rolling whites has been fabulous for non-whites and Jews. Why on earth would they give that up? Whites will rapidly be a minority. Rufo acts like we’re still a huge majority so what we say goes.

            Again, he’s stuck in the past.

        • Are you familiar with Bennett Cerf’s Treasury of Atrocious Puns?

          Good stuff, but some of cultural items taken for granted as material at the time of its publication are now obscure to most.

    • Your post is spot on as usual, but one thing still sticks out. While the moral argument is what you stated, the response from Stancil would simply be to use that as an affirmation of “white supremacy”. Progressives, and most normies conservatives would agree with him. Advocating for White people is fully normalized as a mortal sin. It is something that drives me insane when it comes to acquaintances who are conservatives. Of course, none of them live near black people or flocks of Hatian immigrants.

      • I agree. The majority of white people abhor the idea of white identity politics or thinking of themselves are part of a people.

        But that doesn’t change the reality that we either tribe up or we go into the dustbin of history.

        • Stancil’s argument boils down to “you’re racist and that’s bad,” with the correct response being, “yes, and it’s good, I prefer my people.” Sailer’s response is charts and graphs.

          • Wolf Barney: The belief behind Sailer’s charts and graphs is that he doesn’t have a people. He has, rather, a ‘type.’ It’s easy enough to see who among his commentariat (an extremely insular and ossified bunch) get instant comment approval regardless of content. His perfect “American” is someone like his favorite Korean commenter. Someone who instantly and vociferously insists he’s more American than any native-born White (and tougher and taller and smarter and more honorable and patriotic too).

            Yet so much as mention any east Asian in anything other than a fabulously complimentary way and he’s on it like White on rice. Asians are smarter and more honest and equally creative and better than every other race – which is why they make the best murkans – and why his hapa kids will be the royalty of tomorrow.

            That makes Sailer’s heart kvell.

          • The racist wins the race.

            You may not like it. It may even make you uncomfortable. But the racist wins the race.

        • Younger whites have been warming to the idea by necessity. Most older whites are in positions as described, comfortable enough in life to be able to take the “moral” position of fake colorblindness. But it is becoming increasingly not so for most of the younger generation.

          I think I read a stat that said only 4% of new hires by fortune 500 since the DEI push have been white. Things like that have real consequences. Swimming against the current is not often in one’s self interest and therefore is something that most people usually only do by necessity. I predict a racial organization similar to the ADL may soon spring up for White Christians in the coming years, despite the strength of the forces preventing such an event.

    • I know people have expressed chagrin at me for stating this, but: I hang out, eat lunch, and golf with what would be called country club republicans. Rufo is discussed a surprising amount (Sailer is an unknown and always will be). The general opinion among my golf buddies is that he’s a profiteering, anti-intellectual, jerk. They see his movement as wanting to avoid certain feelings of discomfort or even shame. They see Rufo as a snowflake and can’t handle free speech.

      • Joey, I appreciate your behind-enemy-lines reports.

        I’m surprised your golf friends dismiss Rufo. I would expect them to see him as the bad boy who speaks truths that are best not spoken.

        Do they see DEI and critical race theory as the truth that Rufo can’t bear to hear? I didn’t think country club republicans were that far gone.

        Who do they favor for President? Are they optimistic about the future of the country? About the future of their kids?

    • The whole ethnic food thing is a troll. It is retarded on its face. Anyone can follow a recipe. Something like 90% of the foreign ethnic food restaurants in China are run and staffed by Chinese. Pizza places are supposedly Italian, but all the pizza places in my area are owned by Greeks, Puerto Ricans and other not-Italians.

      Of course, they just pretend the other side of the ledger is blank and that we pay no other price for that ethnic food other than the cost of the occasional meal.

      Even if it were true that only Mexicans can make Mexican food and only Chinese can make Chinese foods, we don’t need millions of these people and an unending stream of the third world coming here for ethnic foods.

      It’s disingenuous. It’s a rationalization for something they want for other reasons or are too cowardly to oppose. They should be laughed at to their face and relentlessly mocked and ridiculed.

      • People like Stancil are laughed at for making the ethnic food argument, but those same people can’t offer a moral alternative to Stancil.

        “Why shouldn’t we let in hard-working people from around the world who just want to get a job and become a good American?”

        That’s a moral argument.

        The people who mock Stancil can’t answer that question in a moral framework. Instead, they offer economic arguments or it cause traffic or something like that. That’s not a moral argument.

        The correct answer is “because they aren’t my people” but Sailer and Rufo don’t believe in a people so they have no moral response.

          • True. For the rational ones, asking why they believe the slogan “Africa for Africans” is moral, but not “America for Americans” is not sets the gears in motion. I’m not sure what the benefit would be to proselytize the non-rational.

  27. Rufo is still an idealist. He still thinks if we overthrow the bureaucracy we’ll go back to the 1950s, and hasn’t really thought through the foundations of how we got here, and why that’s no longer possible. But he’s been moving closer to realism, if slowly.

    Also, if you write for City Journal, you don’t stick your neck out too far. (I’m banned from commenting there, for quoting some relevant bit from Unholy Quran.) Heather Mac Donald notably says all sorts of dissident-adjacent things in interviews that she would never say in her CJ articles.

    • She says them in her books too. “The problem facing blacks isn’t lack of opportunity or white people, it’s crime”. Not as direct as we would say it, but it’s close.

      • No, the problem facing blacks is room temperature IQ. And that, among other things, leads to crime.

      • Tired Citizen: She will never actually take that final step. That would lose her the aura of respectability. She will never explicitly endorse racial identity and tribalism, so she’s a dead end – along with Sailer and all the other gatekeepers.

        I know many here say they became dissidents via various gatekeepers, but I would argue said gatekeepers function more like a sieve. Only a small fraction ever filter through to our side. Most remain fixed in civnat central, or HBD ‘race realism’ that abhors blaq “culture” but remains blind to anyone else’s, forever.

        Cucks in amber.

        • Actually, I’ve heard her say just that: Blacks have lower IQs, on average, and more impulsiveness. Hence higher crime (which causes poverty). One suspects she’s read the neatly-compiled stats at The Color of Crime (AmRen).

          I about fell off my chair.

          • She has but only started to acknowledge this reality once she was cast into the void even with her sugar-coating of reality. Whatever it takes, I suppose.

  28. I immediately distrusted Rufo. He is another instant social media star. One day no one had heard of him. Next day, he is everywhere. Other examples are Benjie Shapiro, Lex Friedman, and Arnaud Bertrand.

    Shapiro has been around the longest and we know he was groomed as a kid and funded to play his role. Bertrand is the most interesting in that he raises a lot of good points but is always anxious to let readers know he is not an anti semite or a racist. In other words he is no real threat to the tribe’s most important goals.

    Unless someone is a celebrity in another realm, building an audience takes awhile. Our very own Z is a good example. Bit by bit you grow then there is some tipping point and bingo, your are a star. Except it doesn’t happen overnight organically

    • Of course if you are a hot babe you can get a big audience in a short time with little effort. Men will even buy your bathwater.

      Maybe some hot babes can achieve instant stardom in politics and current affairs but it doesn’t work like that for these dweebie or normal looking men

    • The whitepill is they get big because they fit nicely in the overton window. Would Rufo have been big in 2014? Hanania? BAP? Keith Woods? Not at all. Back then, in ancient times, Libertarianism was hot take central. Oh how far we’ve come! At least now we get guys who mainstream the term “anti-white” and others who are J-pilled, overtly or covertly.

      If current trends continue, Rufo will be left behind. I give him 2-4 years. He’ll be sputtering about race-blind Conservatism and shitlib scalps while being given the Juden Peterstein treatment. The overton window will shift into areas that Rufo dares not go. He’ll settle into being a goy version of Ben Shapiro.

      I am looking forward to the chads who blow up on Twitter in a few years. I am very optimistic.

      • The Overton Window has definitely shifted requiring controlled op to be more based. You can see that in the evolution of Charlie Kirk.

        However, the controlled op is still successful at giving normies a way to address issues without being too much of a threat to the tribe.

        What happens on Twitter in a few years could be very interesting indeed. Then again it might not be. Depends on how threatened the Jews feel. The Twitter files and Jan 6 show that they are losing patience with us. Even Roger Waters is being dropped by his record company for opposing the genocide when he has been anti Israel for a long time.

        • Like Morrissey, Waters faces career trouble now for being much less “based” than he was in the past. They both said things in the ’80s that the prominent among /ourguys/, the ones who work within social-media and banking ban lines, don’t even say now—and back then these guys were prominent public faces of global megacorporations, and they remained so for many years.

          Likewise, legendary Johnnies Ramone and Rotten, a blue-collar Reaganite and an eccentric left-anarchist, are currently under both academic and corporate erasure from rock history, for the crime of MAGA (posthumous in Ramone’s case).

          Kanye publicly blasted the Jews in schizo black-nationalist style for his whole adult life until one day someone decided it was a problem. That day was *recent*.

          “The Overton window’s moving our way!”

          In some sense, I suppose. But it doesn’t matter what the people’s “discourse” is. The mass, the fans of these guys—the taxpayers, by analogy—share their attitudes or don’t care. Effect on reality: none.

          Wear your colorblind-humanist Morrissey James Baldwin t-shirt on a stroll down MLK Blvd—or to the office. What happens to you as a result is *not up to you*.

          • I think there’s always going to be a reaction, a push-back, from the status quo, against any positive change. It’s a lot like the Ukraine mess. The media ignores the Russians’ overwhelming success and dominance and comes out with breathless stories like “Ukraine initiates bold new offensive using new shipment of Western hardware”. A month later the offensive is repulsed and then some and the hardware is burning in a field but this is not reported.

            That doesn’t mean we should get all optimistic either but I get the impression that a *lot* of ordinary people are well into the mindset of the Soviet Union just before Gorbachev. I sometimes wonder if Trump is our Gorby, an unwilling agent of changes that will spin out of his control and end the whole vile system.

        • I checked in Charlie a few weeks ago, you are not wrong. It is quite the whitepill. He even dedicated a whole show on MLK day to calling out the neo-saint of our gov’ts religion on being a lying philanderer who caused much more strife than he ever did “progress”. Tempered that of course by having a black on and half-assedly praising the ideals of colorblindness sort of, but it was half assedly. Overton window is definitely shifting. Even called out the fact that his speeches were written for him. Did not call out by WHOM… but it’s still a very encouraging development. Sidenote, he is an Israel shill still but on a livestream I saw, one of his cohosts used the term “shabbos” Don’t know if they cut that from the show afterwards, probably did, but still, wow. Imagine that even 3 years ago? Whites are getting bolder. This is good.

    • Eugenia a clone of Normie McNormington. He believes if the right guy gets elected that suddenly things will not only change, but the blue haired demon pushing your kids to cut off their boobs and penises will just fall in line…

      I have zero patience left for conservatives.

  29. If we had men with influence and power who took a cold approach to destroying the “civil rights” regime by mouthing the platitudes and pieties without believing in them one bit, that would be ideal, since NormieCon G. CivNat is in no way ready to hear what the heart of all racial politics and friction is in the American context- that Negroes are incapable of functioning in American society without subordination. It would fry Rufo’s brain, because it is unpossible, since he has been conditioned his entire life to only believe the opposite.

    But openly espousing that truth, like Alexander Stephens did in his “Cornerstone Speech” of 1861, is obviously counterproductive. What is the way forward is a modification of a Leftist tactic of longstanding utility. Lie. Lie to your enemies. Lie to Normies. Lie to guys like Rufo. Wear the mask of inoffensive Good Citizen Smith in mixed company. But work as hard as you can, in any way you can, to undermine the current racial regime in private.

    • Yes. All successful marketing requires a degree of deception unless something is provided for free. Not even the Church gives things away.

      The biggest lie of many lies Con, Inc., has peddled is reality matters more than emotion/morality. But even Con, Inc., employs rampant deception to advance this fraud with such code phrases as “that’s not who we are,” which actually means “we are too cowardly to confront whatever” but that would never fly if put directly. Con, Inc., had a good run but reality has made its lies unworkable, and it is far too stupid to employ new deceptions.

      Even too many on the Dissident Right have internalized the lies Con, Inc., peddled for decades. This is where I disagree with Z. DR hasbara must permit using people such as Rufo in the same way Erdogan said he did with democracy: as a train to arrive at a destination. Sailer and Rufo are idiots but they are potentially useful idiots who have utility.

      The Left lies about everything and has won everything. It used as avatars people like King rather than Marx. There are lessons to be learned there*.

      *Yes, the Left had full control on all modes of information, and still has something of a monopoly, but that is slipping away from them.

      • …even Con, Inc., employs rampant deception to advance this fraud with such code phrases as “that’s not who we are,”

        I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while. Finally a good chance to ask someone.

        Why is it that Obama (and more recently, Schumer and Pelosi and many other fungible potentates) were able to use the same phrase to good effect? Is it lack of follow-up on the part of Republicans, or just the spin the media puts on it afterwards or what?

        • Even putting aside the propaganda spin, those who react positively to the line coming from Schumer et al do so at an emotional rather than an intellectual level, so it is received positively. When Con, Inc., says “that’s not who we are,” it is evaluated at an intellectual level rather than an emotional one and does not get the same warm reception. The DR needs to appeal to emotion, Exhibit A.

          The Left appeals to feelz, the Left wins.

          • I agree that’s at least a partial explanation, but the right has their emos, too. Most of them, in fact. Otherwise they would not have the visceral reaction to being called racist or anti-semitic or homophobic or Islamophobic or, heck, even Nazi, since that’s more or less what the US has been running on for more than half a century before somehow the globalist socialist faction took the reins.

            Yes, people outside see the appeal to emotion, but people inside cannot.

          • The GOP’s “not who we are” rhetoric is a dishonest appeal to fairness, procedure, Republican Virtue™, etc.

            Obama et al.’s “not who we are” rhetoric is a true threat to crush the disobedient—especially the already crushed.

            The latter has much broader appeal in diversity-strengthened post-America.

          • @Hemid, given that they use the same tactic because it works on their electorate, your hypothesis is that the right appeals to their base’s virtue while the left appeals to their base’s vice?

            Hmm. Definitely plausible. Would explain why revolutions from right and left differ in how they deal with the populace after the takeover.

            Thanks. I’ll mull it over.

      • “DR hasbara must permit using people such as Rufo in the same way Erdogan said he did with democracy: as a train to arrive at a destination.”

        Problem is Erdogan has power. He lied and did what he wanted at the same time. We are not in that position, you cannot get anywhere near power in this way without repeatedly passing tests. Like what they did with Musk. So Musk had to bend the knee and visit Auschwitz. Had Musk failed that test, they have would destroyed him.

        I don’t know what the solution is. We are so far down the wrong path that it’s not really obvious what you could do to change the direction. The government, the media and big corporations all oppose us. The churches oppose us. The schools oppose us. They actively guard against people like us. They have all kinds of ways and means of punishing people for expressing forbidden thoughts.

        Everything they want permeates society. It is EVERYWHERE. You cannot escape it if you want to do anything normal.

    • I agree. As much as I like to push white identity politics as our ultimate goal, you have to meet people where they are, not where you want them to be.

      I’m perfectly fine lying to people, but we have to keep our eye on the ball and continue to gently nudge people in the right direction.

      • Exactly. Seems we are more interested in exclusion and calling folks “gate keepers”, when in reality they are pushing the limits in the struggle to waken Joe Normie. As has been said, “they are punching in the say direction.”

        One example: Heather Mac Donald who wrote, “The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture”. Seems we just can’t discount her enough here.

        The book pulls no punches wrt AA—its failure and dangerous implications. So it stops at saying “Whites need to tribe up”, so what. The point is the book strikes at one important underpinning of Leftist “theology”, that of universal equality among the races.

        Who will Joe Normie read first, the book above, or Greg Johnson’s, “The White Nationalist’s Manifesto”.

        Baby steps.

        • You are making the unfounded assumption that normie reads.

          In reality, it is the idiot box, jewtube, niggerflix, etc. that give normie his direction. That’s the nut we have to crack.

          On top of that, he just doesn’t care as long as the beer flows and the doritos are close at hand.

  30. Drowning people will always grasp on to anything if they think it will save them, even if it’s a piece of straw…

    • Yep. None of these guys want to face reality, so they cling to anything that will keep them from having to join the fight.

      Family wins. Simple as that. Asking people to promote strangers (even more talented strangers) over family is never going to work.

      Ironically, colorblind civic nationalism only works in a racially and culturally homogenous society. Why? Because you’re choosing the best person for the job or best neighborhood or whatever from members of your extended family. You’re not promoting strangers who might down the line favor their own family, which would hurt your family.

      People like Rufo and Sailer are children.

      • People like Rufo and Sailer are children.
        Yea which makes people who follow them puppy dogs or as the old saying goes the blind leading the blind right into the ditch…

        • They don’t want to face what’s coming. Sailer lives in a nice house, in a nice neighborhood in SoCal. He doesn’t see why we should disrupt the whole world when his world is going fine.

          That’s the thing about Sailer types. They’re smart enough (and they know it as they worship IQ) to avoid the decline. They’re also incredible snob who don’t want to be associated with poor, average IQ whites.

          The rise of white identity politics would seriously disrupt this country. Look at the turmoil that Trump has caused and he’s just scratching the surface of white identity politics. I don’t think Sailer and his followers want that, so they hide.

          • The white economy is based on making enough so you can avoid the reality of demographic change. The work at home phenomenon is driven in large part by this reality. At some point, however, you run out of places to escape to.

          • I think that you’re beginning to see that inability to escape already. Anecdotal for sure, but I’m already seeing it even in the Imperial Capital.

            What’s interesting is that it’s more the threat from Asians and Indians than blacks and Hispanics, though the rising number of Hispanics also an issue. The Asians and Indians are a growing force, especially the Indians.

            So, yeah, the work from home thing gives whites the ability to flee even farther out into the hinterland. But where whites go, non-whites follow. There are a bunch of towns in the Virginia that have surprisingly large Hispanic populations and an oddly high number of Indians doctors and dentists.

            First, they came for poor whites and I said nothing.

            Then, they came for working class whites and I said nothing.

            Then, they came for middle class whites and I said nothing.

            Well, now, they’re coming for upper middle class whites, so we’ll see.

          • Even if last, they eventually get eaten. Sailer is a fool and a liar but he can be made a useful idiot for us until the day the crocodile arrives. These types have some utility if for nothing more than the packaging and marketing.

          • @Z

            It may actually have been Sailer who once said success in America is measured by how far you live from negroes. Now obviously, what that meant was how far from negroes yet still living in a large metro area. Nobody thinks you’re successful just because you’re living on a mountain-top in northern Idaho.

            The demographic reality that trumps all others is that nobody, even other PoC, wants to be around nuggras.

          • The work at home phenomenon is going to be interesting. Used to be you chose where to live based at least in part on the commute to work. Made self-segregation a bit more difficult.

            But if you work remotely, even if you have to go in to the office once in a while, that becomes less of a factor.

      • Yep, all the blabbing about color blindness, we all bleed red, we’re all bruthas and sistas back in the 60’s/70’s was when Whites were still a substantial supermajority. There wasn’t any big downside to the blather. Fifty years on we’re reaping what those blathering tards sewed and majority minority Whitey is now clearly in the crosshairs of our now non-colorblind society.

        • usNthem: And I still see those identical comments (we all bleed red; they’re trying to divide ‘us’ by race/religion/sex, etc.) at all the cuckservatard and even many dissident-adjacent sites. Primarily from women and boomers, but there are millions with that same implacably unthinking attitude.

          The melting pot myth was a wildly successful propaganda campaign enthusiastically embraced by a plurality of Whites. Equally poisonous is the belief that any and all ‘smart’ or ‘good’ people = magic murkans. Most people literally cannot comprehend my meaning when I say that ‘x’ immigrant may be or actually is a genuinely good person – but that he ought not to be here.

          The idea that somewhere on earth there is someone of an alien race/culture who is a decent human being not immediately welcomed as an honorary murkan yearning – and deserving – to be your neighbor is the basest heresy.

          • The melting pot myth was a wildly successful propaganda campaign enthusiastically embraced by a plurality of Whites.

            Might be one of the most successful just-so stories of all time. “It’s a plausible narrative, therefore it is true.” Kind of like all the scientism of climate change, green energy, DIE, etc.

          • Melting pot was real when it involved mostly Whites from Europe—and that took numerous generations. The Blacks in America never “melted”. Other minorities were in small enough supply never to be of great concern.

            You are right, it was a/the great myth when applied to Blacks and other minorities. The cause and effect was confused. Blacks did not “melt” because they were Black—not because of discrimination which came after their inability to melt and their dangerous nature became obvious.

  31. I just read Rufo’s essay in the link.

    Other than his use of the term “colorblind equality,” which is kind of a moldy-oldy sop to the GOPe and not really an accurate description in any case, I don’t see anything really objectionable there. Overturning the Civil Rights-era legislation is an absolutely necessary first step to restoring a normal legal regime. It’s something the public is increasingly behind and it’s within the realm of political possibility, so I am in favor of it.

    • Nothing objectionable. Hmm. Well, for starters, the moron both appeals to freedom of association as a remedy and, later, argues for it to be outlawed. I could go on, but that’s enough on its own.

    • I believe you. I have no doubt that you think that it is a plausible program. You also are incurious as to why this has failed as a political strategy in the past and has never come close to existing in all of human history. The one thing conservatives have completely internalized from the new religion is reality avoidance.

      • One of my guilty pleasures is to tweak Sailer’s commenters. I’ll ask them why we should continue with a strategy that has failed for 60 years, while identity politics goes from one victory to another.

        The usual reply – if I get one as most don’t want to deal with that reality – is that identity politics is wrong. The more thoughtful ones say, with some justification, that whites won’t accept identity politics.

        I have to admit that they’re not completely wrong on that, but the fact that whites won’t adopt the only winning strategy doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong strategy, just that whites now make Bambi look like a streetwise badass in comparison.

        • Isn’t identity politics just freedom of association at the voting booth?

          My observation of a realistic approach that might work is (1) bring back freedom of association with a vengeance and (2) overturn the nonsense of disparate impact. Would like to do away with the CRA altogether, but it has become such an ingrained thing that going cold turkey would be nearly impossible. But a few decades of FoA and no disparate impact would cut a lot of the underlying fortifications of the CRA.

    • I admit I kinda, sorta agree with certain New Right e-celebs who think HBD and race realism is a dead end, and most normal white people won’t accept their logical endpoints, or couldn’t handle them. Too much conditioning over too long a time period. I have always thought that if normies accept the biological argument that dissidents offer, we’ll get an instant caste system. Nobody likes a caste system, even “based” 19th-century Britons in India.

      Also no normie white wants to look upon those BIPOC children on his street and think, “inferior.” Because that’s where this is going. Keith Woods can make all the arguments he wants about “well blacks are good at some things and whites aren’t” but being good at sports isn’t a compliment. Not in this day and age. In our modern world of complex systems, IQ means everything. If you have it, you’re upper caste. You don’t, lower caste. Rufo & company are operating on this line of thinking (or, willful obliviousness if you will).

      • Marko: As a woman who has always loved children – I easily look at BIPOX children and think “inferior, alien, nits grow into lice.” I don’t look at their distinctly and eternally nonnative countenances and feel warm and maternal.

        It really isn’t difficult at all. That doesn’t mean I want to personally physically harm them, but it does mean that I would far rather that they were harmed than waiting for them to inevitably harm White people.

        • 3g:
          Excellent comment.
          Seeing children around my super white community and neighborhood is wonderful. I enjoy trying to make them smile.

          When I see grandmothers carting around half black kids, I feel instant sadness for that grandparent.

          • Melissa: Same. I love ‘flirting’ with all the beautiful little White kids (tons of adorable blue-eyed blondes where we now live). You know what I mean – you don’t go up in their face and hug them – you smile and turn away, then glance back and wave, etc. Then they start glancing back at you, and then you get a shy smile.

            When I used to see black/brown kids in DFW being loud or disruptive, or watched some idiot White woman fawning over a non-White child, I would simply stare – and often glare. Didn’t say a word, but just looked. Believe me, the non-White toddlers and children most definitely noticed the “I don’t like you” vibes – just as intended.

          • Yep, nothing sadder as I see those mixed race children. When young they know no better, but as they age—as we’ve seen time and again—they become the worse of the worse wrt race relations toward Whites.

            There seems to be an innate understanding of their “otherness” and therefore a hatred for their antipathy. Even Obama—the man who had everything we could describe—could not resist disrespecting his (White) grandmother who stuck by him and cared for him when every other relative (White and Black) abandoned him.

      • You don’t have to say inferior, just say different. Nothing wrong with preferring vanilla ice cream over chocolate.

  32. I always get back to an interaction I had with my neighbor. He’s a good guy, normie, takes care of his kids, loves his wife. But he just doesn’t get it. He’s proud that his son gets along with the one black kid on our block, listens to Ben Shapiro on AM radio, is waiting for Trump to come down and save us like some cargo cult primitive waiting for the plane to return.

    He comes over to play chess sometimes. Once, when he was doing the normiecon shuffle, I finally had it with him. I didn’t blow my top, but after a long sigh I said, “Look, whites are already a minority in your son’s age group. Not only that, but the education system explicitly says that whiteness is a problem. Ergo, your son is a member of a hated minority.” His son is “cancer” in the formulation of cultural critic Susan Sontag.

    I’ll never forget how his eyes drew almost closed to slits and his nostrils flared. He looked at me as if he wanted to hit me, which he probably did. Who wants to hear that kind of truth? Once you admit it, politics goes from being a sport and recreation to being an existential fight for life and death.

    That’s what it is now. I can remember when the white majority was still enjoying the inertia of the system—when Clinton was president and James Carville liked to spar with his opponents—that it was just a game. Watch a couple minutes of MSNBC or Fox now and notice they’re still having fun, like it’s the 90s. It’s like they’re on the top floor of a high-rise behind razor wire and a moat while we’re out here watching zombies tear out the entrails of our fellow man.

    Do you want to see something that will make your blood boil, something that makes Ephialtes’ betrayal of the Spartans seem mild by comparison? Go to YouTube and search “Obama-Biden plan for an endless stream of immigrants to make whites a minority.”

    Biden, when he passes—probably in his sleep, soon—isn’t even going to merit a potter’s field grave marker. He should be sold to a “body farm” where forensic pathologists in training study the decomposition of corpses. Let the botflies and beetles have him, if they can stand the stink.

    • Good call on Biden’s “grave”.

      Something we need to think about after the revolution is which graves to desecrate. I’d start with George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush, right after all their descendants get the Romanov treatment.

        • If you are talking the rot here in North America, it was well established before the Philadelphia Coup of 1787. Shay’s “rebellion” was the J6 of the day, and the powers that be reacted with the same dispassionate calm of the Pelosi People [sic]. Hylton v. US (1795?) marks the formal declaration that the government would not be restrained by a G.D. piece of paper, and Marshall’s ascension to High Priest a few years later was the fat lady singing.

          But the rot of the culture itself predates that. Early Enlightenment at the very latest.

    • joey jünger: ‘I’ll never forget how his eyes drew almost closed to slits and his nostrils flared. He looked at me as if he wanted to hit me, which he probably did. Who wants to hear that kind of truth? Once you admit it, politics goes from being a sport and recreation to being an existential fight for life and death.’

      We need more allies, not more enemies.

      If there’s any way you could lure your Neighbor over to the Dark Side of the Force, then it would certainly help the cause.

      Maybe we shouldn’t dump too much Truthiness in Normie laps all at once; maybe we should go rather gently on them at first?

      Maybe we all need to work on our delivery with Normies, in the same way that we all worked on our “Game”, ten or fiteen years ago, with teh bishes?

      Become a little more suave & debonair & maybe even cute & silly regarding our racial prophesies?

      Heck, why don’t we start a website where we all talk about linguistic & conversational tactics for luring Normies over to the Dark Side, the way we were doing with “Game”, back in the day.

      Replete with “Field Reports”.

      I can’t think of anything which would be moar beneficial for the future of the White race & Christianity than to “Game” the Normies over to the Dark Side.

    • Joe Biden is a fascinating specimen. I have been aware of this jackass since the 1980s, when – for reasons known only to himself and his donors – he started running for POTUS. From the get-go, normal people saw that he was a liar, a blowhard, and a narcissistic clown. Yet, well, thirty years pass, a new generation is voting, and memory grows vague. He goes from the goof everyone (except apparently the voters in Delaware) laughs at, to the most popular politician in the history of the country, without bothering to campaign.

      I submit that Biden is our Romulus Augustulus. The last president, the last mask for the real rulers.

      • I get that there were some real voters who really voted for him (scary enough) but don’t forget a lot of his votes were (1) F.U. Trump, and (2) fake. And without the latter category, he would not have “won.”

        • c matt: “there were some real voters who really voted for him”

          This abortion thang, within the larger phenomenon of Von Munchhausen’s by Proxy, this abortion thang is simply horrifying.

          Who knew there was so much pure unadulterated Evil in our midst?

          How can you mμrder your own children?

          Or cut off their penises & “top” their breasts?

          These are MONSTERS in our midst.

          Oranguatans & Chimpanzees & Gorillas behave better than that.

      • “ Yet, well, thirty years pass, a new generation is voting, and memory grows vague. He goes from the goof everyone (except apparently the voters in Delaware) laughs at, to the most popular politician in the history of the country, without bothering to campaign.”

        I grok what you’re saying, but don’t agree. Yes memories are short in politics, but that’s how it’s always been. What I maintain has happened is a basic change in the populace which votes. To put it succinctly, yet crudely—they don’t give a s**t. White morality standards are not *their* morality standards. They may even realize that Biden is a tottering old demented fool—but he’s their fool! As long as he is useful in screwing Whitey, then he’ll do.

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